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Leftists And Democrats Start PANICKING As They Realize Trump Is Actually WINNING Political Victories


Leftists And Democrats Start PANICKING As They Realize Trump Is Actually WINNING Political Victories. In several state legislatures Republicans are calling the election in dispute and Trump might actually be able to pull off  a major victory.First Democrats ignored Trump and republicans after the election. All the complaints and issuers brought up were nothing to them.Then they laughed, they laughed at Sidney powell and Rudy Giuliani.Now they are starting to fight after realizing that Trump is actually winning political victories in key swing states. He may be losing legal challenges but he is gaining legitimacy in the question over widespread irregularityWe all know the next step in the sayingThen Trump wins 

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First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you and then you win Donald Trump shared a meme of this, attributing it to Mahatma Gandhi back in twenty. Sixteen, of course it wasn't a quote from God, As far as I can tell, you actually got fact checked on this, but it turned out to play out just that way. They ignored tromp and they laughed then they fought him tooth and nail, and then he one than you one supposed to by all accounts What seems to be happening? Kind of again, I don't know if it will play out perfectly we are currently in the now. They fight you phase and over. Third, there was an election Donald Trump One. That night I should say he was leading that night, but they said wait, it's a red mirage. You see now we're gonna the mail in and absentee ballots and Joe Biden will likely when we saw that infamous bump, where Joe Biden gained a ton of votes, putting him just above Donald Trump. After this we sort.
Waited and on the seventh day announced Joe Biden is the President Elect says all the media and jump support. restarted, saying no and pushing back and they were soundly ignored by the media and the left Well, then, we saw Giuliani, give his famous press conference. Where is hair? Dye was streaking down his face and they started laughing now, they're starting to fight they ignored they laughed and now they're fighting a c. Democrats and left us have finally started realise, with Trump actually getting state legislatures on his side. There is a real possibility for major dispute come the fourteenth or the sixth and then what happens on the twentieth so the forty, the December got your college votes in January. Six, a joint session of Congress counts the votes and then a twentieth job you'll be inaugurated when are starting to see. The activists left. Try a kind of tat being seriously hey wait a minute. Trot might actually win, maybe you should pay it
Jan early on and not underestimated. Your opponent may be trouble really when I'm not sure, there's a really funny article from the route, I'm not saying Donald Trump is planning a coup. What he's doing exactly what someone would do if they were planning a coup perhaps- and we also have this best of red it posed to silver and read it- our slash politics of vigour iii- leftist place my deal. We can see a comment from is this real? Is this real life is the user name, they use a alternate spelling. It appeared as a top post and they said we just hesitate to call it a coup because it doesn't appear to be what we envision a coup. looks like they then go on to break down exactly what we are seeing is dangerous and how Trump is fighting, or legitimacy and might actually when they ignored Trump,
They laughed at Giuliani in Sydney power. My friends, congratulations! We have now graduate to the then they fight you phase and we I'll know if this is the track that we're headed on it results in the then you win Mustang. Donald Trump Gonna win this. I'm not saying the odds are even in his favor. You know my position on this and I've been roasted by the Trump supporters endlessly for it, but it must be acknowledged that the left is starting to realise truck, actually could do this and the real. Already here is both sides view this as a coup. Now, of course, the Republicans have been fighting for a long time, giving them a major major advantage, something there. it will come to regret, ignoring and laughing you see for the Trump supporters they didn't start by ignoring it. The trump supporters I did before and after the election day with, then they fight you nonstop. That's a different track, vision,
ignoring and there's no laughing to be reasonable. I suppose they did laugh at and ignore Joe Biden early on, but since election night, when it mattered most Tromp supporters have been fighting tooth and nail endlessly and now Trump is on track to win. Just be he's on track, doesn't mean he willed where describe before you can be an attract, but there's trees fallen down. There's looped loops, there's jumps and gaps a ton of obstacles at me extremely unlikely pull this off. But we do have news. Seventy five Republicans in Pennsylvania have called the election in dispute. Signing a letter saying as such is that enough to challenge the result of the election in might be what about the court? Jason P, going Scotus. Will that put the safe harbour private bypass the safe harbour provision, allowing Congress to say we dispute Pennsylvania? What about Georgia, a signature All I ask is coming rank and finally ordered after a video showed people upon box out from under tables things again spicy
and Giuliani says we only the court's, because the constitution is on our side and he's not wrong What are they sang? Let's take a look at exact we what Trump is doing that makes them finally now recognise trumps on its path to victory, but the bigger picture here beyond. All of this is that it's not about. Dumping on path. The victory it's about a collision course between two groups that have hyper polarized and are now our creating back towards each other and about to collide in what may become not a coup but a civil war and, of course, we'll keep saying no it'll, never happen its hyperbolic. I have this story from the hill Tromp, Pentagon, nominee, alleged Biden coup. What happens when the right is sound? Joe Biden is stealing this. It's a coup and the left says: Donald Trump is stealing this it's a coup. They are both primed and right. Before some kind of fight a civil war, doesn't have to be angry civilians fighting in the streets. It can be loyalists versus separatists, no idea, but how can you
have both sides alleging it's a coup now I'll getting ready for a major battle, I guess we'll see out, plays out. Take a look at what they're saying over the route and this best of common, whether finally realising what it means. What Trump is doing and other view it before we get started, make sure you. Check out you to back Slash TIM cast iron rule. It is my podcast Joey do Alive, show Monday to Friday, Eight p m: we want only shows tonight but subscribe there, because it ton of really awesome. Guess we'll be back Monday with the show and all in all, you'd be. If you like, my country you'll, probably like the show You'Ll- probably not like when I have conversations with the left us in this order- just say things: people don't agree with, but that's the point then I'm trying to me show that people get exposed to ideas. They might not normally here, and you don't have to like it, but check out you now calm, slashed him guest IRA, subscribe, subscribe to this channel hit that, like Barton, has an obligation belt and let's read from the route Michael May it says I'm not the kind of person who shares conspiracy theories, but last
I was searching for Chan? He says it's like black twitter, but for fortune for a leather bound, copy of the Willy Lynch Letter. I haven't. I run across a few articles on Donald Trump that made my whitey senses tingle. He says it's expiry senses, but for black people, when white people are up to something all right the route he says anyway, I think Donald Trump it be planning a military coup data. I Of course a scenario sounds crazy. No one would ever let it happen. It is unimaginable, as having the president invited suspected rush in spite of the oval office and giving away topsecret info in plain sight or, for instance, if someone accused of asking a foreign country to undermine the election on a phone call and we found out he hid the transcript secret classified computer, but now ever made him released. The actual transcript for instance, a sun law failed, a background check and, admittedly, credit back channel to Russia, but still received a security glance now? All of that is it In my opinion, false framing, I'm not gonna, go through debunking. All of the ridiculous, fake Russia gets
but we went to the smaller investigation. Long story short the thinks he's burning up for the most part falsely framed debunked, absolutely absurd, and that's it the mother Pro banded with no evidence of collusion. He says it could never happened, but for asses and gig let's imagine it could we probably need a team of former intelligent officials. Government experts legal analysed to explain how it could happen that we probably need them to go through the possible scenarios and explain how this totally fictional coup could happen and, if in this dream scenario, someone like Georgetown LAW, Professor Rosa, Brooks organised, so seven legal scholars, retired Milton officers, former senior government officials and political strategists. Let's call them the transition integrity project to act out every imaginable post election scenario. How exactly would drop pull off the supposed to mean before the election. Someone actually did this and wrote a report here are all seven of the possible steps. Trump would take. This is from before the election if a
Orson? Contested election was resolved to the exercise of power, not the court's calling for. recounts in all states in which victory was not already apparent, launching corps. It investigation that the state and federal levels into alleged erect irregularities in an effort to undermine public confidence in the results that did not go trumps, wait attempting to halt the counting of mail and bell by filing cases and state court. Turning out there well organised and committed base to take to the streets in trumps, favour, relying on a Fox news and right wing social media echoed chambers at an echo, czarist social need to echo and apple, Why protract messages and facilitate the harassment and bowling of officials using well, agencies to justify or support truck campaign tactics, all these may sound like this entire tradition, integrity, project team, and see into the future. None of their predicament predictions are shocking. It's when they get to the military. Coup part. I start worrying rate for yourself. They say
the one area of genuine uncertainty related to whether team tromp could convince the military to deploy active duty troops domestically in this area Rio. The military refuse to support team trump, but there concern that this reflected recent see bias. Given that the extra Prices were run shortly after participants observed the military's cautiousness in the wake of the June. First events Lafayette Square, a particular concern of the president's ability to fetch lies the National Guard to deploy the military domestically to launch and allegations into opponents and to freeze their assets and even to control communication. In the name of national security, the political situation of the Department of Justice as additional worrying dimension, including whether an the agency could provide legal cover for the president's actions. Many from supporters of high lighted and executive order. Going back to, I believe it was up timber on foreign interference in the elections. That Trump has tremendous powers. If that ten is the case that the four and a foreign government interfered in our lessons
tromp can do a whole lot and that report, I believe, if it were to come out, wouldn't be, do until mid December, Tromp also has the presidential communication texting network room, but whenever one got a text message from Donald Trump through their phones giving trunk the ability to by pass any kind of power, Is it me and send out a warning or just message to all phones? And then you, to realize that when it comes to giving U S military or national guard orders, they don't always know exactly what the orders are for or the true intent. The example I have cited in the past was in Turkey. A bunch of turkish soldiers went to the Bosphorus Bridge, it's what it's the bridge between the european portion of Turkey, the asian portion. Well, then, all of a sudden the news announced there was a coup attempt in these soldiers must have been involved, but many people specula and I don't know where we are not even allowed to cover the story that these words just blow
of all low ranking soldiers who at some order. Hey go guard the bridge and is it ok? What would happen if Trump says we're doing a training exercise and he sends out national guard to go guard a building and they they don't realize what their. Therefore, a coup does not require Donald Trump. To tell this, Yours, hey, I'm seizing power, go do this it just, involves hey. I want a bunch of Rogers guarding this building right now, that's it and they'll. Do it. Of course they will. You see people think the world is like a movie. They think that, everything is, is always honest in true, but they don't realize they don't know what they don't know. This is the way to put it, not listen. I'm not saying Donald Trump is planning a military coup. I think that is bold and preposterous. I can tell you that both sides are pointing at the other saying that their staging a coup I found this best of post on read it to be kind of hilarious.
in its naivety, but also they bring up a good point, it just biased towards the left belong. Story short of this, this post, they're, making is that a military coup isn't Donald Trump card. Going on his guards and saying I was power, and I refused to leave come here and pardon me, while I sees control and subvert the constitution, that's ridiculous, but that's kind of the left thinks would happen, I'll tell you what really would happen and they bring this up legitimacy. Is it over the past several weeks there has been and legitimacy granted to the voter fraud scenario and issue They said, there's no evidence shut up and boy did they desperately try to assert their agenda see you see where we start seeing the divide on this one, the mixed one. over time. The media narrative went from. There is no evidence to not enough evidence to
unproven, conspiracies to no widespread proof. No proof is further escalate things because evidence has come. Tromp has gained legitimacy in his statements about voter fraud. And they were laughing at them for quite some time now, they're starting to fight, but I want to stop you right there. what, if the coup was in the other direction, when it trot pending A nominee alleged that Joe Biden was staging a coup, We do have strange phenomenon going on in the other direction, for one the Republicans one down ballot tremendously, but tromp loses strange anomalies, videos and sworn affidavits, thousands of sort of it. It's now at this point I believe, lies in the media, desperate attempts to cover things up and, more importantly, a desperate bid for legitimacy. the media sang Joe Biden? Is President elect even the legally? He has not I'm not playing games. I'm not here to support or oppose I'm just giving you the fact. The President elect
vice president becomes President elect. As far as I can tell on January. Sixth, I was wrong before thought. It was the fourteenth here's. What happens on the fourteenth the electors from each state will vote the vote. Are then basic. They hold onto him until January. Sixth, when a joint session of Congress counts, the votes goes through any disputes and then says hears who won. The media and social media have been doing everything in their power to try and grant legitimacy to Joe Biden death Duration. Poles were coming out where they said a seventeen percent of people. Believe Joe Biden is President elect what I. Why are you calling people that that's so weird, but that's the question of legitimacy. Here's what they say. We just hesitate to call it a cool because it doesn't appear to be what we invented. Who looks like we picture some kind. Of course edit calibrated synchronous, hydro.
takes over shield type stuff in our heads were waiting. A moment when the entire electoral college ripped off their closed, reveal some sleep, black marble uniforms and ninja flips over the place and unfurl some giant picture of trumps face. Unfolds over the american flag and traps he just control. That's it we're waiting for because that's what we think a real cause and I'll stop their proud, because you watch too many movies. Instead, it looks like a pants is admiral addicted emotionally crippled imbecile, forming a tantrum and commanding his army of Flunk, used to try and anything and everything to get him installed? and power again, including having as Idiot AIR range, spy, infiltrated on Justice Department and bold. employees to get them to go along with the coup until she gets fired and ejected from the building and the reason. This coup looks like that is because that's exactly what it is, his behavior completely seditious, that truck camp
His claims are knowingly fraudulent, because nothing they say in public is what they are saying in court undergrowth, stop not true when their under oath lawsuits they brought forward, haven't been about fraud. They ve been about impropriety, and it's been about an attempt to win now. You can certainly argue they should bring the fraud cases forward, but those require criminal investigations and it's almost in possible to bring direct evidence of fraud outside of affidavit statements and mathematical anomalies. Until someone subpoena power. Actually goes in, of course, I think they should the under oath as well, but these are very different circumstances. What basically basically says it's a fight for legitimacy. Excellent points further reinforced by others that have lived through similar, no matter how enough trumpeted administration are? These are precarious times need to be vigilant. This is why I've been saying to counter what what what he's saying we should have a full and and on investigation over every single claim, not to grant legitimacy, but to be
reasonable. Otherwise this is going to implode. It is going to be the most glorious and explosive implosion, and you people would laugh at me. Your life, do by all means, I'm just some dude in his room complaining on internet. I totally get it. I am so The. Where my deal, though, that that the bald beanie cocking calmly, whatever you want but I really and genuinely feel that we are headed toward some type of trouble is your conflict or civil war. I don't you call it an order to ultimately be because we don't. We were not in a loop of his three. It's not like awareness of awareness of organ. Now everyone pick your sides and March Pollyanna March across the Mason Dixon Line, not saying that we want a political civil war and that's like widely agreed upon we're in a culture civil war and has been going on for almost a decade. But one does it go hot now that its political, it gets to the point where maybe it will,
from Newsweek. Seventy five Pennsylvania Republicans ask state to dispute twenty twenty elections in Congress. Have they as as per the the December safe harbour provision applied a procedure to resolve this dispute. One could argue no This letter was issued. Nothing was done to address it. you're too late, shut up theoretically disappear, court might say. Sorry, that's not how the law works on the lawyer, so that could be totally wrong about this, but there there there's, More going on White House, Iris Pentagon Advisory Board members installs, loyalists yup, he got? He appointed a new acting secretary of defence, they ve said special, forces will now report after him and trumps. People believe that by install the election, there's a rapid voter fraud, and I could make the argument that left as making exactly in the other
fraction. That's why this is not about civil war. I'm sorry, It's not about a coup is not about abiden coup worked or a Trump coup. It's about the decoupling of America on two factions who completely disagree. Already we ve heard people say that we should see America have a divorce. Well, what do you think that would lead to if the factions split up the country, civil war, because who what city who gets what resource, but if both sides think the other, stealing the election. What he thinks gonna happen check this out a direct. what from policy on why she is willing to accept this new stimulus bill, a new president and a vaccine and triggered widespread outrage, serious outrage that policy with held stimulus from the people, because she just hates Trump, that's mostly the reason and the vaccine. Of course not-
tell the people that the real issue policy had. Was she hates Trump and she doesn't care about you? If our politics has become we? we'll sacrificing distorting everything to own the other side to get em gotcha. Then what do you think we're in what it? Where do? You think this goal because people are losing their livelihoods over this from NPR backing Trump, some military officers spread conspiracies and urge martial law. I live on. The left complains about martial law they say Tromp is trying to stage martial law. Michael Flint is called for. Sidney Powell Linwood YO. Ah, the left has imposed martial law, the governor locked everything down their literally arresting people who ve broken no laws, their arresting. Small a business owners they are abusing. Suppressing and oppressing the working class. Martial law has been here for a long time and there we go Joe Biden staging a coup. Joe Biden says
I listen to the scientists, brings it visor who says we're gonna like the country down for six weeks, Joe Biden is threatening us with martial law. Now Donald Trump supporters are threatening back the same thing. I don't know. I can't imagine either side backing down The oath keepers, the largest militia and this country have already said it was Stuart roads he's the the founder I believe, unlike the had had honcho, is anything that half the country will not take anything coming out of your but its mouth as legitimate, and that's it. It's about confidence is always about confidence. If people believe that This system is in place and this is how the law will be enforced. Thou adhere to it, but what happens and there's no confidence when we have unanswered, questions about election irregularities at a Davidson fraud, happens on the other side claims that tromp is? Is is stealing the election. What happens when Both sides do not believe the other side is legitimate, but both have seven
plus million people lining their ranks. I don't think the right road. people are gonna come out and fight in some kind of civil war we're seeing trouble. You not like the troubles in Ireland were saying things like that with skirmishes between left and right. What would happen if, So so Joe Biden recently tried to get access to intelligence information. The Pentagon barred Joe Biden, people I was one of trumps. New appointees has had no. What happens then, if nobody gets to a point where says we won, we won the election and we're going to go. Do acts. Let's say January fifth Joe Biden tries to get access to something that normally a president Elect would get access to if the other person conceited and then orders military, not National Guard says for until the twentieth, as per the constitution, you do, as you know, you, follow orders of commander in chief and trumpet something as simple as we just have
security issue. Please guard this billing than you have jobs I didn't loyalists anti you'll have anti fond the far left and they are going to revolt they'll, be protest. Against the national Guard. The NASH Oh God is not, can understand or know what's going on, because its extreme political nuance, they'll know is, I was ordered, we're doing he went out were providing security for this place. It may be possible that happens and then what will the governors recall certain national guard? Will truncated federalized them? Which side will they be on I'd like to remind you. the transition integrity project. As start a noted, as as, as cited by the route said that it would be better for the asked coast to secede from the union than to allow a trump victory. But what happens if Trump does get a victory through this beauty result in key states. We nothing and no one getting to seventy. Then
Joe Biden call for a secession from the union. I think it's funny you can see. The tribal lines is an article on up I'll go to this, maybe in greater detail later after the deep state sabotaged his presidential bid. Bernie Sanders mocks those who believe it exists. Glenn green, while does not a conservative, but his view and many of his views align much more with the what what is called right wing right now. My palace I did. I did a hope, I guess we're, I'm like I'm in favour of universal health care like we ve got to figure out what to implement it. Maybe it's not possible, I don't know, but I really am in favour of it to very lefty position pretty far left actually, but here I am being called a right winger. Why well? Well, because I pay attention to this excellent news, and it turns out when you do yeah well from is actually not that bad. right on many issues and it is. But the Democrats were crooked and corrupt, who are locked people down under martial law in getting away with it.
Now we can see Bernie Sanders. Mocks, though, marks the people who believe the deep state which used to be a left wing cause the New York Times says Joe Biden one to one. Eighty eight states have certified the results so far for Joe Biden, only two or three states remain New Jersey, Missouri in Hawaii. The left. now said Joe Biden, one for the sixteenth time, but none of this means anything until January sex and we may get a dispute from Republicans, because ball is rolling and things are escalating. Brian camp of Georgia signature audit why he was resistant until that video emerge where they pulled the ballots out and counted illegally. That's a fact. This is confirmed local news Ella WS be confirmed that for one hour, pull workers George at stake, Marina were counting ballots illegally they're supposed to have observers. They told the observers to leave started counting again, not allowed to do that. I can only
engine that neither side will accept any of this and we have the proof from the Washington Post where Republicans in Congress stand on trumps, false claim of winning the election. Twenty five Republicans have said Biden, one bite in the actual winners, as washing opposed to Republicans have said Trump one and two A hundred twenty two have provided no answer, man If you thought it was spicy, then wait till you see what comes next I am more. I moved them, of nowhere, where I not the biggest law, but a nice place, the Middle northern mountains in front of me? I get rivers and stuff, but are now looking at really really cheap, big empty property in the middle of nowhere, because when you have two hundred and twenty two republican lawmakers who refuse to say that Joe Biden One or that from one welcome to the fence when you have to republican lawmaker lawmaker, saying it was actually trumpet one twenty five saying Biden, one: how is it that
come to appoint like this needs legitimacy, and so it is Joe Biden, and neither has it. This country is split into how much longer until these two hundred and twenty two with no answer started. engine say? I think tromp actually won I've, seen the evidence of fraud. Here's what's your ears, the hard part there, there is no apparatus by which we investigate a hundred fifty million votes to determine widespread fraud. There is only ends of sand making a heap in the beginning December. Seventh, a grain of sand was dropped. Questioning, hey look at this year's affidavit, I should say threat election night with the observers being barred. Scott Adams made a tremor this excellent point as soon as they blocked witnesses. We're done anything after that is irrelevant. You can make arguments about fraud or anything like that, but we have more than of ample evidence that they were boarding up, windows kicking up
however out, and that is a fact there's no coming back from that witnesses were barred and anything after that is an unknown that we shouldn't even be trying to fight all we I was the elections broken and the courts are gonna, ignore Don't give me the evidence we can't they kicked the witnesses out and if you won't, if, as you say, Well, you have no evidence yeah, they kicked the witnesses out in Georgia fact: they illegally counted count it's all on camera overtime, it will start to gain more and more traction and more moral, look ends are likely to start saying Trump, one or just the fact. There are few Miss say who want at all is bold. The Georgia run off his common now they get matters. I've seen I've seen trop say: go vote, I've seen lovelorn Purdue talk about. You know we gotta get on vote, but the Trump supporters don't care because they dont like Republicans anyway, it
don't matter who wins and loses because right now, no one believes in another. Third election was good enough by agitate Democrats. Do Republicans don't republic, as Democrats start to realize, what's going on, it may just be they enter the then they Lou. Then than you win phase, to put it simply the democratic nor Trump supporters after the election then they laughed at Rudy, Giuliani and city, powerless, crazy, crackpot conspiracy, theorists now they're getting getting ready to fight there. hey, wait a minute trumps actually doing something here, but then Trump wins because too late there it has been paying attention. I dont think the result his truck plainly winning. I don't think the result bought in clearly winning. At this point, Everything. I've seen now suggest that there is going to be some kind of chaotic clash. I'm not saying there's gonna be a civil war. I'm saying it feels like it. I lean towards balloon I'll, be some kind of conflict Poland, civil war be, should be no factions fighting in shooting each other, but it might just be tromp holds
counter inauguration- the Winter White House, which is more a logo we'll be winter mind you held, then have all supporters out there and then what happens? Joe Biden will say we're banning your guns. Lucky's wanting to do you of areas insane New Hampshire, West, Virginia Montana, where checkpoints pop up from Trump loyalist sang your law means nothing here. We don't stand by your edict. More the law to attempts to implement martial law for the over the covered lockdown going to result in a patriot, right wingers, you know a Trump supporters saying no, maybe the left were away. Lockdown, like we saw with this woman in California about entirely sure, but look at what's right in front of you. We are at a time right now and two hundred and twenty two Republicans in Congo refuse to say whether or not trump or by one- and I think the answer is because most these people are scared and they don't know who's, going to win them
are waiting to see who the victor will be too then say: oh yeah, of course you see. Outworks they'll want to come out, be disloyalty. Trumpeted comes up, What does the Republicans? I could lose votes so there and keep their mouth shut, but in the event by when's they're, gonna, say, of course, by its president in the event Trump ones there and say: well, you see in all trumps presidents constitution. Those aren't leaders, But it shows you, the machine and place it supposed to be leading is not functioning properly. I gotta predictions in the world, but leave it there. The next segment Twill B, I might do more segments than I just because I'm I'm feelin it but will see it will place out. If I do I'll put him up, if not whatever next well well, will be officially, though, tomorrow at ten a m, some kind of winding things down a little bit, working on one IRA pockets and we're gonna be doing work together of logs and up. I think I'm gonna go focus on that right now we got really fun that's going on so I'd stick around what are you blog gentle going we'll have a good time and it can be a lot of fun. That's it we're buying farm properly in the middle of nowhere and where they do crazy staff, with you, no guns and bows and arrows and we're gonna get
we're gonna, get a three printing workshops set up, we're gonna, make you know: lasers and fiscal stuff. They sprang up I'll, see you all the excitement and died over subscribed to Youtube com slashed him guest. I arel for our lives, show and check out the two pull daily, show and TIM cast Iron, Itunes, Spotify Et Cetera, I'll, see you guys next time suit case gate boxes being pulled from under a table in Georgia. Ballots are pulled out, no observers in sight and people start counting. Why? What are they doing? Why are they doing it and where please bouts come from suspicious activity. No doubt and Giuliani said this is the smoking God, but fear, not good citizens. The fact checkers, are here to make sure we know that it's all total bs first, you may have seen led stories with great fact check video from Georgia does not show suitcases, velvet
out suspiciously bald from under a table. Ball lodgers we're not told to leave them Thank you. Lead stories, news guard, certified fat checking organization for pumping out complete and total bs Because this story has now been debunked by Debo trying to deepen the diva, not to know that I found it makes sense. lead story. Stride claiming that this video, this by I'm shell, video, showing workers pulling ballots from underneath the table and then counted them for they told I want to leave, they tried sang, it never happened, they lied. You see the first thing. I material We we have very very with this video, with a lot of questions who told the observers to go home. Why I did. They start counting again after they told him to go home, and why did they say we can't? We told the observers to go home where they started counting. There was none. ass, their here's, the truth. They pulled ballot boxes outcome
under a table. So you see how led stories play the game. They say video from Georgia, Not show suitcases felt about suspiciously pulled from under a table was true, true and accurate statement. I could say video from Georgia does not show crates of ballots being put not from under a table, that's right, they were in sealed ballot boxes. Are the question is why some of the quotes they got in this backtrack say that they were originally placed in the boxes, sealed and then place next to the table, also a lie. There were placed under the table my friends well waters were told to leave, because now we have this ever so hilarious actual fact check from W to be tv to Georgia an official show, framed by frame what happened in fault in surveillance, video you, the craziest thing is it's almost like you can show someone robbing a bank and so long as you call it a fact check and say: everything's, fine, men who come into the building are simply requesting money and they happened.
Who have been armed the clerks. You can then We are handing them the money and then the men leave. That's it that's what they do in this video. We now get confirmation the pole, workers of the I'm the observers who there to scrutinise? The bout counting process were told to leave. The workers did Paul. axis out from under a table and then begin counting ballots with no, not even estate, monitor, present, there was a one hour gap when we don't know what they were doing and that seriously all things into question, because there's a reason why their state pull watchers, not there one hour gap confirming what we all saw in the video boxes of bouts pulled out from underneath. opened up counted ever I was told to go home and there is a gap where no one is observing. Now what is true, Is that earlier, in the day you can see in this video that there were empty ballot boxes they put,
what's in them and then seal the boxes, the official explanation as they thought they were going home. The big question then, is: what's up with these fake fact, checks trying to de bunk. These stories were, in fact this was completely fake news. The whole time you see that's what they do. Lead stories is probably the most egregious offender. Are they gonna get that that this distort from December? Third is completely factually inaccurate. We now have very serious questions about happened so, to put it mildly, in an attempt to debunk the story they had no choice but to step up, go further and and do a frame by frame confirming the few there's of many of the people who are watching this video- dare I say they- did the opposite of debunking Here's the story, Georgia, election officials show framed by frame for the third time counties Georgia have sort of five votes from November's presidential election. The outcome is not expected to change but legal challenges are still underway. One involve,
a video from state farm arena that, since on viral president. From lawyers and other supporters call it. The smoking gun proving election fraud channel to investing rapporteur, just in great spent the day with Georgia Such an officials going through the video framed by Frame To show everyone what really happened? Ok, thank you. At war, what really happened? Gray looked and not at just a short clipped the trunk campaign shared, but the critical hours. Before and after the clip as well mind you, this was actually all stated by the truck campaign? This is not new information other than their confirming. What the complaint was in the first place, state electorate investigators have already spent hours, analyzing the video showing what trumps personal turning to junk Giuliani said, was suitcases being pulled from under a table. They were, in fact official, sealed bout containers, no one's ok. First of Yes rooted Giuliani. You made a mistake: condoms
The cases that's how they gotcha yet tripped up in a semantic argument. The question is: why are they pulling the ballot back out and counted them with no one. There took to look. I'm a reasonable guy, a lot of people were concerned. It was bout stuffing that these were like pre printed bouts being pulled out when no one was watching? That doesn't seem to be the case. What's maybe the case now, or I should say the clarification we got. So thank you, is that they were just counting with no state observers and no partisan observers. Exactly the principal complaint, then again again, a lot of people and myself included, thought wow are these ballots. Where did they come from and why are they kind of the mother tongue? I want to go home and why are these backtracking site sang? It never happened. It all happened, but thank you. for giving us information about these belts. Come from, you can watch people put about in the box. That doesn't mean anything to me, because I still don't what those belts are unknown observed them, so we do know is after Ivan was tall believe leave spaces
scarcely pull boxes out from under a been under a table and start counting them. with nobody around the watch. Look You have one of the most hyper polarized times in our history, with the most electrons been railing on fraud forever they should have said. We cannot. We told everyone leave. We can't do this, here's they say we can show exactly when they were placed their lead investigator. Francis Watson said, but mean anything to anybody that wasn't the complaint in the first place We know they were placed there at some point. Watson said they weren't mystery that came from a mystery location, taken hours before shows the table being brought into the room and a twenty two I am nothing was under me. The table that was pointed out by the attorney who showed the video in the first place saying these are the people who put the tables there at ten p m, with a room full of people including official monitors and the media. Video shows balance that it
already been opened, but not counted placed in the boxes sealed up and stored under the table. The reason employees thought they were done for the night there we're closing things up and getting ready to leave well. Well. Well, well, well, hot dog baby! What's that Paul? archers were not told leave ok. So when the when the vote, counters, walk up, the people say something and the people all leave and then now we're being told they were, they were closing up for the night. You mean it Tell me that wasn't true, ladies and gentlemen, I take a look at this Pull watches were not told to leave led stories now I want to show who from ABC News politics this tweet. Going viral from over one month ago, eleven thirty four p m November. Third, the election department set the ballot counters at the state farm arena in Atlanta home at ten thirty p M, Regina Waller, the Fulton County public affairs. manager for elections tells ABC News. That's right! This is a fake fact check. Why I dont know they're trying to discuss,
that this claim in this video without actually doing any real of Africa what's going on, we were told in November. Third, that counting had stopped when ABC public declaration. They report the news we ve been reported and nobody's counting. and then they got a phone call start counting again. What were they doing and why, Well now we have some accusations flying around that took us out from Kyle Becker election, we're there's running through the same melon bouts, two to three times some say up to seven or eight times we ve heard what does issue sworn affidavits attesting to the kind of being, That seems to be going on in the state vote state vote, farm video below from Canada, Georgia, not We, the elected officials, lie about the pipe burst, send up murmurs away, pull up hidden bout and continue counting it secret. They also
scanned the same stack of about three times in a row, and I watched a video several times. It does appear, though, and puts the belgian machine. Then there's no time lapse of summing up. She picked them up. Checksum around you know and then put some right back on the machine three times. I dont know what that means. People are saying that they count of the votes three times I dont know and that's the problem. That is the problem there is doubt, and people are them are saying, this is a dispute why they set a pipe burst. It didn't. They said they said people home they didn't. They did said home the people worthwhile to watch and scrutinise the kind. of people, state officials, even horde of say. Well, oh you're, here you're countersign stacked twice what you don't when you don't you can't do that oops! Sorry, not there. Now much the grand conspiracy, I'm saying that if you ve got up, and whose job is purity guard at a venue of up it. This way I to work of animals. This is probably
thirteen years ago and you weren't allowed to smoke in the building rightist Chicago. Well when the security garment of the bathroom, some people who just didn't know I didn't care, just, would light up a cigarette and then, in the studio, come back, they dug out. What are you doing? Oh no. We missed that we weren't here. So typically they try to have multiple guards all of the card. The saint, I'm that way, no one ever leaves because sometimes these things happen. How about with no observers present these people made a mistake and didn't realize. Maybe She thought it didn't count properly, and so she loaded about three times. Maybe the machine can't count the same. about three times because they have some kind of seal members. Might that honestly, I dont know and that's the big problem. The time when we are extremely hyper polarized you now have peoples not in the video, so you can see her skin it several times. People are pointing on saying that the complaint we have these boats were pulled out on Monday table and sealed boxes. The seals were broken, the observers were gone and therein lies the big problem. They say
they were closing things up and leave here's what the confusion comes in media and abuse, the first left as employees packed up foam, pull watchers were not told them if they are lying to us. This is a face book. Certified fact. Checker They flag these stories that you can't share them. So dear, it's your channel on Facebook? If you share too much fake news, Facebook stops allowing people to see your content. You see what they do, they're lying, and then we get the actual fact check, Phones, election director called a supervisor at state form a few minutes later telling them to keep counting of the second the States office called and said they shouldn't stop counting for the night. So early Mason gentleman pull workers were told to close up They told all the observers to leave as per sworn affidavits and then gonna call saying good now start counting again, I don't care what the reason was. They called him up and said close it up. Kick him out now start counting again. Why did they do it?
In fact, in this story from WS be Tv Atlanta, the rapporteur says now there was a period for our where there were none oh observers or state monitors present done. That's a lie regulation of the election code. As far as I understand it that the state is they have their watchers there, so why did they tell them to leave after that call employs pull the containers about back out and went back to work, no magic. The appearing ballots, Gabriel Sterling Sectaries States office at these were about that were passed. Just in front of a monitoring process in front of them. There's a place there in front of the monitors and then count with no one watching and maybe under the machine several times. Maybe up possible, might, moreover, rather the machine several times I said. Look I have to agent there's some kind of unique component to the ballots right, so the machine tat the lights elements and has a unique identify for that. Ballot is if it's. The machines, just you can put us imbalance in fifty times and just as by and bye, bye, bye, bye Well, then, these are really really bad machines, and if that's the case, I don't know
We got a serious problem. This means right now, what We need a forensic analysis on machines were any detailed breakdown of the proprietary software to know whether or not bouts can become a kind of model times, and I know maybe probably sang dude that, of course they can't do that. Ok, then you need to publish that. Because people right now we're going nuts with these viral story saying look what they are doing and we need clarity in They say that there's about six thousand dollars per box about six hours, doubts that there's big argument happening on twitter. This aid, like it, weighs hundreds of pounds. Now it does in six. how can you get lucky stuck a paper? It's like a thousand sheets in it weighs a couple pounds, so you have about it is boxes probably little heavy, but for box six thousand votes we're looking at around twenty four thousand votes, which is what people are ultimately concerned about, because at around While thirty or so I am that's, how many votes came in for Joe Biden, so imagine this with no people present to observe what they're doing
they may be just ran the Biden votes, no idea. How would we ever know you see a grainy video where you can see are doing some and there's no legal observers, our monitors, they say what about the time gap between when the media and observers left and the observers, returned, but an hour later employees. and ballots fact. These are just happen everyday election workers out. These are just typical everyday election workers just doing their job sterling said. There's enough, oceans, eleven level scheme being put together and middle tonight. That is the lie now. I jokingly said that Donald Trump, oceans eleven? What I mean by that is the plan for Democrats when was set up months or year plus an advance act? Seventy seven notes, male in voting in Pennsylvania, was in the law October of point nineteen. They try to trick you by saying there's no grand conspiracy or widespread,
fraud, there's no oceans levels, oceans, eleven style scheme going on and it could be one person who hates Donald Trump and asked trot derangement syndrome and now that you ve the observers out, you ve, given them Carte Blanche, one hour to go as fast as they can to crank out all those Biden votes. I gotta be honest, I'm not convince that's what happened I'm I need but it's to prove it. When I can tell you is I don't like being lied to these fake news. Factors are full of it: and we created a security lapse and we added I'm aware so hyper polarized! You have contested the results. It's your fault, not the transporters they now have grounds to say ass? No, no way we are not giving you an inch and they gotta be done by the book. They said it was about an hour that workers scandals before state, monitor arrived, but video show those moments, the monitor than observed, counting
well. They stopped for the night. The legal action, astrogator has looked at all that video and said she saw no evidence of any wrongdoing. Perhaps perhaps that's the case. Perhaps this is incorrect. someone's scanning about two or three times. Maybe she put it. Attack on the machine and assorted feeding in the boats and that's it I could not process and you will you put him back and that's it. That's it. Ok! Well, based on this and based on the fervour and then and then the fear, I think we should have a friend second analysis on those machines to make sure that we didn't have this numbers come in three times and wrote because if you have a batch about a stack, would say it's four hundred or so Answer whenever that, because the machine and its three hundred Biden one under Trump. We would then see threatened by one ought to drop the next can threatened by the one on a drop, the naxian thriller bottom, you get the point. so weren't we're gonna need a forensic analysis and I think it's a fair point. I can't believe how the Democrats are fighting so
hard to make sure we don't do this. That scares me if we don't what look I'm not saying Trump One, not at all. Let's, they that Trump truly lost its all over? This is just nonsense. People are our freaking out. Let's say they, don't do it, allows us to break down and prove and provide the documents and show people here's the machine. Here's the analysis is an independent third party. Now on the rights gonna, believe it and you will guarantee that we will go. Withdrew the next period of people, believing that try that Trump did not lose as they do already. Now you need to do everything it can to com. people down. We are a constitution. Republic where the individuals have rights, and then means in our iron out when I was talking to destiny on the IRA. Show I settle soon investigations that, don't you think people are. Where are you tired of investigations and things like that and I'm like? I don't care. I really
out. I roll my eyes the thought of Russia Gate and another. Russia gets Thou thing, but you have to because we fight with each other. We have disputes We have to recognise a certain standard. Yup were gone. Do another hearing in another investigation and one sides gonna say so dumb, and we do that because we don't want people burning. Ever thing to the ground. Now Russia Gate was stupid, fake news, people want awards, ward it was trash you, we can't do it full investigation here, like sort of its treated according to an earlier fact check. no one was told to leave. In fact, that's what happened? How is this an official facebook fact checker. Much better etiquette, good question. Facebook has given special powers to fake. News outlets led stories, rights, fake news; they bait, they look at us. Did they just make this up?
pull watches were not told believe that that that's that's fabricated, Festus EMU literally got ABC News from November? Third, they make it up and then they d rank they they they block they ban they shadow ban. Anybody who there's suppose the fake news saw the perfume needed drop is falling a lawsuit in Georgia, challenging the election results by one Georgia by a slim, twelve thousand six hundred and seventy vote margin. It's extremely possible trump can flip twelve thousand votes, especially at this point. When you see that there are around twenty four thousand or so votes between those four boxes were now Looking at an amount of votes that could have changed the outcome of the election Bill BAR said to date, we have not seen evidence of whites a voter fraud to this, to the extent that it would have changed the outcome of the election. Paraphrasing its actual, but essentially that's what he said. However, he went on to say that many of the claims brought forward
I tried, but others are, are for civil litigation, not criminal impropriety, for instance. No, no observers, that's not fraud! Necessarily now it may be that intend, but that's not what billboard does right now What we see what these people counting these ballots, probably will not fall under bill bars. Jurisdiction, because the argument is impropriety unless you can prove criminal intent. It's not a criminal matter, it's o c. told I wanna leave and then counted now. maybe a violation of state election code which bring This two civil court, where Trump could say all that matters is too. Four thousand belts were counted with. With knows what we don't know at what point, how many were counted? before the state observer returned, therefore, this batch of ballots calls the are called into question. That's a good point. In p. Julian Trump argue that we got seven
four thousand votes. There was no observers present and then judge said: while they were in the building right, they couldn't see any but there were in the building. Right can be fun completely insane. You knew people to sit there, three people the vote counter and then partisans, maybe for maybe lab rat republican and independent, and then you watch and then their scrutiny and their challenges and we'll have that have asked why? Why that's the case? real, clear investigations notes a curious thing happened as fault in county election officials counted melon bouts at the state farm arena in the days before the election, the early hours of November. Fifth, a surge of some twenty thousand mail in votes suddenly appeared for Joe Biden, while approximately one thousand votes for trot mysteriously disappeared. From his own totals in the critical swing state whereby the whole, a razor thin lead that right there flip the election for whatever reason now it could be
That all of this is normal lately normal nothing, crazy happened. So then, why lie about it? Why? It could be that tromp supporters are looking for any in any excuse and suspicious of everything. Ok, they're allowed to be they allowed to challenge the elections there. Loud to file lawsuits and they're they're out there and its their right to get appropriate answers from the situations that serve them. The republican apple that is the job of Georgia State and the political systems of these states serve the people and the people sometimes dispute regularly in elections, which means if they come forward and say. I contest this done a great ok because we work for you were not a direct Emma, see we're constitutional public, and that means the end. The jewel has rights and if one person came forward in my opinion and said I on a forensic analysis. I think the answer should be. Yes, in fact, I think
to be a hard forensic analysis, resolving any and all elections in every state in every county after they have them numbers and if we done in public with people watching by a third party and then they the results in other they they may show the result in this ain't. Here we go please we won verify what we are saying to confirm. We agree because I'll tell you this if they did and they printed something out and then they gave a copy to every person. I note the Republic and Poland, here's, what do the moroccan observers? They look at and say: ok, you now. I know that because when the observers actually were challenging ballots, tromp supporters would shout balance but also say that's forbidden, yeah. There's that that there's there's there's split, you know have grounds for challenge. Sometimes, and sometimes you know, and they accepted that when the binding people to do, we need more scrutiny, not less more security, not less my bigger com, with all. This is how the fake news lies and let me wrap it up with them. With what I said at the beginning, this video
Georgia, like an official, shows, shall framed by frame what happened. Fulton is not debunking the story. It confirmed it but by simply just saying it debunked it that's the name of the game, so here's I personally played the dry concern, first and foremost as people saying where these votes come from. What are these? They thought it was about stuff than I did to evidence about something evidence as in a sign or indication of something may be happening. That still the case for that reason we thought ok. First, we are like. Where did these boats come from? That was the concern they have confirmed. They were part the normal process put in sealed and put away The concerns still exists. There was about something because we don't know what these people were doing. it looks normal shore, but we don't know because no one was there and the problem still exists so essential, it confirmed it now, leave their necks coming up at one p m and the Shell thanks rang out, and I will see you all them.
There is a grand conspiracy afoot, democratic Nation wide I've been secretly plotting to turn people into Republicans. I'm kidding it's a joke, but come on it's kind of true right. Here's a tweet from me. It is raining at pills in California, too sad video man and I'm not here to drag this woman, I'm here to support her and and and do what I can to make sure that people know about. What's happened, indeed, you know, LOS Angeles County area, I believe this woman's restaurant is in the valley. I am not entirely sure what this is. Ro Video four point, five min million views already. This woman run the Pineapple Hill saloon and grill and This video she says they ve shot her down there taking everything from her, but guess what, in her parking lot, there is an outdoor dining area for the movie industry, which is totally safe in fine one thing, Stoops stood out to me when she's,
that everything I own is being taken away and that's why people think the great we sat is is is is the why this is happening now, conversation with a lovely Phelan said so to grant conspiracy the locking things down These people are dying, and I said yes, perhaps for the lockdown didn't work. The first time their likely exploiting this for their great reset. I want to. they for you, this video, you can hear someone has to say it's very important. So this is my place. The plan hell grilling saloon. If you go to my page, you can see all the work I did for outdoor dining for tables being seven feet apart and I commend today because I'm organizing protests demands again for that and I walk into my parking lot and obviously Mayor Garcia.
It has proved that knowledge is showing is a massive outdoor has approved area for food for eating this being set up or set up for for a movie company. Bunch of tents, white, tens, dining tables and then right, next to it is heard dining area she's not allowed to use I'm living everything everything I own is being taken away from me and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. What's is right over here.
You can see she's got hers very similar and people wonder why I protesting and why I have had enough. They have not given us money and they have set is sound. We cannot survive. My staff cannot survive. Look at this tell me that this is dangerous for right. Next to me, as a slap in my face that safe, this is safe, fifty feet away. This is dangerous. Mayor, Garcia,.
And gather Newsome is responsible for every single person that doesn't have unemployment does not have a job and all the businesses that are going under and we need your help. We need somebody to do something about this, so as that it was playing. I did Mary Tibet because that's that's what people living on the podcast but up. She said a few things. That kind of make me feel sad for her. I mean first of all. This woman is showing us that her business has been shut down yet fifty feet. There is the exact same thing, picnic tables she it's gotta, make sure people are seven feet apart from each other. They get to put up picnic tables, they're allowed tolls for thee, but not for me and for what did she say in this video to things that you need to hear one? Darcy into some are responsible for everybody was not getting unemployment, knocking their benefits. You cannot
rely on these people who are beating you to death to help you afterwards, you I'm not stand there. Look at me and say help me, please stealing everything from me. They are beating me. Why won't they help me? Why won't they give me a Czech? Why, the won't they give me money. While this happens, they are bludgeoning your business figuratively to death. What makes you think there going to be giving you anything while they're doing it should something else Someone needs to do some thing. You know when I see stuff like this, this is: Pineapple girl place is in it in its in L, a county. I believe, I believe, I'm not sure familiar with it at the county. Such works I think it's just on the other side of that you know the ridge would ever so it's a San Fernando Valley, I think sky live there. I remember with his boys, are safe for NATO value so she's arm right off. I think
like the one on one or something, he's in one of the bluest places in the country, and I say, It's raining red pills. When I see something like this, you know I say to this woman I will do whatever I can I will blast this this out. I will make sure people see this people need to know what's happening. I cover this. Torreon Staten Island where the the bar owner sat on opening back up protesters came out many of these urban liberal, Oh progressives, uppercross types, mock and but little of the working class, this woman, a staff, should have fan, They are people who rely on her services and their people who rely on these jobs and it is being stripped away while they laugh in her face fifty feet away. How incredible that, after all of that, she still doesn't get ok, so I'm not trying to be mean- and I try to drag her. I want anybody who lives in the Alley area, it's the pineapple, a saloon and grill pineapple
EL saloon and grow, and our people should protest because this is not about Kovac they're, lying. There's no reason why people can't sit outside at her picnic tables, but they can. that side at the movie theater that the movie industry, picnic tables clearly is not about covered the movies are essential, know: they're, not restaurant, Our essential movie production is not. It is a slow, when the face the largest transfer of wealth. In. U S history, stripping away the rights and the property of the working class to give it to the millionaires and the billionaires, the milk. As the billionaires in this country now they're burning. sanders, not gonna stand up and fight somebody's got to. I guess I'm just so let down hearing her say. We need unemployment checks and someone has to do something MA am with all due respect. You have my utmost empathy, my sympathy and my support.
A gulf on me. I will seek it out and I will do what I can to help you, but please stop waiting for someone to save you, as evidenced by the fact that you made the video in the first place. You understand your responsibility here to stand up and be the leader of the Democratic Party My opinion is a corrupt as they come and the Republican Party is corrupt but completely ineffective in many ways. Trop does not represent the republican Party. and ass. You can see from Trop supporters man they do not. Like Republicans as Neither do they walked up to a guy in Georgia, with a trap at and a journalist asked and will you be supporting Purdue unlawful irony says, I don't know we'll see and they say what What's your focus in our concern with run off his I'm concerned about November third and Donald Trump Tromp supporters, not Republicans!
this kind of an overlap because Trump use the Republican Party, but I d grass, the Democratic Party is, is crooked and corrupt. All of the politicians who have been caught violating covert guess what party there from the Democrats. So there are people can have their problems. No doubt plain about a complaint about him all day and night MA am, you should run for office, you should stand up and demand your rights, you not Buddy, you know what I'm rephrase it you have your rights, you have them. They can't be taken away. The real issue, is that there is a system put in place by the Democrat voters. Os Angeles to crush you to steal from you and destroy your life, I'm, on a rather lessening into and what I mean by that. As you know, you're gonna hear left rather entirely different. You they're gonna, give you different definitions of what these mean. I tell you.
I believe in a mixed economy and I lean slightly towards cooperative market there's. A difference between cooperative and competitive competitive that really is a really great political compass thing. Work shows you'd different networks for economics and a cooperative. Is we work together and we cannot? You know what they're up like this when paying taxes is more cooperative. The issue is, I'm more votes, leaning, libertarian type, so how you implement tax increase areas like that? It's not easy! It's not and Similarly, then you end up drifting more towards right libertarianism, which is competitive market places, but I think there should be a bit of a mixed. You know The problem is the Democratic Party right now is split between celebs. the influence or garbage, who use leftism, which they don't understand to earn support people who need or want things and It say it say it s, a siren song, this woman and her business
and let us try not to know if she's, a republican or Democrat, the fact that she said we get unemployment checks and someone to do something makes me believe that she's a Democrat, especially considering the area she's in, but that is the siren song. This is the end the fundamental problem we have with politics in this country, a Republican will come to you, when say you're on your own? Kid figure it out too bad then the left will say what a cold and callous man these people need help don't worry young man I'll, give you every. You want to sign, your allegiance to me and you dont get what you want. You get subservience. You get dependency when in fact What sounds harder and harsher might be. The best thing for you, self sufficiency is the most important thing right now This woman needs to come out and say I, I'll do something and she is
she's talking about how she's organizing a protest good for her again, but my respects simply the empathy and support this woman would have been going on, but that that you can see that mentality which hold you back. So this story is actually going massively viral business owners Restaurants are being unfairly targeted by corona virus restrictions. How about a better headline for EU businesses? Are being unfairly targeted by corona viruses actions they showed you a video duty at CBS she's got her. It tables shot down and their set up. Clearly they are being unfairly targeted, maybe there is some hope and people are starting to wake up, because we have this amazing story, CNBC fight on covert nineteen risk since blows up on air, to see NBC House, got into an extraordinary early morning, fight over covered ninety restrictions and mask on Friday during a discussion over how restaurants are being devastated by the pandemic, Rick,
and tell you CNBC personality, who one famous attention and oh nine, with a rat from Chicago. Mercantile Exchange, suggesting that a tea party should be darted during that recession, argue that it didn't make sounds to shut down restaurants. When parking lots at Big Box, retailers were jam, packed with cars. People- Bravo Good, sir. You nailed it quote. You can't tell me but shutting down, which is the easiest answer, is the only answer centrality said would you join immediate rebuke from another CNBC personality Andrew Raw Sorkin, who is who is so if financial columnist for the New York Times and as previously add on air dispute of colleagues on CNBC over the appropriate precautions. Take for carbon nineteen Rick just public health and public service announcement for the audience. The difference between a big box retailer before he got caught off. Who is this centrality asked the two or speaking from different settings, someone offscreen- at that point can be heard saying who else? Who battles quote the differences? big box retailer in a restaurant or, frankly, even at church, are so different,
unbelievable, Sorkin, sad as until: shook his head up and down Sorkin, in a leader EAST crackpot who says just give up, submit everything you alone. You are nothing and you must bow before the massive corporations that run this planet. You peasant? That's basically what you're saying right, whereas there Molly was saying people need to live, and this the point I was making just just previously about responsibility on the here to tell you, the locked downs did not work. Actually, I'm sorry, I think the lock downs worked to a certain degree. Did. We see cases drop. They eventually began to drop. Yes, there's like a week or two week delay and what we see reporting hospitalization so early this year, we sad fifteen days to slow the spread and all set. The numbers started to drop hospitalizations and covert DAS, and all that stuff white appeared. The lockdown worked
but then something happened once we started easing restrictions right around just in time. For the election mind, you started a come back. I believe This provides us with ample evidence, considering it's not just the United States but across Europe as well. It all came back. The lock downs failed to stop anything and now here to tell you the harsh reality: people are going to die, it is horrifying, but it is a part of this world. I know people who have died in a lot of different ways, and it is devastating, and it is said. Sometimes it can controlled. Sometimes it's a freak accident. Sometimes it's somewhere, taking someone else's life, but sometimes the sickness. and I've, I've known people who have died due to sickness and there's only so much. We can do that's the hard reality. You need to understand that we cannot control nature. We can we can control the wind, but we can adjust our sales, and that means right now as we're dealing with a pandemic. Locking down
has failed us and only cause more pain and suffering. In the long run, we now have an opportunity to rectify this mistake start opening our businesses backup, so chile, distance, wear, masks and provide extra protections for those with co. Morbidity is the vulnerable. That is the way out of this. Unfortunately, that's not the EU. Z way and as Democrats are the party of whispering sweet. Nothing into your ears playing the siren song. They'll tell you why with but a click of a mouse We can shut everything down and bring everything back to normal, dont worry and only two months of no work, no support, nothing. Everything will be a ok, it's the easy way out and it will not work The World Health organisation is already warned us that lockdown must be a very, very last resort. We are not there yet. In fact, all all signs of the past year indicate that Europe, it failed in the. U S, it fail
so save doing what China did and welding people's doors shut and rendition in them, while that's part of the right way to put it kidnapping them and bring them to. God knows where which we can't do. We must recognise that cove it is going to be here and people we'll lose. Their lives grow up soon. and strong and realize we are not God on this planet, we cannot control everything sooner or later, a worse pandemic. Will arise and we must do what we can, but we also must learn and adapt. The lockdown have not helped us. It is worse now our earlier in the year. They said that, with the locked downs, be looking around two hundred and fifty thousand people, but even with a lot the lockdown, then in the lock down. Now we are over that proving they were wrong. What do they do? The democratic politicians are,
flaunting the rules. Gavin Newsome was now caught. What twice Loi Lightfoot Gretchen Whittemore Nancy Policy going out and get their hair done? They don't care about you and they're not worried about this, and they will do what they want. While you suffer and burn because there is a hard reality that probably even they know, there's nothing. You can do nothing. I mean to make this completely disappear to make the deaths stop. There are things we can do to mitigate the problems and the pain and suffering in, that the fact less, who are leading these blue states in cities give us only one option. Ladies, gentlemen, many epoch me I'll. Just want social distancing, masks forever, even after the vaccine, who has a right to dissent from the epidemiologists contentment, with the way things are now from Robys lobby, the New York Times Ask seven hundred epidemiologists to describe their covert nineteen habits, how their thinking as chain since the pandemic began and when they think it will be
say for normal life to resume dismaying less. So I will answer the last question with a rounding, never answer with a resounding. Never I expect that wearing a mask will become part of my daily life moving forward even after Vaccine is deployed Amy hot. They reject, associate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School, a public health till the times, Marilyn sang, and this isn't profess California, Polytechnic State University said life would never revert to the way. It was, though, the preventative measures currently just masks and social distancing will fear feel normal in time. Similarly vastly last of a professor at each as university in Moscow said, life was perfectly normal now, because this is the new normal not for me among the middle nowhere. I walk around acres and acres of property where I just live my life like normal, we have deliveries come in and out here, guess what well, don't wear masks and they don't function this way there. Is. This is aren't being shut down in this way either. Why will cost?
no one to come out and enforce it, and there's no mass proximity between other people to spread covered. So I'll tell you what what's really happening. It's the cities that are being destroyed in being torn down. Maybe it's a good thing and innocence too many people have become complacent. Do this woman say I'm organizing a protest, I'm doing everything but someone needs to do something says to me The go to the woods on airlines may be. This relentless lay might be an unofficial, an urban republican of some sort out on our political leanings, but are they it's a good thing that we would bring people out to the middle of nowhere welcomed the wilderness? Can you start a fire? Can you both Shelter. Can you find water? Can you do any that stuff? You know. Look I understand you dont have to because technology gee affords us a very, very comfortable life, but you should have basic skills. What happens if you go for a high can get lost. You can survive most. Don't
why do you think many? Don't they wander around confused and they don't know what the first thing they need is in order to survive. I tell you this: they think it's water, they don't know So there are the wilderness and they start lumbering around not realising that, in fact, its shelter, or at least what I did my hostile environment training, the First thing: you need a shelter from the elements because, while you could die, I mean first of all be attacked by animals, importantly, you there are people who died both are mere relatively easily people, don't get it sitting, I'm doing nothing outside when the temperature drops what You do need water as well, and you need to we stand how to protect yourself. How warm yourself, because times you get lost, happens to a lot of people. How many story Have we read about these silly urban liberal lemon who d I D go mountain climbing in Morocco and then what tragedy?
or of other people, writing their bikes through Tajikistan and then what tragedy a mock and explain in detail what those tragedies are, but the idea that they, people in cities are having everything destroyed and taken away from them. I feel for you absolutely, and I will support you, but I will also point out in be responsible for yourself, and I moved out of nowhere and were were parts were almost off the grid. That's that's! That's one big of mine and now actually we're gonna be getting a will. Look at this. in the middle of nowhere land. Isn't that expensive, If you live in a city, let me tell you some you put five or ten percent down on a plot of land. Ok in the land, Can be like, seriously, hundreds of acres for alike and was a fifty grand. So you put downside Twenty five hundred bucks, not the easiest thing in the world to get, but you can save up in you- can work hard, that's your payment and then you're spending a couple hundred bucks a month on your mortgage or are on your loan depending on you know the structure of it. So
you're. Looking at getting a massive massive property, wiping unworthy foaming in producing suffer the log and solemn down the middle of nowhere, but now we're gonna be expanding, because empty land is, is relatively cheap. You know, you look you get through alone, you too, that stuff. What I'm saying is you can survive further out of outside of the city? You don't need to be there it is about time. We are relying on yourself fight You know, learning how to survive and and fight on your own and from then we build. our communities of individuals who work together towards a more prosperous future. I hope this lady get some support. I wish you success in a non violent protests to civil nonviolence, civil disobedience, best of luck and ominous tracking, Soft Antonia the Democrats. I want to make everything worse. There say even with the vaccine, it won't matter. I live there. Next segments coming up but my other channel, the TIM pull you to channel which confined by typing in your address bar youtube com, slice TIM cast it up at four p m.
let's get serious things are spicy on the streets, and both sides are accusing each other of being well of staging a coup. I'll see all four p m, thanks rang out.
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