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FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops


Citing a lack of transparency the FEC official made the bold statements.But it is important to note that Trey Trainor, the official in question, is a Trump supporter and is the Chair of the FEC which does not deal with voter integrity.Regardless of his opinion however there is mounting evidence of widespread irregularity that needs to be investigated. Yet media is adamant the race is over and looking into the issues is wrong. They call Joe Biden President Elect even before we have certified the vote, while litigation is still underway, and the electoral college hasn't even voted yet.Democrats should have no issue with an audit to prove that they won fairly and blocking the process only fuels Trump and Republican arguments that votes should not be certified.If this drags out too long then House Delegations will vote and Trump will win.

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Donald Trump legal team, Rudy Giuliani, have asserted a lot of things. They pray granted some evidence that a recent press conference and their alleging what appears to be a centralized conspiracy plot to help Joe Biden, I don't know about all that, but I can tell you this. My brain hurts for one simple reason: there is evidence of fraud. There is evidence of impropriety. There is evidence that some thing happened in some places, but the mainstream media ignores it says: there's no evidence mocks and Riddick tools, trumps, legal team and I just want to know what happened. Maybe it's not widespread systemic voter fraud that change, election, maybe Rudy Giuliani, is truly lost. The plot and there's no sir,
internalized plan of sorts, but there is evidence that weird stuff happened and I just want the answers. Men, but you're not gonna, get it because in this world you either get we're the establishment and they're all crazy, ignore them and with Giuliani you get centralized widespread fraud to be fair. I think it is a little over the top, some of the things that Giuliani and end some of trumps legal team of pointed out, but its. If we go through the legal process, we can deal with any hyperbolic or eccentric claims, while dealing with the fact that Giuliani did present evidence and the media just keeps qualifying this by saying, whilst not widespread evidence. Look, I don't know it's happening. Maybe it really is Giuliani in tromp. Tonnages subvert the election, but then how do you account for the irregularities? The clerical airs across the board? The historic recount margins trump has just gave. I'm sorry, man
I'm looking at too many coincidences to just be like. What's ignore this in Michigan, you had seventy one percent of the voter books, unbalanced, meaning there were the number of signatures devotes, not in sync resulted in two Republicans and they want to certify than they certified nothin. I don't want to certify in Georgia to recount and in three different counties. They discover a bunch of bout that we're never counted too, which is unprecedented. All of these different, not what saying I'll recount can only find a few hundred the time. One thousand four hundred I'll Giuliani is got more affidavits. We got affidavits come now to Georgia, where one dude says he sees a whole bunch of uniform ballots that look machine printed. Do we ignore this?
you don't have to think Giuliani is the smartest guy in the world and you don't have the like them for you to be like media. Do your job there, not their mocking berating belittling malleson. The difficulty here is that, in order to fact check to the best of my abilities, I often cross reference different outlets and try and figure out what their sources but when so many outlets or ignoring and lying, I dont have them as a resource for fact checking so something's, it's just gonna be a. He said. She said, that's sad reality and at an end, fair? Maybe I need start hiring some investigate reporters to do the actual work and figure out, because the media, letting us down and I'll take that one year. I should probably do that, but right now, when you have an affidavit, multiple affidavits, when you have hard evidence when you have whistle blowers like a circumstantial evidence,
ok, then perhaps the media needs to be a bit more honest about, what's going on and say something as simple as this, while Giuliani did present evidence of voter fraud in the form of an affidavit from a pole watcher, we have not yet The point where we can do to definitively say one way? Another! That's it when you have a smoke alarm going off that circumstantial evidence, it's not the fire itself And that means someone's gotta go in check the building. Why the media and the Democratic Party so adamant to ignore what we ve seen so far. probably because Giuliani might be right or because they just arrogant, and there and there and their elite a single smarter than you know what a waste our time on its human rights
the news see what Giuliani is alleging, and I want to show you how the media is playing this before we get started had over the TIM cast outcomes. Life done it. If you would like to support my work, there are many ways can give. The best thing you can do is share this video. Why I am exasperated Look, I can show you all of the mainstream media source in the world that are misleading at best and outright wrong at worst, and if that you read, I'm talking my friends in their like I'm, not hearing anything about this I said did here, what's going in an Wayne. County Michigan is crazy. You know that I want to certify that they want to certify. I have not heard this. I just heard Joe Biden One yet because the media is not giving us an overview of what really happened. so I'm not here to say Trump, one on that hearsay Biden, one eye monsieur essay, I other sources. It's gettin crazy out there, and if you think that my inability to actually dry hard conclusion is beneficial to people because
maybe that's it. They need right. Now, then, please, consider shamelessly don't forget, like should like subscribe, share notification Bell all that stuff. Here's the first story from the daily Call- and I chose this one, but is very light. Very simple enough to overturn any election truck campaign holds press conference laying out their evidence of voter fraud. President Donald Trump Legal Tina Prescott Prince Thursday, explaining the alleged evidence of voter fraud, they believed, would have impacted the result of the twenty twenty presidential election. The press conference was led by trumped lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who was joined by Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis lawyer, Sidney Powell and lawyer Joe digging Nova. Did you know that guy Leon, he explained that they believe there is direct evidence to show their was voter fraud in the presidential election Giuliani Specific
They mentioned Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia throughout the pressure. In the press are Giuliani, said the evidence they have is enough to overturn any election. The recounting Georgia will tell us nothing because these fraudulent ballots will to be counted again, Giuliani, sad about the redoubt effort in the state of Georgia, trumps lawsuits though, far do not alleged voter fraud on a large scale, large enough scale to flip a state. Now the important thing is my understanding, Giuliani, trumps, legal teen. They have alleged alot of fraud. I think only one of their suits actually had to do deal with fraud for the most part, its constitutional arguments, media in Pennsylvania. Specifically there saying that people were not treated equally as as to how they voted, and thus some people had their rights deprived. That's an attempt to get an injunction certification. Now many people,
said you ve lost twenty five lawsuits. Trump Giuliani corrected this individual. The press conference saying those are not our law suits Giuliani said we have three lawsuits right now. Those are other people who have filed. That's it and I don't know the exact numbers. But yes, it's true many non trump affiliated people have filed lawsuits. A challenging. There are the result of the election. I say during the oppressor Giuliani also said there were. There is a pattern in the voting data that suggests a plan from a centralized place to commit voter fraud in Democrat Run city. Giuliani also said the truck campaign will likely bring a lawsuit to Arizona just hours before the press conference trumps campaign withdrew a lawsuit trying to stop what to stop the state of Michigan from certifying election results. Thursday Giuliani said in a Thursday statement. So if you found my earlier segment about Michigan, they wish
through their lawsuit because all ready to state canvasses refuse to certify they then I guess agree. certify but then later claim they were under duress and they were being threatened and they were sure there be an odd it's another. China rescind there there certification, but there's no legal mechanism in the Michigan system. Other then suppose the courts. So I don't know what's going to happen there, but it's now gotta go to the State Board, which is also my understanding to Democrats to Republicans and very well Maybe the two Republicans at state level say we will not are defined Michigan results because of the threat that came in and weighing county, and we are not confident, perhaps perhaps not a centralized plan Giuliani says maybe he's right, but this is getting just crazy. You know I'll tell you this The media was honest and fair. I absolute We would think Giuliani was a crazy man was lost his mind and even come and say: there's a democrat plaudits centralized or do not
thanks and I'd be alike. Dude, please outcomes, razor, simple solutions: here's the problem, Rudy Giuliani, I am struck campaign has found nation wide democrat voter fraud. Conspiracy, plot claims made by campaign can do to fail in court. Well, I don't think he was that direct about it, but if you want a frame it that way to make it look like a crackpot, perhaps that's what they're planners, but all I will say of course Giuliani did say it seems to be from a centralized plan. I don't avi specifically said it was from Democrats when Julia was asked in the press conference. What does just? What is Joe Biden involve a job on its involvement? Giuliani said I dont know what Joe Biden knows, or does it now and I'm not trying to be cute, like you now playing some game from a legal perspective. I dont know what Joe Biden does it doesn't know. Giuliani said that may be Joe Biden has just kind of being pushed along
other people are dealing with us, so not necessarily a Democrat Vodafone conspiracy plot, but our Thanks Boston, Harold for giving us that point of view. In the end, The media has not been taking seriously and you ve got some. These three or so million people, maybe more now, who are very We concerned about what we are hearing. Instead, what we get we get told to shut up, we gets hold its unfounded unsubstantiated. No,
evidence, but the things we see cannot just be thrown away. You have what five or six affidavits in Georgia, where even Democrats said this looks weird what their apparently alleging with Georgia, recount as if there were a bunch of ballots that were uniform and clean, with no creases that role for Joe Biden and it looked like it was machine printed. Those are actual allegations from sworn statements, in fact, in one affidavit. The reason that releasing too many of these but Everley some is because these that the lawyers that trunk campaign got threatened into quitting the two Republicans in Michigan US at this looks weird got threatened and harassed and so they said, fine, fine, we'll certify. It's very obvious. Trop supporters and the people more or engaging in this fight need to stop being scared. Yes, really crazy, love. When you actually have some, crazy conspiracy and you're, worried about like the man or the comment or some like secret agent. Am I supposed to be one
about some left us anti for types because they are apparently just chill did do what you have to do because look. It is better to live on your feet, I'm sorry! It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees right. So the media has been ignoring and insulting and refusing to acknowledge, really happening, and that makes me think you know what. If they're not gonna, take this seriously, then I have no choice to say I have to take Rudy Julian, always Clem seriously as well. You come out with an affidavit, ok and you risk your your life from actual threats. These are regular people, so that I understand whether scared in some of these were rejected documents. I've reviewed the The actions are easily removed. No joke Even when their like! Ok, you can release there's just we're back. My information is still possible to go,
did the source far like you that you can look at the source of the actual documents online and it bypasses the reductions. So people are are scared, think about how many people were scared and would not admit they voted for Trump now think about how many people may have witnessed something and they're scared you witness a truck pull up. There was one woman I think was in Nevada should have an pulled up, and then people pulled out acts as a balance, and she was like user about you and Lord Ingram disguised your voice and silhouetted her appearance, cushy scared thing, but how many people are too can't even say they voted for Trump. Now. Imagine you until heard, you always volunteer for all Jen watching or for tabulation and your noticing something we're going on. You gets Finally, I want to say anything: I don't want them coming after me, because we might not tell you that if you're listening and you're someone who's witnessed yes and you have actually seen evidence or you're a witness, or you could swear to it that these things happen a fraud happened or
propriety. You need to speak up now or you are condemning your children to this system. What what work will you leave behind people need to stop worrying about themselves for just a little bit. I know you have to secure your own face mass before securing the mask the person sitting next to you, but right now, more than ever We need people to be brave. I wish people were more courageous. I really I really do and I'm not I'm you know I understand why many aren't, but if you witness something speak up now and you know what Otherwise. I can only make one assumption that this I really that bad that we ve seen the worst of it that it's not system. that it's only these instances and there is a higher proportion this time around, and maybe it won't change the results. Ok, maybe that's it and I'll absolutely, except that I just want a fair, take
what's going on, not some shock insane garbage the daily males been doing the worst of it did you. watch. Actually, I'm I'm sorry not that the daily mail did not do the worst of it. The daily beast did, but the daily mail says: did you all watch my cousin sweating, really Giuliani, presents his evidence for mass voting fraud at bizarre press conference, claiming it's as frequent as get beaten up at a feeling of Argos game. We ve seen as my hair it runs down his face. Gotta love, winking, vibrant shut up keeps playing audio anyway. Here's where it's fun The daily beast: Giuliani's hair dye streaks down face after my cousin Vinny performance melting down. It's one of my favorite long movies, Trump's lawyer, said before acting out a scene from the nineteen ninety two film as evidence of voter fraud, the twenty twenty election. No, he didn't he,
it may did make reference to the scene in my cousin many ways like how many things I'm holding up, but he didn't presented as evidence of voter fraud, the media's on taking it seriously they're lying about what's happening and they're going after anybody who bring but up here's vice Youtube is cashing in on trumps election conspiracy during Giuliani, live stream. Conspiracy theories, around the world are making direct payments to Youtube to promote their unhinged and unfounded theories. Heaven forbid anybody talk about. What's really going on and wants a real answer? Well, let me give you some real answers. Over at king five, they say claims about sidle. An election servers in Germany are false. All parties involved, plus a federal agency, said the claims of election tampering are false,
do. I just blindly believe King five, absolutely not when you don't take these claims seriously. You insult belittle mark or lie. I can't trust you later on. When you try to debunk, thanks. I can, however, say this. One in my opinion, seems to be more accurate. They say fact checking regarding your election, following several erroneous statements that have been published in digital and social media. Sidle would like to clarify the following: the technology. implemented by sidle in the U S, are both hosted and managed within the? U S by a local subsidiary, ass, o YE software basin. Tampa Florida we do not tabulate tell your count votes in the: U S, we do not provide voting machines in the. U S We did not provide online voting to you as jurisdictions. For U S elections, we do not have servers are offices in Frankfurt? The? U S, army has not ceased.
Anything from sidle in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else. We are not owned by George Soros and I've never been connected to him. We are not tied to Smart Matic as GEO Dominion or Indra. We no ties with Russia either. I like how they. Let me add that last one for good measure is important, because Sidney Powell at the press conference said that a U S, votes were being tabulated or stored in another country while sidle assaying. That's not true, but I do. I do want to say something interesting. They say we do not tabulate tell your count votes in the: U S. Does that mean you tabulate tell your count, votes in other, couldn't sure it's you see the problem here. We do not provide voting machines in the? U S. That makes sense. We do not provide online voting to Europe. Jura, U S jurisdictions! For the! U S! Elections, ok, sound,
I mean like that's the best we have so far. However, if if someone comes out and claims that there's foreign service way ignore, you might notice a lot of people like ten, why don't you cover this thing? Or that thing you can't verify it: okay, y'all can talk about what you want to talk about, to say: is it true or is it false and I'll tell you what is true Giuliani presented an affidavit and an end. They and and daily mail really maxim over this. They say he then read. Then he read a single affidavit of Jesse Jacob, alleging fraud at the Detroit Centre, where votes were a judge found the claims, while serious were generalised, it had no late, no no date, location, frequency or names of employees.
But it was the only one he shared. We have one hundred more of these. I can't show them to you. He said it was because people who felt them out would be harassed. The american people are entitled to know this. You don't have a right to keep it from them. He lecture the press. If you count the lawful votes, Trump one was consumed by a good margin. I understand that the threats, but a little took, took two tumor. Neither point there is evidence it is mostly circumstantial, mostly circumstantial. We have. Some signs are indications of real impropriety and we should absolutely investigate the media. Take it seriously. However, they it seemed like a only of one sworn affidavit, there's so many that have come up so many now I will say I disagree with Julian trumps legal team in in one capacity, these people Who have signed sworn affidavits need to be public. Now I am not interested in play
games with either side of this conflict. I personally don't like Joe Biden. I dont want him to win, he's already stack in the deck with corporate lobbyists and he's gonna. Wouldn't it be at war and in one month, not even guess why? What trouble- and I say this they talk about releasing the crack and well release it already, I'm not interested in waiting around for you to release the crack and, and then nothing happens there talking about software being made in Venezuela being used by Hugo Chavez. All of these things and it's like ok, let's see the evidence. Now to be fair Would Giuliani has claimed is that he can't just come out and dump all this evidence. The courts would get mad at him. He's got a present them properly through the courts, and that makes it is true
he's gotta go to court and he's got to say here is our evidence. If he releases it all up front, there's two problems with that for one the judge might get mad because he's effectively in obtaining the case though not the media, changing public opinion making a spectacle of the courts. In the end then, and the impending proceedings I am and more importantly, he would be tipping off. Who is going up against in court. You don't do this. There was that there was a lawsuit between two Youtube errors: I'll leave. It was Sargon. I've got another personal knock at an end and Sargon you may be familiar with him. He's a com is a personality kept his mouth shut, didn't talk about what he was doing or what is plans were, and it is the right move, ended up winning and then he once again when they were when you went after court fees, so this did so Sargon knew the right move when it. Mr Giuliani, especially something dealing with. You know what we're dealing with a presidential election. He absolutely needs to keep our peoples cards close to the vast closer, the chests, whichever one
point? He can't just go round be like look at all as evidence, because then people going to know what to try and cover up or clean up, and that's just not the way you're in a go about it in court. The media wants everything now. Maybe there isn't anything, maybe Giuliani is just flailing his arms. So that's why I said released a crack and sounds an awful lot like trust the plan. You get the evidence you put it out. Oh here it I'll report on it. I'm waiting, I talked about you know Jesse Jacob, that the affidavit you released. I've read through some of the affidavits from Georgia, I'm very very interested to see what we have here and I want to know why these things happen, and I want answers. Will the meat is going to give it to us where's the FBI, apparently we're not getting an FBI statement from anybody. Even Giuliani called this out. The media's mocking us when belittling us and so that what am I supposed to do I guess you one thing I do as a all right, if you won't take it seriously and you're trying to tell me it's wrong and your ignoring it, I'm gonna trust Giuliani on this one.
I'd say: maybe there that there really is something going on, because the meat yeah just will not give us a fair shake. I whenever this is, let me show you some that I find really interesting. Josh Jordan Tweed something that is an indication that there's something off something strange. He said. Two weeks later, how much trump over performed the real, clear politics averages nationally. Three point: two Particularist in Ohio he ever performed by seven in Wisconsin six point, one in Texas, four point: four into the numbers. go down and then North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia in Minnesota are where Trump under four under performed in the polls or it was insignificant, and many people have pointed out saying, isn't it weird that the specific states that Donald Trump needed to win Pennsylvania, notably the poles, were correct, but in other states, Texas, Ohio, well
I was interesting as well and other states you over performed. He didn't eat Ohio, so maybe it's not really a correlation or causation it. Maybe people are just looking at this and then see what they want to see, but pen, Albania, Georgian about an Arizona all lumped together where the Poles were actually pretty spot on seems now to perfect I'll, say this. It seems anomalous, not evidence enough for me to consider anything if someone came, it means I look at this I'd really. Well, you know. Sometimes these things happen, but when you have like fifty different moments, where you keep saying these things happen. These things happened of eventually have to ask you a question how many coincidences until you ve, won the lottery, because I think it's like five or six right. What what we're coming over the five numbers I'll play the lottery, but get the point a coincidence. It happens a couple of em they can happen to, but we have multiple sworn affidavits in many different places. When you have the changing of the rules and
asked mail in voting it and it's like the rules were all change. The last minute you ve got ballots that were counted, but people never request, so absentee bells got counted. Nobody requested them. Those things have to be investigated because at a certain point, these things at up- and you have to ask yourself- pick one conspiracy, theorist coincidence- theorist That's that's that's the two sides, I suppose. Typically, I would say a coincidence, theorist man. You know if some at a summit people in the lottery it happens in this instance we're dealing with politics, power we're dealing with people who changed the rules with male in voting. You know earlier before the election. That's it unilateral change, that people were opposing that they another Publicans and Democrats are at odds. It is a fight over political power. So, at this point
I must inclined to assume that there is a coincidence going on over and over and over again, so that leaves us with what for conspiracy. You know, I gotta be honest, I'm not even entirely convinced of that. I think maybe some people here and there may be had plans and conspired in some ways. If we're talking about Georgia and a bunch of ballots being printed out, that looked really weird, it doesn't have to be a national democratic, coordinated event, in fact, could be foreign influence. I will say it's very fascinating that Georgia, Arizona haven't voted Democrat and since, like ninety two- and they flip now- we ve got these claims and we ve got the sworn statements: a regular american, many of them stepped forward and sign their names. To a document saying I believe I witnessed fraud. I respect those people.
They may be liars, but we'll give them what will go through the process to make sure, because we don't want to leave you no loose ends. We want to make sure that we tie this up and everything's done, but you know what I don't know it's going to happen. I've been talking to a lot of people. About what they things can happen and ever since things of start picking up this week, people I've been saying a lot of things like it's starting to feel like something is happening. It's not just Joe. Biden, winning and Trump throwing a fit know. Something else is happening like trot, might actually win. This are not to expect, maybe does maybe does But I wonder why it is that the media has become so obvious in their lies. That's the crazy thing! Maybe it's because they can't live, people know there actually is evidence. You know, so it just keeps him. No evidence, no evidence at all, and then Giuliani does is press, Juliet it as a press conference in they met, make fun of them. They insulted and the don't take. As is
statements seriously in any capacity pages, I look at his errand. I rejoice crazies mountain down, my cousin Veni. What im not sure? Maybe that's it, maybe really is crazy. Maybe not I don't know, but I don't trust the media, because They lied about Trump withdrawing his, it look at us, they lied and they said the other day that truck withdrew his claim about seven hundred thousand votes. Being improper has not true at all. It's like they just lie another that they come out and say no evidence over and over again, it's like you. It's really crazy. These two Republicans in Michigan who refused to certify said it was because of the unbalanced books. I didn't even know the books were unbalanced. I don't know anything about that. I've been focused on these affidavits for the most part and, though, and the whistle blower from USB S, their everyday people saying they ones, two backdate ballots. Well, let alone some other claims. So maybe, but I don't think we're going to fair shake from the media and that's why I think
we are headed towards diet. We're we're we're we're on it is, is getting dire, is getting bed because if we can't trust the media, then the only we can say is pick which ones true if trumps as theirs fraud. Well, The media's long in another lying so therefore trot must be telling the truth right whether the media gets for lying. They could have taken the seriously they could have said. There's fraud, we all know how widespread it is. We should definitely look into it. Our curious journalists will check these stories. They didn't we'll see. this means- and this leads to honestly it's it's echoed go. I have no idea, but something's happening. It's getting beard and I don't think people can be satisfied with the results. The left won't if its, if their, if Trop wins the right, one of Biden, winds and then not. I hope you ve taken care of your you ve prepared to receive abilities in some capacity for the unrest that may come alive there. Next Coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is a different channel and I will see you all
Ladies and gentlemen, we may be witnessing the it's happening moment of the twenty twenty presidential election. Many people are wondering how Donald Trump could actually win. I mean Joe Biden is projected get three six electoral votes, the states of all, basically you another starting to certify Donald Trump asset to thirty two. It must surely be overwhelmed. Trump, of course, is suing, but maybe those lawsuits weren't the real it's happening. If you don't mean- and I mean like the event that changes things are not familiar with me a couple nights ago or just the other night in weighing county Michigan, where Detroit is too Republicans refused. To certify the results of the election because they were very serious discrepancies that we're not being explained them. He's Republicans didn't understand why they were unbalanced ballot books are or voter books. Basically, there were a different amount of signatures
having entered, and then there were votes and that's kind of strange. They weren't, given an explanation of this. Add we're not going to sign off on this well, the left then began Doc sing them harassing them. One guy, even sad. Your kids go to this school at all. Sudden they decided to certify the Gee. I wonder what with what what that was all about now, the itself moments you without it happened. I was like woe if they refuse certify Detroit and Michigan certifies without Detroit Trump wins Michigan. More importantly, if they can't decide by a certain deadline Then the Michigan electors might just vote. However, they want, or the Republicans could, appoint their electors and then Trump gets the electoral votes or maybe they just freezes state say we're not gonna send any electors. Joe Biden then drops down, and if this happens a couple more times than there's no two, seventy winner, it goes to a house delegation. Vote Trump wins there. More Republican has delegations than Democrat.
That would require a couple more states to have some kind of massive discrepancy irregularity or to suspend the results of their elections into my becoming now. I dont know exactly what can happen. I've said avert for some time that I feel, like You know Joe Biden is gonNA is going to win this one, but this is work. It's crazy to wane County Board of Cannon. Sir, is trying to rescind vote certification republican member sign affidavits in effort to rescind yes votes with one one of the other. The board members saying their family was threatened. Oh well, then you have the rest, sir. May. This vote can't be certified, but the left his country back saying no, they are just change. Their mind vase certified well both of these games that are saying they.
Rita certify because they wanted an independent audit and then, as soon as they did basically the one of the state officials when what I've. Given you anything, no audit for you, you signed off, we win and that's all that you need to know if they are not going to do an independent audit, their acting in bad faith. Sorry, if these are publicans see massive discrepancies, that you can't count for or explain, and then you agree will do an audit. You say: ok, ok, that's the Republicans acting in good faith! Fine, we'll certify the Democrats in this in this dense very clearly in the wrong. That's it listen. You got People on social media saying these Republicans are just terrified of tromp, know: they're, not their terrified of the Anti four left us in Vietnam, people who have been burning buildings down and are now threatening their families, but I'm worried about from their worried about the threats and there being tricked. If this was a good faith certification, they would have given them that, given
the audit, but neither saying no well now, you know who's really trying to just shovel through just ran through these results. This could be the beginning right. many left us them, and then I'll read this our saying you can't take your vote back too late. We want we ve already passed, emotion, no revisiting the issue. I am sorry, but I don't think so. Till he works that way. People that I understand that legal issues are actually but more fluid, they could go to court now. This is all trump needs they ve been. As soon as these affidavits came out, you done because what's gonna happen now is or potentially they might say, we're moving to certify Michigan forbidden, and these Republicans and Trump could both file lawsuit, saying no way they threatened them. They threaten them with physical violence. In there
Emily's to force this through. We want an injunction on certification. Until we can investigate exactly what happened, then they won't meet the deadline. There's no reelection, no votes for Joe Biden. That might be the actual path to victory. It could also just be that many Republicans had already discussed Donald Trump, the that, if that, if he loses there, FI him anyway they're gonna send the electors for tromp, apparently and Pennsylvania, some Republicans had already talk trouble, but there's no denying it, but maybe there Is the plan all along? Let me tell you they say I love them, that the queue mean trust the plan. Sorry, I I dont there's that I don't know what they're doing it just because they have applied. Does it mean the plainest good or it's going to work? So sorry were also hearing now: release the crack Ah you when you, when you release the cracking- and I see it out- report on it, but you know until then, but I got to thinking when I saw this. Why is Trump filing these lawsuits? Why is trot calling for a recount? Ok, maybe,
you know the recount makes sense. I guess in Georgia, three counties now found ballots that we're just not counted for some reason, giving drop a historical gain in a recount, something like fourteen hundred plus votes. That's that's cute and that shaved off more than ten percent of Joe Biden lead in that was just three counties. Perhaps those more widespread error. They just keep saying human error human error. I dont know how they concluded its human error, because they can't give us an explanation and if they just I, we think its human error that we think it could be anything right. Well, now we're seeing Donald Trump take this action. We take the recounts than the lawsuits and I saw the wonder. So what is what I said before so here to hear me and I will read the story I gotta much Y gotta go through. The affidavits is crazy. If Donald Trump said on Saturday, you know what when they call it for binding, I refuse Dickens
and then did nothing. It's just that I'm not gonna sue. I was not going to concede and then Republican started, calling it for tromp people would be like what trot knew. This is going to happen now trumpets buying time with lawsuits. that the laughter single losses are frivolous there so dumb? Maybe tromp is just like we're going to keep going through the process or in a challenge this. Until we get the certification or to be honest, it might just be trump- is fighting tooth and nail? There's no grandpa Nobody was prepared for this, but as they dig in more and more and accusations of fraud and propriety- and they get more evidence, it result and Republicans being like do it. I can't certify this. Seventy Percent of the back of the books were like unbalanced. That's insane- and you know I love excuse in the left. Is this happens all the time o? Does it wow? That is nightmarish, really bad happens. All the time. Much about family guy job where they, the bar burns down and ass, the insurance godlike. Isn't it strike
to you that the guy bought insurance for fire that burn down the next day. He goes no actually happens all the time. Yes, it's because its fried anyway, here's a story. Doing. County board of Canvas are trying to rescind their votes, ratification. Republican members signed affidavits, an effort to rescind yes votes accorded the times Monica Palmer and will Hartman signed affidavits in an effort to rescind there yes votes Wednesday evening in affidavits, obtained by the Washington post. Palmer said, quote the. In county election had serious process flaws which deserve investigation. I continue to ask for info I want to assure Wayne County voters that these elections were conducted fairly, inaccurately Hartman set in and affidavit late. In the evening I enticed to agree to certify basin. The promise that full an independent audit would take place. I would not have agreed to this ratification, but for the promise of an audit. The board, vice Chairman Jonathan, can lock told them your times that, but was final, that vote
was binding. You can't leave and decide after meeting ensured that you want to decide from your living room that you don't like the vote and sign something that says you're on. Duress we're always under attack. Wow buddy deeds, she was under duress. Ok, these Democrats are not acting in good faith at all. This is crazy. Don't you want to make sure that the people who voted in Detroit have about this is the game they play. The Democrats O Connor, Republicans, racists and apparently it worked for Let me tell you the truth. You know the real racist are Democrats. You know why there are hundreds of thousands of minority voters in Detroit and if there is evidence of something wrong and you refuse to investigate it, you are basically saying to these people that their vote matters less to you. Then the white neighborhoods. The Democrats have evidence of impropriety and are refusing to investigate because they don't
care about the minority communities. If there is an area that is predominantly black and there is serious evidence of and there's air evidence of a serious error, then it may be that their votes are being diluted or stolen and we should give them a full investigation, as they so deserve but the Democrats and Republicans are racist for calling to search to verify the votes. Why that would only empower and strengthen these minority communities? The Democrats are acting in bad faith, and I can only assume then it's because there were there not being honest. Hartman Palmer voted not to certify the election results earlier this week before reversing course after certifying the results. During a heated meeting, Hartman sixty two is a Wyandotte Wyandotte businessmen who has been to the board since twenty fifteen when asked why he changes values. That was because of the inclusion of an independent Michigan secondary state Joscelyn Benson, said she doesn't believe a request for auditors binding. She said
joe. You saw two individuals on the Wane County Board of canvasses who have a minister your responsibility to certify the county. Canvas of election results refusing to do so on baseless claims and that that will ultimately clerical era. that occurred in nearly every election in nearly every jurisdiction, so you mean to tell is that there are serious errors in every jurisdiction of your state. Thank you for the evidence. Please can someone now file a suit and say they? Ve admitted there are per clerical errors in every election. If there is a clerical error in every jurisdiction, nearly every jurisdiction sounds like your election process is broken and we should not be using that because I will not have you and your broken election system decide who? My president is supposed to be, if you are irresponsible,
and you refused to go through your own elections to make sure you correct these errors. I don't trust you and I don't want you lying to gain power that is insane before the boat Palmer said. It would certify every committee in weighing county accept. Detroit did not speak to reporters following the meeting Palmer plants. All the news conference in the news in the near future, the Michigan Board of State Canvas hasn't on November, twenty third to certify the election. If they dont it will go to court for days December Athos considered the Safe harbour deadline for certification. That's at the federal level Palmer. Forty is the board of Governors, chairperson, she's, also a gross point woods political activist and ethics complain has been filed against, therefore, alleged conflict of interest. That work. The Wayne County Ethic sport is looking into that complaint when local for went to her home and asked what the vote change. No one answered the door. So I'll tell you right now: maybe they can't change their vote, but this does. I believe give and lodge
in its legitimate grounds for some kind of court action. They might like so open up this way that the board might say it certified. You know s off, they go to court and they say we want an injunction because we were being threatened. My family was being friends I think a reasonable judge might be like show me evidence that you're getting threats and about here you go and I'll say our eye. We got a problem here. We cannot function as a democracy as the left likes to say we're not, but you know they say if people are being threatened into certified votes. Can you believe I got to stress this point that they shrimp admitted they worse. They were clerical errors. Serious was in nearly every jurisdiction wow. I believe that calls into question merely the entire. Our state of Michigan. How can we certify that at the federal level, if they think they're coming up and just saying it we're talking about unbalanced books? That means is a different number of
signed in versus who voted some dot net up now that there is a simple solution that they offer up. They say it's because sometimes people go in. They signed the book they want about, then they get bored and they leave. I'm not an entirely convinced you just walk away from that, however, giving me a simple solution does not give any definitive evidence explaining why it's happening all over the place d of cameras at these places. Can you She wasn't do a hard count. If not your election system is broken and and we shouldn't just sit back and relax. We have weird we're discrepancies across the board in the entire state who cares? This is your fault for not being prepared the other issues. I don't even know if, if the issue is that there are more signatures than votes, because if there are more votes than signatures, You got a real problem right because that unseen to make sense, explain that one, but they have actually, you know gone through this touches out check the so Becky treated as any says affidavit of Chair Chairperson Monica Palmer.
she says in this area that now Jack as circled or put a box around after the vote, Democrat colleagues chided me and Mr Hartman for voting certify, going to not certify after the vote, public comet period began and dozens of people made personal remarks against me. Mister Hartman, the comments made accusations of racism and threatened me and members of my family. The public comment continued for over two, ours and I felt pressure to continue the meeting without a break. After several hours of harsh comments, vice chair can lock suggested a parental resolution Wayne County Corporate Council Genet Anderson Davis told me that I had to certify the vote that night, She told the members, their role was ministerial and they could not use there. Scratch on matters like the record being incomplete. We were told that discretion was outside the board's authority, so they were lied to threatened and harassed into agreeing to this that my friends is not how our system is supposed to work
But let me show you where we end up check this out. Ivan penny. Pinching of I believe of Epic times, says Georgia count. Worker, with twenty years of experience, handling ballots, described an odd batch that stood out pristine sheets with no markings and ninety eight percent for Biden check this out. He says in my twenty years of experience of handling ballots. I observed the markings for the candidates on these boats were unusually uniform, perhaps even with a ballot marking device by my estimate and observing these ballots? Approximately ninety eight percent concert votes for Joe Biden. I only observe two of these bout for Donald Trump Twitter removed. His second tweet yeah. Surprise. Surprise, third, monitor a Democrat. Hundreds of these bout seemed impeccable with no folds increases. The bubble. Sections were all perfectly made, only observed sections in black ink and all happened to be selections for buying.
A Democrat said this. Based on my observations, I believe there was fraught that, for there was fraud committed in the presidential election and question the validity of the Georgia recap process. Fourth, witness also a Democrat saw perfect black marks on a stack of about five hundred in a row. I watched them pull out a pile of what I observed to be absentee ballots and noticed two very distinct characteristics that these bout, one. I notice that they had. They all had a perfect black bubble and we're all Biden Select. I was able to observe the public bubble for a few minutes before they made me move away from the table. At no time did I speak to pull workers or obstruct them anyway. I heard them goes this deck and color binds name over five hundred times in a row Georgia. So what do we do
to ignore it same witness, went to a different Georgia county. The next day observe the same anomaly during the recount. All of these bowed to the same two characteristics. They were all four Biden and had the same perfect black bubble. Fifth, witness K fishers. a very clean military and overseas bout, with no bubbles colored outside the lung, almost all four Biden, including batches that were one hundred percent for Biden. At what point does five or six sworn statements constitute widespread irregularity yeah sure I won't say fraud, because I don't know what these are where they came from. An all we know is that these people are saying what,
is going on at a certain point? We have to say: ok, we have evidence of widespread something that I want to pay, for it gives a fraud. It gets a fraud. I think to be fair and I'm trying to take this to be very careful. This one, I don't think we should be saying fraud because it implies intent and implies someone did some. Thing like there's a person who planned on doing this, we don't have any of the evidence. We dont know exactly what happened, and it's likely so we can say this evidence, assign or indication that brought occurred, but it is proof of impropriety if we have well, I say it's more. I should be very careful, be very careful, because I want this to go to the proper channels and get sorted out properly, and that means we have multiple way this is saying the same thing: corroborating each other story. In my opinion, that is as close as proof as you can probably get until we pull up these ballots so Paulo up, investigate. I want to see these ballots where they are and you
what if they do a hand recount and they notice these same thinks. This is what the people are saying right now in the hand recount these weird bubbles, Psych perfect printer anchor whenever well, people noticed, maybe that's why they didn't want the full audit in the full recount. Maybe that's what the damage Our saying no to the recount note the lawsuits just shut up submit submit just given. Maybe it's because now that people are actually look at the bats are going well. What is this because, nor Please put him in the machine right: the machines as verbatim the ok in three counties. They found historical margins for Trump three counties. Well, it's not just that! There's a lot more common. We have this video danske, a veto posted it and code. Monkeys II was getting a lot of attention, says dominion. Tat guys might be deleting Evans. I don't know about all that sure. Maybe it's going around fourteen thousand retreat. I gotta be important share, but I can tell you in this video on one of these guys are what they're saying that vote Machine workers are doing something to the machines right now
We are in the middle of an election. We have not completed the constitutional process and their fiddling with the machines. I think if we get a proper judge or the Supreme Court, they got a shot this down- and I know I know that means means Donald Trump wins, because the House delegation will vote form, but if we're in the middle of a real count if we're in them in and then the poor and the machine workers are coming. I we're gonna. Go to this machine real quick. Are you insane locked those machines up no come on in boys? Do whatever you want to our voting integrity? That to me just absolutely knots, and this tweet Jimmy written Burg says he points out. the Democrat, saying and report ravaged Michigan, they don't have the legal ability to receive rescind their claims. So I like this,
I wanna make sure I'm pointing out that there are people who challenge this and it may not result in an actual blocking of acidification, but, as I stated, it may just come down to the fact that a legal challenge and that's all they need the next big story after bitter Meeting Wisconsin panel to order Recount Trump wants to largely democratic counties. Here's it's crazy, so Trump is putting up three million. to divert for recounts into counties, and the Democrats apparently try changing the rules but got deadlocked three two three and then ultimately no rules were changed. This is the trumpet Borders are celebrating saying they were gonna, try and change the rules to try and block trump. I don't know we can expect, but let me just say this may be the beginning of the it's happening. This could be the period at which trumped starts to turn things around. you got all these people dancing in the streets, stopping on shadows bags in New York and drinking champagne. What are they gonna do when? Let me put it this way. Twitter keeps putting those tags on another tweets right
sang official sources said this and multiple sources said that tromp says I want and they say official sources. This called the race for Joe Biden or whatever, or that they put the statement on there. What happens if official source is called for Trump and then all of a sudden, all those tags on twitter invert? What do you think these people are going to do? It'll, be like you like that scene from Indiana Jones, when the guys, like Kali money rips their heart, that's not going to feel other like they're gonna do brains can explode, not thing it's likely romancing. I think it will happen. I have no why it what's gonna happen, but let me just add, with this Donald Trump says: important news com, since today by lawyers on a very clear and viable path to victory pieces, are very nicely falling into place. Orange see twelve p m okay and in Response Jake Tapir, said
The president in the currency have been clear, they're trying to concoct ways to overturn the results of a free and fair democratic election, and, if you're, a GEO, p official affirming the integrity of the of the election like crabs, genetic, their state, Commissioner Schmidt, they will attack you. my response to this Jake Tapir. This is one of the most irresponsible and dangerous things you can be tweeting right now. Donald Trump has a constitutional right to challenge these states and the votes. These are called safeguards to prevent impropriety and fraud and failure to make sure that our elections are free and fair. Could you imagine the constitution said The election shall be how held on the first two years after the first Monday, and the winner will be decided by media companies. That would be insane Jake for his blaming trump and everyone else. What is really doing is Jake Tapirs,
undermining the constitution? The results have not been federally certified. Many of the states are moving to certification. Now, Trump is well Then? The period to file legal challenges these exist to make sure our country doesn't fall to a despotic fascistic monopoly, mission, and it also means that tromp has the right to do so. Even if you don't like the guy- and maybe Trump is the one trying to do whatever it doesn't matter, the safeguards exist for reason, end of story. We have contingencies for this and it's in there to make sure the bad guys don't just walk in and take over Jake Tapirs trying to undermine the constitutional process and, in my opinion, that is horrifying, really dangerous. He's mad, in my opinion, that the media,
the tit reality anymore? Sorry, that's not the way things work. That, though, the way things work is that we have a process. The electors vote for the president. Tromp has a right to dispute. What is now multiple sworn affidavits? What are we at least a dozen plus of irregularities certificate threats to stick to that? to a certification boards. The irregularities are stacking up and its staggering and you're like trot, submit or out sorry, we dont bow to see an end with a constitutional process in Michigan. Let me just end by saying this final, that they admitted they straight up said. Let me let me pull this up just to make sure you take this one home. I want you to get one home. they say baseless claims. Essentially, you sought to individuals on the Wane County Board of canvasses who have ministerial responsibility to certify the county. Camus election results
feeding to disown baseless claims and that were ultimately clerical errors that occurred in nearly every election in nearly every jurisdiction. They think they're telling me it's. normal ignored this with their really saying to you and me as the problems affecting the entire state. So I hope whenever legal challenge comes up, they take that quota. They say you're Hunter, they Strata said these errors were saying. We can't verify the numbers happened, freeware. Then why did they certify? Why are we allowing this and you might find a federal judge going? That's a good point. Your elections are broken and it is not the fault of people and other states that that happened, and it is not fair that your broken system can dictate the president of the that it states. Sorry, we have a constitution now leave their necks segments coming up at one p m and this channel stick around. We got. We got news. Common trumps press conference will see what I might say I might have do the one at fork as my recording schedule, but.
I will see you on the next. At one p m, thanks for Angola, Donald Trump is declaring victory in Michigan withdrawing his law suit, citing the canvasses who refused to certify the results of the election in, namely in Detroit Tromp, is now saying that was the point of a lawsuit. The relief we wanted was to stop this ratification. The certification has been stopped, therefore, but wait. They ended up Julie certifying and then rescinding I got? No, I got an idea is going on is crazy story, but my friends we haven't got time. Are we now the left man? This is too good. Their celebrating tromp just withdrew his last lost it. over trope losers, because the only narrative bacon projectors we're winning where the best? we're not getting a rational view of things. Trump is on the ropes. I still believe it is likely. Joe Biden becomes the next president, but the media called it prematurely and from his fighting tooth and nail, and he has weird victories coming his way. Get this appeal,
came out apparently saying only forty six percent of people think should concede right now. That means there are many Joe Biden, voters that think Donald Trump should not concede, which makes no sense. I got to say I'm starting to think more and more every day we see this kind of stuff that tunnel trot might actually. When I don't know man I'll tell you this, though the fact the left came out. I saw this story from these leftist alike. Trump withdrawing his lawsuit means they win, and I'm like this. What would you think, because if you dont approaches rationally and actually talk about, what's going on, you think you won its red meat He's love is like hey guys, guess what trumps and eighty eight now like laughing and cheering and dancing in the street in stopping on Gmos and Trop has a real, clear, an actual path to victory. Now at the time of recording this trump has not yet done his press conference where announced, so that will be up later at four p m.
Most likely will see what he says. I think trumped up about the victory and I think trumps plan this for a long time. You see here's what been saying the other day on the IRA podcast when that the canvasses and Wayne County, so they wouldn't certify, I sort of had an had when I was like wait a minute. What, if the law suits, are just to buy time until this happens and think this just confirmed at the moment they said we question the results. Truck withdraws, lawsuit Trump just needed to buy time until there is a real challenge in the states I also think I was listening to the audio from Giuliani in Pennsylvania and, unlike I gotta, to be honest, not doing a good job seriously. So there's one part where the judge in Pennsylvania says is this: are you trying to apply strict scrutiny? Meeting? Has some ones
fundamental rights being violated, Giuliani says, you know clarify, then he said and the left. What not, because you wanted a clarification, but you will find it was like. Yes, yes, people's right to vote was denied and the judge keeps asking how how and Juliana keeps saying Because in these districts they were allowing ballot curing and in these districts they weren't an online? dude. It is so easy to explain how this is denying some on the right to vote, but that they couldn't give the joy. you could answer. That is to think like. Are they just buying time? Or are they bad at this and maybe Maybe that's just me and I'm arrogant- that's possibility to cause far be it from me to question an actual lawyer like really Giuliani, but it sounded kinda like they were just. Going in circles, but in time, maybe for something like this raises questions there are publicans, then challenge it saying we can't certify with these disco
and seas and then trumpet merely withdraws its laws for Michigan, because it doesn't need it anymore. The questions have arisen and now the electoral college might open up. I will say to rigidly on his argument to the judge These the easiest way to explain why I would argue if you are in a district and you're not allowed to cure your balance on is your right to vote is being taken away from you and the question from you know the Democrats and the judge was like well how so you are allowed to vote right. Let me stop right there and say this: if you told someone I'm going, it is your fundamental right to come it on equal terms in a foot race and then at the last minute they said? Oh, but you don't get to wear shoes. Your opponent gets to wear shoes. That is not an equal competition and, in my opinion, is a work around you're telling someone here's the baseline.
What we allow in an election and then you make sure to favour one side that is not an election on free and fair, fair at all. I think that's a simple way to explain it. The standards should be to the lowest to the easiest, not to the hardest. You can't tell someone you're allowed to vote if you can climbed to the top of this tree, to get your vote. No one's denying you like we'll do clearly, I'm not gonna climb a tree to get my ballot. I understand is that the same argument, but the curing processes that somebody was what you know the feather ballots ended in and they went up see you made a mistake it from the trash whereas other people and democrat districts they are like you want to fix that, so we can count it for you. That's not a free and fair election is not equal. It's it's that simple Benny way. Here's what I think I think it's gonna come to Pennsylvania, to the certification that line, which I think is in a few days, not entirely sure I should I should check I might have. I know I think Michigan is the twenty third might be Pennsylvania, so I went to fetch mix, I wanna be short, but up maybe they're just waiting.
until the Republicans in the state legislature say we, we dont trust this. You know we ve got. These active lawsuits work views. This is crazy. What do we do and then that's trumps aeroplane plan, so here's the I am actually read the news and I show you this pull. This pulls the funniest thing actual imitators, this forty six percent of voters. from your suitors should concede immediately. You may notice that forty six is less than fifty that's right, so they say thirty two say he should only conceded, can't prove it. That's actually big, and then you gotta think what is its twelve percent? That say he should not concede. No matter what nine percent didn't known had no opinions, you got forty four percent sang trumps should have his Diane court, forty six saying he shouldn't, but that's the plurality, not the majority with that means. Seventy two percent of Democrats saying trumpeted concede right away. What does it mean? Does that mean that their
about twenty eight percent that our like. Maybe he should challenge this that I find it really really. Weird really weird now check this out in this trump withdraws federal loss it in Michigan, Sir. Wayne County Canvas are story, There is a major controversy arising Trump targets vote certification in late bid to block. item and they're, saying that Trump contacted these people and then all of a sudden they risk
ended their stratification vote, so this is gonna go nuts. This is gonna, get crazy. Let's read the news. The joint free press says the campaign for President Trump withdrew a much ballyhoo federal laws that, on Thursday incorrectly characterizing the actions of the Wayne County born of canvasses and its rationale for its decision. The campaign championed the suit when it was filed last week with sorry speaking, national television about the more than one hundred affidavits from a publican pole, challengers and others included in the lawsuit, the affidavit and, most protection. The truck campaign in Michigan Focus on the counting of absentee ballots at TC have centre in Detroit Michigan Attorney General Dana Nestle, Lavoro, Barnes, head of the Michigan Democratic Party and others have called these attacks. Racist attempts by the campaign to disenfranchised black voters in Detroit must stop right there and throw back at him. I think if you ve got
the opportunity to guarantee the safety and security of the black vote in Michigan, and you refuse you're racist, because if there is impropriety that an investigation will harm no one, stopping the investigation with might might allow fraud or impropriety to dilute the votes of the minority of the of minority voters there, for the appropriate thing to do to not be racist is to guarantee them strict scrutiny in a non legal. We need to be absolutely sure that their votes are protected at all costs. So why? Why are the Democrats denying it probably has a Democrats are racist. I say while the campaign suggested, the affidavits were proof of what they consider to be election misconduct and irregularities. A free press review showed they did not contain evidence of widespread fraud or misconduct, but in a new filing Thursday. What's this on new filing campaign attorney for Hearn States, the campaign decided not to pursue. The law
because to members of the main County Board of Canvas or do not want to certify the counties. Election results. The Wayne County Board of Candy Canvas there's met and declined to certify the results of the presidential election. The three sentence filing states. You mean to tell me that trumps people were prepared for this. I think this might be trumps long term strategy. I think Trump might be doing lawsuits just to bite I'm as they get to this process. Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and a truck campaign attorney echoed the sentiment in a statement Thursday morning this morning we are withdrawing our loss. It in Michigan, as wrecked result of achieving the relief we sought to stop the election in weighing county from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted. Giuliani, said the statement and legal file-
are inaccurate. Although the four member board initially deadlock to the two on a vote to certify the two republican numbers, eventually agreed to vote to certify the results. Certificate of county results is a necessary step in the process to formalised final vote tallies in Michigan elections after the book. The board voted to certify the results, however, board chairwoman, Monica Palmer and fellow GNP Gnp. Member William Hartman, sir. and after davits saying they oppose, certifying Wayne County results because they do not feel the state will follow through with an audit. These ever davits were included in the federal lawsuit, not only that they allege harassment, I believe, maybe just the woman. They then a dude went on soon publicly inside your kids go to this school right, then she probably said assign, whenever you are,
please and now I think, a judge, but probably would like it to be like yeah we're not going to you you, you can't look. If the lady said no people threatened her family and they said fine. I don't considered to be a legitimate certification, but we'll see we'll see they say there is no legal mechanism in place for board members to rescind their votes. A spokesman for the Michigan Bureau of Elections told the free passage press on Thursday. There is a legal mechanism, it's called court, that's what we have judges for to interpret the law and a judge could say injunction, As of earlier this week, all eighty three Michigan counties had certified their election results after conducting their acquired, canvassed standard review of the election process. President Elect Joe Biden now is roughly a hundred and fifty four thousand vote lead over Trumpet Michigan the Michigan state.
but have canvasses, will meet Monday to vote on whether to certify the result of the state. The borders also comprised of for members to Republicans to Democrats, Mary Shingle, wife of GNP member norm, shingle was among those who found an affidavit as part of a truck campaign lawsuit, so the Michigan State Board might actually just say no. They said for members to Republika to Democrats. Ok, so what happens? If the two Democrats, the two Republican, say upon seeing these affidavits and the threats these people received, we refuse to certify. Irregular vote counts, use. The crane just think about all this. I covered this my morning saying they may be sought in response to the refusal to certify the Democrats. said. These errors were saying happened all over the state. We should it's no big deal. I'm like way way way way way: uniformity, in errors is actually evidence of widespread voter impropriety and they admitted it
They said these errors existed in every jurisdiction and every election oak. Ok, whatever you say Democrat, I agree. Wonderful, we can't certify. Is that what they expect to happen? Terrible argument saying that these these that this this problem, pretty a discrepancy, were the amount of people who voted the man who showed up just shows that you know it's normal. Imagine it this way, That, though, is that the issue at hand you may have heard me say in the previous element- is that there is unbalanced voter bucks, a different model signatures compared devotes that's a problem, they say. Oh it's! It's really easy!
Actually some people showed up signed in and then didn't did actually vote. Not sorry, I'm a planet. You approve it because what happens if the people who just decided not to vote actually did- and they were trump voters and then Trump didn't get the votes he needed. You see how that works. Now. Would you have got on eighty four thousand? I don't know about that, but if you can't justify or explain why that that the books are unbalanced, then you probably should certify. Should you, or at the very least you do a preliminary investigation, and you explain why this is well, they didn't so now. This is where whereat republican state law makers. produce articles of impeachment against Governor Whittemore is yet again. Spices, spicy or her, Well. This is more about covert and unconstitutional behavior, but it is Michigan. So I'll tell you when I heard that they, finally they they issued these papers. I started thinking to myself, unlike what a crazy time to be alive. You know because
How often do we get an impeachment of a governor, a president and and these alike? irregularities and all this crazy shenanigans, all the exact same time, look man. I know that these people don't want to hear these left us are complaining about it, but the system is destabilizing unimpeached when it gets a governor a year ago. It impeachment against not even a Oh well earlier this year in impeachment gets Donald Trump. Now we have this contentious election accusations of fraud and irregularities and affidavits being signed and states being challenged. This is a fairly unprecedented moment in our history and I'm not confident we pull out of this. You know why there's two realities now and they are completely disparate on the right. There is ample evidence of fraud, some of its even widespread impotence, evidence of widespread impropriety Donald Trump did when their stealing the election
these mathematical anomalies you're never going to convince a trump supporter they're wrong and that they ve seen too much on the left. Well, for the most part, the left they just watch CNN and- and you know, and and and b c and MSNBC. When they been told over and over again President Elect Joe Biden, ignore everything else, not gonna, be honest One side is more right than the other, but people on the left that watch and b C and CNN are are convinced. It's over the media told us I'm not going to investigate or question the constitutional process right now we are still in an election, is not over the constitution, doesn't say when the media calls it it's done so Trump going through. These legal processes is a part of the electoral it's their safeguards in place, specifically to make sure that if we have a contested election, we worked through it properly. So why is the media and the left trying so hard to discredit the constitutional process?
they don't care for the constitution. They won the band speech, then guns they don't care. They said the media called it. It's over, shut up and sit down, sit down and shut up, But people on the right are like the constitution is what we, as the basis of our country, cannot be ignored. So here's the reality. There is evidence of voter fraud, one hundred percent. I think we have five or six affidavit set of Georgia, saying that I bought Democrats and Republicans alike, saw these strangely uniform printed. Looking bouts for binding, it seems odd. You ve got. The irregularities in Michigan you ve got the Nevada, pull watcher sworn statements. You ve got one statements from people in Pennsylvania, ample evidence widespread enough to affect the election. I don't know, but I
Are you this when you turn on Fox? Or? U turn on CNN or? U turn and BC. They say no evidence. No over for this tromp targets, votes, ratification in late bid to block Biden, they say getting nowhere in the court's President Donald Trump Scatter shot efforts to overturn President elect no buttons victory is shifting towards obscure election board certified about as trumpet as allies seek to up and the electoral process, so chaos and perpetuate unsubstantiated doubts about the count. The Democrats, told us they were errors in every single jurisdiction. I am not, may add. That's in the story, I think big. That's that's that's their quote. So that's substantially pickets talk about crazy. They gonna talk about. The initial refusals
and you know, as of course they always say. I know they bring it up in here. Yes, here we go hears it. They say the party is also putting pressure on county officials cross a state to delays ratification, even though there hasn't been any evidence of legitimate questions. But the vote tally showing that Biden, one in Arizona that specifically referring to Arizona notice are they keep saying there hasn't been any evidence, but that hit here's a trick. Any evidence of legitimate questions you see it wasn't mean, what's evidence of a legitimate question, what is evidence of a legit neighbours at all evidence of voter fraud? Ok, why didn't they say that? Oh because maybe there is what is a legitimate question? What's an opinion, I suppose. So why would you need evidence of a question? What if someone asked the quest And you'd know they asked. The question is how they frame things to manipulate here's, my favorite: let's do this. Forty six percent of voters say Trop should concede immediately. They say applause
only voters. Vote can see the present a race to President Elect Joe Biden Accord. to a new political morning. Council pole, release Tuesday, hey the hill. Joe Biden is not the President elect this is psychotic. You can see their desperately trying to control you. The President Elect is President elect when the electoral college votes for the President Elect and that hasn't happened. Yet there are still many lawsuits happening and there are still legal proceedings in general, in which case until Trop concedes or the electoral college votes for bite, and he is not the President elect in past in past elections that the Romney concedes Mccain concedes, and then we shall present elect ok, great because the other guy conceded. So we get it to foregone conclusion not right. Now, Trump is
owing to the legal process as it is constitutional right and they're saying he's trying to steal the election because of it there saying Joe Biden is the present electron just submit. Why? Why, you, your NEA, because Americans, have that spirit that independent spirit that Anthony found she so complained about. Did you hear this when he said Americans have an independent spirit, but it's time to do what you're told these people are the evil empire. You know they're they're they're coming here and telling us to drop to our knees and give them a legions and just bow No, that's not how America works and that's why they hate the constitution. You can't have your little all great reset Ha Klaus Schwab in the World Economic Forum, because we have a constitution and we have, we still have something
one's country that are saying no we're not going to allow this. It's funny. Other Democrats just cave immediately, build back better says all of these different politicians are out across Europe in the: U S very creeping: well, I'm sorry, but in this country we do not just to give in to some random appointee sang do your told and to be fair. I don't even have a majority of people saying trumpeted concede, not that I believe these poles anyway. I tell you this based on what we saw with a historic seven point margin of failure. I can only imagine that not only do they have a minority, it's probably not forty, six, let's just shaved off seven some say thirty nine and then add those points to the thirty two and say thirty, seven, thirty nine, but twelve percent sensation concede under no.
under no circumstances and there you go the majority of people if we are with accommodate that seven point margin of error, because the poles are all broken. If we go by what they say, it's basically split down the middle. That means some of Joe Biden own voters think Trump should not concede until he, unless he can't prove it. so they're, basically saying. Ok, trot prove it ok, I agree. Ok Trump, prove it release the crack and prove it exists. I want to see it from thinks. He's one he's withdrawn as lawsuit, and I gotta say I think this- maybe all part of the plan, a market. Ah tromp was: is gonna, go for an electoral college certification victory at a house delegation or something the states. Maybe point there on electors. It won't reach to two. Seventy, because there'll be a dispute. Some states will won't send anybody Supreme Court will say, house delegations from Whence Tompkinsville when this and I
I tell you this a week ago. It did not look this good for drop. It looked like he was desperate and flinging around. Now, it's getting better for tromp with this certification issue signal a really good. I guess we'll see. I gotta go listen to this press conference, which happened but time you're watching this starting, probably happened, but trumps, usually late, so we'll see But the next item is coming up at four p m at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast a different channel from this one. Nice rang out, and I will see you owe them my friends, we now have hard evidence of widespread voter irregularity. Nuff said: please share this with people when they ask, I will explain it. I will explain it to you. I will go through what's going on, but it is widespread now. So when you hear the media say, there's no widespread tell them you're wrong, Matt Brainerd of the voters,
integrity fund has been tracking down people asking simple questions, recording things getting sworn affidavits and we have hard data widespread at voter irregularity. The reason I say irregularity and not fraud is that we haven't proven any intent and we don't know why these things are happening, but something is wrong. First, let me just show you ask a couple of sweet and I will go through a bit of what's happening right now. Met Brainerd, says, update unreturned, absentee analysis complete, those whom the state reported sending absentee ballots, but not getting them back. The chart reads as follows: first, the state, the number that did not request an absentee ballot and the person
of the sample in Arizona, nine hundred and six did not request an absentee ballot, but did get one sent to them. Forty four point: two percent in Georgia, one hundred and forty two or eighteen point: thirty, nine percent in Michigan, two hundred and fifty six or twenty four point: two percent Pennsylvania, thirty thirty, two point: six percent, which is five hundred and eighty six wisconsin. Three hundred and eighty three eighteen point: twelve percent. What means these are just sample. Size is ok, they grabbed around random sampling of individuals who the state said they sent absentee ballots. They called and ask these people. Did you request and absent he ballot these people sad No, they did not somehow they were sent bouts now important. The states as they did not get them back, which means they warrant being improperly counted. But this is
an important it is a sign of regular is, I know, just wait. I have more Matt says among those who said they did request and Amy Absentee ballot and returned it, but the state did not record getting it back in Arizona, the sample size was fifty percent Georgia. Forty four Michigan thirty, two Pennsylvania, forty one and was content twenty, My understanding is that these are all Republicans, but even as even if they're not think about what this Means- Matt Brainerd the project is they begged. They got all of his voter data. They started reaching out to people cross referencing there, their cross, referencing change of address, requests from people in one state and and and and who move from another, but still ended up voting according to that. The voter profile records they found at least one end of it go on the record many more by the way. But this one is nation garret. Why referenced he appeared on Lord Ingram show he is training to
in the alembic see moved from Arizona the Tennessee. They call them and asked him. Did you requested absentee ballot Ferris owner? He said? No did you didn't send it is. I know someone did in his name so some people believe is evidence of fraud under the assumption that people are looking for those who moved because of covert and then using the fact that there still registered in their other state to send in votes in their name. I don't know that's the case, but this guy says he did not vote now. As for those in this tweet right here from at Brainerd, these people three hundred defy people. If this is all it is free of any five, we get a serious problem. These people requested ballots, sent them back in and
state did not record getting it back so where those votes counted, these are sample. Size is out of over hundreds of thought hundred two hundred thousand or more more ballots. I'm not convinced fifty percent of the bout that were sent were missed out the universe out of all of them, and I dont want the margin of error. Is but I believe, based on the data that met Brenner has collected. We absolutely need now some kind of independent audit or verification in these states. This is serious stuff. You thing direct realize. I believe these are all republican and Republicans were less. Likely to send an absentee ballots. That means forever. seventy abolition of every hundred that came in seventy one to Biden. Thirty one to trumpet was something like that many states it may be that around half of the republican ballots just never made it where they were going. Based on these,
ample sizes could be twenty percent Wisconsin thirty, two in Michigan, but fifty percent in Arizona. These margins are terrifying we have another analysis, format, Brainerd, low ACT, analysis, infrequent voters in precincts with high turnout state, says they voted early or absentee, but told us they did not cast a ballot. This is the hard evidence that we need to look into state counts and the percent of sample in Arizona twenty one people are recorded as having voted when they said they didn't. That's just about point nine, four percent in Georgia. Twenty four people point: eight five Michigan was two point: eight Nevada, two point: two Pennsylvania was point. Seven and was content was point six he's s note. We have audio recordings of all of these calls. We are following up to get declarations. Affidavits sign
someone asked preventative, top percentage of total sample or infrequent voters? He says total sample who answered the question in some of these states. We can see that the sample is decently low but still high enough to potentially impact the result of the election and that's what's important, Arizona. Point: nine four percent Michigan at two point: eight and Nevada. Two point: two: that is massive, that is, absolutely massive. This is what you need to show people when they say. Is it widespread? These are samples from numerous states showing yes, I don't you widespread vote. irregularity. Now that the alarms or going off, we have dozens or hundreds or even thousands, of people set reporting these things. Don't you think it's
about time to launch some kind of formal investigation to figure out, what's really going on here, among entirely convinced that it will actually happen. You know why, because the Republicans and the Democrats are the unit party, you see the video flimsy grounds, fist, bumping, Connally Harris didn't Linsey Grams, a truck should fight this. I'm gonna donate to trumps effort to fight this, and then he goes on the on the Senate. Florence fists pumps, Kamel, here's pats on the back and carries on cause, it's all just a game to the crony establishment. I would be surprised at the actually did anything to be honest, you game the keys, the castle, they get their paycheck and they say, but by we don't care about the rest of you from Reuters trumps election power play. Persuade republican legislators,
do what you, as voters, did not present Donald Trump strategy for retaining power, despite losing the? U S? Election is focused increasingly on persuading republican legislators to intervene on his behalf in Battleground states, Democrat Joe Biden, one three people familiar with the effort said three people familiar sure I'll, just blindly trust that that's the case, but I will point out here's the issue with Brainerd analysis it may not be that tromp is going to them, saying just to steal the election he may be going to them and sang. Look. Look at this. Ok, look at these numbers. This doesn't add up. You need to do something about. This is all about free in perspective and whose side you're on the mainstream media clearly is already calling Joe Biden the winner saying trumped lost. He didn't. This is the craziest thing we have a constitutional process. Trump is going through that process and their claiming that trumpets, trying to subvert the constitute
and when they are the ones who are actually ignoring the rules of the constitution, that to me is the scariest bit of this belies. Pretty Giuliani may be passed his prime to be out of his mind. Many of these people may just be wrong. but we certainly do have evidence I mean I just showed you met brain. It's hard data analysis if the affidavits weren't enough for you, because I was only five or six people how about the hundreds and each of these places at what point do we set up a waiver ridiculous amount of evidence that some thing is broken? I'm not gonna go for the national impropriety some kind of broken system, we're not getting that instead, the media's just saying tromp is trying to cheat the election. Having so far faced a string of losses and legal cases challenging the remember third election results. Trumps lawyers are seeking to enlist fellow Republicans who control legislatures in Michigan and Pennsylvania, which went for Trump and twenty six
Dean and binding twenty twenty now Rudy Giuliani was asked by a woman at the press conference. If you know how does Europe and all of these losses- and he says we haven't actually lost moment. Interjected says over twenty two. five and then Giuliani says those aren't, or law suits. The women just keeps yelling. I guess the left is convinced that tromp has lost twenty five lawsuit Giuliani says we only have three. Those are other people filing those lawsuits. What happens when the media is is not in intent on telling you the truth. Maybe It is wrong. I'm should tell you what he said, but they would rather tell you tromp is a loser because it feeds the ego and confirmation bias of these individuals. They, then here, stories about trumped, losing everything If Giuliani is saying, we only have three lawsuits, however, one of them they actually won in Pennsylvania. Well, then, Trump is currently winning an t still has
active lawsuits Giuliani even said that he would like to lose because, specifically, he could then go to the Supreme Court, in which case tromp is on track. As far as I can tell, I hope they look at what met Brainerd has pulled up and they look at the hard numbers because he's got more than just. This is just the latest numbers I've shown that are very soon. change? But if trumps team doesn't take that seriously and doesn't present that, then they may be at a loss, they need that evidence. That's the legit evidence now the news organism in southern ignore it, even though those guys Benihana money done a ton of analysis, the media is going to ignore it, because we can tell the media's already line, they called it for Joe Biden and they will not want to retract that can only imagine what's gonna happen if Trump actually ends up finding a legal path to victory doctor. They cheat and install it, and I wonder what Twitter is gonna say is twitter, going to say Trump's at the president, even though the state legislatures have certified him to be as such. I don't know, maybe I'll just go away.
We draw binding it certified and we can move on with our lives or maybe he budgets and doesn't happen. I feel we are doesn't it. I can't tell you but the media's framing of everything is is not correct. It is not correct. Deliver their. I gotta more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. I'm not a big fan of finding some random, leftists ridiculous, tweet and then doing a segment about how insane these people are because a low hanging fruit. There are so many dumb people in general on Twitter. It's easy to pull up tweets from anybody, take him out of context or just insulting mere. In this instance, though, I think we have something very important discuss. David Atkins is contributor to at monthly, and he says regional. director for California, Democrats, elected Dnc, member, ok, just pronouns Bio and he says.
no seriously. How do you realize? How do you d programme? Seventy five million people- where do you start Fox Facebook? We have to start thinking in terms of post World war to Germany or Japan, or the failures of reconstruction in the south. This is not your standard, partisan, positive agreement, This is a conspiracy theory fuelled belligerent death cult against reality and basic decency. The only actual policy debates of note are happening within the democratic coalition between left and centre left. He says I know, conservatives are upset by some of the responses here and yet many are out of line. But what do you expect people to do in self preservation? The right has running for years of F your feelings. My conspiracy theories are valid opinions and we have more guns. He says you can't
run on a civil war footing, hopped up on conspiracy theories, hating. Everyone who lives in cities main lining Fox right, Barton, Cuban on threatening to kidnap governors and shoot protesters without people trying to figure out how to reverse the brainwashing. I mean for Christ for Chris Sakes ass we sat Chris Eggs conservatives are literally giving themselves covert just to own the lives, their dying and covered wards, insisting they don't have covered because it must be a liberal plot. People are going to try to figure out how to defend themselves. Talk about on hinged, rack pot psychosis from an elected Democrat Mitch. Mcconnell is a boring all Okey, who is not talking about any of this lunacy? I'm sorry, you are a democrat from the Democratic Party. You say, and you think these crackpot
spirits? He theories are real. I'm not talking about deprogramming a person like him, but I will tell you when a crackpot, like David Atkins starts calling for Post World war to Germany or Japan or reconstruction, because you're the crazy person with a serious problem. You would use the power of the state against those who don't live in your crack pot psycho world. Let me just show you how easy it is to break this down. He says, threatening to kidnap governors and shoot protesters right there. David Atkins has just proven. He doesn't know what he's talking about. What do you do when that, when the crackpot crazy people are the ones who are demanding there? In fact the same ones and then demanding you be put me asylum? I don't know, but I'll tell you this
The people who threatened to kidnap the governor were not right wing trop supporters. They did not like Trump, they marched with black lives matter, but they were not leftists. They were fringe conspiracy, anarchists types inspires a thing may be got that one right, but this guy thinks, because he reads fake news all day, that the the lunatics in Michigan, who hated tromp in March of Black lives matter, sought for some reason, are aligned with Trump and hate blacklist. better. These people were more like Google, Dubois, anarchists, sovereign citizen type, individuals not drop supporting conservatives who, for the most part, are ok with the power of the state. In fact, one of these guys a big anarchy flag behind them that right
our shows. This guy is a dangerous misinformed. Conspiracy, lunatic threatening the safety and stability of our nation, and I don't think you should be de programmed are put in a cap or anything like that. I figure allowed to pay a crazy and gradually since you're, not you're on Twitter and your sang in saying things and look at us. Eight point: seven K retreats five point: four thousand quote tweets, probably the quote tweets from far from people who are saying this dude crazy. Now he is he's not very smart and he's dangerously stupid, but tons of people are actually like a grinning with him he's We walked artagnan it. One person says speaking only for my neck of the woods, allowing the confederacy cult to go. This long wasn't helpful. Actual treason shouldn't be a heritage. zone holidays and random statues. Oliver public places the confederacy cult, partly zombie doesn't know anything about history and she doesn't know.
actual treasonous, but seeing the response, this look like I said: I'm not normally one to just pull up. You know random leftist twitter counts and then you know drag them. I suppose oversaw like this, but these people responding. This are not there calling for gulags. Essentially one person was like non beginning to understand why they had gulags. The left has already said: Missus revealed by Project Berytus one of burmese volunteers, something like when we win. We got to take these people and make them break, rocks twelve hours a day. So I can understand what it's like to be working class or something like that. I think it's funny that these ivory tower deletes upper middle class progressives are the ones who think it's other people who need to learn how to do work. but I'll tell you here is the real problem, not whether this guy's right or wrong in terms of what he believes. I mean it matters that this guy's a crackpot conspiracy, theorist who thinks that anarchists
Now anti govern anarchists, our trump supporters, who can tell the difference because he lives in fake news world. That's a problem to regular this more than three quarters of Donald Trump. So voters said Joe Buttons: victory was a fraud pull finds first of all, not entirely convinced these poles or real, because we saw the historic margin of failure- and I can say, though, is the left can say that the Trump supporters are nuts, and I can say that guy's knots. Ok, I think the guy's not saying you D programmes and a half million people has no idea. It is talking about his facts are just wrong, the people who think Trump one many of them are set, you know that they say there is evidence of fraud. I dont think we're that far. Yet you know Sidney Powell sang Trump one in a landslide. Sorry, I'm not I'm not convinced, maybe, but only the evidence. I've seen some evidence: let's, let's let's go through this and work of the court and see what really happened. But I'll tell you. That's two factions, absolutely indifferent realities they don't agree on what is true and what is not clearly
the guy on the laugh doesn't always talking about, but these people are not going to disappear, whether trot Windsor loses, whether Joe nobody becomes president or not no matter who gets this and its problems. I think it's let it be binding, but will see I ain't. Trumps odds have gone up a little bit. His bedding odds in Vegas are up to a point. That's funny. They think is actually know when the electoral college- or, I should say his it's going up, because I think that's the probabilities not not that he wins through a coup or through the state legislature sunlight that. But these people are going away and they do not view each other as the same in terms you like the left views. The right is insane and its reprogram beady programme and the right to use the left as actually let me, but this way the left thinks the Democrats, liberals and conservatives are evil. Conservatives and liberals are misguided. That's enough. If the left thinks the conservatives are evil confederate
swiped supremacists, who want to kidnap people, because I don't pay attention and they only get there news through the Moron Box there there, there cable news tv will, then they're gonna be grossly misinformed to a dangerous degree. If the people on the right think the left are just misinformed and misguided, they still might not allowed the has guided to dictate with a president is going to be, and therein lies the worrying part about all of this. This guy's calling for something extreme I mean this guy is calling for DE programme. People. What he's really saying is he's a moron. He doesn't know anything about the news and he I want you to be as dumb as he is. That's the problem with the truth and Reconciliation Commission who determines what is true and what is. It is a reason why we have free speech and are right to express our ideas so that people like him can't round people up and D programme them that escape
You know the real issue, in my opinion, is what Michael malice refers to as the cathedral, to quote him quite a bit, because we had on the show recently the cathedral. These are people who are effectively got. You know believing nonsense, its espouse to them and then they go and what is preach. The good word of their fried. Even it's not real. It's they didn't live in reality. Certainly there trump supporters who, I believe, also don't live in reality, but for the most part, the moderate right disaffected. Liberals are not this zealous bunch of lunatics who want to kidnap people. This guy just doesn't get real information, so doesn't know better. well intentioned but locked in the matrix as it were. They say a new Monmouth poll shows seventy seven percent of Donald Trump voters believe Joe Biden own we won the election due to some sort of fraud. The survey also,
show that only eleven percent of french voters feel the election was fair and square and four percent field. The results will be overturned only four percent. While that's that's crazy. I second pull from Reuters. Ipsos show that fifty two percent of Republicans think Trump, rightfully one so clearly we can already see at the poles are all over the place and make no sense. Ominously can trust them if Monmouth saying seventy seven and writers of sanctity to point is what happens when this guy? If what would always have Joe Biden winds- and this dentist is elected democrat and many of us are calling for commissions and tribunals deprogramming. Do you think the people on the right is going to be like? Well, I guess I'm gonna go get D programme down at the old shoe lag or they gonna be alike, come and take it. That's the scary thing: if there's two different realities and the left increasingly calling for commissions and tribunals and deprogramming of people. Do you think the right is gonna sit back, and you say ok to this. I don't know that's what I'm worried about these.
illustration, could you imagine what will happen if Trump actually reverses things like an actual, actually wins? The legal challenge that I think would be. That would be that the powder keg going off all of this do you know we're sitting on this powder keg and that's what I truly find to be worrying in the end of all of this, I really do feel like no matter who wins we're gonna see something something is happening. The air is thick its tents and everybody knows it. You know rich people have been flying to the middle of aware for quite some time. I wonder what they know that everyone else doesn't I'll. Tell you this. I also fled to the middle of nowhere sort of You know what brother not stop want to expand and it was awkward it was it was. It was up to say the least. I definitely which the middle of nowhere for the election period because I don't want to be around in case. Who knows what happens so You know what I know, and maybe these other rich
Well, the same thing they just have the means to prepare. I hope you ve got ready for something. Oliver, their necks segments, and up in a few minutes stick around, and I will see you all shortly. The Democrats beloved letting is just getting started says Washington, examiner, editor in Chief Hugo, garden and ah I agree. The Democrats are a tainted brand that are falling apart and no matter what happens with Trump or Biden. That's a fact. The funny thing about today this is Paul, came out whether pollsters had forty six percent of people. Think Trump should concede right now. Forty six, that's not the majority, it is the plurality but not the majority, not necessarily trust the poles, but it shows that even some Democrats think Trump should not concede, because the democratic brand is garbage.
this says to me and I suggest speculation that there are some people who voted against Trump, but they dont really hate him, and so, when they saw evidence of fraud there are like, while maybe I shouldn't voted for by maybe Trump should challenge this because their willing to give Tropicana button. Lot of middle of the road voters. Warlike chump has done great dangers, but man is he a bad character and then Joe Biden, I guess Joe Biden Now they see these. These brought accusations coming out nor, like maybe Trump showed you know that shows me the Democrats. They don't have that kind of the brain is dead, but without way, but let me show you the actual big, the bigger hit, the bigger story, former Minnesota Democratic. Leader quits the party once again, and you ve seen many story like this, because I cover them when they happen from the hill to see in your Minnesota Democratic State senators abruptly quit the party after it failed to win seats, a sorry to reclaim the majority in this month's elections, State Senator Tom Back and Dave to Thomas Sony
both said they would leave the democratic Farmer Labour Party, the states version of the Democratic Party to form a new independent caucus with the upper chamber. In a statement Wednesday, the to set their goal was to create more by partisan, moderate atmosphere. That's right. The Democrats have gone far left, they ve lost the plot, and now regular working people are alike, but by quote, I am very disappointed by the extreme partisanship going on nationally and right here in Minnesota. Both political parties are to blame. The constant negative and sharp rhetoric is undermining voters. Confidence in our public institutions backs at the statement. It doesn't have to stay this way back exit is especially surprising because he is a former leader of the Senate. Dsl caucus back one election as minor. the leader and twenty eleven then serve as majority. Leader until Republicans reclaimed control of the state. A state Senate annoyed seventeen. There exits illustrate a law
moving evolution in Minnesota politics as Democrats lose ground in the iron range for generations, and ancestral democratic bastion of union members working the minds and gain ground informally republican suburbs, around the twin cities area and twenty. A Democrats picked up to Republican held: U S, how seats in the twin cities suburbs, while Republicans captured to democratic seats, one of the iron range and one in the southern, more rural Minnesota and twenty twenty Republicans another prize when they finally ousted Rep Collins Petersen in a heavily agricultural district that borders the Dakotas? I'm actually said to hear it He was a conservative democrat. We need that party overlap, but an Fortunately, people want to play those games anymore, but take a look at this. The Democrats are making gains and formerly republican suburbs. This is the great flipping of the parties I grow up. I was set. You know: Centre left independent, now, some weird
Flip switches happening, I don't know. What's going on they're calling me a right wing and I'm like sure I guess whatever the Democrats are nuts. The Democrats are the moral authoritarian managerial elites. They don't represent working people and they don't represent regular people's ideas of what american life is They go around saying latin acts and unless you know don't even like the term, their mostly white and claimed represent minorities. Donald Trump lost support among white voters and gained massive support among minorities. What's that's what happened? They say both back and Thomas Sony represent districts and the iron range democratic sources. Other departure may have been foretold when back lost a challenge for leadership role to State Senator Susan can't earlier this year can't represents Woodbury a suburb of Saint Paul. There come the managerial,
it's in a statement, States and Senate Majority leader, Paul Gazelle CUP Republican. Welcome. The two former Democrats quote: there is usually more that brings us together then drives us apart, and I know we will find ways to advance issues, important administrations, because aka said he told cast teepee reporter Tom Hauser that the two senators would be appointed to share prominent committees. Kent the democratic majority leader said her party appreciated, backs and Thomas Only service. The Senate he fell. Caucus includes a broad spectrum of views, especially as the only Senate caucus with members from urban, suburban and greater Minnesota communities, but it does not stretch as far as those who wish to function outside of our values as a caucus. Defections com ever Democrats fell short of winning back control of the Minnesota State Senate. When the party stop targets in November as national elections, the Democrats are bleeding, their party is falling apart. The eggs
rights, Democrats, one the presidency and held the house by margins. So slim they make wait. Watchers, proud and the betting is they'll failed to capture the sent from Republicans. Well, we don't know Joe Biden actually one just yet to be fair, but the house yeah they lost a ton of seats and barely managed to hold on to it, which is gonna, give moderates upon of power over the far left, because they can work with Republicans and offer Republicans look better. This way. If Republican comes to a Democrat and says we want some kind of reasoned approach to health care and the far left goes medic care for all, abolish private health care in these moderate disk
X. The Democrats gonna be like I'm not going to vote for that. They're gonna get mad at me, so this could be good. It could bring back bi partisanship and bring back some overlap between the two parties. The problem, those at the far left, pulling as hard as possible of Joe Biden, can actually went or not, but I think that might be good in some ways, but I'm not enthused because a Joe Biden presidency, in Wall Street Bankers, massive corporations sure there might be establishment, bi partisanship, but it's not what this country needs Doll, Travis, probably the better the better choice for lot of reasons to get our troops out of the Middle EAST. We and these wars, but will show that plays out, as were the Democrats there in serious trouble. He says he was as well Did they fall so short of a landslide. The expected poles were out. Land is surely an accurate but pointing at them. like blaming a faulty thermometer for a grim Chile day, which is especially up
it is when you learned it was broken four years ago. The real reason Democrats lost ground is that voters hate their policies on raising taxes, ending fracturing opening borders and other matters. As pollster Mark PEN pointed out in the Wall Street Journal yeah yeah yeah, I don't trust the Paul's. Ok, I tell you this. Regular people want to be left alone for the most part, not only that China people went on but guns because the riots- and they don't want to defend the police, the restive agenda is off putting in many many ways now I'd be look. If you go to someone and say something like do you think we should have universal health care, though probably say like that, but that be a good thing. If you go to them and say, should we abolish private how insurance, they're gonna, say about all that. Take away people's health insurance for what is very difficult to pull accurately that's true, untypical you'll, see progressive, say some.
like do you believe that there should be? You know a taxpayer funded universal health care system to make sure that people don't go bankrupt and also, of course, and then, if somebody wants to frame it, otherwise it will say something like do you think you people should be taxed to pay for help care for those who are unwilling to work and will say no, but you can frame those questions in certain ways, so it's difficult, I think you'll see from conservatives and progressives they'll frame questions to get the answers they want. However, when it comes to the left, I think they're more likely to lie about it. I know I know the Republicans, especially the liars, but that's not really on the way to you know that
It is today granted most of the Republicans are liars their rhinos they're, not really Republicans who care about values. Neither the Democrats, we don't really have the politicians anyway. I digress. The Democrats are collapsing because their garbage- ok, I remember when the green new deal was being pushed and I supported it. Yeah you're probably same woe to what hear me up. The first draft idea, the elevator pitch for the green new deal was allocate government funds to incentivize green technologies. create jobs? And I said I bigot absolutely love the idea. We have money in the coffers. We got a bloated military budget as bring those troops on home and then create programmes, maybe even through the military to incentivize research in better energy technologies may be. Nuclear energy and
You know that we can hire on civilian contractors or maybe we do investments into companies something great idea. I know Cylindroconic Fellow partners a big mistake, but you got. We need better scrutiny for how we do it. Maybe that wasn't the right way do it, but on the surface the idea sounds great. You know why it's simple: it's about saving the planet! For the most part, I do like the idea of saving the planet environmentalism, but also like the idea of energy independence to strengthen this country. That was the idea and I said, awesome and then what happened? yo see, drop. The document news, like you know, p, o c need a leg up, and so they should get free college and we should have universal health care, and I was like wait: wait wait. What does that have to do the environment? If you start mass producing products too, to make sure everybody gets access to health? If you start building massive buildings all over the place for to give university everybody Yonah dramatically increase carbon emissions. These people lost the plot.
Right I'm sit near all reasonable about it, like I'm, actually in favour of universal health care and a green new deal, and then what they proposes and were also going to ban private health insurance might not on another. You can't do that because we should have base level care for, like it, break your hand and then, if you have very serious on the Turin need insurance for that, that balance makes a ton of sense. Then kids, who get the flu don't die, somebody's got diabetes needs insolent, can actually get it. We can lower the cost of the of insulin and happy pens and things like that. That's the solution right at least for now. However, I dont know if we can actually get there, but for me I'm absolutely in favour of that system, but they come out this aid, a ban, private insurance. Why that's ridiculous? They come out and say we want to get rid of farming thousand planes and, unlike you guys, are knots. It's like they don't want me to support them dude. I would love if the system right now was you get sick. You go to the hospital you go
Unfortunately, we have a very complicated and massive healthcare system that makes up like a six of the economy that we can't just flip a switch Bernie Sanders set out right. It would be like two to four million jobs lost, so I don't know you get there. That's the challenge, it be great, don't I There are not a laissez faire, Capitalist Eileen left and a lot of issues doesn't matter. I'm right wing, because a Democrats are crazy right. Sorry, the Democrats are often crazy. I think most people realize it by now. Well, maybe not because when I don't know, I think so I think I think they do basin. The fact of the Democrats are losing across the board, but and this their quitting their own party and whenever I ll leave it there next augments coming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks for hang out and I will see you all then.
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