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Democrats Push INSANE Lies To Smear Trump COVID Relief, Trump Accuses Dems Of Cheating The Election


Democrats Push INSANE Lies To Smear Trump COVID Relief, Trump Accuses Dems Of Cheating The Election. Leftists and Democrats are trying to claim that Trump announced he would terminate social security and medicare which of course he never said.Trump signed new COVID relief measures to bypass the congressional impasse between democrats and republicans and of cours Democrats are livid. Trump said they were trying to cheat the election by stuffing weird provisions into the covid bill.Thinks like universal mail in voting, banning voter ID and signature verification. Things that make no sense in a COVID relief bill

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Yesterday Donald Trump took executive action to provide corona virus relief directly to the american people and, of course, Democrats are upset about this You see the longest time. Democrats and Republicans have been at a political impasse over sir. The issues with each other's respective corona virus bills? If you look at them in stream media I'll, give you a surface level view saying things like democratic to give american six hundred dollars in bonus benefits every week and Republicans wanted to reduce it to two two hundred dollars, because they felt that too much money and devise people not to work, but that's an overly simplistic view in re, already. There are much more serious things that Donald Trump and Republicans disagreed with. Notably democrats want universal mail in voting in their karate virus relief package, which the Republicans troops aim. It makes no sense to include not only as we have seen all of these problems across the country with male in voting. Why would they want this unless they want the chaos Strangely, however, they also
to ban voter Idee in states that mandate it and they wanted to get. Rid of mail in voter signature, verification, whites It seems to me, like the craziest thing, to include the corona virus relief package, let alone do ask for anyway. Don't we want to verify signatures for people who are sending in melon ballots. That seems patently absurd but not only that. Why would they include it in the corona virus relief package? Well, because of this pass tromp signed several executive orders that the Democrats are calling certainly unconstitutional, and it puts them in a really awkward position. Tromp bizarre. Bring up cash and relief to the american people and their acts really challenging him on this and it's gonna make em, look really bad there being warned by Republicans. Don't play this game you're, just gonna every body mad at you? But of course, here we go now. I I speculated there's no way there.
The challenge, trumps executive actions in this way, because People need money right now I mean people are facing evictions and they need to eat the Democrats, and many in the left have taken. Another approach out lying about what Donald Trump Dead and I am impressed at the brazen at its like the actions these people are taking. Is bold and incredible, to say the least, take a look at this from the top posts when one of the top posts in the political sub rennet are slash politics on red it base. Day. Tromp just admitted on live television. He will terminate social Security and Medicare if re elected in November wow wow. Why The only way to combat what tromp is doing is to just lie about it. Rob been say he was gonna turn. Late, social Security or Medicare. That's insane trumps talking about
temporary deferment on taxes that he would potentially forgive for now and yes, there is some concern about how that would impact funding for these programmes, but in no way did trump call for terminating these things, as some conservatives pointed out, while tromp must be over the target for them to be this panicked about what he's doing Tromp is going to offer up some really amazing relief packages or benefits the people. One thing that really so rise to me is that he's zeroing federal student loan interest, so these people have to pay back there soon launch no interest. That's that's correct I saw the nordic wow, that's actually what I been recommending for quite some time. It's it's a student. It's a kind of debt forgiveness in Illinois capacity incredible and there's gonna be, Four trumps offering up four hundred dollars and unemployment benefits to hunt Republicans had initially offered so had initially offered so Trump is absolutely need.
Compromising where he doesn't need to, while of course organism. Thing but lies and smears and left, and here we go there claiming he's going to gut Social Security and Medicare, which we, We are nowhere near saying that. Nor did Trump actually said that. So let's do this. Let's take a look at what trumpets actually offering up and subjective orders, talk but whether or not they are actually constitutional or not, and then we gotta we gotta, be real man. Look Democrats, you're, not gonna, be very popular if you try and stop this relief from going through with absurd things like getting rid of voter signature verification. What excuse did they have for that were already panicked and worried about the disaster that is male and voting and other one take away. Signature verification drops out straight up. They just want to cheat. I can't Think of any other reason why they would do this. Well, that's right, the news before we get started at over. The TIM cast outcome slashed donut. If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways you can give the best thing you can do subscribe to this channel. If you haven't said
I ve already look just below the video is a little, but this has subscribed, give little tap a little click and you'll be subscribed to my channel. And then you will be more like led to receive my videos that I put up on this gentle everyday at four p m. Also, don't forget hit that like button that subscribe, that Notification Bell, let's revenues, from an tv they say drop takes executive action to provide reduced, enhanced unemployment payment. President Donald Trump took exit. If action on Saturday to extend weekly enhanced unemployment payment at a reduced level He signed a memorandum during a press conference on Saturday afternoon at negotiations between the White House and the day after the negotiations in the White House, the Democrats collapsed. The new payment will be four hundred dollars per week. The federal govern we'll cover seventy five percent of the cost, while the states will pay the rest. He said the president's. I bet some governors might not be happy with the actions suggesting that he didn't Nego with all governors before the announcement, how Speaker Nancy, plus he didn't
ITALY respond, though I do have a statement from her following us. They gonna say President also via exec. If or memorandums deferred payroll tax for Americans earning less one hundred thousand dollars per year from September. First authorize. The department housing and urban Development and the department health and human services to offer eviction protections to renters and homeowners and extend the term of belief to student loan borrowers from September thirtieth to the end of the year the payment which was authorized by the corona virus aid relief and economic security Cares act. And was six hundred hours per week on top of existing unemployment benefits expired on July thirty. First, the. Why doesn't Democrats failed to reach a deal on extending the payments. The White House chief of staff mark meadows and entry, Secretary Stephen mention start
negotiations with how Speaker Nancy Policy and Senate minority leader trucks humour on August, first quote at this point. Its clear Democrats want to play politics with american jobs. Meadows wrote in a twitter post right before trumps press conference. Since Democrats won't step up and do their job Donald Trump, we'll do it for them. There are several areas in which the two sides disagree with each other. The Democrats want a common hence, of stimulus package consisting of three point: four trillion dollars, while the White House first a smaller bill as the first step and addressing them important issues, including an extension of the enhanced unemployment payments and addiction protections for tenants, policy and humor also want nine hundred and fifteen billion dollars, and aid for state and local governments included in the bill to which the White House offer one hundred and fifty billion trump set on Saturday. That man he requirements from the Democrats are irrelevant to the outbreak, including bail out money states and local governments articles to buy an voter idea and signature verification
and universal mail in ballots. Meanwhile, the Democrats blocking measures supporting k through twelve school reopening additional money for the Patient Protection programme, additional money for hospitals, testing and vaccines and direct payments of three thousand foreigners dollars for families of for he said so. The Democrats are opposed to some of the direct stimulus, but I gotta stop right here man and ask why are Democrats trying to shew horn in this weird bail outside is weird, ah voter. I he bam. Signature verified issue ban, I mean stand why they want universal melon doubts, but hey man, getting rid of vera signature verification. What is this and I'll tell you It's not new LAS Vegas review journal, says democratic law suit seeks to eliminate signature verification on male ballots. They ve been trying to do this. May at least will how We gonna know whether or not someone literally actually voted Wired Democrats trying to take away voters- security, Simon!
You got no answer. You really really don't tromp said they're trying to cheat at the old only thing I can see. So how do you think I feel When I saw this post last night on Red it one of the top posts on the entire site for doesnt familiar right, it is one of the most traffic sites in the world. It is an extremely popular. Or social media site where people share links. And one of them was from a leftist activist website called common dreams where they claimed trot just admitted on live tv. He will terminate social Security and Medicare if re elected in November, what its we're getting in the crowd? easy territory, man, I tell you it's gonna get rowdy come up to November, so I hope we all already there Pratt planning this How siege thing fifteen? each of you, no protest on violent. They say you no good for them and for the White House, so its common and now they're, just straight up, writing fake articles. Well, we get one,
Will we get one opt in terms of better strategy from having to post, they say Trump using Covert nineteen, cover two got Social Security and Medicare critics charge on air. We're looking for relief. Instead, the president promised to define Social Security and Medicare said flora- lawmaker, oh please! No! He didn't! They are talking about the payroll taxes deferment. For now, the taxes will be furred, so employers can choose to give more money to their employees. It's going to be something like seven or eight percent more money and according to Fox, it may come out to about twelve hundred dollars per worker drop apparel taxes, echoed of order likely worth one thousand two hundred dollars per worker. Cutler Trump directed apparel tax deferral to run from cept, amber through the end of December. You will still oh those taxes, okay, so when one one
actually comes around and you ve your taxes. You probably won't get his big of a refund. You might not get a refund. You might actually end following the point is to make sure you have the money now, instead of giving it to the government? So then you get it back at the end of year. That makes no sense. Most people get refunds instead of waiting for that region You will have the cash today to spend. It makes a lot of sense its your money used when you need at if you ve ever familiar with that that that's that commercial uses the joke anyway, the point as it may. If Trump gets reelected, he says he will, he will forgive the taxes and he may make the tat the payroll tax. The odd deferment actually permanent. So I guess that point. It would be a payroll tax cut. Of course, all of these bodies are now coming out, saying that he's trying to strip or DE fund hold on a second first of all You can argue that it could ultimately lead to this. That's fair, but they ve taken it a bit too far. Trump didn't say that in fact you could
theoretically find other ways to fund these programmes outside of these specific taxes, payroll tax, while Correa Booker says this is all stunt, putting employment benefits and threatening social security. Medicare only deepen the pain people are feeling. Congress must act in a way that meets the scale of this crisis. Companies and our public and see to stop the games and come to the table now. No no hold on I'll. Also, this Corey Booker it's at least a bit fair to say, he's threatening social Security and Medicare fine. I guess it's a little circuitous but you could argue that taking why these payroll taxes? Well. Yes, we do need that money to fund those programmes, sure what you want. Was playing games I'm sorry man! It's the Democrats! What you want to remove voters, signature verification do did it hold on man. I got about too much. I house from somebody who did not live here and did not request it and even items voted, with its soda sitting on my desk, so you mean it's only that somebody could take that fill it
male it in and you wouldn't verify the signature. So so what ok? Sorry man sounds like you want to cheat. Ok, you put then there for some reason I got no idea and trumps complaining about You want to argue about other issues like bailouts for states, fine, but so long as that one of the issues. I don't trust you. This is weird, I take away voter Idee from states that already have it is about thirty. Seven states have voter Idee requirements. Why would you get rid of that? universal mail in voting at a time when we're seeing eighty four thousand bout in New York disqualified, sixty five thousand ballots a nationwide. Additionally, according NPR, through no fault of the voters, qualified I'm sorry manual crazy, another time, they make, it seem like trumps, come out your benefits. Now, spare me, I inappropriately says: don't let the occupant of the White House Distress deal he just unilaterally cut social security and your unemployment benefits in the middle of a pandemic. Up up up, I love it there
if these right now saying trumps, slashes unemployment benefits by two hundred dollars. No, he didn't the unemployment benefits, spired the up them. The Republicans wonder the two hundred. I don't like the Republicans either man, so Trump did the compromise of four hundred. What do you expect? I guess you could have done six hundred, but we don't know how I don't know how much money is a lot of allotted to you know for the Cares act now. Apparently, the funds are already abortion and I guess this allows them to extend a little bit longer, though you'll get a little bit less. It the compromise. This is all nonsensical. This all Alai limits I some they're trying to act like he's. Social Security Medicare. I hope you for this from writers? eight years ago, Congress stands payroll tax got sense Obama Congress. On Friday, a February. Sixteen twenty twelve, as when the data, this article came out, pass legislation, extending attacks got for a hundred and sixty million workers through December, and
continuing long term jobless, benefits handing President Bush Obama a major victory in this election year, a major victory- you say: a major victory, you say February sixteen twenty twelve and, of course, Nancy policy. Atta China in defending the payroll tax got which was not offset by spending cuts or tax increase on millionaires. As Democrats sought house damage leader, Nancy Pelosi, turned to a conventional republican argument that tax cuts and up paying for themselves by helping boost economic growth, the payroll taxes- What is that stimulates the economy by enjoy, thing demand and creating more jobs. Well, why isn't that argument being put forward now by all these other democrats? Why are they jump in the garden. Saying. Donald Trump is stripping away our benefits because they just wanted to get in there. Wacky voter nonsense, tromp. You know what my the air was unconstitutional. Maybe it was Nancy, as he says, drops crowded virus relief Executive act
an absurdly unconstitutional. All the Republicans have hit back saying. Dhaka would like to have a word with you. Die An old if Brok, Obama, they say can inform, can tell want forth an agency is not to enforce the law on, certainly Donald Trump. Can he can't tell you you can't pay you? You have to pay the taxes. He can't defer them. So Nancy Policy says it's unconstitutional, which in says it's not true, minutiae ones, Democrats against challenging trumps executive orders tromp on Saturday chinese orders. While we know now, I ll tell you what I do know whose writer, whose wrong I will tell you this the american people need relief. I am particularly impressed with zero federal zeroing. The student zeroing, these student loan interest rate at the federal level. Something the past I've praise than I I think it's the right action right now. The Democrats are not going to get there weird voter stuff and because of this, the compromise has been pushed forward. What you going to do I'll tell you what, though
If the Democrats try to stop this, whoever tries to sue the president to stop these executive actions, you can be pretty popular as we're getting dangerously close to people being evicted. Many people are already being evicted and they need protection and they need cash. Now. Fox reports Treasury Secretary, Steve mention worn Democrats on Sunday that any legal challenge to President trumps recent executive orders were delayed financial assistance to millions of Americans as he defended the move to drop federal unemployment benefits from six hundred a week to four hundred quote, we ve cleared with office of legal counsel. All these actions merchant sat on Fox NEWS Sunday. If the Democrats, want to challenge us in court and hold up unemployment benefits to those hard working Americans that are out of a job because of covert they're going to have a lot of explaining to do work. Bookoo job has got the Republicans between a rock and a hard place. I'm sorry Trump has got the Democrats between a rock and a hard place, not the Republicans. It's Sunday spare me the or forgive me too lazy, Son
the Democrats, have a choice to make. Are they going to fight this and hold the benefits or just accept the compromise, They say the president's order calls for four hundred. Instead of six hundred, we notice the previous unemployment Bennett which expired on August. First was fully funded by Washington, but trouble is asking Aids to now cover twenty five percent. He is seeking that aside, forty four billion previously approved disaster aid top states but said it would be up to state to determine how much if any of it to fund for the benefits could be smaller, bill when questioned, why the administration lower the federal unemployment benefits monotonous, But it was a fair compromise at the White House had offered continue paying the six hundred dollars a week, while the negotiate with Democrats, Fox NEWS, Nay house, Chris Wallace countered by say the administration, had offered to extend the six hundred dollar benefits by one week right, so they could negotiate was a bit more going on, I suppose in all of this trial. Poles are improving, I gotta say men. I think the Democrats,
that's are really losing steam for a lot of reasons, Trump narrows gap with binding campaign, chief credits, corona virus briefings trump trailing. Barton, but just over six points in our cp national average yeah. Maybe they make People are tired of the bickering. There I mean look. Hungary's approval writing is really bad matter. If you're, a Democratic republic and trumps approval, writing is higher for trop to Steppin cut through the bs and say I'm gettin knew your butt that's extended to the end of the year, I'm signing it you want to fight about it. Go ahead, take the benefits away. Maybe it's unconstitutional both sides. Are doing this, but I think there is reason to suggest that tromp you know his is Paul's going to start improving and it has a to deal with someone Finally, just gettin stuff done. Listen, I don't like the idea. The president, unilaterally passing law like d God or you know whatever tromp is doing, but
now we're in an emergency, and typically one is an emergency people kind of chill out a little bit. We do have to be very, very careful about what Europe is doing. One hundred percent rest assured if you come back and say well, Obama did Dhaka worries, gonna, do corona virus relief, you're playing a day. Dangerous game of giving executive ranch too much authority and I'll tell you what will happen in the next administration. Get some wacky lunatic was gonna, say, hey trumpeted Obama did it. You can't claim. I can't do it then they'll say well past. President did say you could do it out, like any of that. But I'll tell you this man, I I would personally you Know- It's easy for me to say mind you, but I don't like what Democrats trying to push through with this weird voter stuff. I think it's dangerous. Really really do dress. I do want to see- and it is these- these creepy political games getting rid of the signature of air, Haitian is insane, so you know what if Trump is going to pass. You know this. If he's going to push this with executive action, it needs to be done.
It really does there are people losing their homes every day there people have lost their jobs, they can't eat and they need support and we cannot have the system collapse there. A lot of problems that came long with the Krona virus relief package. Of course I've complained about it, but I did say this before: if we just sit back and wait, people are going to suffer, people are gonna, go nuts. So we'll do it. We can with the power. Items that are being generated short term US men, short term and aids are on a boat when I suppose, but I don't I don't want. Also don't knock and I'm not gonna Metallica have all the answers. I see there publicans and tromp. China compromise and the Democrats want things unrelated to covered, so you know where my advice is gonna, be I'm gonna see its approval. Writing go up. Take us up Fox New says. Isn't it true has been narrowing the gap in recent weeks with democratic challenger, Joe Biden, both national pulling and in some key battleground a development is now Campaign. Manager is crediting in part to his relaunched corona virus briefings
The reason why I am bringing this up amid the you know, executive action talk Trump is taking, action uncovered and the american people like it when transposed when his daily briefings, he reached an all time high for his approval. Writing an aggregate so I'm willing to bet that amid all of this is political impact and stupid bickering amid Cotonou, between conquered can between those in Congress. The american people are gonna, be happy about it. Trump is standing up. He's telling people what's going on, is giving his briefings his poles or improving and now he's taking is echoed of action to help the american people. They're gonna be happy about it. They say this is not. The president is in comeback territory approval writing remains deeply underwater and he's Trail the bite in virtually every national policy since the beginning of the year, even before the Krona virus pandemic, shall unrest and more presented an unprecedented test to his presidency. S offer you know, as I think,
our cp mentioned he's got you know, Tromp was it with three political nuclear bomb? So you know what can you expect, as these things start to clear up, trumpet probably get probably begin to start improving, People are gonna, be happy to see. There are unemployment benefits coming in and if some it was a chance drop their not could be happy about it in order to point the finger to our leverage, jamming them up. I think in the coming years, we're going to see a lot of chaos. You got the fifty days of siege planned at the White House. You ve got these political fights between Tromp in the Democrats, but I think it might ultimately come out in trumps favor. I really do. I think right now the Poles are wrong. Absolutely we ve seen the study from you know University of Illinois where they mentioned the beltway poetic.
Bubbling journalism is smaller than it wasn't. Twenty. Sixteen to these people are talking about the democratic, getting a skewed view, their pushing stupid policies, and I think people are starting to pay attention not only as trumps covered. You briefings helped him, but he had that. We gave that speech yesterday. He addressed the nation, he Stein executive. Action on women about it's. Gonna get my boast. They say the latest, our cp national, pulling average shows trumped challenge trailing by by just over six points. Compare with nine point two months ago, a month ago, more significantly, the race Tightening in some key swing states in Florida, binding leading by four points, according to the r c p average down from eight in late July, and crop, is also seeing a tightening in Pennsylvania. Wisconsin trail by roughly five points in each, though the need has not moved much in Michigan, but if these poles or wrong like they were in twenty sixteen and trumps actually doing better than the fact the poles are improving, show that he's doing way better than any one real
as is the one thing you need to consider. The national poles are relatively meaningless their meaningless because Hillary Clinton one the popular vote. You a lot of people in New York in California, so it makes sense now we're seeing people flee from these areas that people who are forced to flee are likely the movement. Conservative, their likely going to flee to suburban in rural areas, and this will probably hit some swing areas and, if they registered about in time, it'll turn purple areas into solid red of course, the media saying the opposite: their arguing that he could potentially see a Joe Biden Landslide, which makes no sense to me this idea of the american people have amnesia. Maybe they do, but I don't think they do. I mean people, we have consistently watched my content? I dont think these people are forgetting. In fact, my view, worship is way up, which means more people are now starting to wake up and get politically active. I got to point out as well same is true for progressive channels and people hate Trump
what we're really seeing as both sides, desperately trying to focus everything on politics to activate as many non voters as possible. I only up so man. I I am not thrilled about what will happen if Joe Biden wins. I mean it. I think the Democrats, sold their souls in order to gain power trying to rich to remove voter voter signature, verification to me reeks of corruption trying to get voter Idee trying to mandate. Reversal, melon doubts to me just reeks of corruption. Why would We need to do those things they forget. They say voter disenfranchisement, no not an email, mail and voting disenfranchises people in the Washington Post said younger voters for time. Voters and minority voters are the most likely to be disqualified with male in voting.
Why are they mandating these things which are going to hurt minorities? They are full of that they're lying man I'll tell you what tromp forced it through to bypass that absurdity, and I think the american people are responding positively to this, I think, is quite a virus briefings are working out and over in Portland, it's been nothing but insanity. As people marched unable to both screaming you don't get to sleep, wake up the gun, people's property, they fight with copyright, burned down buildings, If that in any way help strong man, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. If better, yes, whatever I'm tired at Sundays, forgive me, but I bet it anyway helps helps Joe Biden. I would be shocked. It will help Donald Trump. It helps trump every all as I as I you know, I'm in a rapid appear before I fall asleep or or continue to start or so stick around. I will have more segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news thanks. Thank sprang up, and I will see you all them.
Seventy three nights of rioting in Portland and last night antifraud tried to burn down the police union building again and this in Our opinion just proves Trump completely correct. They said that tromp was trying to stage set up a stage for conflict and crisis in Portland, so you get videos for real. Campaign, while Donald Trump said no. This is what you will get under a binding presidency. A bunch people then said that, while its currently trumps presidency- and we're having it now. Therefore, under trumps presidency we get. This no trap was right and I would like to thank the two. Like rats in Oregon for proving Donald Trump, absolutely correct. You see a deal was made between De Age S and the state government or organs Governor Kate Brow, The feds would say in the courthouse the state police would handle the riots.
All of a sudden. These lefties came out there like see. Neither the feds are gone. Everything's, peaceful, meanwhile, antivirus black lives matter, writers we're going to address it. You'll neighbourhoods and acting a fool getting into fights trashing things now they're burning things. It's like the worst we ve seen in a long time, what can we? What can we learn from this? What what have they proven? Well, when Donald Trump and the d, a chess had feds deployed to protect the court house and the court House was engaging with the black lives matter riots it kept everything contained and all of these left. These were like it's only unit, twelve block radius around the courthouse Portland fine. So what happened when the fad said? Ok, we'll leave this in your hands state police. The far I've black lives matter writers, whatever have been going to different residential neighborhoods starting fires, walking
down the street in the middle of the night, with bowl of horns, waking people up running under people's property, and now it is not contained so and Donald Trump says under bite, and this is what you, what you get. The Democrats of organ have just proven. This tromp was able to contain it to a certain degree. It wasn't going away, but you it was, things were being held in containment, ripe and trumpet make the writers happen, but he did deploy law enforcement to do something about it. The democratic governor, and that now you ve got the the mayor, TED Wheeler and the district attorney. I believe it is turning their releasing these people back on the streets every single night. The rights continue so who do you think is enabling this to happen. We ve already Seen some resistance. People say that these far less, This may as well be wearing Trump buttons as they mill about because their helping trumps re election campaign, but dude, who do you think releasing these people it's the dossier, it's the mayors, orders it's the governor. So this is what you will get
Joe Biden, presumably what we know that under the democratic leadership they let antivirus run around and active for. Why should I assume that, under Joe Biden, he would do anything different Donald Trump, Scott operation Legend? They protest, he's I was called diligent the valor whenever was where he sent out these see BP an ice to bolster? U S, marshals! This is Trump law and order. You get the marshals, you get the cops. They go out to defend the courthouse Democrats. We got anti for running around randomly all over the place, attacking residences. I tweeted this out the other day, the pay drove a little old lady with paint on her face. I wonder how many votes tromp just got when people saw that video of these people attacks this little old, lady and splashing, or in the face with paint probably a lot
because I look I look at what's going on in these cities across the country. They tear down the statues and then these politicians to avoid conflict. They just common and and higher cranes with out You know any kind of democratic process and remove public monuments, isn't what's gonna keep happening and I'll tell you a man. I think I'm starting to get a clear picture of what it is. The Democrats are really trying to do, but I'll say that for another segment will involve US politics. What we'll talk about here are the riots. So we got the story from Fox NEWS and I got a bunch of videos, of course, from the liked for peace, like Andy know, and a few others there's also a mother. You know create this. This crazy data sets out of Portland has put this why this is more about the rise in general in Colorado, town, a bunch of just Americans, you know came out and they beat the crab C4. It really did they they. They just walked to get out of here, commie, scum and then
apparently want to advertise attack somebody in a wheelchair, so they just stopped. The dude out cop came and arrested the anti for people. These advertise man, you see when these Democrats don't send out the police or in these blue states, it's gonna be on you, the residents to get together and get these violent criminals out of your neighborhoods. It shouldn't have to be that way. We re wealthy, safe nation. We have police for a reason, but where he saw a letter from the Portland Police Association, where they are saying the police they have their hands tied behind their backs, the mayor's not allowing them to go in and make a rest and the de keeps releasing everybody up over New York. Somebody about a black lives matter, organise or one of the leaders bowl horned in a female officers, ear injuring her and they were to charge this do with I went with a felony assault on an officer dropped the charges down to a misdemeanor people are outraged man. These these politicians are feckless. They are unable to actually do
with the issue or I'll, tell you what men they like it. If you were to ask me, I think, what we're really seeing a lot of these cities. People like TED Wheeler, the mayor of Portland. They love the riots, but they have to be careful because they want to get reelected to maintain the power. Their true I am convinced the locals, I'm on your side as they lean over and whispered the antivirus me no black eyes matter group keep doing it you're doing great dont. Worry everybody we keep voting for me. I'm on your side were de escalate. Excellent work eyes now: go smashup that building a three the story from Fox NEWS and altruism tweets Portland Riot declared as fire burns in policing in offices once the right was declared officers use, flash banks and smote canisters to clear the crowd. There's the headline from Fox NEWS: here's the headline from a local outlet, organ live, Portland protest deemed raw yet, and they put in quotes
Saturday after fire set in police union building dude. If they're going to light a building on fire, Yegg common. What's the threshold for a riot for organ, live Portland Riot, Ok, as a Fox news, did it well, I said Portland Right declared there you go I'm not going to read. Organ live a Threed Fox news. They say a fire inside of policing and building but authorities in Portland Oregon to declare a riot and force they still column protesters come on guys, eight hours away from the offices, as violent riots can and you'd in the city that had hoped for com for federal agents, withdrew more than I want to. I don't want you know. Whenever you hear me say the word riot, I'm basically covering up for when these news outlets referred to it as a demonstration, a demonstration isn't a bunch of people come out with little signs and they waved them ok, a protest is that people shop to an area and as a rabble, rabble rabble when you going to burn buildings down is a violent riot and you can get even
crazy and got insurrection. Whatever cook amendment not protest, so I'm doing fact checking in real time to correct the false frame and even Fox NEWS of put up a group of rioters broke into the Portland Police Association Building, set the fire and were adding to it when officers made the right. Declaration. Last Saturday, police tweeted, video shot by a journalist shows smokin flames arising inside the building. Several hundred Will it gathered outside the offices which are local about five miles north of the federal Court House that if the target of nightly violence there. The summer the Portland Play Association is a Labour union that represents members of the Portland Police Bureau. Live video had shown multiple dumpster fires had. Sat near the billing and an app description of what's going on important lesson.
Half an hour after the police tweeted that criminal activities, including but not limited, to vandalism, unlawful entry to the building or fire starting could be subject to arrest the use of tear gas and or other crowd control munitions. We can see more photos gets Andy, no tweets, Portland police declared a riot anti broke inside the union. Ok, ok! I know I said several times, but I really got him. In this context is very clear for all of you, because not everybody watches every single video. I do this are not anti fa. Ok! Back in early in twenty eleven during Occupy Wall Street, we had black block far leftists. Ok, these war extremists leftists they where all black- and they do is exactly the same thing that we call Antigua Anti VA came about specifically as an economic come you best kind of thing. They say their anti fascist they oppose drop, but the overwhelming majority of them organised around economic principles, which is
communism or socialism, or you know, and Argo Communism, even though their v I went authoritarian, sometimes they think they try to claim their anarchists they're not but makes no sense. Anyway, these people are not anti fuck, I'm sorry! Now there isn't there there's an overlap. Some of these people are in organised antifraud groups, but what we are seeing is black lives matter riots, and I tell you why this is important. The people who are out rioting are doing so for social justice, specifically not economics, specifically their waving flags as a black lives matter. Very yelling black lives matter at people arrive there putting up flyers for black, gloves matter. There's a couple reasons why this is important when you say Antigua that they try to make it seem like you're talking about the dsl or or communist, but black lives, There is a specific ideology: yes, they overlap absolutely, but black lives matter is a widespread
I'd prominent organised movement with centralized leadership. That fund raises and they have acted as in all other cities, it is a top down, centralized group. If these people are going around in the name of black lives matter. If black lives matter, organizers are a part of this, we are not talking about simple decentralized, small cells. We are talking about it now. General organization, with massive fund raising capabilities and that regular people are supporting so make sure you get it right. These people are literally waving flags that say black lives matter on them. They are wearing it on their shirts, their print painting it on their shields, and I'm telling you this because the people who joined them, There are probably a lot of people who don't know anything about communism or fascism and don't care their anti police brutality. Black lives matter protesters now they ve been radicalized to join a more extreme
best black block to assume all of these people are communists when they're not chanting for communism. I think would be incorrect, though many of them probably are many blacklist, People are marxist. We know that the port of trying to make us the terminology is very important. There are people who will doubtless listen if a group came out like Revolutionary come communists right is an actual group made A lot of support people dont come out and say: yeah go communism when they say anti fascism or refuse fascism. More people come out because they oppose trump when they say black lives matter way, more people come out because way more people support black lives better. For the point is the core of this may be organised by revolutionary communists and the far left, but they are being bolstered, specifically by a larger. But people who are in support of black lives matter specifically, and if they turn around that. Ok, everybody now we're only here for communism. Those people would leave it
porn when you realise that black lives matter is being used in this election, that people are straight up saying you know, do support the movement or not and its centralized and its supported by all of these Democrats. Anti FA is not ok, listen, anti fuck, gets criticized, but by some people on the left, Joe Biden said fine, Num, lock him up. Ok, Joe Biden do support black lives matter. Do support these people. They ve been flying banner black lives matter. While he's condemn the van, ok good brim, but are we going to see Nancy Policy and Chuck shimmer and any not learn? Other people condemn black lives matter riots. I would not would not think so because they want even condemn but he thought- and now there now, you ve got to make it clear that these you know these politicians have literally gotten on their knees for black lives matter. And well blacklist better denounced the people flying their flag and organizing protests in their name. Of course they won't. This is part of the movement, it's what they
want the demands they have our part of the black lives matter: movement, not anti fa. Do you find the police? Is a black lives matter? You know, protests demand, so this is all a part of it make sure you do people know that, because we say antium up you're going to be like. I don't know what that is to say. You know black eyes right either rioting their wearing black, the smashing, when does it starting fires now that I've ranted through that pretty heavily, they say that gatherings this week had been noticed? We smaller than the crowds of thousands who turned out nightly for about two weeks in July to protest the presence of? U S, agents by the Trump administration, so you ve got the general idea here. We can see that from Sergio. Almost Jonathan borrowed manager of a local business says there wasn't major damage to his businesses from you. Don't you for this? From today, but protesters did take the tables and chairs now we're outside Terence Moses, as these are black own businesses and the destruction from these protests. Doesnt support black lives matter. You see why it's important to point this out if they will
call this out, then black lives matter. Rioters and and people are saying things like well, it's actually you're flying the banner of no. No, no, no listen man. There is right now, let's, let's look, there's a guy named John DOE and you walk up and say: would you like to join a communist revolution? Is as no I don't care about that? How would you like it port blacklist batteries, as here here buddy I'm come on down. That's what you need to understand the reason why these crowds these rights are able to sustain themselves is because they are not there organised by these anti of a people who know the tactics and know how to bolster. You know who and how to engage in this kind of behaviour, but their numbers are black lives matter. Specifically so check this out this video from Brittany, three l- I think it is riders in Portland, terrorizing, residence, yelling we're gonna burn your building down. We know where you live in this video. You actually have people yelling black lives matter
and their shining lights into random people's homes, threatening them saying things like if you have to wake up for work, your indoctrinated by capitalism, you see anti FA is there, but they are using black lives matter to bolster their numbers and the guy who yelled black lives matter, probably doesn't know or care at all about economics. But I'll tell you this now that black lives matter is prominent. They'll, coax these people and inside you believe in black eyes. There. Yes, ok, see you oppose capitalism. Right, look go! Oh, I guess, and there it is, got a couple more tweets. We got this one. This is a crazy video overnight. Last night, hundreds of annual descended on the Portland Police Union building in North Portland. They blocked the road started street fires and tried burn down the union hall again. Video from inside shows the arson attacks. It is a racy, crazy, video man, our move forward. It shall you be a bit more. What we have here- and you know, says quote we're gonna burn your building down. We know where you live as Anti five taken to Portland residential areas to riot
it also assaulted and intimidate residence to night. They threatened those who looked out the window. They were Bola Horning, wake up wake up I wonder how many these people are gonna vote out, TED Wheeler nationally, a fine funding takes up Nick Button Access, Portland Police Bureau investigating report of explosive device started protesters in Laurel, Hearst PAR yeah right as a video going around where it's like this really weird stiff kind of fake seeming com station and then all son there's a bang. They look over in silence on the ground in the like where'd. He go oh and they point over there and it's like nothing, nothing happened, it seems, they may have accidentally set off one of their mortar bombs on themselves and then claim there being attacked by fascists, and it was really dumb but, more importantly, are they now organizing with police? The police are investigating this, send their asking for tips, But why would anyone give the police a tip to help them your protest in the place every single night? It makes no sense while to move on from.
Parliament ought to tell you what's going on to this out email, strong, says anti for commies gonna get their age handed to them in Colorado by local residents, and it is a rather peaceful, I like of people wearing blue lives matter and thin blue line shirts and their pushing out anti fa I got I gotta pseudo standing ovation for all your standing up for what you believe and peacefully on, anti for literally attack the guy in a wheelchair than they defended them and, of course, and he forgot stamped out limits. I sought man his annual guys, their aggressive their violent and their organised are very very smart. Do not underestimate them, however. The rank and file are pathetic. Scrawny losers, who don't even not a throb punch and their limp rested attacks fail, Megan hurt you they have knives ripe, they can use weapons, are not stupid. Anybody nice, but when it comes to an actual brawl baby, these regular deeds who probably work all day,
so they have a bit of Muslim, just one to punch these guys go down. I tell you women, these anaemic. I spent too much time sitting in their rooms, planning, and then they get recruited by these other organised in others. These far lefties to come out where all black, but as soon as you get a regular working american somebody actually saw lift some thing. You know every day I loved you at Youtube, you lift stuff, you work with your Eddie you get some muscle mass, whether you want to or not you put that up against one of these scrawny. The launch of a complaint. Is it's not gonna go well. This is why I think, for the most part, when you see regular people going up against anti about anti look at stamped out, because they don't work, they literally dont work. Why is it that these people? You know that you? Don't you, don't see regular people out marching in the streets all the time they ve been that there have been protests have been getting bigger. There was a war
away. Protest in, I think it was in Beverly Hills. It was massive, was crazy, bread instruct you know the former Democrat now Republican walk away campaigns, thousands of people seriously, I was, I was shocked by that knows no joke strip of jobs. So, if use so, it's like. I would say that if you see like ten conservatives now be the equivalent of like fifty far leftists, because how many conservatives actually can take time off from their jobs do these things and I'm not trying to say that to night plate playing some stupid stereotype about the far left outside straight up. You got younger people in the far left and unemployed people and on the conservative side you ve got older slightly older. What more more likely to be and people who have jobs. So you see these due to our coming out and they're, not scrawny. I first of all they probably have a hearty meet diet lot of protein and they probably do work.
Trade jobs and they got it. They gotta move around and use their muscles. There you go. You know gotta work out to get ripped sums like I used to work. I when I worked for o hare. I worked at all here, Airport Chicago. I was, I think, something like thirty to fifty thousand pounds of luggage every single day That's that's a workout men, and so you take as people who don't don't work. These locals man, they're gonna come out. They're, not gonna. Play games with you. They're gonna learn a stamp you out now anti Falk they're trying to go into residential areas to assert their presence It's not for short, take a look. Go is going on in Manhattan outrage as Manhattan. District attorney drops the felony charge against be Elam leader, accused of assaulting Nypd cop and release him on bail. You gotta be kidding me dude dropped Look at us. The Manhattan Ba dropped felony charges down to aim to a misdemeanour, as the leader was accused of assaulting an officer after an angry crowd, chased often Nypd team.
De Cyrus Vance personally order, the charges against Derek Ingram pointed dropped from felony assault. The second degree misdemeanor assault Ingram, is accused of entering a female caught by shouting directly inner ear with a bowl horn on June fourteen resulting in the officer being hospitalized with temporary hearing damage. That's insane men there to keep letting him go. I think I know why but look you get it I every morning I'm gonna be waking up talking about these rights because their escalating, because the Portland police have their hands tied behind their backs. But at a certain point I'm gonna tell you this look man. I don't know I don't. I don't have all the answers, but I feel like the Portland Police, you you We need to step up our stand down right. If the mayor is saying, don't engage with Anti fought unless say no, no, no, no! Ok. If they're gonna break the long, we seem go arrest them. That's it the people I was complaining about.
They can actually do anything until after anti were already does a bunch of messed up stuff. They have a constraint from ok. You can't play the middle ground, Dude TED Wheelers, trying to get reelected so he's trying to make you look like the bad guys. So how about this? You say all or nothing rather doing our jobs or we don't do our jobs, but if you keep just doing what TED Wheeler wants the mayor of Portland, he is using you to get reelected, so maybe with a police need to do is uphold the law or quit, or maybe just a blue flew. I applaud
these costs are going out everyday. Trying to stop these writers are about. What's gonna happen. It really does seem like these Democrats are going to get Trumpery elected if TED Wheeler just stamped out these riots call them. The police had just come out with, with brute force, lock these people up it be it be it be done it be crushed and there'd be no riot for trumped up complain about, but because TED Wheeler doesn't want to because he's scared and want to get reelected, because the police are willing to play that game. Trumps. Prague, unaware- and maybe that's the long- that's that's along come. The cops in Poland are like came in so long as his rights keep happening more people going over Trump. Maybe that's it there. Thinking and then we'll get four years will actually get an advocate on their side. Listen I've been getting more more frustrate with a lot of these stories about cops, not doing you know, they're they're real duty. I see most police as priorities like shit up every single time. I've had an issue and I call my local department.
We are living on the suburbs. I get it. Maybe it's a luxury but do not live in a wealthy suburb. I live in. A kind of a poor place is not rich people who live on these houses or not expensive, and the cops are always there there chill the hang out. There's not that many of them so now you know you, you might recognize our know them their cool dudes late. They they ve come to my house. They ve helped me out and their regular cool people and its That's it that's the way it is when you live in a smaller and smaller small town. Perhaps in cities I gotta get its more difficult. I get frustrated. I see these cops, giving in to the demands of these politicians, helping them with their re election campaigns. It is your responsibility man to be that Europe to step up and do what you need to do and we got cops doing that every day refusing to uphold on. Constitutional edict, but we got bad cops too and I must say in their bad as in their snarling evil villains, it's the banality of evil. It's it's mayor bill.
Applause, Yo New York, breaking the law to steal taxpayer funds for his campaign slogan, and then he has the police come and protect it. Just album gonna reelected and those cops are like whatever. While you made that choice brow your aiding and abetting this dude, you gotta make the right decision and uphold the law but I know it's not on the average cop to understand the legalities, the complexity. So it's a tough system, but I do get frustrated and at I gotta tell you man, I've never been. I've always been a police reformer right, I'm a reformist. Whatever I've always thought. We need to make some changes. We need accountability. Body cams, whatever we gotta do for one protect good cops to give it a bad cops, make a better system where the police can work of the community with more trust, and it's tough I'll leave their man, I'm going to I'm going to do it or die by what's going on New York. I think I figured out we got a new story turns out Bill De Blasio's plan on buying up property sounds sounds like
our internet with it was it was that the plot of Robocop or something that they want, the crime skyrocketed by buildings, whatever men sit around, excitements coming up at one p m on this channel, then I will see you all. Then it seems like the democratic leadership in New York is purposefully, burning the whole place to the ground. New York city has been suffering from some time. First, there was called then, those mass rioting it for some reason build the blog YO sides. With the riots I mean not overtly like telling people to gone riot, but he goes arches of these people supports any paints their message and then what do we get destroyed? Businesses from destroyed businesses from rights. Then we get Andrew Cuomo putting sick covered patients in two nursing homes resulted in the death of. Six thousand five hundred people. Now they ve set up checkpoints around Manhattan, there's a fourteen day. Quarantine and a ten thousand dollar fine. For anybody who breaks that quarantine, guaranteeing that tourists.
Will not come and the unresolved property values or tanking people are on our already fleeing the city, leaving empty buildings behind tourists won't come there facing a third a billion dollar budget shortfall for. My question is: why well speculated in the past. You know, maybe it's just ineptitude. They have no idea what there We build the plaza now mocking the wealthy as they flee, while Andrew Como begged them to stay because any their money to build the plaza while he calls them fair weather friends. Why would you do this? so I started speculate, maybe what's gonna happen is once everyone fleas and leaves these empty worthless properties, the prices tank the rich people come in by up all the buildings, then ones, economy recovers. Now, they own large swathes of the city yeah. It appears That's actually the case. Only it's coming from the government. We are now learning what may be the true motive of Bell, the plaza. Why is he
homeless people in luxury hotels, wisely, pudding, convicted offenders. Your playgrounds? Why We do this, it's gonna destroy. The economy is gonna, destroy property vodka drive people out there. It is The blog reveals he wants to buy empty and Y, see buildings and turn them into affordable housing. After moving thirteen, thousand homeless into hotels for more than two million dollars. A night and shaming rich residents who laughs to escape covered nineteen as fair weather friends. It would seem that build applause. You has a radical. Agenda he's burning the city to the ground on purpose, so he can buy up. The buildings and put poor people in them. Get listen, I'm all about helping the poor setting up authors and low income housing? I'm just not all about the authoritarian dictatorships style of destroying people's lives and forcing them to flee. That's that's evil man. You know we
we're trying to work together to improve everybody's life. Everybody's lives, and the blog yo he actually is causing pain and suffering to some people for other people. Now never left will argue. Dont care that those things like I don't care about the rich. So what they'll be fine- and you know what to do yet the I I mean look in the end. If we can get homeless people, you know shelter and take care of them and give them services to make sure we can deal this problem. It's ok! It's a good thing, I understand those just putting homeless people in a building doesn't solve any problems. What build the plaza is doing is he was, is destroying the city's economy, which will hurt the middle last more. When there's no jobs and nowhere to work in there's no tax revenue services are gone so that he can sweep the problem under the rug he's not actually trying to do anything other than burn it all down and sweep the problem under the rug pudding.
Most people in houses is not a long term solution and does not address what caused the homelessness. In the first place. May build the plaza from the daily mail review on Friday, revealed a plan to be I properties around the city and turn them into permanent, affordable housing moving more than ten thousand homeless people into hotels during the covered nineteen pandemic and shaming rich residents who have left the city as fair weather, friends at a press conference on Friday, he did not say which type of buildings, the city had its ion and the city is refusing to give more details setting privacy concerns the you only said there was an opportunity to get creative now when it comes finding housing for New York's homeless it presented, dark scenario for landlords or building owners who may be struggling to collect rent from current tenets, many of whom are commercial and residential have absconded the homeless in hotel schemes that are by the plaza is one of many components to escalate
downward change in the city, a downward change. Let me help you out death spiral, the people who pay the taxes are gone. The tax base of New York has been. Has been completely eroded, who is going to pay for the for the utilities now who's gonna for the water for the emptier, the middle class and the lower class will suffer them. So that build a blog you, the city, can snatch up all these buildings now, maybe Mister Bell the Plaza wants to buy these? Is that a plan for the city paternal round of the most abundant the plan to buy around the city internment, affordable housing, so it seems like a Government effort thou- I wouldn't put it passed a blog. You too personally by buildings, can bring. He is himself a landlord. This do is not some utopian here. All for the laughed he's, not even progressive he's a busy property owner he's a capitalist, and he is unrepentant. You see what he did
is, is the worst aspects of it pretend to be a hero left use that to do Roy people's lives and then he can buy all of these pop properties on the cheap amazing, once the price gets jacked up, calcium at a premium many have New York's wealthy residents fled months ago, taking their dispose, income tax dollars with them and their fears they may never come back. Crime is on the up. But the Palazzo has stripped the police force of one billion dollars in response to black lives matter, protests think about it. He took away the anti crime unit crimes, skyrocketing. He puts convicted criminals and homeless people in luxury, hotels. Now the wealthy fleet now he's going to buy the property up. You know is this plot of Robocop, welcome to our slash Robocop on Red it where they posted this meat, remembering Robocop movies, when corporate Amerika AIDS criminals and helps insight riots, so they can lower pay
Pretty values and buy up the city while privatizing that cities police Force HA science fiction. Crazy, yeah now about that? outrageous Manhattans district attorney, drops the felony charge against be Elam leader, accused of halting and Nypd caught now. Why would they go and do that? Why would the disks turn you say you are you're afraid it. Ok, they'll come down their drop in it from a felony to a misdemeanor, but one of the big questions that's been, you know floating around from it, is why the different turns and all these places keep released the criminals back on the street. Why are they relating to crime? from the prisons at we want men, I think we can all, speculate, but build the plaza, but the Bosnia wants to buy up these cheap properties. Could it be that I releasing prisoners allowing riders to destroy or businesses releasing these criminals back onto the street destroys the property value of a city and
and once they own the cheap property bell, gentrified everything back up boot out the poor people and their own everything almost We some retailers and restaurants have been forced to close permanently and those were hanging on face continuously. Changing a difficult rules like to sell substantial amounts of food to customers to avoid crowds gathering Laws, YO cuomo- are enforcing check points to stop tourists from thirty five covet huts. It states from entering the city without quarantine for forty four quarantining for fourteen days to that now, there's no doubt national tourist revenue and they're doing every thing to make sure there won't be. They are destroying the small business earlier this year and emerge a hundred and thirty nine struggling hotels are taking and homeless people to avoid deathly covered nineteen break out in shelters. The effort is being mostly paid for by FEMA, but twenty five percent of its coming from the city's shrinking budget. It brings
some cash to the struggling hotels which were decimated by the pandemic. No, the programme through the programme, Take a hundred and seventy five dollars per person per night with more than thirteen thousand homeless, currently being housed in hotel does more than to milk to point to seven five million dollars a core to anonymous city sources who have been quoted here is some felt since so here some photos of all that this drug use. Homelessness is its great. It's crazy thing to me is that they put the homeless. People in these hotels and all of those people just walk out signs are doing drugs. On the sidewalk, my friends, I used to work for a homeless shelter. I know a lot about the problem. The problem is not these people that this assumption among the far left that homeless people are just on fraud and individuals who need who need help, lift being lifted, backup I'm sorry, but that's just not the reality. There are real people who are high working, good Americans who became homeless because of economic circumstances. There are many
but it's a small percentage. Many of the homeless people. I encountered working for a homeless shelter. I was a director. Many of them wanted to be homeless. Many of them show was to be homeless and would resist any and all efforts to bring them to the shelter and help them get their life in order they were happy doing what they were doing, many of them drugs, but many of them are also mentally ill. A mentally ill person can't just be placed into a an apartment. Building they need help living finding food staying clean and and sober and healthy. Some of these people require medication. The answer isn't simply sweep it under the rug like build de Blasio would do. We see the far as large numbers of homeless. Men have been movement throughout as we know, there's photos now having it cellulose whom all these photos are homeless. Guys. I mean these bees. These do not look like homeless people. What what is it? What do you do daily mail. Now this does So the question, I wonder why
People are being moved in these areas. Why they're just going out in the street, but there it is man on Friday. After wealthy residence on the upper West side took a social media in there and in in droves, to complain about homeless people from three the hotels terrorizing their streets with urine, loitering and doing drugs. Laws Yoda the system was not permanent, but would like continue until there is a vaccine, something still months away. How insane I can't believe men I mean I can't believe to be honest, fifteen days, the slow, the spread, we're, not gonna, build Stop everybody from giving getting cove. In fact, we are gonna, build stop anybody from getting it, but we can slow the spread, so the hospitals don't get up while remember that now it's we're gonna stop at period there. Spitting in your face bill, applause. Yo is a criminal who pay who used to ex money against the law to paint a political slogan and then use the Nypd to protect it.
Shame on those cops for helping build the plaza. With this political re election campaign. I say at the end of the day the leadership problem, the goal There continues to to be to deal with the short term which lets six months after a while are dealing with this crisis until people are vaccinated once we get out of that. We're going to move out of hotels and go back into the shelter system. We are going to constantly try to reduce the number of people in shelters. We're going to have an opportunity here to be creative and get get people into other. Better housing he was out of the city, would consider turning the hotels into permanent housing and answered vaguely there buildings? We control already? That's where you're looking to or want to control or purchase where we're looking to do permanent, affordable housing and do not invest in New York at anybody, was dominant to buy up these cheap properties. Now people are fleeing you gotta, be nuts. Men could also
what you're gonna get with these people and ex ten years it's gonna be way worse there and have more permanent shelters. They're gonna. Do more of what they already doing to destroy the city, a spokesman for mayors office. Later insisted, though, tells would not become permanent shelters, but they refused to disclose which types of buildings he was talking about out of privacy concerns. This is. The city would be asking for reimbursement from the federal government for the money spent on placing the homeless and hotels, because it was an emergency expense, and there it is. I do not live in New York, but they expect me to contribute to pay for it. Man, I love in the cities, also refusing to release the list of those current thirty nine hotels where the homeless are currently being cared for. On the upper West side, remaining residents are now taking the social media to share photographs of people lying in the streets and being in social, violent crime, apparently is up two hundred and eighty six percent on the upper West side of Manhattan as fees and climate, our robbing people with weapons. A facebook group in which residents have shared
it- should have men urinating self gratifying themselves- can be family friendly and lay sprawled out on the sidewalk near though tells has been set up and there are other complaints on twitter, our community, terrified, angry and frightened one organ so the seventeen hundred member group backdoor Megan Martin, told the post Well, listen! Man! I'm really sorry notes! I could be easy for everybody, but you got to get out of that city man. You think he's done now, they're burning it to the ground. The homeless were moved from dorms, I'll accommodation around the city to hotels, so they can be housed one or two to a room in order to protect them from covered more effectively Department of Homeless service. Commissioner, Stephen Banks had Thursday in order to defuse that ticking time bomb We implemented a massive emergency relocation of human beings from the ah from those congregate, shelters, the city more than ten thousand and about eight weeks. However, local residents feared situation. Around three hotels could be spiralling out of control. Well, it is it s
Thirdly, as the police, for whatever reason can do their jobs aren't during their jobs. Six hundred from the Anti crime unit are have been relocated, but this is not the worst of it. I'm sorry reassign and I really reassign so crime is Skype. Getting yeah we couldn't. We can laugh and say it sounds like the plot of Robocop at least a bit run, but I wonder I wonder you know, as many people do is this on purpose I mean point of this segment is to say it seems to be the case. Now you could argue like the left, probably well. We need to protect these homeless people, people shouldn't I just because they are poor and if we're trying to help them by giving them shelters and covered as a problem. When you do, we look relocate them right. Ladies and gentlemen, what am I oh did a bell. The plaza was illegally doing this. What? If I told you everything he was doing We cannot have any where a lot of what was done was actually against the law. I bring you not the worst of it. New York City illegally placed child affair,
First of all say that I gotta keep a family friendly, but you know what I mean when I say it near upper West side, playground, from the New York Post, the city dumped at least six homeless, dead letters or still on parole at law at a luxury the Upper West Side Hotel, just a block from an elementary school playground and apparent. Violation of state law online. I shall tell me they are not doing this on purpose. They did not have to do that. They did not have to put those people there near a playground, new children, but they Did it I'll tell you what man one way to make sure you dished Roy? This city is doing this. In their right mind wants to go anywhere near this place. Now nobody would want. Leave their raise their kids, their New York city. You know probably the big it's the biggest his wits, one of Amerika great cities, maybe the greatest at least it used to be, and now its age, a shell of its former self. It is a right and withered husk under the latest leadership,
build a blog you he is destroyed, the lives of regular people. The rate is only the latest slap in the face to resident, of the Manhattan neighborhood, who has the posts, reported After this you know people peasant all over the place completely unacceptable seed, Sabena, Pavlovitch thirty, two. Who was at the playground with her daughter, five and son one. Well, you need to get your family out of here with a mass riots, not enough for you. The six priorities, I'm. Not I'm not going to read the act that these people are disgusting, a for you, old girl. Just tell you that man, I'm trying to keep it family friendly, the hotel under a thousand feet in the playground of PS, eighty seven and New York State LAW, bar such high risk offenders on probation or from knowingly enter not entering into or upon school other facilities or others please primarily used by children. If a minor is present, courts have
targeted that to mean they must keep one thousand feet away raised for comment The registry listings, showing the men currently live at the ballot glared at the city. Rep, said Friday. The listings are not accurate. The name's, your reference are not developed not at that location asked the man ever live about how and why that remained their official address. Direct declined to comment citing confidential many rules and their red is they're lying there buying their they're burning it down, or rather the state budget We said the list reflects the most current information agency has the city again, widely moving the homeless into the ballot Clare and other upper West side: hotels in recent weeks, amid fears, its shelters could provide enough and annex ought not. I don't wanna buy it man, there are so there are so many ways that New York City could have a common. The homeless and putting them in well,
fear or middle class areas. Areas of families doesn't make sense. Sorry, doesn't you got Staten Island? You got Brooklyn, you got queens you at the Bronx. You got a lot of space. I mean Staten Island, not not to rag on. You know not to put the pressure on the people from Staten Island, but couldn't you find into place further out a bigger, a bigger facility where you could, how these people, instead of just saying I don't know, I put them in a luxury hotel in a in a in a prominent area of the city, where you know it's going to destroy property values. They're striking at the core of New York tax base around one percent of the part of the population of New York was pangs of me like forty five percent of that of the income taxes and their fleeing salt. Are you This was what I will, I believe was happening. That quote when the Plaza want and Y see to burn figuratively so that the city
other wealthy industrial can opportunity to buy up and snatch more property centralizing authority in power in the hands of a few. The plaza was, is crooked as they come in black lives matter mere on the street is as crooked as you get and when other p but one of their murals he's had no, no, he didn't without approve. That permits, he just took taxpayer funds and made them paint this message for his campaign and now he's burning the city down. It is a radical, far left agenda. Do not let these people When and if you live in New York, and you stay here, but about them out but I'll, tell you what the people most likely to vote out de Palacio. They fled the people most likely to fund the opponents of these radical positions. They fled. What's left Maybe this is what the blog wants. He wants to buy these properties, but also wants a radicalized city, get the moderate, the conservatives out there in our divide, the country in way that the left becomes the radicals. The far left extremists, the people like a Yossi.
You know she wondered primary kind of surprise you know how I wondered, but this is the Democratic party. Now she could still theoretically lose because twenty percent over district conservative Maybe that's why belt applause you wanted to burn it all to the ground, because those kids, even if there are fleeing the first pillar. They are not gonna, be the far left. It's gonna, be the conservatives. It's gonna be the people who have the money and take the responsible Buddy I'm you now take the individual responsibility to get out and go live somewhere else to get away from these people. Thus they have given the territory of New York City to the radicals, who are doing radical things that destroy it to reshape it in their image, It's been their goal for a long time and it seems like they're gonna get what they want. November is coming. I dont know and applause yourself for reelection- but I dont know if thou be people left to vote against them. Maybe there will be enough regular people even progressives who hate the guy who would vote against him, but a Yossi, probably gonna win. I mean I've Ella everything she does it.
Possible. She doesn't, but I really doubt there are public and takes it if every angle, conservative and and moderate in that district, voted against ABC she'd should lose in a landslide but I'm not sure their remaining following this insanity that the disgusting criminals being placed place near playgrounds, who, in their right mind, would stay in this place. Now, they're gonna get out and many of them already did that's why Cuomo is begging. The Basel doesn't care, it's been its. It seems to be his goal, build. A blog. Yo is mocking them and shaming them, as they leave he's doing everything in its power to make sure the tax base is eroded to destroy property volume, prominent areas and I'll? Tell you what the way I see it. It's on purpose! I live at their necks. Augments come up at four p m over at TIM cast dot net. Thanks, rang out now see you all then coming to a city near you, nothing, nothing! coming to a sitting near you, because there to funding, are ridiculous amount of police departments and truck
I don't. Wanna go to cities that don't have police departments. I mean it makes sense. The caring trucks attracts follow stuff people want to look that stuff. You need cop when the writing broke out and reach its apex, we saw tons of videos of truckers getting getting their trucks eluded. Getting robbed then, yet that Video the truck driver on the highway. I think those allayed and one is a big crowd of people. Try slowing down, because you know wanna hit him, then they all jump on. Vehicles are bashing at the those they cannot be the crap out of a guy pulled a cell phone start filming issue. All this text messages. Apparently it turns out. Nobody wanted to drive, drop truck down the highway because of the threat of the rioters shut off. The guy made a bad move, not blame. These truckers if they're, if they're saying that they're not gonna drive through these cities because there's no cops, I get it but check this out soon to be really survey of a hundred and fifty eight police department shows almost half have had budget cuts. Wow man, you mean to tell me,
about a hundred and twenty nine departments have their budgets. Slash so yeah when I say nothing is coming to a city near you, you better believe it. It might be your city Are you gonna blame these guys I'll tell you what man Yet a vote out these people because they are taken away. The cops, listen you go to the store, there's milk! You go to the store. There's eggs spread. Our people to realise is that truckers are driving the stuff across the country. You better thank you're, lucky stars truck drivers, or will it do this job even as of right now and I'm Sorry man, if I one day when trying to wake up, go to the store and there's no milk, I'm going to be like I get it. I get it! I'm not going to blame these guys I'm moving away from the city's I'm in the suburbs right now, it's relatively safer compared to the cities, but I'm aren't even want to be here because look man, we see these rights in the cities now in Portland they're going to residential neighborhoods, it will start writing to suburbs. So I'm I'm I'm trying to be ahead of the curve. Here you are the people who
move to the suburbs. Now it's gonna come after you read a truck in company owner, told foxes on Wednesday and in order to keep ever safe. You will not direct services to cities that are pushing to define the police. Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they're on the road, co owner of Jackie, J, Casey, Trucking Micro, Kaczynski, told Foxen, friends, Qatar Ski said. Funding the police is a bad idea, because drivers carry valuable cargo on the road for weeks. Everybody wants to steal this soon you'll be really survey of two hundred and fifty eight police departments nationwide shows almost half have had their budgets cut amid calls for police to be defended, despite increasing gun, violence and otherwise violent crime in some parts of the country coordinate USA. Today the outlet was the first report that the police executive research form publication, which is it
back to be released in the coming days in the coming days- shows cuts in the police. Budgets are largely being made to training and equipment and what they owed training. We need more training, that's part of the problem, a lot of guys so in New York you're this incident, For a guy, you know one up to the empire step, but I guess with a gun shot, his boss came down the police, try to stop them and they fired several times hitting a bunch of bystanders and people said: cops need more funding for training now I'll, taken away and protesters are pushing to defend the police over the death of George Floyd Floyd die. When we know how join us, how we know how dreadful I got guitars. He said that this company is also avoiding states pushing to define the police, because his insurance coverage is prone to dissolve another issue that I'm seeing in the future is I have cargo insurance, liability, insurance, fiscal damage, insurance and I'm very curious oh when I renew my contract at the end of the year, if there is going
to be language. If I'm going to even have coverage going into these places. Right now I have coverage going. All over domestically. You have to get special coverage for Canada and Mexico or you I have to buy special writers for this on top of everything, people dont get it man, then on our social insurance works. So, You know that when you were like a homeowner lobby, we'll get you might you menachem you're insurance companies I'm gonna, be like you have a fire, a fire, hydrant nearby, you don't. We won't ensure you. I kid you not! You might live in a city and insurance companies gonna be like, whereas in years hydrant in Europe at the end of the block or saying thank you call a different company and then you go another company, no say wage earners, hydrated and the blocking of say: ok, we're gonna charge extra hundred bucks a month or something because that that's that plays a role in this. Are they going to be able to get the water to your building so think about how comes out for truckers they emit its? It might not even be an issue of their choice. In my come down to this, you get many apple ass. You get Seattle DE funded
check this out. They say two hundred fifty eight departments, half of those are having their budget slashed well. At least eleven are defending their police departments overtly solely with Sierra, We got New York allay, we got San Francisco. We got DC. Look at all these cities Baltimore. Portland Oregon, Philly Hartford Norman we're almost SALT Lake City. What can happen? These truckers are gonna, be filling their forms for their yearly insurance or whatever, and it's gonna say: do you intend to carry cargo into LOS Angeles? Yes, sorry, we can't, we can't ensure you they defended their department. Do you want to carry cargo into New York city? Yes, sorry, we can now when you think happens, you live in the same man. I'm warning you not to get out of these cities. New York allay Chicago at bomber in it. But you're gonna find out one day you can go. Today gotten you gotta, be like what we got for food nerve and say nothing. We have dry noodles, that's it and you can say where's that truckers won't come any more because New York City got rid of their anti crime unit. Crime is skyrocketing, put homeless people everywhere. I need
your ear Irina get on it, Let me show you how they've about how this all goes down. I'm not going to play this video cuz! It is Youtube. You know how it goes. Jason Rant says a woman, reporter are assaulted by Seattle, anti for goods and agitators. She put out the flag that was on fire, then that that then the anti for guys start attacking a photographer they'll get beaten up. And what do you think? What do you think? The sympathetic leftist media has to say about this? Well over? organ like they say: free, Lance journalist in life, shimmers face crowd, control, munitions, arrests to cover Portland Black lives matter, demons durations I'll love it these people, are sowing the seeds of discord and destruction for our r r, her country, man, you think a truck drivers, gonna wanna, try an important right? Now I mean a lot of improbably are, but I How many of them are are carrying? If you don't, I mean, After all, the riots where we saw
polluting the vandalism. People were jumping into FED ex truck stealing everything. I wouldn't be surprised if such a dry up, not just because of your truck drivers, not wanting to do it, but a galaxy insurance, because you can be assured that when you see these people get attacked, the media is, gonna, be on the side of the offender. Not the victim isn't funny how they constantly talk about victim, blaming ervic them shaming or wherever. Now here you literally have the media getting the backs of the extremists and not the people doing journalism on I'm sorry, they're they're, taking the backs of of the well it's the lamentable. I should say the extremists are attacking the journalists, but they blame the cops. That's the WHAM trot at that. That's the Tom China at that's on trying to explain freelance journey a space crowd, control, munitions, munitions, sure they do too, but the people horrid down there and are not being attacked yet
they are on. The side of the extreme is producing propaganda. These are the activists who are going to not all of them. I get it not all the monopoly of more doing a good job, but why won't they call out the far left extremists when it pertains to journalists, because they're gonna keep fishing. That narrative and I'll tell you what's gonna happen, because the media will consistently back the rioters and the Democrats will as well. You are going to see a slow. I guess dissolving of resources and access and privileges and luxuries. People who need to come into new jobs are going to do it. It's not about truckers. Men of love, that's loveless. Whole thing up. The media will keep putting out the narrative they're just demonstrators in the These are the bad guys attacking the journalist when you literally videos of the extremists attacking the journalists. Eventually you'll, see sympathetic, Munich politician sang whatever you say, defending the police like we see in these eleven cities than the truckers won't come in we're about a plumber. What about a carpenter
I know the tradesmen you're gonna, you're gonna, be like oh man. I gotta I gotta leak in my building. I better call you know plumber and there. About where you located in downtown. No sorry man can't do it. What what you know what's going on YO get those people roaming around a mackadoo. Sorry, nine during the day, things are mostly ok, that's what I'm trying to make is over time so long as this escalates. And it is police- are continually being defended. Hundred twenty nine departments now losing funding eleven cities fully committed to publicly overtly d, funding police truckers. Now saying I don't think I'm going to do it, it's going to extend its going to expand and a New York as they do that that the most absurd things imaginable like lit. Really putting homeless people in luxury, hotels and moving convicted criminals near playgrounds, YO offenders. Why should I believe these cities are improve? I don't
I don't know man we I've hydras earlier, you know the blog years can be buying up cheap property in New York for government programmes, and maybe that's the intention. If no food comes into your city because a truckers literally can't do it there's no products, you literally won't be able to live there. So I make this one clears as as a kind of an extension on the second at it. From one p m, If you're upset that the mayor is putting homeless people and criminals in your area and people are getting robbed and stuff, you might want to move out some people. We'll stay they'll say no. I refuse so here's what happens next, the truck or stop coming in because of the violence because of the crime, and now who literally can't stay unless you want to do
have ten miles to video store that actually cells food to bring back to your apartment in upper West side. Eventually, the truck stop covenant, there's no food, and you literally have no choice but to leave these politicians. These democracies progressives are destroying our cities and, and its at sounds to me like they are doing it on purpose, because I can't tell you why they would want to do you know what, with these warnings coming, they don't care. What are they gonna do once truck stop coming in the city commissions, rocks, they start going full communist. I guess maybe maybe it's the plan, because the blows YO certainly wants to buy these buildings as the property value tanks. You better you better. You know when you went when, when everything you eat, say, say a big. Thank you to the truckers who make sure you have food in our cities that the guys many women during the long halls every day with expensive cargo to make sure that cop comes into your town. That's where the food comes from a leader, there's two granite a couple more science coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly.
In today's media criticism, which is actually probably my eight hundredth media criticism, when we talk about CNN Rhine Spelter, whose shocked to discover that concern but is have Joe Biden. I kid you not that's it Brian Spelter, that The segment on his show this morning. Talking about how crazy. It is that right wing talk radiologist right. Bags on bite and all the time, and could you imagine some kind of media is. It exists just to go after a politician, the Heavens, I couldn't imagine such a thing, Brian Brian. Do you know anybody who does that? Is there nobody that comes to mind that literally dedicates their entire network to just ragging. On a politician, I'm gonna give you a second I'm making. Yet you get it. This is ridiculous stood. You are literally what you're complaining about total
lack of self awareness, but I gotta admit it's funny, and now we can talk about it. Many tiresome Aragon, Democrats quite a bit. I reckon Republicans much less often, but I do Reagan Republicans, I very few good things to say about them, but for the most part, the problems I see our due to the fact that damn it rats- are clashing with Trump, and the media is typically on the sides of the Democrats for the most part, except for some conservative outlets and some fair and balanced outlets. I don't mean Fox NEWS. I mean there are literally some centres outlets that are ok. I really like the hill, the shut, the rising show with crystal and sag cigar too great show progressive. You know conservative it may bring about two. It ran you, on the other hand, are just another one of these talk. Radio shows, but you have a thin veneer of journalism. You say can believe what Fox NEWS is doing today. Brine your show is the Fox NEWS Review Channel? That's what you do not you know it's you don't look at its. I get it. I get the stick. Here's let me tell you what you see. I criticised the media as a whole. I give praise
some journalists in some detail, and I use many different new doubts as sources, so I recognise that many of them often do a good job. I am critical of the democratic operative types like people like bright stouter, who pretend to be something there not and are infecting the industry with as garbage reality tv nonsense in a desperate attempt to make cash? I don't like it, I'm not a fan of it. Well, let's reed and I will read some of the criticism to from bright Bart
see an insult or offensive and other worldly for right wing radio house to question by himself. You know why Brien's doctor says: look there's a video of of Joe Biden riding a bicycle, ok seriously, so that that the crux of of Brian segment is that he shows a bunch of collection like Russia, Limbaugh and Mark Levin and Bencher Piero and my when my favorite things about this is when he shows the bench appear up. Let me place it's radio or pod cast. An bench appears like Joe Biden has literally falling apart. He is falling apart. People and then the Rhine filters like this hate and vitriol and unlike wait, we hope, hold on that's all been said. You bureau said that Joe Biden was falling apart. Ok, well, he just yet. The dude has after his own commercials, ass not mean, but the other the note that a camera who said, I think, is Markel event or whatever he said that he he thinks he's a camera which commentator was that Joe Biden not actually in his basement. He's in us he's
an assistant assisted care facility or something is actually really really funny. Listen. You want to criticise a politician. I don't care You wanna only criticise one politician. I really don't care just be up front about it right ice. I talk all the time. What do you know? I really do just ragged Democrats like all the time, and I have like some criticisms for tromp, but, unlike I, you know, look I nor my criticism. Credit criticisms. Criticisms lie mostly with the overall s: J, W, weird intersection of cultures to members and fake news media like CNN, Brian stouter and Oliver I see it, so it's it's their whole bit is to be like Fox NEWS is so bad. Can you believe what they are talking about now? Why they call it an all in reality. That's it that's his bit. I guess technical he's telling the truth, when Brian I recognise that he literally does the same thing. It would seem like alternate reality here area. Here we go stealth or said: let's go in a trip together to a totally alternative unit,
You never here, what's happening there unless you tune into right wing talk radio, but you need to know, what they're saying, because the most popular most powerful talkers in the country have train their sights on Joe Biden? Oh, oh, they did what you are about to hear them say his mind: boggling, look, whether you like by or not this stuff is offensive and other worldly. You know up man A Rogan recently had on his show. Might I add the most popular podcast in the world, a segment in which he said Joe Biden is mentally compromised. I completely agree with the guy and Joe Biden pretty far. I'm sorry Joe Rogan Joe Biden is monthly compromised. Joe Rogan is correct, but Europeans a bit of a lefty. What's that? What's that Brian, you,
can't use Joe Rogan, because he is pro you be ion, is rather like a kind of issues. Oh no, what you can't use other pod castors, who are not right, wing, talk. Radio, it's it's so stupid. In my opinion, to play this game is the problem I have with CNN. Look at us. Look at the store last week, brine Stelter ridiculed for claiming right wing media tempest is behind push for Biden, not to debate Donald Trump suggestion Biden but not debate came came in CNN New York Times. Are you kidding me brine? It was your own network that said this adviser, say Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump. Here's a story Are CNN media pundit brains out a raised eyebrows on Monday night after Easter that mostly right wing meeting? is behind the growing push for Joe Biden, not to debate president Trump despite high profile, calls on the New York Times and even CNN personalities for the former. Vice president,
If the events you wanna know it's an alternate reality CNN, we have riots going on this country for seventy three nights. How many knights of coverage of you dedicated to this Brian now? Look, I do. I do six segments individually and then a two hour live show with friends. So it ultimately comes out to like three four hours of content across the board. We ragged Joe Biden now when it comes the IRA podcast, you know Adam likes, tromp, I'm more critical of trot, but I liked Trump better than Joe Biden. So it's kind of like a more middle ground, leaning closer to Trump, definitely critical of Joe Biden. Are we ve rag Don Republicans in the past, mostly rag on? Actually, we dont we'll talk too much about the rank and file politicians, but we try to be eclectic. We try to be more than just whenever his brain seller is doing here. We'll talk about the riots, we'll talk about protests in favour of police, we'll talk about whatever that, whatever the Big NEWS story of the day is brain cells, on the other hand, watches the tidbits from Fox, ignores
the fact that ignores the fact that, for the most part, Fox does a good job of reporting. I said it. I said the naughty words: almost all the leftist ears exploded. How could TIM says it's true fox during the day has excellent reporters I mean Brett bears fantastic bill hammered as a great job. There are other people who do reporting for Fox NEWS and they have field. Reporters like tray. Yanks too, is currently on the ground in Beirut, yeah, sorry man, they do legit reporting it's great, oh, but they have pundits. They have political pundits and their their conservatives. Okay, there also liberal outlets. You can talk about send pcs alternate reality or their rag down from Russia get four years. Oh! No, because you're part of that this is the problem. I have a CNN, they act like there, of and separate from all of these things, but we're really a news organization. I tell you what a brain cells are literally said that take us out Daniel Chadian, tweeted
for many. This will seem like a very tone. Deaf comment from Brien's Delta, as they view cable news networks like CNN as being an extension of the Democratic Party with nothing but negative coverage of the true of trumpets administration. Yes, yes, quite literally so Brian says. I trust that you and all your followers know the difference between news outlets which employ reporters to go, gather news and talk. Radio house who do not, but Brian you were ragging on Fox NEWS and right wing media just a week ago for pushing the narrative that your network was pushing so sure people do know the difference and you do not fall into the camp of news outlets. Sorry, CNN. I tell you what I visit there. Yet you not. The CNN challenges the scene and challenge it turn on your cable tv or whatever you put on Fox news. You talkin about your write it down than you switch
CNN and see what they are talking about and nine times out of ten CNN is talking about Trump. You know, tromp is about and proper, so bad. I turn on Fox NEWS in their like today: riots erupt in IRAN and unlike well, I changed Channel CNN what trump you know trumps item like ok. The next day I turn on CNN weather patterns coming and we're gonna see major storms weathers kind of boring, but hey at least are covering the potential storm coming in turn on CNN, when they talk about Donald Trump, it's on my instagram go to Instagram DOT slashed him guess scroll down and you will see the videos I've made where I'm like. Switching back and forth yeah Fox NEWS has their pundit guys, but during the day they talk about news, see it and has panel after panels panel every single day complain about the orange man. Why? Because a guy CNN is a reality. Tv do Jeff soccer who worked with Trump. So the only thing you know hey man. I can milk trumps persona for money, that's what your network is to pretend otherwise is patently absurd. But if you embrace that I have no complaint. If prize other came out and said, welcome to the Orange man, bad net
guy Brien's shelter here to complain about the orange man again, I'd be like rats right on. We know what you're works all about right. Now, it's not really does he just excuse me actually we're a news outlets can't we're very different from talk. Radio, no Brian you're not You are just the channel people turn into when they want to vent about thing there mad about and they want to blame Trop, because their angry and I dont know why. That's really what it is. I get angry about things I get angry about. Policy Angry that Republicans Democrats teamed up to block drop from withdrawing trips Middle EAST, I think that's really stupid and I'll. Give credit to the three Democrats and Republicans who stood up and said were with you on this one. It so weird is so weird. Isn't it yeah I'll tell you what CNN is the establishment elite US network and they ate trot because drop as a populist? I got disputes with trumps demeanor Partido it he's is lack of professionalism and some of his policies that are conservative, but I certainly like I'm way more than crony garbage, CNN and Joe Biden, so I
Consider and I can say I don't like tromp, probably have to vote form and that's why and see it on can lie to you I'll. Tell you straight up. Here's why I dont like Democrats, Republicans are behold into tromp right now for the most part, so they're kind of shutting up and doing nothing. Ok, I can accept that. I guess I don't like him. I don't like their policies for the most part, there's a small handful of politicians. I really like most them turned me Republicans because their principal, the libertarian small handful of Democrats that have spoken up till now. It's only been few and far between and the Democrats are going down this weird socialist path. I can't follow so I'll. Tell you what happened the day. I think there's gonna be a new republican party. It's gonna be populist right with a lot of moderates. Liberals and old conservatives teaming up to stand up for this country and the establishment. Crony lunatics like like brine Spelter, are gonna, keep pretending like Joe Biden. Perfect image of mental health and he's not so if you want a rag on Joe Biden, do it, you are right on top of course, do it. You wanna pretend like your news, ass spare me: do no you're, not
Not you play the same game as everybody else, and we all know it I got one more Simon coming up for you in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. Did you know that? Yes, across the country. They were a ton of protests in support of police in support of America. We add the Sq America rally in Beverly Hills with IRAN, a thousand hours or so people estimated to have been there. Although the media as much less, I asking the following the videos but yeah I didn't hear this. I saw some posts from some people. I wonder why it is at these stories about right wing, rallies, pro police, rallies or anti defined the police stuff. It doesn't make the mainstream national coverage for obvious reasons: mainstream media biased when we see nation wide black lives matter. Protests of the media says protests across the country when it's blue lives matter. It's no one talks about it. Only local outlets check this out hundreds of demonstrators join Rescue America Rally in Beverly Hills. We have this one back, the blue community.
Rallies to show support for police and Raleigh Cleveland wasn't Cleveland participate in Anti police protest back the blue rally. This was actually both. So there was a rally for and against police, but you still had the conservatives coming up, This happened the Denver post. Now this one is about people getting arrested, but Fort Collins there was a back. The blue rally and yes, scuffles broke out people got arrested, but the point is the rally happen. That's on highlighting Sioux falls back the blue rally seas large crowd back the blue rally in Fort worth crazy. I did not here any stories about all of these major events happening across the country. I saw this video from Brandon struck who's. The Water is a guy who founded the walk away movement. Now I see this video and, unlike that, looks like a couple thousand people in Beverly Hills. This huge its huge man. Look. We know that a bunch of people support black lives matter, but you, u dont, frequently see these massive crowds
now Fox Eleven says an estimated four hundred demonstrators were in attendance. I do not believe that I While the video man, it was huge, I've covered protests, I've seen you nope crowd counts before it. I thought it was a couple: hasn't by apparently there saying it's around a thousand, so Carlin Bore Sancho, says I'm sorry. There were significantly more than four hundred people there may be before the March attendees showed up not everyone did both rally and the march. They were minimally a thousand people there in Beverly Hills, ass. I saw some videos men, it looked like it was. At least I thought it was more than a thousand, but hey that could just be me, keep in mind. I've covered these things Ok, I used to be on the ground for all of these rallies and rise in protest around the world. I did not think it was four hundred, but anyway, that's fine, even if it was for him to the point is he's. Rallies are happening all over the country and I gotta say it's good to see people finally ending up now. Here's what years it I'd like to say. If you see four hundred, if that was a left wing rail,
before thousand you know like, as people have jobs, the left wing people tend to be young, they tend not to work and not denouncing they're all an unemployed, but many of them yes or unemployed. For these conservatives, many who do have jobs. They can't come out to these things, not only that, but conservatives tend to be in rural areas. So when you see a city have a large protest, the concern we have sent to be in the minority in these big cities? Or this is this? Is big news? Dig it up? They say the ral. Beverly Hills. Beverly gardens part occurred after the group marched from West Hollywood, beginning at the intersection of Santa Monica and Sandman Sunday Boulevards. Many many were seen carrying american flags or Trump twenty twenty signs, as well wearing Muggah Merchandise, the rally was put together by an organization called walk away. We can see that your brain struck, Scott they owe Lorenzo Lamas Joy Villa my Carlo Blair White. We ve got shit Mika Michel Ricky, rubber Our colleague bore Sancho, we're all their at this rally. Brennan struck found.
Of walk away said he started the organization and twenty eighteen we're a movement of people who or walking away from the Democratic Party were walking way from the ideology of liberalism, the liberal media. Basically, we want to live in a country with peace, incivility, truthfulness, kindness and again we are not getting that from the political left, so we're walking away from the Democrats, you said struck, said Saturday's then was there was their third outdoor. By now I gotta stop their Brandon. Listen. Liberalism is good. The problem is the horrible people who have corrupted what liberalism mean I know a lot of people like you say: liberalism is a mental disorder. None on another country was founded on principles of true classical liberalism. That's why I get offended. Ok, I don't really get offend. I'm kidding, but it's like listen. These far left us
and these Andy's Biden Democrats are not liberals, their illiberal anybody who would vote for Biden is ill, liberal. Ok, they do not believe in true liberal values. So personally I don't like it now. A lot of people like to say I'm a classical liberal and its technically true, but I may Social liberal when it comes to modern politics, meeting my policies, my politics, the things I think about how No taxes should work. It leans left. It absolutely does that's a fact. So social liberals aware, like Democrats, you use to be maybe, unlike the ninety two thousands now that I'm a big fan of the democratic parties history mind do, I think, they're gross. Now I've pretty much, I would never consider myself to be. You know. Like a hard core democrat, I think I found to the camp of default liberal, but I've definitely walked away from. All that stuff as whilst why I hear you man to all these people, you know walking away for Democrats. I totally here you at this point. They have gone knots.
And I think anybody who sticking with them. You eat you if you'd naw man, I'm sorry, I don't like the Republicans now, I'm not gonna like them either, but you can you can this? You can dislike both knock. You can and to be to be fair man. Trump is not the same as traditional Republicans he's a moderate. He really is so listen. I look at tromp on light. I don't like him in terms of its professionalism and some policies, but at least he's for Amerika. You know Joe Biden NA and we ve had this intelligence report. There came out at said: Russia would prefer Trump. China would prefer Biden. Well, China is the big superpower, with the concentration camps are the day Honduras, horrible oppression. So you know what I'm sorry not know Joe for me anyway. Look this event was huge. Yet for some reason, Fox eleven only shows this tiny photo. That's not fair. It's come on. The cry was way. You don't look actually us have the photo. I think I might. If I back up there, we go check out these photos. The crowd was way way. Bigger and I'd say was way more than four hundred fox only shows that title of which
without the events were happening all over the place. W our era. W are a l says it is the job of the police, defend the public today, allow Large crowd of people gathered in downtown rally to return the favor to defend the police with roughly forty thousand feet, followers on social media back the blue and see how they sizeable rally in downtown Raleigh outside them? North Carolina General Assembly building. Concern over recent call city fund, the police supporters rally to defend the police. Risk their lives every day and most people disparage them here here, good sir, I agree and I will absolutely rag
I wrote a regular cops early this morning about the people, the cops in New York City, the cops in New Jersey, but I'll tell you what man as an institution the service they provide. We know why we need cops. It's ridiculous. I group in Chicago man, it's the stupidest thing ever I've I've had tons of beef with police. Ok, I've had tons of issues, complaints filed a group in Chicago the cops they are corrupt, they disbanded a policing that they are the right. The unit was robbing people's homes and invading people's homes, and I'm so stupid have to say to spend the police. I still understood the concept of calling the cops when we're in trouble and we would be upset sure I got ticket from cops, didn't like it, but there's a difference between. Like you got you worse, you know you get pulled over something.
Mind you I ve cops went drugs in my car in Chicago and I've been given bogus. I asked I was given a bogus spirit in Chicago, not a Finn. I was also saved from a mugging by cops in Chicago. It's not like you. You can expect officer friendly to only ever give you what you want. Life isn't fair, sometimes, but the police, as an institution are unnecessary protection for the public, a barrier between them and prime. Sometimes there are bad cops. We got all dressed and deal with them anyway, I'm not going blue eyes, Madrigal out appointed to talk about the protests, so they say the angry, being taken on all officers, and it shouldn't be about that said. Jordan Wilson, who all supports back the blue, the fixed, should be more money towards funding the police on better training. To fix these situations here here, higher buttercups train, good, cops, train them better, have better programs, you don't take away their resources. If we ve got problems of police, we need more police accountability. We need more time.
And we need internal affairs. We need whatever we'd reforming the body. Camps requires more money, and if you want mental health services will, then you get more funding for mental health services. Here we got to this out Cleveland. We had anti and police, Anti police and pro police, and that's about it was a bad back. The blue rally in the second District Cleveland Police Station, so you you get a little bit of all fear. But still conservatives, the other right is coming up. We got Sioux falls large crowd. I wonder how big was, I don't know for sure they say signs that red back, the blue, defend the police is great. The suit the Sioux falls. Are you back? The blue rally started just about seventeen minutes ago side, ox along Minnesota Avenue by law enforcement centre are filled with people showing their support here from them tonight. These don't seem nearly as big. But the point is these stories have been happening across the country. Is your people standing up speaking up pushing back against the far left narrative? And I don't hear about it enough? I saw the story from ran from Brandon of walk away,
and I looked into it and I thought to myself: I'm not seeing this. You know the story linked everywhere, so I decided to do a Google search and sure enough. I found a ton of stories. Sioux falls Fort Worth a hundred people at back the blue one hundred plus stories, while amazing these people actually are coming out, there's that their speaking out where they can but of course consider the conservatives are more spread out. Your less likely to see these massive rallies, but we're still seeing big protests in poor Roger. I share their rallies or not that protests are supporting cops. So when you think what you think the media likes to say, ok, I always do this are as we're not hearing we're only hearing from local. I was because of this Here's some national level, news protesters, beaten black lives matter, protesters beaten by pro police group in wild video. Wow you're. The video really was. It was a bunch of far left extremists. Entering someone else's neighbourhood, the people who live there came out and said: Tommy Scum get out of our neighbourhood and
the backed up and as they were, leaving, they attacked a guy in a wheelchair. So these people rushed to the fence and yes, I do it's got stop, but please frame it correctly across this country. People are standing up for police, their defending their communities against these far left extremists and about I had enough of it. Man I am. I am. I am not a fan of these crazy wackos coming into private residences, so it's good to see people standing up, walking away and showing up in their communities to defend against the far left, that's the point. Hopefully this video is something optimistic for you to see that people are defending themselves against extremism. Look look these pro cop people might have conservative values, I don't agree with, but we agree with one thing: extremists wearing all black smashing upper doesn't attacking people should not be happening. I sat down with Glenn back and we talked about Pro. Lifers approach was great. Afterwards, we shook hands, as like is great, have a conversation with you man. I really appreciate it. I understand your point of view. I think we have you no ethical. You know this is an ethical line at neither of us wants to cross. We don't understand how to do
that's a reality. You reach an impasse, we talked about it, we shake hands with small, we go vote. What are we getting now? This is lunacy, bring it back to the days when two people were going to panel and just shattered each other over there wedge issue at least right anyway. I ll leave it there. Thanks running, not everybody on the Sunday, I will see you I'll tomorrow and the next segment at ten a m thanks, rang it up.
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