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Democrats Obstructed Stimulus, Holding Us Hostage For Ideological Gain, And Now People Are Suffering


Democrats Obstructed Stimulus, Holding Us Hostage For Ideological Gain, And Now People Are Suffering. Last week Republicans tried to add 250 billion dollars to small business relief but the Democrats obstructed the bill for ideological reasons.Democrats completely agreed with Republicans on the need for more aid to small business but demanded several new provisions including some social justice requirements.Becuase of this delay the Paycheck protection program has now run out of money and Democrats say they don't plan to reconvene until May.This means we can expect more unemployment in the coming weeks, more people going hungry.Why would Democrats do this? To hurt Trump? Maybe they think more unemployment will hurt his reelection chances.At any rate it seems absurd Democrats would block a bill they supported especially during an emergency in an effort to get ideological provisions added.

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In an opt out from the editorial border than your post. They write. Democrats need to stop holding small business help hostage last week. Republicans wanted to increase amount of money in the Small Business Loan programme, a part of the corona virus stimulus emergency package report, Instead, we want to increase it by two hundred and fifty billion dollars, Democrats only if we negotiate and we Some social this and specific provision provisions added to the language Republicans basis. We said no, we just want to increase. The number and Democrats said. No, we want ideological gains. This resulted impasse, the Democrats blocked the bill and now Today we are finding out this loan programme is out of money. Businesses will not be able to get access to these funds. These funds no longer exist. The corona risk pandemic is seriously one a most difficult challenges we will ever face. People are dying from this virus in our efforts. This
the spread we shot down our economy. We need to make sure the cure is not worse than disease itself, but there is no easy answer. While many people will accurately point out doktor Fouch doktor works in these health experts are saying: we cannot reopen the economy, because people get sick and I others are saying, but without access to the economy, people don't have food We are now seeing thousands of cars across the country line up to food banks Kay irruption one location. When people couldn't get food that have some kind of registry, we cannot just let people go hungry, calls for rent strikes. If he, economy shuts down, then millions more will suffer, and so order begins to break down. I dont where the line is, I dont know what there the reason I M, not in government but I'll tell you this our partners. Let's have some seriously difficult choices to make if they leave the EC tell me where it is: people will go hungry, some p.
Will end up losing their lives over a lack of access to food, water, shelter, etc. If we opened up, people could get sick and I, but I will tell you as for the time being. Perhaps what we can do is provide emerge and see stimulus, but now we see the story. Last week the Republicans wanted increase the Small Business Loan programme, part of the stimulus package they wanted it. Recent by two hundred fifty billion dollars the Democrats blocked it. They to add special provisions, which included some social justice provisions, namely certain that certain people would be eligible based on their gender or race veterans status or fit family status. Some of those, I think, are fine, but also really feel like. Now is the time to hold up emergency relief for ideological gains. As of today, it's being reported there is no money left. Perhaps the Democrats could have just said yes. Increasing amount of money. Now I'll be honest, the Republicans wanted to just add two under and fish
billion to this relief package in that's not a solution either. I dont know how we solve this. I do know if people, if their businesses dont function, if they dont get relief. Now these business don't come back. Many are shuddering their doors permanently. People are leaving cities they're leaving their homes. They have no money. People are lining up for food. We need to make sure that we dont destroy everything in an effort to save lives as a difficult decision in front of us. People are gonna, lose their lives, the matter. What we do- and I don't know the answer as well- through you some of these stories and talk about just how bad things are really getting, I do think we have a partisan problem Many people saying into the Democrats, fault Republicans right fault, but I'll tell you this right now the message I see across the board the Republicans one of the money to come through their on asking for anything special of whom many p we'll do have problems with the stimulus package. It was the Democrats that blocked this. Your time, I'm sorry than your post, a saying, they're they're, holding this hostage. Did you this a little bit and I want to go through
Breaking news. Five point: two million unemployment claims this week. Forty two million in total, it's going to get really bad. Unless we do something now near posts, says dammit, Its need to stop holding small business help hostage, I'm in a way this before we do. However, the TIM cast outcomes. Life done it. If you'd like to support my work, their several ways you can give the best thing you can do is share this video you tube, is not kind to independent common Harry, they d Rank demonetized channels like mine and you'll notice. If you go to the homepage of Youtube, they have a special grown a virus section of the mainstream media. That's getting propped up and seeing massive gains to their view. Worship. Meanwhile, hall one craters like myself, yeah we get the shaft. So if you like, what I do make You can help by sharing or just subscribe hit the like button in the notification bell to get more videos like this. When I put them out, then your post says it's beyond tragic. The loan around to aid small business hit by lockdown is almost out of cash. Yet Democrat
still refuse to ok new funds. Unless there related demands are met if small this closure spike costing countless workers, their jobs, Africans shouldn't forget the Democrats, cynicism Treasury secretary Stephen offered ample warning more than a week ago at the three hundred fifty billion dollar paycheck Action programme would soon run dry. Now the fond may be just days from com Well, I'm sorry, as of today, it's empty there's, no money left and no several small businesses that need that cash or they might not make it Congress created the PPP. Its rescue plan last month The idea was to help small businesses that we're all shut up. And seeing little income keep paying workers and predators. Everyone agreed that was urgent, given these businesses economic importance and the threat of cascading col. Since, as the failure of some small companies pushes others under? I want to make sure it's clear to all of you, small business in no way means unimportant. Small business
necessarily mean a mom and pop pizza shop. Small businesses can be profoundly influential. For instance, I want a small business and I get tens of millions of use per month. I am not seeking any of these funds. My business is still up and running as you can see your watching. My video, although I am people. My position have taken major revenue heads it's it's it's more than half its bad, but there lot of small businesses that have great influence that are very, very vital and important. It may be accompanied doing key research, perhaps to help solve the crisis of the corona, yes, but they only have around you know couple dozen employees, it could be specialist manufacturers. This is something everyone in this country needs. They say. Yet, as funds ran low Democrats like edit minority, later Chuck humor and how Speaker Nancy Policy blocked a GEO p push for two hundred and fifty billion dollars to save the programme. They demanded more aid at once for date and local governments, hospitals and community based
There are serving minorities, women and others, and policies number to wrap steady lawyer. Said Monday. The house won't reconvene until May fourth threatening to let the money run out. It did run out the trash, is both sides agree on the need for two hundred fifty billion dollars and Republicans are even then to the Democrats other asks, but want to wait to better assess the need by all rights Congress should pass the why item. Both sides agree on now. The two DE billion dollar in new small business funds Senate Majority leader sure says the bill would own we change the number three. Fifty two six hundred lawmakers could also fix the laws on clear language and other flaws like how much of a lot. Can go for non payroll expenses and still qualified to become a grant. But, as Mcconnell said last week, Democrats shouldn't block vital aid that they support, just because they want other
things to partisanship. After all, you take a back seat during this crisis. Unfortunately, partisanship partisanship has brought us to this point small Business Loan programme out of money amid impasse over, funds. I do not believe that's fair impasse. The republic inside increase. The number will talk later. The Democrats said no. They were other ideological provisions. Put in now, you can argue. Oversight is good. I think that's fair. The challenge. Right now is that were in an emergency, I mean we're people, several civil liberties, curtailed and within reason, some people are begrudgingly. Accepting that we can't go out. Certainly their police have gone, too far with it. Don't get me wrong. All willing to accept. We don't get everything we want. If someone is injured, and you have a first aid kit. You don't say
and say we're not gonna use this one until we get the one with the unicorn on the cover. We want the special art. No, there are things we can get later on, but the first thing to do is stemmed the bleed they'll reports The initial three hundred forty nine billion dollar pool for emergency loans for small businesses derailed by the crown of our endemic has run dry as Republicans endeavour squabble over how to replenish the relief programme. I do not agree with that. Framing the republican sad increase, the number the Democrats said: no, the Treasury department and Small Business Administration have tap the entirety of funding allotted the patient Protection programme, which offers forgivable loans to small businesses. We get out works credit. They say tat through the stimulus which we understand. So I guess that's the judge. That right. What we understand right now that we run out of money, Republicans are going on the attack, the Hell reports republican. Are stepping up their attacks on Democrats for holding up two hundred and fifty billion dollars in new funding for a popular small business lending programme. That has
twenty five billion dollars left in its account and a day later, that money is all gone, senator party leader, Mitch, Mcconnell and House Minority later Kevin Mccarthy blasted Democrats for demanding concessions in order to refund the programme. The GNP leaders warned small business administration we'll have to stop excepting applications for the paycheck Protection programme, which provides Forgivable loans to employers who keep working on payroll once the money runs out. Democrats have said days blocking emergency funding for Americans paychecks another by parties. Programme has run dry. This did not have to happen. Mcconnell Mccarthy said in a joint statement. It has been said, Turning to watch our democratic colleagues treat emergency funding for Americans paychecks like a republican priority, which they need to be goaded into supporting The a bipartisan programme should not be a partisan issue. They continued. Notion that crucial help for working people is not appealing enough to Democrats without other additions.
Sends a strange message about their priorities and this is their priority. They wanted extra provisions added, some of which was social justice related. I dont get it. I will tell you this America, the american people see this problem and understand. What's happening, a gala poor recently came out showing that approval for Democrats has gone down and but for publicans has gone up one of the first times the trend has fled. Typically, Democrats have more privilege Republicans, but something's happened. I dont know what I'll tell you what it is difficult for me every day to even look at my own content where, like men, I should do rag and the Democrats a lot right. How about that? But it's not the Republicans trying to come up with that. This provision. Everyone agrees that need to replenish this fund, because people are losing their jobs, their going hungry. It's the Democrats, who demanded more I don't want you to say now. People on the left are slamming Manichaean because he claimed that people are gonna have
survive on twelve hundred dollars, this the trumpet bucks they call it for the next ten weeks. I dont think he's happily telling people they should do this or thinking there going to be able to. You know live comfortably I think we're in a serious emergency and everyone's trying to do what they can. You need to understand the more money they pumped into the system. That's not a solution. Either. Republicans want to increase the number. That's great it'll stave off the court, the collapse you know for another couple weeks or so, but it's coming and we need real solution for the time being. This does make sense. I can't blame him for one and increase the number. We can't just print money. It doesnt work right now we are seeing how bad things truly get five point: two million people have now five unemployment claims, bringing the number to twenty two million- listen
I understand the pandemic takes priority and people will lose their lives from this virus, but you can't put twenty two million people in harm's way. At a certain point. We ve got to solve this problem. Somehow perhaps there is no solution, perhaps a matter. What we do things will get Add, but I do not understand what the Democrats want to stall on the Small business programme. These people losing their jobs. Guess what now the money has run out next week? It will be, substantially worse, more busy they will now have to shudder. They will have no access to funds, because the Democrats didn't want to increase the funding it. This means next week when we see that next big number five million six million, whether it might be- maybe four million it's going to be on the Democrats, because they were the ones who blocked this I'd. Just the waiters look, I get it. There is reason to criticise Republicans, but this problem are facing right.
How could be solved Vocs says the new unemployment filings are so high. Only the great depression compares the numbers are. Daggers and probably underestimated, Ike I do not believe I am sitting here reading story about how the Democrats don't care and then he policy goes on some late night show showing her freezer full of ice cream its mind. Numbing to me, I get it to those governing the time, I'm not a fan of that either, but it's the Republicans get the money out. What you want to be met about I see these these. These elitists trying to investigate tromp doing is all first sight, hearings and launching inquiries and in no way that helping anyone and their Republican said more money to small business, stop the unemployment crisis and when we get Democrat, said no we'll see what happened, November, but in the meantime there is going to be
major ripple effect over at the Gotham ass. Their reporting tenant advocates call for mass rent strike on May first, as landlord seek bail out, landlord is a job. Certainly, landlords are presumably wealthier than many of the average people living in their properties, but the properties need be managed. You might live there for a year or two or three, but they have diminished property for Us and on a thirty year mortgage or more never pay for maintenance that the higher grounds keyboard building manager. It's not the easiest thing in the world. On I'm not super sympathetic to landlords, mind you but begin to understand the economy flows you pay the rent. They use that to pay maintenance workers, custodians grounds, keepers, administrative assistance; they have to pay their banks. The bank's then pay without this rent, another portion of the economy. Takes a major hit, more people will lose their jobs. Not don't blame the tenants, they don't have money either. You know why they lost their jobs. You know why the Democrats obstructed the relief package
they are exacerbating the problem and its getting scary. Take a look at the story. Food pantry struggle after Corona virus lad, unemployment rises. Once again, the route being the Democrats are not approving this Ok, I get on being a little hyperbolic, listen right now we are going to see the unemployment crisis get worse. What we're seeing these food banks is not the direct result of the Democrats have done it's. It's a crowd of Iris pandemic, of all trying to do the right thing, but now sweet when we see these new unemployment numbers- and it gets worse- just know that the Democrats could have stepped up and stopped this, but the only want to reconvene from a tool for not for another two weeks, so it likely won't happen. I hope it does. I hope this video becomes completely meaningless in the next few days when they step up and say, were increasing the budget on this stimulus programme. These food banks are struggling. They are being there being crushed under the weight of the
spread the people who have lost their jobs? Who can't buy food anymore check out the story? Hundreds of Mississippi families turned away from a mobile food, pantry they say: chaos erupted. The Lander Centre in De Soto, county after South Haven turned away. Families in need of food for not pre registering for the mobile food. Pantry quote, everybody was trying to pull out because, like can't get anything on leaving eventually they opened up food for everybody, we're not the point yet where people are tearing down fences to get the food, but we are dangerously close. If you dont want to provide relief Then you need to agree with these governors, the president, when they say it's time to reopen the economy. Now our hearings tunnel, donors, are saying to extend this too may fifteenth troops, as he absolutely wants to start reopening things around my first I dont know when the right time will be I'll. Tell you what these food banks can go on. Look at this photo frozen, letting them describe it cars
making around a parking lot. Probably several hundred lined up to get food and there's more now. I think these volunteers, who are filling these back providing this food. These are heroes. Thank you all so much for doing what you, what you're doing, to help these people, who have no access to the economy due to unemployment and the virus. But these photos are amazing. Look at us. People wait at their cars, Thursday traders, village for the San Antonio food beg to begin food distribution. Ten thousand people seek San Antonio Food Bank help. Eventually we run out, but these photos and videos are all over the internet lines of cars going several blocks, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people trying to get food- and some people have said. Maybe we'll just give the food you know from farms to food banks. Let me tell you about economic collapse. Let me explain to you what's really going on many points mark the economy I've seen far as even Elon Musk, it's like a meteor hitting the earth. Oh no, the economy, the dinosaurs,
watching the meteor slamming into Europe of by ono the economy. It's funny to pretend like economy doesn't matter, but it does. We are hearing stories of, three to four million gallons of dairy of milk being dumped because the farmers cant do anything with it. We're hearing farmers taking their crops and just shovelling it back into the dark because they can't do anything with it. Some people have said just send that food to the food banks right, the food banks are running out of food. The farmers to just give the food the food banks yet sounds great and it somehow
a small child might consider when they don't understand how the system actually functions. You see the dairy producers have raw milk, they send it to a processing plant. It gets bottled and shipped out. If the processing plant can't sell or district any milk, because stores and businesses are closed, they can't buy from the dairy farms. There's no money, they can't do it. If the dairy farms can't send the milk to the processing plants they dump it out, you can't send raw unprocessed milk to food, eggs. What would people do with it? In fact, in many states is not even legal. The same is true for the vegetables. They grow. What are they get, what it would have farmers gonna do give raw wheat and corn to food banks. What is an American Gonna do with that process. Food and I'll tell you what perhaps we should be a little bit better at what we do
in terms of survival in learning how to eat more natural foods. But the fact is, the economy is a complicated system in the story from Fox NEWS, dairy farmer, why access milk cannot simply be sent to food banks and homeless shelters? They show us a photo of this floor. What what appears to be covered and dumped hope dump it out, and that's all I got to say this. I that's awful Have you ever been in New York with Hopeless Isaac, sour milk? I can imagine what this going to smell like, but the reality is that, actually what I just said that they they mention there. Sir. Which involve hears. It says there is no food bake in the United States of America there it can receive an eight thousand galaxy your of raw milk. I mean son, even legal, to sell raw milk in most states, let alone who could process or package that.
So the dairy farms are suffering because of the flow in the middle of plant that set up to process twenty five. Twenty five pound bags of mozzarella cheese can't switch over like that and start bottling milk to give it a homeless, shelter, food banks, Mason concluded. I mean it's a really complex food system that a lot of folks just don't understand. That's true. One hears work, it's bad. A second corona virus wave will crash over the- U s this winter and will last until March next year, with one point, four million infected, Morgan Stanley predicts this may be a couple years in I often say when I talk about war, conflict crisis, civil unrest with our view of history is condensed
we look back at the Great WAR World WAR, one world war two and we read about it, but we can highlight real. They don't tell us about that. One day in the summer that no one really cared about where you know somebody woke up clean the dishes. That's a vote, went about we only here, but these key strategic moments so right now we're dealing with the major pandemic in a hundred years. Then I look. Is it a pandemic? Lasted from twenty twenty two? Twenty twenty two and peoples a while, just like the spanish flu lasted for about a year to not realising that we in it have to live for a year or two under complete lock down. I don't want the right move. Us are safe for the millionth time. But if this is true, you will see civil unrest. You will see, you will see food riots. We're almost there already in it's been what like a month, people chunk of the food banks, getting turned away and chaos erupt in people want. Food people need food, the economy is in dire straits.
We are seeing people twenty two million people out of work, no way to keep these businesses running and it's been one month. What do you think happens if we go out for another year. You know on a new, a new report from Harvard says locked down until twenty twenty two on enough. What do you think happens? Then it's not gonna work, I'll. Tell you what we're gonna see. Protests we're gonna, see, chaos. We ve got, we ve got governor and various jurisdictions trying to to spend civil liberties to extreme degrees, drinking alcohol can make the corona virus worse. The World Health Organisation says in recommending restricting access now you're in a loose people. Look I get it on employment, it can get bad, but there was tell you when it comes to an economic recession. There's two things you can. You can run in a business that are going
navy. Now one of those things is alcohol or are the ideas if the economy is bad alcohol cells, and if the economy is good alcohol cells, because people drowned their sorrows and people celebrate, but alcohol is who is there? I am a big fan. I don't drink, but I'll tell you what you take out. You take a hungry person on unemployed person. Rest panic. Their family has no food. The stimulus packages run dry. The Democrats won't won't re up at there thinking what do I do? I need a drink, I need to calm down and they go to the liquor store in what they say. No, because it's bad for you, you can't have it. We think that person's gonna do you take away their booze, it's like the last reprieve. A person could have I'm not a fan of it. I wouldn't recommend it. I recommend parliament. Shit or something, but some people are gonna are gonna, want it at its their right to drink alcohol if they want, and if it out there because we are already seeing liquor stores close in many places. It just adds the problem Ellison. I don't think the port principle factor.
Total social breakdown is only one that's on beer, but it will contribute ultimately We are seeing protests here, We merely male protesters in Malta, hats and flying confederate flag, swore Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah and, while yeoman to demonstrate tyrannical an unconstitutional, lockdown orders that are worse than the virus. I should say to demonstrate against. It's gonna keep happening. Then a month as they. If they take away booze you'll, see a lot of people join a lot of regular people nominal care, but if the foods, not their politics, don't matter anymore, I've seen it and will see it if there is no food for some one and that it can get their job and they can't get paid there in a shop to a food bank. When the food bank runs out, they're gonna jump offence, they're gonna lose a store in ITALY when a fairy that was bringing food to Sicily stopped coming and the food was running out, people started organizing raids on Facebook, sang everyone, should sharpen, loot the store and take what they can and then what comes after that
all, I'm saying is: do not ignore the economy. Do not act like it's silly and doesn't matter the world. Isn't free people have to do work? We support each other bonus system stops them Sheena, stop churning things start to break down fast, The Republicans tried to put a band aid on it. Not solution at all. The Democrats had no banded legibly, and now it's gonna get even worse next week. So listen. I know it's probably. Obviously I am going to say it is. I frequently disregard the Democrats,
the time anyway, but I do believe it's their fault. I really really do less. Then you can. You can come to me and complain about the Republicans. You can say tromp that a bad job, so we take seldom responsibility. That's fine! Go it set a Moroccan argue with you are I'll. Tell you what okay, if that's the case, then what can we do today to help the millions of people who have lost their jobs and have no food? Perhaps we could agree to increase the amount of money were given to small businesses to keep them run
and save the lives of these people who would otherwise lose their jobs. If you dont, like tromp, that's fine. Please complain about him all day and night and join me in asking the Democrats to just pass this bill. I dont know if it's the right thing to do. I don't know if there's bad stuff into probably is, but in the end, what's the alternative, complete social breakdown, people starving to death, you look, I get it you can. You can strike when it comes to your rent, because you'll live in house, but can't strike when it comes to food. When there's no food will see how things turn up, I hope it turns out the best way to their next migrants. Coming up at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news is a different channel and I'll see while there. I think my favorite word right now is be clown, meaning to make oneself into a clown or using a sentence. Jim Acosta has but clowns himself by the funding China and CNN, his own outlet reports that national security is look into whether or not a chinese violence?
is the source of the virus or how about Jim accosted the clowns himself by defend China. When the Associated Press says China withheld crucial information from the world, allowing the pandemic to break out. That's the Associated press. So now we got from Fox NEWS, the AP and Jimmy Costas own outlet, I would like to lead with the big story. You s explores, possibility The corona virus started in chinese lab, not a market, but let me be astrogas. We all knew this zero hedge reported this information and they got banned from twitter because of its social media, says anybody who is not the mainstreaming. You are not allowed to talk about these things. Even me, I had either Scimitar Oracle basically, what I'm like? Are we clear to talk about this now? Google? Are you good on this because what'll happen as they will demonetized endearment my videos? Now, I assure you, you ve certainly seen all of my videos talking about this? Yes, demonetized and direct, nothing I can do about it, but I'm still gonna talk about it and if it means you know
ultimately get banned or whatever wasn't that can do. But now the mainstream media has finally caught up. What's only about the story from CNN. They reported this at midnight, twelve thirty, eight a m this morning, Jim Acosta tweeted a stupid, defines a couple days ago. It was some press briefing, I think it's, it's not fair in a surly connected the two Jim didn't know, seed and within our borders, but I would say it ate like find milk we knew Jim did. You do have Google You can read all of these reports. The Washington Post report has one on April. Third, that a Rutgers professor sang it may have us. It is vital that we need to consider this Tom cotton in January. You can ignore. All of the signs you want and then you, the clown yourself when you come out, consisted defending China and the World Health Organization when everyone else in the world knows what's going on. This is performative journals, undisguised recent journalism, its performance reality tv, no matter what trumps as it must be
add the dude set their think. Eleven look and I say them to make the present look bad. While here is the story from Fox NEWS, dance, your blast, Jimmy Costa for saying trumpets, scapegoating China for virus may be time for ain't change from see it on to z at an, but I've got it. Honourable mentioned to Mr Elon, musk alone, mosque tweeted this sort of all on CNN tweeted Three weeks ever teslas, CEO Elon Musk, said he had obtained and more than one thousand ventilators doubt californian hospitals, California, hospitals, treating patients and with the crowd of virus, the Governor office as none of the promised ventilators have been received by hospitals, Elon Musk. Spending on Twitter. What I find most surprising is that CNN still exists here here, good, Sir God, Sir, I must say Ellen. I appreciate the criticism it's funny affair, destroy from Fox. They say at Tuesdays, krona virus press briefing,
President Trump announced that he was halting. U S, funding of the World Health Organization for several errors that were made critics say she that China from scrutiny during the briefing of cost? sherry Running list of scapegoats. He accused the president of blaming. It goes on a big list of what she says: the World Health Organization. Members of news, media Democrats in Congress, governors not himself China and the Obama admits oh that's, gonna, be phenomena pick this want to part about. We start with the world health organism. The Associated Press, the bastion of good journalism in this country, I believe that one of the most trustworthy sources said that I knew there was human human transmission on January, Fourteenth withheld that information. So let's talk about the World Health Organisation on January, for They tweeted China says there is no human human transmission in early data, that was a lie or it was me
information. Now you could argue China lied to the World Health Organisation is not their fault gay. Well, then Trot said we shouldn't fund them because they are giving us bad info Ok, it's not accusing them of malice, but incompetence, or it could be that the World Health organization- knew what China was lying and covered for them, which other mainstream outlets have suggested, in which case Blaming the World Health Organisation is sound there, either, incompetent, malicious or both, because we didn't know about this. Everyone in the world have delayed reaction in China knew so I think I can not that China's one off the list, Jim scapegoating through Trump Trumpet scapegoating China I'm sorry, man data would suggest otherwise. How about members of news media I mean literally rebuking that claim right now, you guys are awful. Chris Cuomo claims.
But he's in isolation just on the fourteenth they weren't a segment Oros like the thirty two fourteenth Sancho Gupta Doktor talking to Chris who's in his basement is like. Oh, I got a fever on Sweden and scientists at all. Can't leave isolation. Well, guess what on Easter Sunday, a witness claims that Chris Cuomo to women and three heads were seen in a property in the hamptons, not a house, it was about. New property was buying, there was no building yet put up a frame. What was Chris Cuomo doing? The guy last, is it supposed to be isolated? Chris Como confirmed encounter on his radio, show its Trump scapegoating members of the media when you guys go, prime time and lie which you did definitively confirmed by Chris Cuomo. I'd love to see what people talk about this then. Yes, when Trot blames you, I'm gonna go in the same job, got a point when you and try to run defence for all these organizations. Your proving trumps point Democrats in Congress.
What is Adam Shift doing right now in investigation. Preliminary fact. Finding is that helping anybody know Nancy Policy over site committee, we're gonna worry investigate all men. I got it you let the president tromp is gonna, call them out What you want me to say. Look, I can't tell you republicans- are doing, but right now the Democrats have publicized. Coming after the orange man, I dont care, I'm sorry sick of it? So short, the governors, Donald Trump scapegoating the governors when he says it's on them at their responsibility. Cnn, simultaneously, reporting tromp is trying to put the onus on governors, but he also doesn't have the authority to to reopen the economy or make the governance do anything anyway, so which is its The governors are either in control or they're, not when trot talks with the ECB, We then had Trop has no authority or he wants to have the authority
but when it comes to everything else, trap is the authority you, you can't report both ok, now I'll I'll, give it I'll give him this much Donald Trump. Certainly scapegoats. These organisations, a more than I believe, is probably fair, but we're talking about organizations. I mean look the Democrats in Congress. I role at that its politics. I dont care the governors. Actually lot of them have praised. The president I would say scapegoating you just saying that they can take care of it when other world Organizations, don bad news media is done bad. China's done bad deal administration. I think it's silly. You can always you can always blame. Administration, I actually you don't actually with German that one trump is to US certain degree scapegoating Obama, administration, but none of the Obama has been like it's not so much the Obama administration did something wrong, but if trunk inherited bad asks and ventilators well that's Sally Obama's fault, because a dominant predicted? You could argue that just inherited, so I,
Mr Corbett, scapegoating. I suppose Trump Junior spokesperson Andrew Serbia knocked the reporter saying. Well that then take long, CNN, Jim Acosta, quite really defending running interference for that. Chinese Communist Party, I'm sure she sincerely appreciates the tweets. You can't make this stuff up, donging, tweeted maybe time for a name change from CNN, a to z at an it's much more fitting. Not here now I want to. I would actually egotism, breaking news. There's a reason why I didn't lead with these stories, notably that CNN is now reporting about the market, because, first of all I talked about it multiple times the other day, and we all knew this like. If you watch my content, I was thinking about it. I'm, like all manager, probably tell people that CNN this now reporting this. Unlike we all know, we all knew this. I did I did. We did alive pot we. So here I have the pot, guess Mozart Familiar its Youtube, dotcom slashed him cast, I our I'll check it out subscribe. If you haven't Monday, through Friday, eight p m, we did a segment.
What like two weeks ago, where was like mainstream media now reporting possible by Abu Hassan, etc, etc. We even knew before this. I think I talked about in February. A pay, came out from South China University sang bone there. It is now I got in trouble. I say troubling demonetized and be ranked you know it goes. Confer by manual review. You can talk about this Youtube issues etc. Boreal Guidelines, for a lot of talk about specifically saying you cannot claim at the crowd of Irish came from a bilateral. Oh, I can't don't worry. I Not CNN is Fox. News is the at an end and the Washington Post need. I go on and the daily well, you're, not like any. These outlets. You might say summer by some, are apple care, they're all saying it, but I can report on. But we did talk about some, Can you know if I made a video like oh you're gives the bio lab people would be like dude. We know we know Jim Acosta, he should have known, he should have we didn't, and now we have the uptake
first. I want to show you the story from Fox NEWS for those that didn't see if we allow this came out just last night. It's a huge shoots, huge scope, Brett Bayer reporting sources believe Corona virus originated in hung lab as part of China's efforts to compete with the. U S this morning, doktor on Fox sad, he does it Agree the science scene seen would suggest it's a weird mish mash of things that no human would put together If it was a random, a mutation and weird, you know combination of things. I don't I don't. I'm convinced that proves one where than the other, and I get a doctor ass. The doktor I wonder who Brett Bear sources are. I think Brett bears an extremely trustworthy guys, so this is a huge or that broke. Last night China has responded. Chow. This says World Health Organisation has said no Evan corona virus was made in a lab. Wow the world.
Organization says it all China off core, I'm so sorry that you are falsely accused in this way, the World Health Organisation. Will that proves it that that proves it that on January fourteenth they also published misinformation at the associate press has now debunked, so I'm not interested in playing these stupid games, but you know well tell you about I'll. Tell you about this. Is this from the Washington Free began April. Fifteenth me ignore report on wounds. Have cited for hazard. Corona Virus research, media failed to update stories that dismissed lapses. He s conspiracy, theory, Many media outlets have ignored at noon. Port, showing american officials warned and twenty eighteen that recent, a war on super lab could create a pandemic. Even as Report where's branded lawmakers conspiracy, theorists for suggesting a potential connection between the lab and the crown of ours outbreak Senator Tom cotton of Arkansas was pilloried in them
stream media for questioning the chinese regimes. Claim that the deadly virus was to humans. Who on seafood market and if our doors. Sixteen interview Fox NEWS. Cotton floated the possibility that the outbreak may have originated at the wheel on Institute of Biology China's only top level biosafety lab that researchers rate researchers, human infectious disease, publications of the New York Times to the Washington, Post and CNN wagged the finger at those who suggested a potential connection. Cottons claim may not be as evidence free, as his critics suggested on Tuesday, the Washington Post Josh and uncovered a series of twenty eighteen State Department cables that warned of power. Safety measures at the institute, which was conducting work on, corona, viruses and possible human transmission, U S, embassy officials were so trouble, by their observations that they informed Washington of the risks encouraging greater american assistance, the lab for the important but dangerous research. The revelations have not
cause the media to re, evaluate their treatment of cotton and other who warned about the lab reports of the New York Times, wash post and CNN did not respond to requests for comment about whether they plan to update past pieces that characterize scrutiny of lab as fringe theory and if adoring seventeen peace headlined you senator repeats fringe theory casting viruses, Communist party weapon, the New York Times Alexander Stevenson, reported that cotton had spread a take, a tale that fascinated with fellow China Hawks on the right. And was also tag it in April eighth, peace from times blogger. Max Fisher headlined why Corona conspiracy, theories flourish and why it matters Fisher, focus on cotton, suggestion that the virus could be chinese weapon later amending the article to doubt concept? That was one of several possible explanations. Yes, Tom gone well ease Republican, so everything's, as must be wrong. The media is blinded there there there swimming in a pool of.
Their own farts. They smell nothing but their own refuse and they all pepper. I'm an anomaly people more friendly, they're, all standing in a circle padding each other. On the back, I made a comment before that was more than I had. People must rethink Hey man, my kids or watch listening when I, is that so that there are standing around each other shaking jetting shaking it shows hands pat each other God how smart they are still Everyone else's and being they all are in cities, its unsurprising that they tend to be more in alignment with liberals and Democrats. Therefore, when Tom Cotton comes out with the very astute observations that while its very likely as a natural mutation, unnatural source. These things have happened all the time. There is a bio lab. We should Consider any and all possibilities until we know for sure pay that sounds smart and reasonable, and what did the media and of doing this major smear campaign?
Well, it was a couple weeks ago. People ran story saying that Tom Cotton deserves an apology, and you know what that is, as is never been truer than it is today, if even see it and is now coming up, Well, the! U S, government is looking at this. Perhaps you should apologise to the man took the story from CNN. They say U S. Intelligence and national security officials say they rights. Its government is looking into the possibility of a novel corona virus, regulated in chinese laboratory rather than a market according to multiple sources. Familiar with the matter who caution its premature to draw any conclusions. Was this a rebuttal to Fox NEWS because Fox definitively said sources say? Yes, this happened. Perhaps The theory is one of multiple being pursued by investigators as they attempt to determine the origin of the crown a virus that has resulted in a pandemic and killed hundreds of thousands, the. U S does not believe the virus was associate with by weapons, research and officials,
The intelligence community is also exploring a range of other theories regarding the imagination of the virus, as would typically be the case for high profile incidents according to an intelligent source. The theory has been pushed by supporters of the president, including some congressional Republicans, who are eager to deflect criticisms of trump handing handling of the pandemic. I love it. Cnn couldn't help it. They had to make sure they jam in, but the president is just its people are trying to defend the prow. You know I'd shut up, man look if if national security people are doing us, if the AP is reporting, they lied it's time to stop. Ok, get on board the rest of sane, free thinking, people and start talking about what really happened. China, is. Is it you don't? I called you that echo like three stooges syndrome: they're, not smart enough to do it. They're doing and they're going up up up up up women and slipping out of an appeal and the vile shatters, and then everybody gets sick,
and in the coming year in year out that they do not want to handle it. That's the report that apparently was put out in twenty eighteen, the Washington Post covered it Siena. Why don't you wake up to this? Are you accusing the Washington post of trying to defend the president by reporting on this? That would be absurd. Silence as intelligent official familiar with the government analysis and a theory you as intelligent officials, are investigating the virus, originated in a laboratory and we're on China and was accidentally released to the public. Other sources told CNN that, U S, intelligence hasn't been able to corroborate the theory, but try discern whether someone was infected in the lab at through an accident or poor handling of materials and may have been may have than infected others. U S intelligence is reviewing sensitive intelligence collection and the chinese government according to the intelligent source as they pursue the theory. What some intelligence official say. It's possible, the actual cat cause may never be known right. We get it. I tell you what
China's denying it China's also reportedly doing like nuclear tests they're sending a strike group around Taiwan and near Japan. There friggin everybody out, I'm not convinced it was a bio up and I think that's a bit too much because we are talking about the other day and if it,
by a weapon. They would have released it in the. U S right. I think this is very easily move. It discredits with to a certain degree because think about it. The chinese government has been desperate to blame the United States for this. They ve tried claiming it originated here. Oh look, people had you know that the member the ISA thing happen. What people are getting second their lungs, were they were there in the hospital delicacy. This proves it, it was not each naturally cigarettes, it was actually occur, virus or whatever that may prove. No, it doesn't it s a great man. People were getting bunk cartridges somewhat that our animals have to happen somewhat, that they're getting vitamin e s statement. Our China was desperate to blame United States as it turns out. It originated in Wilhelm, and that's too me enough to say look at this as a bio up and they would have made sure it came came, it was released here and then they could have just said, see, look it's America's fault, and that would be bad because it is bad for China. This is their fault. They they dont properly handled immaterially by a and now the whole world is suffering because of it. Yet what do things
happen afterwards. China's gonna have the pony up something they are looking really really bad really bad from so I was so people like people things conspiracy, whenever I like did Donald Trump- is not in a line meant with the Democrats on this conspiracy with Europe and China on all, as other countries like there's no grand gloat like looted truck. These are people who don't like tromp right there, not conspiring together. So when it comes to what China's doing, I wouldn't Trump in China are certainly not that that would be ridiculous, and then you can see how China has been reacting. Man they're, not gonna, come out of this looking good they're losing a lot of money there economy is tanking they're gonna see something like a ten percent recession audibly that rate riches depression levels, but it can be a major recession for their economy and it's gonna hurt them bad. So, for now, what do we know? There is reason to believe that the? U S government suspected this could happen. Numerous reports going back a twenty seventeen sang people feared that this one lab was not being run properly. We then get an outbreak
virus. It doesn't mean it was criticised by weapon. Is part of research as its debts with Fox NEWS is reporting. China lied health organisation, the World Health Organization, provided this information misinformation too many other people China's lying about it. So I guess I'll racked by saying this: Jim Acosta. We get that you don't like the President, ok, but perhaps You should calm down a little bit because you are outside of mainstream thinking on this one. You got the AP, CNN and Fox NEWS. Now saying hey check at the Washington Post, You are so insistent on opposing the present out of the way. You're. Not defending not when other mainstream else aren't doing that enough. Calm down the performative art whatever it is thing, you're doing, doesn't work, and you know what we heard from Chris Cuomo. He thinks it's all ridiculous
He tried to walk it back now, buying it. So I see you then goes on the lying about Chris Cuomo's isolation. What's there doing complete lies, let's all remember that Jim Acosta was defending China when people when no one else was willing. So if there I will see you all the excitement at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out Nazi next time, if you're paying attention, it would seem like the. U S is getting dangerously close to some kind of escalation of war. I don't know exactly what it could mean it. Possible it's just because we're paying attention we're seeing com. Translations in Southeast Asia were seen com. Intentions in the Persian Gulf. A U S: aircraft carrier has evacuated around eighty percent of its NL over the krona virus, and it could just be this kind of stuff happens all the time and we ignore it, because people in United States are preoccupied with sports or you know, internal political squabbles monopolising story that I think are of little troublesome the waters
reporting, China may be doing nuclear tests and this the lead. Really a dozen iranian naval boats are filmed harassing and taunting. U S Navy warships and the Persian Gulf during dangerous our long exchange. Apparently there were even warning shots fired. This may be as far as I can tell one of them as closely we ve gotten a long time to address directs. I don't omit well it's hard to its I find it hard to know where the line will be which actually sparks war, obviously run shot down. A passenger plain only a few months ago, seems like forever ergo the quota virus wreaked havoc on United States economy and hinder are our armed forces capabilities or at least grace the perception of it entirely possible that the? U s the adversaries of United States might take advantage of this. Dare I say the past Billy of war, is increased, as people are become scared and desperate economies are taking major had trade lines are being shuddered, we'll see how things play out
Three the story. First, I've got a bunch of other stories to show you apparently following this strike group that the chinese Chinese Communist Party sends a strike group near to walk out. I won a: U S, reconnaissance plain flies overhead so everybody is getting a little bit on edge. The first story, though, has to do more to run the daily mail. What's nearly a dozen iranian naval vessels repeatedly harassed and made dangerous approaches to em lookin? Ships conducting operations in the port, Persian Gulf, near Kuwait and Wednesday and attend exchange that last more than more than an hour, a group of eleven ships with IRAN, Islamic Republic in rough. I'm sorry is land. Iran is Lompoc. Revolutionary Guard repeatedly crossed the and stones at the. U S: Navies Bahrain, based fifth fleet at close range and high speeds with one passing within just ten metres of a coastguard cutter. The dangerous and provocative actions increased the risk.
Of miscalculation and collision. A statement from you S central command, sad, adding U S! Commanders on the scene retain the inherent right to self defence The american vessels include the: U S: S, Paul Hamilton, a navy. Stronger, the? U S, S Louis, be polar a ship that serves as an float landing base and the? U S Jesse mowing the ships were operating with, U S: Army, Apache, attack helicopters in internet waters. The statement said: U S, forces issue, Multiple warnings, we a bridge to budge radio, fired five short blue, ass from the ship's horns and long range acoustic noise maker devices, but we'll see no immediate response from the iranian vessels. Ok, I don't. I don't think I was actually ordinance. I think goes there were firing, sounds eventual after about an hour, the iranian ships acknowledge the warnings over the bridge to bridge radio and then maneuvered await iranian officials. Not immediately acknowledged. The incident which comes Their armed men also believed
be from IRAN's revolutionary Guard, sees a Hong Kong flag tanker on Tuesday before before, releasing the vessel. The Sami Official Forest NEWS agency believed to be close to the paramilitary guard, acknowledged the incident in a report that not include any comment from iranian officials. Tents in thence remain calm and between Iranian and U S, forces the Persian Gulf, particularly in its narrow mouth call. This of her moves through which a fit of the world's oil passes. IRAN sees ships set us sees chips. Several times last summer and the? U S, accuse it of attacking tankers in the region of Madeira. Genes over President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrawing America from two nuclear deal with world powers last June in iranian surface to air missile system, also down a: U S: Navy surveillance drown that was hovering above the region, IRAN, argued, the drone was over its territory. The attack escalated
tensions and fuelled a surge in oil prices. So, let's be fair, there ve been worse things that have happened. This is just another incident and, like I said, perhaps we want when we're not paying attention to these things. One were more focused on domestic issues. It just out of sight out of mind but that there are many other stories and- and I wanted to leave with IRAN simply because the scene like a dangerous confrontation, but the major protection we are seeing, is a lot of work with China. We have possible choice, nuclear testing stirs. You ask concerns from the Wall Street Journal Beijing, secretly be conducting small nuclear tests at its lop nor site or reports as I'll come back to this one because I want to show you these stories. First, elephant walk on Guam serves as timely, U S? Air power demonstration defence expert says so that there's a bunch of stuff that led up to this, elephant walk and then that the extra to show you the recognizance, yes, reconnaissance, plain women, aircraft carrier, there's a big controvert
see over the captain of a Theodore Roosevelt. Eighty percent of the personnel were evacuated because of the corona virus. So the? U S then does this display of power in glum China? the learning strike group and aircraft carrier along with several other vessels through you know, between Japanese, that between Japan and Taiwan, which sparks more concern that there's ethical intentions, and now we have this we're Conniston flight, but really that more about this and then I'll go get into the needy. Ready of where I think this could possibly had to what I think is important. Consider right now China is very likely lying about its numbers, the world health or zation was pushing misinformation, whether was intentional or not, which benefited China Tromp caught off funding. We are seeing an erosion of international ties and nothing is a bad thing. That Trump is shutting. These things down or manufacture is coming back, but, as these bridges break likelihood of of real military escalation becomes more and more probable how probable
I honestly don't know it could be tiny fractions of two percent or could be substantial, you know. One of the reasons why say China wouldn't want to engage in a direct military confrontation is because of their economic. The economic benefit from ties of the? U S as that'll breaks down. There's no upside, they become desperate their economy, tanks. That's when people start moving towards real work, we ve seen a few things that have happened in recent history, notably in and seizing oil tankers. This is likely due to the fact that there are me isn't shambles and they became desperate. We also saw, Venezuela, try to common dear a german whose liner ramming it to try and force and intervene as well in waters the Venice An ship sank doing this because the cruise liners polar exploration, ship vessel, which could tear through ice and their pathetic little military vehicle little boat couldn't handle it, but they did try seizing it.
Donald, Trump, seemingly for other reasons, sent some naval vessels down near venezuelan waters. So we can see whether its IRAN, China or Venezuela, the movement of U S, milk milk, military forces and an escalation with these opposing military forces. China, IRAN in Venezuela, where the store for military dot com they say with the aircraft Herr Theodore, Roosevelt sidelined nearby due to the novelty of ours outbreak. The? U S, military, Guam exhibited a reminder of its deep bench this week in a region where global powers compete. Fourteen aircraft in a formation known as an elephant walk along the runway, Anderson AIR Force base on Monday among them were five, be fifty to straddle fortress strategic bombers, six Casey thirty five strata tanker aerial, revealers, an M h. Sixty S night hawk helicopter.
And two unmanned aerial vehicles and air force argue for global hawk and a Navy M queue for Triton Elvin walk was meant to demonstrate the ability to generate come air power at a moment's notice to ensure regional stability throughout the Indo Pacific. According to the thirty sixth wing website, the display was likely erected at China and North Korea. According to former airforce officer, Ralph Cossack Noun advisor for the pursuit form think tank in Hawaii. They want to signal that, despite the problems with the carrier, waste We'll have forces with the ability to respond. Costs said Wednesday. We want to show are still ready to respond over the weekend. China's leaning Lee owning aircraft carrier past when the japanese islands of Okinawa and Morocco and EAST of Taiwan, the voyage showed that corona virus has not impacted baby scarier like it has those of the. U S: Navy, an unnamed chinese military expert said Monday in the country's state run global Times newspaper
however, cause a sad telephoning, isn't a real threat to: U S: forces in the region, chinese aircraft carriers, make me lose a lot of sleepy sad. I wouldn't worry. To be in a one on one fight with the: U S Navy, I certainly wouldn't want to either. Even if we ve lost one carrier, we ve got like twenty and eleven of them are very big and then some of them are smaller a day after the Guam Elephant walk north korean fighters, fired missiles into the sea off the country's eastern Coast, while its launched a salvo of crews, missiles from the ground according to South Korea's military, nothing gets the north Koreans attentions attention like be fifty two's to set the Roosevelt remains in Guam, where for more sailors, infected with chronic powers have been hospitalized. The Navy announced Tuesday, one day after a crew member died of the illness. The latest update or one of the later updates. Yesterday from yesterday afternoon. U S military plane, spotted after China and naval ships. Past Taiwan. A U S. Military reconnaissance jet was reportedly spotted flying you're Taiwan's airspace,
the twelve time in the past three weeks that american airplanes have been detected near the area citing flight data posted on twitter by a military air movement Tracker the Taipei Times report that in our sea one thirty five w with it joint flew over this China, sea on Tuesday, the move comes just one day after Japan and Taipei were forced to keep an eye and a chinese aircraft carrier and strike group as it sailed pass Taiwan, China, staunchest rival, according to the military times, the learning and and five accompanying warships. Passed through a one hundred and fifty five mile wide straight between the Japanese, eyelid Ok, now what in Morocco and turn self to pass east of Taiwan looks like here, we have the river photo of it. Says: China's landing aircraft carrier with accompanying fleet can a drill in an area of South China Sea in December. Twenty. Sixteen I'll point out it does look rather small and weaker. Compared to U S
for care hears. I think America certainly got that. I'm would look. We ve got massive technological advantages. What China does have is a ton of people, and people are the most important thing. Within reason wondered what it thinks. A lot of people understand, especially on the left. I suppose you don't read about this stuff. They talk about what, in the Second amendment argument: people will say that you know we have the right to bear arms tube to Ridge, reject a tyrannical government, the left likes to say you can't go against nuclear weapons and scud missiles, and sixteen all that stuff, and that shows that they can act. There are actually understand how warfare works. You can't occupy a street corner with Annette with an aircraft carrier. You need people to do it. So as much as we can point out, we ve got technological superiority and I mean a lot more fire power to say the least. That is a huge advantage. Of course. They do have a lot of people on it. It should be considered
because people are powerful when there's large groups that can run through a town or I mean look a person. You need people at this point that it is that simple. Then you're process, while the straight is wide enough to qualify as an international waterway. The move was one, concern. Given China's view of Taiwan is a rogue province. A spokesperson for China's Navy confer The ships had sailed on that route to the Taipei Times, so so we'd, all this, the Japanese, Japan's Maritime Self Defence Force tracked aircraft carrier so the up eight years, basically, that U S now doing reconnaissance, but one of the things we ve now noted this story from also just the other day we have, we ve got look possible chinese nuclear testing stirs our make sure I make it very clear this stuff my happen all the time and one and I dont you know we don't about what we ignore it, What we are seeing now in a very short period of time, what?
here's to be a lot of military action between many governments at a time when the world itself is in crisis. What triggers a world war is a lot of reasons. I mean what we ve only had a couple literally so it's hard to know for sure. But what triggers a war desperation, right now we are looking a lot of countries sing a lot of loss of life. People are worth whether or not they can survive. We are seeing some countries restrict exports of food, trade is being rescinded, factories are coming back, international ties are breaking. We are even seeing border checkpoints between our own states. The European Union has several countries put up, points between member states, thus undermining the entire point of the EU, and I mean it's even see it's great look at those are still countries within the EU. In the: U S, we have the four. We have free movement between states. What states yes, are now imposing checkpoints, that's how much these borders are breaking down. If people are unwilling now to ship food. If the economy, tanks and we ve got
twenty two million people who have lost access to economic resources thanks friends of cars lining up at food banks around the country, people are going hungry. What happens when the food runs out? The food banks can provide for these people. What happens when we don't have enough food for our people this certainly well, I don't know I don't have it. This was pulled up, but I've heard numerous reports, China does a lot of importing of say, dairy from Austria or New Zealand. It's really interesting that they bring a lot of food from these places and there's concerns. They can't support their massive population, which run one point three billion. What do you think happens when those people are starving and become desperate? Do you think they'll just sit there and decide to die? No, they likely why At least I don't think they will can we stand up to them, while other countries try and stop is potentially. But when you got one point, three billion hungry people at moves are made. So in the? U s we
seeing massive economic damage. We are seeing the crippling of at least one aircraft carrier, probably other vehicles vessels have been affected by the crown a virus. I would be willing to bet. We are substantially weakened more so than any one realizes it's a bad if that definitive, but of course I'd have to imagine? the krona viruses sweeping through you. No other areas of our law enforcement, our domestic security and our arm our armed forces. You ve got these countries now seeing weakness but knowledge about whether the US, as weakens about whether they can afford a confrontation at a certain point, when resource forces run back you'll, see Venezuela you'll see around. They react in extra other back into a corner. They go nuts. What happens now and you combine the perception of our weakness, the opportunity they see when their becoming more and more desperate, because they too are being slammed by the krona virus. Iran, seeing what the report's months ago, ten percent of their parliament, hit by this naturally
you're going to get worried and panicked, and what do we see they get a bunch of eleven are so naval about swarming U s the? U S naval ships. Does that mean Morgan S going to war? Honestly, don't know man. I would say I'm a bit more bullish on it. I want to make sure that I biases and getting in the way of this, because its perception right, if I'm, if I'm, set your screech among Democrats all day and night, I'm not paying attention to this, but all that is kind of going away. What do we see? Fears of war, a lack of resources and what appears to be an escalation just the other month, China, China, sank a vietnamese fishing vessel, but these things do happen. I hate to say decently, often like often enough, where it's hard to know relatively, How much is too much where China does this they're trying to take the south, China Sea they lasers, one of our reconnaissance planes. You know a month or two ago I dont know if that's common or not, I
I'll say when you see stories like there's. A part of me is concerned possible chinese nuclear testing. Stirs? U S: concern is this because you know is historic: coming out because the U S knew about this all along and they want to now prep the american people for what may be a dangerous escalation or did the? U S military and intelligence know about this, or I'm sorry just find out about this. I will tell you what there's a lot of probability, why the stories coming up? I'm willing too bad, the. U S knew about this no about a lot more, its Topsecret confidential whenever they're not going to tell us classified so, story is coming up now you have to assume the? U S military knew about what China has been doing for a long time yet satellites right, if that's the case this coming at that coming out now, Sir To me to be like a worrying sign, what are we often see from the U S government. They got weapons of mass destruction. They ve
dangerous biological agents we saw in Syria. We saw it with the Middle EAST and what do you think we are starting to see now China's doing nuclear tests o, perhaps there's going to be an escalation of only de moving. Perhaps as China encroaches on the South, Tennessee and attacks the Vietnamese you're gonna see the USA, we won't stand for this. They ve got weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps that could be a catalyst or perhaps, as people grown more and more desperate me economies, take a major it because listen, China knew about all this pandemic stuff. They withheld this information. The AP reported that maybe there's more going on. We don't know, I think it's fair, but I think you would be insane not to think that, of course, there's more happening. Militaristic early they're not gonna, tell us, and I think it's one of the reasons.
I ve been very, I think, one of the reasons, the media- you know you too, but these big networks have tried to hold back certain information is because they don't want the escalation happened to rapidly or it could result in dramatic escalation. I'll put it this way. We saw potential reporting coming out of China that the core of our may have originated in a bio lab, and you took shred of says we will direct demonetized. We will hinder you if you try and talk about this sure enough, then we start seeing over the next month. So mainstream media, slowly, dabbled and entertaining the idea and sure enough here we are today Fox NEWS, saying straight up: they have confirmed it so some have said it did come from this lab, not as a weapon, but as you know, China was trying to ramp up their abilities and compete with the. U S got a hand. We now know from the Ap China knew of human human transmission on January
fourteenth and without that information. Considering all that, I think it's fair to say the: U S knows a lot more than their letting on and they won't. Let us know, because if we, if the american people found out about the stuff immediately as a major report, people would demand heads role. So maybe we get to that point. Maybe nobody wants it. I dont know but it definitely feels like a tensions are escalating. Hopefully we don't go there out. Hopefully, things improve in everything goes back normal about. Tell you what men hundred years ago we had up what we had a virus. We added. We are world war, we had a depression, these things can happen, don't let your optimism bias blind you from what may happen, so I hope you ve all bought supply, as I hope, your
all watching intently, and hopefully it's just an exaggeration. Hopefully it's just that. You know unfocused down this and it seems like it's something more than it is. I guess we'll see how things play up I'll see you on the excitement coming up at four p m youtube dot com slashed him cast. It is a different channel and I will see you all. Their Donald has just shredded Nancy policy on Twitter. He is railing against Europe and its partly due to the fact that and other Democrats obstructed the Small Business Loan programme which now run of money. The Republicans wanted to increase the number the Democrats obstructed for ideas, or reason somewhat and now, they're out of money, so Trump is just tearing her upon. Another story. Trouble lasts how Speaker Pelosi S totally incompetent on twitter, but that's not the most stating smack down it. Was this tweet Donald Trump tweeted
crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from your twitter account. She wanted. Everyone to pack two Chinatown long after I closed the border to China based on statement? She is responsible for many deaths, she's an incompetent third rate politician whew, try again spicy on this. One check this out in this post. Apparently Pelosi attended in one. We can see. That she's Itzhak was at Cape Kpi acts C B, Five shows her outside saying we want everyone to come down boy. Let me tell you what they want a rag on the president saying he was downplaying this by all means you're free to do so, and so are the Democrats, and so is the media. No want to take responsibility for the positions they held when no one knew what's gonna happen. Hindsight is twenty twenty, but financing policy to remove this video, which I've heard from other people are apparently with the present saying now that stupid everybody knows you did it deleting the tweet we highlights that you did it and I'll make. It seem,
you're trying to cover up the fact that you did it. Yes, she encouraged people to go out and it made things worse. Linear post reports president Trump on Thursday blasted how Speaker Nancy Policy has totally incompetent after she criticised handling of the crown of ours pandemic. He said she is too incompetent and controlled by the radical left a week and pathetic puppet. Come back to Washington and do your job Trump said about the California, Democrat and tweet. He also quoted Fox NEWS is How do comments about Paul he from his jaw, Wednesday, night, crazy, Anti Pelosi you a week, person you're a poorly you're the reason America hates career politicians like yourself from wrote on Twitter, quoting editing hold on a minute they're outside the bid harsh. I do believe there are many Publicans many Republicans who deserve a smack down as well, and you many democrats or deserving of a smack down as well? Banana Policy is she's, been playing politics throughout the Eu
several years and doing nothing. So you know what, in this regard, Well, how did he in Trump are correct? I don't wanna tribute that two trunk sanity quote, but yes, Nancy Pelosi embodies the multi millionaire career politicians. I referred to as the keys to the castle Democrats. That means it means that I want to do anything. It means is vote for me give me the keys and I'll go sit in a luxury sweet. That's what she does. She super rich heard. Her husband are worthless hundred plus million dollars, mostly because of her husband. But still, why do you keep alive these millionaires, who don't care about you? Why I grew up? Listen, the George Carlini sit all time. They don't care about you. They don't care about you, they are millionaires, that's what they care about. Stop electing people like this You know there are people who are running our progress has, I think, it's silly ideas, but at least I think they care about something. Well, I guess you can say I guess it could be worse, maybe
one of these, a zealous sorry communist or something- and maybe it's worse- I don't about Sal you what she does not deserve to be an office she's. Eighty she's, been in France, time. She's done nothing, her district isn't shambles. What's the point of voting for her, you know people really just walk in and check the box. The president also accused Democrats of playing politics with a paycheck protection programme, part of the small business administrations, rescue plan for ailing workers and businesses. Democrats are blocking additional funding for the popular Paycheck Protection programme. They are killing american small businesses playing politics, dams support, refilling ppp. Now it's out of funds. He treated the airspace on Thursday, three and four billion dollar, the three and forty nine billion dollar fund is depleted and it can no longer process. Applications blizzard those who set the hold up is because state and local governments and hospitals have to be included in the rescue plan. This is not that rescue plan, this is an excuse. They're lying. You want to put together a package for
local governments, you do it! You ought to increase what small. Businesses can get that's different. The Democrats are appalling, can agree on this, but for some reason Democrats are obstructing and you know what maybe it's, because they like it, I get it as soon as you tweet this out. You see all eventually, how dare you? No one is happy about. What's going on our ideas proposal give money to small businesses. Didn't fire people? Oh you won't do it. You can't do it. It has nothing to do with what she's talking that's a different proposal. Why won't they support it, maybe because their hoping for massive unemployment, so they can point to trumpet, say This was his fault as if the american people dont know, they're doing in Congress? Their approval writing is collapsing. Donald Trump approval. Writing is why higher than Nancy policies, as well as the shift and many other Democrats, these people hate them. Their despised are from the country it. For some reason, I just keep on
and what they're doing don't ask me why there's a quote? We have been very clear about state and local governments needs the role that it plays in fighting the virus. The fact revenue loss as well as additional costs, resources to state and costs to for the fight against crime against the virus the pandemic necessitates, that we allocate more resources to state and local governments. Pelosi said later Thursday. That is an important priority for us and for the cap for the count and so in the negotiations that are very important piece. It would be like. If someone came to you and said I would like to ordered dinner, how do you feel it pepperoni pizza, everyone says yes, and then one person goes. But what about breakfast- and you said Well- I dont know how about we talk about ordering breakfast tomorrow during breakfast they said no, the breakfast patients must be included in what we have heard and it you'd be like this has nothing to do with dinner. Why are you you know what they're lying? That's, what they're doing
they're trying to jam things up, so they can shoehorn in policies or maybe just obstruct Trump and make em. Look bad and then come back and say Trump wasn't doing enough for local go. But even though does nothing to do with these Small Business administration, but there's a lot of people Oh, no, better, not say what Donald Trump Guy's name stamp out about checks. Yet alot of people don't know better their claiming that he be delayed things apparently than this is no he didn't. Why am I not surprise and every time a story comes out, it's always the same fake news, fake news. Vagueness is a lot of people who are paying attention, learn a lose their jobs, they're, not gonna. Blame the Democrats are exploiting this, at least in my opinion, quote. We hope that the administration will recognise those needs and not deprive state and local as well as hospitals as well as small businesses, have every opportunity to meet the needs of the people we serve. She continued. Policy has faulted, Trot forest responds to the crown of ours outbreak and for his decision Tuesday to halt payments to the World Health organization. Doesn't ministries,
can review whether the agency mishandled early reporting on the pandemic. She said knighted Nations agency is an important asset in the global fight against krona virus and called trumps actions. Those of a weak person a poor later takes no responsibility a week. Person blames others. Nancy policy is cognitive. Lee deficient incapable of doing the job she supposed to be doing she's literally doing nothing while Trump is doing something you want to criticise trumps actions. Please try and some I'll tell you what if I saw two people right and, as I say, those like a race and one person was injured and struggling with all their might, try and make it but boy they were not doing well, and I will go the person was just sitting there kick in their feet, doing literally nothing but complaining the whole time Who do you think I'm gonna be voting for I may look, you can be doing job wrong, and I can ask you to improve, but guess what the motivation is there to do, the job, the other person just complaining, the whole
I'm. Why would I support you? You, you wanna, you want insult. The president, hey he's doing stuff stuff is happening right. We got a serious crisis on our hands and includes not just the virus. It's it's. It's about. The economy is about politics. And she's. Coming out and blaming him well it seems like the tribe administration has been the only ones doing anything about this. So who am I supposed to vote for come November? Look I get a lot of people, don't like Antony fancied. A lot of people think we ought to be locked down forever. Trump wants to reopen things. I'll! Tell you what, when you look at Donald Trump, you see a con station happening met, may be Trump, is wrong about. This may be right about this, depending on which try Buren. Typically, you know people well will make their assumptions on whose right or wrong. Perhaps people are on the right tribe, the conservative tribe, whatever simply because they agree with the position that the economy must be protected. As there is a conversation happening. But when you look over to the Democrats to shew Marco Polo seed, a chef there's no conversation happening there, offering up literally nothing they're doing literally. No,
and this is all happening when people are losing their jobs and losing their lives, so I don't stand by the things going to benefit them in the long run, Donald Trump, probably because she, said, these things bottom comes out with this tweet making sure he highlights. She actually contributed very much so to this problem. We ve got Democrats across the board who ignored this very late in the game, notably build the plaza, but you know what I'm not making a video saying. You know EL, the blaze, Yo Bolabola? I've criticise them in passports, announcing right now. This video is about trumps slamming policy because build applause yos fighting very, very hard to try and solve this problem for all of his faults, and I can criticise him for what he did the beginning. You know what he's trying same thing with annual Cuomo. Recently enacted some kind of executive order. Every one of the states gotta wear masks. I honestly I agree with a lot of things you do about tat you this he's trying to solve the problem. I can respect that. I can't pretend, like I know better than the plaza that I know better than Cuomo. I mean I think at the time when the plaza was encouraging. People
go out and party. Many of us knew things were getting that certainly Tucker Karlsson Fox NEWS, Roman thoroughly on this one. You know it I'm going to drag him over this because he's come to the right side. You know solving this problem, calling it out and trying to do better. What is Nancy plus you doing? Is she coming to the right side where we can actually fight to get, to solve this problem. You know you can argue with the president and accuse them of not getting into ventilators you need or such like that or then you know go back and forth like new, seven coma, praised and criticised, and- and you know I respected- I do because I know for sure trumps not perfect and there's absolutely things. To be said, but you can also recognise when they say he's done a good job on certain things. That's a real conversation. That's really getting things done, so my respect, Newsome to Cuomo, to the plaza. Even I may disagree with them on some policies. I can see them at least get it. You know working together, get the job done, but you know my respect doesn't go to. It goes not to policy not to shift, in fact nothing but my disdain because they are just in the way the best way. To put it. I got a couple
or segments coming for you too few minutes and I'll see you all shortly in a story. That will surprise absolutely no one at least no one who follows me CNN, put out what appears to be fake news about Elon, Musk and Elon Musk went to war slamming CNN and bring in the receipts. You see see an unpublished this story: Elon Musk spy. Most ventilators never delivered to California. Hospitals, governor of Governors Office, says, Well, you must then slam CNN saying, I'm surprised, CNN still exists and I'll show you is tweets. He came back with the receipts. Stories, interesting CNN Spawns too must was. Why are you getting mad at us? We just reported what the governor said. That's a Larry S. Did you bother fact checking the governor? Oh you didn't, and your excuses. What that Isla Mosque didn't get back to use in another the common limits I owe this doesn't need cottage. Those organisations work, I've gotten these emails before I've seen them sent out. You can any mail, and thus I pay
but to publish a story about you and someone accuse you of doing a thing care to respond and then like you're in the bathroom or something you get out see the email, your like what it who is us. What this is about is from ten minutes ago, and then you look in the story is life and what do they say? Didn't respond to combat nearly a for common you're. Like you just emailed me, I've seen people then our emails it like midnight and the following week publish and be like, oh well. They never responded and I'll say things like at an email, never responded great. Let me get unless you some advice, CNN. If someone claims like Ilan must didn't give ventilators, perhaps you should wait until you have a comment from Elon, musk or tax law would have organization. Before you publish the story, perhaps you could Really, do I dont know journalism. While you must comes out kind of hilarious thing he said was what I find more surprising, is that CNN still exists? He then tweeted at Gavin Newsome, please. Fix this misunderstanding? He then tweeted this email,
It says essentials: County Department of Health services from omitted, ass, sharp at Tesla to pee francs at De Hs, allay county dot, gov a fillip. Do you know if these ventilators went into use the Diego of L a county says they worked great during testing say we will put these two use tomorrow. What's I mean tell me: what's this, it's a nice, their email from mammoth hospital saying of of concern to us is the prospect of people coming into our town for major macros, with a thought, that this is somehow safer to being a rural mountain community. The potential increase in part later to overwhelm our capacity to treat patients needing ventilator support. Your gift gives us a fighting chance. Gratefully Tom, the CEO of Mammoth Hospital, usually said my thanks for the generous gift to our hospital from Mr Muscat Tesla, these vent leaders will be quickly deployed into
in our hospitals and in anticipation of the coming wave of patients will be suffering from severe effects of covered Yet somehow the media see it out and all these outlets did zero fact checking them. If this is the craziest thing, you do a Google right now, we're they'll, say: Elon Musk never gave the ventilator so story you mustn't here amongst some ventilators Calvinism peril. Halcyon CNN. We never got em. Apparently it's fake news and soon I did know fact checking in responsiveness all of these other outlets. Regurgitate the same fake news, Ilan must publish the receipts now took us out media, I says Elon musk attacks CNN for report has ventilators worked, delivered surprising, CNN still exists with an update. They say they show quits mosque. Then posted screen lots of two emails, purportedly showing the LOS Angeles County Department of Health services confirming receipts of the ventilators. They worked great during tested it.
Other screenshots showed to hospitals also thanking Tesla for the gift. These ventilators will be quickly deployed, blah blah blah I literally have the receipts. This is so dumb. Musk added CNN has not. Yet up did its article with mosques response uptake, they say, CNN, head of strategic communications met torn. It responded the mosques tweet by right. Weird to attack CNN from the sea? I Governors office said especially, when your own spokespeople ass didn't respond to requests for comment, see like your outrage, should be directed at the entity that make the claim not the one who reported at you new to this wow CNN. Head of strategic communications, doesn't understand how knows works, man I gotta J School. I didn't, and even I know that basic standards would be like three sources confirming, for instance, at the very latest, never came now I get its heart, a proven egg. It if you dont know which hospitals were supposed to get it
so you got a comment. You're also supposed to wait until you have a comment from the other party, not just published a quote from someone without fact, checking you knew the CNN yeah. Probably you guys are morons, but I get it. You got Christine go on late night tv gone all, I wonder, quarantine! I'm sweating! Meanwhile, he's out party this family on Easter Sunday, I am exaggerating some dude softwares Cuomo out with two in three kids. I don't know they are, but is on a property with no building a property Barton Hamptons. I thought he was isolated. He actually said, apparently on on Monday, is like I'm stuck in the basement Oh, you know Christina is getting sick. Did you were out hanging out with your family in and some dude saw you and you confirmed it, that's what scene and is doing so. Let me ask you again Matt. You knew this do not know how this job work. Oh I'm sorry, communications that so up lying ass, it you're doing you're lying yes, easy. If you want, come out and you want to drag. Somebody just say that euro deceptive liar and
You say lies for a living to protect a business. It's what it's! What everybody does I get it? I'm not gonna put that on you. Yes, Some people would call this public relations more commonly known as just lying. You know my problem with politics media everybody. They all lie. He has ever seen movie the Adjustment Bureau, as our started watching the other day. I like that movie in beginning its Matt Damon Heap. These guys running for Senate and he loses he caught it. Has this moment where is just like you know what I'm tired of this, and it just tells the truth and is like I'm wearing this tie because a consultant told me to do it. I'm wearing these shoes goes against solemn Tommy. Don't none of its real sulphate, that's reality, but it never happens and its. Fantasy, we see and movies where people are like. I wish I had authenticity, Instead, you end up with a bunch of people just lying all the time I don't know I seen a it wanted to do this. They want to drag you on musk as an easy target. He's very high profile. Super rich. There are like em bad, oh you're, not doing the right thing stupid. Why don't you
really do news dropped. The stupid reality be garbage of Chris Cuomo and his brother admit he's not in quarantine, because even he admitted it stop playing his games. How much stop lying here's? A yes, oh here's, a quote You are unaware that twitters as a search function, the hostile themselves acknowledged. Receipt of the ventilators met then says: are you afraid of Leap Abner machines, the american society of Anesthesiology war, may increase the risk of infections. What what? What buddy did the email say sleep Abner machines, as at ventilators, your problem- maybe you should fact you know this yeah, probably skies, I very smart as it now I bring you to the grand smack down Katy L. A five April sixteenth CNN, is so inapt you're, not gonna budget CNN videos lightly. Could I gotta admit they are there in a downward spiral in this story from Katy S, five took me? But a simple Google search to find here's. What says at a march to
the Third news conference, the new some said. The devices which can provide I've saving supports to patients infected with the virus had all already arrived in LOS Angeles and run already arrived hospitals in Need Angeles and were on their way to that he was likely to have one thousand ventilators this weakness and said they arrive in LOS Angeles and Ilan. Most- is already working with hospital as those with with hospital sensation and others to get those ventilators out. It's a heroic effort so which is it whose lying tell you what CNN don't ask diviners ventilators actually arrived. Maybe maybe you'll Elon Musk was incorrect, may be given and was incorrect. I tell you what, if you actually did the legwork, and you saw this quote- the headline could have said something: Gavin Newsome Backtrack. Previously claiming he received ventilate ventilators now says he doesn't. Maybe could it on that? Maybe you could have put more pressure on this make making the subject to the story. The governor, flit flopping.
Instead, as do the story, was Elon musk failing to deliver shortly after the dramatic announcement must set a tweet. China had an oversupply, so we bought one thousand tuna. Forty five FDA proved resident looks and magellanic ventilators on Friday night, an airship them to allay. If you want a free ventilator installed, please let us know they're going to say, but despite the claim, none of the ventilators promised, but it has. A ceo have been delivered to hospitals according to the governors office, very strange because we have the receipts now, but perhaps that context as important that Newsome said in the past that they had been delivered right at March. Twenty third conference nuisance ices had already arrived in LOS angeles- is why we don't trust the press. Look, I don't. I was to ensure that an outline its wishy washy, its flit floppy Gavin Newsome, very he liked. You know either he's lying now about them not receiving them, or he lied before when he said they did receive them, Ok I'll, be there they were in LOS Angeles but were on their way to hospitals,
These now apparently sang the hospitals have not yet received them now, as I was saying, they have not yet been delivered to hospitals. According the governors office, whose fault is that why are they trying to make IRAN must look bad for what? What what what what may actually be. Therefore, at the end, at the end of all this there's one universal truth that we could all understand, dare I say it may be at this point beyond theory, but a physical law in fact contact the mathematicians com activists. I ask them to please get this. Get this written down and put in academia in this universe. We can conclude: CNN rights, fake news, Period. This is what this is now: a law, the universe I have decreed it. It is no longer theory, but fact, CNN pumps are fake news from the. Imo. Nonsense to this they're not interested in telling you the truth. There more interested in just pumping outrage, baked sensational tabloid garbage,
Tell you what if I wanna go, read about an alien ship abducting the queen and delivering an alien baby I'll go to the to the shop a line, the conveyor belt at a walmart if put out nonsense, but Frick people anything it's real. I can do this any women only to come to you for it. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes. Stick around. I will see you all shortly. Perhaps this could be one of the strangest bats ever placed by a politician or perhaps the smartest move ever performed by a politician tromp trying to court Bernie Sanders voters for twenty twenty I find story. Remarkable and hilarious because you ve got Joe Biden, airily trying to get the vote of the Bernie Sanders. Support democratic establishment, basically wagging their fingers in the face of these Barney people, insulting them until
them no way and Donald Trump actually trying to coax votes from Sanders populists while telling the left it's ok. Take by you know a lot of Bernie Sanders. Supporters are probably gonna vote for Trump for one reason answering all most or even a lot. Or an I am seeing a lot right, but I'm not I'm not gonna make it seem. Others can be. Millions of them could be. A couple hundred could be a few thousand they're gonna vote for tromp because they want to watch the World Berne and they think Donald Trump. As the chaos candidate. The same thing happened in twenty sixteen you're going to find a group of Sandra supporters. Who agree with Trump being anti establishment, not so much while watching the world burn, but to try and knocked down the agency, maybe they get a chance next time than you'll, see some people who actually agree with its policies on trade and say Bernie was preferred but will take with they can get Joe. But it's not the right answer. His more is an inch. National, like trade guy uses the Obama administration. Well, Donald Trump has found an opportunity in the Bernie.
Is left war, angry and dejected, and while people are bitter smear and be right, the Bernie supporters. I will tell you this: you will not many people may be surprised to see, but I doubt it would be so. It's not surprising to me, you will see tromp supporters fanning over Barney supporter saying. What can we do to convince? You mean, while the dam rats our saying you better vote for Joe or else you'll be responsible and a few your voting for tromp, you big it. Calling him all worse names in the book, thou jobs, upon their mighty caps, grab a beer and say about it. We may disagree, but I got a beer for you. Let's talk about it because a trump support of a smart enough to know that diplomacy will get them votes for some reason. The Biden, people against the tedious right, the trapped arrangement syndrome there oceans are running so hot. They ve lost their minds. All they can do is screech. It's gonna cost you it s going to cost you your your twentyman exam
reports, even as a Democrat seek to unite behind former vice President Joe Biden, the truck campaign is going to work targeting Bernie Sanders populist supporters, while discouraging progressives out of the GEO peas reach from voting for the presumptive democratic nominee. There is significant. There is There is a significant percentage of sand or supporters about twenty percent who back him not first policies but for its anti establishment and anti status quo. Persona said republican pollster, Frank once that's the trunk target and twenty twenty to win them. Trumpeted supporters are emphasising points of agreement on issues like trade while portraying and as a Washington insider who cheated Sanders out of a nomination, just like Hillary Clinton four years ago quote. President Trump is still disrupting Washington Dc Well Biden. Resents the old, tired way and continuing to model. The communist regime in China said Trump campaign manager, bread par scale
in a statement after Sandra suspended his campaign, Democrat elites, shoved Bernie Sanders to the side. For a second time, leaving many supporters looking for a new home- and I will tell you what the audio was released. Donald Trump was. Scared of Bernie Sanders, a set of his words here: personally really do want to go against Bernie Sanders talk big on trade, just like trumpeted and trot knew that overlap would be bad for him. So you know what when, Rob says they sidelined the guy. I think tromp is being honest, not that it's a manipulation to try and win over Barney supporters. I mean it is a little bit for sure be stupid. Not to assume that but I think, trumps legitimately saying: hey man. Look. We agree on this issue. They dont they're nuts. I they they're the ones who tried booting you out. They do the same thing to me and I think a lot of the barber the poorest might actually listen, especially I'll. Tell you what man There are some Bernie supporters who have been Twitter saying I refuse sport by him and I respect that. I don't think anybody
pressure in the body funny, but you bought for someone you believe in and Joe Biden, if you don't believe me no boat for me to believe, and you don't vote for him. What is the response from these resistance establishment, crony democrat types, smearing belittling, insulting yeah, came and I'll. Tell you what I will have a sit down conversation with a progressive thought leader all day and night about how the media lied about Bernie and other democratic establishment sidelines and a world debate policy, and I disagree with you but I'll tell you what These people, who would smear and crap all over the Barney supporters, are the same people to the same thing to me, The same thing any modernizing the trump I've seen. I've seen people these ass of personalities, action not all of them, but as a few of them are really good people and have given a fair ache to some more moderate in some conservatives have announced conversation about it. There are some people on the left who are totally legit you know I'll give a shout out to the hills rising Chris.
Ball and sovereign Jedi they do a great show in its I populist, left populist right and their honest about it, and you can disagree on policy, but their honour about it and that's great. That's all I ask for so I wouldn't be surprised if some of these more honest, populous leftist might say, hey I'll, tell you what, if you give me a choice between an elitist like Joe Biden, can't even think straight and a populist type tromp was kind of a nasty dude. Will populism is much preferable to elite ism illiteracy, tons of people saying while Trump is bad in a million different ways? There is something fundamentally broken about the democratic establishment and Joe Biden. I'm not saying everybody feels that way, but I'm willing to bet you find. Lots of people who do Trump put it more bluntly himself quote: Bernie Sanders is out. Thank you to Elizabeth Warren not for her. Bernie would have one almost every state on Super Tuesday, the president tweeted. This ended just like the Democrats and Indians. He wanted same as the crooked Hilary fiasco. The Barney people should come to the Republican Party trade
knows it. He knows there big on labour and trade and a true the Democrats ever wanted burning, but you know what Bernie Supporters Bernie never wanted, Bernie, I maybe he did but I'll tell you what how fast? How quickly did he bend the knee to the establishment in twenty sixteen and twenty twenty one a collar revolution? If Bernie Sanders came out in twenty sixteen or this year, maybe it may be in twenty sixth any better than aid, because whose I'll try again next. You note in the next cycle. Fine, then Bernie could have come out right now and said to all of its supporters vote third party. You know I they're not going to vote for the Democrats. Some of them might, but you need a mass movement to attract to break the two party system. Not I don't ultimately care too much for the two parties, as am I dont like the control of two major establishment, private organizations. I can I get it. It is the way it is and you can't break and if you're in
cider, although when Republicans you know with with them, Donald Trump was able to do it. The Democrats have kept up Bernie Sanders. Bernie could have converted his movement into a major push for an alternative, and, yes, it would have meant trumpet likely. When, because it's what the vote, it would disrupt the Democratic Party in the establishment. He didn't do that. He could have done that. Perhaps the best thing for Barney supporters Thine is to find a third party candidate who speaks to their values and, of course, the Green Party much more likely does if you can see it, imagine what would happen if in twenty twenty November I did say I mean election was a twenty imagine what would happen if the results came in and it was you know well worth sixty million for Trump. Thirty million Green Party, thirty million Democrat. What would that due to this country you'd see a major shift in the possibilities all of a sudden progressive now seeing a chance to win at twenty four, but actually go to a third party. That's how you meet! That's how you awaken a third party
under that matters, because Bernie Sanders waited until you, I turned around to pull out the blade and put it in your back I know a lot of people like boarding betrayals. We always news gonna, do this Bernie, there's coming out saying, was for a revolution. This is the revolution, we're gonna change or in a fight for these things to immediately bend his me to the democratic establishment to someone like Joe Biden come on. Man you were played, it's time to admit it. They're not gonna, give you what you want. Even Bernie won't give you what you want as best I can tell Bernie fail safe for the agency to attract progressives, so they give all their money to the establishment of decency up Bernie a man who will never fight for you. He betrayed
on supporters so many times on, that's how any these people to vote for Trump, because I'm not I'm not interested in you know, will see how things play out. People have asked me what about four I'll. Tell you, though, to be honest on closer to veto, can turn out. Well, I'm considering Trump I'm closer to voting format. I've ever been I've seen the pass. It never do it well. That times have changed and these people have gone nuts, I'm not there, though I'm still much more point on. Like you, not man, I can't stand any these people the risk to me when I'm seeing now is Joe Biden, Adieu can't talk, Joe roving. You hurt, I mentioned several times, but it's very important point not just that he's make anybody could make it meant. Most of us would vote for literally anyone over Joe Biden that dude scary Donald Trump has as attitude problems. Thou tromp has
hey virile issues, sure fine and you can argue the guy talks, not well, but the dunes doing stuff that works. The economy was going great, Tromp has has ideas and though he may be impulsive at least he's there. You see trap, you say: hey trumpets pupils toes and go for or why are you asking you gotTa Biden, you say: what's pupils students and go up? Well, you know, Why what do you want a number? on the issue. We gotta shortage, you get it Will the Bernie Sanders supporters go to Donald Trump I dont know took us out, though, quote. Twenty percent of the Santer SOAP Sanders Centres vote supported Trump over Clinton and twenty sixteen or stay home and still somewhat gullible today's had once when will be harder this time, because there are less of them. They're just Aren't many crossover. Voters anymore, demographically there most likely to be male over the age of fifty White Non college. Grads and a significant percent belong, belongs to a union at one time
I don't agree with Trump on all the issues, but they do agree with him on welfare and immigration and they think he's a victim of a hostile media Democrats believe it avoid a repeat this time around because trumps incumbency and how early sanders, backed by sanders was still right against putting at this time in twenty. Sixteen, does. She was still running against Brok Obama. This point. No eight and some Applicants are also sceptical haven't seen the same effect in our twenty battleground, pulling Ward GNP pollster Chris Wilson own. A handful one to three percent of Barney voters vote Trump in a Trump Biden ballot. It looks like a big chunk of sanders. Ten sixteen vote was an De Hilary protest about and then explain The twenty sixteen Bernie Trump Vote Wilson at it Anders early endorsement of buying makes all the difference in the world said: democratic, strategist, bread, bedding and twenty six. In the war between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, lasted July and gave the Vermont Senator support only four months to grieve get over there.
Heroes, defeat and do a one. Eighty to vote for the democratic nominee in November. Now sanders, voters have a full seven months to lick their bones and get back in the fight. The other and for a lower Sandra, supported, affection right this year, opposed to four years ago, will be four years of Donald Trump for progressive activists. The reality of the trunk presidency when you twenty, is a more compelling reason to vote for democratic standard bearer than the threat of a top priority. While presidency was in twenty. Sixteen an essay on another Bannon has a different message: either don't or vote Trump wrought. Former White House Chief Studies, Steve betting on real time
will mark the Bernie. People helped make Trump president and they're gonna help make trot president again because he's been screwed by the Democratic Party. I think we're in a sea alot of Bernie voters, protest and that's gonna cost democratically, but but here's the thing, men, Donald Trump, was benefited by these Bernie votes. Without them he may be in trouble cause Trump one by narrow margins, but even in York, times reported last fall. That trumps based today is bigger than ever. I think trumps won over a ton of Democrats already an
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