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Far left Rioting BACKFIRES As Armed Counter Groups Strike Back, Regular Americans Have Said ENOUGH.


In one instance in a small town nearly 700 counter protesters such as "Blue Lives Mater" and Bikers for Trump showed up to a protest of only 80 black lives matter activists.Regular Americans across the country are starting to get fed up with the chaos and are joining the fray. In  Chicago and in South Philly locals showed up to defend statues armed and many in masks to tell the far left enough.These people are not typically politically active but they are certainly being activated now. One could only imagine these people will demand law and order from Trump come November.#FarLeft#Trump#Democrats

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Over the past several years we have seen street fight between somewhat political factions and enough political, really excellence, because it's kind of more tribal factions, but there have been a couple years of anti far versus the proud boys, tromp supporters, patriot, prayer, etc, and these are individual annual groups in various areas, though many of these grew some both left and right, we're coordinating. For some reason or another typically you'd see awry, wing rally, they would we want to go marched through this place aunt if I would come to defy them and typically, in my experience, antivirus instigating the though that wasn't always the case now. This was factional violence and many people thought this would not escalate. Why? Because, is the proud boys, small group and not really that relevant anymore anyway, Anti Father fringe leftists, not really that relevant. Anyway, however, there has been what I can only call and activation, I guess I've seen on my phone. All of my contacts have been. I've been getting innovative measures,
is that people were downloading? Something called signal signal is an incorrect. Communication up, which is typically used. By the left, and I noticed that many of the people, my contact list for downloading it we're rather lefty individuals, I also noticed a massive uptake in view- worship not just for me, but for many other you took channels. It would seem that regular people are starting to tune into the culture war, and what's going on this could be good. This could be bad, but now the far left has to contend with something they probably didn't expect regular people, I'm not talking about the right, the far right I'm talking about regular people, many of whom may actually be Democrats. There ve been there. Several stories, the first one, a black lives matter. Protest of eighty people in a tiny, Ohio town where just thirteen black residents live over one by seven hundred white counter protesters, armed with rifles, hand, guns and baseball bat.
My friends, you are seeing the backlash. The back firing of the far left riots. Regular people for the most part, don't pay attention, a news and this back that most people recognise, especially if you're a Youtube or, for instance, how many views do nurse Army views were nursery rhyme video get or like a minecraft video versus something political. Now, politics does well but it is not the number one form of content on you too boring media in general. Music videos tend to get more views, but something is changing. Regular people were thrust into the fray, whether they like it or not. Now, all of a sudden there paying attention, and they are not happy about it in South Philadelphia, a city that is aid two percent Democrat based on last that the last election- twenty, sixteen you add, a hundreds potential, of armed men masks guns in baseball bat defending their statues. In this
small Ohio town. Seven hundred people showed up rifles, hand, guns and baseball bat. These people don't get that politically active these people are probably not watching you tube every day. There are not on twitter, but they something in the past couple of weeks building and businesses being smashed shattered and destroyed, that probably shocked them to their core peaceful protests that getting night, a conversation that helps Democrats, shocking imagery of riots and looting and terrifies people and its terrified of fair terrify them to the point Are there actually coming out now? Now I assume many of these people who are showing up in defiance of these leftwing protests, don't know the difference between a peaceful protest in a riot. All they know is that at the at these black lives matter protests,
people started rioting. All they know is they saw looting across the board and these people are standing up in opposition now to the protests and they're doing it with force. I can only imagine that this this extra is this extreme turn shows a sign of what's to come in November. Now the pole say, Donald Trump will lose and many people feel you know I'm seeing high profile, tromp supporters, expressing their displeasure with the president, but I have to imagine when people regular people who normally dont care have to get active and go out on the streets how many more people are scared and won't go on the streets? How many more have heard about this and how many more will show up in November and slam that button for Donald Trump, because they do not like the riots, especially when you consider according to. I believe it was morning council. Fifty eight percent of registered voters wanted Trump to invoke the insurrection act. He didn't do it, maybe won't. That meant. Maybe they will hold it against them because you didn't or maybe they will.
A law and order, like I have been warning for the past few years. When I actually would talk about anti virus. The proud boys, I said so long as the far left keeps up, violence eventually, regular people well demand law and order, and, as we know, through history, these rights resulting republicans winning, but when you ve convinced apolitical people, notably in Philadelphia, a blue city, eighty two percent to shovel baseball bat too. Oh the far left. I can't imagine these people are gonna be like binds. The guy for us for you now some stories talking about how regular people are now rising up and defying the far left, and I want to talk about what this means now. You may not have seen it in the news in Certainly I haven't been talking about and some of my videos, but but these protests have stopped in Portland in DC, in many small towns, there are still active protests in some instances, active riots, notably in Portland at us
We point the regular american breaks and they say I can't live like this. You have locked us down four months over the pandemic. Then you came in and cheered for these people to protest and they destroyed my town. These people are now taking matters into their own hands in, I believe, Portland, a guy just crashed his car into people. I mean these things are getting serious, though it let me start reading re out. Let me read for you the story and will break down exactly what's going on before we do had over two TIM cast outcome: slash donut! If you would like to support my work as many ways you can give I have a p o box if you want to send things, but the best thing you can do is just share this video on competing with the mainstream media on Youtube, and you too props them up. Many of you may not know this, but you can't even Google search this chick There is one way around Google's censorship or throttling sharing, there's nothin, making
overcome your willingness to say: hey everybody check out this video. It really does support the channel, but if you just want to watch it a subscriber button, if Invocation Bell and what's read the news from the daily mail lack lives matter, protest of eighty people in tiny, Ohio town, where just thirteen black residents live, is overrun by seven hundred white counter protesters onto them. It was guns and baseball bats. They say a black lives matter. Protest was over run heavily armed white man women from motorcycle gangs and back the blue groups, flocked to the south, all town of Bethel Sunday, shouting blue lives matter and all lives matter and facing, with these small group of village residents who had been demonstrating peacefully, calling for an end to systemic racism and police brutality across Amerika shocking videophone.
Should a protest are being surrounded and violently punched in the back of the head by a counter protester in front of two cops who stood by and did nothing clashes between the two groups persisted for a second day Monday, leading the police chief to declare a curfew for the population of just two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight and several people were arrested. Sundays demonstration was planned by Bethel Solidarity with black lives group, as it peaceful affair. Expected to draw around twenty five people showing sir, let there with the movement to end Rachel inequality, however passed around eight hundred people as eighty protesters found themselves confronted my around seven hundred members of motorcycle groups back the blue organizations and second amending advocates the counter protesters, some of whom are believed to have come from out of town or pictured with rifles Batson. Jobs slung over their shoulders, while some more Donald Trump Tee shirts, they all blue, I was matter in all lives matter and allegedly threatened the protesters and ripped black lives matter signs out of their hands.
Around two hundred fifty motorcycles were used to take over the protest area area forcing out demonstrators. Peaceful protesters, accuse the grip of inciting hatred. Violence with one demonstrate are being punished in the head and ten incidents now under investigation by local police horrifying footage circulated on social media showing cops standing by and taking no action as a peaceful protest or is punched him mad by one of the counter protesters. Now, let's make one thing absolutely clear: peaceful protest, isn't it is an american tradition? I mean protest even sometimes on a surly, peaceful as a part of american history, but you have an absolute right to protest fees peacefully in these people were wrong to attack the peaceful protest. The only problem. What is peaceful protest or even me at this point, I honestly don't know what we are seeing now is a fear and factional violence, and I can't tell you who started what Now it's very easy for them to say the protesters peaceful, these people attacked them. Maybe that's true,
If it is a shame on those would attack peaceful protesters. I seem too all the video from MSNBC. However, where there was a they station being burned to the ground while they said it was peaceful. I seem to remember all of these vile, violent riots where they said things were peaceful. They don't seem to want to tell you what really is going on. So it's very hard for me to judge who started what so I won't when I will tell you, though, is its unsurprising to me that hundred seven hundred plus people came out and defied this protest group. For one reason they don't know what the intent of the protest is. They can call themselves peaceful, but we just went through weeks of violent riots. At this point, regular people are going to say no, I dont know I dont care, stop, they go to the story from the Chicago. Sometimes Video shows retired Chicago Judge, swinging protester after Columbus statue defaced
the encounter which took place yesterday in Little, ITALY came during a heated argument about the italian explore and racism, and I wonder this- you know I've been talking about this escalation for a long time. Some argue that Trump is trying to will ease allowing them to do these things, because in a real up, people become vote form to prove just what's wrong with the Democrats. Yeah sure maybe, but Trump needs to do something to show that he strong in the face of these protests. Maybe he has maybe, as an honest dont know, I am seeing some people be rather upset, but regardless of what tromp is doing, regular people are coming out of their homes and saying no to these people, Perhaps that is America, saving grace the defiance and the American Spirit you know, soft and worried, but as we see movies, video games Collectible Card Games ban things because they are racist. They make their there. Now. Andrew my mind, you don't really care of learning adventure Mamma, you know to be honest: but I am concerned about history and art, schools banning
Thomas Jefferson and Washington that they're changing the names or tearing down statues of Jefferson. These things actually freaked me up, and you know what I'm not the only one regular Americans are defiant. Come to them and smash up their windows and tell them what the thinking, what the believing you're going to say, a few and they're gonna come out and a retired judge will actually take a swing. People won't stand for this if you force regular Airlines take sides, they would probably take the side of screw you, I mean that's the american Spirit or seeing it I'll go missing in small towns. You know a group in Chicago. I live on the south side and tell you what man you show up to, The south side irish neighbourhood bring in this business. You shut the south Philly bring in this business and you'll be surprised to find the people who show up with the bats and masks ARC Trop supporters. They aren't political in fact,
give them- are Democrats, union, voice and they're gonna say to you not in my neighborhood, but this kind of thing has been locked us just kind of getting worse Portland his work. It's really really bad men arrested after driving car and a crowd of Portland protesters, injuring three police say this guy wasn't Our protester Scotland, in protest or at all, is the guys just driving through Portland, and then he hit something Well, that's not crazy idea. You do not get mad at me for the headline he didn't. You didn't go full speed, it wasn't you know, we'll do it. He was slowly driving through any point, but either way they rolled upon the hood fell off. They got injured yet was kind of bed. This guy came back, out of his car Yeltsin, stuff and drove away. Regular people are being forced to engage in this kind of initiative. Conflict. We also saw something rather shocking in New Mexico. The guy got shot. I got shot at a protest and they argued the guy who's who had the gun was a militiamen turns out. He wasn't
Local militia actually came to the aid of the men who got shot, but when three people were hitting the sky and yelling this guy fought back. Apparently the men who shot was a former city councilman, I'm telling you regular people are being pulled into the fray, and I believe, they're going to overwhelmingly side with law and order they don't care about, the revolution they want to live Ocean you'll want to order a slice of pizza, crack open a beer and watch the gang for better or for worse. Maybe it's better that people pay attention to what's going on in they get active and fight back. Maybe it's better that they they, you know. If we stand for they believin, maybe it's better. They don't I dunno, but God that's all that matters South Billy man. I tell you what I look this up mentioned several times. Eighty two percent Democrat they came out and survive. Who did a statue of Christopher Columbus and I don't think these as even lower care whole lot about Columbus. This is more about you. Coming into Our homes.
And telling us. We can appreciate art telling us. We can't hang up a statue week. We week we can't put up a statue tongue us what pictures were allowed to actually display what card game cards we can use financially people say now. Look you want have a conversation, you wanna vote democratically. What will it will take us? consideration. You wanna shop with weapons, bats, ropes and vandalized our town I say no way and regular people are doing just that, This is actually the story. I cover a couple days ago to actually kind of shocking because there were the left wing journalist was filming, got roughed up a little bit. I'm not I'm not cool with that. But you know what I'll tell you, what there's a big difference between Anti for showing up a summons neighbourhood occupy several city blocks and telling you you can or cannot do something and residents telling you can't can't do something. Look man When did you for tells journalists not to film when they attack people hold different views, you so that video them dragging the preacher through the Chaz in Seattle, the treaty,
These are people who shop to our neighbourhoods and tell us what to do now what's happening. Tapping and failures little different islanders, and it's also bad. When these local residents in South Philly rough up a journalist, Tommy can't film. That's not ok, he can but, but you have to respect, When you go into someone else's home when you go someone else's neighbourhood and yeah. That goes for me too. I have covered this stuff for nearly a decade. How can the past years I've been on the ground, but for the first six seven years I was- and I always made sure to tell everybody when you go into a neighborhood. That is not your own. You must respect the people who live here. Yes, you have a the moment right but be mine olive how local residents will react to what you're doing and their neighbours. I know this. I covered Ferguson now a lot of people. There the finger. It means a you gotta, Ferguson and film things. Then I want you there s not true. We stayed for the most part on West fluorescent where the police were active and there was violence
and when we went into the neighborhoods. We were very cautious their cameras and always ask permission. We do need to were allowed to film but think about what happens when you go to south fill you gonna their neighbour on you, wanna, take down a statue, they're gonna fight. They should they shouldn't hit you, but they're, not gonna stand for men over in Seattle were now seeing with things are really like for people who don't have access to the police Everything you're seeing with these people taking matters into their own hands should show you what the next wave of no police will be Seattle business owner near protests own detains robbery, suspect police never show up, despite none when one calls its unfortunate, because the cops can't show up. The first thing you will see, with noble is chaos. The next thing you will see is armed vigilante groups aren't even know and he is the right way to phrase it. Biogas technical you're taking the law into their own hands? Because no one else is that's kind of
what happened in New Mexico. The militia that was there the call themselves, the New Mexico Civil Guard wrote unopposed, they backed off and we're going to watch the protesters topple the statue. I guess they were there, because the police warrant doing anything, but the guy who had the weapon was it. Accident, fought back without the gun. He was probably someone just I mean he was someone showing up saying. I'm going to stop you from breaking the law when the police don't do their jobs? Are there not around? Do it? Regular people will start to rise up in this instance it was one guy, then an extra civil guard backed off when you think happens when these far left as such, showing up to smaller towns like we saw in the first story. It's not Just gonna be one person, it's gonna be seven hundred. What happens when they shop in you know a big city or a suburb. It's not gonna, be seven hundred, it's gonna be seventy thousand. Well, ok! Maybe seventy thousand, but eventually you're gonna, get a lot of people saying enough, no way so maybe seven hundred I mean,
gotta admit the reason I would jump to a I'm very largest. Seventy thousand, because you gotta think about the ten million people who live in New York, New York and what happens when they got to NEO northern part of the city and a lot of people are saying no way eventually, you get numbers that are massive. I mean we're seeing protesters in the tens of thousands. Seven hundred people showed up in a town of two thousand eight hundred. So what does that mean for the big cities? That means things are going to start getting particularly crazy. So I got this. This week's going viral and I'll tell you what this means: the sweet, it's an image, it it's a video of a woman, but there calling you no officer Karen. You made a mistake in this video. The woman. Rather, I gotta admit I think it's kind of cringe. Try me mean what you talked about, how she orders and admit muffin from that mouse she pulled up or mobile phone. She ordered the app cause she wants to have the food prepared before she gets there upon arriving. They tell her that, in fact, her food isn't quite ready and to pull.
I had an she starts to get nervous and says I dont want the food anymore. Now a lot of people are making fun of her their attacking our sang. Maybe you should quit being police officer, maybe should thought of that. Maybe they should arrested the police officers involved in the killing of brown tailored things like that lesson. Men this, they a woman working for the police department, who has nothing to do with anything you're talking about every single cop is not some evil villain toiling their mustache. It's just some lady who want to get an exit muffin. Now, to be honest, if you were me- and I don't get mad Mc Marvin I'd- be like a leaf but do you not understand why she's freaking out we ve had many stories about police having their food tampered with male be coincidence the story in New York. Another saying that in fact the police never actually ingested anything at all the police, the want of a hospital, and the initial report was that they ve been poisoned the police, asserted it was intentional. They later That was actually remnants of the cleaner from the shake machine. Now that I now, I think, shake
you said there was actually know contaminant at all. Maybe that's the official statement from shake check. Take it taken me. I believe what you want. Perhaps it's, it's not true the cops shrank anything. Maybe they drank milkshakes their stuff. Started heartening. How worried, but we heard from two national guardsmen who said there was glass baked into their pizza. We heard from carbon Alhambra in the basically LOS Angeles. If on a razor blade in their food, these could all be coincidence. What you got us. European cops are on edge right now, which is really dangerous. It really is worth viral video of one cop saying, there's a crusade against the police, and because of that is ten year career was over. He was quitting now. You can see this officer explain to you why she was freaking out and what this means she ordered her food in advance because she did. Want the people and Mcdonald's to know that she was a cop out of fear. They would tamper with her food. Her food should have been done already if she ordered and events so as she pulls up. Can I have my food and they say it's not ready yet she's, probably thinking they are going to tamper with my food right now,
because they should have just handed her the bag right. You order in advance for pick up the foods ready when you get there. She was breaking up Now I gotta admit. If it were me I'd carry on, I would make a video or I'm crying, because I don't get my admit muffin. I probably one of- and if I got the food out check it, but she is on edge because police feel like their under attack across the country. The Nypd Union came out and they were furious. You know what we need police reform, which got understand as police become demoralized and start to resign across the country. What is to come will not be pleasant for the far left, at least as far as we can, de right now, which brings me to my final and my main point here- regular people rising up and they Who will not? They will not have the tolerance that some of these officers have. You have complained. Yes, about police brutality. You have said it is not right at the cop meal that man and we agreed with you one hundred percent air- garners
I'd, have died over Lucy's George Floyd shouldn't have died over having someone beyond his neck and there's a lot of cotton, Percy around this now rising tell it should not have been killed. But the only ones a whole list of names of people who should not have died. But to assume because of this every single cop is an evil villain who wants shit you in Lyon steal your rights would be wrong and I'll tell you what men! The alternative should be much scarier to you. The alternative is going to be a bunch of deeds in South Philly shut up and in baseball bats the alternative is going to be a dude who show up to stop me from from taking a statue and when you. When you fight with him he doesn't use of being bag. He used use actual live ammo and put you in critical condition when the police get called the police start with rubber bullets.
When there are no police, because they're scared, demoralized or they have resigned, or they just don't want to come out. You get vigilante groups with rifles and that's when things breakdown in the worst possible way. What do we see in New Mexico if the cops had been there with their job, maybe the statute, you're still come down because many crops have just stood by and watched. Nobody would have gotten shot, they could have come and broke things up. You complain. About the riot police coming in and grabbing people and arresting them and yeah. Sometimes it's wrong. Sometimes the police do it and they shouldn't I've. In police start the conflict which of the alternative is when there's no police, what happens when a bunch of dude shout from the front from the local neighborhood? They take them friends with them and they say we're not going to give you a warning shot. The police might the place a fire. Pepperbox ouch I've been hidden face them for, while before I've got a favourable shatter cause, it
at the wall next minute sprayed my face with plastic bits and pepper sprite, not fun fortune lad. Goggles. I have seen people who was with rubber bullets. I've pick them up and you know what they walk away. They get some bruises when the cops are gone because there completely demoralized or even bandit, there will be a period of lawlessness, we're already kind of senior with the nation wide riots, and then what comes next is. Gonna to be seven hundred bikers for Trump you blew lives matter all eyes met or whatever you call it. There can be a bunch, people saying you do nothing. You protest peacefully, you're good! You cross the line. They're, not gonna, restrained themselves, away a police officer. Would this guy Go charges aggravated battery. He may actually get off on self defense charges the police showed up. This would not have happened if the police were there to to keep things in line, it would not have happened, but you know what the left a sang to fund this band
even abolish the police and in many areas they ve done just that New York has got rid of six hundred person unit, reassigning all these cops. We ve seen in LOS Angeles and New York, a diversion of funds, Minneapolis outright disbanded, their police parliament- and there are many more calls to do just that. So I tell you what am I I think the far left wants this to happen. They want to force regular people too, to join I, but I gotta, I gotta tell you men, the right is not the instigator that the right it is not instigating this. The right for the most part, is complaining online to their own detriment, and the left is going on the streets and destroying things eventually. Regular people who don't engage in politics will be activated and I think we're seeing it now so to bring it back to the beginning. To the first point, I see all these people signing up for signal and their lefty people.
And I see what their posting online and there are one hundred percent being activated towards the left in the extreme left, and I then see viewer ships skyrocketing for moderate and conservative channels on The two people saying no to the violent people, saying no to define the police people saying yes to law and order, but we really need. And that makes me realise when you see these people sharpen Philly. I dont think these people are Republicans, but I think you just made them report. We can see if they're gonna come up and say no to you if they're gonna watch the videos are the Bernie Sanders campaigns. Staffer sang put these people in camps to regulate them. Will they go out and vote for Joe Biden? I don't think so. I think there are being forced to enter the fray they didn't want to and they're gonna. Ask who is gonna do this because I dont want to using any these people. These self Billy guys want to come out with baseball bat or anything. You want to hang out their bodies, have some wings crack open, a beer and and and talk about sport,
Something was taken away from them, one other they're going to be given a choice. Joe Biden can fall asleep on the job or you can hire them, I who says, laundered and trot- maybe may not be doing a good enough job right now, but maybe they don't want to support them maybe they will say you know what drop please? Can you clean up the mess once tromp, as in a second term? I think the floodgates will break open for better or for worse, and I think this is leading to a Trump second term. It's hard to know for Sherman, I'm see, I've got Agamemnon high profile, Trump supporters say and they're not confident are not happy, but if he's regular people now are fronted with an extremist left. Why would they vote left? Even even if Joe Biden has nothing to do with it? Is he coming out in Canada, having any of us, Nope trumpets and they're gonna be like trunk. Please do it now.
A peasant, had doesn't have to worry about a reelection he's gonna, be like all right, my will, and then he will bring out the insurrection act. I believe that Bill BAR and Donald Trump, if Trop as reelected, will unleash flood gates that wool rained down a torrent upon this country and again for better or for worse. I think we're in see indictments. I think I think we'll see people get arrested from the previous administration. I think we're want to see a rapid advancement of certain regulations on on big tax censorship and things like this, and I think you may actually de the insurrection act. You actually see them. National Guard and the military be deployed to restore order in this country again for better or for worse, like I said two years ago three years ago, if anti for keeps doing this, the p in this country will cry. Save us did Donald Trump
that's how you will get a rise in a pool of the police state and authoritarianism, not because of the left will see how things play up next islands coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p m, and I will see you all. Then Google appears to be panicking after They crossed the line in announcing a ban on a conservative website called the Federalist you may have seen the story, but those are unfamiliar. The other day and we see news. Journalist announced evade teamed up with some left wing activist organizations, one of which is an even in the United States, contacted Google and told them to ban basically told alerted them to some problematic content from the Federalist. A spokesperson for Google confirmed they did ban the fetters
lest but has led to a major backlash and then all of a sudden google comes out sign, Roadrunner, weed and actually we have actually been them all, but it is too late. Ted crews, blasts Google over the federalist treatment he's real he's written a letter to Google making some requests for communications between the activists. Groups in Google basically call them out, and Google may have just opened up some serious, serious antitrust vote our abilities. They may have just expose their soft underbelly, and now we are looking at potentially Google getting something other than there may be some action taken against Google. This could be the catalyst perhaps that breaks Google up, or at least in some capacity. Now I gotta be completely honest though we are seeing some moves get made. Tat grows, Josh Ali Republicans, targeting Google Google's hypocrisy on full display Google's aunt. I like they're, they're, monopolistic abuse of power. I'm sorry, though,
I am not confident anything will be done. The GEO P, in my opinion, is toothless. Look my I got respect for Holly and and TED groups trying, but I'm not confident because they ve right before and nothing ever happens, and you know what I gotta be honest when these people all lose reelection, the Republicans I'm gonna laugh about it to be to be real. You know they ve. They ve had every opportunity to listen to every single personality, every influence or ever greater, every independent journalist who is either moderate or conservative, politically homeless, intellectual dark web to say they are coming for you and they will destroy you, and what do they do open worked up sitting around? Do nothing ok made that's a little naive of me a little arrogant. I dont know what I've ve been doing maybe there's some stuff gonna behind the scenes, and maybe this does succeed, but I say man is has been going on for years.
Nothing has happened. How many hearings that we had words had crews pulled up. You know Google and sad, you know what are you doing or twitter or whatever, and they do nothing. I sat across the table from Jack Door from Jack, Dorsey Anne and what happened nothing. They said. Thank you for your feedback and they continue to do this. We are we. Five months away from an election and you think they'll start now now this one, Google, I think they are panicking. I think they realised that by going after the federalist They seriously expose the vulnerability. Maybe that's what the GNP actually needs to make. Some moves against. Google. Let me show you the tweet rockwork that are put out and will explain. What's goin on I said NBC contacted Google and complained about zero hedge and the Federalist Google than promptly band, both from their add network. Now Google has since changed the story dramatically that that the leader, since they follow this? This is what gets loaded on twitter. Google bans to websites from its add platform over protest article,
The two sites- zero hygiene, the federalist- will no longer be able to generate revenue from any advertisements served by Google adds. However, Google, then came out shortly after the publication and said the Federalist was never demonetized. We just want them to remove their comments. Section! Oh boy! Was that a mistake? Every thing they did. I tell you what men look you want to complain about Republicans or you think, there's another job, but that aside Google, in panic, really really hard themselves take us out. They say they wanted they set as the common. Section has now been removed. We consider this matter resolved and no action will be taken section. Two, thirty states that a web service provider will not be held responsible for comments or for content posted by users to their site is a little bit more complicated the general ideas. If you comment on my site, that's not my speech. That's not my responsibility. Google hides behind section two thirty, as
shield for literally everything, Google does search results, for instance, Youtube inside what I'm saying will not be your Google or be held responsible for my speech right here of a Google. You done made a mistake. You mean to tell me that you will hide behind section two thirty, but then you will. Plain, the comments on the federalists are the responsibility of the Federalist. You see you have your cake and eat it to technically. You can, but this is a major major on mobility that now many of these other companies are often met. Many, these other politicians might say you can't do that and that needs to change, and it creates a clear path to changing section, two thirty, which could be bad for everybody Let's talk about anti monopolistic endeavours that there could be taken up against Google, Google removed the Federalist, a call bring to the spokesperson out now and I'll. Take a look at this article. Nbc news has changed Another story makes literally no sense. This is why
I believe Google is lying. They say. Google bands website zero hedge from its add platform over comments on protest articles a Google spokesperson set at an email that took action of determining the website violet its policies on content, religion, race. Now they may have changed chick check out this quote from Google. We have strict publisher policies that govern the content, adds can run a run on an explicitly prohibit derogatory counter that promotes hatred, intolerance, violence, Crimination, based on race from monetizing, when a page or site violates our policies. We take action in this gates case. We removed both sites, ability to monetize with Google Google spokes You actually said do NBC or I line that you have removed both sites. So why walk this all back? Who perhaps it's because Google is publisher. Now, lotta people talk about the publisher versus platform distinction, that's not soup,
The relevant it is relevant, but it's not the big vulnerability. The issue here is on an issue that can be brought up. If Google itself is a publisher, that means it directly competes with the Federalist and guess what regardless it does. The Federalist can serve as on its own platform and monetize this. How does Youtube? How does are, how does Google make sure they dominate the market and destroy all other publications? This is how you do it now. The federalist uses, Google, Adsense Federalist, can use other, add networks right here's what these companies I google do. They will tell you you're invite nation of there. You know their policies and if you want to monetize, you gotta bend to their rules, which removes comments on the Federalist literally giving a come.
Kennedy form advantage to Google's own platforms. Only breaks down for you, people use comment, sections to debate and discuss ideas. You tube has a comment section where people the spade debate and discuss ideas. Google and the Federalist are competing with each other for viewers, ship, google- threatening the Federalist, will create a space overtime. Were the only way you can you can talk about? These ideas is to actually be on Google's platform that is monopolistic power where they are crushing their competition. Now Google's into publish, are the same way that Federalist as but that's, not relevant. They do compete Google wants your eyes on their platform to sell adds the Federalist wants your eyes on their platform to sell adds Google dominated the ad space, basically forcing everyone to use it because there are monopoly and then using that power to advantage
their own company that allows racist and bigoted comments, but would remove it from the Federalist that is extreme, monopolistic abuse, so TED Crews writes a letter, and I think I think I haven't somewhere on a safe. We can pull Eric This is a letter from TED Cruz. He said the recent actions of Google to demonetize a conservative media publisher of the Federalist race, serious concerns that Google is abusing its monopoly power in an effort to censor political speech with with with which it disagrees. Now, here's another example that that tent- brings up. It could be political. We know that following the election of Donald Trump, this this is from a left wing cite the verge. They release to shoot me. A video showing Google employs extremely distraught about the election of Donald Trump, to say the least. Talking
things they can do to change that they say all, but this is just a hands on meeting. Don't worry, we're not biased, now they're banning conservative sites, but they're not banning progressive site that also run offensive and derogatory comment sections which I understand rightly little, immigrants up. What would tat grew mentions it there's a bunch of other less, swing sites that dont get targeted level. Let me read his letter, all of it for you. He says this is part of a bigger problem. The culture of free speech in these countries under attack and Google is helping led the charge, whereas Americans once understood the best respond to speech, was more speech. Some Americans at the of some of the most powerful companies on the planet are now pressing to silence punish those expressing views that do not allow with the prevailing and ever shifting pour progressive orthodoxy. These individuals demand that people with different views lose their livelihoods. If they step out of line, employers must fire dissenters. Companies like Google must to use the most orwellian term demonetized
then, as evidenced by its actions yesterday, Google seems more than happy to play this censorship role by trying to break the financial back of immediate publication of a media publication with which It disagrees as NBC News reported, the Federalist, a conservative The organization and publisher was banned, from generating revenue from any advertisements served by Google adds. According to the report, Google took this. Action after NBC News Verification unit, apparently working at the behest of the so called centre for countering digital hate notified Google that the Federalist had published, article claiming that the media had been lying about looting and violence during the protests which were both included in our ports into Google now and stop there. They backtracked like crazy, but the first report that came out NBC sent an article where the Federalist was ridicule.
Of NBC so embassies as don't mock us. How dare you hey, Google, look at this and then Google says you banned because we got NBC back while they backtracked rather quickly, because I think they just realise when you break out into the real world and start de monetizing independent companies, especially ones with massive financial backing, which some people presume the Federalist probably has when you're in trouble Google's powerful they absolutely are. But this is why we have government to regulate the private sector. Now. What would you I want to talk about it. He mentions a bunch of other websites. I think it's on the next page check this out. He says Google's decision to target the Federalist is transparently politically motivated
numerous progressive media outlets. Allow comments, including have imposed mother Jones Daily coasts, talking points memo, one cat slate just about the routes along the intercept, the young, Turks, many others. I dont know what the objectionable comments were, that individual users might have posted on the Federalist, but any objective review would no doubt demonstrate at least as many profane racist or indefensible user comments on these other sites. That would equally violate Google's a legit standards which got understand here is a common sections, as mentioned are used for debate. In my comments actions there is often lefty people on Twitter, especially who say done things to meet and there are people on their eyes had done things to me to everybody says done things and then you get the left and right sank, sums more things, but the fact is. I am highlighting the small percentage of really dumb thing said by a lot of people. These left wing websites are not just loaded with leftwing comments, the left might say. Well, yes, but for the right wing, Margaret jobs were posting, based bigotry and the comments and Google sad. We don't want that on our on our service right wing, Muggah Shut
also go to these other leftwing sites and smack talk in the exact same way, left wing people and right wing people go to come at sections of various. What are you two generals and post comments? So the point is TED crews is right. If you want to argue, the left is engaging in favour out so you're wrong. The left is probably posing tons of racist things, but you could argue, then, that Google is biased and that's the kind of racism they support their specifically targeting a certain kind of speech. I can break down even easier for you. If you think right wing speech is what's being banned here then, why? I assure you right, wing speech is appearing on the left wing comment sections one hundred percent. I oxide I've read them before, in which case this is Google, specifically targeting a right wing publication, and I think this is
all going to be very easily probable, which is why Google panicked backtracked, even after they already issued a statement saying that and the Federalist, I think they realized they ve got antitrust, come in their way. They ve got accusations of election interference. I mean this one's gonna cut deep. This was them finally stepping over the line and they realize it the latter, I can only imagine that when they ban the Federalist and then all all of a sudden there, lawyers there found started lighting up like crazy. The lawyer started calling all these executive like. What did you do? You can van someone on you, two men, that's your platform, but when you do an ad network deal with someone else s the current contractual like their hosting your ads, is different you're banning them from an ad network, forks Remilly avi, like wow. This is crazy of us, so dead crews. Some questions. He says it is also deeply ironic that Google is funny. Oh you mentioned this. He's has one need not look that foreign
Given day there are thousands of profane racist and indefensible comments posted on Youtube, which is whole, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google that right there boom antitrust. Google hosts comments. Youtube's comments are rule breaking according to their own network, but Google will run its own ads on its platform and then ban other people for the exact same type of content, comments that shows you right there. This is it. This is a monopolistic abuse and I think, I think that you, Google's probably already sitting down their lawyers, are drafting their nuclear options and they're, probably sweat and bullets like well. We did it here, it comes and there are no that they might lose now. Look I send it beginning. Unfortunately, I think the Republicans have no teeth.
I don't think I'd be able to do anything about this. I really really don't, and I am not confident specially this close to an election really doubt it sorry, man, look TED Cruz. I think it's a great letter. I think it's very intelligent. I think you make a bunch of really really great points and I think literally nothing will happen, end of story. They need to amend section Thirty, perhaps action to thirty should state so long as you're you're. Only removing unlawful speech or something to that effect, and then there can maybe be some kind of debatable provision. I don't know it's tough because posting Gore and things like that, that was the original intent like. If someone posted video, like Gore, you don't- I mean like legit, really nasty stuff- it's not that it's not illegal, but they can delete. It will now are an impasse because they ve used vat and abuse that to enrich themselves to shut down there. There their competition market competition and advance their own political ideology? That's what we're seeing here with a Federalist, the Federalist as direct competition
but it's also politically political competition, its political, its ideological and monetary competition with NBC and Google, and they teamed up to take down a competitor. That's crazy to me. Tankers, ask some questions. He says or our ears. It hasn't requests within seven days by June. Twenty fourth, Google is requested. You see what I mean about no no teeth. I'm sorry, man, look. I can respect of asking the questions by Our group is going to say that I take one look at this in there and then go at you and they're gonna crop up and thought the trash. That's what will happen? Here's! What tankers asking for you once Google to Google is requested to provide the subcommittee the following all community actions in the past year between Google and the NBC News verdict, verification unit concerning the Federalist all communications in the past year between Google and the centre countering digital hate. Concerning the Federalist, all internal communication, or deliberations in the past year at Google or Youtube concerning the federalist? Google is also recur.
To answer in writing by June twenty. Fourth, the following questions: has Google examined the comments section of any of the progressive organizations listed in this letter and made any assessment whatsoever how they compare the comments on the Federalist that we're claimed as a basis for modernization too Well, Google apply the same standards to all ME organizations or just those with which it has political disagreements. Three does Google believe section. Two thirty protects the Federalist. Why are we not for if any offensive comments appear on Youtube, we'll Google begin immediately de monetizing
subsidiary within three days. The deadline given the Federalist. Now I want to be honest, you two did do that. They did start targeting people based on the on their comments section for sure now visit that the issue with Google, with Youtube's common section isn't about whether the comments are offensive. It's about them banning the comments section about banning the Federalist over essentially the same comments. Now you could argue Youtube as an auto filter which filters out a basic like a ridiculous amount of things, even things at our defensive and they can argue well the Federalist there. Their comments section doesn't have these filters, so there are things appearing on the Federalist don't appear on Youtube, however people pass these filters using clever workarounds spacing letters out. So I assure you on you too. They do exist. So yeah you to democratize everybody now, including myself, because you and abundant demonetized, a federalist you see others comes back to hurt. You
and everybody else. But more importantly, the beggar question about comments is not the content, but it is the market, competition, okay, so so TED and and everybody else and unjust We think about this. People like to go online and debate each other. People like to go into comment, sections and debate each other, and sometimes those debates get offensive. You The tube is trying to remove a wet publisher that that that attracts eyeballs and allows a forum for debate right now because of Google. If you want to have that debate, you have to go to Google not entirely, but they ve gotten rid of a competitor in a on online Forum Debate space. They have forced the Federalist to remove that function from their site in which they directly compete. So that I mean maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds like it's an issue he architecture says, is Google's preferential treatment to Youtube
on far more favourable terms than those extended to the federalist consistent with a Sherman act. Why are we not thank you for your attention to this matter? I look forward to your response, so and I'm glad to see that that Josh Holly is is, is just follies. Launching launching now targeting big tax shield he's got several coming up, I'm glad to see there actually making these moves. I just don't think thing is going to happen. I gotta be honest and you know what man we're really close to an election. So, what's gonna happen if the Republicans lose the Senate or lose more of the house or can't take the house or if far Joe Biden wins? Congratulations, I think we will. We will see something so horrific in terms of the rapid escalation of censorship of Eid that the banning of art and books and movies I dont know if this country
and recover from this because they talk about the silent majority right. What does that mean? Does that mean, as it is a bunch of people who believe in free speech or sitting on their hands waiting till the house burned to the ground before they get they get off their asses and actually go and do something perhaps unfortunate men, man? Something had to be done a long time ago, and I think I made the video two years ago, where I sat republicans- were too stupid, not the voters, the politicians, because the promoter screaming about it they're getting banned there mad and I said the politicians were too dumb. They don't realize The media has been doing how they ve been lying and There are literally now at the point where NBC a massive and major corporation with heavy leftist political biases has teamed up with a foreign activist organization to get an american media publication Strip.
But dad revenue, there's a lot more problems here, notably that that Google dominates the ads, based as it is, to have a monopoly on ads on search, Facebook control, social media for the most part, twitter controls public conversation, these companies own everything we need to be protected from them. I don't know the answers and so look you can slap all the criticisms at me that I can bring these things happening. Appoint these things out and there is not much I can do about it. That's fair one hundred percent. So, for all the criticisms I have for the Republicans who, having got anything done sure sure sure I think it's fair to point the finger at me and say yeah. Well what doing about it. Yet I think it. I think it is fair to say I'm bringing these things up and I've been warning repeatedly repeatedly saying: hey guys, look at this thing! Look at this thing and me, it s not enough, but I'm not a politician, and maybe it's a lot harder to actually do these things, and I realize so that I'll be fair about that. So so let me take back any personal and perceived perceived
Smells like today is not my intention to say that Holly or crews are needed for the Republicans are themselves not good enough. I did say their public and politicians were too stupid. Maybe maybe that was a bit too strong what I should say as they haven't got the job done and because they even got the job done, for whatever reason be at political and possibilities, or a lack of will or lack of intent, a lack of capability- maybe too late, maybe to lay not now now look. I know Google flipped backwards, fat, United, a quick backlit freak out, but maybe it's too late and I think Google roubles probably think and they're gonna be fine. I don't think we
of the political unity right now to do anything, but I will tell you I tell you what Elizabeth worn a cause you Cortez. There have been a lot of people calling out big tech monopolistic powers, not a problem with the left, as they want more censorship. So you don't think will happen. There is a will power in government for regulation of social media and perhaps what we may see as one of two things: the ineffective GEO p doing nothing, sending a letter making requests in the nothing happens, and then, ultimately, the Democrats come in and regulate.
And the Republicans just say whatever, whatever we can't we're, not gonna anything done so the love comes in destroys, Google imposes a whole bunch of crazy restrictions on them, destroys their businesses and a dry up. Something else might happen. There may be by partisan support for some kind of stripping of section two. Thirty because thing about this way, the Democrats are upset that these sites won't ban hate speech. The Republicans are upset that they are not playing fair. There is a mutual agreement. Second emerge between the two If you have hate speech on a platform that won't go away and you want to go away, but they won't listen what you do now, if you have them so Soaring conservatives in propping up there there their political opponents and empower
their enemies. What do you do? Well, the Republican say, stop doing this and play fair. The Democrats a start banning hate speech, but when these big tech platforms don't do either- and I think it's done, then I think you can see where the political unity will lie. Destroy them completely. Destroy them. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, anybody lighten up. You know I never get rid of hate speech and it will get where the political bias like them up and I'll keep the the hyperbole a lawyer, but I think
the political unity seeing someone like TED crews, team up with Elsie and say we just want to destroy these companies at this point, because no one likes what they're doing they haven't a friend in the world as it might turn of it said the regulation will come for them and they will have any friends, but I'm I think it might. You might see by part look in order to get this through. Your need lot of oats, maybe only the house, while the House's Democrat the Senate is Republican right now. What can they do? Chop up? Two tiny little bits nuke these companies into oblivion. Congratulations, Google! You had a chance
you could have done up to be fair, though I d been rather good point in that all these companies are really doing for the most part, hedging their bets, who do, they think will win and which good side can they try and beyond the longest time they ve pander to the left thinking the left is gonna win, and so they need to do the left once well. It's not gonna work out that way. Perhaps you should have adhered to some kind of standard and then could have had some kind of legal argument as to how Europe, just abiding by the law, hey the first amendment of any great. When you could have said look, even though it doesn't affect private companies. We have to maintain some principle in the first moment. Is it really hard argument to beat if they did, they didn't depended left, and I got a few between who gets to have that power. By Google by Facebook I dont know if it'll be Republicans is, I think there are other toothless, but the Democrats, our fervent and crazy, so I think they'll do something. So these are some things that happen.
I guess all we can do as per usually wait till November to see how people really feel about things, but I am really worried about what happens if Democrats win and they start exacerbating all of the censorship, then you know channels like this will be a thing of the past and you will be expected to go to church every Monday. What day, will you pick? I don't know and you'll go to the park and I'll sit down with your with your legs folded holding your hands in the air and you will mind of bleach and like they did in Bethesda, go watch that thing if you haven't the new religion coming your way around next weekend, coming up at one p dot m on this. And I will see you all then. First they started coming after speech. Then they started complaining about raises history. Now they want to destroy. Certain statues. And they started overtly changing history with things like the sixteen nineteen project at the New York Times, which is which has been debunked by many many scholars now we're coming for statues of our founding fathers.
Really does seem like their goal, is to completely erase american history and do this whole de colonise thing they ve been talking about decay, lanai using since I as far as I can remember, occupy Wall Street. When I start getting more into politics The idea is every single person who came to this country is a colonizers blah blah blah, yet at the same time MRI it is fine, I don't know they really mean by this, but now we're seeing a more dramatic push Berkeley to rename why Washington, Jefferson, schools after black lives matter push me. Let me explain something to you George Washington was a slave owner, apparently and Jefferson, apparently as well, Most of us know our history. We understand what life was like at the time, but the founding fathers laid the groundwork to make a free and open society. Worked. If we went back in time and looked at the bad things at literally every one dead, then you know we'd get rid of basically everyone, but I guess that's the point. You know you start with the confederates, because there
that was lost and the confederacy was even if a thing for that long. And people say well. Why do we have statutes for the confederacy anyway, but then, like Trump said how long until they govern Thomas Jefferson now? Another funny thing is: how because apparently they're getting rid of Aunt Jemima, the pancake mix, and I again for I made the unfortunate mistake of trying to make a joke. It was a bad joke smallpox I'm not really apologising for the bad job, I'm not apologizing for affair, think people all pages for doing a bad joke, but I want to talk about this because something really fast. Meeting in my bad joke. The joke I made was basically that there too, bring down statues of Jefferson and that, if you had spoken up, you could have saved at your mama. I dont actually about Anti Semites literally a racist stereotyping, it it. It would really is, and if you look at the history Mamma, I changed it, but I'm pretty sure it literally comes from racist imagery. I'm surprised in Japan has been around this long to be honest, but the joke was. Was the juxtaposition of Aunt Joanna
the founding fathers, and I was surprised to find the left thought it was real and then I lized, why they have no reverence for the founding fathers and that's why the joke went completely off. Their heads, while many other people were laughing like who cares about Aunt Jemima, the left saw it as me He actually acting like Aunt Joanna was important. These people have no grounding. In reality, the donor stand like a fictitious pancake mascots verses. Somebody, who created the greatest nation on the planet. What's the story and then we'll talk about the drastic juxtaposition of you're, my mouth, the founding fathers and I think you'll get a kick out of this one and I definitely gotta to own up to prick perhaps overestimating the ability of people to restart, as the wash it in time says too, Dan Francisco Bay Area, schools named for founding fathers were slaveholders, we'll get new names following a push by black lives matter activists. According to a newspaper report, the Berkeley, unified school
District Board unanimously approved a resolution in support of black lives matter. During a meeting last week, as ever, Chronicle reported Monday. The move started the process of renaming Jefferson and Washington Elementary Schools the current school. Now He was commemorate the first and third: U S presence George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both of whom own slaves. And yes, Thomas Jefferson also was the principal author of the declaration of independence. Berkeley community members tried two dozen five to rename Jefferson Ellen elementary, but the motion was not passed. The current black lives matter. Movement following police killings of George Floyd inspired, a renewed, successful effort to change the school names the chronicle said all so included in the resolution is a new year round, black joy campaign described as resources and training for teachers to identify additional measures of racial in equity and collect data in schools. The newspaper reported and that's the gist of the story, but I gotta be honest
the shocking look just because one person lost their lives. Mean that our country is inherently evil is a great country and reform has worked. If this is a big reform, push fine but don't you think it's a little absurd to erase the aim of our first and third president's income on? Are you they trying to look. If, if you wanna erase history and change history, I think I think it's wrong with a gas yours problem but at least there's there is an argument rooted in disputing the perspective and narratives per pushed by certain groups. I mean history is written by the victors, but you can't deny that these bill are literally presidents of this country. So what you are dissolved, the entire country. I tell you what they do. They really do not these people voting for this, but boy are they gaining ground one hundred percent? Now this I take very seriously
whether you, whether you want to condemn them for the things they engaged in slavery, for instance, we can throw that out and praise them for at least giving us a system that solved these problems to counter the argument where they say if you're gonna ignore these atrocities and what about lit literally every other dick. Eight are horrifying. You individual throughout history, the legacy The of these individuals is civil liberty and civil rights and a great nation which has actually helped that that the marginalized communities that have been impacted by colonialism, it's actually lifted them up. This system has evolved over time based on the founding fathers, to create a better system, so you want to criticise them for the bad things it in the past. Yes, but you praise them because at least they laid the groundwork to do something. Good dictators of the past now, for instance, laid the groundwork for horrifying torture and
An aside, we literally your activists today saying that you know that their people are being genocide, it in this country and its safe because of police brutality, and that is absolutely insane insane. Okay, we have problems police brutality. We can solve these problems. It is not the end of the world, but these people, we need just as the people have been killed by cops, often unjustified, not always, but there are many of them. Individuals have the right to life liberty in the pursuit of happiness and all of their constitutional rights, as well as the bill of rights, and that means when a cop somebody unjustified. We need some kind of justice, it isn't mean you lock the cop up and throwing the kid sometimes cops make mistakes, but if a cop makes a mistake. A serious one end someone's life. Perhaps they forfeit the right to be a lethal enforcer and I don't mean by I- don't I don't mean someone who goes out kills. Literally, I mean someone was the capability to kill us, but this before and analytical got mad. I was
arguing that if a cop engaged in this behaviour desk duty- you not- I mean, if you make Grandma stay that ends a life will, then you go to administrative work? I don't see why that the big deal. You lose your job. It was a mistake. You are asked to go, put yourself in harm's way. Well, that was an argument a long time ago now the argument is basically civil guard non police. First response nurse. I found it hilarious that we ve militarized our police to this, took to the point where we have to make a new department, because police have killed people- I guess whatever, but there is an argument for some kind if civil guard ease or people who don't have guns who don't respond to violent crimes or robberies, or things like that. They respond public disorder and nuisances and homeless and drug abuse, and things like that makes a lot of sense, binding, and why do I digress? There are literally people clay. In their being genocide. It and it's just not the case. Ok, None of what happened in my opinion to the past month justifies erasing our past presidents Because there are a lot of bad ones, a lot about
on a really bad ones, and what we can do just pretend they don't. Zest and raise that erased their names not come on man. We hold reverence for the people who led this country, but now and your mama ganja biomass being removed. I M showing you this to make a specific point of I dont care about at your mama. I really really don't look man if a pancake brand and men and corn syrup coming wants to change their mass got. I really dont care you little. The lander lakes people got rid of the native American on the cover of land lakes and apparently the art was made by native american person, and it was meant to be like a good positive then, and they got rid of it so so fine. Whatever look, I don't care what these companies do with their mascots presidents are of historical merit. Merit and your Mama and the Lando Lakes Lady aren't aunt Jim I'm a brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is based on racial stereotype. My understand
it is as if we recognize engine I must origins, are based on a racial stereotype. Quaker outside adding The move is an effort towards progress on racial equality. Now some people have pointed out its support Icing that anti german as a brand lasted this long and why We see social justice outrage a long time about Aunt Joanna. So here's my my general understanding The name is out. Some guys invented a quick, rising flower. You know it's basically got baking, soda editor, something and then, when you cook with it, you can make pancakes. They try to forget it. Brand it, and there was a minstrel show which now, as most of US society agrees very offensive and those a character named old aunt Jemima. They decided to use image. They then found a woman, they would have represent the image, many p, on, the left are saying that an amount of this true by out of the take antibiotic, their workforce for now that the women in question the mascot,
for the aunt Jemima Brand was actually born a slave and like one thousand eight hundred and thirty six. Ultimately, I don't care about your pancake mascot. I really don't and that's the joke. I tried to make- and I think, for you know it was. Unsurprisingly, conservatives got the joke and laughed and many left it's more like yelling and hooting hollering, as if they had gotten me, and I think What are we actually see? A fundamental misunderstanding of italian each other's worldview- I assume, This joke would have been obvious to everybody. Here's what I said you sat back and said nothing when they tore down that statue of Thomas Jefferson, You found me away when they announced schools. Name for deficit in Washington would be renamed, but now it's too late you could have stopped. This is meant to be exaggerated and completely over the top but I think when it comes to twitter, the left and the right have a caricature view of each other and so on. I'm I'm sitting here and end between didn't get ratio. It's gonna! Let no one thousand two hundred we tweets from a lot of people are laughing about the job.
But then I noticed in left wing circles. They were alike in oh wow, TIM Pool is actually upset. You know, I can't believe you defining into my mind. Unlike did you really think that's what I was doing and so as usual. I dont label jokes. That I think are absurdities. Maybe I should have you know what, So here's what are our own up to. I misjudged what the left understood. How they viewed the world and I thought out this, unlike. Why am I getting so many lefty sending us around because they believe it? Why do they believe a two reasons? The first is that Everybody views each other through a lens of the most extreme possible interpretation. A lot of you. On the right. Do it. Why left do it? They make us some years. I've explain it before I was at a rally in Boston and I was talking to a democratic socialist and he sat if there's a left as a right wing, Rowena lifting rally and they were facing off, and he said that
the right was all racist in all its dolphin, and you know the extremists- and I said Mother- not Isaac as a bunch irregular deeds down there. At any point, in said, don't you see the confederate flag and I said sure, but that's one guy. And it was like no man like their flying the confederate flag, and I said you got, the flying the soviet flag and a nowhere not- and I yeah you aren't, I pointed to the guy and there's I'd flying the soviet flag and he was like. Well, that's not that's just one person odds is not honor. That's not assets on us, we're not about that Now you see what I'm trying to say. Do you can assume something but hears? It happens that we explain it if you're on the left and you look too or right you'll, see someone standing in the center standing behind is someone holding a confederate flag from your perspective, you just see one group of people, even though make there to the right of me their further away when they're looking down, you can to say the guy in the back of the group of the flag. There It was all one group it wasn't. It was an
other guy with the flag, and the same was true: the soviet flag was behind their main group of protesters, but when the right look to the left, where they see one group of people and it's obvious like not to be completely honest. The front of their group was anti far with crowbar in baseball bats. Hence my personal buys on this issue, the point of making by this joke, though, when they see me make this joke, they don't realize for me as a moderate. Doesn't care about aunt drama in fact good get rid of it. I think it's stupid. They look to their right and they see centrists in the front an conservatives and the far right, but to them from their perspective. It looks like one group you see, I'm trying to say the other issue, the more important issue as to why they thought this was a You'll tweet- and I realize this when I thought about it- I'm like why why? How could these people think this was real Andrew, my Mozart, pancake mascots. Ah, they
I've, no reverence for the founding fathers and that's gonna want now I get it. They hate Jefferson. They hate Washington, so when they saw me tweet this, they view Thomas Jefferson and George Bush. Showing tat the same way. They view a pancake mascot and I made it sounds funny or so you know about, but I mean that quite literally. And your mom, as a pancake mass got to me is literally something that can be checked in the trash and got rid of, and I literally dont care. Our founding fathers are heroes to our nation. Who defied the authoritarian regime of the crown stood up for the civil liberties and rights of all people? Understanding? Yes, slavery was a thing back them
and many of the founding fathers opposed it and some one and only gave in to it, because they are desperate for the help of the southern states. I'm not a fan of that mentality. Enemy of my enemy is my friend now, but you know what they want, and freedom from the crown, as some people have argued that if the American, if America did not break away from the british empire, slavery would have ended sooner you can bring all these things up. But I tell you this: my family are right, and this is why I you know more recent times have and bring up the whole mixed racing took simply because of the identity and politics estimate been emerging. But as a mean when I bring it up to bring it up. For this reason, I dont have a world view built upon white heritage or anything like that. I have a word view, be built upon a family that was forced to flee several states because up until nineteen sixty seven
it was actually illegal in many places to be to cohabitate or being an x ray family. So when I think back to what this country represents, it represents the ability to reform and to be accepted for people who would defy the status quo. The founding fathers were far from perfect, but me they're heroes. They defied the monarchy, they stood up for civil rights and civil liberties. They had broken backwards, views a lot of things relative to today, but I'm not going to hold them to a standard based on how far we have come. In fact, I'm pretty sure Thomas Jefferson, administrative kids, too, You think about the illegality of that and you think about the fact that in many countries to day they still of slavery, they still have a work were overt racism. They still have racial covenants and re space policies. China for AIDS has had a viral video with our telling black people they couldn't go to Mcdonald's. That's how horrifying as are the countries are, and then I think, back to what Thomas Jefferson wrote. What George Washington represented what
he fought for and all of the other founding fathers, and I think men while they may have come from a place that we would look down upon today. They wore a shining light and that light as carried forward and created a great society of freedom and equality? There's allowed my family to stop running to be success, for now. I understand that a big difference in what mixed race means. Some people are mixed, but they still look overtly one race or another, and so there are still challenges with race. But other shocking to me that our group, with stories from my from my family, about what it meant to have to flee estate when people found out you were in violation of the law, what it meant to have your family members have to pretend to be the help or maids it's rather scary, and then I grew up in a world where I get to be successful and I'll tell you. This was a first I'll say so. So when I look back at the founding fathers and ice, I learn our history and the defiance I am very proud of
America is and what it represents, because I am that success story in two ways. First, my my family, I grew up. I didn't have to run from anything, but my my family before me, my parents. Yes, they did that's crazy to me and people don't get this especially these white suburbanite progressives, don't understand what it really means now they'll prop up loving day and I'll talk about the stuff that they don't get it there really really don't, and I got even to us, to a certain degree. Neither did. I guess I grew up in a successful world, a country that did write and did well, and so I have tremendous reverence for Thomas Jefferson, George wash in the rest of them, and I think about today. The other factor is the american dream. Not only did did I come from a family that had to its deck spirit,
the illegality of their love. Quite literally, now I'm a rather successful american personality, speaking on political issues and them than the better. I do, more succeed, the more proud I am of this country, because this literally wasn't possible decades ago. Not even that long ago, and I looked back and is probably why I'm a moderate, a lot of political issues and its white. Probably why I disagree with lots of conservatives on issues of racism, because I've got a more direct view of what that meant. But America, one. Where America is in the civil liberties and civil rights we want. So here I am ok group a family where they said where I was told ya. We had one I found out who we were. We had to flee and unlike wow, that's crazy and then a group and I work hard and I'm a fairly liberal person policy wise, although it really doesn't mean anything anymore and I work hard and I succeed and every day I do better and I ve come to a point of success, and I said the american dream
zest for those that work hard. You can come from. The gutters mean everybody will win as mean every boy. It will be successful, but it means that this is country, where overtime we do better and now they're people who literally want to tear it down, who would spit in the face of the founding fathers who created a system so could not perfect, was so good that I could be a success story, and I take great offense to that. I have been the victim of this brutality. I've been falsely arrested, I've had capture planting drugs on me. I have every reason to claim the police are an evil machine destroying our nation just like they would in this, not through its absolutely not true for all. Negative things. I've experience in this house to Chicago and dealing with my family and the law of the country. I still recognise we won and here's what really drives things home for me policy wise, I am fairly liberal. I have been posting of
systemic racism I talked about in several videos and I've. I've I've routinely sad social justice is a lot of these issues are actually good things. The problem is the authoritarian application and that many of these people are over racists and they want to destroy our history. My fear is that if we get rid of the names like Jefferson in Washington and forget the great ideas they had where we forget our past- and we forget that guiding light that made everything so successful. That scares me, which brings me to the current adoration of social justice politics and where I find myself, but whereupon myself guess where find myself with two political faction one. I could you not where they tell me just pretend to be white and guess who that is now many in the left, which aid must be the right wingers? No, it's the left. When I talk to my liberal front
and try and tell them the story of my family's path. As a well, you should just pretend to be widened. Just don't don't don't don't admit and I'm like do you think I can do that. Sometimes people perceive me as white, sometimes they dont. Sometimes I get overtly asked in certain circles circumstances you must be something else explain it's not it's so clean cut. These people make assumptions about race, and then they tell me I dont understand my own privilege and also their nonsense conservative say literally nothing this. It might my experience regular people, my my regular friends, some left, leaning, they never bring up racial issues like this to me, but now they started to end its freaking me out. Why I able to spend thirty four years of my life without expiring. Experiencing this. Why was, I able to be friends with you, a part of certain parts of what my friend for twenty years with you? Never questioning is Rachel issues, and now you interracial lies everything about me. I don't want to live that way. My family fought against that stuff. They struggled against that stuff and we won
and what what what do I have now? I don't talk to concern us ever comes up not once I'm not been exaggerating. Not even exaggerating, I sit down at a table. The budget trumps pours out some questions. Not I've got I've been invited out to dinner, with a bunch of Muggah hat wearing Trump flag. You know Trump Wavin, flag top people and we'll talk about politics and don't come up. When I go to occupy Wall Street, I gotta disrupting rallies and they throw it in my face nonstop and its horrifying. It is wrong. Action. Quite literally, these people want to go back to the days of old when we had segregation and they're doing it and in in incidental they critic segregated farm I've seen them do it at churches. Seen during his black eyes, met a protest from Ferguson Baltimore. They create rooms racially segregated, I'm SAM. I gotta admit that some scares me especially growing up paying the stories I and you end up with these well to do white people who don't know the difference,
Oh of why someone would jokingly mention why Aunt Jemima is you know that there are understand the joke? They literally don't get the importance and significance of our founding fathers and why this country is so great. And you know what will really what route will really give you some perspective is going to other countries go to Brazil, lotta racism, no free speech, go to China. Worryingly, racist row, I went to Korea and when I find Oh man, are they racist, oh yeah? Very, very racist it's really interesting to go to Korea, cuz, I'm part korean. And see their reaction to me. What represents there's an interesting curiosity of like, while how did you know the people from our country go about moving, and how did you come to be like? What's your family history and also a but you're, not correct so it's a really where place for me to be an when these people want to create racial lived world that my family was talking about how it was scary, how I grew. Peering stories about how we won and the founding
others were the ones who laid the groundwork for us to succeed, and now I can be a successful individual, like mine, my own business and actually want to test, will business in its true for many, many other people, that isn't that that isn't to say that there's, you know not problems, but we have problems for sure and we're fixing them because we always have, but these people scare me men there, that's not all right. This optimism, Aunt Joanna. I could care less one hundred per cent, sir, but joke ok, I'll try to be more mindful of the perspective of the left, who holds no reverence for the founding fathers and hopefully what I just explained will let you understand why I respect the founding fathers for all of the bad things they did. They wrote down in a document, all men are created, equal, they drafted a constitution and it may have have not been their exact interpretation as essentially, but over time the interpretation was was agreed upon by basically everyone in this country. We have moved towards the light based on the work these men dead and I will
always respect that, and I will never let people erase that because you can see what people like now have done. What Stalin did these people who purged Oliver history, killed all of these people and would erase photos of Tiananmen Square? I'm not play that game with these people. But I ll leave it there. I think a lot of you can understand my point of view. Maybe some of you can Maybe it is a good enough explanation, but leave their stick around next segments coming up at four p M Tim cast, dot net check it out and I will see well then Today's episode of place, stupid games, wind, stupid prizes, Second, man has been charged in torturing the Minneapolis Police Department, police in Atlanta are offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information, leading to the arrest of a woman who has seen on camera lighting a fire or contributing to a far that burn down a Wendy's. And now we have exclusive footage of the man who got shot in New Mexico. How much show, but when you approach
with a skateboard, an attack on while someone yell something about killing another person, don't be surprised that person draws their weapons and takes aim at you, In today's episode, we get started with Reuters second man charged with Torches Minneapolis police station during protests. They say twenty two year old Minnesota man was charged on Tuesday, with aiding and abetting The Orson of a Minneapolis police station during protest over the death of George Floyd Dylan Robinson, who was arrested. Reckon Ridge, Breckinridge, Colorado on Sunday is accused curly a molotov cocktails inside the third Precinct police station in Minneapolis and igniting a fire you're in the building stairwell on May twenty Eightth, according to the criminal complaint Robinson, appeared in: U S District court in Denver on Tuesday to hear the charges against him. The USA when his office for the District of Minnesota said in a written statement. Prosecutor said he is from Brainerd Minnesota Robin That is the second man arrested June. Third, in connection with the blaze Brandon Wolfed,
three was arrested in Minnesota and charged with one count of, aiding and abetting arson prosecutor said the police. Was set on fire during the demonstrations are three days after the killing of George Floyd. The internet was cat, by a bystander cellphone video and let the firing of Chopin Yet we win all this authority. Said that in a fight Robinson from social media posts and surveillance cameras, agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, alcohol, tobacco and firearms tracked him to Breckinridge Colorado, a mountain town about eighty miles west of Denver where he was taken into custody according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Events in his due back. In Denver federal court on Friday for detention and removal, hearing a spokesman for the US attorney's office in Denver, told writers amazing this ban from what I believe is from Minnesota. They said they believe that he was a He was from Minnesota, and he made his way to Breckinridge. They will track you down. There will find you and you will be charged and arrested. Now, there's a lot of bad things about the surveillance.
Eight and admittedly this isn't one of em, but it is still scarier. They have pictures of. You gave your phone records, they have your gps records. They will find you if you go to a small mountain town, you're not going to get away with the things you engaging, I want it fascinating that these people are being arrested and their early twenties. These are young, dumb people who, don't know how the world's work, how the world works and their basically larking live action role play well tell you what justice will come for you I understand the frustration in the anger towards the police, but you and is that we need proportional responses? If the police have consists, really gotten away with certain things that their not being held to account burning down, one police station does literally nothing but empower them. So you know what that's why we have justice, and I have warned money be spent. Just as I stated in my main channel- that hope you can see it. Gotta TIM guest out now check it out the more the far left. Does this stronger the state? Becomes they love? It's the cops love it when you
do this stuff! You know why. Turn around and I see this is why we need all of these weapons is why we need to have body armor and high powered rifles and armoured personnel carriers, because these crazy people will burn down a police station. You know what it's not entirely wrong, but shouldn't be this way. We should be rapidly escalating the use of force and the armaments of our police, but here you go Tweedle, be entitled Tweedle Dum walk saying I'm mad at cop, because I saw a video on Facebook well nigh against rest your life in prison must rest of your life in prison, but there may be there may be some room and at present for another woman police search for instigators who started Wendy's fire after Ratio Brooks shooting action. I'm sorry a choice to action. News sounds a bit like run Virginia obtained. Your video of a woman who polices responsible for starting a fire that torched a Wendy's restaurant just hours after a deadly police shooting there before are destroyed. The fast would restaurant off university avenue where twin
seven year old, raised our Brooks, was shot and killed by Atlanta officer. The investigation into his death is ongoing. The Atlanta Police Foundation says a lot of tips, have come into crime, Stoppers Atlanta, after they posted a ten thousand dollar reward for her arrest. Listen if they can't track you down using surveillance means they can do the next. Thing, ten thousand dollars to anybody who can provide information leading to her arrest, and you know what this can be a lot of people who want that sweet juicy ten day I'll, tell you what a channel a lot of tips if coming people want the money, a channel to view are recorded. The video on Saturday night, clearly shows a white woman shorts with ponytail spraying something into the flames. The restaurant she smiles and nods and walks away from a restaurant as flame spread. Atlanta police, shared Second video, the same woman, their twitter, account and still photos, woman dressed in black within aerosol, can the left right doing.
They argued that this was actually just someone trying to put the fire out by pouring water on it and then the least released photos where you can see her cheering raising her fast and caring and aerosol can at least we believe that took to be her Atlanta police said their offering ten thousand dollar reward for information on the individuals responsible for starting a fire that led to the destruction of a Wendy's restaurant at one. Twenty five University Avenue Dave Wilkie set as the President of the Atlanta Police Foundation and a former secret service He says it's clear. Police are searching for a small number of people who came with different intentions than peaceful protests. Talk about individuals that are literally throwing molotov cocktails, the folks that are set, businesses on fire. It appears their intention that their intention for being there is to destroy property, wreak havoc and create violence there no question. When you see that video of the suspects they certainly look different. They certainly dress differently. Atlanta police department, made thirty six arrest on Saturday night and just six on Sunday
Wilkinson, also warned? I warned of morale at an all time low warned of morale at an all time low for the police department. Now extorted. However, you know- and I will write these up, as is the point with these stories that law enforcement will come for you consider this as usual, addendum the main segment. I did my main channel. The police will find you there arrest you on the spot, but that's what the police do. Ok, some people complain that when you're in the middle of a conflict, a crime has been committed. The cops can't get there in time, and that's true now for me, redolent of I've actually had. I was being mugged once and caught the cops came out of nowhere and and stop the mugging how saved by several police in up it's really does, but they can't all. Is be there. It is not possible, so you have them patrol or you have them follow up. In this instance, we have two people Tweedle, the internal diamond medicine. Now probably going to spend years in prison, maybe we'll get probation will see, but Tortuga police Department to imagine is pretty serious,
Now I can't say the same for the next person. Maybe this woman is going to be, if you know I'll, captured, arrested. Someone make some quick cash, but I can't say the same for the next person see in New Mexico, a man shoots and critically injured the protester who attacked him with a skateboard as violence broke out during a bid to tear down spanish tongue the door statue in the Mexican? I've talked about this. I covers what happened yesterday, but we now have exclusive footage now going to show you the man on the ground. But I want to show you the moments during the scuffle. You two men up too happy with it, but I'm gonna scroll down and these images were. Published by the daily mail, because there is important, important context here in the video you can hear what here's to be someone yell, something along the lines of going to kill you. I dont know if he says he's going to kill you, I'm going to kill you we're gonna, kill you
But it does sulky saying he's going to kill you. I believe this man is yelling is warning these anti for black, clad individuals as the three of them. You can see pile on this, and in a blue sharp as men in a blue short, as I mentioned in my main segment, isn't a militia member? Not a cop he's. Just someone who is showing up to give you your stupid prize now in this photo? You clearly see there's something in this. This Antifa far like his hand, we don't know what it is. Many people have said it was a knife. Some people believe he was actually carrying two knives. I don't know nobody does well. Maybe the people who are there, the cops might know they were covered, but will see what happens. You can see him drawing his weapon, taking aim this man being God is not the same. Man was initially attacking them out of the blue shark. You can see the green backpack so I say you know what men the guy on the left. Here in this image whose
as arms up is holding some kind of item it is facing down the barrel of a gun ran up after they were beating on the sky grab escape or from other guy, and took some swings at the man in the blue shark, the men of the blue, Turkey through his weapon, pointed at whatever you. Whenever he saw me fired, I believe four rounds critically, injuring critically the man in black falls over. The civil guard, the motion members are actually ones. They render aid to this man and detain the men in blue. So what's leave them out of this surprisingly nothing to do with it would seem about. Are you guys you play stupid games you insipid prizes? I know it's a funny thing to say I know a lot of people here that they just like they chuckle, but yet I want you to think about what they're really means. I've been somebody's countries. I have seen people enter into situations where they know not what they bring. They know not what they create or what they foment. Some people want revolution. Some people are plain stupid games and have no idea what's happening in the world around them or what it really means.
The call for what you're calling for these left wing revolutionaries that would burn on a police station or attack a random guy industry are now going to learn a hard lesson in real life, But you know what lesson I hope we never get to learn and on Fourchan leave. They will hopefully never learn what happens when you get your revolution. You want to know what happens if these people actually knocked out the police departments or the federal government, they would cry themselves to sleep. Every night, huddled in the corner of there burnt down home as roving bands of vigilantes and violent gangs, steel and murder and kidnap me I'll. Tell you what in Austin Texas, it's really funny to see these these small women engaging in these in these acts as well like the woman in Berkeley among I'm, not gonna, bring up her name anything, but that a small woman. Who engage in overt acts of violence went viral for it. These these small women don't realize what will happen without this government.
I'd like to tell you some of the horror stories that exist and lawless states, but I honestly don't think I can, because the video probably probably be banned, and I'm not exaggerating. There are some things where criminals take vehicles, they call it a lot less useless phrase it this way. I abuse Safaris, offer him it that way. You can. You can try to infer what that means in lawless areas. There I've worked on stories with sources trying to figure out who these groups of of criminals, kidnappers who engage in these forests were, they are what the story is, and there was an effort by some journalists trying to infiltrate these groups, because you can pay them large sums of money to take you into lawless areas where they collectively abuse. Women are put it that way. You wanna know: life is like when there
no police you'd want to live in the wild west. You dont want to read the stories about what was like for what what life was like four people before we had the security and the police that we do today, but you know what hopefully they never have to learn. Hopefully they don't, but maybe they will and will be their own undoing judge could go to some countries- men, these kids, really to see a wake up, call barley there the cops I gotcha and if they don't and you engage in this, you may find yourself in a hospital stick around. I got a couple more so whence coming up in a few minutes- and I will see you all shortly in today's episode of news people, just don't wanna hear we gotta talk about it. Re shard Brooks was on probation for for crimes, including cruelty to children and was facing going back to prison if he was charged with a DUI. Now, it's not just even about being charged simply being arrested could be enough to land him back in prison and now we know why he fought the cops now we know why
all their weapon ran and fired at them. There's a man, who was willing to being dare I say, look at taser is a lethal weapon. Maybe you didn't know that, but it seems like he was willing to severely injure these cops because he didn't want to go back to jail. This is why he did what he did now. You can argue that the cops didn't have to kill him and all that stuff, but listen. This is not oh George, Floyd story, so we're in a red through this see. What's going on, and I tell you what men I'm already seeing I've been saying for a long time, lefty friends of mine who are still pushing. The narrative is the manner with us, but his car and got killed know this The men who was drunk in the drive through a Wendy's whose-
car was running and someone called the cops on him and they had to move his car and then arrest him for do you I, and instead he didn't want to go back to prison, so he fought stolen officers, weapon successfully defeated guest, The two cops fought them off and was running turned around shot at them with the taser, and then they returned fire. What's the story, but I want to point out one very, very important things will have another exclusive story and daily mail. Mister Brooks keep breathing keep reading for me, fired officer who shot racial Brooks dead boy the Father of Forest stay alive, as he desperately administered CPR body can footage reveals is dude. I dont think wanted to kill this guy. I mean a lot of peace, Bull you'll want to frame things as evil cop. What it sounds like a tragedy, and it sounds like men. If you are come eat, if you're committing a d, you, I can't believe,
the right now we're seeing the last defender DUI driver, like you, don't understand when people drive drunk the real danger that they can bring about the lives that can be lost in the cops were doing everything they were supposed to do when these guys fought them installed their weapon. Let's read the story: Racer Brooks on probation and faced going back to prison. If you was charged with DUI, it was the fear of incarceration that likely caused Brooks to panic in the face of imminent arrest and cause. Make a break for it breakfast shot and killed on Friday June 12th when cops received. A nine hundred and eleven call to the Wendy's on university avenue. Atlanta Brooks was drunk and asleep at the wheel of his car and blocking the fast food restaurant drive through lane and this dude you got to be pretty drunk to fall asleep sitting in the drive thru in the twenty seven year. Old father of four was polite and comply with officers across the twenty minutes, during which officers Devin, Brosnan and Gareth Rolf question them
as to how much he had drunk and how he had ended up in the drive through as the interaction neared, its tragic conclusion Brook suggested two officers that he could just walk home, saying that it wasn't so far, but after Brooks failed, a field sobriety test and blew a zero point. One o eight when brutalized point o eight is the legal limit. Georgia Ralph, who has since been fired, moves to cuff Brooks who said we resisted both officers were clearly taken by surprised. Now. Let me give you some advice. You don't answer, questions for police, you dont know care, there are some good cops out there a lot of actually don't it doesn't matter. You had stopped by the cops. You don't talk to them. You know why. This is why we have a fifth men, This is an issue of our constitutional rights, not trying to be respectful and I'll. Tell you where Brooks made a mistake. First of all, he drove he got drunk and he drove his car. That's that's the real mistake. Everything after that is is is minor in peripheral,
However, in the event that you find yourself making such a similar mistake, the appropriate thing is to not answer questions and not submit yourself to a breath. Eliza and you might get arrested for sure, but you don't have the cops because you dont know if you may be incriminating yourself now, I'm not a fan of people breaking the law. This man should have been arrested should have been charged and he should not have fought cops any. He also should not have died, but I'll tell you what life or death situation. Especially like this are not some magical fairytale fairytale world is not a stretch, Gee game where you're like sitting there thinking for five minutes? What should I do next? I know I'll kill the guy. It doesn't work that way yet a weapon. So the first first thing- or we can really say- is this dude when he drove drunk well, that's it right there he made the first mistake: he endanger the lives of other people. Now you gotta consider
but these cops are thinking when they engage the situation right. They say their body cameras fell to the ground. The scuffle that ensued, one shouted a brook, stop fighting and warned him you're gonna get taste daily males uncovered the fear that could have caused books to panic. Let me tell you, cops, get a phone call: the domain is drunk driving drunk- and there are thank, unlike our I to be bad, someone's block the drive to drive through the dude, fails a field sobriety test. They look up his information and find that as I believe you is, it was on probation, I believe yet felony charges now they're concerned this guy could be violent, he's already harmed other people Apparently I got some reports that the call backup he fights them he wins is what people than cancer when that, when this guy resists, there are two officers trying to hold him down and he bore eight he'd heap, he wins, he fights them both off and even steals one of their weapons. Now he could argue, the cops were an app during
cable, butts fund of matter, and wherever argument is this guy violent past criminal history, probation caught drunk steals weapon, you got, you got a powder keg funny. You, like I mentioned before the video this cop had to make a decision. Am I going to let this guy just run off with my weapon, while he's drunken belligerent, where he's getting violent and he's already heard of the people, can't do it. Is the guy got used to take your turn around and use it on? Those cops? No idea was the intent to end his life. Absolutely not it wasn't, but the cop used his gun because he was facing a level
I wish I wish Brooks, and I honestly do. I even oppose the death penalty. I've heard some recent recently. I've heard some good arguments for and one slash four as a deterrent effect or as a bargaining chip don't care too many innocent people die on death row, two money: it's not that it's it's it's not that many, but it's enough and it's better that one hundred guilty person escape than one innocent person suffering. I believe that was Ben Franklin said that originally coming from Blackstone Stunts formulation, ten guilty persons escape unwanted innocent supper. I cannot condone the state ending the life of an innocent person in the hopes that he was guilty not offend. I can say the exact same thing for books. I wish there was a circumstance where you could just let him let him go, but I do understand. I've been in intense lifer destinations, not armed in situations right. I've been Ferguson, boats were flying hitting the deck, and you don't know what you did. What you'll do you know how you respond and when you're trying to stop
the threat in this guy's a threat. Unfortunately, this what happens? Well. Here's the ears, the other big update. So we understand why the sky was fling. The police officer who shot dead re shard, Brooks begged the Father of four to live as he desperately administered CPR to the dying, and former officer, Garret Rolfe, shot Brooks twice in the back on Friday when a peaceable call out suddenly escalated into unspeakable violence. Ross body came body can came off the violent altercation that erupted when he tried to cover Brooks telling them get too much to drink, but the camera never stop. Recording, as it was picked up carried around by the other officers called to investigate the shooting before eventually being returned to its owner. Daily Melba COM can reveal what happened the moments after the shooting they say. Oh here it looks like we can see that there are desperately trying to treat them in the rain. Gloves. Look, there's been a lot of stories of cops, shot. Somebody and then left a marriage bleed out. Those are horrifying it's not that case this. I do not believe I believe this cop.
We will see what happens matter. It doesn't seem at anything wrong. The cop asked him will you do Brothels Will you do a field sobriety you're under arrest calmly, the dude forum stalls weapon? What would you have the cop do? How do you deal with a drunk, violent, individual with a taser running away and attacking people? I know the parsonage, died, but the intent isn't just to kill him to try to save his life. The intent was to stop the threat. What would have happened if Brooks ran off the taser took a hostage. You he's been violent in the past. What would happen if, instead of taking a hostage, he just threatened other people and are you now find a taste or other people and I believe the taser kindly fire one Chinamen Tyler Shore, but he could still mechanic but people so apparently would happen. Amid angry shouts and accusations from bystanders role can be heard. Clearly, pleading please, MR books keep breathing keep breathing for me. You know so many these activists want to live in this binary world. Where cops are storm, troopers he's gonna, kill. People
are these. Is this poor man was an innocent? You knows innocent sleeping in his car, then we'll talk about. What's really going on in the street and we'll talk about why people have guns what people lose their lives, they want to talk about what cops have to, it was I remember talking to my dad when I was younger. He's had cops, haven't private crummy job men think they they they snapped sometimes and they shouldn't, and that that means police to be cop, you gotta have a certain level of I don't know man mental Fortitude Fisher. Because you're going to be dealing with a lot of really really awful things, I want the cops act out of line that got to be held accountable, but to act like all of these situations are just a binary of black or white. The evil cop sees the innocent black man and killed him. It's just absolutely untrue. Try to save his life,
and so many other cops and there a video where you see cop, save babies, Mama viral video it what that they went around. You see videos of cops shrunk running into buildings into the gunfire to save lives, but right now, what's getting clicks for the media is the negative press, and this is what scares me. I like the idea of police, accountability and police reform. So that's me, you will get something good but go too far. We used to get a lot of videos that were broken up because their heartwarming, but anger, gets more clicks it. Does so you're gonna see stories about cops where they want to induce anger to get those shares to make that money and that's why we are now dealing with something that isn't a lightning operators remain more people. I think more people die from peanut elegies than from police brutality. That doesn't mean we nor police brutality, but it does mean there some weird going on when we care more about police brutality and PETE analogies not on what you do in response, peanut, allergies and I think it responsibly foreigners, maybe some action you can take so makes sense. It we're talking about
but we can't we can't live in- is binary world men. We have to understand that situations are not so clear cut this man who shot you know. Russia Brooks has not evil right does not evil, Richard was scared. It want to go to prison. The cop was going to do his job and he entered vinyl situation. This is just called escalation. These things happen in concert Nobody wants another person a die in this situation, but this is what happens when you fight. This is what happens when this dude was committing a felony I've. Only I believed you I found. I could be wrong, I'm pretty sure so. Re shard started this chain of events when he got drunk and he got that car. The outcome is, unfortunately, predictable. Oliver their necks segments come on up. Few minutes and I will see you all shortly: Cayley MIC enemy, wow you'd be the best press secretary. We ever seen can a burial elite, I'm afraid I'm gonna go I'm a jump right through this german Costa.
Sir about Donald Trump rallying uncovered fears and she literally pulls up the fish. The girl copy of the New York Post, show the sick, hypocrisy. Workbook, you love to see it man, I just really love the hypocrisy being slapped in their faces. You're there trying to sue Trop to block his rally from happening? How are we in this fractured time? On his question, I often ask great: how is that, seeing can simultaneously say while ten thousand protesters, what a great thing and then but trot was gonna have a rally. Finally, finally, they walked right into the trap and to see Cayley Mckenna pull up that. I can't believe what I saw this article. I could not help but less glorious, Cayley excellent, show Let me read you the story, then we'll talk about trumps rally. They say, as expected, White House, Secretary Cayley MC, was inundated with questions about president trumps decision to hold it
a campaign rally and Tulsa Oklahoma, the Saturday Jim Acosta, acting very concerned note of that Opel homer is experiencing uptake and corona virus cases recently, since the state has begun to reopen MC any responded with the cover of the New York Post on Tuesdays front page, the post exposed a better than me of media hypocrisy. On the one hand, and democrat hypocrisy. Nbc news was concerned about trumps upcoming rally and how it will draw tens of thousands of people at a time when we're supposed to still be social distancing. On the other hand, Bialik glowing. We reported on a black trans, live Trans lives Matter Rally which also featured thousands of participants, but why both the post Emma Kennedy asked? Is it? Ok was one ok, not the other. Here you can see. This is amazing, so eyes this tweet at first. I thought it am. I guess she literally held up the paper. She brought the physical newspaper into the what doubts press briefing apps
lately, amazing. So Here's ear: here's the image you can see it alternative news, tweeted, gimmick, CASA, just repeatedly criticised Trump Force upcoming rally, and how social distancing will be impossible for then whipped out the front page. Post Joey. That's only ok, a corner, the media for people to gather in groups whether in the streets after fielding. What what she tallied was her tenth question, campaign rallies, the press secretary instructed the press room to exhibit the same concern for protestors, who are not social, distancing, and are not wearing masks as they are for tromp campaign, Gowers Pro tests and riots have sprung up all over the country after the tragic Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd, and it's not just one protest or one rally in New York across the country. The protests have not stopped even in small hounds. If you haven't seen the segment they did on it, but it's him cast out, not check it out. I put up today,
Malta, like oh hi or some a town of twenty hundred people? Had eighty people shook the pro fast and around seven hundred counter protests of the mind you, the protests are still happening. Air is the media to condemn this and wire hearing these stories that the ongoing protests- you don't Portland like day twenty of protests in DC there still marching. Yet we don't see no, covered over- why old news with jobs campaign. Rarely we can have that by the way. Acosta wondered. Why is Trump holding a rally in the first place since it's not in support of any what it's not in support of anything, a defiant, MC He explained that he and his supporters are rallying on behalf of the administration, successes or trumps. Election in five months come on. Dude, shouted the briefing and walked out waving and why posed cover once more and adding? I hope we start seeing more consistent headlines. Bravo Miss Mc Energy. While she has been absolutely on fire with calling out the fake news, and I wonder how many people can see it
look I think it's silly often what people say. The media won't tell you this. The media won't cover that. I it's true. I say it sometimes too, but I try to tribal reserve it in my use of this, because honestly, the media does report on these things has Jamaica. The now done his stand up, or did he criticised without explaining she called him up tribalism? I really doubt he mentioned anything, but let's take a look at the needs of the real hip accuracy, so so so my arm, my respect to Ms Mckenna, but we got a serious problem right. You're turns out now. This is good news Judge denies request to force Corona virus safety measures at Trumps, Tulsa Rally, while how could this be that we are in this world where thousands of people can protest? No lawsuits as it Why is it that the kit, the conservatives are always on the defensive on this one? Somebody act we tried suing Trump to force him either end israeli or have some kind of safety measure
no one is suing any of these organizations that are setting up these massive protests there. Violation of CDC guidelines. The media call it out its truly disgusting time, men look, a lot of people have said. You know red pill, TAN red pill that whatever and let me explain something to you. What's what you're seeing is the spread back in like two thousand and fourteen. This weird wellness was infecting this, but weird left is tribalism was infecting gaming and film and then eventually, comics and some people started take notice. The people, mostly in the communities, just because they are being attacked. They then started calling it read pilling when people realised what was happening. No, it's not fair, because what was happening to your industry wasn't
putting to every other industry. It wasn't about waking up to the reality of the world. It was about the left, infecting your discipline. We ve now seen the media be completely zombie fight. I work for me accompanies when I started advice. They were not all about woken s when I started fusion, naturally rejected partisanship, but the but the Zambezi bite hit. It's hard to spread the infection got worse and I and I jumped up shattering through the window raw flying the flora burning up the contract, I'm kidding, but I walked away from a fairly lucrative job and and wanted out of my contract. Ultimately, they they refuse to. Let me out contradicts pardon, I left, because they were infected by the zombie bite. Is progressively getting worse. Now the entire media industry is infected, then your time
is firing people all of these nuth like were willing, eight or nine in the past cup, and that in the past week or so being fired, purged accused of all these awful things they ve taken over and in their take over. They will not tell you the truth, because the real journalist I've been kicked out and what's replacing them are zombie fide ideologues, because of this conservatives will consistently the defensive. Everything they say will be fake news, though we called conspiracy, theorists liars. My favorite thing right now is that doesn't there's an effort to get me label the conspiracy theorist because as I comment on other reporting certified by a third party agency. Think about that Rachel Motto literally screeched for years is she called the conspiracy theorist? No only by conservatives- and therein lies the bigger problem here,
I think conservatives need to stop acting like this. Press matters stop. Listen. I was once told I was invited. Was speaking of it, they tell me they cover my accommodation, but it wouldn't pay me to speak, and I was considering doing it, and I was told by my agent of the time that you are there, events entertainment. They are going to make money off of what you do and they don't want to pay you for it, but they will certainly profit for it. So really good point, because of that I said no to doing that, and you know what that are really do events anymore unless I'm hosting by putting them on, because I don't a deal with you. I'm not gonna, be someone else's entertainment, Conservatives need to realise when they give statements when they talk to the press, for one they're going to lie about you and smear you, because they ve been invested in zombie fide this effectively now weird veto,
body snatchers wearing the old organization that the skinsuit flopping around with nonprofit money. I love it and I love you by the way, but they're not going to give you a fair shake. They will use you, however, So maybe it's time you start saying no and many people already do. But I often see people trying to look on time. Are the g opium farmer Republicans warlike? They get it there s a quest, and they say. Oh, let lend. Let me give you a comment, so you can write articles and make money on the line about me. How will about you? do you guys in Congress in the Senate, when you get asked by these big outlets, say no comment. It could imagine what would happen, on authorities are also to be a great thing, but hey they're gonna lie about you lie about trumpet about what's going out the american people and prop up a double standard that benefits or ideological opponents. You have nothing to gain from talking to them. You are not sharing your ideas at their audience because they're lying about your ideas, paint they do it all the time, but you have access to your own platforms now.
That's why we're seeing arise and conservative media and so on on social media. That's why I think the daily Wire and Fox NEWS dominate on Facebook, because people know you're getting fake news, the! U turn on your way. When you turn on CNN, it is so fake, brine stouter is like one of the worst purveyors of fake news, because what, while like while I can point to Chris Cuomo for shred of lying reinstall through the guy who's, the shield for all of them. It's beyond just one person saying alive bright so there is the one who masks what they do any any any covers for them. Where the real news dealt with under the spin well you're so that the real news from some pop some prominent outlets, but there also need an effective near posted washing journal, their fairly conservative there's. A lot of conservative outlets sober this way. Why don't you just refuse to give comments to Alex that you know to be biased that next,
include some conservative outlets. Maybe you just stop letting these people profit off of what you think in what you say when you know they're not going to frame things properly now. The fear I see here is the left and the right crane. Our own media outlets and then no one agrees on what's happening. We only problem that that's already happened So how you? How do you stop this? I dont know get some conservatives in these companies know they ve purged of the conservatives and there you have it the only path. I see moving forward, is that the left and the right will have their own individual outlets and there will be no unbiased journalism, in which case stop giving them comments star engaging with people who just want to lie. This is the one reason why I block people on Twitter. I didn't used to do it, but I do it now, because people will take things out of context too great gotcha moments in hot takes I'm not interested in you and in being your entertainment for your crowd. So if you want to come to my twitter
and start screened, rubbing everything to make an out of context joke. I'm just gonna block you, so you don't do it and that's that simple I don't know. All I can really say is at least we have Catalina Kennedy holding up the new posts in ITALY's the near post, calling an outright. There are a lot of people who are doing good work in media these days, but we got serious problems and I think it's only a downward spiral. Maybe these companies will come some of the weight of their own welcome and then Independent channels and honest channels will rise up in there in their wake. So no maybe weren't for summer some good NEWS in the future. As per usual, I guess we'll wait and see
But they rang out. I will see you all tomorrow at ten. A m on this channel are actually, unless you come to the Pike S tonight, so eight p m tonight we'll do the TIM guess I'll podcast live your check. It out Youtube account slashed him, Guess Tyrrell, but other than that I'll see you all next time.
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