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Democrats PANICKING Over Riots Get Saved By Media, Latest Smear Of Trump So INSANE It Can't Be Real


Smear piece claims that Trump called WW1 vets losers and suckers and questioned why the US fought with the Allies.Claims that are so absurd they can't possibly be real and sure enough other journalists immediately called out the smears as provably false. FOIA Documents prove the story was false, Trump was not able to visit the WW1 cemetery due to bad weather.But of course within hours of the lies coming out smear campaigns were launched as if the tabloid trash from leftist media was true.Joe Biden of course latched on because politics is a dirty game.This all seems like an obvious attempt to shift the narrative away from the urban chaos which was hurting Democrats and helping Trump

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The Democrats were in a panic riots swimming across this country. I hurting Joe Biden. Poles. Donald Trump was improving and gaining ground in battleground states, and they had to do something so job I didn't finally came out of the basement. He flew the canal. He made some statements, but too little too late. In my opinion, I dont think people actually thought Joe Biden was strong enough to do anything about the riots and he was playing catch up with Trump Trump with Canosa job I didn't say I was gonna- do it then goes the day a day later, not good enough? Well now there is good news for the Democrats hoax convenient. The media has published a story. The Atlantic did claiming that Donald Trump called people who died in war loser and suckers. On the surface. This is clownish. And insane come on. I'll drop is a lot of things. He says
stupid things. He insult a lot of people, but you brazen he just be like sitting there looking at a if a cemetery full of vets being like what a bunch of losers? That's a caricature of tromp the left paints, They now believe their own fake news to the point where the collusion queen. The Democrats in the media to help prop up Biden is showing said Anne. I gotta say it's obvious. Let me just tell you, goes well beyond tromp. Just claims their losers. A pair Currently in this story, they claim Donald Trump asked who good guys war in World WAR one and questioned why allies. Would why the? U S join the allies. What its it is so insane, but it gets worse. Apparently, within fifty in hours of this story, dropping a hit peace emerge testimonials from gold star family thing. How dare you call that's losers? Donald Trump to me that shocking they were able to put together.
Testimonials and that gold star families and fifteen hours possible, but man that seems that seems rough. I personally don't think I could pull that off unless, of course, I was present in advance but that seems to be the narrative emerging now Joe Biden is giving a q and aid to the press and sure enough they that they didn't just. I love this critique. They didn't just set up the ball on. You knock a t ball so that he could hit em but of the part one commentator said they actually hit the ball out of the park. Forbidden. And then just had a walk the basis the people were sent him to ask him. Questions asked him a whole bunch of anti trump questions and and and asked him things where they could give him a chance to prop himself up. There is no free press Right now I mean there's some people. Obviously a member of the media myself on independent, but this I was reticent to call this media
Illusion I was gonna be like well, you know it's like there being accused of collusion. We know that the colluded in the past, but this is so psychotic when you read this away from the Atlantic. It reads like angry trump derangement syndrome fan fiction, whether like the Orange man was like. Why would we fight with the allies? It's just the stupidest thing. I've ever not tromp does not get off clean here. He is now saying I would never say this. I never call John Mccain a loser. He called John Mccain, a loser, but listen man, Donald Trump. I thank you. Kind of an whole hole. I really do you know what people have a right to vote for that if they want to vote for it. But I'll tell you what friend earlier, and I said, listen man I get it trumps has done things all the time, but You know it's more worrying to me. What's worrying to me: is the meat Yeah colluding with Democrats and big Tec to suppress the vote and prompt themselves up. That's me, as particularly scary, because now we're hearing, Mark Zuckerberg intervening and, though, is trying to find neutrality.
Intervene on behalf of the Democrats. So, let's talk about collusion and what it means for the rest of us- and I might I add a lot of this- is just my personal opinion and speculation but it really does seem like the meat the Democrats collusion has become so just ridiculous. It's obvious because other I just thought out there have when there King Biden questions the first question: ass came from an Atlantic reporter. I kid you not. I tell you man, let's read this Laurie before I get started. However, TIM guest outcomes lashed done it. If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways you can give: there's a p o box. If you want to send me some stuff, the best thing you can do share this video. I don't have a big marketing department, like the Atlantic or CNN of whatever else. I rely on word of mouth. If you think a good job and what I say is important. Consider sharing this video top spread. The word and don't forget to like subscribe hit the notification bell. Let's revenues from the Atlantic Trump
Americans who died in war are losers and suckers. The president has repeatedly disparage the intelligence of service members and ask that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades. Multiple sources tell the Atlantic, I'm sorry man. This is just ridiculous. Ridiculous on its face, but it's actually already been debunked. No joke there are, there are actual journalists who have already put on information from foyer requests, proving the story Not real, and I will go through this- took us out- here's what they write when President Donald Trump card. So they visit to the aid more american cemetery near Paris and twenty eight teen. He blamed rain for the last minute decision, saying that quote the helicopter couldn't fly and that the secret service wouldn't drive him there. Neither claim was true. I must stop right there. Actually, that is true. One hundred percent, true Jason Leopold from, but I believe that with Buzzfeed did Afore request, and actually
the documents from the Navy saying straight up because of the right The ceiling is gonna, be lowered. It would be very difficult to fly this dangerous and are going through back roads to get there. We don't think we can off it's that simple and I'll show you the documents but look at us, but the Atlantic didn't even bothers vigorously straight up. It's not true, but we have the documents we literally have them. This is not journalism took it up. Trump rejected the idea of the visit, because he feared his I would become dishevelled in the rain and because he did not believe it important to honour american war dead according to for people with first hand, knowledge of the decision of the others on that day in a conversation. Ok, I'm almost stop right here and you say that's right away unlike come on shore, There's a lot of things, but he's not that's stupid. He now He needs to honour veterans, Donald Trump,
the law order president and there it is they are going after tromp with a vulnerability. Tromp did call John Mccain a loser. Anime may despairs disparaging comments about John Mccain being cut. Sure they knew it was a weak point and they knew the idea existed in people already and they could use this and we straight up this is trumps tactless, his it. You know coming back to haunt him bunk come on man. If you believe this story, to quote Joe Biden come on man, I don't believe is ridiculous because it gets even better just listen. When I reached the next couple of sentences, you're going to start laughing out in a conversation with senior staff. Members on the morning of the scheduled visit Trot said quote why should I go to that cemetery? Its filled with losers in a separate, conversation on the same trap. Trump referred to the more than eighteen hundred Marines who lost their lives at Bela, would, as suckers forgetting killed. Bela would, is a consequential battle in american history
the ground on which it was fought is venerated by the Marine Corps, America and its allies. I stopped, the German advanced toward Paris there in the spring of nineteen eighteen, but Trump on that same trip asked AIDS who for the good guys in this war He also said that he didn't understand why the United States would intervene on the side of the allies. Why, though, This falls in line with the very fine people hoax com. You gotta be kidding me with this article at first, I heard the story, and I was You know I had shrugged, does say I'm thing. So maybe there's people you know there have ended up now. This is insane there's no way. Trump said. Why would why would the? U S join the allies? That's just so ridiculous, trumps nurse understanding of concepts. Just patriotism, service and sacrifice has interested me since he expressed contempt.
But a light, Senator John Mccain and there it is. They knew it was a weak point and they are going for the jugular and this might hurt tromp. I do believe so bottle care for these stupid games. I know: what's up the Democrats were in panic mode over the riots we just had a far leftist, an extremist gun down a Trump supporter right nearest, This was really bad and the narrative is already shifted. You see. Joe Biden was on the defence if he was playing counter to Donald Trump message of law and order they needed to get in front and change the new cycle and bow merit. Is right on cue. The Atlantic drops a story but more impressively. They somehow managed to get a smear peace with red testimonials from gold star families, maybe even more in like fifteen hours I am impressed. No, this is the rapid response from Democrats. I believe they knew.
Story was coming, they got tipped off and they produced they produced some smear pieces, Malleson the fact that he's going straight for questioning trumps, patriotism and claiming there's like another court where apparently Trump set of the veterans. What was in it for them? I kid you not that's a caricature of Donald Trump, it's written by truck, they re, meant syndrome. People like fan fiction come on Trump as a lot of things and a lot of those things are bad, but this is so over the top. It's like coming, it's like a seven year old running Orangemen was, like veterans, are losers. You could that you could then way better than this hour. I will answer: let's let slip Leslie Bunk, this Jason Leopold straight up debunk. Regarding the lead of this story, I obtain documents from the Navy via foyer, about trumps, two thousand trip to a modern american cemetery near near Paris, and then say his transport was cancelled by the Navy due to rang boom fake news Atlantic. They claim that trouble.
Wanna get his hair wet and sad. I don't care about troops anyway and euros. Jason Leopold with the fact Jack he's got that one of the Navy document right here and I believe, as another email so little hard to see them civic and zoom in on this patently not know, I can't so that's kind of annoying. Let me try and read this he's a speaking with W exit Bela would Elsie and and in the rear, double will not support today's flight. Please let me, If you need anything else from me, I will be. I will be the command pilot today, and tonight I mean it's. That simple in the emails they basically say that due to rain, is going lower the ceiling. I guess like the amount it like the height, the helicopter can go or something it's dangerous is advisable. But it would be low and they would not be supporting this flight Jason Leopold. A reporter, I briefly repeat them ETA advice. I believe- and he said
your investigative reporter for Buzzfeed NEWS. I appreciate the fact check this. This story from Atlantic's just it's it's. It's a clear smear against the president. Now, of course, Joe Biden ended up giving this. You know build back better speech addressing monthly employment numbers. This thing looks so coordinated. Let me tell you man: they have become so desperate. That is becoming increasingly obvious. What there doing think about a Joe Biden says: I'm gonna find Will you come and give a statement to the press the day after this story drops president of the United States should be presidential. Joe Biden tells o Keefe explaining. Why doesn't show more anger on the campaign trail, its coordinated and I mean I'll, tell you what I said it over and over if, if Donald Trump wasn't so bombastic, I be more supportive of em right now. I think the bigger issues are the riots which I dont think they can get in control of and am particularly offended
The notion that I have to support by an otherwise the rights will continue as if the writers are working for the Democrats. Spare me do you can control these people know. I want lawn order. More importantly, the Democrats have embraced wholeheartedly far left at a terrorism so Oh no support from me on that, but this is just so obvious what they're doing now, they're they're going ever trumpet another way, tromp calling Mccain a loser was a mistake. It was he likes to play things up. He likes it talk big. While these things will come back to haunt him, they knew it was bad from when he died. The exploited it and now people already believed that it was possible that Trump would say this. In fact, I've asked some
what you you and I said. Well, he did call Mccain a loser. So so why? Wouldn't he call other people losers as well. He called Mccain a loser because Mccain lost in two thousand it not because you got captured, though he did say. I prefer people who weren't captured that's on Trump Byron York with a tweet. Many of the questions for Joe Biden after his remarks today consisted of reporters asking bite into elaborate on how bad trumpets a list not exact, quotes the first question: what does the Atlantic article tell you about trumps soul and the life he leads, Bravo, what so wonderful Emily Larsson with the response saying the first question was my staff rider for the Atlantic. They there they're, not even teeing em up their walking the ball over to the under the stand. Chucking it over the side yelling.
The home run and letting Joe Biden feebly walk around the bases that ETA says. Let it may then ask about Q and on and say Trump won't rejected, Trot mocked you for not wearing a mask. Have you been tested for covert bill bar said? China poses the most aggressive threat to US elections more than IRAN in Russia. Do you believe that we haven't seen much of Harrison the campaign Some of these are kind of you know whatever giving them a chance to answer things. Do you know I have another covered test? Here's my favorite things like us out. We know the president has been attacking mail in voting, so has Russia. Are. You concerned that this messaging may be worth messaging may be working on today's jobless report. You acknowledge that less Then half of the jobs lost in spring up America have recovered. What are the one point? Four million jobs gain in August, the economy ones.
And countering the Good NEWS. They were expecting unemployment to be run by ten percent drop down. Like eight point, it was a point for some like that. So they're like well highlights that there they're trying to highlight this. They are just asking by since they are making the points for him, because this is what the media does for Joe Joe can't articulate himself properly when oh speaks- and he says you know Omber from Bear Garber Girdle barter by then the media finishes the quote for him They cut out the sums in OZ and likes and roofs they make his quote sound like their real statements. That's what they're doing right here. The last one was Would you support more muslim countries, normalizing relations with Israel, even though it might undermine palestinian leverage for a two state solution and there it is Donald Trump. Historic Epic Peace agreement between Israel and the Emirates. Being,
undermined and that's their plan. They cannot give tromp one simple thing: I tell you men. Well, you know what Donald Trump deserves. Some of the Eu like some of the attacks against our trumps own vulnerabilities. I got no prob I'm saying the media's full of it, but hey trumps sharply, GINO treachery as it is, is on the defensive now I'll take my advice would be to two trump: don't get off message on the riots. We just had this extremist. That's what I care about. Ok, I dont believe for a second Donald Trump is gonna, go to hell of a military, futile, Yo Cemetery back what a bunch of losers? That's ridiculous over the top. They their pushing to hard, but I gotta call out Trump on this once you get up, he said also, I know, her called John a loser and swear on whatever or whoever I was asked to swear on that I never our great fallen soldiers. Anything other than heroes is more made up fake news given by disk stinging Giles failures in a disgraceful attempt to influence the election part of
That is true, but tromp should have tweeted. It was a mistake to call John a loser. I was speaking about the election and perhaps upon self reflection. I made that mistake, but I would never call our soldiers who gave their lives losers. I would only call them heroes, while in fact Trump did call then losers, so we have. This is a video right here. It's from c span. He can t does in fact trump himself tweeted. This story, it's from trumps account quote Donald Trump, John Mccain. As a loser, Trump should not have said that, but this shows us one thing: they are trying to push tromp off balance and they got him a little bit. They dead. Don't thank you. Got this one in the bag. There is dirty. There are dirty games of what this may be one of the most important elections in american history seriously. We are we're we're facing dangerous precedent. We ve got social media manipulation. I got a lot to go through, as might be along video, but trumpet it ok, you got accept your faults and if tromp did he come outlook,
better for it, but I want to show you the reality of media met TAT Ye be now you are to talk about hitting something out of the park. Matt TB does this. His articles are fantastic, and this guy does not like Donald Trump in this article. The Trump era sucks and needs to end his very critical of trump, and I think, right so, but he also calls out the media for being well whatever the media is today I'll. Tell you what men before I read this. Let me just say I don't blame tromp for being trump. I think Trump is a different kind of candidate. I think he's at ease woken up. A lot of people normally don't vote is a lot of things have been very critical, of him over for a long time? It's why I've only recently said I will vote for him, and I made that clear earlier in the segment, but Donald Trump does trump things he's a person he too
a certain way. He says things you can call him out for it by the end of the day, he's just the dude. The media actively chooses to play these dirty games check this out maternity rights. American politics has become an interminable clash of off putting pathologies, call it the Hydroxyl clerk when effect tromp one day in a press conference matters that a drug has tremendous promise as a treatment of kroner virus, within ten seconds. A consensus forms that Hydroxyl clerk when a snake oil, your is running stories denouncing trumps, brazen willingness to distort and outright defy expert opinion and scientific evidence when not when it does not suit us agenda, then you read the story and find out. Doctors have been prescribing the drug that early reports from. Theirs in China and France, have said that it seemed, patients and, moreover, at the actual quote about it, being a game changer from Trump included. The lines quote
maybe not an. What do. I know I'm not a doctor in response to another trump quote on a subject. What you have to lose in a journalist piled on again. Quoting the President of the American Medical Association, to remind audiences. You could lose your life as if Trump had recommended the people run outside and main line. This stuff number, when there are like trumpeted to drink bleach, he never but that it does so dumb Donald Trump said it could be a and change your maybe not. What do? I know I'm not a doctor, but they ignore. Or that and then claim trumpet saying something. This is the dirty game of media. Trop, says they say minus acts and then Can I come out and say: well: trap was kind of dumb for saying acts you know, but MIDAS X is just not true, and here we go how this is a perfect example of it I can say I'll look. You know there are some studies trump coming out touting this. It maybe a little bit over the top, but he's a guy with an opinion. Other media's lying here is amazing, stuff from Typees as Trump being Trump. He responded to his two, this critic
by doubling down over and over eventually retreating a video boosting drug by a doctor named Stella Emmanuel. She turned out to believe Alien DNA had been used in medical treatments, atheist doctors, working a religion Maxine an odd and Erin Endometriosis is caused by demons firm asked This misinformation trump somehow managed to include both xenophobic, put down another night nigerian doctor and alive. But his enthusiasm for saying I dont know what country she comes from. I know nothing about her all of which is insane but so is ruining. For a drug to not work in the middle of a historic pandemic. The clear subtext of nearly every new story on this topic dating back to March. Rule number, one of the Trump era is that everything trunk touches quickly becomes, as infamous as he is, maybe not the biggest, when talking about an obscure anti malaria drugs but problematic. When the
a bit? Is America itself trunks argument? They lie about me. He attracts so much negative attention and so completely dominates. Culture at the line between him and the country that elected him becomes blurred allowing to make a secondary argument. They lie about you this incantation works the New York Times. A story about how chaos in Canosa is already swaying some voters that quoted John Geraghty, a former Marine Gary's first, what was for Obama and called trumps handling of kind of irish laughable, but still quote Mr Geraghty setting. It's like Tom, Mr Trump talked but said the democratic parties, vision for governing seemed limited to attacking him and calling him a racist a charge being levelled so constantly that it was having the effect of alienating instead of persuading people
and the idea that Democrats alone were morally pure on race. Annoyed him rob. Oh man, I love it. I've I've never been a big fan of Trump, but I will tell you this early on trumped did things that were off putting I didn't like calling John Mccain a loser. Look I do not like John Mccain. Warmonger to say the least, but tromp was so brazen and brash, and you know a lot of people felt that way. A lot of trump supporters dont care, but I will tell you this. As of recent history, I think Trump has been improving. Is rhetoric is in a better and better job of toning down that that that the things he says he is now trying to walk these things back and do better, certainly not perfect by no means, but still, I think, we're facing a serious crisis. I look to what the media is doing. I look to what the Democrats are doing and big time
and I'll tell you find it. Freaky mark Zuckerberg warns to expect violence and civil unrest if election result is not immediately clear, as he says, Facebook scrambling to stop the platform being used to spread disorder. Specifically Zuckerberg says we're trying to make sure we do our part to make sure that none of this is organised on Facebook and reference to civil unrest. I think we need to be doing everything we can to reduce the chances of violence in the wake of this election. They go dimension. Zuckerberg said Facebook and news organisations needed to start preparing the american people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election, even if it takes additional days or even weeks to make sure that all votes are counted. Ike's man that is already pushing the Democrat narrative we know more male in votes means more inaccuracy, more potential for fraud. The New York
times reported this in twenty twelve. Yet Facebook is clearly saying now: it's gonna be fine, so he's taken aside if trumped says and Bill BAR says that there is a potential for fraud then that's their opinion. If the media, the Democrat, say there isn't ok, that's their opinion. Facebook just sided with the media. In the Democrats. I hope you realize what comes next here we go. Facebook is paying people to shut down their accounts headed the election. It's part of facebooks plan Teresa its role in elections. Really, I don't know who they choosing to get to get rid of her whatever, but I'll tell you what they ve really been asking people home money? Would it take for you to shut down your account and they're asking people they will pay you to close your account man, I'd almost be willing to say Facebook should just shut down for the duration of the election, but people run their businesses on Facebook, so that could be pretty devastating for the economy. But this is this is not a man,
It is not you know, I I do think. I could save a little bit of this for some some further segments because otherwise we're gonna run a little bit too long, but I got one more thing to show you. I think Facebook clearly is taking the left side on this one, and that means we're facing something really dangerous, but I want to tell you something: the right seems to think they will in any civil war- and you know I gotta tell you that saw not true. They say, but we have. The gun said can't beatin. Now now I'm sorry, let me make something clear for you I was watching a documentary. I'm sorry, I'm sorry wasn't it was. It was not a documentary. It was a film about world war tubes about it was called the resistance banker, actually pretty good. It's not a dutch banker in occupied Netherlands who helps fund the resistance. I wondered why it is that so few german soldiers were able to occupy the Netherlands and keep all of these dutch people under their boat because
but people can organise properly. They struggled and that's the gist of the movie. The resistance banker he was struggling to find a way to organise and administrate funding for resistance is very difficult. He got caught me lost his life, dudes heroes, amazing stuff. If come November, Facebook starts banning individuals who are posting about the illegitimacy of mail and voting. Then there will be no conversation. There will be no communication, there will be no organizing, like Patterson New Jersey. I think it's extremely likely, nay likely just gonna
happen or almost guaranteed that we will see widespread inaccuracies and fraud to what degree as widespread. I don't know, but enough, because even one percent is enough to call the election in the question right specially considering Trump one. Some swing states. Finally, fractions of about five times, I'm sorry fractions of percentage. What happens if a bunch of lawsuits emerge? And then you on Facebook say this? Isn't right? Something is wrong. Band ass, a mark Zuckerberg said: they're gonna shut you down there in a start, preparing everybody to know, everything will be ok, even if we don't know who our president is four weeks for weeks. We won't know who our president is. Are you nuts mark saga I'm telling you what about to come, then. I saw this story: mail in ballots. Worse just to fraud in Baltimore during the civil war uh spare me, you know what we're living in a cloud show it's a game. Isn't it Lebron James?
a vote or die short like the episode of South Park. Trump is being accused of calling dead veterans losers? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. During you know what men apparently It's gonna be some anti for things like Fredericksburg Virginian. Next thing you gonna tell me: there's gonna be a battle of Gettysburg and arbours fairy. Ah jeez man, I don't gonna happen, but I'll tell you what I hope you been taken care of yourselves in preparing and just you know being happy because at a certain point the absurdity of all this just makes me laugh. I don't know what to expect. I'm gonna try and just have us keep a smile on my face. Wake up and say you know what the sun is shining. The flowers our blooming wilds, almost Father dean of the trees are, can you know starting the leaves are fallen, but you know what it's still nice right, I'm gonna go. Enjoy the weather and nature. Because who knows what any of this is no matter how bad it gets
hope. You realize you got one life to live and you keep an optimistic view of things because it might get bad, but I you still got your health and, I think, whatever happens, we're going to be all right. I just don't know who our president is going to be so I'll, see y'all next time at coming up at six p dot m over at Youtube dot com, Timcast news thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all We have major breaking news in the story of the trauma. Supported was shot and killed in Portland. Most of you probably already know by now there was a trump supporter walking down the street. There's a bit. Yeah, where we hear someone yeah, we got em right here. We got a couple right here, several shots. The man is dead, The man who shot fleas now the used of doing the shooting. Michael Rhino is dead, he was killed, by police, in what they say, was a shoot out the other day when they tried serving a warrant, but that was before this, he actually gave an interview to vice news and the air this last night, where he basically said it feels like the beginning of a war like his shooting
him shoeing. This trans border was the star of a war. He said it felt like civil war was just around the corner and I think a lot of people feel this way. No money I believe that the shooting of the troops of Porter was a targeted execution b. There's a longer lives of what happened. You can see the people walking down the street. They come across some trump support When you hear the yelling, we gotta, we got a couple right here, pull it out here: yeah, bang, bang, there's different accounts as to what people think happened, but based on the fact that this dude was at a decent one of distance. You can tell the videos or not, but not super, far away there not really close to each other but there, their far enough away to where it does not seem that this guy was being threatened at all and then he fleas and he goes into hiding he keys. Claiming in this interview with vice that the police working with these right wing groups. So we couldn't turn himself in and he also say I mean he fled out lies the
framing of his interview that the term supporters and all these vehicles were armed and surrounding a person of colouring had no choice. Vandam is just patently absurd. Sky. I believe clearly on and do not have his mind. I think perhaps he thought regular Cars in the street were tromp supporters and that he had no choice. MR gunned down a guy mining Zambezi, walk down the street, sure fine, whatever the breaking new is that the police have have have killed them. They went to serve a warrant and they say that he started shooting them at the cops. The cops fired back as a video that emerged show what what appears to be around dusk, so it still daylight out and are performing c p, are on what appears to be Michael Rhino on the ground. I wonder hey. Do you about what he was saying in the vote in the Vice news interview? But first, let's start with the the breaking news from the New York Times. What we know about the death of the suspect in the Portland shooting the sun,
Michael Forest Rhino. Forty eight was killed by law enforcement agents just five days after the Sadly, shooting of a right wing protester from the New York Times they write lawns Course. Agents in Washington killed a suspect on Thursday night in the shooting death of right wing activist in Portland last week. The latest development in the protests and counter demonstrations that have escalated tensions in the city and drawn the nations attention the suspect, Michael forest rhino? Forty eight was shot by officers and Lazy Washington as they tried to arrest him law. Fourth and official said the right wing these. They set the right wing active Erin J, Danielson. Thirty, nine I've been shot five days earlier in Portland and an arrest warrant had been issued for Mr Rhino earlier on Thursday. Mr Rhinos death is also playing. Out during a broader confrontation, between opposing visions for the nation, as protesters demanding she'll justice clash with right wing activists on the streets and events that have become increasingly politicized ahead of the presidential elections, they say federal officers were pursuing this.
Respect, Mr Renal was shot by officers from a federally led fugitive task force for long for when officials familiar the investigations at on Thursday, around seven p m in Iraq financial area of lazy, a town southwest of Seattle, according to lieutenant re break of the first Encounter Sheriff's office, which then instigating the shooting of Mister Raddle apples. Steam was in the area. Looking for a homicide suspect that the lieutenant did not meant. Ronald by name the suspect, left, an apartment and entered a vehicle where he was approached by the police officers. A confrontation followed Lieutenant Brady said, as they attempted to apprehend him. There was gunfire, he said, sail for officers, fire their weapons and that the suspect was thought to be armed. Shots were fired into the vehicle, and the suspect fled. Then more shots were fired. The Portland police had issued a or in for Mr Reynolds Arrest earlier on Thursday, according to the Olympian, a local news outlets.
And had enlisted? U S marshals, to find an arrest him. They say. Mister Raddle had spoken about the Portland shooting Rhino who is and who is from a suburb of Portland, was a father to who had said that he was an army veteran and had been a familiar face. The protest for weeks and ascribed himself then posts on social media as an anti fascist. He also previously discussed providing security at the protests. Now I believe others have tried, source information, and there's no records. I can't member which sources was all. Hopefully I can you know a political or the next stories, but what I read basically said they couldn't find any record. This guy was actually in the army, quote I one hundred percent anti for all the way he posted Instagram in June referencing aloof collection of activists that of mobilize to oppose what they see as fascism or racism. That same post was also laced with. What message does not clarify this as well and the New York Times as what they see as fascism or racism.
So more context as necessary. These people think literally, everything is racism and I'm not exaggerating. They believe that time Is racist? I am not exaggerating, there are, I'm not I'm not kidding. They did so yes, they're going on attacking any one. We truly have an opportunity right now to fix everything he wrote, but it will be a fight like no other we'll be a war and like all wars, there will be casualties. This man was unhinged danger reset insane. Armed and he'd have apparently been arrested twice. Before for having an illegal weapon now make a second amendment argument and say that's irrelevant to the shooting at this point, but I think If they are going to allow this man to be cut loose, when he was posting, there will be Warren casualties and he was showing up to political rallies. Armed is on the fault of the day in Portland interview with Vice NEWS, Mr Ryan Old, appear to admit to the shooting of Mr Danielson and said he believed had acted in self. Defense had not acted. I am confident that my friend
and I am sure I would have been killed because I wasn't Miss stand there and let something happened he's at an interview. This is just ridiculous watch the video he's east is standing at a decent distance. No one is launching Adam. No one is is screaming at him. No one saying anything and it actually, according the witness they were in the other direction, the friend of the victims, and they turned around when he or or these because yelled at them. So if we go by the witness statements and the video does not seem to corroborate what this man said. He basically describes like a bunch of vehicles with armed Trump supporters. That's just not the case, in fact, a vehicle that pulls up right behind him after the shooting at Twenty five people inside of what appears to be active, not tromp supporters, Portland, proud ass, to have simmered four months. They say the city of poor. It has been the sight of nightly protest for three months since the killing of George fly, we notice at the height of protest.
You know all that that's the deaths have commented turmoil in other cities. This we understand. Let's move on now to what he said in the interview with vice news. Inside reports, a man suspected of fatally shooting a Trump supporter during protests in Portland said he saw quote civil war right around the corner and that his shot felt like the beginning of a war. Michael Rhino. Was named in connection with the death of Erin Danielson important on Saturday night federal agents? Try to arrest him light Thursday. This again, we know earlier, given an interview discussing the killing which was broadcast on Thursday by vice news, honestly quote: quite honestly, I hate to say it, but I see civil war right around the corner that that shot felt like the beginning of a war. In the interview no said he was acting in self defence and believe that he and a friend we're about to be stabbed. He told into yours, you know, a lot of lawyers are just that. I shouldn't even be saying anything, but it feels important at the world at least get a letter, No, what's really going on. I had no choice,
rhino was under police investigation over the killing of Erin Danielson, a supporter of the all right group. Patriot. That's that's not true. Pager pairs, not alright, who is taking part in prose, from rallies. Rhino said in his interview that he saw the patriot prayer protest as threatening vice new said. Rachel spoke. They freelance reporter, who shared the key conversations with vice. Let me clarify that for you, it seems like Bridle spoke with a friend somebody who has said in the past that that you know their goal or it appears there were saying their goal: to mainstream anti fuck? I don't I don't care to go in the details of the rapporteur. A lot of people are criticising VI. News. Vice news got ahold of some footage. They published it you don't have an argument or debate about that. Your fine but it would seem like look there, That's a fine line between what the rapporteur is and a sympathiser or collaborator and read a point right now, where there's clear dividing lines, there's literally a division in meat
yeah guy, some reporters are seen as leftists seen as right. There is no objective reporters anymore period because the left does it there's no middle ground and if There's, no metal, there's no objective press everyone is gonna, be criticised for everything. They say Rhino said I'm seeing all these vehicles with hatred, people the backs of trucks, yelling and screaming, and swinging bats and sticks it protesters that are just standing there yelling at them. He said that he went to help a friend that was surrounded by trucks with armed proton protesters. I saw some of that dear and close friend of mine in the movement by himself. Basically confronting all these vehicles, vehicles, and so I let him know that. I'm here part my vehicle and joined up with him I found myself in the intersection in front of the food truck surrounded by trucks and cars that had weapons whites. We ve seen the video
intersections empty. There's a couple vehicles that are questionable. I've brought this up, but the dude than yells. We got em right here, I don't know it's him, oh yells it, but then he shoots him. He's a man threatened to stab him and another protester had I stepped forward. He would have mayst or stabbed me Rhino said that he was confident. But I did not hit anyone innocent, and I made my exit bystander. Video shows a man resembling rhino fire, two shots at Danielson and walk away right. Said he did not turn himself into the police because he thought police were collaborating with right wing protesters and they would not protect him. Protests have taken place in Portland since George, who I was, held. We know all of this. The times are poor that rhino, regularly protests in recent weeks and acted as a kind of security guard. Randal, mechanical MC, cordial and other products are told the times that nightly he would break up fights recent months unimportant protest leader. What organise the protests security said: rhinos train indeed escalation, and then it was excellent at it.
We know what he said as MRS Insider Pray they reported anti by short for anti fascist. As a leaderless organization, that's not true that opposes groups it sees as fascist. You know we have a serious problem when journalists who art- I don't even modest lucky you. You know these journalists wrong, they dont do their research. They have no idea. What you're talking about Anti far is a Rand ideology. And there are many different anti for groups and they all have leaders there just in the autonomous cells. You care join on Anti for group in Portland. Unless the leaders approve of view, they have said that this much do your homework insider, when it comes to national level, rallies. Organization riots, whatever they will coordinate between each other, but they do have a leaders of their cells. Rhino wrote. I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters, even if I, even if some of them
are too ignorant to realise what annual truly stands for. We do not want violence, but we will not run from it either. It's all lies what antifreeze says and does the framing they use. They say. Although there were vehicles surrounding us where we watched the video, that's just ridiculous of their cars in the streets, but there's like two vehicles just sitting there doing nothing and this guy shoots a trump support in the chest was not running. Who is not lunching Adam, you can see a big blast of would appear at some kind of mist. Some people have said? It's because a Trump supporter was firing, pepper spray, but according witness as they believe that the first bullet hit up your guess, I'm sorry amazed canister, which caused it to explode. Now some of pointed out, it could still be self defence, because both individuals appeared to be raising some kind of weapon, and it just so happens the guy with the gun, while he's the one. Learn that in that fight right, but I
that's negate by two things for one rhino fled, obviously, but more importantly, He yells we got on right here. There are walking towards the Trump supporters. They could have you, They just turned around the Trump supporting a guy said that what that the friend of the victim we turned around when we heard them yell, which means Anti VA, was approaching them yelled. We got em. The trump supporters then turn around. The guy's could have walked away soon as they noticed they were there. But, but you know, arguably, I'm sure there could have been some kind of up. The funds have not fled and then got into account. Station with cops. Now I dont know if he shouted cops because they say that they set the cops fired into his car. What do you mean? they have been armed may have been reaching for weapon. I dont know take a look at this and you know says anti for black block outside at the Kelly Penumbra Police building in Southeast Portland wrote this everywhere on the street. Portland police bureau me Michael Rhino Rhino the and if a shooter was wanted by police for killer
Erin Danielson, he was shot dead. Last night you killed Michael blood on your hands, they support the guy. I absolutely support him. Civil war right around the corner. Let's, let's think about this. For a second, I tried it try to approach everything as objectively as possible, but I, of course, have my biases. I think these p while our unhinged an unrepentant racists. I watched them protest form Ants smashing, bangs organizing. How may trumpet these have we seen in the past months, several that went, went, went without a hitch, no violence There were some back. The blue rallies no burning, no loading, no violence, just marches to the street peaceful! That's that's normal!
all the anti for stuff all the black lives matter. Stuff, typically add fights with cops and smashing of windows. They blame provocateurs. Well, there's no provocateurs and the Trump rallies. Now it's the far left. So what we see is regular Americans protesting in favour, and you know it in support of police. Nothing happens the far left getting extremely violent, there's one tromp rally in Portland and it ends with a trump supporter killed and the FAO, our laughed and their allies in media still frame it as though it's the right doing all this, I watch the videos I've spoken to the wit. MRS who were there on the ground at the Kyle written out. Certain situation just last night in the night before we had drew Hernandez of the of at lives matter, show he covers anti, but on the ground sitting, yours
exactly what happened. We had Eliza Schaefer from slightly offensive. That's his show saying exactly what happened. They were both on the ground. Antifraud had Tortuga dumpster and was pushing it towards a gas station, and some young people put the fire out sparking a confrontation. They both sides Kyle written Ass was defending himself and drew suggest the other night Kyle probably would have been killed. If you do not defend himself, Now, what about what about the anti forgot? He sang the exact same thing herein lies the shocking and dangerous reality. Both sides are convinced. They are right. I believe based off of witnessed the moaning and the videos we ve all seen this anti forgot was not acting in self defense. Absolutely not mediately went for his gun, killed the guy and flood? He was walking towards them it was no initial scuffle. There was no fight. There
No hey man back off nothing, it was literally, we got em right here and now and then a trumpet poor was dead, Cow Rittenhouse ran. He ran from these people who are attacking him. And then someone fire got in there and that's when you turn around and according to the New York Times the fur sky lunged at him and he shot several times: killings man then ran to the police and they hit him not downy false then they started beating on the ground and he shot into self defence. When a man and drew it put up his hands. Rittenhouse lowered his weapon that man than jumped Ford with a gun and Kyle shot him. The bicep vapor rising his it is is, is bicep, Rittenhouse seen on video running to the police, saying I'm going to get the police, this guy didn't do that this guy actually claim,
that he was surrounded by vehicles that were you know. We were full of armed trumps. Supporters know I'd. That does not seem to be the case at all, perhaps he's a paranoid delusional individual fine, but the far left still supports him and what that means is- When I and I've been seeing tweets now, I've been seeing tweets from people supporting renal, saying the cops executed. Em you know Rittenhouse still live, think about what that means and unlike but Rittenhouse, turned himself in if he turned himself and he would be a alive They. These people really live in paranoid state. When I think that, if you walk into department and said you know the guy. You know please arrest me. They think that, where the cops gonna do- there in front of everyone. Just kill in that would never happen. Instead, he's armed dangerous gets into a confrontation with cops fleas. They shoot em, there's a video. I can't
One of them performing c p r on this man trying to save him even after all this, even though the living civil wars is common. Perhaps that was the shot. Her on the world. You know a lot of people are are criticising me because I've said the proud boys should not go to Portland. Most people, however, seem to it three, as we know where this is, and I think that if the proud boys go to Portland, this is the next big step. The far left has been fund raising for bullet proof. Vests, he already saw. Dude in Portland get stabbed so several p. Will have been killed, the Chaz thirty three thirty four people are now dead. The conflict is escalating and anti fraud is looking for a reason and they're going to get it.
Is the proud boys are going to show up and there and say we have a right to do this and they do that's true. You have a right to peaceably peaceably peacefully protest, but I'll tell you what's gonna happen. This is bad for the press the media allies of the left are in trouble, never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake, and now the nation is being shocked to see what's happening, a trot supporter walking down the street was gunned down. What do you think the narratives gonna be the beginning of October? After a couple days of proud boys walking through ports The narrative is going to be violent right wing militias and far right. All right extremists laid siege to Portland because they know how bad this makes them. Look. They are going to pull out every organizational favor. Every smear tactic, every journalist who would give anti for this this this murderer
the ability to to say his message and vice news publishes it and you, What man I've said the past peacefully protest speak up, be heard, stand up for what you believe in, but I have repeatedly said: do not confront these people, they want it, it's the game they play and they play it better than you can a proud boy, What an anti thought you betcha, you put an anti phone, a proud boy and in a ring, guess who's coming out in ten seconds. As the victor, we all know, what's gonna happen, because you ve seen the videos but you take a journalist one. Their allies and media and what are the antibodies we're doing them a smile on their face as they walk up and say: oh no, I'm gonna get beaten and when the proud punches Zalm, the photo comes out, of an angry dude wearing you know. The gold trim punching a guy.
The headline as far right, militant white supremacist beat peaceful black lives matter. Protester, that's! What's coming next, I'm telling you you can have agree with me. That's fine. You can argue it still your right to go out and peacefully assemble and other things in that's true. It is. I don't care what you do so long as you're. Not violent. Anti fraud is violence, so they get. The criticism
heed my warning: I'm telling you what comes next, the proud boys are going to be there and see fuzz looking for a fight. They need vindication because they are the aggressors. Now they look bad to the public. So the best thing they can do to hurt. Donald Trump is every listen. Joe Biden launched his campaign on the the very fine people hoax lying about what Trump said. You better believe they are salivating for the opportunity to smear Trump just before the election in the proud boys are going to hand it to him I'll leave it there. Next time it's coming up at one p, dot M on this channel thanks and I'll see you all next time the sister of the anti for crackpot killer in Portland has come out. Saying quote, I wouldn't say this counts as bad news. She basically goes on describe how her brother was losing it and becoming more and more extreme. She thought that
Angry masses would come for him and she's worried that this could then he could become a martyr he's right here is going to become a model for the far left they ve all had he been writing his name in a straight saying: police have killed him and the right Is already calling for some kind of retaliation, so the question is Was this the shot heard round the world and it may be because some right wing groups are saying straight up: the shots have been fired and, hot civil war may come next and I certainly hope not. I mention this often people criticise me for tank civil war because nobody wants to hear it. Maybe it's wrong. Maybe it's not true or once I just don't, say the words that will make reality change a woman's go away I'm sorry, I'm going to show you some left wing and right wing sources talking about the real potential for civil war. And I want to show you one why
a small town. Paper sang look what's happening around you, you not see. In my opinion, massive groups marching You now state lines, that's never how it is, but something is something biggest coming. I don't know what to look like. It could be more. Like a coup, meaning left wing and right wing groups of only a few hundred thousand are fighting in D c, and eventually someone takes the White House or it could be government officials work in the government who hold far left views. People in the government who old, more american, libertarian or liberal, classical liberal views and they clash and eventually someone takes over it could be. A simple is: come this election Joe Biden, an Donald Trump for some reason have both been declared the victors and there standing on the law of the White House, pointing at each other yelling to a secret service agent arrest this man- I don't know for sure, but first, let's talk about how the crackpot kill
Family actually views him. The daily mail says exclusive sister of Portland annual gunman reacts to his death after was shot dead by? U S marshals as he voice this concerns, will become a martyr, an excuse and and skills for more violence. They say April. Rhino spoke exclusively with daily mail dot com, hours after brother, Michael riles death at the hands of federal, fugitive taskforce on Thursday night rhino was shot by: U S: marshals and Lazy Washington after becoming a target of a Portland police murder investigation into the death of a right protest, her errand Danielson his school your sister learned of her brothers death when she was contacted by daily mail in emotional phone call the sister of the alleged murderer and aunt. If a member said she was already
bracing herself for the news of his death, but believed it would be at the hands of the right wing group, patriot prayer, whose member he allegedly shot dead at the protests. Last week, I wouldn't say at this point that this council bad news, it's just more news. Rhinos sir said honestly. I didn't expect it to be the police. I expected it to be the people who had who had a contract out for him. I was expecting the angry population have people who are out. For blood the bereaved sister said she was worried. Her brother would become a martyr and an excuse for more violence. After she reported the police, killing Now we ve got to martyrs. That's how the two opposing sides are going to want to spend it. She said hatred begets hatred Anybody who saw him- and there too, and there I standing up for the plight of black people being killed by an officer, is going to validate their feelings in their minds of all the anger they have, whether or not its correct or righteous.
As the new spread of his reported killing at the hands of federal officers on Thursday night Anti for group selfish sailfish coast, antifraud, tweeted, rest in power, Michael Forest Rhino, but whose just hit the news hit, just as direct action programme as a direct action protest, was planned to begin in Portland. As the city nears one hundred days of protests and riots that Iraq the area April, told daily, Imelda CALM. She believed her brother would have tried to fight with federal officer sent to catch him fleeing to the small town. On hundred twenty miles north of Portland I wouldn't be surprised if reacted badly to a situation. Just like you reacted badly to the situation at the riots. He always acted, impulsively letting the worst emotions guide his actions, and then he tried to rationalize afterwards. So I'm not surprised he got himself killed. I'm surprised a police officer did it think about this testimony from his own sister.
What is this guy? Do they were walking down the street? They saw some tromp supporters he's drew. He drew his gun and killed. The guy then he tried rationalizing it afterwards on vice news. His own sister says as much. Both circumstances we are. All of these circumstances are tragic. I don't want anybody to get hurt, not this guy, the eve you ve got some sad photographs: here's the dude as a boy scout in eighteen. Eighty, a boy scout became a communist, far left where everyone called insurgents with a tattoo. On his neck. That's radicalization! How do you go from boyscout to whatever that was radicalization too. He'd, walk around armed and prepare to kill. Man in the street, at the tragic story we don't have to martyrs. The problem here is that you have the Kyle Rittenhouse situation now, in my view, based on the video evidence and testimony from witnesses, Rittenhouse was defending himself and he was not,
in connection with the intent to cause harm. He had a medical kit with him the end and of Car Rittenhouse was to go to Canosa to protect the intent of p but, like Rhino, was to go to Portland to destroy now they'll tell you. We are protecting marginalized communities by destroying it's not the same thing. There was no destruction from car right now. And he had no intention of hurting people unless he was attacked. He said so in viral videos. He needed to protect himself, but he provided medical assistance to the The far left us too, were out there that night when they attacked him. He defended himself according to several witnesses, with I've spoken to personally were there on the ground watching it happened, If you didn't, he would have died. Another reason I highlight the story from his sister is to point out the radicalization and her faults and views on potential martyrdom. I thought she's right I mean a sister sounds pretty savvy. I'm I mean that literally
She said I am relieved and also disappointed by that, at least referring to the police killing her brother. At least it wasn't vigilante justice that got him. I think that would actually be worse. It would feel the violence a lot more, but at the same time the nation wide dispute is very highly black people. Verses officers and now you have a member of Anti FA killed by an officer. So I can imagine things are going to get worse again zone sister says he's a member of anti via the school teacher and mother of two at the situation left her feeling hopeless for the country and worried for her brother, two children and eighteen year old Son and eleven, old daughter who were already as stated by the news. Their father could be a murderer, I'm pretty sure they ve already both pretty thoroughly that I'm pretty sure they're already both pretty thoroughly devastated. I don't imagine they're going to take it well as a as we are as much as I note was coming one way or another I've been saying, for a while you. It doesn't turn himself in he's going to get himself killed. I fear for the night.
Can I morning the loss of a brother, I barely new. I morning the loss of of potential for very good for good, every living being possesses. She told daily mail not come I know, there's nothing. I could have done differently to keep him from going down this path, but I wish it was different. I have sadness for this whole frickin situation even though he really screwed up. I was really hoping he would take responsibility for it happen with dignity, so that whatever end he faced would be something that meant something good. Now It's just got now, which is going to bring more pain for more people, more anger, more violence. I feel like this nation is further away from peace forever and we ve had far too many victims and not enough change An old came close to admitting killing in an interview with vice news broadcasts around the same time they closed, and I want you to think about the statements he made to vice news when he was basically, saying that a group of vehicles, these dangerous trump supporters, were armed, the guy was paranoid and delusional
That is what is happening to the far left in this country and its what's happening to the democratic Party, and I am not trying to be hyperbolic or derogatory of the Democrats. I will ask the question: I've ass now, several times for contacts on those who haven't hurt it is it radical to propose borders secure before this country. The answer is: no. We ve done that for ever as long as I've been alive. We ve had border security. Several Democrats proposed border barriers does trop, kick it up a notch, a little bit yeah, but ultimately just reinforced, bothered, fencing and select areas. Is it radical to suggest we should have a moratorium on deportations? Yes, it is, it radically suggests we should decriminalize border crossings. Yes, that is far out saw outside of what we ve done. Countries at radical to suggest abolishing private healthcare. Yes, is it radical to march around believing that all police are? hunting down and killing minorities. Yes, it literally does not happen. These people have been
radicalized on media. They ve lost their minds, and now this lunatic rhino was standing in a normal intersection in a normal city. They saw Trump support. Who is just outside of his own home, reported by all, again live your guardian. The men who die It was just near his own home in Portland, but this guy, when he looked through this lens of Kosis far left media he did not see a man walking down the street. He saw bunch cars, full of Nazis with guns, and that's not what happened we can see in the video, albeit a graveyard, guy lost his mind. So what happened when the cops came from in sea police officers trying to stop a dangerous killer him. He saw himself as the right, just hero, fighting against a whole bunch of evil demon Nazis coming to get em. He even said they were.
The police are in league with the far right. You walked up to a random due to the street, shot him brow. You're nuts do needed, help well, tell you what men were starting to see it as a twitter account someone replying straight to me. Surprisingly right dead there isn't going to be an election. There is a tweet from Eliza Schaefer. He was on the ground covering this more. Shootings tonight we are in civil war. This guy responded me to everyone in getting a possible civil war from all sides. Let me give you a little bit of advice. You have served and fought in the wars when our time was done. We came after the USA to start over and live in peace. It was also near the neck on the back of a man until he died. It wasn't us to retain by kneeling on the back of a toddler saying, be em now M F, you see war as hell milk. If you do not quite grasp this concept, we have been to Hell, lived in Hell, climbed out of hell and don't want to go back to Hell. If you keep
ambling on the peace we fought for, earned and love than when the first shot gets fired. You will force us back, to help and we will show you the brutal realities of hell. Ya'll, better work, this ass out before we do, because I guarantee you, you are not ready for this. I completely agree. I don't know this person is, but there completely correct. I have not been in full scale international war. I have witnessed a revolution on the ground in Egypt. I have been in Ukraine, at the start of what people were calling a civil war, now kind of became over separatists thing. I but in Brazil I have been in many circumstances that I'll just call several civil opera using or civil unrest, technically some civil war. I guess, but not nearly as intense as like the eastern Ukraine stuff. I've mostly been dealing with
risings riots, things like that. Egypt was probably the most intensive a place I've been to where people were shooting at each other. With these makeshift shot guns- and I see I saw some people, I am leaving once things got too hot because I realise what this means. I have seen that the precursor to how bad it gets so in these lefties, when these me, People come out and say everything in Portland is fine. I met the park right now, and people are eating cheeseburgers and playing a game. A soccer that yeah that's what it looked like before, or mass civil war erupted and eat. When, during the syrian civil war, you could still go to Damascus and go clubbing. Life doesn't just stopped because war is going on, but does become scary and dangerous. In response to this post, the oath keepers said the first shot has been fired, brother civil war
here right now, we'll give tromp one last chance to declare this a marxist insurrection and suppress it as his duty demands. If he fails to do his duty, we will do hours against all enemies, foreign and domestic, Stuart man, I certainly hope, not Stuart. I certainly hope you all sit back and keep calm and let law enforcement deal with us, but I cannot deny the reality of what people are saying. Is the oath keep? Is there a, I guess, you'd be described as a right wing militia? I don't. I am careful and into your trying to throw round. For you know, titles or whatever the oath keepers have straight up said the civil wars. Here I've been saying something similar. Now a lot of people don't like to say it because of course I get smeared people are claiming that I will- civil war- quite the opposite, I'm bringing it up because I don't want it. I want to sit back
play, video games do have a slice of pizza. My my business, I dont record videos about an annual lunatic of hoof, who killed a guy and went away. Up in the morning and see in my country what I witnessed in other countries, and I want to see that- and I know these this this disguised tweeted about being in war. He knows full well way better than I do. I take my word for it. I got close to that line. I watched people pull out gods and, I said, get not eight year. I dont want to be their these people, what they saw. It nay tat there when they say you do not understand, I hear your brow. I simply looked through the window of war and said I turn around behind me and say everybody. You do now what's on your want? What's inside that building right there, the people actually said I've been combat are the ones who are coming out of the building. Saying pray you never. Go inside and I'm like look at our guy, I watched what was going on the left. Doesn't care
They don't seem to have a cohesive strategy, there's more and more protests erupting every night there being radicalized by by a media, but for the most part I think they're out there, that the people who are fermenting this who will come out and claim that routine policing is a nightmare house? Cape of you, no slave core hunting people down to kill them. They want it to happen. They want the chaos, they want the destruction of a documentary on systemic racism. I think I guess finish, it has shifted right. The general idea, the general idea was simple. We have had in this country, race, based law. Can you go back in time? We got rid of those things, but guess what the thing that the systems that were created under racial lies law, An policy and practice still exist today, even though we ve made many things illegal, we haven't gotten rid of that. The ramifications of these past efforts: that's a system,
now, I guess people of money, the definition and no one knows what institutional or systemic racism really means. My understanding the time was at systemic meant we did something racist and it created a system like an hour, a network of routes that have negative consequences like two different train tracks. That's the way I view it. With some people. Although the trains you can now freely cross, one side is still suffering under policies had happened a while ago, and how do we rectify that over time we are doing a good job of solving. These problems won't be done overnight, now systemic and institutional racism are mixed. Institutional racism is stuff. The left really talks about we're like they say all cops are evil. Either documentary on this and They wanted me to include a line claiming that police are these Our derivative of slave catching groups of like that that what are you what's would pull
suggested in the UK. We talk about the police like we are or England or ever we have police, they enforce the law as it's ridiculous propaganda, but that's where they ve gone. I don't know you deal with this kind of psychosis their running around screaming. That cops are hunting them down when they're not, but if they truly believe that There is paranoid and delusional as Michael right, and that dangerous. What do we do about it? The last thing we want is a civil war now I have said over and over again that the likelihood, in my opinion, is high but there is a way to stop it. The police are not the same as a right wing groups in Portland. The police could stop all of this. We do. We do not want a police state. I warn you and I said it The far left is gonna engage in this kind of nightmarish behaviour and regular people will bag the government for police state in Chicago.
Being told by these journalists were on the ground. There are more cops you ve ever seen us everywhere, checkpoints everywhere! That's what the left does when you attack that that the beast you don't kill it, you score it. You thickened its hide, not a tapping; they don't have the ability to shut down Lawton Forcemeat or do any of these things now at a cultural and institutional level. That's where they come up behind and try and meet copies institutions from the inside out and that's the risk talking point. Mama says with eighty trigger for trigger fingers. Some right wingers predict the next civil wars finally arrived yeah, they mention what road said. A lot of people are talking about it. This
is what civil war will look like you'll be in your home, you'll, go to the store you pick up. Your groceries and life will seem normal. I am not trying to exaggerate or downplay. What's going on, I said this when I was in Egypt, the revolution: I took a trip over to highly opulence, one to the mall gotta Kebab is good, but a cell phone life carries on the conflict is what is happening in other places. Different groups are clashing, indifferent areas. I'll tell you what you can expect when you look at the series of war, which was very, very, very serious. That may be our way more than week. We can expect here, but in Damascus, life was carrying like normal with with internet attacks. If this escalates, what will happen? insurgency, insurgent uprisings in certain areas were seeing protests for months now in fifty two hundred years. They might just call those battles or or circumstances within the civil war conflict. You will be
mind your own business in your hometown, and then one day your city will be burned to the ground. People will sharpen be fighting each other like Canosa, the people in Canada not ever believe that their small town would be subjected to this kind of mass riding, looting, destruction and death, and it Many of you will never see anything. Some of you will be surprised that finally came to your house kind of like a lottery ticket. Obviously, the conflict can be everywhere all at once and that's why you need to be careful about the extremists, allies and media they'll post a video from Washington DC people sitting in a park. Well, clearly, you can go look at what we like the revolution that the American Revolution took a span of twenty years, the war that the actual hot hot conflict was for several years same things happening this of a work. Do you think, people like we're, always just fighting nonstop everyday waking up with bombs going off now that wake up. They too have a ill hang out their family and for Months literally nothing they'd here tales of
battle over here and over there and they carried on then one day and ended. That's what we're going to see! Kenosha! That's a battle, maybe not the most extreme. Look at this photo people on the left or the right way to face off and fight each other. Different symbols adorn there, they have their groups. You have ideological belligerents. Now at some point we will need the insurrection act to shut all of this down, no care. If your left or right wing you're out there in the streets causing chaos fighting with people and have to be stopped? The problem is the guy romance in these leftwing areas. They favour these groups and they will not allow trumped to stop it. The only thing that can happen, that is street clashes. So where do you think this goes? That's why I'm telling people you do not want this. That's why I've repeatedly been critical of the proud boys foregoing for saying that go to Portland no stay away de escalate have
protest on your own ground on your own turf and if an they still might come to you, but it's very, very different from you going the Portland Especial after this. We do not want escalation. How dear people say that I in any way would want anything like this, it's despicable and disgusting, but these people have no idea like they have no idea what's really going on, and many of them want to live in their fantasy world that the fight isn't coming or the fight. Isn't here, walk away and leave you with this as a funny video of a Marshall, artist any any tells all of his students he's going to teach them the ultimate technique to guarantee you win any fight. Why on one and then everyone's all excited or what the ultimate technique and as he gets, ready to fight He turns around wiggles his arms and runs full speed out of the room and everyone laughs and collapse. He comes back in and says any fight you can avoid is a fight. You ve won it's a stupid
game and the only way to win is to not play. However, I recognize we are facing a serious existential threat from extremists on the far left law in force, it needs to handle this. There needs to be a political victory and then tromp can push out critical race theory that law force meant can comment on shot down the extremists, but I will tell you this right now. The lines that are being formed are the far left extremists against the right and law in force. At the same time, I call for stability and for law enforcement to take care of a handle. These laws the way their supposed to do it, and I do not want random groups to be confronting our anybody
the police will take care of it and if they can't trump made one of the smartest moves possible deputizing state police in Oregon. When they, when these people get arrested, the feds will prosecute. They are doing it. They're taking care of it, stop up stop the escalation, do not go out and confront these people. If the cops can't do it. I understand is a serious conflict, defend yourself, and I recognise that I respect I'm just saying: don't armor up and go out like these people are doing on look on Italian in a lot of people. Don't like it when I say it, but you are not your fault, it is a symmetrical you're, not fighting on even ground. They have the high ground. They control the media on cultural institutions, which means yeah it's hard mode. For you But you know what you need to play: smart dont, interrupt your enemy when making mistakes, let law enforcement take care of all of these illegal acts. Let the d a chess and the fatter and the feds prosecute the criminals, and you can stay home. Do your thing but speak up online
speak up at your jobs and let people know you are not ok with the far left is doing and do not give them ammunition. This needs to de escalate and it needs to stop next segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube. Dot com slashed him cast, and I will see you all, then my friends, you and I are being played by the media and the Democrats. Video is an addendum to my main channel segment over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. Why basically called out this insane media? smear about Trump. If you mess that the general context as simple, they claim that Donald Trump called military. That's Lou There's this story on its face is so absurd. No one will believe it. When I was making a thumb. Nail for this trend describe what was going on. I was like, if I just said. The median Democrats were working together, people gonna be like what else is new, so why would they publish a patently third story where Donald Trump,
allegedly claimed he didn't understand by the. U S fought with the allies. They wanted to be absurd. You know why they got me to do a whole segment on it but do you know what I was talking about the past several segments to nearly a million plus views. I was talking about riots and violence. And we ve been talking about nothing but riots and violence for the past several weeks and it's been tearing at Joe Biden Poles- and this was a very well crafted in my opinion- distraction- and we I'll fell for it. I'm seeing now everybody on Twitter say: can you believe the lies who in their right? Why right mind would believe it and, like perfectly like clockwork people, felt for the bait the stories absurd? It's meant to be absurd. It, Sir two purposes. First, if the smear works than people won't like tromp, because they'll believe that he was smearing that's. Secondly, the smear probably won't work on p
well like me or other members of the Pandit Tree class, and we will mark the story for being so ridiculous, but it worked beyond that. It got us off base We were talking about the violence in the insurrection and now we're talking. About media collusion once again, something that's kind of nebulous and it has every one else on the defensive. It has trump on the defensive. So I pulled up this I got it from Byron York and I want to break down just how clever this is. Take a look. Many of the questions for Joe Biden after his remarks today consisted porters asking bite into elaborate on how bad trumpets this is meant to reach shape. The new cycle, Joe Biden, was playing catch up. He was desperately, running after Donald Trump. Is that I'm not gonna go to Canosa Trump goats Canosa, then? But it's ok, fine I'll go to Canosa, no matter what he did. He was too steps behind Trump. They got in front of him. Take a look at these questions that were asked of Joe Biden. First,
What does the Atlantic article tell you about trumps, soul and the life he leads. This meant to attack trump based on the merits of the article itself, the article which was instantly debunked for the most part by a buzz feed news reporter come on it wouldn't be so is so blind at first. I believe I fell for the strict, so I'll do this. This addendum that the it's it's so obvious that their working together that we can instantly call it out, but they're trying to get us distracted the first question does just that. It makes us talk about whether tromp really likes or doesn't like the troops and that's a weak point for trot, because the comments you made about John Mccain, We're not talking about the violence anymore. Are we question number two says what would you say to cute supporters of Cuban on and what would you say to trot for not rejecting the conspiracy? This is brilliant. Stop took it up now, he's directly directly
targeted an online community. These individuals, who may be talking about violence and Maxwell trafficking, arrest that were recently made, will now be thrown off and be targeting Biden because he told them that he that they should seek mental health are arm a mental health assessment as I'm not that treatment. You know, that's a per dancer. Because there are now going to respond by saying what about you buy? What about your mental health and what? What what won't they talk about? The fact that Donald Trump and fads have been saving children has been happening and they will be talking about the violence. Third tromp mocked you for not wearing a mask and for having been tested for covered Joe Biden plan was to slam tromp on his covert response. Politico noted that, because of the violence Joe Biden was, was forced, counter trumps law and order narrative there were these reporters are Helping Joe Biden get back to the Cove Narrative five Bill BAR China, IRAN, Russia Intelligence briefings once it
and giving them the leg up and shifting the narrative off of covert and towards Russia and foreign threats, getting getting everyone a focus on foreign issues, whatever they can do to make sure we are talking about the rights and the violence, because last night and anti the guy pulled a gun. Kill when they're trying to arrest him six, they mention commonly Harris White. What's her role in the campaign to another opportunity to restate the narrative, seven cove it interesting, that's once again trying to get them back on the covert narrative. Eight Trump suggested voters vote twice. What do you make of that?
That's interesting because this one, I believe, doesn't actually help them. I believe Donald Trump whole play on the vote twice thing which I ll do in another segment was meant to force them to address. The inconsistency is the inaccuracies and potential fraud comes of mail in voting, but again if it gets them back to the subject of mail and voting, for which Democrats have eight hour are strong twist to an extent, and it brings them back into covert. I think that official operate this way they they know that there are concerns about mail in voting with the media has consistently cover this up for them. They also that Democrats are scared about Covin. This allows them to get back onto the covert narrative. The debt a crass were being swayed by the violence narrative we saw in Wisconsin Content, Tybee mentioned it that some that Somebody's Democrat, guys, warlike on the fence, we're honest early Democrat, but kind of on the fence. People were saying: the Democrats have no plan and the violence was shocking them. They want to change the narrative, nine. He says:
You said today, you said today is the address. You have been at a presidential candidate, Joe Biden responded saying. The president must be calm and collected on efforts to push back on trumps, more bombastic approach. Can we know the president has been attacking mail in voting so as Russia and there it is, The early on when they mention Trump saying vote twice. There now gonna say see. Donald Trump is working with Russia took to undermine elections there. It is eleven jobless report, they say you acknowledged Less than half of jobs lost spring up have been recovered because today was a great day. It was good news on jobs. Once again, this whole list of Quebec questions is perfectly crafted to shift the narrative back to buy. Twelve. Would you support more muslim countries? Normalizing relations with Israel even might undermine, What's leverage for a two state solution, anything they can say to undermine the great job Trump did. Well. I ain't play that game no MO. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the statement
build bar. Let's get things back on track. Please consider sharing this but he went subscribing to make your people dont get pulled off base their violent riot sitting. This country there's an extremist who just killed a Trump supporter, and they would. Have the nerve to try and argue that Trotzky summing up stupid as why would the EU join the allies. Dark he's really happen. Attorney general, William P, bar on the tracking down a fugitive Michael Forest Rhino attorney. General bar has really is the following statement. Last Saturday, Erin J Danielson was shot and killed amid the continuing violence in Portland, local authority subsequently obtained an arrest warrant for Michael Forest Renal, a self described anti, remember, said, suspected of the alleged murder. Rhino fled to Washington State where he was located yesterday by members of a fugitive task force led by the: U S: Marshall, Service, the FBI and state and local law enforcement partner,
when Rhino attempted to escape arrest and produced a firearm, he was shot and killed by law enforcement officers. The tracking down of right or a dangerous fugitive admitted and if a member and suspected murderer is a significant accomplishment and the UN going effort to restore law and order of Portland and other cities. I applaud the outstanding cooperation among federal state and local law enforcement, particularly the fugitive taskforce team that local, regional and pray let him from escaping justice. The streets of our cities are safer, with his violent agitator removed and the actions that law add to his location, are an unmistakable demonstration that the United States will be governed by law, not violent mobs. Bravo good, sir. Thank you bill BAR and thank you to the federal government for trying to stop the violence. They want us to, ignore it they're telling us there is no war in bossing, say they're telling there's no violence? They put out a piece. The Washington Post, claiming ninety three per
Send the protests were peaceful. They said they are desperate because we or angry that they have for too long placated. The far left negotiated with these terror. We ve seen the photos. We ve seen the videos. No, I dont want to ignore and forget about it. I want justice. I want the people I have been burning down buildings to be stopped. I want the people who have had their lives destroyed. Due to receive some kind of justice and the only way we get that is by calling out the criminals. This lunatic, the crackpot killer, anti fuss crackpot, kill thought he was surrounded by cars, full of angry trumps, imports of weapons and that's. Why get a shoot an innocent man near his home on the sidewalk? That's why he d I would instead be said. We watch the video he was surrounded by Trump supporters. The dew was out of his mind, I'm sorry
he died. I dont like hearing any I'm about. I oppose the death penalty. I want anyone to die, but this guy he pulled a gun in the feds. They are trying to stop him. You know what that was his choice. He believed the police were work, together with the proud boys, like some grand conspiracy, so it makes sense that he drew a weapon and the feds took him down. I am sad to hear it. I would have much preferred this man stood trial for his crimes. And we were veal discrepancy is escaping justice. I'm sorry I gotta say it. He is He will not see his day in court and we will not get closure for the murder he perpetrated allegedly He admitted to what that's why I say he did it. He said in an interview with self defence, so he's is basically all but admitted to it. This is what we need to focus on Don't let the media! The Democrats distract you because otherwise you will wake once again to see some random lunatic burning down. Cars are buildings or whatever.
Now, this all summer, downs, good but glad to see this guy is being brought to justice. Democrats will try and sweep it under the rug. I'm not interested this guy and people like him. They have. They have plans, they're crazy and, let's not forget what they represent, and that's why we need law order that Donald Trump was offering up something important to people and other trying to dangle the keys off the other side. Now I'm not falling for it. I got a couple more segments in a few minutes ago around and I will see you all shortly and what appeared to be a stupid move, Donald Trump appeared to suggest people vote twice and I laughed when I saw it because come on man trumps, says stuff. All the time on that get angry. I wonder if there are people who have like it's not trumped arrangement syndrome, it's like Trump amusement syndrome like I laugh at the things. Trump Trump does
and when I read the story from Fox News- and there is always some kind of for De Chess play- and I gotta- I gotta say I think trumpeted on purpose. I think he knew what he needed to say- and I think he made a really good point- and I shall say it man, it makes me laugh cause you know, I've fallen for the smears sometimes, and then people like YO here's. What trump really said I saw this and, unlike what's trumps, play with this and am I M up buying. It is something going on turns out. Fox news says: trumps vote twice comments, outrage, media which amplify his message, and then you see the true genius that is trumps. Banana peel slip, Poland in full backlog. So this way describe it, the that trumps walking down the sidewalk any slips into banana appeal, but instead of falling, he just flips perfectly lands on his feet cannot attend, say the judges check this out. This is hilarious. So why did the president of the? U S? Do it? Why did Donald Trump in broad daylight, with cameras rolling suggest at the good people of North Korea
line about twice. He knew full well that this would cause a media freak out that journalists and pundits would. Eyes up in unison and denounce him for promoting stay, blatantly illegal act, and that was precisely the point had Trump merely issued his one hundred and thirty of warning about mail in bout fraud. It wouldn't have It much news, maybe one paragraph in a story, but you know from long experience than when he crossed the line goes over the top? The resulting fewer can last several days even a week. Getting the media and political world chattering about the very issue he wants to spotlight. If he takes heat, if he has to backtrack so be it. That still means lots of cable segments in front page stories about the possibility of male fraud. Supposed to say a thousand Americans dying each day from covered nineteen and there, it is a brilliant move by the president. Bravo You know I went off you guys. I've ever seen. Death note where you got
You should really check it out. It's about these two guys that are basically want to. I want to say too much, but the main character gets a notebook already right, someone's name down they die in and he becomes dislike. Megalomaniac wants. It pick up, cleanse the world of criminals and then there's a detective China I'll catch him somehow, but he can't find that his name and it's a really it's a really really great out a classic by the way. But it reminds me of this Donald Trump media, forty, just games, then the media not Joe Biden, mind you, Joe Biden has no what's going on, but his handlers and the media are countering Trump trying to control the narrative. It's kind of fun to watch that that the political battle play out like a game of chess tromp, clever, move on this. They say no, Defending the outrageous suggestion that American somehow test the system by voting twice or why stop there, maybe five times I just don't think trumpet serious his well established pattern of saying, questionable things to push a broader narrative in some cases admitting privately he's changing the subject from some other controversy. He is trolling the press. Here
The president's exact words to John Evans of North Carolina worked well. They'll go and they ll vote and they're going to have to go in check. Their vote I'm going to the pole and voting that way, because if it tabulate- and they won't be able to do that, so let them send it in and let them go and if the system is as good as they say, it is obviously they won't be able to vote if it isn't. Tabulated they'll be that they'll be able to vote. So that's the way it is and that's what they should do He repeated a similar matters. Last night in Paris in Pennsylvania, I haven't found any one, including Fox NEWS, defending this maneuver. In fact, when signing your Psmith pressed Cayley maternity on. Why taught me the comic comment? The press secretary said he wasn't it. Jesting people do anything illegal, but you it sure their male ballot was tabulated and, if not go vote, he wants verification. The second round As these things right across the cable verse was one bill bar appeared on CNN when Wolf Blitzer, said it sounds like traumas encouraging people to break the law tried about twice the attorney general applied? Well, I don't know
actually what he was saying, but it seems to me What are you saying as he's trying to make the point that the ability to monitor the system is not good when Wolf pressed again bar said he didn't know the law and that particular state, but that the whole male bowed system is playing fire the formulation that bar doesn't know the specifics, the formulation that bar does another specifics, but here's why Trump is right on the larger point is one the agee use more than once in the sea. In an interview he said, Tromp was speaking colloquially, not using illegal term when he accused Obama and Joe Biden of treason. This touched off a fresh wave of attacks on bar by pundits unseen and an embassy given the story legs tromp knows how to push the media's buttons in a memo leaked to the New York post. He ordered federal agencies. To look into cutting funds to cutting off on such cities as New York as New York. Washington Portland in Seattle then allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones
This brought an unusually harsh counter attack from Cuomo, whose had trump would need an army to protect him. If you, if you were to walk down New York City streets, goes on to say now, don't bother The feds will end up terminating this aid, any more than the administration slashed. A d schools I dont physically reopen as Trump threatened earlier but another way for him to appear strong by vowing to retaliate against those grappling with an with urban violence. In the meantime, anyone who follows the trumps suggested about voting more than once does so at his or her own risk. This was clever by Trump. Now, apparently, it's illegal to suggest voting twice. Should they hold trump accountable? I mean well So, but I was thinking about this. Why would trump do this? He just forced them. Media to admit the system is broken. That was it if trumped said what, if someone voted twice, they take it now, happens, nobody vote twice, there's no fraud, so trunk,
sound says he's what you gotta. Do. I see you mail, your excellent trot, bicycles, eighty posts on Facebook, and I think I gotta admit I think it's one of the more dangerous thing trumps of our trump trumps ever said, but now I why you did it. He said male, your vote in his earliest possible. He then said: go to the polling station and try to vote if they ve all ready counted your mail and vote. You will not be able to do so if they haven't counted your vote, you can and it your mail invoke, comes in you, it won't be able to be counted and will be discarded the general idea. For Trump is height. They said the system works right right. It isn't possible to vote twice now the media is freaking out, because the premise is they can vote twice. Their vote will be counted twice. So then, what I think Trump is playing with fire to be completely honest. I think Bill Burr.
Right. The Democrat started playing fight playing with fire first by changing the rules to our election system at the last minute, but can deny it by Trump saying this. The narrative has now become people can, in fact about twice because if Trump is correct, they can't write trumped in, say everybody trying vote twice: ignoble votes. He said your vote shouldn't be counted, but what, if it can therein lies the narrative change? The system is broken and trumped knows it and the media knows it and now not acknowledged it. So where do we go from here I think the media they ve been playing with fire long long before Trump has been in this regard, and so Trump retaliating income They tell us over and over again that male and female and male in votes are safe and secure, but it's never been done this way, another saying upwards of aid. Million votes will be put through by male theirs, no way that we can get this election done.
What is ultimately mean for us come November. Well, I dont think tromp is gonna, be indicted or prosecutor. Whatever I do now, I think we are dangerous territory for Trump. Even keep playing this game. There's several scenarios to consider what, if come November. Third Donald Trump wins in a landslide, then within the next week by in wins in a landslide because of mail in votes, both sides will claim victory and then fighting and Sue's what happens if the mail and votes never come in Facebook has said they will ban any way, will flag anybody who tries claiming victory early and face you said it may take weeks, plural before we know who one November. Third, whatever it takes, and the mail and votes are still being counted. Eighty million by mail. The post office is gonna, be inundated. What if mail in both get lost lawsuits will arrive? Then we'll have lawsuits take another week. These must be to quotas.
If I do not know what about these January. Twenty comes around Nancy Pelosi, she's confirmed for her district. She is now once again the speaker of the house, and it falls to her to be interim president. While we try and figure out what's just yet Just what you know just what the hell's going on. We gotta we ve gotta, put a hold on this election till it can figure out what the hell's going out with these male imbalance. Then policy becomes president briefly, but long enough to start doing things she will be in charge of the executive branch. Is that the long term play? I wonder but I'll tell you this trumps comments. While they may have a purpose he's forcing them to acknowledge their holes in the system may actually just muddy the system of a bit worse. So, while I think there is a clever play here, ultimately unconcerned that it is gonna make it just gonna, do exactly what I just said
delay the election and then what now here lies the bigger challenge for the Democrats. Trump is the president. So if this election is muddled up and broken, Trump is still the president, yet come January, twentieth Trump might not be present. Policy might take over, but between November third and then trumpets in charge, and he has control of these executive. You know, services, law enforcement agencies, Bill bar will still be doing job, so they can try and jam things up and ultimately, tromp has the control. Here I ass. We can only wait and see. Men can be a whole lot of fun. I suppose, but I leave their next. Video is coming up in just a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. Panic has erupt, did for shareholders of Spotify after it came out that Joe Rogan has debuted his his show with his most controversial episodes missing and I I didn't think I was gonna, be that big of a
elsewhere is going to talk about it. I tell you this four point: eight billion dollars? Stock loss is that what this Spotify shares up? Eight point: eight percent Wednesday shaving as much as or point eight one billion dollars off its value following report, Joe Robins back catalogue debut in the platform Tuesday, without episodes by right wing personalities. What a well whoa whoa, whoa Spotify, get well go broke. What's going on here, are held on a slow down and see to exactly what happened here. Is the story from attainment. They say is controversial. Episodes are missing, Geronium Spotify debut on Tuesday, but apparently not all of his podcast episodes made the cut dozens of past episodes with controversial guests are notably absent. From the new jail Rogan experienced Channel such as interviews, Conspiracy theories Alex Jones and David Seamen, far right figures, just Owen Benjamin Stephan Monument Monopolise Gather Mcguinness, Charlie Johnson and Sargon of COD as well comedian, Chris Dahlia, who has recently been accused of impropriety
Also, seemingly absent is an early episode where wrote, Rogan, Regular, Joey, Diaz, infamously joked about coercing female comics into servicing him, to say the least, an exchange that resurfaced in the press in the wake of the spot. If I deal a few of the vanished episodes were more perplexing, however, such as an interview with pot activist Tommy Chung, when the spot. If I deal was announced in May Rogan told us listeners that quote beginning September. First, the entire J r E library will be available on Spotify. I'll Romans. Fans are wondering whether spot, if I refuse to allow certain episodes or if Rogan himself decided to trim the archive of his most frequently criticised content or if this was I'm sort of oddly specific temporary oversight. A representative for Spotify and Rogan did not return a request for comment and Rogan Twitter feed was silent on the matter. Mikhail Petersen, daughter of the controversial professor and public speaker, Jordan Petersen, slam the move, saying: ok
Getting demonetized from Youtube is one thing at least they didn't shut and my channel. However, this is completely different. Spotify is not floating, Select Joe Rogan episodes, including my episode, and that's we're not know why I am fairly certain my episodes with Joe. I think I've three are all up on Spotify, which It's strange, I don't know why Mikhail Petersen would get then now some people put together a list and they went through. This is a pattern most of the people are like right wing personalities, many of whom have many of whom. Bendy platforms, and the rumour was that Alex Jones would appear. De one of the newer Spotify episode so as it is Joe launch Spotify, he have Alex back on now. People are questioning what
that will be the case and all elaborated military little bit more and keeping in mind the big context years at spot. If I may have lost a ton of money from their market value because of this spot, a fire poorly paid more than a hundred million dollars to lower the countries, most popular podcast, her exclusively to the streaming service, This modified based shows launched with a marathon five, our interview with comedian Duncan Brussel, but the missing episodes were not addressed. Rogan shows are still currently available on Youtube and podcasting platforms like Itunes, but the planet for J. I read to move exclusively to spot. If I, by the end of the year, the partnership was considered a massive when force bought a fight which isn't which has seen its stock price nearly double since the deal was announced, Rogan Spock asked includes more than fifteen hundred episodes of long form enter.
Is this lot? You know what we understand. They say the comedian, an enemy commentators, long prided himself on talking to people from across the political spectrum and is frequently railed against De Platt, forming tat companies that remove controversial voices quote they want me to just continue doing it. The way I'm doing it right now, Rogan has previously sat at the spot of ideal. It's just the licensing deal. Spotify won't have any creative control over the show it be the exact same. Show we're going to be one with the same crew, doing the exact same show in a profile for the Atlantic. Last August, writer Devon, Gordon detailed, blowguns many strengths as a pod gaster, I'm not interested in the stuff. They do mention Alex Jones, but let's talk about the cash, what happened? They say the closing price of two hundred: seventy five thousand sixty two cents market five point: five percent drop from Tuesdays close as the trading day heats up on Thursday. They mention Rogan Podcast, her and common who wait,
hold on what podcast committing an commentator on W W Apps mixed martial arts telecast its doubly w f. I'm pretty sure, that's not correct, I'm pretty sure it's Mme what our it's it's! You have see, not w w f whatever. So maybe this is all fake news. They say sign this big deal he reached over among the guests. Spotify left out far right. Guess just Alex Jones million up the structural funds and gave him a Guinness as well as creating Chris dahlia? This we understand. Investors also pulled but pulled back on some other textbooks. The Rogan catalogue, dust up reveals a delicate. Balance as streaming service must strike with its content and policies, especially increasingly use pockets in their long term strategies. So it looks like there trade up, saying that the reason why
the stock has dropped is because people were were scared that certain episodes were pulled. This makes sense. Limitless boys are thus let's break down. I have no idea so so I obviously I know Joe. I talked to him every so often I dont know the finer details. I don't talk to him all the time. I know that it's. His youtube. Stuff will continue to exist forever, but the question now is: when he leaves Youtube: will he continued to have on these types of guests and that's what many people are scared of now I don't know if I really believe that Spotify lost money because of Joe they mention that a ton of tech stocks saw I'm look at this apple and Netflix fell. Eight point: one percent and five point: six percent come on man, To quote Joe Biden come on man. Maybe the reasons not, if I lost there's you no other stock drop off is because everybody saw stock drop off. Why what? Why would they assume,
still Rogan, but that's the general assumption. I guess they say news of the missing podcast precipitated this this this this loss. This makes sense, and I think it's it's it's fine to entertain the possibility. Kissimmee up Joe Rogan was a massive deal for Spotify. Reportedly, a hundred million dollars, Wapoota Spicy Meatball dude. That's a few money. Do whatever you want. After that and Joe says: it's not going like the show this Mean Spotify was saying straight up? We will pay big bucks for this, because the Joe Rogan model works, but if the Joe Rogan model is being changed by producers and fat cats and bigwigs of Spotify and the jail Rogan shall won't be nearly as fun will. Come on that Alex Jones Podcast was hilarious, they get Jones worked up, unease hollerin he's all red telling you, the cell phone to man. You got you got cow hybrids, it was funny and it was crazy and people like the entertainment value of it if they won't do those episode.
In the future. Then there are a million dollars angrily worth it as it now to be fair. I think Joe does a great podcast, no matter who is guest is I like listening to Joe for Joe most? Would watch Joe watched for Joe young people should think about this when you go on to jump podcast? You might not know who that duties like you know, bill William. Send your like that's a comment. I got no idea that guy yes, but you listen anyway, because you like Joe rogueries a funny guy he's, got interesting ideas and he talks about fun stuff, any any any is witty. He does a good job. So ultimately, I dont think matters all that much
but it's possible that investors said what made the show great is being changed, and now that these this company's got there there pinky in the pie, they're gonna, take away that magic. The magic that made the Rogan Podcast special Joe got tons of views from Jordan Petersen from Ben Shapiro from Alex Jones from Milo. Is your big episodes about ass, big ass, a thing out Jones is one of the biggest, but if you take that away then, what's what's the show really to make this worse, and I think it's a it unfair alot of people criticise Joe for having Miley Cyrus on four like his second, nor whatever episode on Spotify. The first simplicity episode did when he joints for the for the Spotify launches a five hour craze. Hilarious show or their like wearing costumes, are five hours with Duncan trouble. And I always, and only a little bit watch a little bit. It was funny current Miley Cyrus me. Personally, I don't really care for Molly. I mean I think, she's
but whenever she does her thing, I got no beef are gonna, be with most people, but are a lot of people are saying like. Oh no here at coms he's gonna go mainstream. Is our partner regular celebrities? They combined that with the idea that a bunch of people weren't making the cut the transition into Spotify, so the general ideas this as I have mentioned. Yes, the ep- we're all remain on Youtube, but if Spotify is gonna remove these people, does that mean we never have episodes like that again and if that's the case was the investment really worth it, because the Joe Rogan show might be going. The way of Howard, Stern Howard, Stern, was was, was a big deal, then he will eat. He took that fat cash won over to serious and know what happened ultimately. I'll tell you this. I think Joe knows, what's best for Joe and he doesn't know anybody anything men. I think its a bit absurd to jump the gun, making the claim that the stock drop off respond. If I was his fault, when a bunch of other companies, our stock drop off as well, I would be upset to discover that Joe would no longer be having
the guests on we're just the way it is man, Georgia's Anne? Oh you any favours. Nobody. Does you get a free show from him now get the lesson to is his adds the beginning, but I'll tell you look. The ads he doesn't mean you show their hilarious sought. Otto minded, if all if, if, if it really turned out that here you gonna do a show that we can have more mainstream celebrities and it was gonna get rid of his personalities, I'm not sweating over it. He owes me he doesn't know me or anybody else anything you can do the show you on the way he wants to do it and I think he's earned it after a decade of of doing this podcast the shows that exist. They ve date they ve they serve their purpose and they will exist on Youtube if you're upset. Let me tell you this: if you're upset that doesnt can have these people on your Europe's have the wrong person, do you know you should be upset? It yourself I mean it I'll, tell you what now your opportunity you want you you want to know when the time is right to strike Joe Romans, leaving Youtube.
Are you mad at him over this he's opening the door for any other podcast comment and have all those people on their show and they'll get the traffic if you're really concern about Joe becoming a mainstream Schiller? Whenever you can who had every wants, I'm not gonna, be bent out of shape about it. I think it shows gonna be fine, is going to do well, it's gonna be great, and that's just you know whatever and for the critics. Let me give you some advice: men, but by all means I'm not telling you. You have no right to be upset or concerned about. Of course, do I respect that. I just think why don't you start upon CAS like for real? I mean everybody there. Mom is upon castle your listening to one right now. I guess I'm just saying this. I look I want. I hope Joe keeps doing this thing. What you can't expect people to do something forever. Man come on he's been Dona for over a decade as certain points. Gonna want to chill, I guess, I'm not even a sigh
but even assuming that he's actually going to be doing that, I don't believe it. I think it's gonna provide him more freedom and what he's doing Spotify, offering real competition to Youtube and other packets platforms, which should increase the vow
will. You have podcasting increase, add rights all in all a massive net positive for everybody. I stoked when I heard he was doing. This is great. Now these other platforms, like you too, will know we could always jumped ship and go to Spotify, even though it specifies held by alphabet point anyway. Look man! Let me put it this way. I think people are looking for sensational stories. I dont care of Joe Rogan doesn't want have people on a show. I don't care. If he's not gonna poured over the episodes. His episode still exists with these people. You can still find them. You have an opportunity to fill that space Mikhail Petersen. I think it so it's a bomber that Europe is not gonna make the jump. But how about this? How about you do those episodes you can do the shows and then you're gonna get all of those people who want vat. That holding the market now exists. I mean we don't know it does, there's an opportunity for everybody right there. So, whatever you get the point, I leave it there. I look forward to listening to Joe when I listen to show as it is on
one spot, a fire you tube or whatever, and that's the way it is. Ultimately, I think him leaving Youtube quit an opportunity for a lot of people so get to the grind. Man start hostile and in making your podcast into it. You gotta do I'll see you tomorrow at ten a m on this channel. Thanks rang out.
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