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Far Leftists Have "Liberated" Part Of Seattle They Call The CHAZ, Looks Like Occupy Wall Street 2.0


After police surrendered the east precinct activists barricaded an area called THE CHAZThe area is now copless and has around 500 residencies. Far left activists have been flocking to the area in what looks like Occupy Wall Street 2.0 Police will likely back off and allow this to continue for some time. Considering all that we have seen over the past few months it will likely begin expanding and could potentially become something dangerous or something silly and eventually dissipate.The left is arguing that this shows how defunding or abolishing the police would work but so far Democrats have rejected the calls to disband or defund police outright.#CHAZ#FarLeft#Antifa

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You are now leaving the USA. Capitol hill at Amazon declared in Seattle, the I talked about. The police were treated in Seattle, allowing protesters to take that EAST precinct and form but what they say is a six block radius, but it looks like it's actually, seven whatever their there? I'm not by expanding they actually printed a legit street sign and hung it up they're playing movie. Is the bringing in food There are a bit of a humorous absurdities, as this all goes down and some scary developments like apparently, the businesses are being forced to do so. Affiliate from the city would have. That means about five hundred people apparent they live in the zone. Can imagine all of them are happy, but there some funny things going on and, more importantly, what is this week This be an armed take over the rise of the far left right now it doesn't look like it initially.
There were people wearing body armor, there were calls to get armed and that still exists, but this actually looks like Docu Pie, Wall Street and at sea- is to be what it will probably become occupy. Wall Street was alive, but to exist. The police do really do anything and the police here of backed off. So this lot of tough going on as it pretty and to the take over and what this means for local businesses. Earlier in the day, I covered a store about a Sheridan Hotel in Minneapolis that was better. Quickly taken over and they claimed in their go find me which is raised of rotten. Now, as the onerous gracious allowed them to to occupy the building, while turns out. That's not the case the owner is just ordered. A mass eviction of all these people so are seen quite a bit of developments as this story groves. Here's. What, under? Let's take a look at? What's going on in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone? Now officially called Chaz, which has done hashtag on Twitter and how well how
politicians are kind of responding to this. It would seem that Republicans and Democrats alike are calling out the movement to define the police, saying no even Bernie Sanders straight up site saying I do not agree with this, this rapid movement to abolish police it would seem that Most major Americans are not in agreement with whatever it is. These people are doing, but they will live. We'd be allowed to continue doing it. I think I'll be at an interesting expire experiment. But, let's be honest, these people only exist due to the good graces of people around the country who entertain there live action. Role play really what it is, they require donations. They require food and in one hilarious tweet. What are the organizers complained that homeless people that actually stolen all of their food? So now they needed Vegas meet substitutes. For this? One will give you a laugh and may be a bit of a d escalation in the fear as to what we thought was actually down as areas of these stories, for you does started from heavy. You are now leaving the USA capital.
A tonic zone declared in Seattle before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, There are many ways you can give. We got a p o box and sense of do, but the best thing you can do share this video. I'm gonna give you my view not to be honest. I spent some time down during Occupy Wall Street- and I gotta say this looks a lot like that and I think it a lot being very similar, might go on for couple months. The police may try to come in and take some action. Protesters will show up. One of the things I think will see is this probably a ton of leftist and far left us Dwarf WAR War flocking to Seattle. Right now, how to get to the Chas, they even have their own Wikipedia entry. As of right now and an apparently says, like a government and a currency, and a de facto currency, mind you but very interesting I'd like to give you a perspective on this from from me. Who is someone out somewhat more of it,
neutral individual from Occupy Wall Street, wasn't much. I don't have any any condemnation for occupy wasn't a big supporter of it, but I was there and I can tell you what happened and I can tell you what we see or so, if that's valuable, and you think people should hear what I have to say, then please consider sharing this otherwise just hit the subscriber the like button Bell and, let's read the story from heavy protesters in Seattle, Washington declared area that includes the Seattle Police Department, EAST Precinct as the Capitol Hill Autonomous OWN after Seattle policing. National Guard pulled out of the region. The precinct building appears empty cap oh hell, Seattle, blogger, Blog reported and now the six block region has been declared autonomous, the Capitol Hill Autonomous OWN, isn't a legal region or recognised by any government. It's an unofficial and given by protestors, who have vowed to keep the area peaceful. Here's what you need to know about the Capitol Hill Autonomous OWN aside, on one of the blockade says you're now, leaving the USA technically, not true,
but functionally. I would say it is true why, if you are the raw type of person and you under your rights are completely suspended. Son, an exaggeration. Some journalists tried to come in and film at one of the reasons why it's very difficult to actually get information on this on the story. I haven't seen a whole lot there, M articles like this one, but some local journalists were just kicked out until they weren't welcome. That's a suspension of the first amendment. So arguably, yes, There's no one there to protect your rights to enforce your rights and, as someone noted the other day, their forcing business has to decide freely it from the city. Yeah that doesn't sound like freedom sounds like occupation, but you're more here, a tweet from our money. You are now leaving the USA. Long live the effing revolution, they said protesters artificially created the six block Capitol Hill Autonomous down after police gave up their blockade of the EAST precinct. Capitol Hill Seattle Capital, healthier reported people were told, as the police were leaving that they were.
For you to stay in the area and protest law enforcement. Pullback was a surprise to many musicians. Activists What's in many, others are now gathered in the area of asylum one of the blockades as you enter the area reads. You are now leave in the USA and other sign raids, Capitol Hill Autonomous own. Here we can see, there's some photos and there's. This is actually a quite humorous map that was created on the eighth now, apparently there there that people have come out and said this map no longer represents what actually going on and its considered to be quite silly. Recalling at the Capitol Hill Free zone we have regime occupied safely and regime. Encampment off Broadway bullets lets us rates more on Twitter code, Pink wrote without the police. The zone has turned into a peaceful George Floyd Marian Memorial filled with art, positivity and to be fair, it's because they're not allowing descent with in this space. I I'd be willing to bet if you showed up- and you are
I got you would not be having a good time. So, of course, when they create an ideologically homogenous space, don't be surprised when you're, safe and during Occupy Wall Street, I dont think you would have seeing the same kind of animosity? If somebody of differing opinions showed up there have been left alone completely, they have been given food water and hung out like normal. There were no real, barricades and nothing really stopping anyone from walking in or out of the park in certain areas other than the actual structural structural obstructions. Now was internal politics, which is creepy in confusing, but what we saw with journalists and occupy Wall Street is completely different to what we see with journalists here during occupied journalists could freely move about the park and it would encourage people like why? Don't you come in here and actually interview us? So we can tell you, when the journalist wouldn't do that? No, it actually just show up
The camera film at talking then leave activists that occupy Wall Street created their own media on their own newspapers, their own lives, dreams and things like that, so they were doing what they could to get the message out. In this regard, I would say it's more of more likely going to be a hyper filtered fake news, propaganda type thing not to be fair. The Occupy Wall Street content that was being produced was overt propaganda. They called it that havens that they were the propaganda department, but they did want the media to come and talk to them, so they could get their message up the same here. I dont think they're the same tolerance for the media. They want to say the first movie night has already. Been held in his own accorded Seattle Times. They played thirteenth, which networks called director EVA, do their names, examination of the? U S prison system and how the country's history of racial inequality drives the high rate of incarceration in Amerika. We can see more photos it here. This person says hello from the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, the former sight of protest and police deploy and police deployed. Dear guests, the Seattle pities is pretty,
precinct as boarded up, and there were no uniformed officers in sight and a tweet Mayor Jenny. Dark and said there are about five hundred residential homes in the area. Some of the current neighbours and former neighbours have treated at their excited about the zone. One person that wholly s, my neighborhood is now the Capitol Hill Autonomous own. This is absolutely amazing. Autonomous zone must hold rob mature, He says there is a six block area in my neighborhood that is Ceiling from the: U S are words, I never thought I would type here lie I have action role play: let's just that, allow the children to have their their fun time. My baby have their bottle Well, they ve created their own Wikipedia entry, a glorious for them, the Chaz. Here it's as location Seattle, official languages, English de facto government self declared anarchist, commune and partially autonomous in a huff it into an essay. Intentional community establishment declare
the June eighteen twenty the area. This is amazing, zero point zero! Three! kilometers squared membership. Two hundred current see: U S dollar de facto time you tc seven! Well, there you go the territory throughout the territory. The zone is concentrated around the EAST precinct building it stretches from north to east ostriches, north to EAST Olive Street EAST to thirteen south to EAST Bike and west to Nagel place. The southern half of Cow Anderson Park falls inside the zone. While the northern half is contested contested by you, oh local residents, there's no police there you know a man, maybe the cops realized. We got a bunch of Lord Larkspurs Gear
them? There live action role play space, so they can sit around watch movies and dance around and get donations and eat food to really what it is now I gotta meet. Some of it is pretty cool. If you look at this from the lens of it's just you know, people who are bored trying to play make believe then it's actually kind of funny that they ve created this autonomous zone and they're. Calling the park contested when they could literally just walk into it, nothing would happen almost total. Maybe they're cops they're watching us out. This video, we concede Chaz. Old signs have been successfully installed and we can see here this video there actually drilling in it as alternate route exit, one three one: two free Capitol Hill, or does it sound at contested on his last that. Neither all cheering and celebrating those at this place up. So congratulations now! It's not just about the free, the free zone Autonomous own protesters also stormed Seattle, Seattle City, Hall, the other day in the story from
heroes, seven, they save hundreds of protesters made their way from capital held to Seattle, all our Seattle City Hall on Tuesday evening earlier in the day A rally was held by Seattle City Council member show us a want which started at the EAST precinct at Cow Anderson Park on Capitol Hill, so want call the accountability from called for accountability from the city. If Mayor Jenny Dirk and refuses to step down, I will introduce articles of impeachment before nine pm. A group of protesters marched to City Hall in downtown Seattle and went inside the building its unknown, how the hunter but people gained access to building, apparently some one, let them and now now I am taking this all rather lightly. To be honest, because I've seen occupy wall I was down there and I don't expect this to actually expand in any meaningful way, but I do think it would be important for us to pay attention to this and see how this how this grows if it grows and what their continued actions will be right now I have to wonder: what's stopping them from actually expanding their borders,
according to some of the maps that people have published, that they are actually expanding heavy says people are creating maps of the Capitol Hill Autonomous own. We have the old, but in some of em they point out certain areas that are deemed expansions zones. Here we can see the green and this map is the current zone. The yellow is the expansion zones and we can. Their expansions owns all over the surrounding area, which means it's very light Lee that they're going to expand this territory occupy Wall Street was specifically at the one park. The protesters tried to go out and go to Wall Street. This is different. These are people. We have previously call to take up arms, but on body armor and defend the barricades if they really do intend to expand, which I don't see why they wouldn't. This is about this. This has the potential to become something extremely disturbing. The police will likely come in and sweep them out, no matter what happens, but if people really do take up arms and saying no will then I don't imagine how this ends with anything other than a shoot out unless they just allow.
This to go on for as long as possible the issue as well we're seeing here, in my opinion, won't fizzle out like occupy Wall Street did occupy Wall Street was a bunch of bored college kids. These people have taken it a step further and we have seen a dramatic escalation of street violence of the past several years. That being said, it's possible that those who do take up arms and where body armor and show up, have no intention of leaving and will receive substantial funding. There are people across this country who are absolutely willing to fund something like this. It may just be all silly. It may be kids who eventually get bored economy. The economy may reopen, and people probably don't like sleeping outside, but the main difference between this and occupies they have buildings to occupied an empty police.
Apartment. They can easily go into any one of these homes and of a place to shower and sleep and have access to legitimate resources. They can set up, go fund, raising, get legitimate funding and then more people from across the country who hold these views will centralize in this area. So we'll keep an eye on. It will see how things play but I want to visit on other story to show you how things could actually plant and other areas there somewhere but in an earlier segment foot so for those living in the pod cast you're, probably gonna get an outdated segment moving forward, because I do have some more contacts as to what's going on so port, the Minneapolis Sanctuary Hotel, says, go find me first and foremost This shows you how these people will absolutely receive funding. We can see that many of the veto nations are listed as anonymous, though many people have put their real names. A lot of the top donations are just anonymous, though some people, actually our organizations, political action, funds or otherwise a lot of anonymous contributions. The Sub Minneapolis Sanctuary Hotel, apparently no
longer exists. They say this: they follow people during the protests on May twenty ninth finally found refuge in a hotel, a few blocks away throughout the night people came out, came in with Harling stories of terror, from police and other white supremacist. The national guard shot rubber bullets and our community members who stood outside of it the building, so much of our beloved like street, burned around us. The next morning we learned the hotel owners plans to evacuate, but so much of the commission it was still in need of shelter with the owners, gracious support people stepped forward and created a mutual aid community care system in less than twenty four hours. We, nearly two hundred people and are now organizing meals, first aid and harm reduction services, security teams and housekeeping to make a home for people in need of a need during the worst pandemic in recent street. I do not believe any of these people actually care about their pet that the pandemic they're using this who took on heart strings to gain some kind of public support? Certainly
this photo from people chanting whose city hall our City Hall, none of these people. Actually care about social distancing. Look a lot of them. Wearing masks but they'd, be wearing masks anyway, because their actively engaging in you know, I guess we'll call it civil disobedience by thing it expands much beyond that. Now. Here's the point I want to make where I bring these ideas together as it turns out the homeless, are being evicted from this Sheridan Hotel. A report of drug overdose led to the affection Tuesday of more than two hundred homeless people from a hotel in South Minneapolis that it become a refuge during protest that erupted in the wake of George Floyd's killing in police custody? They mentioned the go find me they mention all the money raised and they mention the people had been evicted. It turns out That's the guy who owns it was absolutely having none of this residents of the former Sheraton, Minneapolis Midtown Hotel, tell talked just north of lakes. Danish cargo avenue awoke to reports.
At the hotels fire alarm was pulled at six, a m following an overdose. The hotel owner J Patel has ordered the eviction of all guests according to volunteers, at the sight, a sudden eviction marks the second time in two weeks that large numbers of homeless people have been forced to make it a temporary site and could hamper efforts by a team of volunteers to find them more permanent housing. The quota virus pandemic has brought a heightened level of urgency to these efforts. Homeless. Outreach workers fear that people who are cleared repeatedly from the shelters and other sites will scatter and become more difficult to reach without aid. Well, They said in their go find me that brought it a hundred and fifty five thousand dollars the owner was graciously supporting the occupation. No, as it turns out, the owner has ordered the full eviction, maybe at the time he was, but I really really just don't believe it, which brings me back to the Chapel Hill Autonomous Zone, five hundred resin
says I'm willing to bet many of these people do not like what's happening around their houses but they're going to keep their mouths shut for their own safety. As I mentioned earlier, you dont have any rights in this area. Ok, during Occupy Wall Street, there were some horrifying crimes that too, place within the park horrifying. Is it a light way of putting it- let's just say the bodily economy of the females was taken away from them from some males. If you know what I'm trying to say, keeping a family friendly, the response from the activists in the park was too not involve long. Foresman. They said that if the police find out what happened to these women, it would make them look really bad and the press would have a field day. I was. Doc by that, I said, I dont care call. The cops would therefore, but they don't like the police. They think all cops are bad right. There's different word for it, but will say bad a cab, so the criminals as I understand it, ended up getting away with it. Now they spread
word as to who the criminals were, so they wouldn't be allowed back in, but the criminals got away with it. If you do it were a proud boy or or war, something where you looked like one or at a trump flag, and you went into the zone, you probably be harmed. That's that's the best work and put at Youtube behind. I think people the barricade. Would you stop you from again, but if somehow you got in a so, you got and then put a hat on. Yeah you're, not gonna have a good time, and you shouldn't do that, but you should have a right to you really should you should be able to walk freely wherever you, so please in this country, that is public right, private property I get. But this is what you can expect from the zone. The people inside this territory problem to keep their mouth shot for fear of their own safety. What would happen if it turns out that you are someone who lived in one one of his residences or had a business there and now you're? U you aren't allowed to express yourself not first and foremost. This is capital
EL in Seattle. I'm sure everybody there is the progressive. So they're all you know singing songs and clapping dancing, but there are people in Seattle who aren't overtly political will. Now they have no choice but to live. Under this kind of rule, but also think about. What this means for people outside of these jurisdictions, If you're somebody who lives in a blue city- but you don't, you know, follow politics all that much. This could happen to you. It could happen your business. They could surround your where you over that could take over, and this is why we are seeing a lot of really really strange. Things happen in San Francisco. People are fleeing the city for obvious reasons, right New York, the same thing, Chicago crime is skyrocketing alike. I'm a sky rocketing, and these activists in these protesters are saying that when the police are all God, it's a paradise is not really a, Paradise. I'm sorry, that's just not the case homeless people we enjoy
It took away all of the food at the Capitol Hill Zone. We need more food to keep the area operational, please, if possible, bring vegan meat, substitutes, fruits, oats and soy products etc. Anything to help us eat vegan meat substitutes, listen man when you got to eat to you to even it to get, but I get it there Larkin this, the cream of the crew. On top of the top, the privileged elites of a major american city, some of the richest people in the world. Now occupying the space, so it's no surprise the homeless people don't have solidarity with this, Amazon. No, the homeless people came in just took the food inside I'll. Take what I can get. That's the real world, and now you don't have it in the real world. When you're in a food additive trash, we don't have food, you beg that's what they're doing now. They're begging the zone needs food, that's what'll happen. People who have means will deliver food of his own, but his own camp survive. We have the good graces of people who are giving it resources. So
How long can really last, unless they start seizing resources, and if the police really wanted to end, they would just stop food from coming in? They cannot let the police can set a barricades around it and anybody's freely free to come and go as they please, but you can't bring in food or stuff like that. That's one way to stop it caught off its resources. So, in the end, what do we have here in the beginning? It did seem like it would be a bit more worrying because they were taking a police precinct like we saw Minneapolis, they were calling for armed guards But now it seems like it's mostly gonna, be a bunch of fino hippy, bleeding heart sitting around singing combine watching doc.
Various and while there is you know there s going to be people who bring guns for the most part, I think we're greasy occupy Wall Street to point out. What does it mean that we don't keep an eye on it, because this has buildings and as a potential for longevity, and if they allow this to expand your going to see people from all over the country bolster those numbers and it will increasingly become more and more difficult to deal with Occupy Wall Street had fun space. The surrounding business has did not support the protest. There is nowhere to sleep people had to come in and out of of of the protests area. This is different. Five hundred residences, as we saw with the shared in hotels, Minneapolis it's very easily for easy for these people to claim- The business owners have graciously supported the movement and will Them stay there indefinitely and if you live there in Europe a lawless mob. You know controlling your streets now, some of some, if, if you a line with them, you're, probably by caves great when I'm gonna knock on your door and say for the good of the movement you
must allow us in the shower, I'm sure some people will say fine. Some people will say no happens if they make you do it. What happened? did they comedy and say you're, not a big it? Are you you're going to support the movement? Are you If you say no, then they'll just say you're a big it. Then you got a deal with no cops, it's an experiment. I guess they say right now that this is a good example of how you know things can be without this, but it is entirely ideologically homogenous, not very easy to do on a grand scale. I've been explained to people my political life. Might my personal political worldview is left libertarian. Of course, these people won't believe because they're off authoritarian right their authority Karen Leftists my worldview functions very, very well in small tribes, something like this makes sense. A bunch of hippies sitting
balancing income via works. You get twenty people living on a farm it works. Now you want to start expanding into a larger city where different world views and opinions start to mix multiculturalism, for instance, it just doesn't work and that's why I think in the real world you, U Centralism is the way to go. You want to be able to accommodate some conservative opinions on liberal liberal opinion, some leftist, some traditional, let some progressive, but not not the worst of the worst. Not though what would instigate cause violence. There's gotta be a way we can learn to live together, and that means many of us will disagree. So we rest r r ideologies underneath live and let live I do my thing you do yours, I got my church. You got your community center if you want to have a boy your people season area with no police. Easy when everyone believes the same thing, but let me remind you, propaganda
these people will tell you all of the sweet sweet lies. You need to hear because they want to convince you that ideology works, but during Occupy Wall Street some horrifying crimes took place against some women, to say the least. It's possible. These things will happen here because there's no cops and nothing will be done about it, but they won't tell you this they'll tell you, it was amazing. Skittles in candy keynesian rainbows in unicorns, but I'll tell you what a brilliant happen. People are gonna save on the streets. Some people might find buildings, they can sleep and many people will just leave and come back later because it is alive action role play that ultimately does nothing. Today's different, though about almost ten years since I could buy Wall Street. Ah nine. I think it's entirely possible that, as things have escalated so dramatically, this become something else, but I will leave it there for now, but the kids play. Let him do their thing, I believe in civil disobedience and peaceful protest and as long as they keep it that way.
And the residents aren't filing complaints or whatever. Then me what you want it's their city, they can do what they want to do with it and if it works out for them the nay more power to you right. Beware: the propaganda I'll leave their necks seconds coming up at six p m at Youtube COM, Slash TIM cast news and I will see you all them Bree statue and street building had been renamed. Every date has been altered in the process, continuing day by day and minute by minute, history has stopped, nothing exists, accept an endless present which the party is always right. George Orwell, nineteen, eighty four as and out by magic, tweeted out from the Hill Deblasio Street and each New York borough will be renamed black matter Dc Dc mayor renamed, a street in the White House. Black lives matter Plaza statue of Christopher Columbus,
is torn down set on fire and thrown into a Virginia like by protesters, saying explore explorer represents genocide from the wall. The Wall Street Journal HBO Max Poles gone with the wind while cops gets cancelled across this country, forced apologies and public, shaming for doctrinal aviation sweep american culture. Welcome my friends to the real date. Twenty twenty. We thought it would be. Nineteen. Eighty four. I guess that was just a book, but it's actually happened. We are in the midst of what we ve been. We ve been in the it takes time, ripe a culture revolution. But now things have accelerated to a rather extreme to green, it's funny, because we all thought this had been crushed by covered as soon as a real Crisis emerged. People start to abandon the woke I'd, algae nonsense and then woke ideology. Nonsense came back and crushed Covin, it's really strange, isn't it
almost like these people realise that when confronting a real global crisis, they had to strike back with a vengeance. Now we are seeing people lose their jobs for nonsensical reasons. The bigger fear I have is not so much about what we're waiting with these lunatics were burning box, and maybe they went, and that is scary, but I'm not entirely confident. That will be the case, because I think there are a lot of people who secretly vote for Donald Trump or Republicans and that create some kind of fracturing website. Whenever this ideology is they, be making gains in the mainstream and tearing down statues, but I think it's gonna freak alot of people out especially people in the suburbs and that's where Donald Trump stood to lose. He lost a lot of suburban districts and that's how the Democrats, one the house now, of course, the pole,
Those are all in favour of Donald Trump. You want to know why I think they're all I'm sorry, I'm sorry wrong. The poles are in favour of Biden. That was, I miss, but you wanna know why. I think we're seeing that well. Take a look at some of these stories about this. One Stasi, Schroeder is surprised and upset by her firing for by vendor pump from vendor pump rules for her racist actions after it emerges, she begged Bravo, please. Never fire me form so go so you have people. Professor, you see. I lay cows professor, a suspended. After refusing request for lenient marking of black students, final assessment due to the trauma they have suffered from George Floyd's death and civil unrest at them. It's no sense. How does it not make sense two years on a better grade, because someone somewhere died and what does that mean due to benefit, anybody will benefit them. Why cause I'm leaving
greed, that understand, and they can go to a job they can't do and then the market suffers. This is the replacement of merit with ideology and it won't work. It's never worked. It won't work. Now it's led to the complete collapse of many countries and they keep saying but we'll try and try again, it's not going to work and that's why I think many people are our saying that rather but for Joe Biden, you know why I mean lesson there's no enthusiasm for Joe Biden at all. Nobody cares about this guy, yet somehow got doubled, It should lead on Donald Trump and nation wide pulse in some states closer, but I believe it was it made me even in your times it or five thirty. That said, there is a strange gap between those. Say Trump is doing a good job and those who say they would not vote for him or are those who say they would vote form. How do you
we have a smaller number of people now would vote form and a large number of people saying has done a good job then seem to make sense right. Well, I think we were seeing is that if you come out and support the president, they will destroy your life. I mean not someone like me, they can try, but I don't work for anybody nor do actually care that's kind of the issue, but there are a lot of people who can make posts and then give right now, Paul Krugman and some other economies to try to get a dude fired for criticising black lives matter. We saw a woman on some MTV Show get fired the other day because she she even said. She supported black lives matter, but, unfortunately, your comments were still a little offensive, so she's gotta go, that's the inquisition, so low Let me show you how to read the story from just the news, but let me show you this out the Stasi article, could she wrote? This is horrifying apology and it's, in my opinion, extremely pathetic. She said
racially insensitive comments from my past of every surfaced. It is important that I continue to take accountability for what I have said and done, while pushing myself to do better. I have grown significantly from the person I was then, and I'm still filled with remorse and Right for the hurt I caused, I am grateful for the people in my life blah blah blah blah yea. It we get it. What I did to faith was wrong apologize, please. I do not expect forgiveness, I'm so sorry, I'm! So sorry, please! Please don't hurt me. Please please just let me live, please can have my job back. I'm oh sorry, I'll do whatever you say. Just tell me what you want me to say as an she might as well have rep written ripe. So here's what I was saying before, I'm not super concerned about these people. I mean it is freaky and it is worrying, but don't wanna pretend like this is the worst possible outcome. This can lead to the worst possible outcome. Parallel economies, this woman, I got fired, these people who have lost their jobs. I mean they're, pulling movies from Israel gone with the wind. At first, they were like we're gonna cancer Baby, it's cold outside now, they're getting rid of everything and gone with the wind.
Love break it out because one of the actresses in it a black woman, was the fur Black I'm underwent an Oscar Wilde. She's been erased. Here's my bigger concern as these peoples are to lose their jobs and people lose money begging for forgiveness will not work stop doing it the struggle sessions. Art got you you're not going to get out of it. There's nothing. You can do there is a demand you apologize and use used as evidence of wrong doing and no one will ever higher you. So stop stopping apathetic loser, stand up yourself, comical, F, off and yeah guess what that means, you can have your fifty mansion and Santa Monica would ever get yeah well to bed the alternative You don't get it anyway. You ve lost it. It's done now. It happens, as these people still need need need, eat right. They still need jobs they're not just gonna go to sleep in the gutter and die so parallel economies will form an that's when resource building occurs and faction factions emerge. Go fund me took down the fundraiser for dinner,
decks and independent journalists big after he got arrested. I guess he set up a go fuck me and he raised thousands of dollars and then him he released a video sang it. I've been removed, Meanwhile, there raising millions and millions of dollars for people who support black lives matter. We then had a business owner who criticized the writers who destroyed her business. Candice Alan set up a go, find me and go fund me removed that too. We are going to see parallel economies when Alex Jones got banned from Youtube. Did he simply say Audrey's now am I guess, I'm over my business has gone.
No, he launched a new website which is now getting ten. It's it s, getting a substantial amount of yours. I don't I don't know. Maybe it's getting. What you can see in this video is getting tens of thousands of people want to watch it. Will he still has money and it can still make money and is not in the can do about it now. Perhaps these people start getting into government. We saw the Democrats do their kneeling thing and at that point we then start seeing the asymmetrical enforcement of law. This is where things get truly truly scary in New York in Fort worth. If they have straight up said, we won't charge you in Fort worth they released writers are that they drop the charges on people to people who were charged with rioting time, protests about rioting. They said you know what we're not we're in a job while these charges and just a month, go a salon owner was arrested because you want to run her business as these people get into government. What what what people don't seem to get there before we talked about civil war, they said it will never happen because,
as the security apparatus of the state will not allow it to happen, and I sat down you understand: the government is made up of people and people can have ideology and religion, and what happens when you get a critical mass of people in government who believe in, this stuff and say well versed. Isn't a violation of first amendment, because we are morally just eagerness of work right now. The New York Times, for instance, they are having a revolution, a culture revolution within the company, the great lady, the paper of record is now undergoing a transformation into woke ideology. A one of the opinion editors running up at from Tom Cotton Cause defending the protest, but calling out the rioters. Everyone got mad, they they were forced to issue an apology and the editor resign. No one cared when they published not bad for the Taliban. This is part of the cultural revolution. So long as you support their ideology or fine, you have nothing to do with it. They kind of
ignore you. They just don't want opposition who would have thought that the New York Times a centuries old institution would come crumbling down. On and worn like askin suit from death contests. Who believe the insane things our people believed it, but it happened. It's done it. It is officially down the sixteen nineteen project, for instance erasing of history, its fake. It's completely faith. Make makes no sense. What do you think's going to happen when Anne of these people get into government and they start saying things like freedom of speech does not include hate speech, because hate speech is not defined as free speech or some other stupid argument. Mere Webster recently gave then I guess change the definition of the word racism doing the word. Racism is called a sort. No definition and it is a recursive gibberish nightmare means nothing Lennox, wind you. What Miriam Upsatirs did, I say:
racism is done, is defined as one a belief that race as the primary determinant of human rights and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular rice to a doctor. Or political programme, based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles to be, a political or social system founded on racism, three racial prejudice or discrimination, Webster said they want to make sure that the definition of the word was true to how people use it. So, let's break down what were seen first, I tweeted about this about. Of morons, probably death cultivates, didn't understand. In the context of adding a Separate definition that includes itself, I am not talking about definition, one which actually tries define what racism is. I am too talking about the addition of definition too, which is supposed to be a stand alone definition, but is a recursive loop. I can explain it very simply.
A doctrine or political programme based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles. They use the word racism in the definition of the word racism. Now, of course, what people say than is, but it refers to point one: no, it doesn't that's not how definitions work. When you look, The word run, it has more definitions than any other word I believe run could be to move briskly at at at at an increased pace in which, at one point both feet. Leave the ground. Walking when one foot is always on the ground, and you can speed walk in which you walk right quickly, but running typically both feet. What will be off the ground it to an end at some point, civically define it run, could also mean to execute a programme there's a bunch of different F definitions for the word run, and they don't refer to each other. They mean different things. Racism includes a new
a definition which greater recursive loop. So what you would do is to properly understand what this means. The sentence. You would need to replace the word racism with its own definition. Now, of course, you could choose definition, one two or three years they mean different things: if you choose to use the new systemic definition of racism, it would read a doctrine or political, programme based on the assumption of a doctrine or political programme, based on the assumption of a doctrine or political programme based on the assumption of a doctrine or political approach. You see what you should appoint if you were placed the word racism with the new definition. It creates recursive loop, now. What people are saying is no, no. You have to refer to one. If that were the case, then number two would be in a different category called systemic racism and it would refer back to the initial word racism. That's not what we're seeing here.
This is this. Is this is a slow role. I think that in turn, the right word racism and, like sin original sin, something you could never beat me, no get rid of privilege, words that become meaningless and they just say that's racist. What is why racist. Why would you do it doesn't matter what he did, because I didn't do anything he said naughty words, whatever fine The word is simply an attack on the other that it's happening. Let's take a look at our just the news rights it they say it's never been more complicated to say I'm sorry in the town square New Orleans saints quarterback drew breeze, learned that after saying, he would never agree with anybody. Disrespecting the flag of United States. Teammate Malcolm Jenkins, issued a fiery response and he was far from alone and its unfortunate, because I consider you a friend Jenkins said, I looked up to you you're somebody who I had a great deal of respectable respect for, but sometimes it shut the effort. I am sorry you posted in its ram and I will do better and I will be Part of the solution- and I am your ally-
and I dont know words- do that justice. What a pathetic loser racism is bad. The actual racism is bad, I hate it. I like civil libertarianism, an equal rights under the law. These people not advocating for equal rights over the wall there advocate advocating for in equal treatment, under the law and that's what is emerging. They are pretending to fight justice, while they seized power and force you to bend the knee and ridiculous struggle sessions where you litter He said I won't agree with someone I will never disapprove anybody disrespecting the flag. You know what I want either, but I certainly agree to respect their right to disrespect it. You want to burn the flag. Do it with my blessing, I don't like the idea, but I like what it represents represents the freedom of expression. This country allows something you don't yet and basically any other countries on the planet? You know, Brazil doesn't have freedom of speech for freedom of speech. They can arrest,
who for saying things at offend moral decency as they would describe it. There are a lot of countries like this. Many of them I mean the most obvious being China, so in Amerika I love the flag. I love it represents it represents reform. Irreverent represents a country where I and my family are allowed to exist because of reforms because of peaceful protest because of boycotts, sometimes because of violence. Unfortunately, like the civil war yeah, it is unfortunate. It does happen but for the most part this country has done tremendous things over the past several hundred years. To guarantee civil liberties to all life liberty, the pursuit of happiness and that's the flag represents, and I'm glad you know, the flag represents a bad history. But if you only want to focus on the negative well, then you're, a negative person sure I can look back to the past and find anybody was done something wrong, but the american flag represents change, represents the opportunity to
amend itself to do better, to recognise its own fault and say we can do better. You dont accomplish this by ripping down statues in the middle of the night, you're an accomplished this by burning books there doing it. It's not just little, intellectually this from NPR. Your bookshelf may be part of the problem now mind you these people, our stand, they can't go too far too quickly. This article doesn't necessarily say, burn books it. Just as the books, you're reading our problem and you must come aside their structures and narratives in the things they're saying they don't want to go to close so literally advocating for some of the Nazis were doing right. HBO getting rid of gone with the wind cops gets cancelled. Well, I'll, tell you what cops getting cancelled. I really don't care about it. We're whatever man show
it cancelled now the ideology behind it is worrisome, but pulling gone with. The wind is extremely worrisome. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it and we're going to repeat it. Maybe it's happening, learn a start burning books, you know digitally the Ets. It takes a new form. Amazon, for instance, will ban your book. If it does it, if its, it offends their delicate sensibilities. What's the difference between that and book burning, it's the same thing it just new technology. Let's related more, they say even Brittany, breeze. The quarterbacks wife apologise on its behalf truck tweeted, I'm a big fan of drew breeze, I think, is surely one of the greatest quarterbacks, but he should not have taken back. Is original stands in honouring our make Magnifica magnificent american flag, old glory is to be revered, cherished and flown high. I agree later drew breeze, took present Donald Trump Task effort, trumped sat. He should have apologised. The veteran quarterback still received death threats, for commas. It's only. The latest example of a broadly held previously uncontroversial opinion at sudden.
Had to be recanted and publicly atoned for consider after Mario Lopez's, twenty nineteen commas saying a three year old child shouldn't be able to dictate his or her own gender. The saved by the bell along quickly apologized, once the comments went viral? I'm sorry, Well, I'm sorry, Mario Man, I got no respect for that. None whatsoever just say: shut. The fuck up, you wanna come out and say a three year old shouldn't pick their gender guess. What I'm going to agree with you? I'm gonna completely agree with you. What kind of psychotic spineless moron. Apologize and say I must be wrong about what three year olds no and they'll come and cancel you and they can come answer me that'll happen soon. Whenever man, I don't care a mock and apologise on the ice, not gonna happen, and I'm gonna dumps. Do my thing. Whatever fine, I don't care the mob can kind of my house of bricks in stone. Torture and whatever they want. I'm not gonna shut up, I'm gonna say,
I want to say the only way you can you caught up my tongue. You burn it all down, destroy my channels, otherwise I'm gonna keep doing my thing. These people were apologizing are whiny losers. One hundred per cent and you know it at this point- it really breaks my heart because there was an opportunity to do better. There really was an opera it is that we understand that some things are bad and we can change. There are many things that we all can look back on, say, yeah that was kind bad thing, and we done a good job of change. It that's why America's right and that's why they're so worried about what we can do in this country as what they got a terrible thing down and burnt down in Europe's history. If they get rid of the victim, then they lose their moral that their their moral superiority. However, I fear it may be come in. I M, it may be too late, maybe too late we appoint now where they dont need to justify anything. They have what they view as dominant cultural power, and that means they can pull gone with
wind with with the blink of an eye. It means that they can burn books and ban books and shut down to Youtube channels and ban any one they want. They can get. You fired from your job, even if you support the movement like that one woman, whatever name was hitherto. She was critical of some people posting about it, but you such as always supported at the matter. It was still too offensive. You offend the delicate sensibilities of the party you see what happens so yeah. You want to talk about a potential for civil war. I don't know, maybe a lot of people have been talking about it We talked about the other day and the IRA podcast. There is appropriate a professor name, how things Robert Cutler, who said were in it, it's just not what you think it is because people You know they look back at the American Civil war that that's what civil war looks like. No, we are seeing violence pop up in cities right now in Seattle, a bunch of far leftist have taken over a seven city, block area and they're, calling for people of guns, the rang body armor, and they say that people are armed down there now and they want to guard the barricades. They store.
The city hall, the other day make demands and left its happening. I told you what would happen Pacific Northwest that northwest vegetable obvious to anybody and spreading at assert point when you have all of these people being purged from industry, how long until their purged from government, because people start getting scared, and once they start getting a foothold in government, you will have a civil war, the new, or times in revolt. Were their added a resigning they're, putting out overt fake news if you think it won't enter government institutions. You are wrong, it may art happened and once they reach critical mass with their colt ideology, you will Tons of people in government starts. Screeching, though, make up a lies about triumphal, trying to remove an and baby. You will see what happens when the people who resist this stuff and refused to bow down say we're going to stand up, and then people make job
no someone's I'd. Never in history of I seen the people without guns, trying to come up against people with guns did have you been attention all too? What's going on? First of all, there was a the old man and, I believe the army, I am not entirely sure, standing, maybe maybe national guard, as the protesters chanted there, that they said I black I'm proud. He said the same words under his breath. You could see his mouth moving that went viral. There are people who sympathise an active duty m p when on a rat, what what was was found with weapons and explosives and of an active duty and when the police, get him down. He killed a cop. Yes, this is not about a bunch of stupid college students. There are people in government right now they are just waiting Will they get the signal to know they have critical mass call me stupid. Call me acceleration is say I'm making things up I'm only telling you what's already happened, I'm not encouraging anything. I am just saying it has happened. So do what you want to do men.
I don't think anybody should be engaging in these kinds of this kind of escalation about tell you what are you paying, attention at all, tearing down catches of middle, the night thrown him to the harbour HBO pulling gone with the wind and iconic film, just because we had bad histories of mean you purged everything we under stand that history was bad. We learned from it. They don't want us to learn from it. They want to bring it back. Their leftist reactionaries is what I said couple years ago, the word reactionary refers to people who want to revert things to the way they used to be, what is it? What is the left advocating for segregation, special programmes based on race, their trial, to reverse the civil rights movement? They'll tell you the opposite, because the civil rights movement was popular, their demanding race be a pretext for law. We got rid of that in nineteen. Sixty four, they will tell you the opposite big
as they know get. This was a it was. Civil rights is popular, their banning movies. So we can't remember why things were bad jack. Dorsey S. Troops are allowed to glorify violence. Then he literally goes on twitter and does it they are lying to you to gain power there leftist reactionaries. They want to revert things to the way they used to be where race was a pretext and law. While I won't stand for that, I believe is wrong, but that's happening and that's what you will get as all these people bowed down. I bring you back to the quote from George Orwell when every street was renamed when dates didn't exist. Only rate of forty one more time before sign off every statue in St Building had been renamed every day had been altered in the process continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists, accept an endless present in which the party is always right.
De Palacio renaming streets, the black lives matter in DC. They ve already done it statues of Christopher Columbus being torn down gone with the wind being purged and a man who said I will never. I will never agree with anybody. Disrespecting the flag of United States was forced to apologize for, saying that. What's that supposed to mean that you must, you must respect the desecration of the symbol
of our country. Do you realize what that means to the average person who likes America? It means that they are being told. You must accept people disrespecting this country, that's a dangerous, dangerous turn. Men! Listen, I don't think Christopher Columbus was a good do not at all, and I certainly had dont think gone with. The wind represents slavery in, and you know I think, they're bad things in that film. You know it's a history, we look, we look down upon with regret, but we learn from it and we changed they want to erase all of that. It's a bad thing, perhaps when you have a statue of Christopher Columbus, you should tell people what the controversy is. They understand why we criticise the men. I have talked about statues being taken down and here that I think I think they should be. Many of these data should be taken down. I think they should be taken down with a vote through a democratic process and placed in a museum and in theirs
add placed a plaque explaining the nuances about why the statue was there in the first place, why we tore down and how the people voted and how we changed. Progress is fine, but lawlessness and cancel culture and mob rule is horrifying. If we take things down through a democratic process, guess what you might find it doesn't come down. My opinion isn't as relevant as the democratic institutions. Findings, most people say leave it out. Will then it stays up? Is the only way they when I don't know where? What what where, where wherein all goes next, which have heard my opinion solely with their next, I will be coming up at one p m in this channel and I'll see you all them the police are. Finally speaking up, Impassioned speech police you boss, said stop treating us like animals and thugs and start treating with some respect any brought up a very interesting statistic: three hundred
seventy five million interactions and almost all of them peaceful. Personally, I think, with we- do have a problem with police military. Nation, and this happens. You know in a lot of small towns. For some reason I do think we need to make your police are held to a higher standard, as they are the ones who have to enforce the law, so it is a difficult situation. I certainly dont think de funding or abolishing the police makes sense the tensions are escalating. I want to read historian and show you what the police are actually saying. Now they fire back, but you know you can't even need some context for I just show you what they're saying. First, a deputy was wounded. After a gunman opens fire near California police Station, the hill says she we're fine shots were heard around three forty five, a m near the Paso robust police station. The allay times reported Sergeant Steve Autumn said that on deputy remains unnamed by the partner was shot in the face. The deputy was rushed to the hostage
and is in serious but stable condition. A call frankly the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's office. They want to abolish the police. This is all part of demoralising them. You have these rap these. These rapid attacks you have the press slamming smearing them and guess what people are owing to resign and that it will make abolishing the police force that easy now. Why would they want to get rid of the police? I honestly don't know in Angeles homicide, this week have increased two hundred and fifty percent in allay compared to last week. Is there go to shock and scare regular Americans into desperately begging for law. Enforcement back seems like maybe that's what it is. Of people who go a week or two without cops and see how bad things really do get up. Man like I said
are some reforms that can be enacted. Most people are in favour of some reforms. We want to make sure were protecting civil liberties, but abolishing the police will breed absolute chaos and well. The signs are here: Bloody pig had left on a spike outside, allays, notorious Rampart precinct during police brutality, protests a kid you not a pig's had on a pike I think we are going to see escalate tensions in conflict, and I think we are literally going to see the police across the country defended to varying degrees and many departments disbanded many apples has already said so at this. In time in Minneapolis, extremists have common Deirdre, Sheraton, hotel and here's the best part support the many. Apple Sanctuary Hotel, a fundraiser seeking two hundred thousand dollars and go fund me allows it. Let me explain something to you: extremists have seized a building they have stolen property. I kid you not. They are now argue
buying a building, and that is that that advice, like so many laws. I don't know where to begin go find me will allow it, but if a journalist say someone like Dan Decks and independent journalists and you get arrested and one do a fundraiser for broken camera. Something go find me will ban. You welcome to the new world and the police speaking up about it. But I'll tell you what man you know these cops coming on. Speaking about this, so part of the plan. I didn't think about it. If these cops are angry, saying there being treated treated like animals, while at the same time they're trying to abolish the police department broke. They want you to quit. That's the point. They dont want police departments. What's gonna happen next? Well, they want to be the police. Understand when they say: abolish the police. It's not gonna, be a utopia. People holding hands and singing it's going to be. These wacko lunatic contests Walking around in their robes with large sticks, whacking people who are violating some kind of moral
moral law or authority. Is that what you want, but you gotta get it see this news reports, bigger press conference under the or F K Bridge in New York City on Tuesday. Dozens of policing chiefs spoke out against the press and lawmakers vilified them MIKE Amira President of the unwise state police, Benevolent Association, so that everybody is trying to shame us and added, stop treating us like animals and thugs and start treating us with some respect. When it was his turn to speak or mirror said three hundred. Seventy five interactions, the public every year, three hundred twenty five million interactions. Very well, mainly positive responses, overwhelmingly positive responses, but I read them where's all week. We already papers that in the black community, mothers are worrying other children getting home from school without being killed back up. World. Are we living it? He asked that doesn't happen. It does not happen. I am not Derek Jovan there, Other police officers are not him. He killed someone we didn't we
restrained chauvinism, Minneapolis officer who was charged with murder. Everybody's trying to shame us the legislators, the press, every but he is trying to shame us into being embarrassed about our profession. Well, you know what this badge isn't stay, by some one in Minneapolis it still shine on it and so do there's so do there's stop treating us like animals and bugs start treating us with respect. That's what we're here today to say we ve been left out of the conversation we ve been vilified. It's disgusting! It's disgusting, I'm sorry buddy. They D, care. They don't care what you have to say, because a cab you a cab, means all cops. Are you know? The last word right to be word therefore reference to somebody whose parents aren't married, it means a bunch of other things right but basically means there is no reform. There are no good cops Erin, and there is nothing you can do about it, you're, a cop, your bad, they say: listen,
I have actually, in my life, had more negative interactions with police than positive ones, so I can certainly understand he might think he's a good guy and he might say always other cops are good guys, and many of them probably are. The problem. Is most interactions are not, in my opinion, positive, listen when you're speeding and you can pull ever get a ticket these People are gonna have complaints about it. That's the point I'm trying to make. So you end up in a circumstance where a cop might legitimately give someone speeding taken. A person gets mad about it, and so they file a complaint. So you talk about overwhelmingly positive interactions. I understand from your perspective. It may be routine, but this is not surprising that it was a mature breaks down. I'm trying to say it's easy to actually spend the police. It is because people don't want to be held accountable people, let us be borne jaywalking, gonna, break the law, A lot of cops. Just one issue tickets. There there is criticism to go round the police, though his regard I mean they say they dont have quotas but come on man.
We know that a lot of these departments rely on revenue from tickets and, to a certain extent, arrests and fines to function, and so this is what you're gonna end up. Seeing people don't like police when people are driving and they see a cop, they don't feel safe. There circumstance were people do feel they have no choice but to ask cops. We gotta understand men in a small town. Let me say this in a small town, you, probably in a wave the cop. You know, I'm your love em. They help you out in big cities. It is not that way. I'm sorry! In big cities there is anxiety when the cops show up I'm leaving kidding me. I mean look for me coming from from association cargo, the point I'm trying to make us these cops. I get it, but New York City has serious problems. This is a democratic city in a democratic state with democratic congressmen with democratic senators and they have enacted policies at these protests are complaining about. I do not leave the funding or disbanding the police is the right answer I believe, may be repaid.
Retiring budgets makes a lot of sense. I dont think cops should have armoured personnel carriers for the most part, I think, police don't necessarily need to carry around rifles in their trunks, not ovum do and Often wonder why does a traffic cop has a gun and they do seriously in New York? Unlike liberalism in other countries, they might have a civil guard who has authority ticketing? rest who doesn't have a gun, and then they have actual crops that are arm, so they actually credit distinction there. Maybe that's an answer. I honestly don't know listen, I'm I'm! I'm I'm a moderate right. That means I group and so, his wife, seen bad things from cops, and I know people who don't feel safe around them. That's a fact, but have also had good interactions. Police, and I understand the importance of having them. If someone's going to break in your building, you call the cops they come and help you, but
because of the general negative sentiment and because people don't be held accountable, they go to a stupid place to chinese finger trap problem right. If you have a lot of people in cities that dont, like the cops, if you have activists now verifying them in the press and even lawmakers, then people are gonna say abolished. Police and what happens they do and then what happens? I bring you back to LOS Angeles homicides this week have increased to under fifty percent and allay compared to last week. Lapd says yeah, yeah yeah. Ok, we got it, we get it. Let me read more what they said: a mere continued, Nobody talks about the number of police that were killed last week in America and there were number of them, we dont condone, the apple ass. We roundly reject what he did as disgusting. It's disgusting, it's not what we do. It's not or police officers do. I can agree with that. We have seen, because of social media arise in content, that vilified police, because it gives someone a cause
to rally against and because a lot of these cops have gotten away with really really messed up things. Some people have said, but the riots. Why have they righted? Because all the peaceful protests didn't work? That's not true. Who at all- and I got a guy- get really annoyed. When I see this listen, I'm a moderate support trying to make I have a general negative general negative experiences. Police five had positive ones, and I recognise the importance of the police department. That's where I sit so I'm I'm for reform. That's basically the issue I have seen people say that people protests didn't work, and so they must riot. It's the only way to get things done. No, it isn't the protests did work. Did you see what happened with the two, a people in Virginia when they also have been peacefully rallied and then all of a sudden I'm a Craddock officials in the state blocked this gun, desolation or whatever it worked. Peaceful rally worked
and how are they say they look at that. As I see that proves racism, no, it doesn't man, it's insane, because we have seen a lot of people come on peaceful protest. And you had everyone on your side already. If anything, the riots just made made it worse for everybody and now what's going to happen when they, when they overcharge Chauvin and Ian and any potentially could get off. You know who gets found not guilty or guilty of a lesser. They're. Gonna, write again and then say: seat doesn't work. No. What didn't work is at you demanded too much and I'm sure you can argue the writing worked because they caved to you and then they up. The charges on this guy and then another saying the export of saying it might not actually stick here's what he said: Our legislators abandoned us. The presses vivifying us. Well, you know what guys I'm proud to be a cop venom and I'm going to continue to be proud to be a cop until the day I retire, and that's all I have to say in the wake of George Floyd's death groups, such as
black lives matter along with leftwing left wing? Lawmakers have called for this funding and dismantling police forces. Let me tell you what happens when you disband the police force. This negative is go find me support the many apples Sanctuary hotel, here's what they say at eight p m on Friday May twenty ninth just blocks from the EP: a centre of the uprising fighting for justice in the streets of softening apples, armoured vehicles and hundreds of National Guard advanced on Hiawatha Avenue. The curfew is an effect in the state offered no options in Minneapolis in any in Minneapolis form, One sheltered couple, camped outside the shelters were fall and the hotels promised the large encampment left them and the hotels promised to the large encampment left them and many others behind. I finally found refuge in a hotel a few blocks away throughout the night people came in with harming stories of terror from police and other white supremacists.
National Guard shot rubber balls at a community members who stood outside the building, so much of our beloved like street, burned around us. The next morning, we learned the hotel owners plans to evacuate, but so of the community was still in need of shelter with the owner gracious support. People stepped forward and credit a mutual aid community care system. No, I really doubt the owner supported it. I really really doubt it I'm sure he was terrified that if you rejected this, they would burn his building to the ground and he had no no, no choice but to fully my opinion but come on. You can have yours and now the building is occupied. Why? Well, because the owner was forced to bend of any the police, I'm gonna come in and save him. The police are gonna, be disbanded. So what happens now when a group of zealots shows up to your bakery, your barbershop, your coffee shop and says:
from this point forward, you are the commune resource centre. Would you gonna say, while the cops aren't gonna support you, they ve disbanded them to fund them and the cops I want to get involved, you're gonna, say, but by some it's my it's my bakery and they say you're, not a racist. Are you you're, not a big? It are you at another time, believe and their celebrating cheer and talk about their new food station and your business will be gone and everything you worked for will be gone. The owner graciously ported the loss of his building and his livelihood. Somehow I just don't believe that, but we ve seen it across the board people war being cancelled and being fired. This is the next step they have taken over seven city blocks in Seattle, where the police, the community, didn't support them. That's it I'm sorry they didn't. The police receive twelve hours.
Complaints about tear gas use or whatever, so they left. Now the local businesses are apparently being forced to quote DIS affiliate from the city accorded some of the activists and their expanding and armed. I shouldn't com activists. Extremists are pushing the barricades and seizing more land in the now seven block radius bullet, Professor, armed guards are standing watch or many armed people are there according to some locals on the ground. This will come to your city, the moment they are defending the police, but it's not even about the police. I ask you: why haven't the police stepped in to protect this business owner, because the business owner Bent Vinnie there's nothing to protect, why they ve chosen to give up their building to these extremists and there it is, though, come near house will come your business they'll. Take it from you and say: if you call the police will tell everyone how much of a big it you are. Don't you want to support the community
That's right! You don't want to be a bigot. Do you congratulations? Your life is over. These people are taking ground and seemingly no one seems to notice or care until it'll be too late, and then you won't have a police department to protect you. So what will you do at that point? I think a lot of these cops. A lot of these people are going to flee the cities. Go off in the middle of nowhere. Take a van down by the river and say to leave me out of it, and that means these wackos will continue, taking more and more building and instead of hearing that the buildings are being seized by force, you will hear that the owners graciously chose his support, the party and the cause. That's how it starts. I mean but even starting I mean it literally happening. It's been happening. It all happened more than you can see. How go find me operates. Go fund me will ban a journalist, but they will allow one hundred and fifty five thousand dollars to be funneled into this seized resource and the police won't do anything about it, because the community wide support
That's where things get. Scary is one of the reasons I think they're they're they're adamant about abolishing the police that using racism as guys for it, the police make a really really good point. Look I get it. I can mention general negative interactions. I grew up in the city, but I still think the police department should exist. I think we just need some reforms, but these people are not being honest about what their true intentions are. They say the police department is irredeemably racist. It cannot be reform, therefore, must be abolished, so many apis will in many apple ass. They ve sees the hotel. What comes next, it's gotta be a lot of fun at imagine right for all the stupid people who refuse to stand up it'll be too late for them, and then they would have a business they'll be forced to work for free they'll have no resources and boy will they hate it? They will get everything they wished for for the rest of regular people who refuse to speak up against this, don't be surprised when you lose it. If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for anything
That's the saying right now. Look at this who is going to support this business owner. Nobody, the visitor, had no choice but to say yes, please you can have my building. I really doubt they just agreed to give up every and where are they now. Imagine a lot of these people are fleeing. Like I said I imagine, a lot of them are counting taking stock of what they own and their possessions and trying to now prepare themselves for the future. The police are getting increasingly agitated, and this is all part of the plan Did you ever see a graphic, those posted about how you don't insurgency takes over and how a coup in a revolution starts? Everything right now is under round and regular people are ignoring this and their allies. The media are not telling you it's really happening and their active waiting to get anyone who opposes them band sauntered on along. I have thereby up and really soon considering the flow of things we said it
gonna get crazy near the election. It won't end after the election of outer who wins. The cult is coming for the police. The police are now forced to scream and defiance about how they are being ignored and abandoned by every one, but their proud. It doesn't matter because the people, the average person Refuses to speak up, the contests are screaming at the top of their lungs. The media will vilify anyone who dares oppose them so only narrative that persists is orange. And bad blue man, bad support us or else they'll? Take your business they'll. Take your building, they'll, take your city streets and the cops will be told to stand down as to get That's where we're headed. Is anybody doing anything about the crazy people in Seattle? Now the cops left the the locals complained
I am. I am really excited to see what happens to these locals in Seattle once they start living under the boot of authoritarianism. These people are not freedom, loving individuals, they they they they claim. They want freedom. It's all part of the lie, the symbol. The revolution. Fist is a communist symbol about the fingers being stronger together. You rip the history. There was used in the spanish civil war out of actually when it started, but it was a counter message to the fascists and not fascists, the fascists, the banning of of sticks, because together they were strong. The communists had the same message there, both authoritarian, crazy people right now the two principal factions that I'm seeing are the libertarians and the authoritarian. That's not an all encompassing compass in view of what is really going on, because there are subjects and varying tribes based on their specific goals.
People like me, for instance, find ourselves in alliance with many other conservatives. Why? Because they believe in individual liberty and the people who buy Eve and maximum state authority have all basically aligned around varying ideologies. So this is what you get go to my twitter, gonna Instagram, dot com slashed him Cason. What will you see? There is an image they have made of a fist, crushing the Gadsden Snick, the make symbolizes a warning to leave me alone. That's what the snake as the rattlesnake on the flag has don't tread on me. What does it mean the snake when you see it It makes a noise. So you know, if you attack it, it will strike back a deadly viper. However,
the symbol they use the fist crushes the snake saying we will track. What does that mean? Don't tread on me says. Leave me at me. Leave me alone to live my life. It's part of the idea of living and let live. I will do me, you will do you and we will not infringe on each other to the best of our abilities. We will tread explicitly
Bates. We will crush you and take your rights from you. We will not leave you alone. If you think that you will be safe in your suburban house, mind your own business, you are wrong. I heard the helicopters near my house before something needs to be said about how crazy these people are, and people need to stand up. The cops are doing it now, with the cops, don't have support, since only a matter of time before someone comes and occupies your home and the third amendment one to put what protect you when society forces you to bend Vinnie like I said about the shared and hotel the owner graciously supported us. Did he really did they really are? Maybe the woman or do they know that they will be cancelled, fired and attacked and mobbed and threatened, and no one will protect them unless they give everything up man I am telling you go, read history. Maybe this all stops here, it's possible, it's possible. We stop it from its from from expanding I'll, think so men
If I thought it was going to get worse than I think it'll get worse now you see all the people getting fired from their jobs for criticizing these people. You see the flag burning, then, when they come to your business and say give us your building they're seizing the means of production, one step at a time right, how long before they go to a farm and say it's time the rich landowners give up the property to the proletariat. Maybe it doesn't happen. But isn't it funny how they see? Seven city blocks in Seattle and a hotel, they're gonna come to you and you have no choice but to give it And there won't be any one there to practise there'll, be no police department, there will be, no law may be Bill bar will step in, and the federal government have no choice but to shut the stuff down. The problem is culture. The government can say you can't do this. If the Sheraton owner says no, no, it's ok, it's ok, I'm giving it to them. Will then the police and the governor
it's going to do anything about it. If the cultural pressures supersede the political guarantees than people will bend Veni and lose everything the people get what they deserve. Man, the but who refuse to stand up and fight. I would rather live on my feet than die on my knees. Sit around Mexicans coming up at six at four p m over at TIM, cast dot net check it out. Mother, gentle and I'll see you all them. As many of you are probably already aware, there is an occupation going on in Seattle called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. If you wanna get more contacts on what's happening, checkout TIM cast Not my main channel, where I put out a video on this at four p m, should be up now. Well, the group has published their list of demands, but this segment isn't just about their demands. Its also kind of a bit chaotic? Apparently some do it was like a prominent activists, their threatened somebody's life.
Somebody yells on camera, we're the police. Now, like we gotta, be in charge of this. That's exactly what's happening, isn't it they don't care about police injustice, necessarily they just want to be the he's themselves and then deal with issues as they want them to be dealt with. That is how humans work. So I would always is everybody always says that person in power is wrong. I should be in power. Megan power than they're wrong too, but first, let's take a look at the collective, the demands from the collective black voices at Bree Capitol Hill to the government of Seattle. Washington eyes. What point out very quickly that I would say, the overwhelming majority of people in capital hell who are controlling it are doing whatever our white, but that's typically how it goes elsewhere, what they say in this medium post from free capital hell, they say in credits of people who freed Capitol Hill. This list
man's is neither brief nor simplistic. Does no simple request to end police brutality. We demand that is the council and the mayor, whoever that may be implement these policy changes for the cultural and historic advancement of the City of Seattle and to ease the struggle of its peoples. This document is to represent the black voices who spoken Victor At the top of twelve and pine after nine days of peaceful protest, while under constant nightly attack from the Saddle police department These are words from that night. There's they site for free ease of consideration. We ve broken the demands into four categories. Justice system help inhuman human services, economics and education. I wonder where this is going. Given the historical moment will begin with demands pertaining to justice system. One. The Seattle police Department and attached court system are beyond reform. We do not request
reform. We demand abolition boom and merit. Is you see that first they were saying defend the police were not saying get rid of them does take away some of their money. Then they said disband the police justice one department. Then they set abolish the police but Baby Eric We demand abolition of the attached court system, english, common law down the drain, replaced by what a kangaroo court. Of Woke ideologues who apparently in one. One, video threatened somebody's life just went out here's this post. Roused Simone and armed crew threatened to murder and unarmed Greek. Phoebe artist in Self proclaimed Chaz, yeah. Well What do you expect? That's why they want to get rid of these things in it, so they can threaten people's lives with impunity
two in the transitional period between now and the dismantlement of the Seattle Police Department. We demand that the use of armed force be banned, entirely no gun natanz, no shields, no chemical weapons, especially against those exercising their first amount, rights as Americans to protest. Oh now you want constitutions. Are we demand an end, the school to present pipeline and the abolition of youth jails. Kids get out a present, get cops out of schools. I dont completely. This rig disagree with this. I don't think kids should be in prison, many some kind of rehabilitative system. We demand that not the city government, nor the state government, but the federal government launch a full scale, investigation into past and current cases of police brutality in Seattle and Washington, as well as the reopening of all closed cases reported to Yoke, is while talk about a big ask five we demand of reparations for victims of police brutality in a form to be determined.
We demand the city of Seattle, make the names of officers involved in police brutality. A matter of public record anonymity should not be should not even be a privilege and public service large. I actually agree with no anonymity for public service, one hundred percent, if it's in the public that people should know about it, demand. A retrial of all people in in color, currently serving a prison sentence or violent crime by a jury of their p appears in the community. Oh wow, incredible men Amanda, decriminalization of the acts of protest. Well, yeah protest shouldn't be a crime that there's a first amendment for that. We demand of the city of Seattle. Mistake government release any prisoner currently serving time for a marijuana related offence at expunged, related convention conviction, agreed Ten. We demand the city of Seattle and state government really any prisoner, currently driving time for just for resisting arrest. If there are no other related charges that those can conviction should also be expunged. Agree with that too,
We demand the prisoners currently serving time, be given the full and unrestricted right to vote that I don't agree with listen, I dont believe people should be in prison for non violent drug offences. I really really don't I'm that that's there's some caveats there, like, if you're slinging drugs to kids like now, not cool with that. If you personally choose to do that, man, I'm I'm pretty libertarian. If you wanna go shown your house, smoking weed or whatever do you think that you should not be in prison for that and there there, there are some offences relating to this fine selling. The kids like, I said and may be large scale, production and distribution. The reason for It is mostly because, even if it was legal, there would be regulations on this, but I certainly think we gotta absolutely re evaluate all that stuff and I'd actually be totally down for a lot of these people having their records be expunged. Stuff like that, but people serving time just for resisting arrest. Ahmad. Ok with that either, not not absent
now, but it depends on what they say serving time for prison. Maybe but look. There's a reason for this, and so I am a bit more fence city on this one though I lean towards yeah, I dont like people getting charge of the resisting arrest, if not under arrest, but this pertains to of someone's being detained and it's not a fight and fight with cops. They might get assault on an officer and stuff like that. I think we should absolutely re evaluate these circumstances, but the reason they do it I understand they went. We need things to be orderly if someone suspected of a crime- and they stop. You understand you that that their allowed do this. They can obtain you for, I believe, in some jurisdictions up like forty five minutes. Yes, it's not fond, but they can just one answer: questions get get a lawyer. Ask their free to go. You look. Nothing is gonna be perfect. We we have the presumption of innocence and we want to make sure we protect the innocent, but that also means we need to have some security right. I lean words liberty and most things. But I We stand by the cops, might stop you and ask you questions you have your right not to and that's how the games played. There's no perfect line and that's a big challenge,
Ok, there's no way I can read all of these demands is this is nuts, let's just see the first man Fora economic issues they want. We demand the deed gentrification of Seattle, starting with rent control, the restoration of city funding free college. Oh great. The way now am ok between now and the abolition of yes, pitied police be prohibited for from performing homeless sweeps decentralized election process will use all right there. What is this related economics? Ok, I can't I can't work. What are they sang? We demand that the history of black, a native Americans, be given a significantly greater focus in the state education curriculum. We demand that thorough, anti biased training become a legal requirement. Why you, oh, oh, oh in all, jobs, listen you'd! That means anti biased training, indoctrination for their ideology.
Do they have twenty two point out. They want free, geek, DD ratification of sale. What does it mean negative force? All the white people to live like is as at what you mean by the restoration of city funding, free college for the people of the state of Washington due to the overwhelming effective education as an economic success. You know what I'm totally fine with us. You know why, because you have created the college's have become ideological churches. Basically, the only power problem I have I really have with it- is that these these universities have become, like I mentioned, like your ideological church and your forcing the taxpayer to pay for it. So now, if you're gonna, if you're gonna give away for free and then your creating this pipeline of indoctrination. Now we can have that so anyway, listen, listen! You you, you got it These are the demands of the people whatever. I don't think it really matters cousin Oliver happen, but it is out Bernie.
Saunders himself says I don't agree with approach to abolish the police, police departments, Tom Cotton and ten crews are condemning calls to define the police know. One supports you, conservatives down of obviously, but even Bernie Sanders hasn't support you, so what he really asking for in the end, I know. They want to create. This is it this is the post from our Slash Seattle cap, oh hell it own. Occasional movie night there's a seat. But without militarized police. Where are your riotous looters? Now they are watching documentaries a few S pd photo credit to a close friend. Here is a link to a video rats, Simone and Armed who threatened to murder unarmed graffiti artist in self proclaimed, Chaz yeah. That's that's your riotous looters. No, they ve been given control they're going to do what they want Barely a bunch of people say you know, roused reduce associate. I have no idea who raises. I don't care, I don't know right or whose wrong? Whatever all that matters is dear to cops? This is what you get. You can pretend that its peaceful and everything's fine and for them
part. It is, of course it is because humans mostly are, but what happens when someone comes in and violates unnamed law, there's a guy spray putting on a wall, and they say you can't do that because somebody lives there and he said so. What free zone yadda yadda, the guy grabs, I'm a scuffle breaks out. I don't exactly what happened or why, but the dude spray painting. There are no rules saying you can't do this in civil society. We have it now. We do have laws and it is do, but in my opinion, that people can be arrested even a bit. It know their breaking the law and they say ignorance of all, of the laws no use for breaking at. I disagree with that s, not fair. Although I've been with faint ignorance, I guess no. The issue here is that you have no laws you have no rules so what you expect it until an autonomous zone, you can't physically thought somebody's gotta doing something like all you ve done is revert site society back
to a lesser state police reform when on a percent, I agree with that, but a massive list of demands, including free college- that is ridiculous and absurd, is what these people always do, and you can expect knitted again. If you give them an inch, they will take fifty miles so dull peace prize now that the call for the abolition of the court system for them to have say abolition anything that can be a crime and other nonsense, but what our Oliver there sit next segments coming up in a few minutes, we'll see. While shortly you may have seen that publicity stunt put on by the Democrats where they all got on one knee in a moment of silence for George Floyd. Well, they it wearing something called they can t cloth. It was the scarves or wherever they wore on their necks. Well, I guess I've got some bad news for Democrats. They are being marked actually being slammed because the candy claw actually predominantly comes from a tribe called the shanty tribe or the shanty empire, which made
a very large sum of money, selling slaves and I I'm just learning this now, but apparently in their efforts to appease the black community. They did. Not understand what they were wearing or what it meant, and they ended up pissing off a ton of peace, Paul and shocking a lot of other people. So let me read the story for you and then just pull up the Wikipedia entry talking about how the chanty sold slaves. Our right man, I know I'm gonna- get a lot of black because of the Trump Photoshopped thing being have a seat on the Democrats. I get it there doing their thing there trying to show solidarity. I get it, I get it trumpet something similar with the church, yeah man they on a show that their in support of some cause or whenever you get it. Ok, what's the story Fox says twitter users, mock Dems for dining, can take cloth, don't treat Africans like where children suffice it to say at the very least this
acquired and you can say something similar about tromp in his thing in front of a church when the bishop came out and slammed in for it. But I gotta be honest. I think a lot people who are religious and conservative like that trunk, then it it's not so clear cut, but I know I know this is stories about trumpets, read about the candy gloves congressional Democrats, attempts to look woke appear to backfire on their Monday when a series of like twitter users, accuse them of cultural appropriation, and there is no appeasing the mob author Obi anew at Kyoto posted video, telling Democrats to stop virtue signalling by wearing african cloth in the capital here here I agree excuse your Democrat. Dear Democrats, you said in your tokenism? You didn't weight to find out At this thing, you're hanging around your neck is not just some african uniform its action they can t material. The candy belongs to the guardian people, mainly the shanty tribe, acceded edge. Excuse me, democratic, continued, don't treat Africans like we're children,
these fabrics and colorful things that we have within our culture and tradition, all means something to us. I know look at us and say: oh Africans are so cute and all of your colorful dresses well, some of those doesn't patterns and colors and fabrics actual do mean something to us. At Kyoto, to ask why Democrats reason the cloth for own show of non racism. She said I'm sure someone told them at the fabric represents black people, but in true In truth, a Nigerian like me cannot lay claim to the significant fabric, which is very much part, the guardian identity? Dear democrats, these colours and patterns belong to ancient tribes and mean something to us Black commentator, hotel Jesus suggested Democrats were engaging in cultural appropriation. How is this not a cultural cultural appropriation asked along a photo of house Majority leader, steady horror is more Frederick Joseph, a former surrogate for Elizabeth Warren laid out. A series of criticism for Democrats. He took
special aim at how Speaker Nancy Policy and Senate Majority Leader set Senate minority later trucks. Humor knelt in the capital visitors under while wearing the cloth I want to tell my children's as net Nancy policy. He said if anyone can understand why Nancy Policy, Chuck, humor and them dressed up like they're trying to sneak into Canada, is disrespectful and for appropriate. If you have a great deal to learn, his so there's more years, TED Lou others, including Fox nation host David Web, piled on as well saying one congressional Democrats, virtues signal through cultural appropriation, David WEBS is it wearing the african scarves cultural appropriation, or are we passed that She Thomas as what kind message this rule spicy the kneeling, served as an effort to memorialize George Floyd and to an extent I can respect that, but come on man. You shouldn't be kneeling, please it was
The display that every one criticized conservatives criticized it and progressives kept criticised that are right. The kneeling also reference and ongoing protest trend. Hearkening back two former NFL player column, Caper Nick and its dominance, Gender in the national anthem What is that on Monday, that members of Congress would be kneeling in a place where they typically recited the pledge of allegiance regrets unveiled sweeping new legislation Monday night if passed, aims to increase it. Stability of police officers. Ok, ok, look! I'm I'm all about police reform. I get it, but let's get to the other. The spicy portion of this that you came here to to read about it. So they say this: one says the candy belongs to the guardian people, mainly the shanty tribe? Ok, well, I d The look up the shanty empire, the ashore empire. Maybe it's not the right thing. Maybe I'm wrong. It says the kingdom of shoddy and they have a special section. They call slavery so low. Scroll down here. They say this is the candy cloth, but traditional garlic. Worn by the shanty royalty has been why
we adopted throughout the shanty kingdom, slavery. Let me let me start with european contact. They say actually want. Let me zoom in on this, to make it a little easier to read european contact with the ashore on the gulf of he caused region of Africa began in the fifteenth century? This lead to trade and go the ivory slaves and other goods. The portuguese which gave rise to kingdom such as the shanty on May fifteenth eighteen seventeen the Englishman, Thomas Baltic entered commodity, main there for several months was impressed. And, on his return to England, wrote a book mission from Cape Coast Castle to a shanty his prey is of the kingdom, was disbelieved as it contradicted per hour. Prevailing prejudices Joseph to plead the. First, Bishop Council in intimacy arrived on March, twenty third eighteen, twenty, both Baltic, and do we secured
a treaty with the shanty honey, but the governor Hope Psmith did not meet a shanty expectations is actually really interesting, because you can see that architecture and things like that, David big. Things like this before british Colonialization actually had very large buildings that their own empire as it were, and people the the prejudices didn't allow offer these people to believe it. Is that amazing? Well, the Democrats not realize what they are getting into? Let me read you this slavery was historically a tradition in shanty empire with slaves typically taken as captive from enemies and warfare. The welfare of their slaves, varied from being able to acquire wealth and intermarry with a masters family to being sacrificed in funeral ceremonies. The shanty believe that slaves would follow their masters into the afterlife slaves goods, sometimes own other slaves and could also request a new master if this he believed he or she was being severely mistreated. She's really weird waited ascribe slavery the modernization,
he claimed that slaves were seldom abused and that a person who abuse a slave was held in high contempt by society. They defend the humanity of these leaders in the familiar a little familiar to people in need country who try to defend slavery. Yet slavery is indefensible up. Sorry man, people have in this country are founding FF It is believed that all men were created equal with certain in he'll animal rights given to them by their creator, and although it, necessarily reflect the society at the time we strive to uphold those values today, so even yes, we can criticise the shanty tribe and the Democrats want to wear the garb of this tribe, sure fine, but at least look into their history, because, although it wouldn't listen, really be the same as say waving a confederate flag. Isn't it still kind of like that should pay attention to what you're doing, because those as these other people side for but its cultural appropriation, but also they don't realize what these things mean here. So they say. The favoured arrangement or hear british relations. There we go on
I say this, as must reduce the favourite arrangement heard primarily because of what Man consider their conflict with the metro lineal system. Under this kinship system, children considered born into the mothers clan and took their status from her family really her eldest brother served as a mentor, particularly for the boys. She was protected by her family. Some shanty men felt more comfortable, taking a slave girl or Paul wife in marriage ass. She would have no Abou Suwa older men oh grandfather, uncle or brother to intercede. Her bf went behalf when the couple argued within enslaved wife. Master and husband had total control of their children and she had no can in the community. That's what they were representing. Ok, ok, to be fair. I am seeing the mean go around, but look this photo here image a shanty home in coo before british colonization actually kind of impressive, there are many things
can look at in society and deem to be impressive and want to uphold as valuable and virtuous even- and there are a lot of really really bad things. They do to the reality is the same is true for us. We can look back on the bad things and criticise them and not a cent We believe that those garments represent those bad things today, so, even if the damage one of the where this, let's just be real, they know idea what they were wearing and the real offence they caused is cultural appropriation. I don't think anyone on the left is coming on saying they were wearing the garments of slave traders, but the reality is vague. Technically, were we don't look back on this us and say they represent exactly what they are properly represented in the past, and we ve gotta be fair about that. For a lot of reasons, you An orgy of the confederate flag mean something which is also our. What does it mean the same thing today? You are, you argue the same but the swastika, the original depiction of it
Ancient. You know: EAST India, east asian tribes and cultures very different to what what what the Nazis did with it. You can take a look at the Gadsden flag, the Gadsden flag, representing liberty and rejecting forty, but now many people, the left, say it's actually a symbol of the far right. If symbols can be changed, they can't always just be negative. Can they. That is what we get from the mainstream media. They will tell you that certain symbols can never change I'll. Tell you that certain symbols that once represented good things now must be evil because they changed. We can have that right. So listen! I dont know what this cloth represents. I think it was stupid for them to wear it, but this this is good. If you want to complain about symbols of the past and argue, the Gadsden flag is actually racist. Well then, I would argue, so is the thing they, the Democrats are wearing now so Democrats. Next time you try to virtue signal, make sure you don't
a cloth that comes from an empire tutorial for trading in slaves. Maybe it made it. Maybe you can actually just try me regular people have real conversations or maybe actually work on kitchen table issues that will actually help people, but I live. There sit around next augments coming up in a few minutes. And I will see you all shortly- welcome to day I don't know what data is of the inquisition where two new inquisition people are getting fired. People are getting purged every thing seems to make no sense and the like, the thing that makes no sense, which just gives power to the woke ideologues. Thousands of I just go on strike to protest. Systemic raises racism in stem. That's right today, we must promote as to the racial institution that is science, I'm not I'm not getting more than five thousand scientists and two prominent scientific journals, shut down operations and pledge to use the day to address racial inequalities in science.
Well, the crazy people are taken more ground and it's funny, because the left often argued that the right was anti science and sure sure that changed didn't it now, who's anti science J K Rolling made a post. Some of you saw this where she was like. Please respect my lived experience as a biological female and they attacked her for it because they do don't believe in science there creepy weirdos! Well, let's read the creepy weirdo story from CNBC thanks kinds of scientists across the world stopped working on Wednesday to protest institutional racism, a strike that follows two weeks of demonstration, spurred by the death of George Floyd, while in police custody, more than five years scientists and two prominent scientific journals, shut down operations and pledged to use the day to address how Rachel inequalities in science produce bias in research and scholarship and to focus on long term plans to dismantle entrenched shit, racism in science, technology, engineer, bring and math fields. Yes, yes, yes,
great racism that, as math can't have two plus two. You know why racist quote: in the wake of the most recent murders of black people. In the U S, it is clear that white and other non black people have to step up to do the work to eradicate anti black racism. The website for shut down stem said no. This is a cult taking over by forcing unrelated institutions to give them power and bend the knee. Listen look at someone like Deronda Cousin, one them high up a very, very high profile. The blacklist matter activist activist, and what you will see is the legitimate grievances that the real activists have. Unfortunately, his voice is being drowned out. Now I haven't listen to everything he said, but he recently did a video talking about police reforms, police reforms. Most people agree with things like hey. No choke holds all right, a right on. Ok, there are a lot of reforms that can be implemented to actually help people.
This is exploitation of black lives matter and that's what we ve been seeing with the Woke ideologues who have infiltrated- and it's not just my opinion. We ve actually heard from former blacklist, better activists for over the past several years coming on saying this like what does this have to do with ending police brutality? Listen, I don't like police brutality. It exists in every cop is bad. I think most cops are actually pretty good. I think a lot of people have negative experiences with police, and that makes it very easy for them to take things to a dark place, but I think it can. It can be- fair to say that we can reform things and better ways, notably in big cities, and, yes, that are run by Democrats, that's just reality. You're gonna have to accept it. But when I see someone like D Ray, you know we again one of the most prominent black eyes met activists talk about reforming the police department, unlike I gotcha I hear you
sounds good to me. Then you get the weird saying: abolish the police abolish the court's. No, that is far left eye. The logical nonsense, exploiting what black lives matter was really about the beginning. Now I know some of you may argue black eyes matter as their stats wrong and there's there's more why people killed things like that. Look, look, look, look! Look! It's not even about them! it's about if someone conferences, here's how I feel I have a conversation and figure out why you feel that way. First and foremost, maybe they are wrong, maybe they're not, but we have a real conversation about things. This is absolute. Psychotic, going to science and being like you have entrenched racism in math and that's gotta be dealt with what's hook. Math is racist. Oh yes, because this is part of the critical this theory nonsense. That has nothing to do with actual social justice. It's a manipulation too. They'll some kind of weird ideological revolution and guess what its working and their gaining ground. So, let's start counting the minutes until
I get banned, but until then let's keep reading the story, here's they say and Academia Arthur. What's in words, turn into new ways of knowing our research papers to media releases, books and legislation that reinforce anti black narratives, the websites that instead, we create technologies that affect every. Part of our society and and are routinely weapon used against black people like what do the overwhelming majority of technologies have benefited every single person sure sure we can argue like the invention of the taser, was bad, for certain people are something but technology is neutral, it's how you use the technology. So please stop the nonsense. Can we please stop catering to this insanity? It's not real. They are just trying to bend institutions to their will They say blackened asthmatic workers are significantly under represented in the stem workforce, in the? U S: only nine percent of some workers are black and seven percent
our Hispanic will hold on now admit that is disproportionate the amount I believe the black population in the. U S is around thirteen per and a sporadic, I believe, is much higher, but I do know that actual members actually might be lower nine percent is only a little bit lower than proportionality as not bad, the bigger issue, is, do they want to go in to stamp out agricultural issues? You can't just assume it's, because people won't hire them white people comprise nearly seventy percent of the staff workforce and also, higher median income than black or hispanic workers will ultimately man. The country is seventy, set white. Isn't it like sixty six to seventy percent? That makes sense what doesn't make sense. I guess is a disproportionate of asian people, but it really does come down a choice. Doesn't it really not to these people here Erika Doktor, misery
all one start by replacing the words: diversity, inclusion with equity and justice. What justice in in jobs? Man is justice is when, like someone wrongs, you ok, just as when someone commits a crime, if you dont choose to go into this fee, You are not being wronged by anyone there making assumption about what things are happening. One reason: report shows that the already low percentage of black students receive bachelor degrees in physics. Just three point: five percent has barely changed in so six, despite the number of those degrees doubling in the past two decades. Black representation among physics faculty is non existent at most institutions. According to a statement on the event website, particles for for justice on unloved had particles for just It is widely known that black students often feel unwelcome, unsupported, Annie an unsafe in their physical departments and predominantly white campus. Now this I think is actually a much better argument then saying that the sign.
Math or whenever itself is, is racist, but the problem is, if you don't feel comfortable Why should anyone else change for you? That's the problem someone is breaking the law. If someone is attacking you, insulting you that should not be allowed, but if you just simply don't feel comfortable because its predominantly white, that's on you were so. What do we do about that? I dont know what can you do about that. I don't think you can do anything unless you have some kind of mandate or whatever, but the issue is: if there's not enough people going into these programs, you can't change this period. Listen when it comes social justice. We often hear from people that I don't like the way the world is. Therefore the world should change for me or I feel a certain way about the world? The world should change. For me, that's impossible. The world can't possibly a com.
Every single individual person, but you can change and adapt to the system. If you have a problem with, you know and feel uncomfortable will speak up and I'm sure people will do their best to accommodate you. But if, ultimately, you dont choose under this field, its no one's fault, but your own, you can't you can't change these things is the problem, so it equity means they want equality of out that can only be forced through authoritarianism. Opportunity is given to everyone, but if they don't take it because of cultural issues, it's just an ex, it's no one's fault but their own. It, and it really is unfortunate, but saw here so they say It is widely elsewhere. I read that just peace as not I want to touch my research that no meetings no papers. No writing. Instead for shut down for stem. Shut down academia. My first goal is to educate myself more on how my work is inherently impacted by Roy
is and how race underlies the history of science. It's a start. You know a man. This is ideology in case they are trying to alter. History, and I understand those arguments about history being written by the winners and things like that. But look science has gotten us very very far. We ve saved lives. We fed billions of people we ve gone to the moon. I think it's working out fairly well, what they are talking about is not an issue of science. It's an issue of culture, acts accusations and racism itself. The anyone can be racist and If you see a system that exists that functions that works and you don't like it make your own system, no one is going to stop you. If you don't like academia because of that the racial make up. Well, then start your own laboratory. If the issue
because you don't have the same resources you don't deserve to just be just be given resources. If someone has built something over a long period of time, you don't have the right to go in and just burn it to the ground, because you don't like what it is or how it works. If someone won't, let you onto their tandem bicycle, it's not your right to say, will then destroy the tender bicycle and no one gets to write it. It's your responsibility than to get your own tendon bicycle. You know what maybe you'll have to build. It yourself Apparently, this is something that goes the head of many young people, which it which brings me to the bigger problem in all of this,
but being bolstered by minorities for the most part, its white progressive, seen chanting in a parking, but as the Maryland, it's a bunch of upper class and upper middle class white people claiming their fighting the good fight when, in reality there just download weirdest, we weirdo colthursts weirdest sure will combat weirdo colthursts. That's what I call him. They believe crazy things were crazy reasons and they want you to believe it too. Well, you know what man it's only a matter of time. They ve come for science. What's next yeah well known, said and warn you, I guess I'll leave their next regularly tomorrow. At ten, a m thanks, rang out and I'll, see you all next time.
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