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Democrats PANIC Over Low Turnout In Major Democrat Stronghold As Trump Secret Voters STORM The Polls


Miami is looking better and better for Trump signaling a major victory in Florida.Democrats are getting angry over the polls claiming Biden can't lose as well as the constant media fear mongering over the pandemic which they feel is driving away in person voters.Now in Florida Republicans and trump have a major advantage and Democrats are "screaming and hollering" about desperate need for support to win the state.Instead of defending in Florida or trying to win Texas, for some reason Joe Biden is in Minnesota, a state not lost by Democrats since 1972This suggest the polls are wrong and they know it.Trump is on track for victory at least according to pollsters who got it right in 2016.

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Many people on the right are hoping that Donald Trump wins not just because they want him to win but their hoping to see an explosive melt down from the left like we did in twenty sixteen. Well, I don't know who is going to win, but the pole suggest it's going to be Joe Biden yet still as of right now, Democrats are starting to sweat a bit. Dare I say a panic why they are not seeing the turn out. They need and early voting in Miami Miami date County is deep, blue. It's supposed to go Democrat, but right now, according to early election data, it is to that that my army is swinging Republican very very hard. Now my army is still democrat, but there are seeing week too, not weaker than it was in twenty sixteen and their starting to get scared. Of course, all these poles across the country are saying crazy things,
Texas is gonna swing, Democrat for the first time in forty four years they say it's a toss up state. How could that be taxes? Taxes read some people are saying Minnesota on them, they're saying Minnesota could could possibly go right. I mean we saw the mayors in the iron range Endorse Donald Trump. Well, the Pandit say: Minnesota gonna be blue, our forecast says Minnesota will be democrat and taxes might actually flip. If that were true, wouldn't Joe Biden go to Texas and try to actually flip state. Why is Joe Biden going to Minnesota State, which is supposed to be a Democrat stronghold that he shouldn't need to campaign in? Could it be? My friends at the poles are wrong very wrong, Joe Biden knows it. Imagine there is a ten point. Swing in Joe Biden favour inflated numbers. I use ten points because we ve seen
from certain research have highlighted in the past that about ten percent of trot voters lie about. We are going to vote for not about that's actually true, but imagine this imagine Texas and toss territory. Imagine Minnesota is seven points for Joe Biden that actually, ain't that there's no way Joe Biden can when Texas, because tromp actually has a massive advantage that Minnesota is slipping and might actually turn red. We ve got some stories coming up from political. They talked too to researchers who said Donald Trump is likely gonna win and they are under counting the Trump shy vote now. Naturally, many of these pollsters are trying to dispute these claims, but one of these organizations Trafalgar Group predicted Trump would win and twenty sixteen and they got it right. They predicted most of the states correctly there now saying Trump is gonna win reelection and all of these pollsters are desperately trying to say it's not true. You can't win Donald Trump, won't when well and
fact, perhaps you really will? And although these poles came out- and it seems that we should trust them, why should I trust the media at this point? No, they ve lost all credibility, especially the Hunter Biden story. It's gone, in which case I dont care for any the poles. I care about what we are seeing and what are we seeing we ve got to, top? The bleeding democrat sound alarm in Miami Party officials in Florida, most populous county, are sweating weak early voter turnout among several key groups. All I care about is they gonna, get the votes and care that about their models, they're pulling their forecasts. Let's take a look at the hard numbers before we get started. However, it's him cast outcomes lashed donate. If you would like to support my work, there are many ways can give not appeal box. You on a semi, some stuff with the best thing you can do is share this video now,
for those of you that may be voting trump. This is perhaps good news. You will be hopeful and you will hear at the poles are doing really well. So maybe you I share that both the morale of those who agree with you, I suppose, if Europe, by, and support our summit on eleven may be democratically to realize they dont have this one. In the back, I saw tweet from Genk you're right either. Today, where he was like tromp knows, is gonna lose or whatever, and I was like look of all people. You know Genk should understand the risk of saying we know what's gonna happen. I'll just say this, I dont know who's gonna win. Part of me wants. They trust the experts, the pulsate Trump aloof but now we look at as the days go on, they start saying. Actually improving its improving now looks like Trump might actually win. Florida Minnesota even seems like he's, gonna win Pennsylvania. If we go off the news, if we go off the sentiment, if we go off what we hear from our friends in our family,
and if we go off those who are right in twenty sixteen now trumps gonna win now I dont know what will happen because things have changed dramatically, but if you think it's, if you think I do a good job and you think this information is as relevant. Please share this video endeavour to like subscribe, hit the notification Bell and, let's find out exactly why Democrats are freaking out political reports. Democrats are sounding the alarm about weak voter turnout rates in floored as biggest county Miami date, where a strong report, can showing is Dane during Joe Buttons chances, emanations biggest swing. State no Democrat can win Florida without a huge turn out and big winning margins here to offset losses elsewhere in the state, but Democrats are turning out at lower rates and Republicans and lower rates than at this point in twenty sixteen, when Hillary Clinton, one by twenty nine points. Here
and still lost to state a trump that's freaky, one particular area of concern. Is the relative share of ballots by young voters of color and less reliable democratic voters? Part of the problem according to interviews doesn't democratic elected officials and operatives is the Biden Campaigns decision to discourage field staff from knocking on doors during the pandemic, and its subsequent delay in green lighting and funding are returned a door to door. Canvassing yikes, sound like there are already starting to make excuses. Shore quote. We did not get the kind of funding for different vendors. Who would do that type of work until late in a campaign rap Frederico, Wilson, party institution who represents Miami, is heavily black congressional dust.
Wilson said the Good NEWS is that binds running they commonly Harris is working with her on a turnip event for this weekend geared towards young black men, but the veteran congresswoman said there are still skilled operatives, inner district who excel at turn out work who have yet to get approved by the campaign a puzzling delay for an operation that raised a record three hundred and sixty three billion dollars the month before, unless, of course here it is Joe Biden is not planning on and all the money they are raising their going to pack their coffers for the next cycle, because they dont think Joe Biden can be president. They dont want to waste any. up and coming young stars in the Democratic Party, and so they are not going to spend money in Florida because they know they're losing it. Joe Biden campaigning in Minnesota, which feels like he's desperately trying to stop a damn from breaking. If you
actually on the offensive you'd be in Texas, saying I'm in a flip, this state blue, but how to run like a boxing match when you got one guy, just pushed against the corner and he can't get out neither guys dominating the centre. That's it Joe Biden, he's gotta shearing form saying he's the favourite, but he is getting pummelled right now quote. I screamed hollered. I called I lobby in the top to Bottom Wilson set of our efforts to get turnin operation started in the community, including sending written proposals to the by two by its campaign and having virtual zoom meetings. This advisers and a sign of the states, important Biden and Trump both campaigned in Florida on Thursday Biden held an event in Brower counting which is located within the Miami Fort Lauderdale media market and then how they rally in Tampa where trumped held his own event to burst. Boost early voting turn up Wilson and other Democrats aren't penny,
Yet, although I would say they are, they take comfort in the fact that huge swathes of democratic voters cast absentee belts by male state wide and that Biden narrowly leads and most flora poles, including Monmouth University, likely voter survey released through our release, Thursday, that put the former vice president up by six points. That margin is far bigger than in democratic Internal Poles party officials also point out that black churches are planning souls to the poles of some that encourage voting after church. However, in the era of corona virus Services are virtual virtual in organizing those events is more difficult than in past elections, which brings me to the next and most important bit of news from jail
Miller now. Of course, Jason Miller is he's principle as such W partners and a real Donald Trump twenty twenty senior adviser in a fort the TWAIN. Sixteen communications adviser he treated just spoke with a smart democratic strategist was upset with the media's suppression campaign against by voters. Dams have spent months, scaring voters away from in person voting and are now realising they need those votes and media covert. Fearmongering. Isn't helping, additionally, these possible via bite and voters, just aren't that excited to go stand in line for him. On top of the media driven covered in person, voting fears massive enthusiasm disadvantage for Biden. Camp heading into election day is a problem. The red wave is coming, and then we see this from Amy Clover chart breaking because of last minute. Ruling Minnesota Minnesota do
not put bout in male anymore. In the middle of a pandemic, the Republican Party is doing everything to make it hard for you to vote, stand up for your rights vote in person or take mail in ballot directly to ballot box yikes. They are now advising air colder Amy Club, which are and many others their advising people not to vote by mail, but they spent the whole year telling people at Cove. It is come in the future and there is a major advantage that Republicans have Republicans. Aren't that scared of it for the most part Democrats are mortified. Do Democrats want to stand in line four hours to vote for Joe Biden? No, no one is then an online for hours. A vote against Donald Trump know. Some of them do a lot of trouble arrangement people they will probably crawl ever broken glass of against Donald
from what you need. More than that, the people who are voting for Trump are excited enthusiastic. They want to do it says to me that there is a serious error in the polls now I want. Picture, I highlight this news here from a star Tribune, dueling presidential camp, invalids come to Minnesota wow Joe Biden is defending against a possible flip, nearly forty
eight years in the making the state Minnesota's not robotic voter republican for the President, since nineteen seventy two wise Joe Biden there if he was gonna win easily, could not I'm sorry because the poles are wrong from politico people are going to be shocked. Return of the shy trump voter in twenty sixteen pollsters airy capacity cap, a captain and Robert Kullak hailing saw Trump coming in twenty twenty. They see Paul's again under estimating his support. I'll. Tell you one of the most interesting things about this is that Robert gaily mentions that the Poles were wrong in the mid terms
That's right! The poster said they fixed everything, don't worry, we got it wrong and twenty sixteen we fix fit. It's gonna be good now and then they were wrong in Florida by like four percentage points check this out. This is from Robert gaily of other Trafalgar group. He says I will limit. Let me read you the question election day as next national Pulling averages Joe Biden leading Trump IRAN, nine points. Twenty, sixteen averages had Clinton upper on three, but you both ran pull that showed Trump winning the presidency. When you see Robert Cayley says first, we don't do national poles, that's right, set for the same reason I dont keep up with hits and a baseball game. It's an irrelevance statistic, but the battleground state poles are a little closer than the national Poles, and that's a lot at play people are going to be shocked. A lot of people are going to vote this year, who have been dormant or low propensity voters. I think it's going to be at an all time, high the model of foods
turn out this year are very flawed. What type of person comes out for Trump There in normal election participant there a low propensity voter. Probably like me to be completely honest. We We could then, in all of our surveys and fall twenty sixteen and we are including them now on ice on the before. I read this because he points out how the poles are wrong. As this is important. I've been voted in Sudan for I didn't vote for a presidential election. Since the first time I voted. I voted recently and I voted all Republican. That's the first time. I've ever done it in the past. I voted we're all Democrat when I was younger, because I was basically just told to I voted for Obama, because people tall, music, hope and change, but then I did about care. Other system was broken, but I'll tell you why I did
Sit here, not myself. It's not gonna be an easy thing to do it. You know I work all the time. I work sixty nowadays all day every day and I have not been a voter for a very long time, but I thought to myself something important if I of all people and willing to get up and and do what I have to do to make sure I vote That said a lot to me, I gotta tell you: I've been lazy when it comes to voting for a long time. I've just not believed in it, and if someone like me, is willing to actually get up and do it. That will say a lot for what other people are willing to do. I truly believe that if I say to myself, I will go vote and then I do a lot of other people feel the exact same way and if you one of these people who says, I probably showed that are now you have to: u half do you have to because the poles are wrong check this out here
as poles are under counting the people who don't want to give their real opinions if they had corrected anything? Why didn't they see? on the Santas winning and of its twenty eighteen race for governor in Florida they made the exact same mistake with his opponent Andrew give em the final real, clear politics pulling average in that race had given up by three point six points: the Santas one by zero point. Four. They were off by four points, now there's a margin of error in these poles, but I tell you he's right Hayley said they got it wrong. They did not fix anything. This wasn't some random states race. This was the hottest meanest neck and neck races for governor and senator in in Florida. and off your election. Every single major player was pulling that state and one hundred percent of them got it wrong. We got it right you,
need to make sure your voting on election day? I mean I don't got us, you should vote early, you should vote early enough and, if you're in a vote by male state, drop your bout off in person and do it now. You do not want to risk waiting until the day with massive lines. Go vote but also forget, bring several people with you. Make it a day make it a thing. Get your friends, together and say raw gone about? That's the thing we're doing a day. Get everybody devout, I'm actually really inspired here. We're gonna have record high voting to vote. Voting. Ternata gives me hope that people actually participating but it also contradict me, worried it's that with regular people getting pulled into the fray. This could be people making like last stand of some sort like I'm to try voting this one time, and if we lose the confidence of people it could be bed those gonna win, but I'll tell you what. Why does this guy Hayley think that the poles are worse,
now then they were. The question asked of him was Hillary Clinton was, was was up by three points and chin that of losing, but she still did when the national popular vote by about two Joe Biden at nine up nationally or more, Why, should we assume he's gonna lose these nine points above I've heard from other progressive, listen, we know the Poles may have been offered twenty sixteen, but there no way the poles are off by this much except rob. Gaily rob gaily brings up a really important, point in twenty sixteen? What was the worst that would happen to you? If you came on supported trunk, people might be mean you might be embarrassed. What's the worst that happens now, if you come out and support tromp, your beaten, you're fired, they target your home. They threaten you now, as it does a big reason why people don't want to admit they would see that would support trump. There is also the fact that in a people to want to admit they want they
me too, open backup. It might result in more people losing their lives, but Rob also makes a really good point about people getting phone calls, not answering them and people just not wanting to share how they really feel with our anyone period. I mean imagine this you're distrust of the media. They lie all the time you get a phone call and I'm supposed to be like. Let me just build beans, they point out both pollsters, you ve got rob gaily and you have airy captain. They point out that p. But I dont want to admit it to anyone, even their friends, so they have an interim in question they ask now. I could ask you who do you plan voting for, and people will say Biden, let's get this. Who do you think, your friends, Going to vote for, and then people say Trump Thou
He said in their past poles and several elections, asking people who they think they're friends will vote for, gives them a better if them closer to the actual numbers than asking them who they would vote for. Nobody wants admit so, they might say all while you know people around me. I think they're gonna bought for trot, but not me, I'm the virtuous one. Please don't hurt me makes sense. Doesn't it I think so? So what do we end up? Seeing if Donald Trump wins, it will be a catastrophe of historical proportions if the poles are wrong this time, and I gotta tell you, I think they are not all those gonna win I'm going to sit here and and and say I think, trot- was gonna win for this. That this reason, I think you know I'm. It's kind of what I'm saying. What I'm trying to say is, I think, these things help trump when I dont know if it will be enough
A four point swing still has Joe Biden up five points nationally on average, so he might still win, but Joe Biden is up five points made silver said that puts him only a kind of safe territory. Nate silver said in his forecast miles. Joe Biden needs to be five plus in the National AIR to be safe. National average is meaningless battle step, but a battleground state makes them up. That's what matters battle stout, something a beer. Joe Biden needs a significant led nationally because the battleground states are where it matters the hill reports. Positive trump poles are sparking pulling circle debate. Could you imagine if the poles are wrong worse than they have ever been
I'll tell you what a lot of reasons, why won't try to win? It may be that in my desire to see him when I've got rose, colored, glasses and I'm saying see, look trunk and still win, but maybe the poles are just so bad Joe Biden. Gonna crush it. I don't know for sure. I think, based on the fact that Joe Biden campaigning in Minnesota. It's not a good sign for him, or he said sure of himself he's just dancing around them in a good old time in Minnesota. For no reason, no, I think he's worried about losing Minnesota, and he knows you can't win taxes. If Joe Biden thought he could flit Texas, he would be there because that is a massive victory. That would probably make it impossible for trumped too, when I think it's thirty five electoral, thus an entirely sure which open is not trying to win it. He's trying to defend a state that he should easily win. That says to me that they are worried about this, but I'll tell you what I can talk about the wars, the peace agreements withdrawing our troops. I don't talk like that
things that I like that. I see with Donald Trump those improved upon and I'll know. Somebody mentioned this to me and I got a fact. It gets so so major effective as one that drone strikes under Trump have dropped dramatically since he fired John Bolton. That sounds like good news, although looking about one, you want to know what cited for now. There are a lot of conservatives that are saying it's gonna, be so great when trot wins again. The leftist smell down the screaming the throne shells and flippin tables? Sure it'll began to that's what some concerns our son now I don't want to see people suffer a freak out. I don't wanna watch someone cry on camera, how could the bird and drop their knees ago now I'll admit it's funny to watch this? because people are over reacting for sure. But you know what I absolutely bask in the glory of the media being so
insanely, wrong that as institutions, the trust in them shatters. It would be like Donald Trump singing perfect, high sea and shuddering all the wine glasses in the room, that is the mainstream media for all their lies, all their deceit, all their duplicitous and deception to watch them utterly fail and justice finally, now you know when I say they're lying, they are lying because for me, once Shame on you for me twice. Shame on me for me three on Jack for me again right if the media Twenty sixteen wrong. Everyone says: ok, ok, and then we hear from Trafalgar Group. They got twenty eighteen wrong as well.
Don't really care because it was at all you know it was. It was midterms. Imagine if they get the trunk numbers wrong. Weiss that'll, be it they're. Pulling makes no sense. Trafalgar group is heavily criticized by many pollster saying there, claiming that trumps gonna win a Detroit district of Metro District there, so crazy will first of all, maybe he will nothing possible right. More importantly, five thirty eight to model has a scenario where Donald Trump wins California, and loses the national and loses the electoral college. Tell me more about how Trafalgar is wrong and five thirty knowledge. Others are just so right in everything they say. Forget the poles. Forget the media, trust your heart. Go out and vote and vote for who, you think is the right person. I don't care if its job by not giving Donald Trump unaware of its Joe Jorgensen Green Party. Whatever you vote,
How you feel is right and you will have my respect for it now. I will be disappointed in my friends were voting for Biden because I don't think they know anything about the about the establishment, crony democratic politicians and, I think, they're their view of Donald Trump is skewed by fractured and manipulative media. But I look that's not it's not it's! Not my decision to make. I might think I'm right, they pie, think they're right. They can vote how they want. So you got vote how you want That's great! I'm excited for the massive voter turnout, but I will take. I will say it again: don't don't listen to the media right now we are hearing, as I mentioned, from trumps communications adviser. The Democrats have warned all of their voters to be scared of the Poles go vote by male. They put all their eggs in his basket. And there was a big mistake: they thought they were gonna win all these Supreme Court rulings, some of them not all of em
and now in the states where they told everyone the bogeyman coming to get young people are scared about outcast, unfair, that the coverage its is serious. It is serious but fortune barks have Bolsa. We can vote in person safely. Just where your mask, you know, do it right. I guess, we are seeing right now with Florida with many other places, the GEO peas got. lead in Michigan Ohio and, I think Wisconsin by means of a blue wall, They its trump trying to win and now is campaigning Minnesota. I think the shy voter is real. I think Donald Trump is on track for a very serious victory. That's just my gut feeling in reality, Besson everything I've seen. I just don't know. I just don't know so. Let me clarify that kind of people, we argued contradicts. What I'm saying is in my mind. I cannot get myself to the point where I believe tromp is going to win.
because Biden is is, is is in the lead and people really hate trumpeted media lies in its bid, for I have no idea, but it my god, my God instinct is like how could Joe Biden win You saw the video, but I posted a video earlier. Someone else posted this video and then I kind of Joe Biden says, We are going to mobilise a trip. What do you say true enough your body, the pressure, true or not- should about into pressure where we're going more mobile are the true out a martyr to pressure on the outer. No, that is its wanted. Craziest thing I've ever heard of president say the craziest thing about it, everyone's cheering as he says it. He says
true in a sharp body, the pressure to a true or not, and it just generous, your private TIM we're. I'm saying where I know not saying a word: it's a veil of video of insane it that guide president's. I just can't picture at this. Look Donald Trump doubled, Ducky Hall of Fame bombast all that stuff, but I can still imagine and winning Georgia, boy said some damn stuff. What this guy Joe Biden saying: Random slurred, gibberish words. I just can't imagine a man like that winning, so I ll leave you with this. I think the poles are wrong. Do we'll see it would be the would be the end of media. There would be hilarious bulletin. We ve got warning signs. The Democrats pay attention to this one. The Democrats in Florida are screaming because they're not getting support for getting out the vote in Miami. Why
Asia is Joe Biden really not trying to win. Maybe- and maybe the poles are wrong, I don't know, but why wouldn't Joe Biden be doing his best to try and get Florida? He needs to win floor. I mean tromp, not only look, we saw the blue wave, the thirty one. You know a moderate democratic. One of them had terms republican, senator and Governor one in Florida. They need to be throwing everything, they cannot flora, but instead Joe violence in Minnesota Minnesota. Don't you know he's Democrat stronghold he's not supposed to lose their? He needs to be in Florida or Texas. I think I think Democrats are projecting a loss on this one. It's weird in it. I don't have to tell you accept this. Is Friday Tuesdays a common,
Don't you want my advice to all the conservatives? There's gonna be a lot of people on the right who will probably free gotTa Donald Trump loses I'll. Tell you what I'll do I am going to laugh? Life is just it's just it it just is we do our best, but you can't change. You can't change everything you can't can While everything you can't change the direction of the wind which can adjust your sales still saying, and it means there may be a tied a common. That's gonna pushed Joe Biden over the edge. You don't want to do a monolith, it's gonna be funny. I think Joe Biden going to cause a lot of problems. I think it's good, deeply date, destabilizing having to be bad for a lot of people. But what do you do? Do you scream at the wall, dropped your knees and go now what you act like adult. You say: well, you know better luck. Next time we better campaign twice as hard and get that message out and fight for what we believe in the Democrats, however, will explode. I think, if I think
tromp loses we're. Gonna get a few conservative montage videos of people like freaking out, saying things like it is here and it'll be funny and laugh at that to see in Joe Biden say true and I bought a pressure which has just random gibberish. Made me laugh at the absurdity of today's world. If that man wins tromp is gonna troops, I have to leave the country that will be wow. Come on tromp? I know trumps running against the media and this one, but if trouble who's gonna be funny, I just have a good time. Smaller smile won't. You live there someone's coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcomes. Liked him CAS News is a different channel from this one
That's sprang up, and I will see you all next time, the other night Don lemon compared trumped supporters, his friends to drug attics, saying that he had to get rid of them from his life at they had to hit rock bottom. So they can finally realise that their just parroting talking points from stay. Tv, it's really funny about the current state of media CNN is basically a propaganda armed with Democratic Party and physically. Every other news outlet, for the most part, is as well and Fox NEWS had a bird Sanders Town Hall and regularly? as on Democrats and Trump rags on Fox NEWS, all the tongue Fox NEWS,
is not state tv at literally what Don lemon referred to it as, and it is not the trumps supporters who are the addicts in his life. It is done lemon himself who has refused to step out of the bubble. But this is the perfect example of the fractured broken establishment media and it creates a very interesting a fact that some pollster say will lead to Donald Trump victory now. What are you too much into the trumps, because, as one weren't were to talk about the media, manipulating people's brains and what really worries me, this idea that if Trump loses we're going to have true
and reconciliation commissions, and I am not exaggerating from NPR october- eleventh healing? U S divides through truth and reconciliation, and we ve heard this from some high profile democratic activists at the only way to to heal this country's with truth and reconciliation now denies the fairies is a lot of people might frame it out to be? It's not like they're gonna round people up when gulags or something but they're going to probably take away people social media accounts, they might shudder, their bank accounts, they might cancel them, and I can already hear the left is saying to the conspiracy theories know. Those things have already happened.
I'm not I'm not telling you anything more than is already being done. Is the funny thing about what we can expect to happen and what I think will happen if Joe Biden wins the Democrats when the Senate, it's gonna, be honest, the Senate is arguably more important than the presidency at least a lot of ways, maybe not maybe maybe the pros and cons between both. But if Democrats, when the Senate, it's gonna be a hook. expanded or rotating Supreme Court, which a lot of people who believe this broken and dejected world and that's down Lenin, and that's Chris Cuomo and I tell you man, if you're a regular person and you're not paying attention, it might seem like they're telling you the truth, but if you're, what bring me than you probably already know. I gotta say what these people doing. What Don lemon has said about these tromp supporters, intentional lies and I'll. Tell you why not look
I don't know what down lemon knows. I know that he once was like what some organisations that he was the worst journalists like in the world or whatever, like actually won some fake award for being the worst journalist of twenty sixteen or something like everybody was but dominant may be really dumb again that that that might be, I mean that was that one episode way back one when it went where it was like you, a lot of people think the missing Malaysia airplane may have been swollen to like you know, but cause. I know it's preposterous, but is it preposterous Mary and Ladys, like you or even a small black hole which, while the whole universe, not kidding that actually with actually happened, so sharp down lemon was just doing entertainment, fun but Chris Cuomo openly lies and we know he's lying, because even other journalists had no choice but to accept that he's lying when he said that he didn't break quarantine. We know he did but witness he talked about it and then later was like whoops.
He recently had TIM marts. Our communications rectify the trunk campaign on his show at work, who called them out and said you broke quarantine and their pretended come out. Your business, not true, not true, Chris Cuomo is lying to us. Take them, That's a fact, and now look at what CNN is doing when I watch Fox news. Do they lie to be honest? No, they don't. I think Hannity and Lord Ingram can be bombastic. That's about it, look at when it comes to Fox NEWS, and I mean this. We are not trying to be mean or anything I just view Kennedy in it. Lord Ingram is kind of predictable and the talking points come off. As you know, I think Ingram is in my list: Tucker Carlson's there, but their best personality.
And I think, he's straightforward, honest and he's he's he's got his finger on the pulse. You know that you know that's up. When you got Inga, then you got Hannity, I'm not a big fan of any of these late night pundits anyway, I'm not trying to single out the Fox news guys, but for the most part there not they're, not lying they're, just a bit bombastic or emotional or whatever. You turn Rachel Matter, U turn on CNN? U turn on NBC news. Wow. That's all I can say the lies. Our insane. They are losing their grip on the are their ability to manipulate and control the minds of individuals It was like Brzezinski presence MSNBC who once was sad straight upon tv. That is our job to tell people what to think or control what people think something like that and if slipping away from them down lemon
baby. Don lemon is just really that Domini doesn't understand. Why so many people here different things, and so he says there attics, who must be purged from from my life, must get rid of them and that's how you know you my friend and I We're in really Don Lemon says he is not in. He says that the Trump supporters are the addicts who don't live in reality and they have to choose to want to have to hit rock bottom. Let me tell you something: is it you or I who have excised people from our lives who encourage others to exercise people from their lives. Why, in fact, no its not we're the side that encourage debate and conversation and open dialogue, and you ve got the groups like the intellectual dark web, which range from progressive too conservative people challenge liberalism, That's the real world, but I would be. I would be lying if I said that the fake world of the likes of Don Lemon wasn't powerful and massive
and it is, and it's getting more and more powerful aren't you saw my main segment the other day on Glenn Green Walled, He is one of the most consequential journalists of this generation published the Vienna a documents, the leaks anyway, but we resign from his own news outlet to be fair. It is own fault, Glenn, Green Walled. What is a progressive reporter? He is no fan of Donald Trump, but he has reported honestly on the Democratic Party, Russia Gate nor the garbage he's calling it up then, calls out trump do and he's in Brazil, and so it is very clearly on the left. He had to resign from his own news outlet. Now I guess the problem as you should have put in safeguards beyond what what you had in any add safeguards, but, more importantly, these news outlets.
Are letting in letting foxes into the house. How is it that the the intercept allowed people to work for this company who are now propaganda for the Democratic Party and wilfully? So the level of manipulation is just astonishing to me. but it's how you this that there's something here that may lead to a very serious now trump victory. They gonna not gonna, get too much into exile. I'm a talk about a bit later, but there is. It knows that it was a great Argo from political talking about how what creates shy trump voters, this the cultural pressures, have gotten ten times. The worst one hundred times worse back and twenty sixteen! You could just say you know people who want to admit they like Trump today. If you do, they will beat you, it will come to your house, they will attack
They won't salt, you they will act, size you from their lives or nobody wants to admit it and that's the most important thing that needs to be said with the dawn lemon story. Now I shall, I should probably region was quote seven ranting for eight minutes, but think about that high profile and powerful television personalities of for all of these big mainstream companies are walking in luck step. There's one channel with very high viewer ship record, breaking historical numbers, Tucker Karlsson, its Fox news and then got Brett Bear whose whose great reporter they got bill hammer they're, not artisans Fox visiting a pretty good job, and I find it creates kind of crazy. That's all right, but all of the other news outlets, NBC Cbs, ABC washing opposed New York Times CNN Msnbc walking in luck step, and then you hear this.
lemon laments. He had to get rid of trump addicts from his life saying you know what the sad thing is and I'll be honest with you. many people who I love. In my life and yeah. I come from a red state. I've lived in several red states. There are a lot of friends. I had to get rid of because they are so nonsensical when it comes to this issue. They have the whole every single talking point that they hear on state tv. They hear from this president. They repeat it and they are blinded by it, but here's the thing I had to get rid of them because they are too far gone. I try and I try and I tried his grievances stem from their refusal to believe him when he would Brow beat them with suggestions that red states were now the problem of the kind of ours pandemic, they'll say something they'll say something really stupid and then I'll show them the science and I'll give them any information, and they still repeat those talking points and all the while the state was a hot spot. If you look at the information that we put up last night, that came up yesterday
it showed you how the red states have now taken over whether blue states work. People came in because they are bigger cities and there are more transmission, obviously, where there are more people and kill people closer together and so now read states are the problem Of course there is no mention of how cases, also speaking in New York, again Michigan Wisconsin and a host of other blue states NASA mentioned blue states having a higher share of corona virus deaths per capita. That can stop him from comparing Trump supporters to ethics and I had to get rid of a lot of people in my life, because sometimes you have to let them go and I think they have to hit rock bottom like an adequate and they have to want to get help. They have to want to know the truth they have to want to live in reality. They have to want to be responsible not only for other people's lives. But for their lives, while lemon wasn't sure if he could ever let those people back into his life. It's a really big us,
so that they wanted hit the pack and there's Cuomo to similar encounter with failed preferential. Nobody Al Gore whether discussed the Trump cult during Primetime Cuomo cited as the head of the climate The project is a big part of moral responsibility of moral responsible. This You guys argue all the time is that you know the absence of leadership here. Will cost people lives and livelihoods going forward? Isn't that so much more acutely? True right now with pandemic, I don't understand how the president can be responsible for hundreds of thousands of people getting sick in its own communities of followers who are recklessly disregard in the act If messaging in a show of support for him, Al Gore says yeah, I dont understand either many analysts have used the word colt and the phrase cult like there's. So much of a temptation on the part of some of his borders to want to believe everything he says and its tragic, but is letting them and so completely, and so utterly my friends. We are facing very very trying times and
I absolutely do fear for what comes if Donald Trump loses, because these people have been lying, they are blinded by zealotry. They don't bother doing Google searches, they d actually watch any videos. They have very little evidence for a lot of their claims. Now I'll tell you. There are certain partisan issues that are silly. The climate change argument, much of what they're going off Al Gore is left and right and it's always been I remember when I worked for Greenpeace, I was in Chicago and I saw Glenn Back book that was arguing something about climate change from a right perspective. That was not the perspective held by by the left and I'm not getting specific. Because it's been fifteen years or something since that you now, since I remember seeing as rabies fourteen or whenever the boy is. There are some things that have always been this way, but right now we have facts and reality in Europe.
but he is, there was zero evidence that Brett Cavenaugh had ever done anything wrong. Yet the media ran like a boy of Turkey's gobbling and to go and report Polypus Yearbooks question: what does it mean that they were drinking beer, this women? With no memory of how she got there where she was who was with her and her friends deny ever knowing what he's talking about. That's enough. That's brought Governor Hunter Biden. Well, we ve got a witness who is actually involved in the business dealings with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and and and rob walk and all these people, these people who ah argues of wrongdoing and we're. Essentially using the Biden name to make money and Joe
was using his kit as intermediaries. So huge story, we have evidence and the media won't go anywhere near it. I want to show you what what scares me first, it's this idea of truth and reconciliation. Commission. If Donald Trump loses a truth, and Reconciliation Commission will seek to destroy evidence and understanding of what really happened in these past four years. They want to eat race from the record. That's Gary. Do we live in our own world? Are we in control of our own lives, or are there people in media whore desperately lying because their propaganda for the Democratic Party in the political establishment offered Republican, never choppers ran full speed to join the ranks of the Democrats in order to support them in their opposition to Donald Trump lecture. The reconciliation, a reconciliation commission, in my opinion, is not going to be like a bunch of people being shipped.
the gulags. It's going to be that I'm saying like this is the truth. This is what happened. You need to accept it. You lost if Trump wins, there will not be truth and reconciliation, Commission and it's kind of scary, because people like Don Lemon believe in saying things for insane reasons, they don't bother doing any research, a really good examples. The other day, I was watching Ox news and one williams- and I was I was the five Jesse waters was talking with with one Williams and they often do as you know, one is there resident left perspective guy. I'm a bit disappointed at an Inn Jesse for not pulling up doc and some evidence you should have done this. He should have had it and Maybe he'd unexpected need it, but now you should have with you next time you gonna show. One Williams is like. I read the Wall Street Journal that set. There was no role for Joe Biden in these companies. It's it's reported and Jesse, just not laughing now, here's they should take with it. One Williams is
he doesn't understand he didn't understand. The news was the news is not that Joe Biden was secretly working at a company and getting paid. The news is Biden Ink that Joe Buttons families, families fortunes have tracked alongside Joe Biden political career as he rises, and that it is well established now with a witness and documents that Joe Biden was receiving equity through his son's name. Of course, Joe Biden wouldn't. In these companies. That's the point is, of course one Williams didn't get it so easy. What and Jesse Waters is just laughing and ang it out, for you really think he's gonna put his name on this. That's the point, its impropriety unethical. It's it's a potentially illegal behaviour. They would erase all that never happened, all fake news. It was all conspiracy and some people will end up getting
sized and what I mean by that is proud. Boys treatment like an obligatory or law aluminum, totally banned from everything not allowed to use certain platforms not allowed to use banks. That's what I would expect for a lot of people. I don't know what will happen to. I think, for the most part, they'll just start claiming this didn't happen and you'll have to accept that. But I don't know how you get. A free press off. You can when looking would happen with Glenn Greenwell. It's really really fascinating, via this article. From that tell you be who wrote about what happened with Glenn Greenwood and why he left, and the amazing thing is Glenn Green. all easily outlines zone so gangrene wild animals, Consequential journalists, not a big trouble, then easily outlines, and we have the leak messages easily outlines. How there is a double stand
not at all of these news organisations and listened since the intercept. He said when one of the writers of the company wanted to claim that the Hunter Biden story was russian disinformation. There was no question, they said, publish away, Buddy fire, a fight fire off the story when Glenn Greenwood, but not by arguing. There was no evidence. It was russian. This information essentially an equal and opposite point. They said this has got to go through the editorial process and working to have those other people who think it's Russia. This information at your story for you and glanced at no. Now the people at the intercept are telling people their protest. That Glenn is not really a journalist that he's lost his way. They say we admire the journalist he used to be. Let me tell you what is a cult language Wild gave up his salary, his security, his legal protections and he's in a country where he is adversarial.
With both in our over the leader of the country line, Greenwell is take, great personal risk coming out and saying they have become corrupt and I'll say it. Media in this country has become a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party. The fact that Glenn Greenwald can criticise Trump, but they won't allow to criticise Biden. The fact that there are there outlet would defend Biden and no one will publish. news I say now, but for the most part, these big companies shows you. We are in serious trouble if we can actually have the truth, and if these people win through lying and covering up there too acts. Truth and reconciliation really is scary, isn't it and it's not just NPR this writing about it's been something has been brought up by. You know. Robert Reich who's got millions of followers and tons of lofty support him. They say the Trump supporters are occult but they say. Let me tell you, I don't agree on a bunch of policies that say like Seamus
Ireland, who is freedom, tunes? Who is here just to the down arrow podcast, he's religious catholic conservative approach if an we disagree on a ton and we laughed either make jokes together and we hang out because that's been might make spirits most of my life. I went to catholic School for a few years. I left and public school, I'm a ton of friends who come from a target for families. I have friends who live in the sovereign for very religious. We all got along well hung out and what came to politics, It was. You know, arguments and grumble grumble and we all kind of still believed the same things right now. People have the ability to share information. Videos like this will see how long that, last Antonio Back then, I say about them, but you know decades ago there was just It was media, pushing stories, but here's it was important top down. news outlets, CBS, NBC, ABC near Times, etc were worried about ostracizing parts of their audience if they warrant being fair, because some people would
things, and so that's why. I believe news media did a better job a long time ago, another they didn't, publish vagueness, they did and worse argument. You know hard to see beyond behind the curtain, but they did a decent job because they are like. If we just come out and say Mc Grath good, we're not lose half of our readership. What to our competition will now? Competition is nearly infinite. People can choose to enter echo chambers and they are back in the day, you did have left leaning in writing papers what people would grab whichever one and read it now. You have millions of persons nowadays and channels and outlets and people are choosing what fits their world view in response to the CNN amateur. We see the New York Times. What we know that there are left, leaning have dug their heels in and gone as hard as possible into supporting their partisan faction, because, as far as they are concerned, they already lost the conservative, the conservative or conserving people who had read their paper, because these people
choose to watch Fox news of the new post or they can come to you know any other you'd any did eat you Youtube gentle. They want that says that they want to say says it says what they want here. So now, CNN has isolated its largest faction of supporters, anti trumpet. Spears theorist contests and is feeding them whatever they want? If you go to my channel I'll, tell you this, the poles are against Donald Trump and his age. He seems likely to lose out of there there is reason to believe he might win political has some reporting on this. That my opinion is the most fair assessment I can give. You are not going to come out and be like trot. got away and, unlike crash smash beer kilometres on, like that, I'm gonna try and be honest and say there are reasons to believe he still can win. That's true political rights about a mainstream media outlets about I'm not going to choose. One thing is I trumps, losing the loser buttons gonna win, ha ha like some of these people on you to do. You're, not gonna commands
tribes. Gonna win. Whew! Is why, like some other you tubers, do I want to try and do the best to why I have my bias. I certainly have my my audience. You know give you a reasonable assessment, the Egypt to be fair. My title in Munich might mice. My focus on subject matter typically caters to not a left audience, but that's the important distinction not left leftist? What I mean? Friends, let me tell you why you are not in a cold now there certainly some zealous Trop supporters who act very much like there in a cold, but most people that I've encountered, at least in the space that our pro trump anger. The democratic party anger at the mainstream media come from all walks of life, prostate borders, catholic conservatives. It agree pro life pro choice: liberal economic policy, conservative, economic policy, many different world views, saying we ve done the Google search.
Should we read the news we know you're lying down. Lemon is going to excise people from his life as addicts, because he is in the cult. That's a costume! Now there may be some Trump supporter saying get people out of your life, but I dont believe that's the case for four. For the most part, I want to be an absolutist, but I tell you men: it is a tendency of the right to come towards the camera to speak as a tendency of the left to run and hide. That's why it's been so difficult to book. Left us on the IRA. Podcast Don lemon is saying, get these people out of my life. Why? Because they're saying things I don't wanna hear from state tv. I watch Fox news. They have Democrats, on all the time and they let them just say things. Sometimes Democrats, just why and Fox NEWS like that's them and I'm really surprised they allow it. see it and, on the other hand, typically just books. You know well, I wanna get not family friendly,
A circle of individuals are padding each other on the back. They don't bring on consenting voices they bring on echo chambers on purpose. and then tell you to remove people from your life. Don't join the cult, but watch CNN since a thing. I remember that a segment where I said it is imperative that you watch CNN and MSNBC and rhythm your times and also watch channels like mine or stick second, stick Saxon hammer or Stephen prouder and other progressive view toolbars to like you know how can I ask you, for instance, because you want to get a wide range of political opinions are on the same time, Reinstall Phronsie announce. I don't watch Fox news, don't watch them, don't come to me, I'm the only one who can give you the truth and you get diamond sank, cut the trumpets, audio life, don't listen to what they have to say its propaganda from state tv. What? U turn on Fox news? I tell you that you're gonna hear opinions that are critical of Trump
Tromp complains about it about that. So look anyway, I'm gonna go along on this one. We aren't. We are facing something truly horrifying. In my opinion, if Trump and Republicans lose- and I don't like I gotta be honest. I don't like trumpet Republicans for the most part, but at least there is a code. Mission of regular people with different world views, who can have conversations, and we are not part of the cult like Don Lemon, because it's the contests who would reject people and kick them? called us literally will tell you to remove from your life, who Challenge your view, that's a cult tactic. I would never say that I would say bring about income Brigham on over I've invited left us to come to my party's hang out man mewing Europe, your entitled to your opinion. I'll give you one last thought on this: can bone the famous can bone from twenty. Sixteen who warmed America's hearts in the political
tunnel pronounce it? He was gonna vote for Joe Jorgensen and he said that the trumpeters were being very nice to him, and the bite and people were being extremely mean to him and that's it. unfortunate, but the people and the troops out are the ones who are like. I hear you men, you know I've got friends, we're voting third party. I said I think they should vote. And they didn't want you. For these reasons, and I say well, you know you got stand upright. believing respect that, on the other side they If you doubt about our guy, you are voting for Trop, what's wrong with you contests, so I hope the court doesn't work. because I want to see a truth and reconciliation commissioner, but I leave their necks It must cover up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out I'll, see you all them. I did not vote in twenty. Sixteen, I did not vote for Hilary. I did not vote for tromp. I do not
port either of them, and I will tell you right now: we are lucky in many ways that Donald Trump is our president. Amid the corona virus crisis, No that's going to be an offensive statement too many on the left, because they're gonna say things like ten. Two hundred twenty five thousand people have died. Tromp has has caused a massive disaster with with his inaction and downplaying at all these things- and you know what by all means- please criticism for these things may be trump- should not have downplayed the quota virus. He says he did you want to avoid, panic. Maybe he should have said to people, maybe maybe I should have been a little bit more worried and alarmed. We do want to start a panic. I can respect that, but perhaps he did things wrong but I will tell you one thing that he is doing right and he is calling for no locked downs and to reopen. What you see on your screen right now and judging from the title of this video you clicked on it,
There is a massive traffic jam in Paris, a mass exodus as terrified residents of the city are fleeing as fast as possible because of your conan locked down measures. Riots have been erupt in across Europe: Spain, ITALY, Prague, Mass protests in London. Now we have democratic leaders in this cause, train governors who have locked down their states and it led to protests- and we have seen mass protest across Europe well in there seems to be a you know. This decision. Well, each country simply walking and locked up with the idea of a lockdown, even Boris Johnson, in the UK, this great conservative victory in its lockdown lockdown lockdown. In the: U S, many states Robin restrictions are being east even as they say it is worse than it has ever been. Could you imagine what it would be like
If we had the draconian lockdown they have in France, where people will need documents to show a real, then we'll excuse for leaving their home. That's accorded the daily mail. Could you imagine walking out of your house and being stopped by the police? and they say to show me your papers, you should not be outside. We seen the videos from Australia. There's a woman walking down the street a cop grabs Ernie physically he's been brutal. Yes, the woman had a mask exemption, show wearing a mask, apparently, and so the cop he while he beat physically detained her and was rough with her it's kind of place. Why have I seen videos out of Australia, of people being detained and arrested? These draconian lockdown are what nightmares are made of sigh five, futuristic, disturbing novels and films, depict this
my friends. Let me assure you, there was always going to be a reason, did you think that when the authoritarian came and when the government decided you would not be allowed to leave your home lest you have their approved papers that it would be? arbitrary. Then it would simply say we ve decided for no reason, but you must stay in your home. Now, there's always a reason, and there are always people advocating for the control of the state. We are lucky that our president is Donald Trump. We are not so lucky in that we face a fierce re election campaign. I should say election cycle where Joe Biden we're too old is going to win. If Hillary Clinton was president today, we would likely be under the same locked downs as these european nations and
Maybe you would say to meet him, I don't want to go outside. I dont want to get sick. I don't want to die and I can respect that and you dont need to. But what, if we were at the point where we had to have our papers are approved, apps that track are every movement in Michigan, apparently another saying if you want to go out for each gotta, give your name and address the can know where you are where you're from who you ve been in contact with the massive sweep of authoritarianism, despotic draconian edict, is coming and it's coming fast. Makes me really worried about a Donald Trump defeat. Joe Biden said to the scientists, that's good! You should, and you should listen to the economists and you should adhere to the rules
institution recently we had a leftist on the team guest IRA Pod cast, who said troops have invoked the war powers to lock the country down or to pass mandates. I disagree. I dont want to live in a despotic, authoritarian, boot, licking country. I want to be able to tell tromp the go shove it, but Trump isn't the one and acting that ukrainian lockdown. So I can tell JANET for other reasons, but I am glad that I can, I can say the same thing to qualm or anybody else. Gretchen Whittemore, but if Joe Biden wins in commonly Harris Winds along are we facing this fate where they will die and we shall our papers lesson. We are to live in a world of ideas and you can be stopped and it can demand a check. Your identification,
Can you cancel out each item ids in their constitutional rights protections? Our founding fathers were very, very smart and we are very, very lucky for their insights. Far from perfect. I think they could have cleaned up the language of the second amendment a little bit, but they did a good job with the constitution and the bill of rights and because of those who saw the power of the power that the government could have pain and how it could crush dissent and control and manipulate and abused in a press People the bill of rights, came to be the bill of rights, came some time after the declaration of independence in the founding of this country, from people who realise the federal government should not have too much power. We are extremely lucky the case? I cannot say the same for our friends over in Paris WAR now fleeing escape from Paris City is gridlocked as tens of thousands flee stations are packed violent.
Protests break out. An shelves are stripped ahead of month, long lockdown that bans travel right now in Australia They are saying there may not be any international travel until there is a vaccine. What is this paranoid hysteria? I understand Covin covered a serious. We should take it seriously, but the mentality rate What's a ninety nine point: nine nine, seven. Ninety nine point, nine nine seven per survival for those under nineteen. Ninety nine point: nine nine
I believe for those you, no twenty two to forty or whatever the mortality rate is worse, the worst for those above seventy at ninety four point: seven percent: according to the CDC ninety four percent people over seventy, we are enacting draconian and authoritarian, despotic lockdown around the world. For this this is getting too much so getting scary videos posted to twitter dilemma reports, show huge numbers of Parisians attempting a mass exodus, the city, in a bid to avoid the nine p M curfew and the start of the second lockdown from midnight, the night air was filled with the sound of blaring car horns, while social media users estimated that Parisians had credit hundreds of miles of gridlock to escape to their second homes in the car,
Revellers also seize the opportunity to spend one last night with friends and family before bars and restaurants are closed. As the french government plunges the country back into lockdown. Meanwhile, french people emptied supermarkets in a repeat of the panic buying that swept Europe in March, as Parisians and other city dwellers prepared for a month in confinement. Shoppers stocked up on pasta until it role, while people cute outside hairdressers on a final trim office workers in the capitals, business district, hauled their equipment to cars and trains in preparation for the W F H, Emmanuel Macrones draconian measures are due to be enforced until at least December first, with people required to carry documents justifying their reason for leaving home. That will be
subject to police checks. Look at this people, apparently getting out of their cars. The gridlock was so bad people flooding two trains people protesting now I had a sensor some of the images of the violent riots that if Europe did, because they have ITALY, Spain, Prague, London and the fund, thing is, they said in ITALY was the fascists. The fascists are protesting. That government is just trying to save lives. Excuse me, the fascists are protesting against the government. Why? I thought the academic
definition of fascism was veneration of the nation state. Above all others. Certainly you can't be a fascist who opposes the nation state as of course, I guess you just want to be in charge of it sure you can believe in it, but opposing the nation acting at the behest of the people, would imply that actually not quite fascist that all maybe there far right where we want column, but I will tell you this. We now know who the true fascists are, especially in this country. I will not put this country above the endeavour.
you will quite the opposite. This country puts the individual first, that's why we have a constitution telling the government to shut up. You can't oppress the rights of the people that are bestowed upon them by the creator, because the individual has the rights and the government acts for the people by the people and not in charge of the people, though we can all agree to take collective action to protect ourselves. The individual is above that government right now. There are left us to our saying that government just once to save lives, for the good of the nation right where they really care about? Why is it that the troops of poor hunt, the one sang for the good of the nation, will lock everything down? Maybe it's because not for the good of the nation, maybe because
The actual good of the nation is to protect individual liberties and to allow the economy to function and those that would see these locked downs, authoritarian who want to destroy. Why are these cuts? trees and acting these draconian measures when the World Health Organization said no more, that's right, scientists for you and the World Health Organization said. We must avoid locked out at all costs. They have caused too much damage at this point. And now we are seeing the rights across Europe I'll say it again. You better, you are. You are so lucky that Donald Trump as the president and not the Clinton. Like only imagine what President Biden will do if slash when he wins. and I don't think he's gonna win on off. He's gonna lose, but it's not gonna be fun. Recently left the Philadelphia area. then I'm sorry to say to everybody that I'm sorry I was correct, the I warned that there would become
civil unrest and we must be put. You know we must prepare for it protect ourselves. We must abstain. In my opinion, from the clip from the clashes and the violence, people should speak up but not go out. Engage any kind of I can. However, I think it was my concern about she said: stay home, make money by supplies you might need. I was marked when I said I was building a van back on the jargon podcast. I was like see. What's common, I can see the unrest. That's brewing, think about it. Twenty nineteen way before the massive unrest swept across his country. I said: if but our keeps doing what it's doing. There will be massive unrest and I fear civil war and a year later, what happened? Who was the smart guy? With the van that was me, I ended up leaving Philadelphia the Phillies suburbs, because I said I dont want to wait around for the unrest
for exposure, I still live there in every legal sense and was literally just there a couple days ago so that, as my current primary residence for the most part, I'm down here for two reasons I am down in a new- a new location where setting up a new studio, expanding lots of construction has to be done. So I've set up what what is still to a certain degree, a temporary set up as we relocate and by supplies and and we're building and these things take time, but Parma Residence is still Philadelphia, but I decided to come down as quickly as I could and start building this studio, because I feared the unrest was going to get worse. I was right in Philadelphia. there were mass riots for three nights, some of the worst we ve seen since the start of the George Willard Protests. Now, while that doesn't effect directly like that, there was no peace, when people loading the Walmart near my house, it will have a massive impact on the local economy and
going to wait around till next Tuesday. Mind you to figure out what these lunatics will end up doing. Should they lose I am also concerned about supplies the supply chain and what's happening right now, with these locked, my friend in Europe. They are alluding that what would that? Not now, I'm sorry not looting, they are figuratively rating storehouse. This time you can still see there's some taught paper left, but we all remember the great toilet paper shortage of twenty twenty earlier this year when shelves we're stripped clean and people are fighting over resources. I hope you ve taken precautions. Many You may recall that I had done promos for Urgency food supplies. Lotta people like to make fun of that now. The people in France, most most of my audience, is american. Take a look at what's going on. The second wave is coming there locking down again and now people are going to be allowed to go on get supplies.
Did you buy supplies, or did you laugh? We all know the story of that. Wasn't the grasshopper and the ants grasshopper frolicked about and played while the ants worked all day and that when winter came the grass copper within died with no food to eat and the ants had saved for winter. I'm telling you what should I do. I'm telling you what I did and I'm telling Our people laughed about it you're wrong. I believe we are going to face mass unrest and you know why you know why, don't just sit here and say to myself for no he's in at all. There is going to be a mass unrest. Now I take a look at the trends. What are the rich people doing right now? They are fleeing the cities in France, everybody seems to be fleeing the city. In the U S and around the world. We ve heard repeated stories of wealthy people fleeing proper, in Iowa Wyoming Montana Utah has been skyrocketing
these and many other areas has been dropping because nobody wants to live there. Strangely, in Portland, I think I've seen there they're they're, not the problems are going up, coffee bar buying to move to Portland. So it's not it's not an absolute, but there are many rich people who are worried and they are fleeing. What do they know that regular People don't keep in mind. Rich people often are very well connected to industry and government, so they may know things they may hear murmurs they make it made me. They may here from security companies from their private security companies they contract and for people in government, and they made a decision, it's easy for them. They have money, so they went. out and bought property, the middle of nowhere and they're, leaving their renewal
stories about this. We ve seen the likes of several people in California, for instance, where wealthy leave as well for a variety of reasons, not necessarily unrest. Joe Rogan left, then Shapiro left Tesla, apparently is leaving. Boeing is leaving Washington what's a driving. This is it that people can see something that most of us can't or is it just, mark now to prepare. I left New York City because there was unrest, executions, two cops were killed and some one planted by, I'm not too far away from where I live at literally happened. Look it up bombs, planet Manhattan and Jersey City. So I decided to move south and I decided you know what it's not worth it being you're. A major metro. I moved to the Philly area
thinking being on the other side of the River and South Jersey, Ass Polly. Far enough away in a separate by water, then the rioters crossed over the bridge, and that was it. I said: ok, that's the next step. I wanna be one step ahead. I don't know honey, there's gonna happen. I dont botsey. This Walmart seems to think it will Walmart has pulled guns and ammo from store displays, citing potential civil unrest Walmart all Walmart is taking their guns down from display and ammo. They dont want rioters to steal their weapons. Walmart has probably some of the highest paid analysts and security personnel for their massive multinational billion dollar corporation from assuming bookmarks multinational met, maybe not and I'm sure they have security, a fish those who are telling them here's what you can expect on election night and for the weeks following
and so Walmart has removed ammo from store, displays and guns from store displays because they don't want people to build to get em. Why do they think this? That someone would break into Walmart in an area where there legally allowed to sell the guns and take them and the ammo. Why Kind of civil unrest are they thinking is going to happen. I understand people, stealing tvs and PETE, says and clothing guns. I guess you can sell taking the ammo down. Do they think that it's going to come to the point where the, Unrest results in people's arming up and using those guns. Perhaps there are taking their tvs down either the tvs are being removed from displayed Walmart. Why not people my steel, those two because they expect people to take the
and then ammo and load those guns and go and use them against two know, maybe against each other, maybe just to rob people Luton Steel. I think civil unrest is coming. I think it's coming for a variety of reasons. I don't know how severe it'll be. I think most people recognise that it's coming and I think it's funny if there are still people who are laughing damn so damn dog it about civil war. Was the mass riding since may not enough, for you was the Dc Philadelphia New York riding over the past several days, not enough, I'm saying that we're gonna see marching factions towards each other people notes. the war is that's the problem. You ve got a bunch of people who are not smart, who think they are smart and having actually but a history how much more worried about the spanish civil war in Gaza what civil wars are actually about, and sometimes it's over very quickly. We may see on January nineteenth to armed.
to storm the White House. I ve no idea it could be over like that or it could be like the troubles in Ireland and it can last decades where bombs just go off. People just get shot and genocide cheers I was in Belfast. Northern Ireland and I've seen the stories and was actually kind of shocking to see that set the depravity There was a story. Someone told me about a guy like went to a restaurant and just killed a bunch of people for no reason and the other side cheered, for it cheered, that's crazy. You know a man, I don't care what anyone thanks. If these left these wanna go on twitter and say to him so dumb if they want to go in and make
but the fact that I saw these food buckets. It was a website that I promoted Boeing's laugh, that's that's it. That's fine I'll! Tell you one thing: if it hits the fan and it hits the fan real bad. You know it's gonna be laugh in the whole time proper dude up in the mountains with many years worth of food and water, those those facilities they got out West Virginia. Where apparently, you spent? thousand bucks a year and then, when the unrest happens, they call you in an you're, you're, safe, secure and there's food to last. For decades those camps have already started. Calling in people everybody seems to know. What's bought bubbling up under the surface, and so many people just want to act like it's not going to happen, it could be because of Covid nineteen downs. If Joe Biden wins people are
sat when he locked down the same as these other countries has have. If Trump wins, the left is gonna snap like they ve, already been doing three times men three times. Let me just remind all of you. You know these these lefties lighter too to say you know when we had the beloved again. My show that just because to have happened? It doesn't mean will happen again if nobody gets elected. I think it's a pretty low bar for predictions. When I say hey people are doing a thing. I think they'll keep doing a thing of Joe Binding, its elected such a thing. As I said, if nobody gets elected, he's gonna deregulate the banks and build a spaceship and go to the moon and that's a bold statement, though we are working on the artemus project under sang Taking something that is already happening and sang, I think more would happen, is not that grand of a prediction. so we're seeing it we're seeing the unrest and the major corporations
All their money and all their intelligence and other security have set it to their taking the guns away, not the tvs, This is not about someone stealing an item and selling it. This is about. One stealing an item, loading it and a using it against other people sought. I don't gonna happen, but I say this: why you gotta have a big old party, my house, tons of people are invited, we're gonna lives, do we're gonna hang out, have pizza is gonna, be fun and I'll. Tell you what men if Donald Trump loses? Laugh so whatever man I think with the left really really wants. They love to get a montage of conserving As you know, bemoaning and groaning, I gotta be completely honest if tromp loses and conservative start making all of these like and at the end is nigh videos or I'm gonna, make the montage and laugh about it. I really don't think for the most part, conservatives are gonna, be nearly as funny in defeat that the left was literally having that woman dropped to our needs, and I was like wow and seeing all
videos, whether like screaming concerned, we're gonna be like well, we got to figure this out, Now we're gonna be in trouble and is going to become a boring, but I think we'll get some conservative like now concern whenever I get some like more more like fringe rightwing people being like it's time they discovered. How do we know what our man I'd say? What whose need to focus on yourself, your friends, your family, protecting your community being prepared for any disaster. I'll tell you what they'll be intellect Youtube. I think it's fair You're worried about civil unrest, you dont, I'm really worried about. Sometimes it rains of real what happens if it rains and like a highway floods and you get trapped, what happens if, as an owl jewel bloom in your water source, like happened in, I was Lake Superior Lake, Erie Nautical Superior mature and then nobody, nobody to drink the water were
there's no Belvoir within forty miles of the city s. I hope you I'll take care of yourselves. Can sometimes it rains, and sometimes the rain is heavy and sometimes there's riots and we are in We are in turbulent times, to say the least I'll their necks segments come up at four Alright, you tube outcomes. Last him cast. It is a different channel from this one back sprang up and I'll see. Well then,.
If, in addition to my main channel segment, I wanted to bring you a prediction from political scientist. Helmet nor path. Predicting tromp has a ninety one percent chance at reelection, and there is another man who has made a strong prediction. Donald Trump will win. You all must pay attention this man, a profit of our era, made a bold statement in twenty sixteen and he was right now, I'm talking about helmet nor puff I'm talking about another man who told us that Donald Trump would win, because people wanted to send a flying a view to the establishment. I am talking about. None other than great incite, full
Michael more amass getting by the way to Michael more, was actually right. Twenty sixteen, when he said people were signed a flying after the establishment. He was then wrong about how they would feel later saying they feel good for about a day, maybe a week, maybe a month, but then, like the people of the United Kingdom, who voted for breakfast, they would come to regret it. Something like that are exactly what he said, but I was kind of like that. No the people of the UK did not come to regret breaks it. They double down triple down in three years later to vote. For it again. Michael more says, the Trump vote is always being under counted and on a segment with the hills, rising team. He straight up, says it Donald Trump Look and really really good. The Trump vote is always being under counted the pollsters when they actually call a real trump voter Trump voters very suspicious of the deep state calling them in asking them who their voting for its all fake news them remember is an accurate count. I think the same thing to do. Is it not scientific
whatever their saying the Biden lead is cut in half right now in your head, cut it now and now you're within the four point margin of error. That's Michael more! So I'm showing you this for reason, pundit and personality and political scientist. More than just a few random people predicting a Donald. victory, but to be rational. I should point out political says: trumps chances hinge on a pulling screw up way worse than twenty. Sixteen you have to squint to see how buttons led won't hold up on election day. Perhaps then who's this guy omit nor path. What does he think he is? Come ass? A doll jumped out ninety one percent chance. A re election talk about a deck Hodges making this up. Unless, of course, he actually has real information and data.
and his prediction model is extremely accurate, in which case I was just getting with addicting, then I think this guy might be honest, something I know for sure. I don't think the left is gonna highlight the stuff. I think it's important to point out both trumps chances of winning hinge on a major pulling screw up. Michael more says, I think the poles are wrong and a political scientist saying Trump has a really good chance of winning get a little bit of all threatened and neapolitan political commentary. Trumps probably gonna lose here's. What you might not this guy says is gonna win. I think that's fair. Through the story Daily Collar says helmet nor path of political scientist joined the daily callers
Katy Medusa Macduff, passing IRAN Mc Duffy. The talk about the primary model that predicts President Donald Trump has a ninety one percent chance of re election. The model is accurately predicted: twenty five out of twenty seven, the last elections, including trumps, win in twenty sixteen, while the primary model leans heavily in favour of a Trump win. Most poles have former vice President Joe Biden in the lead. A recent real, clear politics poll shows biting up seven point: seven percent, I believe they're referring to the real power politics rich quote. In the end, it depends on the electoral college breakdown and I give Donald Trump a sizeable led in the electoral college. Nor Paul said the model predicts. President Trump will win three
Two hundred and sixty two electoral votes, leaving Biden with one hundred and seventy six nor path, calculators numbers through primaries and looked closely at states like New Hampshire, where Joe Biden placed fifth and I want push back the primary models. My understandings have covered a bit of this discussion. Before takes a look at the turn out for Democrats versus the turnout for public, The primary model, in my opinion, is based entirely upon. I, like this guy, or I like this guy. This election is based on I like this guy, and I don't like this guy, it's one guy its trump, I'm not sure the primary model makes a whole lot of sense. nobody cared with democratic, not any was I mean Koane Big Biden now that may be a good reason to suggest. They're gonna lose and thus of the model may be correct. The model may be wrong
because people were enthuse yet people will enthusiastically come out to vote against Trump. That's the important factor, but I gotta stop right there and say this actually think this guy my Vienna, something you know about three and sixty two electoral votes. I mean well see but think about it. Just hating Trump isn't enough to win an election. You need mom and pop ups and dads and brothers and regular people in this country to be like. I want that guy to fix my purse problems if all you're saying is vote out this guy you're only getting a fraction of your voter base, you're getting the orange man bad block? you're not getting the. What about my health care block you're, not getting the? What about jobs, block and you're, not getting the? What about foreign affairs block you're, getting the literal Orangemen bad, people, and everyone else is gonna, be like I guess. My only option is trump. You wanna go to kindly who'd you vote for not an idea come late later on
What would you say he's a Joe Biden? Why would you done o o o eight years of Obama? Ok, what did Joe Biden? Do you set? Obama? Would Joe Biden do can give me an answer. you're gonna hope that, because he was VP, he was at the game and he's gonna get kind of yellow, but better ok with economies, but under Trump Joe Biden on making the argument for the economy, Joe Biden at a campaign rally. I kid you not actually said. If you over me rejects our going down the Czechs you're goin up, he said that,
Now is desperately backpedal and now in order to raise taxes on, we will make an four hundred care more, but I'm better appeals from tax cuts which will raise on its axis Donald Trump, comes out. Donald Trump says: he's we're gonna, do school choices of big factor, ban critical race, there's a big factor strengthen our military, bought, bring our troops back more peace agreements. Trumps got a plan. I look I understand, nobody's gonna plan to but went on talking about is what are they saying to the american people, Donald Trump Playing, an accordion when he talks and and and I'm I know you have not yet seen the videos, the bunch women talk, talk to them.
The thing you know why I can make that joke. You know why can make a joke about Donald Trump Langen according because he's talking all that time. There are so many videos of in doing it's. You can make tons of videos and it's funny- that's right. Donald Trump is campaigning. Donald Trump is going out right now in saying this. If you vote for me Donald Trump, suburban women vote for me, please love me: I'm gonna keep you safe rights. Point number one. He says we're gonna bring back your economy. Sleepy Joe will give away your job to Jane Point number. Two Donald Trump is out on the campaign for other planning
fourteen rally the next three days this man has got the energy of someone in their fifties. Actually not Tropic spry man for men in the seventies to do fourteen rallies this dude, I got a wanderer Joe Biden, sleeping in the basement. He's gonna he's doing what Joe Biden is offering you nothing because Joe, but it is not the candidate. The point is your for or against Trump right now. The videos that are fly across media are trump is bad. Trump is good. That's about it. Nor path is calculating trumps, gonna, win and I'll. Tell you this. His primary model may prove correct, because people won't show up for Joe Biden and then net
old, ten, twenty percent of people who say Orangemen bad, but don't make up the bulk of this country who are more concerned with, like where's, my paycheck, those people going to show up only the orange man, bad people. Shall I tell you what that might lead to a Trump landslide seriously and if the poles are wrong well know for sure, though the pole say trumps can lose quote. Joe Biden did terribly in New Hampshire, the first primary, which is not just the first but probably the most decisive of all the primaries in the whole cycle. Nor path also discussed how poles and key states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennell Pennsylvania missed the mark and twenty sixteen on the average they all had trumped down by Autonoe at least sort of four points or more. If I see trot, down about. Let's say that much against Biden in this election, I'm not worried about it, watch the full video blah blah blah. So you what I'm excited for this I mentioned in my main channel video. Could you imagine what it will be like the nuclear melt down?
of the media when all their poles are wrong? That's an almond! Do you see I'm not I'm not excited about watching Democrats cry or whenever those are american people who are misled by the media. those are american people who didn't want Donald Trump and their sad they lost, and while some of these views are honey. I admit I'm not interested in that I'll tell you what I will laugh about our ambition to come out and say it. I would love to see like Nate Silver, a five thirty eight, just like you know, he's drenched in sweat. He's all pale is got bags under his. Eyes and ears like on CNN, and you get like Chris Como be unlike what happened, man, why? What is this? You told us and how does you like. Why don't I don't know, I don't know what I'm talking about you. I think it is the ivory tower Elite sitting, atop their ivory tower only talking to their ivory tower friends,
don't actually know, what's happening here on planet earth, because they're up in the sky, all laughing about how dumb Trump isn't a stupid lies and right other people are just like. None of that gets me. My job back and Donald Trump comes out and goes you vote for me and we're gonna bring back your job. Sleepy Joe will shut down the. I mean he ll sell your job to Gina, that's a trumpet zone and I believe him. If Donald Trump is elected, he's gonna make sure the economy stays open, drops come back if Joe binding its elected, it's gonna, be like it's gotta be hard core lockdown, it's gotta, be them saying you know the nation above all else, and it's funny, because Trump support, internationalists, but then I sang nation above everyone. The people in Europe with it was we're somebody's lockdown people, people in Paris, our panicking and fleeing this because the governments like the nation, comes first, everyone stay in your homes unless you have your papers, that's authoritarianism, that's nightmarish
so I look. I don't know those guys right is one guy, maybe crackpot. Maybe helmet, nor Paul has no idea what is talking about things like puddle took away from one or maybe everyone else is wrong. simple solution would suggest. Everyone else is not wrong, but I tell you this: if the media people are in a bubble, can't see outside of it. Maybe they really are the ones who are wrong? I guess we'll see Tuesday? Stick around excrements coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Chaos is in suing with male. In voting and now Democrats leftist are in full on her neck mode.
Over videos surfacing of male ballots everywhere, strolled about undelivered, about a report in Pennsylvania. Thousands never got their ballots and Republicans are concerned, Supreme Court is ruling or Carolina can accept male involved in nine days later. That's a win for the Democrats, the Democrats, a friggin out. We got this. Your video, Damn House leader, Kai on key own Magee, says raw footage. Mailroom in post office. Here in Miami Miami date, source revealed mail in boats are within these piled up bins. On the floor, mail has been sitting for over a week. Democrats have led up the war cry, no more melon ballots. They say everyone must run All speed to your nearest election office polling station and vote in person, because too late you're ballot won't make it in time. I think they're right. I think it's fair to say. Definitely, if you want of out and got a male about, bring it in
Arson or go out in person. Surprisingly, there are some some. There are some states that allow you to go and vote in person, even if he did vote by mail, but dont assume that's true. For every state there was some you know. Election institution was talking about. Some states did is check with your local election boards, local laws to make sure you're you're doing anything you're supposed to do, but seriously I don't care you vote for, gave Europe Abiden supporter Bernie supporter. I don't care if you're a full on. You know, commie authoritarian communist voting for the ghost of stolen just vote vote seriously. I went everyone's votes to count, we'll get a big problem. I do on everyone's votes to count, tat these ones there. I said it raw footage of a mailroom office here here, Miami date, all of these mail and bows entitled the problem with male in voting is no chain of custody. I'm sorry! If we see a video of a bunch boxes in a post office- and we don't
for those boxes came from a what's in the boxes. I don't think it is a good idea to count them. I don't care who therefore and character for trumped up carefully for by NATO count. Sorry no chain of custody, no election security, no count, and that's the Democrats fault or maybe it's the Democrats advantage, maybe seventy dropouts, maybe older people more scared, wonder vote for tromp, another ballots, r and d been. I was thinking about this think about how they could pull soft with male. In voting there, a lot of people who are assuming things like you know, Belle, all the mail and votes will come in and then they'll find new ones. Why would have to find new ones? Think about it? They put all of the bunker ballots in the post office at a week early and then a week by a video pops up saying why? Don't they mail the ballots and then they do and there it is, I'm not saying it was actually doing that
I'm saying that's why I believe these should be removed. Challenge I gases with all of these ballots, going through the mail system with no chain of custody. It's just its saying that we would have the most consequential election of our lives with the least amount of security. That says to me. You are playing with fire and we are dangerously close to massive unrest, but I'll tell you, then it's not just what's happening and these in his post offices will actually now I guess it is they never got their ballots. I've got stories of people in my area were getting bout. The wrong names in the envelope like they're getting a piece of males are at their name on it. They open it up. There's someone else's name on the on the on the election? Male no kin took us up the whereabouts of an untold number of ballots in Pennsylvania, Butler County that we're slated for delivery to would be voters next week remain unaccounted for. The counties director of a lot
since Thursday postal officials say they are unaware of any issues, but the director Aaron's hugely said the county is seed in excess of ten thousand phone calls seeking information about ballots that were requested but not received, and that some callers have called multiple times somewhere between the post office. and the Pittsburgh sorting facility something happened. We don't know what this I'm sorry. I almost just wanted a flip the table over and smash. Everything, because I've been saying it over and over again, but these people would not listen. You wanna what's gonna happen. Now we are going to see so many law suits. I tell you why Donald Trump Tuesday, the Red Mirage, they call it
tromp landslide victory. Three hundred and sixty two electoral vote says helmet. Nor path may be wrong, but I trump wins. The Democrats are gonna, say but wait law suit. We have a man from Pennsylvania, says: its vote was never received through no fault of his own. His right to vote was infringed upon by a broken system. Therefore, we must challenge these results and there it is there can not be closer to this election. If ten thousand phone calls have gone in saying where's my ballot, because now they're gonna say that's a trump ones by six, seven thousand If ten thousand people never received their balance and the election is compromised, a federal judge might have to rule a new election must be done, which could take us one of two December who knows. Maybe Supreme Court intervenes MID December, The deadline has, I believe, the deadline temper fourteenth for the Electoral College final vote.
who they were going to side with perhaps its Donald Trump or perhaps it's not tromp, may think he's. Bringing on constitutional S was no guarantee they side with him. I mean brick, cabin on gorse. I haven't done on everything then on what's gonna happen, but I tell you what the trunk campaigns gonna sue, there's gonna be back and forth lawsuits in going to reach a point where the courts will have to make a decision, regardless of the law suits. That's right, it's possible! In my opinion, we get a president policy. If the boats votes, aren't counted in Supreme Court abstained and says no or I should say, the Supreme Court rules will go beyond the deadline. The twentieth, its speaker of the house would become President well, President Proton port of his son, it becomes president's, I believe, is figuring out what would become president
assuming election across the board isn't done and congressmen sworn in there'll be President protest portion of the Senate. Otherwise I got no idea. I dunno comes after that, but I believe that struck rashly right now. I can't predict any of this stuff, but I can tell you if Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both planning law suits and they are not regular people what happens in ten thousand people file a lawsuit saying our votes were never received and we didn't get to vote in this election,
Well, then, you will have no choice but to say our election has failed and these people have lost their votes. The Supreme Court, in my opinion, probably rule in favour of trump, probably saying no, it is not the fault of the rest of the country that use strewed up. Therefore, the result stand. Maybe that's the game I donno guts. I would haven't at that. Then the left is going to say: Trump did not win. Many people's votes were disenfranchised and they're gonna blame trump beseech all being lined up. The post office is purposefully, crippling everything and then these male problems have been. That was trumps fault now, as Democrats fault for changing the rules in the first place, but that's it they'll say and the claim trumps stole the election because his his packing the courts as they call it, which literally just means appointing Supreme Court justices, gives him the advantage and we're gonna, see six to three split, probably actually will probably see a five before split, because chief Justice Robert seems to love. So
with the left of the court, but then Trump becomes president by Supreme Court ruling and the left will say illegitimate. President. You see they want to be a legitimate and twenty sixteen Trump one firm, where an unhealthy Clinton still says, he's illegitimate. He he has the spectre of illegitimacy. No, that's you go away by. You lost Donald Trump One, but they ve desperately tried claiming that Trump is not legitimately the president, give them the opportunity and they'll take it. even if Trump winds definitively. I believe they will soon after the fact and argue you see all these lawsuits is people's votes were counted and it's not fair. Donald Trump should should not have one he's, not the president, then he will be, but I won't matter the narrative is what is is what's going to be very important for them to claim that, in fact, they are the morally superior ones
or I'll. Tell you what it may just be. The down loses, maybe it won't matter or maybe it's Donald Trump Porthos, who are the ones falling lawsuits saying that mail voting, stole their vote and announced if I donno chocolate ex now, Democrats changed the rules. What if these ten thousand votes phone calls are from Trump supporters? What, if that's actually what's gonna happen? Democrats will then be the ones who are at fault. but for the broken in Bonn collection and when trumps Susan wins people might say. If only the Democrats never said, mail and vote Trump would not have suit and one and become president I don't know it's gonna be President's. I dont know a lot of people, think it's gotta be Donald Trump alot of people don't but I'll tell you one thing that I find very strange supreme court rules. North Carolina can accept mail and balance of the nine days after the election. Why did didn't they rule in
it was constantly couldn't do this. Why is Supreme Court ruling that some states can and some states can't I dont know? does come to seem like their picking the winners and losers. Then there are like nor Carol. There's gonna be open up for nine days after the elections O North Carolina. What goes blew a red? I have no idea men. I do find it strange beggar can Turn is that by screwing with election integrity, it doesn't matter. You got bigger piles of of male male stacked up in post offices, giving anyone Trump or Biden an excuse to claim an excuse to claim that the election was not legitimate. Of course, Biden has the media on his but the establishment. If Donald Trump loses and says it's not fair, the laugh. Ah, if our trump wins they'll say it's not fair and they'll burn everything to the ground. That's the scariest thing exposed a. stack lawsuits, flyin and them you mean Donald Trump and then
it's getting another four years of Russia Gate on this, I'm it'll be called male vote, gate or postal gate or whatever from didn't really when he cheated. He used the post office to cheat. There's still claim in russia- and that's not true, and that's why I just can't stand anymore. I'm gettin, tired, but ah tuesdays a common. I got one more segment coming up for in a few minutes, stick around and I will see while shortly what does Wrapper Lil Wayne have in common with Football Leginn Brett five they're, both supporting President
from all right. Donald Trump has created a special unity in this country. Wrapper celebrity superstar football athletic Legend coming together under that tromp banner, ok, to be fair, wrapper, low waned and officially endorse Donald Trump, but he said he's working with them and that trumps gotta get the job done, how black America. I think that adornment carries lot await. Weird fifty cent complaining about his taxes are no he's voting for little pomp sat on not paying these taxes, but you got ice cube. Saying I'm not playing politics with this, I'm gonna work with whoever is in charge. Tat Black America, mad respect, ice cube, don't play politics that do what you do. What you think is right to fight for what you believe and I respect that. Don't you people Paul you down and make you into a trump supporter or into a trot pater, that's ridiculous and are trying to do it, but a lot of high profile, wrapper celebrities and and and prominent individually by community, a coming forth and saying I'll trumps gotta do this job and I think that's gonna really help him
we're seeing a lot of that. I mean there's all video of a dude holding a gun and screaming at the camera, get my president's name out of your mouth and like yeah eyes. I was fine like this dude as some people back off and I got mad respect like so many people want to come out and just rag, a trump and an end. Its end for bs reasons come at me with some real arguments: unanimity, but this dude anyway, we got these to endorse. Mrs ok, you got wrapper little wing. You got Brett five. These are celebrities. Why should we care about what celebrities thing? That's why I wanted to wrap in a hat trick, editorial from the Boston Herald a newspaper. The herald endorses. Donald Trump is from a couple days ago. This is, the academic and journalistic approach to why they would support Donald Trump. And while we have regular way meeting, which are not an official endorsement, he said just at a great meeting with Real Donald Trump,
besides what he has done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give community real ownership he listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done and on the low hang time emerging, travel proposed platinum plan includes creating three million jobs: the black community over the next four years, increasing access to capital by nearly five hundred billion dollars and strengthening trumps immigration policies to protect american jobs, condos website ice Malta is working Trump, but that he's not playing politics with this. I'm willing to me with anybody who can bring this to life and make it a reality. So my respectable them, you know, got endorse Trump, just just just fight for making people's lives better, no respect you read far, however. He came out with a hard direct straight endorsement, for the President saying my vote is for is for what makes this country great freedom of speech and religion. Second, amendment hard working, taxpaying citizens, police and military in this election. We have freedom of choice.
Which all should respect for me and these principles. My vote is for Real Donald Trump. Endorsement comes a little more than a week since five asked trumped during a town hall. How professional sports league should promote an anti racism position without alienating fans? Try, speaking for the White House. Responded people don't want to see all the politics they ve had enough politics with me. Everybody else. They dont want to see with it and they don't want to see it with football. On sports on son
whenever the habit of you watching far mostly avoid making political statements throughout his playing career and since retiring in twenty tonnes? But in July he was photographed golfing with Trump the to discuss the importance of sports as critical, unifying and uplifting part of the safe reopening of America. Light ass, deputy press secretary, Brian Morgenstern SAD according to see an end to CNN trumpets, getting support from the NFL as well, but listen like I said celebrities. Do we care about celebrities thing? I don't listen! My respect to anybody wants to voice their opinion, be bred. Five Taylor, Swift, Lil Wayne, anybody, but just like I dont, think, Taylor. Swift knows what she's on about I'm not going to
MT, be like you're right. Brett far of your opinion is some for some reason: better, listen by far placed football. We play football. We time one of the best Taylor Swift. She makes music. Actually, yes, one of the best. I know a lot of people might not like or because came out supporting bite, and I dont like button I'd prefer Trump. I respect them both for speaking their minds and I dont care about either of their opinions. Now you're gonna, whose opinion I really dont care of newspapers. They should not be endorsing President's at all. I dont care of its four tromp or forbidden. I don't like the Boston, Harold endorsing Trump, and I don't like the Washington Post, endorsing Biden United today, endorsing Biden. All the newspapers are probably going to endorse President's that's stupid use,
Didn't do that, but for the sake of showing you the the at the editorial and journalistic approach to an endorsement, I think it's important that at least we would have to say, and their endorsing trump I'll still criticise them. For it. The herald says the twenty twenty presidential election is about what people don't want as much as to what they actually do want for. The left. Getting Donald Trump out of office tops the wishlist. It's been that way since the day after twenty sixteenth election, for them. Everything the president has done is bad. Every move, sinister and every policy, one more nail in the progressive coffin to be fair, tromp hasn't done himself any favours with his incessant tweets, revolving door cabinet and mixed messages on the crown of virus. I wanna class. The heroin now actually agree with that. You buy an allegedly offers a return to normal seat, but what's normal and twenty twenty giant murder bees Agus buttons platform
A risky love letter to Social Justice warriors and those who believe capitalism is the root of all evil. For starters, Biden wants to increase the corporate tax rate beheld. Died in an economic study by Kevin. Has it and upon a matter which concluded that corporate tax heights lead to a substantial decrease in wages and spending and spurred businesses to move out of the country. that's not what we need, especially as a report by yelp found sixty percent of businesses around the? U S, down to the crowd of irish warming closed for ever think about what binds gonna do under the Obama administration. Transpacific partnership open up trade across the Atlantic, I'm sorry the Pacific. We already had agreements with european summit that so yeah Pacific agreements will open up
making it easier for us to shape our manufacturing jobs to these Pacific, Pacific RIM, nations and we'll transpacific partnership. Why did I call transpacific partnership and then flood and say Atlantic wow? I must be tired. Anyway, then Joe Biden, cracked crank up the corporate tax rate, so all these companies go guess I'll go to China yet sounds like a really bad idea anyway, as binding as big plans for spending some five point. Four trillion for universal Pre K. Freaked me to college clean energy in other programmes
A wealthy will foot the bill thanks to eliminating the republican tax cuts and making the rich quote, pay their fair share. But look at the data released by the Congressional Budget office analyzing. Twenty seventeen household income shows the top twenty percent of households already pay. Eighty seven point: one percent of federal income taxes and sixty nine point, two percent of all federal taxes in the top one percent of households, pen average income tax rate of twenty four point: four percent, while the middle twenty percent of households pay an average income tax rate of three point. Three per
San wow Biden has also pledged to create one million new well paid jobs in the american automobile industry. A neat trick following massive job cuts in recent years by autumn manufacturers. Part of the reason for those cuts can be traced to decline in global, like vehicle sales fuelled by drops in demand in China and India. As the global economy has taken a wallop did the krona virus pandemic. One wonders how demand will shoot up to the point that job cuts can be reversed and, as already stated, how is he gonna bring back autumn and you factoring when he opens up free trade deals and then crank up the corporate tax rate, Ford and any other companies gonna be like what's pop over to China for about what you say most disconcerting. Is that binds platform as a pot luck of agendas pushed by Far Lefty Party membership, Bernie Sanders and a YO see Sanderson Biden, Hash on a progressive unity platform this summer and Elsie joined other progressive lawmakers and telling Biden hoo hoo he shouldn't have in his cabinet.
all of this of course ignores the fact that Pre Cover Donald Trump economy was going gangbusters. Last year, the jobless rate dropped the three point: five percent, the lowest in fifty years. The jobless rate for Hispanics hit a record low of three point: None african Americans would maintain the lowest rate at five point. Five. The DOW hovered around nineteen thousand was Trump was when I was first elected last year, it above twenty six thousand good NEWS for everyone with a formal one. K Trump didn't spend his way to robust economy. He cut regulations and got tougher on trade negotiations, he's against funding police for holding China accountable for covered nineteen negligence, accountable for covenanted negligence and putting America's America first on trade, defence, the courts and again there
here's. What America needs right now: decisive action against back to prepare them strength, not an unfeasible spending spree in the name of a progressive utopia. The Boston Harold endorses Donald Trump for present lesson I dont think newspaper should be endorsing President's. I dont like it at all, and I M p Indeed, this out, specifically as they are endorsing Donald Trump who I voted for. However, all of their points are spot on nail on the head with the hammer, my friends. What Brett Farm had to say was a very generic will: go America, I'm not offend. I dont care Taylor. Swift gave us the wheel who Joe Biden, I also don't care wrapper Lil Wayne isn't thing is one vote for tromp. He sang trumped up in the black community that I care about. I really,
that glad to see people voicing their opinion that regard with Boston, Harold is pointing out is the facts, the hard facts and the reason why a vote for Donald Trump is the right vote. For me, critical race theory plays a huge role. I wanna see Trump ban these ridiculous and illegal, at least as far as I understand trainings, they violate civil rights ACT. I liked the Civil Rights ACT, my family S, personal history, with it it's a good thing for us and for everyone. I want Donald Trump to end the ridiculous wars. I wanted to bring about peace in the Middle EAST and stabilize the region. I want Donald Trump to bring economy back levels. It was in twenty nineteen because in the beginning of this year, before covered, when I was building up my studio, people all over were telling me twenty nineteen was the best year of their lives in terms of their income. Now was Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, so, while Joe Biden is hiding in the basement and people are telling, you were voting against Donald Trump tell him this from sports legends.
To wrap legends to wrap legends and superstars to the Boston, Harold themselves. There are real reason, some of its president and don't believe the fake news thanks rang out next year, be tomorrow at ten a m, and I will see you all them.
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