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FORTY FOUR States Now DISPUTING The Election, 126 GOP Reps Sign On REJECTING Biden, Support Trump


FORTY FOUR States Now DISPUTING The Election, 126 GOP Reps Sign On REJECTING Biden, Support Trump. In an (almost) unprecedented move 126 members of the Republican party serving in the US House of Representatives have signed an amici curiae in support of Texas and president Trump.Democrats insist that the lawsuit from Texas is frivolous but at this point it doesn't matterDemocrats and Republicans have drawn lines, neither agrees with the other. Media is complicit and corrupt, lying to the American people.No matter what The Supreme Court rules, no one will accept it.

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Forty four states are in dispute as to who the president is. Twenty of them are in support sang these four states, this Lakers should choose their electors, the other twenty are saying they did it having right and four states are being sued in kind of even suing themselves, but forty four states with six kind of abstaining and we got major breaking news. Is all this moves at lightning speed? One hundred and twenty six members of the? U S house of Representatives Republican Party, have signed a Micaiah curie. I basically saying we support Texas These are people essentially saying Donald Trump. Did and should when the election, what the very least there saying they three with Texas in this lawsuit and the supreme.
Needs to allow taxes to file this complaint. Taxes, as a fish has officially responded. So taxes, father lawsuit, the Supreme Court gave the for defendants states until Thursday respond, which they did saying. This is bunk and now, as it is on taxes to respond and Texas did. And I think you know this- really crazy. There's there's money leftists saying it's frivolous garbage and makes no sense, but I don't know I'm not saying texts will win. I dont know the Supreme Court will even take this up. Maybe these leftist pundits are right. The taxes that the Supreme Court we'll just throw this out, but at the very least you have to recognise that in these states they did change the rules of the election against the wishes of the state legislators, which does violate the electors clause of the constitution. Does that mean they overthrow the election? No, but I dont think that even
matters. At this point right now we ve got Pennsylvania and their response saying that Texas is guilty of seditious behavior Esquire is writing. The Republican Party is now a sedition just organization, that's where we're at sedition, one half of the country fighting the other half of the country as to who they think the president really is. I know it's not as simple as that everybody wants a simple answer, but before you on your screen, I M showing you. This is in the Supreme Court. United States on motion for leave to file a bill of complaint. It is U S, representative, Might Johnson, and one hundred and twenty five other members of the? U S, house of representatives in support of plaintiffs motion for leave to labelling, complaint and motion for preliminary injunction, and I
leave. We have Kevin Mccarthy, the House leader, who has signed on sixty four percent of the house. G o p has now signed on Purler today, and I believe it was. A man testified in Wisconsin that, while working for the United States Post Office, he was instructed to deliver backdated ballots over a hundred thousand. And there is no real response- the mainstream media- I should say rebuttal the mainstreaming,
It responded by saying it wouldn't matter anyway, because they wouldn't count. I don't like it matters. My friends after the story of Hunter Biden broke just the other day two days ago that the criminal investigations are real, that Joe Buttons brother is being investigated. We can't trust the mainstream media. They they specific they they intentionally withheld this information. They lied to us. They said none of. It was true now most of us who pay attention. We know the story was legitimate because we read the emails but their manipulating the public in the American people. Why? Now, when they write that this story is merit, listen meaningless, should I believe them? Why now, when they say that this man, this whistle blower Wisconsin, is, is lying or out or irrelevant? Why I believe them may busy good reason, or maybe the divide decouple in this country is so severe there too, that the two realities will never be mended
and no one will ever trust the other side. But why would I I saw exactly what you saw Joe Biden, helping facilitate it: sons, business dealings in China by flying him on air force to and the media. trying to cover it up to protect a corrupt. Politicians too, thou him to enrich himself off the backs of working people in this country, and now are, they would say two shot up when it comes to this lawsuit pertaining to Texas? and the whistleblowers. Let's start breaking down, on what's going on, because we have the official response for TAT from Texas, and I want to show you just a couple of things. I want to show you at least one definitive thing that shows regards of anti fraud claims on constitutional grounds. I want to see a response that actually explains These states were able to change the election rules against the wishes of the legislators at the constitution.
Does not matter. I want to hear how they explain that before we get started had over it cast dot com donut. If you'd like to support my work there many ways we can give this appeal: Botswana, semi some stuff, but the best thing can do, is shared this video. Let people know what's going on, My friends, it is getting very, very bad. I want to show you this from Scott atoms. Google just shut me down. He says the video they deleted is no. different from all my other content. I assume they'll come for other video soon. Scott scams posted a screenshot where it's it's an imagined from Youtube saying our path. She says content that advances false claims, that widespread fraud errors or glitches, and I'm not going to complete the sentence because I dont get flagged either that you cannot claim that these issues affecting the outcome, the election they removed Scott Adams Content, Please consider supporting my channel by sharing this video so that
allied outer into the supply, to the best of our ability before you to finally does take it down, but operated subscribe like Button Unification Bell, here's the story from the hill and then we'll get in the spicy stuff all eyes. On Supreme Court in Texas Fight they say the consensus among election law experts is it. The court will roundly reject taxes, extraordinary, quite extraordinary request to invalidate buttons when, in the four key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia was content with the filing of its reply. Brief on fraud play morning, taxes cleared the way for the court to issue an order on its request for a preliminary injunction, perhaps later that that same day, so I'm court watchers expect the court will act no later than Sunday ahead of the next day's electoral college meeting to formalize Biden's win over President Trump. That was true. Many law experts have said this will get rejected.
and there actually is one decent argument at the very least when they say that these four states violate the electors clause. Many other states did as well Why isn't Texas suing all the other states? Now some are saying that the attorney general in Texas who file the lawsuit, is only doing so because facing a federal investigation. It wants a pardon, but that makes no sense. Georgia's they legislature has also signed on arguing. They were wronged. You s, house representatives have signed on saying they did violate the constitution, so you can all you. This one guy is bad or whatever, but then all these other people signing on or intervening while they could just fine on their own. If they wanted to, one person does not negate the claims being made, but of course,
there are some trop supporting lawyers who have said they dont think this will go anywhere. It's it's a it's a long shot idea, but I don't think that matters and that's the important part here that does not matter to me what matters is that we are at a point where forty four states are currently in dispute over who the president will be. This is, I would say, unprecedented, but the United States has had a civil war in the past so of course, people liked to say it's never gonna happen, my friends, forty four states. If the Supreme Court comes out ends as this is ridiculous and we reject this. Do you think a hundred and twenty six members of the house are just going to say, ok sure, whatever on twitter right now there are people tweeting, The GEO P House members who signed onto this have committed sedition and should be censured and booted from all committees somewhere saying the Republican Party should be completely removed
and some are even saying that Republicans are not affect our affection, not a party. By supporting the president's efforts to overcome the election, the party is endangering its very existence, says Robert, a George. We have moved well beyond. Whether or not this is about the pop up procedure or process. We are at the point where both sides are accusing each other of staging a coup One side doesn't believe Joe Biden actually won the other side. the Believe, Donald Trump, actually one once Has the mainstream media making tons of claims, but we now see at the mainstream media lied about Hunter Biden, so why? What I believe anything. They publish their coming out an and admitting Joe Biden, families under criminal investigation and they withheld this information, calling it not news and they called it russian disinformation and now they would
come out and expect me to believe them the realities, realities in this country or fractured into from right bark Pennsylvania to U S Supreme Court, Texas, guilty of seditious behaviour. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, accused Texas of sedition its filing Thursday at the? U S Supreme Court, responding to a Texas lawsuit, seeking to invalidate the presidential vote of for other states unconstitutional grounds. The only problem, members of the State House legislator. The general assembly have filed briefs in support of Texas, So this is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I believe, as per the attorney general, but not the state legislators, they say Pennsylvania's of the texas- was guilty of seditious abuse of budget of the judicial process, sedition is commonly understood as rebellion and is defined more precisely and federal criminal law as an attempt to overthrow the United States government as bright Bart NEWS was the first report.
Taxes to Georgia, Michigan Pennsylvania's continent Monday night, that we understand pencil vein. and other states filed their responses on Thursday saying since election day, state and federal courts throughout the country have been flooded, Frivolous lawsuits aimed at disenfranchises large swathes of voters, undermining the legitimacy of the election instead of taxes has now added its voice to a cacophony of bogus claims. Taxes seeks to invalidate elections in four states. For you, building result with which it disagrees. It requests for this court to exercise its original jurisdiction, and an annoying to Texas has preferred candidate for president is legally indefensible as and is an affront to the principles of constitutional democracy. Texas, his effort to get this court to pick the next president has no basis in law, or fact the court should not abide by this the dishes abuse of the judicial process and should send a clear and unmistakable signal that such abuse must never be replicated. I dont believe that
Anybody will be satisfied by the result of wants to come No one was satisfied on November third November seventh, no one was satisfied on December eighth, say pop safe harbour deadline and are now I bring to Mark Ii Elias a Democrat. He is a, I believe he runs democracy, docket he's a lawyer fighting for Democrats. In response, to the earlier news of the crack caucus. They called it a hundred and six. Members are now a hundred twenty six. He says I am shaken by this Texas case, not because it will prevail, it won't but because something is seriously wrong with our democracy. At these elected leaders, who know better are using the courts to spread, lie and undermine our elections. This makes me very worried. This is in response to Jake Tapir, who said the cracking caucus a hundred six house, Republicans and eighteen
state attorneys general, who signed onto a anti democracy law lawsuit to disenfranchisement, of their fellow Americans based on lies and conspiracy theories, while Jake Tapir, if only you, are a journalist, because Jake Tapir Poohpooh the story about Hunter Biden when it was brought up on his show at the Bidens had profited from China cuz. I don't. I don't know what that means. I don't know if that means now he does now. He is tweeting and Hunter Biden and Jim biting the biting family, are facing very serious criminal investigations pertaining to central money laundering and another contracted and illicit business dealings? Subject: tapir now I don't take your word for it I believe he s another one of these fake news journalists, tony matter of time before you, two bandsmen
I am as they did Scott Atoms, and I am fully aware of that. But I'm gonna keep talking about what needs to be talked about. Take a look at this video from team Trump must watch shocking statement from: U S, PS contractor on massive election irregularities in Wisconsin. There's a man named Ethan Peace, peace was a driver and the story he tells is quite shocking. He said that he was told that spike by postal workers, where he was working, they were backdating ballots. He said that one night he went to deliver ballots and the next day they said you missed a palette of a hundred thousand. He said I didn't believe I did and ask am I going to get in trouble and he was told basically no
go ahead, bring these ballots and based on what he had heard about backdating. He was very concerned, and now he is blowing the whistle. How do you think mainstream media is responding to these very serious accusations. I'm not saying it's true, not at all he's one guy. I want to see the truck. Show me the evidence you can make your claim, but I'll tell you this. Is it enough to say? Can we please look into this? I think so. Is it enough to say this definitive proof come on man to quote Joe Biden? I know a lot of people want me to say hard. Yes, I've. I've absolutely said. I think things are strange and stuff, but this has to go through a legitimate, us- and I don't know you know what, Maybe we don't have enough time to do that hard investigation. I take what he searing
I take me saying seriously legitimately and it must be looked into, but take a look at this from politic poet effect. This is from stated December. Second, twenty twenty on Facebook, alleged, backdated ballots, wouldn't have been counted even is even if, U S p s. claim we're true. Take your time is short and said this is false. They say we can't yet say if the backdating claims are true, but we know they didn't affect the Wisconsin vote totals. Let me issue a correction: we can't save the back. Getting claims are true, that's a fact, but it absolutely would have affected Wisconsin vote totals it doesn't mean that it did Ok? That's that's it that's important, throwing out this guy's lying. I understand he scientist, worn affidavits, affidavit, whistle blower, but take it with the greatest out and will see how these things play out. an add on. I will stress. I run the risk of being banned for just telling you what happened: no joke they could they could remove this video,
they gonna say: absentee belts had to be received by the time, pulls clothes and election day to be counted the date. Does it matter. If the belts weren't submitted by then they would just say they were ok. You see Albert echoes, that is always content. Election results were reported by four a M November. Fourth, before the alleged backdating reference by this purported whistleblower. Now that is a legitimate point which does call this into question, but they could have just said it was received prior or or not. But yes, if the vote tunnels were reported, then I believe this claim. is likely moot it's just. You know. I guess the point I'm trying to bring up with something like this. Is I don't trust the mainstream media? I dont trust this this, common right here, even though it is a good point. I can't assume its true, I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just saying: the media has done too much to shake my confidence in their reporting. When in the past several years, I've rag and media,
and the lies, and that's what I'm trying to get at here. this is moving at lightning speed by the time. I finish recording this video, so I waited to the last minute a time and finish recording this video sprinkle. They have issued a ruling and then this video becomes completely pointless and that's a challenge with fast moving stories like this, and that's where the most important thing that I'm talking about here is not whether or not the Supreme Court roles in favour or an opposition to a Texas sang the impasse. The point is that no one believed and no one will be satisfied, and we are here towards probably the most ridiculous outcome ever the accusation, either party is wrong, evil or seditious. We have this one from Esquire. I've reference that a bit, but let me show you what they say esquires nothing succeeds like secession, late, one the afternoon at it in a clear demonstration as there ever was there ever has been
an authoritarian wrought at the heart of the republican party. Seventeen other states all govern primarily by Republicans, filed an amicus brief in support of the ludicrous loss at being brought by CAN Paxton seventeen accomplices. He says to the brain dead, seditious conspiracy he's calling it a seditious conspiracy. This story from a somber ninth is not December eleventh, and that number is nineteen states, sorry, including taxes. That gives us twenty, and this is where it gets much more serious. Robert, a George sets not a faction on I'm sorry, it's on a party, it's a faction, ok, call it a faction by all means, call it a faction. They say with each passing day. President Donald Trump losses can do you know
mountain court challenges to the election results see. This is a lie. They say. As of this writing by one count, the campaign is one two hundred and fifty three know it isn't. The Trump campaign did not file. Fifty three lawsuits that leave the Trump campaign is filed. Three according to Rudy Giuliani, three, the other fifty are brought by citizens and voters and republic it's? Not Donald Trump? But you see why I say the media Tartu, trust. We can trust him. They're lying to make. It seem like Trump is, being defeated, left and right today. The states of New California and New Nevada, which don't exist, filed amicus briefs with the amicus July in support of Texas, and they are roundly mocked because who is new? California and New Nevada puts things like that.
exist to discredit Texas and from the Republicans, and then the media will use that to claim you see. This proves that these people are crazy, but we don't know who file these insane. What we do know that their names wrong, but as it's not californy, the matter was signing. This is ridiculous. It's insane these laws which being file that art from the truck campaign could be intentionally dumb. Just to make trot looked like a loose so the media can come and say over and over again he lost he lost shut. Your mouth shut, your mouth, he lost Trump, has three lawsuits he did lose them. There are mostly, I believe, an appeal, but I believe there, basically just not going well for him. So trumps, one in three. You can be honest about it right. While Trop has filed an intervention to join taxes as an end as an injured party and by saying the Republican Party is a faction by one.
Because in saying there engaging in sedition by Pennsylvania, say in their filing? This is sedition. That's why I say at this point Scottish doesn't matter. Pennsylvania believes that taxes interstate of rebellion, if the Supreme Court says no to tat this does not change the fact that taxes is in a state of rebellion. It doesn't it just me. Is that one side will be left unsatisfied Missouri. At an interesting argument, Missouri said that I certainly agree with taxes, but they want the court to hear them out and I believe that the right approach I dont know if taxes is right or wrong, but taxes does point out that many of the rules in these states were changed against the wishes of the Europe that the republican legislators now, I believe, those that- Governor of Montana, who said we did the same thing. Are you why are you not suing us Think the issue is a question of whether or not there
as a challenge brought to these states nobody's challenging Montana. The margin is too is too large. We know who Montana voted for, but in these other four states that it is right. actively close, not so much in Michigan. So that is a decent argument, but it doesn't negate the argument outright. It means ok, fine, we'll see you too. I guess you don't need to that's the issue, but it is a good point. access should have suit, basically every state, but may be that we have been too much, the issue now, however, to counter this is that within these states the state like slayers have signed on as amicus briefs. Supporting the suit The state legislator of Montana in dispute, are they challenging what's happening and asking for help or some kind of relief Oh, then, why would it make sense to sue them? At any moment, Supreme Court will rule. And we will either have left behind
angry or the right being angry at the Supreme Court decides to grant leave and the case moves forward. Things will stay kind of They are slow and not nothing. What will happen if they reject this there is going to be uproarious was right, retrieval, I'm not saying people industries of guns, anything like that. But let me just tell you a hundred and twenty six house Republicans have signed on correct on January six, when the actual votes are counted in a joint session of Congress. If we have. hundred and twenty six republicans demanding that this be disputed, it doesn't just get resolved,
now without a majority I dont see them changing anything and maybe they revolt they Rabble Joe Biden becomes president and that in the months moving forward, things start to break down as nobody cooperate cup cooperate with each other and things get spicy. I don't know, I don't know, because I can't predict the future, but I'll tell you what I can do. I can do this Forbes says Donald trumps. Presidency will end on that. b of a comet and a meteor shower and a total eclipse of the sun. I know I'm not superstitious, I'm not into astrology or anything like that, but I believe there is a funny quote from Jp Morgan where it says millionaires, don't follow astrology billionaires to I don't, but I do love this idea. Donald Trump on December 14th, there's going to be a parent of a comment, there I believe it's that generates agenda Madonna product meteor shower and there will be a total soul.
Eclipse of the sun in South America. Ok in South America, not in North America, so maybe it's less relevant but something else is going to be happening this month, you see Forbes S will happen on Monday, the day the Electoral College set to vote. We will get a meteor shower and a comment and yes. Yes, it's not entirely fair, but a solar eclipse of the sun. Something else is happening. Christmas star, we'll be closest visible conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in eight trickier. come on. I know it's silly right, but you mean to tell me that on the winter solstice December, twenty first, twenty, twenty, the I believe it's the darkest day of the year Jew,
water and Saturn will align in conjunction for the brightest, visible conjunction an eight hundred years. It's happening now, it's not just going to blank overnight. You can probably see it right now, they're, probably right next to each other or very close. These celestial events occurring on such an important day well important week. I suppose this week between the 14th and the 21st is going to be at so spicy as the electoral college votes are cast a Supreme court issues, their ruling, just presumably just prior. Maybe today, or tomorrow or Sunday, maybe even on Monday, and the planet's align and the meteor showers happen and boy what a silly silly time to be alive Ok, I'm not actually suggesting that you know these states. I'm sorry that that that these celestial events mean anything, but I do find it kind of funny because There- Mrs viral video of this woman, saying that Joe Biden was gonna, win like in October B,
I of his like identity for word, astrology accesses. I have no idea what she was talking about, but it was and everybody was sharing at having a laugh about and then by one but yeah come on like eat. You know you could flip a coin and argue that you be there's two choices. It means fifty fifty, but people were making cuts across the board sums trumpeted by. we got it, sometimes people were right, but she also says in this edge astrology video, that something is going to change the fundamental nature of leadership: in this country will change. and then we learn in December twenty first, the conjunction of Jupiter and sat on the brightest and eight hundred years, a sign, a portent, a vision in the sky. Probably not, but I tell you if I were to tell you if I was a safe two years ago, forty four states would be ins loss in a legal dispute over who the president was gonna. Be you wouldn't have believed me, ladies gentlemen, let's just stick around be patient
and wait to see what happens as Supreme Court is set to make their announcement soon, and it's not over. has come January. Sex. The Republicans could still dispute this and will see our plays out a live there. My friends to night, eight p m live at you too. Dot com slashed him cast IRA will be likely. The biggest show we have ever had and could percentage could precipitate the end of my career on this platform. I don't really think so, but Tom, prepare for what is going to be one of the silliest, craziest and most fun shows we ve done. I hope you know what that means. I will see you at eight p m over it Youtube outcomes lashed him cast iron help thanks, rang out and I will see you all then, and then maybe not tomorrow, we'll find out thanks. Franklin. You know I of all people, I'm just
I'm sick and tired of everyone saying it's. A civil war what's happening is a civil war between no, no, no now, no, it's not a civil or my friends. It simply stark cultural differences between two parent factions I have been fighting each other in the streets in an escalating fashion for several years. We also had the outgoing administration, the presidential administration aligned with one faction targeting the incoming administration with dubious and instigation, putting the rush job and then trying to imprison a former general and then once action the laugh tries to impeach and remove the president could, as part of the other faction, which brings us to an election where many people are calling into question and then one state files, a lawsuit, saying these four states via the constitution and the nineteen other states, violent support of them, and then twenty states and two other territories file in support of these four states. And then
The F b, I subpoenas the guy who started that lawsuit. Ok, let me slow down. Did you make it through that bit? Call it what you want? Maybe it's a civil or maybe it's not maybe you just wouldn't realize what a civil war would look like, but let me tell you When there is an ongoing lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General saying that for states violated the electors clause of the constitution. And members of the Pennsylvania House General Assembly. These are actual peep. in Pennsylvania on the state is targeted is also agreeing. We have a filing by members of a state legislature in Georgia. Saying Texas is right: the electors clause was violated, the state changed the rules without our approval, that's true what can Paxton has asserted in his lawsuit is true
But what are we seeing now from the left that can Paxton is a criminal and he must be investigated, he's corrupt. He accepted bribery, and maybe olive, that's true, maybe Or its also possible, in my opinion, its extremely suspicious that on December tenth we got news that whistle blowers. Made allegations against, can Paxton the guy who file the laws in taxes which is being supported I believe, a hundred and six members of the: U S, house of Representatives, twenty states and large. Portions of the General Assembly's or state legislatures in some of these target states, this guy is not just making things up to get a pardon, because if that were the case all of these. Other states and individuals would not have signed on, but that's the narrative. The left is saying that can packs and only filed this publicity stunt lawsuit, hoping that Donald Trump would give him a pardon,
If that's the case, why are these subpoenas coming now after the loss it was filed? Perhaps he note was coming so he rushed in its an amateur write, something in support of trump, but trumps been talking about pardoning. anybody who simply asks for it. If that's true, I think this is what you would see in a civil war, the fat. the FBI. They say open its trumps FBI, o spare me the FBI that went after Flynn and Tromp has been fighting to defend him. No, it isn't about the FBI under Bill BAR that new hunter by was under investigation and and and quite properly did not disclose that to the public, but the journalists did. Neither the FBI does not come to the back. Call of Donald Trump. It doesnt serve him, and so you absolutely have individuals in the FBI now going after can Paxton and this is it doesn't matter lock, it doesn't matter if he's actually committed these crimes,
of bribery and abuse of office because we are in top tier factional conflict, go a lot of people think they know what civil war would look like, and I- I think it's because every one imagines that one day you'll be sitting in your home and turn on CNN or Fox NEWS and you'll. Have bill, Hammer or Anderson Cooper GO, ladies and gentlemen, America, is in civil war and that have little back Well, yeah, I guess that's it Maybe at a certain point you just have to say I think we understand what's happening. They are trying to lock up the man who has filed the law suits, I should say they. Ve subpoenaed, amid whistle blower allegations. Remember the whistle blower allegations against Donald Trump. I got a slow down here. Donald Trump was on a phone call with Ukraine, the president- and he was I it's weird stuff with your body, we gotta look into. Can you look into this and a whistle blower accused trump of
I'm too, I guess, dig up dirt on its political rival, even though Biden wasn't running for president, We now know that the Biden family is under criminal investigation are not just a hunter by his is brother Jim as well. And Joe Buttons, the one who facilitated the deal. Some of these deals in question, so Donald Trump was right. Donald Trump was trying to investigate legitimate corruption. We now know is confirmed and they sought to impeach him for it. Now ten Paxton, perhaps he's a bad guy sure has filed a lawsuit from taxes supported by all these other states, and the FBI shows up and says subpoena this guy. Let me read you a little bit of the story and I want to go through where we are right now, because we are in the thick of it. We have I mean, look states are lining up, but the most fascinating thing and the most important is a statement from Georgia, members of the georgian state legislature who fight.
The brief on behalf of taxes, saying please Supreme Court here. What we have to say the electors clause was violated. They go on frozen familiar them. Even its is complex stop. I know the constitution says that the ultimate authority for for elections and how their put together is a state legit. but you're in Georgia. The rules were changed by the courts and by the governor and a democratic party, no joke yeah those a settlement and they say that's, that's not! Ok! Here's a story from cavy! You either have be. I subpoenas taxes attorney. general can Paxton amid whistle blower allegations. Fbi agents have issued at least one federal subpoena for records. From a Texas attorney general's office. In an ongoing investigation into allegations against attorney general, can Paxton sources confirm to cavy you eat there are quest for information were issued on Wednesday at the agencies had where's on West Fourteenth street. It was not immediately
your, how many subpoenas were issued a what information federal agent sought. The investigation started after top Paxton AIDS alleged to the FBI in early October. They believe pacts and may be committing crimes and include abusive office and bribery and its dealings with often investor Nate Paul. So this goes back to well before the other The left is arguing that he's only father lawsuit as a stunt to get a pardon from tromp. I mentioned this and perhaps that that's a fair argument and other matters I do I'm taking matters at a matters at all, take a look at this Stephen Colbert. This is what this is. What he said in his bit, forget: what do you call it when a bunch of states band together to say the other states elected the wrong president's Colbert, said feigning, a memory elapse some sort of grouping or confederation of states. I see why they kept all those flags now Colbert joking, but he's my the king. These did this humorous base in politics.
he sang, there's a brooding civil war coming You can tell me I'm not seeing it tell me, I'm crazy, I think you're crazy. Maybe it stops here. Maybe these twenty states and a hundred and five? U S wraps and the state legislature legislatures in some of these defended state. Maybe they have just say what You know we lost the law suit. That's the way the system works thanks and have a nice day. or maybe they say, no, you violated the constitution and we will not. We will not respect Joe Biden has the President. I don't know, I have no idea what's gonna happen, but please tell me what you would call it when Cole bear himself is alluding to a civil war when they are trying. Two, when they're going after the guy who actually for the losses they tried to prosecute a former general, I mean, isn't that a red flag, that's like the biggest red flag.
That's what I want to show you how this is a meagre Mickey a meek. I curio brief for me members of the state legislature of Georgia breaking down why Texas is correct before I do on a throats my girlfriends over the Donald that when who actually make means and mock me quite a bit, but they have a great breakdown of what's happening. Take a look at this in a post on the Donald, not when they say is my best attempt at putting together a bunch of of who has filed what for which cause and maybe missing some things are a few things wrong suffused so feel free to correct me, but I was driving crazy having to piece together the whole picture from a bunch of post tweets in articles. Here's the run down almost up here telling I am using the Donald there is no single article telling us what's going on, and I think the reason is what what is ended. She talked about right now covered are not talking about what's happening. They don't want to talk about what's happening because it's good for Trump
So these major malice aren't covering it. They you'll see some local out the say you know Texas ages, as this and miss it be Agee says that let me show you as of right now: Texas is the plaintiff following the loss it Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and you talk, have filed intervention with the Supreme Court saying they want to be listed as plaintiffs. The court may not approve that so as well as of right. Now it is Texas We then have Alabama Florida, Indiana, can't Montana Nebraska, nor the Coda Oklahoma out the Code of Tennessee was Virginia Arizona, Alaska as filing a meek. I curious meaning we support this. We agree with them. Intervening parties, Donald Trump, has asked to intervene as a plaintive Michigan state legislature.
This is okay, so Michigan Wisconsin, George and Pennsylvania being sued for violating that their electors clause, Michigan State Legislatures, Pierre State Legislature, but likely legit like legislators and Georgia have our I'm sorry, not your p in Michigan State legislate. Let our legislators have filed our intervention, saying we are injured parties. Georgia has I'll. Georgia legislature has father support of this Pierre voters, Doktor Lindley targets and the Amistad Project and Thomas more society. You have supporting parties constitutional, turning, the p, a general assembly of the Un General Assembly, pasted senators, christian family coalition, one hundred and six U S House, Reps Arizona, state legislators, Idaho, state legislators, I don't wanna governor freedom, Fond J, state, legislators and Linwood on the facts we have. I know I know I can talk to
Turkey, New Hampshire, Ohio and wailing, I do think I'd always Idaho, has now joined Texas in this the defendant states, our Georgia was contemplating a Pennsylvania. Now we have twenty states in support of these four states. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois may Marilyn Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, next Gonna York, North Carolina Organ Rhode, island from Virginia Washington. We have three territory is gone the: U S: Virgin Islands, Washington DC and other parties supporting the defended States, Detroit China the FBI, Amazon, Silicon Valley. We get the point what you call it twice states versus twenty states. That is not my president. What do you call it? I know it call barracks. Stephen Colbert says it's like the forming of a confederation of states. He said
civil war, the red States versus the blue states. It is the left versus the right, the Democrats, verses Republicans. It is escalating factional conflict in the political world, but also reaching the streets were in the information age. My friends warfare is almost entirely digital. Cyber war has been a key component in manipulating markets and controlling account, maize and taking control. It is much easier to control a population or country with information. Manipulation than it is with warfare. Warfare is difficult, killing people it is first of all not easy to fight back. But, more importantly, it generates resistance. Convincing people to just give up, stop having kids lay down and just shudder. Your country are all things that we like have been done throughout history and an attempt to when a war in the long run will now in the information age they need.
We buy ads and promote organizations that would subvert the United States. Of course the left says Trump as a fascist and the it says Trump is actually the hero. In the end, the nationalist who's gonna save this country. I believe, personally, that Joe Biden this is is corrupted by China. And we now know all these stories are coming out- that Hunter Biden there now confirming it. Finally, only a month, just over a month after the election were at that point. I want to show you this this Events made by the hour Georgia, state legislator? They say in this with two exceptions: movements, like the and currently serving in the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, which is those the legislature of the state all but one. Move it served in the legislature into that twenty nineteen when that body last amended the statutory law governing elections in Georgia in the months before the November third election and without notice to or permission from the state legislature, Georgia, election officials committed acts that were contrary to Georgia
statutory law? These acts are described below usurped. These extra admirable described below usurped the plenary power granted by the? U S constitution to Georgia, legislature to prescribe the manner of elections held forth federal officials in Georgia. U S constitution article, one section: four clause: one: on March six, the Democratic Party of Georgia, VIII reference, Burger, Georgia, secretary of state and other members of the State Election board. Hereby call
We called board entered into a compromise settlement agreement and release with the Democratic Party of Georgia, the democratic senatorial Camp Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee that materially altered the statutory requirements for reviewing and verifying signatures on absentee ballot envelopes to confirm the voters identity. Let me stop right there. Let me break down what they're saying for you. The constitution says state legislators, control the elections, the Secretary of State and the Democratic Party altered those rules. The left has said in response. Many visits responded sang. It violates not only there's no merit here, they say: there's no standing and violates latches Sleep Linda break those them standing means. Are you the injured party with the right to suit? Well, I guess, technically you could say Texas,
Is it because taxes as grounds for standing is that the vice president is a typewriter and the Senate and that have commonly heiresses made presented by these rural breakers? They will be negatively impact in their representation. The georgian state legislators have standing one hundred percent, and this is definitive there is theirs The question about it see they ve argued on the left that something called latches. You must its allay C h. Yes, you must fire lawsuits within a reasonable amount of time, but you can't, if there's no injury when it comes to Lhasa, okay, so I've been defamed before and when I asked lawyers like how do I deal with defamation?
They say what are your damages and, unlike will, the damages are to my reputation, which could theoretically cost me a lot of money and we get me band and they say so. None of this happened yet and, unlike what well know, and that great, when it does, you can sue what's so you mean I have to wait for my business to be destroyed. Yes, because you must have sustained some injury. In fact, right now we have reached that criteria. The Georgia legislators who are filing suit have been injured. The alteration of the rules by parties not granted the power by the constitution has resulted in a negative, an unfavourable outcome. The election result has injured the report. Can party amnesty legislators and some of these states. Not only is this not in my opinion is not a lawyer violating latches because they filed it as soon almost immediately that's reasonable. After they had injury
they have standing as well. This is legitimate, and it's not just the Georgia legislators is Pennsylvania and Michigan, who have basically said the same things. The rules were changed without our permission and we have sustained injury. Due to this. I don't know Supreme Court can take it up on the island of matters twenty states, said Joe Biden is not the president. Twenty states and three territories have said Joe Biden has the president so who becomes president? they gonna bring up a bit more, but I want to show you now what I believe to be one of the the I want to say this is more important is also very massive. This right here is a amicus curio brief and amicus curio motion for
Eve to file brief amicus courier and brief biggest fury of U S representative MIKE Johnson and one hundred and five other members of the? U S, house of representatives in support of plaintiffs motion for leave to file a bill of complaint and motion for a preliminary injunction. Look, I may be biased and dense and you might be as well, but I read this and I say I dont believe these states have the right to change the rules of their election, and I said it for months leading up to this. I said: how can you change the rules in the eleventh hour of an election? We now know that state legislatures in these in these states didn't approve of any of us. So the elections or void, plain and simple. The Democrats wanted to change the rules and they pushed too hard. They broke the rules they pushed his heart is possible and help to win, and now they ve risk losing everything think about it
they could have actually just one. I mean in Michigan that don't believe what a hundred thousand they didn't need. Any of this they could have just said about. I guess they would have won, but they wanted to break the rules, so I don't know if they would have won, but maybe that maybe that's it they wanted to break the rules and went me by breaking the rules as alter the game in the months leading up with male in voting and and and court negotiations. That did not go to the proper channels, and now you have these house of Representatives. I'm still Gullies Gary Palmer, my Johnson Ralph, Abraham, ripped up you Ellen. I mean it just massive, absolutely massive, I do want to read a little. but from this, but I have the scroll through all of the names, because there
because amount of pages they say pursuit of sub sub paragraph to be rule. Thirty, seven, a Mickey, a meek! I? U S, representative, might Johnson at all here by move the court for leave to file a brief amicus Korea in support of Texas. The brief is being filed, timely and it was filed by approximately the same time as defendants responds to plaintiffs motions in support. They state as members of the federal legislature I mean I seek to protect the constitutional role of state legislatures in establishing the matter by which presidential electors are appointed to ensure the electoral college selects the candidate for President of United States that was chosen by counting only lawful votes, long story short throughout the constitution. They say due to the press of time to file this amicus brief before the deadline. Given it dense and the need to coordinate among the army guide. The position of the parties on this motion is unknown for the foregoing reasons and weak. I respectfully request the course to grant them leave to file the brief amicus curiosity, which
appended here too. Now, interestingly, as well, I wanted to mention that the house members doing it one of the things included in the in the brief on the Georgia legislation is an affidavit of Benjamin, a overhauled who goes on to talk about impropriety and irregularities. Ok, almost Muslim myself down now call it what you want, call it what you want couple years ago, I said that I felt like we are on track for a civil. and people said, the states aren't going to be lining up against each other. In my response, was they dont need to it need? Do you know you all? gins interests are necessarily the same as New York's. You dont need states lining up against each other and if I told you years ago, if I said all look, all this violence in the street. It's only a matter of time before twenty states are lined up against other twenty states, arguing over who the real president is cute, shut up, half the cut you mean to tell me that
half the country's argue over the real president, is that's not settle, never happen. We have an election. I probably would have said out of a great, I would believe as possible, but I kept saying what we're seeing is bringing us towards a civil war Its remarkable to me, I see these people who, just I still say you know all these people Think there's gonna be a somewhat Obama's administration tried arresting a former general. Can you stop and think about that? For a second, I want you to sit. under your price it- and I want you to think about something- imagine you're reading the news and you hear that in Venezuela, Maduro announced that he was. He was sent in a bunch of you, no federal federal federal authorities trying to arrest a general you'd be like wall. What's
we're, not like this former general woe and this guy was an adviser to achieve political rival. What how old man that happened years ago, Brok Obama call me Biden Yeats, they went after Michael Flynn and they claimed he lied and that was their justification to put trumps acting national security adviser in prison in prison, the previous administration, and the people who were in his F B. I went after the acting National security derive as natural scary, adviser, sorry of the of the incoming president and a former general to put him in prison. Any other country- and you would have said, was a coup trump supporters of insanity who, for a long time, but when a coup doesn't just work and you have from the highest love
The president, the former President Unattempted arrest of a former general, an adviser to the incoming president, fights in the streets that was years ago, and people still said it's not a civil war. It's just you know you, and now we have twenty. Dates versus twenty states may be it all just goes away. Like I said I can't. I can't tell you because if the Supreme Court refuses to hear this, that may be the best outcome in terms of avoiding a true conflict, a true hot civil war. But I think that could still lead to twenty states and always individuals, revolting in saying no, if a Supreme Court agrees to hear this actually, I tell you, I think the best cases, a pretty supreme court, agrees to hear it and then, while I should say best case, we're. Just going to stay where they happens, if a Supreme Court agrees to hear the case to allow leave and then they rule against republican
I think they're all be tensions and Republicans may still reject the ruling, but they might many might respect the ruins. And what do we do if a Supreme Court refuses to hear Then I think, within these twenty states, people are gonna, be screaming, saying we can't even get our voice heard and that's one thing sat if the Supreme Court takes the case and the Supreme Court agrees on the merits, which I think are are undeniable they're saying outright, these things happened there facts you can't ignore them. Trump winds Trump becomes present and the left revolts, and then you get hot conflict. I don't see a way out. I've been saying over and over again I only ask that if you would like to say, TIM Pool is stupid and you know, and then de if we're thinking isn't a civil war, I only ask that you say this first TIM Pool is stoop I think it is be a civil war when there's factional street violence
several years an attempted arrest of a former general and twenty states have now can tat. Twenty states are fighting with another twenty states over who the Real president, is tell me I'm crazy. When I'm looking at twenty states argue with another twenty states over who the president is and say you don't think we're in civil war territory. Look us at there's no guarantee at reaches hot conflict. But come on Fetnah if there were signs, are indications that we are in this territory. This would be it and we can potentially avoid it. But when was the last time all of these things came together wrap it back with. One final thought tell me that I'm crazy and there's no civil war, everything I just said, and then the FBI is supporting the man who filed the lawsuit challenging who the president really is,
ok I'll, leave their necks segments coming up at one p m, and this channel will see how things play out in the meantime and Elsie. Well, then, all this talk of macro level civil war type conflict in lawsuits. Aids can crazy and we gotta talk about the micro level. What's going on on the guy, and in terms of individuals rejecting state authority several months. The girl. When the riots reach their peak. I asked whether or not the attorney. role of organs, suing the federal government saying you have no authority to enforce the laws surrounding your own property. I wondered if that was the start of some kind of civil war, because many states were supporting Oregon wealth now or at the point, where ok revise numbers. My friends, you have twenty four democratic states on one side, saying Joe Biden as President and twenty states on the other saying no Donald Trump,
president ok, not when a hold on that's, not specifically what they're saying, but they may as well be because what these twenty states suing these there's these four states, he's Democrats, states or site or the swing states- is that the electorate that the electorate should be chosen by the state legislators and the votes are all bunk. Now here's big NEWS, Texas, has responded to the four states they they filed. leave to complain against. So we are officially at the point where we are now waiting patiently and in sheer suspense for the Supreme Court to announce if they will grant leave to file a complaint and we will be moving forward scope, as could just be like G Thea Folio, so well- we're sitting here desperately waiting for an answer, something's happening on the ground. The second on Amazon. Well, maybe not really the second, because there were a bunch of other autonomous zones, but you probably recall the chairs. The Capitol Hill
I'm a zone in Seattle, rallies firelock, has put a barricades, seized a bit of land and then you know as basically harassed every body in a ton of people died. They actually did their armed groups patrolling the Chaz or the chop, whatever then calling it and they even killed. Some Kids, some teenagers, we're just your writing pumping three hundred rounds into this vehicle. thinking. I was, I guess, white supremacist stage going attack as people are paranoid and delusional. So my friends, civil war, is the discussion and everybody imagine some movie like scenario because they don't know. History really is, let me explain something to you. I was on the ground during the revolution, the second revolution in Egypt. I was in Egypt during the second revolution and it was only a few thousand people interfere square.
protesting. I mean several thousand on single, smaller anything, but everybody believes that order for something to happen. There's gotta be like in the previous Egmont Anderson Cooper going on demons. Ladies and gentlemen, this country is in civil war. That's not gonna happen. What's gonna happen is a presence gonna try to arrest a general hey. That already happened. I think actually did arrest Flynn try to put him in prison so again off the macro stopped on the Microsoft on the ground. We have something we really interesting they're, calling it the Red House Autonomous Zone or the rabbis. Ok is interesting because an outcome. Fleetly disagree with the the left a seer staging this revolt, this this protest. Now I do agree with the streets of rage as the sun calls. It Anti VA protesters attack cop com,
as they set up New Portland Autonomous Zone to block black families eviction. It's a blackened indigenous family lives in this house. They ve been there since the nineteen fifties, they owned, Thou spot. They got a title loans, my understanding on the house or on a mortgage on the house, meaning to the bank and said we ve been here for a really long time. We need money because we're going on hard times we want to put in our house and collateral, get a makes me how it works. That's mine standing. It may have been like a re mortgage, so they got equity out of the house that they have to pay that back to the bank. They use that to live off of well now they can't pay the bills back, But-
normally. I would be willing to entertain serious questions about responsibility in the decisions you make up this way. If the far left shows up to someone's house whose being evicted, because that person couldn't pay their bills back, even though they are not alone and they knew their taking alone- and you know their luck, the person who bought the home Leslie slot on actually you need money. Give out you go to the bank
the banks as ok. The bank gives you money. That bank is now losing that money because are not paying back alone and the banks, as we need to make up some of our losses. Now the bank can survive if they dont get back. One house, but the bank won't survive in a system, won't function if everybody refuses to pay, so they enforce this action. It goes to foreclosure. A man saw the foreclosure and bought the house. The bank's terminate their money back, say: ok, this guy's now offering to sell the house back to the family at cost and is really cool. Actually, the left is actually fund raised just about enough to buy the families hot house. That's actually kind of awesome Why couldn't they just do that? In the first place? Why do you need to be fighting with cops attacking cars? What limits are some? I actually I'm not going to completely rag on anti for this time around, while I don't agree, with the far left and, like I said, In any normal circumstance, I'd be like dude if you take out alone, and you falter
and you can find a solution. Evictions happen. I don't like the idea of booting people out of their homes, so somebody can make an investment, but it's an imperfect system and you there's their real challenges here. I generally am against outright evictions and I personally won't go anywhere near foreclosed properties. Imo ran. I won't by have anything to do with it, not that I'm like a big buyer properties. Anyone, but let me tell you, there's one big reason here and I think we all agree with will agree with me. You know why this family can't pay at their bills, covered locked downs from these democratic governors who is able to make money in pay their bills. It's been a year. Of course, people can't pay their bills. Now I don't know visit, that's exactly why paying their mortgage, but typically it's like. I don't have three or four months six months, maybe you'll go to foreclosure relatively quickly, feared, not paying your mortgage back. It's been almost a
here. I am not surprised as family is struggling to pay back the mortgage when the governors of all of these states have taken away our ability to go out and work over dubious science and the police have been enforcing the draconian locked downs, causing mass suffering and stripping of slipping away, the whites rights of individuals? So now we have a bunch of cops trying to come in and evict someone from their home during a pandemic when the government has shut everything down- and you did- I say I say- ah hell- no, not I, like I mentioned, I may be a centrist. You know enlighten centrist whatever when it comes to evictions in normal circumstance. Again, I'm not a big fan of booting poor people out of their homes but we gotta figure out a solution of this there's not profits. I worked. I actually worked for non profit, helping the homeless, okay, so that something that matters to me. I don't like the idea of anti for fighting cops. I really don't like atomic zone, because you see people
die like in Seattle, but we ve got an actual issue here. So I put it this way. I actually, for the most part, disagree with what they're doing, setting up barriers and throwing bricks at cops and taking cop cars not offend they ve occupied much more than just this house, took it up. Here's a photo from Andy now between The anti virus has autonomous own continues to grow. It is now in its fourth day, militants continue to build new border checkpoints. Further infer the route to buffer the area. The zone is now three blocks long This is why I say I am mostly disagreement. I think the people are exploiting the the eviction to take territory for an autonomous zone. I don't think there actually here to defend this And we know why, according to the actual news from organ live, they ve actually raised twenty thousand dollars to buy the home back in a gulf we titled, save the Kenny Family home and this, in my opinion, one of the cruellest things ever. This is fantastic
so to all of those on the left. Who have funds raised this money to buy the house to defend this family, especially the pandemic? You guys rock, and you have my utmost respect, to those who are expanding this autonomous zone well beyond the confines of this house Are they ve already raised? The money, I think, is absolutely ridiculous and wrong, and that's where I will clash with the left on this issue on other really important question gets raised. However, with what antiphon doing- and I got to say, I love this question in response to anti no from desert re thinking. She says: I'm still curious about the affected property owners in these cases.
Why Antigua wants its own property rights to be respected, and if this is not stolen, land and conquest? Does the moral narrative behind the action change? What is occurring, because that's really easy to justify on that? Let me slowdown. This house is owned by the bank, not by the people who live there. They effectively sold it when they accepted money from the bank as alone without as collateral thousands belong to them. What antifraud is doing by surrounding it? Looking at the authorities is effectively colonizing this land, their raising money to buy property. Most of these people would argue and made an ovum that private property doesn't exist. Some of them would argue a homeless, personal property, while others would argue. No, you can't own land are right. You figured out social,
but here's what I find just absolutely fascinating, the leftists fighting for land that doesn't belong to them, and then you can see there now surrounding other homes that have nothing to do with us. Raising money for these people work and lose their home is awesome. I love it. We can't do it for everybody, because resources are finite, but it's really cool this families going through hard times. I blame these. These feckless governors and he's Democrat states for the ridiculous covered lockdown which aren't again not based on science. Part of the responsibility falls on those who keep voting for these.
Well, here's to get. You know, I'm actually impressed with the strength of this autonomous own. It's actually much stronger than the one in Chaz. But again this to me doesn't seem like they actually trying to help people. I think there are some people on the left who have actually fought really hard to help this family avoid eviction. There have been anti eviction activists who have raised money in the past and done great jobs of helping people keep their homes. I love that again. I used to be a directorate, a homeless, shelter, and if I could get people talk to fund raised, to protect the homes of individuals and prevent people from becoming homeless totally on board, for, in fact, I think we really quotas are Non profit foundation that seeks to cover the mortgage bills of some people to keep from the keep the bank from for closing to make sure we don't make more homeless people, especially when sound too hard times for individual. This story hits to pour important points for one some tea,
those people fallen hard times and its and its messed up that I think we make a homeless family because of it, especially when they ve been here since the fifties. I can respect the fact that that you knock, I sat there. we saw the property with this loan, assuming they couldn't paid back, but also during the pandemic. That's a line that I absolutely reject. If the governor of the states wants to enact these rules, you cannot boat people from their homes. I know it's tough, so one of the big challenges we ve had throughout the pandemic is landlords and the left sang landlord, isn't a Jew, Their leaders, and unlike listen, if you don't pay your rent, how do they pay for the building managers for maintenance of them? You pay their taxes. May the water bill? It's not. It's not easy evictions. However, I think our disaster it is it is. It is a powder keg ready to blow people are being told they can't work and everything their own is being stripped away from them. When I see this, I tell you rock and a hard place rock and a hard place. I do not like anti far flung bricks at cop cars and
the king territory and, like I said Louis, that they're they're expanding well beyond what they need to depart his home. I also don't like the idea that this great reset is stripping away what everyone owns since work. It's interesting this war, the populace, I think, might actually find some agreement. You take a look. What that lady said Pineapple Hill in LOS Angeles, others, viral video she comes out. She's got a restaurant. She got an outdoor, dining area governor, given California s too bad, you can't be open right next to it. Fifty feet away. Hollywood film production company sets up the exact same thing: gazebo tents, picnic benches- that is ok. The woman said everything I own is being taken from me, and I say I say a fat,
that's messed up the great reset: the World Economic Forum, progress, video sang and twenty thirty. You will own nothing, and you will be happy this. What we are saying with the eviction of his family, in my opinion, overlaps with the code. Lockdown, destroying people's lives, taking with our ability to support themselves and in the bank's come in, and these and the government comes in, and the private corporations come in and they take what you own. I say no I'll point out the hypocrisy of anti for defending private property, but I You know, there's there's big picture and there's little picture. There's macro level. Those micro level put this way when someone does something good. I will praise them for it. When someone, something bad. I will criticise them fort, and here we gotta perfect storm surrounding this three block radius and grabbing more and more autonomous own territory is exploiting those people who are risking losing their home. That is bad and that should be condemned totally.
But raising money through a fundraiser too by the home to stave off the extraction of value from the poor and the working class in his country, epic, absolutely epic. This go find me and I'm not a big fan of go on because their super hyper partisan, but hey man. You raised two hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars by launching this, and they say in the midst of a deadly global pandemic, while most state was ablaze and aerial toxic smoke. The Kenny family was forcibly removed from their fort fourth generation home in the morning of September nine, twenty twenty mechanic sheriffs bashed, open the Kenny family dork Gunpoint over the salt rifles? They barked orders for the family to pack up there below and move in thirty minutes. The can we're given no prior legal notice as their case.
The stone litigation with a higher court, Moldova, county judge, Judith, H, Mutton Marzano, authorized eviction, indirect violation of the state and federal eviction, moratoriums governments in the wrong on this one. As far as I'm concerned, I can even stop here and say how about we dont evict people during a mandatory lockdown, first and foremost how about we end the mandatory lock tones? That's where offices, coming from saute what the problem we have. We ought we another problem here. Take up the left is saying: don't evict people and pay them a stimulus? That's not a solution to the problem, but many of them are scared of covert. Well, these activist certainly aren't there, why mean they're wearing masks shore, but they really don't care about cope with it. I'm worried about it. Besides survival rate for people Seventeen- ninety nine point, nine percent, yet they dont care. So why lock everything down, then the real answer is: get everything back open, give everybody a forgiveness period to get back on track.
pay their bills and stop bashing doors, open and evicting people, because it's your fault, look island, ever of the first stimulus package, because I thought we were in an emergency. We can now see them to that money. When two major corporations the lockdown was it was. It was mostly a big mistake. I actually think that What we're seeing right now is the exploitation by damage that's and their political allies to who essentially rob from the poor to give to the wretch. I think they're explore this crisis in every way imaginable to strip ownership from people like we saw with the World Economic Forum sang it all these major quarrel Relations are on board with this great reset. I do not and will never support anybody who is acting at the behest of
ass of multinational corporations to steal from the working class of this country from the people is a country of by and for the people. Yet we are continually being suppressed and oppressed by not just corporations but their government cronies as well. I wonder with Joe Biden becoming president if we will actually see some populist unity. Now I bring this up in the context of civil war early. Braun, because this is people outright defying the state and the corporations, and at this point like I said you know what you cops want sympathy from me as you're trying to enforce and eviction I'm not. I am not all that interested in giving support to people who in force edict. So these cops when they were being deceived four hundred days, all criticise anti fa because our taking the federal court house, but you get, he's, cops, we're gonna, say it's unconstitutional to lock you to their off breakers, their oath breakers. They ve broken their own constitution.
I am not saying economies on his good, I'm saying they ve actually cross the line as well, but we are in trying times, but I wonder if Joe Biden could actually unify the populists and his country, because I can only imagine at a certain point you know I'm surprised, antifraud, isn't defending more of these trumps supporting businesses, war defying the lock downs. It's weird tribalism But let me show you where we're at so far in this tweet. Ok, I guess the narrow its loading us both in this tweet. We have from black lives matter. They treated new profile pic, we one, they say black lives matter. Did they? They have now treated the night of their victory. We sent Joe Biden uncommon Harrison Letter requesting a meeting. It has now been third the two days- and we have yet to receive a response to set up a meaningless
rights leaders without be alone is unacceptable. You didn't when they used you recently. There was a viral hashtag. Stop the left purge the up, because on twitter, several high profile left us accounts were instantly deleted without notice. Welcome to the fight, I say to these people who kept. but my private corporation welcome to the fight because we have been screaming. It is only a matter of time before they come for you, they use you. They manipulated you to give Joe Biden power to enforce this great reset stripping away of rights of these, individuals. I dunno, maybe these lifeless actually like it's a really confusing time to see the far left, defending property rights, but sure I guess it's better than the property rights of a big bang, the property rights of an initial Well now we are learning exactly what the results are. On November eighth, black lives matter. Official twitter account said we won
and thirty two days later, they said we are being ignored. They used you to gain power, everybody hates Joe Biden. He didn't win because people like him, if anything, you want, because people dont like trot, or the media. I suppose, depending on what your opinion is on the ongoing litigation for sure. Of course, I'm just saying in anything come stance whatever the reason Joe Biden didn't win for being popular, and that means that he now being elected and nobody likes him and you that leads to at least a revolution I'll give you a ride. for the example I mentioned earlier out and Egypt during the revolution, the second revolution, that was the removal of more see. First, you I believe it was Mubarak who had been for decades? There was a revolt, never moved him. They decided to hold an election. Was a first past the post election, one person, one vote: you know,
works, an ideological say it's not the best system you ended up. It is my understanding that when I was there, when I told you ended up with a bunch of different political parties, now eight out of ten agreed with each other on almost everything but little things they didn't the Muslim Brotherhood was the biggest individual voting block and with less than twenty percent of the vote or just around, they won the presidency and that one two more see who was an islamist. He was. He was a muslim brotherhood. Oh buddy liked him, so they revolted again this time everybody banded together against the Muslim Brotherhood, and you got the second revolution just one year later. I was there, I watched it happen and many people thought it didn't matter or wouldn't happen, but it was, is a revolution that change the government, the military stepped in and took over and then started executing supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, and it was horrible.
Because the muslim brother was protesting and destabilizing the country because they were the largest minority group, but the one odd person out, so the government decided it's easier to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood hold an election in that everyone kind of passively agrees. Fine. I guess this person's ok, the military basically took over. I watched it happen, A lot of people went out with their lives if it never happened. Just a few blocks away from the revolution in Tahrir Square. Those Mcdonalds. and inside people were having burgers and watching football. European football soccer, rent and down the street was a revolution I want to highly optimists onto them all by cell phone. Had some bob is fantastic while the revolution was happening, and there are people in this kind Do you think there is no revolution? It's not happening. This is just you know, political squabbles. Forty four states are disputing who the president is remarkable. Isn't it
and on the ground, we have autonomous zones, clashes of police and our rejection of federal authority. Well we're waiting ever so patiently for the Supreme Court to issue their ruling and it may come at any moment so stick around next segment is coming up at four p m on my other Youtube channel. Yes, it has different alot of people. Don't get this about Bobby, try and give it very carefully. If you type in youtube dot COM, Ford, slashed him cast, it will bring you to a different Youtube channel from the one you're watching right now. Just take my word for it and give it a try, subscribed that channel- and I will see you there at four p m.
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