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Kavanaugh Accuser CONFESSED To Making False Accusation

2018-11-03 | 🔗

False Kavanaugh Allegations Are Backfiring On The Left as we now learn of a fourth person to recant on their allegations. This means there are three complete retractions of claims against Brett Kavanaugh and one partial retraction.Throughout the process Democrats tried to use claims against Kavanaugh to derail him but many thought these allegations were to absurd to be true. We now have a woman completely confessing to making everything up. According to Grassley this woman is a left wing activist who intended to derail Kavanaugh

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The Cavenaugh hearings are long since over and Brett Cabinet is a Supreme Court justice, but the fall out from the democratic, energy to derail him continues. There are now four referrals ass the eye in the OJ over false allegations made against brought Cavanaugh. The latest is that, according to chunk rashly a left wing activist has confessed to making up the claims in order to get attention and to try and derailed Red Cavanaugh confirmation hearing. That means there are for people who have either partially or completely retracted their claims against Cavanaugh now I dont know why the Democrats decided to use this strategy when there are legitimate reasons to question Brett Cavanaugh, but perhaps because they thought they were going to lose no matter what and this is what they decided to use against him, but it didn't work, their plan failed and now they are facing the repercussions. So today, let's start with the breaking news: the letter from Chuck gradually referring this woman
to the d o j and ass the eye of a whore get started. Please repatriation, dotcom, forts, lashed him cast help support my work patrons either. the content I drink. So, if you like what I do- and you want to see more videos, please go to patriotic outcome and become a patron today. From USA. Today quote, I was angry, the end I sent it forth. Cavanaugh accuser referred to FBI after recanting. They say just days before the mid term elections, Senator Chuck gradually asked the federal authorities on Friday to investigate another person. He says, made false claims against Supreme Court Justice, Brett Cavanaugh, gradually in a letter to the Justice payment and FBI said a woman by the name of Judy Monroe Layton took responsibility for offering anonymous letter that made allegations against Brett Cavanaugh after she was tracked down and interviewed by Senate investigators, the woman recant. And said she was not the author and had never met. Cavenaugh grassy claims that women as a left wing activist and told investigators. It was just a ploy. He wrote the letter
her full comments, two investigators were not made available and efforts by USA today to reach Monroe Layton were unsuccessful. The letter marks the fourth request. Grassy has made two federal authorities to investigate those involved in the controversial Cavenaugh proceedings, Which were extended due to a series of assault allegation surfacing when cabinet was in high school and college Cavanaugh has denied all the allegations Lastly, has thus far asked federal authorities to investigate Julie, Sweat, Nick who accused cabinet of drunken behaviour and assault Michael overnight. Her lawyer, who also represented Stormy Daniels and a man who was never publicly identified but recanted an allegation he'd made against Cavanaugh. We now have three complete retraction and one partial Julie, sweat. Walked back some of her claims. In an interview with NBC News, the unnamed woman presented by
Michael of Energy, as a witness to what exclaims retracted, basically everything and are effective it and said that Michael Avenue Knotty twisted her words? We then had a man who made claims about Brett Cavanaugh in Rhode, Island retract, his claims and now a fourth woman. According to tuck, grassland is confessing to making everything up according to a letter sent by gradually about the latest story and the latest retraction they say, committee investigators began investing Miss Monroe, lightens allegations given her relatively unique name many investigators were able to use Opensource research to locate, Miss Monroe Light and a determined that she has won a left wing activist two decades, older than Judge Cabinet and three lives in neither Washington DC nor California, but in Kentucky in order to investigate her claims committee investigators, first attempt to reach her by phone and October third twenty team, but were unsuccessful. On October, twenty ninth committee investigators again attended to contact leaving the voicemail in Response
Miss Monroe Layton left Committee investigating a voice mail first, twenty eighteen, they say, but she admitted no. No, no. I did that as a way to grab attention. I am not Jane DOE, but I did read Jane Doze Letter. I read the transcript of the call to your committee. I sought online. It was news. She further confessed to the committee investigators. One she just wanted to get attention to. It was a tactic and three that was just a ploy. She told committee investigators that she had called Congress multiple times during the Cavanaugh hearing process, including prior to the time Doktor Ford,
The geisha surfaced to oppose his nomination. He ended by saying accordingly, in light of the seriousness of these facts and the threat to these types of actions posed to the committee's ability to perform its constitutional duties. I hope you will give this referral the utmost consideration. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Why did the Democrats use this line of attack against Brett Cavanaugh? They could have gone after his record the things he has written about in terms of the National Defence Authorization ACT, warrantless wiretapping extra judicial assassination, but instead they decided to bring about an uncorroborated allegation against him. Christine Bossy Ford didn't have any witnesses who could cross border story. She didn't know how she got to the party. She didn't know what time it happen She didn't even know where it happened. No one confirmed anything. She said the claims weren't even that strong to begin with. Then we had Deborah Ramirez, who wasn't even sure if the person she was accusing was bred. Cavanaugh vengefully sweating came out with these ridiculous and extremely unbelievable claims about the
parties were men would lie about set of rooms to abuse women. Many Democrats felt that Michael over ninety, bringing this forward actually hurt their strategy against bright Cavanaugh, but why would they try this line of attack anyway? You could challenge Cavenaugh, but if you want to ask me, I think there's one good reason: it's because the Democrats also support the things that prick Cavanaugh supports and if they call him out for it, then they would be restricted as well. I also think they they decided to use this line of attack, because it was the only thing they could do to actually derail cabinet, but as we are learning now for people, one person partial retracted three others have completely retracted their claim. So what is a reasonable person supposed to believe this close submit terms that we should believe all women, well now we're learning, it was lies and I've got another problem with what happened. If you Jane
you wouldn't believe that Red Cavanaugh did these things. Why did you stop the protests after he was confirmed? I dont believe any of this is honest. If you think that someone who committed the atrocities that brought Kevin, I was accused of doing made it a supreme court you'd think the protests would not stop. Instead, they disappeared. The moment Cavanaugh was confirmed. Is that a little weird that kind of bother but it didn't disappear for Republicans, because Chuck rashly has continually referred these individuals to the FBI and the deal J for criminal investigation. This is the type of thing that worries me. The idea that there is no truth, but power or that might makes right user fascistic philosophies, and we are seeing time and time again. People on the left are trying to use lies to win politically three people completely retracted their claims against Cavanaugh. This is not up for it.
Spute these people live for what reason we don't necessarily know at least one of them accordingly. Chuck gradually lied because she was trying to derail Cavanaugh. We can only assume the two other complete retraction are due to the same thing, at least one instance, the woman who was unmaimed and retracted. Her claims that opportunity twisted her words and refuse to confirm the details from the affidavit. As for why sweat, Nick Partial we're trying to some other claims. I have no idea, but it definitely seems like these, where false allegations meant to win politically for the left, regardless of what was true, regardless of the character of Bread Cavanaugh, regardless of what he even believed. As a as a federal judge, they would rather bring about a false line of attack and I'm not saying they. As in all the Democrats, the individuals on the left, who felt it was appropriate to lie to gain power that
scares me on my second channel yesterday. I talked about why I didn't want to vote for Democrats and its things like this. When I look at the Republicans, I look at people who aren't perfect by no means many politicians who do the same thing as everybody else. Many republican politicians who have no idea what's going on and they push for things that I don't believe in, but for the most part there doing what they have always done, sometimes shady. Typically, it's just run of the mill politics they believe in policies I don't agree with, but when I look at the left, I see calls for violence from your mainstream left wing. Personalities on twitter, icy calls for incivility from politicians, and I see people making false allegations against somebody disrupting their life, damaging their credibility for no real. And other than they want power. They don't want this Supreme Court justice to be on the Supreme Court, and that is not how politics is supposed to work. Donald Trump, one, the presidency, in my opinion, for the most part, because the law Has abandoned the working class in favour of identity terrorism, they would say
that a millionaire who is a minority has less privileged than a homeless white men. In many circumstances, not all onawandah blanket everybody, but its talk like this. That worries the white Working class in this country. So they voted for Trump the left lost the Democrats, strategy of embracing identity, politics didn't work and because of that, tromp is, well to nominate judges, as you see, fits in response. False allegations this this terrifies me of where this country might be going. If the philosophy of there is no truth but power and might makes right continues to be prevalent among the laugh and I'm not saying the archive on the right who don't also agree, but for the most part, as I said when I left the Republicans their due. the same thing. They ve always done. A lot of. I disagree with a lot of their policy, but the left is becoming in my opinion, particularly scary. I could rant on the sub
for a really long time, phenomena and now, let me note thing in the comments below the MID terms- are coming up and these referrals keep happening. If it's true that this woman did confess, I dont believe that Chuck grassland lying to the FBI, I think this is legitimate and we know some of the other false accusations were retracted. It's in the news. Why would they do it? And how do you think it's gonna impact the mid terms, because for me I'll say for the millionth time it's it is terrifying that this is the strategy being employed, but an uncommon below keep a conversation going. You can follow me on Twitter at TIM, cast, stay tuned new videos every day at four p m, and I've got more videos coming up on. My second channel Youtube got consolation. Comcast NEWS, starting at six p m. So again, thank sprang up and I'll see you next.
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