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Google Email LEAKED, Proves Conservative Censorship At Youtube

2019-06-25 | 🔗

UPDATE: After filming this segment I noticed the Veritas video was still live on Vimeo at a different link, it may have failed to load due to a bad link posted by Veritas on Twitter. I apologize for the errorGoogle Email LEAKED, Proves Political Censorship At Youtube. Project Veritas has just published a leaked email proving political censorship was at least being entertained. The email targeted Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU and called on removing the 'suggested feature' which we learned was later throttled on Dave Rubin's channel as well as all of my channels.Following Veritas' report Youtube even deleted the video in a shocking display of arrogance. The censorship against conservatives and those who oppose the far left is confirmed at this point. An email making overt political statements and calling on censorship based on politics and the video exposing Google's corruption was deleted seemingly to hide their wrong doing. They cited a third party privacy complaint but the women in the video worked for Google so that is clearly not true.It would seem that we have reached a tipping point. Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert have directly called out Google over these actions.But will Democrats and Republicans come together to enact legislation to protect the commons and our Democracy?

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Major breaking update a new whistle blower has stepped forward and provided project veritable within email. We're Google employs directly refer to Jordan Petersen Pray. university and Ben Shapiro as a certain group from World WAR to Germany using dog whistles. This is direct confirmation, a more direct confirmation of employees within Google being biased, politically tar. A group of people and then going on to say we disable. The suggestions feature this EL corroborate statements made by the whistle blower yesterday that they are going to be stripping recommendations from certain craters myself included- I have a lot to say- is a to go through James O Keefe video has been removed by Google, I'm not exaggerate the Google those that have been taken down by a privacy claim due to open
she claimed by a third party what third party they were Google employs this. Is you too, I guess you can make the argument. Fine as to the state and may yesterday I'll make some updates my reckoning. Patients, known as suggested views, are down to about ten percent of my views lie right. So how do I explains my suggested views compact comprised about twenty eight percent of all? your ship before me another around fifteen to seventeen percent. They are down. So this could corroborate what he whistle blower yesterday was saying those familiar. He said that my views had gone drop down dramatically in response to suppression, as that tourism is not entirely true, suggested views makeup made up, a very small portion of my views regardless, but now would seem at yes, my view
in suggestions are down, but I'm being recommended in other ways. Ok, so I bring us up specifically because it's important context as we move forward this conversation, so it's happening. We have confirmation, be propped probably the most allow I mean confirmation I think we have is James. Having is video taken down by Youtube itself? If you challenge or make Youtube look bad, they will take down your content. This video has a staff member, a woman talking about manipulating, U S, elections, how Google won't respond to Congress? Here's what we need to do go to TIM cast outcomes less donate saw you can do it monthly to pay pal. There's a crypto currency. Physical address, the most important thing you can do right now, share the video. If you think I deserve it, you too will not Russia. And me to new people to help me grow. You not fine. I do not believe I have a right to Youtube recommending my content.
other people, but we know they are now suppressing people, discern accent. I must stress, I am still being right. I did in other ways recommendation is like a slang terms. So that means that home. Eight recommendations you'll still see my thumbnails. If you choose to click them, that's good unsteadily. thousands of new subscribers every day. I do not believe you tube is China. Stronger channel outright, we are seeing them take some kind of action. The action as a whole, maybe against news channels and tat, and it could in my not be soup political. It could be specifically targeting Nugent I ve reached us on progressive and I've corroborate some information. That leads me to believe the suppression of suggestions may have had news as a whole. So the point is, if you think I deserve to get views it's gonna, be on you to share the video. If you don't think I've got a facebook, Where are you we want to share and fund? More importantly than that, I have a podcast, but those who are listening to buy guessed you get it, but for everybody else it's called the TIM.
Cool daily show its on all podcasting platforms. I believe mostly Itunes, will it and you can and to me there and it is safe and free from Youtube's algorithms are perfect. I also will be posting content minds, dotcom sliced him cast. It is very likely this year? This veto can be taken down for showing you that initial email, my past few, can be taken down you too, already took down my video on Pinterest. So let's go through all of the big breaking up dates for one TED crews. Today, grilled a Google employ on the very tough report? I dont think I was the right employed but good on tat cures for stepping up. We also, of course, pressmen Louis Gomer issuing a statement saying Google should not be immune, they should not be greater federal immunity. They are seeking to me we lay our elections. I will come back and Rita statement shortly. even more worrying, though, is that James O Keefe published to video a Youtube competitor. The link to the report that appears
been taken down as well. It seems like we're facing to use the word similar word. Students will give a watershed moment for journalism. James O Keefe exposed censorship at Pinterest. They reacted. Predictably, they reversed the censorship, but then something happened, and that is the double down and then they just came out the blanket statement saying they were banning this conservative group period. Seems from their. There has been an emboldened of censorship against conservatives the initial email I showed you. They have called Jordan Petersen, Prager Ben Shapiro a certain faction from World WAR Ii. You know the n word a n word. I don't get mad at me and then suggested taking away their suggestions. This is the reason: why was it so important for one the woman in who was exposed by very toss issued a public statement on medium is now expected. My Monday to go
she talks about how here they don't take political affiliation into consideration. However, women email now confirming they do absolutely and they falsely line people as a way to justify our ship- and they even went so far as to say, take away. suggestions, but, more importantly, this individual said Meredith suggestion located in the email he says why don't we go with Meredith suggestion of taking way suggested the suggested feature? That means other people within We have made recommendations to strip recommendations from certain creators based on their policy. Wrongly. Aligning them, of course, this and genuine, I has made herself now a public figure with this statement. So that's important, however, going back the video issue it looks like now, we are seeing, as I mentioned earlier and emboldened they are just doing it. I think
We are going to see massive moves made against big tack because we're seeing Elizabeth Warren Maxine Waters, TED crews Louie homework we have by, partisan support now for some type of regulation, maybe they'll be aligned but they're, calling it out. In fact, this woman at Google in the experts say that was taken down said they should not be broken up because there smaller companies- would be tasked with stopping trot situation and they don't have the resources. This is a woman Google directly saying they want to interfere in the elections. So you know what Elizabeth Worn is correct in the not bad published in the New York Times recently, Doktor wrote a science fiction. Writer said he was with its a hypothetical future.
And he said, stripping away the immunity is not the right answer. We need to break them up to create a diverse and robust internet. I believe he may be right. It creates more market competition. I needed to recognise that Youtube is one element within Google, but it's like five or six different kinds of companies. They host videos for you, they market videos for you. They sell ads for you, they buy ads from advertisers, they do multiple different road tax all rolled into one company. Perhaps that should be broken up. Gmail Guida Google alphabet of these companies have a disproportionate amount of control over the public forum, the commons, our information and yes, if they choose, some Nicolet elections. They can, and we are now so I mustn't overtime, confirmation, a leaked email, a whistle blower and statements from Youtube are from Google employs. This is happening, I think the most important thing to consider is
taking down James or keeps video should remove all doubt. Of course, we ve Anderson's on time, there's been circumstantial evidence, but before Pinterest It was well maybe that the moderation is just because it violated policies. You'd have people say, hey their private platforms, they can do what they want. Ok, that argument is gone, Pinterest stepped for organs, and you know what wiping out back several people that do it we're do it. There were still some arguing How do you explain this? How do you explain an ex post? on Google staff malfeasance with a whistle blower confirming the details and Google deleting the video. Are you still going to say, but my private from shore. I guess Google's under no obligation to host video. That makes them look bad but then under and how dangerous it is that you Europe has a monopoly on video hosting period. There are other places to go mindset conference bit shoot and I will once again stress in no uncertain terms.
I have this. Content is all available on a podcast. Ok, you can get an other platforms, it still apple and Google, for them part? But there are some other services I use. The important point is even if I get taken down from Youtube, Google, I will exist in other ways: minds: dotcom slashed him cast seriously. You know most budgeting, Ted crews did some grilling I will move on to statement as well. I hear he reference fair task, which is, you no good on him. I think we need to see What good on him for bringing this up immediately right. When the report broke and challenging someone at Google, the stable statement issued by so we go. Work is also good, but we'll get to the point of section two. Thirty moving from from here. He responded to the UN, cover video, which has since been deleted from you to removing all doubt as to their censorship policies. The email now leak from Berytus, removing all doubt they are targeting people for their politics, they're lying about them there. mirroring and slandering down in private. This is libel, and then they
strip away access to the platform for political reasons, Louis it says, video shows Google's. Biases are now a threat to a free and fair election, all well They hide behind the immunity given by Congress years ago when they were support. to be a simple town square, whereas every where everyone's voice could be heard without biased results. In fact Google references, a significant role. They see themselves for filling in the twenty twenty elections. This discovery should settle. alarm bells throughout the country. It is no secret. Google has a political agenda, multiple break. tech. Insiders have stepped forward and exposed Google censorship of content and specialised algorithms. This media Guy social narrative should distress all Americans who value a free and open society. Google should not be deciding whether content is important orchard. And they most assuredly should not be meddling and our election process. They need. Their immunity stripped and to be properly pursued by Claude, actually lawsuits by those they have. No,
only harmed. Interestingly, my suggested views are down. Does that include me I don't know my channels doing really well everything's been great subs or abuser up. I can't complain I am certainly concerned about manipulating our elections, but whether or not you know look, let's break the separated into a few different important discussions. I do not believe you tube is required to promote my content for me I'll ask you to do that. As I said earlier, if you think this content deserves to be seen, share it social media. If you're not willing to do that, then I don't deserve to have anyone. Listen to what I say. If one since, as I am not going to show your content, will then so be it. This is the more places how business works. If I opened a pizza shop and noble He told their friends, I good people, maybe I should make better pizza, but I recognized that as a monopoly, they
dominating the market and making it much more difficult for competitors their buying up competitors, their suppressing competitors, I'm a big tack in general, and thus there is now a problem if they aren't going to. suggest fairly. While I can rely on suggestions from you guys and shares we're going up against that, Google machine which has gone. recommending biased content. Now, let's make Another really bring another really important point, which was brought about ten crews. He asked to this woman, do you know how much money Google employs? You know donated Taylor Clinton. It was like what over billion dollars at one point: three million dollars, I'm getting number one, but somewhat that I am not insist on the actual out a lot of money. How many Google employee? he's done trump, I'm sorry. How much money from Google Google employs make meditated dropped. The answer is zero. The bias exists. We have the emails. We have. The employee. statements, but I want to stress- I please please under
Stand me when I say Youtube taking down very tosses video. I don't care if you dont like them. I don't care if you dont trust then this was information, exposing malfeasance at a massive international cooperation with no allegiance to the? U S that is imposed its will on the U S and then deleted a critic from its platform. Fine, it's their platform, but that means at because they ve dominated the ad space. They add market they have destroyed independent and local journalism. They will Allow you to challenge their power period, local journey, seven screaming for a while that Google has harmed them. It's true. Google, Facebook have dominated the market. Now I'm not gonna, blame them assemblies to its technological technological advancement, but this means they do to be big. They do need to be broken up if they're going to be censoring this stuff, if they want to act like the arbiter of truth,
they claim to be. If this woman she says explicitly Trump voters do not agree with my view of fairness, too bad. I met in the tube part. She said that and then goes on to its. that basically doesn't matter we're gonna do this anyway. She says they're gonna reject. Can rational hearings, they're not going to change their mind and they reject being broken up. This is authoritarianism. This is technocratic authoritarianism and at some point we need to break em up Elizabeth, worn agrees. We now need some people on the right, which I'm sure there's a lot of that agreed. Anti Trust, action, plain and simple, so a move on now and highlight just a few other things for one one of the things that worry worries me greatly Washington Times, project version,
video targeting Google pulled by you tube after privacy complaints was, I stated earlier, whose privacy complaint that woman she works for Google. They called it. A third party complaint sure I guess her acting as an individual fine, but there's a thing: do a search for news articles about this you'll find the Washington Times you'll find conservative outlets. Will you find the New York. I'm swell you fine, vocs or Buzzfeed, at least for now. The answer is no. I haven't found any event of reporting on this. There was one New York Times. Employee, Charlie Wars will, I believe, retreated about this and said this. Is algorithmic bias, euro correcting they're wrong is not political bias, a woman unkind google saying we're: gonna prevented dropped situation, essentially sang somewhat to that effect, he says, was not political bias. I gotta say it's really alarming. It's very worrying that worse into world being created is, as Scott Adam said, Saint screen to different movies.
The media on the left will not cover the Smith, maybe the. Why was it they were actually want? The story is gone, so big may now break out into into the open. I saw the daily beast: published a story on the Google Employ statement, but not the actual expos eight. This is how the game will be played all that matter. Is that you have a media that is complicit in defending big tech. Look Elizabeth, worn call them out. O counterpart has called out the big tech surveillance. It's a bipartisan nation but the media is doubling down. Why? Why Why I'm on you too? I make my revenue on you, but that the EU too, but I have no problem, calling them saying: break em up break em up, even if it means my best. This gets our I dont care. This is about the betterment of democracy and our citing civilization again not saying. I know that begging up is the right thing to do. Corey doctoral published an open new times. I lean in that direction. We ve seen. Democrats, Republicans alike makes statements like this, but something needs to be done when I went on the jargon podcast eject Dorsey,
yeah when entering conversation about how a conversation but how they were dominating public, the publication Square, the commons, but where the point now, where plain and simple you challenge them, you will be banned. Period saw? I guess you know I could. I could prattle on this forever, but on I'll make a few points in the another point I nicer than that that the final point I want to make, because I'm a bit fostered by all this. Admittedly. Very toss, sent a cease and desist to Pinterest according Town Hall. My understanding bay, information I received at pent, representing their lawyers after me, as well as their task to get our videos taken down that maybe the end of it they did the my understanding and I'm just going to say that the woman who set the information who made this request to have our content deleted at least deleted or social media. Interesting way. Just purged everything happens, requests went through.
I did a video on Pinterest censorship, public information. The video is taken down by Youtube. You too, was acting in the defence of another Silicon Valley company to prevent the censorship from coming up. I can't say why what I can say is this the longest time Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, one less so Amazon, but but still these companies have said they are not biased politically and it's been hard to prove it, but pinterest kind of proved it. It was damn breakin eye when Pinterest said you know what skirt we're gonna bantam anyway, that was well It was them straight up. Saying you're covers blown you. Can are you all day and night, we think the censorship is there. We ve seen the evidence you denied it, but Are you ve done this and now it's basically definitive what was their response? Pinterest, lawyers to Google and Google complied taking down my politic commentary on publicly available information that should send alarm bells to everyone that you too will decide.
you're, not newsworthy, will delete you because we can- and now here we are following a watershed moment with Pinterest Enzo keys. Nearly millions. A million views on this video deleted, didn't do anything wrong now. Did you make any rules? He did not one party consent in California. He was in his right to record the woman and it was exposing corporate malfeasance and Google employees discussing manipulating our elections period and now he's published an email confirmation, its political, plain and simple, we'll Congress ACT will sign it. I have no idea, but if they dont republicans deserve to lose. I pointed this out I'll say it again now that they should lose, but that is good or bad, but if you don't take action against big tech, manipulating elections will, then why should you in why, if you're not doing anything about it now you know what maybe they can't? Maybe it's too late, maybe This is doing this now because they know they'll get away with it because the fourth estate, the media in this country, is going to bring this up.
They're, not gonna, say disconcerting that that accompany that's not belies video. The video spaces now suppressing political commentary and and the leading things that are damaging I'm exposing their corruption, normal say. So you can find me on my podcast and seriously listen to me everyday day around six thirty, I publish all of my videos as an hour and a half long podcast, you press play you leave my main channel video starts first and then it goes through the five other videos. My second general, I don't alone will be on you too. I do know this over at sub verse, which now is an independent group, producing, I'm no longer hosting the videos, its becoming a life of its own. You will not find political opinion for the most part, you'll find a team doing their best to present fact based news and information to help you navigate the world. We are launching we fund raising where seeking investment, and that is going to be what help solve this problem. Real journalism, real fearless journalism,
that is no problem telling Google to their face on their own platform. You something's again. I want to say specifically that's your breakable up, but I will say this: We'll call out Google on Google's on platform delete me go for it. I'm done we're gonna find new ways to do things. This is the market making a change, but Congress does need to step up because Google has too much power. We won't be able to do this on our own. I dont have the answers. are. All I know is. I will continue to do the work that I do and with your support and with the support people are sending over its adverse and the work we are doing here. This new office, you may have noticed we're going to do real news and real journalism with editorial standards. I am hiring fact checkers we're gonna change the game, we're gonna change it back to the way it used to be when you watch my content you're getting my political commentary show there's not a news, Joe I'm wrong. All the time. I try my best, I'm not the smartest person the world.
Means go and Google search me in and read all the criticisms about me and all the bad things. I've done it's true, but I will tell you this: we are going to follow strict editorial guidelines with sub verse. We are going to have fact check and we're gonna make sure everything goes through a standardized process to be legitimate news on the ground, reporting to break this system and guess what I will now officially d those whatever is going on with the suppression of suggestions, sub verse has been suppressed as well. We ve gone through the numbers. I have the ground At the beginning of may our news channel that as zero opinion, that is not political commentary in any respect, it is news. Reporting period has also seen it suggestion stripped. This is work is dangerous, implicit media that is willing to ignore these big stories and those who dare challenge them are being suppressed by massive tech monopoly. Let me think the commons below what can be done station going can follow me on mines for more views as well minds, icon, slashed him cast olive morbidness. Coming up you do that
flashed him cast news at six p m. I will see you other. But that some people tell me that civil war, as it's not gonna, happen, we're just looking at a dramatic social upheaval. Therein periods where we ve gone through this before awesome was telling me that if you look at like the Sixtys, we went from you know a very mediterranean country with segregation and anti modulation that within ten years that all changed, as others may be something similar. It may result in just a restructuring everything's, fine, but a kind of don't think that could happen this time. Because of that, I guess the fracturing of media and the advent of information technology and the ability of both sides to coalesce around an ideology that may have been true as in the past, by for whatever reason don't know enough about the minutiae on the day to day that happened or in the sixties, to see to say that what happened similarly, today
I think the sixtys. We saw a lot of government verses protester. Today. The government is kind of lesson off to an extent and more it or about two factions that view each other is inherently evil, so look at the story. Organ Republicans walk out on State Senate over climate change bill as governor threatens police round up, while they say it's a threat, but they actually apparently believe the governor did order the police to go round up the Republicans so odd. Let me know that the where it brings up a dimension that up state police can force any senators. They tracked an organ into a patrol car to return to them in the capital. Although the agency said in his statement that it would use polite communication and patience to bring the rogue lawmakers back. The state police don't have jurisdiction as an organ of the organ state police confirmed Thursday evening, it was working without a state agencies to track down the Republicans.
so what's happening in Oregon, isn't necessarily the point of this video, but I, but I will go to the story, just so of general understanding, because it's what's happening around or again, which I think is disconcerting, and as evidence in my opinion, of some kind of escalation. Seltzer look. I repeatedly talk about escalation. We ve had street skirmishes between left and right wing groups. That's about it right. Some people say all violence have In short, we have these extreme partisan moments. Basically what's happening is republicans are a minority and these state legislator later, and so they don't want to vote on. What I believe is a cap and trade a bill base it with climate change resolution They don't want to vote on it, they'll lose so they're, leaving So let us remember that so yeah there's a context eleven public and senators flooded the legislature and, in some cases, the state to thwart the passage of a cap and trade proposal
that would dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions by twenty fifty, the minority GEO Peacock S wants the plan to be sent to voters instead of being instituted by lawmakers. But negotiation of the Democrats have collapsed, leading to a headline grabbing, walk up They set of Portland NEWS K o I and tv reported a Sunday morning Senate session promptly adjourned, because only eighteen members showed up as eleven seasoning. Republicans, There are still not participating. The organs state Senate is made up of thirty senators. Eighteen Democrats and eleven Republicans Republican Jackie Winters died last month and has not yet then replaced because their public and walk out has prevented the twenties and, of course, in the Senate, legislation cannot be passed in a legislative session scheduled by law to end June thirtieth in a dramatic move Thursday, Governor Kate Brown authorized the state police to round up, and
back the missing state, senders Brown said she will call a special session of Republicans run out the clock, so they say that dog, a spokesman for Senate Prop President Peter Corny, confirmed that each missing centre was it with a fine. Hundred dollar fine Friday morning. This just seems like state politics right. There is not the minors, and this is not the first time lawmakers have led to prevent a bill from passing? But it's what's happening around this. We increasingly see to media spheres, pushing to different worlds, and it's getting worse and worse for those of you who are a prize to the project that situation. Rest assured, I will be covering that later today, as historic develops, but for those that are too familiar project, their task release them under cover information showing that at least some Google employs,
feel it's their duty to prevent Trump from winning. Again. This is not surprising, but it is disconcerting when you have a people at Google who have at least some power- and I want to say this- woman's the melting pot, powerful person in the world. but here's the thing. Not only did you have this woman, you had a whistle blower who provided documents to James Oak, even Berytus, confirming a lot of these details and showing that Google is less concerned about facts and without more concern about what they view as fairness, but try to create a more fair and equitable now I know that sounds noble, but in reality, what they're really talking about is their identity area. ideology and instead they want equity. Not equality. Equity is forced balance between all peoples, as opposed to letting people be free and have the opportunity to choose for themselves. I'm not gonna rehash law abiding by us, then, but I want to point out something important for one. If you haven't been following the virtuous videos deleted from Youtube, this is a nightmarish, just opium
reality of a massive tech giant with disproportionate control over for our public space. Censoring action namely newsworthy information and efforts to protect themselves. It's quite terrifying, in fact, in the video the woman says they do not there, it's misguided to break them up because their resisting trump or whatever. But that what was really important in this context is how the media has covered it. Certainly right wing media has come out and sad like hey. This is happening. Is a big deal, Donald Trump Junior? tweeted. About what's interesting is that when Trump Junior Tromp bore you know Zara, Huckabee, Sanderson and other individuals, we things the media loves to run with it. They love to talk of me left wing me now they love and talk about the stuff. What Donald Trump Junior and many many people-
highlighted this very tough video. They had almost a million views in a single day before was taken down, whereas the response from mainstream media. Nowhere, it's it's not online. I dont know why you you'd think that they would at least try to debunk it or question it or challenge it, but they're, not it's just not there buzz feeds, not talking about vocs, isn't talking. The New York Times that talking about it and that an that's it it and should they. I don't know. But I'll tell you the point that the one front of acres you have two worlds developing where both its view each other as inherently evil I do not believe that I love you can question the credibility of our Tarzan, James, ok, that's fine, but you gotta whistleblowers and you can then challenge them to provide evidence of his personal vanity or whatever, but it is extremely newsworthy store
to say that a big tack monopoly is talking at least some people are talking about, suppressing and manipulating our elections. We ve seen Facebook privacy scandals, but I guess the question is: why isn't it being covered? Well, you know what, in the end I dont know. I really don't I say this: where do you think we go when you have people who are saying this is is targeting all these big tech giants are targeting us. Another side is ignoring it and refusing to talk about it You think people well just say. Ah, you know what it's no big deal: we're fine, no, not at all you're going see and increasing split between the two worlds and the two ideologies are forming for his fracture and media. But let me tell you where it gets really dangerous back in the Oregon story. Because media matters for America, which is one side of this world, that's being fracture and half, says a protest Somebody is full of calls for violence in support of Oregon Republicans, and this is the key,
narrative. We see when James O Keefe put out this video, the woman, the woman who said these things met, pushed the narrative that she was in a context and that now being victimized Carlos Maza, Vocs what'd. He say, I'm being attacked, I'm being victimized they're, trying to make it that they try to inflate, what's happening to some kind of personal attack at a call for violence. Organ Republicans stage to walk up not to uncommon there being fined again Mercedes. This happened before what's different. Now is that media matters will push out too in other activists bodies and are disproportionate in the end there and their allies and media that there's calls for violence against these people shore. I guess maybe someone internet before saying nasty things. Only things can happen as the extreme get amplified. The view on the left will now be that report Republicans and and I could you not the
Eric is already out there? The articles are being written. I dont want to pull them up because the language they used is rather terrifying, an extreme and probably get me in trouble, but there are left wing articles saying that the conservatives and Republicans are the worst of the worst and their trying to end the lives of certain people and their threatening them and trying to use force in their authoritarian, etc. I don't care if you agree or disagree with another point. The point, as what do you think happens when two tribes continually call each other evil and amplify the most extreme Perspective on the issue. What we're seeing with organ with the police, it's coming out to round up looking for to round off. This Republicans is worrisome but, as I said for the millionth time it and I'm I've heard stories like isn't pass out. I don't know for sure, but, unlike our walk out, it's it's it's. You know it's a strategy to draw the clock, sure whatever, but I think something anything is happening. Why is it that report against our outnumbered in this in the state legislature. I don't really know.
to make accusations insinuations about what's going on with the politics of the state of origin, but I do think the information Actor in the outsourcing of jobs has resulted in a shift towards big cities. understanding that big cities to an extent are growing. I could be wrong about this, so this is just like my conjecture. But I will say at the very least if their pockets a fly overstates Middle America that have lost their jobs and people are on drugs like opiates and that its title to unemployment and an there and have less power. They have less of an inability to support them visions and fight for their needs and their rights. What we're seeing now an organ is interesting. There are people who do work in the state wealth. The cap and trade will negatively impact their jobs, so they reside Unfortunately, there are there that minority, because the big cities, the aware that liberals live, don't understand the needs of the work of the rural areas. I think this maybe in part due to the dissension that or if it's you know, I want to say,
The centralisation of media, but I do think we're seeing a rapid centralisation of media media companies and local jurisdictions have collapsed and now their increasing will be increasingly being headquarters in big cities where the appeal are going to be big city opinions. This is why you see a lot of you know a lot of this important calls for gun control. It makes no sense live in a rural area to support gun control, which is why Maine for instance, by restating that in Maine, which I am pressures of blue state or what you can see Harry without a and then you have Vermont, which is fairly programme and your Bernie Sanders. Who is like a moderate on the issue of gun rights and its because it doesn't matter if your left or right it met. If you live in a city or not and that's what your politics will fall, but as media is increasing
being centralized and big cities? You are going to see a disproportionate view of the world and without local journalism and local resources to push back and support politics that would support people in rural areas. They are going to increasingly be subjugated by big cities Now you ve got people calling for an end to the actual college monstrous, or are you not what we're trailing off a little bit? I guess the poem try makers There was a story I heard someone was talking to me about extreme act of tribal civil war in Africa on trying to avoid certainly we're basically one tribe weapons massacre that right trot. You might wanna talking about and the the problem was that both tribes viewed each other's inherently evil and irredeemable. There was no choice: the perch had to happen. Look at what happened the other day with revelry, closer unfamiliar,
The initial knitting social media site, they banned all support for Donald Trump, and they claimed that this support was tantamount to white supremacy, literally calling it over it. It's quite literally, not its debt actually kind of the opposite. I guess what does that was? What's happening? Definitions are being pushed the most extreme possible. I believe social media the cause for it, but the main point that can be seen here that really needs to be driven home is that you ve got people who are holding up signs and protesting, and then you have media matters putting out the statement saying, there's calls for violence in support of these people are trying to make them look like villains. This isn't the only thing I've seen, but it's the only thing. I'm you know. I don't want to highlight these other articles, because they're actually much more worrying. Referring to conservatives as violent extremist. I guess so. That's the view the tribes view each other than hair
the evil. Unfortunately, for us that are kind of in the middle and moderate and free thinking or whatever the main stream is being dominated by extremes and passive, and Europe General Liberal, the people who voted for a robust, not all that- is up that the ones like the liberals who did not the moderates. The independence there are not playing any more I walked away, and so now it's just the crazies that are that are taking over. And so long as media will be doubt what will will pander to the baser instincts of of humanity. We are going to see, in my opinion, an escalation in extreme rhetoric. Media matters for America should never be considered credible, but they are because they have allies that fund these big media companies and it's all going to result in complete catastrophe. So I guess I ll leave it there, then, when I saw the story from from organ units from a couple days ago and spend escalating, I just made me think: that's
I've. I've been told that people know there won't be civil war. There will be a conflict I'll tell you what men with thought with a project verity stuff the other day which are going to be my main channel at four p m, because a lot to go through its and install still developing when you got big tech, manipulating admitting to manipulating documents, proving it whistleblowers coming out statement after statement after statements, that these tech giants are absolutely biased against half the country, and then the media says it's a conspiracy theory with no evidence you have to wonder. If is intentional, do these people who look at buzz view to what our or wherever are they lying, they didn't do any research. In fact, it was gizmo dough that minors in this model broke the story that face, but with censoring conservatives, Where did that go whereas gives moto now the right? I can now is simply that it's just suppose it it's an accusation or false, but you have
We have whistleblowers, multiple whistleblowers coming out saying it's true: you have a lawsuit against Google there, there being sued for discrimination against you know certain individuals, it's all there in front of you, but they won't talk about it. So the only thing I can see is the people All this live in a world where they won't actually do investigation interact on Zan from and I say this to you- can look at my Wikipedia page and see how insane the radicals becoming in an article from the having to impose its only let me we have a little bit we're we're, extend this Vienna. I went to Sweden two years ago because Donald Trump made a statement that was controversial and he was slammed for these last night and Sweden. So me having just come off working for fusion a splinter it was a progressive like fall off outlet. I said: let's, let's go check out Sweden as he was gonna, Paul, Joseph
an eventful. Worse then put on a challenge saying you know he challenges, someone will pay their there their trap, their air fare in a combination of they go to Mama everybody clambered demanding the money Paul chose to go to meet somebody who had previously worked for a far left news outlets, so we held up as under the bargain. I was immediately attacked by tunnel journal for accepting it. I said I already have the go. Phoned me up. I was going because Donald Trump said quote last night in Sweden: somewhat violations equipped with that. That was the phrase that went viral in the Huffington Post. They say that explicitly TIM Pool went because Donald Trump said acts What does Wikipedia right, citing the article that I went in response to far right conspiracy theories? I don't know anything about conspiracy theories. I just knew what the President said: our money in four wars. I've never met. Positive Watson was a guys on the internet. What do they do their way? It would seem they really really are trying to do, twisted mangle the narrative, because you
people lie enough and it becomes truth. You go and look at the talks. Section and you can see people saying like well, regardless of whether not trump sets as it. You know too far. Conspiracy theory, it was Ami horrible, minor things, I'm more words on Fox news or something whether or not they are far. I conspiracy theory to push it. I didn't go because of that, but that's what right, even though the citation says the opposite, so high What does that happen? Well, it's activists. People want to push their ideology, they dont care. What's true, they care about what they demand to be true, regardless of what citation says and that's where things are going to fall apart, I care about. What's true, I dont care for conservative politics. I mostly care for more like liberal policies, but even that capacity are not the most like tribalism person I care about freedom and integrity and information and freedom.
And what I see now is you certainly have the approach from you know Evangelical, like dogmatic individuals who are very much trump or nothing can I get you chanting. You then have more moderate trump supporters and reluctant tromp supporters, who are just scare with the left, is doing. You have moderate passive liberal swore play anymore they're, not my friends that people I talked to they. Won't they dont care. They don't want to be involved there, leaving My friends are getting in vans and doing van life. It just taken off. I have friends who are you You know, I don't care anymore, I'm after Bernie lost, I'm done playing the game, but then you have the fringe crazy people who won't even do a basic fact check. They write stories for the front page than your times, overt lies and they don't do a basic factor or they don't care. They really dont care. The ends justify the means and by any means necessary and the by any means necessary phrase is what
think is: should we weren't anybody? They dont want freedom and they believe they have a right to subjugate. Uva gets them to the goals they want, which I can't really tell what that goal is, but the rhetoric is getting more extreme. Every day, I've shown the charts charts racist spikes in rhetoric around intersection. Eighty an identity areas and these people are absolutely pushing this, and there are many people who don't care if they're lying, they believe the ends justify the means. I know because I've met them. I met the monopoly by Wall Street. I've seen where this goes on. I think it's going there so anyway, you go back to the main point. I guess it's just that when I see what's happening in Oregon, whether or not its typical. I think this is playing into the narrative
these people can use. Where are you now see? The more extreme rhetoric emerge like from media matters that it's not about our political tactics, it's about violence and then they're telling people every day. That too, supporters are trying to end the lives of and harm minorities site? Where does that rhetoric come from there, making it up but they're doing it because they believe by any means necessary? So it's not the entire left at the entire right now to make sure we do our best to can break down and its rhetoric, but I gotta, I gotta admit I do not believe right now. There is a solution. I I'm I'm. I pride myself in understanding how to calculate and plan ahead, and this is one of the reasons I am so successful. Alot of people united emails ever today from people saying things like ten, you know you're channels,
his answer and also my dude? I know more than you guys think I can. I certainly respect people trying to warn me in turn help me out, but I have planned things ahead beyond what you probably know. Ok, I have a van it's not necessarily contingency plan, a smart move for several reasons, not because I think the world's gonna end not because I'm gonna go. You know off the grid and be appropriate, but that it allows me to travel and have fun. It provides me with an independent electric electrical source for producing content, and during my work and yeah, it could be a contingency plan. So but when I plan ahead- and I think about my life- I'm not doing it because I know what's going to happen, I'm looking at probabilities and statistics. I make all my decisions based on values. Do I think, there's a one hundred percent chances of who I really really don't. I think it slightly greater than chance, in which case why, by goal that silly just learn, train prepare like think about what you are going to be doing the next year too, because of the increasing
calls for violence because of the increasing violence you ve seen because of the increasing rhetoric around both sides being violent. I really just see like how do you, how do you break down this rhetoric and get to a place where people can be Americans together? I dont see that happening, because the special interests have become too ingrained in their realities. How many people, who you can select intellectual dark we have tried to reach out to the left left, doesn't want to do it there. Certainly some good actors, people, I think, operate in good faith, Jimmy Door, David Pachmann, the people over mythic, like Rania, collect there that I think those are good people who are absolutely engaged, but these are people who also kind of sometimes get attacked for
like Ronnie, o at Mathis has been silent on censored for calling up the war machine David Pakman someone try to get him fired from his job. Jimmy Dore gets slammed all the time and that's what happens when you challenge the regressive side of politics? I don't know if it's, if it's how many. I just know that what I'm looking at right now, if I was going to make a plan for the future and strategize as to what I should do and what will happen next. I do not believe there is a path towards stopping this. The machine is the snow. Ball is rolled down. A hill its viper faded into two ever increasing. You know, boulders of snow and ice and they're gonna collide Trump by every magic metric is going to win and twenty and there's the short of mass censorship which we are
I don't think you can be stopped, so this will really have tromp. Has the economic advantage the incumbent advantage- and he still has a lot of support- is approval. Writing is, is you know it's not great, but it's going up. It's been kind of like study with a good economy. Regular Americans will see that the only option for the left is to use big tech and manipulate nets always off from Berytus. So, that's why I think we're going, and what do you think's going then, when Trump wins again, you are going to see that the tantrum tension over twenty sixteen was bad and you know what man, I know, we're running, really law branch to keep talking, because there's a lot to be said, I have said over and over again as many people, if you call the censorship in twenty. Sixteen was bad wait till two thousand and seventeen wait till two thousand and eighteen, two thousand and nineteen and twenty slash twenty and every year. It's gotten worse, where to point now where Youtube is actually deleted to VERITAS
you don't like them. You can accuse them of all the bad things about that's fine, but you tube actually took down their videos for an unknown ridiculous claims. Privacy claims for what its news is: are individuals who are legally recorded, but here we go. They dont believe you can film people about their permission, even though you are protected by the first amendment. These corporations are required to do so. Someone Barbara point on twitter you're. Always people saying oh, but you know they're, not. First amendment protected right. You know I'm on private platforms. You'll have a first amendment so think about this. You want you want to stop the government from violent constitution. Sort of the government do hire a private company in due form and there you have it. How can you proposed that loophole? The government can hire a private company, can invited the constitution and say it's not just by the company that govern
It can then just let Google Facebook and whatever run wild and sensor and spy and all these things and say hates, not us deprive company and where there are public, and so I tweeted this Republicans deserve to lose. I'm not saying it's a good thing, nothing, it's a bad thing, I'm not saying they should lose something they deserve to lose because they have done nothing in the face of this growing problem for the past four years. Looking Marco Rubio, who, like mocked and laughed and joked about info worse, I don't like in force. I really really don't like enforcing out Jones is a funny weirdo sure, but this isn't about my politics is about freedom, liberty and the right to share your opinion. Well, Jones was successful. They got rid of him what, whereas Marco Rubio to defend the right of individuals, never expression.
The same is happening now to left wing activists to challenge the system and challenge war. You get what you get, you get what you get you now. So Republicans, good luck. If you're supporters aren't online, you will have no support, and then how are you going to win? You probably won't plain and simple. The narrative is being shifted. The crazies are, you know the inmates are running asylum. I think we're gonna see some. You know, I don't know we're Bessie. I really don't. I just know the violet Nobody has essential point where even very very smart, much smarter than me individuals like Eric Weinstein's, you know influential dark. When figure said political, the political will is coming apart. So what you things can happen, what you're contingency plans? I don't think the world's gonna end amounts angle. Problem of things you know stack up, can food or anything, I'm just saying thing, but the possibilities and plan ahead, because people don't plan ahead. They really don't think I had to think what can I do today? Will what happens after you do today? What happens after tomorrow, where you gonna be in? What's gonna happen, I think things are falling apart. The trains run it
there's no brakes anyway. Alan S along video best rang out I'll, see you all at one p m in the excitement. We have several updates from the border, the biggest story of which from CNN Mac, suppose sands, nearly fifteen thousand troops to the? U S border kind of a big deal, so we ve, in the? U S sending troops the born Mexico is doing it. It would seem that Mexico is upholding its end of the deal with Donald Trump that they need to do something about the migrant crisis and the caravan. So, let's read this story: little bit, but I went out you know what I'm just rockwork our have a tap pulled up, but good attempt cast outcome flashed on it. If you want to support my work, there's a bunch of an wait, you can do it, but the most important thing right now considering all the noose around censorship is just share. This video, if you like what you see I can rely on Youtube to do any promotion for me if you guys think my kind of this good you guys can share. If not, I don't deserve to be watched in the first place, we'll figure it out both gimmicks. The news. Mexico is deployed, almost fifteen thousand
groups to U S: Mexico border. According to the country Secretary Defence, Louie Sandoval in the northern part of the country, we have quite a total of almost fifteen thousand troops composed of National Guard elements and military military units, sand of all announced today in Cancun? Approximately Two thousand National Guard members have already been deployed to Mexico southern border with Belize and Guatemala. He noted adding that four thousand five hundred troops already spread across the area. Many migrants, begin their journey in Central America even further self passing through echo. On their way towards a United States that employment comment, that appointments I'm after renewed pressure from the Trump Administration and Mexico to up slow. Migration flows, northward Mexico however, has also called on the United Nations and their rights, it's to help with the monumental task. Migration is not a crime, it is an administrative responsibility,
I don't necessarily know what he means by that it's kind of a around like a non secular, but also this, I dont, think its Mexico's fault or Guatemala's fault. What NASA! verily outline is anyone's fault, that America is doing great. In fact, America is a great pity, to live. Certainly, we got a lot of problems going on right now. The culture war in politics they sing seems, like things are kind of breaking down. So that's kind of bad, but hey we're prosperous nation and life is pretty good because of this people want to come here. I absolutely respect that an eye of of all people want, share the wealth and prosperity. You guys know our Bernie Sanders fan right Actually I wouldn't call myself. I would jokingly referred to myself as a socialist, but not really like mixed economy. You know, but
but I really do like the idea of helping other people move up, come to the? U S and do better, but guess what there's a legal process fort for specific reason. For many specific reasons we don't want traffickers on the border. We know what drugs on the border. We don't want problems in our country So I think I think Trump actually said you know what other migrants come legally and that's that what's wrong with it. I count on a similar problem, so here's the thing as I've covered in the in the past several days, demo That's for the most part, are on board with a four point: five billion dollar a day. I haven't check the latest updates, but I do have some news in and around this area it's the far left, democratical cosmic or tax regime delay by an impressively, etc, etc, who are strutting this under the hashtag. Not was it like, not one dollar, the idea being that they are not. When you give any money for any reason. Ok, like a really angry because guess what is it? so from Reuters and this this kind of news breaks my heart,
as from today? Actually it's from just a few hours ago, from a time of according seven migrant debts reported in extreme heat at the? U S border. No, my understanding is that these were not coming from within the camps. These are coming from people taking a very dangerous journey. Using evidence needs to very dangerous journey and the extreme heat and the lives of seven people who are looking for but our circumstances its unfortunate. I would like to provide better circumstances for these people and I I think immigration is enriching and and wonderful for our country, the pie. one is the legal process for just this reason the journey through broke. borders and open desert is dangerous and of all the things we can. As to why we need a legal process for this. The economy, you, no stopping crime, protecting the innocent, protecting local jurisdictions, properly, people shoreless we're all great administrative reasons, but let me just say:
The most important reason is to prevent people from making an extremely risky and dangerous track through the wilderness and dying in the extreme heat. This is the point of border security and a legal process because without it, people are incentivize to take the dangerous journey, because two huge gamble, if you make it, if you win cycling, lottery you're in America, the land of opportunity, I can certainly get that. But even then you're, not gonna, enjoy the same privileges as a true american citizen oral migrant monsieur legally granted. There's look there there are those, I would argue, get rid of the legalities and No one is legal. This I know what you know what it wanted David Haug together day. No one is illegal on stolen land, ok to tell it for literally every country in the world period, because land wasn't owned by any. Like you know, man, it again to it? But yes, land, has been stolen back and forth by many different countries, so biology
make that argument. Mc globalist, organ, that's fine! The point is you can't just have people coming through the desert because they will get hurt, children have died, So this is why aren't over border will make sense. You don't get it you're crazy, because I'll say like ok, I the idea of a border wall and then- and then I get this nonsensical criticism where it's like also TIM, supporting trumpets like what will hold on I'm talking. ideas in solutions. I don't care whose proposing them, if you think the walls, a bad idea, let's come up with a solution I'll, tell you what right now I am biased against the idea of the wall. What's your proposed solution, dumb threats of offered up enhanced security and technology. Ok, I hear that but then they dont want to give more money for the facilities and and and things like this, so you know what we are now at a point where Yes, you have to concede that tromp was right to the extent there is a crisis. Even the Democrats agree. Thank you. Ok. Now the five Democrats are still obstructing
and and let's read the story, because I want to make sure I can express that the gravity of the situation as to why you know all the poet Oh posturing, all the politicking is a huge waste of time and, in my opinion, it's bad. It's ok, look orders in Texas reported seven migrant does on Monday, including those of a woman to babies and a toddler shovel the danger of extreme some a central american families surge across the. U S Mexico border, though in three children may have been dead for days before they were found by border patrol at the Rio Grande in self taxes. On Sunday, according to a local law enforcement officials who asked not to be named, they are thought to have died from The exposure and dehydration in an area about eighteen miles, EAST of Macao, and that is in a better as a serious to walk, ok to the west
U S border patrol agents in the Del Rio area recovered the bodies of two men on rational and near Teresa Springs after anonymous calls on June, nineteenth and twentieth alerted them to lost migrants. The agency set misstatements another decomposed body, while ok we're just we're getting to look. I think that the point I want to the great detail on this. I want to point out. It doesn't have to be about politics. You can have you can say what ever you want about administrate Jane about open borders, fine, but no this even if the borders were completely legally open,
I believe that would only result in more or loss of life and that's what we should be fighting against. That should be our main priority. Forget everything else forget the economics. Ok by all means. Keep those arguments. Talk your friends talk about Europe's policies, but let's just do this. The first and most important thing in my opinion, is protecting human life and I think everyone left and right good can agree to that right. So let's say this without border security and if we had stray open borders, people would be wandering through the desert like crazy granted. You know, presumably people be going through the main ports of entry likes Agnes Hydro, but then you have just congestion and you have people. So I had imagined congestion. The people who work between the border would be having trouble and people would still resort to coming through these open areas. Not only there.
but even with a complete open border. You have people who are still trying to bring in illegal things going through these areas and guess what I imagine through sheer arithmetic. You will see more loss of life. What can we do to stop people from walking through the desert with their babies to to protect them Ok, I'm not gonna leave the so so the so there it is. I'm not gonna leave this story just on this one issue, I'm in a completely elevator I highlight, as I've said time and time again, the conditions these border facilities are not good and I detest them and I will have no power I'm speaking out against them and I hope you would all as well. However, I'm waiting. for a solution to the problem, I'm asking Democrats to propose something that might solve the situation and an help. Okay. So now we have the stores in Sydney morning, Harold migrant kids. Yes, border moved after bad treatment exposed.
Taxes, the? U s- government, as well as remove most of the children from remote border patrol station in Texas, following reports that more than three hundred children were detained there, caring for each other with inadequate food, water and sanitation. thirty children made the facility near El Paso Monday, said, representative Veronica Escobar after her office was briefed on the situation by an official with customs and border protection. They say attorneys who visited the border patrol station Texas. Last week said older children were trying to take care of infants and toddlers. The Associated Press first report on Thursday they described a four year old method, hair we'd gone without a shower four days. Hungry, inconsolable, children's struggling to soothe another. Some had been locked for three weeks inside the facility where fifteen children were sick with the flu another ten were in medical quarantine. So I'm not sure if they name which facilitate the says it's just the opposite facility,
I'm not sure where homestead is by do know that we have a problem with a lot of kids coming here, unaccompanied. What do we do with them? my question. There was a woman on Twitter who tweeted that it's time to free these kids to release these kids from these conditions- and I said I completely agree one hundred percent- where do they go when the biggest problems we have is that people are less interested in talking about what next and their more concerned about what my side wants cigarettes. Supporter saying, calls watered down south migrants? Ok, diameter, a short while about robot loss of life and prevent given these conditions. I understand that makes sense. You have left say- stop locking these kids up, stop separated from their parents. Absolutely I think is good a horrible, and I don't like this. I don't like hearing these stories. What can we do better? I don't think either. Side is wrong, but I do think we need to have a conversation about what makes them more sense, and I would like towards disincentive, rising kids from coming here, because we don't have the facilities,
the strait of problems resulting children suffering and yes, we should get these kids out of their glad. They did. Where do they go Apparently they ve gone somewhere in this case rate, but we need funding. We got. Democrats were posturing on not one more. Galileo project has great. Well, that's not helping anything I get it. You want a virtuous up base. You're, not gonna, fund ice knew what find to be abolished. This is Cbp not ice, while their willing to let these kids continue suffering because I don't like the government- and I assure you there are people in government who don't mind the suffering because they think it might disincentives migrants from coming here. I think it's a fair point to make that this may be huge disincentive violation, everyone's private, to my it's coming here when they hear stories that they will lose their kids in their kids will suffer. That's horrifying. We need to just secure the border and stop human suffering and pretty life, and there are simple ways to go about doing it. If we can, please have a conversation, this conversation should be over. Democrats are about
for the most part of come together and on agreement, four point: five billion dollars fantastic. Well, then, I would say to the fall of Denmark Let's see you get on board and there we have it so final thought on this segment: Mexico who is now engaging the border in a similar way to the? U s: sending fifteen thousand troops to their northern order, which is our southern border. I don't know that's good or bad. It's happening something needs to be done to death, incentivize, these children and these women and these people everybody. I don't know I don't wanna separated the people in general should not be losing their lives in the story. They shouldn't be going on the journey. We need to figure this out Thanks for hanging out sit around, I got more time is coming up next week at four p dot m an update to the project. Veritas situation of the podcast probably probably already heard it, but the order is different online. So I will see you at four p dot m thanks for hanging out sick around. Well, if you ve been watching my videos throughout the day, you knew you know, we have a major breaking up date in the Google censorship story. I have another,
We're here from the verge Google warns its employees that pride protests are against the company's code of conduct, a leak, internal member has Google is concerned about whose free speech the company is protecting. Once again, political stance taken by Google about what people at the at the company can or cannot do. Another story wasn't as big as the veritable expos ay. So naturally this is falling to six p m video, but the most important thing. The censorship is confirmed as far as I can. As our luck, women employ email, saying, if you the story and employ email saying straight up these people, their politics strip them of their features game we have now seen no longer recommended it confirmed period, plain simple series on this. TIM cast outcomes, less doated support my work, if you like what I'm doing for those that are listening on the cast TIM Pool Daily show on all podcast platforms seriously everyday six. Thirty. You will get my full hour now. Conduct of
about listen whenever I seriously urge you to find me on the pot cast platform. It's doing very well and the only reason Google will keep succeeding with these with the censorship is because we keep isn't apply from now. Also this I'll keep using You now Youtube Google so long as I can, but they ve already. Answered some of my content and I'm concerned they will do in the future. So I'm I'm! I'm might my pretty hard core I would also say: share. this video, if you think I deserve it, you to us no longer recommending my videos the same capacity they used to its down substantially. It's fine, because, ultimately, if you think my country's good, you can share it. If not I don't deserve it anyway plain and simple and I'm gonna rely on good old word of mouth. As should everybody also, don't you share my videos if you like other Egypt, craters you nor being impacted, share their content too plain and simple, but let's rid the news from the verge employees are allowed to peacefully protest to Youtube or Google. During the pride parade
as long as they are not marching with Google and an official capacity according to internal memo sent to anyone who chooses to walk the parade as a representative of Google and voice, any protest will begin. In violation of Google's code of conduct? The discussion came out of able author conversation along glares list serve one of Google's algae Bt Q groups about petitioning San Francisco pride to remove the company's float from this weakens parade some employs plan to march with Google, while also visibly demonstrating against universe. is demonstrating against Youtube's recent policy decisions with signs. for tee shirts according to screenshots shared with the virtue. When Google or asked if this would be tolerated by the company and inclusion leader said no employees are free, make whatever statement they want. Personally, apart from our corporate sponsored, float can contingent the inclusion led told the members of gamblers. But they are not permitted to leverage our platform to express
a message contradictory to the one? rule is expressing bone there. It is once again Google is saying flat out for in line with corporate- and these are people who are at odds with Stephen Prouder- these are but who are challenging Google? this decision they have every right to test, and I would stand beside them as they did. If you want to in terms of free speech, to find something like there's look. I have so I would actually define algebraic your rights, the promotion of acres in terms of free speech. If they want to stand up and say I can test, then they should be allowed to do so. Google doesn't care about
You or me- and I think a lot of their decisions are necessarily political, but it's about protecting their bottom line. We ve seen the email, so there are employees who are overly political and are taking political action period, but here we can see from a corporate standpoint vinyl care about the left, the corporate side. Doesn't they just don't want to look bad in the press? They say internally algae BT. Q employs at Google have expressed anger and exhaustion over Europe's recent polities policy decisions regarding conservative Youtube, Stephen crowded and vocs journalist host calls Maza, which earlier this month became a flash point in the ongoing ongoing controversy over how you two moderates its platform and decides when and for what offence punishes certain channel owners. In a recent letter to Google's Algae Bbq employs see son of a bitch. I said that he echoes Youtube. Ceo Susan, we're just squeeze recent apology to the community and via the company, would be taking a hard look at its european policies.
The decision to stifle a would be protest is frustrating to some employers who see it as especially ironic, given Youtube's dedication to free speech, you're right. you tubers who use our platform and sometimes get significant revenue? It gets you claim of free speech to keep using our platform, but algae Eighty Google Earth get no free speech to say that Google doesn't represent us. One tells the verge that's ironic at best, but hypocritical, specific, specifically ironic, trying to curb our speech on the fiftieth anniversary of the Stone Wall March rights. Now. Look, let me say this: if Google doesn't want you in a parade on their float, which was private from the get go that I can I understand you tube is mark itself, as you tube like for you, for the public for our and they enjoy protection under the premise that there are neutral public forum for people to engage.
they're going to censor people. Now I've got a problem. It is different that Google has a float and they don't want you on their float protesting. I can understand and it also makes sense it didn't want. You win their companies shirts. When you protest, however, I still land on the side of free expression and believe. If your Google employee, who wants to contest the decision, you have a right to do so. What I see here is that behind closed doors, Google makes overt political decisions, they deny it publicly but even when it comes to their own faction trying to protest what they're doing they're not going to allow EU that's called authoritarianism Maybe now you will understand why it's a problem to allow a massive multi national Cooperation, the right to police speech. They will Stop you sure they might agree with you on paper with certain policy ideas. but I believe it's all about the bottom line when it comes down to it there
we'll tell you to your face. You're, not gonna, speak up against us just like they won't you're lucky you get it better than they do that's authoritarianism period. Google has no problem, censoring restricting of certain political viewpoints, certain political channels and those on the left, clap in sheer good, I'm glad there doing it. They say But what happens then, when you say we don't like it that you didn't go far enough, they smack you down until you, too far online because you don't have any special privileges. There's your just lucky you're, not them it's two kids in the house and one parent. You know whips another kid and then you know kid egg, its beat up could be laughed and said. Ah, you know you're getting get good good, you're, the bad one and then get smacked in the face when he tries to challenge that that the parent so: let's see, are they gonna say Rebecca tweeted today, Google told employ.
that, while marching in the Google contingent and the ESA pride parade any protest against Youtube, current policies interpret patient of policies and so forth would be considered a violation of Google's communications policy, hashtag no pride and Youtube Exactly employees will be punished as unclear when one employ asked for Clare nation, the original poster of Google's decision, so that employees would need to contact the code of conduct team for any further questions. Although employees are allowed to do so outside of company groups, some employers it's too late for them to participate in official pride parades and any other capacity with pride month, drawing to a close These cities and many others will hold their official festivities at the end of June, for employees get ready to celebrate pride. One tells the verge. This means that in practice, Either protest or you March, Google was not immediately available for comment. What think happens when you violate. You know employee guidelines.
I'd, imagine you might get written up. I also imagine you might get fired so so look. I've said this time and time again I feel could fall on deaf ears, Ort possible that Youtube Twitter. They just want the echo chamber They don't want anyone to see new videos from me so requires word of mouth. I ask you to share the content, but one big challenges with getting rid of suggestions now monadnock, I still get suggested quite a bit and my channels doing better than ever, but they are down. So there's a throttling going on we need to expose people to new ideas to expand their minds and challenge these systems. One thing I noticed on twitter you may have seen this is that many tweets appear as tweet on available. However, they are not blocked, muted band suspended and there's other ways you can view them, though tweets really do exist, it would seem that some kind of algorithmic system to restrict you
from seeing certain comments that are totally available to other people. Why? Maybe these platforms like the echo chamber they dont, want the left to hear me, talk about free speech and defend their right to protest Google's policies. They have a right to protest. We will absolutely I don't care for employee Otherwise, it's almost like a right. If I have a company in my employer, protest me. Well, you know what I think they were right to do so and if an and that's the way it works but think about this Those were upset with Google are being Smet down by Google told they can protest, you might lose your access to resources, welcome to an authoritarian, regime you clap in sheer when the regime does what you want, but what you do now when they point the sword at you. What are you complain about it? You, like the documents, are they it's really fun, the verdict able to get hold of a legal document, because Google is inherently left wing. We ve seen it we further testimony and emails. So in that way,
something bad happens, they'll Bell leak. Those documents unfortunate. There aren't more people the company willing to leak documents, exposing their political bias, but now we're seeing that Google doesn't care about free speech even for them its corporate It's a machine is a Thor, Terry Machine that will suppress speech of anyone that dare oppose them. Unfortunately, it's usually conservative because they do hold some left wing views, but when it comes to the left, they will knock you down. Two more cyclists to come. Stick around I'll say it, a million sign up. The podcast is available in all platforms Temple Daily show. If you like, the content share it comment. Whatever you know, you can find out of the platforms, minds, outcomes liked him. Guess I'll see you in the next. Aging Carol a woman who region We accuse Donald Trump of forcing himself on her, the dressing room at the Bergdorf, something I can't remember the exact name of the place what is important, because I'm sure you know the whole story. It was front page news on some outlets. I think
It was irresponsible for many of these stories to report on an interview or because you can't, just take every thirty year old accusation and act like it's big news, but you know what in today's world ratings driven nonsense, yellow journalism, you'll see CNN, put her on front centre because they learn their lesson with Michael Avenatti. Here's the thing recently He said something very offensive that she feels that most people, in her mind, think of men forcing themselves on women. She thinks people view that, as sexy I D. That up specifically for a reason, because even I dont want to repeat what you said. No it now. I will say this there Our studies that talk about fantasies what she brings up, maybe she's not wrong. I don't know I disagree with her, but there have been some studies that have been brought about people talk about fantasies of force, etc, but there's a big difference between what we know to be a crime, of assaulting someone and playing with someone. More importantly, there has been some
tweets from scientists to know better than I who say it's actually not true, but here's. The thing in saying that's ship actually jump the shark. She has now said something ridiculous and kind of discredited herself, because that's an absurd statement now As pointed out with relation to journalists by the name of Matthew, keys who tweeted, in this segment. She says this. She says the sentence and they immediately caught the commercial yet for some reason, all of these major outlets Ray, publish this interview and they omit that section. I tweeted something so like. Oh, how weird? Why would they do that and Matthew points out accurately? because they're driven by ratings- and they know the Trump bump exist, they want to smear chop. They want the money period. So this woman should we take her seriously. In my opinion, no I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm not try to discredit victims, I'm sorry when you're, accusing somewhat of a crime Thirty years after the fact, just I dont know what we can do for you
now. She's sanction iconic press charges, fine this is a serious attack on the credibility of an individual that can't be backed up and it's gonna fall to tribal lines, peoples, deserve some professional respectability, even if you dont like them, but you know what these people say it over and over again, by any means necessary. So why am I I trust this woman was an overt calorie supporter leftwing. You know activist when she says this already, plus thirty or so years later they like twenty three early years later. What would also find kind of strange Is that a lot of people are brought. This up. Trump is known for dating young super models. She was fifty two, I think at the time that is apparently took place, so people are naturally challenging whether this is true because, yes, sometimes people lie. Let's wait a little bit about the opinion. Bergdorf Gooden. Wasn't it that makes it so he's Anderson Cooper asked you don't feel like a victim and she says
I was not on the ground and ravished, which you know what people would assume. She says it hurt. It hurt just you know, but I think most people think of it as a violent assault. It's not Cooper says she goes on to say the infamous line to which you can read and screen. But I won't repeat: let's take a short break, think of the fantasies she interjected we'll take a quick break. If you can stick around we love. What we'll talk more? On the other side, your fascinating to talk too. She gets Carol accused Trump of assaulting her in a burglar, Bergdorf, good men addressing from twenty four years ago in her new book. What do we need money for a modest proposal. She describes the allegation of a man pushing up against the wall and unzip suspense. And forces in you know no private, I'm not gonna, be that Tropez denied it he said I'll say it with great respect. Number one she's, not my type number: two. It never happened. It never happened. Ok, Trump added that she has totally line He knows nothing about her vocs the story, why
Jeanne, carols assault accusation against Trump, wasn't front page news. Actually I can tell you why, before I even read boxes assessment, maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong. I'm gonna assume their wrong, I'll tell you. Why not front page news for one simple reason: there's no credibility behind what she said: she's a political actor, she's protested, she's, clearly anti trump. It was twenty three years ago and it doesn't really fit any no. modus operandi. Donald Trump was dating super models and young women for him to oh into dressing room and do this, woman of her age while not trying to be a dick to her. It's not whether or not women of a certain age are desirable or are not desirable? It's about look I say no, when it's not flattering the trump, he was let's lascivious old man going after young women. He wasn't going to go after an old, older woman. I think that's fair to point out. You I represent in a way that that will be little.
the woman, it's not about politics, not about tribe. It's about ammo, it's about a pattern of behaviour: tromp, doesn't the bill by simple, I'm not saying he's a good dude certainly not saying I like the guy, I'm just saying. When I look at a pattern of trumps behaviour, he seems to go after young woman you can't see. Alternatively, smear tromp for for being too close, this daughter ass, they ve done over and over again and then act like it makes sense that govern fifty two year old woman. The reason is that front page news: there's no credibility, no cooperation, yet that New York Maghreb, whatever, whichever one it was New York groundwater, which magazine did a front page story on it. Well, nobody else wanted to. It wasn't front page news, because it's just not credit and nobody wants a tarnish themselves to trade chase the ratings. In the same way, apparently CNN does and boxes no problem, but let's VOX Ass, to say what is vocs think that this is it doesn't fit the bill. They write on Friday, a prominent advice
on this wrote in a national publication of the President of the U S had assaulted her But if you read or wash the news this weekend, you might have missed the story entirely. Most major newspapers didn't put. The allegation is New York magazine. Ok, I want to be smart anymore. They put the delegation on the front pages, it was also virtually absent from the Sunday morning. Talk shows, though Karel DE appeared, MSNBC and eventually CNN, of course. News media had other important stories to cover from a humanitarian crisis at the EU. Mexico bore ministration inching toward war with IRAN. Still the relative quiet on carols allegation was telling some media outlets may be too exhausted to report on yet another man trap as men held, or maybe they fear his wrath, wrote Atocha, sawing off a journalist who says tromp forcibly kissed her interest in five and they met the vocs The muted reaction from the press was a reminder that, while powerful men and entertainment, tech, journalism and other industries have been forced out of their jobs, Trump remains untouchable and
hold on so many and reject. I feel its disrespectful to the women who have called out the likes of wines. being an dog. Was that guy? I beseech you know I came name good, I'm glad I can't members name these guys, who had women on the record and corroborate their details and came out within a few years of it happening we even have. one video of wine. In being an appropriate with the young woman. She found that we improve. We knew they were doing it Bill Cosby. Whenever it you look, you will be admitted to putting giving women a crowd out, wanna get all that I'm gonna get sued, but its dramatically different When you have women who have recorded videos, we have cooperation when it An open secret in Hollywood is happening. I dont think Trump someone with respect for the most part, I'm pretty sure like shore Locker room talk. All you want. I would not be surprised if tromp was aggressive with women. I don't believe this story
it doesn't mean. I don't like it should be investigated. I'm just saying we take every with the grain of salt, because there's money to be made in lying in pushing this narrative, the Trump bump exists. The media wants, the books will sell, vocs will get their story, but to come. Airing, you know, what's his face from Emmett from NBC, in an Harvey wanting to a twenty three year? old accusation, I'm sorry, I'm not I'm not playing that game. Do I think tromp was aggressive with him in the past, and even I be willing to bet sport, my own here I'd, be willing to bet trumpet, was inappropriate and even assaulted. Someone absolutely believe in time we're different back then and men behaved badly? If I was going to make a bet. When you look at party instead, as other very powerful men, powerful guys do it now in New Trop sad when you're famous they let you ok. I do not like that. I do not like you know, trumps demeanor and its attitude towards it and, I think, is a strong possibility that a lot of women
Let him do it undoing airports on us, a lesson in the sense that there were scared to do anything about it, and he presume There were letting him do it now. Look you guys know. I don't like Trump and I do think he's over and a bit lascivious. What he's isa? he's a player he's a is a rich. Do? Who does these things? Do? I believe the story I dont, I believe its past and I'd out. Let me put it this way. I believe it's less than chance likelihood, because there's too much to gain by making up a story and publishing twenty. Three years later she could have come of the story and twenty sixteen twenty fifteen. She could have campaigns hey. Now I can't blame somebody who want to come up and speak about it, but I do think it's insane that you would expect front page news cover twenty four, your delegation with no corroboration there's two sources who claimed to have corroborated according to the new Yorker who won't go on the record. Ok, then you ve got nothing. You can't put every crazy person on tv to say crazy things. I'm sorry
maybe it happened, maybe didn't, but then she goes and says this nonsense statement. I look, you know they shouldn't have done it, they should have done it. It wasn't front page news plain and simple good: it shouldn't be. Do your due diligence find some evidence to corroborate. If you can't we're done here, because I ll tell you what I get emails every single day with crazy accusations about the present or otherwise, and I'm not gonna run with it. I'm not going to do it. I am not a fan of Trump, my God, no friend of Trump you should see you should hear the conversation. There was a period where I would devolve into anti tromp rats periodically through videos and I'm impressed people tolerated it from me because it is I think, a nonsensical. I have an absolute bias against the man, but I'm not crazy. Person have dropped arrangement syndrome. If the police, the economy is doing well, well! Well, there you got what you gonna. Do I'm not gonna kill him of do have doing a badge. things are going. Well, you can say everything on a bottom? I think he's up he's a man of bad moral character, plain and simple: he's talk about bodies,
journalists he recently alluded to imprisoning journalists and in a story I think, was from time. I'm not sure I need to do more at looking into it foreign policy. I concur besides the man over and over again, but I can I also point out. This makes no sense. I recently made a video calling out the President in Kansas Owens for restricting free speech when it came to burning. U S flag, I love America. I love the flag uncritical of United States in many capacities, but I What stands for, but you better believe, are put at a video criticising the President in Canada when they said lose your citizenship for burning the flag about principle, plain and simple. If the economy is good, fine, if he said no water runny pulled back even better excellent choice. Mr President, I will commend you for doing so. No war, please it's not going to work out their better solutions. I understand why
and sometimes, but even though I might be biased against the president and genuinely believe you probably assaultive, have in the past. I'm not gonna play this game. I'm not gonna play this game. I'm certainly not going to vote for the man plain and simple, because I think is a bit amount of bad moral character. you- can criticise me for that all day and night I'll accepted, but I'm not gonna, play this game and entertain a what it goes on tv and she thinks it sexy. No, no, no you're discrediting yourselves. You are hurting rational discussion, so you know a comment on this video and tell me why I'm right on my. Why I'm wrong! I know exactly what's gonna happen. but where my opinions lie, there's a lot of people say TIM you're right do not believe us only but they're going to find tromp period. Fine, don't care I've I'll, say what I think and that's what I think and I'm sick and tired of the fake nonsense. I'm sick and tired of everything being fake all the time. Every pr statement, every corporate administration. I dont like from things a bad dude. He's on some good things. This story is bs cannot exist. Can I be unorthodox or heterodox can have an opinion that makes sense based on principle. Can you
like a man and still think the story is bs. Just everything is a game. It's like. When, when an accident happens the corporate per unit of corporate spots and comes out such nonsense, Sarah Sanders comes out, The agency has all the things that offend Trump and the press was all of it. It's a nonsense of false reality and unjust sick of all of it. So this up pisses me off. You know. I find myself having to defend a man I dont like and never liked, and would never vote for, because he's not he's not he's, not the worst guy in the world is a bad guy he's not with voting for, in my opinion, will see that most of the Democrats have to offer. I like Andrea until she gabert, and I am trying to be honest about how you view the world. I wish that true for everybody else seriously. I wish when an accident happened, the corporation carbon be like you know, we corners here was a mistake. We regret it and we're gonna pay to pay the price for it. I was people could not when they are wrong. I wish news organisations would put. You know, corrections up. I wish these
private list would outweigh actually say you know, maybe international credibility. We should run the story. Maybe it shouldn't be front page news. I wanna keep ranting on the stop. Now I got another story coming up in a few minutes about tribalism Yossi staging some nonsense that around I'll see you shortly I'll admit it would cause you're Cortez one, the primary. I was happy and I and I cheered for I: could you not the do exists on this channel for half an hour long. I go through policy positions and I'm like sixty percent of what you propose is our main policy talking points. I was like spot on: ending private prisons, environmentalism, expanding hell, CARE will not healthcare for all and the amount of money. The recent healthcare guy, but I'm unlike gotta, make a moderate Democrat. You know I mean like that's where I fall public options, expanding coverage I am also say I was happy because she outside this incumbent, but is proven herself to be just an awful person. It's like look, you know what really bugged me recently is the border crisis. It's a cry:
Ok and these children are dying, and I don't like it- I don't like it one bit. I dont want to support it and I want to be in a country that does, but I dont know the saloon as you certainly does not just don't, have kids wandering the desert, which is apparently their proposal is conditions in these centres are horrifying, and they're moving money of these kids? We ve seen the videos good. Can we get some funding? It's been. It's been said not for weeks in the press in the mainstream Congress Fund, you know give up the money he's asking for. We need to provide resources to at least give these people humane conditions. Can we do it for everybody? We can't something needs to be done to disincentive I too behavior. What do we have here staged a Yossi slammed for pushing photos of herself at border to help concentration Camp remarks. It appears that they will see well complainant campaigning or something went to the border went to a border facility and protein.
to be upset. Now, maybe she was really upset, but a really does look like you fucked it up. On Monday, democratic, Socialist Republic, Alexandria cause you Cortez was criticized for pushing forward. of yourselves self, seemingly intended to help quell the blow back she received from equating the time and centres at the? U S, the: U S, Mexico border with World war, two era camps, the Photos were apparently taken at O Texas Detention Centre, but did not show the conditions the Carter Center was upset about. Rather the pictures were merely of a corporate has looking sad by a chain linked fence. users on line, many of whom are notified. As her supporters mocked the photo up and suggested that the pictures were staged. I gotta say it really does look like she's pretending to be upset for the camera to benefit her campaign. The photos on her, not the facilities and not always have
because she doesn't care. I do not believe she cares. I believe she has a sociopath who is playing up to tribalism to win plain and simple. The Democrats said: let's, let's and that that the border security and and and give company needs they caught. They came up with a bipartisan over four point: five billion dollars and who obstructed Abkhazia Cortez. What was the money going to do? It was gonna help these kids and guess what? While the Democrats of sit around doing nothing more migrants have been coming through their dying on the border from heat, exhaustion, exposure, etc. We don't want these people wandering the desert. We can't help all of them that Missions are bad enough. We are strained. Can we please do something? I don't know what we need to do. I really don't. I can't tell you what you need to do, but I saw Democrats step up and say we're going to do something with Republican, and I said thank you Democrat. You have my respect we can criticise them for dragging their feet all day, but I dont care they ve come to the right choice. Let's can grow. You like them for doing the right thing now and say this plain and simple: I will encourage good behaviour if the Democrats are
the step up and make that change. They deserve our respect and that's what I want to see: bi partisanship problem solving a compromise, was not one of those democrats. Nor was receded. Yeah, no more I wanna Presley, etc, etc, and what happened now? It's not done and then what do we see a cosmic? What has tweets out these photos of her pretending to be said, like it is such an exaggerated photo it as such. dad nonsensical phenomenon of the voters and a second there's, a quote. Or else see the national stage and was just a fairly unknown house candidate from N Y see she took time away from our campaign to come down to tornado to protest to the tent city, housing, migrant children. I may these previously unpublished photos? A year ago, today, posted Ivan Pierre a guerra, hopefully prancing right, the man who took the photos of Abkhazia Portes. Let's take a look at some. These photos actually will do this costs because of Cosmic Cortez tweeted in response- and that's the fort worth pulled up somewhat- will show this.
Elsie pushed the photos to four point? Five million followers on twitter captioning, the tweet I'll. Never forget this it was the moment I saw with my own eyes at the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents and cage them. I am disgusted and infuriated by this woman. This is a photo of her off self looking sad and looking into the camera calling these children refugees. she is lying, she has manipulating. It is just not true, it is just not true. She said more kids died after the To date, no one has been held accountable. She added we need to save these kids, whilst not you you're, obstructing you're, saying not. One dollar and more kids are getting sick, so here's the tweet. She too, it s and sad. More kids die after this. Thirty six thousand retreats. That's pull up the skies tweet right here here.
one photo from those who are listening. I was trying to grab them she's, looking with a furrowed the brow and a wince toward the camera in the next. oh she's covering her eyes and it looks like she's pretending to cry. Maybe is really crying, I don't know, but enough looks like she's pretending it is not good at it. We have another You know where she is bending over looking down covering her eyes, Once again, I say this looks like she's pertaining to cry because the law, sport or shows that she's just gotta furled brow, there's no tears her eyes aren't puffy. It does not look sincere Her own supporters said it looks staged here. Are some photos published in some of the same photos published and a year ago, in June of twenty eighteen, now, he said these photos work previously released, but some of them were the first photo shows a very similar position where she's bent over and she's got one had on our lag and she's covering arises. If she's crying that's photo shows or just staring longingly with a furled brow
therefore our shows her with both hands over her eyes and someone putting their arm around her and, finally, the gate is partially opened and we can see there's some day chess police standing there keeping guard. What does she looking at? I dont know because the big problem here is that while it absolutely appears to be state Alexandria. Abkhazia, Cortez, doesn't appear to be looking at anything that I can show you the tent city. But what does she crying about? Looking at about two tenths interest, finally, there not showing us what she's looking at because I assure you she's not looking at a bunch of kids hunched over and crowded in cages, she's looking at a bunch of big tents like I've, seen the photos. I've seen this place, the big tents and she's looking of crying about what I don't believe. It what else does either that story goes on, while some praise the Frenchman congressmen for looking sincerely heartbroken, not all our support, We're won over I love you see, but these images feel so staged in undermining
credibility on these issues. This crisis is not about I can photos of a Congress is about dying children. I agree she's Paul, photos of herself, please post photos of the kids and so seriously when an Elsie defender claim the elected Democrat was not posing but merely com, by a photo on the scene, though one responded. This is not an example of that. I reiterate these feel contrived and staged not organic. This is a bad look. Well, I love that. It's a bad luck, yeah as on other leftwing, twitter user, criticized show the children at these at the conditions. This isn't about her face, not helping Other reactions of a similar flavour flooded the replies to the tweets and such a relief. She was able to be followed by a photographer on this day. Instead of you know, just going like a regular person, regurgitating pr stunt on other replies.
linking to photos of agency in black and white posted by Pierre aware in June of last year make sure look into the camera format. Sympathy tweet mocked thanks for showing me a ton of picks up the terrible conditions and not just a bunch of selfies one sarcastic tweet reads: if these photos we're about the camps, the photos, b of the camps. The comments are about the main subject of the photo: the criticism is not directed towards an agreement or disagreement on situation. It is towards an obvious pr stunt. You seeing the children as products. This is why I don't leave cause Cortez cares she's. She sang of abolish ice. What does that mean? What are you gonna? Do she went when offered to company by parts agreement with Republicans on humanitarian aid, ship struck. She doesn't care care about the kids and when it comes time she post photos of herself. It completely explains who she is she's. Lady I'm, not the only one who feels that way. She is the feed
EL version of Tromp YO. I wish her all the best political success. She deserves it. These are the politicians we get. We get what we deserve the world. We created. Congratulations, a selfie posting woman. What do you care to fund humanitarian aid to actually save kids, who pastures and ponderous and pretence these are the most staged photos. I've seen you use this place and people for a photo up pretty sick. Someone replied. Sorry, this to me looks like a staged, follow up trade. Situation nonetheless at the border, but none of this was candid in nature, and this was when she was campaigning, and this is what got her elected and exploit pretending to care on June. Eighteen cosmic. What has posted and Instagram story lamenting the detention centres at the southern border disputes Dennis Concentration camps. The government is running constantly can count on our southern borders. You told her followers and she goes on. I'm not gonna be actually also eminent there. I just can't
Zander. I really can't she hold some similar policies to make sure fine, but so do stand Crenshaw. I disagree with her a lot of issues, and I think this shows her character. This is what who she is I'll leave it there thanks sick around I'll, see you tomorrow on the main channel and stress Temple Pimple daily, show podcast minds, DOT slashed him cast share the video. If you think it's deserving of being shared and I'll see you on time.
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