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Feds ARREST Antifa "Ringleader," Trump Deploys Unit To Protect Statues On July 4th From Far Left


The "ringleader" who tried tearing down the statue of Andrew Jackson was arrested this morning.Now the DHS will deploy a special unit to protect monuments this 4th of July amid fears of Antifa and far left chaos. While Trump has been increasingly vocal about protecting statues Democrats have literally called Antifa imaginary.#Democrats#Trump#FarLeft 

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We got some major breaking news. Donald Trump and D o J have dropped the hammer on the far left extremists. Now seems that are statues and monuments will be protected this coming July. Fourth, we're gonna see the prosecution. Of many anti thought and far left extremists, and they actually just announced that they arrest the arrested the quote ringleader in the attack on the Andrew Jackson, statue by the White House. This is big news for a long time. I've been saying: tromp needs to do something. Now a lot of people were concerned. That Trump would take the bait as it were, rush out to the Chaz I hope the insurrection accent in the military and then the media on the left would call him a dictator and say here: it comes drop, is trying to take control, but I didn't do it and so ended up seeing a bunch of extremist attack. People burn things down with it really weird story: Portland, Andy, no twitted about it. I guess they burned and destroy the statue of an elk clause would
when the creatures, I guess, are symbols of oppression? Whatever will Donald Trump didn't need to do this? The first thing he announced was a task force at stories. Well, they announced that they were gonna go after these polish fanatics. They must they were going to be facing ten years in prison, something charges were announced, a person got arrested, Trop then tweeted out. The images of many of these extremists. What did we from the media and Democrats Anti virus, is imaginary during Adler, says the media? I'm sounds has trouble just obsessed with anti fouling meaningless, as very real extremists are lever and are using modern tactics and techniques to circumvent the journalist who should be reporting on it and all the law, I think about journalism. Hundred years ago. Is a funny mean going around you're the mean we gotta, two dogs and one super wrapped in one's really scrawny. What a super ripped dogs says, I'm a cover, the story, even if it means these people will take my life and the sky honey dog is journalism. Today, someone
called me a mean name on Twitter. How is it that journalists who should be investigating and exposing these extremists are in league with them and targeting the president instead unfortunately, its actually very simple, and I think what This problem is: it affects the police in some ways to its the path of least resistance journalists, wanna get a juicy story there legally protected when they insult Trump, but if they come after anti far you'll be attacked, they'll target you at home and this affected some unlike Andy, no, and it turns out this man- this ring leader, who was a tap who was just arrested by the feds, allegedly had attacked Jackpot Sobek a conservative personnel. But he as well and now you know why money journalists just fallen line because they don't wait wait around to see which one of these extremists will threaten them and it's bad enough. They get harassed on the internet
Well, that's, read the story and see exactly what's going on with Trump. We got big breaking news about this upcoming fourth of July. The d a chess is being deployed, I believe, with the federal protective services will go out and defend monuments the big, bold move, that's Trump literally doing something and billboard doing something. Well, I gotta say I'm impressed it's, not some ridiculous, authoritarian measure. It's not bring into the troops, it's just some Rural cops, gonna, go stand around sums, use a at something right, that's better than nothing and these prosecutions. What can I say? Let's read the story before we do had over its him guest outcome. Slashed done it. If you would like to support my work as many ways, you can help me, there's a p box where you can send me stuff if you would like to. But the best thing you can do is share this video sure this video to let people know But if you go around destroying our artists, act and monuments are history, our statues, without the democratic process by means of force, you're gonna, get arrested,
now. Unfortunately, we are seeing many executives in various jurisdictions, just taking the statues down any way out of a fear of violence and that to me, as discussing many of these statues deserve to come down. In my opinion, the confederate such as, for instance, but they have to be brought down by a vote, a democratic process in which we, the people, decide, should this. Nor should it go now. I got all the five all these different feelings right everybody's got feelings, but because I feel a certain way. I dont, like confederate statues, doesn't give me the right to tell you you if the live, the way I want you to live, that's no way to live, so This will be a reminder: everybody that the deal J, the government law enforcement is, is kick it into full, you're in the hammer is being dropped on those who would try to suppress the rights or circumvent the, rights of the democratic process to instil their authoritarian worldview and their sense of justice. So yeah share the video, but if you just want to watch that hit the like button subscribed by the notification. Well, let's read the first story from Fox NEWS: feds arrest,
the ringleader, an attack on Andrew Jackson, statue by White House, J, and charter was arrested at his residence Thursday morning sources say they say, federal law in force, Brussels on Thursday arrested, amended Washington. They Kali ringleader in the recent attempt to destroy the Andrew Jackson. Statue in Lafayette swear near the White House, Law enforcement sources tell Fox NEWS that J and charter was arrested at his residence Thursday morning without incident and charged with destruction of federal property. These sources. Add that charter was has connections to anti fa. And was in a leadership role on the night of June twenty second, when a large group of protesters tried to pull them the statue, I'm sorry, I get it fox, but they're not protesters call him something else. Rioters net protesters, not the right word for this they're trying to destroy public property, three mists, whatever they were very organised, a federal law enforcement officials said charter. What
on top of the statue and directing people that acid chisel straps and a human chain preventing police from getting to the statue charter is expected to make an appearance likely virtual in. U S district court in Washington on Thursday Fox NEWS is told. Protesters say the Andrew Jackson Statue is offensive because He was a slave owner because of his treatment of native Americans. You know what I agree: absolutely offensive one hundred percent. Now, what do you do about it? You propose something you take it Betty council, you ve got the mayor on your side who painted black lives matter on the street. Certainly you ve got sympathetic, lived local leaders, you state your case, you you make your youtube, you give your ear your argument and then people about and guess what their likely than about against you. Let's reality disguise was president of this country. There's a big statue of him for a reason. People like the guy there likely not to agree with your tearing down, but I tell you that we are a country of reform changes can be made. This is not the way. This is it's not
you get what you want to tell you end up in prison, and now potentially these people are facing. Ten years outside of this, the rioters Woof trumpets drop in the hammer on these people. I was gonna say again: he d drop banging the gavel. Some of these people are facing decades for the right of all three more a magistrate judge in Maine transferred Lloyds case to federal arms, are another man, Gram, Lloyd, thirty, seven turned himself in for similar charges in Portland Main and had it appearance in federal court there on Wednesday afternoon, Lord is also accused of auction of federal property for his role in the attempt to take down the Jackson Statue majesty judge and main is transferred Lloyds case to federal court in Washington DC. These arrests come in the way. The June twenty fourth executive order, signed by President Trump intended to protect monuments and statues, trumped tweeted- I just had the privilege of sight, in a very strong executive order protecting american money.
Its memorials and statues and combating recent criminal violence, long prison terms for these lawless acts against our country. We also that's so so eliminated quick updating. This is just frozen familiar following the executive order. Bill bar formed a task force to counter anti government extremists, not just the far left. Also the Buddha Lou Boys, the more crazy fringe element that want some kind of the war there, not just targeting the left their targeting the right they're going after anybody who is going to violate civil rights, so we want to say is that it servants position now. You know it's it's pointless to even try and argue what left and right is at this point, anybody who opposes Antifa is far right. Even if you support the government's efforts to track down and enforce the law against any extremist left or right, I'm totally down for it. You want to go after blue boy, extremists all right, glad to see it
I see, com, rational discourse. I wanna see regular American sitting down at having debates. I wanna see votes. I want to see real reform, I'm. In favour of police reform. I am all in favour of having a discussion about these statutes, but not destroying things and tearing them down, because, first and foremost that is authoritarianism, you do not have the right to food. Where's, your world view on someone else. We all live under these systems of laws and rules, and we try to change the best of our abilities. So now you can't do that, but, more importantly, we need we need to have com discourse, because if you escalate, if you get violent men, dopey, surprise and other extremist get violent too, and that's what no and nobody should meet ship should be advocating for this. The people advocate for this do not understand what life is really like in a conflict zone bill BAR recently issued a statement after the closing of the Capitol Hill Autonomous on or that shop in Seattle, saying that he commanded the police chief, common best for her courage and leadership in restoring the rule of LAW in Seattle, I'm not going
So everything mostly because it just a general statement, saying you know the rule of law has been restored and because this wasn't necessarily trumps action, but a highlight this just because billboard stepping up and said restore law and order. Those who do you have my respect, which brings us now to the next big story. This this is at his grey. I'm happy, I'm very, very happy. Here I put out a tweet out. Very angriness had trot, needs to get off his butt and go do something on everything that's happening and a lot of people a great alot of people not mention what is supposed to do. The federal government can intervene in the states issues and, unlike its good point, man, I'm not saying tromp should be invoking insurrection, act or it be sending out tanks and so soldiers or whatever some people wanted them to do it. In fact, I think fifty eight percent of voters, according to a morning, consult pull said bring in the military. Well, I don't The answer was all I know. Is it felt like Trump wasn't doing enough and, as I said in the past couple of days, it seems like you just doing the bare minimum
he knew there were some things you can do to protect federal property, but he wasn't gonna protecting anything else, because with rights helped him well. Ok I'll stand corrected on that one Trump and Bill BAR taking some action. The department of Homeland Security is deploying special federal unit to protect monuments over the July Fourth weekend, amid vandalism fierce now, presumably just over the fourth of July, glad to see it, we ve got the full a commission which has the July ably full moon, and I guess a full lunar eclipse, there's gonna be a crazy night, but I'm glad that there will be, I believe, its federal productive services gonna be coming out and defending the statues and monuments because there extremists who seek to tear them down and destroy public property in, unfortunately, even amid trumps executive order. These states are defending them. I find it creepy. I find it creepy that say in Philadelphia, a bunch of extremist wackos can show up demand a statue of Christopher Columbus, be torn down, right,
is it in locals? Who actually live here say no. This is not Seattle get out of here. Another city goes all well because of the threat of violence. We're gonna tear it down anyway, so you just give the extremists defend the residents to fund the locals. I, Sir, we ought to people in fairly vote these people that vote. That may erupt vote the governor gonna get rid of all of them. They won't stand up for them, who actually live there, but those does for the weirdo fanatics of intersection was a moose show up with crow bars and ropes, tear down and destroy public property, I'm glad to see troubles is making this move you now. Finally, something is getting done. Fox these reports. The age ass will be forward, leaning in preparing to pay tat, federal facilities and property. So it really does still seem like it's just about federal property, but there is federal property across his country. The report- The agenda is deploying especial federal unit across the country for the fourth of July,
We can in order protect federal monuments and statues where possible, fresh wave of vandalism, the upcoming July fourth holiday weakened as a potential for increased disruptive activity at specific locations across the kind. Three that could threaten our personnel and the FAO. RO facilities and property they protect. Soon to be released. Memo penned by acting Diego secretary, Chad, Wolf and obtained by Fox NEWS, says the ages be forward, leaning in preparing to protect federal facilities and property, rapid deployment teams from the protecting american communities taskforce pact- that's good! name and consisting of law enforcement officers. Specially trained in areas such as crowd, control and right control will be dispatched to Portland Seattle in Washington DC wow? Those are hotspots. Those are the hot spots. So that's this bold. An additional already tease will be dispatched regionally, so they can be flown.
Into any other area. Within a few hours. Should unrest spark up in other cities across the? U S, the zone, top of federal protective service presents being wrapped up in higher than a higher than usual for a week and a response to potential tap took to the potential challenged, hundreds of F p S, officers will be protecting facilities and the agency that has benefited as at Hunt identified hundreds more in case they need assistance, is a typo, their sorry. The move, marks and aggressive response by the Trump Administration to push back. Against the violence and vandalism seen aimed at monuments in recent weeks and often of the initial protests in response to the George Floyd incident that we get while initial target more confederate generals and figures at quickly spread to others, including Abraham, Lincoln, it also spread to Who abolitionists a man who died in the in the civil war who emigrated here. Our staunch abolitionist and he fought in it for the union? They tore his statue down to an
they're burning a statue of an outlook in Portland because by Guess Woodland creatures art also worth symbols of oppression shore. I wonder I wonder if there are pressing symbols of an oppressed group. You know Elk are prey for Hugh. And so it's like. Are they now the fascists, guess I mean I can imagine, I don't even want to tear down Ulysses S grants but I guess you can argue is a precedent, but what about the abolitionist the guy in Wisconsin alleges, seems weird? They say in d protesters recently tied ropes and try to statue to topple a statue of Jackson, the breaking It is up to now being the dude actually got arrested, but it's not just this Donald Trump when I say he's drop, a hammer. I'm not talking about a couple. Arrests here and there I am not talking about some dude shown up the standpoint of a statute, say no Terry down my statue, I'm talking about trumps justice apartment targeting black lives matter demonstrators as domestic arrests, nice too,
I vice globally, by what I used to work to this for this company. So sad, isn't it vice used to travel from the most dangerous places in the? world talked a gang leaders. I know I did it now there now they're trying to conflate exe. We must see through Malta cocktails at cops with the demonstrators, listen man. I have praised the demonstrators who went and laid in the street in a massive, an oath. I guess you could call it a Dian. It was like unrest in where everybody, shows up in a laid out with her hands behind their back. That's peaceful protests. Man, you have you have my respect and support with all that peaceful protest off, even though I disagree with your cause, we're not upset. I support your right to speak up and and engage in these protests as much as I can complain about the ideology in all that I love the fact that we have free speech. I don't love the people who showed with Maldives and try and start fires and and and burn things, but trumpets coming after them to the deal. J is gonna, be targeting these people with terror charges
and trumpet and people have been arrested, tried, tear down statues, haven't gotten the worst of it in their lucky that may be facing. I guess up to a join your forty thousand dollar fine ten years in prison, but that's been going on is being look it's it's obvious. This stuff happens. Ok We know full well, these things happen. We know doing it. We know the far left is. We know some of their names just follow Andy, no intuitive, now reference in three times. He testified for Congress recently remotely mind you. But he knows the names of these organizers exercise very real. Take a look at the story. The Democrats would tell you otherwise why I. Why are they defending these lunatics or destroy things? Acts If a member slams Naylor for calling far left group- imaginary, that's just false, well, that's read this and then I'll show you some more of that cause. The media just loves down at the media, just loved the funding antivirus
Gabriel the dollars a former member of anti by responded on the Ingram angle to join. Another statement that antivirus imaginary, that's just false. I mean The only thing that's imaginary here is Nablus sense of justice. The protest I mean the protests. I attended imaginary, also, the windows that regrettably broke. They weren't imaginary, yet every single time that we have left wing PA fishing that deny and ignore any even justify any violence. It's only going to continue to grow yeah. It's I left the ripening issued sorry think about the state of politics. Today they would say, TIM Pool is right wing. Why? Well, I dont believe I don't. I don't follow the narrative just because they're wrong all the time, it's funny when people like did you know that Donald Trump once did this thing and then, like a day later, it's like Donald Trump and actually do think correction issued. So is its appeal I think one, I'm lighten up. That's not true troubling. Do that and they get mad at me for saying that must be right wing why I dont support for the most part as policies, but a real
Looking policy there's a few things I overlap on, because most regular people would have us where we are today. You must support Antiphon, as they tariffs, his down, destroy, thinks threat, lives, literal They kill people in Seattle, otherwise you're right wing is that is set for real, is that where we are today sorry managed and playing a game, Anti falls very real and the tactics they use are clever. Fourth, generational warfare tactics and moving into fits generational warfare and then an expert on fourth and fifth generational warfare, but a general idea is in force generational warfare, antifraud purposefully acts as a cellular structure, meaning the parent organization, is kind of a call sign where they. Now, if you have the tattoos, if you have the flag, there's no real leadership, they know that that will provide them with resources, Safe haven, Org.
Position, infrastructure, etc. By not having a parent hierarchy, they avoid their leaders being arrested. What they do have, though our cell level leaders. So there are certain named branded cells, they have widget names, they fly the flag, they use the symbol and their leaders and organizers. This guy knows it this sky is saying straight up, he was a member of an anti fa group. They have they logos. Ok, I'm trying! to avoid naming them. So forgive me, but yes, one, the most prominent is rose said he aunt, if all name them, because everybody knows as an organisation with named members with named leaders with financing funding and they at bay. They they pretend likely Donegal, You also have other organizations like by any means necessary, shredded call themselves, anti fa or Anti VA groups and its out of the same ideology: it's the far left I'd into
sectionalism and and communist ideologies, but the reason they don't have us an appointed Para Hierarchical Organization under the brand anti fa. It's an umbrella for other organizations is that the police, at a merely going arrest at an addressed them. So when you see people like now, there you see the media rushed to the defence. Trumps anti for tweet is rightly catnip, with potentially troubling consequences. Skit evidence of anti fa shows how sweeping the protest for racial justice have become here's one understanding, Angela, what do anti fascist Chicago? What trumped declared them terrorists, local member, saying nothing could be further from the truth. Thank you for all the support we are giving to them the best exam of the strategy. Is the Washington Post, scant evidence of anti fa? Are you nuts? No you just don't do your jobs, you're, not journalists! That's the thing you ve done! You ve, not even a Google search to see.
They're not going to show up and loudly for quite preclude proclaim themselves, as the leaders of antivirals are doing it, a joke to make a point that they're, not organizers for anti four cells that can operate and cluster and going together and move around quickly that share the same ideology were involved in any of these things. If you attention you'd see their names get released on, I want to say their names, but yes, as When people ask me the likelihood of their names damages Google. It man, followed Andy, no, ok lcd! He publishes their mugshots all time. It explains who they are, what they do and that's where they really really hate the guy murmured with with me every name in the book to go after him because he's the one was put up their names and and and doing the real work and they beat him up for it. Yes, they exist there real and there is evidence Here's the thing! Now you see the Washington Post doesn't understand that anti for related groups use
this this new generation, all these new generational tactics, to avoid being named in the press to being named by police to manipulate and exploit our justice system. They want regularly will the show up wearing all black. That's what they say about protests we're all black that way they can get away. Crimes, and you will get arrested for it when you show up they use these tactics. There are loopholes in the system. Take a look at what happened on trunk trumps inauguration day, I believe, is ongoing. They. In DC they told everybody to shop and wear black that women when they would around destroying things. The cops couldn't do anything about it. They arrested everyone and they tried lovely conspiracy, charges against people for wearing black hoodies and black pants, arguing that they were being an abiding those who commit violence by shielding them, they failed. The tactic worked he fought organised and individuals were able to wreak havoc on Deasey using regular act
thus as human shields, and the cops could do anything about it, because we have a justice system that seeks to protect the innocent they are exploiting. Our good will is what they do. So please stop defending them, because I'll show you what took us out Sancho Fairbanks treated the dude, this dude, the one who assaulted Jackpot Sobek and called my phone late at night, like a weirdo, has been arrested by the feds for being one of the ringleaders trying to pull down the Andrew Jackson Statue. She is straight up saying this is the guy who attacked jackpot Sober they have names. They know who these people are. The guy's name who got arrested today is Jason Charter they know whose organizing it they knows, leading US people, don't random, we just learn how to tear down statues. They said This guy was on top directing people. What would you call that? Why I'd call that a leader over they'll call it a decentralized sure call it whatever you want during Occupy Wall Street. They specifically said they don't want any leaders to be publicly identifiable
because they will be targeted, smeared and arrested and will make the rest of the protests look bad. It wasn't just about getting arrested because, even when you do overtly legal things, their concern, you get one leader figure and they become high profile, then comes the council. Culture then come stories about how their actually evil in their racist or whatever, all these awful things, and they your whole movement is supported by this, so that I like it, I can say about Trump. You say: oh, but if you're conservative it means you're supporting trumpet because tromp as this or you that's why these people try to avoid having named named leaders, but the leaders do exist. They just try to make sure. No one knows there. Actually, the leader, Do you think that all of these people know where to show up when D show up can afford to drive out here without support they have support, they are organised, stop pretend! Like their anarchists, but this what's going on our own, this Andy NO treated the elk statue in downtown But what is now fully engulfed in flames? I have now
idea why? But, unfortunately this is Youtube, so I do have to blow out the fire and stuff I want to highlight this. I've had a particularly funding, so look Trump is dropping the hammering the fourth of July. A couple days away, we're gonna see a ton of celebrations tomorrow and then on the actual fourth of July. There is a fear that these people will be emboldened, especially considering its the fourth of July they're supposed to be some big event in Gettysburg, where anti wish has been burns, flags and people are concerned, there's going to be some kind of spark, so it's good to see The government that that that Trump and law enforcement deal J actually get a got, do something I'm sorry dear yes, and the deal Jays will hopefully result in justice and the people whose extremists get held to account will see things play up. I'll, leave their necks segments coming up at Youtube COM slashed him Cassius at six p m. Thanks, rang it out, and I will see you all them in shares before it was completely destroyed a bunch of each ass standing. National Guard, open fire by someone is accounts for
ten minutes unloading three hundred rounds into a vehicle killing a sixteen year old boy and critically entering a fourteen year old we now have witnessed. Testimony summit was apparently on the phone with them saying exactly what happened. This kid was told to beast. To go to church has to be safe there it there's, no evidence suggests kid was shooting. We have now somebody's on the phone them saying what happened and his last words were. I don't want to die, but the first thing to talk to you about is this viral video. It's got about a round four and a half million views and it shows a white woman holding a pistol telling someone filming to back away to get away from their vehicle a corner. The story it was a black found, and, of course this one is divisive with men people saying the white woman's a carrot and she's crazy and she drew. For no reason, but I'm sorry, there's a reason why I opened with the first story about Chaz and then, Amy tell you about this viral video, but elsewhere
tell you about what happened in Provo, which, again, if you can find the content, you know. Somebody wrapped Suv and shot the driver for no reason for it therefore no logical reason. I suppose I guess this person was saying that the driver was dangerous and was heading towards the crowds we had no choice but to render the car when it was stopped and shoot the driver, this tension, Everyone is feeling people are being wound up so tight. I think this story the one with a hand on is one of the most important stories happening right now in the country, because it's not a high profile protest. But high profile individuals on mayor, not a governor, not an activist, it's just regular people and people are so on edge. That's this woman drew a gun on a family because she probably felt threatened
and I wonder because now she's been arrested. What will happen if slash when she ends up community arrested? Maybe we'll drive the charges? Maybe there? Maybe maybe there won't be any what happens if she goes to court and explains everything that happened in this country and why she felt like her life was being threatened. What a reasonable person consider that, with everything We ve seen with a riding for a month straight that you know that they would conclude. It is reasonable to fear for your safety. In these circumstances, I know for sure man, but the point As on the IRA podcast the other day, the day before we are talking about some one doing something stupid the jazz shooting where this kid lost his life. They did something stupid and the funny thing is the mayor. Selden coming there was an until they went to. Our house is actually decide to intervene. But now we're seeing this- I mean that the difficult thing here is. I would consider this to be.
Stupid. But maybe the real issue is fear and paranoia, and it's not so much that people are stupid that they dont know how to handle the situation. They don't what to expect, and everyone is on edge as every but he's being wound up, tighter and tighter and tighter ready to explode the smallest altercation or bad Now, I'm back a someone's car and they're gonna jump out or armed in saying get away. So that's about that. That's just the story. They had the back of the car and the lady with a gun. Now in any normal day, in any other you there were time or month? You'd, probably think this persons Not someone tapped your car what're, you doing. What is that? What you think is woman. What this this woman with a gun is thinking she's, probably seeing the videos of people being shot. She's the videos of people being beaten. She seamen happened with people calling nine one one and the cop stout and the cops won't show up, and so when people are behind her car hitting it, she snaps is irrational a little bit
absolutely but it's hard to know where the line of you know what is reasonable. What is reasonable now, as people fear, ran a random present money up your car at random legists for no reason and shooting in Provo approach Hopefully, this driver in Provo had no idea what was going on just try it on the strains of money, people. Someone runs up and shoots you and people here that I heard the story. I ll tell you what happened horrifying moment. A white woman pulls at hand got on a black family in american parking lot after she bumped into them outside support they restaurant, and that the important thing about this story that you use your unanimous right now. Is there not taking into consideration the cultural context they might give you the context of what the event was, but they're, not telling you to put people's frame of mind is based on current events. A woman has been film, holding a blue, women are fifteen year old, daughter at gunpoint in a horrifying confrontation, leaving them fearing for their life. A shocking video taken by the victim shows a white woman pointing a pistol at turkey
a hill and are fifteen year old, daughter, Mikhail up at a parking lot outside in Oakland County only restaurant in Orion, Township Michigan. The woman was subsequently arrested, will see what would happen with this. According to help, her daughter was allegedly bumped into by the women as they were and during the fast food restaurant, around eight p m Mikhail asked for an hour apology from the woman who began shouting at her. She alleges that the important thing is to consider is that we're getting one side of the story and if I was gonna, try We raise I'd, say in in my view, should they probably did bump into each other. And then Mikhail asked for an apology, and this woman- probably didn't just art, shouting at her, probably said bobbed enemy or whenever something like that? And then they both started yelling at each other, both Reed speaking to the Detroit NEWS, Mikhail said before could walk the spotlight, this woman was coming out and I moved out of the way so she could walk out. She bump me and I said, Excuse you an engine Cussing me out and sanctions, Like I was invading her personal space
another reason why I don't necessarily believe that's the real. What happened is itself but a dramatic escalation for seemingly no reason, I think it's possible the gun to an argument sheep then towards had excuse you and then the other Owen was like Alex use whatever I want or whatever that is our yelling at each other. Here's word escalates the scared teenage called her mother over. I walked up on woman yelling at my daughter, he'll said she couldn't see me because her back was to me, but she was in my daughter's face the let the the later part of education which had moved to the restaurant parking lot was then caught on camera, a core to hill. She thought the driver of the car with a woman inside was attempting to hit them, so she knocked on the window of his suv to stop him. The Detroit NEWS reported the passage that emerge in the vehicle and pulled a gun honour in the collection and get away the victim, then replied. She got a gun on me. She was about to
with their car call them yet the license plate get the license. Plate now cause you're about to hit me with your car. I'm sorry man, I don't believe this. Are you not that I think the? Why one upon the gums and a right? Absolutely not, I think, concerns our as they didn't she. She shouldn't have done that. You don't need to do it and for Billy. Nobody got hurt, but you mean to tell me that you got your files onto the parking lot and then for some and somehow you found yourself behind their vehicle, and then you decided to hit it now itself. Like two people got into it, and normally the shouldn't be news that we use you eat that this person, who too, to the back. You know not in the back of sounds as if we cannot have a gun drawn on them, so this woman she got arrested for there you go, but these people are not trying to play. Victim, though the more important issue here is not the stupid altercation, let's be real, I dont care what happened? What what? What matter? says we aren't, we are in is away. I mean look at this video. We are inches away
someone doing something done this lady, clearly in MILAN, opinion overreacted, but is there reaction based on the insanity has been going on in the country. I would, I would say so. It's also possible. The slightest just knots and the only real the only reason were hearing about it is because of the ongoing insanity, in which case, maybe it's normal. But I don't. So I mean. Maybe things like this happen all the time, Israel, but more Norman, said. Don't you effing jump behind my car get the F back pointed gone straight away. Actually doesn't look like she is pointing it straight at the victim. It looks like he's aiming at downward. What's, but you know, Semantics Jen walked back car the pair drove away from the scene, the woman. Later arrested by the police, hillside or other two daughters where the car, at the time of the altercation, which has left the family, traumatized the videos posted twitter with the words this happened today and Auburn Hills Michigan another Karen. The footage has said gained over four point? Five million views and shockwaves across the internet? It is not.
If a woman was charged any offences, Auburn else Police Department confirm the incident happened in Orion Township. I don't care about the arguing I dont care about who was right. Who is wrong? I don't care about any of that. Uk a mechanism, you're in pretend like I can be the arbiter of morality between two people, and I have no idea what happened. One person a claim all she was doing this, though the guy's gonna progress, and she was scared for life or whatever. The point is, in my opinion,. We are seeing this because of what's happening around this country. I don't want to die last words of homeless sixteen year old, shot dead by chop security after he drove stolen jeep and a jeep the for his own for safety. We now know basically what happened but took to wrap up the thought on UNAM. That incident with the woman don't be surprised, If people are walking around me, we have them normally, not armed. Now, they're gonna be armed. Both sides on all sides, whatever the side, maybe
people are now going to see this video, the white woman pulling your gone and they're gonna, be like man, I better, I better get a weapon because what happened If somebody gets mad at you, impose a gun for all for all. We know this. What will ministry knots- and this in this family in Michigan was mine in their own business, and this woman just went nuts. I have no idea The main reason I want to highlight this is because it feels like we are dangerously close to someone doing something stupid that was stupid, but what I mean by doing something stupid stupid would have been actually pulling the trigger. We saw what happened in Saint Louis everybody slowly freaking out more and more and more, are concerned about their safety and then not gonna. Take anything from anybody. Let's take a look at what happened in shares. Because now we can see that this idea of people freaking out the paranoia delusion if it took holding Chaz. The story is actually quite simple, According to somebody was on the phone with a sixteen year old. He was not shooting anybody, he was. He was
He stole had stolen a jeep carjack somebody, so maybe it'd have weapon a mature and he was told to go to the chance for for safety, proud, because there's no cops and they just modem down. So one witness at three hundred rounds not believe that affair. So there's no way they. They fight three hundred rounds, according to one live stream. They say what was going on for over ten minutes? Yeah yeah, maybe- and it was multiple multiple gunman- should have a startling daily mail the sixteen year. Old boy was shot dead by chop. Security in Seattle was homeless and adjust carjacked a jeep. We were told by a friend a drive to the cop free zone for safety. Antonio Maize Junior died in a hail of bullets in the early hours of Monday morning and his passenger fourteen year old was critically injured. After all, Armed security guards fired on the White G Cherokee, which crashed into the barriers of the Capitol Hill, organise protest. Sierra Walker described the two boys as her street brothers and said: maize Junior
and the other team had been living with her and her husband in a tent at the nearby Cow Anderson Park, look located just outside the chop zone, so they lived there. They they lived in chess, he told the daily mail in an interview the boys had stolen. Cheap hours before and we're being followed and shot at prompting her to tell the teens too. Oh into the zone for Safety Walker revealed? She was on the phone. The boys when they were shot sang, but last thing I heard was a crash and a pop pop pop. I'm not sure who said what, but one of them said. Ah some hit I dont want to die than the phone went dead, so we have some photos here. This I see our walk or twenty five described. The two boys are street brothers. We get it. Here's some photos of them doing. Ok, I guess air guitar or holding up the for whatever reason Walker said she she had. She had only known the boys for the past few months, saying they were runaways. We don't know much about them. They were
gang members, even though they hung out with the blood gang members. Walker said the two teens had carjacked and beat up the owner of the White Jeep Cherokee just hours before the fatal shooting they held. Someone up at knifepoint to carjack the jeep. She said: if we're Take her word for it, and I gotta admit it sounds like she's being a bit forthcoming. These dudes warrant armed other witnesses other ought to know to what extent we can verify these things claim that these guys, what that that we're, not shooting anybody apparently the chassis cure you were like. Oh, they were, they were shooting was DR by not not the case according to several unit will at least hard to verify statements we now this woman saying they beat someone up store their vehicle at knifepoint. She has made The forthcoming she just strata came out admitted that its possible she's, holding back on the story for sure the teams were joy, riding and doing stupid S, but then shop security started to follow them as well as other vehicles,
she added, both maize, Junior and rejected, came to us and told us they were being chased. We told them to get away from them there told us that a car was following them with guns and another black sheep suburban, that had the word security none the car was following. As well as shooting at them. We told them to turn around and drive to the police precinct on the chart for safety on twelve and pine they drove into, Jobs are not too ambushes sleeping protesters, but for their own safety and ended up costing at least one of them their life. Walker section several gunshots, which were too many to count and insisted. The teenagers didn't have firearms one eye. Witness at three hundred rounds were fired on the night of maize killing as the wild spray of bullets wanted to neighbouring apartments. About a hundred yards away. Photos obtained by daily mother come show, Messieurs death marked the second fatal shooting in the area. After a nineteen year old Lorenzo Anderson was killed on June Twentieth, please, on Wednesday, reclaim their precinct. This we understand, and we know this
The reason I bring these stories up together is that it starts with the Chaz Paranoid delusional state of the fringe, leftists man. They are posting some inside Hain Insane sketch of like I mean it, man a much on a date. Anybody it's like schizophrenia, paranoid delusions. They can't tell fiction from reality. Their brains are fractured in several different ways. I am exaggerating. I am not seeking to insult anybody by saying this, but I have seen the posts from these people talking about how white, supremacist or surrounding them, and they had no choice but to fight back and the police, undercover we're coming in and executing p. Old gang Lansdale, also their psychotic nonsense. They went nuts. These people have gone completely insane the video though, and viral just of just before the shooting you're these walking, saying everyone get to the police praising. If you want to be safe, it's your last warning warning from what what is wrong with you? People, their brains, are broken. They really the believe their own fake reality,
the insane wise they make up that. If the weird Roy more story circulate and under their brains and then they just go com, fleetly insane see a jeep and go whites are brothers but about up up up up and they kill a sixteen year old kid now corner the witness. Get a nice. You argue unarmed shore find whatever considering the fact that in a vehicle and the vehicle crashed and he had posed no direct threat at that point to these people, the fact that you hear someone say: oh you're still alive the fact that they kept firing on this vehicle. These people lost their minds now. The crazy thing is, you got two black teenagers, two black males gunned down: one survived where's the protest, where's, the accountability There isn't any this is this is this is well beyond what well we are. We are in Twilight Zone territory here these people who claim they're fighting for black lives matter. It's
lie, that's funny I'll, showing my friend the music video from Russia, Russia Ali, maybe maybe have seen it dear called their white people. At the end of the video one of the jokes he has is one of the law of the song. Is its programme familiar it's a parity song of desperado that at the end he says, endeavour Julie, traded for Hamel Hammer and sickle hammer and sickle ghost of Booker T lies comatose and feeble, and then you see that you know the communists, sip iconography, and you can see that the black eyes manifest or whatever and of those findings that videos from three years ago. I think it's from three years ago, so we have known for a long time that at the core of that that the top organizers of black lives matter, they they their marxist, their communist. They ve set as much as they it's funny that you ve, I think, met gates, treated it out. Republican saying blacklist matters a marxist organization and people are attacking him for it. It's like there's literally a video of organizer, saying there Marxists, like they're they're. Just they destroy, say it not every single person of supply
it dies- but I mean, if you support an ideology or if you support, you might not be a marxist yourself, but listen if you're lining at a marxist rally, Autonoe job to think about it. The point as these people are insane they believe their fighting revolution. So when a vehicle comes me, no luck These young men apparently were scared because we bore chasing them, so they're probably got there probably speeding trying to get to safety and the secure, regards believing there in some kind of movie some action, fake, ray quality where the government is out to get them undercover. Hops, are coming in white supremacist, look round every corner, they unload on some teenagers killing one of them. When stories like this become prominent, and then you see Provo, you don't think I've been in Provo to be honest with a guy runs up to the suv ensue, the driver there. It's it's the same mentality. It's this paranoid delay general state. That is, in fact in the minds of these people, and I've been talking about it for a while
when they go around saying everything's white supremacy in everyone's racist. This is a paranoid. Dare I say skits of I've known in my life, people with schizophrenia, gay and it's it's a mock up to be a doctor, but for the most part the people can't that these these people can't tell fiction from reality. They can't. They can't tell the difference when their hallucinations and what's real, and so you end up with these people in the Chaz going at the car pop up, Aventis, bowing down some teenagers, and then you end up I'm crazy. Do in Utah running up to now the and shooting somebody and what comes from this now you have people rigidity, Lee wound up and scared, and that's why I highlighted the first video that video of the white woman, my opinion, as I stated earlier, may actually be substantially more important than any of this. Any of this guy look Chaz Chaz chop River to call it is due
It was a weird, far laughed event where you want to call it that it was extremists. Those violent people got killed at the mayor's fault, but it was isolated to this. One. Small area but stories like this start to emerge stories like Provost to emerge stories like Louisville, where the guides are firing into the into the park, what think regular Americans are gonna start doing you're gonna, see Louis again, and now you're gonna see what we just saw. This parking lot to try to impose organic cheese has back up back up the crazy thing about that. Video that melted, my brain is the filming refused to get away if you are threat. If you threatening the somebody or if they are threatening you and they are crazy and they're telling you to get back. Then one with a gun is back not what she says get back and get away from my car and the family doesn't do it. They just keeps I'll, look, look he's, got a gun and they walk towards her. That's me, insane you may You may be justified in film
I'm calling the person with the gun, but we need to do escalate. These people are losing their minds everybody's going crazy and that's what scared me? That's! The kids are dead that that that the far left at their posting on face sang white supremacist, seven staging like long range assassinations- I am not exaggerating it is it. Like some one look when I was younger and your couple people who would I know, schizophrenia, and some of that there were very paranoid and they'll get very, angry, very angry, and don't you ever experienced somebody who s who suffers from this, but it can be scary. How can we really scary and so you know I've had I've. I've experienced what people when it when they say things like what do they say to me that the government had put a stop it camera and their food, and I didn't realize it and force them to eat it. And now spying on their insides and when I would
tell them like? That's, that's not that's not happening, I'm sorry. They would Can we really angry now? I know what's going on there? Just it's just that. I know the government put a microscopic camera in your food. That makes that's like makes no sense. Why would they want to film your stomach? They think they know they just don't understand reality, their brains are snapped no longer connecting properly We can see it here. We can see in all these places these people all paranoid and wound up tight and there's one supremacists around every quarter, so knapsack shooting. Now you have regular. People who are seeing the lunatics shooting- and there are also getting wound up and becoming paranoid, but one should not. Drawn a weapon on some lady, but as a lady, Antoine Altercation, with her over a door and knocking on our car. These, arguments happen all the time, but this is what scares me we're dangerously close to someone doing something stupid. So far we ve had a couple incidents where people have pulled guns on other people, but first
in Saint Louis, when the family came out of their home, it's private property. You broke Youtube, you entered private, a private community, some people broke down the gate and the guy said gaff my property. You know and is prepared to defend it. He said he feared for his life and I gotta say if he, if he goes to court event, charging with anything as he just gonna, show the chairs and show all these things and be like when the group was going around the world. Tree destroying things shooting cops and killing people? I think seventeen people have died, then. Why wouldn't why? Why why? Why do you think it would be unreasonable of me to fear for my life she's gonna say the same thing. I guarantee you there and ask why she did it and she said she did everything properly. She told them back away. She feared for her life. Things have been really really crazy. Everybody's wound up on edge will a court will a jury agree honestly.
No, but think about what happens when you have so many people in this country that are wound up so tight, the ready to burst and we have record gun sales was eight point: three million gun sold since March. What happens next time somewhat us some woman bombs in a somewhat Mozart, yelling as a normal altercation. These things happen all the time, but then the alarming vows your carcass. While I have no idea how they ended up from the door of the AAA to the back of omens car hit, it Norman comes with a gun. Just like this and then a suitor As soon as someone else in the family sees her gone, they draw they're, gonna point it and I'm gonna shoot out how long until someone that happens, this website people to calm down
It's got me worried men. You know that's where we're about to have a full buck, moon, full lunar eclipse homage on July. Fourth, I bring it up because it's just like is that is at the powder keg moment, where you're gonna have a bright, bright, full moon and then a brief pure everything goes pitch black, like literally the lights, turned out. I just seems creepy to me. I am not superstitious or anything like that, but I've had some conversation People who are alike it sound in biblical ha, a full but the full buck. Kimonos July's, full moon. What's gonna be in a maximum, brightness and there's gonna be a lunar eclipse where, fourth shadow covers the moon and then you can't see it and am everything's gonna go dark. So I wonder what can have on fourteen July. Let her rumours leave their stick around Mexicans coming up at one p m on this gentle, and I will see you tell them I'm
For many of you have already seen the video of this young far leftist woman, saying that if you I'll. Have the nerve, I'm sorry the cock capacity as she says, to say all eyes matter that she would stab you and then why you're bleeding out. She said she would show your paper cotton say my cut matters too because of this shocking video, he has lost her job. She is now blaming too supporters. Because of this I'm sorry, tromp supporters oppose cancel culture now to be fair, because we often see this. I see this from progressive leftists many who are actually the good ones like lingering. While they mention that oh, but now the sudden, where the, where the Trump supporters to defend someone, was fired from their job forsake criticising Israel? And I point out many of these people on the left:
will demand council culture for past offences and then say her rough when it comes for them, which is why people on the right intellectual, dark web types middle there are people will not defend them. Now. As for this woman who lost her job, obviously she should not have lost her job. I think it so dumb I'll read you the conduct, we'll talk about it, but the bigger pie here all lives matter who really supports it. It turns out, according to some data, for I believe, as an economist yoga pole. More people like all lies matter than black lives matter, and that's really fascinating because If you were to live on social media or wherever it as this young man lives, you would think the opposite. A pair according to some data, it's actually the african american community that It's all lives matter is better. I was at An event in Cincinnati. I was live streaming Annie.
There was actually large protest group of older liberal black people, who are chanting all lives matter, and I found it fast, any because seem to fly in the face of it. I've been told about the movement, but the reality is and you'll learn. This lesson for. If you pay attention, people are our people, regardless of their race, that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, and you will find it there. Some black people were concerned, but if some, why people or liberal some why people are conservatism, Asians or liberal it? You know the point is we Clearly. Seen that race isn't a factor in a person believes there character can be anything, and this brings me to this story now about this woman and should yet have been fired at what you said to the first thing, I don't read the story, see what she said and I'll break down this. You know what men she
clear, a lot of people are saying that she was threatened to stab people. I think that's unfair. What each shore she said she would stop people, but it was very obviously meant to be an analogy, making a point that if you had a wound, she would complain that her cot is US imports of us. We the story about the stout and only show this pulling data Harvard grad blames Trump supporter costs for being fired from her dream job at Deloitte after posting, a tick tock saying she'd stab anyone who said all lives matter. I think I'm pronouncing delight right at the Harvard. I do it who went viral for saying, she'd stab anyone who told told her all this matter in a tick tock, video has tearfully return. The video sharing site to reveal that she's been fired from her dream job at delight, Clara Jenny, who graduated in May with a degree in government and psychology posted a tick tock video this week, where she is I'd angrily. The next person who has the nerve to tell me all lives matter, I'm a stab. You
stab you and while you're bleeding out, I'm a show you my paper, cotton say my cut matters too. She says it was ass. It miracle analogy that was taken at face value when it shouldn't have been, I believe, that's correct, when you watch the full video she's, clearly not literally threatening the stab somebody. Ok she's, making a point that many leftists make that right now. The people who are in need of support are black lives and that's why they say black lives matter. She was making an edgy comment. I can respect that and I don't they should be fired. But I understand why people called her out for it. First of all, if you want to make edgy humor, you should know that even out I'd have cancelled culture? Edgy humor gets you in trouble. It can get you in trouble, but I'm not consider protectionism picture to lose her job over this on on it on the surface, but does the bigger philosophical question
as someone who is a purveyor as somebody who emboldens cancel culture, should she not reap what she has sown and that's the big question. So, while my my personal opinion is cancel council culture and I dont think you should lose your job and the grass, and scale. When you step back you kind of gotta let these people lay in their own bets. Am I going to intervene because He decided that the world she wanted. You get what you asked for. You know why, when I come to your defence now and took to the bigger point is something I I guess there. Many progressive individuals, people like I gotta mentioned Glenn Greenwell too. I met a biggest fan of, but I respect and in regards to defending free speech and calling at the fake news. I appreciate that he's disease breaking through the you know the nonsense, but.
People like Glenn, come out and say you see now that we are being threatened and our professors are being fired for, saying, offensive things. The conservatives welcome to their defence expenditure of principle, especially for me, I'm a cop out. I've actually well defined them, as I am defending her to a certain capacity, the issue as if you are going to do Eta, take your life to destroying and tearing down my rights than the latter, thing I want is, for you beat you to be able to keep doing that prince of on principle. I believe you have the right to speak. Your mind, set your opinions, even if you oppose free speech, one percent. So that's why I actually will defend someone's right to free speech. Regardless of what they're saying, even if they want to take away my rights, I will point out: will you write your opinion and I will counter your opinion with about our opinion, but when it comes to the larger population, every single tromp supporter every spill, conservative, the ones who have been censured, restricted and banned,
You expect them to come out and defend you now. After all of these people have lost their opportunity to speak, I'm not surprised, they won't do it. The video and viral many critics call for be fired because of it and Wednesday night Jennifer returned to the video sharing app to blame Trop supporters for taking her job from her freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. Ma am I know these. What trump supporters wanted, because standing up for black lives matter, put me in a place on line to be seen by millions of people, the job that had worked really hard to get an meant. A lot to me just called me and fired me because of everything I dont know if everyone scene, but my black lives matter, videos have been circulating collecting a lot they were picked up. I can It is and spread. Unshared and people were demanding that I'd be fired, we're just the job. I worked really hard for I'm still not going to stop talking about and defend black lives matter. You can't take away my spirit and my devotion.
For human rights. She said in a second veto. She sobbed Trop supporters, took my job away from me and while she crying. She was saying things like. I am too strong. I am to know your child. You joined the mob and through the bricks, Bricks came flying back. You would help help I'm being repressed. Sorry now it works. This is the perfect example of that mean where have the feminist and she's shovelling opinions over a wall, and then, when opinions flying back does help help massage any exactly what this is. If you advocate for cancel culture, if you advocate for people being fired from their jobs and down there. You know their homes or abandoned by their families. Then, when you get fired this, what you asked for shouldn't you be happy you're being how accountable exactly as you demanded, you threatened violence even in just you see. This is why I tell you we must defend free speech, because I understand what the point you are trying to make when you Samuel
stab somebody show your paper cut your trying to show the disparity between and in a serious wound and a paper cut, but guess what in the online world. You have helped create irony sarcasm. These things don't exist. Everything is literal, so that's all that matters, your job that you that liked that that shared. These corporations are scared of online controversy and they will fire you to the old, the reason the left has gotten away with all of this, for as long as they have is because servants? Don't actually engage and culture war tactics, they oppose the Council council culture for the most part, but now lo and behold, I'm sorry to see. Conservatives talk about putting together, Alex and email lists and sending out mass messages and actually getting people fired, not happened a little bit the past, but typically it's only the laugh. They actually threatens these things, and so one ends up happening as these cancel culture, people their board. They have no jobs and they have said
an activist groups and an activist nonprofits and they'll spam, a corporation or a job Deloitte or whatever, saying this since bad. There naughty fire them into the company says we can deal with this you're fired, oh no, you mean to tell me Trump supporters actually made some phone calls and got you fired our money, convinced it was Trump supporters and why this story was all over the place. This story wasn't just being spread around me supporters, it was on mainstream news websites. Talking about the extremist woman's anxious gonna stab somebody, it was spicy hot content and news outlets could not resist all. She struck the stamp people. Oh no here comes the extremists and I came for you, so there's there's her. Only then believe she's actually crying to be honest. Like her whole shtick has been shocked. Content she's, probably loving the attention she's getting she's, probably loving, being an e personality, the job I worked with the hard foreign meant veal Bob I got fired. She then accused eloi Howard and TAT. She was going to be
an indelible change in the world- accused the load of cowardice to one on upset. If you were a company you just immediately fire someone because of some outrage, your pathetic. Ok, I don't like that that the ideologies she espouses, I do believe, is a bit of cathartic release in watching her get fired the come up and of those who would create this culture, but I'm just so sick of it man to stop firing. People stop firing peoples not cancelled people's thou banning people just shut up, she's a dumb young person, something dome online is clearly not a crime. You know it's a free speech issue you got fired for. Well, you know what you're not gonna, see me make any phone calls to this company and and and and defender, I'm not gonna. Do it I'll talk about my principles but but my private business? Sorry, she said I'm too strong for your truck supporters. Just took my job away from me. I've gotten death threats, violent threats and that's not ok. None of that's! Ok, some too strong for you. I am too strong for any of you all lives matter. Race
its trump supporters. It sucks by doesn't suck as much as a systemic racism and there's the flip. Don't look at me. Talk about systemic racism. She says Bala Blobs. Are you can see that I don't care? I am going to read the rest of her resentment wherever so on. While many praise Jennifer for her stance against race, she's bombarded with negative comments. Will liberal colleges and universities ever teach students at speech does not equal violence? One person said now you go and how as was borderline, gets, was making a joke. But if you look at the edge of humor, I'm fine with it, I get it gave. Chapelle did a bit where he talked about Buckshot when it was an overt shot. Buckshot bird shot bird shot, Buckshot Buckshot, yet you making the joke. He was talking about higher, switched to promptly load a shotgun and got the warning shot, and then you got the the
the turkish hats and then a couple warning shots and even made a joke about literally shooting a guy in his house with a shotgun who then rises up. It was oh no he's on myth that was Dave, Chapelle, making edgy humour. Of course, he doesn't literally want to shoot. Somebody and Dave Chapelle was actually attacked by people like this number, but many of the critics attacked him for you, don't get to slam, edgy humor and act offended and then get man. People come after you, So here we can see is what that John Miller says it's funny how she thinks Trump supporters did this to her ass if they called up delight and told them to fire her. You This to yourself. Sweetheart, you want to strong men and all that take responsibility for your words, council, culture was it made by Trump support. Sorry, moving on, I saw this threat. Interesting, it's from Ryan James Grabowski says. I have no idea why all eyes matters trending, but since it is, maybe a great time to share two poles from June twenty twenty by the economist and you go.
They found more Americans had a positive association with all lives matter over black lives matter, while now that that is interesting tale of this first image. Do the following slogans- carry a positive or negative. Association to you, black lives matter is fifty two percent positive. Twenty two percent negative blue lives matter is thirty. Six percent positive and twenty two percent negative meeting. Most people are neutral on it all lives matter. Fifty six percent positive twenty three percent negative, more
people, have a positive association of with all lives matter. So when she comes out and says these raises all lives matter, Trop supporters- oh no! Oh! No! You mean the majority of people may be the reason you got fired. It's not because Trump supporters called the sin, but because regular people, or even leftists called it in only twenty three percent view negatively. So I know I hear all of the people complain about all lives matter, but these are fringe activists, regular people, a pilot. Yep equality. We got some more images which goes out to the following slogans: carry a positive or negative association to you. Black lives matter, so different Paul, I guess, says positive. Forty, eight percent, a negative, thirty percent all eyes met her fifty three percent, a negative one three percent these are from according to Ryan June. Twenty twenty two different poles in one of em,
more people in this country have a positive view of all lives matter, as opposed to blacklist matter. You can say which have one of those you want things should lose your job over it right, but that's interesting it goes to show that these these these fringe minority characters. I mean, like ideological minority, that it's a fringe fanaticism they believe they are in the majority and in their shock job? How did I lose my but I said I'd stab somebody, that's what you mean most people, don't wanna hear it most relevant, involved in this motion. Wanna be left alone. In their house said their bark lounger drinking beer and watching the game no lasting. Are bothered with his your politics. So when you went nuts, you lost your job. Maybe there really is a silent majority, and maybe, if that son of a bitch where'd he became a vocal majority. All of these leftist would be purged and two seconds because there's Stanley, more people who are tired of this, but unfortunately they don't speak up, and this week you will get the Reese right. Weinstein's has been talking about the EU.
In it. He party are our unity, I'm not entirely sure what it as its aim of a strategy for getting in a president to a president, a vice president or unified. Modern go to the full. Details might want to highlight this because he mentions the hidden tribes. More common graph study chart whatever showing that conservatives make up twenty five percent of the population and progressive make up six percent and forty percent consider themselves on affiliated or independent. That means of every single conservative just spoke up and every moderate too, because if the moderates another like forty something percent, if they all just spoke up and said no, the far left would lose in two seconds two seconds. The problem is there not that's making up while we ve seen it recently, the rise of regular people and some of those crazy weirdos going to go on and on and on every
side which us out, in fact, according to the last pull the racial group who had the most positive association, the term all lies matter is, in fact black Americans and this in this graph. You can see, associations of slogans, all lives matter to the following slogans: carry a positive or negative association. When a car It's too males. Fifty four percent female. Fifty three positive, high school or less is sixty two college grads and post reds are less likely to view all lives matter positively and check this out this various posts graduates, forty one percent view all lives matter negatively. Well, there you go much of his out people who make one hundred thousand dollars. A year or more are more likely to view all lives matter negatively. Surprise, surprise: it happens to be the wealthier white people who are angry about all lives matter. Of course,
is, of course it is. People who make under fifty can have a positive view of of all lives matter. Perhaps that's whose trump who tromp is targeting poorer people, regular Americans, the middle class, the working class. Who are the Democrats in the work that the welcoming those targeting high profile posts, grad activists who don't represent america- and maybe that's one reason- Hillary Clinton lost so when they do these poles there, like, while looks like trumps gonna lose and they, don't realize that when you actually talk to regular people actually, like all lives matter, more, maybe troll, maybe trumps strategy is to light up on affiliated non voters, because he knows that their americans their patriotic, and I don't care for the stuff, but it that I would get to the point that around brought up with a sweet when you go by race. The most positive is actually black white people over fifty five percent. Positive
of all lives matter, black people over fifty eight percent positive, you hispanic, have forty seven and other have forty. I like how I would fall in the other camp. I suppose and weakens de that the negative view among bike Americans is also the lowest at sixteen percent. So, Who is this lady? Well, I guess I as someone who is mixed asian and she who is of east, I believe east Asian would fall on the other. We are more likely to see a negative view. She's also post, I believe, is a college. I don't know he's a postscript on order. Degree is so, of course, she's biased against all lives matter and she lives in a bubble tat unfortunate bubble because a resulted in her losing her dream job. Maybe you shouldn't go around making stupid edgy jokes when you
You yourself have tried to get them back now. I'm not saying I don't know what her history is. I don't know who she is accused or watch he's tried to cancel the point of making with all this is that she is a part of that group of people that agree with banning hate speech. Sorry, you just engaged in hate speech and threats registered voters. Here's the very, very important part, total registered voters. Fifty three percent have a positive view of all lives matter. Interesting, very interesting, registered voters favour all lives matter. Huh, maybe not favour, but I have a positive view at fifty percent. They say odd, so registered voters total now of Joe under this means a total, but also voters saw they sang unregistered people. What does us so? Maybe its regular voters? A fifty percent. Ok check this out this with really interesting of party idea. Independence
Fifty per cent favourable positive view of all lives matter. Republicans. Seventy four Democrats have a forty percent tromp supporters. Seventy two percent of ideology- liberals are thirty, two moderates fifty two percent and there it is. I think I know why trunk does the things he does. He may not be getting likely voters. He may not be playing well to the polling system, but it looks like he's targeting moderates who fit who have a favourable view of olive matters. It look,
but he's targeting people who make under fifty thousand dollars a year of which they are substantially more than people who make over a hundred. It looks like he's targeting moderates and conservatives who make up the make up a substantially larger voting block together. Then the Democrats, which makes me wonder the pole, say trumpets gonna lose Joe Biden, is out fun, fundraising trump for the first time in the past two months. Maybe it's really good news for binding, but I can't imagine I can't imagine it it. It makes sense. The reason for this is moderates and conservatives have more in common than they. Neither of them have with the left. So I've five point this out over and over again, for instance, people have said to me that I must be right wing and other nonsense, but also when we had a policy debate. When was the last time we talked policy. What was the last time we talked about progressive taxes, welfare programmes, pro lifers, pro choice, border security is an open, its literally
trot bad. So no, I'm sorry trump bad. Is it not a policy position and has nothing to do the left or right, ideologically analytical compass, I'm pretty far left realistically and centre after my liberal? So when I see someone like Andrew Yang, unlike hey, I like that guy not so much. Much. The latest thinks he's been doing other too fond of a whole lot, but he seems to be just getting on the generic and I trump train some out of him plot of his policy ideas I agreed with not all of them I've moved right definitely onto a issues because of african it's happening, but I still find myself as moderately liberal leading left. When I looked at my left, what do I see an ideological religious group intersection autism, and their preaching their dogma and there and there talking of original sin. Privilege type things, and, unlike I do not I do not want, Or tearin, religion and moral isn't much. You know, authoritarian morality, policing,
Am I right in what I see to be honest, the lot of ineffective. Do nothing. Republicans. You now complaining about thing. That never get don. Having hearing after hearing where nothing happens, meanwhile, openings burning erupt burning down, so I dont care for the Republican Party. They don't do anything. I've said it overnight, I said it like two years ago. What are they do? What are they doing, that doing? Nothing that they use only losing, I guess we'll see up plays out November, but Donald Trump is taking some actions now, which is the next than execute. I have coming up at four p m. Apparently deploying federal productive services is a bold move, is a bomb of his activating federal authority to defend stages and monuments. Now this, in my opinion, is doing something about the book, the crazy violence coming from the far left, but let me just go back to the main point of a wrap it up. When I see when I looked at my law
insanity. When I looked at my right, not a whole lot agree with him on some things like Liberty, the constitution, freedom, unlike ok, I can respect those things is a very important. She won't talk about right, verses, leftwing, if you, if you believe, if these people have to say that Temple is I will. Then you would believe that issues of free speech, cod, traditional rights, are no longer leftwing issues. You are straight up saying: the left does not care for the country for the flag for the constitution and I'm fine. If that's it, you think, and if that's the you left versus right, then, which are actually saying as people who, like this country and and respect this country, and want to see it do better verses. Those who hate this country want to destroy it. I dont see that as a left versus right thing, I see it as a people who
America and then literally, the left and the right talking to each other to figure out how to stop the crazies who were burning everything down. But I suppose we will just figure out whose right come November unless, of course than someone cheats, unknown, believes it none. It's just chaos but cigarette. Coming about forth my mexican we're talking about Donald Trump, deploying federal, productive services, he's making a bold move here. I'll, be at TIM, cast dot net, and I will see you all them. The FBI has arrested Jeffrey up scenes Number one gives lane swell and already conspiracy theories have run amok I saw a yo- see tweet about this- and she was saying something positive, like likenesses gray- could see, arrested and I'm sitting you're thinking like Rock on ABC. I completely agree glad to see Gisela Maxwell's being rested. Let's just pray that they place are no less than eight hundred cameras around her at all times live streaming to the public. Otherwise we know what's can happen already were seeing all the jokes. You know what it was
tank is like Maxwell, didn't, kill herself tomorrow or or things like that, right, making jokes about it. Why have I particularly funny about the whole Epstein thing is that we, when we have seen that rested. Everybody said: he's gonna kill himself are everybody. And most people were only like half joking now, of course, a lot of people weren't joking at all, but I really mean it like high profile. People were half joking when there are like, I think, he's gonna go up and any dead and those it. The funny viral mean where they said something like when when he eventual tells himself, do we riot and it was a joke, but not really like people knew the system was corrupt. Well now the story about Goslin Maxwell is getting interesting because this actually goes back to the firing of. Someone in these southern district of New York, together together story, LINEAR times trump? There's? U S. Attorney in New York were investigated, his inner circle, the president's move, heightened criticism, but he was purging as many as his administration of of officials, whose independence could be a three.
To his re election. So this is set at liberty. It president Trump on Saturday Fire the federal prosecutor's office was investigating right. It was a dismissal of prosecutor. Jeffrey S, Berman in the southern district of New York now gives line. Maxwell has been arrested all of a sudden conspiracy theories are running rampant. I present to you the two scenarios, of course on the right. They say ill bar and Donald Trump are finally going to drain the swap they're going after her and they're gonna take down her and the Clinton's, and this big crony cabal in the deep state is going down. That's why he's lane must be protected at all cost. Her testimony is paramount. It must not be prevented in any way. Of course, within this theory is that Berman was blocking whatever it was with his life. He was protecting them and targeting Donald Trump. Why? Because Donald Trump is trying to drain that swamp. That's it that's the gist of what
our people believe I was everybody goes in. Everybody believes a little bit of some different. The left sees it the other way around Berman was going after his length and Donald Trump and bill our new, they were next, they knew as soon as gives lane came out and was arrested at Donald Trump would be simple. Aided in their posting all these photos of Trump with Maxwell and Trumpet Epstein. And the reason Donald Trump fired Berman was to stop him from using Maxwell to go after Trump after they really believe that our our public every single person believes this, but these are kind of just general overviews, the idea being that Trump and bar intervene to remove Berman because they need to control the Maxwell situation limit what she says limit what she testifies and make sure that she doesn't go after them. Perhaps the reality is actually will be closer to the middle
Perhaps trump and bar are gonna bringing to justice. She is going to start naming names and perhaps the elites are all in it together, but are fighting each other, maybe trumps involve too, I was I remember. Reading it and hearing a bit about this idea a couple years ago, that's. What we're really seeing right now is not a hot civil war of the public, its knots trump fighting establishment. It's the global elites fighting each other, That they once we're all in this together and fractured. I may look Donald Trump Civilian. I right now. I don't know I'm just presenting you some of the ideas bouncing around, but there is something actually about this. As you know, the accusations made against Epstein and Maxwell have to do with trafficking. But something interesting was pointed out by this guy Eli. Onek. This guy is a CNN legal, analysed, former federal and state prosecutor. Here's what he said.
As the and, why just announced, because line Maxwell case, like the original Epstein case, is staffed by the public corruption unit, I worked at as D and why and did trafficking cases they do not run out of public corruption step what he means as publication office. Unless there is some potential angle against a public official there, it is. This leads me to believe that the true the likelier theory going on right now is that Berman was blocking some kind of actual moves we made against Maxwell or that Bore in tromp, don't trust him and that they knew they were to make a big move against Maxwell and this prosecutor, add to be removed from his position if justice would be had the reason. I think that is that if Donald Trump and the d o j we're trying to control the situation, they wouldn't be involving public corruption, Bay,
right back a target themselves. If they really were intervening to try and control the situation, public option would be out the window. They'd manipulate the circumstances they get rid of the prosecutor, who is potentially gonna, go after them. The fact that Burma was removed and now they're going for some kind of public corruption angle says to me potentially again all while speculation, complete assumptions. We have no idea what's going on. It says to me that the likelier of these wild theories would be that Trump is try to drain the swamp. That bill bar is going to go after Ugh is well arms gives Lane Maxwell not gives well mixer names up and actually targets on these big cabal corporate. Whatever not the reality, as we just now in a simple solution for now is what we know is that she's accused of being involved in accidents trafficking, which was recently that they, they they say in the diamond. I suppose that she was travelling on the world is in places like hotter and people who know what was she doing travelling around all this time. Perhaps she was setting up contingencies.
Maybe moving around some some money. We won't know for sure, and we don't know exactly. What's going on in all, anyone can do as speculate, but the one thing I can say for sure I bet the odds in Vegas, but I mean this figurative leave for Maxwell. Killing yourself are extremely high: let's be real men. What is the likelihood that we see another Epstein moment think about how crazy this was? They got Epstein they had locked up and they had sleepy guard broken cameras. Are you kidding me seriously? How did it happen if Bill BAR tromp or whoever? What I think they'll borrowers involved was was running things the time if they had this guy? How could they not understand that the the need for some heavy heavy security, which brings us now in the other direction the left things that bill bars in on it that are trying to shut him down battle. Believe so because Bilbil was out of the game for like twenty years, he was, I believe, use attorney general back in the early nineties and he was brought back and so
I don't see him as being involved in wanting to cover anything, because he wasn't here target for sure. Perhaps it came to two Epstein they just royally messed up, they made assumptions about who they can trust and they shouldn't have, and then all of a sudden Epstein was found dead and you got one guy, claiming that you didn't kill himself. At least that's what you know, one guy sang it looks like you was strength. Well, we'll, never know, and the power be well, though, make claims about what is true. What a conspiracy you'll see all of these journal, in media, just art telling a line and saying now don't believe I don't believe it. But let me tell you some. We all knew it. Everybody was saying it right that when Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, he's gonna kill himself, so was where the chances now, in my opinion I would be, I would be shocked if she actually gets testimony through if she actually
makes it actually names names and something actually happens. I'd be shocked. You know maybe will learn some hidden truths. I don't know for sure is already some interesting points being brought I shall run up a who is super, as I tromp, I believe said, Eli think is excellent. I dont get the plea agreement with Epstein that immunized random unnamed third parties. How is that possible? I can't see how that could be a legitimate defence for Maxwell thoughts totally agree that pleading was unconscionable and I ve never seen one like it. Glaring evidence of the absurd deal they gave Epstein down in Florida? Also, I think it's enforceable per regularly by a non party like Maxwell, perhaps its way to get rid of Berman. Perhaps they knew he was gonna, try and cover this up. Defended, Autonoe, Malleson, I am purposely not going through all the list of charges of Maxwell, because I think most of you already know- and I want to make sure that you too doesn't suppress this video at, have any excuse to do so. I believe
then I will say it right now that Maxwell's not going to a kind of weird to say, but I don't think you can make it was it a joke and we said Epstein was gonna, lose his life to some people like half, I say I say how joke, because everyone's gonna look at each other side, like a really gonna happen our now now, I think we're we're certain unless of course tromp and bar anybody else who actually wants to get to the truth and actually wants to justice surrounds this person with loyalists due to stop any one from coming after. But who knows what? If that the left is right, what if it was built bar who orchestrated the demise of Epstein, because I didn't want to testify- because tromp, was in on the take what if the reality is closer to the middle. It's not about left or right set about Trump Democrats. So the fact that all
The rich people in the world were, and on this gain together another try to make sure these people shut up. You know what it's fun to speculate, but we just won't know for the time being, I thought oh basing highlight these issues and bring up the arrest of Maxwell. But again I don't think we'll know I'm. I am certainly not gonna know, and I don't think you or anybody else will of course here and here. A lot of people who plainly know for sure and keep on the left are already claim that tromp is trying to cover things up, but I think that's a silly. I think all we can really do is sit back and hope that we actually get some justice not say this. If Maxwell comes out and hats naming names and protects Trump, the left won't believe it. That's where we're rather right now say that with the election, no matter what happens, the other side won't believe it so with Trump and power practice. His opportunity I live. There I got one a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly. Ladies and gentlemen, we got some good news and we got some bad news. The first we got an official statement from the deal,
J, West Hills manner rested on federal arson charge for allegedly starting fire and Santa Monica restaurant during civil disturbance, but the OJ has arrested another hard core far leftist. Vandal ride around in a calm extremist, this person, apparently burn down. A japanese restaurant that was owned by some Saki House is a family business. How insane are these people own region story, but is also bad news check this out, state attorney confirms charges will be dropped against hundreds of protesters in Chicago area. That's right once again the morality policing takes hold, while of course, there are the real reason for this, as we just don't, have the budget to deal with them with prosecutes, in all of these rebels, though, because of budgetary restrictions. We'll be releasing them. Sedge cook, county prosecutor Kim Fox That's right. You know where you lover, she is the states attorney who live.
Jesse smell. Let go so yeah morality, policing, see the cops arrest of these people and now- far left loyalist, I am unfortunately not gonna, be able to prosecute these people because of budget reasons, free them free them all. Welcome to the morality, policing situation, where certain people are allowed to commit crimes and get away with it. We got problems. Man, we got real problems, it's happening in many many big cities. Now I know I've heard all the kids. The conspiracy theories about these district attorney's war being appointed in the funding they're getting and we can see what's happening inter sectionalism. This fringe religion is becoming mainstream and it means the proponents of this religion, the fanatics the brown shirts are being given special protection, keep it pay attention. But let's talk about some good NEWS for us right, I say
a wise tells men was arrested this morning federal charges alleging he started a fire that cause substantial damage to the Saki House and Santa Monica Mica Tillman. Nineteen was arrested without incident this morning by special agents with the with the with the eighteenth. Eighty f p, alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives and officer to the Santa Monica Police Department, Germany's expected them because a national court appearances afternoon in the next crisis in the United States District court in downtown Elate Tillman, was arrested pursuant to a criminal complaint filed on June. Twenty fifth, unsealed. After the rest, the complaint charges Tillman with on account of arson, a felony offence that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years and federal prison and esteem. You're toy maximum sentence of twenty years. Let me just tell you the feds, typically win. Their cases looks like going to win this one to these far leftist are getting
rested rounded up and they are going to be locked up least, hopefully will see how these things play up at the state level. At least these people are being protected. New York, city, protected Fort Worth, Texas, protected and Chicago protect did the people who went out enforcing this ideology have allies in government who are letting them go. Welcome to the sad state of affairs in this country, right they invested so into storytellers investigators. Santa Monica fire department determine there was a fire caused by red object that Tillman allegedly placed in the restaurant Tillman, was identified by detectives with Santa Monica this apartment reviewed numerous security of videos and social media posts till it was also linked to the fire. When it to get his uncovered. A video showing his White Fort explore parking next to the Saki House. Four minutes before the fire started a right, so they go duty and rested right well on the bad news. The examiner reports, hundreds of protesters in Chicago area, will
charges against them dropped in the wake of national unrest. That was sparked. Following the May. Twenty fifth of George Floyd Cook County state attorney camphor, I said that, while violent offenders which Some looters will be prosecuted up to eight hundred and seventeen protestors, who had minor charges against them will be off the hook. Narratives man your business is shut down. The economy is our. Recover. My do five four point: eight million new jobs have come back stock markets rallying. So it's still good news, but they're telling us the fourth of July celebrations are tomorrow night and the following that they're saying don't go outside dont celebrate, don't celebrate your nation and what you believe in and what you care about, but the protesters neither ok draw the charges against them. Those eight hundred seventeen represent nonviolent offences, offences that
Some cases would be considered ordinance violations outside of the statute so give them. A fine fox said, also involve crimes of violence or allegations involving a victim about two Good offenders will continue to face charges related to looting, which Fox plans to prosecute at least you're gettin. That much Fox cited a lack of budgetary resources to extend for prosecutions of minor incidents according to Chicago's Fox thirty, two here I did the same reasoning after she made the decision not to prosecute shoplifters caught with less than one some boughs with a stolen merchandise, businesses, comes, I made Cook County Board President Tony per oppressed wrinkles announcement this week to cut the prosecutors budget by ten percent. Listen I understand their minor offences and
I think in many ways, nonviolent funders should mostly get a slap on the rest, but you can't just let all of these people go you you know. That's it. That's an act of a strategy to overwhelm the system on purpose, and we can't have it succeed. Is it really gonna cost you that much money to just enforce the mine violations the fines or whenever not least she's, going up the polluters that I can respect. But will there be any penalty for for these these these organisations, these ideological government institutions that are defending the far left- probably not, but maybe because not just trumps executive order. Now we have this Mccarthy to offer bill withholding funds from states that don't protect statues. Ok, maybe something will be done. Maybe the Republicans will finally stop sitting on their hands and go and do something now. This is something
I could pretend I have all the answers, and I know it's a lot easier from the outside to claim that you should be doing something when maybe this Republicans and Democrats can't to be fair Democrats actually defending these people and literally getting on bent me for them, so let's take a look at our publicans are doing they all reports. How's minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, said on Thursday. He plans to introduce legislation withholding federal funding for states in cities that don't enforce laws protecting statues and monuments. His announcement comes in the wake of nation. Wide protest. Against racial injustice spark throughout the country following the police, killing of George Floyd in May. During protests, there have been in since as of demonstrators ripping down and analyzing statues, this we know, but they mentioned specifically like abolitionists quote.
I'll, be introducing legislation to withhold funding from states in cities where leaders failed to uphold the law. The mobs that Democrats encourage, suppress, speech and punish those who speak out Mccarthy told reporters on Thursday Democrats encourage it because they think it is a distraction that their agenda Can skate by unnoticed? They see it as such as a supplementary to the radical movement in the streets. Top republicans argue that call to take down statues and monuments have gone too far, citing, for instance, some protestors who advocate for pulling down a statue of Abraham Lincoln in DC that shows a freed, slay kneeling in front of the former president or the or the removal of the four sculptures on Mount Rushmore ever literally calling for taking down Mount Rushmore, calm down in Boston believe there actually gonna be taking down the statue. It's the same statue: it is the same statue. It is Abraham Lincoln, standing with his hand like over a slave who is standing up and clutching,
This statue was meant to represent the slaves chains being Bro and him seeing freedom and Abraham Lincoln the great emancipator. Finally, ending slavery, and the statue, at least in DC, was paid for by freed slaves, who thanked her thanking and appreciated Abraham Lincoln. Now, of course, Abraham Lincoln, you Ulysses S. Grand and many of these people were still very, very racist. We don't got wee wee wee, wee, wee respect them. In spite of the bad things. We recognise the bad things call em up. We should recognise the good things, listen.
I come from a family history who knows full well: occupation, slavery, torture, etc, maybe not necessarily in the same way, but my family pop. What good portion of them had to flee and we still lived in this country with no civil rights for a long time, and there are still challenges that my family faces and we don't have any statues representing the struggles we faced. It'd be nice, but whatever mccone complain about it, it would be nice to have statues showing that the reforms that granted civil rights specifically to my family in their history, but it's ok, I'm not gonna gotten complain. I'm not gonna launch a committee to advocate for the creation of such a statute is fine. I can pretend to know how these people feel, because I think there is a good argument made about the statue in general. The idea is, there shouldn't, be a statue signifying that anyone needed to be granted their freedom in the first place, as if some one had control in the first place. But while I can respect that that feeling I can authorise
act who paid for the statue who wanted to be there and what regular people the average person thinks about it, and you don't have the right to tear it down because your feelings are hurt so anyway, Kevin Mccarthy, it's less about the turn out his edges and more about the vandalism. Perhaps now, with these people being released, will still see something at the federal level that will force these states to finally protect these monuments, the general idea being. If they don't, they can't get funding troops had something similar with his executive order and the taskforce Bernie going after extremists in general. But other idea was that if these states want federal funding, they have to agree to protect public property, statues and monuments, regardless,
in a federal or otherwise, tromp actually asked to have won the confederates edges replaced by put back up and Wild Perth is the funniest thing it's like. I was left wing people criticising me for saying this over and over again, yes, the statues should come down. No, they should come down through violence. It should be voted upon. You look I'll, tell you what you and take on any statue anywhere. That's fine! As long as you have offered you vote for your great. Oh it William say if, if everybody in this country voted and agreed that Mount Rushmore should come down, what are we supposed to do? I was both the alike no, no, no, the minority dictates sometimes does, but for the most part, I believe that if the people actually go through democratic process and make a decision be reformer, otherwise that we make those changes, we ve gotten rid of things. At our offensive. We got rid of rid of bad laws that were considered. Instead, to share of this country for a long time. So, while we may look back about Rushmore and I would certainly vote to defend it, you may come to a point. We will vote to remove it. I disagree with that idea, but I you know
not Rushmore is not a symbol of the confederacy or slavery assembled the good side of this country, the union, the who won the symbol of the birth of a nation that one we won and we ended slavery to get the point. Maybe this will be some action that will actually put some pressure on the far left as these these cities and localities release them always bill bar. In summer. Anyway, I want more. I got one more silent coming up in a few minutes, then it will see while shortly Mark Zuckerberg is telling these woke far left boycotting companies to go pound sand he's, not gonna change policies just because you're threaten threatening them with a boycott. More document even want to say you know what they'll be back and everybody our clapping and sharing any stood there nod and was arms crossed and all the Conservatives were like marks. Ugh Burg, you stand up against aid speech. What a day after Facebook announced policy changes to quell the advertiser revolt. Ok, you know what spare me the story mark Zuckerberg, here's, what he's doing his job,
going right now, because he doesn't know which faction is gonna win, come November, Annie's its worried about what that means. You see, we have this story here. What mark Zuckerberg? Sir? then does are two different things. I find a kind of hilarious, it is true he did tell these big companies to go pound sand right. He's he's not gonna change policies. And then he told people who work there, that you know what the eventual you'll be back, but this story is from the other day. So what about this story? Facebook policy changes fail to quell advertiser revolt. What really happened is it the boycott schemes, mark, Zuckerberg, sat, ok, ok, we'll work it out. You know we're gonna. A change from the rules and they said we want more and then mark. Zuckerberg said you know what nah I'm done about because, maybe Mark realized, there is no line there, can't you and say we want you to ban this guy. Ok, final ban, it will now be. This, ok I'll band
do not ban that one shore nobody's now. Ok, that's it! I'm done a mechanical banning everything and if you give them an inch they'll take a mile and there's no line. There's none. What they actually want is all the way to the full. But so far the laughed it's like up against the wall and you're like in the middle, and so there like right there not no move a low but not take another setback. Ok now take another step back and if you keep going eventually you're right there with the far left. Well, let's see, what's with what the latest story is business. Insider reports, Facebook, CEO Mark, Zuckerberg, told employees last week, the company would not change approached on hate speech, even with scores of advertisers boycotting the platform, we're not gonna change our policies or approach on anything because of a threat to a small percentage of our revenue, who can spicy small percent or to any per cent of our revenue. Zuckerberg said: Durham, a virtual town hall on Friday
My guess is that all these advertising advertisers we'll be back on the platform soon enough. He set according to the information. Adding the boycott was a reputational and partner issue rather than a financial one, because most of facebooks revenue comes from small business. And not large brands. Bravo good, sir! I I you know. I I appreciate when Mark Zuckerberg is I don't. Shall we did recently where he said there A ban? You no ads targeting immigration of my back, that's political, but I do this for a long time when the ad polyps comes from comes for Google or whatever it was so annoying that you too would not go now. What do we do we better just bend over now? What you do is you, whether the stuff, and you laugh it's funny how powerful facebook and Google have become and they're still scared of an elaborate iser boycott, while facebooks not worried because small businesses, Dr Facebook, add revenue, that's good news for Facebook. I guess I'm not a big fan of faith, my job, because what was always funny to me, these big advertise, it would go to Youtube and be like
I believe our adds would appear on this. Video google me only say: oh, oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah you're upset. You want to change. Ok, you already do we'll get terminate your accounts. Can never advertise on Google again and you know what, companies, would say or be good. I mean it's a problem with with Google's monopoly power. The funny thing is: Google flexes its monopoly. Power against us and then says: nothing's advertisers. Google, when you got him happily gonna monopoly gay, so they control the space. Where we can publish you know, there's very few platforms. We can actually Rachel large audience or make money. There are some good alternatives bit shoot. For instance, minds. Upload your videos there, but Google instead of saying to the advertisers, go pound sand. You're, not you no doubt that they think they turn off. They turn on us. They blame us for things. They do monetize our videos. It's been better, might my mind the allergies. I keep bitching, but it's been
better recently. You manifestation seem to have been going down quota that because you just kind of cleaning things up, but at a certain point, couldn't google just say to any these companies here is that, I would say is exactly what I say if, if coke or any of these companies came to me and said, we don't want, you know we're gonna pull adds unless you make chain, I'd say, if you pull your ads right now, we will never allow you back on Youtube period. Think about what that means. I mean what they would have said there is that ok, ok, ok, if you terminate by threatened me. We won't. We will suffer all contact with you and you will never be allowed because there are private private platform right. You know that would mean for these big brands seat. They they they they they were threatening. Google and a set of calling their bluff. Google bend over backwards. Will Facebook isn't having
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it could have my adds again and marks gonna be like on doubling you're right about this fair? I don't care, then go away because we control the space now mind you. There are still problems with monopolistic power. Facebook saw six sixty billion in market value erased and just two days earlier this week as major Brands joined the boycott, but its shares have largely rebounded. Since then I tell you what man I'm honourable any stock and facebook, but if I was a button man, if I was gonna work I dont stock and Facebook. As soon as this happened out, a bought up and a lot of people probably did laughing saying. Are you dumb, you think you're gonna pull your ads, that's gonna! Fact: Facebook
and now they made a lot of money off it. In recent weeks, civil rights groups equally Mendel animal. I see PETE. Eighty l and color of change called for advertising. The boycott Facebook following sucker bergs inaction on inflammatory posts by Donald Trump, more than five hundred companies, including major brands, just Coke Ford, Starbucks rise, and it is unilever- have pulled out a social media platform as part of a campaign, not true fake news, fake news. Coca COLA, Verizon and Starbucks? I believe, actually end Unilever, I believe they all said, maybe not rise, and they all said it was due to the polarization it had nothing to do with it with the boycott. They said they would put ads anywhere. Thus, not that's not true. On Friday, the boycott gang steam Facebook said it would attach labels to newsworthy post from politicians that violated its hate speech policies, a significant reversal for the company
Facebook executives have also tried in multiple private discussions to address ever tighter concerns, but those talks ultimately broke down with advertisers, calling facebooks efforts simply not moving and boycotts organ or eyes are demanding that Zuckerberg personally attend because he is the ultimate a forty Zuckerberg official eventually agreed to meet with leaders of the end of a lazy, p color of change Adsl. They say eighty eighty I'll try for some reason. Ok Adsl are raw RAP Todd. Gotten it told business inside sucker comments, Friday suggest he may have already made up his mind and he seemed to him. The boycott might actually be back firing. If someone goes out there and threatens you to do something that actually kind of puts you in a bar Where, in some ways it even harder to do what they want, because now it looks like you're capitulating and that sets a bad long that sets up bad long term incentives for others to do to you as well Zuckerberg called employs accords. To the information and an email to business insider a Facebook Rep said we too.
These matters very seriously respect the feed from our partners or making real progress, keeping hate speech off our platform, and we don't benefit from this kind of content. But, as we said, we make policy changes based on principles, not revenue pressures. A facebook holds firm and refuses to given this could actually break the damn. Finally, you know why these far left organisations that organise these boycotts keep winning and people getting scared. If Zuckerberg turns around and says enough and veil whose people will see their weakness. What's the sang when you make God bleed that blood will be in the water and the sharks, welcome and people will cease to believe in him. I That was our Ivan vodka from iron man too, so they have come after Facebook and he makes a good point. These are both juggernaut. They want to take it, take a bite out of Facebook and Facebook led. Then all these organisations would see the blood, no water and they would come
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, only choice was to say no, we will not be bullied Now these organizations far left organizations. Advertisers are gonna lose and they look weak they'll. Defeated, and then other organizations will start standing up and saying I refuse as well. If you dont want to advertise with us, that's your loss, backfire on these companies, men, they're, not gonna, be able to lay out the money somewhere at the end of every year, as a major surge and add revenue for online for Digital, because a lot of these big marketing departments have money left over there trying to find ways to spend the money to boost marketing if they're holding that money back at the end of the year, the going to be like spend it all. Mark Zuckerberg knows this. Why doesn't Google knows no? This? Oh, you want to hold your ads back from us. We know that you,
the remainder of your budgets on December. You know thirty, first or whenever or the whole month of December. So how about you with all this much money as you'd like because come December, we're gonna, get it all back anyway. It's about time. People like standing up to these outrage, mobs Zuckerberg included, now mind you again like I mentioned he still kind of trying to juggle because he doesn't. I was gonna, win Hitler But there are some really east on back and forth and lessen the right and it's fair to say that when you get a platform, this big both sides are gonna, make demands now. Here's the issue. Ok, when you, if you will come to you mark and they say just allow people to speak their minds, you ve got people saying: let's have a neutral platform people can argue shortcoming ability block. Then you have the whining children threatening the leave. Let him go. You cannot maintain a platform where you're like I'm, going to keep giving in to the cry babies, because I'll never stop crying, tell them a very creditable to shut up and go away. They the adults, are talking and then watch them combat,
it's a I'll, be good. That's it needs to happen. Hopefully this is that message I can say for sure, but have a living next time it will be tomorrow at ten, a m- or perhaps you will just come, hang out at the IRA podcast, which will be at eight p m, LIVE Youtube com slashed him cast out either way. I will see you all next time.
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