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Democrats QUIT The Party in Droves, Voters FURIOUS Over Democrat Support For Riots Will Vote Trump


For 9 minutes in one clip you can hear Democrats announce support for President Trump and reject the Democratic Party.There are no two ways about it, Democrats have consistently supported the far left insanity, riots, and even their awful fringe ideology. Regular voters have had enough and are choosing to vote Trump instead.Joe Biden and Kamala Harris still can't offer a full throated condemnation of the far leftists. Trump has had no problem whatsoever.

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Yesterday, Donald Trump gave his acceptance speech for their Publican nomination at the Orange seat, and people started call into C span in droves, saying that they were Democrats who are quitting the party would become republic. In this and would vote for Donald Trump, mostly because the left has begun embracing a fringe extremist ideology that they were so should list or the Democrats worth supporting violent riots and crime, and now we can the desperation coming on the Democratic Party, even after every thing we ve seen with thirty two people that, even after last night, where Rand Paul got attacked, an angry mob and people leaving the orange see we're being attacked and harassed. Joe Biden still cannot give a false but had condemnation of the violence. In fact, he call for more action and other far left Democrats call for more action, but regular people have had enough
how the backfire against Democrats for supporting the rights has gone from bad to worse I'm going to show you that, in fact, many of these stream. A start writing don't even care about these causes. It's just an excuse to destroy to be violent. Many of these people embrace overtly racist ideologies, and we ve had enough it. You know that today is the fifty seventh anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. As I have a dream speech in it, he said that he dreams that one day his child, There will be judged based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Think about what the left is proposing today with books like white fragility or how to be anti racist, where they tell you, you must discriminate. How is what the left doing playing into Martin Luther King Jr Dream it isn't. These people have become insanely, racist and violent, and I've had enough now in this video from Betty Johnson.
These as the amount of Democrats calling it a c span during the GNP convention saying there switching parties is insane. There was one point that really stood out to me. It's at the seven minute mark a woman says with an accent that she fled socialism and that she would lay her life on the line to defend Amerika, and I think that's how most people in this country feel I believe, as a lot of people who just blindly hate Donald Trump and are willing to become oh partly racists because they hate him they'll, follow the trends, but I think regular people have woken up and their pushing back against this and now because of that, Donald Trump is gonna win. But let me show you all of the region,
why I think that some will start with how the media is finally starting to accept. This is how Joe Biden loses, and it's not even exaggeration. The Atlantic literally says this is how Biden loses. Nothing will harm a campaign like the wishful thinking, fearful hesitation or sheer complacency that fails to address what voters plainly see. Donald and set it the riots, albeit in a shop in focus groups in poles and now done. Lemon is calling for Joe Biden to directly denounced the violence, but Joe Biden can't do it. Instead, all sizes hate it style, trumps fault.
We're getting. I suppose that Democrats actually endorsed and supported all of this, and the funny thing is Joe Biden, still calls for more cordon quote action. I think we ve had enough. I think thirty, two people being dead is enough, but let's go through the stories before we get started had over the TIM Cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways can give you can Don't eight physical objects over a p o box. I got here, but the best thing you can do share this video or subscribed to my second channel over at Youtube outcome. Slashed him cast news. Why put more segments throughout the day? I have several channels, but you can check that one out and if you want to help this video hit the like button hit, the notification bow subscribe and share it. If you really want to support me, here's the Atlantic rights after
a fluff, they say it's no use dismissing their words as partisan talking points. They are effective ones, and this is a reference to Donald Trump and calling for law and order, backed up by certain facts. Trump will bang this loud ugly drum until election day. He knows that Canosa has placed Democrats in a trap. They ve embraced the protests and the others that drive them. The third night of the democratic convention was consumed with the language and imagery of protest, as if all begins. Watching were activists. Perhaps you saw it the guy wearing the cape. Singing the famous protest song showing images people kneeling and raising a fist do not regular amount things are starting to see when they see people raising their fists their seeing violence, destruction, death. Thirty people had died at the point at that. Can see, decided to show this imagery, as if people support it, regular people are saying enough, they lent. It goes on on Monday, the day after Blake's shooting Biden and his vice
presidential nominees Senator commonly Harris Release, statements expressing outrage, the next day, Biden, spokesperson, really the statement opposing burning down unities and needless destruction and on Wednesday Bide. Never speaking with a black family can and both the initial incident and the subsequent destruction burning down, communities is not protest. He pleaded in video its needless violence is of the same after George Floyd's killing. How many Americans have hurt him in the crude terms, of a presidential campaign. Voters and know that the Democrats mean it when he denounces police brutality, but less so when you denounces riots to reach the public and convince it otherwise Biden has to go beyond boilerplate and make it personal memorable. He won't, however, Joe Biden won't do, because too many of the Democrats and their vote where's, our extremists, that's what they ve fomented. They have. They have fostered this group of people desperate to fight
Donald Trump: they squeezed out the last little bits of what racism could be, and I theory why is it at all it has been changing the definition of racism. I think the reason is it's the old, Lee Weapon they have against Donald Trump, and now that have Donald Trump, a president who is not particularly reasonings, not racist. They have nothing left to do, but change that mission in order to somehow maintain that political attack. Here's what Joe Biden said today, I'm sorry. This is yesterday that yesterday night remember every example of violence. Donald Trump decries has happened there on his watch under his leadership during his presidency, and we can hear from the likes of many commentators like sort of action? Six second sticks s getting. A little nervous. Are we Joe considering its hat
In blue cities and states almost exclusively under democratic leadership, and your party refuses to disavow it I'd be nervous to MIKE sort of it says you sound nervous. He is nervous they're, getting desperate, very desperate. The thing is, Democrats did overtly support this, and they still do not exaggerating Steve Guess, says after a Senator Rand Paul was surrounded by the violent left wing mob in DC last night. Recent comments made by prominent Democrats are striking squad. Member I honour Presley called for targeting GEO P officials with unrest in the streets. Joe Biden called Presley, really smart back in June as violent Roy having occurred across Democrat, controlled city binds. Eventual running commonly Harris had protesters should not let up in twenty, a Nancy policy says I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country and he also mentions that
I've seen water said if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant in a department store in a gasoline station you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them. Well, I think many p I could argue there not literally saying to be violent. What do you think needs to occur in order in order for the violence to persist at a certain point, with thirty people dad? You think the Democrats would be like guys, know more action. Okay, we ve had enough. The point has been driven home. Quite the contrary, though, absolutely not just a little while ago today Joe Biden said, we can't let George flawed and Jacob Black become just another pair of hashtags. This is a moment for action. Its long past time, we were form policing reverse systemic racism and make our community safer. What you mean by action. It is an pass laws and reform sure I suppose, but I think this language is particularly dangerous right now. You have you have
we're going out and engaging in what you would call direct action, that's what they call it and its resulted in thirty two people dying at this point I would be very careful about my language. Now I get it to be fair. I think job, I'm trying to say Paul see action or otherwise, but I think what this shows is that, even after everything we ve seen with eight minutes of people calling in a c span thing I've had it with a democratic party. Joe Biden. Still can't just say in very plain words enough already stop. We had too much. The reality is The ideology the Democrats have embraced and are trying to use to win is a dangerous. Disgusting and extremist ideology, and that's why he keeps saying me
or more more. He knows what the Democratic Party has become. They have pushed out excised the moderate liberals, people like me, I'm not voting for the Democrats anymore, I'm at about four Donald Trump. They did it because their extremists- and they scare me and a scare other people. Today is the fifty seventh anniversary of the March on Washington and I want to show you something- I have a dream- the speech quote- I have a dream that my foot her little children will one day live in a nation or they will not be judged by the color of their skin by the content of their character. Martin Luther King nineteen sixty three
that was a year before the Civil Rights ACT was passed and it was several years for years before loving V Virginia mixed race. People couldn't even live together in many states, while Martin Luther king was getting that speech. Where are we today? I want you to reflect upon what Joe Biden represents with his calls for ending systemic racism. I want you to reflect upon the books. Reaching the top of the charts among the left. That way, you can understand why I am no longer willing to support any of these Democrats and to be fair. It's not like. I voted for them and twenty sixteen twenty twelve anyway, I felt betrayed by Brok Obama. Do you believe that the left today is working to uphold the dream of Martin Luther King Jr? The answer is,
no, they are not an ominous show. You don't take my word for it either him expending profit of anti racism says. The defining question is whether the discrimination is creating equity or inequity. If discrimination is creating equity, then it is anti racist. If discrimination is creating an inequity, if it is creating equity than its anti racist, if discrimination is creating inequity than it is racist the only remedy to pat to racist discrimination is anti racist discrimination. The only remedy to pass discrimination is present. Discrimination The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination. This book, how to be an anti racist, is telling the left to be racist, to judge people not on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin. That is what
Joe Biden, Uncommonly Harris and the left are supporting right now and I will have nothing to do with it in California. As most of you know, if you follow my content, their voting to repeal from their kept from the Constitution of California, the civil rights provision preventing discrimination based on race in public. Imitation or or contracting or jobs public employment because they are avowed, racists whose spit on the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr,. And this is amazon- how to be an anti racist, currently sits at number thirteen, so here it's the number one by seller and human rights, the number one in civil rights, the number one in political advocacy and number thirteen all together. You also have white fragility. White fragility written by women who
seems to be a racist, uncomfortable around minorities. The left is taking their cues from people who are telling them to be racists. I'm not die. I'm not gonna support that. I'm sorry and that's that's why Joe Biden won't come out and just say enough: it's why he still coming out saying we must continue the fight and have more action while he's not directly and in my opinion, calling for violence. Some people might view it as such and some people who oppose it might Sates irresponsible none the less, but they don't care because they all racists and they want you to be zest and they're going around in attacking people based on race. Now, ultimately, I dont think they really care about any of these causes I don't think so, and I will show you a sad example: widow of retired police captain killed by looters gives emotional speech. It. Aren't you
France saying she re lives, horror. Every day this was one of the most got wrenching sad things. I've ever seen an Doorn told the story about how Captain David Doorn died during the riots because he got up to protect his friends store and they killed him and they live stream him lying on the ground dying. Captain Doorn, David Doorn. It was a black man. There were no great riots for him. Nobody came out in smashed windows if anything, goes no outrage, because not really about these individuals, it's just about the opportunity to do so, and the story about a retired police captain dying doesn't do enough for anybody. I can't tell you why they they riot or when they will, but we also got
a little play a national media for this men? Of course, Thou media does cover it. It doesn't break into the new cycle, but I think the greatest bit of evidence to prove they dont actually care about any of these causes is an excuse senator ran Paul claims cop saved his life after protesters. Confronted him near White House, I find the story of the daily beast, interesting, you're there trying to claim that in video she wasn't actually attacked simply because cops defended him, but why did angry mobs around and try to attack Rand Paul for no reason, as it turns out on June, Eleventh Rand Paul issued a press role send it around Paul, introduces the justice for Brianna Taylor at that. Would ban no knock warrants? Rand Paul has been a staunch advocate for justice for Brown a tailor. So why would they surround him screaming at am asking about Brown a tailor? Why would he
Police to protect them as they launched at them and then raise the bike. Why would Rand Paul need to ask the officer if it was okay? Why are they attacking and he supports them, or, at least to a certain degree, does because they're actually care about these causes? They don't I'm sorry. They just pretend to. Over on what, with this I've, another tweet for you from Jason Rance. He points out how in CNN, Kristen Kirsten Power says there's, very little. Rioting this, the media's narrative. It's why their claiming that ran Paul wasn't really attacked its desperation. They are desperate to do anything to make you believe Everything's fine is very little rioting. I just thirty. Two people have died, it isn't it doesn't matter how it does matter. It absolutely does avowed race Tests are marching through our streets following overtly racist ideologies, their tops, telling bucks on Amazon their destroying their killing their burning people's businesses to the ground. Why won't Joe?
I stand up and say no to each and every one of these people, Donald Trump, has no problem doing it. Don Lunnon wants him to do it He calls on Joe Biden to stand at a podium addressing the violence. Joe Biden won't do it course he won't. He needs the support of the extremists, because the Democrats are embracing extremist ideology. That again is contrary to the vision of me. Luther King Jr to the dream after senator ran Paul, was surrounded, Ayanna Pressley. What she said in the past is striking. I know I mentioned this just one more time, I'll say it unrest in the streets. Will you got it and now they're blaming the people who want to defend their homes? The mcclosky this this young man in Kenosha from Antioch only about twenty minutes, DR who was out there with a marked with emergency medical care.
Protect buildings and render aid to people who are hurt and they tried to kill him. We now know, based on witness accounts at the scuffle broke out between the young men, Cow Rittenhouse, B, as someone tried stealing has gone from him, some one. And fire around, so he turned and fired at the individual, striking him and had he then ran and people tried taking has gone from him. Someone stamped his face. He got hit now the skateboard any defended himself he's been arrested for it maybe they'll deem it to be self defence, but at any rate there blaming you. The person who just wants to live in peace- I will not be supporting this Kevin Mccarthy said hours after Nancy Pelosi label, Republicans as domestic enemies. Leftist mobs harassed, intimidated and tried to incite violence against Republicans in the streets. Her reckless comments have console.
And says she should immediately condemned these assaults against democracy. I agree, but you know what ultimately it doesn't matter. We know that they have long supported the violence and now they are going to face the brunt of it in Michigan. According to the Trafalgar group, Donald Trump is now leading Joe Biden by two points. Maison Tromp was down for the longest time. He started improving the pole in the polls. Support for black lives matter was dwindling because the riots work work. Getting worse and worse and still Pelosi attacks. Republicans still Joe Biden hides in his basement and that so we can expect from them. It has been happening for quite some time. We have political Paul, showing basically the same thing from Trafalgar Group and now we can see it trending trumps, odds of winning rise. Fifty fifty for the first time in ninety two days, you know twenty sixteen is had Trump had no chance of winning. Some said it was
medically impossible and Hillary Clinton has had a major lead in many battleground states. The poles deceived Hillary Clinton. She thought she didn't need to do the work and she lost. Maybe Donald Trump will lose. Maybe the poles are correct this time. I still don't believe it Maybe these these phone calls and a c span are all an anomaly just of Opel Minority and in reality many more people hate Donald Trump. Unlike him, maybe- with all these NBA players and celebrities coming out screeching about Trop, regular people going about somehow I just don't buy it. You know I yesterday about a story for the New York Times talking about a man who was busy dealing with work and covered and try to make sure his kids had the resources they need to live. Productive lives, hidden, pay attention to politics at all. Then the riots came to Canosa and he started to realize the Democrats we're doing nothing.
If this man was sitting on the fence and not caring, that's a lot. It says to me that most people, probably still doubt these beltway politicos art, paying attention to its actually going on in Middle America, crossed his country and they think everyone hates Donald Trump, but when you go to small town America, when you go to these swing states, it seems Many people are just like our this I'm shocked to find this man was on the fence and you didn't know. I didn't really care. Some people have to buy guns for the first time I whence the other day to a local guns, store They were out of ammo the basically the only thing they had was barred shot that that they have. You know some ammo, but there are mostly out
They told me, don't worry, we're gonna, try and get as much as we can come back tomorrow. I did they had some, but they weren't will really willing to sell all that much because, while people are buying it in droves, their running out of ammo across the board, you mean to tell me that these gunshots at are being picked clean, these regular first, these regular people becoming first time buyers you Think there supporting Joe Biden in this no they're scared of the riots and over the past several months. The Democrats have just continually embraced and supported this, so either you ve got people in the middle who just don't know
and the people who do have been running full speed. The gun store, I'm worried for the people who are paying attention, but here it is social unrest will strengthen trumps hands from the financial times in this sort of wrapped up the point of this segment. This is how Joe Biden loses. We know they. Ve supported at the poles, are swimming in trumps favour and their imbracing extremist ideology. Financial times says if this week marks a turning point in the twenty twenty presidential race. It may always much to the events in Wisconsin, as the virtual republican national convention trailing in the polls. Incumbent. Donald Trump was already counting on a message about the threat of civil disorder to help him reach undecided and moderate voters, but events conspired to give a minute
unexpected boost last Sunday with what I will Jacob Jacob like. We know what happened. The Ma Am amplifies Mr Trumps LAW and order message and poses an uncomfortable challenge for Democrat Joe Biden Uncommonly Harris. They say many democratic Mayor City, council, members and progressive protest. Moot movements are calling for cuts to the police, department, funding and personnel in New York De Palacio disbanded. The city's plain clothes unit that track down violent criminals and illegal firearms shooting sword. We know it in a new policy. Fifty nine percent of voters at violent crime was very important how they vote, making it a top five issue. It wasn't in the top ten and twenty sixteen in a recent survey, Wisconsin a swing state found that's port for black lives matter has declined over the summer while there is rising. Concern about violence mean
while national gun purchases are soaring, the FBI conducted a record three point: nine million background checks for fire on purchases this in June a year earlier. There are just two point: three million republican convention speakers have sought to tap these concerns by arguing that Biden Harris should have spoken up more forcefully against civil unrest. And in support of police. They have also criticise the Democrats or proposing new restrictions and fire on purchases, including a bite and proposal for a ban to ban a range of guns, and there it is you ve lost me completely earlier this year. Many of you probably know this. I straight up said to the people I live and work there no guns in my house period. Don't want to hear it. The then covered happened, and I said maybe I should start looking into. This is a little difficult, so I can say whatever then the Ah, it's happened and I heard the helicopters near my home, and I- the sirens near my home, and filled out every bit of paper work I could as fast as I could, and I went to
that store, and I said, give me what you got. I went a perfect one hundred eighty degrees, neither direction. I will not support any candidate now who is trying to enforce any of these gun control measures? I'm sorry and story. Just I remember a couple years ago when I was saying this probably some restrictions that makes sense now now. No, not going to go out and play games, asserting that these the record number of first time buyers are doing it because their criminals they're not, and they definitely need to get proper training. There is a real risk, but I take security. I take a I take security seriously, but I take. I will take freedom over security any day, and that means
if there may be people, walk in our guns, so be it I'll, be responsible for myself and my wrist and mine, my security, knowing that these people are trying to take our police away their overtly racists and now their politicians, like Biden, also want to take the guns away from everybody. Now tell you what you wanna talk about Elite Urban privilege I'll, tell you about it. I felt like I didn't need to devote myself. I felt I didn't need weapons because the cops round, the corner, no problem are called on to take care of it. Now I can see that they're coming after the police, the police, demoralized and threatened and I'm gonna have to align myself. I was wrong one hundred percent and now I've gone completely, though there are other direction and I'm not gonna play games with Joe Biden Joe Biden wants to ban a range of guns, even though do it somewhere else, but when people are going around killing others and thirty, two people are now dead. You'd have to.
We insane to say. Oh sure, Joe Biden come on just take my weapon from me. People are marching through residential neighborhoods you're nuts, Joe Biden lost it People right now need real leadership and they're not going to get from Biden, they're, saying Donald Trump only issue right now is the riots so what they say that the only thing is God's who's, gonna focus on it not covet dont care It's true. I do not believe any of these Democrats will do what needs to be done to stop the extremism, but it's not even that. That's how you what right now a lot of people, I know, say they're gonna, vote, Libertarian Green Party, their third party about that's fine. My bigger fear is that this far left extremism that I've referenced earlier in this segment. That flies in the face of the dream of martlet their king Jr, its growing. It's it's expanding their there in our cultural institutions, there met their painting, their slogans and our
streets there, avowed, racists calling for racial discrimination. I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that doesn't let that doesn't succeed, I know maybe cliche. Or a meme a bit for everybody watches my content, because I mention you know maybe at least a couple times a month that I mixed race. But it's because of this that I do maybe a lot of investment maybe becomes tired. Penalize bench appear mentioned in his wife. Is a doctor. But I must tell you when I see this, you have to understand that has a real impact on my family and my thoughts for the future and my wife and my potential children It reminds me of the stories I was told by my mom about growing up when we didn't have these protections, and now I can see these people who are attacking the dream of one of the greatest civil rights leaders of ever see we ve ever seen in an innate now in our history in history in general, there gaining ground it must be stopped. It must be opposed right, not Donald Trump saying keep your weapons protect yourself down,
trump has proven he's a nappy, the champion of the economy and can't get it back on track and he's been opposing the extremism in the violence since day one and he is not aligned with the extreme, far left. Racists, I'm going to do what I can to oppose the violence, supporting someone who will say enough to the riots? Not these half witted dim witted. You no comment from Joe Biden and I'm going to support somebody who overtly opposes the extreme right to the mother, far left. That means I'm leaving for Donald Trump and I'm a liberal and I'm going to be a rural after I do it, of course, I'll try and argue on conservative or whatever or I'm in a right wing, but just absolutely not true. My economic views are very leftwing, pretty pretty left I make jokes. I took a political Compas test pretty far left falling in the libertarian socialist Quadrant. I think if people actually saw me go throes of policy proposals, it that way
this case, a liberal construe, but I'm I oppose racism. These people, who are in encroaching intercultural, cultural institutions, are almost identical to the white supremacist of way back when, in fact, I've seen people posting me, about white riots, stern civil rights era, claiming that their turn now my yeah you're the same thing I oppose you. I oppose this and we need to put an end to get back on track, not Joe Biden. The Democrats are now reaping the rewards watch. This video from many Johnson nine minutes of Democrats hang enough. Its powerful stuff, I tweeted about it check on my twitter account you to be accomplished.
Cast I'll leave it all their leave. It there. Well I'd twitter dot com slashed him ass. I say you to twitter dot com slashed him get out of nowhere. Points check it out my neck Simons, coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. Thanks, rang out, then I will see you all them. Last night, after Donald Trump Speech, as his supporters began to leave the event several far left us, black lives matter? Extremists began attacking his supporters, one notable event send a rand Paul and his wife were attacked and right now all these people on Twitter are saying who was not attacked, you can see here actually on the right attacked as trending two hundred thirty five thousand tweets. Many people are cheering saying they wished. He really did get attack, but he did He did you see. One of these extremists tried attacking about a cop, defended him holding up a bike and then run
and Paul actually asked the copper views. Ok ran Paul was attacked but protected by the police. Now this video I find particularly egregious not necessarily the worst, but up there, there's? A video from Brennan struck the walk away campaign. He says I have endoored Anti Gay attack like that probably ten years, black lives matter. Activists physically assault me and my Carlo on our way to our hotel, calling us the F, word and threatening us the one girl comes back and knocks my friends phone out of her hand, that's right. They shout the F word at some gay men because they supported Trump. How is this except well to anybody, and why should we believe these are the good guys who want to fight for marginalized communities? You take it. Look at some unlike Handle Owens take a look at someone like Billy, Prime Bayer, can really classic, and you see what the left says about them, because their conservative and black
I do not believe any of these far left us actually care about marginalized people. I believe they want to use them to me be a light, traditional liberals whose more Foundations are rooted in care and fairness at spot of Jonathan Heights. Research check it out the general ideas to motivate illiberal target care and fairness. Conservatives operate on all six moral foundations, libertarians, basically just on the Liberty Foundation and I've experienced that my libertarian friends but these traditional liberals are mostly into interested and caring about people, things being fair, so these groups don't actually care about any of any of these marginalize communities with actually care about is power and manipulating the left to gain votes. Will here is a story gender ran Paul says he and his wife were attacked by an angry mob after Trump speech. Own rate, this bound to point out something very interesting. While Andy no does show that there is violent attacks going on. He also noted last night and-
Orlando was kind of calm. Why is that now we can only regulate as to why, for the first time it about ninety three days, there wasn't violent extremism sweeping through the streets, I believe it have. It may have something to do with the feds. Cracking down. It also may have something to do with right wing groups coming out and saying: no, because we saw a bunch of right wing groups come out and actually fight with these extremists in Portland. Maybe that scaring them. It also could be that the Department of Justice has begun making arrests, and now we have Governor Everson Wisconsin agreeing with Donald Trump. I think perhaps the reason We are saying things calm down. Is it the extremists realised the Democrats were starting to turn on them as pulling improves for Donald Trump and Fun falls for Joe Biden as the Atlantic Right articles saying things like this is how Biden loses I can only assume what's actually happening is the far left is realising them shield is gone. The Democrats were
I in the media- was lying there still lying, but their shield is breaking and it's best to retreat now before the I'll get locked up forever. But first talk about with ran Paul from the hill. They say. Senator Rand Paul early on Friday claimed that he was attacked by an angry mob while walking with us Why, from the White House falling President trumps, closing speech of Republican National Convention just got attacked by an anger? mob of over one hundred one walk away from the White House Paul treated while thanking the DC, much balls and police department for literally saving our lives. Video uploaded to twitter by by a bystander showed Paul with his wife, Kelly, Paul being escort being escorted by police through a crowd of protest following events. The White House, some officers can be heard, shouting move back at the crowded as at the crowd of protesters as they can.
For the senator to say her name, a common refrain from demonstrators regarding the police, killing of ran a tailor in Paul's home state of Kentucky Taylor. Twenty six year old, black emergency medical condition was fatally shot in Louisville Police, but by Louisville Police back in March. Now, as for the brought a tailor thing, I empathize for sure I want anyone to die I can understand why people are hurt by what happened, but the real issue. There is procedural and I think we need to end no knock warrants for sure a lot of complications coming up, but we do need information on that. That's radon one click which has got it Then one point: six million views showed an officer using a bicycle to push back protesters as Paul grabbed his arm to keep the man from falling the videos appear to show Palos wife being touched by any protesters. The couple did not appear to be injured. The hell has reached out and Centres office for comment. Senator TED crews called the incident horrific and called for the madness to stop. I agree I, like other sort of insinuating that, because the police say
Rand Paul? He wasn't really attacked and assembly. The hell, but you get where they're going, but on toward us we're saying nobody attack They were just yelling at him. Yet if the cops weren't there, they would have been physically hurt, They say other attendees leaving the light. Ass were also approached by protesters, including Rep Brian Mast, Mass to lost both legs and a finger while serving in Afghanistan. Twenty ten wrote they thought I would be an easy target because of my prosthetics, because up because my prosthetics move slowly, they were wrong. Bravo, Sir protesters gather Lafayette Square and the black lives matter Plaza outside the. Why Doesn'T- are they not have trumps speech? Interestingly, I watch Donald Trump speech last night and you could hear faintly sometimes the protesters which, if I were to go into them, it is that we got straight from Annie, no more violent behaviour from Vietnam protesters in DC overnight. As in this video, an older man, it's knocked at its knocked down, they hit him on the head. He falls down. Some people hold them up, lift him back up. Yet violence was lodged,
last night as to why Poland is dying down, we'll get you in a second. We have this. One were around POD Scott chased by crowd to his hotel in relieving the White House. So, as we know in this sweet, she backers as says fighting racism is worth protesting in demanding change, for this is disgusting, unhelpful and absolute, counterproductive, terrible and this is where their harassing more people now andy- no noted. He said it looks like there was no late night, violent protest or right important for the first time and ninety three days. Something is off anti fa, wouldn't just stop, could it be? Could it be? Could it be because their terrified after hearing the FBI Portland, is stepping up its investigations? now, there's a report going around a lot claiming that seventy four people are being charged or their wanted something to that effect, but I could not find any official sources confirming it just local blurbs and it wasn't lesson of the OJ website
So I won't bring it up, but I can tell you this. Maybe Andy no is right. Maybe it's specifically because the FBI's decided to actually crackdown. Now, I think the F B, I d, O J, already were planning on cracking down it. Takes time, United conversation with Ryan Long, the comedian, the TIM guest IRA Podcast, where he said you know they were right. He mentioned rise in the past and a lot of people I was. One to go and joined them and then feel Hans lighter there are like oh yeah yeah got arrested, NOM going that you don't know they're going to prison, several years, the idea being its normal You go out. You engage in this behaviour; they don't show up at your house next day and arrest you, if all the paperwork, they start the investigation, they get probable cause the issue that they get. The warrant signed bye, bye judge. In a couple months later there at your house take a look at. August. Twenty seventh Alaska, Man charged federally with setting a settings
here at Seattle, police, EAST precinct, defendant is defended and distinctive clothing started fire with others attempt to block the door to stop offers officers from exiting now. This was in Seattle. As far as I can tell that's attempted murder, you try to block the exits and then by down. I mean the Mayor TAT Mary. Had we listen something similar, they say a nineteen year Old Alaska man was charged with arson today for the fire he set Monday August. Twenty fourth at the Seattle police departments is precinct. Announced, use attorney. Brian Timor, Moran, Desmond David pits was arrest. Shortly after the fire following a Monday night protest March, David pits appear today in U S. District court in Seattle is the fourth deferment defended to appear in federal court after being charged with criminal conduct that went far beyond
any peaceful protest. Said? U S attorney Brian Moran, those who go to protest but choose violence and criminal acts. Overprotected speech will face the full weight of federal criminal sanctions. This illegal conduct must- and I love it- There's people on the left, posting means of George Washington, crossing the Delaware and saying you know, and then there's we're bubble, saying like obey authority and and and just didn't you just surrender police, but you know, police Are- must be protected. The redcoats are ok. Things like that. Did you know, there's make up a surprise to many people that, in the first amendment it actually says peaceably. That's right! Your car, institutional right to assemble ends as soon as you start hurting people there's no constitutional right. To burn down buildings this. What they're doing serious? I want to show you I wanna. So I've shown you, you know what the FBI's coming for these people. I made a thread based on this is a CNN
The twenty six year old man killed in Canosa tried to protect those around his girlfriend says, and look at the picture. They choose to show this man a violent extremists, who is participating in riots as people burned down, buildings attacked innocent people he's an extremist in fact he's a convicted felon. And as far as I can tell this, what's being reported, I hear he's it was. It was coming out of several domestic abuse felonies, my understanding, maybe that's wrong, so fact jacket, cause people are saying it around, but the media and talking about that, the media was saying he's a hero. He pushed me out of the way he was telling me to run off. I tried to grab him. I should have been there, but there was There was going to be no changing his mind, they say it. He Hooper was armed with nothing but a skateboard when he spot in an armed parson rotten among a crowded street and Canosa, but he still ran toward the danger his girlfriend said earlier times. This man was,
previously threatening the other young men as a video showing the two guys who died, threatening the kid they were attacking him. They were threat near him and now CNN dares to frame him as the good guy. That's it for me. I made this thread car right now is a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump. Violent extremists were destroyed in people's lives for months thirty people were killed. Democrats Democrats rejected federal assistance every time, Trop offered it media lied about Trop, deploying secret police kind of what she did. Jobs that it uses in sending in law enforcement to Portland prick the courthouse those it.
Tat. He was gonna, send out eighty F, F B. I D do desk work in various cities for operation legend, so they could arrest people, so the police could do the fieldwork. The media said trumpets deploying secret police. He wasn't I kind of wish he did at this point. Many people have called for tromp to invoke the insurrection act on still not entirely convinced the right move, we'll see how things plot for the election may be shut. I don't know, maybe he should, after his own supporters, got attacked. I'm not sure I can tell you this only read more, I said. Finally, some from a nearby town about twenty minutes. Dr decides to go up and protect business as an offer medical support to people even the rioters. He was threatening shot it that's. According to the New York Times, we saw footage Kyle Rittenhouse was offering aid. He had a medical kit too.
With the rioters? We're getting hurt, he got pepper, sprayed before anything went down. The near time shows as a muzzle flash and bangs before Rittenhouse turns and fires on the other, the one convicted found, had been threatening him earlier. In the day now the media Senate three convicted balance. The extremists are the good guys. Several people died in the Chaz and no one has been caught. It has to stop now, that's right Seattle Democrats allowed this to happen and in the chess people are dead and they did nothing. Democrats have proven completely unable to do anything. And we can't even get a full for condemnation from body nor comma local Democrats have done nothing and in some cases, ordered cops to stand down yet will they rejected trumps federal assistance and only recently
that governor ever said. Ok federal law law enforcement can come in where's Biden cobbler. They gave us this passive garbage and that what they did they they support this what you need to understand. I know I probably say every single video they literally do. They Really do I tweet about it the day Moldova is even allowing people with salt officers to walk New York. The Chicago Fort Worth of done, similar the nightmare experiment and allow- violent extremists to attack innocent people needs to end and so far only tromp has shown willingness to do something about it, digest targeted those they have.
Restriction over, but Trump has not intervened in local affairs. Joe Biden is a coward hiding in his basement f. If I'll vote for that, the far left is responsible for thirty two deaths. The Democrats quite literally defended this and call for a more Steve Guess. Tweeted flashback, as violent riding, contains across Democrat, controlled cities commonly Harris comments from June. Are striking protesters should not let up now. Of course, the letters gonna come out and say just Talking about peaceful protesters, TIM disgusting, despicable lies, she was not, he says, does Harris believe the writing a rabbit, vandalism and should let up. I said they kept saying protester, because they are gas lighting us These were protest for about one or two days. I praise them when they happened, but four months it's been violence. Yes, that's right the day following George Floyd's death well in Portland. I believe I was wrong. I think was a day after laid down in the street with their hand behind their backs does it?
and I said I love it- that's great peaceful protest. Is photo of all these people across this bridge their hands behind their back, and I was like that's awesome man. I respect your peaceful protest. Not a day later became a riot for ninety plus days. It was violent riots. Extremists killed thirty people, thirty two people are dead now because, finally, someone decided to stand up for themselves tile written us, They keep saying things like you know, a leader of a man illegally pleasant possessing a gone cross, state lines to go and protect businesses foreigners, blah blah Antioch is twenty minutes from Canosa here, He lives basically on the border. He drove only about twenty minutes. Yet colleagues cry. Think state lines, but I roll my eyes at that now, it's true. He did it. Maybe some ramifications for this and has been charged with
multiple crimes, which I think they're only doing it because their desperate to try and stop more riots, which just proves to me. They cannot deal with us. Why is Kyle Rittenhouse being large of any crime. We know from the New York Times that he was defending himself. He was shot it. How could they even file these these? These charges against them? I find it. I find it shocking, to say the least I think, they're worried that if they do nothing, riots will arrive then I'll be worse than had ever been, and that's true, but I will not ever support a legal system that says you know to be arrested and your rights taken from you, because we are scared of the mob. Now you go out and shut down illegal activity, cow, written Us may have had a legal exemption for carrying a rifle. Probably why the cops didn't care. Sixteen Seventeen year olds are legally loud, carry rivals and shot guns under a hunting exemption, and I wasn't hunting that the left is claiming He was hunting blah blah blah socio that plays out
but the secured who decided on off was enough. I don't think I will not. None of them went up their engaged in the conflict. I think the police should be doing their job, but here's what here's the problem I have with us for thirty four for four months for three months and with thirty dead, nobody was doing anything Donald Trump said to the governor of Wisconsin. Federal assistance is available and nay said no the police said we need thousands of national guard the streets now and he said no then call Rittenhouse came out. Why? Because no one else would, should he have in my opinion, honestly? No, I don't think he should have I understand why others would think he should have- and I understand why he did they try to get to? cross and fight for the same thing was a man. This kid is about twenty minutes from commotion, he probably hangs out there all the time. So when this went down he and his friend
or like we can't allow this. The cops are doing nothing. People are being beaten in the. Three to seven year old men club of attack of that, Imagine that man's gonna die. No seven. The old man was knocked out dropped. The ground broke his jaw. Seventy, I dont think he can survive. That long term is this guy gonna You see these videos and this kid's probably think someone's gotta do something I dont think you should have gone out there, but I also don't thank you can charge and for everything they charged him, for, I think they're, just scared, the rule of law is breaking down and the Democrats have done nothing. I said I'm sick of the media lies about peaceful protesters, I'm furiously to wake up to see a man. Crying ass? He lay dying. The Democrats have failed and it's time to let trumps stop. This even Wisconsin Governor ever as agreed and finally accepted federal federal law enforcement. Trump has his problems. Trump has its problems, but he is better suited to fix it. Economy and deal with extremist plaguing not just our streets but our cultural institutions, Joe Biden,
the coward hiding in his basement I'll but for the whole over the coward yup. That's how I feel- and I think many people feel similarly I wonder if seeing footage of trumps apportioning attacked. What kind of you I thought about this while the people leaving trumps speech, if Trump can't protect them in DC, then housing like them anywhere else. I want that. You really I don't think that plays into the kind of blame trump for that that's Muriel, Bouser she's, the mayor of these EU, though tromp, does have some control over this. I think the bigger issue is that in all of these different places, the Democrats have allowed this to continue, but they,
supported it. That's all that matters to me, Comma Harris had the protesters should not let up laughing. This was during violent riots. It was it was at a time when people were dying and buildings were being burned down and she was laughing about. These people cannot be allowed to win Donald Trump from day. One has been can first, while condemning the death of these individuals, George Floyd, for instance- and you know he is- I ve, I believe Tromp even offered condolences to the family of Jacob Blake granted Jacob like still alive. I'm saying he's, like you know You sorry, you know any any feels for them. Jacob, like is just paralyzed with Donald Trump, has condemned the violence and routinely called for law and order. Donald Trump, several years ago, said they're tearing down confederate statues now, but what happens next Thomas Jefferson, George, Washington and all of the Pandit class, because their whole job is just to insult. The President
said now that will never happen trumps line, but it happened no matter what Trump says he's wrung case in point: Oliver Darcy he tweeted people across the country of sacrifice, but they ve shut down their businesses to slow the spread. They have postponed weddings. They ve grieved in solitude then unable to hold funerals for loved ones. What a feeling it must be for them to then see protests house this party. That's right. Donald Trump gave a speech outside to a crowd of several hundred and they weren't rang, masks and neither are any of the riots. Well, the writers are wearing masks out with their intent the whole time, but many of these blacklist matter protests. None of them are wearing masks and when we talk, this. They say whether, outside those fine, the funny thing is the journalists at the hour, at the aren't event, we're not wearing masks either.
We can see budget policies as the sounds a lot like what many of us were saying months ago, Brigitte treated in June. Third, the gas lighten that's going on his next level. Don't you do Our shame people for wondering why last week protesting was killing grandma and that its acceptable. This is an absolutely valid question. Kids lost months of school. Businesses were destroyed. Hospitals one under Oliver, r, C, CNN and brine stouter their whole stick is to just say no matter what trunk does it's bad? At a certain point, someone snaps? How could it be that I watch CNN and they told me black lives matter. Protests were safe and ok because they are outside. Yet today Oliver Darcy is condemning the president for hosting an event outside something doesn't make sense. I believe that Oliver Darcy and Brian Southron people like him in media, are our art there. There, the only thing that the only thing go after
is the people who ate trump, we'll regular people don't just blindly hey trump regular people are busy. I turned the news. They hear something bad about tromp and say, while as bad, but are they then it more than once or twice, and they see this going to be white. What how is all of it bad. No matter what happens, that's the media lie and I'm sick of it. So I think most people who left the event the agency are ok, but I want you to think about that. First video. I show You and that's the one I want you to show your friends Brandon struck, he was called. A homophobic slur they yelled at em. There's tons of videos like this. How How are they going to claim the moral high ground and they're attacking people like Brandon or or his friend, MIKE Arlo, cuz they're, lying they're manipulating? And I'm done that's why? I'm a vote for trump I'll leave it there. Next time it's coming up at one p, dot M on this channel, and I will see you all then, my friend,
As I am not your physical presence, I can actually make it rain on. You know what actually want to give you the money, but I can give you the next best thing a rolling list of seventy four people who potentially face up to twenty years in prison for federal crimes related to, going riots. Ladies gentlemen, the feds are dropping the hammer they announced. That, since the start of the ongoing rights in Portland, they rest about a hundred or so people. Seventy four are facing very serious federal charges. Some of them just got citations some of them will be going to prison for up to twenty talked imagine. Some of them will go to prison for twenty years. I tell you what men play stupid games when stupid prizes, I want to register does the press statement the immediate release for off from Theo J. We got some interesting information coming out of Seattle. So the other day I talked about the potential potentially feds rating, this Van
as it turns out. It's a Seattle anti for group got arrested in Canosa with riot gear and controlled substances. The cops located a group of people coming from the Pacific Northwest to can. I wonder, ever for and this answers I believe it answered the question. Andy no asked when he said: why was there no riding last night in Portland because they all got their cars and were speeding as fast as possible to get to Canosa to join in the fray. Let's, let's let what we will read through this. Let's get started. Seventy four people facing federal charges for good. I'm submitted during Portland demonstrations? Oh come on D, O J demonstrations. Yeah yeah yeah, I got it. Legal language needs to be precise. We want these people to be convicted. Well, I should put that way if their guilty beyond reasonable doubt, I would like them to be convicted. Any one of these people cannot be proven. Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Then I want to see them. Let go plain and simple use turn each year.
Turning Billy J Williams announced today. Seventy four people are facing federal charges for crimes committed adjacent to or under the guise of peaceful demonstrations in Portland, since at least may twenty, nine twenty twenty. Now you go under the guy is our peaceful demonstrations. Bravo good search for more than ninety consecutive nights. Portland has been home to large demonstrations and protest against police use of force and anti black racism on Monday night. After peaceful demonstrations and various public and private buildings having the target of vandalism and destruction, local state and federal law enforcement working to protect these buildings and ensure the safety of peaceful demonstrations? Demonstrators have been subjected to threats and assault from violent agitators, while performing their duties quote. Violent agitators have hijacked any semblance of First Mehmet protected activities, engaging in vial criminal acts and destruction of public safety said: U S: Attorney Williams, the use attorney's office and our federal law enforcement partners are expeditiously working with local and state long,
more than twenty five arrest and prosecute these individuals better, disrupt the rule of law in our communities and physically attacking our laws. Orphan officers by destroying property, violent agitators, not the delay real reform, but make our any less safe by keeping law enforcement from responding to other critical calls for service. Now I want to point something out: there may be peaceful demonstrations and I received their right to do so, but you need to understand when it comes to these these riots and what you're not what? What what I'm not seeing from this the people who are down there were shielding the rioters. They call it respecting a diversity of tactics therapy. Who down their knowing full well, they will engage in crimes and other people die. Dress the same way, knowing they will shield those people from their crimes. That's why they all
where civil they typically will all where the all black. The idea is. If you commit a crime they surround you, the cops can't prove beyond reasonable doubt. It was you. This is a challenge. They didn t de during trumps inauguration about two hundred or so people all got arrested, most of them bearing all black. The government tried alleging conspiracy because the people coordinate their clothing, I don't I agree with that. I understand, but it's a tough prosecution ended up losing and the idea is you can't just hard somewhat conspiracy. Could he saw them wearing the same clothes, a jog? I just I got I agree with the rule and that one I want to see people brought to justice, but could you imagine for a jog wearing a black hoodie in and blacks what pants? And then you get arrested like you're being charged the conspiracy, it's tough, but you need more than that. That's they're trying to do
so the point is when they say there agitators doing stuff, I can respect there. I can respect them, trying to be trying to be very legalistic early clean as a warlike make sure they get a clean prosecution, don't muddy the waters. It needs to be stressed that these people coordinate with the peaceful diamond, patients and they have multiple tears of who's. Gonna go to jail and whose not their hoping that, by blending into the crowd, they will get away with it and the people in the crowd can go. Oh, it's just a peaceful protest, keep keep in mind. I say, while the FBI supports and safeguards constitutionally protected activity and civil rights, there's no permit for assault, arson or property damage, and these are not victimised crimes, said, run cannon special agent in charge of the FBI. An organ among the victims of violent crime are business owners, residence and individuals exercising their first amendment rights through protest or other legitimate forms of expression. The nightly violence has to stop said Russell Burger.
U S: Marshall, for the detective organ is drowning out the voices of the many who are calling for change and pulling police resources away from their primary mission of keeping this community safe. We must all come together to find a productive way to move as the nations primary source for fire and fire investigative knowledge. Eighty F remains committed to investigating those responsible for committing arsons in our It is an holding them responsible for their illegal actions, said eighty have special agent in charge. Jonathan Macpherson. As a reminder, There is a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for arson. Eighty F takes these vile The federal government have been the only ones actually doing anything about this. This is the most important part as it pertains to Donald Trump, Joe Biden and the Democrats in organ. The state police were treated if it's illegal, it's illegal, the issue is, are we going to? I would go prosecute the federal government
have been the only ones actually doing anything about this. This is the most important part as it pertains to Donald Trump, Joe Biden and the Democrats in Oregon. The state police were treated because the district attorney would not prosecute it was up to Trump and the federal government common and actually arrest all these limited slower all these people right here. This is, I believe, seventy four people, some of them, are getting citations most of them are being charged assaulting officer check it out. They say several of the charge is being used to prosecute violent agitators, carry significant maximum prison sentences, for example, felony assault of a federal office, with a dangerous weapon is punishable by up to twenty years in prison? Arson is punishable by, the twenty years in prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of five years, it is important to note that, while some federal chow,
just require crimes to be committed on federal property. Others do not violent acts committed by the City of Portland, under the guise of peaceful protests, are being evaluated by local federal prosecutors for prosecution. They are coming for the rest of you. Some might get away with it. Many won't these cases are being investigated by the FBI. U S! Marshall service, that the eighteenth? U S: emigrations and customs enforcements, homeland security investigations, the final protective services there being prosecuted by the use attorney's office for the District of Oregon. You I've dice one! I'm I'm glad, I'm glad to see it! Man like I've been saying that the feds had been working on this the whole time, they don't just walk up, arrest you and then thought you in court. They got a file paperwork, they gotta get warrants. I gotta get evidence they filed away. But with your name on it, they come, they arrest you bone. There we go now all these people thought they were gonna play. Stupid games, get to win their stupid prizes, they say indictments comply and information are only accusations of a crime and defendants are presumed innocent. Unless,
and until proven guilty. Yes, yes, yes, so I am love in this statement. Absolutely these people are being arrested, I'm happy because each other they ve been arrested are being charged. It shows the federal government is willing to take action so when they tell you, if I'll drop is in charge. Now then, was wise in solving the problems there. You go buddy, it's right there in front of your face. You think Joe Biden Gonna send out these agents to don't deal is now is going to be. Like I understand, the rage of the peaceful protests have not taken a gamble on Joe Biden. You gotta be crazy. I'm seeing I'm I'm seeing people use? It is because the colonists spanned now we're about Heaven. It innocent until proven guilty see they're, not fascists at a constitutional, So, let's, let's actually see what's up, they say to help then, if I actors, who are actively in instigating sensitive port on the FBI, accepting tips and digital media depicting violent encounters during demonstrations. If you have witnessed unlawful, violent actions. We urge you to submit any information,
Photos or videos that could be relevant to investigations at FBI, DOT, Gov specific The FBI is assisting partner agencies by asking for the public's help and identity individuals who participated in or may have been witness to criminal activity at the following locations they say near inside them, autonomic county, just centre on May twenty ninth near the Chase bank branch, shortly before one a m on May thirtieth, and I say tips can bees can get, can be submitted. Scares me So Andy no ass, an interesting question either night, because apparently the unrest stuff, nah. I did mention briefly and begin to get up and It looks like there was no late night, violent protest or right in Portland for the first time and ninety three days. Something is off anti for wouldn't just stop could be because their terrified of the hearing that FBI Portland is stepping up its investigations. While we have this, FBI seeking information, arson and destruction at justice,
her Portland Oregon. May twenty ninth look at all these photos of people? Maybe we'll find them? Maybe they won't. I think this does player on it, but I think we now know exactly what the plan was. They are just going to canosa. Well, I'll, tell you what, though, Oh Governor Wisconsin has agreed to allow federal law enforcement come down. There's gonna, be a mistake. Check this out. That the police around this Van smash. The windows Paul people out a cop jumps in drives the van in parts it somewhere there's a crazy story, but you'll love to see it k. These people were caught with with riot equipment. We know what they're doing riot kitchen. What do you think? That's all about we're just here to give people food shot up riot kitchen you're there to go, put provide supplies to rioters. It turns
that may be the case now again innocent until proven guilty. So I did they smash the window out. You know it's unfortunate, but will see this place up postponed rights, members of right kitchen, two hundred six, a no charge kitchen serving protesters activist events and those in need in Seattle. Washington have been arrested by a third Reason. Canosa, Wisconsin after police suspected that they were preparing for criminal activity related a civil unrest, Canosa police release a statement following the arrests that acting on a tip bed surveyed the vehicles without of state plates feeling gascons the vehicles contained gas masks on its protective vests, illegal fireworks and suspected controlled substances and there it is illegal fireworks but they're, just trying to feed people why you bring an illegal fireworks into Canosa. What about?
all the videos we saw in the pacific northwest than throwing explosives in Seattle, a cop got seriously injured, got burned on his hand when explosive. What have, I think was his knee. Actually, his knee got hit serious injury, and now you gotta Group from Seattle come in with illegal fireworks down now buying it, so the Canosa Police Department put out this release. They say a video of the arrest taken by onlookers quickly went viral in the video lol. Fourth and officers emerge from unmarked vehicles and appear to have been from multiple agencies, including the: U S: Marshall Service whew. That's the feds baby common in Canosa police later confirmed that they led the operation. Here's the tweet Canosa Police Department, our immediate release. They say during the early evening, hours of August, twenty six, twenty twenty Canosa Police department or sea basin. Tip, alerting us to several suspicious vehicles without of state power.
Its meeting in a remote lot near state, highway, fifty and green by road, acting on its information Canosa police officers, offices located the suspicious vehicles and took up surveillance, Pinocchio police were assisted by the. U S: Marshals the vehicles where a black school bus, bread truck and ten minivan Canosa police confirmed the out of state license plates police the vehicles to a gas station near Washington, Road and thirtieth avenant police observed the occupants of the black bus and bread, truck exit and attempt to fill multiple few can feel cans, suspecting the occupants of these vehicles for preparing for criminal activity related to civil unrest officers attempted to make contact and investigate The officers exited their vehicle identified themselves were we. Bring appropriate identification and then detained the occupants of the bus and bread truck the many van attempted to drive away. However, Canosa police stop this vehicle.
And ultimately forced entry to the many van and arrested the occupants. The vehicles can in the various items that included helmets, gas, masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks and suspected controlled sup. And says the nine individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct and are pending charges, charging decisions by the Canosa County district attorney. First, the most important thing out of this letter. Somebody took them off good. If that means the people of Canosa dont want you they're, bringing your riot kitchen trash into their town. Don't bring it to work. I live either you guys know the story. I said but speaking event with with famed anti Extremist Darrell, David Darrell, Davis, Hooty radicalized, as members of the clan as the keynote speaker in my neighborhood, only a few miles from the local theater and they came from out of my area down here. They were calling from across the country threatening this business and they cancelled on us
fortunately, the events that happened, but I'm sick and tired of people coming from outside. I'd where we live, to threaten us to destroy or property our businesses, the goal of our event- it was a business venture. Now is the plan we wanted to put on a big event. We wanted to be able to give people an opportunity to meet someone, people that want talk about and that that was threatened by Anti fa. We ended up losing some due to varying Greece, we ended up losing money, I think ultimately broke. Even I am not entirely sure. The general idea, though, is that people who don't live here we're trying to harm my business. I won't have they tell the local papers. We won't allow them to come to our neighbour you kidding. May you came to my neighborhood and that's exactly what we to hear Bravo to the people of Canosa who called in not in my town, you'll love to see it and, most importantly, they let the cops. Do it and the cops did.
Tell you what men. I understand why some people would come out to Canosa, armed and say we're defending businesses, because the cops weren't there, but we need the police to take care of this. We don't want. We don't want armed civilians to be the ones who have to be dealing with this, and we want the police to be dealing with this. The problem is the left attacks, the cops, demoralized them and their breaking them down. What's happening exactly what you expect when the cops are demoralized when they quit when their demonized, when there told by the governor, stand down mostly out an autonomous and on but in general unanimity will, then you get cops, you don't show up, and then you get regular people who shop to fill. That gap. Now the important thing here that I will stress innocent until proven guilty- and I will point out There- is one potential pitfall under what for four: under what reason did they stop the van and forcibly removed people? Did they have probable cause and actually imagine the answer is yes considering raw
It kitchen was written on the side of the bus in the photo technology. This photo, they ve got. You actually see a boss, it's as right kitchen, if they saw it and the windows are all boarded up. That seems weird. If the police saw these vehicles, they knew therefrom. Of state, with ongoing riots, unwilling to bat probable cause, was fairly easy, but the disorderly conduct charges interesting and my concern is the exclusionary rural. While they argue that the police had no right to stop the van and smash the window, pulpy ballade arrest them. We will see in this viral video there claiming that you know that our friends were just trying to go there to feed people. So are you admitting that there were aiding and abetting extremists and terrorists be careful with your words? The incident occurred after the seven p m. Canosa curfew was instituted on Wednesday in a statement to the commotion news, the commotion,
These departments that citizens need to be off the streets for their safety curfew will be enforced. Right kitchen has been a fixture at Seattle Riots, including the arm take over of the Chaz accorded their go. Find me during chop. We built a full functioning kitchen and Kehl Anderson with an experience. Staff and a of vision, gluten free vegetarian, another dishes, the pay It also says that right kitchen was founded by mayhem. A queer black woman who started out by wanting to help feed the protesters are the George Floyd Protests in Seattle, Jennifer. Surely a right kitchen board member told the Washington post. The group was putting gas in the organisations, bus and food truck. When officer stormed them said it was pure craziness to suggest they were using the gas for criminal activity. It's two giant vehicles and generators. Rural said we don't have guns, we don't have weapons, we are there to feed people. That's it that's interesting. I thought they had illegal fireworks and vehicle. Are the cops lying? Hey? Maybe you know I'm not gonna blindly trust the government innocent until
I've been guilty, but some salt. Somehow I I think the car I somehow, I believe the cops are gonna come on this one. Correct right, writers have taken extreme measures to hide their identities, including those in power in Seattle: Wang Press Deckers on their clothing, while throwing objects at police, including glass and plastic bottles, earlier in the day. Governor Tony ever said that he would be increasing the presence of those content national guard to ensure the individuals can exercise their rights safely, protects aid, buildings and critical infrastructure and support first responders. Firefighters Canosa police. Nine individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct and are pending riding chart, appending charges right kitchen claims that four have been released. Writers in connection with content. I've been destroying businesses and in the area since Jacob Like was shot by cops. This we understand- hopefully I say hopefully
We we see more action like this. Seventy four people facing charges, the Dio Jays, letting us know they're not sitting by doing nothing. So let me just now: this clear one last time when they say Donald Trump cant do anything. You know Joe Biden recently tweeted. Remember all the violence happen under Donald Trump Swatch. Did it really, Mr Barton, That's true it is. It did guess what the d o J is acting accordingly and Donald Trump is condemning it every which way he can and I respect that you, however, Mr Biden are hiding in your basement and the democratic there's an mayors have rejected federal assistance for too long. At this point, I have no faith. You or any one of these Democrats to actually uphold the law and protect our communities. What am I
post. To do what I say I want my friends to hear someone talk about ending like supremacy and Anti VA threatens to burn down the theater. I won't stand for that and apparently the Democrats aren't going to do anything about it so who? What am I supposed to do is only one other person who said he will stand, stand up to it and its Donald Trump. So guess what its unsurprising? Donald Trump? His odds are improving and p. I swear. I gotta tell you man, there's a c span: video nine minutes. Long of Democrats calling and C span saying I quit the party walk away is real did. You know that you're almost say this red and struck. If you hear this, I dont believe you started the walk away. Movement you discovered it what I mean by that it was something that was ready to explode and ran. Instructed is research. He saw it. He saw walk away and he said this: is it not I get it. You really did start than that. The campaign, the hashtag in all that's brilliant, but
I'm trying to say is there was something red white ready to burst and he was the one who set the Meme Ford and pop that bubble in boom. Now we can, I'm doing video on this over at Youtube com. Slash TIM cast at four p m. So common hang out. Let's talk about the repercussions of this yesterday I said that the riots supporting it was backfire on the Democrats. It is worse still from bad to worse. It'll, be fun. I'll, see you all at four p m over at Youtube, not caught you to become slashed him cast. It is a different channel and I'll see you all them Donald Trump, one in twenty sixteen, because he add the votes to win the electoral college, but journalists never saw it coming there still confused about how they missed this major upset where the biggest upsets in american history there are slowly starting to realise that they live in a bubble. Take a look at the story from the New York Times. What, if Facebook is the real silent majority
right wing influencers are dominating the political discussion on Facebook raising questions about whether it will translate into electoral success in November. What you see what's happening as regular people are having real conversations. That's why they're calling in two c span see my segment on this at four ticket out at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast a different channel went up at four p m, but in it I shall nine minutes on C span of people saying enough with the Democratic Party, but these journalists aren't paying attention the other day, there are like. Can you believe that Trump violated the hatch act? Nobody Who cares? Maybe they should find, but nobody does the word about their cities burning down. Maybe if you paid attend To that you'd understand why Donald Trump is winning now in many swing states the New York Times, given roots rights. Listen liberals, if you don't think, Donald Trump can get reelected in November. You need to spend more time on Facebook since the twenty sixteen election, I've been
Secondly, tracking, how partisan political content is performing on Facebook, the world's law? just an arguably most influential media platform. Every morning, one of the first browser tabs, open his crowd, tangled a handy facebook, own data tool that offers a bird's eye view of what's popular on the platform I check, which politicians and pundits are going viral. I geek out on trending topics eyebrows the previous days stories to see which got the most reactions, shares and comments. Most days, the leaderboard looks roughly the same conservative post after concern. If post with the occasional occasional liberal interloper, if you want to see these list for yourselves, can check out facebooks top ten, a twitter account I created that shows the top ten most interacted with links link posts by. U S face web pages every day. It's no secret that, despite Mr Drums claims of Silicon Valley, censorship? Facebook has been a boon to him and his allies and hyper partisan Facebook pages are nothing new in fact
my colleague, John Harmon wrote about them for years ago this month. Let me just tell you, wouldn't let me stop for a second. There is censorship against conservatives and anti establishment individuals. Just because they are still winning doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We all know what happened with hashtag learn to codify the the best example, but many high profile, Trop supporters were purged from these platforms for bs reasons. Just because Ben Shapiro survives doesn't mean censorship doesn't exist, he writes, but what sticks out when you dig in that it went when you dig in the data, is just how dominant the facebook right truly is. Pro trot political influences have spent years building a well oiled media machine at swarms around every major news story, creating a torrent of viral commentary that well finally drowns out both the mainstream media and liberal opposition. The result is a kind of pair
low media universe that left of centre Facebook users may never encounter, but that has been stunningly effective in shaping its own version of reality inside the right wing facebook bubble, president trumps responds to covet, nineteen has been strong and effective. Joe Biden has barely capable of forming sentences and black eyes as a dangerous group of violent looters, all of those things are true. Isn't it amazing? They just don't get it. They really. Don't you see when you actively search for news, you will see, can acting opinion. If you come on Youtube, you may run across people like me, Jimmy Door, Conklin Scare, David Pachmann, Stephen Crowd, Saxon hammer weed but agree on everything. Some agree a more issues than others. Some really disagree, like I said we agree with Jimmy Door on complained about Democrats, but not so much on economic policy. Still, I think, all of as individuals are doing good things, it's interesting. How many of these
The visuals are legit commentators and not weird cringing grist or twittered twitter types on you too. If you come here and you and your conversation about immigration or trumps poles, you too will recommend trumps poles, it could be laughed, it could be right. In fact, it tends to be left, but you'll still here, opinions that are not in the mainstream, Thus, your view is going to be very, very different from those who just follow the beltway bubble. You see Kevin roses, shocked by all of this, because it's it's him he's the one in the bubble. Think about it. If most people on Facebook and Facebook is basically the biggest, I form believe one thing than whose really in the bubble, the truth is. There are different bubbles, some bigger than others, and the big bubble includes people who realise Trump did a fine job uncovered. That's a fact. Is it perfect? I dont know what else could have done. He ban travel to China, Ban travel to Europe. He issued national guidelines they claimed on exist. He did you can look at em like
this matter has been going around threatening people across this country with rights for about thirty people are dead, it's. I'm Wikipedia is serious. Yeah, you don't notice and Joe Biden after his own commercials, we'd have to watch them. Apparently Kevin Ruth hasn't actually watched Joe Biden commercials where he gaps in the crazy you know what you have said that there were like we did twenty takes, and this was the best one we could get it's all we can do. What's you couldn't just come back later, knock as Biden can't from a complete sentence. These people are in apple talking to each other surprise that outside the bubble, regular people are having conversations truly amazing. He says, Mr Ciampi, supporters are betting, that, despite being behind MR binding. The poles are silent. Majority will carry him to reelection Donald Trump, Junior, the president's oldest and most online son. Maybe, I ve been himself at the hour and seat and well I'm not political analysed. I know Enough-
but the modern media landscape to know that looking at people's revealed preferences, what they actually read, watch and click on one nobody's. Looking is often a better the case of how they'll act then interviewing them at diners or listening to what their willing to say out loud to pollster maybe Mr Trump Silent Majority, in other words, only seem silent because we're not looking at their facebook feeds. We live in two different countries. Right now said Eric Wilson, Republican, digital strategist and digital director of Marco Rubeus. Twenty sixteen campaign, facebooks media, echoed ecosystem. He said is a huge blind spot for people who are up to speed on what's on the front page than your times, and what's really what leading our CNN. He says to be sure: Facebook is not the only medium or right wing. Cotton thrives. Millions of American
they'll, get their news from cable news and talk, radio, where conservative voices have dominated for years many pro trump Facebook influencers also cite sizeable: presences on Twitter, Youtube and other social networks, but the rights dominance of Facebook, specifically is something to be old. Here are just a few data points I pulled from crowd tangle this week. You're gonna love this one, but let me just point it something. Maybe the reality is not that conservative people are thriving in these spaces, but liberals aren't paying attention easiest way to put it. Why is Seth Macfarlane, begging, concern? we have to vote left what's happening in this country, did Joe at the news why bill more wrong about the Covington kids he's now watching the news now, here's the best part he says The conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has gotten fifty six million total interactions on his facebook page in the last thirty days, that's more than the main pages of ABC News that an NBC News, the New York Times, the washing opposed and empty
our combined data from a different firm news which showed that mission Paris news out with the daily wire was the number one. Publisher on Facebook, in July you already for this friends. Bravo to ban Shapiro fifty six million total interactions. That is amazing, and you mean it's Oh me, that's more than ABC Nbc the New York Times Wash oppose an unfair combined, while my three channels I produce about four hours of content per day right now has just about ninety million views in the past month and about eighty or so in the month before that and about seventy or saw before them a month before that has been steadily increasing. Here's what I love about, how the mainstream media ecosystem works. Is he recently I sat. I wanna be voting for Donald Trump, because the riots, particularly our huge issue and I believe tromp- is best to cut the deal the economy and I'm not happy that I have to do it mind you. I would prefer
It preferred to join any one side, but I think you know what we need tromp to fight back against the extremists on the left. But let me tell you some I'm getting more than all of these mainstream platforms. Wow, that's impressive! I guess I'm proud of myself a spouse, and thank you all for one, Jane you. It's fascinating, though, the easiest way to understand, what's broken with our media landscape, is that after I said I was voting for Donald Trump people on Wikipedia started. Talking about including a section on my page, where I said that I'd be voting for Trump and it was rejected. You know why, because nobody wrote about it because nobody cares about who I am because these beltway journalists don't know what's happening. Think of but not a to my own horn. I think the credit goes to all of you who watch my content appreciate what I do. I do work really hard about sixteen hours, every single day kind of crazy. I guess, but it's funny that they their shocked to discover how well then Shapiro is doing on Facebook and they're not even paying attention it what's happening anywhere else
not sure they know who Joe Rogan is because his podcast appears number one on apple, but how They ignoring the major trends on an unused tube and and twitter I mean I'm up the six hundred and thirty seven thousand followers gaining like two hundred thousand passed several months. My channels have skyrocketing on extremely grateful that it's happening. It's amazing, but at what point do they realize hey wait a minute? What about this guy? I'm glad they don't care, I'm glad they don't notice. I'm gonna keep doing my thing, but isn't it funny that that you and I are sitting here essentially wouldn't call it a conversation. Butter listening to me monologue, I guess, and the mainstream media is clueless. Last year we had a fundraiser for what will occur. It is now scanner I see an hour, it was the largest crowd investment for the company who used to date, my understanding, one of the biggest in history as its relatively new. But this is big. My
for those of you that our still following ass, you are, there is still work going on behind the scenes and deals are under way. The companies is up and running, it's fantastic. People are out on the streets and they're doing a lot of edison and production. Not so much on Youtube for now will see how things play out. There was no coverage of this, they don't know or care that we are taking over. The narrative is changing. That gives me hope. I believe the silent majority, Israel, Asylum majority is actively paying attention their engaging and are doing it digitally, and the establishment media is on the way out. Donald Trump right now is the first internet president. In my opinion, he speaks on line. He speaks in means. He speaking the people where they're paying attention outside the media. He uses twitter to communicate and they hate it, but their blockbuster video. They are going away, they are failing there, they are dwindling and in their stead rises us.
Me and people. Like I mentioned earlier. You ve got people like sticks ladder with crowd or you got Eliza Schaefer. You got fleck as talks. You got Jimmy Door, Kyle Kalinowski, you ve got David Pachmann, not always right wing, not always centrist, not always left a mixed bag. We are all doing really well and where growing and their channels somewhat growing in certain areas, but I believe there false positives the New York Times, I think, is good because they're consolidating all of the other paper subscribers into one, but it is dwindling. Cable tv is dwindling as well. That's why shocking Tucker Carlson's writings our size there, but we are we and this means that may be not with Trump, but maybe twenty twenty four. We are going to get true internet politicians and the establishment will be gone, and this is good news for the left as well, not just the populist right but populous in general, taking over and their shocked to see it a lot. They mention that bright part is doing well and that the most shared Facebook post containing the two
black lives matter was a video by the right wing, commentators, the Hodge twins and then amazing, Terence K, William Williams, a conservative comedian, Trump supporters, average. Eighty six thousand five hundred into actions proposed in August, more than twice as many as Joe Biden really really interesting. Well I'll leave it there. I suppose I'm I'm I'm happy that these lunatics are avoiding and ignoring me, but I'll tell you what there are very few channels and commentators that are hitting ninety million views per month per month. I'm I'm extremely grateful. That's the case, and I am I mean honestly, I had whatever I'm surprised. You wanna hear me talk that much, but I was gonna keep working into my thing and I are tremendous respect and appreciation for everybody who watches even those who watched my conduct. Even the people who don't like me really do. Are I respect that you're willing to listen what I have to say, but I ll leave it It's good news and leave it there. The silent majority is really got a couple. More segments coming up in a few minutes a stick around and I will see you all shortly: Brigitte Fantasy tweeted,
My mentions right now, as expected, are versions of quote. I will do before it takes to destroy the Marxists and or fascist destroying America. My question: what is the way out? when both sides feel righteous in their cause and increasingly violence. I am one hundred percent opposed to violence. I oppose the death penalty and I believe everybody should chill out and talk their way through things I'm about to plummet. Anti war. I reckon sometimes I recognize Sometimes these things are impossible and because of that, violence erupts. But I certainly did not start any violence. In fact, I've been calling it four hundred and twenty calling for it to end non stop just four years, but the left has certainly brought it to my doorstep. I've been threatened, I've had people send failed, failed bomb threats to me that people post,
It was a family members and it's become increasingly dangerous for me to cover a news on the ground. I never asked for this. I denounced it, but they kept coming. It is not me whose advocating for violence- but I will tell you this- I will vote- shall be voting for Donald Trump and I'll be do Everything in my power to prevent these extremists from taking over. I think there are many people or still holding out on this belief that Donald Trump is pure evil. I've always said he's bad he's, not that bad he's just not my choice for president, but it at least he is an American who loved this country and will stop the chaos. The far left are overt racists They are increasingly unhinged and dangerous dangerous and I believe that their bringing violence to our two, our homes, they're burning down buildings and we need law enforcement to stop them. My response response to bridge it was she when, when she asked what is the way out when both sides feel a righteous, I said
I think there is one the left has embraced identity areas and I will never compromise with racists. I won't do it. I don't care what kind of racist they are. I won't my family lived through identity and government and got to experience victory. What with loving the Virginia and a civil rights ACT, and this in the world I get to grow up and created by The left, whatever the left was back then I believe in free speech. They're gone today recently. Well, Chamberlain posted at us? A quote from Bill Clinton and it was amazing he was made denouncing violence, and there was a woman, a black woman who is call it talking about killing white people and Bill Clinton, announced it, and I sat and now it's no wonder Bill Clinton. One two terms: a reasonable approach, saying don't call for violence and dont say you want to kill or hurt people, but where are we today? The number the number one book and civil rights on Amazon,
is from a guy who's, advocating for racial discrimination that one and one of the top books among the left right now was white fragility calling for racial discrimination written by an avowed racist and the left is following her. You want me to come my with those people, it's never gonna happen. At least Donald Trump is problematic, Khan. Civil liberties, I don't want to go back in time, is reactionary. Leftists someone responded to me, the moron pundit sang nobody wants to hear the real answer to that question, but here it is. When the war, a scary, to me, but I'm not sure they're wrong I've been saying this for quite some time, and I meant this in my earlier segment on my main channel over at Youtube Outcomes, liked him guest gone store yesterday and I said I would like to purchase some ammo, fine, sir, and they say we got any- that a ton of bird shot, that's about it that they had sums. Twenty two, you know I ve been out for me.
Guns? I'm not an export for the most part either. But I was looking for common. You know em oak types they did not have, they tell me, come back and what will see if we get what you would get any tomorrow, I can't make it became back in the dew told me that it was extremely difficult to get anything there were, like hundreds, of cars, lined up the distributor, desperate to get ammo, and they were all only allowed limited quantities. I think the guy only had like ten boxes of forty five ac PETE, so I said I will take what you're willing to sell me and he was not willing to sell me all that much I'm not asking for violence, I'm denouncing it I'm trying to make short stops. However, rigid fantasy makes a really great point. She says if Trump wins I reckon Amerika will burn. If Trump loses America Wilburn she basically said it is it well she's anxious about, but either way she sang. You should prepare for America to burn, that's right. Who will win when it does? I don't
I believe it Donald Trump wins. The left will go absolutely insane. I believe if Donald Trump loses the left Wilson go absolutely insane. I dont think it's gonna be coming from the right. It certainly not can be coming for me I'm getting away from the city's I'm moving away from the city's, I'm just trying to be defensive, but why? I tell you this storm at the ammo for a reason you can t we all day and night, the conversation about civil wars, dumb, it's stupid, it's not gonna happen, TIM you're being hyperbolic. All exaggeration, I don't care if you think it's nonsense. I don't I talk to my friends. And they're just moan about like normal life- and I say Have you paid attention of what's been going on and there are no mannerly Father news, I'm like that's fine and its those people. Like now nothing's going to happen, but then that the Do now me will hit and it will happen why? Because it already is happening. It came to Canosa and these people and can did not think it was the com they weren't paying attention and care and boom there. It is another bill
Things are gone and their begging for the National Guard Canosa. It's not a big town. It's just north of Chicago by only like, I think, forty five minutes, or so I'm I'm buying ammo but I'm not the only one. These stores are being cleaned out. What do you think that means so say it's not going happen and I hope it doesn't, but people are expecting it. Happen. I'm not saying they're calling for them and they want to happen. I'm saying they believe it will. Maybe they're all wrong, maybe we're all the crazy ones- and I hope that's the case now. Brigitte says he's not going about. She writes almost. Exactly: a year ago I wrote a pistol the battle cry of the politically homeless and which I lamented the toxic tribalism. That's infecting our politics and pitting neighbour against neighbour sister against brother Parrot against child democracy doesn't die in the darkness. It dies when politics become team sports in full view of a bloodthirsty cheering electorate. At the end I wondered we will return to the dark age ages, or will
He will evolve. Is that likely I dunno? Have we evolved that much from the roman, calcium, barreling and twenty twenty? It doesn't seem like it? I think we're just great but I'd I'd. I disagree and I think Brigitte is missing. The bigger picture, I have never liked Donald Trump as a candidate. I still don't like the idea of voting for him. It's just a fact, but I going to and it's not because I'm on anyone's team I dont want to be on anyone's team. I don't want to. And I'm never going to be a guy wearing a magazine. Marching run waving a flag, it's not gonna happen, but I'll tell you this. The left has embraced racism and I'm not exaggerating when I say this. They ve literally voted repeal the civil rights law from their constitution or the property or nine in California sky Abraham Candy, whatever his name is advocating for racial discrimination, Robin De Angelo about racist, leading the front of the left. I tell you this Donald Trump not trying to remove a civil rights legislation. The Republicans are not vote
to remove these things, in fact, they denounced and voted out. Steve king he's gone. He lost, the primary this idea that Donald Trump as a fascist, it's just insane. These people have lost their minds, They ve been burning down buildings and killing people for three months, and now I have no choice. You know why Donald Trump represents Americans who want stability, who want peace who want to work, feed their kids and live a normal life. He does not represent a fringe extremist faction. Certainly Trump is very differ from the politicians we ve seen before, but he's not trying to repeal the civil Rights ACT and if he did it will then I'm gonna be a really upset, but he's not it's the left that literally doing it right now. So I ll tell you what I have to look forward to maybe vote Libertarian Green Party. I'm sorry, I can't do it. I got friends who say they will If Joe Biden wins, the far left has already said quote, it is easier to
Overthrow Joe Biden than it is Donald Trump? Well, I'll call it a pair of paraphrasing because they use more disparaging terms for what Joe Biden represents, what they believe. He'll do, what they want, and he will Ten per cent of the CDC employees have called for racism to be a national health crisis. These people are called members for a free Religion, that's becoming more and more dominant by the day there of o overt racists, what they believe in is the same exact thing. The white supremacist did. The only difference is the color of their skin, the idea itself is still nightmarish and I believe the only way to push back against it is by voting for Donald Trump and hoping that he and Republicans when I've met with with black conservatives, who are all War Republican, who believe in the dream of Martin Luther King Jr at they'll be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. The left doesn't believe that bridge it says in the,
Last year the glove has been ravaged by a pandemic. I put the ineptitude of american institutions and leaders on display for the world. The pandemic has been mishandled from top to bottom. We had. We had to turn off China for people to put our healthcare and I'm sorry. I disagree with this Donald Trump points out the problem. A long time ago too, much of our products are made by China. Supply line is that shortages are becoming ridiculous, it's impossible to by hard goods, because our medicine are people he was made by China troops at this, years ago, Tromp was not my choice for Kennedy and I want to be in your team, but he's right he's right, I'm sorry, it's true, so Brigitte says call me crazy not optimistic about the future of America heading two. Twenty election about alone are primarily illiberal cities are falling into ruin and anarchy places where we, inequality exacerbates homelessness in crime, I'm no military genius, but when the Alpha male start, retreating, it's a pretty good indicator that can missions are deteriorating when men like
Yo Rowan Yon Mosque are taking their creativity, Kaplan empires away from the West Coast the glaring sign. That is probably time to get the hell out of Dodge almost everyone No here and allay is buying a gun stocking upon water. And wondering what the aftermath of the election results will look like. If Trump wins I reckon Amerika will burn if he loses a Echo will burn either way I am preparing for America to burn. You know I mostly agree and again I think bridges pretty great. Actually, so I recommend you followers on twitter unchecked, our stuff, but I think if Donald Trump wins, Amerika will burn, but it will survive. I believe it Donald Trump loses. Amerika will no longer exist.
Joe Biden is part of the establishment machine at sold us out to multinational corporations and sent our manufacturing to China and Trump called about. Ten years ago, Joe Biden has bending the knee to avert and avowed racists. If Joe Biden wins, this country will crumble. If Donald Trump wins, it will burn, but it will survive. That's why I'm will be voting for Donald Trump and I'm not happy about having to join someone's team. I don't want a vote, but I well because I know I have to do it. I leave it there next coming coming up in a few minutes around, and I will see you all shortly, I think this might be one of the best ideas. I've ever seen. Rap Jim Banks plans to strip riders of federal unemployment benefits. Why are they hitting unemployment benefits in the first place. If their riding it should be a no brainer that they should lose them. But hey he's figured it out, and this is at the government right now is subsidizing people who are going out
and burning things down the only reason their able to do it, but not looking for jobs, because their suckling from the good old Tita Uncle SAM. Well, it's time to cut it off you go on burn stuff down you get caught, you'll lose your money makes no sense to me right right. Bart reports rep Jim banks, Republican Indiana, is introducing legislation. This week, bright partners has learned to strip convicted riders of federal unemployment benefits and have them pay the cost of federal policing of riots. I love it simple, but effective. Financial solution of your ass me man legislation known as these support peaceful protest act would ensure that rioters convict the violence, vandalism or looting must pay restitution to cover the cost of federal law enforcement policing of the riot for what at which they are arrested. In addition, banks, his plan would mandate
convicted writers become ineligible for federal unemployment benefits during the Chinese grown a virus crisis. Some are currently receiving hundreds of dollars and extra unemployment benefits quote anti the thugs, are descending on suffering, communities, disrupting peaceful protests and leaving violence, looting and vandalism in their wake banks Edna statement They turned me Seattle in Poland, into war zones and they're moving the chaos to Canosa Wisconsin, who knows which community is next due to enhanced federal benefits. Taxpayers are having wages to jobless rioters that are destroying our communities. We need to cut them off from their funding and make them feel the full financial consequences of their actions. Banking legislation comes as riding as contained in Portland, Oregon and since broken out in Canosa County Wisconsin in Canosa Lowell, law enforcement asked for seven hundred and fifty United States National Guard too,
restore law and order, but Governor Tony Avars only sent about two hundred and fifty well. I think it's fair to point out here since accepted trumps offer for assistance good. On Thursday evening black lives matter. An antidote protesters stood outside the White House and accosted attendees of trumps speech at them for their public, a national convention Senator Rand, Paul and State Rep, Vernon Jones, we're both harassed and surrender. My protesters ran Paul is actually attacked, mind you normally isn't he wasn't hurt is because the police were standing in the way. Yes, this is obvious. Why are we so? Why are we subsidizing the extremism now. I want to show you. Some is interesting from Angola COM, New Jersey, Teen, who held black lives matter. Protest gets hit with two thousand five hundred dollar bill for police overtime. On the surface
I do not like this at all. If I want to go out and peaceably assemble and you want to send police, that's your cost, not mine, but there is an interesting point to be made here. The police are paid for by the community. So if you are going to go out and peaceably assemble protest- and there is a potential for riots and the entirety of the queen he has to pay for the police? Does it make sense, then, for the community to say you gotta pay for the security? That's interesting, it's not a clear cut, yes or no. In my opinion, I don't like the idea of telling people you can't exercise your first amendment right. Let's you pay a bill, but doesn't the community have a right as well if violence breaks out or if it is breaking out to have security for their community, and why should they have to pay for it when you show up and the potential for violence, Europe's
interesting question, though. Ultimately, I think it's a violation of the first amendment will see out, plays out and gay rights when Emily Gill learn of a lack of affordable housing and NGO would cliffs and the fact she believes black residents are priced out of her bargain county hometown. She felt an urgent need to enact changed the eighteen. Well to graduate from bargain County technical School in June. Organised a small, peaceful black lives that our protest last month she says angle would cliffs. Has dodged, affordable housing requirements for forty plus years Gill told and J advanced media? I find it unacceptable outside my problem. I love peaceful protest to american institutions. Country was founded on rejecting you know, basically, a violation of our rights and asserting our rights, though the first moment does say peaceable. Should she have to pay because, Other people are violent. I say no, that's the hecklers veto and I won't stand for. However, a corrupt media and democratic Party in this country has routinely called violent rights. Peaceful
oh and because of the ongoing Bonn riots we got us, not the cops so what we do now we're between a rock and a hard place. I believe we can just stand true to the constitution and accept freedom more important than security, and that means regular people, if you want to accept your constitutional rights in your freedom means people might show up, and you know what I lean in that direction- and you are also add to this. Give me the right to bear arms. That's also in the constitution. So if you want to go out and engage in your first minute right, peaceably, assemble and there's a potential for violence, I have the right to defend myself. The problem. Is there passing laws to restrict second amendment? I was ass, a really funny question by a friend not from America. They said hate him. Second, this interest- or I could you not the second amendment, does the right to keep their arms shall not be infringed, and I was like yeah, but how come, you can't go on by a gun and me my friends are laughing not at the question, but that, like the absurdity of
People who are not american can see how broken that is. What's really free. He is item even holders of I wasn't a staunch to wake. You know, guy up until the riots broke, and I realized how wrong I was a boy. I don't want. Any open about a bunch of guns, so if you want to go about you wanna protest, you engage. And he's right. First of all, yet we shouldn't be paying you at the very least, we shouldn't mead police, because people should be allowed to bear arms and protect themselves like the mcclosky did it's hilarious that people condemned the mcclosky when they are on their own property, don't to my house who do you think you are all three more the story. Four days after the rally Gill received a happy hefty belpher, please overtime, please promptly forward your PA amidst the bureau and the amount of two thousand forger, ninety nine thousand twenty six cents for the police overtime caused by your protest, The letter provided and J Advanced media states that, since Gill, had refused to me with officials out of the protest, the bureau was
scrambling to provide security. Your lack of notification, left the bureau with little time to prepare for your protest so that the police, department and Department of Public works. Could ensure that everyone would be safe, I'm I'm up amongst I am not bind it look. I am. I am absolutely opposed to extremism and violence and I'm sick and tired of peaceful protest being spouted. What people burn things down, but I'm not sit back and have and have a government tell me I gotta tell you when I wanna peaceably assemble is interesting because I mention this years ago. I said I think there some reasonable restrictions on got up on. You know on guns that we could do that, and I will be happy with, and someone said to me for short term. I agree, and I think that should be reasonable restrictions on the first amendment and we should restrict your right to say what you know what you want, and I thought that was a really interesting point. There are restrictions on free speech, things that are crimes but owning a gun, isn't a crime. They make certain ownership, a crime, the things that the things you can't say are things that are overtly illegal, like threatening violence and telling me
how to or encouraging them to commit crimes. That's not free speech. Owning a gun is legal, but they create leak. Legal restrictions make it harder for you to do so. That is creating the crime I'm looking. This now like maybe they're just needs to be some kind of straight up free speech. Constitutional, a constant honour, what you call it, but not necessarily absolutism, but there should be restrictions on what you can do with your speech and restrictions on what you can do with your gun, but not restrictions on what you on. You know what you hold like your own speak, but the general idea, I'm trying to say is you can say whatever you want until you take direct action, can anyone ever gone? You want until you take direct action that is illegal in the end, I guess the challenge here is a government that says if you would like to speak, you must come to us for a permit. Is this governments as if you would like to own a gun. You come to us for a permit, and I see I see problems there if she's gonna be complaining about receiving this bill
I'm sorry, I I it a hypocritical if you're gonna go out and say that people want to buy guns, have to pay money right when I went out to get my gun permanent id of stop to pay for it. If the, if I've I've spent an energy paying for this? Why shouldn't sheet no the realities. Both are wrong. You should be of the peaceably assemble. You should have a right to bear arms and I should have a right to defend myself. It's that simple, but for now you shall we there's no penalty for passing laws that violet constitution. In fact, penalty falls on the individual. Why is it up to me to go out and challenge being charged money for my protest so that they can rule unconstitutional What do I do spend time and energy to do that if there was there were no, I do in the first place. Why do I have two final lawsuit to defend my second amendment rights? My fourth, my fifth, all of my rights why do I have to be wise, the burden on me, the citizen, to shout
the government. They violate the constitution challenge. I do know the answer, but I tell you this: it's wrong for them a charge money on a first moment ground and it's wrong of them a charge Montana. Second limit ground people have a right to bear. Arms people have right peaceably, assemble get the government out of there. I didn't used to feel that way for the most part, but at this point. What can I say you know we have seen the ineffectiveness of government. We have seen the willingness of violent writers destroy Luton, Barn and, if I believe I have a right to protect myself. They have a right to speak up when they want if they get violent, that's when they cross the line at law enforcement can arrest them if they get violent towards me. I have right to defend myself. It really is that so outside our rapid Allah, the general ideas we can make our immense about what we have to do. I citizens for our constitutional rights, but the last thing we should be Is paying taxes to fund these people now? That is wrong. Don't make me pay, so these people can go out and riot and I'm pretty lefty when it comes to light taxes and government Paul
in social programmes, but I'm never going to fund a social programme that allows people to burn and loot and kill people. Sorry now leave their next it will be tomorrow at ten. A m on this channel. Thanks, rang out I'll, see you all next time.
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