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FBI Arrests Epstein Guards In "Criminal Enterprise" Investigation, Media Tries To COVER IT UP Again

2019-11-19 | 🔗

FBI Arrests Epstein Guards In "Criminal Enterprise" Investigation, Media Tries To COVER IT UP Again. The two guards tasked with guarding Jeffery Epstein at the NY MCC have been arrested and indicted on charges of falsifying records and conspiracy.The FBI has said they are currently investigating a "criminal enterprise" surrounding the issue of Epstein.Nothing here is ordinary yet already media gatekeepers are trying to downplay the severity of what is going on as well as the strange circumstances involved.HuffPo runs a quote saying basically there is nothing to see hereABC News spiked the Epstein story years agoBut now Republicans are demanding answers from ABC news and even suggesting there will be hearings if they don't provide answers.

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The two guards that were supposed to be checking on Jeffrey Epstein, have been indicted and arrested by the FBI. On conspiracy charges as well as several counts of falsifying records, and get this they're, adding that they believe that the FBI is investigating criminal enterprise, I have no idea what that means, but I have some bad news for you. While one. Yes, we can say the FBI is confirming kids Spirax see in the Jeffrey Epstein case it is low. You're, not it's it's. It's you're you're, not getting what you want. Everybody everybody says: Apps Dean, you know good and its own life. There's that mean I gotta be careful on how I phrase things on you tube but in reality, what they're claiming is that these individuals were just browsing the internet and falsifying records. For The conspiracy was, they colluded with each other to not do their jobs and it resulted in this. I don't know this horrifying incident and we even have you know what the gatekeepers and media center
Nothing unusual see this proves it now. This proves nothing. Ok. What does prove is that the bare minimum, we have something nefarious going on and I don't think it'll be enough to satisfy anybody. Now I will I will clarify. I can't tell you exactly what or why I'm not going to tell what you should or shouldn't believe, I'm going to read the news to see if it's, but I will make one very important point: for the longest time. The naysayers, the rejectors, said this is all this is all you know. This is what happens in prisons. It's terrible They said nothing, nothing was happening, but then all of these Things started emerging that the cameras, weren't working, the guards were sleeping. But now we have step one. They want to act like there's nothing out of the ordinary here, the f B. I just bought some conspiracy charges against individuals. This could be hope that there's going to be a deeper investing, into what really happened because mind you not saying the guys worthy of any credibility, but Epstein apparently told that his cellmate attacked him? Now everyone questions weather
about tell you what man you watch Joe Rogan you watch any mainstream personality. They will not believe what they're trying to pass off. So I'll say it. Perhaps this FBI, these charges, perhaps it's a glimmer of hope that they will. They're real investigation into. What's going on, or perhaps it's just trying to throw a bone to the masses, because they know the meme won't stop, but there is a bigger update. Kevin Mccarthy Republican is finding answers from ABC News. Why do these media gatekeepers withhold this information? The biggest stories they say. Oh we could, we didn't have enough. Sorry, not buying it photos, witnesses and now you've got prints. Again that interview and everyone saying wow, no direct denial. Just I don't remember, let's read this story today. Help. I got a bunch of other things to go through. I got some. I've actually got the indictment here. This is crazy, but this is more important. I'm going to want to bury the lead. There's a big story. These prison guards rejected a plea deal
and everyone was asking what is being accused of well now. We know two days later: conspiracy, soap, that will be enough to satisfy. You know some people now The mean is not that you know one saying the guards neglected to watch. That's not the the is that didn't take his own life. Well, let's read this news before we get started, make sure you head over time cast com, slash, donate. If you would like to support my work, there's multiple ways you can get the best thing you can do share this video. Let me stress, I will not tell you what you should or shouldn't believe about this. I will just read you the story. Talk about something ideas around it and I know invariably, the these media gate key the Huffington Posts, the ABC's, will say, TIM's a conspiracy theorist. I don't want you to talk talk about the story. They don't want you to think critically about how dangerous it is that this high profile, individual, who would probably had evidence about out a bunch of high pro. Individuals as creepy disgusting monsters. Just so happened these two
guards weren't doing their job, so maybe that's the extent of it. I don't know, but I'm saying something done smell right. I will stress that point I just made. Initially we had these gatekeeper, saying nothing to see here. This is normal. Well, not the FBI is launched a criminal enterprise investigation and there's two conspiracy. Arrests. If the people refuse to let up, maybe it will go further or maybe it'll end here. Maybe this is the extent of it. I don't know I'm just trying to point out that but nothing was happening. Nothing was going on and all of a sudden the conspiracy charge. I think what happened is the people refused to be quiet, and so now they're saying. Ok, ok, we'll keep digging, not that it's a conspiracy, I'm not saying that! Come down, come down! I think, maybe they don't care and they and you need pressure from the public to make change in this country, maybe there maybe more or they may not be. But let's read they say the FBI is investigating criminal enterprise in connection with Jeffrey up death present chief admits as male and female guards are indicted for browsing the internet.
Checking on him, even though he was in the closest cell to the desk. I kid you not fifteen feet. They say he was fifteen feet away, but they got up and apparently walked around sometimes smell right. They say the two federal your presence, employees, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, were charged on Tuesday. With falsifying records and conspiracy and relation Epstein's death. They will face the US district. Port in Manhattan. Later on Tuesday, over their alleged failure, failure to back on the millionaire or column just the evil, evil offender 'cause, I gotta- be careful about the words used on Youtube in his cell at the metropolitan corrections. The night he died? There arrest came as Bureau of Prisons Director Kathleen HAWK Sawyer testified in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday quote: the FBI is involved and they're looking at criminal enterprise. What does that really mean?
If they're going to allege these two individuals conspired when they conspire to do, go to the lunch room and eat Cheetos 'cause. If that's the case, I think it's weird that they're charging with conspiracy, but they are that's why? I think maybe it's about placating the public. Maybe I've seen really did you know, take his own life. Maybe did ok. No one really believes that, but maybe you did and maybe now they're concerned that people won't stop, and so this is what the throne of bone- I don't know. I can't tell you they say, no Ellen Thomas who were assigned to Epstein special Housing unit at the federal jail or accused of, willing to check on him every half hour as required and fabricating log entries to claim they had so what the cameras didn't work he claimed his previous summit attacked him. These two guards get up, falsify records and walk away. Something else look what how the camera right. You know I'll admit, maybe the cameras are always broken and they don't want to admit the systems. Corrupt, that's possible, but come on too many the grains of sand too many coincidences, how many coincidences until you won the lottery. That's what I always say.
In the lottery? It's what five or six this? This is nuts. They say they were allegedly just fifteen feet from his cell. Now the two guards are accused of repeatedly signing false certification, saying they had conducted multiple counts of inmates during their shift. The prisoners were not checked on for eight hours. According to the indictment, the guards discovered, Epstein Barr Epstein's body at six hundred and thirty am they're going to talk about the broken bones the neck. The charges are first in connection with the sixty six year, old's death after he took his own life in August at the end, see seat while awaiting trial on charges of abusing teenage girls. Not now daily mail says it's definitive that his own life, but I'm gonna say this: if you've got an independent pathologist are saying: that's not the case, and you have the official pop anthologist saying it is the case. Inconclusive call tell you what we don't just take the government's word for it. That's not proof! That's on a similar
fact and it's hard to know what what point something becomes definitive but I'll tell you this famed pathologist in viral public story, saying no way and the official you know autopsy report yes way. So would you choose to believe? Do you just used to believe the government. Well, that's absurd. Journalists shouldn't do that, in which case no tell you man inconclusive, they say both guards have been working overtime because of staffing shortages. When Epstein was found The two officers were placed on Ministrat if leave, while the FBI and the Justice Department's inspector general investigated the circumstances surrounding his death the warden of the MCC was all it was reassigned. On suicide watch after he was found on July 23rd on his cell floor with bruises on his neck, he was taken,
watch about a week before his death, which meant he was, he was less closely monitored, but still supposed to be checked on every thirty minutes. I just I don't know I'm not going to buy it, I'm not going to tell you what is but I'll tell you this, as we all know thirty minutes. What does that mean means nothing falsifying records if there's criminal enterprise? It's not Just these two guards to say the least, both Epstein's brother and the lawyers who represented him in the criminal case, have expressed doubts about the medical examiner's conclusion. His autopsy report found his neck had been broken in several places, including the highway bone located near the Adams Apple, forensic experts the breakage so that specific bone could occur when people hang themselves, but were more commonly seen in victims who had been strangled a source close to Epstein, told daily mail that he appeared to be in good spirits in the days before his death, his brother, recently said he could not think of a single reason why Epstein would take his own life. He called the finance ears, suspicious and said he'd see
no evidence support the official ruling on his brother's cause of death. So so you get the point. I don't want to rehash all of the old stories, but I will say this: these guards have rejected a plea deal. The feds wanted them to admit to falsify records which they refused to do. Is it possible? These guards are essentially a pet being a serving as patsies I don't know- and I got to be very careful, but you can believe whatever you want. All I can say is we don't know yet? This is just the latest breaking news. Here's the indictment count, one conspiracy, they in or about August, two thousand and nineteen in the southern district of New York to Beno Alan Michael Thomas. The defendants knowingly spider, each other to knowingly defraud the US by impairing obstructing and defeating the lawful function as a department of Agency of United States
When the m c C's function to ensure the care, custody and control of its inmate population, they say they want to make false statements and then, when they they falsely certified several times there are several counts of false records. This seems strange to me. If somebody did their job poorly, why would they be in I on conspiracy- I don't know, but what I can say is from the Washington story. This is from August 21st, they say investigations have already found a troubling lack of follow through by Bureau of Prisons personnel after July 23rd Incident, in which Epstein may have tried to kill himself according to people familiar with them in that incident. Guards rushed to Epstein cell when his cellmate at the time Nicolas Talk Taglioni began yelling. According these people are talking only told officers had noticed. Epstein had a bed sheet around his neck and appeared to be trying to kill himself. The people said, Epstein denied that they said and told prison staff had been attacked.
Something talk? Toggle Yanni denied? Was there an investigation of that? I mean if you find somebody with bruises on their neck and two people yelling. Typically, the cops are going to arrest, detain the other person and questioned whether not that anything to do with that. So I think, it's fair to say story Don't add up while there's more. Let me see, let me see what we have here. This story is about. A new accuser has come out a new accuser, Maria Farmer, says, get Maxwell threatened her life and the FBI failed her. So stop, there's a reason, I'm highlighting a story for one. This is breaking news. Well, this from today a new accuser coming out the FBI filter. Well, the FBI is now charging these two guards who rejected the plea deal. It doesn't add up, I'm sorry, man don't know what that means. I'm not alleging a conspiracy, but I am telling you if the FBI is investigating this.
Saying these two guards did a thing. They refuse the plea deal and decide to go up against the federal government on this one, and this woman saying the FBI failed her who he going to trust everything is messed up, and you know it's a tough because you have these mainstream media journalists that do everything in their power to stifle investigation and make sure none make sure that none of us can actually dig into these stories by trying to destroy anyone who would seek to actually investigate to jail is charged in app scenes. You know death, but in in the store they quote. The ACLU check this out David Fathi, director of the ACLU National prison project. No to the problem. Tragically, there's nothing out of the ordinary about what happened to Mister S, and are you kidding me and there's there for no reason to resort to bizarre conspiracy theories? This is just now baseline dysfunction of prisons and jails and how suicide prevention in most prisons and jails is broke. Who are these people that are going to basically slap us in the face and tell us,
to deny all of the problems we have seen on up. He was either attacked or TED that the first time, so we should not, but he should he should have been kept on I'm. I'm live Cctv for the internet to watch now the camera broke the guards, also find records a new, a new witness, a new victim emergence and the FBI failed. You want us to cash, all of this aside and say you know these things happen yeah. Sometimes I have no problem saying that sometimes I have no problem. Signing hanlons Razor never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. This is not one of those cases. This is a case where something happened, and we don't know because you've got two different up, follow just saying one thing or the other. I don't know who to trust. You've got the FBI being accused of failing one of the victims. You've got listen man Roger Stone, it's a point, but a pipe by many people on the right. They raid his house house with a Swat team, because what he lied to Congress
but what about Epson with this private island and the accusations against him in numerous witnesses they tell us there is no out of the ordinary here. Is that a joke, because I'll tell you what even Kevin Mccarthy Republicans saying something is out of the ordinary here. There's a lot going on here. Why did BBC News spike. This story, we I have a letter, Megyn Kelly, breaking the story that Republicans Kevin Mccarthy. Who else do we have? We have Kevin Mccarthy, we have MIKE Mccall and we have Doug Collins sending a letter asking these. They're going to talk about ABC News in the project vera tos report for a letter from Congress and there now threatening inquiries into this. Recently we saw some people were testifying to the Judiciary Committee already. This is not going away so to those gate key
in the media who want to say there's nothing to see here. Stop stop! You were not playing this game. Okay, we've got politicians demanding answers, at least, and so far here with ABC News and not testifying about the prison, add to the Judiciary committee. But this out, they don't talk about that scene, but the accusations- and they say this to better to that end. We are requesting more information from ABC News. Will ABC News provide Congress? The interviews Miss Robot conducted with the victim off. Let me quit context for us not familiar. Toss released, a video where you had this. News, anchor saying we had this story three years ago: ABC wouldn't air it and based what she was saying. She said we had everything we had Clinton. We had photos with witnesses on the record. It's like the story, so ask, will ABC News, provide Congress with the interview what ABC News. Learn about Jeffrey Epstein. After Mister Robot first presented her story to executives who
involved in deciding the story was not of public interest and what were the reasons for deciding so can miss Robach expand on the outside forces? She meant it mentioned. As potentially responsible for the story. Not running was ABC News ever presented with additional evidence on MR I've. Seen from the time. A throwback first brought her investigation to the network and he was arrested where authorities alerted at anytime after Miss Rock presented, ABC News executives with reporting. If so, when and what was provided, I think the answer is no, but maybe maybe ABC despite the story outlook, let's be fair, there's there's a slim possibility, Austin's possibility that ABC News had the information reached out for comment and were told by the fads. Please we're actively investigating this. You can't do the story will compromise the investigation. It could be that simple, and so they could be a lot of a lot of outrage over nothing. I'm less inclined to believe that's the case, but I will entertain the possibility that things
The reasonable thing to say they end by saying ABC News is initial response and subsequent actions reveal their priority is to identify and hold accountable the individual who released the video to the public. We believe that in covering the source the information is in comparably less important than the possibility of exposing the source of a human trafficking operation. It is imperative- The public, be a shortened newsroom. Decisions regarding exposing trafficking are not tampered by financial interest or outside forces, and now the final update. First, let me just say we don't know, what's going to happen with the F b I's indictments, they rejected the plea deal, so there may be stuff coming out in court this. This is not over. So Huffington Post, you better watch yourself when you want to cite people saying nothing, nothing to see here, nothing out of the ordinary I'll. Tell you what man It is out of the ordinary, even if, in the end it's the FBI and dining these guards. That is not normal. That does not happen. Every day it had something we should
Would you just say: oh that happened again. No, it doesn't so at the very least, the official story is not ordinary. Please spare us your attempts for some reason to protect powerful interests and the elites we deserve. A font investigation and the evidence should be made public. Mccarthy will push for hearings if ABC News does not comply with apps Dean in Korea. Good. The examiner reports, Kevin Mccarthy acknowledged that he would push working no hearings of ABC News doesn't respond, was increased to the decision against running a story about a Jeffrey obscene. Accuser years ago, Mccarthy wrote the letter we've seen it all we I I just read that to you. The California Republican stated that he pushed for hearings of the network doesn't comply. I get is that the several times quote, I think it's a legislator and as somebody that serves in Congress, I know
in this human trap. I knowing this human trafficking, is a bipartisan issue. I think we should have hearings on it because we're talking about lives were talking about. Young women were talking about people who do not have a voice. On this letter we had the ranking member Doug Collins from the from judiciary committee- and we also the ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, because this is a worldwide problem. All these committees could have could having hearings on this. We can raise the issue and again, I'm not accusing ABC of anything. I actually want to work with them. I just think these questions have to be asked of all of the issues plaguing must today, with the impeachment hearings and the bickering and the partisanship. There's a One thing that unites left an right, the app steam story when the store when this story broke. All of these people on my twitter from left to right are talking about it saying this does not add up. So, no sorry Huffington, Post you're, the odd person out you are not going to be there
gatekeepers, like ABC, did pretending that this is just same old. Same old happens all day every day. Sorry, no it doesn't. There are wealthy the visuals, were kept under lock and key. There are people who are kept in solitary confinement and who really do have reason to harm themselves. They don't do it You have all your you have so many high profile moments where these people are protected and they don't let them. You know they. They watch them in a printed smocks and it is, it is, is it's locked down of all the people that should have been? You know, put on the rack with their arms and legs stretch they couldn't move because they had information relevant to american public interest to the world public interest. This is an individual. Should have been restrained and should have been watched on LIVE Cctv, Camera Cctv, camera. So everybody knew he knew stuff. He wasn't, he was you get it. It's frustrating
these journalists, not all of them, but many of them. Many of these people have just know. Curiosity take whatever the government says. As fact I don't care. If you think Trump was involved, I don't care if you think Clint was involved. I think all that needs to happen is we're not getting the truth and we need If the truth is that Epstein accused to summit of attacking him and then a couple weeks later, for some reason the camera broke and the guards wandered off and falsified records. I think we're going beyond these two guards. Somebody else seems to have been involved unless the guards went broke. The cameras are going to claim that happened, that the answers are not sufficient, and I don't think anyone will accept this I'll leave it there. Stick around next segment is coming up at Youtube: dot, com, Slash, Teamcast news at six hundred pm. I will see far too gate one of the most scandalous scandals of our generation, Eric Swalwell, a Democrat who is in the process of ragging on DA call Trump on MSNBC appears to let out
a massive, dare I say it fart now this is not big news, but I thought it was interesting because there's a lot of denials going around and I'll be honest with you, I didn't actually there- to do a full segment on the farting of Eric Swalwell on MSNBC, but because the insane denials and weird explanations- the media at least MSN She is trying to protect him instead of justice, owning up to the fact that the dude let one rip there I mean it's a conspiracy and what you it's not actually a fart on live television, but someone scraping a mug across a desk. I kid you not but will read into this it all started here. I saw this tweet from Ryan Savedra. The daily wire Eric Swalwell appears to drop a massive fart during during live on television turn on the sound This is real and it is, and I'm now going to play it for you, you've been
or and uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat and election and the complaint that I've heard from when I first heard this, I thought there's no way, that's real. Somebody just dropped that in there to drag him, but I'm I I am I I must say I do not know Ryan Savedra to be a liar he's a guy who posts these clips. I think he's bias I'm not saying that, since I mean I think, he's a conservative guy, and so he puts out clips that you know. Obviously, Democrat but I I really did think it was fake. It's a big thing and it turns out the clip comes straight from msnbc dot com. Here it is, you can see the url msnbc dot com, Slash Hardball such watch. Yes, Dude farting on live tv- and I know I know. Ok, ok, it's not a big deal. I really don't think it's that big, but I don't care everybody farts. The issue that I wake up this morning and Buzzfeed wrote an article about it.
This other articles have been written about this and the denials First, I want to show you at So this is msnbc dot com. I don't know if you can see the timestamp, but around the thirty four second mark. This is what you get the president used taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat and election, and the complaint that I've heard from there it is the clip is so. I want to make sure make this clear. A lot of people think it's fake there denying. It happened, claiming that sound wasn't cop drag on the desk, but a lot of people think it's like. No, the clip is real. Okay, so you go to msnbc dot com, Slash Hardball Eric swallow through the clip at the thirty four second market. Exists, so let's take a look at why this warrants a segment you see. The thing is: Buzzfeed actually wrote this up. Here's what I've got. To be honest, I thought, after seeing the clip of Swalwell farting we'd have a laugh.
We move on, but not being satisfied with just being lie. You know sometimes people fart and moving on. They decided to push the weird conspiracy idea. They to issue? All these tweets in the Niles journalists started. Writing about it. I'll be honest man. If our political landscape was was device, head over whether or not Eric Swalwell really did fart instead of tearing the country apart over impeachment I'd, be I'd, be a lot happier so yeah we're going to read this story. A lawmaker denied ripping an absolutely enormous fart, unlike television. Bravo Andy Baird excellent headline. It was not me Rep Eric Swalwell, said in a text message. It's funny, though I gotta say I would I would, I would say, Swallow was taking like a sport if you
Saturday. You know you know everybody farts, but he's not he's like denying it, and it's so obvious attempt like here's the thing in the clip. What white? Okay in the clip you see him, he pauses he's talking and then he stops and he flinches, like he's clenching up to put shout an enormous fart? Let's read an interview Monday night with MSNBC host Chris Matthews, California RAP Eric Swalwell appeared too well, ribbon absolutely enormous fart? I love politics today, huh Chris's far the evidence is uncontradicted. The president used taxpayer dollars to open cheat an election. That's a lie. The evidence is eight on got: okay, listen man! First of all, can I sidestep it'll be to that's that's an opinion, but what is the fax Donald Trump had a phone call at the present of Ukraine in it he asked them to look to do a favor and look into crowd strike a server, an oligarchy
actually and something that happened with Joe Biden. That's it anything else beyond saying that is an opinion. Why Trump did it? We don't know, that's not effective truck, came out and said I did x. Well, there you go, but he didn't. He said best to gate into the very least we can say circumstantial evidence points to the fact you want to investigate all three done. The Democrat was of the House Intelligence Committee to react to the fight with a brief pause yes, while attempting not to smile now. What's funny is- and I'm really offended by this- it appears that Andy Baird tried to protect Eric Swalwell. And so is hardball by making it seem like someone else fart at any heard it and was trying not to laugh. No duty clay 'cause. He was farting a clip as the clip of swallow quickly circulated on the internet? Some began to speculate. The California representative was the one behind the loud flatulence, but in a text to Buzz feed news on Monday night Soi
all denied having anything to do with it. It was not me, he wrote hot and I didn't hear it. When I was speaking, I will I will. I will say this: if you did for I'm curious as to what microphone picked that up, because that was that was a loud noise, so they're they're, let let let me Reebok either explanations- and I think the Duke far did so Andy Bear says a text. I never thought I'd send I'm really sorry about this, but I have to ask if this was you or someone First of all, what are you sorry about? Journalists should not be apologizing to politicians when they ask them questions. Even if it's about you can just simply say this- that this posted it's been going viral it using your farting on live tv or open the account. Yet that's professional, okay, don't apologize! Somebody swallow the nice, it
TIM. She says you, so I'm really sorry about this. He response was not me. I didn't hear what I'm speaking she thought the reporter for Buzz feed says you look like you heard it and are stifling a laugh. It's I def did not hear it. It's almost like she's trying to play it off like it wasn't swallow. Do you really think that like are there really people who think that wasn't him talking and then clenching up and pausing, because is pushing a fart out. Here's the best part pressed by this reporter Swalwell denied again. Having heard the fort before adding it's funny, though MSNBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The show Hardball where Swalwell appeared did, however, post the cryptic yet not so subtle, sub tweet about the on going mystery, I don't understand that they posted this. The Spiderman meme, two spider spider man's pointing at each other. What does that have to do with whether or not the dude far did on television? Don't ask me: maybe I'm just not getting it. Maybe I'm just an old fogey can't can't quite understand what you're trying to say with Spiderman mean. Are you saying we all fart
like I would agree with that, but what about the next one that was deleted within a few minutes? The showed later tried to blame the sound on twitter, saying it was all a mug scraping across the desk. Oh, that explains it. Somebody for some, decided to slowly drag their mug across the desk for about one second, I don't what what what you just pick the mug up like a regular person, sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists. It was the hardball blog scraping across the desk. Get yours today, I'm Let's get back to the news. Well, guess what? If there is any story that will unite left and right bring them together? It is the fact that Eric Swalwell far did on live television, and your denials mean nothing. Eric Eric Swalwell fart on TV. Take us out. Buzzfeed runs a pole who do you think is responsible for the fart heard round the nation Eric Swalwell sixty two percent of Buzzfeed readers. Believe
it was him. Sorry nobody's buying it, someone else Chris Matthews. Now I will be, I will be. I think it's fair, maybe that there was because of how loud the sound was be there really wasn't mug on the table and someone just nudged it very lightly to like grab a cable or something. But that would be I'm sorry absurd and- and the reason I would say I said it's absurd- is because Eric Swalwell pauses and plunges, but there's a bigger, there's, a bigger issue, a player, let First go and show you the tweet from swallow interest let's do the. It was just a mug. Tweet Swalwell responded at total exoneration! No, but I see it really has no choice. I mean that's gross I'm I'm just like you can't hold it in for a few minutes like you really had way man, you know when you, when you got for you got a ford, I guess, but it will fart humans. I don't like tons of gas all day every day it would've been much better if he said you know what man yup and it's not allow
think about. It, says: oh grow up, then people have been lying. You can't really hold it against him, so I would make two important points here. The first you only embarrass yourself. Ok, I think this is embarrassing for swallow because he's desperate to do not deny it instead of just owning up to it. Let's, I always tell people this think about two scenarios: you're in a classroom like you're in school or at work, and all of us you fart and people notice, and now you're not you're. Like oh now, people to know me and they look at you, like you fart in Europe, on bass at all. Now they they know, I farted they got the scenario, where there's like an obnoxious person who walks up to you and goes YO and just fart such laughing about it, owning it, asserting your dominance, owning the fact that you far did and then people don't like it embarrassing about you only embarrass yourself, but I make a bigger point here. I think it's a funny point to be made. The media loves the these.
They. It is an incestuous relationship and I find it disgusting, listen man, the fart is it. Who cares dude? It was funny wake up to see the stories in these tweets. I gotta admit. Like I said last night, I I that there was no. I would never consider doing of a full segment on whether or not a lawmaker farted, but there's a bigger and more important issue here. The first is that the reporter from Buzzfeed is trying to make it seem like you heard it and are stifling a laugh like dude. Are you defending the you even apologize. I'm really sorry about this when you sorry about that dude farted tv asking the damn and then you say you look like you heard it. No, he didn't. He looked like he started and he being rational person going look at that, and thinking far did even Buzzfeed Zone viewers. So why. Is this reporter giving him all of this leeway I don't think it was you like trying to defend him. More importantly, why is Hardball trying to claim it was a mug? Ok,
unless it actually was a mug. Scripting has a desk, but what is it with? The media is desperate attempt to defend politicians and I'll. Tell you what man you turn on Fox news. You will see people who are just they will bend over backwards to believe whatever Trump says and then whatever Trump says, but guess what they have people on Fox NEWS who I don't like Donald Trump they've got that done the five I can remember his name, but he rags on Trump all day they got judge Napalitano they've got Donna Brazil and at the very least you turn on Fox and they will be critical of the president about CNN, CNN hired. One guy who was critical of the press, are who supported the president. And all of the staffers are outraged. Oh harrumph, I say man. I want to bring it up because I was like it's a stupid thing to say, but you know a couple days ago I was what I was flipping to the news. I turned Fox news and they're talking about Hong Kong and the fact that Chinese that the chinese government's putting troops you know into the into Hong Kong secretly and I'm like wow
wow, and I thought to myself, you know what I'd be willing to bet a large sum of money that, while Fox NEWS is talking about Hong Kong and the incursion by the chinese CNN will be talking about Trump. I work I flip the CNN and sure enough. It was a panel discussion about Trump in his tweet or something and I'm just like man. What is up with this Fox news? Not the best. You know a lot of the planet, they got their opinion people with with. The opinions too, but they seriously are doing a better job in terms of just basic news reporting, like meant, I don't want to turn the tv industry about Trump all day. I was at a skate park and there were some kids and they said they don't really care and pay attention to the news or because it's literally just trump, twenty four slash seven and I laugh and I'm like yup ' here. We are now where a politician far did on live tv and it devolves into conversation about Trump to be fair. I'm talking specifically about the problem.
Of the media doing it, but, more importantly, how you turn on CNN everything's, all negative, all trump period return on Fox NEWS. It's mostly positive for the president, but there is a mix people who are very critical of him. You can't say the same for MSNBC, because even Swalwell result rips off a huge fart on tv, these journalists over backwards to defend him and it's the it's. The craziest thing so lucky we can launch off of who cares like is a story of a fart. It's funny. Fine we can move on in the end. You do start to see more grains of sand edit that he pour the media actively seeks to protect those who align with them politically and it's creepy. And you look at what's going on with John Solomon Johnson reporter contributor to the hill now he's doing his own is on website, but- repeatedly smearing him and I'm like dude, listen as a reporter. Who's got sworn statements and affidavits that's enough to launch an investigation as far as I'm concerned, but no it's a conspiracy,
theory and the media tears into shreds because the media works in concert with these Democrats, not because I think, like I don't think Andy Baird is like good friends with swallowing. They got for drinks and the high five inch. Don't worry, I got your back. No, I think she's, like access journalism. If I push him too hard, he'll, never talk to me again. Keep my job. I need to be able to get quotes from him, so then they publish a story saying he denied it. She makes it seem like you do not stop protecting these people. You know what is the problem of access journals and it all needs to go away. Give up those phone numbers stop texting these people. They need your price You don't need them, but I guess in today's day and age the market is so saturated and everyone's flailing, so desperately they have no choice but to be like we're going to protect this guy. Now, I'm sorry man.
But there it is a fifteen minute segment. Talking about the loud fart of Eric Swalwell Swalwell far did, and we all know it I'll see you on the next segment coming up at one hundred pm on this channel well, Bill bar was right. The progressives view there. Their their politics as their religion and they are willing to sacrifice business and productivity if it means there they feel better their ideas progress we now the state two statements, Salvation Army release a statement on Chick fil, a cutting ties and chick fil, a issues statement, as it turns out chick fil is now admitting they are sling. The donations to these charities because of left wing protests and they want to prioritize, business in liberal areas, and I got one very important thing and they say about all of this. I am furious. How could chick fil a
take care or bother, and why do I hear I don't I'll be honest. You guys this whole thing about chick fil, a I'm still going to either I'll probably go eat. Actually, I'm not going to get there later. I'd love to. I don't care who chick fil a does or doesn't donate too, but there is an important point. We brought up outside of what chick fil a is doing, and it's that conservatives separate their politics number from their religion. As I, as I mentioned in my video today, but so long is the left doesn't care about whether a business succeeds or fails so long as they feel good and the politics are there. Conservatives are just going to keep losing, and now we can see it. I mean look chick fil a for nearly a decade was under under fire for donating to a few charities, I'm going to Salvation Army dude people are mad about that. That's nuts, I can understand the Christian asked. Then why the left is mad. But it's nonsense. So I'll tell you what first grow a spine, chick fil a I will still eat your food,
this has nothing to do. Like I gotta be honest man, I am not going to be outraged enough to not you chicken sandwich but tell you what I'm also not a conservative. I guess, but the thing is the This is why they will do it. They know, I don't care and they know you probably don't care either. They know. One of the biggest talking points in the whole fight was people on the right side. It's just a chicken shop who cares so they made a bet. They said well, listen if conserve, we're going to eat our food, no matter what kind of chicken shop. Why don't into these charities. If it's making a left angry well, I'll, tell you what the fault in that logic is. The left doesn't care if you apologize, they are still attacking, la- and I must stress, I must stress- I you get full. I could donate to a company that that book- lobbies skateboarding and I'd still, I would ever I don't care, I mean. Actually but again skateboarder probably would stop eating there, but I wouldn't, I wouldn't be like shut down Chick play all they don't like I'd. Be like whatever man I won't, get there
salvation Army is deeply upset. Now I can respect ovation Army on this one. They didn't do anything wrong and they're being smeared and defamed now, because of it. The daily wire reports, Salvation army responded on Monday to report that chick fil a was cutting ties with the christian Organization over at support for traditional marriage. By noting The largest social services provider in the world, and it serves millions of members of the LGBT community quote we're saddened to learn that corporate partner has felt it necessary to divert funding to other hung, for education and homelessness organizations, areas in which the Salvation Army, as the largest social services provider in the world, is already fully committed the Salvation Army said in the statement. We serve more than twenty three individuals a year, including those in the LGBT Q plus community? In fact, we believe we are the largest provider of poverty relief to the Lgbtq popped. Action, I don't know if it matters at all, but all of my friends was going salvation army all the time in the thrift shopping all that money
donate it to that organization. To help we don't close, will buy clothes for everybody. Does it and we would seek out Salvation Army stores now they're being dragged into this mess, because the protesters need something to point out, and this just happens to be one of the organizations that was being supported by Chick fil, a listen man, you know I'll, Chick fil should grow spine. They don't do anything wrong and done and they want, that's right. Otherwise, I'm at Saint over again one This information is perpetrated, without fact, our ability to serve those in need, regardless of orientation, gender identity, religion or any other factors at risk. We urge the public to seek the truth before rushing to ill informed judgment and greatly appreciate those partners and donors who ensure that anyone who needs our help feel safe and comfortable to come through our doors in response to chick fil A's, bending of the knee there passing the buck and blame off to other organizations who didn't do anything wrong. The whole protest is predicated on complete
bs. It is and look the christian athletes Sociation does oppose same sex marriage, but it's not like it's actively funding those things. It just happens to have that stance The protesters should be protesting them, but here's the problem when Chick Fil comes out and says: okay, you know who that Salvation Army is get the flak now, which might be check it out. We actually got a statement now from the chief operating officer and president of chick fillet, admitting we're trying to open a business and more liberal areas, and that means we got it bends the knee. If we want their money, I respect. That's good business I'll tell you! The problem is, though, did no one tell you, they won't care, listen man. People are going to eat your food. Your food is good it. None of this matters I'll still go eat there. I don't care who you donate to, or you don't need to. I do think it's pathetic to give in to outrage mobs who probably still won't eat. You food congradulations, they hate you you've admitted to doing wrong they're calling for the did not there. Now people saying chick fillet, it needs to issue a pro LGBT statement, join organs
they want more? It's never enough. It's never gonna stop! Now the dragon check. By saying their pandering to them. It's a poor attempt. We know you know we know where they stand. All you've done is, the people who actually supported you now it will add us, you know, saying people well, we can recognize it stupid for these companies to play these gay it's just the chicken sharp like at the end of the day, dude, I'm not concerned about the politics of Wendy's burger Mcdonald's, Taco, Bell or otherwise and I'll probably end up eating there. If it's convenient, I will I chick fillet does have some of the better quality food and I don't actively each other other faster. I get a pop based at Popeyes. Ten, which is better, haven't tried it chick fillet is a bit better quality. I think it's fair to point out, and so when it comes to fast food, I really don't like to eat anywhere else. You it's it's pretty good man and that's going to change. So of people now on the left, claiming I this proves, the right was
lying about it just being a chicken shop, another angry and they're going to boycott chick fil a. I really don't think. So I really really don't think anybody is going to boycott chick fil a over this. I think you'll see people angry about it? Some people have said now. I gotta find somewhere else to get chicken and I'm like whoa whoa whoa. I thought this wasn't about politics. I thought it was about the absurdity of protesting chicken shops. Well, for me, it is I still chick fil a is delicious that chick fil, a sauce is so good. It will never change chick fil, a well I like I said I guess if they donate to something like an organization that lobbied against making guitars and skateboards illegal. You know that'll never happen, though okay, so here's a statement as chick fillet expands globally and into more liberal parts of the. U S: the chicken plane that the chicken chain plans to change with chair, which cherries donates to after years of bad press and protests from the lg b t community beginning next year. Chick fillet will move away from its current philanthropic philanthropic structure. Biz, not learn, that's the news outlet ever done it.
More than three hundred charitable organizations this year. The Atlanta based fast food chain will instead focus on three initiatives with one accompanying charity: each education, homelessness and hunger, which is what the Salvation Army does an I'm not familiar. I could be wrong, but the Salvation Army going out and picketing same sex marriage mind the noise we're building a studio. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, forgive me for the noise there's no question. We know that as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are. There are lots of articles. Newscasts about chick fil a, and we thought we need to be clear about our message. Biz now noted that chick fil a would no longer include dunning to organizations like the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of christian athletes and the Paul Anderson Youth home. Now I will say this first of all, a lot of companies. Charitable arm to make the donations. I was a question to be asked about. Why do these companies engage in politics in the first place right? So if, if, if I, if I think it's, I think it's fair to be consistent, saying you know if I don't know, Marvel's
making donations to a bunch of charities. I'd ask the question to. Admittedly, though I really don't care, be it a skateboarding company at guitar a movie industry of video games if they took their profits and donated them to where they wanted. If it was something agree I'd say: I'm not going to buy it. I won't support it, but should they be banned? No, I mean people can choose what they want to support and if they know, I think it's fair. Do you like trying inform people? You know if you were going to, they want to shut em all down. I think it started with flyers say that all profits from this goat organizations that we think are that's fair, that's fine, but the outrage and a lot of people were doing it, and I have no problem with that, but I do think it is another day. Silly to protest, the restaurant and not the actual organizations, are upset with like if you're going to be mad about this, are going to protest. The chicken farms where they raised the chickens because it should be sold to chick fil, a They don't do that. Where does it end? This down note that oh yeah after facing intense backlash, online ever since announcing his decision chick fil a
save a new statement of the Christian Post, and I think this is basically what we just read write beginning in two thousand and twenty: the chicken The foundation will introduce a more focused, giving approach donating to a All number of organizations working excludes, only in the areas of hunger homeless. Yes, we know that we have also practically disclosed, or two thousand and eighteen tax filing and a preview of finance teams, gifts to date on chick fil, aafoundation, dot, Org, the intent of charitable, giving ok, we get the point. Look man, chick fil, a you guys, grow spine, grow up. Who cares but the pay the money's there and the money is more important. I'll tell you the big problem you
We tend to find that conservatives will more likely be in favor of capitalism and the left and the progressive will more likely be in favor of socialism. So what do you think that happens to someone who overtly believes in capitalism? This is. This is probably a really great argument against Lasee faire capitalism. For the most part, that corporations will always side with the masses. They don't care about. What you want. They don't care about. What's better, they know that you won't do anything about it, but the progressives will keep won't shut up to the squeak. Wheel gets the grease, and instead of catering to making things better and improve in this country, they will cease donations to charitable organizations to actively help people if it means making money, because the l g b T the end like this shut up. He said the game is played, that's why you will lose, That's why the conservatives lose these fights now it's possible. This level of absurdity just drives more liberals away from the current iteration of whatever the left is they've gone nuts. So now you have people who are not
conservatives, but can't stand this. So I don't know where you stand. I don't know if you guys watching it, are now going to be outraged and refused shop at Chick Fil a, but I can assure you of one thing: I'm Okay, there are also it's a it's a chicken shop. If I, you know, here's the thing, there's a there's, a good point made in the difference between protesters, a chicken shop and protest in the decision to cease donations. Chick fillet is the one saying we're going to bend to the outrage. I think that's that's messed up that screwed up, you should not giving. Not apologize for for doing nothing wrong. Okay, the difference here is being mad directly at the organization for caving is different from being mad about the organizations they donate like. I don't see anybody showing at Salvation Army in protesting or the fellowship of christian athletes, they're, not leading protests against the actual organizations who are doing the work, they're, not a chick fillet for their felt. You know felt phone products, the philanthropic endeavors, so there is a difference.
I can understand if you're angry now that chick fil a is bending the knee you're, not mad about who they're giving to or not you're met their caving. To outrage that I completely understand respect- and I agree with but in the end you know I got say there are certain issues: where I absolutely would say you know, I won't I'm not going to support this organization. I've said in the past when people engage in the culture war, I bow out chick fil. A is always been making political donations, they've always been in the culture. War and so to an extent on. Just like you know what man, whether they give a they don't, I'm it's fine I'll eat there. I really don't care. I will, however, be critical of their pathetic spineless ness of caving to outrage that won't change anything. The l informed that the the ignorance of taking this action, which will make nothing better, will make everything worse and proved to these lunatics. There they can win, they can make you do whatever, and so now we go from having an organization.
Donating the Salvation Army of all places, not a perfect organization by any means, but come on. It's charity now they're not now they're like okay, nope yeah, whatever man, I I I you know what I think it's so dumb, that this is the big fight or at least able fight, I just you know. I can't even believe I made a video about it, but it's news news and it's irrelevant so I'll leave it. There around next segment. Coming up at four hundred pm at Youtube com TIM Cast- and I will see you all there, Julian Assange being investigated for dubious claims of assault on women. The investigation was dropped. One point it was reopened. He spent what seven years in the embassy, because he told us the moment: steps out. They will arrest him and try to deport him to the United States. It was denied by every, there's no secret grand jury against Julian Assange. Journalism is, tagged it under the first amendment sure enough. What happened Julian Assange,
It has now served all of his time. He should be free to go, but instead he's locked up waiting extradition to the? U S4, I believe around eighteen or so charges and the question I have done for many trump supporters is. After everything that Assange did exposing. So much of the corruption from the Dnc in those Democrats, with the praise from Trump other people on the right. Where is he now? Will Donald Trump do right by join us, There are certainly some people who believe that, once a signed, his axe, dried to the US he's going to get a hero's welcome or, at the very least, a slap on the wrist to be let go, and I do not believe that will be the case as we can see with the impeachment inquiry. I'll put it this way. Impeachment shows us what what we learned today. Okay, if you miss that and and I'll probably going to bigger, greater detail tomorrow When the Republicans were asking vend men. Who did you tell about this? He said I told George Kennan. They said who else do tell
I will not reveal the identity of the whistleblower, and everyone said. What would nobody asked you to do that were asking who told- and they said the intelligence Community is essentially immune from any exposure or whatever. Then men would at least the name of the intelligence. I spoke to because it could out the whistleblower Ok, so once again the intelligence community is protected from all transparency at public hearings under the House Intelligence Committee. I tell you this. I guess Adam Schiff, the chairman, but if we can't even get to the bottom of this in public increase from the many yeah. We know the game, that's being played and does Donald Trump have the ability to actually do anything to stop or say. I don't think so. Now. Look Charlie possible trumps, just a deck and he's not going to help Assad because in care or to tell the possible the president as have doesn't have nearly as much power as people think they do, and I think that's fair to say I don't know if Trump would want to help us signage.
I kind of feel, like you know. My view of the president is that he is you know I don't ever wanna put don't say that he's overtly selfish right. I certainly think he self driven. He knows you want to do. I certainly think Trump wants to help America and I certainly think he does not care about join the signage. I think he got what he needed from like link to help him at the end of it. It doesn't mean that Trump doesn't care about anybody, but he certainly doesn't care about Assange. In my opinion now I could be wrong. I could be wrong for, but from everything, that's happened so far. Well, let me let me let me try and be a bit more fair. It's entirely possible trump knows that if he says anything at this point, they'll accused him of Russia and whatever it is going to be very, very careful, he's treading on thin ice, but that just shows you that lends itself to another point and basically the deep state where everyone called the intelligence agencies. These individuals can completely undermine Trump through nefarious means very, very easy.
In which case a scientist screwed? That's it now look man assigned is not a perfect individual. There are certainly things to question him about Colbert. Different on a long time ago and questioned editorials ation of the of the leaks he was putting out, and I think it's on his part as an actor himself what is doing journalism now they're trying to he was hacking computers, you know what man, let me read, this from the daily wire. Occasion and Sweet It is dropped. They say swedish prosecutors have dropped an investigation against Wikileaks cofounder Julian Assange dating back to twenty ten the controversial Australian is currently serving fifty weeks in jail in London for breaching his bail conditions after being forcefully removed in April from the ecuadorian embassy in London, where he been holed up since two thousand and twelve and attempts to avoid extradition to Sweden. No to avoid extradition.
United well yes to Sweden, because he was concerned that once he was in Sweden that actually got into the US now. I think it's fair to point out the UK as an extradition treaty with you as well. But you know whatever Assange was accused of Book by two different women, one accusing him of forceful assault. Another accusing uh yeah I'll be careful out here, and I also think this is this. This reporting is factually inaccurate. I do not believe he was ever accused of rape I'll, follow the twenty ten conference in Stockholm involving Wikileaks. Assange now fourteen has consistently denied the allegations, maintaining that it was consensual and that he was only avoiding returning to Sweden because he feared extradition to the US. This is a complicated story, but I believe daily wire is wrong. My understanding is that Assange was accused of not using a condom that it broke and that in Sweden that constitutes assault. Sweden dropped their investigation in twenty seventeen that, though they did federal prosecutors,
open the case after Assange was finally dislodged from the embassy, where he had sought refuge for seven years, and that was the pretext for why they did it, and now there drop it, showing everything assigns sad about what was going to happen was right and I think the really who is that journalism is forbidden. Sanjay is not perfect assigned, has done things worthy of criticism Assange, is Essentia Lee doing what most news outlets do, but we can see this the only Journalists that are allowed to function in the USA are those that do exactly what the establishment wants them to do. John Solomon, for instance, and you come out and say: there's evidence of ukrainian wrongdoing. Interference in the election, they'll call you a conspiracy, theorist smear after smear after smear and they'll. Try to do everything destroy you Assange got the worst of it. Assange got locked up essentially for seven years, he still locked up today. Even though this is all bs, they say reason for this decision, the evidence has one has weakened considerably due to the
of time. That's elapsed since the events in question. The swedish prosecute prosecution authority said a statement Monday, as reported by the sea. After conducting a comprehensive assessment of what has emerged during the course of the preliminary investigation, and then make the assessment at the evidence is not strong enough to form the basis for filing an indictment such utter bs I would like to emphasize at the injured party, has some with a credible and reliable version of events? Person stressed her statements have been coherent, extensive and detailed. However, my overall assessment is that the evidential situation has been weakened to such extent that there is no longer any reason to continue the investigation man, how funny how funny that for the longer time. Julian Assange was a hero on the left up until he exposing the Dnc and Hillary Clinton, etc. All of a sudden than those that claimed to support the principle, the actions of Wikileaks now were upset by it, and this is something I experience and fully expected
variance in the future at during Occupy Wall Street? Oh, they loved. What I was doing up until I turn the camera on them and expose them for wrongdoing, see that no one really likes journalists, and this goes for everybody left right center top down whatever people on the right. They love to hear what I have to say when reality is on their side, but I believe in the next few years, maybe after Trump it'll, invert and I'll have all the people on the right saying you know or whatever, but I, but I will say this: the individuals on the left, who did like what I was doing, have been pushed out and are kind of on the right. Now, a lot of truck occupied, three people are now trump supporters, so maybe it's not necessarily the left or right. I think it might be that principled individuals respect journalism even when it proves them wrong and for the time being, that's on the right. There's the you know, the people I have no problem having open inquiry discussions and debates, even if they end up looking wrong in the process, because it gives you know. I I think, for the most part, the people who are willing to accept their wrong have a moral advantage because they can they say, listen. I know I'm not the smartest person, I know not always right, but be you know, and that and that I'm showing
I'm acting in good faith right now. The left is not. They hate Julia Signage, even though he provided for them so much back in the day he was a hero. Today it is a pariah BBC notes that prosecutors also held a news briefing in stock on saying that it that the decision to drop the inquiry had been taken after interviews. A seven witnesses in this case In addition to the assault charges assigns was also accused of molestation and I'm unlawful coercion. Investigations into those charges were dropped in twenty fifteen due to statute of limitations, but we got it you know. Maybe maybe you did something wrong, I'm not saying the guy's completely innocent, I'm saying he's a guy, I'm sorry to journalism, and he was railroaded after doing a lot of important work. I don't care if you're a public and I don't care if you're a Democrat if you're doing wrong. I I know about it now, it's possible that assigned was doing things because he's a political actor find whatever
but news organizations to that all the time. So why is he the one who is facing you know the brunt of this? Hopefully and I'll. Tell you what I don't know if it will happen, but I would I would love to see if Trump is re elected of the complete king of the scent of the charges against Julian Assange. Full pardon should be convicted, etc. Look again, I will stress, I don't think the guy is completely innocent, but there a fine line between allowing a government to imprison someone, even a foreign citizen, for doing journalistic axe, and you know I wanted that way. Listen. And criminal activity right, if Julian Assange was crossing that line fine, we can bring that up, but we have to tread very carefully because, like any group allow for the government. The power today means someone else will wield that power tomorrow and they will wield it against you. It's Julian Assange today and it's the journalists you, like tomorrow, John Sala,
doesn't covering a lot of information about Ukraine and they hate him, for it don't be surprised if they come after him in similar ways, and if we allow the government to do this, if we allow the United States to go after journalists because they don't like the fact that secrets are being leaked, We got a problem, I'll tell you. The problem is CIA. I It's not Julian Assange. It's you got leakers, so how about? Instead of punishing the people? who are doing their job, which is protected by the constitution, which are supposed to be defending. You go after those who are disloyal to you and you figure out who is leaking and you try and stop at that point. To all the whistleblowers who find real, malfeasance good on you for exposing it. The CIA is not an immutable object. They're, not they're, not a perfect Holy holistic government agency. Here to protect everybody, that's not the case. They do wrong same as anybody else and they should be held accountable that means a whistleblower blower. So you got you got. You got real problems than the more people amid the more leaking- and I admit that could be bad for the? U S but taking it out on the signage and other
journalists in organizations, that's insane, I'm not confident Trump's going to do anything to help Assange or otherwise, and I think truth be told all branches of government loved the idea that if they want to, they can accuse a journalist of being a conspiracy theory. Just partisan actor foreign agent. Whatever and lock you up, and you know what the other side will defend it. That to me is with scary never we'll see what happens, they say it's also. I just legal team issued a statement reiterating the climate. The reason you were few turn to Sweden was not because he feared the allegations, but because of the threat of extradition to the US, you get the point. He should a statement saying that you know I'll leave it there. I don't know. Let me know what you think am I wrong. You think Trump will do anything for this guy or do you think Trump is going to try to protect what he has and it's complicated. I've talked to some people who are big Trump supporters, told me that they think Trump's abandoned Assange outright. Whatever I'll see you on the next segment, a few minutes bless Nancy Polo sees
Part she's, blowing off the impeachment critics saying it so it's a week and dangerous to let an election decide who should be the president she's right. We need you know, bless, bless, millionaire, Nancy Polo, see this corporate elite individual who seemingly has no real solid principles? Could you imagine living in a country where political power with the power of the government was derived from the will of the masses and not elite, multi millionaires with corporate special interests, the presence will be call crawling all up and down the ivory tower, getting there mucking grime up in our beautiful tea, room. Yes, sorry, Nancy Pelosi. We should let the election the side it's less than a year away, but I know what you're trying to do. I know the Democrats are trying, Do they want to manipulate the election by generating as much negative press as possible? The impeachment inquiry is happening. Testimony is happening as record. This video- and you know what I'm hearing I'm hearing disgruntled
he's. Angry that they're not more special than they really are- that Vind Moniza agree that they wouldn't take his opinion on things and he claims that he was the foremost expert advisor to the President on issues of Ukraine. Oh please dude you're, a low level aide and that It is really mad about all four baby. So what did he do? He goes in. About a phone call, the best part so I will write about Nancy Pelosi says, but I tell you some Republicans asked some good questions turns out. These two witnesses had no idea that Ukraine was trying to interfere election and what that means is there are people within Ukraine doing this? They had no idea that going back years,
There have been concerns about corruption with Perez Monk and the american people want to know why Hunter Biden was sitting on the board of directors of a corrupt company. They had no idea. So, let's put it this way. Let's say: you're told that chocolate ice cream is poisonous like let's say, there's a big batch of chocolate ice cream that comes into your shop comes into your shop right, you're, the manager. Now you get word about people are saying this stuff, it's really poisoned. Ok, so you're going to phone called the manufacturer and you say: listen! Ok! I need you to look into what happened with this batch and we're going to be getting rid of it and then all of a sudden Floyd's over here you get angry said what everyone loves: chocolate ice cream. Why is he getting rid of it? He's running this company to the ground? Here's the point. Maybe the analogy was bad but these people, like vin vin, had literally no idea what was going on and they thought their low tier lack of knowledge superseded the president, his advisers, his lawyer, and all these people. So let me make it so
Nancy Pelosi doesn't want you to decide, doesn't think you know better. Thank you, Nancy. Exactly what the country, supposed to be a bunch of millionaires in Congress telling the poor, dumb people they shouldn't, have a choice, and now there that trump One, because they don't like the present in this stupid. Whatever fine, I don't like the guy either and now someone can you know whatever you get the point. I don't like him, but I do respect the process that people voted for. And that's what we get and we need to make sure were acting on our principles and doing the right thing to make sure people understand why we can do better. But I'll tell you what troubles were exactly to this. So what do you want me to say? How am I supposed to defend a system run by the uber elite millionaires like Nancy Poulos Ian. Otherwise, who tell us poor people that we shouldn't be hard to decide that we're not smart if it's weak and dangerous fill out an election decide whether or not someone should be our president, so literally what the election is for. So now, what do we get? Venman
has no idea what's going on here is Trump and says, but why would why? Would he investigate Hunter Biden? Did you, Google, it If you google it, you would have seen stories going back years. Talk about the fact that Joanne Hunter Biden there have been questions around softap corruption and nepotism, and why he's working for this corrupt company? If you knew that, maybe it's a law, that's exactly why the president wants an investigation or at least reason doesn't mean Trump is, is sure angel sent from the Heavens to save the world, of course, not truck, probably at its own personal interest in it he's mad about Russia Gate but doesn't mean he's he's wrong at the very the very worst case in Iraq. If the president is that he was like, I am I I met these people, they did watch a gate and then a psych all. What's this stuff going on corruption, we got it that that's an opportunity. Fine, you want to come at me. I did nothing wrong. Let's dig into the crops in your you know, drop
talking about locking up Hillary Clinton that never happened, but what you know what? Let's? Let's? Let's read the story? Learn about why Nancy Pelosi is a is a bad person. This is offensive to me. Okay, there's Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Double down on impeachment Monday telling her democratic colleagues- and I know that it was a and dangerous to back off and let the american people decide in twenty twenty all my word, the weak response to these hearings has been Let the election decide that dangerous position only adds to the insurgency of our I'm sorry that dangerous, It only adds to the urgency of our action, because Potus is jeopardizing the integrity of the twenty twenty elections. Yet people aren't stupid. Ok! Actually, let me reframe that people actually are stupid, but a person is smart and the people who are focused and paying attention Underst, but you know what she's really saying here. Nancy Pelosi says: Trump is
to interfere he's trying to jeopardize the integrity, the twenty twenty elections? Therefore, we can't let the election decide. What do you think the Democrats are doing launching an impeachment inquiry less than a year out from an election they're trying to sway the public because they think people are stupid? Unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people, but I do believe a person is smart and that's why important to push back on this nonsense, plus he also was sort of the facts of the case. Were uncontested say that President Donald Trump has abused. This power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security interests below sea responded to Republicans who have argued the president's decision to withhold the aid is a non starter, because the aid was eventually released. I'll, stop you right there. I don't even care if you said no to the aid period. If Donald Trump said no, you can you get nothing I be like. Well, okay, that's the president. He's going to do that, a vote for somebody else and let them cook, but let them come in and shoes. That's the point of elections right to present as a bad job, so
side, someone else should come in our whole country is built upon. The premise of leading elections decide when I tell you what, when it comes to Mitch Mcconnell and was it was a garland, Merrick Garland or whatever what Obama's appointee who got pushed out because Mukasa we're gonna look. Elections are gonna. That's b s the election decided when, when Obama got elected so don't act. Like Republicans are immune to this. I- and I will. I will absolutely point out my like it's complicated. I said that fifty billion times a day, but I do not like Mitch Mcconnell Lindsey. Graham, there are some new Republicans who have come in what is a good politically, but I think our principled and I'll point out you want to play a game about letting election decide. The president gets elected, that's the decision they get for years. That means bomb all should have picked a Supreme court justice. It should've been voted on. Instead, it was waiting on is pushed out Now we have Donald Trump congradulations, he gets his for years. So so you know that they want to rag on the republican side, but they held up the Obamas yeah I get it, I get it. I don't like it and you think I'm supposed to
defend you doing. The same thing, absolutely not homie, don't play that the aid was released only after the whistleblower exposed the truth of the presidents, extortion and bribery, and you know what man. This is exactly why she wants to do this. She doesn't want it action unless she can smear the present. Let me tell you exactly what these hearings are for. They're, not, the hearings to uncover new information there. He knows they've addition to these people they're having hearings, so they can grandstand. Adam Schiff knows that if you have the prop press conference, nobody would care, but he knows an impeachment hearing will get him as much press as possible What they're betting on is not convincing you or I that Trump didn't do anything wrong or that he did there hoping that they can just make artisans, who already lean in their direction, even more angry? That's it and uh for lists. In line like the Pied piper leading all the rats are snakes or whatever, with snakes they're. Just following in line to whatever the Democrats say this, if you like you, you you look at these journalists.
I you know there was one journalist who said everyone hates Nunez and I'm like Oh, I'm pretty sure that the last vestige of journalism grasping onto the withering husk of the fourth estate. Actively listening to shift and noone's I'll. Tell you what I listen exactly to what Toy Adam Schiff's saying: I'm!
a big fan of the guy. But I'll tell you this, I don't like it, I don't like notice or shift no. This is suing somebody because the rag on with a cow twitter account come on, but I'll tell you what there have been some fine statements across the aisle. Some democrats have made some good points. Some republicans have made some good points, but the facts are on the republican side on this one. What what? What what's happening right now is they're trying to generate negative press to win twenty twenty. I would be I I actually don't think they will impeach from they might. I don't know, but I think the the the one reason I think they might not is because that would give Republicans power. It would go to a Senate trial and the Republicans can then take action. They can then call witnesses and the Democrats would be restricted and it would stop the twenty twenty candidates from campaigning that the a lot of the senators to be forced to go into the Senate trial. They can't speak so in patients all the really bad idea, in which case I think the
want the hearings and then they're going to blame Republicans for refusing the whole trip accountable, and there will be some democrat defectors that way they get there one of bad press. They can tell all of the american people about extortion and bribery and then they're going to say we are trying to uphold the rule of law, but Donald Trump and his lookin allies. It is a shame that so many moderates moblas are going to do. I don't know, though I think in the end they might actually just impeach him. It's tough to say I think impeaching him would be a really really bad idea. That's why I kind of lean towards they probably wouldn't, but it seems like they are so in the end. Thank you, Nancy Palosi. Thank you, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, these uber, wealthy politicians, career politicians who don't care about the american people. They don't care about
Erica. They don't care about civil liberties, they care bout keys to the castle vote for me, and I can then go sit in the ivory tower. That's what they're doing do they care that this is divisive? Do they care at the american people are happy, the economy is doing well, they don't care, they just want trump look. Bad trump is an angel Mcconnells on an angel. Republicans are not angels, and you know what they will come time when some of these old crony Republicans play the same game, and I will be saying very similar things, but but but but but for now I can just say that for those who are on the right glove, a long standing who have done the right and for a long time. The facts are on your side for the most part. For now, don't be surprised in the future, when journalists and another individuals you may have liked. You know centrist. Moderates start calling you out. If you play the same games, I don't think everybody is perfect. I think everybody has their agenda in their motives. It just so happens that there are a lot of people when it comes to the questioning we're hearing, it's clear that the Democrats are doing they're losing their mad. The Republicans one they're mad that Trump
actually help the economy and is doing well so they're doing everything in their power to shut him down it's possible that we see something similar again, because Republicans certainly tried to obstruct Obama. I I just I just can't stand everybody. You know in the end, to years I'd like to see real politicians who care about the american people, I think Donald Trump for all of his bad care. At all this character, defects is Boris Ness. He does want America succeed, call it whatever you want call it, you go call arrogance. Called our system. Call it true, a love for the american people. I don't care. What he's feeling I think Trump and goal is make America better. Could it be that Trump wants to brag about how he fixed the problem? That could be it you're, going to you're going to act like he's some empathetic hero who loves everybody, although Trump supporters would feel that way. I think original position as Trump wants to brag. He wants to succeed. He wants to win and I think a lot of people recognize that you know is a focus group. They basically said that they they they ever go
Pro Trump group find swing? Voters like poses policies but hate his tweets, and that explains exactly how I feel there's a lot of policies that I think have worked out really well, and you know what I was wrong about some of these policies and I'll accept that things are going well to a certain extent, definite, certainly going to be bad. We've got a college tuition bubble, got some problems, but I can agree with most people. The independence yeah Donald Trump's tweets cause problems. You know so in the end, let the people vote if Donald Trump has done enough to earn the american people it is the will of the people to choose him, and I'm sick and tired of hearing be asked about low level aids obstructing the president who was hired to do a job. Did I hired Donald Trump? No, but I'll tell you what I understand that when I work at an ice cream shop when the boss says here's, why we, when the boss says we're dumping chocolate, I'm not going to be like no stop, I'm going back. Is there something wrong with chocolate and then he says it was contaminated, say whoa. So imagine if Intiman heard this call instead of running around screeching about how he
suppose that he says he ask someone what why does trump on investing in abundance and then someone said there was the of bite and saying you know he was getting the aid removed and their concerns over his son being on the board. We know over as most corrupt. His son got the job whether or not buying anything wrong. Trump wants to look into it. That actually makes sense, but now Their ponds ponds being used to be by people like Polo, see who don't want the Americans to decide? Here's what here's? What man I'll tell you here's, here's what here's a license and a segment. I'm I disagree with you. I might. I might think you are wrong. I might not like your president, but I will respect the fact that you guys won the election and I think that's fair, and if and if you know I did vote for about about a second time, but if people vote for Obama he wins, I'm not a big fan of any of these people, but I respect that people are voting than men. I disagree. I don't like the idea of voting for lesser of two evils, but that's just the way it is so I'm not gonna try and burn everything down because of it Nancy plus he doesn't want to vote. She thinks the
wealthy elites in the ivory tower should be in control. Yeah. No thank you. I got one more segment coming up, it's going to be a lot more fun, because all this is frustrating we're talking about aliens I'll see in a few minutes, aliens turning off nuclear weapons to show humans there useless, bomb aliens have been turning our nuclear weapons on and off to show us how useless they are against them. According to a lobbyist, who says he thinks Ets are not a threat, then why would they turning our weapons on or off? If they weren't a threat, then maybe they could just deactivate them if we use them look six has been so insane lately that I think it's important to sometimes get a break and talk about the wonders and mysteries of life, and we have a couple of really interesting stories. This guy believes that aliens are shutting off our nuclear nuclear weapons and I think it's fair that it's possible. I mean if aliens existed, think about it. This way imagine you're in a helicopter, and you fly up to like north
all island where those like those humans are. We've never been like directly contacted their firing bows and arrows at you in the air. Just bounce off the whole of the the body of the helicopter is made of metal and we're just like it they're not doing anything. It's just pieces of wood and they'd be like our weapons are useless, but those are the greatest weapons. While nuclear Arsenal's greatest weapons and safe to say, that if aliens had the ability to travel great distances across the universe, they may have some kind of dementia knol manipulation technologies that can directly manipulate these weapons, or not only that I mean I'm gonna. Tell you straight up. I believe, if it's That aliens have come to earth that, based on what we know in science, the appropriate assumption about space travel is that they are using a form of energy or or spatial travel that we don't know. We don't know whenever we think about space ships. We think about rocket
in our eye on propulsion, our solar sails or things like that, because within the confines of our understanding of science, but there could be some kind of an art. You know mass energy network of sea of gigantic be names of Energy called Floor Bose. Well, we don't have a name for it because we've never conceptualized it, but just the point of making us. We didn't know that radio waves existed right up until, like one hundred some odd years ago, hundred fifty hundred sixty years ago, The well maybe a little bit longer than that, but we didn't know about the electromagnetic electromagnetic spectrum. So if somebody saw a walkie talkie our cellphone, they think it was magic and not even be able to fathom how that works so think about being able to travel light years now, we've had STAR trek and people conceptualize, a conceptualizing warp drives at warp drives and stuff like that, but that's still within
current understanding of space time, since you know we had the publication of the space time, relativity, special, relatively relatively etc. Someone can then see that and say aah what, if you did a warp drive, but what? If there's something else we just don't know about, and I bet you there is, and you can manipulate that. Let's read the story. Who is this guy and why is he think aliens are doing? This Stephen Bassett is the founder of Paradigm Research group Prg, which spent years trying to get the US government to reveal the truth about extraterrestrials and ufos, which he prefers to call on identified aerial phenomena in line with the Us Navy's official definition dirt discussing what motives aliens might have Steven claimed several witnesses. I have observed them controlling our own nuclear weapons with ease, but he insists. This is not intended as a threat and actually shows us that you tease and you a pdf support nuclear disarmament. I do too, and I think of my my favorites. I wouldn't call it a conspiracy theory because I don't want to get out of.
It seriously, but I like the idea I had about about why we don't have direct contact with aliens, is there's two reasons or actually it's technically one. We are a fractured globe. We are not unified. Human beings are not one people we have different nations, have opposing interests and we're fighting so think about so as to think about what happens. If aliens arrive on earth, if these alien spaceships decide to land in United States, what is Russia do? Russia would panic, and probably fire some nuclear weapons or maybe not, but about what happens when technology that's never been experienced before fall into the hands of your enemies, or at least you think, that's the case yeah that could lead to catastrophe. It would lead to panic like if aliens landed right now, man people would be riding in the streets, it would destroy the economy. There will be explosions, nuclear weapons we firing
You know who knows what you're gonna get one dude somewhere like might like operating in a nuclear sub is gonna. Panic can be like what is it? We don't know fire and then all hell breaks loose so that the conspiracy theory that I love, I'm not saying it's true. I believe it I just love. The idea there is is that for one year for the conspiracy about the globalists at their evil authoritarian, so what, if they're desperately trying to ram down globalism because aliens refused to provide us with using technology until our people have been unified, I'm not saying that's, I'm just saying: maybe it would make a great Sci FI novel little bit more heat Daily star online, they turned off our nuclear weapons repeatedly. Does that mean they're bad the witnesses to the events, and there are many generally believe that is not an ominous thing, but rather was a message. It wasn't a threat but a message that Things are useless as if they're saying they certainly are useless against us are. You are all
going to do is kill yourselves and we can turn them off at will. Why? Don't you just get rid of them know if that were the case, I'll tell you what that does sound like a threat to me Turner weapons off telling us you can do nothing to stop us. I do not think the appropriate way to go about sending a message. More importantly, if it was the case and we fired them. You know, maybe maybe maybe what they're really saying is go ahead and fire. It will just turn it off and it will boot beyond that's real bit more that's how witnesses by and large the majority have interpreted. This is not the first time it has been claimed in seven shutting down nukes and showing an interest in military bases, former Us Air Force, Lieutenant Bob Jake UPS gave a shock. Interview on CNN's Larry King live in two thousand eight. He made the staggering claim that, during a missile test, an object shot, a beam of light at the war had ended in what has been called in nineteen sixty seven Malmstrom Afb at U F, O incident, the footage was confiscated and he was told never to speak.
Because it again it's the men in black Steven previously told this site that NASA is forced by the US government to shut down the ISS live feed. When aliens appear This comes after a cigar, shaped UFO was allegedly spotted flying over Kansas in a video and the Us Navy pilot who chase the USS Nimitz UFO claims. There are missing tapes of the encounter clearer footage would logically Shawn's legs beneath the tic tac body not too long ago about a week ago story broke. At a bunch of these sailors from the USS Nimitz spoke out. Sang at their footage of the UFO was confiscated by unknown officials and destroyed. Is this evidence of aliens? No? it could just be evidence of advanced military technology, but
the story. I believe we have the story about the USS Nimitz footage show it had legs below TIC tac body in this story is from just the end of October Daily STAR. You know what sells don't you now? I will point to them. I don't know if they're aliens, I think it's more likely it's military technology. There is a question about firms paradox. If, if the universe is so vast and large, why have we encountered aliens want to tell you a few reasons? I'm not a scientist. I I'm I I probably my MIKE is in the details wrong, but I, to read about this stuff and speculate first, one of the easiest ways that we know of or one of the only ways we know for the most part of separating. Your models from dancer models, smelting, etcetera using is using fire because of the perfect balance or because of the balance of chemicals we have in our atmosphere. In will be brief, we can make fire, we have carbon from wood, which is a life which grows. We can burn that and fossil fuels other hydrocarbons and because there's just enough on,
and that this your fire can exist. This great this is Adam. I believe it's a fusion reaction which turns physical matter into heat. I could to get the details wrong, but basically the fuel, which is a physical substance, becomes thermal radiation that can then be applied. You can transfer that energy from a physical object into heat to liquify certain objects, making model making wires making computers. Imagine if you live, Underwater, would you have hands it's possible? Something could have underwater under have hands, but could you make fire
think the answer is no. I'm listening on certain specific circumstances only possible there, some crazy, your you know. Planet. We could even imagine where has the conditions to separate elements and manipulate them, but it just so happens that we involved several important factors which are extremely rare. We are intelligent, we have, we have fingers which can opposable thumbs, can minute manipulate small objects and we're not just for that supports trading fire which allows us to apply energy to other objects and manipulate those elements into other things. We can then start mapping out how the maybe a minute election is out x reacts plan ahead with our intelligence and great machines. That can do amazing things. Can every life form do that now? As far as we know, we're the only ones for the most part? Because not only do you need these factors, but you need a certain degree of intelligence in the first place. Sure of Beaver can build a dam, but as a beaver, going to improve upon the dam and share that knowledge of
children I mean. Actually maybe they could. I don't know, I don't think so. For the most part, they just go about their beaver business. The other thing to consider is that Jupiter in our solar system, access a gigantic filter, pulling away a lot of these asteroids and other heavenly objects that might crash into the earth and destroy it and wipe out life as we know it. So we really do have this perfect setting perfect set of circumstances. Some people take that and they say that's proof of God, creating this. It's too specific. I think it's just so it just so happens that we are the lottery winners. You know we are the rare phenomena, in which case maybe aliens don't exist because is more is, is, is astronomically rare relative to everything that came together? You know I or they came together with so astronomically rare- it's not going to happen. Perhaps this is actually aliens. I don't know, but I tell you what most people wish it was
aliens. I thank I'm sure, is a lot of people who click this video because they want to believe it's true. You know, white think about life. If it, if you're a major navy s- Ok, if you know, if you are an atheist, you got this and if you're not an atheist, there are a lot of people who have no faith and to them life is just a just a dull sludge through nonsense until you die. I guess what's your purpose, what comes next? Why do we do anything? A lot of people? Don't have that so a lot of people a lot of people on their own lives. You gotta make your own purpose in mind. And I certainly have my own, but there are people with faith people with religion. They know why they're alive, they have that belief and so they're going to work towards that. But there are a lot of people who wish this was real because show that there's something else out there and we're not going to be trapped on this rock until the universe expires. At a certain point, the sun
I went to a red giant, engulf the earth and destroy everything. Is that it do we just sit here complaining about Donald Trump until our lives end? That would be horrible. Imagine if an alien ship came down and said there are infinite possibilities, you can travel the cosmos like that and all of your wildest dreams can come true. Imagine if there was just more to be discovered. I'll. Let you know I will let you know the bad news and I'll write this video up. There are a lot of people who say: there's like this meme. This idea is passed around saying born too late to explore the world born too soon to explore the stars, and that is absolutely not true. There are many places on this planet. You can go explore. Discover and I'm sure, there's ancient ruins and never found. The reality is that for the longest time humans knew the earth was big and there was stuff they didn't know they didn't care humans care about own settlements in their own society. They don't care about what happens in the middle of the aleutian islands, but as every person
in charted every single island in every place on this planet. The answer is: no, we have satellites which can show us, but have you actually gone there and try to uncover ancient relics? No, what the oceans there's plenty to explore. Let me explain something to you when the people in Europe, the great colonizers, who drove up all that anger on the far left for them to travel from Europe to the new world those ships with the pinnacle of technology. It was expensive, he won't talk about exploring the ocean, you'll, say yeah, but who can afford to do that you'll? Who could afford to go on a gigantic ship, the pinnacle of technology? At the time they were there? Wasn't that many of them there's money now, because it better tack but yeah, getting a giant, Botha, caramel or forget or whatever that was not. That was like that was what humans built like it's not like. That was a panic, our technology so yeah. I was expensive. Just like an undersea, you know undersea, you know, x, exploration vehicle would be today, so not everybody
explorer, but you can, you can literally just go around and explore stuff go some unincorporated, uninvestigated, uncharted island or something they exist. But anyway, the point I'm saying is, I think, a lot of people wish aliens were real because it means that there's just more to be discovered and it would be a big bone in curiosity and adventure and competition and market and right now, a lot of people feel stuck in routine. All we've done for the past couple years is complain about Donald Trump and it's been boring. I don't care, you know these people who base their lives off of how much they hate them It is insane to me, but there you go. I mean I make videos about this stuff all day, so it would be great if aliens came down and said cast aside the orange man, complaints he's fine he's not that bad and come on to our spaceship and travel stars. I'm sure a lot of people would be like deal anyway I'll leave it there,
I think I'm turning off our weapons. Do they even exist. I don't know, but it's fun to talk about, especially when you have non stop impeachment bs
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