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Democrats PANIC As Trump Hits ANOTHER Polling Record And Biden Is Useless, Dems Riddled With Anxiety


Democrats PANIC As Trump Hits ANOTHER Polling Record And Biden Is Useless, Dems Riddled With Anxiety. Several Democrats expressed fear, concern, and anxiety as Trump for the second day shattered his approval rating record.One Democrat said that the party was "riddled with anxiety" and fear over Biden's failures and Trump's success.More bad news came for Democrats as the media has started catching on to Andrew Cuomo's failures as well. They've tried to prop up Biden for too long and its failing, next came governor Cuomo but now that is failing as people start to realize he's doing the exact same thing Trump is.Republicans are once again gloating over Democrats failures and the polls show they are definitely winning this one.We will see how things play out in November and in the coming weeks but if I had to make a bet it'd not be on Biden or Democrats.

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Over the past. Several months, Democrats have had a lot to freak out about and boy have they their impeachment failed. Donald Trump, millions of dollars, offer the impeachment size it. His approval writing rise. He's had major court victories and then Bernie Sanders started dominating the democratic primary. So yeah, it's been a bit it a bit chaotic to say the least. Well, once again Denmark, it's our freaking out and a kind of eight to say it, because I talk about this a lot Would you gotta see some of these quotes in this story from the hill democratic fears rise again, as corroded virus she's bite into the sidelines? I mean they're cussing over this Donald Trump on TV in killer ratings. His approval writing has gone. Reached a new record high, but wait. I'm not talk, about yesterday's? That's right! yesterday I mentioned that Donald Trump approval. Writing in the aggregate was higher than it ever been according to real, clear politics, and today, with new Paul's added, it is even higher.
I'll try, Amazon, TV, reassuring Americans and Joe Biden is nowhere to be found and when he does here he Morrison mumbles, incoherently. In fact, one network chose to air Cuomo instead of the presumptive presidential nominee. For the Democrats, but I'll tell you what the media's attempt to protect Joe Biden is laugh Well, but boy: are they doing it? Now? I don't want to be. You know, I'd want to exaggerate their many outlets that are calling out Biden specially. Rest of outlets, but there are some articles that pop up that just make me laugh. They are desperately try, Make it seem, like Joe Biden, is doing something whose his vice presidential pick a gun. Nobody knows or cares. Man you got record ratings for Donald Trump ends. Providing through the roof. I think we're done here. Donald Trump is good. Sweeping November, and the media can try all they like, but there is still a last resort Yes, the media is Loving Andrew Cuomo has been doing, is press briefings during the global pandemic,
and now there is talk of drafting him. Newt the New York Times a puff peace, but something interesting is happening here is well you see the media can't keep pretending that Cuomo is very different from Trump because they ve been. While the same things and now people are starting to wise up, namely progressives are calling out. Drew Cuomo for essentially saying the same things as Trump, but the media gives him a pass. Why is that? Because the people in meeting our democratic activists be honest. They know Joe Biden out there trying to popham up, but the reality is they need someone else. I think it's only Cuomo. I think Troms got this one, the bag gotta see as approval riding on this is not for the first time ever in the ABC News. Washington, post pole trump is above the his positive he's too points positive. That's that's crazy! So, let's take a look. They ve, they ve, tried claiming it's bad news for the president. Now it's good news: the Poles are biased, but let's see before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd
support. My work, their several ways you can give the best thing you can do share this video on that fairly convinced. I don't want to hear it but hate the news is the it was, and I'm going to show you these sources to back up what I have to say sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the notification Bell because Youtube doesn't notify everybody, and often they suppress my He owes de rank demonetized all that stuff. So if we really want, if you really want sure you get these videos than subscribe and hit the like button. If you, if you would be inclined the hill says Democrat are growing increasingly anxious that Joe Biden, is losing ground to President Trump as a nation, guilt of an unprecedented national crisis in the pandemic, the stuff stories, shoved the democratic presidential primary right out of the headlines, just as the former vice president was seeking to pivot to the general election. It has made it easier for Bernie Sanders to stay in the primary fight, as there is less. Sure from the media and Democrats for him to get out with the focus on the pandemic. At the same time,
It's made it more difficult for binding to get his message up. I'm sorry biting differ, They getting his message out has to do with him having no message, and it has to do with him not being able to speak properly. But Sweden. Energy and enthusiasm. That was surging towards the Biden campaign, whites Super Tuesday has largely devolved to a national axed over a damaged economy, and I see The rising number of a pet krona virus cases in deaths Democrats already deeply worried about losing a second presidential election. A trump have seen their fears. Oh higher and some of them, pointing fingers at Biden and his campaign, who they say need to do a better job of getting buttons message out nationally. What were you thinking nominating the sky man? I tell you quote: it's the perfect cocktail of Anne S, storm against where we keep a family friendly, one democratic strategist put it, but the Democrats or swearing a pandemic. No one expected
a horrible present at the helm and a repeat of the twenty. Sixteen primary with a candidate doing do damage to his own party. No one wants to be a whole that sound the alarm, but it's pretty bad well to get em swear I gotta say must be: right must be true. The pandemic has put even greater spot Lenin Trump who has become a central player in the daily briefings on his administrations. Kind of irish response, trumps ACT As always have divided, the public he's come on, criticism in recent days for suggesting much of the country could reopen for business Easter Sunday April twelfth a timeframe. Many public health experts say, seems optimistic at best, but let me stop you're right there. The hill. This is coming from media pundits, who are propping up Cuomo. Inviting No, no. I won't take their comments seriously when Georgie, the american people in the aggregate like what Europe is doing and around the time Trump said we need to get back to work is poor skyrocketed because Americans paying attention. As my body, Adam from the TIM Cast, iron pot gets put it all of these people are
unemployment at home there lay off, so they have nothing nothing to do, but to watch the news and see what Trump to say and their seeing the media lie. Sorry pundits, no one's buying it anymore. They say Yet poles have shown that a majority of the public approves of trumps management of the crisis so far something administration has pointed to Biden, meanwhile, has not even been the most prominent Democrat on the crisis that spot he's gone to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is dealing with at the centre of the. U S crisis in his state, it is the it is Only the end of March with a general action still More than seven months away and some damage, say. Their party is falling victim once again to perpetual worrying Democrats are constantly panicked. Riddled with anxiety, I am not said democratic strategists, Michael Trujillo, Trujillo. Ok, I must operate I got a ton of videos, worm, saying, Democrats, panic right and I gotta admit, unlike is this really happening like how could this be everyday? A new story, pops up the media about some demo
party member freaking out or the party freaking out they set it. Not me democratic strategist said they are constantly panicked and and with riddled with anxiety did is gonna landslide. He know that will trumps approval ratings are at their highest. Level. In three years you mean for his entire presidency a gallop pull out this so that forty nine percent approve of the job is doing as president. While forty five percent disapprove they still seem low for president handling a national crisis, give it time, I'm not getting give it time at such times. Americans often rally around their leader. This guy says in a normal crisis, Trot would be at seventy plus approval. The fact that Trump his cronies are celebrating the numbers they have today. Dont your stand that the post, the post mortem krona virus
Lorries will be hitting his campaign at the same time a well rested and fully funded vice President Biden is bring it to him hard. He said this is perfect. For us, nice try, buddy, nobody's buying up the american people, appreciate what he's doing and if this does extend they will keep approving of him. Other Democrats are stressed that binding sidelined in a normal campaign you're norm on an and under normal circumstances. Joe Biden right now would be the spokesperson of the Democratic Party said: democratic strategist, Joel Paine, who work for Hillary Clinton, but this is no normal time and the democratic nominees Process seems frozen in place. What complicates matters further into the crowd of irish pandemic has prevented traditional campaigning and taken up get up. All of the auction in the media. Echo chamber Republicans have seized on the absence with we can't and comments asking where's Joe Biden this week sought to break through the noise so a camera in his Wilmington Delaware Basement and speaking. The voters he also made in it
Europe's by life dream on the view and it in views CNN and MSNBC, and this is where it really sad when the media trying to prove this guy up enough enough man, this guy is he's not doing nothing for anybody right now it's over, but of course they ll try on Thursday he appeared in a Jimmy him alive in what was building as build as an abbreviated quarantine, Digital Edition of the late night show he also how they virtual press conference with reporters this week, where he attacked Trump for wanting to He open businesses around Easter he's, signalled he wanted to move on to the general election, dismissing idea of another debate with sand, as I think we ve had enough debate by told reporters all core tend in their own homes. I think we should get on with this democratic strategist. Jim Manly, Biden finds himself in Turkey terrain right now. My hope is that is to raise his visibility to show the contrast with Trump referring this
Anders Manly said he should do the right thing and step aside, but its clear, that's not going to happen. Well, I think you get the point. They say asked about the campaigns. Current playbook, a democratic donor, summed up not great. At the same time, keeping bite and out of the new cycle has its also has its advantages, but to the extent this is a strategy it's a strategy of letting Trop bury himself, avoiding unforced this is not a bad one. The donor added, if you or a commanding speaker, not prone to gaffes I'd advise differently. It's kind of sad how desperate they are. The saying let trot keep making mistakes. The american people don't think making mistakes whore. Trying to convince the training and has a lot of people. Here's the New York Times opinion peace. What Joe Biden can do three options on the politics of the corona virus offer sharp fresh criticism, he can name a shadow cabinet and he can ignore the criticism and don't try to grab the spot. Like that's right, Joe Biden has a chance. Well, let me tell you New York Times you can give
the advice in the world, but there is no better advice than what the Atlantic offered up. Joe Biden stay alive, excellent campaign strategy. I might add now I'll pause because will be a bit. You know a humorous here. I hope Joe Joe Biden stays healthy and well for sure know. I wish you know you know. Illness runs down anybody. I think Joe Biden should be in the race, but I certainly apiarians healthy. I mean these are time for people get sick, older people are more, are more susceptible and more but more vulnerable. So for sure we cannot take it The story from the Atlantic Democrats need little from the front runner beyond his corporeal presence. Is that the best you can muster Barack Obama had opened up Joe Biden, has vote for me, I'm still alive. That's it! The ok! If you, if you're, not gonna, if you're a Democrat you not freaking out about this, I don't want to tell you men, because this is now there I came about somebody this on Twitter, their little
they trying to run a nobody against Donald Trump, not Donald Trump, as is, is smashing his his writings approval, writings, you're gonna, run a body a guy Desgas alive man spare me, but of course they do want a, but they do want to blame Bernie Sanders. Why can't Bernie accept that democratic voters? Voters didn't want him well, Bernie, Britain to instil, I mean, come on. What's Joe Biden, doing, let's take a look at how the media has come in for Trump. I love this one Cnn. All you know they hate to admit it. President Trump is popular as he's ever been right now. What what what what who can wait, what do you mean he's? as popular as he's ever been his more popular than ever. His approval rating is high. You're than ever
but now see- and I won't while single out the one Paul where it shows him reaching a tie and then say, but in this one Paul he's only as Popper Popular has ever been yet because they know they have to address the fact that the american people, like the president, you're losing grip on the public. These. I wonder at what point the media is going to just capitulating say most people liked resident. So that's the narrative will accept because I don't trust them have principles the only saying things there saying, because I think most Americans hate the President Chris as foreseen and says. Here's an and indisputable fact, President Donald Trump, as popular today as he has been since his first day in office. Now, I'm gonna stop right. There buddy. I can dispute that fact. Trop is more popular today, and he was so back in august- accords the New York Times we'll get to that human Since that a new Gallup Poll trumps approval, writing is forty nine percent, which is a tie for his highest here. I want to talk about. You know trumps management. The crisis has shown people, people like what is doing sixty percent of American
I approve of the job, is doing what it does: when the ad, like you know, criticisms of tromp and trying to mislead. This seems to me like, CNN begrudgingly having to cover this story. It would be weird if they didn't mention it right. The reality is tromp is absolutely corruption. At the their day. I showed you that trumps approval. Writing was forty. Seven four Zem presented his disapproval. Around forty nine point, five now his disappear Will it still higher, but this is the highest. Its ever and, as of today, with the release of a new ABC News, Washington, Pole, Donald Trump approval running, has once again climbed way higher at forty seven point: three, the story back in August- seventeen team, don't assume trumps approval writing can't climb higher. It already has millions. American who'd Americans who did not like the present in twenty. Sixteen now say: they do, they dont get it. They don't get it man trouble job has been doing better and better thought. His entire
residency. The economy is a major issue for people and their having it better than ever, and no one blames him for this now so is overseen and brings us up that. There's a couple reasons why this may be happening. One of them is no one blames the president for the for the economic downturn and their hoping he'll do anything They are hoping that he'll do his best, regardless of if it works. I honestly believe that's correct our, I don't want to say that the CNN article is the worst article, but come on guys give the dude credit. American Americans are happy with the job trump is doing. We can see the poles every single day This is incredible stuff, but I think we are seeing is as I'm and earlier people are out. I'm unemployed, watching the news listening to the president record. Is these these tv ratings arson a ship they see the media lie. But what really see is a president who is trying to offer up optimism and hope. We're gonna get you all back working we're gonna help. You were gonna, get this
he was package to. The overwhelming majority of Americans, Democrat and Republican alike, want this stimulus, check and trop side. We will get this to you. He also offered up hope of some clinical trials for potential treatments and the media attacked him, for it You see they thought they could get away with it this time because they ve done it so often taking trump out of context and smearing em, but the american people got nothing better to do than watch the news. So when it comes to trumps, approve his end in its handling of the corona virus. I know I've shown you this in the past couple of days, but it, but I gotta show you that it keeps going up right now. Fifty point six percent of people approve of the job Donald Trump is doing, and this includes poles from back on the thirteenth and the eleventh. If you get rid of those, he is way above water- and this is nuts but when a time it wouldn't want, when a time of crisis hits you can see that people, actually they actually care. They want to know what the present is doing to help them and it so easy to complain about trumps attitude in his power.
The mouth we can look at us favour ability. Actually really easy to say. I don't like that guy, when you're not done with a crisis, his favorite Billy has ticked upward a little bit, but you this shows trumps. Favourably floats are on the same place, meaning so that people who just like the guy, but they approve of the job, doing right now, more so than they care about who he is as a person trump might not when anyone over, but as Trump, self sad- and I believe I could be pair on paraphrasing- could be wrongly said- something like I'm a mean guy, but I work for you and right now, more than ever actually matters to a lot of people especially when we're dealing with. As I know, I did a lot, but it really is important April first is coming, rent checks will be missed and the next wave of industry will be shattered by the collapse of our economy. So Trump is working together it started now. Of course, you may have seen the news where they are. As I mentioned earlier, there, propping up Andrew Cuomo side lining Joe Biden. What people are starting to question wait a minute Andrew.
Cuomo shouted the same treatment plan as Donald Trump. How come nobody blamed him for that? Andrew Cuomo was deal. Eyeing the shut down in New York. Where was the criticism? I thought they criticise, trot for the same thing, not taking it seriously soon enough Andrew Cuomo. He wants to reopen the economy same as Trump. Where is the media to drag this guy? Well, it's starting to emerge the Columbia Journalism Review has this story glowing coverage of while also raises difficult questions. I would like to end with the story, because if the Democrats are freaking out now about Joe Biden Potential and there, but not a plan b with Cuomo, its seems that progressive media starting to understand Cuomo, is not a saint either and that he is right for attack as well, because the present, what Bernie Sanders so Colombia, journalism review, is more of a progressive outlet. They published some fake news in the past, but here they are,
going after Cuomo. Now I must, I must admit I must point out a lot of this- really is heads complementary to the man to say the least they gonna talk about how does all this really really great coverage, but they say something interesting Cuomo is getting giving was giving a lot of these journalists access and don't want to jeopardize that access by criticising, and they know if they call him out, he's gonna theirs a phone call to their news organization and someone's gonna get cut off. They can't have that. So this is access. Journalism, say good things. They say reporters who, right ethically of Cuomo know they can expect an angry administration phone call, not usually on the record before and after publication. I have personally been cursed out by promos aids while this tactic to an outsider may seem alienating it's a save your approach to take because journalists prize engagement there. To know the press officers responsive in some way Cuomo AIDS are known for answering emails and phone calls quickly, even if they find a line of questioning hostile.
A war without scorching the earth. So now we get to the Juicy stuff None of this should excuse the media writ large from taking a more critical approach to qualmless handling of the pandemic. There have been relatively few cos Chauncey, initially dismissed De Palacio call for a shelter in place policy for New York City. Only to implement almost exact we? What the mayor asked for several days later on Monday March sixteenth Cuomo said he would impose a requirement similar to San Francisco, which call for people to stay in home stay home as much as possible and clothes most businesses, a top Cuomo administration, official said there was no consideration of Debar, deplores Yos Shelter in place policy, but by Sunday March, twenty second, a statewide org. From Cuomo known as pause, was doing just that Cuomo Drouet drew praise for a society of nests. That's right, the media prompt him up when he downplayed this. What do you say? So you had something like get real bill or something
get with a bill to build a blog, we are not shutting down, it will not happen and guess what the new what city Democrats they were. The going on tv, send go out and go party and now we wonder why New York is doing so miserably bad leadership. Look in these times. I will give my support to the best of my ability to the president and to Cuomo as it pertains to to this pandemic ominously fan of either that's that's neither here nor there. The issue at hand is they need to succeed, but Andrew Cuomo for all of the puff pieces about I said numerous things the same as the president. They say most important, the same question must be active Cuomo that journalists are rightly demanding of Trump. Why you more prepared New York the global city virus was ravaging China in January and was likely to reach the five boroughs. Why? the state of New York ready to enact harsher policies closing down school businesses and major gathering places when the first covert nineteen case appear in March. First,
Why, in January, didn't knew your plan, for these inevitable closures: informing parents, schools, closing businesses couldn't operate normally. Why was that? severity of Covet nineteen denied, with Cuomo succumbing to public pressure, to enact tough measures when it was effectively too late Why is a governor being praised for his leadership skills when a shelter in place order came twenty two days after the first car virus case? Why is York City, the next northern ITALY, these these are the kinds of questions that will take more than a powerpoint slides. To answer. Bravo, good, sir! It's about time some of the media called the sky out. Cuomo, not sure. If closing all businesses keeping everyone home was the best public health strategy. Boy sounds a bit like Donald Trump What is the media gonna call him out? They are not they're gonna keep singing his praises. Now, of course, there too, peering into buildup lazo, though the Plaza run down. The intelligence are right,
I'm sorry. This is David offering lender for the New York Intelligence, Newark, mag intelligencer. When New York needed a most build applause. Yo had his worst weak as Mayor Cuomo is gained some flack right now, I'm surprised, he's made up is made many missteps, I'm not gonna Cedar Screechin his face, I'm not gonna sit here and Screechin trumps face either. Just please guys get the job done. I don't know perfect, and hindsight is twenty twenty. The answer, those questions about. Why didn't do a better job, same for him and everyone else, including the media. Hindsight is twenty twenty we didn't know and we could have an should have done better and maybe we'll do it next time. I dunno humans have short members, unfortunately, but the Democrats themselves are facing when their worst weeks ever. Build a blog, is getting torn up in the media now some knowledge are starting to question Cuomo, whose their new shining star Joe Biden,
Nowhere to be seen and, more importantly, Donald Trump approval? Writing- is breaking records to be above water for the first time in the ABC News. Washington postponed serious, because both those Alex tend not to like the guy is, has been a very, very bad, week for Democrats, one of their worst and it's about time. We stopped making it about partisanship, we had Nancy This triggered one republican say no, we're gonna do a record vote this because I republican agree no we're gonna, do a record vote on this, because I don't agree with what they put into it. The Democrats delay the stimulus to the american people. Now could be too late. They have done nothing but burn burn having the ground there. There they are in coherent. Their fighting among themselves. Trump, on the other hand, is just doing better and better, and the american people can see it we'll see would happen. Come November, but, more importantly, I guess we'll see what happens in the coming weeks. I hope I helped the best reverie body of everyone stays healthy. We get through this wanting economy recovers. I'm concerned out what happens next week, but we will see
I'll leave it there thanks rang and sick around next, second will be coming up at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news. It is a different gentle and I will see you all there. April first is around the corner, and if people don't have money to pay rent, there will be a destructive shy wave rippling through our economy, worse potential worse than we saw with the initial shut down of the service in retail industries. People can't pay rent, Randal management companies, lenders insurance companies, maintenance malls. They can't in play that they can employ their staff without that cash. So we can see a major billing effect damaging economy even worse, so we need to get a stimulus package past now, but cause your Cortez is outraged because the stimulus package does it include cash payments, to illegal immigrants. Why should it I dont know not? Is a bit more complicated this, because you can
technically argue that agencies also demanding that foreign investors get access. Doors thing was baggage, I'm not exaggerating YO see was trying to come out in a way demanding ash payments for illegal immigrants? But she couldn't say that right, because if you. Twitter and said I demand illegal immigrants, get access to our money, people revolts. So she said people with I ten numbers is our tax number for the IRS for people who are typically now citizens, but the two primary groups that are involved in receiving item numbers are legal immigrants and foreign and stirs just say it dude. You want people are not citizens to get access to our stimulus package when it's already gonna get a massively increase the debt per family. Now because This we are actually seeing a Republican Thomas Massey Demur ending a recorded vote or or for now so you that all of you might want to record of. I will see what happens, but all of these house,
on the cars and are rushing back to DC, because we gotta get his bill passed in all men. I'm sure the bills got bad stuff in it. I am sure it does there You know. There's people complaining about a provision page, seven, eighty one that guarantees twenty five million for congressional salaries and expenses. Now some, of the House have pushed back saying this is to expand techno, that technological abilities for teleconferencing, so that people can work from home or remotely Whatever some people have said, it's about them getting salary raises, it doesn't darkly say raise button with appoint, as I'm sure the bills, not perfect man I can tell you this we're between rock and a hard place. Nancy policies bill is insane and she's probably try and push that Ford in the next session with the next stimulus, because this one's not gonna be enough. Now we can thank the Democrats, for taking it as long as we have- and you know I think, this measure is all right guy for you. I don't know a lot about em, but is now really the time not I would if I, if
through shaded Elsie. For wanting to do the same thing, I do not think it appropriate for this gotta be doing the same thing either, because April first is coming. This is going. To be you know the dominoes falling down. The support columns were our economy are crumbling. Now is not the time it's important talk about within it. It's important to call it out, but you can do something to to change some of these provisions or polemic. Later I don't know man and tell you this a yo see, wants to give non citizens access to our stimulus package, which is already dangerous too trillion dollars jammed into the economy is not going to be a good thing for When already we're seeing stories that goods at supermarkets, like milk rednecks skyrocketing, thirty percent increases due to the insane demand. What do you think's going to happen when people can't pay their rent? Oh, it's gonna be amazing. When people aren't working and then we d, money to the economy. Remember which country did that Venezuela
I can't tell you all the nitty gritty details of how you know them printing money like morons, resulted in the destruction of our economies. There are a lot of things involved and the destruction of their economy it'll be a little different here, because we're giving people cash and we're still trying to rely on some free market functions. So it may work out better, but I think it's possible will see massive inflation. So would it be appropriate to increase the you trillion a two point: five trillion are more or whatever, because illegal prince aren't getting access to our money. No, it makes no sense, it's bad enough, we're doing two trillion dollars, but again April, first, a common. So like I said, Elsie strutted weasel away around this. One of my paycheck turns out. The daily mail says: oh cause: we're tests has lashed out Republicans because the two trillion The stimulus bell, does not include direct payments to taxpayers without a social security number, including p living in the. U S illegally, to clarify twelve. Hundred dollar checks are only going to some with social, secure
numbers not immigrants with tax ideas, Itunes. The freshmen Democrat from New York wrote in a tweet on Thursday. I hate how they do this. They they may conflate immigrant and legal immigrant there's a difference. Some people waited in line took a task got approved. Did everything right and have come here and joined our community with love and respect? Others were seeking fast economic gain or access to resources and came through illegally. I have sympathy to those who are desperate and want to improve their lives. You betcha, but there are people who did everything they could to come here, legally, not easy, and we have asked for a reason, especially right now, when we're dealing with a global pandemic, we need to get a hold what's happening with our borders? We cannot have a million plus people pouring in especially listen man you gotta get me really angry are high but those are overloading- we cannot just keep pulling people into a sinking ship. Could you imagine your about you spring a leak and you?
use people panicking, say we use our bathing water and you say hey: why? Don't we let all those people on the boat to organise sinks Mr Mann, how about we the cure. Our shit before we start let another people on now, while we're thinking once we get rid of much that water, we do let people and for the time being, not only do we have an economic crisis with a health care ISIS and you're talking about giving cash to people to immigrants and you're talking about illegal immigrants. Dude, I'm going to show you the it's like me, you gotTa Wikipedia they they break it out for you. She said. Thanks to GNP, these checks will will be cut off the backs of tax paying emigrants who get nothing. Many are essential workers who pay more taxes than Amazon. She continued that's just insane the given about Amazon, not paying taxes, is about like a court, the corporate tax rates- and it's very very-
no mere cited Amazon, does pay taxes. They pay like employment taxes in property tax at a much more the taxes, but people are typically talking about at the end of the year, with their profits, how much they pay in taxes and their tax incentives and their art, its general tax structure. The laws him to get past this so which pursue talk to their meaning that they make them into different thing? So now, when a company like Amazon, pays billions upon billions and employer employee taxes- and you know property taxes and other kinds of taxes, it's not the same as corporate tax on profits, but are still paying. Taxes will be real They say the Internal Revenue service issues items. I t I ends to text who are ineligible for social security number, mostly, though, not exclusively because they are present in the country illegally, U S, citizens, legal permanent residents and I with an immigrant work. These are all eligible for social security numbers for tax purposes. However, on authorized, against, can and do file taxes leaving immigrant advocates outraged that they will not receive care
payments under the Stimulus bill man. This is this is nuts. This is what you have created the Democrats. The far left one open borders. I remember ten years ago when they were saying we gotta get a hold on our borders and security. That was Bernie Sanders. I remember last: Bernie Sanders as we can open the borders got too many poor people. Now you have created your surf class. Congratulations! You lunatic authoritarian. We cannot afford this your package now it's inside it's like six trillion dollars, it's too from the direct relief and from from Congress in his bill, and then we FED dumping in four trillion and lending power and credit. It is going to drive up inflation. It is not good to just rapidly print
money? We are in serious trouble right now, more unemployment claims now than ever before. Three point three million in like one week and it's gonna go up again, especially like I pointed out April first, and you want us to cut checks for people who are citizens they shouldn't be here in the first place, They can come I'm totally on board with all immigration. I've seen it before everyone. You are welcome to come to America. Legally, you got your process, there is a line. We do this for a reason to protect them to protect us. I have personally experienced what happens to country that do not get a hold on proper immigration, they create ghettos and suffering and poverty. I am not exaggerating when cunt he's just like people coming to do whatever they want. They form segmented enclaves, because that's what people do and we need to make sure that when people come in, we can protect them and everyone else now, because any of these people are evil. I think most people who want a better life- and I totally respect that America is awesome, but why
make sure they're not wandering through ninety miles of open, desert and dying face down in a ditch we have to. We have to have some controls on this plus went to make sure our economy can sustain this kind of growth so to the people who are here they're paying taxes. Look I get its many of them do that's where they have items in the first place. I can respect that, but you know what there's limits there. There's it there's a hard limit and is then there and there are no easy answers, but I certainly do not think it makes sense that women were struggling right now when we're trying to get a hold on our country amid a color. How many american citizens right now taxpaying citizens who, through no fault of their own, have lost jobs and your sang, I know about them. But what about the people who came here legally nor dude? It's not much about the idea of America. First, it's about taking care of America properly and it's about. I guess you can call a kind of economic tree. I someone who was born here pay their taxes. Their whole life is a part of our committee, versus somebody who showed up with in the past few years or whatever vial
Our laws violates our laws. To this day, and the only reason they're paying taxes, because the IRS, while the IRS want that money and they won't share the information with homeland security. So the segment there and the ideas like well, it's better they're paying their limits, its, not sustainable. What's read more, they say we quote, we must put meaningful resources into the pockets of those hardest hit by the corona virus. Immigrant families must be included you're talking about illegal immigrants and foreign investors. This is the funniest part of a whole. Because they can't say illegal immigrant, because I know people would revolt yes, really funny right now, New York's hospitals are being over. Run they. We are nearing our capacity, there's a funny meme about you know it's like white. Why can't the? U S what was where we have hundreds of thousands of people in the hospital for the flu every year. How are we all of a sudden overrun because it's happening all at once
in single locations and tapping fast just be as from January first summer, thirty first of hundreds of thousands of people spread across the entire country. Right that doesn't mean we can handle it all now people said the flu is worse, are from October. First we worry. First, the CDC low and estimate is twelve thousand deaths from the flu in the entirety of the. U S, that is four deaths per hour in the entirety of the? U S in New York, the other day they two hundred, that is for more than four deaths per hour in one state of us, get back to the other issue. I want to rent on that any stimulus package past that does support immigrants. She means illegal immigrants. Is it doing its job as a stimulus package is unclear whether a cause has any of our democratic colleagues plan to obstruct passage of the bill if their demands are not met. How speaker Nancy Plausible, to hold vote on Friday, but will be forced to
is a procedural loophole, because the chamber is not in session and members are currently scattered in their home districts, while Thomas Massey, the Republican, Barely wants are recorded votes. Everyone's rushing back full speed to get to vote on this, look, I don't know if not the time for this, the bill pass, but hey is congresses. So if they got fly back as long as not delaying this. Let's just get it through man and though I do not think illegal immigrants should get access to the stuff, a port policy- wants to plans to hold a voice vote asked for years and nays from anyone present in this chamber and recording whichever she determines is louder. That basically means he's gonna pass it however, the voice vote could be derailed. If any member objects and there isn't a quorum, estimation, millions of lost their jobs due to a pandemic and mandatory business shutdowns will be urging the house vote as they wait for a lifeline and they, Make sure that, while you're out of work, people who came to this kind
we illegally can get that sweet juicy stimulus package. Just like you, because it's not about you, you ve done everything right. Your member of his country, you know a citizen of a country and then someone showed up a year two years ago, three years ago, and now they should get that money to, and you should pay for it because make no mistake stimulus pact. Age is us borrowing, money from ourselves in the future, it will dramatically increase the national debt. It's going to devalue currents, it's gonna result in hyperinflation, it could go to. Mademoiselle Honest well I'd like to show you what an eye ten is. Let me see if I can get this. You now Wikipedia uneconomic to check this out. They say on an individual taxpayer. Identification number United States tax, pausing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service is a nine digit number beginning with the number nine and as arrange India, we get it. They say regardless of immigration status, both rest? and non resident aliens may have federal tax return and payment responsibilities under the IRS. Individuals must
They finally requirement and finally valid for federal income tax to receive an item unless they made an exception, and I turned application cannot be found electronically. The application must be attached to a valid federal income tax return. Let me see if I can find the appropriate here. We go One point: four million people used items when filing tax returns, federal tax law generally habits the IRA, from sharing data with other government agencies, including homeland security, ashore. On authorized aliens. The tax information will be confidential and generally will not be used to initiate removal procedures, Itunes are also used by real estate brokers to facilitate mortgages for unauthorized aliens. In addition to use Otherwise, aliens items are used by or investors in the United States in United real such investor. Need items to file federal date returns to report rental income? Do those People deserve access to our stimulus package. I'm gonna go I've got a linear now
Foreign, real estate investor, chinese foreign, real estate and reform and real estate investors. We have, we have a lot, you think they d of access we get it you want. Illegal immigrants to get access to the stimulus package on off the backs of the american people. Now they're saying this Dumas baggage coming off the backs of working emigrants lies elite immigrants are different from regular fino front from authorized immigrants because they re open authorize. I'm untried, untried, be inoffensive to the best of my ability is so here you can see what is an item really for and for the most part it is illegal immigrants. Why? Well, as we just learned, if you are a permanent residence, a work, work, visa holder or a citizen, you, you are eligible for research carrying over, you won't get an item so whose getting it illegal immigrants and real estate investors, foreign real estate, investors. How does that make sense?
yet a Yossi is trying to weasel her way around the fact, as they call them immigrants and and another, including you know, be a little bit hyperbolic chinese land investors and getting access to our stimulus package. They say across the nation: are we, for those with a social security number everyone earning a semi, five thousand dollars and adjusted gross income. The income on your tax return will receive a one thousand two hundred dollar payment under the stimulus built if it passes in the house, the payment steadily declines for those who make more and faced out for those who earn more than ninety nine thousand for married couples. Both both adults receive one thousand two hundred dollars with phase out starting at one thousand one hundred forty thousand of income and falling too euro for couples who earn a hundred ninety eight thousand, and so you don't have to do anything. Apparently, if you filed taxes in of you're, twenty teen taxes and twenty nineteen, apparently to have all your information already, if you did direct apposite
for your refund they got it already and according to the times, you'll just wake up one day and see money in your bank go and spend it. Now, there's gonna be long term repercussions we're borrowing from ourselves. This means this money is being injected into the economy, and there's no labour or value behind it. So it will kick start things. What, typically, when people are trading their southern there's, a production of value money is not value. Monies. A trade medium and with a government is hoping that, because everything stagnating we gotta pay rent on the first, I don't think we're to build the dirt too little too late. I think we're in d streets. So I guess we'll see what happens the bills, huge cash infusion for hospitals, expecting the flood, huge cached version for hospitals expecting a flood of covered. Nineteen patients totals an estimated one hundred and thirty billion another. Forty five billion would find additional relief through FEMA by local response. F and commit clearly services where the most contentious issues concern. Five hundred billion forget for guaranteed subs
as loans to larger industries, which are core consecrate, has called warp corporate welfare yeah, because companies have employees to what Trump plus the Senate GNP have done is hold the hospitals, working people and the vulnerable hostage, so they can get in five hundred billion. That will be leverage into four trillion in corporate welfare she treated without the wall. Street giveaway GNP refuses to fund hospitals and employment, its inhumane look man, I'm not a big fan of given big cash bailouts than major corporations. We're not talking about a bail out for the bank industry that you know screwed themselves over or start the auto industry, which was falling through their own problems. We're talking about a virus that shocked the economy. Then I'll tell you what April first is gonna, be it's gonna, be the next wave. The next big stone drop in that light wish that waves gonna go out near and feel it it's gonna come you know
or two later we're gonna see how about a really gets. What it is you weigh more lay offs unemployment claims what are in spite of six ten million Autonoe, so that the idea that the that the Democrats think these corporations should just go under is absurd. To me, Even is one of the ideas they ve sat. Is that? But if we give the stimulus package to the people, the people will buy products trickle down, doesn't work. Ok, I agree accept no one's fly. Flying on airlines right now or going to movie theatres. Boeing does need to sent to state sustain itself through this economic crisis as well. I'm a big fan of Boeing about big threat of entities- big Nuno contractors whatever. But what do we do? Do we? Let tens of thousands hunted thousand plus people lose their jobs because initially collapsed or do we say everyone gets ETA
access and then include some theatres in colleges to their criticisms from conservative saying. Why are these performing arts centres going all this money? I don't like that either and perhaps the amount of money for getting too much but listen men. The alternatives are worse. I think, if we don't get things going on, people don't realize up. How close we are the precipice we are. We are inching towards the edge of the cliff and we are starting to look down. I don't is going to be enough or fast enough. Many people have said too little too late. So how do we get our priorities straight? Air sea and we stop worrying about people war, not citizens, because on what people, russian and just try and file something need access to our funds. We cannot give access to our hospitals that are already beleaguered you just not going to work resources are finite. I can't imagine, would have in New York City, but I'll tell you what if it turns out that many non citizens are getting
mostly illegal immigrants are getting access to our crippled healthcare system. You will see. Americans revolt, you absolutely well, it's easy to say all of these empty platitudes and virtue signal about immigration. Up until it's your family and its meaning but let me remind all of you of a dangerous and terrifying reality. First I'll say my heart. Goes out to anybody who sick I want everyone to survive. Trio's exists for a reason. Even I, an american citizen will likely not get access to a hospital for a broken arm or something right now, because they are in desperate need for about four covered patients. That's how our prioritizing things were. Recently. We learned that many hospitals are preparing to announce or or contemplating a universal. Do not Russia take order, regardless of the wishes of the patient or the family. So I want you to consider something. The hospitals are talking about this because they are under strain. They are under
dress. They dont have enough beds the revenue ventilators another's, there's arguments about whether they are the art, not every hospital, on the verge of collapse. But Some are overloading. There will come a point when one of these hospital says we cannot resuscitate your mother, your father, your brother, your sister. Why? Because there's too many people, with what ails you knows. I proposed giving illegal immigrants and Bernie Sanders illegal immigrants, access to work to our health care system. And again I sympathise we don't want to die, but we This had a hard line. You know why there will come a time where you're standing in a hospital or potentially- and this work, its grim and It'Ll- be your mom and she's in a bed with a ventilator, and you are your anxious. You are shaking and all of a sudden, her breathing stops and the doktor comes up to you and you start screaming. Please help her and he says we can't. We can't universal dinner. Your mother will not get any aid, we are letting her go and you
you. Don't want to know why? Why, because the hospitals, overloaded and if they have their way Bernie Sanders ABC Joe Biden, whoever else giving access to our limited healthcare system to non citizens that will increase the likelihood of people in America. Experienced things like this. How insane and nightmarish would it be now? Look I dont want the view, William events that people who are in the non citizens to die. I really really don't, but there's a hard reality to life and its that medical supplies are limited, you want to call it a human right, that's fine, but this we so many doctors as were learning now. If we set a hard limit to day, we cannot give healthcare to every one on the planet. Like Bernie Sanders said only a few months ago that we let these people now. You must seek treatment elsewhere or back to your home country, where they probably have some kind of universal
but after this countries really good. So let me remind you, as these hospitals are compact contemplating this. I dont think these doctors would turn away. Anybody who was on the verge of death or who is very, very sick from kind of arson includes illegal immigrants. But then I want you know. Ios he's gonna have to answer to the people when wondering why the doktor said we are not going to try to save this patient. It's just tube, greater risk. Wonder too much stress and a contributing factor is that the beds are full and some of them are non citizens and if the strain was lower, perhaps they could have saved your family. Now I want to. I want to stress I'm not saying that the reason there doing universal do not necessitate a specifically because of overload or because of illegal immigrants, are anything like that. I'm saying that universal dinners with potential if they don't save your family member could be because their treating illegal immigrants. You will see Americans revolt.
They bring their mom, their grandmother, wife to the hospital. The doctor says we have no beds and it turns out non citizens are using them. People are gonna freak out. I'm not saying this to disparage anybody under sang this woman. Consider there there is a certain when you know when you, when you're in a crisis situation, yet the ration, what little you have, and so all these people said that health care is a human right, you now learn the reality. No, it isn't. You could shoved off they. There are no beds where's your right health care. Now the reality as we need more hospitals, anymore bags. We need emergency supplies, but there is a fine night number of doctors and nurses in beds, so stop playing games, there wasn't cannot gain a rainbows, not elysium with a rich people are just keeping out of aspects for no reason because resources are finite and, unfortunately, healthcare is not a human right, but if there is access, if there are resources available, they'll try to save your but eventually the hospitals will get overloaded like now and now people are
learn the hard way. It is not your show up and they'll say we can't help you. That's a scary future I'll see you on an excitement coming up at one p m on the shuttle. Thanks rang it up. Donald Trump has called for the ousting of GNP congressmen, Thomas Massey, ahead of a vote on these stimulus package Democrats and Republicans in this have agreed upon the terms and now Thomas Massey wants a recorded vote, meaning people in the house will have to press yes, no or present on this bill, and one of them this crazy we're seeing from people who support now seem ass. He himself is that basically, a ton of this money, a lot of the debt that the Americans, the american people will in will accrue, is going to big, balanced, big corporations, the american people see very little of this and their slush things. For Democrats, like twenty five million dollars for the JFK performing arts honours, many people
sir. This bill negotiated by Democrats and Republicans is a really really awful bill with way too much junk in it It is exploiting a crisis because it's the opportunity right. Just like the Democrats, some Republicans our concern that even Republicans have put too much in this bell, but Thomas Massey says he's not delaying it's the same way Pelosi dead by holding up the voted to demand that certain things get added to it, just saying everyone's gonna put their name on it? Basically, while tromp is not happy with it, and this is, this is a tough, All I'm saying so many people on Twitter say the bill is garbage. I stand with Thomas Massey, we shouldn't be putting this through and on sit near. Like I hear you, man, the its eight hundred plus pages, probably full the bunch of gun can garbage. Are we gonna get a perfect bill
can the Democrats Republicans actually do their job, probably not, which is why I have said repeatedly give them all out. I don't care. Here's. The bigger problem April first is coming when it comes to say it and what happens when people don't have any money? This may be too little too late, so fine whatever. Maybe this does even matter, because we are what we only four days away from when rights, what right checks don't come in and the next week of industry gets shattered and this country. So for me, I'm kind of thinking we ve got a major fire burning in our country and you ve got fighting over the water bucket for not being to beg or someone splashed, weird stuff in it. Some LOS Ang I'll only throw this water. If I get what I want their fighting, while everything is burning down around us, maybe we have two: maybe we have to pass it. Look, I understood and the people who work war upset with his bill.
Don't want to see these politicians start to take money from the american people making us take on this debt and then they get their benefits for their pet projects. Maybe maybe there's no answer new there's. None as one of the concerns Thomas Massey brings up, is what people get twelve hundred bucks and then there's trillions of dollars going to other garbage and doesn't make sense, but I don't know, I think, you know, industries need money too, will have a three. This first story and Thomas Massey has responded by the time you walk this. Maybe it will will be passed, but this is breaking and very important right now, political reports, President Donald Trump On Friday called for hours, ousting from the Republican Party, a GNP congressmen who has signalled that he could build up an impending house about on assent. It's two trillion dollar chronic proto virus emergency relief package looks like a third rate grandstand or named Rep Thomas Massey congressmen from unfortunately, a truly great state Kentucky wants to vote.
Dance to the new save our workers bill in Congress. Trumpery on twitter. I don't think that's what Massey is saying. He put an official statement saying he wants a recorded vote. What Those who want to do was just have everyone say: yea or nay, and then she, we're just simply go our eye. The eyes have it and bang the gavel instead of actually going through, individual having the press that button Massey wants people to put their name on this that could obstruct. No, because there are some people who might not want should we vote on it. There are many people would possibly say, nay and they would get to the eyes anyway, but now that he's calling for a recorded vote very well may see somebody votes no and this this bill may not pass. I honestly don't know, but let's wait a little bit more House republican leadership has been concerned that Rep, Thomas Massey will move to demand a recorded tally as opposed to a voice vote on historical This measure throwing a lie:
a minute hurdle and of legislations path to the presence desk, the threat as forced dozens, if not hundreds of lobby, here's to return to Washington from their home districts, navigating cross, interstates and through airports. At a time when public the officials have urged Americans to avoid Donna, the travel in large groups quote. He just wants the publicity. He can't stop at only delay, which is both dangerous and costly. Trumped. Workers and small businesses. Me money now in order to survive virus wasn't therefore fault. It's hell, dealing with gems had give up something stupid in order to get the big picture done. Ninety percent great win back the house throw Massey Utter the Republican Party, and I am not a fan of keeping people out of poverty because they stand on principle I do not believe that Matthews is doing this because he wants publicity. I think you are
able to stamp their name on it. I think you might vote no, but the bill might still pass, but he wants everyone to know. He opposed it. Think about. What's gonna happen, locust polyglot drunkenness like I said, but we're in an emergency circumstance. I cannot think it's fair, man. Politics is awful, isn't it in a few years or here where to look back and say? How did this make it ends? Is awful this bailout socked yeah, it's easy! It's easy! look back and say. Why did I do that when you worked standing next to it? burning building and there's the challenge. Yes, I definitely think politicians, both Republican and Democrats, are exploiting a crisis to get things they want. I think the Democrats held this up to enjoy. Things they want. So maybe it shouldn't pass. I don't know, but man we opened fire out soon, there's not gonna, be anything to complain about. The economy is going to collapse. The industries are gonna, take a head, but you know what it might be too late anyway, because the people are gonna, Miss rent period, cheesecake factor. I know it
Billy he factories- are they gonna pay right, but these are malls is a big industries. These are these are chain restaurant, saying no rent for their landlord, and that includes security staff grounds keepers, maintenance, administrative managers at big malls. So what happens? More people get laid off more industries collapse in the Maldives ready hurting as it is in another message. The president sought target Massey status as chairman of the conservative house. Second amendment caucus writing by imports. During the radical left. Democrats do nothing. Kentucky politician, Thomas Messy is making WAR or the second amendment more and more difficult to win but don't worry, we will win anyway. He says he is a disaster. America and for the great state of Kentucky Massey reached out to tromp. But it is not clear whether the connected according to two sources they say our political says. They previously reported that minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, House, minority rights- its police have been in contact with messy and at the White House, aware of the potential obstacle he posed to the package's final passage. Nancy plus
now on Thursday that the house would vote Friday legislation sending law eggers scrambling back to the capital after they were previously told you have at least one four hours notice that they needed to return. Take a look at what Thomas CS. I want to show you what he said in an inn eleven in an eleven tweet Message- He said I swore an oath to uphold the constitution and to take that oath seriously. In a few moments, I will request a vote on the Cares ACT, which means members of Congo. Will vote on it by pushing yes, no or present the constitution requires that a quorum of members be present to conduct business in the house, right now, millions of essential working class Americans are still required to go to work during this pandemic, such as manufacturing. And workers, health care professionals, pilots, grocery clerks cooks, chefs delivery, drivers, auto mechanics and janitors. Is it too much to ask that the house do its job? Just like the Senate did well, you know, he's got a good boy,
Then I'll tell you what I am not delaying the bill like Nancy plus you did last week the bill that was worked out in the Senate lace. Let late last week was much better before speaker pause. He showed up to destroy it and add days and days of the process. He showed up to destroy it and add days and days at the process. This bill should have been voted on much sooner in both the Senate and the House the five million dollars for the Kennedy Centre, Grey to the National endowment for humanities and arts and millions more other measures that have no direct relation to the crowd of ours pandemic. That twenty five million, for example, should go directly for per duplexing tat gets the number one priority of this bill should have been to expand testing, availability and creation of tests. I gotta say I agree with him on this one.
It look is gonna pass. It doesn't seem like he's shutting down like Pelosi dead to inject a bunch of pork. Maybe the bill wasn't as good. Maybe it's worse now raise making a good point about Nancy, polluting the Democrats injecting garbage into this. He says it should have been the number one priority of the built. It should have been to expand testing availability ability for the creation of tests so that every American, not just the wealthy and privileged, have access to testing We have shut down the world's economy without adequate data, every even those with no symptoms Mead, the access to a test. This bill creates even more. Secrecy around a federal reserve that still refuses to be audited. It allows the Federal Reserve to make decisions about who gets what how much money will print with no transparency. Getting us into six trillion dollars more debt doesn't matter Then why are we not getting through to fifty trillion more and that so we can just give a shit
of one million dollars every person in the country. This stimulus should go straight to the people rather than being funneled through banks and corporate. Things like this bill is doing this. I kind of disagree with two trillion dollars. Divided by One hundred and fifty million workers is about thirteen thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars per person. That's much more than the one thousand two hundred dollars per person check authorized by the spill. I could be wrong, but it's been reported across the board that furloughed workers will also be getting four months of guarantee. From the government and unemployment benefits, plus an additional six hundred. This one thing that many Republicans works about saying, if you're going get your salary plus six hundred bucks. Then it's easier to see Europe, your bill benefit by being laid off, but apparently Bernie Sanders and a bunch of progressive said, Oh heavens, we're gonna give workers a little but extra you know, so I guess that objection was was you know and the data to a certain degree they bring to pass it
I think, Matthews run on something I think is wrong and other things corporations the money. I'm not a big fan of massive corpora power, but what do we say like we're? Gonna give money to people Let me put it this way. If we give a ton of money to people like the economy, where are they spend it? Oh I get it. You know they can go to the store by food and pay rent. That's great the essentials but what about any other part of the economy? And what are the employees, those establishments? These people can't go to Cheesecake Factory and they can't go to the local restaurant to buy things because they are not open. They ve suspended service to it to a great deal their stock at home. Those restaurants, then can't pay their staff. This includes big business, big chains. If people can't fly this means the airlines are in trouble. I do not like the idea of giving mass. Sums of money to airlines, especially for going if they're gonna give big bonuses to their executives, which may be they can do this, but I am not entirely sure but I do know the answer is body so like I can.
Respect at least one aspect of this. If all that's happening as people are going to vote on it hard vote, I kind of like it, I do This is not, in my opinion, a hard delay like we saw with policy, that's a very important point, but he is kind of holding things up a little bit I don't wanna, be a big deal, they'll vote on it and it will take a few minutes longer that really a big deal, but we're gonna get a name of everyone's. Yes, no were present now. I do I want to reiterate, I think, its a bit unfair to put someone even a politician under duress and then say: ah, but you supported it now. Gonna happen. Look man, the bills. Probably garbage policy and shimmer one to inject their garbage and fine. I get it
but are we really gonna? Look back at the politicians who said my constituents are about to see their world and unless we vote on this and then blame them for it? Maybe the Patriot ACT was awful and it shouldn't have been passed. There was so much wrong with that thing. Absolute terrible trash was massive than it read it boat, but that's you know a bit different. That was fear today, we're dealing with fear but real economic consequences, Thomas Massey too, this I just the other day let less. Yesterday morning he says two trillion from Congress for children from the fat in the Treasury, a six trillion dollar stimulus, six trillion divided by Threerd, de million citizens, seventeen thousand per citizen times a family of four sixty eight thousand per family of new stimulus. And dollar devaluation in the stimulus not a good deal. I don't all the math plays outcomes, allow
people seem to ignore the fact that there can be paying wages for four months. At least I've seen that reported across the board. Things are pretty confusing. I gotta admit the house is on fire the economy, which understanding literally means household management is on fire, r, r, r, r huh, was burned to the ground and people are fighting every which way I dont know necessarily whose writer, whose wrong the only thing I can really see is that people want and how delicate the economy is. Another mentioned many times the right thing happening. That's gonna ripple out again the landlords, the building, the building maintenance, the plumbing electricians, all of the industries tat are tied together there. We all rely in each other and it and it seems like a sin. Coal is forming and slowly pulling in more and more do we vote these people in November. That's a trumpet saying he sang pass. It now vote amount November. It s the best we can do. I don't know
a time you watch this? Maybe the bell was passed will see what happens, but at least now we have general understanding why trap is made of the sky, and Much as I am not you know, I don't know you do like these big breaking short bullet kind of stories. This one's really importance all leave their stick around next annual becoming up at four p m. You too, that counts. Lashed him cast my main channel and I will see, Well, then, because every single thing, the president dies or size must be wrong, Sunday sees Chris, hey sad trunk was absolutely wrong to claim that people were taught about shutting down our economy for two years that literally know what that's ever said. That's well groceries you're wrong because Harvard set it and so has MIT. It's very likely or I always a very likely but possible. We are dealing something much more serious than a one time shut down, and it may be True that we cannot ever stop this virus news. Lorries coming out of China are rather alarming. Mister.
In war on recovered krona virus patients, tests negative, then positive. That's right! People who got sick and then got better have gotten again now, it's possible, they never really got better. Maybe they had some of the virus in them. There was one story about a woman who may be had the virus, but then, after she got better, it went to our lungs and she got worse or it could be. It could also be. This is by phase echo multi phase it, meaning your body goes through different stages of the virus or the, absolute worst case scenario. Is that even after your body defeats the virus, it's possible, you catch it again, one of things people, talking about as potential viral load. This basically means that for most for Friday, if you breathing a ton of the virus, you will get severe sometimes. This is why medical workers are are at risk there not just being exposed to one iris here and there were exposed to all of these different patients, and pr has a story they say.
A spate of mysterious. Second time, infections is calling into question the accuracy of covert nineteen diagnostic tools. Even China prepares to lift quarantine measures to allow residents to leave the epicenter of its outbreak next month. It's also raise, and concerns of a possible second wave of cases now could just be, or actually I would even say that I'll just say we expect You know the reason. Why am I t at Harvard side we might be locked down for couple years is because you not say TAT, some of the population catches it? Ninety percent? Doesn't you then, open I'll be back up and all those people who never caught it might catch it. For the first time mean we have to go in waves until we finally get a handle on this. If what hearing is actually that people can re catches and we ve heard that story before we can do anything well. Can we really do locked down permanently for years to make sure it goes away completely? I mean that would get rid of attack of other diseases, but right now, child
has begun, locking down again from the guardian, chow a re, closes all cinemas over corona virus fears at an abrupt reversal of policy. China's film film Bureau has ordered all venues. Had reopened. To cease trading immediately is the worst case scenario mandatory more from a. They say from March Eighteenth, twenty second, the China, city of rule reported no new cases of the virus through through domestic transmission, that is, infection asked down from one person to another the achieve It was seen as a turning point in efforts to contain the virus, which is infected. More than eighty thousand people in China will on was particularly hard hit with more than half of all confirmed. Peace in the country, but someone residents who had tested positive earlier and then recovered from the disease are testing positive for the virus. A second time based on data from several quarantine facilities in the city which House
which house patients for further observation after their discharge from hospitals about five ten percent of patients pronounced recovered, have tested positive again. Now. Here's where it actually gets Julie worse, some of those who retested positive appear to be a symptomatic carriers, those who the virus and art possibly infectious, but do not exhibit any of the illness is associated symptoms, suggesting that the outbreak- and we want is not close to being over. I might add China is lying idle, believe their numbers, two of them are frontline doctors who were sickened and treating patients in their will on hospitals the to the other two are we on residence, they all requested anonymity when speaking with, They are because those who have challenged the government's handling of the outbreak have been detained of the wheel on residents who spoke, NPR exhibited veer symptoms during their first round of illness and was a very Billy hospitalized, the second rest
This white only mild symptoms at first and was quarantined in of more than a dozen makeshift treatment centres erected and who, on during the peak of the outbreak, but when both tested a second time, forty krona virus on Sunday March, twenty second, as a precondition for seeking medic care for unrelated health issues. They tested positive for the Krona virus and though they exhibited none of the typical symptoms, such as a fever or dry Kauf. The time from their recovery and release to the retouched ranged from a few days to a few weeks. Could that second positive hast mean a second round of infections? Biologists I think it is unlikely that a covert nineteen patient could be re infected so quickly after recovery, but. Caution that it is too soon to know under its it was called at nineteen prevention guidelines. China does not include in its in its overall daily count for total and for new cases those who we positive after being released for medical care, China also does not include a symptomatic cases. Incase counts quote
I have no idea why the authorities choose not to count asymptomatic cases in the official case count. I am baffled, said one of them. On doctors who had a second positive test after a covering these four people are now being isolated under medical observation. It is unclear whether they are infectious and why they tested positive after their earlier negative tests. First of all, China. Isn't counting people who literally have the virus, but our asymptomatic. Now, that's bad enough we were assuming they were giving us bunk numbers. Now it may be the case. Yes, we are hearing. The numbers may actually be women. Women some evidence. Here's the absolute worst case scenario. If the people who caught this virus were retain some, that with the virus and are infectious but a
dramatic. That means no matter how long we bunker down a bit. People are going to be carrying. This could have really be two years and it can and cannot economy survivors, I'm gonna have to say I dont think it can it's bad enough, as it is, were hearing potential food shortages. We don't know, but can we bunker down four for two years on and off two months? locked down one month off, I honestly don't thinks I mean to be fair. I think humans are resilient. Me- maybe you know get through this, but this sounds like the absolute worst case scenario and, worse still, these people are symptomatic. Do we then carry the crown of ours permanently, never getting rid of it and are others likely to actually get sick again, meaning the risk will persist. Perhaps there's nothing we can do. Perhaps the only thing we can do is slowly get back to work. Recognising this infection is going to be here to stay, locking down might not actually solved the problem, they say
It is possible they were first given a false negative test results which can happen if the swab used to collect samples of the virus. Mrs bits of the virus doctor when leading a whistle blowing d Where will later died. The virus himself in February tested negative for the quota several times before being accurately diagnosed, and we do that many of the tests China produced, didn't work in full. You're, a Wang Chun a directorate. The state run. Chinese Academy of medical science is estimated at the nuclear acid test used in China. Accurate at identifying positive cases of the corona virus? Only thirty percent to fifty percent of the time on other theory is that because the test amplifies tiny bits of Nay, residual virus from the initial infection could have falsely resulted in that second positive reading. That's what we are hoping for false positives. There are false positive positives. With these types of test, Doktor Jefferies, in a professor of environmental health and signs of Columbia, University, told NPR by email, Shopman Ray
the co authored modeling study, showing that its mission by individuals who did not exhibit any symptoms was a driver of the one operate. How is how real is China's recovery on Tuesday who Bay Province, where we want capital said it would relax lockdown measures that have now been in place for more than two months and begin letting right leave cities the following day wants that begin, lifting its quarantine measures and letting residents leave two weeks later on April, eighth to leave on residence must first test. Negative for the krona virus. According to municipal authorities, such screenings limit will identify remaining asymptomatic virus carriers, but the high rate of false negatives that China. Doctors have cited means many with the virus could pass undetected. Last Thursday. Will on report for the first time since the outbreak began that had no new cases of the virus from the day before a milestone in China's virus containment efforts, the city report,
zero rise in new cases for the following four days accept we just heard they aren't counting asymptomatic carriers. People could could get this virus become, in fact, and then have mild or no symptoms but still be spreading. This China, lying, and we know it because much of their we have no new cases are actions speak louder than words. They are locking down cinemas again. Why? Why? Because people are getting re infected because the lock down didn't work? Is this what we have to look forward to at what point do we even the health experts like doktor about you say: okay now is the time to reopen up, and seeing more infections and then no lo and behold, infection rates are spiking rapidly and quickly again and I'm gonna lockdown. We can survive that way for long arc We all dropped dramatically changed what people are gonna lose their lives if the economy isn't working, there are a lot of We want to drag the president because he sang when you take the economy up and running, and they just
see these people- and it seems like all they really care about his Orangemen bad. No, there are good reasons to get the economy closed. I will absolutely admit- and there are good reasons and a good argument to get the economy up and running again, notably this. Maybe we Yet when is it going to be an ongoing debate over whether or not we do kick start this by April twelfth April, twenty? Fourth, whatever the date, maybe all I know is we're looking at two really awful circumstances and everyone thinks they have the right answers. I wish many people would put down their savers and sub screeching Orangemen bad tromp has said he is going to talk to health experts, but he's setting this he's setting this this goal doktor found he said. Well, it's an aspiration of gold.
Trying to give hope to people and the media made. It seem like their fighting with each other. No, I think, they're in agreement tromp said we want to get it opened by Easter. We will talk with health experts. What more could he say we're in serious trouble for local economy going again April? First common, I got a couple more segments in a few minutes. Stick around. I will see you all shortly And now it has begun check points in between this: rates of themselves. Will this mean that moving forward as the krona virus epidemic gets worse the pandemic? worse. We will actually see states that up real border crossing check points were almost at that point I say we I mean- I think it's vertically.
Actually there, when will it escalate? I dont know Rhode. Island wants to quarantine. Anyone coming from New York, sores at mean the National Guard is gonna, be checking bus stations and train stations. If you, if you're coming off there in a check your ideas just like any other international border and if you're driving and with New York license plates, they will stop you and collect your information. Now, it's not a hard restriction, like You need a passport to certain countries, but this is the beginning of something truly incredible: the states themselves locking down borders think about all the people who called and clamored for open Borders now we're seeing not just I mean this is beyond a complete reversal. This is a lurch super foreign. The complete other direction in Europe in the Euro zone Engines on we just saw Posada right it, whether celebrating the anniversary of the Schenken zone, where you could be in Europe and freely travel to any other country without needing a passport. But now, amid the pandemic
countries within the shotguns on our closing their borders, something I haven't done in decades check points being set up and I wondered: will the United States see this kind of restriction in are in our own country and, dare I say it has begun? from Patch Corona virus in Rhode Island. Any one coming from New York ordered to quarantine. They say number of cases of the new corona virus spiked by thirty three on Thursday, Governor Gina Right Raimondo announced starting immediately they were coming into. The state from New York state will be mandated to self quarantine. For fourteen days, the governor said nearly huh other nations cases of covert nineteen are from New York partition, Really, the New York City, Metro area, Romano, said of cases is rising rising every day because of its geographical, proper. Seventy two Rhode Island. This measure is necessary to keep the infection rate down. She said, no matter how you
come to Rhode, island bus car train plane. You are ordered to quarantine for fourteen days in my judgement, is the most prudent form of action in light of the crisis. I'll tell you what that's not enough. Second, do anything. If people can come from New York in Rhode Island, there is nothing new. Stop to talk with you that this there's nothing you can do to prevent the spread of covert nineteen o coming into Rhode Island. You can tell the quarantine, but there on the trains with everyone else that the gas with everyone else. There pumping gas same as everyone else, and people will touch that same pump in in moments later, and then they will get infected only real thing you can do if you're really concerned about is shut down your borders, but we can't do that. I guess is the next best thing, but I don't think it's can have any real real effect. These they say members. The National Guard will be stationed at train and bus stations to gather the contact information of any one coming in from New York. In addition,
The Rhode Island State Police will station troopers at the state border to flag down vehicles with New York license plates. The information collected will be used only for cod. Tracing by the Rhode Island Department of Health. This is different. This unusual radical Romano said I don't want anyone to panic. Funny thing: Rhode. Island earth should breathe a sigh of relief. We are doing things to keep ourselves safe. This will do nothing. The order expands our models orders from earlier this week requiring any flying into the state, regardless of where they are coming from too self quarantine. For fourteen days where's. The national guard have been stationed at tea green airport to collect the contact information of travellers. The order is not expected to have the impact on interstate shipping or commerce. Romano said, since it is aimed at people who are coming to live or state or or or stay in the state state Police, Colonel James, many said, troopers will only stop passenger vehicles, no tracker trailers or other commerce vehicles
Drivers will be asked where they are going as well as for their address in Rhode, island and other identifying information. This is an unprecedented event. In our history many said we are engaged to help with the public health and safety we ve We realise that there is a lot of stress and anxiety at this time. We realise that there is a lot of stress and anxiety at this time, and I assure you that all troopers will be polite doktor, Nicole Alexander Scott, the director of Health at Rhode, Island Department of Health, so that the department is fully aware, they are more cases in Rhode Island than we have current then have currently been confirmed by testing, because the state is still wrapping up its testing ability. Testing is currently being prioritized for those who are deemed to be most at risk. We get it. They do this with with everyone high risk
testing only let's talk about borders there, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna, go through the rest of what they're talking about in terms of their internal goings on because the bigger issue for me is the impact or sing. What's funny is that as Trump is trying to secure our borders, we see the far left. Come out and claim. Trop is just trying to militarized the border. It's the far right. The leaked documents show systems in border protection, requested more than fifteen hundred extra troops to guard the canadian and mexican borders. The nation reports The crowd of viruses trumps latest excuse to militarized the border, no matter what trump does they will screen that he is wrong, even when every other country is doing something similar and as we look to the far left, screeching once again about border security. What about to tell you that Mexico is actually intended to secure own border from us, that's right mexican citizens are upset that Americans or cross
the border. Amid this pandemic from the BBC Mexicans the crackdown on Americans crossing the border- oh I'm sorry, but trumps racist. When he does it, Mexico isn't or are they Are the Mexicans here demanding? No more Americans come in our country? Are they being bigots in just two or that an issue of national security in a pandemic. You tell me the BBC reports. Residents in Sonora South of the. U S of Arizona have promised to block traffic into Mexico for a second day after closing a check point four hours on Wednesday they were facing. And held signs telling Americans to stay at home? Mexico has fewer than five hundred confirmed covered cases and the U S is over sixty five thousand, while the story is from the twenty six locations from yesterday we have over eighty thousand now the borders posed to be closed to all, except essential business, but
protesters said there have been that there has been little enforcement and no testing by authorities. Let me tell you some the number of cases the US are going up, because we are testing more people in Mexico. They aren't taking it seriously, so it's very likely they have substantially more infections. But so long as this is the perception they're gonna say: no Americans don't come into our cunt kind of funny circumstances in it. The blockade was led by members of the group sent us a Nortons for health and life, who called for medical thing to be done on anyone who crosses from the U S into Mexico Jose Louis Hernandez, a group member told the Arizona Republic there are oh health screenings by the federal government to deal with this pandemic? That's why we hear and Nogales that's why you're Nogales. We ve taken this action, do call the next, President Andrei Manual Lopez Oberdoffer to act now the mexican President has been critic.
As for his response and pandemic, as has pretty U S, President Donald Trump, yes, but the american people appreciate with president is doing and he is trying to do border. Mr Hernandez said the Wednesday demonstrations were a first warning to Mister Lowe, present Lopez, Oberdoffer Popular popularly known by his initials embryo, the group has called for enforcement of the crossing ban on all. U s mexican citizens for tourism or medical reasons, including those who cross the border every day to attend school or work in the. U S. Authorities must also conduct medical testing on Mexicans deported from the. U S. They said the group have vowed to block the Deacon Sheeny checkpoint again after shutting down the afternoon president Tromp has made cutting the number of people crossing the border from Mexico into the EU. A centrepiece of his administration. He blames board crosshairs from the south for bringing economic and social problems into the. U S he announced last week at the frontier was too closed due to corona virus, and now
in what may be a weird Pizarro story. It's actually Mexicans protesting their government demanding the border be shut down. Ok, the nation. Can you please explain to me what your issues mexican citizens themselves are complaining about this? Perhaps the border needs to be closed and everyone agrees except you why? Well there? progressives. They naturally just want to say whatever trump does is bad and they believe in open borders. This writer believes and open borders, but many of them do We can see how open borders really works when epidemic starts, Rhode Island sets up checkpoints so yeah. I think the least we can do a secure internet, no borders, the nation Sassy BP, as requested fifteen hundred fifteen hundred: U S military personnel for border enforcement citing emigrants potential to spread infectious disease according to an internal department of Homeland Security memo obtained exclusively by the nation.
Remember what the memo requests? One thousand military personnel to support c, B B operations in the northern border and an additional five. During forty four. The southwest border, an operation and anticipates, will last through September thirtieth the troops stationed there would increasingly these capacity to protect public health and prevent the spread of covert nineteen granting border patrol the ability to coordinate operational use of military assets and resources. I wonder what these points Does Mexico would think of this? Perhaps they would agree. Americans aren't supposed to be crossing either, so it's up to american enforcement to actually stop people crossing into Mexico as well. We don't need look if mix it wasn't taking seriously and american citizens go over there, they can catch it and bring it back. We are enforced our borders. Yes, he's are trying times. We are telling people to shelter at home and some people aren't listening. Perhaps the best we can do is enforced. The boy that are already in place, I'm not saying what would I
is doing, is good or bad. I honestly don't know, but I can tell you what they're doing is ineffective if right now, Americans can cross into Mexico and vice versa in effective. So you know what the protesters and see BP are correct. In saying we need more security and if Rhode Island really wants to prevent the spread coming from New York, you gotta block traffic. Of course they can't do that. We are allowed to travel between the states that are not. The answer is at the very least. If we can't shut down travel between the states and the virus spreading internally, we can prevent people. Look if someone from Mexico comes in here they might get sick too. Someone who is sick here that could bring the sickness to people in Mexico. Not no one's gonna be happy by that we'll see out plays out, but of course the left will always slam Trump knew every does its bed. I got one more second, coming up for a few minutes. Stick around. I will see you all shortly. There has been a ton of press attention about. Oh,
the older people and people with underline conditions really being at risk and that present a serious problem. First of all, a lot of people, don't trust the media so they ignore the media. When the media comes out and says, hey take care of yourself and many people just don't care, because while they do trust them, and the media kept saying over and over again you'll be fine. If your young, it's only old people, we're gonna couple stores for today, some sad ones, while one sad one. First quote: I've coughed until my throat lead. Nashville woman, twenty one who brag about not taken krona virus seriously and scoffed at social distancing. Now regrets it after testing positive, that's right era. Young people have been going out in partying they been going to beaches, they have just been saying: we dont care, we're gonna, be fine.
Why well the media has said over and over again the people at risk are older people, and then we ve seen people responded by saying. Maybe we should tell young people to get back to work, maybe I don't know, but young people will still get sick and they will still die because other sad story, then a sixteen year old girl did die and she had no underlying conditions: Frank, schoolgirls, schoolgirl. Sixteen with no underlying medical conditions becomes youngest person in Europe to die from krona virus after a slight cough You're so many stories of people catching this feeling asleep, coffin, then one day just dying. That's why so serious New York reported a hundred. I believe the numbers a hundred seventy seven deaths in twenty four hours. Congratulations surpassed the flu. Now you get it right What's the story, a twenty one year old woman from Tennessee who bragged on line about not taking seriously social, distancing advice or us, and nineteen has contracted the deadly virus. Ireland take from Nashville
choked and social media, but how she thought she would not contract the virus and ventured outside with a group of friends, despite strict instructions to stay at home amid the global pandemic. However, days after posting, the video take tested positive for the deadly illness. According to W C tv, she has reported respiratory problems, a tightness in her chest and even blood from too much coughing. Take believed to be at home with their parents under quarantine. She has since recanted on her initial position of making fun of social distancing measures and is urging other people to take the advice seriously previously Take had had taken to social media, saying so aware that we're supposed to be self quarantining and social distancing. All these things to keep everyone safe cool, I get it. I just don't think that I'm going to get the virus. Within days of saying that tape was suffering with symptoms associate with covered nineteen. Here's the photo shes where the mask take
Take it take out said since she believed she caught the virus from friends who, like her, fail to take seriously directives against grew gatherings. She intergroup of twenty friends decided to get together at a mutual friends house. During calls from national city leaders to stay separated in a subsequent video tat, says feels like someone is sitting on my chest at all times. It's really hard to breathe I've coughed until my throat has blood and she's twenty one She has gone on to say that, while krona virus may not appear to affect certain people who are who are infected, you could be affecting someone's grandma or grandpa or aunt, or uncle or sister gonna virus was initially believed to be particularly contagious among the elderly, but in recent more and more young people have also fallen victim, and this is what I said before now, not necessarily when I was Pointing out is that in research dealing with the spanish flu, it hit the elderly first and then a say: and Wave came about in August of that of nineteen eighteen hitting young people. Now these people think they're invincible, but this is how it happens.
Is it going to hit everybody? I don't know, maybe not, but it's a lease hitting some. The World Health Organisation has war ever generations that they are not immune to the virus. Urging them to. Lloyd, socializing and potentially passing covert nineteen to older and more vulnerable people, but just don't get sick yourself. You will get sick who do Their general TED rose at home, get brazenness said the choice young people make about social distancing can be the difference between life and death. I tell you what Do you think it's funny? You don't care and it's all stupid, overripe nonsense. Then you go and get yourself infected by parting and ignoring the stuff, and now one year we are struggling to breathe coughing blood. I hate to say I told you so is not the first person who has done something like this. Now, let's move onto the sad story, the real, the real ramifications of you getting someone else's sick. Get your view getting some one else set a sixteen year old dying before read this
I gotta give a shoutout to my sponsor virtual. She looks I gotta be got. I gotta be honest with you almost all of these visas. I do demonetized and I'm eternally grateful that I have sponsors that help keep my channels afloat, or at least allow me to maintain my business when everyone is taking. It virtual showed us a virtual private network service. This means that when you use them, your data is rooted through a server. I'm I'm home, I'm going to deal with details right, but basically it obvious skates. Your information makes it harder fur nefarious actors to track what you're doing be it hackers, private organisations, governments they want aspiring your stuff. They can't do it for the most part when, or I should say it makes it harder for them. We have a vip and the reality is no. Security is perfect
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attitudes to virtual shield, but let's go back to the story: french schoolgirl. Sixteen with no underlying medical conditions becomes youngest person in Europe to die from krona virus. After developing a slight Kauf, they say a bright and much loved french schoolgirl with no underline conditions died of kroner virus tributes were being held, were being paid to Julie out Elliot up its private as different in french Elio. Sixteen who succumbs to respiratory problems and in a Paris hospital on Wednesday after first developing a slight cough a week ago. We must stop leaving this virus only affects the elderly set her heart, broken Sis Terminal Fret Francis Prime Minister, worn today that he likely spike in cases will put the country's health system under tremendous strain. Officials. Fear that
Hospitals around Paris could be saturated within forty eight hours, Julie, sister added. No one is invincible against this mutant virus Julie just had a slight cough. Last week it got worse last weekend with mucus and on Monday we want to see a general practitioner. It was there that she was diagnosed with respiratory distress. She had no particular illness before this. Then all agree to speak with the parisian newspaper and to release a photograph of her sister, because she wanted to warn us about the risk of corona virus to young people. Until now, many people have thought that old The old are in danger of dying because of the virus. Julia was I'm a long, Jimmu Long GMO in the Essen Department, south of Paris, and was studying at high school while living with her family. She was first rushed to her local family D. There is on Tuesday and then transferred to the Neck Hospital in Paris. Her lungs failed seminar on the doctors at everything they could, but it was impossible to wake her.
Not on what and her mother arrive at the hospital after Julie's death, it was violent. She said we had I am to see her, but we quickly had to think about about the future. Manassa Julia was bright and much loved and loved a dance and sing. You make people laugh its unbearable, said Julius mother Sabine. She just had a mild cough that she tried to cure with syrup herbs and installations. On Saturday, Julie began to be short of breath. She was having a hard time catching her breath. Then came the coughing fettes. These persuaded the family take her to a JP it and a general petitioner who called the emergencies MRS, they arrive in full overalls, mast and gloves. This was another dimension to Sandman. Her funeral will take place on Monday in your hometown, but with only ten people maximum taking part. I read a story.
From one of these doctors, and while these stories will tell you that these people are coughing having coughing fits what you're not hearing, because I think they're trying to spare you the gruesome details in one of the stories I rather from proper pro public up people's lungs film fill with fluid and then no amount of oxygen actually gets in their lungs, so it feels like they are suffocating or drowning event later in there in their mouths. And they they become irrational and panicked. Instinctively they feel like whatever is in their mouth or throat is obstructing them, so they try ripping out the ventilators. People have to be restrained as their brain, goes into survival mode and just thrashing violently that's what happens to people when they suffocate and that's the reality. What happens to these people, these young people, anyone when there in a hospital we have an exponentially increasing number of patients,
Hospitals in his hot spots can't handle it and because the media is untrustworthy, it becomes impossible to know what's really happening. First, you have media lie. Saying these treatments or bank don't take em tromp was a bad man, so people say: ok, they believe it you hear the stories in the media sang the only people at risk really are the elderly and it was Government government official saying very much the same thing like in New York with Belgium Lazo, but then you have media tell you stories like this is work. It's truly terrifying. They'll tried to warn you. I will try to war This is serious and young people die. Do not take this lightly. I will tell you what serious and well, people who watch me choose to, and they probably trust me many people, don't trust the media and so on I see these stories, they, I don't believe it. It's not like it's one person and here's the pole from gallop. Ga the media ranks the lowest in terms of their handling of the corona virus outbreak, so
and though they may try and warn you or they may downplayed people are over it and if we can't get accurate information, people ignore it, they laugh, they think they're invincible and then they die so you know we saw that one guy went on Spring break in Miami apologize saying it was a mistake, see this young woman now in Nashville, whose coughing blood apologizing saying it was a mistake, but for some of these young people it's too late, they don't take it. So firstly, they get. Secondly, Diana. I don't know if this young woman, who sixteen took it seriously or didn't the story, doesn't say that she was flawed.
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