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Largest US Militia REFUSES To Recognize Biden As President, Leftists Attack Trump Rally Attendees


This past weekend saw violence erupt in DC as leftists like Antifa and BLM came and attacked Trump supporters.This is the nightmare scenario we were worried about as neither side will recognize the other.Joe Biden is the projected winner of the election but the results have not yet been certified thus Trump still has a chance to dispute the results and is still the president.No one seems to know what will happen. While many expect a peaceful transition at some point others feel like something else is coming as neither side is backing down.

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This past weekend, Trump supporters descended upon Washington DC to protest, what they view as stolen election. Now some estimates say about a hundred thousand people showed up. Some trump supporters say was around two hundred thousand arrive the actual numbers, but of course the people Oh don't like drops, it was smaller and the people who do say was bigger, but that's neither here nor there. There were regular Americans showing up in DC to lawfully and peacefully protest. They were brutally attacked. Far left us, like Antiphon Black lives matter against, working people beating them and even throwing explosives at one restaurant, while diners we're just trying to eat it, resulted nearly two dozen arrests and it shows us the political divide in the country has only got worse and I'll. Tell you as some read the news every day trying to figure out what's really going
and it is becoming increasingly difficult as these two different views these there there's there's two different realities, and now they are completely separated. There is not even any overlap anymore either. Donald Trump had the elections stolen from him from a rigged system with dominion and there's there is evidence of voter fraud from affidavits or Joe Biden President lacked and Trump is just being a sore loser, there's no real middle ground. For the most part, although some people are trying to say listen, if there is evidence of voter fraught and there is definitive proof, not necessarily, we should absolutely investigate it. Of course, many trump supporters have gotten at me because I'm not adamantly on their side and, of course, the left. Well, they ve always been mad at me because I voted for tromp or whatever. But at this event we heard from America's largest militia the oath keepers the end planet reports. America's largest militia says it will refuse to recognise Biden as president and resist his administration. Anything you
signs into law. We won't recognised as legitimate oath keepers founder says now. I believe he may actually referring to just general trumped supporters and people at the event, but I do, I do think it significant. this guy is now the founder of the largest militia in the country. Many people have been worried about. What's going to happen, that no one's going to accept the results of the election. If, if Trump somehow ends up pulling off a win, then the left is going to absolutely lose their minds and now were kind of in this com before the storm. You see, I think many people on the right may trump supporters are being particularly com because the races in Dover, I can't imagine Trump supporters going around getting violent and destroying things. However, that doesn't seem to fit the ammo of most trump supporters according to pulling the public's gonna be disappointed, but there are many people who feel that we are facing an existential
ISIS, you ve got talk of something called the great reset. The World Economic Forum says now is our chance to reset global capitalism. We ve just introduce talk about this idea and we are seeing mass covered lockdown brought about by democratic governors which is destroying the. U S economy, many people look to Sweden and say they didn't locked down and they seem to be fine, so why this action? Why are Democrats He came to shut everything down. Why is Joe Biden covert adviser, saying we should have a national lockdown when the World Health Organization isn't that is going to ignite extra intentions and we are already seeing it nearly a two dozen people are I said in DC brutally attacking trump supporters all on video
I'm worried about what happens on December fifteenth or on the fourteenth when we get official certification, maybe every one just calms down, but I kind of don't feel like that's possible because truth be told even after Joe Biden was projected the winner by the media. The left is still coming out and beating random people at a certain point, people on the right or pagoda be like nope. When our hearing it the largest militia, says we're not going to recognise a President Biden were also hearing from trumps covert adviser Scott ATLAS, calling on people of Michigan to resist their governors orders on uncovered. We are literally seeing different government officials and individuals and both sides- the divide, just getting worse and worse every day has got ATLAS telling people to resist the covered lockdown. I understand why you would say it, but doesn't that kind of worry you I mean it worries me. I know that there are people
people who say we're gonna be on both sides. I think the government its unconstitutional, what they have been doing and the world Organization- has rejected these lockdown. So it's insane to me that Governor Whittemore would do this. We already saw what happened previously with these anti government Anika's types getting arrested over a plot to kidnap her seems like the political divide in this country is just going to keep getting worse. But let's, let's go through the latest news, because I do think it's getting serious. I want to talk a little bit about the fraud claims from the Republicans and what their thank right now in response to this violence and whether or not they recognize Joe Biden before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome, Slash donate. If you would like to support my work, there are many wage and give gotta p o box. You want to send me some stuff
Then you can do is share this video. If you like the work, I do think what I am presenting is rational, reasonable unimportant sharing. It is the best way support the channel, but don't forget to like share subscribe. Let's read the first story from the independent. They say the largest militia group in the. U S will refer views to recognise President Elect Joe Biden as the nations duly elected leader when he has sworn in on twentieth January, twenty twenty one, the oath keepers and armed right wing organization that boasts tens of thousands of members of law enforcement and military backgrounds was one of several groups to demonstrate in Washington over the weekend. At the million Muggah March in support of our trump who news networks, project has lost the twenty twenty election quote. I think about half this country won't recognize Biden as legitimate. They won't recognize this election Stuart Roads
bounded. The oath keepers told the independent on Saturday in the nations capital on a stop right there before region, I think they're, giving us sensational buzz. He said I think about half this country will recognise Joe Biden. I think it's fair, I think about half this country little bit. Less didn't recognize, Donald, trumps presidency, even Nancy Palazzo other politicians were saying. Tromp was illegitimate. Maybe we will just see fit. four years of the same kind of political tension politicking that we saw in the four in the four years of Trump. Honestly, I don't know, but, as things have started to escalate over the past several years, with a trump
I didn't see they're not going to similar down before we see more tensions, division and violence. As we move on with a potential Biden presidency, I point out as well just because the media projects, Joe Biden, one, doesn't mean he did. We still have to go through the dispute process and then we go to the electorate. They pick the electoral they re assign the electors in the state level. Then they go in vote at the federal level and then on the fourteenth, we'll see how things play up roads goes on does. What that means is that everything that comes out of his mouth will be considered not of any force or affect anything he signs into law. We won't recognize, as legitimate will be very much like the founding fathers will end up nullifying and resisting, of course, the
dependent is making it seem like he's talking about his militia, but he said half the country, so I don't think he's giving any orders to his group, but I do think it's fair to say if he feels that way. Probably the people in the oath keepers feel the weight felt feel similarly as well. They say that they say thousands of trumped supporters, including members of far right groups, participated in the march, which was pervaded by a sense that twenty three election was stolen from Mr Trump. Despite filing several lawsuits in key swing states that truck campaign has not provided any evidence of substance. A vote of fraud that we have swung any of them in his favour. Ominous stop right there you see what they do here, substantial, because the Trop campaign has provided evidence of fraud evidence, as we went over the other day, is defined as signs or India patient of some thing, so yes Paul workers signing sworn affidavits. U S p s whistle blowers talking about backdating, and there is something called the voter integrity for finding that there are thousands upon thousands of people who may.
Voted illegally because they changed their address. Maybe no longer live in these states. Well, those are all signs and indications are potential fraud. Naturally, many people on the right are going to accept it because or hearing for the Deasey Chief, the weekend of violence is the worst of the country that you don't and you don't see that here, police chief said officers confiscated, seven handguns and one unique weapon. This to me is one of the most worrying thing. Look, we saw the violence, you probably seen the videos, the left and the right posting videos claiming ones. Side was worse than the other in many vague, that have gone viral left us, her saying all the proud boys they came and they attacked us now only problem. You went to their event and the left does this all the time. It is rare that right wing groups shop to left wing events, it's happened, but it's extremely rare,
bunch of truck supporters want to March the street peacefully, and you show up. Ok right, wingers should attack you for it, but based on the fact that left tends to be the one starting the fights. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case in most scenarios, most more circumstances, Andy no journalist published a clip of a man getting sucker punched he's walking, and someone comes up behind him and just punch them in the face dropping into the ground and another people kick him and had the left was furious. They were outraged how dare Andy, no clip this video out of context, and then they show the full context they claimed in the full context. This man angrily walks into a crowd of left essence, art swinging in heading people and they say see he started the fight and then I can
arguments of people were there like wow Andy. No, how could he do that? How could he poses out of context video? You see. This is all part of the propaganda war. That's currently going on right now, because the video the left published doesn't actually show the fallen counter either in the full encounter. Several men walk to a police line. They ask the police to let them leave because there's an angry mob behind them. The police say no. These people then start walking through the crowd to leave when Anti Fund button blacklist better left to start hitting them. There's some exchanges, some shoving some pushing and the at one point one man even says: please we just something ineffective, we're just we're leaving! Please
we're doing anything, we're leaving. No, the leftist won't have it they shoved these guys. They hit them, and these PETE. These guys try running away eventually they round the corner, and then we see this guy step up to defend them and start pushing on the people who had been attacking them, shoving them back and that's when you get sucker punched, that's the full context but you know what I'm not super concerned about how people, in the last hour framing against people on the right lines have been drawn a long time ago, the tribes the exist. The left is adamant that therein right well that I want to watch the velvet as the don't care they want the emotional satisfaction of attacking the other, the Orange man and his supporters. The evil and thus fighting is going to continue, and I think it's just going to continue to ethical escalate, because it's not just
about whether or not Orangemen is bad or these people that anything, I think for the most part for the left. They just are filled with hate and they want to attack people when tromp supporters come out and wave little american flags and say support the police there, not targeting anyone there expressing themselves when the left shows up it's all ways in response to the fact that air transport is expressing themselves because the left is fuelled by hate and anger and that's why they get violent and that's why it's working less likely to see right. Wing groups shown up the left wing events, but from this you do end up with groups like the proud boys who yeah in many instances do want to fight the far left and win and its because there now getting angry, but it's the left that typically comes to the right. As we start to move into the next wave of what is supposed to be in a year long lockdown, that's sang quarter,
three of twenty twenty one? I can only imagine that you're going to have many people who reject Joe Biden presidency who are going to reject when he says we need a national, locked up, lockdown or national mask mandate, they're gonna rejected right? Then you're gonna get a bunch of left us who are already really angry locked up in tiny cubicle apartments in their city, no job, no money, nothing to do and rioting, and that's the path that that I think we're on just because Donald Trump lost the election. So, presumably, presumably on saying in the event, Trump does not get certified and it is Joe Biden who wins: that's not going to change the sentiment and the anger. In fact, as we Longs speculated, it's probably going to make things worse.
As we start to move out of the trap administration. Presumably ok, I know we're not there yet, but it's looking more more likely. We can see this from CNN Trump Corona Virus Adviser Scott ATLAS urges Michigan to rise up against new covert nineteen measures, call it whatever you want, but when you have Democrats sang lockdown, supporting antiphon black lives matter, breeding Trop supporters were minding their own business, lying in the media and on social media, and Joe Biden won't defend those who got attacked. Where do you think we are headed? Only getting worse, I don't know the oath keepers will have a hand in it at all and any type of tat, any kind of mass civil unrest or resistance, coups
the war or whenever what kinds of becoming but the independent they certainly want to make that claim. Maybe they're just desperately trying to get those clicks and convince people deserve really happening. Maybe or maybe it's fair to say that Stuart roads is the founder, he's saying we will not do Sweden or we will not recognise Joe Biden presidencies up or perhaps we were we are on the verge of something something that we talk about the great reset, the great recession A conspiracy theory, its literally on the World Economic Forum website, where they talk about intersection, reality helping bring about. You know this. This new era, stakeholder capitalism, now cove it isn't fortunately for us to reset everything, and I wonder what gets in the way of people like Gretchen, Whittemore and other Democrats that want to enact these lockdown the constitution. The constitution gets in their way, and rightfully so that's what it's for
Naturally they don't like it, they are. There have already been calls to get rid of it and I think that's obvious why it's can training the power of government as it's supposed to do. If These people really want to ban hate speech or have their great reset. Oh, you don't have to go the constitution and how you can actually do that, because the states on going to ratify anything like that. But what happens if there is a civil war will? Then the constitution becomes just a piece of paper on they're. There certainly may be some people saying we must keep this shore people, Yoke keepers, their authors to the constitution and they're. Probably many people on the left organs say I don't care Now it seems far fetched to assume that anything like that could really end up happening, but I tell you it feels like, with seventy two point: three million
and people things of actual, like seventy three million or so now he round up Trop voters. I dont think they're going to support Joe Biden enacting a national lockdown. So maybe he won't and there's talk that we may actually have a big lockdown. We'll see street violence isn't subsiding and either story from other Jones. They say the elections troubling message, even if trumped loses America's political civil war isn't over what's whelp this from November. Fourth, mother Jones is saying there is a civil war going on right now over. This is political. They say Mother Jones. If you tell me there is a political civil war and for you, years we ve been watching, people beat each other in the streets and we just had a man in Portland, shoot and kill a trump supporter, and now people have gotten stabbed. I don't I don't know what you call it. I don't know what you're
on a claim, it sounds like nobody wants to be the one to admit we're here. We're here, maybe nothing happens, maybe Joe Biden get sworn in, writing Let raises hand put right and on the Bible becomes president, and then we carry on and we just figure out a way to survive, or maybe this is the calm before the store at least it sounds like. According to Mother Jones, the civil war is over, which means we must be in one single, that violent in the past weaken and you know, hearing Scott ATLAS say resist rise up against Gretchen Whittemore, you gotta government official in the federal government. Telling people to resist a governors orders. Maybe the thing that divides the states this time around is the great we set covered lockdown. Should we locked down the World Health Organization says not to, but the democratic governors don't seem to care, in which case may there will be a hard divide which ultimately brings two.
Some kind of real armed conflict between warring factions. That's what that's why I want to point out the story from Fox NEWS where the police Chief Seti confiscated, seven hand, guns and one unique weapon. You're not gonna have guns in DC, you can't as a very serious federal crime these people, arrested or probably to go away for a long time for doing this, but while all this is going down while people all our saying, they're, not going to recognise a Joe Biden presidency. We ve got accusations that voting machines were read that the election was red. Take a look at the story from washing examiner, democratic senators, warned of potential vote switching by dominion prior to twenty twenty election, the kitchen, not in a letter in sombre fully. Nineteen sought to dominion voting systems which has been mired in controversy, democratic senator.
Lives. With war, Enron widen and Amy Club, which are, and congressmen mark, poke and warned about reports them of machines, switching votes, undisclosed, vulnerabilities and improbable results that threaten the integrity of our elections. The Democrats a year ago, just about believed that they were going to be facing voter fraud and they sent a letter to dominion today, because Joe Biden is the projected winner, they're saying nothing. That means means it does it matter it isn't it doesn't matter if, if you have evidence or not at this point Republicans trying to convince Democrats, they have proof that happened. It's pointless and therein lies the hard divide. There is no navigating against Republicans don't need to convince anyone else, there there's no middle ground anymore. The Democrats can say over and over again
Joe Biden One and that matters to the people who only watch mainstream media and are really paying attention to politics, tromp supporters might say well, hey. Look. Even the Democrats felt this way right, because the Democrats were prepping for some kind of legal battle should they have lost the election and that's why Joe Biden was told not to concede under any circumstances, Trump isn't either. This was inevitable, no matter what happened now, One is going to give up and there that's the big question. I think why is anyone bothering trying to convince anybody that their right or wrong tromp supporters want me to come out and definitively state the election was stolen. That Trump is the true what the laughter sang. Anybody who says that is living in a delusional reality in and Joe Biden has won and hears
The nightmare scenario that we are warned about both President's declaring victory Donald Trump, is declaring victory. His supporters are propping up putting up evidence of voter frog. There was real evidence. Is it systemic evidence that proves Trump One or that Biden cheated it? Not not? Yet, not yet, I argued say no but they're saying they have some evidence, but there is evidence. There are irregularities. There are weird mathematical anomalies and it doesn't matter whether you think it's right or I think it's right. What matters is trumps base says it is and they believe it, and you can't take that away from that. Get you want change their minds. The left is the same way. We you know I can. I can actually show evidence of voter of of a voter fraud signs or indications at voter, fraught occurred and they'll rejected, say no evidence, no evidence or the lad qualifying words like substantial fraud. That way they discredit any actual conversation about this in the end, its its
rigged trumps as Denver Base Dominion Voting systems ruined the election. Do you know what would have happened if Donald Trump One, the left probably would have accused tramp of rigging with dominion because they were already sending these letters out beforehand. The point is it: does it matter? The law suits, in my opinion, don't matter tromp may win, but if he does, the only thing that matters right now is well. The Supreme Court intervene. I don't know and in fact we have with a breaking story, Supreme Court declines to take up Pennsylvania absentee ballot case. Republicans have asked the high court to block all absentee bout that arrived in Pennsylvania after election day. It doesn't matter because if a Supreme Court does intervene and Donald Trump is then chosen me, the president, the left will just explode and I think that if tromp doesn't pot find his way through, this added ends up with Joe Biden B.
the one who gets inaugurated. Then the right is going to explode, albeit in very different ways. It won't be the same right. The right isn't going to go around and pull a black lives matter, anti fuss smashing when doesn't destroying storefront, but you may see armed militia groups, occupying neighbourhood, saying we reject the governor. We reject the president. I don't know to expect. I cannot tell you this. Nothing indicates unity. Now, of course, we see the Joe Biden and laughed and Democrat saying now is the time to heal, because the Democrats now they know that their projected a get the power one. I want to come together except the far left says: no, we refuse and the Trump supporters say the same thing. Why would we unite with you after four years being insulted, lied about an smeared as with every every slur in the book and then annual came beat us up, so they won't back down. So what ends happening?
on actual resistance like armed insurgency, I mean the farmer, doesn't like Biden either. All that's happened with Abiden presidency is unique I'll, have the angry leftist faction, who hates the aunt you know hates the angry rightwing factions. Both both groups focused on each other and Joe Biden is not gonna. Do anything and his passively uninvolved say the least, and the dude barely campaign and that's what makes me wonder about what's gonna happen next, could there be an act? All civil war like a hot civil war between in factions. You ve got the oath keeper of each according to Wikipedia have, I believe they say. Thirty. Five thousand members- or I think they say this- the organisation claims a membership of thirty five. doesn't as of twenty. Sixteen. Are these people going to form their own patrols their office that the constitution, if Joe Biden Institutes National LAW,
downs in violation of the constitution. What will the peacekeepers do? I don't know? They'll keepers have certainly been you know: smeared pretty heavily by groups like the esp Elsie and, as far as I know, they're kind of a libertarian they that, while Outwit Wikipedia as far right Anti Government Militia Organization Shore, whatever I'm, not I'm not too concerned about what they are, let alone as opposed to that they exist, and I am not saying that to smear or insult them. I'm saying there is a group of people that will likely reject these these, these rulings that will likely reject a Joe Biden presidency and the Our left will continue to be violent. The police have already shown us that they're not going to defend Trump supporters and if Joe Biden ends up becoming president, the police will ab loosely be enforcing these unconstitutional, lock, downs, in which case people like the earthquake, resorting to say you're breaking Supreme LAW of this land.
Why would anyone do anything about it? I mean in the in the legal sense, in the beautiful in the bureaucracy. In the end, the administrations they can't do the things doing. Several states have already lost rulings on these locked down. The constitution forbids it, but they just don't care. The cops will enforce it have told, and they are and that's why I'm dc many of these trump supporters got attacked because the police would not protect them or let them through safely. They told me to go through the crowd, go get beaten by Anti fa and they did I'm still surprise. So many Trop supporters defining the police, because the police are just doing what? What they are told by the politicians in many of these cities, the politicians are Democrats sought or no where we go, but I don't see anything. That's gonna bring us together. In fact, quite the opposite, I think we're sitting on a powder keg and fuses about to go. So that combined with the new covered, lock downs and the huge lines of people desperate for food.
And we are on the verge of something crazy because I'll tell you this. If we end up see, right on the scale of the George Floyd Rights back in June, but this time you ve got armed right wing groups, patrolling that's the powder keg man I'll leave it there not segments come up at six p m over at Youtube Outcomes, lashed him CAS news. It is a different channel. Thanks, rang it up and I will see while then my friends I read the news every single day I write It's so many stories and often the same story from different outlets. That's how sometimes I see through the false framing and the bs. I try to go to the source. I do actual journalism. I know people like to push this lie that, ass for comments. I dont do original research. I don't call people. None of that is true. I do for the most part, the overall majority of what I do is just opinion commentary on existing news articles, but I often do follow up and in this instance I have found what appears to be
and maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm wrong when the most brazen and desperate attempts at discrediting Donald Trump, I've ever seen reminded of a quote That's Michael malice, said Anne tweeted out by Michael sort of which, if they weren't losing the propaganda, wouldn't be necessary, and I thought about that when I saw this story which states trump tweets, I won the election shortly after his campaign drops key claim that seven hundred thousand mail in ballots were illegally process without GEO people, watchers present in Pennsylvania, wow the Trump campaign dropped their key argument that could flip Pennsylvania or freezing. I can't believe that everybody I know I can't- and I didn't literally
We believe it so. I checked more sources about politico Trump campaign pairs back federal suit over Pennsylvania election results. The suit deletes allegations about pull watchers. My friends, I dont know what they hope to gain by lying to people to this degree. But this is not true. I actually have the lawsuit politico linked to me too. It was not the most arduous research have ever done, so maybe political made a mistake and paired and posted the wrong amended lawsuit, but that would mean Rudy Julie, ugly, posted there. On one do so. What is this wow trumps tweeting out now? Caps, I won the election and arm like Trump give us evidence. Ok, I know
you know, Giuliani in city pile of sad. We can't release it just yet, but we got a bunch and I'm like that's fantastic. I reserve judgment because everybody is demanding it up. We are winning we on the right side. Trump is losing a duty. Look we're going through the process. That's what I'm gonna. Do you published the evidence I'll go through the but since the news, media and numerous web outlets, like the Washington Post, makes the same claim, they all make the same claim, and it's not true, my friends. Either these journalists don't actually do any reporting at all, which is part of the case or their wilfully lying. But for what reason it the lying about what trumpets suing for isn't going to change what he is suing for, maybe they're trying to erode trumps base of support. That seems likely. There was a big story that trumps fundraising for Thee recount fund.
went to paying back his debt and I see all these stories everywhere and then I went to trumps actual site. for what was win read for one raising and it didn't say what they claimed it said now. Maybe it's because a truck campaign removed some fine print, don't ever, but they claimed it said. Fifty percent would go back to pay off their debts. When I went and looked at it, it said it would go to some political action committee may be they did that to do to protect themselves when the story came up. Oh no word an elusive maybe I gotta tell you I'm not confident and Donald Trump chances of pulling this off because they have given me no reason to believe it other than trot coming out thing. I've won the election, there's rigging, there's fraud now itself here? You do I see this stuff, but it still doesn't give me any reason to believe we are changing tracks towards a Trump victory. There is a legal path.
And news outlets. I'm busy, particularly there still writing about trumps attempt to jam up certification in an effort to force a delegation vote a contingency election aren't what's gonna happen, it's not done until they ve certified the until the electors vote actually, and I gotta be honest. I don't think it's even done until Joe Biden inaugurated and Trot waves goodbye and leaves the White House so until then I can not. I can't tell you who's, gonna win and who's gonna lose or what's going on and on- and I put it this way- the media, of course dictator for Joe Biden elections over well sure if you're going by just public counting of votes. I understand that's why you would probably say that right now, Joe Biden is projected, I should say the results are I'll finalized, not certified. Some states have certified, but it puts Joe Biden at three o six, a trumps to thirty two putting Joe Biden on track for victory.
But the drop campaign is still suing and one of them. One of the principal arguments is that there is no adequate relief for seven hundred thousand bouts that were that were counted without adequate representation and meaningful access. They're asking the court to free certification. So why am I look? I know I know we can talk all day, not about the election. Who's gonna win its trump really on track. Might bigger question is what is this? Take a look at this further showed you the daily mail saying they drop, As I say, the daily mail says they dropped the claim, the key climate, one hundred thousand melon doubts were legally processed. It dropped the allegation that six on
an eighty two thousand foreigners and nine million and absentee belts were legally process without its representative watching the suit maintains democratic voters were treated more favourably. The republican voters, it charges that democratic heavy counties violate the law by dent defying mail and bows before election day that a defects or the voter could fix them. Here's politico, they say President Donald Trump campaign has dramatically scaled back. Its federal lawsuit, challenging the election results in Pennsylvania, dropping legal claims stemming from observers who assert they were blocked from viewing vote, counting in counties damage to buy the crest, the retrenched version of the suit Fahd late Sunday morning with a federal court and Williams Port Ba, withdrew the request for relief over the pole watching allegations and now focuses solely on varying practices by county official. For handling melon bout that lacks an internal secrecy envelope or otherwise ran a foul of the states alike
rules. See this right here. Ok, that's tell you what that this is a link to you to the suit they claim, Rudy Giuliani also linked to it saying to read some paragraphs, one thirty, two thirty one, fifty maybe political, linked the wrong document. I guess, but then they didn't even read what they linked as so I'd, either way they failed. But look like they say. The truck campaign argues that troms constitutional were violated because some counties made efforts to contact voters who bought their melon bouts while other counties made. So no such outreach, the legal move, appears to narrow the number of votes at stake in the federal suit to a few thousand or less officials in one suburban, Philadelphia, County Montgomery, said at a court hearing earlier this month that they believe about ninety three ballots were cured with President Elect Joe Biden. Nearly sixty nine thousand
but to have dropped in the Keystone state. The number of cure bout seems likely to be too small to matter. However, the revised version of Trumps campaign federal court suit continues to ask for a court order, barring Pennsylvania Secretary of State CARE, Cathy Book, far from certifying the state what election result for president, the trunk campaign is continued presence legal claims about the pull watching issues in state court Tromp had some success on that front: winning an order in Pennsylvania that allowed some of our observers to get closer about as they were being counted. The city of Philadelphia has appealed that water to the state Supreme Court. Ok, all right all right! Let me show you the actual suit. Let's stop playing games. First, here's ready Giuliani, he responded. to the story, except that I just read you I imagine this guy has a reading deficit. He didn't read paragraphs one hundred and thirty, two to one hundred and fifty of the amended complaint. I guess
hundred and eighty thousand seven hundred seven seven hundred seventy on inspected unlawful, unlawful mail in votes isn't enough, while we will find more before trial. This is the document that political, themselves linked to. I can only assume that gross negligence. I fully respect Possibility that man, I'm just not a lawyer, I have no idea what I'm talkin about fine, but if Rudy Giuliani, who filed the claim, and as a lawyer is saying this is so read these things. A cursory view of these paragraphs say uneven treatment of watchers and representatives at the county elections election boards. Canvassing of ballots on even treatment, specifically going through the fact that they weren't allowed meaningful.
access? I can only imagine that politico has more than just a reading deficit, some kind of cognitive deficiency, and I mean that with no no disrespect for the differently able, I quite literally mean these people are unable to process information or they're lying yacht. Perhaps the law
There is the case, so I decided to say: ok Rudy. How do you respond to this? Because what I do all day, ok, political made a claim. The daily mail made Acclaim Washington Post made a claim rooted. Johnny said: did you read it? I said: ok, I'll read it. I did it's crazy to me that they're trying to push this narrative and politico that the amount of ballots at stake won't even affect the outcome. Therefore, why would they stop what? Why would they not certify results? They literally say six hundred. This is insane pack paragraph one thirty, two as ready Giuliani, says to read its here in every instance. Weren't absentee or mail in ballot is open and canvas by a county election board. Pull watchers and canvas representatives are legally permitted, be present, pole watches in Canada.
preventative serve the important purpose of assuring the voters would get it. Defendants have not allowed watchers and representatives to be present when the required declarations on envelopes containing official, absentee and mail in boats are reviewed forces for sufficiency when the ballot envelopes are open and when such ballots are counted unrecorded instead. Watchers were kept by security. Personnel and a metal barricade from the area where the review opening and counting were taking place. Consequently, it was physically impossible to view the envelopes are ballots in Centre county. The central pre canvassing location was a large ballroom set up was such that the pole watchers did not have meaningful access to observe the canvassing and tabulation process of mail in and absentee ballots, and in fact the pull watchers and observers who are present could not actually observed about such as it such that they could confirm or object to the validity of the ballots in Philadelphia County.
pull watchers and canvas representatives were denied access altogether. In some instances in Delaware, county observers were denied access to a backroom counting area after a court ordered injunction. The pole, watches and canvas representatives were finally allowed in the room in the back room cunning area of Ember fifth to observe, but only four five every two hours during the allowed observation time in the back room, counting area, the observers witnessed tens of thousands of paper ballots. Other Pennsylvania counties provided watchers with appropriate access to view about, as required by Commonwealth Lop However, defendants intentionally denied the Trump campaign access to unobstructed observation and ensure opacity, the denying plaintiffs and residents of Pennsylvania, the equal protection of the law
with particular regard to the Philadelphia County Board of elections. The board would not permit the trumps campaign watchers to be within six feet of all aspects. I'm going to stop here. It's the exact same argument: they've been making what they revised it and put it back in. Why did why did the daily mail, political, Washington, Post and many others say? That's not true how strange in fact they actually bring up the hard number paragraph, one hundred and forty two of the document that political themselves linked to it is estimated at six hundred and eighty thousand seven hundred and seventy we're processed by the Alleghany and Philadelphia County Board of elections with when no observe observation was allowed. A shocking number of male in boats have, inexplicably, inexplicably appeared and county since November for ballot reports, for instance in Delaware, county the counties Wednesday November fourth report
indicated that Delaware County reported at a received around one hundred thirteen thousand melon ballots and counted approximately ninety three voted ballots on the next day November. Fifth, the secretary, the Commonwealth for thirty report, reflected that Delaware Count yet received about a hundred fourteen thousand belts. Several hours later, the Delaware County solicitor reported to an observer, the county received about a hundred and twenty six thousand than a hundred and twenty two I'm sorry and counted about hundred twenty two. Then they said their website reflects they count about a hundred twenty seven plaintives ever received no explanation for where the additional fourteen thousand voted ballots came from when they arrived or why they were included in the current count. Okay, so what's it all about, That's an ex! That's in the suit. Now there are paragraphs stricken one of em says: defenders of also violate the equal protection clause that was stricken. They mention melon bouts received at four p m on election day and a new it for emergency judicial intervention basic.
They reasserting what was removed in the past paragraph, It seems like maybe really jewel any just streamlined document, whereas each into you'll argument kind of sad hears our proposal. Now it's like here the arguments and here's what we're asking for in terms of injunction relief. They say need for emergency due to judicial intervention, the Eagle clause mandates the Commonwealth provide and using every county the same statewide, uniform standards and regulations and conducting statewide or multi county elections involving federal candidates included without limitation to without imitation the standards and regulations providing for the casting of counting counting votes. So this we understand. Ok, let's jumped down and there's a bunch of stuff they they stay struck out of this. But what are they asking for? I just read you one of the arguments they ve brought forth. The media claimed doesn't exist, they going to mention the fourteenth a man.
And denial of equal protection to exactly what I have said. They ve been arguing for for the past week hour and a half hour. So exactly what Rodya said they ve been arguing for, and they include the fact they weren't, even meaning meaningful access to observe tabulation process. They have an added- or this bears multiple arguments here as well they gonna say. You know basically citing these these. These protests rulings accorded the Supreme Court. The Fourteenth Amendment United States protects the right of all qualified, says citizens to vote in federal elections. Consequently, state election laws may not deny to any person within the states jurisdiction the equal protection of laws citing Bush Vigo. Basically, you can't have different processes, for how are you account votes and that's basically, what happened? in two thousand, they said some counties were counting bouts differently than other counties, so the solution was stopped. The recount not discard the votes, none of that stop counting George W Bush. On that
the solutions being proposed here is an injunction basically saying you can't certify the results, because there's no, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! You do they say wherefore in addition to any other, affirmative relief at the court may deem necessary. Improper plaintive asked this court to enter judgment in their favour and provide the following alternative relief. First, an order, declaration and or injunction that prohibits the Defendant County Board. Elections and definite secretary book far from certifying the results of the twenty twenty general election in Pennsylvania on a commonwealth wide basis, they struck out too and then added a new I'm an unamended too. In addition to the alternative request for relief and ordered declaration and or injunction that prohibits defendants from certifying the result of the general elections, which include the tabulation of absentee and mail in ballots, which defended improperly permitted to be cured
a temper, a restraining order and preliminary injunction granting the above relief during dependency of this action. Plaintiffs, reasonable cost, an expenses of this action, including attorneys fees and costs, and all other further relief to which plaintiffs might be entitled. They struck out November, ninth and change it to fifteenth they removed porter right and Morris. Why did Rudy Giuliani. Why did what do they do? They put an ear Linda occurrence, interesting? I believe she is still of porter right. I could be wrong, but why the change to this document be because the Lincoln Project left us and Resistance Democrats. Never trumpeters began harassing Donald Trump legal team, Porter right, Porter, right, Morrison, Arthur, and then they said we want to quit this.
we want to leave? My understanding was that if they were not allowed to leave, then the basically the form would would jump out and Linda occurrence of a law office of London Currents would come in instead, so it seems like porter right is out simple explanation. For why they have put in an amended argument, different lawyer, arguing in their words, maybe streamlining the process. I don't know my this year, I am not a lawyer Mckenna pretend to know, but it seems like a and at a reasonable reading of this legal document. Is it they're calling for an injunction to prohibit certifying the Pennsylvania's results, taking away twenty electoral votes for Joe Biden, it's gonna put him about to eighty six he's not gonna lose trot, needs to then get seventeen electoral votes frozen
It's possible. I don't know which state he might go for next. To put probably can be one of the swings states whether actually filing lawsuits. More importantly, this is going to. I believe this is this. Is the federal court if they get this Supreme Court and find similarly, it may have an impact on other states. Tromp may pull out some kind of Frazier triple Hell, Mary Quadruple, Adele Mary. I honestly just don't think it's likely, but far be it from me to assert what I think is going to like the look. Don't take my word for it. I have given predictions in the past and there are certain things I just can't predict I'll. Tell you this my my my head says Joe Biden, it's it's Joe Biden, but does not feel weird Jesse
Others did a segment about this way. It was like some doesn't feel right. Like Joe Biden didn't campaign, he was like hiding most of the time and now he's ahead. It just doesn't make sense, so we're had put it happens or maybe there's fraud. While at the process play out, I got a bunch of tweets to go through the first thought she's. Well, I showed you the quote: if they weren't losing the propaganda wouldn't be necessary. I mostly agree with this. If they were, if they, if they had been guaranteed, the victory they wouldn't needed desperately trying to lie and claim that what's happening isn't really happening. This is the craziest thing to me. Look look look at the daily mail set. This is nuts. They said they dropped. The key claim that seven hundred thousand Milon bouts, where legally process without pull watchers. Then what did I just read? What are they trying to know what they're trying to say they even use the word pull watcher six hundred age,
thousand ballots in the in the legal document. Where did this come from, and why are they just trying to erode trumps supporters? Maybe they are trying to make people thank Trump is giving up that seem strange to me. I think the simple solution is that these people didn't read it. somebody saw that the the initial portion about Paul watching was stricken and then didn't actually read the full document, because eighty six pages, Heaven forbid these people do real. and then made the assumption: woe they removed it wrote it up and then all the other Alex just ran with it linking the document. Without reading it actually read through the plot and read the whole thing either. So maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should have read the beginning
it's like later on. In this document. We're gonna make an argument, pull watching, but ignore that which makes no sense. So I really don't think that's the case. Now, Nicole Arbour, tweeted, here's she said one election is held to citizen votes are counted, three participants may can test procedures. You are here for results are certified. Five elector votes are cast, six elector votes are counted. Seven winner is declared. Some think you are here. we're not Nicole's direct. We are in what she's riding up as stage three, because you could theoretically Adam you know. Election is held an, and you can say too, is citizens cast their votes or get rid of your votes cast either way we are where we are not even at the shortest
states obligation deadline for most of these states. Only a few centuries have even certified and I believe the that they choose electors like that. The deadline is the eighth electors vote on the fourteenth. Normally, I guess it's a formality, but- You know because usually someone concedes will drop. Is it so we're gonna go to the constitutional process, Trump of course tweeting. I won the election and wash, of course, the yacht and anti fascist socialist you to her says no
I did know me. Official sources called this election differently. Did they now, ok, well sure sort of which brought up a really good point? Disregard after Donald Trump sad? I won the election. He pointed out fact: checkers Stacy Abrams lost the elections, but we won't rate this claim to the contrary as false. Basically, they say, Abrams fell short by fifty five thousand votes out of nearly four million cast in a case. Files of election filled with election mischief and fierce disputes. Buddha judge should not be so definitive in his assertion that Abrams would have won, if not for racially motivated measures. But this point we think it's prudent to leave this without a Pinocchio rating, though we may revisit this fact check in if more definitive, thence emerges in the future, no Pinocchio for you, Buddha Judge, because Stacy Abrams, actually one and we all know it is only the fraud, remember, Stacy Abrams lost and then they were like its fraud. Fraud is the only
reason she lost. So then Donald Trump comes out and, as I won, fraud is the only reason I lost and unlike aware it we're here again, would you want to say to this? Ok, that's trumps opinion he's looking at things. I can't see and will see our plays out I'll wait for the evidence. The I didn't outside of the fact that says errands lost. I dont think I wait and very heavily on much of what they were claiming and outside of the fact that I've been saying over and over again we're tracking towards Joe Biden presidency, but were far from finished in this process. I don't know what you expect. Anyone expects me to say. Certainly the drop supporters want me to say: tromp was was cheated and is on track to win any anyone will be defeated. Stuff like that's where you guys menu the Trump supported right like I voted for the guy. That should be good enough for most of you
But listen, maybe I'm totally wrong and and and misunderstanding why their writing this part of me says how could it be this blatant? Certainly, I must have gotten something wrong right. Rudy joint straight up said they. His must not have read the actual paragraphs. Weird, that's very weird: ok, whether still asking for in an injunction and jumped over illegal relief or alternative relief and my understanding from from what a lot of people have said is the long shot. It is a longshot Ellen Dashwoods thanks Trot might win on the the ballots collected after election day. Perhaps as it then and he's a lawyer of unified before me, that isn't gonna be enough to actually change the results. Nor do I think it's gonna convince the Supreme Court or federal court to freeze artificially pencil venue
But I'm not, you know, look I'm not. The judge was well well well, we'll see out plays out and it's not over. Yet as much as everybody wants to say, tromp lose laws just give up. It seems like their fighting really really hard to erode trump space of support. Deliver their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel, thanks brain out then I'll see. Well, then we are back into full on a panic mode. Cnn saying Christmas in the holidays will not be possible. Lock down are hitting almost every state one by one. Here we go baby. Have you been paid attention. They're saying cases are skyrocketing. Doctors are retiring, quitting outright. Some even may go on strike over too many patients. They say the reality is hospitalizations are necessarily going through the roof case
His are, as people are getting tested. Deaths have gone up a little bit, but not all that much. But here we go baby. What's all this about? Well, it's about covered writing covered, you know, kills people, it doesn't have the highest mortality rate. We ve seen for other pandemic but if you know it's serious, should we lock everything down, destroy our economy and cancel a holiday plans? In my opinion, no that's insane and I'm going off the World Health Organization's advice, they're, the ones who said not to do this, but for whatever reason here we go now there may be a reason, the great reset. Ah yes, the great reset, they say it's a conspiracy, fear No, it isn't it's not even it's not even a conspiracy in the sense that they are not hiding that they want to do. This is a public policy position of the World economic forum. The great reset is a plan. I guess to normalize global capitalism in Riyadh tune it for what they call it global stake holders. I guess that means p.
What do you want to live or whatever, but as a very interesting conundrum in this idea that we are well over populate the planet, acidify the oceans and eventually destroy ourselves, and thus something needs to change. But what they're talking about doing? Isn't really that I mean it may be that there is benevolent dictators. It may be that they are the smart elites who know better than the rest of us. Why should I trust them that give me no reason to suggest that, and more importantly, on the surface they just want to re, imagine global capitalism and they do outright say the issue is climate change over population and that we have an opportunity with covert nineteen to make this change and thus we're seeing global economic collapse is gonna, be really weird changes happening in the future, and I have to amend,
then we are on the precipice of some revolutionary change in our culture and society. Donald Trump may have prevented that for several years and maybe somehow Trump will pull out a win, but for now results. The conspiracies the theories webs com or not so relevant, what's relevant now is that people are going to go hungry people are going to become suicidal and kill themselves. People are going to face extreme depression, people in big cities, early locked in their cubicle little apartments and they're gonna go knots will probably end up seeing way more rights because of this here's, the first story, What I think may actually result in absolute chaos. Christmas is not going to be possible CNN. Jake Tapir Rights off the holiday season. Ass doktor found she tells him new covert restrictions will last well into next year, thought you aren't they want a vaccine arrives, it's not going to be a light. Switch tapir, replied so
not until the second or third quarter of point twenty one, though Christmas is probably not going to be possible infectious disease exports, firms- normality wouldn't derive until quarter two or three of twenty one. That means We'll holidays could resume labour day or Thanksgiving twenty twenty one, I'm not convinced. First, they said fifteen days, the slow, the spread and that turned into what nearly a year. Now, what is it? Nine months to slow the spread and counting, but the present the spread didn't stop. Apparently bearing masks, didn't work well enough, I suppose, and now we're sing another major spike in cases. Of course, there are very weird stories like Elon Musk saying it took four tests to or positive to or negative. My favorite story
from the New York Post that I think it was on. What's your name is a name erika by do not entirely sure, but this the singer. She got tested and are left nostril, positive, right, nostrils, negative, ok, sure, fine, whatever what's going on in my opinion it they're saying well, it might not be until the end of next year. The already told us fifteen days now telling us several months a year again, if we got a quarter three that means one year from now. Ok, and the result, in my opinion, is gonna, be they're, not gonna, stop after a year why they want to cry the new normal staying your homes. Everybody is party why I decided to move out into the middle of nowhere as I'm many other people did has been a lot of It was about wealthy individuals, ditching, big cities, moving to Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Iowa, etc. Now I didn't move I'm still relatively close to you know big cities, but pretty much of nowhere lot of space. Lotta land can rum about and gonna do it.
I want outside because there's nobody around not say this, I'm having Christmas, I'm having thanks giving because I live in the middle of nowhere for those are in the big cities. This where everything's is gonna break down. The reason why I said I think this story, will result in absolute chaos is not because I think in the next month or two people gonna be like Christmas, MA them and go nuts. No, I think people are already depressed, separated from love loved ones. Travel restrictions are coming back, it's getting harder and harder to move around, and so people are probably getting lonely. I guess now you enter the fact that the one time of year or there's a couple times out of here, but this Christmas, when families can get
together and celebrate. No, it doesn't necessarily even Christmas. Its Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is when all the families come together. We argue about politics who eat Turkey, cranberry gravy, whatever not gonna happen, so people are already going through proto, prolonged periods of isolation and many people live in cities. Are we're getting evicted the run out of money, they're going hungry and they're getting really really angry. You know our opposition. I think it is. Someone told me that the reason Europe has universal health care as because of world war. Two after world war, two major crisis and people dying in the streets. They had no choice, they couldn't just
nothing. So they sat as part of the war effort. We now need to create some kind of medical system and from there they ve grown. That's my understanding. I could be wrong, I'm not an expert on real european history. Anything like that. I know it's only world war- two, not that long ago, but still not historian. Perhaps what comes of covert and many of these, these left us that its democratic governance doing this see an opportunity for the great reset as its call but, more importantly, an opportunity to say we must have some kind of universal health care, and this would be the hard switch to many people are sick there there in hospitals on their death bed or what
We must do something to prevent the mass death could be used as an excuse, just an idea. Ultimately, what I think's going to happen is we're not going to have doctors, I mean it. I think it's going to become harder and harder to get medical treatment. This is where it gets scary. Let me show you what's happening, a thanksgiving, like no other says the daily mail, thousands of desperate Texans wait in line at drive, thru food Bank in hope of getting one of the seven thousand frozen turkeys ahead of the holiday. They say the Food bank distribution event held by the North Texas Food Bank in Dallas some six hundred thousand pounds of food given away including seven thousand Turkey's we ve, seen these photos over and over again. Now I'll tell you what early this morning I was critical of the daily mail because they were lying or just I'll, write wrong about trumps, lawsuit, to try and flip or or freeze certification, Slovenia, I'm not going to assume they know what you're talking about now, but there are photos and we will see.
stories like this. To the best of my ability is. I believe this is true. Look all these cars, food banks, italian men, were hearing Doctors are starting to retire and resign because they can't handle the workload it's not worth it and they want to be there their families. So what happens? If you break your arm, I hope you're not a treat it. I suggest a couple things right now. He said I want you to do. Take your phone go to the app store. Download, general survival and camping guides down a general guide on how to fish or far more ever, take care of yourself? And I tell you this: it's not because I think the world is going to end. I think we actually have too much food to be completely honest. Americans, China, over Wait if you want to me, but I think that is something people should learn, and no you should learn how to survive on your own, maybe not us survivalist, you know, like you, not discover gentle, but just not a sort of fired take care of yourself, because sometimes it rains these way. To put it
we ve seen so many sensitive natural disasters and floods. Take this stuff seriously learn much can and if I get it was down the Latins survival guide. Here is the kind of things you can eat when you're the middle of nowhere- and here is the kind of things you should avoid. How do you survive a bare attack that kind of stuff I meant it might happen, probably not, but how hard as it down but the sap I'm gonna do something I rare I dont often do, but considering we're talking about a major part of lockdown. I definitely I'm to do this. I'm gonna shoutout, safe and ruddy meals, doc This is a sponsored a shout out these our emergency food bins. I described the food that comes in these things is basically like hamburger helper. Maybe they don't wanna be described that way whatever, but you get like a package on MAC and cheese and powder and you put it water, you start, you know, got a strain or anything super easy. I actually Ethan kind of often because it's just regular food you get at the store. Only difference is that this stuff last a really really long time. There is a wide shouting out to fall. To be completely honest, it does support my channel and can I run,
adds its. How I found my ventures, but, more importantly, I almost don't. I never do stuff like this. The only reason I'm really given the machine, because I've been I've, been offered a ton of sponsorships, unlike offers, I don't do it video games that one really famous game that everyone knows. I won't do it. Never me crazy money. I really do believe in having some kind of emergency food When you see these videos, we see these vote. Of massive lines you dont want to be the person in the food make or more. Portly, maybe you will be, but at least have some emergency enough food supply in the event that we go through us, a sustained period of lockdown. what you need to understand as a couple things there's gonna be mass evictions they're talking about another year of lockdown wheat. Why are we we warned about this earlier in the year? Ok, they're, talking about another year of lockdown, no holidays, the supply chain,
the likely be disrupted. We saw last time I remember going to the store and there was no milk. That's crazy! Gotta get the milk bread nags right, mostly gone, but so that they still had a ton of stuff. It wasn't like. We are starving anything you want to Walmart, then more than enough food, but all the MAC is the crazy thing. The makin Jeez was gone like you know the ruddy MAC and she's things like the veil veto, where it's like Youtube, you open it up, and you just We used this cheese out under than those we're all that, and there was like beans for days and, unlike beans, are kind of what you want. No rice and no flower, though Thou crazy chosen. I'm saying if you want to support the channel and you wanted to such zero check out. Take us take this stuff seriously. Maybe get some sirocco, not that cereal, their pancakes go to safe and ready males outcome just because sometimes it rains look. I know a lot of people. don't want to take this stuff seriously. They think it's gonna. Be fine, listen! I can understand if, in the beginning of last year you know these
people were like: oh Tom, you're, crazy. We don't need to buy a thing of food and emergency food supply last month or whatever we don't need to do that and then a few months. We had mass rioting. The riots, in my opinion, in many people's opinion, were partly due to the pent up rage. People had from being trapped in these cubicle likely gonna happen again. I know maybe not, but why wouldn't it? I'm not predicting some crazy if distant future, I'm talking about what already happened if you want take it seriously. I recommend having some kind of emergency supply outside, tell be completely honest. Remember what Maybe many of you did see that one of the jail Rogan Podcast Jack Dorsey at the end of that I said Jack. If you keep doing stuff like this with Twitter, eventually people organs are gonna, lose it. So I'm building Van self Sustainable Van got its own power. Everything and that's an I'm going to have it partly because in a cool to have like imo our view whatever it was like at the time the Van Life stuff was really popular, but then people's army
in jokes that I was like prepping. Ah, okay. Well, in the event that there is some kind of mass unrest, I'm no longer in a fairly area, and they just holding the riot police like in the past couple of weeks, so it happens but more importantly, The local shops near me, though, that the shelves we're stripped clean. I'm really worried about what's gonna happen because they're they're straight up talking about the great reset now Now you want to call it a conspiracy theory or whenever this is the world. The World Economic Forum website there straight up, saying it they're talking about making these changes, whether or not its intentional. What the locked answered like it doesn't matter. If the lockdown are for the great set or something else what matters is their locking things down. Maybe it's because they they would take advantage of covert. I don't know I tell you this, take a look at the story. Doctors are calling it quits under stress of the pandemic Thoust.
Of medical practices are closing, as doctors and nurses decide to retire early or shift to less intense jobs. Here's this one twenty two hundred Philly area nurses are threatening to strike down Corona virus surge for safe patient limits get a first aid kit, you should have a first aid kit. You should of some water. You should have some food. Ok, look a lot of people like to make fun of papers, but you know was laughing at all of us right now papers, so started slowly buying up. You know some water, some food, some rice and first aid gets because I take seriously the fact that they're going to lock us down for a year. Can I just stress this one: more time, they're saying normality won't arrive until quarter three of twenty twenty one and Kay
look you gotta, listen to me. Maybe I'm just crazy Gara! That's fine! That's what I'm gonna do about little butter, four, my worst case in our like us at last time. This I've taco night and I did- and I ll tell you what else I bought many of these- these food bins and we just eightam we're alike. Well, things seem to be challenged. so we crack them open. We may say that stronger, it's really good, no makin cheese, potatoes soup and we just theirs isn't it knows great, we just ate it because its food, you can eat it. It's like the differences, these Debbie's like oxygen absorber things that makes it last a really long time. So it is what it is man, but listen. I don't think it's just about food. Ok, get a first aid kit, because I don't. I don't blame doctors for wanting to quit. It's getting intense it's hard to do this job and it's not gonna anytime. Assume they want you to work long hours. Some people are saying but also aren't that overwhelm hospital patients are going up, fine
But what I am hearing a lot of is that people having trouble even getting the doktor because they're not scheduling them four elements that they have. You know like broken bones or a friend who had to get cancer treatments and they were like. We can't see you right now, so I do telemedicine everything is being pulled away back, it's not just food. not just general work movie, theatres, closing bars, closing the lock downs are coming one by one. Look at this one New Mexico state prepares for Monday, lockdown governors bring back severe chroniclers lockdown tighten restrictions as cases hit record highs. Some are resisting Marconi restrictions, as potential vaccine appears on horizon, maybe vaccine will reverse all this. Maybe you won't need to do anything
to be. You can ignore the great reset, as it were. Ok, fine, Anna, whatever, if you have a cave ability, I'd, say think about the future now prepare for whatever you think you might need to prepare for the most important thing. I think most people the thing I think everyone should have is general survival on their phone and first aid, not because of any doubt disaster, because you probably should have these things in the first place some of these survival guides might be like here's, how you can set a broken bone. Imagine your play basketball. If your friends and you fall down a break your arm and sunk about, I got an applicant use. What we do Then you call an ambulance and then, while great, we can help them the job on keeping his arm safe. It might take something like in the event of this. Do this reminder that do this, it might say here is that from the Heimlich maneuver, like you got it sure you're being self sustaining a self sufficient to the best of your abilities. And you should do these things already. I've had a survey
will guide on my phone and I downloaded the summation of Wikipedia not that it's like perfect information, but I downloaded it because I could and you never know you might like, people get lost in the woods all the time. Imagine this there. I was reading bout serve general survival. You know that people when they get lost they get out of their cars and they leave. You know I that's dumb. I was reading this. I said when a helicopter is doing a search? It's really easy to see a car. It's really hard to see a person so you're supposed to stay with you. Vehicle. Now, I'm assuming that's true. Maybe someone say that's actually not your by someone is partly because you are practice, often the elements but think about simple things like that. If your our breaks down your Milon. Nowhere stay with your car, they'll probably find it, and if you're in it, you are to be protected from the elements, wild animals and the other ego. These are general things. People probably would should now and if they did we'd save a lot of lives. My bigger concern here these lockdown sort and result in tons of death. You know they say that mass
work and all that stuff. My question is: why is coverage spiking like crazy? Of course their response is going to be because we are easing restrictions. What I'm talkin about masks, though, shouldn't have shouldn't we know wearing masks, have reduced this certainly you can't come and tell me that the one or two instances of a small handful of people are, I refuse, is causing a major spike like this. Could be all of the Joe Biden celebrations that happened. Maybe that was it. Could it be that people protesting for tromp whenever, maybe maybe it's all of it? Whatever the point, Other illnesses have gone down. So I can't tell you what I can tell you what or why I can only tell you the governor is going to do it some states- and hopefully they can't because it was ruled on constitutional, but it seems that like Gretchen Whittemore doesn't care. So I'll. Tell you one thing.
You know it's really gotten in the way of these disputes the constitution. They can't be too happy without happy happy with it. I'll tell you that and I have to wonder I have to wonder what they, what that, what these desperate must be thinking. People like Gretchen Whittemore, whose, like you notion, disorders these locked downs in Michigan that are involved in view, election of the constitution of the States Supreme Court rose again search has so what the legislator rose again, sir. She has set, she says so what so? Finally, the Supreme Court comes down, she still says. So what? But then the aid the Americans and I'm not gonna at here. I can't do it Scotus, I believe us, the Supreme Court, the United States. That said no dice can't do it and I believe the same as happened in Pennsylvania. if tromp somehow finds a way to stay, president, the? U s we'll get through covered and people will lose their lives, they will, I dont, think locked.
So the answer, because the World Health Organization said they aren't so the fact that their that deaths aren't spiking but cases are, is the fact that they think that's grounds for this mass lockdown to me as absolutely crazy, but pay attention pay attention, pay attention to all of these people lining up needing food people have lost their jobs, he all industries are being, wiped out by this movie. Theatres gone as if there is a movie theater by Meta partially reopened. and they were showing movies like old movies like Harry Potter and stuff, because there's no movies entire industries are being wiped out and isn't it convenient for the you know, for the left they I was the consumerist culture that climate change problems all stuff. hey man, I gotta say I agree, but I believe and individual freedom, Liberty in there lies. The serious problem you know are: are these people exploiting covered for there? logic once I have to say I would assume. Yes, they talk about the great reset. It's now
a conspiracy, it's what they wanna do. Ok, let's talk about all of their daily stories like this are the park Esquire of Help start ups thrive, Abu Dhabi, if only we knew they have one about enter, Action at here we go. What is in it sexuality, and how can I help businesses tackle diversity? Inclusion, you see what they're going for. They are using covered to the best of their ability to get what they want, but I will leave you with one more bit of advice actually sought advice at all: I'm not I'm not advising anything other than take care of yourself. Think for the future. I will point out what I'm going to do and in no way I M not advising anybody to do anything. Tyler, Winkle, Voss member, this guy, the Facebook guy Citibank, report, predicts Bitcoin price of three hundred and eighteen thousand by December. Twenty twenty one buckle up interesting. I wonder why Could it be that when they said they are going to lock down our economy for a year, people arc are going to flock to some
kind of stable international medium or are Neither can retain value gold, silver, Bitcoin I got it I got. I can only imagine that people are going to say it is not smart to be in what assets or even on allow cash. The economy is gonna, be decimated and that's an understatement could decimate was supposed to me. I think, like reduced by ten percent, if they lock us down for another year, prepared to see the worst economy in generations under Donald Trump you'll be the best. I wonder, what's gonna happen, but I'll tell you this if that their talk about them
recent look at its trending right now. Politics trending the great reset, if they're talking about this, if their violating the constitution and their destroying our economy, people are gonna snap, I'm worried about this stuff, while also amount to do I'm not giving advice again, but full disclosure I'm going to buy Bitcoin. I am, I lived there, excitements coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast the different channel from this one. Thanks ran out and I will see you all them. Donald Trump is being heavily criticised by leftists and resistance Democrats, for fusing to concede and saying rigged Trop says Denver based Dominion, voting systems ruined the election. Well, the Democrats certainly should know because they actually wrote a letter complain
that dominion could actually threaten our election citing much the same of what Donald Trump is saying now it would seem that this was the name of the game, have to wonder both sides preparing to do the exact same things. G is you back and twenty nineteen December Democrats wrote a letter warning of potential vote switching by dominion, voting machines, price, go to the twenty twenty election now they're criticising Trump for saying the exact same thing they said December is the common theme of the Trump presidency, He'll see something in the media. He'll see something happened. Hill then say it and no claim he's lying, but they are the ones who brought it up in the first place. So if anyone's to blame its them Donald Trump one in twenty sixteen, they accuse them of working with the Russians. He didn't that was bunk now they're, the ones who started claiming dominion, voting machines, which votes and when trumps Isaac he's making things
Here's the story from the watchman examiner now I did briefly go over this. My main channel today over at Youtube outcomes lashed TIM gas at four p m, but I wanted to follow up and diving deeper. The watch examiner says for congressional Dammit it sent a letter to the owners of dominion, voting systems and cited several problems that threaten the integrity of our elections, including vote switching It is somewhat twenty nineteen letter to Dominion Voting systems which have been mired in controversy, democratic senators, Elizabeth Warren RON, widened Amy Club, which our and congressmen mark poking warned about reports of machine, switching votes, undisclosed, vulnerabilities and improbable results that threaten the intact We have our elections quote in twenty eighteen alone. Voters and South Carolina we're reporting machines that switch their votes after their input. Them scanners were rejecting paper boats in Missouri and busted, machines were causing long lines in Indiana. In addition, researchers recently uncovered previously
disclosed vulnerabilities and nearly three dozen back and election systems and ten states, and just this year after the democratic candidates, electronic tally showed he received a hundred and sixty four votes out of fifty five thousand cast in a pencil, Vainer State judicial election, internet teen, the counties Republican chairman said nothing went right on election day, Everything went wrong. That's a problem. Well then, am I supposed to assume that we just have the lowest ratio of rejected ballots in history and that this one time everything went according to plan, I dont think that makes a whole lot of sense. This is the letter continued. These problems threaten the integrity of our elections and demonstrate the importance of election systems that are strong, durable and not vulnerable. To attack. Republicans have been probing other. Counties in Michigan and suggesting the need for investigative investigations into other states where dominion machines were used. Our team is currently reaching out to county clerks across Michigan, as,
was going through election results in each of the countries which use the software to see how widespread this error may be. Michigan Republican Party communications, director, Tony's Emmett, told the watch and examine last weekend in Texas Dominion. Voting systems was rejected three times by experts from the tax, a secretary of state, an attorney general's office. President Tromp has openly criticised dominion as he attempts to challenge voting results across the country. Alleging widespread voter fraud and tweeting about comp entreating, but the company Friday afternoon quote he said now. It is learned that the horrendous dominion voting so. Then was used in Arizona and Big and Nevada. No wonder the result was a very close loss. dominion machines are involved in every state where Trop is launching legal fights, but several experts and officials have stated their no reason to believe those machines altered. The outcome of the election quote many of them
aims being asserted about dominion and questionable voting technology is misinformation at best and in many cases their outright. Information, Edward Peres and election technology expert at a nonprofit group at studies voting infrastructures at this week- I'm not They are of any evidence of specific things or defects in dominion, software that would lead one to believe that votes had been recorded or counted incorrectly. I dont believe we should actually be using machines to count the votes. The problem actually know I kind of take that back. When I think of it,
He was machines. We have to have a hard audit alongside it. We should have the machine count them and then we should have a hand count because hand counts can be wrong to how about we get the best of both worlds right now, I think it's funny that they're saying we have no evidence that the machine was counting wrong when they never even checked about that. Perhaps an audit would suffice. Well, we have reports. Donald Trump National Security adviser, Robert O Brien admits the President has lost as he breaks ranks and promises a very professional transition to a ban. Harris Administration- maybe I have no idea- might Pompey oh said there would be a transition to a second Trump administration. I have no idea what to expect, but I tell you this lot of people just don't feel like it's over, maybe trump
he's just hanging on by the last pinkies, but the fall of the cliff undisguised Pinky on the ledge. Refusing so let go or maybe he's got an ace up his sleeve. Certainly I've talked to some tromp supporters who believe that Trump is playing. Eighty seventh dimensional chess he's got more moves than you know
of an he's gonna come out swinging. I'm sorry! I just don't believe that I've heard all of these stories about trusting the plan. One of the big theories right now is that the only way for truck to actually expose the cheating is to have let it happen now that actually does make sense, but it operates under the pretence that there was substantial enough cheetah they're, going to catch it or that they'll catch it. The ideas such if Donald Trump says they're going to cheat before the election. Will. How do you prove something that hasn't happened yet? So the only thing he could do is wait until he lost the election, then he could come. I was evident saying, ah I have caught you red handed good, Sir kind of like the F B. I does these things where they find people they think want to commit a crime in and give them the means to. Do it and then say. Ah, we caught you maybe.
Seems a little far fetched, though you know, the idea is tromp sign some executive order that apparently gives him power. In any event as foreign influence in our elections, there is some murmuring that tromp is going after China, potentially citing election interference, but we will see it seems like the longest of long shots on me. most of you when they came out and said you know, trumpets filing is lawsuits to challenge the results longshot because we were like a sword. The time trump would have needed to have one several states and then flipped Pennsylvania. I mean we are waiting for a long time have trouble, is Pennsylvania's all over ok trot, maybe could flit pence
vainly up because he's or not not even flip right now, what tromp is suing for his team Ready Giuliani and I believe that about their suing to block certification of Pennsylvania, because there is no relief, they could get after seven hundred thousand just about ballots were counted improperly so that, when a freeze, the results Trump would then have to free frees up seventeen more electoral vote, which probably would require two different states. Doesn't seem all that likely. But when you tell me that I say it's a long shot, but maybe now you're telling me that Donald Trump wants to you know go for a certification freeze for causing a contingent election. Ok, that is a triple hell Mary pass. Then I get these people saying. Actually traps got an FBI sting underway, you see he knew they were going to cheat, and now he has the evidence, but he needed them to do it first, so he has to wait. You see here's the ahead of their saying yes to wait until all of this
they'd certify their results right because then, when they do and they lock in fraudulent votes, that's it. You see the ideas like this. You can pick up a tv and carry it around inside of a walmart, but it's only when you cross that threshold bid. You steal it and that's the idea here with this trust the plan moment, which I really think as absurd, but the ideas that truck trump knows I cheated, but until they see certify they haven't crossed that threshold. Ok, sure, maybe trumpets sit in their way with a smile on his face. Golfing. Knowing that he's about to pull a fast one and win. Doesn't it seem a little far fetched man come on? The reality is tromp was on the ropes and it looks like Joe Biden going to take it, but hey man, I don't know everything Sidney Powell Giuliani, they say they got tons of evidence that just can't release it. Yet. Ok, then, I reserve judgment for the time being looks
Joe Biden is going to win he's, not President Elect yet because I haven't certified anything, but when they do we'll see how things play up may you? What we're really seeing is, Giuliani in Sydney POW older their court cases. Their bomb went around because they're trying to make it look like they're doing something before they release the big cannons or or the cracking as it were. As many are saying, ok, fine! When that happens, I look forward to presenting that events. As I've said several times. In the meantime, the Supreme Court has declined to take up the Pennsylvania up absentee ballot case. Republicans have asked the high court to block all absentee bout that arrived after election day, which wouldn't even change. The results of the election were also hearing that several lawsuits in four different states that were that tried to disrupt widens win sentence as have been withdrawn. Voters and four states who had brought longshot lawsuits disrupt Joe Biden when went nowhere drop
their cases Monday morning, look and allow these people are. Tromp has pointed out that many of these lawsuits, weren't filed by him and that's true and may be trumps, got some topsecret plan. It certainly seems like Trump is not preparing to leave and that's a fact, but maybe as time goes on, And as individuals like Robert O, Brien say, there's gonna be a peaceful transition, not that an answer. But necessarily believe these outlets right now I gotta tell you and it was really weird this morning reading overt fake news that was so blatant. I was just shocked, I've seen fake news from these. These organisations before I've called it out. I've I've called out inconsistency and false framing, but why was it We heard this morning when they sad Trump had dropped his principal loss at which he didn't maybe trotted demoralized trumps boys. I got no idea, but regardless we'll see,
the Democrats have certainly made the same claimed before they are preparing to the exact same thing is tromp, so am I gonna get mad at Trump for doing it now you're into the same thing Democrat so deal with it and will see if tromp can pull out this magic multi. El Mary pass in score. Some crazy victory will see a little there. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. Fox news is spiralling losing millions of viewers. This is absolutely crazy, but since Fox called Arizona early, ultimately end up ended up being correct in the ultimate ruling. And then they went on to say over and over again there's no evidence of fraud, no evidence of fraud and have really taken a stance that Trump is wrong. People have been living in droves. Now I had someone on the IRA podcast eight P, TIM, are you surprised at your audience? Is shrinking and, unlike now, and there like well
maybe you shouldn't. Have you no turned on Trump, whatever blah blah blah? Ok, I'll I'll absolute talk about all the fraud, the night and the evidence and will see how it plays out. Ah, I don't think I have the same audience. A Fox news does because my views are actually doing fairly well. I really appreciate everybody watches, nor am I gonna pretend to be the smartest person in the world, but I'll tell you. This is a big difference between what I do and what Fox NEWS does Foxen for a while. He was doing it. Ok, job now, they're saying over and over again that there's no widespread voter fraud, no substantial voter fraud, no evidence of fraud, the trunk campaigners, no evidence because it seems like they keep ignoring what Trump supporters and what Trump has been showing in saying, because there certainly has been a lot of evidence enough. Overturned the results. Now I dont know about that Sidney. Powell says she has evidence, but to give a few examples and others always gonna, be some left a saying. What's the evidence? What's the evidence evidence is there?
find as signs are indications of something I did say, definitive proof. There are signs of indications. There are several thousand people that have changed their address and then voted at their past address? That is potential. That is evidence of a fraud, not definitive proof. It's an indication that someone may have illegally voted. We have sworn affidavits UK waves with mathematical anomalies. We have all of this evidence. We have a whistle blower testimony that but we're backdating at the post office? We have this guy. Now there and say you were candid: while he didn't, we can't he recanted the recantations or whatever claimed he never account in the first place in the media was fake, long story short. There is evidence, but I saw the story from fought from the New York Times, that Fox NEWS as partisan right audience on Youtube is dropping researchers say so I decided to actually look jumped over two so
Joe Blade, which tracks Fox NEWS on Youtube and we'll take a letter this at about four hundred and ten million views and the past thirty days, and they are up thirty four point: six percent New York Times. Certainly you just wait a minute. Take a look at this little right thing right here we had at the end of October, seventy nine million. In the week Then we had the next week up up up until the election, a hundred and thirty two million. and then right after fifty seven. So the answer is yes, their view. Worship dropped dramatically, but it's more than that Fox NEWS is subscriber base is by leading out on the on Sunday, the eighth they dropped. Fifty thousand subscribers wow. That's crazy! So I'll tell you what
my channels. My subscriber base is always going up. Maybe it's because I have always been a milk toasts fence. Sitter, perhaps and die hard trump supporters are probably know. They're not gonna get die hard. Trop support for me, but Fox was typically supporting the president. In many ways, I don't I tell you now when we had on the Alex Jones, we went out Jones and shown and Youtube deleted it. We ended up gaining like seventeen thousand sobs than losing two thousand through in the days
you can see the number drop off. We probably end up losing a bit more than that may be mad, because the view tube deleted the pod cast on us. I don't know why that's my fault, I'm arguing that you trying to get it reinstated and they haven't got back to me. Yet it's like, I can't just re uploaded it literally hard removed. I need you to buy back into put it back up. I'll. Tell you this, though I guess I'll just come out and say it for those. At the hour interested, I immediately invited Michael Malice and Alex Jones back on the show to do the show at our going to cancel the people we have learnt about. Like you take my show down, I said guys. Come right back right now, come back we're doing it again. Unfortunately,
how does a busy guy? He couldn't do it. So I I absolutely would at some point, maybe you know if people that they want. What did it happening? Was that you tube? We all thought Alex had something he didn't. I guess we just didn't understand and clearly and then you two parties are the same thing. So I appealed saying that's an out Johnston, break the rules and so are trying to do to put back, but in that regard, come on back anyway. I digress in the New York Times saying there, their audience is dropping, and it's it's true You say in September October foxes as you, too, gentle had about seventeen percent share of all views on what transparency tube calls partisan right a grouping of more than two thousand channels, with more than ten thousand subscribers focus on politics, with a highly critical view of Democrats in the week of November, fit the twelve that percentage fell to thirteen percent Overall Fox NEWS had sixty seven million views on Youtube that weak
it's actually fifty seven million now a Fox NEWS spokeswoman pointed to ratings from Nielsen indicating that television ratings have grown by more than sixty percent in the week after the election compared to the post election weak a year earlier. It is true, however, something really crazy news MAX this, it is crazy, took us up, Israel CNN mind you. They say I believe it's brains out who wrote this analysis. I'm sorry! This is Alexis Ben State sang, although binding won the election. Greg Kelly, the highest rate of Palestine, NEWS Max claims that Trump will prevail and that he will be president for another. Four years the network has gone from on high thousand viewers a day on a good day to about one million, the worst per night for Kelly's show. Wow Fox has never seen competition. Like this said Brian Shelter. There is a demand for a fictional unit,
We're not read it. Reliable new sources are mostly moving to onto cover President Elect Biden. There's an entire constellation of websites and talk shows their denial just like Trump, and here I am sitting right in the middle, desperately trying to cling to whatever middle ground. There is maybe there won't be. I need evidence let me tell you this, the mainstream media, saying Joe Biden as President Elect, he is not he's not he's literally there's been no certification on December fourteenth when that, when the electoral college votes in and cast their ballot for Biden, I'll go I'll say when they announce its fine, but that's what Brian felt there is saying he's in a fictional universes well or I should say he's in the fictional universe. Gregg Kelly, saying that trouble will prevail, is just giving his opinion on what's going on. Maybe it's wrong, but I tell you men when they gave us
There is, in years of Russia, be ass. How dare you come out and say there in the fictional universe? now. It's true that I'm seeing a lot of people say look at this. Look at that evidence of this evidence of that. Do there's evidence, but until we get the hard definitive proof all can really say, as we ve got some evidence it'll be interesting. Let's see if we can succeed in court which only to understand especially tromp supporters, is that it's not about what you know it's about what you can prove in court. We ve seen the mathematical anomalies, weird I've seen the bellwether towns all of a sudden, getting it wrong. Very. We these things happened, so um sit near San. I wonder if tromp can can kings. You know get this victory, because these results they look really weird. We got this born statements. We got these whistle blowers. Let's see if it's enough, maybe that that they're saying they have evidence, I'm not going
Sidney Powell, Julie on your tribe, liars, I'm gonna, say: ok, because I'm dumb enough to walk into a trap like these lunatics are in the end. I'll tell you: what's gonna happen if Brian stouter, if Joe Biden ends of becoming President Elect on the fourteenth he's gonna, say see, we were right the whole time it was a fictional universe. But what happens if he's wrong again from Fifty billion time not thing they'll keep carrying on with their propaganda; nothing, that's it. There will be no come up and for them, whereas I it's really really then the Sea Fox NEWS is looming is losing as much of Europe as they are. But I'll tell you this. I some friends, lifelong Democrats who have told me to watch news max and unlike really gonna watch news Maxineff, but I guess maybe I'll start seeing what
I have to say Rhine Stout their says that therein affectional universe, that's probably a compliment for some hacks look. Gregg Kelly can come out and say that he thinks that you know he's as tromp will prevail and that he did when in all its Duff. Ok, sure I don't care, show me the evidence. That's all that matters to me. If we ve got, one group sang Trump, why and we got other groups, hang tromp didn't win, and, quite literally the electoral cognizant certified a winner. I think you'll need a chill out both sides, whatever ok, fine. Let me now get rag down by everybody, but you may. You may be interested to hear that you know Fox and new times talking about something other transparency, tube, transparent, See two here. We gotta go, that's actually really cool website. I believe if I know the I've talked with the guy who who is working on this for for several years and its part of what appears to be another project where its mapping the Youtube space. Here's what I find real
a funny about their classifications and die. I think sure fine, but you get out, you have part, is it. You have mainstream news, partisan left with six hundred and seventy five million views partisan right with four hundred eighty three million views, social justice with two hundred and forty two million views and aunt. I woke with six ten and sixteen million views. I love it so this is, The partisan right is where Fox NEWS is actually on the decline and news MAX is is going up and many other channels. You can see news MAX Tv is starting to grows massive news MAX tv one point: six million hours watched one Three million subscribers really crazy stuff. You. Leon, presents evidence for trumps legal battle to point one, million views? How many that gathers crazy their huge seriously Fox news might actually falter because They tried hugging onto the mains.
narrative. This is you know what I tell you. This Fox news is doing Republicans do best, and this is it they're gonna go the way of the world the right of the old school rhino. You know Republican in a moment, but by news MAX is presenting information to Trump supporters from their perspective and giving them space to breathe. Much like MSNBC does for Democrats. Fox news, however, just wants to be cool and be liked by the main stream, please like me: newsman started there into their thing. You can see. Donald Trump has a big general too that's funny. Joe Biden certainly doesn't have that no young Turks, I guess, but I shall leave it with one final point. Aunt I woke is where I appear on this channel. Let's take a look when I click it, it says right and but I woke now. Why is social liberal TIM Pool considered to be right?
in reality. I probably be centrist, save for two things not to show you may say and that they pay disclaimer honestly, don't put this on other channels. Anti woke content is considered a right position in our classification process Viewers way this against centre, left content and concluded. It was predominantly on this side of the left right dimension. I believe you are wrong. You see what they're doing. Is there just deciding that's ridiculous but check it out? Let's look at their classification process, I humbly disagree, but they say this For four news. Compare with eighty fonts me of all blah media, biased fact check for political and cultural commentary consider all the following self identified political label or support for a party. Let me just put it this way as of right now I just bought a Republican. I don't get it substantially more to the Democrats. Yeah, that's true
under Yang and tools he gathered and a few progressives who are trying do not absolutely necessary progressives I've. I donated to someone trying to Primary EO see an Nancy Plaza because I don't like either of them. One sided content on a divided political topic. Today, e g, Cavenaugh and Migrant Caravan sounds like you're. Talking about me, maybe not but cap, but being honest about Brett Cavenaugh and the migrant Caravan is right wing. How crazy is that one sided contract and cultural events, campus protests in Trans activism, perhaps I am right. I suppose I don't think so. I think that's the best they could muster up and aunt. I woke shore but and the Anti woke bubble actually does have. Centrists in it, you can noticed Joe Rogan is considered aunt. I woke, but I'll tell you this. If I didn t Oh my videos, topic based, then my channels would probably be considered centrist. If I just call them like
TIM Pool November, sixteenth episode, one two, three four five six than they would be very much considered to be centrist, that's about it, but not no. Not that I'm really concerned about what is positive. Action means any we long story short. I ll leave it there. I've gone long on this when I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly for those unfamiliar with the great reset. Let me tell you a bit about what they in vision for our future. Now this has been funding on Twitter, for some time today and it has to do with some kind of intersection all leftist. You know you re sure of current capitalist systems. I gotta be honest. I can give you a very clean understanding of it, but they want to reset global capitalism because they do not like this consumerist culture that is destroying the planet. They say that covert nineteen as a great opportunity to start it and who are these people, while the world economic
but on you and on your screen, you see. Nothing is interesting today, as the great reset was trending on Twitter, the World Economic Forum deleted a video about you, owning nothing and twenty thirty and being happy to me completely honest. I could oh nothing and be very, very happy. I may that's better easy me. I grew up with not a whole lot, so I'm kind of satisfied, just children go outside climb. A mountain or somethin. Lay back. Look at the stars sounds great right. You don't they say when you own we own too much stuff? Eventually, your stuff starts owning you write. Well, let's talk about with the great reset is all about here. You can see a lot of nothing, but you can see from Twitter W E f. That's the World Economic Forum, here's the actual video
predictions for the world in twenty thirty, as they are buying and take too long from actually go through, but they'll say you'll. Oh nothing and you'll be happy based on the input, members of the world economic forms, global future councils. Really here, whatever you want? You'll, rent and I'll be delivered by drone that I kind of don't necessarily believe the U S won't be the world's leading superpower. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? A handful of countries will dominate their straight up, say: that's gonna, be a one world government where you won't own any thing, I'll of this where's that you won't die waiting for an organ donor, but sounds pretty nice right all the treaty we won't transplant organs will print new ones. Instead, I should actually that's that's true. I mean us, but that's a scientific research that could exist. You'll eat much less meat like this. It's like some kind of its very leftist. You don't
want to eat meat. Okay, one world government will all come together and hold hands and you don't need to own anything. Okay and occasional, treat, but not a staple for the good of the environment and our health. Is it like PETA, prop a but what's goin on here somewhere they say a billion people will be displaced by climate change. Will they now refuge will have to do a better job of welcoming and integrating refugees, Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide. Will they there will be a global price on carbon that will help make fossil fuels. History is on the road I got you could be preparing to go to Mars. I mean some are probably doing that now already, but look at all of these points being brought up.
are the World economic forum. It's all leftist positions. Scientists will have worked out how to keep you healthy in space. Ok, that's what I'm totally fine with to stop the start of a journey to find alien life. I'm down western values will look at this. Western values will have been tested to the breaking point western HA checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten. Really is all part of eight would also they got for us is at it. That's it Western values have been tested to the breaking point as opposed to what he stern values. They really do opposed the enlightenment. Listen, I'm not a big fan of consumers culture, I don't like the idea of people just selling more more more. I dont like planned obsolescence. I, like things to be built to last. I like progress. You know like working towards this.
Hours? Maybe posts scarcity in our future? Someone like a star trek, future or starship troopers debate on who you ask sort of troopers, I'm I'm happy, by the way. But I don't like pollution, I don't like environmental destruction. I dont like these companies that are like we're gonna, sell more how many cars do we have on the road to many seriously? It's crazy! Isn't it you look at all these traffic jams and an end these auto industries? They have to keep producing now I'll tell you this. We heard from box of gratitude by when she was like these, these fantasies of infinite economic growth. You can have Economic growth is called digital and virtual environments. You're game on your mobile phone? You keep sending money to them. For some reason, that's not necessary
really generating more pollution. I can I get it. Data centers costs money, but you transferring that money is just for a concept in a game. We can produce abstract things that generate revenue and we can keep growing our economy. It's just a normal part of human progression. I remember reading about the horse poop problem, yet you might be laughing Saint wait. We. What did you say horse? Put that's right. Horsemen back in the turn of the century. In the nineteen hundreds, they were worried that so many people are gonna. Have horses there'd be horse poop all over the straits, eventually too much at this rate? What do we do and the car was invented and then there are like? Oh, the Pope's gone back as horses who just like take dumps. You know
kay so now you have cars, and then we got an emissions problem. Now will not making electric cars and electric cars probably still produce more emissions basin, the total components of the vehicle, the batteries and the electric they they need, but times change. You don't need to just be like what we're doing right now will destroy the world quick, destroy the world. You could literally just say: let's develop new technologies and You now focus on the subsidies. Maybe we're not doing it fast enough, and maybe the idea from alike to the World economic Forum is that there has to be some guiding hand, otherwise will destroy ourselves to very serious conundrum in. I asked Alex Jones this if we carry on the way we are, will all of humanity be wiped out and then, for what do we just go through this grand adventure just to give it all up? What is it? What does the Alps? giving up our souls are individuality, our freedom to a machine,
and because we are not smart enough under no man, I do think we need a mixed economy we need the decentralized nature of a market economy, but we do need someone to play referee. The the challenges I look to how this system is producing things. What do we get? Video games food a whole lot of its food? We probably thou need like too much lot of fat people. You know no, no disrespect the fat people like you're free to live as you want, but isn't it a problem that humans have been developing so much more towards self pleasure ring instead of solving our actual problems. I certainly think so, but there lies the serious challenge, individual liberties or what I think is a happy medium. I think we can enact certain policies and we can create culture by encouraging people and championing things. We don't do that
Instead, what we get is Tik Tok culture, people dancing and drama and clap back videos its entertaining we by a bunch of foods. It tastes good, we eat ice cream and then our commercials, moat on healthy lifestyles and instead of just saying, let's, let's focus on quitting a culture of people war into something better. We get this weird garbage. Let's just mandate it and lock everything down and destroyed.
economy for the great reset. Here's my solution, weird world economic forum, people, how about you just make you promote ideas and people that encourage us to move in the right direction and set of forcing people to do it is actually quite simple. Somebody could be no like sports, for instance, encourages people to be fit. Let's stop making commercials and encourage people to be unhealthy like while I'm not gonna colonies, commercial, specifically good enough, I'm not trying to offend people, but you know what this whole body positivity thing. How are you you is? I don't I don't buy it. I dont think these people actually want to create a better world, because the path to a better world is actually really simple. You see a person on tv. What are they being known for? You see a person on social media water they known for for the most part there known for dumb things seriously. Reality tv shows mindless numb, entertainment, the big
bang theory. I dont think I offended anybody by slamming the big bang theory. To be honest, we need to promote and incur scientists they only to be running our government. We can promote the idea we promote thinkers and academics athletes. That's great, we do we do. The problem is instead of just accepting that weak, encourage things by making them cool and popular and promoting them. Having move he's where we celebrate cool ideas going too to the moon rallied everybody in this country towards country towards this project. We don't do that. We do it by mandate, it's not gonna work, you're gonna get a resistance, that's my problem! With these people. I want clean environments. I want a better future. I dont like rampant consumerism. I want people to be happy to succeed and I don't I don't mind if, in the future world floating around,
neoprene suit with jet packs and we got visor is on. You can fly around in your anti grab pseudo. Whenever you know, don't anything find whatever it has to come about through cooperation, and will people have to agree, you can't force them to do it. The fact that they have taken. They have done nothing, to try to encourage like better behaviour among people and inspire them to go to the stars. They ve done the opposite says I. Think they just want power and they're lying to manipulate people. Elon musk inspires people to do cool things he's just doing it do more of that. Instead, what we get welcome. Twenty thirty, I owe nothing have no privacy and life has never been better.
a sound terrible. We can have privacy when we choose and we need to add it's. Ok. If people forego it by tweeting things and posing phocis their choice, but we can encourage a better way of living. We can discourage pollution. We can encourage people to stop eating meat by offering them up alternatives to it. And selling it the impossible whopper went around for a while do better. Instead, they just say you should need meet, we're gonna force, you not to ok right and don't be surprised when you get resistance because, as the leftist saying goes, respect existence or expect resistance, there are people who, like eating meat, they're, not gonna, stop. So what do you? Do you just build culture
around things that are cool instead, what are we getting this weird intersection, all authoritarianism colt like behaviour. That is not a future anybody is going to enjoy. So these people, with their with their you, no good intentions, are going to drive us into a cancel culture, violent future, where all scared of each other. That sounds like a nightmare life has never been better. Oh, is that because he is forced to say under penalty of prison imprisonment, probably not leave it. There welcome to the great reset everybody neck segments coming up tomorrow at ten, a m thanks, rang out and I'll see you all, then.
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