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DOJ Explored Charging Democrats Over Civil Unrest In Portland And Seattle, Trump Has ENDED The Riots


According to several reports the DOJ was looking into charging Antifa and BLM Leftists with sedition as well as pursuing charges against Democrats who may have contributed.Where the case is now we don't know but charges may still happen. It seems extremely unlikely however that this will ever be more than a news story about plans that never came to fruition.But many people have demanded that Trump, Bill Barr, and The DOJ do more to end the riots. Perhaps this was part of their plans to do as much as possible. Another move they made that perhaps ended the riots was deputizing Oregon State Police so that the Feds could prosecute the BLM organizers who were leading the riots.It seems to have worked

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There were many people on the right who are saying annulled Trump needed to do more to end the riots. At one point, I was saying that as well, many people said The trumpeted invoke the insurrection act send in the military, crush the riots while he didn't bother I'd still stopped, then I believe it has to do with the fact that the feds stepped up started arresting the organizers, the west. Be the organ state, police got deputize and all of a sudden proof, the riots were gone Now many people on the left were saying that the rights are happening in trumps Amerika. It says fault well Actually, it's the local mayors and and the Democrats who run the jurisdiction, the riots were occurring. Actually many on the left tried to deflect saying. Well, let's just because Democrats run all the big cities while, like that's, doesn't change anything. The Democrats are they'll running the cities where the riots are happening. What we're getting a slow, Trickle of very serious major news, it appear.
According to several several different publications that the deal Oh Jane, was seeking either Sedition charges against many of these anti far or black lives matter far leftists meaning they were if they wanted to accuse them of conspiring to us throw the? U S, but now the bigger breaking stories. First bill bar a pair he was exploring whether he could charge the mayor of Seattle. Feds were apparently doing research to see if they are criminal or civil rights charges against the Seattle Mayer, for allowing the Chaz chopped to occur and several people, lost their lives. And now we have this story from the Associated Press Department of Justice explored possibly charging Portland officials amid protests, Oh you know. Look I like to see justice. This is still a bit disconcerting. I think bill bars, given some push back, saying that some of its not who, like the charging mayor, Jenny, darken butts.
It still really scary, because we are heading into an election and you boy I believe both sides will pull out all the Dobbs now I gotta say I think the cheating for the most part comes from the Democrats that just the way it is male in voting is broken. We know it's broken, but they keep saying it safe and now apparently flag Donald trumps opinion on Twitter. You know linking people to mainstream new sources is an information battle. They're trying to silence his voice. I believe we are heading into a storm as it were and while it may seem good too many people that democrat swear running these cities could face civil rights charges or criminal complaint to criminal charges over their failure to secure their cities. Think about what that means. Imagine beds, walking in Seattle, awry assisting the mayor or Portland same thing. That
be a shocking moment for this country and if you wanna talk about civil unrest and you civil war is exactly what needs to happen. If that were to be the case, let's read the news and break down exactly what is going on. So we can get very, very precise on what this news means before we get started had over two, guess, dot com- slash done it. If you would like to support my work, there are many ways can give a got a p o box. We want to send me some stuff, but the best thing you can do seriously share this video, rather big marketing department or anything like that. I just rely on word of mouth. If you all right now, just shared this video anywhere than I be doing way better than you know. Cnn Msnbc, Fox NEWS, if you think I deserve to than with your simple she bring the video. Maybe I will also don't forget to hit that like button that subscribe button and the notification bout, let's reed story, Bay, news, nine for the USA to press reported through.
It is nine says, department of Justice explored possibly charging Portland officials amid protests. There's just one of several stories I could show you the Justice Department explore whether could pursue either criminal or civil rights charges against city officials in Portland, Oregon after clashes erupted their night after night between enforcement and demonstrators Department spokesperson, said Thursday. So this is its official. The revelation that federal officials researched whether they could levy criminal or civil civil charges against the officials exploring with their rhetoric and actions may have helped spur the violence in Portland under Sky, where's the larger trop administrations, effort to spotlight and crack down on protest related violence. The majority of the mass police reform demonstrations nationwide have been peaceful. I love it still try to maintain that whole peaceful narrative majority of human beings are peaceful. Does that mean ignore the murderers. If I complain
about murder. Does that mean I'm just exaggerating the problem? love how they were like many of these rights were confined to certain area. Yes, yes, that's true and where I grew in Chicago a lot of the crime was confined to certain areas as well. We called it gain territory. Yeah, you get the point. I get it mostly peaceful, fine, but we're talking. About the violent unrest four months that caused over to bear billion dollars in damage according to axioms research, and we found sure for educating booth. I believe it's called the foundation for economic education says it's actually higher than that. The two billion dollar price tag that just refers to insurance claims. What about things I couldn't be claimed the damage and destruction that went a well beyond what they could actually claim Three more for many nights. Federal officials were told that Portland Police
officers were explicitly told not to respond to the federal Court House, as hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside some throwing, bricks rocks and other projectiles at officers and to assist federal officers who were sent to try and quell the unrest The department had done research on whether it could pursue charges spokesperson carry poop carry coup said. He declined to combat the status or whether charges would be brought meaning they still might bring charges kind of a scary thought. But if charges are warranted than charges should be brought. If someone broke the law or exacerbated the problem, or allow for this to happen for some kind of political game, then yes, they must be charged. The federal governed needs to weed out corruption, but it could be dangerous at a time when we're hyper, polarized. I can only say this Law and order must be upheld, police need to be able to make arrests. The government needs to be able to enforce laws.
If there are other people who are resisting and rejecting our laws. Well, then, we we have a problem. Maybe the The night is always darkest before the Donna and if they come in and arrest these people Portland officials. It could get bad, but maybe we have no other choice but to reach more, they say bringing they say but brings our criminal civil rights charges against city officials to protest. Related violence would likely present an uphill court battle for federal prosecutors, just as the apartment officials disputed news reports that attorney William BAR told prosecutors in the department civil Rights Division to explore whether they could bring charge, is against Seattle. Mayor Jenny, darken for allowing some residents to establish a protest down the summer. President Donald Trump has blamed Democrats and specifically pointed to Portland Mayor TED Wheeler, who he says have not. Done enough to stop knights of looting and unrest in cities across the U S, Tromp has called Wheeler a wacky radical left it.
Do nothing Democrat mayor well, to put it mildly, I guess, and as such The city will never recover with a fool for a mayor. Tromp has heaped blame from for the unrest and Andy I'm who are leading the cities where violence has occurred and try to keep vote squarely on pockets of protest related violence. Instead of on the point of police reform in a larger and larger movement of racial injustice, more than one hundred people have been arrested Portland on federal charges related to the unrest in the last few months. The the eye has said it was also shifting the agency's resources to focus more heavily on violence and federal cry. I was committed during nearly three months of unrest during nightly ray injustice protest in the city that often end and vandalism, clashes of police and dozens of arrest. While they say the Justice Department is disputing reports that Bill bar was going after May, your darkened, but we do have this story from Como NEWS. Because a little bit more in depth and
I dont know what to believe. I mean what what's what intent on reporting a story. I know that the media often falsely frames things, but if they ve got us a person, a spokesperson or a sore saying that they were going to do this. Why wouldn't I believe it the spokespersons are. There are going after Portland politicians. Why not Seattle? Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not now before we, this I'll just point out. Donald Trump has ended. The right it's important Portland, so we can talk about what they should have done over they shouldn't have done. Is it acceptable? for us. The USA Tromp was able to get it done by deputizing. The organ state police- and then having the feds come in and make the arrest of the organizers. Then, just like my magic, the riots or gone it was effective. Maybe that proves in fact, or provides evidence suggest that the politicians in Oregon warrant doing anything to stop this. I think the main issue is the day the day was everyone go nuts.
Let's go now. This may your journey dark and will come back to that. A second from Como NEWS attorney general explored possible criminal charges against darken for allowing chump or Chaz some some call it According to the New York Times, attorney General William BAR told federal prosecutors to consider in addition, charges against writers, and he asked the Justice Department to explore possible criminal charges against Mayor Jenny. Jerkin for allowing the Capitol Hill organised protests own or chop to form whether leads to. Legal action is unclear, but borrowed morbidly singled out darken as responsible for the violence that unfolded in his own, where police steered clear. Professor Andy Siegel constitutional law expert at Seattle University calls it ludicrous scope. They are saying the mayor may have violated criminal statutes, very serious criminal statutes simply based discretionary decisions she made like where to deploy the police when to pull them back, Siegel set bar also wants rioters charged with sedition, which is the crime of
owing to overthrow the government. It is a statute that Siegel calls archaic. Basically, it is a Jew your varsity treason, charge Siegel said we have checked. Just for writing. We have charges for assault. We have charges, for particular terror, Acts in the modern world we tend to use those, but I want to push back on constitutional law expert, Andy Siegel when he said that their very serious, very serious criminal statutes based on the mayors scratch airy decisions like where to deploy the police. She allowed, the Chaz dropped to exist and people died. Did bring the police and then to end the unrest, no Do you know when she brought the policeman shortly after that? protesters showed up to her house. Only then what you she like well well, well, you see allowing people to occupy a city centre for which the city is now being sued. Allow
them to inhibit shut down. Businesses, run illegal checkpoints and actually kill people that that was all fine. Apparently, that was all, but Heaven forbid, These people go to her home. No, then she put down the iron fist so be. There are charges to be brought. Maybe it's actually something that she could dealt with a long time ago and people died because of this. You know right now, there's a rumours circulating across the Pacific. Northwest Anti is lurking, the brush starting wildfires. I think it's unfair, I don't believe it there. Was one guy who was a black lives matter? Protester, that's confirmed, but it's just sometimes people you dumb things and we don't have any evidence of widespread antibacterial, but I think it's not I'm just saying, I don't believe it gimme the evidence first, but from this We have seen many individuals forming checkpoints and the police have at its illegal. You can't do that. Yeah well, setting up check,
points at. The Chaz was illegal to the only difference, but in these random people who live in their neighbourhoods, and why but as Seattle was that the mayor did not send in the police to clear it out in Portland, it's just random, people in different areas where they live guarding their neighborhoods very, very different from a cent lies, organised occupation that was resulting in death. Disruption at the mayor ignored until she was personally threatened. So should she gets I just don't ask me, I'm not I'm up on the hut. Actually, the legal expert Well Jerkin has has issued a statement saying today's report is chilling and the latest abuse of power from the Trump administration must operate their journey. What abuse of power you weren't charged? it's just a news story. We don't know what happened. She says. As a former? U S attorney, I took an oath of office to protect the constitution and the rule of law. That is the
Rock of our country, and why the Department of Justice cannot become a political weapon operated at the behest of the president to target those who have spoken out against this administrations actions. This is an act of tyranny, not of democracy. Ultimate, there's, not a story about me. It is about how this president and his attorney general are willing to subvert the law and use the Department of Justice for political purposes. It is particularly egregious to try to use a civil rights laws to investigate, intimidate or deter those that are fighting for civil rights in our country, o spare me, Wow is that brazen people are dead in your city on your watch and you let it happen while Donald Trump and billboard did everything they could to stop it and if they were able to than these people who were killed in the Chaz would be alive. Today. That's your fault, but they blame trumpet. I'm sick
but the buck stops with you, the president doesn't control your cities, jurisdiction, you do stop pass. The blame. Now again, whether or not actually be charged other question and video games Pushing back on this. So could it be that the story is incorrect in the democratic just using this to make Trump look like a despot. Maybe I have no idea Are we really know? Is the story that's been reported here, it's being sad. She quote not surprisingly, just weeks before an election, This is yet another effort by the President and as a minister and his administration, to distract from the abject failure to lead America through its tough challenges. He downplay the threat of covered nineteen, which has cost nearly two hundred thousand Americans lives. He has done nothing to out millions of Americans facing an economic crisis and he has threatened to withhold funding from Seattle and other american cities because of their commitment to racial justice
he also rolled back common sense, climate pricked up protections that undoubtedly have played a part in the crime climate fire crisis that we are currently experiencing man. I warn really hate politics and I tell you. They're, saying that the fires are climate change, yet numerous Courts cannot over and over again about arsonists saying the arsonists have started all the fires. I M not saying they ve started most of the fires, but there are arsonists. It is much more than just your climate crisis too, too, to be discussed. But what we're getting from this and an- and this goes for trump as well Trump and the Republican and Bill bar as well as the Democrats are hyping up with the problems they they want taken care of and exits just by Kate politics. You know trumped. The truck campaign puts Do you know if binding its elected? This will happen and it's like you know I happened to agree. I do look
right now we're seeing the know what might actually go after the Democrats. I allowed all this stuff to happen. Maybe they won't, maybe they shouldn't. I was know to they're doing something port, doing something: believe, based on our the evidence. I've put forth that the FBI was able to shut down the port and riots. Do you think Joe? I didn't would do the same in no way a bite. An administration d J would let them just whatever they want. And no one could we got the corruption in fact, scarier than that? I think the Republicans are basically in effect, there I mean beyond that. They just don't do anything not offend, but we have Donald Trump and we have billboards and there, the last do people holding back the tsunami of lawlessness and maybe the low been exaggerated, but that's what that's the way it feels cause look
I know a lot of issues to talk about pertaining to procedural law, but I'm focused on the rights of the violence and what these politicians did and didn't do. She goes on to say that she will continue to fight for what she believes is right and will not be distracted by these threats. Late Wednesday night you Attorney Brian team, around released additional information, saying quote throughout this lengthy period, lengthy period of civil unrest I've had multiple conversations with Department of Justice leadership. They have asked for information about protests Timmy devolving into violence, about federal interests implicated by the cap, but by the Capitol Hill Organise protest about the cases filed in this district regarding federal crimes. At no time has anyone at the department communicated to me at Seattle, mayor, Jenny, darken, is, was or should be, the subject of a criminal investigation or should be charged with any federal crime related to the the chairs, the chop, As you attorney, I would be aware of such an investigation. My office continues to work
collaboratively with state local law enforcement, including the Seattle. This department to prosecute federal crimes so just arson weapons violations. And the use of destructive devices, though, whose cases are traditionally an area of focus for federal law enforcement. The goal of my this is so strongly is too, is too strongly deter criminal acts, I have no place alongside and only endanger those who choose. To engage in constitutionally protected speech, Siegel doubts darken, whatever he charged and sees bars request as a play for swing. Voters on behalf of Trump, I think it's mostly about lectures. Siegel said It's about how they are sent during these protests in the election campaign and trying to make it seem like the. U S is under attack trying to make it seem, like The: U S is under attack sure it's an opinion. I guess no, it's just unrest. We have a growing faction of weird. Far left zealots, Colthurst Jubilee.
Insane. Racist things is a dogma and therein government they are. It's a fact and they are in the streets in they are protesting and they are painting their messages in our streets, in violation of the first amendment- and I say that because they were allow trump supporters to put up similar messages. They have used the power of public office to enrich and strengthen themselves to prop up their police CALL Slogan, black lives matter and other aren't allowed to do so. If Joe Biden gets elected There will be nothing to go after this corruption. But I guess we can only wait and see how that plays out and I don't think it's gonna play out. Well, we will not prosecute left wing prosecutors. Many backed by Soros Cash, implement soft on crime policies across Amerika. There has been a long time coming the prosecutors that were being put in go. It goes back to October. Twenty fifth, twenty eighteen from any
times. The New York Times tells the story of George Soros funding. Many new progressive district attorney's who wanted to release people, and he supported many many people who today are in fact releasing people because they won now, listen the New York Times the one who brings up George Soros right. I don't I don't like me. They bring up quite a bit. I dont really care for the argument about George sore us, because there are many billionaires who fund many different politicians and practices. However, in this capacity, it's important to point out the New York Times, reporting that Soros backed DA's we're being elected and many of these people will not prosecute the far left. They're not that's why we need Donald Trump ended and his d j to pick up the slack. I don't think I believe there are actually go after mayor, Jenny, darken that could be fake news put out by the left or the right. I have no idea, maybe Bill BAR set it.
He's lying about it now because they want they want the protests in the rights to be centre stage like this single person said, or maybe the left put out the fake news, so they could accuse Trump of being a fascist or dick a despot or a dictator. Maybe that's the case. I usually don't you don't know it would seem like going after Portland officials was legit, though, and it's also a true I, but I believe I believe, as has been confirmed bar told prosecutors, to consider sedition charges for protest violence as a protest violence. I say this Violent insurrection, these far left us are saying revolution, nothing less than not going around saying you know just black lives matter. They are their chanting that too, but there calling for the violent overthrow of the country, whether or not we should actually call that submission. I don't know we aren't. We are. We are entering towards the razors edge, to put it mildly, and now we have this in the daily mail. Donald Trump says the house might. Might
died the election as he paints doomsday scenario of North Korea forging bout me, fraud, results off by fifteen percent and protest which will be put down. That's that's can scary. You know what men tell me I'm right, Tell me I'm wrong in the comments just say ten. You are wrong about everything that actually act actually happened. I remember when I said will come to your house. When you defend it, they'll arrest, you then they started doing that I remember when I said that the this the culture war split would reach a high level of government. I wasn't making grand predictions man. Not pulling up lottery numbers we know that there was the Russia Gate thing. We know that their the AU gate thing. We already have the fracture in our federal government, now we're seeing freak violence and, of course, that will start to to make its way up to the high levels. I wasn't just predicting random nonsense. So here's what I see
if it he OJ does gotta go after these democrats. Wow I mean that would be a storage day in this country. When state level and in a city level politicians get arrested for. Civil rights or or criminal charges do the riots not only that look at covert. What, if car just come from the unconstitutional and illegal acts, civil rights charges? What if they get charged in that capacity trump is predicting. It could be bad, but internet reports, President Donald Trump railed about mail in voting which he cast as vulnerable to foreign interference and raised the prospect Wednesday that I can test Presidential election could be thrown to the house. He has also vowed to squelch any violent protests on election day warning. They will be put down very quickly. The president exe loaded about mail in voting at the White House Press briefing after daily mother Come asked him about his earlier
bow to put down any potential violent election protests which he said would amount to an insurrection. He then raise the prospect of an election so disputed that it ends up being decided not by the direct vote of electoral college, but by the House of Representatives. It's not just the container and counting of the balance which, by the way, will take forever Trump fumed it'll take forever you think November. Third, you might not have I guess at a certain point. It goes to Congress at a certain point. It goes to Congress. You know that will, according to its one story, I read from Newsweek: it's not gonna, go to the house. It's uh! It's not gonna, go to the house for a direct vote. It's going to go to house delegations, for which Republicans actually have the majority, so Trump would win in that capacity. I don't know exactly what we can expect but we can see at the highest levels there talking about arresting rusting Democrats, maybe maybe they're just talking, seems like they were researching it pretty seriously. The Democrats are disputing it now. You know, there's that they're saying trumps.
One is going to cheat there. The Democrats are pushing melon voting, which is broken, and I ll leave you with this Donald Trump tweeted. A few things twitter then protagonists them linking you to mainstream media information, I'm just gave its opinion. Why is he not allowed to have an opinion? Why is twitter and Facebook saying that if Donald Trump declares victory, they will remove his posts? Isn't that something else. I am really worried about what happens after November third and I hope all of your paying attention to leave it there next time it's coming up at Youtube: dot, com, Timcast news at six p, dot M thanks for hanging out- and I will see you- next time you know sometimes it sucks to be right, but my called this I remember the story about a man in alma. Apparently he box out of his bar? He see some guys some black lives matter, individual, speaking rough with his dad, so he shows that he's got a gun, apparently Townsend back off, and then two guys jump on him. He gets another
are you jump cytoplasmic chokehold at some point, you find a couple warning shots, but they dont care so I believe the story with that reached over and shot the die hitting when the classical killing him this guy's name was, I believe, was James Scar lock. He was twenty two prosecutor, said clear, cut self defense. You know why there is a video of him being choked. He warned them first by showing the weapon. He warned them again by firing warning shots, which many we'll say is irresponsible, but he wasn't trying to kill anybody and then this I was choking em and wouldn't get off him, so he fired in self defense. Well, what think happened at the time. I said it's only. It's only a matter of time before some protest shows up demands, he be arrested and he will be, and what do you think happened the prosecutor said, after speaking, with community members I wanted them to have? faith in the system, so I set it to grand jury with graduated
To indict are right. Well, maybe it's maybe maybe that fair, maybe the grand jury, as a group of people and they looked at the evidence in a sad, ok and item and the guy is being indicted on a believe manslaughter and as well as many other charges. The arguing well now he may face jail time. He is being charged with very serious. Easy because there's photos are they out, where you can see the dude was attacked. While now he may face jail time, he is being chow charged with very serious crimes. Now we do have another store that I want to get into and if the idea Ah, how do we get past this you may have seen what happened in Milwaukee, where A guy was in his home, a mob of black lives matter, people showed up and were shining lights in his window. He brandished a weapon pointed at pointed Adam and the cop sad that he appeared we drink now the news as intoxicated man points a gun at protestors. And it's a really interesting point to be brought up here. What, if you just killing in a solemn on a Saturday night, haven't a beer and then
this mob showed up and he wanted to defend himself because these mobs in Milwaukee. What has happened had actually set fire to other people to another home and they were gunshots at some of these events, where several people were shot somewhere like teenagers. So maybe this guy like I'd, better, show, mom, serious nope. You can't warn you a you can't do anything. You can't defend yourself anymore, So what's the solution of this looks like it's billboard. His ease trot go after everybody, even even the mayor of Seattle herself, he strutted choice. I could you not what's this first door and then what will work our way there from CNN Grand jury, diets Alma bar owner in fatal shooting of black protester. They say James Sterling. A twenty two year old black men was fatally shot by a white bar honour during a fight with several people on myths. With an almost Nebraska amid protests related to the police, killing of George Floyd Douglas County attorney. Don client
blind to bring charges against the shooter Jake Gardener saying he acted in self defence, but days later fine petition for a grand jury to review its decision. To the time he said he stood by? Meanwhile, the Alma police Department was continuing. Its investigation, special prosecutor, Frederick Franklin, told her. Borders when announcing a decision Tuesday in video obtained by sea. In an affiliate k, e tv gardener was charged with manslaughter. The use of a firearm in the commission of a felony attempted first degree assault terrorist threats Franklin said the use of firearms in the commission of a felony. What was that he's either others video this, the guys we're choking had what was I supposed to do well so that they do bring up, but he wasn't. I conceal carry was expired, and I believe that that that is a factor by putting the ask sad. Well, that's a different charge. Self defense is something else, the indictment
it's not a sign. That Klein was wrong in its decision Franklin SAD, but after more than sixty interviews conducted by the Amal Police Department and evidence taken from cellphones cell phones video footage and social media the grand jury was presented with more information that Klein's office had at the time he said she, and has reached out to garner for comment. They say how the shooting unfolded. Let's get to the nitty gritty. Two videos depict scenes from the incident as described by prosecutors, gardeners Father asked protesters outside the Gatsby bar to leave and pushed won an honor If I'd men can be seen, pushing gardeners, father back and then Gardner intervened. Spurlock was not part of that group. The FAO the attorney Justin waned, said gardener at a handgun tucked in his waistband and lifted his shirt to show it during this kind. His confrontation with the protesters Klein set of one video. Let's stop there, warning number one eye. Armed back off heeded instigate
staff may have, but is that on him he's dead? I believe pushed when I first to people jump on gardeners, back and he fired two warning shots. The county attorney said within moments. Spurlock jumped into the fray according to authority, Gardner told police. He was put in a chokehold and he begged for the assailant to get off of him according to climb garner than shot struck in the classical killing him. He thought it was in danger of losing his life or Syria this bodily injury Klein said Klein so that their isn't any audio that we have. That shows any racial slurs because they were trying to claim he was yelling racial slurs, as if that's justification for attacking somebody After reviewing evidence, he doesn't feel the owner was somebody who walked out. I was trying to hunt somebody down why in the family attorneys had Spurlock was trying to protect a family. Member and friend, doesn't matter at, doesn't change what self defense is- and this is exact what the left was saying and their lawyers with the Portland Incident, so in the Portland Incident,
We thought Erin Danielson, you see the farm. The sky raises weapon and there's a cloud of Miss that comes out of the shots were fired. The left claims they both raised weapons the errand aims in the top supporter had tear gas and well Rhino had a gun, the lawyers that our these very pro left. Lawyers. Have this viral threaten the lifeless sharing it saying it was mutual self defense they both perceived threat. They both saw the what and any Baltic aim and one of them had lethal force. While we now know that it wasn't because rhino was stocking the guide, but you see Therein lies the issue: yes Scarlet, may have been like. Oh no he's fighting with you know my family member. I need to get in then and help them, and then he threatened. The safety and life of this other did who had already warned them use armed and they I already fired warning shots, and then he shouted didn't kill them in self defense. You can art you that girl was acting in defence of others. This is a problem with which these things happen. It's not so
not always a good guy and a bad guy. Now I think you know, not. In the end the scheme of things you have several people. Who had been Riah. Apparently there were smashed out windows. I dont know. If these guys furthermore, the rioters or the looters, but there were accusations, they claim these guys aunt, Rachel slurs but they come out of their bar and they say you guys need to leave. Then there's a scuffle. The dude gardener showed his weapon first, he did Just attack, people gay it get out of here, I'm armed. They attacked him when the fair, attorneys at school. I was trying to correct a family member, and friend quote: I should we believe none of this. What would have happened if the bar owners father, didn't put his hands on a young individual ahead of time. He said, maybe you're right yeah, don't do that it was wrong of gardeners father to push somebody. Yet. What does that have to? do with gardener who walked out and saw a scuffle and then got into it so
Therein lies the main issue. If you have two parties and their bowl saying there protecting friends and family members and ensure their both attacking each other was come down to, one guy had a gun. So, are you really it's neither of Is people apparently started the fight, but it will. Spurlock, who decided to jump on this guy and put him in a chokehold and the guy had a gun Grand jury meant to show the system works when he requested the gray. Jerry during June clients It was in response to conversations with members of the community and there it is if you are clearly define. Yourself on video and As you know, a prosecutor says I'm not going to charge, because I can see the duties being joked and made several warnings, but then the writers show up and say no justice, no peace, no justice, no sleep and the prosecutor
As I will give you whatever you want, please please just donor aid donor against geared that's what he did. He said. Ok, you know why, because I have warned you, it is easier for the police and the Gulf and to give the violent ma, but whatever they want, and if that means you it will be you now. I need to stop slow a little bit and make sure I'm being rational and reasonable. It could just be that this guide to jump the gun And there is new evidence, apparently the prosecutor, that that the special ask you to. I believe someone in the in the case said after reviewing text messages. They believe that his intent was was very different, that night yeah. Maybe he was in the bar and said something like you know Emma Shoot, one of these dudes or such like that. That changed from self defence to pre meditate
can. I guess, but if that were the case, I think he would have been charged with something more severe than men, slaughter, manslaughter charge, implies that You was, it was negligent and it wasn't that entails body. But someone got killed. Something to that effect. You know so what will what was on his on his phone. Better choice, in their mind. I dont know what I think It's always important to point out that grand juries, you know, look it's four. For one thing: it's an adversary. What that means is that the press special prosecutor comes and it says, look at all this evidence. Should we charge him? There's no defence, it's just about bringing charges, then you go to the actual trot, so he may still get acquitted. But the grand jury than sees met sees a bunch of things out of a group of India. Jewels and decide whether or not to issue an indictment which they did. Maybe there Ireland is fair, it is not he's not being convicted, he's been indicted, so perhaps the sky will go to trial, he'll, say hears, it happened and
jury of his peers will say clearly self defence. Charge it? They that the protesters showed up and demanded it, and he said: ok, grand jury and the grand jury says: ok and they arrest that they charge them out of the gutter recipes. This looks like self defence and I'm not charge it. They that the protesters showed up and demanded it, and he said, ok, grand jury, and the grand jury says: ok and they arrest that they charge them out of the gutter recipes been charged. You compare that to Portland Compare that to Seattle. Ah Seattle, you say well how about He jumped over to Seattle, see what's going on over and good all Seattle homicides us in Seattle, Slang was resident release more than thirty four times. That's the main point. If the mob shows up and says we demand charges, they say: ok, ok, we'll do whatever you say, because we're spineless pathetic losers. In Portland when you say, hey those guys throwing fire bombs. Clearly on camera should be arrested, for they go actually the officers.
A bad around somewhere, releasing them and then, who end up with a hundred and five knights of riding around. However many nights there were before it finally stopped thanks in part to the federal government. That's right! You see in these in any stories. We see it all the time about this, one, intoxicated man points long gone at protesters outside his house, Milwaukee police say they said he appeared to be intoxicated What does the local news run? They run, he is intoxicated yeah they shut to his house. A mob of people, that you know previously back in June. I believe was I, in June, in Milwaukee, a bunch of people thought so girls were missing, so they set fire to a house. Several times fired several shots and veer. Apparently, wild wild shots resulted in two fourteen year, old boy or girl getting getting shot, and so this guy's got this mob outside of his house. Was us will put this when they say he was intoxicated? How does that sound so crazy?
a crazy, drunk man waving a gun around. No, no. What? If it's actually much more simple than that A few a citizen is in his living room, king reruns of the office having a couple beers when the mob showed up were harassed. And shining light and blasting music, calling on all these names and he felt threatened. So he brandished a weapon should he have brandish the weapon What what? What? What are you? What I mean by that is, he actually pointed at them Maybe that was the line you should have crossed shorter shore, intoxicated, however, yeah just ass. He ended up getting arrested. The cops, went and arrested him out. I'm Tellin you man, this one that it's not going to listen, it's not good. Be like one day a guys at his house. You know playing backgammon with his son and the cops kicked. The Doorn like you're right zest and and run it and grab him and drag him. The police station that won't be for several years when I thought I'm coming to your house, it's going to be incremental through circumstances like this
oh in this case the guy showed weapon and thus he's being arrested because he should have pointed at them regardless he was try. To protect himself in his own home from a mob that Many of the same people at a previous mobile people were shot and a house was set on fire several times, or I should say twice, I believe was twice well be crossed the line, and so they ve arrested and for the line has been pushed back. Now, But what happens next now they're gonna go onto the house banging the doors and the guy's gonna? U no purpose shot Gun and then in the conflict in a common arrest him I'm telling you man it. Happen immediately at the cops will break into a regular persons ass, but it will come like this first story: could be used, I was being was choked, they attacked him, they have he'll have him being attacked and he fell, warning shots, he warned with the gun. Doesn't matter you, we'll be arrested if the morality police say so, and then when their rioters and their murderers and their methods around the streets. The product
there's will release them is apparently The story that's happening in Seattle. So how do we stop all of this, this is why, as much as I will be absolutely critical of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, because they ve both kind of sad. If I lose, there will be violence. Donald Trump has. Commercial sang bite in America, dont, let Biden win and its basically saying that of Biden Wednesday me a lot more violent swell. Joe Biden has said this is trumps America and that the media is problematic because by normally talk saying that unless Biden, winds and a landslide there'll be violence, see its trumps America. Well, you know, I don't like either of the other of these messages vote for me or else the violence will get worse. But I do think Trump is right and here's why Bill bar compares carnivores locked down to slavery. Agee says it's one of the greatest intrusions of
civil liberties as he calls for sedition charges for violent black lives matter protesters and urges Seattle mayor to be prosecuted for allowing chop. That's right. Donald Trump is right. Bar is probably the only person standing between you and the mob and not doing. He can't stop everything so you'll be also get local charges. A lot of you on the left didn't realize this. They were things. Like I remember, one cow written ass got arrested, they were like Ojo withdrawal. Pardons call Rittenhouse blah blah blah Trump, can't pardon somebody for state charges. Trumped can pardon people for federal charges the gun After this date, charges feeling really understand how this country works at all. That's why they want to get rid of the actual college so that the country will just burn them. I have no idea talking about. But in terms of the violent rioters and self defence, and what are your rights bill? Bar digestion
I'll chump, the only ones defending all of us right now. That's true, of course, you'll have peace I'll say, but what about the marginalized communities who are being in terrorize and first of all, that's just it just patently absurd it. It's the exam, durations, they ve been pushing forward fathers blacklist matter stuff and the anti propping up of criminals over and over again. I can say it again. I say a million times and I want to see any we get hurt. I don't care if they are criminal or otherwise, and I want anybody getting getting hurt anyone dying. So we d they want to figure out how to make sure people don't die. Cops didn't kill people. However, sometimes life is is just that way. In these things. Have but they are willing to go out and right for literally anyone and then when he there is a video of you being choked out and you warned several times all the, Bob need do is say charge and they will so we're seeing that at the state level, the city level in many
restrictions. They refused trumps assistance. What do we do? Well, I think the fellow governments. I could be wrong, but this has the ability to intervene in some circumstances where constitutional rights are being violated I don't know exactly how the federal government could or would go about doing there, but I can tell you at least the feds shut down the riots in Portland. I want to our make sure I show this. On September forth, the Portland General Defence Committee warned people, the FBI was showing up to People's homes and giving them similar charges to their state charges. That was the d a that is Bill bar. That is Donald Trump Administration, saying. If they won't do it, we will get these people off the streets and then like magic. The riots stopped, and I see all these people saying, but why did they stop? Where did Antiopa go into hiding and into jail? It's that simple
the Digest Bill BAR they and trump their plan was to cut the snow had off the snake. They found the individuals who organizing they charge them. They lock them up another facing federal charges in New York these two people facing a minimum of forty five years for molotov cocktails there like, I guess the honor of their handing them out. They throw me, I got a beat up and why pity cruiser of some sort and other facing serious federal charges. I really do believe it we're if Donald loses, inviting gets in you're you're, not gonna, have long order. You can have morality, policing at every level of the government, perhaps Donald Trump, as the LAW bastion of true law and order before the morality police show up knock on your door and tell your going to jail for being a racist, maybe we're several years away from that degree of absurdity. I wouldn't be surprised if started happening sooner and earlier that I anticipate the man in a while
for instance, they said he was a racist- that's why they are protesting in it. A trump flag outside is ass. They claimed he would parade, aroused court confederate fly. Eggs in order really believe that, because the guy wasn't hanging a confederate flag outside his house was an american flag and a Trump flag, but nevertheless they called him. A racist and they apparently are planning other protest at the homes of racists? What do you think will happen next when the mob shows And they say the man is a racist and then begging, just lie. Basically the cops ease gaze armed he was threatening us and the capital arrest them the capital arrest him the eventually arrest you the Mob will show up to your house on private property or whatever and there's nothing you can do. The police will say our job is to keep the peace, and you know what you are the obstacle. And the weakest link, which means we need only arrest you and mission accomplished. I know you break any laws you're just sitting in your home watching all day
ethnic world to or whatever, with your family, preparing a good old game. Backgammon I've never actually played bag not originates funny and are at all sudden, you see the knock on the door and the cops show up as at the cops. Are there oh, I do not wish to be charged with figured cannon, in the Soviet Union that store, I totally with the cops showing up the angry month. That's what happened for Sir put your hands behind your back and they bring to the car and and the wife's running out: yelling what's happening, I don't I don't know I don't know and then who knows it will be charged with, think it can happen here. Think again, it can happen any and we are seeing the insurrectionists in the street- and I I think, if Trump loses it will get worse than what worse than we can possibly imagine- I've heard stories in the Soviet Union that store. I too. With the cops showing up the angry mob. That's happened over there. I had a friend tell me that if you are-
problem with your neighbor. You just called the party, and so you call the police and said that he was bad mowing. The Communist party and they were gone house- was coolly apartment, cleaned out after the gulags so I don't know how far away we are from something like that happening. But let me tell you for our at the point where a mob can shop to your house and they will arrest you. I know I know the guy was dancing the lining, pointing a gun at people. Sure, of course they did They did it to the mcclosky ease and these people actually got charge. You hear that nine people, I think it was got charge trespassing by coming under the mcclosky property so doesn't that justify they are in the right to defend themselves, especially as they stand your ground Castle doctrine state like Missouri, Don Matter, felony charges. So this is a very serious conflict were facing culture. War are told civil war. I dunno, but I'll tell you this if you believe
equality under the law and want to be treated fairly than the left is your or the left as your enemy because they believe in morality, policing. They believe that they have a right to impose subjective laws, its literally what they do they do. Not even equality under the law? That's why they want appeal the civil rights, long, California, and probably everywhere else. They do not want you to be equal, because that's not equity, think about what that means. You may have seen the photo. They love to share three people standing against a fence and there's a baseball game in front of them, everybody has a box, they are standing on. The first guy is very tall Second, guy is of average height, the third guys short, while the short guy can't see so what they do is they take the box from it a guy and give it to the short guy. I know everyone can see: yea Equity, it's a very simple way of showing it but think about what That means in terms of enforcing the law. It means that the short
I is the marginalized person, the tall guy, it is a and oppressor, and let's do this- the short guy throws the short I brandishes a weapon in defence. They all three of them do and the police show up and the the analogy isn't just about watching the baseball game. It's the police saying we're not going to arrest the marginalized person, but we we're gonna arrest the oppressor, and that means you could end up. You could find yourself as just sitting in your house, and your family and race doesn't matter mind you a medicine, some contacts but effective. If they do, we are racist, those call you white, I mean look it's kinda silence, she's, a white supremacist, apparently Ben Shapiro WAR, max. You is apparently a nazi and for German was a white man. Even though he's bachelor, I think, he's a disease mexican about entirely short, so they'll just say it they'll. Just though call your white supremacist, then you'll be arrested for being an oppressor,
in terms of internalized racism or massage any and they'll justified as in equity, you must the arrested, and he must not because it is about equity, not equality under the law. So you want to find yourself, you have. Right to defend yourself in their world. Fortunately, with delight of Bill bar you do. However, what we have just been. Bar, where we still have many republican jurisdictions that probably believe in the stuff. And the governor of Missouri may pardon mcclosky if they do end up getting convicted. This battle is something we gotta pay attention too, because if these people on the left, when, if Donald Trump loses yeah they'll shopped your house, collieries it'll be arrested there, you go I'll leave their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all then a viral video shows a father being dragged out of what appears to be a school board meeting for refusing to wear a mask officer threat. To take him Bill BAR says that the crew What a virus lock down is one of the greatest
intrusions into civil liberties in the history of this country. And now we have the big breaking story and we'll get to those other stories in a minute. I want to give you some. On taxed around the result of these locked downs and mandates have been or will end a billboard saying covered nineteen, Emails from Nashville Mayors Office showed disturbing revelation, yes, the emails show They knew bars and restaurants in downtown Nashville were not contributing. The rise in cases, but they locked down. Anyway. And now we have the legal emails, and so I I couldn't help it. I couldn't help it. I said: ok, ok, let's! Let's look up the political party for the Mayor and Democrat wow, how how did I know that was going to be the case billboards right, the lock has been a very serious intrusion. And to our civil liberties. But it does essentially mean it's been all bad,
make sure war were being reasonable. Here there was a major spike in Caracas eroded or ass. We saw it happen and I think a lot People overestimated how bad it was gonna, be. We can look at it in Well different ways was it did everyone over hype. It is it my fault. It may be because early on in the year outside wow, I think you're gonna get away worse than we realise, and then things actually didn't get as bad as a lot of people predicted, particularly the New York Times. Could it be that we, I just got it wrong, or could it be that the lock downs helped and that Donald try? also by shutting down Travelin and other measures and guidelines also help. We really just won't know we don't have a control planet for which to test these things, but I wear this way. I always Typically, I would say it is a tendency of me to err on the side of freedom over security. But I do understand that, if you have it pandemic. You might have to walk down the
problem is we said fifteen days to slow the spread and worse still locked down today and the worst part. It turns out some politicians, at least this guy. These these people were withholding info, information to manipulate the public to enforce it, och down, they did not need now that is creeping in that regard Bill BAR is one hundred percent. Correct This is an overt attack on our civil rights and in our country. Are our law extending institutions that these politicians would do things like this another scary thing as many people are asking if it be exposed here, where else did it happen? So when a matron being cut yeah. I think those a period in which the lockdown really did help and now that cases have slight stabilized
in almost gone, perhaps about time without reopening again and respecting civil liberties, because we're well past that point where we, the line, was crossed a long time ago. Someone asked me: I wasn't asked, but you insist on twitter, somebody tweeted. If now. If the end result of the is that we have got rid of this flu and he's called isn't that a good thing What's wrong with wearing a mask. I think was a mass question anyway. Here many consider- and I will read the story I was- reading about the spanish flu and there speculation that it may have originated in China. People in China got sick with a normal flu. It and moved into the trenches of World WAR one and then made its way too. I believe to the: U S where it it's our getting really prominent middle the country, and then it they say that China didn't experience this, that the spanish flu pandemic, the way other countries did and there's a cup
reasons one while it may be, because we are in war, and so everybody was sick and injured and easily infected, or it could be that I know already had developed some kind of partial immunity to this particular strain before it became as dead, we as it did when it mutated they developed some some partial, unity, creating heard immunity for the country. There is an important is that if we eliminate, flew season. It's possible stripping ourselves of existing heard immunities to other strains that emerge that that emerge every year. So it's not necessarily a good thing, but I will tell you this: I am no epidemiologist, so don't take my advice. It just something I read on the internet. While it's you, happened in Nashville covered nineteen emails from nationals. Mayor mayors, office, sorry showed disturbing revelation. The growth of irish cases on lower Broadway may have been so low at the May. There's office and the Metro Health Department decided to keep it a secret Halting the mayor's senior adviser and the Health Department
Veal, only a partial picture, but what they reveal is disturbing, gosh. It involves the low number of corona virus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that most disturbingly how to keep it from the public on June thirtieth. Contacts tracing was given a small view of Granada virus clusters. Can direction, and nursing homes were found to be causing problems with more. A thousand cases traced to each category but bars and restaurants reported just twenty. Two cases Leslie Waller from the Health department asks this isn't going. He publicly released right just info form, here's office correct not for public consumption right senior visor Benjamin Eagles. A month later, the health department was asked point blank, the rumour there are only eighty cases traced to bars and restaurants reporter Nate Rau asks quote, The figure you gave of more than eighty dazzling
to a natural question. If there have been over twenty thousand positive case, of covered nineteen and Davidson, and only eighty or so are traced her restaurants and bars. Doesn't that mean restaurants and bars. Aren't a very big problem. Health Department of facial Brian Todd, asked five health department officials please advise how you reckon and I respond the name- the top the response is clear off, but you may find The answer on acceptable quote: My two sense we have certainly refused to give our per bar, because those members are low per site. We could still release the total thou and then a response as to the over, eighty could be because the New number is increasing all the time and when I want to say a specific number there, it is we are not going to let the public know that they can have their bars and restaurants. Why, then an hour they mandating these things get shot down. There is a piece of this puzzle that is missing. You see,
there was really about the interest of public safety if if they were really acting in the interests of public safety, while they were need to manufacture a locked out of these bars and restaurants right because The data shows it was safe. So what the real reason they locked this down? I wonder now: do the health parliament nor the mayor's office would confirm the authenticity of the emails. Council, member Steve Glover had a match? staff attorney enquire. Here's the official answer quote. I was we'll get verification from the mayor's Office Department of Health. These email our real the staff attorney answered glove. Her says this is Metro, Nashville orchestrating a cover up. They are fabric information blubber said they ve blown their entire, your credibility Dennis it's gone, I don't trust the thing they say going forward, Nothing Glover says he has been cut contacted by an endless stream of downtown bartenders, waitresses and restaurant owners, asking. Why would officials not release these numbers? Quote? We re
his taxes, thirty four percent and put hundreds litter the thousands of people out of work that are now worried about losing their homes, their apartments, and we did it and bogus data that should be illegal. Glover, said again Fox seventeen news. Wasn't although the mayor's office, this wasn't true, we were told to file a freedom. Of Information ACT request. Ah, what. Which allows us to now ask the question Why are you keeping this from us? Why would you even want to its job. The real numbers and what could possibly be An honourable motive. I want to know the exact same thing: Mayors Office, John Cooper, Mayor of Metropolitan Nashville, Democratic Party. Very, very interesting. Ah, what is the reason? their locking down now. I know the conspiracies will run wild. The Democrats are hurting economy on
our best because they want to stop Trump. I don't know that we don't know that I will put it passed them, but I Need to give me evidence before we can make us assertions what I can tell you right now, as we got evidence we gotta emails. They knew do the numbers were so low? They kept them a secret because they could not join. The why they were shutting down the local economy. How Oh insane is this was it for now other reason than their vanity their despotic. Nature. They just want to feel the power and destroy the lives of the people who need these jobs? They wanted to force p owing to unemployment. For what reason don't ask me now again I try to be rational and reasonable. Maybe they felt even though its really low, they were really concerned that it would still cause a spike later on and that people wouldn't understand if they told him the lock down, because they be saying things like I'm saying right now: ok, fine!
Maybe it really was the right decision to have the lockdown. You have the wrong the decision was lying to the public and keeping public information a cigarette that was wrong well. Bill bar accorded a politico, else, corona virus locked down the greatest intrusion on civil liberties. Since slavery, attorney general low, compared career Deo, J prosecutors to preschoolers and defended his intervention in high profile cases we got a lot come about a bill barn I gotta say I have tremendous respect. This man, I'm gonna, get a little push back thou, but let's see what he had to say. Political reports attorney General William BAR argued Wednesday, the corona, related lockdown orders were surpassed only by slavery as the greatest intrusion on civil liberties and the nations history, its opinion didn't say it was worse than slavery, so take it for what it is up to you to form your own opinion, the remarks the attorney general came during into that posted by hills. They'll college we
BAR delivered a speech defending his intervention in high profile, Justice Department cases and comparing career prosecutors to preschoolers quote. You know putting a national lockdown stay at home waters is like house arrest. It's you, no other than slavery, which is a different kind of restraint. This is the greatest intrusion and civil liberties in american History BAR said during a question and answer session following his remarks. Remarks at one point: bar, seemingly suggested the federal responds to the pandemic should be guided by politician. An elected officials other than medical exports and the broader scientific community, he said quote the purse and the white coat is not the grand sear who can come up with right decision for society? A free people makes decision decision through its elected representative, he said bar is also use the appearance to address the widespread He has faced as the nations top law enforcement officer for allegedly. Interfering in criminal cases on behalf of president I'll drop? Well, what will read the stuff
maybe we need a lot more to cover in terms of the covert stuff me to say you know what no actually built bars correct. I've set before the fact you shouldn't be the dictator on what we do in this country, and I ll give you simple analogy. I suppose Fouch YE see actual I'll. Just tell you literally what happen other vowed. She sees the virus and says, as a medical experts is more worrying to see a lot of death. You mean to do these things lock down the country to prevent that death. He pressed It's that to the media and the media are screaming wow, lock it all down shut it all down screaming their pants are on fire. Their running on in circles like meanwhile the words but a fancy make their way to a politician and a politician. Look at the bigger picture and says: ok, if we do this happens and the economist stepson and says I dare say if we lock down,
we'll lose more people to poverty than we were. To the virus itself and that's why the doctors, scientists shouldn't be the and I'll, be all dictator on what we do. We, of course, was the science but made fun of about the economy, but the book the economy. Ok, do any idea what the I think it was the? U N said something like a quarter of a billion people could starve to death because the economy was shut down, Because people rely on our household man meant, as we're gonna means to bring food to the table, but will starve, and there are some people who can't work they rely on the system functioning, so they can stay alive. The politician than decides look at the data. What is going to be worse? and, as it turns out, the locked out was predicted to be worse. So what do we get? Fifteen days, this love spread through
We are so far beyond that. What we like a hundred and seventy or two hundred what ridiculous amount of days is been, it's been almost six months. So yeah hundred seven hundred and eighty much for slowing the spread. Now it's no one can do anything until this vaccine, and bill bars right. It is like house arrest, many people, in this, in these cities living cubicles these these studio I want to live in their own spent too much time and because they go home, they go to sleep, they wake up, they leave, they spend their time. Outdoors and in offices, one other locked in their cubicle apartment, struck You know they ordering food and not be able to go outside, and you do that for months and finally p bill are gonna snap? So what are we seeing? People are snapping. Take a look at the story from Argus leader that come Part of the EU, the USA, today network police remove man from Mitchell School Board meeting for not wearing a mask now. For me,
personally, I got no problem at all wearing a mask. I I guess I don't really care all that much. A lot of people are saying that it's about you know, I'm not in control and standing up and reject. You are refusing to be locked up. You owed to beat you whatever control like our. Whenever man, it's not difficult, where a mask odd, I have illegal mass sometime he's got beanie on its eyes, where it it's fine, actually cut culture that look like an engine asked so I'll? Take it whatever and some people to want to them- and I think people are tied heard of being pushed down and and and and pressed upon a need it. I wonder about the stuff: right so this guy sitting the chair, the cops come in and they threaten terrorism. They pride, drag him out this dude resists, I mean. Is it worth it taught to fight with the cops in this capacity, because you wanted to be in a public only with no mask on. In my opinion, no but it shows you how people feel and guess what, how much want to bet that guy's gonna walk for Donald Trump, because trumps, the one we have been saying
the lockdown bill bar as one who sang our rights are being violated. How many people feel became bars, feel the same way this guy, but are scared to speak up. Probably a lot, probably a lot and dot you know who is to blame for all this. I know it's predictable, you're watching TIM Pool, I'm not gonna blame tromp. I think Trump did what he could. I blame the Democrats. I do and so does Chris Rock that's right, Chris Rock but assizes Pelosi and Democrats on pandemic compares trump to five year old. I respect Chris rock recitals, although I don't necessarily agree completely It basically side was we. We know tromp Trump is a five year old. So why would you think that you could just sit back and covered would be take? Kara like I'm paraphrasing, but he basically he dragged them for impeachment, he's Ike. What do you want to, but we can blame truck sure fine, but he's the five year old and rewards the adult and supposed to be doing their job in solving these problems right if they want to come
plain that tromp is a moron and incompetent. All they're doing is proving they wasting their time. I'm. Instead of doing what needed to be done, there were so they stay one to impeach him it's this do. But this thing ever, it was, though, it's the last year of his first term, and there are we gotta impeachment. Meanwhile, while they were doing their mock show trial. For whatever reason waste of time, nobody even remembers what happened on impeachment. Do you even Amber why he was impeached now. I know many of you probably do, but I'm sure there's some people gun was trapped. Impeached. For again he had a phone call with it. If you could, and was concerned about a video on Twitter. What is what is this, so Donald Trump early on shuts down travel that's why I swore disagree with Chris Rock. What should the president have done? You shut down, travel. It's a virus right China I did the world they? They deserve responsibility, but we as a
country dont function under a presidential dictatorship, not how it works. The governors are responsible for their states in the mayor's for their cities. Tromp has federal whereas diction not state jurisdiction. He can't pardon people at state level in part and people at the federal level they don't them do not understand this, so the pandemics coming troops as we're gonna. Do these things for national security borders get lockdown travel get suspended here. The guidelines here is the taskforce. We're gonna be doing daily press briefings, people criticise me because I said, I think drop that did a good job. It will there are times that I was gonna- be two to six million dead, so, where actual injured, thou An editor shocking tragedy, but do I blame Rob fora for a pandemic y know, They did these things happen, though Hurricane Company, it's like listen the hurricanes. Are so it also hitting the? U S are not punish went from God it's up, sometimes there are hurricanes. Sometimes there are droughts, Sir
times it rains and sometimes pandemics happen, and what can the do you have a magic wand. He can't you know you MAC Manifesto force. Second powers to keep a virus from sweeping across the country? Now it's a concerted effort- and Fortunately we saw what happened in Nashville. They lied to people to to enforce the lockdown. So I'll put it this way. Chris Rock is correct that, Democrats were are are to blame. They wasted so much time in impeachment. They were doing anything in fact they were criticising from and now that it's bad there stripping out the cultural context of that special time to make. It seem like Trump, is the bad guy? Any. Must this all up? How is it trumps? Responsibility trump does not tell the states what to do tromp can, I think, there's some provisions waken intervene. You know in some capacity at state level, but it was Cuomo who put
sick people in the nursing homes? It was many other governors on these east coast. The same thing and now there is watching their citizens states burned to the ground. It was at their goal, turn blue states against Trump? I guess I guess there hoping for a hard all. You know I I high voter turn up. Why? Well they burn their stay there. There there jurisdictions to the ground, and it may be because they were just panicked. Fine, they blame trump for it. Ok, are you trying to convince by vice by blaming trompe try to convey your constituents devout sometimes some New Jersey, New York, California, Illinois I mean they're gonna, be blue, no matter what so why? Who is to blame for this? If the people mountain? They vote. I guess what happens. Biden winds by ten points in the popular vote, but Trump still wins electoral college, so they call for a constitutional crisis of some sort. Maybe this is their big play to abolish the electoral college,
which would be a huge mistake for them, especially I don't know their plans are not their game is, but can say this. We can try and given the benefit of the doubt and say they were just so concerned. There are so concerned. The numbers were too low, so they couldn't tell the public because the plague the pandemic could have been worse. I'm not gonna. Ah, I think that the just despotic, authoritarian swore like now. Now you never probably was I'll. Give you the reasonable solution, if we allow the bars to be open and the theatre, our demand to be open and the construction sites and demand to be open. No everyone has to shut down regardless, and so they sacrificed the job of so many people in the livelihoods of so many people, because they just want to be fair and then it want to cause a panic whatever there it is believed their necks segments coming up at four p m at Youtube that calm slashed him cast. It is my main channel a different gentle from this.
One that see while them. Ok. When I first saw this story, I did laugh, but I gotta admit it's a bit over the top to deploy a heat, Ray called the active. I think the ACT of denial system against protesters me maybe a little too much, which another story, maybe our military- least, leaders wait, deploying heat ray against DC protesters. I don't under stand by their burying the lead. They didn't way do they literally asked for one guess they didn't get it our eye of his red this story, because some, why it ok, our before federal police officers cleared a crowded park near the White us with smoke and tear gas on June. First, the lead Miller. Police officer and the Department of Defense for the DC region, asked the Dc National Guard had a kind of. Military heat ray that might be deployed again. Demonstrators in the nations capital, a call
to one of the most senior national guard officers on the scene in a written response? In retrospect? As to the House Committee on natural resources obtained by and PR made, Your Adam De Marco of Idiocy National Guard said he was copy in an email from the provost, the promised marshal of Joint Force Headquarters national capital region. He was for two things, a long range acoustic device could have sound cannon known as an l, rad additives It's called the active denial system or eighty s, the eighty developed by the military some twenty years ago, as a way to despair, SK crowds. There have been questions about whether it worked or should be deployed in the first pillar. It uses, millimeter wave technology to essentially heat the skin of people targeted by its invisible re, literally deploying a giant microwave to microwave protesters. That sounds a bit insane. So, ok, they didn't do it, but I am glad that's why
I shall not people laughing right now saying they should oleson men we gotta be careful about crowd, control, stuff that result in permanent injury. The l reds are already questionable. Not really ever used in a capacity that could seriously injured people. Sometimes they are because some people, some people, are more susceptible lower than our red? They, You take on a variety of forms: they're, just really. Really loudspeakers really impressive technology is gonna, said the made in a weapon because you could take one of these things you can blast of music is pretty cool if you ve, experienced and I'll read. Let me explain it for you. I was it was in a big long beach. And there was a protest. Some occupy thing- and I was probably like a full city block from the police. They have this thing, mountaintop their vehicle, and then you here make the announcement using it sang this is unlawful assembly. You must disperse go this way from a block away.
It sounded like a guy was standing next to me, yelling at me it if it really do as the way like reaches you and bounces. It's really crazy. I gotta say impressive technology thing. I'll do as they'll do a chirping thing work out in a way it makes us like fluctuating, really high pitch sound, that's painful, covers their ears and it causes disruption in the crowd they want to say it is response De Marco, who has sought whistleblower protection quoted from an email. He said, forwarded to him that a rigid from the promised Marshall which read the eighty asked, can provide our troops. It gave ability they currently do not have the ability to reach out and engage potential address, there is a distance well beyond small arms range and in a safe. Active and non lethal manner. Those are all technically the truth. I guess there literally true, but this technology basically microwaves, your skin and it makes youth it simulates like your on fire. I can't hide, I don't know man, man, I've. I guess
how's, but it can play. It can cause prone, damage. If somebody out there doing if a legit weapon directed energy weapon but you want to say the eighty ask indirectly beam toward a group that provides a sensation of intense heat on the surface of the skin? The effect is overwhelmed. Causing an immediate repel response by the targeted individual, that's true, I mean I've. I dont know They use these things overseas, but I've seen people I've seen journalists, they like click it and you get here, go ah light wall where they hold man, you na supposedly physical fire. They say last month in your times, reported that U S, border officials, Wade deploying the so called heat ray against migrants. A few weeks before the twenty eighteen elections times reported that Cares and Nielson who was the Secretary of Homeland Security at the time, told an aid after the meeting a courtier time story that she
but not authorize the use of such a device, and it should never be brought up again in her presence. Wow. That's that's amazing. That's really impressive! Yeah, I kind of think the heat ray goes over the man. You know I we're not talking about taking live animal. Anything we're talking about micro waving people, so lovely. Let's, what's avoid that Cares and Nielson, look at that best red, don't bring it up in her presence, amazing it. According to Denmark, it was something considered by deities, led military police officer the morning of June First Effort days of fire. We protest and looting and Washington D. Marco said in his written comments. That he responded about half an hour later at the decent General Carr was not in possession of either an l red or in a yes and PR may Opel calls and sent multiple emails to the joint Force Headquarters national capital region for comment, but has not heard now. I will say this have
in more options is better than having less, if weaken, provide options to law enforcement to end serious violence and crimes. It's not a bad thing, so chokehold right kind of a bear. The thing but better than shooting someone right and therein lies the main point. Would it be a good thing? If police have a heat ray active analysis Yes- and no- I lean towards yes. In the sense, I lean towards mostly s actually but hear me up mostly yes, in the sense that if the right person knows when to use it and it allows us to avoid shooting people. Then that's really really good thing the problem, however, and wide problem. Not a good idea to actually deployed is that you're going get some rookie dude who's, gonna, MASH, the button and microwave a bunch of people when you probably shouldn't- but I don't know you know what
I think, that's a good reason why we have them. I think about not protest situations. I dont think you deploy this at a protest at all, but what about you know what it escalates into a riot or spread of armed conflict and In writing. You can see people with guns, shooting people we saw in Chicago. If people have guns and you want to shut it down and you dont want to kill them, it I mean think about it. Are I think, about that's that video and went viral from Chicago or the guy is shooting it. Gucci Window. What would happen if the cops ran up and the cops only have this gone actually non? Stop their here's ears. It is a better, a better one As that there's a story right now, but a rookie cop was it was been indicted because he was upset, king a woman, a homeless women get a dog, the dog was, forty pound, lab mix and charged with the officer, so we pull that has gone. He yelled, like at the forcing Elvis hold your dog with a dog charged and he fired three rounds. I believe at the dog. They also hit the woman in the chair,
For this he's been indicted, I believe, has been charged with the negligent homicide and it's kind of crazy like that I was charging Adam and in a split second panic. He doesn't know how Ah it is. He can't it's far away its barking and snarling charging ETA. What we do accidentally shot this woman was. A rookie cup now. I dont think anyone's would be carrying around on eighty s like on their person, but I just think about how we could have avoided at circumstance. Is there a weapon? We could provide the police an option to to stop a dog, that would allow him to be saved at using his hand gun, maybe pepper sprite, maybe not I don't want you expect to do that. The duty huge, lay back and get an Nuno mangled up by the dog is being charged, so it so thinking about a circumstance like that I think, about this dude in Chicago, whose firing into the window of the Gucci store and what would have- If the police, you know pulled up in a visa, I encountered a bunch of deeds of guns. Do they want to
start shooting every body and then have a bunch of dead people. Oh it's not a good thing. But what, if detonate? Yes, those press the button and everyone on they ran away. I mean there look they're alive, we don't want to die. We just want them to stop so this could be. An effective tool now against protesters. Now I guess the issue, Therefore, fewer rights. They are saying that there is widespread riding throughout the city, in which case maybe it did make sense, Emigrant thing I think you're some Nielsen nailed it yet no way, not in that capacity. Somebody's people may become the border because their asylum seekers and, of course we know, we ve- heard they gotta go to port of entry and maybe some of em counter dont know and that's why? We will detain, arrest and and stop them yeah. No, I am not a fan of micro waving people if you ever
I'd, spread riot and announced its more difficult question because where's the line right and what we hear from what? What what there actually talking about wasn't the peaceful protests in front of the White House. They were too but ongoing going riots. I don't know man, it's tough, but I probably leaned toward saying we shouldn't allow the police to deploy microwave cannons, simply because they will find their way into the hands of regular all small town departments. They'll be abused and misused. A man. I think the sad reality of life is that there is just going to be conflict, and me It's better, the cops. Don't have water cannons they'd, maybe it's better than Raymond Use, pepper spray. Maybe it's better: they have something like active denial, Maybe we have to realise that You go to a riot or some kind of conflict. You might get injured, no matter what I mean your choosing to enter the fray. These things happen, whether intentional or otherwise we don't want people be
mostly maimed or injured, and so we ve got a figure. A better ways of crowd control. We do because mobs go nuts men. We ve seen it so much of the police. Well in this capacity they never actually used at the owl rag, its use all the time. I don't think the array of big deal, although it can be weapon eyes to my people, bleed from their ears and that's messed up What's that? What's the alternative, though we are, we allow the There's no defence in no way to deal with. You know mobs and mob mentality. You tell me what do you think I lean towards no on the heat thing, even recognising options can be good for police. Maybe there's some circumstances where the departments should have them, but not for rights, not for protests come on I've got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly support for ACT, lives matter is collapsing seriously, opposition
and is skyrocketing and I can only assume its due, mostly to the riots. I think people are sick and tired of it, and you know what I bet it has a lot to do: a sports. How many people do you know there are problems that were probably just like. I dont care. Let me out of it don't care about your riots. I can't way for football at an they turned on football and they got black lives matter. They probably what now now I said. No, I don't want this. Neither angry yeah, you know what man I'd say, this people right for many reasons them consistent reason to write is when you're sports team winds or loses so dont massive people sports and that's what they did. And now people are suffering, but I do think I think the right played the main raw check out, the story from the daily mail support for black lives matter has dropped among Americans since unrest flared after George Floyd's death, new oh finds fewer white and sporadic Americans are supporting black lives matter, while african american backing for the movement
AIDS virtually unchanged according to a new Paul. Well, it's worse than just that net support for black lives matter has been cut in half from where it was just before the George Flight Incident. I kid you not black lives, Mademoiselle, again, net support caught in a half man. Is it bad They also will reach our redistribute I'll show you the actual Civics Chart majority of Americans. Fifty five percent express at least some support for the movement which is down from sixty seven percent in June. According to Pew the number of american adults who say they strongly support. The movement has also dropped from thirty eight percent. In June You won T nine percent. Nearly a ten point drop in strong support. The previous survey was take In the days and weeks following the May, twenty fifth police involved death of George Floyd Pupils, his findings were taken in the aftermath of the police shooting of a twenty year old black men, Jacob Blake and Canosa. Among african Americans,
port for black lives matter, remains strong in June. These seven percent of black people said they backed the movement. The latest survey puts the figure at eighty six percent, notably pull, found a drop of african american african american adults who say they strongly support be alone in June. Seventy one percent. They strongly support it, though now sixty two percent say the same. They still overwhelmingly supported, but man has it gone down. You found that it is among whites in a spanish that backing for black lives matter has wavered among white adults. Sixty percent said they supported black lives matter back in June that number has now dropped to less than half forty five percent in June. Seventy seven percent of hispanic adults said they supported black lives matter. The light findings, show the number s letter to sixty six across the board about a ten percent drop off for every demographic,
Among asian Americans they say backing for black lives matter has dropped slightly from seventy five percent to sixty nine percent. I got a question from my agent american friends. What why why the smallest drop off? Why do you support it? Overwhelmingly that to me is weird: there's that look sixty nine percent. What do they say among among Bob Black people sixty two percent? more Asians support black lives matter than black PETE than strongly support, because better than black people do, Ok, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's just a standard. Okay, so different that strong support. Ok, ok, I'm wrong support for black eyes matter. Also bring support for be alarmed. Also, brings down sharply along partisan lines. Just nineteen percent of Republicans said they somewhat support the movement. Meanwhile, eighty eight percent of the crux of the same broken down into race. Eighty eight percent of White Democrats, expressively some support for black lives matter, while just sixteen percent of White Republican say the same. A little more than half fifty
one per cent of white Democrats said they strongly support be alone, while just two percent of White Republicans said the same to prove a hold on two percent of our Republicans strongly support black lives matter, I guess as are they never trumpery? Who refuse to give up the name? I don't know whatever? bring you not to civics black lives. Better among registered voters. Some thing it happened. I dont know what, on from the ninth from the seventh to the fourteenth, where net support for black eyes matter fell in the gutter. Take a look at this. What we are seeing is a map. I agree. That goes all the way back to twenty seventeen, let's see around, I think we saw the shift in twenty eighteen on February ninth, to the tenth There was a shift in general negative net support up general opposition tobaccos matter to a slightly favor.
Global position favouring black lives matter or before this. That support was negative, meaning more people opposed it than supported it, but something changed in early twenty eighteen. And it slowly started to go up with not support around four percent so So what this means is just like slightly more than half right, here's what gets interesting! There were big gains for black lives matter. Run a tailor, was killed and like us, better went down a little bit too covered. Bend by race, and it went up a little bit Then we see right here also that outside s covered just before George Floyd on the day of George Floyd Incident, eighteen percent not support and they saw a glorious high of twenty five percent net support black lives matter was on cloud nine. It was the greatest time
to be a member of the movement, but then they couldn't control Antigua in the far left and the riots happen as our to collapse, then at when Jacob Blake was shot. Check this out. This is the craziest thing of all out of all of us. It was declined to the riots. It was eighteen, percent. Mind you, and just before Jacob, like shot: eleven percent, it dropped seven points and then Jacob like a shot. And what do you think happened? Did it spike? Did it go up? No, it actually tanked. Whoa before Jacob Like got shot eleven percent after extended eleven percent fallen now to nine percent. How is it there was no boast. In fact, after Jacob Like got shot, it went down. I have a couple of years as I mentioned earlier, sports people putting Jacob gone their helmets. A lot of
people who are just like YO. I dont like this. I didn't care when you are putting up signs. It was fine, but now you're in my sports get out. So when I got all this had not unlike any this, but I got another. I've got another theory. I got another theory for you, you see when George Floyd was killed. Everybody was onboard, everybody, jewish Glenn, Back Sean Hannity were expressing their support, but then we found Are you now? George Floyd? Wasn't a saint the riots happen? People cannot upset well, you'd, think After watching another police shooting like Jacob like this should be a spike again yeah. But then quickly, learned literally like a day later that he was being arrested for a felony. You know assaulting woman. He had assaulted a woman and then he had on back to her home and she called nine when one the
least came to stop this man who is wanted on a felony warrant and he fought with them and he had a knife. He says he had a knife, I don't know if you cry what point the yelled guide, the according to witness and they shot him several times. You see regularly. Well, so that story, but the media understand, and the Democrats didn't stand either and they propped this man up and they said from another police shooting and the go come on top of this, and in regular People saw the reports this Sky was czar Abuser man, this guy was abusing a woman and he came back and they said Yours supporting this em, I am up while look overall, they still enjoy net support right blacklist matters at nine percent funny thing is that you raised black lives matters black eyes, matters gain from earlier in the year
We go back to January and they were at over ten at the beginning of the year. Ten percent net support. So guess what I guess, if you dont like black lives matter, never did I got It is for you they are erasing all of their a good good will that they generated throughout the past year, with ten percent net supply in January. They are down now below blue. Black matter has less support today than the beginning of the year, for anything happened, the rights of backfired. It is worse than they probably could have imagined, if they just didn't riot, and this is why I say to all the right wing individuals. That's why I say he'd my warning, proud boys, you go to Linda twenty six, don't be surprised when you see the same thing now. I know them He doesn't like the proud boys anyway, but there you it's bad enough. Already. You see how bad it went for them. I know the problems are going, the right, I'm not stupid, they're going to
march around and do a free speech they read, but the left will make it a riot. The anti for will show up, they will make it a riot, and you will see more negative, Paulina heart trump? I just got stresses men think about how credible this is. When they started the year off. They had ten percent, they spiked after George Floyd, with twenty five percent all they had to do was not thing. No right gets. No football. Whatever no basketball, but they couldn't help themselves. They were robbing. Oh it's ours, we're gonna, take it and then they ripped to shreds They have set themselves back. Well, that's what happens when you don't pay attention to what people actually care about. That's what happens when you up, use the good will of the people who said we are sorry that this man died. You spit in the face of all these people by burning down buildings and then too
add insult to injury. They put black lives matter upon billboards, they put it up on the banner of the Red Sox field, they put it up all of the tv. While we watched them burned down cities, you would honour them get off my tv screen on the watch, your stupid game of anything to do with this, and so now their support has fallen in the gutter. I'm curious about that opposition mind you. I don't know they have a net opposition. This I've met support the trend line I guess it's the same thing though, but I'm curious about how much opposition they ve gained? Something happened in the past few days where opposition jumped up another point, support fell down, appoint a two points actually from fifty to forty eight. Well, you report you so the right they're. Yours Democrats, you earned it. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. While I was there, There are already trying to get Joe Rogan booted off of Spotify, this the EU had to defend trends? Phobic,
A Rogan says vice pod casts online. Ok to talk about, podcast, sure, fine. Basically long story, short bunch of employees called Joe Transfer How much massage it ass? You know every name in the book and the ceo had to defend Joe there's been out of concern about several episode that have been removed from Spotify. I should say that we're never put up from the general jargon experienced- and you know GO says the licensing deal that it's not good spot. If I can't change the content of the show. So then spot. If I get what they get but the only issue, I suppose, is if Joe leaves Youtube and all other platforms, except for his clip channel which I believe will be staying and then modified decides not to host a pod Kossuth Alex Jones, where does it go because as an exclusive licensing arrangements, in which case they might not control, the content, but you won't hear it So that's a problem, but this story
this is another story and the incoming smears against Mr Rogan because he dared to say he wanted the host. You want the moderated debate between trumpet button hashtag Joe We must show on Twitter on Instagram posted and include, along with it Oh Biden must join Donald Trump for debate moderated by June. Broken hashtag Joe must show. Figured as soon as has happened as soon as Donald Trump said. He would do it. They needed to find an excuse, and here we go. They got it employs- are saying but Joe is all of these really bad things. So there you go violence, going mountain, be, like you know, with respect to rob and is big platform, but you know somebody things. He said, I'm afraid the story motherboard for vice report- and I want to point out what has vice become vice you used to have a spine- is to be edgy. Now it's conformist trash. I can't believe I used to work
it makes me feel bad. They say in a spot if I all hands company meaning on Wednesday spot. If I see Yo Daniel ACT defended keeping transphobia content from hugely popular podcast. Our jargon on the YO platform, who, earlier this year, signed an exclusive licensing deal with the company likely worth tens of millions of dollars. Some staff sighed. The company feel alienated by Spotify House certain certain Joe Rogan experience episodes according to copies of some of the questions presented to the meeting obtained by motherboard, The news signals how Spotify, as it moves the podcasting space beyond music, is facing com tent moderation decisions more commonly. So stated with social media platforms like Facebook or twitter spy if I has already removed J r e episodes with some right wing figures, including Alex Jones and given Mcguinness quote in the case of Joe Rogan. A toad
of ten meetings have been held with various groups and individuals to hear their respective concerns exit according to three sources and some want Rogan removed because of things he said in the past. Resources provided motherboard with some of the questions the town Hall Meeting, mother Borg, did them anonymity, as they weren't off rise to speak to the press, about internal Spotify issues, too, of the questions submitted for the q and a section of the meeting highly some of the Spotify employees concerns around Joe Robins content. One of the submitted questions was quote many ok All right, I'm I'm actually rating a quote here. Bear with me many algae Bt Q. The eye plus slash allies, spot of fires, feel unwelcome and alienated because of leaderships whisper. It's in Jerry conversations. What is your message to those employees and other was quote,
I have Spotify chosen to ignore spectrum e r jeez guidance about Transphobia content in the J, already catalogue, referring to a group Spotify workers who focus unrelated issues at the meeting act, also told employees not too leaked to the media. Noting. If we can't have open confidential debates, we will have to move those discussions to closed doors is another quote others have concerned specifically over a recent episodes, accent and Joe Rogan and an end the I sat in question have been reviewed extensively. The fact that we aren't changing our position doesn't mean we aren't listening. It just means we made a different judgment, call the specific areas The european experience echoes referring to was from July, in which Rogan interviewed Abigail Schreyer, author of the book, irreversible damage, the transgender, praise seducing, our daughters, a call into one of the sources from opening moments of that podcast Schreyer Associates transgender youth with those with autism. Shrine
you're an Rogan spend parts of the episode explaining that young people are being pressured into transitioning by you. And other media. Ok, let me stop right there. Are they wrong? I'm they're right? I'm just asking. Are they wrong, or are you just offended by what they're saying how about you challenge what they said. Anne show an you do a shower and and put up your facts. Otherwise, what's the issue you dont want people having open discussions? That's one that Rogan even brings up in the pockets, I'm pretty sure that their people trying to shut down any open discussion around the issue, and that will only make things worse, but let me get to the bigger point here. This could be a good thing. Joe Rogan is the most popular podcast in the world a period when you look, the top ten podcast charts. Joe Rogan typically has five of them, not just number one. But it's usually like number three. Six seven, for you know too
their old episodes cause people just love. The european experience, this put spot a finer, really difficult position: Spotify wants the biggest podcast and they want to house content people love, but their whiny baby employees are crying, oh no taken down. Who do you listen to Spotify? What happens if your employees revolt? Would you prefer to get rid of the most popular podcast in the world, from your platform of what you ve already removed several episode, some of the most popular mind you like the Alex Jones episode. You would choose to shall get rid of that stuff, because some people complain that to me is absolutely insane You know for a fact when you look at the Rogan experience. This is what people like. So why would you get rid of it? but love the Alex Jones episode. It was hilarious, Joe Joe was goading Alex on Alex, was ranting and turning beat red and waving his arms up and down, and they were they were making em like pushing him
they were trying to make him go up and people thought it was funny. It was entertainment we can't have it, though, can we is at what? What? What the gist of this is now I gotta wonder I got a wonder at MILAN, olenin industry secret, and we have some real industry advice that I mean it. Perseverance is the key to success, no matter what you do so long as just keep Doing it eventually, you will find some kind of success. I mean you know, look there's within reason. If you're, if you're, trying to find success in bang, you're had on the wall. You'll eventually just damage your brain, but if you do thing like play: music or podcast or skateboard. Whatever things that I do eventually, if you just stick with it, you will find some six. Ass. Not everybody does, but perseverance is the key to success. One of the other big important factors when it comes to content production on social media is that consistency is important and look it. It's really good. About doing more than others. So why
and bring this up, as I am curious to see how this all plays out with Spotify and Joe if there moving some of his episodes already and its allies? sing deal where the clips will be exclusively on Spotify, Why should I assume as a guarantee they will put up every episode Joe? Does that mean think about it? if they were moved a bunch of episodes. What happens if YO has Alex Jones on again Spotify says we, while air, that And then there's no episode of the Jerry, you know the european experience and if people can't get this there's a break in the consistency. I also have that dimension The number one position on Itunes is a guarantee that you're getting access to Iphone users. This is something that is. Only benefited Joe and many other top podcast like the New York Times now. Of course, you have
They have a good podcast in order to work. So what I see happening is probably ninety plus per cent of why the german experience it succeeds is Joe Rogan Plain and simple, but he does receive a big bump by being number one because he's number one when you open the Itunes APP use, each Oregon and if you don't want pod casts. You might click it. Now. Jos got a new fan. This the same access to all of the apple users. Of course, Jos got word of mouth, he's been doing it for a decade, so his perseverance, his consistency and not being on the top, have critical position where he is the big one of the biggest podcast in the world. Whether we want to bring that up as by moving off of Itunes, he's gonna lose that key advertising position, which is really valuable. Of course, people will still less into the Jerry experience and probably almost everybody
what are you going to lose some advantage there and someone else might start tech moving up in those positions, and this would cause potential displacement. There's also the fact that, with episode being removed, Joe may lose his consistency, so he'll lose the top but he ll lose potential consistency. I don't have any that our utter note. That will actually happen. I mean, if Spotify, stop taking over because of Joe that's the bet they're making, then it's gonna greatly benefit everybody on Spotify. Today, apple has the dominant position and podcast. It's true. When I look at my stance in the podcast, it is dominated bye. Bye, Itunes, Spotify is in second place with Joe moving over. It could actually push Spotify up to the number one position. Because all his fancy gonna move over as well, in which case who has more power, Joe or or Itunes, on a really know, my beggar concern is in all of this is They're going to try and find reasons to remove Rogan from from the podcast or to hurt him in some way
I'm sure Joe Smart enough to have a contract. You know a strong contract, so I dont think as much to worry about. That being said, I mean he got a fat paycheck from this deal. I'm sure the work case scenario for Joe is that he's rich for the rest of his life. And so are you kid? So what really does he have to complain about? But I guess for the rest of us. There is a fear. These people are already trying to take. Joe Rogan D There are already trying to get a remove they're, calling him all the names in the books. I am not surprised by especially with this attempt to debate or to house to debate, can they allow it? This may be a really good thing for US This may be one of the most important things and the job. What Organisation may have may have saved, say the anti ass it like it may have ended. The far left now had a human Lummix put this white spot. A fire is looking at one of the most difficult decisions they have to make the Este double use or the most pop,
dollar podcast in the world. They took a major bet, a major risk, dumping tons of money and Joe. They can't get rid of him. The most popular showed the world, but the. J W come in Aachen and they want him gone. Who will win? I don't leave the asteroid. Obvious can win this fight because at a certain point, luck money, walks, yap and be sorry money talks and be ass. Well, so they're to say sorry, goodbye were keeping it and then the tide changes, and everyone sees what Joe did may be, the final nail in the coffin at an offshore, we'll see who wins this one. In the end, it could just be a blip and some episodes get Paul than everything stays the same. I have no idea.
I think it significant we'll see who runs this fight next augments coming up tomorrow at ten a m on this channel. Thanks rang it up, and I will see you all next time.
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