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Facebook Audit Proves Bias Against Conservatives, Company Makes Changes

2019-08-21 | 🔗

Facebook Audit Proves Bias Against Conservatives, Company Makes Changes. After several years of complains from conservatives about a biases from the platform Facebook has officially announced changes to assuage the concerns from right wing groups and conservatives.One change seems inconsequential but will allow certain conservatives groups to finally advertise on Facebook. In the end though Facebook is reluctant to admit the bias exists or existed and many in media seem to as well.But based on the fact that several staff have confirmed the bias, facebook initiated an external audit, and then agreed to make several changes to their staff and policies after complaints we can see there was a bias. Whether it was intentional or not is another issue.The audit however did upset many on the left and far left who for some reason refuse to believe all the evidence that has existed for the past three years. Strangely the story itself was broken by Gizmodo.In the story I also discuss the work of Dr. Robert Epstein as he was recently smeared by Hillary Clinton in her row with Donald Trump over google's pro left wing biases.

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Once again, I open a segment with this story from May of twenty. Sixteen Gizmodo former Facebook workers, we routinely suppressed conservative news, a story from Gizmodo with two points a million views where they actually state. It was an issue of biases from the staff members. It's a fact. We know it. Staff members have come out and told us. Well here's the big update since the complaints have been ever increasing and the issue- has become very controversial with the left saying it doesn't exist in journalists repeatedly denying
exists, even though it was his motor that broke the story. Facebook conducted an independent review. They brought on a third party to survey people to figure out what the problem was and why don't conservatives trust facebook. In the end, a report was published showing that there is a growing concern for specific reasons without overtly admitting Facebook as by yes. However, Facebook did make a change according 2D Third party reviewer that could help pro life ads, be placed on the platform at least a little. Small degree they have acknowledged. The complaints were legitimate. And changed the rules because of it they are going to be in Nothing changes to better act, but conservatives I don't know how else you take this other than Facebook heard what they said and
talk to ourselves. We need to change some of the things on this platform because of a complaint from conservatives. They are accommodating the conservatives. After Conservatives complained after news came out I'll. Tell you this to meet the changing advertising that benefits the pro life advertisements, as they acknowledge that the in independent of your colleges is the the tiniest morsel of proof that there was a bias. One of the biggest complaints of organizations was that their political ads were being blocked, but you know pro choice: ads were allowed, It was something about the format. So now it's weird, but I guess what they're going to allow his tubes. But yes, it's even acknowledged by the change was made because of conservative complaints, and this benefits pro life ads. Look Nobody wants to admit it. They want to play a semantic game, but
I've had enough of this. Ok Gizmodo came out and said it first, the staff said it was biased against conservatives, I'm not saying that Facebook his staff members twirling their moustaches going yeah we're going to block conservatives? No, but there was a Bio in the system for some reason and their act there. Acting to rectify that problem. The report and the changes put out by Facebook confirms that it It's proof that there was a bias and the system needed to be changed. I want to stress bias, doesn't mean intention. I believe the left interprets the word bias as though Facebook Conservatives when, in reality bias just means they can't see the systems they put in place are negatively affecting only one side. I'm not talking about malicious intent,
I'm talking about. If somebody is a liberal they'll say: oh, we can't show that it's bad, not realizing. They have a bias case in point ' first story: conservative news outlets were having their articles removed because Jeffers assumed conservative news was fake news, and so they published the story in Gizmodo. So here's what we're going to do. I've actually gotta heart of news about censorship, involving conservatives, and I think this might Things have really long video, but we're going to go through it to the best of my abilities and as quickly as I can, because not only has this Facebook report come out, but we also have the story of Hillary Clinton claiming a hard word Phd researchers study was debunked when it wasn't and it's being featured, I will go through. Robert Epstein's analysis, where he's absolutely pushing back saying Hillary Clinton is wrong. His study is legit and this story has to do with Google influencing
actions of which I've covered wells of another store I'll get to in the end. Wear bright. Part of all places is now being brought back on to an eighteen t. Platform and has been certified as credible by news guard, but first we'll start with why conservatives don't trust facebook before we dive in head over to timcast dot com. Slash done it! If you would like to support my work, there's a Paypal option in crypto option of physical option, but, of course the best can do just share this video. We are dealing with issues of. It's controversial issues of censorship, and so I you're on platforms, I'm on a platform that is Google talking Google censorship talking about Facebook censorship, so yeah help overcome any potential negative ramifications by sharing the video But let's read from the Wall Street Journal written by former senator Jon Kyl, my indypendent team of investigators looked into the compliance and the company has taken action. So let me stress a story.
Came out saying that the staff was biased with with staff members on Recker, saying their biased conservatives complain change to a former senator and then Facebook took action and change things? If that's not evidence that Facebook is acknowledged their bias? I don't know what else is, but you know what I'm not going to play semantic game. If you disagree with me, that's fine, but they've taken action, that will benefit? Conservatives? That's read from the Ivy League to Hollywood and the mainstream media Americans, with traditional morals or conservative politics, have felt excluded from the country's elite culture, creating institutions, Facebook offered an alternative, a place Express views and share news that you couldn't find in the New York Times overtime. However, many Providence, lost trust in Facebook, believing it describe against them the increasing scale and complexity of Facebook's content. Moderation. Practices made matters worse in twenty six, in Facebook, employees were accused of suppressing conservative articles in the news feeds now discontinued. Trending section in April twenty eighth q, They were staffers on the record we talked about in April two thousand and eighteen,
in Congress, grilled Facebook's chief executive mark Zuckerberg about anti conservative bias from blocked content to suspended accounts. We have seen many people band and they haven't given legitimate reasons as to why some were banned and some aren't to this day I actually had the tweets apologists Watson is complaining because they refused to provide data on why they suspended him or band about right, let's redone they say in response to the mounting criticism. Facebook asked me to conduct a survey to hear from conservatives directly following substantial public interest in the project and in light of policy changes. Facebook has recently made we have this, I to share our findings at this time they say Facebook place no restrictions on how I could conduct the work. My team at the law, firm, Covington and Burling, ten l, L, P, began conducting interviews and may twenty eighteen. We cast a wide net to include as many aspects of conservatism as possible, I'll skip over this next part and get to the the the meat here. Many of the changes made by Facebook are about transparency or attempts at. I don't trust
Facebook so we'll see what happens. They've introduced these they say we found. Conservatives can conservative concerns generally fall within these fallen, Brak buckets content, distribution and algorithms. Conservatives have expressed concern that bias against their view, points maybe baked in to Facebook's algorithms. In addition, interview is argue that Facebook should be in the business of separating fact from fiction in the news they shouldn't they state they shouldn't absolutely not so. Facebook then brings in the
Third party fact checkers, which is one of the complaints that are it's somewhere in there there's a lot of complex, I'm not going to go through literally all of them, but I want to highlight just a few: they talk about hate speech and how it's ever changing every evolving nature and particularly subjective. These are some things. Conservatives have complained about now: here's the important one ad policies they mention that ad policies are biased and enforcement biased, and this is where the main change came in. One of the biggest complaints from some conservative groups was that pro life ads were being restricted. Hence there is a bias against conservatives and- and and Facebook has a change from wired accused of liberal bias. Facebook allows ads with dot dot, dot tums. Yes, it sounds weird right. They say the seemingly inconsequential adjustment could affect the types of anti abortion advertisements that users see in their feeds and it's
x, to the extent to which Facebook top brass is willing to go in response to allegations of political bias from the right with little supporting evidence hold on. There have been people have tried to post been that have been dead. So Facebook changes their rules to allow these political ads, and you said, there's eleven. How many times! mention this I'll start with a Gizmodo article, saying it's a fact: there's there's bias I mean I don't understand how this point, where wires going to say little supporting evidence, fine one, article to start everything off leaked emails. We have Numa This staffers on record from various organizations talking about the weird things: Facebook does, that suppresses conservatives and restricts them or certain views. I should say have the story that kicked the whole thing off. How do we get to this point? They say: that's because
like many facebook policy changes. The inspiration for this one was clear: complaints from antiabortion groups and conservatives according to a report released by Facebook on Tuesday detailing the initial findings of the first ever Facebook sponsored review of the platforms, alleged anti conservative bias. Let me stress one more time: please you want to talk about evidence. Conservatives complained. This is how your body Facebook change their ad policies in a way that the average person finds inconsequential but will allow pro life advertisements. They acknowledge this in the wall.
Street Journal with the changes. Let me find add policies. Facebook has changed its ad policies that prohibit images of patients with medical tubes as shocking and sensational content. This will make it easier to promote certain pro life adds a change made by Facebook, acknowledging complaints from conservatives that will benefit pro life ads. Are we done here? Can I go home now? Can we just stop? Facebook literally had a third party audit and they made changes due to complaints or conservatives, and now the ads from conservatives will be allowed. Has Facebook come out and say we're biased. No, of course not, but listen. Bias is not intent. Bias is in on intentional. The people at Facebook didn't understand their rule against tubes was biased predominately against a group of people that were sticking to it, I'll put up advertisements about political up, a pro life. So I will stress: does you facebook hate conservatives? We do not. We cannot strap,
like that from this we do know that some Facebook employees believe conservative news was fake news and they were biased. We do know that Facebook had an ad policy that prevented pro life groups from running ads. That is called a bias against pro life groups which fall under the umbrella. Conservatism. I don't need to make the argument to you because you get it. I mean you know it's. The left will make the claim or they'll twist interpretation to make it seem. Like what everyone's been saying. Is that what will look there, Arkansas who believe Mark Zuckerberg, absolutely hates conservatives. But please, for the sake of rationality. I am not saying That facebook staffers are all laughing and smoking cigars, mocking conservatives, I'm saying they don't see themselves as biased because they can't see out of their bubble, which means there biased when they put rules in place that only impact one area and certain political idea.
As that is called bias confirmed. It's been farm since May man, check out his argument, but we've got something else, Paul Joseph Watson. I don't care. If you like the guy or not listen, he said Facebook is refusing to hand over data on why it band nearly four months later. This is in violation of GDP, are laws which is Europe, they think I'm just going to drop it. I won't reinstate the accounts or hand over the data. He added hey, revealing why I was banned, may enable other people to avoid being banned. That's their excuse, pathetic unlawful hand over the data or reinstate the accounts, continuing it by saying. Also, they already publicly revealed why I was banned interviewing certain figure whose name, if I, if I could you not if I say this person's name, it will negatively impact my channel not an exaggeration. He thought it's a certain in up.
An individual who protest against islamic extremism in the UK, he says this excuses particularly stupid. So here's the thing policies have lots and routinely condemns violence. I don't know why he was banned and apparently they're not going to reveal it, but it seems there are any instances where Facebook band some groups and not others so Facebook has also agreed to transparency. Other other types of transparency, they're going to explain to you why they're doing what they're doing and they're going to commit to workforce viewpoint diversity. Several interviewees noted the overall lack of viewpoint: diversity throughout Facebook's, workforce and senior management. Facebook several changes that are response. To our findings and we understand more are being considered for now. Changes include and then goes on to
other things that Oversight board etc. Listen. When a third party says here a bunch of complaints from conservatives and then Facebook says we need to make some changes, it sounds like they acknowledged their bias. Are we done? This is called I'm going to move on from here, because we got a lot more to cover in Silicon Valley. Bias against conservatives check this out. Donald Trump tweeted, wow report just out. Google manipulated from two point: six million to sixteen million votes for Hillary Clinton in the twenty sixteen election. This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a trump supporter, Google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought. Hillary Clinton responded. The your bump study. You're referring to was based on twenty one undecided voters for context. That's about half the number of people associated with your campaign have been indicted wrong, but you know what I don't care: what Hillary Clinton Sai defer to the expert, the Harvard Ph D, researcher Dr Robert Epstein, who posted a photo of himself with Hillary Clinton and he talks about how it brings him great pain.
She is a tremendous support of the Clintons and even has an autographed picture of something of Clinton. This guys not a trump supporter, and it wasn't just based off of twenty one undecided voters. Doctor Robert Epstein goes into great detail how Google has a disproportionate amount of power of our elections, stressing it is not about intent. When Trump said, Google manipulate, These votes yep a lot of people immediately assume. What Trump is saying is that Google willfully manipulated them. Google may have accidentally manipulated, but all but I'll admit it. It's fine to criticize Trump forced choice of words and clarify which Doctor Robert Eckstine does, saying it wasn't well for manipulation whatever it is about. Google system has produced this affect now. He's got a great May massive twitterstorm I'll read some of these. It will take a long time to go through this massive thready wrote, but will start he says.
I've been caught in the middle of an exchange of tweets between two media, Titans Clinton and Trump Trump's tweet was slightly wrong. Tweet was shameful Trump tweet point one. I've never said. Google deliberately manipulated the twenty sixteen election your substantial pro Hillary bias in Google search results. Preserving and analyzing thirteen thousand two hundred and seven election related searches and the ninety eight thousand and forty four web pages linked those searches. No, it's not based on twenty one undecided, voters, it's based on a bunch of different reports and how they interact with each how they intersect. If you would He says point to the level of pro Hillary bias I found in Google search results, absent and being and Yahoo was enough to convince me two point: six and ten point: four million undecided voters to vote for Hillary Donald Trump said to said sixteen million. That was wrong. This bias is not present on being, and
Yahoo and Hillary Clinton is doing a disservice to what this problem finds. He says it doesn't matter whether the bias in Google search was deliberate or not once it appeared, which it did at least six months before the election. It began shifting opinions and votes without peoples, knowledge and without leaving a paper trail. He says if you want the full story about my two thousand and sixteen election monitoring project read my essay taming big Tech, the case for monitoring published last year. He adds a photo. He says this is going to hurt me to write, because I and my whole extended family have been strong supporters of the Clintons for decades have a frame signed letter from Bill on my wall near my desk, but Hillary should be change of herself. Hillary has depended on Google for both money and votes, her largest donor, Sixteen was alphabet. Google, her CTO during the
pain, was Stephanie Hannon, a former Google exec and then there's Eric Schmidt, a longtime head of Google, the guy in the pic with Hillary Clinton. He adds a leaked email that, in twenty fourteen Schmitt offered to run Hillarys tech campaign in two thousand and fifteen Schmidt in fact, funded the groundwork, a highly secretive tech company the sole purpose of which to put Clinton into office. He says about ninety six percent of twenty. Sixteen campaign. Donations from Google employees went to Hillary and Ellen Kriegel, Hillary's chief analytics officer credits, his two thousand and twelve tech team, in formerly supervised by Eric Schmidt, for half of Obama's win margin. Nearly two point: five million votes. I believe the Harvard Phd has justified. There is a bias baked into the system. Facebook has made changes. Finally and Doctor Robert Epstein is providing more evidence to breakdown
what is happening and what the problem is. He adds if my work has been debunked. Why was it included in a volume just published by Oxford University? Why have I been I had to speak about at prestigious venues worldwide, Stanford Yale, where both you and Bill when even our Senate, where you served, he says I know you're in Google's pocket, but for the sake of our democracy, I urge you to listen to my recent congressional testimony and just scanned the fifty eight essays and conference papers. I I list at the end my written testimony Hillary. If you examine my work carefully, you will find that adheres. Here's to the very highest standards of scientific integrity. You will also conclude. Believe that Google poses a serious threat to the free and fair election and to human autonomy and then he goes on to say. Google poses three serious threats to humanity and I've seen
level of surveillance across two hundred plus platforms, the power to undermine what content two billion can or cannot see and three invisible manipulation on a massive scale. He says. Is that what you want? Your legacy to be whistle blowers and leaks from Google have confirmed the company blacklists re ranks and uses a femoral experience, which I study to control people worldwide, your proof. Well, perhaps she does I'm not going to carry on with the rest of this winter storm. I'm gonna, I'm gonna point out the sad reality. Dr Robert at Steen, as far as I can tell is a procedure is intelligent man who has done a great amount of work digging into this issue, and I defer to the experts now some people disagree and that's fine, that's science. But what do you think happened when Hillary Clinton said it was debunked? Well
over Google experts claim Trump's of water manipulation based on flawed study from a Harvard Phd researcher. Then we have Clinton slams Trump for falsely claiming Google manipulated elections, Hillary zings Trump over new voter conspiracy, conspiracy, debunked, debunked conspiracy, sharing, debunked conspiracy, yeah, that's it that's the way the world works, so let me Clinton puts out, opinion, and everyone runs with it and that's what people are going to take away, and you know it's really funny Doctor Robert Epstein, if you wanted evidence of of ' yes, just do a search for Hillary Clinton, Google, and you will see everyone calling your study debunked, and what do you think the average person will think when they just see that headline? They will think it's debunked.
On the surface. I can form a hypothesis that that's what that that will greatly influence the average person into believing something that is not true. I've seen states, it's been published in Oxford University, he's being events about this. He testified to the Senate. If you want to debunk, get provide your citation doctor. I've seen certainly has, but that's all that matters the opinion of Hillary Clinton, the Is the problem we're facing, but I will stress. I believe these two circumstances absolutely prove the bias against conservatives, yet the the admission that knowledge meant to Facebook and the changes they've made a Harvard Phd researcher researcher, saying the bias exists and you do a google search for the story and you can see how it happens. It doesn't mean some, wants it to happen. It means it's just happening. Bias doesn't mean intent. I hope it's cleared everybody I'm going to do a real, quick, rap
of the next story, because I'm going to reserve this next story for a greater in depth view in my next segment at six hundred pm Youtube dot com, slash Teamcastnews. Att restore service to Breitbart. After after buying out upstart a company, they say Breitbart inquired how it could return to our platform, satisfy the requirements and is reinstated I'll go over to bright Bart. I mean we can see now is certified green check mark by news guard, which they state has improved its editorial standards and that's the update, but I'm going to carry on with this story. Breaking down my view of bright Bart, what's happening, six hundred pm Youtube dot com, Slash Timcast, Slash, Comcast NEWS is a different channel thanks for hanging out I know that, even though I've published the story, even though I've done other stories showing more data to prove the bias, I could have pulled up. The all sides report there still going to be people on the left saying: there's no evidence come on man. If Doctor Robert Epstein Phd Harvard isn't
fence. If his study isn't evidence if Facebook changes isn't evidence, there's no such thing as evidence period 'cause. I don't know what else to tell you now, if you to publish the story. Two years ago, three years ago over three years ago saying this bias- and you say it's not evidence, ok, well how 'bout Facebook acknowledging the bias and making changes? That's not evidence either. Ok, What about? I don't know a Phd Harvard researchers producing a study, multiple studies, nope nope, not evidence. It's debunked. Ok, I'm done! I will see you at. PM. Well, I gotta say I honestly didn't expect this to happen, but it would seem that the event of which I sponsored mines in real life, which is organized by the guys from mythicists, is in the news because, as you may have heard, Antifa has been threatening the event causing panic in chaos in the small town of Pitman New Jersey, which is
about. I don't know: like nine thousand people, I've heard eight thousand But I want to address the first thing. While you see the story here in front of you from the Philadelphia inquirer, I do think they get some of tells wrong but hey. It is what it is This is actually a fairly decent article, though maybe a little opinionated, it's at South Jersey Theatre cancels event about race, relations amid threats from anti fascist protesters That is my understanding and the rumor circulating right now is that they threatened to burn it down so I don't have that. There's there's pieces of the puzzle on there thanks! I'm not I I can't say but I'll go through the story, and read what they say, but I want to make one thing clear to all of these: it's the weirdest thing, Pitman New Jersey, you ever heard of it, probably not to town
like eight or nine thousand people. I think in here they say it's nine hundred thousand, but I've heard other stories at eight thousand. Why would we want to do an event in a small town outside on the S suburbs of Philly, it's it's a little bit out of the way, but in South Jersey, so I'm see so many people who are activists who are targeting the theater this campaign, with their doing their calling, nonstop and claiming were all of the worst things in the book and it's all fake. You know why would we book in a place like this? Could it be because I live here, Craziest thing I'm seeing conspiracy theories from people saying like: why are they targeting our town? It's like dude 'cause. I live here. I don't live in Pitman, but it's tiny and there's a bunch. Surrounding areas. And I live like technically walking distance.
The town I mean it's a couple miles right, you know, but I walked there. I think that's very say walking distance our. So we decided to hold an event in my yeah like it's a local event and activist I get it, and now I see these progressive activist group saying things like will not allow these these this hate to come to South Jersey. I'm like I live here. No hate you're, not so It's really weird, and I notice one thing too and you're going to going, get a kick out of this one. It's a lot of white people uh. You know there's certainly people of color more protesting, but photos of like some of these groups and it's a bunch of like middle aged white people and I'm like Bro. Why can't? I have a
I'm first station with conservatives and moderates and progressives about racism, violence and torturing him. Why is that not? Okay and the funny thing is I kid you not. Anti fog has threatened a theater for daring to host an event. That is about ending racism, violence and authoritarianism. Now you can criticize us, because we couldn't get the best speakers in the world. You know again, I'm not the one doing all that just a speaker and I help sponsor the event, and so they ended up doing in my area, because I was like hey. Can we get for me right. Well that's the point. You know sit down for a peaceful conversation, while everyone is all going crazy in Boston and anti fog, decided on these progressive, decided no one should be allowed to confront a bigotry and racism
No one should be allowed to have a conversation about it. That's their opinion. They don't believe that a mixed race person should have the right to put in the vans challenging these ideas. That's. Why is when you use you see what I don't like these people because they don't see me as a human and neither do the speed that the the the all right types. Now I get it I mean it is a little hyperbolic, but now it's basically like I'm the bad, no matter what I'm either not white or I am, and because of that, I'm not allowed to talk about my XP and says, and I'm not allowed to sponsor an event and they'll come to where I live. These people don't live here. Some of them live further. For a way that I do and shut down my event, event isn't shut down by the way, but they try to
stress is on full steam. Like I don't you know, forget forget whatever one ST they're gonna try and claim hi, it's canceled, it's not canceled! That's ridiculous! We have we. We have with the battle front of us. You know it's surprising to me that the happened. None of us that was gonna happen, but you know I mean a longer view about. Let's read the story: let's go to the store, I don't I don't. I don't get daily daily, but for those who are curious, irl dot mines, dot com is where you can find, information about the events and the agenda. Things were talking about like prohibition, amplifies problems, corporate American, an active corporate american Activism Comedy online how to make your when you're wrong political violence like we're literally addressing these issues and boil boy, do we have progressives? We have people part of the
young Turks nation. Oh no, oh they're, calling it an altright event. Oh ok just go ahead and drag the people who aren't white and the people who are literally progressives who host progressive events shows, and congratulations to all those people who are progressive. This is the insanity of it. The mayor of the town. Gave, a statement where he said it does appear to be hosting both sides of the political debate and people from all walks. Life. So you literally have this instance where Antifa and other progressive groups are doing. Everything in their power to stop an eclectic group. A diverse group of people from sitting down and that's the mayor said, yeah the mayor said it was a diverse group. I certainly think so. I thought you know I I got a minute. It's really really hard to book people you know from from the progressive side of things, but there are good people on that side. We will have a conversation and we found many of them and, and they have MIKE all of my respect for coming down at the
recession through the story, the Philly Inquirer reports following a social media firestorm and then and threatened protests. The Broadway, theater and Pittman has canceled a controversial about an event about race relations. That's organizer said was aimed at combating racism, violence and authoritarianism congratulations. Antifa you've stopped people who want to talk about how racism was bad. Oh, are you upset at some of our speakers were controversial yeah because you know maybe every opinion is, they should be challenged in front of others, and we We come together into a room and say I disagree and they'll say I disagree back and we'll have a conversation about it. Do we expect to change everyone's mind? I don't know not really People don't want to change their mind. I'll. Tell you this one thing you absolutely do breakdown is what people look into each other's eyes. It becomes increasingly difficult to. Really hate that person. I remember, I was at one of their events in Milwaukee, and I was on
stage and uh. I was backstage and I was talking to some people and I and no they were like social justice progressives and we had a great conversation and then I heard him on stage and I was like wow we got along great and that's that and that's what that's all about right. It's really hard to be like it's. You get if I mention that Heineken commercial and everybody like went to go, see it. I guess, but it's where you these two people completely disagree if they work together in the end, they feel so bad because that is So there's prerecorded videos and they say like disparaging things like all people who are conservative Bob and then also they make this friend and the drinking. You know they're they're, they're, they're, all happy with accomplishment and the video plays, and it's like you made a friend who's insulted up to their face in like you feel bad. So we're like. Let's do this: let's bring some people in let's, let's read they say the one day conference answer my mind's dot com, a crypto currency, social networking site has been scheduled for August thirty, first at the nearly century old theater, where Bob Hope and Bing Crosby once played one of included twenty
speakers most of them white. Yes, because most of this country is what I might add, an r proportion of white to non white is actually fairly close to representation of the country although we definitely you know, could have done better, don't get me wrong with a lot of asian people. I don't know, I don't know if it's white, how that happen. But they say and organizers said it was designed to bring together a diverse group of people with differing viewpoints and after party was also planned in another venue. Event organizers, said they hope to hold the format at another location in the region. Now my understanding is that even in this story, we are going to be holding the event at that theater but I assure you this I live here. I will be in Pitman and I and I- and I say this now to these groups, no matter what happens first of all, on August thirty, first, we will be in Pitman as a guaranteed. Absolutely trust me on that, but
I will say this: I live here. You want to come to my house, you want to bring as to where I live, I'm not going to your town. They claimed the proud boys ' invading their space This is where I live. You invaded my space. You smeared us you're, trying to shut down where I live, and where I want to speak and who I want to speak to yeah you are, you are the bad but I'll tell you this now I live here. That means means means no matter what happens after this after August 31st, I will be in Pitman as frequently as possible, look forward to making several announcements and letting everyone know I'm going to invite my friends and we're well about town we're going to eat there. Why? Because it's right by my house, they have great food by the way, great businesses and a lot of good people. What these activists they are. They are insane there lying there smears. There are threats and they won't win. So I assure you, Pittman is now
going to be like look, I don't. I live fairly close and I found a new place to hang out. I'm going to be there and I'm going to defend my right to be uh I live. I'm going to defend my right to go somewhere that is close to where I live and enjoy the local businesses that represent my area so I'll, be there all the time and I'll invite my friends and I let everyone know every day where I'm going to be 'cause. I, here, and I can't say that enough. This is not an instance of someone just randomly showing up to this town. This is me trying to and something where I live, We can have our own small town, private thing, and these outside forces are trying to button. Congratulations. They claim. They're only defending themselves in the proud but that. Surely must be a joke, threatening a venue where you don't live where I live. These people are full of it. Let's read
in recent days. Controversy surrounding the event, escalated and planner planners They had received threats of violence from anti fascist protesters as Antifa. No NJ launched a telephone and social media campaign urging the theater to cancel the event. The venues twitter. Account was hacked for several hours Friday and a message was posted that had been taken over an extorted, the theater saying, if you don't cancel this, we won't give your your thing back. Your your twitter account at the official said, Tuesday, was not known. Who was responsible for the hacking? It said no hate NJ on the act profile, so We issued a statement. I made a video about it where, as you know, let let let me just read this you're gonna get my state. We, we would love to read we in a discussion with the event organizer over the weekend, Darrell blood, the theaters business managers had on Tuesday it was mutually decided at the Broadway Theatre would no longer hold the event. My interpretation is, that is not correct. That is, that is not correct. Blood
find to further comment on why the event was scrapped. Mayor Us Johnson also confirmed that the gathering would not be held at the theater located browse, revitalize downtown district will Meyer Russ Johnson is completely wrong completely wrong. 'cause, I assure you. We have plan B plan C Plan e plan, etc, etc, and and you know when I proposed plan b, they said be what what plan one and plan hey, I'm getting Johnson said he was working with the police department amid threats of violence and protests, including one to burn down the theater. That's the stuff, I won't tolerate. He said bill, Allman, CO, founder of mines base and what not it said planners were considering their legal options to force the theater to live up to its agreement to host the gathering a party at the human village brewing
now in Pitman will go on as planned on August 31st. He said we're going to be in Pitman and if that means I will be standing outside by myself, so be it, but we're going to be there and human village brewing co is one of the coolest fit places then too and their attitude is remarkably, I I'm I'm I'm trying to be careful, because the human village people are amazingly good people, they're, smart, respectable kind understanding, and I don't want any, undo you know things thrown their way like the theater is getting, but I will stress one of the coolest places I've been to in some of the coolest places. I've ever had the privilege of talking to the human village brewing CO, so I've got I've, got
new place to hold my my events and it's going to be good time cause trouble. Man, but but this is where I live. You know what I mean if I want to hang out at a local business, I'm not going to let stop me I am allowed to express that I want to go, hang out in a place by my home and service local businesses Altman said he is also searching for an alternate venue nearby for the conference. He said the invited speakers represent a broad spectrum of political views. Totally respect and understand. If people disagree with some of the people's ideas, no one is endorsing anyone's views um. I guess you can just trust us that we have plan b. D e asks are at yeah. We have. We have. We have with the plan z like it's all might be. I can't I can't explain it yet also I absolutely have to, but it would be probably the
craziest and coolest thing ever our worst case scenario is actually maybe one of the cool things that whatever happened, but it's like. I have a plan that will end up being v. Cool list of an ever, and so many people would be would be upset if they missed out on it. If that's the case, but I don't think it's gonna happen as they plan Z, but it would be, it would be, it would be nuts if we pulled if we did if we had to do it. So here's the thing, our plan it can't be stopped literally can't be stopped. There's no cancellation. It's it's completely within my personal control to make something like this happen, and it would be whole areas. Sports read on it's a Dell Jenkins executive director of one people's project, an activist group in New Brunswick New Jersey, call the line about speakers, the worst of the worst at the joke. Right, you know the worst guy we have is Count Game Killa and count day Sheila is so far from the worst of the worst he's. Just an Edgelord
He made a silly Youtube video and everybody got mad and most people liked it. It's got milk. Reviews have been shown in comedy clubs. Some people thought it was in poor taste, but for the most part it went viral. For a reason it was a funny joke you can find in poor taste. But you know this. Come someone like thank you like he was just some due to make a video for his friends. It wasn't supposed to be an explosive public event and that's and that's the the worst we have is a guy who made an offensive joke. George Carlin, please they had and cold George called spoke but the fear had years ago and culture was there ten months ago, the worst of the worst. You should listen to what and Coulter said in her presentation of the theater. It's it's available. You can down. I downloaded it, I'm I'm I'm I like an is bombastic. I I mean I'm not trying to be disrespectful. You know, I disagree okay, but her. She was so far beyond what we represent among speaker. Some of them come from Canada and Australia are TIM Poole who became known for his
Bridge of occupy in two thousand and eleven, but now describes himself as a disaffected liberal on Twitter no Occupy Wall Street Lorain. China contributed to I would have websites and Josephine Mathias the only black speaker on the agenda, who has posted against the Philadelphia Lgbtq Flag, saying sexual orientation does not equal race or ethnicity, but that's a that's a true statement. It's a bit by it is right. I mean the different thanks. That's just in fact another speaker, conservative writer, anti no wrote in the Wall Street Journal in July that he suffered a brain hemorrhage after being beaten and anti for demonstration in Portland Oregon certainly a gay vietnamese journalist who was beaten by far left. Extremists should have a conversation and explain his experience to us right. He is a person of color and minority, a child of immigrants. He is, he is part of the LGB. He community. Why was he not allowed to engage in this space? Well, you want
I'm the only tell you the big it's art there there there all right begets they exist. Certainly not us. We are the people who are upset about that. We're upset about the racial identity Ariens and it was the racial profiling Cipro racist laugh that status down under the guise of fighting racism, but I assure you what they really did was stopped people like Andy, no from explaining why getting beaten was a problem and the bat and the craziest thing a This all stress again is the mayor, the mayor of the town, saying the event was representing both sides: congradulations Anti graduations, democratic, socialist activist and progressive from South Jersey. You stopped a bunch of moderates progressives can surveyors in some controversial figures from sitting down to stop the violence and there you go it's what you wanted. Congratulations there no problems here, we invited no white supremacists are white nationalists, they'll lights a, but they are secretly yet. No please right you know, sort of a card is is, is controversial and offensive. What did the all right? Absolutely hates? The guy just come
that's rich. They say New Jersey doesn't tolerate this kind of activity. Junk instead of the conference, which he said, promote intolerance is are not the ideas of the benefits that are beneficial to our society. Darryl. I don't know if you live here. Maybe you do. I think you're in like Camden. Perhaps I live. I live right by the venue, so you want to talk about what New Jersey doesn't doesn't tolerate. I live here I'll, say for the fiftieth time, so Please stay out of my neighborhood when I'm trying to when I'm trying to engage in a conversation to simmer things down, and you come and claim my home doesn't tolerate me. I take offense to that. Our civil rights are so other civil rights and community groups also denounced plans for the gathering, saying it would promote hate and violence against minorities. AIDS. What what can be now is our is our our headlining for our money. Presentation was going to be from David Pakman, but the final panel, why
it's literally a gay minority was beaten and he was going to be explaining his perspective. Well, they don't like it because it makes anti full look. Bad so, who do you think is trying to get the event shut down? It's Antifa. They even said it at the police were talking about threats from Antigo to burn. The theater down mines, dot com was launched in protest of Facebook and has been sponsoring events it's as are intended to create dialogue among those on left and right. We do Don't want South Jersey being used as a platform for these far right. Extremist said: Adam Sheridan of Cooper, River, indivisible, a community group that helped lead the campaign against the event. For us. This is about community self. Defense lies is my: is my neighborhood mine you're, not defending anybody, who attacking me, you are on an affair, civil gets to me and where I live, it is not self defense, it is offense. You are coming at us with an attack. I live here. These people are detestable, admin, blame the controversy and what he called misconceptions about.
Lines which was started in twenty eleven and July. The company was the only social media platform invited by Trump tell summit that excluded Facebook, Google and Twitter. Well, you could frame a little bit better. It wasn't I said excluded them. It's that he had a private meeting with many of those people before the event, and this was an event that was for people, not the companies, but he did about mines, but admittedly mines and is part of the big three right. I know what our mission is. We haven't done anything wrong. I'm inside the focus on the event is ending hate. They say the event thrust. Pittman unity of about nine thousand eight hundred residents into the middle of a debate over free speech for a second time? Does Ann Coulter was there and they were protesters and guess what I live here and I'll be in Pitman everyday? I will. I could walk there right now. I can walk right over there sit down at a table and have a nice coffee. And so for anyone who's interested. I will stress and while I don't live in Pitman proper, I am within walking distance of it and small. It's like a really small area of space
just so. You know you know I I live here. You want to talk about self defense. Well, what about my right to self defense against you coming? invading where I live and shutting down the event. I was going, I was sponsoring is going to speak at we're, a small town. We have other things to deal with Johnson said Tuesday, Weld Johnson. I live. I live nearby, I'm I you know it's it's it's one thing to be like within the proper border. I the place, but yet to understand in the small jurisdictions there are very few businesses right. So as far as I'm concerned, if I can walk there, you know it's part of my local area I'm what I want to walk there, no, not really because it's like it's at that distance, where it's like and you don't really want to walk that far, but that's five minute drive if that it, maybe maybe maybe more maybe a little bit more. But it's close, it's close. Is it a Broadway theater up in nineteen? Twenty six yeah?
but it was reopened, yeah yeah, we get it while this video turn out to be longer than expected. But let me just say one more time: Antifa people who don't live here, are coming to my town and accusing and and then claiming self defense? Let me just end by saying this: they said the problem has come to their town Portland and cause problems without the proper ways I made a video criticizing. The problem was because the being convicted are they were convicted of of that fight in New York City. I'm not the proper ways. Why is anti for threatening to come to where I live and and and commit acts of violence against our event? Yeah keep your narrative whatever I don't care. I here I'll be there. I will be there everyday I'll, just walk outside I'll bring my camera I'll film it I'll. Do a change my mind in Pitman, I'm actually yeah. I think I will Second will be at one hundred pm. I will see you all shortly. Ok,
video Cortez apparently does not like the electoral college. Color me surprised rats have been railing on the electoral college forever because of Hillary Clinton's defeat. Even though everybody knows the rules of the election in United States and the electoral College serves a functional purpose, historian. There's I've read some articles are like Smithsonian that I've talked about whether or not it's outdated. This image thanks to real doctor electoral college. For the time being, I believe we, it's extremely important. We keep it. I believe that the electoral college- that's when we start without it we start seeing the: U S: break up into regional tribes. I can become increase Only dangerous. Imagine if LOS Angeles facing a drought voted with all of their people to take All I can say California, with their thirty three or so million people voted to take water from a great lakes state because they out vote them. That would lead to chaos because I sure the great lakes,
publishing wouldn't stand for it and we've seen things like that. This is why the electoral college exist, at least in part, because it's not about you as an individual necessarily. Your vote does count, but it's about communities that need to be bonded to get. And community resources vary by region. Well, Cosmic Cortez thinks it's racist because she says it's why farmers versus urban minorities and they're trying to disenfranchise brown people. That's actually not the case. You have every ability to move wherever you like in the country. If you want to be a farmer, go be a farmer, and then go to a rural area, and your vote is worth more technically it's worth more. It's actually not when we, when we do voting based by county. It actually makes a lot of sense, let's read what she had to say now before we get started, make sure you head over to TIM com, slash donate if you'd like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option- physical, I just but of course you share the video she.
Videos that everyone can bask in the in the wonderful conversation that is because your Cortez, I don't know I'm it's been. It's been a hectic past week. I'll tell you that been following the news about the event. So what if you'll like it just share the video they are daily. Why rights? Ok, has posted an Instagram live story on Monday mocking the US voting system in calling for the abolishment of the electoral college. Coming to you live from the electoral college. Cortez said as she recorded and M desert highway. Many What's your as you can see, it's a very efficient way to choose leadership of the country. I mean I can't think of any other way. Can you how about I go to? I don't know the the the forest preserve just south of Chicago and don't look at look all these trees home in white. Why is anybody can vote like do what you're doing makes no but you're, not just playing with the emotions of people and she's playing identity, game open? It's racist! Nobody lives here. Why does nothing good
oh, that's not how it works, but you know what I'm greatly concerned: that there are a lot of people who fall for this insanity and it's really really dangerous. The unity of this country, requires that people who live in sparsely populated areas have a say and if they're consistently outvoted, then you start seeing. Problems arise with succession and fighting I mean look if you lived in Montana and they said one: One vote about Electoral College Montana already done let's have less less congresspeople less electoral votes, but now there being told straight up, you're going to be out voted, no matter what you do well I'll, tell you what they are going to be like then count us out. If we have no say in the union? Why would we want to be in it? So that's what the electoral college needs to do, because they are sovereign states
it's. What is it like? I really don't think Montana or Wyoming would secede. It's. Gonna have devastating impacts on interstate trade in relations and local jurors it would be. It would be chaos these. This farming states and less less densely populated states would start putting ridiculous terms on on goods and services. Taxes. We would see border protections emerging by state. It would be nuts what we have the system that guarantees they don't get trampled over by large cities. Treating the self proclaimed radical congressman cited in March two thousand and nineteen report from New York magazine's Daily, intelligent, here's every defense of electoral College and why they're all wrong just so certainly noted that the report is for all the Republicans getting big mad, because the electoral college is in fact a scam. It's so funny. I don't know what world I live in or my friends who aren't Republicans and think electoral college makes a ton of sense and if Hillary Clinton just campaigned better in the blue Wall states. She would have one yet the problem was,
You know the rules and she didn't play the game properly enough. It doesn't matter. You want to strip the rights away from smaller states, so they can be oppressed by big cities. It matters that York take lossed grow up, move on. You know what the Rules are two thousand and twenty is coming play. The damn game the same as Trump did. Ok and coming from somebody who is looking forward to voting for tulsi Gabbert. But you know what that's why so many conservatives have said that Yang and Tulsi are the rational, sane Democrats because they are and they're not perfect people. You know, I think we get that, but the people like Coke Osio Cortez will either just be so unintelligent or willfully ignorant. You know I think she's trying to manipulate people purpose, because they want LOS Angeles, New York and Chicago to control, who becomes the president? That makes no sense, literally no sense, let's read
they say, has touched on several and intersecting points, all of which are based on the underlying idea. At the american voting system is racist and therefore is discriminatory against minorities. She said the electoral college is racial injustice breakdown due to severe. Racial disparities in certain states. The electoral college affectively ways white voters over voters of color, as opposed to a one person, one vote system where all are counted equally. But let me remind you these sparsely populated areas that are predominantly white are cheaper. I'm living in a city so I'll tell you what, if you have a problem with minorities living in cities. There we need to move to a rural area and save money there, got to figure it out. I don't know. Look this idea that it's it's expensive. They can't go in certain areas. I don't know hold on man, rule rule space, much cheaper like there This is not too far from me that are really cheap. It's not even ruled suburban. So you know look if you want
for the middle of nowhere. It can be done, but to act like these people do choose to live where they are or because historically, demographics have formed. The way they are is racist. I'm sorry, that's called time and cultural development. How about this? How about you in pain, for more liberals, to go, move to rural areas and start farms or something like that? They say you may have heard this electoral college argument, the most the families in urban cities must have their vote suppressed in order to give rural votes a fair shake. Could you image? If we had this kind of democracy, altering fairness provision for literally any other group. If we waited, for example, black indigenist, there's more because of fairness. It's not right spot location and resource. Imagine this! You live in a small town of one hundred people, you find oil on your land and all of you and your friends of whatever race are thinking wow together,
he is going to be very valuable. Now we can sell the oil, we can build some. You know, you know I'm using oil environmentalism I get mad, but the point is: let's say you discover a resource on your land and then all of a sudden. You hear one thousand miles away a vote was passed. The oil now belongs to them? Sorry, your community get rid of its resources, but let's get real Let's say you live in a rural area and you have water, because this is happening and a massive corporation goes to your state, where you don't have electoral protections and says, give us rights to that town's water and all of a sudden they scream. Why is this company taking our spring water our water. We need it to live. We settled here on purpose. Who cares you have no right, you get. One What time is everybody in the big city? Who wants your water, the governor The capital said the water going to be sold for profit for the state, and you have no say now on a national level, that's much more difficult.
And this is a good example of why the electoral college is important. Let's say you live in middle of nowhere and a big company comes to the federal government and says I want that water. I can't do that because they have power over their community. Their counties vote is Wade similarly to the counties. Other people, regardless of how many people are in it, because there are resources that are protected an owned by the people, not some mass group far away. How do you get a group of people arguing that LOS Angeles has the right to strip the resources from poor people where they don't live. You know funny story, there was a drought in calef, yeah. This I'll give you my interpretation as as as I as I you know, I did some documentaries me docks there. There was a small port town and they ran out of water. All poor people lost their water. One of the reasons was because surface water was voted away to the cities, while the city need water more than the farms, so we'll take that water away, and so
the farmers than either let their crops go, dry, damaged, the economy of California or they drill for groundwater, and that meant homes with with with shallow wells, could no longer reach the water table and poor people went without congratulations. If they had a protection based on their community, they would have had more weight to vote against the big city who stripped them of their rights and guess what those poor people were not because the court Cortez is a racist, and I mean that in the sense that there is nothing stopping any poor person. Moving to a rural area and and having votes that are weighted heavier and a certain capacity she says
that rural representation argue it doesn't hold up either, as there are rural parts in virtually every state and popular vote election show that can it still visit center and rural communities. Yes, but that's because states have a certain amount of electoral votes. Illinois friends has a lot, which means they need to win over the that that the counties south of Chicago, not just the big city in a popular vote system when only falls to the cities, they need to visit, not the counties around Chicago, just Chicago New York and San yeah, you send send you one of an Illinois. You need to get Chicago and then keep keep counties in certain areas. When you want to win a national popular vote, you will visit some rural areas for the most part you're going to hit big cities only, and is going to make a ridiculous democratic. You know, they'll be the only like cities tend to be democratic. That's going to be is going to be the only place that politicians pander to, and so you-
End up with overwhelming politicians, overwhelmingly pandering to wealthy urban centers, but to win a state because of the electoral system. It when sage literally arguing that, because the electoral system still requires people to, we're all areas in that state. That's proof that they shouldn't If someone goes to Illinois they go to Chicago, then they go to other key areas to lock in the state, because believe it or not? The city alone isn't enough necessarily for the whole state to win in a popular vote system. You don't have a row areas because you're one of them it looks up at this way in Illinois. Okay, you want to That state you one one about Chicago is the big city definitely got to go there, which probably would anyway, because blip but there are smaller cities in Illinois. You also need to get because, while Chicago is the most dense area of the state, you will need. To go to other small areas to make sure you get that advantage now take that model.
Chicago and some smaller towns and expand it to the US, and that means it means that go to New York, LOS Angeles and Chicago, and so Smaller cities like Dallas and Philadelphia and Seattle. You get the point. Going to small communities because it's part of the state they need to win. But if you switch a federal system they're only going to a non electoral system, they're only going to go to you know, five hundred thousand people or more is in their experience the rural aspect. Then you end up getting small, our communities and less densely populated states never having a seat at the table? Well guess what right now, although for the most part, there's not a lot of reasons to visit certain places, These politicians still have to try and win that state over now states are solid red summer, solid blue. So, even in that capacity, it's like you know you can expect it to go one way or the other, but look what happens when Hillary doesn't campaign in Blue Wall States Trump wins and we don't know taxes,
click blue, in which case you have no idea. What's what's going to happen, electoral college is the look. I've read about this a lot. What is what we'll all wrapped up with a final statement? She says because of the core structure of ice. I believe, Anne Frankly, the entire department of Homeland Security. This was this was established by George Bush right in the wake of nine hundred and eleven right as the Patriot Patriot ACT in all these different institutions that were frankly, very large threats, in civil liberties just got established I'll catch an old thing, so here, okay, so just by saying facts are facts. The electoral college has got to go. You clearly haven't read a book, I'm not going to act like I know better than anybody else, but I will. Hey. The argument she puts forward are shallow and it's like you have to look. You know what man, the loss of electoral college, will fracture this country into a million pieces.
Percent. You want to switch to a national popular vote, we're only California matters world, like literally the state yeah you're asking for trouble right now. There is a bunch of counties and states that are held together by the system. That is electoral college. Without it, it just becomes who's the big urban center and you create the capital city, like the hunger games, not interested, not interested your raw. It's not racist either anybody can move. Are they want stick around next time it will be coming up at four hundred pm at Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM Cast, that is a different channel, and I will see you all there bright Bart, has been unbanned or reinstated whatever you want to call it. Nice thing: Breit Bart is considered French, right by most of the mainstream media. And I mentioned this a couple times, but recently I noticed Breit Bart has been officially certified as credible by news guard It means I am now more likely to be using them as sources. Here's the thing you'll notice up here
Well, you can't really see it, but I'll pop it open and the top right. We have this thing. It's called news guard and they provide this little shield. They give the verge green check marks across the board, while Breit Bart doesn't have all that. But this is basically a third party Opening that rates you based on these criteria. It's actually not that difficult to meet their criteria and I think Overall, it is a really good idea and a good thing and I explain why. But first with the story, Att, restores restore service to Breitbart after buying out upstart ad company ripart inquired how it could return to our. Form satisfies our requirements and is reinstated. So this is big. This is bright. Bart return to a more mainstream path. Now real quickly on the news guard thing. If you are not certified by them, it is not difficult to be. If you are legit new site, for a long time, Breit Bart was given a red x and it was very easy for and to get certified by just responding to email, so seriously
and the reason I say it was easiest because Breit Bart isn't writing fake news. It's opinionated they're criticized for that, but for the most the issue was issue is communication, and the most important thing about news guard is that basically, when these activist come after you, find claim your fake news or you're all these bad things, you can show them hey. A third party agency has given us a green light, and that is a shield. To an extent right. You know if it's too conservative or something they might still you might lose ads, but for the most part it provides protection in which of which now Breit Bart is aren't. But let's read this story before we get started head over to timcast dot com, slash donate. If you would like to support my work, is a Paypal option encrypt option a physical address, but of course I always say it just share this. Video is the best thing you can do to help support the channel because Youtube is deranking, my content and other independent commentators. But let's read they say in twenty. Sixteen, the ads Tech company Appnexus took a stand against.
Speech. Just two weeks after the election of Donald Trump, CEO Brian Okelly, announced he was dropping service to Bright Bart, a string. Articles on on muslim immigrants and female genital mutilation had been had been beyond the pale o'kelly, leaving him no choice but to cut ties with the then promise right wing site at it's a specialized in technology for auctioning online ads which helps websites make money targeting ads to specific audiences. Cutting off the technology, meant less money for bright Bart, a tangible cost for the sites, controversial content and for critics. A minor but real check on online speech. We do. A real obligation to use advertising to support some level of ethical media, o'kelly, told business insider. In the wake of the decision, I love the fact we can set an example. But nearly three years later, that example isn't quite so firm, no wrong verge. Breit Bart made changes, respect that people will, let you know it man. This is just the per
Example of everything going on with my event here: actually they Momma sponsor. So, yes, they don't believe You can change, they don't believe you can. Down and ask someone: please don't do this. They believe that if you ever done anything burn the witch. So now they set examples in quite firm. What what do you mean by that? Okay, I get it. You're you're gets okay. What point as if Breitbart says? Okay, we'll make some changes and does, and that necklace, as thank you, we're done good job right park right up. Next is new. Here's the problem. They don't they they they tell you to change, and then, when you do, they still wacky over the head. It's like what what you want right or do just just not exist anymore. They're people work there. I have a right to express themselves. You got a like a you can disagree with them, but if you're mad about the Khan,
they present and they make the changes. You want that certifies them as credible by a third party agency and an app to an advertising technology agency. Why are you? Why would you be mad at this point? It's like hey you, one bright Bart cleaned up its act in any direction. You liked and they don't care. You know once bad, always bad there's. This is the weird rigid future there's Appnexus New Parent company and confirmed the verge that it has. Stored service to Breitbart as part of a reinstatement plan, Breitbart inquired how it could return to our platform, satisfied all requirements and is reinstated. A Zander representative said in a statement the repres have declined to elaborate on the requirements Breit Bart had fulfilled or its broader reinstatement plan sources Infowars, which was blacklisted around the same time, has yet to return to the platform, I said the change in policy may have to do with app nexus. Is recent change in ownership? May I don't think that's the case
apps they changed ownership. So then you know that calm. You know the other guy was personal hit like trump. Maybe I don't know. The point is: why are you speculating now? They say in August at next was acquired by eighteen t, which is incorporated the company under Xander subsidiary. That's not a number of management changes as the company integrated into eighteen, tease, broader at tech holdings. Kelly himself has taken a backseat, in the wake of the sale assisting with the transition, but for going ceo title in the new parent company on his linkedin profile. He himself as strategic advisor to Zander, so the guys there, it is Sounds like the sale had nothing to do with it. Perhaps the new management was more interested in hearing what Breit Bart had to say or Occam's razor would suggest. They said. Breit Bart made changes. I can
right part dead, because now even news guard has certified them. They've they've they've taken strides to correct the problems. People have with them and improve their business. Shouldn't everyone do that. It's the craziest thing to me. We want to put on a vent where we can sit down with people and talked them in a much in this way. I really good example of why I think conversations are important is it was last year or so I Sargon of I said I said he had been mean to up some people, and he said ok, you know- and I think over the past early years, so I'm going to son great to tone things down that were much more like bombastic and directed at individuals and keep it more towards arguments and while he still retained his character, I think the point is you can have a conversation with someone and say you don't have to say it like that and then, if you talk to them, they might be willing to listen. I think Carl Overtime has dramatically improve. The quality of this content
he did one I've mention this before it was like a long form take on like commune socialism, Venezuela. It was amazing and it's like you, for that to his original videos, where, like making fun of a feminist and I'm like you see, you can talk to someone and you can help them be better in a lot of ways. Because look being mean doesn't convince anybody of an argument. It's an emotional satisfaction right. So anyway, I'm not here to to to throw the thing it. You know it's not gonna, think segments on a tremendous job of making better higher quality content, and I think it's it's we're seeing here is that bright part is saying. Okay, I understand you guys don't like you know these aspects of what we do. What can we do to fix it and they do and then you still get Chris other criticism check this out. So they're not new starts at is not responsible, they they're they're, they don't. They mix a pen with news and they don't disclose ownership and financing, but they do not rip in publish false content, they avoid deceptive headlines and they do correct and clarify errors. They clearly label advertising. They show the.
At kraters are with contact information and they reveal who's in charge, hot and and possible conflicts of interest. That's actually quite incredible, so they got this website generally maintains basic standards of credibility and transparency, with some significant exceptions that I think, that's fair to say, they say something like let's say can find it in recent years. I should definitely zoom into it the sites editorial standards seemed to have improved and the site has become less inflammatory. Well, there you go. I don't think news guard is the arbiter of what is or isn't, good news. I think it's just a third party agency that you don't have to take seriously, but this this to me. Good faith on the part of news guard, now, there's a lot that I disagree with those guard about because they give like, across the board green check, marks to sites like the verge which they shouldn't, because the verge has refused to correct stuff in
past. I don't know how many you know stories. You need to be corrected or not corrected until you give a strike but fine, but at least while they're critical- and they probably have mainstream bias. At least you can reach out to them and they will change your rating based on you doing better. So we can see that this app nexus willing to recognize people can change a business. Can change and say we'll bring you back on and news God can say. Well, you know what right but good job but for whatever reason, the activists, they don't see it and I think it's because they don't want to admit they don't want to admit that the revolution is fake news that we don't need. There pollution. What we need is a calm conversation and we can reunite the people in this country and the division, but the division is good for these. If they want to revolution, they got to make sure that divide gets worse and worse and worse, the rest of us normal,
people who live in sleepy towns want to just say, hey man, I don't want to fight with you. It's too stressful I'd, rather just hang out with my friends crack a beer have a slice of pizza and watch the game. I don't want to think about why we're fighting? Why don't we hash it out and carry on will figure out how we can work it work things out. Isn't that the right thing you're supposed to do? Forgive and forget: off forget to an extent right. If it's a political difference, I'll meet you over a drink, I don't really drink, but you know I'll have a lot of clubs so with splash eliminate, I will talk it out and if You can't come to. You know. I've done this. Many with many people. I've had disagreements with, and that's the right thing to do. Because I believe people can be better. I I don't believe it's anyone's too far gone. I believe. Certainly people can go nuts and certainly people have you know mental illnesses so, but in the end to speculate that it's like a business move, Breitbart shouldn't ever be, were you know we're?
turn from from the dark side non on on and look if you want to business and other businesses that we will partner with you. The appropriate adult thing to do is say, look man, you got to fix these things and we're good and Breitbart said okay and a story, and when it came to credibility in the news they said you got to fix these things and Breitbart came back and said, will issue a correction immediately so that they they I'm not gonna read to this whole thing news Guard wrote about it, but they mentioned that they reach out to and said hey look at these stories there and cracked and bright part of me at least you know said like we're on it and fix it. And so now they've been certified credible because they're willing to correct when it's pointed out and and they don't publish fake news, I know I know, what's going to happen, people are going to be like defining defending bar all the parts It's like you, don't take my word for it, I'm not talking about my opinion on Breitbart. I still am reluctant to use them for sure, but you can't you can't argue with me with third party agency, gives the green light and they've been brought back to up to a tech company, they're they're, making strides to rebuild their
there you go, that's the rest is on you. Stick around. I gotta couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you shortly. Presidential Edit John Delaney says some Democrats are cheering on a recession to stick it to Trump John You watch my videos because I gotta say that's exactly how I feel I made a video about this talking about. Well. I've ranted about Bill Maher on this issue, but I want to expand on this idea. John, it's not just that the some Democrats are sharing our a recession like consider Bill Maher, I would say he's a Democrat, I'm using a politician, but you know he's a democratic voter supporter absolutely sure had a recession and it's mind blowing, because that's gonna hurt poor people. That's that's the opposite of what we should be trying to do. The democratic party should be helping poor people at all because it's not cheering for a session, because the Orange man is bad. So I'm glad you someone like Delaney calling it out, I mean maybe like Johns like a moderate types, I'm not surprised, but let me let me ask you this
Why is there any news about a recession? I'll give you a second one, which way is that? Ok now Have you thought about it? Why there's no recession nothing's happening, but I'm seeing it everywhere all. We know why two things can happen, if you keep saying a recession will come there, hoping it does, because that's what they need to beat Trump, because policy won't do it. They can't give into his base they can't. It's moderates they've gone not so they're like I don't know tank the economy, there's no recession coming at least as far as I can tell, but certainly see. These stories take us out how dad what are session before Trump in twenty twenty, eight experts weigh in an economic Lowdown would hurt Trump's reelection chances, but partisanship might soften its impact. I the story to say two things I they're talking about how a would impact trump. Okay, But why is recession? Eight you know being talked about the
or you talk about it, they're hoping for that self fulfilling prophecy. They want people to get scared, so they start selling right. And then more the more. We will sell the more people get scared and they want that. They want that run on the banks. The figure of RON they want more people to well, so that the cell results in cell and it results in a recession which is bad for everybody. Well, let's read what John Delaney has to say and we'll talk a little bit more about will talk a little bit more about why they keep running stories about a recession. It's annoying because there's nothing. There was like a story. Like our session, maybe living for this factor and also everyone like we got it and they wrote fifty million stories about it. So, let's jump in before we do, head over time cast dot com, slash donate. If you would like to support my work as a Paypal option in Crypto option a physical address, but of course and just share this video. It's the best way to help me overcome Youtubes, Youtube's, deranking of independent local commentary. But let's read Newsweek reports, twenty presidential hopeful. John Delaney accused his fellow democrats of cheering on a recession in order to stick it to President Donald Trump
Let's continue to claims. A Connie is the best. Ever even as experts warn of impending decline, a was campaign and all to the Iowa on Wednesday. When he was asked by reporters, if you thought a recession was likely. Financial experts and market indicators have recently signal that an economic downturn may be coming sooner rather than later. I hope, it's not. You know it feels like some Democrats are cheering on a recession because they want to stick it to Trump CNN reporter Dj Judd immediately pushed Delaney on his accusation, asking him: which democratic candidates in particular are celebrating a possible recession, I'm not going to name names, but you just get a sense telling you responded my position if, if very clear, is very clear, which is, I hope a recession doesn't happen. I believe trumps economic policies in many ways are fraudulent right. He gave sugar high in spending? He gave us sugar high in spending and tax cuts. He didn't make good investments and he got us in a trade war so I believe it's going to end very badly. Let me stop. I'm not a politician, not Mccanna missed
that really argue, if he's right or wrong. In my opinion, though, when you're Looking at someone like me, who, who is a moderate voter and others, I hear that- and the first thing I think, is I have no idea. Man, all I know is the economy is a lot better than labor. Participation is really really high. Unemployment in all demographics is down across the board for women for the black You can tell me the sugar high, but when you, if you is a sugar high and Trump saying its policies, the only thing I have to go on is Trump is the president. The economy has improved. I don't know anything else now by all means, if you think I'm wrong. If you know I'm wrong comment, and let me know why, but I'm not trying to I'm right. I'm trying to tell you a voters going to hear that and think I don't know man you. Reclaiming the economy is bad. When it's good, you know, I mean you're. Claiming Trump is something wrong with economy is good if they onions, bad I'd, be listening. Saying, tell me why it's bad, but it's not so if Trump says here's. Here's a good
I mean here's, why? What must? But I'm I don't want to do, I'm not I'm not a kind of school for Connie. Are you know anything like that? so all I know is you have your opinion on it. Unfortunately, your opinion isn't backed by anything tangible economies. Great, I don't know you argue it. And so the congressman, but at least I will, I will absolutely credit to Delaney for saying I hope it doesn't happen absolutely spot on correct response. If you Please drop, I sure it's a sugar high. You know what he called a sugar high. If that's what he believes, you can have your in man, I'm not saying your wrong, I'm saying I don't know better, but I really do respect and appreciate you calling these people out are cheering for a recession. That's gonna, bring more suffering? That's the last thing. Any of us would want so much respect, much respect, see they're good Democrats. They can be wrong on policy. I'm I'm taught how to get service on this one but there are people who know it's insane to cheer for a section come on it seems like Delaney stance here, as I don't want to recession to happen, and I'm worried. Trump's policies may lead to that. Let's hope it's not true
it sounds like in the end. It's a principled position. Where he's worried about the american people, I believe it. I don't believe people will actually no, I believe, Lamar. I believe when he says I want to session, bring it on it's like dude, I'm joking, but I can't imagine you actually care about the american people. If you would say something like that, I cannot believe you actually care about policy. I believe you just like the orange man. What Delaney said here may be wrong, I don't know, but it sounds like him his concern is for the american people and not whether or not he can beat the Orange man, it's so frustrating, but I appreciate this I I I I I don't really disagree. I just don't know better. I would say that's kind of what I would like to hear. Tell me what Why tell me why and I'm listening and when the first he says to me as we don't want to recession. I say I agree and then it says the thing is: we've got: we've got spending and tax cuts, it's not
the last that long, I'm going to trade war, that's going to end badly and I go interest in. I don't know enough to refute that, but I am listening. You've said some things. You've pointed to some specifics: tax cut spending, trade war. I understand those concepts to a bit so now you know you got my attention. This is what we need from our democratic leadership. Do I think the lady could be trouble really, don't I really don't I'm not trying to be a dick. I actually respect how the only approach to this is kind of what I've been asking for now. You know as a moderate, I can't tell you those think. That's true, but I appreciate you saying listen. This is why, and now you want to do, start reading about it. I'm going go. I thank you. I appreciate that. I appreciate, if only get more people to say: hey poor people need help right. They act like they care about people, they don't I I'm digging this article and I'm digging this statement from Delaney, though I really don't think he'll win. I don't know if anybody at least there's someone I can find presenting a respectable statement.
He's also come out and and criticize the green. I think it was the only news at this, the green new deal as a bunch of stuff in it or something to do with the environment. I'm like thank you. I like this guy right again, I don't think you can win but I'm not saying it to be mean. I just think Trump is there's an x factor. You know and a lot of people have said it like. You can see it. Admittedly, nobody thought Trump had it, but you know Ann Coulter called it out. Trump does have that. I don't know gravity assist. You can see that he's an imposing figure. He stands there and his whatever you want to call it charisma. I don't think Christmas is the right word, because he certainly it's some kind, You know it's something exudes from him that puts pressure on other people. It's it's a force. So whether you like how we use it or not, the point is you can see that in Trump I don't see that Delaney, but I do see some principle and some respectable statements
CNN's. Judd continue to question delaying his allegation. That Democrats are welcoming a recession in order to takedown trump in the general election. Delaney repeatedly avoid the question I'll come on man I'm sorry, but just a bear down. You think members of the Democratic Party or actively hoping for a recession. I didn't say I didn't say that dole any claimed. He added that it's very important that the Democratic Party be very clear that they do not want to recession, even if it would be good politics. The white has continually downplayed growing concerns about growing turns from who the media, yet the media, who doesn't wanted to win. Larry called the Trump administration's chief economic adviser, told NBC that he doesn't see a recession happening and the country is doing pretty darn? Well, in my judgment, that's cuz. I thought that's all. I know I've, seen the numbers, I'm not, I'm not doing a deep dive into the economy. Textbooks and meeting with all these economists talk about what the
as for the future are what I do now is Trump's staff and and and the ministration of said, we're doing this things have improved. I don't know if it's good or bad, I'm not saying Trump is doing the right then I hear Delaney and I just think all I know is hey man. If the economy is doing well. How do you convince a moderate to abandon trump in twenty twenty see? Look, you can come down and say, The economy is only doing well because Trump cast a spell and sold us all Satan. It's like. I don't care what say dude. All I know is that auto are going to say, keep on keeping on, don't change it. If it's good and you Delaney might be right. Trump may be giving us a sugar high and there may be a crash, but that's not I don't. I don't see how you get mad it's you know, or voters in general past that hump, where they're going to say they know for sure they mention that Trump has brushed off, can friends I'll just talk about this a little bit, but I've seen a ton of Corey is talking about the recession and the downplaying the recession and the potential recession and with
doing now is they're making recession stores that have nothing to do with the experts like this one, how bad would ever session be for Trump in two thousand and twenty eight experts weigh in I don't care. Is it possible to every session? I don't know they take that one story, and then they turn it into fifty stories. So the word session hits the news over and over and over again scaring people. I think that will backfire, because everything they've done has backfired. I don't think it's going work out the way you think it will. I think it's going to be bad for him, because you're hearing people and when people are scared, if a republican and uh, so I don't they're scared of I don't know how economics place, but when people the fear I like I, I could be wrong, but this fact check me. I remember reading a study multiple once talking about when people are scared about, you know impending doom. They they they reach out to authoritarianism.
So this this study, I I I should I should state they they were not too strong. Figures is a better way to put it right. I don't wanna play political games over Trump and other the point is they look for strong figures if they're scared, if you keep saying it's coming for you, it's coming they're, not they don't find strength in the Democrats. I LISA thought what I see they see Trump and you can call Trump all the names in the book. You can call me a bully and that's strength to people that there are people who look at Trump and say he may be a bully, but he's bullying people for me, and you know what you have you can you can choose not to like that? That's fine! You can you, maybe you don't like it, maybe find a gross. The point is: when people get scared they look at someone, who's, tough and Trump may be boisterous and boorish, but that's a sign of strength to a lot of people. You know I'll leave it. There stick around one more segment coming up in a few moments. I will see you shortly from the hill truck says administration looking seriously at ending birthright citizenship. Trump is a hardcore nationalist now,
left like to smear him as a white nationalist. Now I don't think that's, through it, though I am skeptical of a lot of Trump's policies and other things he does. You know, look man, you guys know moderate right, that means I'm not shrieking top of my lungs about Trump derangement syndrome. It was funny someone get me earlier saying I have a minor case of Trump derangement syndrome is like no. I literally have zero trump derangement syndrome at all. I have no problem, like analyzing. What Trump is doing and giving a fair shake trump derangement syndrome is like Trump could walk by and like brushes and they start shrieking about. He was giving a secret hand signed to the like. No, no, I look at is doing, and I try and question it based on my perspective in my research and that's why I correct, because the Orange man is bad in some ways, but it's not that bad right. I love that I'm going to shut the flock every time. Is that such a great segment? I don't know if you're familiar with Flocka Flocka stalks, but he walks around talking to people and says Trump's, not that bad. And there's a lot of people go,
yeah guys not that bad. It's like right, the media saying all stuff about him is not that bad and and case in point. It's like it, it's not hard to say When you see a story that says Trump is talking about external getting Latinos or whatever from MSNBC. Lady, it's like dude Trump is not come on. Oh I'm not a fan of the guy. Like I I I don't approach. My session on Trump. As being you know, one or all or nothing, it's just like Eileen slightly away from him his character and some of his policies? That's about it and then the end of the day. I think America is going to do in America. Does they call George W Bush Nazi? They called Obama Nazi yeah yeah. I get it it's worse than it's ever been in my opinion, but I'm starting to trail off. I hate. You know it happens. I'll start talking about. Trump and and all the stuff, I'm so sick and tired of talking about this guy. You have no idea. I was looking at My videos and I'm like what I have so many pictures of Trump on my on my other channel, but it's
'cause, every story is look at this fifteen thousand shares now here's the thing about birthright citizenship. This I find questionable and the reason I brought up the american nationalist thing and trailed off into that is when I read the story, I said yes, Trump is hardcore pro pro nationalist. It is not about race. As I see it, I believe Trump is specifically like America is the best and we need to to to hunker down secure orders bring back jobs to make America strong, it's literally his. He tells this to you. He says, make America great again and for raise. The left injects race into it. It's like you see it everywhere. Let me tell you this you. You, you wanna, you wanna know why I love saying Temple is mixed race, because I am not somebody who was happy with the idea of the of white nationalist encroachment. Now, I'm actually quite a fearful of it and the test these people- and I don't see it in Trump. Ok, my family has
Reason to be concerned about this they've dealt with this, generations and Trump is just another president and he's very much an american nationalist So maybe he's more about I don't wanna, say isolationist, but more about doing more domestically than internationally than some of our past presidents. Certainly, Obama was very much in favor of free trade agreements and things like that but Trump is very much about preserving America. Making it great, I don't think make America great again means anything. To be honest, I think it was just a call back to Ronald Reagan. He want to inspire that idea, and now he saying keep America great. I think America was always great. I think I think Erika was always great always, and I mean literally always since its inception and I'll explain when America first started when we, when we, when we do,
clear that independence. There was a lot wrong with this that this young fledgling nation a lot wrong slavery number one, but here's what I think this country was always great. The foundation of this nation nation was a document, a constitution that could be amended and a bill of rights that broke down the prejudices overtime. Did this country do really awful thing absolutely humans did we slavery was was this was disgusting. It wasn't until I believe, nineteen sixty seven such a nation laws were dissolved. Supreme Court officially ruled you can be in a mixed race relationships, not crazy. You could go, have a tape, and the only reason that was possible was because, at the inception of America, greatness was cast to document. That's what I mean by this country was
so you have a lot of people saying America was never great, absolutely incorrect. The foundation was laid by some brilliant men who are deeply flawed based on today's standard, but we can't judge everyone based on how far we've progressed by today. What we realize is that people like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George, Washington, etc all of these is these individuals what shape our nation? We we're standing on their shoulders. If it were not for them to lift us up, then we would, be in a place where we are today where someone like me can be successful and telling you why it's a good thing and telling you I don't see: white nationalism in the president and the left will call me stupid and it's mostly going to be aggressive white people telling me my experience doesn't matter and that's why I'm a moderate. Do I think that the orange as bad. I do, but it's not that bad. I would just be like well you gotta vote. You know what I mean like I'm not going to I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to scream I'm going to chalk line by you know that Trump one that's the way the Democrats should be acting. Ok there now
so I was supposed to be writing about birthright citizenship. Let's read it there are. There as President Trump on Wednesday, so restoration is once again seriously considering an executive order to end birthright citizenship months after several lawmakers cast doubt on his ability to take such action. Is I don't believe he can do that, but it will go to the courts. We're looking at that very seriously Trump told reporters as he left the White House for Kentucky Birthright Citizenship, where you, a baby on our land walk over the border have a baby congradulations. The baby is now in a: U S: citizen we're looking at birth right citizenship very seriously. He added it's frankly ridiculous, well hold on milquetoast temples. GonNA is some points. I think it's ridiculous, that people know they can cross the border legally have their baby and I the chop, the child is protected. That's so that's kind of a way to exploit our good nature. I do not like that, however, There is the circumstance of people who are here legally who have a child, and I think that makes
it's. It is interesting, though, why we would do that because a lot of places don't know the phone numbers but think about it. Let's say you're a tourist from you know. I don't know Spain and you're here with your wife, and you don't expect to be giving birth or or you are as a female pregnant, and you know it might be giving birth and the baby comes and you're like we didn't think it was going to happen, but now you have a kid in the US should that could be American citizen, I mean you're a tourist here, however, what if you're a permanent resident who isn't a citizen but your permanent resident? You live. You have a green card, you work and you have a kid well that kids going to grow up here. And that makes sense, so the issue isn't just getting rid of it. The issue is nuanced. The issue stop exploitation. If somebody comes across the border to give birth, so their kids can become an american citizen. That is, in my opinion, exploiting our good nature and fighting on an open door, essentially for good faith. If you are here as as a as a worker as a migrant or whatever it legally, and you have a kid, we say don't
your kid is now one of us. Your kid is an american citizen or something now what about your kid from that from the moment of their existence, you know or or independent existence. I should say because the baby exists in the womb, but from the moment they were born here in America. Welcome to America, you will, you know you can be raising their school here, and I think that makes sense when people come here illegally to exploit our system is what doesn't make sense so so throwing the whole thing out. I would I would say we need to have a conversation. It's not it's! No and and and the problem with a lot of our political discourse. Is it's always black or white? They say the president proposed ending the practice that grant citizenship to those born in United States during his two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign. He revived the idea last year saying you would sign an executive order to enact the change. Numerous law
including several Republicans, quickly, pushed back on the on the idea and argued Trump lacked the authority to make such a change using an executive order. They cited that birthright citizenship is a right enshrined under the 14th amendment, and if you want to change it, you need what is it like? Two slash, three ratification from every state or something like that, really difficult to do. Trump responded to the criticism by saying birthright citizenship. Citizenship would be ended, one way or another President has sought various ways to crack down on illegal and illegal immigration through his present throughout his presidency, and, I will say, crackdown on immigration, in my opinion, is acting as though he's highlighting legal immigration as something incredibly bad, but it is true that Trump has taken action to limit legal and illegal immigration, You know it's really difficult to to try and be fair, I will admit and a lot of issues. The hill is a relatively fair outlet in my opinion, and there's
crackdown on illegal and legal or hold on crackdown is typically like you're talking about discipline and enforcement, you don't need to crack that you don't need to crack down on illegal immigration, it's legal, they could say, restrict or limit. So I think it's import clarified, they could say various ways to crack down on illegal immigration and restrict legal immigration would be a better way to phrase it. You know we're playing semantics, but in today's day and age, isn't it ridiculous that we have to because, if you're not absolutely precise in your leg, which they'll come for you now going to people saying the biased, because you know the way they phrased it. Administration announced earlier Wednesday. It would unveil a new rule that allow migrants place to be held indefinitely, ending a procedure known as the Flores settlement agreement. That requires children to be held no longer than twenty. It's a complicated thing. I don't have it pulled up, so don't quote me, but it's something having to do with kids in the family is being detained, but yeah, I'm not going to get into that thinks. I do not have it pulled up, but I will stress
what I see as someone who has experience for two generations in a family that is dealt with issues of white nationalism and and the laws that have been changed. Supreme Court rulings. I see a president who wants to read force american culture and stop. You know you know I guess, say to stop the globalization. You know we've heard a lot of talk about. You know the globalists after, like Alex Johnson and everything it's it's. I really don't like the meme version of what globalization is. I think there's natural forces that that push us towards ever increasing open borders and trade it all these things and Trump is, trying to secure the United States, so it can take care of itself, is a nationalist. It's not about in my opinion, is about him saying this. You know this country in this culture are good, and I want to reinforce that. That's that's! That's how I see from him. I actually lean more towards internationalism because I think, ultimately, a democratic form.
A globalist community is a really really good thing, but we need to recognize. Borders exist, for a reason outside of like security. You know, there's trade restrictions there's resource restrictions we don't want. People coming from one place to from someone else's resources because it doesn't work in the community, built on a small lake and they have just enough water for them, and everyone there's water in the russian and take it and that everyone dies okay, so borders. For reasons for protecting communities, and that's how I view Trump he's like he. What he's he's focused on United States, you have to like him for it. I just don't see the racial component that they try to inject into it. You know, I don't I don't hear from the left. Look you're wrong, you're stupid! Not you don't you know,
look I'll leave it. I'm done thanks for hanging out sick around next segment will be at one thousand. Am tomorrow morning, podcast at six hundred and thirty pm I'll see you all next time.
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