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Exploiting Me Too BACKFIRED On Democrats, Nancy Pelosi SNAPS At Reporter For Calling Out Hypocrisy


Exploiting Me Too BACKFIRED On Democrats, Nancy Pelosi SNAPS At Reporter For Calling Out Hypocrisy Democrats are in trouble as Joe Biden struggles to answer the allegations against him. In an interview with MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, Biden struggled to defned his reasoning for withholding documents that could potentially exonerate him against these accusations.Republicans demanded that Democrats be held to the same standard as Brett Kavanaugh and progressives held fast as well.But the Democratic establishment immediately abandoned any notion of integrity.In one instance Nancy Pelosi snapped at a reporter for calling out the double standard.Republicans didn't ask for this standard, Democrats did.They thought they could exploit the me too movement in order to target Republicans. But the GOP is not as easily swayed by these arguments and ultimately it had little effect on their base.Democrats however are getting hit from both sides as progressives and conservatives demand a response.

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This morning Joe Biden finally addressed the accusations made against him by tar red saying they did not happen, but in an interview with me presents give MSNBC. He struggled to keep his argument straight. He couldn't justify why he would be withholding certain records and all in all, he just looked like he could not maintain his composure. Aside from the fact that Donald Trump will absolutely walk off lower income November, the Democrats are facing another serious challenge embracing unequivocally the ideas behind the need to move at all. Don't get me wrong. The meter movement did a bunch of really great things, and I say this all the time and ever every time we talk about this later, really bad deeds were called out because this, but there were some ideas that were not too good like abandoning due process. Would emigrants ate it all up Joe Biden Tamper as the Dnc? They loved it because they use again for publicans, but here's the thing Republicans are not the ones calling for
These standards Republicans are less likely to be swayed by accusations made thirty years ago. So now the d regrets have fully embraced. This is coming back and back firing in their faces. New poles have come out. Joe Biden has actually starting to do worse, uneasily using with independence. Now he may actually lose the progressive vote because he looks like a hypocrite. Let's take a look at it exactly what's going on with Joe Biden but other statements made by Denmark. Where we can see as much Is there may be some Republicans who have been heard by accusations are allegations? The Democrats called for this. The Democrats embraced this, and now they have too can and with their own arguments, and it's not working before we get started out over the TIM cast outcomes flashed on it. If you'd like to support my work that several ways you can give the best thing you can do share this video There are a lot of people who are trapped and echo chambers. They may not want to watch this video, but sharing really does help, and maybe some people will listen. This argument and I have to agree
least they'll know right. If you do like my very make sure you have subscribed button it be like button and also the notification bell to make sure you do keep sending my videos, which they proper we won't anyway. At some points are eight it'll be fun, while less right was similar to the fore store. I want to show you this man policy snaps. When asked about democratic me to double standard saying, I do not need a lecture now, that's the gist of the story. I think we are or stand, we are seeing many Democrats now placed in a very, very difficult position where their past statements- no, hunger align with their unjustifiable defence of Joe Biden, both take a look at the current results, and then we can talk a bit about what's going on with the Democratic Party in others really hurting them Joe, but an almost tied with Donald Trump has led falls with margin of error Paul first, there are a lot of poles showing Joe Biden is doing way better than Donald Trump and it's hard to know who to trust or why. I typically don't like using
if a jewel Paul's, but this did just come out today amid the ongoing news cycle around Joe Biden and these allegations I dont want to pretend like this is indicative of what's happening with button, but I wanted to make one important point: Newsweek says former vice President Joe by this led Us President Donald Trump is within the margin of error. According to new pulling data, the latest survey published by the hill and Harris acts on Thursday found that forty two percent of registered voters said they would back Biden election were held today, while forty percent, through their votes behind the president, what's most interesting about this broken down by gender. The results show president trumpet a five point with male voters Biden, one, the female vote by eight percentage points, meaning bite in league with women, is pretty good. One of the reasons he's probably beating Trump is because of women.
Among younger voters, the eighteen, thirty four age bracket, the former vice president, also led the income it by a striking fourteen points. Well, it's good for Donald Trump. Those people don't outright. The president was also found They small led among independence with thirty four percent, preferring the incumbent as thirty two percent supported the former vice president, lower income voters, naturally our leaning towards Joe Biden. Here's what I find very important Joe Biden is not going to win over independence by looking like a hypocrite and if Donald Trump has already winning them over Joe Biden desperately needs the progressive vote, but by coming out and acting like he's, done nothing wrong and defying his past statements especially retains the need to movement. He actually risks losing progressive voters which are actually helping him stay above Donald Trump and also women, if women view as a hypocrite them about what they might not want to vote form or, if they view M, as legitimately, harming this woman. They also
my, not one about from keep in mind. Trump has accusations against him as well, but the point I am making is well, while the meat to movement was used against Republicans. Look Republicans, didn't call for the standard and Republicans are not being swayed by these arguments. Democrats are and that's why we're coming to this point, Bloomberg Rights, Biden, accuser, leave, leaves Democrats struggling to reconcile me too. We know the story they about the allegations and another of that nature. They say the issue as it stopped Biden from getting endorsements from the most prominent women in the party, including Hillary Clinton and Nancy Policy. Now. This is especially difficult for the women who, in the past were saying, we must believe women and we are female lawmakers and we must protect women's rights now coming out and ignoring what's happening.
When Thou supporters of biting still say they favour over Trump who s face allegations as well. There has been a growing call forbidden to address the allegations had on what she has now done, and it's not pretty axioms reports. Joe Biden on past comments about leaving women from the very beginning. I've said believing women means taking omens, claim seriously. Women have a right to be heard and the press should rigour rigorously investigate claims they make in the end. The truth is what matters one of the big benefits Joe Biden has had. Is that because the pandemic he's been gone, he's had that they they ve set in the past, that the less Joe Biden, is in the press the better because he gaffes so often, but as is done more and more interviews, he's been sputtering, stuttering, stammering and looking really really bad. Everyone expects Donald Trump to walk all over this man come November, and now we ve seen it again.
In this interview with MSNBC, you see the accusation and the support of me to from the Democrats, has forced Biden to step up and go on a map. Major national interview where he looked awful. He couldn't just if by his own arguments against why he said we should be with holding these records. It's not even about withholding joy The records on tolerate Byron York, a Fox news tweeted, apart from Torah Red matter by is making the case that all the records of his time in federal office from the Senate, nineteen, seventy three to two dozen nine and v P, o nine. Twenty. Tina should remain sealed during the campaign again completely apart from the red issue. A hard position to defend he had to go on You ve, the dude, has no strength left. He looks terrible and he just sputtered out the programme
gives our taking notice, and this will cost Biden what little support he had left with them. Already look. The progressive are already mad that the Democrats ugly cheated out Bernie Sanders, or just one in general. You can take it. You could look at, however, you want either the democratic has beaten and oppressors are mad or they cheated. So there are very few people. After the progressive Wing war saying things like well, we got a support Biden anyway. In fact many are saying: hashtag, never Biden. We can now take a look. We can now take a look at Jacobin. Maggie The premier socialist magazine, the Democrats seem just fine with violence, assault allegation. They say in twenty sixteen and alarm republican establishment tried to force Donald Trump out of the race. Whereas history of assault not because they were feminists, but because they thought it looked bad today. The democratic aside Employment is simply dismissing the same.
Allegations against Joe Biden? I kid you not socialists, defending the Republican Party, because at least some of amid the establishment tried to stop tromp, because it looks bad. Take a look at Steve the example, I go to all the time when he made statements that people being defensive, the Republicans kicked him out, censured. Him removed him from various committees. The Democrats just keep it defending bad behaviour from eleven all Mars offensive statements now to Joe Biden. They don't seem to care about principles and people are taking notice. The spectator Amber Effie. What binds recent endorses Dad about Cavenaugh and me too, and now you can see why Nancy Pelosi snapped why she was so angry somewhat asked her about it, because her position is untenable. If they, willing to say that Cavanaugh that trunk should be completely disqualified, but now now Joe Biden sitting a free pass, while they are in there
trouble because the only thing they could say is there hypocrites or oh, you know what we were wrong. We were wrong, while apparently, there saying nothing amber after the spectator put together a list of thirty five people. Believe women me to who all of a sudden now just don't care it was. It was the Democrats who chose to embrace a standard that is skewed due process, not the Republicans and that's why independence, conservatives, trump supporters are less likely to be impacted by these allegations. Prove it or don't know, some people have called Republican sang their engaging a double standard by pressuring Joe Biden when they didn't believe Brett Kevin. I should have an you know held to the Scrutiny. That's not the case at all. While there are still, I think, it's fair to say ninety nine point, nine percent of conservatives who Demanding Joe Biden speak up to this are doing so to say, if this is the state You asked for we demand you hold yourself to it. I do
I believe we should be playing these games with thirty all delegations, but it was the Democrats who chose this, who embraced believe women and the meeting movement, and now they must reap what they some believe all the women now that, can accuse Joe Biden, never mind and not bad Katherine. Chaskey says Democrats who backed was for story about cabinet now suddenly shift because their preferred presidential candidate is threatened again. Publicans just dismiss this stuff and they get criticized for the progressive say, went down a trumpet, accused Republicans, don't care because their bad people. Well, you know what they disagree with you. You can call him bad, you can argue their position, but at least its consistent The Democrats, on the other hand, are clearly exploiting the progressive movement to attack their enemies and oh. They will reap what they have. Some Glenn Greenwell says and believe. Olenin has now officially been replaced with hashtag. I believe
if Biden another way of saying hashtag that woman is lying because that's who Democrats are currently Michael Brzezinski from Us Embassy is trending nationally. Of course, we ve seen parents of the Dnc haunted by past calls for officials who engagement, to step aside a bit by amid Biden claims. The standard that they held is gone me I now we can see even the him of it being affected this before you to that. I would point out something very important, some of their defences, maybe that, as this woman says, you can be both accountable. And electable. This is they meet. Two founder Toronto broke, trying to defend Joe Biden. Why? trying to seem consistent, I'm sorry when Brett Cavanaugh was on the line being accused. They said it is not a criminal complaint. We Putting this man he's going through a job interview. Should we really let this man take a job for a life or first set amount of time. If he has this character defect within him,
They didn't say you could be held accountable and electable. They said this should reflect on your character period, and now all of a sudden, the woman who coins that the phrase me to Toronto I said where all with Biden, AIDS complicated. You know you can be accountable and electable Toronto work. The activist behind the ME to movement did not outright denounced Joe Biden when weighing and untiring accusations. The funny thing about this is that she defended him. She found a way to walk back what was said about Cavanaugh to defend Joe Biden. We get it, you have no stand, now. I said earlier that there are many progressives who want the standard upheld as well, and here we can see. That's just not the case. Some of these progressive actually just would prefer bite into when anyway, because that's how much they hate Donald Trump and that's the big shocking thing.
You'd think that, with the way the media lies in props up the profit, the establishment progressive progressives would be on board to go out. The establishment more so than they are well. They actually are going up against Biden for sure, saying, never binding and now challenging the media a whole lot more. I think what we see here, though, is that some of these progressives were actually just establishment cronies, where in a mask, they want to pretend like they're all about or cause the left in the to movement up until their establishment. Corrupt politician wants to take that from Joe Biden has been accused of corruption, and and also in recent history, with several I guess you saying what he and his family did was soft corruption and, of course it's not just drawn up- but also Alyssum Olano, and most of you know this by now. Illicit mulatto has been desperately trying to defend Biden claim that target
allegations, had no credibility, a complete reversal of her position as a leader in the need to movement, but wait this about the Democrats, not just the meeting, not just the me too Peters. We can even see the meat to move at his back firing on its own leaders, which is kind of Larry us. Let us take a look at the actual progressive. Let's take a look at how this actually hurting the Democratic Party from raising this and we turn to none other than rose Mcgowan rose Mcgowan, one of the law. There is in the to movement as well lashed out of the Democrats in the media. Saying now I know too much. She said the Democratic Party and the media had become a cult she always thought of the Democrats, where the good guys, the New York Times the Washington Post, where the good guys and it turns out they worked turns out that there are the same as everybody else, but you know what, for whatever reason it for. Every isn't it is right. Now the Republicans certainly have their problems, but they are not this bad. Perhaps it's because
no leadership I don't know, perhaps because Donald Trump, created a new, more accountable to an extent. Republican party by bringing in new voters and populist people who had had traditionally been Republicans republican establishment, actually tried to remove trumpet delegation. So even the republican establishment, according to socialist magazine Jacobin, was more accountable than the democratic parties. I tell you what man, someone muscle. A thermostat in hell up to you, no doubt down down to thirty degrees, because I can't believe we are seeing once again Jacobin magazine praising conservatives, kind of kind of them they kind words to say about some concerns in the past, because the they are challenging the democratic establishment, and at least you can say the Republicans do as well. Now many in the media tried playing this off like it was just serve additives. War challenging this, but it wasn't. We ve
seen numerous progressive call out Joe Biden. They are reaping what they have sown. I can say fifty billion times, but it is here. It is not about conservatives, it is about everyone, but you, Crony establishment has no one left in their corner, but themselves and well. I have my disagreement with the progressive policies and some others ideology. I think, is really really and time when we're all standing here together, saying Joe Biden, it should be held to the same standard that you asked for then perhaps you ve lost the fight already Democrats. But what happens? What happens when people actually try to stand up and say I have to talk about this. You get the story of precise twitter demands to fire. Chris had twitters demand to fire. Chris haze goes again. The entire me to movement, I'm sure it does, and do you think any one of these people care right now.
Progressives are referring to these people as blue Magua. I love it. I love his kind of hilarious, but it's not fair. Tromp supporters are in agreement with right. Now you want to stay it's all yours now I get but they're trying to say, is that Joe Biden supporters are ignoring the claim against them. The same as Trump supporters would ignore the claim against Trump, but at least the trumps supporters are being consistent right. They don't agree with the movement at all another. Only their only saying that binding should answer for this, because you asked for it. If you want to hold cabin of the fire, they're gonna hold you to the fire and I'll get worse amid these allegations, a new story, as emerged from Vice Biden, just picked a guy me to issues of his own for a key campaign slot
we have seen resignations. We have seen many Democrats taken out of office because of accusations. You know a man when you decide to enact certain policies and ideas, you always must recognise. It will be used against you. Well, while the progressive seem to understand this sort of not the fake ones like the leaders of the meat to movement, the democratic establishment is kind of in panic that they all jumped on this bandwagon. You see this is exactly where the problem is. They see twitter as some kind of path towards getting the progressive out or to getting liberal up with these people. Aren't, aren't restrict like aren't your traditional liberals, traditional liberals, like regular liberals, that that typically vote for the Democratic Party also agree with due process. What we are seeing now, our leftists progressives and people without principle, but here's the big problem for the Democrats the progressive, are walking away from you because they think buying biting his crony. Your left now hope
bring the bag that use you. You never really agreed with well you're there the regional lies because it becomes harder and harder to keep track of what your lies are. So the Democratic Party is just gonna keep lying about what they re believe and don't be surprised when it threatens thrown back in their face, and I can't keep their stories straight. Here's what vice says I didn't campaign announced Thursday morning that Senator Chris Dodd would serve as one of four co chairs on buttons Vice presidential Election Committee, along with rapidly so blunt of Rochester, LOS Angeles mayor Eric our city and long time by an adviser, Cynthia, Hogan Abiding campaign, state announcing Dodds appointment. Describe them as a long time, friend and colleague of vice of Vice President Biden for almost forty years, who has earned a reputation as a leading voice on domestic and international issues during a service in the U S Congress, but that's, not Dodds entire reputation. Dad was well known
Senator TED candies wingman during the eightys, the Almanac of american politics, described his rights reputation as a party boy and a partner in nightlife crime of the former senator, and that includes one rather serious allegation of assault by Kennedy in which Dodd allegedly participated can grab latent democratic party. Its everything you ve ever asked for now. Listen to me to movement is done good and I still think it can do good. I dont like dragon, oppose all delegations, but I do like the idea that one may behold people to a higher standard. Maybe we won't let people like Biden and thus do get away with it. Here's the problem from supporters and conservatives are not going to believe it without hard evidence. And you know you can argue that the Democrats feel the same way. But let me just remind you for the last time the Republicans did start them to movement. They didn't come out and say we want all these accusations laid bare
as much as some Republicans did say in response to it with Trump that they would that you know that they want him removed in the end, it's what the Democratic Party wanted, and that's why this whole movement, it's all back firing on them. Perhaps if they maintained principles. Perhaps if, instead of focusing on Orange man, better talk about policy issues and how they want to help the american people, they could have one instead and their desperation. They embraced people that, in quite understand Biden O K, search for any records on red complaint and archives refuses to do the same for University of Delaware papers. We get it Biden, has no principles he's desperately trying to six under the rug but you're the craziest thing about all of this is tromp act. Really kind of defended Joe Biden real, clear politics. Trump do Biden
Respond to read could be false accusations. I know all about false accusations while you're right about consistency. Let's talk about consistency, Donald Trump saying they may be false accusations I dont know, but bring brings the possibility, giving Joe Biden potential defence why because Donald Trump has been accused two. Instead of playing silly games, it saying: oh, no, no Joe Biden did it. Trope actually comes out and says this. That was superb well actually know. A magazine was surprising to me, you can complain all day, an item of the president's behaviour in the people around them in the policy implements, but again he invited me movement has been critical of it and is critical of it now so well, what are we go? The Democrats, hypocrisy of failure to uphold any real. Values, they run on kitchen table issues and immediately go to trying to try and impeach Donald Trump. We see from loving outlets trying claim that the Republicans are actually the ones with a double standard concern of media appears ready to believe women against Biden they.
Tat tall, reeds accusation against the presumptive nominee originated originally circulated in left wing media, but has now found on the right with the president's son, among those giving an oxygen, because you try to destroy Brett Cavanaugh Birthing donors Dennis, I think these left Oh it's totally know this. They know that they tried to do it, but it's an easy outlook if they're lying, but the accusations in line with the evidence. If there are hundreds of stories about Christine Basi Ford and ignore tolerate, we know, there's no principle and no integrity on the democratic establishment side on the media establishments. So I'll tell you what let me rapid with one very easy to make point people say TIM, regular Democrats Alla time somebody commented. They said yes, when the media is lying and pushing the same fate. Talking point. The democratic party, of course tempting to call it out, because his calling liars and that really is it Donald Trump actually staying consistent with what what what what? What what I complain about. Try say: oh all, of Donald Trump once once by an answer
then he should do is literally bringing it up. He's literally saying he was accused to now now maybe trot could go and address every single person over accuse them. Whatever I dunno point as its very obvious that the media was supporting the Democrats how could tat could anyone argue the me isn't biased at this point? It's not about who's. Got the better policy ideas? That's that's! That's what really comes down to I have not made, while, for the most part on argument in favour of Republican Europe. Looking policy manifesto, maybe some positions here and there and disagree with many of them and that's where things get really weird, simply By calling out the lies, they say you must secretly want the policies of the Republican Party. That makes literally no sense. I just dont, like the fact that you are all liars and you have only pretended to have these positions. We have benefited you politically. That is disturbing
and now I'm glad to see it, I'm glad to see that you are now reaping what you have sown pot meet cattle over there excitements, coming up at six p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. Thanks, rang it out, and I will see you all next time Joe Biden, has released an official statement denying the allegations against him from tar, a red and its appear, Emma S morning, Joe to face questions from Michael Ski and boy. Does it look bad? It is official statement he lied and like a presence. He actually pressed him see. Joe Biden statement was how about you can go search these records and not these other records because you are the all managed. Don't Look over there! It's fine! It's fine! As confidential stuff, we got pressed on it and the dude fizzled out bad on tv and now everyone saying imagine how bad it will be when he standing next to Donald Trump. If he couldn't take the heat from Amazon,
NBC of all places. How will he handle Donald Trump questioning him in a real debate? He won't. Naturally we can see that Joe Biden has denied the allegations but I want to show you some of that. Some of the responses from the comments- and I know of the forcing me to show you is that Joe Biden lied. Let me die some men, if you ve been following any of my commentary and coverage on the stuff, you know that I am no fan of thirty year old allegations. I would apply the same standard of buying that it would do Brett Cavanaugh when Woe Zimbabwe for came out against Cavanaugh. We had no corroboree, witnesses you'd know where it happened. Now she got there and that the allegation against them was that he's a tender to a bad that his friend, jumped on they roll dorani. She ran away. Ok, sure, maybe something back. Happened while they were really young and older and high school or college or something
it's a weird allegation that ultimately just didn't go anywhere with no witnesses. Joe Biden was an adult working for the: U S: government, when he is accused of pending a woman torrid up against the wall and of Cuba, family friendly. Doing really awful things are of a difference here is that tar red has corroborating evidence a lot of it. That doesn't prove anything and I'm still no fan of pulling up. Thirty all delegations to drag someone, especially when their running for President Joe Biden ran for president before me. Are these allegations only coming out now? I dont like it below inside this as much as I would apply this standard, I've, gotta, say right now. First, I still don't why. I still don't appreciate this. I still think this should not be an issue, but, based on what Joe Biden has said, I now really do believe tolerate. I really do so. Listen it's possible that too Reed had something happen, or ninety three and now she's exam
writing issue for political points. You can make up a bunch of reasons why she's doing what she's doing. I don't know for sure what I can tell you that Joe Biden has pushed obvious lies and its desperately trying to cover something up. It would seem it would seem, and now that gives me a feeling, like Joe Biden ACT, something actually happen. Here, and I think he knows he has lied now on multiple occasions been called so at first he tried claiming the New York Times cleared me. They found no evidence what happens next. The New York Times He's a statement saying that's not true. We actually did find corroborating evidence and then he issues the statement. The false statement from Joe Biden talking about protecting women in all the stuff- and it is an overt lie as soon as I rather I would whoa whoa he's lying. Why would Y Y and in a weird way too? he could have key could have quashed the corroborating evidence. You could have challenged it and said here's what really happen. Instead he lies to me it seems like he's trying to cover this up, he's hoping that people who want
you're paying attention will see his statement and believe it. He knows we actually had to address it. It would make him look bad. That's how I feel about turns up in a statement. He said she, She's just said she raised some of these issues with it with her supervisor and singing Staffers from my office at the time they both men and women and women have said unequivocally that she never came to them and complained. Raised issues, news organisations that have talked with literally dozens of former staffers have found. I have not found one, not one, who corroborate her allegations in any way. Indeed, many of them spoke to the culture of an office that would not have tolerated harassment in any way, as indeed I would not have and there it is That's that's an overt lied. I don't understand why you would lie like that. The New York Times has come out and said that he is inaccurately pushing their story is talking points see what I'd claiming with at the New York Times centrally cleared above any wrongdoing the New York Times.
As no such thing. In fact, the New York Times says the store We also include former interns who remembered red, suddenly changing roles and no longer overseeing them which took place During the same time period that Reed said she was abruptly reassigned roads. How The times also spoke to a friend who said Read told of the data. The delegation at the time, another friend and reads brother, say she told them of dramatic a traumatic incident involving by now binds recently said, former staffers, yes, former interns, always that Joe Biden Weasel words. Will interns aren't staffers? Are they oh come on? We know what you mean, people in your office where they would tolerated or not corroborated a part of her story. When she said she went in complained about it, she got in trouble that that they basically retaliated against her for this, and the New York Times pointed this out and
your time still tried downplaying this later on, many people are going to say, wait a minute. This actually kind of corroborates her story. Look I'm not saying we know for sure that targets on the truth we dont have video evidence. Photo evidence, but I'll tell you what Joe Biden is trying to too sweet is under the and east. Any unease use an easily methods to do it now. Check this out is from the daily. The daily collar highlighted the segment from Micro, Brzezinski S interview with Joe Biden. It's bad. Let me tell you it's bad mica. Does it does a good job, not a great job? There's a bunch of stuff she could have brought up. She didn't bring up things out Daily Cortez Michael Brzezinski presses Joe Biden on opening up send it records at the University of Delaware quote or use certain. There was nothing about tar read in those records. He says I am absolutely certain. If so, why not approve a search of her name in those records and Joe Biden just go what are understand what we mean Oh, she got him
she got him boys do fell apart in seconds, so here's let's go, it happens. Joe Biden has a bunch of documents at the University of Delaware. Many people have said: if there's a complaint against them, it will be. There However, the university says they will not release these records until two years after Joe Biden leaves public life. Joe Biden asked about this and he says: well, you know, there's theirs our financial stuff. On there things that could be taken out of context. It would be bad for my complying yadda, yadda blah blah blah. So what mica says is: ok, and how about they only search for the name, tar, red and just as it is a matter not in there, and she goes if you dont. If you don't care nothing it's in there, then let him search for it and then you just spends out he's saying that people search such it should go in search these these other records. These other records that that the Senate the Senate records, then you know Elsie, there's no complaint and their well. According to
at schlep he's countering job. I won't. Let me show you what Joe Biden said. He says something the fact that there is to be effective, the quote there is only one place. A complaint of this kind could be the national archives, the national archives, as where the records where, where the records are kept and what was then called the Office of fair employment practices, I am requesting the secretariat and ask the archives and to identify any record of a complaint. She alleges she filed and make available to the press any such document. If there was ever such a complaint, the wreck, we'll be there match lap. He is what is with sea back. I believe he treated this. The Congress has long been exempt from the public records laws. The executive branch follows why? Because it helps members of both parties cover up scandals. Biden knows there are no record requirements, which is why he is asking for them to be public. Clever trick, don't fall for it. If Joe Biden says we can make these these records,
you know our public well, I kind of agree with Michael Brzezinski. I do a why not a search through the University of Delaware. He had no answer. He had absolutely no answer, he just sputtered and mumbled, and about what but doesn't matter you didn't learn in their ok. Well cared for, and above remarked, we could you imagine this man going up against Donald Trump Tromp is going it's gonna. It's gonna be what it wait. What would it Joe and his guess? A MIKE Tyson verses, a three year old and that sounds exe Raymond, silly no games. Not even not even plan Joe Biden can't handle the fireman like a couple. More tweets M, O Connell restores only show you Jim The scale of the interests outside there are eight women who have made allegations against Joe Biden there. Witnesses, who say red told them at the time what she alleges happened to her. You wouldn't know that from his interview might get a decent job with you're searching the archive and biting Cavenaugh stance. So that's the other issue. The double standard We can see certainly that the double standard exists right, Cavanaugh.
There was nothing like this. There was no records, no complaints, no property witnesses, and here we have all this. I want to make sure. I absolutely reiterate that I don't care for this story. I dont think it should be used against Biden. I do not like this, because what with Cavanaugh he had been there, before he was a federal judge. They went. There was his where they found nothing. All of a sudden now is gonna be appointed as high job. This. This is high position and his allegation start emerging well. Joe Biden has run for president before and he will end like well here. The primary we did see any of the stuff. Why now? I don't trust it. I don't trust him but I will tell you this Joe Biden is not handle his well at all he would people don't realize. Let me show you this year from that this, this clip where's my guys talking to Joe Biden I'll, tell you what man I watched this clip- and I knew immediately, this is going to be very, very bad for Joe Biden, you see
What people need to understand about public relations? Marketing in the press is that it often doesn't matter. If what you're saying is true, it matters the imagery that people have in their heads You can use weasel words too to obviate the truth. You can actually use facts to manipulate by meeting certain information by including certain format. Have you been example: Donald Trump. That hold that whole new cycle about Trump saying you know it does in fact, and injections and stuff I wanted it happening- was a store A story emerged. The next eight saying calls to poison control increase after Donald Trump. You have talked about disinfectant in the body and it made it seem like it was trumps fault now. It was a fact that trumps at this, and then towards these calls came in, but they omitted other information to drawing to that conclusion. What Joe Biden doesn't seem to realise- or maybe has no choice, is at the moment, Michael Brzezinski said in nineteen. Ninety three:
you pen, her against the wall, etc, market, etc. That would keep this family friendly, but she said it. She read that allegation they're gonna, be people say at home, who are now going to be imagining creepy old, lecherous Joe Biden, all the photos, all the videos of him touching grabbing women, pushing summoned up against the wall? They are going to believe it whether or not they do or they don't. In their heads momentary about Donald Trump. I can already hear the Biden people go like, but trumpeted this interrupted that and their responding. The comet saying just that, the matter it doesn't matter to people who, like tromp, like Trump for who he is. And there are many people who don't like Trump but think he is better on policy. So that's what you need to get three through three, if you you- and I trust people if you dont like trot, listen to this when Trump. Calls the press, fake news when he pushes back when the insult them. There is a contingent of people who, like that it is. It is a feeling you get a symbol that it that that being knock down
but people who who Hake trumpet the same feeling when Jim Acosta screeched the President when Donald Trump steps up- and he pushes back on people on the enemy of the people, as he says right, the fake news there, people at home, who are tired of being lied about open, called every, namely the book saying. Thank you for standing up for me. They feel good. They like it when Donald Trump pushes people around they like it that they like that, he's that character. Now there are many people have spoken to, in fact, most people I spoke to you know when I travel, who have voted for Donald Trump, they talk about how and why is attitude, but guess what he's better on policy? Now, considering that listen to what's going on with Joe Biden when Joe Biden has asked these questions, left is extremely susceptible and sensitive to these
accusations, I mean they're, the ones who, for the most part, led the social justice charge. That means Biden is ridiculously vulnerable when they hear those words out of my mouth, you pin her against the wall. You took your hands and you know it you don't you, you may know the wrath, if not yet, look it up as a mechanic. The rapid details, what they hear that they have a visceral reaction of a creepy old man who- I've seen rabby women doing this. When the people who like trot here that that they here and in that that tape worries I dunno what women, let you do whatever they want. You can random yadda yadda people here that some people laugh other people cringe, but they both have a reason to vote for the president, even even the ones who think he's grossing, don't like him gotta get it. You gotta understand this and there's a lot of reasons that people you know like me: I've called out trumps behaviour and and and his character, and I did vote form, but if you can't see this, you will lose. This was really really bad for Joe Biden TAT. It was real
really bad denials are meaningless. The court of public opinion operates on feeling, and when you see this man struggle to answer. Why he's not going to allow a record search? People start doubting his credibility, saying that strange and he sputtered out it was bad. Now we got us, we hear from our ban. Smithers interesting Mary, Bruce tweeted. Tory tells us at the time in nice,. Ninety three: she complained to the Senate Personal Office. That bind had made her feel uncomfortable, but she said you did not mention and assault, and she has no record of the complaint Biden calling for any records to be released than Psmith and said. This is really important is a really important detail. If the alleged complaint surfaced Red says it won't mention an assault. So so what tolerate had the foresight in ninety ninety three to set up this whole thing perfectly, so that Biden could never exonerate himself? No, I think the chips are
falling where they were. They may, and I think it just so happens. That Biden has struggled to answer for this, and I can tell you what I said: if labelling the times this knock on, that I'm not been used against Biden, but but this is bad for binding is struggling to actually present any evidence that makes them look good when Brett Cavanaugh was up was on trial and the public they ask us embassy forth a series of questions she couldn't corroborate should know where she was just didn't. She got there her friends did there was no witnesses to the story. It's the inverse with tar, reed, multiple friends and relatives, add yeah. She told us this her neighbor came on set. I remember her talking about this, and now it's all at all. You know here we are so in Joe Biden, has asked about this and says: don't search the records now the sun. If I wait a minute you get, He told me people about this. Her cheek. She was reassigned abruptly to former staffers
corroborated all of a sudden. She was reassign. That's lining up the details, not oh! No, it ultimately happened, may me. Exaggerate what really happened- maybe Biden just Pendergast along yelled at all, and she says I now I can exaggerate the claim. I don't know I'm not gonna. Like I do know, I will tell you: Biden has handled as extremely poor. Offered. This is a flashlight search where a witness tells police to look only where Jonathan Turley says in response to what Joe Biden has has offered. This is a flashlight search where a witness tells least to look only where he is shining the light. This calls for sunlight, not a flashlight. I found Biden quite credible up to that. The solution is to allow searches in both sites of animal conduct allegation by anyone S. A really really good point once have right now is Joe Biden sang I can
my innocence and he's point a flashlight in one direction, but there's a whole room around us that makes me feel like did not credible Lang. Greenwell response is this a consensus now that the way Judge Cabinet was treated and how the accusations against him viewed were unfair and unjust and should not be used in the future ever again or are they just suspended for tar, red and Joe Biden? Mica was consistent. Here's the standard Joe, but an advocate for twenty eighteen during the cavern,
hearings about how a woman's claims against a powerful male political figures should be evaluated. Sang for woman come forward in the glaring light of focus nationally. You ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she's talking about his real. Whether or not she forgets facts whether or not it's been made worse or better overtime. There isn't a significant. I did not ask for the standard, nor did most of you. The people who defended Joe Biden said we can't have the standard Joe Biden. Ask this standard be applied to everybody is now being applied to him and he is fluttering and fumbling any can't handle it. He can't handle what he wanted. A goes to show you rules for thee, but not for me. Chris Wallis has said Joe Biden has totally mismanaged claims against him, and it is just this is just the other. Actually this published today from statements, I'm I believe you may last night before the Biden claims I'm sorry for binds. They make him out
Fox NEWS Sunday, Chris Wallace told the Fox NEWS, rundown podcast Friday. It was under democratic nominee, totally mismanaged this quote. He hasn't said a word as we sit here today, while I was told Chris Foster he's had a lot of what come out and defend him. A lot of women, incidentally, allowed woman, who, incidentally, went tooth and nail after Brett Cabinet back in twenty team and said women must be believed. Dare I say the trap was laid and Biden has fallen into it. I'm sorry, there's there's nothing. You can do as far as I'm concerned right, Cavanaugh one he weathered the store, But what they didn't realise is that, as they were attacking Brett Cavanaugh, they were setting a trap for themselves, Donald Trump supporters. First of all, many don't believe these women and think they're politically motivated, and they may be second of all
of them dont care anyway and there's their learn about four trump. No matter. What would your voters democrats are extremely sensitive to this? They are the ones who are going to walk over the trap and fallen Joe Biden. You have done this to yourself. The Democrats have done this to themselves if only they would listen to reason. They don't and now here we are my prediction: it's gonna be, really really really bad forbidden. In the long run. The one accusation highlighted on MSNBC with a statement will now enter major new cycle. They were trying to ignore it for a long time. He could have addressed it immediately. He could have shut it down. He didn't he made it worse. They all I made it worse. He could have come out immediately and sad something. The effect of you know. Quickly. No, I will ever
We address this out. You know we can start with a standard I've laid Balboa. Unfortunately, he was doomed from the start. The moment they went after Brett Cavenaugh with a scorched earth tactic, just burn it all down in a desperate bid to stop this man. They set a standard for themselves, they could never stand up to and, of course, like I said, the conservatives, Trump supporters It's not going to affect them the same way. It won't, and we know it are our trump supporters. Social justice activists who demand cancellation know some of them, but it's rare, inverted I'll, give it like an eighty twenty eighty percent of the time. It's the left being overly sensitive about nasty words and accusations. Sir Sometimes it is conservatives. You know they'll burnt out you'll you'll, see a lot of transport is burning, Nike gears on like that, but that rarely happens. Boycotts from the right rarely happen to their own detriment. They don't really like this. They don't demand. Companies and individuals be held accountable in,
same way. Often when they do, it doesn't work anyway, because the media is on the side of the Democrats for the most part. Well, you report you have zone. I think You're gonna see a lot of middle age, suburban women hearing this hearing the words come out of Micro Brzezinski Mouth, whether or not a true whether another statement effect the question but in their minds they will imagine this lecherous old man. We ve seen the photos. Videos and they we'll just be like I'm crept out by this man. It's gonna hurt him and really well, but little benefit the Democrats in the long run because they swept by now. I don't know if I can just about the accusation is also about Joe Biden just struggling to speak. The man is clearly not a for this year, when I read up with us when I saw the video of Joe Biden on on my guy and his face this poor old man, it was it was. I was disturbed to say the least: I'm not a fan of Biden for a lot of reasons, but to see this, this old men gasping and struggling
and just being challenged in a way that he clearly can't handle. He's he's done at this point. He need is his sunsetting. He needs to be given a rocking chair, some sweet tee. So take a look at the sunset. This man cannot handle the fires of a presidential campaign. It is going to get I don't think he's gonna make it I've at what what I mean by that is he's not going to build a handle this and if it does come to the end of the presidential campaign with him, there he's gonna be sitting in a basement sleeping half the time unable to actually carry out what a campaign requires of him. I ll leave it there. I guess we'll see how things play out around next time is coming up. At one p m on this gentleman I will see while there it seems like Michigan is becoming the epicenter of the re open, the economy, protests after hundreds of protest, some carrying guns entered the state capitol demonstrating against Michigan, emergency measures. Now here's work. It's crazy. This
the legislator said we're not going to extend the lockdown Governor Whittemore said: don't care gonna? Do it anyway, because of this, because the protests were now looking at what may be the epicenter others in response, Donald Trump has called on Whittemore to strike a deal. Put some of these fires up. I got Simon. There are a lot of ignorant posts and I've certainly talk a lot from people who don't understand the real devastation coming our way due to the economic shut but regardless we should not allow an executive. Someone like Mortimer to override state legislature I'm just saying now: we're gonna keep everything lockdown anyway, there's gotta be some kinds of checks and balances, especially when its dealing with margin see powers and one is dealing with constitutional rights of freedom. A bit of about this protest, and I want to show you what's going on with Whittemore. And we see new, says heart of protesters in as a capital right we get this, they say, protests, protests held signs, waved american flags and even carried file,
Your arms, while some chatted, let us in- and this is the people's house- you can't lock us out- others tried to get the house floor, but were blocked by state police and sergeant at arms. According to NBC Affiliate in Detroit Estate, police spoke and told NBC News that it is legal in Michigan to carry firearms as long as it's done with lawful intent and the weapon is visible mission. And united for Liberty, organise the protest dubbed the American Patriot Rally to call for the reopening of businesses. State law makers who are republican lead in both chambers on Thursday night declined to extend the states emergency declaration before it expired at midnight. Instead, they voted to bring a lawsuit to challenge Wittmus Authority and actions to fight virus pandemic, the democratic governor quickly issued new orders stating that emergency still exist, while also declaring new twenty eight day states of emergency.
This answer. I'm sorry, I got say it. The states that did not lockdown republican, the states that are going nuts Democrats, don't ask me: why is falling and tribal lines now? It's not completely democrat Republicans when it comes to ribbon economy, but it does tend to mostly be Republicans. Conservatives transporter saying we gotta open things back up about my jobs by our my job at, but I see a video and I came over where it was from, but I think they have been like California or Hawaii. You got what looks like couple hippies on a beach being told they can't do their thing. We ve, certainly seen. People who are not Republicans angered by this I must tell you that I think is gonna reflect very, very poorly on Democrats going into November, keep in mind a bunch of urban liberals rushed gun stores when this pandemic started getting out of hand, showing that many people who normally would have voted for somebody who would restrict your right, were now saying my kind of like the right to do this. There was a funny
viral video. Where a gunshot boner said. Maybe you people who are mad about these restrictions should have voted, when these people were saying they were to come and take away your stuff republic, in law makers are putting their heads in the sand, says Whittemore and more lives and livelihoods at risk. I am not going to let that happen. Whittemore who has faced a fierce backlash for strict stay at home. Extended. The order earlier this month until may fifteenth but she is some restrictions on public activities, as the states krona virus to stabilize Michigan, however, still has more than forty thousand cases and is one of the hardest hit states. You know what look I can but Stockton Emergency, there's gotta be a line. There's got to be some kind of check. You wanna argue about Donald, a building the wall or doing travel bans. Yes right, we ve argued. And civil rights lawyers have challenged trumps travel bans, but guess what now that? Because we're not now we're in a pandemic, you got the loved actually agreeing with Trump travel bans. This is deaf
now one emergency there going after American, constitutionally practised civil rights, there's an argument but who gets to travel here? Who doesn't there's no argument about whether the government has the right to tell you you can't assemble. Neither funny thing about this is keeping a bunch of lefty say things like these. Men are carrying guns, trying to do but eight lawmakers. What are you talking about? What is there to do? these invisible, going troubled guns and go shoot at Whittemore Then? You're nuts they're going access to exercising their bill of their constitutional rights as they say, The emergency declaration gives Whittemore Authority to issue executive orders donor crisis. Its extension is separate from that of the state. How mortar, as the
Protest move indoors in the rainy stepped to the capital police took the temperatures of those entering the building using forehead thermometers according to NBC Ellie affiliate would of Grand Rapids negotiating at the video. Like the operation gridlock demonstration April, fifteenth over witnessed Wittmus state or more many demonstrators appeared to be supporters of present Donald Trump. Make Amerika great again campaign hats and, in one instance, putting on a dance routine by two girls wearing masks that appeared to be of Trump and former President Barack Obama. I dont know why that make they. They think those people were trump. Supporters but sure we're now seeing Donald Trump respond. Saying Whittemore should make a deal with protesters. President may present trot. May the remark one day after some demonstrators who, under the state ass, were armed with automatic rifles ah don't believe the guardian knows what an automatic rifle is, and I dont believe
Many of them were armed with automatic rifles. That would be odd, but maybe they were. I guess others were heavily, restrict that anyone they say the God is a tweet from Trump. The governor of Michigan should give a little and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again safe. They see them talk that make a deal summit of some of the demonstrators and lancing on Thursday carried assault rifles. No, they didn't. They did not carry assault rifles men, the current state of journalism. I am not even a gun, sport- and I know this already sounds ridiculous. My understanding is all Poles have selective fire, meaning bursts ATO and Semi ATO, and I dont think those are legal to carry around anyway as much as many on owners would probably want them to be. I dont believe it. They were carrying assault rifles. The guardian of note there writing about that's just a shame. I was well Elon. Musk recently came up and said what's going on as fascist, and you know what a lot of people are trying to do
you must be got us a kind of agree with them. Well, you know the way painted on twitter. As you see, all the fascists come out and media arguing for more government authority more. Let look in shot down there, something very important if we brought up brought brought up as to why you see people protesting big businesses are getting all of the benefit stores like Walmart can stay open, selling, whatever nonsense they want, but specialty stores can't. That means If you're a store that sells, you know a bunch of random knickknacks and alcohol. If you sell some kind of food good, so Walmart cells, everything meaning that those who get the advantage are those of special high class privilege, Big Box stores, big billion dollar companies and not mom and pop shops. Silhouette of seeing is that over a Walmart, oh, they got. You know guarding section you can go to. They ve got special you even by whatever you ain't pots and pans, but maybe
a small store? That's not that that sells like restaurant level, kitchen supplies or specific handled a certain service and their shut down. What do you think these people saying when their second arm saying all of my business is now and to Walmart they're going and protesting So where are all of these lefty libertarian activists anti for types to defend the working class against the of the authority mocking them. I love it. I thought I thought you know it's funny about these lucky protesters, they're supposed to be fighting for the working last, but that they don't really funny video of like construction workers in Seattle, sh. Outing down Socialists, the Socialist Party, Knowing that you know they represent the working class, but they dont their upper class. Privileged college educated elites, the working class are trying to get their their jobs back but trying to get there. Businesses from going under, but now have someone like Elon Musk, and the reason why this is important is that unto on red it they're all sang Ilan must
is saying that fascist and which have reopened because he's a billionaire who wants to get rich and he doesn't care about the poor people there? It is again city folk, upper class college, educated elites, acting like their poor people or that they actually can. About them. No, while there are, there are some accusations that IRAN is about to get a massive, pay day so long as the value of Tesla goes up and he's worried about it, because a plant closures, I think you and musk, is just right. Nay, he mocked in the past, saying. Oh no, the economy and now he's kind of a kind of realizing ticket. I usually said this was our record call quote If somebody want to stay in their house, that's great. Ah, they can stay in their house and they should not be compelled to leave, but to say that they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do. This is fascist. This is not democratic. Is not freedom, give people back their GDP freedom? and you have Governor Whittemore, ignoring state legislator in saying I'm gonna do anyway. Now here's they had no status.
Demanded an order forbidding resident from leaving their homes, although many of us ordered residents to two only leave for essential purposes. Right we get it. Elon musk was hyperbolic, exaggerating the point, but the reality. As people have gone to the beach they been arrested, people have gone, the parked have been arrested, People have been walking to the storm and questioned by cops people at note. There was one the New Jersey not you're. Far from where I live, workable people left, the house were seen my captain unchallenged and they told the cops tat. You know f off and they got arrested for what if they were under the store. What, if those essential purpose- and I sat on I'm gonna- tell you anything yet worse. Being dramatic overreach. Yet when it alms to the left. They are supporting this now. Look. We can argue about what the left really is and I think it's fair to up to align progressives the Democratic Party necessary. They have haven't alignment on a lot of issues, especially with Bernie Sanders. You know in the race another Bernie is out, there seem to be a fracturing where the left is actually not challenging. Establishment
now that in a surly trust, most of them on their intentions, but at least are calling the bad stuff. I still question: where are they right now, they're, not speaking up shouldn't antifraud, beat be agreeing with Elon Musk that the government should just be to be able to decree. No one can go outside. The bigger problem is, for the most part, it's the economy needs to reopen meet shortages, food shortages and their ignoring. All of this four tribal reasons. I know I noise at a million times, but take a look at the result. Where are the social justice activists? New York cops chase hearse as they disperse jewish funeral in Brooklyn and arrest a teen after Bell, the plaza was rendered a hypocrite for ordering a crack down to stop kind of our spreading Miller, also specifically targeted a minority religious community, the jewish mini, because they were at a funeral morning. A rabbi. Now that to me is absolutely disgusting I understand the need of social deficit for social distancing at all
Let's stop I'll. Tell you what it's not even this, that the states are coming. The mortality rate is alot lower than we realised, and the projections were way higher than you know then called projections too high. All that matters is what we ve done. So far has worked. How Bout Ya'Ll Chill The hospitalization right is going down. New York may actually be already over the peak and down at the bottom of the curve on the other end, in which case New York. Why are you doing this? Why are you targeting jewish people arresting people? picking up funerals. Why is governed what more locking things down? While some have said, they viewed as punishment because not so much for New York. I mean you can argue that build applause using anti semite nothin is fair argument. This point, I don't see him targeting other communities when the blue angel flying around Europe. What did he do? Nothin they, ignore nobody came on celebrated, but oh Heaven forbid some jewish people, one of a funeral. That's insane governor Whittemore actually said because these protests we may have to extend the lockdown
And I want a republican state legislature said we're not extending this. She said the GEO p is gonna, get people killed, yeah, it seems partisan for sure And it seems like she may be doing this power hungry or maybe it's tribal maybe because so many people on the left aren't actively paying attention to the news and don't know what that the negative cons once will be she's just rolling with its hang up. I don't care what or why it's a bunch of gun, token transporters who are protesting from LA come down harder. It seems The real issue here, as far as I can tell, is that tribal partisan politics are affecting how decisions are being made and boy is that insane, but take a look at the republican states like the south, the code, I believe in South Dakota yeah? That's a governor refuse to lockdown. That's not tribal politics. These these bright red states he's got the republican governor States
abiding by the constitution, the Democrats who locked down their states, I can understand, sang I we got serious problems. New Yorkers go nuts will now time to slowly start reopening right. I guess not. They ve Alex that, their lockdown orders and what I said, some Republicans, never even locked anything down so you can. I guess you can argue that you ve got an establishment left that is ok with embracing authoritarianism. Personalities online were arguing for this stuff dont care in their like you, it's a good thing. Whatever the consequences may be, just give people money just print money. Where are the libertarian left activists? I'm sorry, they don't exist. They dont people like to argue the anti fraud is libertarian they're, not they use violence to get what they want their authoritarian or about the Bernie Sanders, I don't see them come about defending freedom, their arguing for the authority. Does it mean they're overtly rotarian, but there certainly falling on it on the on the authoritarian spectrum. In this regard, now there is
pull out a weirdness go onto, and let's talk about what visa the federal government is doing. National Guard protecting Marilyn's corona virus tests in undisclosed, location, so federal government can't sees them. Ok, so weird story, I get it though they bought these tasks from South Korea that a one gonna fellow got federal government. Some may argue that and they have dropped as one. Do you like a dictator and that's why I highlight the story because in reality, Trump has actually taken a much more libertarian or liberty based approach to what's going on calling for states slowly, reopen he's been consistently trying to get things to reopen and they accuse him of just tryin to make money for the economy and things like that wealth for the economy as a good reason, because we ve starve, but like like Ilan, must they say always about sacrificing poor people just to make money now Bill BAR came out and said: the constitution is not cancelled. Unease is ordered, I believe, prosecutors, to look it states that are violating the constitution. How
You want me to conclude this when I look at Bill BAR and Trop, saying open things up bill bar specific reference in constitutional freedoms,. How do you want me to conclude this when the Nypd is specifically targeting jewish people? You know a man We ve seen anti fascist the enjoyment types screaming racial slurs. We ve seen the left advocate for overt racist policies. We see New York targeting jewish people. We have seen, for the past couple years, the jewish community being targeted with beat down and surprise attacks and muggings all threatening york, and what have they done? They joined in This is done joining it. No, I get it weren't a pandemic. I get a serious problems, but what am I I wish to say a somebody. You know. Little luck. You see rose Mcgowan, saying that the Democrats in the media are occult shows that there are the good guys yet welcomed the wake up. Call New York city using their gun, control measures, targeted minority communities specifically, and that's the activists told us they called out Bloomberg Devalue, hey, that's a blue areas where the blows
country, build applause, YO, specifically targeting jewish people at a time when they are already being targeted. Yes, we get it. These are the people and announcing every Democrat. I think there are too many liberals were passive and not paying attention, and because of this people, like us, liberal minded people have left lunatics, racists and authoritarian take over and that's why people are walking away when you finally wake up to what they're doing look at Whittemore is doing. This stuff is shocking and disgusting, and it's like the the evidence piles up day after day what happened with the with Republicans when they had that do come up talk about White Nationalism, Steve King, they censured him. They were moving from every committee. I say thank you to that and then I look at these. You know people again Crenshaw. I respect right because I disagree with on policy. I just goes on these policies. Where has the left gone? Whereof, the liberals gone, they are no longer playing the game and because of this lunatics have taken over, I was hanging.
With a friend, you know last year and we were talking about a lot of the stuff. A friend of mine was a big Bernie supporter, and I was saying things like you're, not know bad. It's really gotten. When I see these people claiming gonna left screaming Rachel slurs at conservatives, because you know there was a big black probably and they asked me like. Why is the stuff happening? I said it's because you won't speak up. I do every day and people claim on conservative or or a run pills or something it's I do. I would happily vote for saying rational damage? someone who is a normal liberal but they're, not here anymore, you can, Look at my arm! I I can guess Tyrol, podcast its currently being run by my body, Adam Adam, is, is lefty a lot of these. The vigour come on. Yet, when we talk about the stuff, they call him going that that they jokingly said you want full Margo one episode, because he was talking about our right and our country and what we
but we believe in and unlike know, dude, that's what liberal used to mean it used to be. Conservatives and liberals agreed America and even though you still get those conservative personalities and liberals hate America on things like that, I know I'm joking about em exaggerate, but things of that nature and you did have the have them, but we still waved the american flag. We still talk about border security. We still talk about helping our own citizens and supporting our troops. Now. What do we get? The leftist that have taken over are either lion. Don't actually believable even just want power. Aren't I can't tell you look what's going on in New York City? Let me remind you that when they acted their gun, put the gun, control measures stop and risk. They went straight to the black, we can see. What's going on, the Republicans are saying: defend the constitution, defend people's rights, stop the authoritarian overreach,
Their specifically highlighting the loss of small business and the threat the world faces due to economic collapse. Where are the liberals? They're gone? Look. This is why I think I stand out when it comes to you do continent people say I'm bias, retargeting Democrats, all other TIM to visit www domination, the bag for trot. No, I'm just a liberal and those people are not. I don't know what they are I even agree on principle with some with progressive on a lot of things and when I see progressives on Youtube, calling out bite in the democratic stabbed judgment and the fake news media, like we agree on these things, I disagree with you on policy, but where are the real liberals? They're gone there not paying attention? My friends, I've talked to them not paying attention, and this is what you will get extreme authoritarianism is not coming from Trump. It's not coming from billboard it's coming from these lunatics and then be as of this, because of this weird swing towards supporting whatever stupid position, the left once these governors is enacted, insanity and get away with it. So I hope you out
enjoy living in New York. I left for a reason I ve been away. I left I moved to New York and I left- and this is partly why justify this? I dare you you can't this stuff isn't happening in a Republican, controlled city. You can argue about pro life pro choice, taxes whenever this stuff is not happening, it's happening in New York City. I am, though, this rent I, unless I'm coming up for you at four p m Nita com slashed him cast. It is a different channel, and I will see you all, then I defended the tick tock nurses, these videos of nurses, doing us a little silly little dances. I defended them. And then, when we get one of the most disturbing and offensive tik Tok dance cringe. No less people accused me of pandering, four tromp or something or being read pillar wherever, because apparently it's only conservatives that are criticising nurses for doing these ridiculous things. No, I'm sorry you're wrong breakdown What you see on the screen is a bunch of nurse.
Is carrying a corpse or what supposed to be one dancing with a dead body. They thought it was funny. What we're witnessing is Tik Tok nurse race to the bottom, early on. Several nurses did some silly dances and videos went viral and above conservatives did start saying? What is this and the reason they did? What was it like? I thought these hospitals were overwhelmed how is this nurses are all dancing around one is hospitals are supposed to be overwhelmed? The act? The answer is actually quite simple. A doctor actually chimed in and said. Listen. We have few minutes before or during a shift will reform a thirty second video. It's not that big of a deal in on video or that a stupid dance. The guys that that the the lead of the ship or wherever sad we didn't you and start our shifty at and we are all showing up. We decided to a little dance in the courtyard. Those are fine and I defended them. But what's happening now is because of the viral fame. We are seeing viral
chasers. These technologies are now trying to one up each other in the most ridiculous sword ways to try and get some kind of viral, and it ends with them doing something so ridiculous, a rational person to do to stop what is wrong with you. People look at this. It's a bunch of nurses do just that. That mean other guys caring the coffin and they dance with it. That's it that's, apparently what they're supposed to be doing. They thought it was funny to to carry a bag in a body, a plastic bag and bounce around with it for a time when people's loved? are dying. O congratulations on your viral fame. You lunatics! This is the problem. Although bans Pusher, I don't care about that. I defended that, but their job trying to get fame now some of them are downright ridiculous and open in one of em they're like playing the titanic music and they're, just like
rowing themselves on a bad as someone pushes on I'll tell you what man, you won't talk about, having a few minutes between a shift or something where you can dance, I got no problem. You wanna go, get a bunch of people eager put it on clay on top of a stretcher. Have someone push you down the halls and stage this whole thing? You are not blowing off more boosting morale. I'm sorry drop it but of course, falling down. It tribal issues? Let me show you this article show the criticism and I'll show you what people are trying to defend it with no luminous April. Twenty third Metro killed joys. One, and I just staff to stop morale. Boosting tik, Tok dances, morale, boosting. No, I got no problem with the dancing. The problem I have with the escalation of desperate viral by reality, whether actually now dedicating time in their day to do some stupid, choreographed bs, when they shouldn't be blasting, go, do it. I again defended that stopped
act like the only people who are mad about this are killed, joys or trump supporters. Look at a story, dancing nurses carrying what appears to be a band corpse, labelled covert. Nineteen are each new Tik Tok video, which has been slammed online for being in poor taste. For nurses are not identified and there was no indicated the body they are carrying his real. However, the video is drawn whore, criticism, as well as some support for the nurses by some suggesting the patient in the footage, is supposed to weapon send the corona virus at the front line for healthcare workers had beat the disease. I dont care what they think it represents. People are dying, now we're all being locked away. Our businesses are being shut down because we're supposed to be fighting this in
double scourge. So you want to make a funny joke about pairing, a dead body. You gotta carried a fake virus. Not a corpse is a footage is believed to have been found in the hospital in San Juan Porter Rico. There's a photo, you can see more of it. Of course the people are wearing masks. The footage also appears similar to a dance guardian pallbearers mean being you as a morbid about tongue in cheek reminder for people to stay home during the outbreak, always that what they thought they were doing so far. I have been one million. Ninety seven thousand two hundred nine confirmed cases in the: U S of the quota virus, which have been blamed for sixty three thousand eight hundred and thirty six deaths that sport right there. I see people on twitter fighting for tribal, Ray The lockdown must remain in place. People are losing their lives, the latter must be reopened. People are starving,
we gotta slowly reopen thanks. We gotta figure things out, but you have to have a serious problem right now, and tact plays a huge role in this. I understand these nurses want to boost their morale. This is not that stop making excuses for bad behaviour. The first view videos were fine. The other issue is: should the morale Sting videos be appropriate at any rate or at all. I would argue I ultimately dont really cares and want to dance on video, but I do think it's inappropriate. You know I'm right now. People are scared, they are conspiracy theories, running rampant about five g in the hospitals not really being overwhelmed, and all that stuff. The latter thing. We need are for nurses to go in the parking lot and do stupid dances to get clicks Tik Tok, which has some chinese social media uneven, believe
The views are real. Gotta, be honest with you. I think it's all fake propped up to make it seem like its popular and that is playing into legitimate popularity in old social, social media tactic for boosting you know, they're there followed their user counts. Should people be doing this? short answer easy. No, I understand you wanna do morale, you want your morale boosted, ok, go and that's why you to film it. It's freaking people out there wanting to get here's. What says among the critics who say they couldn't stomach the footage. Was you We're Blair, White, the dancing was one thing. I stomach it and told myself any to blow off steam. This. This is gross, said white, who goes, they had almost Blair whiteness threatened, seven thousand followers twitter users. I in whole entreated, but he had served in the military and could oppression.
Gallows humor when it comes to working in difficult conditions. Yeah. I got no problem with making jokes right. You want if you wanna, make a gag and do just fine and gives a morbid joke. The issue is that makes me angry they're all trying to one up each other. It is a race to the bottom to make them shocking and ridiculous content. We ve seen it with Youtube and social media reason why you to put a stop to a lot of this people kept trying to escalate the kind of absurd content there may their main videos, where they're going to fight on purpose now we're seeing this because people kept defend. In this, they ve gone to the point now or their dancing with corpses. I hope you're happy, there's a lying. You know he says I ate The guy was, as you can appreciate, Gauss humorous has, however, they have to realise the average person sees it differently. If you're going to do this kind of humor. Fine, just keep yourselves, but what use are known as an J peak of the veto tasteless a little downtime
is a chat or laugh with your colleagues on your breaks, not choreographing juvenile dances when people dying in the same building its tasteless, o boundings. You want to on argue that no one's really dying in your husband, you work really busy fine you're, making things worse, Twitter user lion carbon who has worked in emergency rooms, agree with the criticisms. I agree with one thousand percent I've worked in yours, any intercity hospitals and on crises teams I know the value of gallows humour as self preservation, but they shouldn't have put it out there and social media the twitter user Hokosa they handle ALF twenty rope. Another user Jeff Runnion expressed his disapproval with it. If a man holding a sign, it says, arrest, Tik, Tok nurses and not really, but come on runnion, claims to be former CIA, probably not mind you made the
I was going to handle all along. We. Finally indigents annals nurses get and need downtime at a little fun to blow off steam. You can't be hard at work and serious all at all times. It's good for the body or the mind. The twitter is a wrote. Some people were defending them. That this person said these measures need to be fired. No one can say this is old. What is written, unsought, unspent shields mask. A twitter user, calling himself roman car on a virus road that he believes this is where celebrating victory over the virus, look I get it. I don't care what their what they are intending to show us. I don't even care about the rest of the dancing. The point is it's gone too far. I early We can tolerate this stuff and and- and I sat yeah so what they got a few minutes. What's the big deal, but There is kind of a big deal, because people are using his videos as proof these people are certainly not busy. You know why it's the escalation. If
have one simple: they or their dancing. Okay, we get it. Someone positive every dance, got it and took ten seconds. What about the choreography, the planning? Ok, what video should we do because we're doing literally nothing right now, people are going to hospitals in New York in their foaming, empty hospitals and people than saying there's no real crisis, but the reality is some Areas are overloaded, it's not every single hospital everywhere, This is how the nurses have time to do this. It's not morale, boosting it's! Not it's not about having some few minutes of downtime they're lying menu. Hospitals aren't overwhelmed and many are completely overwhelmed. And the ones that are overwhelmed are staging this complete and utter nonsense. Now I get to deal with trying to talk down conspiracy. There's two are convinced these people are working at all and people who are convinced as no crisis there is sixty thousand people have lost their lives and this is making everything were so no one I'm going to arrest the take out. Nurses, no, ultimately find still do your dances, but somewhat at some point has
call them out for the escalation in the race to the bottom of tasteless tasteless you can tell him really frustrated by this, and it's because I feel like I differ. I feel like by defending this initially now I've I should have called it out sooner. I feel stew and having said it's no big deal, because the real issue is that we are not going as it does not ending here are, while the rest of our dealing with very serious consequences. These people are treating it like it's nothing and those whatever else. These other articles are trying to find them at their morale, boosting another not due to their viral fain chasers on Tik Tok. It is, it is its fate. It fake news. Ok, They just want to be famous so, and I would even out I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out some people. Even nurses, you put on a super nurse. I've been going around carefully tell what it is and do a dumb dance and you get clicks on until talk. It's. It didn't start with them,
Sorry with other nurses were making videos that were equally is annoying, but you didn't you get the point I ll leave it there. I got a couple more Simons coming for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly- a conspiracy theory, rogue, federal agents. That sounds like it's out of a movie about. This seems to be actually budget that there was. A concerted effort. Now I could say conspiracy between road FBI agents to take down Donald Trump staff because they hated the guy. I mean look pure struck, that's the guy's name. I think I'm promising a right stopped. The FBI from ending Flynn probe, despite lack of derogatory evidence, unsealed documents, reveal. Let me just break. Does that really simply the F b? I was like we're done with this were done with Flynn. There's nothing here, and this dude sad. None are now look, don't don't close. It leave this open and they got Flynn on a technically
We now know this what's crazy, they wanted to go after Flynn under the Logan. Axed apparently has never been used and Jonathan Turley. What believe? A constitution? Our social scholar set its shocking to see how desperate they were to manufacture a crime against Michael Flint, afraid the story, internal FBI documents unsealed Thursday, indicate that Peter struck. The now disgraced, anti Trump former head of FBI, Counter intelligence, ordered the investigation of former national security. Visor Michael Flint remain open even after it was slated to be closed due to a lack so called derogatory information material surface to just a day after explosive FBI, communications revealed that top bureau officials Scots, their motivations for interviewing Flynn in the White House on January. Twenty fourth point: seventeen and openly questioned if they're gone.
Was to quote to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired. These handwritten notes, written by the FBI's former head of Counter Intelligence Bill priest, a Fox news, has told, suggested that agency planned in the alternative to get Flint to admit to breaking the Logan ACT when he spoke to the russian ambassador. Sergei has kissed lack during the presidential transition period. The Logan ACT has never been used in a criminal prosecution and as a questionable constitutional status. It was an accident, seventeen, ninety nine, in an era before telephones and was intended to prevent individuals from falsely claiming to represent the U S government. Abroad in late, twenty, seventeen Flynn plead guilty to making false statements to struck and another agent during that Whitehouse Interview, and the only reason he did was because you scared. They were gonna go after his son, so he said fine, fine, I'll, take up. This offer
as far as I'm concerned, I don't think that it actually did anything wrong, especially with with what we're learning now and he only plight pleaded guilty to save his son. Thursdays document release shows that in January fourth, point seventeen weeks before the fateful to a genuine twenty. Fourth want us interview. The FBI's Washington Field Office issued a closing communication indicating the bureau was terminating crossfire razor
the newly disclosed code name of the investigation of Flint. According to the January fourth Mamma, the goal of crossfire razor was to determine whether Flynn was directed and controlled by or coordinate activities with the Russian Federation in a manner which is a threat to the National Security of United States or a violation of federal for an agent laws in pursuit of information on Flynn. The crossfire hurricane team in investigating the trumpeting conducted a check of LE logical databases for any derogatory information on Flynn. The January fourth FBI Report states that no derogatory information was identified, an FBI holdings. Let me stop and break this one down. An investigation was launched, to wait three star lieutenant General Michael Flynn, national security adviser to Donald Trump or to his campaign. They were trying to see if this man was working with the Russians and they concluded he was not. They found no evidence to suggest he was
struck decided. So what keep the investigation open and then leverage against him. We will go after your son unless you plead guilty to lying, so Flynn did Flynn did nothing wrong was found an investigation to have not coordinated collude with Russia and they threatened to go after his family. We are not talking about law enforcement, we're talking about a mob, shall mafia style, a mafiosi shake down of a person who served their country now. This goes above and beyond insane. If you ask me, look we better see some? Some prosecutions on this one I mean the evidences out. We can see it, we know what he did. The memo also discusses additional FBI efforts to check information on Flynn
apparently through other. U S, agencies, just like the FBI. They also found no derogatory information on Flynn. The FBI's investigation of Flynn also included rating outweigh confidential human source and an analysis of flint travel. The confidential source inform the FBI of Flynn speaking at an event which remained rejected the sea. I just further stated that Flynn had dinner and drinks with those in attendance and took a cab they train with an unidentified individual, whose father may be a russian oligarchy. That may be a reference to slots for us that Laana lock over a russian academic and offer was disputed any ties to russian intelligence and defended her brief interactions of Flynn, including in interviews a Fox news. It appears the F B. I found no concern for any offence, ties to Lakota, based on the latter
derogatory information. The Washington Field Office, concluded at Flynn, was no longer a viable candidate as part of the larger crossfire hurricane Umbrella case. Furthermore, the author of the mental noted that since Flynn was not specifically named as an agent of a foreign power by the original crossfire hurricane, pretty predicated, reporting and discussed the absence of regular information or leads. He also wrote and at the discretion of FBI Management Flynn was not interviewed as part of this case closing procedure. The January fourth, memo conclude with this paragraph, the FBI's closing investigation if new information is identified or reported to the FBI regarding activities of crossfire razor, the F B, I will consider reopening investigation if warrant Yet, on the same day January fourth, point thousand seventeen struck instructed the FBI case manager handling crossfire razor to keep the investigation open, hey, don't close razor struck tax it in texted and an unidentified individual struck.
Inform the FBI case manager at the F B. I seventh floor was involved, referring to FBI leadership that they still need to decide what to do with him with respect rejected its currently unknown. Why struck directed the FBI case managing to keep the Flint investigation open? However, the timing of emails between struck and acts FBI loyalists a page seem to suggest that they use the Logan ACT to keep crossfire razor alive struck, forwarded a fourteen page research Paper Logan ACT the same day, constitutional law. Professor Jonathan Turley called the revelations about the FBI's conduct chilling, especially given the Logan ACT has. Ever been enforced and seemingly has little modern day relevance. Even in the abstract saint quote, I have been a criminal offence attorney for decades. I have seen abusive tactics. However, this is one of the most thuggish wreck cuz I have ever seen most concerning if they were trying to create a crime, not investigating a crime
use of Logan only highlights that bias. He added there was a time when networks, like and be seen and argued for civil liberties and against such abuses. Now, because such principles would benefit from There is such a shrug with a common mantra: everyone does it. Yes, abuses occur, but that is not licence for their commission conservative commentator seeking to understand you guys actions have noted that former President Obama personally had warned the trumpet ministration against hiring Flynn and made clear he was not a fan. According to multiple officials, Obama fired Flynn as head of the
France, intelligence agency in twenty fourteen and many consumers are saying that these these documents that were released now implicate Barack Obama, the reason being that they stay sought authority to keep things open to move forward. If what they were doing this, I don't know enough Interview Flynn told the agents not really when act if he had sought to convince Kisyak not to escalate brewing fight with the? U S over sanctions imposed by the Obama administration according to an empty to witness report prepared by Security Council resolution prepared by the FBI Flynn also reportedly demurred, when asked if he had asked Russia to veto a. U Un Security Council resolution that condemned Israel settlements in the West Bank, the Obama administration, abstained, that vote Flynn issue
other apparently equivocal responses to FBI agents, questions and, at various points, suggested that such conversations might have happened or that he could not recall them if they did according to three o too. But questions remained ass to the strength. The FBI's case, then FBI, director James Commie, admitted in twenty team. At the Flynn Interview at the White House. Didn't did not follow protocol and came at his direction. He said it was not something I probably would wouldn't have done, or maybe gotten away with in a more organised administration and then FBI, direct deputy director and Mackay later sat. The interview was very odd because seemed like fire.
And was telling the truth. The two agents who interviewed him Flynn, the intervening agents, told Mackay, had a very good recollection of events which he related chronologically and lucidly did not appear to be nervous or sweating and did not look side decide, all of which would have been behavioral signs of the of deception. Yet what did they end up doing? They said they would go your Michael Flints, sun, and so he caved even though we now know in a series of images being painted by these interviews and by the documents. What else is there? Not many people have brought up some conspiracy theories. I'm not gonna get into this look Some people are saying TIM, your way behind on the story which talk about two years ago I could have, but right now we have definitive statements and evidence backing all of this up and that's all I can do the best thing about making sure we have our eyes. Not an artist crossed is that you can't deny this anymore. It is now
in plain sight what they did on innocent man had his family threatened by rogue FBI agents. They're gonna go after his kid, so he just pleaded guilty and gave them what they wanted. If they can do it to him, they can do it to you and guess what I know this I've always known this. Where has thought the principled left gone to challenge the authoritarian encroachment of the executive branch nor to be found, it seems they have no problem from innocent men under the bus hurts Donald Trump, these people have lost their minds or than ever had them and, to begin with, I don't owe us down. The story will see out there's more to come on. Shore. Maybe we'll see some indictments around. I got one more segment coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Donald TUSK,
is now saying yes seen evidence suggesting the corona virus emerged from a war on lab and compares the World Health Organisation to a pr agency, and another story from Fox NEWS shows. Intel boss confirms investigation into whether corona virus outbreak the result of an accident at war on lab. We have numerous stories, suggestions and reports showing it may be the case I say maybe not definitively but enough to warrant, masturbation enough that intelligence agents and the president are looking at evidence, an investigation is under way and for some reason the media wants to act like. Oh, the conservatives are talking about this, the Washington Post, as fact check not likely. Why should I trust the Washington Post in their exports over the? U S intelligence agencies, I don't trust the fake news Nor do I trust the government, so you know what it really is a difficult position, but I'll tell you this. When the me
here comes out and says anything it tromp does, is wrong or or that they counter it. I'm not gonna trust them, and when we have then people in China releasing papers which were eventually rejected, sang it likely came from this lab ominously towards where the chips are falling, not trusting the fake news that takes the president, but let's see what Donald Trump has to say about this story from Fox NEWS present trumps had Thursday, he has seen evidence suggesting that the corona virus array faded from a laboratory in China. While continuing this criticism of the World Health Organization's ties to Beijing, comparing the group to a public relations agency tromp was speaking reporters about protecting America seniors when Fox NEWS and others asked if he knew of anything that gave him confidence that the outbreak originated in the war on Institute of Archaeology. Yes, I have, he said without further explanation. He added quote and I think the World Health Organisation should be ashamed of themselves.
Because they're like the public Relations Agency for China, he earlier speculated about whether China knew about the virus sooner than it has led on and withheld information at the outbreak quote so far. I think China is trying to be somewhat transparent with us, but we're going to find out trumps it's a terrible thing that happened when they made a mistake or whether it started off as a mistake, and then they made another one or did somebody do something on purpose. Intelligent officials confirmed Thursday at an investor education has been ongoing into whether the pandemic was result of an accident at the wheel on lab a contradiction from the broad consensus that it originated ETA. What market in the city? Now here's your interesting thing about this. One of the reasons they think this originated at a white market or naturally, is because its wild and crazy. Some some doctors have said this. Virus. Has no pattern of of you know what it does or why it does what it does. It simply looks like it's a bunch of random things, but the eye
the other one virus is another, those manufactured intentionally as some kind of powerful bio weapon. It's that China was experimenting and an effort to race. Against. U S, developments in biotechnology, and so yeah a mishmash of viruses. That's the argument saying it did originate. But I'll tell you this. I guarantee you that Youtube de ranking, demonetized video. Simply for me, talking about the news is talking about why well the mainstream media- let's talk about it, I'm not even though I assure you on my channel your problem in a whole bunch of which Russia, China, looking in all of the recommendations, Fox NEWS here, you go here reading Fox NEWS all. I guess I'm a lot to do it unless they pay me. Whatever quote The entire intelligence community has been consistently providing critical support to? U S, policymakers and those responded to the covert nineteen virus which originated in China.
The intelligence. Community also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the covered nineteen virus was not manmade or genetically modified, a statement from the office of Acting Director of national intelligence which for now, as we do in all cases, the community's exports respond by respond. By surging resources and producing critical and elegance on issues vital to the: U S national security. The icy will contain to rigorously examined emerging information and intelligence to determine whether the outbreak began through contact with infected animals
or if it was the result of an accident at a laboratory and we're on. U S, officials have ruled out the possibility. The virus was credit by China to be used as a by eleven. Some said, the pathogen may have escaped from the lab and China's efforts to identify and combat the virus, either with the same or greater capabilities. Then the? U S, and I shall defiance China has rebuffed. U S request that it allow inspectors access to the lab, and so there you go now now, there's reporting that doctor found she gave a grant to this one institute. So some people are concerned now at their kind of pushing back on us on Thursday. Trumps at the world is suffering greatly, while speaking of China's quote. This is something that could have been contained at the original location and I think it could have been contained relatively easily. Tromp said they were either unable to or they chose not to any associated. I'm an address myself. This is it a press reported that China New on the fourteenth of human human transition, and they with how this information resulting in serious crisis.
You see now. I wonder if anyone's gonna blame Donald Trump others come November I'm sure some people are. If you go and read it, the whole thing is nothing but left wing propaganda. It's really annoying. I don't I don't care of you, president men- and I say almost every single videos. I can't you tell the truth and the number one person rather earlier today was someone saying if you would have told me November, twenty seven November. Twenty. Sixteen that Donald Trump presidency would end on his first term would end with you, the country dying in a massive economic collapse. I would have been deal as if it's his fault, as if Donald Trump snapped his finger and made the virus as if any of us knew how bad it was gonna, be as if we could have controlled what China was doing when they were lying to us after initially praise
China's response tromp shifted to blaming Beijing a tactic to divert scrutiny over as outermost regions handling the crisis. According to some Democrats, yet I call shenanigans on that I'll write that down the: U S. Response has been plague, they shortage of tests and sometimes contradictory statements between Trump and members of the Court of justice. Swore stop is not perfect. He's made a lot of mistakes, but the Democrats trying to act like Trump should have known better or that he should not have been diplomatic is really annoying. Look when you're in a leadership position. Diplomacy is very important. Tromp can't just come out until tv start screaming that Eight China, even though he does it a lot, Make sure that there are some you'll have to placate them too, is to a certain degree because of this that the media on the Democrats exploit the things trump says not trunk could have been much harder on China. I've said this in the past. He could have done more than beginning. I've said this to cover Karlsson, apparent a fly down a floor on top of the President Tom take this seriously, but it does mean that the democratic did.
It doesn't mean their criticism is valid. In fact, I say the Democrats. Criticism is not valid because they were doing less than what tromp was doing. They were just trying to impeach the guy so in the world, states and for the democratic and argue that they actually slowed trump down because of their obsession with not liking the orange men. His quote trump is desperate to distract voters from his record of rolling over for China. The Democratic National Committee told Fox NEWS in a statement he refused to call out China on its krona, virus response and Americans are suffering the consequences in regards to Beijing the church. Chinese Communist Party has a history of covering up outbreaks and anything shining a negative light on China. However, health experts previously expressed scepticism. The virus was linked to the war on lap, not listen far be it from me to tell you really know where this virus actually came from. I M not the expert. I can criticise the press and how you too,
was handled. The whole thing is it possible. This was a natural development. This virus naturally emerged. Of course it has an app and all the time and it seems to be the most likely scenario. Is it possible that China was experimenting and things have got to the hand. It is possible as well especially considering a university in China Release that paper. Another did eventually retract that, but we ve seen. Question asked and what I find truly funny, but all of this, the wash ten post before trunk burgundy. This asked, should we it looking into the war on Bio Lebanon up at an quoted somebody from Rutgers, a professor who said it's very possible now when Donald Trump comes out and says he seen evidence and we're seeing reporting from Fox NEWS. This is the case. What is the Washington Post do? According to our fact check? It is very. Unlikely it came from the lab you see as soon as Trump says it. It must be wrong when Trot came up for the travel ban in January, first, they said o rough Donald Trump and
and his is travel Benito, zero he's a xenophobe on March, Twelfth Donald Trump Inactive travel ban from Europe, and what do they say, Donald Trump is: is travel bans, don't work, Joe Biden call them out April. Third, they changed their tune, and now they're arguing trumps travel ban isn't going far enough. Their actual the argument that this policy that he should have barred Americans from turning back to this country. There is nothing and can do and as soon as he says this, they merely colleague rightwing conspiracy, Busby NEWS ran a whole article sang a conspiracy theory popular on the right, and I Elena. The guy who wrote this, unlike you realize CNN, has reported this see and unreported there was a former Clinton staffer, We cannot see it and sang aka, razor suggests, meaning the simple solution. The most likely is that this came from the lab. That was a former Clinton National Security Council staffer that wasn't good enough for Busby. That's not good enough for these outlets because they
after to always oppose the president. At least there are some people who have principles were willing to call the possibilities we dont know we may ever know, but Tom Cotton was talk in January the Republicans we're talking about this and, dare I say, the end es jewess relationship between the media and Democrats is destroying their party because the media only plasma, cares about traffic and because the Democrats use them to prop up their false position. Lies there pushing policies that no one wants or cares about and they are just saying the opposite of what everything. What we're any Republican actually says. So when you get someone like me, who is a more moderate right and I say, hey this seems like as possible. They suitable. That must be a trump thing. That must be a conservative thing. No, it's a regular person thing. Regular people are. King about this, but in your obsession to just simply be opposed whenever it is Donald Trump
Does your terrified of agreeing with the man you have not now made yourselves look like absolute buffoons? Donald Trump thinks he says he seen evidence definitive and I'll. Tell you what following this year is a ton of outlets. Saying oh Donald Trump is pushing a conspiracy theory. Here's your ears, look at trumps had just had he seen evidence right. Here's are the finest financial times put. It drops as he's confident covert. Nineteen came from one lab know he did not financial times. What are you doing? Actually thought? You were pretty good up until this. This is fake news. He was asked if he had seen him anything that gives him confidence and is it yes, there's a meaning is confident that so many things had actually came from there. It means your fake news
and the trunk described the story before even gets out, we'll see others plays out. Maybe you'll never know where I live there I'll see you tomorrow, at ten, a m o be home. Finally, thanks right up now, you all next time.
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