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Huffington Post Was Just Put On The Chopping Block, Layoffs Announced At Leftist Media

2019-10-19 | 🔗

Huffington Post Was Just Put On The Chopping Block, Layoffs Announced At Leftist Media. Verizon has been seeking to sell off the Huffington Post, a move which will likely result in layoffs regardless of the result.The company is seeking to slim down its digital media business at a time when many media companies are facing shortfalls, budget cuts, and layoffs.CNN, VICE,  Buzzfeed, Verizon, Disney and more have faced declining viewership, ratings, and revenues for the past few years and this is just another trend is the downfall of leftist and far left digital media. At the same time conservative media seems to be seeing a resurgence with Fox News doing particularly well in growth and ratings.This all follows a trend of companies basically following "get woke go broke" as a business plan. Vice for instance used to be edgey and taboo but now follows the establishment political orthodoxy. Not too long after getting woke they started to go broke.Vice News sadly has merged with Viceland after being canceled on HBO.The trend of collapsing leftist media will likely continue and with it the political push toward the far left. It could be possible that the exploitation of social justice narratives persists or that it fades with the passing of social justice digital media.

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Major breaking news from last night Verizon is seeking to sell the Huffington Post. This is huge, and maybe the big The news in the downfall of digital media that we ve been seeing occur over the past few years, regardless of whether or not Verizon can actually sell the having imposed. I think it's fair to say we can expect, lay offs if they can't sell and they want to do prioritize going to cut costs if they do sell the new buyer is going to want to streamline things, but this is all occur, around a nother big story in the downfall of media vice just had lay offs last month and there's a lot of news pertaining to vice news being cancelled, a merger of vice news advice, land and all of these are small stories that, on their own, didn't warrant a bigger video, but now we can see the fuller picture. The question I've asked over and over again is: why are these media outlets failing at the same time, conservative media is doing particularly well as well as moderate.
Contrast and even to an extent liberal? That's not so I d logically, you know intersection of. I would say what is the cause? Well, I think I have just described it for you. What I want to do It will go over the latest news and I will talk about what I see as somebody who is. I would still say to an extent. I'm an insider was on these organisations because of the organisations I'm a member of and the people I regularly communicate with, but admittedly I'm not as much of an insider in media I used to be, but I could predict this. Let me tell you from this. Is that the determination of splinter news, which just happened only a week or two ago, that used to be called fusion? I worked there. I warned them. This would happen from vice I used to work. There is well, I warned them that this would happen, and now we are seeing these companies take the big hit and I believe it has to do with their partisan ideological left wing push let's get started with the story from the financial times. Verizon seeks buyer for Huffington Post website before we get started, make
however, its in cast outcome, Slash donate. If you would like to support my work as a pay. Pal optional crypto option a physical address, but of course the best thing you can do. Just share this video that I'm competing with these big media companies myself, and they have now massive marketing budgets. If I am going to grow and actually challenge that competition in need, your help, instead of buying big, adds just click that share button. If you like what I do Here's the story from financial times Verizon is sounding out potential buyers for the Huffington Post website in the latest phase of the. U S: telecom groups groups retreat from the digital media business in recent weeks, Verizon has raised a Huff post sail with potential acquirers. According to two people familiar with the discussions, no formal sale process has been launched and talks remain at an early stage. A spokesperson for Verizon said we dont comment on rumours and specula the attempt to sell the progressive new site is a sign of how Verizon is continuing to
and down the family of dotcom businesses at a mast with the costly acquisition of Yahoo and a well assets. It wrote down by almost five, billion dollars. Earlier this year last month, Verizon sold Tumblr for reported nominal amount, after buying the social network for one billion dollars, a one point, one billion in twenty thirteen, so here's the important take away. Rise is seeking to slim down period, even if they dont cell They still are on track to Slim down, I expect, will see, lay offs, they say rise, inform its media, and from the merger of AOL, which rise and bought for four point, four billion in twenty fifteen and Yahoo. So so we get all that. I don't think that some will necessarily controlled epaulettes. Let's get back to the digital media, they say since the time of the deal digital media groups once hailed as the future of the news of news business have struggled to meet the sky high
patients for their sector, especially as online advertising. Revenues have been swallowed up by Google and Facebook. Some companies, such as rookie, have closed while newsrooms at having imposed Buzzfeed vice and vocs have faced job cuts solidarity, has swept the sector as financially strapped. Digital media groups seek scale in just the past month. Vice media acquire refinery. Twenty nine, the woman focused millennial website, while group nine bought pop shudder and vocs acquired New York media owner of the names magazine. They want to say that having imposed a liberal new site founded it, two dozen five by a group of publishers, including our own Huffington, was bought by a well for three and fifteen million dollars and twenty eleven let's move onto to devise story, so we can see. That's that's! That's the big first day ways having imposed is likely facing dire straits they're trying to sell, which means I can't imagine that either the revenue isn't there, the traffic isn't there or they just
want to deal with it now. Imagine like we saw what gives MOTO and Gawker in these other progressive digital outlets. It's gonna, be a slimming down and a restructuring with the guys MOTO companies, notably. I believe it is one of the dead spin. The publishers want to get straight to sports and cut out the politics, and this made this angry specifically because they said politics generates traffic I'll, tell you what, though that's true, but you can also see separate your politics from your sports and have a dedicated sports website. What check this out vice news tonight device, whose daily show on it from HIV was cancelled and its back in August this out vice Newsnight lands, advice, land, cable network, here's the thing vice land is owned by vice. This says that vice news could not get picked out now. This
it's a bit personal, because I was the first and founding member of Vice news. I join device before there was a vice news and I was the first person working on what eventually you came vice news. I don't act like I was like the leader because a lot of people involved, but I was the first and I and I'm credited by Shane as being the inspiration for moving, two straight news reporting and now I can see it's it's not doing so well because about a month after this they announced VI. News to merge with vice land amid lay offs and pivot away from entertainment. Yes, vice land, the cable network has laid people off and is now basically just becoming vice news, which means you can you can imagine? that be cable. Channel itself is slim down to basically what vice news was. Not only that much maybe be because I, like the guy's advice of a lot of respect for them, but the rating whenever there and they just air reruns of its always sunny in Philadelphia for the most part seriously. So I got a call
or stores when we can check this out from February tens, twenty eighteen, we can see that onward spiral was upon us even back, then Nielson ratings shall vice lands. Reach for millennials fell short showing that vice land owner pulled in around a hundred thousand viewers for the for the twenty seventeen period. Not now, there's this I dont know exactly how their quantifying what a hundred thousand viewer as I would be shocked if a hundred thousand viewers was unique, viewer ship, however, I have to stress in my opinion, I would imagine that you need your ship is odd, are taught total of your ship is the ideal metric if they are talking about a hundred thousand viewers at once for one of their programmes? Why would they say all of their viewer ship? Certainly they want to claim it was more, but my understanding as this may be that at any given moment there hanging around a hundred thousand
viewers, which is typical of most cable networks. It may be lower and they mention at any gets around one million viewers over the same period, but I, but I have to stress when you say viewers we could at least on the internet. We dont refer to concurrent viewer ship because I Forty two million viewers over the past thirty days For my channels, I wouldn't want to make that seem like it was less in terms of unique view: worship, meaning a unique individual and how many because they were it's a round. I think six are so millions of its much less. The average person watches around eight ten videos, but let's move on because here's the question I had, and I am sure many of you are wondering what we ve seen. These companies are taking major heads there on the decline will, as I have stated before, I believe, is heavily heavily- has to deal with the idea of getting woke in going broke. I know you may have heard me make us this. This comment before until the story, but listen,
you know I worked for these companies. I was in these offices talking with their marketing people asking them what was their goal and they all basically told me because generations, ten dispute, the left. We must adopt left wing politics because that's what's going to be in the future. Mainstream. That's advice did in reality, though. That's not the case. Generations has moved slightly more conservative, still more progressive than John Actors, which means, when Trot to build a media brand for one. You can't grow forever, but vice didn't always didn't always push this progressive to terrorists kind of policy, and now we can see there's other news that violent cancels vice live less than that less than two months in they ve tried pushing a more progressive view and it just doesn't work, and here we can see the suppose ape from forty seventeen MIKE's drop frozen familiar MIKE was a progressive social justice deemed digital media outlets
its value that I believe a hundred million dollars, maybe sixty how MIKE Dot comics blighted social justice for clicks and then abandoned a staff that believed in it. So here's what I think we can see happening these media, pennies for some reason believed this was a path to revenue MIKE essentially what they were wrong. They live selling for, I believe, around five million dollars. After many staff were laid off, we saw think progress. You know they're they're not funded at the point. At this point, the story is repeating itself based on my experience and the success I've had from after leaving fusion and leaving vice. I truly believe I made the right decision when I warned them do not adopt a fringe political factions. Views twitter is not real life and they refuse and you're wrong. There also misled by Facebook Annex and they chase after things that
would not help them in the future, and thus we can see how fact in post now in the chopping block in this mine blowing. But couple years after this, we saw another story from having imposed. The fall of MIKE was a warning. Yes, it was two years ago we told you. If you are pushing the fake social justice narrative clicks, you will not make it. It was a warning. They say two years later they wrote this. Well, I'm sorry! When I worked for vice and then I worked for fusion, I warned them Two I saw this coming. You know fusion only like a couple a couple months. I believe it was after another could be wrong. They laid off two hundred twenty fifty staff member eventually sold the fusion property target splinter news, and then when behold splinter shuts down, I told them. Listen, I dont think you need to be partisan. I think you need to call out the vacant stop lying to people, but they were chasing after viral content and rage bait, so they decided to
You socially acceptable political commentary targeting Hyperbolic can't. You now have musing hyperbolic statements to exist direct small moments and eventually people say we dont care anymore. The same to be true for me and anybody else if you just focus on one thing, if you build your identity around this cause and try to pretend you're a noble war. We're eventually people say I see through this enough. So I've been doing this for what nine years now and I have repeatedly warned them that Youtube. Look during Occupy Wall Street I was smeared, is a leftist now too damn smears. A conservative, the same is always true. I will tell you I dont care for your tribe at all period. I call I see it, but what s this and what is the result of what these media companies did MIKE dot com, as we can see, was
splitting social justice for clicks, one of the big things that is media companies wanting when they hired someone was natural, reach you gotta Twitter, following ok, we're an hire you. This resulted and many people desperately trying to generate followers, so they could be more appealing in a medium orkut. Recently out among up there's a leaked dams that I'm not gonna claim are true or not. Just again, I saw them and I don't have in front of me, showing there is a particular social justice writer saying: listen, I gotta pay my bills. Essentially, you know if they're gonna pay, I'm alright what they want me to write and that's what we saw years ago with MIKE it's what I was seen within these companies, they were chasing after revenue because there for profit businesses. I understand why they do that, but in the end they ve got a few things by creating this class of social justice writers, and then we can look to vest readier from medium who are twitters verify users, a deep dive into more than one hundred thousand of social media giant top jobs, social media giants. Top users shows that journalists and sport
figures dominate the platform is from twenty fifteen and it probably has been updated. You know it's been several years, I'm using old sources, but back then twenty five percent of verified twitter users we're journalists, you make sense. Twitter is an excellent platform for up to date, information. But what happens then, when you have companies that are employing social justice activists to exploit them for clicks? The journalist classed then spiralling around ideas of social justice and, as I've show before the next, the Lexus Nexus Analytics, where you can see a major spike around the beginning of twenty ten. In all of these social justice terms, yes, people were interested at first, but they have they scrape the bottom of the barrel, so hard there pulling up woodchips. Let's move on from your checks out. Twitter is not America of New Pew Study finds a gulf between the general population and twitter users. That's right. It's skews liberal. They say, according to Pew Forty,
Percent of sample use had a college degree versus thirty one percent. For you as adults, they say that twitter users are statistically younger, wealthier and more politically liberal and the general population. What do you think you get? Then we have a media industry that prioritizes the amount of followers you have to get a job when you have twitter
which is mostly journalists as it is you're gonna find that in urban centres, where people are typically liberal, companies will typically run by. Let me be run by progressive liberals and leftists they're going to look for people have prominent followings, which means these people who are being or may considered the social justice activists to be exploited are gonna, want followers, they're gonna, push social justice rhetoric to get those followers and the companies are gonna, hire them to exploit them, thus creating a large class of a far left identity and political sacked. The Democrats then view as being mainstream when they are not there not. We have seen time and time again. It is not the case that died. You know the Americans do not believe in the stuff for the most part, and it's one of the reasons. Donald Trump wins
because the political correctness and the ideology was off putting to so many people. I mean take a look at Biltmore, but now we can take it take to go one step further and move on to a year sailors from a year ago. Twitter is so liberal that its conservative employs quote, don't feel safe to express their opinions, says CEO Jack Dorsey. I don't think that's fair or right. Dorsey I find it fascinating that when I cite mainstream and left leaning digital sources with this information, they tell me that I'm pushing a conspiracy, theory critics. I dont know if I'm incitement inciting you guys. Ok, I have people. You know they'll, make claims about me saying that it's a conservative talking point. Unlike what story literally originated with four one: the outline not conservative, but the story about a bias within twenty. Sixteen from gives MOTO and you have recalled saying basically the same thing we know, but you know what don't let it get in the way of of the battle that's going on in media and an end its bed in the
I think I can show you something I'll show you one more bit of data that wraps all of this together. Social just narratives are being exploited, people are being told you need a soul, media following or its greatly beneficial. If you have a fallen, because I believe you can then tweet at the articles and get more traffic. Take a look at this Corey Clark tweets. She's, a social psychologist assistant professor, so so media use is modestly associated with more lonely. S, depression and narcissism, lower self esteem, but also higher social capital and unrelated to school, achievement, loneliness depression, narcissism, lower self esteem. Now. This is for social media across the board, but I do believe it's fair to us Yet this with what we can see about twitter users being
at least a quarter or so in the last study, their journalists. So you have journalists, or rather narcissistic rather area, not all of us not, but not all of them. They are politically motivated to be social justice activists, because that's where the money is it think about it. So you somethin man. I know a lot of journalists who I was shocked to see now pushing the social justice rhetoric until they finally snapped and the reason for it was when companies like MIKE we're saying this is what we want interviewing people in exploiting that regular It must work getting hired some capitulated inside of you. I am all for that. I am all for that. Not me. I quit I quit years before it got this bad. It was a year before the expos, a showing that MIKE was exploiting people. This way, I'll tell you what, as I mentioned in the previous video, you can go on this channel and go back in time and see? If you have me inside MIKE Dot comes headquarters. I know what
going out of these companies. Ok they're exploiting people, but they ve also create an economic incentive to push the social justice rhetoric. Now. Listen, ok, electronic as clear that its core social justice is fine. It is that the issue we that that I taken most will take as the authoritarianism is council. Culture is the outrage, and now it all comes full circle, depressed lonely, people who are told this which can do to make money, and then you end up with cancel culture. It is a product of the media. In the end, these people get laid off, they lose their jobs and then what do they continue?
one pushing this narrative now I mean to an extent yes and then the Democrats start espousing similar things. They start pushing more and more into this, because there is no point at which they can stop and say we have accomplished it. It always has to go one step beyond if you're a media. Looking for clicks, you cannot simply stop by saying person. Acts did why you have, for the next day to get more clicks, say: person, acts. Who did why then did z, so the escalation must occur, and this is causing serious problems for our politics. But this is the Good NEWS. I hate to two to revel in any way at the lay offs of people who work in media, but you're companies misled you. They went down the wrong path. It was a short term gain and a long term loss, and I warn them this way but in the end with these companies losing their influence, we can face too to larger possibilities. One scary and one doesn't without the influence and the financial support for these identities
in order to start seeing their policy and policies, their ideas less and less prominently in in media in politics. The other. The other danger I see is that over the past decade, with the embarrassing of this narrative in our political system, it may now be permanently Dugan. That scares me Hopefully, the weighting of the influence here results in this rhetoric. Drawing up now I will say this: might my outlets versus doing particularly well might me personally and on my account and everything I'm doing particularly well specially with your support, greatly appreciated we're expanding we're looking for an office were looking to hire people without reporters now around the world on the ground, some of which are progressives our leftists. But interestingly, I think when the jobs that are emerging, because I will not tolerate lies smears you no false framing. None of that, I'm I'm absolutely willing
or anybody regards of their politics. I dont care so long as you're willing to be honest and that's can have an impact. Hopefully this, regardless of whether or not this cancel culture, outrage, weakness or whatever is embedded permanently, hopefully because I'm simultaneously, while, while they're doing bad simultaneously, I'm doing better. Hopefully the people I hire can counteract the more extreme authoritarian narratives that have emerged due to the exploitation of this political. You know ideology for money. Listen! You look about political compassed ass. You can see that the item on the left, my concern is is is just very very easily this. It was complete exploitation. They were lying to all of us. They don't care, they just want money and they won't. They will strip mine anyone in anything to get it. In the end. I see a corrupt media growing not now now some of us on the decline for sure, and it's not all journalism like very, very obviously
citing the financial times and deadline and and to filter and outline. I use this media. I certainly think literally every journalist everywhere that I'm saying there is a sickness. Fortunately, now it is waning and being called out, and hopefully that continues- and hopefully, as more of you watch my content and we do better, we can bring back real objectivity, fact checking the independent factoring departments. We can bring them back to journalism, but it's tough, because politics is a vicious beast and the people on the left in politics me to win and there was an vantage here there's an advantage in this. They used it and they'll stories today and, of course, I'll be surprised when its art smearing me as a bunch of things I m not simply for calling out violence and censorship and the many Relation of social justice for clicks, leave their stick around excitements coming up at six p m at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast. I will see you all them
there was a story I covered the other day. That was particularly absurd and quite offensive to fans of Chelsea Gabert when Hillary Clinton suggested that tells you being groomed by the Russians. You may have seen the response from tolls Gabert the other day, because it when insanely viral, getting sixty six thousand retreats and being The subject of many news reports this morning, including this one: what tools actually has another fuller response when asked about what's going on and we'll get to that, but I want to mention: not only did Toasty Gabert Nuke Hillary Clinton from orbit with this tweet and it is epic and amazing, but at the same time, that report has come out showing major violations with Hillary Clinton and email service Clinton is not just facing one nuke from Gabert but another following the investigation into our server. So let's do that's first, I definitely have to do the W w e style,
drama that is the flame war on twitter and boy. Our people angry check this out totally gabert. She response the Hillary Clinton. My saying great, thank you. Hillary Clinton, you, the queen of war, mongers, embodiment of corruption and personification of the rot that a second, the Democratic Party for so long have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why now we know it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine afraid of the threat I pose. It's now cleared. This primary is between you and me. Dont cowardly hide behind your proxies join the race directly. Now there are some some pundits who are like. She really the primary races between her and hoary. Now I did not see it that way. I really don't think tools. He is trying to claim that she's going to be challenging Hilary for them
nation. I think what you saying is that the controversy, as the context asserts the campaign to destroy her reputation in the primary is between her and Hilary and not the proxies in media who are pushing it. I thought that was kind of obvious, but I mean I get it context is irrelevant people take everything literally and they're, going to interpret it in the exact way that their worldview. So you know what fine I'm doing the same thing. That's that I think that makes the most sense she sang Hillary Clinton. You are marrying me. It's clear. This between you and me. So why don't you run? I thought that context was was was clear. Well, this went viral and he's my love. There are a lot of people were calling Tulsa wide support
just oh please if she is then so is ill hand Omar for the same reason, throat play these stupid games. Ok, but you also have I love this one. There are like how was tossing Gabert able to get twenty thousand retweet so quickly when even the president, with millions in tens of millions of followers couldn't do it. I saw these things popping up wherever ones like that, prove it. The russian Botz, our propping up till see gabert and it's like Have you ever stop to think that you, the pro Hilary NEO liberal corporate tests, live in a tiny bubble where it look outside us right now? The progressives like the far left, the conservatives, the far right, like literally everything
around. The political compass will cheer when you take the frequent and their there there. You know it's the demography, democratization of communication, its allowed for other parts of the political spectrum to speak up and be heard, and that's why we're seeing this conflict in the democratic party? Listen, the Democratic Party is the corporate establishment and the far left predominantly but tolls does represent something very important, particularly to me. The more I want to say should assent press you certainly not she's, very progressive, she's, saying and not overly the illogical when it comes to the intersection. Eighty stuff or policy she's talked about right their old liberal positions, things that we are trying to accomplish, that we haven't yet done or things that we want to protect its not always about pushing in advancing things, because you have to realise this when the problems either does have the Democrats
as every single time they're. Like. Ok, we did this now, let's do it again, but more like willowy listen, so we did Obamacare right and that was supposed to be. The great thing we gotta protect. But now there saying healthcare is broken under debate stage is not working as well. Well. Well, well, well, well! Well! Well! Well, here's the thing man just because, like so so here's what we're confuses me. They seem to think that the only like progress must always happen, even if, where we are place and what they wanted to place. I'm saying imagine like imagine: there's a mound hill and it's like your goal was to get the best view possible The way I see politics right now is that we are. We are arguing over which way to go and we're kind of on top of the hill going back and forth, and and though we finally managed to set on one spot slightly to this too, the centre of that hill and other Democrats are still saying that a little more left go further left and, unlike await ok, this happy medium is probably the best place, we're at not all the time. I'm nothing Healthcare programme saying. Why is it that we can accomplish-
They that was great and then they come on technology, do even you're going further like no, maybe we're in the good spot. That's what's never considered so that the point of saying is, you know, tells you represents protecting certain ideals that we ve accomplished or haven't yet accomplish that we want to protect and that's the regular liberal position, because here's the thing I tell you what outside of crony establishment, weird media sphere with Hillary Clinton, weird for sure would you like war news, Flash and an that's enough so crazy. It's like I can point to tromp immediately and say Saudi Arabia. Look man, you wanna talk about the good things. Trumpet trump is doing with Syria. We can talk about whether it made sense whether with smart tools, he's benefit critical. I'm I'm in favour of getting our troops out of their makes no sense and the end then, and all this nonsense. Ok,
can't simultaneously put troops in Saudi Arabia. I'm sorry, ok, I'm sorry! You can't do that, but let's move on because tells you did respond. Ok, she was asked about it in interview, apparently Gabert on Clinton attack. She knows she can't control me that's right and that's what I love about tossing gabert. I do when she took down Kemal Harris. They screamed russian box or propping up this tells you no doubt no, it's called listen centrists are being erased from the political conversation and that's white, so funny when everyone says temples conservative clearly not did you guys know that I just did a political compass test. I recorded the whole thing, explained all my positions and guess what social libertarian k I'm almost done UNICEF in a libertarian sense with a basically means is not my choice. Kind of lifestyle would be hippies uninformed and I've done it before I got a big house in Miami and made a bunch friends hung out and we had our own like space, a small group of friends. We don't need
exchange money between each other for certain things I came home go pick up some food. You want anything, no problem, because I got you you got me. It works on a small scale. It can't scale up, but my preferred living situation. I'd love to live on like a bunch of friends and my family, just children and being responsible for ourselves, but I realized is not politically in our political reality and so that moves me back towards the liberal space in terms of what policies we need to enact the recognised. We live in a society well that's why I told you Gabert, because she cheat she slams, he's establishment cronies who pretend to care about you, let's be real all these people who are talking about we need to support women of color. It's like do. They want to accuse me of being a conservative. All is an all these things because centrists are being wiped out, but it's not just like that. They call Hillary Clinton. A centrist, she's, not she's, a core pretence, she's whatever you want to call it she's an establishment status quo. Ist! Ok, I, like certain things we have. I think we gotta be moderate and call about it
policies speaks of that, and she also speaks to the anger. We feel that the establishment is lying to us so when she calls out Hillary Clinton as the personification of wrought, I get it man look it's an emotional satisfaction is really accomplish. Anything and I do feel like incivility- is not the right way forward, but I'll tell you what there that I understand that you know. There's a big difference in the emotional satisfaction of anti, but going around in battle golden breaking windows and emotional satisfaction of finally somebody in in politics saying and enough and calling it up, and I tell you this is why people like Bernie and Trump. It's called populism. It's called speaking to the people elite ISM and not play this Tucker Karlsson said something about illegal elysium. Ellida them is a good thing. We want, leads to be in charge written no, that's incorrect, Tucker, ok out other donors bag. I live. I agree with my lot of things I think, is fairly a lot of ways, but I think meant to say is that we want a meritocratic system, not elite elite ism.
Lies those who simply have power should rule arbitrarily. I disagree tal see as someone who has earned her status and she's out with great things. It's you want. You want to argue that you know people like me with a big platform. People like told me he was in politics, are elites fine, but leaders would also imply that somebody was born to wealth, can simply rule over that the lower class, not fine meritocracy, is different. We do want a system where the talented can rise up and help lead, those that you know that they can. They can shine a light and show the way and then close people with great physical ability, great artistic ability. Great, political ability, fist, mental ability, etc, etc. You know the people more truly good can help pave the way for those who come next and not everyone is gonna, be, the best so its oil unmarried tolls. He says Hilary Clay, and is labeling me as a foreign agent and trader smearing undermining my campaign, both directly herself and indirectly, through proxies Gabert, set in a frightened at intervals, CBS News
the reason why she's doing this is because she knows that she can't controlling You know that you're not going to be able to manipulate me if I'm elected president to be able to continue these war mongering policies that she has championed spot on. Absolutely do you remember on the debates date when Hillary Clinton was talking about the possibility? war and and- and you had a general actually say if you answer no fly zone in Syria, for declaring war on Russia and shooting care and trot was like why. Why would we do that? We dont want war, we want to be, we wanna, be allies of the Venetians. I fully understand the world stage and and and in the end, the U S is competing with China and Russia, and so you have these people in intelligence, and you have the establishment democrats who are very much like we can't pull out of Syria because the? U S needs its influence overseas in these countries to stop expansion of our of our enemies or rivals. You know it man
But that is not how I play civilization the game. Ok, I do not go invade foreign territory to prevent my amuse. I do better within my own borders and with might what, within my own room of influence and focus on technology development and create a healthy, happy population. That's the way. I view the world. I understand that at present many people, in trouble, and I can respect that. But when tromp sense troops to Saudi Arabia and talks about going weapons deals with them, while their bombing Yemen, because it's gonna bolster our economy, I dont think he's being forthright. I think he's Definitely not in the establishment position of like Hillary Clinton. We want to invade Syria, but this pipeline, you know and then offset russian monopoly were at work. Russia would have run. The nonsense is right, but I do think trot while still is still one to play the war game in the Middle EAST. You cannot deny that ending troops to Saudi Arabia, is the opposite of what Europe has been talking. But we do not. We should not be doing this look Manny. What we want to see weapons Saudi Arabia. I dont like that, but I do recognise it
surprised as a customer, and I think the war machine is bad but, admittedly have to say. Now. What Saudi Arabia's deals with Yemen other than their committing, what I would say to be violations of international law, not an expert so I'll, be opposed to that, but its very different than when you send our own soldiers. So she says the reason why he's doing this is because she knows she can't control me she's, not. Or rather ready This is a message to every veteran in the country who has put their life on the line to serve our country to every glum, Eric and who believe strongly that we must end this long, standing, foreign policy of being the world's police and way these regime change wars, which is really the legacy of Hillary Clinton, then we are traders, innovation that we loved Gabert was a veteran
This is despicable on so many levels. I want to say this to Hilary: how dare you, ok, I did not serve in the armed forces, have dramatic respect for those who did. I have family members who dead I'm not going to act like it's some great. His heroic feet to to enlist- because I know many people who did it, gives you needed a job that their people that working a job, but I will admit there is still whatever you think, something important and special, but those who do too, that job and who do risk their lives overseas, Chelsea Gabarus, one of those people who put her life on the line to serve something that she felt. It was important to protect our community. And she went out and she still in national Guard and I've tremendous respect for that, as as do I have respect for Puget booty judge, especially and
then crunch on other veterans, who you know we are willing to risk everything, the ultimate, the ultimate risk, your own life, while I consider comfortably in my national air conditioned, you know, house talking to a camera, there's there's a huge amount of respect. I have for that. Hillary Clinton is not one of those people, nor is Donald Trump for that matter, but Donald Trump didn't come out an accused, Chelsea, Gabert of being essentially ex a trader now, ok Donald Trump has accused people of being trader, but it's different when you point the finger and accuse them of being a russian spy. You can like we ve known trumps, hyperbolic leaping like that person is a traitor, its trees and it's like dude he's. Not really. You know he's just fighting with you right, so I think it's fair to criticise and when you, when you when he pulls the hyperbole boats, like whatever no Hillary Clinton, is literally saying Jill Stein and until she gathered ok shoot she was didn't. Mention tells you by name, but we she's talking about to imply that tossing a major and the National Guard who is on
minus embassies, toasty on, like she's, been vetted she's about every five years because she gets sensitive intelligence. So she really knows it's happening in the war. To answer to insinuate somebody's been voted by our own government, who has served its interest proudly overseas and now seeks to make a positive change. Is eight? Is a traitor or being groomed by the Russians, its despicable beyond despicable, because you know Hillary Clinton is this privileged embodiment of everything, wrong, our government and its been said for a long time, and you know it they don't like you know, I don't like me, you don't know what they want to smear me with, although all the lies whatever, because guess what there are principled people like me, regardless of politics who can recognize something simple, do you agree or disagree with? Tells you governs policies? Ok, when we do we'll say ok about it, but she did surfer country. She is principled. She is genuine and consume conservative from
to write. Many people can see that the establishment doesn't care, they will smear and they will. They will ruin you, regardless of what your politics are. So it's like the way? I see it as this is an ongoing battle of populist verses elite us healthy being that the establishment elite she'd like Bernie and they still don't like Bernie trying really hard to knock Bernie down and they don't like I totally gabert or Donald Trump, because these are the outsides. These are the people emerging from a centrally this, the it's the internet, I gotta admit the internet giving a voice to the voiceless and now we're seeing populism they like to they like to claim that it was them, is the result of certain policies. Are immigration? None. Gus, Toasty Gabert as a woman of color and so on, hilarious than when all these people, the establishment liberal left or whatever our like she's a white premises and defend Hillary Clinton. It's like all that stuff. You said about. You know women of color and supporting them means
when they smear me in similar ways, it's like I'm literally actively doing what you're it's just I'm going with fake? It's all fake? It's the establishment, recoiling I'll, tell you exactly what it is. It is the nobles atop their ivory tower, aghast at the peasants below our revolting and demanding a real change, and they ve propped up this business man and amuse a crass boorish old. And the ivory tower is offended there if their set their delicate sensibilities, are shocked by the words that Mr Trump would say, and there are the like most down here on the ground to shaken our it's going like. I see the people in the Ivory Tower Man, but tromp. I get it right because world down here, looking up at the establishment as well, but I look to an alternate leader, but in the end it's interesting. You know people don't seem to understand what the law
Right really is right now, and I have said it before it. It doesn't really matter that much because it really there so many weird divides and what's happening it's hard to quantify amorphous. Is it establishment verse the anti establishment is an authoritarian regimes. Libertarian is it? Is it conservative, verses, liberal? I don't know because you'll find across the spectrum, their anti establishment, populist types from the far left to the moderate, to look to the far right. You ve conservatives who what we want a populist leader and trump you ve got it. You ve got progressive when a populist later and burning, and you have moderates won't. I It is fair to say that she's populist, but I view I view Chelsea Gabert, as some one of the people with respectability principle speaks honestly and that's what I see. Kind of a more middle of the road regular person. Here's the problem everybody wants. We put in some try. Ok, and so the left thinks anything that isn't on
our side, establishment or otherwise must be conservative. Well, I'm clearly not a conservative. You know I'm actively supporting a Democrat knows it doesn't matter, and I dont get why it matters. I really don't. I don't care what you call me. I stopped going a long time ago. You know what man really I'm just over. You know, but you know I will say this, though there is a reason why I say I'm not because I'm not ideal It's it's insane when someone says you know that by trying to accuse me of being right wing or whatever, and unlike I'm literally in favour of all of these left wing policies. I just don't like you're off awful, o Neill Neoliberal Lady who and you're going to terrorism like how does that make sense anyway, I think into the email thing brought you up. I will see what happens all read this and we can talk about the emails. Interesting story, but there's a lot of news today its if there is a lot better luck Alonso stick around next time. It will be coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all. Then I got
to give credit to CNN and Van Jones for calling it out it refreshing seriously. Van Jones Black Hillary Clinton saying she's playing a very dangerous game going after tells you gabert. Thank you not only that CNN Aaron Burnett, Bravo much respect incredible coming. And calling it a conspiracy theory straight up, Sear seriously. Thank you to Van Jones and CNN, and I'm surprised I'd say that I'm very the goal of sea and an especially with these very tough leaks, but at least at least, give us this and I always want to make sure we stress this. Ok, tell your friends: if someone does the right thing give them the respect they deserve for doing it, encourage people to be better CNN nailed it Errand Burnett opened a segment tonight. Looking at Hillary Clinton quote pushing her own Russia. Conspiracy theory, thank you about. Congresswoman tells you gabert. Now, the follow up to the very early in the morning, and there is a lot of a fallen over this for one,
I want to say the name, but there's a particular particularly controversial figure now, trending nationwide, thanks to Hillary Clinton and that's not the kind of thing we should be focusing on. You want to push Russia, Conspiracy, nonsense. I will tell you something very simply as to why so many people on the right merit independence are our sitting you're looking at tossing and cheering because we are sick of the russian bought nonsense. Conspiracy of it. Ok, I am a moderate leftist. Actually I mean I gotta be honest. You go look at my political compass tested it yesterday and this trend and I lay out every single response to the questions and it puts me as a social libertarian. I'm far left on the political you know,
I don't get you describe it, but at least when they put me the only thing is I'm rather anti authoritarian, very, very much so, as that puts me in an awkward position where it's hard to like demand with pitchfork someone have all their income tax and so much more of a hippie right, hippy, libertarian type sent on a farm it with might with my bodies with flowers. You nonsense, anyone, here's the point, when something bad happens in establishment: Hillary Clinton, for example, stealing what happened stealing that denomination from Bernie Sanders. I got angry. I spoke up. I said how dare you and they point the finger at me and said, rush, what weight? What's the point, the finger at Joe Stein. Russia did you know and twenty sixteen at the orange see there is almost no protests have dropped but Dnc had major protests with, like a thousand plus people, try to jump the barricades and Breakin no protest at the orange see. Why? Because Trump for all of his character, defects for all of the things, I think it's done that are agreed, joyously stupid met, namely you're, not you're. Never
convinced me to defend. Choosing trumped around for the G. Seven just never gonna happen and they say It cost no way. No dice, you're, never gonna get me to defend sending troops to Saudi Arabia and I'm not going to market the game. I read on him all the time, but I'll tell you this. There is a bit sympathy and understanding between people? In my position who, like tools, he gathered and Andrew Yang, for instance, smeared as all right or Russians and Van Jones lays it out distress, CNN, calling it a conspiracy theory. Thank you for saying it. Thank you for saying it seriously. Van Jones with an amazing quote check this out. He said if you're concerned about this. That is what just happened: just throw out summit, formation disinformation, smear somebody? She is Hillary Clinton, she's, a legend, she's went to be in the history books, she's, a former nominee for our party and she just
out against a sitting: U S: Congresswoman a decorated war, veteran and somebody who's running for the nomination of our party, with a complete smear and no facts. Van Jones respect stand up, drop the might clap everything about what you just said. But forest Turkey is a decorated war veteran. She deserves our respect, not our snuck, now don't say Artemus. I would never never. I disagree with the crunch. I'd love to see a conversation between crunch on Gabert. They disagree but I've tremendous respect and respect their opinions. I disagree with Buddha Judge and and Crenshaw on the war issue, and I agree with see, but I gotta admit I defer to the three of them. Ok, but I think toasty was access to a lot of sense. It information being on the committees on. I trust and respect her and I go to we want guys. My policy positions lean left, but you take a look at what's going on in the Democratic Party and its authoritarianism. It's this December
is everything that is made me so sick and tired of the left, and they say my politics aren't liberal. No, I tell you what you are lying Ok and we know you're lying. You stole the nomination from Bernie Anders for another reason: Bernie one when it makes its agents at ridiculous identity area nonsense. Bernice I've soured on burning quite a bit, but but Dulcy she still close to an end and her character and personality are exactly I think we need in this country, and I and here's the big difference. You know us like a little people, the people not in the club. We disagree with each other. And boy doo doo do. Sometimes the sour words fly in other trot that the die hard Trump supporters do not like to see. You know they'll cheer for her. You know new king Hilary from work.
But they will slam her political, our policies and our positions and their posts means in the locker and I'm totally ok with it. I can I totally fine with it. I absolutely have no problem with people commenting in and poking fond of me for my political positions, and I think that's actually what I like about it, that why is it that we are able to honestly discuss what we think and feel that I was able to sit down? Let them back We disagreed and boy haughty and weight, but we should our hands at the end and we are like you know that this is a good guy. We disagree. That's normal for adults check this out. You went on to say more edged, incredible, incredible Van Jones, incredible. He said tolls he gathered. I believe this was with this was of an Jones they're saying so. Here's the quote: Tolls Gabert was picked up by the Democratic Party and put at the top of the Dnc. They thought she was going to be their golden.
Jones continued and she got that position and the Dnc and she looked around and saw Debbie washroom insults and other people Clinton allies doing stuff. They shouldn't have been doing in the primary and tossing publicly quit and endorsed Bernie Sanders, and it's been pay back. How ever since you nailed it, then you nailed it. That's exam! let that be the there there is an emotional satisfaction in seeing tolls, slammed them there? Isn't it to my satisfaction and finally seen and calling out the conspiracy trash. Ok, the Trump supporters went through it and the toast supporters are going through it now, so we get we get it. I want to have a real conversation about about policy proposals about why I think truck should not be re elected, but I respect the opinions of those who do. I have friends who like I have no idea how you could think that what are we supposed to do. I was supposed to hate each other no
I just kids, I just can't stand everything going on right now in politics, because the establishment media types yet into tyrian whack nuts want us to be enemies. They wants to hate Ellen generous sitting, doubt George W Bush saying that they were friends and it wasn't a model conservatives or disaffected liberals were not raged I'll. I laughed at arms. What else is no, I said elements and pretend to be friends with the guy, because the reality was. She just happened to have been sitting next to her, but we can be polite, wrote the hate each other, and not only that, not all stop. You can't hate me and I can hate you, but we agreed to be like that Hake shouldn't go beyond just bad feelings. Right it wouldn't when you, when you shop and scream in someone's face when you tat people have crossed the line. There are so many people in this country that I think are just wrong and distasteful, and I will express my opinion about it and there
many tromp supporters who I think are willing to cover up for bad things. Trump Trump does an provide excuses, form I get it, but that's politics in the end, if I can sit down with you and we can argue that we're we're we're right. I recently got a conversation with SAM Cedar. We disagree on a lot. We will probably agree more with him two issues that I do with with transporters and most things, but admittedly I'm you know a rather moderate independent, tight, leaning somewhat to the left so much politics. You know I have some positions. I agree with conservatives on like for what up look man? I don't I don't understand. We got to a point where free speech, anti authoritarianism is becoming a right wing position. That's insane to me, but let's was real. The riddle read a little bit more than
Jones remarked it's getting kind of hot. Before reiterating I'm telling you Hillary Clinton is playing a very dangerous game. I do not want someone a first stature to legitimate these attacks against anybody. If you ve got real evidence come forward with it, but if you're just going to smear people casually on podcast, you are playing right into the Russians. Ends Van now pointing the finger at pillory yeah do check out this opt out from the New York Times. Why are Democrats Jilting GEO, P, voters who wants to like them no good to full, stop me or times why they jilting me. I voted for Obama. I want. I want an alternative. I want A pro choice: anti death penalty, candidate. Ok, that's what I want you will give me your gives me there's a lot of things. That tells you push us. I don't agree with and I admit a lot my position same as most people become rather emotional, you know the character of the individual and how they spires and make us feel is a substantial.
Factor and whether not someone would vote for somebody I'll admit that it is a bit immature and ignorant, but I'm not gonna act like I'm better than anybody else. When I see tells you Gabert calling it like. It is challenging the system, this system that was cheating all of us, the twelve to eighteen percent, who are former but Bernie supporters who went to Trump. That's the decencies fault. It makes me angry and I look Elsie and she's somebody who is willing to sit down and say I'm here for you too, and that's what a president should be. I don't know I don't agree with all of our policies. I agree with a lot of the core ones I think are particularly important: war on drugs. Literal wars and in private present or prison reform in general are huge issues. For me, and I ve gone through a lot of her policy stuff and I'm them like disagree with some of that. You know she. She pushed EL about reparations. I think that's! That's! That's damaging and a lot of her fancy upset by it, but it, but in the end you know I admit for me, I may I make a moderately learned individual or I read all the time and
Oh, I look at the policies. I look at her character. All these things come together and she's not perfect, but I will say this for me. She is what I look for in a candidate in more ways than basically anybody else, And in the end, all that really matters is I'm willing to respect your opinion for disagreeing be at your ear in favour of Elizabeth warrant. Absolutely, but let's talk about it, I think warrants proposals, great things. Actually, I think her challenging of big Tec is particularly important and that's about one of the only things that can really site from her in the first place, although she has called us off a capitalist which I'm fight with what I'm happy with burning socialist, not ok with, but I look it's also and unlike pay that that's that's that's what I like it better known as he and the New York Times. They point this out that there are people like me and not about the GNP right there there, pointing out that their literal Republicans who are like I would like to not vote for Trump, and then the Democrats are like no, but then not only that there are people like me who we call ourselves politically homeless,
we used to be leftists and now we're just independent right it it's it's how and they won't even except us. So when I come up- and I say I would like to vote for this- is that your russian bought ok, then came they say underpriced tromp, a small slice of Americans, America's electorate seems seeks a reason to call the Democratic Party home for the very first time. But you know what it's not even just about the Republicans who want to do that. They are moderates want to do that and their former oh our voters Bernie Sanders supporters. I gotta admit that the core
This is why I do not like Bernie Sanders are not so much about his policy positions. It's about its about his ideological push for mediterranean stuff, as well as giving up the stage and what you know. Bernie has played too much indeed establishment hands, and I don't I don't like it each its weakness. Ok, personally, I think universal health care is our end goal politically. I think, because I, with public option moderate, I dont think you shop someone's house and stripped them of their healthcare and dramatically up up under their life. So I found the more moderate camp on the left side and if you look at my political compass, you're gonna be like damped hymns, far left I can't say Danny said it again. You can't say that word. You know that you too bad you can travel the same. It is the exception. Exemption is reptiles. He gathered the candidate, making the most visible efforts, moderates and feel included like images
Americans, but, unlike the majority of House Democrats before the Ukraine revelations, she did not support an improvement in Craig against President Trump. It would be terribly divisive. That's how I feel. That's how I feel I'm saying like I want to win. I wanna brings together. I want to sit down with those I disagree with and have a you know of the chicken dinner and some rice, and we can we can we can debate and argue ok. Even if Europe ridiculous views- and of course they smear me Fort guilt by association. Why? Because I interviewed the all right at one time seriously, because willing to be like. Can we talk to someone and changed every guess? What, literally, what tools he did when she met with Assad and they cholera supporter, open, these dude and that's another reason why I really do respect that it and if I would tell see her willingness to meet with a sad and taken, we end this war Donald Trump, his willingness to me with Kim Jong on cross the DMZ his willingness to have these conversations that our risky and they hate him for the head of fort. Might my disagreement with Trump art are not about his
efforts to end conflict and war. Now it's more about him, increasing that you know it's like the Saudi Arabia stuff, which is new are the Syria stuff, Yemen? You can you get it? Where are we going to go through a million times But I look, it's all see as somebody who is, she brings up at that I was I was dismayed when she flip for impeachment. Like look man, I get it. Fifty two percent of people support impeachment now, corn to aggregate poles, FF news did a questionable Paul because they over sample Democrats. Whatever the point is the arrogant, shows eighty two percent, I dont care with it. I don't care if the majority is ok, I don't care if ninety percent said we're doing acts. If I disagree, I disagree. I will stand on my own two feet and in this I believe, impeachment as a dangerous game, and it is, it is bad across the board for this country totally said that I will. I will give you credit for then calling Democrats for using impatient to fund
and also saying that while she is supporting inquiry, she was still critical of how they keep pushing the hyper partisan nature of focusing on impeachment. In the end, though, I think totally support it because she had too, because all of the Democrats do like me, no ninety, whatever per cent and social, that that's my opinion, so look I'll, be the first to admit: nobody's, perfect. I'm not perfect. I can be emotional, and so when I go to a kind of like to see a lot of what I like about, our support is hurt her charismatic behaviour, her the logic behind our decisions as well as yes, many of our core positions, not all of them, not all of them, but it really comes down to you know someone make you feel there are certain candidates who have said things like Elizabeth Warranty talks about big Deca when supporting you know why. I don't trust her. I don't trust her as a person, and so there is a challenging and when you know how we're supposed to you, no figure out the right person to support, and the same is true for four trump and support as a lot of trump supporters. Bait date, they listen to a trumpet, saying,
and they ve taken the saying what are taken seriously but not literally, you know someone trumps hassling, bombastic they get it. Man he's a showman, he exaggerates. I understand that and that's why I, Nepal is probably one of the reasons I don't have tv S, why dont screech and screaming and cloth walls you're, not gonna, get me to ever defend. You know specially privileged seven at the rail, and we advocate maybe talk about something later on. The point is here's here's what I wanna do. Ok, here's what I want to do. I think it's very similar to what tools he wants to do. I want, I want to make sure we
sit down and have a strong supporters understand us and we can understand them. I want to create a future where we know we disagree, but we respect each other and I think I think I did that with with Glenn back, we sat down, we agreed on a bunch of stuff. We disagree on core issues that divide the left in the right and I hope so, but I believe there is mutual respect there. You know, I think he was article at common and principled and in the end I think we have different ethical framework that exist philosophically in our minds when we realise that the case, the only way we can move, is to respect those we disagree with and figure out how to move forward. The Democrats today are doing that, and even the New York Times has the story. There, Jilting GEO, P voters who want to like them, though it is just that their jumping for like a technically current demo. France. So it's that's why I'm so enraged by how smear tarsi, businesslike dude. She is keeping me here with you right Democrats, listen.
That is totally in the and who have been very intelligent, reasonable and compassionate, and they are the reasons I have not just declared myself outright completely independent of anybody. I still consider myself leaning Democrat, but they want to sever those ties. They want to smear tossing so little to this way. It's like policies hanging onto the cliff by one arm and there are other arm. She is holding us disaffected liberals and even some conservatives and their stomping hunter fingers, and once she goes, there are many of us who go with their admittedly gang They are two and he's got more like a robotic gizmo, that's like trying to catch us as well. Yanks great, I admit I think, aimed at better in the debates than tolls he did, but I suspect them up in the end.
We need a precedent, is someone who is going to say. I will be your President trust me. Let me hear what you have to say about that now, for everybody loved people really don't like Obama, but people who voted for a bomb avoided for trumpets literally, the only way Trump would have. One is if he converted former Obama supporters into Trump supporters, and he did, and they can learn, haven't, learn their lesson so anyway. That's why I wrap it up. That's why CNN thank you for calling it a conspiracy theory Van Jones. You nailed it absolutely spot on. You have shown exactly how I feel, and I respect that tremendously I feel like the media doesn't represent the war like the things I'm seeing and this conversation they had it does it does. It feels it feels honest CNN right for criticism, lot of problems and media, but I can respect it when they do it right. I leave it there, the next segment coming up at four p m
ain't channel, is about the media, yeah bad bad news seriously. This may be the end of a major left wing publication. Stick around. I will see you at four p m youtube com slashed him cast. This story is insane story is seriously seriously insane a progressive California lawmaker effectively shut down freely, Journalism in California knots complicated then pass a law outright thing. I can't do it, they put her, restrict and how many articles someone can right as a freelance or get this if you live in Fournier, you can't write more than thirty five articles, but Curiously. Writing an article is not a ton of work for the most part when you, commissioner, freelancer and say hey we hear about it. You know Henry Clay until she gabert dig it up, you know four five hundred words and will pay you x. You can get that done in a couple hours,
ok and so freelancers do multiple articles per day. I know people who do five or six per day. That means you can work for one week before your cut off you're crazy. While these regrets and left us we're. Screeching Troms attack on the press. This bill was circulating for longer than a year so as to make this clear for all of you. Companies like with headquarters in New York companies and in big cities. Don't to hire a local freelancers. If I oughta company in California, I can hire a freelance, are in New York, so happening now is people who live and allay these writers, their freaking hello reporter, everybody is freaking out freely.
Writers scramble to make sense of New California law will. Maybe, if you are paying attention to what was going on around you, especially local politics, this would have happened. But this marks an amazing strike down of California based journalism- and this is this- is this is the apocalyptic scenario? I'm not exaggerate. Ok. There are tens of millions of people live in California, and there are probably thousands of writers who do freelance articles for various companies the country and now they're gonna, say a market, I'm not gonna. Work of California writers are just the hire someone from New York Chick distort. This is yeah sure Ali, who is a journalist, is considered. You know a fair individualist relative left, but he's got a lot of respect across the board. California, an assembly woman, Lorraine, in silence has launched a direct attack on press freedoms with their bill. I'd say she should be ashamed of yourself, but knowing
Our shame is sensation she's. Familiar with this is the Democrats is progressive, three to a new bill that caps, freelance submission may make writing financially unsustainable for many workers, even though the legislator behind a lot insist. The goal is to create new good jobs and a livable sustainable wage job. No, you have just basically terminated everybody. This is this. I can for us our crisis. Has I've been working in media for a long time? I know how freelancing works. Ok, read this not less rigorous. California, based free, its rider Oriana, Jarrett race, we learned about Assembly Bill five and is now can, and she and her colleagues in California may soon be speaking about their jobs in the past tense Jarrett who control?
It's too relationship website your tangled outcome and the good men Project says free lance. Writing has helped support her two children and handle their different school schedules. Her current gigs covering mental health, lifestyle and entertainment allow her to work from home from the office and even from her children's various appointments they were. They were just all of these benefits for my ability to still be an active parent and my kids lives and also support us financially, that I just couldn't, anywhere and a steady job with anybody. She says Jared is now coming to terms with how her lifestyle will change come January. First, when a Bee five California legislation aimed directly at the gig economy,
that was signed into law September. Eighteenth will go into effect. The bill which crackdowns crackdown on companies like lift and over that Miss classify, would be employees, as independent contractors has been percolating through the California legislative system for nearly a year. It codifies the twenty Eightth Dynamics decision by the States Supreme Court, while carving out some exemptions for specific professions, I tell you what, for a year, it has been circling around for a year where were the journalists to uncover this and raise the red flag? That is the point of journalism. If you dont know about the bill, you can't stop. It think about a bill that was way worse. That would say the green new deal and not one journalist ever made a peep
and it made its way for a year through Congress and finally to pass and also everyone after the fact, when what what wait, wait, wait, we're banning Gasolene, that's what happened, and these people didn't see it coming. That's why journalism is so important, and that's why said Zog has resulted in the exemption for freelance journalists, which some have only just learned about view their colleagues, press reports, social networks and or spirited arguments with the bills author on Twitter contains what Some say is a potentially career ending requirement for a rider to remain a freelancer. If a freelance less rights for a magazine, newspaper or other entity whose central mission is to disseminate the news, the law says that journalist is capped. At writing. Thirty five submissions per year per year, wow thirty five per year,
Let's go back to us at the beginning. I know writers who do five or six articles per day Monday through fire with weekends off freelance, that means they can work one week, one week out of here. That's that's, while putative employer perpetrated employer at a time when paid freelance stories can be written for a low and of twenty five bucks and a high end of a dollar per word. Some meat that cap in a month just to make ends meet Amy Le Maire, who writes for the money site celebrity network that common your tangled outcome adds everyone's freaking out, like my anxiety, is going through the damn roof. The law was just past. We are beyond the point where this should have been brought up in northern California are entirely from California for the most part, because we're not there yet.
Once once we're a lot bigger, we can have some Californians, a fortunate I gotta say: based on this law became freelance. You are for the most part, what thirty five articles per person great. That means you can write your articles you get paid and whenever it will have a nice day in a year while maybe if there are concerned about local journalism in the laws being passed in California. Instead of a network of celebrities, we making this coming. They say the last few weeks concerned freelancers, who, like their contract or status, have slid into the twitter applies of Laurina Gonzales, the bills, author, energy of staff. The voice opposition frustrated at the response they received so far, freelancers have organised a facebook group to discuss tactics, called call legislators sought out labour and tax lawyers and, as a result of their efforts. One two meetings: I can thousands San Diego offices this month still with a loss to go into effect
January first and some employers all ready, distancing themselves from California, freelance journalists, their efforts, maybe too little too late. Imagine if you was to complaining it's not fair, that servers get paid less than minimum wage. I got an idea. Servers can't work more than one week out of the year died. Being they'll have to hire you and then the restaurant industry just says. Now we can iron ploys anymore or treating them as we're. Getting the crux of eighty five, four freelance journalist. Is be requirement of the legislation, so called ABC test to determine if a worker is an employee or independent contractor. The be test requires that a freelancer performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entities. Business four freelance writers who perform the same work as staff writers just less frequently the odds are that any argument vapor
as to how their roles are unique, won't pass muster and therefore the thirty five thirty five submission cap per year will apply if they want to remain an independent contractor. Work that counts as a submission can include a published individual story, a series of, or coverage of a single event in solace, tells the Haug report. Let me let me spell it out for you right for you. No hot dog variety outcome I made it up and this the company says we have
no need for someone to write five daily articles about hotdogs, because we have a staff and they write. You know we have three for people on staff and we need people who are in various parts of the state to go around sampling, hot dogs and provide us and pick us these stories and we can buy them, but we have no space to higher unemployment and scope of this. When we are full up, we can't afford anymore staff, but you might have a good story will buy oh your freelancer in California. I'm sorry we can do thirty, five articles from you in the year. Which means tat in a month you're out there you go. The overall goal of eighty five Gonzalez says is to protect and preserve good jobs, we're trying to create new good jobs and they live. Well sustainable wage. Yes, but if I don't need a full time or part time writer, I need pitches mercantile you, I'm gonna freelance somebody in a different state. Get it and they say freelancers typically do not enjoy in poor health benefits, paid leave sick days, health
etc, etc. You know all all those things in who previously worked as a labour organizer and says she spoke to dozens of freelance journalists, while writing the bill and moving it through. The lawmaking process adds that freelancers can be used to break newsrooms to break newsroom unions like the ones for last year, at the Ella Times, and this year at the ringer or how lawmakers settlement of thirty five submission figure Gonzalez says that she and her team decided that a weekly columnist sounded like a part time worker and so have that workers yearly submissions after ok, do you can you can write a column in literally an hour, so you sit around thought. The weak and you have a weekly calmly say near mag is like hey. We want. It was a piece from you. You know a thousand words every week rate. So throughout the week you do a little bit of work. Thinking that your idea riding down and then you run an article? Doesn't take that long? I'm not saying it's easy work, but people. I know more staff rival right five to six articles per day, so a freelancer was a weekly columnist is like you're, you're you're, essentially, cutting them off
Labour experts and freelancers alike are sceptical about the desired outcome of eighty five, that newsrooms will hire California based freelancers Parttime, involving ploys will be achieved in the short term, so here's the point of making just just a month ago. If I We need one article from you one time per week: I'm not gonna pay for the whole week. Why? What hire someone full time. If they're a weekly columnist, that's not they say it will not be too. It will be. Odd labour address our skeptical? The desired outcome will be achieved in the short term, especially as the news media continues to major challenges in September basis TAT are estimated at seventy. Two hundred workers have lost their media jobs this year. You know what this is about is the death knell for California, freelance journalism in order mean, as they ve already noted in the reporter companies are distancing themselves from freelancers in California. Think about it. Lets you own a business in Delaware. Are you gonna, go and hire a collar?
when you freelancer, when you know, even if they do good work, you can only take a sentiment of submissions from them They say large California, Basin NEWS, media brands are still figure. The logistics of how to comply with the law asked how we plan to handle the implementation of eighty five next year. San Diego Union Tribune publisher, an editor in Chief Jeff, light, says we're in the process of sorting through the implications right now. Unfortunately, I suspect a number of freelancers will end up with less work from us as a result of the limit. I don't have anything more detail than this at this point, bill mangle of the chronicle says this is a poorly considered part of a law likely based on a fundamental misunderstanding of why companies use answers there are situations in which we cannot make a freelance or an employee which inhibits our first and rights as a publication. It also seems odd and problematic that broadcast freelancers are treated differently than their colleagues in print media. Unfortunately,
five will limit opportunities for some freelancers and silence a number of voices in the market. We will, of course, comply with the law, so they go. You get the point man. This was my understanding, as this is a Democrat as a progressive who did this. Somebody said what what there's one comment saying you know what would Well, this get this amount of cover just say if it was the other political party, and so My understanding is that Loretta Gonzalez Assembly woman standing up for Californians progressive. I don't think so. Conservative she's she's very much a Democrat. That's crazy! Well freelance writers, right about. While you still can stick around. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you will shortly. Beauty. Pie has been banned in China according to the epoch times popular Youtube or beauty, pie, censored and China after posting video critical of regime impeded by made a really funny point. He said China is
that person who just can't take any criticism, so they block everybody on twitter yeah. You know nothing about. Got a couple stories. I want to go through we'll start with a plea by one, but what's going to happen, literally every western media outlets, simultaneously criticize does China. What are they gonna? Do anything to ban everybody? There were supposed to be this big move, We're bringing our our products and content to China would result in them becoming more democratic. Instead, we ve begun importing their censorship. Well enough. How about now we have people with spines stand up and everyone collective, do it and then the result will be China. Do you a ban, literally everything we talk about all the time and turn off the tv. Or do you want to accept that we can talk about it and you can be criticised pick one intervention is it would happen There was recently a thing at the NBA or some guy bought like three hundred tickets and then filled all the seeds of people. Wang wearing shortens had stand with Hong Kong. You can't ban everybody, What's the story about beauty by popular you to start beauty, pie was censored from
China's largest online community after he took a stab in the chinese regime, sensitivity about the ongoing Hong Kong protests, while mocking, companies that have curbed free speech to appease the regime and of any on October, sixteenth beauty pipe as a Roman. Whatever Felix shall bird, took aim at the NBA and Blizzard entertainment for putting profits over free speech in their handling of the Hong Kong issue. Gdp is the second most popular you to channel with more than a hundred and one million subscribers After the video all information, whether you two were disappeared from China's latest internet forum by Do Taber Tioga a platform similar to read it, the form is hosted by do China's leading search engine. Someone from NBA tweet something saying I support Hong Kong in NBA like, oh god, we need chinese money, so just spiral out of control shellbarks any video after Houston Rockets
your manager, Darrell, Mauritania, the message day with Hong Kong. I think most of us know what happened to this point more quickly deleted the tweet you later apologized for any hurt caused by the message. While the NBA issued a statement saying it was regrettable, and now apparently the NBA commands had. No, no we're gonna stand for free speech because they realised its more offensive to your core audience to Ben me too Communist China. The gestures we're not enough to fend off the swift backlash from China all and NBA chinese official partner suspended ties. The league, while the leagues chinese broadcast partners, pull the airing of two exhibition games held in China. Obviously, China is like that one person on twitter that can't take any criticism. It just blocks everyone there you go nailed it. And be a commissioner Adam Silver later defended. More is right to express its views in Hong Kong, but noted that it was not the leagues job to regulate what players. Employees in Timor say: Silver Office had Chinese
already had pressed them to fire Morey over the issue. Let me tiresome inside of difference between the right and left, at least at its perceive Communist China says somebody associated with your league has set a thing: we don't like terminate them in every every possible way and behaves like what what woe doesn't work for us. You know he owns the team and he participates in the NBA so think about it. This way. Imagine if you must something up- and you know like your neighbor- goes to your parents and then tell your parents. They have to kick you out of the house and you get like wait, went away like take it up with him. You don't mean well, they that's a better knowledge of the point is there going to. Ba and trying to use external pressure to force more to bend the need that scary. They say. Meanwhile, several people and the League putting golden state warriors coach, Steve her. You know- and I we know about this stuff, I'm going to rehash it. He goes on talks about blizzard regards I've got some more symptom, some better news. I will tell you: how do you respond to these issues,
finalists losers, who are terrified of China Porch on our problem, augment I'm never going China no way and trying to walk in the rock it up. But I'll tell you what you do couple things couldn't erigena holds firm and won't we cut once upon a time in Hollywood for China. Bravo quintet Tino of all the people that I could expect to not bend than he would say Lee Beak when Tarantino he seems like somebody who just doesn't care and he'll do what he wants an identical right. I've got once upon a time, Hollywood of pretty great turn Tina, will not recall once upon a time in Hollywood to placate chinese sensors variety has confirmed the decision. Lee means the Leonardo to Caprio and Brad Pitt. Buddy, dromedary and o d late, sixties, tensile town won't be making an appearance in China, at least at least in non pirated form turned. You know previously ran a foul of higher ups in the country with Genco, unchecked, with Jangle enchained and ultimately agreed to make some exigence that a limited scenes of graphic violence and nudity
phone was yanked from release? It didn't matter much when it was really when it was released, edited form the film went onto flop in China acting out two point: seven million, even as it grows a mighty four hundred twenty five point: four million globally once upon a time which boast to Caprio and a really favourite with Chinese. Audiences is a lead role along with another, a lesser pit, many affair, but only a system do people in China just not realise all. This is happening like when pity packets purged, don't they sit there and setting up people's gone like now. We have no idea what's happening like you can see it happening
right if you'd be upset back that right men could you imagine, someone being like, I watch purely pie, Virginia was banned and then going up a well praise. China way way way way. Hoddan not know why you're you're allowed to live and experience and have an opinion. I mean at least as an American, its we're supposed to believe. But let me tell you what check this out self Park play. Is the go go streaming field of bids approaching five hundred million dollars? you may be Sanctum. What does this have to do with China? Rumour has it that, although you have a bunch of streaming networks trying to win the rights to South Park, rumour I'm saying rumour, whereas it Netflix pulled out specifically because it could damage their standing in China. Ah that's so our that's true and about the ruminants going around, and I will tell you they can say this bids for this, so that freedom at the same time, it finds itself in the middle of a controversy about China. U S. Relations com, essential
off part is exploring the booming streaming marketplace for established, shows bids for the series now in its twenty third season, have approached five hundred. Million dollars. Sources can farm deadline, and here it is Netflix, interestingly, has dropped out of the bidding according to people familiar with situation. Other viral rumour with that Netflix opt out because the band in China Episode orthe. Ok, they supported an episode criticising China, China than Ban South Park if Netflix picks up South park. China might say- we're in a block. You too, I will. I will say this, though, is a rover. I haven't confirmed that it may be true. I dont know it could also be possible that once the bid got two thought you know two four hundred million dollars netflix like not it's too much money, so I think a lot of people might want to a tribute Netflix, dropping.
China and I think it's important to me now. Listen, I don't wanna talk about rumours, but I think this one was problems. Enough was at the front page of red it that someone should point out so far. All I found that it could possibly be Netflix just not having the money or not wanting to spend that much they dropped out of the building on the number got to hide my could be, it could be China. They say, Hulu, however, which has had streaming rights to the chosen sweaty fourteen is among several companies in the mix and other active. Better is CBS sources tell deadline the companies about emerge with Viacom, the home of Self Partlet, the home of salt, pork, linear, earrings and supported Streams Subscription service CBS. All access, which has millions of subscribers would be a logical destination for the show, given its status as a signature company properties that crazy, how things of kind of you only in this way. You know. Cbs was always regular old analogue tv. For me, not cable, comedy sensuous, cable, but now South Park might find itself on a more
extreme network, because it so they say, episode of South Park banned in China this month took no prison. In roasting the contradictory stance of the? U S of yours entities, including NBA Hollywood. While they espouse support for constitutional and human rights, the episode poked fun at those values sometimes taken a back seat to the pursuit of revenue from the world's second largest economy. As anti government protest continue to percolate. China predictable, predictably frown on the episode, but it is viewed widely via pirated streams. South Park has no official licence deal in China, nor do any other company central shows. Viacom has thus far escaped the blow back. That has hit the NBA and companies like Apple and Activision. This ain't much of the rest of the world. It is boom times for Hollywood, especially for those holding rights to a select group of established titles Netflix, which will be losing friends in the office in the next few years in
Here is where the collective billion put down five hundred million dollars for rights to Seinfeld starting twenty twenty one wonder media's. Hbo met; ok, ok, so either that there I wanted to see if they have any direct statement about China being involved, but I haven't found it. I did it gives amount of searches, so some of you may be thinking it was real. I can't find it so you know take whatever believe What you want, I can't I can't prove it. I'm gonna make me that networks couldn't afford it wouldn't want to pay for it. But I'll say this to the South Park guys to quarantine. Tarantino spine looks like this is what a spine looks like the NBA came out after the fact. Not sorry you southern at this point is the NBA boots people from from a game and they bend over for China and its only after they realized they were threatening their core market. That there are like wait, wait, wait, wait, we'd rather have some money, then, just now we would rather have the american market, which is the predominant market, as opposed to pleasing China. But I'll tell you what NBA I don't go to your games. Any
So don't take my word for it in the end, men don't bend the need. You know what men there are such slime balls. You know it's a slimy people, I don't care about you or me, or what's important or human rights they care about making money. You know what that's a terrifying while the live gotta admit. If you want to sell your soul and you want to sell it, everybody else's, you can have an extra but not worth it, but I hope your boat is comfortable. When you buy that fancy yacht me, yeah. I know I stick around. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. Should we tax the rich? My response, in my personal, a personal opinion, is a soft. Yes, of course, however, we have to dissect that statement in many many ways because wasn't mean tax, the wretch, while we literally tax everybody,
for one, don't believe a big problem with taxes as it stands and then I know a lot. A libertarian types are more rightly libertarian types. Taxation is that I personally don't don't agree. I think we have a community and I think taxes are part of defending that community and its it is really really complicated because I'm I'm I'm on a libertarian spectrum as well, but I lean left so I'm I'm in favour of taxes. Let's talk about taxes that will start with the story from Fox NEWS billionaires. Could Up to ninety seven point: five percent tax rates under sanders plan- economists, ok, I've heard this over and over again tax there, I have always asked my my left wing friends. What does that mean, and they say the rich have too much and we should redistribute them. Ok, stop and say wait. Why do I care for which person s too much money,
and even answer and they say well, you know, because we need money for school. Ok, stop! So we're not talking about just taxing the wretch. That seems to be an like you're targeting and individually. Don't like Roger you get this. We read what you're really saying is we need money right? Ok, ok, we need money for schools, health care. Where can we find it? I tell you this: you can't find it and taxing the rich now should we tax the rich. I think the answer is yes. Why? Because we don't want power to become centralized and grow out of control. Hey guess what terms on the left is. The thing I see about taxes is that when you haven't very high tax rate income tax rate, not wealth, tat Facility- I will talk about right- is the is Bernie and Ellsworth warns wealth tax which, as Andrew Yang pointed out, european countries are moving away from because I'm problems implementing it. The general idea of the wealth taxes that, if you have wealth you must pay attacks literally makes no sense literally makes us
It's also got us if we tax income at a very high rate, you don't happen billionaires will just take a smaller salary and income and they will have a lot more heavily, invest and expand and put money into things like and into things went when a rich this is receiving exorbitant amounts of money, they don't just go. Oh, no. I have to pay ninety seven point, five percent taxes they go. If I make another million, I'm gonna lose almost all the government. What can I do with this million and take a tax write off? You see the point. This is better for the economy. It provides asset value. The individual who created the wealth which they can laid herself and it bolsters the economy, but one Do a wealth tax, you strip away, that incentive schemes, have a conversation, I believe and taxing the rich. Ok, I believe with new specific things, and we have to be careful about how its implemented at an end and the purpose is for one
as I stated, decentralizing power making. Sure we don't have. You know people wanting a buying elections and doing crazy things, but, more importantly, its because when taxes got for corporations the corporations don't let them go o er umph. I say we do not have the problems to consider, though, but the court that these companies me. Being someone who owns a company when I'm sitting here on the Golan, all man I'd better, not spend a dime so that I can all just pay the government. I say: oh no matter what does hire somebody yeah, that's right! If you got the money see around and you think yourself. If I just take the cash I pay him of tax on it come already over a certain threshold or as someone who is already wealthy, I'm talking about some like Bernie Sanders, millionaire or some legislators as billionaire. It makes more sense to invest their money right, and most of them do in the first place. So what I'm saying is an out of one with what already happening just bases, his income,
a million dollars in what twenty seventeen million they call a billionaire because they act like his his stock is cash. It's not ok. When he makes money when he makes real money, invest it to a certain point, his actual salaries like eighty six thousand dollars a year dead, that's less than some journalists, amazingly so there's another happening when you have a higher tax bracket on income and certain kinds of of investments. People like Jeff Pesos invest the money literally, what he's doing he's not he's not taking a billion dollars in cash when you do a wealth tax and then say, doesn't matter, ok just basis you're worth billions of dollars. You then put him in a prison,
where he has to choose, you don't make enough money and even if you make war, were attacks all that to how is Jeff basis supposed to come up with a billion dollars to pay the small percentage of wealth tax for his eight hundred billion dollars in while oars, I'm sorry the hundred thirty billion dollars and wealth. I did have a view about this before and then, but that the left side too da hell just sell stock? Ok, you also realise that selling stock will reduce the value of that stock across the board. The plan makes no sense may I gave a rat. Let us read the story: Fox NEWS reports to economists, the University of California, Berkeley claim that billionaires could face a ninety seven point: five percent average of the tax rate under Senator Bernie Sanders plan which would easily thump other Democrats running for president intent. Running an annual save one of professors, told Bloomberg that, with the wealth tax you get directly at the stock incentive hitting the flow of income, making it a much more powerful de concentration tool that income taxes
The report pointed out that Sanders has said the number of billionaires in the. U S would be cut in half within fifteen years. Under his plan Why is that a good thing I mean that literally. Why is it a good thing if you're talking about needing money for programmes that what we need to do is create wealth? We need to generate revenue and increasing just for people just because someone is a billionaire, because we too nebulous leave valley was stock at a certain price, doesn't mean they have money. Look I live ones, aren't you let's say I find out rock king of Spain on network works. Let's find a rock on the ground and I pick it up. What's that rock worth? Well, what can you sell it for what if someone can options? I want you to dollar. For that rock congratulations! Your rock is now worth one dollar but say the rock is the only thing you excuse me
you're, not worth dollar. Let's say that person buys a for a dollar later. Someone comes up and says. I would like that rock nearby think it who cares about Iraq meant exactly my point. The object itself object itself is irrelevant. Let's say somebody walks up and says: I want that rock the guy goes no way about it for a dollar and selling it and the girls Ogilvy two dollars. Congratulations! You rock is now worth two dollars. This is how they think they sell assets like paint things. The value goes up because some of us nowhere about fifty million bucks about selling it in undervalued, go down if nobody wants to buy, took an excellent store value eventually that rock gets trade round in the valley keeps going up, because people really do want that rock. Let's eight somebody's finally got it. They bought for five bucks. Now ten people are all bidding waving. Their and I'll. Give you ten I'll. Give you twenty only with thirty. Finally, he says it for fifty bucks. That rock is
our values. Fifty bucks, but guess what Bernie Sanders comes along and says. I see you ve just bought a rock for fifty bucks. You gotta pay a ten percent wealth tax on that that means. I need five bucks from you every year. If you want to hold that rock and the person says, but I don't have five bucks, I just have the rock and then Bernie goes well sell, the rock seriously husband. Hence the value of the object is irrelevant. If he, if you then turns around us, as I want to tell us what nobody wants to buy its value less so when I was at the year ends its April now, ok and for the year twenty eighteen. They say, you're well tax. On this we did all Iraq its eight percent, so it's no four dollars and these three cents or whatever, and he said Ok. Well, I don't have that and if so, what are you sell? The rock and they turned around its has ok, fine, I guess I'll sell the rock for fifty bucks and guess what nobody wants to buy it. Nobody will by the rock and then he thinks himself. But how can I pay the tax bill? Oh you can write down the value of the rock right,
and so I hope nobody would by the rock, is worth zero hour. Gotta pay taxes on it. The point is net worth is nebulous in a lot of circumstances. You know vice media still claims were four billion dollars, but This new claims there. Five hundred million dollar investments worth zero. If there is a business investments worth zero, how is vice worth four billion dollars, but that's it they'll say so. Look I get it in the end. It comes down to how you reported on your taxes and shares have value and it's complicated, but it but listen, none of This makes sense, not just planned out effectively and I'm someone who still believes we should have a high bracket for four high income earners. What Bernie is proposing, what was with one proposing literally makes no sense, and therein lies the problem. Isn't it true that if I am in favour of taxing the rich but I'd thou Havana left right? But what, if I disagree on their plan, because they haven't actually explain how it makes sense? Does that make me conservative?
welcome to my world when they propose a minimum wage increase across the board, and we can see the ramifications of this and try to. Splain the new once they say. You're. Conservative. Ok, Andrew Yang also opposes the wage, and he believes that you be. I makes more sense. I disagree
Andrea to a great deal on you be I, but I will admit, I've warmed up to it a little bit, partly due to his ability to explain it. The important thing about you be I from Yang, as that is not talking about taxing Americans to pay Americans. That's that's it. That's like that makes no sense for the Moebius repeal he talks about a vat tax on consumer goods, which could also be consumer goods shipped overseas, now we're talkin. Let's talk about minimum wage if New Jersey increases increases the minimum wage. That means locally bad news for everybody, internationally good news for those in New Jersey to an extent. So, yes, I actually believe we should have even a minimum wage, but I regret it frequently,
for one, because the companies are lying when they implement it to the Democrats seem to just blindly call for, in my opinion, because their manipulating us based on what we really want without implementing a sound plan and three while it may make sense in many circumstances, to have a minimum wage right. Now we have a tech issue that must be dealt with. Hence I, like Andrew Yang Ejectamenta wage people were playing with robots, so we need to figure out that point Firth first, but the general idea between why we do have a base rate and a high tax rate is to keep a certain level of equality. Now look a lot of people might think. So what? If there's billionaires and for the most I agree, but you do not want to live in an oligarchy state. It will be a nightmare. The property will all be so expensive. No one will ever own ability again and you will be,
in a centrally a fiefdom controlled by some ultra wealthy dude, who owns all the property or a company that does, while I think it's fine for people to be billion airs and to earn that, I lean to the left social liberal, which means, I think there have to be some checks to make sure power doesn't grow out of control. That includes the government just as much as private and corporate entities so burning. You want to roll out a wealth tax. That would be ninety seven point. Five percent, don't be surprised when you encounter the Tec problem, anybody can move their business anywhere today. Theirs- and I tell you this: if you try to implementing this Jeff basis, would be like what one of attacks is going to be yet China yeah I won't do whatever I want on a billionaire I'll bring my companies to you in China's gonna be like absolutely come on down. It's gotta move all money overseas is gonna move company overseas, and then America's can be going. We wait
leave. You can't stop him, that's what he's doing isn't illegal. You can easily move everything over snap. His fingers and transfer that money to a foreign account and you can easily go to another country- renounces citizenship. I tell you this man, there are literally billionaires who renounced? citizenship become citizens of small caribbean islands to avoid having to pay taxes. Okay, this is not going to solve the problem in any way. We have a global world with technology, people can travel and while I agree with stopping the ramp rapid growth and an separation and wealth inequality, these aren't design solutions to the problem. The solution would be winning for what we do, make sure that there is more market competition, we do make sure that there are more small businesses that can compete against the big dogs and on policies being enacted are doing the opposite of that.
I am not a lawyer, fair capitalist by no means, I believe that we need more marker competition, but it needs to be regulated to a decent extent. Otherwise, you just see you know disaster and then, when you get people playing tricks and lying in a bunch of their problems, anyway. Whatever you that's the point
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