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Democrats Supporting BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Cost Them The Election As Riots WIPE OUT Poll Gains


The Suburbs may be lost due to the unrest and Joe Biden knows it.While polls still claim that Biden is winning in the suburbs actions speak louder than words. Biden rushing out of his basement full speed to condemn the riots shows that the Democrats knew he was in trouble.Interestingly however is that before the Floyd incident BLM support was at net 17% and since the riots it is down to 12%.It was a bold play but Democrats should have come out earlier condemning BLM and antifa leftists. Instead they ceded ground to Trump and he may be on target to win as the chaos just does not let up.

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Donald Trump is not trying to win the national popular vote. It would seem, I'm not convinced even cares, considering places like California in New York have massive populations that are going to vote for the Democrat, no matter what Donald Trump is trying to win the key areas of swing states that will give him those swing states in the electoral college. Now all of this is operating to the assumption that mail, in voting, won't disrupt the election and who knows gonna happen, but, let's just say, the election goes as normal. How will Donald Trump Win and why is it? The Democrats may have already lost the election, it's because the blue lives matter. Protests quickly became riots and it turns out that people living suburbs do not like rights, particularly white, suburban women with college degrees. Their growing increase singly frustrated with the ongoing unrest in urban centres, but, of course the poles have come out suggesting
at Joe Biden is still winning, whilst true at the national level, but what about in sub Actually in suburbs, many pulses are claiming that Joe Biden is still beating Trump and this to me says the Poles are wrong. I think this may be the best evidence, the poles a wrong because Joe Biden got out of his basement went running full speed too dress. All of these riot concerns to the best of its ability, with actually naming anti of our black lives matter and then quickly tried changing the subject that is not the behaviour of someone who thinks there winning that's the behaviour of someone with, they are losing, and many people have pointed out in Joe Biden, internal poles. They probably realized. Troms gonna win the suburbs. This could be it for us net support for Black lives matter. Has been cut in half since
The escalation of the riots now mind you that's because support doubled when the George Floyd Incident happened. Many people came out said we support this movement for justice and then want to became mass riots. Many people were like Yo Almaty here and they wiped away the basically the entirety of their gains supporting black lives matter. They should have this. Avowed, the riots and black lives matter immediately. Once things got out of hand still to this day, they can't do it. Now in order to operate under the assumption that poles are correct. Things look great for Joe Biden, but I don't think that's the case when we take it look, it say, column, caper and guess what nobody wanted to sign of my kids, you not. I got the story and be a ratings are weighed down and guess what a plurality of former and yea fancy the politics are just too much. People are getting sick and tired of this, notably in the suburbs, in which case the Democrats made a bet
following the George Floyd incident. Mass support for black lives matter would get them the votes they needed to win. Its long, been shown by many poles that Trump is doing Lee well among the black community, getting him enough votes to guarantee his victory. Democrats, no they need to win back these votes. So Joe Biden start doing outreach, they thought maybe black lives matter would be a path to that victory and its backfiring, and guess what in We Lee the NBA and and and Vienna Foul and people and people just rejecting this laughed far, an ideology. Outright. Donald Trump stepped up, banning critical race the area from the federal government. He wouldn't be doing this unless He thought it would be benefiting him and Joe Biden wouldn't be running jurisdiction scare to making statements unless his pulse, Oh he's suffering and Joe Biden desperately trying to change the subject. And the media trying to help him says to me their support for black lives there may have already cost them this election because It's our only getting worse and, of course, they're going to continue
Getting worse in my earlier, so This morning. I reference Sean Porno, he's a Republican running in Pittsburgh, pointed out early on in an add that these rights are going to get bad and guess what local media criticized him for it and then just the other day, black lives matter, harassed, people at a restaurant, smashing, glasses and stealing drinks, and that's just the beginning, as are the bigger beyond the world relatives what we ve seen already, but it will get worse and I assure you many of these people are going. Say enough of this sum speculate. However, based on these pulse, some of these people gravitate towards Joe Biden. I don't buy it, I absolutely do not buy it, but maybe some people. I tell you this in my neighborhood to my shock, a blue lives matter, flag was taken down and that the next door neighbor put up a bite and sign the first Biden. I've ever seen and I live in the suburbs. This is the first experience I've ever had with seeing abiden sign and someone taking down a flag. I didn't believe
This is widespread, as some people suggested and I still don't because it neighbourhood. For the most part, people seem to be kind of on the fence, but I guess we'll see out plays out. Let's do that such read what political has to say- and I want to show you how black lives matter has changed and how people are reacting to black lives matter in general, public outside of pollen ex mind you if people won't watch the NBA and now, but he wants a sign. Caper neck, we are seeing get woke, go broke happen in real time. Why? What that not be the same case politically check out the story from politico? Why bite could still lose the suburbs to tromp and and and keep in mind, that's exactly where tromp needs to win in order to win the electoral college. Or we get started, however, had over two cast out council s done it. If you'd like to support,
I worked there. Many ways can give us a p o box. The best thing you can do is share. This. Video, however, are the big marketing department. I just have word of mouth. So if you think what I'm talking about as important and if you think people should know this share this video top spread, the word and don't forget like subscribe, hit the notification. Well, let's read the story. Politico says among local party officials, there's an undercurrent of uneasiness about how quickly the president shifted. The focus of the campaign away from his krona virus response and toward public safety. Politico says a raft of recent poll suggest Donald Trump LAW and order rhetoric amplified by the republican net convention and turmoil and Canosa was content is doing little to cut into Joe Biden led now before I read what they say, I have to point out what I said earlier: with some some commentary from other journalist yeah you're Ali tweeted. Whether people think this is the right strategy or not. Or whether the criticism is fair or not bite and would not be doing.
If the poles and focus groups didn't show that this is a weak spot for him in this area France to Joe Biden running a week. Long massive add campaign forty five million dollars damning rioters and leaders. Of course, Joe Biden won't call out the far left anti far blacklist manner by name, but he needs to address the writing and loot. To be fair, Joe Biden may still be leading in the polls and he may just He shoring up his defence is to make our trump can't get any in roads, but I don't think so. I mean Joe Biden said he wouldn't go to Canosa. An changed his mind and rushed out their full speed. Gosh says it's a weak spot for him and it may just be that a weak spot where he still doing better. I don't think so. I think Donald Trump. Is the law and order candidate in this regard, and from I've seen and heard many people have told me explicitly but or the riots they were forbidden or hated trump, and now there definitely for Trump
another issue, an aside notice, a lot of people I talk to who live in suburbs and rural areas. Human trafficking is their number one issue. I don't know if that's just people, I know, but I see people I never thought possible like who had to get political are coming on saying. Like look at all of these arrests that have been made when it comes to trafficking. That's huge lets you they say politico says in swing. State suburbs, local party officials, are our meeting the Labour day start of the fall campaign, with an undercurrent of as an uneasiness on uneasiness about how quickly truck shifted the focus campaign to public safety interviews with more than two dozen democratic party officials and strategies in the suburbs reflect confidence, environs ability to compete with Trump issues surrounding this summer's civil unrest, but also I'd, spread concerns about the political volatility and potential a lure of the president's law and order message. In Pinus, County Arizona, wherefore
blue line flags have proliferated outside Phoenix and Tucson. Holly Lion, chair of a local democratic party, said: quote there. There is that little sort of unsettled feeling in people, because we can tell that truck messaging is grabbing hold and its working. How this plan is out in the election, that's where people, but the Democratic Party in Montgomery County PDA in Philadelphia, The Democratic Party in Montgomery County PDA in Philadelphia suburbs, no one seems to know what that's going to entail or how people are going to react. Now. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs, but got the right state on the Jersey side of the river. Most people don't know this. What New Jersey is basically a collection of other states metropolitan areas, so you ve got Philadelphia. The river and then Jersey, I'm on the Jersey side. My vote doesn't matter not aware, because Pennsylvania's a swing state and you now I'm in a deep blue state, but I think Based on what I'm seeing, I would not be surprised if Pennsylvania votes for Donald Trump. However, I did mention near I was shocked to see a blue lives matter flag taken down. Maybe so
install it. I don't know, but it's been there forever and that's gone and then just next to it on the neighbor's house is a bite and twenty twenty sign at him. He was kind of weird I've, never seen it before. So in this neighborhood in my neighborhood there's like this lake area is like a swampy marsh. You don't go in there, someone some, I'll planted a massive tromp lag right in the middle, and this is a major blue district. It's like d plus eight or something they say. The suburbs, where Trop defeated Hillary Clinton by four point, in twenty sixteen and where the twenty twenty election will likely be decided, have been appointed extreme weakness for tromp. Since the mid term elections, when voters, two years ago, recoiled from the president and the Republican Party, handing Democrats, the House majority in an effort to draw those voters back to him. Tromp seize on images of looting and violence in Minneapolis important following the death of George Floyd and most recently Canosa Trump blame The unrest on permissive Democrats and warned a binding
Administration would leave suburban America in ruins, and I am I am in agreement and its not having to do with anything. Tromp said it has to do with my tracking this stuff, since it started my beat before doing commentary politics. I was on the ground covering civil unrest here in the United States in Europe and in other and an Egypt, North Africa I've been to many these places, South America, Turkey, Thailand, have been all over and I have seen how the stuff plays out and what it leads to, and I do not like it. I needed just one Democrat to say: hey Antifraud, knock it off and said what we get: anti fuzzy meth. It's not true, there's no anti far antivirus, not real, but it is real, and I watched these videos and I've been physically attacked by these people. So maybe I'm biased in that regard, but I want to see it dealt with the Democrats. Refused entry, consistently held this ground. That's why I think whether or not they realize it trumps silent voters may actually be coming up,
they go to mention that as a bunch of pulling showing that Joe Biden is still doing a lot better say. That? You know? No one hears it abiden said of trumps lawn order. Posturing quote, they ain't buying it and most dynamic political professionals in some Republicans believe. That's probably true frank. Once the veteran republican consultant in pollster, he said that trumps talking about the right issue, but in the wrong way. Suburban voters want public safety, even more than law, and order. They want safe streets rather than dominating the streets. His rhetoric is over calf cabin farmer sheriff democratic Party and Foresight County North Carolina set of Trump. I just don't think anybody reasonable is going to listen to that and I think that's on the level, but two months before election day, there is an awareness. The final verdict isn't in and unlike on, proto virus unequivocally a losing issue for the president. Many rank and file them.
Cracks in the suburbs, see a potential upside for tromp on the issue of law and order. If you thought things were bad today. Well, just wait a few more days, a few more weeks and a few more months, the far left is letting up. They dont care for Joe Biden to win, and so I've even suggested there could they're scared that if Biden winds, they'll be marginalized and no one will care anymore, the tradition liberals will go back to sleep because they're old, you know, Democrat Blue Man has one, and it's only because of trump and the rage when the media that there are people in the street at all the far left, Andy capitalist types of accounting as types will go out and protest, but will black lives matter individuals? Maybe, but not now? as much so it suggested now. In my opinion, the fact that there still rioting- even though its hurting Joe Biden says to me: if Joe budding its elected, he will either cave come and give them whenever they want, or it will only get worse.
Now you will have no federal authority to stop them to the best of their ability. It would seem. The feds have actually been getting charging these people and arrest them from New York Portland, federal deputation of organ state police is dealing with the issue without sending in federal authorities, and it's very clever would Joe Biden do that. In my opinion, the answer is no one way we can tell. The riots have backfired and may have already helped Trump is over it. Civics. Looking at a pole of one hundred and sixty thousand people take a look at this. Early on before George Floyd. We can see on on May seventeenth. Sixteen percent net support among all registered voters keep in mind. Sixteen percent. George Floyd happened and it hit two, Five. The Democrat saw something and said capitalize. Unfortunately, there now down to twelve percent net support, that's right! That is right because of the riots nets.
Port for black lives matter is lower. Now then, before George Floyd, that to me says something powerful: the riots have destroyed gains that the left had made. But for the George Floyd Incident, and that is why I say riots do not work and that is I tell people left or right, do not go out. Do not engage in violence. Do not attack people. Let law enforcement deal with this. You can peacefully protest. You can engage in similar civilians, but engaging you know with other factions find within. It is bad. Across the board and particularly for the right, because you know it will be framed against you, no matter what you do. Never interrupt your opponent when they're making a mistake so these rights are unleashed and its shocking to me that support for black lives matter. With that seventeen percent on May twenty fifth, and now it's at twelve George,
Boyd, initially a boon. The riots destroyed that taking away five percentage points of support. That's crazy to me absolutely crazy! Now, since the Jacob Blake Incident, they went from eleven percent to twelve, so the little uptake, but they have their support from the peak more so more than half an hour because a net loss remarkable. What that means is that Democrats embracing of black lives matter, is a net negative for them. They jumped on board with this. After that, George Floyd Incident, and but their negative to where they were among independent voters it's even worse. We can see that independent voters, twenty seven percent, supported by lives matter and there was around fourteen percent support for us present support before George Floyd. Well, thanks to the riots It is now at eleven percent among independent voters. It dropped down to about
nine percent just before Jacob like and then afterwards up to eleven, but a little bit worse it worse. That's the backfire on the Democrats, one hundred percent and they know it, and I think This shows how the poles are bad, but is only the first. I want to show you this reaction, which is hilarious, MIT Technology review, claim. The rights of the result of right wing individuals covering the stories no one is making these people go out and do this you can't be Andy known, Elijah's Schaefer, for this? but let me show you how people a really reacting on the ground to all of this far left absurdity. Seeing the store I covered at last night. Thirty eight percent of sports fan say the NBA used to political as the reason they are watching less remote the ratings for the NBA are down in one instance around forty percent but overall around twenty seven and the plurality of those
pulled said: the league has become too political, the clear choice with thirty eight percent of respondents and now Nineteen percent said because of the NBA Dissociated Association with China, wow I mean that just shows straight up. Some resonating among people as a pertains to Donald Trump rhetoric. Black, lives matter. We don't like it China's bad, yet the Democrats have either ignored and downplayed China or outright supported black lives matter. Not like the rhetoric of black lives matter, but the riot specifically in the calls to define the police only do they not like the rhetoric of black lives matter, but the riot specifically in the calls to defend the police have triggered people who work within these companies to stand up and say no took us out. American airlines faces boycott after allowing cabin crew to wear black lives matter, pins on uniforms, fury,
staff and passengers claim move as anti cop, racist and anti american. Now this to me is very interesting: employ Yees of American Airlines saying things like my husband works and law enforcement, and I am offended by this? Let us read you say in a company wide statement introduced, EU policy. American airlines wrote clearly we when a time where it is so imports have a dialogue about this important issue of racism in our society and try to find common, find common ground. America is truly committed. American sorry. The airline is truly committed to having an inclusive culture that is welcoming to all and a reflection of our country and world. So why american so committed to creating more tolerant of esteem. They gonna mentioned that. Essentially, people can wear lapel pins. That say black lives matter, but the move has sparked a backlash with one veteran flight attendant writing to american airlines. Complaining in an emails that obtained by the new post. It read
I take offence to this serious offence. My husband is a law enforcement officer and, as was my deceased father and his fur as I am concerned, all lives matter. I am completely disgusted at the fact that we can't show support for our God and country our Elio. But when it comes to black lives Matter organization, which is controversial in itself Can airlines says it's obviously different? She wrote and we can. How is that right? Well, I don't feel included a second flight attendant who spoke to Fox NEWS, vowed to start wearing a badge in support of President Donald Trump on duty if others are permitted to wear, be Elam pen. The backlash of the new policy has also spread among among our american airlines. Passengers now I'm not super concerned about the passengers themselves, because conservatives spy? He got periodically. I may remember when the common capering thing happened in they burned a bunch of their gear. Other was silly, but I speaking up is still an important thing. What I find fascinating,
here is that their risking losing their jobs. That's what I've said for quite some time, if you how's, the stuff. If you're on the right, if you're conservative in this stuff worries you, you have to speak up against it. Now american airlines, sad! No! You can't do you. You can't wear wherever you want, because black lives matter is not a political statement, it is, of course it is an act Lou funded organization. I believe the parent caught organization, not profit, is called thousand currents and they were explanations through the Democrats, donation, Paul, act blue. Clearly it is political and they are lying. Maybe it get around some kind of re right, federal tax for wire ments or as an excuse, to allow it while denying other people the same rights, but I'll tell you some seeing these flight attendant stand up is really interesting. Because it seems like you- have women and men, this woman,
placing her husband is law enforcement who are not happy with this and that's a dummy. I think the Democrats rely on women overwhelmingly support black lives matter and men oppose it. Isn't that interesting, we'll take a look at this to democratic strategists from political again, who recently viewed focus groups of suburban voters describe hi propensity voters increasingly concerned about unrest in urban centres, though bowl strategists it is unclear whether that concern would push them to bite in short order trump. One of the strategy's describe to focus group in which White College educated women reacted to the protests by discussing their own property values and, in one women's case, her families, mortgage quote, white women who have college degrees, are starting to get really sick of this
The strategy said now. Why is that so important? Let me bring you back to civics and first, let's choose females. Their support for black lives matter was around thirty percent. Before George Floyd hit thirty seven and dropped to twenty five. It is about double the national average among independence, but, let's say college graduate females among college graduate females. It goes down even or twenty two per That's me is surprising, and it was twenty seven percent before these are the well Well, actually, you know what, let's, let's, let's Thorn postgraduate as well as is even higher. These are women who are helping the Democrats when getting fed up with black line, matter now, I guess it be fair to say that Does it really matter if it's a college, educated women or any one else? We can see the Democrats
and black lives matter, have wiped out their gains because of the riots, a huge net detriment to the movement, probably to their fund raising and an absolutely to local politicians, but to see in the suburbs is particularly important. That's where trumped needs to win political dishonest ape if civil unrest persists said Robert Patterson Secretary, the Democratic Party of a Zaki County out I'd Milwaukee Trump quote will be able to be the strong man. Only I can save you later and that's playing out. Just like I had feared. The plus side is that its activating the Democrats Patterson said its active it'd people. Both sides, I dont nor the pendulum has swung who has more power
all that we're sitting on the sidelines who work may be going about who are going to vote now or who were in the middle, and I swear I dont know considering that than the Democrats have lost their gains or that black lives matter has lost their gains just before the George Floyd Riots. It stands to reason that is a net detriment to them, and the pendulum is swinging food or Donald Trump. That's the main point I want to our take away from all this won't will remove all any of these prerequisites and just look straight at. Do you support or oppose the black lives matter movement and before George Floyd, seventeen percent, and now it's at twelve, That's all that matters you want to know who is seeing the hardy gains from this. It is Donald Trump. Now the support black lives matter was going up for some time and it crossed over into net support around twenty eighteen in February at the since, then it has steadily increased. This is great news for Democrats, but will they win
off of it. I don't think so because, while we're seeing support for black lives matter and while black lives matter is wildly- popular among black voters. Tromp is still being massive gains among black voters, so he may when some urban pockets and he may be taking some urban areas and that's why Joe Biden probably panicked and flood. We can see it in sports and we can see it in jobs. Conservative starting to stand up and put back, but I dont know what will happen because of mail in voting like I said very early on in the segment and it may I'll just be meaningless, but let me end by,
and one thing some people have pointed out? Maybe the Democrats strategy is that they'll jam up the presidential election so that Nancy Policy will become. President interim president, until the election gets cleared up. Well, that's assuming the Democrats take the house. If the house elections finish with Republicans re gaining majority, then it will not be Nancy Policy, as speaker will it, in which case it could be a Republican all in all. I ll tell you what there's no way that I'm looking at these pause and seeing this and Joe Biden is not. I am convinced realized they lost their gains among with black lives matter, because the riots and that's. Why biting his panicking and that's why I dont think these Paul's makes sense the ones that are saying, but it is still winning in the suburbs. Maybe he is, and maybe body which is trying to stop trouble. Taking the lead. I'd be willing about, however, that top secret voters, fears of cancel culture-
and anger over the riots have pushed Trump over the edge, and even Democrats are starting to feel like trumps. Gonna win just wait until the debates happen. I would be. I would be shocked if they do to be completely honest. There's no way Biden is gonna, get roasted hard. It's gonna be funny, we said Molly, but their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcome. Slashed him cast news thanks for hanging up, and I will see Walden night one hundred and one of the ongoing civil unrest. What I'm gonna call it in Portland. You know the unrest. That the mayor said we just go away. If you gave these people space to do their thing called the least back. We wanted to arrest him alone Ba whose far wiped his life well, I'm not going to prosecute them their fighting for justice. They ve got one their allies working in the government, and this is what happens and but that's why I'm like I'm not going to vote for Joe Biden, because I somebody actually do something about it and Joe Biden just Nego
getting with his with these people and refuses to say their name, which is really creepy, while the tactic now being used by the far left the means for a while, but their escalating is to target locals in their neighbourhoods and at their home and at their homes, and I think it so what of working will seal it plays out, but already locals important are complaining that they're getting tier, asked in their homes at night. I dont know if that will work the way anti for hope, sit, wore black lives matter. What we hope it will, the general idea being that people can't complain to the cops one. Local residents Eddie try to talk the police because there's tear gas in his house and they injured him. Yes, because those cops that are down there are dealing with a riot there's. Fires burning in the streets been going on for a hundred plus days. You can't go out and talk to them but you do when you get tear gas in your own home. That's why anti what is going to residential neighbour their effectively using these people as human shields? But we know they have nothing but disdain for regular people. We ve seen it
in Rochester, where they went to the restaurant started, knocking over tape, screaming at people on throwing things while they're doing people and some lady walks up and grabs this dislike elderly couples drinking a drink and restricting about hey. What are you doing in there screaming at these old? are seeding their screaming at people. And some lady walks up and grabs this. This, like elderly couples drinking. Drinking and ok, what are you doing in there screaming at these old people and then some do like Knox Glass like a glasses just off the table, shattering them not the most extreme thing. I've ever seen, but definitely an attack on regular people. You know- and this one is kind of funny then a funny like how, but maybe a little bit cathartic you see those in power teaching who's running for office in Pittsburgh, Name Sean Parnell, I had him on the beat and cast iron podcast and one of the things we talked about that he put on an ad focused on the far left, other destroying stew
I choose and that there is a war for the heart and soul of our country from these these extremists, local newspaper, criticized him over it? Well, I'll tell you what man you better hope Pittsburgh Post is at you better hope They only go so far as to steal a drink from elder cup elderly couple while screaming at them that the racist and then smashing the glass in front of him, which is pretty extreme already, but you better hope it stops there because their ma Ching more than once now through your community. Where use she was wrong. What are the only politicians actually point this out I'll, tell you what Sean isn't wrong he's just calling it out before most people see it, and if you ignore his warning, you will get this night. One hundred and one of protests where residents are being tear gas in their own homes, we ve seen what happens in Portland, but you know what we can do better. I say we need reason and common good. Oh, you want common good with the people from outside of Portland.
Who are coming in and attacking local residencies spray, painter, buildings climbing on people's property? That's what what common ground with ok, ok I'll make a deal with you are, let's try and figure out where it was no shit and ok how about when they come do your neighborhood? They only spray paint. After the police on every third house is at a good compromise. Ok, ok! Well! How about the only spray paint F on the houses we where do you draw like? Where do you want a compromise with them? What which would be ok, how? But then we throw rocks at every at what will take half the rocks away and they won't throw them at you adopt because we're good. What will reduce the amounts? attacking. You said. The compromise you want is that the common, common ground that we're supposed to find what these people I was negotiate with them. This is this a viral video right now and you know put it up actually might I might actually have it here? It is quote: your setting. Fires in the streets asks a black female driver tonight who was stopped by
anti for writers and North Portland get out of my way. She refuses to follow their orders from this video. A group of white people wearing masks with it history of violence, targeting black communities. Looting and burning are stopping a black woman from moving and she accused of calling her racial slower than call someone out by name. Are they claim that didn't happen? No one said then she goes yeah. Was this person? Ok what he called it? That's what I call it all in racism. So there's a lot to show you. First, I'm not go through all the finer details of what's happening in Portland because you get it, but I want to show you one thing and then talk about other targeting regular people and how you ve got these these These people have blinders on their not paying attention to its happening. Pittsburgh Post gazette down played what was happening. Will now it's coming to Pittsburgh because out Portland Police, sad, you know, look, there's a riot blah blah stay safe. There are certain fires in the streets. They have a list of all the arrests made and many of these people from Portland, but
so one person unknown residence? We ve got one person San Francisco or against it Mesa, Arizona, Sacramento, more Portland. We ve got Vancouver Washington, that's that's so close to Portland Eddic, and you talk. Many of the people who are rested don't actually live in Portland. These are the tourists. These are people who come from outside of Portland to engage in violence and people from Portland go to other areas to engage in violence and this is the goal a South EAST Portland resident said his home was filled with tear gas after police declared a riot on one hundred consecutive night of protest in the city. The declaration It was made of her someone through what authorities describe as fire bombs toward the police. More than fifty people were arrested overnight. You see the video that's going viral people like play the song footloose in the guys like jumping up and down because he burst is his legs are on fire because he got hit the knowledge of their throwing maldives at the police, their throwing Malta, cocktails at the police departments. They try
some mending the door shut up, I think this was the east written in Seattle and then burn. Get down with molotov before fleeing these people are psychotic and they ve been doing this for a very long time and lots of people are dead. That's why it's funny when I see this article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette we we need resident, common ground? How dare Sean, Parnell Republican say it's bad violent extremists are attacking people and getting them to your guest in their own homes. Yes, common ground: ok I'll, tell you what how about you only throw Malta's on every second night of writing. Is that the compromise I mean so you can say, don't throw molotov cocktails, but then there just not rioting anymore. Well, that's not fair winning! on the ground. With these people right, they say the events unfolded and I residential area of Southeast Portland? Your venture a park after police refused to let people marching to the EAST precinct. When demonstrators decided to March anyway, they were met,
with a line of police in the middle of southeast stark street. That's ones one throw molotov cocktails according to police. Yes, we seeing the videos, but there's a guy on fire, a coin six It is curious. At least two flaming objects thrown that started a fire and hit the ground. At least one person was injured their shoes catching fire. Is we ve seen this and you a glass shatter. It was a mouth, have cocktail police declared a riot and deployed tear gas which filled the neighbour with clouds of gas, some neighbours, caught in the crossfire between protesters and police and said tear gas leaked into their home One man said his home was so full of gas, his thirteen rolled son and his friends were screaming inside their home, trying to wash out their eyes in the sink. I opened a door, the garage that leads to MIKE As soon as I opened a door, my eyes immediately started burning. The whole house is filled. Dear Guess, said: resident, allow
sure Warren? I dont even know what it? What is at the time, because I don't know what's going on war and also said he was injured when he went outside to see what's going on, he said he was too look into an officer about the impact the gas is having on his son when another officer come up and hit him, giving him a concussion He was actually listening to me. He was taking the two. And to listen like oh, ok. This is a neighbour had worn another one just hit me. He said he was hit behind, on the back of his head warrants, had taken and from the realize he was bleeding from his ear and said he kept trying explain that this was his home and he wasn't a protester, I'm screaming at them like I'm not part the protests you guys were in my neighborhood Warren said he needed stitches and spent. Several hours in the hospital overnight, but that the worst part, what was the impact it has on his son and his sons friend hearing both screaming. It's like my son and his friend should even have to go through none of that. We we're just sitting in our house? We weren't part of any things at warn. You see well that
was it that was a mess up by the police. Cops should not have attacked some dude from behind when he was just talking to somebody, but here Therein lies the big problem. I've seen this play out in New York during Occupy Wall Street is actually a funny story. There was a court hearing from bunch of people got arrested early on and one dude was like. Where it was older guy wearing a suit and he was screaming. Apparently I wasn't outside the coin is happening, but that's what I was told. The people inside at this guy said that he went to a bodega. You don't get it. He was gonna, get an orange soda and when he walked out of the store he was inside the net, where the cops had just cattle that called peddling all of the protesters. And when you try to the police, he was just buying a soda. They took the Thomas shut up and then getting arrested and then he's in court like I will just buying a soda, why did I get arrested? It happens and these these extremists use this tactic on purpose to four people to join the fright. While you know what the cop
what a fool and now the cops and have to pay for it discussion. I'm going to the hospital. He should not have been hit its unfortunate, especially because there cop was listening to him. What some to some dumb cup with bad training didn't know what he was doing just walked up in him and that's what far left once they know the holes in the system. They will exploit the system and you will end up with guys like this in the hospital, and now it's gonna be mad. It he's gonna say why am I get it now with these residents will stand that it was started I, the far left in the far left is coming to their neighborhoods on purpose, but this is the point they want to shoot. Local residents by the actions of the police. The only problem with this tactic is that often it ends up with the protesters attacking the local residents. First and foremost there is, there is theirs. Group that use tactics like this they'll stage their headquarters, in hospitals and schools and eat. You might know what I'm talking about the point as they want civilian
human shields. They were the police to say we can't use tear gas. Regular people are sleeping right now they want and then, when the cops, don't when the cops engage in their normal. You know crowd control behaviour, then of attacking the local residents to be fair. I dont think any cop, walk up to anyone and club them on the back of the head. If they're talking to another cop, you can just a move, oh sir, instead of hitting them so that that cop I mean they should get in trouble, hands down a much her watch. We see this and they it's fair to point out, I'm for police reforms, but I think these far left us need to be stopped first and foremost. Now it's! Let's talk about Pittsburgh. Let's talk about the republican race, Pittsburgh cops Investigate video appearance show, protesters clash with diners protests have erupted in major sage across the. U S, this we know is the authorities in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania said they are investigating a newly released video that appear to show protesters confronting outdoor diners in the cities down downtown area on Sub Saturday,
The videos that were posted online to show a man holding a megaphone calling diners the establishment and embarrassment some of the can be seen getting up from their seats and other protests are seeing giving an elderly couple the middle finger before someone walks over to the pair takes what appears to be a full glass of beer drinks, the entire glass on other protester. So ass, a wine glass more than one mind you may say. Reportedly it's on you see them. Do you like knocked off the table? These open Well, I just sitting there confused some people get up and leave the south starts. You don't know. What's gonna happen, you dont, you dont the people of Pittsburgh. You don't want to know, what's going to happen, what happened next? If this has not stopped? If you keep voting in people who support them, if you get a district attorney like the one in Portland Man, I am more Maybe the warnings no matter, namely the our motto. Maybe they do we'll see others plays out you got shot. Our neighbours is Conor Land. The Democrats have actively supported these groups these
People who attacked the diners are not chow I'm you know something I like Are we go one? We gather screaming black lives matter in your faces: they're, not yelling, Anti copy to LISA, they are, screaming black lives matter coming to your restaurants, smashing your glasses and taking your stuff. This is just the beginning. You know see what happens when these people are emboldened, because the d, I won't arrest them Pittsburgh. Do you want one hundred and one nights of violent riots like Portland, because that's what happened important when you vote for these people, the apparent pro as to who gave the couple the middle finger laughed during interaction, they were chanting, no justice, no peace and asked the police the scene was reminiscent of the videos of black lives matter protestors who screamed at people in Washington DC light last month over the shooting of James Blake, Frederick Uncle The Washington Post staff rider posted a veto Tuesday on Twitter that showed a crowd of protesters. Gathering closely around a woman and in a fight is Lauren. Victor ashes tat outside on us on a sidewalk patio restaurant. The group demand,
She raised her fist and solidarity as they chanted. White silence is violence, no justice, no peace, W Tee, a EDA com, a Pittsburgh station reported it's Sunday. That authorities are looking into the video from the restaurant and another that currently showed a man carrying a bike who was hit by a demonstrator, and this is what this does is. It is what we get from from our local outlets, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette you see. I've used one of their always before, notably when somebody these. These are a far left bill, a blacklist matter. Individuals were traveling, through Pennsylvania on their way to DC, and guy into a shoot out with locals, kidding a shoot out, no joke! and they say this now? I would if I were figured after the shoot up. They say some, they like. While maybe we were wrong about Sean Parnell and we really need to consider what's happening in this country, fighting off his knees for giving, but they dont instead, they
carry on like normal here's, a story. They wrote, I won't we'd all of it. They say in a campaign video, Mr Poos, now who is challenging incumbent Conor, Lamb, provided a bleak rendering of national see the enemies of America are here on our soil. The candidate asserts and they are trying to burn our country to the ground, showing footage of statues being tough. Mr Barroso says the? U S is a nation at war, whether we'd like to admit it or not? He says the goal of the mob, is to destroy our way of life because they hate America. They hate our history and they hate you and he's right. That's why they attack locals. That's why they bring the fight to your homes. They don't like you, they don't like what on that note like that you're eating a chicken sandwich in having an ice beer on a Sunday afternoon and it downtown area, one upon a patio. They hate that they push revisionist history, like the sixteen nineteen project, which we know is fake. They it's absolutely
and we know that they say their goal is to disrupt the nuclear family. That's black lives matter, a top down NASH, organization that has people marching through the streets across the country attacking regular people and no one? from their organization will say anything bad about it, because it's by design so Sean Parnasse steps up he says the goal of the mob near the hate you. He also says the demo at a party has been hijacked by communist revolution with route revolutionaries fight with me. Fight now he's not wrong. This was my main segment Youtube com slashed him cast yesterday law
the sheriffs council members. Mayors are digging the Democratic Party because it's exactly what Sean Parnell was talking about. One of the few politicians to point this out. Well, you know it you know, John. Maybe the mistake you made is that you caught it early. Maybe your experience actually fighting overseas and witnessing how this starts and how this plays out and what results and gave you insight that they cannot yet understand, and that's unfortunate. Actually, the unfortunate privilege of being a head of the market see these people, these news outlets our like nothing's happening, but where I seem to recall that the black lives matter mob smashing up the front of CNN you're, just the other day they spray painted on the building, killed the press, but see these people at the Pittsburgh posted proposed Gazette aren't paying attention. They dont know
There were the problem we have with all these journalists. Is there not actually inquisitive or at, were investigating any more? How many knights of rights do you need before you're like maybe this dude right, maybe he's right. They say this is not helpful There is a mob out there, but they are relatively small number of people driven by emotion and equally emotional response to them fixes nothing bills. Nothing helps no one. I completely disagree. It is not a small group of people, that's the lie or that's the Mist inception, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that as a are there not a national paper, and maybe they don't realize what happened across this country is not a small group of people too. Percent of the CDC wants racism to be declared a national health crisis, ten percent, twelve hundred people as a federal agencies, the ideology of these people, the violence they ate their spouse, it's probably in the hundreds of thousands.
Actively on the ground as a small group of people August. Technically, it is because we have three twenty million people, but when you consider that after the extremists, you have their lackeys who pushed their ideology and are trying to get it implemented across the board in all our cultural institutions and governmental institutions, we have serious problem. Is you what they won't tell you is that I say the Boston Red Sox, shopped black lives matter is right. It run on a big old banner and the organist Asian itself wants to four one: disrupt the nuclear family men they their leaders are avowed, Marxists and AIDS. I know it sounds ridiculous, but they ve set it in interviews. They do not like Amerika, and that is why they are revising our history. With things like a sixteen nineteen project, they just happen You have a militant wing. Now the Pittsburgh Post Gazette these journalists that data
they don't actually know they're, not paying attention or its possible their actively lying to protect them. Like we see at the New York Times, mostly peaceful protests gave way what none of that the court was peaceful. Pro escape, give way to burning buildings and looting or whatever. Oh, yes, peaceful protests. Cnn now there fires raging behind me, but the protesters peaceful shit, no its not shut up, but they been doing it nonstop and it's only with the help of the press are able to now. There's two scenarios I think we can highlight here. The far left knows these journal. Es are really bad at their jobs like really bad, like Heaven forbid the Pittsburgh posters at actually Didn t research into this then that actually understand was going on. They be like. Maybe Sean is just a little bit ahead of. You is making a prediction of how bad things might actually get which had. We should consider this because I mean just think what it this way. Would you prefer? If you have a good analogy, you ever get a crack in your windshield.
And you ve got that little hole and your friends are like you better get that seal at less than spiderweb in your guy I'll. Do it I'll do it and then splits in Yahoo fractures the whole when she held a man, that's oxen! That's! What's going on right now, you're. You gotta do that. A guy drive in the car and you're in the passenger seat. Saying hey man, you should let you should. We should take them. To the shop and get that seal otherwise is gonna get worse and then you ve got the journalist. The backside is a tiny little spot in the matter I mean yeah, there's a crack of the windows, I beg the who cares? We can do better. We don't need you hounding us about how we gotta go to the mechanic or the Glass chapter and it repaired. And then sure enough, you know tat goes by and other windshields totally screwed. You can't use any of the whole thing replaced, and you know Have you no longer have a windshield. That's what's going on the far left is that crap and we can all see it and it's been spider webbing beak as of outlets like this, that are ignoring it saying so wide. Oh, I know
it's now come to our neighbourhood. Will bake about now and say we were wrong and we're sorry. These old people were attacked the patio. No thirteen is that you, was just one elderly couple who had their their drinks stolen and wine, glass smashed in front of them. It was just a couple families that were chased out of the restaurant by screaming mob. It's not like a large group of people, while it was a large with people doing it, but it's not like it's everywhere. There, too, big lies right now to pay attention to the first. Is that the rights aren't even widespread there in key areas of the city, yes that's always how it is that's what a right is. This one was a riot literally every city, black boy, sticking to flames. The next big lie they do love. This one is the ninety three percent when ninety three percent of all the protest to a peaceful. According to the report on something like five hundred and seventy five hundred forty violent riots in two hundred twenty different locations, and they say but
who had two thousand four hundred locations that were peaceful. Therefore, ninety three percent was peaceful by game imaginative. Indy three per cent of airplane successfully made it to their destinations, the other seven per se. Imagine if ninety three percent of your food was safe to eat. Yes, that would mean in that Every couple of months you get vinyl yellow, potentially die. Imagine if I am no. Ninety three percent of covert patience survived a seven percent mortality rate. That would be unacceptable to any one. Planes must make it. I think it's like
Ninety nine point: ninety nine, nine, nine, nine. Ninety, nine, nine, nine nine nine percent of flights make it their destination. I think it's actually that technically around one hundred percent of the food you eat is a maybe no ninety nine point: nine percent to get food poisoning, but you don't die from it and it's actually like ninety nine point. Eight percent of people survive covert or something like that, but there but I'll? Tell you? We don't care about the seven percent that are violent rights that are destroying everything, because their mostly peaceful, those are the lies, potential them and when you see outlets like this telling you to sit down shut up and criticising the p but challenging them. I wonder where their loyalties, like that, like many of these news outlets there, there hiring these extremists it's not like. Literally, everyone throws the brick. There are group of people on the far left or psychotic with throw bricks and there are
but people on the left to our psychotic, who pushed the ideology and lie to protect these people. Don't wait until it comes to your neighborhood to call it out and that's why I'm appreciative of John Porno, though I don't agree with him on everything at least he's talking about it and leave their necks segments coming up at one p m on this, I know that I will see you all them. Welcome. My friends do sunny and beautiful California, where rolling blackouts threaten local residents. Were plague has reemerged for the first time in five years, and homelessness is a rapid and ongoing problem. My friends, I give you one party control of a state not to be fair, I'm not gonna, blame California for natural disasters I didn't mention, that little opening segment the wild fires that are under way and the massive heatwave, because for the most part, those things you can't really control, I mean we can make some arguments about climate change and and stuff like that. But I'm not gonna blame
You know new some org, our Seti, because it's hot outside I mean that happens, but when it comes to plague to be fair, that is kind of an act of nature, but there is a serious problem with California, and one party can one party control where they can deal with the problems we are facing. It is because of their policies. They are facing rolling blackouts. It is because of their policies. The massive homelessness problem, which creates a serious risk with the re emergence of plague for quite some time people have been concerned that, because of all the homelessness, maybe rats run around and there'll be a typhoid outbreak. And then there was there was now because of covert, which I'm not gonna, blame California, for we see some way more homeless people went way four homelessness. Now I can't blame them for the homelessness, because this has been an ongoing problem. They haven't up if they have not been able to solve, and I think it's did. In fact, there is no political competition
there's no one offering up any alternatives to California has to solve these problems. So the only direction they can go is left and we should look to California for what the future of our country could be if there is no right wing. Just a overpowered, left wing dominating social media dominating mainstream media in our corporations and a weakened right. That is continually getting bands and from the conversation. This is what will happen if the left just runs rampant without any checks. The Republicans in the right are not always correct, but you need an argument from both sides to me. Sure, when we do progress, we progressed in a way that benefits us, not way that result in stage to emergencies of rolling blackouts. Now many people come up and say to him the rolling blackouts or because of the heatwave. That's not fair! Oh! I know. I know this also for it for just to be fair,
they successfully navigated this without any blackouts yesterday, so good for them, but why do they have to declare these emergencies? You see the Wall Street. Who wrote about this a couple weeks ago when it did happen and I'll tell you it's because of their policies. In my opinion, it's because we have entered this realm of politics where Democrats and Republicans don't want to bother fighting for certain areas- California Yet two thirds Democrat, why bother will never win their again say Republicans, and thus and I mean in many this big cities. Obviously there are public and parts of California, but because of this Republicans, don't other fighting in LOS Angeles counties or things like that in many jurisdictions like a yo, for instance, than We even have any republican contender. This is all changing now, and I think it's a really good and healthy thing for this country as well. Considering how insane the left has already gotten well, if they
look at somebody stories and then what what will talk about the nature of the of politics and how its affecting it by highlight how the Wall Street Journal says there. Their policies have caused these rolling blackouts. Take a look at this, as yesterday, rolling blackouts likely with California Power GRID expected to near record demand due to extreme heat. They say, though, Californians on Saturday avoided rolling blackouts. Sundays. Extreme heat threatens to bring record breaking demand for energy that could strain the states power grids, the California Independent system operator, which runs the electric electrical grid for most of the state. Declared a stage to emergency around six p m and said rotating power. Outages are likely on Sunday clearing an emergency allows the grid operators to use reserve power and tap into emergency assistance from neighbouring authorities. The I s o called the emerged. See after a transmission lines carrying power from organic, California and another part of the state power plant. When offline unexpectedly, the operators at an inn is released.
Ok, human error mistakes, sometimes things break I dunno, but that is not an act of nature. As California sweltering under triple digit temperatures and officials grapple with fire caused power grid system failures, the state is working to free up energy capacity during the Labour day weakened according to governor gave a new sums office. Here's my favorite part about all. This is labour day as your labour day gone. Where do we find the girl so help me? God, Don't some similar, you got a lot of people want to go to the beach now in California, they got very, very strict, covered rules. I don't know how pertains to beaches. I know that the story run the daily mail that New York was plenty on it. Arresting tons of people because its labour, They weaken and people want to go to the beach so think about that. You ve got an electrode electrical crisis. You need people to turn the power off, because the grid
going to fail and that when people are like hey I, but we got side you're like whoa whoa covered man, so that you go rock and a hard place. I'll. Tell you what we'll let's talk about going on, they met actually hold on, more. They say to reduce demand. The state is asking large commercial and public energy consumers to shift their usage away from peak hours on Thursday. The guy declared a state of emergency suspending regulations to create more energy and wood, This demand on the grid in order to stave off potential blackouts and then It is said and regulations. I love it. I guess what a work. You know why, because those fossil fuel power plants that you regulated cease to exist because they were regulated. I love it. You know what man I am all about renewable energy. But there are serious questions that I about and many others have asked how are you going to store power at night when there's no son? What if there is no wind? What if you're a Jew
thermal eventually runs out our actually geothermal ass, a really long time supplied Dublin. But what are we going to do and what not? where has access to geothermal energy or or place where they can essentially get geothermal? You need batteries, and that means you need way better battery tech and were working on this and I'm excited for it. I'd love to see us get away from renewable energies, and I think nuclear energy is a is a massively under utilised tool, and it's because of the left. When I tell you a week, we can't we on this one. Can we you can about carbon emissions, we say what about new technologies and nuclear energy, so they can generate tat this event or gene and not the way about carbon emissions. They nuclear is bad and dangerous and were scared. Ok. Well, then, if you want to regulate something, regulate safety protocols for nuclear power plants, something like that right well, let's jump over first to be fair, I want to make sure I can highlight what would a lightweight and that's that making fun of our setting out a make sure I highlight the temperatures. Ok, they had the highest.
But you're on record ever one area, a hundred and twenty one degrees. So to be fair, even with the changes they ve made. I don't think anybody expected a hundred and twenty one degree to California, but here's what we get. California's blackout warning from the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal. Pinion, section anti fossil fuel mandates are leading to electricity shortages. It's time to go to California, men, it is look. I think humans have to be particularly careful about how we extract resources and the IMF. We are having on the rest, this planet, we are seeing oceans, fisheries, we alot of our food from there are starting to collapse, of being replaced by jellyfish kind of gross people have started eating jellyfish, also gonna grass, but that's how you? What foods food you know, if you think, jellyfish gross, maybe seven tried it out or no jellyfish, is mostly nothing so will see that plays out, but I think humans
adapt. I think we can survive most things, but I am I am. I am somebody who thinks we must protect the ecosystem. We ask that this planet is not just people too These have to function the animals within these these forests and jungles have to function. So I'm all about protecting the environment. However, some people have ass if an interesting question. What's the point of protecting the environment to save humans of humans down exist if humans curtail themselves and it creates more suffering and death only got a serious problem. I'll tell you what we do have problems. I mean humans have kids, we reproduce were six. As for like really success, we got tons of food. We take over more space, we expand rapidly. How do we deal with that? Perhaps the answer is with Donald. Company law, musk musk of course, wants to go to Mars. Trump wants to do the work of the artemus project to think when we go to the moon and then from the moon to Mars. These things are really important and helping humans survive without decimating the planet, but in their zealous business
after an active policies before we were before, we were I need to do so. I guess you take a look at people like Rattoon Bergen, he says shut it all down, no fossil fuels. We're not going gonna. Wait twenty thirty. We only one way to twenty one. Do it now people will die and now we're seeing a glimpse of this young calm down now I am absolutely in favour of curtailing carbon emissions. Hey nuclear energy, about that. That's talk to China sucked in talk to India, but this is what you get. Let me read this: they say electricity blackouts are awful. At any time but especially during an extreme heatwave and for reasons that are man made. That's what millions of in California have been enduring in recent days and their plight is a warning to the rest, America about the risks of green new deal policies, the California Independent system operator Kai, so which manages the states power grids. We a high level emergency Friday and Saturday evenings and ordered utilities to reduce power usage cattle
corner and most of it southwestern you and most of the south western. U S are experiencing severe heatwave, but other states are managing to keep power flowing. Why can't California? You see, even though there is a natural disaster or some kind of natural phenomenon, other states are fine. Mind you this from August, it's happening again, a month later, you'd think they'd figure something out by now. They say California. I experienced rolling blackouts in two thousand one: I'm an energy market, manipulation by speculators, this time the cause is energy market manipulation by anti fossil fuel politicians Democrat, have mandated that renewables account for sixty percent of state electricity by twenty thirty, which has forced power provide. Here's to invest in renewable energy sources now to meet the deadline. The result, this something of a rube, Goldberg Physics experiment during peak daylight hours, California produces a surplus of solar energy and power generators, maybe ordered or paid to cut back their production, so the grid
overloaded. On Friday and Saturday, Kai reported by one thousand megawatt hours were curtailed enough to power thirty thousand homes. This year one point three million megawatt hours of power have been curtailed. Iceland power, but mean supply shortages can occur in the evening when solar energy plunges, but demand for power remains high. That's what happened before and many natural gas, a nuclear plants that can generate power. Twenty four seven have shut down in recent years because they can't compete with heavily subsidized green energy new, Nuclear energy is green energy. Ok, it we ve got to get people to realise this. Nuclear energy does not produce carbon emissions. It is green in that regard attend He rolled natural gas power plant in an hour on pretty sure natural gas doesn't either embrasure natural gas burns off in a clean as it becomes like water. You know what I'm sorry, man, I don't know enough about. This-
They say a ten year old natural gas power plant in California, inland empires been decommissioned this year, twenty to thirty years earlier, and its planned lifespan, state water, Regular hence are also forcing the shutdown of Peter plants along the coast. I can quickly ramp Generation in the sun goes down. This is why the public nobody's commission last year, warned the state could face an she shortage as early as twenty twenty one and hot summer evenings. While it happened a year early, I love it. This is one party rule. Look what happening in the democratic states. We ve been locked down, For how long it's insane, you had a floor on your movies, having a cheeseburger like normal, also I hear I live in New Jersey, which has been nothing but psychotic, authoritarian, lockdown. You have these Democrats or, like I refuse to take responsibility. Therefore, we do nothing and that's what's been happening in California case in point, the nimby problem in LOS Angeles, preventing the homelessness, they all say what we
we're working to solve the homeless problem and help all of these people and then once they get elected as per year. Will they going on my back yard, I'm not going. When about it, because I don't want to be responsible. If I build portable housing for homeless people and mental health facilities to try and help them the neighbour. Property value will go down and they'll get mad at me. So how do I do literally nothing and say? But you can't blame me, because other people are homeless. My favorite part is how to trying to flock as much of the blame onto other people as possible. They say The others, whilst city to warn twenty one on hot summer evenings the power could go out that day is arrived a year early, congratulations to Democrats for beating their own forecasts. Bravo! What is it? a year early and under budget, not in a good way, though, when they can't get it Californians, already pay twice as much for electricity as washing wash ing ton, washing opinions and a third more than Nevadas, because the spot price for power.
The summer concerns more than thirty full from new dusk utilities are building. Expensive batteries to store solar energy that can be released and evening, which is cool. They say, that will save money, but that's also what they said about Jerry Browns, failed bullet train likes to sum up. California's antipathy, even to natural gas and nuclear power has resulted in higher energy prices, and now power surpluses and shortages, because renewables are intermittent energy sources. The Sacramento Democrats want to take this I will see nation wide via Joe Biden so prepare for hot summer nights. This is one. The reasons why I am no fan of Joe Biden- yes- and I believe Conall Heareth- are also in favour of these policies. Listen I early on when they announced the green new deal. It would that there was nothing behind it. They were like. We just want the government to invest in green technology, and, unlike that's a good idea, I like that idea. You know if we can reach a reallocate to better technology, regardless of that
biology, better living through technology right. The problem is when they put these timetable mandates. You can't mandate tech, you can't mandate technology be developed. That makes literally no sense there we're gonna end fossil fuels right now with renewable energy, even others, nothing to replace it so people are going to suffer because of that now I understand hard decisions sometimes have to be made, and you would be a fool if you thought there would never be a sacrifice for the greater good, but we want to avoid that to the best of our ability to challenge, I suppose is the politics of climate change. In California. They say thing like we have no time, we must do this, even though China and India are, are gonna, keep going and won't stop. So what do you do when they don't? Honestly, I don't know, but I'll tell you this nuclear energy natural gas, their great. Why are they being shuddered? It's an inadvertent for it. It's in
unintended consequence. I suppose, of mass subsidies for solar and wind power, not echoed Isaak I gotta be honest, why I think so citizens, solar and wind can be a good thing, but maybe what we really need. Is market competition? Maybe there's a point: where government realises you can't just pay things. You got command economies, don't work now in favour of a mixed economy. Look I thus communism and socialism, our command economies, where a centralized group determines where the resources go, that results in major problems, because one person or a committee nowhere near as powerful in terms of their calculate their buddy ability to calculate then a decentralized distributed network of individuals who make choices that move in a certain direction. I think we need the government to make sure we're not
building things that will kill us. Could someone has to pay attention that stuff? You know. If you have no centralized focus at all well, then you can run amok and you could do you know. Things can be really damaging to the planet, but if you go into the command command economy, space where they're like let's take money from people by force and then build these things that we think are better. Therein lies the big problem. Here's what I think needs to happen well, actually, I should walked back. I don't know I'm smart enough, tell you what should happen, but I will tell you this: we can't rush into these things and the concern of the left is very zealous. They keep telling us. We have twelve years. We have ten years we have eight years bourbon hearing that my entire life. I think will adapt and we are facing serious problems, but I dont think the world is ending. I think that's kind of knots. If we follow this path of California, it's going to get the rest of the country. The scariest part about all of this is that where we were told routinely California,
is the future of the rest of this country that what happens in California, a few years later happens to the rest of the country. Now that's a scary prospect, because the Zella three of these emotional, Ria of individuals, reacting emotionally results in poor planning. Was it the intent to shut down nuclear power plants? I dont think it was a. Maybe it was. They hate nuclear power to an that's ridiculous lesson. We have a lot of humans they're alive. They have rights, and we want to make sure they that their needs are met. They tell us at the same time they want to end poverty, but that's literally impossible to do, because poverty is relative to the current state of our standard of living nope. If we, if we have, if you took every body for yourself from today and brought him back every single person to like the year. Nineteen hundred, they would all be the richest people in existence at the time.
If you took everybody from nineteen hundred him here today, they would all be considered for the most part poor, even the richest people, because it and have access to any of the things we do. Tvs, air conditioning refrigerators, clean running water? Even the wealthy people barely had access to things. We do and have aids, so they can fly. Where were they wanted? We can made come here and black I've never flown before. I've never been able to fly and that's well and then a surly poverty, but a kind of is so. The point is right now, with all these initiatives coming from the left, what what's what they're doing actually making homelessness worse straight up policy have made made the problem worse. They seem to think you can just shove people in hotels. I could do New York, that's not the issue! You a lot of problems. They ve made the issue from this. They ve made the do of disease spread worse now we ve got put patrol in San Francisco. We ve got power plants shutting down and
hey what man I've been a California I've seen some of the issues during the drought, one of the big one of the things they want to do was desalinate was called desalination they'll want to pump water from the ocean, felt throughout the salt and spit the brine back out, and that kills the bottom crates dead zones, because what happens is the brine six to the bottom in the ocean in on the shoreline killing all of the ground level, plants and animals? And then everything above it can't eat southern they die too, and a lot of people are concerned. Activists are like. Do you can't just do this, but we need water? Yes, we do. There are serious problems that were facing in California, is an example of what not to do. We need market competition and we need entrepreneurial individuals or the pioneer spirit. To eventually say California is just too much right now, there's not enough space isn't enough water. The heat is too much it's time to leave, but instead what happens
they stay there? They demand aid from the federal government. They demand that we make we ridiculous changes to the power. Red and everyone suffers because of it. You get me, homelessness and instead of solving the problems, I throw money at it and they don't solve the problem. What needs to happen is People need to leave. Finally, stop saying you must save me say I'm gonna leave and go find my own way to survive otherwise, well just keep experiencing worse and worse problems, because if nobody, if people in California just stay and keep doing
they're doing and demanding more help and assistance. It will only get worse. I think one of the biggest problems we have right now is not overpopulation its overly dense population in key areas, and that's why this the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to open people are fleeing California, especially with the heatwave and power outage, as people are saying enough, so maybe that's what we're really happen. Their policies failed people will leave and that's an that's it. The problem I see is these people will leave and take their policies with them. You should learn a lesson on knocking. Since they will? But I'll tell you, then I dont know when California will finally have a reckoning, but I will say it is incumbent upon Republicans to actually spend money challenging these deep blue areas of the country, not because I agree with but because we need political competition were starting to see it, I'm excited for it. I want to see, I wanna see AC run because she won't you
the primary right, and then she goes white ones, You want the primary she's like I've been elected, a Congress and it's like? No, you didn't you one, like fifteen thousand votes, you're a district of seven Fifty thousand, even when anything o button, No one is running against you. How absurd people need to challenge her? They are their republicans and unwise fourteen- and I want to see those debates, they should happen and the people need to hear these ideas, they don't know the ideas exist. They won't oh they like them or they won't entertain them and you get more one party rule in key areas, and it will just be bad ass, shake everything up a little bit and I mean that in a good way, like people can get up and move and it's happening. So I'm actually excited to see what comes from this now. I feel bad for the people of California, but hey you're, so I'll leave it there. Next time it's coming up at four p: DOT M over at Youtube dot com timcast
different channel thanks, sprang up, and I will see you well then angry salon customers have descended on the home of Nancy Policy hanging up here. Curlers on trees? I guess, and there I agree that she went out mask less to get her hair done when you're not allowed to do it. Now I got to say a couple things about this and I will read about what's going on in the press with these protests in the view of them, I M actually not a big fan of this now. First informed nonviolent civil disobedience, especially the kind where they didn't actually get arrested or do anything arrest worthy. I do like, I think, if you're gonna go on protest and you're in a block a street or something and end up being arrested, I'm I'm actually. Okay with that within. Reason that you're like pushing on the line and it's a norm, it's the normal. Force of non violent protest. It can be annoying, I get it, but as long as the people aren't violent- and I guess what
when it happens. Nonstop all day every day they can can be a little over the top, but within reason that's kind of a limit. For me, however, a protest like that's where they go to someone's home kind of crosses the line. For me, I don't think anybody should be going to the private homes of people, I don't care if you're on the left or the right there's at least for now, maybe met you know. Maybe one thing: we're calmer and more simmer down properly, be fine, but weren't weren't assent. We're we're in a time of extremely heightened tensions, political discord but, more importantly, weapons zation of propaganda. If the right goes out of people's health, You know the left is going to absolutely take the since our screaming look at their due look at their doing. Meanwhile, the left is actually spray petty people's homes and smashing things up in attacking their houses. The right shouldn't be doing that Admittedly, though, I dont think that big of a deal it's actually kind of funding and the going after plus you for being a hypocrite, so hey I can accept that, but in the media the events
really taken to blaming journalists who are just covering the protests for causing the protests? Actually remarkable, am I technology review. I covered this briefly in my main channel Simon are blaming Eliza, Schaefer Andy, no specifically for warning people about violence, clay may that by doing so, the videos insight more violence, that's ridiculous, but it's an axe ample of how the media will weapon eyes, anything they can to smear Trump and the rights we gotta be careful about this. Now we can laugh about policy being a hypocrite and people protests in her house. I think that's pretty funny. Just keep that mindless, read the story. Fox new says protesters gather at S. F, home of Nancy Policy, hang up hair curve, curlers after salon visit some of the protesters we're describe as angry salon. Customers report said more than a dozen protesters gathered outside the home of Nancy policy. The Ellie occurred after policy was captured on video, getting her hair cut inside
YE salon myself, even though it was closed due to the crown of first related ordinances, some of the protesters ascribe as angry salon, customers, war, curl, in their hair? Others hung oh dryers and hair curlers in a tree outside the residents to express their frustration I really like this protest. I do like when the left does funny things there was there's one video I saw where actually they do this a lot they'll dangled doughnuts in front of cops, I actually think that's fine have a sense of we'll be silly, and there was actually a viral video which kind of made me angry, where the stewards walking around with a donut honour on, like you know, hanging from a string like a fishing pole and all of the copse laugh about it, but one copy it's really mad. I get that out of my face, you don't and then they arrest. The guide Admittedly, you you, you put a stick in some guy's face and we will run out care what it is like your actually that could be assault in some jurisdiction. So I don't know
getting all triggering getting angry. I think the proper appropriate responses to laugh about it, but there are some funny protests you can do It is, certainly one of them at Nancy policies. Ass quote. What she has done is slap them ICE of not just a salon owner, but every woman, every man, every person who is unemployed and the state of California who has lost their jobs and law. Their livelihoods, many of whom are my friends. One protests are said: San goes chronic tv reported Salons in San Francisco have been closed in March and were only notify. They could reopen on September. First for outdoor hairstyling services, only Jessica Christian tweeted protesters have gathered. Front of Nancy Pelosi: San Francisco home and our stringing up, curl in blow dryers in a tree after video surface of policy getting or have got this. We know funny? Some of these women are like middle aged women like how do you have
ignite the middle aged woman, voter go get your hair cut when nay can't get their hair cut. How dare you Nancy the greatest injustice? I think for the most part there just being silly unama by, just getting according to a video posted by us, have chronicle reported Jessica Christian. The group decorated a tree outside the home with an american flag declaring the freedom tree the protesters would also gather in a circle outside the residents. We gather to make sure that every but he has an opportunity to earn a living and feed their families. One protests are said before the group raise their hands in unison. Mayor London Breed was asked on Friday about the protesters she said it was time to move on. I get, They have these feelings their voicing their feelings, but we are what we are doing, the very best we can and another site. But enough for them. I understand Breed told LOS Angeles K, a beat k, ABC Tv- I get it but it, but at the end of the day, it's really time for us to move on really really time for us. What you do the best you can.
Got any other jurisdiction come on? I find a response. You locked down the city you ve walked down. The state. People are suffering same is true for black lives matter. People have lost their lives. There sat there upset the only difference. The black lives matter is is that in New York, for since Cuomo said you ve won. What do you want and they said smash smashing, so you do your peaceful protest, you win. I can respect all now. You say here is what we want to do. I can respect all that to these people are simply saying give us our jobs back. Let us run our businesses. Where, whereas black lives matter, our saying smash, smashing defend the police. That's insane come on you can't. You know it's almost like a hostage situation, where they're like I want fifty large anchovy PETE, says three helicopters I will well oh, do we can't get you those things that's ridiculous now like they would actually negotiate the hostage. You don't take her anyway. The point is what they're asking for left is: it's almost purposefully impasse
well, to deliver so that we can say why won't change happen. I see these posts on read it. Where someone mentioned in. I was like the eightieth day of riding Africa's. Now it's a hundred someone said they keep rioting and nothing's chair Jane what do people like what why what the police do anything someone responded the protein just keep riding. Why nothing wondering why nothing is changing and an energy, and it just keeps happening at present, We should be negotiating with rioters anyway, but the point is they're asking for impossible things. We want. The police department abolished what we. Can't do that. That's insane! Ok, we want be funded, fifty percent, so they said in Seattle. We can't do that either. That's saying: ok, then I guess they just keep riding because The demands are insane and cannot be done now. What are we today protesting here. Let me cut hair yeah that we could do yet we could where they say what we're trying our best. You know what shut up our highlighted article here from the post model. They say article in
MIT Technology review blames conservative journalists for violent riots. It's not it. It is the funny thing about. This is the we'll covering the riots or just conservative there. Actually are regular journal. I've been on the ground. There was a guy from New York Times has been several of these events, in fact, was in New York Times reporter. Who did the analysis, not perfectly accurate, but pretty accurate analysis of the current situation. Yet, who does the technology review blame they explicitly I am Eliza Schaefer and Andy No Elijah tweets Harvard and twenty twenty quote. These narratives have been intensified and supplemented The work of right wing, adversarial, media makers like Eliza Schaefer, and you know who collect videos of conflict at public protest and re circulate them to their audiences. It's called journalism, it's called the conflict beat. I did the same thing for years back then they loved it, though you know why, because the corporate press wasn't trying to Munich
the light and use these people for political game now they are now all of a sudden. You must condemn anyone whose angry about rioting this wise, I don't like you- were gone people's homes, ok, Look how insane the says they're just just wait until you know you ve got the iraqi people, shrubs dances, pluck Nancy Policies House, and it was a simple peaceful protests about a dozen people and it was said, and it was funny, but they're gonna start saying things out of context. Miss framed will bear showing to our homes. To, although there is a very big contextual difference being After smashes, windows kill has killed. Several p and so on, customers who are upset haven't you know the media's gonna play dirty game. They say her theory. It is at the violence wasn't documented. If is that, if the violence wasn't documented, people would not be up so upset, and this would calm everything down at her hold on, I gotta be fair them.
It's kind of pathetic that you're there doing a smear of conservative reporters for simply reporting on this, but there is a point to be made. She meant specifically occupy Wall Street, a moment where the police walked up and pepper spreads. Billy was for women who are just standing on the sidewalk. This credit, one of the most of the fastest growing viral videos ever at the time said a million views and like twelve hours and that triggered Occupy Wall Street no joke it was, whose officer Anthony Bologna, they com, Tony Bologna. He walked up no reason and just sprayed these women that were not detained, and nobody knows While they were yelling at him. I guess they got frustrated, so he did it. I've seen cops, do dumb things and that trigger triggered Occupy Wall Street before that it was isolated to New York it. Wasn't that popular? Wasn't that big and no one really cared the police due to be careful about what they do This morning I covered a story where an aim
We homeowner cannot talk to the police because his get tear gas in his house and one cup was listening to him, one another cup whacked them over the back of the head. These cops gotta be careful and they need to be held accountable. Alan. By saying this, I think it's hilarious, their protest gonna the policies. I know I know you I've I've set at the point. I want to make wrapping all this up. I have no problem criticising cops when they do bad. I think we need our police. I think we need better training and more funding for them. I think cops honestly should be paid a lot more. I really do. I think some of the higher level cops pocket, Petaluma less in some areas and the beat cops need to get paid a bit more one hundred percent. I won't these cops to know and respect the job more than they do, and I think many of them already do, but I was I won't come to be trained better and I want to better culture among police. I want cops to view themselves not as arbiters of the law who have to deal with the scum of the earth. I want them to view themselves more, like superheroes. I know many probably do, but I think one way
We can deal with a lot of the problems beyond reform is just a culture of honour and integrity, cops no at their going out there facing real danger every day. Many of them do. But when you see these cops like wacko due to the back of the head and do bad, it's because their fed up and they ve snapped and that's what we need to deal with that. I think most cops absolutely are not that way, because I've actually seen awesome videos from good cops. I have no problem calling out bad cops. I have no problem talk about what I want in terms of improving police and I have no problem calling at the far left. They can't stay the same and what happens they come out and they blame the the journalist to happen to have covered it whatever how we solve that, you know what they done, the smartest person in the world, but talking about it, helps I'll leave it there Next time coming up in just a few minutes stick around, and I will see you all shortly. You know I mentioned the several times when people say get won't go broke what they off
can ignore is that many of these businesses got broke. So they went woke trying to exploit the far left for sweet, sweet, green and works. It really does have the viral video going around right now, this this morbidly obese, black woman, I am- I'm not saying that we mean I have to predecessor she literally asthma. Really obese she standing next to a sign that says all why people are racist, pay pal me and her pay pal information. Some one asked the ultimate goal of critical race theory is to leverage white guilt into cash in your pocket, and it is Collins gave her. Is the king of this right Bart brings it up in its very clever they point out no NFL teams called caper Nick about a job really. I wonder why that would be. More importantly, would caper Nick even take the, job and the answer is no. Why would he he's
Those sweet social justice in owes sponsorships covenant. Why would you take a lower paying job actually having to do work thing about it. When you play football, you get me well run and aunt Jane. You got a job, an arm and think about it. You got actual move around the axe now social justice? You can you know that meme of bugs Bunny and he's like sitting there, always only with his eyes, half closed that he left his gun and fires. It that's what caper next discovered He can sit back, eaten chips duenna whatever he wants playing video games and ever everyone throughout his tweet, something like now all white people are racist and you should send me money and then bone Nike sponsorship elsewhere, the story they say According to a source to Prague to pro football talk, no one has contacted column, Caper Nick agents about signing their client to an NFL Contra
cook for a source with knowledge of the situation. There was some fake interest expressed immediately after Floyd's death, seemingly out of guilt pro football talks. Michael for your rights. There has been zero interest expressed as to Caper Nick and months while he was considered an average quarterback. So why would anyone want why. Why would anyone want to deal with getting woken going broke now for caper Nick he was getting broke, so we got awoke. At one point along the way- and I fell media reports that teams had come, active friends and associates of Cape Verde, and that they will be contacting his agent when they get to the point where they are confident enough that they think they can work out a contract so either they never got. To the point of confidence that they can work at a contract- or it was all just more bs pro football talks MIKE Florio gets very. Bush and when it comes to Cape and still the truth, is theirs likely as little interest from caper neck. In the end, a foul as there is from the NFL Capron right now calling Capron lives a charmed life of occasional speaking, engaging
running a social justice camp for kids, tweeting thing insane. On the fourth of July and filming the occasional video for Nike. Is compensation for all of us. A star deal with Nike Charles Robinson says details on Copernican and Nike. It's what it's it's widened. He's going to have his own branded line, shoes, shirts, jerseys, etc. There will be caper Nick apparel Conch, is a star deal on par with top and nfl player millions per year. Star deals also. Lewd royalties bow merit is average Cubey who couldn't caught it bans. The me starts complaining some heat, and now he is worth millions. The graft pays off baby. I love how they like to accuse people on in this. You know: try bore tender when I read what you call it of gripping- and there are some people who do
I tell you what sometimes I've kind of wish it just play. Video games are living because I could do a lot less work in mind, my own business and nobody would care- and maybe it's not true, though somehow managed to avoid the press. Don't ask me for real I haven't said anything about me, even as I gain all these following subscribers. I'm kind of happy minding my own business and complaining about things on the internet. It works out pretty well, but a lot of people like to say that you know. Commentators, like myself, are specifically outraged about things or to highlight things in order to meet. You know, get rating to turn a profit I think it's true for some people, but ultimately I think it's just missing the point on this side for what I do I turned the Cameroon and I ran there's no script, there's no plan, unlike woe, caper Nick. Nobody called him. I'm gonna talk about that and, of course, because of my: u no compulsion owed whatever I can talk seemingly forever
but I like to express myself on these issues and explained my opinions. It just so happens that some people like watching and that's that cape and, on the other hand, was not a great player, he's exploiting social justice for cash in its working. There's an active choice to tweet these things out and say these things now. I do think it's fair to point out when it comes to people like caper neck and others, many of them I do believe these opinions, but there's something different about it. There's no meritocracy in what what is doing none when it comes to I'm commentary. You have to actively do work. You can just cross your fingers and hope someone comes along and says I like what you're saying he's a million bucks, because no major corporations that, when a sponsor this kind of stuff sure I do The occasional sponsor? I shot him out, but it's a pittance relative to the multi. Million dollar deal at Cape Horn. It gets you see, he comes out, says something that is considered popular and Nike like much.
Slap, you know his name all over our products and turn a profit, because these people on the left are fought falling in line and following. There is no real requirement to be good at what you do just say, the right thing and there you go now when it comes to other jobs when it comes to invent commentary, there's more work involved, so some people on the left and the right will drift on Twitter. They make money from it, but then you have Personnel is on the right who take great personal sacrifice or risk great personal sacrifice. Because of this there's no popularity and challenging the staff. Es quo. I mean among the right. There is, but it's a huge risk. Can you get a job in the future? These people are your more likely to get fired from your job for speaking up, so there is risk they did they. They lead to think as a rift here. Maybe four people have nothing left lose. Your butt caper knock. On the other hand, he didn't have anything to lose it everything to gain. He was Is it wasn't special at all average note
You wanted to money when they still don't they gonna say some outlets put caper ex deal to be north of five million dollars per year, so why we have any interest in getting blue, I said by three or town three hundred and ten pound defensive Lyman and heightening his risks of contracting covered to make twelve thousand dollars a week on some backup quarter, quarterback contract. It makes no sense. Only one group of people in America who want to see caper Nick Play Football, the media, they want the story and they want the images of his rebellious cast off returning to returning in full glory to assume his rightful play playing the most high profile position in the league that shunned him. The reality is caper. Dick has already conquer the NFL. He uses ass season to inject the league with a fatal poison that revealed its moral weakness and foe patriotism, then after lighting that match he walked away and watched the Americans ports version of Rome burn Cape, an EC one enough games,
naturally to know what victory looks like any seeing it now why risk tearing ACL just to give MIKE Florio a headline, some excellent point and other point made by in this article over at city journal. I am the news boycotting themselves out of business by skipping games for nebulous political demands, pro athletes threatened to alienate fans and crater their own industry. They are extracting what ever value they can in exchange for outrage and elderly, and this by saying why communism just doesn't work orally socialism. Think about you, be I that's what I swear. I loved universal basic income. You know I think it won't work, as it was a lot of reasons why I think it won't work. But let me tell you one: it's this right. Now people work produced things and they get money for it imagine a world of universal basic income. Now there are many good things to say about:
but that's why I like exploring the idea- and I think it should be researched further because of probably way we can implement something like it won't take a look at you dumping money into the ecosystem. The problem is right. Now we have many people with nothing to do yet. They said easily access resources. They then Ok, those resources towards rioting, other dumb things if they can survive without having do work, they dedicate themselves to ideology and, as a problem, imagine this the year is twenty. Forty you be eyes nationwide farmers still half the farm. They still have to do work. People in cities aren't working because they have you be I now. You Ba doesn't a replaced the work they do, but many young people choose just two points There are many together and live in. Squalor. You know, I noticed the cat is. This would likely happen because I've done it with a bunch of friends as escaped border. Many of us just want to figure out the how do a crude just enough money,
so that we can all sleep on the floor of a wonder of one bedroom apartment with like five people, so we can spend most of our time doing whatever we want skateboarding, not having actually work. And so you end up with people doing the bare minimum cramming themselves in apartments. You give people you be I, and this is likely to happen and people will start showering money on those who praise them. What happens? Seeing that you can make more money, drifting than actually playing basketball or doing work? People will say I'd rather just comply, in about stuff and get free money from people who have nothing else to do, and then you create a new class of individuals. The idea log, the preacher class, the priest class, though, that those that just get money from others to complain they already exist and Caper Nick, is one of Imagine if a ton of people had nothing do and free money on their hands, they would syphon all that money to their ideological priests and they will ties and that will create
this will it whether it will expand the far left ridiculous religion. I'm not a fan of that idea. Four meritocracy not like the idea that people help they help build things right now you got to people who don't work and maybe that they need idle hands enables playground, while these people don't even worse they have idle hands. These people are born in purposeless, so they found a purpose smash smashing in the name of some kind of nebulous social justice, political cause in the end sports. Layers athletes, musician celebrities realise. Why am I doing all this we're gonna go just tweet. The orange man is bad and then people will pay pal me like that morbidly obese lady, who stood up calling white people, racist she's, making money, I just insulting into their face talk about a dream job. Imagine if you could stay for the people, you hated and say you stink, your ugly. You I guess you're. Ok, but I hate you anyway now give me money and they do how incredible as that
I want to create an economy based on that sound terrible as apparently what twitter is, though, why. In the end, I believe you be, I moving in this direction can be detrimental can be. Not necessarily is we d make sure we pay attention to what people are doing and still purpose org or drive within people. They need to find passion for their own work ideology. The answer write a book. You know a story, make a video game paint a picture go on an adventure, this ain't it a leader there Next item is coming up in a few minutes. Stick around- and I will see while shortly and in the end social justice and critical race, theory and left wing and anti terrorism will ultimately result in all people neatly boxed and segregated from each other, because the offensive to do otherwise. There was a story: long ago about a dude who was on a conference, call a good teachers union or something
Teachers Association in New York, and he was I believe he was a white man and he was bouncing a baby on his knee, but the baby wasn't white while away woman apparently got really angry and said you are triggering people of color by having a baby on your knee, but you're, not the race of that baby in it's like do. Are you racist? What's wrong with you? Yeah really man, complaint and told them. Then he must red white fragility to understand Think about that. For a second telling white people, not to Our babies on your knee because, in our view out racist, Robin the Angelo wrote a book telling you not to do it. There's something particularly grow. Listen creepy about the laugh, forming white, collective action groups of product, it upon the idea that their superior or they have power over other people superior in class control. I should say: well, I bring you now
Two are the natural result of this far left insanity A. U S, see professor placed on leave. After black students complained, his pronunciation of a chinese word affected their mental health. I am not joking. Not satire. It is not the Babylon be or the onion. It is, in fact, the national review. That's right, a profit There was talking about language and he may, I'm not I'm not sure exactly was talking about. I think he was talking about ellipses, like he says record. Actually. Oh man you're in love, this rag patent a professor at the universities, Marshall School of business, was giving a lecture about the use of filler words in speech during a recent online class when he used the word in question and what is that word? Oh I'm gonna tell you saying: if you have a lot of arms and earth
This is culturally specific. So, based on your native language, like in China, the common word is that that that so in China, it might be now. I have to pronounce this word very slowly and to avoid the auto filter, its nay, followed by gas nay followed by Ganny says it three times. Of course, when you say that really fast people get offended because sounds like our Rachel slur in August. Twenty first Elsie University Administration obtained binational review. Students accuse the professor, pronouncing the word like the n approximately five times during the lesson. There is there's a comedian who has a bit about this where talks about how he was in China and you'll see like little kid walks up and there looking the menu and for us so like that Imagine you what you gotTa Wendy's right and you want up in there like what would you like to eat? you go
I think what do I want? Do you have something like God, your job like that's that chicken sandwich, but it's I got the special sauce on it. We use likes. We use arms, we use. You knows, he's your filler words. They are just meant a kind of saint like if, if you, if you speak a little bit faster than your thinking and you need time, you use a filler word while in China is the word that nay and God I can't say it because Youtube's automatic filter will catch me saying it, and I can Isn't that stupid in that racist made are racist but cultural. Is there something the idea that foreign languages pronounced a certain way? Our offensive to people in America is raised in the other direction by insulting, but by targeting this professor and getting placed on leave their proving they in fact are racist, Of course, I'm not surprise there targeting Asians again, because many of these critical
Rice Lucy's think that race is that ain't are not really minorities or people marginalized people, because they succeed Ultimately, I guess the unresolved, as are just complaining about capitalism and their rate, that, wherever there racist the idea that you know in this book, it's cool in defensive, alluding they saw this individual rights that they believe, sir. Man. I don't know, I want to say that the left views Asians as as Jews, This is among the leftist ideology as like the face of capital and its overtly race, just to make sure that whenever I talk and I have like quotes or context, just keep saying the left- the left, the left so that you can't click the context anyway, that's right about this guy the students who identify themselves as black MBA candidates, oxy o twenty twenty two wrote that they had reached out to the two chinese classmates, as they were appalled by what they had heard. It was
confirmed that the pronunciation of this word is much different than what professor patent described and class, though where it is most commonly used with a pause in between both syllable syllables. In addition, we have lived the broad in China and I've taken chinese language courses at several colleges, and this phrase clearly and precise. Play before instruction is always identified as a fanatic communism and irrationally derogatory term and should be carefully used, especially in the context of speaking Chinese when the social context of United States. Well, you know what we can play that game of you if you'd like from now on any word that remotely sounds offensive in any language will be offensive to me period. I don't care. What it is was that you speak in Korean Nope. Because that sounds like a bad warden English or you speak in English. What that's like a bad word in korean car can play this game. But I'll be I'll, be offended by anything. You know that's the name you wanna play, I feel like me.
See stories like this house thing about the other day. All you're really getting is a group of people who know they can exploit the system verses. A group of people who refer whose two conservatives are saying: hey man here, the rules. You can't just do that and the I've saying we care about the rules were gonna burn it all down. I mean thing about this way. I was, I was reading a Wikipedia page for a female individual who recently changed their name because they are now- non binary and they refer to them. As a male name but as Non binary and reading this Wikipedia page was ridiculous. I am not trying to be mean, but I couldn't understand that because it would make references to certain organizations using the word they and the UN videos reducing bay in the same sentence- and I like, I, don't know which one you're talking about the organisation or the person, but also wondered why it is the Wikipedia page change? The name of the individual no source confirming the name change. You see, Wikipedia you're, so
I wish to have a sore saying this is true, but if the individual just came out themselves sang here's, my new name while the individual is not a reliable source. So how is that now fact which may be wonder if I decided to just change my name, because anybody can change their name for whatever reason would it be respected by Wikipedia The answer is no, and therein lies the strange problem that we're seeing in these power dynamics. If these students, out and say that word, nay and God, then nobody would care the professor, however, because he is in a position to be subverted. He suspended its all about exploiting the system with their allies and their winning, because other people now finally on the right and liberals refuse to cheat. We are being faced. With people cheating the system for power and political gain, and because we are not
willing to do so, they're getting away with it. Well, that's why they need to be called out and stopped, but I blame liberals for the most part, the ones who won't speak up, because they're scared of stepping through the fire. We have set on fire, is freedom and admittedly, now stability, and if you sit back and just let these people take your job away, because you pronounced a chinese ward slightly incorrectly. What does not? be anything left thing about it. This way, what's to stop you won from deciding. They can just exploit the system the same as these lefties are well. They say nobody really wants to do. In their name or than a different gender to exploit the system shore. But how would you know now for real? How would you know it's a certain individuals who are winning track, races and stuff. You know tracked me, sort of you call it are, are truly trans? Ok, fine! I got no problem with that which you realize anybody could just do that if they want to- and you can't just say it wouldn't happen- because
Could in fact now? According to vice, there is a gender neutral, individual arguing that we should get rid of gender segregation and sports period. Sure I guess if females will never be allowed to compete again. That would be the case if we were to do that. We created women's division specifically so that they wouldn't compete against men, but I was thinking as internal in terms of names you know, what are the rules around me? Just changing my name not even legally just it up? Saying like my name, is you know whatever just just picking something at random? Why wouldn't they entertain that change? Eventually, here's what I see happening there's no end game to critical rice theory or left as anti terrorism other than they want money and power that the end result of crime. Go race. Theory is that you have these into a jewel saying all white people are racist, therefore hire me and give me cash and it works in a robin, Angela, pretty sure, like a millionaire should by making tonnes ammonia their book was a number one best. Seller and Amazon, and still to this day, is a bestseller.
And she's an avowed, racist, no joke she stood up says she is and she says she's uncomfortable around black people. Why is anyone taking her advice? What she's getting rich from it? what happens in twenty thirty years, and we stand this path. The system will be completely broken, probably society it would collapse we're getting more and more laws that are based on race. People are losing their jobs for nonsensical reasons. This guy literally did nothing. He insulted no one. He was making a point that comedians made for a very, very long time and people point out Jack the sober tweets, so Ask him about their sang jack. You speak. You know your fluent in Mandarin, what you think he's as I've seen this exact misunderstanding plant again again now and get or nay and get just means. The article that Mandarin and is so common that you really can't speak Czech these without saying it. Could you imagine what would happen if Jackpot Sobek conservative and and a Yon o n released
the of him speaking Mandarin fluent, and he used the word that they would come but and they would show and be like boom he's a racist as long as corporations are bending over backwards. For these people are system can function. People cannot be fired for this stuff, but they're getting suspended. So where do we go? Ya'll needest art standing up against it and an unpeopled are like a story earlier. I cover my main channel about American Airlines. The employer saying no way to black lives matter. It's about time. People are pushing back. Otherwise there won't be a system. You won't have access to anything. You'll, walk outside and you'll be to confuse but the anything you walk in the store and be like there's different kinds of currency for different and who knows me why you're great jumpsuit with your head shaved and you walk in I am excuse me indigo. What did would you say to me: acts cues, excuse beer that cute
as part of a word accuse and my people have been accused for too long. That's how insane it is because cues sounds like accuse and nay and got sounds too much like a slur here. Wait a minute. That's at sounds almost like a slur itself is you work goes well. Hopefully, this guy keeps his job and I just another day of pointing out absurdities. I guess I, whatever its labour day, help having fun I'm gonna go, have some burgers and leave it there. I sprang out. I will see you all next time, which is tomorrow at ten a m and again thanks, rang Anna.
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