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FBI Has FINALLY Begun Investigating Voter Fraud, Democrats Underestimating Trump Is Their Undoing


Democrats and liberal media keep saying there is no evidence but the evidence is starting to pile up.Trump recently appeared on Maria Bartiromo's show on Fox news to discuss allegation of voter fraud, for which there is ample evidence.Media and Democrats keep insisting there is no evidence and Trump has lost.Yet now according to Matt Braynard of the Voter Integrity Project the FBI has requested hard data on illegal ballotsWhether this is a formal investigation or a preliminary one is yet to be seen but either way its huge news for Republicans and DOnald Trump.

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My friends prepare your cautious optimism because it would seem the FBI is pro actively pursuing some kind of investigation into evidence of widespread voter fraud. On very careful with my words, maybe have noticed this morning. Donald Trump appeared on Fox NEWS is Fox news. Maria butter almost show talking about allegations of voter fraud. At one point you said, maybe the f B. I was involved Many in the laughter that to mean that tromp was accusing them of being conspirators in a grand scheme. I just took it to mean maybe the f b I was actually gonna, do something, but Trop has been very critical of the FBI,
The deal Jane General for not pursuing these allegations well now met Brainerd of the voter integrity project, who has found hard evidence of widespread irregularity and widespread voter fraud has set. The FBI has reached out pro actively directly requesting their findings that indicate illegal ballots. Another Europe has been filing a wave of lawsuits in this election, also says they're eager to get this data to the FBI and I'm sure Trump supporters are going to be well clapping and cheering for this news. But at the same time, my friends, Donald Trump after giving his interview on Fox NEWS, was ridiculed. marked by a mainstream media apparatus. It said: there's no fraud give up. Why do you keep lying in saying there is while at the same time, the FBI apparently is requesting ever hints on illegal ballots,
in this country, the likes of CNN and MSNBC. In most of these large news outlets care only for telling you the narrative, they dont care to act, We do any journalistic work and therein lies the very serious problems we face. As a country, regular people in this country are not journalists. I don't expect them to know everything and it's very I ve got to tell a guy who's got a family who works every day. You need to read news: twenty four seven. Well, I do that and I try to break it down to the best of my ability to make sure that you are not being lied to and I'm giving you some new ones whether it be lies from the right or the left It just so happens that, right now the mainstream media is rather aligned with the left. But I will remind you remember: it was the the mainstream media that claim their weapons of mass destruction and two thousand one when they were helping the conservatives. George W Bush, the Republicans start there
wars. The mainstream media is an apparatus of a state of the establishment politics in this country, of which Donald Trump has not. For the time being, the media is doing everything in their power to hurt Donald Trump chances of winning, but this is huge news. And there's a lot more going on in his interview, Tromp talked about variety of actions. He wanted to take and there's a story that suggests you my opinion. Donald Trump should not give up a GEO p candidate in Iowa, demanded recount and is now projected to win by just six votes, but there are other Republicans also took many how seats in at state level. This just goes to show you should never give up and now with the FBI requesting these files. Imagine what would have happened if Donald Trump did concedes that our you know what I'm going to concede right away. We wouldn't have learned about this stuff and we need to know about it. This could change the gang ice.
don't think it's an astronomical longshot that Trump wins, but this is huge news. So take a look at this. We ve also got an expert mathematician. Talking about statistic anomalies and swing, states that suggests Donald Trump didn't actually lose, and it's for my crew. A whole new source. Yes, I only use what is certified by news guard who is funded by Microsoft. That's right eye How many people on the left are gonna claim is all bunk and fake news or just outright ignore it I want to show you exactly how they do it before we get started. Make sure you subscribe to my other Youtube Channel Youtube, Dotcom, Slash TIM Care, I already we do a live show Monday to Friday. At eight p m and we'll be live tomorrow, as a big shows coming up with a lot of people were talking about going out the election. You can see it just three days ago or actually look at loggerheads. Sean Parnell shy I'm. Parnell is one of the plaintiffs or
Italy is in a lawsuit challenge, the constitutionality of Melon Bautzen Pennsylvania. So you don't want to check that out, make sure you subscribe and also subscribe to this general hit that, like button that note of Caution Bell and share, if you would read the news from the Washington examiner, they say: FBI requests files of people voting in multiple states. The FBI, apparently and finally eyeing voter fraud claims, has request the files for an independent investigation of people who allegedly voted in several states. The attorney conducting a voter integrity project investigation for the conservative Amistad Project of the Thomas, more society that is called into question. Hundreds of thousands of potentially problem bouts said the FBI asked for his key files. The FBI has proactively and direct
He requested from me the voter integrity project findings that indicate illegal ballots. By Tuesday we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names addresses phone numbers, etc. My friends evidence of widespread voter fraud. These are people who moved changed their addresses and then still voted absent. Now, you may be saying how do you know these individuals Castro's belts? You are correct, good, sir. I don't, but that would imply some. whilst it and it still makes it fraud widespread evidence of fraud, no matter which way you look at it now. The bigger question does this proved Donald Trump lost due to widespread voter fraud? No, it does not and that's a big issue.
but maybe not big enough, because if enough questions are raised in key states like Georgia, for instance, where some of these findings come from, then the Jaw Georgia might actually just say we are in dispute and we cannot send electors. That is what Donald Trump is hoping for when it came to those constant recount The Democrats and left were laughing sank, Trot paid three million dollars for recount and it actually increased. Joe Biden lead as our mocking Trump supporter saying they paid for this. They don't into the trump he's taken for a ride. No tromp is trying to win Trump responded. The goal of the reach out was to bind fraudulent votes men. These left us and Democrats don't understand the place Trump is making while they laugh, ensure that trap is getting chase out of court there. Ignoring this, these big stories, Donald Trump needs,
only a few illegal ballots to prove their is fraud and call the election into question for millions of oats. Now, maybe that's enough to actually overturned election, but is it enough to convince republican that we can't tell right now, because how many more could be fraudulent. We got no choice but to call our election in dispute and then Trump. Once again, I think it's an astronaut astronomical launch other trump ones, but the three more he said of the agency bread. While there has been criticism of the actions of leaders of the agency of the last several years. I can personally attach to the many patriots within the rank and file who are fighting on the side of the constitution and law and order, he has tweeted recently that investigation has uncovered evidence of people voting in multiple states and also bunk addresses using commercial property addresses with apartment numbers attached to the big it seem like it was a real place when they weren't from a tweet from crossroads. Quote
I can show you the names of people on the record having voted in multiple states in the raw data the states make available, so this isn't speculative. This is this is just what the data shows from at rendered, and this and CNN and all these planets keep saying. There's no evidence, there's no evidence, there's no evidence over and over again ignoring outright that. Why, in fact, there is evidence and the FBI proactively requested it- that's right, met Brainerd and call them up and say what
Like this. He said they proactively reached up implying they ve begun investigating now's at a formal investigation. I don't know, but there certainly investigating something, at least in the global sense, Philip Klein, who heads the honest that project said. The group is eager to help the agency quote. This data has been used within a five hundreds of thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots in states where we find litigation more about this data will be made available in met brain or its appearance. Before a meeting with legislators in Arizona tomorrow, he says, after learning that hundreds of thousands of boats are potentially fraudulent. The FBI has now requested a look at our data. Amazing the Department of Justice and the F b I have come under fire from Trump and others for not being more aggressive and investigating allegations of massive voter fraud, improper voter registration ballot, harvesting and bribery. The group has filed, suits in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Michigan, Georgia. One is planned in Arizona. A tweet from Philip Klein says, with over a hundred fifty thousand potentially fraudulent ballots,
more than enough to call into question the validity of Wisconsin's reported election results. Yet the left left and the Democrats and the media keep saying no evidence, no evidence. It's almost like they want to make sure all of their all of the people who follow them and and entrust them have no idea what is really going on. So I say it again: you should share this with the people who are doubters or name There's an tell them by all means they're, not believe me, but I'm not making this up. We have legit statements here the Washington examiner. I know you might say, but there are conservative source yes, but they are new his guard certified and it's a ninety two point. Five out of one hundred, one of the best scores you can get only could concern news guard. Has its website discord that isn't disclosing their ownership and financing? You can tell them you can say their conservative in their biased and by all means. Yes, but you cannot deny the fact they are reporting. The FBI is seeking out evidence of fraud. It exists now. If anybody wants to claim, there's no evidence.
Broad suddenness, I mean you consent of any one of the videos. Wife listed all of the evidence of fraud. Again evidence of fraud is not proof. The election was rigged or stolen, or anything like that. That's what we need the f b I for, and I added that's probably why a lot of transporters are upset with me. Sanctum should just come out I'm taken on taken it like. I want to see the evidence I want to see where the evidence leads us and that we should encourage book. I tell you this, you go to someone and you tell them less either. Somebody like a regular person, I really paying attention. You say that the election was rigged. Joe Biden they're gonna be like what are you talking about? That's ridiculous. You go to them and say hated here that the FBI is actually pulling some like documents about fraud or something- and I ll say, wait what yea it took up the story check out this one story where the F B, I said you know they want evidence on the stuff. Oh, that's crazy! I'm a weird huh will open the door for them. Let them walk. There's like this aid.
made a horse to water. You can't make him drink right, open a door show people, the evidence is real and the media is lying to them. They want to sound Thursday. In Michigan, for example, the group asked the Michigan Supreme Court to take custody of all pulling data from the presidential election to get the state legislature time to probe fraud claims before picking electors. The effort is made headlines recently for claiming that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg spent millions to influence elections. I believe that's the case, but you know they're gonna argue it was just about getting more voter turnout of I'm that my friends Matt Brainerd, here's what he did publicly available data call centres. Call people and asked: did you receive an app? Did you request and absentee ballot. Did you send one in that's the gist of it? Does this the other things are doing, but these are call centres calling a people and tons of people are saying I received one. No, I didn't send one in oh, but you are
recorded as having done so in one instance. They called a guy named nation Garret. I believe as AMOS he's animal is easy, OC famous athlete training to be in the Olympics. I don't know faint, maybe famous there- I work goes on Wikipedia paid rather makes him, notably the notable athlete training for the Olympics, who received the phone call from met Brainerd from from the car centre. Asking if you requested an absent in Arizona he now lives in Tennessee training for the Olympics, he's had no, they said so you did not send one is no while someone sent one in your name, and this guy is not some random nobody, he is training for the Olympics. I trust the dude I do maybe maybe he's lying. Maybe he really didn't you just loves Trump. I doubt it. He doesn't seem. Very political It seems like someone who worked very hard trains very hard and he seems like an upstanding citizen. I have no reason to doubt that's the kind of evidence we're getting from met Brainerd, but, my friends, what do you get from the likes of CNN Fox NEWS,
Maria barter Romo gave trumpets First tv interviews, since the election it was filled with lies. Well, look to be fair, I'm willing to bet trumps at a bunch of stuff that wasn't true no doubt, but I wouldn't necessarily call all of it lies first and foremost does Trump like yes, yes, he does do. Come on. You want to come to me and claim that there's someone running for office somewhat in politics and they're, not lying, I'm gonna call you a liar or dumb. That doesn't mean everything Trump says is a lie. Sometimes tromp just gets things wrong and in fact I think it's fair to say that Europe is more likely to get something wrong, then allow you know why, because Trump blurted out some of the most ridiculous, honest things ever. I saw this several times my favorite was when he was like you know, by the helicopter, leaving the White House, and there are like what What's going on with the others, D or Saudi Arabia trumps, like outs, really really great we're doing this big weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. They love it. We're gonna make billions of dollars and ever like all the progressive anti war leftist
like face palmed like he just came out and set it like trumpets, sang the quiet part loud and allowed part quiet you're not going to convince me that even the interest to hates tromp called him, the most honest and dishonest president that he lies, time. No, I think, he's wrong a lot. I think he sees something in the news to get it wrong. Here is an example: you may have seen you you may have heard of you to channel, don't walk, run productions. It's our guy, I'm Andrew runs that generally tat among the IRA podcast before and he brought a tweet criticising Joe Biden for periscope live stream. Is twitter account only getting a thousand concurrent viewers at one time kind of a million followers and could only get a thousand people
long story short after tweeting it it made its waited from and then Trump tweeted, they only got a thousand views. No, that was a corruption of the original idea. Trump wasn't lying. Tromp was just wrong because it was a game of telephone. That's what I think really happens, let's see what scene and has to say as it President Donald Trump on Sundays. With Fox NEWS anchor Maria by Roma. In its first interview, the conversation was riddle of lies and conspiracy. Theories quote this election was a fraud. It was a rigged. Election Trump told bought a Roma in response to the fox. In response, the Fox anchor reflected the president's anger This is disgusting and we cannot allow America's elections to be corrupted. The interview highlighted that Trump is unable or unwilling to accept. Reality says Brian stouter, Brian CARE, to run on your on your show at all. The examiner is reporting the FBI seeking evidence on widespread voter frog. Oh, I didn't think so,
this ain't addition to trumps unwillingness to acknowledge Joe Biden won the election bottle Ramos unchallenged acceptance of trumps. False narrative also presents a danger to american democracy said Oliver. Darcy unreliable sources quote news organisations and I think Fox claims to be one of our responsibility. The president of the United States is trying to overturn the election. Frankly, there is not much daylight, tween, Marie Maria and Alex Jones trumps. This information campaign with the election is less cohesive strategy and more about throwing spaghetti at the wall in the hope that something sticks said Jonathan Rotch, a senior fellow at the Brookings into What he's running right now is a classic russian style. This information campaign. He added that trumps intention is to flood the zone and confused people.
by pushing conspiracy theories, lies and half truths not say this now interrupt, believes it now drop is entitled to his opinion. I think Donald Trump is jumping the gun because he lost is unlikely lost in there is evidence of fraud. I think that's something that human beings do. That's it. It's not unique to Trump. If you someone breaks in your house and then you find out your playstation, your new Playstation five is gone, you're going to say somebody robbed me and saw a places and five and the cops are gonna be like seems likely, but we need evidence that the broken- and I was actually a burglary and that it might turn out. You know it was the kid through a baseball, broke the window and then someone so your places in five right point, as you advocate for yourself, based on what you believe tromp lost, there is evidence of fraud, so trumpets going all the way. I get it Joe,
I didn't protected projected to win, so the media is doing the exact same thing into the direction. The that the problem, I guess is that I have no problem with Trump advocating for himself and his supporters saying this. thing. Well, I'm going to say I don't agree, and I disagree I hear hear in this area and that area, but I understand what you're fighting tooth and nail for this trump feels like IE lost The media, however, is trying to convince you. There's no evidence over and over again they call it lies in conspiracy theories. I opened this segment by showing there's the FBI is requesting. This evidence met brain or is even possible. images from his databases showing the names you can look this stuff up showing addresses that are all like a gm or something where people claim to live there for that further. For the rest, I address to build a vote. There is evidence. It exists. My friends from just the news again and a lot of people are like TIM mentions news guard. Quite often, I tell you why news Guard certified
as various news outlets, I think they're biased I do and they have funding, I believe from Microsoft. Just the news is given a credible writing. The website generally maintains basic standards of credibility and transparency, with significant exceptions. However, it has given a green checkmark. It's right, leaning, political, site founded by John Solomon. That is published, unsubstantiated and misleading claims. However, it score is sixty two out of a hundred and it is deemed credible. They say they do not repeatedly publish false content from just the news. Data export vote. Tabulation feeds in Pennsylvania in Georgia show anomalies suggesting Trump missing. Boats quote. there's a lot of anomalies in that data when you go look at it, for example the training, videos on dominion. You realize how quickly all this can go south. These are stories that present us with a smoke alarm going off, so I described it. You ve probably heard me say it before those it haven't. Imagine your walk down the street
smoke alarm is going off in a building. You call nine one one and say smoke alarm is going off. What do you think that the operators as to do they say, while as their evidence of whites fire. Why, or I don't know, I'm not going in the building. That's your job, I'm just telling you! I hear the alarm. Well, if there's no evidence of widespread fire, we won't come up now. That's ridiculous! When a smoke alarm goes off, the fire department comes out, it there's no fire. They come on a false alarm, everybody, but they investigate that's where we're at right now. In fact, it's not just smoke alarm going off its smoke coming out of the building fact that met Brainerd found like twenty plus thousand people who change their address and still vote absentee, no matter how you spinnet broad, unless the change so that listen, maybe they fraudulently change there. Address for some reason, but they still secretly Livin in Georgia. Fraud, maybe
I didn't do it was someone else who took up their absentee bout in their name, then that person committed fraud. Maybe they moved change their address and then decided I'm going about absentee. Where I used to live fraud, her think! That's no. Where you can spend it. Maybe people accidentally did it didn't realize they move change your address and said, but I'm still registered summit about somewhere else, not realising they were disqualified. From voting the F b I gotta come after these people and mine at over turn the it might not flip the results, but it will cast enough doubt he can't ignore the stuff. Just to give you the quick just from just the news. They say Vote tabulation data and various battleground states contain anomalies with massive swings, tor Joe Biden that suggest missing belts for president Trump. According to data export, just in heart who helped raised millions of dollars for Mitt Romney, twenty twelve presidential campaign Trump has retreated charts from heart, questioning populations, including retweeting hearts calculation shown at Trump, would have had to lose vote
in Pennsylvania, if the real time individual time stamped entries from the New York Times were accurate, just in heart tweets, you know, what's even more suspicious than big vote dumps, gives bite in the leader. Was content Michigan, taking away you votes from Trump in Pennsylvania, this chart, the twenty five did: Adams, where Trump lost votes from the dominion fee ninety seven thousand six hundred and eighty six votes lost and biting gained a hundred and sixty thousand. How does Trumbo Negative, ok, maybe you'll, tell me they accidentally entered some votes for Biden, asked Trot boats. There have been instances where they accidentally gave out to the wrong person. You mean what you mean, help me that happened several times in every single state. Sorry, I don't buy it at the very least I can Are you ok? Fine? We don't know today, but the smoke alarm is going off. Please send it. in a neutral arbiter, be it the fire department to investigate. For some reason, I tell you this imagine it this way. Imagine you're walking on the street you're a smart smoke alarm going off in your like woe, and
call: nine one, one all of a sudden someone walks up in front of you. That's. Why are you calling on one one smoke arms going off? There's no fire! I hear that alarm. There's no five, no evidence of fire Why are you arguing with me? I want is investigated shouldn't you want it investigated to you. Ve got strange anomalies in this wire democrats. Ok, with this opens it huh some turns out. The guy arguing with you saying: don't call nine one. One has an insurance policy on the building right next to that building and he's hoping you know things go up, I'm giving you a hypothetical. You get the point or analogy whatever the point, as it is strange to me that we have all of these mathematical anomalies, evidence of fraud, I'm not seeing prove something evidence, signs or indications had happened and the Democrats, our sang, stop, stop investigating. We don't want to know if someone tainted the results. Why? Because we one I'd, say this: if Trump one could be the same thing, another direction, no doubt you'd have the Democrat saying we demand investigations. Tromp would be set.
All. This is ridiculous. I want accepted. This is the name of the game. I dont care when the Democrats were screaming and twenty sixteen that Russia did everything I entertained it. I sat there. I did the video said. Wow look at these. I even concluding one view that call me was telling the truth. Now we know he wasn't for the most part, and here we are with more accusations and again I entertain them because any honest person what Ok, let's investigate this. Why I find myself often being called conservative well. I have centre left policy positions on most things rather moderate, but leaning left on an uncertain cultural issues and even economic and tax issues, but I dont care about what my opinion. You know. I don't care about winning by any means necessary. I care about being honest and understanding what's really going on and if the people of this country
want to vote for Donald Trump will then so be it who might lie cheat or steel to get my way back to the left is doing. Let me show you this. The reason why Donald Trump must not give up. Ethiopia Iowa Congressional Challenger Miller, Meeks, expected to win by six votes after Recount State Board expected to certify results Monday, Let me show you this. From little village November, six Rita heart moves into the lead and district to to race. For? U S house, as Jasper County, corrects its vote total that's right. They say after the auditor corrected heart, moved ahead of republican Marionette Miller Meeks by one hundred and sixty two in the districts, artificial about total on Tuesday night, the Iowa Secretary States Office had Miller, makes winning by.
Hundred eighty votes than they cried to the total Meeks was losing than they did a recount and now Miller. Meeks will win expected to win by six votes. Six! That's crazy! Just six votes this! Why always? How people yet got a vote? Man, because I often say, what's one vote, gonna do dude, sometimes alot sometimes could you imagine if six people who didn't vote mounted? Well, you have it, I guess, but if seven people wooden vote voted, they could have switched that they could afflict the supporters. Miller makes fought, and now one and there was a state level politician, a low. Like our luck. I county level position who didn't fight and then Republican thought he lost, or she d phone call saying. Actually someone found a glitch you actually are up by,
one thousand three hundred bucks you want. He said I wasn't even going to call for a recount. I was like that's it. No, you can't do that. We got a this game where we do elections based on perception in the media, the media should not be dictating, who wins and right now that have seen and is doing, President Elect Joe Biden shut up. We needed to go through. Foremost ratification process. Once we all agree and we ve legally concluded the election, then the media should be reporting it for the time being, media just keep saying who they think one, and why and that is completely irresponsible- the other aim Candice Owens Conservative, you piano. She is tweeted. How she's she posted on Facebook sang Joe Biden is literally, is literally and not an and legally not President elect. She got fact checked this issue. Wrong. She said you gotta lawyers involved and then Polyte effect had to apologise and issue a correction, because the truth is Joe Biden is not the President elect not until December fourteen
pure and I oughta be honest, not until January. Sixth, it really does work this way on December, Fourteenth the electoral knowledge will vote. We can then say that in the Electoral College, Joe Biden is projected to win, but it's not until they count a balance on January, six that we know Joe Biden is literally the President Elect. Isn't it crazy and their demanding that months before this process, trumped concede give up, stop fighting and just give everything over them? Trump ain't gonna! Do it. I don't think trumps. Look I got me out of you. I don't think trumps. Gonna win. I don't get mad at me, fine whatever, but I'm telling you trumpet, on track, and things are moving in his direction. This latest story on the FBI reaching out, maybe more, more than enough for several states to stop and go whoa whoa whoa if the FBI's investigating we're not gonna sent forth a slight of electors?
The republican legislatures eight swing states are republican legislatures, they could just straight up, say we will challenge dispute the Electoral College that the electoral votes who go because an active investigation going on tat trunk needs and then that's it. The investigation could find out in March nope no fraud, but if it's enough to call it into question now, Trump could still win the Democrats. It back ignoring this play, ignoring the straight well, you're gonna lose we'll see. Others plays out big development. Oliver their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube dot com slashed him cast news. It is a different channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all then, two days ago, Republicans in Pennsylvania, scored a major legal victory when a judge order the certification process of Pennsylvania to be halted and said. In the opinion, it is very likely the Republicans will win on. The merits of the case is actually true
the case is about act. Seventy seven in Pennsylvania, which expanded absentee voting to no excuse male voting according to the lawsuit and apparently the judge it dies, violate the constitution. Put to put it simply, the Republicans who passed this law, the state legislature in Pennsylvania, knew they needed a constitutional amendment in Pennsylvania. In order to pass this law the pencil being
constitution lays out exactly how voting by mail or absent devoting is supposed to work. They started a process to amend the constitution and then abandoned it and the reason, in my opinion, because, according to the constitution, in order to change the rules, it has to actually go on the ballot, which means there wouldn't have been melon voting. It would have been a privilege it at an amendment proposal on the number third ballot. Well, it was all very, very good news for their publicans, but something that is not to unexpected occurred. A other Supreme Court Pennsylvania just shut it down dismissing at on the narrow west of grounds, arguing, yellow. too late. That's it. You said files enough, and I said this is gonna happen. If you can find my content, I mentioned it there's something called latches, I'm not a lawyer or legal expert. I just read this in the Atlantic. They said that in court you have to find within a reasonable amount of time, and if you wait too long for
These lawsuits, the court's going to say you should have sooner mail and voting before it happened. Here's the issue, though, other lawyers are arguing that the Republicans who father lawsuit didn't then have standing until after the election anyway, because there was no injury. Thus the courts would have said nothing's happened. We can't do anything for you. In fact, we saw something similar to that when the Supreme Court was deadlocked. Forty four, they basically said when it comes to ballots that come in after the deadline, we're gonna reserve judgment. I guess kick it back in the lower court, because nothing's happened yet. So this is bad news for a publican, but it's not unexpected. I mean that they they all photos. Can happen, I am fairly sure it's? U notion,
Coronel and my colleague shown par now. I'm pretty sure it's on my show, like the probably go to the Supreme Court, the parking back and I will see what happens now. Many believe that this is on its way to the Supreme Court. Some have said the Supreme Court won't rule on. You know internal state matters, apparently that's part, that's probably not true, because this this loss that this case will affect the outcome of the presidential election, so will see how it plays out, but the bigger picture. Here. Let me let me tourism, based on the title of this video Democrats, cheering for violence. the constitution, yeah. I wonder to myself whose right whose wrong who's the good guys who the bag as all that? Sometimes I wonder about what Europe is doing. Absolutely I've never been an overt hardcore. Magua me supporter I just looked at. What was happening with the economy with the war is not stop, and I was like it's pretty good. It is and school choices pretty good and the left is critic
race, theorist, moral authoritarian? So, ok, fine, ok, fine! I vote for trot ripe, but sometimes I wonder because I don't I don't think everybody is is, pure goodness. Everybody thinks that the good guys- but I'd say this. I got this tree right here from Josh appear. I can tell you who the bad guys are very very easily John. Shapiro tweeted. Now this is the yard. The I believe is the Agee attorney general for Pennsylvania. He's the guy who tweeted that, when all the votes are counted, Donald Trump will lose before the election meant leaving oughta people to wonder what was that supposed to mean and then sure enough? It happened, but usually tweeted breaking. We just notched another win for democracy over democracy. Hum the p. A Supreme Court has dismissed the suit that was attempting to throw up
the votes of two point: five million pennsylvanians and hot certification. You ought to know how I know that this guy's, the bad guy, because he just lied because he's lying to people the suit did not seek to. Throughout the votes of two point: five million pennsylvanians. I had shown Parnell one of the plant, as in the case on the IRA pot gas, and I asked him: aren't you just trying? You know you're tryin throughout bout it? No not at all it. It might happen if the judge, if that, if a judge's rule that way- but he said maybe it just means the next election- will not use these procedures or they'll have to get their constitutional amendment. They ask the court
to advise on potential relief because they didn't want to disenfranchise people. He said that everybody assume the law was constitutional and so did he and they only just found out now the Piazza Supreme Court is saying you should have found sooner well. If you didn't know, then what do you mean you file sooner? That's why the Pierre Supreme Court ruling is trash in my opinion, but why would Josh Shapiro say they want to throw out votes and halts ratification because he's trying to try Q and a thinking the case was about getting Donald Trump, a victory now at some level, I'm sure it was I'm sure there are people who are like this could help Trump, when I'm sure there's. People who knew the law was unconstitutional. They waited. I don't trust politicians, men, I do trust John Porno, absolutely when he's as he just found out about this- and I didn't realize the law was unconstitutional. I absolutely believe- and I really do because they do not a politician- is this dude served in the military and that now it he writes books and he was called upon to run in this district anyway
and I I trust him when he says you know he just found out about this and also other lawyer saying he didn't have standing to sue until there was injury until something happened and in an election they that's true, maybe not, but MIKE Kelly actually won his election, which means if they did halts ratification, wherever the judge determined he would have been irreparably harmed, and the initial judge recognised this they're lying to you, the Democrats. her line and the Republicans the state legislature are the ones who passed the unconstitutional, Llanos signed off by the Democrat governor. Why they all hate trump. They do ok and their republicans pretending to like him, but the elites of this country in the political establishment have always loved being the he used to the castle. Politicians, let me- and I don't want to do any work truck comes along and their lot. Now, what do we do? Tons of Republicans, retired tons of republican
form things like the Lincoln Project and then many others just pretend to like tromp, because they know that the voters want take up of take. For instance, the governor of Georgia Brien Camp are not not camp that they ve. I believe it's, these agee or Secretary of State Ryan reference Berger is the guy Rennie. Elections he's like I've, always been a big trump supporter or know. What's happening now shut up, they warrants these people just pretended it. They don't really care about from the don't like Trump Trop is not part of the political establishment. That's why the Trump supporters used the lion symbol and the elephant. We're here is the news. Let me let me break it down for you and then I'll show you what Cha Coronel says: peace, Cream court dismisses request from Might Kelly and Sean Parnell to declare mail in voting unconstitutional in state. Deny results twenty twenty election mail and belts. So this is this is incorrect. Based on what I've read from the suit and what they said, they were asking the core
to determine what remedy or relief is available to them to advice. They say the state Supreme Court in a unanimous decision throughout the three day old order, saying the underlying it was five months after the law allowed for challenges to Pennsylvania's expansive year old mail in voting law, the States attorney General Democrat Josh appear out called the court's decision. Another win for democracy. What what? What what will year old Year old mail in voting? Why did the Republicans in Pennsylvania. Introduce no excuse mail in voting before covered on seem to make any sense why? Why would they change a fundamental aspect of their elections in violation of their own constitution. According to the judge, in the initial case, let it. Let me tell you the pace of Supreme Court
just set it. They didn't rule on the merits. So, as far as we know, right now the judge has said they will likely win on merits, meaning the Pennsylvania Constitution is clear as to what can be allowed foreign absentee ballot. Why did they do this before Covin IRA? Your guest as good as mine, although I am sure many people have some pretty specific gases as to why It's one egg eyes. I have a lot of people commenting saying like damn. You will say all of these weird things are happening, but then stop short of declaring what you think it s an unlike yes, because it's for you to decide when the media says, there's no evidence and I say actually here's the evidence. You I'm not going apparently with the evidence points do because I can't connect those dots and you're not going to get me to come out and say this proves that they they faked everything. Now I just think it's weird: isn't it that's it
That's what was the reason for expanding mail in voting they say the stated, Ernie general Josh appear called the court decision, another wind for democracy, a win for democracy. you bet you change the constitution. Without letting the people decide ass. I went for democracy. These people are lying. This is ribby dangerous stuff. I don't like Republicans, either Elect Unfortunately, the cool dude is clearly not one of these establishment. Politicians I say the week old, lawsuit led by Rep Kelly of Butler, had challenge the states mail in voting law as unconstitutional. As around Kelly. Another publican plaintives had sought to either throw out the two point: five million melon bout, submitting to the law, most of them by Democrats or to wipe the election results and direct the States Republican controlled legislature to pick Pennsylvania's presidential electors. Perhaps
in the end the hard filing. What I can say is that, on my show, Sean Parnell said that wasn't what they were trying to do and that they even asked for, like I mentioned advice from the court as to what the relief could be an suggested that maybe this time around everything stays but next time around, we do it differently, which would still be a problem. In my opinion, I think they would have had to have from these things out. Commonwealth court Judge Patricia Mccullough elected as a Republican into there's, a nine o thanks for letting us know had issued the order Wednesday to halt certification of any remaining contest, including apparently contest for Congress a day earlier, Gunnar Tom Wolf, a Democrat said he had certified Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election in Pennsylvania Biden beat President Donald Trump by more than eighty thousand votes in Pennsylvania. This we know, Wolf has also appealed Mcculloch decision to the States Supreme Court saying there was no conceivable justification for it. Well,
Mccullough filed an opinion after the fact saying. No, here's the real reason their likely going to one on the merits, and then the Pierre Supreme Court did not rule on the merits. They just add. Now now you're too late, I dont I do. I call bs, I call absolute bs. How can you? How can you be too late? If you didn't know it was unconstitutional? I've got. My understanding was that you have a certain. Time to file suit upon being made aware of something how unreasonable would it be if like you know someone you know defamed you when I read- and maybe this is the case- and you didn't know until of the video they defended with went viral a year later, likes it lets April. A video saying you know so, and so is a bad person. For this reason, and then no one sees the video year later it goes viral, so they sue me. No, no too late gag should have sent me a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work.
That we're just gonna be like now, like nobody knew you did this, the video and viral, and now it's become an issue in everyone's, been made aware. So anyway shown Parnell says it's not over. This was not unexpected stay tuned and everybody believes we are headed Supreme Court, maybe maybe some are arguing the Supreme Court's going to say this is a state constitutional matter. We have nothing to do with it and other matters I dont think in matters of the Supreme Court gets involved, are not right. Now it doesn't matter what the state Supreme Court said or what the Federal Supreme Court will say. You know why, when it comes to the slave of electors, who federal government recognizes the state? legislature and no one else if the governor or the Secretary of State or the HIV or whoever sent the slate of electors to gauge Canna thinks the governor of the Secretary of state. The federal government would just be like not sorry.
The state legislature said these are our actual electors, the federal government, the Constitution of United, it, recognises the state legislatures appointees. So they could just do it. I mean for reads: Korea said this: I'm not just make it is it. My second yesterday on freedom, freeze, a car you have seen and that this whole thing in September about how trunk could lose and still win and I've been talk about time. Time again. If the Republicans just say it, then the than the results are disputed period took us up.
from the Washington Post. I love how the media lies to you. That's the name of the game. Twenty days of fantasy and failure inside trumps quest to overturn the election. My friends, let me tell you limit them until he was gonna, take a trip over to the Donald DOT. When and what will you find post after post after posting Donald Trump won the election that Joe Biden cheated that widespread voter fraud costs trumped the election and that Trump will be victorious in his own path to victory. Much of this is hyper Billy. We don't have evidence to suggest that aren't they wouldn't have evidence to prove that widespread voter
fraud costs dropped the election and Joe Biden cheated. We do have evidence of widespread fraud as from that they vote or integrity fund. Yes, I'm saying it literally exists, okay and he's in litigation. Now these are thousands of individuals who used bunk, addresses or moved change their address and then voted in the state by absentee anyway. That is evidence of widespread fraud, because I think it total something like twenty thousand boats there's also widespread irregularity. These things all exist now, whether or not that means Trump one. or trap is going to win the battle that when people are gonna tell you that, because their their leading the charge to fight on behalf of tromp to get him his victory, and so there you know morale boosting that they want. They believe it they're, not gonna back down. Of course, there
back on me because I'm not on board with a chore fund on the left. There saying no, no, it's all a fantasy trumps wrong. But let me tell you this: while the trumps supporters over the down about when may be very overzealous and hyperbolic they're, not wrong in much of their facts, Donald Trump is on track for what's reads: a courier called Trump losing, but staying in power being on track doesn't mean that Trump is guaranteed to win. It means that if he was going for a victory, he is on track to get there, but there are ridiculous obstacles in the way
but make it, in my opinion, not impossible? One of them is that the Republicans in Pennsylvania have to come in tomorrow and appoint electors in defiance of their own state laws. Now that the federal government dimension will recognize my understanding according to freedom, is a key area now recognise the state legislatures over anybody else. That means these people. These Republicans would have to make that bold move so far. There's twenty six Republicans on board. They ve got to get a hundred or so to get the majority, and I just don't think it's likely. I really really don't, but Trump is on track. Tomorrow's enact big hurdle will see. However, over on the left here, you're gonna, get lies twenty days offensive the Washington Post basically says people look, you know, you know. I love when they say things like this. person familiar with their thinking. What's worse, is that supposed to mean I'm familiar with trumps thinking he wants to scoop of
scream member, that segment CNN rhinos most kind of joke. It is what what is it? to be familiar with someone's thinking. That's how you know your ring garbage. Basically, the story outlines all of trumps efforts to get Republicans to flit there, their electors to him. It might happen. we are where we are months away. January sixth, is: when Congress hold a joint session to count the electoral votes and this It's an challenges can arise, but the media is saying this stuff, probably in my opinion, to demoralized Trump supporters, convinced them trump can't possibly win and then just lie about. What's really going on, I dont think I think Trop can, when I think is, like I said, not impossible. Probably going to be wrong again. Do them I'm always wrong. I was like trumps gonna win an election night. Many lose in my area while carrying out not to be fair and that in the months leading up to the church- and I sat in the months
bite could win. Manny really could what people need to understand about tromp is that he narrowly one. It was eight. I believe, like eighty thousand votes across three states, gotta narrow victories, giving an electoral college edge. He lost the popular vote. You get, you add a whole bunch of trump haters and constant media dino insanity plan. Then tromp ends losing reelection. That's actually what I've been saying. I told from support to underestimate Joe Biden, because you mark You belittle em and sure I understand why, but trunk could still lose we'll see things play up. I believe Trump does have a chance to win. He really does the left won't tell you that, though there are no lie to you. I bring you now. First of all, they say the Republicans met with tromp and then shot down any chance that they would over turn the results of the election? Whatever you know that you don't know what they're going to do, they good absolutely appoint our electors last month and say what Tibet took us out at the very end. They talk about pension
Baker, and they say Tromp was was demanding. You know that they did. They do this they're holding a hearing on voter fraud. They say that afternoon Trump called into the meat of GNP State, Senator that the Windham Julian hours were addressing attendees. He spoke via scratchy connection to Ellis a cell phone which she played on speaker at one point: the line beeped to signal another collar quote if you're Republican Pull watcher your tree like a dog, Trot complained using one of his favorite put downs, even though many people treat dogs well like members of their on families. What what is this Washington post? It, what is it? What did I just read quote the election was lost by the Democrats. He said falsely they cheated Trump demanded the state officials over turn the results, but the count had already been certified pencil vein as twenty electoral votes will be awarded to Joe Biden, wow, Washington, Post, wow, ol man. You know it's just as really whom this article was published
yesterday night at seven p m- and you want to know why this is a bald faced lie. I know, that's why I say that these people are not good people. These journalists, are lying to you and you know transparent, over, go over again with fake news. It is political propaganda. They're trying to convince the Trumpets LAW their showing you a sullen photo of trump and it's bad news, because tribe supporters read the Washington Post, ok, norms, do, I guess, and there being convinced Trump lost. What's gonna happen if trump wins. My friends, I give you facts: Pennsylvania House, a rubber remnant representatives, house, co sponsorship, memoranda on November, twenty seven that twelve fifty p m a full day before
published that article. They say in the immediate future. We will be introducing the following letter resolution, which likely welcome tomorrow. It might not, but for the time being, for you to assert Joe Biden will get this electoral votes. You are wrong. They say that as part of their resolution, they urge the? U S, Congress, to declare the selection of electors and the commonwealth to be in dispute. There is a serious chance, Joe, but it does not get Pennsylvania doesn't mean Trump wins Trump meet the poet. Often three states, I'm not sure it's possible, I'm not sure. I think he has a chance to when I do, but said: he's train track right and trees keep fallen down and yes and armies come in so yeah. The train keeps going straight and makes it passed all these obstacles problems. But I just think I just don't see it. I mean I get it from supporters want to be hopeful. They refuse to give up. I respect it, but my mom, I'm gonna, do
you my real thoughts on that. I'm not gonna lie and electrodes gonna. Wait, I'm not gonna. Do it. I won't, but I'm not going to be like the mainstream media and lie to you. The house says they plan to put this resolution forward, calling for the election to be in dispute. If it is, then there will be rival electors or our challenge on January. Sixth, if Pennsylvania sends twenty electors, they kind of by, and they certainly they vote on the fourteenth Joe Biden wines. We then have to wait two January six, where one Republican could be like. I objected that that the state legislature, as recognised by the constitution disputes the electors sent forward there for we can't count this and then you can hear rabble, rabble rabble from everybody. It doesn't mean Trump wins, but it sir, We means there is so much more to go through before this is actually over
the media just want everyone to submit and give up. You know why. That's the only way that that's why I had say: that's the only guarantee they have of a clean victory. I mean think about it. You can box someone or they can concede, which is easier right. You want your opponent to forfeit, so you get a win by default. They know that there is a chance. Trunk could pull this off, so the best than they can do is convince every tromp supporter. It's over give up submit you lose because there's no fight, but the door stood open, albeit its closing and Trump is on track to I get through that door, but many many obstacles and like it's just obstacles like if Republicans get the majority of the state legislature in Pennsylvania, to agree with this resolution, which is already a challenge and an they filed tomorrow and it works, that's like,
trumps running on its road and any jobs like a twenty foot gorge, it is just a huge obstacle if the news comes down me, tomorrow, really is gonna be the big date. If this is there last chance- I believe- because they are they go out of session after tomorrow. If they don't get it done, that's it like tomorrow, really is the final with you. Don't put it. This way maybe not because maybe there's other states. I guess I hope jobs are going to stop being given up and it's it's. It's absurd that. I don't know the media lies the way they do. Look I'll tell you that I think Ninety nine point: nine percent chance, Joe Biden, gonna, win at all. We would not want to hear it but Trump Capote off they, and it was ninety nine percent chance. Hillary Clinton, one rubber, that I tell you it's a ninety nine point. Nine percent chance Trump loses this fight. I just think back twice it
teen. That's why there's something in my got that says: nah nah, another item, other men. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but we'll see neck segments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thank sprang up, and I will see you all them this morning. Donald Trump gave his first post election interview on Fox NEWS, discussing allegations of widespread voter fraud, has legal strategy and all around what, he thought happened. What he plans to do now I'll get into that in a later segment. But the Democrats, in my opinion, better hope and pray that Donald Trump actually winds You're, probably thing would make way what dim? No. The Democrats are hoping and praying that he loses yet, some of them, the low information voters, perhaps regular p well, who don't really paid engine a news and we're just hold over and over again the Orangemen was bad, I'm sure they were praying for trying to lose, but the priests of the cathedral. The meat,
and political establishment, better hope and pray that Trump actually wins. You know why the Democrats are falling apart. This is the end in my opinion and that it will actually live. In my opinion, the New Republic says the popular front can't hold the only thing that is keeping the Democrats together.
is that ultra right now, data is coming out showing the Democratic Party has become the party of the wealthy and managerial elites. In fact, let me just show you a tweet I put out. I said this is part of what drives the realignment in politics, Democrats of the Party of the wealthy managerial elites and the moral authoritarian, citing a tweet from Ben Wine Guard, who is an assistant professor of psychology, Hills Dale. He says in nineteen eighty, the Democrats, only one nine out of a hundred of the highest income counties in twenty twenty Biden, won over fifty percent of the highest income counties. Part of this, of course, was to trumps unique character flaws, but it is also part of a long term party reversal and that's where we're going take a look at nineteen atm showed.
Graph. Here, the graphs s presidential vote in one hundred counties with the highest twenty nineteen median income in nineteen. Eighty Republicans had ninety one percent of the wealthy counties right now. Here's what I hear from a yo see and other Democrats that these Republicans and their corporate donors, the billionaires, yeah Bernie Sanders. The brilliant is in this country- are supporting you, Tom Styrene, Michael Bloomberg. Dump tons of money into your. beside there's a realignment happening. Traditional liberals many are defecting our disaffected peep like me, and there are many liberal who just call themselves liberals for Trump. Why? Because Trump has become the party of the working class? Take a look at this long term party switch it's been going on nineteen. Eighty
Republicans had ninety one percent of the top that the top counties in twenty twenty that only forty three percent and the Democrats took fifty seven and twenty. Sixteen Republicans had fifty one now going back to that two thousand eight. The Democrats did have the leave a thousand anomaly under Brocklebridge. Probably because Barack Obama was extremely popular, but now we can see where we are today. The democratic party does not represent working class people, it does not represent social justice in it would seem. The only thing they represent is orange man, bad, that's it, oh see doesn't like Nancy Policy. I mean to be fair. I dont know what oh cause over does actually likes, because I think her whole thing is basically just instagram celebrity
and she's, not really all that interested or another just talking about, because what we allow people don't know. There has been some time now and she went to primary, but she started off as a pretty far left individual. She still is far left relative to Russia. Democrats, but she's definitely adopted more corporate positions and been heavily criticized for it. But I bring you now my friends to the New Republic seep, don't take my word for it, the left is going to say: Temple is biased, he hates the Democrats and me have for the most part, and that means you can't trust his word or whatever oak outside us. Perhaps I do hyper focus on Democrats in their problem short, but I'm not wrong. The new republic says the bite in popular front is doomed to unravel. It may turn out that Donald Trump was the one force keeping the Democratic Party together. You know what
If Donald Trump can't pull this off- and I think it's extremely likely Joe Biden becomes president I've been saying over and over again, but Trump does have a path to victory. Whether anyone wants what what what whether anyone in the left or on the left or the media want to admit it does. But it's I think it's it's gonna be nigh impossible for trumped up pull this off, but he could he's done it before. But that being said, there is some there's some good to consider. I know a lot of the trumps airports are already saying. No, you can't say it. Donald Trump must. When do you hear me up? Two things are gonna happen. If Donald
Tromp does lose. This progressives are immediately going to turn on the establishment because they were doing it earlier in the year on the primary sang Joe Biden, dementia. They rally behind Joe Biden after the fact, because they don't like Donald Trump. Now that Trump is on the ropes. Let's see if Trump loses Republicans hate Biden and guess what progressives due to so then what happens? The largest voting block will become the Republicans, and the Democratic Party will be split in here. no job, and even the left recognizes this now. This article in the New republic is very much left biased. But let's read this and see what they're saying, because I tell you this- they may get that they may have a biased perspective on a lot of stuff, but I tell you, I think, they're right up, out of it the likes of a yo, see the squad and oppressive Democrats. They do not like the democratic establishment, and you know it's gonna be funny. I tell you this in four or five months,
assuming that Joe Biden has inaugurated becomes, president in trumped leaves progressives our going to start watching my videos, you know why well first of all say sum up a lot of progressive. Do you watch my content, but for the most part they don't cause. It's moderate. I guess, but I'll tell you what's gonna happen. You see, I am going to continue ragging on Joe Biden, the same as I rag Don Barack Obama and then they're gonna come in watching the content and saying so all of it, because I'm gonna be hypercritical of a lot of things he's doing, and so are they so they're gonna end up watching I mean I can only assume there and start saying things like He was right about buying and stuff. Like that. I can't I can't understand why they voted for the guy. I guess a lot of them are too young to remember the Obama administration. But let's read this under the New Republic unsuited to say mind you, the New Republic is the outlet that previously published not bad calling for abolishing the constitution. They say it's lucky that votes usually don't get counted till late at night victorious.
presidential candidates have to audiences to speak to theirs. Alice volunteers generally get little reward other than the sense inculcated over months of battle that they are fighting to vanquished the forces of evil on election night. They expect some one to extol their bravery and ruthlessness and to hold aloft the head of the vanquished folk, its preferable. If this can be done, while the rest of the country is either sleeping or we believe watching its own candidate concede when days later, the President Elect pivots to flatter the whole country and extend an olive branch to his right, his loyal followers can feel jilted because of late arriving, melon bouts, huge turn out and the sheer closeness of of November selection in swings, dates but an uncommonly Harris had to write up supporters and reassure neutrals it the same primetime event. It was four days after the election at one of those outdoor parking lot rallies that became a staple of violence, covert era campaign Harris was triumphal, our very
a mock receive was on the ballot and selection, with the very soul of Amerika at stake. She said you chose, hope and unity, decency, science and yes, Truth Biden was conciliatory, quoting the Bible and promising to work as hard for those who didn't vote. For me Those who did perhaps that will be a viable division of labour in the indefinite future. Let me stop right there until you this. Nobody voted for binding, and that was one of the biggest mistakes Democrats made no joke. They had some party unity, they had some ability to get things done and with a Donald, Trump, foe and and the legend media that an opportunity to take the Senate think about what it would have meant if Donald Trump one the presidency come.
This general that this this run off election in Georgia. What would end up happening is the Democrats would surge they would have the house and the Senate and Trump would have what the presidency it still good for Trump and some capacity, but terrible for a public is the greatest hope right now for Democrats, is that Donald Trump wins? I know I know you the doubly downtown. You doesn't Levis anger, crazy, think about it. If Donald Trump finds a path of victory right now before the rough election in Georgia, the Democrats,
at will shock state of Georgia if it will be a surge, unlike any other trump stall. The election are only hope now. Take us out right now. Democrats are losing some bigley. I think that's a real word appreciated in in the house, but they still control it. They may take that that George, they made it a Senate if they win Georgia, but in order to take the Senate Georgia they would have to win both races and the presidency, in which case there's not a whole lot. They can do. But the point is if Donald Trump wins the press fancy. They take Georgia and the party remains unified on a single front, Orange man, bad that will allow them several years to rebuild and find some kind of common, this common ground with the democratic Party. If Joe Biden wins, the progressive Democrats will revolt there already, starting
Do it a lot of the orange man, bad twitter, counselling, follower already coming for Joe Biden and am not exaggerating, high profile reply, guys from now Trump are now targeting Joe Biden disappointing lobbyists and bankers and war mongers. So it's coming, you will have a united front against Joe Biden if he wins tromp supporters. Angry sang, install the election and progressive and he's a corporate crony capitalist. The Democrats can remain united if Trump wins and They can carry on and maybe split the Senate. Fifty fifty forcing a tie onto Donald Trump onto my pants, I'm sorry, but that's real a bit more about what they say. The new republic, because hey look, don't take it from me there, the leftists they say by didn't Harris, have a problem. The vision of ousting Donald Trump has been widely attractive. Drawing seventy nine million votes more american than ever have voted for anything
as Michelle Obama put it, they voted against lies, hate, chaos and division. If, by this she means Trump, then lies hate, cast, division and division turn out have quite a constituency themselves. commanding seventy three million votes more than her husband, one in either of his races. Trumps house delegation has been bolstered by the elections and radicalized. Judging by the arrival in Washington of George Acumen, on Habituate, Marjorie, Taylor, Green and Colorado gun enthusiast, Lauren Bogart. He said it. Majority has held barring a democratic sweep of January's paragraph, a Senate contacts in Georgia. As long as a trunk coalition remains the centre force in America's politics. Reconciling the country to a binding presidency will be difficult, but rearranging the Democratic Party may be harder with Trump himself gone by its historic purpose is achieved. His work is done if he doesn't secure a base with within his own party. He risked radicalizing Republicans and Democrats
like boom there. It is late in German, and I completely agree. You know there, I'm I'm, I'm not a leftists centre left, independent, meaning. I must centrist. The left wants to call me right wing I'm a centrist. The issue is my centre, is rooted in, like literally this country, where the people are in their opinions, not far left fringe politics. Joe Biden, not for Medicare. For all. Neither am I I dont like them, because this establishment corny core he's establishment, crony corporate politics but I align more with some of the things put forward by a moderate Democrats than I do the far left. Your problem is the matter Democrats we have are like view worst politicians we need is a moderate populist who Gonna say: let's all come back.
Therefore, the working class must figure these things out together, because look man, the populist left and right have more in common than they then they don't. However, many of the populace left fell for the narrative men. If I could only imagine if the left the far left actually accepted a populist rightwing presented, they don't they viewed as fascism. Instead, they opted for literal fashion. major corporations colluding with the state revolving door policies, politicians who would sell us out for foreign war in indefinite locked downs. I guess they all believe in it. Because they just listen to the mainstream media and they dont do investigations of their own. I dont think to me: I don't think we would be better off with Joe Biden and too many Democrats fell for it. Well now, they're all going to come out and hate Joe Biden and yup. It's going to rally Republicans and Democrats populists united in there
hatred against Joe Biden, which is gonna, be another really weird realignment. Southern keep going back and forth may be. Tromp was the right candidate. It was better than Biden in a lot of Maybe we need a real populist moderate who can speak to everybody? We don't have that. We have established a garbage hears it. They say the coming weeks may see the re emergence in back rooms and boardrooms of tensions that loomed up twenty twenty democratic primaries. Let us review the three power centres in the party as they existed, then the new economy, two tightens the finance world Michael Bloomberg, Tom's Dire sought to when the democratic nomination by funding their own various down ballot candidacies both would eventually back button. There was also one in impecunious impecunious primary candidate who had some original ideas about the Tec World Andrew Yang. The new economy provides wealth for so few people
but it can ever command the parties rank and file, but it exercises a dizzying, gravitational pull on its leaders. Socialism, Bernie Sanders Elizabeth, worn words, candidates and warrants she denounced it anyway. She said she was a capitalist, whether that matters, the former and doctrinal way, unions bonnet, Is income redistribution the ladder in a way of data to strike more precisely at modern power relations and civil rights? The parties glue is civil rights, broadly understood civil rights, long mint, looking out for the practical and principled interests of black people, naturally, a commitment of which cooperation with socialist as possible. but over the decades civil rights has also become a regulatory and judicial system for advocating the end. of other groups, including immigrants, elite and mass women, executives to income gay couples and loyal and lawyers commitments more consistent with those of the Democrats. Plutocratic.
When the role of civil rights as reconciler of contradictions can be compared to that of Anti communism and the tripe tripartite tripartite Reagan. Coalition of nineteen eightys, which appealed in one way to the Christians who thought the country ought to be more fraternal and in another to businessmen who thought it ought to be more rapacious. All the candidates were candidates of civil rights, but in various ways Harris was constrained to progressive ISM by the politics of her state. Hooligan Castro of Texas was closer to Sanders and Warren, but most were drawn to or from the Democrats powerful. One percent wing with such a pallid ideological profile that it seemed the whole point of their candidacy was too was the chance to elect, say, PETE, booted judge as the first gay president or Amy Club, which are as the first woman I will stop there and, let me just say, PETE Buddha Judge was attacked by the Social Justice Wing of the party. Now you ve got the bread tube types. These are the socialists in the dirt bag. Socialist types they're, not necessary we all for outside? For the most part
not necessarily all for social justice, though some of them kind of our there's an overlap between them and they kind of just tacitly agree and allow it to happen. I don't I don't like it. Why? I'm not an upper class white suburban night. I'm a lower class high school dropout mixed race. Kid from this from the sausage. How will not a man mind you that's the point. I didn't groping that world. I don't. I don't subscribed to their ridiculous views on race, and so I rejected outright right. I've seen what their racism brings and I will have no part in it and thus, even though I lean lesson many economic policy issues, I'm never going to support them, but the Democratic Party embraced all of this critical race theory. Joe Biden has gonna bring it back we'll that might please some people on the left, but it's not going to please many of the anti war progressives who call these people the NEO liberal social justice types. They say they come defence of the war machine, because a woman now is in charge of honor like booze, Ellen Hamilton or something I don't care. If this
women or men running these big intelligence, farms, security, contractors and and the military industrial complex? You know I'll just leave it that I don't care what their race gender sexes, I think it's bad on principle. You have anti war leftists who are four left wing economic policy and reject that what they call it. Neo liberal. They point the finger at Joe Biden and you know what maybe that's fair, because Joe Biden is he's gonna read a reverse trumps executive order, uncritical race theory. They love this stuff, they're gonna, bring it about. I think what we may see the Anti war left and and Trump supporters in the event that Joe Biden is inaugurated, and when you are going to see a lot of agreement, a lot of support, absolutely because they're all populists was, I mean they want. What's right for this country, the progressive the populace left, the ones that oppose the critical race their stuff, and I mean I guess, to a certain extent, someone who support it: they're, not pro war
it's it's, the default liberals who have become poor war and our blindly supporting team politics, its creepy, but I know many anti war leftists and there's even people like Glenn Greenwash Glenn the world is not a conservative but ragging other machines aim as everybody else, and he said in a tweet recently. These Democrats, who only poplar, had the pulp heads into it takes every so often are gonna get a rude awakening when they realized. The Democrats really are. When he's right right now that I'm credit party has a, I guess. Forced coalition because of Trump Trump is not a fascist trump has not a dictator, and most of what Trump has tried to do has been constrained. It's been a gift to the Democrats in many ways. I've just basically done like I'll put it. This way. When I had a hotel Jesus on IRA pockets of research, I cannot subscribe to Youtube com slashed him cast. I r L, it's about care
So he said he was reckoned on. Democrats I lavish Aragon Democrats and I said what would you think about Republicans? He said I don't know their publicans r D anything that even looked like talk about and unlike exactly the Republicans, have literally dispensing their confused standing around Europe and not even supporting at the time to the point where some people have cover boycotting the Georgia set a race because they dont that the right populist don't like the Republican Party to serve to a varying degree. Their rhinos even front calls him rhinos right now, trumpets rag, non brine camp of joyous, and I regret endorsing the guy. They support trump and populism. But they're, not socialists. There are socialists who are also populist, don't like Trump, what happens with Trump gone everybody hates Joe Biden, Joe Biden was a serious mistake and will be one of the most
Jasper things for this country. Mark my words. You cannot have a country run by a person hated by everyone. Donald Trump at least has support just Jaya, fifty percent and that still pretty bad. Now I can play the media for a lot of it, tromp got around seventy three. Seventy four million votes, Joe Biden got about eighty, so they say I know not people dispute that, but at least trunk has near half the country. Joe Biden got a lot of support at least Donald Trump. As we have a country. Joe Biden got a lot of support from people who hate him. They hated Trump more. What happens at every one of those trump voter seventy four million to about half of those who voted for Biden and you are going to end up with over one hundred million people who hate Joe Biden, I'm not making these numbers up. A Gallup poll showed the Democratic Party is just over forty percent progressive
out shining, traditional liberals and conservatives Democrats there now the plurality of the party, and that means, but forty percent fine you take about just thirty million around thirty million. I guess you could say a thirty five million votes. He added to Donald I'm seventy four and you ve got nearly a hundred and ten million people who hate Joe Biden and they will be unified in that, maybe that's it. The thing for this country. Maybe it will result in a candidate that people well actually agree on the hundred and ten million, and then will really see some kind of massive forbearance a landslide, but it wouldn't be what trump. Anyway, I saw the story from the new republic. The Biden Popular front is doomed to unravel. That's right. The progressive left will not rally behind the Party of the managerial managerial elites
Why wont? Let me clarify that the anti war progressives than you are left and the more dirt bag leftists aren't gonna rally round the rich people. The rich people were convenient to them. I suppose that they oppose Donald Trump. What happens next Donald Trump appeared on Fox NEWS and talked about voters. so we'll see I'm into a segment on this and talk about why Donald Trump needs to keep fighting. He does I'm going to show you the evidence more and more piling up and results. Yup real result showing that Europe must continue to fight. I leave their next islands coming up at four p m. If you want to watch it type into the address bar, you tube outcome, slashed him gas just just bear with me type that in Ok, and as soon as you press enter, you will see my other channel check it out subscribe. Thank sprang up, and I will see you all them not a day goes by where there's some store. That makes me eternally grateful for that
institution. The founding fathers understood what was going on in Europe and said we must have a written document that says Ya'Ll can't do certain things. Government the people can do certain things. My friends, I give you one of the most horrifying stories. I've seen yet in the whole covered locked down but happening in Europe. Video of racist police beating puts Mccrone under the cash. The footage was shocking and its brutality as Michael Secular, a black music producer coward. In the entrance of his building that houses is recording studio in upmarket district of Paris. He was beaten by three policemen who allegedly call them dirty and word his crime he was not wearing a mask. While it's not the first time we seen a story like this. You may have seen the viral video. I think we must really of a woman who had a medic exemption for not having to wear
mask for breathing issues and a cop, just bird elite, the salted her. This is the kind of thing you can expect. When you get authoritarian lockdown, you see the police in Europe. They haven't sworn an oath to anything. Really I mean maybe they swam out the something in the United States. We, swear an oath to the constitution. My understanding is that cops. Do maybe they don't. I know service personnel arm service personnel do, but most of us should have an oath to the constitution. That is the document that guarantees the rights of this
since the government shall not infringe upon them. I would look. There are left us to our calling for abolishing the constitution, no joke in the New republic to prominent leftist publication. That scary, because then you'll get this, they can't do it to us right now. They can try. They ve done in some places. Now we won't stand for it. They say from a Sunday Times the incident viewed my more than thirteen million people on social on social media outlets called loop, cider reverberated through France, this weaken adding to concerns about the behaviour of a police force that appears out of control and the apparent unwillingness of President Emmanuel Macrones government to write it in. I don't this is an issue of the policy of police brutality. I mean it is, but first and foremost
it's an issue of fishes. Stick authoritarianism. What did these left us think was going to happen as they called for more and more of this in the? U s we're having locked down and there a violation of a constitutional rights The Supreme Court recently ruled in favour of religious services in New York City. And Cuomo you can't lockdown churches. The constitution does not allow you to do so. It was really funny. Actually, I think it was Gore such Gore sick or have a president who issued an opinion. That said, there's no world in which the constitution blocks religious services from being opened but allows salons, and you know, banks and stores from being open. It's a really really good point, There's here's the Sunday Times says on those expressing outrage or the french football internationalism at super concern about that, as the outcry continued this weekend, Mccrone described the images as shameful for
last and that his government would have to find a way of restoring public confidence in the police. His comments posted on Facebook came as up to half a million people held protests in Paris and dozens of other others across France. Yesterday, although most past peacefully police are the capital use, tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds near the place daylight by steel the harming video, the sediment beating emerged during an uncomfortable week for the government that had that had been expected to be dominated by Mercosur Macrones announcement of the relaxation of France's month long covert. Nineteen lockdown, including the long awaited reopening yesterday of non essential shops well over in London. A hundred and fifty people have been arrested. Is this what people want with the lock downs, just to be locked in your home, and the government can beaten arrest people and you
protest anymore. This is what Europe gets with no constitution, the hill says more than one hundred and fifty people were arrested on Saturday during an anti lockdown protest in London, the metropolitan police announced that set the and the arrests were made for breaching corona virus regulation. Assaulting a police officer and possess it. Put possessing of drugs law enforcement. Added. That officers made several attempts to prevent people from gathering and to urge people to go home. The met warned on Friday, the protests break the law, adding that has a has had a robust policing plan in place of the weaker. That's right in London, you're not legally allowed approach in the: U S, we have a constitution and a first amendment, but I said the other and I'll say it again. The first amendment says you are right to peaceably assemble, that's it! You have a right to peaceably assemble. Well, I choose to peaceably assemble too
Why are there no mo my lawn with friends or to have a drink? It doesn't matter. What I'm talking about. The government cannot stop it now. Try and they're losing in many cases they ll goes on to say quote These enforcement action is a direct result of those individuals deliberately breaking the law and at times targeting our officers with aggression and causing disruption to the road network. Chief superintendent, Stuart Bell, said in his statement. arrests come as many countries in Europe have seen spikes uncovered cases with the approach of the cold. With the approach of the color months country, Is it just Germany and ITALY have clamp down on restrictions in recent weeks out of Christmas, England is correct lay in a month long lockdown. They began again November fifth with closed on essential businesses and allowed people to
leave their homes only for work and otherness has other necessities. Officials plan to lift those restrictions on December second and enforce restriction specific to certain regions. However, more fifty five million people would still remain under tighter restrictions. The BBC report this week with London and the Liverpool City region being in the second highest here more than one point: six million corona virus infections have been reported in the UK since the pandemic begin. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than fifty eight thousand people have died. You know it's funny Johns Hopkins University newsletter, put out a story saying that cobra deaths were being exaggerated and then within about for five days, they retracted.
Claiming it was. It was incorrect, but the doktor who put it to the study together said no, it's not. I did my research and its correct. I wonder if this faulty data or disputed data is the sole reason why they're they're they're doing all this Johns Hopkins has been the one tracking the primary the principal covered numbers. So now, what happens? Well Let me take some said. I saw posts from Karl Benjamin ECHO, a saga of the cod. If you have not followed his new show, you can check out his Lotus Eaters Pike S shot at the Sargon, but you posted something on parlor. It was a couple guys with a wheelbarrow yelling bring out you're dead and what they had was pub signs
there were destroying the businesses and they were saying and what the meme said was at. Some of these paths are hundreds of years old. This you. We don't really have that, all that much in the? U s we do have old establishments, but they're, really rare in Europe in the UK. There are right there are bar. Is that have been open for a thousand years net crazy. I went to one where was like you actually see the old lightened, breakin, hey Mud, they used to build it and then they re reinforce it and built over. It is come crazy like super know how old was but there's like buildings there from like a thirteen hundreds or even even earlier there being destroyed by the buildings will still exist. I guess, but these businesses are being destroyed and for what This is the wrong the wrong wrong move. Well, I don't need to mention the business because I might do another segment and that the main issue is worse. The v for vendetta, ask authoritarian locked downs where they're gone
on tv sang hears, why you need us and people just fallen on and believe it I'm not one Two normally do videos about police brutality, I'm not a big proponent of black lives matter in this, step, that the organisation is fat, red rather communist self, they itself described and they wanted this disrupt the nuclear family not offend, but I dont like police brutality going to call it at work where, where I kin and what we're seeing right now is draconian locked downs. I want I've heard this before, but I want you to take this to heart and tell people remind them of this. When we read those novels when we watch those movies about a nightmare Estonia there that there's no there's no reality in which the authoritarian government just exists just one day proofs into existence, they say, Donald Trump is a fascist and all that, but he's not doing any fascistic things. They are and have an excuse covered covert as their excuse, Annie
or Terry and would always have an excuse. Maybe Trumpery use the excuse of widespread voter fraud, all overturn the results of the election and take the last for another four years possible wholesale place out of overseeing with Covin beating of people for not wearing masks. It's gonna get worse idle think it'll get better there saying that they're gonna be lifting his restrictions. Okay, so maybe but Joe Biden said we're gonna have a dark winter, Joe Biden that is to follow the Science and Joe Biden advice, her says six week, national lockdown, I think most people, regardless of who you voted for, should be crossing your fingers and hoping Donald Trump. Some somehow finds a way to win, lest we find ourselves in these positions in Pennsylvania when an unconstitutional law and a judge said it was likely unconstitutional, but let it the merits yet when This law was was was struck down by the Supreme Court Democrats, cheered, the loss obviously flies in the face of the constitution,
over time. Our norms and rules have been eroded, I, what I'm worried about is that the constitution has become swiss cheese as of late with these lockdown, especially at a time Billy with laws around to aim at what point? Do we just forget? The constitution exists and it becomes more a formality. That's what worries me. I hope that people start reasserting their rights, uphold the constitution and guarantee that we never get anything like this, but it's already started but an and worse still, regular people who believe the stuff and our paranoid and delusional wearing masks like screaming at people announcing its what's wrong. Where mask I'm saying just describing these people or nuts that these people are eating other than other beating people and their enforcing these social policies, just because their droned like an insane scary, stuff men now what Naivete. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes sit around and that will see while shortly.
No New Jersey was already bad enough. The state seems to just be like the supper, above to other states, So I live in South Jersey, which is the suburbs of Philadelphia, but we're across. Ever so in New Jersey were and we're we're in New Jersey, we're not in Pennsylvania and then, if Europe North and say like Union City or jersey, city or bone in the New York City. Metro, like actually part of the metropolitan area. It's only a couple minutes stuck up on a train and go into Manhattan. but you still not in New York now I guess they have Newark and they have tried and stuff like that, but New Jersey It was already really bad and then covered hat and the governor of New Jersey, who is one The most spineless, pathetic and still better human beings in this country, maybe on the planet, started shutting things down and it made no sense. There is no Reimer reason I'll tell you what it is. The governor of New Jersey is a Democrat and he's a coward,
as no spine, he is an absolute coward and I'll tell you what I mean by this. These democratic governors like Wolf like Cuomo. They don't want to take responsibility. They don't take responsibility for the fact that a pandemic is happening and therein charge. So they just go to the detention agrees that the crank of ten destroying everything and then say it's covets, fall that way they can claim. We were doing better than that state. We have less deaths per capita than that state. while people suffer and go hungry, here's the story- almost one third of small businesses in New Jersey have been closed while one third, why? For what reason? Because they don't want to accept respond the body they don't. They would rather destroy everyone's lives and contribute to the largest transfer of wealth to large businesses. The hell reports,
Third of small businesses in New Jersey have closed down. According to a report from STAR Ledger, newspaper quote: it's really bad and without federal dollars coming to Jersey, the main street stores and other establishments are not gonna make it through the winter said: Eileen King, the state director, the National Federation of Independent Business Harvard based Data project tracked the recovery org tracked the recovery dot org estimated at thirty. One percent of businesses have closed down so far as of November. Ninth. This number is just above the national ridge estimated by the website, the New Jersey, business and Industry Association reported similar numbers, estimating twenty eight percent of businesses had closed down by October, the newspaper notes a despite the holiday shopping seas. Business leaders are still concerned at the trend could get worse. a stimulus talks, stall on Capitol Hill, new jersey-
most of the. U S is currently experiencing a surge of new covered cases over three hundred twenty nine thousand cases, and nearly seventeen thousand deaths have been reported. On November, twenty first New Jersey recorded four thousand six hundred and sixty nine cases, the most it is ever reported. In a single day. Last week, New Jersey, governor they'll Murphy, was harassed by hecklers, who shouted at him. While he and his family ate at an outdoor restaurant. Begin to see the us this morning, Murphy's Eddie understood the overwhelming amount of stress quote. The stress levels are exceptionally high. You ve lost a job, you ve lost a business, you ve lost a loved one loved one. I can't blame folks for being stressful, said Murphy, Many experts have warned that action must be made soon, as benefits related to the cares. Act are expected to expire at the end of the year. This includes expanded unemployment benefits, as well as the moratorium on evictions. I'm not entirely convert convince it's gonna get done. You see Trump and Republicans
dealing with the election, and so I don't know, what's gonna happen with the stimulus some have said we shouldn't have it. The vaccine should be this, they must have one should get back to work, but here's by seven point I'm trying to make if one person dies and there's no lockdown than everyone's gonna blow. the governor, so he says lock down, then, while people are starving to die, but if you say hey, but I locked it down, you can pull and the World Health Organization sends a last resort. You shouldn't do it about job Ottawa. People die even if it saves where they say to say, even if its aims one person right, you can their cowards. They don't want to look the people in the eye and say We cannot destroy our economy because people will suffer and starve. We cannot tell people they can't have their lives but our businesses or their ownership anymore, just because a pandemic, because pandemics will happen, be safe where a mask his hand sanitize her and you might still get sick and others well as well. but we do recognise the world is not Candy Kane skills and rainbows. It's not really always perfect. All the time sometimes,
Air can wander into your neighborhood. What do you do you deal with it? Sometimes people get bit by sharks, we're not gonna go unpunished, that's everywhere, because sometimes it happens now have a pandemic. Guess what pandemics happen and you can't control nature? You can try I'll tell you I'll, tell you how absurd everything's gun Here's a story from Vice Wenders outside become inside. We ask the experts as rules around dining shift rapidly its unclear. If restaurants can reach a comfortable and covert safe definition of outdoors. Take a look at this photo. This appears to be a much of its New York. Maybe not, but there is a structure built in the street with wood and it's got windows and that's their outdoor, dining, no joke
who are allowed to eat inside so long as you are inside. A building. That's outside of the business, has actual prince of primary inside yeah. That's where we're at sea the lock downs make no sense. It just destroys the businesses for those who can't do something absurd, like build a new location that still indoors. What's the point of calling it outdoors if you're, in a cut confined
is what people are probably coughing. They say months ago, the movers and shakers at the CDC told us. It was safe to an extent, at least to gather outdoors in a distant mask, wearing fashion, drive and movies picnics park, Karaoke long walks, bike rights, poor chance and nature, centric vacations ensued and restaurants across the country took note and opened up their outdoor capacity to, but, as winter creeps up everywhere in the U S that experiences seasons, outdoor dining aside to look a little bit different. A little more enclosed gone are the days when all restaurants needed to set up diners set diners up for The owl fresco experience was a few beer brightened umbrellas at us and stand up team of servers now outdoor diners behold the great covert nineteen compliant outdoors, canopy tents and vinyl cabins bloom, makeshift wooden, plexiglas huts, DOT, the horizon and quasi coloured and quasi colored be roofed patios hurry hurriedly outfit.
Outfitted with space cedars and quickly astronaut blankets, emit a soft glow from their hanging. Elderly lights isn't nature beautiful. Here's a tweet from James Hamblin, says outdoor dining is gradually escalate into what might be reasonably called buildings. Look at these photos. This is some of this route, most ridiculous trash. I have ever seen there. Just building buildings there, putting windows up, they're, putting up walls and seats and light and heat they're just building new buildings. So what's what? What's the point of all this? What's the point, the locked and if this is acceptable to destroy the businesses that can't afford to do this, yet perhaps the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poor, and perhaps these wealthy governors, like it they're wealthy they're, not poor, and they
I care about you. So what do we do? Well, in my opinion, this is just shows you how absurd the whole thing is. Perhaps we should just reopen and if you're scared you can stay home and if I want to go out, I will a lot of the US ass. He left the saying things like when you go out and spread this your infringing my rights. No, no! No! No! It is my right to get sick and I, if I so choose why we had a woman in Canada who is scared the covered lockdown, so she asked the doktor to literally kill her and he did while people stood around singing. Why well medically assisted suicide is her choice if someone wants to go outside and they could get sick guess what that's their choice. Now, if you're scared, you might get sick, you stay home. Think about how crazy would be if we function this way on every single issue. I am worried that I might go
hit by your car, so you're in a lot of DR anymore. Ok, ban all the cars, because car accidents happen all the time and they kill tons of people. Every single year and we can stop it if we just stop allowing people to go out with their cars. How simple? As that now, when you get hit by a car, guess what it's? Not your fault? It's it! Why could be your fault but usually it's the fault of the driver, but we know what happened and you still cross the road they say that pandemic is worse in all its fine fine, but listen, I'm pretty sure. If you get it by a car, you have a greater chance of dying than if we get covert now somehow be saying yes, but your chance of getting up getting hit by a car is less what we know about we're not talking about the likelihood you get sick, we're talking, but the fear people have about going outside. So, if you fear getting hit by a car, well, you can't make me stop driving and if you fear covert, it's it's it's up to you to stay.
Away from people and say safe. I think Merrick wearing a mask is fine. I think this is an easy middle ground where we say here's what we're willing to do to mitigate the spread wearing a mass, for instance, socially distancing but locking everything down so that people just build new buildings makes literally no sense, and this is all the proof unit that we are wasting our time on something that makes no sense and will not work so go ahead, make all those claims say. We should lock everything down. New Jersey already has varies very poor areas that are suffering. Why make it worse its creepy? I tell you that its super super creepy. You know, there's never gonna be an easy way to solve the issue. See after the law. It just doesn't make sense. I remember when they banned smoking
bars as in Arizona with my friend. They cut like one square foot hole in the roof because that qualified them to be out doors noack Nook in there are like air. We put a hole in the corner of the room. Now have one can smoke like, but we're inside yak suffer that hole in the ceiling which makes it outside just one square foot MIKE what what if it rains, knock innocent rain and herself out, as I go, get good white how dung how absolutely absurd. So I look man at a certain point, I'm getting tired of talking about it, because what's the point, they're gonna keep doing it. That's it Would you more lawsuits, I guess, but until then people are is find ways to bypass the stuff. I leave it there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly it should oh without saying that giving your money to wealthy celebrities probably won't and well for whatever it is. You think you want perhaps its goop Gwen pal troves, whatever she sells. Weird products like shovel,
things up, India and we are now whenever, wherever she is doing whatever, but you give money, there's really expect for these really expensive products, and what do you get probably overpriced garbage? But what about nonprofits we're about one celebrities come out and say we are feminists and we are going to fight for people who have been abused. Please give us money. Do you think that they are going to use that money in such a way that will actually help people? Well, my friends, I believe you would be incorrect, while some of them in this instance did go to helping victims of harassment. Time's up charities set up by celebrities as part of the ME to movement, spent one point: four million on salary. a hundred and eighty seven thousand on conferences at luxury resorts and just three hundred and twelve thousand helping victims of harassment. Absolutely stunning and brave. Thank you.
An email says time's up the organisations have to fight sexual harassment in the workplace in the wake of the need to movement spent, the bulk of its donations on executive salaries and only a fraction of legal costs to help victims in its first year Show tax filings show that the organization which was founded by Hollywood celebrities and is made up from the times up foundation and time's up now ink raised three point: six million in twenty eighteen. In its first year of operation, however, less than ten percent was spent on helping those women who have experienced harassment, filings, show three hundred and twelve thousand one dollar was spent on the legal defence fund. While one point four million was spent on salaries and more than a hundred to two hundred and fifty seven thousand. Ours was spent on conferences at luxury resorts and a further fifty eight thousand was spent on travel. The organization brought in Hollywood heavyweights during the early days
its operation with wreath, Reese, Witherspoon, Amy, humor and Bree Larsson, holding positions on its board. Bravo, you don't listen, listen! My friends! The celebrities we're gonna have to pay him a lot of money to get em on board, and that means were not really gonna be help, be it be a good help to people who are really victims of harassment and Need League events by listen. You know I gotta higher those celebrities, so ah yeah we want to put the names and the books. I guess so that they show you your photos. They say the tax filings details, the mission time's up now as being to promote safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds. We work to make sure that women are free from harassment and other forms of discrimination on the job have equal opportunity for echo security and can achieve the highest positions of power wherever they work, but huge amounts were spent on executive salaries instead of support whoa whoa whoa, there
Angela rising ok, they said to promote many of you. May others have talked about this issue before I used to work for I work for several nonprofits doing fundraising. Let me tell you, the clever word play they used to justify taken your money and spending at arnwood. Ever they want, you might see someone say hello, good, sir, we are trying to save starving children, we're trying to save them and you're gonna be like while, okay, what am I gonna? Do please give us your money well in order to save the kid they say people need to know is this. Is what one of the most common things they do. Take your money.
how can we help the kids if no one knows that they need saving and you're like save him from what s at the point where saving them? Since it happens, they take your money, they pay themselves and say the fact that I'm talking to you right now is the outrage. Congratulations by you giving me money I'll keep talking about, will not look to be reasonable. There is
some merit in that. You know, people dont know problem exists, they can't solve it and if people are directly funding the salaries of those who are doing the fund raising by like people going on talking to people, you are evangelizing and spreading that idea, but when people think there don't it into a cause, that's going to fight specifically for some thing like helping women who have been victims of harassment, and you barely do that. That's when we that's when you get one of these. Well is it is a typical charity, so it most them do they'll say we're here to fight for a for the environment. Well, what that means as the fires on multiple fronts. The first step is telling people, that's always their excuse, they're, paying themselves salaries and saying it's all a part of the cause, because if we work This no one would know about it right they say: LISA Borders was recruited to had time's up, but always meant for months. The organization after her thirty six year old Son was accused of Miss wow of misconduct himself. Now,
unless the CEO managed to pull in three hundred forty two thousand dollars for her salary. She was there for four months. There were two pair, a million dollars, no joke, but chief marketing officer rate, Terrorist drew a salary of two hundred ninety five thousand for her efforts during the organizations first year. treasure Rebecca Goldman drew a salary of two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars. Listen, I'm not convince anybody who donated actually cares. I really don't they're, probably like I am more than happy to donate, to empower strong women's. So there you go, they complain about trumps charities and lots of people want to go. Money to trot. I don't care. If people want to give money to time's up fine, whenever I don't care, they say tax filings detail how three thousand individuals were helped by the times up legal, funds fund between January and June, eighteen at a cost of one point: seven million dollars, but most of the defence fund money came from grants. That had been made to the women's loss under a corner than your post. Only a small proportion came from the top,
thumbs up organization with with time's up foundation, donating hundred thirty, two thousand to the fund and time's up now. The lobbying under the charity handing over one hundred and seventy eight thousand. And that brings me to the neck put next point lobbying. We are gonna help these wanted by lobbying for Social Justice law. Oh that's what it is They'll tell you there fighting for one thing, but the talk of fighting for a broad cause I'll give you an example refuse fascism, that's been a whilst I covered refuse fashion is an organization but managed enemies. They were founded by the revolutionary communists. That's the game, they're gonna say we're: refusing fascism by promoting communism great too bad authoritarian systems that I dont want. I guess the commies like it, though ass it happens. People die thinking that they're going to oppose fascism when in reality there supporting authoritarian communism. That's what you get from all of this. You think
donating to the salary of some woman who's gonna be like. We must stop harassment, I'll? Do it I'll, say: listen. Women struggles is really just everyone struggles and therefore we must fight, for you know, insert critical race theory cause or you know far leftist identity and cause it's all interconnected. They say or they'll say something like we're fighting for the rights of you know by Pock women or Bain women or whatever it allows. To use your money as they see fit, while using a strong cause to create a sense of urgency as they call it. So they can raise money, one. The principal move, where the key elements of fundraising is what they call the sense of urgency. It and sales to young people. you know by now. Someone else will what they do here, as they say, cause is getting bad and if you don't buy it now, it's gonna get worse. That's why they need something like time's up. That's all they need them
me too, so they can say, member in the news you heard about that women in that guy, that's right, donate. If they came out and said we want to fight for cause to, like, you know, pass on diversity and inclusive law whereby for businesses you'll be like I'll do it later, but it become out now and say these women need your help their suing they're going out with these guys, they're gonna get him locked up, then people donate, but then they go ahead and use that money as they see fit this at the conferences where this monitoring of money, included a retreat to a luxury resort and spot in oh hi in June. Twenty eighteen, where a room for the night costs upwards of four hundred dollars while to be fair. Four hundred dollars is a lot for you know in general, but there's more expensive resorts than that. It is happy, though, to be fair despite having been in existence six months. Those are the conference struggle that is with the organisations mission statement should be accorded to one attend to. You spoke to their post. It later changed from, let's cleanup Hollywood to we're going to help all workers.
Aside from the pricey conferences at country, retreats the organization details and tax filings, how it spent two hundred eighty eight thousand dollars on advertising and now, hundred and forty thousand legal costs, a huge chunk of that seven hundred nineteen thousand went to Arnold and Porter K, scholar, a law firm that frequently lobbies on Capitol Hill. Amazing lessened. Look I wanna be fair. Maybe they raised a bunch of money and they just didn't know what they're doing. That's fine, I guess and like I said, I'm sure, there's a lot of feminist who dont care. They gave the money to them and in you know, and that's it if they're doing lobbying, it's not going to be taxed adaptable, but I think look, here's the main point. Almost all charities do this: they they claim to be fighting for a cause:
Religious pang themselves and a lot of people just feel good, giving money because it's their excuse where there are like. Well, I'm doing the right thing. I guess if you want to give to a charity, if you want to give to a candidate by all means, do it? People are donating to tromp because they like tromp, they don't care they dont there right now. Are you know Steve Ban and is going to this court case where they claim that he'd be no. He and other guy took money, and then pay this guy salary when they were supposed to, but I am I doubt anyone who donated to that project cares at the guy decided to pay himself. If truth be told, dude someone took a salary and then he did and there are like dont, tell anybody. That's at least the evidence we ve seen so far as nobody care, though, are the only victims. I'd say no, none so listen and how the first I've seen a story like this. What I don't into time's up? No because I probably could I can,
a man. A bunch of these big nonprofits. Do exactly this money are, moreover, about it. Like a man, you know like, I can say that maybe time's up there just inexperience have no idea what they're doing. Ok, fine, that's fair! I suppose or they knew they are setting up a nonprofit there in a funnel. Although on into salaries for themselves and then go they go we're done. We would show charity on cancer right. it's one of the most common ways to clean money. You start a nonprofit, you take donations somewhere from some one and you payers off a salary and now the money is legal and tax and all that stuff. If time's up is going, do whenever it does like they can do its legal, and if you want to give a money, that's fine! Maybe you do ok, whatever you put it that way, it's tribalism only with their necks augments coming up at ten a m tomorrow morning on this channel, thanks rang out, and I will see well then.
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