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Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News


Glenn Greenwald has resigned from the news outlet he co-founded, The intercept.The publication is very progressive and anti Trump. Glenn Greenwald is a world renowned and famous journalist know for publishing the NSA leaks.Today Greenwald announced that The Intercept sought to violate his contract by censoring his story covering the Biden scandal. Not only did they try to censor the story outright they refused him the right to publish anywhere else, a right he reserved in his contract.Very few journalists are left.Most news outlets act as propaganda arms for the Democratic PartyWhile Trump certainly has his faults how can we continue if Democrats and joe Biden are allowed to act with impunity and while Donald Trump and republicans get attacked mercilessly by every major news outlet

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My friends very few moments in the past decade will be as significant as the news. I bring you today. What we are seeing may be one of the most historically significant moments of the Trump era, and it's happening just before. Donald Trump is facing a very tough reelection famous, journalist, Progressive Glenn Greenwater has announced. He is resigning from the intercept, a news organization. He founded after they violated his contract and sought to censor his reporting on the Joe Biden Hunter Biden scandal. They demanded that he remove certain from from an article and when he refused, as he says he is contractually allowed to do, is at a totally independent. They even refused his secondary protection, which allows him to publish elsewhere
friends the news media in this country has become corrupt beyond all recognition. Glenn Green Walled founded the intercept now. The significance of this cannot be done stated, and perhaps many might say, TIM Glens certainly isn't that important, maybe that's their opinion. I disagree green. What is the man who released the and I leaks from Edward Snowden CO founder of the intercept. He is a co founder of a news organization who he says all of the matters are supporting Joe Biden and sought to censor this information. I saw the news and my heart skipped a beat. I mean this. Is that significant? for a long time, I have rag on the media. It is and one of the most serious catalysts of my entrance into hard politics. I used to just be the who would go on the ground and film and ask questions a better understand what people were doing and why they were doing it, but
This news, media and our country became more and more corrupt and biased and cynical and jaded the more I resisted in the more angry I became. I then left one of these Major news conglomerates start out on my own and continued to criticise. many of these news organisations, seeing just how bad they ve really become four Glenn Greenwash to resign. It just shows are some journalists that still have integrity, and I want to show you a bit of these- are a few of these journalists that I think do have tremendous integrity and includes Michael Tracy, met are you be very wise and their stories, because what we're seeing from Glenn isn't he's not the only journalist who has stepped away from these large institutions, but this is one of the most significant simply because Glenn is telling us out right. They are censoring. The story on the Biden. Scandal now ensure that the only reason has put a lot to it and I don't want to maybe project my
views or what I think onto what Glenn Green Walled is doing or what he's doing it. So, let me just read for you, his new story knew his story. His resignation, lighting what is happening, and then I want to show you what's happening to news in this country, because I have some articles from that t be another very great journalist, a liberal who explains the Eric, laughed has gone knots and the news media is being destroyed because, with my friends I must stress without a strong and healthy journalistic
apparatus. In this country we run the risk of extreme corruption taking over and for everything you can say about Donald Trump that you'd like to criticise. I will respect your right to do so, but doesn't it seem odd to you that we cannot get an honest conversation about the rest of the corrupt cronies in our political establishment? Why is Joe Biden being protected? I am before we get started. My respect for Glenn Greenwell has just multiplied by a hunt. Dreadful than I have already been saying: good things about em and run segments about his coverage in the past several weeks, but the Glen men inspirational and I'm I'm I'm my respect I want to read for I want to read you I he resigned. This is shocking stuff, an inside look at the bias and corruption even at the intercept. It breaks my heart to see this happen, but before we get started had already TIM cast outcomes, legend,
if you'd like to support my work, there are many waging giving an appeal box. You want to send me stuff with the best thing you can do is share this video, an old man. She heard this video and I know it does help me, but please explain to people what this articles I'm gonna put the link to Glenn Green Walls letter in the description below share it. Let People read this. Let them know what is happening to our news institutions- Donald Trump, maybe bombastic You may say on me the people and it may be over the top but is serious. We need our news media to challenge those who are in power to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted? That's what they're supposed to do. but so far they have only served to protect the corrupt corporate establishment. Now, of course, they go. Africa I'm trumpet. That is an emotional attack that they're just trying to make money off of this is work. It's crazy! Let me read you the store, do not forget to like subscribe to notification Bell and seriously? Let people know it's happening. I know this might not
be the biggest story, Donald Trump you no signs of peace, agreement or or smacks down. Nancy policy and policy strikes back on that stuff. No, this is actually the stoppage shaping this nation. And I know there may be many people who might not agree with me of the historical significance of this- but I truly believe that when we look back on this era, this will be high lighted. There will be a mark here saying the day: Glenn Greenwater resigned from his own news outlets over censorship of the Joe Biden scandal. This is crazy. Here's the story, my rest ignatian nation, from the intercept by Glenn Greenwald posted posted on sub stack, the same trends of repression, censorship and ideological homogeneity plaguing the national press generally have engulf the media outlets. I cofounded, culminating in censorship of my own articles. I am really
as for minutes after is published, is optional red, blenkiron all rights. Today I sent my intention to resign from the intercept the news outlets I cofounded in twenty thirteen with Jeremy Scale and Laura Portress, as well as from its parent company. First look media. The final precipitating cause is at the intercepts editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom censored and article. I wrote this week refusing to publish Unless I remove all sections critical of democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by All New York based intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression. This
insert article based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony raced, critical questions about violence, conduct, not content to simply prevent publication of this article at the media outlets. I cofounded these intercept. Editors also demanded that I refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication, Glenn Smart man he had to guarantees in his. Contract. The first I am editorially independent. I will write what I see two right. Many of you may know that I have a news outlets as well called I see in our string video production,
and I guarantee that same right to those working at scanner. They might not. Like my opinions, we may agree with each other. I'm not gonna tell them what they cannot get report on. Glenn, Green Wild make sure he had that right as well, but his second level of protection was that if they refused to publish his stories, he could go publish whatever he wants and they still try to shut him down. He says I have no objection to the disagreement with my views of what this Biden evidence shows as alas, last, ditch attempt to avoid being censored. I encourage them to air their disagreements with me by writing their own articles that critique my perspectives letting readers decide who was right. The way any confident and healthy media outlets would but modern meat
I'll, do not err descent, they quash it so censorship of my article rather than engagement with it, was the path these bite in supporting editors chose. The censored article will be published on this page shortly. My letter of intent to resign, which I sent this morning to first look media's President Michael Bloom is published he says, as of now, I will be publishing my journals and here on sub stack, where numerous other journalist, including my good friends, the great intrepid reporter Matt Taibbi, second, have come in order to practice journalism free of the increasingly Wordpress climate that is engulfing national mainstream media out across the country. This is not an easy choice. I am when terribly sacrificing the support of a large institution and Gary, TED salary in exchange for nothing other than a belief that there are enough people who believe in the virtues of independent journalism and the need for free discourse who will be willing to support my work by subscribing. You know it Glenn my
respect like anyone with young children, a family and numerous obligations. I do this with some trepidation, but also with the conviction that there is no other choice. I could not sleep at night, knowing that allowed any institution to censor what I want to say and believe least of all a media outlets. I cofounded with the explicit goal of ensuring this never happens to other journalists, let alone me let alone, because I have written article critical of a powerful democratic politician, the humanly supported by the editors in the imminent national election, but the pathologies ill liberalism and repressive mentality that led to the bizarre spectacle of my being censored by my own media outlets or one that are by no means unique to the intercept. These are the viruses that, if
terminated, virtually every mainstream centre left political organization, academic institution and newsroom. I began writing about politics fifteen years ago with the goal of combating media propaganda and repair, and regardless of the risks involved, simply cannot accept any situation, no matter how secure or lucrative that forces me to submit my journalism and right to free expression, to its suffocating constraints and dogmatic dictates I'd like to provide a pseudo standing ovation to Glenn Green in twenty. Sixteen, I was working for a news organization. That was a joint venture between ABC News and innovation, and I saw what I thought to be unethical behaviour
Violations of journalistic integrity and ethics, and I tried breaking my contract and they didn't want me to, and it's called golden handcuffs they lock, you up, you can't do anything and finally, when it came time they they gave me more money when it came time for contract renewal. They released me- and I said I I didn't want to stay- I tried leaving a year early. I did not like what they were doing and at great personal risk to myself, leaving a lucrative job with a massive salary. I said I'm going to do my own thing non far from perfect, I've been called hyper partisan and I think it's fair. I say that if you come to this channel, you're typically gonna see me criticising the left. I criticised the right, but usually I'll do a segment that doesn't focus on trumps actions. Republicans actions for the most part.
this is why now my second channel you may- it may be a bit different because more loose and the IRA podcast particularly different, and I focus as an individual on stories I think, are important. Perhaps I'm not per Se but to see news organisations that make an editorial choice to suppress information is beyond reproach. Look. I may have my my partisanship and buy it on my channels. They might my channels listed by one, you know listings. Three as right wing all of those things because of white criticise predominantly. I will always try to make sure I'm showing you important information if a pole says Trump as the best I'll say, but keep in mind its one pull. If I, if I'm going to show you a great pull for tromp, I try to focus on the aggregates. Although I have I buy us as an individual? I try to make sure I'm at least being fair and reasonable and intellectually honest. I believe Glenn Green walls most part- does that as well. I've criticized him in the past, but he's been consistently
on what has been consistently good and the work is done very few. Unless these days are actual journalists, and the mark of a good journalist in my opinion is good green wilds willingness to say he does not like Donald Trump to write things negatively about Donald Trump, but then point out that these stories in Russia and in others they all these other ridiculous accusations. Mc literally no sense to write fairly about trust and then Joe Biden. He is a better man than I in that regard. With respect to see him resign is. While I really I really do mean it. I mean look when I got into this. I am wondering what had already been writing for a long time when he published the an essay leaks from Edward Snowden, he was propelled to international stardom heralded as a restive hero, but over the past several years as he sought to challenge the hypocrisy These media outlets,
Ben maligned and insulted he mentioned is good friend met. Tell you be. I have tremendous back from at Tybee as well and always have going back to the days of Occupy Wall Street. It's amazing how it is not us that have changed and now blunder you are. Finally, the dam is broken. They tried shutting down him reporting a major piece of historical news, news media and he said now. Look at the response. People have here is a tweet from that tie. You be He said so over under on the number of non conservative outlets that mention Tony Bobby Linsky. Tomorrow I loved Matt good men, men typees, not a conservative, and neither am I, although you can do that, they like to call me that maybe it's just because I'm I'm one of the people who left a long time ago was I'm not playing this dirty gang. That's how you be left I believe he left Rolling Stone magazine earlier this
here, Glengarry, not only leaving now mattei you pointing out that the only people covering that the fact that someone who literally work with the Biden Family- is blowing the whistle, nay. What report on it met. Typee, says: number of non conservative outlets had mentioned M because Bobbio and ski gave a press conference that it's true I have evidence, look at Brett Cavanaugh, one woman says I dont remember. I have no witnesses I dont, even though it was, and its wall to wall coverage. This is, we have no news outlets. We have activists working for the democratic party. Trump has his sycophantic sites, but come on man big league politics, you may have heard of that right, very, very pro trump. How much circulation, today of relative to the New York Times at Washington, post? Twenty these ass of organisations or the intercept for that matter. You owe me to get mad about small blogs that approach from a not play that game. Look at the response in response to this one twitter users said: I dont think it matters anymore. The story is up
fucking liberal media is an oxymoron? It is literally beyond belief what they are doing dont understand why none other than met and blend Greenwood have the courage to break ranks and call this out and this one user response. If these are not trying to insult these people by saying this, but they're not you know large players, agents that are just responses, Matt and Glenn aren't liberals or leftists. They are paid right wing chills. Who pretend to be leftists. The reason no one is printing. It is because it is obvious bs. You believe it is because you have brain worms. So far a our congressional committee believes that I believe the Senate has verified much of the veracity of these claims and the laptop exists. The f b I had it. This is real information. At the very least, it warns investigation, maybe some definitive yet, but we have a witness,
shouldn't the media be a bit curious about this. They should be, but they're not take a look at the story. Announcement to readers, I'm moving April, six from Tybee substances. Now my full time job met doesn't get the full details about why he left, but he mentions he was not asked to leave. We also have very wise when she wrote her resignation from the New York Times, basically saying that it's become woke insanity, the new Yorker, names, as has been destroyed from the inside out and is now effectively a skin suit, being warned by the Woke contests. That's my words, not very wise, I'm just giving away hyperbolic. You know assessment in my opinion. I want you to know my purse. Active the things I say the things I talk about the things I focus on are rooted in all of this matter. resignation very wise. His resignation Glenn Green Waltz
I saw the same thing only my threshold- and I am saying this as a bragwaine ardour disrespectful at the time my threshold look, I don't stand for four bs at all. I can be, Self critical, I can point out my channel is biased. I can say that I almost only ever talk about Democrats in a critical light. Very rarely- and I rarely ever criticise Republicans, but you to understand. Where I come from in that the Democrats are being protected by the media, the media was the first cat us towards me breaking out and getting into into politics. When I saw the corruption in the lies, how they were manipulating people with. That came the cult of intersection reality. That was what I saw being used to justify The ends justify the means by any means necessary, and I wish you, the Democratic party embracing critical race theory and their activists and allies disrupting and destroying the news media. So yes, I advised in that direction.
Which is likely why I think Glenn Green, while leaving the intercept a fairly progressive. A very progressive news outlet is historically significant, its unfortunate too they, then our news media has become completely corrupted at its. Not just look, let me show you from June Fifteenth Matt, Tybee rights. American left has lost its mind, Journalism is a victim was recently an article from the Atlantic. Saying Joe Biden is the best hope. If you're scared of liberalism, they said people like Ben Shapiro, who is just adamantly opposed Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen now supports him saying the Democrats have lost their minds. How many times, and by how many people does it need to be said that this is true. I've, tremendous respect for wash came onto my firewall podcast and he's anti fascist socialists that we had a conversation. We got to it
a lot of its opinion. Did Trump do a good job here due to a bad job here, and I can argue, my opinion versus his opinion, but ultimately opinions or opinions, but when he got to talking about the things that Trump has done its bad, I'm asked him if he knew what Obama Gate was. He didn't Eddie need to brush up. I asked him if he knew about the meeting between call me in your Sally Yeats, and where they discuss the Logan ACT and Michael Flynn, and I know noticed or is particularly hard to break through and its because, our news. Media isn't telling you for the most part foes. I don't know the story, the quick just of it as it seems there was a meeting of a bomb administration officials before Tromp was inaugurated to try and find a way to prosecute Michael Flynn for dubious reasons, notably the Logan ACT. One FBI agent asked: are we doing this to prosecute or get him fired? Why would the f b I seek to get a guy fired from his
Bob. How weird is that and the story gets weirder from their an Ex FBI lawyer was recently prosecuted for altering evidence so that they can get bet bunk warrants against trumped to stage the Russia Gate Fiasco. I personally feel like when we see the media defending Joe by refusing to call out his corruption, unease, corrupt and some have written about it to be fair on nothing. Everyone, like I mentioned political wrote bite in ink how Joe Buttons families fortunes have tracked his political career. That's the accusation, and it should be obvious, but you see light. Just activists and democratic operatives have found their way into our news organisations and they have destroyed them from the inside out. How sad is it that Glenn Green Walled founded the intercept and has been forced out Glenn? I wonder what you could have done:
to have prevented the d take over of your organization by solitary, that's how you be as a liberal, and he says the american luck has lost its mind. You now have- liberals and conservatives alike saying this is happening. Heaven help us. If Joe Biden wins, could you imagine what that would mean for our country if Joe Biden wins, even though we have ample evidence now going back a year and a half hour longer, of his corruption selling his family name. using his son and his brother as intermediaries to make money. Could you imagine if this man gets elected because our news media refused to say it because they wanted him to win because of Orange man, bad shocking and terrifying that we may be facing a very seriously corrupt president and vice president, because a media failed to do its job. Now they say. Donald Trump is corrupt and all these things
but I'll tell you what, if the media wants to write a negative story about Trump so long as evidence in its true, please please do it and for all of the stories they ve written about the things I've criticized. They say that tromp was having you are military personnel state. His personal golf resorts. I think it's a conflict of interest to develop and they say that Donald Trump I have the G7 Trump Dorrell, I say that's a conflict of dressed. It should not happen and conservatives challenged Trump on that as well, please, it is good when they write about Trump, and it is good that they hold Trump down to a certain degree. We dont want and unchecked despot as president and Trump is not that tromp has its problems, but at a certain point they have gone so over the top in saying, with criticising trump. That stories now are completely fake. What will happen if this culture war continues?
I ask people: what are they gonna write about? What if Trump loses and there's a lot truth and reconciliation commissions naming the people who enabled Trump this psychotic cult will grow out of control into authoritarian despotism. fascism or communism or ever ISM authority Marion system would take its place. What would take the place of our once great nation? They'll start writing about the villains Authority are Joe, get had on Alex Jones and they say Alex Jones lied about everything and pushed falsehoods. Joe Rogan fact checked him in real time and found found certified sources confirming much of what our stone said and I think out Jones S crazy things, but for the media to come out right lie call for censorship. Ban people refused to publish the news. I think this is.
As scary as a good, probably or possibly get I mean we are. We are talking about the collapse of one of the most port institutions in this country, the sis, from that we have that protects us from the corrupt. I want to add to this. The devastation comes not just from the corrupt, but from the technology as well with local. News becoming more and more obsolete, pose losing its audience and losing money. Local corruption begins to form, and there are no journalists who can call them out. You know and when news media was local, advertisement covered the bills allow go restaurant would say we're gonna, we're gonna pay. You know x amount of dollars to the local paper so that we can lead Well now we sell these wonderful cheeseburgers with that Many a news organization could fund very serious investigative work that would allow people to figure out if their politicians are corrupt and keep them in check.
Now. Advertising is gone. Nationals gone to Facebook and Google and it's gone a news for the most part is more national. That means local officials can be and it also means now- the sickness has made its way I'll go to the top and now means that job. but in himself can be corrupt, there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it. I want give a shout out to the journalists that I think are doing a good job. I mentioned Glenn Green Walt. I typed speechless at the level of respect. I don't even know to say I mean this is long. Green all is probably the best during a list in the world. As far as I can unconcerned right now to issue the public statement and to refuse to back down standing ovation their other journalists as well- to see very wise, resigned to see mentality resign and to see this that the right things of Michael Tracy Give I mean these are the very few journalists we have left, but also shouted to project a veritable ass, far from perfect, but doing actual journalism them,
It just says trumps lying there's, no fraud, trumps, lying, there's, no fraud and then various cousins as there is. Is it this national scheme? No, but there's fraud. It's it's insane to me, but I know what we can expect. Next, the smears they put on project virtues. They do everything in their power to make. It seem like very toss, is lying, manipulative, deceptive and all those things minors. And he is that every lawsuit they faced they ve won because there are very careful to make that what they're saying is defensible and, of course, there's always framing and news and they have their bias. In one story, done by very toss. They said: look this pro life organization is being censored. What they didn't notice is that a leftist anti WAR organisation had also been censored, not that they did anything wrong. They just missed it and that's their bias. So that's what
someone like outcomes can come in when I cover the story. I said that hey check it out. There also censoring this anti war leftist organisation. I think those things are important as well. There are very few good jerk good journalist, Journalism as an institution has been crushed, but I tell you this man, I'm at a point where, You know, I look at what Glengarry what has done and it gives me hope, but it also makes me feel a bit more pessimistic. Glenn created a powerful media entity, and then they took it over and they are now wearing it like a skin suit and Glenn has gone the founder of this pay harvest of this publication. I mean it's good now that we can see the great work of Lung Greenwell, but think about the power of the institutions. The cultural institutions that are being taken over by these woke illiberal extremists and Joe Biden might win. Now
but it does give me all, does more hopeful than anything to see that the journalist I have just named doing the work they do with tremendous respect to all of them. Thank you and Glenn. Why, I look forward to seeing the work you do in the future and I will keep following an eye so, I recommend everybody give him a follows walks. I will tell you this: you can be a left us You might get mad when he talks about the lies about tromp. You can be on the right and get mad when it criticizes trump, but that's the way it should be man. I can't believe this is the news that drop today, but some I'm feeling good. I feel unfeeling good. I hope that this could be a point where things start to turn around at the corrupt institutions, start to falter because of their lives and the american people start to see and they change their might make it hard to see they realize I don't love. Trop is the answer sure Glenn would tell you the truth is awful and I think TAT is bad not of ways, but we have to stop this this this ill liberal,
Wave is called of intersection. Reality must be stopped. Tromp has taken action to stop it I'll take when I can get for now. I ll leave it there. next segment coming up at six p dot m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast as s news, I'm sorry I'm a little still speeches. I meanwhile thank thanks up out I'll, see you on the neck segment. There is no doubt that media in this country is ridiculously bite. and the problem is. We ve got a massive main stream conglomerate media apparatus that will not cover breaking and massively important stories, notably in this case the Hunter Biden scandal for which now documents from Hunter Biden, business partner, Tony Bobby Linsky, reviewed by sent committee so far luxuriate according to a report. Of course, I'm not leading with that story. I just want you to know that so far, this is all it. This is confirmed. This is legit. Why wouldn't,
The media touch this story. Why did it fall upon the New York Post? What apparently, the Wall Street Journal had a leg up on the scope and didn't run it at least not initially, and so they have actually done some. These are reporting on it, but why not? Why was it ignored? I think one of the biggest problems we have in this country is a desperation to fit in. they fear of being the other, and that means when damning information arises. People say I'm not touching that now to be fair, we are all guilty of us myself, included there are some things I'm gonna be like I I don't know bottle at one, but I believe I have a higher threshold. You get me an expert, you get me documents, you verify them, I'm willing to report on it. I remember looking at a review for conspiracy theory website by news Guard news. Guard said this website posts unfair
conspiracies like this one and the story they linked to was sourced to a former FBI official and, I said, listen, I understand the claims for me. more FBI official like this sound, not suit like there was something about: U S, operations in foreign countries and unlike, but what gives you the right to determine which expert? What, with with the credentials, is correct or isn't on other people? It is Tucker Karlsson when he had the whistle blower from University of Hong Kong on saying that she drafted a paper showing cove. It was man made, they said fake news, and I said what gives you the right to say. This expert is wrong. She was literally a university professor in Hong Kong. Now personally, I dont trust that story, I'm just saying if someone says I got a guy here from you know the Anna saying he sang this. How do you say? That's fundamentally not sure why if the story sounds too far fetched Poland. Media will say, hey look man, it might be true in your guy.
It seemed to be authentic, but it sounds crazy enough that we're not going anywhere near it and that's a big problem and that's why I think the Wall Street Journal didn't initially jump on the story, and it is partly why lot of olives did want to jump on it, but I believe the biggest reason that news outlets would not talk about this and their only being forced to do it and they are kicking and screaming is because it hurts Joe Biden and it should it should our Joe Biden that he was using his influence suit to make money with the money going through his family members as intermediaries. Of course, Joe Biden never received money from foreign governments. He has his kids do it. He has his brother, do it and then, when they,
by all this fancy stuff, he reaps those rewards, they call it Biden ink it was published in political magazine. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you to the grand conspiracy and the media is desperate. Attempts to smear Tucker Carlsson and the store itself is you. Last night, Tucker Karlsson reveals new trove of documents. Implicating Joe Biden in shady deals has gone missing from courier company, as recording reveals hunters to business partners were concerned, their secrets, what blowup big time, When I heard this I was incredulous, I was shocked. I was no way first of all no way this happened that Tucker. In my opinion, I trust him. I do not necessarily agree with all of his opinions, but I believe the man is integrity. This crazy story that essentially they were shipping document
across the country than proof they were gone now. What do we get? What are we immediately get from the media? I love this. I love this took us out from Jonathan shaped. Ladies and gentlemen, the man who told us that Donald Trump was possibly a russian assets in the nineteen eighties, never mind the fact that that would mean that tromp was a so We, it asset is got his nerves over even collapse, was that, like the end of the eighties early nineties, I was looking out. Forgive me if I remember the exact date, Tucker Karlsson reports. He lost only copy of documents that nail biden- oh no, he lost the only copy, I'm not I'm, not convinced, I'm sorry. I could be wrong, but Tucker never said that yeah, Tucker,
never said he lost the only copies. No here's a people don't seem to understand, and- and maybe this is Tuckers Fault for- not explaining. You know a bit more detail last night when I saw this watch the cliff Mr Karlsson, where he asks me, told the story and and and will read the story you don't get to it, and I thought to myself what what what what you're not bring us enactments where the digital copies. No digital copies, no operational security. You you sent these this ground. Breaking this earth shattering story. The courier edges gone. Let in German. I am reliably informed. There are copies. Pegrenne ever said that I guess the point of Tucker story was just to tell us how strange it was that they were sending hard copies, hard documents and they went missing. That's it
We may actually still see them. I don't know for sure- or maybe there aren't copies but I'll. Tell you this there's a reasonable explanation for why there wouldn't be. These are confidential and extremely important documents, probably a lot of them. So first I dont think it's an excuse to say it would have been too difficult to scan and upload, but it may have taken quite some time still it's called operational security and you protect information and your evidence, but it could be that there are very serious and sensitive documents and that's why it that's the case and there are no copies. Then, I'm sorry out have to laugh and Tucker her Carlson's face for screwing this one up big time. I am not entirely convinced rat that point yet, but on the surface this looks like one of the biggest blunders in recent journalism, History, if that's the case, but again, I am told by some people there are in fact copies and that people are missed,
understand the point of the segment. Let's read the story, they say this first and most importantly, Karlsson, did not say whether Fox NEWS had made copies of the document. That's correct, I watched it. No at no point did he say we ve lost at all: it's gone forever. We want any copies bizarre that won't stop the fake news. The intelligence are Jonathan, shake from saying Tucker, Karlsson reports. He lost only copy of documents, quite literally, not true that amazing other media operates. Tucker Karlsson has claimed that a dossier of documents allegedly implicating Joe Biden in and his son in his son hunters. Shady business deals went missing in the post somewhere between Manhattan and else Angeles Karlsson, detailed. The mystery of the vanishing documents during his Wednesday evening shall on Fox NEWS where we also aired New Ali. Hunter by its business partners share It concerns that their secrets would blow up big time The house at his team had sent documents via an established courier from
is Mane Studio in Manhattan. On Monday, to LOS Angeles at three hundred and forty four, a dot m on Tuesday, someone in the courier company noticed that he had been that he had been opened that that the okay, okay, I'm trying again someone noticed in the courier company that v had a copy problem. Then the packet had been opened and its contents were removed, Carl's and said no one was able to explain what the documents allegedly damaging to the buttons had gone. He did not say whether Fox NEWS had any copies the point of the story was we were bringing these documents out and they went missing. That's crazy right! It is crazy who intercepted them. Why we're freaky stuff? Let me tell you a story. I was once give formation from a journalist that was important and involved overseas conflict. It wasn't like anything but international scheme
It was just like ours, just reporting, and so it was unreported information on sport. That way I was given a usb, stick and told that there's copies of this, we want to get this story out. I would like you to have a copy in the event that something happens to me again, not the most pro em up, but I am not going to claim it was like. We have changed the world. Anything knows just basic. Unreported stuff on the ground interviews some you know, but potential stories from I want you to want to do about it. It was it was good. It was gives a good and important story, not earth shattering what taken any government or invite that what the gimme this you must be stuck well, I had it in my bag, and I was just one of many people have been given. Happy in the event they never got to publish which they ultimately didn't it again, not not earth shattering stuff, but before it was published, I was going through the USA, security in airports, and I got chosen for random screening
they told me that I had to be searched. You know who I was. Randomly selected, my laughed and I like oh, wasn't: random yeah. They took my bag from me and they said work put it down over here and I objected, I said no, no! No! No! You can search it in front of me, and I said it's just going to be literally right here around the corner ass. I can't see it, and there are, like sir, just gonna take ten seconds. We're gonna do a search and your bags right there, and so I was like fine and then, when I made my destination, the usb stick was gone, and you know the worst thing about it was It was a one hundred and twenty eight gig USB stick, and this is like ten years ago that was not cheap. Ok, that goes like fifty or Sixty box, psych dude. I would make a copy for you. It wasn't that crazy of information.
I don't know where it went why it was gonna what happened on, not accusing anybody on others- conspiracy, maybe just it fell out of a whole new bag, but that literally I had it whether security is gone. So I have to wonder if there was a concern about what what is on it and maybe it would have been extremely damaging or something, but it wasn't. It was just your basic reporting from the field with some. You know anecdotes and stories from locals digress. So these things happen and that's why operational security as so important. He ah Tucker, offered no details about documents described merely saying they were confidential documents related to the Biden Camp. That came from a source we believe they are authentic and in at the time we received them my executive producer- and I were in LOS Angeles talking to Tony Bobby Linsky. He said referring underlines business partner, so we text it
producer in New York and asked him to send us those documents to allay Monday afternoon. This week he ship the documents overnight to California, with a large national carrier, a brand name company that that we used you used countless times, but the binding documents never arrived and allay. Karlsson said that on Tuesday morning, the day of the body Linsky Interview, they received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. He said the documents the documents disappeared, Carlson's. At the current. The courier company, to its credit, took this very seriously and investigated. He said they traced the envelopes until three. Forty four, a m on Tuesday, when an employee
morning. Facility in another state noticed at the package was open and empty Karlsson explained the company security team interviewed every one of its employees who touched the envelope we sent. They searched the plain and the trucks that carried it. They went through the office in New York, where our producers drop that package off. They called the entire sorting facility. They used pictures of what we had sent, so the searchers would know what to look for. They went above and beyond, but found nothing is it or your company was baffled and deeply bothered by this, and so are we concluded in a show on Wednesday. Karlsson also revisited his interview, the previous night, with Bobby Linsky and AIR new audio in the clips, Rob Walker, a former Clinton official and family friend, the divines, who is one of the five men of the company
Tina HAWK said that he was concerned. There story would blow bigtime sidewalk active from twenty seven teen and wound down in twenty eighty comprised of Hunter Biden. His uncle Jim Jones Brother, Bobby Linsky Walker in a british business men, James Galliard gaily, are, is based in the Czech Republic, had known Bobby Linsky. For many many years, Walker and investor and tat was brought in company by the biting his wife, Betsy used to work for Jill Walker is heard on the phone with Bobby Linsky and guilty are saying. I just think that if somebody comes out now- and five, the story. It blows up big time. That's all gillies in a second clip appears equally concerned saying we ve got this situation now, where it s getting again, because somebody allegedly one of us three- has qualified the story already its back on the front pages, babblings Guiana, third Klett says that their company is attracting attention from the chinese firm. They wished to their wish to work with as a result of the by name.
Was there because he was selling his family's name and that's the whole reason why the Chinese, where there's a bog linsky the Chinese, would never would never have been there if binds name wasn't there. Karlsson did not hear anything more to give context to the conversation. Now these documents are confirmed. Well before we know that many we know the emails are legit. We know, I believe the laptop is to the best of our understanding confirmed a lucky. You can still flood things. We have got some thirty shady stuff go on to say the very least, a mysterious laptop dropped off at a computer repair restore what they bow. Biden found
Asian, stick around it and then this guy handed to the FBI. The FBI apparently said that it investigate because they didn't think the source of evidence could hold up in a court. Perhaps the official story is that the laptop was dropped off what by Hunter Biden who sign for it, and he never came back for it, which then it became the property of the MAC, store repair shop guide. I tell you what men I thought I I fault arms razor. The simple solution tends to be the correct one buds I mean think about how perfect that would be. You ve got a trove of documents that were hacked stolen from the violence text, messages and everything you put it on this computer drop. It often repair store and then never come back. It becomes the legal problem.
Thus you bypass any hacking allegations. So I don't know I will say this: facebooks mark Zuckerberg comes under fire, as he tells republican senators, his platform, throttled users trying to post Hunter Biden revelations because the F B, I warned Russia was spreading this information really the f B. I warned look there desperately trying to break down the story, destroy it and it won't work. Magua scrambles to repair the hunter by narrative instead of publishing the more salacious allegations? Conservative media has now has been more focused, uncovering alleged suppression of the story. This is why my friends, they never say my name First of all, they try to say I'm right wing or whatever and some people. I guess I'm a tribal point of view. I understand why they would do that, but certainly not a conservative, and they often never bring me up ever thought about this. I think
I got a hundred and ten million views total podcast and Youtube mostly Youtube in the last month in September October, a tracking to go out to be a little bit lower, but then actually as normal there there There is absent flows and things like that, and I see all these articles talking about who, what what the right wing media doing and what what, though the mainstream media has said and though I have this massive viewer ship. They don't mention what I said, and maybe it's because I'm an outlier, You know what I mean, what we say about this guy, but saw scrambling to rip. Ere the Hunter Biden narrative. I have covered the Hunter Biden thing extensively and got into the core the allegations and explained my opinions on why I think it was really really bad. That's Hunter Biden had done these things in mind
Biden has done these things and I have also said if you want to point out trumps criticism, I'm not gonna sit here and criticisms of Trump. I'm not gonna sit here and defend the men by all means we I've set in almost every time. I've talked about this. There is criticism to be thought it trump. For having government contracts with his own properties and businesses? Now he's lost money in this first two years of the presidency on another numbers on the on the next year, because near times hasn't reported on those who, when they did on twenty six June, seventeen I'm not sure if you lost money and twenty eight, ten and nineteen, but Donald Trump has lost mine and their current like no matter what he would have done if he made money did say he's making money as president is using the government to his advantage here, this money to say: I'm not paying taxes so that some well means we can talk about both. I just happen to think that the guidelines are forty, seven Joe bodies of forty seven year, crony establishment politician and trot. Maybe has things you can
you can call him out, for which I have in the past trumped analogy. Seven, his is is worth resorts and in Scotland that he was having a military stay. I am not a fan of any other stuff, and so I called it out when it happened. I would like a fair and honest assessment of what's going on with the Hunter Biden Narrative and no magazine scrambling its. That many people said the suppression of the story is a bigger story in itself. In fact, it's not just conservatives. I believe we ve got some progressive reporters individual like met, tie you be adopted towards anyone's mouth mouths, but there are some progressive reporters calling out the intelligence system which meant calling at the mainstream media and saying this way a marginal corruptions divergences marginal bottom. It was, it was a big story. Look I don't want to. Acts like what we're learning about the violence is like the end of the world in terms of like shocking revelations, It has serious Syria story about Joe Biden, but come on you gimme a story about you know
when, in the government, using their name and having their kids, make money their office an old stuff, it's kind of like it's something we expected. If we assume and now we're getting confirmation. So big big story not get wrong, not the biggest story in the world important nonetheless especially come into election. So certainly one of the biggest well then
suppressed it, and now we are looking at a mainstream media, politico the intelligence or the New York Times discrediting the story claiming its bs without evidence and its now being confirmed over and over again, and they claim its magua struggling scrambling to repair the narrative of the narrative, the simple the documents were released, a witness has come forward. We know that Joe Biden has run Biden Ink ass. They called in political magazine where his brother and his son have made tons of money. Joe Biden, son and his brother have made tons of money and, as political said, they're good fortune tracks very much so with Joe Biden Career Trump, pointing out that Jos brother made millions in Iraq. Europe who are these people who voted
for us to go in to the Middle EAST. Is crony establishment, politicians, the people who have been in for decades and they keep pushing the same things and enriching themselves off of it. We got corruption problems, we absolutely do and I'll tell you what I think we successfully concluded on what we're saying. With the Hunter Biden story, Joe Biden was going to receive equity and you know what you can say will, where are the documents we'll see, maybe Tucker really did screw this one up and shame on him. If that's the case may be, they didn't think twice they didn't know in there. Like you send them over them, realize someone's gonna intercept that Tucker. I look I I spend a lot of time have a lot of friends: the hacker community, the Info Sex Committee, information security, infrastructure short and their very
very upon, what's called Opt Zack operational security. I believe its operational scary, someone's gotta, correct me, but so we know full well what you do and don't do, and I told a story about my you: the basic now I was just that. The reason why I didn't really care that much about the stick was that it was given to tunnel needed the usb stick. It was going to tens of people and when I went sing I just gonna laughed about it. I was more concerned about losing visa, the the? U S, basic, that as opposed the information but Tucker kind of screw that one menu out. I digress. Let me say this way. We know under Biden was selling the family name. We know Joe Biden went to Ukraine and sad fire. The prosecutor you're not get the money. We know that Joe Biden threatened to withhold guaranteed loans, which apparently is not legal and people said. Trot should have done other. Ok, absolutely trump should not threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine in exchange for his investigation, we're on upset and if it was
a crime or whatever, then by all means we look into it and of tromp is guilty. He is here's the thing, Joe Biden too big that same thing and is not a word about as amateur standards issue. The left were made illegal. That's what about his and we're talking about what truck should do? Gay? Ok? What's the legal standard? Well, Joe Biden did acts and no one cares and tromp did acts, and now you care, I'm sorry. We have to have a legal standard. We have to have a political standard. I'm not happy with either of it now Joe Biden did this. Ok, I can say fine. They said he was acting in accordance with the: U S policy, while as the power He sets foreign policy and if he wants them to look in shape into shady dealings done by Joe Biden, then he has said
the foreign policy, it is acting within it. That's why he was elected to spare me the hunter bought. A narrative is clear. Jim and Hunter Biden ink have made tongues of money off of Joe Biden, public service and it's disgusting, and we ve moved on from this. In a sense, now, there's still a lot to be covered, but were now at a point where we realise big tech. Big media are doing everything in their power to suppress damaging information to the guy. They want to win outside the funniest thing, in all this media stuff. They are coming after Joe Rogan because he had Alex Jones on his honest podcast again, and I I guess the Joe Rogan rosary uploading the episode to like clean it up and dropped off the playlist, Orinoco freaked out thought it was censored and it's like the silliest thing ever, but hey excellent pr, mind you so anyway, jargon mid opponent, Instagram earlier, where Alex Jones was Saint, a bunch of crazy things that many people in the media claim our lies.
I think bus to go to story saying you know Alex is pushing all this information. The funny thing about that is it on the show. They were fact checking Alex and confirming a lot of what he said. I didn't see the full episode and but Joe made a post saying, look, here's a clip! This is what Alex Jones was talking about. You was right is interesting. I think Alex his lot crazy things I do, but I think the media says crazy things all the same and they are doing it to protect their political choice. So therein lies the bay problem the scandal is grown above and beyond Hunter widen and its now implicated. Big tat, Jack, Dorsey Mark Zuckerberg, Son DARPA, child less, so Google, because you know it was Facebook and twitter suppressing this. and for whatever reason you know, the mainstream media now is trying to cover this up and proud. Because it's you know, we know it's true. I leave their though what what was will
My final thought on this is: we ve got to do something about this. We ve got it. We ve got a demand, our rights and challenge. Those would lie to us. Next segments come up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all them. Last night in Philadelphia, police discovered a van loaded with explosives, and suspicious equipment, and this is coming after several days of violent unrest, the start of these rights- I am somewhat and a pickup truck ran through a row of police officers running over a fifty six year old, female sergeant, breaking her like among other injuries, is very serious, see this story about them now discover Evanna with explosives does not mean they are connected, but it is disconcerting. Nonetheless, and I believe we we need to see action by law enforcement by by a district attorney's by our federal attorneys. Something must be done to restore
a peace. Now it is just fortuitous, I suppose, for Donald Trump, that's happening just before election day, but if you were to imply one that trumped somehow ferments the riots on purpose in order to win, I would call you insane or to that, but that law enforcement prosecutors should stand down and do nothing because too close to election day, but I would also call you insane and this autumn, Going to, let you know, listen part of me wanted to this morning. Just do your normal I've known how many morning riot alerts, I've done where it's like. Wake up in the morning inside the riots are continually again. We had it. We had a period of a couple weeks, sporadically where the rights Billy did simmer down and it felt like we're coming out of this, and then we saw a couple major incident incidents Walter Wallace shooting met with a knife came at cops, cops, shot, em, it's tragedy, men are really is, but I don't people expect of installations,
In d it was a man and a mopeds fleeing from police who got hit by a different car. These have the store I was told, and people are riding over this weather. APOLLO guy over peril, ITALY right. I'm open the guy. They want to stop. It resulted in riots and According to some reporters, the worse riots we ve seen since George Floyd Riots peaked in the beginning of June. I could just do another right thing and I do want to talk about. We had a ton of updates them in the feds. Are making moves video service that there's, like some problematic, have been arrested. Again, it is bound to show you something. First, I want to show you what makes me enthusiastic for Donald Trump. Here's set on Twitter posts like this, make me enthusiastic for Trump. They started rioting and three. Cities recently and trumps. People are taking immediate action and the press is making it about politics. Different eyebrow You Ryan, J Riley, and I want to point out before I read this thread why this should matter to you
if you are say, on the left or fears, a regular you, no more moderate or politically and affiliated or conservative. I understand I conservatives don't like the stuff. They want to protect the businesses in families and order a lobby other comfortably live their lives and their rights are violated, and I completely agree with that thing. Most moderates just want to be left alone. As for the left, us, you should agree with all those other things and something else we all should agree with. There were a couple of jewish met in New York who were attacked and insulted with anti semitic slur. and even I believe, there's some people from the Anti defamation League for pointing this out is a black lives matter, protesters screw you mean Anti Semitic, slurs at jewish men and pushing them and shovel. the mountain tunnel, to while
thanks and really awful things. We should not in any way protect respect or defend these people, their important, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, but, of course, are establishment. Media elites love to just play politics, listen Donald Trump people are doing the right thing for making arrests. Your is until proven guilty and they're prosecuting people good. We should not allow this. I'm sorry for all the Biden supporters that these people started protesting a week before the election, and I mean Antifa for those that are going to try and send you right now. I'm talking about Antifa and far leftist. Those are the people that are going out starting these riots initiating the conflict, and then there are other people going out and just opting out on an opportunity to loot Walmart in such this is what we see from the likes of our journalism. Class
This is Ryan J Riley from Huffington Post. He tweets one of the most political. U S attorneys in the county is holding a press conference five days before election day to announce. indictments related to unrest in Philadelphia, a frequent target of the Trump administration and a critical swing state o, always that. Why he's doing it? U S attorney e p, a we have twenty three right here. You sternly, William Emmett mixed Wayne and law enforcement officials will hold a press conference tomorrow at the. U S attorney office at one p m to announce criminal indictments stemming from violent unrest in Philadelphia. The world does not stop because there is an election next week. I'm sorry. I know It hurts Joe Biden because Trump Scot free country on the Western what's up here and then Eastern P, eight as untold still has a lot of trump country, but you got these urban centres which our deep blue and now they have
all the more reason to support Donald Trump. His appointees are taking very quick and decisive action to end the vile once something many of us have been asking for since the right started. We look I'm not talking about an iron fist and a dictator coming into just rounding people up, I'm talking about the system operating as we expect it to. If you are suspected of right, breaking the law. An officer makes an arrest you, are innocent. Now, if the prosecutor so decides to prosecute, you may be then proven do you buy a jury of your peers or judge in a court of law? You actually can choose a bank or a jury trial. You are innocent until proven guilty, and I believe that is paramount in this country, but I also expect the prosecutors to at least try if they have evidence to prove that you are guilty of writing looting.
Analyzing and hurting people, I'm not saying everyone who gets arrested is guilty. I'm saying I wanna get arrested is innocent until the prosecutor can make their case, and I expect them to try. But too often they don't so. This makes me enthusiastic. Oh, what's this a tromp trump critical swing state whatever I don't care a. U S attorney, saying we're gonna make these these criminal charges. Thank you good guess, excellent! I guess we'll see what he says, but to turn into a political thing. Here's what we end up seeing rangy rightly says Mc Swain, who has made several appearances on Turkey since programme, so what is an ongoing war of words with Philadelphia elected district attorney? Last year he issued an inflammatory statements slamming the day after such a suspect, shot several fairly cops. So this is again: U S attorney. These are the feds coming in where the local dossiers will not something I have praised in the past and will praise now
and so be it. If the? U S, attorneys are the only ones willing to say you will not destroy the lives of innocent people. You will not wreak havoc upon our city, then I'm going to say thank you to those attorneys. I do not like expansive executive authority. I do not like Obama's dictatorial powers, the indefinite detention provision under the National Defence Authorization ACT. I dont like Donald Trump Commando raids in Yemen, which he inherited to be fair, but still per this hidden in the first few years of his presidency. All of that needs to be criticised, but there is a standard like I said, these people can at least be arrested, and if there is evidence prosecuted and if the local DA's won't do it, then thank heavens, we have trump. U S attorneys, who will actually do their job? now Heaven forbid Joe Biden gets it because I don't know what he would do, but I would assume he's gonna do and all the other Democrat DA's are doing
well, you know we're gonna cut. These people lose like we ve seen in many different places. I'm not I'm not offend. Listen! I like protest. I do I like protest. I like it when people say f you to the government, but I don't like violent protests by. non fake news. They say Q and is also dangerous, but yeah and sore these people, who think there's cops looking round every corner hunting people down. It's ridiculous. Ok, you don't attack innocent people and I'll tell you what if you wanna go out if someone goes on protests and the only thing that happens is that cops class,
with protesters? Well, you gonna get arrested. Ok, but even then I can say I understand their protest in police. I dont like the violence and I think you should leave when things get crazy but protests. You know that in that instance, out I'll get. Instead what we see these people are going out, looting, Walmart. How does it make sense? What about stealing a tv is gonna help somebody and they say in defence of looting, it's just there taking what they need. They just needed. Bread, oh shut up, that's not true! They're opportunists, exploiting the chaos- and I am not a fan of that look. I I like the idea of abolishing poverty. I like the idea of universal health care. I do find me a path to a sustainable universal health care system on totally onboard no one's proven it yet find me a path towards your utopian vision where people live in harmony with individual liberties. The world flourishes, I am absent,
locally onboard, but just common Tommy. We must, or it's gonna happen and that you can use violence to get it. I'm sorry man now and so here's it's crazy to me politicizing this as if this guy is announcing their arresting criminals to help Donald Trump Rhine rightly says plenty of politically appointed. Yours attorneys use their positions as a stepping stone to elected office, which would be hard pressed to find someone who has been as obvious about it as bill. Mc Swain, Dude use federal taxpayer dollars to put up billboards with his name and face on them. Along meter corridors all across the Easter initiative. Pennsylvania, ok, ok! Now people say well what about this time? Are you going to criticise him for doing this sure yeah, but I dont care all that much a guy says it has gone. Crime equals FED time, no parole. Every time, FED crime gets fed time with his twitter account and his picture yeah and so easily.
Killing people don't break the law was allowed to do it did he did he did he illegally sees funds? You come to me and Tell me this man should not put up his billboard with taxpayer dollars and you can also ok, ok, great great river. It now I'd like you to walk with me to New York to all of these towns to DC where they painted black lives matter in the street, with taxpayer dollars and use police to protect it. That is worse and I criticised that, does Ryan J Riley now but I'll join you Ryan and saying I'm not a fan of this guy's plaster in his face on a billboard taxpayer dollars to do it. It just becomes increasingly difficult for me to criticise that in in good faith, when you guys were putting up all of these black lives, better messages in saying it's, not political, it is, and using taxpayer dollars to protect. It is a waste of taxpayers money.
And, I would argue its bordering on theft of taxpayer dollars. He does. He also ran adds ostensibly aimed at a potential gunman either the ads pretty clearly had a different audience in mind. Oh sure, whatever U s! Luck! This is ultimately him just criticising this. This is this this? U S attorney! Ok! Well, I tell you what men you get me, someone who will shut the riots down that isn't doing what he is doing and I will gladly say: okay, what the other guy short fine. You tell me that we're gonna put someone and in an office or indeed on the. U is attorney's office who's gonna do something like this right, and I say fantastic, but you come to me and say, with only a few days before an election in a crucial swings day he's having a press conference. Are you nuts? What should we do guys guys
there's that there's a bunch of riot sweeping across these three major cities, but the election is right now, so, let's let em role. Do you think that will help Donald Trump or hurt Donald Trump cards? I gotta be honest, which, if these people don't come out and put an end to this, then it just gonna make Trump look better. Oh no, the riots, our back and we can't do anything about it. Tromp worn do this would happen better vote for him, he's along law and order candidate. The last thing you should want is widespread riding, but this is the game they play. We got some up, it's what's happening. Let me tell you: feds are arresting a prominent wistfully actress, they did and two others in a case tied to torched police cars during protests a prominent west. What are the activist? Who is the lead plaintive in a civil rights lawsuit over? This response to racial and justice protests was arrested by federal authorities, Wednesday good, but he is still innocent until they can prove him
and my advice to anybody is don't just plead guilty, get a good lawyer to get the best more you can and if you're innocent you fight it. I think criminal justice reform would be a wonderful thing. I think police reform would be a wonderful thing, protecting the right, of the individual, is paramount. However, just because you got arrested doesn't mean the world is ending. In a civilised society. Police need to be able to make arrests, and these things happen. We do have a problem with the court of public opinion. So make simply because you guys got arrested. They ve done something wrong. I don't like that. That's cultural problem we have, we have more. We will we have a lot more. you mean from LA from Walsh, daily, daily anywhere mouthwash. I want to highlight this. If you would like the Democrat to lead Europe,
city or state. You deserve the chaos that follows. I know this is the pot, the partisan opinion, but seeing Matt give his thoughts on this. I'm sorry, but as much as I'd like to disagree, I can agree with it to a certain extent, what I would say I dont disagree with, as I understand what he sang by you deserve it, because your voting for people and you now how they behave. I just want to push back a little bit. I know Matt didn't say this and just say I feel bad for the people who didn't four for these these days, who are now facing the brunt of this, they don't deserve any of it, but the people who did vote in these different attorneys who will enforce the law. While you report you so maybe and with respect you'll, learn an important lesson about law enforcement and what we need to do to me everyone safe and protect our communities and maybe you'll vote for someone else. Anybody who, at this point
says: I'm gonna vote for these people that I'm sorry you deserve it. You do not say that we mean I'm saying if you ask for it and if you vote for it and you get it, You deserve to get if someone votes for universal health care, and then they get universal Health healthcare they deserve it. They advocated Fort voted for congratulations. The same is true for the bad things right. I think the most important thing I definitely need to have covered is the van loaded with explosives, because, of course we that ongoing unrest that they lifted the curfew, just good news, but tensions, Please killing of Walter walls. Arc are continuing. We ve got video services showing I definitely maitre highlight this cause, I'm not trying to be fair video services. going Philadelphia, police, bashing, Suv Windows, then beating driver, while childhood and back seat, not not perfect situation and not good. I'd like this, because I'm trying
tell you that I want accountability for everybody, police included. These guys are going arrested. I want to know the cops doing their job properly, but look man the main issue I have is politicizing all of this. Most importantly, politicizing the actions of law enforcement I would argue this and another reason why I want to highlight this ass, you anything if you're gonna tell me, or insinuate? There's politicking from this year's attorney calling a press conference about riots just before the election in a critical trump district or whatever, then I would say, then you know this video being put out by the media is just before election or how dare you make the police? Look bad, no, show the cops doing something if they're doing something wrong, prosecute the criminals and the elections will be with the results. We have no actual to be the result of what our society does. Hiding things doesn't change that fact
Now maybe the bigger implication, the bigger store here is this Philadelphia. An investigation is under way after police on explosives and other suspicious card. Instead of an Logan circle on Wednesday Night Action new, has learned that police recovered propane tanks, torches and possible dynamite sticks from the Van the bomb squad is investigating. There is no one who owns the Van or if anyone has been a rest The discovery comes as the city remains a heightened alert following knights of unrest from the killing of Walter Wallace Junior. This is scary and Kay. A lot of people say that I am wrong or silly for bring up the civil war stuff, but you don't find I find that many of these people just don't know the things. I do not follow my content, so they hear me out of context something like there was a video little actually good. A better example as when Wash was on the
anti fascist social, so we have an eye. Robot guess said far right conspiratorial when I said come to your house, no change the definition of words. I said. Those things already happened, I suppose is counter was just because they happen doesn't mean they'll happen again, and I think it's silly to it to two to arrive the argument, my response would be those that fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. I've laid out my case. Quite specifically, the Democrats in various cities have cut these people loose and they continue to riot and they continue to go to people's homes and residential neighborhoods in Portland, it's happened. Dozens of times They have gone and marched no justice, no sleep in the We hours of the morning so, like I said they ve already done it tell me it won't happen again, and I tell you
ass. The simple solution, as if Democrats are in favour of what's going on a Democrat as president, would likely not enforce the enforce the law, the way a republican word, because we ve seen what Donald Trump has done. I can only make predictions of the future based on what has happened in the past and those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it, a lesson that would be well learned, my Mr Bush, but I do appreciate the converse, and I respect the argument. My response is just I look at what they're doing with these riots, and I say if we don't take action, there is a strong likelihood. This continues. That means we need federal authorities to prosecute to make a project hold a press conference assuring the public. We are doing everything we can to end this, because if you don't do anything there is. A strong possibility will get worse now, looked to be reasonable is often try to be. There are some sort Besides we're doing, nothing is the right thing for sure sometimes doing
something is the wrong thing, but when you have multiple knights of unrest and the police are apparently be told to stand down from Steve, Keeley fucked me. None and by Fox, deny news directive from fully police executive team extremely frustrated officers. Both patrolling command, there's told the overnight they were ordered not to arrest looters just disbursed them. Thank you, too, the two mixed when I believe mixed Wayne is his name, William Amex Wayne. Thank you Bert for coming out and letting us know you're doing everything it can to put an end to the violence and prosecute the criminals who threaten our committee. I live in the Philadelphia area and its because of things like this I am moving. I am in the process of moving it. I was just there recently most of you see it's I'm not too far away. We drive back and forth we're sorry. But new studio. So it's been a ton of work, a lot of work, mind you, but, as you can see me marshals or in the new studio. I was just back in the Philly area, where I actually do live and die.
We'll be officially moved in a couple of weeks. Maybe if maybe a couple of months I it's it's not me. in simple thing to do, maybe in the new year officially b be moved in transport over an old stuff but its, but it's rough while I'm a tiresome to tell me that I'm wrong, because I've sad look at what happened. This is what is going to happen. If we do think about it and then for me to sit here and look you in the in the lens and we'll get a camera and say I was right. I was one hundred percent right oh you'd, like to know what I was right about. You wanna, take specific TIM. I said I don't want to be in the Philadelphia area, a major urban centres we get closer to the election, because the violence is only going to escalate and guess what happened. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs, I'm about ten or fifteen minutes from city centre and now in Philly there is widespread riding going on now they don't you.
we the bridge, but earlier this year they did, and I said, if they're gonna do it. Now, this there's a likely vacillation. I should not be here, and so I said we should probably move for
safety and where the main reasons I dedicate a lot more time. Overhear building things incited things up, though, have an officially moved completely is just because I'm trying to avoid Philadelphia and guess what I was right, because now the rioting and I want to be there- and I want to deal with the sirens and helicopters near my home again now. I dont know if they ve crossed over the cross, the breakers, I'm in the South Jersey side just on this side of the river, but they marched over the bridge earlier this year, and I said I'm not I'm not taking a risk when it starts in the film in fully proper from there it could branch under the suburbs. So I left, I'm sick of the politics. Trump needs to put an end to this because the locals, while the Democrats won't- and you know what, if that, helps Donald Trump good
If he does the right thing, then good. It's that simple. If you want Joe Budden the way he did not attack the attorney, but Democrats need to come out and say thank you to William Mcswain for doing everything everything their power to keep our community safe. Just know the regret, stand with our fellow prosecutors to end the violence in writing. Why won't they do it? So you know what he's doing want to come out and say I can't believe they're announcing arresting people and charging them. I don't care if you did it on election day or the day before I don't. I want to see the job done and if you can't handle that and you- won't give me those promises to keep my community safe nominal vote for the guy. Who will so? Thank you, William Exporting that's. My mother, that's my response. Thank you. for letting us know. What's going on now. I dont know what the affair. Doyle announcement is. This was disappointed yesterday, I guess at the time of recording this by time you watch it who I've had permitted, made an announcement and I'm hoping. Admittedly,
really find becomes out, says we're not gonna arrest anybody, raw standing down the Frida riot and I'll be like argues. No, I think he's gonna start making some arrest so look only with their necks segments coming up at four p m over it. Youtube com slashed him cast my main channel thanks ran up, and I will see you all them. Joe violence is going to win. It is going to be a landslide rust spell all blue for a blue Nevada, Arizona, Blue Blue Blue, Joe Biden, Landslide five hundred electoral votes, Donald Trump crying, and that's exactly why Joe Biden is going to Minnesota, We are currently wise job. I'm gonna Minnesota Democrats have lost in Minnesota in a very very long time. Joe Biden should be going to Texas right where they say. Donald Trump might actually lose whether the Democrats, my when, why wouldn't why would Joe Biden go to a democratic stronghold when they're telling us that Texas is the ace that might turn blue. Could it be that the poles are wrong and the narrative is incorrect and that
Access is safe and Joe Biden. Does it isn't gonna bother trying to flip it and Minnesota. A Democrat stronghold is at risk of turning red, maybe or maybe it's a grand conspiracy by Joe Biden to trick Donald Trump and supporters, they are so stupid. They'll think I think that I'm gonna lose going here, throwing them off and then they won't come here and they will ignore text now in Texas and Outcomes Razor suggests Joe Biden has to go to bed, soda because he's scared he might lose it. We sauce mayors from the iron range Endorse, Donald Trump and you ve got some weird districts are typically democrat. Even CNN discovered this right now. The narrative Republicans is that oh, but it is, is scared. He's gonna lose Minnesota, but how is it we got all these people All saying that Donald Trump is gonna lose all these, like. The song is electoral college Map, saying Troms gonna get utterly obliterated the prediction market saying Joe Buttons: gonna win four hundred electoral votes.
Maybe, but I think everybody realises that times. They are a change in and we don't know what we don't know, but we do know that we didn't know what was going to happen last time, so this is gonna get spicy. Ladies and gentlemen, the story from the STAR Tribune President Donald Trump is also coming to Minnesota Friday. Holding an event in Rochester interesting. They say Joe Biden will return to Minnesota for a drive in event in Saint Paul on Friday, the planned visit four days before the election will come as both campaigns launch their final push to capture Minnesota's. Ten electoral votes underscoring its status as a potential battleground state details of the event tentatively scheduled for three forty five p m have yet to be announced. president drop, has vowed to flip the state after a narrow twenty. Sixteen loss will make its fourth visit to Minnesota in recent months on Friday, with an evening rally in Rochester several tromp campaign, targets, are also set to visit the state through through our through the weakened
state and national polls have shown by maintaining a lead over Trump in Minnesota, a state that hasn't voted republican since one thousand nine hundred and seventy two between cities we'll be biting second visit to the state as democratic nominating the former vice president toward a Birdy in Training Centre outside Duluth and grew voters in the Cities Canal Park District on the first day of early voting in MID September, the campaign also announced additional, option, Iowa and Wisconsin on Friday, shouldn't Joe Biden be in Texas, come on. They could political reports as taxes as a toss, upstate shouldn't Joe Biden, be in Texas, Somethin ain't right and I got a wonder: what could it be pulling firm that accurately predicted twenty sixteen election as trumped leading in Pennsylvania up shouldn't Joe Biden, be in Pennsylvania. If he's winning in Pennsylvania, maybe he really is. He doesn't need to be there and made
he is so sure of himself in crushing Donald Trump winning taxes and Pennsylvania, or maybe he thinks the taxes that is right, but that it also, maybe so confident he wants to make sure that Trump doesn't even get Minnesota. Not don't think so. I think the Democrats are worried. Look Joe Biden has issued a statement. Is campaigns of the rules are inflated, dont trust them. You need to go out and vote and then recently you rent an advertisement where he said we are down in Michigan and all of these left like you really think Joe Biden is losing Michigan Yours truly Joe Biden, my things, or he's lying the people to make money. Now I think Joe Biden faces a real risk and he knows that there is these secret trump voter. They cannot predict- and this, I believe, is Trafalgar Group, but they say this. A new survey by the tree,
a rip shows the president taking a tiny led in the all important swing state of Pennsylvania, putting that forty eight as they set the polling firms latest data show tromp slightly ahead. Forty eight point, four to forty seven point: six. It is not much and it is not even half the three point more of error, but this point, and considering on state pulling his trending trumpet campaigner likely happy to see and take whatever good news. They can get margin of error. Pennsylvania is toss up territory and Joe Biden is campaigning in Minnesota. Now I don't buy it. Joe Biden is worried. He's gonna lose even Minnesota, Joe Biden. If this is look, does he think he lost already? How does it make sense whose I don't know. I got no idea. What's going on everybody's crazy, you're, crazy, I don't know who's gonna win what I can't tell you
Joe Biden, this thinking going to Minnesota. I can, but I can't do this. I bring you now back in time. Come with me aboard my time, machine to November eighth, twenty sixteen, the Trafalgar group said our projection. Tromp three hours, Sex Clinton to twenty three with Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin possible, possibly breaking tromp as hidden voter November eighth, Do you know what happened on November? Ninth when that was election day, eleven nine, they call it and Donald Trump, one and Trafalgar Group says he's going to win again. Tracking the hidden Trump voter. They said the same thing November, eighth, two thousand and sixteen here's the image take a look at this. They said Clinton, two hundred and thirty, two trump pence. Three hundred and six, do you know what the actual results were? I give you the Clinton two hundred and thirty, two trump three hundred and six electoral college map they hit the nail on the
and with the hammer and were kind of face in the wrong direction a little bit, but the other numbers right. What they miss was New Hampshire and develop in their projection. Edna, that a red- and they had New Hampshire, read as well Nevada and New Hampshire, but they missed, was constant, was constant, turned red, giving tromp that same ten electoral votes, putting trumpet three o six and Hillary Clinton to thirty two site, they from remember there now saying trumpets, I hadn't Pennsylvania, so why should I assume Trump is going to lose? they show you. This analysis is from Christians, salt Us Andersson on Twitter. She is the key founder of echelon, insights and she Her view of what can happen with Trump I'm gonna show you she says. Trauma actually went here's a path, but I want to push back on a forecast. She says there are a lot of poles coming out today tomorrow and this weekend before they do looking at the day to day
data today, even assuming the poles are right, there are still a path for Trump, it is narrow, but it is real current pulling averages in the Sunbelt states Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Georgia all have trump in striking distance. They are tied or within just a point or to not enough for me to say confidently which way they'll go if they all go trump. That's all enough on the flip side, if the poles are right, machine in Michigan and was content are gone for Trump, but it doesn't need them. If he's one the sunbeams as long as he also holds Pennsylvania. Current pulling averages have bite in the head, but not comfortably jacket. She says. There's a scenario with about looks like this, this scenario does not require the polls to be wrong. This is amazing trump. Two hundred and eighty two Biden, two hundred and fifty eight I bought it. I believe it I do. I bought it. Trump narrow victory,
This is where the poles are not wrong. Now the leftist way overconfident thinking they're gonna win, but I want to point something out. They say Pennsylvania goes read because transit and striking distance Minnesota, though And Michigan right now the early voting has Republicans up in Michigan. If you go by polling. I certainly understand why you'd say they'd be blue, but think about what happens if Michigan actually goes right and sodas Minnesota for the first time since one thousand nine hundred and seventy two trump up by another twenty six electoral votes. Nottingham, you ready three o six there. It is so I I don't know exactly whose go and what what states go and where I don't think anybody does. I think everybody wants to know and it's funny, because right now
on twitter everybody's posting their versions of the electoral map. I think I'm in a post one, that's totally just ridiculous, I'm California, red or something and then I'll, give Joe Biden, Wyoming and I'll be like yours. My map, just a trigger everybody, get em all mad. Nobody knows, but it's funny. When I see the leftist there, like Joe Biden with three seventy Oreo four hundred or then I see the rightly people, Donald Trump with you know like three, eighty or whatever, and I'm dislike Ya'Ll how you have no idea what's going on, but based on Joe Buttons actions, I would say, is internal pulling, shows he's in trouble in minutes, if Pennsylvania's and toss up territory, as these Paul suggest and that's coming from Trafalgar. Ok, who predicted a trump when Joe Biden should be in Pennsylvania, desperately trying to secure more votes he needs Pennsylvania is, is a powerful date for Donald Trump and don't it Joe Buttons in Minnesota, ten electoral votes, Pennsylvania's twenty would you do in it could be that
Their internals might show that they ve lost Pennsylvania. Already the riots, the fracture comments, so he jumped ship maybe we'll salvage Minnesota. Why would you need to live in voted dammit, a Republican and in fifty years, something's wrong? I don't know man, I would not be surprised if it turns out. Donald Trump loses. I don't know, I just don't wish. I did my got kind of tells me it's a slight lean for tromp, but really like even my gut feeling is confused. We'll see man we'll see, but I do think it's important and unfair to point out. Joe Biden is not trying to take us. So why is he gonna Minnesota? Why not tat as thirty eight votes. Well, Tuesday, is a common baby. and I'll see you all, then, by a couple more segments come Then don't go anywhere yet I'll see. You want a few minutes, thanks, rang and finally, new
movie coming out in others like normal, these anywhere the movie theater like shut down everywhere, where on that right now we got movie theatres. You can go in and sit down you are you're mask when you walk in and take it off when you sit down each accounting, popcorn or whatever you want your movies and the problem is there is like one movie tenant, that's how it was pretty good. I like that. I want to go, see it, but it won't when it. When I called a couple theatres there, playing just old movies like airy potter and things like that and its because no no movies, you come out what we got a new movie. This movie is called Songbird a movie trailer about pandemic, coveted twenty three slammed by critics, cashing in on human suffering, covert to one in three or four years. From we have no vaccine, no cure and no plan. That's your idea of a horror movie. My friends watch the trailer for this movie. What were they thinking with this? First of all, a lot of people are saying too soon
I'm actually saying this movie is stupid. You know, but I'm in a separate amato. Naturally like this. Will you know why actually like it, because the main characters are apparently like this dude in this check and the dude is immune. He's got a risk bad, like a sea. Where's writing his bike and in these, like military guys like Joe Move and he's like way, wait, I'm immune, I'm a moon, you gotta bracelet on so ok. Now they won't shoot you. I guess there that worried about their that work via a viruses that has a mortality of like point: zero, zero, five percent for, like the elderly, let our infection, infection of data of infection, vitality right at point: zero, zero, five, four percent, like
they made a horror movie about this, I'm impressed anyway, anyway, the poor making, as the main characters act with the bad guys. That's why I like this movie, the lock down is the problem, the enforcers of the lock down out of the villains. Yes, that's what trouble supporters have been saying for quite some time. I love it when I go to like read it and I'm reading it is outlets and their criticising tromp for saying Europe and reopen the economy and there like apparently trying to save lives, is a conspiracy psych. Ok, in this movie, the good guys the protagonists are fighting against the lockdown. So who do they represent? That's right to the leftist, the main character is the
bad guy, the government is just trying to save lives in this film. Why would you try and fight them and stop them? How dare you they're upset because, like in the film people are being brought to camps or whatever the apocalyptic film follows a couple in twenty four that tries to meet during the pandemic. Is oh, amazingly cringing, where, like the duties on one, side of the door and he's like touching it she's on the other, and there are like we can't touch each other, because infection rates infection, vitality rate for the young people of point: zero: zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, nine percent. man lesson in the rear. The world theirs? reason why we did the lock down there as we know what people to die- and I think people panicked for sure, but this also lingering a fax, that's fair to point out long problems, blisters blood clots,
and so it's it's not just a typical illness. Ok, I think, I think, I'd fair to say when Donald Trump came out in that we're gonna shut down travel that may have been a good move. I think so I should, above all, these other countries should have been more shreck, notably China with the southern spread. I should Donald Trump Lock an entire country. I think maybe what we should have done is is protected. The vulnerable hindsight is twenty, but about the point of making, as I'm not I'm, not overly critical of the Democrats for locking things down the way they did initially, but the extended period of lockdown was sway over the top anyway. The point is
it's bad. We took action. Ok, I accept these things. We want to keep people safe, but come on man. This movie. The film follows a couple played by K, J, Opera and Sofia Carson who fell in love virtually during Covin twenty three and try to meet up the Romeo and Juliet Ask plot is set and twenty twenty four, when the mortality rate is over fifty percent and the virus kills and an accelerated right. In fact, that Americans are forced to wear out of forced from their homes and into quarantine camps, ok, fine and their movie. It's a fifty percent mortality rate. Fine people also criticised the movie for a man to sizing the pandemic limit their light touching the door like. I wish I could it's like do the door is not air tight. You can still like coffee or whatever it's just opium skip it, estonian scary world. But it's a romantic movie about two people who want to be together, but they can't filmmaker Atta Mason, told a w its Romeo and Juliet, but their separated by her.
Front door and by the virus of up so cringe dude did I just watch the craft. You gotta see it. You ve got no wait. Maybe not! Maybe not dont give these people money. All. I watched the craft, the craft legacies, remake. It's actually make it the sequel. It has to be the worst movie I have ever seen and I've seen birds of prey. Ok, I've seen birds of prey, and I wish I hadn't the craft legacy. Is one of the worst things I've ever I d seen c and I've seen cats. You know why cats was better than the craft because at least there playing music. Now cats was awful. I dont have you saw it. I felt like they a shared this memory, because the sun was really good, but, like the woman who is doing it was, I had not come out of analyses I grab and I'm like just.
the song songs, gray. I love that. I love it and they ruined. Mr must athletes. I want a ragged cats. Ok, here's appoint its trust me. It makes sense in the craft. The whole movie is a woke p I say so. There's like I'm, I'm gonna. I want to dwell too into the movie for you, but I doubt you're going to see it. Maybe you will but like they it's very much like the first one. They turn a guy woke with magic and it's hilarious when they're like we did he's woke now. I can't you not, they say is woke. They put a spell in a guy to turn. Him woke amazing, the movies the villains motivations are quite literally. I think the villain is Jordan Petersen, I'm not kidding. I think the bad guy is Jordan Petersen, I'm I'm being dead, serious, there's a point where he makes a comment about like
masculinity being order and I'm just like what is happening anyway. Anyway, I hears appoint- maybe maybe night you maybe now you want to watch it so anyway, when I watched this movie and I sat through it and it ended, I thought to myself first What did I just watch? The second thing I watched what I realized. I was like this movies hold all was not to tell me a story, but you preach welcome this for real and they do They did make one transgression where one of the characters is is, it is a says, female, in real life playing a Trans person, that's a big nano, but the whole point of the movie not fitted with mad nothing you do the violence. It was literally just being woke and then them praising woke things. It was really weird, then I realized think changed. Air has been changing recently, where movies are turning. If you ever see those really can't be religious, conservative movies, even religious.
conservatives know they're, not good cakes. I, like we talk by narrow pockets, is funny. We may fungal there's these like rats. They can't be superhero movies, really low budget even worse. And conservatives make movies with the decent budget. It still just not there and you are, this is so weird. There's like this one movie that came out of Kevin Sore about where eg you sought, they banned uncertain and it's like, oh no. What do we do in their legal rights break out? I'm I'm probably killing. You know ruining the actual plotter synopsis, but we know guys. Conservative movies, you gotta, do better or gets happening. It's flipping. This movie songbird, is why bring it up is on a par with this really cringe poorly produce, still written storytelling that has more to do with shared experience than actually
telling a story that might excite or entice someone so that what what I'm trying to say is they made this movie as a hake, eyes, member Cove, it covered scary watch instead of being like a story about a dog that did it back flip of a building in like you're like oh, I want to know what happened the dog next. This is A story about two people were like: I wonder what happens with them. it's a movie where you're like oh no covered over twenty three rapidly accelerating mutation, it's weird! Isn't it and I, think we're headed towards a future. I think I think, there's gonna be a hard inversion. So I'll tell you why you're good friend, your team pools, not a conservative but here I am hanging out more so with many moderates and conservatives. Because of things like this, I am about to put out a music video and I wrote a song, and the song is good. I think is good because I wrote it. I
I would never be able to compare to the songs that I grew up and that I really love you know citizens all day. That's amazing and those Listen to this song and unlike its basic, you don't I mean, but it's really well produced, and I'm in the ambient hard myself other people's out. It's really good, but I'm like now look man. I think I can write songs. I think I think it's a good story they we're gonna put out a good video, the palm China makers. We got excellent animators, excellent producers with good song it's not gonna, be bohemian rhapsody at least arrow. I dont think it is. I'm just saying I think we made a good song. I think we did some good work and the reason I bring this up is You look at movies like this, the talented, exciting, creative, curious interested people are not aligning with the weird woke universe, they're leaving it now,
you start to see conservative comedy and commentary, and cartoons and things that are actually funny. Stephen crowded is one hundred times funnier than any one of the Woke Brigade late night tv hosts, and that is an objective fact. I know it's not really an objective that more I'm trying to say is the canned humour of John Oliver, its twenty twenty little dimity you're like Bro. I get it the same joke every day and doesn't work, you watch crowded and adjust, tells you something and it makes a joke, and you laugh because crowds just a funny guy the flip. It's happening Conservatives are gonna, start getting the talented and the great production and the left is losing it, and you know what Soviet Oliver there I got one more segment coming up for you in just a few minutes, stick around and I will see I'll shortly. I don't know about you, but this this one might be my favorite censorship story, because
now there's censoring literal official c of government function because the efficiency is offensive. Ah, it's like the government has to fail. Now, to be serious is actually the scariest one of Em Twitter briefly suspends See BP, Commissioner Mark Morgan after he touts success of border Wall Report comes one day, gratuitously, yo struggle to name a liberal. His company has censored wow. Really I miss that one check it out c, B B, commissioner: touts the success of the border wall. A government function people oh did for cheered for unwanted to happen, and so he suspended for it not as is really scary, it's funny and how absurd it is. But it's scary because
Twitter is rules are now superseding, the will of the people and the functions of our government. The story from Fox NEWS says Twitter briefly suspended the account of: U S: customs and border protection, Commissioner Mark Morgan and ones. Every town of the success of the wall along the southern border, we took enforcement action on the tweet, but the decision was reversed following an appeal by the account owner and further evaluation by our team. The federalist first reported that that Morgan's account was suspended citing screenshots shared exclusively with the organization that indicated twitter temper early locked Morgan's account for violating its hateful conduct policy by tweeting at the border wall, help stop. gang members, murderers, predators and drugs from entering United States. It objectively dies its fact. Walls work, Morgan, wrote according to the screenshots, you may not promote violence against,
threaten or harass other people, oh no on the basis of race, ethnicity, national or an orientation, gender identity, roads affiliation, age, disability or serious disease, twitter, initially told Morgan. In recent weeks the commissioner had been free to publish continent I did accomplishments of border agents keeping America safe. It's not clear what has recently changed and twitters algorithm or policing that resulted in the post shut down on his account when other similar posts when Unblock Federal, federalist, reporter tryst injustice wrote as of Thursday afternoon, Morgan's account was unlocked. All account holders have access, a dedicated appeals process and Morgan's account was unlocked when he appeal the decision earlier today. I believe it was the former prime Minister of Malaysia tweeted that Muslims have a right to and life because of the years. Thousands!
years of history of oppression, Twitter put a sensitive label on it and allowed it to remain now. There's an interesting question here. I actually think we might Muslims tough, but I think we want to err on the side. Let him say it the issue as he's telling people their justified in killing them it borders on. Not it's not really, incitement, but man does it get close instilling that idea and people? You are to fight. In doing this, getting close, they put a flag on public interest. It was a former mean. Oh verify, is a verified politician, world leader. Ok, maybe we should now, but a lot of people pointed out that this gets like a flag, while others get banned outright and it's kind of hilarious. But I'll tell you what man. The reason why I err on the side of allowing the kind of stuff to remain is that Donald Trump also Sabre rattled. I think Jack doors He was asked about Sabre rattling any sad when world leaders sabre rattling, you know we allow it trumps as stuff like
we will use the might of the? U S military against our opponents and he's like that, something they do. It's called Sabre rattling waving disorder em. I think it's important, at world leaders do you know, and politicians are allowed to speak, and that brings me two, I guess Laura Bloomer. Now she was banned. Then she ran ok, reinstate or account public right to know right. Twitter said no hypocrites, Laura Luman never called for violence. As far as I know, she was banned for insulting a class of people out. She was banned because she she criticized Ellen Barnes Sharia LAW. She didn't call for via this guided and she actually one or a publican primary and the crazy things from probably voted for her. She should be reinstated. The public has a right to know it is in the public sector. We see what Laura Loomer saying I mean do she's running for office. She want one
Mary, she might actually, when I well, I mean it's a deep lost twenty something different altogether things like depots, thirteen, but don't you think it's extremely important if you think she's a bad person that I get to hear. What she's saying that she can speak, so we can know instead that human, under the rug, I tell you, Man- is a crazy world that we live in it. They say quote If you look at the tweet in question again, every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers and pedophiles from entering our country. It's just a fact. Morgan told the Federalist I'm sure somebody on that her team has her that everyone that illegally enters our just good people looking for a better way of life. The american people, ultimately don't get to hear the truth, because someone at Twitter, based on their own ideology, pushed a button to prevent the truth from coming out on Wednesday, TED Cruiser or ripped into twitter ceo. During a hearing accusing him of censorship
story of the day. The exchange came as Republicans of the last few weeks have decried twitters actions to lock than your post twitter account. I want to show you something I want to show you something that well, I think, is important. Is a twitter threat from Ben Shapiro? He said covert is more dangerous than the flu, but not for young people, so where a mask and social distance covered does not justify treating covered like airborne Ebola, confining entire healthy pipe populations to their homes or unleashing the authorities to break up family gatherings. We have all got insane the latest CDC estimates of infection, fatality rate by age, old man, ok, for people under nineteen, its zero point: zero, zero, zero, zero. Three twenty to forty nine is zero point: zero, zero, zero too, for those fifty to sixty nine zero point: zero, zero! Fine!
and for those seven years are older, is zero point zero. Five for the recent to highlight this in the context of censorship is because while Ben risks getting suspended for daring, say things like this: they have nuclear entire channels on Youtube. For talking about this stuff, but the news it is telling us the science is telling us the truth. Twitter suspended see BP for telling us the truth. You see where this goes. The border patrol is correct. Border protections people cross the border are all not just good people, drug smugglers, human traffickers being stopped violent,
murderers, not every person crossing is a violent murderer or a rapist or whatever, but they do cross and we don't want random people wandering through the desert either but see BP didn't, say all people he pointed out. We stopped the bad ones and sows twitter and its employees censored the information. What's this, what this is doing is creating mass hysteria I talked about before, but is a great example here with with the CDC and then and what bench appear o. If we are only allowed to say everybody hide in, a mask. Then we're only ever going to get news that moves in that direction. If you're, never allowed to offer a counter narrative because you will get banned then we will be driven insane until we collapse. That's very sad by the way to translate those numbers. This means that someone. Now, this twenty to forty nine years old to deaths per ten thousand infections, wow That means a survival rate for people undermine,
is ninety nine point: nine, nine hundred and seventy four two thousand two hundred and forty nine is ninety nine point. Ninety eight five thousand two hundred and sixty nine is ninety nine point, five percent and for those about seventy at ninety four point: six percent wow over seventy five and ninety five percent chance rounding up survival. Why If we shut down everything censorship plays a role when shaping our society and civilization. by allowing some speech and banning others, you arch aping things in very specific directions? You can't control the flow of ideas they caught the market place of ideas. It's the idea economy. Good ideas are traded replicated in passed along. What we are seeing is effectively communist idea, marketplaces
our centralized authorities try to dictate what which ideas are allowed to spread and which aren't. I believe regulation is okay. We regulate speech. Don't insight to violence and I mean for the most part: that's it don't, encourage or explain violent or illegal activities. That's the regulation we put on speech. for the most part right now, we're not getting that we're getting more vey communist centralized command marketplace of ideas, somberly marketplace, it's like you got the idea economy and the idea command economy, command economy basically means individuals control what goods can be produced and purchased and shipped and where they go it centralisation. It doesn't work because one person can't accurately calculate olive at information to a capitalism does work
pulse people out of poverty. Hence what we're seeing now with the big tech companies is essentially a kind of communism where they're saying these are the idea you're allowed these are the ideas are not allowed. So what happened? when they push up bad ideas, it destroys the fabric of society and more people end up dying. Surprise. eyes. That's why we should have a not necessarily in a surly, a lousy, fair idea marketplace, but a mostly free market place of ideas- and I guess I mostly because we put regulation on it- dont go on say Here- is how you do acts and go. Do it to person why you can't do that? Ok, that the limit. Some people are absolute as they argue against. As I know, I should say it because sang it, isn't the action- and you know it fair point four point, but I'm ok. with with saying don't incitement to violence, don't teach people how to commit crimes or encourage them to do so. This, however, was too funny to pass up our government sang here's. What we're doing right and then being like Ban
it's funny, but it is kind of isn't it that they would. They would ban. The twitter already said, froze a link to house dot. Gov, that's that's crazy. Now this is people. Awesome I'll leave their necks segments coming up at ten a m tomorrow, thanks for hang out- and I will see you all them.
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