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Kanye West Is Igniting Pop Culture Christian Conservatism, Making Christian Conservatives Cooler

2019-10-26 | 🔗

Kanye West Is Igniting Pop Culture Christian Conservatism, Making Christian Conservatives Cooler. Kanye's new album is called Jesus Is King and is,as Kanye explains it, preaching the gospel.Since coming out as a MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter West has moved to holding 'Sunday Services' and even got other celebrities involved, notably Sia. While Kim Kardashian's involvement is obvious for many reasons, Sia was surprising.West has a massive and loyal fanbase and is likely now expanding into areas people never thought possible. Young christian conservatives are likely now going to be introduced to his music and become fans. But West is doing all this at great risk.He has been smeared, insulted, defamed, ever since coming out in support of Donald Trump. In spite of all that he has remained vigilant in fighting for he things is right.In another major announcement sure to rally Trump supporters and republicans, Kanye announced that his Yeezy's line of shoes and clothing will be made in the USA.If you thought the economy alone was enough to get Trump reelected what do you think a major influential celebrity's endorsement is going to do?

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Kanye West's new album is called. Jesus is king. The album itself is very overtly religious, and West himself says he is now in the service of God. This is going to have a massive and profound effect on politics in this country. Not only is Kanye West a wearing Trump supporter is a non. It's gonna be making his he's here in the United States and its new. Album as he says it is preaching the gospel in service to God. Dare I say it based on what we've seen from Kim Kardashian CL and Kanye, it looks like he is: creating a very christian pop culture force, as some have described it now. I want to start with this store. I want to go through the implications of Connor West coming out preaching the gospel, it's going to reignite Christianity is going to make it popular because he's got a ton of fans, but I want to start with this story.
Kanye West says supporting Trump is God's practical joke to all liberals. I must admit I laughed. I laughed a lot when I heard him say that there's a lot to go through and there's a lot of talk about in terms of religion in this country and how Kanye West is going to impact two thousand and twenty in support of trump, and now he maybe this ace in the hole for yes, because not only does Trump have that that the booming economy and they'll analytics showing he's gonna win, but Kanye West Man love him or hate him. The dude's got power and influence and he is going to bring a ton of his younger fans to this to the side, whatever it might be. The first step
in making someone a young person get up and vote it's. It's celebrity. It's pop culture, it's being cool, and I'm gonna say it man. Conservatives are just not cool, not trying to be mean, but but but let's be real. The longest time pop culture has always been on the left, all of the cool punk punk rock stuff and celebrity it's always anti trump. But now you have quite pot not just a pop culture force, but quite possibly one of the most influential, if not the most influential celebrity musician right now you could argue about Lady Gaga and whoever else there are people with more followers than him, but Connie W influence meeting with Trump sparking. These controversies controversies. Anna, national and world wide trend with this new album, it's going to have an impact, so
the store before we get started, make sure you head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash on it. If you'd like to support my work, there's a Paypal option of Crypto option a physical address, but the best thing you can do. It's just share this video I'm competing with these big networks. You, too busy ranking, are channels it's hard to know what I can or can't do anymore, but you can really help out just by sharing it. I can't guarantee you TIM is gonna, decide to show this to anybody. You can also subscribe comment like you know what we'll see how long this Youtube thing. Last, let's be real. Let's read the first story because I think it's funny Kanye West says supporting Trump is God's practical joke to all liberals. Kanye West are what point So they just reiterate the title. He says this shows you that God is hilarious, God, got a sense of humor liberals, love, art right and now I am unquestionably undoubtedly the great human artists of all time. It's just not even a qua
chicken anymore? At this point, it's just a fact right. W sold all music Zane Lowe on beats one an interview released Thursday. So for the greatest artist human existence to put a red hat on was gods. Practical joke on all liberals like no, not Kanye, he continued, he used himself as an example of someone saying something that culturally they're not supposed to I got. I got to hand it to Kanye. West man, that is a uh new level of narcissism, I'm not trying to be mean, but come on the greatest artists that greatest human art, the greatest artist human existence, bold statement, but then to come out and say it's God's joke with them. Saying no, not count. Kanye got confidence This man, I am secular, liberal type, but moderate you know I, I did grow up Catholic for a little bit and then moved away, and I am not overly theae stick in any way, but here's the thing we appeared
country where you know christian conservatives were very, very powerful and had a lot of say and that's kind of change. Now Trump is into this overtly religious person for the most part. What what a point? Now but where pop culture and media is very much against this christian norm, it's shifted greatly and Connie is kind of pushing back on that. So I'll say this man, this is true. This is true for for any religion. Okay, you have a right to practice what you believe without being insulted or smeared. We can argue ideas. You know someone can criticize your idea. I think you know, if you I have a belief structure or whatever that's your that's your right in this country that that this country was founded partly on the on freedom of religion. It's a lot of guts to do what Kanya West is doing to come out and push back on the major left
wing establishment, because as much as the left wants doesn't want to admit how much power they have, they look to the government as a Republican can control everything. Okay, that's true, but culturally, which and and politics is downstream from culture. It is the the establishment, is overly left wing and moving further and further left Kanye West. Dare I say it is making christian conservatism cool and that's not my opinion. I'm not saying I think it's cool it's a fairly. I think I respect from for being brave, but think about a man. All these young people who are not politically initiated, who who respect and look up to Kanye West for all his faults, whatever you may think of him gonna, do it's accomplished a lot of things, a celebrity. He got the Kardashians okay, there are political power house.
A cultural powerhouse, and you can have these young people listen to Akon. You has to say that is power and influence. I do think there's a lot that Connie is doing. That's going to be a big positive, a massive positive force on society and- and I I can't speak to everything- is done, but I will stress one point as he talks about in an interview: it's going viral right now. He talks about the culture and hip hop to to do illegal. Things to go to jail and things like that then call for prison reform and he's like nah. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago I'm not going. I don't think it's always about race. I think it's about class, but having someone like Kanye who's going to have influence in an area like mine, telling people to be responsible. You know to do good. That's going have a profound and positive impact 'cause. I know a lot of people who are young and lossed and if Connie can only bring about,
You know some simple, you know, mentality and culture. That's fine where it's like! You know be responsible for yourself, I'm not a big fan of Christianity. Okay, exactly you know! Look I group Democrat all that stuff, but I think you know kind is being brave right now and he's doing something that takes a lot of a lot a lot of boldness. But there's gonna have a huge impact, huge huge it. When a politics check this out. This is from NBC News. Kanye West's new, Album Jesus is king, wants to make a face, make make faith a pop culture force. It is not hyperbole to call A genius with his Sunday services and Jesus is king. W is once again testing the boundaries of his talent. And when he started doing these Sunday services. I said I have tremendous respect for what he's doing, because it used to be the norm in this country that you were christian, not so much anymore. Ok, it kind of is, but we're seeing this check this out in US decline of Christianity continue,
rapid pace, an update on America's changing religious landscape. I think too many people focus on the negatives and or the positives. When I was younger when I was in grade school, I was christian and then, once I got a little older, like you know, twelve or thirteen went to public school and then just kind of got away from all of that he was exposed to this world outside of religion and said: hey. You know, I became very far left kind of angry. And then I met someone who kind of gave me this formative moment. It was a punk rock secular type. Who said the story of Jesus was a cool story. It was just a guy who traveled around trying to help and he's like when you get rid of everything else, like you got a good story there, we should be nice to each other and then You realize I made a bunch of assumptions about religion, maybe a bit more moderate and what the real as I got older, is the truth. This is a lot of really important things with in religion and and and many of them as our the engine one set in the doctor strange.
When looking at these books, everybody is seeing a part of the picture, but not the whole. I think the important thing we can do as a culture. Recognize a lot of really important. Ideas came out of religion and a lot of bad ideas did too, and we got a really good job of reforming and getting rid of the bad ideas and now we're at a point where we retain to mostly the good ones and I'll give you one specific example that I love and it's Blackstone's formulation, many people. This is the idea that it is better that ten guilty. Persons escaped than one innocent person suffer. It is the basis of our innocent until proven proven guilty legal system, and many people believe it dates back to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible, the story of lot that God would not destroy these towns if, but one righteous person was among them and basically there's a bunch of bad ideas, through this we've kept many of the good ones. Okay. So there were ideas in the in the past and I'm glad they exist today, but I think many people in this country
assume only the worst about religions and they get they say, get rid of all of it simply because it has bad ideas. I think that's I think I I say, whoa slow down a bit. I used to think that too, until I met some people tell me some really interesting things, and there are some good ideas that need to be protected that exist within this. It's not black or white. Kanye West has done something pretty crazy check out this story. In may see a the uber, talented but famously animatic pop singer and songwriter walked onstage wearing a hoodie and no make up and belted out a gospel rendition of her hit. A last a cart. The seemingly impromptu performance was backed by a gospel choir and was incredibly powerful. The performance was tweeted by Kim Kardashian West to that if there wasn't a dry eye in the room, the setting an early iteration of Kanye West's Sunday service. I gotta admit this: tweet is beautiful. The people singing there's unity. It's positive.
See a is a pop singer. I actually really love the song elastic heart to see this actually makes me feel really good, because it's a positive thing, not a negative thing, and I think if more people can come together, like yes to see these celebrities now meeting and a church group. I actually really really like that idea. There's a complicated relationship between the left and right when it comes to religion, but I think if we just try and talk about not hating each other, talk about. We know what I was saying: the story of Jesus being a dude who wanted to love everybody in and bring people together. Man, you got a great story and in fact many people on the left like to cite Jesus as an example of why the corporatist Republicans are are bad and I'm like that's yeah. It is easier to fit. I was a camel food through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter Heaven. I
I believe, there's a lot of really interesting points in religion. The left could actually get behind. I'm not saying religion should be the uniting factor, but I do want to point out that I think it. I think it is good that most of us simmer down to the best of our abilities, and I hope, seeing these pop stars, Kanye West Kim Kardashian, see up come together with Each group can bring people together so we're not just assuming there's an who hates us, because we're focusing on the negative all the time but more important, then this. So the reason I highlight this is because you have celebrities now with Kanye West, ok, think about this It's not just Kanye West, come out as a trump supporter and doing these Sunday services. It is CIA. Now, of course, you got Kim Kardashian, though she's married, west and her family are going to come out in this way, but now Ng C as well as back in May. I think don't be surprised if you see The more celebrities are talking about faith and start being open about how they really feels are crap. You know, John, is a crack in the foundation of this. The system where people are scared to speak up.
In a really really interesting article in vice, so so I will I I do when I like this right. The reason I highlighted that the few things that Christians on on on a rapid decline, I think Kanye West, might reignite this. I mean people look up that do right, check this out story from vice asked about Kanye West. You know him being you know, question now and there's a quote from our a faith leaders as this. If you want to do anything with black people in this country, you still have to go to or go through a black church, Dr J. All his Hines, an assistant professor at Princeton, theological seminary, tells vice. The political election season is warming up again and you're, going to see politicians in the churches again, because it's the main ave by which you reach the african American Community Bill Maher the other day, did a segment where he played with Democrats not to go crazy in it. He said: Beto O'Rourke wants to tax the church if they don't agree to
same sex marriages? What what Bill Maher said was. He also wants to tax churches but is not running for president, and he said for Beto. I think you do you think that's going to go over well in a black church and the answer? Well, I'm not going to go with the answer is, but that's Bill Mars point, but here we can see from a Princeton professor. If you want to do anything with black people in this country, you still have to go to or through a black church Connie. W is sort of dominating this space. Not only is he saying it's a joke that he's wearing that the capital all in for Trump he's now hosting Sunday services, I got a lot of respect for him because well, I think there are a lot of bad ideas and religion that I'm spending Kay. I'm scared by, I think, for a lot of communities that have no leadership. My my community and I'm not talking about racial communities. I was in a mixed neighborhood. We could really use leaders of any
to come in and say you know, be responsible, be respectful, do go out, preach good. There are a lot of bad people who take religion in dark places and we've seen around the world and it's scary. We got pushed back bad ideas, and we can't just say literally: every idea is bad, not every iteration of every ideas and that goes for social justice to this idea that we can create a more equitable and equal future. It's possible it exists, but there are bad people who are at the reins and they're they're they're pushing forth this. This fake version of what we're truly talk, talking about when we talk about equality and social justice were really just talking about justice and equal rights and opportunity. Instead, you have people who are pushing cancel culture who are telling you to bend the knee and then who would You know they smeared Connie, W like crazy for coming out, and think about how he supported the president, but listen. It is not just that Kanye West is doing this religious stuff he's going to make Easy's in America this dude. I don't know what happened
with Kanye West it must've been, can to someone's, maybe it's he he he. He brought that to a one time was that he loves what she sang and I I I do respect a lot of what kind of someone says granted I've I've directly criticize are in full segments were talked about, you know she mentioned something about burning the flag and I totally disagree, but I think she makes a really good point that I empathize with when she is a black woman feels from these progressives there telling her what she can't Do I don't have the same level of you know, bigotry or whatever pointed at me, because I will totally accept that some people might just think I'm straight white might match a lot of people. Don't What bothers me is when I'm told by the wealthy white progressives how I'm supposed to feel how I'm my supposed to behave and my sponsors who are you to tell me? You don't know what my life was like. I can only imagine it is substantially.
More extreme for Connie, Ann for Candace Owens, because there straight up not white right so to clarify the idea of passing yeah. Some people might look at me and say this guys: white alot of people don't so I have like this mixed experience and I'm sick and tired of being told what I'm supposed to do, who I'm supposed to support and then being insulted, simply As I tell you, you can't control me and that's what Kanye West is saying and to me that means a lot. I'm grateful. Somebody saying somewhat that the we disagree politically right. I agree with making stuff in the US, though, so this is huge calling whether or not he's the greatest artists of all time he's got. Thirty million or check this out he's got this tweet Jesus Jesus is king is the tweet midnight and it says every hour, Selah follow.
Odd closed on Sunday on God, everything we need, water, God is hands on used. The gospel Jesus is Lord. These are the songs. Jesus is, Lord, is one of the songs. The album is called Jesus. King got seventy five thousand retweets, only ten thousand replies, do people love this guy he's got nearly three thousand and twenty nine point, two million followers. How many of those people do you think are secular? Well if we go by the Pew Data three thousand and thirty or so percent, maybe a little less. You have thirty five percent. Maybe these are people who are uninitiated, don't know a whole lot, but respect Connor going to follow. That's going to have huge impact and then, when Connie comes out and says bring the industry back to the US for his easiest man, it's huge and that's a conservative trump kind of narrative.
So Connie was really inspired by Trump in the and and and I got to say this is good- I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna talk about whether or not everyone should or should be christian or whether it's a good. You know I'm not going to tell you that I think it's good or bad. That Kanye West is preaching religion. That's on him! That's on you guys. I fully respect your right to believe whatever your religion and into practice, but I will stress that Kanye West is going to be he's, probably going to shift the trend around and make and and convert many many people, possibly one of the most powerful preaching the good. You know preachers in the on the planet today, Connie W, but it's not just that he's bringing it back to the United States check this out. They say with the release of Jesus- is king. Less than twelve hours away, Kanye West is making the promo rounds, which put a visit with Zane Lowe in Wyoming this week, currently premiering
beats one radio. The interview has thus far seen west you're his views on everything from banning pre marital love, making amongst those who worked on it on the new album to his journey from purveyor of high fashion. To one of Christianity, He also touched on easy footwear and apparel manufacturing and why moving production to America is a priority. He said for me as a founder, it's really important to bring these jobs back to America. West said within the next two years. He plans to make easy's and injection molded shoes in USA, factories as well as hire workers through prison reform systems. You know one of the things that I agree with Connie ON is prison reform. I think we need more criminal justice for Justice reform. I am not a fan of private since I'm one lesson, arguments, prime, but as of now, I'm very opposed to them. I think we need a total reform of the system, so I'm with Kanye on that one, I'm with Kanye on on on doing these factories here in the US right now. What we're seeing with Kanye West and the movies make,
they're all positive ones, singing us. You know having CS sing a song that something negative there. That's happy, that's that's bringing people together! That's community building, launching a production, United States, amazing, it's gonna be great for the economy. It's going to be good for America, so right now I wanna make sure we we we we we we we make this clear. There are good and bad things about every idea. Okay and you can rag on con yeah. You can call and crazy. So whatever you want, but what he's doing right now isn't hurting people. What he's doing right now is is is is has been positive, and so I'm now that I'm on that's great right on and do you think I I respect tremendously. That Khan is willing to stand up for what he believes in say. If I want to do this, I can do it can't stop me. I'm like right on man. If you want to I have a church service. Yeah man go, do it and I want to
so you can do it safely. I want to make sure all of your friends can come and you can sing and you can talk about you know for the most part. Whatever you want to talk about, I believe in free speech, freedom of religion and even sometimes for ideas. I don't like now I'll be real right. There are a lot of groups that I really really really don't like. You know what I'm talking about, ok! Well, they have a right to free speech to an. I don't want to be there anyway for them, but they do. To go in and speak, you know, and it I think fine, you go, do it over there all of what you what Khan is doing is is nowhere near that and in fact, a lot of what Kanye saying, especially this article right here, I'm totally down with, in which case I really like the idea that is bringing people together, and I hope what he does is a bigger, more positive in ACT on this country. Now I'm going to cite one last thing, because when I talk I'm out here is Kanye West being an ace in the hole for conservatives. Rest mucin is typically considered biased in favor of trump, but they say in August Trump support up this week among black voters,
whether or not you trust rest mucin Zogby, said something similar alot of people are saying: it's not true. The left counters this point. It's fine ignore this then ignore rasmusen. What do you think is going to happen when Connie W comes out and says go vote for Trump there going to be a lot of people, a lot of people in the black community who probably didn't vote before, who are going to be like YO? the aid kind is the man and I'll go, don't go do it. There are a lot of people, don't like Kanye, don't like Trump, and I respect their opinions as well. I'm just trying to highlight the influence of Kanye West is going to be huge man. It already is- and I I got it and just by pointing out this this is hilarious. I'm sorry it's funny. Ok, I think you guys know. This is funny too that he said he's the great. Its artists in human existence, so putting on a red hat was gods practical. Okay, all liberals! No, not con! U k! It's funny! Man! Listen! I think. I'm down to be friends, you know with a lot of people. Are people disagree with or I had a friendly and go hang out with want him with these people
I can hang out with Kanye West, but I got no problem shaking his hand and saying you know I respect you standing up for what you believe in and you know, was bossy. The ballot box we'll see what happens final thought to wrap all this up. If you thought Trump was going to win just based off of off of economics, you got a factor in this. Rising culture, Christianity, starting factories, in the? U S, crating his his gear, Kanye West, is doing what many conservatives have talked about for the past few months about creating culture, Kanya West does that will congradulations one of the most prolific famous and like entertainers in the world is on the conservative side. Now it's opening the door for other people to I'm out this might be taken over stick around excitements coming up at six pm. You did that comes last in cast news. Com below image fix of scrub. If you Didn'T- and I will see you all in the next video.
We live in frying times great struggle between the progressives in this country who want to make the world a better place, and the group they're supposed to be open. Why are Latinos having to come out and tell woke white progressives to stop angler sizing their culture. It's almost like the low, quite progressive. Are the racist ones? Here's the story! It's an opinion piece from USA today, Progressives Hispanics are not latina x. Stop trying to anglicized our spanish language? Not only that, but let's unix sounds like Kleenex and I don't think that's it like a pot Sort of connotation, the other issue I have is: how are you supposed to speak a gendered language? If you replace everything with an oh, are you going to call your dog appendix like that? Doesn't make any sense? only changing the word and here's the best part. First, I saw this story it was shared on Facebook by some of my hispanic friends who are like stop
doing this to us it's it's kind of this cultural imp he realism right after it's called, and these woke progressives believe that they should have their view on culture injected into uh cultures while simultaneously arguing against imperialism and for multiculturalism. No, I must stop you right now. Woke progressive, left, listen I'll, read the story, but if you go around. They woke white person telling hispanic people to change their language. That is not multiculturalism. It is quite literally monoculturalism because you are forcing other cultures to bend to your perspective in a true multi, troll society you will have Latinos, you will have hispanic speakers and their culture will not be changed by you This is a it. It's really funny how it's kind of like it's projection. You know it at that and say that these people project on other people- I think it's fair to say that's true. I've noticed that many of the woke white people
that I know are extremely racist and I don't mean in the Is that, like being woke itself is right? I mean there literally racists, ok, I talked to some of these snooty elite people in there like talking about my in communities as though they're stupid, poor people who can't help themselves like they're, literally races. They actually believe they are superior and at their guilty about it. So they do things like this. Ok, let's read the story before we get started, had overtime, test dot com, slash unit. If you'd like to support my work or just share this video, it's the best thing you can do. I try to keep these shorter one. What's your solution really really does help my my my views are going down the tubes, the ranking I'm we're, we're expanding were potentially gives new bill, I just now, the other day, I'm looking for a to producer. So if, for some reason you know what, if you want, if you want to produce blogs, the goal is to plan. Events go skating and found some stuff. So you're probably gonna need you know it's going to be some
Skateboarding video games and filming and editing send me an email TIM at timcast dot com. Please include your portfolio, but let's read when yellow Sasser Sydney, Dupree and her colleagues analyzed more than two decades worth of political speeches and conducted searching for bias when communicating with racial minorities. They were surprised by what they discovered. According to their report, published this year in the Journal of personality and social psychology. Conservative conservatives generally whites and minorities similarly, but those were likelier to modify their speech an patronized minorities stay or typed as low. Or status unless competent. It is. Knowing annoying. When I tell my friends, I got an argument with a friend recently, who is a progressive white upper class and they're. Trying to tell me how I should think about This is I'm like dude, listen, okay, listen! You have no idea what you're talking about,
They always say to me TIM you're passing, therefore you're. No, no, full stop! You have no idea what my experiences are. I grew up in the south side, the whole community was was various races. We dealt with some stuff man. You can't come on it, but they do. It is most annoying and frustrating thing talk to Candace Owens about it, ok I better than I do it is That sometimes people will see me just among white, but I typically find in these communities. That's not the case. They typically assume I'm letting and I'm not I'm korean. So it's a, I understand the concept of passing the problem. Is these people twisted and they they they they they they ruined it. To say the least, three on your precaution that, although liberals might be well intentioned and see themselves as allies. They could be unwittingly contributing to racial division by dumbing down their language in light of mine or, understandably feeling marginalized. Journalists, corporations and politicians would be wise to see the professors warning. Instead, they are ignoring it.
Most notable examples of corporate America and politicians changing how they speak to ingratiate themselves, minorities, no, no, no! No! No! No! No, no! No! It's still ingratiate themselves with the Woke left because listen. The woke left in this country is about thirty percent sort of ok. Let me back up white liberals in this country are shy of thirty percent. Of that. Most of them just say whatever you say, don't know much about anything I'm going to follow through, but the progressive activists are eight percent of this country, which means a larger portion of the liberals as a whole. Those people are They're squeaky wheels are getting all the grease, and so you see Elizabeth Warren Beatty all doing all these things, and then you have confused. Latinos and Hispanics panic, individuals, country saying what does latina X You sound like you're blowing your nose but they're not saying it to you, because Latinos make up what, like thirteen or fourteen percent of the
maybe more, maybe like fifteen and progressive liberals. Well, actually, that's of them of group. You break out how many are progressives and it's actually relatively small, but Beto O'Rourke is trying to get votes from white people he's not talking to Latinos. Ok one of the most notable examples of corporate America and politicians changing how they speak to ingratiate themselves as latina x. What began in the two? Thousands among activists has now gained currency among marketers, media personalities and progressives. Intentions behind Latinxs, maybe benign, but as the son of my parents, who grew up in a community with English only ordinances. I am among the many Americans who considered an absurd anglicization of a language that generate generation struggled to conserve and there it is you,
what's happening. Beto Warren is other people who say. Look the next they're, not talking to the latino community they're talking to the progressive community which is overwhelmingly white and there it is. They want their view, their cultural view injected upon a massive community, the second most commonly spoken as a second okay. No, maybe it's Third, spanish. No second, now one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world- spanish White, This is in the US think they're being progressive by tell being a minority in this country. Here's what you just say or here's the right way to say it, but it's really just a bunch of white people talking to white people. As it's really really funny about all of this. They act like you know, you know you're so so similar to the White nationalist in so many ways. Progressives argue that Latinos fixes the Japan nature of spanish, which they Contain, is unfair to women and excludes
individuals who do not identify as male or female. It is true that nouns are gendered in Spanish, but it is unclear what, if any problem this poses to Americans. English is not grammatically. Gendered Latinos is inclusive in both languages and substitutes like Latin, an Hispanic can adequately describe the population that is latino and nonbinary Nonbinary. Taken to its logical conclusion. A push for gender neutral. Spanish nouns requires dismantling the language spoken by five hundred and seventy two million people across the world full stop. It's not just that. Okay! Think about that it is. It is an argument. That's in Spanish. They say everybody right, so you got the Biden campaign totals you said, dose, that's mail word. Are you saying only all of the men with Biden? Why didn't you
they told us, he told us which a told us is all the women with the name. It's because the language in a sense is technically, you could argue. Favoring women yeah. There's this big thing that happened awhile ago. I don't know much about it because it was told to me by an argentinean friend that the prime Prime Minister, president or whatever Argentina said to Ito DOS, which means everyone and every woman, and apparently that was considered controversial because to dose is the word. That means everyone and it's mail, but it does include females. Think about what that means. It means you have one word. That means everyone. Another word. That means only women. There is no word for only men. The argument there presenting in my opinion, is actually matriarchal, is that it isn't as a matriarchy. Why do women get special qualifiers to talk about them, but not the man right
well, they argue the inverse, they say Todas as masculine, and they just love, though in any any, and with that I don't know that means you can describe all people with with one word or all women, but not all men, so essentially the controversy. I guess again, I don't know much about the story about from Argentina was that she essentially said everyone and all of the it's like way way way way way. You already said everyone. So now the get rid of the oh. So what would you say to Lex is like to decks this convite and know that you can't do that, and therein lies the big problem with this. Not now I'll stop, I know a little bit of spanish. I just know a lot more 'cause. I grew up in Spanish. Here on the South side Chicago, but he don't take it from me. I saw this from some of my sausage, Chicago friends posting on Facebook, complaining that these woke white people are trying to tell them. The other thing
point out to is that the people I know from my community, because it was very, very hispanic. They they're very christian they're, not super conservative they're fairly moderate because they are very christian and this bothers them and I'll tell you man if anything is going to get them to vote for Trump. It's going to be this. It's going to be one bite and Warren Say, told axes and they're gonna be like what did you just say it a magic? If, like you, I I I I don't, I don't not perfect, because that did English is gendered. I imagine it's have saying everyone. They said every person you'd be like. Oh, that sounds kind of weird, but the thing about the axe is they're, not saying people what if they said, like you know the point loss or whatever you know the people you can understand what that meant. So when Trudeau says people kind, those are words what, if Trudeau says x kind you'd be like I don't. I don't know this well
is inclusive of all species would be like what x kind like what does that mean? What if someone said, welcome every x you'd be like every x. What does that mean? Is the axle reference to women? It is right now everybody has a neck. So I guess that's the point no idea what they're doing they write. Some maintain that Spanish is insufficiently woke. Marketers are now targeting let next, consumers send their Elizabeth Warren marked hispanic heritage month by promising english and spanish to champion Latina X, families wow thanks, but marketing gives politicians would understand that many of our families do not want to be called latina x. The fact the word is Controversial makes its usage especially strange since modern social norms discourage applying loaded terms to minority groups. You know what man I'm curious. There's a disparaging word for korean
I have no problem saying it because it's my family, I mean you know. We've talked about this stuff. I can't see it on Youtube, though even in reference to myself, but I was talking friend, and I said what, if I told you from now on, I want to be referred to referred to by this word. It's very offensive slur for korean people. I was no way, I'm not going to say that, because someone, so here it would be offensive to them, and I said, but what about latin x? What about you know? These are that's offensive to people. Well, that's different They say because that's try, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No, to recognize that everything you say at any point could be offensive to somebody now stand. Sie INS is not intended to insult. However, it doesn't matter what you're engineers it matters. If someone is offended, that's their argument right and the proof is in the pudding. You have the Netflix executive who got fired for describing
We recently had a teacher. I don't have the story pulled up, you have to look into it because I don't read most of it. I just saw the headline, but something about a teacher saying, don't call me the n word and they got fired for saying the n word. There was one class work. Professor was describing historical use of the word and said it did you got trouble the point: is they don't care about context? Okay, if that's the case, what you next is offensive, it's right here in your unit today, there it's offensive there for like the next is a slur you're going to ban me. I said not a word at what point. Does you to determine another people are offended by latino x that this video gets bad. You see the inherent problem with all of the speech, policing, I'll, tell you what man USA today Jim Carlos, so a contributor to a major national publication has just said: do not call us this. Okay,
From now on anybody who says this is a bigot Youtube. I demands not! No, it's not don't, but this is a really good point to bring up, In the in the discussion about words of stuff in that, if the progressive The small minority of this country determined. This is not offensive that everybody can use it. I can say 18x over and over and over again, even though they're offended by it, even though it's offensive belittling and anglicizing their culture, which is cultural imperialism. Don't matter Elizabeth Warren said so we're allowed to say it. But I'll tell you what I can't use a word. Historically used to disparage my community because it has been deemed by the progressives to be a no no word well. How is that fair? Why can't I speak about this? I can't right now you can easily look up there's like one word for Koreans, and I wonder why it's not fair that Latinos can be offended by this we're all allowed to say it, and I,
can't say a word to describe you know to to talk about. Listen this. What I'm talking about using about Koreans? I would like to say it in an educational context to tell you what it is, but I can because you tube transcribe speech, it'll pop up in the text Youtube will derank this and all of these really bad things will happen, not latina XI. I assure you in fact, because said, Latinos so many times, it's probably gonna run a bunch of ads for finally hispanic. You know items in stores and things like that, because that's fine, because the marketing companies a progressive said so, but hey I'm, not a lot of talk about my community yup welcome to twenty ninety, well we're only about a month away, two months away from twenty twenty, but this is the new decade. Maybe it'll go away. I have no idea, tell you this Gian, Carlo, I'm really sorry. I really doubt anything you say: will change these people 'cause? They are not hispanic for the most part, they're, mostly progressive white individuals
college degrees, making more than six figures telling all of US mixed this minority, immigrant, what we should or shouldn't believe it's hilarious when they disparage Candace Owens. How dare you argue that we must step back and listen to the minority communities except her except on yet no, it doesn't work that way. They don't actually care they're, just racist. In my opinion, they are, they are bigoted racist, cultural imperialists who believe they should to tell other communities what to believe and how to behave, and it's hilariously paradoxical. Well, there you go all wrapped up there. You get the point. Look at this the Multi, Culturalism, that what that's, what I was saying, rather than making Latinos feel included, progresses, are implying the way our families, because fundamentally inadequate for the US and progress of american culture. This is offensive to the eighty five percent of Hispanics Hispanics, who, like
My parents speak Spanish, their children and whose most treasured heirlooms are often family, traditions and memories in spanish, mine included. The mellow Yes sound of the baritone voice of my up willow boleros and dad's military stories. Bigot it subway lax it's bowler x is. Has, their language joined, the ranks of comedian, Dave, Chappelle, the Betsy Ross Flag and the interminable list of people and things that perturb are politically correct. Sensibilities is a great artist by the way man, you know what the way I see it is talk. The way you want to talk, I mean for the most part. Don't go around saying super offensive things, and I do want to end by saying uh this an apology to the writer I pronounce your name incorrectly. You can see written here? I said earlier Gian, Carlo soap. Oh, let me correct that to Jim Carlex, so pics thanks for
I'll see you guys I'll see you guys at one hundred pm on this channel next rang out, hey british Twenty one year old solo, female traveler has gone missing while visiting Cambodia. I want to start this video by saying I hope she is found safe. I hope she was just lost. Watch. We're gonna get pretty serious, ready, rather pessimistic, and I gotta say it's getting harder and harder for me to have sympathy for a lot of these people there. Out of Youtube channels about traveling the world solo travelers. There was one woman who went to Syria and Pakistan for based on article that title The title something like Pakistan is a must: go for solo, female travelers, and I got say: I'm I'm a bit offended by this. Okay I want to. I want to be more good in the world, but I also recognize there's a lot of bad in the world and there are a lot of people who, see these things online,
stories about these wonderful, beautiful trips that don't put what's actually happening in context. Whether or not someone else's Do detail whether not someone even got back scenes and inoculations for the various parts of the world. Yes, when I've traveled working for vice I'd, get like four shots in one day to travel to certain parts of the world. You can get diseases, vaccinate your kids by the way. So now we have the story of a british backpacker. Twenty one who went well turns out. She was Google searching, solo, female travel and all the stuff. Listen man, traveling is fun, all I would love it if everyone could do it there's so much fear around telling the truth when it comes to the differences in at the end, feminism and sex and stuff that people avoid being very serious, an real questions, they're not showing people what's actually going on,
now we're getting story after story of backpackers and hikers being kidnapped or worse listen. This story is one of the potentially 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of solo travelers, and it may be that overwhelmingly you will be safe, an fine, but the reason I do this. The reason I talk about these stories and highlight the real. Rangers get this woman is missing is because we have. We are inundated by story about people who do these wonderful adventures with no repercussions, and if that's the only thing we get in the news,
we'll end up with young women going online and searching for solo female travel because they saw you to video and I'm thinking it is safe to travel alone in Cambodia. It's not I've been around the world. I've been very dangerous places. I am an adult man, I can fight. I can defend myself and even hi had to take extreme security precautions and many of these countries. Morocco was a hoot. Egypt was scary in Egypt. We thought we were going to. We thought that stuff was gonna happen in Egypt in Brazil. I got undercover cops, detain me in a backroom with no windows and we thought we were going to get beaten up. Fortunately, they figured out we were at the last minute and came in apologizing- I don't know what they thought of what their plan on doing to us, bring us into this.
Weird shaped like a building in the back with no windows. In order to get into it, you deduct under some weird structure and then go into this door into his white room, just a couch, and we were like what is happening and they took our phones to turn our phones. You know they actually give our phones back, but this stuff is real life. Man. Ok, there are dirty cops, are crooked cops? There are dirty soldiers. There criminals. There are smugglers their drugs. You cannot just go to Cambodia by yourself man. This for us, get me to no end. Okay. When we would sit down in these meetings we be like hey. We were looking at going to Phnom Penh. We're looking at going to. I I believe, that's where she was originally going, we're looking at going to Cambodia and other countries, and we had to call a company and say, Give us the Intel in the area what's happening, what we can expect, what are the crime rates? What should we avoid what can't we eat. I kid you not you to learn we're going to places about what you can drink or eat is not a game. I got very very
Sick in Brazil. I got very, very sick in Turkey. This is reality. Instead, you get these people looking at videos, are edited to make everything. You know what man Youtube. Has this habit to people you to big? They love making. These super happy travel videos. What people are like. You know that they they do these blogs and it's a known fact that most of these blogs they, hide the negative. Well, negativity is a real thing. Man there's a balance in the universe. You have people who make Youtube videos where they're, like everything is awesome and then all of a sudden out of nowhere there's a video of them like pale face with dark rings around their eyes next to their girlfriend or boyfriend going. We just can't do this anymore, I can't take it and it's because these videos you watch online, they don't show you what's truly, it's not news. It's not journalism, they're, not sharing with you the truth. They're sharing with you the highlight reel to make you think the world is magical, and I hear you man like. I feel you that people do this kind of
you know the world is fairly boring in a lot of ways and in order to get people to watch, you need to inspire them and make think you know, they're, seeing something magical in reality. I'll give you I'll give you an example of like Casey Neistat, for instance, if you're not familiar, probably the vlogger, now he doesn't do this, I'm not I'm not criticizing him. He does overly positive view of his logs and stuff, but it does show he does talk about it and and- and I think he's what what he does here in the us- it's it's, okay. What what he shows in his videos is that often hell go outside put the camera down. Press record walked back inside then walk and feel himself walking out. You see, you see, you see the point as Casey
making a show went, went when you, when you see a video of him, walking out of this building and hopping as born writing away. It's because he said all of that up. It wasn't a natural Prague. You know phenomenon, it is. It is a fictional edit, get a walk outside. First took the that little thing you didn't see it's a little things we don't talk about when we travel the world. Okay, you know what I mean I can document around say like Thailand or something we don't start. The video by saying, okay, so here's we call him to because not doing the background on a prop on the process. I think we should. I aim to do that more. It's part of what we're focusing on, but it but for for vice and for other outlets, they're trying to tell us not about them, but about what's happening in, say: Cambodia people see these videos, they see this magical rainbow world and they think wow, Cambodia, so beautiful yeah. It's called an advert dude somebody paid them to make a video to promote the tourist destination in a very dangerous place because they want money now listen. I hope this young woman
is that ok, let's read a little bit of the story 'cause I could rent on this. For eight hundred years, a twenty one year old british gap year student has disappeared, while traveling alone through dense forests in Cambodia. I am, I am sorry man at a certain point. I just don't have sympathy for some of these people, but you know what I don't blame her she's young. She was excited. She wanted to travel. I don't because any individual or person at fault, I think our culture's at fault. She was traveling alone through dense forests in Cambodia. What did you think was going to happen? Man, Amelia Bambridge from war thing was traveling alone. For the first time on the island of Koh Rong in the southwest of mainland Cambodia. She was in a party on police speech, forty minutes away from our hostel and at three am on Wednesday. The former Brighton, Hove and Sussex sixth form student was due to check out of our youth hostel. You know
yesterday to leave the island later in the afternoon with a friend but her handbag, which had her purse phone and bank cards in it was found on the beach after a party on Wednesday night. Her passport is still at the hostel then, as to Beach club, said. Ok, I hope she simply tripped in the forest. I hope she's lossed fell down. Maybe she got hurt. I don't want to wish harm on her, but it is substantially better that she's just got a broken ankle somewhere in the woods yelling for help well think about it. She's forty minutes away from hostile her purse and everything was left on the beach. So did you just get up and walk away from her person was sitting there, listen you're on the beach with your belong especially in a foreign country, you don't just leave your bag, get up and walk away for whatever reason you have somebody watch it it's possible. She was with somebody and they were watching it. She never came back and they left- I don't know, but if she was at the friend, yes, she was traveling alone, they would have said hey. She never came back and called the police
away that's not happened? I guess I I I don't know it was found on the beach yeah. That sounds like to me. I hate to be a pessimist man because the story you know she still missing. It is a relatively new story sounds like she was taken. Ok, they left their stuff, but you know Actually not. Let me walk that back a little bit. I imagine if someone was taken. They take her stuff too, so I can't tell you I. I think we all just want to hope that she tripped in the woods sprained her ankle or something and she'll be she'll, be found safe and safe and sound She has been declared officially missing by local authorities, worried mother, Linda Bambridge. Fifty two is now taking emergency flight to the island to join a search party of concerned locals an police. You know I'm just so straight man. We have. We have so many, so many millennials were never disciplined there. Never I don't mean beaten. I mean like discipline, you know stand at attention understand the realities of the world be responsible,
and so what happens is I think the world is there. Everything belongs to them. What's yours is mine. They think they can just go to Cambodia. Listen man, it may have been a dead, but I don't know what can we as a dead, judging Jaguar or something just drop in is taken off in the wilderness? I have no idea. It's it's it's crazy to me to think you know. Even in the US, you can go missing. What makes you think you can travel alone through dense forests in Cambodia, where your parents, I guess I guess I had and, if it of going up on the south side of Chicago. Where was rough and tumble where most of us were poor lot of people are on drugs and I've. Let I it's you know. I've lived in these places and seeing the dangers as seen reality. You know gang fights all that stuff, and so I think man, if it was that dangerous in a city. What it would be like in the middle of the woods yeah there's bears you killed by a bear. You get bitten by a possum, get rabies or something but Matt's house but the most dangerous, predator of them all human beings.
So in the US. Fortunately, we have a lot of laws and cultural standards, and these things are, you know, to extent rare, but guess what some people break the law there criminals. Now, what makes you think you can go into the middle of the woods in Cambodia Man- I just don't understand you know, but I will say this. There's uh these ideas, these passions. You know this is a learning moment this young woman, everything she's done. I hope, if you know, I hope you found safe and help after the fact she said. Speaking of You know the dangers and how I think media and the internet, we want to tell everybody they can do whatever they want. You know we especially tell young women like you can, the world so low and go to Seria in Pakistan? I kid you not. They did that. It's a harsh reality that people need to understand in the news business. We have to walk a very fine line because of legalities in the? U S.
The truth is and they'll tell you this, you know if they trust you, you will not be allowed to do certain interviews if you're a man and you will not be allowed to do certain interviews. If you They are not going to send a woman to a football match in Algiers where women are banned? You see the point. Here's the problem, if you tell a woman, you cannot do this job because you're a woman guess what happens you get sued. So what do you do? And that's that's a big, not a true story. Look that up vice Algieri out woman, sues sex and all that stuff. I'm not. I thought I thought the exact same storms making a point There are certain stories that I wasn't allowed to do because it involved women and tribes and traditional cultures in various parts of the world. It's a reality now in entertain open media. You are allowed to discriminate when casting, but this was an interesting space or they literally said, we cannot send a woman to do this story, ok go take it up with the
see and and what ends up happening is I'm in Egypt and you have a twenty six year old, dutch woman, I'll just call it gang assault in the middle of tougher square white blonde. What were they thinking So you know this young woman. Apparently they say that she was Google searching solo, female travel. She spent the last year, googling solo, female traveling, looking at pages and blogs and sorting out everything- and you know what she was seeing- She was seeing a highlight reel of positive iti. You watch these videos of me traveling. You don't see the security guy inside the camera, you don't see the phone call. We do with the international security firm, that's doing, monitoring various regions you don't get the conversation where they say our sources on the ground in Thailand say you're going to need body armor they they don't. They don't hear that and then there's I got a photo of you wearing body, armor and I'll. Tell you why, when I was there, somebody threw a grenade when I was there
somebody had? I believe I can't remember what kind of rifle, but they put it think that over a rifle and they were walking in the and uh the street with a shopping bag and they were shooting at each other. One of the trucks we rode in had blood splat we checked out had blood splatter on the ground, because while they were writing- and it you know, cheering for the government is abuse protest conflict somebody took a grenade into it. We need to know all of that before going to Bangkok, and Bangkok is a big tourist destination with a mass of Malta, massive city, I have friends who tell me like I'm going to go when I said, are you paying attention the martial law and what's going on the government and the king, and all that and they're like? Oh, I don't know yeah. Well, maybe you should, because you might find yourself in a very, very different I get a dangerous situation. We went to one place. Watch I scaffolding was was just ripped up like that they didn't take damage. The bottom of the whole thing collapsed,
and you get these young people who are like hey, I'm just going to go to rural Cambodia and trek through the woods where your parents a serious question where the parents there is, I think so much of what we're seeing today. So much of these problems in the US is that parents are. Teaching their kids. We got young men in crisis, not going to school. Staying at home, stop pampering your kids. We got young women thinking they can go to cambodian trek through the woods by themselves. You got people going tomorrow, go in other countries and they end up in their lives end and it's because no one, no one, told them stop the world does not belong to you. There is danger. It is real and you,
to learn how to survive. But I'll tell you what this story you may have well, as taught you may as well, have told me this young woman walked straight into a fire straight on fire. Can you walk through fire and be ok yeah, depending on the fire, but in this instance it's like the risk for danger is extremely high. You Google, some stuff online and you thought I'm going to do that. Where were your parents say, listen fire burns. Do you know what you need to do? If you find yourself in the middle of the woods, I ask you this, and you should really think about this. Everyone of you ask yourself right now. You find yourself alone in the middle of the woods. What's the first thing you need? Everyone gets it wrong, the question: what's the second thing you need? I want you to go on Google, it so that you know you know exactly what you have to do. If you find yourself with a broken leg in the middle of the woods, maybe it maybe it would happen. Maybe she fell down a hill. Maybe she was going
leader some trips felt her foot. Now she stock. Okay. What's the first thing you got to do you to look that up on my phone. I have like five different survival guides, not because I ever expect to be lost in the wilderness, but because I will be I what what's I wanna swear, our I would be unhappy if I was forced to rely on anyone other than myself. Responsibility starts with you and, as they say, chance, favors the prepared or luck favors the prepared Ok, you want to survive an accident, be it walking on a nature, hike near your house. You fall down, you get lossed. What do you do? but you know what we have now is the opposite of that these people, these young people, aren't bothering to Google search. I'm going to walk in the desert know they watch this, go where you see one person filming like they're holding their phone going like everything is so great. You don't realize they got two security guys in front and a sound person in front and there is a show dude, it's a show
a lot of people travel solo and if they don't take precautions, they're buying lottery tickets every time and you can get away with it for a certain amount of time but problem. Is you get this young people who see this Google solo female travel stuff in there, like I'm, going to I'm going to literally hike in the woods in rural Cambodia by myself, you get the point man I'm done, it's not the last or we're going to hear about this next item is coming up at four p. On the main channel. I will see you all there score one point for the: He left us to effectively shut down UK's first chick fil, a they've announced that they are closing after just eight days due to protests continuing last weekend, even after chick fil, a stated that will be packing up: it's waffle, fries and pickles,
prices in six months. Well, there it is. There have been many circumstances where chick fil A has been blocked by protesters or most recently I think it was Toronto. The first chick fil a opened up and protesters shut it down. I would like to stress that I've stated this in the past. This is the most important point. If you want people to vote for the right vote, conservative re Elect Trump. I know this is the UK. All you got. Is going block their chicken sandwich restaurant because they will not understand anything you're talking about you. Insane and they'll say dude, it's a chicken shop. Why? I don't know what you're talking about the assumption that I don't know anything about. This is absurd. So what do you think happens? The chick fil, a down the street there's a lot. That is ridiculous. Things like a half an hour
it is so jam packed all the time. You know I I must admit I absolutely love talking about the chick fillet protest off, because it is the perfect example of how cancel culture. Insanity leads to Donald Trump Right do, gets off work he's tired, he's got, swept the pets and he stressed out news like man, I would kill for a for a chick fillet which, with pepper jack chick Fil, a sauce or just sounds so delicious I'll, get a milkshake I'll get cookies and cream and he pulls up and it's a bunch of angry people waving signs and he goes no. I just wanted chicken sandwich at the end of a hard day to take that bag home sit down with some friends and family, put my feet up and say it was all worth it. Let me tell you a story: it's a story back to the depression. I can't remember where it comes from, but it's not a man who made very very little money and everyday after work. He would go and buy a single rows. That rose was expensive. It was kind of expensive relative to how much
He made it was about one slash, four or more of the money earned in the day and put on this table. In one day he was buying the rose and the man said you come here every day and by a single rose, but surely it's too expensive there's no work, you must save money, your family must be be be hurting and he said the those on my table every day is the only thing that makes all of this worth it. So what do you think happens when you shut down that end of the day? Sweet Delicious, treat that chick fil, a sauce that chick in that spiced perfectly with those waffle? Fries at everybody loves the most popular restaurant in this country. What do you think happens? We shut it down do. You think you earn fans you're, not stopping bigotry, you're, stopping a chicken sandwich shop. Let's read but this story here from vice they say two thousand and eleven.
Question was married to then New Jersey Nets, player, Kris Humphries for all of seventy two days, the summer of twenty seventeen Anthony Scaramucci Muchi, the White House Communications director for ten days, but it took only eight days for the first chick fil in the? U K to announce it would be closing at the end of its culture, brief contact contract October tenth, a chick fillet opened at the Oracle shopping Center in reading a town of more than two hundred eighteen thousand in Southern England, the rest was almost immediately protest. It by reading pride and LGBT Q Advocacy Organization, the chains, ethos and moral stance goes completely against our values and that of the? U K, as we are progressive country that has legalized thanks, marriage. Excuse me for some years and continues to strive towards equality. No, no. I disagree with that assessment because you've got major protests
right now in your country, because the is the the the Muslim community is upset over LGBT Q teachers at the schools, so you're not coming closer to equality to actually get worse and you've got feminists showing up in arguing with Muslims, and it's all sorts of crazy pick one. I don't know who you're trying to protect you. But this is a chicken sandwich shop. You think, would be more concerned about the people protesting your schools, alright, no chicken for anybody. Well, you know what The tweet. This Saturday and r D- Gawk, I don't recall reading- are you k? Okay, reading, okay, Willie peacefully protesting chick fillet outside the broad street Oracle. Reading and trends are from eleven am meeting at ten. Am the blog, the the black grave for the brief for debriefing breakfast say no to bigotry and hatred on, or high street. I'm really surprised that chick fil a was was willing to shut down. It's not the first time they faced protests. I wonder what is particularly unique about about the Uk
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for me. I really really am grateful that they stick around and at least you know once a month, so often they're willing to sponsor one of my videos. And in line with the Woke outrage and cancel culture, shutting people down, I thought it was apt to to do a promo. When these people come from my videos, they try to get him shut down. You know it gets demonetized. The people will flag it and it caused me all sorts of problems right now, there's a big smear campaign against me on Wickr Ipedia, where they're trying to go in my wiki and inject that I was a conspiracy theorist simply because out of the one thousand plus hours of content. I've produced one time in one sentence. I set a Fox news report about Seth. Rich may be true, but I give it a fifty seven to sixty percent chance. That's it ten seconds out of one thousand and they're trying to smear so you know when we see stories about how chick fil a gets shut down. I always
sure I give my my thanks to virtual she'll, to definitely go to hide with TIM dot com check it out. I do. I do recommend VPN services for a variety of reasons. You know it it. It helps. Keep you safe to a certain extent, stop people from spying on you and a lot of benefits check it out. Let's get back to the news, they say hello, been criticized for its Anti LGBT attitude. Since C Dan Cathy walks to to news outlets about talked to tune out. Let's not walk, there was opposition to say sex marriage back in twenty twelve, we are very much supportive of the family, the biblical definition of the family unit. He told the biblical recorder well hold on so one guy seven years ago talked about supporting the and now you're trying to shut down every single chick fil. First of all, I'm shocked chick fil, a down right, like I said, but you're, not winning you get this one uk you get this one cancel culture but chick fil a expanding like crazy, it is delicious and you know what
do whenever I see these stories it makes me want to go, get chick fil a now, I'm sitting here. Thinking like oh man, 'cause you can do. You can actually get. I like getting spicy chicken with. I think you can do pepper, Jack and Colby, and then I'd get tons of chick fil a sauce. I don't do the fries, though, because it's too You know start you, the fries are delicious, but I like getting you like chicken strips such as like chicken upon check in and as much as I do talk about the mail checks. I don't do it anyway. Whenever I do a video at this. I love talking about what they sell, because it's kind of the point right dude every business has somebody who supports some kind of political message. You just don't know about it. So because one seven years ago said here's what I believe you're now like it's like this is it love them. I love the meme where it's like imagine fifty years from now where they mentioned that the Lgbtq Community's archrival was a chicken sandwich shop and people are going to be like, I don't quite understand and they're going to say, the one guy at some point expressed his beliefs, and so they targeted Restaurants do
we're literally nonprofits dedicated to christian biblical family units. You could actually go to a big building in Like Georgia and stand in front of the actual building advocating for a religious beliefs. Instead you're going to a chicken shop because of someone's passive actions, and now all I can do is, if you think about how hungry I am and how I think, the level of bacon on it. It's like a bacon one man chick fil a's pretty good. Every time I do because I'm willing to bet local chick fil, a like chick filet, restaurant sales go up so Actually let me think, let me make that point. They are out what, whenever these protests trying shut down chick fillet for one they mostly fail, but then there's a bunch Have you tubers and articles? Look at vice wrote about this. A bunch of articles pop up advertising, chick fil, a you could not ask for better press
oh sure, you can rag on them, but I'll tell you what check it out. You want to rag on Chick fil, a ok! You want to protest, I'm fine who are you protesting for and who cares? Average person doesn't care. Average person likes chick fil a get this, how about all the chick fil, a restaurants in conservative? christian areas where now people are going to hear. This story and be like we're getting chick fil a tonight and we're going to go to chick fil a It's going to be like Jim, you come in that often might see here tonight, big line and the guy in the that way it's going to be like oh yeah protesters tried shutting down chick fil, so we decided to go out and buy chicken. Sandwiches I'd be willing to bet. I think there is a sales spike every time the protests happen, I'd be willing to bet the sales spike will be larger now because they actually shut the shop down. That's messed up, so you know what here's the thing these chick fil, a restaurants. As far as I know our franchises, it's actually really cheap to launch your own
choice, but they have really strict rules. So this is this is the decision of likely the individual who started the business man. I don't know what you were thinking because Chick fil, a like they only they only allow individuals to, unlike one restaurant you to be dedicated to it, if you have somebody who dedicated this time and energy and investment into opening a shop and now they're just caving after eight days. To me, that's not! You should not have done this. I don't know what you think. Because you think people going to every single day they're, not how after eight days are you shutting down for Shane, I mean that, but you know what Uk you do you. I got a chick fil. A couple blocks and I'm going to go and get me some chicken sandwiches after this actually got a couple more segments to record for you. So there's, your new stick around couple more segments coming up in a few minutes- and I will see you all shortly. Rachel Maddow has gone rogue against NBC. An I'm surprised to say I'm definitely on her side, she's called
now to NBC for shielding Weinstein and Lauer, and she reveals- and is releasing all former employees from their end deezen and bombshell interview with Ronan Farrow Credit, where credit is Rachel Maddow excellent work. I have been ridiculously critical of you Rachel because of the rush to get stuff capitalizing a fringe conspiracy that evidence, but this this is good and when you do good, I will always praise good behavior. In this instance, Rachel Matt out targeting her on any company at great personal risk. I actually that back, I think, there's definitely risk just playing hardball, which is doing the right thing and, ultimately, I think NBC will have no choice but to back down with her as one of the most prominent. If not the most prominent MSNBC personality. Speaking up, even one of the most prominent NBC personality, she's, very famous, she is putting her weight behind put making this company do the right thing, and I have tremendous respect for that, because when you get a big player at a company under the bosses and say
I'll walk, you know they're going to be like woah, woah, woah woah, that's even worse right, so this has to Matt Lauer Weinstein and how we learn thanks, woman pharaohs real journalism that they were building these people it wasn't. There was an excellent report by Chris Hayes where he said. The path of least resistance is what most people take. Don't do the story, it's too hard, there's too much to deal with. Let's just take the easy route. Don't call out these these evil individuals and and the things they're doing to women. Let's take the easy way out. In this instance, I must stress. Rachel I was not taking the easy way out. She said she is rocking the ship and she's pushing back and it could cause problems for in the future, but Finally, I think she will. She will earn some points on this one. So, let's read the story from the daily mail before we get started. Make you head over time cast, slash donate to support my work. More importantly, share this video. You like what I do, because you know deranking demonetization seriously, sharing it is powerful. One hundred thousand people watch this, and everyone shared this video.
It would actually end up being a million people. Imagine if everyone shared this, it would be like infinitely viral I you know, I'm not saying this. One particular particular story deserves that, but how could it be that never stopped getting share because literally everybody shared it, but you don't and that's why you don't have to, but thank you to the people who do daily mail reports. Rachel Maddow has gone after NBC executives in light of claims by journalists run and ferro that they blocked reporting on Rt Weinstein and handed enhanced severance pay outs to female employees in exchange for their silence about alleged harassment. The presenter forty six told viewers during the Friday edition of her Rachel Maddow, show that she was disturbed by the allegations that they have considerable anxiety for people working at the company at these sister network MSNBC and both are owned by NBC Universal, which is headquartered at thirty rock. I love that show by the way the allegations of the behavior Harvey Weinstein and former and best NBC Star Matt Lauer are
wrenching at baseline, no matter who you are or what your connection is to the story. Now. Let me stop for a second and say this innocent until proven guilty. I believe A certain point there is such a preponderance of evidence. We will lean. On way with all of the accusations against against Weinstein and Lauer, I lean towards, I don't believe in massive sees between thirty plus accusers or whatever right, but you know it is possible right. We love it it's so it's important now that they do release the NBA's for all of these people who felt harassed, and we learn about why I don't this the worst thing you can do if you're innocent is payout a settlement, the worst thing you can do, because that is considered proof in the pub If someone comes out and your company and they accused you of something ok, I will see you in court
unless you're guilty and you'll say. Please don't say anything: how much money do you want, which leads me to believe it's likely these payouts, or at least part of partly they lend themselves the idea that Lauer and once entered guilty. But here's the thing mens are cheaper than court. Sometimes it was a fine final sign, a check go away. That's a mistake! It will come back to haunt you as we're learning now. She then took aim at bosses from our sister network, saying accusations, accusations of people in positions of authority in this building may have been but accusation. People in positions of authority in this building may have been complicit in some way. Building those guys from accountability. Those accusations are very, very hard to stomach. She added the amount of consternation this has caused among the rank and file. People who work here would be almost impossible for me to overstate a love. This excellent work Rachel for calling
sat. I may disagree with a lot of things and I may have I've. May I have been critical of in the past, but you do good, you get praise and I'm I'm loving what I'm hearing check this out from. Blog NBC Universal offers to release any former NBC News employee who believes they cannot disclose their experience. Yes spot on awesome, awesome awesome. It was Megan Kelly recently who was on Tucker Carlson. I believe- and she said that NBC should do this and I'll. Tell you what man Kelly alone didn't have the weight and she's, not the company so the price that we don't care what you said, but then Matt all came up right behind our. It says: not I'm not we're playing hard ball and NBC is like and guess what we're gonna learn about. What really happened? I'll tell you if the. If it turns out some this all these accusations are false. What problem? Well, we got evidence now right, let's, let's other people speak up in reality. I think we're going to learn about how these major corporations have this elite club that, if you
and you don't get special benefits and the abuse people they abuse their staff, and you stated that you must up stuff, that's what they do, the path of these resistance, I gotta say in this regard- Ronan Farrow formerly of MSNBC right is that is that correct? Chris Hayes no matter how they're getting home, runs. Okay, I I maybe I'm missing something you know, but I gotta say if I'd be. Transparency is good, let's learn about what they were doing and I'm glad to see Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow stepping to the forefront and taking that taking that lead and backing up Megan Kelly, I mean that's, that's impressive, that's the kind of bipartisanship we need in this country, taken down these massive corporate, corrupt individuals playing cover for the sleazy dudes playing games and the Megyn Kelly Rachel Maddow side by side holding hands charging forward it kind of silly. But anyway, as read more, they say the program meadow announced NBC Universal will release that we read that Maddow read out a statement, the media conglomerate, which declared any form
Nbc News employee who believes that they cannot disclose Is there experience with harassment as a result of a confidentiality or non disparagement provision Their separation agreement should contact and we will release I'm from that perceived obligation what things are about to get spicy at NBC. This is going to be nuts NBC has been in the headlines in recent weeks The recent release of pharaohs book pharaohs book catch and kill in which he alleged The company stonewalled him from a poorly on Harvey Weinstein. While he was in. These are for the network and not only that. I think it was Chris has a pointed this out that he looked he. He leaves then publishes the ground, breaking story showing Weinstein and all the accusations against them. And the question is, you know NBC tries denying. Oh, we never told me, I couldn't do this all it's like interesting, then why did he quit if he could do the story? Why did he quit? Why is this book coming out in this way, and you know what
now. You can see that these top personalities and msnbc backing him up shows, but there are a lot of principle. People MSNBC, looking for me to say, but who are Miss support him and I'm glad to hear it make you hold these people accountable man. I don't care if you're Trump Maddow Tucker anybody, Gonna come out and you're gonna say we want all this person accountable. Let's, let's, let's, let's, let's hear it out, I want evidence. Well, let's hear it out, and that includes the impeachment increase which shouldn't be in secret, might get to really gets explanation of the problem going on here: selective leaks, okay, but look bars, good, invest. Okay come on man. If everybody want to chill out, let's see, what's really going on, let's, let's, let's, let's see the evidence and I'm glad I transparency right, they say the book. Also. Ten, an allegation from a former NBC staffer who alleges network star, Matt Lauer for himself on her, while they were on assignment together at the twenty fourteen winter olympics. Now, here's the important part Lauer denies this.
Errantly. This woman also claimed that she was exchanging favors for Karere favors, in which case many people have challenged the allegation. So, if that's the case, let's get more information out there. An Ronan Farrow's book showed that where she said you know she claims wrongdoing. Lauer, denies it, but then or goes on to explain that it was consensual affair that he shouldn't have done, and then the woman actually claims she was doing it for career benefits, in which case you gotta look at this story for yourself, but there's nuans in these. Stances so they're showing to the the I. Negative here they say, afterward Pharaoh appeared on Maddow show for an interview during which discuss the non disclosure agreement. Several female employees signed when parting the company after alleging misconduct, their payouts reportedly loaded larger than usual sums of money, known as enhanced severance and that's how you settle without settling, because when you settle, then you create a paper trail that the accusation was made and it looks like you're guilty.
Did not yet but enhanced severance and they get their money and they get defense against you making his claims. These women consider these to be pay outs. To silence them executives involved, told me they were payouts to sound silence them Pharaoh's, client, wow, executives involved, told me they were payouts to silence them wow. This This is incredible. I say man props, to the MSNBC staff to Maddow for holding their own accountable. I'm really impressed it is so there that someone is willing to call out their own people for real nobody. You know Trump I said: we got a wall in Colorado and claimed it was a joke. It's like do you there's no you can say, God, man, Arizona, get slip the tongue, that's no big deal at all times for saying he was making a joke. It's like listen man come on, he misspoke, it's not a big deal, and that's and and and that's what the worst of point to make a recent news story. It's like if something
this side just say, because when you come out and admit it, you look like the bigger person, so props to MSNBC for doing I do try to keep these shorts all rap it up. He wrote in one file. This is incredible, I'm so stoked by this I'm glad to see Ronin going on both of these channels. We're having a shared reality once again and it's a and a striking, because Rachel and Chris Hayes when the call out their own network. Well, that means we can finally move forward if we're all willing to point out the bad guys and say you know, let's get some, let's get some clarity on the matter. I'm I'm stuff. Is this good news good day huh I mean we're learning about the bad stuff, but it's cool that check this. Doubt that day, journalists Yashar Ali reported that an unnamed NBC virtual executive said: there's been no change in the networks. Executive leadership quote because Ronan behaves like a terrorist and we're not going to watch,
That is bold. That is bold, but Pharaoh. Hit back in an interview with Fox is Shannon Brain stating when you hear rhetoric, like journalists being called breasts were living in a moment where our political leaders have sometimes use authoritarian rhetoric, try and describe the press as the enemy of the people that's NBC News, executive, NBC executives, Man NBC Universal Universal executives, so you know what man, I'm all for transparency and accountability, and some honesty and I'm, and I and all right, but just by saying props, to Rachel Maddow for pointing the finger with in her own network for the wrongdoing they did. I think she'll come out looking pretty good on this one and I respect for I'll still criticize the years of the russian nonsense and capitalize capitalizing on it? You know out of the woods on that one yet, but this is a right direction. So my respect, I got one more segment. In a few minutes stick around and I will see you shortly. Okay, morning to a new survey majority.
Of Americans want to change the first amendment. A study found that people want jail time for hate speech, as they call for updates to two hundred year old lottery. Like cultural norms of the day. Well, it was fun while it lasted I'd like I have this special thanks to the founding fathers who gave us two hundred plus years of expanding growth and prosperity. Freedom maybe for all, but now it's officially done and we can see that fifty or does it say fifty four percent of fifty one percent of Americans believe the first amendment adopted in one thousand seven hundred and ninety one should be updated to reflect the cultural norms up today. Well, there you go it's been fun guys appreciate it. You know all recently, a law was proposed in Boston that would effectively all knows pros in Massachusetts. That would make the b word a criminal offense to use disparagingly you. We find an potentially face six months in jail time. Well, I'll, tell you what man, if you ever get to that point
walk around shouting those words relentlessly now: listen, there's a big difference between social acceptance, cultural norms and trying to jail will someone so when it comes to like the pronoun debate. My issue is not with individual respect. I have absolutely no problem, encourage others to respect each other. My problem is with the government trying to force me to do something, because perhaps you may have noticed, I'm a bit anti authoritarian, an quite contrary, and sometimes so common tell me to do it and I will say no. You can't tell me what to do, but now we can see we're heading down a dangerous path. Fun fun, you know, but listen you might be thinking will never change the first woman ever happen. We get to the point where these young snow type individuals were terrified of me. Words become the overwhelming majority. Yeah you'll These changes, your talk about the amendment of the constitution. How about this one government shall make no law respecting
tablets meant of religion, the press, all pretty sure we got a ton of laws. How much can I can't say you can't incite people to volunteer his thing? I agree with that directing giving instruction or in slamming I I I understand why we say you can't do that in reality. We must accept that is in violation of the first amount. Now here's the thing, the court's role Supreme Court. Essentially it it's it's very nice. They basically say well. The spirit of the first amendment was meant to protect the rights to expression, not the right to cause crimes and violate the law or twin courage. Others to do so, in which case we don't think the founding fathers meant this. Now we go to the second amendment. Nothing's good start start getting interesting, they say are on the right of the people. To bear arms shall not be infringed well defined, arms define
bare define, infringed because now things are getting messy. They've already banned a ton of arms, so yes, they've infringed I'm not an absolute when it comes to the constitution, because I do believe there is a reasonable approach to trying to interpret what the founding fathers meant and what can protect our society. So having a bunch people run around shrieking and inciting violence is a really really bad thing for us and to that regard, yeah I'm going to have to go ahead and say having a bunch of bill running around with like rocket launchers, probably would be bad for us, and so I can understand why we put limits on I will also add, as well just for for better or doesn't get. This did you know you can legally own a tank. He said something like you can't legally, thank you know we have laws on it and and you're wrong you're wrong. Bro yeah can so anyway, the point of making You want to argue that we will always have free speech. I'll tell you. The answer is we're not going to if this trend continues
because, while most of us can agree that don't incite violence that makes sense against the law. That's not what the first moment They are now saying the same thing. Well, will hate speech at a time you know the colonizers and imperialists, and so now they're trying to change it once again. This is not for the better. Into society, I will say at the very least I'm glad that it's a road block from stopping dictatorships and authoritarian from just imposing their will. It turns out that the majority of the people demand the change. I think it's a very devastating and dangerous change for society and we're getting we're getting to that point. Read a little bit of the story before I move on head over to timcast dot com, slash donate. If you'd like to support my work, but the most important thing you can do share this video this one in particular. If fifty one percent of Americans believe that the first time it should be updated, hate speech should be criminal. We've got serious problems and we need, talk about this. So please consider sharing this tell me, grow the channel and continuing the work that I do but also spread,
Idea of wife free speech is so important. I'm a break down for you why it's so important check this out it it they talk about how yeah the the the basic numbers they say as far as punishment for hate crimes. Some fifty four percent of those Americans surveyed found would prefer possible jail time while another forty six percent shared that would want nothing more than a ticket or define. But here's where it gets interesting when you scroll down to look at what they wanted to restrict. Fifty two percent of survey takers want wanted racists to be restricted. Fifty percent wanted NEO nazis restricted. Forty six percent said radical Islam. Thirty five percent said holocaust deniers. Twenty percent of survey takers wanted actually anti vaccine advocates, restricted and eighteen that said climate change deniers. The campaign for free speech determined that most don't actually understand what the first amendment protects. After some. Seventy nine percent of respondents believed, at the first amendment,
has anyone to say their opinion, no matter what and they are protected by law, from any consequences of those thoughts or opinions. Here's thing You can see that there is no consensus on what should be restricted and that's why we decided as a government to back away and just allow people to say their opinions, because I'll tell you what man, if right now fifty one percent believe we should. We should criminalize hate speech. Ok, what happens when fifty one percent decides that we should criminalize you your ideas, things you like what happens? If all of that I mean look, you know it's really really funny about all this. Who is in control of the government. Right now are the Republicans and they want. Get rid of one and two eight at a time
Donald Trump is, is, is in the White House and is the s facing reelection by a landslide. How absurd how what well woefully and terribly absurd they're saying we don't like the evil Orange man is taking over our government but give out. We should give up our right to speech and our right to what's you crazy? Now should be the time advocating for those rights. Of course, they simultaneously claimed. The first amendment would protect the press trump. How dare you and and the first amendment, though we shouldn't have free speech. Ok, ok, ok, I say, according to Bob Lystad Executive director of the campaign for free speech, the findings are frankly extraordinary our free speech rights and our free press.
Some of all of well over two hundred years, and people now seems to be rethinking them. Explain the Washington, free beacon lights that explain that hate speech was not defined in the survey, a lot of response to draw their own conclusions by what it meant. I think of our findings are fueled in large part because of a rise of hate speech, but traditionally hate speech is protected in the first amendment. The Supreme Court has upheld that principle. Time and time again, I said, and the group believe hate speech should be denounced, but don't believe censorship should be to be the solution. Hate speech should be condemned, but legally, the answer to speech we don't like is more speech, not censorship. Our primary focus is education and to help people better, understand the first minute free speech, free press and why it's so wild for democracy. Now the first amendment is: not free speech, you may be saying, but ten minutes no listen. First, amendment is, I believe, five writes the freedom of the press. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech,
free right to Regis of grievances, and, what's the fifth, when I always, I always I had a mom- I'm going to make sure. I recite the five perfectly someone comment for me because radius of grievances, free press, free speech, free religion, and now I missed the other one freedom of speech, whatever I'm not good at doing lists, I'm terrible, I am an imperfect person, would get the point. The first amendment protects a variety of rights, not just speech until many people right now can flake free speech, the first amendment, okay, so well. I've made the point that no one can agree on what should be banned and how it should be banned. Let me just stress: okay, when people say freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences, they're, saying literally nothing, because everything has consequences. If
showed up right now. There would be a consequence. My video would be strange and likely ruined Cont everything you do as a consequence. My words right now. It's all consequence. If I choose to eat chicken or eat a pmr jelly sandwich, there will be a consequence to that. Okay, how much protein, how many cards everything as a consequence, they they they put off. You don't really really bothers me- is that tax case cd comment comic, you may have seen where he's like people, the first amendment they're showing you the door. It's like the dude has no idea what he's talking about and he pulled that one out of thin air and it makes no sense because the first amendment is not about free speech. It is about a multitude of rights. The government can't take away they can't infringe upon, but here's the reality you can say what you want they do, Oh, it's so in these forums will be like what are the right He was arguing for the right to incite violence. It's like Nobody said that never like some, some people, fine I'll, give you that, but like ten people,
who are like I'm an absolute and we should be allowed to do this. No you shouldn't and most or simply saying let people have their opinions, even if their opinions are bad. It's called freedom, but they want to take that away. So it's all just these false arguments, but boy I'll, tell you what man look at the screen there you go were here we or at the air. Now, where fifty one percent of Americans believe the first time it should be updated, Was that really me on look look. Let me let me walk coming back to court myself what it really means: okay, updated to reflect our society. That could mean to improve speech, but they do say as far as punishment. Fifty four percent of those Americans surveyed found. They would prefer a possible jail time. I'll, tell you what man that we we've already seen it: okay, whether you wanted it or not there, but people have been locked up for rap lyrics in the United States. Yup! It's worse in the! U K, but
happening here and dog I'll get worse. They will everything we see is flowing in one direction. So what can you expect I will I will walk back. I guess you know with my main channel video about Kanye, West and conservative Christianity and things like that Trump landslide. Maybe people are finally
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