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EP.9 - MeToo Backfire? Men Refuse To Save Women Over Fear Of False Accusation

2019-05-23 | 🔗

A new survey of data shows that men are less likely to help women suffering form heart attacks due to a fear of being accused of assault.Segments includeFacebook maintains a wrongthink databaseOcasio-Cortez accused of insulting democratsRight wing populism wins againPentagon admits to tracking UFOsDemocrats lie, cities rife with disease and homelessness

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In a story from the daily mail, where learning that women are more likely to die of a heart attack for a rather crazy reason, men are less likely to perform CPR woman over fears of being accused of a me too. If you know what I mean right being accused of some kind of em, priority to say the least source, as women are more likely to die if they have a cardiac arrest in public, because people fear performing CPR them could seeing, as you know, a violation, cardiac Rest occurs when the heart suddenly stopped pumping blood. Some sixty eight percent of women cardiac arrest patients receive sepia from a bystander in comparison. The figure was. Seventy three percent for men stories as baseless aimed thing dutch scientist found neither percent. We read that fears touching a woman's chest may be seen as harassment may put people off from helping to restart their heart. Scientists say
so here S. The thing I made a video in June of last year, called why men are refusing to help women and children, and I go for a lot of these issues. I dont know necessarily, but if it stands up today. It was based on new own resources for the time, but I ll put a card to it in the video it'll peer over there in the top corner, but I I think it's fair to point out with the increased scrutiny over issues like that, there have been a lot of instances. There been a lot of stories about men refusing to help women and children, and so look over. Some of these ideas will read this, but I do one thing. First, This video is sponsored by virtual she'll. They are helping pay the bills. Virtual shield is a virtual private network service. That means you have a basic level of security. Kind of hiding in in your data, so hackers governments, private corporations, can't steal it from you. Of course. Who is ways to like tiny capture your data, but the where I describe of a vps service like ritual shields, very simple.
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I am very grateful that virtual shield is here and willing to support the kind of content I make. So I ask, you know if you guys are interested in a vip and check out virtual she'll do a lot to sponsor a lot of different you tubers, especially the political space. I think there are great company so again hide with timber com link is in the description below thanks for four or listen to that, but let's get back story? An expert commenting on the study also claimed. The bystanders may be scared of hurting frail women by performing CPR, so it so it's not it's not just that. They're scared of a potential me to incident, but I think that's fair to point out the researchers warned people are less likely to realise the seriousness of omens condition and may be slower to realize they need help. This may lead. Delays in calling the emergency services hindering the revival chances of female patients. The british heart found said, the fight of the finding that women were seven percent, less likely it sepia from a member of the public was worrying sorts clarify some of these points that make it easier for one.
Women are seven percent less likely to get CPR that so that their the likelihood that women are going to die from a heart attack, It's actually more than just not getting CPR is the fact that people don't realize their their hurt and people are an end and that if there are less likely call emergency services, so it's not just that guy's will perform CPR is is lower than has its arrival at its compounding but that's definitely one of that. One of the issues we say it is a figures, show more than thirty thousand cardiac arrest. Soccer occur each year outside of hospitals in the UK compared to twenty five thousand in the: U S: yeah yeah yeah yeah. Ok, I think we get the point I don't want to. I want to go on too much, but let's area, Doktor, Sarah emergency medicine at the University of Colorado School of medicine offer another explanation for this finding she said. Similar studies have similar studies have shown that there is an over sexual liberation of women's bodies. However, she was not involved in the study. Doktor payment added many feel hesitant.
I'd CPR! If there is a notion, they're doing something incorrect that was perceived to be a salt or harassment. She said people, You are more likely to think a woman has just fainted and said many have a fear of causing injury, because women are are more frail. Sarah asked you had of survival at the british Heart Foundation said to do inside particularly worrying, we already know that women have suffered a hardtack, are less likely to receive the appropriate treatment. Now it appears that the case is the same for women of cardiac arrest. So so we couldn't we get the point. I want to talk a little bit about this. What do you think is going to happen? and am I saying this- is directly tied to the meat to movement unnecessarily. But you have to consider its. You knows the analogy often use grains of sand and he the medium Event has made people very, very uncomfortable and self conscious in private interactions. You knock men and women
there is. There is a study, I did a story on luck. Puck couple days ago, sixty percent of men are uncomfortable with women in work settings, and you know social events because of the meeting movement and look, I don't blame the women who, calling out these abusers. But I am also not surprised men are kind of scared. I will point out the fact that its own a seven percent difference, they say horse. You know sixty eight, seventy recently five percent shows, That is actually a small percentage of guys who don't wanna perform CPR on a woman. For these reasons, so it's not like it's them of the walls are the biggest deal you know ever. But what one of the stores I want to highlight in this- and this has to do with the video I made a long time ago- is there there it's different story after story in the press, about men being bad men being predators their store about men on airplanes and they'll be sent an exit scenario, a child,
someone will ask them to move like the final back. Would you mind switching seats, a sullen, because we don't want a man sitting next to a child, and the question is why what why but but but that they really do. And there have been some stories work. The guys get really angry and other stories are guys like I don't care. I ve been asked and move before, and I was like what I did to give me and I ll see I don't go out. I am not a big fan of Windows, Eater Middlesex, so you may I see now move I do. I dont care, but why is it why our men being asked to move The same reason, the same social stigma plays into men, refusing to help children who are lost, and men refusing to perform sepia when in one of the stories I read this this this blog post. I think it might be individual nicer. It's been a while stating the video, but there was a story about a guy. It was written by woman, she's, a journalist, theirs. Guy at a shopping centre or more, and there was a child alone and crying
and this journalist noticed a guy- walked up to the lex- ought looked the kid and then quickly turned around like settled away. Security came, got the kid and the journalist wept the guide to ask him. You know why? Wouldn't he help and essentially the guy said. If he goes near, that kid people can assume he's trying to kidnap the kid and the kid doesn't have the way. Of all to tell them no I'm lost in the skies helping me. So why would a man we'll put himself in opposition. Think about the CPR right why would a man wanna put himself in a position where he's putting his Often the mouth of another woman and touching her chest especial in the climate, wherein he's not going to wanted some? Some people aren't gonna want to do that. So You know the story kind of prattles on quite a bit, but I do want to just wrap up how they they bring to a close, so Sarah skew of the british hyphenation says it's particularly worrying. We are. You know that Whatever the heart attack are less likely to receive appropriate treatment. Now it appears cardiac arrest, regardless of gender,
overall survival rate for an out of hospital. Cardiac arrest is shockingly less than one in ten. Every minute that passes without CPR, indifferent relation reduces the chance of survival by the ten percent. You added, and this is why, knowing out a form, CPR is essential and doing something is always better than doing nothing. The research was published in the European Heart Journal so. I saw this on twitter and a lot of people are asking. Is this the meat to movement now don't think it's fair to say that the meat movement, as that is the direct cause of this kind of statistic this this that probably goes back a bit further, but I do think it's fair to point out that you know you you, you look at the narrative and media right that men are the bad guys. Men are the ones committing all the other harassment, women are the more victims. You look at Pew Research, pure research shows that men are overwhelmingly the victims of harassment, cry affair, crime, stature Men are overwhelmingly the victims of violent crime, murder, fast robbery, etc. The pie
we're? Traders are men, but it's not target your men target men. That's effect with harassment, its men targeting men, women do get more sexual harassment on line and in public, and it's that narrative that result in things like this one guy wants to be the person who gets falsely accused- and there was a story recently published- I want just Alex covered at daily wire. Had it guy stopped to help a woman who was trinity. To retire and she accused him. She she falsely accused them now, you ve got guys we're like. I know anywhere near these women. You got guys who dont want to work with women. Crazy thing about it is that was a direct result of me too, lean in dot. Org published a study inviolate up from last year. Thirty two percent of men don't want be in like a closed space or like working alone with women, and I can't blame. I know people who have been falsely accused.
Not just about a false accusation? I know people who have been you know their intentions were misinterpreted and they were accused. You call it a father essentially false accusation. Boats, like the way explained it is enough. If I, if I pat, like a mother, my mail front on the shoulder unless hillock someone like good job, they ve they're, not gonna misconstrued but if you dare to a woman, she might be like. Oh my god he touched mean, is inappropriate and united in trouble for it, and that's gonna go after a mark on your record. So, unfortunately, now people who need real medical help might not get it for now, but I ll leave it at that sit around and have more segments up throughout the day for those living in the past, that'll be it'll, be in a few minutes a few seconds and the next segment will be at one p m. I it's confusing cause I'm doing this is upon cast and as Egypt channels it so air with me. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get I was going, but on the next time it will begin shortly and for those on Youtube, we'll be at one p m, and I will see them. Oh boy, Do we have a lot of disclosures for this video for one it's a negative story about face.
You'll notice like right there. The minds, dotcom slashed him castings appear because I think Facebook is awful. Nightmarish at must be stopped. Even the co founder of Facebook agrees. Facebook needs to be brought the next to the next one caveat this from bright Bart, which is aware- hundred source, but it's from Elam, Bikari and Rob Roy part is not known to publish fake news there. Just very partisan and they mix opinion of their stuff. So this I lean towards this is likely accurate and we have seen it morning, backed up by a couple other outlets. Not this specific story, but essentially facebooks hate agent list includes british candidate for the European Election and get this We talk about Carl, Benjamin, not a significant, and why of his slights speaking- new, truly about a opera boy condemning the altar, This is how insane Facebook is getting. There thought
policing of anyone who dare to talk about. An idea is going to put more these lists, so I think Facebook is awful. I think we're entering a nightmarish to stop you and allow me to take the opportunity now. Excuse me: do you wish to give a shot out this throughout this video helps pay the bills, its virtual shield, virtual it s simple air defence, the virtual private network, the way I usually disk, I bet is, you know you don't expect summit Breakin dear ass, you still lock your doors and windows. If somebody really wonder breakin, they kick your Dorin, but having that simple, a defence protects you from a basic level security. So your browsing internet. You want to protect your data, it's not perfect, but it is the simple air defence. It's only three thousand twenty four cents per virtual shield is doing a big memorial day special, you know to hide with TIM dot com if you want to sign up again in the era of the amount of democratization. Virtual shield was my first sponsor they. They repeatedly helped me out. It's been It's been a rough demonization weak and concern
bring the nature of some of these stories. Talking about big tech, they typically demonetized some very grateful for mutual shield. One last one last point its: it protects your data and increase our data when you browse the web, it protect you from hackers governments, big businesses, again, not perfect, but you do you know if you want that simple evident. Instead, I want to be exposed. I recommend virtual shield high with TIM Dotcom, thanks for four eliciting through that, but let's get back to the story and figure out what Facebook is doing. They say: The leader of a british political party in a candidate in tomorrow's european elections are both included on facebooks list of potential hate agents. Bright Bart NEWS can exclusively reveal call Benjamin Youtube STAR in Canada, for you get in tomorrow's european elections, as that they actually and Anne Marie Waters, founder of the four Britain Party and direct Europe should realise. Uk are both included. The inclusion of elect candidates is significant given at Facebook has been under.
To you by the media for over two years for the facilitation of election meddling. Now I will say whether our significant isn't it, but I would agree with that opinion. The issue here is actually it's it's, MRS doesn't look, is really terrifying right, you may be saying yes well: Sargon broke the rule, Sardinia to private platform. Whatever look when Coral Agus Argon producing his criticism or his neutral into this neutral representation of John Kinsman. Probably it was before he announced it was gonna, be running what this means is. There are people. One has the potential to run for office in a dumb and in it in a liberal democracy. Liberal democracy does not mean less liberal, it does not mean come. You know, drug democracy, liberal democracy refers to western nations and the institutions we uphold. Where we can vote to elect representatives. That's what liberal democracy means. So in the? U S went constitutional republic
The UK is a parliamentary system, it's not constitutional and it's not republic, so their different, but they have. Similar voting systems. It's it's united, liberal democracy. As I know, people get mad because they don't you know they can flight. Liberal democracy with, like liberal verse, conservative. It's not the case. The point as in the UK, in the U S, anyone has the potential to run for office for the most part right. Some people on Twitter took down Carl's campaign twitter account. He wasn't even running it up an ado with it. It was an account just telling people what he was doing and where not run by him same thing for for Tommy, I can say last and, as you too will absolutely restricts video. If I do So, let's, let's go through you get the point right. These big taxonomy accompanies are are interfering in elections, even if the policeman was before they announced the point try to make is what happens when you eventually say you know what I want to run for office to fight for what I think is right and they ve already listed you as a hate agent,
there are already going restrict access to York, take public space to you. How will you run and win if you have no access? So let's wait a little bit of us. They say a Facebook insider tipped off bright, Bart NEWS to the existence of the hate. Since list last week revealing that Candice Owens was included on Facebook spokesmen later confirmed the exists. So the less while stressing that Owens has not yet been investigated. The list encourages fest, complies to collect examples of signals both on the platform and offered to determine if individuals ought to be categorized as agents sought. So they said there is the one that will to level three ranked by time. Of a one. The most serious is a signal that occur within the past year, where the level three as a signal that occur within the past three years, so that they may mention simply speaking neutrally about a prob boy. Is the level to signal speaking neutrally if you're a journalist- and you say the prob wasted It's an antibiotic excellent about up. That's that's! A hate agent signal.
I wonder if I'm on the list for talking about them. Look at this level three signals. Here. We have a level three signals. The author of the list note than the platform has removed several pieces of content from Benjamin's Facebook and or Instagram pages in the past three years. They list the following. Some, their tagged. Borderline cases delete hate speech, intersection result of inbreeding genetic deformity. Now here's the thing this post from Karl is it him saying it it's a screen shot of other people, saying it delete supporting statement of inferiority against Germans. I don't owe that is he's not now come I'm not gonna, I'm not going to apologize, excuse, Carl's, you, no more bad, Behavior, where he sat things that extremely offensive. But I do believe in free speech. So something's words like it. Facebooks gonna be collecting a list of things they deem hateful.
Of these things. I recognise as like. Ok that would fit the list. Do I think it's right than Facebook has a list in the first place? No that's freakish and terrifying that they're going to sort suppressing people and organisations, and they ve done it. They bade suppressed certain organizations- I'm not gonna, want again to all that data, all the detailed, the censorship stuff we know their biased. We know facial holds this bias in other leaks from veritable. We saw that they view meme culture as like far right, like I are elements in real life. That's just internet slang than at its internet. Initial ISM, son acronym, yet it's just peoples on internet I wrote They said I, our role was. It was like I'm off all right things. People are nuts. Now. They, since argon, did use a slur which I can't read in a column. Individual promotes the creation of an ethnic state. An entry is explicitly inexplicably added, in which Benjamin marks the position of the all right get. This mocking the
Alt rights position is deemed representing the ideology of another state wrapper. That's it! That's it! That's that's it. Basically, I think this is their fake, fake evidence, they want to be able to ban someone and then eventually be like well here's. Why and they can just say it may never have to prove that they can say while he was representing the ideology of another state, he was talking about the So when they say your facebook said, you can only speak info wars Alex Jones, if its. If, if ever speaking, negatively right, we ve seen if you speak neutrally about certain groups that flag that granted, you know, Carl hasn't been banned- but even when your speaking against a they'll claim? Oh but you're representing it since outdated, Thank heavens than the later say. You not obey him and say he was repeatedly in posts about you know, and at no state and and the importance of one up like that making it seems he's saying it when the post themselves do he mocks them under,
Oh, it's a facial employ makes a critical concession. Most content is, The communist anti fascist, feminist, socialist, he's not explicitly hateful and even criticizes the alt right for wanting to build another state although not categorizes, hate signals. The notes field also contains more examples of apparently problematic content from Benjamin. I think. Look, Facebook has shadow profiles. Facebook tracks your information, whether on their platform or not. This is just another example of Facebook, creating a dossier and a database of wrong think is involved in setting. Why? Why should we? Why should we ll find this acceptable in any capacity in any capacity? Should we allow these companies to do this? There has been talk of passing bills that would shut them down, no tracking. You can't track it and that that that's they should do Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. I do I do not believe we should have a right to create these kind of databases based on their subjective opinion, and so
shut up as why did this closure for minds because we're doing an event, I already got minds: dot com, we're doing an event in August, but also, I think, might is right, not perfect. Nobody is, but they just role that a jury system so get this facebook. You say that's where they do. They put you in a database that they accuse you of doing. All these crazy things. Even if you don't do anything wrong, they ban people call them. Insurance, which is your smearing them. What is minds? the new jury system, if you have a poster, X, the rules agates flagged. You can appeal it to a jury of twelve randomly selected people. Don't think it's perfect. I personally think the number to be way higher, like a thousand people to reduce any margin of error
but the twelve people than to see the post and choose whether not actually breaks the rules and their people who don't follow you. So the likelihood like. Let's say you tweet someone, I think you're done and they say that's harassment and then a bunch of bunch of their fans brigade it you get flagged. It goes to twelve random people who are not associate with you. Who can say it is an irrational call, someone someone dumb, Walter, the jury to decide right and so there I think there need to be guidelines. I think this is like a kind of like a protocol version of it. But I'll say this doing it. Jerry System for moderation. Well, maybe not perfect, yet is lean times better than Mark Zuckerberg Digital. You, no secret police, cutting a database of wrong. Think and banning people for you like positive Watson's. Instagram was all just like selfies and they ban him, for it welcomes the look. I'm gonna give a quick shout to Alexandria, Andrea Cortez, who deserves some credit? I'll put it this way. I dont care for tribe,
Ok, I'm into a video later on that the absurdity of of core tasks for the main channel, but here's the thing she said I shall recognition in a group is, is it is growing amid a global rise and authoritarian, a torrent, authoritarianism and fascism she expresses concern at the House Oversight Committee hearing on facial recognition, but here's the thing she said. I dont want to see authoritarian surveillance state, whether its run by a government or whether its run by five corporations, referencing american tech companies, Amazon Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. All five companies have worked and private and public sector recognition platforms, although one Amazon has been especially aggressive in marketing its own tool, recognition to law enforcement agencies, Bravo when trot does something good, I will say it absolutely, not a big fan of the trunk guy, not a big fan of ale. See lady and I've praise him of our positions. You know when she first announced and then an she's kind of devolved into a basically she's she's lady Tropic Color, lady trump. But
doesn't matter my personal opinion on how she makes me feel how Trot Mexico's irrelevant to the fact that we can talk about something important, good, a lot of people who are saying well casually. As it is, is more alive the facts, as private platforms can ban, whoever they want sure she absolutely. She is an trump as you know, has said very critical things of Islam and immigration dont care. I get it I should say I don't care. Of course I do. Real issue is solutions. If ok, or tat, says these big companies are making a surveillance. It must top ominous assigned me up. If we can agree on and actually come together and stop these tech giants from doing this crazy kind of weird secret police Data bases yeah, I'm on board. I do not think these big tech companies should be creating massive surveillance apparatus. I don't care if the essay or facebook they're both bad
so I will absolutely stand by also criticized are also be critical of trump in terms of foreign policy and an end for good measure or throw you don't trumps rhetoric against Saudi Arabia. What when is campaigning says where he's at now with like. Well, we got you know getting a good weapons deal from their bomb in Yemen. There's there's their reasons to be critical about people are not trying to be, you know, do Placidus. I try my best stand on principle. I think ABC is right for criticism, but if she's gonna come out against these big tat giants over the issue, official recognition, Robert Spot on and if she's gonna frame it in, though, in like the rise of authoritarianism and fashioned sure I dont care like less. Let's like these big companies outlets figure out. Do it lets figure on how to protect the right of the individual over the massive authoritarian, technocratic, fascistic state? Ok, I think there's a lot will disagree on when it comes to actually how to deal with these companies.
But if we can at least all recognise the danger of these companies, we're gonna be a lot a lot off, so I will leave it there, techno fascism, whenever you want to call it. It's It's scary and I really really want to stress in the story from ripe art that speaking neutrally, neutral representation of a proud boy was marked as a level two right. That's insane they're they're putting people on lists for not having someone for not speaking ill of a group. What about journalists the future facebooks going to ban you. We just sign in San Francisco a journalist rated by cops for vision to turn over their data. So yet we got some problems, man and we and we shall we gotta fight and where we can leave it there. Thanks rang out more segments the car, the next video, but my main channel you to become slashed him cast for those that are watching
Fine they'll be at four p m, but stick around another signal. We shut starting shortly felt in the pot guest. If you want to support this package, leave a good review on Itunes or wherever it is you're watching greatly appreciated, and I will see you all in the next decade. I gotta admit I almost fell into the trap of misunderstanding, the context of the story. The pole, and what will cause your Cortez said here is the story, daily collar. Most Democrats, evil cause. Your career has its claim that she said only a sea sponge would believe. There's some truth of this, but it is a bit more complicated. The contacts oh Causer Cortez, set on more than one occasion the world will end in. Twelve years? Unless we do something about it recently, she backtracked and said that was just dry here, I don't think so thoroughly dry humor. I think she was being hyperbolic. I think she was just speaking off the cuff and speaking, figuratively, but being taken literally something that trust experiences all the time I got to do this, but my fate I just for the country,
people who might not know Donald Trump and the debates at Hillary Clinton said she acid washed her server when she wanted Males NBC News. I believe it was fact check this and said false Hillary Clinton did not use corrosive. Upstairs on her server seriously. We understood what the man was trying to say now when it comes Your task, I gotta admit because of the news reporting, I actually believed she was being serious. Scott Adams, the Delbert operator, so you don't believe as being serious and I looked into the actual segment where she was speaking. It does seem like she's trying to be hyperbolic, albeit she is using the hyperbole to boast a push, her position, the green new deal, etc. She walked back claiming that it was a GEO peace strategy to fact check jokes, it's not the hill real clear
the merit of this kind of thing around as that of cosmic retires. Insulted Democrats when she was trying to insult the GEO Pete she kind of did kind of and we're gonna go because now can the narrative is kind of going around, as that will cause a grotesque insulted them. Rats when she was trying to insult the GEO Pete, she kind of did kind of and we're gonna go to that and explain why, but before before, we do check out TIM Casta accomplished done it. If you'd like to support my work monthly donation option, crypto currency option. There is a physical address or just share the video click. The like button common below the engagement really really does help on on. You, too, So, let's take a look at the story and try to understand what actually happened: the daily collar rights more than thousands of Democrats believe knew your democratic New Europe. Alexandria cause report has a claim. Going to end in twelve years. We don't risk if we don't address climate change despite, the congresswoman later saying: you'd have to have the social intelligence of a cease bunch to take her literally
I think we're seeing here is a mistake on the daily collars apart, misconstruing her hyperbolic statement with what the actual pole says the poor farmers. Musing shows that sixty seven percent of Democrats think that if we don't make changes within twelve years, there will be irreparable damage to the planet, so there's other things happening. If some people who are taking court has literally instead of figuratively like while the literally effect will blow up the end as nice as opposed to what she may be trying to convey as an urgency in explaining. Yes, there is IPCC report. That says we have twelve years to make changes. Otherwise there will be irreparable damage to the plant. I would like to point out However, we ve heard this stuff. Over and over again over the past few decades, Al Gore was like we ve got ten years to make some changes and it's been ten It's been longer where the problems right. A lot of people like to point to extreme weather events and claim that
I ultimately fall on the side of being not an expert, not a scientists Y all deferred to the IPCC, but we ve done some work. Morning on sub verse, no, the war is not going to end in twelve years there be some irreparable damage, but it is seriously not even it's like we do What these problems to happen, but to act like their world ending events or contributing to a potential world ending about it just wrong. It's just wrong. Yes, irreparable damage this consistently irreparable damage, we get it. So here's the thing, though the people polled work asked: do you think the world is going to end they were asked: do you think there will be done image if they dont tackle climate change, so it seems like there's. There's always this partisan jump to try and like a get Cortez. Ah, you claimed only GNP would fall for this, but Democrats believe it but there are some that some contacts that needs to go into this supporter,
said millennials and people. You know Genji and all these folks I come after us are looking up and we're like the world is going to end twelve years, and we don't address climate change, and your biggest issue is how we're gonna pay for it. Who cause for TAT said during an interview in January the fresh was freshmen congresswoman. All oh double down on the claim in April again warning. Only twelve years remaining and that for everyone who wants to make a joke about that. You may laugh, but your grandkids will not so here's some here's, some real criticism. You can't say something then later complain about people making. Jokes then claim you are making a junk. So some criticism from Kazakhstan in that regard, but I do think it's unfair to try and climate Democrats believe the world is going to end simply because they believe there will be some damage. They gotta either, because later flipped opposition in early May, referring to the twelve you're dead as merely dry, humor and sarcasm, and asserted that those who literally, have the socialists halogens overseas punch card just stop right now, and I actually agree.
With cause. You has one hundred percent, though that took her literally have the social intelligence of a sea sponge now she's trying to blame the job that I don't agree with, but this part you're love it. Why? It was the media who took her literally ok, I went back and I will the resentment and I was like I see what she's trying to say, admittedly, at the time I fall into a same trap, a point this out. Anyone who there are immune to dissuade like the social manipulation you're wrong. One of the first things like you'll learn when you're done with, like agriculture and social engineering stuff, is that every is vulnerable. I saw the Washington Post real, clear politics: the Hill Buzzfeed, the verge they I'll reported a similar line. She said this and I said well. She must have really meant it What I saw people saying law,
she sang it was a joke. She was being hyperbolic, I'm like I get it look. I think I think she's she's definitely pushing the urgency a little too extreme a little bit too the extra but I do think it's fair to point out. She was being more hyperbolic and figurative and the media does the same thing to tromp. That's why I find it hilarious the treatment she gets up. I have criticisms of orange and if you watch my channels, you know I've brought him up. I will this, though, in Asia and in terms of why why do I have like? I think I'd like to Percent of my videos are like directly about tromp. Unlike five percent, might not the five isn't even fair. I have more visible Cortez, then tromp, not that many boats Gunnar aside and she needs we criticise when she does dumb things and she does a lot. This is not one of those things, however. Basically to a certain extent, a lot of massive media on her side and she needs be criticised when she does done things and she does a lot. This is not those things. However, this is quite litter.
The hill and and and Washington Post and other outlets taking her literally and I think it's because they found the Abkhazia Cortez bump, You know one troop says the Fake news, the enemy, the people, I think he's being hyperbolic, but then stories like this, and I might listen man. The media has taken Cortez out of context before and she's pulled the trompe in fake news against them as well. I think Trump has set a bunch of gaffes. I think what has anyone could guess? I think Trump an answer centres have set a bunch of odd miss. Information as Cortez I'm not going to accuse has of being a liar because that it implies. I understand her intent. It's possible she's, just dumb same is true for Trump they track. All of these lies from trumpet I'm again, maybe he's just wrong right, so you have trump supporters trump and say I get it. I got what he's trying to say he was wrong when you trust him and if you try you think, is a liar and the people who feel the same. Way about quartet's. I think what we really see is for one. We shouldn't fond tribalism trap of you know just hating Cortez for
being the other side or hating tromp for being set aside, criticise them, for they do wrong praise them for what they get right I brought this up in my isolated there, I should have brought this up. Maybe I didn't I mention in a video that Cortez criticising the big tech giants. Yes, please! he's crazy. So I will. I will absolutely give credit where credit is due account. Whatever you want, you want to go out with a big tech oligopoly. I will will shake your hand. I will be right there in so let's get. Let's do something about this is a problem. You read it There are twenty one trillion dollar, counting Eric and Fund Medicare would be like none of them. Stop full. Stop When you want to do this, you know hyperbolic twelve years ago, the world thing I'll be like yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, chill out right, because we did rate we did report on this, but I think it's fair to point out the media. Definitely loves to real everybody up and the meat You're goes after court has in this way, not its similar to what they did to trumpet steel cause. You Cortez Bob they know, when they write this ocasio grotesque, the world's gonna end and try make it seem like she's.
Leaving aside in the air. It makes her look bad. Then what happens? Is people like me other people who take a critical eye to you this far left? Does the of the Democrats are sitting there with like while we she crazy and then what happens when you end up having her come out and say it was, dry humor and I made a lose like. Oh, please come on trying to walk back your claims, but but in reality I think it is fair to point out, and you know it really does cup down to two who you trust in the media. When I see the media reporting other stuff on like not, I don't believe you, but in theirs, people come up and say really take a look at it non like Olga. I think, think she was just being hyper by like she's, trying to exaggerate to make a point. You know she was to be shocking. I don't think she literally thinks the world is going to end So what happens then? If you get this Paul from Us Musin that says there twelve years until this irreparable damage and the daily collar makes its you know cause, I think, The call is operating on the fact that taking are literally won't. You know what weather
You like her or not, is beside the point. I think we would all do well to try and avoid taking people literally, actually, if you're someone who who like watches what the media does too Trump, I think it's important to point out the music into the same thing to court has to an extent. She definitely has. The progressive activists on her side, which means the media's way more favourable to her than there are two trump, but it is important to point out that they may look so Seventy five Democrats believe the. U S is only twelve years to aggressively fight climate change, or else there will be quote disastrous and Iraq damage to the country and the world that's very different from saying the world is going to end so EL means, if you think she was being serious, has tried to walk back for sure. But it's not the dumber Democrats, don't believe the what is ending. They believe the IPCC and then I think, is fine. So you know what I dont want to just be the tribal list bear,
you know our position to people like the fringe, far left now, I want to make sure we call out the media and that's that's kind of more of my stick. You know, I think the media are full of liars and I think that, though the lie about Cortez, they lie about magic. Hurry up. They lie about Tarsi Gabert. They lie about Tony Saint Andrew Yang, and here that's really crazy. You Bernie Tall, C and Yang, going on Fox news people just going on Fox news. That is honourable and solemn, like ok, right, ok but then what happens when tolls Gabert goes on CNN. They say like why you hate me. On the world where Amazon COM, Harris goes on CNN, they say: what's your favorite song, so yeah big media person, and I think you know politically are some positions that are caught. Cortez holds that I agree with. I am no fan of private prisons. I don't understand, the death penalty, but I am absolutely how two against the death penalty- and there are some things that I think tromp has done really really well. The economy is really good. I think it's good, sometimes to point out that you know a quartet
coming out against the big tech giants in the surveillance state. Unlike yes, please, yes, please, I will support a politician. If there, when something that's good, now criticising other doing something, that's bad so anyway, thank you get the point all leave it. There be wary of the media. I try my best, I'm not as I mentioned, I'm vulnerable to the same fake news, everybody else, even though it like. I am digging through this. If you think that I am always one hundred percent right, I got a bridge to sell. You are not I'm not. I can only use the sources that I have and we know that media has been our no. I am not going to swear. It's been awful Ok, so I do my best to try and factual and double check things, and I think context and benefit of the doubt sometimes are good things only there I got some more segments coming up for you shortly stick around and I will seize him. Indian p M, now Rendre Modi and his party just swept India's elections? It was a stunning victory for hindu nationalism. You may be sent
and why do I care about what's happening in India? I'm not India, I don't know what other countries while, admittedly, neither do I and I gotta admit, I'm not super concerned about indian politics, but someone said neither stores- and you really gotta check this out, because This is another right wing, nationalist victory and you all your mumbled have just a few days ago. The right wing, populist playbook keeps winning from Bloomberg opinion. Australia, shock election result is one more sign. Twenty sixteen was no fluke. Let me ask you this before we get started. Why does this keep happening? Why did try? when why did it when why did Australia's right Wing Party when why Modi, when why does this keeps happening? I'll? Tell you one thing: I think has to do with social media, making the left go insane fall apart and the media, the euro, is supposed to tell us what is happening and they have no idea. They are so to touch the poles are wrong and the right wing nationalist keep on winnings or to do
where to look a little bit and see what's going on with Modi in his victory and then going to rain about two thousand and sixteen being no fluke, but before we get started the term cast our council Ashdown it. If you'd like to support my work in doing the segments and videos theirs, uncle innovation, option, crypto currency option of physical address, but of course, just share this video click like comment below it. Real, let us help the engagement makes you tube. Think it's a good video and you should support it. So if you want to Orpheus listening to the Pike Ass, giving review. It really really does help, but let's check out, what's going out with money from vocs that come, the world's law are just democratic elections have concluded. India pro hindu nationalist Prime Minister and his party on pace to win by a landslide the early results from India's weak law. And our election show a clear victory for incumbent Prime Minister and render a Modi Barter Janata Party Sites, which are so
are one three hundred of a total of five hundred and forty three seats in parliament to be J P seems to have trounced its main rival. The Congress Party lab led by rough who'll Gandhi, the science of the famous political dynasty, so lets us disability
down? Media reports have noted a dramatic rise and hate crimes. During the five years, Modi has been in power which, alas, he groups have sprung up around the country to protect cows, which are sacred to Hindus report by human rights watch families. Forty four people were killed between May twenty fifteen and December twenty eighteen, most of them Muslims accused of storing be for transporting cows for slaughter oftentimes. The guilty, we're not punished and hate crimes were encouraged by speeches from senior, be J, p leaders and may twenty seventeen, the Modi Government ban the sale and purchase of cows for slaughter. So you can, you can tell by the narrative look is as follows, and I got it meant. I do not trust them, especially when it trying to frame this narrative. Why look look if you got a religious group and dominant seconds as Donnie cows? I'm gonna be ok. If people are doing that. Well can a major problem in the? U S. It is frowned upon to eat dogs and cats, and if people
its national dogs and cats for food yet have a problem and people would stop at four animalcule cruelty because, culturally, we accept eating some animals and not others. You have to agree with. It doesn't make sense, that's just what is socially acceptable if, in India it is not socially acceptable, the cows- and it's not, I know some high creationism hinders I've talk to them about this. Then a man like, I guess, I'd better. This way we love dogs over their causes sacred. So that's that's, that's very, very different. So, that's real, but more short, every little real little bit about the the right wing, nationalism stuff, they say motives. Grand economic promises as promises have not been met. Unemployment in the country is now its highest in forty five years and their growing concerns of economics,
so the twenty nineteen election rolled around Molly decided to lean into his nationalist platform, which serve to divert attention the countries more pressing problems. Now that the results are end its clear his gamble paid off, I think you know vox- is very clearly anti trump and I think I can only assume their framing us on purpose because they don't like the idea that nationalists keep winning. What's the conclusion to the story there, Simon Nationalism is a distraction and the country's problems, but I want to be the conclusion: will go over to this other story about why rightwing nationals and keeps happening, they say well, they're, just they just kind of trail off. So what what will leave that? Where it is and let's go to this from Bloomberg, rightwing populism is still going strong. Ah, that's it. They say right: if you enjoy the right wing populist, serves that lead to President Donald Trump and Rex it that older than we have. Some good news for you. It's they'll go and strong, and even got a new electoral shocker to its credit. This weekend, when conserving
stolen Prime Minister's got more than one reelection after basically, zero poles suggested that it was possible David pickling, and must note the result echoes those efforts mentioned twenty. Sixteen surprises in the. U S and UK in that wealthy live cities are growing more alienated from economically struggling rural areas. Australia's outcome is one sign of many that right wing populism is still ascendant around the World Rights Tyler. In upcoming european parliament elections. For example, Euro sceptics are poised to win more than a third of seats notes were mesh, rightness are fixed their their thriving on turbulence and Frank Party ties Roma rights trends that aren't going away now. Admittedly, by the time you see this video, I don't know when the MIT elections are an end which you ve got. You ve got breaks it party leading the Poles in the UK, and if this trend continues listen breaks, it Trump, Australia, Modi and not any p elections. I
absolutely back- and I can- and this might come out after the fact they ve lost, but I'd better and they're gonna win about Russia Party. There pulling really lie, but here's the thing to the poles have been wrong wrong wrong. So we can look at a couple ways. If the Poles said the right wing was gonna, lose tromp was gonna, lose breaks, it wasn't a loose and they underestimate The support. What does it say then, when in the UK the pole say that breaks it party is leading for the enmity elections? If their underestimating bucks voters, then it may actually turn out way more people, but for breakfast party now again I'll admit by the time you watch this May I be said and done, and maybe it's the anomaly I don't know but from where I'm sitting the elections minor settings are still happening at the time of bombings video, then I'm gonna have to think they're. Gonna win, I think, could be crazy to bet against them after the fourth instance with which is, would motives So, let's let us go a little bit. Ok,
is a very short article, but let's wait a little bit about writing populism. The collapse, Austria's coalition government this weekend after a corruption scandal took down the countries far right. Vice chancellor, is a setback for populist throughout Europe Rights, Leonid Barshefsky, falling plans for a european nationalist coalition, but this austrian scandal scandals, imp maybe limited research suggests a longer term. Solution to rising european populism is to directly address its root causes. That's Bloomberg editorial border rights by giving opportunities to the working poor, reforming immigration and becoming more responsive to citizens needs Europe. Economy, Germany sure isn't: ok, there's a Europe's biggest economy, Germany sure isn't helping matters, by insisting on running on a running a budget surplus rather than Simulated the continental economy, Rights Melvin Cross. So I have to say this there there. Quite literally saying. Perhaps the solution is populist policy. If the, if the right wing nationalists keep winning
then you're talking about helping the poor reform, immigration you're just talking about their policy positions like what do you think Trump campaigned on, manufacturing the middle class, losing jobs and eating help reform immigration building the wall we being more responsive to citizens needs itemised kind of vague. But what do you think the right wing populist populist are due That's working now. I can't tell you why the left and populists on working- I have no idea. I do know. Bernie Sanders is very popular, but Joe Biden still more popular. I think when it comes down to it, the media triteness trying to act like the left really is popular other minds. So Joe Biden, Poland, at thirty one percent or one around those actual creditors policies that thirty percent among Democrats, what does it mean if they pulled ten people and three of them said yes right at like how many people does not really represent? If only you know, thirty million people in? U S, one vote for binding. Who cares what the percentage is
as if you're going to beat Donald Trump and as the media goes insane, the polls, the pollsters our and social media is riddled with, like fringe leftwing insanity, I think regular people are looking up since hang up. I'm gonna go get a direction. I mention this there was it there's a tweet from someone it may have. I don't I don't want to miss attributed. I came over him treated this, but they said what people in the media monsignor realise is that, given the choice between the regressive laughed and tromp p, both are choosing Trump, because Trump is old guard right, I know he's. Not really old guard is kind of a weird outlier, but people are what would rather be like hey man. If Trump represents what was, and we know kind of work in some ways. I'd rather have that in these weirdos one everything shut on everyone and right, but also the economy's doing really really well. What can you say that Investors seem spoked by european populism, but fine with the likely reelection of India, India,
the Prime Minister Modi, but John Mc Health White wonders of investors have reckoned with what a second vote term. It would look like he suggests it would probably be much. Nationalist, much scarier for minorities, unless investor friendly and motives first term wasn't exactly bold and economic reforms. Anyway, we hear from our notes, but hey more economic pain, leads to more populism. Yup summit, but maybe that's it, but I've, but I will stress, I mean the economy is doing really really well and the insults wave a few things to consider for trump incumbents when they have a great advantage and if the economy is doing well, the incumbents especially have an advantage. Do you think middle american working class people are gonna, be like hey. I know everything's going great, let's change it and they're gonna be like dude everything's, going great, don't change a thing. I think trumps points for a victory best, not my opinion. It is my opinion, but it's it's based on all of these economic models, these predictive models, political wrote about it. I think it's going to happen and I think
I think breaks at party. Isn't it I don't know it. Parliamentary elections in Europe are not the same. Like you know you could have in the? U S, Trump wins as an individual, but it could be that Russia Party just takes a very strong lead. They they win. A decent amount of seats will see they're pulling the thirty four percent may be. They go more, but there definitely going to win. They're gonna win a lot of space. I'm not superbly I don't know a lot about how EU politics works a little bit. I've watched a couple of videos about it, so my understanding is that it may I think it's proportional representation. I know I believe, that's that's accurate, because Sargon was talking about it. So we'll see what happens, but for whatever reason it does look, it doesn't matter if you like or don't like writing populism. The far left clearly doesn't. The fact is, one of the left is doing is not an effective strategy to combat and when, against right wing populism, plain and simple: they keep winning while the media's lost their gourd so whatever, but I ll leave it there thanks rang
I got one more segment coming up for those on Youtube for everyone else to more, but I'll stick around- and I will see you soon- the Pentagon has five really come out and admitted it now. This is kind of a follow up on a store, a couple stories I did a while ago, where there was like some. The navy was going to take incredible reports of ufos and actually trying to investigate them. But some researchers reached out to the Pentagon and the Pentagon said you're right, we're doing it. And so apparently this like a big shock, that the Pentagon is shall, I admitted at investigates europhiles, and I want to make one one thing clear contractually for one. I am I'm no conspiracy theory. I do not believe there areas, I believe, the most important reason for investing you have ours is that if a foreign adversary has access to technology, we don't we butter, damn well know about it. Japan didn't know about the nukes that states had and it didn't farewell for them. The you essentially use the nukes to prove a point and for where's their surrender its best. If there is some coffee,
analogy. We all know about that. We do know about it. That requires us. You know, reporting technologies are some kind of phenomenon we dont understand. So, let's check out I've got this, but have also got these really is from history on minors. Any of the others from couple days ago, about really interesting trait seen that's been reported by a former the gun investigator this. This fascinating sulphur is amazing. I hope you guys want unfastening tube important started going it's guest accomplished, if you want to support my work, help me keep making these videos there's a the fleet or nation, optional, crypto currency option physical address, but, of course, like in comments, tell me what you think, because the engagement really helps the video Youtube dense as ok, you know it must be good, will share an whenever or if you hate me, you can just ignore and do nothing whatever. Let's get back to the story in a statement this week, the Pentagon officially confirmed that not only the tracker which of you or as they call them on identified aerial phenomena for several years. It's still doing it to some degree in a statement
exclusively to the new post, a department of Defense spokesman, said a secret government initiative called the advanced aerospace threat, identification programme in pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena. They call it ate him, though the aid It was officially shut down and twenty twelve Pentagon spokesmen Crisp Christopher Sherwin acknowledged that the deal does still investigate reports of unidentified aircraft encountered by. U S military aviators, they would be insane. To just because you know what it is I mean doesn't exist if people keep seeing the same thing, and apparently they ve got five traits scene of these vehicles. Then you ve got a pattern here and I think the likely outcome as some kind of weapon of acknowledging from someone we don't know it could even be U S new tops. It's off could be us, I mean there's this possibility its aliens. I don't think that's the case, but it's important that we investigate the department.
France is always concerned about maintaining positive identification of all aircraft in our operating environment as well as I do find any foreign capability that may be a threat to the homeland, Sherwin told the post, the department wealth ten to investigate through normal person. Yours reports of enough reports of unidentified aircraft encountered by use military aviators in order to ensure defence of the homeland and protection against or teaching. Surprise by our nations adversaries for reaction, the postern tunic Pope a journalist and author who once ran the british government secret UFO investor asian team who called the Pentagon's admission a bomb shell revelation previous statements by the department said Pope were deliberately ambiguous, but the nature of investigations. Leaving open the possibility that they simply monitored potential next generation, aviation threats from aircraft missiles and drones, rather than what the public would call
your house, the term used by Sherwood, unidentified Aerial phenomena Pope Pope pointed out, is the same term. The british Ministry of Defence used as an attempt to get away from the pop culture baggage that came with the term UFO they gonna say, while a Pentagon spokesmen going on the record to ignore departments, investigations may be something of a bombshell information about a tip and the department can parlance continued investigations into sightings was revealed the public over a year ago, the New York Times broke the story, the Pentagon's mysterious UFO programme, shrilly funding well, isn't it in the six hundred billion dollar annual Depart defence department budgets, but
when he two million dollars spent on the advanced aerospace threat. Identification programme was almost impossible to find, which was how the Pentagon wanted it for years. The programme investigated reports of honour that, if I'd flying objects, according to defence department officials, interviews with programme participants and records obtained by the New York Times, it was run by a military intelligence, official Louis Elizondo. On the fifth floor of the Pentagon's, see ring deep within the buildings. Mace talk about a bad ass job. I mean to me that sounds like one of the cruellest jobs ever official government. Intelligent security tracking, you F, o, is if they were
Lions I mean, I guess it's just another, boring military job, trying to check track potential threats from foreign adversaries, so still kind of cool. You know national defence is important. In the times noted, the department had never before acknowledged the existence of the programme, which it says it shut down and twenty twelve I'd I'd be willing to bet there's a new programme, some something else but said backers and officials with the programme revealed that it remains in existence, continuing continuing to investigate episodes brought to them by service members, while also carrying out their other department of Defense Defence of our duties. It would be insane if they stopped taking reports on strange ale phenomena because, like I mentioned, and they mentioned what, if it's in a uniform adversaries can ignore it, no way the programme began. It doesn't seven times reported at its biggest advocate- was former Senator Senate Majority leader Harry Red, who is a space phenomena enthusiast and whose long time friend billionaire
entrepreneur Robert Bigelow benefited from the millions of taxpayer dollars directed toward his aerospace research company. So why should any one be concerned at all about ufos alot of people might think it's silly, but history, dot com has this interesting story called the five observable five. You are filtrate seen by Navy fighters that defy explanation. I have read that there are a bunch of different people who fly planes for the military who have witnessed this and commercial pounds piles of witness. This there's a pattern. Maybe it's a weather phenomena. Maybe it is, I think that's got you Look a lot of people are gonna, claim, there's no way it's weather, but now seriously there are some really weird weather events that are rare ball. Lightning, apparently, is a real thing. Maybe I'm wrong, but my thought it was so weird things happen.
You know, and so a lot of people might see something think of something else there could be. We are kind of like light projections, and often we feel his explanations are just bs. Maybe they are. But let's look, let's look at these traits and see you know what is that we have what what is the pattern of being? What the story says you know if you are, farmers earned its honour notified status when cockpit transcripts from Elite Navy fighter jets include this frantic pilot, pollination wholly ass. What is the happens? I have to say if you're someone flies a lot and Malta, the mobile people have seen this. You got some I went on when Louis Elizondo rent a small team at the. U S, department of Defense investigating military base reports of UFO. They call you API he heard numerous such accounts by some of the most highly trained aeronautic experts in the military. They describe objects that appeared to be intelligently controlled.
Possessing aerodynamic capabilities that far surpass any currently known aircraft technology. Now pursuing his, the guidelines as part of to the Stars Academy of arts and sciences. Elizondo is an integral part of the investigative team featured on histories on identified inside America's UFO Investigation, where they have continued to continued to gather eyewitness accounts. So, let's take a look at the five observable anti gravity, lift unlike any known aircraft. These objects have been cited, overcoming the earth's gravity with no visible means of propulsion. They also lack any flight services such as wings and the limits incident witnesses described the crafts as tubular shaped, like a tick tock candy to sudden and instantaneous acceleration. The object objects makes celebrate or change direction so quickly that no human pilot could survive. The g forces there
would be crushed unless we could explain anti gravity and instant acceleration if they, if they can operate outside the confines of space time. I am not a quantum physics:
I am not an astrophysicist, but based on my cursory readings of STAR Trek Fan fiction, my understanding is that the general idea of a warp drive is that you warp space and time around you so you're not actually moving through space time. It's more like your in between space time being propelled, so you're not constrained by the laws of physics. You then wouldn't experience the G forces presumably, and you deal to travel instantaneously. I have no idea what I'm talking about. I just read some like STAR Trek fan theory stuff, so they so so Google that, but maybe that is an explanation. They say hypersonic velocities without signatures. If an aircraft aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound, it typically leaves signatures like vapor trails and sonic booms. Many UFO accounts note the lack of such evidence unless their trust,
living in a different. You know through a different means or something or they are not within the normal confines of our space time. Low observe ability or cloaking even when objects are observed, getting a clear and detailed view of them either through pilots. He's right or other means remains difficult, maybe because they're not in space time or something like that warp drive, I'm just obstacle. As witnesses generally only see the glow or haze around them. Trans medium travel, some! You IP, I've been seen moving easily end between different environments, such as space, the earth's atmosphere and even water, and the limits incident witnesses described a UFO hovering over turning disturbance just under the oceans, otherwise com surface, leading a speculation that another aircraft entered the water. U S,
Princeton right. Our operator, Gary Vorhees, later confirmed from a Navy sonar operator in the area that day at a craft, was moving faster than seventy knots roughly two times the speed of nuclear subs. No one has yet gotten close to craft display; straits, so their origins are still unknown. Are there super Topsecret: U S defence project, do they help from Russia, China, or even from further afield. The only thing we do know is that their capabilities exceed any technic technologies. Currently in the U S, arsenal- or perhaps there is a simple explanation for for this we live in a simulation and what we are seeing is a GM, a game manager or an admin using an end, not develop her only tool to easily travel and moderate. Certain communities, half kidding simulation theories of fun thing, but ultimately people have witnessed these thanks. Theirs
mobile traits, there's patterns have been recognised, maybe we're all and pcs in an animal and only the players, no there actually in the game and don't say anything because they can't right. But I guess it's all just funded theorize and wonder what the hell's really going on, but the Pentagon finally admitted it. They do track this thanks a lot These stories menaces fun stuff. So you know more funds that pops up I'll definitely have a thanks rang out. If you want to support my worked him cast, our complex, donate I'll, have a more submit starting tomorrow, can. I am for the rest of you, one more coming up in a few minutes and I'll see you all next time. My interest was peaked by a story talking about the return of medieval diseases in unsanitary conditions in California. The I did a video, but there's a couple days ago or day ago, and then I this story from- is an opinion piece in the New York Times that says a man,
because cities are unlivable, blame wealthy liberals, the demise of California housing measure shows how progressives abandoned progressive values in their own backyards. Now far hard Manu who writes? This is not sparing any any republican in this criticism, but it is important to point out the massive cities that are very, very liberal, very progressive that are doing a pretty bad job in terms of taking care of the poor with an expansive homeless problem with San Francisco hiring a rat and poop, the yet something is going on within these cities now In the video I made about the spread of disease, I said I don't think it's entirely. A liberal policy, I think, is a fact, big cities attract people on access to resources will result in homeless populations. However, far higher really brings up progressive politicians. Policies which shows it might
actually be, at least to a certain extent the fault of liberal positions. Now, before we get into all of this check out TIM cast our complex giant. If you'd like to support my work, there's a month later, nation option, there's crypto currency option a physical address, but of course you can just share this video clip alike, but in comment, because when you engage the video you tell you to your really like it, it really does help and I do rely on your support, such really appreciated. Most pop over to this New York Times story and see what foreheads talkin about he says to live in, California at this time, is to experience every day. The cryptic phrase that George W Bush once used to describe the invasion of Iraq catastrophic success economy here is booming, but no one feels especially good about it when the cost of living has taken into account Only a narrow, brimming California ranks as the most poverty stricken state, with a fifth of the population struggling to get by since twenty ten migration out of California has, Sir.
The problem is the steady collapse of live ability across my home state traffic in transportation is a developing world nightmare. Childcare in education seem impossible for all, but the wealthiest the problems of affordable housing and homelessness have surpassed all superlatives. What what was a crisis is now an emergency that feels like it. Toby in showcase of american inequality? California, Hollywood progressive activists? As I look into these stories about celebrity hypocrisy, rather than the store that I did yesterday, while these celebrities claimed to be big progressive activists, they seemed to put their money where their mouth is. Some do about trying to say that every single celebrities, an activist I want a modern, absolutist, but certainly many of the hyper A celebrity activists are just saying this. Now it will issue a quick correction caveat for those at Waterloo. Yesterday's, as an aside, I believe, misinterpreted Trevor Noah's statement about foe anger, but I, but I put the question in the videos you can check it out. If you want to watch the video put it
Aren't you it, so I want to make sure you have not an update on that video. I don't get too much into its. We can move on foreign says just look at San Francisco Nancy policies, one of every alone thousand eleven thousand six hundred residents is a billionaire and the annual how told income as their due by median priced home now tops three hundred and twenty thousand, yet the streets there or a plague garbage and needles and feces, and every morning brings horror stories. My black mere health came home Veterans are surviving on an economy of trash from billionaire mansions, wealthy homeowners, our crowd, funding, A legal effort arguing that are proposed, homeless shelter is an environmental hazard. A public school teacher suffering from cancer is forced to pay for her own substitute. The hypocrisy is glaring.
Absolutely and an end. You know people wonder why TIM? Why would you talk about this? Why will you blame liberal? I grew up in these cities. I grew up in these places. I dont know rural areas. So when I see this unlike yup, I grew up in Chicago I have seen what it's like and then the glorious blue state is a lot of problems and hypocrisy. I've experienced it I'll, Sweden, and there is no end in sight to such crushing success at every level of government or our representatives. Nearly all of them Democrats prove inadequate and unresponsive to the challenge at hand. Witness last week's embarrassment when California, lawmakers used a sketchy parliamentary maneuver to knife Senate bill. Fifty using an ambitious effort to on Mary, restrictive local zoning rules and increase the supply of housing out. Bravo, I absolutely is more saga of Nimblest urban mismanagement that is crushing american Citys. Not in my back yard. Ism is a partisan sentiment is, I am sorry to say, by partisans.
But because the largest american Citys are populated and run by Democrats, many ins, it's under complete democratic control, this sort of naked exclusionary urban restriction of them is a particular shame of the left. Bravo far out. Bravo, I absolutely agree when I was reading the story of their day check this out, my evil diseases are flaring as unsanitary living conditions proliferate. I won't I We want to be fair and rational. Ok, so I want to point out the whether and in what in San Diego and allay it's beautiful- and this is a big factor in attracting homeless people. Ok, however, as I've been digging more into this, I think it is clear. This is very much contributed that one of the biggest contributors to the story to this crisis is failed, live,
our policy and I don't know exactly which policies, but we can point to foreheads opinion about these democratic state with democratic cities not doing what they need to pricing out. People make it harder to get jobs, making it harder to live, and I have this: u oops. This is the wrong story, but what will come to the patrolling Forbes, the cities of the most homeless, people, New York City, with seventy eight thousand six hundred and seventy six and allay city and county with forty, nine thousand nine hundred and fifty five? The reasons is important, whether is not the primary factor. New York has pretty harsh summers and pretty old winters. People who are homeless aren't going there because the weather's nice, although it does play a role in San Diego and at LOS Angeles for sure, sat on King County, which also as decent whether NATO is cloudy, which cut it is depressing. Only twelve thousand something is happening in his big cities. It could be their population. Seattle has way less people than allay, so actually, maybe a per hundred thousand
residents, Yelp half way more homeless, but why would almost people go to New York City? The population of New York City and allay county are comparable. Why would New York have more? Well, I don't know, but far hot believes these Democratic Liberal Haven. On part of the problem and what you see is a typhus outbreak. In fact, in one these stories. I was written other day. A medical researchers sat. There is a real risk of boo Bonnac plague in LOS Angeles. I kid you not honoured of its in this story, but let me let me just see if it's enough, it's not in this story, was in another storehouse covering more recent where they said because of the rats. There are so many rats. They say you know that there's jack, this genuine fear of a resurgence of these diseases, but you can see look medieval diseases are flaring in California. Why seriously, why? You know what let's wait? Let's read some more of what that far ass to say it's very. I find this a great up at their many threads, and this
America's increasingly unlivable cities. One continuing tragedy is that summation of local media and the rise of nationalist parties and place in America. The local problems plague cities are systematically sidelined by the structure of a national media and government, in which the presidency, the Senate and the Supreme Court are all constitutionally tilted in favour of places where no one lives there more than twice as many people in my Midsummer County Santa Clara, as there are an entire state of North Dakota with its two United States senators, but is actually a really fantastic argument for the election. College making, sure your representation stays local and not national. The national popular would ensure that cities that aren't in the Black Sea area aren't going the attention they need solving their power comes at a national level. The nationalization of politics shows that if people dont care about their own backyards- and they aren't focused on these issues- this is ever get solved. People in California, Polish soup,
But actually let me do this. Why is alyssum olano? Why you know, snoop out why these celebrities protesting. Well, that's new blog, but you know that these are individuals that they want to leave the country because of Trump. But why are these activists complain about I in Georgia state they dont Livin. If the national of politics, meanwhile, the state they actually live in, has has a medieval disease problem, has a massive homeless problem, but these eleven, these are concerned about what's happening. Georgian Alabama by all means you're allowed to be upset about it. In Georgian Alabama. I am no fat of those for life bills. I'm pro choice. I think this is an actually it's. It's an attempt to get in front of Supreme Court overturn Roby way. I'll. Just call like ice If you want to have an argument about these issues, I'm glad to sit down anybody and talk about it and try and come to a solution. The point is, though, why should these California celebrities be complaining about a different state?
if our focusing on their own home in the failed policies that resulted in homelessness disease and this crisis again by all means, you know highlight what's happening in San For- I am sorry Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and I believe, Ohio one hundred percent, but love to see you speak up more about your own home and the problems you face and why you aren't going to fix them. Of course, some of these people may actually be doing this and try to act simply because I dont know if they are, does it mean the art, but I'm not seeing it ok, and so my mounting responses. When I look at their twitter feed- and I see them complaining about like me too and stuff, I'm like dude, you got serious homelessness problem in LOS Angeles. For how it goes on to say: that's why, aside from Elizabeth Warren, who has a plan for housing, Bravo Elizabeth, worn ass: she s a plan for everything, democratic, twenty twenty presence Brill rarely mentioned their ideas for housing, affordability and issue eating Eric and cities alive. I watch Joe Biden campaign kick off here,
The only house you mentioned was the White House there's. Another really important point to millennials are being burdened with massive college debt. A lot of conservatives liked to say: oh well, you chose that sure I've. I pride, I believe and personal responsibility When I see my my young friends moment: people people my age who are set of absurd college- that my research My first emotional reaction as yeah: well, you reap what you so you sign on the dotted line you got to go to that school. You got your degree if you can't figure it out beyond what use you no sign. That's not my problem but its causing a housing crisis. Mozart. I'm homes are having families, so I can recognize, while emotionally its disturbing. There does need to be some kind of solution to that problem. If we want to save six thousand market- and this contributes to all of these problems- He goes on to say there is the refusal on the part of wealthy progressive to live by the values they profess to support at the national level. Creating down
Economically and socially diverse urban environments ought to be a paramount goal of for pessimism city are the standard geographical unit of the global economy. Dense urban areas are quite literally. The real America. I disagree. The cities are where two thirds of Americans live and they account for almost all national economic output. Urban areas are the most environmentally friendly way. We know of housing, lots of people. I varied. I disagree. We can't solve the climate crisis are vastly improving public transportation and increasing urban density. Cities are extremely congested with a ton of pollution. So I just more than that, metropolises are good for the psyche and the sole density fosters tolerance. Diversity created creativity and progress and and those things are good things. Ok, people learn to live side by side are good things. He says yet, where progressives argue for openness and inclusion, as a cultural against Trump they abandoned. It are now the hill and in Beverly Hills where the
progressive, celebrity activists live who preach against from meat. They they don't. Allow this not in their backyard, they don't put their money where their mouth is, and this is an extension of the video made yesterday. The celebrity activists are hypocrites, though The progressive are hypocrites, not all of them actually know some wealthy Hollywood act, actors who brought refugees into their home, and I applaud them every day for that's. That's if you believe in this, and you stand on principle then than women get along, but clearly that's not the case for novel in Beverly Hills, As they say a foreign says. This explains the opposition as be fifty, which aims to address the housing shortage in a very straightforward way. By building more housing, the bill would have erased. Single brazilian populous areas near trans locations, areas zone for her. Housing, a handful of people could have been redeveloped to include duplexes, an apartment buildings that house hundreds the bill as
our support from a diverse coalition of businesses and advocacy groups, and it sponsor state. Senator Scott Weiner had negotiated a series of compromises with some of its fierce. Its opponents. Paul showed the measure to be widely popular for the first time, something extraordinary looked possible. California, we homeowners would abandon their restriction, is attitudes and let us build some new housing. No. Instead Anthony pour You know a democratic state senator whose district includes the passion your block, one yadda Flint Ridge and who heads the appropriations Committee announced that he be. Shelving the bill until next year, yeah. Well, I think you got it right. He wrapped up by saying reading opposite and SB fifty and other efforts at increasing density, I'm struck by an unsettling thought. What Republicans? What do with ice and border walls. Wealthy progressive Democrats are doing the zoning NIMBY Ism preserving low character, maintaining who control, keeping housing scarce and inaccessible the goal of both sides are really the same to keep people up
if I want to have a Bravo too far out, for this throws up at four calling out the Democrats, the progressives, who don't stand up, what they believe and who are very clearly lying, but also pointing bigger publicans and not making a partisan it you're saying you know it's all of them that the kind of with the man ok, I think there are good things about progressives their good things about liberals and I think they're good things about Republicans. Good things about conserving, and I can recognize both sides have serious false one of the biggest concern I have with what's going on. The left is the regressive and anti terrorism, but clearly the issue of politics is not You mean to one side, you have politicking on all sides and for as much as allowed Democrats want to point out. Our publicans by all means criticise them, but please respect someone like far off our hard. When he's going to point out the Democrats quite litter- doing the same thing now I know a lot of people are gonna say no. It's actually repugnance knows actually Democrats go for argue with me comment below I just
its refreshingly- someone say they all bad Democrats are not put their money where their mouth is and I'll take it. I will take it call out the Democrats for what's happening in San Francisco. They got pay some one hundred and eighty four thousand dollars a year to clean up book throughout San Francisco because they were put problem now, you're crazy. Ten Francisco's homeless population is not that big. It's like what twelve thirteen percent of Ellie counties. What s up as the boat problem and they gonna pay six figure. Nearly two hundred thousand dollars to solve this. You ve serious problems in your cities. Nancy pull see city and they can solve this problem. It is rules fruit from for thee, but not for me and that's how they operate so now We have the final little little bit. I want to add to this story: Trump is sending grants to San Diego. There you go California, you dont want to accommodate these people in California, isn't gonna do it they need to do well, Trump is, is
The madman has done it. He said he was gonna. Send these people the Democrat areas he's doing it. I'm not saying it's. Nor bad thing, but there's a reason why the Democrats oppose this. The activists support it. PBS. What a is a good idea, good on Trump, send them to the safe places, but politicians oppose it for exactly that reason far had highlights their hypocrites, plain and simple I'll leave it. There thanks rang out. If you want to support my work again and go to TIM Cast outcome, Slash donate where I ve got a various options We share the video common seriously comment. Argue with me agree with me, whatever just you know could the like, but if you like it, I've got more videos coming up starting at six p m Youtube, account slashed and Youtube Dotcom slashed him test, and I will see you all there.
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