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"I'm Not Sure I'm A Democrat Anymore," Democrats Move Too Far Left

2019-06-28 | 🔗

"I'm Not Sure I'm A Democrat Anymore," Democrats Move Too Far Left. A Washington Post reporter tweeted during the Democratic Debate last night that someone said they aren't sure they are a Democrat anymore because the party has moved so far to the left.The data proves it. Time and time again we see polling data showing that the Democrats have taken a far left turn in the past 10 years, so much so that movements like #WalkAway have started to emerge and regular people are shocked by what is being proposed.Last night every candidate offered a healthcare plan for illegal immigrants and even went so far as to say we should not be charging people for crossing the border illegally. This is tantamount to open borders and mathematically impossible.The Democrats have just said they would provide massive incentives and no penalty for people coming here illegally, a move that is sure to encourage more people to take a risky journey.Trump tweeted that this move by Democrats sealed their fate, it will help him get reelected. But I think it will go further and this far left social justice pandering will help Republicans in general.

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Rachel bade a reporter with the Washington Post. We did this yesterday during the debates over her Order, while watching the debate, just now quote, I'm not sure. I'm a Democrat anymore Democrat next to me complaining about how far left the party has moved, and it has and many people feel this way and Trump's Eve tweeting the statements of the Democrats, embracing open borders or some kind of weird form of it, is securing him reelection. Yes, the other day Joe Biden said we should not focus on deporting undocumented immigrants who have committed no major crimes, This is not. This is not like direct open borders right, open borders would be like what Europe has in the Schengen Zone for open borders is like Illinois to Indiana just drive back and forth. No one stops there something that's a complete open border, but we're talking but right now is democratic party. That says, not only do they not want to deport.
Illegal immigrants, they also want to provide them with health care that doesn't make sense if you're not going to deport people and your from Healthcare. Well, they'll just come here and get free healthcare. We already have problem with trying to find universal health care as it is. How can we then open up to the entire world to anybody who wants to come here and naturally, then you will see people saying quote: I'm not sure. I'm a democrat and more. We've got data to back this up now. I've shown you charts from a from a while back showing the Democrats have veered far left absolutely true. We have new data from a new group published New York Times. The first thing I want do, however, is highlight the statement from Joe Biden. Undocumented immigrant without criminal record should not be focus of deportation. Before we get into all of the news: go to timcast dot com, slash done it! If you want to support my work, there is a Paypal option, a crypto option to physical address, but of course the best thing you can do is like Comment or share the video recently it was. I was
Youtube will not be sharing my videos to suggested feet anymore through so Austin, so I rely on you to share my content. If you think it's worth listening to it's also available as a podcast all platforms around everyday six hundred and thirty. Let's get back to the story in the Wall the highlight this specifically the Kennedy, now answering the questions of what they would do with those seeking asylum in the US, a question that has taken on a new urgency. This week after a photo emerged of a salvadoran father and his young daughter who drowned while trying to cross the southern border into the. U S, Kamala Harris says she would take executive action to furnish legal status and a path to citizenship for young immigrants who came to the country illegally. As children we get it they're called dreamers. However, the focus should be on Joe Biden statement. Which you know they they, so I I guess they already highlighted, as we move on to everyone else, whether an undocumented immigrant with no other criminal record should be deported. Joe Biden chose his words carefully. That person should not be the focus of deportation, so let make one thing clear
He's not saying we shouldn't deport them, he's saying they shouldn't be the focus, so what, after deport all the criminals, then we'll get to the undocumented immigrants. Listen I had time time again, I would love to help everybody. I would love to open up the borders to everybody. We can't. Okay, resources are finite, our education systems are find our plumbing systems are strained the infrastructure of near city is strained, so, yes, we need a legal and russian process to make sure we don't destroy the infrastructure and committees of certain areas because communities are designed a Conocer design, built around, get the amount of people and the needs of the people. A massive influx of people unchecked could be devastating. Now, let's talk about Medicare for all, almost everybody supports it and some form or another, that's the ultimate goal. They say, though, some disagree and how you get there think about this
California has already offered up. I have some polls will make middle get to they're going to be providing healthcare to illegal immigrants. How can you look can't afford universal Healthcare in United States for citizens. How would we expand that to include undocumented immigrants, illegal immigrants? What will end up have it's a lot of people in Mexico saying that just hop the border? It's not a criminal offense to do so, and you get free healthcare that is maximizing the incentive. The incentives for people to come here illegally in the first place, you're not going to stop the problem and you're not going to prevent people from taking. Dangerous journey and losing their lives. You will encourage it. So here's what I want to show you this from the New York Times once again, another example of Democrats going off the rails- okay, I'm probably around here, so so for those are listening. We have two lines of blue line in a red line we can see.
That in the year two thousand, there was a pretty big divide between Democrats, Republicans up till about two thousand and eight they actually closer closer together with the Democrats shifting to the right quite a bit, but something happened between two thousand and eight to twenty twelve to twenty. Sixteen that has sent the Democrats to the so far left. It's absurd. The republican party as of twenty. Sixteen is slightly to the right of where they were in two thousand I think that's a good thing. I think we could go for a slight shift to the left, I'm someone who sent her left. So I recognize that. But you know why I'm center left, because in the United States, not talking about your up in foreign countries, talk about american politics. The Democrats have gone off the deep end. I was probably a firm leftist back when Obama was getting elected, but today, where Obama is is further to the right then, where the Republicans took someone I'm trying to. Let me try and refrain this make, make either understand the gap between Democrats and Republicans into that.
Nate is smaller than the gap between Democrats in two thousand and eight and Democrats in twenty. Sixteen, the swing is ridiculous It's also really fun with New York Times. It's only show the New York Times did here we can see. This. This is a graph we're seeing a left to right and we have the furthest right is like party for freedom in the swiss People's party in the furthest. Left is the left in Germany. They claim the median is around the social Democrats. This, however, is comparing the US to a bunch of different foreign. I have no concern about. Can conservative party in Canada being somewhat to the left of the Republicans or the conservative Party of Britain being in the center in between Republicans and Democrats to me, it's a relevant we're talking about Americans up the American cultural shift, not european cultural shift. What they're doing is comparing the Democrats to Europe and then saying the Republicans are far right by that logic and Democrats into as it were
far right. That's insane, but now you know exactly why they're claiming people like me who are like Democrats sword ten years ago are far right. It's insanity, it's going! It's complete insanity. The Democrats have shifted, shifted so far to the left and now openly embracing open borders and health care for illegal immigrants. The store. We have is from Realclearpolitics all Democrats at main debate. Agree. Illegal immigrants should get healthcare coverage. How I mean it seriously, I'd of to give all of the goodies in the world to everybody. I love everyone have health care do not agree with the statement Healthcare's human right, because I feel, like that's a nonsense statement meant to placate your tribe. Let's be real. Human rights, involve abstract concepts, the right to self expression, the rights to you know, freedom of movement, the right to defend yourself, etcetera. Sometimes, rights can be curtailed if you violate the rights of others,
it's a complicated process. But it's a legal system. Health care is a service and the resources provided by other people. You can't guarantee services and resources as a right. You would think food would come before healthcare, wouldn't it or water is water, a human right. The answer is no now, while I certainly don't believe anyone should have a right to restrict access to water for the most part. For a lot of reasons, we have to do this because some people might do gross things in the water that hurt everybody and there might be find an amount of water for a small community, and we can't just let someone come in and take it. So it can't be a universal right. The error it gets complicated right, the era something in which which and in which we breathe. So there's it's. It's not black and white hi Can we guarantee healthcare to people when someone has to invent the technology, produce the drugs and provide the service? It's nonsense, Howell. I do believe that as a great civilization at great society week
do more to ensure health care to Wall, because you can't of a civilization where people are walking around and just collapsing and getting sick. And you know the example they gave but which I I do agree with is I think it might be. Kamala Harris said that your child is sick with a fever and so you called nine one one, they bring him to the hospital and you're sitting in the park. With your hand in there for on there, for it to me that the scenario? imagine is, do we go in and have to pay a massive bill, or are we going to be? Ok if we don't that to me is terrifying, so I think there's a potential for like a base level of coverage plus private insurance. It's a really hard problem. I don't have the answers. I don't want to see. People suffer, but it requires hospitals. It requires bedrooms. It Requ, tools and you can't just give it away. But let's say for a moment: we entertain the notion that as United
case. We decide to jack up taxes and provide health care to everyone. No matter what ok, that's an argument. I've heard I'm told by everybody we can't pay for, in fact, even though 'cause oh Cortez, sighting in accounting, error said that twenty one trillion dollar counting air would only account for like sixty percent of Medicare, for all how we then add more illegal immigrant to that health care plan. You wouldn't be able to it's not possible. It is delusion. This was a stage full of people and yes, I will include Andrew Yang, of which I have supported, who raised their hand, saying illegal immigrants should get health care coverage and they're talking about undocumented they're. Talking about universal coverage. Bernie Sanders apparel is a quote where someone asked him if on doc, the immigrants should get coverage, and he said last, I checked. Healthcare is a human right and they were humans.
Sure but Bernie also had recently there too many poor people. We can't have open borders. Let me make it clear: you've got people saying it was Sally. I believe that we did anybody who's, arguing that decriminalising illegal immigration is open. Borders is lying to you. Is that a joke? Listen, I'm not talking about that. There's a bunch of our ways, different ways to define an open border. What they're talking about is creating a permanent underclass, a servant class. It is, it is terrifying, think about it. You're allowed to come here. Well, you're not allowed to come here, but we're not going to arrest you for it. We're going to saying the sort of damocles of above your head, we're going to. Let you cross the border will even give you health care. If you do it, you won't be the focus of deportation, but we could still deport you. You are asking people to come here as second class citizens like they're, not real citizens, but they'll, be an underclass of people in this country, working in secret with the sort of damocles of their heads at any moment it could drop and they'll
who's their lives and who prospers the wealthy industrialists in the privileged elites of big cities who are going to move off the backs of the less than minimum wage underclass. Who comes here in desperation that doesn't sound progressive to me at all. Well, let's look Yes, we pull from this is from June 18th voters give a thumbs down California's new health care initiative for illegal immigrants. There's a California set to become the first state to give full health care benefits to young low income immigrants living in United States illegally forty of the US. Don't support a similar initiative in their own state. They say thirty, one percent favorite fifty five percent opposed and thirteen are not sure. So who are the Democrats pandering to not to Americans? And you know what Donald Trump has taken notice
here's from Fox NEWS Democrats. Healthcare stance for illegal immigrants will help me win reelection he's not wrong. Trumped weeded all Democrats just raised their hands or giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited health care how about taking care american citizens? First, that's the end of that race. My I'm in a weird position. Look at this chart from the New York Times: yeah the Demak. Let's have just veered off and and talking nonsense. The math doesn't add up Trump's right. We have a homeless crisis in LOS Angelus. Are we going to they're, giving healthcare to illegal immigrants less than men. I don't discriminate based on where you come from Ok, I'm more than happy to break bread and have a drink with anyone from any anyone from any country, even if they came here illegally. But I'll tell you this. We have finite resources. We are particularly a wealthy nation
but you are asking middle class Americans to pay more taxes so that health care will go to people who are not citizens of this country. That is not a social contract. That is social, extraction that is the extraction of the nation. It was, I believe, Dylan Ratigan, who said that the country is being extracted, and I think he was referring to outsourcing. All of these jobs are being shifted overseas and that sudden, American up your portion of the american economy to low low wage workers in foreign countries. Shifting our money away, you have foreign countries, investing in american property buying up more property than even the citizens. This kind of thing that happens but the, but regardless of those arguments, let's put it this way. If ten people come together and say we all going to pitch in ten bucks for pizza and then and then those same time. People agree we're all so going to give peace a to anybody who just shows up and walks through the door. Do you think you will get your your money's worth of pizza? You might as well give the pizza away.
I mean some people might be ok with that one percent, but some of those ten people are going to be hungry and wanted pizza and they pitched in so they would all get pizza, but then you decide anybody can have it so actually look at this way, let's say you're on a street corner and ten people order pizzas in the table and your pizza and then you know five of the people are like we're going to vote to allow anybody who walks up to have pizza on your like, hey, wait, I paid for this right, it's for us or how about you've, got friends who don't Any pizza on your like, I think we should give my roommate food before we give the strangers outside food right. I think I'm beating a dead horse. I talk about the story, so, let's move on interesting, Michael more than says, the old DEM Party is hopefully dead for the first time in my life, I've watched Democrats fight to be more progressive. I believe that Democrats are too obsessed in dealing with emotional reactions and purchasing
they're speaking in Spanish, which, for the most part, is fine. I I know a lot of people are outraged. I take much less of an issue with that than than than probably be outraged, whether it's silly I get it they're. Pandering and that's my criticism of it. I actually have respect for those who try to speak Spanish in the debate. It again there a lot of people. This country speak Spanish and and and more power to you, but that that the issue I take with it is the the pandering the obvious, pandering. Okay, we get it, we get what you're doing, but here's the thing they're talking about the immigrant children who blocked the humanitarian aid package? It wasn't the Republicans. Okay, the four point: five dollars that was supposed to go to border funding. It wasn't Republicans blocking it was them asking for it. It was the Democrats and now
have this story house passes border funding bill after plus the reversal outrageous progressives. This is Ben. A ridiculously absurd political debate. Trump says is a problem at the border. Everybody called him a liar. The media has manufactured CNN's is manufactured all of a sudden. People actually start paying attention and it becomes impossible to ignore no well it wasn't manufactured the Democrats obstruct but finally cave in, then we get AOC the five Democrats obstructing. Finally, Nancy Pelosi he reverses and now everyone's on board. Let me ask you this: how did we get to the point where all of the your democratic contenders are saying they want health care for undocumented immigrants and they and they want to decriminalize illegal crossings and only want focus on the them and then just providing four point: six billion funding border security because they're lying because
it's just emotional virtuous, its its version settling and responses it's like, Someone comes to you and says: why should I make you in charge of the you know of of this office You you make me in charge. I will. I will give everyone pizza what about the the almost outside I'll give them pizza? Do you think they really will? No, they won't they're, just saying what they think you know you are. They think you want to hear so they get elected because their plans literally make no sense. You know what man here's my problem, I, like many other people, are politically homeless because I would I would. I would put myself probably first of all, listen to the podcast to the left of Democrats in two thousand eight young upstart leftist, but now I'm further to the right of Democratic Party and the Democratic Party was to Republicans it's a point is my time and time again that when I looked to my right, I see we're publicans, who aren't that far away and went to my left, the Democrats are just driving off the cliff as far as I can go,
and that's why it's really funny to see this. The first comment I highlighted while watching the debate- I'm not sure I'm a Democrat anymore, is the quote and what's really funny, someone responded to that person was never a Democrat and someone said denial. Worked for Hillary, I'm sure it will work this time too yep. The truth is, Americans are absolutely concerned about illegal immigration. It is one of the most pressing problems. According to several polls, I've got a few pull pulled up, so, let's I don't know which order I have them in so this or eight shows American see a little illegal immigration, the border wall and political compromise. So Democrats, absolutely I'd. Think in illegal immigration is not a problem. Publicans absolutely do, but, as we've seen, Democrats have shifted very far to the left. This I'm not going to this one. This one talks about this is a more complicated story from from Pew research.
That talks about illegal immigration. So just read this one page: I don't! I don't wanna get into too much of the nitty gritty in the polls. They say it immigration is the highest ranks national problem among GOP voters, but it ranks lowest among the eighteen issues for democratic voters. Seventy five percent nineteen percent, the new national survey by Pew Research Center conducted what year is this is from last October finds. The majorities of GOP voters view several issues as either very big or moderately big problems facing the country, for example. So, okay, we get. You you get the point right. I don't want to go too far into a lot of the pool stuff I don't want to get crazy in the nitty gritty. I want to keep it to the main points that I'm trying to the issues I see are that if you are someone who is concerned about where we are like four hundred thousand illegal immigrants coming into the southern border, this year alone, one hundred and forty four thousand in one month, your concern- and about the people who have died, trying to cross the border you're concerned about the credit detention center.
The answer isn't to offer free healthcare and open the borders. That makes no sense that will encourage more people to come. Answer is to secure the border, make sure we tell people there's a legal process, go through. Otherwise we will increase the problems. What ends up happening then, when the Democrats, say this and once again I'll say it to Yang included. Have I've supported- and I will be very critical of in this regard- are going to off these incentives for people to come here legally. What do you think is going to happen? This is open borders. Okay, let's get! Let's let me finalize this video with the statement on open borders. Specifically, if you have a border with no security- and you tell people, there is no penalty for crossing it, you then tell people will give you health care when you come It's not open borders by some definitions because they like that they that they also like machine guns on Europe, is open borders. Now it is it's a weird twisted version.
That makes sure you have people who are permanently beneath US citizens, but somewhat welcome to be here and they can get away with working under the table, and that is the most. In the same thing, I've ever seen the pure delusion of the democratic contenders to say: undocumented immigrants get healthcare and there's no penalty for coming. Congratulations now the cost of universal healthcare. Setting going to forty up to forty or fifty trillion. Where was I I don't say one more thing before I finish off this video Bernice, Anders recently said there too many poor people in this world. They'll all come here. Then he's he says that we should give healthcare to them he's contradicting himself. I don't trust these people, they discussed me they liars. None of them are telling the truth. I've got apple, more really important points to highlight. Andrew Yang, has microphone cut off during the debate last night and I'm not exaggerating. I tweet out this video
where you can see Andrea and talking and there's no sound. He even said afterwards he tried biting in a few times and his mic was cut off. It was not on so yeah. The Democrats and the media are, are crooked people they cheated Bernie in twenty sixteen, of course, they did they're still doing it to a certain extent today and now they're doing it to Yang Welcome to the game, and this is why I am completely on surprise. You see a Washington Post reporter quote, I'm not sure. I'm a Democrat anymore says someone complaining about how far left the party has moved. The Democrats won't stop going far left. They are endorsing open borders. They've lost the plot thanks for hanging out Let me know anything in the comments below. Let me, don't you think in the review, you know, leave a review on the podcast if you're listening on the podcast, even I'll support my work at: U two dot com, slash, I'm sorry! I didn't catch that complex, donate and
more videos to commentyoutube dot com. Slash TIM cast news starting at six hundred pm, I'm frustrated by the democratic debates I mean the first night was was weird boring I'm really impressed with Tulsi Gabbert, though I'll end by saying this, the two candidates that have openly supported Yang and Gabbert, I do think they hold policy positions in terms of the United States that I disagree with look you're not going to you're never going to free with a politician or percent Andrew Yang to me: has the most comprehensive domestic policy platform he comes off as a reluctant politician. And to his own, to his own detriment. He wasn't aggressive pushy in the debates. Last night, though he did try to button. His MIKE was off that's insane to see when Tucker Carlson, the other night talking about the problem of the wars, bring are true in the Middle EAST and preventing war with IRAN, and she is are the only people addressing the real foreign policy position and I am impress every day. When I see you public and saying that you know Yang
also the only common sense Democrats, though they disagree with them. I completely agree and I have tremendous respect for those people, and I received a message today from someone saying Gabbert did announced ending job. She was speaking truth when talking about foreign policy and she stood up to the Washington machine and good on her for going on Tucker Carlson on Fox NEWS and addressing these issues, and that is why I have tremendous respect for Gabba. And again I will be critical of Yang, raising his hands and is gonna get health health care to all illegal immigrants. That, I think is is ridiculous. I'm I'm still willing to hear what it what would have to say, but that is a huge strike because it paints it comes up to me is like dude. Are you actually doing the math here like entry exit? Is a math guy? Okay, the math doesn't add up. As for gabbard, I do think she probably falls in a similar camp now means worthy of criticism. But when it comes to America, America's foreign policy, the endless wars and trying to instigate something with IRAN, she's right- and she will keep my support so long as she keeps talking about.
At issue beyond the foreign wars. I think everything else is stamp collecting I'm be, facetious. But what I mean is we can debate all the domestic policy all day and night. We can argue about the right way to ensure health care but how about the first thing we do is bring back our warships's truck, stop flying drones and bombing foreign countries and supplying weapons to foreign, civil wars and shore up our national defense. And not be isolationist, do trade, have agreements but stop being this overly aggressive, warmongering country, and that's why I really like Tulsi Gabbert. The Democrats as a whole, though, are freaking me out. And I'm at a point now, where you know look, I don't thing,
Let's all see policy is not gonna, be the nominee that they're, not gonna, let it happen and neither will yeah and they cut is MIKE off the for, for Heaven's sake, I mean this is ridiculous, but that what I was really hoping was at Tulsi Gabbard would gather debate stage and say exactly what she said and I clapped when I hear it. I am I that that is my. That is those are my politics when she talks about ending war and and and refocusing all of this money towards: U S, infrastructure and resources. On, like a great that's good for everybody Yang has great domestic policy ideas and eating to talk about it. Other than that, though, I think the Democrats are are virtue, signaling and they're going nuts, and the data shows that the data shows it
stay over and over again. The Democrats have shot to the far left so quickly. The Republicans are kind of they're, not that far right, where they were sixteen years ago, twenty years ago, not not at all and and and and and it's it's completely ridiculous. The Democrats are going off the deep end. This quote I'll and finally, with this, I'm not sure I'm a Democrat anymore. You know what I don't disagree, although I never really consider myself to be. Like are democrat. I found my politics mostly aligned with, like urban liberals, we'll see what happens, though, just because the Democrats have said crazy nonsense doesn't mean I'm going to be a fan of Trump, but I gotta say, as I've explained time and time again take an average american give them two choices. Someone who says undocumented immigrants can just come here freely with no penalty I'll, give him health care and someone who says maybe we should take care of Americans first I'll tell you are going to vote for every day of the week. Donald Trump stick around I'll, see you at the next step
Last year we heard the story of a couple that wanted to prove that the world was kind that humans are kind Unfortunately, they were killed by some very bad people in Tajikistan. Now I want to make one thing clear: appan I did have it but this upon further investigation, it turns out they weren't trying to prove humans were kind. They Genua only believed humans were kind, and so this american well they're, going to ride their bikes around the world. They were riding through. Chica Stan when they were rammed by a car and a bunch of terrorists jumped out and murdered them, and some other people a lot of people, all were touting the story as an example of navidi of like you know, Liberals who believe everyone is happy and safe and you can go into these various places and it is kind of that story, but the frame I think they have here on. Pluralist is wrong, so I'll make sure that that's clear they say millennial couple set up to prove humans are kind. The terrorist who kills them at disagrees.
So this story is about it's an update, essentially the New York Times, apparently gotten into view with the man who killed them. First, they weren't seeking out to prove anything. They were just going on a bike ride, but they did write that evil is a make believe concept. So yes naive. I have been around the world and I've been to some very dangerous places. I have done training in these scenarios, and you have to understand one thing: while the average person is not crazy and does want to be left, phone, they were riding their bikes north of of a conflict zone of an active war zone. Okay. So it's one thing to go to a Country Inn, thank people are going to be nice to you. It's another thing to think you're going to go. North of a war zone an be safe. Ok, that's that's complete, complete idiocy and you know what
I'm I'm not trying to be mean. It's sad. These people lost their lives, but but at some point you have some responsibility for not riding your bike near a war zone plain and simple. So before we get into the nitty gritty, had already been cast dot com, slash on it. If you like to support my work as a Paypal option of Crypto option a physical address. I ask because, as many of you may be aware, Youtube's reason make changes to reduce the amount of suggested videos from my channel. So that means, if you like my content and want and think it should be shown to people, then I ask you to share it. Well, it's read This they say in a video interview released Sunday, New York Times are challenged an islamic state terrorist on why he had killed, and I and I and idealistic young couple as they travel through his country on a bike trip around the world. Rukmini cult color, not she who reports on ice for the times was able to speak with Hussein I'll.
Use. I do some enough heat while he serves a life sentence in Tajikistan for leading the deadly attack last year. She pressed him on why he had targeted J Austin and Laura Laura go again noting they had never killed anyone. They firmly believe that if they were kind to other people, other people would open their hearts to them. She said and for the vast majority of their trip. That was the case. But Abducing Madoffs, made clear that he did not see his victims as fellow humans. He killed them because they were non Muslim Americans. He explained what explained matter of factly we received an order and followed it. We didn't have plans to ask them questions or talk to them. They said they were Americans and laughed Americans had to be killed. Evil is a make believe concept Make the trip of a lifetime Austin Ann Loren, both twenty nine years old, left behind lives and careers in Washington, Dc Austin, a vegan had worked for the Us Department of
Housing and urban development go Keoghan. Sorry, I can't pronounce a vegetarian. And worked in the Georgetown University Administrations office as they biked across country after country share their experiences and thoughts on Instagram and I joined blog. Their post captured the open heartedness. They wanted to own body and the acts of kindness reciprocated by strangers. Calamy. She said in an August eulogy of a couple. You read the papers and you're led to believe that the that the world is a big scary, place, Austin wrote from Morocco, I don't buy it. Evil is a make believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans, holding values and beliefs and perspectives different from our own. He added he continued by and large humans are kind self interest it's
times myopic, sometimes but kind generous and wonderful and kind. No, that's not wrong. I agree with that sentiment to an extent. Evil is not a make believe concept, though I do believe it can be subjective. It's hard to know for sure you know you have people who have a faith based view of evil and evil is a part of a religious world exists. For me. I think it's philosophical, but if I'm looking at the story, I would argue that the man who killed them was evil. For one reason he no intention of doing anything to benefit himself. Okay, you can call the banality of evil whatever you in this circumstance, the man and his crew who attacked the cyclists didn't do anything to benefit themselves. It was literally just pointless. Killing of unrelated innocent people are nothing
anything. So he goes on to explain you know they were ordered to do it and because Americans kill Muslims, they kill them back. That's not justification for anything that is quite literally doing something that isn't self interested, but it makes no sense. It is just causing harm to others. For no reason, I think I think I made that clear right. They say Austin and guilt did have to use it okay when they arrived, you can stand last July. It's at I'm sorry, the last name is can't. I can't read just over a year to their trip. They were biking and self Tajikistan, a region that board, ISIS territory in northern Afghanistan when a car rammed them five men, car and stabbed the couple to death, along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands. After the attack which made international headlines, Tadjikistan E security forces quickly killed four of the perpetrators and arrested of do some a dove,
He is in prison. Is his in prison and a Shanti the capital to she could stand where he spoke to column meet you for the latest episode of the weekly the times knew who show. I formed my own group here and committed the attack you're counted when Muslims are being killed everywhere, we must try to kill non believers wherever we find them when they stop killing Muslims we stopped to, and you know how that works, you're going to hear people say when they stop killing us, we stop telling them yeah, it never ends. So I'll call this. I guess the banality of evil, a man who met people apparently said he met him at a gas station. So let's read this ask how is selected them? He said he met them at a gas station just prior to the attack. I talked to them. He said I asked them where they were from. I ask them what nationalities they were and they me they were Americans. You know I'm look. This is a story about a naive, liberal couple, vegan whatever I thought they could go
just north of ISIS territory and be safe, because humans are kind. I'm sorry that crosses a line for me. I went to Venezuela, I'm an American. I had an american passport in my pocket. Okay in my, in my background from being you know about and I had people keep coming up to me. Hear me speak English, asking me where I was from. You know why, because that is why ones do not like Americans, not not all of them, but many of them, and I knew that if I crossed the wrong person said American, they would attack me and it would become very dangerous in Venezuela, there are men who ride around on motorcycles with guns and they kill people. So you don't said Dan when he said where are you from? I said? Oh I'm from vice get it and he said no. What country and I said, vice- is a canadian magazine, because everything I said was true- where am I from I thought but what news agency? No, no, what country all white
the news agency, it's it started in Canada and he walked away because I'm not stupid. To go to a country that hates Americans and start talking about how I'm american and laughing about it? I would never go to Turkey. I've been a turkey, I'm not going to go there I'm not going to go north of ISIS territory, be like I'm an American. You have to be you there, you so look You know we hear over and over again. Why don't we just teach people, teach men not to do acts? Okay, how bout you teach the terrorists not to L, oh that's not working out for you. Perhaps we should teach people how to protect themselves and not go. Into these situations, where they're going to be just north of ISIS territory. To me, that's absolutely insane. Absolutely insane. Let's read on asked whether he feels any regret. I do some of the offset what Americans kill Muslims. They don't regret it we're the same way and we will continue how much then try to appeal on a human, human humanistic level. When I look at
now I see another human being. When you look at me, what do you see? I see a christian person. He said a person who isn't Muslim. Do you think you have anything in common with the people that you killed column? If you pressed now, there was nothing in common. They are humans, and so are we. We didn't have anything else in common and it, the meaning of the millennial bikers killed by ISIS. Before there Thank your ended in tragedy. The travels that their travels often bore out their idealistic world view. Their blog post documented numerous acts of human kind of including a man giving them ice water on a sweltering day in Botswana and a couple in Morocco, so offering them a room for the night and sending them off with a loaf of homemade. Bread, however, has on the G Callen reported in twenty eighteen. They also noted flashes of cruelty, such as groups of men trying to push them off a mountain. Yes and a driver nearly running Austin over in traffic, ultimately Callum much
noted their murders held a world view as diametrically opposed as imaginable to the one Mister Austin and Mr Gilligan work more trying to live by their decision to travel. Did you guess Dan did not seem particularly risk. At the time Snopes pointed out and a thorough facts check of a pluralist headline, the US department listed, the kind Pre S level. One travel advisory, which comes with advice to exercise normal precautions, yet, given their stated views Some conservatives have Red Austin Ann Gilligan's as a cautionary tale, not just about the perils of travel, but about liberal naivete in there telling an overly generous understanding of human nature is behind much of today's progressive movement from calls to radically scale back immigration enforcement efforts to efforts to crack down on fire. Not to mention growing democratic support for social,
style economies, since the Monica model couple was killed, ISIS has expanded. Its footprint in Afghanistan has been blamed for additional tax and, if you could stand, the State Department has raised its threat. Evaluation of the country to a level two sang exercise, increased caution and, as you can stand it due to terror, so I'll. Add a few things before signing off on this millennials are pampered. They grew up in this view golden age, most millennials, not all of them. They had everything they ever wanted. Think about the path people took, especially with student loans. You didn't have to work too. Steve and now they're shocked after getting out of school, that they have loans to pay back and they have to work. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if you live- and you don't work but you're given food, the bill will come due.
At some point to quote more dough in doctor strange. The bill comes due all the ways these young people spend up to twenty four years of their life, where everything is being taken. Care of for them. Naturally, they don't understand responsibility and if you do understand responsibility, you're going to assume you can galavant about the world and nothing bad will happen to you. They weren't speaking to prove that you all humans were kind. That's that's hot hyperbole. They wore documenting how humans were kind and they were to an extent trying to prove human kindness and even saying evil is make believe. They've done, the opposite. They have proven evil does exist. They have proven their people in this world who don't care? Who you are what you believe all they care about is your and other, and they will end your life for literally no reason did-
this couple of anything to do with war. Of course not did this man who ended their lives, stop and think about the ramifications of his action. Absolutely not. He said I was given orders I killed them. We've heard that before and yes that is called evil. Just following orders- and here we have a young idealistic couple, king they can just you know nothing. Bad will happen. I'm sorry, you know I was preparing a trip from New York to La and I was going to be by myself. So I looked into self defense, because even though I understand that most of my fellow Americans are good people, I reckon I is that sometimes people do bad things. You just don't know and that's why people believe in the right to self defense, because you don't want to be in a situation where someone can just end you, life in this way. I think I wonder what would have happened. They were rammed okay by a car.
I'm assuming it's a horrifying story. They were on the ground and injured, but what if they did have some some kind of self defense? Could they have survived if they were armed? The answer is yes, it's likely, yes, the man that they were they were. They were killed by night by night, a magic if they got hit. The guys ran out with what you know with knives and then and I stood up and pointed a gun, I'm not a gun person. I don't own one. I'm just bring up a point about self Defense and the different portion out of power in certain circumstances, in these kinds of circumstances, and when you see stories like this, it's not you know. I don't need to question why someone would want to own a lot and especially a woman you think about, all these stories- and this is what really blows my mind- the people who are for you know, gun control and it you know harsh litigation against. Like the you know, stopping a criminal live in big Sur Please you look at London, there's an old man. Some guys broke into his house, so he stabbed him with like a knife or something or it may have been a screw. And then he got arrested for it. This is a joke we here,
time and time again like it. I remember which movie was, but a guy like broke, Brick House House, cut himself and then sued the homeowner. These kinds of things exist. It's big cities with police departments that want to take away. People right to self defense, but the people who live in the middle of nowhere understand that sometimes crazy people do crazy things and you'd think living in a big city. Recognize that too, especially Chicago, where you have a lot of crazy. People doing a lot of crazy things and a lot of illegal guns so No, I'm I'm not try to turn this into a to a video on it like that, because I'm I'm pretty centrist on the on the whole gun issue. Anyway. I bring this up because you take this millennial mentality. The world is safe. We can do it every want. Ok, great! Now, these young, these young people, have lost their lives, That same mentality is bread from an urban big city. Pampering. If you, if you spend all of your life with your resources, provided to you, you're not going to understand what it takes to survive,
and if you, if you grow up in a big city where you've got a police force, always you know available. Not even you know like got got a for us. It's not per but I lived in a rural area where their work police, so if mineral area, and you understand the only one who will keep you alive as you you're not going to find yourself in a situation like this Honestly, I would be shocked to find a story about a conservative who went to North of ISIS territory and then was talking about no one being evil. It's just not the case. You know, and so I want to make sure we avoid the extremes. We don't want people to say every Evil always be on guard like well, not not evil is rare, to a certain extent what you should be on guard. You shouldn't blanket trust that you can ride your bike anywhere in the world and BC.
You can't even do that in New York City, someone might attack you and rob you in New York and New York is safe. So if you think you can go to can go Tadjikistan North of ISIS territory and you're going to be safe, you know what I can't say. I'm surprised this happened and I'd I'd be surprised if any insurance company would pay out on something like that, but it goes back to the mentality. I'll say it one more time the mentality urban liberals and like progressives when they say it teach men not too x great. If we could convince if a criminal is just need to be told hey, you know, you can't do that, it's bad and they stopped. We wouldn't have jails. We wouldn't have police. We wouldn't even have weapons because throughout history you would literally be like. Excuse me man with sword. Did you know it's wrong to hit something with it and you shouldn't do it and they will go? Oh gosh darn it output the sword down. That's not how the world works. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who do bad things, and sometimes you need to teach you
people to protect themselves and not enter dangerous situations unless they uh first and the risks so I'll say one more thing. Perhaps they did understand the risks. Fine, they acted like everything was, was great and happy, but they had people try to push him off. A cliff maybe they should have realized they were entering really dangerous parts of the world. You know what, I'm not going to. I hate to rag on the dead, because it's a tragic story but I'll leave it. There thank bring it out. Stick around. I got more segments coming up later today. The next will be at one hundred pm: Youtube, dot, com, Slash TIM cast news, and I will see you all then. If I were to say that feminists and Most. Women prefer masculine men and strong men and not feminist men. I would get a ton the people on the left slamming me an criticizing me. However, we have anecdotes that prove this to be true and there's. Actually some data now up in here from I don't know whatever in cells, like you know the nice guys. I guess that women, like jerks women, don't lie
jerks- ok, that's not true right than I sky personality whose, as like I'm nice to you, therefore access you do that. That's not nice! Ok, that's being a jerk. Women lie, strong, confident assertive men for the most part. You know people have individual choices. I recognize that, but women tend to like man, whore, assertive and tradition traditionally masculine and tend to be dominant. It's actually not that big of a swing, though it's not like ninety nine percent of women feel this way I looked at it. Much of data? I've constantly looked at these stories and it's something like sixty five to seventy percent of women preferred dominant men versus submissive. And but there are a decent amount of women who, like submissive men, perhaps then- These women, who turn out to be feminists. I don't know we have funny story, though, from pluralist woman married too perfect feminist man wishes he would cheat on her, I'm so bored I'm going to do something. First, though I tried digging into this a little bit and, as it turns out, I think, pluralistic,
editorializing this guy is a feminist because he does he's a co parent in terms of domestic work. No here in this woman's actual article. Does she talk about feminism nor are twitter account I didn't find out. Maybe she is ok, but human story is that husband is Mister, perfect, he's morally good. He takes care of the housework and she's bored and she wants him to cheat on her and she once someone more traditionally masculine she does. Talk about how you know like bitch, raise her feminist side and stuff like that. But I don't think she actually ever explicitly says a feminist though poor was, I think, make sense that this was the asian. So let's look at this story, but I also have some other examples like the New York Times and the Washington post. Talking about how you know, look man, In my personal experience, the feminist women. I know they don't like feminist guys, I mean maybe but not the woman. I've met not the feminist, I've met
so but will get into that in a second. So I have this Washington Post and New York Times story. And ones like an anecdote, and one looks at data that shows that for them part women do once more dominant men and feminist men are not that for the most part you can be You can be a traditionally masculine man and respect certain concepts like certain aspects of feminism but not the way. Male feminists tend to be. You know what I mean like three: the story before we get started head over to guess. I slash done it if you want to support my work, there's a monthly donation option with Paypal, Cryptocurrency physical address, but of course, share this video. If you think what I talk about is worth other people here, because you tube doesn't want to suggest my videos anymore. It is what it is. They say. Female journalist complained in an op ed last week that herself list and attentive husband leaves are so bored she wishes. He would cheat on her. Writing for the sun, clear, O'Reilly, forty cents. He calls her spouse. John Mister perfect
tried him as the stuff of feminist co dreams. If I told on Friday, I was spending Saturday chilling at a spa, he probably I'll be there. So I did have to drive then take the kids, their clubs before making sure the house was tight, all that in her in her english household stereotype, gender roles are flipped. Just let we went out with a friend for a long planned point and I was foul mood before he, because I had to put the washing away and make the kids packed lunches she suggesting her husband usually handles such domestic tasks. Kind of you be hyperbolic here, Mister Pluralist, but we get the point. This really is about. I think it's fair to say, remove the assumptions about feminism. We have a woman who split gender roles and that's why I'm not someone who super hardcore traditionalism right. So if a guy wants to do this, is I really don't care? I actually think it's really important that men that Father's do some of the
work and set a good example for their kids. So this is a this is early in my opinion, you know overtly feminist, but what we are seeing is a woman. I was upset that she is doing you know flip gender general stuff and how she's bored buy it, but let's read on and then and then we'll go onto the actual other anecdotes. She says John's ridiculous. Moral compass has come to be a bone of contention. Don't get me wrong, I love him, and this year we celebrate seventeen years together, thirteen married, but I people lie, cheat defame or slander. Just once that I could feel better about my own, less than perfect character, simply put I'm order of being married to a paragon of virtue, interesting on this one, where marriage has none less lasted. She turns a study published in the Journal of personality and social psychology August, at the end says that when one part partners country conscientious, the coupling actually work better if the other is less so what they say
is Claire O'Reilly servicing a broader issue up issue about who women are drawn to. They say that the razor just confirmed anecdotal reports that, when tend to be less attracted to respectful man, then too bad boys. But let me let me clarify this. It's not so simple as to say like respectful, respectful in my the is submissive. It's agreeable and that's, I think, is a better way to describe it. Look. You can be respectful to someone and be negative. In fact, I think if you lie to placate someone you're, not respecting them like. If I see a woman, I just a bunch of bags and I go how about I carry your bags for you. That's not respect the, not in my opinion, the way I see it is right, you're, an adult human your own bags? I don't. I respect your strength, you do it, I'm not here to lift every everything's, for you all open a pickle jar, I'll get the door. If you need me to get the door cuz the polite thing to do, what is a dip,
between respect and like coddling. You know I mean, if you're going to make the assumption that someone is weak and needs your help. That's not necessarily a sign of respect, so we can it's, it's it's it's not so much that you're a bad. What I've been like, you're your own bags, it's just like regular people, you know I I I I talked to some like guy friends that are like nice, guys that I've known in and they this mentality about how to treat women I'm like dude. Why do you like women and men are like to be treated as two different species. Look, I get it. Men and women are different, of course, but nice guys? Who are like when they're hanging out with dudes, they have nope I'm getting drunk and making jokes. When I got women there, like you, you're such a good prize I'm like don't that's just weird. That's just like I'll talk to a woman exact same way. I talked to a guy for the most part, while recognizing do can likely in a pickle jar. You know I mean I'm not saying women can't, because I think I'm I'm joking Dominic always well yelling at me. I got a pickle jar. Oh yeah, ok, let's move on
the story. I want this real quick. I looked up this woman's name. It's not this article, okay, you know- I I I get it it's! It's click baby to call it feminist, but to the reason why I'm framing the story in a certain ways, because because I want to talk about the bigger issue beyond this one article. So I It's clear because I I do intend to title this about like feminist women versus male feminists and like what they what they want this store. It is an anecdote that plays into it. She never I found the nests, but I'm assuming she she likely, as I'm I'm just trying to make sure it's clarified. So the reason I bring this up is that all this does link to the story from the Washington Post. That says, I'm a feminist who is it packet too manly men, I'm not great through this whole thing, but she just it's about how he did a bunch of different guys, she's a femme. This writer and xian- ok, ok, ok, hold on writer and she said, I'm a date with a guy. He put his head
it firmly on her but pretending to usher her through a crowd. He didn't ask before reaching over to rub her shoulders as though he they write to touch my body and talk about how she liked it. That's the point of that one making this video as a feminist writer. I understand that these behaviors denote male entitlement and indicate that he might not respect women. No, yet I was turned on. I have always an attractive to do. She goes on to say that she, I'm I'm not going to play this out of context game. She doesn't talk about how she is attracted to dominance. Man, in my experience I have found this to be true. In fact, the I would, I would say it the only I legit am it relationships. I've ever had have been either like moderate left to like full on feminist. And this is where I tried to explain with all my videos like dude, my friend, These are all left there not far left. I do have
some friends who are far left, but that's kind of like created a really bad rift because they're going off the rails moe- my friends are like default left right there, just like bourbon They have pretty urban democrat opinions. They don't really know a whole lot about news n, nor do they care they're, very passive, and then I have some friends that are very left that are for gun control and all these things, and we have these conversations but they're good people they're my friends and they're they're. Not all so. You know so dumb that they can have their minds changed. They just fall into fall spectrum and I'm fine, that's cool they're, not regressive. Actually I'll say this summer, friends have become like overtly regressive and that freaked me out, and that's really sad. I had one friend who is and so far left pro like Trans rights activist. She advocating conversion therapy like that, you know: somebody who is, who is a male body should date so with a male body: they just need to get used to and I'm like, whoa wait hold on full stop anyway, I digress the point to make I have been with,
who, like I've, I've had like flings in relationships with women who are full on, like radical feminists, like intersectional talking about all these things about guys, patriarchy and I'll. Tell you what I have nothing but respect for my fellow man. If you you know you earn it, you earn respect and awe sit down and talk with, demonstrate and say straight up, yeah you're wrong and here's. Why and guess what? In these circumstances, these are women. I've dated who have the point to make is, I know it's anecdotal, but I these stories, like this, a feminist writer flat out, was saying she liked the to do just grabbed her on the but ok. What do you think? That's that message sense. Look. I don't think you should touch right, we're in precarious era today and it's writing about how they like it. But if you do do you will likely get arrested, we're not necessarily have a date with a woman, and you make
that move. I believe in most circumstances the move would work. It depends you really gotta understand cues, but I think oh that someone will tell you how to do it, but here's the point I'm trying to make. First of all done, just don't do it. You gotta do with that. Just do not touch all right- and this is what's really bad for millennials- Two era is insane for me. Yeah. I you'll see a photo with give me with likes any woman and it's like there's a nice gap in between us, I'm not playing any games that no way ' 'cause look at Aziz on Sorry Aziz on sorry. What do you do at a bad date and then all of a sudden have this viral article, accusing of all the all these Rawls wrongdoing? It's like the datapad date. He was trying to come. Some check. He was doing less then what this guy did and she writes about how she liked it. So what signal does that send the guys when you straight up when you straight up, say: hey feminists? I believe that send like men should do this, but when a man doesn't ha it's good. What would you do you think people go to such a high up like this.
Mad magazine has a famous on a long running segment called a mad look at and it's a series of comics about some topic. One of hum along time ago was called a mad look at public displays of affection or or something like that. Like PDA, I can remember exactly what it was, but there was a cartoon where it was beautiful man, this beautiful on man and they're kissing and always got her foot up, and all of these we're standing around going like this. Oh it's so cute. The next panel was fat guy and okay saying I don't have a leg up and people are angry like her and I think they make a good point. A lot of people will say that the in between creepy and charming is how attractive the guy is, and you to admit there is there some truth to that. If I'm, like you, know, chiseled six foot, five do with like muscles and like a beard and like slicked, back hair and tattoos walked over.
This is like a pretty lady. What can I get you over at the bar they'd be like Conf. Don't got now. Imagine like a short fat, bald guy, walking up and going like hey What can I get you at the bar so to it's? It's the the point is what an today. Why? So you just don't, do it. You can't get in trouble even right, the like it! Well, you ask that's too bad, you know we're in this era where Neil Degrasse Tyson literally took woman's arm and looked at her tattoo, and she, then later says it was it you know, was inappropriate assault or something, and I can't get in trouble for it and they think the now Reeves doing hover hands. I don't blame them. I don't even dare to hover hands. Okay, like you, this is hands on a woman and his hands floating. The photos I've taken with people and there's a nice gap in between 'cause. I don't play that game, not for these. Like public If I don't know you, I'm not touching you, I don't for a day or otherwise. I have my for,
I've known for years, I have like past flings of people, I think yeah. We can act like normal human beings, but this this this stuff gets crazy man. So, anyway, videos going long, because I think this is a bigger issue back. I I can make like a three hour long, like you know, keynote presentation, these concepts and ideas. We have this story. The New York Times I was also part of by loyalist, doesn't more equal marriage, mean less love, making. I don't know I guess the answer is yes, but these stories are old, but they follow a similar thread that I Jordan Peterson said something about feminists secretly desiring a dominant culture like Islam and got like really attacked for it. I think that's a bit extreme. You know I'm not a psychologist. Maybe he does better, but I would just say that I think there are a lot of guys that pretend to be female fun s because they want to like weasel their way into you. The better with
and then guys who don't care and we'll say exactly what they think exactly why, while still being respectful and that's true confidence, my experience. The feminism and I've talked to like that have enjoyed my company and I I and I've enjoyed there is by all means you can tell me all your hopes and dreams. That's great. I wish in the best- and I will help you achieve those that and I'm going to do my thing and say what I think and I don't care what else I meet your you and a story you'll never see. Doubting. You know old milady or if I'm the nominee, don't I show me the clown. Homie, don't play that that's not how it's not that's, not what I'm all about, and so I think this Emily brings us to. Let me make a final point. We are now in an era where you have this writers who have written about how they enjoy men grabbing without consent, and it turns them on not not all women, it's just I'm talking one feminist right on the Washington Post. We have data, talks about similar things. Women want assertive, confident men
and you have a woman who sang. I will my husband would cheat on me, I'm so bored. I could you know that? That's that that's the actual, is the sun. It's it's. Austin, I'm bored. Being married to Mister perfect. I wish he'd cheat, so I could feel better about myself mixed messages, Ultimately, I think what we're seeing, The media has run wild with insane stories, and so now men and women trying to trying to fit in socially acting. They believe things or feel things they don't. I have problem being honest. I wish everyone else would be too okay. I think there are a lot of women and not sending most, but I'm a lot of women who would prefer to be- this wise and have kids what they feel like. They can't and that's not my opinion, I'm not a woman. It's because I have talked about this. A bunch of women and found anecdotes anecdotally. There are many. And you know I feel like if I wasn't doing this I'd- be shame or ridiculed. I don't
can't rely on a man and all that and I've met I've met women. I have dated have said. I really wish I didn't have to work, there's more extreme writer Rick around these issues, where you get people like Gavin, Mcinnes, saying, like all women would be happier in the home with babies and I'm like nah nah. The MA engines are not that high this. This, the the the mark, the difference between proper frank career and a friend home. It's not that big of a difference. Okay, it's like usually you'll find that it it's it's our it's. It's really really is close to fifty percent, like what I mean is ninety, It's at ninety percent of women, it's probably a small percentage of women who are conscious. About what they want to do and the majore he just kind of go with the flow now, I could be wrong while back I'm just saying I'm talking bout anecdotes, but in the end none of it matters If someone tells me they would rather be at work, that's fine by me. Don't don't I'm not going to argue with you and I can tell you what you should or shouldn't do. I am a liberal Aibel we live and let live so off today
Miss women at all that wanted to career stuff. Then why would I doubt that I will say, though, the point trying to make. I know many women who are friends of mine who that explicitly they would prefer to just be at home with kids or something like that more to him. You know, I think you choose what you want to do and there are guys want to do the same thing. We stay at home, dads, more power to you as well. That's the point, the issue I want to up in the end 'cause we're going long is that we see these stories and it sends a mixed message. So I don't know I'll leave it there and just let you comment and let me know what you think. I don't think I don't think I I think I'll say this. I think a lot of what people do in their lives is based on social acceptance right if you, not to be someone who raises a family is going to be a husband or a wife. You need to do things that are socially acceptable to be accepted by a potential mate. That means you will likely get a career if you have to and you'll be actively pursuing that, but there are if people say at what point do you stop? Have a family? I don't know
complicated issue, but I leave their necks. Raining outside excitement will be coming up at four pm on the main channel you to that comes less ten cast in the podcast. It's it's it's in the beginning, so I guess is available on a lot podcast the platforms everyday around six hundred and thirty thanks running out- and I will see you all in the next segment have been in ongoing battle between antifascists, an right wing individuals who are set to hold a free speech rally when the and activists, started, putting up posters around DC and they were doxing certain individuals. I believe Tucker Carlson and Steven Miller had their. I I saw the posters their addresses on them and I'm told that this Antifa count all out to DC or all out district tweeted out an image that had come across and address this apparently got taken down and then following a campaign by Jack was so back.
Apparently a bunch of these active accounts have been deleted. So we have a big update. Your Ford Fischer tweets Jack was so, but has managed to turn toward or against Dc Anti fought, and if I just sent out a press release stating that not one but five of their and their friends, twitter accounts, including all of district, were removed after or boarding campaign by Jack, and so we have these three images where they're playing silly games claim that uh we didn't put the posters out, but we appreciate who did the posters hey all out BC on them. Your twitter account is all out to district. Well, apparently, there's been a bunch of accounts that have that have gotten bands. Let's, let's see what and people have to say before we get started head over to TIM, cast accomplished on it. If you'd like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option, if Nickel address, but, of course, if you think I deserve it, I request you share the video, because you too, poop is removing suggestion, suggested feeds from my and other channels. So I could use your system,
but by all means feel free not to do anything in their press release. From all out DC at Riseup dot net, they say for immediate release. Twitter bands all out Dc Mobilization Twitter, account slash alt right, trolls get ant, You, racist twitter, accounts, banned. They say on June twenty. Fourth, a twitter account of all out district was suspended from Twitter for parent rules violations. I can confirm that the posters put up that read all out DC did. How did did they did the docks art talk across and and Steven Miller? What are they to do them on highly sure they did tweet some images it's where you couldn't make out the addresses on it, but I've seen the posters the address was on it. So that's doxing! That's against the rules, the the suspension was due to alt right leader Jack, the mass false report campaign against all out district and four other leftist. Social media cow It's all. The accounts were suspended due to the sheer amount of reports, an not due to the validity of Mister Passover,
allegations after pressure from far right, trolls, connected to pro trump circles, twitter suspended six accounts run by anti fascists. Anne pro migrant groups. These accounts included shut. Down, DC, Baltimore Anti Fascists to to anti fat, and he fought for anti fascist blocked the wall and are going on. These accounts have been critical in promoting demonstrations against Trump attack on migrants and asylum seekers of the border, as well as mobilizing for anti fascist and anti racist mobilizations across the east coast. So such as against, unite the right- and you know the rest, Jack, the so, but prior to the deletion of all out DC tweeted a dozen times in several hour periods asking his twitter followers was actually mass report them. He said, and then they have a link to a bunch of the tweets, and you can see it's not just him, there's also Toro Larosa. They say Pacific alleges that all up district
the home, addresses of ultra right, pundit, Tucker, Carlson and Donald Trump's right hand, man, Stephen Miller, they say that they have never posted the personal and action of either of these men on the internet. We tweeted pictures of fantastic posters that, I found around DC. But none of these pictures contained any address is completely false. I've seen them can confirm I've in them. I can't share those photos because, if someone's private address, but yes, the address was absolutely on there, we make it a priority to abide by twitter policy and guidelines. Overt lies in DC. You can see them. The address is around the posters. We are not thing that we disagree with doxing fascists. We are Billy, stating we bear no responsibility for the exceptionally made posters that have popped up around DC spreading the word about their invasion. Now, here's the thing the poster say they all all out DC on them, so
but he just happened to use your name just before your twitter account came into existence in the: U tweeted the pictures. They say we tweeted pictures of fantastic posters yep some of those posters did have an is on them so because also that they want to say that he's also been connected with both the the all right, which is just it's. It's a it's selling on chance and yes, there's a lot to criticize public for for past weeks. However, I am able to confirm the past weeks from press up in so, but what? What with? What they accuse him of I've seen screenshots, but look. I've had people fabricate fake screenshots from me, so I can take that with a grain of salt. I talk about echoes and look all say this man, your your free to criticize, but so back, I'm not here to defend the guy. He can stand on its own two feet, but the point is I've seen the posters they are lying about not boxing after October Carlson and seven Miller Steven Miller. So I'm not gonna trust anything. They say they go on to then smear pouso bickmore. I really don't care what they have to say against him. If they broke the rules they broke, the rules on Twitter took action against them. They want to say that their collective of long,
an activist, anti fascist, Et Cetera and they're trying to and why the privacy fine. I have this tweet here from Jack, so make himself. This is from June 23rd. Antifa DC has also docs US government official Stephen Miller and posted a up around the city in this picture. This this You can see. The bottom left is blacked out with red. That is where his address is. I have confirmed this. The address was there jack when he posted his when he posted his version of poster he adapted that information. Otherwise, he too would be would be a. We then have object so big, tweeting Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization of smelly losers, who slither slither out of their parents, basements to attack the families of american Patriots veterans and Christians. Doxing swatting assaults have no place in american politics. So this is about there's a free speech rally that supposed to take place in Dc- and
not necessarily it's definitely not all right. All. I wouldn't call it all light either it's hard to it's hard to place. It's it's kind of odd. No, you were right. You know it's really hard to describe what these groups are. You know who jack so back represents in terms of like his political space. Maybe just from supporters a good way to put it, but there's not going to be like Step Steven Miller and talk across and have nothing to do with the event, and this presents a bigger problem. This group, all of district, is straight up lying. They did docks these two. Visuals and these people aren't, even speaking at the event, so why they put up posters around acting like that anything to do with it. I don't know it was an event. First for for free speech, It was related to the hashtag, stop the bias and, as we know, censorship, serious and legitimate concern, but I will say actually hold on before I move forward. Supposed to be some big event. Tomorrow in Portland people have a meeting that have been hitting me up about.
I want to say that activity from Antifa has kind of waned in recent time, which is great news and for the people who fight them There have been some street battles. There was one instance not that long ago, where some trump support right on the sidewalk and someone came up as sort of got of his car and fighting with them so we have seen street violence for sure, but the the it seems like we're on the back and of the bell curve of this like Antifa versus Trump supporter groups, at least for now, I think, in the fall when we may see more things light up, and my understanding is that tomorrow there's going to be another one of these Portland Patriot Prayer, proud boys events, I'm not, entirely. Sure what's supposed to happen, but you know, and if I was going to shop as per as per usual and Portland, tends to be a hot bed of this activity, but for whatever reason, Maybe it's because there's not really a lot of trump rallies. Maybe it's because auntie is losing its he'll too young. Like I don't I don't know you know extreme individuals we haven't, a whole lot of activity. But the reason I bring this
and the reason I want to highlight this information about Anti for Doc Sing- is that for one and people went to the House of Poker Carlson and there it's contest as to what happened. Tucker says they broke the door. I don't think it means they kicked the door and while shrieking, but there probably you know apparently banging on it and left some damaged, fine Tucker's wife apparently hit in the cloud. Not knowing what was happening. So yes, don't do that. In fact, it's my understanding is. It was investigated as a hate crime, but the reason I bring this outside of that. Election season is here, the debates are here we're going to get to a point to the next year where Trump starts, holding more rallies and the last time Trump ran. I've been to I that dozens of his campaign stops his rallies and violence was a I was in San Jose. I filmed a man getting whacked and that is my name is walking on the street. They whacked him in the head. I bought the anti for will only be emboldened by the that the years following Trump's campaign where out got,
or violent, and so I'm concerned that, even though I can say it seems like it's kind of a waning, we're still seeing anti action and it's very like. So that I think we're going to see it's going to get really really bad outside of Trump rallies. I can't speak for the patriot prayer stuff, like that stuff tends to happen all the time we've seen some proud boy stuff in New York, but this is going to be different. The proud boys go out do their things. Pager progress, update things, Antifa goes and fight some it's been happen But what happens when you have thousands of people across the country show up to rallies for Donald Trump again when it comes to the election and the debates you're going to see protests you're going to see people lose control, you're going to see aunt, EVA, come out and you're going to see them. Box and then you're gonna see activists using that information to target the families in the homes of these people? So look it there there, I'm not one hundred percent behind the legal right. For free speech, and this is a really good example. While I think Let me let some people argue you should be
Post anything you want unless a court order has taken down. That's Jordan Peterson's platform thank spot there. Aren't that that's what he said. I completely disagree with that Doc sing is a red line, If someone posts my address, I want that down. Okay, I don't know if you could do anything to stop it, but that's kind of worry. That sounds like here's your address and then you get the hire security. So know what should be done. Maybe I'm wrong. It should be allowed. I don't think it should, but if someone walk around the sun. With your address on it, we going to do about it if they put a poster threatened with your address on it. What you gonna do about it talk, you know I I I I I could talk about. I'm I'm all leave it there 'cause I've got a couple more stories I want to. I want to go over. Stick around more segments to come and I will see you shortly, the mainstream media and the Democrats are cheaters, they cheaters in twenty sixteen and their cheaters again Andrew Yang in the debates last night. I was so excited for this. I briefly mentioned this a little bit. I'm I'm in my my main channel video super excited to hear Andrew Yang. The reason for it is not because I agree with everything you said.
I do agree with a lot of what he says, but Andrew Yang. It's a common sense, individual running. As a Democrat, I have tremendous respect for him. He seems like a cool. A guy who is genuine and honest he's crossed party, lines you know he's he's had conversations with Ben Shapiro is gone Joe Rogan, I think, is really interested in having a legitimate conversation about what he thinks is important, that I will always give respect to that's too much of our world is fake. I don't hear me talk about it. Every pr statements, nonsense! It's a lie people. Are there so many liars and cheaters who succeed because guess what cheaters when they want to That is not true. I say no cheaters don't want. Yes, they do and are you it's not a cheater Andrew Yang, at least to me, comes off as a genuine guy who won present his ideas and if you don't think, they're good ideas, you are. You are in right to do so and challenge him. I don't think everyone of his ideas, a good idea either, but I think he's genuine. Well guess what Andrew Yang A microphone was not on at times during the democratic debate. I
going to say straight up, I watched it. I notice some weird stuff and I would be willing to bet a lot of money. His mic was cut off and there's video evidence that suggests that may be the case. Of course, there's always weird. You know its potential something else now well. People are claiming it's a conspiracy theory, but there is a video where Andrew Young is talking, and you hear nothing, and it's really weird many of the Democrats projected in. But then, when enter young tries. You hear nothing, apparently Andrew Yang gave a statement to supporters after the debate, people were upset. He didn't talk enough. I was upset watching the debate because Yang seem to be chiming in and they were going to ask many questions and so on this much respect to Kirsten Gillibrand for budding and as much as she did. I detest her politics so much she is an identitarian she's. Just tried right.
Riding the wave of a Terrenos I'm to get ahead. It doesn't work, I think, she's. She, you look I'll leave it there, I detest or politics, but she pushed back and she was right to do so. She wasn't even in the top individuals getting a chance to speak, but she jumped in whenever she could to speak. I respect her for that. You need strength to be a president. So again, much respect to Kirsten Jilla brand for step up, even though I disagree. I wish Andrew Yang would have pushed a lot harder than he did, but it seems like only tried what happened. No sound came out, and so he said to supporters that I chiming in and and little if nothing happens around here is anything he goes. Oh f like this is happening. My MIKE's, not on swear to God, check it out from well, is getting a lot of shares. Andrew Yang was trending number one in the US and earlier today, two hashtag. Let Yang speak because they cut his mic off. They deny it what their cheaters. I'm not surprised.
The hill reports democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, claimed his microphone was not on a few times when he attempted to jump in during Thursday nights democratic debate in Miami. There were all a few times fyi, where I just started talking being like hey. I want to add something here and my MIKE was not on Yang, said well speaking to supporters after the event, and it's this sort of thing where it's like. If you started talking it takes over the conversation it's like I was talking, but nothing was happening and I was like oh f, so that happened a bit to the allegation from the technology. There comes as an analysis by the hill yeah. I had the least amount of speaking time of all the twenty can the two properties who participated in the two nights of debate that took place Wednesday and Thursday. We got it. You guys want to put warning Joe Biden up front and center and Bernie Sanders okay, but I want to hear what Yang has to say he's a true outsider, who was a bunch of unique ideas that needs to be heard because listen when you follow a path with no
diversity of thought, everybody is agrees with each other is the same nonsense. Yang truly comes in with something out of you know, just out of left field as it were. Let's hear him speak. Let's I want to hear him address these. These same policies now for sure, don't get me wrong Andrew Yang raises hand saying he'd, give undocumented immigrants, health care, and I think that's pandering absurdity. It makes no sense plain and simple. It makes no sense. Fine I want to hear in challenge all of these other notions he's not a politician. Okay, he's an entrepreneur that put some kind of uh similar space to where Trump is. I want to hear what he has to say. They, say NBC later pushed back on Youngs claim telling the hill at no point during the debate was any candidates. Microphone turned off or muted, oh really, So are you saying it's an elaborate hoax that Andrew Yang was speaking like he just mouthing words with nothing, and you wasn't trying to talk. There's video I have where you see Andrew Young, go ok, so there
sitting, basically I'm lifting my hand and then mouthing words without making sound. It works really well. On video, I really doubt Andrew Yang pretended not to speak, so we could later claimed that has my phone was cut off. In fact, some people claim you can actually faintly hear him from the other microphones. If you see, I thought the debate, person, job and jump send, and you hear her perfectly- and these are our of your your your time is up we'll get to you and she keeps talking again. I have tremendous respect for that. It's not a debate. We know it's, not a debate, they're doing it for the writings, so you've got to get a claw ahead. If you want to get any airtime- and I respect the strength I wish and getting to the same, but apparently tried didn't work, so they pushed pushed back. They all says. Getting clocked into just two minutes and fifty seconds of speaking time, former vice President Joe Biden, the front runner most polls had twelve minutes and fifty three seconds Comala Harris at eleven, thirty seven and then they a Bernie Sanders people to judge where the only other tenants to top ten minutes
and Williamson bless her heart. Her twitter account is incredible. If you haven't looked at it people are surfacing tweets from Marion Williamson and they are some of the funniest hokey crystal wearing things you have ever heard There's a viral tweet right now. It's hilarious where someone said step one: Marion Williamson was kind of you know what was was was definitely not boring. During the debate step oh wow! She still here she's, definitely pushing through step three something like wow. She, you know she has Jimmy Fallon tonight, she's really gotTA presents step. Four president, William crystal. I have reservations about President William since Crystal tariffs because hurt tweets are like there's one. She said your life, it's like a lamp and let God's light failure lamp and pass through just like a bunch of weird self help, Okie Crystal wearing kind of stuff. Anyway, I've got some stuff I want to show. So I don't want to prattle about Williamson, I'm not trying to be mean to her
say Eric Swalwell, respectively clocking in at four minutes. Fifty seconds of twenty four seconds so they updated with the statement from NBC, claiming that no at no point was his microphone cut off. I might get a copyright claim for this one, but this is really important context. This is a video posted by someone named alacrity, thief, titled Proof Andrew ends microphone was muted at dumb debate. So you know I'm I'm not gonna play this, because I do not want to deal with MSNBC look at how they file fake complaints, all the time and weren't really per care situation you to, but I will say this: I have to do that to this out, you can go to check it out. What we're looking at right now is the debate stage, and we can Andrew Yanks hand is up basically happen. Was someone made a statement and you can right here? His mouth is open. He was talking. You know, I'm going to play it actually known. I'm sorry guys. I can't risk they'll. Do a copyright strike takedown or something they took down live streams.
People who are streaming the debate and having conversations about it, it's better that the video stays up and I can explain, they did a gang that gets taken down and no one knows about its all. All all all all you know I'm not gonna play, but you can see in this pause clip. I have Yang, does have his mouth open and I assure you, no sound came out so when Yang says there were a couple times. I tried speaking and microphone was off. I doubt he had this elaborate plan. I made the joke on Twitter, he's playing for d, forty chess by saying nothing and not being call the pond and Yang secured himself as the top US trend like a is trending and Marian Williamson we're trying. I don't know why she was training, but Yang was trending because they cut his mic off. So we this video from where he said. Reflections on my first debate, first very glad to have the chance to represent onstage, truly a privilege, and thank you for making it happen. Second
feel bad for those who tuned in to see and support me, but I didn't get more air time we'll do better. My MIKE being off unless called on, didn't help, I'm glad to have another opportunity in July, and afterwards they cheered Bernie Sanders in in in a variety of ways, not clever ways. You can do it. I believe that here's my position and Yang is a common sense Democrat he has. He has on the democrat side. He leans. Love, loves pop on a lot of a lot of his policy positions, and for that I support him, because I do agree with some, but mostly that is a very comprehensive domestic policy plan. Incredible better than anyone else goes website and you're like dude. I can't even read. I don't have time to read all positions, he's really thought about this. I think he really cares To get, on the other hand, is one of the only we'll addressing the foreign policy position in a way that I think is principle that make sense. That's why I threw my support behind them.
I mean I agree with everything. They say that that you'll never agree with every politician. I absolutely you know, contest his raising his hand for providing healthcare undocumented immigrants, but my position to my friends: was that Yang is going to explode in popularity Bernice you Bernie was running against Hillary. There, like three people, so Bernie ended up a lot of the limelight with Yang there's a huge field, but I leave Yang is a genuine individual, with real principles and he's going to rise in popularity because of it, but there going to steal it from him and from tulsi they're, both very popular, and they have a certain charisma about them. Tulsi is, is, is incredible like she has presence, she is poised, his practice she's, a major in and out in the National guard. I believe she served overseas. She's got the resume and she's got the principles, so of course, they're not going to call her and she was the only candidate to get directly attacked. They directly check like a tractor on the stage. The the in the first night
and Yang, of course, an outsider who's, bringing new ideas and a real, comprehensive policy package. They're going to cut his mic, so look they deny it will call an allegation, but I assure you I treated this video out. You can see it it's hard to here's the conspiracy theory from the people who are denying it. Do you really believe that Andrew Yang pretended to try to speak so that he could later claim that cut MIKE off? That's insane you can see the man speaking and you can hear nothing. The Democrats, the Dnc, the media companies they're going to cheat. They cheated last time. Why? Wouldn't they cheat again? I think I think, are Biden's going to lose. I do I think, is an I think, he's there as a representation of old guard they're going to prop him up so that every I can see him but then tear I down with someone like Kamal Heris, like they did so that all of all Democrats who know Joe Biden and would vote for him will be like, oh, that's why I'll vote for Kamala, but all
and by saying one thing, two things actually like pointed out my main channel video, a washed reporter saying: I'm not that's they overheard someone said they weren't sure they're, Democrats anymore. I can respect that sentiment. I don't know who I vote for dole see look. My position was to the left of the Democrats ten years ago. It mostly stayed in a similar position of the Democrats, have veered so far left I'm now to the right of them. Even though I was to the left of Obama, it's a really weird position to be a. So yeah. I do respect and agree with a lot of positions that Tulsi Gabbard takes, though I am more of a moderate right. I am more of only slightly to the left. Actually I'd probably say move a little to the right in the past few years and a little down closer towards libertarian so weird position to be in, but I think when you grow up- and you learn you research, your opinions are just a little bit. I got, I got make sure I don't have this one too long. I will say this and are young at the short end of the stick policy Gabbert did as well, but I will give advice to every candidate
and Angela Brown is the only one who recognized this. You have to take it. They they're not going to give it to she's pulling really low. They put Bernie and Biden Front Center. Give them most of the questions, so you know what, if we're going to have anyone have the ability to stand up to Trump and all the trump supporters know this? None of these people have the strength to do it, none of them, but I will say this person jewelery, At least showed she's willing to push back and take the rings I she's she's, probably I with actually know what let me do this. I think Bernie is okay. But I believe he's lying and pandering. I like Yang better. Anybody else on the stage John, the brand is closer to the bottom, in terms of whose politics I might agree with because she goes fallen into Tarian, but regardless of that, being president is is about more than just your political positions, it's about being strong enough to leave the None of these people showed any real strength in my opinion, except for deliberate and that's that's shocking, because I've cried I've criticized heavily, but I will
a straight up Joe Biden got torn down by Warren I'm not another by Harris? Not Warren Elizabeth? Oh my god! Oh my god end by Kamala Harris she tore him down. She did do in a way that I thought was strong. She used time to make pointed emotional attacks, not gonna work on Trump. So look Democrats you've got figure out how to play the game, and Marianne Williamson did say this. You think policy, positions, will get, will get you past Trump, never going to happen. Trump doesn't play that game as one of the reasons he won Democrats better wake up and learn how to actually present strength of the debates. I don't think Gila Bend has a strength to beat Trump, but at least she showed something better than the rest of them and I hope Yang can stand up. I think one of the problems too is Yang doesn't have the same. You know he's not going to throw a fit he's. Not kind of yell interrupts interrupt you gotta, do it? Man you got to step up
I'll leave that stick around. I got one more video coming up in a few minutes. I will see you there, so this it was going to be a special segment where I want to throw a special thank you to everybody and warn about the perils of censorship. I just talk more about censorship. I do have or pulled up about how censorship, backfires and will like way this into. I don't know what general future dystopia, because, like I, I there's so much, there's so much stuff. I want to talk about, but here's the first thing in the most important thing, with your help, I have now become a top one hundred podcasts on Apple podcast, based like I tunes I am ranked seventy three. I believe so we're looking right here is these are this is from fifty to one hundred apple podcasts on chargeable. We've got fifty one, you have I'm much Jay Shetty on purpose of Jay he's fallen little bit. Why and scroll down here I will show you what you guys have helped accomplish. You know I can't do without your help.
And this to me, is a bigger deal than than you too but number. Seventy three is the Timpul Daily show it's important. Show brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in the culture, war, politics and global conflict. Seventy three, a top one hundred podcast. I could have done without you I've said in the past few videos that all of this content, you're hearing is available as a podcast. So if you want to check it out, it's on applets on Google, the reason orange. Is that it's not just a special thank you to the success of the show, but but I, to make sure that my content exists on as many platforms as possible. I am- Well, I'm doing really well on you too. You guys watch my content. You apparently are interested in it and thus Youtube recommends me in certain ways, but here's what's care recently, we learned through a project veritas tos that that my channel, you know Rubin Prager, you others have been removed but for the most part from suggested videos that means when you watch
the on you to where you know. Ninety plus percent of my your ship is at the end of that video. They also just something they no longer. So just my content on the home page. They do, but this ultimately means that, even though my channels are growing and succeeding, Youtube has ascension. He took it taking a whack at you know, one of the wheels of my vehicle to kind of slow things down. Because of this. I rely on you guys to share content, and I and I ask you to do it if you think I deserve it, then please share it. I think this is step one like two thousand and twenty is coming up and they're not going to stop with conservatives they're going to go after anybody who dares so I will say one more time. It really does mean a lot to me and I woke up and I on email that sad to congradulations. You know you broke the top one hundred and I just can't I died. That means a lot to me. I guess I'm successful top what a podcast it's a big.
Peel and doesn't mean too much. It means that there's like a massive growth in the show so I'll leave it there. It's just you guys. Your support has made We feel like what I do. It is worth it, but here's what I'm concerned about and here's scares me we'll talk about censorship. Twitter recently announced that they're going to who allow tweets that break the rules to stay up from people if it's in the public interest for the most part, politicians, I believe it's exclusively politicians that could be wrong next. Claim that if Trump breaks the rules, they will show a note saying this tweet breaks the rules, but will leave it up because it's publicly valuable think about what that means for our future and think about what Youtube is doing to my channel and Dave rubins. So my recommend,
Actions like general recommendations are up, but my views are up. My subscribers are up. My suggestions are down. It doesn't mean that it might not be political bias. I believe it will very well could be. I believe, it's because of smear campaigns and and attacks what what both of these things present is a cut off point. What Youtube and Twitter have basically said is that content people have succeeded from this point on will be allowed to continue, but no one else will think about it. I have enough prominence now with your helping a top podcast on Itunes to tell people subscribe. Follow me on other platforms that prevents them from just read up on person. In my account any racing me what Twitter announced is. Basically this imagine if you tweet identical things to Donald Trump, Donald Trump. Two, it's something he's the president.
They will ban you and not him. You do not have the same advantage to become president. That means from this point forward. Anybody who wants to run for president who share similar views to doesn't to talk to Donald Trump will not be able to have the advantages of a massive social media platform, one of the most prominent, and for you to that means big channels who have been. You know a crib, called by this Youtube changed will still be able to succeed with calls to action, but new channels. Won't it an ongoing change within Youtube. They try and play game. You know they say like. Oh, no, it's not political bias. We've seen the emails, we know what's happening and it is, it is affecting other people, not just the right. After the VOX ad Pocalypse, a bunch of left wing channels did get stripped academic channels. So this is what they're doing they're coming for everybody, and it's because Trump wasn't supposed to win
We heard what what the co founder of Google said. Sergey Brin said he was offended by the election. Do you think that doesn't translate into actions on the company's policy? Think about this way too? the rules on twitter. They will allow someone like Donald Trump, to talk about misgendering that will influence a a massive wave of conserve so already believe similar things and then they'll ban those conservatives for repeating, with the president said, or agreeing with him they're flat out telling you that, like you know, here's the thing do I believe that Eric Swalwell will break the rules. No, because the rules are set up by progressives who are likely to agree someone like Sarah John, can say things that are hateful and bigoted, but it's ok right, now I'll stress this too? I did a segment just a few a few minutes ago where Twitter did takedown anti. So I'm not saying that there completely biased their biased enough and they don't realize it. Jack Dorsey said to me: his rules weren't biased, I explained
is gendering policy. They are so now. What we're seeing is they specifically highlight Trump breaking the rule and they're going to do. It does and that mean to everybody that if the President of the United States are republican is as being told he's breaking the rules, they're telling every other republican. You can't speak. How is that not clear evidence of political bias in every circumvented talk about this. They say. Yes, we understand Trump Trump's breaking the rules, but it's in the public interest, How often have they said, told C gabbard broke the rules, but in the in the in the in the public interest they don't they're, referencing, Republicans and Trump when they make this rule they're telling Republicans what you say is against the rules intent years. There will be someone who is similar to Trump wants to run, but they won't have a twitter account. Look at Carl Benjamin Carl Benjamin is running for office, they banned his campaign. Account isn't that in the public interest, Twitter is editorializing. They're, acting like a publisher. There
really a publisher position to say you, people what same ideas to the same thing: either you can or you can't be on the platform. So all I'm going to jump over here to the story from earlier this month and then come back talk about the podcast up in seconds. From the daily caller liberals cry: censorship after you to demonetizing frenzy hits Splc content It's from MAX Blumenthal said and Youtube's political purge, my video report for the southern Poverty LAW center, exposing a guy. They don't like, we'll leave it there. I don't get too much into detail. This purchase already gone well beyond its stated aim: it's a carpet bombing style censorship and that's how I framed it: Youtube, isn't: just going after conservatives- and this is why, when I like this and also out why I want to explain why it's so important that you guys follow me at mines, dot, com, Slash TIM cast, follow my Ines dot com, slash suburbs and my am trying make sure I'm on all platforms. I'm definitely gonna make sure the focus is on Youtube. Don't get me wrong, but we do
I have to make sure our ads aren't all in one basket. What the establishment is doing is getting ready anybody who opposes the corporate machine that includes people on the left who oppose war. It includes people Tulsi Gabbard, we have seen many left wing personality suspended censored or otherwise. Here's some important context when Project VERITAS revealed in for and on Pinterest, censoring conservatives it wasn't in is is focused. I wish it was, but the anti media was included in that part as well. They are a left wing, progressive, anti war outlet. There small activists, my address organization that challenges us war overseas. Why were they
a band of their woke? It's because the establishment is pro war and they use woke nest as a cudgel to take out people who oppose them. White Trump's base, mostly Anti war, Anti war media left banned them all. Here's a thing republicans have done a good job of circling the wagons to protect themselves, but the left isn't going to defend the small group of anti war activists on the left, so it does predominately effect. Conservatives in the end, what needs to happen is existence on other platforms. You did was a great place for me to go for growth. You know you took, did help me get. I am what we'll see what happens, but you might be sitting thinking, you know you, you watch the median say all it's a conspiracy. There there's no bias against conservatives, I'm not a conservative,
I'm actually a moderate I've defended social justice. I've explained in great detail why I'm pro choice, I'm pushing back on the Democrats. Moving to the far left and calling for more moderate democrat policy, why are they taking away my suggestions? It's not a big the! So so it's not a conspiracy theory they're targeting people challenge the establishment apple will do the same. Google Spotify's tech drive. They will all do the same. But for the time being, I will diversify the goal of this video. Thank you all so much for following my podcast following my content supporting me, you can support it. Dot, com, slash, donate. I just I you know, I guess the main point is for I was I woke up and I feel like what I'm doing matters when I see this as a success. Right apple might remove me at some point, but there's a lot of people in front of me and that's why I'm willing to defend their right to free speech, because I know first they come for them. Then they come from me. It cetera with your support on all these different platforms. It's me
the difference and it's securing my ability to do the work that I do for it to everybody who donates at through my website to get accomplished on it. I want you to know that you are providing the safety net that should my channel get perjury monetized. I can still do the work that I do so again. Thank you all so much. Thank you times a thousand. What ever and for those that aren't familiar it's the Temple Daily show on all podcast platforms, basic, I'm pretty sure. Most I don't know a it's on: Google, Spotify, Itunes and a bunch of others, and because you guys have subscribed all I know many people have asked for it. You have now put me in a position where I'm in a top one hundred podcasts. So I guess that's a great thing that matters
thank you all so much. I will see you tomorrow at ten, a am at at Youtube COM, Slash TIM cast news or day at six hundred and thirty pm, where you can find podcasts. Thank you again have a good one.
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