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Democrats Quitting Party Clearly Has Pelosi Worried, Defends Ripping SOTU Speech And Blames Media


Pelosi DESPERATELY Defends Tearing Trump Speech As Backfire Keeps Getting WORSE, Blames Media For It. The backfire Nancy Pelosi faced after tearing up Trump's SOTU speech was so bad that even freshman congressman from her own party confronted her and called her out for it.She had no good reason to do it and many Democratic voters even quit the party over her tantrum. Now in an interview with CNN she is trying to defend her decision claiming that it was because the media doesn't give them real coverage on their successes.This is a complete farce. Pelosi has chosen to pursue nothing but scandals of Trump and its obvious to anyone. It took over a year for her to sign of on the USMCA because of the Democrats obsessions with investigating everything Trump has ever done.Americans are tired of it but the Democrats just don't seem to learn.

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I didn't think that Nancy Pelosi tearing up Donald Trump speech at the state of the union would make it this far end of the month. I assumed the new cycle gonna die rather quickly, but the back fire was swift and it was bad. Many democratic voters work Only in a c span saying they were quitting the party and they were extremely embarrassed. It was so bad in fact, fry many members of the Democratic Party in the House confronted policy which is exe dreamily, rare and now net. The policy in an interview talked about why she did what she did and I gotta say men. I really do believe she lying, it's obvious. She can't walk back what she did but it seems like she really wants to say. No, no, I didn't pre rip the pages I was just making marks, so I knew what was where and then you even, of fact. Checking organizations coming out in the defence of Democrats claiming a meme video made by turning point USA was in fact fake news because it was a highlight real or some
Then, surprisingly, even though these journalists are defending the Democrats, there still blaming the media for all of the bad press. By think it's fair to say, the Democratic Party is incomplete, Kay we saw what happened in Iowa with the Caucasus. Will yet another report coming out from politico saying that Democrats are freaking out right now, because they're gonna be using another digital tool to run this caucus and nobody's been trained for it. They got a bunch of old Ladys being handed Ipad, so I could you not they're saying they have no idea what they're doing you would think at some point. The Democrats would realize you cannot survive by making your entire identity orange man bad, and you need to offer up real solutions. While this is where I have good NEWS for Democrats, because the Democratic Party, it's now being said, will focus on kitchen table issues. Thank you and the response. Policy there actually Wang, whether to do more investigation and drop. I could you not. We got so close.
Minarets, realising Orangemen bad, is a failing strategy, and now the new whose comes out today. More investigations are on the way our right. Let's get started, by reading, just how Nancy Policy is trying to spin her shredding of Trump speech which backfired horribly, and they will talk about the potential investigations and for whatever reason why the Democrats just can't learn come on man take Yanks advice, he's had stop pretending. Donald Trump is the cause of all of your problems. I guess they really dont have any substance. Well, here's the story from Town Hall, but before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome, Slash donate. If you'd like to support my work there several ways you can give the best you can do share this view, and also I noticed many of you- haven't- subscribed if you do like this video and want to see more hit, the subscribe button click the notification Bell and that way you can make sure you tube action.
It gives you what you know, what my videos go up, because you to believe or not as implemented some changes to negatively impact, my channel and many other political commentators. So these are just some ways you can help and against subscribe to it, Town all says: Pelosi, spins or impromptu, so to shredding and places blame on the media. What I love about This is its actually, you know. Various journalists ran to her defence, calling it a smart move to change the narrative and she's adopting that talking point when it back miserably on them how speaker anti policy made waves when she shredded Present Donald Trump State of the union address earlier this month, then stay. We learned that she planned to make a scene, as evidenced by video footage. She confirmed her desire for attention during sclusively interview with CNN on Saturday, here's a quote from christian woman poor Are you giving a signal of the Democrats? Will fight back hard that you will not be concerned
reigned by what you believe to be insurgent behaviour on the other side this, as you know, a time to go model a mano. It means hands to hand, I guess, rent. Let me say this: I had now the intention of doing that when we went to the state of the union. In fact, I was well into well into passed. The first thought of it. I must speak reader. So I was reading ahead. So I knew what was there. I got past about a third of it and thought this is terrible, plus explained imo shenanigans right. As far as I could tell, I didn't see a reading anything. That's us our looking through the papers like briefly looking at it, and then she pre terrorism. Why probably to see if she could tear it in the first place? That's not what she's, claiming though they say accord the speaker. She decided to put little tears in the areas of pages she want to. Remember you mean
in the middle of all of them. That's what you wanted to remember openly spare us she's so embarrassed by what she did she's desperately trying to reclaim the narrative accept each page had something she thought was remember a. I made a niche on a couple of pages thinking. You ought to remember what was on this page. This page, then I realized most who page had something in it. That was objectionable, so it wasn't a planned thing, but it was she rolled her tongue in her mouth Clearly looking for words before she changed the subject? She then changed, end of saying it's the presses fault that she had to resort to such actions. One of my disappointment is fact that all we have done legislatively whether its equal pay for equal work, I'm so financially. Let me stop right. There that's been law for decades, sports radon. Raising the minimum wage gun bonds protection issues that relate to our own. The list goes on climate action. Now we have very little press
on its policy stated, and it seems if you want to get press, you have to get attention, so I thought well, let's get attention on the fact that what he said here today was not true, she is so bad at this trump is so good at this look. Tromp knows how the press works. His appeal, personality entertainer was manipulated the press for him. Tie your life. He knows how to general attention and boy. Does he do it? Well, he got five billion dollars in free press in the twenty sixteen campaign. You are not going to beat Trump at that game. If you want peace- to focus on your work. Do not engage on nonsense but Nancy. When you tear up the speech you completely shut, down any conversation about anything policy wise? This is a desperate cop out as if it's the media's fault for not covering what she's been doing when she does that like this, we all knew this was premeditated, it was obvious
Nancy was doing this for attention. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have ripped the speech up in sections. She would have continually turned as she ripped the papers so that so that every camera saw her. If, actions or because of a lack of press. What newspapers is she reading? What new station is she watching, because leftist media continually covers climate change and medium weight proposals and gun bonds? Prevention is something that's covered widely across the board. The left covers it as a national health crisis, those of us on the right point of the policies and continually talk about the second amendment infringements. Nice attempt at spinning Nancy, but we see through your bs, why dont completely agree with Everything Town Hall saying on this: I do for the most part, Nancy Policy had a tantrum and she regrets it and that's what she's doing now
Of course there has been a terrible, terrible backfire and I would be remiss not to at least mention this. A little bit Rhonda Mcdaniel of the GNP, is taking advantage of the c span, collars that I talked about this unilaterally. Many of you probably sought Democrats are blasting Pelosi and our colleagues for their pettiness, its aid to the union. They look like they headed our country. I will never, vote. Democrat again. Our party has been stolen by a bunch of communists, and this is from almost two weeks ago, but of course, Democrats need to place the blame somewhere, so they are now joining the ranks of the media bashers, as policy already stated, its the media's fault frat, covering all their accomplishments. I mean no at the media takes what it takes and when you give them a temper, tantrum they'll run the temper tantrum. You actually shifted the narrative away from what tromp was talking about onto or pettiness and at backfire on your face. So of course now they're gonna blame the media, but the democratic establishment is actually in a bit of trouble because youth me
beyond digital media that covers national issues. There actually going far laughed and that's what this is basically talking about. So in this regard, I ll actually throw the Democrats about listen. You ve got the establishment press on your side, don't play games, we all get it, but the new digital media is totally on board for the far left to be it Bernie Sanders or other I see now that presents a huge problem because our if he saw the video from other day or the vote this morning, activists stormed Bernie stand centres stage and stole the MIKE from, and I could you not. It was a young woman who probably wait half of what Bernie Sanders weight and he couldn't stop or from taking his MIKE. So while the far left does champion Bernie, he does surround self by these crazies and the Democrats in the old guard. The older democratic establishment are losing a grip when it comes to larger national stories and twitter and their getten mulligan jammed up by it.
I mean look at YO, see as six million plus followers on Twitter way more than all of his establishment Democrats and there's nothing. They can do about it. But, let's not you know, but let us be real here as much as the Democrats want to pass the buck onto the media because they are mad about what they do or policies met about what she did, check out this fact track trumps. Misleading posts on policy ripping up so to address. This is from about a week ago fact check. Dot Org actually claimed that a video that was meant to be like a package showing the various points of Trump speech and then creating a meme essentially around plus you up at this aid was false. I'll tell you what happened
you probably know, but let's, let's owner, brings back up the video shows various things. Tromp was saying good things and then every time he does it shows Pelosi wrapped. The speech they weren't trying to convince people that policy ripped the speech identically the same way every time and had multiple copies of the speech by the media play games like this I pointed out earlier. They'll do something like you know. Did Nancy policy actually rip up trumps speech comma several times and then I am all of the statements by everyone pointing out she did those false, not true, never happened at the bottom but the story will say while she did actually rip up the speech, she only did it once because most people don't know what's happening. So you know what all blame the media all day and night. It's the game. They please Pelosi is now playing games with CNN, who probably don't give her any real push back. It up challenge her at all and let her just pretend like she did it on purpose,
what Nancy Policy is saying about ripping the speech running at attention was an activist talking point and she was probably panicking after the blow back. But of course she is super Patty and this is this is this- is the level were at still on February, sixteenth Endeavour and somehow we're still in the same news. I got to go. Get me music reports. Trump wasn't acquitted because there was no proper trial, says Pelosi, he's impeached forever and not vindicated. That's. How petty the Democrats have become. It's over yet with a programme we just on numerous outlets, the other day saying Trump has become unstoppable, but policy is just so Patty. She can't give it up so much so that she still bringing up ripping up the speech as if it was a good thing to do, but it wasn't
Now I gotta be honest. I saw the story here from the New York Times and actually had a bit of Pope in my heart that she finally learned her lesson: stop playing the media game with Trump. You will never win start talking about real issues like health care and jobs, and if tromp tries to bait, you just don't say anything, but I gotta be honest at the state of the union trumped in Beit her with anything. He just gave a speech and talked about is accomplishments and what he liked she had a temper tantrum. That was the mistake. She's not focusing on this. Is that the media's fault there helping you and it's not trumps fault. He gave his speech now. You might be thinking Democrats plan to highlight healthcare and jobs over investigating trump. Say with impeachment behind them in an eye on November Democrats appear to have decided that focusing on president trumps norm sharing, words and deeds. Only elevator hope. Oh thank you. Finally learned
a wonderful, wonderful, wait, a minute. What's this Democrats way what or to pursue new investigations as elections loomed election looms. Some calls program to Roger Stone sentencing, while others, are wary of another drawn out fight with the White House. You were so close. It yourself, clubs, just the up you're. Still so close, you don't need to do this, but of course I'll tell you what I actually protect. It's gonna move forward because there is no real democratic party right now I mean you remember before impeachment happened, oh cause. What has treated the real scandals? Democrats won't impeach Trump and then, as soon as Nancy Policy moved forward, a Yossi at us at an event said: oh I'm totally over it. Who cares and it's like to stop listening to these people? There's no leadership, that's the real issue, Energy policy is not a leader for her party. She can't direct them to do anything, No one wants to agree with her anyway. Adam ship is going
but every wants you still. He still investigating trump. It doesn't matter of Nancy Policy comes out in says yes or no. She resisted important in the first place, but she is too spineless actually do anything about it. Did you know that there was a pole done in twenty eighteen half of Democrats had she needs to go. She really really does for not not just for policy reasons This doesn't what she's doing what let let Logan I wish. I were to show this near time story a little bit, because the story self is actually still kind of sad because they still kind of it. Met. Democrats haven't learned anything they report House Democrats. Covering from their failed pushed to remove President Trump from office are making a sharp pivot to talking about health care and economic issues. Turn
away from their investigations the president, as they focus on preserving their majority they're, not going to its too late. Impeachment was a mistake. Top Democrat say that oversight of the president will continue and they plan in particular to press attorney General William P Bar over what they say. Our trumps efforts to compromise the independence of the Justice Department, but for now at least, they have shelve the idea of supporting Mr Trumps former national sick
the advisor, who was a central figure in the president's impatient trial. I gotta say this is actually good news and its good news if you're tired of the complete bs, its goodness, if you're tromp supporter their backing down stopping the scandal nonsense. Actually, no, I think it's it's bad news for top supporters impeachment help trump the Cavanaugh affect helped Trump helped Cavanaugh help. Republicans I mean tromp is raising record money. You gonna want that to continue right. So, finally, the Democrats are doing the right thing, though policy can be petulant and petty, at least now they're saying this in a series of private meetings over the past week and in written instructions. She distributor lawmakers Thursday. Before a recess. This week, Nancy Pelosi made clear: the emphasis must shift. Healthcare healthcare healthcare. The speaker said describing the parties message during a recent closed or meeting according to a person in the room who insisted on anonymity to reveal private conversations.
Did they had to be laser focus on getting reelected? When you make a decision to win, then you have to make every decision in favour of winning. You know I'm going to give us some credit. I dont think policies only the problem? She she seems to have have defended the right thing in the past, but kind of spiral out of control, as things fell apart may be the reason she tore. The speech wasn't really about tromp, but our general frustrations with being a failure, and I don't mean, like general, I mean she's won her seat over and over, but I mean this these past few years. Is everything. She's done against Trump has been a failure and she should have told them no to impeach, which initially did she relented. Perhaps she's met it herself, while of course we're still sitting in the same world of impending investigation,
is literally on the same day: she's talking about healthcare. The story comes out in the Wall Street Journal that they're going to do the same thing over and over again, which brings me to the story from the New York Post from Miranda Devine. Who says that the myth she says the moment was when the myth of the master political strategist was busted and we saw Pelosi, seventy nine for what she was pretending to be classy and prayerful when she full of petty hatreds and is incapable of holding or party together a woman who parades her Catholicism, while advocating no holds barred abortions feigning to pray for the president, while deriding him as sedated as the leader of the Democrats until they select a presidential candidate policy, is everything that is wrong. With the party she told reporters that ripping the speech was a
very dignified act. The courteous thing to do considering some of the other exuberance is within me, but our petulant vandalism was the opposite of courteous, quite obvious, and now well now, there's just bad news for Democrats moving forward. They may decide to back off the investigations which, in my view, would be very, very smart to do, but because of everything you ve done, the back fire is yet to get as bad as it can be. Now it backfired what we saw those democrats quitting. What would you think comes in? I will first. This is the wrong article. Bottom up bringing up anyway policy still thinks Joe Biden has in. I don't know what she's not she is anything but a master strategist, but when I wanted to get to was the fact that
Prompt and his allies for now going to be going after their own investigations. You opened the door for this. It didn't have to be this way. Trump wasn't publicly speaking about the widens until they decided to do the impeachment and are dragging Joe Biden out into this one ends up happening. While I can't tell you why Joe Biden flopped miserably, maybe he really was the front runner? Maybe I was wrong about that and maybe the reason he drew so dramatically is because Democrats couldn't help but parade around the bite and allegations to go after Trump one of the stupidest things they could have done. They don't realize the press. Attention flows both ways. Yes, you accuse trump of wrong doing, but not everyone is going to be a diehard Democrat to believe you. Some of them ended up hearing the allegations against Joe Biden and now yes, it's time to count Joe Biden out. Of course, Nancy plus he doesn't want to do that. Cheap wants
to keep thinking Joe Biden can win, but regardless of what she thinks, she's wrong and an end, this to me shows she's, not a strategist, she's floundering should have never inherited. The party should not be speaker should not should not be the leader it's time for her to step down. Some one else needs to comment because she's been nothing but a disaster for the Democrats and it's not just her men. I was thinking of doing. This is a leads I meant, but in reality it just shows the state of the Democratic Party shambles pure chaos. Io was a nightmare. New Hampshire was pretty much ok, but now we have the story from politico quote: a complete disaster fear grew up. Fears grow over potential Nevada caucus, malfunction. Volunteers, complain of poor training for a vote, reporting system that was adopted on the fly. The Iowa APP Democrats use failed. Some people think it was a conspiracy now care about that. It just fine
the Democrats are adapt, as evidenced by Nancy policies, actions and everything's she's done said, but now there apparently being headed ipads you ve got. Apparently these theirs old women. Being handed ipods, and I have no idea how to use them. They say the Ipads warrant discussed. Still more than half way through the presentation. The volunteer said when some asked how early vote totals would be added to the totals compiled, live at each precinct, the personally The training said not to worry, because their ipads would do the math for them. Ah, I can trust that the democratic establishment handing out ip That will do all of the mouth for you, so dont worry about when when they say that Peat Buddha Judge wins right, you guys Remember what happened and twenty sixteen in Nevada with, like, apparently the police had to come in then that did the Dnc kicked out Bernie delegates to give Hilary the majority yeah here's a coup they there were old Ladys looking at me like oh we're going, have ipads the volunteer, told politico after sitting for the two hour.
Training session, the person predicted the caucus would be a complete disaster, and why am I not surprised? You know Trump United? The Republicans and its working out for them really well they're getting everything they want. The wall is being built, trumpets, appropriating more money, for it he's curbed, illegal immigration. I mean immigration in general, the economy's doing great. I don't see how he loses unless Republicans just don't come out at all and sit around thinking, they can't lose. Maybe this let us play conspiracy game. What if everything policy is doing, is in fact a masterstroke. You see by pretending to be completely enough.
Failing every step of the way, allowing trumps approval, rightness, skyrocket and fund. Raising the common record amounts she's lulling, Republicans into a false sense of security, so that come November the Democrats can pots and they will come on record numbers with a top secret blue wave strategy that will leave Republicans floundering, yet no way. The simple solutions, a simple solution suggests there just completely inept and flop and around with no unity whatsoever, so who's gonna, when I don't know, but it is becoming increasingly likely, at least according to five thirty eight. The Democrats are headed for our contested convention, which means Bernie will probably when most of the delegates the can. The convention will be contested. The super delegates will step in and handed all too autonomic Bloomberg or something
or PETE Booty judge. I don't I was gonna get it, but I don't think it matters because of how insane everything's been so far. So look, ultimately, what can I really say other than what I have said, fifty million times the reason policy is coming up. Speaking on you know, with christian arm in arm and pour in my opinion, is because she knows people are really mad. She did it and she's trying to justify it and maybe give some people a reason to stay behind her they're, probably not going to, though the people working there quitting the party are doing it because she tore it up for whatever reason now she's try to say, but the media wooden cover our great accomplishments. I had no choice not by I think you just made a big mistake, but take whatever I ll leave it there. I think there's only so many videos, you no hope, none about nominal, not myself. I wanted to say this
really so many videos I can do, but the Democratic Party being complete shambles. But I thought now, I'm pretty sure something will happen next week and will be here all over again. There are already panicking and I'm thinking to myself. Well, I've got fifty eight video saying Democrats, panic. Do I really one another one eye role, but they are. What do we do about it lets us from. Political political, not a conservative outlet and they're calling the vat on impending complete disaster whenever man- I'll see you on the next I've at six p m at Youtube COM slashed him news. Thanks, rang it out.
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