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Democrats Release Detailed Plan Of How Trump Will CHEAT, No One Will Believe The Election Results


In a new op-ed the founder of MSNBC claims Trump is preparing a plan to cheat and keep the presidency even after losing the election.The claim is that republican controlled states will jam up the electoral vote so that neither Biden nor Trump can get enough votes then the house splits along state delegation lines and Trump wins reelection.Regardless of what happens it seems like no one will believe what happens in November.The far left is currently advocating for a green party vote which could help Trump but maybe the forecasts about him losing are correct. But maybe Trump is right and mail in voting results in fraud leaving all of us confused and split along tribal lines#Democrats#Trump#Republican

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The data November. Fourth, twenty twenty Donald Trump has just secured just enough electoral votes to reclaim the presidency for another four years, but wait a swing state that just voted for Donald Trump has a governor intervene, saying? No, no! Our elect robots should instead go to the winner of the overall popular vote, as many democrats have been insisting for a long time They then decide to give the votes to Joe Biden, who immediately declares victory. Sang Multi states, choice right now, I'll drop says: how we won the electoral college. We want both sides declare victory. No one has any idea. What's going on, and now you have both sides claiming their the legitimate government. Now, maybe it could actually at work this way, but I was an idea floated to mean an email I received some time ago. Many people said it would never fly, but they could theoretically just try and it would end up in the courts. I suppose now, whether not that's plausible. We have a story here from
is weak. How tromp could lose the election and still remain president, where these writers break down a point by point play where Donald Trump could you those concerns over voter fraud to essentially remain the president, even after losing now to be fair, There have been a lot of stories about Trump refusing to accept defeat in. As most of us know, it was an. It was actually the Democrats who refuse to accept defeat, claiming that Putin did it Oh, you know, I don't know Ukraine or China. Whatever is trying to claim they don't like the fact that our trump actually one, but the real question is Will anyone actually accept the results of the twenty twenty election? So do any of these scenarios matter? Perhaps trumped just winds, and everyone says he cheated. Perhaps Biden just wins and then tromp supporters say he cheated.
Looking now at wives were widespread mail in voting nation wide mail and voting because of covert Donald Trump and Republicans are concerned about the potential for fraud. True story and I'll show you I actually receive to my house a male in ballot for someone who does not live your name and as far as I can tell didn't ask for considering them lived here for a very long time by no the poorest yes, yes and official melon ballot completely in secure now many people are left out. Male in voting is secure. There's not gonna, be fraud tromp, I sadly, gonna be found all over the place. It doesn't really at our. Whether or not you think fraud will be bad all that man, as is, can there be? fraud and the answer is yes: we ve already seen it and Patterson New Jersey, it's bad twenty percent of the vote being disqualified. What does that mean if and over Fourth, we are going through all the numbers and going through all the vote, and even a tiny fraction is called into question. You will see lawsuits forever and then
happens if they say you know what these, Small handful of counties- maybe only one percent can't be properly accounted for. Do to mail in voting questions and insecurity, and then both sides declare either they one or the other has lost, and in the end there is. There is just the reason why both sides will refuse to accept the results. So what happens? ass. Then everyone goes insane in trustingly, however, and the reason why I want to talk about this is because You know I said for a while. I thought tromp was in for a landslide, especially with with all the rioting, but then, as riots went unchecked thought. Maybe people won't have confidence in trump and trumpet gonna change my tomb, I saw a lot a high profile profile. Try the porter saying they weren't happy with them and maybe now trap is on track to lose. This is resulted in many people, saying TIM's, flip flopping on the issue. I don't I mean maybe, but it's not like I'm going back and forth It's that I started with thinking, tromp was gonna win and have now shifted, saying. Maybe I was wrong about that. It's that simple, so I decided
As we are seeing a far left, which is opening the door for a Trump victory through their violence, and also through actually seems like they want Europe. To. When I mean this, I mean the seriously seem like the far left does want trumped. When I can explain this for you once we get to this point is of the video, but they think it will. Radicalized people write that down. You ve got people scared of the violence and you gotta far left that actually might be getting truck. Might want trumped when there are reasons why Trump actually may win, notably a forecast model called the primary model, which is predicting a Donald Trump. Slide, or at least a ninety one percent to ninety one percent, chance of Donald Trump victory. I'm not going another video sang I jumped gonna win actually want to talk about how could lose and still remain. President and somebody ideas around whether not anyone would actually accept if Trump or Biden one the end. What that really means so start with this the call from Newsweek before we do had over two TIM cast out?
slash donate. If you'd like to support my walk, my work as many waging give there is a p o box. You can send stuff if you would like, but think you can do is share this video on are the big marketing budget to compete with major companies. Best way, I can actually growin and sustained. What I do is just word of mouth, so, if you like, what I do think could do a good job share. The video in any form, if you just want to watch the like button to subscribe button Notification Bell and let's see what news week has to say first how Trump could lose and still remain, president they write. It is increasingly looking as if Joe, by can beat Present Donald Trump in November, the president's seems more and more out of step with the national mood from its handling of the pandemic. To respond, Sir racially biased, policing, not dimension, a wide array of other issues. Even key swing states trumpet losing ground that would be difficult for him to make up for Trump. There are two broad pathways to maintaining
our first. We can already see very clearly a strategy designed to suppress voter turn out with the purging of registration roles of large numbers of mostly urban voters, efforts to suppress mail in boats, which arm, which are more necessary than ever given covered. Nineteen The election apparatus that is training. Fifty thousand pull watchers for the purpose of challenging citizens, rights to vote on election day and a significant effort, significant efforts to in person voting in urban areas as cumbersome as as possible in order. DR long lines, that discourage people from exercising their voting rights. Now let me stop right there and try and give you the other view of things. That's how the left of use it, let's see how other people view and I dont say necessarily the right, but where this down first of all purging voter registration roles that the way the left frames. That is there trying to disenfranchise legitimate voters. The way the right tends to frame it is that there are people I I don't know your beard, long deceased, grandmother or people who have moved out here.
Don't these voter roles and if people can don't need an idea, let us vote. They can say what they want. You might get voter fraud. The left argues voter frauds and widespread. It doesn't matter so long as it can happen. And if we're talking about mail in voting, this is really bad. So perhaps voter pole right, What voter registration rules being purged of inactive non voters makes sense. They say efforts to suppress male imbalance which are more necessary than ever Well, perhaps it's true considering I myself have actually received a melon ballot, as you can see right here, here's the photo so legitimate. As official melon ballot. It's it's a melon ballot. This is ripe for voter frog, so perhaps the right has a good point as a potential for voter fraud so trying to get this down. There seems to be long lines, but the long lines that everyone saw in Kentucky actually result of democratic politicians. Of course, everyone's gonna point the finger at everyone else. Will they break down this? They say
tromp actually twitted on June, twenty second rigged, twenty twenty election billions of male imbalance will be printed by foreign countries and others will be the scandal our times with this trump has begun to are you the groundwork for the step by step process by which you? all down to the presidency after he has clearly lost the election. Oh boy, it begins one bite and wins the popular vote and carries the keys swing, states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by decent, but not overwhelming margins to trot immediately declares the voting was rigged. Yet there was mail in ballot fraud and that the Chinese were behind a plan to provide for watch joint melon, bouts and other election hacking throughout the four key swing states that that gave by his victory. Rail against the Chinese three having, rather As the chinese thrust. The campaign called but in soft on China, Trump deliver his narrative, claiming the Chinese have interfered in the. U S. Election for Trump indicates
This is a major national security issue and he invokes emergency powers directing the d o j to investigate the alleged activity in the swing states. The legal justification for the presidential powers invokes, has already been developed and issued by bar on the pause, real, quick and say if you ve been following the him guest. I r L podcast. I believe it was that was where I mentioned. I thought there would be some kind of false flag where the government capture some kind of chinese counterfeiter or something as a pretext for some kind of conflict. Resting that these lefties over Newsweek our insinuating something similar number five, the invest, investigation is intended to tick doubt. Take down the clock toward December fourteenth the deadline when each state's electoral college electors must be appointed as the very issue, the Supreme Court on. In Bush. We gore in ruling the election process had to be brought to a close, thus forbidding the further counting of Florida ballots. Six all forth. All fours swing states have republic
control of both their upper and lower houses or of their state legislatures Those state legislators refused to allow any electoral college state slate to be certified until then national security investigation is complete. Now this is the inverse of the scenario presented to me via email, where I sat a governor intervenes and says: give the electoral law to the popular vote winner? This is something inverted where the state controlled legislatures, Republicans actually say. No, no. We can't move forward because of national security issues. Sir, the Democrats will we'll have begun a legal action to certify the results in those four states and the appointment of the Bible. Slate of electors, arguing that true has manufactured in national security emergency in order to create the ensuing chaos. Eight. The issue goes up the Supreme Court, which, unlike the two thousand electric election does not decide. The election in favour of the Republicans, however, indicates again at the December fourteenth. Throw college deadline must be met at the President's national
Carrie powers, legally authorize him to investigate potential foreign country intrusion into the election, and if no electoral college slight can certified by any state by December fourteenth the Electoral College must meet anyway and cast its votes. Nine. The electoral college meets and without the electors from those four states being represented, neither bide nor Trump has sufficient votes to get in draw college majority ten. The election is thrown into the House of Representatives pursuant to the constitution under the relevant constitutional process that When the house is by state delegation where each delegation cast one vote, which is it Carmen by the majority of the representatives in that state. Currently there are twenty six It's that have a majority republican House delegation. Twenty three of a majority Democrat. There is one state Pennsylvania that as an evenly spread split delegation, even if the house, even if the Democrats, what a pickup seats in Pennsylvania
and hold all their twenty eighteen house gains. Republicans would have a twenty six to twenty four majority. Twelve. The vote would enable Trump to retain the press. And perhaps you say it's insane. Maybe that won't happen. I think I have no idea. What's gonna happen, we are truly living an interesting, an unprecedented times. So I really have no idea, but isn't this an interesting scenario bit circuitous long winded, but not do this. Similar to what I talked about previously, an IRA podcast about maybe Trump wins the electoral vote. Give a swing state. You know, electors up are appointed to Joe Biden instead based on the popular vote and all chaos ensues in the end. I think what we see from both of these ideas is an inversion of basically the same thing but accusing the other side in this. They accuse trump of interest. Bearing in mind scenario, we accuse the Democrats of interfering, but in the
The reality is: voters won't accept the twenty twenty election results, no matter who wins, lotta people have said it. So then, what happens as we are entering these truly unpredictable, unprecedented and interesting times. Many people have brought up the prospect of a civil war if this goes from the top down from the highest levels of government, all the way to the street level, regular people than you add seems the makings of a civil war are legit. We then have the woke far less And then we have the civil liberties civil libertarian constitution was conservatives. Take that for what it is. You're gonna see fringe elements on both sides fighting for their opportunity to and from the ashes of the old. They will build a new target. Jack that will happen, but I will say something before him.
Further and entertain the possibilities of absolute chaos and bedlam. I want to point out they ve said this before the New York Times October. Nineteenth Donald Trump won't say: if we accept the results of the election, here's one from PBS Trump won't accept election result. If he loses two loses, as Clinton expands campaign, interment states October, twenty first, twenty sixteen And then, of course, you have the actual potential for fraud, which or I'm sorry that so those are the older stories. But as of now, I show you this, because there is an actual probability that there will be some fraud that I'm kind of all. Seeing in which case, even though people have mentioned in the past rumpled except the results you didn't have the same thing back then, as you have you have as you have today, but let's go to the pollster who predicted twenty sixteen now Saying- Donald Trump will win in twenty twenty and what this means
He says a new Wisconsin poll shows President Donald Trump with a small lead over Joe Biden. The pole is by Trafalgar Group upholsterer that correctly predicted Trump would win the electoral college and twenty sixteen Trafalgar group had had the only pole showing Trump winning the Battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan in the last election, the group also correctly predicted that Trump would win North Carolina most other poles got it wrong that Trafalgar groups twenty. Twenty Wisconsin Michigan Poles are outliers this year too, as most their polls show Joe Biden breaking out with significant leaves of the president's, so you get the of the general idea they go on to say that they spoke with them and their their predicting. What many art, but if we move for now, based on those outliers, horsing tromp might actually when these swing states. I highlight that dimension. Maybe news which prediction is wrong, but take a look this professor, who predicted trumps twenty sixteen when explains why he thinks Trump will win again, and this
four May twenty. Ninth. The story was then repeated on June twentieth. Trumps primary vote totals trouts previous incumbents numbers. With no serious challenges for public and party nomination and high approval numbers among a GEO. Peas rank and file trump could have crews through the spring campaigns he's, unlike most incumbent president, do. Instead he travelled to eighteen states for campaign rally and spent more than a hundred and fifty five million dollars to rack up high primary vote totals for an emanation he had no chance of losing his work. It's interesting! I dont, member any uncontested primary campaign. For I see President, like this Stony Brook University, Professor helmet North, nor pulse nor path, told the post people dont know molly turn out in large numbers for a race without a challenger, but in twenty three of the twenty seven states that held primaries both this year and twenty twelve. When President Obama ran for that for reelection Trot
as wrapped up higher raw vote totals than Obama did often doubling or tripling his predecessors numbers His primary vote totals also beat George W Bush is in two thousand for the high trump turn out showed up, not only in reliably republican States like Montana Arkansas, but even in deep blue strongholds and in purple states that Joe Biden hopes to flip come November. Yes, the enthusiasm gap, we get more people, they just love to vote trump and they're, not back down. If Joe Biden can muster this vote, then why would we expect from to lose well they're saying he's gonna lose. First, I bring you back to the year twenty. Sixteen who will win the presidency. Hillary Clinton. Seventy one point, four Donald Trump. Twenty eight point, six and as we know, tromp actually won, and I bring you now to another forecast model that has Joe Biden at eighty seven point. Four and Donald Trump at twelve point. Six
we just seeing the same thing play out of all over again. I don't know, the media might be wrong, though, for a few reasons. There, betting on people voting for Joe Biden, but what? If the far left, defects and votes Green Party Third Party or burn and Joe Biden gets him a minority, Donald I'm gets a minority, but Donald Trump gets the plurality. Then Donald Trump winds or everybody loses what happens if no one reaches to an assembly. Electra Boats or what happens if Donald Trump wins torn. Seventy one, because Democrats split is possible, but I think one of the big factors right now: that's making it hard for us to understand, what's really going on and what we can predict is the fact the media has been matching our brains. The kid you not. I can't it's hard to know what's happening. Maybe the confusion is on purpose, or maybe people are just confused.
But I bring you now, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna subway this into how the far left is actually trying to help Trump win and I think they may be before I do. I want to talk about the confusing state of the media. Political reports. Trump admits it he's losing. Yeah, that's right! Amid a mountain of bad pulling in stark warning from allies, the president has acknowledged his re election woes to allies. Well, look at this sad frumpy picture of the president. Looking down knowing the end is nigh. The good for years Trump, I suppose for him and his supporters, but he just won't make it again. Well, that's trumps own words. Stumps onwards, what's this, I mustn't be sees Donnie Deutsche predicts. Tromp will drop out in the face of the biggest landslide defeat in. U S, history, that's right! the sad he knows, he's gonna lose and he's just get ready for defeat. In fact, has Trump already lost meet here? Is the New York Times July first there's a persuade the argument that the twenty twenty alike
as already over and Trump knows it. I mean he admitted it right. Political reported, Trop admitted he's. Gonna as we all know it see. Tromp predicts big wit waiting, but Trot predicts big win in Amber, pointing to silent majority, say what's from only a few days ago,. So what is really happening honestly, I can't tell you that He has telling us everything and other day you just admitted they're telling us everything they're saying Trump will win, some will lose up is down. Left is right, nobody knows no. Knows what is happening with a lot of the same stories. Trouble refused to refuse to accept the result of the election once again, but it was Democrats that refuse to accept the result of any of the election. Maybe it's just a trump victory, maybe that's it and I think it may be because the far left his actually gotta help trump. When I bring you now this tweet from Andy know, I've been citing him a lot today. Recent you know do today because he covers the far left and even
Talking about. What's been going on with this uprising, whatever you call it Andy, no tweeted this force that plan for overthrowing the you government was posted outside the federal Court house that was attacked by annual last night in Portland, step too. Says the US economy. Us economy should be kept in tatters. I wonder if the Green Party supports this plan and here's the poster stuck outside, where aunt, if I was fighting with the police, in: U Dot S marshal it sets up. One vote Green Party in the November elections to prevent a corporate she'll candidate from being elected to keep the country mostly shut down by way of strikes, boycotts and peaceful demonstrations. Three. Establish consensus on a plan for the new system and for persuade the National Guard to assist, majority and the overthrow of the state? It makes no sense if the stupidest thing I've ever seen to be completely honest, that there's there's no real plan here. However, we
The far left is actually are entertaining the possibility of splitting the Democrats, thus giving Trump the victory a spoiler vote, as it were. I think it's very possible nay. I think they actually want it to happen. Take a look at this from left voice. If there is to be any future for the? U S left, we must break with Sanderson the Democrats from when thirtieth, where they actually bring up that we need a new party, they say the urgent need to end the urgent need for an independent party of the working class that fights for socialism only limited Laval sentence. The events unfolding since the big we have twenty twenty bring renewed raw relevance to them. Motion airy ideas and begged for for a reassessment of the Bernie Turn, Yes, a relationship of the Democratic Party in the urgent need for an independent party of the working class at fights for socialism. What happens if the far left purposefully votes third party to spoil the damn?
crafts, maybe because the regular lefty voters dont understand, maybe because their convinced they can actually when and the spoils about and get something from the victory. I think about it. This way a lot of young people dont, like Joe Bite, don't want to vote for job. I ever see that viral mean song about young woman chanting. Please don't make me vote for Joe Biden. It is. It is talk to your revenge. I tell you what, but what if it's legit One of these young people really dont want about for Joe Biden. They want to vote for Bernie Sanders. Along comes some activist organizers who want to foment revolution one way they can do it they need Donald Trump to when they really do you see Joe Biden represents for many people are returned to normal see and it may play capable for some time because Joe but Joe Biden isn't boy
Her knees at super far left. You may end up with conservatives really angry on edge and you know right wing individuals fearful, but not crossing. That line to be completely honest. What happens if Donald Trump wins again, regular liberal types can be easily radicalized because that's what they ve been doing for them for years in twenty. Sixteen I knew of a handful of far lefties, who told me they voted for Trop and they dead because they thought of it as a chaos about they wanted Trump to win to shock people and cause eminent collapsed faster. Well, now is everyone hates Donald Trump? What would happen if you really want again? Perhaps the far left would go completely insane and the organs of the far left wanting to radicalize people want Trump to win. So when they talk about, you know they're at their goals for a far left revolution
saying vote Green Party. Maybe that's the only thing that matters and as a reason, why number one they can talk about a revolution whatever, although not telling you is that you have. If you vote for green, if you vote Green Party in large enough numbers, You might actually help Donald Trump when I've seen a lot of people telling derivatives and moderates to vote for the liberty, the libertarian party, but I think tromp supporters are going to back down. They love trump. Andy, no, also posted this. You have been warned it's a fly or calling for security professionals, personnel and die survivalist like there actually planning for something, but I can't tell you first
What exactly they'll do or why they're doing it, although its possible they're doing it because they want to help trump when in the end, maybe nobody wins. Maybe no one cares who wins? Maybe they want trump to win, so they can accuse them of cheating may be Trump accused Biden of cheating. Maybe we're just sit near speculating for fun. To be completely honest, maybe binds has a clean when may be treated as a clean. When I really, I really dont know what I can tell you. Tat the! U S, economy, create four point: eight million jobs last month. A lot of people are very happy about this. The left certainly isn't. Maybe this just says Donald Trump is: is gonna win because things are getting are getting better. How about the fact that we have this new ad posted by the Trump Campaigning, Donald Trump Junior, showing the far left riding and they say Biden is controlled by the radical left, more evidence that the far left, maybe inadvertently, helping Donald Trump. Honestly, I don't know
I thought it'd be fun to talk about this, because we had a lot of conversations about whether Trump is gonna win or lose. But what happens if they, both when weapons, if they both loose, I guess revolution or, as some would call it civil war and the better. The far left, really wants. But let's say we don't know for sure. Let's say Trump winds, it's four years, abiden winds. What happens after that interesting Lee, Karlsson, twenty twenty four? I could you not Tucker Karlsson, twenty twenty four, the GNP is buzzing, seems crazy, like I don't buy it, I mean super rich. Why would he give all that up? Because people think you would cause he's very popular he's got a few show, maybe but a lot of people getting scared of his possibility. A lot of far left us, they think Tucker Karlsson, is the worst of the worst. They eat their own propaganda answer to believe their own laws. In the end, let me tell you what what if nobody wins, what do you think happens?
Comment below, if you're, watching on Youtube and we'll talk about it. I guess to become really honest. I saw some comments earlier saying that I didn't know from was gonna, win or lose, and I really dont what I do know. People are saying, no one will accept the results. If that's the case, what comes next next, I will become an up at six p m Youtube outcomes lashed him cast new, stick around and I will see you all their. It's now been over a month month. Maybe a week or so that the right it's in many places just haven't stopped. I gotta I'm not enthuse to even be talking about it. Right declared in Portland cops order, protesters to leave or face arrest. I Don't think this is a riot or a protest at something else, and I dont know what you'd call it. It's not like that islands is enough to be overtly civil war. When you look at the yeah, look at some of these photos. Men
according to Andy? No, he says the? U S. Military was brought in to deal with the ongoing unrest and make some arrests, I don't know for sure exactly what's going on or why, but instead on one last night you just had, Our no insurrection, I don't want you call it a separatist movement if you have a bunch of revolutionaries that are using militant tactics driving not an unmarked vehicles, loaded with weapons and re, supplying far left extremists to attack police and try and destroy government buildings is not approach. Store a riot. You know I mean I I you could theoretically call it technically fond those camps, but something else and it just not stopping know how or what needs to be done to actually stop it. But these these, these extremists are just gonna, keep doing it. We're gonna keep here,
about it and here's the latest news, so that the quick just in Portland Right was glared. In Seattle they tried reestablishing the Chaz ten arrests were made, and this is where we're at so far on surprisingly. It is in the Pacific Northwest where we imagines would be happening, but I gotta got Solomon I can show you some of these videos. I can show you some stills. It looks like war zones, I mean it. It looks like areas that have I've seen that have become come. You know it's looks like it look like some kind of civil war, territorial you ve got buildings. The ground is ready. With graffiti the walls. People are these anti, but people are using tactics specifically designed not to cross a certain threshold. They want to make sure that there are Tax are sustained, but blunted so that you can't outright declare it to be an act of legitimate insurgency. They want me to say it.
Test? Let it even Fox says Riot declared in Portland cops order. Protesters to leave or face arrest. They're, not protesters man. There there he's an unmarked vehicles to deliver explosives through there comrades who are than lobbying the met, cops and an? U S military. That's something else, but not entirely. I can't I don't know I just you know: I guess people in media, even Fox news or reluctance, to actually call this something more extreme because nobody wants. To believe you don't remember, reading a story about the first civil war right, the actual units of or that it broke out at Fort Sumter. Union forces were there and I think of South Carolina South Carolina, Yo Bugger off they said no fighting broke out. But the story I heard and it could be apocryphal. Maybe it's wrong was that people had gone
out there on a hillside, watching it having picnics, because they really didn't believe it would ever happen and then, while there soon there enjoying their tea and crumpets fighting broke up, people died and they were horrified, That's just a store hours, organic, just Google. It problems even sure not by Philip we're dealing with something similar right now, Maybe it will never reach wide scale. You know like widespread levels and I'd Seattle in Portland. We caught a shrug because we're like we get it there bad. But this is this. This is part of the tactic used by the far left extremists. They know that if they come out now and declare independence or if they come out right now and declare insurrection or call the ices government ill in a grand speech and then declare in a formal statement of a war. Conflict they'll be crushed into second so long as the media keeps calling them protesters and they just say we're just peacefully
protesting and then use military tactics, militant tactics. Well, then, no one's ever that they're not going to be shut down. Donald Trump is gonna, be deploying fettle productive. Services, as well as a special digestion on the fourth of July tomorrow, to protect statues and monuments, but an and that their going. My understanding is to Seattle. Portland Andy see, so there is a real potential for chaos, the media of Worse still, the funding these people and I dont know why I really really dont there, so I don't know man, I feel, there there are a lot of people around the Trump train ripe they just whatever Trump says the right there and in the media has the inverse of that, no matter what Trop says there on the other turn and other track and most people sitting in the middle saying what's happening and that includes a lot of people were voted for tromp alot of people who didn't, and I feel like I'm sitting here watching you know. Donald Trump is gonna, deploy these found services the
Far left is engaging in overt acts of insurrection and insurgency and they're trying to mascot, and you have these people on the streets Naturally, the people on the right, the truck train people and people would like not necessarily every hardcore. Trump support are in agreement that something crazy is happening with the far left, but because the thought that that, though the media people hate Trump so much everything, he said Everything Fox, as must be a must not be true. So certainly this is fake news. Fox news. As a right was declared, I dont believe it there's a tweet coming out from Andrew Kosinski CNN. Thus he journalist sharing its a screen. Above a Fox news, article sand from June second saying: ah anti fuss arrests are coming as riders prepare to attend to the suburbs governments. Says he said something like. Oh, I guess we're still white non. This one does what it would mean was the way on this one. I live in the suburbs. The helicopters were near, my house, I mean I can't speak
for every single suburb everywhere, but at least outside of major cities. Yeah- and I heard the Irish Similar things are happening in Chicago, and people were freaking out. I have family there and they people showed up and they they rioted so The riots happened. What about anti for arrests? Yeah just announced the other day. They arrested a ton of people I would go videos of arrests, but people this this cave, a bit over at sea and on his like, I guess we're still went on this once it hasn't happened yet give Google. Did you just look it up its hat? I'm looking at a border says: that's the media until it's funny These people often say the media is not gonna. Tell you what's happening well, they do it's an issue of their high profile personalities who refuse to put into the new cycle, so yes low level, reporters will write up a story and press send it'll appear on their website and and the actual high level anchors, primetime, hosts and high level person.
Now on the internet won't talk about it and will in fact lie and say it's not happening. That's what's really really crazy. In fact, I'm willing to bet I could pull up a scene, an article where they say trot, makes arrest of you know far left protests whatever and then dislike just put that next to Kay files tweet like anyway three the news and see what the latest as because we got that look. I tried brain Chaz back right right, declared in Portland cops order, protests to leave or face arrest. They say police described, a chaotic scene is had several protesters, we're starting fires throwing rocks at officers pointing lasers officers and launching projector slingshot and officers. Now I dont know if the police actually called them protesters as aid to the individuals within the S Southwest Broadway Avenue, the straight up and a vehicle traffic failure to comply these individuals. I guess it's one way to put its non political Andy. Now the journalist posted a video of the unrest near the federal court house. That said that he said she.
The: U S military, protecting the building now is under attack. They run out and made an arrest here, posted aunt. If I have been trying to set the building on fire for hours, So is it lawn Foresman downtown Portland have an under attack for hours, the federal Court House by Anti extremists. They help reject all weapons at police, when officers respond, go on social media tagging, politicians and lawyers claiming parties, police brutality. This is a fact. I can't speak for these individual moments, but I can tell you definitively one of the principal tactics of far leftists anti forward when a column is too, for example, they'll throw abroad. At a cops face and then they'll walk up and when the cop goes to attack them, then they filming and they go help, help I'm being repressed, and then they try I am always stage it out to be like their peaceful protesters. You need to understand these people. A lot of them are frail, pathetic, weak and stupid, and we make fun of the lot
But a lot of the organizers are smart and manipulative and are trying to destroy everything. Now they are also very stupid in terms of what they think comes next, what you got your as well, some of them know exactly what they're doing from the ashes of the old. They will build a new. They know life will get miserable in horrifying. Everyone. If they succeed, but they will be able to seize power in the chaos. It's it's it's this. These are. These people are evil power, driven self interested lunatics and I've I've I've talked to them. I've met them before they would occupy Wall Street and again everyone's always like say their names TIM, listen, I don't want them to get attention. I dont want them to be able to go and post blogs and recruit some of them no other name said for sure, but many people would use the opportunity. So now you follow Andy no on Twitter and he talks the organizers without rest and all that stuff, and you can see who these people are when they get
got a lot of them. Probably people power, don't know their names, but they use very clever strategies, So right now you can see here is a video is a man. And he's sitting down, filming, adding to the place moving out with weapons they always are We want to post citizen. Why Andy knows a problem they'll take of a three minute video, where you can see the far left, throwing bricks, thorn explosives. They'll cut out those parts. So all you see someone with their hands up in the cops just like knocking him down and arresting I'm gonna go look. What they're doing you is bees flows of peaceful protest man when in Rio, It's a manipulation tactic to get public opinion on their side, which is one of the most annoying things to me about Trump and many people on the right. They don't understand that game so they'll start posting stupid things that are racist, that are insulting try we'll insult people and they d realize how that is used by
and he you find the far left to gain support. They will pull your statements out of context to make you look bad, so dont give them the ammunition they need And he said, police are the downtown area were under attack for hours, where we were that on Wednesday, night anarchy. So the cities at a you know, you know what I'm just so sick of the anarchists know: they're, not anarchists, there their revolutionary communists they destroy a statue of an eye one hundred twenty year old Elk statue. It had been the target before coordinate organ LIVE Portland police, your chief chuck levels and the statement engaging in criminal activity and the vandals when property damage is not peaceful demonstration. We ask for the pub self, identifying and sharing information limit. Liberal let me just break things down for you. Man, a month a month an hour longer of these people. Look at this look at the group Viti than an end that you got people and he says there
this military, maybe the National Guard, I'm not entirely store making an arrest. Look at some of this imagery, but that that the bees buildings are under siege. They ve been doing this for over a month. At what point do you say this is not a protest. How stupid do you have to be to make a statement? We are like damaging and product origin are not peaceful demonstrations, they're not peacefully demonstrating they haven't been clearly demonstrating. Why are you even pretending? Like that's the case, you point out. These people have in place Portland under siege in a sustained attack to cripple the city for over a month. Are the effective that I can't tell you how the economy doing that I dont know It may be that these these skirmishes aren't particularly effective, but you can see why, Their goal is the battle of attrition of that they want people to be demoralized, they want Reggie people who live in the city to leave. They want to crumble. They want to tear it all down and they know they can fain being
peaceful protesters, putting out propaganda and then they will know that they will be ignored by the press, which, as they are, and this is happening as these people get arrested. As they branch out into the neighborhoods, like we saw in Chicago the media will just run cover for them, because these people are as dumb as they come just absolutely absolutely insanely stupid. Let me see if I have the tweet ears is a somewhat more chop stuff. Let me see arrogant, Andrew Cousin, he said, I guess we're still waiting on this from June. Second anti for arrests coming, concerns over riots heading to this two suburbia government source says I'm I'm I'm confused by this so this is. This is Andrew Kosinski lives of believers of still seen on your report, I see it in case file. He's got his he's got through non twenties thousand followers Ben Smith of
your times, who actually things done, a good job retweeted this and I'm Senor confused, I'm I'm I'm, I'm actually confused the d o J announced suspects. Fifteen individual, they don't charged against four people. They arrested one the other day arrested another guy who's, trying to tear down the interjection statue view Arrests have been happening. I mean not just that to what contacts there ok but Anti far rests in Portland. They literally arrested a bunch of people about. Over in Seattle update July Third, five thirty, a M shortly after ten p m on Thursday officers arrested three people outside the West Precinct for property, ruction, beginning about one. A m on Friday officers are seven individuals near Broadway, EAST Pine Street, for assault harassment and failure to disperse the individuals were later booked into the king County, jail. Okay, so anti file been arrested, not join, by the d, o J but Seattle, Pity Portland, pity people and Wash
Indeed, the in Chicago the arrests have been happening, but if you want to talk about federal government, if that's the context, They literally arrested people now it so concerns over rights heading two suburbia there was the concern over at having to Serbia in Chicago a leaked, ff call between the mayor and several alderman, which are like neighbourhood politicians, You you hear one of these alderman saying when you shut the door, just down, you pushed them out into the neighborhoods. So outside of this city area into so the way out. Because a family without Chicago works, but you have downtown, which is mostly big buildings. Many apartments Conner once you start moving away from downtown, it slowly starts turning into residential neighborhoods. If ever I have seen the Chicago overhead, you could be like downtown Chicago you can be in the Sears town. I would call it Willis. The well established ironical that it's the tallest building in Chicago and you can,
look out and you'll see. After only a few miles, it's all grids of identical, looking houses. It really is quite boring. If you ask me There is actually several neighbours are the neighbourhood I grew up in. Where are they is the same framework for building every single house, because a company will come. And then say here is that you now here's the blueprint for the house. We're gonna build fifty of them when the bridges when the bridges were shut down, rioters started branching off into areas that were literally just houses Chicago and this freaked people out, and they got really really angry so close, you gotta, downtown the more you'll see like town homes or like free flats apartment buildings and as you solely brand. Gotta becomes individual houses, both very, very much a big grid. That was one of the biggest fears now outside of actual neighborhoods in Chicago, because I am I a family in Chicago. I was told by several people, friends and family, who had not been talking to each other yeah rioters had gone out to the suburbs there there were some people forget as to why they made it.
The far West suburbs, like I'm talking like forty miles outside the city. How did this happen? Where I live helicopters sirens going crazy. They shut the bridges down in Philadelphia. So what are you try? to say I don't know Maybe I'm missing an inside joke, maybe there's something I don't quite understand what the arrests have been happening, that their bit it was so you're you, talk about the concerns over them headings to suburbia. Ok! Well, then, doing anyway. So what is the point in its ears ears? A first response you know. Sometimes I think those Fox news folks can be kind of disingenuous and hyperbolic. Do these people now read any of the news. The craziest thing to me as CNN, reported on this NBC. Reported on this. How have we got to the point where it is gonna be lying right, cave? I was trying to be disingenuous to manipulate people ignoring. What's really going on. I guess. So what we are seeing in Portland is, as I described, militant
tactics years with Andy. No said anti for cars carrying supplies are I've been around the area and helping their comrades. They can build their licence plates by covering them up and we heard similar things in Seattle from s pity. Officers are invite getting several vehicles. Circling the area of today's operation. Police have observed individuals in their vehicles with firearms and armor vehicles. Also here too we operate without visible licence plates. It's not a protest, it something else. I don't want you to call it armed insurrection, fine call it something else. You do not have the! calls with no license plate in the Pacific Northwest driving around reach supplying far left extremists while they have armor and weapons and call it a demonstration at this point there is no need to argue. Well, Julie, when you start throwing explosives cops, it's not a peaceful demonstration, anymore whites. How is that even a statement that someone would make a pair
really, that's that's literally what their! What what they're saying? You know that their? I don't I don't of Solomon. It's no longer a peaceful demonstration, people against our defending themselves. And I think it's now on the media to call Something different, I mean a lot of people call it insurrection. Perhaps I dont know if we can, if we can call this level of conflict civil war, but it is fourth and fifth generational warfare, as I've talked about for and I don't got me locked up, I'm I'm I'm I'm repeating what other other experts and national security have talked about right. I pulled up several articles in the past, the makeup kind of an expert on and on how these things operate. But what you need to understand about what antifreeze doing is their purposefully trying to avoid having this be designated some kind of uprising or civil war on purpose. Now, here's the your ears, here's the important factor. What what's going on right now may end
it may be crushed, the feds may come in tomorrow with these people. My come out now now thou might get arrested and brought down to DC, or some other federal court house and imprisoned, maybe at the end of it, and if it is not going to act like a civil war happened. However, if this escalates become a nationwide, something you know. Conflict Christ sitting every major city and I'm not talking I have the riots and looting happened, cuz that was bad. I'm talking about how Antifas driving around with these vehicles with weapons that you know and they're engaging in these tactics. If that actually has a pending hitting every city and its sustained, and we do fall into a discernible sunday. There's very visibly civil war. Everything were seeing now will be considered part of it. This is where its work, it's very, very tricky, ever it comes to the media. Ah, people are reluctant to actually be the first to up the terminology, and I've tried brothers years ago. Anti fought are terrorist,
that? The word anti thought is a general descriptor foreign ideology. It's it's a tribal symbol. They use to identify each other to support each other because they have the same or similar goals. The only reason there's no visible structure is the tactic to prevent the government from shooting them down, so they can talk. They can make that they'll call each other that provide support for each other they'll all shop in the same place, but the cells operate semi independently, on purpose, to be very difficult to stop at a certain point. Ok, these people, a terrorist threat, as this is an issue therein gauging in violence against the public and civilians, in order to force an ideology upon this country and they are gaining ground because people are scared. I have heard so many stories from people in high profile positions, famous people, celebrities, people you wish you'd be shocked. If I told you the people have contacted me, and I tell them you have to say something on that.
Talking about going up among at waving to trot flag. I'm saying just Being like hey man. I don't stand for this. They won't do it because they're scared of the violence? That's the goal and tv is purposefully amorphous, so the It can shop to your house and threaten your family and they how the media will never say anything about it. It is death by a thousand cuts. So how do you deal with it? Call it what it is. These people are terrorists. Ok, it's a stupid word, admittedly, but what they're doing is not rebellion, it's a call it a revolution. They'll put an uprising. They'll say there the heroes of their own story, but when you beat civilians, when you shoot someone in Provo for just driving their car unexpected, when you target innocent people, that's what's make making you a terrorist, you are threatening regular people and forcing them to get on their knees, and you know what people are doing it. I don't want to lose my business, that's pathetic! I don't care about your business and
honest, I don't care about mine if it came down to risking our freedoms, so many people are so scared of the of the pile of gold they hoarded didn't wanna they wouldn't given up for anything. I tell you what the dragon sitting atop their pile of gold in their cave, sterile five at the adventurers will come and take it away, won't say anything won't speak up. I would give every ounce of gold figurative Lee for freedom for four civility for rational discourse, for progress Every ounce of gold, hoarded in my cave, would freely be given up. If it would purchase me freedom right to speak up and stand on my own two feet, but to many people say? But I need my gold and this one. The most annoying things in the world. To me at least. I remember I had someone tell me they wanted to do it. I did back when I was working for ice traveling the world. I really want to travel the world just like you term. I want to do everything you're doing and I said to go: do it
I don't have the money to do it. Ok, well, you have a on apartment in Brooklyn, which cost you a thousand dollars a month downsize ghostly on a couch lower. MT you're spending in rent bring on some roommates save that money up and in a month you'll have extra cash to buy a plane ticket to ever country. You want sort filming, but I like my apartment, ah and there it is less limitless. Let me make something clear: to all of these people who refuse to stand up and say no to this, to call it what it is. Our talk about, gonna protests and I'm talking about You know any anything other than you just saying enough. I'm medicine and I'm not gonna, take it anymore. That's it tell the people round you now, I'm not ok with this, and I don't want to hear it. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you Volga nuts say would say what have you to say stand up for itself. Be polite about it become, but let me just tell you something which really saying to me and everyone else. When you refuse to speak in a way that I might or many others might actually go one step further
you're really saying, as I care less about my rights and my freedom I care less about the future. For my children than I do about immediate comfort and wealth. That's about it is everything. I've achieved everything I've gained everything I own allowed freely give up. If it meant I guaranteed my freedom, every single Then you know why cause? I know I'll be. Ok, maybe you'll say he's here It is high time have kids yeah. Maybe it is, but I can imagine the level of callousness you must have. If you like, I dont care my children will have. No freedom will be subjected to this, that they will be threatened with beatings that they will be. Attacked in the street and acute about all the worse things. The world. That's shocking to me how many people I I can't tell you how many people I've I've talked to him. Don't that one of kids anymore, because they're scared of the future and what it? What about them? but who do have kids? Are you really
just gonna. Let all this happens that you, your check, your children can inherit your pile of ashes. That to me, I don't understand so by all means- criticise me for saying that, whatever its, I'm gonna stop anytime, soon and Mars. The fourth of july- and this must be a bunch of high profile events, we're gonna, be having F p S, Jes deployed and their spheres. Things could speak look up and I guess we'll see sit around maximum coming up at one p m, and this shell now will see Walden how many Deaths coming now, a tribute directly to CNN or any their journalist, who told people not to get Hydroxyl Clark, one, how many doubts can we attribute to governors who blocked the prescription of Hydroxyl Clark. One study, fines, Hydroxyl clerk when helped corona virus patients, survive better from CNN wow, and I can't Leave CNN actually published this article. Nothing makes sense. Maybe that's the point.
I have no idea, but literally nothing makes sense. There is a tweet going found from the surgeon General saying. Do not wear amassed big, don't work now, they're saying you have to wear a mass even three weeks ago they said no asymptomatic trend. So why am I wearing a mask if a symptom Individuals can't transmit Covin, nothing makes sense. I suppose I can defer to bill borrow sad just. Turn on the news and if they say we're mask you see where mask, I guess we defer to the experts problem is the news: are not the experts right now. The latest statement that we have from the World Health Organization is when it comes to asymptomatic transmission. We just don't know here. I am doing another segment on the corona virus, the quotas earth to most people it's over vis, vis, the news nuts. He's having zero impact restaurant? businesses are slowly starting to reopen, actually went to eat a couple days ago. It was amazed Our last week is awesome. It was an attends outside
you, but it was great to sit down. An order food and have the food come. It's been fantastic. Here's the big issue, Donald Trump for a long time had been saying, Hydroxyl clerk when looks promising, and he himself was taking it. You actually had covered but all over on Fox NEWS. I don't do that, don't they could kill you More on you don't mind, Statement always was I defer to the doctors always always defer to your doktor, ignore this. Ignore tromp, ignore CNN. Talk to your doctor. The only problem because of the Media politicians had been issuing orders barring the prescription of Hydroxyl clerk. When why it's been around wherever it anti malaria. We know we know what were the safety risks when other restrictions we do and all that really matters, I'm not gonna, pretend to know I just asthma doktor. My doctor says yes, go for it is a virus, you're from one doktor who was interviewed, I believe If, by
I believe, our Elijah Slightly offensive Yugoslavia funds. If I think this may have been you, I'm sure, maybe something else Elijah but I'd. Its doctor, a saying we we prescribe the stuff. All the time it's safe, and then all of a sudden were told not to do it, and it's weird something like that, and it is weird CNN has now published a store which is going viral amount to show you a bunch of contradictory information. Just to talk about how confusing things are: writing I'm going to show you current news articles that look man you to map out right, delete this video one hundred percent may outright just delete it because they say that you can't tell people to do things that are dying. Press. Ok, I'm not trying to do that. All I wanna do is show you CNN and daily mail, NBC five Chicago show you these stories and what I want. What you should always do is just a frontier doctor. I am trying to criticise
as the media for nonsensical, confusing statements that are making everyone go. Nuts, and all you do is make sure that your you, your following instructions of your doctor, you doctor, wants you to wear a mask where mask. If doktor wants you take medication, they prescribe it. Do so here's a story on CNN says a surprising new study from the controversial anti malaria. Drug hydroxyl workmen help patients better survive in the hospital. It's not controversial, hijacks o clock. When it's been on for a long time, it is controversial CNN, you and others in the media made it controversial and the elderly in your surprised by? It is because you had been propping up these stories sang. It was bad when
There were several story saying it was fine and that we it's been approved for a long time, and people were just talking about off label use how amazing, as this they're saying right now, it actually could save your life. It could help you survive better. How many people were not given the opportunity because of the media, a team at Henry Ford Health system in Southeast Michigan, Thursday. It study of two thousand five hundred and forty one hospitalized patients founded those given hydroxyl clerk when were much less likely to die. Doktor, Marcus Z, Perhaps a division had of infectious disease for Henry Ford Health Systems had twenty six percent of those not given had ass a clerk when died compared to thirteen percent of those who got the drug. The team looked back at everyone traded in the hospital system since the first patient in March. Overall crude mortality rates were eighty point, one percent in the entire cohort. Thirteen point: five
in the high drops a clerk when alone group twenty point, one percent among those receiving hydroxyl clerk when plus as if their mice and twenty two point, four among the as if their mice and alone group and twenty six point four for neither drug. So it looks like straight. I drops a clerk when actually help it's a surprise, finding, because several other studies have found no benefit from our drugs. A clerk when a drug originally devout to treat and prevent malaria present dropped out of the drug heavily, but later studies found not only did patients not do better. If they got the drug, they were more likely to suffer cardiac side effects, but that's unknown side effect. The crazy thing about this is that see, and it is not only saying this study shows that could help you survive, but that the word worst case scenario, for the most part was no benefit, is, is at it. We're we're shutting down the economy's cripple destroyed because these governors are freaked out because the media's propping up these stories- men, the- U S, FDA with,
through its emergency use authorization for the drug earlier this month and trials are on the world, including trial sponsored by the World Health Organisation were halted, a result, do differ from some other studies. What we think was important and ours is that patients were treated early for Hydroxyl Clark went to have a benefit. It needs to begin before. The patient's begin to suffer. Some of the severe immune reactions that patients can have with covered. Battery fourteen also monitored patients carefully for heart problems, the combination of Hydroxyl clerk plus, as it's as if their moisten was reserved for selected patients with severe covered nineteen and with minimal cardiac risk. Factors they are, I guess they went on to say or one doktor said. It's important to note that in the right settings this potentially could be a life saver for patients. Remember that Democrat Michigan! She took hydroxyl clerk when, when she contracted covin- and she said it saved your life and she praised Trump forgers, a Democrat
and she got censured because with the Democrats attacked her, for it is again scary men. Everything that's going on in this country is just getting come. It's it's just as its pure insanity. Youtube has got us our banning everybody, because there's there's, no truth, there's obviously objective truth: it exists but among the media distilleries, there is no truth. So now Oh, the latest. Is it works right? I get it. It's one study and you're gonna people say it was only one study don't take it is you look man we ve had studies earlier said. Was God we had studies at sad, no benefit some studies? Sad people got cardiac issues and now another study sang it could save your life. So which is it? I understand science? Isn't it a changes and sometimes wrong there, now? The only then we really now is that we know nothing, and this article is a complete waste of everyone's time.
The only I can take away from this is that as long as hydrochloric, when, as can what was approved for anti malarial use and your doc, there are says they want you to take it. Just listen to what ever doctor says, ignore the media and ignore the president. Ok Trump can sail the all the things you want. That's fine talk to your doctor. If your doktor gives you advice, follow your doctors advice, you know trumps gonna say things that he thinks right and that's fine he's not a doktor. Ok, nice for the media, thou screeching, it'll, kill you that's insane. You know the thing about Kavimba sang it would kill. You was nightmarish because what happens if if someone's doktor said to them, you really need to take this and they went but but kudos at all thy and they don't take it. They get scared. They don't do it now. You ve actually got people in media- does not just have to pick on him, but he really did site, but all these other people get scaring people convincing them not to listen to their doctors that to me as nuts woolsack about masks. First of all, wearing
Ask I mean this is the weirdest thing to me. I know that a lot of Will dont want to wear masks? I wear a mask when I'm entering close proximity or I'm entering a building, and I take it off outside. I dont know to me that seems like what your I to do. Apparently there are a lot of people that wear masks even outside, which makes very little sense. If I'm gonna be walking, here somebody I've got a mask up. I ll put a mask on fine. The issue is more about don't believe it's actually about transmission, in my opinion, but that's that's irrelevant. I think, wearing a mask is just not a big deal. I really doubt, and indeed some cool masks. Man, I've seen some people, some critical mass whatever I just don't know why it matters something I've tried asserting its an issue of liberty. I've seen as viral mean more they're, saying it's like just a mask and then what an unlike did? You can take it off you mean, like the worst case scenario for network Damascus. Someone is mean to you well, except for some states where there actually
going to find you if you dont, where mask. I find the whole thing weird, but I bring you now to the Earl too early June. This is only three weeks ago. Three, three weeks ago, Corona are spread by asymptomatic. People appears very to be very rare, appears to be rare World health organization officials at official, says: ok are holding The World Health Organisation set it at its very rare. I believe actual quotas is very rare. They said this, it appears to be rare. It seems to be rare that an attempt to put a MAC personality, transmits onwards with secondary individual. If that's the case, why is everybody wearing a mask? I don't Oh they say it's because you could be asymptomatic, cannot realise it. Maybe it's because they view people has just generally stupid right, the idea being that you might be sick and have symptoms by just beyond I don't care so there that their thinking just make everybody wear masks, and then you make it
all the sick people are rang, masks right, sure the funding for I ain't, even tromp, came out. Recent magazines, headmaster, Funhouse trumped said that I don't know if this is true rights cause, because you owe me those line but apparently said something about. Like I look like the loan ranger, those funny sure I've, really don't understand where this political thing happened. What people don't want to wear masks two makes fight it silly and I've had people say to me your oxygen level goes down. Like I don't know, I don't think the helm thick texture whom happened. I don't think that's true. I watched bunch of videos. I did a lot of reading. I just don't see why it matters all that Sure I maybe disagree feel free to give me. Your reasoning why you think masks are an issue here is that I do- and I want to ask now when I go. Aside to wear a mask. No, when I go to war, greens want to be in the store for about ten minutes grab something doctor. I wear masks yes and many the stores were met, make you wear a mask, but there are lots of place like I want you're gonna, be ok. Where mask you, gotta restaurant, you do things either where mass anyway, I'm gonna want to get into.
Too much. The point on pointing out CNN right here is a CNN ok, saying very. Where says now the World Health Organisation came back later and said we just don't know. Ok, so so I don't I don't understand. What's going on, I don't under stand. What the point of all these articles is, I don't know what and tell you that nothing makes sense. You have the Democrats, wanting Republican, saying one thing you got baby: how do you say one thing the fact you seem to have gone off his rocker, I'm sorry, man, the dude is completely lost. It there's a guy who has flip flopped so much, He must be spinning in circles without confused, he is and I've given. I got a lot of praise sets I am just like him politics, its mock makin, up everything. The best thing you do ask your doctor, that simple right. You dog your bride, tell you where mask in certain circumstances right said easy. You doctor probably tell you what safe and what isn't and you ve got to trust the person you think he's got your best interest but found she men,
This guy has spent around in circles so much. I got no idea. What's goin on, he keeps saying different things: and so does. The media is like a tune. The stuff out check this out is ones. Get your love this Ella Mayor aircars. Setting now admits. Protests in a city did lead to a spike in front of irish cases. After he previously insisted, there was no link. All there we go. You know they're, just a study saying that protests are slowing, covert down. Now we have the study show, us outside the story. Where Eric our admitting what everyone already knew the damage that's our cheering on massive protests and then lying and saying everything will be fine. Why are you trying to get the black lives matter? Activists killed, Now we're seeing a major spike in people between the ages of twenty and twenty nine. I wonder what caused that, and I say it was clearly the bars on
sorry, dude people, older than twenty nine go to bars, people who are thirty, thirty, five, forty forty five fifty bars to and their currently going too. Hours, if you want to argue that is actually the bar is that are getting everyone. Sick, old people aren't going to protests in large numbers like young people are so thank you. May thirty four now admitting it. We know where the bikers coming from now there some other guided, changes that are making their way around really interesting stuff. But I can't answer verily? I confirm yet so look man. What do we know right now that a few weeks ago even if, even for the ongoing month, we ve seen these massive massive protests. They insist that wearing a mask is preventing the spread of covered. I believe it is fair to say, because I've seen a lot of the protests and I've actually looked at a lot of footage. I've gone through this quite a bit of luck, gone through tonnes, videos, tons of articles, tons of photos, and it looks like, for the most part, the black lives matter activists to do where, Mass
not every single person, but are the masks enough to stop the spread. The answer is: no, if you see any of the data than you would know that two people wearing a mask have an extreme. A low likelihood of transmission, but it still exists its I think, are around like five percent probability compared to like thirty forty or higher, if you're not gonna, mask at all in your spit on each other. That says to me that if we all sweaty, if you're often puffin and your shoulder to shoulder, You are going to spread corona virus, and now we are seeing the charts where the massive spikes are occurring. Why did the media try to lie about this or are they just stupid? I honestly don't know But I'll tell you what's writ what we're at what I think the worst part is Chicago issues, travel, order, requiring anyone travelling to or from these fifteen states to quarantine July second New York, I believe, has put in place more quarantine, orders new Yorkers now Walking down, taxes is now looking down, Chicago was putting a new orders and it seems
we're getting ready for that second wave, but no one of its happening. Nor has any idea what's going on. Why it's happening. Is that the point I don't know, but let's go back to the first that the most important issue. Here you can shut down the economy. You can tell me about go to bars, but when you cost people their lives, this to me is the most shocking thing. They hate Trump so much. They refuse to acknowledge anything. He says to the point where the Babylon be satirical. Article has come. Through you ever see it. It says: ingenious move trump comes out in support of impeachment, forcing Democrats to oppose a kid. You not right now. Donald Trump is trying to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and I M excited the move. I do not think we should be spending our resources doing, nation building and Afghanistan. I'm sorry, I'm gonna stand you're gonna be on your own on this one shows lot opera. Poems over there, but they're, not the only country with problems. Twenty this
arguments about the Taliban or, like you know, a vacuum. There's a vacuum in a lot of places. Do all we can to send you S troops, literal everywhere, and here's where we ve come to today when I, Talk to my liberal frontal lobe do air quotes and, unlike what do you think about trumps plan, to pull our troops that's gonna stand. There are no about that. I mean. Is the mission even completed? This point is reckless and got out. What's you kidding me? These people have no principles. Nothing makes sense. I'm sitting here with a check list of like here the things I think make sense. Most of them are actually liberal positions, not anymore. I guess because now it is a far right position to want your troops back. This is the craziest man I'm just I'm just getting sick and tired of whatever it is. The media as the activists say. Maybe the confusions on purpose. No one What's going on, all they know is Trump is bad. It really does feel like they actually want. Donald Trump too, when I kid you not CNN, didn't have to write the story,
they did have to publish this. An outgoing viral now argue well. This just proves that we are prince wolden were writing the real story when it comes out, don't get mad at us that we just reported what was said. The host of sea and ends. Prime time shows say stupid and saying things and all of these journalists activists were looking who, for evidence to make it seem like Hydroxyl clerk and was bad. We had multiple study saying it was good. We have known for decades that its safe, yet because tromp was like this looks good, they said it was bad tromp had journalist sang, aren't you giving Americans false hope and trumps like? What's? Should I be pessimistic? Should I just tell people the end is nigh? That's insane. The activists were so just adamant on saying tromp is dumb. Their obsession is not with being right at all. You know, I know as you rightly say, a broken clock is right twice a day, but how the Democrats have been wrong and almost
every single issue, a kid you not thy love, suddenly intercept store. The twenty twenty Russia gets things at work trap that, though they were corrected within days now. Look at this Andrew Cuomo and many other governors apparently sent infected covered patients into nursing homes. That's on them, and now we have the other activists who have made every thing worse by blocking hydroxyl clerk when or pushing this narrative in their obsession to be try ballistic to his hatred, they ve actually killed people. Why? I just don't get it, I really really don't I dont understand if maybe it's Jessica, United I've called it a chaotic, destructive force in the past. They have no principles, they have no goals. They just have what's next in terms of hate hate hate I hate tromp. I hate this. I hate that anything that gives them the
but the righteous anger and feels there hate they will. They will absorb even if its contradictory, so Trump can come out and say the sky is blue and the law laugh and say chumps so down the skies black, the blue. Is an illusion credit by refracting light particles in the in the moisture in the air. What a moron then trunk a coincidence, actually black. It's the rewriting particles- and I say that's technically, not true. Ok, everybody knows skies blue. You see, other games played so drunken, come out and say: address cocoanut, safe and they'll come out and say well actually, because we're things, a technicality, everything's a game. Everything is just no matter what he says. It's an argument there, contrary and the funny thing is tromp has been mostly right right here. Oh there is once again they look like morons, they hurt people and tromp was proven right. If Trump is right, six out of ten times. That means they're wrong Ford of ten times and they're wrong. A lot
When will they stop being wrong? I dont know, and why do they just believe? All of this is the craziest thing me. The latest story that Russia put a bounty on: U S, soldiers and they just believe it and unlike well Trump denied at the White House tonight. It there's no hard evidence to prove to me. Why should I believe it? I'm not gonna, say trumps right may be lying, but you ve not proven it to me. So why should I care When you proved to me, then I'll start listening, and here we are they're going to shut down the economy again. They're getting angry the numbers are doing well that whenever, wherever the good job numbers com, they put out some ridiculous sourcing. Actually, the job numbers are worse, write another going well before. Point, eight million jobs that have just been created, those are temporary jobs, permanent jobs are very high and this actually a bad thing. This is the worst, I'm just so sick of it man I rose is more Aranjuez, because this to me was like I snapped you not. I mean
seeing this story was like the broken than that that you know, but my mind at had snapped previously because they flip flat for five times and now there is just a bunch of broken sticks lying on the run against snap anymore, someday staring at this like Ok, let's be honest. You'll have no idea. What's going on a barely covered causes diabetes. Now I'm not kidding cause diabetes, a cause. The auditorium hallucinations nothing makes sense. Listen to your doktor talk to your doktor stay safe. People are gonna. Tell you to wear a masculine. Tell you not to where Mass just ask your doktor. Don't take my advice, don't for peace, no reason say you must, or you mustn't just ask your doctor. If her doktor says it's a smart thing to do the right thing to do, I just do it, I'm so over the stick around excitements coming up at four p m TIM cast doubt not, and I will see you all, then we may have no idea. What's gonna happen in November, maybe Trump.
When's, maybe loses maybe Biden Windsor those, maybe the both members, both those no one has any clue. Maybe everyone just fight seventeen blows up and then that's it that's into the world or may me it's an election, maybe the election. You're everyone's over reacting and we start to look to twenty twenty four to talk about what comes next and surprisingly Tucker Carlson's name is being flouted: politico rights, Tucker Karlsson, twenty, twenty, four, the GEO Ps buzzing. The Fox news, hosts ratings have gone gangbusters and many Republicans think he'd be a force in the republican primary I'm going to go ahead and say right now, but yes, it's bunk is clickbait trash. In my opinion, I do not believe that look like a cross is very wealthy. He's got the highest rated show in cable tv history, it now and if you want to run for office, he would be giving up millions of dollars in exchange for four hundred thousand dollars, but there is a good point in that took a housing already
being that he's already wretch. What do you care about a salary right? He could theoretically has become president and, of course, ask you leave the presidency you're right, a bunch of books? You make a ton of money at the Obamas the plans they made a ton of money. That way. Maybe money isn't a factor, but I'm not I don't believe it. You know, I see stories like this. I see people talking about it and in a really just feels like politico was sittin there scratch and I were the pencil in some guys like. Can we what what do we have? Our we're gonna write? Some I don't know you wanna call somebody to ask him if target crossly president, then Do they get a bunch of comments and I read an article but to be fair, let's red and see what they're saying Tucker Carlson's audience is booming rights, political and so is shattered. The popular Fox NEWS House will parlay his tv perch into a run for president and twenty twenty four Lookin, strategists, conservative commentators and former Trump campaign, and administration officials are buzzing about Karlsson. As the next generation leader of Donald Trump Movement with many believing
it would be an immediate front. Runner in a republican primary Karlsson would one hundred percent at least the republican primary. I think you would also do I gotta be honest. I think Tucker could actually win and become president. I right I really mean that I do not think I remember, but he had a debate with Genk. You give the young Turks overall at political couple years ago and took her Karlsson is fairly moderate individual. He loves his country. He may not speak to the far left, but I believe you would absolutely rap. Moderate liberals and everyone to the right of them are three more quote he's attack when did communicator with a massive platform. I think it if he runs he'd before animals, had Luke Thompson republican strategy to work for job bushes super back and twenty sixteen, while I dont care for his advice, job bushes superpower come on
while practically every republican- ah you twenty twenty four presidential run- is professing. Loyalty to from the person. Karlsson has become perhaps the highest profile, proponent, of Trump ISM, a blend of anti immigrant nationalism, economic power, bill: ISM. America. First isolationism! That's just not your comment that you are taking place on a pilot generally with some snark. At the same time, he's shown rare willingness, among Republicans to bluntly criticise Trump when he believed the present is straying from that ideology. Works. Tucker Karlsson might actually be the guiding force for Republicans. Right now I mean it like he goes on a show and he says it: people listen and then but you actually that story from Newsweek. Why, a while ago, several months ago, Karlsson, actually flu the Morrow logo to meet with Donald Trump, to tell him of the dangers of covert tartar Carlson's got influence. Man another twist Karlsson is established a friendship with Donald Trump Junior. According to US
course familiar with their relationship. Trumped Junior has drawn his own share presidential buzz frozen tonight is currently the most watch cable news programme in his story. Accordingly, corner quarter ratings release this week's this week and on Fox NEWS as you to jail, Karlsson. Segments for the past quarter have drawn well over sixty million views and are among the most popular videos in the eighty eight years since the network began posting on on the platform wow Tucker Karlsson, sixty million views. That's that's really impressed you know a thief if he keeps it up and he works hard, he might actually one day beat my view count of just about seventy million views. Oh so good- and you talk, you know, you'll, keep it up and maybe I'll make it. I'm kidding by the way took across his getting four million live yours per night, I do well over. The ratings have been great on my end by a lot of people. Talk about the dying, cable, news, network stuff, you had a factor in the fact that Tucker Karlsson is getting
What like seven hundred and twenty thousand key demo viewers in one single, our unique, plus stay million views on his conduct on Youtube is due to a powerhouse, I gotta say probably rivals the biggest podcast in the world I was joking by the way I get it. I get a lot of you two views, but these are just for his stand alone: segment, which are already getting massive numbers. The deuce wildly influential, I'm I'm, I'm afraid I think he's pie is probably the best political personality on tv. Even if you disagree with him- and I disagree with I'm on probably a decent gonna, things he's honest he has on opposition voices. I have tremendous respect for that. His popularity with the base would instigate a debate.
For the future of his party of the party, essentially whether tromp was an aberration or a party realigning disruptor, a fight that will be all the fiercer if Trumbull loses in November. Think about yeah, oh Mary, this, let me put it this way. If Biden wins and Tucker decided to run he'd be the nominee said. Sam numbered a former top political aid who knows Karlsson, but None Burg said he doesn't believe Karlsson will run because he so disgusted with politicians as WHAM sang man. This is just hype, machine stuff. They now look. The journalist over political probably saw Tucker Karlsson highest rate and enable history. In the said, let's wrote an article about him being president. They probably reached out to these strategists answer What do you think about a Karlsson presidency? I think he'd when and then they write it up making it seem like the GEO Peace flippant out, o Tucker's, run no he's not come up here we go. Sixteen a Republicans interviewed by politico said: there's an amount
Jim consensus in the GEO p, but the fifty one year old Karlsson will be if what what what would be formidable if he were to run some strategists aligned with other potential candidates are convinced he will enter the race and detect the outlines of a stump speech and Carlson's recent Fox monologue there's, particularly those who know well are sceptical that he would leave his prime time tv gig Karlsson. Fox news declined to comment, notably because the story is probably just height machine nonsense, Rich Lauer, Rich, Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National review and author of the case for nationalism, said in an interview: no One can dismiss this and say it's completely implausible. There is at the very least a significant faction within the Republican Party that Karlsson as a huge staking and arguably leadership over Lowry, who writes a column for political side, If he has political ambitions, he has an opening, has a following: the taste for controversy: smart click on his feet and personal political experience matters less than at once. Did
Is there anybody in the democratic side? You can name? I mean it. You look over the republican side inside and we have a massive list of potential twenty. Twenty four nominees potential candidates, people you can view as strong, principled with the following with fans. Now I bring you to the Democratic Party, please name for me. One person come on waiting. Yeah anybody, nobody! I don't think so. Ok, maybe some of you said Andrea Yang or something I can't think of any body on the democratic side that is spires. The same level of zeal that I have you couldn't even name a ton of Republicans. In fact, There is actually a list of the Washington Post, but right off the bat we can talk about Holly, we can talk about Trump Junior. Obviously, people even talked about Vanka lets us pull this list
cause you actually have a list of people, they think tromp Junior might Pants Nicky Hayley Tom Cotton, Josh, Holly, TED cruised him Scott Rick's got a least stefanik, even yeah, so fond I could see it absolutely nothing in name anybody in the democrat side. You know why you can't because mode, some of them are uninspiring, boring, confusing and dont have a platform to stand on now I certainly name some people. I think they might try to have run people who actually try to run last time, but they dont have followings commands swaller, well right, cheap, an election member that we follow on tv that guy's not gonna run. Whilst you got people to judge, maybe at he's out, what's your PETE Boating It was like vanilla, pudding. Ok, he's easy or vanilla yogurt. It's like he's a regular guy uninspiring, nothing really strong about a positions but the bigger it was that you look at these people. You look at least definite. She riles people, locked she's got big fans, someone like Donald Trump Junior, big fence at
I would say Josh Holly Tom cotton. I would. I would give it to them. The rest of amounts are not sorry, maybe maybe ten TED crews, Donald Trump Junior. Yet these are people who, on line have fervent fan bases. I can say the same thing for Democrats. Maybe one of these trump reply. Guys series like a Jew novel, take one of these trump applied eyes. Pinamonte Vietnam spout one liners that was probably the best about the Democratic Party has anyway, there's the point. Thirty Karlsson, not gonna happen it's just by its height. They want you to click the legs, they want you to meet, stories. I really just don't see. It is possible, maybe earnings possible, but Tuckers way more powerful and influential and influential doing what he does? So, what will it be more importantly, what will happen at twenty four. It's like the assumption that bide nor Trump winds and we move and see what twenty twenty four, where it's gotta be a regular election cycle. You then end up with a huge list
of rising stars in the republican Party that have fan bases and yellow to the Democrats, and I'm sorry man was it the eighty two year old Bernie Sanders. Eighty one holds you gonna be Joe Biden is already too old, warrants to Old Clinton's to old when he got Chelsea Gabert was was was lit on fire by her own party that they made. Which why don't know what she's gonna do andor Yanks, maybe by as much as I do, like an your Yang foreign policy positions, I dont see it. May you'll get some young upstarts, Stalin, ask type, but then I have anybody mostly because the party is completely fractured there I say you look at the Publican Party there, unified you'll. Do the Democrats. Therefore, the civil war among themselves. It's another reason to think that trot might when even with bad pulling, because the Democrats are not a unified party, but I really doubt it'll be I gotta admit, though. If it was, I mean to somebody my vote for he's got he's got, though, that the moderates centre,
what kind of policy that I disagree with on a few issues, but he's Pro America, I like it, he's not a party mouth, my trump, I really like it. I believe he's an economic populist wants to bring the troops home really really like those things. I'd be willing to make a lot of concessions if he was willing to do more for this country, help fix problems and in sit cities like Flint and I mean bring our troops home, I guess we'll see what happens complying twenty four. For now. We gotta worry about twenty twenty, so at more important anyway, stick around a couple more segments in a few minutes, and it will see while shortly the war, Washington. Redskins may finally change their name. Redskins to conduct thorough review of team name and intense scrutiny here here it's about time that got rid of his weird name. I got it. I gotta be honest. In my personal opinion, I mostly don't air. If you want every team name something offensive, I can criticise it. I'm not a fan of football, so whatever my advice would be, pick up. Your old red skin
fan objects whatever branded low as you can now, because a programme to change the name but happening site. In my opinion, I dont, like the name, and I don't like the logo and I think changing it is just fine. I really dont care. There's apparently, I think, as bench appear tweeted about this, he said there was a hoax campaign where they wrote a bunch of fakes. Or you screenshots of the Redskins, changing their name to the red Hawks and changing their logo to a hawk. Unlike that, that's act that actually kind of cool. I mean I don't know. I mean I'm sure a lot of people of nostalgia for for the Redskins and you know for further team. As personally I got no problem with this. I really don't you know what I think is a big difference between everything being affair. Save and actually discussing ways we can be accommodating in terms of not purposefully, target offending people targeting them right. I'm a fan of free speech,
I believe the Redskins want to keep an aim. Yes, your fine people, love that their choice to wet weather. They wanna, buy your products and be offensive your ear, your company, or your brand, or whatever or not, but whether or not a brand chooses to support something. I really don't if the Redskins decide. Ok, it's probably a bad idea to keep his name and so be it but your ears, the big point right there actually not do that sentencing their name right now. I think in my in their trying to weather the storm to keep their name because they don't want to change their branding, but let me If we are going to be having a conversation about, the Reds changing their name because defensive, I say fine, do it. I dont care, but at least can we talk or the young Turks now. You know young Turks jack. You you're cannot jake you're companies. And the young Turks. Ok, if you wanna, put claimed to be precise,
and you and you think it's a good idea to change its name. Hey man, don't don't let me stop you gay! Actually, I really think the radical name that the logo, the design, is actually pretty cool. Ah, if you want to keep it, that's fine, I'm I'm not a football person market, a biased. Regard less, but about the young Turks man we get us are changing everybody's names because our offensive, ok, let's go, for it are three: the store see what's goin on admittedly, but I care, and then there is another story to a lot of people are upset, because apparently that follows gonna sing. The black national anthem in That of the national anthem, it's a different thing mind you and people are upset about it. So let's talk about woke football, but let's, let's read this very quickly. They said in light of recent events around our country and feedback from community, though, I shouldn't Redskins are announcing. The team will undergo a thorough review of the teams name. The review form as is the initial discussions, the team, as has been having with the league and recent events the process allows a team to take into account not only the proud tradition and history of the, franchised, but also
put from our alumni the organization sponsors, the National Football League and local community it is proud to represent on and off the field are so barely Nike is already pulled a bunch of the Redskins gear or would ever be. As the names offensive and you know the corporation, these are totally adopting inter sectionalism I gotta. Hey man. Look I dont like. But when you get these spamming messages, were there like? Have you prayed for this ideology today and have you accepted the terms of de racism and things like that. I don't care for the white privilege, stuff and care for the extra dull these on a carefully authoritarianism, but I gotta admit totally: okay. If they want to get rid of the Redskins name. I think it's stupid. I really do I understand. And maybe there's a reason added at some point, but of all the names they had not offend a lot of. Full of tried saying that, while the cowboys I mean cowboys skilled Indians, right native Americans, sorry, maybe I was offensive, how they say what the Vikings the Vikings raped and pillaged. I get it if they were
the change their names to like the Indians or the hour walks or the Iroquois or the Apache, are somewhat that. Then I probably whatever ogre, but Redskins is literally a slur. You know he is like this literally met meant to you. No attack has derived them whatever man we're companies do on their own time. I don't care. I think it's silly that they got rid of Aunt Joanna Uncle Ban because there were moving mascots for brands that it's actually a powerful image, but they leave things. Like Mr Clean, I made this Jovan IRA Podcast and not really a joke. Its appoint right that we're gonna retain all of the white mascots no problem, but the they're gonna get rid of Uncle Ben. Who is just a farmer like seriously your uncle buns rice, just a farmer but but but in the end I can be critical of it. I really dont care. I really don't I know a lot of people are taking us like a culture where issue me personally. If a company says this will not make our company money we're gonna change it that's funny.
They do it. The big issue I have with the with the Woke ideology, stuff or something like singing the black national anthem. Is it's not gonna. Do anything to help your business. That's just get what go broke cringe stuff. To be honest, I actually think of the Redskins change that they'll probably make money. I think if the Anna fell wants to do the black national anthem, they're, probably gonna lose money. You know you ve, eaten them the main point is: are you be accommodating to regular people? Are you actually solving real problems, or are you just pandering? There was a tweet mean kind of thing that, when around from progressives far left us actually agreed with, they said real problem, real real estate agents, not showing all of their listings to a black family yeah there, their problems like red, lining, block busting, now they ve been made mostly illegal, but there still the residual impacts. Hey. That's it s an issue as fake problem comply, learning about a room that you call the master bedroom, I completely agree. These are not real problems. Ok,
I get that some people are offended over the Redskins, but it's funny those pull that was done. That found most native Americans dont care. So I guess real issue is. Are we just pretending to be offended and I got to say I think most people are, but I defer back to my point. I was making if a company says we're changing our brand. Hey man that's on them. Listen, I'm actually a fan of the idea of, but my private company right, not in the sense that if you post something my private company can strip away your rights. But if Facebook want to change the F on their facebook logo into a clown face, I'd be like whatever man you do. What you want your brand image? Well, people be upset because they like the Althea, maybe but that's all their fans of Redskins are probably matter of going to lose the name. It also probably about to tell you what men, here's the bright side here. Somebody who owns like signature old school like signed, autographed bits of redskin history. It's gonna go weapon value you now, so there you go. You can keep that right.
When you say this as a conservative slam report at the NFL wills, the black national anthem before the STAR Spangled Banner, while black media members knocked the leagues symbolic gesture, knock it Nobody cares. Nobody wants, as is I'm talkin about man. This is pandering to sing the national anthem and people in India. Mine is as an everyday people not to kneel what happens if some people meal for this national anthem, other bigots- I don't know- I think it's done. They say both conservatives, and african american media members are criticising and affairs reported plan to play, lift every voice and sing considered to be the black national anthem. Before the STAR Spangled Banner and the opening, we of the upcoming season, how many national anthems do we of TED crews asked on social media? Is there and a spanish national anthem and Asian American national anthem. If there isn't I would like to nominate for the Asian American National Anthem, Nepal, boggy by sigh. They may be familiar aside
did Ganum style? But I actually think Nepal body is a way better song totally underrated did not get nearly enough play size awesome by the way, but I'm kidding I dont know if I have enough Korean in me to actually have a full vote. Maybe it's just a one fourth comment: as always, at an offensive joke to bed. This is asinine. We are one America, equal, Airbus Unum, he concluded here said cruises: commentary Look I actually I'm gonna say like if, if you want to play the black national anthem by all means, I don't I don't see what the issue is. It's a business decision and here's what I always say to people if with a fan of Vienna Fell- and you are unhappy with the decisions they are making in the Redskins, then just don't patronize- that business I really would see what's in issue but I'll all the first straight up to say, like comma caught the common bell, a hop and prancing your name right, he said Blackfoot and a failure. Legal, seventy percent black, but less than ten percent of your head coaches are also you're the only
one of the three big league without guaranteed contracts and caper Nick, is better than many White Cuba's you employ and- and I felt my favorite song is playing- I don't know that really means to be honest. Jamal Hell says I can't wait until an official figures out. Nobody black knows the second verse of hate, but wait wait. What out? Nobody black knows the second verse of lift every voice. Sing. Vincent goodwill says we want more black men and executive positions and more had coaches April in the league and fell how about the black national anthem, I defer to them Heymann if they want caper Nick if they want these changes. Those are the real social justice causes too
a fair. I think. Often when it comes to you know, big culture were issues. We get a caricature of the actual positions being held by these people right. So listen if these people- I you know the fans of vienna- fell, want the changes, then by all means, if they dont want the changes. I think it's silly and absurd when the biggest problems we have all the culture worst off his people, who are not fans or patrons of a certain industry making changes. I think its symbolic stupidity to thank you can pander to somebody without offering put there actually asking for so again to defer to the actual black lives matter. Divests were asking for real changes and not getting them. I think the NFL is pandering and making a big mistake, and when it comes to the actual fans there also not servicing them either. So here's what really comes down to, if you're, not providing for those who would ask of you you're not providing for the people who actually want to pay a patronize, your business, then what are you doing? I feel better men in the end. I am not a fan:
football. I dont care what they do. They are not getting my money anyway, but I think this one's predicted that these two issues are actually interesting I gotta admit I'd. I dont care for the Redskins name, you know, but as being, as somebody who is not a fan or doesn't give them money, should they cater to my opinion? Probably not. Maybe they should do it. They gotta do Autonoe, whatever man is dumb. It's all stupid at a really strong opinions on the stuff right, we'll see other how it plays out and ultimately the big question will be: will they get woke and go broke? That's the real question, but I thought you had a value dear thing: I got one more segment coming up for you in just a minute, and I will see while shortly over the past several months, New York City has been well dying thing you're getting worse there, going from bad to worse and worse to worse, are and where zest, and now it's just trash proto masters at and Y see city all cover buildings in graffiti barricade subways leaf piles of stinking trash,
and throw dirty close over railings as they celebrate one billion dollars being cut from the Nypd budget. Unlike with most occupations, it's just going to devolve into a homeless camp, New York City. You now have another occupation and for the most part, I'm fine with this, but you combine this with everything else and New York City is a wasteland, you have a massive optic in shootings in crime. The police are being defended, if you think you think that billion dollars from the police and put into the empty air, which is also crumbling, the only problem, those that tax revenue- maybe the he's in there pulling a billion. Daphne I pity is an actual because the protesters, but it's because people are fleeing, New York there's an exodus, and you can also thank cause. You were tat for driving out twenty five to forty thousand jobs. With the Amazon factor. H, Q loss not factory, H headquarters. All What are we have? People are fleeing New York City and major and massive numbers shootings our way up. A string of sheep.
Across New York City leaves one dead, ten injured as gun violence surge continues, that's just from today. It's just been going on and on and on and then you add, in the people, demanding they strip more money from the cops well everything's falling apart and what you get if you still live in. York, city idle, sums wrong with you, I'm sorry, man, I'm not trying to be means. I know a lot of you probably do, but I got a long time ago I got I got up. When the bombs were planted in Manhattan, not exaggerating when the bombs planted and then hadn't. That's when I was like I want to live in this metro, it's actually but more complicated that I lived in Brooklyn for a long time. The right was crazy. Couple cops got executed in front of my house, not an exaggeration either, and I was like man not a comfortable place to be theirs. There, you're trapped in a cubicle stacked on top of other. Cubicles everything smells like sour milk literally look up my window. I looked at my right and what do I see the corner of the street down one street police barricades, the lights had been shut off is floodlights. Two dead cops guy walked up, kill them, yet not a fun place to be,
So what did I do? I have moving down to Miami, but try and like many try. My may I want to go to New York, but I worked for company down. There then work out you guys all effusion bit so came back undecided. What I want to live in the New York Metro, but not in New York because of this insanity, because of you know what happened to my apartment, among other things, so I chose New Jersey just on the other side of the river in one of these little Le Loup. Looking a little new jersey, fish, small towns, and I lived there for a year and while I was there, someone planted bombs in Manhattan, not exaggerating quite literally planted bombs and they blew up and a lot of people got hurt. And I went down there and I found that now, as I man this is, this is crazy stuff, so I moved further south and the craziness continued and then I moved further south again and I was like I'm going to the spam- go to the bottom of this state right amount of southern Southern Jersey, nominal value, the fully Metro, basically and I want to be here now either its continued to escalate the craziness around cities, the riots
but we're talking about New York here. So I got out a lot of people stayed at its shock in me, because people have bias, whether like, oh, that was one time it won't get worse. Not it's going to get worse. It's going to just keep getting worse. You know you got a story in New York State right now, apparently some young people into a party that then they got some. Percent of the males and females are sums or phone calls. We want to contact trace, you figure you touch because a covert they ignored it so another being subpoena and threaten with two thousand dollar a day. Fine. Why would you want to live in that horrifying place about this, and you Cuomo, took people who had covered put him in nursing homes, killing old people have a state is a disaster zone. Now we got photos They say that the zone is dubbed abolition park by its occupiers and is now run down. Look at this ah nasty man from Italian. I was down there occupy Wall Street and it was bad,
It really was the city announced they were going to clear out occupy Wall Street. I believe those October fourteenth twenty eleven because it was so filthy. So a bunch of activists showed up and we hours of the morning and they cleaned everything it is actually quite pretty amazing is actually pretty cool. Couple thousand people came, everything got clean, they lifted stuff up, they how's it all down that had a pretty good job and in the city backed off When I got the same problem starting to emerge. This is going to be a bio hazard. I mean this is a bio hazard like this protein Measures have been camp outside City Hall for more than a week now, as calls for widespread police reform and for the Nypd to be defended, escalated in the ex falling on the memorial day: murder of George Floyd, but pause, real, quick, taking a shadow to today's Sponsor Bio Trust. Very simply, Bio Trust is a college and supplement its vital protein. Your body needs and helps with your ligaments, your skin, your nails, etc.
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trying to prevent. Now I don't know it's weird it. The sign says it is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and protect one another. We have nothing to lose, but our chains interesting and its has abolished as justice. Here you can see. People have started, setting up camps and tents and clothes. There's a towel drying right here at amazing on Thursday, the camp. Sites, image of an organised occupied protest, was a thing of the past. Clothing in sheets were flung over railings in the street, while graffiti demanding justice and slamming law enforcement scrawled on the pavements Brooklyn Bridge City Hall, Subway station was barricade with wooden crates, metal, railings and other debris blocking commuters coming and going into this Some protesters pictured looking settled in on shares, while others perched on grass now littered with rubbish bags and towels
I'll building itself was barely recognisable compared to a week ago, with graffiti scrawled across the walls. Yet is weird and kind of gross. Yes, it's it's kind of salmon. Here's assigns has the p that the people demand America and qualified immunity, civilians, defence, active ass, the police invest in black and white and petty crime arrests made even graffiti up, while the city Hall Building just covered in graffiti there's a pig graffiti their couple of it I mean I'm impressed with the out the clothes they ve just hung up over over everything. Look man. I was down there for Occupy Wall Street. Initially they didn't have to That's because, as soon as anybody who try to set up a tent, the cobbler comment, unjust, tear it down some one then set up. I think it's called a circuit hut. I could be wrong, but it a prayer hot, I believe for Judaism, entirely shore and the police couldn't actually take it down because it was religious as soon as that went up, tat started to emerge.
And the Aki occupiers actually stayed there into early November was really weird October. It was like snowing and cold and ribs just really awful. They were giving out like mylar blankets, thought the thin. You know metallic material, it was very filthy, it was very, very filthy, but they created what was called the sanitation, the working group or committee, a group dedicated actually making sure things were clean because they knew that was. That was one of the weaknesses they had. The filth of this area, human waste, other gross things will that was gonna result in the cops coming in and shutting down, and so they didn't want to give the police an excuse us think about it. If the media came out and said this is disgusting and filthy public support would abandon them. Guess what today,
nothing is so hyper polarized, the media's actually on their side. No one's gonna call this out. Of course, the daily mail writes about how gross it is, but they are not going to care because the police will not have any public support from any one, which means they have no incentive to act. The clean up, but I'd anyway. Anyway, we get it, we get it. It's a disgusting mess down there. Sure I'm sure, there's gonna be some activist who try to clean things up and try to make it at least somewhat sent a sanitary right. But in the end, what do we really have its up? And it's not been ten years and another occupation is formed, but, more importantly, the city itself seems to be just completely falling apart there was a what I think it may be the commissioner who said that a storm was coming because crime is skyrocketing, shootings or skyrocketing. Yet, with all this,
feeding with these slashing of the and why pitied budget with the mass exodus kind of feels like New York, is going back to the way things were in the eightys, which is very interesting in awhile legend, has it I'm being facetious that New York was a crime infested wasteland until Donald Trump saved it. I'm not kidding. I watched a documentary about this talk about our Donald Trump came in and created these these these luxury buildings, which incentivize wealthier people to come in, who paid massive taxes which help the city start cleaning things up. A lot of other reforms came, but I was watching a documentary talking about Donald Trump saved New York City. Now some people probably disagree, but it's funny now that when Trump becomes president and the Anti trust sentiment leaks and it starts to look like it used to be before Donald Trump, who is now the President of Europe
states, it's almost like we're living in a very, very awful, be movie. The plot just seems obvious now, just weird in every respect. The city is now covered in graffiti. In certain areas, crime is skyrocketing and people are fleeing because things are getting really bad as more people flee, there'll, be less taxes with less taxes comes up, services with my services comes more protests because of the austerity measures that will invariably put me put in place because of a loss of revenue. Far left activists will start making more and more demands. Money will be stripped from my pda, which will result in more crime. Which will result in more graffiti and destruction of vandalism. More people will leave which will result in less tax revenue.
Long story short, it seems like New York is entering the toilet flush whirlpool, its dominoes falling over. That's only going to lead to more destruction and everything that happens in New York will now lead to things even worse. Its possible things can be reversed. I'm not gonna pretend like New York is just gonna completely fond of the gutter, but with as bad as things have been, with the riots with now this occupation and that the crime it seems like no one's gonna wanna live there. Not only that but covert I mean the epicenter. It really is people are gonna move to remote areas during the work remotely and New York doesn't need to exist anymore. People have asked what is Newark really produce in my responses is an intelligence hub for major corporations but doesn't need to be ready before was you could live in proximity and there was a knight life and it was fun you like to live in a city, but now not people don't this could be the end of New York City, at least as we know it and to be honest, could be the end of
Most big cities are spread out. I guess we'll see: stick around next payments coming up tomorrow at ten, a m, and I will see you all then.
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