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Joe Biden Actually Just Told Coal Miners "Learn To Code" Proving Democrats Learned NOTHING From 2016

2019-12-31 | 🔗

Joe Biden Actually Just Told Coal Miners "Learn To Code" Proving Democrats Learned NOTHING From 2016. Biden has said before that he would sacrifice hundreds of thousands of energy sector jobs over the "climate crisis" and so has Bernie Sanders.This shows the untenable position of Democrats. Trying to be ideologically drive to attract the activist base while sacrificing the working class.You can't do both. Trump's advantage is that he isn't concerned about climate change issues so he has cut back regulations to bring back coal jobs ensuring certain places in the US vote for him as he had their back.While many progressives have called this claim callous and ignorant it still leaves progressives and far left Democrats holding the bag. Bernie Sanders has Biden have been upfront about people losing their jobs, you can't support the energy sector unions while simultaneously calling for an end to it.Hillary Clinton said her biggest regret was saying she would end the coal industry and coal jobs. Even with this warning Democrats still carry on down the path of cutting jobs instead of creating them.Meanwhile "learn to code" was seen as so offensive Twitter actually banned people for saying it.If the Democrats won;t even take Hillary Clinton's advice then I'm willing to bet there will be a Trump Landslide in 2020.

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Proving once again that Democrats have learned absolutely nothing from twenty sixteen Joe Biden at a rally the other day toll Call the minors to learn to come. I think, actually learned a programme. This is widely seen as ignorant and callous and you literally telling people their jobs are going away and to move into a sector in which they don't understand. It is to say, lacking empathy. It's one of the biggest mistakes, Hilary Clay, then maiden, twenty sixteen. What she said was one of our biggest regrets. Yet here we are Joe Biden himself. This gives moto bite bite into coal. Minors learned decode it such an absurd gaff that even progressives our calling out Joe Biden, forest short Sightedness and the carelessness of these comments. Natural The conservatives are there's two different perspectives on how to solve the problem. I guess
but you're. This also shows it shows that people don't quite another left for the most part, not understand what it means to have a job. Do you think that people have a job simply because they want to pay their rent? That's not the point and this is what I think is the biggest provider between the Socialists and, basically everybody else. This may be shocking. None of you because I realized socialists for the most part, not watch my gentle, but if you find yourself as a socialist, let me just tell you: people like working. You know that there was that viral, Did I covered the other day from Carlos Maza? Formerly a box where he said you know a devout developed nations are supposed to make it, so you don't have to work when you can still enjoy the benefits. Now another little people enjoy fulfilment, enjoy purpose and the reward for doing something that they fulfil their purpose? is access to resources. I tell you this not every job at a job. You will like and that's unfortunate, but you need to focus on doing something you do
join. The problem is we have so many young people being raised to do some nebula you know non existent high tech. You know education based job. There told the motor car I can get a liberal arts degree and then their shocked because they have to actually work. How about you raise your kids to like doing work with their hands to like bill think things and then sure enough you'll have somebody was maybe just a tradesman, maybe a plumber, maybe a carpenter, maybe there an architect. Maybe it's something that people, though, consider to be a fan. Ivory tower job, but they're happy building. You know that I've met some of them because people in the world doing some of the lowest scale level jobs, I've met people whom all my one who are you We excited and tell me about the problems. I haven't, how they're gonna solvent formula MIKE while I never knew anything about that like this, the certain weeds and like the hedges like do well- and these guys are I'll, be there like I'm really good at what I do and passion about my job, I'm glad I'm working, so
when Biden says the coal minors learn to code, he's basically saying what you ve known your whole life. What your passion is your purpose who cares? This is such an ignorant and now in view of what work should be, but let's red and see exactly what job I dare to say, and I have high this right now. This is because motives are lefty publication on the left or the right to an agreement on this one by what are you thinking before we get started but it's a guest outcomes lashed on it. If you'd like to support my work there are several waging give. The best can do is share this video I'll. Tell you why normally it's hard to break echo chambers, but here we have the left and the right hand in hand like that meme saying Joe Biden you're crazy. If there's one thing that can unite the progressives and the conservatives, it's their disdain for people like Joe Biden, who have no idea. What's really going on whose kids are war, overseas forward absurd amounts of money with seemingly no experience we get other games played. I can have a disagreement with you about your policy
ideas like say the green new deal which I'll bring up, but I think we can all agree. People like Biden in the crony Democrats are corrupt and which are probably get rid of them. They have no idea what life is like for the working class. That being said gives MOTO reports, democratic, presidential contender and contender, and Joe Biden and Joe Biden has some advice. For the recently disrupted learned a program at a rally in Derry New Hampshire. On Monday for the Washington Post, Dave Waigel Biden talked about how unemployment, unemployed, minors and coal workers who have lost their jobs in recent years, confined jobs of the future. If they learn to program referencing here Rollin Barack Obama's the Brok Obama era, programming skills, initiative in schools, Biden commented that quote, anybody who can go down three thousand feet in a mine can sure, as I can't say, that, whereas it structure is learning programme as well, anybody who can throw call into a furnace can learn to programme. For God's sake, know that such
an insane comment, he's literally saying, learn decoded these people, which sparked the whole wave of people telling you I was to learn to go, but I think you know what I find particularly forty years. The left journalists agree with the conservatives and so on its it. Instead, comments and make they got a bunch of comments from people more progressive left saying you can't just do this. This is amazing. I love ass. I love seeing the populace left and right with all of their disagreements. Look at Joe Biden Lucky's a lunatic three what exit, what exactly these blue collar workers in the mining and call shovelling sectors should learn. The code is unclear, somber Joms report, my challenge, Ray and Christmas found at the mind and tat sectors, are both shutting thousands of jobs nationwide. So too is everything correlated its
here to say that the long term prospects for Idee workers are butter with a bureau of labour sticks projecting the computer and information technology, jobs will grow twelve percent from two twenty eight twenty eight much faster than the average for all occupations. Meanwhile, dirty energy jobs are dying, left and right. Despite now best efforts to slash regulations. There's one of my disagreement with Trump. I completely understand the people who are losing their jobs. Regulation and obsolescence. I think Trump is looking backwards, not completely, but Why? Because you have to recognise that these jobs are going away for a variety of reasons. I also want to point out something a bit more important telling someone to learn to code. You realize that this fifty year old man who is probably the best coal miner. The world has ever seen, you're telling him to go. Learn how to use a machine and compete with an eighteen year old. Ok, there is a wave of people who grew up, but these machines who know how they work and a fifty year old man who was one of the best in there
industry, be coal, mining or other energy. Related fields are not going to turn around and become a master or export craftsmen in terms of software. It is it just completely unlikely. It is cold, callous and ignorant thing to say to somebody you, you can't just take someone's pay I should wait patiently from the Bible say this I don't want a solution is, I think, is important to point out that its no fault of their own, their jobs, are becoming obsolete, certainly much. We can bring some of these jobs back because regulation needlessly got rid of them. We can see the climate change groups. People like Hillary Clinton made that mistaken twenty. Sixteen and Hillary Clinton regretted saying- and I ll show that a second but Does jobs in general, many will become obsolete. I dont know if a solution is but I'll tell you this right now, especially if you're a conservative. We need to figure out a way you're, not everybody in this country- has a savings account, not everybody's retirement account. Not an economy is doing better than other people are starting to save. Now these are good things, but what do you tell? Someone is fifty years old who is laid off through no fault,
their own and then Joe Biden says we'll go learned the code. That is not the answer. I must Socialism is the answer, but I think Andrea is at least trying to think of something. The solution could be to bring the jobs back. I dont know they try work training programmes to the reality, as it is not fair to cast. Someone out into the wild with no resource at your jobs done, I'm sorry, you may have been a little who this company for thirty years you may be the best in the business, but nobody needs at anymore. Therefore, you don't deserve money some people might argue all they should have saved yeah. I know, but some people of medical expenses, men, a lot of people have high medical costs, as you could also those costs pile up, and it makes it hard for some people to say So, let's just say, there's someone who did everything right. Some of the family got sick eight through their savings they dont have enough, and now what are they spoke do I need a little bit. More is model says the issue has less to do with whether programming is a desirable skills
it is in the same sense that speaking arabic or having a masters degree, mechanical engineering are desirable. Skill sets to bite in point. There are plenty of success stories, including with laid off minors. This instead has more to do with whether everyone has the desire or attitude to learn programming to plunge into an ultra competitive job market for developers, whether job retraining programmes are actually effective or will be adequately funded or whether advice someone to just get a much more lucrative job in high tax in the high tech sector actually comes across as helpful. Here's. It's funny Brianna will, for instance, is no friend of conserving. Or the right, but even Brenda was bite in town Call minors just moved a high tech is so tone deaf and unhelpful completely right, but basically they gonna show a bunch of a bunch of people. Kind of on the left saying like this is nuts, but let's move on from this, because I want to show you some something's right that the downfall of the Democrats, because they don't see do you understand what really going on this
from twenty seventeen Hillary Clinton. Coal gas is a microcosm of twisted treatment by the media, sure military back. In March, twenty sixteen at a democratic town Hall, Ohio Hillary Clinton, made what was probably the best known gaff of her campaign. As part of our answer on energy policy, she said quote we're going to put a lot of coal minors and cold companies out of business. This was in lately taken as a sign of her hostility to the working class and a confirmation of Democrats WAR on coal. She now calls it the comet. She regret most devoting an entire chapter to it in her new book. What happened? The point I had wanted to make sure rights was the exact opposite about came out. She felt absolutely sick about the whole thing, one of the best known gaffes other twenty sixteen campaign was a Democrat saying we gonna take your jobs away,
guess what is the first time Joe Biden set it, I believe, with on the debate stage, we said he's going to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of energy sector jobs if it meant bettering the environment melatonin. I appreciate that the desire to help the economy and I'm trying to help the environment, but not at the cost of the economy when it causes individuals to suffer become destitute drug addicted, see their homes lost as a lot of problems. Here. The bigger question is that we ve come to a point: we're at a really serious with fork in the road. The big challenge. What's the point of being alive, if we have to sacrifice the well being of certain people and our economy, because we want to make sure the environment is better at the same time, if you, if environment, does the crap, we all die. Ok- and that's not good either. So, if a serious challenge, there are many people who are dooms area in the world can and in twelve years- and it's not it's just not true. If you look at the actual science, you actually asked the actual scientists, they say now. Oh, what is it,
ending in twelve years or eight years are otherwise, but we do have a challenge get alot of people. These are their jobs. I do think it makes sense to soldiers, are phasing things out button but like through grandfathering, maybe saying like honestly, you know it man, I really don't know I'm looking at this and I see ass, a rock and a hard place. I will just put it this way, Democrats you tell. The union workers in the energy sector were coming for your jobs, don't be surprised, when many many more people than just those workers decide to vote for the other. I was, as I'm actually bring jobs back because that's what they want and it's not their fault. We don't have those jobs The last thing you want to do is say we're gonna, sacrificer jobs. You should learn to code and we're here to shut down the coal industry. Sorry, anyone the for ending jobs at a path to defeat, let me give a shit two cigar and Jedi who treated this use every tweeted it he said, Biden twenty twenty. I play a pivotal role in shipping,
God's overseas, sending your sons to die in war and devastating your community. I would do it all for the nth degree. If you let me back in the White House, now learned a code and I think well hyperbolic. Yes, I agree with the job I and does not have the best records he's like Hillary Clinton, but like with less mental acuity, actually know it's like if you combined Joe Biden, Feller Clinton you'd at least get somebody who could stand up straight and think properly the problem with bombs, and you know Hillary Clinton falling down. Joe Biden doesn't know where he is half the time, so you might get a whole candidate reportable together. Sorry them I'm not the same in Joe, but its track record is not good. It's not just because he's a moderate Islamic deserves to win, and I think there is born above forum is because you know he's the only guy, They know when you actually get the donations. Guess who is in the lead its Bernie Sanders and for all of us is gas, and problems are also this men. You, you might think, he's bad policy wise. I will
absolutely call not for his pandering and twenty sixteen one of the biggest gas you ever made was a white people didn't know. It was like to be poor, please at more than their more. Why people already than any other waste in the country, and I think it's just because their mostly why people, but it's a fact, is tons of poor people and I've been to these like stood super rural areas like the oblong Panhandle, or is it alone yeah like I've. I've driven through their have driven off the beaten path on my way through allay back to New York, I was trying to go to areas people can see before I've seen poverty in these areas when their towns are falling apart, when their industry is drawing up. You can't just say that met major major gap and centres has repeatedly pandered, but take a look at this. You got it. You gotta give to the guy the guys at least willing to be straight to your face about what plans are, there's a story, the hill in September on September, nineteenth only got thirty. One shares Sanders defends job losses from ending use of fossil fuel.
Boy. If I could tell you this, the Democrats have learned nothing from twenty. Sixteen. I could go back to September, listen man, Senator Bernie Sanders on Thursday defended is planned to shut down the fossil fuel industry. Despite potential downsides for the industries employees, Sandra. Sixteen trillion green new deal. Climate plan calls for eliminating fossil fuel used by twenty fifty, but twenty twenty presidential candidate spoke more fully about a just transient. This is not the answer It is not the answer to legislate away people's jobs. We need new technology, that's the only path forward. The green new deal plan should be. Happily investing away from. I don't like bonnet kids and stuff like that of the sick and maybe towards new energy technology. I know tromp as ragtime like wind and weird ways, but if the manufacturing process, it is always taken a context when you criticise us they were claiming they try making it see. My trumpeting fumes come from wind turbines when tromp was talking at the manufacturing process. Listen you dont need the law.
About what tromp was saying and that's what they did. They were, like. You know, troops out when you look at the manufacturing. You know all man, the fumes of fields are crazy and they try cutting the quota, make it seem like tromp was implying fumes come out of wind turbines, none and trumps point about many. The manual manufacturing process is somewhat fair. There's always going to be a carbon footprint footprint in the manufacturing process and fumes and start from everything. It's not an excuse to not build wind turbines thing. It's a great idea, so Trump is wrong and that one, but I'm not gonna, pretend that troubles implying that wind turbines generate smog. So stupid is what can it makes things because going to live an argument about what tromp was actually saying because they purposefully taken out of context to hurt him runaway anyway back to Ernie Sanders. I can appreciate that Bernie is saying. Look what I think. You're jobs away. Joe Biden said the same thing. Congratulations all of the union's! Ok! Don't want to lose all of those new members, but this way, if the union's have ten thousand employees working to TAT, any energy
and they lose their jobs? Guess what no more union dues yet they're, not gonna like that? More importantly, the union's suppose you fighting further for the people who are members, so you see a lot of other sectors joining together with the union saying no, you are not going to take our jobs away. In fact, there was a letter drafted. I believe us by the eighth Elsie. I e, when a Yossi published green new deal as along letters, were. They said something like no one is doing more toward finding renewable energy than we are well, I got a couple more for you. This is from February of this of well, I guess not technically last year and we do nothing labour unions, fear Democrats, green new deal poses job threat, you don't say it that that that they should fear. That Does it literally does Bernie is telling to your face, we will take your jobs. Joe Biden said to your face. We will take away your jobs and Joe Biden research I was just learned a code, one, the most offensive in cows- things you can
in fact it was so expensive people on twitter we're getting banned for telling journalists to do it. That's how offensive it apparently is. And this is the World WAR and right now I can respect Bernie, enjoy being honest about their desire to shut down an industry and take jobs away. But if you, don't look at like that threat. Even listening to what Hillary Clinton said, which is that you were granted regretted talking about showing on the coal industry. Will they just up the ante man you're notes? Funny I cover the seven Emma second Channel. Did you know that, according to a gallop survey, Donald Trump and upper AKA bomber are both tied for first place in America's most admired men? Trumps approval rating keeps going up, it does. Economy is better than ever and it will probably keep going up because of its people have finally gotten passed his bad behaviour because they're, like at least my life, is better. And what's the alternative trump is saying: I'm going to bring jobs back to community, I'm going to end these awful trade agreements and and shift the that the tides of favor towards America
Bernie Sanders is saying: I'm going to shut down an entire industry, Joe that would do to the economy. Listen economy. Is this big network? Ok, that if the people in the energy sector can afford goods? Well then that, as a ripple effect, small towns our basic objectives are drawing up towns. You know that there are some towns that exist because there's one big factory and then, although bars, and all the restaurants in hotels provide service to the people who work that factory the factory is paid for through you know, uttered bills that I've been subsidy and things like that. You come in and shut those factories down its now just the people who work. The second will lose their jobs, and Americans know this so when you say we want to shut down the fossil fuel industry. There is right now, some little old lady who sell I don't know she sells little little dolls on the side of the street ass, our business but she's in an energy tax, inequality and she's. Thinking yourself, I make a living selling my art. If all these people lose their jobs,
if no one has to come here, any more to do inspections to do you know beings on the power plant that I can't someone to anybody, has hope there will be any one here. There are some people who serve pancakes and there, like my biggest customer base, are the people more coming in for breakfast just before going off to the power plant, and I make them breakfast and guess what if they lose their job, I lose my customers, this will and more small towns and they D. Care what they dont understand, because whatever is wrong with them, they can't seem to learn Trump One, because you got the majority of counties. Yes, not people, but it is that the majority of care that makes sense, because you know L a county and, like you know, I don't know, what's what Manhattan counties, kings, county or whatever the very dense, but there's a lot of small counties and trumpet the overwhelming majority and many of these people are seeing their their towns dry up their jobs dry up and their worried about it. What
he's gonna happen minutes I this there's some guy right now is forty five years old is a plumber. He's got a couple kids and he's trying to figure out how to give us kids a better life, and he knows the only in driving. His town is coal, mining, fossil fuels, fraction or otherwise. I'm no fan of this industry by no means but I certainly understand whether you like it or not. If you tell these people you're coming for their jobs and an annual destroy their town, they will do everything in their power to stop you do you know what men it extends beyond this this up with his last segment that I covered this yesterday. Bernie Sanders says Medicare for all will cost jobs I gotta say right now go I have respect for Bernie Sanders sing your face. I really really do takes. It takes a bold politician to look you in the eyes and say we're gonna lament Medicare for all. It's going cost you two million jobs. All these jobs gone we're going to shut down fossil fuel industry. All your jobs gonna like wow, that's bold man, that's a bold thing to say
Now I know there are people who would say he's saying he's being honest with you if you want to do the right thing and he believes it will be the best path forward. That's fine! If you believe that, just now that there are people who lose their jobs who dont care, they don't care because you're gonna destroy their lives, do we need to reform that that the medical industry, you better believe it man if a disaster and people need better access to lower prices. We to figure this out. We really really Bernie Sanders solution, costume jobs unless one been one of the biggest hurdles, because how do you convince two million people million people to sacrifice their livelihood, what their an expert at the only thing they ve ever been. You know that it's their career people like working. They like doing things hard, the hard? But it's also gonna, be the fossil fuel industry and its mind blowing, to me that they think this is the right thing to this final thought, to reiterate, you might think it's the right thing to do.
Might be the right thing to do. You will never win an election by campaigning on destroying the livelihoods of people, even if you think it's the right thing. I don't have solutions for you, man, I really don't. I think the environment is in trouble if humans keep polluting it I do believe the solution will be technological advancement, and I believe this today is the mother invention, so my fingers crossed that we can find a way to move people and other industries. I dont know exactly what we do. I dont know if it's possible, and I certainly think looking in the icing learned a code is not the solution to it. I think it's unfair that some it was a call minor, should lose access to their resources or lucrative position simply because of obsolescence. But what's the solution, I honest, I have no idea. I don't think it's socialism, but also think it's not fair. To just say, sorry, you went through hardship and you can't afford it too bad out on the street some might say they should have saved fine. I don't know it's it's. It's a serious conundrum. But I will just say one more time telling them you will say:
Their job away ensures your defeat. Stick around next time. It will be at one p: m: Youtube: that's dot com, Slash TIM cast news, it is a different channel and I will see you other Donald Trump is declaring war on the democratic debates. There's a couple weeks ago that it was reported, Trump was considering not debating the democratic nominee because concerned about potential bias from the commission. There is good reason to to suspect, there's a bias. I want to go to the store with you from two weeks ago, but now we are seeing the actual tactical plan from Donald Trump tromp to counter. Are you what democratic debate with Wisconsin rally? That's right! rats or on stage debating various policy ideas. Tromp is going to the onstage expressing his ideas, creating a competing merit. Media narrative outside US ratings for the democratic debates have been declining rapidly,
The last to bed, I believe, was the lowest before that was the lowest and it just keeps going down not only that a lot of people are being excluded because the ever expanding- or I should say the more difficult criteria with every democratic debate- removes some popular candidates, notably tools. He gabert wasn't able to qualify for less about She said she wouldn't do in the first place. We saw Andrew Yang recently asked for more Paul's, so weakens more diversity on this democratic debate, notably again, Corey Booker did make it either as semi popular candidates, though they pull our getting removed less, care to watch these things, I'm willing to bet Donald Trump Campaign Rally should it be covered by Say, Fox NEWS. Will get more ratings than the actual democratic debate and trump knows it? But that brings me to the bigger point moving forward, why tromp is going to refuse to debate the
democratic nominee period, and I'm gonna tell you why? Because there is favouritism- and there is actual statistical evidence that Trop will be hurt by it? Neither trot a planet, scared. I could you not nautical saying drop drop admits he's, not scared, debate, no it's not so much about being scared about. Why should trop seed any ground? Personally, he should debate. If, if the democratic opponent gains in the polls, it means trumpet a bad job in good, but tromp is going to play it safe for probably, and do things like this so get started and read about exactly what's going on with trumps with constant rally counter to democratic debate. Before we get started at over the TIM cast out I'm flashed on it. If you'd like to support my workers, pay Pelagia Crypto out in a physical address, but of course, Bosnia can do share this video let's break summer. Echo embarrassed for our new, your resolute new year's resolution. I know its not perfect. I have my biases but, more importantly, I believe
The end is nigh for Youtube commentary channels in political commentators and journalists. Types like me, because you tube is effectively quarantining, Archer whilst there are moving us from recommendations and their pushing Our viewers towards mainstream media, which means in over a long period of time. My channel will stop appearing on your channel and not to seek people at that means the best way to survive. This tumultuous time is for your. If you like what I do to share the video, that would be greatly appreciated and it would Direct anything an algorithm would do let's revenues and Associated Press. They say. President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Wisconsin next month, countering the democratic presidential debate set for the same night in Iowa drops campaign says the rally is set for January fourteenth at the? U W may walk Milwaukee Panther Arena. It's the same, but CNN, and the Damone register our sponsoring the first democratic presidential debate of twenty twenty at great University in Doin
Milwaukee Rally will be trumps. Second, in less than a week, the republican President's campaign, I said, he'll hole his first twenty twenty rally in Toledo, Ohio and genuine knife. All three events could unfold against the backdrop of trumps impeachment trial in the Senate. The Democratic Control House voted earlier this month to impeach Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress over his dealings with you praying that a trial is the next step in the process, but it has been delayed while lawmakers lawmakers figure out whether a call new witnesses. Alright, let's stop there for a second, I want to show you this story from the Washington Post. It says Donald Trump, clearly, one the democratic debates and opinion peace from September and where the other debates, but I want to point something out- I try to figure out what the point of impeachment was. You may have heard me say this ought to make a quick because they brought it up but think about what will happen with democratic debates and campaign and and and the campaign trail just before Super Tuesday in March. If the Democrats push for a Senate, try
it's not going to hurt trump trumps gonna get more press he's. Gonna keep doing this thing he's already made tons of monies. Poles are already up, people are, are, are already overwhelmingly opposing impeachment who's going to hurt, not gonna hurt, Joe Biden, it might have bad press comes out, makes some witnesses. It's gonna hurt Bernie, it's gonna hurt some of these other senator senators who are running for democratic ticket, who might miss a debate or Gonna get pulled off the campaign trail to participate in a Senate trial with are not allowed to speak and must sit quietly as impartial, jurors and then PETE Buddha Judge and Joe Biden will be free to campaign just before Super Tuesday, and maybe that's the real reason. Are doing it is ideas. Not mine is actually voted by a lot of progressives. We'll see what happens either way see what the Democrats are not for pushing it, because it's only propping up trump, but let's go back in time. I gotta much stuff. I want to show you a dynamic debates and I will tell
you why trumps probably strategically correct to avoid debating Democrats, although in my opinion, ethically wrong to do so, but its choice in this up at the Washington Post September, Kathleen Parker Rights watching the democratic presidential debate, Thursday night left one clear Prussian, Donald Trump one. Will you might be saying? How could he have one? He wasn't on the stage? It's exactly why you one she says: please don't shoot the messenger. My left index finger recoiled a bit as it reached for the tea on the keyboard, but it's true for this reason. Democrats are two earnest. They care too much there too smart. They know too much. Oh, oh just wait for me to refute this you're gonna love it there's allowances, but wait. There's more. I got a whole list of sources rejecting the premise of radon. Whoever says whoever says,
senator call Herriston the american people are so much better than this needs to get out more. This isn't to recommend that primary candidates should be more like President Trump, not that they could, but as a panel of tenders. Their missing a key Essential devote our interest, not brilliant policies or the wrote delivery of statistics, but a clear and firm message as well as others, the other that other thing that tromp had twenty. Sixteen quote it, where you are saying it girl, but boys, have it too and she's putting it in quotes. It isn't necessarily good, in fact, in men it probably just it. It's probably just a little bit that not enough to attract attention to convey toughness to seduce with dazzle, or at least but double those around him, love him or her or just wish him away. Trump has the x factor in spades and jokers he's right so that she goes on to talk about a variety of things, but there's she's right about this Donald Trump has the x factor. Why should Donald Trump?
other sharing a stage of someone who doesn't have it, it's only can result in a bump, but the reality is she's overwhelmingly wrong, see she says they there too earnest they care too much there too smart thing. Now too much I see, recall. Tarsi Gabert, taken Kamali heiress to task and it became, is major new cycle tells you was the most search for candidate. She utterly destroyed Kemal Harris, pointing out how horrible record on law enforcement, so no they're not to earnest they're all liars for the most part and a couple of em, I think, are honest, happened like Andrew Yang and tells you Gabert take your voted as will see if they make the next debate. But let's move on to some of the main issues of the debate that helped Donald Trump when, even though he wasn't on the stage. I talk about them being too earnest about this. This is the famous story, many of your pie, familiar with and outside this right now, at the end of the year its new year. So, let's consider this kind of like flash back episode of all the most popular cut to the democratic debates, show of hands and immigrant healthcare belies
Arnie issue. Why? Yes, we all remember when they want, when that, when the democratic candidates were asked, how many of you? How many of your plans for government healthcare would include? non citizens, and they all raise their hands some of them seemingly begrudgingly. This was a very, very bad moment. In fact, was so bad. They made a rule for the next debate. I think this is true fabric me that you couldn't ask a show of hands question anymore because it made him all look in second, and they did not tell you this man. America is not the Woke Twitter Roddy. Regular Americans were shocked to discover that they were offering up government healthier their taxpayer dollars to people who worked citizens of the country, but wait there more about this story. National review is just about a week or so ago. Biden says yes to sacrificing oil and gas jobs for clean energy. I brought this up in my earlier so and on his gentle. But Joe Biden is making the same mistake. Hillary Clinton did and Hilary
went inside. It was one of our biggest regret when she said that one of our tasks was to end the cold industry or something something that to that effect. Joe Biden gets upon the debate stage and says yes to sacrificing oil and gas. For clean energy, and it would also when it comes to health care, also highlighted this earlier. Birdie send animals with worn, saying two million jobs to be caught now, there's a reason. Why am highlighting this? It's not just because the Washington Post wants to claim their they care too much in their two earnest. I think what would I ve shown you here, first and foremost there not to earnest, they have no idea talking raise their hands, giving away healthcare and they're. Not they don't care to modernize either going to sacrifice your job before their ideology. That's the opposite. What were really saying is exactly what Donald Trump has no reason to debate the Democrats there throwing themselves under the boss with ridiculous insane policy. Donald Trump need only
back and laugh as they continually push lies, deception and ridiculous policy platform. That Americans don't agree with. Why would trump give them the opportunity to correct the record he won't he doesn't need do. I think you up here's another story: Elizabeth Warren dodges, questions on middle class, Sykes under Medicare for all democratic presidential candidates tore into a before after she dodged questions on whether middleclass Americans would have to pay more intact as under her Medicare. For our proposal this once this one to two for you see in this debate, story Warren refused to answer the question and marked for it and then Bernie Sanders did the right thing and admitted your taxes will go up there going to take away your private health care. If you want it and your taxes will go, but overall costs are expected to go down It's a fair point, Bernice, basically saying yes, just say it. We will tax you, you will pay more, which will pay lesson. Healthcare costs, that's that's his pitch and I appreciate and being on
but once again we can see. This is a two part. You see the Democrats heard a little for refusing. To be honest. That was a bad for Democrats that there are those bad for you Then they heard the can arrange your taxes take away your private health care. That was also bad for Democrats. Why would trump actually need to debate them? It would give them an opportunity to correct the record, which is why we are hearing trump. Might not. To move on. I wanna get out to get more to you, no trouble Reasoning is extraordinary times explaining why he doesn't want to do it. Here's a story. I finally several times and an I'd always been rehashing. If you washed all my videos in several times, but I have to do it for cock, contextual reasons I have to show the sources: it's a certified source, its box and there's a lot of people who don't watch every video democrats. Twenty twenty economy dilemma explained. They say that Thursday bake. There seem to be a firm consensus among the candidates at the right path is simple, to deny the economy really.
Is performing. All that strongly see. Even the left wing vocs has admitted the economy is doing great. They say present Donald Trump. What is typical flare ascended, the grey economy in history it isn't, but something can in fact be quite good even without being the best ever. This is from vocs their progressives their straight up. Telling us the economy is good. We all know it. We have a pole from USA today, where eighty percent of people said their life is getting better next year, because the economy is doing really really well and they say it's because of Trump Democrats. Only option is to deny, as box has get out. So here's I'm laying out before you take a look at the story from your times. Will trumped debate a Democrat and twenty twenty he's, not so sure the president's concern is not so much whom he will be debating, but the commission that runs the debates. I think truck, should debate. I think you
really really should. I think it is the moral thing to do. However, I can't blame him for not doing it. It's not just about the strategic advantage see all of that stuff. I just showed you are huge net negatives of the Democrats. Right now, consultants are scrambling papers. A flying scripts are being written and they're telling the Democrats how to correct their message. Given the next opportunity. Here's what you had to say- and we noticed this- debates, went on people's walked things back. Kemal appears at first sight, I'll, abolish or private health care, and then was like no. No. No. I didn't mean it a fact that one another's I don't have that source pulled up. I was gonna monsieur I make that clear, but we can see this hour to walk back the more extreme policy when they realise that was unpopular on the debate stage there trying to win, and so there constantly one up in each other to be more left. This is a huge advantage for Trump. They have spun a web for which they cannot escape and Donald Trump debating them would give them the advantage in correcting the record
but tromp has a real reason. Not to do it. Proof is in the pudding at the moderators. Are biased check this out ends. Anderson Cooper faces scrutiny for invoking hunter, bided and democratic debate. This is back from October, fifteenth Sweden's Edison where was accused today night have giving Joe Biden pass on his sons bit. There's dealings in Ukraine and also for the president's, lies and bringing them up at all. Well they're trying to make it seem like well. Edison Cooper played both than it was wrong. He helped trump, but he also, you know, gave by new passed. Another reality is Americans every questions about why Joe Biden son was getting paid so much even so little its legitimate you call it trumps lie. That's ridiculous. We know for a fact. Hunter Biden had this job and we want to know why I don't care what the reason as I want to know. Why was it because you got a job over his daddy's name, while I'm upset by that and Joe Biden should not be president if he sits around while his kids use his name to peddle influence. Sorry,
not happy, but what happened then Anderson Cooper said. We know it's debunked, not true care to answer. Well, thanks for answering for him, you didn't answer. Only the questions. You just asserted something that wasn't true to defend Joe Biden when the questions were never answered and that's the real reason Donald Trump should be debating. I mean, in terms of you know whether that's gonna be fair into Egypt. Donald Trump is looking at two things: they ve already been biased in favour of the establishment they ve already cut certain people out. The Dnc is rejecting Andrew and react calls for more poles, but it is from other day Dnc rejects. Yanks request for new pulls ahead of the next debate. These candidates have repeatedly been saying: You need to accept these pausing to push us and the establishment had said buzz off. So Trump knows. The whole thing is rigged. It even rigged against the lesser known Democrats. So why would drop bother participating a rigged, debate, especially with the Democrats of already laid their bed for themselves with ridiculous statements, but policy,
Let me show you the story of the New York Conference up a really interesting point about what Trop learned from twenty. Sixteen they report. President Trump as discussing with his advisers, the possibility of setting out the general election debate and twenty twenty because of his misgivings about the commission that overseas them according to two people. From over the discussions, Mr Trump has told advisers, but it is not trust. The commission and presidential debates the non profit entity that sponsors the debates. Do people sat less of a concern for Mr Trumpet, who will emerge as a democratic nominee, is which me Your personality will be chosen as debate monitor according to people in contact with them, and that brings me back story. I showed you about Anderson Cooper, they're, gonna, A biased, left wing, journalist and trumps gonna say not interested. He doesn't need to be he's gonna hole.
The campaign rally at the same time and a spouse, his message to a willing rat to a ruling base, and it's gonna be aired on tv. Why bother with debating again? I think he should debate I'd like to hear his ideas challenged, but it's bad from across the board, I blame the media for this one. The media was biased and has already shown they will defend Joe Biden when no answers were given to many of us over what his son was doing. Think about it. If Joe Biden phenomenon, it is onstage with Trump Anderson Cooper, up and be electron, you lied explain your lie Joe Biden, I'm so sorry he lied about you. Why would anyone participate in that took us out, though, that a state a race campaign breathing in Arlington. The presence advisers declined to comment on what their plan was for. The debates one senior advisor to the president's seems to winced at the question and said it was not something advisers were prepared to discuss until next year.
And the twenty sixteen general election debates. Mr Tromp repeatedly complained about being at a disadvantage to Hillary Clinton, the democratic nominee and the post debate. Poles showed Mr Trump had a good reason to be concerned. Mr Trump and mistreatment and Miss Clinton. Worse, Miss Clinton. You mean MRS Clinton Protection, they'll married a bill right, we're essentially tied in the polls going into the first debate, but she received a bob after each of the three face to face match. Ups Gallup poll conducted under the third debate, for instance, found that sixty percent of yours thought Miss Clinton did a better job, while thirty one percent chose Trump after his performance in one of the bases penned. Mr Trump blamed a defective MIKE and questioned whether it was done on purpose to put if it is at a disadvantage. It turned out that a technical malfunction had indeed affected the volume of his voice during the debate about function, you say just like it was a glitch that twitter removed his tweets. Sorry, we all saw that debate where Andrew Yanks MIKE was off. You could see him talk
and no sound was coming up and you know what you do enough about it, but tromp on you and with the excuse me excuse me, he grabbed someone else's MIKE Mike is off. I need to talk, that's the x factor. They talked about that tromp has what you wanna tell me: the debates aren't rigged Ansari they one hundred percent are. It was a technical malfunction please man, you know what my life is defined by the cloak. Stop making me defend tromp, that's really how you can divine at the polls that the poles are slop in rigged and they were, and there were set up poorly column, whatever fine. Maybe they work, maybe just wrong. That's. Why he's the agri? Today but the debates were also read the microphones, I was also Marian Williams, and I believe she said that her Microsoft too, and they give all of them maritime to war and invite- and we know the game is played. Why would tromp bother stepping into the fray
when Anderson Cooper already said. Mister boffin trumped lied about Ukraine. How do you feel about that? Excuse me. That is not how a debate to be held. The moderator is not supposed to be jumping to the defence of of a candidate son, we want, we want real answers. I'll tell you what love though I love this look at a story from Vanity Fair, drop swears. He isn't afraid, debate, Democrats and twenty twenty, ah, that Bach Bach bagasse strategy of tried and true method, a fifth graters all across the world that when can't get someone to play by your unfair rules. You just go back bought bagasse until they. Finally, given sorry, if Donald Trump isn't going to debate its because the press is biased, and we ve seen the evidence with Anderson Cooper, I'm sorry actually like Anderson Cooper, I think, is one of the better people on tv, but that was a major misstep. He stepped up and defend it. Did they let the guy answer, and then he got pan why
Are you undertaken the president's lies? It doesn't matter who's lie. It is you simply asked the question. Donald Trump has has called out your son and your dealings in Ukraine. Do you? How would you responded trumps comments? We are dealing with a presidential debate. Don't you think it's fair to question whether or not their validity to what trumpet sang if tromp is lying? Should we say Joe Biden? How do you feel in a job? I could take was lying hears, I'm saying, don't shouldn't Joe Biden respond to what the president has said in the press and doesn't coopers responses. Basically, that is a liar great so our unloving vanity, fair, Spock, Bach bagasse method will see if that plays out well for them. I kind of think it won't because tromp is she plays strategically he knows how to run the press. He knows how the game is played and he plays it better than the Democrats. Thus he is holding a rally during the democratic debate and I'm willing to bet the ratings, for his rally will probably be better. Ok
That's not true me. That's about unfair about the democratic debates. Ratings are gonna, be like five million trumps rally might be only a couple million but trumps gonna go out of use online and transported steel, limelight he's going. Make sure a lot of people. I'll put it. This way Credits are spent in Yemen and talk about their crazy policies have, as I have already shown you, the we're gaps and stuff they ve had trumps going to draw attention away from them. It's entirely possible, but while we saw the democratic debates getting six million viewers at last in Alaska Debate, trumps ratings, my pulse. Four million away from that debate towards his rally, in which case the ratings may be even lower. Listen, I watch democrat debates. I also want to trump grounds. I watch the news I want to see. What's being said, I'm gonna have to choose now between Trump and the debates. A lot of people will feel that way, but
wrap this up with one final story, I never like using singular poles. Ok, I was given the accurate and right now in the aggregate trumps job April. Plural rating is around hype, its etc high points, its aggregated around forty five percent, which is pretty much a campaign high. As I showed you, eighty percent of people are optimistic. The Democrats are lying on, the debates takes an economy is bad, but Zob be released this this pole, showing that trumps approval. Writing is now over fifty percent why do you trust sought? You're? Not some people doubt there are now a couple poles, notably rest musin teeters around fifty percent Zog be does again not a fan of using individual poles the show this outer wrap it up with this. For one reason, the Democrats have made numerous gifts
if more than one Poland now is showing trumps approval writing going up if in the aggregate is going up. If among the african american voters at thirty six percent according to three different poles, including Emerson Trump, has absolutely no reason to veer off course, his his his entire strategy, whatever it is, it's working should stay the course and he will keep gaining and there's no reason the risk that, by giving his platform to a Democrat, as we can see, bringing it all back to the original story, Tromp is going to hold a counter of that his own rally during the debate. Why bother being onstage and telling all of his fans to look to the Democrat it doesn't need to? I think you should other debates are important for us to figure out who has the good ideas. The problem is, the media has been biased, so Trump has a real excuse to say not playing a game. Now,
the left will say: traumas scare will say bought up by God, but it's not good enough. I'm sorry trumped up the upper hand on this one and the New York Times even shows you. Why value their stick around next islands coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p m and wealthy. If you, if this is the last thing you want me to go you're an idiot, prepare, before your festivities, because the decade is ending and but a few hours then not happy new year her body- and I will see you all and not tomorrow, but I will have three more shorter segments up Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast news. It is a different gentle, sprang up. The ratings are in and Brian smelters, reliable sources on CNN hit rock bottom in key demo I mean I'm not trying to be disrespectful. The guy- but I and tune in to us. He certainly not as bad as Chuck totters, and I want to give some defence the brine Salter, because he I let it some quotes from its the dude from Washington, Post Marty. Baron who said maybe wasn't him, but they will have a chapter in the sky from the press.
Tune in to us. You certainly not as bad as chalk totters, and I want to give some defence, the brine Salter, because you highlighted some quotes from its the dude from Washington, Post Marty, Baron who said maybe wasn't him, but they will have a chapter in the sky from the pressing that tunnel drop supporters or their reading a quote from somebody about Trump supporters. Believin fairytales, like Noah's Ark and about we'll get really met it. Brian stealth, forcing you shouldn't have shared the information. That's not true. Spelter absolutely should have shared the information should be grateful that he pointed out that these people and MSNBC were were insulting your religions like and respect that, I certainly don't think Brian Stelter is the worst. I just think he's a biased actor same as me, but doesn't admitted Sears a thing you watch Brian show on CNN. Tell you all this stuff is, though, he's right and he's smarter than everyone else. It's the opposite of what I kind of do. I say I think I do a good job, but you better watch what Brien's Dotterine David pack another but other people to say, because it's probably things I miss
this kind of an inverted message, so I can certainly respect what he does. I am very critical of it because he's giving you a false sense of security is the most dangerous thing and media. But anyway I will read the story, and I want to be fair to be asked about analytics, and in doing so I must point out: Fox NEWS boasts best. Prime time ratings ever finishes on top of basic cable. For fourth straight here, did you know the Hallmark channel beats? travel, beat CNN and writings while prime time or otherwise. So let me do something for you. Let me let me explain to you the key demo, how it works. What's up with Brien's Deltas ratings, I'll, tell you why I think this is, and I just want to tell you about some changes. I'm gonna be working through the next year to actually try and solve this problem, even though it may actually be bad. For me, First CNN and almost all
cable tv ratings are on the decline in general, accept apparently Fox news with their best primetime ratings ever daytime writings. My understanding is that have been going down to cover this in the past, but see what happens is as the ratings collapse. These channels become more and more desperate to cling to a particular narrative. Now it's like this. It's one thing for, in my opinion, for me to have a personal opinion and you no particular disdain for a certain class of
politicians, I'm very, very critical. The Democrats, my framing, is often you know very critical of them, but there are socialists who have a similar framing too it's nothing to do with politics. I think the wax pointed to peoples that my group and I have been in a basically completely democratically controlled, Democrat, controlled city and Republicans, don't play a role in any of the things I face. So now I see the Democratic party. You know Joe Biden saying, learn to codify the stuff and it's like Anti Working Class Anti union. I feel like their duplicitous, so it's nothin do my personal politics, but yet content devolves into kind of like an anti thinks that that that that will be making some change our opponent the clock was more than that and video. The problem for CNN, however, for brain cells, or is that his channel has devolved into the orange man bad show, but it's mostly about how, like he's the reliable or tat of source when CNN peddled fake news and F B. I talking points for three years and we're disproven. So if you want to ask
why the ratings are down foreseen in my brain smelters. Ratings are rock bottom and Fox news. Prime time, our record highs, I mean look no further than the Mulder report. In the Haug report, you may get a bum Bastille sensational view from kennedy- and I am very critical and I've been very critical of candidate, but you're still get incorrect information just a bit our now bombastic right it and it's gonna like But I think you need to balance your diet outside a Fox news, but at least they are not telling you fake sense. There have been some bad storage. Unfortunately, there ve been retracted, but I guess a consensus among like left and right outside of the democratic state judgment but Rachel MAD Alan MSNBC crank up fresh you back. That's gonna turn on the hill tvs, rising with Crystal ball and cigar and Jedi because got about you, gotta progressive, gotta, conservative and there
fair to people when they have them on to try to understand them, not like what CNN is doing and to an extent not now a fox is doing, but hey at least Fox news. Estonia is really happening right, so its recent. Let me explain These ratings work, they say scenes beleaguered. Media show reliable sources with brine, stouter hidden Berossus new low one December twenty. Second, when an average, only eighty five thousand viewers among a key age group Spelter right, only touts the significance of the news, demographic of adult age, twenty five to fifty four, but the dismal performance marked his lowest view, worship of two nineteen right now. I am doing some changes to my channel. There's gonna be a new show. Will I think I'm gonna? Do it? I've been sentiment of theirs, but what would it? But I average about you- know just nine hundred thousand to a million viewers for my hour and a half content every single day. Those people are all in the key demo, all of them. So
talking to me to see. Brien's others show me getting eighty five thousand when I'm getting like ten times that granted. I do have eighteen to twenty four as well, but there are small percentage around seventy five percent. Seventy or so percent of my viewers are twenty five to fifty four and that's you know, and so that there is some overlaps. I think it's fair to say, because some people watch multiple videos per day. It's not most. Actually, it's absolutely not most almost all much like one point, two or soviets per day. So it seems fair to say that, like six, hundreds of thousands of people watch my kind. Every day. Are you make key demographic, yours that substance almost ten times what CNN brine stouter gets? So, as you know, for whatever reason in the media likes to pretend like cable tv news matters, but I'm going to be fair, so you to stick around I'm going to be fair, I'm gonna show how it's actually not all kind of keynesian rainbows on my end, Brien's authors are doing as bad as they might wanna make it seem. They say the dismal proof,
from stouter came as Fox NEWS Media Buzz a direct times like competitor thumped, CNN, reliable sources across the board. Internet eighteen smelters show average only seven hundred forty thousand total viewers for the year prior to its point. Nineteen finale on December, twenty ninth, while media buzz, got one point: three million over the same period Cnn Sunday morning, media show lost twelve percent of its viewers compared to twenty eighteen, while media buzz. Its audience with nearly identical year to your evident averages. I'll. Tell you this it's because stealth
show is likely Orangemen that I look, I'm not gonna be Ferryman. Smelters show is not like the fervent end of the world like Rachel Meadows is stopped, or at least sometimes has fair segments. It's just a bit biased any needs to recognise that he isn't the authority on these things, because on CNN he acts like he's more than everybody is not the right. It's not smart thing to do. Go, there's fake news across the board. Our media establishment is riddled with fake news. We know this because of Russia Gate. We know this because of spy gate. The facts come out. Came they try to act like everything? Trumps has a literal calm down, but is not the worst he's, not the worst. There's been a few there's been several times, you know, maybe by two or three times per month. I will actually praise brine, shelter and use him ass, a source when he gets things right, automation, its clear and now I want to show you what is fair. What's fair is Fox NEWS is getting the best prime time radiance pointing out. First. Prime time is very different from Sunday morning, although you know Fox NEWS likes to boast that their Sunday morning showed us better than that
but come on? Let's be real. This is CNN, social blade, see it and got a hundred and sixty five million views in the last thirty days, a ratings are up. Thirteen percent now tell you this you to change the algorithm to hurt my channel. My writings went down by few percentage points CNN dramatic We helped Fox news more than anyone else, because their directing most independent commentary to Fox NEWS, even Progressive Jimmy door. Could you not Look at this date, actually, where that money is put up. I got this graph right here. The Jimmy Door show this is tracking. When you watch Jimmy Door, video chooses white line right here. You are then sent to Fox NEWS, which is as I already I guess. You can't really seekers cut off, but you can see it highlights Fox news most of the people who watch Jimmy Door or I'm sorry. If you watch it Jimmy dormitories, a progressive is a burning supporter. You are more likely to be sent to Fox news case. A fox is reaping the rewards of the media outlets, which
what makes this clear while CNN isn't reaping the biggest rewards and we can make fun of them because their ratings are down and brag about how us on Youtube our doing so? Well, the real, but he is CNN is doing really well on Youtube and it's because you Jabez propping up, let's be honest, but it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. If you Jabez propping up, I mean it's. A serious problem is hurting the commentary, but while we sit here and alcohol look at their ratings they're down and look, I get eight hundred thousand views per day. The sea and then getting produce a whole two million there averaging five point: five million views per day and inspire point out. Cnn floods, you too, with like a stream of like fifty videos per day, and I do six so that plays a role in it and there also getting propped up. Are you too, but the fact is they are going to get views
are going to retain influence? Don't act like you know, everyone wants to gloat, like brains out their show is doing better brands other shows by doing better than mine on Youtube. I'd be one about. It is actually, maybe not- maybe that's not true, but seeing it as a whole because they re flood the channel with clips and then you to promote it, and I've complain to you too, but not this, but they do not care. Here's at Youtube has done they warranties political content so you don't appear the front page anymore. You barely appearance search. There was even appeared where they were moved. Most political content from certain Stephen crowded complained, it's all removed, and now, if you watch my content, I'd be willing to bet. If you look at the side bar right now, Fox NEWS across the board, which means they have created an tropic system where its part for us to gain subscribers and we slowly bleed our subscribers to CNN and Fox NEWS outside us. I know we're ten minutes and subscribe hidden. Applications and share this video. You may have noticed alive.
This. I say I'm always like major share this video and is a reason why you tube can frying shut down the algorithm, and you know what to an extent I get it, there have been many instances where the algorithm fed a certain kind of content, and you do change. It is not unique to politics, but they're doing it now and it's going to her. Creators. You know like if you share my videos and others, you overpower the algorithm, because there's nothing more powerful an individual sharing recommending on their own. You took it they were going to show your video to a thousand people, but if a thousand people show to their average of three friends on Facebook, you got three hundred thousand impressions ass, the power of sharing content. You know like now I said I was gonna, be fair, so I'm not I think it's fair point out. Cnn get them views on over on net Youtube, but news is still eating them. Two hundred and fifty million views the last thirty days and foxes averaging seven million views per day,
rallying CNN. So let's be real, we aging media landscape. The longest time most of these news outlets As a liberal cities, you know our other russian cities cease to be liberal, so they hire. Liberals do have a liberal perspective and push illiberal message. Things is starting to change. People are leaving big cities. I got, I got store, make make a story for next and the next few days, but things are changing changing a lot and, as you know, the daily wire, for instance, gains traction on Facebook, one of the most prominent outlets and their most the Commissary Fox NEWS, also where those prominent outlets Fox NEWS substantially more view. Then CNN, as the world's shifts into a digital landscape. Where you have an endless supply, an endless field of choices for what you can see. Can you can consume things change? You know people watch CNN, because scene is kind of a default, but when you go on you too,
you're more likely to get Fox news these days, and that means we are going to see a dramatic change in how for one Fox news produces content, but also in how people perceive the world. You may have noticed Fox news and even the drugs report have started becoming a bit more money, read much to the chagrin of many conservatives and Donald Trump himself, tweeting, what's happening, the Fox NEWS: why are they hiring Democrats? Why are they doing town all with Bernie Sanders, because Fox NEWS one they know they won because Sweden is dying, which really fascinating to me is that our group in a world where Fox, this was hyper. Partisan billow rightly said in saying things like son goes up. Son goes down. You can explain that. I could you not really said that and I'm sit near like what was the famous quote. We explained that five hundred years ago, he's like tied goes into goes out. You can explain that then we did
ok. What do you like dollar earlier in or not as besides the point I forgive me if I am criticising the guy, you like watching badge, think the guy's he's a relic of an oven, archaic age and you dont understand how you know. Like the moon worked: fine I was one of those people laughing Fox NEWS for being absurd. A nonsensical today, Fox NEWS: it is the only chance we have actually been correct. It's mine blowing, isn't it Russia Gate, spy gate, orbits report trump election there bombastic, thereby prison. But man you look at CNN and your drowning in insane trash they're telling you think archer innocent BC, substantially. Worse! Everything's inverted. How is Fox news more likely to be correct these days into fact? I love out. People are like take the red built in and are you don't get it it's not about anyone taken over the pill on exactly what Fox NEWS as fake. Have you watched it? Have you fat check that while I certainly have their problems and they ve, sir,
the roof. They they hired Donna Brazil. A Democrat Fox NEWS is becoming the actual news platform. It's it's crazy and there are still so many people who refuse to accept their like Fox news as fake. Have you watched it? Have you fact check that while I certainly have their problems and they ve certainly sent for said crazy things, even as of recent CNN, has become mind, numbing trash and Amazon BC substantially worse? What's the worst we got from Fox NEWS Sean. How did he talking about South rich saying it needs to be investigated? What's the worst we got from from Rachel Matter, Russia could shut off the power in Fargo in winter, and people will freeze to death well and then bring a guy Jonathan Change was like Trop Baby, a russian asset going back to nineteen. Eighty, seven, that's nuts, its nuts, I'm sorry, it's possible conspiracies, might happen sometimes but I love how like NBC, tried. Smearing me as a conspiracy theorist for me saying they're nuts, as the game is being played.
So now, what gives you what's gonna happen outside this Youtube is absolutely been propping up Fox news. I dont know why. But man they are. That's gonna, be good news for the president. Even if is critical, a Fox news, even if he thinks you know they are becoming too left ear to moderate. It doesn't matter Fox NEWS, whose is substantially more pro tromp than any of these. Other news outlets in southern Europe that's, will stop at nothing to great the orange man, bad narrative and push it as hard as possible, so think about what happens in the coming years. You tube in response to the outrage from these woke journalists from companies that are laying people often collapsing, creates an hour, then, which starts pushing you. You you guys who watch my conduct a Fox news, even Jimmy the horrid, like do Jimmy's awesome by the way, but he's he's such a like far left me and Anne and more power to use a good do. I have no problem if you're
socialist, if your communist, as long as you're, an honest person, you talk about what you believe in what you believe it you're, I think, you're wrong. I think you're allowed to be wrong, though, and I think, if you're a good precedent for having good conversation and calling out the bs where it is, I think we're good company. So I can disagree with you, be doing a lot of political issues, but he's fair he's honest and he called out the bs. So what is the response? Send all of his Bernie Levin Progressives over to Fox NEWS, so think about what that means. There was a mean that when around where some guy was pretending like he said, my dad asked me to fix his facebook, so I unfollow all the trump you know pace and follow the Bernie P As you know, two weeks later, he's like I wanna give Bernie Sanders a chance, yeah and then everyone clapped no didn't really happen. What is happening is in response to walk outrage, for whatever reason, maybe it's because you to one of the solution and you do also wants the safer bet. They want
didn't want of warning if warring, essentially gonna break up all these tech companies. So you do like to promote Fox news and there it is anyway, this bulky spring and just outside the street. You pirate several times the past couple weeks by leave it there stick around next time. It will be at Youtube COM slashed him cast at four p m. I've got a new schedule coming big changes next year. But what will fight to the balance? I was gonna do to algorithmic changes. I did mention this before, but now you can hear confinement media due to economic changes partake. About what's going on Fox NEWS, it makes for me to run. You know one. Second, my main channel and models. I went to my second channel. I'm gonna probably move all of my segments to my main channel. Money next year and do a new show on this channel, which will likely be like an eight p m, live stream, podcast, more fan, interaction, more comment, interaction and I'm gonna probably hire someone
guest bookings, and I wanted to be more of a semi political general interest, Joe, which means were to be talking about a wide range of topics. It might have Ado with I'm thinking of having it be structured in two ways like we talk about news. But conclusive stories and inconclusive story, so the known in the unknown, the known being like hey, here's. What I can tell you is actually happening and the unknown can be Stuff like this is a really weird, for there is a story of Oregon you it yet that I never covered, because I'm saving it about animals, bowls being accelerated, all their blood removed and they were dropped from a great height at present, is presumed. This is part of that uber copper legend. So this illegitimate news story. It happened like, and that would be a really interesting. I could talk about the unknown things we can't prove. We got no it's happening and we speculate. So I've been planted this for, while the studio is going to be done in the next likeable, which are so when I think do an entirely new show on this channel and are what I'll do as it
probably an hour or two long, probably with the co host, probably regularly scheduled guests where we'll talk about some of their expertise and some in mainstream these topics. Then break it up into segments. So there will be like three hours of content from me every day, starting the new year will see what happens, but that's the plan for now. Thanks rang hanging out- and I will see you all at four p m at Youtube- COM slashed him cast. You know for a period I had a playlist about things back firing on activists, groups and you know busily activist groups and political activists, because they would implement policies that would then you know turnaround invite them like page was. There was one story where some anarchists had to remove the anarchists some because it was deemed hate speech and it's kind of fine, but I think now I need to I need to come up with a new, a new show called Californian Wasteland Man Caliphate, It is a strange, this Toby, a nightmare that isn't quite make sense at all. Yesterday, Irena Segment, that's at San Francisco
is a technocratic leftist. Fascist does dopey or something because I can't tell you what is it loads? I'm right now progressives gape leftists, are in an inn in their battling, the government over this bill called assembly bill, five, which basically band freelance journalism, new king, a ton of writing jobs, basically, How is your freelance writer companies won't higher if period for basin? California causes losses going right, thirty five times per year, so the basically saying but of dealing with that what's higher somewhere else. Naturally, all these progressives are outraged because their being fired- and it's not all progressives, there's a lot of people who do writing drug jobs and transcripts jobs were also angry. Here's what's really confusing and twisted about this. First, let me tell you the news. Buber, Post mates, sue California over gig laws, escalating fight, soupcon
James. New laws violate can't violets constitutional guarantees of equal protection of due process. I, the progressive has found an ally in gigantic multi national tax corporations that are worth billions of dollars. Who would have thought well for the longest time with such a ship debate going on, we ve heard many activists say but more private company. So here we are, California is not left in any sense of the word, but they pretend to be many people in California whose either left us are not there in fact, in favour of massive unaccountable corporation soon the government over a law that was intended to help the union's granted, I think, I was still ill planned and bad. We are. I get that can't even explain what's happening. Basically, let's start in the beginning, unions wanted a law Democrats in force that law,
progressive writers and other left he's got really angry, that jobs are doing being taken away and have now well on our inadvertently aligned themselves with massive multinational corporations. Ma What a strange decade twenty ten has been and as we wrapped things up could be funded. Just talk about the californian wasteland when progressive source of also be battling against the one percent are working hand in hand to reject a law that union. Actually wanted. My brain explodes butts, read the story from the Wall Street Journal over its act allergies, imposts made soup California to challenge legislation that could force the company to treat their drivers. Employees the light escalation in a battle over the new law set to take effect in the new year the company's compared The food delivery market joined to drive, in the lawsuit father, federal court Monday against the state and its attorney general Xavier, but Kara.
The zoo claims that the new law known as assembly bill five or eighty five violates constitutional guarantees of legal protection and due process, because it how it targets some workers and companies. The lawsuit is the first by major on demand companies against eighty five, which was passed in September and takes effect Wednesday by so called all the gig economy, companies that rely on drivers and others to provide on demand services. Follows similar legal challenges November by the California trucking. Sensation and the December by groups that represent journalists which fear its effects on freely. None and on an anonymous copyright, no check this out is a company called patch and they do hyper local new. I'm not super familiar with it, the better for, while the general it is you know if you live in a certain there used to be local papers, that they don't exist anymore I remember when I was a kid I group on the south side of cargo. We had a paper that was just for the south side and people stopped caring and then you know somebody would throw the paper on your porch and the nodes rain then get soggy
but nobody cared. Timor will patches trying to basically fill that gap, local news actually do good work. So patch is trying to somehow There was a story about this guy. He claimed use a Trump voter said he would I did this decision, I wouldn't go for trumpet twenty. Sixteen local journalists uncovered do never actually voted. That's local drew near times, then, at times ran to stories uncritically parroting disguise narrative and he made the whole thing up. It was local journalists have figured out because local journalists are concerned their communities and actually do good work patch is trying to somehow reinvigorate that. I'm not seeing the companies, but I don't know a lot about him and saying that's their goal right. They recently published some things. Pushed out by a journalist, Matthew Keys in California where they sad Californians need not apply, while think about that listen man hyper local news is hard to fund. Ok, because you ve got your basically trying to get local businesses tis. You know that
media to work right. You make us while newspaper you go to the local restaurants and say, like one advertise, my paper, it's a yes! Now people, just Google restaurants, they see the ads when they go on the internet. Nobody needs local paper anymore, Google, Facebook of Pakistan. We destroyed this, but you still need local journalism to deal with corruption. What if it turns out your aldermen, your mayor, your Congress is doing something bad and not being covered by national press, because it doesn't generate enough. Now, no interest to local journalists, but to do so now, as patch tries to hire people freelance, because the best they can do California gets complete we cut out of the picture. How insane well answered basically there being joy. Hand in hand by many corporations will be real. I think it's funny to say that these
Relatives are now inadvertently, allied with you, no major corporations, but the fact is when you can see the left and the corporations pointing out the laws on constitutional. It probably is absolutely you know it wasn't mind about this law because the union's wanted it. The idea was that these companies exploit workers by not giving them full wages are benefits. Leaving them as contractors. Okay. Well, if somebody wants to freely sell their labor at a certain right, it's their choice right. I think it's great Can you imagine if, like you, had an object- and it was like- I understand There- are certain regulations on foresight, regulation but like regulations for safety issues like you can't just sell food in the street, because what if your food is bad, you make people sick, but, as you know, for the most part, you you usually don't mean
idlers licences and lots of places unless you're occupying a specific space. In trying to say like this is my space. You can basically be like here's. A painting who wants to buy you go on. Craigslist wants to buy it. Imagine if the law change that you can't freely trade your labour? Well, I think it's funny, because that was what the union's wanted the union's wanted restrictions on, who could be hired, so they could get more members. What an interesting paradox, a three they say. Eighty five establishes it asked that employers must pass to classify their workers independent contractors, as is done with drivers by goober, postmen and other gig economy companies, including lift door debt and orders. Employers who don't meet the test must treat their workers employees and idle the benefits, including minimum wage and paid sick days, the law which is intended to give workers more protection, has
so for some companies to re, examine their operations, which some companies in his industry, such as healthcare, saying they could be forced to cut workers. Goober has said it doesn't think the law requirements applied to its business, but also has warned that if it had declassified drivers as employees, it could forced to hire far fewer drivers and reduce the areas where it operates and think about goobers with all its faults. It operates in a very supply and demand system. They have this thing we're like. If there's a lot of cars, they offer more money to encourage more people to come out, which means, if there's ten cars on the road and ten people want those cars, no cars on the road anymore. So if a new person pops up saying car and nobody wants to drive. They notified drivers. We're gonna pay you a premium because there's no and driving into supplying demand system, its it
it's a really interesting world. Rendre Gonna, be honest where goober isn't hiring people there, just offering up a network where you can connect people looking for a ride. People argue that, because uber gets a cut percentage, therefore goober is hiring these people, but men. I really don't see it that way. I personally don't see that way. I think overs terrible, I don't. They it's a good job. I remember people what people who need people who need the money I do anyway, but think about the alternative. You could easily launch an app. It doesn't take a cut and just connect people who are looking for rights. The problem, I guess, who maintain the upper infrastructure of like vetting people they charge for an elegant, turn a profit in reality. A actually, I think, losing monitoring on investment Sakharov and also by the long run, but here's the ears, the conundrum. Basically I mean look, look here's the may take what you eat them. Wait main point that this was basically backfire across the board. It was this progressive union law that was to help people in our everyone's freaking out. Even the woke journalists in the twitter audio outraged by it and they dont antenna
changing it. A lonely! Do this! Ok, I'm gonna, keep us what a little short. I got a couple more assignments that to wrap up this decade, but I'll ask you: how do you feel about goober? I dont think its a job. I really really don't goobers providing you with service. They in that you, as a driver with someone looking for a ride. The ticket cut based on providing that service its I don't see how you could say is hiring these people if they can work whenever they want do However, they want DR whenever they want not uber, doesn't say a person of dazzling for a ride. What? If someone an app that just you could press a thing. I need a ride, and so saying I'm offering a right and they determine how much money they made it. So I think the whole thing, quite silly, but whatever the Democrats who pass the law is being dragged relentlessly Apparently, she has a statement here. This ailerons adopt Gonzalez the author of the statute has urged the attorneys across California to seek court orders on January first requiring companies to implement changes in response. The law amazing
getting dragged from everybody and she's doubling down lonely old, not surprised, California is a wasteland we will see what comes up. I do have another big story: I'm working on talking about California, that it might, I might save it for one. I have to fly again so that maybe a couple days would stick around I've another segment coming up in just a few minutes. We are wrapping up the decade the twenty tens are officially over as of tonight. I hope you're having a good time. And I got to top stories the top worst things. Donald Trump has ever done, and the top twenty four pc moments of the decade stick around you'll probably enjoy them, and I will see you in a few minutes. Donald Trump is certainly no saint. Anybody claims the man is perfect. You know you need to read the watch more utter, not on a look. I'm I'm of the camp of the Orange man is not that bad. I think there's a lot of things that are bad about. The way he's changed the camphor of our presidency. It's not the most important thing. I think I think it's kind of it so that people are like that that the character of,
presidency, unlike the status of it, has been besmirched by the orange man. My gets fair, but is it really the worst thing in the world I play? This tromp has done some bad things. The Washington Post has compiled a list. I'm actually gonna refute some of these things. I also want to make sure I point out as a disclaimer we're wrapping up the twenty tonnes. I thought it would be fun to do to segments this segment is piloting the negative, view of travelling the Washington Post, I want to stress: I'm not going to independently go through all of the New Ogden context of each claim, so it's very it's very likely as the media does. They take trope out of context to transmit them, but I have Some of these things- and I can already see that yes, they're kind of smearing him first stupid things but rest assured the next segment. We'll do is about the crazy pc laugh than I thought would be fair to do these two segments I sort of a critical uncritical view. As we end this decade and we're gonna get started with the orange, and is bad malleson, come on man
It's so insane. You no limit. Let me say this as well as we wrap up this decade. Tromp has got his faults. He needs to be criticised for doing a lot of things. If you dont criticise, and he goes up on it, you know people if it criticised people they'll falter, they'll go into a bad track. Criticism criticism is, can be constructive, even if it sometimes meant just be negative, However, the way the media talks about this guy you'd think he had used a vampire or some kind of Frankenstein monster with clause was going on. Crushing the skills of babies. Calm down he's just like it's just boorish. I love that words, because people's our commenting saying that what she was more boorish Trop is just a bad attitude as the word then you can ever say about, but they do the list and we should read it mark a thesis rights. My last column, I offered my list of the ten best things: tromp didn't twenty nineteen, ok I'll be fair or pull up too, although I wasn't trying to do that, I think it's fair to do here. The ten worst things. What's read these
Ridiculous Lee claimed our country, Israel, who I love this one I love is one we are not full by a long shot thanks a trunk trumps economic success, well over a million more job openings than unemployed workers to fill them. If Trump wants to keep the strong economy going, he needs more workers and that meat- and that means he needs more immigrants. No, it doesn't supplying demand economy does well in the demand, for jobs is higher than the supply of worker. When a supply of workers is part is growing in the demand is shrinking than you have market competition, so salaries go down, people can by less so long. As there are more job openings. Yes, we do need to fill those. Otherwise there will be some stagnation, sir, salaries will go up. Let me explain it to you is one of the worst thing: trumps Trump has had: no, if there's a million job openings and no workers that means poaching will begin occurring. And people, will go to someone and say I need you to work this job losses are have a job. Can I give you a ten percent bump in pay and they say yes, then their Basile say
no don't leave. I can't have you leave and offer more. This means the advantages on the worker. So long as demand for jobs is higher poaching and wage competition occurs. That's a good to me, a good good thing. So no, we don't need to a point where we feel every job and then I guess stagnant that doesn't make sense. We do want to sell these jobs, allow companies to grow, but it also means, as long as there are said again, more demand for jobs than there are people who can work them. It's good for everybody number two, our number, nine, ok, those ten. He used anti semitic troops to attack His enemies tromp was absolutely right to call out Eleanor Marmaduke laid for their anti Semitism. Bravo good, sir. He was right, including the charge that Israel supporters in Congress artist well to the: U S, but then tromp declared that quote any jewish people that Four Democrat show great disloyalty using the very same anti semitic trope. I've got all aren't, live in trouble. The first place that is not the same trope by any stretch of the imagination. Tromp was talking about a like support for Israel.
And he was criticising those war disloyal, two or forty four Democrat, because they are not particularly pro Israel. It's not the same by any stretch of the imagination, but I am still critical. It is not the same because what Ellen Omar, rigid labour doing are much more ridiculous What Europe is doing is also bad. If somebody wants about Democrat and don't want to support what Israel is doing, their allowed to do so, that's not disloyalty, and I think truck should be criticised for saying that, but to act like us on the same, it's on pluralism. What the left wing has is this weird and semitic: concern: see nonsense. What tromp is doing is trying to support Israel. You should blame. Someone is the soil because their critical of Israel, you can be critical of Israel. That's the difference criticising tromp years, because you're allowed to be critical of history, where she had to live and ill and, although I have said there, things that we're not Israel, like it's all about the Benjamin's and stuff like that. Ok, so come on. Let's get same, but yes structure be criticized in my opinion.
Is it the Soviet Union was right to invade Afghanistan and congratulated China. The seventh seventieth anniversary of it communist. Take our amateur stop right here, trumpets playing a game. Ok, he's he's he's playing diplomacy. That's like this is ridiculous. Do I agree with trumped oil? Athens had no, of course not, but We understand drop, doesn't want to start a war, so he's gotta give a little to get a little. Which brings me to the next point. He law a needless government shut down fight. They gonna that he wanted. You know he shut down the government over five point: seven billion and ended up getting one point: three eight billion he would have, if he had just gone along with a bipartisan deal, Trump went for a big ask. I don't care patent really dont care. I mean I guess, There are people who are, you know who lost pay? I know not a privilege ever gets paid for their work they have done is dumb. I think it was dumb and he ended up losing out, but we're Trump tried to pull off was a big ask saying I want this. Much and they walk it back, would have gotten a voice, as you are not in any way. I think Trump ended up getting more than he expected, but he ended appalling funds
other areas anyway, so fuck, you lost the fight Trop. Does this the big ask as a common sales, technic technic, you say I want a hundred dollars and, oh, my god, it's too much money. Ok, find me twenty zero twenties, cheap, that's a trump was aiming for, seems like it and work out. I wouldn't call it. Needless, he was fighting for a reason, but by all means we can criticise anyone. Patients are doing things like this. He used emergency authority to circumvent Congress on the border wall after losing the shutdown fight, Trump use. National emergency ECB powers, which I'm pretty there was deemed illegal sought, are nowhere present criticising it. For that, like the money exists We use for national security reasons, trump onto use it if it within his power. I could be wrong, look any authority, that's it You know. What did you do to your opinion? That's fine, but I think it's like you know: they're they're, specifically this very specific things that tromp has done to be all that for, like firing missiles in Syria, ok, like that's that's fairly obvious-
or when he said something like, even though this journalist got killed by you, know, actors in Saudi Arabia. We got a big money, deal come in and those are obvious right there are not tromp was gonna. U know pull funds like he was allowed to its his his deal, but I am short four times a second supposed be short. So, let's just jump through these, they say he could do you to spread the card The United States is fighting endless worse now. I must not be right. There he's right about that. We are fighting. I must wars, how long we ve been in Afghanistan and Iraq right now in Iraq, embassies under siege among play that game. Ok, tromp is right about that, although I'm gonna criticized Trump for not following through as much as he probably should, because he supplying hence the Saudi Arabia, because the money so good they set themselves he's postponed, Syria one other guarding. You know oil refineries and stuff. That's a man! Tromp is right when he says endless wars, but Trump isn't acting enough on them. Don't play this game,
ok, ok, you know what we're doing and in the Middle EAST is insane and some people right now we're born ass stir. I could you not. Some people are born after we engage in this war and now they're they're preparing to go and fight in that war. It is absolutely in saying it getting into attack dead people. Yeah. Listen, I think it's fair to point out. Trump is what are the column, boorish trumps trumps, a bad character, he's absolutely about character. Is that you cannot cannot argue this one with me? Ok, Trump trumps speaks poorly of people. He keeps said that this guy, you know, John Dingle could be looking up, referencing that it could be and how ok yeah sorry man there there's a level what level of us back to the trunk doesn't have a lot of people. Some people like they laugh about it.
Are you this man, if you're one of these tromp supporters who likes that truck mocks peoples it this way? Let me just tell you: I travel the country. I've met with people most of the trunk people. I've met us in an upper endows mouths go into that one bacco labour driver said he he likes transfer is positive, but wish he wasn't such a jerk. That's a fact. Trump would be doing so much better. If you say things like this, maybe I'm wrong, but I think so look at us one. He asked the present of Ukraine investigate under by no no no, no, no, no. No. No. No, I'm glad you did somebody did. I think it's inappropriate I'm saying, I'm glad he did not the sense that I agree that it was right for him to do, but I'm pushing back on what he sang. Your lesson in trot should have left it up the attorney general to make contact. You should have left up to the ambassadors and whether to make conduct, he should admit it himself, because it exposed to much rest, and now we can't get a legitimate investigation into what Hunter Bide was doing taken up.
Money. I don't care about your reason as and if you come to me and say Hunter binding, nothing wrong. I will show you the door. Americans, the children of vice presidents should not be gone, getting fat cash from foreign governments because their day he's the vice president. Sorry no argument I'd like to see an investigation. I'd like I like that Trump wants to investigate it. Metropolis done a better job about it. You should demand a phone call. They are. There are ways to deal with this, but Trump is such he so arrogant. You can com overconfident, but he just has to do with himself. He can't just let his lieutenants, he can't witticism, take care of it. I get it there's a lot of corrupt actors. We ve learned from these reports, but he should not have done So I guess I'm technically in agreement, but you know what I want to see the investigation he invited the Taliban to Camp David, Sorry, man, yeah, I'm gonna have to criticise this one, it's rough because we're really looking for a way to end this warning Ghana stand? But now I don't know about this- I don't about this one camp, David men of all places. It's tough call
really is I want to be reasonable and say that tromp doing everything in its power to end the war in Afghanistan is a good thing, but you also have to think about the sanctity of the United States and what happened on nine eleven and what it means to invite these people you're. So I will have to be MOTO Spencer on this one. What's the biggest was worst. He gave Turkey a green light to invade zero. Get out of here. Do you get out of here? You know a man. I am glad I got to read this less, I'm not going to read the best tromp has done sorry. You're gonna get mad at me. Now make ok I'll, go really quick, we're really really quickly, but trumpet Nepal troops out of Syria, is in no way giving Turkey the green light don't play. These games are soldiers, should not be in Syria period. I care about you stupid gas, pipeline or Ukraine, or ever but Mark was fair. He has a list of the ten best things he says he can we need to deliver for forgotten. Americans bravo. I agree. He unlimited tighter work requirements for food stamps, job, ok,
He has got NATO allies to call for more money for our collective security. That's a good thing. He still with the people of Hong Kong, not serious because he's trying to negotiate this trade deal withdraw from the in the intermediate range nuclear Forces Treaty is delivering China. North Korea, a strategic set back, ok, I know a lot about that. His maximum pressure campaigners crippling IRAN, his tariffs, threats, threats, force max what a crackdown on illegal immigration he delivered. He delivered the biggest blow to plan parenthood and three decades is passed out. Sorry approach ice, guys! I don't see. That is a good thing. I'm surprised the wash interposed actually said that what what why's that wipe surprising from the Washington Post, but or I don't agree with that. I think this a lot to hold you know proclaiming did not live up. There's lots to criticise plan parenthood hood for but it's it's a political opinion whether was good or bad another's lot of conservatives watching him. I think it's a good thing find your allowed. Do. I know where we're playing politics, but I'm just shocked to see
interposed agree with that. I haven't been decided at argument. He ordered the operation that killed Baghdad. Bravo good, sir. I am not a war person men. What bag daddy was like? he's like a shadow of of evil cast on this planet. You gotta get credit for that. Sometimes you know I'm a very ended authority person, but I believe in the safety of others. Right, I believe in you know, you have the right to end someone if you're doing it to save other people on this guy was bad and he was leading bad people and stopping this is a good thing. Has continued to appoint conservative judges at a record pace. I'm surprised US dudes, saying that, like look I'll concede Republicans one that fight, I guess technically, very transport. It's a good thing, I'm gonna lean towards. I mean for like what I want. I would prefer moderate judges. You know trumps appointed some pretty pretty conservative judges, some with no experience but look. I can see that can see the loss. I absolutely and I think, of Democrats for women.
To do that they might see that they might see themselves winning when you, when you're sore loser just makes people not want to be around you. I will concede. I would prefer plan parenthood receive will not be targeted, though I understand is theirs. Luck is moral conundrums. Here, it's it's tough. They really really is so the hearts of quite an ethical questions. I've ever faced not perfect. Appointing conservative judges is its good in a lot of ways. I can concede that I can consider publicans they earnest victory because they got trumpet. Hillary Clinton was the bad actor, but progressives will need. It will need to push back on this one. I would not call that a good thing trump has done. I would consult outcome. I would call it a defeat for what I would be looking for, but there is a will wrap it up. I try to go as quickly as possible. The next segment is about political correctness, wrapping up the decades to come around in there see you very shortly from the National Review, the twenty four,
absurdly pc moments of twenty tonnes. Now I did not compile this list. This was brought to you by Catherine temperature. Not familiar should follow her on twitter that, because I'm gonna be reading her less so you know credit where credit is due for compiling the list, but as we are wrapping up, decade. We have seen and expansion of the intersection Amity starting just around the beginning of this decade, and it has been a wild ride, with Gamer Gate and comics Gate and whatever gate and all the gates and the world coming together, because people were upset for one isn't on other people on the internet are insane so now we have this list, and I bet you do. The last time I will do this decade. Of course, I will see you tomorrow: let's leave it with a bang. The moat, the twenty most absurdly pc moments of the twenty ten coming in at number one, a college degree, City training course taught that it was culturally
insensitive to expect people to be on time. I remember the story out takes me back time is a tool of white supremacy. I kid you not a cleansing university training course taught it attendees. That is offensive to expect people to be on time, because time may be considered fluid and other cultures. Welcome to the twenty cents, the phrase trigger warning was deemed a trigger yeah according to a piece everyday feminism trigger. Morning, is actually in itself a trigger, because it could be worse. Promising for who have suffered military police and other forms of violence. They recommended Saint content warning instead, coming at a number three opera lesser was accused of harassment for saying that effort is ten percent of the great sexual harassment in Brooklyn College, Brooklyn College, of City University of New York, where what is that? What
faster says he was forced to change syllabus after he was accused of sexual harassment. For stating that effort was ten percent of the great is the great decade. Wasn't it watching that car culture, Buddy fall apart. A campus survey included a trigger warning to caution college students that it may contain. Anatomic The of body parts- The survey was distributed at several major universities, because apparently college students just might not be able to handle the kinds of words that most kids here and middle school biology classes coming in at number five university university researchers demanded that we accept people who don't. If I ask what its real van pockets it's been a great past. Ten years are apparently it's the least we can do to prevent anti vampire discrimination. Number six Seattle area, councilmen was concerned about the city housing posing poop off of it sidewalks, because we thought that it might seem too
racially insensitive, while I think thinking that itself as racist the area in question, reportedly stank like european excrement but one councilman was worried that holding it down would be a micro aggression. What does he implying about brown people? This disease? Hang? They poop and the street do chill a basic number. Seven, a bathing suit advertisement was criticised for being success because it depicted a woman in a bathing suit, thought it was a normal product advertisements to depict the product that you're selling, but apparently I was wrong. She may be front what happened the UK yeah it was. It was like the beach. I think it was the beach body ruddy thing, if not, that that there's another thing that happened where was like a woman in a bathing suit, and then they ended up some one else made like a of a big fat women when bathing suits, because some Feminist decided that pussy hats we're both racist and transfer back. Why well being that's. Not all women have a China's, and not all vaginas are pink. Of course there you go so all the women in since March rhinos, pink cats with the ears, your bigots number, nine, a professor clay.
In that the small chairs in pre schools are sexist, disempowering and problematic. Apparently, it makes no difference that preschool Hence our small people coming in at number ten, and we have forty more after this one college students decided against bringing a camel to school for a hump day. Event due to concerns about racism. Suitors at the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota were worried that the presence of a camel might offend middle eastern students. Annabelle they owed a number. Eleven a school in Seattle reportedly insisted that Easter eggs be called Springs spheres knowable. What may be calling them simply? Eggs would have still been to religious, hard to say number twelve, a group of Berkeley students insisted that they could not take in there that do not take their in class exam due to their lack of privilege, apparently test taking was just too emotionally taxing for some universe.
If Berkeley, students to be able to handle the phrase, what long time no see was reportedly declared to be derogatory toward Asians. That I did not know a student at college, a state university said she was told that you should use the phrase, despite the fact that even NPR admits that it is so widespread. As a greeting that there is nothing to indicate the term The terms origins, be they native American or Mandarin Chinese long time, no see what it would wedded onwards. I number forty in college newspaper changed its name from the bottle. Because editors were concerned. The name was too dangerous. The universe Mary Washington changed its newspapers name from the bullet through the blue and gray press, because auditors were worried. The old name propagated violence, wonderful coming at a number fifteen lecturers were warned the capital letters might scare students they should avoid using them
journalism lecturers at leads Trinity University worth striving to avoid using all caps when communicating with students, because it might make them too afraid through the assignment. If you're narrative ringing words, I'm sorry, you ve got other problems number sixteen occur, this wide email told white students to stop wearing hooped hearings, because doing so was cultural appropriation. A resident a resident assistant at pits or college send an email torrent. Your school, claiming that white girls wearing hooped hearings was offensive to the black and brown bodies have typically where hoop earrings. That's right, because we gotta keep em separated. That's the idea right to quote the offspring are not that was their intent, but that's what but what people are saying today number seventeen. A campus christian club was found guilty of discrimination for requiring its leaders to be Christians. What I love it, apparently, that Chico State Universe
Clubs rules violet. Twenty eleven executive order- technically it does, you can't have a club for Christians, because if you do, you can have people who aren't Christians leading that club. That makes sense coming in another, Eighteen, Oxford, university law students were told they didn't have to learn about rape or violence law if they found it to triggering that's right, just plug careers and say I don't need to know about it. Undergraduate lost even for a portly allowed to leave during any lessons about such material if they felt too uncomfortable, notably to one of the few, must save spaces which began to emerge in the twenty tonnes. These are spaces where they have like pastel colors on the walls and being bags and like stuff animals. So if you can't handle real world com, rotations, you can lock yourself in a room plug your ears and Squeezer Teddy Bear coming at number nineteen, the word to that is tee. O o was declared sexist according to peace and having imposed the adverb was deprive, has deprived most women of self satisfaction and appreciation,
that is gloriously insane and I don't even know the argonauts try, make us at least the other ones that can be like. Yes, some people be triggered about certain subjects. I think you're stupid if you run away from like real but this one doesn't even make any sense. Number. Twenty illiberal author demanded that normal people avoid wearing any kind of red hat, because all red hats can be too scary. Sorry, Washington, nationals, fans outside this man. Wasn't it some member that woman she was at Berkeley entries ring a habit make bitcoin great again and someone pepper sprayed or because of it on another, actually kind of shock to see a lot of left these. They wear hats that look like Magua hats, but also something like you know, make Amerika gay again or something I'm like you really.
Someone bought attack you because I don't care what it had says that you see they assume your trump supporter so yeah. I play this illiberal author demanded normal people avoid wearing any kind of red hat, because there too scary. I would never say that I will say, though, if you, our trump supporter or a red hat where're, be careful, it's not being scared about how people will physically attacked you for wearing these hats, as we seen throughout the past several years on a Donald Trump number, twenty one we are coming to an end. Skinny eyebrows declared cultural appropriation, apparently offensive between your eyebrows. A lot if you're not latina, note thick eyebrows styles were called cultural cooperation and the twenty tonnes do as a double. You know is another example of how no matter what you do. It's gonna be offensive to someone thick eyebrows than eyebrows, thereby defensive, great gotta keep separate and right coming into number. Twenty two arrange that university, told professors to take students, protesters feelings into account when grading them all ass. No matter what you do I'll take you to your account and account enough. Apparently there
Our commitment to protest and should be taken into account, I'm gonna valuing their academic work and you wonder why people can't find jobs. Well, neither can work Mcdonald's, because the economy is a woman number. Twenty three, a lot of college kids were upset about the vagina monologues several colleges and universities either cancelled or adapted the performances of the vagina monologues over concern excluding women without vaginas one school, Southwestern University in Texas, and so there is one other reason, because a White Lady wrote it while impressive and coming in last but not least, number twenty four students. Transgender student, and be diversity officer, because they are a white man. Now what that's just how it ends, I don't know that's the best of the worst. But I've got a special mention. As we come to an end and say good bye to this decade, just the other day, the number one trend on Twitter was hashtag. It's ok to be white, a phrase that has been deemed offensive: racist and white supremacist propaganda.
M p after her less I just read it normal. Am I what you say, no matter how innocuous they will take it and they will run with it and accuse you of being a bigger proving the point of fortune over and over again, let's not forget where we have these most absurdly pc moments at twenty tonnes again follow Catherine Templates, her list, I don't take credit for it. I want to mention actually frozen living in the past. It saw at CAT K eighty tee, I M p after her list. I just read it normal Emma commenting and stuff, but in this instance out, I think, it's fair to say, but I must end with the biggest and best pc moment of the twenty tonnes, the ok hand gesture just that because it has had, has tremendous impact. People have been like suspended from school pupils and investigated police have been investigated. There have been major press cycles dedicated the ok hand simple over and over and over again in the whole thing is a hoax. You talk about in Saint pc how about the ultimate troll, the greatest troll ever performed. Turning the
ok hand, symbol into a symbol for white power. Bravo fortune regulations with that being set aside. For me, goodbye. I won't see you until the next decade ha hope you Pritchett the dad joke, but in all seriousness, go out, have drinks be merry and Joseph typically, I dont really do much polygon a just sit around here and servant sky is double scream, but Yeah, it's gonna be new decade soon. So I will see you all tomorrow. Some big changes are coming to the next year. Thanks rang out thanks for sticking with me this year, and I will see you all next time.
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