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FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln


Trump announced last night hundreds of arrests of far left rioters over the destruction of statues.While Democrats mostly ignore or endorse the destruction, Republicans have remained mostly silent. Trump on the other hand is taking heavy action against the far left.The FBI has put out a list of 15 suspects who tried to tear down Andrew Jackson in Lafayette park and Trump is pushing for maximum prison sentences, up to 10 years. He has also deployed the National Guard again in DC to protect a Lincoln statue.The reason that Trump seems to be the only one fighting back is due to the spread of a state backed religion called Intersectionality.Democrats have bent the knee already and actively violate the constitution to push their religion into public spaces. #FarLeft#Democrats#Republicans

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Last night Donald Trump announced hundreds of people have been arrested and crimes related to vandalized various statues and now he's This allows of suspects at the FBI is seeking information on because they vandalized federal property. Leave specifically the Andrew Jackson, statue in Washington, Dc Donald brought says many people and custody, with many others being sought for Van of Federal Property and Lafayette Park Ten year prison sentences we ve, also got many stories from local jurisdictions where individuals are being arrested for vandals, think statues. Finally, Finally, some one is doing something that I am not surprised that it's actually Donald Trump now is not doing as much as I do in as much as people would like to do in some instances. But many many others are actually glad he's not take a heavy, handed approach and going to other cities in enforcing local laws, because that be well a bit dictatorial, many trumped up,
are concerned that would bait Trump into looking like the dictator, instead, what we're getting are weak Democrat, politicians, mostly democratic cities, where this violence is occurring and they're, not when anything to stop it. Finally, I believe that actually gone in cleared out the capital. What zone still going on the protests are still happening. Importantly, last night, I know it's Portland. These things are still happening and notably in Washington DC. The far left fanatics want too, tear down a statue of Abraham, Lincoln freeing a slave in what makes so loudly no sense now, of course, They are arguing that its offensive, and it shows that their freedom is determined by white people, s on Sunday that to that effect, but this memorial minded standing actually paid for by freed men and women. People actually respected, Lincoln and wanted this to exist. A small a group of fanatics now want to destroy it. So dont
tromp has re activate the National guard. I cover this yesterday was at an end, I regard activated Wisconsin Barracks, Aids have surrounded the again memorial specific statue, not the actual memorial by specific statue as well. Their statue and park police are protecting it in fears at these fanatics are gonna, try and tear it down but outside of the actual lawn order that I want to get through, and I will show you what's going on with the FBI in the park police. I think we need to talk about what this is and what's happening right now, It's the rise of a non theistic religion or, as journalist I keep Michael Tracy Calls says his spectator article. It is a state, backed religion and I I don't think he's actually being hyperbolic. I think he brings up a very, very good point this is an an ideology these people who believe specific things not founded in fact, but feeling and their spreading it vs scripture telling
people. What books to read these are books who make that makes points that are unfollow viable. That you can't actually claim you're, not racist base on the arguments from these books that seemingly make no sense. So after this, a talk about lawn order, figure out, what's going on, is trunk actually going to stop these people from destroying these? judges, but, let's talk but the rise of a non theistic religion and make one thing clear. As we move forward many people are arguing that black lives after its up matters, Likewise matter is actually religion itself. I disagree. I believe black lives matter is the official branding that was stolen by the the intersection of lists for their new religion, because it was a popular position, Now they are pushing forward. Something has very little to do with the initial inception of black lives matter and many activists have pointed out. The movement has been co, opted the easiest way to explain this just go in
Ouch Dave chapels, eight, forty six special and it he talks about violence and police. Reality, but he doesn't mention anything about intersection. I'll leave isn't at mention anything about taxation or try. And lives like that you can see, there is a very serious disconnect between what black lives matter actually was and what it becoming today, as the woke cult seeks to take it over. What guitar with the FBI, however, before we do? make sure you had overdue to TIM, cast dotcom slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways can give, and I've got a p o box, you can send things too when you support me. That's why you're, basically giving me on fire fire a bill you protectionist whenever you want to call it the just being I run my own company, people may try and cancel me because, I'm speaking out against these issues, when you support my work in this way, makes a lot for them actually do that when other You can really help is just sharing the video, but, of course, if we just want to watch the subscribe button, the like button the notification Bell
hopefully that will be enough for you tube to actually show you what's going on, but outside of this tweet from Donald Trump. Let's get to the news We can see that it's a seeking information for the validation of federal property and they of a what looks like about eighteen different, some fifteen suspects. It appears perhaps yeah fifteen suspects here and they should FBI, washed and field office. Violent crimes task force in conjunction with the EU. Park. Police is interested in identifying several individuals who are responsible for vandalism, don't appropriate lafayettes, where in Washington DC, they mentioned this to place on June twenty second or have a story often the Washington Post. They say the park police issued a release Thursday night, that included, photos fifteen individuals on or near the bronze statue, and call for community members to contact the departments. Criminal investigations unit with identify The information that you are part police, an FBI are attempting to identify the individuals responsible for destruction of property and other related crimes.
The announcement is the latest update and a series of clashes between part police and protestors over this. That you have the floor, the present a riding a horse. Him off at square in so comes as protesters vow to bring down other statues in the area such as the emancipation statue and Lincoln Park. I kid you not. It is a statue honouring Abraham, Lincoln, freeing the slaves. They said, about tearing down confederates. It wasn't and it isn't. Many people will tell you it's communists. Ok, that's an oversimplification. What were action Lee dealing with, for the most part, is an ideology. Now this ideology is in a sense you can say its communist or marxist, and hold some of these similar tenets. Thrilled me as its an ideology that uses aspects original sin, it's very at its very it's it's a religion, and this is where to put it now, you can call it a cult big, but I think it's at its
its prominence in the mainstream now war in something more of a non theistic religion as alphabet. Him up with. I think the Naturally, you can look to people like Peter Bugojno and somehow there is perhaps explain how this is a religion. The scary thing but what we are seeing now is that due to its non theistic nature, its extremely pervasive, in government and its fun attics and zealots are easily. Infiltrating, our institutions and our government and trying to employ these whack, nonsensical tenets in law which to make us adhere to these weird things that make literally no sense a good example as we move forward. I do want to talk about some of these arrests and we'll talk about what does what what is going on, but are a good example of this. Nonsensical tenets. Would be a recent viral video showing protesters going into a restaurant chanting while you
were dining people are dying. These people have been too old over and over again that many innocent. People are being killed by police, but that's just not true, at least relatively There are certainly innocent people or unarmed people were killed by police, but the numbers are in these single digits or double They jets of three Thirty, some odd million people that's ridiculously low in terms in terms of actual violet encounters of police. The numbers are also extremely low and violent crime is going down. Now these facts go right. Over the zealots heads- and this is where things get scary. Social media platforms will actually ban you for chow enjoying their their religious narrative and they'll. Give you freaky exploited Hence the they'll trying justify it and then, though, private platforms, but the reality is facts and science are not on their side. It doesn't matter, they believe it is.
And they will mindlessly chant at you. I mean you're, really gotta. Look at some of these videos or the people are sitting in a park with their hands raised, mindlessly chanting, its creepy stuff. It's a non, is TAT religion, Boca, ok, we'll get to this Let me show you some of what our first, what Trump said and then some actual arrests, present is applauding the arrest of hundreds of people in the wake of toppling statues and monuments nationwide during protests. Again Rachel injustice following the George Floyd killing him you're talking about statues of Washington, Abraham, Lincoln they'd, like Jesus. You know that right. You know that right there They want to get Jesus and that's true. This is what sparked, riots in Wisconsin, a man was preaching that Jesus wasn't white. Yet a baseball bat was younger people in a restaurant. He got arrested a riot broke out fanatic This is what they are, their chanting things make no sense and their destroying property, and it's working, but a few people have been arrested in Arizona a man was arrested for painting a confederate statue. Red overrun.
Jacksonville amount was arrested for evangelizing a statue of Andrew Jackson. Now these are just some. Some local Instances tromp play Many more have already happened because stories are actually local; they don't make it to the mainstream, it's hard to know what's going on, but I will tell you this. I have stated and many other segments the protests have not stopped. They are absolutely continuing. You just don't hear about it. Now one interesting here is that Trump is asking for toppled DC: could the statute to be put back up a statue of Albert Pike. A confederate general and leader of the Freemasons, was torn down and set on fire on the night of June thirteenth. This, I think it actually should go back up now. First, let me just tell you, I think it should be taken down I think many of these confederate statute should be taken down, replaced in museums. I just don't think They should be removed by ran violent mobs of zealots who want to destroy these things without discussing it with a public first, you do not get to just in force.
Your ideology. It doesn't work that way. Imagine, if The other religious group was going round, desecrated, statues and imagery. You wouldn't like that either, especially if it was yours, someone went and vandalized USA, a black lives matter sign people would be outraged and they are apparently in one area where these bay painted black lives matter in the street, some one peeled out over it. Leaving tire marks sore evangelizing it and they were furious. Interesting than to see the media totally embracing, thus that that the framing of these stories is, I gotta, say it's. Obvious, but also freaky. We know that for the most part that this intersection: all social just ribbon call. It has been expanding when drawing up the past several years will now, as these young people start gaining power in newsrooms, an enlarged institutions, its infecting every thing, and this is look
we can talk about opposing racism is a big difference between what their proper was an tearing down Abraham Lincoln, and actually discussing you know opposing racism, I wonder: how they, how they try to claim that they I was racism when they tear down about abolitionists it actually that makes sense, but they'll try to It makes sense and then you'll see that the the ponds, I suppose just repeating nonsensical statements, who's that their opinions here to be coming out of fortune cookies, though I describe it, they re post same opinions, they repose the same comments and they don't actually have conversations amongst other people. They just shut you down the best example of this, maybe the weirdest example would be Darrell Davis, Daryl Davis is very famous for de radicalizing clan members is a man who is a blues musician he's a black man and he actually be find a members and convince them to abandon the clan they did.
An event. I actually helped host in the south there area pro asters protested him. And when he tried to speak to them She handed him down, insulted and called him a white supremacist than he was shocked, posted about it, and this post one I will now many people thought this was funny, but actually think it's kind of horrifying. These p bull, are blind fanatics. They dont know what there talking about they dont care. They just demand compliance. If you don't agree with them and worship. The same ideology has them, they will choose hunt you down, and you will not be able to talk to them this- is fanaticism. It's very different, compare do what they say about Trop supporters. They say tat supporters are Blinds Alison, the cult of trump now, I understand that argument and I could risk back to a certain degree, but I'll tell you this. These trot supporters, you see out waving flags. Actually, will try to debate. You the easiest way to explain it going back Darrell Davis, you can walk up
but trot supporter talk to them and they might I agree with you and they might yeah. You might get an argument, but its very, very different. You know as too this. Is it these others Alex Intersection was due to the main point. I make here, as I read you the stories and is an amazing these four Michael Tracy, the main point that I want to make is that black lives matter, was a protest movement into Sectional lists are using the popular branding to inject their fringe non theistic religion into mainstream pop culture, culture and law, and its working for them just read this for you. I'm out arrangement, Michael traces had because it's actually a really really great taken. What's happening. He writes spectator blue lives matter is a state backed religion and the money. This movement transcends politics, he says protest, often fields, quit as a character for the public exhibitions that of Iraq the nation wide of the past several weeks. The term protest
crazy connotation of actions carried out in opposition to existing structures of power. Hence you protest just forces that are arrayed against you even if some municipal bureaucrat might have reluctantly granted you a permit. However, least in many jurisdictions. Events which were presented as protests should more rightly be labelled as something along the lines of state backed demonstrations. Michael Tracy is completely correct, all of these governor sang. You can't do these things, but these were ok, these or state sanctioned events. He says, for instance, in my otherwise sleepy town of Caldwell, Wes Caldwell New Jersey, high schools, its organised, what turned out to be, astonishingly, astonishingly large protest march, notably the suit? accomplished his this feet with a complete. While and participation? and of community authorities against which the youth of a private era presumably would have rebelled. Parents, elected officials,
school administrators and even the police. It thus took on the appearance, an authorized civic gathering almost like a fourth of July celebration or a Christmas tree lighting at the request of students. A police detective sang the national anthem which made for a bizarre contrast with the law regions of suburban white women in your the pants kneeling with their feet. Strays defiantly to the sky, who can grow us as the optics? Maybe these are in a way a new kind of state, backed demonstrations, of course, not ever just across the country has received such explicit state backing one feature of this movement. If you're really call it, is astounding geographical reach. Demonstration sprouting up even in the unlikely of regions. A map of recent protests, like since in Pennsylvania, shows, events in even the most conservative rural portions of the state, apparently with much in the way of resistance. So there clearly something extremely novel about this phenomenon and we ve
only begun to scratch: the sociological surface, among the reasons why the still amorphous movement became so widely popular with such breakneck speed with such with such breakneck speed perhaps because in the eyes of many interests, transcended mere politics, many so called protest, Khan features highly reminiscent of religion, collective worship, public confession and require, as for salvation devotion proposes, poses and gestures group prayer, the creation of new of new pantheon of martyr figures to revere and the adoption of litter litter. Let it lit liturgical rights and rituals children and teenagers have been encouraged to. Publicly repent for their sins, with the original sin being white privilege it and to tell a story about young people aspire using this nonsensical I really do say nonsensical because listen, I groped Catholic. And with all due respect, many of
things are founded in faith, meaning you have to just believe and have faith in what these targets are. I see the exact same thing and that's why I reject it. Perhaps these people didn't grow up. Religions. So they don't understand what it is. They are doing racing, a new non theistic religion freely, but more. You're say you can tell these. Demonstrators enjoy state backing because they are commonly in direct violation of legal directives still on the books which pro if it mass gatherings due to the still raging pandemic, not only have the demonstrations been permitted, they have been a endorsed and participated in by the very elected officials, whose orders nominally prohibit them, for example, executive our twenty twenty thirty eight decreed by Elinor J B, Pritzker of Illinois still currently in effect, bars, Annie. Gathering of more than ten people statewide, but on June,
nineteen Pritzker himself took part inch in Chicago rally full of our greater than ten people which no social distancing was evident. Theoretically, he could be subject to prosecution for vital in his own order. Needless to say, there, no exemptions in the order for June. Thirteenth can count chemical commemorations. The religious fervor underlying these. Demonstrations is undoubtedly a significant factor and why they granted, licence to supersede legal structures relating through the pandemic ensue cases more. Traditional religious leaders have offered personal knowledge, innovation, Cheryl garb scene. Passed her at First Wayne Street United Methodist Church and what Wayne Indiana, scribe, witnessing smoke bombs, go off in the parking lot or for church on the cat at first night of riding in the city. Subsequently garden,
the very tough decision to install massive unsightly wooden boards on the exterior of the church. In order to protect the stained glass windows quote, I felt like if we will, if we did not protect the church, and something happened. It would be another reason for people to criticise the movement. I felt like to have charged damaged could potentially be destructive to us addressing the issue of social justice. Absolutely incredible! I'm Looking at all this, these churches are being told they can't sing. They can't gather, but many church leaders still embrace this. I'm watching. People have their businesses burned to the ground, and what do they say? While I still support the protests in the chairs in Seattle, said businesses are filing a lawsuit against the city and their opening Paragraph says we do not condemn the protesters. We support their rights and their messages, while they are simultaneously suing the city. I'm sorry nonsense. One hundred percent nonsense, you!
can't simultaneously support this and then sue against it. But that's what we're seeing state backed religion New York City will paint black lives matter on street in front of tromp tower now. Listen, if you wanna do any religion I got no beef, I don't care what it is and if you like black As matter you shouldn't take issue with it being called a non feast of religion. It holds all of those tenets. You original sin, which is, I believe you meek, took to Christianity, christian religions, but you have your privilege repentance you have you are unfollow. Fireball claims that if you reject race It proves your racist. Well, there you go, the state should not be paid. In political messages or not, or religion messages on the streets. You can argue whatever you want about politics or religion, fine, I don't care, but the point is New York City painting this winds up the street to be a public form. Therefore, anyone should be allowed anything they want on the streets. Unfortunately, the issue
the greater issue here is that the state has embraced and is backing this religion. That's why it seems like Trump is the only one fighting back the people that one tear down the statues, our fanatics, they don't know they're tearing down or why and that's where they tear down abolitionists I'm sorry there. It is a fact, not an opinion. Let me tell you the fact. These writers and fanatics have torn down abolitionist statues fact, you wanna call protesters. Ok, fine! I called fanatics, that's my opinion, but it is a fact they have to down abolitionists my opinion on the matter. If you claim to be fighting racism, but tear down statues of people who actually fought racism. That makes literally no I'm sorry anything. You argue after the fact is just Justin occasion for tearing down actual anti racist images now the argument they have is that these were erected by white supremacist structures. They choose
the definition of words they renamed streets. They pay their messages in the streets. They're tearing down statues. Celebrities are coming out and crying and I'll do I'll have more segments on this later. But listen, I'm telling you this now the most important thing for you to understand is that black lives matter is the official brand name of a nun. Theistic, religion, notice, intersection, eighty I matter emerged, I believe, in response to trade on Martin it at a specific purpose, listen, it Dave Chapelle, and you will hear that purpose and you will hear what he's talking about, but listen to these people and they are preaching some kind of religion. So I ask why is it that the overwhelming majority of these people are white? Why are they not black, because it is a programme, save movement in its always bet, it's been a white progressive movement activists in this country are overwhelmingly white and have college degrees and make more than six figure. But we are really entering a dangerous place. In my opinion, the new generation of young people have our
most entirely adopting a religion, their becoming overtly religious. It's me because many people thought that Genji would be more religious in terms of Christianity and, I believe so take a look at the store for Michigan Michigan G. P candidate blames liberal universities for brainwashing his daughter with marxist ideologies, She told residents pleas for thy for the love of God. Do not but for my dad and a viral tweet, I'm sorry man I actually will blame the parents on this one, ok, you, don't raise your kids properly and give them mental fortitude and train them. You end up with in cells, and you end up with zealots. You end up with people with a deranged world view that can function properly on their own. If your children are disavowing, you because you sent them to his university where their indoctrinate it is your fault period. Let us jungle is an adult fine, and I can blame that that the fanatics in the preachers, the fire
brands of of intersection reality. But the reality is too many parents, think they can hand off their kids to some institution and think that that's it they'll be raised properly and their surprise. What's the liberal university who did this shore, but you are the parent who should have prepared your choice how to better understand the world to have the mental fortitude to resign the brainwashing and cold, like ideologies which can do it. So what you get, your own children, to sing of disavowing you we can say whatever you want, but it's sad really but anyway, outside of the blame game, my opinion, this is a really good example of religious fervor, this woman disavowing her own family is insane really as hate. At least Christianity has honor they My father and my mother, this doesn't the religion of intersection. Reality says DIS FAO, your own family members now that's why I would actually call it more of a cult, but it's become so mainstream. You got a religion, but to me what makes us
I called at least one aspect is trying to several people from their relationships. Religions literate They don't do that. I mean colloquially, they may when you get people saying you know like I won't. You know I will I'll disavow my children if their algae betake yours on, like that, but the Bible doesn't say to do those things. It actually says to honour thy father and mother, and if that happens, culturally after the fact is, in my opinion, not necessarily related the religion but more the culture belt around it, which is problem which, which can be problematic in this instance, the coldest telling you to abandon your family that way they can keep you away, isn't what cults do they pay? where you from your family, they feed. You information, exploit your vulnerabilities and this what we have now these people are gonna go to prison, but I tell you es he'd. My warning as these state back the expand or the state religion expanse. You can arrest them, overturned on the statues. I assure you if Donald Trump gets doesn't get reelected inviting gets in you will,
the all of these people arrested right on statues, pardoned they will be paid and then they will be released. We already watching morality, policing take place, the state, is already sanctioning these religious events. Ok, Red Peter Ok, you gotta, we gotta be the stuff, and I mean it is an article I'll included the description below this from at the house. Now, I believe, If this know who this is written by a gene vice Pappy, I believe, is SAM Harris's book Intersection entity as religion. Eat up on the stuff, and you will start to understand- and maybe you can t to your friends about other embracing religious tenets. They might. I wanna hear it because many of them have been indoctrinated into religion, but this is what's happening. This is the weird fracturing which creates the political homeless. The people of strong mental Ford. Dude, who have never been overtly religious, are setting back and saying no to this the same as they would any religion and a crater weird position where you have religious conservatives Viet,
Christianity, Judaism or otherwise, You have intersection all fears or or intersection all religious folks contest would have gonna call it people like me, I group Catholic. I left you I consider myself to be non theistic, but I would say spiritual. I do personally, I do believe in God, but don't believe in any one of these one religions, because the way of you, the way I see religion for the most part, is every body trying to look at the same room through a keyhole. They can't see the big picture, but they're all seeing little Betsy. I find the truth summer with within their but I guess you could call it some kind of agnostic, not necessarily non theistic for sure I am seeing people who just want secular view, like secular arm, I'm not a secular kind of world view politics and separation of church and state resisting all of this. But if you honestly, what what's happening now and what's going to happen, you should read up on.
Da from SAM Harris and people like Peter Big Ocean and James Linsey and Helen pluck Rosetta Sokol squared hoaxes check other stuff. Read about intersection, eighty as a religion, and thus our breaking things down. Tell you better understand it, but I'll rapidly Thus, the state has already sanctioned this religion Is there going to be a lawsuit there have been well it doing. Maybe not because they ve infiltrated too much. It could be too late. At this point, I guess we'll see how things play out, but I'm not optimistic Point like they're they're, with morality, placing his here they're going. To start arresting people. The F b. I will arrest them watch what happens after trot if Trump loses reelection bought and we'll get in and binding will announce at the federal level. FBI, will pardon all of these people who taught on the statues because it causes statues, are bigotry, blah blah blah ass. My prediction, like us, will see Oliver there, Next, I coming up at six p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast news, and I will see you all them a couple
is ago. We heard that the National Guard was being activated in Wisconsin and RE activated in Washington DC, because the it brought in the National Guard and brought him back out, but yes, people. The right has not stopped. The protests have not stopped you're, not hearing about it. Much of the media, because the meat it gets bored with things and they require com escalation to keep attention. So what happens as you get these gradually escalating rights too crazy point where there's looting and vandalism and destruction one thing simmer down a little bit but don't stop it's not. Fucking anymore, so the average person moves on and now chasing after the now. Here we go because Bloomberg is gone. Asian has been set up in New York City, like a weird little autonomous zone, type thing like an act by Wall Street Protests, just surprising, because the city normally doesn't allow this vigour heavy hand against it. But now here we go makers. Bloomberg is gone but Donald, tromp is now saying the other day that hundreds of
People have been arrested for toppling statues, our major I get the you to give a specific number, but according to see Ass, they say present drop is applauding the arrests of hundreds of people in the wake of toppling doctors and monuments nationwide during protests against racial injustice. His eyes, I mean you're talking about statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln they'd, like Jesus. You know that right. They said we want to get Jesus major job, told John Kennedy Fox NEWS, Town Hall, in Green Bay, Wisconsin after call Chicago worse than Afghanistan, Mr Trump revived, an argument? He made an twenty eighteen, stop and frisk the practice of police temporarily. Detaining questioning and searching civilians in the street for possible contraband per proved controversial, with critics pointing to data showing it disproportionately targeted people of color before was halted in New York City there's a trump size as Bloomberg. Blew it because, but crazy with it and ultimately took away a lot of rights and a good job. You did
but former mayor and currently already Giuliani, started, stop and- and he did a great aided great. Ah, he did a great it. The great thing he did for New York. I dont want to read too much into that. The main point is trumpet straight up. Several that hundreds of people have now been arrested for toppling statues. The point he was made was that we don't have Law enforcement agencies are putting up press releases every single time. I'm not gonna arrest for somebody who helped tear down a statue, hopefully that's true, I dont believe it because the Department of Justice is my understanding does sometimes put. These press releases and you'd think we you're about something somewhere. I guess even conservative media people have a vested interest in figure how it's going on and there are. Conservative journalist who would write about something like this, but were not hearing it. So you know what fine, I guess you can take trumps word for it. I'd like to see
some hard evidence on these people who being arrested. But these protests have not stopped, and I could you not about an hour or two before court in this video there were still rioting and looting in Portland. Now, ok, I know I know it's Portland right. What am I supposed to say? No one surprised by what Portland is doing. I tell you what men, I know it might sound like beating a dead horse, and I- and I am a bit rather reticent, even say, but listen we're a month in ok do non. Stop please the test in writing almost over a month. At this point it was, I believe, US when you forth of May, when George Floyd lost his life and the protests are after only a he's after so are now moving out you no longer than a month of protest in across the country and for the most part, the the craziest riots and looting stopped in the first week, It still been going on right. So I actually can show the Swedish from Andy. No, he sat at our ADA one police. Finally, dispersed anti for writers
after a long night of early of early more long night and early morning of violence and arson attacks in North Portland it. Start with an autonomous zone, occupation of the North precinct before devolving to ST fires and looting? It has been good, hang on for a month longer than a month. Now it's not stoppin. So what am I supposed to? What what what what supposed to happen it was supposed to take care of this. I must They have no idea, but Trump rag and all of these cities. He says democratic cities Baltimore. Oakland are so lawless. It's like living in health and claims cargo is worse than Afghanistan during Town Hall than war, Biden will destroy our country. Will trumps, the low exaggerated there, but I understand a sentiment that I don't think it's wrong. These cities are in really bad shape in open in the Bay area. People the put signs in their windows pledging allegiance to weakness. Otherwise people would destroy their windows and it's not an exaggeration. Go to Berkeley walk down the street.
Look at the businesses, and you will see the signs in the windows. It's it's really creepy. We note, though, signs You know the signs I'll say something like black lives matter dealt it'll, be the revolution fast, but the maze I'll just right, please spare my store, though right they may well right things like you know. Please don't hurt my family, please spare my business whatever, because but they're really saying there was I famous video from Hamburg G20 protests of all of these storefront completely. Mashed out, save one and you know how that one wasn't right in the middle. Everything was destroyed because it had think in the window having an antivirus symbol, and so they left it alone Isn't it funny how that works, how they force compliance and boy? Are they as a lotta, creepy stuff going on in his getting creepy or by the minute they are pulling All the stops right now, as we had in november- and I am, I wonder what this really means being you can argue that the left is going crazy. You argue that gonna help trump. I can't you know look I am of the opinion right now.
And I am not entirely convinced Donald Trump is going to win. I know it was not that long ago I was saying I think, trumps gonna landslide. I can't, I don't believe the pulse norms, turning to to shift a little bit away from that and I'm leaning towards I, right now, Trump is if he stays. Directly as he's doing right now. I think drop will lose out, all of these riots going on I'm seeing posts on Facebook. For my friend saying we have no leaders, we have no leadership and, unlike some if, if the idea at tromp is trying to enforce, is that that this it's an the mayors are responsible for their cities. It doesn't seem too. Working among many of my friends who are not political? They think Trump is supposed to do everything and made that's the strategy of money, the Democrats as to why the democratic cities are useless. Things go nuts because they know that in the end many these governors, mayors wherever are not up for re election, and so when people the voting voting booth and there like every things bad? I want to change they'll vote for change. It doesn't matter
but it is better or worse as a matter of trumpets, but our worse it matters if things are bad right now, but I dont know because the other side of the argument is with these rights, Cats people are going to blonde order right there going to be mad at the mayors and governors and so they're going to vote for Trump, because Trump is wrong headed, was condemning all of this. But that implies, people are smart enough to understand. The president doesn't have the power to a certain degree, to actually do anything. So I am not convinced I was This is in our own area. I want to read about these cities first, but I really want to get into this actually know what just let's just jump right into it. Look at this on the street approach that I said, I think trappers track to lose in November. Somebody try supporters convinced they can't possibly lose the poles, are wrong again, etc, etc. Look at the fervent! masses out in the streets. People are going, not and with male in voting? I bet turn out skyrockets this video. Right here is night three occupy City Hall, this is in New York. People are occupying,
it's. A lot like is bigger than occupy Wall Street was now I find its aspect. Because, when occupy Wall Street was was forming, the police went, nuts are beaten, the crap out of people draw I'm out of the park and all that stuff actually made thing worse the city now allowing these people to do these things. Many cities are along the route to do this, The autonomous out in Seattle was ignored and then multiple shootings happened and now there. Finally, why, Things up, but I have to one How much of this is the democratic operatives trying to take advantage of the rage. I really do think that's what we're saying. I don't think, there's a grand conspiracy by doing this opportunists. So after the death of George Floyd Democrats knew exactly what they had on their hands and went nuts with it. The reason, I think that's the case, I don't think they.
Are the protest. I think they tried to visa linen and ends YO guide the sales, essentially the example that give the best example. I can come up with our Arlette. That's that exemplifies us to me. Is that after four nights at for shootings in three nights, some chop commit emerges in Seattle, announcing that their disbanded, a protest, and then, if you want to see Fourth, the revolution vote for Joe Biden and I laughed harder than ever left now. I'm not run exaggerates, I don't have that our left it's funny because I remember Occupy Wall Street and, if you told them like my Wall Street, the vote for Obama for the revolution to re, elect him. They would have laughed in your face. Someone probably punched you. Oh for the chest, shop far left us or fighting cops to now, all of a sudden be advocating for Joe Biden as the revolution. I really really really think. Ok, and I thank you, gotta agree with me because you'd be nuts to think otherwise. These are Democrats God, operatives who have to
the seas, the message of the protests and use it to their advantage. These protests that are popping up all over Portland, ok, fine, I get it Portland when we know what Portland is new York. I also get it too, but you ve got these the you got people coming with more zeal and zealotry Then we ve seen from from in a long time here is Here's what I gotta say men! These protests have been stopped and Trump hasn't done. Anything about it may be true. Shouldn't, one of the arguments that are trying to bait him into using an authoritarian hand which result in him losing and the You meant in favour how this, but if its trump is that You have violent riots, then people swing, this law and order. While we are having violent rights for sure the press is focused on the peaceful protesters. So if the under it yes, you have to understand that they met. They may understand what they're doing. Ok, the study that pushed recently in which allegedly gotta get fired, not their sang. It may make maybe didn't it was this of lefty
Do you know social scientist took out a study showing that after, I'm ok riots. The pole swung favor of Republicans because riots scare people they do argument was that peaceful protest generate positive press coverage and talking points. And violent riots result in negative talking points and fear. People are scared, they vote for the authority, they vote for the law and order candidate. Well, what's been happening. When these violent riots erupted, what did the new say, peaceful protesters? There will be peace. In Minneapolis when they were burning down the Minneapolis Third precinct with MSNBC site. They said now these protests, sir still mostly peaceful, and there it was. Why do you think they keep calling and peaceful protests? These people know what they're doing now look got it a of people found this conspiracy mindset and yet understand. There's this doesn't
the call to stand alone complex. Actually, if I think it's from the enemy ghost Michel great show by the way and the aid is that a bunch of people act. In a similar manner, which creates the illusion of a concerted effort. So people think it's a conspiracy. It's actually a bunch of people doing so the things. I would argue that this is that phenomenon. All of these this democratic operatives? All of these democratic media? All of these lunatic activists who eschew objectivity they're not, coordinating anything they just all want tromp to lose. So when the guide MSNBC says it's a peaceful protest, he's doing who told him the do it he's doing it because he wants to support the protests. When CNN Cuomo says who should pay just need to be peaceful. No one told Do it why and may actually in call most case may be because he's a puppet Yeats his job. You may remember that he's complain about his job. He hates doing it right on what to say the people at the people of CNN
watch writers destroy their lobbying and other scared and so they got on their knees, sobbing, like little whiny babies with no spine but many of them want trop, Toulouse, that's it CNN. I mean look time Warner contributed frequent in history gotta consider men all of these rights. You might be thinking, that's gonna help Donald Trump, and I agree they would if the media called them violent rights they done they call them peaceful protesters. What of the BBC say? You knows I was like the UK, I think twenties, and police officers injured at mostly peaceful demonstration, Conservatives can laugh all day and night ha ha, but then what do they say when the right comes in the end, the edges of the UK ideas are not necessarily one for one compared to the United States, But when the right wing you people came, not necessarily right wing just like law. The goals and british, like patriots where I know your column, people who, like that their country, they said v,
far right escalation, blah blah blah, there's some speculation that regular people can see through this. I'm not convinced I am not convent and you ve got right now. Trump is pulling at accords than your time, Sienna of thirty six percent to by fifty percent like. The poles are wrong. I insist on like you're, not man, I'm sorry, there's a threshold for the poles being wrong. Many of the poles in twenties date. They read like the daily Wire and Fox NEWS and they're saying these things, but it's funny when people pulls come out from Fox NEWS that say trumpets underwater from Es Musin, saying as approval writing his way down and people like the poles are wrong. I insist on like you're, not man, I'm sorry, there's a threshold for the poles being wrong many of the poles in twenty sixteen or within the margin of error. What we want to realise is that a lot? He's poles showed tromp was down by several percentage points, which was a big big swing. However, he still
had enough electoral votes to win. He won some places by thousands of votes. If the Democrats and these p, oh learned their lesson trump can't, possibly when he can't now, I don't think it's that bad, I think tromp can win. I think the Republicans can win, but I think for all you Republicans principle whatever. It is, then, be the fight of your lives absolute because you got yet understand men. Don't you you! If you underestimate the Democrats, then you would be a fool. Twenty sixteen they lost because they were, they were idiots who put up a terrible. Can I didn't realize what is going on with it. A few years later. They still didn't understand what had happened and why the loss- but now it seems like they're just instead of trying to figure out why they lost their job doing. It reminds me of the Jericho missile from iron man. Just standing back, adjust carpet bombing everything. Everything is going wrong: economies collapsing mass riots in the streets, you ve got a pandemic trump Orange
and scandal with China. They are just saying you know what just do all of it, and maybe the chaos, too much for the average American to bear, and I just say: please make it stop and they dont vote for trot, because it may be many people, blame tromp or Maybe they don't. We really dont know it seems like they're going nuts. But let me let me tell you with all these protests in right exploding across the countryman, the appalling that the polling that was done in twenty. Sixteen many of it was was wrong wrong, wrong. They're predictions were way off. Their predictions were based off polls that were wrong because they didn't understand the culture war, at least that's what I at that partly ah what I think played aromas that people who never voted before came out to vote for Trump. Many of them for peace see reasons or culture were reasons they may be making the same mistake. They do not understand how the cow your war is changing how we vote a good example. What would be someone like me
I am liberal on economic policy. I leaned slightly to the left. I like a public action plan. I don't universe. I actually really really love the idea of innovation. Health care. I just don't know what kind of actually make it work. That's the challenge. I'd love to have a system everybody has everything they ve ever needed without question? It sounds great, sounds like a utopian beautiful future. We can not do some a realist idealistically naturally fairly far left, libertarian I'd love, a hippie world where we all get to you now live like STAR Trek with replicators, and you know maybe beautiful, everybody can share in the great bounty of oppose scarcity world, but were not there. So realistically, more of a moderate lefty liberal type. Here's the thing, then here's the thing I lean laughed on many cultural issues and many political issues, but the current democratic establishment the protesters and the mainstream left are out of their minds. I gotta
it was segment on this later due to the Jenin Marbles as she's a Youtube or twenty nine subscribers and she did this whole self regulation. Apology, video she's, like I can't believe I made all these jokes like this. Those night midnight merrily pathetic thing. I've ever seen so here's whereat Eileen left I'm not going to vote for tromp based on the economy. I don't. Care. I don't care about the economy. I know a people do, but what these people are taking into consideration which is good for Trump is the culture war and on I've seen this progress is unworthy. My video, my main channel over at cast out net several days ago, where progressive, was Kyle said the culture. Wars are bad, but that Trump needs to get on economic issues, but he's not You know he is he's, gonna lose because of it. I am not entirely convinced when they poor people at national level. It's not that important, because we need oh that people in California are fired up, but California doesn't matter, they're gonna vote blew the issue is,
Slovenia was constant, Michigan, the Blue Wall States, Florida, the swing states and some states matchless swinging direction. We will realise we its unpredictable and target overshort based on what the Democrats are doing. I think Trump is on track to lose, not just because of the the me at them. The media coming up peaceful knotted, calling Trump all the worse names. The book there trying everything and that puts trumpet major disadvantage national Paul's. This bad are their bad. You can try and pretend that it's the principles are wrong again. Maybe they now it's possible that the economy is less of a factor. As I have mentioned, Moody's analytics sad that they made they didn't prop movies has been historically accurate until Donald Trump and they sat a bit and take certain things into account. You know that good trumps, water basin things like that. I still don't think they are. I dont think people realise how
influential a culture war will be of the point on China. Make earlier that. Someone like me, whose slightly on the left economically but is leaning towards voting for job. I'm not gonna. People keep saying like but the left. His sanctum absolutely well, but were tromp people rider, sanction When are you gonna now you're for John I'll I'll? Do it when I think he's? Is these the right choice as we move forward and not entirely convinced right now I don't know, the alternative is, but we will see right now, Trump scene we're talking more about personal grievances and I'm lucky. I address it or don't he's tweeting, it is tweet, seem just mostly complaints, his rallies are talking about, how he doesn't like people without work, the people were mean one. Where is it? conversation about corruption, he's talking a bit about culture, war issues, that's true!. But he's not leading have enough into what is going to do about it and what see doing about and what our Republicans doing about it. Republicans My opinion have done nothing now, ok, isn't it or tearing recent libertarian argument right at the
should necessarily be doing things. The problem is the Democrats. Are they ve literally gotten on bended knee to the oaken sanity, and I, as a moderate liberal person, look I love the Daily show a John Stewart. You know back in the day when he'll Comedy George, Karla was not a conservative guy. Neither is Dave Chapelle! That's what I like. I like a mature responsible conflict. Talk and if you're drunk my real ideas, we can do it. The culture war is a huge issue for me. They tear down stages of abolitionist when they tear down statues of our founding fathers. That freaks me out trumps as is arrested. Several hundred people. I, like that. That's a good thing Will that swing many Americans, not if he can't get his message out and that's that's the trying to restore twitter is now censoring him. So I am not convinced- and you know what and I'll say up up up up as I could. I could read on this for a really long time, but I will I will go into which longer listen. How many are many people in
space, independent media, Beate, conservative or otherwise warned that if the Republicans did not deal with censorship, they would be crushed everybody. Every single person, libertarian, moderate, centrist, conservative and now here we are tromp is being drowned by negative press, as is always done as as as always, and many people are blaming him dove. You don't believe me. Look, I'm tellin! You men, you in that. I think trunk can win for sure I these and badly right now I'm looking for my friends or posting I'm looking at what people like I have about. Much more from skyward or a political and I'm seeing what their posting and, while many People have been activated more to the right towards trumps camp simply because of the culture war, our biggest guarantee. The culture war is hot, hot, hot right now it is a flame and mail in voting is coming.
So, as I said before, this may be the case. You get all of these kids. Or were you know, meaning and tick talking all these things to go after Trump and they make it a mean game to vote against structures will be funny or some like that figure out a denies that the power of veto, youth, meme viral campaigns, All those mail in votes are gonna, put trumpet and made. It has been a major disadvantage. Moody's analytics so that if the economy remains strong, they wouldn't the Democrats would need historic turn out tat if he trump economy is in the gutter because of covert many peep, a small enough to realise that's, not trumps fault and the poles. Shall we favour tromp on the economy, most poles The american people prefer trumped over Biden in repairing economy, so Trump still has that economic advantage. How for the economy is bad? Many people are paying attention, so they'll just vote against drop, blaming him for covered. The media's been doing over and over again, in which case
Well, mail in votes give the left many a much higher turnout. I believe the answer will be yes and that's all Really, the argument the Democrats have made. We want to make sure everyone votes. You can argue against it if everyone boats and they vote against drop and Trump loses, while eight at how the system works so what you need to do is figure out your message and everybody then play dirty so tat our exactly? How do you deal with this. But I'll tell you why man I'd here's? My think? Eleven, I think of Joe Biden, wins you take a look like the general Marbles video. One of the old you tubers twenty million sobs crying because she made naughty jokes It's mine belong to me that you can have twenty million sobs get millions of use, all loving you and then get a few nasty tweets and think that represents all people. Such these people have lost the plot. What do things could happen of Biden wins and these people actually take over Nancy Pelosi was unbent. Me
to these people as non. That's I mean literally, she went and where a weather building was with sugar and other Democrats and they got on their knees. For these people, Trump will never Neil that it can respect. These people have lost the plot. They ve gone nuts there, their dogmatic ideologues when Biden wins they take over and then guess what conservatives will do not thing. They won't protest; they they they, they won't run. They won't pass bills they. What you'll do nothing they'll, do nothing, I'm sorry! It's just that. Just what happens. Mom of course, will do nothing? They'll just said, I can say all well, you know what the left around smashing things occupying protesting surrounding buildings there organised and that's why they're they're, they're, they're winning so much tromp was a shock to the system, but tromp ran when the Democrats were weakened by the revolution at the civil war, the Democratic party splitting them and giving tromp an opportunity to do too to come. In now,
Democrats have bowed to the mob to the far left, meaning they are in control. There is no dispute, they know what they want and they don't want from, but I know for sure These people make may want to see the final blow and the democratic establishment, in which case with Bernie Sanders being knocked out. They let Trump take it. Cause. All of these Democrats to come crawling and begging to them. The already doing it now started doing it now right, Nancy Pelosi could even stand up for she kneeled she needed for these people. There is they'll smash upper businesses, they'll shut down. Your favorite shows, ban your movies that fire, your favorite actors, their appealing civil rights, Long California, we- I know what comes next after Biden wins after they put him.
Well wheelchair the blank on his lap and we'll him into the sign any sits there falls asleep all day doesn't do his job because he can't what happens next. I think many of these far left us are probably thinking you know what we couldn't get Bernie, but the next best thing is a do nothing. Failure of a Democrat giving them the opportunity to take the reins and take over and that's it you'll get. So if you really think trumped should win, then you better you better, not that mentality that you ve got it guaranteed you better fight for your life and for the people who, for some reason, want Biden which I dont believe really exist, are the same goes for human trump support our backing down Trump supporters. Are they they? They love this man. They love him even ask his critics. They want him to win some predictable man. It really really is you know things can change a whole lot very, very fast. We could be a month out from the election in some media bomb goes off or something and also Trump wins a hundred per cent.
No idea. Although there, though, stick around excitements coming up at one p m on this gentle- and I will see you all then there's an old saying in journalism: what's bad for them is good for us, and what this means is that when chaos ensues around the countries around the world, journalists make money they love. It now feel free to criticise me for constantly talk lot negative things, but this is the reality of journalism. Whether intentional or not people like talking about crazy things because it gets people's attack. Jane. I explained this earlier when I talked about why you're not hearing about the protests anymore, that as the protest as the protests and riots escalated to extreme point where people go we're going around smashing a bit. Says people were tuned in and paying attention. What was bad for them was good for the journalists good for the media outlets, eventually things slow down, but the protests did continue. All of a sudden. These kind of fell out of the news. I got you weren't hearing about the sixty thousand people marching through Seattle because it was no hunger shocking, this was
becoming normal and people were getting bored with thinking. I know so. People in media love it. When chaos happens. It is good for business. There isn't a bring this up. Nypd police, commissioner, admits that New York City criminal justice system is imploding after seventy five, our injured in fifty five shootings in one week following weeks of lawlessness, I thought to myself when I saw this story. Why is this happening? I am New York. Why are the police able to do their job? Why do they get rid? of this six hundred, you know police officer unit, the plain clothes crime unit reassigning his officers and why? are we seeing stories like this Minneapolis Council puts plan to abolish police in motion they're moving forward with getting rid of their police too,
Certainly regular Americans like their cops. They do the polls show it do people believe in police reform, one hundred percent. Now I mean people, I mean one or two percent in the fact that people do I salute. The actual number, I believe, is one. Seventy nine percent of Americans pulled want some kind of reform. Most people do there, was one willing sting reform. I sought out of Colorado that police office this would be liable for about twenty five thousand dollars if they violate your civil rights. I kind of like it that the union's may so get their back, but I've Thinking about what was happening with his unconstitutional lockdown orders, it's the endeavours! workshops would have to enforce it and they could be responsible, but you I digress. Why? Why are the police under fire? Honestly, I don't think it's a conspiracy or anything like that. A lot of people like us assume as someone behind the scenes pulling strings. It's not that it's that each individual
or of the media and to an extent, myself included, I'm worthy of criticism in this as well. They love putting our narrative that creates chaos that way what's bad, for you is good for us, so they say right. Here's I'm trying to get at New York City, it's going crazy and what are we hear from journalists? Cops are bad cops are bad, there's a video going around right now of black lives matter protesters going into a restaurant. She chanting something like people as your dining people are dying, and that's quite literally just not true. I believe the letter that the latest stats we have about twenty nineteen rivalry between nineteen shootings of unarmed men nine, while that's a serious problem in a violation of out of one person. Civil liberties is a threat to up to all of us and we absolutely in to figure out. Why did you have lost their lives to act like it's? It's the collapse of our
Generation is the collapse of society, because nine people died is is, is patently absurd, threatened thirty million people, but why do they get in this country? Why are they so much attention? The media won't show you the stories where, but for the most part it used to be this way, but now that we have social media, they're not gonna, show the stories of the cop saving people's lives. Use. There's not gonna be video of the cop saving someone's life and its very, very simple. Actually cops are supposed to do that right. So no one cares when cops. Do what they're supposed to do and they typically do, but when a copper, something they're not supposed to do all of a sudden. Now it becomes a major major catastrophe. I told the story before us in Chicago and I was crossing the street when some guy sort threatening me very very suddenly at first and slowly escalating demanding my money and he was at times the Muse Tall duties, Xxix five, I am everybody is the hours I promise outside you guys know that, and so I was I was on the website and our friends and I go to my friend.
Hasn't household areas that here I am this broke, do getting mugged by this guy and he any such threatening me saying that he has one have to get you no physical, but things could be dangerous, and I'm honestly, I was walking what kind of lavender myself I'm like was gonna. Do ok I'll got any taxi? First, my pockets and another but also some cops came out of nowhere grabbed and slammed em up against offence, and I could you not the copy not in my town, turns out this guy play shaking down. Some young women cops noticed them start following him, so I'm come up to me and do the same thing. Nobody films, that nobody, films, that kind of stuff and then actually happens and people often complain. Where were the cops? Why would the cops top things? What will they can't? They can't stop every single crime but no one's gonna put up a video when the cop actually does his job. We're now seeing New York City facing serious catastrophe coming to be fair, seventy five people injured and fifty five. Look at the Seattle to other chasse chop for shootings in three days. Many up
Us now is a massive homeless camp over running that this district, where they refused to call the cops, because the media keeps putting out stories about officers bad Everything is worse than its ever been. You are unhappy you hate life, the end is not now again throw some shade. My way, I think we are dangerously close to some kind of civil war, but on the thirty one saying it I don't I don't. I don't do these stories. I don't talk about. What's going on, to tell you that it's worse than has ever been, or you know that it's an avalanche, I suppose, and again Self Chris Ok, totally till I get it, but I want to remind you of the importance of police. I wanna make sure There is actually some stable middle ground. Where I can say, police need to do their jobs? We need we can't release criminals instead. What we get is a mostly leftist media, and they do this because its calamity
because it sells so I can do the milk, toast fence sitting thing and some amount was up to many of us as our knowledge on that point, I would say in talk of real street violence and civil war. These make up a tiny fraction to be completely honest of the thousands of segments I've produced and the foot nearly four hours of Canada about every single day. When you look at what most of these media outlets do, though they will tell you this cop was evil. This cop was bad the active What tell you this cop is evil. This cop is bad and that's what I'm specifically focused on, certainly there's some middle ground. Certainly it's complicated right but if you're only getting a media, that's not showing you! The new ought not explaining these things. To you, then, Certainly, you think that the police are the worst ever, which brings me to where we are now as a society in terms of conservative and liberal liberals just watch cm,
And see- and I will show you over and over again this horrifying police brutality, videos and then people get in their mind. The police must be an evil, disturbing nightmare force when in reality, as the policing in an ex had threatened and semi five million interactions, all overwhelmingly peaceful, and so I refer to this as the scaling problem where, if you have one police brutality incident, no one cares. But if you only have a hundred interactions? That's one percent. It's not a big deal. One percent of a hundred million, though, is now a million negative interactions, and then people start freaking out, because the media can cherry pick these things, because it's bad for them is good for us, so they can put the shot content. They can put out the other videos of the copse, doing really horrible things and not provide you with the all round. Context,
I'll say for the fifty billion time self critical. But I do try to say like even when I do videos on active on the far left, pointing out there a fringe faction. The issues I have as of recent with what's going on, is that you now have government backing these ideological, non theistic, religious folks, painting their slogans in the street and supporting their protest amid a massive pandemic and then blaming everyone else. So Here's here's the big challenge and we'll talk about what's going on with New York City in their chaos but challenges. Not then I think any of these islands are wrong for for highlighting this. Perhaps The real issue is that we are all snowflakes in this avalanche myself included that we want to highlight things we think are shocking and important are an important which includes police brutality and what's happening in New York City, and it creates a perspective of everything being nuts. I had some lefty guy. He always tweets at me so annoying as I do it. If you don't like what I'm doing so following, but he loves to hate
he loves to hate me and he's a lucky journalist, Skype and the way he views the world is insane he's. Tweeting thing: imposing these weird images where it's like. He clearly only follows far left anti police activists. So he really thinks a war going on with cops going out unjust, brutally beating everyone nonstop. You have these videos where Kids little could see a cop and then also their crew. I think the cops gonna beat them. It's like you're at this is nuts this. Why most people like their cops? Now, with all that being said, perhaps this really does bode well four Donald Trump. My previous segment, I talk about how I think tromp is actually on track to lose and there are a lot of good points to be brought up as to why that is- and I do I still think it's fair to say,
but let me let me let me provide an alternate ah alternate view as to what may actually happen. We see stories like this if the media keeps creating the perception that cops are bad, eventually peep, a small fat fraction of these lunatics who believe just and live in this. We are bubble really do believe cops are bad. Well, as we know from most pulling its like eighty one percent, don't want police to be defended or abolished and they like their local departments. Personally, I really like my local cops. I live in a small town. There. Good deeds talked on several occasions, really nice helpful at knows that it's like it is so dramatically different from the envoy peaty. Exactly pity I was not happy with. Ok do not have very good interaction in my party, I once got ripped off by a cabbie who is trying to try. It was driving circles, try massive made to simplify the story. He was doing this exacting and when I call the like, I refuse to it as I am not paying for this,
He threatened me physically and start getting in my face. Some, like I'm gonna call the police. The cops actually is a threat threatened to arrest me right in front of better got not yet you weren't arrest you right now. And the cops actually took my wallet and took my cache so yeah I've had bad interactions. I live in a small town. Now, though, I think we can deal with some reform. Are they gonna forget how do these situations? But I think that all of these people believe this would be insane they don't. So the media creates this perception because there, perhaps in advance chasing after what a narrative or the stories they think Sal and if they do, I have similar criticism. Some people say that I'm doing all of us as clicked bade, but I try to do so.
Like this. What kind of like deals? Break things down to talk about the rhetoric? Is this rational? Is it not? The New York City Police Department has been faced with with now complaints and public pressure. They ve gotten rid of a major division. Six hundred cops their anti crime unit and now crime is going up. What do we hear from the left wing activists, many of whom work in media? They believe if that this is the v for vendetta moment where Chancellor Sutler says I want them to remember why they need us. Everyone thinks that the wool factions that genocide is doing it. Doesn't it happily, the cops are due to slow down on purpose to create crime so that they can justify their existence. I certainly don't think that's the guy, I think that's far fetched. I think most instances are dominoes falling over it. Be so easy just to believe someone
pulling strings when reality, the dominoes being lined up and the knocked right down. But let's get back to the point to make about tromp it may be because Trump has no agenda. What does he really campaigned for four more years of tromp right? That's a people lot of conservatives sinus he's done rallies where he's presented. His personal grievances he's personally slighted defended for a lot of reasons and for good reason, and what does he offered up? I do think bill our has done a fairly good job in many respects and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the coming months, with Obama, gate many and and and saw the dorm investigation an entirely confident. But what about the what's coming next, while Donald Trump, I believe, should be focusing on recovery economic boycott. Recovered. Instead, he does these rallies where he complains about personal grievances, not not completely, but but a lot, some of its really funny and entertaining and that I get an innocent people live this. But when you see stories of us all united, our metric at this point. We
see stories about Donald Trump, I'm sorry about about the police being bad. It results in this police get put under public pressure due to fringe minorities, who are wrapped up in non and then they end up believing crazy things. The police get put pressure put on them, took to pull things back, crime skyrockets and the real result. The physical result is people, be attacked in the streets that, in my opinion, will result in a vote for a loan or candidate. So out of reasons why I think tromp has some good advantages, especially as the media goes in saying it's not it's perception is tunics, it's very, very important, but let's not discount the real world experiences that people are facing, let's say, watch the news and you go outside and you see someone throw a brick through a window. Doesn't matter what your politics are you going to buy a gun and that's a story. To me by a friend of mine that they were, they knew what they were.
What city they were and what they brought one of their lefty friends out and actually watch some of the riots happen, and this lefty gun, control, type, guy or typical liberal immediately went out and try to fill out by a gun That's a perspective shift. You can talk in the media all day and night about the cops are bad and and We have two narratives that pop up, so the perspective could be all cops, are bad and must be abolished or the perspective could be that crime is skyrocketing. It we need our police back, it's a coin toss, but there's one thing: one thing: that's that's omitted in this whole conversation about whether or not this gonna benefit trump physical reality and how it impacts the other.
Each person. So let's play a game. You put up to stories. One says: crime, skyrockets, no cops! One says: police brutality, bad black lives matter, one person sees both and they drift towards one of the narratives. Maybe many people are drifting towards the black lives matter: police, brutality, you know narrative and because of this they are now going to vote against Trump. Some some of these people now go outside and what are they see it? As he police brutality, they dont, they don't see the copying anybody they don't see. Cops need on people, they do see crime, they do see riots, they did go out and see massive protests getting crazy. So when it comes to reality, I think there is a net, a favourable bias for Donald Trump You will not personally experienced police brutality, it is rare, it happens, it is rare. It is
and if we want to play the race game and say it mostly doesn't have a you know you want you want you wanna go by the black lives matter, narrative into that white people often get let go well there you go imagine are politically uninitiated white, suburban night and you go outside. You ve been given these narratives, which is true crime is skyrocketing or police are evil. And what happens you see a cop? What does a cop say has done good day. I will around school you're all safe glad to hear it feel free to reach out to us whenever you need help. Oh, that's not what I read in the media when you walk down the street, you see a bunch of crazy people and black masks thawing bricks through windows. The point of making you are much more likely to have encountered the real world ramifications of physical violence from the protesters than you are from police. Now it's true that out to almost every interaction with the police, people have our consider.
The positive, but can leave a sour taste in the mouth of many Americans because you get a ticket and you're like man, I'm upset you're, not you know. When you get pulled over you're, not happy about it may be above the law. Maybe your speeding, maybe a blue, stops. I negate ticket you're unhappy. This creates an unfair, equates the slope required for the avalanche to start, but My personal opinion, when you have these shootings actually ugly been argued about example. Tucker Karlsson ran this segment. Where was nine one one call from a woman in a blade, was Fredericks Ville, Virginia and she caused. I want one because the protesters are on our car banging on it and they say we can't do anything. Is Gee, blaming the police, probably for not helping her and guess what her response, isn't going to be defined the police of why weren't the cops there. For me, this regular American encountered
violent protesters and writers and the police were told to stand down, she is not angry, because the police officers themselves didn't come she's angry the system. She wanted the police to come, not know for sure. She's probably got some anger towards the police, but it's like this here's, our levels of of of of happiness, here's the police, here's the protesters, the protesters and the place both go down, but the protesters go away away down. Ultimately, many people may not go outside that off and especially with covert- and so they may hear a lot about this and thus believe the police truly, are this evil occupying force? But I believe for the most part, People are going to go outside and see nothing, absolutely nothing, and so they may be swayed but fair. Turning your mouth, that you are more likely to have a friendly encounter with a cop than to be brutally beaten by them, and people might not believe a narrative add in these videos of violent riots
and people are gonna, say I've never experienced this. Look at these people destroying my city as a comic that people share to explain our black lives matter, and it's it's. I believe it's too pigeons and their likes it or to seek a list on the two, the sitting in chairs and in the first pillar, one the bird says, do, evolved. This nonsense from Mr Mouse about Mr Owl, being a predator and other bird says. I can't believe it. I've never had any problems with Mr Owl and on the other birds as see exactly. They're making. Is that? Because I will leave you alone, it must not be a real issue. That's the perspective there trying to show you to explain that certain people are being victimized by the police and just because you don't see it as a means not happening, but they miss the bigger point. The main point is that the literally how people feel and think. So you see these means going around sang. I've seen a lot, and I actually is
with it. They say ever wonder how, if you don't break the law, cops leave you alone and unlike debts, notch man, it's not True at all use. You absolutely can get jammed up by cops for no reasons for it. For no reason it happens, but most people who don't do not like you have a large portion of people who do not live in these big cities, dont experience this now take into consideration the unwise pity or, Let's go to Seattle, because the Chaz is the perfect example of this is a hyper progressive town with some of the forest. Far left, as you can imagine, and guess what inside the Chaz, many of these businesses are filing a lawsuit against the city, because the police weren't there to help them in one of the most progressive places in the country idle Capitol Hill District. While the little vegan organic shops they were demanding police support. So what I tell you this man when
keep pushing this narrative. You may see people march in the streets and many people who don't know anything. They believe it, but I'm willing to bet that if you ve got people even in Seattle, saying we want cops than this narrative is dangerous for the left and not the right, a wrap it up by making sure I can give this point you as concisely as possible in a few points. One it's hard to know how pervade if the perspective manipulation can go any and an end to the media will push these things because it benefits them as a business. Three, people are more likely to encounter violent protesters and rioters than they are to encounter violent and and and brutal police. But
people are more likely to encounter a cop which gives them a sour interaction because I got a ticket or something than a protest at all. Take that for what it is. But ultimately I really do believe that if you will see Seattle, businesses in the Chaz demanding the police protect them, most people are not gonna support of abolishing police or defending them. Maybe some referred on that can be considered de funding, but I think the narratives your hearing about cops being bad is so so good for tromp, so good for Trump. The Chaz businesses want their cops. Trump is calling for law and order and condemning the mayor and guess what the businesses are suing. The city sounds like they agree with Trump, whether they want to admit it or not. I guess we'll see how this plays out. As I always say, we got a few months after the election, but stick around my neck, so I can just coming up at four p: dot m
at TIM casts. Doubt not, and I will see you all them hey. When I call it, I call it don't I well. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me call it DC mayor tells residents to stay home for the fourth of July, promotes black lives matter. Other things come on. We know this is gonna happen right. I don't think it's that animals spectacular in any way that I tweeted out. This was going to happen because its governess they're saying you you you got covered, you can open your business to cancel a cheeseburger, but by all means going the thousands without masks to protest. Why she's at a protest met like she's out of college soap Box and may we go I'd, say ball horning, but using a microphone You know what a mask she's dinner on all these people she's coffin and spit no lower everybody. They don't care I'll. Tell you I'm in one of the most brazen and ass. They were the scariest things that could ever happen. You know we talk a lot about when and how
when what civil war, but man, oh man, tell Americans not to go, loud and celebrate the fourth of July, while you promote these big black lives matter, protests that to me Yanks man, s truly scary, several ass red ass, a make sure we have a proper context. Is collar, says Democratic, Washington DC mayor, Miro, Bouser told residents to spend the fourth of July at home. Despite encouraging black, As matter gatherings happening a man, amid the corona virus outbreak. Just because there gonna be fireworks, downtown doesn't mean I have to go about set at a press conference Thursday. She said she hopes to see a significant reduction in crowds sizes related the fourth of July events, according to Fox five, that is absolutely insane men. This is this, is it hypocrisy about? They argued that
You know we were risking covered by having his black lives matter rallies, and we understand that right at first they just double. It was just a double standard. Then, when people started calling they said well, well, you know we are risking covet because were brave. And then people said no. You are complaining that you're gonna get grandma killed because will be an ace of domestic carry out well up, while we're wearing masks we are wearing masks and people pointed out. I will wear masks and our vote, but we're outside, but we're outside ok, fourth of July, outside wearing masks. Don't do it don't go well and there it is. What excuse are they can have this time you do I don't want to see you out celebrating the birth of a nation in turn on our statues that another doing this man, I'm I'm, I'm getting worried, morbid I'll, tell you what you
Have your revolution going this fast as crazies there. There was one threat that I saw someone post about that they were planning The Democrats were planning this all along and that you, no prob, wasn't supposed to win and Trump jammed them up so they're trying to move forward, I think, is a bit too conspiratorial for me. What I think we're seeing is the emergence of a religion, at religion supersedes any logic. I don't care, about your holiday. They say, but mine must be protected, so we have a constitution and other governments must protect various religions you want to have your ear intersection or religion. I dont care believe whenever you want, but to use the power of government to suppress those. You disagree with now things are get scary amen. We also had built a blog, I was doing to the jewish community in in New York. Welding park parks, shut, terrifying, Sophos, restricts out, Paul Wagner, set DC mayor see begins the news conference by earth.
Indeed residence to celebrate the fourth joy at home. As I have already announced the fireworks on the ball will take place and the President plans I salute to America on the soft law of White House and lips the mayor, did not share the same covered. Nineteen concerns for black lives matter, protests that flooded the streets following the death of George Floyd, who died after police officer knelt on the neck for right minutes. I am just sick of the news outlets saying this. We know even to say at protests. Cheeseman browser posted a photo of herself amid a large crowd of be alarmed supporters that do not appear to be maintaining six feet distances from one another and many, are not wearing masks. President Donald Trump has planned his second edition. Of salute to America Independence Day on the White ourself one, but display will feature music military demonstrations and
Why offers to honour our nations service? Members? Are members and veterans widespread Secretary Kelleam Kennedy said according to Washington Times, Bouser did not respond to a request for comment monetary. What either as big as a big conversation gonna I went on the loose and I see so many people saying he's gonna landslides, gonna win as the conversation I had recently with the local down we're on that saying I gotta difficulties. Lot turbulence I die now and then I talk these people, and I say this: happened in New York now. What were they yo see? No out of Noirtier. Ok, I'm sorry right their body. If you don't even know what's happening in this country- and you are sitting back Convince Donald Trump he's. Gonna win these loose and I've been saying over and over and over again eight men. That's your warning, but you know what the war you seem the warning seems to go fawn deaf ears, for whatever man I don't care. Look I think of Joe Biden. Wins our countries.
Serious danger. I never saw Donald Trump necessarily as like, particularly great president, to be completely honest, the economy did really well. No new wars are really great things. What is guys got negative, really really does and he's got attitude. Problems he's got ego problems and it's a lot of issues there, but I can give him respect the things he's done right. That's always been my position orange man bad, but not bad and actually to be fair, good in some ways: economy, for instance, and warmer. Actually, it's better. I've seen in my lifetime so that they are I'll, be fair to write, but now I am absolutely leaning towards voting for Thomas. I stayed in the past lot of people want me to say something definitive. I won't because what we a lot going on and on and on I dont think right now, I can say for sure Trump could say something crazy. Something crazy could happen I'll. Let you know what I know are right. The fact is, Joe Biden is pathetic and the far left is taking off and it's getting insane. The state is now sanctioning this religion.
Mayors is painting the street as it's it's it's. You can't do this, that your streets, public forum, can I go pain in the street. Now I'll tell you what there are a lot of reasons to suggest tromp. Could I please is another good news or bad news for trot, let's talk about the bad news, first, that the reason why this is bad is because it shows you the power of the state as be as embraced. A religion and is using that power to suppress trumps supporters and base, but more private platform. What about when their literally telling you you can't have a rally, but we can now
violating the first amendment asking freaky. That's the bad news. This suppression might actually hold Trump back. I say bad news in the sense of violent constitution, civil liberties, necessarily what the problems are loses but for transport is definitely bad news. The good news for tromp, however, is that telling Americans they shouldn't be celebrating the fourth of July. While you celebrate black lives matter, may be a slap in the face so hard. You send heads spinning. This may be the shock to the system. That tromp really needs regular Americans. They love the fourth of July. They go out, it's it's, the holiday people go out, they may make burgers and rots and they get their chips in their beers and they celebrate what America is, and they blow stuff up in the sky, and it's fun now what's happening, telling people not to celebrate the fourth of July Yikes man that that is, that is like walking up jungle salmon punching rightly got as I walk into a regular American, smack at him in the face, not ever
single american mind you, but many of them. I can only imagine this could be bad for tromp. Let's talk about trumps trumps campaign. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board blasts failing Trump campaign message. I agree. They say as of now. Mr Trump has no second term agenda or even a message beyond, for more years of himself. His recent events in tone an Arizona were dominated by Facebook, but our by personal grievances he resort, to his familiar themes from twenty. Sixteen like reducing immigration and announcing the press, but he offered nothing for those who aren't already persuaded. What is it can offer people now he's targeting the far left is destroying our statues, but that's reactionary. I guess what are you gonna do to improve things? How will you trumpet come out and say.
We want to guarantee and enshrine the constitutional rights and make sure they will be violated. A major move who of trumps administration in the next term, with the Republicans, should be guaranteeing that we do not see this. This double edged this double standard from this this this new religion, the supper of the separation of church and that these these these right were made, maybe its law. In order to be completely honest, he thinks it benefit him, and he is talking about these things for sure what about recovering the economy? Let's talk about covered a Sakharov planner of the plant at the plans are in for what is he said? We will we reduce testing because you get to manually slow it down with a joke. I don't know I don't care, but let me thought: let me follow the sweet at with this
I think troubles out is on track to loosen over. So many trump supporters convinced they can't possibly lose the poles are wrong, etc, etc. Look the fervent mass about the streets, people are going nuts and with male in voting. I bet turn out skyrockets and what was the response hubris? You know what man went into if Trump loses, if slash when he loses, I'm gonna laugh the human of Hillary Clinton and all or supporters cackling we're gonna win trot can never lose and when she lost it was hilarious and I laughed a hearty laugh, as I always say right now: it's tromp supporters who are saying it and I'm get ready to laugh man. You think you, your guaranteed this victory, these people, not everybody I knew its split, but a lot of people respond to this. Acting like Trop couldn't possibly lose. The american people are standing up. Defiantly mother not make that standing up for getting there its trampled all over in the streets as as white fragility
becomes a number one nation wide best seller and people are spreading dogma. Yeah this stuff is, is flying off the shelves all I see from trumpet supporters. Yes, we see trop supported on the street Trump rally. Sixty two hundred people, not the million he thought he was gonna, get long peoples I was embarrassment night can argue he had ten to thirteen million or more watching remotely. Ok, maybe them and have argued. Maybe these people are just heighten because they don't even cancelled. It is a matter. What I think do not make the assumptions you ve got in the bag and I'll tell you what this tweet makes me laugh. I showed this this video, this image of art The pie city hall- and this one thinks it's funny as ah ah highlight sticks because I respect stickers opinion. He said I am so surprised that leftist turn out is high and checks notes New York. What's that supposed to mean what what is it was? I mean you mean that p
who did not rally and twenty sixteen are rallying right now in New York yeah, you should be worried man because a thick inaction. Convince young people to get out and send in their balance. That will be bad for Trump. Ok, New York's, not a swing state are not specifically talking about New York talk about the fact that in small towns in conservative areas, people are showing up the protein for this stuff. In a small town in Ohio, eighty people came out to protest for black lives matter. Eight hundred Trop supporters came up and you can say see that shows a Trump supporters are winning, but the fact that these,
well are activated and young people are activated and I'm seeing celebrities tweeting about they want to get their absentee ballots in early. If you ignore this, you will lose its it's, not the mentality of people of everybody. If you want trumped to win, should be like, while I think you know troposphere interact when you better treat this as though he is, he is on track to lose. I really do think so. Listen saying he's on track to lose. I'm not saying he's guaranteed to lose. I think he could absolutely win. But the track he has on right. Now. Let me tell you: he's he's ragging on people instead of talking about his solutions, the Wall Street, Well said it. What do I see for tromp in terms of free speech for years? Nothing is finally talking about it, but it's been weak. That you take into consideration what were that the hubris? This is the second thing.
Everybody sitting back laughing about trumps, gonna win. I mean that that that to me shows that the track trump is riding on is path towards defeat. His supporters need to be adamant that Trump could lose this and they must fight harder than ever fall, but they're not do They're not and do not standing up for themselves in the workplace Why should I believe trumps gonna win, though, if you want and after yourself, why would you stand like while we stand ready, also make no sense, maybe their fingers cross. If they vote for trompe winds and that's fair, I think Trop could win, but right now I think the track he is riding on is towards defeat. You'll need to wake up to this. Than that that these these democratic politicians are brazen in what they are doing in supporting a non theistic religion- and you could argue that might help like I said- but it could also show that trumps base will be suppressed. Are they going to turn out to vote if black lives matter activists are chanting in front of the polling stations?
legally. Will anyone stop them from doing it? I doubt it because the police were already enforcing unconstitutional edict. So we'll see what happens man, but also for the fifty billionth Time York hubris, your downfall. I got a couple more segments in a few minutes. I will, while shortly the number one trending video on Youtube was opposed by the ever famous Jenna Marbles, one of the original you tubers, who in a bizarre act of self regulation made an eleven minute video where she apologized for being a comedian, because she had videos from ten years ago that were offensive to some people, which is just insane and net some people have argued, is heard just finding an excuse to quit. Because she's super, rich and famous, and she doesn't need the work anymore and hate what better excuse to higher than I am so far. You that I once put on a spray tat ended in impersonation. That's really what it's about the accused, her of doing black, face
Apparently what actually happened to shed a really dark, sprite him and she was doing impersonation. That was it like. She wasn't actual thick doing a black face thing shipped her skin was just hand, but here we are, this, is what what's what's truly insane about the story. To me is that you have a woman Twenty million subscribers who gets four million views per video convince because a small, a handful of people were mean to her on twitter that everybody, AIDS, r and d, most apologize. He apparently has some video she highlights and she's deleted, like up. Early, hundreds or more videos is crazy, but apparently. What one video where was her wearing a fake moustache and wrapping like an asian person or, thing- or maybe you aren't even owes me- was a mexican person or something- and she add some offensive things, and then she up and then in the song she's, like I'm better. Actually, although that was racist on better rap songs like I'm so sorry, for doing. All of this is the spread
The religion wrote a lotta people sitting back. And their ignoring the seriousness of this, but the reason I'm I'm I'm covering this, and an average of the new story here is because this is a person with twenty million subscribers who gets millions of use who all love her look at us. Six hundred and forty four thousand thumbs up thirteen thousand thumbs down. She has fans, they love what she does, but she is still convinced she must do a public struggle session to prove that she is not really a bad person because she offended people now that to me is the arrangement you called dropped arrangement syndrome. The anti Trump sentiment is just NL arrangement. These people have lost their minds. Ivan opera I'm saying it because I've never been particularly religious, but here's a story. You too, four marbles quits after apologizing for black faces,
You shall slurs. I am ashamed of things. I've done instead of my passports, important. She said in a video posted torture and with more than twenty million subscribers, she's announced she is going to be quitting and she may come back. At some point, but maybe not. Who knows that some things you just run our attire. She super rich she'll, never afterward, again right. They say you did start and a marbles tearfully announced Thursday that she is quitting the platform in Nepal the guy's for racist videos, you posted between twenty eleven twenty twelve, Well, you know what I can say this. If she's gonna quit over the staff- and certainly we can cancel Jimmy Kimball, I think right now, Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy found both of em out get out. I've gotta marbles can quits you guys go way. We will win a watch on actually kidding. I think it's silly. I want to hold myself accountable and its painful to do and it's not fun. It hurts I I'm ashamed of the things I've done and set in my passports, important. I want to make sure that the things putting into the world are not hurting anyone. Oh shut up, I'll, tell you what man
I'm more offended by your apology than the jokes you made? Ok, here's. The weirdest thing about these lunatic fanatics I like this video, the asian racism thing, racism, words that are like racist or nations, or something. Half my family's Asian and they are not. By the stuff- it's the weights, though it's the weird white progressives in my family, who are posing a facebook like we all We allies today and, unlike shut up They ignore me when I post about it, I loved the actual minority in your own family telling you to shut up. I don't say it like that, unlike Let me explain my point of view and why I think you can come down and they ignore it and they just keep posting. This stupid self regulation, whatever repentance ally ship, we're going to call it. Meanwhile, the two people in my family are just like. My father. Healthcare, in fact is actually funny some of the asian people in my family are like the die, hard,
supporters of the weird like a message in that's like Trump, and unlike that, I guess. Maybe it's because these people- scrimmage against asian people like at Harvard it with affirmative action, and things like that. You that many people had reached out to her to address videos from the past specifically one parity of Nicky manage in black face and are insulting asian man and using racial slurs, both posted in twenty eleven. It's not cool, it's not you! It's not! Ok and I'm embarrassed No, I'm I'm I'm more embarrassed that your apologizing for it marbles whose legal name is just a morning. Also apologise. For a video. She posted twenty twelve came up cross unbelievable o sexist I'm sorry- I just after I had a lot of internalized, massage I'm sorry, are you serious with this because she is videos where she was like hears. What men doing here is that women do, but now she s just do this apology tour. About non binary people and how it was so of of the savings ten years ago. These people are in
I'll, tell you what man you can be in saying: I'm gonna keep doing my thing, I'm not going to do adopt any freaky religion, but please let me know when your holidays hours, I can make sure I take off work appropriately I'll. Take the free holidays right well, so people are arguing, it's a big troll, it's a big big troll, and maybe it is us out. Wannabe influencers are being trained. To film a believable Youtube apology, video being Creator means learning how to come out of a controversy unscathed. Interesting, perhaps gender marbles is trying to get ahead of any Woke outrage and she doesn't really mean it she's, just better than all of you. What I mean by that there have been a few people who have been cancelled. You two drama stupid nonsense. No adult cares about with kids and they have produced these apology- videos that come off really fake, where they'll be alike, faint cry, like
that does in your life. You know really crying. I can tell you not really upset about this you're, just pretending, and so We need to learn how to actually do a real sounding apology. Surprise, surprise run this video from China Marble. She almost cries and it seems almost believable. Perhaps that will really saying perhaps using care she's wretch, she's famous. She must take a vacation so she's, like some people, complaining I'll get in front of this before stories about targeting me and make the story positive. For me, that's what she did this this video a mess is the number one trending Youtube video of her saying all the right things to get all the support she needs. Nobody counselled her. She cancelled herself. She prevented I'm from actually getting her in trouble or getting her band and she deleted it on a videos perhaps a very savvy businesses in business decision to make
for that you can still do things in the future. If she waited what would have happened, the activist campaign would have target her target you can see what happens to people who resist, and so she said I will move faster than you and instead of bending the knee when you come with the sword, I'll job under the sword, full speed and say hey, I I am here of my own volition no say well, clearly she's, one of us right because she chose to be here and that's it. She can almost cry. Maybe a fake apology, video that she's been trained to do to prevent the controversy from bubbling over. But either way but really matter now, maybe to troll Somerset Patrol, and it could be. Did she Mass private, a ton of videos, and then game and trick everybody into getting a ton of attention and then shall come out. Belike Psych. Some people think she well and if she does well, she got me getting rid of all these videos that dominates the leading millions upon millions of views that sought
that's the best in your ear youtube history. It presumably benefits when the algorithm at serious that she would take these videos down has she loses money when she does so? If it's a troll, it's a really good one. I don't think it is. I think it serious. I think she may be trying to dodge controversy, but the summit worse here. The controversy was strong enough that the Woke ideology is a powerful religion. It is taking. Over and people have either decided they're going to bend the knee and cave that they would rather We have on their knees. Yet of that, then than die in their feet now mean I would rather live. I'm died my feet and live on my knees ripe, but these people, They are, you noticed her whole view is probably she's, she's, probably thinking like an old man. I did all these gee, always edgy comedy. We saw that guy count. Angular get arrested for some of us, edgy, jokes,
all apologize, delete everything retire unscathed, because what's the alternative, if this woke in Sandy gets worse and could ban you from businesses a ban, you from your finance? services, they've done it and, as this ideology expands, how long until they tell me, I can't go to their restaurant or I'm banned from the certain certain industries are some like that, and they say you're cancelled best to avoid the cancellation outright. If Jenna really did want to retire well, then she was able to do so, but what, if she just wants to get a cup of coffee- and she's want to grab a slice and be ignored. Well now, she's done the right thing. Apparently they won't cancel her. They won't come for her she's repented publicly. She confessed her sins and now she will be left alone, to enjoy her slice of pizza and be very, very wealthy. More importantly, there it reminds me of Warren Buffett- I believe
If he gave away a large portion of his money to some foundation is something bill gates. Did it marks or burg? Did it with an l, L Elsie? and a lot of people said. Look at all these vegetable giving their money away. Doing the right thing. They said and this was around us shortly after the Occupy Wall Street Protests- that wasn't my mentalities. When I saw what I saw was ripple sang eight as a bunch blots out with pitchforks, which we do. I know, let's like volunteer, to give up our money that way they won't burn our houses down and there you have it. She super rich and powerful and famous and white, and she sees its happening issues. So she says I'd rather be on the side of the mob right then, when they go torturing buildings. Thus Ah, but ours and say: oh no, she's the one who repented she's, ok and then you can mind your own business is the problem with admittedly american culture, the individuality of individualism of I'll just take-
care of myself, and you know damn everything else. There you go she's going to she's going to do what she needs to do to make sure that she keeps all of her money and doesn't get canceled by someone like Louis CK, and his story was way different when you lost a lot and so there you have it. Man don't be surprised if people. If you don't be surprised, if you see more people doing this coming out, early and sang so sorry for this video I posted bed there pathetic, absolutely pathetic, maybe to troll as some people think by it. But you know what I'm excited for what once everyone is cancelled, then no one will be right, but I'll tell you what it's a bold bet: Mr Marbles because what happens if trump winds and a landslide- and we see the woke laughed was a and that The thing going on right now, while scary and weird they end up, losing and the
silent majority remained silent, no longer, and then everyone laughs at you and then you chose the wrong side. The best thing you could do is just shot but anyway, We'll see our plays, I got one more time in coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly this man, be one of the most important stories in the culture. Or civil war. Whatever is going on politic political, old, social media censorship bias. This may be one of the most important stories. Unilever pause is Facebook and twitter advertising for the rest of twenty twenty due to polarized atmosphere? In? U S right now, there's a boycott of Facebook and an eye and a whole on hold on before? You click that, but you might be saying well for me, I'm not. I don't really care about Facebook, Naw man, you gotta, hear me out of this one: we're not talking about censorship, we're not talking about, add polyps. We are talking about Facebook and I'm sorry about your Unilever, one of the biggest companies in the world that owns
HANS of different brands, saying that we're to spending adds because of polarization not because of hate speech policies, and I think I see what's happening here. These companies have realised, get what go broke, and so, what's the alternative? Do nothing that scary think about it? They ve realized, that if they try to advertise in any way, they'll be attacked foresight. Events being consent or for politicizing, in which case, Annie advertisement they do will hurt their brands, so they do nothing that is as a result and a few things it could result in Facebook, Twitter Youtube the companies losing tons of money as people real as we don't want to advertise in ways that can get us in trouble. But it's it's it's. It doesn't stop their advertise. Pulled off of Tucker Karlsson. Well, why stop there. What about Rachel Matter or down Lunnon about this
about everyone just boycotts, everything that's advertised anywhere and I see what I mean asked When you start to pull out of advertising, we realise the polarisation has come to a point where they can't even advertise at all, because we're on the verge of something really really big is it going to shift resources, but it's also signifies sick signalling that the tracks our country is on the left and the right have diverge to such a degree. There's no way to actually get both sides anymore. Think about it. Early on You could do a foofy happier, lefty leaning advertisement and the conservatives didn't really care all that much, but When things start to get crazy was how they get what go broke. Commercials like Gillette and the right react really really negatively John but then realised what we missed this one and that what they do they put on add that show. Blonde hair blue eyed man and in like them
military and I was like you- ve gone too far. Gillette. Do you don't understand what people are mad about? Just make a commercial where it? Where is it I like I like to shave this razor can cut my face shave. Instead, everything has become political, problem is the left. They say silences consent and they demand you give a statement they'll bill I gave you and cancel you even if you don't get political, in which case you now the option of just hurting yourself or through the story. Cnbc reports you'd have Unilever on Friday. That said, it would be pausing brand advertising on Facebook, Instagram end Twitter through the. U S, or at least the end of the year. Yes, because of the election, given our responsibility, framework in the polarized atmosphere. In the. U S, we decided Starting now, through at least the end of the year, we will not.
On brand advertising in social media, newspeak platform platforms, Facebook Intergroup Twitter. In the: U S, the company sat in an email statement attributed to the evil people a block, not not Nelson, is an important point there. In the: U S, there still running adds many people of there's a boycott going on Verizon, abandon Jerry's and some other companies. Many people think this is part of that that that boycott it's not, this is a brand saying politics has and so in saying in this country, there's nothing. We can effectively market that won't hurt us, that's how far gone we are now Facebook is trying to What do I tell all these companies not honour our look You know we really do combat hate speech in all the stuff. It insists. Policy changes are not tied to revenue revenue pressure. Facebook is refusing to bend van to these companies, saying we're not gonna change, and I think I know why this boycott is trying to force Facebook to create crazier hates
its rules, a dramatic move any in the car your war, the civil war culture, civil war. When I want to call it the revolution, the left cause it to try to force Facebook demand more concerned. As many. These lefties are angry that Ben Shapiro Is- the number one source on Facebook and its debts. Re really is true bench here on the daily wired, dominate Facebook shares and engagement, so they shut this down. They use woke corporate pressure and Facebook said now. You know why Facebook is also between a rock and a hard. Realising if they start enforcing more strict rules against people like Ben Shapiro they're going to start. Leading users and their advertisements will be caught that the ad cells they do will become worth less so, no matter what they do they lose money. The best thing we can do is whether the storm is our polarized. Things are getting. Our companies are major companies. Think it safe. So maybe it may it maybe you're some good news. There was a study
a free, I showed are frequently I love it. They tracked they map, twitters cultures, twitters bubbles and they found that digital marketing overlaps with the resistance, Anti Trump and it's probably Do it Pauline accident early on it was popular. To embrace more lefty positions. There was a left bias and lot of media outlets, but the left was all about freedom of expression, so these companies embraced it because of this. They think it's alright the safe bet there now learning it's not a safe bet again. Another reason why this may be one of the most important stories right now is that this could be the end of woke digital marketing seriously. So companies like Facebook aren't, I stated earlier the divergences so severe. There's no real way to actually deal with us, where I think we're saying something that could be good but could be really really bad
Are we really so politically polarized that major brands have no way to communicate between the two tribes? Yes white supremacy doesn't mean the same thing anymore, the left it doesn't Why supremacy literally means the entirety of the structure of our civilization, seriously white supremacy to most people just means a person who thinks white people are superior or supreme or whatever that's not the left to steal. The leftist view is that this pod cast is white supremacy specifically because it is founded upon white supremacist institutions and the concepts of time and colonization, and because I look like I'm white enough, at least all of these things arguing debating police fired apartments, city hall, democracy, the constitution, all of these.
Things are white supremacy. They say because they were founded upon these institutions. This is the inherent pernicious, NASA suppose of systemic racism. While I've talked to the past about the reality of systemic racism, two very simple like racial housing covenants and how it persists in to get us today. They take it to its logical conclusion, which is the danger in that. Therefore, every single thing ever is white supremacy and that's how their religion functions. It may be in his ears, the goodness of it. It may be that they have finally finally shot themselves in the foot and in such a devastating way that they have ended their corporate support by everything being racist, there's no real way you can advertise in in such a way that would protect your brand, so they pull out for spoke bands. Conservatives, Facebook is biased against conservatives and now because of this, the
the advertisers are asking for more, advertisers boycotting Facebook want more pressure on the right. Facebook has reached a red line and they are about to implode. So whatever their doing is not sustainable sourcing on two fronts, I spoke, has reached its limit. The eighty Alice demanding more. They will keep demanding more. This may be the point at which the woke left can't get any more ground, and the obvious happens. A company. Like Unilever says we just can't go that far Sixty three million people in this country voted for Trop and they by banning Jerry's. To suppose it, corporate sponsorship was what the left was using and was what was pro, putting them I mean that's going around, shows all of these corporate brands, where they change their logos, terrain, boughs and then a person in front of it saying I'm being oppressed. Meanwhile, the conservatives don't have this: every
single time a conservative tries to launch their own paper or social media platform, they get mocked slammed in ridiculed and then advertisers won't sell. They lose access to, like DNS is happening up in some instances or they get banned outright from various platforms. They called accused of being Nazis. Now it's gotten so insane brands won't advertise on the left stuff either solo. Let me try right this up in a more distinct way. Listen if Facebook is biased, Mackay and censoring conservatives Conservatives try to launch their platforms but have trouble getting getting that revenue and getting those advertisers. Ah with Unilever, pulling off a facebook due to thee the polarization the far left is losing their revenue as well face, book is going to lose all the money and they are biased towards the left. Product. Vartos just proved this for, like the fifty billionth time, employees at Facebook are trying to hurt Trump good, so Facebook can't make any money now that it's just gonna be a return to normal. Yes,
owes but are only doing in the: U S which should show Facebook what it means when you embrace this polarization it'll hurt the far left, but in the end facebook will still exist and also keep making money, so they don't care all in all. I think this is good. This is like a crack in a massive out. Yet we see that after tomorrow, in the beginning, when, like a massive ice shelf, unjust cracks. That's what this feels like to me. You leave. Her is not just a small company to make soap there, a parent brand that has of subsidiaries like today. I think that they mention what they saw their subsidiaries here They say: I'm ok, I'm not gonna read through it wherever there's a bunch of different, companies that Unilever owns, they say, arm brow, Airbus Jerry's helmsman is left purely tease. Dove products, look, look Unilever you'll see this massive tree of all the products in these are all being pulled from Facebook. This could be the point at which the culture war has to stop when corporate advertisers back away face
but panics and then tries to restore normalcy, starts banning the far left to reduce the polarization just think about it. If Facebook has already banned the far, right, and now they ban the far left you left with moderates. Now it's safe to advertise right, we'll see how things play up anyway, thanks rang out. I will see you all tomorrow at ten, a m on this gentle and yet I'll see next time.
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