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Facebook Just BANNED A Major Trump Campaign Issue, Immigration, This Is MAJOR Election Interference


After pressure from far left groups Facebook announced that they will no longer allow certain ads to run.This means that a major campaign issue for Americans and Trump's platform, Immigration, will not be able to be run as ads.While some think mark Zuckerberg won't actually enforce these rules we have already seen Trump ads get removed for having the wrong image on them. Why would Facebook allow Trump's campaign to run ads on Immigration if they changed the rules?Democrats of course have shifted far left on the issue of immigration and seem to be pulling out all the stops in their effort to defeat Trump. republicans for now seem to be doing absolutely nothing as big tech censorship and social media bias wreaks havoc on political discourse.Trump however has said he believes Twitter will ban him and has floated the idea of switching to Parler#Trump#Democrats#Republicans

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Facebook has just Nuke Donald Trump campaign from orbit with new rules banning hate speech. Now, you might say, TIM hate speeches, a bad thing, and how will this even hurt? Donald Trump? It's not like Trump engages in hate speech right well, given paying attention to the past several years and how censorship works on social media. Probably realise hate speech is just something they use as an excuse to target conservatives for them all, part, because we ve seen many left wing profiles get away with overt hate speech. We ve seen the New York Times, Sarah Jong Post for years, hateful rhetoric against white people, and that is protected. But, more importantly, this actually will hurt Donald Trump campaign because as it specifically will ban one of his most important campaign issues. Immigration, Donald Trump, has run ads and put a ton of money into them, specifically stating that it
legal immigration breeds crime, there's drug trafficking that cartels and these people effectively take our jobs. These are considered to be scapegoating advertisements which Facebook now explicitly ban the most expensive add campaign. Tromp ran on Google had to do. With illegal immigration, the third most interacted with ad campaign on Facebook had to do with immigration and these campaign ads, are actually about a year old and according to gallop. The most important issues today are not immigration. Donald Trump is still claiming that he will be fighting Dhaka that he is going to win. Yes, a campaign, and, of course, Donald Trump maintains the position that illegal immigration hurts the american worker. This violates the rules of Facebook. Add campaigns. Now you may say facebooks. Not that important, can win in other ways and that's fair. So I dont want act like Trump has com
lately shot out by these rule changes, but this will directly impact politics and will hurt Donald Trump ability to reach people on the most prominent social media platform in the world. The shocking thing about this is that Facebook, by banning these adds, has made a hard political statement. And is absolutely interfering in politics by saying they will block certain political positions from being advertised. Facebook is dictating what will be? acceptable in our elections and in public discourse, it is gone well, old, beyond just one little, person saying some naughty word and it is now the press, It's a belly to rally his own people in one advertisement, Donald Trump says: the Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than they do the american people. This is party. Larger, add where he talks about court
These other issues a direct violation of facebooks new policies. This new policy put in place by Facebook is the result of a pressure campaign from far left activists. They have been demanding that big brands stop advertising and pull off of Facebook, a massive add apocalypse: it worked. Facebook initially resisted, but their stocks are take a big hit. Coca cola. Believer and many other brands announced they were pulling off, not necessarily because the boycott, but because of the polarization mark soccer bent over and collapse to his knees and says: please don't leave. I need that money and now Donald trumps, one of his principal campaign issues is out there well. It's read the story and break down exactly what's going on and how I think this will impact But let me just taught tat tell you all Those of you who happen to find yourself as supporters of Joe Biden. If there are many of you who watch my gentle, it's good news for you:
Joe Biden position on decriminalizing. You know illegal illegal immigration and putting a moratorium on deportations is supported by this massive multinational corporation and Donald Trump position is weak, and that means, if you're tromp supporter- and you think you ve got this one in the back. Let me just remind and I say over and over and over again your overconfidence arrogance will be your downfall. They're, pulling out every single stop one things are doing is trying to make Washington D C a state which presents a whole list. Of problems, but would give the damn creates more senators and arguably more more king general power. That's because they need to change whatever they can to win. We ve got the national popular vote. Interstate compact. Now we have facebook back. I hate speech, but let's bring down. I want to too much before we get started had over the Tin castle comes lashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways can give it, the best thing you can do is share this video because I'm competing with the means
the media and their massive marketing bug budgets, which I do not have also more as the censorship encroaches. It's very likely that I will be banned before the year before the next couple of months, I suppose according to the Federalist they. Actually, they didn't interview, tromp, Trump or tromp actual expects to be banned as well. So, for the time being, you can share these videos. I support my work, and maybe I won't be here in a few months- will see if you just want to watch them, could subscribe button like button the notification bout. Let's read this: away from national, which of course, takes a very left, biased approach. Facebook expands hate, speech, rules and ads Regular, racist post are still ok, they're, not but surely reed. Facebook has had enough of hate speech and adds at least the companies under and see your mark Zuckerberg announced a slew of new policies on Friday meant to combat, Incendiary rhetoric and misinformation going forward faces
now ban hate speech from its advertising platform. The company says the goal is to create a higher standard Content for its ads and prohibit device of rhetoric today We are prohibiting a wider category of hateful content and adds said Zuckerberg, specifically, we are expanding our adds policy to prohibit claims that people from a specific race, ethnicity, national origin, so filiation cast orientation, gender identity, or immigration status are a threat to the physical safety, health or survival of others. Know me stop right there and say I actually think that's fine in many capacities, because for the most part I agree, However, immigration status is a very weird thing to put into that sets. A political issue you want to argue that some one based on race or gender, whenever you should be protected, ok. I can. I can understand that immigration status when we were talking about people, who aren't even citizens of this country, whether or not you on a talk about them, positive, positively or negatively should have no, but
necessarily on campaign. As now to be fair, I dont know to what extent Facebook will apply this to pollute. Go adds because they may not be able to this there. There may be hard limit, so perhaps you walk back Little button just say: Wolf see how they actually implement this, but on the surface it really does seen this I have a serious negative impact on trumps campaign. They say: Sucker pointed out that Facebook is typically ban certain types of content, from its add platform that are normally allowed in regular posts, and that's the same case here. If Facebook effectively enforces down rules, you won't see adds with hate speech on the platform but may still see hateful posting your news feed for regular posts. Facebook only bans direct attacks defined as violent or dehumanizing speech statements of inferiority or calls for exclusion or segregation. This is the first time, the company has expanded its definition of hate last year. It reverse its decision to allow white nationalist rudder
Why did they allow in the first place blah blah out? I don't care too much about Mashable. Opinions on the matter, but let me show you what how this all started. The big news in the past few days, Coca COLA pause as advertising on all social media platforms globally as the Unilever and many other companies, can see they say dockers. Levi's also announced Friday. They will be pausing ads on face, weaken Instagram, while her, she said, oh, be cutting spending on Facebook and Instagram by a third for the rest of the year and for the most part, meant these companies are not sayings as part of a boycott they're saying that things are just two divisive and polarized right now. What I think we're surely seeing that major corporations know if they advertise in these platforms. They're gonna get attacked by the left if they try to pander to the left attacked by the right? The polarization means that these ad
will only serve to heart their brands. The best thing we can do is just back off, so Facebook decided to pander to the left in an effort to actually try and save some some cash, while the support that the boycott as part of the campaign called stop hate for profit I say: hit paws on hate, we're asking all businesses to stand in solidarity with our most deeply held american values of freedom, equality and joy this and not advertise on Facebook services in July, one of them all. Funniest things like I just point this out is that hit paws on hate is advocating for censorship, and this quite literally an organization called free press. I used. I know many people from the free press, press and boy. They sure lost sight of what their organisation is supposed to be about free press dot, net yeah funny, I'm right here. Old for the censorship of certain in internet personalities and is now calling for censorship and harsher hate speech rules on Facebook. So please
freeze free press change, your name! Ok, if you want to advocate what censorship do it? Fine. If you are right, you can have it for what you want, but don't call yourself free press anymore now. You know why. I think free press is the best example the Woke mob, taking over an institution and wearing them like a skin suit, as it has been described. Let's take a look at our trump is gonna, be impacted by this. This is Donald Trump. Facebook add archive I have searched, for it should be Thou impressions hide alone. The most gave the most impressions, I said, engage us earlier on a correct that them are posted the most impressions. This means Donald Trump is pushing these harder than anything else check this out. Donald Trump set as your commander in chief, it is my duty to put the safety of Americans above everything else, and I promise you that ever change now eat your input on a crisis at our southern border, the demo rats and the media need. To know where real american stand. Ok,
Is this post saying your endanger your safety? What mark, Zuckerberg, say if you say that people's physical safety or survival could be improved, did negatively by these groups. The ad is gone. What does this add from Donald Trump? Do, as is the third. Most of this is the area that thing most impressions of all his ads we can already see that several advertisements from Trump have been taken down by Facebook. Now this is true for many politicians, not just Donald Trump, but think about what this means. With the issue of Immigration Dhaka was it does that The allowing people were broadcast children illegally by their parents, allowing deferred action on deportation for these people. Tromp has bowed to end that he recently lost Supreme Court ruling, but he said we are coming back. Maybe he says he will renew his effort to end Dhaka protections now. Why would you want to do that because Trump and Then, yes, Bernie Sanders have maintained that elite
immigration, whether it's from dreamers or otherwise, is bad for. You use your your physical safety in many regards, not physical saving. The sense like someone's, been attack you, but in turn of your ability to secure your family in your home and have finances to be safe. Tromp is absolutely camp hanging on immigration. Still the rhetoric is in his pronounced, as it was in the past, but still there and take a look at Google. Buzz of this is the most expensive add run trump has dawned on Google, and it's it's a video or trumps as liberals care more about illegal immigrants than they do about. Our own citizens. In this advertising from Trump they talk about cartels, drugs, etc. All of these things considered to be threats to physical safety and what as Facebook Band- and let me just, press this point too, to as much as I can just because faced
Book is going to ban these ads doesn't mean Trump is down and out, but I am telling you they are pulling out all of the stops. So when I see people on twitter alright to eat something like, I think Trump is on track to lose. He absolutely is, if you think, he's guaranteed this, I think you're nuts, many p, I said that I was wrong. They treated me saying no way it can't be your incorrect turn out as an matter trumps godson, the bag when Facebook announces that they take an apology position and- and these ads in all likely will not be allowed. Some people think they won't go that far. That announcing this just to save face, but they'll. Never, actually shut down trumps ads in this way. Ok, fine, maybe that's the case, but Facebook did just ban trumps advocates ever read triangle in it and then they accuse tromp of using world war. Two. I cannot graffiti you whatever they'll ban. What they feel like banning tromp was called
Anti fought with that at they banned the ads. So why wouldn't they ban is as an immigration? They are going to stop tromp from being able to speak to his constituents. They want him sure the only thing you here This negative take a look at what happened during covert. Donald Trump was doing daily press briefings and his approval rating was skyrocketing right around here. Turnus up this is We can see here around the time, Donald we are doing is daily press briefings. He reached his highest point ever in the real, clear politics aggregate all of a sudden, the media's hard panicking they said trot should be allowed have these rallies on tv, so they shot him down and stopped covering his daily press briefings that is a privilege writings. While these are to go down its now drop significantly to its worst position in a few years and its disapproval is very He very had the highest ever been at an end, and is it it was the lowest ever been, but this is pronounced. They aren't you shut down his ability to talk with people as a viral post going on right now
I'm someone, I believe it's a manager for Canada ones, who sat They were a in a far leftist living in Peru and they came back from the far left how they actually watched Donald Trump. His speech and realized they were being lied to. So this is what that they, they need to do it's one of the things they need to do this, is a very serious effort to shut down trumps ability to communicate with you, because I'll be honest with you, you don't have the like. The man- and I am I've- been very critical of him in the past. I mean a lot actually but it's not that bad, and what I mean by that is the media lies all the time chop says very stupid things. I am I shocked by something that come out of this man's mouth, but the man The EU is lying, taking things out of context, spinning things and just trying to destroy him. That's why I believe Facebook will shut down his advertisements, and you know what so does Donald from according to an interview in the federalist. This is free.
I believe its from mom Dominic. He interviewed Trump Is this? What is what he was? Isn't that one at least where the story for you Trump expects to be banned by twitter? In response to a question on what there. He expects to soon be banned by twitter, where we, as our eighty two million followers Trump said. Yes, I do the president. Leaves the banned from the popular platform will happen in the fall before twenty twenty election and opinion. Shared by others in the White House for Trump and those close to him too This reaction to two recent tweets, including one where he warned writers against breaking the law, are being taken taken as warning. Shots quote, some people say I should join parlay Trump said. Maybe we do We have over a hundred ninety four million followers thou across multiple sites, Trump complemented facebooks mark Zuckerberg, saying he had far more open unless biased in his treatment, but as for it, put her ban. I expect it will hurt them more then they realize now Trump is correct. I'm not entirely convinced trump will be banned, truck what was doing really really bad time.
Came along and also Twitter became prominent. But it's funny this, if you comes out, I believe a came out the day before. What's the celebrated the data on this to twenty seven so came up today, it came out a day after Zuckerberg announced he's gonna make he's gonna ban these advertisements, perhaps tromp doesn't realise. Let me die some trump absolutely join parlay, and it sounds like based on this quote- he doesn't realize that it could be on twitter and power, play any need only make a few statements on parlay to actually shift the playing field he doesn't want to. Maybe Trump thinks that if he gets band with credit, put a massive press cycle that will benefit him I dont know what he's thinking, but I can tell you losing Our ability to speak with their constituents have already shown is a bad bad thing. I'll highlight it one more time when tromp was doing his daily press briefing that approval writing was through the roof, they took them away from him, and now is approval is dropping and its dropping fast. They do not want trop to be able to reach people. It's why
hate Trump on Twitter. In the first place they complain about it all the time they want trunk band. Well, Trump, isn't gonna go to parlay I'll tell you what men tromp needs to go to parlay, while he still can, and he doesn't need to leave twitter, but if he goes there now and he tweets out, join me on parlay, he has access to these eighty, four or so million people. If twitter bands him farce that he will not be able to tell those people to move to twitter and Facebook bands him for then he will be without he'll- have no no way to inform all of his all of his base where he is now. He has the president. He can't speak, but the is not not to come a fair shake and they're, not gonna, Maginnis parlay account, however, if they do ban him and tromp still does take parlay any make some outrageous statements like he likes to the media will still probably be forced to cover it, but they could choose not to and that's when Trump lose, the ability to actually communicate with people. Let us move on to the store.
Bernie Sanders Links, low waves of immigration, Bernie Sanders warned increased immigration would lower the wages of U S workers. Now he barely mentions it. This rhetoric is being banned from Facebook, and even Bernie Sanders admitted this recently this year in an endeavour. There are times had yes, yes, yes, ok, ok, you're right, you admitted it these Paul as you know, full well. What shutting it shutting Trump down specifically inhibits his ability to speak with the people who need to hear and most those working learned about this. The Democrats aren't talking about anymore. That's the point. They say now he barely mentions it. That's right, and now you can't mention it. They don't want anyone bill to talk about this stuff. What's interesting in this battle is that last year when tromp was making these adds, that was where, gallop reported that immigrant was them. Immigration was the most important problem, new high. And U S say migration most important problem and we can see it rose to about twenty three percent. The reason this hat
it was because the media was covering it so I'll, be fair, not to make sure I'm, I'm I'm being reasonable here. It could be that We won't really matter to drop in the long run, because immigration isn't the biggest issue, sure there are some hardline immigration people, but tromp is to build that wall. Maybe he doesn't care anymore, maybe the miracle people have moved on to other issues and it seems like mere they may have, according to gallop from just last week, race relations as the most as a nation's most import, problem. Gallops, longstanding, most important problem question provides important context from during the impact of the May twenty fifty death of George flowed in Minneapolis. The question asks him against a name at the top of their had. The most important problem facing the nation. Gallop has been asking this question since nineteen thirty nine every month, since it doesn't one and throughout the decades, prior to that on a less regular basis. One year ago, the issue
immigration today, it would seem that the issue is race relations, so maybe maybe this won't really hurt Trump, but I'm curious as to why this has become the most important problem. Now there are some people who might now they might give you are there take on a few months ago, trumps approval raining with Black- voters- was skyrocketing it in fact, in the region, the past few weeks, trumps approval writing with black voters. According to musin polls was like forty percent, not enough. I believe that maybe I'll among young black men, particularly because of people I can Owens in Congo, West I can only imagine this. Would absolute Lee Shock and terrified Democrats. The saying goes that if black support for their public and party goes over twenty percent, the Democrats will not be able to win ever again, that's actually ever again, and what does it mean can't can't get the support revert, unimagined south must not be a thought exaggerate too much in the story of highlighting the several times. Approval among black,
voters for trot may be higher than you think. This is according to black enterprise, dot com. They say, according to recent Dub NBC Wall Street Journal Pole tromp as a fourteen percent approval. Among black voters, with every eight out of ten african American stating that they are uncomfortable the possibility of him getting reelected on other pole conduct by black pack showed that most african Americans are not only dissatisfied with the current administration but the overall state of the country. Right now, the survey shows that seventy six percent of black voters are completely dissatisfied with the overall direction. The country they say. Despite the low numbers, there's only have the story with lack voters as image, with my voters. As a majority may seemingly move in one direction, there is still a stark divide between genders. In the same Wall Street Journal pull the results, show that twenty four percent of black men approved of Trump in comparison with six percent of black women who approved of the current president, the who approved of the car,
president with our president is Trump. These Pauling results are still low compared to other ethnic groups. Thirty two percent letting money you get the point. The point is trumps approval. Writing may be a lot higher among minorities and now race relations becomes the most important issue. If tromp can actually tackle this issue. Then he may still when so many. People on the right. Many conservatives have actually pointed out that trumps weakest position right now. It's actually white Americans Tromp is losing support among White Americans with this could be due to the far left lurch of the progressive left, but has actually been gaining port among black Americans, something that can actually help him win. To know exactly how these things will play out. But there's one thing I can say so long. As these social media companies continue to censor speech and target tromp, especially in his campaign issues. We are gone
the sea people, start to adopt these positions because you'll never hear a counter argument. This is what scary on Facebook P, people who might say hey. Did you hear about the story? No, I didn't and then you'll get banned so certain ideas and certain stats and facts will be removed. Donald Trump won't be able to campaigning. The issue that still ranks and the top issues for the country. He will be shot out and if Donald Trump tries to put up ads about race relations, they could just argue it is hate speech based on what tromp, says trunk and come out and say something like. I believe everyone should be equal. Well, as we know, color blindness, as they say, is bigoted. Our recently did a video where I defended this and they flagged it as hate speech, not a strike they flag at all. In terms of modification saying this is hateful content, you can't post this. Are you can't monetize it, and I have
request Google to overturn it. This is how the game is played. They'll argue that if you say all all men are created, equal all persons are credit equal. Well, that's it because you are, you are overlooking the systemic racism, blah blah blah and they can just claim it is twitter, ban they put a sensor, a screening over trumps tweet. You can't like it and they said, because he was at glorifying violence or whenever, when he was just saying he was gonna, follow the law tribes. Anyone enforce the law. If you try to break it, they sensor him for it. This is what they'll do they make the rules and then make moves against from now to be fair again, perhaps what's really happening is that Mark Zuckerberg is just trying to
fact himself with some. You know some surface level, pr gesture that what really do anything? Maybe you are really enforce anything and you just get up people pulling out, so he needs a minnow save face, or maybe you really will take a really will take his actions but limited on men. If you think a downturn is guaranteed when that's when you lose Trump touts ratings, Raffer Rally Fox NEWS, Town Hall, these others ill, poles, maybe Trump Scott. What eighty three or so million followers, not every single one of them really like the guy. Some people follow him, just be They replied to him and complain on every post. He makes the real ratings or fox news. Perhaps it was a massive showing but perhaps a lot of these people do hate him. I think its fairness the ratings are good news for trumpets. The best assumption you could probably make because most people who want to listen I'm really really like the guy people wait, I'm probably dont know anything has to say otherwise they probably one hate him as much if actually listen to what was talking about. So that's why,
I think it's fair to say these? These probably are the real ratings. So leave you with this I lean towards trumpet losing as of right now ever so slightly for one reason them while for couple reasons that the attacks there there their levelling against tromp mail in voting. All of these things will pile up there, not just going for once. I did you they're levelling the playing field, but also the hubris of the troops, a porter who thinks there guaranteed, when I believe Trump can, when I believe, is a really really really good chance to win, I believe is a really great chancellor applicants to take everything based on all the riots in the social justice stuff, the tearing statues, but I also think that too many people take victory for granted. They won't stand up and there too, do arrogant, we know we're gonna win and the longer you keep saying that the more people believe it and the more like that ass likely. They are actually go out and vote. Why It's a. We won t exactly why Hillary Clinton lost so by all means: Kate,
getting he's gonna when he's gonna. When I know it's gonna win and that's why Hillary Clinton lost, they were so sure and then no one showed up. So you better shop, if you think he's, if, if you, if you want to win, say MR for people, don't want anyone, although their necks segments coming up at six p m youtube. I'm slashed him CAS News, and I wish you all a couple and I to Donald Trump announced. Hundreds of people have been arrested and relations to the vandalism and destruction of statues and other public monuments? Not don't not people have actually been arrested. There's no great press release coming out from every single one of these law enforcement agencies, but I've been several reports locally from various police. Apartments that, yes, several people have been arrested, We now know, as of yesterday, that the FBI is tracking down suspects involved in the Lafayette Park Riots where they tried to pull down the Andrew Jackson Statue and failed these people and are being arrested but seems like FBI's actually going after them, and Donald Trump is taking everything one or two steps further
he's gonna, be signing an executive order and he's going to be creating it. Asked for. Why did sign an executive order? Any did launch a taskforce to target extremists, mostly because of destruction of monuments in private property of public property. I should say what is all this: just going out the far left he's. All so concerned about the Buddha Lou boys. Now I dont think as a mediator try to portray that the Bootblue boys are necessarily a movement of sorts, but there Our people on line who uses terminology and are talking about preparing for a civil war, I'm not gonna, pretend to know all about this. I have covered anti fall on the past, but read the story and see what's going on, but I want to point something out and have mentioned several times. The riding in the protests have not stopped the Heavens They ve been debates that there still going on as one of the reasons Donald Europe is doing what he's doing it's been five weeks. You'd think they'd stop at some point, but no the far I genuinely believe it's their revolution.
Not every single one of em, probably but many of them are on camera, saying it is some video I think, Portland We're a bunch of annual types are young at a cop saying June twenty will be in the history books, as is our revolution, are uprising, blah blah blah. You can see similar stuff Twitter. Do they really think this? Is there one chance they're not to go there going to be extremely? going to tear down Abraham Lincoln in Washington, DC or Donald Trump. Won't. Let them do that However, we did see rather viral moment where conservative Rapporteur jackpot Sobek went down Does he was going on they paid? They attacked him through water on them and try stealing his found, which is par for the course for anti Fa- let's created this other viral moment wheels of a few other, egg stories cops are being attacked the fireworks? So yes, let's readers the border. But I will tell you why it's necessary or know exactly what Trump can or will do, but I'm telling you these protein haven't stopped and I'm gonna show you it's there still ongoing. This is from the US. Daily voice. They say new Trump
order, carries long prison terms for defacing monuments and J Top Fed leads task force in advance of the fourth. I president Trump on Friday, signed an executive order that he said promises long prison terms for those vandalized american monuments memorials and statues quote. I just had the privilege of running a very strong executive order, protecting american monuments, memorials and statues and Combat Recent criminal violence trumped waited long present before these lawless acts against our great country and another move, U S attorney for New Jersey, Craig CARP, CARP, cut, Bonito was appointed to co, led a task force to counter anti Govern, extremists specifically Antigua and those supporting the far the Bogle movement, the global be comprise of members of U S. Attorney's office and FBI offices throughout the country who will share,
information with local and state law enforcement and provide training on identifying anti government extremists. The Justice Department said I to say it drum, which God I got some bad news, Many of these extremists are in media. Have been lying about, you and many other people for a long time How do you stop the expansion of this extremist ideology which foment violence when people and media support it over and over again now is worthwhile challenge of passages of the first amendment they're allowed to their allowed to support it, give their support, and if, if, if that ideology expands, they will subvert the rule of law, which creates a very difficult position for people in this country, how to deal with it and make sure things don't fall apart. Let's keep reading, they say attorney general, William P bar also reportedly told you S, marshals, nationwide, on Friday to prepare to protect the monuments from harm quote is a challenging assignment due to the breadth of possible targets for criminal activity marshals.
Was assistant director Andrew Cease, see Psmith. Wrote in an email obtained by the Washington Post, a joint duration Centre will be up and running in Springfield Virginia with it with days, said Psmith who for volunteers from the services district and divisions. More those ordinarily capture fugitive per fugitives, protect witnesses, transfer present and provide courthouse security trump earlier this week, that he'd authorize the Justice Department which overs he's the marshal service to arrive anyone who vandalized or destroys any monument statue or other such vital property in the: U S without do ten years in prison,. Or the veterans Memorial Preservation ACT, or so other laws that may be pertinent. The president follow that with Fridays announcement of the executive order, which prohibits the disagree, kind of public monuments, vandalism, government property and other acts of violence. These include confederate statues, hit administration said the order Also, not only with holds federal support, tied to public spaces from the from those state and local governments that don't in
or their own measures to protect public monuments. It withdraws grants from those who don T then a series of measures to stop it federal assistance. Is available to help pay for that protection. Under the order. While I tell you what men sounds Mcdonald jobs covered all its basis in its executive order and others a photo of Jack put so back. Stand in up to some anti fraud unit, x, you are coming out thinking that there, the resistance or whatever- and I gotta this- is this Oh, I don't wanna, say historic or anything like that, but I'm kind of insinuating it but look at this photo. It really does capture the moment very, very well. It's two people facing down- and this is a lot of it were saying I'll. Tell you what Jack bustle. It was the only one who went down and he went down the capacity as a rapporteur does upon the door. Whatever you know he's, it's he's not going there, link arms and defend the statue, necessarily, although I'm pretty sure Jack was trying to defend the statue of Abraham, Lincoln
this wasn't like an organised protest or riot like the left would engage in so that this shows I mean Get this with that with a statute. In the background, it's very very different how the left and right are approaching this applied Agus by you, but is the official statement from the White House not guard, which I want to read to you, executive order, protecting american monuments, memorials and statues and combating recent criminal violence. That is important as it lays out their goal and the purpose for it. The wider says the fur Duty of government is to ensure domestic tranquillity and defend life property and the right of citizens of the last five weeks there's- been a sustained assault on the life and property of civilians, law enforcement officers, government property- revered american monuments, such as the Lincoln Memorial many of the rioters arsonists and left wing extremists who have carried out and supported these acts have expressed
We identified themselves with ideologies, just Marxism that call for the destruction of the United States government. Why? if that's the case, Malaga bad NEWS for Europe as a video of all hype higher profile- one was a high profile, but a blacklist our activists saying that their marxist, I could be wrong, so fat check me on that one. I saw an article about it and some video about it, but many of these people on the left are overtly marxist, but more whether nuts blacklist matter or otherwise, there are many people in media whore overt marxist, to produce fake news and lie. I mean actually a Buzzfeed news. Reporter just got fire. I believe ugly got fired for plagiarism. This is not the first, so there's another Buzzfeed reporter who quit and wanted to find out, times in the UK, and got fired for spying on other news agencies and now we're seeing another buzzword reporter Busby NEWS fired for plagiarism. The simple because both of these guys wrote fake story. Smearing the right activists are
in media lying and nothing is being done. On their slowly taking over, particularly at the New York Times now there was, what reason within your times and they. Ousted some editor they're taking over and a lot of people it's a good riddance who cares than your times is biased. Oh boy, if you thought the New York Times was biased a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, for you to wait until the extremists have control of the editorial such and you might be saying they do. I assure you, while some people may be biased, the extremists have not yet taken the whole thing, and you will. You will regret it everything that comes out of the paper will be a lie, and already a lot of it is getting bad actually cancelled. My subscription recently and its values is now for the third time. I think I've done it, but the York Times has dislike waxing and waning of unity brought on Ben Smith is a really good job, but now the woke extremists are
seeing people out there gaining more ground and if the gray lady falls to the extremists, listen to one thing to have a liberal, biased paper is another thing to have a proper to have the most prominent paper in the country. Perhaps the world taken over by propagandist, insurgents who will like it, it's one thing to be biased. It's another thing to have these people will fully lying, which they ve done. But imagine if every single thing that came out was a lie imagine if no one believed you and then people would be. Like you're wrong about trot, because I can prove it. Here's the New York Times the paper record, saying straight up Trump, did throw those puppies off a bridge They wouldn't lie. Would they that's it happen when they get completely overrun and they ve gone. It's already started happening it as front page story that a completely fake like that the rabbit whole nonsense, front page story. They put Philip De Franco's face in the square, Talkin bout right wing extremists and he got E4 whose angry about it. But that's what they're gonna do they're gonna go after anyone who dare oppose them. Even look, there's! No
which reality to these people, do what you can understand about how the press had oppresses gonna function once they take, it filled the Franco, you probably known a million millions of subscribers. He does is general news. Pop culture show money. Through fraud. I really out of his way to schedule is but he's neutral right here neutral, slightly laughed you, you know, you got the Covington thing wrong, but no might be a lot of people dead so but to them neutrality is is complicit. It makes you complicit right silences consent. The way they see it is you are either with them or you are against them This is why you will see the fake news put his face on the front page and, as a rule, funny thing that happened on the website. As you scrolled its add, you know you tubers Bob like will eventually to push on a radical and eventually all that's left. Our extremists because it was randomized what the way it works.
Are you all these different you tubers and, as you scroll down several disappeared until? Finally, it said all that's left his extremists and some people got Philip, the Franco as the let final. Me no person. They are times then changed because Iraq O work. You know calling basically calling people extremists, but What did I tell you? What I've worn these people? They don't get it there, think that they can just be over my mind. If I may business I'll be ok now, there's theirs. Minding your own business man, US enemy, There's a story going around right now from I believe it's the Washington Post, where they were about a private Halloween party two years ago, where woman wore black face because she was trying to make fun of Megan Kelly. No one knows this. Woman is no one cares about these journalists, private parties or what they do in their office.
But for some reason they wrote this threat. There was a three thousand words really massive story about how this incident resurfaced and everybody was confirmed. Why would the Washington Post right about our random woman? Who has nothing to do with anything? No four areas a random woman and like she showed up thinking. It was funny to make fun of Megan colleagues have everyone's at yeah, but you're still wearing black face, and so she went on I need to get off. That was the end of story. Why did they namer and ruin her life? Let me tell you a story. Friends. When I was in Sweden, several young thing now, three over three years ago We had interviewed several people, there's a big story about the local paper whereas showing up to random people's homes and Doc sing them, showing their faces Ask them why they were posts. Posting anonymous comments on line. Apparently they had syrup fishes gained access to account on an anonymous commenting platform used by a bunch of companies. I believe was discus and once they
on the private information of people who posted anonymously, they went to their homes and they found their faces and they challenge Why do you say these things? Why do you do this? What's the purpose of docks in private individuals? Cnn done the same thing shock people to compliance. There's no other reason, because you will not make money off now we can t talk about why Washington Post wrote this story about a random woman and I'll. Tell you what simple solution far the foremost because I'm I'm not I'm, not big conspiracies. You know A simple solution is they are desperate for traffic and they were like we're, but that story you know we could write about, that right and then get some kind of like angle out of it shock content, and so, she'll justice outrage gets clicks and This was then scraping the bottle the barrel so hard. They pulled up. Some woodchips vague got literally nothing, but I was right some private one in her life. Now, suddenly look at this, like the media is trying to beat you in a submission by telling you you're not safe,
I don't. I won't go that far into the concerned at any conspiracies right. I think it's just the simple. Whatever the reason is its what's happening see. I actually said when they covered a story that we reserve the right to publish this guy's name unless you know, but he never does. Does this again makes a meme and people by many because they don't want her name, placid of it'll destroy their lives. People are scared of being cancelled or targeted by the mob what happened to the Washington Post, but that a story like this? Why I'll tell you if they put us? I like this, don't be surprised if you find yourself in this situation, and this is the this is the point. If you go to like Jack Pacific's, Wikipedia page Boys, this guy evil, I tell you what Jack's not evil you can disagree with them? You can criticise them, for the things is done in the past. That's fine, but he's just another guy. It welcome to politics there a lot of good people, bad people, everybody as their opinions, but when you
other media tries to go after people and another weapon ized by these, these these leftwing activists, things get scary men. Let me tell you once start taking over the media. These people in the black man, asks, or whatever our emboldened and protected, as we saw in the past the Andy NO incident where he was beaten by Anti far was- a shock to the system. That was really really bad for them in boy. Did they panic there? Like, though no he's a drifter is far right? Modern, oh man, you got it. You know a gay child of emigrants, beaten and bloodied with his you know, sitting sitting down with like his ear, was bleeding gotta be really hard to make him out to be the villain in that, because you just walking around mining is on business right, they're scared of. However, If the media is under their control, which its ever increasingly becoming expected, he photos like this, but they will rephrase it
They will say you know. White supremacist threatens racial justice activist framing is everything and that's it you'll get regular. People won't speak up because they know what happens if they do their private infirm and will be published. A story well come out talking about their Halloween party. I am also why why did you? Why did you ruined my life in they'll? Say oops scarce? So it's its wore an issue of this. This mob is out of control completely out of control there, dumping around as met TB calls them. Twitter, Robespierre is going discipline to discipline destroying people's lives, but worse than that, many these people work in in major media companies. Why? I assure you once the media is completely fond, these people, you will regret it, but he went back to the executive order to make this point. They date. Anarchists left wing extremists have sought to advance a fringe ideology that paints the USA fundamentally unjust and have sought
to impose at ideology on Americans do violence and mob intimidation. They have led riots in the streets, burned, police vehicles. Killed and assaulted. Government officers as well. Business owners defending their property, even seized an area within one city where law and order gave way to anarchy during the unrest, Mrs citizens have also been harmed and killed. It's true God, David Doorn believes name was I've got an alert is buddies. Pawn shop was being robbed and he went to go check it out. They killed the guy for some tvs man. This is this is completely correct. These things are happening, so half the wonder You know Trump is ITALY's, as these criminal acts are frequently planned and supported by agitators who have trapped. The cross state lines to promote their own violent agenda. These Articles shamelessly attack the legitimacy of our institutions and the very rule of law itself. Now this is important because either even goes on dimension, Oliver statutes that have been targeted, including Ulysses S, Grant, for instance,
but it is clearly not about the confederacy. The travelled across state lines thing is very important because I believe it actually gives federal Jura gives the federal government jurisdiction over these. These criminal acts. Anti fraud does travel across state lines to push their ideology. Train and to engage in protests against you, know, monuments or governments or places there not even from I'm not talking about the? U S cause you're the first member right across this country, I'm talking about a group of people who I have personally met and interviewed that me and other journalists, refer to as the tourists, because would literally go to like Turkey and China and other countries and engage in protest to support this far ideology, and that's what I mean when I say that anti far, though, it is not a like parent organization like there's no anti for ink. There are
Visual cells, which are active in organised, have property, have financing and spread this ideology typically some kind of communism. I'd authoritarian, leftism whatever it is, it's an amalgamation of weird ideas, but they will turn I will to Germany, they will travel to Turkey, to China, to various countries, engaging with training and supporting these people. This is in turn. National and many people tried saying you know Trump announced that aunt. If I should be labelled as terrorist or whatever they say you can't do that anti five domestic organisation blah blah blah. It's not really an organization blah blah blah anti via flag, a historical roots. It he's just Google search it, but that's that's that's what's been happening now mean that we call them antivirus, anarchists back in the debt back in the day, there was just at Anti capitalist or the far left anti repeat anything special, the stuff all was happening during ACT by Wall Street. You can watch the videos if you want evermore, should he's just Google search it. But that's! That's! That's! What's been happy
Nobody, I wouldn't call them anti our anarchists back in the debt back in the day there was just an anti capitalist or the far left, anti far more. You know came about the past several years as they actually start branding themselves, but Emily referred to it as the black block protesters or something which I think we had anarchists a bit. That's that's stop this on accurate, true anarchists, don't how don't have don't believe in violence? And I know a lot of people. I understand this and don't believe it. But now it's true true anarchists, be it on the left or the right. Do not believe you can use violence because violence is how you express your authority over other people thrilling frustrating to me when I see the left liberty, respect for the political compresses, so often ridiculed and misunderstood. It's a shame There is therefore a meme going around right now about, like woke social justice stuff. That is not left. Libertarian. That is a thought, Rotarian left the adhere, still a friend. Ideology the impulses
of ideology or progressive step. Church is authoritarian, left, libertarian is live and let live right. Libertarian framework get live and let live, left, libertarian, live and let live. Let's try and cooperate at your complaints have all been with the authoritarian. Anti Falk is authoritarian. This guy got injects face and free I want him I think actually had on this passion with water. Attacking someone is full forcing them to do what you want? Anarchy means without authority these people express their authority areas m by attacking other people. Neither people say to me actually talk to aunt if a guy in berkeley- and he says you can't be- the authoritarian, authoritarian is like a system, and I said: oh then, you can't be a socialist cause. Socialism is a system and he was light while no like no, you can, if you believe that you have a right to bring weapons and threaten
and instil fear and people, so they get on their knees. Begging you for forgiveness. You are an authoritarian, and you believe and authorities. In systems. You believe in a pressing other people to get what you want less Rotarian means you walk of them, shake their heads and ask them questions and taught them and try and find a way to live together anyway. Trot mentions a bunch of their time. Or gets any notes, you know you'll Ulysses S grant and things like that. People ab lists. Things like that are young says individuals and organisations have a right to peacefully advocate for either the removal or the construction of any monument, but no but you'll our group as the right to damage face or move any on any monument by use of force. One hundred percent correct got a problem with these. You have
the vote and they and they say to me when I learnt that they keep treating me, we ve tried voting. We ve tried voting. No one will agree while you're the fringe. Ah, no one agrees with you, so we resort to violence. Congratulations, you're, a dictator you dictate you tell them. You know what I don't care. What you think I am going to make you do what I want. You are welcome to being an authoritarian borderline fascist, depending on how far how far progressive they go, and then these attacks, many state local governments, appear to have lost the ability to distinguish between the lawful exercise of rights of to free speech and assembly, an unvarnished vandalism, vandalism. They have rendered to mob rule imperiling community safety allowing for the whole bill violation of our laws and promoting the violent impulses of the mob the rights of law, abiding citizens. Well, I'll tell you what man Bravo policy. It is the policy than states to prosecute. Fullest extent permitted under federal law. It is appropriate and he purse
or entity that destroys damages vandalized or desecrates, a monument memorial or statue within the United States or otherwise vandalized government property. The desire of the Congress to protect federal property is clearly reflected in section thirteen sixty one of title: eighteen: U S seat, which authorizes penalty up to ten years imprisonment. For the willful injury of federal property. More recently, under the veterans, memorial preservation and Recognition ACT of two thousand and three section, one thousand three hundred and sixty nine title eighteen USC Congress, The Congress punished with the same penalties, the destruction of federal and, in some cases, state maintained manual, the honor military veterans. Are there criminal statutes such as the travel act section? One thousand nine hundred and fifty two title eighteen USC prosecutions of arson, damaging monuments, memorials and statues on state grounds, in some cases civil statutes like the public system. Ok, we get it they gonna say they will prosecute the full extent permitted under federal law as appropriate any person
or entity that participates in efforts to incite violence or other illegal activity in connection with the riots and acts of violence. Some described in section one of this order. I'll tell you what all these people on but I want to see a perk. Walkman, listen people trot claim over and over again that I am right wing or conservative and my policy positions are very left but left libertarian. So I personally take offence when the authority, Erin laughed tries to call me right wing because I believe in freedom and liberty, I believe the confederate statues should come down. One hundred percent and as a left, libertarian person. I believe I should have a conversation with my community to state my, he's as to why we should play make it. We should set up a museum which put money they statues, their wishes I ain't that why the statues were made, what they represent, which put a memorial or plaque in the place of that statue sang on this date. This was removed. You know my position, I do not want Eve is confederate, statues remain up and I believe,
actually many other statues, though you know that that could be taken down if we have, the real conversation about it, not an authoritarian mob, trying to destroy everything, that's not conservative, but they try to do this, because they need to make sure that they control what the left is, that the enormous are beaten into submission and they're gonna and then their winning men, whether you want to believe it or not there winning. What what will see now the tides may be turning because Trump is coming up full force with his with his executive order. Will what will see you know if this action they worked out. As I mentioned earlier. They sad that they're going to actually give grants if you, if you, if you and force the law and you will no longer be eligible for grants, if you don't enforce the loss or is he a lot of states stepping up because they want that sweet green from the federal government? But who knows, maybe these governors hate Trump? maybe they'll just say. No, I don't care. I have no idea, but I can say this trump is stepping up and this may be the action needed, but I can
I can just say, I'm glad something is being done. We need to stop. The violence will see how things play out next time. It's coming up at one p, dot M on this channel, and I will see you all. Then right now leftists are sharing a viral video showing the police tier, gassing people at a protest and sprang not just chasing about pushing on things like that and they're saying that you know the cops in Virginia going. Nuts conservatives China's videos and video saying good for the cops you know claim is people up, but this video is propaganda for the left. What they do is they inside an extreme reaction from police and then as soon as it happens, they film it and then really saying were peacefully broadcasting. It's it's a clever tactic. We also see with these carrying videos there. Was one recently where a man followed some woman to her home, and you shaking and screening as he founder and when people are like What are you doing? He just randomly ads in you called me. A slur is what people do
You'll see a video where it's like. Two people are arguing and then all the sun, the person Feldman will say. Why did you call me this and the gout other personal be like what I didn't yeah you did and then people just take sides, tactic, the left uses for them. Pour. It seems rather exclusive to the left and the right to bring this up a corner. The daily mail, sick Protesters are arrested after shooting paint, balls and hard objects at police in trains, Robert E, at which runs Richmond Robert E Lee statue. Whilst you idle demonstrators target another precincts over in Seattle, looks like they want to start Chaz to point out seems like that committee that publish a statement saying go vote for Joe Biden, we're disbanding, wasn't really the champions or the chances Daniel whatever, but over enrichment, they are shooting at police with paint balls, Now these are paint balls. Don't I mean they could theoretically kill some or paint bother you you get what you pay policy, but this is an offensive measure taken against police. Naturally, the place
respond very you know heavily to say the least. The far left then films, this and makes it seem like the brutal response, was targeting just peaceful protesters. Now, of course, there are videos of peaceful protesters being arrested, but you gotta watch out for the stuff, a three the story, but I want to point out in this segment something absolutely hilarious which all of you probably could have expected check this out many apple is council members get private security after threats. That's how it will work, I'm exams do what you do. Do people to warned us history after wisely, but well no reason they're tearing down statues there now call, I guess the like take down museums Ivan getting because They need to make sure you don't understand history. You see all of these lefties thing. At once, the revolution happens, they will be the glorious leaders of the political party and they will be protected now that not work
the city council members in Minneapolis who voted to abolish your police, now get their own private security right, the masses will be left to fend for themselves. Fighting in the streets and they'll be safe. That's how it ways plays out, What do you want around destroying history, and you forgot here's daily mail, they say violet protest and civil unrest continue: sweet, the? U S with police class with demonstrators in Virginia riots broke out once again in Portland and Seattle, six people. Arrested enrichment on Friday night after protesters faced off with cops, pelting them with paint balls and other heart hard objects. Cast broke out near the Robert E Lee Statue, where a crowd of semi ff to a hundred people had gathered and remained by ten p m, despite grounds closing at sunset. I absolutely must point this out to I love it Oh testers, gay. I gotta stop you. There was a man. I understand that you know vision
oh arbiter of definitions. You know at what point do we determine what, these groups are in surgeon, terrorist revolutionaries. You know, I think a lot of journalists are reticent to use this term, but come on when you show up with paint balls in start shooting at police you're not of protest. Here. Ok, that's out Oh testing is right, your showing up to tear down a statue there's what what? What? What? What do you want? what is this? Your attacking police, you shop with weapons, you attack police, that's not protesting that something else. You would call it what you want rioting. I don't know, that's all. That's aurettes revenues they're, gonna, say: Richmond. Police declared an unlawful assembly minutes later after protesters began to fire paint balls at officers. Leaving for ups and one troop or injured one officer wired hospital treatment after he was struck in the back of the helmet with a hard object? There beaten cops to emergency, a bunch of photos,
yet even dried. Take the statue down for a minute, like other vandalism, here's off although it says you shut, your photos showed much a cop standing round at least if you demonstrators are facing a pull. He's lying inside the barricades around the statue. Want your photos, your police, they say Your pity that they did not used here get on demonstrators, but one officer, discharged, pepper, sprat, one point due to ongoing assaults from the crowds. I'm sorry man there's photos of tear gas. Ok, ok, you see the problem with the phrase tear gas and the thing that cops off the news at tear gas isn't As I say I really ha defined like the specific. Never should have tear gas is like chemical irritant. Some people on the left will call pepper spray, tear gas. Why they want things to sound more extreme than they are police? On the other end of the year course, they'll you something called CS smoke, which is a chemical irritant, but it's not of high grade chemical propellant or something
and argue no. No, we don't use dear guests just smoke, not look just call it a chemical irritant. Whatever unaware that something should you should? You should understand about the sort of work, by I should say five adults in one minor were arrested in the confrontation, their charges in from unlawful assembly obstruction of justice. Trespassing salting a law enforcement officers shortly after the area was cleared out. Eleven thirty protesters allegedly began. Shooting fireworks at police Department released body camera footage that showed the explosives being launched. Listen Nick come out and use lethal force, but they are escalating their tactics at what point? Do you say that armed revolutionaries, just because their weapons are crappy, doesn't mean they're. Not armed, are attacking police officers. I'll drop, as you may have seen from the early morning, segment has triggered a task
force and has signed an executive order. So maybe we'll come after these people and shut him down for the time being. Seattle, Portland Richmond the protests are on, go in the riots, I should say our ongoing. This is this insurrection. I guess was read more at least one protesters, pyrotechnic spun out of control and struck an individual in the media state police, Edna statement. Well, you know these are conflict zones in boreal has become a sight of recent clashes and unrest as protesters call for the removal. Confederate statues, objects and other monuments across the country. I'm I'm sorry eager daily mail do your homework. They're tearing down abolitionists ago it's not about that the twelve tonne twenty one footsteps Lovely is especially symbolic enrichment, the former capital of the confederacy fry, A skirmish comes amid weeks of demonstrations across the. U S, triggered by the death of George Floyd in the West Coast Pro
of escalated into riots in Seattle in Portland, where police precincts have come under siege Seattle shells have come under mounting pressure to regain control of the city. Where protestors dabbling a police free capital, Hell Autonomous zone. Yes, another trying to do it again on Friday, a group writers, were seen hurling rocks at Seattle, West precincts smashing one of the windows, officers, dress and right: you're quickly intervened and dispersed crowds, no officers were injured. Protesters carried on into the night in Portland after the police North Precinct was set on fire earlier that morning. How about that Let's try this again. Demonstrators no protesters. Stop there try to burn down police departments. This is not a protest this is literal insurrection. It's an insurgency wherever you want to call it and I'll. Tell you what these people live ideological allies in the media. You are worn men. I warned you guys. I
warned Republicans, but they just didn't want to do anything. And now our hearing what for maybe a hard facebook is going to ban any add that targets of a specific group. You know an immigration status being you literally cannot make adds defending just Americans right now. That's it Facebook deemed it. So you were born people are on the streets there, trying to burn down the police department, they're tearing down statues of abolitionists who stopping them. Europe has a task force and Donald Trump as the executive order, aright according to build are. Apparently, there are five hundred open investigations into these people, get it done, maybe just before for the election they'll announced sweeping you know, indictments and there'll be purple walks left and right and people will cheer for it. I don't know All I can say right now is look. The executive order is a good first step. The task force is a good thing
step. The condemnation was a good first step. This is a good second step but complex week. He does you disagree with male. You want that's fine, but these people just keep going and on stopping them. Now I understand people will need to hold their own local politicians accountable for this, because Trump is a federal politician. He can't just go into the states and do every once adopted states to actually deal with us, but I think the states are happy because they know people Friday after some lay in the street or set on barricades to thwart the same effort to dismantle and occupied protests on that has drawn scorn from President Trump and loss it from near by businesses mistakes, and this is where Bill BAR and tromp will be able to go after these people, because crossing state lines gives the federal government jurisdiction there. So they say Seattle, mayor Jenny, dark and met with demonstrators Friday after some lay in the street, or sat on barricades to thwart the same effort to dismantle and occupied protests on that has drawn scorn from President Trump and
loss it from near by businesses. Crews arrive. Have you dementia and they started to tear down what it is the barriers that are the protesters, but by midmorning they appear to have backed off rather than risk conflict. A spokesperson said late Friday night, the mayor met with black ministers and some of the organizers and suggested steps that she believes can be taken in the coming days including the removal of the barriers to create more more access. Seattle place at night plans to return this weekend to a nearby precinct, I was abandoned, following clashes with demonstrators. Darken spokesperson said. Well, let me tell you: what's gonna UK useless, intimate about ten minutes about it, but I will tell you a little bit about our own recap that an entire, but your future what's happening our police are under attack. Police should be reformed, in my opinion, in some capacity rights, or did they ate. It means you know some some.
Is there something there doing in Colorado mentioned? I love it. Police are responsible for up to their liable for the twenty five thousand dollars in damages if they violate your civil rights. I like it, it's not perfect, maybe maybe only to think things through the result. But I like the idea you get pulled over illegally, you get you get! Stop in Frist whatever they ve, they shut your business down. That's on the officer How about these officers now take into consideration of they actually want to make a move that will violate your civil rights. Their defense may still come from the union or some that might not come out of their pocket. Maybe there will be insurance, I don't know. I think it's perfect. We do need to think about it, but I like the idea of individual responsible. You. Wanna violate my rights, this one's on you, but the police are under attack there, really trying to burn down police departments. They are firing, paint balls at cops, Nicholas. They recently voted twelve two zero to abolish the police was, I mean Well, as many of us have stated, the feature you can expect is that violent mom?
shopped your house doin bricks. Call nine one one and they say what we're not equipped to respond to violent assault. We have social workers who can come and respond to maybe talk them down. Nothing, nothing happens, but what are they? The politicians get you for what we voted for this whenever vote were something if it would threaten them. Now, I'm sorry story. My dad told me this once he's a fuse, a fire fighter for like twenty seven years, and we are talking about how fire fighters are brave, risking their lives, entering burning buildings to save others? A minute said you think fire I don't think the building will collapse before they go in no, of course not, but firefighter thinks the. Something's gonna call it collapse. They're not gonna, go win, don't make yourself the second victim firefighters go in, they think it's structurally sound and they can affect the can get in and get out with proper equipment. So they dont really expect there's a large risk of them losing their lives. What do you think about these politicians when these politicians say working to disband the police, do you think they would
on into a building as it was collapsing. No, they know They will be fine and it's you who will be without security because they get private security paid for by you. Congratulations Now is the best part, there's no civilian oversight for the private security. You have no recourse for private security. There is a private company. I love it, but more pro. The platform, their censoring people, all you're, gonna love it. When a private security guard VI, I like your rights and they say who you gonna complained to war on the payroll. Of the counsellors baby at you for money paying off and you can do nothing about it turns out here's what it is? Always the excuse? Many apple council members get private security after threats the city Minneapolis spending four thousand five hundred dollars a day for private security. For three council members who have received threats following up the George Floyd Incident, a city spokespersons at the private security details have come
ass. The city sixty three thousand dollars of the past three weeks. Three council members who have the security detail about a hundred Jenkins awfully by cunning, and a laundry con award a ladder. Kano have been out spoken: proponents of DE funding, the Minneapolis Police Department bra of our Bravo. I love it man, I love it. You know it's funny, so people are tweeting at me saying that I'm the useful idiot for Donald Trump, not because I defend the police, are nothing but because this they say you are right. Wings psychological operation. The far left is coming to an end down your police who the conspiracy, they say that Donald rob had secretly funding the far left and encouraging these things so that he looks like the law and order candidate. Oh please, dude, there's no conspiracy. These people of IRAN from long time they ve been trying to do this for a long time. It's happening that you know the conspiracy theory people you! I love you. I love that
Tromp is somehow orchestrating. The far left is just insane the reality. As these people exist, they don't like police. They have some real grievances over police brutality for sure. I think reform is a good thing, but they take it to an extreme position and then use your money. To pay their security. Now, I'm sorry the reality, as the far left is going crazy and Trump has. Very little other than lip service to deal with it? What does he done about social media. Monitor, is put up a blogger blog posts where you can submit when you ve been censored. Congratulations now, they're coming for all of you and the Republican. Had for years to do something about it longer? Technically, and what did they do? Nothing I mean some hearings. Ten cruise tat grows yelled at some big tat people, nothing now they're, saying we're gonna get rid of your police and there'll, be no one left to protect you and pride. Security is not beholden to the public. Public doesn't pay their bills. Well, technically they do, but the authorization comes in the city,
council members. So now you are going to see morality, policing, and you are an extreme degree, think about it. Security guards were absolutely break the law. If the money is good enough watch, you can look up these videos of these major international security firms. They don't care about local laws. One hundred percent, they dealt with their hired and they get paid six figures and they are told by do whatever you have to in this way. Will we got your back? Then then, it'll get in trouble. Is that the media policy- you know the council member, will walk out and say clear amount and the security guards will clear you out and then who did? You know massive international corporations that no they control this. They have the money to get this person. And that person knows they'll be taken care of by their private security service. It happens. No more cops. Are well the many Apple Minneapolis police will have their private security guards you'll be protein.
I think that the Minneapolis, you know the council member, will walk out and say clearing out and security guards will clear you out and then who go to complain to whose badge number, whose name private company, doesn't care, regulations, Is it the left is putting forward. They ever Team League defended the massive multinational corporations that are shutting down our rights. This is not prize to be the least bit they say, accounts remember fully by Cunningham decline to discuss the security measures. I don't feel comfortable pub. Play disclosing the death threats against me on a level of security. I currently have protecting me from those threats and there it is theirs their justification for why they get to have armed guards, and you don't well I'm getting death threats, so I can't discuss it with you. That's it play the victim. Every single time will you have to understand. I mean these words hurt people. Speeches VI once well, and our violence is speech right, that's it. They say silences consent, but also it's it's. If you dont speak up than Europe,
contributing. But if you do speak up, its violence is how the game is played. The power will be there's not yours and for generally most of you watching already know this. While they go out and fire paint balls and throw things and beat cops than film propaganda videos to make themselves with it the victims, they start winning over public opinion. Then the council comes in acting like they ve just been convinced. No, they wanted to do this. The whole time we're disbanding the police and they're gonna crate. A morality, police department and the planned, and these new cops are gonna, be diversity, inclusion, social justice, anti racism. All of these buzzwords that have been twisted into ordered by lunatics to force a dogma and that still get you we'll be you will call the cops and no one will show up. Actually it's literally happens. Weak to do anything. Nine one one says to call are trapped in Virginia protests with baby in car, maybe saw the story, a woman in a car calling on when one
they're on my car help, while other we can do about it. Sorry cause you don't deserve police, we dont protect. Do we protect the corporation, and I mean that figuratively the party you know, I think the big deal prince between two Stapi and right dust. Opium left, as is the corporation, the monopolistic power that Minos oppresses you or is it the party that oppresses you? You can you can figure out left or right in that context, it's the it's the horseshoe theory to teardrop fear that is the furthest ends of the left and right authoritarianism. You get the same call it whatever. You want the corporation, is the same thing. Ok, this idea of one big massive corporation. Trolling everything you having no rights may as well just be the party there's no difference. There's none an unelected group of people who run everything and they get all the all goodies and you get nothing there. You go so that when you call I don't want, because you're in trouble in you're scared, they're gonna tell you: do you want us to send a social one?
her out, but their smashing my windows. Maybe the social worker could talk to them. What I mean sugar, the City Council, members house, much armed guards walk out with rifles and as a back up and when they don't bang, Bang. Bang- and you know why the council members won't care why no one can do anything but it goes private security. What does rota that guy out and say to bed we're not accountable to the public? There's no oversight board. But we get our security. You dont get yours so right now, they're demoralising the police we are seeing them straight up. Fire paint, balls, beat cops, demonize them and it's working with this demoralization. They then that they then use the negative Rina. Propaganda makes cops, look bad and then there are bad videos. To be honest, like there the wrong they do this so that public support rises for disbanding the police. They then higher their own private police and you are left wanting scared and suppressed.
That's it they want some of them. I mean I mean the radicals. I'm not gonna talk about these people. Specifically, nothing is a grand can spare necessarily, but the far left likes. The idea come talk to them about this. Many these activists, like the idea that you know you are not safe, that no one can protect you and your only recourse is. This is the on your knees, begging them to. Please not hurt you now they would argue, that's how the police function, but the police have oversight boards and we have a legal system checks and balances, not perfect bad things to happen under their system there. No cops, the morality police will show up there, mass at your windows, though beat you and there's no one you can call and then, when you beg them for help the say Well, what did you say? Why are they mad at you spread him some crumbs freedom of speech does mean freedom from consequences. This was your fault. You're. Only option then will be to give them whatever they want, because no one, will protect you and if you keep demonizing the police in allowing this to happen, the cops are gonna walk away, but
there's a there's, there's arguments on the other side. A lot of people seem to think that you know. Regular Americans will rise up. Now These blue areas, the blue air, As the rising up against the cops will that, while the conservatives go to blue areas now, in which case, I think that the Democrats are on track to take over, but we will swell things platitudes. I doubt, as I usually say, because there's it's always in development, but there are some big breaking news. Facebook is now basically banning one of trumps biggest campaign issues. Immigration can talk about it at least not the way trump. Does that's imo becoming up at what I believe, and I think that now becoming up at four p m at TIM cast dot net I may there may be a different story and picking up, but some TIM cast out metaphor I will see you all their backs, wrangler in an effort to debunk a claim by Donald Trump, active, in media created this monstrosity of a trash news article. It reads: Trump keeps claiming
the most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats. They aren't really there not all right Let's take a look over here anyway. What's this chart you published are the top twenty with a most crime. There is one republican city but white, but wait Obviously the cities with the biggest populations are going to have more crime right. Well, there we go. If actually, under this per ten thousand residents and oh, a single republican city. So I I I don't the stores a couple days old, but I wanted to talk about this because I posted unfair. You may have seen this mean going around where it's like the most pathetic fact check that actually put proves tromp right I posted on Facebook. Oh man did these lefties come out in full force, desperate to defend the Democrats and explain away how it is that these that the most violent crime happens in democratic, controlled cities. Well,
The first thing they said to me was: excuse me ten Do you even understand what population size is means eurozone dumb? Yes, that's why you have the part. Thousand residents chart, but LO the mayor a party in cities, the most welcome for that before the actual hard numbers. Here's what I love about this argument that ok, let's play this game of play this game- damn, first of all, let me just say it democratic cities. That much worse off when it comes to violent crime, relative Republican, controlled cities I'm gonna go through the arguments. They gave me the first population size. Alright, let's play this game. Jacksonville Florida is in the top of the top twenty right New York allay Chicago, Houston, Philly, Memphis. Alright, ok, I think fair to point out will jump over here. This is ballot appeal part affiliation of the mayors of the one hundred largest cities. Let's see if your first point holds true that the than that
Number of crime is just relative to the population size, ok, so we're starting with the population size of cities, and we can see that San Diego is number eight in terms of largest cities and guess what it does not appear. On the matter on the cities with the most violent crime. Now, how could that be? But Jacksonville does ok and yes, John Well is the fourteenth largest city in the country, so no right away you're wrong. Now I still think it's fair to point out that population density plays a role in this right. New York city has extreme, violation, density, meaning more people crammed into really tight space. That's why they have more. I'm an alight the popular and sizes are comparable, but everybody's limit top of each other, and the whole city smells like our milk, so yeah people this war, crime in New York City, but it is true. Ok, obviously more people means war crime. That simple it doesn't explain, San Diego, which seems to be doing all right, but it is fair to
The majority of the reason for this is gonna, be population size. Haven't we play this game per tonne thousand residents when you ask we go down to the per ten thousand residents. You can see that they're all Democrats save one Springfield Missouri, which is independent, so sure Trump did say all of them is out of the other point out. It'll Trump said you, about certain places like Chicago, and you hear about. What's going on in Detroit and other cities, all Democrat Run, every one of them is Democrat, run twenty twenty two twenty, worst, the twenty most dangerous are democrat run. Ok, fine, yes, Trump is wrong because you can see that three of the top twenty based on just general crime are not Democrats, ones or a publican and per ten thousand ones independent. But we look the gist of what Trump was saying. Was correct. So it's a silly factor, but let's get to the next argument, attacks argument. People gave me a loved, they said TIM.
Because Republicans don't run major cities DA. The major cities are all run by Democrats wrong man. These people Don't do any research. Ok, I didn't just Was this like dorp, I saw picture actually was of the work of clipping it. Screen shouting at posting it. You know I mean actually looked around read some articles to better Stan what tromp was gonna talk about. I pulled up about Peter to take a look at the one hundred largest cities The argument that Republicans don't run large cities is wrong and let me just throw it to Sandy, ago, Republican a year of San Diego, the eighth largest singing the country not listed in the top crime. I wonder why that could be right. Now I bring into next debunk twenty nine out of the one hundred largest cities, are run by republic. Hence why there are, none of them are adjusted for popular they should, in the most violent cities, explain that to me you can't
The only you can really say, as I guess Democrats are bad at what they do. They try to play. This and where they said. If democrats tend to run you now more urban areas and Republicans run more. Can A more rural areas will not explains everything. No, it doesn't correlation causation fallacy game. If just about twenty nine percent of the top honoured cities are run by Republicans It would stand to reason that there should be an even distribution based on the amount of cities when you up when you went to lessen the point is when you would just four per ten thousand residents we should see six or seven of these cities run by Democrats run run by Republicans, because that would be parity based on percentage of cities run by Republicans. But we don't The only conclusion you could make is not definitively, but that it seems there is a correlation, between democratic policy and crime.
In cities. Correlation does not mean causation, so we don't know exactly why it's happening, but to me in my opinion is it would seem that have done credits are running a city. Things will be pretty bad. I sort of hop over here and take a look at the ballot Box, rockwork, unjust, scroll down and show you this Louis. Let's take a look at the republican cities and Diego number eight doesn't appear on the list that right there? Ok, your whole premises, wrong, Jacksonville does alright, but Fort worth Texas is the eight largest city. Why doesn't that up? you're on their list and how about this Paso. Taxes is number twenty. Why does that appear on your list because they're wrong, because There is some kind of correlation between democrat and violent crime just the way. It is what what what was my mind about this as our own. Stand the obsession with defining the Democrats really really don't I don't care if you don't care about. If he ate the Republicans, I can tell
straight up. The protests have gotten streets in Saint Louis protesting in Ferguson, also say those from my damn. These New York's actually really really safe. Ok but the reason you wanna see more violent crime, MRS because you got thirteen million people, which means, if you know a percentage of them, commit crimes of a larger number. But it's actually a lower percentage are to be fair. You know, That's ok is build the all right. There know that new New York New York a New York has the most crime. Obviously, but to be fair. It's actually really really safe? I dont think New York actually appears when you had just for population density, part of modulation, size, New York, actually falls office left. The reality is New York sexually really really safe. Ok, but the reason I want to see more violent crime is because you got thirteen million people, which means, if you know a percentage of commit crimes of a larger number. It's actually a lower percentage. To be fair, you know my things, it is true for allay I'll allays as actually relatively safe. Now, the surprising to me, you can see,
Houston, Astarte, stone less per ten thousand and Houston. Is is still in the top. It's the fourth in terms of arms overall size set that at that I do find rather interesting, but look. Let's thoughts jumped back over yokes more these Republicans but he's Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma, Republican Fresno but this Mesa Arizona, Virginia Beach, Colorado spray Omaha Miami come on on Man Miami now my army is technically small, but Miami is made up of a boy. A lot of these cities. Here's the thing. A lot of these things are made up of a bunch of small cities, and we, when we say like Miami or allay or phoenix, were usually referring to the metropolitan area and They actually skew things to be fair. Maybe that's the real argument you could make, but hey. I want the gorilla matters if Miami doesn't have the highest crime per ten thousand residents than it looks like the problem is democrat. So here's the plan, stop in frisk I've ever things at a in New York City. You were out protesting in the streets.
For these things. Right now, these are Democrat areas Minneapolis the holes, the spark of protests was literally a democratic city. The democratic state with democratic politics The whole thing. Democrat Democrat Democrat: why are you defending these politicians? Why do you care? I don't get it I'm not gonna sit here and if the Republicans I've been calling them stupid quite a bit too dumb To stop the sensitive it's gonna cost them they're they're reelection. I think it's fair to point out. I've been favourable for aught to them in the sense of fear. His speech and for expression for expressions of rights, but they ve been rather ineffective. So no man can sit here and I, like Republicans, are perfect. I would consider and point out Democrats are bad it running cities. So listen, Donald Trump was facts. Really wrong, but the gist of what he was saying was correct. Is it all of them know, but Trump was being a little hyperbolic bugs,
address aids on their all bad will are yet yeah. Yeah, yeah yeah, except for one tromp, was for the most part correct. So now I would not want to live in one of these cities and I've. Actually, I moved out of them and I moving and further away because it's more than just violent crime men. They cities are just you know these These are just. They have problems right. Let's get this guy, this guy wraps it up. He says due to a large extent, of course, Trump Is it really trying to make a point beyond cities and Democrats are scary? He's I'm going to win cities, but he might scare suburban voters, voters he D, Bartley needs in November by tying Democrats and crime together in twenty sixteen, its precise they tried to do blah blah blah ye. Do. Can you gonna give me a real argument there you know it you can't you can't that's it. You can't you I I suburban nights, might vote for Trump because in these cities, people romped about smashing windows, destroying everything and nobody stop them very go
so you you're worried about losing suburban vote. It's not could be because treatment of passive comment where he was technically wrong by the gist of what you say was correct. It's gonna because you're cities are run like trash and you did nothing to stop the violence. I got a couple more. Payments coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly We now have the official numbers or close to of the blue, flew following the death of right. Our books and the sir, is being charged and according to CNN, why A hundred and seventy Atlanta officers called out sick after cops were charged in re. Shard Brooks death sexual surprising. To me, Now, on the surface, it may seem like a lot. I don't how many police are in Atlanta, but a New York. They have tens of thousands well total staff. I think some a good portion, our administrative. I had expected the number to be alive, larger, but we seeing now is this. This sentiment over the outrage from police there being abandoned, has real world affairs
Crime is skyrocketing in New York. New York is revolting, and this is the blue flu. No no to rehash this old older store. I mean it is an update to be fair. I read a little bit about this. But what I really want to get too is New York's reaction. Police are quitting, took us out and why pity precinct commander, who quit in protest, overtime, the village cops amid the nation wide protests is given heroes send off by his colleagues and get this the Sb it has called on cops to defy mayor, build the plaza The palazzo in the cops are fighting each other. This is what the far left it's gotta be honest: they they want that please demoralized. They want the people on the cops turn against each other. I'll, tell you what men said across it again: most cops are small town cops and there absolutely fine one or two percent I have had no problems in. My town, in fact, have only had really really positive interaction of the police where I live good, guys, com, rational, responsive
when you live in big cities. Things are different, it's disconnected, nobody knows, nobody cares. You got bureaucracy, everybody stacked on top of each other and it becomes a serious problem so sure, maybe in New York he got big problems, but most people don't want to abolish their police because they're happy with them. Let's wait a little bit about this belief. It was. You have gone on. Cnn says A hundred and seventy Atlanta police officers called out sick. The days after a pair of city cops were charged. The shooting death rate, our Brooks Garret, Ralph was fire after he shot. Russia Brooks twice the package and twelve was charged five days later. We then saw much protests there or call sheets show hundred and seventy officers were out sick from June seventeenth, when Fulton County De Paul Howard announced the charges there are there out sick from what was choked until June Twentieth Ngos from us it is the killing of a twenty seven year old man came amid nationwide protest com. For an under racism and yea and we get it, the public
No, that a significant amount of police officers who did not come to work during that time period. You know what men they came right back pathetic. You know. If this is this, why you you get what you deserve man now, this Nypd! Why, as others do quit now, this guy got respect for look. I said it. I work for a company. They wanted me to lie. I said no, my project and I tried seven, my conduct that wouldn't do it. This dude is being vilified till he stood up inside out is not the only one several cops of announced. They would straight up quit now, there's a problem. You want these cops to quit. The cops at acquitting seem to be the good gaps with the ones that are still there are staying on principle and its a bummer. So do we, with the opportunist cops you don't care about honour or integrity sounds. He's gonna governing worse and maybe that's what the far left is hoping for. They want cops and the public to have like fear and anger towards you.
Other I'm not talking about black eyes when talking about the fringe extremist activists romp about causing damage lying bricks through windows, they want the costs to be demoralized, they can occupy and said, upon the zones and do whatever they want to do as it happening check this out. They saint Nypd, pretty commander was given a hero send off by colleagues on Friday, after he retired and Oh test oversweeping, police reforms across New York, Debbie Inspector Richard, right now who commanded the Bronx is. Forty six precinct was treated to an end, pity helicopter fly by police bag, pipers and I dunno vintage cop car during his farewell ceremony fight afternoon, the veteran caught blasted politicians in a speech at the event. Saying they want to blame and vilify officers on a nation, wide protests demanding an end to police brutality and systemic racism. We get we get it, I'm just so. These articles constantly doing that. We know we are selling his protests as they were
announced that he was standing down from the force this week, He could no longer led officers in the wake of reforms across New York City and the wider state, including about chokehold, send me in police disciplinary records public? The reforms are made public gardens. Are those reforms were made following the death of multiple black people during arrest or in police custody? two years and a shocking footage has been widely circulated. Social media of Nypd cops violently attacking peaceful protesters of last month. There is the media game right there. That's it. Have there been police attacking peaceful protesters. Yes, have there been videos of people trying to kill, cops? Yes and that's. What's left out, look man I dont, like violation of any one civil rights. I've had bad runs with cops. I like the reform in Colorado where they say the cop could be liable to up to twenty five cavy violates your civil rights. Really love me. Civil rights manner, constitutions, pretty pretty amazing golden
but leaving the stuff out is what creates the warped perspective, which is making things worse saying as you know, videos views about my pick ups attacking protesters last month, you're about the video the protesters bashing, the cop over? That was some kind of object. I want that How about you just say: videos emerge of Nypd and protestors attacking each other very well. There you go but they'll minute. I don't know why. Maybe it's bias, maybe it's as at the cop, was seen walking out of the Bronx precinct around tooth around three p m Friday, when he was greeted by a huge crowd of cops for multiple precincts Breyer beamed, as he posed for pictures and hugged his collar. Before giving a rousing speech slamming the police reforms. Their blood is in the car bit of every street corner? But he's politician dont want to remember that he said in his speech, which has met with cheers of support they want to blame and vilify everyone here. I won't have that. No sir, he added we have Ado.
Hu Jia, responsibly to respect and guide other cops Braille blasted what he called weak political leadership that is threatening to bring the city back to the seven the eighties and as this honouring the memories of cops who lost their lives along the way he also pay tribute to his car saying my forty six family, the ILO. I love you. Men will good rendered good for him. I think the answer appease, got some bad bad apples and they're, not gonna, weeded out, but look man. There are a lot of regular people who work as cops alot of regular people that got to do with a lot of bad people, and I think I'm sorry New York City definitely need some reforms they absolutely do not know what reforms are proposing has got this guy angry, but I can respect him for walking away in the face of something that he didn't believe aligned with his principles, respect. Ok, we may disagree back and respect
standing up I'll tell you what, if the real issues that you want reform and you want these reforms him walking away, makes it easier for your right. I can respect his honour and integrity. Believes then you're forty believes in and there you go. Everybody should be happy. Of course. Let's not leave out the work. Or take us out from the SBA and why pity they said defy I defy the plaza led the Nypd. Don't be afraid to be fired, do when what is right and not popular is never easy. Do what is right and the men and women of the enemy pity will walk through the fires of hell with you show no fear, debate, as you know, is weak, defend the city honour your oath, yes, honour your oath specially. Am I believe, the wonder, pulled the constitution area. Go The issue now is that build oblige yo he's come inform, he's come straight up with this. Very substantial cuts are coming to the end. Why pity I made calls. Trip one billion dollars on the six billion dollar budget, and this at this hour,
because they're responding to says. Please, commissioner, Not our criminal justice system is imploding yeah. The freaky left these wanted to. They want these people release from prison in one abolish presence. They dont understand why we have prisons and they really just walked too so chaos and discord. Look man. I don't like the idea of presence. I believe we need prison reform. I don't like the idea of private presence. I think we need to figure out this problem and work towards better methodology and technology in dealing with crime. One hundred percent, but I will tell you abolishing presence- is insane abolishing the. Greece is insane and watching your city fall apart, while shooting skyrocket and the cops are under attack in the media is also insane. I men look I've got a lot of interactive and wipe at night interactions with Nypd and they lean slightly negative, not because Every interaction was bad but Most of them are just boring nonsense interactions. So five ten interact
Then it's like I. How do you do when you tell me where to go yesterday? Go thank you neutral, but but then you get a few words like what do you do an hey what's goin on here and that slightly negative and that's the problem. Most people have those encounters and they do really care that are really realise the little things the police do for them. When you don't see how the police are protecting your neighborhood, you assume there not out of sight out of mind so you can go, you can go to times square, you can go to Manhattan and experience relatively little crime. We know per ten thousand residents. As per my previous segment, New York does not track of the top twenty cities. Crime is actually relatively low New York, though the numbers are large. His lawyer population, New York, is actually very, very safe one of the safest cities in the country seriously. Even Oda of a large number of crime again per capita. Not so much, and you can thank the and why pity for that. But you don't see it. You don't watch the cop save someone's life
so you just ignore it, but then you have these minor negative encounters and everybody these the negative in the worse, the worse and I realized what the cops are actually doing. I can't tell you how many times I have walked right to accompany Ex Ante. Excuse me. Can you please tell me how to get to this, I'm looking for that. You know whatever state and the bulgarian parliament may help you out the right there. They can help you out now. I know anybody can do that? But I'm just saying there a little things that most people don't realize. These cops know stuff that can help you make a point in the right direction. There their they're there and they are at deterring force for crime, especially Eddie and you're planning and like a basketball game you're in the ear and and this cops in the corner, I actually feel little but safer, not people. I know they're millions, energy, ducks, tombs, white privilege. You know what spare me did mixed race, south side, high school dropout, all that game, you're gonna play that stuff with meted out from the south side, To be honest, when I see captain I'm driving, I don't feel safer naw. I get worried right, everybody, you know you got a monument of pulled over.
When I go outside a monumental business and you see cops. I dont think twice: sometimes I'm a little like you know, you know out, I don't jammed up, but when you're in a big city and your plan like a basketball game you're in the urine and those cops in the corner. I actually feel a little bit safer. People, I know they're millions enters our debts, TIM's white privilege. You know what spare me did: mixed race, south side, high school dropout, all that game, you're gonna play that stuff. With meted out from the south side, I have had cops Jemmy up mass with me plant drugs in my car. All the bad stuff, and I tell you this police are still accountable to some extent right. If a cop breaks the law yeah. Sometimes they covered up. Sometimes it get away with it. But what's the alternative criminal are gang, banger nobody's going to hold them accountable, except the police, all right so take what you can get will figure out how to solve this problem. Reform seems to be at the right path. Most people agree, but we got to stop pretending like every single cop is evil. Look you treat tops with.
And you need to recognise the world, they live in their constantly dealing with the dregs of society. So I totally understand why they're gonna be on age and be upset some excuse for violating someone's rights, but I try to have some empathy for other human beings. That does not excuse for the cops that break the law and violate rights, no not at all, but I see a cop who gets mad as a short temper, I'll try to empathize and I'll try to do my best to be accommodating and not cause problems. Guess what sometimes you get attained? Sometimes you get arrested unit. I do you put your hands behind your back. You go through the motions because think ahead. What's the alternative fighting now you'll just get charged with more, it's me hard refuted to figure out what went wrong it's tough. The system is not perfect, but it's the best we have for now and we can improve it, but we need our cops. We do, but we also we do. We need new reforms, let's be honest, ok, but we can make sure we do it the right way and we respect the officer
that do go out and horrific? I'm I'm sorry man. I think it's a crummy job. I think it's an honourable job for the most part, but men dealing with a nasty like the worst. The install all day, especially in New York. You got people like dude and allay man. I've seen some nest. Stuff, an ally, people think Dumbson straightens Ivy inured to deal with that you're, a cop someone calls you in they're taking to dump on the street? You gotta understand these cops deal with men, so let's figure out the right way to do this and not jump the gun and go insane and created a war between our cops. And our communities, I got one more segment coming up in just a few minutes. Stick around I will see while shortly gardens lion off. The shelves, a five hundred percent increase in Illinois. This s, should be obvious to anybody and something I ve talked about quite a bit as far as things get crazy. You see these blue states go nuts and rush out full speed to go and buy guns, and it's not just about Illinois check this from CNN gone
and ammunition sales sore as to fund the police movement grows. Lesson gentleman I like to read the store, but let me tell you: let me tell you I quit story? But if you know in recent times I've got unpurchased several weapons, several guns legally. Did it didn't what went through all the hopes? Factually kind of difficult in New Jersey I wouldn't you know, maybe difficult is the right word: tedious, confusing a site. Let me just say: try to figure out a note. Your foot, I figure out how to legally by a weapon in New Jersey. It is quite annoying. But here's my advice. If you find yourself in one of these states the best you can do- and I learned this- I should have done this versus all the local gunshot talk to them and they ll they'll tell you everything you do very very quickly. It's actually not that hard in New Jersey, which is kind of a restrictive state at a much crazy laws and rules, but it just time consuming which can be a bit annoying. But I Sure enough, when I went to the local shop,
men are, they sold out, like their their walls, are bare inside the case there like very little there's export guns like as a joke, yeah man and there there a ton of ammo. I tell you what people are. I want to buy these guns because Covin George Floyd fall out, but, more importantly, as CNN points out surprise. Surprise, as people call to defend the police people rush out to buy weapons. What do you think that means for the right for their fur, for the average person means the average person actually really happy that cops, even in a place like New York City check this out where these protein That's happening big cities. What are they protesting? Big city, police departments, and why is it that many people in the cities think we can have more gun control because they have fully is there a funny how that works. People who live in these studies, format of the costs are being racist and being bigots and enforcing shop, and frisk are also
same people who, like I don't need you to happen, because I can call the police is the weird conundrum here. So, as the activists Bay starts, calling for the cops to be disbanded funded the other people are now like, but I need my bullies and they run the store undergone by guns. Well, come to the new World man a second amount, stronger than ever. I guess here's the story. So let the story from out the Chicago Tribune you get it five hundred percent in recent Illinois, but less second story out from CNN, gone and ammunition sales sore as to fund the police movement grows corona virus. The old fears of social unrest already had a Americans panic, buying guns and bullets at record. Its earlier this year. That was before the police. Killing of George Floyd cause an international uproar leading to protests that at times, descended into Ah it's arson and looting and cities across the United States, though,
circumstances and the rise of the defined the police movement championed by blacklist matter. Activists have lead to higher, so for firearms and ammunition, dealers, fire Arms dealers across the country have reported a recent spike in sales site the unrest following probe police brutality, protests in support of George Floyd and call to define the police as catalysts. According to gun, industry, analysed, Rob Southwick, founder of the market, research, firm, Southwick, associate think anything that can cause people to feel unsafe in relation to possible physical crime to self others, and property can drive firearm sales background checks, Byron purchases reached an all time high in March and maintain record highs four April and May according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Firearms Trade Association, that monitors gun sales related background checks to track industry trends semi autumn handguns outpaced, shot guns by eight
to one margin as the weapons of choice among first time, gun buyers sure I was gun merchant head by, they are but The latest national background check stats won't be available until July, but since Floyd's death a memorial day and assess F director of Public Affairs Mark Oliver said gun. Sellers have reported a sales spike similar to the one caused by the corona virus. Yours in reaction to people's concerns are being able to provide safety for them. Else and to the ones they love. Let me I let limited limit you some knowledge. Friends, knowledge are some say that could be wrong. That revolution start when people lose basic necessities. I'm not sure I was having my head what they are, but I know food security and I thing shelter might be. One of them are not entirely sure, but security and food are too. Two of the three and they say that when these three things are not met, you get a revolution. Why
because the anxiety starts building up and people, they start panicking and then the stress I was too much to bear and the lash out security when people feel like they are not safe and they can't do anything to get safe there. Like rabbits sit in that field shaking like little balls of tensions freaking out until they fly, and we just snap while, what happens when you lose your police, when you have a pandemic. The anxiety starts rising the normal see we ve come to expect is going away, the police are going away. What do we do? We have to feel safe? How do we do it? As I do it? These people are rushing up the gun stores because they want to feel safe and they don't they don't like the idea of being vulnerable you know many suburban houses have very, very weak front course. I really I mean a man. Look I
hope on the sausage cargoes. Most of you know, I'm not saying this to make a point about my upbringing to make a point about the style of homes in this area you have a screen door and he got a front door. I noticed something when I go hang out the suburbs most people's front door is just like a solid pane of glass. And that's. It means I'm gonna walk out with a rock and walk right inside, but when you got a lot crime area neighbour, as you trust and police That's just around the corner, because you live in a small suburb. You feel safe. You know how much The worry about one other calling for defining the police. The riots have left the police overwhelmed and what you gonna do about it. Are you going to sit there and say I don't feel safe in there's nothing? I can do now. You're gonna do what you can to get that feeling back and that's what people want more than six point, five million gun sales background checks were conducted from January first through Paypal, thirtieth according to just an assassin research which showed a forty eight percent year,
for over a year rise in the same period in twenty nineteen five, arms retailers surveyed by unnecessary in May estimated that forty percent, and of their sales came from the fur came from first time. On buyers. I definitely talk about this in the past. For sure all of us have forty percent of those first time gun buyers were women. Oh wow, that's huge are relatively high rate for that demographic group. You know, that's so huge sixty eight percent of millennium women are Democrats, so I want there. What percentage of millennium women are going out in buying guns right now, that's hilarious. A gun sales have been up across the country, a rise in food, first time gun buyers in left, leaning states like California have helped fuel the national uptake in fire, and ammunition purchases. He noted people are coming out of coming off. Offences and the sidelines and they're making decisions with their wallets about what about where they are in this debate about firearms ownership, rights
here baby. Look as a true story is like five months ago. Six months ago I was like I do not want any guns in my house, I don't wanna be responsible for this. We got word a suburb. We got a good police department around the corner. I do not want to deal with dumb people doing dumb things about some guy safes I went on, bought some guns about some ammo. You know what it was a luxury. This was before the pandemic. It was a luxury. Everything was fine and normal. You know we are doing in the IRA, PA guess we're talking about birds of prey inside the hedgehog. It was normal life, while the apart we started in everyone's freaking out and crime skyrocketing and major cities, people around smashing when others rocks and starting fires, the cops are being assailed in the press and vilified, politically departments are being defended, cops are calling sick and finally, on like a cat, that's the last straw for me is the last year I had someone tried to break in my house, and I was advised sort of by the cops to get it
ironic, protect myself, because even though they can get your very very quickly- and they did- I mean they got your fast man like less than a man. I gotta be honest, good deeds, but what must respect the cops out here? They still hold me. You know if it were me, here's what I do and, unlike that's a good point, it is, and so I can't I can no longer sit back and pretend like. I can just rely on a police department and that's really how I felt you know a lot of these people. Try to clamp claim that I'm a conservative really dont get it. I'm not I really did have this world view or I was like I'll just call the cops. I can always just rely on the cops. I don't need this. I don't want this. Why would I want to my home and then having changed when mass violence swept across the country and the police couldn't response, and you hear all these stories now, the one from Virginia with almonds in a car in their bag, another car and check. What do I do when they're? Like? I don't know we can't help you unless you start to realize at least these forty percent of new new gun
where's, forts and of women, or are run now realising you could be set upon by some near do well and you cannot just sit there and cross your fingers at the machine will come to save you. Won't. Even though I have experienced negative things, I still thought for the most part, I can rely on the police, department and you'd think even after experiencing someone's gonna breakin. That would have been a lesson for me not to be honest. After that happened, I did investigate trying to figure out how to get a weapon and ultimately it were. Just very confusing to get New Jersey saws. Like I can't deal with. As I look, I worked too much. Our double shifts every dance on like I can't do this I've got a. I focused on work. Forgot about it now. Is it but then to be completely honest when the wind hope. It happened and I saw sovereign rushing out the lines out the door out laugh, and I talked about invidious. I still been go out so far
really I do what I had to do. It took about two weeks and finally, I was able to go to the store point out. The things I wanted got some advice. Then you gotta wait a couple days for them to do the background, checks and all that and now I would say that I feel safe and secure I feel like my home is protected, I'm very much opting for you now, just just home defence style, stuff and edit and its. For these reasons. Every one else feels the same way Illinois to me as shocking, because Illinois is a very, very aunt I to a state to see all these people fluff five hundred percent increase in applications. I tell you man, I'm not excited, as it is well all by one of the guys who does fingerprinting. He was like a lotta untrained people out there carry weapons man's. That could be fun. It's a good point. It is so I can say this to every body. Actually, look just tell your friends, okay, if you, if you would, I bought a weapon for the first time, go to the range height go to a training course,
get trained. Ok, don't think you gonna walk out there with dual desert eagles and be like some kind of defending your home. I'll. Give you know you're done can be dangerous. You gotta respect. You know these firearms, I'm not an expert, most You watch, and many of you probably are more than I am not saying this. I and this at a very young age prob, because I have a dad- was a marine about how you respect a weapon, and it is always loaded and too many people play stupid games. Could I just don't understand when you're holding that I think a lot of people to realise what they're holding and what it means? And I think it's funny man, I've seen stupid people like point weapons at people. Thinking it's hilarious. It's not! You never do this. If the understand the rules, the ten commandments, the four principle rules. An honest. I gotta do not take my word for it because I'm a first time gun owner but hey what I've don't I've been reading up online. I've been very, very carefully. I've got safes. I've got things, you know setup, secure,
We and I am right now looking at ranges and lessons and things like that. You know what I have to do and to be you now to train to the best of my ability to handle something that can seriously cause. You know: loss of life, it's all about defence, ok, where we are here to protect ourselves in the face of the police, are police officers being put under threat? That's what it's all about. Hopefully, that's what it is an effort for most people that you want to keep your loved ones safe, and you want to be more reliant on yourself, so I'll leave their necks diamonds come up tomorrow at ten, a m thanks, rang out and I'll see well next time.
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