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Kamala Harris PRAISES Leftist Riots Saying "Fight" Is Essential, Trump Declares Antifa A TERROR Org


A clear contrast in the approach from Republicans and Democrats.It should come as no surprise to people that Democrats are doubling down on supporting BLM Leftist and Antifa rioting because they have done so from the beginning.While Kamala Harris said "protests" we all know what that means. They can denounce violence but calling for a "fight" at a time like this is just an excuse.Kamala solicited donations for rioters and Joe Biden's staff donated to bail many out.We know the difference.Trump will stop far leftist rioting and Democrats support it.

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Just three days after two police officers were shot during more ongoing, be alum riots commonly Harris. Comes out and says that the protests are essential to the evolution of this country and that anything in this country that was for progress, didn't come without a fight We ve seen since the beginning of his ongoing riots in the country. The media and Democrats referred to them over and over as peaceful protests, even MSNBC with a burning building behind him, one of their personal, but he said what their mostly peaceful, mostly peaceful, protests. I ve been overwhelmingly violent. Now they ninety. Three percent of the protests are peaceful, but they give us subjective criteria to what that really mean I would say the overwhelming majority of these protests have been terrorist dick in nature, because when
even a small percentage fight with cops, throw molotov burned down buildings, attack people and cause more than two billion dollars and damage. Seeing a peaceful protest is an implied threat. Why I'm not gonna blame actual peaceful protesters for what the crazies do, but I will blame commonly Harris for not condemning black lives matter, an anti for when they engage in the violence, calling them out by Name Joe Biden won't do that either. In fact, as I have mentioned time and time again, job and staff actually paid bail for these. We like they, they don't it into a bail fund to get these people released and commonly Harris herself tweeted out. So living donations to bail out people arrested during rioting, not protests and, as we know They won't call them riots, so I can only assume she is praising the fight her own words. What fight as that
fight where some guy started waving a gun around shot. Fourteen rounds off heading two cops: the fight where dozens of people are dead recently, it was assumed Joe Biden got a whiff of his internal pulling on the rights and panicked ran out of his basement. Super fast stood by the podium and said I condemn the violence. Kamel airs comes out, says its essential. What are people supposed to say when black lives matter goes out, all these cities fight with cops and one day shoot several of them. Are we supposed assume she's not talking about that. Those are the protests. That was the protest in Louisville. What were you referring to common virus? So forgive me if I don't take her at her word that she's praising peaceful protests, because she can cannot say black lives matter. Extremists are causing destruction throughout this country. She won't Donald Trump will in a new move, Donald Trump, sad that the clan
and anti vote, be designated terrorist organisations, and will we will write that down and see what that's all about, but Trump has no problem saying if you're an extremist, I'm done with you the crates. However, our embracing it encouraging it praising it and it's only gonna- make it worse, especially as we move closer and closer to the election right. Now, my record. This video, the proud boys are showing up in Portland the declared a state of emergency and I'm worried about. What's gonna happen now the Prague boy said they declared victory. The problems have declared victory already be those by announcing that they played on being there. It reinstated the ability of police to use tear gas. I believed her guests, in which case there going to be empowered now that antivirus coming up once again like they ve, been for the past several hundred days. We are not we're not looking at peaceful protests across this country. We're looking at people, walk up to dinars and threatened and harass them. Let us not essential that's a fight that is essential for our
ocean, we're looking at people getting shot in their own cars, we're looking people being harassed at their own homes. Comma Harris made a tactical error in this statement and on a break down for you. What's going on and what we want. We ve got more than this, I'm even Bernie Sanders is saying you know, people gotta come out, get ready, cost trot, might not leave And there is, there is a fight, a common so when she says the fight is essential. What fight is that going to become election day? What fight is that right now? I think we all know that three, the news before we get started had over two TIM cast out. Come slash done it. If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways in giving it a p. O box, with the best thing you can do, share this video if their people who don't believe it, if you think people need to hear thus it if you think I do a good job seriously. If you share this video of every single person who watched it shared, I would be bigger than CNN, like that. Cause word of mouth will be infinitely more powerful than their massive marketing budgets. Also dont forget.
Like subscriber notification Bell- and you know that you don't have to support- do anything by appreciate you watching, let's Reed daily mail reports commonly Harris's branded ignorant for praising, be a lamp protests and calling them essential. Just three days after two cops were shot during Louisville Riots, vice presidential nominee common- Harris has come in for criticism after saying that, protests against racial injustice, including That was my black lives matter are essential for the evolution of our country with some online brining are ignorant. Senator Harrison California, made the comments during the end of a lazy, peas, national convention in which, was interviewed for more than one hour at dawn and come just comes just three days. Effort Police officers were shot an injured during right. In Louisville, how does riding start? This is quite right so Some people may be Sanctum. You said she praised the riots, but she said protest. Talk, ok, I'll, ask you! Ok, ok, I'm travel already for how does riding start does riding start by a bunch of random people just emerged
from the ground, smashing things or do right start after protests happened. Ok, so protesters organised people got March, and then it becomes a riot. Did Kamel Harris condemn the rioting, like specifically black lives matter. Ninety, but no did Joe Biden no Did they solicit donations in support of the rioters? Yes, do they call these rights? No, they call them peaceful protests. She's encouraging a fight and the fight is resulting in people getting shot and hurt and killed. It's, because they want to save the shooting, came after a grand jury decision and not to charge the officers who shot and killed Brenna Taylor when the office this involved was charged with want and endangerment for shooting into a neighbouring apartment quote nothing that we have achieved. That has been about progress in particular, around civil rights has come without a fight, and so I always am going to interpret these protests as an
central component of evolution and our country as an essential component of a mark of a real them. Mark receive no when not when they got us. Once house according to times and threatened to burn it down unless they remove their american flag. That is not the mark of a real democracy that is a mark of a fascist stick. Dictatorship led by sell its and I'll. Tell you the important bit was that protest in in Portland their times reported on listed as a riot in their fancy. Ninety three percent peaceful protests database, of course not. Why? Because those people didn't destroy things, they just threatened people say fine she's praising that even call it a riot in God a protest or you could call it terrorist threats. That's what she's praising we can place a man
text? I try to be fair, but now we know what she means when she says this she's refusing to call it out where it needs to be call out Donald Trump. However, he has no problem calling it out moment. Louis, the gunman waves, his gun around after firing fourteen shots at cops, injuring too during first night of Brenna Taylor protests. Are you see there? It is. We know what these protests star. We know that become, as be alarmed demonstrators take to the streets for a third night and claimed sanctuary in the church. So this story is from just today. The story from Canada Harris emerged last night. We knew going on last night, the night before night. Before that we know what been going on for a hundred plus days. You wanna talk about the Democrats, talk about the Democrats the latest state of emergency in Oregon, because the proud boys announced they were gonna show up. Why didn't they declare an emergency after I'm? No fifty days of rioting didn't, I dont think they care. I think they actively support the violence
and support the rioters because their extremists pandering to more extremists, and they don't care about. You, protests. I wonder why it is that in Portland, during the protests, people are boarding up their windows and hiding and complaining and fleeing I wonder why that is in many other parts of the country. I wonder why we were expecting protests in Louisville that people were boarding up their businesses and police departments in court. Houses were also being boarded up cause they're, not protests. Even when they don't engage in overt and direct violence, they engage in terrorist threats. There have been peaceful protests, I've praised them. I have no problem present because I, like them
I remember watching very early on these people lying on the ground on their stomachs putting their hands behind their back, I said: awesome protest. The injustice, because when someone is killed, there should be accountability in some form doesn't mean someone goes to present. It means we figure out. Why did this person die? They didn't have to die. Sometimes bad things happen very quickly, they'd get if it became riots, but they won't tell you they'll lie call them protest because they know the writing hurts them and that's why Kamel Harris thinks she's safe to defend these. She was speaking Annabelle, AC p according to civics black Voters strongly support black lives matter and that's why she won't call them out by name they are desperately trying to get more black votes.
Something interesting according to NBC News Data is that have Donald Trump can convince just three percent more of the black community to vote for him. He wins. Nothing else. Could change literally, nothing just three percent and I think that's what the Democrats are panicked. They see it in the polls, so they push this narrative and they refused to condemn the violence, meaning they will sacrifice. The suburbs narrow sacrifice this country, your job and your life in a desperate bid to placate a voter base because they want to win. They deserve to lose.
I lay deputy seem bashing a b, a lamp protests with a riot shield and hundreds occupy Brooklyn Bridge for hours as demonstrators take to the streets across the nation for third night have run a teller protests. I highlight this to say: I think the police need reform to now think police do need accountability and I think peaceful protests are fine. In fact, I'm ok without to a certain degree nonviolence about us, a billionth and am critical of what I think it's in Florida, whether to charge for blocking roadways. I think very serious charges like the jail time. I think of zones walking around what you arrest them. The road is clear: you get a slap on rest charge, that's what civil nonviolent, so let us go begins. Is you don't want them to start putting on masks and engaging in overt violence the problem they ve already been doing that but I dont think if it's already illegal, it's illegal and I think you need to make things crazier, but you know, since then you see there's a guy on the ground in the cap bashing with a shield unnecessary.
There was also a video highlighted where a cop is walking is bike any walks over the head of one of these. You know, protesters lying on the ground are unnecessary. I know- and I don't want to see that and I dont want to see the violent riots. The cops depict the guy up, an arrest him. Ok, there is criticism there there there. The reasons to criticise people on all sides in this. Since, however, the Democrats, our law, lying to us their encouraging the violence by by refusing to call it out instead of saying the fight is essential. The look Maybe you want to say TIM you're, being unfair sandwiches praising riots. Ok, ok, then, don't come out and say the fight is essential because I'll tell you with what's going on right now across the country with rights by all means, you can say: cobble Herriston actually praise the rights. No. She just said the fight was essential and she was referring to some.
Else? I'm not gonna pretend to know what you interpret that as Oda. Regular person will interpret it as I'll. Tell you this. She is inciting a fight and fights typically get physical and, if you have months of fighting in the trades where people have died and she sang the fight is essential. I am not going to be happy about it and I, we'll say absolutely. She is praising the riots because the riots are where their fighting semantic arguments. I know, but this is the game we typically get when it comes to the left. Will Donald Trump is taking swift action from just the news tromp set to declare anti for a terror group making good on vow He made a start of recent riots. Trumps has he will also declare the clan a terrorist organisation? I dont know
and actually do this because of the first amendment, but you know what good the clans bad that's why we, as a country crushed to them and said Bob, I we don't like you, we can sell, defend the free speech of an individual and whatever group, but we don't like them. So we said no especially to their violence. So if their wearing a white hood or a black heard, I don't care if they're getting violent, smashing up people's businesses. I'll tell you the funny thing you want to know why trump. This is part of trumps Black America plan and a kind of thought it was funny. Why is Trump targeting anti for end the clan o? Could it be because both groups destroy and target black neighborhoods in black communities yeah, while the plan is mostly gone and they're not marginal What was the last time you actually saga of clansmen like running around smashing things you don't they do their that they
their little rallies and small handful of them anti fought and black lives matter, they pick up the slack. Now you have these white individuals wearing all black and going to black committees and smashing things up. Just the news reports. President Trump is set to declare anti for domestic terror group, making good on a promise he made after the start of a recent violent protests, that is badly damaged. Some. U S, cities! The declaration is part of his second term agenda and an appeal to black photos in his re election bed. The president will also declare the clan a terrorist group as part of a larger black economic empowerment, platter plan that also seeks to increase investments in black communities by roughly five hundred billion. I'm a Finn. I am absolutely offence. I am a social liberal. That's not changed I am not a conservative. I believe that what we want to do is reallocate funds
from privileged wealthier areas when it's an excess and provided to underprivileged areas to improve certain things- and I say certain things- I want to teach people how to fish. I want to set a basic standard. I do not want a credit dependency. That's why I think if you ve got an ultra rich area, that producers are ridiculous. Amount of taxes were only as strong as the weak. Link. Let's allocate some of that excess tax revenue towards areas that are you know, dilapidated falling apart opportunities owns things like him, the classic has said better education and I don't mean public education, maybe chart. Schools are not entirely sure, but I like the idea. I like the idea antifreeze bad. The clan is bad and Trump wants to reinvest in black communities. This sounds like our great compromise with the social joy, this left and, while the well there you go and Trump and the right so I'm down for it. I am. I think that we have to recognise that
nobody. This country sees things the same way and an investment into certain communities could be a good thing. We are only as strong as as our weakest link and a rising tide raises all ships. If tromp found a good plan path or an he's targeting the rioters. I am happy I'm happy to hear it quote. For decades, democratic politicians, like presidential rival, Joe Biden, have taken black voters for granted Trump said Anti Father radical left wing group whose name is short for anti fascism. Re emerged as a destructive force of the summer by participating in numerous social justice demonstrations, in which members would loot and burn Our businesses in cities, from New York to Seattle, Trump on May thirty. First, announced his intention to label to group a tear organisation amid riots following the death of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis resident, the United States of America will be designating antifraud as a terrorist organisation trumpeted at the time, just apart
officials have raised? First amendment concerns about classifying the group as a terrorist organisation. Both sides of the EL, would share the concerns: Bradley Whiteman, atop attorney in the Justice Department, National Security division, told the White House Homeland Security Committee during a hearing last year. Trump is scheduled to make the anti for announcement on a campaign stop in Atlanta in an appeal to black voters. I believe there is a first Mehmet challenge and explain as much I don't like anti via the reason why the Eu S typically doesn't label any group. A tear organization is because, if they commit a crime, they get arrested if they, as a group, are speaking things
not inciting violence, speaking ideas at safe, that's protected under the first amendment, which makes it very difficult to actually declare some grew by terrorist organisation. Both the left and the right have made calls in some way for this, the left saying the plan should be a terror organisations, writers aunt. If I should be- and I say both of em whatever fine hunker bill bar- was asked about this at a hearing. What he said was, though there not at the time designated a terrorist organisation the crimes they commit are being charged as acts of terror. I think that's the right I d do it. I think Bill BAR hit the nail on the head. When someone commits a crime, you say: here's the crime committed. I don't see why we would label the group that way now important note about anti FA. Is that although they operate as independent cell cells in key areas with no there, they have no overarching organizing body, but they do negotiate share funds travel abroad. That makes them not a domestic tear organisation that makes him a terror.
Innovation, is eat, antifraud exists in the Middle EAST, antifraud exists in Europe and in other parts of the world they fly the same flag, they have the same ideologies. They share money and resources. We have already seen the news about this. There have been concerns. Among many left wing activists that Trump would just label them an outright foreign terror organization and then go after people who are here at hearing to. It really, though, a story that two men were planning a Netflix worthy attack on trumped, how and that was in the name of ISIS, a terror organisation they ve arrested for it. So if anti, operating overseas, because this is not a first amendment issue the imo to an extent it is if their speaking, but they are apparently a part of a group with international ties, and this is where I think You know that there could be some moves made in dealing with them well Bernie Sanders is bringing
to a very, very dangerous place, YAP Bernie Sanders sold out for sure on the twenty fourth Thursday Sanders issues, issues stark warning on Trump and calls for election come Sean Senator accused Trump, our publicans of summing, the seeds of chaos by casting doubt on the election. How absurd the Democrats are the ones who changed the rules? they're the ones who want universal mail in ballots. Whether you want the vote or not it's a common in many states, they changed all the rules, so Trop complains about it. Then they say it's trumps far. Well, Bernie Sanders on bill. More last night there were
will be a number of plans to remove tromp if he loses. While this is the kind of rhetoric that I could that that they point the finger at Trump, I can point the finger right back. They say Trump is refusing to a peaceful transition. Joe Biden set at first well to be fair. Hillary Clinton said at first about Joe Biden to the Democrat set at first. Joe Biden do not concede under any circumstances. Bernie Sanders on Bill MAR nothing a conversation, and my criticism to build more as well, because he said it sounds like a wish that have trump lose and stays. It's a wish that you wanted to get out what you gonna do about it come on. What can I do and Bernie said we ve got plans, you ve got plans, we're gonna win. We had a when first, so they have plans, they ve been planning for a force for a forceful removal of the president. Here's the problem. While I can absolutely criticise trumps rhetoric, we gotta get rid of the ballot, send you know the only
elusive as mischief. I agree, we gotta be really careful in what we say. So I get it. You have both factions trump. The Republicans and Democrats pointing the finger. I understood my trump is doing at Trump and Republicans are the ones who changed the election system. The Democrats did Other Democrats are saying they shouldn't concede. They have plans to remove Trump. None of them are gonna believe the electronic trump is planning on stage a coup. They are sowing the seeds across the media convincing the american people that the only way Trump wins is, if he cheats, then their point trumpet saying he's inflaming tensions by saying the only way he loses. If we achieve ok, you can't have you taken it too. I suppose when she ate it, it's gone
and that's what we're getting from the Democrats they're the ones sowing the seeds of discord. They could sit back and let the elections take place as normal, but they will not do it if they're the ones who are changing the rules don't get mad at Trump, and I don't think that's that's a fair point we made at all. The democratic, the ones encouraging the riots when the Democrats or the one saying they are setting up plans to remove from the democratic. So are changing the rules. I think it's obvious which direction this is coming from and we're seeing it across the board. From political everyone sees the train wreck coming. Tromp reveals his November end game, bump a bomb after more than four years of nonstop voter fraud, claims and insinuations that he might not accept the election results. The president isn't keeping his intent a secret. I think they're doing Donald Trump One, the electoral college and lost the popular vote, because we do not determine president based on popular vote because we,
are a union of states not a top down federal country? For the most part, it's been slowly moving towards ain't and overt federal. You know government for a long time like for a lot of people who don't sit down, seem to understand. Roby Wade if, if Roby Way to be abolished, it just means states decide for themselves. The left would say it would make me no abortion, illegal and stuff like that. I don't really get it. We are a country, yes, but states have their own jurisdiction. Here's a story this after winning the presidency after twenty sixteen tromp insisted without evidence that there were serious voter fraud in three states. He lost Hillary Clinton now running behind Joe Biden. The polls, the president complains the outcome will be rigged. Here's what I think they're doing they're going to say you know if, because trumps the pie expecting him to win the electoral college again but lose the popular vote,
That's it that's what people are predicting everything there doing will allow them to contest the states that grant him that bump over in the electoral college, then they'll say the electoral colleges disputed, but the national popular vote says this that'll be their excuse. Then, when tromp says I didn't lose because these states are contested and also we'll, never get this, although no, what should we do popular vote now? I don't think we're gonna see widespread violence. If trump wins, I mean it. I think I ll see violence. I think the far left has been violating, though continually violent, but what I mean is it? Let me let me rephrase, I think, we'll see the worst violence if Trump loses. You know why the Democrats changed the rules in many states universal mail in voting
balance has been found in dumpsters and ditches. So already people are saying what is going on and it was the Republicans who did this. I think you will see organised and widespread violence if Trump loses and it's the Democrats fault and maybe us if they want they want to create a system that will so the seeds of doubt that when Trump, if ash when he does lose regular people will assume the Democrats cheated now on the left. People assume trumpets, cheating, but tromp didn't change the rules so sure antiviral come out inactive for what would you think happens when rightwing militia groups see that their set their claiming trump Didn? when what we hear stories about bouts be funded, dumpsters there and say no way, Trump didn't make that happen. There's no way that was trumpeted that you wanted mail in voting. Trump did not so did trunk of a plan for this. Was it all a clever ruse to
Fritz the Democrats into wanting melon voting to that from could rigged the postal service. No, the Democrats changed the rules. If Trump loses, who's gonna? Believe the Democrats, one fairly, probably no one. I am worried about the violence in that regard because that violence will be. I guess, groups of people calling themselves patriots challenging contesting the boat. Remind me saying democracy is to wolves and alarm deciding on. What's for dinner, a republic is a well armed lamb contesting the vote. Now that's been attributed to buy Ben Franklin. I don't know if it's true or not, but that's what I fear. Actually people feeling like they are justified. I really want to not believing it and coming up armed and I'm not saying it's just get me the right. I think the left will do this too
but I'm more worried about the power, the strength of the coordination of right wing groups, because the left seems we run around randomly commonly has encouraging this Joe Biden is encouraging this shore there trying to have it both ways but their encouraging it all the same. They won't call these groups out. The Democrats are changing the rules by executive decree like here in New Jersey, So I'm worried about what happens when regular Americans, who want tromp, say no. I believe there are way more fervent tromp supporters and there are anti and therewith more regular uninitiated Americans, many of many of whom it just blindly vote we'll see. Winds and will see what happens because from here soldier speculation only with her neck seconds coming up at six p m over at Youtube Outcomes, lashed him cast news, it's a different channel and I'll see you all, then a state, of emergency has been declared in Portland Oregon over the arrival of the proud boys, and we know exactly what the
proud boys are going to do when they show up. They are going to march around waving flags and chanting things about America. And then they'll probably go to a bar, get drunk and then go home, because that's what the proud boys are likely to do unless, of course, anti fa and black lives matter, show up and confront them. And then violence erupts don't walk up to someone threatening violence, because then you will get violence yet or again. Their governor is declaring a state of emergency because of the proud boys you ve had a hundred plus days of violent,
eating across this city, and it did not occur to you to declare a state of emergency only when the proud boys plan on coming now, I get it, let's be real, although it is really dumb that they didn't declare a state of emergency before actually stop the extremists, because, let's be honest, they align with them. The proud boys showing up is going to bring a potential for serious violence and clashes, and the last time a pro tromp right wing group showed up not that long ago a black lives matter activist exit you did a Trump supporter walking down the street and I am going to say it is as as direct as I can, because we saw him in the surveillance when stocking this guy, so yeah yeah, absolutely the black lives matter. Activists instigated the violence now they're trying to climb up the proud boys are coming to our city. I you know what man, I don't think they should
I don't think they should have gone there. I think the potential for violence is too much, and this is exactly what the left needs to smear. Donald Trump. They ve been. Ok, there was a pull it found. Fifty four percent of girls believed the violence at these rights was started by right wing agitators, so dont give them the narrative they want. That being said, the proud boys are allowed to go and pot and protest in March and rally for the most part wherever they want. I mean I say for the most for the most part, because you're gonna go March on private property like in someone's home or something what ya out and parks and whatever Betty they so choose, but that number that matters, because the proud boys at a press conference and guess what they one. It's done, the proud boys. What I wouldn't be surprised, if the our boys don't actually even show up, and I'm not exaggerate, I'm not kidding. You know why the proud boys held a press conference and they said their goal from the beginning- was to get a
data of emergency declared and get the National Guard to show up to stop the far left riots that they want it. I don't know, what's going to happen, later today. Maybe some of you will watch this later in the day when everything is already kicking off but But what are among the east goes in this. Video goes up several hours ahead of where Portland is that it may turn out once again the proud voice tricked Anti for why There was a rally: Thou must take place in Philadelphia. The proud boy said they were coming and then they didn't and anti for, came out and started attacking level and fighting with cops The proud boys can literally just be like oh yeah, Portland, yet will be there and then they can just go play video games and- and even goes runs around screaming. This may be, and I don't know- I don't know if it is because I'm pretty sure they're in Portland, but this could be one of the biggest political stunts we ve seen in a long time why one hears what I said. Ok, if the proud boys show
and violence erupts, the media is going to point the camera only at the proud boys and give all of these left us exactly what they want, and the Democrats exactly what they want. Rightwing agitators you're coming to our sitting in a tent, us. Oh now, then you're gonna see stupid things from like Mayor TED Wheeler, who tweeted on nine twenty six all right groups and white nationalists are intent on coming into our community. Really. Where who I'm proud boys? Are you these groups and power, racism, intolerance and hate? Those are not Portland values and they are not welcome. Hate has no
home in Portland. Violence has no home in Portland. Anyone intending to create fear, commit violence or spread. Hate is not welcome here. That is a bald faced lie, Mr Mayer, because let's see you ve got fought, you got black lives matter. Leftist identity, Arians. They hate people based on race. Okay, so do they create fear? Well, the New York Times just report. They short someone's house and threatened to burn it down unless they took down an american flag check. One commit violence, yes for over a hundred days check to, and spread hate. Ok, I think we can say Jack three. Why? Because these people are running around screaming and their nothing but hate mongers, they think they they decry whiteness la so there They have hate based on race, they commit violence and they thrive. People unless they bend the need to them. Even you. May your TED Wheeler to the point where you actually ram
from your own home. Like a cow word, they went to his house, his condo building they smashed up through flaming Brian anyone. I ran away. The mayor ran away from his own home. Tell me that is not spreading. Fear you, sir, or a liar, and a pathetic. Coward, who refuses to stand up to extremists unless, of course, he's actually just an extremist, in which case he's just providing cover for them, and that to me seems to make the most sense and that's why, with the problem by showing up the national guards going to come out well at an awful actually will see and a state of emergency has been declared. Thus, even if the proud boys just go home right now, they one now Now I gotta be real, I think they'll, probably shop. I could be wrong and if they do, we ve already seen what happened last time in Portland when the mayor tweet
Things like this, accusing the Prob Boys whose whose chair is not a white man of being all right, white Nationalists- that is a lie. The proud boy hat proud boys have had members who were met. I got out of income member who were all right. They got kicked out and the proud boys are worthy of criticism in many capacities, that's their own fault sums sometimes they have to fight, but anti fa seems to get a free pass and black lives matter is getting a free pass. This is over top, I'm not going to say that every single you know anti fall guy, is an extremist, white supremacist, or something like that. I'm not gonna say Every single protest here comes out in Portland is a violent he says, store, worry or even Attica for that matter. I have routinely pointed out that there are peaceful protesters, but if you're gonna peacefully protest, while shielding violent extremists, one I've got a problem,
the thing with a proud voices, they ve denounced the racists were in the room and kept them up. Did they do a good enough job? In my opinion Probably not I don't know, but I'll tell you. I don't care if you want to call them if you when I say at their white nationalists, are all right or whatever so long as you're you're. Equally targeting the other, the you know, anti fond black lives matter extremists, but it doesn't even matter what your opinion is. Ok is it there's a long history of what the Prob ways have done and who they are, and so ok, fine, the problem is they want declare a state of emergency over Anti, Va Donald Trump, apparently preparing a plan where he's gonna put five hundred billion dollars into black community and he's going to designate the clan and as far as like terrorist or or in some capacity are no. I don't. I don't know to what extent you can actually do that, but anyway What's actually just read the news cuz, you know I've been ranting on this without actually giving you the context,
the daily mail, says organ governor declare a state of emergency in Portland and says she is incredibly worried about violent clashes ahead of proud boys rally on Saturday in city plagued by black lives matter approach. Leaders of the self described western chauvinist proud Boys called Saturday's rally to end domestic terrorism. After four months of near daily demonstrations against police I once and racism and organs largest city that have often ended in violence. Many out state demonstrators, some armed were expected to attend the proud boys event in the park about six miles north of downtown state official said with organizers, expect a crowd of up to twenty thousand. According to local television station Cagey, W eight. We can see here, Columbia, River, proud boys, it's really funny, Nepal, a boy started as a joke by gave him against and I'm not even signing an exaggeration. It was about up eighty talk about this on jail road where there was a song about you, know proud of your boy or some like that, and then he, He made a joke where he was like. Ok, you can be. Proud boy. If you know we
We punch you and your name. Five breakfast cereal just like that. He apparently like say this thing about defending or not apologising for the west, and then you become rod, boy, and then they got a punch. You gonna name breakfasts years, because it was a joke. Now, it's it's like after Gavin step down. Now it's an actual like group of people with a chairman, and it just pick this this time line is fantastic, isn't it is what they say: police help to keep right wing groups apart from leftwing counter protestors. Together in another part, about two miles away quote. I am incredibly concern at the increased risk of violence in Portland this weekend. Brown told reporters Brown also noted the proud boys and patriot pair groups have come to Portland time and time again from out of state looking for a fight and the results are always tragic. She then edit a warning to the group. Let me be perfectly clear.
We will not tolerate any kind of violence this weekend there. It is only this weekend, those stoking the flames of violence, those coming to Portland looking for a fight will be held accountable, brown sad accordingly. Fox news: under her emergency declaration, state troopers, animal Noma County Sheriff's office will lead a law enforcement taskforce authorized to use proportional force, including tear gas, to keep the peace said: organ state, police, superintendent, Travis Hampton of Course, then you can see photos of what the anti for. Does. Poland's mayor TED Wheeler banned the city's police officers from using tear gas on September ten following criticism that was being over use as a crowd control method during the months of violent protests. In the city proud boys, chairman, Enrique Torreon, said his group did not intend to cause violence. We will be peaceful unless provoked. I encourage people to protect.
Thus, Cheerio sat on Tuesday on Twitter on Tuesday. What we won't condone, use it on twitter, but that it has been well. We won't condone or tolerate, is violence toward attendees the men, only Our boys group Isaak describes itself as a fraternal organisation that is anti racism and anti political correctness. Civil rights group, the sun poverty law centre, which has no credibility, classifies the proud voices. I hate group citing its members, anti muslim and massage genetic rhetoric. Well, I can that's a lie. The southern poverty law centre as a conspiracy theory wing, not scam in my opinion, because they once read an article claiming this is fantastic. I love this. They said that he had attended a Holocaust deniers conference in IRAN has never been to Iraq. And their source. It was not only a Holocaust denial website, it didn't even exist,
any more. It was an archive of a website that didn't exist. There was taken down and it was a conspiracy, conspiracy, theory website, claiming the temple and a bunch of others had travelled to IRAN's Holocaust Denial conference. I've never been to IRAN. Man then retracting the thing and apologizing. Bravo, southern part: we lost centre. Bravo, they present Donald Trump, who has made law and order a principal theme of his bid for reelection and over third, has singled out Portland as one of several democratically cities. He calls anarchist jurisdictions, his democratic challenger. Vice president, a former by Vice President Biden, says trumps. Rhetoric is stoking the violence. Well, taken up this coast right watch whatever that means says they went to an effing, proud boys. Press conference in it was absurd. I got their later was mostly bs, blah blah blah our advice. It ok, well
in the press conference itself. I believe it's Joe bags and make a and their basically explaining why they came and it's very simple bye, bye, saying they were coming. The police so now intend to keep the group's separated. The police intends to actually enforce the law, a state of emergency, was declared an doc seems like they trick to the government. To actually well forcing a law against people than I want. But here's the problem proud boys. It doesn't matter if they declare a state of emergency, it doesn't matter if they arrest Anti fought the price, is the dna- is releasing them so sure they'll gas Antifa again I mean they banned gas onto September tenth, maybe we'll come out with it. Now you what's gonna happen: they're gonna arrest, the anti for people. The idea for people who get arrested will be cut loose almost instantly.
And the proud boys will get the book thrown in their face so hard. Their noses will break and there will be blood sprang out of their faces. They are going to drop the hammer on the proud boys, because this is a far left extremist jurisdiction. That's the only explanation for why they allow anti offer over a hundred days and I'm sorry black lives matter to set fires and attack people, destruction rampaging throughout the city and residential neighborhoods when they were at the New York Times said that they, to a guy's house are that there was a neighbor who is challenging them. He was a black veteran who was. He ran a nonprofit helping homeless people on like that. And he said that he sees them across the street yelling at some guy from private and american flag. His house- and I said, if you don't take it down, we'll, come back and burn your house down. They won't enforce the law against these people, and you can see what TED Wheeler has already started to do, and here we go. The Democrats are going to claim that Donald Trump supporting White support
tests are marching around attacking innocent people and invading their cities they already, started doing at the last time. Trumped supporters showed up now something well I've. Sad and outside us. You want you want come to me and say I'm telling them they shouldn't exercise their freedom and rights or whatever you are incorrect. They absolutely can I'm not telling them they can't do this, I'm just pointing out the simple fact: it is terrible strategy. Now, I will admit it is very, very clever strategy. You know in tricking the police to actually enforce the law as very clever and proud boys might not even show up. That would be the ultimate when, in my opinion, I'm not I'm Miss Eyre. I know Broadway dont shop at all like they didn't Philadelphia. This will be the most hilarious and epic when they will have pulled off ever a state of emergency declared simply for
bring up tweets amazing, hey we're gonna shop to a park will be peaceful state of emergency only one around screaming Europe. That will be the epic when no matter what happens, even if they remain peaceful. If they do show up like I said the media is going to take, couple pictures, TED, Wheeler, chef Pelosi, Schuman are gonna, be like these white supremacists. These trees, Trump supporting our city is not safe is trumps. America mill lie and people believe it and that's the challenge. That's why I say you would be the most epic when, if they don't actually shop in awhile, then there don't be any photos of them and the only thing get in the new cycle as anti for running around smashing things and punching cops, and then one as we ve seen the riots hurt the Democrats. This maybe look the proud boys did it before they said they were coming to Philadelphia. I
over here, while for the time being- and they never showed up and the Red around like a hitting journalist in a one, slash two detect a female. A female journalist pulled her hair back, and this just creates more videos that hurt the left and hurt the Democrats So that's the most powerful playwright, their literally, not showing up sitting back at a bar having to drink and laughing, how you ve manipulated them, and there too stupid to figure it out and are not going to do, though I think it's possible, they pay less off, but I guess we only wait and see by the time you watch this. You know you PETE. You probably have seen what can happen summer corners in the morning of course, and that in this report
by ten m Andy NO says this is how you start a panic, any links to this tweet. Someone said some of you have heard rumours of the fascist invaders intent to form squads hunting parties tomorrow night in order to find an assault, Portland hours. This is true, the fascists are calling it operation, we the people and they mean to do it. Do not go out alone to Morrow five hundred and sixty eight retreats know they're. Not that's not a thing you people are saying you know it's the gang stocking thing. I'm not look. I've talked about this remember. Why are you mad at you may have seen it? I did a segment about gang stocking gang stalking is a paranoid, delusion people experience where they think they're being stopped by government agents or just like a group of nefarious individuals, its but a pic of steam after nine eleven. When people thought they were being spied on these pair,
No, it individuals think you know you might be working for them. Who were they? I don't know, but their spying on me. It's paranoid apparent delusion. Well, they go online and post about it. They find other people do agree and they band together and take collective action based on a shared paranoid, delusion. That's literally what we are seeing, I'm sorry there are no fascist groups coming. They are not forming hunting parties they will not be hunting down Portland. This is paranoid delusions but people believe it and they share in this delusion, and then you end up with people screaming that. You know these right wing are everywhere they're. Coming to our cities. You get people like mayor, Tad, Wheeler was very,
irresponsible, fanning the flames of this and look at this. Actually, why does this is fantastic? One of the replies to Andy No Tim Pool is right about the gang stocking stuff. There paranoid gets a frantic thinking, there's not around every corner waiting to murder, then they all feed into each other's delusion. That's exactly right: mister, king etc. That is, but that's it. That's it absolutely it. So when they go around smashing things, the wonder why it is they start fires and they have no goals wise. These people don't actually have a plan. While there certainly are some people who do they want to tear down the just uninstall whatever in communist utopia, something, but these people are few and far between them once giving the unwell people weapons and encouraging them and telling them the Nazis you're coming for you there around every corner and these people believe it they get roped up and extremism. They and then some of them actually get elected to office. It
it's a scary reality when you realize scary, realisation that you have government officials who are Para, Lloyd and delusional. How do you fix that arose because it not it's not like every single person who believes this gets a frantic. Ok, I think that people on what's gets a frantic means a mechanical, like. I do either what typically it's a reference to not disputed discerned between. In imagination in reality, something that affect why I've known some people who suffered from this in its and its and sad medication really helped them but I knew someone who believed that they were being spied on and it really interesting because it fits alive. The exact same things we here, like I'm, being Stockton, harassed by by operatives and agents and I'd be alike who, but why you're nobody you not doing anything and like they believed it, and they said there who was being poisoned and stuff like that, and then you see
He stories where there are like they're, gonna hunt us down and there's no that's just that's not a thing, but it's not just schizophrenia took at some point. The people and government are sitting there and they hear wild rumors they don't see any evidence. Do not. Let me give you a really good example of the troubled state of where we're at right now TIM Pool he's a liberal and you can be for tromp. Why is that? I think it's because the left is operating under a delusion. They believe the people running screaming. The sky is falling. I don't look at the evidence. Here is the best example. They published restoring the Atlantic claiming that Donald Trump called soldiers losers. It was dispute Even John Bolton, who doesn't like drops out, I'm thing that ever happened. You know the reason why
go to the cemeteries because those that's a ceiling dropped because the weather we couldn't fly there and then I want to make that they were able drive for security reasons, and that was it a guy who doesn't like Trump said now. That's not true, but the media ran wild Trump called the soldiers losers of videos going viral of Joe Biden, swearing and insult swearing at an insulting the troops, while he was arm up giving a speech aplenty award or something he literally did it needs on camera I watch several angle, angles of it and yeah Joe Biden. He called them stupid and the b I can't say on utopian: I'd: try to keeping family friendly, he's he's had effing stupid, be apparently apparently I'm like that and he was yelling at them. The clap he's as it was a joke. What does the media do? The media says? video. Joe Biden, just jogging is going where all these troms of borders- what are they doing claiming Joe Biden, would actually say Joe Biden did. Whilst we forty, I don't know, I don't care amounted to dedicate a whole segment,
Looks I really don't care about the stupid trump call them a loser. Joe Biden call them no stupid bees. What I regret it look, the point is Joe Biden literally. Did it it's on camera? I can see it ok. I know he said it. I've seen multiple camera angles and they have confirmed its real there's. No Proof Donald Trump call anyone losers. Yet they believe that. So when someone comes islands as the Nazis. You're coming they go. Oh, I just believe it and when you show a video of anti of a burning things down, they got those those anti for guys. The black lives matter shields waving, the blacklist, better flags, they're, probably right, wingers disguised as the left and that's there. That's their shared delusion and their running government so arm I guess we'll see out things play out. I oughta I gotta say I really am hoping the proud boys are pulling a tree on the left and don't show up. I really hope so cause other this is gonna, be as propaganda by about Oliver their necks segments come up at one p m on
channel thanks rang out, and I will see you all, then it's been endless riot coverage for months now and it's kind of getting boring slowly stories about anti farming blacklist matter, smashing things up and unlike we get it man, they just want to watch the world burn, but Ivan the right story for you. It is not necessarily a right, but it's getting pretty close to it. This time over. In the U K zones, different people are starting to riot over the cove, it locked downs. These aren't conspiracy, theorists these aren't far right individuals, their regular people. Saying enough already, and you know I have on this one fascinating. First of all, rights among regular people, not ideal logs. I find very interesting, but in Florida, governor to Santas reopens floater restaurants and bars at full capacity after decline in covert infections and ends. Fines for now wearing a mask, we're starting to see the inverse in some places here. But-
seeing harder locked downs in some places here. Only imagine what's to calm if the locked downs remain in place, the UK we ve already seen protests we ve already seen protests in Europe now they're clashing with police cops, are pulling the buttons and attacking people who are saying we want to live our lives. We got some more weird news and the? U S: eighteen, twenty, two year old, banned from gathering in Boulder Colorado after Corona virus surge at seems to be a violation of the Civil Rights ACT. I suppose you can't just tell people of a specific age. They can come out and do things that's a vial, They, I believe, of civil rights, as it were title seven them shore, but I'm orange and why people are starting to fight against cops and I'll. Tell you this the police in the U S and in the UK are going to lose all of the goodwill from the people,
we're right what we see these leftists coming out, screaming black lives matter and smashing bangs saying abolish the police and what are the rest of us. Say that's absurd. We need the police and then the police turn around. They arrest a woman in Ohio because she was sitting outside get this apparently there's. So this veto going viral of this woman sitting in bleachers, not wearing a man so the cops taser one cup teases her and then arrests are people of that have have started sang the one suffers from asthma and that's why she was wearing a mask parent. It didn't matter because in some places, unconstitutional edict is more important than just lie. People do their thing. So you know it's really funny when I see these stories about cops, arresting conserving journalists or, I should say- can serve at journals, but journalists right daily collar reporters get arrested,
and then you have, I believe, was the editor in chief of the daily collar telling the cops hails or our report as the cop saying too bad we're not releasing them. Ok, you're stepping on people's toes now I understand the journals gets arrested, because the cops can't tell the difference Many people to fund the garb saying well, how are they supposed to know? Yes, but when they ve been brought to the station and they ve been brought into being processed and the editor in chief says these people work for me, they're, not riders or extremist. The cop should say: ok confirmed they didn't they said. No, the charges stand. You think these these. These cops he's departments think that that regular people are gonna, keep defending them. If they keep enforcing unconstitutional edicts know, and it wasn't, I'm not the one who met brought this up a ton of right wing personalities early on we're, saying these cops. Who now want everyone to defend them better think twice when they violate the law by following unconstitutional in often illegal edict from these executives
build a blog yo, for instance. Now look I understand the UK is not the? U S so is there are differences of read the story from the evening standard A failure, square anti lockdown protest, shut down by police after thousands of masterless demonstrators ignore social distancing. I would like to deliver the world's biggest go. Ask yourself to the evening standard and the rest of the press that are like mask list demonstrators are ignoring social distancing and they ve been doing it for months. The black lives matter. Protests again, I know I know UK different from the. U S, we ve had ongoing riots, but it's been the same thing here: Trump supporters aren't wearing masks. Great now do black lives matter all, but these people are really spreading as their outside. Ok then explain why eight and twenty worlds, eighteen to twenty two year old, can't gather
complete, be ass. Authoritarianism, police dispersed crowd over fears; they were putting people in danger. Ah man did they really. Disgusting bottles, throne and buttons use as clashes broke out, Jeremy Corbians, brother Pierce and conspiracy theories, David Ike among attendees. Now I gotta tell you. I am not entirely convinced the opera A brief response to all of this is to be thrown bottles at anybody. What again we are seeing police trying to enforce it all up large gatherings. Cops are gonna come out, and if people are going to riot cops should be there. I think there's an easier way to deal with this. Instead of going out in massive groups, have it out with ten thousand plus or whatever I think mornings, like fifty thousand somewhat that, while what what The number one overestimate zone for sure I think people should just go about their lives as the protest
Think violence is gonna help you out as much as I think is particularly instincts. Irregular people step up. I think the violence is, is not what we'll see see out plays out. You know what I mean to say this. Violence won't help you win elections, but I think it will help you and locked downs, and I because we ve seen how black lives There has been given impunity to go around smashing things. However. Ultimately, I think the violence were any potential violence is going result in everything. Just getting worse for everybody's right up, say that's right. I do not encourage this, nor do I support it, but I don't I'll tell you that the large towns are very very different from black lives matter. We have a media, I'm you think about this way. The meat telling you all of these things about police and justice and brutality, and then After all, we breaking on finance, not true the lockdown stuff there ignoring reality,
Then we have to do our research and find out what they're saying is not true as a very complicated subjects. I can get banned for saying that what I mean is look. We know that cove it is dangerous, but in Florida they're pulling up. All the restrictions, because the science has come out and we flattened the curve. So if the goal was to flattened curve, we ve done it now. You're gonna get riots which I am not a fan of absolutely not a fan of about a fan of it. I don't care who does it, but this is not. These are not leftist ideologues, their regular people, they say clashes broke out as huge anti lockdown protests in Trafalgar Square was shut down by police after crowds, ignored social distancing rules, thousands of mass was demonstrators, descended on the central London on Saturday for a we do not consent rally despite please from police, for people to abide by fraud of irish restrictions. The demonstrators were seen carrying a variety of signs, flags and placards as they crammed into the square. With some cheering clapping and shouting, we will win
no one appear to be wearing face coverings or sticking to social distancing measures. One of things really anything about this is the image you see right here. Someone's falling sign that says when tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty, and it is the revolution fest this These people are saying they are protesting. Fascism, so was this anti thought maybe images on it's gonna unite everybody in the in the euro. In the UK they say: Jeremy, Commons, brother, peers, that's and can spheres of theirs, David Ike? You got left and right knock down, whatever the data. So they say I was later police at the event was being shut down, because demonstrators were putting people in danger of transmitting the virus. They or that anyone who stays could be subject to enforcement action. Here's what I want to make the point out. Take on the violence thing when black lives matter comes out in
in the end? The? U S and they destroy everything. This burning things down and the government that the de I won't prosecute and we see these people act just get. You know that their allotted do whatever they want, don't be surprised when other people feel that rights work now they don't they they they at they typically generate neck, if sentiment towards whatever it is you're fighting for and right now the majority of people is accorded. Many poles support the locked downs and I do not think it a strong majority. I dont think assess necessarily going to help, but I can see with the economy being shut down, people suffering losing their job, and I fail to make money. I'm not surprised happening with black lives matter. They have morbid nebulous cause. They can't see a handful love individuals had their rights violated. There lives taken, I say handful because it's like thirteen. According to the walls of Washington, Post, thirteen unarmed black men were shot and killed by police and these tragedies. This problem needs to be solved, but is not a nation wide lockdown suppressing the right
every single person, but when blacklist matter gets away with burning, everything is letting fires. Surprise. Surprise. Other groups are like, I guess that's the only thing you can do because they said that is ok and is that what you really want? Maybe it is, I think it is ultimately but be bad for everybody. Maybe these cops will start out to back away, will see. They say: is officers, try to disperse the crowd, bottles were thrown in scuffles broke out police stunning, how much used battalions against protesters leaving some with visible injuries Officers were also seen removing sound equipment, while several points that's it away in handcuffs and other demonstrated what for we carried away from the scene by officers, peers carbon, the brother, former labour leader. Jeremy Corbett was among those the event. Conspiracy, theory, conspiracy theories, David Ike, who has made several false claims about. The krona virus was also in attendance. In a statement the mature Polly said, crowds and profoundly, where have not complied with the conditions of their risk assessment and are putting p
one danger of transmitting the virus is, as this has voided their risk assessment and we have informed the event organizers. They are no longer exempt from there. Elections. We are now asking those interviewer square to leave. Officers will, engaging with crowds in informing them of this development. Now I can be critical of the clashes for sure I'm not gonna play a game where I think one side is allowed these bonds, the other as a night. It's all bad vibes all bad, but I won't be do but enough to ignore the fact that we are talking about regular people, warping oppressed by their government and mass verses, specific cases of injustice which require an assessment on an individual basis. We have problems the system in the: U S we can. We can go for raw reform of want reform and the Republicans even
for it up, but the left continues to riot. I won't agree with that. What we are seeing here, while I am not a fan of fighting it with cops and throwing bottle really like that, is the result of a massive population being suppressed very, very different. The left will tell you in the: U S, it's the same way. They'll say all wet Timbuctoo understand now: you're you're, wrong, you're, wrong. When someone loses their life at a tragedy, but with three and seventy five million police interactions last year and thirteen unarmed black men being shot and killed. We have our tragedies and we need specific individual justice. We have issues with some have a bit of how the system works in terms of warrants and entering people's homes and how we are to defend ourselves and gun rights, but these are not there's. Not one simple fix here when it comes what's going off covert, you have the government ignoring the science and telling people to shut up they gonna say, bye, bye, leaving now you can keep yourself say
Avoid any enforcement action being taken by officers, the protests comes a week after a separate event, which saw more. Doesn't officers injured when some- oh minority target police, more than thirty and more than thirty two arrests were made: the metropolitan police. Earlier So I've been engaging with organizers throughout the week to remind them of their legal obligations and explained The events could be in breach of covert nineteen regulation. While protests are eggs. From the rule of sex, which is in force in England, organizers, must submit a risk assessment and comply with social distancing police. Had some organizers had done so, but where this has not happened, the met will increase their engagement and encourage attendees to disperse. I can speak for the Uk can't speak for Florida, governor to Santas is shutting it all down check this out. They say dissenters on Friday, lifted all covert. Nineteen restrictions on businesses, including restaurants and bars, and dropped penalties for not wearing a face, mask sparking a protest
upset residents. Dissent is made the announcement during a noon press conference in Saint Petersburg and quickly drew ire from residents who protested the new protocols. He argued that the threat of the kind of virus pandemic surpassed, seven million cases and two hundred three thousand deaths had ease sufficiently to allow the state to enter phase three of its reopening we're not closing anything going forward phase three, which takes effect immediately, allows restaurants and bars to operate at full capacity with limited social distancing protocols you here we can see. Dissent is holding up survival rates by age group. We can see you're through nineteen is ninety nine point: nine, nine seven! Twenty to forty eight is ninety nine point: nine eight four data sixty nine. Ninety nine point five and seventy is ninety four point. Six when the survival rate of this is ridiculously high busy. Says, should maintain adequate sanitation practices among employees and patrons, during all
hours of operation menus if laminated should continue to be cleaned after each each usage paper menu shall be designated for single use and then disposed of immediately after use, but establishments also be able to operate at a minimum of fifty percent, regardless of local rules. The order also requires local governments to justify any covert nineteen related restrictions on restaurants and bars its unclear. How my he did County and Brower County will navigate the new provisions as they continue to have the highest cases in the state. Floris covered nineteen dashboard reports that Brower recorded Rico seventy five thousand edonians any two confirmed cases and one thousand threatened. Sixty four deaths. Dade county dwarf that with a hundred and six hundred twenty seven thousand cases, and it s death toll of around three Thousand traditionally phase three allows for fitness, recreational and personal care businesses to operate at full capacity. Removing restrictions set an earlier phases. This will be very, very important to the industry. The republican governor said every bit
has a right to operate. You can't say no after six months and just have people twisting the wind. So I want to show you the story. Eighteen, twenty two year olds banned from gather in Boulder Colorado after Cronan? I researched young people. If you do not like this, there is an option. It's the republic. Party there. Looking at the science there seeing the the servant, the survival right is ridiculously high and they're saying: ok, it's time to move forward. The Democrats, on the other hand, are panicked and refuse to accept responsibility for their jobs. Hard decisions must be made right. Now we have flattened the curve. It is so flat can even see it anymore. We had something really crazy happen earlier this year, a lot of people are universal is videos of you know in China, people collapsing in the street. That was crazy, and so we said we got a lot of things down fifteen days to slow the spread. Fifteen days will slow it down
While we saw a major wave of cases and deaths, we saw crazy things happening in all of it made sense. It really did. Maybe we can do it perfectly, maybe that there's too much damage to the economy, but based on the information we had in putting myself in the end, and some mistakes were made. We did our best is a panic situation, we're well beyond us now, as we can see what the other two sand I believe it is now incumbent upon these Democrats to accept their responsibility. It's time to start reopening, which many are many are, but it's time to start reopening and it's time to stop these ridiculous lockdown. Lest we see people start rioting, specifically about cove it. Now there writing about black lives matter, but it's only a matter of time before regular people start getting angry as well. We can see that the curve has been flattened. We ve done the best we can, and we can't just sacrifice everything at this point. I guess the best solution would be protect the vulnerable and allow
the younger generation and those who are not vulnerable to begin working again, because those thoughts absolutely survive, even if they do get it now we're seeing from. I think I've been your time, There are some health export. A million people will die if we lift restrictions now what's happening, is that Democrats dont want their name attached to any of it. So one person dies and they release a lockdown. Everyone's gonna blame them. So there Oh, but I don't want people mad at me because they're not leaders, there losers their people who just say what I have to say to get elected instead of doing what they actually need to do, which has led their jurisdictions. So I look at this the store, but the eight and twenty two year old notes. Funny, as I heard something similar recently, local colleges are banning young people from gathering, and I find that very, very
weird why young people survivability right is like ninety nine point: nine, nine, nine, seven or something somewhere that whatever like, even if they get over, that they could spread to Graham on grant, but whether at college man- because it is these are these- are people who are at colleges, we cannot all of unborn lot of em, so their inspection themselves is like a fact. Do you think I'd tell you I'm in I don't know I'm a scientist, so you always gotta talk to your own doktor. Your doctor will tell you what's right, for you don't take my word, for it. Don't take trumps for a word for something binds word for policy on economy. These politicians just talk to your doktor. There I'll, give you the appropriate advice you need. We will make sure everybody safe when it comes to policy as a bigger question, how much damage are we doing and how much will people tolerate and that's where things gets very what we're seeing in the UK is destabilization. People are fed up with the lock downs another their bordering on there,
You know, the bordering on rioting clashing with police fights are breaking up because people are reaching their wits end. This experiment needs to be stopped, week, because you you can see in the UK the tolerances is evaporating early on. We heard that locking d- economies would result in massive starvation for people around the world who rely on our assistance, but it was deemed that we better take care of ourselves, and you know it forget them it's if it's a surprisingly America. First policy from these Democrats, I, but what about the people in the? U S? Horse offering to and can't work at a certain point, the damage and economic shut down out ways the damage from covert and has left us don't seem to get it there like. Oh, but what about the economy? Yes, the economy is quite literally how food is transported from a warehouse to your house. I saw really, as our really made a really funny mean I gases
image. To quote oh, it's an idea about a pencil that the penalize eraser it has metal around it. It's God you know. Would it's got a graph graphite in the centre and no one person can create a pencil. They can't do it and airlines me this TED talk about a guy who tried to make his own toaster from scratch. He couldn't do it because that making the plastic was impossible. So what he did was he mind plastic refugees. The point is that everyone has to work together piece by piece to make sure that something can be done. You could mark the economy, but then, where do you think your food will come from? It? Isn't just beat you dont you they're just milk cow and then bring the battle to your house and asked to go from the from the dairy farm, ship and big containers to processing plants. What's a margin ized end and pasteurized, then they put it in that. Then it goes to a bottling plant or maybe the bottle, the same place, but there's intermediaries and their individuals who handle every aspect of the job and this people. War stocking
grocery stores. Then you can go buy it. You can't just shut the economy down. Because you will eventually kill people and that's it. Local decision. These democratic dont want to make even now- and you know what it's probably, because they can use it to justify mail in bout voting which is broken and then when I guess, I listened to their thinking and our seeing melon melon bouts founded, dumpsters and ditches I'm not gonna reaction, Milon Bout step on this one. We are talking about carbon, but I'll just leave it here. If you in the- U S, we often say that the riots are him are really inflamed, because people were so tense from being locked up for so long. They went nuts, they lost their jobs, their broke their angry in they found an outlet, the. U S is lucky, I guess because of wasn't black line. Matter riots. I believe you would see covered riots if people are allowed to do with you know what they wanted to do.
In the UK. It seems like they're gonna start having covered riots, because even the left and the right are both saying and it now, but there too, that you know what they're feckless politicians are gonna, be like I'm not taking responsible for death camp and they won't do. And I think it'll only get worse from here, not in the? U dot S, though at least on the republican areas. So you want to go out for dinner. Don't move to Florida stay away from New Jersey I'll leave their next time. It's coming up at four yeah I'm over at Youtube COM slashed him casting my main channel. Thank sprang up and I'll see you all them across the country. Police are risking losing all of the good will and good faith of the right of regular people defending them. When these leftist extremists come out and say defend the police, abolish the police and all cops are bad. You see, I think, police, don't get enough credit for the most part of what I mean by that is
We don't put our videos when cops. Do a good job, sometimes you'll, see a viral. Video cop is plain basque about the kids and high fighting them, but for the most part those don't go I role as much as they called beating someone Paul this brutality makes people feel angry. They demand justice and these videos go by. We all know everyone hates the cops. You then see the police. In New York City, planner, big press conference saying threatened. Seventy five million interactions well mainly positive and no one talks about about now, you're stripping. Our budgets, ok I'll, defend the police only so far, because I've got absolutely talked about problems like Idaho men arrested for not wearing mass at out door, worship service, unbelievable, he told Laura Ingram them off how I'd oak or on a virus order is tyrannical. And then we have this story. From NBC News: Corona Virus,
violations get Maryland. Man sentence two year in jail: Sean Marshall Mire Myers. Forty two had two parties at his home in March that each had at least fifty people intends to two parties at his own home jail for a year. So who are these cops? Who will walk under someone's property in a rest them for having a gathering on their own people a violation of the first amendment that their Congress shall make no law establishing. I e at the point where these cops. That will ignore their oath to the constitution, assuming they ve taken one they'll, arrest, worshippers or outside? What are that cop in a higher who, apparently around a woman who was sitting outside with their family socially distant and wasn't wearing and ask you. You have to wear a mask when you're, outside and socially distanced. That to me is absurd, especially when you consider all the protests. So let me let me point something out to you and I'll read this. You mean to tell me,
At the cops will not arrest black lives matter for not socially distancing built, Bilbil stay back, they'll stand down, but they'll arrest, people singing songs outside, and you want me to come and defend you mark my words police. If you keep enforcing an imbalance system this way where the rioters can destroy everything and the rest of us are suppressed by you, don't be surprised when it flips around you see in Milwaukee Black lives matter were protesters with signs went to a man's housed house shining,
lights harassing him and the cops arrested him when he pulled out his gun. Why should I assume you'll be there for me when all this is going down now I got it. Not all cops are bad, but were seen too much of this in too much to quit. The black lives matter activists will call the police and they will laugh and sheer when the cops do what they want. I would be surprised if they call forty five. The police create their community policing and then regular Americans who are sick of watching innocent people get arrested, say you know what defined and get rid of them were done. The fastest way to defend the police is exactly this and I wonder if that's the point, and these cops don't realize it. You know. I've often talked about
in certain circumstances why this happens and within reason, by understand I do not like it but think about it. A cop is told you ve got violent rioters, throbbing bricks now they're shooting at cops, and we want you to go out and deal with that. Vanderdyke no way- stay back. I'm not gonna get involved in New York City during some of the widespread riding people were complaining that cops warrant. Stopping the rioters and many people said, was because the writers and low and the Democrats have been insulting and attacking the cops. The cops like I'm not gonna do anything about it, but it's so easy for a cop to be like. Well, you know buildable As your painted the street, so I'd better protected when you get a woman like Babylon Beady, she came out and she threw paint on the ground they arrested or and people are saying. I feel bad for these cops having to arrest the roan supporter. I don't the cop chose to do it. Do you know what man I dont support it? I dont. I will absolutely criticise all of this
and say the police are running the risk of getting me to say you know what they found him get rid of him. You want to come my neighborhood, where they arrested some Jim owners, and you think I'm gonna keep supporting you. If you keep doing this, I'm not and I dont care- and you know it's funny- people seem to think they can come to me and they can take him. If you don't agree with my opinion, look, I don't agree with all of it with everyone's opinions. I don't I'll stand for authoritarianism and I'm not gonna stand. Listen if a cop kill somebody are right and we can prove its that it was intentional, like em up absolutely firearms strip, a mock him up of a strip of his pay and pensions. Let them take all itself away if a cop wants to defend, build the blog Yos illegal black lives matter. Painting I say: firearm on the spot is a violation of the law of our constitution. What he's doing
he was stealing taxpayers money for his political slogan and cops protected him. My support only go so far unreasonable. I try to be. I understand, cops have been there for me on several occasions and I'm not gonna blame the cops. When I get pulled over and you know it isn't infraction headlights out or something it's like well, you know these things happen. I'm not gonna blame the cops when their honest, trying to do their jobs to keep the peace and maintain order, but I blame them when they ignore the law, ignore the constitution and things like this shocking and offensive, I will say I can already hear the left saying what you don't care when they kill people term of
Yes, I do like em up far away the key. I don't believe it. I found out look if a cop comes out and he kill somebody. Then it was intentional. It was intentional or even reckless charge m carbon. The Brenner Taylor case guy reckless, and read out what we want and endangerment because he was firing blindly all right. Well, we were might well say about that that got the cops return. Fire got no charges, I get it. That was a tragedy. The dude branch out was boyfriend was someone barges, thousands we fired. First, the conflict turned fire. I get it man. These are tragic instances that sometimes they happen. Let me show you the story. A man who was arrested for singing mask lesson and outdoor worship service in Moscow. Idaho called the incident unbelievable Gabriel, wrench a lot a ladder county commission candidate was one of three people arrested Wednesday at a solemn sing attended by some hundred and fifty people in the Moscow City Hall Parking Lot the charge violating corona virus order. According to the local news, I did not think it was going. I was going to be arrested,
I didn't think I was going to be cited, wrench, sad, adding that his church had been organ in the solemn sings throughout the shutdown we just started. Singing the songs and they come up to me and my mom first and then standing next to me was my friend and I put my arm round him and said this is my friend and that's why they proceeded to arrest me. Lord Ingram asked if it was Moscow, Russia or Moscow. Idaho, as protesters are given. Free reign over city and suburban streets, I don't even recognize this country. She said the IDA rest came as a woman at a great school football games. Logan Ohio was TAT. Is under rusted Wednesday by police for not wearing a mask in the stands. It's unbelievable. The juxtaposition of rioters been able to go out to the streets may If I had a gun or Malta cocktail, I would ve been fine. Wrench said ranch, you pointed out his car. He had not heard a single chronometers, death or hospitalization with three and ninety two confirmed cases called the covert nineteen resolution up petty and tyrannical according to the press,
we. Anyone who violates the order is subject to a misdemeanor charge which carries a maximum punishment of sir some months in jail and a one thousand dollar fine ranch also claimed the mayor, attended a religious ceremonies on September fifth and did not wear a mask or practices social distance and also attended a private party of about fifty people. Three days before with no masks ores, we shall distancing. Tyranny is stupid and tyranny requires force. So what happens is once you kind of put your your foot in it? Your pride and arrogance is starting to drive
breast of the Eba he said so now when we test that tyranny. When we come up and test that tyranny, it pushes them to actually bring force to the issue, and that's why they arrested me. The cops did not want to arrest me. I don't care what the cops wanted to do. I care about what they did. I'm not gonna, listen. If a guy rob a bank and shoot someone I'm going to be like well, he really didn't want to shoot someone. He was just robbing the bank no noticed in the cops weren't breaking the law by showing up, but I don't care if the council wanted to arrest him They committed a crime as far as I'm concerned, because there is no constitutional basis for our resting at I outside singing a song. Ok, maybe a crime being while in the constitution isn't criminal as far as I understand, but what their word is garbage as far as I'm concerned, if you don't care about the rights of people and
You don't care about being reasonable to the individual that I'm not interested in supporting you. Will I come out and say all cops are bad, no, but I've seen too much of this and you got me close, and you know what about this department. We abolish it straight up. Why not do the people of Moscow Idaho need cops to be showing up to their worship service and arresting them? What a waste of our time, what a violation of our rights? Now that there are there not going around shooting people anything like that, but still If people look like, I said, if we can clearly see you violate the law, then so be it punishment. I've talked about it before when I was in New York and they falsely arrested for tiger and my life stream evidence exonerated that photographer and there was no accountable. For the officer who lied under oath. You wanna, be you wanna, be everything they claim. You are officer you wanna, be with the left said you were
by all means, go ahead and do it and then see how long it takes for all of these constitutional list and conservative to say you know what fire them all. I don't think you're gonna see conservative. I wish the police, but I'm certain you'll, see them say, arrest the officers fire them to strip them of their pensions. Things like that. You want to violate Europe. The constitution and suppress people's rights, then don't be surprised when they shut your house. Protesting is already starting to happen in the UK. People are clashing with cops. These cops think that there is that that there is there's no line that could be crossed. There is when people go run, smashing, stores and burning things down. We expect you to stop them. When people are standing a parking lot singing We expect you to smile and wave their outside, but we also have the guy hosting a party gonna hear and getting a year in jail, sentenced to a year in jail for throwing part, good will only goes so far only with their next I'm coming up in a few minutes,
and I will see you all shortly in my previous segment- I talked about how there are many police officers and many jurisdictions arresting people for not wearing masks or not socially distancing, and things like that and I believe the Pope, the these officers are running the risk of losing support from people. Like me, a moderate individuals and many conservatives who think it's ridiculous. A guy singing a song outside would be arrested, but We can see why defining the police is wrong as well. You see there is a moderate position on this huh. How about that defining the police? Clearly backfired New York City Police, commissioner, blames one billion dollar cut to the N Y pities budget. For recent urgent crime? That has seen a one hundred and sixty six percent spike in shootings from last year, yeah and guess what over in Minneapolis? They failed to abolish their police department, how a pledge to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Collapse,
When a majority of City Council members promised to end policing, as we know it after George Floyd's killing, they became a case study and how I deal as it calls for structural change can falter. Well, they couldn't get down in Minneapolis I'll. Tell ya, got do sprinkle in a little bit of these cops, arresting church, goers and worshippers out publicly. You know out outside not wearing a mask and look at the support they need. Finally, it won't be for completely dismantling or abolishing the police, but it certainly see all these officers fired. Well, let's see happening in New York. Shea, the commissioner, there much ay said the budget cuts which were which were voted but the New York City Council back in July had a significant impact. The crime surge over the summer. You think back crime follows certain patterns and trends. Certainly we see optics if violence in the summer objects.
Violence to have this crazy time happened this year, certainly, and leading a leading to I d funding. It's really hurt Shea told fox businesses. Maria bear trauma the default, this defending movement. At a time when we know crime generally takes an upward trajectory in the summer has been a double whammy. Sixty percent cut in overtime is going to damage any industry, it certainly hitting us. It's hurt, unfortunately, the people in high crime areas that, unfortunately, more often than not tend to be people of color, the most the one billion. Our budget cut, resulted in policing funds being reallocated to education and social. Services over the next year? I understand the sentiment. The problem is, education system is broken and it's not teaching people how to actually function. So when you have violent crime, and now you have more victims of violent crime, you have criminals being emboldened when those criminals are emboldened, they teach other people that crime pays and you don't go to jail.
And thus you get more crime. Then you'll have young people and they'll see a system that says if you want to get ahead, commit a crime, and this is what happens in Chicago. I dont know what the exact solution as its cultural problem, but think of this way. If you got some dude walking around with you, no fancy a fancy new. I watch and the fancy new cell phone is got clean, pretty clothes and and and cool look and sneakers young person has. How did you get that has easy crime, it's that simple and that little kids that that that young person is gonna, be ok, no penalty forth? What happens if that kid sees a dude I can run in radio clothes who can get a job and the guy says I can't get a job anywhere make it work. The kid says: why not? I want to present I'm a felony, it's terrible. Now you might get people saying, that's not fair. The system is broke and hence prison reform criminals, criminal justice reform. It may be the actual answer, not stripping away police, because you can still
rest people and you can still rehabilitate them and then when they get out and there looking good and they got and cool new things and the kids How do you do so? Well as well, you know what man I went through. Some tough times went to jail, but that wasn't the answer I got out got a job made. Some cash check this out. You need people to inspire young people with the right way to do things. If people feel like there's no way out, then also, why not? Who cares? And if people feel it, an easy way out. They'll say why not? Who cares itself problem, I gotta admit defending the police the detective side. They are singularly focused on getting our arms around this. We are beginning to trend downwards. We have a lot of work to do. He said police also. To wonder and forty two shootings can with ninety one and the same month the previous year. That's it one hundred and sixty six percent spike quote both saw both on board on the police side and that had the detective side,
They are singularly focused on getting our arms around this. We are beginning to trend downwards. We have a lot of work to do. He said police also said murders on thirty four percent on on here. In the first eight months of twenty twenty, it comes as Governor Andrew Cuomo, hold on city officials to step up and lead in response to rising crime. I love it. You need to step up and rise. The rising crime must be stopped. They say as they strip the police of their ability to do jobs. So what's a solution of this man MA? Am I'm really looking for answers because outing smart enough? If we, I think, refer form. As it is a good answer. I think we need cops to uphold their oaths to the constitution, assuming they ve taken one. Otherwise, you'll end up with innocent
people ah, for you know getting arrested, inch and fined for stupid things like singing outside and you'll get violent criminals getting away with crimes, because that is being targeted. I'll put it this way, if you get rid of the anti anti crime unit, and then you beat cops. No one stopping people walking around committing crimes, but there are big cops that walkin around charging and arresting people singing songs and violating social distancing that will not work together what's goin on over in Minneapolis. It was an idealistic move. They say over three months ago a majority of the Minneapolis City Council, pledged to defend the city's police department, making a powerful statement that reverberated across the country it shook up Capitol Hill and the presidential and an end. The presidential race, shocked residents, delighted activists and change that factory, of efforts to overhaul the police during a crucial window of tumult and political opportunity. Now some council member council members would like a do over counselor Andrew
mountain one of the nine members who supported the pledge in June said in an interview that he meant the words in spirits ol man. I love it not by the letter, another counselor, Philippe Cunningham, so that the language in the pledge was up for, interpretation and that even among council members, soon after the promise was made it. It was very clear that most of us here interpreted the language differently: LISA Bender, the council president paused for sixteen seconds when asked. If the council statement had led to uncertainty at a pivotal moment for the city, I think our pledge create confusion in the community and in wards know what really happened, as these morons runs are getting their cues from twitter and then, when regular people revolted, they panicked and said. I just meant didn't spirit, not literally it's time for all the stand the lock downs the Sciences is not has now shown us. The mortality rate is
very very low will protect the vulnerable, will get back to work, and this defined nonsense needs to stop. We cannot have cops, not arise, thing rioters and arresting people for singing songs? We can't have zealous politicians just pushing out absurd twitter based policy. We cannot function this way, look how stupid these people are set up step up it's time, for you guys the people watching to run for office and to vote and to challenge this. How did these people get elected? How do we have so many rhinos and dynamos in the federal government Democrats and Republicans in name only the Democrats dont care they're, just so whenever Twitter told them to say so, they're gone before the police through and that when people wrote the go ops. Maybe I should have liked to know things about this on their public inside you did similar things. They do very
The problem is people just vote D. They vote are now it's time to step up. Lord Will you get about four or run for office yourself? A lot of a lot of people are starting to do it and they're, not all staunch conservative or far left their regular people, saying I'm going to run, and not all of them are winning, but it's time to step up. Otherwise what you will get but these ridiculous say anything do anything fake politicians. They just want their name in the books. They just want the paycheck people like Joe Biden. Now, I'm not interested in that guy. That guy is the definition of lazy and you know what Bernie Sanders too. I used to like Bernie Buddy sold out and Joe Biden. These are people who just coast along his government jobs, and they do not thing they just they just fain they,
They face some kind of workload, working so hard for you and then nothing changes. Nothing gets done, nothing benefits the people, nothing helps get the american people what they want. I love the meme from the progressives. Can we please just have healthcare? It's like you take any one of these mean characterised saying something really down the Democrat say: there's like a sad groggy facing. We just want healthcare, someone policy, something about. Though the war machine were building you now. Fifty new destroyers are some like that and then they, responded. Can we please have health care and incite yeah they're, not gonna. Give you stop voting for for violence that voting for these people. Now I understand the farmers want to work of over Trump. I get it man, I get it but told that vital win dont. Give the establishment control back They'll start shoring up their defences and you'll never see another populist victory again get people in who mean it at every level for either party, because I'm sick
The only reason anyone ever entertained be funding. The police is because stupid people when a stupid, twitter inside or look at these people on Twitter saying to fund the police, I'm gonna find the police, and then there was a revolt among regular people, vote them out, and you know I think we need. I think we need to treat our police apart. Hence much more like we treat our sheriffs departments and we need more accountability for police officers. You mean asked what that's why I'm all about police reform. I respect cops for the job. You have to do it's a crummy job. You don't get the thanks. They deserve. It it paid very well at all and they should. But I also I'm not gonna sit back as cops arrest, churchgoers and fine people for enjoying their constitutional freedoms, because that should not fly. You shouldn't support it. No one should we can respect the job, we can respect the officers, but we don't ever respect it when they, when they violate the constitutional arc. Our constitutional rights or break the lock and then includes killing people
I'm only olive at their necks segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see while shortly. I can't believe I didn't see this when the story first came out. Jacob Blake kidnapper us abuser, were you don't you know the story of Jacob? it was the man who was shot seven times in the back and is now paralyzed from the waist down. The far left has defended him to a rather absurd degree, and then we found out this guy
had physically assaulted, a woman and her own. She called the cops. A warrant was issued, a felony warrant. This man came back, the police were called, he fought with the police grabbed the knife, they shot him in the back because he was reaching for the cop was behind him. You see the left kept saying they were children in the car. They were kids in the car and I never put two and two together, while those weren't his kids, he had stolen the keys from the woman he was assaulting. I was trying to steal her vehicle with her kids inside of it, and I did not realise it and now we're learning from the lawyer of the cop who shot Blake. He heard the mothers desperate plea he's got my key. He's got my keys and then I thought about it and Woe da that wasn't his car those warrant, his keys. He was literally trying to steal a vehicle with
someone else's kid inside of it. What would have happened if this this man wanted on a felony physically abusing a woman got into a vehicle with a child and kidnapped that child and the cop didn't do anything to stop it. What did we just see in Milwaukee the black lives matter, activists, Europe to a house and set it ablaze, because they heard a rumour that two missing girls were in the house. They weren't nobody even missing. There are friends house but the parent, I guess was worried- could get hold of him. So a mob went around, went to this random out and said. We know they're here less in the bar as they set fire to house it burned on completely. So these people are screaming about a kids. Kids gone missing,
You then get this cop who hears a woman saying my kid he's got my keys and what's the cops opposed to do, let this guy kidnapped this child, who this guy who's got a knife or stop him, and the cop did one of the only thing he could do. His situation. Cosette. Kids. Life comes first from Channel three thousand? They say lawyer, says cop shot Jacob like after hearing a mother's, desperate plea he's got my kid he's got my keys police officer, Rustin Chaskey has told investigators and it wasn't just his life. He was the funding when he fired his weapon seven times at Jacob Black last month and canosa. He said he used deadly force during the cadigan counter, because he was afraid Blake. While tempting to flee. The scene was trying to kidnap a child in the back seat of the vehicle. Quote, he's got my kid. He's got my keys Shhh heard a woman say according to a turn, attorney Brendan Matthews, who is representing the officer if Chaskey had allowed blight to drive away, and something happened at the time
held. The question would have been. Why didn't you do something an impossible position for any one screaming because he shouted guy trying to kidnap a kid and if you let the kid go there scream that I'm still? Why would anyone want to be a cop that explanation, probe In an exclusive interview with CNN offers, the most tailed rationale to date for Chaskey is highly scrutinise decision to shoot Blake. Who was black as he leaned into an suv with his children inside it. On August, twenty third cellphone Many of the shooting went viral on internet sparking days of protests and riding in the lake side City of Canosa, the shooting which breaks fair, has resulted in paralysis from his waist down, so maybe they were both of their kids are not entirely sure the attorneys I want to see, as authorities and Wisconsin announced this week at the result of an, investigation by by the State Department of John State Depart by the State Department of Justice. Not the federal
soon be turned over to a retired police chief, serving as an independent consultant for his review. The consultant is in turn, expected to forward the case too low prosecutors, along with an analysis intended to help, determine whether criminal charges against Chaskey are warranted the officer remains unpaid administrative leave, Matthews told CNN. He typically does not talk to about pending cases. Said. He felt compelled to provide some additional detail to and to counter what he described as an incomplete, inaccurate narrative that emerge to date, Matthews directly spirited assertions by Blake's, family and lawyers that he was unarmed and pose no threat at the time. Just open fire the lawyer said: Blake held a knife in his hand and twisted his body towards the officer, the action not visible in the video widely circulated internet, in which the view of blacks bodies partially obscured by the driver side, door of Suv
Matthew said a second officer at the scene, whom he also represents provided investigation investigators with a similar account of Blake's turning toward Chaskey with a knife in his hand immediately prior to the ship the officer sad, he too would have open fire but did not have a clear angle. According to the lawyer, authorities have said: Blake had a knife in his possession and the weapon was found on the floor born of the vehicle, but They have released few other details of the incident, citing the ongoing investigation CNN reached two blocks Attorney Benjamin Crump for comment on Matthews assertion, but did not receive a response part of publication. However, Blake's lawyers have insisted he now reposed a threat to the officers at any time during the encounter. What does that mean? He didn't pose a threat. Does it mean he was an armed. They said the the guy had a knife. His father has denied, his son was, aren't they shot my son seven times seven times I didn't matter Jacob Blake, Senior, blacks, father, told reporters
but my son matters is a human being and matters I think human beings matter, but I think if you pull a knife, while trying to kidnap akin you're gonna get shot by the CUP and Jacob likes dad wasn't there are he wasn't filming at least as a Blake was the aggressor at the singing attorney say: ok, stop right there and show some. We know the sky had abuse the woman already I want. I want you to look at these photos, What you're seeing is several football players in the NFL, with Jake Blake on their helmets talk about final disgusting people in the NFL. If you still support these players, I think you're sick. They put the name of a man, wanted for pinning a woman down and jamming his hands in sight of her and then trying to take her kid is accorded a lawyer. He was,
used of this. I dont know if he's guilty of it, but that's where the cops are serving the warrant and they would put his name on their helmets wait until we actually have some kind of ruling on this. Do you mean to tell me this guy was wanted for assaulting as women coming back, she was screaming, he's got my kid. He's got my keys and your praising him vial. Absolutely disgusting nfl. I will not support the NFL in this endeavour to prop up some Unlike this shocking, they want to say the shooting occurred minutes after Chaskey and fellow officers responded to a call of a family trouble in the neighbourhood, a couple miles South West and I'm sorry northwest of down on Canosa. According to a dispatch log, a woman reported to police that Blake had taken her keys and cannot give back Blake's family member later said, he'd been attempting attending a birthday party for one of the kids for one of his kids wanted the scene. Chaskey watched, Blake put one child in the car,
as you arrived, but was unaware that two more children were already in the vehicle Mathieu said officer heard a woman yelling that Blake had her children. He said, but did not see the kids in the car. Some of what officer say happen. Next was described in a press release issued by the police association less. According to the release, Blake was Non cooperative from the outset and quickly became combative when the opposite, attended to physically take control of him. Blake actively resisted an officer fired a taser Adam, but it did not stop him thoroughly states when officers try to take Blake into custody a second time He forcefully fought with them and was able to momentarily place an officer and a headlong. The really said: Matthew the officer was Chaskey police, then taste like a second time and he again appeared unfazed according to the police association statement. At that point, Mathieu said, officers noticed at Blake was holding a knife guns drawn the demand that he dropped the weapon Blake according to the police,
position statement did not drop the weapon and began making his way around the front of the vehicle and toward the driver side door. Video. The incident show Blake holding the knife in his left hand, as he round the front of the car. The statement says: while it appears that Blake is holding an object in his hand, is it is unclear what the object is shortly after the release? Well now, he's already said yet a weapon shortly after release. Blake soy disputed the place account as overblown and characterize the officers as the aggressors. Now I don't care if you got a warrant than that needs to arrest you, our society in our society, police need to be able to make arrests. Now I will complain about the the church goers, who are sick
or I'm sorry, they weren't at church they were outside and they were singing in the garden and a couple of got arrested. I will say, that's unjust and these cops are bad, but I'm not gonna have a k for someone to resist the do the right thing you deal with it after the fact I know I know it's frustrating patient arrest, him, don't fight with them, deal with it later and failure wrongful arrest suit. If it was wrongful, I believe a man to be malicious and they are at their tough problems. I tell you what you do you fight for reform to end this? U dont resist!
Jacob, like story ass. Now what happened? It sounds like this: guy was trying to kidnap some children and he was onto the knife. Any was dangerous, unwanted and a felony warrant. What would you have the cops do I was talking to a friend and I I outlined the story of Jacob Black Jacob like without saying Jacob. Like I said, if you at all of these things happen, do you think the cops should shoot the guy to stop him? And she said yes and he had a knife, the cops I drop it. He wouldn't hear you and he was attacking them, wanted for pinning down this woman and doing horrible things to her. She told me yeah progressive front and I said that's the story of Jacob did you know that I dont, because the left lies not tell you the truth and then they go around believing in saying things for insane reasons and it destroys our system, our society, I dont know if this will soon be swayed in one's opinion, and I don't know if it's true and allocation innocent until proven guilty arms. I'm SAM, it's unfortunate that Jacob, like you got shot, and that is.
Paralyzed, I'm not happy about that, but we need to have law and order in this country to a certain degree deliver their necks segments. And up tomorrow at ten a m thanks, bring it out, and I will see you all next time.
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