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GOP Report Says 200k MORE Votes Than Voters In PA Questioning Election, Democrats Say FAKE NEWS


GOP Report Says 200k MORE Votes Than Voters In PA Questioning Election, Democrats Say FAKE NEWS. The analyses claims that of the total registered voters who cast votes 202,000 more ballots were counted.Democrats responded by saying that the data is incomplete and that Republicans are wrong.But this is a propaganda war and none of it seems to matter.The only real outcome seems to be generating support for one side or the other. So long as corporate media is against Trump it doesn't seem that it will have a big enough impact to change anything.Hotel shuts down due to fears of massive Trump rally in DC on January 6thTrump wins most Admired man poll beating Obama

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A new press release has been put out by Republicans in Pennsylvania, asserting major discrepancies in the state presidential election. The analysis asserts that two hundred Two thousand votes are unaccounted for that effectively more votes exist, then registered voters who actually cast votes calling into question this large number, specifically in the presidential election. They say it's a hundred, seventy thousand Donald Trump tweeted about this. Of course, we then saw the partisan mud slinging, claiming tromp was wrong and making things up, but then you had many people on the, by saying if tromp is only losing Pennsylvania by about eighty thousand votes will. Certainly, this is more than enough. He needs to actually change the results, but we don't know what this day,
Actually means it is an analysis and according to the Secretary of State, they say they ve sifted through pages and pages of unsubstantiated claims that this report is based on incomplete data, but they didn't actually give us a breakdown of what's going on and they didn't directly refute what the statements are, and I gotta tell you I'm quite sick of it. You know it's really hard to break down, what's really happening, because the media is hyper partisan because we are not being given transparency. All of this could have been avoided a long time ago. If they just said. We ve heard your car aims. Why don't we go through the merits of them? They didn't many of these court cases were thrown on procedural grounds, injury standing or that the results will be too big of a move for a judge to make so long as we don't actually get a sit down. Hearing to go through these documents and explain what they are, it will never stop so, of course,
when you pull up the articles from the left and the mainstream media about what's going to happen with MIKE Pence in about count they'll tell you it's meaningless to trump supporters are crazy when you pull up right wing articles, conservative let's they'll argue not all of the many of them are. Actually you know not citing which up on this one, but many will argue why. In fact, my pants does have this power. In fact, a new law suit filed by Republicans asserts my pants does have the sole power to choose which votes to count. Now I think if it were true, They wouldn't need a lawsuit to assert it, and, in my opinion, this is not going to lead anywhere. I'm sorry, I know a lot of people, probably want to believe that it's true, but I just don't see it. There are many legal challenge is happening right now, and I can tell you that you know their people. Certainly fighting. There's gonna be a big challenge in some objections on January sex. But if I had to make a bet, I would not be betting on Donald Trump.
I'm sorry, that's just the case. He seems to be losing much of his power. What little he did have as he was president. He was obstructed every step of the way now what we have so far tromp demanded two thousand dollars and a stimulus for the american people and its being jammed up, which Mcconnell rejects unanimous consent. He sang you wants to fight. You know I august the ideas he wants to fight for, appealing to three but Donald Trump, ultimately signs the omnibus spending bill that that nobody really liked and everything's kind of messed up, confusing and partisan figuring out. What is really going on his very difficult. All I can do is give you my opinion about. I think he's gonna happen, but we do have interesting data point coming out. Perhaps the real question right now, based on what we're seeing in media and the accusations from left and the right. What really matters is establishment authority and whether or not trump can actually generate public support. Not whether or not the media is
you know what not whether or not the numbers are actually on his side. I know it's kind of a crappy thing to say, but it's true it could be a fact that a certain number of votes are good or bad, and that would you know make person the winner and one person a loser and that the numbers we have maybe they're wrong, but doesn't matter what matters whether or not Trump has public support. Maybe he does the media is saying. Otherwise, trumps battle, in my opinion, is not with the constitutional process through the election its, whether or not the public supports him and that's the big challenge so long as the media says it's nonsense, but doesn't give us an answer. This will not be resolved. Ok to clarify. We need to actually have a thorough hearing through all of these claims to either debunk them or confirm them or something, but simply dismissing them, as on procedural grounds, is doing nothing for anybody else, resulting in this endless problem that we face.
the left says. Trump support will never give up, so don't bother given the time of day, but in Arizona they state they issued subpoenas and Merriment Maricopa County refuse to abide by those subpoenas. So how am I supposed to give you definitive answer or resolve any of this. When this is what we get it'll never be resolved will see our plays out on the sixth many outlets on the left, like I said, are pointing out that pence cant do anything but we'll see what read the new see what's going on in Pennsylvania and then will break down where we're at with my pants, and this upcoming mega rally in these the on January sex. Before start to head over to Timcast com, donate. If you'd like to support my work them any way, you can get rid of Po Box, you want to send me some stuff at the best thing you can do is share this video. It really does help the channel grow. Your youtube's algorithm, isn't a big fan of Khan like this, and I'm trying to give you a rational assessment on what's happening, the news and voiding or at least showing you what the left and right arguments are asked to what's going on. If you think I do, it could do a good job please,
how about the channel by sharing subscribing hit that Notification Bell hit that like button. Let's read the story, W J, a Sea and NBC affiliate Pierre, Publican lawmakers analysis, fines, presidential election numbers, don't add up. They say a group of Republican long, you could say they perform an extensive analysis of Election Day data and they found troubling discrepancies according to state RAP, Frank Ryan. Seventeen lawmakers sponsored and participated in Analysis Ryan, who was a certified public accountant, says they discover discrepancies between them of total votes, counted and total number of voters who voted in the twenty twenty general election, which is making them question how the results could have been certified by Governor Tom, Wolf and Secretary of the commonwealth. Cathy book far. Nothing quite simply. There Democrats, this is the partisan, Babylon, talking about it, doesn't matter what the numbers are it matters who has institutional authority and who has public support according to Ryan,
the analysis compared official county election result to the total number of voters who voted November. Third, as required by the Department of State Ryan, says they found that six million nine hundred and sixty two thousand six hundred seven total belts were reported as being cast while deal well, slash sure system records indicated that only six million seven hundred and sixty thousand two hundred and thirty total voters actually v
among the six million six point, nine million total votes cast. In the six point. Nine total votes were counted in the presidential race, including all three candidates on the ballot and writing candidates. According to Ryan, he says the difference of two hundred and two thousand three hundred: seventy seven more votes cast and voters voting together with a thirty one thousand five hundred forty seven over and under votes in the presidential race adds up to a discrepancy of one hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and thirty votes, which is more than twice the reported statewide difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Pennsylvania's election results were certified November. Twenty fourth and Governor Wolf issued a certificate of an ascertainment of presidential electors stating that bite
received. Eighty thousand five hundred eighty five more votes than trot another interesting. My understanding is it back in twenty. Sixteen Pennsylvania didn't certify their results until MID December, yet this time around they rushed to certify November. Twenty fourth, what's fastening about that is that many Republicans were in the process of finding a lawsuit, and before they had a chance to file on. You know that an early Monday morning they got word that the governor, Sir, fight already before anybody could even file their challenges to the results. Of course, many of these challenges were knocked back on procedural grounds Some of them still exist, although emergency and jumped of relief was not granted, meaning there probably not going to go anywhere because one loss it apparently that won't be resolved until two days after the inauguration. But many people on the right pointed out. Why did Democrat Governor Wolf Rush to certify without notifying many Republicans or many people
state legislature. This is why people think it's a political gain at the numbers are meaningless. It's about institutional authority and guess what the governors got it so long. as the Pennsylvania how's that General assembly doesn't come together. An actual issue actually issue a vote and make a statement. So far the electors, her pencil, then you are certified for Joe Biden and nothing else will change that. I should say nothing is going to change that and January sixth, unless national session is called that the General Assembly comes together and then certifies their own slate of electors. It's possible. I am not entirely convinced it'll happen. You will see us read on the group of lawmakers released following joint statement. They say we were already concern with the actions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the executive branch and election a fish in certain counties contravening and undermining the Pennsylvania election Code by
eliminating signature, verification, postmarks and do dates while allowing the proliferation of drop boxes with questionable security measures and the unauthorized cheering of balance, as well as the questionable Treatin of pull watchers, all of which create a wholesale opportunities for irregularity of irregularities and the twenty twenty presidential election. However, We are now seeing discrepancies on the retail level which raise even more troubling questions regarding irregularities in the election returns. These findings call into question. The accuracy of the shore system. Consistent c in the application of the Pennsylvania Election Code from county to county and the competency of those charged with oversight of elections in our commonwealth. These numbers, just don't add up. And the alleged certification of Pennsylvania. Presidential election results was absolutely premature, unconfirmed and in error, the going to mention these seventeen republican
I believe, most your ugly there, our publicans, who signed onto this the first thing to do is rain on this parade a little bit according to ballot PD up, the General Assembly of Pennsylvania has to hunt and fifty three members, two hundred and three and the House of Representatives and fifty in the state Senate. Seventeen is nowhere near a majority of those in the General Assembly in it to make a definitive statement, or at least a sort of viable one they would need to have an official legislative. The body we need to come together in eight and an official legislative session and make an official declaration we're not there yet just because seventeen people have have put this press release and issued a statement showing these numbers doesn't mean it's going to change anything and thus as of right now, even if my pants does have the power to throw away certain votes.
don't think it will matter because there's not certified challenged about so put this way. First, I want to show you this, and I will move on and I'll, show you the statement from book far and then what vices claiming? What that, what the left this mainstream media is claiming about possibilities and with our publicans are saying we can see here they say in the presidential race? There's a hundred seventy thousand eight hundred and thirty more ballots cast. Then voters who voted so voters who voted means? Are you registered voter? Ok, there's like nine million, how many of them actually voted. They say six point: seven million how many votes where their six point, nine something doesn't make sense. In response to this, a spokesperson for Pennsylvania Sectaries take Cathy Book far. She said to the watchman examiner so that state and federal judges quote have sifted through huh.
of pages of unsubstantiated and false allegations and found no evidence of fraud or illegal voting and asserted that the Republicans so called analysis was based on incomplete data. They gonna say that the final vote out of tally with certified by the governor, etc, etc. I am not satisfied that answer at all. Just saying it's incomplete data, ok, come out with a statement. Show me in a press release what they're sure Data is where it came from: challenges and tell me what's wrong with it. Don't just say they already lost its over. Their data is not even complete. Anyway, that's not an argument. They gave me some numbers. They gave me a statesman about where the data came from. Ok, can you say anything to that: no they're, not I'm not surprised. It seems like the goal right now from the left, is to ignore all complaint from the right and run out the clock.
Mckenna assert that that you know it's four for any reason other than well up put this way. Maybe it's because there's something there! Maybe it's because they don't the point is as long as they refused to do it. The questions will remain and no one will accept the results. Be very simple for them to say we are going to put together a hearing to go through this data to debunk it to present to the to the people exactly what's going on, they won't its tribalism. The right is adamant they ve won. The left is adamant. Theyve one is not about numbers anymore. It's about who has the power the institutional of forty and public support that why January six will be so important, very important. now earlier this morning I did a segment on a hotel that shut down in DC over fears What's to calm on January, six in Washington DC for those living in the pot Castillo here that segment coming up next but January, six is the day that matters.
You can talk up. The media has massive amount of power. But even right wing media's turning on Trump, so trumps public support is dwindling, but what happens on January sex if my pants decides to ignore certain votes and count what their single are alternative electors suppose he could. I doubt he will because right now the problem is you ve got electors, certified by governors of their states, and then you have the republican electoral slates, they were candidates for the electoral college issue their procedural votes, which are not even certified by the state legislative bodies. Now many of these state legislatures have tried calling special sessions in order to likely certify their procedural votes. It has not happened. If it does, then something spicy will happen.
I doubt that it will. Seventeen Republicans in Pennsylvania is dramatically short of even half of the General Assembly, which is majority republican. They can't even get most of our publicans to sign onto this well for level it. So let me show you what the left is claiming about. What might pence can't do or can do and then I'll show you what the Republicans are saying for vote stay site might pants, can't steal the election for drop on January six years. Why they want to mention what the plan is. I guess Rumble day, they say January, six, there's gonna be people coming down a DC there'd be occupying setting a tense. I think a lot of people are gonna show up. As I mentioned many. Times I plan on being there, but will see if I can actually make it that's the plan for now they mention the alternative electors
vice goes on to say that it is believed by many might pants, will take the envelopes and choose which votes to count, and I believe I believe we actually can, I believe, very easily put my pants is the one who determines which votes to count, but if you don't have certified votes than there's no argument. Ok, I won't let me what they say they mention rest. Musing report says Those who cast about votes decide nothing. Those who count in the votes decide everything quoting Stalin. They say come January, six, twenty twenty one vice president might plants will be presented with a sealed certificates containing the bouts of the presidential electors. They go on to say that pence can't do it. Unfortunately, for Tromp Gomer unrest, musing pulling agency, the vice president's role in this process, actually feeble according to love it and other election law. Experts quote his job is to open the envelopes with the electoral votes. He reads the are and asks for objections if there are any, but if there
for any objections. The law clearly says at the chambers of commerce. Let us deal with the objections, not the VP he's the sick, ammonia letter opener, not a decider that appears to leave pants with no room to manoeuvre, no matter how much trump fans want him to do. It Levitt said he's basically got the same role at the present or has the Oscars Levitt said the accurate the MIKE doesn't actually does I'd who wins best picture pants could conceivably find a way to weasel out of the roll altogether, though, the institutions, as the President of the Senate, is supposed to do the job which is technically pants. Well, it's literally pants but of pens isn't around. The business could be performed by the president protests. Poor, are attempts or have a project of the Senate, which would be Chuck gradually republican from Iowa, given all the Michigan Ass, its little wonder, pensive reportedly planning a trip out of the country as early
as the evening of January sex, we'll see how that plays out. But let me tell you something very important: what does it mean that he can't do it and who is this election expert, Levitt and other election law experts? I'm sick of it? I'm absolutely sick, If a man vice finds an expert who agrees with what they want, you to hear and tells you what they want you to hear their arms. Many legal experts arguing the opposite and money on the right. All of this is meaningless. I can present you a million and one experts who can all give their opinions on what can actually happen, and we just don't know what would happen if my pants went up and said
tromp wins. What would they do? Oh, they would scream, they would throw things and they are now well rabble rabble rabble and what can they do about it go to the Supreme Court? I guess that's right. Human beings are not machines that that adhere to a rigid set of code and have to do things legally. We could say that under the constitution, my pet has no authority. I can also argue that Cuomo Newsome Whittemore these governors have no legal authority. Do anything. They ve done Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and have legal authority to enact the lockdown that he did and the Supreme Courts have court has ruled against as a Supreme Court's, because even Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled against, am, I believe, in some circumstances if Andrew Cuomo can enact an edict against the law- and we can sit here screening, but I was not allowed to do what he did it anyway. Maybe your
I realise that pens could literally do whatever he wants and then what are you gonna do about it file a Supreme Court case yup. But what happens? Imagine this might pence, not caring, says Trump wins, that's what they say. have a nice day, everybody, but by and they all yell rabble rabble. Rather, we know that's not true, and then Donald Trump gets inaugurated and then the Supreme Court of Tender, later says. Well what do we do? Trumps already, president there's a lot of problems that could arise because, apparently the constitution is meaningless. At this point, I tell you it's really funny. Vice like to talk about what the constitution does or doesn't allow pence is just that presented. The Oscars have you ever seen an instance where the present or accidentally run. the wrong name or was given the wrong envelope and in the wrong person,
the award than like laid around like. That was a mistake. It's happened. What would happen if my pen says I'm out, I'm not gonna, be here, Chuck congratulates on you and then Chuck gradually is handed a stack of envelopes. And he just read them and some of those contain republican electors. What happens if Chuck Please, just like I'm going to reinforce one by have a nice day. What will they do? What could they do fight? Aren't you say they can't do it, but I'd like to tell you something: I've ever seen a sign that says no trespassing and then somebody jobs, the fence. How does it happen? They can't do that they have no authority to do it. They did it. You see that
You hear these governors and many of them credit states are acting in extreme violation of constitutional rights of the american people. They are not allowed to do it they're doing it anyway and guess what the police in force what they say. That's all that matters if someone goes in and reads the votes and says no trumps, the actual winner, sorry by what Anyone going to do about it that that will be official. The gavel will well bang and there you go. According to Republicans, we have this european lawmakers, sues, pants and bid to overturned by an when Missus Lewis Gomer he's doing and they're saying it under a certain law, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven, the Electoral Count ACT Ii, unconstitutional that the vice president has ultimate say and how to count votes. Let me be honest about you. I think it's kind of a poor argument. The idea that the vice
running for reelection can just choose to make himself be the winner. I'm sorry, that's absurd on a constitutional basis. Ok, I dont think pants has the right to be. I am now looks like I win. If you have a slate of electors and it's an envelope with no stratification from anybody How do you even argue? That's legitimate if you have the governor certified the Democrat electors and the legislator certified republican electors, the constitution is clear. The state legislature ultimately decides whether votes go, but that's only if their certified right. Now. What we ve seen in Pennsylvania is nowhere near a majority committing to supporting and out alternate slate of electors. We just see they're pretty drove out, and we see a minority of the General Assembly saying we're gonna. Do it many others too.
Are fighting, but there's no official certification. Yet in the end, I ll tell you this. If you want to go by the rule book based on what I have read, my pants could choose to count other all votes as he sees fit. If he gets too lights: what happens? The republican Senate votes for their publicans slate and the Democrat House? What to the Democrats light and then my pen says: ok they're both gone there meaningless right. Well, that would lead to a Trump victory also remind all of you that there are publicans and the Senate are not going to do this. There may be objectors in the Senate, but the Senate overwhelmingly vote for Joe Biden. They hate tromp there, the establishment that was likely to happen. but I want to make sure that I stress too, to an extreme degree. Human beings can just do things. What if Chuck grasslands. Just like you know what I'm an old man, I will not say
Joe Biden when sorry I'll just say it's not him your cause. My pants goes and travels. What? If my pen says, I will not be involved in this because, as a candidate for this race, it would be a conflict of interest passes after gradually and Geographic s truculence by I don't. I can't tell you what anyone would do they file a suit of the Supreme Court, argue It's not legitimate. The Supreme Court would probably agree, but by when one would any of this happen and then what I honestly don't know tell you when I said over and over again and I'll talk a bit. You know for the podcast you'll hear it more in the next segment. If millions of people show up in Dc Trump, not going anywhere if ten million people really do show up in DC, I believe trouble be president for another four years, and I mean it, ten million people for a lot for a variety of reasons. There's a lot of things. I think people human beings can do to make sure
Just I'll leave you with this very important point. The founding fathers signed a declaration of independence under what already that the colonies were under the government of the british Empire and there rules in place in parliament as to what they could or could not do. I certainly imagine that when King George, third receive the declaration of independence and read it. He thought to himself underwater forty convey claim their independent parliament doesn't allow this. There has not been a vote. They can't do that, but they did it anyway, because people can just do things. I often tell people the only real laws are the physical laws, the laws that we write, it and and and and it'll pass at a statutory level, our human social laws. You know, there's the law of gravity. Well, I guess it's a theory of gravity, sorry, but there are physical laws that restrictive from doing certain things:
but no trespassing sign does nothing to stop a person from crossing a jumping over offence. I love that that quote from Watchmen that the comic and where he says something about Doktor Manette and says you know a picture of oxygen to a drowning man its meaningless, its abstract. You can say no trespassin so long as we have confidence that by trespassing there we some negative repercussions or you'll be committing some. You know a violation of certain morals. Well, if that exists, people might say- okay, I'll abide by the sign, but you could choose to hop the fence. I'm not saying you shouldn't! You probably shouldn't my prediction, Joe Biden's going to be President man. You know Trump can do this. That can be these fights. I don't believe public and establishment, has the political willpower to challenge anything they like the status quo. They don't want to change. They don't care if we're being sold out, they dont care. If Democrat governors have violated the cost,
Two in every possible way they won't play that game because they don't fight for you. Republicans have only passively fought for you so far for the most part because they had to because defying tromp meant they would not be reelected. Well now that many of these hinders got reelected, they don't need trump anymore, so they're getting rid of him they're not going to fight for you, they're not going to for what you believe and that's why I just think come time. Might pens can say or do every wants, but they will certified Joe Biden? What will you do? What will the american people do that? I can't tell you But I'm certainly worried the american people are becoming desperate and are on the verge of exploding. I've. Seen more than enough videos of people saying I can't take this lock anymore. I've seen more than people say I'm desperate and I've heard some cry
Is you stories about what people in our planning on doing in DC, bring intend spring in food and unjust occupying the that that the federal jurisdiction for extended period of time. We'll see, interestingly, anti fuss planning on showing up and fighting against the Trump supporters, and I find a kind of crazy because it's like, if you're, really opposed to the? U S, government wouldn't anti, VA, be happy. This is happening. It's instability, it's their opportunity to what That actually happens. We ve seen the Google Lou boys and Antiphon shake hands before what have anti fascist and says hey where. Well now you did you we will do arse. I wonder what trump support of the day, they probably say, fine leave us alone. I doubt it, though at tribalism runs, deepen, there's, gonna be a lot of fighting lock. These discrepancies in place, like Pennsylvania, are scary. If
They will not addressed them properly. If there will not be a legitimate hearing on irregularities where we could go those evidence and get a definitive answer, then people are going to explode but, more importantly, maybe there is no way to address this. The laughed doesn't care if you have evidence that, just keep saying it doesn't exist and the right has seen the evidence and they just believe it's enough. There's no choice aging anyone's mind here. So what happens? Anti was lying in, wait cause they don't like Joe Biden either, and I think many of them supported Joe Biden, knowing it would force Trump supporters to essentially, you know, be against the? U S, government. I thought I was really funny to see the left side with intelligence agencies and trump supporters. Many libertarians defending the government that make a whole lot of sense. Does it well, Joe Biden being you noted, declared the winter by the media, ITALY at least, and the expectation he will be. The next president.
Trump supporters are now outside of the system and have no reason to defend the GOP establishment Congress or any of these existing governmental systems that appear to not be supporting american people who likes the omnibus bill. The left, doesn't the right doesn't get it passes any way people are going to explode man? I don't know what to expect my prediction: aren't worth a whole lot, don't take them as law. I'm just telling you what I'm seeing right now and for all I know, maybe my pants s trouble ends by everybody and then cast ensues we'll see on January. Sex we'll see if the people actually shock to support the president. On this day. I don't know I leave their necks segments comin up tonight, Eight p m live over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast. I l com hang out when we talk about lotta latest developments on this stuff and will see what happens thanks rang out.
everybody, and I will see you all to night, eight p m life with a major development as a pertains to the January six protest rally in Dc Hotel Harrington, they say is a proud boys hot spot on the how true that is, but why? it imposes reporting the proud boys have been hanging out their hotel Harrington, as announced their shutting down for the fourth on for three days during before this. This big protest rally for the safety their employees and patrons, and things like that. That's crazy! This is crazy, their shutting down because of the upcoming rally. We saw a Trump supporter rally last month. This didn't happen. My friends, I think people are at their wits end. and they're starting to snap. They ve got nothing left to lose and they are pest, and I wonder what
Donald Trump doing you know he signs these bills. He we can't really do much to resist the super majorities in Congress, but that's not making people feel good. They are not happy that the Andy A is now being approved and they're not getting anything. They want another mad about it. They are not happy that this ridiculous, omnibus spending builds got past their mad about it, and Congress is pushing things that people hate everybody. The Republicans are getting rag doll you so much. Like rats by everybody body. So what's gonna happen on January six? I think people have had it. I think they're gonna snap. conventions gonna be a revolution. To be honest, are right now, I'm on being down there. We you know doing the show will see if we can get their logistical issues, make it impossible. So you know if it turns out to be too big like too many people, it's gonna make it impossible, it shows that we might try and get somewhere close to DC. So that we can have the speakers
ten days, you no common a shout and talk about. What's going on things like that sea, where we're at by. If there is a lot of- only to understand when there's like when there's too many people One place in reticent work so would be particularly ineffective. You know less effective if I try to go down there and it's too crazy but will seek. As I won't know, you're gonna mean so right now, I'm booked on planning on being there. I'm not staying at the hotel Harrington, so I'm not affected by this, but think about our crazed at his hotel is shutting down. You know. I saw that so imitated people keep asking me what I think is going to happen in DC on January. Sixth, I think it's only massive. I really We do especially with this report coming out about the hotel closing because of this rally, and they can be huge, I don't think it's going to be a revolution. I think it's going to be a big rally. You know it'll be so I think it'll be a store. Perhaps you don't want to go. We saw a couple hundred tromp supporters show up, they didn't shut the stuff down they like
locked down, hotels and stuff, like that, I think they realize it's gonna get real spicy. I think maybe people start to realize law enforcement. The government the american people have had enough I mean look, you got a lot of urban city, dweller, liberal types left his types that don't understand a thing about what's going on and you have conservative who have seen, and not even just conservatives, but many conservatives and liberals in their businesses and livelihoods destroyed at a certain point when everything has been taken from you and you have nothing left to lose people snap there's a crazy viral video man where this guy he health inspector, comes to his business and then you know finds him or whatever, so he takes his truck any blocks. The health inspectors, cars or the health inspector can't leave, and you think if I can't work- and neither can you right- that's where people are at right now, but this is non violence and others billions and I'm not gonna happen on January sex, but when you
So when I see a video of a veteran, let me see if I gotta right here, a veteran being pin down and arrested by police for refusing to wear mask is a tweet from for fishery. As I have obtained exclusive new video the December twenty second arrest of air Braden, who participated in a mask protest at the Northstar Mall in San Antonio Texas, against pandemic restrictions on the disabled veteran in the United States, Army Braden can be heard shouting. So here you can see the video and you got the guy. right here, filming refusing aware mask and then the pull peace and security, it's not just, I believe, is at least one cup in there and they grab the guy and they arrest them. So I tell you this: when Trump supporters have been defending police waving the thin blue line, flag and wearing shorts. I defend the police Then you see it's. The cops that are destroyed
these small businesses you ve made you ve made people desperate, you ve made them very, very desperate, and only imagine if enough at an end and showing up in DC is about more than just Donald Trump. You see this is what leftist media doesn't understand. Their sang people are going to shop in DC because there you know trump culture, Sir Q or whatever, and then they're just you know, trying to overturn the electrically Lawson are coping above a block and I'm just like. You really have no idea why people are mad. Do you know there are a lot of people who love Trump and our mad about the election. Now get me wrong, but there's a lot of people who are mad about everything else there mad about getting arrested because they didn't want to wear mask now. Look my eye There is also a person. I don't care where masking item in the store says no short, no she's, no service, you put a mask on then eyes, Roma and say whatever and its
you know. I will tell you this: do how stupid as it because, like you know that we are restaurants out by me and you have to wear a mask. You walk in wearing a mask. You sit down, take the mask off and then you can put them. It hasn't back. Gonna walk out. here's, a funny thing. I see people leaving the restaurants and up at their masks back on. You know why they're like where they can do, kicked me out, and why not? It's a good point. You, where the max to walk in they sit down you take it off, don't gotta wear it again. Yes, it's ridiculous. How does any that makes sense? It just like arbitrary nonsense, but LE outside us. Look I go to the store, I don't care about wearing a mask, but these video, are getting in saying, there's another video. I watched where people are like that their they're attacking people who art wearing mess unlike dude. If you are really concerned about getting sick in the mass and also, why are you touch? the guy. It's gettin crazy out their men. I think the mask thing has created this like clear division between the tribes. That's that's what you know what you're saying
when someone doesn't where mask, they know your? U no enemy or other or whatever. Maybe it's like the way for the the invasion of the bodies natural to realise that you're, not you know in compliance or whatever. getting by the way, but another left left take data that's because I loved taken they that account does. Let me read the story for you and then I gotta talk to you about people snapping, because there there's there's does. There's a lot going on men, a salon owner interesting with them with the name, Lindsey Gram, it's a lady defying organs and the government's coming after about. But let's, let's we'll talk about what people are snapping, here's a story from Newsweek. They say Washington, Disease oldest hotel, there's become popular with the far right, proud boys group says it will closed its doors for three days in early January, when thousands of pro trop supporters are set to visit the capital for a last ditch Imago rally. President Donald Trump has encouraged. Why? old protests in D C, on January, sixth, birthday Congress, etc. If I go buttons victory in the twenty presidential election the day
Congress is set to certify Joe Biden victory. I love it. They could just say that the joint that the day of the joint session of Congress to count electoral votes- but, of course you know framing- is everything but some of the supporters may have lost their hotel reservations after Harrington. Look at just a few blocks in the White House: it should stay. but on Monday sang it would be closed on January? Fourth, fifth and sixth, that's interesting. I don't think it's just about this rally the fourth fit in the sex. You got a lot going on these days. You know it's now most not necessarily NBC, but they're gonna be doing. I think, they're doing that. The vote for speakership on the third- there going to be a lot going on with members of Congress in DC by imagine, Trump supporters are going to be there on the sixth and get there early. The hotel's move came after the Washington Post reported the proud boys that it's a white supremacist group really with their black chairman, great weird man
on four inciting violent clashes of opponents at rallies had made the Harrington their unofficial headquarters in the capital almost operator and say something we ve snapped though, I used to say that we felt the part where we were going over the edge we're on the edge of the precipice were falling nano we hit the run a long time ago. You look at stories like this that are out. Right lies the proud boys. They are not a white supremacist group. I know much of the imagination. Now you can say that early on that there are some people associate with a proud boys who were all right, white nationalist we're kicked out. The organisation is not founded upon white supremacy or with prominent white supremacist doing anything, but that's the light. The media as it over and over again, and that's all that matters. I take a look at some these cultural institutions and the dominance by the psychotic do ray east and duplicitous deceitful, leftists its creepy stuff. Maybe if this is the right word right now, because more like establishment, how'd, you get regular. You know, tradition,
liberals to hate the proud boys common white supremacist said over and over again and your average persons gonna be like I don't like white supremacist, anybody who actually does their homework knows. That's not true. You take a look at Wikipedia and it's just total nonsense garbage at this point. I give you read. Certain articles are like that is the stupidest thing. I've ever read. It sounded encyclopedia anymore. It's interesting some articles, you know, you'll be reading, you got you, you can do it. You gotta talk section, we're getting reviving conversations and you can see the culture war happening in an encyclopedia. Desperate attempts to claim that certain right wing personalities are NEO. Nazis are all right, and you have people saying things like how
is a partisan descriptor from an activist for the other side like encyclopaedic, information Wikipedia is just become a trash mess. You know, you'll get some left. This will read an article will say this news. We will call the proud was a white supremacist group and bone. That's all that matters is a fact but Newsweek. clearly a part as an actor in this fight. Anybody who does the research would see this and say how do we get people accurate information and make it stop, the chairman of the problem is not a white man and has repeatedly denounced white supremacy. In fact, the proud boys had a joint meeting with black lives matter. I believe it was in SALT Lake City where they talked about what they disagreed with with what they agreed agreed on and they had a press conference about. It doesn't sound like a white Supremacist organization, unless black lives matter openly associates and supports white supremacist. Is that weird? What is happening? People are going to explode? I think January sex is going
bonkers I dont think its enemy. The revolution will see: I'm not a psychic, you know, but I tell you men there are that everyone is happening right now and information were Gimme, another That's really interesting that there is a series of videos that the left routinely takes out of content. In a desperate attempt to like black attack me or whenever I reject Murphy on my IRA podcast. earlier in the year, and we made a series of predictions now. As most of you know, if you actually watch my content, my pretty hence our usually really weak and people complain about it all the time that also, I think some like this happened, but you know that could happen to, and there are like do just tell us what things can happen. I'm like now, I dont know I lean in one direction. The left will take things out. contacts to make it seem like I'm unreliable or that you can't take my word for things I'll tell you this right now. My predictions have never been worth much and I've never put
to be a psychic who can make these predictions, but they don't want you watching. Content like this, they dont want me breaking things down for you. They want to make sure they poison the well, why it's a propaganda war Some video came out. People are saying that I'm the most dangerous political commentator on Youtube. Why? Well? I recently to reduce the amount of content. I've been producing on this channel by three segments has done a lot to do in a formal sense, I'm still doing three hours or kind in every day, but I was thing at the time that is acceptable, October or November hundred two hundred and twenty million views, and I believe that made me the biggest pull go commentator on Youtube. I could be wrong, but I'm I'm pretty sure that was the case and a hundred times mill million is massive, like liberal aunt, progressive think it's her to channels don't get wet anywhere close to that for the most part, so they started freaking out along come the smears, and I don't even make bold predictions. I don't even
I give strong opinions on policy or anything like that, and that therein lies. The big problem can only go be ignored for so long But I will tell you this I'll break down the lies and I'll show you people snapping and getting angry and they like it. It's propaganda manipulation. They don't want you to know what's actually going on. They want to lie to you because they don't want you in DC on the sixth. They don't want. You angry. The fact that Congress has just given away tens of thousands of dollars of your money, your money at a time when you are most desperate- that I want you to know the stuff not etc is just about me? They do it too to everybody, particularly they don't wait. or to other. You know, conservatives take things out of context in an attempt to create partisan dividing lines. I almost wonder if they want the conflict. I think the leftist do. The left knows that you know that they, they say revolution, nothing less. How do you get that if you have a strong establishment. This is one
people on the left voted for Joe Biden, even though they hate him. They know. that it would force tromp supporters to target the establishment so long as Donald Trump is, president tromp supporters are are happy to an extent. Donald Trump represents the populace right he's in office. The populist right has a voice. The populist left says put by an end because every one hates him and then what happens now? You ve got tromp supporters, hating Biden and then the government and you ve got the populace on the left. Who already did saying great, we ve got seventy four million new people in this fight against the establishment against the machine. Now I know you're, probably tromp supporters of always hated the establishment and the machine- yes, but they weren't, Willie, to stand up and and and you'll go Toto or rally or raw protest or even riot, because Donald Trump held the top position, so they were in
side they had control is Ed. Let's, let's leave us what you know. Let it right see what tramping get done, the leftist vote for Biden. They want trump out and now trumps, Porters are gonna, be showing up in DC. As I said, it's not just about Donald Trump. It's about all this. It's about these lockdown. It's about disabled, veterans being arrested under this mask was protest at Northstar. Mall ends with one arrest, disabled, veteran and I'll be able to note disabled betterment means. I think it's like a guy's got. No legs are not necessarily true, there's a bunch of different ways. People can be disabled veterans and ends with this guy. Getting arrested for refusing to wear a mask at what point do think people say no more take us out from Fox NEWS Salon owner accuses Oregon governor of retaliating for us this lockdown oars. She terrorized my family. The owner, set governor threatened to place your kids under the care of child protective services, not the first time we ve heard this
now, interestingly, the salon out a glamour salon her the owner, Linsey Gram, because a funny name argue for making the job I tweeted this habit. We trade Female Lindsey Grand for the Lindsey Grand we currently have in in this It says that she reopened her salon in May and received a fine of fourteen thousand dollars from the state Graham claimed that claim that Brown began to personally terrorize her family and threaten the place. Are children of the care the of services to intimidate, in closing Ursula endorsed as it does it to when my doors against the governors mandate back in May. She came out with the full weight of the state. she told the Ingram angle, Ingram angle. On Monday she terrorized myself, she terrors my stylist. You terrorised my family. She took every government agency. She could She put her full weight into intimidating me into closing, including sending cps, P child pact services to my home and threatening the removal of my children
I think this may be the same person in the same story. We heard back the day, but here's the point people have had enough It's not the people going to DC. I think I'd be mad for a variety of reasons. It was real, Interesting is a lot of these liberal cities. You're getting people are being force, fat, red pills. I too if there's, if there was one way to restore libertarianism individuality, it's too have the government do having their doing now. It's it's it's. What I refer to as the finger trap, a finger trap problem you're familiar with chinese finger, trap, the more you try and Paul your fingers out the tide of the trap becomes. You have to actually you know push in to loosen the trapping get your fingers up its counter intuitive when these governments start, locking everything down and asserting their power and authority with edict and no statutory law than normal people who.
Just say I don't care. I care leave me alone snap and they say enough and then you get the opposite. So allow saying, if you tell people they can't run their business, and live their lives eventually they're gonna say I have no choice and that an open their business, but what happens then they Well, I'm already in defiance of the law, one defy any other law. You don't mean, if you're already breaking the law than lockable don't care. If this is true for criminals the cargo and I knew this growing up if there already something illegal. They don't care to do anything else illegal because all stack on top of each other interesting that works right. So it happened. We are two story. The other day New Jersey. Some young women were running a warehouse bar and restaurant and I guess casino. They were serving food drinks and gambling now you'll get it. You can put it this way. I at that warehouse parties Bobby a better way to put, but everything they were doing was illegal Mustang. It was wrong, I'm saying it was illegal rent
there has been legality and morality, but would they normally have opened a restaurant served food and drinks in a warehouse know what these women have actually opened a restaurant? No, In order to open a restaurant? You gotta lotta restrictions, you got permanent and you gotta pay for this, that net or whatever you gotta, get a building. Egg inspections got health code, you got that loan below letter put your window abc dear whatever. Well now that no one can do anything and there's massive demand, and it either do nothing and starved or work in defiance of the state people are like amateur defied the site right. So what happens as you get these two women who open up a bar restaurant, slash gambling or what I ran on. What you want, I don't say, could see no, but people gambling there and its, because if, if there's a law blocking from open restaurant well, you're not gonna break it, you're gonna go through the motions, But if the law is so restrictive and in saying you have no choice, you can't do anything, then people just say screw it. They did and energy, they have no choice, and so then
I know just opening up a bar, they do everything serving food and gambling so. I guess they got arrested for having a liquor licence, it's kind of funny, but went to see this. It's not gonna, stop and what I guess we'll end up happening is people are going to snap now you know it's fastened. is the establishment and Anne, and you note Murdoch owned papers a really turning on Donald Trump. It's it's not just like Fox. It's the daily mail, its your post, shrilly interesting, see. Drugs report has just gone totally anti trump for awhile. What's really, PS about it is that I see some tweets from their there's, a media personalities from mainstream publications. One of em pointed out that Drudge love select. Gossip, but with the latest hilarious you know Baldwin thing and Lorry Laughlin, nor ever there was very little coverage of it.
Signalling to many people that Drudge wasn't actually running drudge report anymore and I am sure most that people who are fans of judge, no, this or or our saying, you're right. You notes. It's been that way for a long time. I don't redrawing Antonov a lot about it, but people are saying the establishment flipped like the conservative papers over this one knew your posts tells Trump to give it up and accept Biden when I thought about from it as a matter of trump gives up or not it literally. Doesn't they put out a full page adsense, not the insanity. You want to stop the incense. And the lockdown they won't. It seemingly has nothing to do with Colbert anymore, that the point of the lock downs was never to stop the spread. We knew we couldn't. It was too slow it down. what's not slow down anymore. So, what's the point, why destroy everything for nothing power control? When did we become a constitutional
public and now we're a you know, feudal monarchy or whatever. I don't want you to want to. What will I, what actual governor you'd call it? People talk about people divorce force talk about civil war, my friends when you have New York, California, Illinois Michigan Pennsylvania governors giving declared make making declaration dense and the police just follow along and do it. You do not live in Amerika. Any more. I'm sorry, normalcy is gone, you say: will there ever truly be a civil war? It happened a long time ago when the constitution became toilet paper too. People and no one did anything about it. No police officer! No, no military personnel just watched it happen. We are now dealing with some kind of feudalism where you have these fiefdoms of New York City, guess what
They put up checkpoints, it's no longer free movement between the city and other places. That should tell you something. When did we ever have border checkpoints between jurisdictions in this country? I happen. Sometimes he get the allied checkpoints, I guess, but with covert they started actually putting up checkpoints. The country is fragmented and falling apart. Half the country voted for one guy in says they wanted divorce from the other half. Now January six there's emigrants and on diesel, and I think people have had enough in they're, gonna they're, gonna gonna lose it and it's gonna get crazy again on off it's a revolution which want to call it, but people are fed up I'll. Tell you what men I'm set up, I'm absolutely set up. There was a story, s often bright Bart, someone defiled and a statue of Abraham Lincoln. You know what man I started thinking about, how I felt about what was it
hang on and my personal view of government and confidence I'll, tell you what men beginning of this year, I was still very economically. left. I have even sat in the past week that I favour universal health care. If we can do it, I I think banning private healthcare is insane and I think you need to mix the more the more I think about how I feel the confidence. I haven't the system To realize I dont have any confidence in the system earlier this year. I tell the story quite a bit so forgiven, if you ve heard it, but in January I said I don't want any guns in my house no guns period I was I was. I was like seriously not gonna happen, and I even somewhat try to break into my house only a few months before that I said no guns, none and covert happened and the riots happened. And now I have many guns: lots bullets. Ah
maybe maybe not crazy amount. I guess compared to like your average. You know to a enthusiast, but but I have guns, and then I started thinking to myself how I feel about Biden, what Stuart roads of the outcome. Her said. As our thinking like. Why wait a minute? I really have no faith that the government functions at all any more. I really don't the other day I heard is inevitable. you go. I heard. Probably a thousand a two thousand rounds fired off by multiple people. Nearby knows is kind hilarious. It was just and these are. These are some. I don't know what what what kind of guns they were used, but these were hefty bullets, some of em, One guy said what you know: one guy who was over he said he's a thought is pretty sure they were slugs their firing shock on slugs, but then you start, which are here and bubble, Papa, like over and over it's ok. I got multiple people firing a bunch of guns and I'm like many people really dont care about the government. Confidence is gone.
When you lock everything down as the point of saying about the women in than in New Jersey with his warehouse, when you tell everybody the laws, absolute, you have no rights, you can't assemble, you can't speak, you can't own weapons, you can't do anything one. To tell people that your unreasonable and they have no rights, they just stop caring. Once people start seeing that everybody is jaywalking, this our jaywalking do so when the government says we destroyed everything. Well, then people are just going to choose. You know whatever that, whatever they have to like to survive wherever there are issues it did to do without due to survive. Imagine this last night and I hope Cast Mohammed- was easy started the arab spring, how he was a fruit vendor. He was poor, he would take alone. They would loan him fruit, you. Gonna try and sell salaries only way to make a living is twenty six. The police kept shaking of down demanding bribes and demanding permits which he couldn't get barely didn't, even need a permit, but the government these cops kept saying it. So you really did he set himself up
fire and killed himself, because he had no way to earn a living to actually survive and he became so desperate and powerless against the state as an individual. He ate self emulated. This sparked the arab spring. People were furious. They were fed up. They had enough. They snapped it wasn't. This was in Tunisia. It didn't just affect Tunisia. It affected almost every single country in North Africa and the Middle EAST almost crazy. The arab spring we saw mean of military dictators, had been for decades removed. We still have that fight going on in Syria to this day, not all started with one guy demonstrate that Guy Mohammed was easy and an american citizen you can own guns, apparently in Tunisia,
So the only thing he could do was he just when times are on fire in the United States, lots of people on guns and lots of people are sick and tired of what's going on in that scares me. because the big difference between these two countries is that a person in America who feels they ve back into a corner. They can't sell their fruit, cart anymore and they're out there facing that their their own death I think it's going to be a man setting himself on fire. I think it's gonna be the killed. It was times a hundred and twenty million times eighty million the starboard killed. Those are the guy who Add this cement can't concrete steel fortified bulldozer. Anyone around is destroying the government officials proper And houses- it's scary, stuff men, but when people snap they snap and there's a big deal, between a powerless individuals and strong individuals, independent individuals like we have in America when you wrap it up with this January sex. I think he's gonna get crazy. I really do hotels are being shut down or Thou tells being shut down.
I don't know it'll, be the revolution, I think so, but we'll see far be it from me to make any kind of protection. It's worth anything and that's very much always been the case and I used to make fun of myself old times. I got twenty eighteen wrong and I like man, what do I know? Of course the left wants a claim on some kind of psychic, a bad one at that. No, I don't think my predictions are all that strong, so we'll see how things play out, but I ll leave you with one final thought on this think about how you feel about the government right now think about how you feel about police and health inspectors, and all that and I'll tell you men, the more I think about it. I've I've lost all faith in any of these, Institutions to function properly, I have no confidence that, if something happens, there will be police there to help me. I have no confidence that if there was a fire fire department would show up none. None. I have now because of all of this fell
The only thing I can do is to align myself. Hence I moved to the middle of nowhere buying supplies and taking care of myself. That for me happened a while ago, and I never really set down and thought about it, but what it? What do you think? Do you have confidence faith in the government. I'll tell you this when I see stories of people opening their businesses and ignoring the lockdown or block like this guy in the truck who blocked the health and spare It was crazy for one reason the cops told them like like you'd, better move any goes no amount of my truck, I'm thinkin about like will. They could arrest the guy, they could tell his vehicle, but you know what he's at I'm desperate, nothing they could do could make that man budge. The state has lost its leverage by guy going too far and now people are starting to say I don't care. I wonder if all these other people you salon owners, are going to show up in DC and I kind of think they will will see how it plays out only a few days a week by week, I leave it there next month, coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks, frank it out, and I will see you all them.
If I were to ask you who do you think is the most admired man in America depending on your political leanings, might give me a different answer. Most people, though, I think, would probably still say, Donald Trump, even people who don't like the man and its true trumps base truck supporters and even regular people voted with a guy, really do admire him and even Barack Obama himself, and this may be apocryphal, not sure. But didn't Obama say that the american dream was to be Donald Trump back and let the nineties or something way back in the day. I think a lot of people might not like Donald Trump. They might still admire the fact that he's been successful at the grass tromp has ended. Obama's twelve year run as the most admired men according to gallop, the most admired woman, Michelle Obama second place- Obama, really interesting, ripe job. Joe Biden has six percent
Two Donald Trump eighteen percent, but Joe Biden got eighty one million votes, they say and Donald Trump got, seventy four million, they say and a lot of people are questioning. How could that be? Well I'll tell you what I think. I think, if you were to take up all for the most admired man, you find it Donald Trump and then, if you take a call for the most hated man, it would be Donald Trump and I think, even trump supporters could recognise the left really hates the guy. Tromp is a pull arising, figure he's a polarized figure, you'll love em or you hate him. I think most people are probably shown somewhere in the mental but limited Some I want I want. I want to read the story about Barack Obama being displaced and Trump being the most admired men, but the bigger picture- and all of this is how the media vilified, demonized and lied about tromp for years for years, and now these journalist people like Jim cost or living Nazi, are panicking worried
I gotta- do they got famous offer. Donald Trump gimmick costume was a nobody. Ok, I get it like. You worked for CNN needed reporting, but he gained Alice followers off of talking smack about Trump and reporting anything, and they know it and the Atlantic has written a story We call it the resistances break up with the media as at hand. I call it something else. I call it fake news who's in sheer panic because they were collapsing before Donald Trump came about. They had nothing. The ratings were in the gutter I can't believe how high CNN ratings are now because of Trump Fox anew.
was doing really well now their heart and as people flocked. Other outlets, like news MAX, are one american news, but I tell you this mainstream news outlets, the New York Times Washington, post all these, these digital leftist VC funded publications. They got built upon insulting lying in smearing trump. That's why it's remarkable that Donald Trump is the most admired man in America. Think about it, a man who is broken up. Almost twelve year streak, a man who has more negative news written about the basically anybody else ever something like ninety percent of all stories about our negative or more than that. Probably it's all negative and a lot of it is lies. The media has become a fractured twisted and psychotic machine. That is just desperately trying to get your clicks, so they
just right, fake news as a really funny viral post going around where this woman she's like up a university professor, something complains that her name was included in a story that was false about her and its long and not fair, and, unlike I agree, and she sang like their accusing me of wanting books to be banned in just not true, and they have another tweet from our where she's bragging about getting books banned, but the reality is, media does just lie all the time. My favorite are like these smear pieces about me that claim that like there's, there's one words like the only people who ever heard of this guy are like far right. Trump supporters, and unlike I worked for Vice Disney well before any of this and the crazy thing about it You know they try and claim that everybody who watches is like far right or right wing and unlike the trump support, has been making fun of me for quite some time now. So I don't
I don't I don't artist, but how to spell it, you know to explain it to these people because they don't live in reality. They live in. It doesn't need to be true, it just needs to get click world. That's that that's the name of the game from the media. So let's do this first, let me tell you about how Donald Trump is a most admired men and I'll? Do it partly because you know it's all these fake news. Journalists who see this they're gonna get all angry and been into, but the stories big because think about the power or thought you know that the strength someone must have to defy the entire media apparatus and get this much recognition. I think people admire tromp, partly because they hate the media, the Hell reports, Eighteen percent of the surveys respondents named Trump as the most admired man compared to fifteen percent, who named Obama and six percent named Joe Biden. Three percent named national,
suit of allergy infectious Disease director Anthony vouchsafe to be two percent chose Pope Frances, and I can already hear the left and yeah, but if you combine Obama and bite and you get twenty one percent yeah, I don't care, I get that people admire Obama Shore find whatever, but that just goes to show him in the people who, at micro bomber low information as they I voted for Obama Bomb in two thousand eight out of outdated mired, the guy, but in terms of NATO is like, while you no hope and change, and all that good stuff. He wasn't supposed like you, oh bomb, was viewed as this outside or Canada was coming in. To bring about change to this corrupt system for eight years is made it worse. Everything was just worse. I mean blacklist matter started under Obama Occupy Wall Street started under o bomber and a lot of the problems or fair, today the wars libyan at the north african slave trade, the Congo,
in Syria, it's all because of Obama, so I certainly on the the guy who would somebody who doesn't know anything about recent history. There are a lot of young people that are leftists. You know it's interesting, that a lot of them that they say you know if you're, not liberal way, you're are young. You have no hard if York not can serve him. You're older haven't had somewhat that while say this I talk to these leftist personalities. Have my my show and they have no idea what they're talking about when it comes the Obama bite into, and I could say something like, I think it's it's wrong, devote for somebody who's going to extra judicially assassinate people and the black bull yeah, but who did that run? Like Obama Biden dead and they don't know, and I don't blame him- they were little kids, not pay attention to politics, and I was going down.
I can't tell you a whole lot about what Bill Clinton did other than you know some nasty stuff in the oval office. I guess cuz. I was a little kid, so I don't blame them, but I lived through Obama. You see the news, you see the things yet you see it, you see. What may angry? I tell you what's really really funny right now, for you I find the funniest is. I can sit here and be like Republicans, supporting the omnibus trash screw them. The Democrats are playing games and supporting the omnibus trash. Everybody seems to agree. The omnibus spending bill is trash, but Congress does not care the funny, thing is I somehow again to arguments of people are still act, but at least for Democrats or doing this animal. I'm. Not I'm not even play that game anymore. I can defend Republicans for some things, but this time not let us not play that game. You're not gonna, come
we can be like will at least the Democrats are no at least the Democrats. Nothing ok, at least the Republicans. Nothing we're well past that they're playing their play and dirty games and will see if Miss Connell actually gives this the people, the two thousand dollars stimulus will see. But anyway, I digress. It's real They got a mention that Ilan Mosque and Bernie Sanders also made the list the sitting. You us pray and has been named pollsters most admired man in sixty seventy four years, including all eight years, alarmist presidency and every year of George W Bush as presidency, except for to night trump, had finished second to Obama in and twenty seventeen and twenty and eighteen twenty twenty rankings, or the tenth time tromp has rank in the top ten. All, let's talk about the media, my friends, let's talk about why it matters that Trump is the What admired men? I wonder how many people click this video wanting to learn about? Jumping the most admired men The reality is, that is a story about the media. Could you imagine what percentage trump would have
if the media was honest, thirty six percent, fifty percent ever body, saying he's the best we had the best economy in generations of our lives. According to Jim Kramer, twenty nineteen cove it happened, and now we have a fractured and broken country, and you know what I think it's a good good. A reason to say. Maybe maybe we're trot made mistakes. A lot of people have been calling on trumped to invoke the insurrection act and you know what I've absolutely warmed to that. I I used to really much oppose it. Could you imagine the military going into a blue city and being like you know what we're in charge now martial law were already under martial law. The blue states have excised themselves from the union already think about it in New York. You can't gather no first amendment right, you can't bare arm.
No second amendment right, they consent, whoever they want wherever they want search. Whatever rest, you lock you up all under edict. Your rights are gone. Not only that New York City set up checkpoints you wanna enter, you got it. through a check point so that doesn't sound like a state in the. U S is, if you ask me, they trump do anything about it: its trump enforcing the constitution. No, and no he's doing nothing I'll be fair, may be. Trunk should have been a lot more a long time ago. He didn't, and now truck. That's really avenue have much power left. So I don't know what you would expect to happen on the sex, but maybe trumps supporters are what really matter here. Here's a story from the Atlantic: let's get less: let's, let's make fun of these people. They say the day over the twenty sixteen election. I got a phone call from an old friend
Neither of us had slept much and we spent most of conversation, exchanging shovel, shocked comments of. Can you believe this variety before we hung up his voice, took a trace of Irish? Well, there's gonna be great for your career. Ah, because journalists know that if it bleeds it leads, they they they their vultures, they call themselves vultures. They love the chaos they thrive on it he says: the wave that remark away, but I knew he was probably right MIKE into one of the things that journalists as if it's bad for the people, it's good for us. If it's bad for them, it's good for us. Well, Trump wasn't bad for us, but these people sure did what to find a way to royal everybody up, make them lose their minds and there you go. He says I written a wide variety of. While blah blah blah. I don't care about who the sky is. Let's talk about the journalists, Libya does. He tries not to dwell on the unsavory fact that are career took off because of Trump a lively writer who covered the twenty sixteen campaign
the daily beast. She joined New York magazine around the time trumped took office and quickly became known for her caustic profiles of the president's hangers on tee. the appearances and awards shortly followed and intent. eighteen, as he announced a major book deal with Simon and Schuster. Bravo, I guess, if I start to think about it, does he says there is something obviously uncomfortable and kind of growth, but the fact that we are in the business of missing planes and crazy pseudo dictators that when something terrible is happening, it makes for good copy. Welcome to the world of journalism. Clearly these people never quite understood it. You don't. I really love that soulless and I'll tell you what my career certainly has not been much much bigger and the Trump era than at any point before the Trump era. But I got featured in it- and I do not say this to brag, but I want to point something out a lot of people I've seen is one guy. Well, my name is lefty guy comedian. He comedy- Romanes around posting. I can't wait for dropped to go away
that you all. You know you will be gone and I'm like. Do you think that I wasn't working before trunk elected Twenty eleven I was featured in Times person of the year, one of six video features and twenty twelve. I was nominated by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. I mustn't debris. It's an editorial decision doesn't mean a whole lot, but to act like I didn't, have a career wasn't working it's what, if the game they want to play the reality? Is I've been working at Fort for four years? I was. I help law vice news. The fast growing there's organization in history announce its founding member. I went to work for ABC News and these people want to play games. Why? Because they can't accept what they are A lot of these people want to write smears about me and other independent commentators saying things like this oh it's only it aren't you going to do without tromp hour I'll go back to talking about conflict crisis in technology like I was, or how about couple We are going to talk about cultural issues, one of my biggest videos,
My main channel is talking about men, not wanting to defend women. Out of fear of backlash isn't like, like, I think, he's like a million plus views or something has nothing to do with Trump. If anything, my most viral videos go Sweden, millions of views, Sweden, private travelling. I was getting more views on independent individual projects and making a ton of money doing it. Now, I'm doing commentary and most the vetoes get less but average higher they average more views. These people have nothing but from it's all they ve ever had so you know I've had I've always had calling things out and X. blaming what was going on and telling people to the best of my ability. What the truth is not them their whole bit has been mock, tromp call him orange. Did you know? But if you go to any these mainstream, these publications monsieur Polygnotus they boost to this duration, on photos of tromp to make him look bright. Orange isn't that insane, but these people are lunatics, don't get me wrong? You have limited
on the right for sure you in an era where people would literally just right, random fake stories and getting a lot of money for while Facebook banned all of them, but as Facebook banning any of these people know they can write fake news with impunity and though it answered happening. Is that Wikipedia picks it all up and claims its fact wheat that that this? That this is the control? in problem, Jack, Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg Susan? Would Jackie urges gear whatever name as they don't ban the laughed. When the left lies, they don't. They will ban the right for stepping out of line even the too tight, to the tiniest degree, the shore they gonna say nosey is more troubled by the perverse incentives. The Trump era has created a journalist like her. There is There is kind of this temptation to satisfy the resistance with world view confirming reporting chum. She told me then of time on the internet to know who were most but it readers are and they aren't mogg eyebrows. It didn't really require any special braver
to report honestly and critically and I'll trump. I could write a piece Donald Trump as the biggest a whole to ever live and is a terrible human and in his ugly Nobody would be mad at me, except the same people were met at me anyway for existing. Let me tell ya some: if you go to trot supporting forums, you'll see that make fun of me, because I'm not going to give Trump affirming confirmation bias, reporting, I'm not going to make statements that I dont believe to be our true- and I have mentioned this time and time again during Occupy Wall Street, the left loved me they that TIM's only real journalist and then when it came time for without tromp- and I said well, here's the truth. They said. Why aren't you on our side? They say too used to be on the left. Many flip
no. I used to tell the truth and I'll tell the truth, and sometimes the truth isn't appealing to you. The Democrats went nuts directed by Wall Street. I didn't like the Democrats been either these people are lunatics. They got so entrenched in their tribalism. Anybody willing to oppose Trump was a good guy and they'll say that they don't like the Democrats and then get mad at me for I don't like the Democrats either. One of my favorite things ever was when I was accused by someone of being right wing, and they also claim. Gimme door was left wing and an r r Youtube videos were the same. We were criticising the Democrats for mostly the same things. Isn't it funny? How that works then I want to hear the truth. Of course, I think the one person you have all been waiting for Jimmy Costa, the Atlantic says fewer porters haven't centre of more high.
profile spats with a Trump white us then seasons, Jim Acosta, a veteran tv newsman with salt and pepper hair and a concern dad demeanor a cost. I spent the past four years, picking fights with Trump flaw in flax in the briefing room once he walked at a press conference after then, press secretary, Sarah Huckabee centres refuse essay reporters, weren't enemy of the people and another occasion the widest temporarily refocused. Trespass. He writes a book whatever too stupid book. Nobody bought it, but he insists his on air indignation is always Been genuine he's lying quote, you can't just go and trash the press and totally lie to the american people and tell them real news. Is fake news accosted me. I couldn't stomach it. The drama made him fame.
But of course it he doesn't expect to bring the same crusading style to his coverage of the next administration. I dont think the press should be trying to whip up the Biden presidency and turn it into must see tv and contrived way and there it is. Thank you Jimmy costs for telling us the truth. You never actually cared. Joe Biden calls a lid every single day, journalist start complaint. Real journalists complain they're not being given access and when we're porter start yelling questions to Tibet, and what does he do? He goes well about any grabbed. The guy come on man. Why so nervous? He insulted yell that other journalists calls one journalist a one horse pony whatever that supposed to mean less quote called called the guy. A one horse pony and Jim across now says only Trump is bad. You know I've been critical of tromp where
I need to be what they expect me to scream bloody murder at this at the at at any infraction, and it's just nonsensical trump has done bad things. I've criticise him quite a quite a bit for quite a lot. First, like hide a bunch of morons he hired people. I bought my love calling that up a thousand that's low hanging fruit. To be completely honest, he hired a bunch of people. You hide sessions, hid fire these people, they turned on him. They wouldn't support him. Trop made mistakes on foreign policy trump as it is, is spending like crazy and wreck of the deficit. These things are all true, but to pretend like Trump is a fascist, orange dictator and two saturate pictures, to make his face? Bright orange is lying to people in I'll. Tell you. One thing I will not do is lie about news or place stupid. Partisan games like it Jim Acosta will do, but you know it's funny. I end up getting heat from both sides.
for it, and I know- and I said this before- it was only a matter of time before hard core trump supporters turned on me and said I was bad. I was lying and disrespectful knowledge stuff, and here we go to exactly what you can expect to happen. I imagine is only a matter of time with Joe Biden we'll see happens on the second me, things might get spicy, but I fully expect Joe Biden to be inaugurated ispra. How can we really interesting when the left is once again two ragging on Democrats and then I'm ragging on them for basically the same things are they then going to say I'm left wing, and it is researcher who has created- I think I'll transparency too, and I was like how are you gonna categorized channels when left and right, flips or inverts or breaks again left and right is completely meaningless? Listen, Jim costs as flat out admitted and many other journalists in the story that they were just lying. Basically, ok, they're, not saying they were Linus, hang it was genuine, but their admitting it. We don't want to target Biden we're
gonna call em out and were scared. Now that Trump has gone. What will even write about? I'm not cause I've never cared. I talk about what I care about. I did a video when I worked for fusion. Let's go back to where I work for the progressive outlet fusion. It was owned by ABC those in Vienna. Innovation I did a segment about a black, only graduation ceremony and I said segregation is bad. Why would they do that? My opinions haven't changed. What what's happened is the media is the definition of grafter. The left x to accuse individuals, Youtube errors and authentic commentators have being gryphus. Look. You look at someone like Stephen prouder that dude has held the same opinions for quite quite a long time. Mostly examining is everybody change. The little bit he's been a conservative commentator for what a decade he's aggressor. You look at people like me and you'll, see that my opinions are fairly similar across the board and I ve been some changes like guns in confidence in government. Things like that big I've become more
the libertarian and act. I tell people is to more laughed aloud economic policy, but the the big challenges with economic policy and like leftist ideas is that woken is a as is psychotic and that's really, storm of the left was supposed to be. These twitter explain, left and right is economic cooperation, but compared to economic competition, and so I mostly in the metal competitions, really important for growth and development, and it's it's a good thing and cooperate. It is well saw me a bit of our enlightened centrist. I mean a little luck, a lot of these issues, but the media there, the drifters there, not a person media these news organisations don't have opinions. They have editorial guidelines to a money, and that's why it's really funny. We see this format Toby. He says the new Yorker. Is the latest legacy outlet to publish a Lee horror feature about sub stack. Writing a robust press is essential to a functioning democracy and a cultural turn
or journalistic individualism might not be in the collective interest. Oh no they're scared good. I want to watch it all burn figuratively. These institutions have meetings. I know because I've been in these meetings where they say What will get the most traffic, whose our audience they dont care about? What's true, they care about what will make them money? I care about what true you know why as a single individual. I dont need to worry about how much money I'm making unless it's enough to survive, When I started doing all of this on Youtube and I was getting like twenty three in views per video. One video per day I was making enough to survive, and I was content and happy to give you my opinions and talk about the it was in the end about things that I thought were important as the culture or escalated admit its way to top level politics, the presidency etc. I carried on and Are they doing mourn the more pain?
since I had the more I read the more I had to say, and I made more more videos- and you know what, in the end, I've got a million times. I have no problem living an event, down by the river as law, is my channel gets me by, I dont need much to survive I am a. You know I what was well look high school drop out from a sausage cargo put away way and I didn't go up with much. I don't need much to get by the New York Times what they ve you know how much money goes to the salary of their executive editors. How much money do they need to make to clear a upper class New York Penthouse Lifestyle, a lot they need more? They always need more.
and that's the narrative, the orange man. Bad narrative was just an effort to get people whipped up into a frenzy, so they could make money off of them. They claim that people drifters are doing that for tromp supporters, but about half of the truck supporting right is critical of people like Linwood in Sydney, Powell and I've been critical of Linwood in Sydney Powell, the entire time the entire time they ve been pushing this unit dominion starve and he's crazy lawsuits, because I don't care I'll, say it and you know what I get made fun of for it. But I don't care the left to make fun of me left and right for things that our true I care about talking about. What's really going on I'll, tell you what's going on Donald Trump is a most admired men in this country. I wonder why that is like what did trump due to overcome the entirety of the of the? U S media apparatus lying
and smearing. How did he overcome that? It's incredible, isn't it well. There are a lot of people who are tribal mystically blindly supporting trump, and there are a lot of people who try politically and blindly hating Trump, but maybe things were just going well and regular people were forced to watch. You know these videos about tromp to realise the media had been lying substitute for those an unfamiliar is kind of like it's like Youtube. You have your own channel where you can write, publish articles and then people pay a monthly or whatever, to subscribe to your articles, allowing Individual writers to be totally independent of that psychotic, Dr Mccoy as I am that exist in these in his media companies Glengarry while doesn't need to have an editorial many about. What's gonna get more clicks he's the famous enrich he needs a platform where he won't be censored. He hasn't Mattei bees the same and the meat, Yet the systems like the new Yorker are now terrified that if people don't need them anymore and they don't them
you're not going to use them or give them money and their cycle attic Orangemen bad narrative won't put what work anymore. They're gonna lose control, Verona, gotta business, so be it I'm ready to watch it burn figuratively. Leave it there. Next segments coming up at Youtube, dot com forward, Slash TIM cast! Why don't you type that into the sparring press enter and see what happens because for some reason I tell you the craziest thing. I say over and over again, but people go, but this channel is TIM cast. You tube, dotcom, forts lashed him cast at a url type it in presenter and there. The girl you'll be pleasantly surprised? I train out everybody. I will see you all at four p m, over on the Temple Channel Youtube com? flashed him guest, see them.
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