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Democrats May LOSE The Election As New Poll Shows Democrats Are Quitting, Biden Warns Polls WRONG


Gallups poll showing party affiliation has shifted from D+5 in 2016 to R+1 in 2020While this may be wishful thinking the data shows that the walk away campaign is real and people are leaving the Democratic party.Whether this translates into a Trump victory is another question. Just because more people are republican now and less Democrat doesn't mean that Trump will win.While it suggests Joe Biden will get routed and lose it doesn't mean that turnout will favor one or the other.This could all be wishful thinking on the party of Trump voters.

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If you were to go on hard data, it looks like Donald Trump is losing and that's probably the strongest case. The data says the polling says Trump is on track to lose, and five hundred and thirty eight says Trump has a twelve percent chance. Winning they go to say that it should be zero, but there could be some changes that happen this month. Now, if you go based on news stories that that the things we witness with Anti Father violence and anecdotes, an individual stories it sounds like trump- is to win now. I dont think the latter actually is a strong case for why Trump is going to when so many sprinkle in a little bit of data.
as well. Gallop shows that party affiliation right now is actually republican, plus one, whereas in twenty sixteen it was Democrat plus five. When party affiliation favoured Democrats, they still lost. While there are some data to suggest that Donald Trump might actually when, but I want to be rational about this. I dont know exactly what's gonna happen and it may be bias and wishful thinking on my part to suggest Trump is going to win me like. I said The data shows he's losing, but I think they'd silver,
wrong when he says troubles a twelve percent chance. I think he's dead wrong and I think it is insane that anybody would make any kind of statement saying we know that Joe Biden is on track to win the races much closer than any one realizes, but before you I have a story. It was just wrong. Lifelong Democrat quits party over attack, undone Klein. This is out of Omaha and it's just one more anecdote of someone walk king away. You know, I was told by a friend recently that trumps basis only got smaller and their more democratic than ever. We're gonna vote. That's actually not true. Among party affiliation. Democrats now have a disadvantage and among independent voters. Democrats have lost two points you see anybody. Voters are either lean right or lean left in twenty sixteen
I believe it was forty nine lean, leaning, Democrat and now its forty seven Republican has really stay the same. In fact, independent voters have gone up showing many people are quitting the Democratic Party there not become and Republicans, but there certainly not Democrats. Now. What does that mean for the vote? Two things first People don't want to be Republicans, I'm not a republican, unlike Republicans, but I am certainly not going to vote for the Democrats. There are a lot of people. I know who used to be called carrying Democrats, neither independent and their voting for Trump. They don't like the Republicans either, but it also lends itself to this idea. at the pollsters are sampling wrong. There gambling based on twenty, sixteen demographics and twenty. Sixteen turn out to determine It's going to happen this time around. That's why I think Joe Biden is correct. The bite and care pain, said the poles are wrong and they are inflated and it's actually very close. If I were you
would listen to what bite and sang and ignore the pundits who strewed it all up. Last time, I want to show you this pole from gallop where we can see party affiliation is now favouring republican, suggesting a Trump victory, and I want to just a little bit of this story. An anecdote about why a lifelong Democrat is quitting it's because of critical race theory. Now trump lose I think, it'll be because he did not do a good enough job explaining what's happening to our culture? He's tried, but Trump is not the best messenger. When trying to speak with regular people. That's effect, but let's read the story, and then I will show you hard data as well as what makes silver thinks and I'm going to counter his points actually limited. I'm I'm not I'm going to actually agree with nets over and show you. Why he's right that something is going to change and Trump is going to win but hard predictions are not good things to make. I dont know what can happen. I'm going to give you some some some arguments before we get started had over.
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some call themselves liberals for trump they're, not conservative. We ve heard of this. Have we heard of a great movement among Trump voters who regret it now, and even democrats agree that Trop did. not lose his base, when you ask Euler Present say everybody voted for. Tromp is still gonna vote for him, but now a bunch of new people are going about forbidden, maybe. The Democrats are losing voters and that could change things like this out. It was just wrong. Lifelong Democrat quits party over attack on Don climb over on about a well known. Omaha Democrat is quitting the party over an attack on the county attorney campaigning has Her life's work, what she says she can Stand it anymore quote: I'm irish, I'm catholic! I'm a Democrat Mary Bear. It said until now there has been a democratic civil life you so the Nebraska democratic parties. Recent resolution didn't sit it accuses Douglas County attorney, Don Klein of perpetuating white supremacy and his hands.
Now the James Starlight case, quote I kept getting more d, partly unhappy about it- and I just Didn'T- think it was a place than Nebraska Democratic. Really needed to attack and individual, especially one who's, not running for office bear, it said: merit campaigned alongside the end dp for decades. She fund race for Kenneth and travel the national conventions, her father life long time, political, frank, bear. It got her into politics. It's been a big part of my life and a big part of my family life, but the attack on Don Klein was too much is about a person who has worked incredibly hard in the community and has been a friend of so many, and that means whites and browns and blacks is a fair minded. Good men should the allegation. Just is it true and she can't sit by and say nothing for them to take an attack, a man, an attack, someone who has done good things.
Roma, but to attack him was just wrong. This is the straw that broke the camel's back, so she quit the party and registered as an independent. She said the decision was difficult and included time spent at her fathers graveside. Looking for insight on what to do. It's sad, it said at these times are like this and we have to succumb to anger and bullying and not listening to one another. The resolute she was past late on a weekend. Night she's dead fishing is not representative of her or her beliefs. Should the Nebraska Democratic Party has lost sight of its values, she feels that pain and she thinks Klein does too. I just think of the sad day when people who have been put in the party for fifty years feel like they don't have a place to go home to anymore. The moderation of labour also voice
support for Klein and set its exceedingly clear that climate is not and never has promoted, white supremacy their urging that a basket Democratic party to reverse its vote on the resolution. This is critical race theory, shocking, a lifelong Democrat into quitting the party tromp do a better job with your messaging. This is is a core issue for me, accusing people of being white supremacist, it's ridiculous. Now let me show you what this turns into. I bring you pour affiliation data from gallop in politics. As of today, do you consider yourself to be a Republican, a Democrat or an independent? The first thing to do is: take it back in time to twenty sixteen September, fourteenth too to the eighteenth twenty seven percent set Republican. Forty percent said independent and thirty two percent said Democrat.
As of today. The latest data they have is, from the same time period or from a similar time period for September, Fourteenth a twenty eightth. Twenty eight percent say rubble Republican, but only twenty seven percent say Democrats. Independence are at forty two percent. That means independence have made a gain of two Democrats have gone down, Republicans have gone up, it went from Democrat plus five advantage to Republican, plus one advantage not or know that guarantees Donald from a victory or means he's going to win by tell you in the face of all of the data. I see these stories, people like Brennan struck the walk away campaign. I see Trump parades, in LOS Angeles, LOS Angeles, deep blue allay, haven't tromp parade. I see stories like that and I can't believe
if a buttons gonna win. I hear stories dear this. The boiler makers Union in Pennsylvania, said Joe Biden never reached out to them. never endorsed them, endorsed anybody, but the largest chapter of born boiler makers, one five, four endorsed Donald Trump. How could we have all of these stories coming out? Yet the Poles keeps saying Joe Biden is going to win. Look That woman she was offended that they would actually pass a resolution calling the sky a perpetuate or of white supremacy that freaks out regular people. of course, I can show you the civics Data because, like I said, I got data to back up why I think Trump might actually, when. Thirty, nine percent of people of all people oppose black lives matter, forty nine percent support. I wonder how many years
People are voters, it's hard to know for sure, but support for black lives matter has dropped dramatically following the riots. It's now gone back a whole year before the George Void Incident, something I've mentioned quite a bit not to be there is. I got a lot to show you. I want to make sure I get in some rational discourse. Nate silver brings up some good points. How everything I'm saying may just be some attempt at justifying why Donald Trump is gonna win and I think it's fair you'd, better check that bias. You see, I want trumped up. and because I think critical race theories insane. I like his middle eastern peace agreements and I like withdrawing our troops, so you know what I'll take what I can get now, because of that because of my bias and of course, I'm always reckon on Democrats. It they just be here. I am proposing another segment saying Democrats gonna lose where the best we're gonna wind, blah blah blah a muddle Republican. But I'm sorry one of these independent voters who did lean left in the past and now is lean. towards Trump and what that means.
Right. It just means. I don't like other Democrats have become, but it makes silver says one tough balance to strike A particularly theories for why Trump will win are often poorly argued and full of wishful thinking and or cherry picking, and it's an end. So it's easy to want to reboot the particulars, and yet trot still does have a non trivial chance per hour model why Trop could win? There is still some time left tipping point state. Poles are closer than national poles, sometimes you're wrong though they need to be more than a little wrong this year and me voting and court disputes create some additional uncertainties. He also says there.
a lot of, in my opinion, fairly inconsequential arguments about how giants current standing in the polls compared to Clinton. At this point, two thousand and sixteen if, as in twenty, sixteen does a three point swing for Trump in the closing days and a three point error in Trump's, favor it'll be close. He said it's possible: that's why Trump has a twelve percent chance of winning and not zero, but there's no particular reason to expect that as opposed to say, a pulling mess that favours Biden. Instead, bindings leaders it magically go from safe to unsafe base. On some ad hoc comparison to twenty. Sixteen, this all exist alongside a probabilistic spectrum and that cuts in both directions. Even if violence position is stronger, is there could be a larger pulling error. Then, in twenty sixteen to simplify, let's not get our hopes up, because we're seeing things that makes it look like we might actually when, but I
Let us say, Nate sobers bias in my opinion is really interesting. He highlight something interesting from Trafalgar group. This interview with Trafalgar Gruber pollster, worried me. These are not convention. appalling methods- and it sounds like they provide a lot of room for subjectivity or frankly information bias in how we constructs a voter universe. Let's just stop and think about what he sang. Maybe I'm getting it wrong. Maybe terminate a wrong. Maybe my assessment is incorrect and that's all entirely possible, but I've seen far too many people quitting the Democratic Party Johnny wrought lunged, legendary, punk, rocker voted for Clinton and twenty. Sixteen now is one for tromp people. Me: I did vote at all. I laughed at off now voting for tromp dimensions. silver says: there's a conference patient buys and how their constructing they're pulling universe. They don't know how to actually pull. People took this out that, according to article it s, Trafalgar group mixes up how it context
people, and especially wants responded to feel safe quote. We collection methods of I've calls auto calls tax emails and a couple that we call our proprietary digital technology that we don't explain, but it also digital gaily says that point he continues is to really push the anonymous part on other factor, as I can services are less likely to participate in poles? In general, we see a fee I have two one refusal rate among conservatives. That means you ve got to work very hard to get a fair, represent a representation of conservatives. When you do any kind of survey think about what he just said. Conservatives five to one don't answer poles. If Republicans right now are plus one it means five to one. The pulling error is likely worse now than it was in twenty sixteen. So now silver can say everything he wants and all give him his space, because I could be wrong. However,
We are seeing a shift in the polls. There is actual data to suggest this and Even Joe Biden campaign has said. The poles are inflated, it is close, so why would they silver even claimed trope only as a twelve percent chance of winning. Let me tell you why there are real reasons why trot might actually when first, a store from the washing free beacon report by economic policy will kill two million jobs, people polled save Trump, the right choice on the economy? And what do they say? It's the economy stupid? But what about how to show you this one ebony boat in a veneer process on a campaign staff call just now. President Trop says he plans do five rallies a day leading up to the election we are going to win. I wouldn't have told you that may be two or three weeks ago. He says admitting it wasn't easy to go from hospital back to campaign trail, Joe Biden
Joe Contra tweets, the Biden campaign has called a lid until Thursday, you, that means Joe Biden, is gone. No press, no rallies, no communications, none whatsoever. This is on precedent. It as far as I know, maybe there's some historical context, but I mean Donald Trump is doing five rallies a day and Joe Biden is hiding in his basement will be a method. Can people support that? I can't believe. That's I'm sorry. I just can't I understand, that the data says people can offer by knit? Maybe the people voting forbidden, just don't pay attention. Maybe they saw Taylor Swift and that's all they know
Taylor. Swift says you ve got a vote for Joe Biden in Southern about for Joe Biden, maybe get a bunch of kids doing so little progress, Aragon vote, Joe Biden, I don't buy it. I think that's true what they'll go out and vote for Joe Biden, but I think that most young people won't care. I think that the poles are skewed. Joe Biden has said rescued. The Republicans have a party affiliation advantage and these emails man tickets check this out. Pierce Morgan, despite the best biased efforts of Facebook Twitter and the overwhelmingly trumpeting media to kill the story. Biden now has serious questions to answer about. Hunters Oh gee deals any can't doc them forever It is doing everything in its power to silence this story because it really is hurting Joe Biden. Was one pull that came out that showed before the story it to use up two points and after the story he dropped to point. So we still leading in the policy still in front of Trump. Take a look at the story from Fox NEWS: tromp too
Press Biden on Hunter, but an email stories if debate moderator, doesn't adviser, says Thursday is the final face off, but tromp and binding before the November third, presidential election and trump with or without prompt, is going to bring up the emails, Joe Biden. In in one email from chinese equity over a chinese equity deal. They said the big guy would get ten percent held by H. Will Fox NEWS is basically confirmed at the big. Was Joe Biden. H was hunter binding. Joe Biden was using his son as an intermediary to make money off of his office, took us out the daily beast: journalists don't buy on rubies bunch of bs we're about to see things you ve never seen before. your posts and Fox will keep pushing wild and vile lies. The question is whether they can fool people, Michael Damascene, for the daily beast opinion
they're trying to claim that the story on the emails is bunk, but they ve never actually argued the emails. it just plain rooted: Giuliani is bad chickens went up from Sierra, the anatomy of the New York Posts dubious Hunter button story. In it they say the post story claims under Biden Help, arrange a meeting while block the series, stories contained hacked materials and personal email addresses. That's a lie. There was no hacked information, we know story, there was a repair shop caught the laptop hunter by two, never picked it up here, even to the F B, I wouldn't do any thinks we gave it to really Julie on his lawyer. There's no hacked materials see, then, in trying to discredit the story, got their facts wrong. I love is one check this out from media eight. They say Exclusive Fox NEWS passed on Hunter button, laptop story over credibility, concerns really Fox news. They passed on the story. Well, I'm sure they have on their face now from Fox NEWS
source on alleged hunter, but an email chain verifies message about chinese investment. Farm sources have told Fox news. The big guy is a reference to the former vice president, really maybe the stories true but Fox NEWS past that would just be embarrassing for Fox NEWS who later, when on, to confirm the story is true, so you know what that's the best they can do. I hear every day Democrats quitting the Already I see boomers than I know have been Democrats. Their whole lives quitting the party I should you that story. Opening up this woman quitting the party. What makes anyone believe these poles are going to be accurate. They may be. They really. Maybe try me
the contract to lose all stress this point. They say the Poles were wrong in twenty sixteen and that's not correct. Ok, ok, it's technically correct the best kind of correct they were off by a point or so that's about it. Not and that's normal margin of error, they under counted trumps, Non College, educated white vote and other first time, voters and so the pundits made the mistake, but there was there wasn't. There were major stories that we're coming out that month, you're gettin inundate with October surprises- which I am sure we will now- and this is- hunter. But an email story is certainly gonna play a role in this so Interesting that night silver says Tromp has a twelve percent chance of winning, because, ah, what is it? It's, the nineteenth we are weak gonna, get into the thick of
things moving forward, but I think you're gonna see a lot of this critical race theory, stuff, you're gonna see a lot of this talk about anti for riots and it's going to make people not want to be Democrats anymore. Going back to the Gallup poll we can see. Democrats are now at a disadvantage in terms of, How do you delete them, but we can go all the way down to independent voter affiliations. I find interesting democrat liners as of September of twenty four twenty twenty forty seven. First Republicans, forty four If we go back to twenty sixteen for the same time period, it was forty find Democrat. Forty four republican Republicans haven't moved. Democrats have gone down. An independent voters have gone up if independent voters today have increased, but people who are independent are not likely to lean Democrat that says Democrats are
losing support. It can mean a lot of things. It could mean that there are moderate democratic, don't like the party and they don't like how far left it's gone, and that means that could be progressive. Democrats or Democrats have become more progressive and dont like how moderate its is this? What I've said about Joe Biden is Joe Biden far left yes relative to american politics. Is he far left relative to the far left? No, course not he's moderate to them. I think it's funny that people on the left far left. There's a Bernie Sanders, a centrist there completely incorrect. That's not true they're, conflicting definitions and we're talking about the left when in the right way this country Bernie Sanders- is about as far left as you can get in terms of active politics. When we're talking, Revolutionary Bernie Sanders is still as far as you can get in terms of economic policy Bernie Sanders as moderately far left.
So what we're seeing right now, Joe Biden, trying to bridge the gap between a fractured democratic party, far left and moderate in Canada. So the far left says Joe Biden is a centrist and he won't. You won't get progressive and the moderates, Joe Biden is going too far left and quit the party, and I think that's what we're on an obscene people quitting the party because it doesn't represent them anymore, because the party has fractured into now. Let's talk about cash is my final point about cash but an Democrats out spending Trump and GEO P by eighty five million dollars on ads and final weeks October. Twelve, there saying Trop is giving up he's, not spending money anymore. Joe Biden is outrageous
him Wall Street, as God, behind Joe Biden, Joe fine he's gonna wind based on cash. That's ridiculous! Did you know that back in a twenty, sixteen Donald Trump spent a little bit over half of what Hillary Clinton spent? I'm sorry raised the these spend, was it wouldn't wallet? Lenny show this cash raised was one was a billion that one point two billion for Trump six hundred and forty six the spend was five hundred and sixty nine and I'm sorry. Hillary Clinton spend was nine hundred and sixty nine million to trumps five hundred and thirty one million trump spent a little bit more than half what Hilary did and he won locally and raised way more money. So what if Joe Biden raising more money throughout most, the truth of this race tromp was raising more than Biden own In the last you no final stretch has Joe
I haven't been able to raise more than Trump and its from Wall Street. For the most part, Trump is still winning right now, among small donors, voter registration is in trumps favour party affiliation. Is in trumps, favour. Anecdotal evidence is in trumps favor for its worth and the spent than number spent are meaningless and there's one more story that are covered either day time magazine, a journalist went around the country, interviewing people and found for the most part they don't care about the headlines. They don't care what the journalist class say and they believe fake news. They claimed. I think regular people are sick and tired of what's happening. The people who have poked their head into the culture where our shock probably republican vote for Trump and I'll. Tell you this right now, union workers- I mention this early on Joe Biden in the Inn is Town Hall said: look up. The boiler makers Union overwhelmingly endorsed me according to the free beacon
lawmaker union members started calling up there. our union later saying what he talked about you endorse, but are you nuts they? So we didn't? We Everyone talk to the guy, never it they local one, five, four boiler makers and p. I believe it's the Pittsburgh area endorsed Donald Trump Salty this, the union it of didn't, but here's an I'm thinkin. Imagine your any union, you don't care about. You like tromp, you'll care about by Yeah he's gonna ban franking, whatever you want to work and for your family then bite and comes out and lies about you and says you endorse them, all of a sudden now you're getting young people young at you? You come home from work and you got your day with your, you guys indoors trouble you nuts, I didn't realize I was talking about that was once I was a me. Why is Joe buy a joke? That's the other way around. imagine Joe Biden comes out and lies, and you ve got people coming up, Tang? Why would you endorse someone wants to ban tracking the other stuff trumped arrangements but probably trigger anyway, but I confused the point. The point is: imagine
someone lies about you claiming to support them and then other people are like exact what this union leader was saying. We never endorsed this guy he's gonna ban frightened. I think by lying about the union workers these people are now more likely to vote for tromp sang screw this guy. He lied about us. Nightcap predict the future, and they cover may be right, each and every one These videos, I've put up, may just fit your conscience. I bias and it may just be wishful thinking. That's why I try make sure I include the criticism because we could be in a bubble we dont want, but we do want to fall for what the left fell for thinking, we're gonna, win the left was like Hitler is gonna wind. Will I see you know I'll be completely out of you guys if binding wins laugh, I'm I'm I'm barely past indifferent for
most part. I'm willing to vote for trot because critical race theory is is a disaster. It's a nightmare, but I dont care all that much is I'm not a big fan of Trump. I dont, like Biden, did a lot of reasons I don't like trot but I'll take what I can get from Trump, never an open armada hat. I dont, like the Republicans and over the Democrats, I feel like an independent, has been forced to vote for Donald Trump. I think trumps. Ok, I think on some in some areas pretty good and I think overall he's just ok, there's a lot about things. He does that's how I feel you gotta be with me, but I think a lot of people agree with me on that that is true, scottish problems, but buttons way worse. I think I might lead led let my case are they. The data speaks for itself, but we won't know for sure. So I ll leave it there. Next segments come on up p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is a different channel and I will see you all them. This is actually kind of shocking. We have breaking news this morning, the director of national integrity.
its has stated. There is no intelligence that supports the claim the hut, Dear Biden story is a russian intelligence operation. Flying. In the face of what CNN and Adam shift our trying to push out the actual director of a Gnat national intelligence as Naw, we ve got more emails, dropping from one american news of parents and other laptop. The story is going crazy and in response this is what freaked me out. Joe Biden is going into hiding no joke. According to Joe Concho, the biting campaign has called a lid until Thursday. Does the rapporteur from the hill Matthew CALL can respond seriously needs as yup that wow? and this is only a couple hours before the day said it is. It is not a russian intelligence operation. We have a bunch of news, Sir what's going on with the Hunter binding
EL story, notably that one american news has said they ve got twenty six thousand emails they're going to be dropping teasing out something about their arguing? about behind verses and catch up sure whatever, but I can't believe it. I got to stress this Joe Biden calling a lid until Thursday whites and where we are, we aren't. We are two weeks out from the presidential election and Joe Biden is going into hiding. Ok, what it means calling a lid until Thursday he is going to be on available the entire week. You know why, because they're gonna start asking about the emails, because we it now it now appears. We have confirmed evidence that Joe by then used his son as an intermediaries to profit from foreign investment. I'm not gonna talk about his Ukraine, stuff, Ukraine, shoe crane,
see Ananas brains are coming out saying you're. All this is trumps. What about ism row? If a story comes out where it's like A look at these emails and you got, but what about trumps? Corruption trumped just uses? What about ism? That's? U? What about ing? I've talked about Donald Trump. You know a vodka made money, I've taught, but how tromp was having? U S? Military personnel stay at his golf resorts and the arguments for and against Trump wanting to used arrive talked about all of it and now we're talking about Joe Biden, so don't gimme that want to what about ism we're not talking about Ukraine right now we're talking about Joe Biden flying his son on AIR force to to China for private equity deal and then of Para, as it does. A separate divulged consider consider that information that happened in another deal hunter bite This is a male sang, ten
by age for the big guy. Apparently, now we have confirmation. The big guy refers to Joe Biden Fox NEWS reached out to people on that email chain who confirmed that email is real. This is not about. Ukraine does not about Burma, or we can talk about all that stuff too, because if you ask me, Joe Biden is crooked as they come, but with the sea of sea deal Cfcs, Joe Biden appears to ever, tv or was about to receive serious equity, not something something else really fun. It has been pointed out by people said Joe Biden. Income when he was VP was several hundred thousand dollars and then, almost immediately after it went to like million sixteen million or so and peoples that have happened, you can't get paid for the favours, until the investment vests, as it were,
When you're in office, you can't take cash from the foreign interests and the private car he's your a show for its too obvious, but once you leave its legal firm to return the favor and hire you out works right. I got a tweet from that watch, I thought was actually pretty smart, than the smartest move for the Biden Camp would be to admit. The emails are real confess to whatever else might be. The laptops have hunter bite and give a tearful apology claim that Joe was just trying to be a good dad and then hope that voters forget about this in two weeks. Their current strategy of stalling and being silent and dragging this out is definitely the worst possible approach. Poet albino Joe Biden going into hiding now I've got a before I'm framing. It now has a framing thing, Joe Biden calling a lid until Thursday. We have no idea why, in my opinion, we just had this story drop, Ratcliff, says Hunter Biden, laptop emails, not part of some
russian. This information campaign. There is no intelligence that supports that director of National Intelligence Ratcliff says so, which is it? Is it the Obama administration of WAR, the students in the cronies, the corrupt, but they were the heroes to the left. The good guys. Just try to stop the evil and corrupt trump before every actually took office or Ratcliff who secretly working for Donald Trump or the hero. It doesn't matter to me that if you want to make tribal arguments, I dont care the director of now your intelligence made a statement on incomes razor. What are you gonna do about it? This is nuts, because CNN has been pushing this insane narrative Byron. Your says on CNN intelligence, commit chair, Adam Schiff, says the New York Post Hunter bought in story comes from the Kremlin Ankara seems to agree would be more persuasive. If they provided evidence that won the story is false and two it comes from the Kremlin, Wolf Blitzer says so as the others Blitzer federal authorities, including the FBI.
for investigating whether recently published emails that purport to deal to detail. I should say the business dealings of Joe Biden. Son Hunter are connected to an. going russian disinformation effort targeting the Biden campaign fart. Let's discuss with the chairman of the House, Adam ships as well. We know this all smear on Joe Biden, come from the Kremlin. That's been clear for well, over a year now, but they ve been pushing this all narrative by the vice president and his son, the China deal. Ok, let's play game what city Craig stuff is bunk. What's a Ukraine all of it always rush? Oh, why did Joe by? fly his son to shine on air force to for a private equity deal why'd you do that. Why is Joe Biden, son using government resources for his private business. What was at you set you say, Donald Trump, you have a convert
it should not trumps resorts. I did remember, remember those views I talked about it yet the news story right now isn't Donald Trump Golf resorts and the air force staying at one of his voice in Scotland, which I did question and when Trump wanted to have. Gee seven, it dropped the ral. I said conflict of interest, bad move and tromp. Eventually back down from this, you talk about a Volga, getting patents in China. Of course, sure we talk about it when it happens, stop playing stupid game. Ok, if I want to be critical of trumpet wanted to his family shore, but Joe Biden right now, How is the breaking news and Donald Trump when it came to the Gulf resorts? He eat me straight to eat. He addressed it, not perfectly not! Well, I don't like it. I think it is a conflict of interest and I can Dan people argue cause. Tromp was signed this recently that we say the government so much money. Yet look I get it it's true. You did but you still receive money from the government, and I am not a fan of that. So we can talk about it.
Net story breaks and I'll tell you what I am more than happy to, and I have right now we're talking about Joe Biden. Oh, your sank, wise at coming out in October will da maximum political effect just before an election. I'm not happy about that. Either don't play games with me, Joe Biden is crooked. His son is crooked. We know their crooked and coming at me with the timing, the source, the Russia and the Trump is meaningless trash. I dont care about. I've already talked about Those things and other videos. Now is the time when you have to answer for Joe Biden later this garbage it's actually Russia. Well, sorry, Adam shift You lied and you lied about Russia Gate with Trump, and there was no evidence to back them up worst case scenario for trunk. He obstructed justice and he couldn't be indicted because innocent. President. There was no determination made now I wonder, of Molly
Could I have said well, we determined he did obstruct, but we condemn in so that either no determination It is not an exaggeration that slimy the investigators don't exonerate by tell you this right now. You want to come out and play these stupid game. again Adam ship. We know you lied, we know these. Other people were going Don T be brought in, for instance, and they were lying about Russia in private, in private and secure hearings where they are under all was on. Oh, I actually dont have any evidence. I don't know anything yeah, it's a dirty games. This out Fox news director of National intelligence John Rackliff on Monday, so that Hunter buttons laptop is not part of it. russian disinformation campaign of claims, from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam chef, suggesting otherwise Ratcliff during an eggs exclusive interview on Fox business mornings, with Maria was asked about the allegations from chef who, over the weekend said the high
your buddy emails, suggesting democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, a knowledge of always a legit involved in his sons, foreign business dealings quote it's funny that some of the people who, complain, the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence Ratcliff said Fortunately it is Adam chef who set the intelligence community believes. the Hunter Biden Laptop and EMU are on. It are part of a russian disinformation campaign. He added, let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn't believe that, because there is no intelligence that supports that and we have there's no intelligence with Adam chef or any member of Congress, Rackliff one and say it is simply not true, you're buttons laptop, is not part of some russian. This information campaign Ratcliff said adding that this is not part of some think that what he said it again, reckless elements come after house intelligence, greedy, Adam shift over the weekend sided. They came from the crime of which I showed you. We that's all smear Bob
Ratcliff. What to say the laptop is in the jurisdiction of the FBI. The FBI had possession of this week. Commenting on any investigation, they may or may not have had. Their investigation is not so around russian disinformation and the intelligence, can you He is not playing any role with respect to that. He added the intelligence. Community has not been involved in Hunter buttons laptop, not only stop you're right there nasty question: why if not, why am I saying these stories, whether light there investigating whether at this part of foreign disinformation, you know what I think you're full of it. You know why because Ratcliff came out, so that's not true. So what's the source fathers of false information? Look if the director of NASH intelligence ass, it happened, and why would I believe an unnamed source saying it is? Why would I be
leave. Adam chef, like I was wrong about everything is probably line. Why would I believe it? Well? I don't I don't. I think these these these emails are legit and I'll. Tell you what I have heard people say I ever Trop supporters asked me this limit. Let me tell you that But let me alone so people are saying this laptop emerges, scholars, emails on an end. They look under bind and Joe by look really bad, seemingly providing enough evidence to at least warrant a legit FBI investigation into Joe Biden, crooked, crony dealings, not Joe, not under Joe. We don't get at them. Maybe we will. I doubt we will, and everyone says what, but where the laptop come from. Is it verified we mean? Is it verified as an alibi Did the New York Times verify trumps taxes no, at least here we actually have the emails new types of publish anything so vomiting anyone's, Fort Outcomes razor or suggest what will suggest that Europe Post stories, probably legitimate. There could be errors for sure, but I doubt it
So then you end up with them saying what well maybe made somebody hacked the emails, Russia put him on a laptop drop them off. I hear that idea. I do because it's an easy way to launder hacked information, except I vacuums, razor, would suggest the simple solution is Hunter by spilled beer on his laptop. We ve all done it broken a laptop spelled it being dropped in the bath. whatever it is. You don't know of any what to repair guy and he's rich. He bought a new laptop and forgot and then the dude at it gave it to the FBI. The F b, I didn't do anything, gave it to rutulian his lawyer, and there you go. I think he gave to ridicule on his lawyer. Its funding has regularly on he's a lawyer for the president. He says a senior trumpet they gonna say so you're Trop Administration, official, told Fox NEWS. The F B, I was not investigating the emails as russian disinformation, so you ve got the dna and now a fox source. The F b I declined to comment or deny the existence of an investigation is as standard
Agnes. Meanwhile, the Senate, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee's investigating Hunter buttons emails, which reveal that he introduced his fur the former vice president to a top executive at bereavement. So there's this disease are all different stories. Rackliff you got Ukraine, I ve got China reckless on it. day. Their role as director of national intelligence, which he assumed early this year, is to not allow people to lever, the intelligence community for a political narrative, that's not true, this case Adam Shift signs as part of an information campaign and that the intelligent committee has assessed and believes that that is simply not true whether its Republicans are Democrats. If they try to live,
bridge the intelligence community for political gain- I won't allow it well. The New York Times is trying desperately to cover up for Joe Biden, dig it up. New York Post, published Hunter Biden Report amid newsroom doubts. Some reporters withheld thereby lines and question the credibility of an article that made the tabloids front page on Wednesday. I love this story watch this is. It says Bruce, scolding are a porter at the Rupert Murdoch owned tabloids and oh seven did not allow his byline to be used because he had concerns over the articles. Credibility. The two posts employ you said, speak on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation. Let me just stop, you're right there and explain to you first, what's a by line: it is the line, that says by and their name. So you can see right here the stores us by Katy Robertson. The story is by Kitty Robertson, that's her by line
Bruce scolding had his by line withheld because concerns over the articles, credibility. If you wrote the article, why would you be concerned about its credibility? Talk about stupid you! This is a joke. I know I wrote the article, but I'm questioning my own credibility selects remove my name from it. Ok, maybe he contributed by like looking up someone's phone number and they're gonna. Give a violent and about that can story, seems weird it's possible that his contribution to the article did not reach the level of the actual emails, fine whatever in which case, maybe he's with holding his byline because he didn't have anything to do with the reporting. You see how they frame this, how they lie too on named sources say
Yeah, I have a source who tells me the moon is made of cheese. Does that make it true? No, and why should I trust you New York Times when you are questioning the New York Post, who actually published emails and photos really asked he once and you offer no evidence at all if we're gonna play a game called who do? I trust and we trust the guy's godly some of its and it's not you New York Times. I think it's hilarious, that a reporter would work on a stool and then question the credibility of his own story unless, of course, he shouldn't have been Could it is by line anyway, in which case this makes literally no sense? Many post staff numbers questioned whether the paper had done enough to verify the authenticity fart. You article named two sources Balin and who is now facing fraud. Charges is poisoned,
well and Rudy Giuliani. I don't care, we laptop. We got emails. Let's talk about it, you can't play this game, I'm sorry what work well take us out Steve Balance. As the Joe meeting happened, the emails are correct and Joe took ten percent equity balance. Has everything reported in hunter? Laptop scandal is true and revealed How lawyer forbidden son tried to get the hard drive back, proving its no russian intelligence operation? an interview. I think this is on Sky Sky NEWS and in Australia not entirely sure they are So a sky news they were better, was asked about this. It is, as we have with us out yet but yeah apparently, contacted by Hunter buttons lawyer sank, and we have the laptop back. That's right, Hunter Biden. Listen! Let me to ask a question. What he thinks more likely
that there is a grand operation involving foreign intelligence like Russia to create fake emails or hack emails from Hunter Biden, put them on a laptop with abiden sticker on it splash it with water. bring it secretly to repair shop where they purposefully forget about it. So that way, the pro truck shop owner would give it to two Bannon enroute: Roof, Giuliani and smear them just in time for the election or or keep that story in mind. Here's the other narrative Hunter Biden is a is inadequate and iron and with all due respect, amateur drag him over it, but does create problems for individualism. Attics, pragmatic. And he was you know, trip and balls and non somethin build. Some beer was all whacked out of his mind and then drop that often forgot about it. Yeah, I think outcomes razor woods.
Just at the dude whose on care, because a photo of him or appears to be afforded them with a crack pipe and his mouth likely forgot about his laptop that simple, the deeds rich easily body No one has dragged out of his mind and I again I might try dragon for that. I'm just pointing out when you do drugs like this. It affects your memory. Probably just forgot about it and didn't care and now his lawyer wants it back. They screwed this one up, now we're gonna get all these emails. Apparently jackpot sober is is saying it begins to this out. Matthew chairman says one string of twenty six thousand seven hundred and forty lots more coming Jack says it's big. It begins full video to come. we are adding through the night that was nine hours ago, stands to reason that, one. American news and Jack are going to be releasing a lot of information. We have the story. You are not going to see. The end of prompt, Steve Balances
President Trump will run again in twenty twenty four if he loses the upcoming election well ready for a roller coaster ride, because if you think these stories are crazy, just wait if Trump loses, I'm actually not convinced, he will not. I think trumps gonna win, but I'm not I'm not here to suggest or make any hard predictions. I just on leaning towards trot victory to tell you why the emails. I really do think this is gonna, hurt Joe Biden but a lot of the people who are coming out to vote our doing it's from a point of Trump derangement Syndrome, which means you can convince them at all. A lesser percentage are fervent pro tromp zealots, the pro tromp. Zealot base is actually not that big compared with the media would have you believe they often say its thirty five percent of the country or whatever know the actual group of people
poor die hard trumps Alex is much much much smaller. What I mean by tying our troops out, I'm talking to people who refuse to listen to any. Thing and bull leave everything to actually really small group over the travel arrangements syndrome, people, it's actually a pretty big group. These people are not so believe anything you know if it's better, but if it's bad against Trump and the You have. The transactions will believe anything of its good for tromp or bad for four as enemies. In reality, it's been true for, while the Democratic Party is bigger than their Publican party, but moderates who vote Republican will end up pushing the view of the electorate for pushing these views Republican Kennedy Inter victory. Could you imagine what it's gonna be like, Tromp loses, though we're gonna have for years of still complaining about Trump and then another Trump election mate met me That's that's! What's gonna happen, I mean the news outlets needed. They need need that they want to be out of power. They want to sell, be a figure in european politics, so maybe that's it, but I'll tell you, I think, is gonna win Pennsylvania
now, early voting tracking looks really bad for Republicans. Looks really good for Democrats, however, Democrats are underpin forming based on the amount we expect to see in terms of early voting in male and votes, which suggests that It is suggested that doesn't mean it's true. We're not gonna happen that, if their underwear forming. Now Republicans will take a slight lead and key battleground states. We know for sure in Pennsylvania. However, it's really bad. Republicans, but when I see that I can't imagine from losing Pennsylvania, I can't sorry Joe Biden has called for fresh banning fraction. Getting wet but no new federal licences for fracturing he's called, Kamel Harris said she would ban at another now that China backpedal, but that doesn't matter, namely the boy makers Union just came out the other day, sang Biden like they never endorsed, and they endorsed Trump. You look at these stories can't imagine a scenario in which Joe Biden naturally wins, but he could. He could not tell you why
while we're seeing this fight over the authenticity of the bite, an email scandal on stuff. I bring you now not this one is the wrong storming you this one from Glengarry wild. Facebook and Twitter cross a line far more dangerous than what they sensor just weeks before the elections giants, unite to block access to incriminating reporting about their preferred candidate that's the scenario in which possibly Joe Biden wins the machine, the billionaires, your that's funny, the other day I got us. I got the second coming up forever. One p m free speech rally anti censorship, challenging big tech, billionaires and anti for showed up and punched a guy in the face knocking out his teeth. Why is for defending the billionaires makes no sense? Does it by Bernie Sanders says them the billionaires into the millionaires anymore but the billionaires are funding Joe Biden. Why is burning There's telling you to vote for the candidate backed by the billionaire, doesn't
something seem off does to me, I think the emails are legit. I think they're crooked and I think we're dead in just a taste of what's to calm the next few weeks. Stick around segments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out, then I will see you all them recently. Some free speech advocates held a rally in San Francisco protesting censorship from big tech organizations, as I'm sure most of you are aware the New York Post, the oldest newspaper, this country still in circulation, uninterrupted circulation and the fourth largest has been locked out of their social media. And was censored very heavily by big tech. I think most people who believe in this country and most rational, regular people. Dont. Think censorship of major knows our make sense. So these, jewels gone protest aunt if it shows up and they punch this
in the mouth, knocking out his teeth. This dude has now been suspended from Twitter and Instagram and we don't know why his handle was at team, save America. It's almost ironic. I guess. Actually. This is the perfect example of irony. Whenever I talk about irony often mentioned a fire truck on fire. That's like the easiest way to explain it. The fire trucks opposed to put the fire out not get engulfed in flames. This do. Was protesting censorship and has now been sensor. Use other works well, the body Adam launched a go fund me to raise money to help get is his teeth. Fixed now raise twenty, seven thousand nine hundred and forty six dollars and they I imagine that he's been banned from Twitter and Instagram Adam tweeted, bound off of Twitter, for good thing I just got his email as we were community, here and on Instagram, wonder if I am Next Adams, previous tweet, Philip just got banned from Instagram.
Making too much noise for them. Well, I just raised six escape from the fixes teeth. He told me he's gonna it was the rest of the money to host another free speech rally and continue this fight. I bring this up because it shows you this, that the severity of real world extremism, authoritarianism on the part of the establishment, the big tech companies and the left I want to stress this point, someone who is challenging the billionaires who censoring our speech and our news was attacked by Anti Far Why is anti for standing between us and the billionaires? Why is anti for attacking a regular citizen, a black man, no less when he challenged billion. Why is Bernie Sanders campaigning on behalf of Joe Biden, who is funded by Wall Street Way,
more people way more billionaires way more wealthy individuals funding Joe Biden. This is the establishment, does the authoritarianism and I know, based on the title of this video. You came here for something else, but I'm warming up to that. I give you now a very clear warning of what's to come. If Joe Biden wins Robert Reich very, very prominent resistance Democrat with one million followers a Berkeley professor tweeted, when this nightmare is over? We need a truth reconciliation commission. It would erase trumps lies comfort, those who have been harmed by his eight fulness and name every official politician,
executive and media mobile, whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe. That's right, prominent role, Robert Right, one million followers. Thirteen thousand two hundred wheat retreats calling for a commission to name everyone, executives, media politicians, etc. who helped trump in some capacity is that the kind of thing we should admit we should be talking about. We should be discussing. I think, when you look at the fact that Anti VA bashed deeds teeth out. When you look at the facts that. We have already seen more calls for violence from the left and two trump supporters are dead.
last thing we need to see is someone like Robert calling for commissions to name every official politician, etc. You note will happen if we do that. This is how it starts its a veiled threat. We're just going to name you. He said I love the people responded. tweet as if it's a radical, undemocratic idea and the links to the store that says, do truth and reconcile patient commissions, he'll, divided nations. That's right! When you have a divided nation, the best thing you can do is produced a list of names of people. You dont, like of who you think, supported your enemies because that will help won't it combine this with this number. The story Keith Aldermen, Amy Coney, bear it, others, should be prosecuted and removed from our society. Liberal pundit says Trump should be dish Lloyd and devoured at the ballot box. You remember this:
When Keith aldermen said that we should remove, man gets from society. He and his enablers and its supporters in his collaborators in the Michael, he's in the way in bars and my pencil originally armies and the Kyle written houses in the Amy Coney Berets must be prosecuted and convicted. and removed from our society. What we try to rebuild it to rebuild the world Trump has destroyed by turning it to the virus. He called these people maggots. Remember it even as we dream of a return to reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers died at the fight is not just to an election, but to win it by enough to chase, at least for the moment Trump and the man gets off the stage and then try to clean up what they have left. I refer to that speech as it Larry and call
the people. You don't like an insect that needs to be removed, and so that's that's. That's the underlying emotion. These people have said viral video, roman screaming, where they are. because they are whenever it is raining or about that woman, who's, driving and crying. There were trump cards in a box to me in these People have gone absolutely insane now I feel like for me. The world I represent, isn't the die, hard trump stir, many of whom don't like me and it certainly not. The woke psychotic laughed like Robert Reich and Keith aldermen, who apparently one rendition drop supporters onto started talking to regular people, and I'll tell you how many of them feel their buying guns, their stocking up on supplies, covered and civil unrest and people are getting scared about this. I have to
absolutely stress this point and I want to read you some comments from some of these people explained to the depth of the psychosis infecting these these individuals Please consider sharing this video as we are now about two weeks from the election. This channel is blacklisted. You can't Google search it. My main channel is blacklisted. You can't google search yet you search for this or anything. It will not come up the only way. People. Not about this word of mouth sharing it- and I would stress this point. Joe Biden is funded by Wall Street Joe Biden is defending mass of multinational corporations, the Trans, specific partnership, which would have seen our manufacturing jobs move to China and other Pacific RIM countries was being pushed by the Obama administration and trap shut. That down. Bernie Sanders is supporting the candidate of Wall Street. Ask yourself why and what that means:
and when the sky at teams have America now banned hell, they rally challenging them ass of multinational corporations who seek to subvert our ability to speak Anti, far acted in defence of the billion airs, anti false support, the wealthy billionaire class by attacking regular citizens. Now I can already hear it they're saying no, they support the billionaires. They just oppose the fascists. What about a black man demanding the right to speak to? You is fascist. I'd like it answer on that, because there isn't one. The reality is anti far either morons, which shore or they actively support the bill the owners and people like Joe Biden, there was an article in the daily beast. That sad define its at its had white supremacist love, Donald Trump, Attica, hates Joe Biden, the false equivalence, and they talked about how often you'll hear peoples
Why won't Joe Biden denounce Anti fa and they say what anti for hates Joe Biden, so it doesn't even makes sense as true antifraud does Hey Joe Biden and Joe Biden still won't denounced them in that little weird. It's because whether they like Joe Biden or not, they like the way things are going. So no, they don't care about the billionaires or Joe Biden. What they care about is that, for the time being, they are being given power by the billionaire class used like a cudgel against those who demand the right to speak. I bring you now to a whole new level of absolute insanity. Think about
keep up a minute saying think about what Robert like a saying. This stuff is scary. I want to stress one point before I move on. I want peace com and I want conflict. I I and the people who I hang out with a talk with the people come None of us are the ones calling for any kind of direct action against the left. Now, certainly their transport, who are their anti government extremists, who are both think regular people, are saying, stop that's what I'm trying to say. Keith aldermen shot up. I recently tweeted about Gretchen Whittemore, Gretchen women. The democratic governor of Michigan was complaining that the Trump WAR room. Ok, it's almost but on here I did a second on the southern gretchen. What Martin an interview in it? There is like a little sticker summits as eighty six, forty five meaning get rid of you know Donald Trump and the Trump WAR room tweeted out that it meant to insinuating killing him
She then responded there inciting violence and blah blah blah, and I need to stop. I don't think she was implying Trump should because I think that's ridiculous and I think they need to stop, and I agree I said yes, I agree with Gretchen Whitmer. We need to stop the rhetoric vote her out so that she can live peacefully as a regular person with no power. That's what we want to happen, we want Keith Oberman to shut up. We want Robert right to shut up. The problem is: what do we get in terms of censorship? This man, who was saying we should have the right to speak, is new Doth, Instagram and Twitter, like that getting his teeth knocked out, Keith Oppermint is calling for the removal of the maggots and Robert Right wants a commission to review and name the collaborators. We know where that goes. We know what they are talking about. An
Tec is allowing it to happen and shutting down anyone who dare oppose them now will show you what the what what what the assembly breeds. I bring you now over to read it our slash news. Tensions rise after free speech rally turns violent in San Francisco. The top comment pay no attention to the brain. Shirts and they will go away. Slash s. Ask someone how well that worked out in Germany YAP the next month. I hope the people of the? U S, don't ignore them, but I'd be. Unsurprisingly, us became a fascist autocracy in the long run, someone else Perhaps I am not so well versed in this rally, but what is actually made the bloke, what his teeth punched out, a browser I mean like. Video, I saw was the guide and other walking away in somebody up and punched him in the face before shouting racist abuse it like
if it was a lot of white supremacist, flag waivers and those proud boy types kicking off, but on the first view without contacts, I thought it was a lot. I thought it was a lot of white supremacist attacking a black man, not a load of white people, attacking a black man for allegedly being a white supremacist like what the EP is up with America. I know you guys like that on, but to eleven but bloody hell, even the W W S W w e is struggling to come up with a more absurd plots and your political and scape. Then someone said the people who knocked his teeth out are the brown shirts in black shirts. This next comments, as why do people rise to this bait you'd hurt Trump supported more by letting them talk this. What fashion have been doing since world war, two baiting opponents, its bait, blah blah blah there is now highlight this I've brown shirts their referring to the man who got punched as the Nazi Brown
so called the ass, a not super into world war? Two. I can't give you the full breakdown, but my general understanding from a cursory Google search is that they were. A paramilitary wing of the Nazi party. Kind of like anti FA was the paramilitary wing of the of the german Communist party. There is no paramilitary wing of the Republican Party right now. There are right wing militias, they're not allow and with the Republicans you have anti government militias and groups like you know: Google Lou boys. They are not aligned with tromp other people, hence our conservatism. Mostly. rotarian antigovernment on the left. You act We have anti for going out and doing what the Democrats want, even though it's kind of hurting them- and I said it would do what they want, because the Democrats and, and and and and other people the politicians the days, for instance,
are cutting them loose to, let them continue doing their rampage. Now. I don't know exactly why, but when you have the likes of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, actively helping Joe Biden by censoring news. That would hurt him. I have to why antivirus coming out and attacking a black man challenging that that's the level of authoritarianism that I fear that we are looking into and then when you see these comments, first of all point out. This story is not and the rising or hot section of news on read it it's in the controversial section, meaning people are trying to get rid of it, voting it down. So people can't say and the top comment is trying to insinuate that a black man? manning his rights to speak freely is a nazi brown shirt paramilitary member of of the Trump Party or whatever Some other comedy highlighted before we start with a proud boys and this person
actually insinuated that the proud boys with this sort of said the proud boys would be used by Trump too. carry out a night of long knives like the Nazis. Did you notice about this and while highlight all the stuff Keith Oberman their maggots, who must be removed Robert right name them all start. A commission accepts this insane, absolutely insane, not only that, I dont think these people actually know what the light of the night of long knives was. It was Trump purging his tromp. You see it's easy for yet now it was Hitler. You see it was Hitler purging his own supporters, essentially who wide more power. In world war to Germany before World WAR. Two in the rise of the Nazi Party, the ass
I was supporting the brown shirts were supporting Hitler when he came into power. They wanted more power, and so his supporters went out and purged the round shirts, that's what the night of long knives was. That would be to imply that the proud boys would go and take out the proud boys and seemed to make any sense I'm getting worried by all this because, while seeing you don't escalation of violence social media is manipulating people into building believing falsehoods. Like Press it again, unread it? What's acceptable speech is that truck support curse or a black man demanding as rights is the brown shirt Keith aldermen can straight up, say: Remove the maggots with no problem and Robert Right can tweak. We need a council and the guy while the rally is banned. I highlighted pilot. Highlighted this in my previous segment, but it bit bears repeating from Glenn, Greenwood, Facebook and Twitter Cross,
line far more dangerous than what they sensor just weeks before the election. The Tec giants unite to block access to and reporting about their preferred is it that he goes on to say the new post is one of the country's older. and largest newspapers founded in eighteen, oh won by Alexander Hamilton? Only three, who s newspapers are more I'd circulated ever since it was purchased in nineteen. Seventy six by Rupert Murdoch. It has been known like most marked on papers for right wing tabloid sensationalism, albeit one that some one that has some real reports and editors and is capable of relief, apple journalism on wednesdays was heavily heavily censored, and we know about all the story. The post typing of of the story, as some cataclysmic bombshell was overblown. While emails authenticated, provide some new details and collaboration. The broad outlines of the story Long been known Hunter was a very large monthly, some by charisma, blah blah the story from four days ago. So I think gladness in the wider context of
hence that Joe Biden was receiving equity in his son's name, I'm just highly and show you the severity of for terrorism to re. I like this and there's more familiar post die in a fire. Twitter employees reveal deep hatred for Trump from a couple days: Add all of these things together and then I will drop in a tiny touch of New York Police Department. Chief of patrol abruptly written years over mayors, micromanaging undermining sources K, I'm gonna say it: authoritarian have found the way in its to accuse their enemy of bee being the authoritarian project. Everything they do to Valencia. Tat tactic keep your enemy, that of which you are doing, and it works regular people I believe that the lies, but let me tell you what's happening across the country: police are retiring and historical numbers
in Seattle, a hundred and I think it's a hundred and eighteen may be more retired in a historic exodus. New York, police chief patrol abruptly retires. Why there being defended and demoralized our law enforcement structure is being corrupted at the same time, You have Democrats actively allowing rights to sweep across the country demoralising police, the d, for instance. There democrats you have pundits calling for the removal of man and council's while their allies as an industry are actively censoring and shutting down anybody who would oppose them, the proud boys banned from breathing and obligatory, or the chair he can't use goober left he's been banned from dozens of bank accounts. They are separating him. They are carving everything out they are removed. These people from society as they deemed I can only
see one outcome from this war. I know a lot of people I jumped on was have worn, also listen if they're calling for for maggots to be removed You think regular people aren't gonna, sit back and be alive, oh arm. I guess I'll be removed when they banned the proud boys from every banking institution. Do you think there should deprive boy you're just like? Well, I guess I'll stop living we're gonna go where they can do they're alive. They have to do something: conflict I'll tell you what I think happens. First, the first that happens is parallel economies, which have talked about a lot and and and a bit more in the past year, or so a parallel economy, means that when these banks ban right wing individuals still requiring services, they will create their own system. For instance, parlor the twitter parlor functions much like twitter and it's loaded with people who have been banned or censure from other plants,
arms creating a right wing. Echo chamber. Twitter is still mostly left and echo chamber exotic away with well whenever they want coffer violence and other insane thanks, but on parlor you, you do have some restrictions. The point as the lead It will be on their twitter chamber and the right will be in their parlor chamber. That's where we're headed banks will start banning certain individuals, so they'll create their own banking infrastructures is encrypt or bitcoin You will completely sever any ties between the two factions, meaning they have their on supply chains and no longer rely on each other for trade. This is where the conflict erupts no longer requiring anything from the other side there's no there's no need to keep tensions down, I remember watching episode of Alcott BS by pennant teller. Pendulous said one of the things that ended the conflict between the French between the and the English was trade
they realized they would get rich by working with each other and that kind of Meda not want to fight because they had money to be made and that's, but a big tactic of men the international corporations for a long time and politicians they want. more afraid, but in other countries to reduce the possibility of conflict. I understand that idea, but what they're doing now is there actively removing the right from society there. Banning them from social media from banking institutions from raw I'd sharing apps what happens if you what's it look? What do you have a Tesla? So what's that car has internal software. What if Tesla bands you and you can't use the your account anymore? Does your car just break and you can't drive it again What about the software on your iphone? What have apple bands? You were heading in that direction when I see coming, and what scares me is that when they ban people these people dont ceased to exist, they keep doing their thing. They keep working but they're going to create there.
Own universe, then you're going to have to universes that hate each other and where's. That led to my bigger fear is that of Joe Biden. Winds. These people mean it man. They have been telling us exactly what they want to do the entire time. What do you think will happen? when they get their for truth and reconciliation councils. We think that, do you think p or to say well, you know I was wrong. They're going accuse you of being a liar and a collaborator and a fascist, and what do you think they do with fascists well what have they been saying, they want to do with fascists that they viewers maggots. These people are saying they do not represent the most of this country, but they represent too many people and they are insane Keith Oberman look administrators, Keith aldermen has crossed a line. I am no fan of hate speech, so
I'll tell you what I dont know where that line is an issue to which we actually sensor. People shot him down other than directly calling for violence, and they haven't done that. If someone wants to claim someone else's maggot and we need council whatever then so, be it. But as long as the one knows it that's the important point. I put it this way. What, if we didn't hear, can help him and say this, but he believed it. What if we didn't herebert right, say this and he believed it, then we will be caught off guard, so the freeze It works and I can bring you the segment. Please share this kind of content, whether its mere someone else to let them know what they're talking about doing the neck seconds coming up at four p m, over at Youtube Dotcom slashed him cast. As my main channel thank sprang up. see and and legal analysed and writer for New Yorker Jeffrey Turban. He is an anti tramper kind of guy wrote a book about tromp lies in investigations, whatever our care, but all that right now, because the deeds be suspended.
for exposing himself during the zoom call with colleagues and I'm seeing some people say that the do the degenerate and that they figured it out purpose. But that's the story thanks. I do not know how I got more for you. I got more for you there it's been a bad day for that for the Anti trust people and I will show you some real struggles from that from the people who want to do the right thing, but let me just give you a story for first, because it's a bad day. be a CNN legal analysed and never tromp or new. Worker suspends Jeffrey Tube and after zoom incident they don't want to just say the title: he both himself to his colleagues. In a statement the magazine said it was in vain to getting a matter involved? the author, unseen and legal analysed the had mandate suspended the staff writer, Jeffrey Turban and was invest. getting an incident in which he reportedly exposed himself during zoom call among an among employees of the magazine. Does this and as a result, the clock- I'm not entirely sure. But you know I mean
embarrassingly stupid mistake believing I was off camera. Mr Tobin sat in a statement to vice which reported the incident and the magazines investigation? I apologise to my wife, family friends and coworkers. I believed I was not visible on Zoom, Mr Tube and added no one on the zoom call could see me. I thought I had muted doom Video, Mr Tube, and could not be immediately reached for reached on Monday afternoon. So a long story short he went that is done in a bit in it in a work meeting, a spokesman for the new Yorker where you been has worked for the twenty five years, and this too, not to ban has been suspended. While we investigate the matter, the spokeswoman did not elaborate. I think it's appropriate. Look. I see some people saying hospital, but more forgiving come on. Everybody has their silly zoom that don't realize the cam resign. You know you have whipped out you're down or whatever, let's be loaded more forgiving, I guess I don't know, I haven't done the right thing. They should try and figure out if he did it on purpose and he's just you know, use China exposed.
Self. Mr Tobin is also a senior legal analysed foreseen and then our told vice and a state Mr Tobin has asked for some time off, while he deals with a personal issue which we have granted Mr chairman, as the author of nine books, including the oath, the Obama White House in the Supreme Court, the nine inside the Cigarillos Supreme Court to Glasgow he even wrote some book recently here we go his latest book, true crimes and misdemeanours. The investigation of Donald Trump Doubleday, which published the book, did not immediately respond to an enquiry about mister, Durban. I think this is really really dumb. To be honest, I it's funny you know, guy CNN Control, racist and then he gives a meaning any whips it out, and I now is losing his job. I it's got a dumb though, because come on it's not like this dude, some kind of, like in a deviant predator roaming, the streets over this incident. I really don't think
intentionally was trying to do not expose himself to his colleagues. But if you're gonna question his judgment, I mean calling tromp a racist shore question a judgment on that, but no Why would you ever have a live? Active video conference call and how to take your pants off? Are you nuts put you know what may be the dew doesn't deserve. A good fire so here is, is twitter account staff rather for the new Yorker blah blah here's this book, yeah yeah yeah. It's not been a good day for he never trappers because we also we got distorting, I one more thrown a show. You Selena Gomez, kidney donor, fancy a Reiser says she almost crashed after she was boxed, invites Supporters on the freeway in southern California. There's a current. A viral trend among people who don't like the president to fill themselves in their cars screaming and crying was wrong with these people dude. I'm really.
Worry about. The future. Genji seems to be master, I'm sorry Genji, I gotta say it. I thought millennials were bad, but Genji has a whole bunch of these really cringe ie, like social media personalities who are really soft, not all Genji, but too many Emma actress, Phronsie Orissa, said her. Life was threatened by supporters of President Donald Trump amid their care event in the four or five freeway Sunday, as the President touchdown in southern California, for a fundraiser, the actress, thirty two was very upset as she took to Instagram stories saying she was in fear for her. I've. After a fleet of vehicles with programmes signs boxed herein ass, she was driving on the four or five freeway. Oh please dude. It was. Oh no, there's trouble supporters everywhere. What's gonna happen, nothing happened literally, nothing happened and she's crying about on camera. I was just on the four or five freeway before I've and they are stuck in that stupid from rally and they
Think boxed me in and there pointing at me and laughing at me saying ha ha and I literally and literally almost crash, because I wouldn't let me out, did I This guy's got Solomon. Please do not make Instagram videos or tiktok videos of you crying, while you're driving your car rise. Who's been in Dronushka said that our efforts to distance ourselves from the has a situation for not as she was surrounded by antagonists. I was trying to go around it. They were all stopping and going they box to me in the offing. Freeway said the actress whose also I don't care, which is that all I wanted to do was go around and they were just being so violent. I could have crashed having crashed, it was so dangerous. All man just calm down she made headlines three years ago. You, don't need a kidney to confidence. almost hey man met respect for that for sure, and she believed The actions of the other motorists were racially motivated over mexican american Heritage, as they were yet
racist obscenities out fleas do not believe any of this. That was so. I think, dangerous pointing at me and laughing at a Mexican? Oh god that was really. You know what you know. I think she just got stuff she couldn't get around him and she got really angry. And it's really simple, you didn't you do. Yes, it's attire, deviant, you, don't you? U lightly, press your breaks and you know it happens. The people behind you go around and then you wait and you take your exit. If you're being boxed in by a parade you tap, the brakes as a simple and then you can just wait for them to go around. You kept breaks the slower, I don't know, go around you. While these people are freaking out. too many losing his job, as least crying. Let me show you what what what what it's like, if you have to try to do the right thing, Kim Kardashian says people warned her not to step foot in the White House because her report,
it would be ruined as she stands, by working with tromp on prison reform and refuses to say who shall vote fourteen of over tromp. They want to cancel anybody. Anybody they will lie, they will cheat, they will stay so. This lady is on the highway when she's, crying dude website Dong, Agatha spending, that's nothing compared to what happens I got invited the White Ass for the social media summit. I thought I was gonna be like a sit down. Conversation, and I'm going to have to say to trot here's. What you need to do now is a trump values because cut them and all of a sudden, I found a found myself being inundated by smears in the media simply for posting, I had been invited there were lying about me. pushing on sourced bs and the activists were going nuts and they were eating it up, simply for being invited. If you want to do the right thing and has anything to do with the White House, they will too
to destroy you in car, dashing knew that the thirty nine year old was grilled by David Literate Letterman about working with Trump. For the first episode of his Netflix Series, my guest, my next to guess, needs no introduction. They'll learn Wednesday. in the wide ranging interview, Kardashian, refuse, say anything negative out Trump, even as Letterman repeatedly questioned or on politics, the mother of Force, that it was worth going against the advice of family and friends to work with tromp on criminal justice reform, her advocacy pushed trunk to commute the life sentence of Alice. Johnson, who had spent more than two decades serving life without parole for a non violent drug offence and trumpet Bravo Trump see that wouldn't have happened without Kim Kardashian. If she did not intervene, these people are obstructing purpose. It resulted in our meeting trump in the oval office in a while Billy publicized visit back in twenty eighteen trust me, everyone called me and said: don't you dare step foot in that White House or your reputation is done, and I said,
I have two step put in their or these people's lives. Don't have a chance production told betterment in the yet to air interview according to the daily beast, hopefully for the next multiple administrations I'll be working with the White House, helping them with clemency. Kardashian would not acknowledge any of trumps, unacceptable behaviour ever let him said but see. Your good work is overwhelming. It's a positive force at diminished, is what I consider to be unacceptable behaviour by the president. What what behaviour? What's your behavior, you tell me? Why can't I mean I can yeah I've criticise trump precise trumpet and you know his the people and its periphery a bit unacceptable behaviour are questionable behaviour that should be criticised. These people just go pull up fake news all day, never see the corrections you can take it. But do you feel that what is being done on behalf of sentencing reform now by the carters Can it anyway allows the balance of democracy back in a quarter of viability with cup on dude that even start
is currently studying to become a lawyer in California has made subsequent visits to the White House. When I say well, I have no. I dear what you just said right, I mean what we say what legless do you feel that what is being done on behalf of sentencing reform. Now, by this kind of illustration, anyway allows the balance of democracy back in a corridor of viability. He didn't say anything, that's what you get from these people I am grateful for what you are doing but doesn't make you feel any better, but the Card Administration Letterman said prompting carnation to say. I understand that, despite being repeatedly grilled on our relationship with Trump production, would only say that I am extremely grateful for the work of the Trump Administration regarding Criminal justice reform. She added that she was determined to stay focused on her goals elsewhere in the interview carnation, refuse to say who she is voting for. I know one voting for she said without elaborating further feminist Trump Because why would anyone hide if they are voting for Biden? In fact, most people just lions, either voting forbidden, so she's voting for Trump.
and I got a lot about. The cartoons are going about four tromp, I mean especially after what trumpets done when you break the breaks, the mould when you break through the the facade, and you see what tromp is actually doing, that bet he's got some problems. I give me any candidate that viable and I'd consider it. You know I was supporting Yang and tolls. Even I think both have you know really bad policies in certain areas, but the democratic I want to do that. The Democrats put up Biden and their shocked that someone like to imports amateur for job. I guess I'm not the only one who said it member enjoy Rogan studied rather vote for Trump than Biden. He said voting for bottom, like taken a flat, so I would dying batteries on for a long hike, not gonna work out from the only one to feel this way. You gave me totally gabert and I disagree with A nuclear at nuclear energy in some an gun control will now and better. So what else you know supporting arose but well before the riots
but I will take it on a foreign policy. Will trumped gave me that foreign policy, whatever I'm not taken by no, not anyway long story short, but rather sub? It was just a this is just kind of like I thought it. We should take these three shorter stories from the other. This you know, especially concerning this guy exposed himself, linking whatever man again done. I got a couple more segments in a few minutes ago out and I'll see you off You know, I just love the media. I love it and K. Donald Trump at a rally apparently said. bite? It is alleged that you will listen to the scientists and now all this These are all hooligan. Hollering plucking like turkeys and high five you're fighting each other troops, so dumb stupid is he would listen to scientists like Joe Biden. He's supposed to these people are seldom for two reasons. What tromp was saying that the scientists are saying lock things down because the infections and experts political economic? Whatever our saying you
actually see more death with an economic locked. In effect, World Health Organisation and the you and I believe, have have. Scientists now would actually recommended against it. What tromp was pointing out is that a scientist came and sad, lockdown or you'll get more infections. He asked talk about more than that, so there, morons also lever how smart they are. I'm so smart Trump thinks he's. You know you should listen to scientists right trump should consider the advice from every sector. Otherwise you could have depression suicide riots, you get it, but it's the best part is the other reason. Andrew Cuomo Americans, can't frost the FDA in the CDC and vaccine. Are you kidding me? It is not exaggeration to say that Andrew Cuomo has gone full anti vaccines and where's the media to call him out nowhere will, You know troubled, listen to the scientists and bite and will Andrew Cuomo won't listen to the scientists.
The CDC. It's not trumps, CDC, it's the CDC, the FDA as the FDA, but because trumpets President, you, you actually have Democrat saying not to trust the unarmed just as his nuts. What is it you too, though I get banned now for saying not then listen to Cuomo is even a ban. The stuff come on I'm telling you listen to the doctors, lesson of the scientists, listen to the cdc. He sent listen, anti factors, art raving lunatics. Most part who go around like you see in these means screaming these stupid ridiculous nonsense, Anti VAT there's typically say something like I don't trust the pharmaceutical companies. I don't trust the FDA. I dont trust crony corporate capitalism. That's their say. That's like the common anti vex, her thing- and I say I don't I get it. You know especially having accompany rush out a vaccine, but if the FDA tests
and it's fine, then what where we want to do it, the CDC does it is fine. I think it's crazy that come on. Don't have to be completely honest, not to be fair. My opinion, seen as I'm not gonna run at the door and get it. But I probably will at some point, let's I dont think could look the likelihood, that there really is a vaccine, and everyone turns into a zombie or something is like zero. It did these add disease No, it's not gonna happen gay, but there have been designed. sure there have been accidents and there can be mishaps. These things can happen, but I just think that their look A lot of people are saying that they're going too fast. That's kind of the idea of going too fast it. No, I think it. A vaccine de takes years ass. It takes years under normal circumstances, but if tromp remove certain regular, nations allowing them to speed through this, which is done stands to reason. They actually could get a vaccine done soon. This the question of long term effects, which is why You know I'm not running at the door force me to get it, but I'm not gonna become like the FBI,
it is the CDC are argued all these evil trump, the organisations that are lying to me. That's ridiculous. Those people of look. So they say national review reports. Perhaps democrats deeper to distrust of tromp was destined to spread to every part of these equity. branch. This morning, in an interview with George Stuff anomalous of ABC News, New York, Governor Andrew Como, contended that they use food and drug Administration and idiocy cannot be trusted in their assessment. the kind of irish vaccine and that he will only trust the assessment of its own state level, agencies Sef Annapolis? Has? How confident are you in the approval process, the FDA right now, Como said well, first, how confident am I I'm not that confident, but my opinion doesn't matter. I dont believe the american people are that confident, you're gonna say to the american people. Now here's a vaccine was knew. It was done quickly, but trust this. This better administration and their health. illustration that safe and on and we're not a hundred percent sure the consequences. I think
going to be a very sceptical american public about taking of x the vaccine, and they should be seven opposite. So, what's it going to take to convince you that its safe that its effective that it should be distributed, homicide well when I'm to do in new Yorkers we're gonna put together our own group of doctors and medical experts to review the vaccine and the efficacy and the protocol, and if they say it's safe, then we'll go with people of New York, and I will I will go to the people of New York and I will say it safe with that credibility, but I believe it's across, I believe all across the country you're going to need someone other than this empty. A and c c sang it safe, what did Trump due to the FDA or CDC? Did he fire litter we, everybody uninstall and install brand new people now coming there, but there have been shake up for or what the CDC has, what like eleven hundred people, the same people and they had just come out be alike. All of a sudden, our approach, Obregon alive for him, seven oblast says, and then we're going to need a change in the White House that we are saying one was as look I pay.
certainly hope for a change in the White House put but put the but put that aside. If, as it ministries, continued the cities George and the FDA doesn't have any credibility you have doktor found you now saying they basically tried to muzzle him. he has the highest credibility in the nation on the issue and that not all the end ridiculous to because bout you recently. Sorry. I was wrong about the mass thing and you know vowed. She said you shouldn't wear masks early on and are we saying you should wear masks and he was wrong. He was thought. You just says whatever the new says two days later, he says and then only the vaccine, safe it ministries it has learned nothing from the past. What they're saying is, day we get the vaccine, that's what it ends. That's not true that we get the vaccine. We then have to prove to the american people in its safe. We then have to administer millions of doses, and that is the massive undertaking. Is it that this administration hasn't even talked about and so take months you it's not done right, it's going, the debacle like back in January and February when we made so many mistakes. The Democrats are hoping you have a bad memory.
because, back in January and February, the Democrats attacks trump for his policies uncovered and doktor actually in March said he did the best possible job and he couldn't imagine anyone doing better. without you wrong about that sure. Fine, maybe I guess, but at the time everybody was saying, Tromp was doing it right. So who is this guy well now to say back in January, February when there are so many mistakes, I'm sick of it all there doing is manipulating you into thinking that the Trump did something wrong, so Billy, because we didn't know what was happening and take a look at this trump. bite and will listen to the scientists. If elected. This is such a ridiculous bs president tromp mom. Kingly, worn at his rally Nevada, light Sunday that that democratic, personal nominee, Joe I would listen to the scientists, have elected and could be more lockdown to curb the spread of kroner virus troubled, attendees and Carson City that supporters of his
it would surrender their future to the virus. Saying he's gonna want to lockdown Hillis into the scientists Trump added in a mocking tone, if I listen totally to the scientists, we would I now have a country that would be in a massive depression. Instead, we're like a rocket ship. Take a look at those numbers. Yes, trumpets, correct, are they it's funny? The life is an interesting one. Economy means they that these people think that you eat money. They, economy means money. They understand, means resource distribution literally comes from the Greek oil Quantum MIA, meaning household management. The Democrats and is leftists just think it means getting cash. Now it's it's a way to allocate and distribute food medical supplies, housing, just Jenny.
Resources if tromp only listen to the scientists who don't understand anything about economics, I mean a cursory knowledge, probably like same as you or me there and experts on it. Then yeah we'd be in serious trouble, and so I ask this: if trumped, just as under the scientist Tom you, people would be dead. well it are we to take my suicides are, we can talk about starvation homelessness, illness, these things people I mean us out of covered people- can get covered for sure. But then what if? are, they fall down and a their hip I have no means to get to a hospital than ever found wherever economic depression. What if it leads to rights which are probably did it piloted keeping everyone lock down a direct, Now we ve got the World Health Organisation and the? U N saying they do not recommend lockdown end more and without something else? It won't work anymore. We can't do it. They tried it fifteen days this, while the spread became two hundred plus listened to the scientists. So yes in
I'm regards you need to and what they're doing here is their manipulating. You trump isn't saying that he's going to ignore the advice of scientists were tromp assent, he's going to consider the advice of other people as well as other job of scientists, to tell you what we'll make sure people are living to the best of their abilities and of a high standard. So I can tell you. If you do this, you will get this infection rates great. So if we do a lockdown, we can reduce the amount of people who die. and, if we don't know, lockdown it'll be higher, but if you do an extended lockdown, then, we'll see suicides, and what will happen is that with a depression, you'll get way more death. A depression would lead to more people dying for a variety of reasons then covered wood and that's the problem, no matter what trump does they're going to claim. It was the wrong thing because people died. For this reason, if Trump never locked down there,
blame them for every covered death? Now that a locked down, they still blame him for recovery death and they ignore the fact that his stance on this is intended to be balanced and be appropriate. So the buying came out obviously jumps out and says: trunk the economy and blah blah blah Gretchen Whittemore, recently stated retired of locked downs in wearing masks. You gotta vote out. Donald Trump a lot of people like wait, a minute you locked things down. If I'm tired of locking tells a curative, you you're the one who did it. So what does what it wanted? Trump do if you're, the one who locked down it's really funny, isn't it it says to me then being honest at all? And what they're really doing? Is there just trying to gain political power? I'm sick of it and they it's true tromp to you now Trop wants power, trumps hasn't. Does things get elect but at least what traps hasn't does has been beneficial to us in terms of foreign policy and in terms of the economy. I have no idea
Democrats, one do other than impeach tromp, it's pathetic and I'm so sick of it Bolivar there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly while the third debate is going to be a disaster this Kristen, wealthier woman, has deep ties to the Democratic Party and now of unilaterally change the subject matter of the third debate, at least so says the Trump campaign. What they say was supposed to be a foreign policy debate has now become a general. You know, families in America and race and things like that and a trumpet avenant. The truck campaign has issued a letter to the bite and debate the commission. They say about the change. A lot of people are saying: the change is the result of the of the hunter about an email stories, because guess what this is gonna come up in a foreign policy discussion, Joe Biden has to contend with Libya, the fares of Afghanistan and iraq- and I was
on sign in China and Ukraine so sure enough, but about commission changes what it's all about? Well, here's the statement from the trunk campaign they say We write with great concern over the announced topics for was always build as the foreign policy debate in the series. Events, agreed to by both the trunk campaign and Biden campaign many months ago up its announced by moderator, Kristen, wealthier, fighting covert american families, race at America, climate change, national security in leadership our serious unworthy of discussion, but only a few of them even touch on foreign policy. Indeed, all of them were discussed at length during the first debate, one by President Trump over moderator, Chris Wallace and candidate, Joe Biden as the longstanding custom and had and as has been had been promised by the commission and presidential debates. We had expected that foreign policy would be the central focus of the October twenty second debate. We urge you to re, calibrate the topics and return to subjects which
already been confirmed, we understand the job, but it is desperate to avoid conversations about his own foreign policy record, especially since president trumpet The cured historic peace agreements among israel- the? U I e in Bahrain, we recall that binds former Secretary of Defence Robert Gates, maintains that Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy, a national security issue over the last four decades, but in a support endless wars given aid and comfort to our adversaries, including IRAN, which was delivered pellets letter with mountains of cash justice for Americans were at from have captain. the interim Biden also has advanced the interest of China over his forehead here's, the Washington politician pudding, our concerns out of those american workers, new information, only revealed indicates that Biden himself was mentioned, as a financial beneficiary of a dealer by us on Hunter and they come this Chinese related energy company and the major party candidate for
president of the. U S is compromised by the Communist Party of China. This is something Americans deserve to hear about, but it is not surprising that bite it. The the Biden would want to avoid it It is something irresponsible for the commission to alter and the focus of this final debate just days before the event solely to an insulate Biden from his own history set is not the first time the commission has ceded to the wishes of the Biden campaign, despite the obvious fact that millions of Americans began casting vote earlier this year, the commission steadfastly refused. To move the debate scheduled earlier or add another event simply because the Biden campaign objected in this example the committee, hid behind bindings unwillingness to be flexible schedule, but has not hesitated to act unilaterally. In other cases, as the most egregious exempt
the abrupt decision to switch the scheduled. The second debate, two October fifteenth in Miami to a virtual setting, was done without consultation with our campaign at all, though, the supposed reason for the change was was public safety because of the krona virus. The decision was made before president trumps, medical condition became apparent and well before the president was medically cleared as having tested negative for the virus. Proof of the logic of the commission's decision, is the fact. This actual resulted in both Biden and Trop, holding their own separate in person. Events on the same night, if the commission's action was intended to prevent one and in person event rating to such events as a result revealed the pointless nest of the decision. The commission's probe, but an antics have turned the entire debate. Season to a fiasco, and it is little wonder whether by the public has lost faith in its objectivity, the moderator for the first debate
God himself as a third combatant on a stage with almost all of his venom directed at President Trump. The moderator of the second debate, direct, which was cancelled, revealed his anti trust by like accidentally tweeting what was intended to be a direct message to a well known Trump credit and then lying that a twitter account had been hacked. Incredibly, the commission has yet to retract its public statement of support for the moderators bogus hacking our story, which resulted in the moderators indefinite suspension from his place of employment. Finally, the moderator- third debate now has decided to pursue topics almost wholly unrelated to the purpose of the event, which was to be focused on foreign policy, it is our understanding from the media reports but you will soon be holding an internal meeting to discuss other possible rule changes so just granting an unnamed per and the ability to shut off a candidates microphone. It is completely unacceptable for anyone to wield such power.
And a decision to proceed with that change amounts to turning further editorial control of a debate over to the commission, which has already demonstrated its partiality to binding. This is reminiscent of the first debate in twenty sixteen, when the president's microphone was oscillated and is not acceptable for the good of the campaign integrity and for the benefit of Amerika. People. We urge you to rethink and re issue a sort of topics for October twenty seconds debate, with an emphasis on foreign policy. This is what the campaigns had agreed to and it is what the tradition in past and it is, it has been the tradition, tradition and pass campaigns. We await your immediate reply to these concerns. We further advise you. There is no reason to consult. Biden campaign before applying because we all know what they think sincerely bill. Steppin Donald J, Trump CORE President campaign manager I think it's fair to say the debates are biased, forbidden are you really simple. Are they can ask by any questions about a sun foreign policy, about the fact that a bomb was deported and chief
clothes matter started under Obama. The policies under Obama led to these these these rights. No, they don't Chris Wallace Ya'Ll that Trump They unilaterally changed the rules and then Donald Trump Council, then Savannah Guthrie, just yelled at trot for nearly twenty minutes before anything was opened up to the actual voters. It is a scam scam. What I mean by I'm saying that their favouring bite and, of course they are- and now I mean how many debates a way to Many debates should there have been many debates with their last on the citizen. A ridiculously small amount of bates of of debates, I believe there may How many were there with with Hilary Tromp, because I believe there are more than three but only gonna, To now you couldn't do another debate, you couldn't under it. Yesterday, today, or whatever now Joe Biden call the lid until Thursday, He is sleeping in his basement, hiding from the press, because the
under, but an email story will end him and they know it. That's. Why he's hiding and that's why they're changing the rules, the debate as a matter, though tromp is planning on bringing it all up anyway. They can't do anything about it. Oh they can change the rules. They can cut off his microphone, but every single time trouble just say it also trump. How do you feel a healthcare Joe Biden and his son profited off of his office? Cut him off cut him off. Let him speak. That would be epic. Imagine what the american people would think if, while he was trying to say that they kept cutting off, that would be shocking and I think they might because their desperate, they can't council the debate they need. Try to do so They also can't let tromp go in front of eighty million people and tell them about this story and the censorship and the rule changes and the buyer I'm telling you right now we got some data. It is going to be a massive election
that's good bad news in this. The debates, I think, will play a role. I think, possible, a lot of people are already voting, apparently now we're looking at, like twenty percent of people have already voted relative. Twenty sixteen, but we're gonna, see massive numbers. So Trump needs these debates for sure, and they can stop him to this up. Florida voting tracker up one hundred and twenty three percent from twenty sixteen Pennsylvania up: six hundred and twenty seven six and twenty seven percent from twenty sixteen was content. Up three hundred and seventy five percent from twenty sixteen North Carolina, two hundred and thirty seven percent from this time in twenty sixteen, it's gonna be it's gonna, be crazy. Election night should be fun. I wonder if the american people can see through the manipulation of the debate commissions of the political parties, and I wonder If it will be enough amount, hardly convinced not. You know. I saw funny posts
read it and it was someone saying like these choppers really live in alternative reality. Like I turn on on a youtube when I see one of these videos- and I can understand how millions of views so close to figure it out did if you are seeing a video with millions of views, maybe you should watch it to our children. I watch MSNBC. I read CNN. I read these asked pages to understand what you're talking about, and I will tell you this. The right knows the leftist thinking the left doesn't know what the right is thinking. The only way the Democrats are able to maintain any kind of pulling advantages to make sure that the people who are supporting them never see real news, and that's why you get stories like seeing claiming that the laptop contain act. Emails which it didn't that was never part of the story which penalize it's, why they changed the rules it debates. They don't want you to know
if regular people actually solve. It was really happening. They'd snap, Maybe I no way I'm not into this and every star Hey I've heard about walk away start to someone saying I stop it researching online after they don't like That's why they sensor everybody! That's why they answer me. This channel you're watching right now to me, is blacklisted. Yes, you can search for on Google they're trying to make sure, in my opinion, that information This doesn't get out, but I don't swear and I'll break the rules now insult people. So really hard right. What are you gonna get me on? I'm sure they'll find something soon enough. But they ve already removed my channels from Google. The censorship will get worse in these next few days. We are dangerously close to this election and trot might by what we will just have to wait and see attitude there. Next time
will be tomorrow at ten, a m thanks, rang it up, and I will see you next time.
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