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Impeachment BACKFIRES On Moderate Democrats BAD, Protests And Booing Erupts, People Cry "Coup"

2019-10-09 | 🔗

Impeachment BACKFIRES On Moderate Democrats BAD, Protests And Booing Erupts, People Cry "Coup."In a shocking turn protests have erupted outside the offices of moderate Democrats over their support for impeachment and even in front of one congressman who doesn't. They say he showing "impeachment behavior."In many districts Democrats won in 2018, Trump won in 2016. Moderates thought they were voting in candidates who would get back to legislating and focusing on policy. Instead they are getting more "orange man bad" divisiveness.In one event constituents booed Rep Slotkin and one person claimed she had joined a "coup against our president."Polls do show growing support for impeachment against Trump and while this may be bad for him the bigger question is whether it will ring true in 2020. Trump will likely not be removed by the Senate and the House will likely lose their majority and they know it.It seems that this is a desperate hail mary pass win big or lose it all for the Democrats. Meanwhile far left democrat Ocasio Cortez calls impeachment boring and claim she is over it.Left and far left Democrats in safe blue districts have nothing to lose. But for the moderates they stand to lose everything.In the end the democrats have pushed forward with a confusing and irrevocably damaging impeachment inquiry that ignores due process and historical precedent all for a desperate chance at hurting Donald Trump.The economy is at record highs, unemployment is low, Trump is removing our men and women from overseas and his approval rating is higher today than it was at its worst last month. While impeachment may not be a net positive it will definitely be destructive for all Americans.

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The impeachment news is escalating now, like I said in the beginning, this will probably be bad news. For moderate Democrats. Yes, I made a video talking about how even fancy poulos? He says they might lose the house over this, but it is worth it and it According to several polls, the voters do support president Trump being impeached. It's still complicated, though just because majority of voters support the impeachment doesn't mean Trump will still lose, come two thousand and twenty, but more importantly, while there Maybe some bad news for the president all around there's good news for the G o p. Well, actually, let me walk that back. I mean it's bad for the GOP of from gets impeached right. It is actually removed by the Senate, which will never happen in my opinion, but the Republicans might take back the house because of this. So what will the? democrats have gained now admit if Trump has done something wrong. If Trump is acting untoward, if he's violating is off office by all means, he should be investigated an impeached. I don't think anybody,
actually I'm sorry, there's by some diehard trump supporters who disagree with that, but I think most people are like ok, fine. The problem is where we're at so far. It's not here and you do know that people on the left and the Democrats have been a bit. Shady shift lied about contact with whistleblower. And now we're here at the whistleblower- might have apparently has a professional relationship or did with one of the twenty twenty Democrats. This whole thing reeks of interference. That's why I can't stand the conversation, but let's break it down to the more important point. You know what here's Trump here's, the Democrats to fight for two thousand and twenty put him away economy is doing really really really well. So the Democrats are throwing a hail Mary. In my opinion, it's complicated I get it, but in the end it's the moderate Democrats were going to lose and this could cost the Democrats, the only majority they have. The house check out this story from roll Impeachment looms large in House Democrats, town halls over recess. Guess what protests are breaking out in several districts now you do
We have the Trump supporters coming out in protesting, of course, but you have districts where the Democrat wins and their constituents are blue. Wing. I covered this yesterday on my main channel, but it's only s really. Now I've got what three or four stories of protests erupting in Democrat districts over their support of impeachment will do, let's take a look exactly how this is bad news for the Democrats. It is like a some bad news, the president I get it, but in the end, if the Republicans take back the house, what will the demo have games they're not going to remove Trump. Let's get started. Let's read this: I'll here from roll call which which breaks it down and I want to show you some pie- call Zan? I want to show you the protests before we get started head over to timcast dot com, slash donate. If you'd like to support my work. There are several ways you can help support my work with the most important thing. Do you share this video? I am competing with CNN Msnbc Fox NEWS it and, and these big corporate powers- and I don't have that- pull you to props them up you for miss it. For it's a fact. They give them big out
Nyc boosts. That means the only way I can actually compete against a system that is Regnant Bennett took to benefit. Major corporations is, if all of you watching, if you support the videos, are if, if you at least like the conversation, consider sharing it explaining why, let's read from roll call The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has been a central concern at town halls for House Democrats across the country, with both safe and vulnerable members of the caucus fielding questions from Trump's defenders and voters who want him removed from office, so both sides. Well, recent polls suggest that support for impeaching the president has grown over the last three months. Fifty eight percent of respondents to a Washington Post, Shar School, pull this week, proof of the houses decision to launch an inquiry. Democrats have used feedback at town halls over the two week October recess to assess how their constituents feel about the matter. Now. Look! Here's my big problem, the whole thing: Russia Gate,
been there done that, I'm so sick of it it doesn't. It doesn't give trump you carte Blanche, but look man. The Democrats have cried Wolf. I'm just two over it. This is why I haven't done big videos in the breaking news around Ukraine. It's just I'm not the only one give us are just sick and tired of changing no minds. It's a waste of time now typically, four transparency, so an investigation find by all means, but the White House responded in a letter which will get to later in the segment saying that not being allowed to cross examine. That is not ok. Ok, I'm sick of the political gamesmanship. I just view this as the Democrats desperately trying to figure out something. They can do to win two thousand and twenty, and it is tearing this country apart, but let's get it. Taking potatoes. Here they say in safely democratic districts, Members walked audiences through the mechanics of the impeachment process and why it was an impeachable offense for Trump to ask China and ukrainian President to investigate his political opponents. No full stop. Let's be real
here, Trump's trying to dig into the origins of the molar probe. I get it it just so happens. That Biden is running for president. What do we do? Ok, how many times I gotta say it is biting immune. Now it's complicated man. It really is- and I think you know Tucker Carlson said was inappropriate. I agree. Is it some various conspiracy to win two thousand and twenty? That's what the Democrats are doing and republican leaning districts represented by vulnerable freshmen Democrats. Opposition was more vocal. Constituents fundamentally opposed to Trump's impeachment protested outside town Hall venues an interrupted lawmakers inside them, and this is where it matters the Democrats, one they won the house because moderates did better. I think it's like the 800th time. I've said it. I got a graph from the economists showing that the far the progressive Democrats they did not win out of seventy nine. I think only seven or eight one. So we no the moderates. There are the ones who gave the Democrats that majority and because of the modern,
that's the only reason this is happening. So what do you think is going to happen then, when people in these districts, I'm of which Trump One and some which are more tepid on the please just legislate when they see what's happening because of their vote? Think about it. If you live in a swing district and you voted in a democrat thinking, it was the right choice and, and your date mostly supports truck you're, not saying they're realizing this division was on you. The Democrats you voted in are causing this now look. You would have an argument about what Trump did with Democrats are doing. I, whatever man, it's it's political insanity, but here's at the end of the day, the National Republican Congressional Committee knows it's not about how many democrats support impeachment it's about how many districts and they win, and the moderate just I'd be willing to bet, are going to flip and they're noticing this. They say. Democrats in Congress are squandering their majority and not focusing on issues that are important to voters. Two thirds of voters in target seats and six
six percent of voters and republican held battleground seats agree the Democrats and are too obsessed with impeaching the president and to be working on issues. They compete campaign on the just one of our military and from the nation's infrastructure, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and caring for our nation's veterans, a full fifty two percent of voters in an RCC target seats and fifty three percent of voters and republican help battleground seats say that the top priority of Democrats in Congress is impeaching. President Trump, I get it, we can look at all the polls check it out. Here's a here's, one from politico, half a vote, your support, impeaching and removing trump yeah. How many of those voters are in heavy blue areas, a lot of them now? This is true. Look according to this poll will take its word. There are more p, people who are supporting impeachment and look I'm going to say this. I don't care about the Republican and Democrat's position on this one, because we know what they're going to support
the obvious that, when it comes to where you can about we've, got eighty four percent Democrats supporting it and we've got eighty one percent of Republicans opposing it. But the real issue here is the independence. I've worn I've warned the Trump supporters the concerns about this look. This is this is the play, but I think Democrats a launching- and it's worked a little bit a little bit so for a long time- or I know for a long time, but there's a poll I talked about where independence think the Democrats have gone too far left out more so than they think the Republicans have done too far right this. This is one indicator that the moderates may swing towards Trump. The Democrats seem to be sacrificing the moderate base, everything we're seeing now. Okay, let these protests that they're literally being booed- and this is the problem. Well, you do have forty five percent of independents supporting impeachment and forty three percent opposing it is. That is that they just take it, I'm assuming from my pizza, because they also talk about complete removal. I think
about removal not just impeachment. They say our response were asked a series of three questions: whether they support the impeachment inquiry, whether they would support the house impeaching Trump and whether they would support a sense of voting to remove him. They don't quite clarify which particular question they're talking about, but the point is when it comes to independent support. Well, you got two percent leaning in favor of supporting impeachment or removal. It may be that some of them and support the inquiry to get some transparency or maybe that they want president, the President out in the end, this may be bad news for Trump in terms of his support going in twenty twenty, how the Senate, in my opinion, is likely not going to remove, and that seems like it would be absurd, because the Republicans don't want to take that hit, especially these moderate districts. So look, let's say trump out completely you still have these moderate districts that are going to be There- probably gonna, flip conservative, because they they they were before
they barely held on and got these democrats in the first place check this out. Let's talk about whether or not any of this love bearing on Trump's re election, I think the answer is no. Now that was a poll of voters: okay, but while Trump's approval has dipped down at the star, of this scandal. The impeachment inquiry and his disapproval has gone up. Take a look at this. What what it, what it's it's his his approval rating right now is not the worst. It's ever been, it's actually quite average and it's higher than where it was one month ago. That to me says a lot take a look at take. Take that in consideration will the republican sacrifice the president in the impeachment inquiry to save face? No, because he still more popular than a month ago and these are his approval rating is still higher than a month ago, and his approval rating is higher than basically it's ever been now. Look I get it. We can go back to when he was inaugurated, where it dropped really really quickly. I don't think that's a fair assessment when he got inaugurated. Yet
people were like ok, great, let's see what he can do and then bad press comes out but overtime. The economy is improved. There have been scandals. You can basically see the scandals in the dip, but a lot of people are sick and tired of it, namely media. You know I've skipped talk. I talk about any yesterday, because at a certain point I'm like I'm gonna, let things simmer down before I get back into this, but I do not believe the Republicans will sacrificed Trump over this. But let's get let's get to the bad news check us out: Slatkin Ilesa Slatkin. A Democrat here is from both sides, I'm trump and peach meant in left, leaning, EAST Lansing. So many people packed into grand Traverse pie company that police began blocking entrances to maintain the fire codes limit on patrons. But I'm sorry they say she was greeted by packed meeting with constituents last week that featured booze and applause at at not bruises and alcohol. I that might be not, unlike before bowing after the Holly Democrat back an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump in late September. This is she's she's in a district that I believe, truck
carried by four points when she announced he was supporting. Impeachment you'll meet with our hearing people boo. Then people start clapping and then the booze become louder. It is divisive issue here. I think, because that district carried into the net because it because it was killed by Trump we can see here that those who voted her in there going to turn on her the mod guess who voted are probably saying what have I done. Why did I vote for this? We gave them the forty they are using now in their ups and with Trump instead of dealing with real policy issues, I think it's look. There was a study I read it was by the New York Times and they said when moderate voters were presented with news showing, so the Democrats were pushing the far left. They were less likely by six points to vote for Democrats. That says to me the Democrats know if they talk about policy, they are in trouble and they can. They can bless their little hearts. That AOC recently came out with a proposal to give access to federal welfare
to all illegal immigrants. That's insane! I have not met I've I get it. You talk to someone like a see. Her supporters are justified her no matter what the same can be said with Trump starts a portable, no matter what we talk to the actual voter base, the actual real people who support or oppose I've, talked to people and said What do you think about this and the immediate direction is like this? People are insane yup and they know it. But I'll tell you what dominates the conversation this, I think that's on purpose. If they talk about the policies, they're going to lose everybody best, not let moderates know what we're planning right but check this out. Republicans warn MAX rose. Gop. Voters will remember his pro impeachment flip at the polls mark. My words MAX rose is also in his instep ability, Staten Island yep that islanders join an Anti it
rally targeting initially said no and then said yes, he looked the same thing. I am not a fan of this, and this is what you get the people who voted you in who thought you were going to look man in a sense. I understand why a moderate district in there get some push back, but now look what you've done and I imagine a lot of them are saying this is a mistake, but it's not just it's not just in the. Districts that Trump supporters are coming out in various district of the check. This out, dueling protests out over impeachment outside Charlie Crist's office, now he's a Democrat you're getting pro and anti impeachment. This is. Where was I? I talked to the new ones right. We've we've seen the people support the president. Now we're gonna see some people opposing the president, but people still coming out to to oppose the impeachment
check this out, South Carolina Republicans protest Joe Cunningham over impeachment, which he doesn't support. It's even getting to that point. Right. G o p accuses democratic, congressman of impeachment of behavior. It's not even if you're coming out in support. This is how much it's it's having a real backlash. Now. Look. These polls are right or wrong. I can't tell there been instances where polls have been wrong. Polls have been right and I tend to err on the side of all just trust. The polls. I think a lot of these is organizations have amended their their methodologies and that's fine, but I don't think it matters. I don't. It matters at all. For the most part, we look at that political poll. Ok, forty five percent of independence, support impeachment that may that may matter it may, but in the end the vote in the individual districts is much much more important than national level. Isn't what you necessarily need.
Paying attention to it's these districts. Look, you may see Democrats get riled up and go vote. Maybe the trip may maybe are trying to pull. You know this rallying a fact. You know Trump won't get impeached. The Democrats will be outraged and say: the rule of law could not be a pal because the Republicans and that might rally a bunch of the Democrats to come out and vote. However, in these districts the Republicans might take it back, because the Republicans in these districts are upset over it and that will flip the house back to the right check. This out, Republicans sees on impeachment in a bid to retake the house. It all comes to this point, Everything I've been saying that it's going to backfire, it's going to be bad, it's going to add them, but they've raised millions 10s of millions of dollars, one thousand five hundred and sixteen million one million dollars six hours, they're making money off it they're going to war over it. The Moderates are shaking and being rocked by booing and protests. I can't tell you what's going to happen, but I
and say it seems to me, and I could be wrong- it's fine. I was wrong. I thought the mid term was going to flip okay super majority. I was like the Republicans are: take it I sales half wrong. I was definitely wrong with the house they swept and they took a bunch of seats at the majority, but the Democrats, the Republicans, did gain a seat. I believe one or two wasn't in in the Senate, so In the end, this is fuel for those who are either sick of the scandal. News mean and moderates who feel like voting in the Democrat has resulted in this divisive chaos. Like the Nrcc noted people want policy discussions. What are you gonna do? Well, here's the important part earlier to
the White House are I'm sorry. This was yesterday. They issued a letter to Madam Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and other chairman, and they they they. They make a bunch of statements, I'm not going to redo the whole thing. It's several pages long, but one of the most important points brought up in this is that by not or for one there's been no formal vote on an actual impeachment inquiry. This is the fourth time I believe in the. U S, there's been one on an inquiry. But they haven't voted on it and they should they might not win. They might now you're going to hear. Like I remember, I heard something on like some Democrats said the Republic Things only want the vote, so they can force their members to choose. Now before anything comes out. That's absurd law Well, let me read the first two paragraphs for you. They say I read on behalf of President Donald J Trump in response to your numerous legally unsupported demands made as part of what you have labeled, contrary to the constitution of the United States and all passed bipartisan president as an impeachment.
As you know, you have designed and implemented your inquiry in a manner that violates fundamental fairness and con. The two should only mandated due process. For example, you have denied the president the right to cross, examine witnesses, to call witnesses as to receive transcript, transcript of testimony to have access to evidence to have counsel present and many other. Basic rights guaranteed to all Americans. You have conducted your proceedings in secret. Your violated liberties, in the separation of powers by threatening executive branch officials claim that you will seek to punish those who exercise fundamental constitutional rights and prerogatives. All of this violates the constitution, the rule of law and every past president, never before our in our history as the House of representatives under the control of either political party taken the american people down the dangerous path you seem determined to pursue. The Democrats started this, and this is terrifying. This letter I was reading it now, I'm just saying: listen man am I
going to sit here and say. The president is without fault. I'm not going to sit here and say the Democrats are without fault. I'm not going to say that Trump is right. Democrats are wrong, I'm just going to say the Democrats started a process for whatever reason that is resulting in a terrifying division of this country. A breakdown of it is the most extreme divide. I have ever seen in politics even Russia Gate. You had Republicans a rush to get that. Okay, okay, let's, let's see what mother comes up with now, it's just not no dice people are fighting. People are divided. The White House is saying you're violating the constitution. The Democrats are saying Trump's violating the constitution. Nobody can agree, that's it. You know. At the end of the day, we have we have a very dangerous decision to make do we do we demand that executive power be rained in at all costs, regardless of the facts, even if it means restricting?
the right of Trump in the Republicans to cross examine. Do we allow two thousand and sixteen to go unanswered? Where did this come from? Why did it happen? Because the executive branch has too much power, or do we say we just bringing the reins on the house and not allow Nancy Pelosi to play these political games. This is the big problem. I can't tell you which side to take. I can't tell you which side is wrong. I can't tell you that, simply by bringing it up, I expect flak from the left an understanding from the right. It's been the trend. I've experienced, I'm not trying to tell you to defend the president or oppose him. I'm just try to tell you that this is dangerous and, of course, because I don't fall in line, are they gonna break down I'll? Give you a more of a room. Recent example of this strange world we live in, I want a generous was at was at a football game sitting next to George W Bush. That was it.
And people on the left were outraged Ellen, had to issue a statement defending herself. Many people on the right said, but she was just hanging out with somebody is fine. No, she wasn't. She shared to a game and George Bush happened to have been there. They happen to have sat next to each other, that's it. It wasn't the moderates and conservatives complaining. I very well expect that moderates and conservatives will say to me okay, ten, you should take a side you're a milquetoast I got the idea, but that's it they're, not gonna insult me. Disparage me accuse me of accuse me of of one side or the other I'll tell you what the left will. So at the end, I can just say it's. The Democrats who started this process you might think Trump is, is evil or or terrifying, and I think it's fine, point that out, but there's a reason why plus resisted resisted this? For so long. I think it's going to hurt the Democrats in the house. Trump will not be impeached, Trump will be re elected, they will lose and it will cause an extreme and terrifying division.
Country, but let's move on 'cause I do have some more. I want to highlight check this out how the house could impeach Trump for obstructing its pro. I kid you not after the letter where they said you are not allowing us to cross, examine their accusing trump of obstructing, or at least that's the question posed by the Washington Post. I am sick in tired of the double standard if Trump, if it's true that Trump and the Republicans are not being allowed to cross, examine and call witnesses, the Democrats are obstructing. So why would trump or anyone else cooperate and they've brought it to the next level? Fine you won't cooperate. We will use that as grounds for impeachment. This is what I mean once a dangerous terrifying president. This is a complete and total breakdown How do we resolve this issue? If, if, if Democrats plainly support impeachment of Republicans playing, don't if the house is saying will impeach you for obstruction? Well,
We also watch opposing how they could right. I don't I don't. I don't know where we go from here. I can't tell you there are no clean hands, while the truck near the call trumpet with Ukraine was inappropriate. I think that's fair to cross inside inappropriate. I thought the way I I I I I phrased it was that Trump is pushing it, but he didn't cross the line and I think it's important that people call him out and he doesn't you know he any any rains things in and tried to carefully, because we do have a system. Look, I get it if you think the Democrats played a dirty game and we know that you can,
pain was working to get Manafort. It's complicated thing about political reported. This Ukraine was now scrambling because they work with the Dnc Audio is come out. Fine, listen Trump's got to tread carefully because it's not just about him and what happened to him, it's about where we go as a country moving forward, and I think it's fair to say he pushed it to me then cross the line. I think Tucker Carlson called it it's inappropriate. Is it impeachment worthy? No, of course not. I agree, but there's no clean hands here. Ok, Adam Schiff lie to check thisoutfactcheck dot. Org shift wrong on whistleblower contact wrong. You say check this out. This is incredible who, a project for the Annenberg Public Policy center come on grow a spine. They said Rep, Adam Schiff, chair of the House, intelligence Committee, wrongly implied. That is. The committee had no contact with the whistleblower before receiving the complaint shift claimed quote. We have not spoken directly with the whistle blow. When the whistleblower had in fact reached out to a committee aide before filing a complaint, a democratic committee.
Special told chef. Could we have been? He told he told us. Chef quote, could have been more clear but was referring. Through the committee officially interviewing the whistleblower and himself personally It was clearly known, however, at the committee hadn't officially interviewed the whistleblower at the time wrong. They say he's just wrong: ok hold on man. They say that Trump lies all the time. Many of these things he's just wrong like they got mad that he said people were soaking wet. He said I saw people, you know they came in. They were soaking, Wet's, bad weather out there. The assumption from from CNN, and all these pundits was that Trump thought it was raining when it wasn't well. It was eighty eight degrees and sunny, so people could be soaking wet with sweat. The point is it doesn't matter what you think, Trump meant it matters that when Trump said people were soaking wet, the immediate assumption was Trump was lying about the weather. Who cares? The point is
They say over and over again he's he's lying. Okay, I I think yeah, I do think Trump lies, but I think all politicians lie. I'm not surprised. I do think, however, mostly they're wrong a lot. That's fine. We know they're wrong a lot they're, not smarter than anybody else for the most part in the end, though, when it comes to chef, what we get from fact check what will shift said he had spoken with the whistle blower. You know we we we we we we said is that we not all right. We have not spoken directly with the whistle blower. That's not true, because we did right the we as in you and your people did, but they say it was wrong. No, he went on tv any light. Why couldn't you just say it straight up? This is what happened this is you know why? Well you get the point. Let's move on from here Paul Sperry. He is a former DC bureau chief for investors, business daily treated,
he'll sources, say fear is spreading among moderate Democrats at the impeachment inquiry may be irreverent irrevocably tainted by a series of actions taken by the policy leadership which the public will come into view as unfair and overly partisan. This is where I bring it all back together. Yep think so I think, if Trump isn't allowed to to cross, examine I'm shocked by that that that, by that statement, is that true from the White House they're not allowing truck to actually have a fair assessment, a fair trial, whether it I'm not saying a little trouble like mine, we will have an inquiry. Well, the Republicans in truck come in and and and state their case. What country do we live in? We allow due process. Yes, yes, when I see what they're doing I do view it as unfair and overly partisan, and that's probably why you hear booing and see protests. So I got a couple more things to wrap up on
documents reveals you credit already re opened problem Hunter Biden link to firm up months before Trump phone call. I don't like talking about this because it's so silly, but in the end this story from Fox NEWS, which is, I believe, just from today- we're learning arms are this, maybe from yesterday or this web or late at night, Jon Solomon, a new document shows that before Trump even asked about it, they had already opened the no quid pro quo. Not only did they not know about aid being withheld, but we are already investigating it. So what what game can we continue to play? All I can say, is the Senate won't impeach Trump, I'm sure they won't. They won't convict and the the the the Democrats are gonna lose out. It's it's really frustrating for me to see the Democrats continue to spiral out of control. You know I did they. They they they smear tulsi. They ridicule or on Twitter. They mock current belittle it. The young Turks, just came out attacking giver
amazing one of the few sane individuals in on the democrat side, working to actually bring this together, who holds progressive views, which I, which I agree with what they do they they smear and the little they prop up the crazies and, and they play these, these crazy James. I don't know, I don't. I tell you but I'll, throw one more bit a shade over the press, real clear politics, the curious case of the in curious press. Why? Yes, that's correct it's so weird. The interest recently wrote a order piece. I tweeted it earlier that Joe Biden has been using his tended to enrich himself in his family. Does that mean he is like? What's that mean a look? It just means. We know what we know, what and for some reason the press just says: don't worry about it. There's a really great shot in MIKE sort of documentary he's doing an interview with like Scott Pelley, I believe, of of of a pure CBS on a sixty minutes. I think and he's
As you wrote, a fake new story, accusing Hillary Clinton of being sick and sort of it's sad. You know. Basically she was, and he says well, that's not true started much asks. How do you know that? And he says they told us and then sort of it goes? Why would believe them and the glasses fall off and he's like stuttering yeah. Why is it that whenever the establishment position is a spouse to the press, it's fact but Trump's position is always a lie and always wrong. I don't care to play these games it may be a liar, and I may be wrong a lot fine, but give me the evidence period right now. There's none to blanks it's a blank tab they've been pushing impeachment nonstop forever. I do not trust them. They cried Wolf over Russia enough. Your credibility is shot. I don't wanna hear it, I'm sick of it and the press is notably absent, notably absent. They don't, here. There's no journalism anymore. What can I say the subject to me is very frustrating it's why I took you know people were saying like
TIM take it. If I did, I talked about China and video games, and before that I talked about the press. I let this stew for a little bit, and here I am back with what you can expect. The results are in moderates are facing a major backlash and this could cost them. The house, thanks for hanging out, stick around next segments coming up at Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM cast news at six hundred pm and I will you all there, Devin Nuez has won the first one of the first battles. In his lawsuit against twitter and I'm really surprised and let me just say it because there's a legal issues here, I'm not a lawyer, I know very little about this. So I could be wrong a lot of these issues but it seems like Devin and as has pulled a very clever move against twitter in suing them over parody accounts.
I disagree to an extent with us, but but I actually just slow down and break it down for you. Where is biased against conservatives period, the the the the best x sample, as if they have a rule stating if you misgender someone you can be banned. It's against the rules. If conservatives don't bowl leave in the idea of misgendering? Well, then, you've made a rule that only targets them now this going back to my argument with Jack Dorsey or a conversation and Joe Rogan all that where we talked about by yes- and he didn't seem to understand this, but you know, I think you got it when I told him so here's what's going on you guys know Devin Newness, conservative guy there was a parody account about call. Devin is cow or something and his mom and he won to stop them. Now. I disagree. I think people are allowed to to do the issue. Is it is a political tactic, but at the end of the day, so what free speech First amendment, but something clever, happened: Devon,
Penis, didn't sue twitter for defamation. You see under section two hundred and thirty of the communications decency act. You can't he stood there for negligence is really really interesting and he won the first phase they're moving for now. Here's why it's so important they're going to enter discovery now now, what we'll see if twitter actually produces what you know any any documents at all, because it seems at noon's wants a ton of documents, but let me man this there's so much to go through here. Let me slow down what this means is that if there is evidence of a bias against conservatives, Nunez will get act as to it. He just simply needs to make that demand will see if I you know approved or granted, but for the most part they're moving forward and discovery is the next step not only that it's in Virginia that apparently doesn't allow an immediate right of appeal meeting Twitter. Welcome to the ball game, your your you might have to produce a bunch of information I
this might reveal. Twitter knows it has a bias and this could be really really damaging, not just in the sense that can service my finally get, under the you know behind the curtain, but if Twitter's misled the public in statements to Congress or or the or in public, and it turns out behind the scenes are saying something different, which I have to assume is likely true they're going to be a serious trouble because there are publicly traded company so check this out this from Mcclatchy Dc Bureau. What's next in the dev Nunez's lawsuit against twitter, fake cow. Now I got stress man when it was announced he was suing over. This parody account. I was like seriously. You know. People are allowed to pair it to you, but he suing twitter for negligence and saying they allow defamation to continue the the core? Who is not that it's it's free speech the core issue is that notice is saying you are selectively Info sing your rules and allowing this
listen to impersonate my mom, the mother, account I know it's a violation of your own policies. Take a look at a see press number that account. Somebody made a twitter account old, a o c press and it was a parody account that said parity on it, it's at a seat, parity and it posted silly things band. And they banned the dude, who rented a conservative guy Devin Nunez's as mom no problem. You see This is what he suing for it's, not about defamation. It's about asymmetric enforcement of rules saying you are negligent in enforcing their own rules, which allows definition defamation to continue, and the court said. Yeah So, basically, what happens is here's, my understanding, I think you know it is suing in Virginia, because this one woman who wrote on our kicked in that she smears people for a living. Is a political consultant lives in Virginia? Something like that.
Twitter Twitter tried arguing that it's it's undue expense for them to to fight this in in in Virginia because they're based in California and the judge, said, that's absurd. You operate in two hundred countries. I think you can handle Virginia, but then the judge requested some some information and something happened where Twitter absolutely refused to the judge. So fine we're moving for a minute. Let me just read the story: when you read this, they say: Rep Devin newness is lawsuit against. Twitter is moving forward in Virginia, but expect more league challenges to unfold before the California Republican gets a chance to make his case in the court room. Two of the defendants, twitter and republican political strategist lives. Mayor on Monday said they intend to continue. Fighting newness is lawsuit in Virginia, is Henrico's County circuit court. Last week, Judge John Marshall Del Twitter A set back when he rejected the company's argument that newness has no grounds to sue the San Francisco social Media Company in Virginia Twitter argued the case had to be tried. In a California court,
Marshall ruled the Henrico County Circuit Court has jurisdiction, because MER rose tweets that were critical of newness while she was living and working in Nuez argues in legal documents that Twitter's alleged negligence in not removing her messages affected. His reputation in Virginia the lawsuit was the first of five newness file this year, alleging that various groups conspired against him when he was man of the House Intelligence Committee. Now it's not just that. You know where to move forward at this pedal discovery here. What's what's absolutely fascinating, I could be wrong about this. I'm not a legal scholar is that this this decision to move forward is a is a sub flight president essential. It's not like not like a real president, but they're they're, saying something interesting, so in Washington DC political affiliation is a project is a protected class. There are various protections in various areas. In fact, you know gender identity in New York City, not
nice, to a nation wide, but in many states what is the reason this is interesting is that if the the place you make the tweets matters than that potentially has an impact on whether not twitter would be able to enforce their rules again. I could be wrong, but the way I see it as if he's arguing that Virginia has jurisdiction over this dispute. Would it not hold true that, if you're in Washington, DC and post, something in support of a political group and get banned for it would DC not have jurisdiction and if that's the case, wouldn't DC, enforce the rules and say you are operating in Washington DC asked what are you are? Therefore, you must abide by Washington Dc Law, so it let's say you: you have a a a the the pet, a party and you're posting all these memes and twitter bans you for it and you say: hey: all of these are political messaging. It's all in line with our party
DC that say hey in our jurisdiction where you operate. You can't ban this. That's an interesting question. Now I've talked some lawyers before and typically the response gotten is. It is an interesting argument, but there has to be a suit right. There has to be a challenge, so one one of the things outside of one of the things that I was told by a couple. Different lawyers was that people need to start suing twitter, challenging section two hundred and thirty, and pushing out and trying to find those cracks in the system, and this is we have now. The judge saying it's violation of section two hundred and thirty because he's not suing you for defamation. So if you're not familiar two thousand and thirty says you can't hold twitter accountable for what someone else says. Fine. We agree, however, twitter, has rules and allows these account to operate with impunity in violation of the rules. That is negligence and there for twitter has a responsibility if they're not going to enforce their own policy rules. So I'm moving forward
Now they they do. Mention discovery. It's about a talking cow, let's jump to that. Let's jump to the discovery portion, because discovery is when you get access to documents, chat, messages, travel logs, so it it's interesting. Devin newness actually asking for I don of information like a lot like an asset list for a for this woman was mayor for this, they say Ryan see young. The president of the local County BAR Association said twitter and mayor have options. He leaves their next move would be to file another attempt at dismissal. That, essentially, would argue. Nunez does never case. So the standard is higher and basically say so. What to his allegations young set, I mean it talks about a cow who's, gonna, take it seriously hold on it's also a parody of his mom. Now that's different having you know account whether people know what's real and
Excuse me drinking coffee or they know it's real or not. Is not a joke cow but listen, listen. I will make sure it's absolutely clear. I don't I don't know what you should or shouldn't do in terms of fighting back. I do know you. People are allowed to make parity accounts of you and and welcome to America. It's called the first amendment, the challenge, I guess, is: how do you solve for political smears and hits? I guess you don't. This is one of the big problems we have. You are allowed to falsely frame and even lie in many circumstances. That's the first amendment now why I'm not a free speech, absolutist, defamation and smears are not protected in that you can see over them, but I believe it's New York Times V Sullivan a lawsuit at set pressure and a higher standard for a public official that what they're trying to say, hey every
one's going to smear you, sometimes you get it wrong. You can't hold us accountable for that kind of. The argument, saying I mean talk about. How we can take it seriously is, is clearly reductive and ignores the the rest of his suit. Twitter and others will likely be able to continue delaying Langdon discovery requests unless marsh orders them to produce documents according to Young, which he has not done. Twitters lawyers have planes to Marshall that newness discovery. Quests are particularly extensive and that's the point. I don't I think noone's cares about the cow. I don't think newness cares about the parody accounts at all. I think he's a conservative looking at this saying. How do we get discovery? What can we do to find a crack in the system so that twitter is forced to turn over documents? what I found negligence, so he sues for the parity stuff. It might not when the long run, but at least they've made as they they're they're they've made it now. It seems the discovery and whether the judge orders, the documents we'll see
but Nunez has gone nuclear check. This out he's asking for doc. You, tation of anytime a twitter employee go under Virginia since two thousand and fourteen what y all in for Recent related to the parody accounts at Devon Cow and at Devon Unas mom, including phone numbers, and all their tweets messages likes and retweets, and mayors tax returns dating back to twenty sixteen and a report, arrest and liabilities? I'm going to tell you, I think that the messages between these parody accounts might show a coordinated effort to smear and eventually break the law. There's going to be private dm's between, counts and they're going to be saying things you might find someone say: hey Nuez wanted to this. Why don't you lie and say this? Hey it seems like this now. He doesn't really want to do that, but who cares say this anyway? You don't know, we don't know and that's why this is so potentially damning. More importantly, what about any? I don't know if he's asking for this, but
any instance in which Twitter internally discussed the matter and a refusal to enforce their own rules. This is where things get interesting, because you might uncover information that Twitter was misleading the public. Maybe maybe not it's all speculation. The point is the door has been opened new this. This is a huge win for conservatives, so I mean they. They they bet then bring up to need app. I don't whatever I don't care, they say the six page decision by Marshall partially relied on another case, garnering some public spotlight. The case of Johnny Depp suing Amber heard. His ex wife heard wrote an op ed for the Washington Post and December two thousand and eighteen about her experiences with domestic abuse and this idol backlash. She didn't name depth, but depth. Lawyers argued she imply to the out bed that Depp was a domestic abuser. Since the Washington Post, servers are located in Virginia depth, lawyers argued the case belonged in the state heard, argued that she had written the up at in other states and had not even directly communicated with any Washington Post employees when submitting it through a third party. So she moved
dismiss the case in Virginia judge. Bruce T White ruled earlier this year that, because publication occured in Virginia, the state was the proper venue for the case. The Washington Post distributes newspapers in Virginia, and his widely read their martial cited. That decision in ruling that his court had jurisdiction over mayor enter tweets. Noone's in Virginia is also suing Mcclatchy that wow the parent company of the Fresno Bee, where it is, are they reading Mcclatchy? I am. This is Mcclatchy. He alleges that the news her article about an employee's lawsuit against a company in which newness had a limit. Our limited partnership defamed him, do not defend him. Okay, so I'm wrapped up there. You get the point,
things are moving forward and we may get to see behind the curtain at Twitter. Does this mean we're guaranteed anything it doesn't, but it could result in some particularly embarrassing information and if he, if he wins regardless of discovery, it could set precedent that twitter and other platforms are negligent in refusing to enforce their rules. That will dramatically change the landscape for everyone. At that includes, conservatives expect to see way more people getting banned way. More so tensions way more sections of speech, so I'm not a fan of that. I'm not a fan of that. At all, and I think people should be allowed to parity, whoever they want, but regardless new has is winning on this part. We'll see what happens. The future stick around, all of updates in the store as a as a comes next, I will be at one pm and I will see you all then. As the saying goes, if Donald Trump came out in some of Oxygen Democrats would hold their breath now. I must admit
The exact same joke is used in the other direction because we live in this weird wacky world of two separate realities. One movie, two, I'm sorry screen, two movies at Scott Adams, as I was mixed up well Here- have something absolutely incredible: Alex on yeah 'cause Cortez coming out in support of war. How strange? Yet because people don't take positions based off of what they think is right, they take positions based off of what they think their tribe once Little ST actually before we do, Donald Trump is pulling out several dozen us old. From Syria. I don't think we should be. The defenders of New Curtis can write the Kurds are there, they helped fight ISIS, I get it. The controversy now is based on Trump abandoning our allies. Ok well hold on. We shouldn't have been there in the first place. We are not the world police and this is complicated turkey as a
as of right now this big breaking news turkeys moving into the n Northern Syria, and I believe there now how it I don't want to get too much into account. If you faulty details, it's happening as we speak, but military action is beginning. Many people on the left are outraged. That Trump would pull it soldier, pull pull us up, he's not here, but pull us soldiers out of Syria, and it says to me the reason I think they support Kurds is because the Kurds are very far left many Antifa fighters have gone to northern Syria to fight against ISIS and we've seen Many of the end of a on twitter take credit for this. Well Trump is not here to support a new, an arco, state or new Kurdistan I was supporting american interests and I, under in the complication over US regime change wars, but it all seems, like I, don't know, cheating and using power to get what we want, because we can and I'm not a big fan of that. So here's what will cause your test, tweets, Trump's, sudden withdrawal, from northern Syria. An endorsement of turkeys actions could have catastrophic consequences and risk laying the ground
immense of violence and suffering. We can pursue so strategy to stop our endless wars without in danger lives of innocent people. This whole areas, because you can see that she's trying to still maintain her position as Anti war, but she has to oppose trump. Is it really that hard? I have no problem giving credit a aoc for calling when called out big tech surveillance. I don't care I'm on your side or against you, whatever just do something good and I'll credit you for the same, for you same goes for trump I a little bit more towards it's. Probably a good thing. Trump did this. We should be the world police the horse. Your situation is due to us trying to offset you know the gas problem monopoly. This ties back in Ukraine, it's extremely complicated and boy. Do I not know all the details, because they're probably mostly classified but the US is trying to aid your up and getting them? You cheaper fuels and that's why you know there's an article in the guardian from twenty thirteen talking about how the US had planned regime change.
Early as as early as two thousand nine in Syria very convenient than that when the protests erupt, the? U S, sides with the protests and then eventually ISIS emerges and that cost huge problem for everybody. It is a complicated situation. I'm not here defense anybody's, right or wrong, but I will say it's very funny that Trump is not saying should have done. This bring our troops home and Cortez has to criticize this look man, there's no perfect move, there's no perfect decision, but what she's saying make no mistake is the same argument they use for justifying why we are still in Afghanistan or Iraq. Oh, we Just leave the people, oh no! We can't do it. We must hey there for twenty years, yeah. That makes no sense man. I'm really surprised! trump is making moves like this. I think he's listening got it comes the moderates and and the and the and the former leftist or disaffected left is to actually oppose war were, like God, get the troops out of their seats. Here's the thing Trump side,
Tennis Lee is pulling out of Syria and it's very positive for the true anti war personalities. But you still have him playing up to Saudi Arabia. Over Yemen. Aniran see it's not perfect. Trump is not perfect. I'm not going to act like he's, doing everything right and give him my support. I like that he's move, remove I think several dozen soldiers US troops from these areas, but that's not the trend when it comes to IRAN. Keep that in mind also keep in mind that he recently gave a cordial shout out to China amid the Hong Kong protests. I understand diplomacy is difficult, so I'm not going to fault him too much for that. A lot of people left are saying: how dare he prays? China will look man he's trying to to win this fight, and that means he has to play things carefully. I I will be critical of that, but I understand it's not the end of the world. It's complicated up up. Being what he's doing in terms of Saudi Arabia, what he's doing in what's going on with IRAN, and even Yemen, not good. No, what SIRI, okay I'll, give him that one.
Why is AOC now coming out with this typical? You know chrome the establishment talking point of we can't just leave without an exit. Strategy and leave our allies high and dry. That's the same thing: I've heard every single year So why were still policing the Middle EAST in Afghanistan and Iraq and now they're talking about IRAN? I don't want that. I don't want that for our country and yes, one of the reasons I really do like Tulsi Gabbert, I'm not going to dedicate too much time to this. Because you guys know I like talking about this, but she she makes a very important point. You didn't interfere with John Stossel, you see this is what we need. We need someone like John Stossel, very libertarian, talking with tulsi about why this matters and there's one really important point. I think everyone will agree with for the war hawks all of that money, we spent the war machine can be spent on the medicine machine on the on the You know: building american infrastructure machine, there's a meme going around among Trump supporters that AOC in the Democrats. Are more we're concerned with protecting series
this northerns border than they are with protecting a Meh Rick's southern border? Why do we build infrastructure in foreign countries when we have a flint water crisis? That's a question I would like answered, and that's one of the reasons I do like Tulsi Gabbert. It's a point. She brought up on the Rubin report. Why can't? What have clean water? It's it's like what forty million dollars to refit in and fix this? How much do we spend overseas in the past eighteen years, six trillion dollars, I'm pretty sure we can find forty million in that in that number new work now was there talking about bad water We need our infrastructure here fixed, I get it. It's complicated, not perfect. I understand that once in the issue is very, it's not simple. I understand we can't just up and leave for a lot of reasons. Things could drop descend into chaos. I've heard all the arguments I'm listening, but when Trump says we're going to bring our troops out of Syria and there's like fifty ok fine. Can we please spend that money here for the people suffering here, we've got a homeless crisis in California. This it was always Bob
for me about the war machine, the amount of money we spend, so we can go off and get cheap gas which I understand, boost economy here, but hey guess what the US is the biggest producer of fa. Still feels right now. Isn't it the last time I checked so great. We don't need to go over there. And and and and change their regimes, because we want them to sell to us and we want them to play our game. How about we play the game right? We we compete. We build a good more. We we build a great economy, we secure our borders. We we welcome immigrants and refugees. What at you to that to extend that we're capable, while making this country better I'll, see. Gabbert is talking about these wars. She's criticize Donald Trump over Saudi Arabia, I don't know what she said so far in Syria? But this is the point. This is the reality of what the left was supposed to be about now. It's really strange is it's the right product at least I know trump. Now many people just want to support the president's, although agree with them, no matter what he does, but I gotta admit check this out truck tweeted about it, he said,
United States are spent eight trillion dollars fighting in policing in the Middle EAST. Thousands of our great soldiers have died or been badly wounded. Millions of will have died on the other side going into the east is the worst decision ever made in the history of our country. We went to war under a false and now disproven promise weapons of mass destruction. We're not none. Now we are slowly and carefully bringing our great soldiers and military home are focused on the big picture. The USA is greater than ever Well, I will point this out when you put out in defense of Saudi Arabia, and prepare to send soldiers to Saudi Arabia so can fight IRAN or Yemen or whatever, I'm not going to take your word for it. But this is a correct point. Not that I think genuinely believes in the long run, but he's right right now, fine, I won't oculus anything else. Maybe we won't do this. You will see what happens, but all I can really say is this right here: good he's right, eight trillion dollars. It was one of the work it was. It was the worst decision that made in history for this country. What was life like before
we went to the Middle EAST and send all these troops had all these civilians die drone bombing. You know, Obama killed several american citizens up without charger trial? You know this is, I often say this is the issue that I find to be most important. That's why mostly passion about what the reasons I I like most other things to me stamp collecting. Okay, if we can stop spending, you know we eight trillion dollars. So what is that you know what what what were put in nearly half a billion dollars? I'm sorry have a truck what what eight trillion wow hundreds of billions of dollars into that eighteen years? Why did we go there? What why it was a false premise? Get it out, stop bring back to this country, and it's it's amazing to me. I know there a lot of trump supporters who know this now, I'm I'm to be real with you, there's a lot trump supporters who just support Trump, no matter what he says. I've met him day. There there's a lot of it's a lot of lan, but the reality is Trump wins because he captured those who understand: basic arithmetic. How can we
rebuild our infrastructure when, when all of this tax money is being appropriated to one country infrastructure? I just don't quite understand now. You know if, if the, if the government militaries want to declassify, why we're doing this sure go ahead, but I you know what man we we do pick, take care of our country and stop imposing our will on others, I've never been a big fan of that, and now we have trump for whatever reason saying: let's: let's our troops out of Syria, okay, okay, can argue with that. We should, in the first place RON Paul, had an interesting statement a time ago. He said you know the argument. We have a paraphrase the argument we had with being in the Middle EAST as that, it's it's too destructive are too expensive. We can't just leave and he says when a doctor prescribes you the wrong medicine, you don't just keep taking it. You have to stop, even if it means withdrawal,
yes, okay, the night is all of that- it was a day is always darkest before the dawn. Is that how goes the night is always docked for that out whatever it might be bad bad things might happen, the Kurds might face serious trouble, but you know what we can't just be like. Oh well we're here. We have to stay forever because then we're going to cycling out more and more troops and have a permanent presence. I'm just not a fan with that, but I love. How AOC there you go. Autocrats jump trump, how high trump admin foreign policy two nineteen ha ha ha ha ha. I've spent this whole video talking about Trump Saudi Arabia, not a good thing. Trump. Syria pretty much a good thing, not perfect! You know understand. Why is That I can have the conversation about the new in these policies and they can't why does it have to be
that when Trump says we're gonna get our troops out of sheer all of a sudden. It was he's like no catastrophic yeah yeah welcome to the two thousands with the Iraq war, the endless Iraq if Afghanistan, military incursions, that we knew were bad. We knew there were no weapons of mass destruction that have cost us trillions dollars and then, when, when people are like, can we just stop? They say well, let me quote AOC for this is the same exact argument and that says: no, that doesn't care she's, a sellout, she's she's playing look social dance around the far left eye to Terry and stuff because it it panders to the new younger, a you know, democrat types or whatever, but when it comes to act, Julie, standing up for principle, she has none, she doesn't have any. She plays the same silly game where, whenever she does something wrong, she goes, it was the right wing. Now, I'm not having it. I think Trump is bad character. Fine, I think Saudi Arabia is bad, absolutely bad. I think N Korea crossing the DMZ was amazing, symbolic, historical, an important. I think what he's doing
Syria. I lean towards good. It's not hard to have a nuanced opinion and not just say Trump good Trump bad. It can be both. He can be good on some things, but on the other things This is why I never want to support anybody and that's why when Tulsi Gabbert came out in support of impeachment, I don't regret supporting cast absolutely not absolutely still supporter, but that was a big let down and with Yang coming out and saying all these disparaging things about Trump being overweight. That was a huge let down, and so this is why I always hated pudding my way or anything behind these people. If I came out in support of someone like AOC and then when it comes to the actual getting our troops out of the Middle EAST, she does this. I would be embarrassed. I would be embarrassed, look Yang saying mean things I roll my eyes, and I say please don't do that. Dude you're above this. That's why I like you as a candidate, because you've got a comprehensive package of of of domestic policy positions that I think, makes a lot of sense, not perfect, tulsi, gabbard, okay, talking about these, these, these military
vision is the waste of money. Why we shouldn't be, there were risking, are good men and women's lives. I completely agree. She opposes private prisons in the war dogs, unlike spot on supporting the impeachment thing, was a mistake. But you know what pencils have erasers we'll see what happens, but I'm not surprised at a o c is a sellout with no principles. Okay, it's not hard! It's it's such an obvious and generic statement. She made it's just an obvious and generic statement. It is the generic trash I've heard over and my whole life? You know when I was like sixteen or seventeen. I was marching around protesting the war in Iraq. It was it was. It was going. Civilians were being killed, we're wasting money and it was all it was all built on a lie and Trump says this on the debate stage. Member and twenty it was twenty or two thousand and fifteen, or sixteen in the. I think, the twenty fifteen when he blamed JEB Bush is like Bush, lied. Yeah. Yes, people heard yet and that's why Moderate said yup the guy might have
personality, but he's right about that. So you can talk about all the scandals all day that fine, whatever okay, there's things to criticize him for and things to give him credit for. This is just the generic talking point. Trump must be wrong, no matter what I'm I'm just so sick of it. No one deserves my support, will see what I'm sorry, it's not true, Tulsi Gabbert has remained fairly. Consistent and I'll respect that- and I do believe that, while I was let down with her coming on the impeachment side, I guess man, you know I've. I've had a lot of people say to me. We cannot allow the executive authority to grow unchecked when they do these kinds of things and I can I agree, and I've said this over and over again that it's actually in a sense, a good thing that Trump faces the scrutiny he does, because if you think about the executive authority that comes after him, we cannot have the executive branch continuing to encroach and expand its powers, which it has done. At the same time, I also to recognize that it's a burning down the castle for the sake of not
allowing someone to live in it, it's like dude, I will make sure we put pressure on the president. You know bomb or otherwise. That's why I've met. If you look at my main channel, I've got the news you years ago, where was criticizing Obama's policies and what he was signing no problem. I don't have no problem calling people out so now it's kind of swung too far the other direction it's like come on. You know: can we valley and criticize the president for talking about Saudi Arabia and low, the insanity of three years of Russia Gate now, Ukraine, you know gate, I'm just it's! It's it's getting too far. Now, what to wear the the the plane is? Look you don't wanna madman flying the but you also don't want to be standing there wrestling controls like crazy, well, the whole thing crashes to the ground. Now, let's figure out how to basically land the plane tell the passengers. By this guys flying like a lunatic, but for the time being. It's almost like there is a fear that these people have that Trump is going to crash the plane, so they decide to grab the controls and shake violently causing the plane to crash. That's how I feel like no chill
Okay, if if, if we see the signs, you know if he starts I mean the controls into the ground is in a crash. Fine, I get it, that's not what we're seeing at the most. We're seeing him say off color things, an inappropriate things and that's about it. So you know what I or I don't. I don't either read to much of this. I got a video coming up at four pm. You to become slash him cast we're gonna talk about man, it's it's a it was obvious we talked about it before, but the signs are in moderate Democrats are taking a bad backlash. Impeachment, because the moderates who got voted ended so on the premise that they were going to serve this country and try and mend the divide and campaign on policy and now they're, jumping into the fray over the impeachment nonsense. So criticism all across the board for the impeachment absurdity built upon lies and conjecture and opinion. I don't tell you, man, stick around next segments coming up at four hundred pm Youtube dot com, Slash Teamcast
I'll see you all there age definitions are meaningless, just like gender from an NBC drama. It's actually I laughed a lot. I left a lot a lot. This is from MRC News Busters and have a story about NBC drama and that this clip, which is like a like a man here too long and young lawyer, makes an impassioned plea that age is arbitrary and we be able to define our ages. However, we identified- let's be real if you can claim that now, as you were born a man that you're actually a woman or you're born male you're, actually female, then why can't you change your age? It's an interesting argument. In fact, if the argument they used to support the Trans argument, yes, what you're seeing is that in this show a guy wants to change his age from sixty two to forty two and says the point is it's an argument you can use if you're transgender,
however, I think is actually does the opposite and proves the absurdity of some of these changes and restrict there's, a reason why your id will say M or f. Now I understand it's complicated right when someone's is trans, because if you are transgender and you appear totaly female. Then people might be confused but think about the importance of why that M would be there in that case now, it may feel better for you and your identity to have it saying f instead of an m, but if your mail, that means medication treatments there going to affect you differently, and this is a fact, We did a big sepsis our segment on this for some verse about house only like in the early nineties. They actually start doing clinical trials, for that that are critical has had to include women and men, because the biology was friend and affect them differently, and I've also read about how you know. Females are affected differently by pain, killers and things like that, in which case we need
special treatment, so let's say you have a heart attack and then I'm appalled at your id and has the wrong classification for your biology. What I can put your life in danger. More importantly, your age can make determinations based on what may have caused you, this illness, based on probability and and- and you know what we expect- not let's read the story, but I will stress, I also want to highlight is a real story: okay, an NBC. Drama made a dramatized version of it, but this guy a meal ratelband, sixty nine try to leave the change his age using trans arguments he lost, I think the isn't he was doing. It was because he was like making a point about trends. Like is not support of these rules I could be, but in the tv show they make it very much in favor of a Eventually, what they're saying in the show is that trying to change your age is a big ask, meaning ask something truly absurd, like I'm not really thirty, three, I'm actually seventeen that way.
When everyone says: no, you walk it back to ok, but what about gender? And they say yes when in reality, I think it does the opposite. I think you go to someone trying to tell them that you have different age they're going to be like your nuts, because age is an important factor for many many things like you can't run for Prez. What a ten year old that identifies. Thirty five and one okay, and I can run for president sorry- doesn't work that way. Three, the story: they say the same week as the Supreme Court prepared to hear arguments about whether title seven should include part options for Lgbtq Individuals, NBC's legal drama, bluff, city law presented arguments of its own. They just hit the agenda initially and absurdity. In the October seventh episode, twenty five years to life attorneys Sidney straighten Anthony Anthony Little go to court on behalf of
a former law professor, whose petition to legally change his age from sixty two to forty two has been rejected by the city in court straight makes an impassioned civil rights argument on Professor Marshall's behalf saying age, race, gender and orientation all have definitions that evolve quote. We create categories like race, gender orientation, and we think we know what those words mean because we think their definitions are fixed, but those definitions evolve. She argues orientation start with the assumption that it couldn't be fluid started as a biological classification, not and identity. Let me just stop you right. There and say it's it's it's it's, it can be fluid, but it was never assume that it couldn't be unplugged, my orientation, that's why there's a b in L g B, T four by because there is validity there are people who have relationships with both men and women. No one said that couldn't be I mean what
for a long time. What people know it existed, but it was frowned upon. It's not an issue of whether something can exist or is defined as an issue of societal acceptance. The real argument that she needs to well, I had said the art and I'll push back. I don't fictional, but they're. Doing this on purpose is that no there was no assumption, it couldn't be fluid. Now you talk about gender fluidity. That's like we're talking about style right. Here's, the big problem with gender fluidity. You can't transition between male and female physically. Over and over again like there's a limit. There are people of the transition and got surgery to do so. But if you're born male and you you and take you get gender affirming surgery to be calm, cosmetically female, you can't you're, not first of all you're, not really female, you're, still mail, but you, you know all of your body in use external hormones to make those changes. Let's be real about the science and I try to be disrespectful. So that's what's called a farming surgery, it's it's creating an outward appearance. It reflects how you feel on the inside, but it does not make you feel. Perhaps in the future they will figure
got something in that regard? But for the time being, there is no real gender fluidity. The concept of gender fluidity is contradictory in the LGBT community itself, in that, if somebody you see a lot of gender fluid people who will sometimes wear jeans and at shirt and sometimes wear a dress, that's just simply talking about the clothes you wear and not whether you're male or fee, Now you see the conundrum here. The non binary trans is very, very different and at odds with the actual idea of binary trans gender is, am I guess you call it let's gender started as a biological classification, not not an identity. That's not true! Either now gender has come to represent biology, but I believe the word gender was created to to talk about the social aspects of biological sex. I mean seriously so my general understanding there on the 50s someone was trying to
explain how some things could be masculine and feminine. What was a war? You could describe that. Wasn't biological that represented a word that was founded in a war that was masculine case in point when you're talking about you know, I don't know the children in spanish, Nino and Minha. One is what it's that the gender is the I or the up. So it was a reference to social social issues that has been taken and stretched to mean that you literally can change from being a man or woman. I'm sorry, we don't have the technology at maybe they'll figure it out, maybe soon, but for the time being, it's fantasy. You can't change you can't you can't transform you can't shapeshift, you don't I mean you can get surgery to change the appeal. Prince, but even that's obviously not perfect. It's just surgery, less redone, I'm not trying to be a dick. Let's just talk about reality, but revealing that shows true purpose. The bulk of our arguments had nothing to do with age. She continued. This is why so many young people coming forward and saying your definitions are out of date. I may have been
label the man I was born, but I'm a woman or I'm Maybe I was told to be attracted to one, but I'm actually attracted to them all. We all have the right to privacy, and that includes the right to have our true identities recognized by the court, especially when people are already being discriminated against. For having those identities when it comes to his age. Who are we to say, he's wrong? She closes. The judge, finds some merit in straights argument and declares that the world is changing. Courts and lawmakers are turning a deaf ear to real discrimination, Mister little and missed rate. I hope your argument will serve as a catalyst for real cases about orientation and identity, for these are the these are people who should have their day in court. The judge says, however, she still denies the age change petition. The judge tells Marshall off the record that his claim is ridiculous and to simply lie. If he wants to date, younger men full stop. How is it ridiculous ridiculous?
If you want to assert your biology, is something different from what from it is. Why do we stop at gender if someone can get a that doesn't have an I'm worn off on as an axe. Why can't I change my age too? I don't know like the prince symbol. Why have to be a number? What is infinity? What are my age to you know, so the Problem is classifications for gender and age are, for a reason, they're, specifically for a reason, and now doing away with a system meant for you know I mean look what I using medical circumstances, as example, but there's a reason why we classify people as what they are look. Gender is bi modal buyout by biology, it's my motor, so so, as I mentioned in the video the other day, the most effeminate male is more for. A feminist than the average female. That doesn't mean the person is a woman or should be told to transition. It just means they're offended that that happens in the same is true for a masculine woman, the my
Most masculine woman is more masculine when the average male that doesn't mean we should tell everybody they're trans some people are trans and deserve all of the rights and protections afforded with you know, civil liberties that everyone gets, and some people probably aren't, but that's we'd be careful about. The point is, if you can change legal documents, why can't you change age? In fact, I would argue. Age is already protected. You just the judge to rule on it the law in New York, for instance. They say she I she tells him to simply ally if he wants to date younger women after the verdict, the professor's final conversation with his attorneys proved. It was never about age at all. It was all about creating precedent and building arguments for protections for Lgbtq individuals. I'm sorry if the judge ruled against it. The president created is against
Gb Tq individuals, poor and sloppy writing. They've. Only quite an argument for why we shouldn't allow trans people to have their day in court. If you're arguing your biology is different from what your document say, they have ruled against that, and that present will be cited against friends people? This was absurd in trying to win my absurd theoretical case. You gave people with legitimate claims, another argument to use to fight in court. No, you didn't to lose as I knew you would. In fact, that argument will fit in nicely with that. Amicus brief, I'm writing for the Us Supreme Court, the one on the subject of their needing to rule in favor of protecting gender identity
under title seven before saying goodbye, he tells his girlfriend is fifty nine and his son she's twenty five and Bryant, and her father is very excited to tell her what you both did today. Let me just stress: the court ruled against him arguing his biology is what it is and it was ridiculous. How will that protect anyone who strands if I, to say anything. I'd say this show just accidentally, or maybe it was on purpose. Given argument service as to why the whole thing is silly and that's a problem that that that's that's bad, so that it's bad for the LGBT community. I should say it's not in defense of anyway. This story is based on. Something real is this guy in the Netherlands, but I'll leave it there. I don't know you know everything in the common stick around next segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all I'm going to say something bold, I believe Joker, maybe the greatest film of our generation
that's a pretty bold statement. Many people may say I'm wrong, I'm being hyperbolic, but let me just first say in my opinion and let me try to explain to you why this movie is so powerful and important. First. That's gonna be spoilers in this. I think we're now well past the opening weekend, if you haven't seen the movie hard spoilers to me talking about why, I think is one the greatest films, but it's not just about the film itself. I will talk about the politics, the cultural, the wrist that the response, the the the the gravitas. Okay, not even what about spoilers, but let me just say for those that have seen the movie the last the ending joke, when that camera angle, on his face when he looks to the tv show, host and
and he says what do you get when you cross and then he says you get what you ask thing deserve and pulls out that gone and bang, and that was like. I felt that in my whole body now it looks like not that not that I said that got out of my system. Let me, let me tell you why I think this is potentially the greatest film of our generation. I'm not try to be hyperbolic for only point out how much trash garbage garbage movies have come out in my life most of its trash. I gotta admit now: I'm thirty what I mean by generation is like in the past couple of decades, think about it, like movies, are all remakes and adaptation. Inzan explosions, an like you look at avatar right- makes all this money and what was it? Pocahontas in space. Ok, sorry, it's fun movie, but whatever Now I I'm open to you suggesting the comments below movies. You think that are better, but but I want to make a point about our our politics and our culture. I don't think this is the
latest film of our generation simply because the good movie it is a good movie. By the way, I think it's because of what what is done to our society, the message it pushed and and it's it's an it's an amazing story. So, first As I mentioned before, the angles and the lighting absolutely perfect. The performance by walking Phoenix was on settling in well done ridiculously well done and celebrities have come out, calling it a masterpiece. Take a look at the story from Hollywood reporter outstanding you're responsible, Oscar voters react to Joker with many of waiting it, but Chris Rock for one said: the Joker, incredible wow: what a masterpiece Matt
centerpiece, there's a lot of things in this film that I think need to be pointed out for one. The Joker is not political. This individual is a nihilist, but his motivations are not right or left. Like I'm sorry. What motivates him in the end is not a left or right thing. It's kind of both he's mistreated, ignored, sure he's a white male he's he's insulted, be rated. Life is unfair. He gets in trouble at work for something he didn't. Do he is blamed for something essentially but think about how he gets to the point. Where he's at the hospital that was treating him. Let's shut down, he loses his therapist, so we have. We have a mix that people support. Him are Antifa. There's a lot of cult
role, issues that came to light or that that were that were given focus in this film without directly making about that. That's why I think it was really well done. Many people are left arguing whether he was right wing in the cell. I think it's all wrong, but other people, other people come out saying it was left wing. His anti five now make my position clear. His supporters are clearly anti for the hold up one to hold hold up a sign degree. You know denigrating fascism, they they dress like Anti, for they wear masks, they go and Ryan the commit violence and their pro testing wealth inequality. It's what sparked the whole thing so they're able to capture this decade in this film. Here's what I should say to to to to for for you to think about in terms of whether or not this movie is the greatest I'll. First, ST greatest, it doesn't mean that it's the best greatest just means of like metal, large magnitude.
Large impact. Ok, it did a lot of things right. It did something's wrong, but I ask you this with all of the press: the controversy that the acclaim this is a film people are going to remember for a long time. This is a film people are going to look back on and talk about. This is a film that will probably get reported a record in the Library of Congress like back to the future. I mean that Avengers end game might for different reason, but take a look at end game. What does it really have I'll admit? I, I love the Marvel films, but end game was whatever it
It was. It was a finality mash up of all of these different, you know we're doing a flashback episode right. The joker was something real. It wasn't relying on action, it didn't you, don't rock you in your seat by exploding things, it was just a performance by a man in his experiences and it's reminiscent of these great films that we've seen in the past that we don't see anymore. For the most part, these character driven explorations and it ends by tying perfectly into my might not might the city status the ending was so satisfying. Okay, how, like I've, often wondered how he how he has henchmen? Who would follow the Joker he's nuts, and this is it? The system was rigged, the system was was in, fate was favorite was in favor of the rich and that that wealthy industrialist on tv and says they're all core
sounds, and so you end up with these people who, for leftwing motivations, become anti establishment and throw everything out the window and lift him up, and he paints his face and blood and dances. It was incredible the way they made like this depiction of the Joker when the cops on the trainer like being beaten up by the mob, and he starts dancing and laughing I'm like. Oh, they nailed it you're not supposed to think this guys are here. Oh you're supposed to think he's a villain, that's the point, but let me read for you something that that you know it's from Michael Moore, and I want to read this to you: it's what posted an instagram that I think exemplifies why this is so important and why it is potentially a masterpiece. I I know I was a potentially because, like it's it's hard, but I definitely think so. I think this is a. This is a
one of the best films I've ever seen check it out. Michael Moore wrote this and you might not like Michael Moore, okay, but let me read what he said on Wednesday night, I tend to the New York Film Festival and witnessed a cinematic masterpiece. The film that last month won the top prize as the best film of the Venice International Film Festival. It's call Joker, and we at and all we Americans have heard about this movie- is that we should fear it and stay away. From it we've been told it's violent and sick and morally corrupt we've been told, the police will be at every screening this weekend in case of trouble, our country in deep despair. Our constitution is in shreds and a rogue maniac from queens has access to nuclear launch codes. But for some reason it's a movie. We should be uh I disagree with his assessment on Trump fine. I agree with the general sentiment with everything going on in the world. They're saying, don't see this movie, how dare they had so irresponsible? No, it's a remarkably well done moving but lucky says I would suggest the opposite.
The greater danger to society. Maybe if you don't go see the movie because Sorry it tells in the issues that raises are so profound so necessary that if you look away from the genius of this work of art, you will miss the gift of the mirror. It is offering us. Yes, there's a disturbed clown in that mirror, but he's not alone were we're standing right there beside him. Joker is no comic book movie. The film is set somewhere in the 1970s Gotham New York City, the headquarters of all evil, the rich who rule us, the bank corporations whom we serve. The media, which feeds a daily died of new They think we should absorb, but this movie is not about Trump. It's about the America that gave us trump yeah. I agree the America, which feels no need to help the outcast, the destitute, the America, where the filthy rich just get richer and filthy,
thank you walking, Phoenix Todd, Phillips Warner, brothers and all who made this important movie for this important time. I love this films, multiple images to taxi driver network, the french connection Dog Day afternoon. How long is it been since we've seen a movie aspire to the level of Stanley Kubrick go see this film. Take your teens take your resolve. Bravo, Michael Moore. I don't completely agree with everything he said, but I will stress there some points he made. I do completely agree with this movie joker. You see a man he's taken off his meds. Angry he's he's belittled. The world is unfair and there's a system in place to help the corrupt. That's just the way it is Thomas Wayne goes on tv and says there are clowns if it could have been Hillary Clinton. Saying the deplorables, it could have been Mitt Romney talking about the people who aren't paying their taxes. It is the elite and in the end you see those who are pushed around by the elites pushing back a bit left or right. The Joker is a nihilist he's, not here for a political reason to
and it was just funny in reality when he was being mobbed in that train. It was self defense, but later on on the talk show, he says I did it 'cause. It was funny because they're awful you're, all awful and says. So are you you're awful Murray? It wasn't about whether they had money. It was about the fact that there is a system that benefits connections and the corrupt, and this is a guy who, for every reason, was angry laughing celebrating. In the end he didn't care, he didn't care about the system he cared about destroying the system. There was no political message behind what he was doing. He was just angry. He was tired, he and- and that was it. You know what Michael Moore brings up is that well? Well, I do think he's highlighting the more left wing message of it, which again proves my point: that the message was more selection than anything that you have these elites and it's the very you know you know at the one percent.
I think what we end up seeing is well, you know what what what's I'll keep this one short, not wrap up by saying the system in place made everybody angry and it gave us Donald Trump for better or for worse. You know the economy is improving the system in place. Let the people saying I've had enough of the establishment, be the dumb cats or the Republicans, and along came Trump and Bernie, and people voted for it, and a lot of people voted for Trump. For this reason, because it was, it was going to rock the system to its core Bernie or bust, the people who voted for Trump simply to watch it all burn down. I tell you this. I know a few anarchists far left us to voted for Trump, the Denver trial item. They voted for Mccain thought. He was the end that he was the harbinger of the collab. Of the system and there a lot of people support him because they thought he was the outsider coming to shake things up. But in the end you see this film, Joker and you'll see why these people support a nihilist doesn't care. The system is been corrupt for so long. They turned against,
and they've turned to a madman who for no reason just as you're awful yeah I mean I mean for for a reason. He kills the people and- and the reason is that he he views them as awful rather subjective. But that's the that's the point he was taking a stab at the system at the elite, so yeah. I think Michael Moore's right in that this film shows the depiction of the chaotic world that leads people to say. I've had enough, whether on the left or the right. So anyway, look what I want to trick say about this film being the great so much some of our generation is for one, it's being hailed as a met heralded as a masterpiece. Whatever you think about the phone, what do you like it or hate? Is a lot of people? Don't like it? That's fine, it's gonna be remembered, it's going to be recorded, it's gonna be referenced. That's that's what matters and the funny thing about it is it's a comic book adaptation. I was critical of adaptation in the beginning. You may have noticed that I'm sure some people have already commented saying, but TIM it isn't adaptation, that's fine! I understand that. But it was incredible. It was an inter
station. It was the it was that it was that a background we hadn't seen before, and I thought it was. I thought the the nail on the head I'd be a truly incredible from you haven't seen it I've spoiled movie for a lot of ways, but see it go see it again. Example, I'm gonna, I'm gonna see it again this weekend. Probably that's how good it was. I often say. Well, I see it again, probably not right to a lot of movies this one. Definitely I know people shot back to back. It's it's it's not! I don't it's it's! It's really well done, can talk. Todd Phillips, wow seriously I'll leave it there. I just you know, listen I got I I know. I know I've made several videos about this right now, but I really do think it's that good, that that the in it and that's a lot for me to say right, I got a. I believe I have one more second coming up in a few minutes. Stick around and I will see you shortly Where is devolving? I don't know what's going on, but boy? Is it getting bad now? Listen. I understand that they have been wildfires, but we've got a couple of stories for you, the first utility Jaya,
p and eat voluntarily. Shuts off power could impact eight hundred thousand Californians. California's disease ridden kind home crisis. People have been shutting. On their businesses. Diseases are on the rise and as a fear of the return of bubonic plague, there's been typhus outbreaks, it's getting bad and This is just showing how bad it really is. I can't imagine people want to live in this state for much longer rolling, blackouts are coming because of the extreme
whether because of the heat you've got a leaf now a lot of people are going to point to climate change and say: aha, this prove that find that that's I'm not gonna argue about that. I'm just pointing out in California, there is a power off, but let's get to the lesson. Okay, I got it has a warning. I talk about disease things about a gross okay. I hope you. I hope you realize how bad California's become. It is becoming a it's a third world nation, in a sense with some of the largest homeless populations in the country, maybe even the world relative to whatever you know, relative to certain places with feces disease needles It's getting bad, and now we've got more news. I'll come back to this one to highlight this, but std cases hit thirty year high in California, with
Some diseases increasing over two hundred percent in the last decade. What is going on in California? Something needs to be done. I don't know if it's a federal intervention or what, but this is insane the homeless crisis disease, human waste STD's something needs be done. I don't know what your answer is, but I can just tell you if you live in California. I wouldn't be surprised if you want to leave. This is from Ktla five and there's more trust me. This isn't the end of it. The next door I show It's going to be even more it'd, be even worse, but will read this first. It's a std is reached epidemic levels in California last year with three Yes, it is hitting their highest levels in the state. In thirty years, according to report released Tuesday for two thousand and eighteen, the California Department of Public Health, an increased number of reported syphilis gonorrhea, and
chlamydia cases. The number of cases also rose significantly from a decade ago. Syphilis had the most dramatic spike over the ten year period in terms of percentage, the twenty twenty five thousand three hundred and forty four diagnosis, Rep at a sharp increase of two hundred and sixty five percent from two thousand and eight committee had the most cases last year with two hundred and thirty. Two thousand one hundred and eighty one up fifty six percent over the past decade. Can you believe this? syphilis is up two hundred and sixty five percent. They say Gonorrhea is up two hundred and eleven percent more from ten years ago. But what was particularly concerning for health officials was the number of genital syphilis diagnosis which rose fourteen percent from the previous year, an increase for A6 consecutive year in two thousand and twelve, the number of infants die
agnos with potentially lethal disease skyrocketed. Nine hundred percent im repeat that, for you, the number of infants diagnosed with syphilis is up nine hundred percent, and this brings me to the met the next varied. A fine story, CDC reports Stds reach all time high for fifth year in a row and it's killing babies. This is insane, I you know what you think we beat. We beat a point in our society where we'd be talking about how we're getting rid of these diseases what's happening. I can't tell you I can tell you that policy is being these. These places are mismanaged and you know what It might be kind of like a market competition concept. California is blue. For the most part, the urban urban areas, where all this is happening is blue little competition. So there's no there's no counter. You have
organized policy, they pursue the same goals, but it never works, or at least it's not working for the most part. At a certain point, we have to stop things and say enough diseases are killing babies, we're shutting off the electricity. There's human waste in the street were spending money to have people go out with with water hoses the cleaning up human waste and there's needles and diseases, and all they do is pay to clean it and sort of solve the actual problems. I don't know to tell you, but this to me is one of the most terrifying things I've ever read. They say there were nineteen stillbirths or three neonatal deaths associated with syphilis last year, according to a report, thirty one in also the other symptoms or complications. I rate are rising all over California, in both men and women report found, but there are some disparities with the highest number of cases of
but among people between the ages of fifteen to twenty four african Americans and those who are gay, bisexual or men who who, who are hooking up with other men. According to the underlying drivers of the increases of Stds related to a complex web of social factors. The report read some people diagnosed with STD. Have experience of substance use incarceration? The exchange of intercourse for money, housing or other resources, poverty, homelessness and disparities in acts or care. Let me make it's clear in no uncertain terms. The reason or one of the largest contributing factors to the rise in these diseases are people who are poor, who are exchanging these things for favors and doing drugs, something is rotten in California. I'm not going to lay the blame on anybody. I'm I'm sorry, I'm not only the blimp politically on a party right, all lay the blame.
Individuals have been running the state for a long time. Yes, it just so happens to be at the mostly Democrats, fine, but we can. We can leave that that the partisanship out of it by all means are dressed. If that that fact, I'm I'm like I understand, I want to point the finger directly at those were running the show I've leave. They are cooked their con con people who say whatever, whatever need to say, to win and there's no competition of ideas. There's no push back, there's no change, and it's only getting worse. They say
Sc Ds can lead to a number of serious health problems if left untreated, including infertility, ectopic, pregnancy, pelvic, inflammatory disease in Vision, LAS asked these are preventable by practicing safe intercourse and many can be cured with antibiotics. Antibiotics according to acting state public health officer, Doctor Charity Dean said in a news, release regular testing and treatment and are essential prevention strategies. Even for people who have no symptoms. Most people infected with an std do not know it. So let's go back to this first story and I'll read you this when you combine the factor that disgusting and terrifying reality, this california- and you add in the fact there now shutting off power? What does this sound like to you? Does it sound like a great american state or does it?
sounds like a developing nation, a third world country with rolling blackouts feces in the streets and disease. California is devolving. Ok, it is not understand. Right, violent crime are, is down, it may be, it may be still lower today and like disease and maybe lower today than there were couple decades ago. But according to this report, syphilis now one hundred percent congenital since two thousand and twelve, these diseases are on the rise and something needs to be done about it, and it's not getting done, but at that, together with them shutting off power. All these people- and I gotta admit if you're still living in California, not preparing your exodus. I think you've lost your mind or not paying attention. It's getting that that in the internet age you don't need to be in a centralized location anymore. A lot of jobs can be done, digitally electronically short, not all, but many, and it is true that many people are leaving California. Big cities particularly, are seeing a a loss of young people. This.
From NPR says: PG and a Pacific gas and electric began cutting off power to nearly eight hundred thousand customers across large swathes of north and Central California. On Wednesday morning and a planned outage that says it's necessary avoid the risk of fire, pg and E gave residents in more than thirty counties, advanced warning about the power cut, which it says could proactively reduce the dangerous effects of a potential widespread, severe wind event forecast for Wednesday. I can respect that. This is look on its surface. This is them saying we don't want wildfires and you live in these areas. But let me just factor these things in you live in a state that is earthquakes and it has wildfires and it as droughts. You live in a state with failed government with the rise of diseases, homelessness, poverty.
Other views, prostitution. I do not understand how people continue to live here. I really really doubt I lived there. I lived there for a couple years and I left partly for these reasons. I I for the most part, all of minutes not really about all these reasons. These are a factor I remember going to certain places and see how healthy it was and and the and the escalating almost crisis, and I realized it's not the land of dreams. You know they. They say that people, California, Dreamin and people- think you go there. You had a big you, don't the weather's nice, hey the weather's fantastic, but I realized was the narrative about California was a lie. They tell you all of these great things to convince you to come there and you come there and you see how truly bad it really is. I really
Why is that? It was mostly just a big urban sprawl with very little to offer anybody other than its problems and as more people believe it's the place to be, they bring their problems with them. There are a lot of people who are homeless because of this dream of fame and wealth. It is, it is a beacon that attracts people who want instant gratification, not all of them. I know a lot of people have morning worked really really hard. Most of them have left to be honest, but I do know some people who went there, who wanted to be rich and famous, who did work really hard and they succeeded in a lot of ways, but this is a place that tells you you know you can. Here you can come here, you can be a star, you can be famous and people go there and you can't and they end up becoming prostitutes. I do know some people have done this, who moved to California with hopes to be an actor actress and end up turning tricks. I kid you not, and that's a fact, and why we see the increase in these diseases. So so anyway, look the new. Is there shutting off power, or I saw that- and I understand they're doing it for good reason, but then I just think about
Would you really want to live in this place with disease with needles with drug abuse, and now they start your power off? I don't know how people do it, man I'll leave it there stick around next segments tomorrow. One thousand am podcast at six hundred and thirty thanks for hanging out, and I will see you all next time.
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