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DOJ Uncovers Trump Votes Getting Trashed, Votes Found in Ditch, Media Says Trump Is Planning A COUP


A DOJ announcement said a small number of votes from the military were discarded, all of them for Trump.In a separate instance absentee votes were found in a ditch in Wisconsin leading many to believe that the mail in voting plan is going to be completely broken.Trump of course has challenged mail in voting and the media has smeared him for it even though they keep reporting the problems. They now claim that Trump is planning a coup in the event Joe Biden wins.Contesting the vote is not a coup.Democrats of course don't care and are fanning the flames of Chaos while accusing Trump of doing just that.

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Only a couple of weeks ago, we saw a story about a rental truck, pulling into a parking lot and shocking entire bags of you know, states postal service male onto the ground and leaving it there. Now these bags didn't contain mail in votes or absentee ballots, but people started freaking because we're expecting eighty million votes to go through the United States postal service. If this can happen to random, U S p s mail! Why? Wouldn't it happen to mail in votes and that can swing, an election, the Washington Post as more than five hundred thousand mail in votes, were rejected in this primary, and if that transfers, over to the general election than there are going to be law, suits and battles, fight that will seemingly go on forever. Well, now we're learning exactly? What happens when you do have these votes go for the mail in one story, bags, including absentee ballots, were found chalked into a ditch and there you go it was.
Obvious right, and we also have this announcement from the Deo J of the Middle District of Pennsylvania. They say that a small batch of ballots were discarded. All of them were votes for Donald J Tromp. Now wasn't the biggest batch of boats in the world. It was only nine, but when you come back, in all of these stories together. Trump is not wrong. Descended there are serious problems with male in voting now the watch deposits report before guess who is going to be heard most by this first time, voters: minority voters, why is there people who are more likely to need assistance because they are less familiar, at least according the Washington post? I don't know, maybe that's racist, but that's what they're saying so. Why would regrets then be advocating for a system that is so clearly broken, and why would the media be propping this system up while, as it turns out the Democrats are starting to pivot away from
male in voting and there it is. You know that, says to me. They just don't know what they're doing a pushed mail in voting so hard, and all of these problems emerged and only now do they finally realise the system's broken, and it's going to hurt you. I blame the media, the media, who d secretly tries to claim every single thing tromp says is wrong. Keeps tricking Democrats into believing fake news, and therein lies the problem you see whatever group We are in conservatives, moderates, you know anti establishment types, whatever were less trusting of the media, and that means we're looking for answers and try to backtrack things on our own. But these people who just blindly follow the media, which is mostly Democrats and following fake news for too long and then by the time they figure out, what's really going on
too late. Now, if you were to come to me and say that Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide, I'd want to believe you. I really would because worse in Trump doing really well among union working class voters, a big story, it's what he needs to win. The new times- is saying it and now We are seeing it. So here's what I want to talk about today, mail in voting is clearly broken and although the Democrats are trying to pivot away from it, I wonder why they push so hard. In the first place sure we can make assumptions that there really dumb like I was saying, or maybe there's something more malicious and their cheating. You know we'll chamber I cited him when he said this last time he's east he runs human events, dot com and he's a trump supporter. He said absentee ballots our. Integrity because you request them as a chain of custody, essentially but mail and thing is low integrity and if you're trying to reduce
the integrity of our election. We can only assume it's because you're trying to cheat. So, even though we see big working class support for trump and support from the black vote, I wonder if there's something dirtier behind going on and that's why the d o J is showing us the story, regardless of all of that, in my opinion, let me just tell you what this means. The legal battles have begun if only nine trump ballots are being thrown away, it doesn't matter, there are going to be so many lawsuits weeping ever get the results of this election and, of course, now What are we seeing the media once again saying Donald Trump is planning a coup and he will refuse to accept the results of the election. Listen. Challenging a contested ballot box or ballots is not staging a coup. You'll need to calm down, three this story and see exactly what's going on. Why is the deal J saying this must find out before we get stuck,
it had over TIM cast out com, slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work there, many wage can give. I got a p o box. We want to send me some stuff with the best you can do share this video seriously. If you think I do a good job, the most our thing you can do a share because it would look if everybody just video shared it my channel will be. Bigger than CNN Msnbc and Fox NEWS like that. Think about it. If you don't I deserve it. About means don't, but also you can like subscribe to notification belt, stick around for more videos, but let's get back the news from the Department of Justice you Turkey's office Middle District of Pennsylvania. They say statement of: U S: attorney freed on income in a Euro attorney freed on ingredient. The reports of potential issues of mail and bouts? They say Harrisburg Bird on Monday September, twenty first, twenty twenty at the request, loser in county district attorney. Stephanie Selivant is the Office of United States attorney. Why would the Federal Bureau of Investigation Scranton Resident Office begin an inquiry into? Ports are potential issues with a small
number of male in at the loser and count bored of elections since Monday, FBI person, all working together with the Pennsylvania date, police, have conducted numerous interviews and recovered and reviewed certain physical evidence, elected officials in Lucerne County have been cooperative at this point. We can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded. Investigators have recovered nine boats at this time, some of those bouts can be attributed to specific voters and some cannot All nine ballots were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump. One include remains ongoing and we expect later today to share are up to date. Findings with officials in loser in county is the vital duty of government to ensure that every properly cast a vote is counted. I know that I'm going to say, right away, outs, just nine votes. Man come on you and it's just one increases one investigation. What about all across the country? Let's shitless
let's limit, let me show you what people are so worry about. Video shows. U S. He s mail being dumped in California parking Lot up so you and says you s PS employs warrant involved, it doesn't matter if they were. U s p s. Not as secure as our traditional voting system are in person voting system? So, if the EU, if the United Puzzle Service is using contractors and contractors can do this, the holes in the system are worse than any of us realize from Fox NEWS one hour ago, while one hour since may not before I recorded this video was content authorities investigate trays of male absentee ballots. In ditch police are investigating how the male ended up near the intersection of a highway. Maybe it was an accident, a chemist. Maybe net maybe somebody was driving a truck and adore popped open and oh, no, a bad when flyin man that's brutal at so unfortunate and low.
Whereas the integrity of our elections and it's not fraud is not even impropriety in accident. Why should increase the likelihood of an accident. If that were the case now I can't lean towards some are probably chuck the bag a male into a ditch? But let's read the story: is a police are investigating Three trays of male, including absentee ballots, ended up. In addition was content a swing state whose voters could prove crucial in the upcoming elect The outer gamete county, Sheriff's office said the mail was found about eight a m. Tuesday morning, near the intersection of highway. Ninety six and sea be near the Appleton International Airport. Immediately return to the. U S, postal service, Fox, eleven report. In the: U S, the United States poses our postal inspection services, We began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter. Until that is complete. U S PS, spokesman Bob! She answered. The statement. The incident comes a mere five weeks before the presidential election, which has been steep, in partisan bickering over the system
of mail in and absentee ballots and wavering trust in the alternate system due to the crown of virus pandemic, which marked a grim mile? down this week over two hundred thousand deaths in the? U S, voters are expected to cast about by mail in record numbers quote We expect more than three million was constant residence to vote in the November elections election, which means even more fun. Time absentee by male voters. Megan Wulf, the elections commissions administrator, said in a statement earlier this month will said that, before the pandemic, only about six percent of US content, voters Cason Absentee ballot by male during the states, presidential preference primaries in April that number jumped to sixty percent. When one point, one million of the one point, five million votes were absentee by male during the prime, a partisan primary in August Wolf said approximately eighty, two percent of eight hundred and sixty seven thousand votes cast were absentee either by mail or in the clerks office. One big question: if people don't feel safe, one of these voted
can t. Why do we need to male out universal belts to everybody, this swing, elections and Donald Trump is going to say. For it. So what are they claiming their claiming that Donald Trump is trying to stage a coup foresight, hey they just through a bunch of mail and votes in the gutter and in one instance, they were all for me. Donald challenging that is not staging a coup. Donald Trump pointing this out is not staging a coup from the Washington Post. More than five hundred thousand male belts were rejected in the primaries that can make the difference in battle grounds
states, this fall from NBC ten Philadelphia. Twenty thousand mail in mouth didn't count in P S primary half the sixteen twenty sixteen victory margin. Now, what happens when you take? You say twenty thousand and I say that's half the victory margin, not on an unknown the primary or the general. If we extrapolate that into the general election, when every one votes it is going to be presumably more right ass, there are five my primary either way. Pennsylvania is a very important swing state that we, the seems to be like it's gonna swing for Donald Trump, particularly when you consider what political has to say about it. They say: rank and file. Union members Snub Biden for Trump in some unions, especially the the building trades support for the president, remains solid, despite the efforts of labour leaders to convince members. Otherwise, So in p, where you got you got. A lot of working class Democrats were seen
These votes don't count well, what were here we go trial. Refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power after election day? They couldn't wait to print the story that tromp is I'm a stage of coup. Ok, see Ananas, not saying that would of course, that's the general idea I've to apologize to you guys. I do because How many times have I done videos on all the problems we seem with male in voting and it does kind of feel like it. Getting redundant, doesn't it well, this was what they were waiting for. All of these stories come out. I talk about it. People hear about it. People talk about it, Donald Trump hears about it and says, look at all of these problems I'm gonna have to file some lawsuits. If we see that these belts aren't being counted properly and what do they say, Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power after election day well, apparently, Trump said, of course, there'll be a peaceful, retricked transition of power. In fact,
Even the Democrats have said the only circumstanced where there won't be violence is if Joe Biden winds and landslide, because Trump will peacefully transfer power? So are they acknowledging that if there is a contested vote, Trump won't just walk away? Why make it seem like that? a Hillary Clinton said Joe Biden shouldn't conceit, any circumstances, so is that staging a coup is that the Democrats trying steel, the election refusing to concede know if the balance are contested, then they should be. Challenged and will go through them and see who won the problem. It's not Donald Trump demanding mail. In voting, it's the Democrats so that a kind of seems like it's on them, see it on says President Donald Trump on ones. They would not commit to providing a peaceful transition of power after election day leading further fuel to concerns he may not relinquish. His office should lose in November
Well we're going to have to see what happens. Trump said when asked whether he'd commit to a peaceful transition. One of the cornerstones of american democracy Europe has previously refused to say whether he would accept the election results, echoing his demand from twenty sixteen and he has joked. He says about staying in office well, past the constitutionally bound to terms their referring to the Means Trump posted from car pay doctor, who is a trump supporting, Mean Psmith, where the its planets Entente intent and entered the tentative and it showing the Trop science a truck twenty twenty two twenty four or twenty twenty eight twenty thirty two and it just keeps incremented openness has trump forever. Yes, that's a joke. Trump is joking about more terms because they can't let it go they freak out about it. They say: tromp refusal to guarantee a violence Fraid. So you see other have changed it now, a violence. Free transition went further and is like to alarm- is opponents already
an edge given its deployment of federal law enforcement to quell protests and american cities is reluctance to commit to a peaceful transition was rooted in what he said. We're concerns about balance extending his false assertion that widespread Ilene. Voting is rife with fraud, to give a round of applause to CNN for giving us this garbage of an article and injecting a lie, false assertion, would you mean fall? I judge I d literally just read that in that trunk votes got thrown in the trash that a truck dumped mail in a parking and that it was constant people found absentee male bout in a ditch. Ok, ok, maybe maybe all of these things are happening and it's not fraud. Will? How can you falsely sates prodding have proven what's causing these rejections? Let me tell you Donald Trump would be sort would would be, would better serve him.
Can people if he didn't say fraud? He said inaccuracy an impropriety and maybe accidents, but when tromp says fraud, and he does, he does say more than just Frati does talk, pendule accidents, they latch onto fraud and that's not true, there is male fraught with. Several people get indicted and arrested recently, is what would define widespread? That's the issue, which is a widespread mail in voting fraud, define widespread CNN. What's that mean yeah? It's an opinion. It is a personal opinion. Donald Trump has asserted, there will be fraud and there will be more than normal, wrong with uncovered lot of it. Patterson New Jersey. They basically cancelled the election, I'm sorry while trunk may be, you know hyperbolic or a pin united in his view of what's causing the problems, he's not wrong to say that there are things wrong with male. In voting and CNN. Clearly covering for Democrats, because even city then look at this stage.
Then the one who reported there were dumping bags of mail in parking lots, but apparently it we too difficult for them to add two plus two, the point if they can dump mail You know if Siemens, reporter dumping male into parking, lots and then we're gonna see reports that absentee belts were dumped into a ditch or found, in a judgment, be careful. She couldn't you then easily surmise. It's likely that people could just dump male involves wherever they want and I'll never be counted. Ok, but Paul it false. Here's a quote. You know that I've been complaining very strongly, but the balance and the ballots are a disaster. Trumps headed oppressor. At the White House, presumably referring to male imbalance, which he basely claimed Willy de voter fraud. I dont need to govern it again, but senior trash get rid of them and you'll have a very. There won't be a transfer. Frankly, there'll be a continuation. He added saying the ballots are out of control
Senator Mitt Romney Utah Republican, who arrested at odds with the president in the past, slammed trumps comments later Wednesday quote fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transition of power. Without that there is Belarus, Romney tweeted, any suggestion that a president might not respect this constitutional guarantee is, unthinkable and unacceptable trump has previously set his rival. Joe Biden would only prevail in November if the election is rigged and suggested earlier. In the day it was likely, the results of the of the election would be contested. All the way to the Supreme Court now the passing Ruth Paine against bird, if Trump can appoint Another conservative judge, or at least some one who likes him, then it seems like Trump will win in that capacity, say national poles currently show Trump trailing Biden, those surveys, Electoral battleground states are tighter democrats have long fretted that Trump may attempt to cling to our using the authorities of the President, how Speaker Nancy plus he said,
ass it over the summer that tromp may have to be fumigated out of office. If it refuses to accept the election results. Tromp has not sought attempt down on speculation. He won't leave office, asked in a Fox news interview whether he will accept the election results demure. No, I have to see. Look you. I have to see. No, I'm not going to just say. Yes, I'm not going to say no, and I didn't last time either. Of course, then them that's justification that they can claim Tromp is refusing to leave office from the Atlantic, the election that could break America. If the vote is close, Donald Trump could easily throw the election into chaos and subvert the results. Who will stop him? You know, I'm not a republican, I'm not conservative. Liberal, I'm, an independent, leaning, laughed means I'm not a Democrat. Some people say I'm. I did vote for Obama the first time. Why is that
every single story says that Trump could easily throws into chaos wise the Atlantic, pointing out of the Democrats who wanted the mail and voting. Why aren't? Why aren't they pointing out that Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances? Why is it always Don trumps fault, I just don't believe you any more. A broken clock is right twice a day. Certainly trot must get some thing right. Every single step of the way Trump is the bad guy trot. Did it wrong? I am so sick and tired of this part of me just wants to vote for the guy, because I don't even know what you're talking about anymore, because you seem to think that Trump couldn't do anything right. It's always wrong. I think you're lying another, putting up scare pieces, these these fear pieces or whatever. Yes, here we go. The Trump campaign is reportedly plotting an election coup to by pass a Biden win how Republican
controlled state legislatures could be used to circumvent the result of the election to ensure a trump victory. You know, then we're in the game You know. I know a lot of people mentioned November thirds. Can you crazy between Ovenbird Third, which is possibly election day and January twentieth? It's gonna be bad. It's gonna be bedlam and chaos good, we're ADI. There, man you're in it. The deal J just put on a statement saying nine tromp votes from military servicemen. We're we're discarded, Amity bells were found in a ditch there, quite literally trashing votes and votes for Donald Trump. It's only just begun and often talk about how things moving agreements right, they wouldn't it was never going to be like we found a bag with two hundred thousand trump votes in a note was gonna, be little bit here a little bit there, a little bit We found some over your valuable there and then what happens? They were I want you to become desensitize to this, while Simum take
The climate is Trump in fact, was going to cheat. You know we go back to their two thousand Bush VIII, Gore, the loss. The votes, the hanging Chad's, what happened and now George W Bush one. What was Al Gore challenging the vote. What was this law suit? A coup attempt from Al Gore or from George W Bush George W Bush. Do you know that them, Bush and Gore going to court was on a coup from either side knives. Chaos. I vague We remember, I could be wrong by those people egging the presidential motorcade when Bush gotta get elected and they are saying not my president, claiming he stole it from Al Gore. Could we be headed, The exact same thing I can think about Al Gore was the previous vice president. Then you get George W Bush. Now we have Joe Biden, the priests vice president on going up against Donald Trump Melon ballots are all busted. It is only
inevitable there will be lawsuits there's no way around it. I mean the fact that nine ballots were already discovered, no one's gonna, let it go and I don't expect Trump to just give up and walk away. That would ridiculous. If you were tell me right now that Donald Trump was gonna win, I would believe you, if it weren't for the cheating. But let me tell you some. I believe that in twenty sixteen I thought tromp would win. Based on the enthusiasm. The fervour the celebrity and I ultimately met leaders was like now that the Hillary Clinton man come on. The cleanse aren't gonna, let tromp when it's over then Trump One and that kind of restored my faith in the democratic process. I gotta be completely honest. I know a lot of people on the left are probably scoffing saying all around
him you trot supporter. How how you trouble winning was a disaster. No trope proved you could win like Hillary Clinton was opposed to look at Ruth later Ginsburg Report, at least I'm hearing is now affects me- didn't retire under Obama because she thought Hillary Clinton was gonna win, so she waited it out. Chopped tromp was not supposed to win. It shows you. That is possible to actually went nine or is it something similar with Barack Obama back in two thousand exits, and I was told, but oh boy, My was still your establishment politician type. Now I got it was a first black president, so a lot of people father was it possible and with him getting liked it they're like. While it is possible, I I don't, I don't think they cared so much about no bomber being black. I think they just one An establishment, player and Obama was willing to play ball with them and it worked trumps. Anti establishment trump is up ending, you think he's making all of the establishment angry that says to me
You really can win and that says to me that tromp can, when again, I think trumps got the union support on his side. I showed you earlier. I think the working classes lining up I'm drunk? I was talking to a journalist recently and I I was asked about undecided voters and we were having a conversation. I just said I don't think they exist. I think I was like the last one: no joke seriously: it was only when a month ago I was like on an old man. I might vote for Trump. We'll see everybody else knew exam. Though they are voting for especially you guys, who watch my conduct you're either like I'm talkin about third party or vote for trot, you knew and I was the one saying well I'm on the fence on this one. Now I'm like I'm at about four tromp. Will there be cheating? That's the big question and ultimately, what will that be? open internal in terms of lawsuits. The media is trying to frame it like trumpets cheating. If he tries
defend himself and challenge contested ballots, no, that's just part of the process and its. Why we have courts Joe Biden- I'm not I'm, not gonna, pretend you know one Hillary Clinton Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances. That's not a coup. It's not it's! This same exact idea. Joe Biden should challenge we step of the way until he has told you lose the problem is, can get that done before December fourteenth. I believe that the electoral college deadline, or before January Twentieth, which is supposed to be when they inaugurate the president I dont know I don't think so. With a supreme court on trumped side, however, they made this rule in his favour, shutting down early and we may get the word that Trump will win, that he did when so. There's one theory I can say may the Democrats, no they're, gonna lose, and maybe the goal of this is too DE legitimize Donald Trump victory. I've budgeted before it's on
original idea, many other people have brought this up. They know they can't win so there goal is to show all these poles. You know Joe Biden suppose so whenever he loses I'll, say trumps stole it, he stole the election, not my president and they'll used as a pretext Trying to undermine all of its policies and anything he might try to do or anything that he will put in stone or that he will solidify they won't went when they then get elected. They will use this narrative of Trump, not being legitimate. As a pretext to remove everything. Tromp has done. Only time will tell and I will see others plays out. As I in the original statement from the D o J D. Get another inquiry coming. We may learn of or ballots again, it's only nine. We got a bunch of Where is here, and I think things about to get really spicy, because the game has the game has just begun. It's gonna light up I'll leave it there. Next
up at Youtube COM slashed him cast new starting at six p m. It is a different channel from this one. Thank you somewhat much for out, and I will see you all them: last night was actually worse than I thought it was going to be riots swept across the country and the far left the black lives matter. People actually tried to kill several police officers, multiple occasions: two officers have been shot their expected to recover. In one video you see molotov cocktails being thrown or others those one specific video where the extremists throw a molotov cocktails and the cops scatter. This is getting crazy. Looked. Most of you are probably aware about what happens when a tailor. Just the quick context for those are probably
wondering what's going on with these rights- and why are they happening now? Last night, the attorney general in Kentucky announced there will be no charges for the three cups in relation. I should say directly resulting from the death of Brianna Tailor. The left has been lying over and over again and I think we ve all fallen for the lives. They said that she was in her bed when the police kick the door with no not warrant fired killing. Her never happened. Police knocked it was not. Not warrant. They said they announced themselves. No one answered the rat, Brad Taylor was in the hallway with her boyfriend and her boyfriend fired first, it's just an awful tragedy, cops are exploiting the warrant. They knocked on the door, nobody answer and then it was. They say you a long time so they decided we're going in an bronchos boyfriend was in the hall in the dog. It's busted at any shoots the officer in the leg hitting the office
this femoral artery? That's that's a kill shop, so they fire back and brand Taylor died and its fortunate, but now what we are seeing in the wake of this right? We aren't. We ve already had endless protests and rioting here in their related to run a tailor. Well, Reviewing the evidence even see and concluded that look. They knocked, I mean it's a tragedy. It is. It is a tragic event. Now some people say it doesn't matter, because the state is responsible, Thus, I believe that the city or the state, I believe, was a city paid out of twelve million dollars out wrongful death settlement to the family of Brent Brown, a tailor because, while she shouldn't have died, the taxpayers foot the bill for that thou? There there's no real way to satisfy anybody in this. In this circumstance you can't- and thus we get this- and this is too much trump says he is praying
for to Louisville cops shot during clashes between black lives matter mob, and police after Brenna Taylor decision as a suspect, has taken into custody and now No guard enforce curfew the the riots erupted across the country. I have this week, and it's from Aunt Jane NEWS reporter, I'm not sure who, what what what does account as they say up to date, information on a verified account as if that matters with is a current protest lest Louisville Riot allayed. Try to Nepal, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Columbus, New York City, say Petersburg, rabbit, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, PET Providence, boss in Washington, Dc Norfolk out, I'm not going to re thrivers, it's just if it's just too big a lot of cities. Basically all the cities we saw all the major cities the weekend is coming and the weekend I think We are going to see the worst of it when you now It was made that these officers we're not going to be indicted the fort worth first videos.
Got was a man reaching a pull out a gun and people run up and stop him. Now. People are riding and trying to kill police officers, I don't want to. I think we gotta get far away from you, cities, men and I'll, tell you what someone asked me. Tonight on the IRA. Podcast we had my terrain, who is but the founder of black guns matter he's a libertarian with money conservative values, but a lot of people didn't like to think that his views on race and justice, and things like that and a state, and he made some some some comments, but in our discussion talking about freedom and security and stuff, like that, somebody asked me What should we demilitarize, and I said I think these officers have ridiculous. You know em wraps big armoured vehicles and that that leads to escalation, but there's that there is a serious problem here. It's like when these cops come out in your engaging, a peaceful protest. Does it really matter what the cops are wearing and if they're using too
gas or phone bullets. In fact, are often what we see the police, in terms of their equipment, is its less lethal. When it comes to these rights. But what do you do when you have mass rights like this in their shooting cops? Should the cops not be equipped to protect themselves from bullets, and that's the conundrum when people say demilitarize the police weep. I think what there are forty two We would understand. Is that cops didn't used to be this way and in its in our lifetime. It and our generation, the police, have been wearing. You know tactical gear. They look kind like soldiers in many circumstances. Even when came out long guns and armoured vehicles and it used to be officer. Friendliness cruiser but this is an issue of in like the police being evil. It's an issue. Of our cities becoming massive and civil unrest going insane. I'm not going to ask a cop to go out on the street when people bringing guns on shooting the cops. Unless that officer feels like they're going to be safe and protect
I do know the answers man, I can just tell you that this it's gonna get worse. You know, I think organ see that that the rights light back up and I'll tell you what men? It is a gift to Donald Trump. It is a gift to Donald Trump, because I'll say it for them. Fifty billions time Joe Biden staff that they're bound these people out. If, in response to the brand of Taylor, correct these people marched peacefully or just sat in the street. Put their hands up. They'd have won the day there there their message go far and wide. In fact, in this article I have this summer building a sign, saying she was in her own bad. No, she wasn't stop. It was not a no knock want. She was not in her bed, even her boyfriend,
never said that they are lying I'll. Tell you what the message clearly worked because they duped me and I got it wrong a couple days ago and even many conservative reporters rightwing individuals got it wrong to why, because the propaganda worked if they just sat down and put their hands up, got arrested for blocking the roadway. They'd have won the day. Instead, they shot two cops they loved a molotov into a into a group of officers who scatter, I listened men. You want conversation about, what's worse, dying or getting engulfed in flames. It's tough con going to have a different opinion. Some people would say so long as you survive, but beauty people on earth and what would be like having of your skin, burned and an end they it's it's lifetime of injury, a lifetime, throwing fire a firebomb at someone, Is, in my opinion, substantially war?
then shooting in that. I just my opinion. I could be wrong I'll. Tell you why? Because not all- is it a lethal if they can't with the fires out it isn't tat to make sure that, even if you fail at killing them, you will permanently scar and made them for life, and the same is true for a bullet same is true, but if you could struck by a bullet think they can perform sir three: they can help you, depending on how you get shot. You might have a full and complete recovery, but when they throw molotov they're saying either if you recover from this, you will never forget this day and you will live in pain for the rest of your life. I don't seem to understand that we have poor is on our Can that release oil to protect us from of oxidation your skin, such drying out and when you get so our tissue or burns. You have to constantly apply moisturize or to prevent the drawing out of skin, and can it can do
Norton unnerve tips and not to mention permanent sky across your body. It is a horrifying thing to kill someone by fire or try to and that's what they did were also hearing from the Seattle, police Department was everywhere man, they were cutting power, to surveillance cameras. Listen, I'm not a fan of surveillance state, but this is this. This is what we are seeing is extremists. Its extremism. It's going to emboldened the state, it's going to cause them to shore up their defences and hardened, and I will tell you this nor goal was de escalation to deter to take down the surveillance it to take back to rescind these powers. What you need to do is prove we don't need them. So what you give here's, what you need if you go out in protest and you sit in the street and put your hands up and the cops come out an arrest. You you can say, look with the cops did we did nothing and
People will say: yeah looks like the cops they didn't need to be armed with those rifles in that armor. These people were just sitting there with their hands up. Perhaps we should take that out of their budget right, hey, you might actually start getting an argument for defining the police. That makes sense if the people work constantly riding and frying to kill police officers, and now that these people went out, they have justified every single thing the police have asked for, and that is why I cannot stand these rioters. We want officer friendly back, I liked the sheriffs depart and you know why you will let the sheriff you elect them. They had their deputies and typically you not the EU. You can talk to the guy. You know them they're they're, not massive police departments in these cities. It becomes
tasteless, and so we want to figure how to bring the police together with their communities, and there have been people have tried, but the left that want that the police at the police at the same time, take your take your guns away. They went to burn the city's down, trying kill them justifying every single thing the police have asked for, and you know what I can't fault. The cops for this when the cop sake. We need an armored personal carry because their shooting at us, unlike. As show man. I don't want the riders to burn down my business, I do want them to come to my house, and I want to ask for help from the police. If they come, will you stop them and the police I e to up to the best of our ability? Kate, then they say, but we need to be safe and we need to build a defeat Our selves and I say same as anybody else right. So you end up with the cops wearing tactical gear for protection weapons that can neutralize someone was trying to kill them, and I say no
I'm not saying, kill and referring to lethal weapons, I'm saying specifically, they may have long guns, they may have actually ammunition, but they typically go out with tear gas and foam impact rounds. They're not going. Out straight would live animal last night that live Emma, why they were being shot at and two cops got shot. So I tell you this man when, when the police respond to an escalation in violence, trying to protect themselves, it's gonna resulting escalation. From from his extremists, but I don't see a solution and I see a way out of this. So look. I'm gonna, take a look at the AP, initially reported Louisville officer shot but unclear if tied to protest, MECCA and I'm love in it. I am love in it. We knew what happened. We had people on the ground filming this dude said there is a day of their blast, the net cops and then the report dropped cop shot and what are the ape?
he say unclear have tied to protests. Are you kidding me? Do you even? Are you than pennant legacy? Media makes it get with the program you need to get with the program they are so far behind the rest of us now people this story is still up mind you. I just pulled this up unclear. There was but, alas, at nine p m as irresponsible, but maybe I'll put it this way. It's it's our around of a bygone era. Yeah I mean you digital media websites. That way the new thing for a while now we're in the era of twitter and Facebook, where information updates in real time and they didn't update this story, tell the people what really happened. Black lives matter, extremists tried to kill police officers last night and what they what they are going around saying about about the the cops and brand Taylor is just absolutely not yours. I want our support this image and show you exactly what I'm talking about. You see people crying there.
For some armed armed right wing groups. I got out of you even com right wing, but there are like I guess they are. Virtually militias are not enough. There Actually militias are not so I'm trying to find the specific sign. Here we go, she was inner. On that these people are lying, they didn't you research, then it really two documents. They dont know what they're protesting. They don't know what they are protesting and they're going out, and cops and they have no idea what there actually talking about good at it should in our own bad nope, CNN of all places now and they still trying kill cops. Well, I'm trying, go through a bunch of information exists. I've got a lotta around about on this man, but forcing out a point out shall beat a shall be tell caught and Van. Report that's our George Ventura. They were both arrested and as as of right now I believe there's there. They are still locked up, I've seen any tweets from them. They said or detained as law enforcement, grouse protesters and Mass in Louisville. It happens
and even in this regard I blame cops man I do now. Blame them. We had a system problem, a systemic problem and I'm not here to blame protesters or police in terms of the system, but I'll ab but we blame the people for their individual actions. You bet the cops arrested journalists should they have no. Why did they antifraud masquerades as press the officers who made the arrests? Don't have the ability to discern who is or isn't a journalist in a heated moment when cops are being shot when people throwing molotov cocktails at them when violent rights are Upton in this video shall be Talcott who should not have been arrested But what are you? What do you do when you see this escalation of we'll get to this philosophical set on a second politically says, sir we're press so repress and the officer says just stay where you are and that's all you can do, that's all you can do. I have been lit legit arrested twice, covering unrest,
protest stuff like this, and I was released both times because you just And calm- and you say Pardon me, Sir August, on a journalist and if they and I'll. Tell you what they they always say to me. It doesn't matter, I say, not: nope, no problem just just want to make sure he knew and new thing- and I say, ok and then guess what happened ball times, the first time I said, excuse me, sir, but my cops are cutting off. My circulation and the guy was like. I got your body us author came over, he fixed my cotonou and I said I'd just why don't you know on pressing you got your card as I do it's in my wallet, they stood me up. Where's your walk back pocket took it out. Put the card took kept. Cuffs often said I get out here. That was that simple. It doesn't always happen, sometimes get arrested. But I understand ok, these cops around here and you ve got explosions in every direction. You ve got people throwing things yelling, you dont know who's who and you ve got one person saying I'm
press, so I do listen man on a one hour. I'm sure the cops are thinking I am not here to rest. Journalists punches, like people are, are throwing their burning things down their destroying businesses, and we got very soon. I'm not gonna. Let me go through some of this is information of war. It will give we'll get fell off GLONASS. Seattle pity says commanders unseen of declared on go. Protests and unlawful us ample after multiple fires have been set, explosives have been thwarted, officers property damage in the surrounding area
if the area immediately or you may be subject to arrest, even even then there let's look at this, their sanger you're, thong explosives at them and you may be subject to arrest. I do not fault these cops, but we got system issues now. The police on S PD blotter noted that there were cutting power lines to security cameras in the precinct. If your innocence, you want some security cameras, you want to make sure that people can see that you were peacefully protesting and the cops came and the cops acted, a fool. But when you're act in a fool, you don't want anyone to know it is true for body cameras. What do I see? I see oftentimes police law to protect their own. I see active on the far left. Do literally the same thing, but I'll tell you what there's accountability for the police, not always not always- and I get angry about it, but I know that we can have some account of what you can find a lawsuit
and bread tell us family one, their lost. They gotta some a massive settlement that bring your life back. No, that monies never gonna, replaced Brianna Taylor and it was the state that took action that resulted in the death. That's a fact, or the officers responsible the system was responsible. And that's why I'm all about having a conversation sitting down in saying, I think you're wrong, but we ve got to figure out how to compromise polishing. The police is not a compromise, its extremism defending the police is stream ism as our populations expand, and you have a tiny fraction of people threatening to destroy that that the lives of innocent people. What are we supposed? the dew, and that means things are darkening are going to start getting bad and young and lessen their eyes. I think a lot of libertarian people might say, yeah get rid of the copse, weaken the powers of the state, give everybody guns and it's up to you, and I understand that I do absolutely
if you want to be responsible for yourself, so be it and maybe that's a solution seriously, maybe it is How you convince I more of a liberal but outside I tell you this man, you know I'd. Be me libertarian. If people weren't going around shooting cops is not the way to get anything done. None of this is a more about what happens now when, when right wing groups show up like Andy Notes, it's- the idea of mob in Portland Cheer as one of their comrades hurled incendiary device at Portland Police. That was attempted murder straight up. Attempted murder, not listen, Diskin Baghdad's, it's gone that anti for riders assault a cop was knocked the ground from his bicycle, a person then uses a metal back to strike him on the head there trying to kill these cops. That's where we're headed. That's where we're at I mean working,
I heard about we're. We're past outline two cops shot in Louisville in Seattle. There are throwing explosives in Portland a Lotta molotov cocktails, autocratic at a group of officers in Seattle, a cop fell off his by. They ran up behind him and cracked him over the back of the head of the baseball bat, a metal bat. This cop was wearing a helmet, but he still did sustain an injury. They are running up, two cops and racking them on the head with metal objects. They did it New York few months ago and now we're getting to that point. Really worried about. What's going to happen in this weekend in a few days, I'm really worried about can happen. Coming amber. The good news is- and I am so happy to report the internet- paperbacks dude, I'm in the middle of nowhere. I guess I can see mountains out. My window is beautiful Truth be told. I've always wanted a kind of live in the middle of nowhere, and just have my own space Minnesota bucket
Archery range in the back. We want to build a shooting range. Ass can be fun. I want to get away from all the stuff, but there were out you. Don't you you guys know that I live and basically the Philadelphia area, and there There are riots out there in the past couple of days and want to be on it, and I want to be anywhere near the stuff. Is getting worse and worse and oh here. I am out the middle of nowhere happy to report that, even though my internet is trash, it's just good enough we're out into the live stream last night, so wanna keep doing the show- or reporting another good news. It is time to expand. I'm going our hiring. Some of these reporters Some of these guys were already on the ground. I wanna see we can do to work together. I can make sure they get funds and we can do some. Legit live late, night reporting and maybe I they bring some some legit breaking raw breaking news and heart and an legit boarding from the ground, that's what I want to do. Seattle, police released photos of cracked helmet. Man, I am so happy. This officer was wearing element and that's what it's about right. This cop was wearing a helmet when they ran up and cracked him over the back of the head
they shot at him and he wasn't wearing armor and so this is where the interesting concept of demilitarization comes and because I think we have a problem, when we see officers when this crazy tactical gear with massive shields, what am I be the person who goes that cop and says: take off your armor put down your she'll, take off your helmet, your bodies who got shot? Don't worry about that? I can't do it. I can't do it Oh I'm sorry left, you know, I said just the other day. Maybe we have regional departments that can have armoured personal carriers and ends and special technical units, and things like that and awe- and maybe maybe it's how we respond to the stuff, but the bigger fool topical conundrum is is, is twofold: first, as we didn't need police to beat decked out armoured and armed to the teeth. When we had less dense population, we didn't, we didn't need it, because people were spread out, and you know if a crowd showed up
then I guess you'd have locals who defended themselves and maybe that's the real problem. I'm gonna say some controversial, maybe the problem is is a combination of population density and gun laws? You know There are others that saying unarmed population is a polite population? Are our unarmed countries apply countryside with some like that arm? Society is applied. Study if these writers are are marching around, and there in a place where they know everyone's armed, I mean things bad and that would keep people from attacking others. The challenge becomes weaved, we ve told only, the police. You can have these weapons, you can defend themselves even find yourselves. You can't own Leslie the weapons and and I don't think you can only at all, because I was like I was looking at this, unlike what, if I just whatever being bad dogs- and I want to shoot someone know now- you can- you- can have lino a forty five you know revolver or you can have a lock seventeen. You can have live ammunition, but not less lethal ammunition,
We ve said straight up in many of these cities we're leaving want regular people to have these weapons, and so only the police can now. These people feel like the cops Do anything to me. I can do whatever I want to go round burning things smashing things. Maybe the problem is people. Can't defend their own businesses any more and then have a responsibility to tell you this. It's a much different story. If the rider shop in New York City, and they're like we're your smashed things and all the mobile disorders are standing there and their stores polishing their guns. Maybe I'm not sparing that's the saloon. I'm just saying. Maybe maybe I can t EL, the answers and certainly not advocating for everyone to be armed. Absolutely not. My personal opinion is that you don't want a lot of dead people, so we was so we ask the police use Leslie less Leslie for munitions, the police say we want to be safe because some people should it us. Congratulations. You now have a cops or armoured armed
and riding around an M wrapped in a pcs armed to the teeth and armoured, because you ask him to do it. I am more than happy to sit down and discuss with the solution is, but let me tell you where I think we're headed in this tweet. This twitter thread Trump coup plot trending, one hundred and eight thousand tweets Biden, twenty twenty five hundred. Thirty, three thousand you mean it's hell me after last night, when you shot two cops when you back the guy over the back that when you through a fire bomb, now you're tellin me, we want Joe Biden get out of my face there, but but listen this autumn. But I think it's about what happened in this country, the polarization the fact that Trump is trying trumpets, Reseda Coup when they're the ones changing the system. Tromp said he didn't know. If he there would be a peaceful transport transfer of power because of melon ballots
They blame him for that you're, the one who changed the rules. It doesn't matter if we are right or wrong, why it's happening there literally doing it and they believe they are right, the people who believe that a tailor was just in her bad. We know, that's not true. We know the cops warrant serving. I know not aren't. We know they knocked because even right tells boyfriend said they did. He just said Baden say who they were the cops had they did. Maybe he then? Here it's that simple, and now you burn everything down because of this. If we cannot absorb a margin of error in our society, it will collapse. And I think this is the I was thinking about this and I gotta get scared, because, unlike what, if we are reaching the limits of what a- a constitutional republic can handle. Terms of individual liberties. What, if the poppy patient density and the demands of individuals is just reached, a point where the
media won't allow. It. They'll lie they'll smear the cops I mean even see it and was was was defensive of them. I mean in an honest sense, but it doesn't matter because the propagandist want power, the left once power, and so they lie, and then I think the right does too, but as I can tell you right now: the right is way more moderate and accommodating than the left. Although I will say I would say and to see many people last night on the IRA Pike S getting mad that we had a guy on who disagreed absolutely disagreed. They were there giving us a thumbs down on like I'm? Not I'm, not I'm not here to talk to you now, just tell you what you want to hear We had much to say on the IRA podcast last night he had views on social justice issues in american history. People disagree with so what they say on. That support you any more, I'm thumbs doubting, do you don't man so be it? I'm gonna have conversations with people and where we to disagree,
and I'm going to have people that sometimes they're going to say their thing and if you disagree with that you're free to do whatever you want to stop supporting me to give me a thumbs down and do all that stuff do with my blessing, deserve anything from you or anybody else. But I'll tell you this. I am not here to just puff up a political tribe, and if that means we have someone on the show, or I have a conversation with someone and they're wrong, and I get it wrong. These things happen within the I've, says about me all day every day. I think I'm right, but don't you know come at me and say you, you know, you are for supporting act as our man? I just always gonna, be you either sap that I'm not perfect and sometimes people. Gonna come on the show and in the then I can agree with me. That's just the way it is disappointing to say, except I expect a lot more people to be willing to be like if you think the guy's wrong you post in the comments in Japan, a super chat? You say this guy's wrong and I'll. Read your comments. I will do that cause. I wanna make sure we're getting a right, but when I see this this, this emotional reaction and I
Do you just how it intends things are getting with tromp coup plot as bunk? I just feel like We're headed towards some I end of mass unrest. I think you know exactly what's gonna happen, or you can have a good idea of it. So I hope you ve taken the precautions. I wasn't the only one who warned that things were going to get bad in Louisville and that you should get out. Two cops got shot, I'm sure most people are fine, but this weekend will likely be worse. I wish I could see the future. I can't I can only make predictions hey. They announced this now. They're gonna start preparing their strategy for the weekend. We will see this weekend. I'd be willing to pay it's gonna be worse than we saw with George Floyd. Maybe this will result in a tree landslides I'll, tell you what never interrupt Europe your enemy. When they're making a mistake. I leave it at that. And I shall also one more time and deserve anything from many of you guys if you like my content or if you think I'm at least trying than you think
serving of that thumbs up and that subscribe and that support due to it. If I'm trash at what I do toss me too, the gutter man, it's your right respect that you wanna get me a thumbs down by all means. Absolutely I'm not perfect. Far from it, I don't think anybody is, but I'll do my best to try and make sure we represent as many voices possible, get our facts straight and when I try to de escalate but I'll leave their necks segments coming up. One p m on this channel stick around and hopefully the up it won't be too, are two worrisome but I'll have more news. Then adios, considering what's been going on over the past several months and considering what we just saw the other day with a Brianna Taylor CASE and the widespread riots, I'm gonna be a bit more careful the store that are normally would be is theirs story about a house that was set on fire or at least police suspect it was arson, it was the home of a Trump supporter who flies a trump flag and on his garage was painted Biden, twenty twenty Veolan.
And the anarchy simple. I am not going to mince words and come out right away and say I I only highly doubt this was legitimately some far leftist hunting down and targeting some tromp supporter when are the people who, on the property say there was something with it happened earlier. You attended earlier were somewhat taking pictures of this guy's vehicle because you drop flags on it. I am also not gonna pretend to know everything but come on man. I remember that just use small, let hoax? He said they came out yelled Magda country in warlike. What's one? Is anybody done that and why would people Right Biden, twenty twenty, even Biden, voters won't put up signs for him. You think the far left tracking down from support, cars are gonna spray Paint Biden, twenty twenty Nelson, I'm not saying I know what happened this may be legit. That's why I'm saying to be a bit more careful and respectful. I think
in my opinion, I lean towards some body is trying to hulks us, but some people responded said come on man. These people are really dumb. So who you give workers credence to? I just said: but claiming that two guys came up screaming modern country through a rope around his neck and splashed and bleach. That sounds like a caricature, but we know the left is really dumb, so what they actually spray paint by twenty. Well yeah. I mean it's possible because they are really dumb and to be fair, a lot of people pointing you're talking about this at these people, don't want to vote for Biden, oh shut, they Will they they do? I'm sorry man look at what operate this way. Maybe they don't want to vote for binding the joke. Is they say when it was the bumper There's Biden: ok, fine! I guess cause they just don't like Trump, so yeah they
think Joe Biden Gonna give them what they want. Let me read the story. I dont want to bury this too much. They say polices acted, arson La Levels garage at home with Trop twenty flags. Political graffiti had been spray painted on a structure. Police said I have the photo you can see here, it's as Biden, twenty twenty be eleven, the anarchy symbol. What's real, let's see what they say: Dennis and dean up Allah walked through what remained of their garage and vehicles after the garage burn basis. Issues fire at their home in Brooklyn Centre early Wednesday a suspicious fire before dawn Wednesday in Brooklyn Centre destroyed a freshly vandalized residential garage where Donald Trump presidential campaign flags were displayed. Authority said, but firefighters responded responded to the blazed in the sixty nine hundred block of North Morgan Avenue shortly before, for I am it burn down the dashed garage and total
three vehicles inside according to police, minor damage was done to the house, and no injuries were reported officers and fire fighters help the family, save three dogs and for puppies from the home police said, Fire is considered suspicious and aren't you litigation remains extremely active, a statement from police Red officer saw what appeared to be fresh spray paint on the garage that Red Biden, twenty twenty be alarmed and an able circle around it. According to police, the symbol is often a reference to anarchists, deep that Deanna Deanna and Denis mode. Said they were asleep in the house, along with their two year old son in five months daughter when the fire erupt it, we heard an explosion that shook the house, said Diana Mala who random I spent where her husband was finishing up his final day of quarantine after contracting covered. Nineteen her husband, climbed out of a basement window in his boxers and T shirt and saw three people running and picked up a box of matches once the fire. This under control, Diana Wallis, said, police show
a photo of the graffiti on the garage door. There was one trump flag on a camper, and a second one, along with an american flag on a pickup truck, she said she would call the troubling experienced her husband had about ten days ago, while working in downtown Minneapolis on a construction site, his pick up with a trump flag park nearby when someone drove by slowly and took pictures she sat and fees. He's work was later laughed at the vehicle when he, what was water break. I think things have gotten where controls had Dennis Mala who was born in Ukraine and moved United States at the age of four I'm not one of those confrontational people. I just feel very very sorry. For my parents, just because they wanted to leave the USSR for us to have a better future and life in Amerika, for them to see I express for them to see the express my beliefs as a Republican. It's crazy to think it came down to this while troubled by the Anti trust messages left on his garage Dennis Molly said it shouldn't affect how people vote, police, Commander, Garret
Iceland said that, while investigators pursue a motive, everything is on the table. We are key in our minds and our ears open we're just going to let the evidence take us where it goes along with local agencies, the FBI and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, or also investigating the fire a reward. A five thousand dollars is being offered for information leading to the to the identification of whoever is responsible, tips can be called in, they give a number barely an hour after the fire roused the family Vienna Mala choked up when talking about how closer children word of the burning garage and vehicles they saw that we have a jungle, Jim and toys in the back yard. She said to put our babies in harm's way, because you don't agree with our politics. Just don't put our kids endanger. My son smells like smoke. We do not know why what's really going on and we have evidence simple solution. I got. Unfortunately, the simple solution would point to a political motive.
I look, I'm not saying, I believe, that's the case, but think about it. Just because the message seems stupid. Does it in the individual was smart this that the graffiti could be stupid because the individual I mean anybody willing burn down. A building is also stupid. So if you to tell me that a stupid, parson, Sprite painted something stupid and then started a fire I'd be like sounds like that person's really dumb somebody started the fire right, they suspect arson. Maybe it wasn't, will see what the police uncovered but it does wreak. Doesn't it it's like we ve seen so many stories like this and a typically the left that does it. That's why I'm not entirely convinced to lean towards distrusting this family. I'm the Amateur Reserve judgment cuz I'll, tell you what men a lot of people are coming out in saying leftist certain in this family, as I and all play that game, we saw what but what the left when they play that game they play that game with Jesse Smart. We all saw how that went now. Leave it for the evidence, but I got it.
I have. I am, I am biased towards believing it's entirely possible. Now, like I said, the reason I think the simple solution is that someone did this for political reasons. As we have a bunch of really dumb people harassing try. Supporters and do the New York Times just reported the other day that anti for went to someone's house and they threaten to burn down their home for having an American flagged. You remember the story. Nellie boldness of the New York Times reported on this and they said something like you Know- Was it really is a puff peace where there are like some protesters get confrontational? It was about a guy knows about lunch people, but one of the stores it opened with, and I respect the open with this- was a man who said that this group of black lives matter. People were marching through the neighbourhood, Antiphon Black lives matter and stop that all that was flying in american flag. They demanded the person take the flag down, otherwise they would come back and burn that home. Now
So when you tell me, there's a story where, just the other day, somebody spray it did this and then burn the house down. I say this lines, with a lot of what we're seeing with the violence, the riding in the fires. Now, when we stop right there, if we weren't in midst of a massive crisis, IP, but lean more towards its a convenient excuse for an insurance claims, but they didn't destroy the entirety of the house. So it's the insurance, claim really gonna get them. They're gonna have their garage back. I dont think that this guy decided to burn his house down. So he could score political points or anything like that. It doesn't add up again I know for Sure- will see where it where the meat the evidence takes us, but it's a its unfortunate work that that we're at this point where it is easier to believe Some leftist saw this guy with a trump flag, saw his house and decided to set a fire to it and spray paint some ridiculous mess. Now: the left of courses, sang Biden, twenty twenty and be alum yeah right and I'm like. Do you
I believe, Jesse's Smollett and doubting this come on, we ve got people going around threatening to burn down homes. They literally through flaming debris into the building of of the TED Wheeler, his condo building and they and the new times, as reported that in important, and they said we're gonna burn your house down for flying in american flag. I'm sorry man, I dont want to believe it. I'm not saying I Do really I'm I'm saying, unfortunately, for you leftists, you have no right to claim. This is fake. That universes, as this is a hoax or staged, let the Evans dictate. You lost all credibility when you backed Jesse Smollett. So will you come out now and say: oh this, poor man being targeted by left us? Of course they won't. But don't expect me to come out and condemn this guy when you literally have them going around frightening to burn down homes. I start this video by saying I dont really believe right come on. It seems so crazy. I'm sorry, man, I'm gonna
the reserve judgment, whereas normally I'd be like get out here with tat graffiti. These people listen, they do want to vote for by because they ve said Biden is I'll. Give you the court. I heard that I think is the best so summation or summary they said It is easier to overthrow a dopey old man than a fascist. That's the way they see it. They see it as if they get Joe Biden into office they can easily take over. But Donald Trump is tough, Donald Trump. Just band credit. The rice theory in trainings and now he's gone further unease banning it. Unlike contracts working with the government and let's see if he goes for schools. Necked Trump is striking. Back Trump is deploying the FBI is coming after these people. They do want Biden to win. Now. You might say but come on to him. Why would they do this? They know it's gonna hurt their cause. No, they don't Joe Biden in panic mode running out of his basement. It's fast as you can, which is not particularly fast,
because the, but the writing is hurting him in the polls and I've got data for you right now. I've got data for you right now biting his hurt by this. Why do they keep rioting then? Because there dumb, so if they ve spray painted something stupid like, Biden. Twenty twenty I'd be like listen. You ve made it too easy for me to believe you legitimately did it, but but mark my words it is it is. It is very, very likely very likely, but it turns out somebody else. Did it now, not blaming the fair. Emily. Somebody may have one of the bird s house down and they thought I know I'll do this, to throw off the cops anybody dumb enough to a building down is dumb enough to think that'll work. We may never know there was a church that got burned out. Had some leftist scrutinise stuff spray painted on it. We never found at least I did. Maybe maybe you guys know better. I don't see what would happen with that without a hoax.
I must tell you what it always falseness direction. There are a lot of conservatives. Alot of tromp supporters who are very tribal, has just die hard tribalism, but you know I see tendency went when I tweet about this is a lot of people saying. Yes, we should all revert reserve judgment. A lot of people are saying it if its their ammo, but let us not fall into that trap and, unlike exactly it, does fit their ammo. They are kind of dumb, but we better not fall into that trap got tell you what if it turns this was staged United with it. They literally burn the garage down. Get me wrong, but if it turns out that someone did this to like mask their crime, I would not be surprised, but unfortunately, the has given us too much evidence to suggest they have no idea. What they're doing- and they are hurting Joe Biden- take a look at this from fact, tank Pew research support for black lives matter has deep priest since June, but remains strong on black Americans. Take a look at the data support for black lives matter down since June
percent saying they strongly or somewhat support the black lives matter: Movement Siroc from set September numbers and June's numbers among all adults p- was tracking. Sixty seven percent of people supported black lives matter in June. Only fifty five percent. Today, it's more its most pronounced among white people from sixty percent to forty five and Hispanics from seventy seven to sixty six among Asians. It has dropped as well among Republicans! It's been cut more than half did you know that in June thirty, seven percent of Republicans or people who leave a book and supported black lives matter, and now that now it's down a sixteen, even among Democrats, they ve dropped four points among black voters. There up one point they say Black was better. Movement has been in the spotlight due to the summer's protests. Protests pew spare me riots. They say
the recent decline in support for the black lives matter. Movement is particularly notable among white and expanding adults in June, a majority of what adult sixty percent, that they support the movement. Now fewer than half at forty five support for black lives matter still remain strong among black voters. They mentioned the partisan device I'd in support for the blacklist? Better movement, which is already striking in June, has widened even more among Republican and those who leaned republican Party the partisan gap, similar among white adults, about nine intend White Democrats express at least some support for the black lives matter. Movement. Compare with sixteen percent of white Republicans, and while about half of the White Democrats, half of White Democrats said, I strongly support the movement, just two percent publicans say the same, and I dont really go into the detail as to why that is. But I mean you know this: and they say protests by
its fairly obvious that this is happening because, because, because of the riots Costaguana friend earlier, two cops got shot the other and these black lives matter. Extremists were also trying to burn and mutilate a bunch of other cops. I got it Jews, man with police brutality, it happens, it does I'm not saying it is widespread as they climb onto sing. It happens, and I think most of us don't like that. It happens. Andy no tuna, video, where the cops are starting to advance. I think it was in port. Nor Seattle, much or at a man was lying on the ground and one cop walking is bike walks it over the head of the man and that just got me so angry do do not ask me to come out and offend you. Ok, if you have it pull stuff like this, but I'm not gonna. Blame all of these cops cause, one do did something dumb and that's what these people can't see the cop who did something wrong as a bad cop.
Other cops. Ok, I get it, they have their issues. I say the same thing about the protesters. The far left extremists that got blowing stuff up our bad and the peaceful protesters are good, but if you want to come to me and say a c. A bee. All cops are bad. These different word and I want to say, if you want to that game. Also, all black lives matter are bad just because you got a bunch of bad ones. I'm not gonna throw up. I've won over the bus now to be fair black lives matter is an organization is crooked. I think they're their mission stay Meant, which they recently deleted. I guess was detrimental to the black media to marginalize communities. I think that they were there over overwhelmingly just bad, but I don't believe their bad because of the extremists. I think they're they're organization is, if you wanna, tell me you think policing is broken in all cops are bad because of the because enforcing laws. That's a libertarian argument in a lot of ways. I hear it all the conversation about it, but if
and a claim, because one cop did something bad on camera, that even I'm angry about that. All cops are bad now do get out of here. You want a peaceful protest. Do with my blessing respect, much respect you want to be a cop upkeep are safe, and that means issuing citations and Tom time. Sometimes bilge agenda get mad about it. Now I gotta do it with my blessing for a functioning society. Cops need to be able to make a and we're not always gonna be happy, but I do think it's fair to say we need reforms I do think it's fair to say that we ve got bad cops. I think it's fair to say that many he's protesters who our bad people too. It's almost like we're individuals, and if we can deal with the bad individuals, we can make this properly, but I'll tell you were always leads to ITALY. To them shooting themselves in the foot. So here's the point about black lives matter. If you told me that this was legitimate, if the cough come out and say we caught the guy, it was a defined. The police activist who did it I'd, be like yeah make sense. I'm sorry
I do believe it because they don't understand their hurting Joe Biden. They ve also express support in voting for him. Now they complain that Joe Biden is far less enough for sure, but have you seen a video that Men she's, like I don't want to vote for Joe Biden. It's like voting for a publican, but he's a fascist he's at but are also like trumps a fascist back. There What viral and she's like freaking out, like shaking the camera like uninjured nuts, these people on the far left to show up and go nuts say straight up. Voting for Biden is better because at least he's, not a fascist, many of them say Biden will agree with with us on certain policies. We can pull him to. The left is Biden far left enough for the far left, of course, not but they're going to vote for him. Not all of the far left us will vote form, but many of them oh and that's the point, look on the surface. I see a store like this. I just dont really up really sick
I don't really see it but saw something changed. When it comes to just ass well ass, if you were to tell me that their Roving bands of Muggah hat wearing tromp supporters attacking people, and then I It doesn't Mallette story, I'd be like guys. I mean this has been happening, but for justice will lead to be like at three I am, I was getting subway walking in a part of town in Chicago, where nobody really ever is seriously I'm from Chicago. I know that areas, Baron, there's nobody there, the NBC Clock on the elect. Nobody, nobody lives there. Ok people do live there, but still I come on man we escape their three in the morning is bunk and believe it ok, but I still reserve us it will see what happens right. I was do that cause you got have evidence, I'm not gonna jump the gun right now, I'm sorry guys. We have widespread anti violence, we have them setting fires, we have
Them tagging dumb things that make no sense and we have them threatening to burn down houses. So as much as I can joke and be like, I feel like it's probably not. The case can seem so crazy. These people don't get it man I think, we're dangerously close to some kind of dramatic. I want to say it again. You know but civil war, because don't let me show you Michel Marken. She tweeted black lives matter Domestic terror organization quote Twinning David Riley, who said black lives matter, is a domestic terrorist organisation who quoted this guy Mathieu, said black lives matter as a domestic terrorist organization. People are quoting this and passing along because they really do feel that why. So we want me that what you want what it would you want me to say to you dramatist? that is clearly a false flag. While these leftist tweet it's not a real, are a real arson. You lost all credibility, and now I think we're here.
Towards what's going to be a dramatic conflict because it doesn't matter this story does his smile at and this don't matter. You know why the left believe to smell at as it they don't care. I don't care about the follow up, that an issue. Apologies, the people, one on tv didn't come on, say: woe. Some people did for sure comedians made. May jokes Dave Chapelle jokes about it. What they don't don't come out and say we were wrong about this now to come, the burning down at this house. There are many people who say we're err on the side of it being a legitimate attack and therefore we will prepare as such. That's why the FBI's probably involved in needs to be if this is a hoax like that bubble, Wallace thing with the fake news, eternal just be irregular will pull cord. We should know about it, but of course, but of course, don't let us, namely bubble asked apparently he's got like some great contract. You see how this works, so don't be surprised if we see more of this- and I would think it's
only if, like the civil war we end up, seeing is actually a bunch of tromp supporters, fagging attacks in themselves. Why aren't you effects tat attacks on themselves and like no injury, fighting I'm kidding by the way, and that is the case. Why don't you come You tell me what you think is all about. I leave leave it there. Next segment is coming up at four p m over at Youtube dot com him cast. It is a different channel. Thanks rang out, and I will see Well, then, so in the normal course of my day during my thing, lookin for news, I get a text message and it's from somebody's pretty famous, and I look at it and there are I get this guy made a video for you and I was like all schools called message to TIM Pool and as like art, schools who I am I gotta backed work. Those are not check it out. When I can. I get another text message this time another person whose also pretty famous- and there are like man disguise mess It's was amazing, and I look at my while, as I manage this, this guy's gonna live. Tragedies? I got I gotta work, though not my facebook lights up. I get people tweeting at me,
and on. Why are I don't stop what I'm doing? I wanna watch this video and it's a video from a guy named Gary Lamb. You didn't you guys stick around for this one. This is an awesome story. First, while Gary. Thank you so much. The video. Let me let me just say I, crazy to me. So many people watch me. I sit in his room. Staring at a camera is talk about my feelings, that's Really. What I do I mean I believe in trying to best understand. What's going on, that's what I do and from my research trying to make sure I have the facts, correct, I form an opinion and then I just talk about how I feel I've likened what I do kind of too to a kind of therapy. Almost where like I get to express my feelings on the world and and and give my reason for doing it. There are a lot of people that don't like me for doing it. Because I'm ok, I'm like a middle. The road dude with like some left wing, a pin, ends on a bunch of traditional wedge issues, but I've been I've been growing dis loosened by the Democrats? Because, instead of offering me,
the real issues, they keep playing the same game attacking Donald Trump and Tromp is not that bad, vacuous. I'm not really good things earlier on in trumps. You know, presidency there a lot of things I didn't like, because foreign policies is ice, you guys know me I can play our foreign policy, all time. So as messages not just for four four Gary Land, but it's also for Donald Trump, you see when then it is happening with this video is that it started getting a ton attraction as of right now it's got two hundred sixty five thousand four hundred and eighty views. This video just about me Gary Lamb in this video he says. Thank you to me. I guess, because you watch is my vote. Those and I unlocked him. I showed him maybe message count: powdered of mainstream media, but something really not happen. The madman has done it. Donald Trump has pinned a portion of the video to his twitter
AIDS saying to Gary. Thank you. I will never let you down Gary. You are the american Dream, man, no joke! So my and there are a lot of people who find it, everything today is Donald Trump. The american dream, while some people left would argue, is not some would argue here. He is, I dont think just because tromp was born to work the families of me. He can't find his own american dream. The dew was born wealthy. I can respect that hit advantages. Many of us didn't, of what he turned a million dollar loan from his dad into a bit, in dollars, net worth eventually becoming the president? The dude is certainly been fundamental com. Push his goals that that the fact of the matter is the american dream. About making it for what for yourself, you might not become president, you might be, born rich, but I'm going to make something of yourself. I can improve yourself if Donald Trump just stayed where he was and was the son of a rich family and just lived in luxury. He could have done at his whole life. Instead, he built an empire and then became president.
After becoming president he's actually seen as that worth go down, I think that shows there was a sacrifice on his part. I think Donald Trump really does care about about this country and I think, it's fair to say, men, absolutely things you gotta criticized the guy over I'm not here to play, games and prop up anybody's fried I'm not here upon Imago, beanie and wave a sign. I just tell you what you want to hear. I just talk about my feelings, us really what it is Gary. You did the same thing you made a video and you just told your story use hope your truth. As you see it, you explained your feelings and the president noticed, because this is how things work. When you work hard, let me tell you guy some, which gotta realise men. People may not know this. You may have seen these videos from from Gary Lamb, You may have seen this video from Gary Lamb. You may have seen the press didn't himself post this video. But did you know Gary's been working hard for a really really long time. It does not stop there
thing is an overnight success for the most part, Gary's been pretty. Sing videos forever. Here's a dude who's been working at it, telling his story expressing his feelings. I don't it gets us thoroughly about me. I look People are hitting me up, I'm getting message, people saying that look, what you're doing table for your info due to do I, This cameron- and I just talk about my feelings. Some people agree with me. I guess some people disagree, but I guess people respected enough to want to watch it. Maybe it's because I do a job. They think so I don't know. Sometimes I get things wrong. I just put stories. I read them. I talk about what I think is important and I try and her card every single day. I try to do the best. I can and do the most that I can and it's kind of getting a bit crazy, we're too much sixteen our days trying to make this thing work, but you realize about this video from Gary and getting the shot from the president. Gary put up a new video couple hours ago saying what is happening with.
Him and his wife smiling and laughing. That's awesome, dude it won't. Let me show you what we see here is, the american Dream and action- and this is, and that's why? This is for Donald Trump to Donald Trump, you put out this video from a guy who's been working hard at it for a long time. All of these videos that he's been making over the past couple of years. This is not some dude who, just one day made a random video got blasted up by the president, and that was it overnight. Success this adieu who's, been sharing his feelings. Look at this Gary Lambs, A video on the Netflix story. He's got a video time to get some momentum, not afraid Amazon back to work he's got videos about Polly Emory he's got a ton of videos, the cigar who's been putting videos. Even though look at this,
one video, only sixty six views, one video only got eighty eight views. One video only got seventy four views that he stopped. No, he said, I'm gonna keep going. Do I checked out your channel? It is awesome, and this is what I keep telling everybody you know gets me down. Sometimes I've had a ton of people say I want to do what you do. You know before I did others Youtube stuff before I was just explaining my feelings and doing research and sharing stories in these videos. I was traveling the world and I've been to dozens of, like you know several dozen countries more than several dozen and I've been in conflict and crisis, I had to experience history first hand around the world. Eventually it sorry to get more more difficult. As people started, noticed mused. I recognize me and I want my safety became an issue I adapted knight. S are doing things like this, and a lot of people ask me working do, I want to do what you do I want to. I want to get a big youtube. And I said, start doing it start doing it now
No one's gonna hand this to you that people who go out there and say they're gonna, give you things. They're gonna get If you are going to give you that you deserve this, this is your right now and then we have rights. We have negative rights like I can speak and defend myself. I can freely move around positive rights. However, that gets it that's a little bit more difficult, that's a rough It's too saying like I am owed something now I do believe we as a developed civilised society can have social programmes that worked so long as we're careful and were willing to accept when they when they go wrong and we take them down. We can't just say we're: gonna keep giving p a fish now we got to teach people to fish and that's what I believe is one little bit left on the on those issues, but the key is working. Are getting started, and you don't I hear from these people. This is my complaint. They say: oh you're, you're fortunate, your privilege to have money term. That's not true, my success. Right now is because I was wrong that snowball down the hill and I started with nothing. I got
our two doing all of this stuff sleeping in the park in New York City during Occupy Wall Street. I had I had a couple hundred bucks. I took a bus ticket down in New York City and I slept in that part and I hung up and it was fun and I was driven to do it and one day by day I was putting up new videos. I was working hard, it turned into a career, and here I am not an oversight overnight success a decade in the making. That's the american dream. That's moonlight Gary has made videos all the time. Don't look this past week go two weeks ago, a month they always been beaten pudding in the hours, even when he could necessarily even see the livelihood of tunnel. He was driven, he was passionate you can he just like Gary, and you can be just like me- is the only thing that we have that maybe you're missing is that we just started doing it check it out. So Gary eventually hit that sweet spot. He made a video. A message to
in poor and a lot of people are saying it's about me. It's not it's! Not it's about Gary and it's about Donald Trump. Look, I'm a guy who is sitting here talking about his feelings and maybe that helped. But what we really have here is this guy Gary worked really really hard to figure out his life and solve his problems, an event that Minette message about how he solve these problems and how he respects and appreciates Donald Trump trend slighted into people right that they saw that message it resonated with them. It wasn't some due to just one day made that video and then every one side, while look at this guy's, where none of them has been working hard every single day and eventually one of them, it's one of those lottery tickets was the right lottery ticket. That's it chanced favours the prepared, that's the saying: if Work are all day every day are getting more and more resilient. Even the video before this one, not one thousand one hundred views his video after this gets. Thirteen thousand it'll go down a little bit.
You know you ve got to make sure that you just keep doing your thing and you do it better and better every day, Now we have this do Gary and his truck explaining his job what he does in how he sees Donald Trump as as as a path away out. Of course, the left is coming after wasn't even mean, was what its trump even done for you. Trump got black unemployment way down, and here is a black working class. Man saying he appeal specks and appreciates Donald Trump. As someone who helped in here's a guy saying that four forty seven years Joe Biden did nothing for him, so I ll tell you first and foremost, respect the perspective, the feelings that people might have under Trump. Everything got really good before that things. Rough for this man doesn't mean it's you a universal truth and even mean Trump did it, but I think we give trunk truck deserves respect for his victories in the in economics.
The economy was above the best numbers of our lives. What trumps Eddie? What set up to do its work and it worked for a lot of Americans and it's that simple. Now you can talk about a lot of things. Trump has done bad, but p in this country view trump favourably on the economy, and if you ignore that- and you are nor the story of Garry Land? You will lose in November. So let me just out. I try to keep me segments short Gary. Thank you. So much is awesome as this like the cool thing ever I was just you know. I saw the video I commented on it. I said browser the american dream because, as the guy's been king hard, all the time and now he's getting attention for his hard work is making it happen and the president's notices you now come on. We get it. You said good words about the president. He like what you gotta say, he's gonna blast. You not everybody, though so here. So here you go man, that's it it's foolish thing ever to have some dude you are making. Is you Two videos say thank you to me. I respect that I'm humbled by this- I am just
just tell my story. The same is you're telling yours and then the president takes notice? And now here we are in this cool, very personal back and forth. Some of that was impossible. A decade ago, two decades ago, have the president of the United States put out your message. Man. Now in that message it was just a portion where you talk. About Trump, I'm kind of glad he doesn't say my name because I just like sittin here telling my story. I'm doing my thing and I thank you that's what we should all do, just work hard and and do what we can but dont ever don't ever. Let them tell you you can't make. Don't ever let them tell you, they say: you'll never succeed because Take your gender because of your race because of your age no way dude Rodney Dangerfield was like fifty when he became famous. He never gave up. Garrett. Gary Lynn know probably tell you you're at your at your press. Your marginalize, you work are the president: will shout you out It is true for me, mixed race, high school drop out from the south side of Chicago you work hard. You can make it you can make its in May
You may not become a millionaire unit. You may have become president, but you can succeed. The amount Can dream is real? It never left there just trying to convince you, you can't do it, don't let him get you down every day. You wake up, decide What are you gonna do today to be a little bit better than you were yesterday and when those people try try to drag you down crabs in a barrel, they called- I see you climbing out, they pull you back, don't let him do it tell him know. I know what I need to do, I'm going to figure it out and I'm fine that solution and you can be just like any anyone who's made it. Thank you. So much Gary guys check Bulgaria's Gary's Youtube Channel it just Gary Lamb, Donald Trump tweeted out the video. People are sharing it, a message that simple Subscribe and Gary it's time to start work in horror, on those videos and getting more views, and then you are you two were now bro. You got eleven thousand subscribers guys, like you. Also it has been a blast. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly rank and file. Oh Union members Snub Biden for Donald Trump.
No service kind of an addendum to my main channel segment. I did mention this and I just did a segment talk about this. Do Gary Lamb, who put a video thanking me not recognised by the president, showing it's not necessarily just union members, their working class people that are fighting every day for a better life that look to Donald Trump and say thank you for the work he has done in the economy. Protecting their rights and doing a better job than Democrats is even twenty. Sixteen thou tromp did really well among union voters. He outperformed and right now it's looking like it's gonna be similar. In fact it may actually improve and- I gotta, say men. A lot of this is Joe Biden- SALT, Joe Buttons, disrespectful. Okay. Now he is. What are we seeing the past member that video? Where union worker, approached him and sad. You try to get my guns away in the dew and biting yells Adam. What do we see when these people ask Joe Biden several times? They say? Hey, I'm concerned about this policy by us above all, for trot. Then what's do this.
Is disrespectful. I gotta shouted out the last second, I just did without with care. Land, what its trump do when a guy says. Thank you Donald Trump, from posts that messages as thank you. What is Joe Biden do when a guy comes up to him and says I want to vote for you. How do you feel about this issue? And then Joe Biden says, if you don't like it, you got vote for Tromp Joe Biden Mean and disrespectful he's crony establishment player, and I wouldn't be surprised if we say unions flit completely now a politico is saying here is that the union members are snubbing Biden for Trot trumps holding his own. Now, there's not not that is necessarily making any big gains, but you remember that story from the iron ranged. We got the story from Duluth NEWS. I range mayors, pitched trump with pence, as the vice president spoke at the clue or public marine turn on Friday. Six iron range mayors voice their approval with a well timed endorsement letter. This story is about a year.
Union stronghold in Minnesota. A Democrat stronghold where six there endorsed Donald Trump, and you know- the story. Is that is so important before read it from the New York Times? How Trump can win the state by state poles could be off in a systematic way, as they were in twenty sixteen when they underestimated trumps, white working class support, Pollsters have tried to fix that problem and there is no reason to believe they ve failed as a Times Nate Con says what pulling isn't an exact science made harder by the decline in landline phones, the bigger issues the campaign is over and Trot could gain support in the final we. One possibility that the coming Supreme Court Confirmation battle will sway. Some conservative voters were dissatisfied with Trump. If a campaign,
a referendum on its presidency, they might vote for Biden if Confirmation battle instead gets them thinking about whether their conservative or liberal, they could come home to trump the most important part of this, as they say that the Poles and twenty sixteen underestimated trumps white working class support, rank and file union members. They think they fixed it. I dont believe they did why you is political. In fact, that said, they still haven't figured out how to get non college. Educated white voters Simon about them, though now if Trump makes even tiny gains among any group of white voters, he wins if truck makes any gains a truck at least three percent more support upper, though it from the black voter from black voters. He will win and nothing else.
The fight is Joe Biden to lose right now. Joe Biden is projected to win if everything stays the same, but I think the poles are busted outweighed the story from political and see what's up Joe, but in his pitched himself to voters as a union man, a son of Scranton P, a who respects the dignity of work defend organised labour if he wins the White House to rank and file all members in some unions, especially the building trades. It doesn't matter there still firmly in Donald Trump Camp. Labour leaders have worked for months to sell their members on Joe Biden, hoping to avoid a repeat of twenty sixteen when Donald Trump outperform
among union members and won the White House, but despite a bevy of national, Jean endorsements, forbidden and years of what leaders call attacks on organised labour from the Trump administration, local officials and critical battleground states said, support for tromp remained silent. We haven't moved the needle here said: might Kingsley Executive Secretary Treasurer with the Ohio state, building and construct, Trades Council who estimated that half of his members voted for trumpet twenty sixteen and will do so again. Even if given The information we put out there all the facts just pick an issue that the president has had his hands and it doesn't make France, Wire union leaders trying to sway votes. I swear I dont like about unions. What were they working for? Is it what what about them. Being leaders makes them support. Democrats, I dont trust it. I don't trust it. The regular working class people are split with many sang trump
I wonder how many more would be saying tromp if their leadership wasn't trying to convince them to vote a certain way. Now. Look I get it. You can lie If anybody you want Europe, Europe Union later, you gonna do so, but why so that all these leaders are not split either. I just find it strange that don't trust the union's they say among members of North America Building trades union. There is a dead heat in sing in six swing. States with I didn't receiving forty percent of about and trot forty seven percent. According to an internal poll showed with politico. He has a very, very, very solid foundation of our members, said James Williams, a vice president of the intern. National Union of painters and allied trades, whose survey of members painted a smaller picture they connect. They connect with his managing and of the fear mongering going all the way back to when it was first elected with be afraid of the immigrant, the immigrants here to take your job that resonate with our membership. They feel like it,
way of life and their way of living is under attack and without really understanding that the dynamics at play. I mean the immigrant worker is being abused by employers through fastened I remember when Donald Trump it was a trap. Administration did a raid on several chicken processing plants and they deported something like six hundred people and guess who came to fill those jobs american, You know why it is a lie when they say that immigrants take these jobs cheaper, because Americans won't do it. It's a lie: white people, black people, a teen, owes people of all different backgrounds showed up and when they were asked. Why do you want this job working in a chicken plant? One dude said it pays more. The Mcdonalds paid fourteen dollars an hour. Is it s now? It's not. So a living wage. The left wants but shouldn't these guys this,
that too. You know I can't stand. The left comes out, saying minimum wage fifteen dollar living wage for everyone, yet they want they that they don't help the american worker, whose begging they act like Tromp is lying. Why is this union leader lying to these people? I don't understand Who is a whose lining his pockets with gold? I have to wonder. I haven't had positive experience with the with with union leadership. I respect the working class individual, the union member, but I question the leadership and who their allegiance is to be use, it I've been in it and have experienced, have been crony and they ve colluded. You know they they want It appears that the management of the managers- and I am not a fan- not offend- I don't think the system is working for the people and when they come out and tell you even Bernie Sanders says that mass emigre She will will displace low skilled labour matter. It's bad for American.
Workers, we need a certain harmony. Uk his eye works. Getting rid of all immigration would be a disaster. You know why, because that workers would be jumping ship left and right and it would cut it could help contribute to inflation, you get a shortage of workers. Industry can grow so you do want immigration, but has to be controlled. That way. American workers are able to get jobs and immigrant workers, mother get jobs it for some reason. Now the narrative from Joe Biden is decriminalize border crossings and a moratorium on deportation and union leaders are saying no, no, oh, no, no they're fearmongering about immigrants, but Donald Trump talkative. Illegal immigration and so is Bernie Sanders. Alleys Bernie Sanders was until he went hard core establishment. Surprise surprise. These people do wanted
wages, a Bernie Sanders used to admit it? Now I don't think he's being honest now I think he's just sold out become a milliner, so you don't think we're gonna see, I think Donald Trump support from union members is much higher much higher than these people realize. Take a look at this photo. Look at these guys Union Dudes Workin Union jobs. What has Joe Biden done for you, the Trans, Pacific partnership? under a bomb a why, so that your factory can you can't can be sent to a foreign country so that chinese individuals will be will be forced to work for garbage wages member. We use a complaint about sweat shop labour, who was it it was the industry list right that they were like hey man, a quarter and ours, but of the no job at all and I'm like no dude.
I've been bucks an hour is better than a quarter of an hour period. I don't care what you're doing you. You don't take away american jobs to go to go fuck, sweat shops. I tell you what you come to me and you put that made in America sticker on it on the buy it. I actively look for products that are made in America over products that aren't even if they cost more cause, I'm all about supporting the my community and the workers and the people are trying to get by. I got no beef with with with China's workers the Chinese Communist Party, oh yeah lots, but the individual who wanted, You guys got to start your own business as we can have trade. We can have factories in another countries, but I don't understand how these people are going to vote for a Joe Biden, who was all about the Tpp eat Bernie Sanders and trot we're both opposed to this, because we don't want our jobs being stripped away, be extracted from our country and then good working class Americans are left high and dry
This is a charter the left likes to share. It shows the wage growth going up and at some point, nineteen idiot, splits and working class stagnates and the one percent keeps growing. Now a lot of people speculate as to what caused that I'd be curious. If outsource and caused that if sending our factories overseas, cause that if mass migration caused that we to make sure that we have a good, balanced or immigration system. That way, the M, Prince themselves, are better served and protected and can find their american dream much more easily, and we don't want to hurt american workers by depressing wages. So we gotta make sure we do it right. But I wonder Is it possible? The reason wages went down is because jobs were disappearing and people the workers have to compete with each other for lower wages to find a job. If you take a factory at Detroit and send it China. There still gonna be a thousand workers in that city. Now the factories gone, who need work, they start make. This are applying another at at at at other industries.
Saying my salary used to be fifty k, but I'll take forty, I'm desperate than the next guy says. All all do thirty five! You see the industry likes it. They like when people PETE for lower wages in desperation. That's why I think the things that trumped up trumps been doing in terms of trade and bring in factories back is not only important for the working class and our economy, but it's important for national security within even have medicine, because as being manufactured in China, we can have that do. We cannot leave it there, Union voters, I think the common out for Trump. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all. Surely black lives matter protesters once again storming a dining patio and harassing patrons, because somehow I think they think it's supposed to help them gain support the daily mail reports be I protesters storm Florida, dining patio and threatened to knock out man protecting his wife? A cop is bad with a baseball bat in Seattle.
And a car Rams Denver demonstrator demonstrators and ugly videos from a night of unrest overran a tailor. Ok, a car didn't ram demonstrators, at least the video I saw was they stopped and then pushed through that and the people fell off the car. I'm not saying it was a good thing, but maybe we should toned down the rhetoric a little bit. What talk to you in this story is first and foremost, I mean we can talk about what these guys we're doing check this out now. This dude is getting a lot of praise the old guy was laughing about it. When these people got up on their faces started, aiming at him, and apparently this woman was whether maybe his wife. She was who were angry selectivity. My table. These people are going around harassing people. And so the gist of this amount here to rehash yeah. They were registered a year, the black eyes matter. People are rude. Crude of noxious mean violent, a mere talk about the left in general and then I'll talk to you about what do we do about this police things going on in other defined the police? We got a series conversation
but the left, in my opinion, needs to face some kind of political reckoning right. It's not just this story. It's this story. Jeering crowd, booze, masked, Donald and Millennia enchant, her wish, as President pays respects, to Ruth Better Ginsburg at the Supreme Court. This video man, it's shocking It is disgusting, and there is something wrong with these leftists Donald Trump standing at the casket of Ruth, better Ginsburg and he is standing there respectfully honouring her. He was polite, are issued a statement and they jeer. This is. Basically a funeral, a memorial and you would bring that dark net garbage. I can't stand these people men. I talk to people all day. I talk to people all the time I talked to left us.
I talked to liberals and I dont understand why these people want to live this way. I see tweets from people like Genk. Uber of the young. Turks are I'd. Let me tell you, I did a SEC. And on the TIM cast, our podcast, where I mentioned that you know maybe, procedures, as I did a tendency where you see at the orange see you c p. Or who are she's old and handsome, and of course I was being highbrows exaggerating, was making a joke, making a point and the DMZ Frumpy, overweight people. I said I was right, being a study that I saw this and what I get from it from the study is privilege, the gist of it. The left, dragging me over this mocking me insulting my appearance. I never insulted anybody. I never call them body out by name- and I only mention Genk eager now, because he's kind a mean guy and I dont get it why? I know there are people on the right who are mean Stephen crowded it a bit where he was making fun of better Ginsburg, you put a scaled up. I think it's funny
only unease about it. Do it it's for sure. I wouldn't do it right. I've heard conversation with crowd or about the calls Maza thing well I understand your poking fawn and an imitating itself. I personally would do it. I recognise your right to two to say these things, to make these jokes and to be friends, between crowd are making jobs is a comedian and someone like junkie, just insulting people's appearance. What you did for of me and then from this is something really fascinating. They did a whole segment. It was a guy Nando Villa who I know, and I worked with that fusion and who have always been cool with. And he in Attica Syrian do this segment where they mock me the little insult my appearance and then ultimately conclude that I was co fact when I said that conservatives, and to be more attractive. Why there's a study showing it- the EU has autumn conveniently left out this part. No, I didn't it was clipped. You got some some guy, so why is it? Why is it gotta? Be this way
and an unknown? And then I'm not gonna leave out the right on this one. There are people on the right who liked. Market belittle insult as well. What is ever going to be so mean all the time why we gotta have these crowds jeering Donald Trump and bowing and stuff, like you, gotta recognise nobody's perfect, you know I just happens that I fall into certain space right now, like a vote for Trump. It has to do with what practical, what's reasonable in who tends to be correct Don't you remember when I was on a Occupy Wall Street, they loved me down there, not all of the anti four times they hated me. But most we're liked him you're cool. You for shining a light on. What's really going on. Many of these people are not tromp supporters. It's the same thing it's about. What's rational, reasonable and pathetic and respectful- and I don't see enough of that- I was critical when, with better Ginsburg died. Ok, I was critical of the people mocking her for her death and laughing gloating nod. Don't bring that grave dancing stuff to me when I want to hear it,
I don't. I respect life and their ethical conundrums around with that really means. But I think we want to do our best to two to work together and to compromise anyway, I don't get too much into like the mean people thing but you know seeing this store. I guess it is something wrong with the left. Ok, there's something wrong with this. I know people were yelling, you were Dat. Work were grave dancing about repair, Ginsburg, I'm not saying it's ever the conservative, Matrona smear anybody. I'm just saying I saw enough of it- and I am not here for that and the left of the same thing with Herman can't get out of here. Man. Both of these people were national treasures, and I mean it now. There are things I disagree with with both of these individuals about, but they serve this country to them. Their abilities and that's what it's all about, and if you don't like what they did, you gonna win. Yet when those boats, hermit Kane, was particularly amazing, I remember seeing him in that it is a document of old Uncle Tom and talk about inspiration. Where are you tat. He was wondering why it is somewhat also getting
it more and they said he's gonna masters, and he goes so you don't. I did I when gotten their masters and I started clapping. Unlike yeah, you solve your own problem, you did your thing Ruth, Better Ginsburg, Malcolm a man, she jumped over hurdles, she shattered glass. I respect people who fight striving, succeed and believe in themselves, and I, like I, like a country where We disagree. We get angry with each other, but we shake hands and say I'll be back. I love watching. You have seen fights after the dude winds and he walks over and they fist Bob each other and they pad each other. On the back. Even though we know we're engage in this conflict. Someone's gonna win someone's gonna lose what we get sportsmanship good, good, good nature, the left is not brain activity, but I wanted to make this about, I actually to make the second about more about like police and and And what do we do and I guess I kind of one often different tangent, but I'm I'm gonna go for this right
So I initially wanted to highlight this. These left us they go around their complaining about police they that no justice, not is defined, the police they say defined the police. Let me show you this court, this this story shocking moment Woman is taste and arrested for not wearing a face mask at a middle school football game is video is horrifying. Why was this? lady who was outside taste and arrested for not putting on a mask look, I think, where the mask- and I mention is all that someone sent me this really cool mask I'll. You might Did you ever see me walk around you'll. See me, you know where the mask outside I won't. I don't that's ridiculous if I'm in close proximity to other people, then sure, but if I'm sitting on a bench is an empty bleacher and I'm with me, friend who I or someone I live with Y gotta wear mask since the problem with this cop. He didn't care about what needed to happen. He cared about what he wanted to do.
And he wanted to take a rest only because it was a a mask when our conservatives- say something's wrong with this. I think money are and that's the interesting point, we saw these people getting arrest or are getting arrested rubbing their businesses. There was a lot of service, warlike cops are losing their good will, the good will of the people by violating their constitutional rights, and now it's really fascinating to see this story. To daily collar reporters arrested in Louisville, why now I get it now I know I can tell you why the cops don't know what's going on. There are no who's who and even if you're, a journalist, they're gonna, be I'd, look man, it's the heat of the moment. We got people shooting guns. You're getting arrested. I don't know who you are, and I have time to figure it out, because as explosions Papa, I can respect that, but guess what the editor.
She is, I believe, a was of the daily collar contacted the place inside these two people are our partners. We can confirm the cop said, so what so? What ok I under and if you want to call me and say people really get arrested during the protests and mistakes happened. I've been arrested a couple times and when the cops verified I was press, I eventually got released. I've never been processed as demonstrate being arrested and being process. So I was cut loose these reporters. They confirmed that the daily collar confirmed the cops and the daily collar is broke up for the most part in the cops go into this lesson. Man, when I SAM for police reform its because we do have problems with police, I'm not stupid enough to blame the individual officers. That's the point. The cop who arrested them is surrounded by car, Gas and these journeys these anti, but people pretend to be journalists who makes the arrest, but now this them itself is refusing to acknowledge. They rested journalists, legit confer
we all know I'm do they ve been spell following the stuff. That's not! Ok! It's not! Ok. So, when I see these stories and then I see these protesters I'll tell what the problem is, the protesters need to stop harassing regular people. The last bit stop booing and jeering in being so nasty Alla time. The same true for money on the right, but you know what I see more civilian, the right, it's the fact. The right is not getting violent. That, though, you know that they're, saying nasty, jilted mean things and they're allowed to its the left that showing up and getting violent, it's gotta stop that we can come together and talk about the daily collared conservative outlet having their there. There. Journalists arrested that I can understand, but then not being cut loose or this woman getting getting getting taste and arrested. We have an honest conversation. Go what's gonna happen is if the left stops being so nasty. I get it.
There I could be nasty to twitter is the problem for the most part, but I wanted to highlight these stories. I watch these seen. These people get arrested cynicism. Arrested, unlike what our conservative gonna be like hey, you know what? Let's have an active conversation about reforms? I guess it's. I would point out the Republicans offer up the police reform bill and there and that's what Allow me to night. Might my default position? Is it's the left man and the Democrats Republican said police reform. Conservatives are complaining about unjust arrests, the left us, care they're, not listening. I don't know that means or how we saw that, though you know I'll leave it there. Next augments come up tomorrow, Ten, a m on this channel thanks rang out- and I will see you all them.
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