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Judge Orders Release Of Dominion Voting Machine Report Saying Machines INTENTIONALLY FLIPPING VOTES

Judge Orders Release Of Dominion Voting Machine Report Saying Machines INTENTIONALLY FLIPPING VOTES

GOP sends dueling electors to congressUS Hit by MAJOR cyber attack

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Shortly after the election, someone notice there Antrim County, there was a here's anomaly, a location that was too quickly overwhelmingly republican. What's inverted for the Democrats, this woman, For an audit to check this turned out. Six thousand votes had been flipped from Trump to buy. Now is reported as a glitch or an error. Later, they said it was a human error, and that explains everything nothing to see here, folks, that We invite voting machine was totally fine. It's a person who made the mistake that, still the official stance of them that the democratic officials in Michigan, but following this Republicans, demanded an independent audit of the machines, a forensic analysis. They did that a mission
judge this morning ruled that this analysis could be released, and the report is absolutely insane. According to the forensic analysis, they say that its end ten shuttle that these machines generate a widespread error resulting in adjudication. Where elect personals with no chain of custody with no audit track or any record whatsoever, can essentially decide where the votes go. Now I believe, if, even though you tube has issued these rules about whether or not you can make claims of fraud and I'll trump an election, this should fall under news reporting. So I will go on to stress that what about to report to you is coming from a four: basic audit released by a judge with withdrawing a judge's approval that may have an impact on the selection, and it is not going to be. My opinion
I'll. Give you my opinion on on other issues. We also have major breaking news out of Wisconsin a victory for Donald Trump that may result in hundreds of thousands of votes being discarded because they said claiming you're indefinitely confined due to covet does is, is not lodge However, I dont know if Trump will still win in the long run. It is a victory in a sense, but there still an uphill battle here, the bigger news I don't even want to think about this. We ve got a story from epic times, which is not news, Guard certified and considered to be more pro trump and all the other aspects that are saying. Don't believe that and analysis. These are trump supporters and they're lying. Listen. You want a forensic analysis. You got one, they ve made their conclusions
and they have said they believe that Michigan should not be certified their opinion and if that's the case then as of right now, that would not change the outcome of the election nation. It used to be taken as video down. I wouldn't be surprised. Here's the first report before I get into hard a pdf in the brain. down from other times. I want to show you what Detroit New said. Michigan judge allows release of report on an interim county voting. They ate a Michigan judge. Cited Monday that supporters of President AL trunk may publicly release and discuss information, they collide from an analysis of voting machines and data and Antrim County notice, how they frame it. Trumps supporters, instead of saying- and am I t trained, Harvard Degree Analysis, because that's the reality of what we're dealing with this is a propaganda war. My friends, that's why you tube has told everybody Veil Bell Shut, you down.
If you say the wrong thing, Eric Grill, an assistant attorney general, representing Michigan Secretary of State Joscelyn, Benson warned. The analysis is inaccurate, incomplete and misleading. Why you're? Not the forensic analysis analysed you're a government official? We want the third party, the independent party show us what actually happened. There's no reason to hide grill said during a virtual, or hearing Monday morning, there's nothing to hide. They were blocking from being released. Just very weird Antrim County was, like twenty three thousand resident has been in the spotlight in the polls for Trump supporters to try and discredit to see that discredit the result of November third election because of a failed Update Voting software present Elect Joe Biden was initially thousands of votes ahead of Trump in the republican leading. it is official results. Trumped later was shown to have more than five thousand vote led in the county. We're about sixteen thousand votes were cast. The problem. Image. Changing unofficial results led supporters of the president to question what had occurred in Antrim counting,
the integrity of dominion. Voting systems whose equipment the CUP county used after a lawsuit brought by interim county resident, William Bailey Circuit, Judge Kevin Eisenhower. A former republican lawmaker allowed allied securities operation Group and Bailey to take forensic images of the counties. Twenty two tat. the leaders and review other election related material. Their analysis had been under protective order, meaning it couldn't be released publicly until Monday else said he would allow the release with some reductions because of information relating to source code. Grilled didn't deposed. The release of the information, noting Baileys attorney Matthew Department had discuss it in your views and had been mentioned in a filing in the Us Supreme Court documents file to the court and documents being used with this litigation should be public record. Contended. Depart on Sunday attorneys representing six Michigan Republicans for challenging estates. Election results asked the: U S Supreme Court, allow them
the file new evidence under seal mean it's not released to the public, including for rent examination of voting machines and Antrim County according to a letter obtained by the short news. The evidence is crucial to a just resolution of the cases pending before the score the Michigan Republicans attorney wrote to the Supreme Court, the petitioner stand ready to pay by the evidence to the court under the procedures it deems appropriate. But minion voting systems and the Mexicans our states office can do to urge caution about false infer light for information related Antrim County. I gotta stop here those individuals are party to the suit. Ok, if a secretary of state wants to come up, make a claim, I don't care if there are public. Unless you want to come and make a claim, I dont care they can both submitted. It can go to court if the report gets relief.
and its by a third party, and it was brought by republicans we're suing. I look at the merits of the individual who made the assessment upon his megawatt assessment. I want a court to decide, but secretary of state coming on saying. No, it's not true. It's not true shut your mouth. It goes to the courts or it doesn't ok, I'm sick of this. These people acting like officials. They are party to the suit they. I should say there D. And thence effectively, but by the right way, to put its get me so angry. When you see this clear framing by us all, tell you what we can say right now, Republicans are fiercely challenging after a strange phenomenon occurred, republicans contend, it was a computer problem and that that the Democrats and the Secretary State said was a human problem. Dimming in voting system says the individual supposed to do something because they didn't an error occurred. But it's not in my opinion incumbent upon the individual
to do anything to their machines, if the machine is counting things wrong and flips votes, I dont see that its human error, that's my opinion. I dont know ultimately what this leads to. Does it mean The outcome was changed. I don't think so. It's just one state its one county who know where it will go, it must go to court, but I am sick of this. Let me show you that that that this document allied security operations group now this is the document being up sent out that I on Twitter, it's from De Purnell law, which is from Matthew Soprano. Who is that the individual who was filing the soup and they say from the four client Bill Bailey who we are My name is Russell James, Ramstein Junior, a resident of Dallas count. Texas held, an MBA from Harvard Universe the political science degree from Duke I have work than National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA and the masters its instead of technology MIT, among other organisations, and I've run
is. This is all over the world, many of which are highly technical in nature. I have served on technical government panels. He says I am part of the management team. of allied security operations. Group El Elsie S, oh Jesus, globally engage professionals who come from various disciplines. include Department of Defense Secret Service Department of Homeland, secure and the c I a it, provides a rain Security services, but as a particular emphasis on cyber security, source investigations and penetration testing of networks. We employ wide vote. idea of cyber and cyber forensic analysis analysts, we have patents pending in a variety of applications from novel network, secured applications to skater supervisory control and data acquisition protection and safe browsing solutions for the dark and deep web for this report. I rely on these experts and resources they set purpose and preliminary conclusions. The purpose of this
I'm sick audit is detest the integrity of dominion voting system in how it perform an interim county Michigan. For the point, when election to listen, listen very carefully, because this is where the hammer drops. We conclude that the D Anyone voting system is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create sustained fraud and influence election results. The system, tentatively generates an enormously high number of ballot errors, the electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication the intentional errors led to bulk adjudication of boats with no oversight, no transparency and no audit trail this AIDS to voter or election fraud based on or study. We conclude that the demand, in voting system should not be who's in Michigan. We further conclude. The result of Antrim County should not have been certified they gonna present many many more statements and ultimately conclude that, because forty eight other,
counties, use the same systems. They believe that calls Michigan into question. That's about it. First thing you gotta know this may be, will never see a court. I mean literally data judge just to be released, but when the meanest, this is now being presented as evidence Supreme Court's important. You know about it. This is important news, worthy information, Youtube and I Certain no opinion on the matter. I'm simply showing you what they have personally published. A judge said should be released and lawyers in Michigan. Sad, so be it. It should be public, they have, I to say that it is indeed inaccurate, incomplete, etc. not for your eye to judge it's for the Supreme Court. I suppose so you know what I'll give it to you to their actually correct. There's no reason for any of us to say that you know that criteria that will get you band that widespread fraud resulted in. You know the second claim that the outcome of the election was changed, no no need
no need ok, and I think that's fine, I no! I will not. I think it's fun. I think it's draconian and psychotic people should help should be on top of their opinions What I mean to say is we can still function and get by assuming they don't just find. A recent figures. Veto down by saying something as simple as this document has been released, thee statement has been made by an MIT, Harvard educated, Duke diversity, NASA employee, others, individual, the utmost credibility, and it must go to the Supreme Court and I can make their decision. Ok if it doesn't go the Supreme Court entirely pie. Moscow to just says, but by no because these are you know, look this this. Might sound crazy. It might be crazy. We got another big bringing store at our continent to show you this is. This is huge, is absolutely huge. This is an official forensic audit of the machine,
and their conclusion is extremely damaging. Now we ve heard the opinions of the experts, not definitive proof. It could be proof and it could be evidence. A court must determine that. Not me you can have your own opinion. Ok, yes, I am trying to be careful that this video get taken down good. I want you to know about this, and I want you to come to your own opinions, but as of right now this an expert opinion, an analysis which is evidence, interestingly enough and it can go to the courts and the courts will tell you whether it is or isn't as serious as we might come to assume I'll keep my opinion on this to myself. Make sure you get a chance to hear this has some crime. you stuff. However, I just I just I think a crazy day we got much more news I'll even know what to do for the one p m segment, but we, Stephen Miller say if they're gonna be sending out alternate electors. I think that that alone What do I mean at four
because I'm going to show you the story right here was content supreme. Ports as individuals can determine for themselves whether they can have but the voter Idee law because of age or disability, so very, very interesting headline from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the headline in my opinion, should read: Wisconsin Supreme Court gives trot major victory. Votes may be thrown out for false claims of indefinite can confinement what they ve set, as you can't claim to be indefinitely confined because of covert, which may call into question two hundred thousand votes. If we go based off of such a lot of limitless around indefinite confinement is what it sounds like you're in farm. If your elderly, if you're sick, you can't go and cast about so if your indefinitely confined you get your? U dont need your idea to vote. It's a weird
law, in my opinion, because what you should still needed. I got some kind of verification, maybe a photocopy at least, but that's the idea in the past couple of years. Definite. Confinement has been extremely low, like hundreds, thousands, but something happen, This time around, where two hundred thousand people claim they were indefinitely confined and didn't need ideas Well, initially, in Wisconsin there were some government official saying if you're stuck locked out because of covered by all means, you can say it that the Supreme Court of its contents had no. You cannot which means there is a high likelihood. Many of these people cause. The numbers is very anomalous thought they were doing: fine, so no fraud here, no fraud and no error. Just a court chain, a court rule a court order essentially on what it means now: vote
may be thrown up my question to the Milwaukee journal. Sentinels. Why didn't you lead with hundreds of thousands of votes may be thrown out? No, they lead with the it's. U can determine european definite confinement so what Trump got a victory on this one. Other gonna say two to fifty three: now: Chicken the States Supreme Court ruled Monday. It is up to US continents, determine whether they face challenges that allow them to vote absentee without providing copy of affordability, understate law. People can vote absentee without showing idea, if they say they are indefinitely confined, is of age, disability or infirmity to county clerks. This spring contented voters could meet status because of the krona virus pandemic in a stay at home order? The state republican Party, soon directly with the States Supreme Court and the justices quickly issued initial order. At said, the advice in the county Clarks was faulty. The clerks were sent their advice
in its final decision Monday, but justice has concluded. It was up to each vote or not clerks or anyone else to decide when they qualify as indefinitely confined, and it is They found the pandemic and the state of water which has since been struck down, did not run Are all voters indefinitely confined? That's the important point that should have been the lead, in my opinion, because this opens the door to Fort for tromp too now question these boats and challenging them individually. They say on those points to seven. Justices were unanimous, but the court's lower, the court's three liberals descended on some parts of a majority opinion. two of indefinite confinement was also raised in a lawsuit present Donald Trump brought against elected officials after narrowly losing the state too by the states, in court heard arguments in that case Saturday, but has not yet issued a decision. The plain language of state law requires that each elector make an individual assessment to determine whether here she
otherwise, as indefinitely confined or disabled for an indefinite period, a county court may not declare. any elector isn't definitely confined to the pandemic. Chief justice patients, Rogan Sack, wrote for the majority. The majority decision stated. If voters falsely claim there I'd indefinitely confine their ballots would not count, but the court did not give licence to throw out large numbers of boats without making determinations what the status of each individual voter as Trump has sought in a separate loss. It, which means Trump, could now start individually. Targeting many many different people the UN and its now I'm sorry. It's gonna be easy this. Why two big victory for Trump? We already see what the voter integrity project has done. You can just get voter data, they can easily He just grab anybody between twenty five and fifty four and start doing analysis or an assessment on the David and they need
The only like what ten or twenty thousand out of two hundred thousand to say, they are not indefinitely confined and get their votes thrown out. That simple, let's say someone's like thirty five probably get a look at this thirty five year old mail and probably not indefinitely, can find that may open the door to Trumbo those. Now, if what does an analysis on all two hundred thousand and its possible? They can look through all the names and they can start looking people up. It won't take that long. Trust me it won't. I don't know if they can do it fast enough, but they can certainly do it before January. Sixth, they could easily find forty four, thousand out of these people are put this way, assuming that many of these people thought covert was grounds for and being indefinitely can find an end because them novelist amount of individuals. It stands to reason. It was covered that these people cited they may have at that. You done they thought was totally illegal, totally legal and was not fraud and wasn't even an error. It's just now,
The courts have issued a ruling changing you now or I should say clarifying which may get those goldstone up Trump could be radically have an argument to why he won Wisconsin, and I think I gotta be honest. I think that I think this victory in those kinds of Supreme Court. Shows there is a strong likelihood. Trump really did when it was content. Now, if these people, who voted and claim there are definite confined just voted normally, perhaps he wouldn't have and be kept beat, perhaps because of the nature of the changing Supreme Court rules, or whatever its now going to negative the impact the race I dont know to tell you all tell you is this tromp only needs what what did you, what he loses content by like ten or twenty thousand or something like twelve thousand? So so? What do you need? Five percent of these, the invalid assuming all of them are forbidden. If they're not an
If these come from like a two to one Biden, Trop, then Trump would need be no, but maybe ten or fifteen percent to be on the safe side. That's not a hard thing to do. He could easily grab twenty thousand votes and with a team you can go through those names very, very easily and quickly journalist. No these tricks. I can pull up your your. I confess I can find where you work and find photos of your confine. Videos of you is the information age. I can very very easily find out- All of this information about you. I know if you're in Avonlea confined or not now think about this way. Imagine some of these people very easily. They go to the list of voter data and they find twenty four. You aren't. You know tat five year olds, thirty or else you can probably look him up and see them doing things that prove there not indefinitely confined. You know going out the store going to parties, gonna friends, houses that could be fairly easy for Trump. They gonna say justice. An Walsh readily descended from a part of that ruling. That said, voters,
make the determination about being apple? I confined based only on their own age or disability. Rather the aid. disability of someone. They are caring for justice super concern about that. They say this spring about a hundred. Ninety five thousand, voters that they were indefinitely confined up from fifty five thousand for this bring election for years earlier anomalous. Similarly, about turn thousand voters claimed that status. This fall nearly a four fold in Greece from the last presidential election, so at two hundred and fifteen thousand votes some Publicans saw. The increase is a sign that some voters are trying to do around the voter ideal. Madame Democrats and some electronic officials said large increases. It is a pandemic that put people with certain praising condemn and into high risk categories for covered nineteen. They also noted many of the indefinitely confine. Voters already had an idea on fire with the clerk. had shown one in a previous election as we ve heard. That is not grounds for indefinite confinement. I think,
tromp has an argument for how we won Wisconsin, and I think it goes through it. He can easily prove it. In the courts I don't want to do because when you look at this was content stuff. You look at this Michigan stuff, all boy. Today's electoral college vote Day now I'll tell you what really matters right now, they're gonna say again: it's over the electoral college, voted Trump lost according to Stephen Miller, who works the trunk, helping each other States is going to be sending alternate electors casting their votes to Congress. Here's it's going to happen. on January sex. If that's the case, my pants is gonna. Be holding up to envelope that's a Pennsylvania on it and his, Begone Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and he's got to choose which to count and I think what will happen is still say. We have competing electors from the contested states. I will not be counting either of the state's votes because they had their?
got in alignment on as to what their votes are He could also say that the federal government takes the ward. State legislatures over anyone else and the state legislatures have said Trump. I dont think it'll be the case. I think pence would end up saying I'm not counting these. If there's two envy, ups. It what s really going to involve them in exactly know how to play out, but he may May I I'm not counting this tromp could win a contingent election is so crazy. It's like something happens every week I want to just say up is out, but there's that lightning bolts, chance triple lightning strike We don't even know what's going on right now, especially with this report from Michigan trunk could invoke, was executive order. Eighty eight or something on foreign interference will see their lives there you want to see things get spicy, I'm saving the biggest fur. Four p m go to Youtube. Dotcom Ford, slashed him cast type this in Youtube, dot, com, forts, lashed
cast. When you press on toward you will go to a different Youtube channel. I have multiple channels check it out at four p dot m, and I will see you all then. Today is the day that the electoral college members and each different state cast their votes for the President of the United States and wallet is one of the most significant days in the electoral process. It is not the end they keep saying it's over December: a safe harbour deadline, over it's not over the losses. Clearly continued, they say is fourteenth it's over. They counted their voting. Yes, as you have said today, reports for states contested by trunk cast their electoral college votes for Biden Boom. It's done
news. Max a newt, newer, channel, heavily supported by Trump supporter, says. The contestants dates have voted for Joe Biden, the future President Elect they keep saying it's over it's over it's over, but it is not on January six, as reported by the New York Times MIKE Pence, will count the votes and determine who won the election. Now, there's one big problem for Democrats as of right now, there are theirs reporting coming up an official statements that the republic an electors have also cast their votes and will be sending them to Congress. It may be meaningless. Trump campaign has said. The trunk campaign has said that there will be alternate electors Congress these are called dueling electors. It has happened before interesting. We
as many of these news outlets, even NEWS Max focus on the official governor or Secretary of state approval of these natural votes. They ignore what happened in nineteen sixty with richer Nixon. Even though the governor approve republican votes, they chose to count the Democrat votes. Instead, now. Listen I've long maintained! I don't see Trop pulling this. I just don't, but it is not over a note. That means there is all is some slim possibility something happens, but you need to understand two things. We just got a major breaking store. I covered over at one p m over TIM cast news the unfriendly analysis from the many different than the demand in voting machines and Interim County Michigan came out and the assessment from a Harvard educate, MIT affiliate evaluate individual who work the CIA.
NASA has said, he believes that there is intentional fraud here. What you want to conclude from that? That's on you, but this is still going to change the game. The big reason these states Our cat, the Republicans are casting electoral votes is not necessarily them saying, count us and ignore the will of the people. There saying so long. As there are challenges we must have our votes recorded. That means in the next couple of weeks maybe something happens, and then it comes out January. Six in my pants pulls up Pennsylvania and he pulls up. Pennsylvania says there's too, Pennsylvania, which ones like out and maybe he'll choose the one. the governor stamp and seal approval on it doesn't count like Richard Nixon. Did I dont like playing this game and of her before here's how truck could still win. Ah, I'm not saying that I am not certain Trump is going to win oars even likely when I think it's astronomically unlikely that trouble. What will win this? Ok
there's potentially some martial law moves he can make, but I just don't think he has the confidence of people working in government. I just don't see it. Sorry, that's my opinion. You can disagree, but I absolutely must report on the fact that on two on today, when the electoral college set about there are three states so far that appear to have dueling electors, but the left can say it doesn't matter. If they appoint them, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you think we're talking about human, beings, war, fallible and make choices, and maybe ok, maybe you think, doesn't matter- is no legal standing. Fine, maybe my pencil and care what you think it'll have to go to Supreme Court, These things are happening. So, let's break down. What's going on we were at and I want to show you what happened in nineteen sixty when the Facial governors seal was rejected for other votes, it's happened, doesn't mean it will happen now doesn't mean
You know it's extremely likely to this is just what's going on before we get started had TIM cast dot com slashed, don't it if you'd like to support my work. There are many waging give gotta p o box. You gonna, send me some stop at the best he can do share this video. A lot of people might not know. What's going on. More importantly, you two probably, won't show them what's going on because well, you know they ve been putting their thumb on the scale to make sure news formation like this doesn't get out, or at least are there trying their hardest to curtail it. You can counter this so oppression, by sharing this video and also helps helps my channel. Hopefully personally, so I greatly appreciated bone forget like subscribe hit that Notification Bell here is the first official news, USA today and then I'll show you what's going on with these contested states. They say four states contested by Trump cast their electoral college votes for Biden Nearly six weeks after Americans voted Joe Biden, the next president, the electoral colleges meat.
Monday and will make President Donald Trump electoral loss official. No, it won't that learn of the votes, art, he counted until January six. They just keeps saying, over when it's not. I understand, with the advent of telling Jane and radio and internet we can see them cast their votes, but why we're only see what the media is showing us. That means, if you watch right wing media. If you watch say right, side brought as a network on Youtube, you will see events are casting votes for Trump. It's just all about propaganda and perception we have talked with illegal ramifications are and that's what will do they say in state has across the three five hundred and thirty two electors will formally cast their votes for either Biden or Tromp, based on the popular votes in their states Biden. They say the next President Elect, which is a fair bet, in my opinion, but shore
it's not true now and common Harris are expected to receive three hundred six electoral votes. I love out, they say expected, do but still call him. President elect topping two three to four trump: the electoral votes will be counted at a special joint session of Congress on January Sixth, before Biden errors are not written on January twentieth for states contested by Trump cast electoral votes for Biden, they say Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, each voted for Joe Biden voted electors and through emigrants dates P, R, Pennsylvania, George Arizona. Each voted for Joe Biden for present and commentators are Vice President Monday, delivering a collective blow to President Donald Trump who sought to overturn the election results in each state. The votes which came before
on P M gave bite in twenty electoral votes from Pennsylvania. Sixteen from George and eleven from Arizona Nevada earlier cast its belts for Biden, meaning for of six states contested by Trump, have completed their votes quote the people have spoken, and we respect the majesty of the democratic system. Sad Pennsylvania, secretary of State, Cathy Book, far a Democrat, quoting President President George H, W Bush President wait. Wait. As she kicked up, is a Georgia. As you kicked off her states meeting. Your participation today in this electoral college proves once again the durability of our constitution and the majesty of our democracy. In this historic moment, our democracy rests here with you. Let's stop for a second there, not telling you what Trump is thinking of trumpets doing they say it's a collective blow to the president. Why Stephen Miller all turn it electors will keep Trump election challenge alive. There's a president. This is from the hill thou. Come president trumps allies
preparing to send an alternate sleight of electors to Congress Senior. Why does advice even Miller said Monday, signalling Trump will drag out his efforts overturn the result of a twenty twenty election, even after the election, Electoral college certifies Joe Biden as the winner. Ok certification already happened in many of these states. There not certifying the vote until January six, sorry Miller, appearing on Fox NEWS, that senior advisor to the Trump campaign brushed off the idea that the electoral college marked any kind of end the process, the only date in the constitution as January twentieth. So we have more than enough time to write the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certified, tromp, as the winner of the election Miller, sat on Fox in France, as we speak today and alternate sleight of electors and contested states is going to vote and we're going to send those results. To Congress he continued. This will ensure that all of our legal remedies remain open. That means that if we win
these cases in the courts that we can direct, that the alternate slate of electors be certified. Electors from every state will meet Monday. That's today, Miller indicated that tromp supporters will act as alternates and a handful of contested states, including Georgia, Wisconsin Pennsylvania to submit their own, on official results. Should the trunk campaign succeed in overturning the outcome in any of those states. Miller said the alternate electors could then be recognized by Congress now Thing in the constitution or state electoral process allows for such an alternate sleight of electors, but that is still irrelevant. What matters is if they say something today, something could still change. Look. I said it's a lot. We gotta understand we're done what human beings K. If the will of the people changes on some day. People just do it, then so be it, but that look I'll pull up a historical president's you. We can see now
nineteen Sixty United States presidential election in Hawaii, they say initially, it appeared republican candidate. Richard Nixon had won in the sky, ass he was a hundred and forty one votes ahead. After the first count, a court ordered re, countless well underway when her wise republican governor sign that a difficult from the GEO P electors, giving the states three electoral votes to Nixon. Let me stop right. There. There are still election contests going on law suits are still have and data, is still being released and the governor certified the results. That's what we're seeing today. It does not mean it set in stone, I'm gonna paused again and say I don't think Trump winds, but if we followed the precedent from nineteen sixty it's possible that might pence is in you know. A couple weeks says based on the new information and court orders, we're not counting the democrat victors. That's why these days, don't
really matter. It's all about what people decide. If a Supreme Court makes a decision, it could change. briefly. But let's radon, they say this a court order we got. Still underway when they sign a certificate from the GEO P electors, given the states three electoral votes and x and now to be fair to court, ordered actions because lawsuits doesn't mean, it's the same thing. On the same day, the democratic electors also issued a certificate awarding the votes to Kennedy. Just like we're Being now with the Republicans. The final recount showed Kennedy had actually prevailed, forcing the governor to sign the second certificate from the democratic electors boy, certificates had arrived in Washington by the time Congress convened In January, nineteen sixty one with then Vice President Nixon charged with
presiding over a joint session to certify his own election loss. Hearing, no objections, Nixon order, the democratic certificate counted and ignored the accompanying republican certificate, even though it also bore the governors signature as required by federal law. I do not think tromp is going to win this I'll, say it fifty million times. I know many trump supporters might not like that opinion from me, but that's just my opinion. My predictions seem to be not worth all that much, so I ll just show you what's going on from p a GEO p, DOT, org republican electors cast procedural vote, seek to preserve trunk campaign, legal challenge sang at the request of the trunk campaign, the Republican preferential electors met today in Harrisburg to cast a conditional vote for Donald Trump and my pants for president, and vice president respectively quote. We took this procedural vote to preserve any legal claims that may be presented going forward, said Bernie Comfort
So then, you chair of the trunk campaign this was in no way an effort to usurp or contest the will of the Pennsylvania voters. Today's move by Europe Looking party electors is fashioned after the nineteen. Sixteen present nineteen sixty presidential election, in which President Nixon was the President Nixon, was declared the winner in Hawaii while democrat legal challenges were pending. Democratic presidential electors met to cast a conditional vote for John F Kennedy to preserve their intent in the event of a future. Favorite legal outcomes. The conditional resolution states that electors certified their vote for the President vice president, on the understanding that if as a result of a final non appealable court order or other proceeding, precise prescribed by law. They are ultimately recognised
seeing the duly elected and qualified electors for president and vice president of the United States of America from the State of Pennsylvania. We also have this from right side broadcasting network breaking Nevada, GNP electors cast four Donald J Trump declaring him winner of six electoral votes in Nevada. So we also then have Georgia David Schaefer, who is with Europe plugins. He is the chairman of a Georgia, Georgia Republican Party. He said because the president's lawsuit contesting the your election is still pending. The republican nominees for I don't like your met today at noon, the state capital and cast their votes for president, and vice president, it has happened. There are dueling electors, it doesn't mean Congress will recognize them, but I believe there are going to be Republicans who object to the democratic votes
we saw. One hundred and twenty six Republicans in the House support the Texas lawsuit. The light we heard that we see individuals sign onto object the electoral votes and bring up the alternate votes. I believe it's very very likely limit. Lemme tell you: when will these people on the left realise Trump is not playing around and will take this to the bitter end? he's willing to go this far. Don't you think January six will come around and we are going to see objections. My personal opinion MIKE pants, honourably, respectably, we'll take a look
votes, tromp having his is court cases not pan out, because they need how many of these challenges, not just from trumpets most haven't, been panting out. He will likely just say: I see the objection. However, this one's got the staff from the governor and this one. Doesn't the Democrats get the votes? It is still possible. Might pensioners, with the New York Times said, could say I'm not counting either because the state is clearly in dispute. The state legislatures are the ones who have final say if they say we direct these electors. Possibly my pants Why am I count them and if they end, if he doesn't, we ve got. I believe that that brings us to. We got twenty in Pennsylvania. We have here, states, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. So twenty six and sixteen million about what forty two that takes Joe Biden, that means Joe Biden is not going to be the winner. He will not break.
Two hundred and seventy and then we'll have a contingent election. As most of you are probably aware- and these are just three states that Wall was three states trunk needed to dispute. In all or to make in order to make this happen, it doesn't mean it's going to happen again. I've had a million times, I don't think so, but the precedent is still really really interesting now to show you something this from them Baltimore son. I highlighted this from the New York Times, but many people have been talking about it. People need recognize on. The left is wise. I share this view. Let him know this is trumps strategy for now. Does it mean it's gonna work, but it's important. You know. What's going on, you ignore that's when Trump wins with the electoral college to catch cast Votes for buying on Monday Trump allies, I long shot election reversal in Congress. They say as the present
Can you store, refuse to conceal a small group of his most loyal backers in Congress? Is plotting a final stage challenge on the floor of the House of Representatives in early January to try to reverse Biden's victory? constitutional scholars and even members of the in its own parties are the effort is all but certain fail, but the looming an old January sex is likely to cause and a messy and deeply divisive spectacle that could thrust. President pensive, grew position of having to declare once and for all that Trump has indeed lost the elections I believe this is the same New York Times, article just posted the Baltimore son, but I want you to take that and recognise what that means. One of the two things we need for this challenge to happen. They can't just have people object. I object to that state. I mean you, good, considering, there's arguments and you know, disputes in lawsuits, but now what they did with what they do link slate of electors. We ve seen it many times before it could. Ultimately,
with them, saying I object and might pet saying I'm not dealing with its objection when time and I'm out, and I'm I'm not a judge taken the Supreme Court, maybe go Supreme Court. Maybe it's January fifteenth, and we still have no idea what's gonna happen. I'll tell you what I think Jane three hundred and fifteen, going to come around and Trump still going to be fighting, but it's going to be certified for for Joe Biden, that's my opinion. My gut says Donald Trump somehow pulls up me to find a way to do. But my head clearly says it's: it's it's effectively done. Ok, the Texas LAW, it was the best chance, even Alex Jonesy, I'm I'm an IRA podcast was saying: that's basically we were talking Super Hale Mary, this point for trumpet trying pull anything off. It's just not at all likely, but it's been in the plan its, but it's been in the works long time. Let me show you this from writers, explain her duly.
no pose risks of. U S vote deadlock from October sixteenth. We have known this could happen, it's not being pulled out of nowhere. Trump and tromp supporters did not just make up today. Let's try this random thing. We have been worn, this was going to happen so when it does come January sex I mean it's happening now, don't be surprised at this confusion. More legal challenges. Roared is report in October. In the U S, a candidate becomes president by securing the most electoral votes rather than winning a majority. The national popular vote notice, the Electoral college, the system, a lot's electors to the fifty states and the District of Columbia, largely based on their population. It is theoretically possible for the governor and legislature, each representing a different political party, submit a different election results, leading to so called dueling slights of elect electors. Let me just say the governor and the legislature
It is the legislatures in these states that have been challenging the results. We will see it below, are the details of how my play up. You know what the electors are, those five hundred and thirty eight. They represent that you, Each state gets one based on how many congressmen they have and centre how many Congress people they have many senators they have what our dueling electors, they say, states with close contest between republican President Tromp and Joe Biden could produce competing slight. Of electors, one certified by the governor and the other by the legislature. The risk of this happening is heightened in the battle Grand State of Michigan North Carolina Pennsylvania was content which have democratic governors and republican control controlled legislatures. Some election law experts Arkansas earned that an unprecedented volume of mailed in and legal challenges while delay. The outcome of the election for weeks critic, an extended period of uncertainty. Tromp has repeatedly
that the election is ready, made unfounded attacks on male in voting, which tends to favour Democrats if early returns show a Trump lead which it did experts say the President could press republican control legislatures to appoint electors favourable to him, which he is claiming. Initial vote count reflects a true outcome which she did and many trump supporters are citing now the constitution, which says on Election day. You will point the electors. There is a subsequent provision at it later. I don't think that amendment, so it might seem like a challenge that says if they don't appoint them on that day, they can still like them later. Governors in those same states could end up back in a separate sleight of electors pledging to bite and if the final count show the democratic candidate had one, which is what happened. Both sets of electors would meet and vote in December fourteenth and the competing results will be sent to Congress, which just happened
set of electors would prevail. Both chambers of Congress could accept the same slate of electors, which would almost certainly put the matter to rest. The chamber could also split, which is more likely. Republicans retain control of the Senate and Democrats hold onto the house majority, which happened. Republicans could just be like. We don't care work, counting the republican votes for Trump and the house could billet, we don't care or voting Democrat and then might Pence goes. I don't know. No vote seriously. Look look! This is written October by writers. If lawmakers cannot agree on a set of electors, the control find itself an uncharted territory. The electoral Count ACT, often described by that. Much is unintelligible seems to favour the slate of electors certified by the states governor. According to NED Foley, a professor at all I state University, more college of law, but Foley notes at Some scholars and an analysis by the congressional research service have rejected that conclusion. Academics have sketch
that several scenarios, under one pence as president of the Senate, could throw out both sets of the state's electors. Another contemplated the house of Representatives would end up choosing Queen Biden and from there is even a scenario in which the speaker of the House currently Democrat Nancy policy could become acting President yup, what the? U S Supreme Court get involved, is it a supreme Court may be called upon to interpret the Electoral College ACT of breaking the deadlock. A Supreme court ruling help to resolve the two thousand Bush VIII Gore case, but that cases about a recap, flora and the decision was reached before electors met to cast their votes quote. I think there will be legal challenges, said Jessica, Levinson, director of Loyola LAW, schools, public service Institute, but I could see a court saying This would really be better left to Congress. Has it happened before in eighteen? Seventy six. Do bring electors and three states were deadlocked until a deal was brokered days.
or inauguration day. The dispute was resolved if a republican Rutherford be Haze became president. exchange for withdrawing US troops left over from the civil war from southern states quote. I hope it's a very a very low probability event, but one thousand eight hundred and seventy six is a reminder that it is not zero and we have come very close to falling over that cliff in our history. Foley said one hundred and eighty seven ex heck of an election dueling electors get sent. They couldn't determine who was actually the winner, so they can leaned a panel of judges and better men as they like to say back then how you know just like people of prestige, I suppose for me, a council determine who the president would be yeah, that's how things went down, oh biased, because we ve lived in this country for a long time and over time, the countries institution sort of solidifying people just adhere to them, but you need to realize what they did in eighteen. Seventy six had nothing to do with the constitution. For the most part,
It was then being like. We need a solution because we don't want the civil war to start back up, so the samples I'll. Tell you what you guys get your president. You and reconstruction, and that happened, reconstruction effectively ended in eighteen, seventy six when a paddle just said. I guess that's the president yeah! So listen! You ve got your a stab biased and you got your anti establishment, but I think the anti Stout Individuals are the one saying I dont care. What's written on, you know it in your formalised note book about how things go, the people on the other, establishment types are like. Is it in the constitution? The media keep saying President Elect, but according to the constitution, that is meaningless. effectively have the anti establishment type saying. Is it in the constitution? You have the left, the Democrats, the establishment saying we go by our norms, which are not codified or in the constitution. Joe Biden is not
President Elect until January Sixth- and we now I'll have dueling slates of electors. Mind you in Michigan, I dont know if they ve. If Michigan gonna be in a casino, their actual votes for trump as well lacking in doing it up a doing election. They may have we need on this Michigan Legislature pressing ahead with investigation into election irregularities, quote there Still a high level of interest across the state from this is a story from just the news. We get a report. That was really the judge order released from a guy's harboured educated associate. You know he worked at MIT Nasa Cia, Duke University, and he said that they believe that the dominion voting machines were intentionally producing errors. That would provide an opportunity for an election official without trait without a threat. What would be helping trace or tracked to adjudicate votes and decide where they go? They say it was intentional and it's a very, very damning report for a lot of people, its definitive proof. I dont know where it brings us. It needs to go to court.
but that's that's it. You need to go to court. Wisconsin recently ruled that Poland was not grounds for indefinite cup confinement, meaning there's potentially two hundred thousand votes that are in question. If we remove the fifty five thousand, people who claim this a cycle and say we got a hundred. Five thousand is anomalous tromp, maybe I'll define ten or twenty thousand votes, it don't qualify and get him thrown up. The court's ruled the votes can be thrown out. That's why it's important these electors case their votes. The way they did. The challenges are not done very possible that, in the end, Donald Trump prevails. I say very possible. I didn't say very likely. I don't know any times. I need to say that I don't think it's likely, but the reason I'm doing that. Listen, it's just my opinion. In my opinion, I thought tromp was going to what's gonna win based on the down ballots. Everything look I'll tell you this. My prediction was actually pretty good
seriously. Now you get these lefties, who said that I was claiming troubles, gonna, win, afforded I'd, say landslide, because it take the hypotheticals out of you now out of the context. The context before with the most part was me say like if tromp legalised pot and pardons Assange appoints, tells you Gabert like things, he probably wasn't going to do I'd say that's how he gets that finance it landslide. I said things like if the far left you know escalate this violence and come today day we see widespread run across the country. Trouble definitely do afforded a landslide they'll have to cut that out and say that I was predicted just for no reason. Tromp was gonna win with him with a massive landslide. Here's. What matters the pole said: Tromp was down double digit in some some. You know in some states, and I was ridiculous- the historical margin a failure for the poles, was now forty, seven and based on everything we saw down ballot. My prediction should have been better that I think trumpets, gonna pop pop trump polygon, a win, and so, oh you know down ballot votes, in which case
you take a look at the house, races and the state level, and I'm sorry this. The state, Rep Opera House Levels- and the, U S house and you see- republicans- did really really well Sancho anyway, I digress. I don't owe my predictions are worth. Ok, if you wanna believe troubles gonna win. Please do so with my blessing, I'm just saying this is unprecedented and Ivan Normalcy bias. The establishment has been prevailing for some time. They ve they they blocked up tromp, they jammed em up, they cost so many problems to his presidency. I just don't see why it would be that they just can't maintain some kind of control, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the doing electors will play out and they'll go to Trump. It's really, actually not that far fetched to think
The Republicans in the Senate are gonna say we pick the republican electors, but keep in mind. You got people like you like Marhaus gear. Whenever you got me a mansion, you, you ve got her publicans, we're not gonna play with this Europe. A plate play ball and they're gonna, say Joe Biden, so that's just basically why I don't think it's gonna play out this way. I think Joe, by there's gonna, be sworn in as an ex president and it's to be really weird, and I'm not saying it's a good thing I think horrifying. But that's where we're at so far about us I could be wrong. You know come come January. Sex could be wrong. Oliver, their necks argument is coming up tonight, live Youtube com, watched him cast. I r, what are we having a good show will talk about this stuff with it with the crew, so make sure you check out. You did a consolation. Guess I'm around thanks, rang it out, and I will see you all them. this morning, a massive news story, broke about what may be the most impact full cyber attack on the? U s we have ever seen Diego
as has issued an emergency warning that there may have been asked you're, not going on through our critical infrastructure for six months, maybe a year ago, the Ap Reports- U S, agencies hacked in months long global cyber spying campaign. But it's important to point out. They say in a rare emergency directive issued late Sunday, the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity arm warned of an unacceptable risk. the executive branch from a feared large scale penetration of? U S, government agencies that could date back to MID year or earlier. That being the case, I don't quite get whether saying months, long, oh Maybe there is a good reason why they're saying it's a month's long, even though the warning says MID year or earlier about a month ago, Donald Trump fired, Christopher Crabs was the first director of cyber security infrastructure of these first act or the cyber security infrastructure security Agency or what our unprized mess in the name of
He ran cyber infrastructure, security, etc from five and the media immediately reported that he was fired for us. Surely it for retaliation that Donald Trump had said there was widespread voter fraud in this guy came out said it was the most secure election we ve ever had, which is ridiculous. Coming out two weeks, after the election that even finished counting in some places- and it was like most secure trust me- there's no way he did a forensic nowadays on any systems, look for potential malware or exploits, or that any kind of investigation in two weeks to come out and say that was ridiculously irresponsible. Now, of course, Trot may have fired the guy because he was undermining trumps position, fine whatever, but a guy probably should have been fired. I mean it's, it's its extreme we irresponsible to claim without evidence that it was the most secure election ever because that's just ridiculous. It's probably the least, not nihilism near me out limits eyes about cyber security,
why the story is so significant and how relates to this guy. First, this guy was in charge? While all of this was happening, the EU could not be could not see a six or maybe year, long media, or earlier Cybersex Cyber Espionage Camp ain't against the: U S, they didn't notice, it and honest we blame cyber security, is rather difficult. You see, There are so many ways to exploit a system to break in and steal things and it's impossible to plug every single hull. It's like a matching of a giant wall, and it's me like a mesh wall, all the little holes everywhere. You can't plug every single one, but you try reminder that cartoon or cartoons would like the boat springs a leak and I'll try to put their fingers in the holes. The only way You can put your finger in the whole to stop the water from sprang out into your boat is, if use
the water, sprang into your boat. You gotta look for the leaks, but you can't know where the leak is going to spring from the sky. It really does seem based on what we're learning now this guy Crabs was just trying to essentially disrespect tromp. It was the most secure that was absurd when I heard it as I have a bunch of friends who work and cyber security and I've, I've been united, heavily involved in a hacker community over the past decade or so so yeah play irresponsible and ridiculous now The media saying months, long, campaigned I'll, tell you what's coming next they're gonna say it happened right around the time when Donald Trump fired the Skype, lids trumps fault, make your earlier, but learning that let me give the news and then out and also the context of the scrub sky. And what Trump did they say? U, s gun agencies were ordered to scour their networks for malware and disconnect potentially copper. servers after authorities learned the treasure.
in commerce departments were hacked in the months. Long global cyber espionage campaign discovered what a prominent cybersex Thirty farm learn, it had been breached quote this can turn into one of the most impact. Full espionage campaigns on record said cybersecurity expert Dmitri Prokofitch, the hacked cybersecurity company fire. I would not say who had suspected many experts believe the operation is russian, given the careful trade craft and noted that foreign governments and major corporations were also compromised news tax first reported by riders came less than a week after fire. I disclosed that nation state hackers had broken into its network and stolen the companies own hacking, two holes up cheese as brutal man apparent conduit for the Treasury, Treasury and Commerce, department, hacks and the fire and the fire I come from It is a hugely popular piece of service. Optical solar wins. It is used by hundreds of
thousands of organisations globally, including most fortune, five hundred companies and multiple? U S: federal agencies which will now be scrambling to patch up their networks, said approach the former chief. Officer of the cyber firm crowd, strike the d just directive, only the fifth, since they were creating twenty fifteen. U S. Agencies should immediately disconnect or power down any machines running the impact of solar when software virus, without naming any specific targets and the blog post, that's restoration into the heck of its own network in agenda for a global campaign targeting governments and the private sector that beginning at the spring, had slipped had slipped malware into a solar wind software update. None of the company. Or the. U S: government publicly identified russian state backed hackers as responsible. The malware gave the hackers remote access to victims, network and I'll provide said solar, wins, grants, God mode access to a network, making everything
double my stars and garters talk about Asia stand trial hack, the trade three in commerce departments, d, just issuing the warnings and good impact, the executive branch and potential russian hackers, o or just state actors in general, with God Mode access to our networks. This guy had the nerve to come out and say something as do as is the most secure system election I've ever had, I'm not saying There's a relation between Treasury in commerce departments and the election servers. I'm saying this dude was asleep at the wheel when all this is going down now, listen, listen I've got friends who work info second and work in the hacker community and know the stuff. It's not an easy thing to track down. These things happen exploits are exploits, they happen. It so easy to find and exploit. Well, I states relatively easy and it's almost empty
possible to stop the exploits in order to stop them. You have to find the whole first but typically If someone finds a way to break into a system, they just sell it for money they ve somebody's entered in buying in saying it's called an o day. Export or zero day exploit something. That's been in the public eye four zero days. That means nobody It exists and there's no way to stop it until they do. The good guys are constantly trying to find these exploits and then fix them. The bad guys are trying to trying to find these and sell them. So it is difficult to secure system. That's why it's so insane this guy came out was but like just my own, just saying nonsense without doing best. It puts us at risk to disregard, but I'll tell you, as the craziest thing knowing how easy it is to exploit systems in a hard, it is to protect them. This guy coming In saying that I was like. Are you nuts man is inviting the chaos I said quote we
anticipate. This will be a very large event when all the information comes to light said John Holmquist Direct, the threat analysis at fire ripe. The actor is operating stealthily, but we are certainly still finding targets that they managed to operate in on its website, solar wind says it is three hundred thousand customers worldwide, including all five branch of the sum up. I've tsar check this out. All five branch of the US Terry, the Pentagon, the State Department, NASA the National Security Agency, the Department of Justice and the White House. It says that and the leading. U S, telecom companies and the top five? U S, accounting firms are among its customers, fire. I said it had confirmed: infections in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle EAST, including in the health care and oil and gas industry, and had been informing affected customers around the world in the past few days. It's customers included, federal state and local governments and top global corporations. This dude should have
fired a long time ago. Good truck did the right thing, maybe four dumb reasons, but at least the guy got fired I certainly hope whatsoever as they are now is sweating bullets. It said that man that road, the solar winds up. They did not need self propagating malware like the not petya malware malware. blamed on Russia that caused more than ten billion dollars in damage globally and that any actual infiltrate. I'm an infected organisation required meticulous planning and manner. interaction. That means it's a good bat only us upset of infected organizations were being spied on by the hackers nation state tat their cyber espionage priorities, which include covered nineteen backs development could possibly be that they went after the? U S military and are an ardent on our agencies and, dare I say our elections, maybe Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Pascal said Monday that Russia had nothing to do with the hacking. Once again, I can reject these accusations. Past capital reporters. If, for many,
Once the Americans could do anything about it, then probably one shouldn't unfair Thirdly, blame the Russians for everything, You see all their Russia gay nonsense for years and yet for months, so Trump fires this guy. I wonder if there is a possibility that the? U S, government actually found out about this massive breach, and there is a real reason: Trump fired the sky because you have done it. And the government probably learned about these hacks well before the public is right. Maybe this guy came out and said it was the best election ever because he knows about to get fired, Maybe someone gave him about a memo and he dropped out oh right there in his office desk and said, ah, no, the most impact, foremost consequential side. Espionage. Ever unease watch brutal. Caesar said. It was working with other agency top identifying mitigate any parental compromises. The FBI I was engaged in response but decline to comment further. If the FBI is all
engaged in a response in the news is breaking now. Certainly, Togo got the bureaucratic chain. They must have known about this a while ago imagine. There is a threat to the: U S: government, the public is likely going to learn about it for some time. I think that new about this for a while, and I wonder if that's why Trump really fired the guy, a peace as President El Trot last month fired the director of Caesar Chris Crabs after crabs about for the integrity of the presidential election, undisputed trumps claims of widespread electoral fraud in a tweet Sunday Crab said hacks of this tight take exceptional trade Grafton time, adding that he believed that its impact was only beginning to be understood. Congratulations captain federal agencies have long been attractive targets for foreign hackers. putting the gain insight into american government personnel and policymaking hackers linked to Russia, for instance rape. The break into the state Department, email system in twenty fourteen infecting it's so thoroughly that had to be cut off from the entire for from the internet. While experts work to allow
make the infestation a year later, a hack at the US government's personnel office blamed on China compromise the personal information of some twenty two million current former and prospective federal imply please, including highly sensitive data, just background investigations. The entry genes disclose Sunday included the commerce departments agency responsible for internet and took telecommunications policy. A spokesperson confirmed a breach in one of our bureaus and said we have asked seesaw and the FBI to investigate Austin Texas by solar, wins confirmed Sunday, a potential vulnerability, related updates, released between March and June for software products called a Ryan and help monitor networks for problems. We believe this vulnerability is the result of a highly sophisticated, targeted and manual supply chain. Hack attack by a nation state said solar, wind, CEO, Common Thomson and a statement. He said:
was working with the FBI fire I and intelligence community fire fire. I announced in December eighth that had been hacked saying, foreign state hackers, with world class capabilities broke into it network and stole tools it uses to promote the defence of its thousands of customers, the hackers, merrily, sought information related to certain government customers fire. I see Yo Kevin Mandela said in a statement without naming them former unless a hacker, Jake Williams, the present to the Cyrus critic, rendition info SEC said fire? I surely told the FBI and other federal agencies how it had been hacked and they determined that the Treasury had been similarly compromised, the Treasury eyes spect there's a number of other federal agencies, we're going to hear from this week that have also been hit fire iris, under the Soviet Equifax Data breaches and help Saudi Arabia what an oil industry cyber attack and has played a key role. identifying Russia as the protagonist in numerous aggressions in the burgeoning another world of global digital conflict Mandy said there was
no indication they got customer information from the companies consulting or breach response, businesses or threat intelligence state. It collects. I will stress one more time: fire I publicly announced under for if they must have discovered at well before then immediately went to law enforcement and said we have got a massive problem here. So what was the date on that firing? The near times reported over seventeenth president Trump on Tuesday night, so probably was it the sixty than other counter pulled up fired at his administrations, most senior cybersecurity official responsible for securing the presidential election Christopher Crabs. What systematically disputed trumps claims trumps false declarations in recent days, blah blah blah near times they haven't, came the twitter, the same weight, Trump fires, defence secretary, Your trump seem set off. While do we have the we have the tweet from Trump about the firing. Let's see exactly what what what what Trump says Trump did. I believe he says the recent statement made by crabs
on the NASH. Other security, the twenty election was highly inaccurate and that there were massive improprieties and fraud, including dead people. Voting pull watchers not allowed into pulling locations glitches in the voting machine. which changed votes from trumped abiden light voting and many more therefore effective. Immediately Chris Crabs has been terms as well. Actor of cyber security and infrastructure security agency tromp straight upset And he was firing the guy because of his statement. First of all, when it comes to the election, I think it was completely inappropriate for him to I say this: could you imagine if there was? You know that look we ve got it. We ve got one of the most divided nations we ve. foreseen, be mortal almost well, as some have said were almost as divided as we were during the civil war. A sixties in such were divided.
The last thing we need is people fanning the flames, and that includes the president himself, but I can't be met the president for advocating, on his behalf too, on his behalf to try and when an election to fight every legal battle and find any path to victory. I can, however, say what was the real this. Dude came out and had to say this instead of just saying nothing. unless he launched a formal investigation and did the hard forensic work and followed on the accusations he was doing something that was grossly irresponsible and you know what that's why he should have been fired. It's it's it's dangerous and it's absurd to make these assertion. without evidence it without investigation. It's like he's, the only ones ever done it. It's like tromp is all innocent on this either. A point is this: guy was the head with the archived archive content, yet the guy's fired
cyber security and infrastructure security agency, the first director of the Department of Homeland Security, cyber security infrastructure security agency sworn in June, fifteenth twenty eighteen while trot brought, sky in and it was a mistake because now we are learning of what may be one of the most impact for cyber espionage, attacks on the United States. Of course, you can count on the left to claim it was Russia. I think they're doing that mostly because the mainstream media wants an excuse to go to war with Russia then I want to get away with China, and I I've been thinking about the Russia, China suffer second and and and why this this sort of like divide this dichotomy exists Russia and China, the rights its China last it is, Russia will think about it, Russia and China don't necessarily get along. They have disputed borders, or, I should say as other disputed borders, but there is disputed interests near their borders,
Russia would certainly like a like up on China. China would certainly like a leg up on Russia and the left. Is anti. Russia on the right is anti, while actual, I should say this most Regular people are not big fans of either Russia or China, but the different factions are accusing eat Nina either China, Russia of being the big super buggy manner. Whenever there is a simple truth here, and the truth is that China is the real threat to United States, both in manufacturing militarily. What is Russia do we have some like fly, buys with like Russia, near Alaska, unlike in Europe and stuff and yeah with China. They extract the manufacturing base of this country. They ve brag about compromising the incoming president, so I think are Russia as the biggest problem we have, but they want to go to war with Russia,
They want natural gas into Europe. They want to control the flow of resources into Europe and Russia is in the white and spin. You look at who the United States likes to go up against, and it's the countries that don't agree with the the petrodollar, the the the global. U S, oil reserves system that kind of stuff you can get off. You look. It's I'm saying you look at the cutter turkey pipeline. There is, very easily discernible pattern and who gets the boat from the United States. while Russia has a natural gas monopoly for the for the most part going into Europe and the? U S, though I should say The corporate interests they want that oil they want their guess, but they dont care about China, stealing our manufacturing base extracting our manufacturing base and damaging our economy, not on those responsible for this hack. I do know that we are in
a precarious position, this country we are out- we are, we are hearing, people call for a divorce between states or cities or whatever going to call. I don't know what you call it jurisdictions. I suppose we've got a a global pandemic and national law. I'm gonna destroy bill gates now saying that we should all wearily locked down for another two years. Another two years just come lately destroying economy of this country. Why they're burning it to the ground and then they tell us Russia, the big threat. things are getting bad to say the least: at a time when we are more divided than ever, where their staff battles happening across the country for people and critical crick condition just the other is the couple nights ago, the other night and up on active a person shot in the stomach in in olympian Washington state. Now. We're learning that are critical infrastructure are Cyprus.
the infrastructure has been infiltrated potentially for more than six months. It's it's it's! It's! This cracks forming in the foundation spy, the easiest way to put it. and a lot of people don't understand. You know the contributing factors that could lead to something like a civil war. If we ve got people fighting each other were too busy fighting each other, that we're not paying attention to external threats and, of course, the external threats like Russia in China. Both will start chipping away at that at that those cracks the foundations to weaken the base, and then also, They lead us to split and then collapse, and that's the best. The big fear right now. I'm glad this guy got fired, absolutely dropped. Setup. Setting fire to guy for coming out of the elect but I think troubles right based on what we are seeing now. This dude right under his nose was happening. A market pelicans an easy job, and I could do it better, but for this guy to be his boastful and arrogant to say it's the moat, it's the most secure election was just completely insane. This guy was probably
sitting there playing video games in his office. While all of this was going down, not paying attention, not realising that the foundation being hacked away at once more does it there's a bunch of stories today, my friends, there is this. This is a big breaking news and you know what might not be the most politically relevant to many people. This slight stories dropping right now and likes, but there's more. Bill gates, said two years of locked up I think I'll cover that I'm I make up at one p m. We ve also got electoral College Day today. Who lives could happen, spying The idea that all the problems they Joe Biden Ass can be an end of it, but will see what happens. Stick around next augments coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all them.
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