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Democrats PANIC Trump Is Planning A COUP, Trump Filling Ranks With Loyalists And REFUSES To Concede


Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller recently announced Special operations would report directly to him.Resistance Democrats and media leftists have been screaming that Trump is staging a coup, a soft coup, or even planning a military coup for some time.They claim that the Trump campaign lawsuits across the US are part of his soft coup attempt even though Trump and Republicans are well within their legal right to file challenges to election results.But with the latest moves firing top Security officials and hiring loyalists these Democrats are starting to panic over the idea that Trump could just stage a classic coup and use security and military power to stay in office.Of course the reality is likely that Trump is trying to get as much done in the last few months as possible.

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For quite some time. Actually, the left has been arguing that Donald Trump was preparing to stage a coup like a coup like an actual coup d'etat to seize control of the government. Now an actual coup d'etat would be like the Marines running in surrounding the White House, and then Trump saying I am now Supreme Chancellor or I am not vacating. The premises are something like that and that's just not gonna happen. So I guess a coup in the classical sense probably won't happen, and that's probably why the left is not arguing he's going to do that. Well, they weren't we'll get to that in a second. They were saying that trumps legal efforts to challenge the election in many states was tantamount to a coup? Call it what it is. We have actually been saying it's a coup before the election even happened going months months back there like just make everyone needs to know what Europe is doing, a staging a coup in cycle.
have we haven't even had the election calm down. Trump is calling for a recount in certain districts in Wisconsin and that's a legal right and we haven't certified every state and the electors haven't voted yet so why are they calling it a cool? Well, the left is fine we're getting their actual opportunity to insinuate, a real cool may be happening because recently, Donald Trump purged top officials from the Pentagon and installed loyalists fans of his enemies, Lee, we sought article pop up in the guardian we ve seen. The calls previously is Trump planning a coup. Now we actually have something very interesting from the Department of Defense quote. I am here today to else that I have directed the special operation civilian leadership report directly to me, instead of through the current bureaucratic channels, acting secretary of Defence, Chris Miller, whoa whoa down
tromp, purge top civilian leadership. Department of defense installed people who are loyal to him and now they're consolidating power, yes, now the left us are going way. Two minutes is this an actual coup I don't it is or not, but I will say something feels off about everything you know what I mean. Camilla Harris didn't resign my mind saying she hasn't. She hasn't resigned her Senate seat. Yet with a lot of reasons for this, maybe she's not entirely convinced, she's, going to end up being the vice president, so she's not resigning. or maybe she's worried the Republicans might Paulson last minute Lamed accession and she wants to build a vote on it, which, in my opinion, as it makes sense, because the Republicans still have the manure wonder what they want to vote on this matter. She's there are not for the most part, but she's, not resigning and Trump is buying a lot of time for some thing. He keeps filing lawsuits he's now calling for recount and it does seem look I'm not just
reading the mainstream media. Emphatically the stuff in it really does seem like Trump is buying time for something the other day we in Wayne County where Detroit, the Republicans on Certification Board said they wouldn't do it. They then got harassed by then he left us and then ultimately agreed will certify the results. If you do an audit which the Secretary of State that ok are to realise maybe trumps lawsuits are really about buying time until the certification process, where republicans might actually challenge this or that the result citing fraud or of irregularities, of which there is evidence, and then Joe Biden doesn't, when I don't know for sure, but maybe that's the real play. Would that be a coup? Not really? It would just be the legal process by which this country is supposed to function, if we cannot certify the results for political reasons, surprise surprise: it falls to one of the contingencies, notably a contingent election, but I want to look at what the left has been saying and actually want to take this seriously
think there's a legitimate and good reason as to why this consolidation of power, the Department of Defense in trumps, lame duck session, assuming he does, it actually win, but the left is certainly terrified. This consolidation of power with will we result with Trump calling in the military. rounding, the White House or something in saying I'm in charge and I'm not leaving, and there are a lot of things that are interesting about this. But let's read the news before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome: slash donate if you'd like to support my work, in many ways and give the best thing you can do is share this video. Let's take a critical look at Donald Trump staging a coup in what might actually happen. We don't know, I dont know we're just a little bit under a month out from the actual effect for college ratification, certainly many leftists are not convinced. Trump is just going to walk away and they haven't been. I'm Michael more has been saying it. So, let's take a look at what they ve been saying, the actual
evidence for what's going on and how people feel about this because surprise, according to a pole, which I'm not sure I trust, pulls at all, more than half of Republicans think Trump did win. So there is a challenge: if many people are saying Yama laugh trumpet staging a coup, many people right are saying by stealing the election or fraud or whatever was them staging a coup. And then you have two factions. leave their right right. I wonder how it will all play so we'll take a look at what they're saying share the video. If you want to support the channel and if you think people should hear this and overnight to like subscribe, codification, Bell and the first thing I'll show you is that from the New York Times they say, tromp stacks the Pentagon and elegance agencies with loyalists to what end so far. There is no evidence, the appointees harbour a secret agenda or arrived with an action plan, but their sudden appearance amounts to a purge, the Pentagon's top civilian hierarchy. With out recent precedent, why would Donald Trump be doing this?
they say President trumps, abrupt installation of a group of hardline loyalists at a senior jobs. The Pentagon has elevated officials who have pushed for more aggressive actions against IRAN and for eminent withdraw of all american forces from Afghanistan over the objections of military, Mr Trot media shipments of for top Pentagon officials, including a new acting defensive to secretary this week, leaving a billion and military officials to interpret whether this index a change in approach in the final two months of its presidency at the same time as it dropped named Michael Alice. as a general council at the national, security agency over the objections of director General Paul and knock zone. There is no evidence so far What is the point? Is harbor a secret agenda on a run or have taken up there post of an action plan in hand, but their sudden appearance has been a purge of the Pentagon's top civilian high Rocky. Without recent,
I honestly have the same. It's very interesting now the simple approach. I think the simple solution is that before Trump leaves, he wants to accomplish certain goals getting us out of Afghanistan. That's the stated reason for the consolidation of power for them for the most part, because it's it's actually pretty crazy. You s official lied to tromp. The number of people overseas number of troops in in Syria to maintain those numbers and that my friends is- is more akin to a coup that anything Trump may have done, but it doesn't mean that's all that's going, happen. They say administration official said the appointments were partly about Afghanistan or the president has been frustrated what he sees as a military moving too slowly to fulfil his promise that all american troops will be home by Christmas. The Pentagon announced on Wednesday that Douglas Macgregor retired army colonel.
Fierce proponent of ending american involving Afghanistan would serve as a senior adviser. But what is the left have been saying: here's as recline from vocs and will look back to the Afghanistan and the Department of Defense this from November. Seventh Trump is attempting a coup in plain sight. I wonder how many trump supports going? Yes, and I wonder how many regular people going? Ah because calm down the left has been screeching forever. If Donald Trump finds a way through the legal process to become president. It is not a coup if, after all of the constitutional processes have been tried and ultimately result in everyone agreeing from the courts to the certifications, Joe Biden has one and then Trump does. No, then you have a coup.
But if the electors certified tromp, if the constitutional process result in a contingent election or states get disqualified or lawsuits flit votes, that's just the legal process. They want to admit it though there, like Trump, is holding up the transition process. No, he is in. Because no one's been certified for too long in this country, the media dictated won an election over Trump ain't play that game. Well, do you have a little bit about what as recline has to say here is how do we cover it when it's happening here? It's happening. He says a few years ago there was a boom of articles called if it happened there. Imagining how the american press would cover this or that story. If it happened in another country, how would we for the government shut down. If it happened in another country, the Ferguson Protests,
Oregon militia, Siege, George George Floods, killing my Bloomberg Slates Joshua, Keating popularized, the form, but other allies, including vocs have deployed at the intent, was to use the troops of foreign coverage to create a sense of what the literary critic dark, o seven called cognitive and estrangement, severing us from the familiarity and overconfidence that can do our awareness of extraordinary events and you'd get leads, like quote the plus in autumn, whether disguises a government teetering on the brink, because at midnight Monday night, the government of this intensely proud, a nationalistic people will shut down a drastic sign of political dysfunction in this more abundant republic. I love that word more abundant means, like basically your death bed, but I dont think it applies, and that actually shows us something interesting. The media sensationalize as anything when they can get away with it if they had the opportunity to write
a foreign country in such shocking and sensational terms. They would because you don't know anything about that place, but he from the. U S, you would be hard pressed to convince someone that this cut. This republic is more abundant and every time I've brought up that other people have said. We in a civil war or even my opinions on this. They say: oh TIM, you're, exaggerating really now but hey it could happen here. I don't mean to sensationalize or anything like that. I always try to like. You, know, com and be ready, common rational on these issues, but it shows you other media really operates. Doesn't it ever says the slight air of parity length?
Whole enterprise, a sense of unreality, Amerika, isn't a banana republic, it wasn't happening there. It was happening here and that made all the difference in the past four years. The past four days have proven anything. It's that we are not as different as we believed he says. Donald Trump is trying to discredit an election. He is losing. Joe Biden has won the presidency it, but the current president of United States, Donald Trump, is attempting a coup in plain sight. I won this election by a Lahti tweeted. This came after he demanded that states cease counting votes when the total began to turn against him. After his press secretary, shocked Fox news anchors by arguing that legally cast votes should be thrown out the tribe administrations. Current strategy is to go to court and try and get votes providing ruled illegitimate and that strategy explicitly rests on trumps appointees. Honouring debt honouring a debt to the administration at least believes they one of his legal adviser said we're way.
Before the United States Supreme Court, of which the President has nominated three justices to step in and do something and hopefully Amy Coney, bear it will come through if that fails, and it will mark Levin what other nations most popular conservative house is explicitly calling on republican legislatures to reject the election results and Seat Donald Trump as president anyway after Twitter tag the tweet as contested trumps, press secretary waitin furiously on Levine's behalf, then we got this story when today, while they updated this today? That's impressive can trump actually stage a coup and stay in office for a second term. They really believe it's coming. They say the present refuses to acknowledge buttons. But experts say there is no constitutional path forward for him to remain in the White House. That's just not true. There is first of all this.
import world. Earlier this year, the state legislators determine who the electors have to vote for, and they could absolutely instruct the electors to vote for Donald Trump. There's no faith! Us luck! There's this time around these. They set it up to the states. Now most states have said you have to vote for whoever one the popular vote in the state, but what? If the state can't certify? For some reason there is a constitutional path for their just ignoring it. They say There are worries. The president and other Republicans will make every effort to stay in power. There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration MIKE Palm Pale. The Secretary of State said last week, William BAR the attorney general, has also also authorized federal prosecutors to begin to investigate the election irregularities, a move that prompted the head of the Justice Department selection crimes unit to step down from his position on Tuesday Trump fired crystal.
crabs, the director of the federal agency that vouched for the reliability of the twenty twenty election and had pushed back on the president's baseless claims of voter fraud. Yet, despite all of trumps machinations is extreme the unlikely he could find a way to stay in power or stage a coup. Here's one reason why they say trot refuses to accept Joe Biden, one. The presidential election Is there a constitutional path for him to stage a coup and stay? As for another term, not really, the electoral college meets on December fourteenth to cast its vote for president, Nearly every state uses estate wide popular vote to allocate its electors Biden is projected to win far more two hundred seventy electoral votes he needs to become president. His victory doesn't hinge on one state. He has problem the insurmountable leads in Michigan Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona, There is a long shot. Legal theory flooded by Republicans before the election, that republican friendly legislators and ices such as Michigan was content of Pennsylvania could ignore the popular vote in their states and appoint their own electors.
Federal law, allows legislators legislatures to do this. If states have failed to make a choice by the day of the electoral college meets, but there is no evidence, of systemic fraud of wrong doing in any state and bite, commanding margins in these places make it clear, the states have in fact made a choice quote if the country continues to follow the rule of law. I see no plausible constitutional path forward for trot to remain as president, barring now evidence of some massive failure of the election system in multiple states. Richard Hassen, a lot professor at the University of California. Irvine, whose specializes in elections wrote in an email, it would be a naked anti democratic power grab to try to use state legislatures to get around the voters choice, and I don't expect spect that to happen at some reason right there, because I green. I don't expect to happen, but we are hearing over and over again from trumps lawyers that they have the cracking the crack and has been released. They will release the evidence. They have so much evidence, but there has been no evidence publicly released, not from them in this
Patsy. We have seen a lot of evidence of impropriety. I will say, however, at least enjoy. Georgia. We now have three counties that have just found ballots that work counted. Three. Is this gonna keep happening? I gotta tell you, you find a bat bout that weren't counted giving trump and that gain- and I say well, you know these things happen. You find another batch about in a different county that give trumpet net gain and I go a k wants kind of weird, but I suppose that's lightning strikes twice. I guess a third county. Ok, that sounds widespread. To me I mean how do you define widespread know would have to be at least fifty counties in three counties. We ve already found a massive number of boats that weren't counted breaking some historical margin. If there wasn't a recounts, would they even found it? While we wait, they say we would have found this
and if Trump conceded, just after the announced by the with the winter, I think it's a good thing that Trump didn't concede. Considering now we're discovering this, I'm not going to call it a coup, that's ridiculous, but I will say, but make that there may have already been one in the other direction, with the Russia Gate LAW, as the smears of trot the jamming up his presidency, the concert impeachment attempts and We know one of the most shocking things I have and most enraging things I've seen outgoing Syria envoy admits. Hiding. U S. Troop numbers praises Trump, MID East record We were always playing shell games as Ambassador Jim Jeffrey, who also gives advice to present Elect Biden. You are that you heard that right when Donald Trump was trying to withdraw our troops from Syria. This guy lied to him and subsequently
the american people to keep american soldiers in a foreign country that we should not be in at the commander in chief, was trying to get us out of and the most shocking, but not just the lies, but He went on to say: Trop did a really good job in the Middle EAST bringing about peace amazing. He advises Biden to carry on with trumps middle eastern strategy. Sir, you obstructed his strategy. Many tromp support, as I have said, coup confirmed when on elected officials when appointed officials or whatever intervene to block the president to wage war on a foreign country that sounds nightmarish in my opinion, so you know what, if he's gonna be fault and it's gonna blame it's gonna be on these resistance, bureaucrat establishment types. They knew better. Should, we shouldn't listen, what Trump has to say about the Middle EAST and our troop levels are: what's that historic?
this agreement in the Middle EAST, normalization of relations between Israel and other countries, arabic nations. Let's continue doing that. I wonder what we could have accomplished if they did not lie if they didn't. Well. Now we have. The latest are disturbing number of republican support, trumps coup attempt, that's they're, saying New York magazine is out right, saying as of right. Now it is a coup and the Republicans or in on it. Now this is from Jonathan shades. you may remember him from such great pieces, such as Donald Trump, has been a russian assets in the nineties inciting eighty seven, that's right! That's not a russian ass! It that's a soviet asset. This I want an Amazon BC and said: maybe tromp was working with the Soviets. I really
do not believe that capitalist billionaire golden toilet tromp was colluding with the Soviet Union, but these people have lost their minds. That's what's really scary, Anyway, he writes last week actual reported an alarming but vaguely source story that Republicans are talking more about sharing republican state legislators to override the election results in their state and appoint pro tromp representatives to the electoral college. The next day, the New York Times identified the specific source of the terrifying data, Donald Trump himself, who loaded it in White House discussions is very maneuver, was the most chilling scenario floated before the election. When Barton, Gammon reported, the republican legislators in Pennsylvania had discussed it the party indignantly, denied having any such designs, and indeed it would amount to live. more than a coup carried out through a legal loophole state legislatures in several states are gerrymandered so heavily the Republican.
Enjoy permanent, unassailable majorities, letting them was voter, prove bodies. Abrogate a free election would plunge the political system headlong into authoritarianism and what Joe Biden Massive locked down. Wouldn't sorry, I'm not I'm not play that game. He says before proceeding. We should be clear about something. This is not going to happen at least not this year. Donald Trump position is far too weak, the port such a skin. He would need to flip at least three states. His legal team is comically an apt and his gestures toward this draft. Drastic steps have been too. Too little and too late to sustain the necessary pressure. But but it's because his effort is so feeble. The com Clients of money Republicans is so striking, while supporting a coup that might come to fruition is tempting, so
boarding one that is certain to fail, is not trumps pathetic campaign to discredit the election is the easiest possible test of his party's commitment to democracy. Remarkably, a number of prominent Republicans are failing at it. You should probably read your own paragraph democracy, Republicans. Perhaps it's because republicans are aware that we are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic that elects representatives. Through a democratic process. Far from a democracy there, a democratic it is it a sense. You could argue that we are a democracy in some respects, but if we're going by the truest and democracy as this country is not. It was designed. this way on purpose, to prevent tyranny of the majority We would rather allow minority voices to be heard. Otherwise you destabilize and you fall apart. Maybe unfortunately that's inevitable,
because you're gonna end up with growing factions demanding power, they say, there's more of us than there are of you and no amount of clever legal institutions will protect them or minority for long, though these Donald actually gonna, call in the military stage a coup or something ridiculous. I really do not believe so. I think it is ever so likely increasingly likely that Trump is just going to he's gonna lose this one or whatever you want and he's gonna walk away. The real reason we're seeing all of this is because the? U S withdraw thousands of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq by January Troms, leaving he knows he's leaving he's trying not to leave he's trying as hardest but he's like. Ok, we ve only got how much time he's rushing things through his firing people because he knows where case scenario, he's gonna be out and he knew is to make sure he gets the job done before he goes. If Trump gets our troops out of here, he's gonna say I accomplished everything I wanted to
would have nice to have had another time to continue, but I got the job done. Thank you also much there's not a coup. Tromp- is getting rid of. The people were blocking him in line to him in line to us to get our troops out of the Middle EAST and glad he's doing it and, if tromp, fine it's a legal path, the victory than whatever man. This is how the game is played its always about finding a way to win and gain power. We are not a country ruled by the majority, and that's why Trot lost the popular vote and one we are a union, a republic of states and each state has their own rights. you, like I'm sure California loves the fact that they were able to legalise a ton drugs when the federal government had. No. So you can't, in my opinion, say We are allowed to pass our laws and defines the federal government, but when it comes to the presidency, we have
more say, then you on work that way. Sorry, ultimately, I dont know where we end up, but I can tell you: I have this story from Newsweek trumps Pentagon, ten from his damaging, but coup tempt. It is not from not a hall sing. Thank you good, sir. It's not it's, not a coup. Drop can fire and higher whoever he wants. Ok, if a coup happens, then I'll say who happens? I guess it's fair to point out. There is a fear among the left that Trump is preparing for a coup maybe it was the first conversation that came up when Trot made. This move and fired all these people, but listen, I dont, think Trump is evil you know what we have here a conversation last night, an IRA, Podcast Michael Malice, was a guest and he said the narrative.
work? If, if Donald Trump as a sea plus president, they gotta make him out to be the worst of the worst, this evil guy, and so that's what the story will always be in reality, tromp was just not that bad. We had a great economy, he did some good things trumpet is not the best president, nor was he the worst was actually a pretty good one. He was fairly decent, it still is still the president, and thus they are panicking over a coup. That is not going to come simply because Donald Trump didn't concede, and rightly so. They ve already found a bunch of missing ballots. I mean that's impropriety. Is it not? That's. That's. Ok, widespread human error enough to to question the election. Perhaps three times historical margins anyway. Listen What may or may not, when I am not entirely convinced, I think, were- were very, very close to a binding presidency. I dont think Tropez concede anything until the letter certified and is Italy with it is right to file as legal challenges are at last,
though it does kind to feel there's two things. I would it kind of feels like trumps lawsuits in the ricotta just buying time, perhaps so that he can in the race for the certification process starts, and then actually have a legal challenge. Like I read in one of the stories, the truck camp is waiting to go to the Supreme Court and maybe the Supreme Court will overturn. This and that's why they need to lose us need illicit. They win early. They win congratulations but if we make it a Scotus, their confident or at least they believe there if their confident that Scotus will side with them. But I need to tell you what it is actually all really about. I don't I'm not entirely convinced that what we are seeing is really about tromp or a coup. I think we might be just seeing shock content. That's it. I think it's, I think its shock content. I think
they're. Looking for a reason to scare people to make people think that you know Tropicana stage a coup, because Trump is the Golden Goose Uk Trump The golden goes, who allows them to write story after story for Robert Reich to get is thousands of retweet saying because of trumps attempted coup biting his team? Are able to talk about you, even as nearly thousands of Americans die, they never forget. That's his whole bit right That's thing! That's what it does. The truck campaigns putting three million dollars behind was recounting targeted counties from their announcement and I'm sure that these people are a very happy about it. We do We have evidence that there's something strange going on with absentee ballots, Republicans not being returned, and I think this The real challenge. Trump has a real reason. Trumps should continue, but in the end, I I
under. If I actually have this this this tweet- maybe I don't have it pulled up up there. It is I got it there. It is a trump quote: blamed a fart on her classmate when she was a brandy teenager. breaking this is the most important story of this or any generation, not because it actually will have an impact because it shows you just how broken media is. Perhaps all this talk about a coup, it's really just them desperately trying to get one last golden egg, squeezing out of a dead goose, because what's left Yvonne go once far, did I'm not kidding? That's the story. Congratulations wow, great stuff. How is that really It's going to be bad, you know if it comes to Trump, you know vacating the office and binding coming in what will they you're right about. I know one thing: it's gonna be insane and I'll talk about the insanity and will see how things go. Look may be trouble finding
the wind, maybe he'll stage a coup iron out seems like lightning striking ten times in a row that was really gonna happen in Georgia. We do finally, irregularity. So maybe lightning will strike for the fourth time giving Trump the wind will see, but I'm not I'm not confident. I really don't think so. I think the media's become absolutely desperate to the point now other writing about Ivanka, once blaming afar fart on someone, no joke, is you kidding how insane I leave it there. Next segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is a different channel from this one check it out and I will see you all them tonight we saw absolute chaos in Michigan Wayne County, which is where Detroit is A to certify the results of the election to Republicans we're, citing serious discrepancy, saying they weren't going to sign off on this this. This would have kicked certification up like state border officials who then could have done,
ok, fine, we'll certified? Just now it happened. You see the left organised, a harassment campaign start calling the Republicans raise zest for questioning discrepancies in vote to vote, counting booked about unbalanced voter books. They were racist and that people want to know, and one guy said everyone, millions of people will know who you are one guy apparently reference their children, and then they caved. Ah, these poor people look I sympathise I empathize with those that are on that that the bad and of a council culture attack, but you must always stand on principle. My friends. Do you think that they will now just leave? You alone that you said always seen the light. We are going to certify results of this election. Even in the face of all these discrepancies, and now it's all gonna be better people get to say. Well, you did the right thing and give you a firm handshake. No
look at it back that proves it. You know you were racist when you give in and bend the knee. It proves it these people these. These Republican, should have known better. Now say is see they were being racist and then was only after they got called out for being racist. They finally relent proving they were racist regulations through these Republicans, who could have actually stood for something and then didn't. And now it will never end, but I tell you man trumps biggest problem right now, although he has some of the most fervent support. Curse of any politician in a long time marching way. Flags that say tramp tramp, as to many cowards that support him, and I mean it's a good thing that people support him
and I'm not trying to be overly disrespectful to these people. I understand why they'd be scared, but you see by bending the me they ve just made it worse, and that is a recurring a recurring theme in the culture war. Many people bend the knee and it just gets worse, I was Captain America himself who said whenever one thousand you're wrong. It's your job job to plant yourself like a tree and say what I tell you to movies. I know you move now we have a bunch people that are standing their ground. You know it. You noted is central It reminds me of a site that movie the patriot again, it's like militia is forming the centre, and, As soon as there is any sign of of threat, they panic and they run and they flee and that's unfortunate for trump if he had actual principled fans supporters this, wouldn't it
they would have said we will say what I would have said if there are discrepancies in what like seventy one percent of the of the books. That's massive, I'm not signing off on that. I don't care you can do whatever you want. You can send. You You want in call me any name in any name. You want, I'm not gonna, do it well, they caved immediately we ve also got more crazy, I'll I'll read. This will go through what happened and again how much we mean anything, I understand its Gary when the mob is coming after you, but if everyone just keeps bowing to these people, they'll just keep. bring it. You need to say, shut your mouth and then put your feet up. Crack a cigar and say yeah get me to change my opinion. You can do it ever they want, because I got no privacy me. I got no problem in the van down by the river. I guess too many people, while their families, they have kids they're scared.
and you gotta understand right now many people have had to meet him. I have kids, I can't do this, I've gotta, that's it! That's the exploit! You understand, that's how their exploiting you, because many of these leftist dont have kids, so they don't care what happens to them, but you do and you ve got to provide and they're using that against you. So I only ask you what future would you leave for your kids? If you bow to these people endlessly now listen, I'm not a lot to be fair, I'm not down there. in Wayne County. I don't know exactly what what the issue was. They said it was unbalanced books, the amount of signatures did Matthew amount of votes, and it was there were too many this time. Perhaps if there were more votes than say pictures. I'd probably say that's a problem, but I think it was more severe there is then votes, and they said simple explanation is that people went to vote signed in Then the lie was too long enough. Maybe either way, if there's a square in season. You call them up stand by your decision, because all
You ve done now made everything worse for yourself with this bears more news to my friend We have a historic voter. Irregularities saying irregularity because on planet light a third county in Georgia. Third has now discovered, looks a bunch of ballots. We didn't count once again giving don. tromp a net gain. How strange Patrick, what's the likelihood that three counties discover three batches of ballots, all favouring Donald Trump in nets, now is that a coincidence, sure, maybe you give me two more counties: Ahmad go by a lottery ticket power ball because no way, no way three counties already that oops we found belts, we didn't count, and they all say our trump. Let me read the story about what's going on away county because it looks like trot had a flickering moment of where there
may actually be a legal challenge because of these. These vote irregularities not so much anymore. They basically said: ok, we're but a certified this. As long as you do, an audit which is like saying, I'm gonna buy the car by the house and then I'll hire an inspector. That's not how it works. You get the house inspected before you buy it, because then you might find the whole places trash nope. It's buying something side unseen. I have no idea why didn't send an inspector was bought it, but don't worry the seller promises that after we move in and sign the contracts, then they'll inspected, grey Then you got inspector, go hey, wait a minute. This is falling apart. You bad you bought it already. The election certified so you do not another. A look at all these problems now. Well, collection was certified by one: that's how it works you gonna, say Jenna Ellis a senior legal adviser to the top twenty campaign, told Fox NEWS on Tuesday that two Republicans in Michigan, Swain, County Board of Canvas are involved in a brief deadlock over the certification
process faced threats and allegations of racism before they agree greatest if the balance, that is to say with their democrat colleagues, was drama. And viewed by conservatives on social media as a capitulation after a brutal to our public pressure, camping, Alice told Shannon Beam. The host of the show that she receive reports that these two board members correctly spotted it discrepancies and you said the ballot counts in seventy. One percent of the counties precincts do not match voter roles. That significant does it matter if you're a Democrat or republic, and you should be concerned about it, gaily, macaroni trumps. Why Dost prosecutor announced earlier on Twitter that there were two hundred and thirty four pages have sworn affidavits that raised allegations of fraud in the county, William Hartman and Monica polymer. The canvasses had been praised by fellow Republicans, John James, the Republican Senate candidate from the state it was black.
Said he applauded them for their bravery, in the face of unbelievable pressure to ignore incoming truths that threaten our democracy. Laura Cox, the Michigan Republican Party chairman, also said in the statement that there appear to be enough evidence of irregularities and potential voter fraud that was uncovered the Detroit Free Press reported the deadlock even caught the attention of trumpeted. Why Michigan just refused to certify the election. Results have encouraged the beautiful thing, unfortunately, for tromp it was just shortly after he, We do that that they came back and said: ok, fine, we give we give please please leave me alone, please just spare my family from your glorious revolution. These people just don't get it men, they just don't get it Critics said the decision not to certify the votes was a direct, a front on minority communities, NED Stable or the chief executive of tech. Who, according to the New York Times as a pole, challenger at the TCP centre and the city, said a viral zoom in meeting the troops stain the stain of racism that you, William, Hartman and Monica Palmer, have covered yourself in Israel
to follow you throughout history. He said you too would forever be. Now in South eastern Michigan as to racists, who did something so unprecedented. They disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of black voters in the city of Detroit Governor Gretchen Whittemore, the states Democrats at an early. Payment in refusing to approve the results of the election campaign county. The two republican members of the Weight County board of canvasses have placed partisan politics above their legal duty to certify election results. Rep. Shit. It's late took a twitter to blame the canvasses of putting politics and the above above their duty about their duty to a residence is at an air. suggesting that all of Wayne County can be certified, except for Detroit is horrifying. We racist and it's a version of our democracy too late added. You see the game, they play Do the fraud in the specific area where you can claim racism, so when the books don't match, they say. Well, it's not really about the books. It's about races,
Grow us buying people, cheese, you know a man, I'm not even a conservative, are you can call me whatever you want, but man I would run, There live on my feet than die on my knees. You can call me what ever name you want. I don't care, look if there is a discrepancy in the vote in the books. Don't match on that sign in it. Sorry and they're gonna, say Eurasia by us as a true on. While that's crazy about that. You're gonna go down in history, I will lie wow. How about that? You not convincing me to sign off on something that does it make sense, You know what minutes it's funny to cause. I don't sign anything, We need to know this out at you, you you could. And me. I've done shows, and there like here somewhere release from outside of that, but what we need now, I'm not sign it. I'm not! I'm not gonna sign anything unless it's like a legitimate business. Interact and I'm not gonna sign of anything either outside you know what I'd be like others, this relation of a lawyer
bringing the lawyers? Let's go through this, I'm not saying anything, but these people caved as soon as racist emerged at soap, Fenech, gotta growth, spines man, look at thus, the Trump Supporters overplays like the down about when they got like two spines, their spines, are sticking out their back because they refuse to back down and any capacity they're saying straight up from one end of story. It takes gots to defer. I the mainstream establishment. When I'm telling you you're crazy the conspirators, because people all care the same, we know what we believe, what we believe we're not back down. You need people like that in politics to an extent, to an extent you need people to say. I know what's right, yours, you're, pathetic harassment and threats will not change mind unless, of course, these people were lying and they didn't really have a reason to not certify the results. I gotta say, though, if their open really saying. There are discrepancies here wire
they signing off on it. They gonna save suggesting that one country are well above. She praise the residents in the county. After the decision as to certify was announced, polymer said poles pull books in certain precincts in Detroit, a majority black city were out of balance. Jonathan can lock a democrat of the panels of the discrepancies were the result of human error and called it reckless and irresponsible to certify the results you mean there was massive, an error and like seventy one percent of our ballot books? Sorry, you can't certify that this is ridiculous. Could you imagine it's like? Well, the election numbers dont quite add up properly something doesn't make sense, but will it be racist if we, if we tried to clarify this error, let's just certify the election, Great Hartman said after the meeting that the intense prism didn't cause him to change his vote. He said he acted because the board had agreed to ask the Secretary of State to investigate Detroit election results.
To be fair to be fair, is actually still potentially a win, their certifying the results if they do an audit in a timely manner. Before we get to December eighth, I would imagine or the for they choose the electors? This actually might work out on trumps behalf, because doing an audit still a good thing. So, to be fair, Ok, maybe I was a little harsh on these guys. I dont thy icon and doing the audit after you certify kind, it doesn't make sense, but maybe there could be something here. I would say, however, I wouldn't I'd I'd, say audit first, give me an audit and then sign off on it, as it should
brought in a long time ago this as part of the agreement. The board asked Michigan secondary State, Joscelyn Benson, to audit the election process and pursue reforms to prevent discrepancies in the future see it was basically them saying, throw Trump under the boss and will do what you want next time. Ok, congratulations. Alice said it is absolutely mob rule. At this point, the president is right that these people, He'd have courage. She said the state should not certify anything. Until quote we get to the bottom of the systematic and pervasive fraud and, as a matter look I think it's fair to say when it comes to fraud. We have the smoke alarm going off and they were the file. I'm going up in smoke come out of the building their sang, but their evidence of fire. Won't yes, the smoke, but I did you see all the fire. No, because we see the smug I'm not going in the building. Someone else is supposed to be doing that, but they're not going to say
tell you this when seventy one percent of the books are are unbalanced. You can say it's just eight simple error and I'll say I don't care? How can we have all of these discrepancies? My friends check this out. Second, Georgia. County finds previously uncounted votes votes added in recount now three counties we have Floyd, Fayette and Walton County now have all discuss heard ballots. Oh my! What what what what a coincidence? It is just a coincidence that we have historic recount margins for Donald Trump. You know what they say that most recounts only met a few hundred that that the biggest we, Jane, was in floor, the floor to recount that that brought Al Gore like one thousand three hundred votes or whatever and now Donald. tromp has gotten way more than that. He got eight hundred
first go around. I think he got around five hundred or six hundred in the second, and now is another hundred. Seventy six. So congratulations! Donald Trump! You now have broken a record for the amount of votes received following a and guess what the out he's received so far is about ten percent of Joe Biden Lead and that's just three counties where this has happened. Is it possible there's more at this point? I'm gonna go ahead and say yes, because when you pull off, I have trick that made you do three times sounds like we ve got something systemic right. How is it explained to me? now this is. This is presumably widespread at this point there there's a don't use only three counties, I'm sorry its historic margins. Is this not evidence of widespread impropriety failure? Systemic voter failure? I think that's the fair way to frame it. We don't
Call it fraud up, see someone just accidentally didn't count these trump votes. Well, you know we shouldn't disenfranchise these people. I think we now have evidence to suggest. We need a hard audit in Georgia. Now, George S, doing Aforehand recount trumps upset because are not doing like for signature verification, stuff, Like that, I get it. I don't. I don't know what you can actually do in terms of getting a perfect freak out because this is political is is this. Is this? Is political civil war? That's what mother Jones call it. This is both sides trying to pull out every stop and use anything they can to win. But let me just say I think at this point, when three counties in Georgia just discover ballots for Trump. Shaving off more than ten percent of Joe Biden lead. We need serious investigations into this,
think what we are saying is, I describe it several times, a stand alone, complex and if you haven't heard me explaining, it means a bunch of people acting in concert giving the appearance of a conspiracy like I said they are people who probably just hate Trump or each man, bad trumped arrangement syndrome by any means necessary. No one tells them. to do this. They count the balance- and I say wow. This is eight hundred plus four trump. They look at the member state that chocolate in a box before putting in the machine white because their stopping the fascists, it's just one person. No one told them to do that. It wasn't coordinated or planned they just chuck. The votes were trump. That sounds like what is the likely scenario. I would normally just say if they found one memory card on why someone maybe just forgot to put in the memory and they found too- and I was like well, you know, is another found. Three. Ok, stop! You found three this from the Walton Tribune,
Am I understanding is the Walton Tribune has been serving Walton County since the since one thousand, nine hundred- that's impressive. They say the audit of votes in the presidential race revealed missing votes in Walton County two hundred and eighty four ballots from the precinct they met at one hundred and six. Seventy six votes for President Donald Trump, while that means like most of them were for Trump or almost all of them. The certified totals as of last week show Trump Republican encumbered with thirty seven thousand hundred seventeen or seventy four point: three percent of the fifty thousand eight hundred eleven votes in Walton counting, but as of Tuesday afternoon trumps local hall had risen to thirty seven thousand. Eight hundred forty two to seventy four point: o six percent democratic nominee, Joe Biden, came in a distant second against one Libertarians, George
send gained ten votes. While lorry would chairman of the Board of election, said that between the precincts set said the between precincts had to scanners, one of them got uploaded and another one didn't What said she was confident error would have been found and all votes counted, and what, if conceded on election night. You see the problem here, truck cat concede. I don't have jumped over the pull had but think about it. This way, if three counties have been discovered, we're looking at historic vote, sway of outpost or of a recount swing for Trump p conceited, and they didn't do this, we would not have known that was historic failure now you might, it might not be enough. Change. The results may be Donald Trump actually still end up, but is important that we now know that this happened, so we can fix it later on truck. Did the right thing he did refusing to back down. What we would have discussed
maybe not this week, but we would have discovered it. She said the audit brought it to our attention sooner. Tromp could have conceded based on their failure. He I have sat looking at these numbers. I give up no turns out a lot of votes for Trump. They say addition to the Errand Walton County to other mistakes, have narrow trumps deficit in Georgia. Secretary of State Brad, Rapids Burgers office, cited human error and gross negligence in two thousand six hundred missing votes in Floyd County reference. Burgers office called the floor. County election manager to resign, but would said that Walden County elections officials had taken no such calls from Atlanta in Faye at county, according to G The a memory card was scanned, but not uploaded to the counties. Electronic results as a four p m to they bought in lad by thirteen thousand nine hundred. Seventy seven of nearly five million in Georgia should the former vice president elite hold. You ll, be the first democratic to carry Georgia since ninety ninety two
the Atlanta Journal costs due to report. The Secretary states office will release the audited numbers from all one hundred and fifty nine counties at once likely on Thursday on a website that will include electron. tribulations, scanned images of tally, sheets and other supporting documents. Ok hundred and fifty nine counties, they found three errors, giving Trump a boost. Maybe that's it fine, maybe tromp doesn't win ok, but you can. say it's not widespread, because these three counties of three different places where we had the serious errors. So there is widespread in propriety. At this point it needs to be investigated. I dont it will be, but I say it again: could you imagine if truck conceited, and these these irregularities exists so I believe it was Sidney Powell trumps lawyer, so that any Republican who lost by six percent needs to file a lawsuit right now. Right now, I believe we are looking at historic vote or failure. You know it's really weird
mail id and absentee ballots. Accord to the New York Times have a higher failure rate, nearly double its echoes of around two percent, and in person bout it a failure at about one percent actually happens because sometimes signature can be verified or something happens. The ballast This time around, we have historic acceptance rates from Ellen Votes, We are aware the rejections we I covered this endlessly throughout the primary as a Democrat primaries, where we were seeing, hundreds of thousands of bout being held up disappeared, nothing nothing right now. The voter integrity fund has already found many people say they Republicans they mailed in their ballots and they were never marked as received That's that's! Actually, just how simple it really is. It is like I said, takes one person not a conspiracy to kick a box from Republican County it under a shelf and then up see the bouts never get deliver
and that's why melon belts were were problematic gnats. Why Trump told his base to vote in person, but still, I believe, or on thirty to forty percent of, like thirty five percent of the mail and ballots in most places, republican and the majority between sixty five? Seventy percent was Democrat you go, not surprised, we'll see others plays out, but gotta tell ya it's looking, not so good for Trump its reality Mexicans coming up at work, p m on this channel. They sprang up and I will see you all them. As the corona virus lock downs increase around the world, we are seeing mass protests. We are seeing riding across Europe and I believe soon we will see. To see these things here in the. U S. Now, if you'll to the media, and you look to note that the stance that leftists are taking us it's for your own good, let the gulf, lock you in your home and take away your rights because, as you all
oh by now, and the job has been made. A million times is the famous quote, the famous quote from Patrick Henry give may liberty or give me that unless, of course, there is a pandemic and by all means give up all of your rights to the government in Europe things are particularly bad. There's been riding in ITALY and Spain Mass protests in Germany Rights in Prague, Mass protests in the UK in France. If you want to leave your home, you need your papers no book in Greece? If you want to leave your home, it's gonna go outside it, attacks the authorities and give them a good reason. Why you're doing it and there's only a few exam since as you as to why you're allowed probably the scariest Thing we're seeing is in Denmark, mandatory vaccinations, these things are coming to the: U S and maybe not mandatory vaccinations. We have with a constant
she here, but perhaps there saying now I think in the p, if the, where masking your house, it's only going to get worse, it absolutely is, and you better believe you better believe that under a president Joe Biden, it will be beyond a dark winter, The funny thing is: all of this is coming up around the great reset, the narrative at the same time where you have these world leaders these in national interests. The world economic forum does introduce. I now is our chance covert, gives us the opportunity to reset global capitalism array. Imagine what this would be like TAT Magazine, for instance, a straight up saying the great reset re imagining global capitalism because of the covert ninety crisis, and then when you say these things the New York,
I'm says: shut your mouth. It's a concise, be received fury. What time magazines running like a major spread about this Trudeau has called for a reset. Nor are, they cannot make forum has said the same thing, sort of conspiracy theory. That's insane, take a look at this tweet Denmark, nine days of protest over a new law. That quote would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated. People who refuse the above can be coerced through physic, Will the with police allowed to assist remarkable? Well? What's the story here mandatory vaccinations from a local at local that decay? the parliamentary hearing period for proposed new law. Given the government extended powers to respond, epidemics expires today, the new epidemic law would Why is an emergency law passed in the spring which gave the government extended powers to turbine in society in order to fight covered nineteen as well as in full.
In quarantine measures. The existing law empowers the authorities, prohibit access to public institutions, supermarkets in shops, public and private nursing homes and hospitals, and also to impose restrictions on access to public transport recent instances in which the emergency law has been used by the government to implement rules include partial lockdown of North Jutland, an enhanced national, restrictions, including assembly limits and mandatory use of face, masks announced in October the emergency. Temporary law from March is now up for replacement by a new more permanently. Which would also ensure provisions for governments to respond to future epidemics and pandemics. The end of the hearing, period, for the new law means that other parties in the public have been able to study the proposed law and raise their own concerns. So the final version of the proposed law may be different from the one currently in circulation. Some areas in the proposed law that have raised eyebrows include people infected with day
rare diseases can be forcibly given medical examination, hospitalized treated and placed in isolation. The danish health authority would be able to define groups of people who must be activated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease. People who refuse the above can, in some situations, be coerced through physical detain meant, with a pull with police allowed to assist medics have voiced their can certain that the proposed law will give the government too much power over health care. We think these regulations that go too far ought to be changed. Camilla rack ahead of the Danish Medical Association, told a broadcaster will have been protesting for quite some time and that's Denmark. baby you're sand where Americans, you know, what do we care about Denmark? It's coming here in it and it will be soon. This is just from. From the other day I mean, arguably it actually yeah. Just just last night p, a government announces
covered rules, including wearing a mask in your house. The state is reporting more than five thousand new infections per day up a hunter and fifteen percent in two weeks. The great reset as it were, it's not a conspiracy theory. There literate doing it, and it's like plainly obvious there saying they are doing it at the weirdest thing, the NEO times as all the great reason. Conspiracy theory either is back even other, quite literally like because covered. Nineteen we're gonna, start everything down and reset global capitalism psych okay, so they can say it at the same game now far far right that an extra far this time, I'm not I'm not even getting that's far far right- are pushing these baseless conspiracy theories based on our own reporting. They say Well, listen, Germany, thousands of Germans protest against Marcos, corona virus plants, one protest or worse, face mascot. Merkel Muzzle others help. There's a slogans just carnival against fascism. Corona virus lie
down in Greece, requires people to text authorities before leaving their home. People will only be allowed to leave their homes for work, exercise and medical reasons. You know There's one thing getting in the way of a great reset here in United States and unit as it is the constitution, and we ve seen in New Jersey? These Jim owners side the Fourteenth amendment equality under the law as to why they were allowed to bypass these restrictions. But I will say quite strange that is done. The crimes that are enforcing these lockdown, similar to what we see in Europe in its Republicans, who are for the most part resisting not completely, though many republicans are also giving in an hour we an awful lot of the movie kinsmen. Now, I'm not implying that a grand conspiracy among the global elites to kill off and call the masses, but it really does feel strange that you have all of These elites there, these policies
since these millionaires the World Economic Forum in Davos Group things like that that have been advocating for this for quite some time and now come but infection rates are skyrocketing, but covert deaths are not that's the weird thing about this, which has to me. We had a very serious problem with covered earlier this year. And we want to slow the spread so fifteen days right, but they never released the lockdown for the most part, they eased restrictions in many places and now they're bringing them all back. It's getting its actually getting really bad in terms of restrictions stores are being picked clean. I hope you are all taking care of yourselves, your friends, your family and you, for haired for for the worst. I dont know what their plans are, what they are doing it, but I can tell you there's no way veil. They actually want to lock things down out of a fear of covert. I'm sorry
I'm going to say it? I know the media's mealy gonna be like it's a conspiracy theory. Tat needs a conspiracy theory. Is it now exclusive from Bill moot Mulligan we obtain photos of Governor Gavin Newsome at the nap, a dinner party he's in hot water over the photos, call into question just how outdoors doors dinner was a witness who took photos. tells us. His group was so loud the slide door had to be closed. My friends given Newsome has now been caught, twice comply leave violating his own restrictions in California? If he was Don't worry about covert. Why is Why are they all sitting around a large gathering indoors with no masks on because they are not scared because they don't care Maybe you might say well, then, if they want to risk their health and safety. Fine You assume that govern ism just doesn't care. If we get sick. Ok, then why is he
forcing every one else see. Therein lies the big problem and I think it's fair to say that politicians do this all the time you know like in Chicago. You can't have guns as of course, you're a politician. You are not allowed to carry it will now. You are because, as the Supreme Court Ruling- but here you go so mean to tell me that, while these these these Davos elite, Bates time magazine, vocs, dot com always progressives are saying we need a lockdown. Many of them are then going to say it's time for a great reset, the Democrats than enforce the law, down, but ignore them for themselves and I'm supposed to be Eve. Governor new summoned Nancy policy in these other Democrats are actually worried about covert now it sounds like their motivation is their stated reason, the great reset. Of course they say it's a conspiracy, well. First, let me show you the new rules that are affecting Pennsylvania. They say php,
Taking additional steps to address a sharp increase in covert starting, they say requires mask to be worn in doors endorsed in on us, while in addition, starting Friday, anyone who enters Pennsylvania must be tested at least two hours before arrival and if they can or do not get a test, they must be, they must quarantine. For fourteen days, the order does not apply to people who commute to neighbouring states for work or for healthcare official sad and will be largely itself enforced. Ok, ok, fine. I question in our up a while ago in New York City, they put check points up when you come into the city. Where are you from you know where it where you go and things like that and I fear from a cut. Heavy area to make your quarantine. This is going to make sure that ICT if New York completely collapses, maybe they're trying to reset property values. I have no idea build a blog. You announce you wanted to buy up some he's vacant properties. Now that people have been fleeing the city, but I said
you know I mention is when a cover the first time, if they're going to enforce these ridiculous restrictions and lock downs, then it seems like they're just trying to destroy their economy. I mean you, look at the riots, when that, when these district attorney's the Democrats release writers, and they go and smash in Luton, destroy just destroys the economy. Could it be a great reset vase, at this. Ok, not unlike an imply that they made the riots happen, people rioted because they were angry, probably because of the cause of a lockdown. They certainly didn't care to stop it, though, in small businesses were being who destroyed and an ongoing narrative was they survived the covert at lock downs. There's all business thrived. Then came the riots yeah, the rights Having finished him all off smashing up or windows, stealing their stuff and with no way to recover with limited business. It was people just gave up about the story from New York
where the woman was selling goods in online. She was the store, was closed and She was filming things on Facebook, saying if you, if you see anything, you like message me and I'll shoot em to you and the cops came and shut her down the rich get richer. The or get poor and yellow gotta wear your mask indoors. Here we go from the daily, not Trudeau, speech, re ignites conspiracy, theory fervour over great reset. They say internet conspiracy, theorist of resurrection, belief that global elites created the corona virus pandemic as part of an evil plot to plan a new one the order via the great reset. While I certainly You said that not only that's the case, I think you can clearly see the data that codes problem and I hope people take it seriously. I just don't think it's the apocalypse I think wearing mask Good idea- and I have a really cool macedonia- have it in here someone Meda form, imagine all timescale obedient, that's great and it's really
comfortable easy and I don't care masks whatever you know I got to them. historic, but the mask on, and I don't even notice, not a big deal right. The issue is our working more cases, but we're all seeing weird anomalies like that, one thing robot are left, nostril positive and are right, nostril negative light. What and then Elan mosques of fortune. I sent to or negative into a positive. It's like ok man. The tests seem to be giving us a lot of false positives. It would seem so see our skyrocketing hospitalizations aren't and deaths art, because I think I think, when you look at the current amount of deaths covets here to stay, and I think it was even fouche you who said it not that, trust him all that much now, but that you know it was gonna remain and it would probably have a covert season is gonna, be like the fluid. It's gonna be a problem. We have accede and, unlike makes sense to me now what we are seeing? Is the global elites exploiting the crisis for their great reset, not creating it? But you see the daily
does as they they make it as crazy as possible. So you so you disregard it. They say conspiracy theories, Think the real goal of the recent is to create a global totalitarian regime. I mean that's a rather dream way of putting it they just that they want to reset global capitalism, which would be a massive transfer of wealth from lower class people to the wealthy the theory first circulated over the summer as with many conspiracy theories the logic behind the belief is in a great bought behind the believe in it Research is convoluted and largely based on half truths, so called evidence includes a book by the World Economic Forum Form Founder Cloud Schwab, a twenty. Sixteen peat is set by the World Economic forum. President Elect Joe Biden, campaign slogan and now recent Trudeau speech, Joe Biden campaign Slogan, build back. Butter is being pushed by a ton of different people in different countries. There all saying build back butter, ok come
a man you're not going to convince me that we are not there for lights. I can see what they're saying and doing what they're calling for you. No spare me this ridiculous, whatever in the twenty sixteen peace in the job. You have done a world economic forum website. Experts from global Future Council made predictions on life and twenty thirty one cow that you know has. Since the US is interesting. One court, the conspiracy theory crowd, clung to that global socialism is imminent is from aid since deleted twenty. Sixteen tweet linking the he's in which the W E, the w we have said- you'll, oh, nothing and you'll, be happy, is how the world could change by twenty thirty. They actually deleted the tweet, because great reset was true on Twitter, and they had this video up where they said. You'll owe nothing and you'll be happy. Western values have been pushed to the limit it's time for something new. I think consumerism is bad like it's just consume, culture, where we, just by more and more stuff a thing. It's dumb. We gotta create products that last
to build an economy around like things that work and work for a long time, instead of planned obsolescence. Hats I am all about protecting the environment and speedier recycling and in eating healthier and doing right, but what they are doing is exe loading, a crisis, and these people, like us you have given Newsome the wealthy are sucking up the power. so what happens if they lock everything down? Most people buy from Big box doors that remain open. Small mom and pop shops are shuddered So you that you ve got this store for the daily that you also got this one from the New York Times. The baseless, great reset conspiracy theory rise again You can severe as terrorists they say on Monday morning the phrase great recent funded with nearly eighty thousand tweets much more than it. Actually they say with most of the post coming from familiar far right
personalities. The conspiracy alleges that a couple of elites has long planned for the pandemic, so they could use it to impose their global economic control in the masses in some versions of the unfounded rumour. It is only President Tromp was thwarting this plan and keeping the scheme at bay. Ah yeah, because troops had no lockdown, but it's not it with its tat time magazine the great with look at this time. Dot come the great reset. The coveted ninety pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future. We want time partner with the World economic Forum to ask leading here's to share ideas for how to transform the way we live and work. Sir, I'm sure some people think it's been long since planned. That the goal of the earth the pandemic, or they believe it was manufactured. I'm not I'm not doing it You know what I was talking to Alex Jones and an IRA podcast. What Youtube took down by the way he's that there's an article from like now
the scientists or whatever that talks about the creation of the Euro in a few years ago, a virus they called covert nineteen or whenever and then they issued enough, China is not the case and like look man, maybe I dont gets its relevant. Ok, maybe its relevant in and in fine find evidence considered. The point is they are using covered for the great ray period. You want to argue some self. Beyond that you can. You can think what ever you want to think right now. The fact we can point out is that hospitalizations are not going up and deaths are only spiked a little bit, not as bad as it was It went up and then went back down and Kay there are skyrocketing, while people are questioning the the success rate of these other tests, in which case these politicians are clearly trying to exploit a crisis. That's that's that's reality. They do it all the time they ve always done it
tromp used videos of the riots and said vote for me that people they they they it's a normal part of politics. The issue I take is that I never voted for just introduced or Boris Johnson or any of the other build back better reset. Folks, we live in America. Now, if you want to create this utopian world, I think you do it through culture through inspiring people through having them rise to the challenge, so that we can help make this world a better place and create human sent like human international and national goals. We have explained the right: let's go, let's go to Mars: let's, let's what's put Elon musk on the cover of the magazines whatever in the music videos in the movies and prompt him up because he's doing awesome stuff there not. The left is to call for the stuff hate, Elena, they say, he's wasting money. Therein lies the scary problem. I want a future of peace.
Grass and success of sustainability of a clean, clean of clay? breathable, air and water recycling an end to consumers. sure and planned obsolescence. People to be able to work and survive and save I wanna go to the stars and I want to our explore and I want life to be fun exciting and you don't bring about progress. The left attacks it they want to live in the woods. You know not all them, but many and I ve been exaggerating. They say that we need to go back to a prison nostril civilization so that we can live better in sync, with nature and the environment. They say Ilan must
is wasting money going in a building his rocket ships because we got to focus on health care? Instead, they just want everybody to own nothing and to just I don't know, sit around and read books or something they're, not bringing you about about our future. Maybe they think they're the good guys, but authoritarianism, manipulation is the opposite. You don't. I put this way the ends, don't justify the means, because you never meet the ends. If you Eve that everything there doing right now is for the betterment of mankind. There's no, then, there always going to be doing things like this. They will have their great reset. they will have their reemerged capitalism as the saying goes, and then who will stop, who will stop the next a glorious revolution? You see the problem if these people willing to lie, cheat and steel and cause mass suffering and death to get what they want is the right thing to do. Why would they
ever stop that's why you don't let these people get power? It will always then be in their world. They allowed to do it. They're allowed to lock people down and cause suffering and I dont want to live in a world where the government wells my door shot like they doing China, that's not the way we want to go with this. We want to be more Lex. track. Where we develop technology, we learn to live within our our environment, better and then we travel off and explore the stars and colonise the mood and Mars and other places and slowly start building and figure out better ways to create sustainable environments. You do that through inspire the younger generation to do better. Instead, we have this weird colchi authoritarianism that wants me not to do science, it doesn't believe in science. I will but we resolve the destruction of the only that the country is that are actually advocating for this I'll. Tell you what in the Andean
great recent, that's fine! We think China's gonna do they're gonna, keep growing they're gonna, keep exploiting and they're not going to change their ways. They're gonna keep up bring out the pollutants and carbon and all that stuff and you're in recent saying where helping and they're gonna be like you do you than in a hundred years, we will in a world with a dominant chinese superpower and they we'll be locking up weaker muslims like they already are there and lock up people and undesirables, that's not a world. I want live in. That means You have to stay vigilant and we have to call this out and ignore the lies coming from the media that are trying to convince you. It's not true. Otherwise, not tell you this. The riots will become an here soon by hope everything safe com, but what you expect I'll leave their necks migrants coming up at four p m over at Youtube that Youtube outcomes I cast my my in China, which is different from different from this one. I will see you all there tromp is not giving up. Today was the deadline form to file for a recount and Wisconsin, and Tromp has filed for reach out in too liberal counties where he thinks
the most most of the fraud or impropriety or whatever may have occurred. I dont know if that will be enough. actually win him the state of Wisconsin, but trumpet certainly put its money where its mouth is. They reported that it would be like seven. nine million dollars if Donald Trump wanted to file a Arica Wisconsin. I was gonna, be spending about three million dollars for this freak out in these districts. I can't imagine this will be fruitful in the sense that will overturn the results of Wisconsin in Georgia. However, we did see three counties where they failed to upload votes in the thousands that actually gave Trump a major net gain a historic. The large, so it some that needs to be done, and I have to say it putting three, million dollars up Trump is serious about challenging and winning this as a lot of money. If Trump really was
trying to fund raise off this. I don't think it actually spend three million dollars. The left is trying everything in their power to convince Trop supporters and regular people that Trump is giving up and all the big scam they reported. When you donate to his all is a recount fund. It actually goes to settle his debt, oh, maybe but trot just put up three million dollars for this reach out. So I don't know what his plan is. Now I gotta tell you reading it is about Rudy Giuliani efforts in court. Could you be media, liberal bias, or it could be that their floundering and have no real path of images jam things up, but maybe that's the cat, that's it that's the point. Maybe Trump isn't by a re election. Maybe he's buying time. For some reason I don't know I will say in twenty twelve Donald Trump tweeted about rigged voting machines. I find it really hard to believe that transpires that dumb, maybe, but if in twenty twelve trump tweet
The voting machines are rigged and our flipping votes wouldn't have prepared some thing, maybe Maybe there really is a grand fraction two common unleash all this evidence, but I gotta say I'm just yoke. You show me the evidence and I believe that, for the time being, is what we're dealing with the ape. He reports President Donald Trump filed Wednesday for a week out of its contents to largest democratic, He's paying the required three million dollar cost and alleging they were the sites of the worst irregularities. oh no evidence of illegal activity has been presented, did tromp say, Illegal activities, I believe, is an irregularity, three counts, and what in Milwaukee and Dane counties will begin Friday and must be done by December First Democrat Joe Biden received five hundred semi. Seven thousand for fifty five votes in those two counties compared with just
the wonder and thirteen thousand one on every seven four Trump Biden, one state wide by twenty thousand six hundred and eight votes based on canvassed result submitted by the counties. I dont think trumps gonna, get that many votes in a recount, but. Maybe probably not the historical number, was Florida. Previously, my understanding was thirteen hundred. Now it's trumps in Georgia. With about fourteen hundred quote, the official canvas results reaffirmed Joe Biden, clear and resounding wind and content. After Wisconsin, voters turned out to cast their belts and record numbers, said: Biden, campaign spokesmen, Nate Evans, a cherry pick and selective recounting Milwaukee Undying county will not change these results, maybe they're right, maybe trumps trump needs to target those county. where voter turnout exceeded one hundred percent. That would probably be a better place to go, but maybe he thinks there's more folks here. It's in Milwaukee County is the state's largest home to the city of Milwaukee, and black people make up about twenty seven percent of the population.
More than any other country a county. Dame county is home to the liberal capital city of medicine and the flagship university was content. Campus quote the people, What was content deserve to know whether their election process worked in a legal and transparent way said? Was content attorney Jim troops, who was working with Trump campaign? Regrettably, the integrity of the election. Results cannot be trusted without a recount in these two counties and uniform enforcement of Wisconsin absentee bout requirements. We will not know the true results of the until only the legal ballots cast our counted dean, nuts and a republican member of those content, Elections Commission said Trot raised significant legal questions that have never been adjudicated in Wisconsin, but a fellow Commission member Democrat Mark Thomson said Tromp was trying to change the rules of election after you, lost, but only into Kelly's quote. That's like losing the Superbowl and then saying I want a review of
certain play using different rules than what apply to the rest of the game. That is the essence of hypocrisy and cheating and dishonesty. Nobody is talking about asking for a re kind is not asking for different rules. No Walkie Mayor Tom Barrett Endemic called the recount: an attack on cities on minorities on places that have historically voted democratic dont. Let anyone fool you. This is about irregularities. This look man, I am I This is really just coming down to my side, verses, your side and who is the judge owing to choose? I am sure many of these judges are and have their prejudices, but they might be, they might just rule in favour of the establishment of the machine. Why? Why not tromp was on the US? Is that's the reality the main stream media. The establishment is desperately trying to hold on to the narrative and its breaking apart. This is good for Trump and maybe trot actually pull through this one, but for now the established
it is against him? The Democrats are just saying it's an attack on a fraud, its racist and thereby organs are saying those very serious irregularities. Do we just ignore these irregularities. Is that how it's always works to gain Brok? Obama, one, because my I may never really cared in the first place. A lotta people meant what's going on in these various states in cities happens all the time, but tromp has just scrutinising it now. Isn't it messed up that we needed to, to scrutinise our elections to bring about better election integrity. At me as nuts they say, The truck campaign is also alleging that thousands of voters improperly got around Wisconsin's photo idee requirement by claiming they were indefinitely confined and therefore didn't have to present a photo idea in order to return to their absent return. There absentee ballot, Wisconsin Laura,
fires all voters to show an acceptable photo idea to vote both in person and by mail. It does provide exemptions for citizens who are indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness or infirmity, or are disabled for an indefinite period. There is constant republican Party sued Democratic, Dame County clerk, Scott Mcdonnel in March, before the state spring primary over advice. He had posted on his facebook page that voters could declare themselves indefinitely confined due to the pandemic wow. So this might actually work out. Trump might be, act really seeking to find voters who didn't vote properly and tried claiming covert was giving them an exemption which probably wouldn't those concepts Supreme Court order, Mcdowell to stop issuing guidance that is different from official language approved by the council elections. Commission, the trunk campaign alleged damage was already done before Mcdonald S.
ordered to remove the language. The truck campaign also alleges that local election Clarks issued absentee bouts to voters without requiring an application in violation of state law. Trumps complaint alleges that sixty thousand votes were cast by people who didn't submit a, nap location but offered no evidence. Elections. Commission members knots it in Time both bowl. They did not know what tromp was referring to and that portion of the complaint they say this was news to me. That's been happening Thompson, a democratic member, so the claim was not true. Everyone knows you can't get an absentee ballot unless you requested Our trump also claimed that observers in Milwaukee were kept too far away to observe the counting about someone stop right here. It seems like Trump is buying time for something here's the way, discredit the other night, if true came out and the numbers all said Joe Biden, one and then tromp was like. I refuse to concede, and that was it didn't sue, did nothing they'd be like
you doing you're not challenging the results. The results are and what are you doing? I'm gonna, I'm gonna, wait. Let's say he does, and then some Republicans refuse to certify, for a variety of reasons. They'd, be alike did trump. Now this is going to happen, so truck calls for a recount and calls for a bunch of things in their confused like what is this, because, maybe trumpets, hey, hey, hey, I'm challenging. then something happens. Republican legislatures, maybe don't certify the results or that the election boards? What sort of violet we almost saw Michigan and then trunk goes out? Oh, oh, look at this look at this. Maybe contingent election, I don't know, but I will say at least how daily males framing it, and I'm not sure I trust them entirely. Julie, unease court bid to overturn Biden victory turns to force, as he forgets, judges name, calls other lawyer that angry man claims the eleven biggest cities
our conspiring to steal. The election then gets directions to the nearest martini bar room Giuliani appeared in person at federal court. In William Sport p. He has taken over trumps fight to throw out votes in Pennsylvania and other states. Joe Biden carry. He forgot the judges name called the opposition lawyer that angry men and claimed alone the biggest cities had a conspiracy to steal the election. He claimed only a fool would think it accidental that Biden, one the biggest cities District judge, William Brand, gave him until five pm ones into filing brief earlier he's at the legal team, might lose in order to advance its case. We are prepared in some of these cases to lose and appeal and get it to the Supreme Court. I wonder: could it be that Trop cut a deal that he's really. This nefarious mastermind forty chess, Brett Cavanaugh you're with me right all appoint you, you better return the favour, Amy, Coney, Barrett Return, the Favor
convinced. This just sounds like look something probably going on cuz. I tell you something is weird: this just truck just dumped three million dollars into a recount he's, not messing around something, is planned. Maybe tromp is just like. I will burn every penny. I have ok, that's cause. He really wants to win or maybe there really is an ace in the whole that tromp is just waiting at the age up his sleeve at the right but he's gonna look I'll, be like for the kind I win or maybe not. Maybe you just desperate because he is in one go to jail or something which I really doubt can happen. But I tell you this: the left is certainly calling for Donald Trump to go to prison and, let's talk about it, that's right. I got a couple. More it's coming up in just a few minutes, so I'll wrap it up with this. I don't know what this is. I think Trump is buying time. I think he's got a plan. I do I'm not convinced it's going to work, but I
he's buying time for something or maybe it isn't. One of our present- let's, let's let us leave it there- next segments coming up in just a few months stick around and I will see you all shortly congressmen bill. Pascal Junior says tonight: I'm calling forty eventual prosecution of Donald Trump and his enablers for their many crimes against the United States. Writing? U S! Rep bill, Pascal De New Jersey, ninth, today called for the widespread investigation and prosecution of members of the outgoing Trump Administration quote,
I'll trump and members of his of his administration have committed innumerable crimes against the. U S he has endangered or national security, ripped families apart poisoned the census. Yes, personally, profited from his office has attacked our elections and sought to throttle democracy. He was rightly impeached by the House of Representatives. He is engaged in treachery in treason. He has all, but given up on governing and protecting our nation, and if he had a shred of dignity he would resign today. Therefore, and twenty two
one, the entire Trump administration must be fully investigated by the d o j and any other relevant offices. Donald Trump, along with his worst enablers, must be tried for their crimes against our nation and constitution. Importantly, any further abuse of the sacred Pardon power to shield criminals will itself be obstruction of justice and any self pardons would be illegal, failed to hold financial and political wrongdoing accountable in the past has invited greater malfeasance by bad actors. A repeat of those ferries in twenty one, further emboldens criminality by our national leaders and continuous American, on a path of lawlessness,
for terrorism there must be accountability, trumps not going to jail terms, not gonna get arrested. Hillary Clinton didn't go to jail and Trump literally had rallies where they chanted lock up these people are nuts. The reality is Joe Biden is concerned that federal investigations into Ex President Trump will further divide the country while trumpet still president, but you get what he sang if slash when we see a Joe Biden presidencies, I know no, we can't go after Donald Trump, because we need unity. Yeah Donald Trump said that he was humming alike. If you as president, you know you'd be in jail to Hillary Clinton,. If I couldn't go to jail, didn't do anything. Maybe Trop certainly wanted to go to jail, but the the OJ or whoever would not make that happen, and I doubt they're gonna go after tromp either. Why and the reality is they don't like Donald Trump Donald Trump One supposed to win, but they don't want to open the door to them going to pay.
Because it's kind of like an unspoken thing right. Listen, we really don't like you, you weren't supposed to win your messing up our plans, but you're not gonna, go to pray, because we don't want to go to prison either. That's the game right, that's the game President Elect Joe Biden and his team would rather move the country forward once he assumed office rather than prosecute President Donald Trump according to Newport NBC spoke multiple sources, close to Biden who say here wary of launching federal investigations into his opponent fearful little undermine his attempt to reunite the country instead bite bodily wants to reset the relationship between the White House and the Justice Department and move away from directing federal law enforcement in terms of what a focus on his overarching is that we need to move the country forward, but the most important thing on this is that he will not, her fear with his justice department and not politicize his justice department. Other advisers to buy have said that any investigation into Trump would be very situational.
Ass? They would run on a separate track from the state level investigations like the one into his taxes. A great number of Democrats have, landed a new round of trump investigations once is out of office and as the internal party pressure for persists. Biden team is also orderly reluctant to send any signal to Trump to outrun administration officials that the Justice Department wouldn't look into their actions while they're not looking for broad criminal movements. They do want to make sure that people don't think there are now ramifications for any of their actions between now and the new presidency so does that mean that we can rely on them to keep the Durham report going and they can call out all those other way. I'm sorry Joe Biden's implicated in Obamagate he's not going to keep that he's going to shut it down and maybe that's real game, Joe Biden going to shut down the Durham report and say: ok, ok, tromp, fine, we won't go are you but we're gonna shouting one down
We don't wanna, go to prison up. Well, how do you think the leftists are handling this they're, not Genk Huger of the young Turks outraged saying who are you going to unify with she went on junk. You got mocks violence report plans not to prosecute Trump, the young Turks. I was Jack Yogurt openly mocked Joe Biden after a port surfaced that present that that President Elect and his team would likely up not to move forward with any effort to prosecute Trump choosing. Instead to unify a bitterly divided country, weaker. You huger, where President shared disappointment, but not surprised at this news in noting that biting his meal continuing policies established during his time in the Obama administration, and we see no spoke with more sources in this. We know they say the historical context from object. The historical context all led to the conclusion that Biden was going to do this, the old
I'm a bad administration as soon as they got into office said we look forward, we dont look backwards. Well, that's a great relief to all criminals because all crimes or in the past, not in the future. That's why Obama didn't old Bush ensuring accountable for breaking several laws, including torture and warrantless wiretapping spot on Genk spot on only I don't care about your opinion, because you are just helping prop up Joe, but look you know what I'm gonna do this to be fair Genk. Huger said Joe Biden had dementia, way back, but your network propped him up, you look, I get it. The young Turks have been way more for Bernie than they are forbidden and the leftist don't like Joe Biden, and I can respect that. I don't like him either. I you know that the problem I have is that Many of these progressive are like well Joe Biden better than Trump. Why? Because tromp was an
in the wars we're paying attention for the past year and a half two years trumps been trying to get our troops out of these places. They been law why put in the warmonger trumps got problems man, but he d one that bad, so don't come to me complaining about Joe Biden Yeah well, Joe Buttons always done this raw he'd use prosecute trump care wherever men, Joe Biden does not better. Even if you think Trump is all of these awful things. Joe Biden is still not better, it makes literally no sense. They just didn't want to abandon their tribal identity, so these progressed if these leftists bent the need not to be fair to some, how Kalinowski, for instance, that do it's been ragged inviting the whole time. Bravo good, sir. I respect the tremendously and so is Jimmy Door just because there are no tribal lists that would put proficiency their tribe win.
Does it mean there aren't people on the left? Who have you no called out done a good job, co host ethnic experience also wondered what message ignoring trumps crimes would send about what what crimes, what crimes serious question? What grunts emoluments clause a crime? come on come on. You I thought so can vary and wandered about what message trumps crime ignoring this would send about democratic sensible commitment to the rule of law, especially at a time when trumpet lackeys are tending to undermine the validity of a presidential election. If you care about protecting our democratic process processes, which Donald Trump has worked very hard to dismantle, wouldn't you want to look into that? you ought to investigate that they're, trying to steal the election from buying right now as we speak, but now we ve got a unified as it that's ever going to happen. You were takes a binding, a task for pursuing a policy of unity. Ok, ok great! I tell you what fine division and chaos
and violence and street battles is that what you guys want? I don't like Joe Biden. The guy's awful I think he's is is crooked, but unity is better than the alternative, so you know what our preferred Donald Trump but in any sense I would prefer more unity rather than less not that Donald Trump was particularly good net in that capacity either, because Trump was a culture warrior. gonna say who are you going to unify with Cuba on fifty percent of the republican Party? The a democratic party is led by child molesters, fifty percent and who leads a democratic but he now Joe Biden does so he's like. I want to unite with the people who come molester. Why would you do that? That makes no sense at all Joe Biden is, is got. Is all these videos of him inappropriately little girls and women. At the very least, you can say that right, yeah, so who is Joe Biden, can unify with Joe Biden Zaka unified anybody's nobody likes Joe Biden, but I tell you this
we do need to figure out how to live together, and I feel like it's not gonna happen. I know maybe it's pessimistic of me, but I feel like we're headed towards I don't know man, chaos of some sort January. Twenty this coming and I dont know what December fourteenth holds on the Fourteenth Electoral College will make their choice and I believe it's gonna be Joe Biden. I can't imagine from supporters going to sit back and be like well shocks. I can't imagine transported to go out and anti thought the tree you know- and you start smashing windows and everything I dont know what they're gonna do. I think many I'm supposed to say all shocks for sure, but there's a lot of people who probably won't because Joe by represents something something people don't like it, led them, the banksters the lobbyists the corporations he represents. Everything that occupy Wall Street opposed it for some reason the progressives we're like we gotta, make sure bite and win.
Because it's a fascist, just trumps, a fascist register that video that women freaking out shaken the camera interface. These people are not mantra is not that bad Biden is pretty bad Ahmad happy with Abiden presidencies. I've seen what to buy what what what what other Obama, but in a mystery, it looks like now to cities. Progressive come out on going. for Joe Biden, calling him all these names. It's funny that was the obvious path support Joe Biden help him, Elected earn. Go! Oh no! Now Joe Biden, this president, ah yeah was Trump really that awful they really wanted to make them out to be the worst president. Ever and that's the thing whenever a story comes out about trouble not that bad is probably why they ignore my content, because temples conference I get trumps causes problems is not dead Not sensational enough? We can have a narrative workshop is just not that bad weather A narrative workshop us out of the worst or someone thinks is the best, but their crazy cause is the worst. The milk toast fencing
the work for the smear campaigns. I suppose well look trumps not going to prison. That's ridiculous! In fact he might stay, as president will see. I doubt it we'll see, but he's not going to prison. released. These people need a chill out. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly the lock downs are back. Maybe following the news than you have heard me talk about it over and over again Europe. The lockdown are coming back, in full force in New York City. Just announced they're gonna be shutting down their school system. Bravo Cuomo man that dude as really run that state into the ground and the block zero, just like New York City on fire and these- and these are the but we're supposed to be looking up to Cuomo talking about how he, though he is the one who knows how to solve this problem of analysing what he has to say, he put nurses, equal, sick p, nursing homes and kill the bunch of old people,
and now New York is falling into disrepair, I mean disrepair is putting it likely to be honest. To ghost town I mean you are here: stories from people. You constantly hear the letters I know New York's fine. I thought the videos I've seen people talking about going to times square. Doesn't ghost town, nothing their businesses all shuddered. What's left the city is in dire straits and it's the fault of bill, the Plaza and Cuomo Democrats. Now, that's the news, took it up New York City to close public schools as virus cases. eyes and a big setback for the cities. Recovery, the schools Chancellor Richard Koran's up nations largest district would return to all remote learning, I'm sure the people live in New York or excited about this one of the issue as with school, is that parents uses of effective ways of day care kind of a problem. In my opinion, but understand. My parents rely on these schools. They can go work while that, while their kids in schools being taught, you know whatever, I'm not a big fan of the system, not at all, but I understand my parents need it now. Here's the best part
what you been waiting for. Cnn basely claims republicans are at fault for Cronan IRA spike. Although with Evans I was on the pricing. We go to the charge that New York City was the worst hot spot. Pretend we in the world or wasn't one point yet that saw not a republican place. Last time I checked. the examiner says its long been taken for granted that the national media helped politicized the pandemic in order to help Joe Biden get elected. But every known and some liberal on cable news will say something so stunning and its partisan stupidity, but it actually takes your breath away a perverted. Ample is that, ironically, named reality check segment hosted by CNN John Avalon outline. And one day published pushed the ridiculous notion that cases of crowd of ours factions are speaking in the? U S, thanks to republican governors who followed president trumps lead in pushing to reopen the economy, quote
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion began to have one with a dramatic flare fit for a middle school play, but not their own facts. Yes, Avalon is actually paid to blurt out stale lines like this. He went on to say that cases are up across the country, but the governors who back the truck party lines are the ones really reaping the whirlwind. Avalon ought was also shore, to note with Good if sincerity, that of the top fifteen states with the highest rates of new infections, thirteen, our deep in Donald Trump Base, Avalon didn't explained, Why the other two states was continent, Illinois escape his indignation or what they did wrong. Perhaps the kind of ours where's a mask in those places so that at least doing its part, with a straight face, outline declared This is what happens when ideology elbows out science, or maybe it's what
happens when a highly contagious airborne virus continues its spread by the way the phonetic raged for eleven months before the numbers lined up for Avalon, to figure out a plausible way to blame Republic, and when it was he, when New York, New Jersey and Canada get were suffering the worst of it? Where were they? When Cuomo put sick people when nursing homes, killing the elderly. Remember Chris Cuomo, whose brothers, with the governor, pulled out a giant oversized novelty q tip and was like my brother. The governors got a big mouth. Are that's what they did both excellent, a plus news, and they defended, saying: hey, hey, hey American needs. the levity right now you're, a city was aflame your state. For the most part, chaos and they just set back and waited
Now they can say ah republic, it's your fault, perhaps perhaps, but perhaps the real problem is that Democrats caused all of this in the first place you see. Donald Trump in January, launched the task force suspended travel with exception, for some people fought to and from China it was like. American citizens were coming back. We can do ban them from coming back home and what happened with the Democrats? Cities was the Democrats cities, where were chaos, erupted, gotta, be fair, you can say yes to him, but New York is very, very dense, so it spread rapidly sure that's right but it was also in this city, where the Democrats warlike come on down Chinatown and have a good time and ignore the racist, Donald Trump weren't a show. people not to be Zena Phobic, and then this,
He became a massive hotspot. Now, I'm not gonna blame, but the blog, your Cuomo on a natural disaster, a pandemic, but if they're gonna come out and say to the Republicans fault up that the private Republicans fault, all of this is happening when, for the most part, first Republicans live in places where there's like people far away. So no, if Republicans as they dont, want aware mask when that, when a state wide mandate so well Do they live in the middle of nowhere, because that I can kind of understand that, but I do think it is in my opinion, if I'm gonna go, Oh Mart, mom going to target our shop and save or you know whatever store, is allowed to be open. At this point I got no problem wearing a mask. You know it's further way I'll go, there are put on a mask. It's for, like you, know, fifteen twenty minutes idea of the world. For me, some people does get really angry dont want to do it now certainly say, you know, people and when a mask is we got spit when you talk and, unlike its so wearing a mask, does help
and if you will not want to wear it, will then yeah sure will throw little shade their way if the virus keep spreading in certain areas, but guess what its it spreading. It didn't democrat cities, not republican and maybe their Republicans in New York or not wearing their masks after agent. Many of them would progress. Where met whether mess we cover, Publicans and Nora, probably fairly moderate for the most part, now the reality is it started and Democrats cities when people like Cuomo had ample warning they blame Donald Trump. Tromp should have done something about this Tromp should have done something about Seattle and New York. Those are democrat cities. Shore Trump did staff, but was up to the governors. Local politicians. Deal with this and then, when they screwed up as well, will we blame tromp, Cuomo you're, the governor? It's your state, the blog but you're the mayor, it's your city. There is no excuse for this. You can't blame trump. The buck stops with you. It's like you, walk into a building and as a janitor wouldn't clean up, Mass and then he goes well. I blame the building owner, psych sure
building owner, does have the capacity to intervene and doing the garbage, but you're the janitor better. Yet it would be like if there was an apartment, complex and the due to lived in the apartment. Where it's all trashed it smells like garbage, was like why blame the landlord? So do that's your mass like sure you can actually taken up the landlord smells balance affecting other people and he can intervene. He should, but if the tenant Europe you're the person there first and foremost, I would blame the blog GEO before blaming Cuomo and I would blame com. A mile before blaming Trump, and we have seen some little bumps appear in the sunbelt another republican states, but not been nearly as bad. I know I can already hear the left. Saying: Abbot TIM, big cities, it's not their fault show. and there were in the end, and big city saw the worst of it. That's fair than we can just at least say it's a pie.
Population density issue, not a republican issue, but of course, CNN had to go there. Didn't they hear so they say it's convenient for abalone skip over the first ten months when it was solidly blue states that how the distinct honour of having the highest covered ninety related death rate. Wait. Let me double check that my mistake that still the case today yup the top three states, our New Jersey, New York in Massachusetts among the top Fifteen, just to use of one's own random number, only five went to tromp and the twenty election. This excludes DC a democrat city which, if we're counted as a state, would currently have a nine pious death in the country. Why is the spread of the virus a matter of partisanship now and not, then, because everyone has a political point to make oblonsky. when he reality check segment is what happens when ideology elbows. outsides. Ah, Bravo goods Eddie, it's scary or scurried commentary, writer, good zanger at the end right now, the lock towns are getting worse and its political
their blaming Republicans, they're, calling everyone far right and I'll. Tell you what is really what you know the way, I'm sorry to see it. What does it mean to be right? Wing right being basically means you oppose the establishment, that's it because you could be, Literal socialists who opposes woken us and they classified she was right wing nowadays. Ok to be fair, I guess you could call you like dirt bag left or something it depends on. What you think is the biggest issue If you focus predominantly on issues of Social Europe met a medicare for all things. Like then say, we must figure out a way to do this, then the call you left, if you focus specifically on weakness, though call you write. So if, like sixty percent of the time you talking about, you, know Medicare for all or forty percent of the time, you're talking about weakness, then your left inverted and you're. Right. I tell you this I'm absolutely in favour of Medicare for one or two percent, but they'll never call me left wing. Will they conservative certainly well? I always clarify this
because I try to be reasonable, I dont know how we would implement Medicare for all special the country. This big I'm for it, though one hundred percent would prefer a system where everybody is getting access to some degree. The prob actually put it this way, Medicare for all plus private supplemental for those who can afford it the best of both worlds. I just don't love it's possible, but If given the opportunity, someone said, I would like to meet a map out a plan to get there I'd be like for sure for sure, but that's the name of the game. You're you're right, depending on what your focus is your left. Otherwise, I think right now, we're saying is that there is an establishment and the left just blindly support for the most, the establishment likes the weakness and, for some reason, you'll get leftists supporting Joe Biden, even though they campaigned against him forever. Ten years of
Occupy Wall Street rhetoric, and then all of us want should say five years and then it change would Donald Trump came and why, because Trump actually supported some of the complaints that occupy Wall Street Head occupy Wall Street? Didn't like these free trade area? and now all of a sudden from propose that what we do it was very convenient for the establishment to get all of these will occupy people to just one day, agree and support the absurdity, but that but you can expect from the partisan likes of CNN or otherwise. For nobody else. I hope you're paying attention is a locked downs are getting worse the shot down the schools you. I hope your get ready for this, because Biden has it's gonna get bad. I leave it. There next augments coming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks rang out- and I will see you all next time.
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