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Hillary Clinton FREAKING OUT Because Trump May Win Election, She's FURIOUS Over Trump FIRING Cronies


Hillary Clinton FREAKING OUT Because Trump May Win Election, She's FURIOUS Over Trump FIRING Cronies. Clinton said she was "sick to her stomach" over the thought Trump will get reelected and dismantle the system.She's right about that though. Trump recently stripped away protections for government employees paving the way for firings that could affect tens of thousands of government employees.Axios is also reporting Trump plan's to fire the heads of the FBI, CIA, as well as Mark Esper.A Vote for Biden is a vote for the establishment, the government cronies. A vote for Trump is a purge of the bureaucracy 

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It wouldn't be a repeat of twenty sixteen. Unless we got to hear from Hillary Clinton as she the moans, the fact Donald Trump might actually win reelection. In fact, some people say he's got a decent chance. The betting odds Heaven above forty percent. I mean it's not quite a coin toss, but pretty close. Now there are clear is upset because Donald Trump is dismantling our institutions and she's right. He has done Tromp has announced a nuclear acts of war or the calling it his execution less as his post election executions are some like that you get a fire. Everybody is good, he's gonna fire, the heads of the FBI I think he's gonna higher the fire, the head of like the sea. I don't like it. I got the store I'll pull up, but things are looking pretty good to be completely honest. Early voting in some states really good, Republicans and over all early voting for battleground Senate seats is actually favouring Republicans right now, so we
would seem. Hillary Clinton has a real reason to be upset. The crony establishment deep state is going to be purged under Donald Trump, but another big news, as Donald Trump does seek to remove tons of government employees and trips away. Some of these civil servant protections, someone, actually resign somewhat appointed by Trump Bay luckily sang, but tromp wants loyalists and he's gonna be firing anybody who gets in his way and won't pledged their loyalty and Crimea for about a dude Obama, did similar things. He fire, I think, was forty four or several dozen ambassadors, because they were political appointees and he also purged the military's are old stories. I can pull them up, but it is true. Donald Trump is gonna, be firing tons of government employees, and am I supposed to be upset about that lesson? Men if you're facing you'll you losing
job, I'm sorry, I'm a much, I'm glad anybody's going out of a job. I mean people dedicate their lives to their work and probably sucks when you find out trumps have done and for you, but the size of the guy. for men is a serious problem and bureaucratic Government is also a serious problem. I am sure many people are framing this as though Donald Trump is going to purge the deep state the way I see it as if, if it's really difficult to get rid of employees, but you keep bringing them on, then we have blocked its expensive outside this I'll make olive trump can fire all of these people and then will use the access resources towards regional government programmes have some sort to help. Lino underprivileged individuals or whatever I'd rather see that be freed up and go towards social programmes than government bureaucrats. But let's, let's get into it, we're or forest gonna talk about Hillary Clinton view on. What's going on, I this perhaps Hillary Clinton being sick to her stomach is assign they know,
Donald Trump is going to an already. Names are flying around where it's like secret Biden. Campaigns. Being like we all know, he's gonna lose I'll, say this right now, Donald Trump is getting tons of press. I saw a very on twitter from the hill and it was trunk talking about doing something and it wasn't positive or negative. It was just a clip of Trump. Rallies are happening, soundbites are emerging and their new girl to positive we're not seeing waves of content of of Trump saying nasty things for the most part. Like trumped just said this, I'm not saying anything from Joe Biden he's hiding in his basement. So I tell you this Hillary Clinton. You have real reason to be sick to your stomach before we get started had over two TIM cast out com, slash donut. If you'd like to support my work there many ways you can give it p o box. You answer me. Some stop at best thing you can do is share this video. The real way to challenge mainstream. Media Youtube is a great place, is about
You people the budget if an opinion, so there's a lot of great channels left right centre. Whatever all of us, we rely on your word of mouth to share the content and get it out, because we can't PETE with Fox MSNBC or CNN. Consider sharing this video. If you do want to help- and you think what I'm saying is important, but over get too like subscribe, had a notification bell and let's read about Hillary Clinton, Fox NEWS says: Hillary Clinton sick to my stomach over possible. Second Trump term Clinton claim Trump lives with the spectre of Legitimacy over the twenty sixteen election, it would not be a red ducks- a repeat of twenty sixteen without Hillary Clinton to this, day, nearly four years on refusing to accept the results of our failures. They never gave up. Did they the Democrats, you lost the kind and elections have consequences. Former secretary of state and democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton said
thought of President Trump winning reelection makes her literally sick to my stomach on upon cast released Monday quote, I can't entertain the idea of him winning. So, let's just preface it by that political told, journalist, Kara Switcher, while a guest on our part cast well, because it makes me literally sick to my stomach, to think that we'd have for more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions and damaging of our norms and our values and lesson, of our leadership and the list goes on what you can certainly talk about, lessening of noise arms because it's been the norm to have bloated government bureaucracy for a long time limits. I I've always leaned fairly libertarian, but I'm kind of left, libertarian I'll. I liked the idea of smaller sized government, I'm not a right, libertarian or a conservative, but I agree with them in reducing the size of our government. So well, I'm not going to be cracking opened the champagne at the new that Trump wants to fire everybody. I can already see the
libertarians off that, instead in the distance waving their Gadsden flags spray in champagne, all over the place, as Trop says, he's going to fire lots of people. sitting by the way. I think every libertarian is like cheering trump on you. Ve got Joe Jorgensen, Libertarian Party they're gonna vote Libertarian for sure, but are there are lots of libertarians that are happy about this swish or whose pod gas as part of a New York Times opinion network asked if Clinton felt any fear that Trump would go after her leg? It would go after her legally if he wins this is so making I love it quote, There is no doubt that he would do everything he could could to attack and punish anyone who was, in his view, an adversary, Clinton said, and he would be aided and abetted, sadly, by both elected and appointed officials. I do not believe that if Donald Trump, they re elected, he's going to go after Hillary Clinton your day,
has come and gone men with respect. Hillary Clinton did serve this country, though I am not a fan of what she did when she was serving it. I do give respect to people who served for the most part. For the most part, I will criticise them heavily. I do not think Hilary gets any actual and I'm sorry Hilary does get a special hurry at a special place. In my view of politicians, in that her, along with several other people. I do not believe that our best intentions at heart. I believe she was enriching herself her family. She wanted power, so I dont respect her service for the most part, there's some basic stuff it's on a black and white, but I'm no fan of Hilary. That's why wouldn't vote for quote. So, of course, what is most important accomplishments that I hope, we see in this election is a democratic Senate, where that would be the check that we would need against further abuse of power. Well, I got bad news as of right now it's looking pretty good for Republicans early voting It doesn't mean a whole lot, but Republicans have a higher voter turn.
Now in Senate Battleground States, then national pulling so it's looking good for Republicans. Clinton's had trump lives. The spectre of illegitimacy of the twenty sixteen election which she lost. I dont think he has any boundaries at all Kara. She said I dont think he has any conscience, he's obviously not moral, a moral, true for man, so he will do whatever he can to lift himself up and remember, as I said, he lives the spectre of illegitimacy. He knows more about how he got a really elected than we still do. People are insane. Hopefully we learn more. In the year there is. I had how much you want to bet if Trump loses all of a sudden there, like oh yeah. Here, is the evidence we couldn't find before. Billboard not going after the Democrats trumps mad about it. Why? I think Bill bar he's got his a black sea certainly does I've. I've heard some criticisms of em. You know what some historical context, but I'm gonna get into
I think there's reasons are criticised bill barbies, not going after that. You know the bite insurance like that trumps mad about it he's not going after Obama warning or call me people think he should about tell you this bill bar is not the hatchet man they claim he is. He is not simply going out and arresting people like illogical, and says he would because he's not chop is not going to go after her there's. No, its popping up, claiming all the stuff, but I'd be willing to bet they'll find it and they will try to crush tromp after the fact Clinton has. Can can you criticize criticized the president since he assumed office, she claimed trumps. First allegiance is not United States of America earlier on October, Trump hasn't forgotten about her mentioning her by name rally on Wednesday. Somebody said, sir. Maybe this isn't good. President Obama's camp, training for sleepy Joe Biden. I said that's good news and bad news. Tell me: are you saying it's good news or bad? Well, I guess it's bad. No! It's good trump trumps at the rally. There is nobody that campaign harder for crooked Hilary.
And then Obama, he was all over the place. Hillary Clinton makes an interesting point, Donald Trump, what what did you say? You seized it down the abuse, it structure of our institutions is Donald Trump, destroying our institutions depends on your definition of destroy, I would say, dismantle is a fair word fort check this story out from axioms trumps post, execution list by Jonathan Swan. Remember that guy right, if President Trump winds reelection he'll, move to immediately fire FBI director Christopher right and also expects to it a CIA director, Gina Hassle and Defence Secretary Mark Esper to people who have discussed these official fights with President tell axioms the big picture. The list of planned replacements is much longer, but these are trumps priorities, starting with Ray all of a sudden every
supporter, started laughing and clapping and cheering another even more excited to go vote for him. People aren't fans of Christopher re for one he's not going after nine thousand five hundred and nineteen meaningful way and people are upset about it. Also. He didn't go after the Biden's in any meaningful why people don't want corrupt politicians to sell us out and get away with it. Now, I'm not saying it's a good thing to have the FBI going after people in politics whenever I will only say it as this. If someone bought- it's the law that person gets held accountable, be it Donald Trump or Joe Biden, and if we do not have an effective just separate us. They are still are concerned, but what about the optics? What about stability first comes justice if you're scared to arrest a politician or political figure, be
as it would look bad or be destabilizing. Then we don't have Justice Dewey. So I tell you this. The principles come first, at least for me no they're. Probably many people saying it's probably better. We let these criminals get away with it to preserve this great nation, and it's a great, I believe that you wrote in our justice system and allowing criminals in government to get away with it guarantees that day the country has already died. We cannot allow these people to get away with breaking the law and again be it Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton or anyone. I dont care if there are conservative or otherwise you want. You want to claim ethnic, make accusations about the Trump family also by means they were investigated for several years. They found nothing. Now we have evidence on the violence. Can we please take it seriously? Well, trumps: gonna fire people,
Ryan aspects are despised and distrusted almost universally in trumps inner circle he would have fired both already one official said, if not for the political headaches of acting before November. Third, why it matters a window met the marginal emboldened dropped to axe anyone he sees as constraining, from an acting desired policies or going after perceive enemies tromp last week, side an executive order that set- alarm bells as a means to politicize the civil service and administration official said the order is a really big deal that would make it easier for presents to get rich, get get rid of career government officials. Where can I stand and cheer for the president in doing this? I dont like career bureaucrats and government few everyone's future Rama they make
jokes of it the bureaucracy who liked who's gonna, be like oh, no trumps, getting rid of bureaucrats. What do we do? Of course, there's framing involved. Neither framing is trumps, trying to make it easier to get rid of any one who doesn't espouse their loyalty to him. Oh, please, trumps, getting rid of career cronies and I dont care now, look like, I said: I'm not gonna cheer and gloss over someone losing their job, but government should not be a path towards a comfy career. When you make tons of money, it should be service to this nation, and that means you're not gonna, be is ultra wealthy. Another good argument that we need to be competitive government needs to be competitive same as the private sector. Otherwise, all the good people go and make money in the private sector. and I'd be honest, that's true like why would any wealthy person want to run for office? You know what are. We He would Joe Biden, he was working Class, Joe Now he's millionaire Joe after office same thing with the with the Obama.
Donald Trump, for whatever reason I guess was bored. Or really wanted to help this country I'd. Look, he was rich, didn't need to do it a better example. If you like Our quarrels and a lot of people have talked about whether or not he would run for office nor, like Tucker, twenty, twenty four. Why what Tucker leave a job where he substantial way more influential Annie. Making millions of dollars You know, I guess, maybe once you have enough money, I don't know- maybe maybe maybe someday people who are super wealthy might just be like I got enough, I'm done and then they go under public service. That could be a good reason, but anyway, I digress get rid of the cronies. Whatever there could be shake ups across other platforms, the president has never been impressed with education. Secretary Betsy Devos ample, but it isn't carry the urgency of replacing rate or hassle the nature of top intelligence and law enforcement posts is traditionally carried an expectation for a higher degree of independence and separation from politics, not to be fair.
But to make sure I stress this their learning this from two people who discussed the officials fates with the president. I dont know who that is- and I dont know if I should even try. somebody's news organisations for all. I know, Donald Trump loves. These people is going to keep them, however, as You could probably already understand. Trump is no fan of the intelligence agencies. For obvious reasons. I just think it makes a lot since he's gonna wanna get rid of these people. They say be smart, while Trump, as also play the event it about attorney general bill Bar- has it made any formal plans to replace him, and I don't think you well to be honest, troposphere, we ask that bar isn't releasing before the election. What Trop hoped would be a bomb shall report by John Durham on the Obama administration handling of the Trump rush investigation. terms. Investigation has yet to produce any high profile, indictment of Obama era, officials as Trump had hoped and What did I tell you all months ago? It ain't gonna happen. Do do not put yourself in the Russia Gate position where you get all.
is left is screaming and hooting hollering sang troms going down. The walls were closing we're gonna, get him and then nothing happens. I dont think anything else. We got one lawyer indicted altering evidence. I believe I dont The violence or Obama's, or anybody close to them is really going down for this, but will see, may be of trumpets, reelected iced. I don't think so quote the attorney general. Why? to finish the work that has been involved in since day, one a senior administrate, official told acts quote the view of has borne the West wing, is that she still sees her job as manipulating people and outcomes. The way she must have when she was working assets in the field. One source of direct knowledge of the and the internal conversation told access. Its bread. A lot of suspicion of her motives. Tromp is also increasingly frustrated hassle for opposing the reclassification of documents. That would help the Justice Department, Durham Report source him over the conversations at sea. I says, since the beginning of the director of national intelligence is pushed declassified doc,
and how strongly she feels about protecting sources connected to those materials. There have been rumblings around the agency that the director plans to depart this year. I see I see a regardless of who wins the election. As for right, whose expected firing was first reported by the daily beast. Trump is angry. His second FBI chief, didn't lodge a formal investigation into Hunter Biden's foreign business connections and didn't purge more officials. Trump believes abuse power to investigate his two thousand, and sixteen campaign ties to Russia. Trump also grew incent when rate to fight in September that the FBI has not seen widespread election fraud, including with male and ballots a senior the artificial tells acts Yos Major long for associations representing current and former FBI agents, as well as police and sheriff departments across the country have consistently expressed their full support of director raise leadership. of the bureau, Trop soured on Esper over the summer when the defence secretary rebuff, the idea of
active duty military into the streets to deal with racial justice, protests and distance. Often the clearing of Lafayette Square for a photo up at Saint John Church on the stop right there. First, you see what they're doing is an important distinction there already acting as though Lafayette Square was cleared for a photo up. That is not the official reporting but axiom is asserting it s, not a fact. This is how historical record is created, what we understand about lafayettes, where protests the affair She'll statement is that they were supposed to be cleared out regardless and then, shortly after being cleared up, tromp took a photo of the Bible in front of this church. It doesn't mean they were related. We don't know that for sure, journalists have actually proved that connection All we know is Bill bar sad, clear out the protest. At this time. The protests got cleared out. Tromp took some photographs. If you want to argue Trump had the protest cleared out for a photo up, something
very, very different, but you see what access is already doing here. Trump indicated actually, I was that it was that he really wasn't focus on firing esper, one senior official caution that others who want the Pentagon job could be driving speculation to undercut esper, but one source who discussed options Trump told acts Yossi urge the president to wait until post election to replace him also point out. If it's true that esper stop drop from the invoking the insurrection ACT, Esper did trump a favor. Many conservatives pointed out. That would have been a disaster, although many concerns were calling for it. The later action taken by the federal government was brilliant deputizing, Portland police. Will there you go problem solved while check it up. Hillary Clinton is trying to claim that most republic.
I want to see trop gone, but can't say publicly is at a joke. Ok, maybe there is really a great realignment happening, because I dont know any Republicans horse screaming I'm, so I'm so upset that I voted for Trump and twenty. Sixteen there's a virus. Right now like this fifty five year old, due to apparently is dying in his daughter, is like we pressure them into voting for Biden. He says it matters to my girl, so I'll do it and we may lose. in a week or a month. That's a story I heard but like if there is a person whose, on their death bed in their kids are back, they do it's very different from some guy being like? I can't believe I voted for tromp. There are stories about. You know, Republicans who are unhappy with drop for sure so maybe what's happening, is there's walk away and is a smaller portion of people voted for Trump? Don't like them. I got to say I think the amount of people who voted for Trump in an hour like leaving you know like going down probably microscopic. All I see is more and more people who didn't Beaufort Trump now wanting to vote for him. Does that mean Trump will win
I don't know, but are Hillary Clinton, wouldn't be sick to her stomach unless there was a real possibility. It was coming to check this one up Wait wait what we I did go over this in them in the main story, act with excess trump issues. Sweet. Being aura, stripping job protection from tens of thousands of federal employees. Now, one of the reasons for it Trump wants to drain the swamp right, but Trump recently lost and appointed a troubled pointy results. a pointy, resigns over the president's order, removing job protections for many civil servants with a quote the order which could affect too thousands or more career positions involved in making or carrying out policy quote is nothing more than a smokescreen for what is clearly an attempt to require the political loyalty of those who advise the president or fail that to enable their removal with little if any due process riled sent,
Where's wrote in his letter of resignation, Sunday from the federal Salary Council. I simply cannot be part of a bit of an administration that seeks to replace a political expertise with political. A b obeisance career federal employees are legally and duty bound to be non partisan, that taken out to preserve and protect our constitution and the rule of law, not to be loyal to a particular president or administration. She wrote Trump hasn't done anything yet other then remove these protections hits a fire anybody and maybe he will after reelection and it'll, be a lot of people. It would seem, but let me take it back in time. Let me bring you a grand journey to act we're twenty ninth, twenty thirteen Obama's military coup purges, one hundred and ninety seven officers in five years. We saw this big story back in June. Twenty third sweeten Obama relieves Mcchrystal over critical remarks. Names betray us as replacement. Why? Because Stanley Mcchrystal made at this
urging comments about an hour brok, Obama in Rolling Stone magazine, so is Obama firing people who are not loyal to him? Well, how about Washington Post and this story. What what's that was it in this one is from December. Third, two thousand eight Obama gives political ambassadors their pink slips. The incoming Obama administration is notified all politically appointed ambassadors. They must vacate their posts as of January twentieth. The day present Elect Brok. Obama takes the oath of office, the State Department official said the clean slate will open up prime opportunities for the President Elect to Rome. Or political supporters with posts in London, Paris, Tokyo and the like. The notice to diplomatic post was issued this week, political in Basle, sometimes are permitted to stay on briefly during a new administration, but the sweeping nature of the directive suggests that Obama
as a little interest in retaining any of bushes ambassador Ambassador eel appointees, most ambassadors. Of course, our foreign service officers, but often I watched involving the most important bilateral relations, such as with Great Britain, Japan and India are desirable. Locales such as the Bahamas on site or desirable locales are given to close friends and well heeled contributors of the president. What was that Barack Obama purged forty Ansari? It wasn't forty four. He purged all political ambassadors. He gave them their notice before he was even sworn in as president, and they that in the Washington Post, opening up room to give his political supporters space and oh bomber fired Mcchrystal over critical remarks. Was Obama purging those who were loyal to him? Yes, and I'm not surprised the
funny thing about these complaints from Hillary Clinton and from these new guy Sanders quitting? Is that tromp has the authority to do what he's doing. It's not illegal is firing people, so what don't vote for the guy he got voted in because he was going to do this pay attention, so Hillary Clinton is freaking out. I can't believe Trump is doing this watch as a power that Jim our talks like this. I can't believe tromp is due. I can he campaigned on it. He screamed there isn't a drain. The swamp and now he's kind of dangling in front of people for more years and the swamp is gone. You know what DC is a mess political appointees favours crony, corrupt garbage. Something needs to be done. I think the incumbents need the going to bring a new people. I think a lot of these bureaucrats career. You know appointees career government workers they need to go. We to bring in fresh
aces and fresh ideas and clean that system out. You can't just let faster Obama apparently got that got the idea that we can go as far as Donald Trump is putting on doing. But if you want to call it destruction of our institutions, What are you implying you hired tons of people who are loyalists and not Trump is getting rid of them, but there are loyal to the to the constitution. Sorry I don't buy it I've seen videos from project vera toss when they got all these people. You know workin the governor. Talking about how they didn't like Donald Trump. There are many many people who are partisan. They view trump as in other, not as a duly elected president. And Hillary Clinton still won't shut up about it, saying a spectre of illegitimacy the dude one you lost,
he is doing. Everything is legally allowed to do. If you don't like it, don't vote for him. It's that simple vote for Joe Biden. So that's what you can do and they will and I'll laugh when the progressives vote for Joe Biden to protect Those bureaucrat jobs is that what you wanted? I guess they want embolden. The government sounds about right. I suppose well aware and can complain all she want? She's not running, she's not in government, her time has come and gone, and so part of me didn't want to do this segment talking about her because she is not particularly relish. And only by doing videos like this. Do I give her any legitimacy yourself, but I want to highlight this fear. The establishment has their terrify that Donald Trump is going to get rid of the cronies who are populating inside your populated inside of government Trump as league,
the allotted do what he's doing if it was illegal, wouldn't complain about its not, and if you fires, these people What will hire more will fix the system. I'm sorry good people lose their jobs. I don't like that either, but the government is supposed to serve the people, not build careers off of the people. Guess will only know for sure if Donald Trump gets reelected, but I tell you this. I think it's a common anyway. the next item is coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news thanks for hang it up, and I will see you all, then we are eight days from the election one week. Ok, one week and Joe Biden accidentally said he was running against George George said, of course, Donald Trump is roasting, the man, but this segment isn't just about one simple gaff made by Joe Biden, it's about the unprecedented nature of this election and
questions around whether or not the Democrats are actually even running. I think the Democrats aren't, the media versus Donald Trump. Many people have said it, but that's exactly it Trump mocks sleepy Joe Biden for forgetting who is resident and saying we need to stop for more years of George then accuses the fake news cartel of trying to cover the story up. Yes, Joe Biden has almost no people at rallies commonly Harris Cancun. Anybody and bereft of Burma, barely got anybody to show up to his rally where he's desperately trying to get Joe Biden to win. But you know what is the worst thing. Is the unprecedented nature of this election cycle with Joe Biden sleeping hiding in the basement, whatever you want to call it with one week to go down. Trump is doing rally after rally after rally, and where is Joe Biden. I have no idea he's called the lid again he's. No he's not doing press he's, not big events he's doing some.
Virtual events and nobody's watching nobody's watching there was one viral periscope. I guess I don't know how hack accurate the says, like five hundred and fifty people watching a Joe Biden virtual event on periscope, like five hundred people, trunk, it's more than that in person during a pandemic and I'm supposed to believe trumps gonna lose Might I guess I have no idea what I tell you what's really fascinating about all this is Pierce Morgan Prayers, Morgan, not a particularly conservative, got kind of middle the road- I suppose an extraordinary phone call I receive from I fired up trump this weekend should be a warning to Democrats. This election ain't over. Yet especially when sleepy Joe Biden can't even remember who is running against George.
For more years of George. She says: well, here's the first story. What's going on Joe Biden, thinking is running and George Donald Trump has marked sleepy Joe Biden, for forgetting who was president of the former vice president said. We do stop for more years of George Joe Biden called me yesterday. Couldn't remember, my name got some help from the anchored to get him through the interview. The fake news cartel is working overtime to cover it up actually is on a sad, because Jill Biden was, like speaking under her breath, tramp tramp as job and got the name wrong. The semi seven year old appeared to receive a prompt from his wife who was sitting beside him. Many speculator that Biden was thinking of George W Bush president from two thousand and one to oh nine, a decade or so. What is what year did it? Did you think it was sixteen years ago, man go. They say that he's stars cut come on man. To quote Joe Biden come on wonder, will once again raised questions about the seven
seven year olds, mental capacity, a topic President Donald Trump has repeatedly reference. In the run up to the election, Joe Biden cultivates Trump, Joe Biden called me. George yesterday couldn't remember my name got some help from the anchor you gotta be kidding me with this watch, his wife saying Trump under her breath three times having been charged with the care of a relative with dementia, I recognise the actions of Jill, saying the words you can't find moving him to the place you supposed to stand guiding steps. When he's unsure of his destination, you dont have to watch him watch her, I'm sorry, man. This is sad. Billy it it? It really is sad, I'm not I'm! Not I'm not happy about this. I don't want to make fun of Joe or you know it's not funded watch this guy struggle, as he does, when he goes off on these tangents, where the numbers don't make sense, and these stay rambling, you know saddled man, so watch and good.
But go off, and you you read my fifty billion and that's we're supposed to elect for president where's Joe with nine days to go tromp jet setting bite and in his basement. Do you think that sleepy job would be doing these things? Tromp says as at a campaign rally from just the news. there's the bigger store. Look, I got it, we can. We can makes we all. You know Joe Biden said: George, here's, the bigger story. As far as I know, it is unprecedented. What Joe Biden has been doing and I'm wondering if these viral means are real there. These images, where these different text posts where people are like. I am you, know, working for the Biden campaign and we know it's over and a lot of people are trying to act, these are real. I don't believe it propaganda got people saying that they work for the Biden campaign and that there are there Julie. All convinced Jos gonna lose by it, but I'll tell you what I'll send out by I just don't believe. Joe Biden is really wrong.
I said this early on in the primary that I dont think Joe Biden actually campaigning then go by and started to win and I was look ok. He is campaigning. I guess, and now this and now I don't think so- to be fair, the stretch from Democrat seems to be a referendum on shrunk Do people like trop, more or hate him, or it could just be that they know they're going to lose. so they're using Joe Biden now, like I wonder about the past, can its I've. Seen in my life, like Al Gore, John Kerry, Mitt Romney and there be tier candidates like they clearly don't have it to be. President Joe Biden has one of these guys not be honest. Nobody thought down troubles gonna win either, and then he one and it was hilarious, blots etas, Thou Trump is running against the media and Cape Joe Biden, mail, whose, but the media might win, that's the important thing. So why isn't Joe Biden doing anything
the media versus tromp. That's why Joe Biden gets away with hiding in his basement and knocked campaigning. The media is doing it for him. The Wall Street Journal just put at an editorial board opinion he's saying at the media is basically covering up the Joe Biden allegations. Why? Because the media running against tromp saw to it from gunsmith earlier he's at the New York Times. It's a pretty good job and he said so. A b e responded the story saying that the opinion pages you know use the that, though the hard work of the newspaper or whatever my question, response was how is it that thirty rolled allegations about Brett Cavenaugh from some I can remember anything, warranted digging up his calendar from high school and questioning what certain phrases meant, and why is it that we went through his high school year book and look signatures all four thirty year old allegations that were never verified, never corroborated that was
not for a mass of investigation and hounding of this man mass protests. We now have a former business partner of Joe Biden, son, accusing of using its influence, as vice president, to make money having to go through sign as intermediaries. Nothing well Joe Biden is doing nothing. Here's a president trumpeted! On Saturday, he rose early in West Palm Beach. Florida took a motorcade to appalling side to catches, early voting ballot jetted to fate Vill. Nor carol- for a campaign rally jumped over to Columbus Ohio for another pact rally. Zipped off to Milwaukee was content for a third make Amerika great rallied, then headed home arriving at the White House in the We hours of Sunday morning. Meanwhile, with nine days to go before election day, Joe Biden, held two sparsely attended, drive and rallies in Pennsylvania, knocking off in mid afternoon on Sunday Trump rolled out ten thirty, a m fly
a board air force, one to New Hampshire for crowded rally, then headed up two main, where he hopes to win a couple of electoral college votes main that's while Biden, though state in his basement, what Joe Biden campaign called elated eleven twenty seven, a m just nine days before the election is from Bloomberg. A lid means the candidate will have no more public events. Journalists can cover in the last week, Pegre Pager continued. He has only held three campaign events outside of participating in the debate. He was endorsed North Carolina last Sunday and made to stops in Pennsylvania yesterday. Ironically, a couple hours, before the lid Biden wrote on Twitter nine days, let's go trumps campaign manager, TIM Martov saw the irony Biden on a lid before noon which, but let's go sure he run on Twitter tromp on Sunday rip the former vice president for his light schedule. This guy has more lives, I don't know, there's something going on somebody
at its strategy. It's not because really strategy would be coming out. Trump said Anne in New Hampshire, no Donald Trump wrong strategy would be coming out. If it actually was job. Running for President like Harris. Is it doing anything either? What's going on as the media is doing everything in its power to defend Joe Biden and smear tromp. To create this new time long since passed that we can regain again soon familiar yeah make Amerika great again, Donald Trump signalling, Ronald Reagan era. Wait while I believe Reagan's was, let's make Amerika great again Donald Trump says Magua very similar. The Democrats are trying to invoke this feeling you got back when Obama was president. I guess, but I'm not convinced it's going to work, to be fair, though covert. this year has up, ended everyone's life, and it seems like, at the very last minute, very convenient the democratic governors. Locked everything down. Republicans didn't
I wonder why the Democrats destroyed their economies and still were unable to stop the spread of covert, and now we ve got the World Health organization. In the? U N saying not the lock things down; they still do it. Meanwhile, flying in the face of the advice. Sweden has never lock down, and thing. There is fine, according to my friends in Sweden and the news, to put it mildly, so stands to reason the lockdown swore a mistake but were politically advantageous. There was a good excuse. The Democrats had to destroy everything and I'll. Tell you what a camera who said this but they said if they release like damning information on, say Joe Biden or Trump in March, or something happened in March, That's, that's a millennia election in an election years. What that means, as you dont, want to release a story too soon. You want to use your most impact full smear. I get somebody at the very last minute crops have been pushing melon voting and early vote, like crazy to spread out the vote. They are desperately trying to control the message, so Joe Biden hides guess what
if Joe Biden is hiding and the media is speaking for him and they are and Twitter is you're gonna do anything he does not have to do a thing and then any smear truck might have will fall flat because there's no one to campaign against, but Trump is exposing himself look at all. The events at Trump is doing he's doing what like fire rallies a day or some ridiculous number. He talks for several hours per day. The man is workin like a machine, but each and every event he does is exposure. And then what do we get on twitter what's happening? Joe Biden is right, trumpets, wrong, Orangemen, bad every day. Well, tell you what as an american get angry by that kind of stuff you want to smack me in the face and manipulate me. I will do the opposite. I can see what you're trying to make me do to be fair. Perhaps there is some ridiculously circuitous plan to manipulate us by thinking that were there are trying to make us
forbidden to actually make us vote against Biden, but I believe outcomes razors a simple solution. Any well read more quote: do you think that? So be job. Would be doing these things, I don't think so. Trump said he'll go back to bed. Hillary Clinton uses and a lot of time in bed too, but she had more energy than him. She did troops had bite and is trying to avoid questions about a sun hunter involving alleged lucrative foreign deals, and this is true. I believe this is true. I believe it We just got a major league of really awful videos about Joe about Hunter Biden and a kind of confirms. These laptop probably are the hunter, information and we got a guy who came out- and I worked the guy- I know Joe was doing this. This is bad for Joe really bad strategy hide call trump a liar. and hide com, a liar over and over and over again, and then don't put Jonah position, whereas talk about it because Joe struggles to talk about it, trumps out
quote, I would say, the primary reason is put a lid on again is because you can't answer the questions he said. No, he can answer the questions. The stakes are high but Biden seems we follow in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton, who bought thumped by Trump and twenty sixteen Clinton all but ignored too he states Wisconsin Content, Michigan and Trump one, both like Biden of Light she chose the focus on Pennsylvania, which casts twenty electoral college votes tied for fifth, most of all in the U S, she lost that too. Now, as I said earlier, the media mainstream media wants me to believe five thirty, eight there I believe that Joe Biden Gonna win in Pennsylvania. After saying at the debate. He would transition off of fossil fuel and even the moderate going. Why would you do that? the way she said it sounded like a face palm. Why would you do that? Yeah, I would you say this: that's what it felt like Pennsylvania, such an important step but there is a massive wave there's, a massive industry of shale net.
Draw gas and fossil fuels, and many Good Union Union jobs. I've look at some of these. These Slovenia, cities, man, I see them dying out there, railroads that used to bring jobs. They ve gone away, and now you ve these small towns that our just losing people who are leaving to try and find work. These people feel the pain. These, People are not doing well, they make their their businesses are closing their store to shutting down their losing their homes. Trump is trying to bring back I knew factoring jobs too many these places and it's not it's not perfect, but can you imagine how devastating it would be if they shut down fossil fuels? Ort took away subsidies, it would devastate a lot of these jobs. To be to be honest, I am in favour of some kind of movement towards renewables, a lot of people overestimate the value of solar. I saw the other day. I read it. The number one post said solar is now the cheapest you know a source of energy in the world, and I was like wow. That true did. We finally hit
point where the solar energy return on investment, surpasses then of like nuclear power, because that would be knots and sure enough. The article actually thanks to financial planning and subsidies. Solar is now cheap. Ah there's something called them. gee return on energy invested. This means how? Much oil do we have to use to make the solar panels something people you to consider. So I recently tweeted something about Should we have you, no soul on every rooftop, a decentralized the grid? I think it would be strategic, but people pointed out it would soon way too much energy. To actually do that, then it would just use the oil and and and and call for traditional. Electricity are our standard system and its a bummer. It is, but then I realized solar is just more of a luxury. It takes more energy to produce. For the time being, then the than your gun
they get in the short term and the long term. You might get a little bit more out of it, but relates not valuable to do in these large scale projects, but the left wants to get fossil fuels, and it feels strange to me because we're energy, independent and we're competing with the likes of other countries. So put it this way Joe Biden was asked. What he thinks is the biggest threat to the United States in terms of foreign adversaries at Russia, but China is a competitor. Ok, if we're competing against China and Russia. Should we hobble ourselves in terms of economic growth by Noah by removing energy independence seems like a really bad idea. If you think we are under threat from foreign adversaries than just like they do, we are going to be raising towards the most energy output possible, which probably would be nuclear energy, but left opposes that two. Ok great!
I know, we're talking about Joe Polemic, low limit. Let me thought appears Morgan. He says this. Is he wrote this President Trump called me for a chat answer on Saturday? our first conversation since he unfollow me on Twitter and April after I wrote a male column telling him to shut the F up. Mr President, because you suggested people should be injected with bleached Corrado virus. He didn't. I guess you could say suggested Trump asked about potential using disinfectant in the lungs or you know in it, through an injection of some sort and their there. are some arguments for some like that, but I kind of roll my eyes like tromp was just I went out some random questions. He should have kept his mouth shut, tromp just bloats things out and they use it against them. So I agree with peers. Trump needs to shut up. He does and that's Joe strategy. Haydn abasement: well, we don't want that from Trump. We want trumped a rally, but trot needs to chill anyway. He says Since then, I have relentlessly hammered him for his woeful handling of the pandemic, so
the White House, Switchboard rang to say Mr Morgan, we have the president for you. I was right, myself or some full bore trump bombast of the loser and idiot tight and later than anyone who dares criticism, but instead we ended up having a cordial free, rolling twenty five minute exchange, which gave me a fascinating and right into the mindset of the world's most powerful man ass. He heads into the biggest week of his life and one things absolutely clear Trump genuinely believe, he's going to get reelected. This is not a belief support by any poles right now, but then, as you pointed out, the poles were were all wrong last time They were wrong into the leader, but the election, and they were a few points off by the time you election what had taken place, but all the bedding odds all the forecasts. Every thing was completely broken, A week ago, I'd have said Trump was definitely heading for Asia shall lacking in the next in next year's election, his cat conduct during his campaign, a pit amazed by the ludicrous way he behaved after catching. The corona viruses it penalised a disastrous year in which has worked
traits of bypassing empathy, devoid narcissism, fuelled catastrophically, bad leadership over the corona virus, chronic crisis and mass protest over George Floyd, But then came last Thursday, second and final debate in which Trop managed to keep his temper. And show a calmer, more measured and focused style that many other supporters had been begging him to show for months. By doing so. By doing so, he scored some powerful hits against his democrat opponent, Joe Biden, forcing them to admit he'd finish the oil industry, something I'm told me he thinks was a massive mistake. Given the industry employs ten million people, many in crucial swing states and to chuck Barack Obama under the bus. this failure to tackle immigration issues fast enough. Can you believe you did that snorted Trump Obama can't be happy and had earned of the best post debate plaudits he'd ever had in his political career, with even some of its toughest critics conceding he'd been
more presidential people seem to like me like that me better. He mused on the phone, I'm one of them. I replied: it was far more effective than the raging ball in the first debate, trap, chuckled YAP, but some people- like the other me too, that's true. They do. I must operate thence. It is the people who, like the raging, bold trump, will vote for Trump, no matter what the people who, like the calmer more rational trump won't so Trump is wise to be calm and rational and reasonable. In his approach, Joe Biden, I believe he is hiding because his gifts, he can't answer the questions and They know that if Joe Biden speaks, he will produce more negative attention than positive think about what that means for him if he becomes president, I am not looking for that. A Joe Biden President, who has to come out and speak to people
and has these gaps? Could you imagine Saint George he's like a meeting with IRAN and he's talking about you know cutting deals in here. Putin instead of, like you know, who doubt or something and in their alive, what's he talking about now Joe Biden can I now the media is covering for him, but when Joe Biden needs to sit across the table from the Ayatollah from Vladimir Putin from Kim Jong own from Maduro, what do you think's going to happen? falsely he's gonna call lid, I'm calling a lid on these important negotiations. Can we expect it? Listen. There's a lot of reasons not to like Trump there's a lot a lot, a lot and to be completely honest, I'm not a big fan of the overarching expansive federal authority. The system that we keep saying the federal government retains warm more power. People are less and less about local elections and about a fan. It's one of the reasons I don't care to vote. Oh, I didn't at least in the past, but I'll tell you what
The freaks me out is critical race theory. There's always some issue. Isn't it? And now I find my for the position that my my parents and grandparents and everyone else before me came to one. Or younger. You didn't really care you dont want to get in. all this in the end, these kinds of complex- and it makes sense when I was I twenties that I care about what the boomers and the generals were argument for the most part not really might might. My cultural upbringing was very different. Now, I'm in my mid thirties and the other people in my age group are taking control of other we're taking power, thereby getting elected office. You get people who cause you test, and these people are nuts and now I can see while I didn't sleep necessarily care about what the boomers we're doing when I was young now we are the ones leading the pack we're the ones in charge and I'm watching these people strip away the rights that we earned. That's the critical rice, Dearie theory stuff that freaked me out we're seeing Joe Biden the candidate of his seven.
B. Seven and I'll be honest, trop. Seventy four among happy with either this where the young people is what look tolls. He gathered young major in the National Guard and she wanted and the wars. I was happy with it. Donald Seventy four all businessmen rally tv bombast allowed mouth all my eyes and I take the peace deals? Those are huge. I take the view that the Middle Eastern withdrawn and the banning of critics I think these are things I think are really important. Issues are decided trumps, not that bad and their things worth fighting for but tell you I am worried about what happens if Joe Biden gets end because the Obama years were bad but think about how bad they or in terms of foreign policy, and tromp is not perfect either as first couple here's a really bad as well as only recently improved, but I'm thinking this it was bad enough, Barack Obama sending in the islands getting us entangled in Libya, Syria and Yemen and now you're Put in sleepy Joe Biden too, to pick them up and fall asleep, or could you imagine I'm not interested, but I'll tell you what
The only thing I can really point out its newsworthy, because we all have is how, stations. Where is Joe Biden on precedent it hiding with a week before the election and we're supposed to think he's. Gonna win I guess, we'll see Mexicans coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks thank sprang up and I will see you all then. yesterday in New York City Trump supporters put on a valley where they drove around wave tromp flags and the event was billed Jews for Trump. Maybe has something to do. With what we ve been. Similarly orthodox community protesting against the draconian lock downs and targeted locked down from the governor and the mayor, those non familiar, the orthodox community has been targeted, pretty pebbly by the local, government saying they were the hot spot, they're the ones causing the cove outbreak. However, many have noted that there are
several hotspots in the city and for some reason it's the jewish people who are being targeted. But, of course, at this rally, far left extremists attacked these India. Jewels. Pepper sprang them. They were arrests, local coverage goes much of what you expect police coming in arresting anti fascists things like that now the story in and of itself I dont think, is the most ground, breaking news at the earth shattering story, it's just another sample of what happens when conservatives go out minding their own business speaking their mind and the left shows up and attacks them. It's part of a pattern. Mention something I find really interesting here: thou it's it's right MR needed to see conservatives going out and protesting rallying it's not something that typically do. I think this is a sign that many liberals have switched sides and are now influencing conservatives to go out and rally because I've talked a lot of trouble
what is now is our honour on what kind of person to do that, but now people actually going up doing it. Of course, they are dying. Our trump supporters want to go out and do it, but I think we're seeing much more organizing from former liberals case in point right and struck, whose leading massive walk away rallies around the country. People marching the streets even in Beverly Hills and he's a former liberal. So he knows how to organise, and he is only of the story from Fox NEWS. but a family describing being attack that I want to read for you, but the bigger picture I want to get into is. I have now heard from several people that the appropriate response to this is vote for Joe Biden, am I only response- is what Why would I vote for Joe Biden when these people are physically attacking those who want to vote for Trump? I'm not going to show them that their tactic work, in fact, I will show them their tactics, don't work, and it's because of the
liberal behaviour and the violence that these people deserve to lose. Joe Biden could easily come out say no to anti thought. No to the far left and the black this matter extremists, but he's not doing it. Let me really store to give the news and what happened in New York and then I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about the Atlantic as a new article up saying that you know these liberals voting for Trump. Name me, but he named certain individuals who are liberals voting for tromp, but I take personal issue with the I want to present Fox NEWS, says affair we have seven, including for kids, were pepper sprayed by vial, writers on Sunday, while participating in a Jews for up rally in New York City, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department said eleven people were taken into custody. The rally descended into chaos and violence. Sunday afternoon, six people were charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration and harassment
while a seventh person was charged, the salting, a police officer and resisting arrest, then why peace had Monday, a convoy of hundreds of cars draped with american flags and trunk twenty two: He banners rolled slowly through Manhattan and Brooklyn. On Sunday afternoon, the caravan travelled from Coney Island to the prompt tower in Manhattan. Before hiding a rally in Brooklyn Park. At some point, skirmishes broke out between supporters and opponents of the president, a member of the family that was pepper, sprayed, told Fox NEWS at the unprovoked attacked happened while the family was driving down. Fifth avenue and the car and those were down and trump flags displayed. The man who wish to remain anonymous, fearing his family could be targeted, said a car pulled up next to them and unleashed pepper sprite into their vehicle. In me, Billy the kid started crying and screaming, and I jumped out of the car after I was peppered pepper, spread as well. The man said
the man said. The attacker chased him down on the avenue trying to pepper spray him again. His mother, flagged in an officer in the suspect was arrested. While it was a woman witticism. Some want to do this. The mantle FUCK those are the kids, are now left traumatized and still coughing from the residue. The encounter was one of many violent confrontations between the rallies participants and protestors must stop right. There fox come on, I know box is trying to be better than many these outlets, but come on. Let me let me let me rephrase us. This encounter was one of many violent attacks from far leftists on innocent tromp supporters expressing their first amended rights, the jewish telegraph, Is he reported that a convoy was to take place in several orthodox jewish communities ahead of a planned event in Brooklyn Marine Park? You that
organised by Boris, absolute Epstein, an adviser to the Trump campaign and CO chair of jewish jewish voices for Trump. I want to remind everybody: your lotta get your car you're allowed to have a flag you're allowed to drive it. You are not a lot of pepper spray children because you dont like them Politics, multiple disturbing video clips of the convoy posted on unwise scanner, show crowds not taking to kindly two rows of vehicles with hoisted torrent trump flags in war video, a man can be seen appearing to throw eggs at the convoy in Brooklyn I'm, but I believe they film themselves, thrown the eggs and other video, but ass trains can be seen opinions the rocks at vehicles displaying a trump flag, is incredible. This is not the hostility lingered throughout the date in multiple clips, people can be heard. Yelling export arrives at the Jews for trot, participate one man on a bike pierce, so incensed at the pro trunk vehicles have congested traffic on the on on the Brooklyn Highway
resorts to punching a window and had no woman was arrested for allegedly being peppers Brown, the convoy according to police. Later a scuffle broke out between the pro and anti trump crowd in the middle of the street mast protesters could be seen in one click converging on a vehicle down in red paint as why I'm seeing his blasting. In the background, I guess that's the song of the election for no go home. We don't want you here. Somebody in the crowd shouts go back to long island. I love that you're not funny these people to realise these trump supporters probably live in New York, but I was put an event in the Philadelphia area a few miles from where I lived walking distance I mean you, don't we don't want to walk there, but you could totally walk. There is only a few miles. Out of town Anti FA organised and threaten to burn down the theatre climbing. We don't want this person coming to our town. They came to my town with my event. This is what they do. These people are lunatics,
and other video posted on Twitter shows a pro trunk caravan led by former and Y, see mayor, Rudy, Giuliani, being pelted with eggs in the clip you we could be seen rolling down the window from the past your side of a vehicle. He briefly speaks to police sergeant before the car drives away. Protesters can be heard shouting expletive at the former mayor. Several police officers can be seen struggling to supper the opposing sides, before slapping handcuffs on a bicyclist, a scuffle between the opposing the opposing ominous, operate. Ok like a well written. What, because the point to make they keep telling me that its anti for its the Woke, it's that it's the social justice, a critical race theory. These are the people that you are. You oppose and not Joe Biden. They tell me ok, so there was an hour the written saying, don't vote for Trump. If you oppose this because it makes things worse or you know the anti phobia emboldened whenever my response to one of these articles was, I do not believe voting for their candidate supports them. To that
while our would stop them and then the response I got was I wouldn't vote for anti for either as if saying about for jobs It is not a vote for Anti, for these are regular people on bikes with eggs. These are not organised anti for waiving flags. These are new Yorkers who are insane and they need to be told to shut up and sit down. You do not have the right to physically attacked people, let alone children with rocks eggs and pepper spray. So no, I am not going to for their candidate, for the guy was promised to put an end to it, because I do not negotiate with terrorists lesson maybe a little strong in the terrorist thing. But let me tell you: if you're going to physically attack kids to demand your way in politics. I will do everything to oppose you. Everything throwing rocks at cars could kill people.
they say police later declared in the gathering and unlawful assembly, one the people arrested on Sunday, Thirty six year old, almost been identified as Devon Harris is accused of throwing eggs in two. Police officers faces and then what listing arrest. This is not just anti fa. Chief. Terence Monaghan leaders said later Sunday, Nypd detectives. We invest getting the rock throwing incident. I bring you not to a tweet from Ya Shop monk. He writes for the Atlantic. he's the founder of joint persuasion. Associate professor, it s a I S, Hopkins contributing uttered the Atlantic adviser at protect democracy, usually said ill liberalism on the left is a real problem, but voting for Donald Trump to stem the rising tide of liberalism. Would be a huge moral and strategic mistake thread. Yes, some Democrats are two reluctant to oppose left wing political violence and caught Antigua and yes,
someone a laugh or too willing to support censorship and social media advocate for employees to be fired from for conservative views and to cheer and attacks on free speech. But but it wont, let me Roquat the violence I just showed you was not from Anti, for it was a lunatic leftists run of the mill people who hate tromp, who are getting violent and need to be arrested. Gods Does one trot presents a serious danger to constitutional values? His bark is much much later than its bite. Actual actions in office have also been utterly annex unacceptable, Annie, Voter Jim really concerned about the rise of a liberal forces must wish to remove him from office. Now you see what he's doing now is conflicting violence with liberalism. Yes, tromp has problems. Yes, tromp has barked some, pretty crazy things he wait. Yo Trump says he wants. You burn the american flag go to jail. I think that's wrong. I think we were right. press our so long as it's burnt properly safely in
upper controlled spaces, they not burn other people and so long as you own the flag by all means burn it. The problem this country is you can't similar things to some symbols: Uganda, others, we are losing free speech. Donald Trump is not helping when he says this, I dont want less. I want more, however, Donald Trump has as me, to ban critical race theory and now we're here that these diversity, equity inclusion things are being banned at various government agencies and the companies that contract with them because drop it other executive order saying we will not contract with companies that have these programmes nukes there, that's the insane critical race theory staff as well. about NEO segregation. That's it we're seeing in Seattle. I do not want that to exist. I will not vote for Joe Biden who encourages it, who is part of the Obama administration that helped bring it to fruition. Sorry, that's just me.
dishonest ape parts of a left focus so tightly in America's flaws, their blind to its strengths, and they believe the right poses such grave danger that even violent resistance is justifiable. Yes, right, pepper sprang children. Bank Trop, does more than anyone else to land apparent credibility to both of these fallacies. Excuse me: what did trunk due to justify pepper, sprang? Kids, all waits, not thing. Donald Trump can say stupid. things, but middle eastern peace deals withdrawing our troops, criminal justice reform. Is this a joke? He says if Trump winds, reelection, even more people will conclude that deep injustice not only shaped take the Americas passed but still define its essence. If a clear majority of Americans turn on Trump, those of us who believe in America's perfectibility can more easily. When the argument this is just up. This is a terrible, terrible argument. Mind you he's as Trump instills fear real fear. Many America
this does not justify activists violence, but does help explain why so many hesitate to criticise extremist pretending to fight for a noble cause. Abiden victory would make it easier, not harder to push back against extremists. No, it wouldn't be Joe Biden would embolden their ideology and has already pandered to it. He would pull back the police inside of the bitter to that are allowing the riders to persist case in point the people working violent or in New York City run by Democrats. Do not believe you solve the problem by saying. Let them keep doing it now. Look it's an argument shore, but he's wrong he's absolutely wrong. Trump! Isn't the one causing these problems? Not tromp has problems and Trump does fan the flames in many circumstances he does it create the fire, though, he's not Listen, the media is what's causing all of this, the media's, the one telling you the end is nigh, and these
we're going insane because of the media, not Donald Trump and the media in doing this gradually for a long time. He says there really are illiberal tendencies in the left. We all should do more to fight them but vote. four trop to stem the rising tide of liberalism is about as pure an example. Cutting off your nose to spite your face as political life can afford vote Joe Biden, and he says please show the article. Please vote and please stand up for philosophically liberal values, not just once every four years but every day, hey, that's a good idea. If only the actual left stood up for liberal values, which they don't you see. The left is no longer liberal, and that includes Joe Biden. I mean Joe Biden ever really was truly a liberal. I don't know what you'd call him that he certainly far from liberal, maybe just wants to adopt the liberal name, but he's not. The left is illiberal. The entirety of the left. Regular people
proposed Trump throwing things at cars are not just anti fa. So here we have an article in the Atlantic. Trump is the best candidate for the illiberal left. If you ate weakness, you should vote for Joe Biden. He mentions he's element which at first paragraph a number of influential TK. hunters who firmly oppose Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen recently announced their intention to vote foreman. Twenty twenty. Nearly all of them, including aims: Linsey Daniele Pledge CUP and Ben Shapiro I am a liberalism on the left appear satins popular show, he's planning to vote for trot because Democrats have lost their effing mines. It is not just about illiberal. It is well beyond a liberalism. Is the cult of intersection algae? it is racial, a neo, racial segregation by dimensions, Jane Linsey, Jane, Lindsey talks about critical race theory and here's sexy James,
Lindsey binary math, mind. That's his twitter name, taken up with him here, says response Yacht, monk who set of problems reelection even more people, will conclude. There is deep that that deepen justice not only shaped America but America's passed, but still defined its essence. James said this report were released upon the central premise of critical race theory applied to Trump. It doesn't rejected for the city error or lie that it is. That premise, is that true, selection was a meaningful signal that Americans are secretly racist and white supremacist and want to be it's not true. The real problem is the media and the cult of intersection These lunatics, who think Donald Trump as is, is, is a clan member or something and he's not he's, actually fairly prison. SL on social issues. The first president support gay marriage before becoming President Donald Trump moved left
many issues socially, that allowed liberals to vote for him check out Jack Murphy's book. Democratic, deplorable jack, Murphy straight up said: he's glad that Republicans have. Finally, Donald Trump came out in favour of gay marriage, because it was one of the issues and allowed him to actually vote for the man, because there are many people were libertarian values like hey man, you don't let people do there, have equal rights and love each other who who would prefer sound financial policy? Sound immigration policy, nonviolence Et Cetera instead, what's happened, is what I think we're actually seeing with Trump is liberals survives. Moderates people pay attention of those who believe in freedom of the individual, but also love. This country are slowly banding together Now there are resistance, democrat types that might fond of some of those categories in some capacity, but they're not paying attention
which is why you see so many people say that in twenty sixteen they hated trumpet and they watch the news. Another four Trump viral tweet right now, the woman it we ve got to tweet side by side and twenty sixteen she said. I want To be destroyed, I want is business and his name ruined and then in twenty twenty she set out crawl over broken glass to vote for Donald Trump. People are shown a tweet around those individualism just an example, but I can tell you this: there, Someone I know and met at a black lives matter, protest who what is this was. I think twenty fourteen posting nonstop about black lives matter, Donald Trump One, and she posting a bunch of anti trump stuff and then just recently, I noticed she started posting a bunch of pro tromp stuff. And so I d m d and unlike what are you, what is this like you're, like we met at a black lives matter, protest and now you're like you, you hated from your forum and she went. Explain that tromp is doing a lot of things. She started paying attention almost every
We single story. I hear about walk away, is someone who said they started paying attention and rest king for themselves and they realized the media was lying. And the media's lying now this We call for match. A monk, in my opinion, is an attempt to convince people like you or I, who may be moderate right, moderate left centrist or what that the real choices, Joe Biden inheres, why it's not true job is negotiating with them. Perhaps if Joe Biden wins, violence may simmer down a little bit, probably not completely but a little, but you know why because his solution is to negotiate with them and give them what they want. They have talked about it you're talking about it now, just there to get just the other day. I did a segment on Jacobin magazine getting centred on Facebook. The segment they had posted was a video talked about whether or not Bernie could shift the by or progressive could shift the Bite administration.
Joe Biden has already shifted on many points. The issues for the far left now they dont considered, how far left they say it. Joe Biden has written Bernie Sanders at a centrist. That's just not true! It's all part of the propaganda to shift the wheel. Depending on how you look at it. There is the political calm passages economic cooperation for competition an authority, verses Liberty, Bernie Sanders is fairly far left he's a socialist. He wants worker control of production They call him a centrist because they're trying to, if the overly overturn went out to the far left ideology, Thirdly, there is the cultural far left as well, which is also getting major ground. A vote for Joe Biden will shift the Overton Window so far to the left, Joe Biden will be the far right candidate from then on. It will absolutely obliterate. Any kind the moderate conservatism, centrist or even centre left position centre left.
this will all of a sudden find themselves as right wing like they already kind of, are there needs to be a yanking back of the Overton window. when they say that Tucker Karlsson is far right and Tucker Carlson's moderate. You have to wonder what they're really talking about, perhaps talking about in terms of the revolution, far right, meaning how much do they oppose the revolution? and far left, meaning how much they support it. In which case the Bootblue boys are far left so which, which definition are they use? And I will tell you this: I will not stand for for videos of people throwing rocks at cars. or or stories of children being pepper sprayed by lunatic left us that aren't Anti VA because they hate Trump now anti for my want trump, because they want You get these lunatic left us on their side. You know what men I have said it before, and I say it again:
the left has gone so insane that regular people are gonna, start demanding law and order and they're gonna get it from Trump and no one else and then we're gonna, see more federal authority, we're gonna, see more police authority, and these things are problems. What we need right now How is the enforcement of existing law? It is illegal to pepper spray into someone's car. Ok, let alone kids, Why gases lady got arrested, but the day that the debt or to turn these in many different jurisdictions, are cutting people loose instead of prosecuting, and thus people are saying we want more lawn order. There is going to be a Rico, in fact, because most people want to be left alone. I'm sure a lot of people are so the media screaming in their face and their sick of the writers and they're saying please just make it stop. Some of those people might vote for Biden saying just given to the terrorists, do what they want. Make it go away. Please other people, people more like me, are saying Trop, here's the hammer deal with it. I do not know
Oh she ate with terror. If you only use violence threat, coercion, cancel culture to force, Europe nickel goals upon me, I will do the opposite: no I will not vote for Joe Biden, I'm going to vote for Trump and Republicans for the first time in my life down down. Take it republican president. Senate Congress all that stuff. I did vote already. That's what I did. I'm not going to vote for job I'm not gonna, give you what you want, because you refuse to call these people out, you want to say to us illiberal laughed, but your ignoring the fact that weakness is a cult and they have actively voted that Democrats did to repeal civil rights Long California. I refuse this. I reject this and I will not allow it to spread nationally. Next segments come up at four p m on the Youtube com slashed him cast, which is a different gentle. Thanks, rang it up and I'll see you all them some thing.
Happened in twenty fourteen fifteen, I don't know when, and the Poles just started to make no sense. I have this tweet here from Harry entered forecaster, who set October twenty fifth twenty. Sixteen at this moment, every single national Paul would have to be wrong for try to win possible short. What I bet on it. No I'm not an idiot. This is highlighted by Michael Tracy, who said that he decides take a quick gander at what some of our leading data pundit prognosticated, we're saying at this point in twenty sixteen did it turned out that Every single national Paul was wrong, yes, but their forecast. The margin of error so thought they were that wrong. But something is amiss, is Donald Trump on track for a glorious and resolving re election victory is
contract for a glorious and resounding defeat. Victory by Joe Biden- I don't know, but battleground pulling, is looking really good for Donald Trump and Republicans as of right now cannot be denied may change were still a week away from the actual election, an early being data doesn't You know it fluctuated beds. Planet good turn opine on, but I think the data looks good for now. Democrats are supposed to be leading right now, they're the ones. who are pushing really hard for early voting and male voting and Europe. looking are either a leading in many key states or trailing very, very closely suggesting based on online data from CBS in key battleground states, more people who support tromp have not voted. Then support bind so basically for every hundred votes. Voters fifty owed for every one hundred voters who have not voted, get fifty nine
in one state would be for Trump and forty would be providing meaning. The remaining push of balance is going to swing. Heavily republican Trot might actually win I want to show you this tweet, where Harrison every Paul would have to be wrong for Trump to win, because I did a segment. Why said the same thing I was I don't know man could you imagine every pollster being out of a job, because you can't make it twice in a row, maybe they're really convinced trumps gonna lose, but if it could happen in TWAIN sixteen. Why couldn't happen again? While some people say that you like saying lightning would strike twice, but that MRS the real issue at hand, damn thing changed: something changed now: money I would like to say to him that wishful thinking they just made simple mistake. Back then, that it realise how close the margins, where nobody
F ashore out. I'm not saying it's not true, I'm just saying. Is it one of the possibilities that the internet has altered? Who is voting, how their voting and the pollsters can adapt to it? To put it simply, perhaps the change from twenty twelve twenty sixteen was so dramatic forecasting base. Two thousand and twelve was meaningless and the change from twenty sixteen two thousand and twenty was so dramatic forecasting based on two thousand and fifteen results is meaningless. There's an old saying humans will not have to adapt to change. They'll have to adapt to the rate of change. that information technology is changing mine so rapidly that you can't just look at twenty eighteen results.
Sixty results and say you know, what's going to happen, maybe Pauling is broken or maybe tromp is going to get crushed, don't know for sure, but let's take a look at the data as of right now Battleground Senate from target early twenty two early election and absent, devote report in these Senate Battleground States Republicans are winning forty six point. Four to before now. There is some bad news around this time. Proportionally Democrats were lower. Republicans were higher. That's not really bad news. What this means is its proportions. In twenty eighteen republican early naps devote at as of this time was four point: five million committed Democrats, three point, seven, The cracks have early are our voting early in larger numbers with eight point: six million Republicans nine, but Republicans doubled their turn out there, still winning
and Republicans are still expected to shop in droves on election day there. Seems, like Republicans, are tracking to reclaim the Senate. I see it's crazy to me and maybe they'll lose I'm not saying, I know for sure, look we're in the middle of the game. Ok, who knows gonna happen? I mean I'm sure many of you have watched sports where you're like there's no way. You know you know, the cops are gonna come back from this one day, three runs and then somehow they pull it off and like the last two headings in your life, why? How did they do that? Maybe Democrats will maybe Republicans will check out than that battleground states. For president, this should be the most alarming to Democrats. Forty five point: nine percent in favour of Democrats versus third, forty, three point: nine in favour of republicans of ozone plunge was ten point two and affiliated on affiliated typically lean slightly to the left, but pretty much split. So I don't think we can it. We know
they take that into consideration? For the most part we can see the Democrats are leading by just under seven hundred or about six hundred thousand or so votes in the battleground states. Trump needs to win to get reelected. Now I could tell you it's bad news for Donald Trump, because typically Republicans led the earlier vote and right now Democrats are leading but early vote down. does not mean more vote. People keep confusing this they're like. Can you believe how many people early voted already wow? It's like at fifty percent of what the total vote count wasn't this year, that might not now a lot of people are saying we're on track for historic voter turnout. I believe that's true, but it doesn't mean that man, If these places we're gonna see that much bigger of a turn out like so we ve got about fish ten million fourteen point, eight million in the battleground states. The present needs to win become president.
It may have been twenty Autonoe, our internal, the hard number as prime. More than that to saying we don't know what the total will be just because people are voting early, but it stands to reason in many of these key states. Donald Trump is on track to Let me show the pulse pulling. Usa says presidential support by those who have already voted in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina Biden, sixty one already voted. Consider this already voted to trumps. Thirty, seven, Georgia binding.
Fifty five and North Carolina Biden Sixty one from CBS Yoga presidential support by those who have already voted for those who have not voted. That means there are a lot of people who are programmes, and I have I have actually have that image. I'm showing you this one cause it's funny. Katharine folder says when we boarded air Force One just now. A print out of this pole was left on every seat in the press. Cabin pulling USA says presidential support by those who have been devoted. Fifty nine percent from fifty four percent tromp fifty eight percent tromp, meaning These battleground voters go involved. They are more likely to be boosting the numbers for Donald Trump and when Trump is only trailing by a few percentage points. But in these states we ve got nineteen points. Ten points and seventeen points. Trumps. Gonna get a very, very big boost. Now I want you to just think about what that means, could you
agent, a scenario where every pollster was but so incredibly wrong buttons, pulling right now. I believe nationally, like he's pulling like nine point, two points above Donald Trump, which is insane if I'll trump wins, the entire media ecosystem in terms of Paul certain universities as whole thing gone now check this out in presidential battleground states. Voters have asked fifty one point: five percent of the total votes counted in the twenty. Sixteen general election were only halfway there, I don't know about the rest of these states. We a lot of votes to go so we're looking at a total of thirty two million votes in a battleground states, we're looking at just thirty or so million more. If these are
owing to secure republican Trot. Actually, when wouldn't that be strange, they told us that early voting absentee voting, we're skewing Democrat by huge margins, and that means, according to Nate Silver, a five. Thirty eight Male in votes that come in late will probably be neutral or even lean Republican on election night, we might actually see. Donald Trump, win, reelection under about it. I do wire wise Every single pole telling us this. Well, I gotta be honest. I I think something broke. I do look. I could be wrong far be it from me to question the experts right. I don't know their modeling is, but I think something broke maybe not broke, but maybe times have changed to such a degree.
The internet has become much much more prominent more and more twitter was on the way out for a while. You know that twitter was dying until Trump came along, perhaps things change so rapidly. Poles make no sense at all. Some of these poles are conducted over a week. The new man this might change dramatically, would have no idea. We really really don't, but, more importantly, the difference between twenty eighteen, twenty and twenty. Sixteen twenty two and twenty twenty, these pollsters well look at likely voters. I this person's life it about are the accounting for the newly registered voters. Republicans are the accounting for urban liberals or defective enjoin, Donald Trump. I dont think they are their mocking the idea, five. Third, Eight said: there's some wild very that people won't admit their voting for tromp. I tweeted, I wonder if poles could be skewed by some people, refused to admit publicly that or to upholsterer whenever that they're, ok with people of covert if it means getting their life back together.
That's what I'm saying that a kind of a harsh where mean like recognising, maybe there's a we can do which did not economy that people die, but what I want to say it in but you can't even really sit on the internet because you say you say the wrong thing about colleague: you'll get banned, so I wonder, they people are just not speaking up and if that's the case, could the poles be dramatically incorrect? The response was that's wishful thinking. All you, just people were saying like here. We got trying to justify why they think they're waiting blah blah. My I didn't say that I was wondering if there was gonna be a bias in this pole. I don't love drums, gonna win, but I think something's broken and I think Trump is is, is close. I think it I'm a toss. You're Goin men, I don't know it's gonna happen. I will tell you my personal biased, my gut feeling, my gut feeling is Trump. I just cannot see Abiden presidency but its meaningless, because
but you said the same thing about Donald Trump winning, so that's your data, that's the tweet of what people were saying back and twenty in twenty. Sixteen every port have to be wrong for Trump to win and any one so yeah market You might lose. I got a couple more segments in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly Nancy Lucy, and the Democrats have one there negotiations, Donald Trump and Republicans over the covered relief bill, and they are refusing to accept it and take yes for and you want to know why how I know this is true Jake tapir of the UN and said quote, you could take yes for an answer. So we know at the White House has moved closer to your position on a lot of issues. Cnn twice now is is roasting Nancy plus the Democrats.
You are the one blocking covert release. Donald Trump has caved he's given in fine get it done, and you said no, the Democrats want you to suffer there like a little kid watching at magnifying glass laughing as you suffer, because they don't want dropped to win what you mean and give trump of victory no way from the blaze. They seen in House Jake, Tapir grilled Speaker Nancy, Plaza on Sunday over why she continues to block passing additional krona virus related aid that millions of Americans desperately need all. While blaming the White House White Ass Chief of staff marking revealed on CNN State of Union Sunday, the policy content used to move the goalposts uncovered. Nineteen we have continued to make offer after offer
after offer. A Nancy continues to move the goalposts and, as you know, we're up to one point: nine trillion I personally have talked to the leader multiple times. I have talked to senators multiple times and at the end of the day, it was the Democrats who, just last week, who said they were going to support a five hundred billion dollar deal, so they said no to some relief coming to Americans later in the show tapir grilled policy over why she continues to stall economic relief, highlighting the fact that a trumpet ministration has attempted to compromise of house Democrats. So we know that the wider has moved closer to your position on a lots and lots of issues. Krona, virus testing, contact, tracing strategy, unemployment benefits local government capper said before getting cut off by policy in response policy claimed Republicans have not attended to compromise
but also this and also same thing, they keep moving the goalposts they every time. They say we move the goalposts. That means there projecting what they did. Policy claimed when see Ananas roasting you and calling you out twice cause bullets. And now tat. We are doing it is fair to say like it- must really be bad. For Democrats, if CNN willing to call it out, thou than and to steer the conversation away from the covered relief legislation. Tapir rejected the spin, but it seems like their big. They keep moving closer and closer. He set of Republicans. I get that you're waiting for on paper, but it just seems like your winning. I mean that's what it seems like to me. I'm. Looking at all the things the White Ass is moving forward to your position on and it seems like you could take yes for an answer. Policy try to continue blaming report,
Hence the lack of a deal but tapir quickly reminded her that even Democrats are imploring their leadership to make a deal. One of your own members, Congress and congressmen MAX rose said this week. The democratic party needs to learn, to a certain extent, how to declare VIC Jerry and go home you're getting a lot of messages. From Democrat saying, this is good enough. We need to say yes, Nancy Policy isn't interested in helping. You should not interested in getting you What you need to survive? She doesn't want to give Trump a win. This is what happens when Trump derangement is in government. Max rose props, but please spare me you jumped on. Each bandwagon like a moron chasing after Pelosi. Maybe now you, only grown a spine. I can respect that, and MAX rose does seem to have one I've seen some great videos from him. He really does just say it ACCA respect that. But it's about time these
moderate Democrat started saying you know what its policy she's the problem get rid of her. The american people need relief right now, it's there, they say more spikes are coming. Things are going to get worse, whatever Nancy Policy has Trump derangement and its terminal to the point where she's like I refuse who's to let Trop have any victories. She wants to strangle the american people out because she wants Trop to lose, and this is why Trop deserves to when they say. Indeed, last week the white pushed it nearly two trillion dollar cover outcry virus relief bill which included many democratic requests, making clear they want to compromise before election day, but policy won't do it. Even when Democrat say, please do this row
Connor side ceased. She should do it more than one Democrat in the house has already said Pelosi get the deal done. He doesn't care, doesn't care about the twenty five or six million people who are suffering. And don't need- and I am surprised that even CNN is willing to call this out, because it is it is that bad I mean CNN would love to roast trump all day. and now we are seeing the true depravity of people like Pelosi. I tell you what Democrats, if you win the house do not make her speaker again. She's, never gonna get but out because the way just the way, the system as people going to check de on the box, she's gotta go I'll. Tell you what man I don't care for any these people, the to America's financing the Trump and biting campaigns. I'm offended, George Carlin member George Carlin, I'm sure most of you do. If you dont, you gotta go watches stuff. I remember some of his really great stand up that I used to watch when I was grown up,
these people. These millionaires, they don't care about you, they're millionaire, stop electing them. Go watch Carlin talk about it. He was a liberal and now people are going to elect Joe Biden, who is being propped up by the wealthy elites. Ok, you say to me, but TIM Donald Trump is the wealthy elite there's a big difference between people who want to fund the guy who align their pockets with gold and the guy who's pockets, our line with gold who is using that gold and losing it take a look at the start of the New York Times this. This discharge amazing amount raised in millions by median household and in media, have an income of zip codes. Trumps donors overwhelmingly come from
less wealthy, zip codes, and it goes way down as the wealth that the wealth of his coat goes up. Joe Biden does as well, but he's got a spike here in median household income above two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Donald Trump called this out at the debates. You're, the guy funded by Wall Street, won't take that money. Donald Trump raised half what Hilary race spent nearly half what Hilary spent in the last election cycle and he on Tromp has got problems I'll, say it every single time, but he is not the candidate of Wall Street. He is not the candidate of the big tech billionaires. Who would sell you out to make a buck he's not, so complained to me about him all. You want I'm sorry man Its policy was blocking what the american people need. It is Joe Biden who represents the billion is, and where's Bernie Sanders, Sir all those out in two seconds as soon as they opened the door,
and said welcome to the millionaires Club Bernie Comment in he said: ok to be fair, tromp was a billionaire, I know I know I'm sick of the elite ism. I like populism. I do fear populism without meritocracy, however, just because someone fights for the will of the people doesn't mean the will of the will of the people is a good thing. People sometimes don't know what needs to happen, and sometimes things aren't publicly available to the people for security reasons. It makes it really really tough. But I err on the side of we need a president that listens to what the american people need and want. but as the skills to get the job done and avoid pitfalls that could hurt this country. I dont know. If Donald Trump is that man to be completely honest, look we ve seen good things from all except the great economy, all except the peace deals and the withdrawal, but does it mean everything he's done, is completely good
I will now I only have my issues that are important to me, which is the challenge the prison needs to represent everyone. So he can look at this. I care about. He could take action on them and also our. I accept these things I like them, Joe Biden doesnt, seem to care. Joe Biden, four forty seven years milked the system for all its worth. Making himself very wealthy and his brother and his son also very wealthy middle class can jar with his son, getting eighty three thousand dollars per month on the board of an energy company. He had no business being on that's Biden. Ink. The Democrats are the preferred party of the law a few establishment elites, the the billionaires they probably saw. The tides of common during Occupy Wall Street Box, read an article in twenty sixteen. That said, just justice. That Democrats have become the preferred party of the very wealthy for the first time in a long time and probably has to do with occupy. They said, if you want to have power,
be a billionaire support. The left and they'll ignore you, and now I see even people on Twitter who claim to be. You know Antaeus anguish. Men were in our socialist, defending Joe Biden I'll, tell you what I don't care if you hey, Donald Trump I will ask anyone whose leftist do me a favor. Can you please say that Biden and Trump are both garbage and they won't do it. If you really hate Trump, you really think he's the worst, but you really We oppose foreign intervention interference in our elections and crony corporate capitalism, then tell me Joe Biden, is trash as well. Tell me the rest. The Democrats are, but so many won't do it. I have no problem saying that the Republicans are mostly garbage and our the Democrats and Donald Trump barely gets by four
me, Joe Biden has trash Nancy policies. Garbage there's very few politics actually like is that the easiest put it in a take. I ate everybody I dont think ran parliament asked by the way ran Paul, I think, tells Eagle, tells you Gabarus, fantastic though I guess she's she's, leaving their is very few pilot. Actually like. I feel like most people feel this way there all fresh, but for some reason you have these tribal lists that will absolutely defend all of these Democrats. I don't know why they are blocking your covered these and laughing in your face about it and they are fought their being funded by the wall, street millionaires and billionaires Bernie where'd you go by
this is to be your thing now, you're, all on board a spine would be nice. I get them all out I'll, say it a million times. I don't care every single one of em get about. I understand. Look I like Rand, Paul, Thomas Matthews, pretty cool to a handful of I'm just getting all the incumbents is Jacob. I will start over we'll figure it out, it doesn't mean, said, be fixed You know what that these people have made careers, I'm just not a fan of it. Someone made a really interesting point about. We need statesmen, states, people, not politicians, and that's why I think rat ran Paul mostly to pass for me. I think that guy's act, Billy. He actually tries and is a handful on on the democratic side. My respect to MAX rose calling out to Nancy Policy as well as road cannot. I think there are some good politicians on both sides, but very few and far between we need some kind of we need something different and just electing a new president isn't change. We need to get rid of the incumbents. Please just vote them out. I don't care. If it's a progressive, get rid of Nancy Policy, she can't you can lose she's. Eighty,
Ok, Gimme, Gimme, a thirty year old, progressive I'll, take it. At least it won't be the same: crony establishment, elites I'll leave it there one more segment coming up in a couple minutes stick around and I'll see, while shortly the Nypd spineless, pathetic feckless for the most part you know why police union slams hypocritical and why pity forces spent. then cop, who blared Trop. Twenty twenty from squad car loudspeaker, while praising its chief of department for taking a knee with black lives matter, protesters the unwise PD, deploying what twenty seven cops to guard the black lives matter. Mural pathetic stand up for yourselves at the union's doing then in a hole in the me. Stop your police union and why pity, policing and spines? I wonder what that is:
said the Nypd establishment is, is thinking I would how it feels to be spend less. Perhaps I could ask your friends over in the union what that feels. Like I'm, not a big fan of of of police unions. They they protect, sometimes cops, do bad things, but I tell you this: I don't want to live in a society where cops are told. It is good for you to support one political message and you will be punished for supporting the other if the cop can kneel and be praised. For then a cop can yell Maugre, twenty twenty or whatever it is equality under the law. I expect standards I don't want to be that person living under the boot of your garbage political ideology and by your I'm just saying I don't know who you are in general. We probably all agree well. This country does a great job of making sure that we get to live together and work together and compromise among these issues, but it won't work if we have any quality. Here's the store,
the daily mail, one of New York's top police unions accuse the unwise pity top brass of hypocrisy for suspending a cop who blared Trump Twenty twenty over a squad. Car loudspeaker after the parliament's highest ranking uniformed officer was praised for his public show of support for black lives matter. The unnamed cop was spent without pay after as boisterous endorsement of President Al Trump in Brooklyn. Flatbush neighbour on Saturday Mayor build a blog you, commissioner, Dermot Shea and Chief of Department, Terence Monaghan condemned the officers behaviour as one hundred percent unacceptable, stressing cops MA. remain a political yeah, sparing Your lies you're full of it, the sergeant Benevolent Association, decried suspension on twitter. Writing, then, why pity? As a history of officers making poet go and outside the normal statements and ignoring it, spending. This officer is unnecessary and way over. The top chief of department took me with protesters no supplementary action was issued, bidding and added
referencing, how Monaghan knelt alongside black lives matter protesters during a demonstration on June. First Blue flew baby come on. You guys are a union can't you get your guys to Blue flew, that's the way you do the strike. Isn't it Otherwise, I guess the legal than are allowed to they say as we also retreated a post in modern, wrote when you wear Our uniform. It is imperative to remain a political behaviour like this will not be tolerated and will be dealt with the union added a photo of Monaghan kneeling at the June protest. Writing. What's the status of this investigation, awake double standard white shirt, immunity, Terence, you said nothing when captains and chief took a knee with violent protestors, who injured members of the, and why pity you say nothing to those who sing and dance and uniform now your little its Betsy balls are into blogs, Yos Palm and you tweet nonsense, relax and taken me we'll do that was spices.
To say the least, a low but more space than I usually get on this channel. The SBA also praise, The officer saying that police are rightfully supporting the president. The democratic party has abandoned police officers, courage to violence and lawlessness. People being murdered in democratic run cities. The union wrote in a tweet tagging the press, and his sons, Aragon Don Junior. Well, let me tell somebody I pity I have a great story you see. twenty. I believe it was early. Twenty twelve, the Nypd arrested a photographer. Ah, who did nothing wrong? He was standing on the sidewalk, claimed is obstructing roadway and refuse to their instructions. That was completely not true. They never given instructions and standing on the sidewalk lucky for this and I was streaming live at the time when this man got arrested. He had actually gone down to film from the police perspective, something positive for them. They arrive stood him lie about why they arrested him and lie.
under oath and was there any penalty for the unwise pity, none whatsoever. So you know what I am no fan of the Nypd at all, or these cops who are willing to do it make these lies I'll. Tell you this just because I detest that moment doesn't mean. I will blame every single cop. Every single off ranking officer, white, whenever it means I met I was involved and I mad that there is a culture of this, and I want you, form. It also means. I recognise if you have cops, defending your political message, if We have cops taking a knee and a political statement, then you cannot punish other cops just because as I can be mad about particular instances doesn't mean I will blame every single cop and laugh or hold it against them. No there's a balance there is reasonable. There's rational
and I do not want to see a politicized police force more than I already have. This is just making things worse, the estimated police officers across the nation are advocating for Trump and rightfully so the democratic parties? and in police officers, encouraged violence and lawlessness. People are being murdered in democratic run cities. The incident Sport suspension took place on Saturday around nine hundred and fifty p dot m. What do officers were filmed standing outside of patrol vehicle on St Paul street? In Flatbush, an amount man yelled at them. Saying ask yourselves and you you effing fascists. One of the office was then heard the patrols, bigger, saying trump. Twenty twenty put it on Youtube. Put on Facebook, trumped twenty twenty take a picture. Take a pitcher put on Facebook. Put it on Youtube, have some fun random, Heinz thirty four watch the seed unfold from his apartment and is roommate recorded it he said, cops started to say Trump. Twenty twenty one, a pedestrian gave the cops the middle finger because their cause
was in the crosswalk whether cars should be in the crosswalk, but I digress. We went to the window just to make sure whoever he was talking to a safe, and this is not the first time with an issue of cops. in the bowl horn, the neighbourhood, I'm just your average gay black guy, but I've been stopped and first twice on. My blog is predominantly black community and there is obviously that beef between cops and the community it goes back along. Time is spent a whole summer of this, but this is the first time I heard police officers endorsing or say, We're gonna be voting for Trump. What are the cops gardener mural? What? What about the cops taken any more about it? They ve been doing. It is what you get morality, policing! You! Don't you I want this. Let me tell you, this is another sign of the coming morality, policing,
when the mob shows up to your house. Accuse you of some bs and they say: well, we have to arrest them and then, when they go on, do it when they go on right, there protected look at what happens to this cop who says Trump. He gets a spending without pay, but the cops are taken me while their praised by everyone. Where do you think that leads? I don't have a place. One and up the Nypd caught window display and posted on twitter. The police officer, who was under investigation for using a department, vehicle loudspeaker for political purposes, has been suspended, effective immediately. Mayor audio and commissioner Shea were quick to condemn the officers actions. Let me be clear: Annie and wiping the officer pushing any political agenda well on duty will face consequences. We will act fast, and this will not be tolerated, what marrable the plaza was saying to you as he sits by Concepts is very expensive wine because he's a fancy landowner, the landlord and his wife is getting like she's like
a static as two million dollars a year, compensation he's laughing at top as ivory. Our sipping, his wine sang silly peasant. How dare you, big out against my That's a good idea. If you would dare vote for Donald Trump. That's all I see the wealthy elites flaunting their power and spitting in our faces. And laughing saying you can't do anything about it. So maybe these cops need to make a message. Maybe they need to do something? I tell you what it's yours. My recommendation You can't go on strike, apparently Nypd officers. The white shirts are allowed to make the statements the workers are the ones you know who you are like their their high ranking. What
every cop in New York, just yelled Trump Twenty twenty over their loudspeakers. What would they do, then? They can't suspend all of you. Can they know they can't and so what? Then? What nothing then nothing you win. You would win I'd love to see it. I would love to see every single Nypd cop the same time, five o clock on the dot trump twenty twenty on their loudspeakers. because you would be able to do nothing and the worst case scenario for the cops guess what Now they'll make you go on strike imaginable, Splendid, every single cop would never happen. That's the real power of being in a union, that's the power of working in concert others. Now I know conservatives tend to be individualist, but this is a great opportunity. I'm telling you
about how amazing it would be if they actually did it. A spokesperson for the mayor built night heart set, an investigation launch Sunday would be completed by the end of the day. We ll have a we'll, have quick consequences today that will send it Your message, commissioner, Shea Blast the incident as one hundred percent unacceptable. Not, I think you guys are pathetic either way. I peed he's got tons of problems and I think the problem is its command structure. I don't think the regular cops are the I want at all. For the most part, some young do yelling twenty trump on his born. So what the real problem is? The command structure build applause, your breaks, the law to paint blacklist matter, he's a taxpayer dollars out approval. He gets away with it and then it and then send twenty seven are so officers to guard at his political message, the cops regard that my opinion, our crooked yeah crooked, and if it were me and you were guarding and on.
Constitutional, illegal mural, put up by a politician for his re election campaign and you went and defended that I don't care. I would fire you on the spot. That's your choice. To defend corruption, not its other responsibility of Telling you imagine this imagine your boss was like. I need you to go to commit a crime and you like, but now I have to call my boss- know your fault. Whenever men I leave it there, next augments come up tomorrow at ten, a m thanks, rang it up and I'll see you all them.
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