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Mail in Voter Fraud CONFIRMED But Democrats DENY And Lie Even As 1 Million Votes Discounted


Numerous stories of impropriety and inaccuracy weren't enough but now we actually have 1,000 confirmed instances of double voting in Georgia.How many stories do we need that show mail in voting is completely broken? In one story a rental truck was seen dumping mail into a parking lot and apparently they did this more than one.According to the New York Times more than one million ballots arrived late which means they very likely will not be counted. In Georgia, even in the face of overt fraud, Democrats insist it is rare.But at this point the idea that mail in voter fraud is rare is an opinion based on your understanding of "rare." If it happens in every election is it rare or is it confirmed?Trump should focus on inaccuracy instead of fraud as it is hard to prove intent.

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Universal mail in voting is broken. Even absentee. Ballots to a certain extent are broken as well. I've covered this extensively where the New York Times and twenty twelve sad with an increase in absentee TB voting you're gonna see an increase in inaccuracy. We know it's must stop and we ve got port after report showing this, and we even have instances of confirmed voter fraud epidemic That's insist? Everything is a ok. In fact, Nancy Pelosi says that it is vital to the health of this country that we have universal mail in voting, basically the difference, four thousand unfamiliar absentee bouts of a chain of custody where you requested they send it expected back and universal mail in voting as ballots being sent out to everyone. Even people who don't live in these states or the restrictions anymore and other trumps mistake. Is it it keeps saying fraud the likely to fraud is really hot and that's where the Democrats get him. They say there is no evidence of wide spread voter fraud and theirs.
Trick the framing device. We get a story here from a J C, one thousand people double voted. Georgia primary says, Secretary of State, in fact, about a hundred and fifty thousand people apparently try Maybe it was an accident. Maybe it was because they change their mind, but they requested absentee ballots and then decided not to do it. Now we have even more along stories of videos going viral, showing a budget rental truck dumping male into a parking lot an apparently. This wasn't the only time it happened where now here for the New York. I'm a million valets in the primary are not going to be counted. One million think about that We're gonna have a general election. Could you imagine if a million bouts art counted people, don't freak out? male in voting is broken, ok, absolutely broken, and even in this story about a thousand people double voting, they get a quote from a Democrat saying everything is fine. Voter fraud is still extremely rare. I can't believe it.
Time. When election in Turkey is more important than ever. The Democrats are seeking to overhaul our entire election system when we have Doktor Burke's an FAO cheese saying it is safe. How many times have you to say well, apparently, to state again let this be the definitive? Well, I guess, as of now, video breaking down mail in voting is completely broken and don't take my word for it. I M going to show you an absurd amount of stories. In fact, you and you can do you go to Google and type in a state with me. When ballot problems in your likely to find something about the problems being your? You know why? Because the Washington Post report, forty. Six states argon experience these problems. In fact, in battleground states its expected, we particularly worse and it is in the battleground states. Listen if you were to come to me and tell me at the most pull the rise time and our nation ever well, maybe not ever. I that's unfair that stupid the civil war, probably Waymore polarized, but the second,
First, perhaps you want to change the rules and overhaul the election and reduce election security integrity. I'm sorry they met cheating. Let's take a look at the story before we get started had over two TIM cast, Dotcom, Slash done it if you'd, like support I work there. Many wage can giving an appeal box you on a sense of the best thing you can do share this video this. This is important. People need to know about. What's going on with male imbalance and I'm going to show you a whole bunch of sources. Breaking this down and other big budget like see an oar msnbc? I rely on word of mouth. If you think this issue is important and I do then please consider sharing it. Otherwise, we ought to support the channel just like subscribe to the notification belt, and let me show you some. Let me show you some of these stories. The first thing to highlight is that a couple weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi called Trump and GEO P lawmakers domestic enemies enemies. Of the state over mail in voting opposition, the top Democrat told MSNBC rush.
Isn't the only one trying to interfere in our election about this from political, this from August. Second policy says mail in voting is essential for Americans Health and that we have this policy calls lawmakers back to block postal service changes. She is absolutely obsessed with pushing this through. In fact, one of the things that was jamming up the covert real if early on was that Nancy Pelosi wanted universal mail in voting and they wanted to ban voter idea laws and the states where its required. Why would use away our the are our luck, in systems integrity. Do. You intend to cheat well, I got the receipts man, but first I'm a throw. It too will Chamberlain because he's the one who actually twitter this idea. He said voting in person, HI integrity absentee voting- is high integrity because people have to request ballots mail. In voting is low integrity, and if you,
low integrity voting in one of the most polarized elections in history, we have to assume you intend to cheat, I'm sick of it man. It's that look they are screaming this in our faces nonstop over and over all of these sources. All of these outlets, the AP in Battleground states, absentee bout, rejections, could triple It's all over the post election chaos in Norfolk leaves thousand. Of mail in boats on touched, one million primary belts were mailed late postal service watchdog says man too bad. Ok, I gotta ray I gotta red, what's going on and will write this down, but let me just stress- Whenever you see someone say Trump asserted without evidence that mail in voting would be inaccurate. Those are the people propping up the damage,
that's lies, and I gotta say man. It really does just seem like they fully intend to cheat. Here's the first story from a J C secretary of State Brad, raffle Spargo, announced to us it, a thousand Georgians voted twice in the states, Jus, ninth primary a felony that he said will be prosecuted for false, extended law. Now some people have pointed out. This may be a reporting error, in fact, and this could be slanderous, defamatory or libelous he's a double vote or knows exactly what they're doing deluding the votes of each and every vote that follows the law rapid, spread or said during a press conference at the state Capitol those that make the choice to game. The system are breaking the law and, as secretary of state, I will not tolerate it in all about a hundred. Fifty thousand people who requested absentee bout showed up at pulling place on election. Often because they never received their absentee ballots in the mail or decided to instead vote in person. Now here's a very important point. We often talk
what happens if you mailing your ballot and it doesn't arrive at the you know at the commission or whether there can be counting the ballots? What about this? What if they see out. All the belts- and you never get yours and what, if they shut down physical Pauling locations and say we're doing mass melon voting. Instead, you never see your ballot, then what you request it it's too late. You can't bout. This is insane absolutely and say now, of course, some Democrats, the Democratic Party of Joy, The executive, Doktor Scott Hogan said: fraud continues to be rare in Georgia, legends don't look at them and behind the curtain ignore the giant scandal of a thousand people voting twice in the chaos. That's ensued across this country why? There is no problem with fraud,
Do what they do is they say fraud over and over again, and that's trumps mistake to truck, should be saying fraud. Should you be saying and accuracy an impropriety because fraud, they argue as illegal term. How many people have been convicted of fraud are caught of fraud versus how many people have actually gotten away with it. We just don't know impropriety in an and inaccuracy happens all the time. Quote. It is clear that, rather than do his job of promoting the safety and security of our voting process, the Secretary of State is instead pushing the GEO Peace voting cards. Piracy theories and this information can speak conspiracy theories, video shows you S, p s mail being dumped in a California parking lot. A Postilions Union says you S. Ps employs weren't involved yeah. Maybe they were.
But the integrity of our election is at risk because of the Democrats, so I dont know why this is happening or why there dumping male into a parking lot, apparently that it more than once. Would you trust your sir? Your civil right you're right to vote to add this system. There's no chain of custody is thrown a mail box cross your fingers to hail Mary. That's that's ridiculous! You have no idea. It's gonna make it to the enzyme. You know now with regular ballots, human chain of custody. The bout goes in the machine. The Minos machine does go by Paul watchers tractors with universal melon voting. There will be no pole. Watchers Fleming there'll be pull waters at the physical poles, but their acts acting eighty million mail in ballots? Think about that? How many are going to be disqualified? How many are going to be mishandle? How many I get stuck to the inside of the box and not make it Would you trust your vote? Is a viral me more? They said if you believe mail in voting is safe than Wantage. Put five
ten thousand an envelope and mail it to yourself and see what happens, nobody's gonna. Do it, I thought of it. Only one I'll tell you what it really means voting is safe. I'll. Tell you! What I'll do you mail me a hundred dollar bill I'll? Send it right back to you. I promise you wouldn't do that no sane person would and please don't make me. If you made me money, I'm not sending back by the way. That's it I'm making a joke. No one would do that. You know why they too, do you not to send money in the mail, because it'll go missing now. What about your vote? Keeping in mind the Postal Union doors to Joe Biden? This story is ridiculous: bags of male were dumped in a parking lot and Glenda California. Last week, according to surveillance, footage obtained by CNN. You know it really blows my mind about this. It's the mainstream media reporting. All so why aren't Democrats in the left hearing it? Why aren't liberals hearing at their on twitter screeching that it's fine, it's safe over and over again but CNN? The one who told us there, dumping male shouldn't bed be enough to be like hey red flag
Problems are gonna happen unless that's the point they get. People like me in you whipped up into a tizzy ranting about a male in voting as insecure. While they laugh and say everything is fine and in the end, what are they get electoral chaos? Maybe the goal wasn't to try and win or cheat, they knew they were gonna lose and no amount of cheating would save them. Maybe their goal is to just deal a generalised. The election could tell you what the only thing they have done so far is diligent among the election. People now don't know what The trust it you ve got Biden supporters. I guess you can really combine sportsmanlike trump. You know Anti trump voters who believe Trump is going to cheat and he got shot. Voters who think the Democrats are already cheating it doesn't matter. All that's happened as Democrats have made everything worse and I, I guess the easiest way to break it down that this is on the Democrats. Is that Burke's and found she said
you can vote safely in person? Why are they pushing this? I can only say they intend to cheat, and this is literally it the ape. He says in battle grounds, absentee bouts rejection could triple thousands of absolute about, could written, get rejected and every presidential get rejected in every presidential election this year. That problem could be much worse potentially pivotal in hotly contested battleground states with a groan, a virus spreading surgeon, mail in balloting and postal of delays reported across the country. The number of rejected Bautzen November is projected to be significantly higher than in previous elections. If oh, it's all rejected at the same rate as during this year's primaries up to three times as many voters in November could be disenfranchised in key battleground states when compared to the last presidential election, according to an Associated press analysis of rejected ballots, it could be even more pronounced in some urban areas where democratic votes are concentrated and ballot rejection rights trying to hire during this
here's primaries. So I wonder, what's whose more vulnerable the rural and some urban, voter or the urban voters something's think about if you're in urban voter, that means they're gonna go to the postal workers will go to the mailbox will open up and there's gotta be a massive stack of mail in boats from Democrats. They could easily just kick that thing sewer and then they're all gone more realistically bring it back to the post office and an shove it. A coroner reverend forgets about it. Now, when it comes to the rural voter, there's a potential that they could easily identify. One or two boats here and there and easily do the same thing, but maybe it's a little bit harder. Because middle among Can voters can be more decentralized or, more importantly, if these are all these are all by state, so the big cities it's easier to identify if this universe, big box of ballots, is democrat in the rural areas. The males gonna be mixed, but in regular mail and votes here and there it hard to know who's more vulnerable, ultimate
I think, of the Postal Workers Union as endorsed Joe Biden? Well, I wouldn't trust these people with my bouts battleground states it's going to get bad. Ultimately, I believe this will result in lawsuits which could stall the entire process. People than I've said it will result in Polos President policy which I find interesting, considering she's been so adamant about shoving through mail in voting, like I said maybe they're not intending to win, maybe they're just trying to break the elections so that January twentieth at least for a little while Nancy Policy will be president and Trump won't be, and then, who knows what will happen? Maybe they'll try charged with crimes are doing something. Riddick goes to get him out and try and shut him down no idea, because maybe the Republicans take the house and if they do Pelosi won't be the speaker and she won't be the president's we. I have no idea what can happen. The only thing I can say for the most part Democrats are the ones
pushing this. Now we have this week. That's going viral Jarrett Stepman says my parents who live in California just received my voting ballot. I haven't lived in California for ten years. This mass mail in election is going to go great. Twenty nine thousand three hundred tweet tweet tweet many people have said between is fake news. In fact, the polls, the mail in ballots haven't even gone out. Yet in fact, Gavin Newsom himself said just so we're clear. This is false balance, don't get mailed in California until next month and for those interested in max you can you can track your ballot here, given how do you know it's false? Did you go to the man's house? You talk to his parents. Had you ask for evidence or You just say he's a liar. I ll tell you what what, if people send out fake my Ellen ballots, I mean we saw what they look like in the primaries already. What happens if both are no matter what they look like imaginable.
Are you gonna mailbox pop open mail in ballot? You're, like a that's good for me, you fill it out, you drop you send it off. It arrives at some random location with the wrong address and get started. Dumpster and your votes gone How do I know the ballot being sent to me is real. Do I just say this piece of mail is real I'll tell you what I've won millions of dollars in the mail over the past several years and guess what its fake junk mail there like you what a billion dollars and the news I could check and it's a billion as you open it up, and it's got a bunch of stupid garbage exert Garbutt its junk mail. What if people start sending up mail. That kind of looks like mail in boats, so it gets by legalities and confuses people. One of people who are bad actors send out vague ballots that people think they already voted when they didn't and what, if they target specific areas, I gotta know decent. You know marginalized areas or debt or historically disenfranchised communities. Why would they risk this, and and not only that the wash
I was another out of reported it's going to be younger voters and minority voters and first time, voters who are the most likely to be disenfranchised by all of this. So why are the Democrats pushing this? Well tell you work at. It starts to get really and listing. So here we have the story from the Patriot ledger. Election Cason, Norfolk County leaves thousands of mail and bout still so are still on counted on now. Their post office, election challenge, making sure boats are postmark yet because guess what one million primary bouts get mailed late, not just that, though, in terms of the post marking they get sent out and Sometimes they do say all Europe was ended and we'll get a post market, and then it's what so there have been efforts in some states to count ballots that are not postmarked it. That means somebody could walk in with a box of Random bout, say up. These are good drop him. My
your fear when it comes to cheating. Is that someone will go into areas where they know, people don't vote and they'll, take the ballots and then they'll just fill them out and we're going to do about it. So One million primary ballots were mailed late and because of this they end up not getting counted. There have been some efforts to extend the deadline for counting, but think about that. We have, until I think December, fourteenth to confirm the the results of the election, the electoral college. What if we go beyond this? Here's a story from Michigan. Most of Michigan rejected August primary absentee bout had signature, late, arrival issues, a signature and late arrival issues are late. Arrival is where I think it's. The most interesting Baltimore postal Facility sat on sixty eight thousand pieces of election mail for five
days had of primary audit shows and there it is man the system is broken. That's. Why say please consider sharing this video these? These are stories that people need to see if the Baltimore son is telling us that the pot, the postal facility, Nearly seventy thousand piece of election mail, the They just sat on it for five days. So what you get disqualified, your Otis disqualified through no fault of your own mail work These are not election workers, we should not be, Giving a major task that that that is, that is the backbone of our country, the actual process to people horse What we do in something else. We need people whose dedicated job it is to handle an election, but there's gonna get it's gonna get worse, because this is a primary stuff. Men is the primaries. You know what the primaries have relatively low turn out, because its by party, what happens when you go to
general election and we're looking at eighty million pieces of mail and the postal services adamant that they can handle all of this. But you know they can't They say we handle way more than that. You know, like brevity, fifty thousand fifty million pieces of male more, like that's, only a small percentage of what we handle every single day, yes and how much gets lost. What's the percentage margin of error, what trump needs to be talking about is inaccuracy, impropriety, but also human error. Why did the Baltimore postal Facility sit on nearly seventy thousand pieces of mail for five days. Laziness. Maybe they're out back finishing off a beer, more pay attention. I don't know but here too impugn the honor of postal workers. I think most of hard working people and do a good job, but there's gonna be bad actors and it's gonna be lazy. People ever work at a job and there's lazy people.
Yeah. You probably have. I know I know stories of people used to like hide in closets than half the work and there on the clock. You have really crazy stuff, so a bunch of boxes come in and these workers, some of them just the bad apples, will say. I do I deal with this. Just kick at the corner, we'll figure it out later when they go home and don't forget about it, and that happened. There was an audit, I believe us on by a b c news where they made a bunch of Bach ballots: mailed them all from random mailboxes, and when the guy went to the post office to pick him up, they said we have no idea we're talking about and whose eye and they couldn't find
and so we had to actually ask for a manager than they searched the facility and there it is, they found them. Listen. I just ordered ok cat treats for my cat. Okay and I got notification. They got shipped the wrong state. How does it even happen? I ordered some electronics. I got ratification their broken ona mechanism. Will it really happened, as most of your parliament probably aware, were expanding working, a bigger facilities? I got to order a bunch of new stuff for the house and I got notification. There are like we accidently broke this piece of equipment and weaken the refund you and I'm like now, K and the ratification. We broke another piece of carbon now my do this: wasn't? U S p s business the point as regular people doing regular jobs make mistakes. I order catch rates and they get shipped the wrong state. Now? What do I do
Oh, don't worry, there's they will send them to you'll, get them in three weeks so as if it were haven't. If your vote whims, if you go out there and lets, say your abiden supporter and you're, like Biden- must win and the pulse of worker takes it sees it drops in. It falls behind a box or something and then pick pick the box up and they leave the melon bout behind me it is ridiculous that we're seeing all of this its being jammed down our throats. We know for a fact the system is busted, but the Democrats keep saying never mind, never mind the stories. There's no evidence. It's fine. Take a look at the Washington Post frames at the postal service, warns forty six states. Their votes could be disenfranchised by delayed melon ballots forty six states Election is gonna, be absolute bedlam. Here's my prediction, Jumpin Biden, both when chaos ensues
our utter. I don't know there have been a bunch of people. Melbourne predict weapon predicting dip, different scenarios in which trump and bite in both when I think we won't see, we won't over one won't. We might never know who won them. It meant that may be the end of it seriously. We might just never know so what do you think Trump supporters are going to do They see this happen. We ve already seen militias make threats, no joke seriously, saying the civil war started because of what happened in Portland. You think they're gonna sit back because of this. I need to underline some reality Sonia as a reason, I highlighted Pelosi saying all these things: the republican message right now- and this is not like the idea I dont- like republicans- ok, but for the most part there saying keep the election system the way it is. The Democrats, however, are saying overhaul the entire process change dramatically overnight and reduce the security of our elections, listen man! If someone came to my house and they will
you shouldn't have locks on your door, I'd be like. Why I don't know who you are and why are you telling you don't locks? Don't worry this neighborhood save man. You gotta worry about any burglars, its fake news, local police, are sayings an increase in crime once take the lock off your door. I feel like dude, if you're trying to get me a lot of my door, I'm assuming you try to break into my house. Exactly what's happening. I can only assume Democrats are actively trying to destroy this, and what do you think it's gonna turn into you ve, a regular people who don't follow. Videos like this don't hear what I'm saying and you know, maybe maybe my assessment is imperfect. Maybe you agree with him admit: maybe you don't, but if you do, then you need to make sure people see this. Our knowledge of how else to put this, in my opinion, is the most important issue right now and a lot of reasons. Why does for one thing,
Donald Trump has banned critical race there at the federal level and is now challenging the funding of schools at teach the sixteen nineteen project. These are insane coldest ideologies, they have their anti american, they are at their ill liberal. They oppose the freedoms that that we fought for, and these leftists want to turn back the clock on civil rights law. That's why I've just look on voting for Trump, especially after the critical race theory thing. That's our are our best hope to push back on this. Joe Biden is entertaining it and men in the left registry of agreeing with it when it, without even knowing what it is. So this election may be the most important election of awe of in our country's history. I wonder what will happen afterwards. This election will have, Somebody will end up in charge somehow
or maybe not, I honestly don't know. I really really just don't know. I feel like there is a real possibility that come January. No one knows what the president is, and that will be a very serious constitutional crisis and if tromp is it if he does and of having to leave office because my January twentieth, we have no results, you better believe there immediately gonna try to arrest them more pull some kind of fino shenanigans. I think so they ve.
In calling for it and they're gonna come up with every you know everything they can to do so. There will be no one in the federal government to stop. What's going on, to keep the Obama gate, investigation going, but maybe they'll be in October. Surprise. I really don't know man. Part of me believes that the Democrats are sabotaging everything because they are guaranteed the loose and they want to deal a generalised. The election, in which case Trump will win. They'll just keep. You know the narrative going in the press. That Trump is cheating, but I'll. Tell you if the postal service themselves are telling us this. If the media has been running these stories nonstop over and over and over again at what point do people accept that mail in voting is completely broken and the system will not work at what point will people put down their swords and say you know what
you're right. The system ain't gonna work, not as it is this that this proved to me. We ve gone beyond an election. Absolutely beyond. This CNN ran a segment defending critical race theory, brine seller did it because tromp opposed it and that's the name of the game So even though they know mail in voting is completely broken. They dont care. They just want to win. They don't care about the issue of the betterment of the people of this country. They don't care about making lives better for anybody. They don't care about progress. They just want to win by any means necessary and they ve been telling us. This may have been telling us by any means necessary. That's why Joe Biden, while he did he does caught the violence, will not say the words anti fa or black lives matter.
Because they will do anything for power even endorse or support. The extremists have to condemn the violence, because it I'm gonna, lose support a regular people too, but they won't tell you what's really going on. I think there is good news I mentioned this earlier segment, but I think what we're seeing is the last ditch effort of a dining establishment, not just the politics, but the media as well, and perhaps a twenty twenty four. It will truly be an election of the internet. I think two thousand and sixteen was- and I think two thousand and twenty will be as well and as the establishment tries to screw our faces that there's nothing going on there. There's no voter fraud and invite is going to win. Regular people are paying attention to know something different trump flags are everywhere. People are more. People are quitting the Democratic Party to become republican or support, on the other way around and if your online you're seeing it happen and if you're walking around in the real world your seeing it happen, but people who spent
our time in the beltway bubble. Just watching the politicos report on their social media. They have no idea. What's going on CNN Msnbc and to an extent, even Fox NEWS are left confused because their light to the party, maybe twenty twenty four and establishment finally loses all of its power- will actually get a handle on what's really happening until then. We gotta get through this first, because if this election goes sour, there might not be a twenty twenty four election idle, maybe a little ipod Balikh. But hey, don't think it can't happen here because it could lead to their necks augments coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast. News, it is my other channel and I will see you well then, a black lives matter, supporter and anti for activist has been arrested on felony, hidden, run charges for trying to kill a trump supporter. The incident
heard at a bar when proud boys were gathering to commemorate an individual who had been killed recently, and this is a store everybody knows of Erin Danielsen, who was gunned down park at it by another black lives that are far left us by guys got the black lives matter, fist tattooed on his neck. They are holding a private event. When some anti for Latvia Sky, showed up and start filming all of them and altercation ensued. The guy went to leave gotten his truck and ran into hitting one of the Trump supporters. One of the proud boys who flew up in the air I'll down? It is had got a concussion. A brain bleed a whole bunch of other serious injuries. Now, Several media outlets have ignored this. Or down, plagued the severity could cause rest assured if it was the other way around. If it was a bunch of left, he's gotta get a barn. A trump supporter showed up, you know I would go nuts smearing all of the of the right wing individuals involved It would be national NEWS, it's because the left is better organised and
also because many of these news outlets have a hard left bias because they live in these cities because their college graduates they fit the demographic and the tribes are being well that the tribes are being high. We're polarized. We was just say those illiberal bias in the media. Now it's overt tribalism, where the media begrudgingly reports, the fact that another Trump supporter got targeted in an attempted murder, but of course they'll just It was a run other store. I've got from Khartoum to ok. Eighty, you two does a lot. A bit better than many of the other outlets, but we ve got information. We will end and I got to update you on what happened. Many of you know I've pour it on this couple days ago? I think and had taken over the grain of sand, but we now have more confirmation. And many other journalists have pointed out this guy. He is anti phobia. Now I will also point out, however, maybe covering the story, but it seems, like things were relatively calm in the past.
I'm not seeing any big stories or videos coming out about widespread writing or looting, particularly in Portland, and so these these these dips happen periodically, hopefully its over. Maybe it's not I'm sure, I'm missing something. These people, don't just stop. They're gonna keep carrying on, but we're not hearing a lot about it and that could be partly due to the media, but you know some the trusted figures. I've been following who track the stuff also haven't been mentioning anything about them: this night. Now, aside from the store which will get into, I got a point out, man, the meat straight up, protecting the far left extremists to the best of their ability. No exaggeration take a look. We ve got this story from Time magazine. These black lives matter protestors no idea how one arrest could alter their lives. First would literally shows up to a protest with taser and Bear MACE and he gets any any tries resisting and running from the police, so they arrest them and they charge him turns out. He had weapons on him. I'm not sure.
If those are legal to bring two events- and he says open, I just I always carry these. You know, that's called that's called the confession: it isn't it no matter what your reason is for carrying weapons. You can't do it. Could you imagine if, like somebody, brought a gun to a political rallied like for a politician and there like wow. You brought a weapon here, but I always have a weapon so you're confessing to doing it. But of course the time magazine actually what an article defending these people- and I kid you not the article self basically says that or resting black lives matter, supporters who are war, rioting or engaged in unrest is racist, no joke no job, and we have a wealth of the story which I find absolutely fascinating is from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Pittsburgh police investigating provide RO videos of protesters spread on social media. You may have seen these story. There is a post on face.
Going viral of a woman saying that black lives matter supporter, sorted harassing heard of a bunch of other people at a restaurant grabbing, a beer off the table, knocking a glass off the table screaming in their faces, young absurdities, people were getting up and run. Scared and what is the Pittsburgh Post Gazette say? Well, they interviewed these these these protesters. It's an off! It's a big misunderstanding: they weren't screaming obscenities at the old people. They were just putting on a show. A kid you not. It was just meant to be snarking sensational when he was young obscenities at these people and the lady who came and grabbed the beer off the table. They told her. She could have it. That's right that the old people who are seen frantic and angry as she does it they're just putting on a show too and that glass, the guy throw the table just an accident. He was, you know, maybe swatting a bug or something I don't know that last part is being silly, but they literally just framed this. As it was all a misunderstanding, you see your
only getting one side of the story. Heaven forbid the media actually told you the truth. You know How will read about this news as you haven't what this guy, but I was reading this peace from Ben Smith of the New York Times and was talking about how journalists are not enemy the people, but there also not your friends- and I am- I am actually deeply offended by that now. I respect, but I think that he actually does have a really good job. But he's an old school out of touch guy. At this point I don't know he's not that much is not really that old or anything like that, but I think he's just what he's an ivory tower bubble, and he has no idea No, it's been going on when I point out that they literally right to kill someone. Do we hear it from me times. Do we hear it from these, but from Buzzfeed from Vocs, of course, not but I'll tell you what they do. They fall play frame stories to smear people who don't align with their orthodoxy. Yet he doesn't talk arises, whether not your friends. No, it's beyond that! There are your enemies,
not to say enemy the people, some of them, I would say you could absolutely called to say. Because some people, literally art journalists, they just infiltrated and they're lying, but they say we're just not your friends. Now I'll tell you what men, What's really going on, is that there is a malignant tumor in June? elysium of ineptitude. These are people who don't do any research. You have two big problems: people don't do research, dont care, dont, want to work there and many of these people quit and voting marketing, jobs so they're sitting in the office like do I really got to write about this trump support Iraq, your guy had a car bomb. Every now and then that's it. They do no research, they don't even google and there, like you, know MIT. You ve a story about about about the Chaz. Business owners we're never actually threatened or harmed, or something to that effect. When I wonder, suing the city and a bunch of stories about business owners being harassed and threatened. Extorted it s not true. Did you bother sort googling it
The other problem. Are the over allies in media that desperately try to frame the riots in a positive light because they hate Trump? And that's? That's. That's been the the game. I guess we're. Ok, I've! I've done until on. What's read this outside? What's going on? Ok, eighty, you says, suspect in Vancouver hit and run turns self in Please said. Monday night, the man accused of hitting another person with his vehicle outside of Egg Vancouver BAR and driving away over the weekend has turned himself in my view, is Vancouver Washington. Uk. It's not a lot of people, just your Vancouver they summits. Canada's is Washington, await noses yeah, Vancouver, Washington area. I think it's odd Rick no. It's really close. The portal make Charles our holiday Smith. Thirty turned him. Often Monday afternoon, the crash left. Shame moon in the hospital is, rather doesn't
hold K. Eighty, you news at chain was at Charlie Sports Barn grill. On Saturday night, celebrating after a month, memorial for Aaron J Danielson, who was shot and killed in downtown portal. Nesmith Danielson has been part of a pro Trump caravan that it Kevin Independent August when you might now be nice. If they mentioned he was shot and killed by an anti far black lives matter individual. But your dust untold k, eighty you but a man came in and started heckling shames group of friends police said holiday. Psmith followed the group from downtown Vancouver and began filming shaded, his friends inside the bar. He was eventually told to leave shining friends went outside and there was some sort of communication with holidays. Psmith police then said holiday, Psmith gotten his truck and hit Shane and flood the parking lot doesnt set his brother flew ten feet in the air.
The roof of the truck he said, Sheng suffered a brain bleed and had several fractures holiday, Psmith faces assault and felony hit and run charges. You would think far leftist runs over Trump supporter facing fell in each Our judges would be a major national news cycle nope. What do you think would happen? get away around all men CNN would not shot up about it as its trumps. America troops. Porters are attacking people just give them the opportunity, fortunately, for the right. The worst they have as those rally in Salem Organ and there are some clashes and two trump supporters got arrested. Not really all that sensational so is not much to say other than people scuffled again and in the Pacific northwest. But could you imagine if a chump supporter, gonna car and ploughed into somebody there's a video in New York right now or the police. Let a car through actually emanated talk. What that specific instance, I would tell you this didn't eat. You follow these.
Is this narrative from the mainstream media. They say there have been one hundred car attacks, car ramblings through through crowds, and yet the videos really shout like a car will be going like one mile in our as people. Yellin, bang on the car and the car gets pass the crowd and leaves there's been that there's like one instant incident, where I was driving a truck and got thrown motorcycle in front of it and the guy just drags the motorcycle ends. Lives off? You know why people art sitting around and in the New York case, where the person they that they were going like, or like three or four miles an hour, they just very slow They moved and people got out of the way and they said they were trying to us if an angry mob. Who wouldn't do that, yet they keep that they try to make it seem like cars are crashing in the people there like but tactic. First, you foreseeing Charlottesville the tactic of an inch, so you're, the guy ration degree of peoples and flying and literally killing somebody these incidents, it incidents are just people in their cars being, like
I'm surrounded by an angry mob. I need to move through the story from the gateway pundit. They say breaking exclusive black lives matter activist, who attempted to kill Trump, the porter had after memorial for men murdered by Anti FA has been arrested. They say the black like us from Sondra Fairbanks over the gateway pundit, the black lives matter activist who attended to kill a trump support, has been arrested and will appear in court on Tuesday is getting upon. It previously reported witnesses had agenda, the black lives matter activist as Robbie Smith, a Portland area, barber and black lives matter activist, who has posted calls for violence against the right to a social media pages? Now I want to point out. I do not. I am. I am not a big fan of the gateway upon it because they ve done it bunch of really dumb stuff Cassandra. However, I believe does a good job in actually jet checks or fax. So as long as our pouring coming from her I'm pretty much ok using it, especially considering that have been concern confirmed by a bunch of other outlets, Cassandra's fair banks occurs, Cassandra Fair Banks is reporting is a bit more extensive than many other outlets. You can see this.
Most on social media, where this individuals, as most people who say they dont like racism, just talk about it and words- are worthless without action and it sad how many people are. Too cowardly to stand up for their supposed beliefs. He's If you are racist, run far away from my brothers and I because we will take action against anyone who ignorantly and blindly hates offences there's, who accurately and blindly hates against someone for their skin color or demographics. I'm happy to be part of a crew, that's nothing but solid good people who aren't afraid to stand up for what is right and will step up to any plate to defend our values. Are I wonder what would happen if a black trump supporter walk into the crowd? Yeah the people that these people have an ideology that criticizes you based on the color of your skin, its critical race theory? It's insane there quite literally talking about themselves.
Their insane people who are just violent and don't actually have a plan for what they're doing undergoes on over the weekend? Rex Fergus, who witnessed the attack on Saturday provided Smith's name and social media to the Pandit, asserting He is the one responsible and confirming that it was him on Monday, according to proud boys, then we can talk to you as well as Clark County custody records. Charles Robert Holiday Smith was arrested for the attack. He has been charged with first degree assault and they hit and run, I'm causing injury. Now the witnesses are saying: that's the guy and that's his full name. I don't like his. I guess he goes by Robbie Smith, for the name is Charles Robbie holiday Smith, so Robbie Smith. I suppose it is kind of weird, but there is that this is the guy. The Vancouver Washington Police Department has ignored dozens of calls
You mentioned the gateway pundit, seeking more information about the case. Moon, a member of the problem, was in intensive care after being hit by the truck at Charlie's bar in Vancouver following a memorial service. As we know, Smith had been at the bar filming in confronting members of the proud boys and Danielson friends in an attack apparent attempts to docks them after he was removed from the bar by security. He became confrontational with proud boys who were in the parking lot smoking and just arriving from the memorial moons girlfriend said that she did not believe that there had been a confrontation between your boyfriend Psmith. However, before the hit and run attack. Well, I do say it That's why I'm I'm I'm fearful that things are going to get much worse and escalate. Maybe the reason we didn't see a whole lot last night because it was labour day and people wanted to get together and have burgers and do their thing. I mean I didn't: do we
It would indeed airport gas- I did my show in the morning- and I took the night off because we had burgers and hung out nets Labour day protesters. I guess take time off will see, though, in the past there have been a few days where it's you note lulled. It could be a sometimes because the Portland Extremists are driving to other cities, but I'll tell you this right now, just hope. At the end of it we don't see any more concern. The election is coming up less than two months man, I really don't believe so, actually think it's gonna get. Really really bad, and this is just the beginning. Look man when you see what happens in Pittsburgh with this story and how the media is coming to the defence of these. People the only way this stops is with a unified and are now, I guess, morals, if everyone said hey, if you want a protest for black eyes matter, we're cool with that. Ok, everybody says that now
all we need is the meeting the laughter say and stop being violent. They won't, they won't say it they defend these people. Look at this is ridiculous stories. Nuts. They gonna talk about how, as a post from this woman, saying we're all scared, but then they claim that The people were invited, look at his craft who tend to find as non binary. I guess this is the individual, the woman I wash it intervenes non binary. So but it looks like it's a woman who grabs the beer so the videos show only one side of the story and that there were three then, from outside the protesters screaming blue lives matter at the protesters. When protesters began to confront them, one man began swinging a bike at people We don't have that on video, but I love how Pittsburgh posters at just as whatever you say, body will run your narrative wink wink. Why don't you get confirmation on this stuff accorded crafts account and again grabbing crafts, hair and places handcrafts chest saying he was trying to stop craft from it,
aging with another man. Now does really funny Pittsburgh Post Gazette doesn't noddies pronoun, so these Gipsy craft craft craft craft craft, when the conversation ended graph, said a man in the restaurant began condemning the protesters actions the woman who was with him offered craft to come over have a beer and talk about the situation, always add what happened when they were screaming obscenity that old people there were saying come on over here. Screaming, while you do it so being a theatre we'll snark you'd have a person than I am. I said that I don't have time to wait for you to order another beer I'll take the one you have. That is not what happened. I cannot believe what I am seeking with this story. Keep in mind I but keep referencing shown Parnell, but this is his. The his district will, for the most part, he's in the pasteboard area and when he put out of an ad condemning the extremists, they criticized him for it. Well now they're trapped, they cannot once they ve
already put at an editorial from editorial border statement, saying we can do better weak with it. They cannot admit they were wrong, so what are they do Oh, you know they. They invited me over forbear and I said well, I can't wait for you. Don't have time I'll. Just take the beer you have yet. No! No, that's not what the witness has said and I definitely does not look like what's happened when, as individual grabs, the barons are drinking it, though ladies outside yelling, something at her I guess you saying keep drinking he drinking beer. Yes. Thank you. I appreciate that you're taking my beer now. This is them desperate to try and get a hold of and of the narrative, because well, this may be one of the most important elections in the I call this is Counter Lamb and Sean Porno when, as you know, both individual particularly high profile, this Other story: that's come out from a bright bark, alleging that I think Jake Tapir was trying to get Sean Parnell to run an indifferent district or something I don't know, that's true.
A bunch of cut apparently bright part as like eight sources on this. I think Jake Tapir denies it, but it suffice it to say this may be the most important districts in the country and is our public and district, but it flipped dammit in twenty eighteen and at every alot of people, believe it's going to flip back to Republican in twenty twenty, and I search you think so, especially when you watch this stuff as I'll tell you what man you do not you do not gain credibility when you write where is like this. The people who are reading this are probably shocked like this is insane propaganda like in what reality does it make sense? A bunch of people screaming obscenities at old people would then be invite over for a beer. Take it and see.
I'll and walk away, smashing glasses and like that's not what this is crazy, that that they are literally telling you not to believe what you saw with your own eyes and ears. Not a funny thing is a lesson think about Trump, but the problem is the media. The meat the media, the media man and when I say the media, referring to many institutions. Obviously, all I'm a member of the media Cassandra as a member of the media K. Eighty you is, but there are elements within the media, like the editorial bore the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and their reporters. Who will do everything in their power to cover up what's going on case in point the next story, these black lives matter. Protesters had no idea how one arrest could alter their lives. How about you dont right, you don't bring weapons. Is it is that simple, don't resist arrest is a video going viral where there's a black do jogging and a sheer
carp pulls up and the sheriff comes out and says: hey Buddy he's like listen. I needed detain you, U Matthew description, I'm not saying you're guilty or anything. I just need to. You know what we're looking for a guy. You know blackmail with a beard wearing a white tank up and shorts, and that's you may imagine description. So I need to talk to you. The dude starts filming and he says: ok and the sheriff walks over and sets out the again I'll take hold your phone for you live streaming. That elected says. If something happens me you know you better get upset or some like that they attain the guy for a few more
they pull up, they check it's, not him, but he did fit the description of the guy. There are looking for they uncovered say we're really. You know we're sorry about this, you just u match description. We needed it just to check. They look at his idea and the Gaza our eye cool, and that was the end of it, because I tell you what, when you get detained, you say, ok and sometimes goes back. I've had cops, you know play play games with me. Sometimes it goes bad, but you can't fight can't you. You can't physically fight your way out of these situations, there's no circumstance in which you will overpower the state. What you need to do is find it added at an administrative level, but many people don't wanna, do it anyway. In this instance, the guy did it and what it should as is that there are circumstances where you can just be calm and everything will be ok and that's believable. When you see video like this, when I see stories like this, these people run from cops. They get into fights they're carrying weapons and then there's shocked
they're going to jail. This do now faces a year in jail, and I think I got five thousand dollar fine, Mona Buddy a slap on the rest, but guess what guess what he says He says the reason he got arrested was because he was black. His to talk about how he was sitting and all these white people were walking past him and he realized he realized. It was all about the cops being racist. That's right, they were targeting him. Could it have been that cement and a fine him as having a weapon look what you ve heard of says it by the internet using jail, acute violating curfew in resisting arrest by fleeing police. As he fled? He was trying to reach into his backpack where they found a taser on account of bare spray item sent says he normally carries for self protection. He was not charge the curfew violation but Sandridge face up to a year in prison and a fine of up to five thousand dollars of convicted of resisting arrest. Worse for
and it's even though its a misdemeanor the charge will shop on background checks, even if his acquitted or the cases dismissed you. If the cases this mess, you can actually get it expunged. I've never dealt with anything like this said Sandy. You didn't have a small John is driving record marshals. Criminal here when he was arrested. I dont know what I'm going to do now. It's actually quite simple if you show up with weapons and flee from the police when their true,
trying to stop you or search or you can be. You can be arrested and charged. Now I will say straight up. I think it is very dumb. That's he's only being charged with resisting arrest. I always hated that right. You can get charged for resisting arrest if you're not being arrested for something else. Sense that resisting shouldn't resisting arrest, pertain to you did something and resisted and resisted, and they added on in the end circumstances, many circumstances the copyrighted, detain you you resist and then they charge with resisting arrest. I get it though its semantics you can be detained and the do did have weapons and the kind he was past curfew today. Singling out, maybe I'm sure they stopped a bunch of other people, but he said he was sitting there watching a bunch of why people walk past and they were being stopped for curfew at all. Well. I don't think it's a racial issue. I don't, I think you must you had a backpack and we're reaching into it or something happened. I'm not going to be able to jump to race as the issue, but I will I will. I will end by saying this. Of course, the media makes it,
The media makes it a race issue. They run to the defence of the extremists and even in Pittsburgh, they re frame the entire certain stance and in Oregon, where anti book I try to kill a trump supporter. They just call it a hidden run, a seriously most of the media, which is don't even talk about what really happened. A leader, their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see well then commonly Harris visited the family of Jacob Blake, the man who was shot in Canosa. That has now peril. I am referring to their family as an incredible family and telling him that she was proud of in an eye kids. You know I can't leave I'm saying this, but the Democratic Party, their entire premise, is that you don't know what's really going on in this country and their betting on it, and thankfully, Never mainstream media apparatus desperate to allow this to continue. Why, on gods, green
What commonly Harris refer to Jacob Blake's family as incredible or Jacob Blake S? Why would you say she's proud of him was big damn. It has been reported several links, I checked in it and I'll be very carefully or does appear that Jacob likes Father Jacob, like Senior, is an unreal intent anti semite, two posts, things so shocking. I have actually sensor it from this video is that part of an incredible family, Jacob Blake was what was about to be arrested because a felony war. He had assaulted a woman in her own home and came back and she could old, nine one one and the police were trying to stop this man. Now I dont like the fact that Jacob Light got shot several times. I don't want anybody to get hurt and its unfortunately, now paralyzed I hope I'm a bit of an ideal in the sense that I hope that people who commit crimes- or in this instance accused of crimes he's not been convicted making they can, they can change.
How many stories have we heard about people who go to prison and they do change, they find faith or they find a reason to do better and they do better. That's what I hope for so this gagging paralyzes is, is is terrifying, but you don't shocking to me. Is that quite literally you have Joe Biden, his campaign commonly Harris the VP meeting a man who was wanted for a felony crime who fought with police who went to grab a knife and they tried to stop him who was tragic, but she's going to go and defend this family, the Father and unrepentant anti semite according to media reports, but but more importantly,
Shame MC alone ass, the officer in Vegas, who was shot in the head, apparently has not received a visit from any right now. I'm hearing that Trump may have called the family in and talk to them and asked how they were doing this as a police officer in Vegas who was asked to go out on the graveyard shift to help. You know deal with the issues of the protests. Some of these people are getting out of hand and they needed people to be on the ground to protect everyone else, including the protesters mind. You cops. Do that. We saw in poorly when they set when the crazy people, through the Malta lit one of their own on fire, and the cops came in to save him. The cops are not evil demons. There are issues with police. I've talked about it several times, but here We can see the true nature of what's happening in this country. I am not a story law and order individual? I am not in favour, for the most part of overall authority, in fact, I'm rather anti authoritarian and I've been a bit rebellious.
Why I run my own company and why didn't want to work for anybody else nominate. Do what I want to do. I nobody and tell me what I can't I can't do will accept the law. I guess, but you get the point, so I am not in favour of expanding police powers are not in favour of a police state. I don't like the idea of Trump having to send in federal law enforcement, but I don't like the idea of lawlessness, and, quite literally now you have the Democratic Party saying we will defend, wanted criminals, alleged criminals, people wanted for committing crimes allegations an unrepentant anti Semites. Now is
because the current the Republican Party and conservatives want law and order want structure, want peace and harmony, and the Democrats are evil, snarling villains who want Cason destruction? No, that's a bit extreme! That's an extreme view of things. The reality is maybe even worse than that, the Democrats dont care they dont have a strategy or a plan. All they know all of that look. The Democrats are supporting the sky, for whatever reason, I'm a go, support him where's your principles. Man now, may look you're like a statement about it. I think the statement is very, very simple for me personally Jake I'm I'm set.
Here that you got shot in this way. I hope you are cover. I hope I helped the pain subsides. I hope you make a full recovery, I hope an and in that regard I hope, there's justice for the the alleged victim and I met my advice- would be don't fight with cops, don't try and grab a knife, they were screaming dropped. The knife is, what's come up, we need. We need a proper investigation and hearing tat is exactly what happened but too often the p. We see that receive the riots are criminals. Is that weird? You know I want I want. I want to say I think them the main issues at Democrats just don't care, but what about the far left? What do they care about now? The Democrats are saying-
we need do somehow filter the far left in such a way that traditional liberals will vote for it. That's the name of the game, that's what commonly Harris does she says all this poor victim a moment ago and and and talk to him again, I'm not happy about what happened but come on man. You need to show a little bit. Maybe go talk to the police officers who have been injured. Here's the far left wants. How for the far left riots for the criminals on purpose. They are saying before the police, their sang, abolish the police. They are saying, abolish. Prisons are not making that up. That's what they're saying? How can you filter that in such a way, so the Democrats can use it they strip out certain parts of it and then throw it in the face of original liberal who are like wow this racism and then the liberals turn on CNN and what do they get garbage now? There's a traditional liberals, not politically active liberals. I guess you can consider me to be like a politically of active, liberal, disaffected liberal
dark watching all this go down and it gets really really annoying efforts and a lot of time, because many of us know what's happening. It makes me wonder how much of my life has been Frank might might montcalm how much of my life experience have been framed through a fake media narrative, because their protecting Democrats and I'll tell you that's a lot of it, and I started to see glimpses glimpses of this a long time ago, and I think the internet is really helping open the door for people to realise we're being lied to. Orbit were absolutely being lied to the question I would have is did commonly Harris visit an Doorn. Did she visit the family of Captain David Doorn who had his life taken from him without any of the other victor what about Erin Danielson I mean for that matter, has Trump has Trump visited. Any of these people
I'd like to see more focus on Shea MC alone ass. He was an officer, he didn't attack any body. He was just out doing his job and some one some black lives on a tray. Mrs, I put a bullet in his head and that is horrifying and beyond that so far, the line, I don't even know where it is any more that look when it comes Jacob, like you have controversy when it comes to Michael Brown, controversy, Craven. Martin controversy, I dont, like any of the parents, often comes out of this, but it's not so simple. It's not so simple guess what Shameth Colonnas is simple protests happened, the cops are asked to come out. He went out and said okay and if we There's a video of what happened. It's been released in the court. He wasn't confronting anybody. He wasn't yelling at anybody who isn't attacking anybody and some do decided to put a bullet in them. That is in its absolutely insane. And where is the media coverage around this where's? The now
national stories. I've been trying to dig into this guy story and it's very difficult to find anything when I have found that he has not been visited by any president, but it may have been that I believe we are one report. I saw Trump contacted his family, so I think that may be the case he's raised about three quarters: seventy three quarters of a million about some seven hundred fifty thousand dollars for recovery, and I believe now the families trying to divert much of those funds to other injured officers. But I want you to think about these circumstances right now, common Harris going to meet Jacob Blake's family, the caught the circumstances are simple, cop doing his job, not confronting anybody now is permanently paralyzed, they say maybe an event the later for life and are no the latest uptake spin and that's that and that's that sad and scary Jacob, like also paralyzed with from the waist down, still has you know, uproarious of his body, but wanted on felony charges who gets the press attention and who gets the right.
Not the officer. A relatively young man just going out having his life changed forever, essentially taken from him, I'm it. Let me let me read some of this. The national review says democratic. Vice presidential nominee, commentaries spoke with Jacob, like on Monday, ten twenty nine year old, who was shot in the back that she was proud of him. Blake told lake quote, told Senator Harris. He was proud of her and the senator told Jacob that she was also proud of him and how he was working through his pain. Harris spoke with Blake, who was in the hospital with massive internal injuries and his paralyzed blow the waste after the shooting. A phone while meeting with some of his family in the airport ever she landed yeah I'd, I do want to say innocent until proven guilty one hundred percent. Just on the surface, though I would at least expect some attention to the officer who had been seriously injured as well, because he wasn't being attacked or targeted at what I mean to say he wasn't attacking or targeting anybody and he was attacked and targeted Jacob like they were so
a warrant now to be fair to be completely fair. Our am I wanna, be outlook. I try to empathize with everybody, even if they're, a criminal or accused of being a criminal Jacob, like has not been had not been convicted of a crime here. He did five cops. We can see it on the video and so that that those play a role, but I'm look. She saying she's, proud of him because he's fighting through the pain and working on recovery I get that ok took, took to have a little bit of empathy. I can. I can certainly understand this guy. I would
which promises on anybody. I am against the death penalty and other alot of conservatives that are very serious about you know getting rid of the worst of the worst. I only meant my personal opinion is that lethal force only be applied in self defence. That just me, you can disagree with me. That's fine! If we have control over an individual and they are not posing a threat, then I dont believe that that's why I don't believe the death penalty. It presents very serious challenges that I don't think I'm smart enough to answer to be completely honest, but in this regard which a blue It was self defense and their allies that the bigger problem. If you want to praise the guy and say you know, you can't make it through this pain outside of any accusations of things he we ve seen him do on camera. I get that I'm just But this is another story, a long line of they rioted for a guy who is doing something wrong, whether not the allegations are true, he was fighting with cops. They try to terrorism.
And he went for a knife. The cops found the knife and he said he had a knife, and so what are they supposed to do? I've seen the video. What happens the cops when they ignore these things? You get you get messed up bad permanently disfigured or killed very, very quickly with a knife, as various going around people seem to think guns are more effective than they really are like you got it, you gotta hit the right spot so
you're defending yourself with a firearm and Jordan and an you miss, there's a video going viral right now about of a guy shooting a suspect. Several times a suspect gets the other coppin ahead lock and then grabs the cops gun so yet knives can be extremely dangerous on tyre of hearing stories about individuals who are doing wrong and that all of these leftist come out and cheer for them, and that and that in that it tells you something we know the far left wants to abolish the police. They don't want anyone going to prison, think about who they defend and think about their goals. No presents no police defined the police community, policing whenever it means I'll, tell you what can happen. People like Jacob, like will, went to women's home. We will commit a crime for which he is accused and there will be nothing you can do to stop him, nor, of course, your armed as well, but they also and take our guns away now to be fair. The far left is not anti gun seriously. People to understand this. The far left his voice
your programme? That's why you see these these Reno Red Guard, whatever they call themselves, were walking around with a rent. Redneck revolt is a good example. John Brown Gun club far left groups followed militias. They exist now the longest time the right has been more likely to be armed, defend that its main stream conservatives and many liberals is. It is actually true as well many democrat voters, traditional liberals, are in favour of rights, that's why we see these union workers yelling at Joe Biden. So here's what I see happening. You ve got mainstream Democrats filtering what they're doing now to the public. There saying things like abolish. Prisons, abolish the police and the Democrats. Come out and and and tone it all down in saying. No, no, we just want to reallocate funding. Joe Biden was asked: do you would you support reallocating funds away from police? It says yes, absolutely now, he's come out and so the only person who wants to defend the police's Donald Trump Black lives matter quite literally has it is part of our mission statement defining the police memorial.
Certainly what Biden then says: I'm calling for more money for your million fur for fur community policing. Oh there's that word again community. What does it mean while the leftist anti found the police, because they want to reallocate it towards community policing? So is Joe Biden really for defending the police, or for funding the police. Look, I don't know what Joe Biden swore to be honest because he flipped flopped his position too often Is he saying that we should stop where we are and give more money, so they can create a new branch? I actually would be in favour of that and that's the case sure, but is also talk about reallocating funds away from place, which is a textbook definition of defending the police. If you can end the question honestly and if you tell someone when they ask you, you are in favour of this. Why should I believe you're? Not so I dont know what Joe Biden wants to do. In fact, the only real I think he's coming out now saying I dont want to define the police is because he knows that they weak point for him and is in, colonel poles are shown. The rights are bad news, but here we are supposed to be reading the story,
I'm sorry man, the story made me angry. It may be angry because of this family vague, police officer. Shaming alone speaks on recovery and support the stories from August twenty first, why isn't this guy? The story? Why isn't this man's recovery? National news? Why aren't we talk about this? Dude, who is just out asked to patrol protest, got shot in the head, because you know what. I've never been a big fan of Republicans and out on all even call out a lot of conservative media, because what they do very often is just follow the narrative of the mainstream media think about when they came out and said. Donald Trump called the troops losers and suckers furthermore, one dead, how many conservatives immediately just jumped on it and tried to own the lives too many- and I third saying they're, trying to take the narrative back, don't let them people are dead. Dead. Now. Ok, am I supposed to care that done
The troops had mean words two years ago. Spare me, I don't care. Donald Trump is in a whole. We all know it. I don't think it's gonna change and a lot of people like it. I personally don't, but I do think it's funny, sometimes when Trump pushes back on the lunatics in media about tell you this. What we need is to talk about the riots. We need to keep a focus on it. We need law and order, and I'm I'm not someone who wants to see an expansion of police powers or laws. I dont like the application of terror law on many of these people because it was already a crime is a crime and we don't need to expand upon it further. But Donald Trump has been talking about this. What do we see While the media comes out and says Donald Trump call the troop losers, they give Trump softball the table not even saw to it. You know it's Ivan verticality while it was, it was a potemkin, a press conference where the journalist stand up and say things like the old joke, Joe Biden, you, you have been in favour of wearing masks and Donald Trump plan. Covert, has caused untold dead as president, would you agree with us that you're the best and Joe Biden
like all your oh yeah, I'm the best. They teach that make the lesson when it becomes a press conferences. They say that they t up the person giving us all to answer then even do that they stood up and oh pine and then by Yes, I, yes, they quite literally walked over the edge of the ballpark through it outside of the stadium and then set. It was a home run, Joe and Ngos, or what work that the point is. A bunch of conservatives jumped right onto this and started complaining saying how dare you they fell right into the trap, but you know what I think many of them just like to play that game, because their identity is built upon owning the lips. So, whatever the left is doing, they react to and that's it huh The people actually said. I dont care about Trump saying these things. I won't talk about this officer. I want him to get support. I want him to get to get more attention you, the left. Does they set the standard?
too many on the right just role along with it. So when they come out may say Jacob like is the poor victim and the mass protests erupt where's the protest for this guy from any one. Why people standing up and peacefully marching and sang his life mattered to be fair, there are people who do this to be completely fair, but why isn't it bigger? I mean look. I got up I'll be fair about this if it could be because conservatives tend to be outside of urban areas and its much harder to get all of the people from around the country to come into a single position, but this creates the illusion on the left that their rallies are bigger, more better organised and in a sense sometimes they are I'm just talking about national media. I'm tired of conservatives chasing after the left on this one. Not now again, I must stress when it comes to issues of police brutality when it comes to issues of the rise of critical race theory. Conservatives have been on the front line and liberals politically homeless. Individuals must
disaffected liberals have stood back and done nothing and just sat there and watched saying yes, we agree with you. We don't like those people, it's rather frustrating for me to see many of these liberals who what what won't agree with you know, Republicans on a tonne things but agree with them on the fundamental issues of the things that are important, refuse to stand up and defend them for too long, it has been only conservatives have actually been pushing back on the far left narrative in their lies, especially around the fact you know when they go and right for crimson well now. Liberals are starting to stand up and their starting to push back in the starting to join, and so that I can I can I can. I can respect, give credit conservatives for too many trees. Traditional liberal liberals, however, refuse to engage and then get fed. The bs from the media so commonly Harrison can either go. This event and say I'm proud of Jacob Blake and then all of these normie liberals who don't pay attention, don't know anything about a more just like all
I guess in the end, I can only really blame the mainstream media and I can give you some good news to end off on all this. I want make sure that I do better than many of these other outlets and make sure I help keep a focus on innocent p. People like Shea. I know a lot about. Maybe it's a bad did whatever fine right. He was a cop doing his job and now he's gonna be packed and I was paralyzed. So at the very least we can say shouldn't he get at like shouldn't
You get ten percent of the recognition or or acknowledgement that Jacob Lake is getting. I mean he was a victim of a crime, but just not it does it just doesn't matter to people's anyway. Listen I'll, give you good news. I try to do. I try to do better like when I went to cover these stories. I try to make sure I'm paying attention to what's going on with with officers like this. We have been seriously injured in line of duty, and I gets right now around fifty dissolute, just over fifty percent of what CNN gets in terms of you to view worship and that's with Youtube helping CNN I believe independent commentary and real real talk is. I believe that we are taking over and would be what they're there will come a point where we shift the tides
that the narrative will not be emerging from the likes of CNN and and and Buzzfeed and vocs in MSNBC or the New York Times. For that matter, there will come a point where the new cycle will be set by bus just on on these platforms. It's not necessarily today, but we're getting to that point. The belt wave bubble of political journalists is shrinking because people aren't going to them for news anymore. On social media they're, going to Youtube on Youtube. You can get my opinion on the matter. You can get David Pack, you get Stephen crowded, calculus gay. You get sticks action
and we do not all agree in fact, even yet like we probably all this agree to varying degrees, but you can get progressive, liberal, conservative, moderate, etc. If you come to Youtube, if you go to these other plan, the others other sites, even Fox NEWS, unanimous embassy, its distilled so youtube- is a better place. If it can be done properly, I think it will be and I think we're winning. I absolutely do better in the metrics and based on what's going on, we're winning. You can tell that these people who are following the likes of Kamala Harris and the Dnc made. Maybe they win come November. Maybe the one I'll tell you this this. This may be the last the last ditch effort of a dining establishment.
There's a reason why trump one in twenty sixteen he narrowly one in some states but had a great victory in electoral college. They never saw it coming because the main stream press is dying and they can't tell what's happening around them. It is only worse today and we have studies to prove it. No joke from LA thing. It's odd University, Illinois, champagne or banner, whatever we universes Gub, we know
It's getting smaller, think about gonna, be like in twenty twenty four. The narrative is gonna, be driven by independent commentary and not mainstream news. While these big publications, like the New York Times, the Atlantic, may be seeing an increase in subscribers overall net subscribers to many of these platforms, its economic decline ratings are technically on the decline and only because of tromp are they artificially inflated? If Trump loses the establishments gone, so maybe Joe Biden wins maybe this for more years, but twenty twenty four. If, if, if you think I get a lot of use now I mean imagine going back in four years: it's gonna be really is to say the least, but here's the funniest part, the mainstream press doesn't even know. I exist now.
Joke, they don't talk about it. I don't talk about what we talk about than even know we're talking about and that's why so many liberals are starting to wake up to what's happening because there actually going online and watching the news. Almost every single story. I've heard about walking away from democratic Party, our peoples, its people, saying I decided to research for myself and I found out the media was lying and that's trumps. True opponent, right now, Joe Biden is not a functional candidate, but the media will make it seem like he is it's an illusion. The media will finish his sentences for him. It's a trick were to change the game. It's time, people start telling stories. They want to tell it time. People start tweeting about things they care about, and the mainstream media will lose its stranglehold on the narrative and the narrative collapse outlived their necks segments.
Up at four p m over at Youtube outcome: slashed him cast its my other channel. My main gentle thanks, rang out, then I will see you well then, who would have thought that several years ago, when Donald Jake Trump took a picture of himself eating a taco ball I love Hispanics that this would help him secure the majority of the latino vote by the way it's a funny picture and I thought would be lairs bring up but the real news actually a significant from political poles Florida and be seen news Paul among hispanic voters, Trump fifty percent Biden, forty six, it's not just that Donald Trump is beating Joe Biden among hispanic voters that in he's got these up fifteen points from twenty sixteen. So actually, maybe this image hurt trump. Maybe, taking a picture of himself even without global, wasn't exactly what has been voters were looking for, but I nonetheless today trumps, doing really really well, and you know
he's doing really really well among many other minority groups, notably the black vote is supposed to be high for tromp. This election cycle see out plays out now. Keep all that mind. I did do a whole segment on male in voting being broken, but let's at least entertain what's happening in swings. Hitman minority voters. Now, I think, is a really important summit. We have often talked about the lack of a, but what about his spanish voters, how they feel check this out from the Miami Harold Biden is struggling to win Miami Latinos.
You pull fines. Will it cost him Florida? Yes, that's literally how poles work if Joe Biden isn't doing well in them, it means he's not going to win right. Ok, ok, to be fair! There saying let Tito's as the key demographic. Could us shift things in trumps favour. They say four years after getting trounced in Miami Dade County by Hillary Clinton. President Donald Trump has increased his odds of victory in his must win Homestake on November third, by improving is standing in Florence most populous county according to a pole by Ben Dixon, and a Monday International and the Miami Herald the pole of five hundred likely Miami date. Voters just really Tuesday, found Trump far behind democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, thirty eight percent to fifty five in Miami date. Where Democrats typically need to run up the score in order to compete, They might races that seventeen point deficit is well outside the poles. Four point: four percent point margin of error, but Trump doesn't need to win.
Miami date he just needs to do better. In the Democrat leaning county to offset possible losses in other parts of flora and twenty sixteen, he lost Miami data. Hillary Clinton by thirty points about two hundred ninety thousand votes, but one the state by one point. Two percent of the total vote quote: if you're the Biden campaign looking at these numbers, I think there is reason for pause, said Fernand Fernand Armand Monday, the Mammy based pollster, and I'm a critic. Strategist bind the pole. If binding under performs in what should be one of the strongest counties and is certainly the largest county for democratic votes in the state of Florida. It might imperil his chances of winning flora. Unless there is a massive white voters, exodus from Trump in other parts of the state. Now this is the craziest thing about these story for some reason. Donald Trump, the losing white voters and gaining hispanic and black voters. Meanwhile, he's been called,
racist in the media? Don't ask me: I have no idea what's going on, I think no one does and everyone's pretending to it got to a certain point, we're looking all these all's and they also wildly different things. Ain't have you even looked at the real, clear politics average for Trump the one pull Trump is up for Trump as up to trumpet down sixteen ok, which is it because that's a pretty serious swimming twenty four points between two poles. I don't know what to believe, but I do think it's fair to say that it may sense that Trump is improving among minorities, because his actually reaching out to them and trying really hard to get minority votes over the Republican Party. The left is being dominated by this fringe cult of intersection, reality and trumped arrangements. Interim so yeah they say, but that they say the been Dixon and Monday Pole conducted September. Further to the fourth: wasn't all bad news for Biden Biden led Trump fifty
the thirty three among Miami dead counties, independent voters and forty eight to forty four among white voters and it was also winning sixteen percent Republicans. But the bowl found the former vice president splitting hispanic voters with Trump with tromp at forty seven and biting at forty six. Now, that's the real number, probably the Is an they framed? The story is well. What about Miami is that the number they could lead with was very bad for Trop. Well, yes, you pick major urban centre and that's it you're gonna see state wide tromp is winning. I, especially according to the NBC News, Polar Florida, Tropez unjust, winning he's at fifty percent. They say those numbers basins us on smaller, pulling subsets with larger margin of error there. It is now just wait drugs that really winning
are driven by trumps: increased support among conservative leaning, cuban Americans, who supported Trump over Biden in the pole by a crushing thirty eight points. Just eight years ago, those voters roughly split their vote between Mitt Romney Obama. Quote Democrats are potentially leaving cuban votes on the table that they won in the past, which could very well make a difference in a state as tight as Florida ceremony, whose farm produce spanish language adds between twelve Obama campaign. The pole comes as trumpet by in head into the final stretch to in Florida, where most public Statewide Poles Joe Biden with a small lead. But you know voters have emerged as a key swing, voting block and recent elections two years ago. Margie
Among poor regions in central flora in Cuban Americans in Miami did help swing razor tight elections in favour, Republicans in races for governor. And U S at it, you don't. I don't understand about of about a lot of these voting demographics. They say in order to win the black community, you gotta go to the church. I mean that sounds very conservative, though, that the left is not christian or catholic or religious anyway. Well, actually, I don't watch which sect of the Christianity that the black churches, I actually going all out of a crescendo, but I can tell you this is going to come to me and say in order to win that vote, you gotta go for the church, my first responses. Why aren't these people voting republican and my second question- is Why aren't Republicans going and talking to these churches? I mean Congo West came out and talked about. This
Now as it pertains to latina voters, hispanic voters there all their very, very different Joe Biden gasped when he talked about the black community, saying that they are essentially a monolith and got trouble because before it because it's just not true, there are many black conservatives and there are many black people who emigrated here now when it comes to latino voters, you got a lot of people who fled social estates. People fled Cuba or Venezuela, they're not gonna, be voting for Joe Biden, but I want to show you one more reason why people likely will not be voting for Joe Biden. Not the same Joe Biden. White House too, prefer says former vps mental acuity has deteriorated. Perhaps one big reason that Joe Biden is not doing so well in certain areas is because there are people who aren't and doctrine documented by the trumped arrangement syndrome far left whatever.
And you ve got people of all different backgrounds who are looking at Joe Biden, sang dude ain't all there to say the least. I can't believe that they would entertain the possibility that Joe Biden could win. I guess they have to like what they get. It doesn't me to get a command just be like there's no way Joe Biden can win trout. Well, actually they did that for Hillary Clinton and tromp they said trot could never win. But I look at Joe Biden first and I see a man who, as Joe Rogan put it, It's like Joe Rogan said one of the greatest at given to the greatest analogies about Biden represents. He says Joe by voting for Joe Biden and I'll up on paraphrasing is like taking flashlight with dying batteries as you're walking into the woods for a long hike. It's not gonna go well and, unlike there really summed it up. I don't care what your background is. Their makes perfect, perfect sense. But you were going to vote for this guy and then expect him to run for two terms no way dude. It is this guy gets elected, you can go to sleep, Kamel airs
the enlarged and who wants her to be president, I'm not convinced these minority communities. Do I guess now, whites bourbon voters potential exaggerate stories that they view Camilla as kind of a dictator who is gonna, go unjust, arrest, right, and I'm people for no reason, but as long as it leaves them alone. Where does that leave us weathers, I want to believe in freedom. You're not gonna, like commonly Harris. You knock em like Joe Biden, your specially, not gonna, the black lives matter and sandy, where they're going around smashing things and burning thanks to the ground. And what do you do? What do you do? Men? Well tell you what there's an assumption that many and I spent a community are not super progressive. I think I wouldn't data that suggest there, not as conservative his people think they are. A lot of people think that hispanic voters are very christian and conservative. It's not necessarily true, but more so it's my understanding than many people in urban areas. Many white people, especially many black voters of operative.
Lily religious, it's based upon that that I wonder how we could be looking at a media cycle that says sleepy Joe Biden, who can who mutters and mumbles s and struggles to speak in his talk, no prompter who isn T entertaining far left socialist, which offend many Hispanics and not like I don't know. What's the right word, ultra progressive or far left, which should be offensive to many conservative christian types? How is this guy considered to be the front runner. That's the weirdest thing to me and then I realized is very simple. Actually it's the media. They lie there. It is, of course I knew that come on you, take a look at the Oh, I showed you from the Mammy Harold and there like Trump is. Is losing by seventeen points in Miami is winning the state by one point, but two I bought this margin of error, so Biden could be winning how many poles have said about Trump when trunk, it's cool,
to bind the say. Well, that's actually the margin of error and trot could be winning, they don't say trumps losing because they want people to click and that's a selling point it's gonna be a really interesting election. Mind you, because you ve got hispanic voters and you ve got black voters, going out for trump more so than we ve seen in the past. Trump is changing the tribes, their shifting and weird ways. I I think we're going to end up with the cult of intersectionality on one side and those willing to lie to gain power and everyone else on the other. Hopefully, the cult of intersectionality doesn't gain that much power and hopefully going to take over Trump's seeing to that. Hopefully he succeeds, but in the end I think we're all going to be shocked by the result of this election. Assuming we shall we get them because you know mail in voting, but there I got a couple. More segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and that will see while shortly did you know that there is something beyond get woke go broke, I know I know maybe shocking,
now. Those are familiar. Get well go broke. Is the idea that these big companies will embrace wildness or the far left in order to make money in that it backfires on em and gets worse but is actually something a degree further than getting woke and its getting communist, authoritarian and then going broke. I could you not the story from reason Disney thank chinese Labour Camp authorities in MILAN credits, where we re some kind of threshold of love, and this year I gotta tell you man it's been raised. He hasn't everything we ve been crazy, so much so that This certainly can't be reality. I commented on this on Twitter. I said something like I laughed and said twenty twenty is so nuts, it's kind of like rollin, a tv show The writers have run out of things to suggest so they have just gone. And then we find out that principle. Skinner is actually ormond TIM Syrian, you utterly
you ask that reference. Apparently some people on twitter it and get it it's the point at which citizens have a was considered to have jumped the shark with their sheer absurdity. Disney made. The movie MILAN, and apparently they filmed it mere Jane Jane what near the concentration camps in China, and so they thanked authorities. Could you imagine I can will be coming out thanking the Nazis? That's insane Disney. What are you doing? They ve gone well beyond, woke their spread of thanking the concentrate in camp people is the story from reason they say the New MILAN Movie is facing a barrage of criticism and promises to boycott for filming air Chinese constant. I know it's or fine. I know it muslim agribusiness. What China's doing his nightmarish, ok, absent, We nightmarish- and I don't know we do sanctions with, but it, but it needs to stop, but I'm laughing. Ok, not at that circumstance, I'm laughing at the outset
salute. Sheer absurdity of Disney Film, mere chinese concentration camps and thanking the Chinese Communist Party for the privilege. You know it's not it's it men I like to have a positive outlook on life. You I like to laugh at things and I want to get down, but I can tell you this could be one of the most horrifying things we ve ever seen thing about it. May Your american companies praising the Chinese Communist Party for allowing them to film you they're concentration camps. I'm on the NBA had a thing or Berwin Blizzard had that thing, there's too so many companies their praising China. This is what nightmares are truly made of no joke. Now, it's funny because at a certain point: what can you do were on this rollercoaster? It's just going faster and faster actually you're like. While I have no idea where things are gone: mad but hey. Why not laugh about it? Instead of freaking out, they don't say that
I'm alive action version of the nineteen. Ninety eight Disney cartoon by the same name is based on chinese folklore, about a young woman who am alone, who pretends to be a boy so that she can fight and her father's place when he is conscripted into the chinese army. In a sense, it's a tale about cleverness bravery and familial love, helping to overcome hardships, brought about by a violent and overbearing governed that makes Disney's filming location gin. An extra slap in the face gin is where China has been holding wiggers in concentration camps and subjecting them and other muslim minorities too horrible human rights abuses that human rights abuses under going on in China right now are so horrific. Then I can actually say some of these things on Youtube, because you too would take my video down.
But how about I tell you some of them Oregon harvesting, for instance, others theories about what they're doing. If I go into detail about what they're doing with these organs, I could get in serious trouble. You two might actually say what well. That is too shocking for the its part, and we must remove your video and that's a scary. It is now the gonna say: the representation on further oppression of ethnic wiggers and Kazakhs in western part of the country has been increasingly brutal and systematic. Explained Daniel. Prisoner at reason. In April, the erection of a massive network of internment facilities, prisons and forced labour camps speaks to the regimes ruthlessness and deep liberalism. Liberalism! Woe ok yet, but though the woke left his illiberal this, is like distill, paean, murderous dictatorship. We will try and frame it. You know as it is, which brings us back to me,
after the movies Friday release, observers noted that, in the final credits, Disney offers special thanks to eight government entities in Genk, including the Public Security Bureau, Inter pen city and eastern changing where several re education camps have been documented notes, the guardian. In addition, the film also Expresses thanks to the publicity department of the De Pc, Shenyang weaker Autonomy Region Committee, the child. These communist parties, propaganda department in Xinjiang, Disney has been approached for common activists. Calling for a boycott of the film are now highlighting its links to changing while employ pronouncing ocean Jane Wrong, while others It is noted that the Public Security Bureau, Inter PAN overseas, at least fourteen internment camps in the area, I believe this is where we are. As a country, oh wow,
you know we used to be the country that outright opposed this kind of stick authoritarianism I say: stick, ok has actually communist. I wondered I mean I've heard stories of back during world war. Two there were american companies that support the Nazis and it wasn't. Until the war was declared that they all started or are just. Are they before this? Are you know backing away from these things and sorting can sorted condemning these? You know that that the Nazi Party, I'm pretty sure there was a Nazi Party in America, there's a communist Party in America. There are chinese communist doing these things are we gonna call them out and force companies to divest from these horrific nightmarish practices or I'm sorry divest from from endeavours that support these nightmarish practices. Here's one tweets as MILAN, specifically thank the Publicity Department of Sea PC, Shin Chang, weaker autonomous region committee. In the credits you know the place where the cultural A site is happening. They film extensively, infringing which the subtitles call Northwest China Mare,
I never thought it would be this ridiculous its efficiently astonishing that it bears repeating Disney, has thanked for propaganda departments They public Security Bureau in Xinjiang, agent in Northwest China? That is the sight of one of the world's worst human rights abuses happening today. Rights, the Washington Post, contributor Isaac, stone fish, Disney has a long and ongoing relationship with China, where its films, often success in theatres and where its Shanghai Disneyland Theme Park, resides notes, the verge and the company. Expecting the new MILAN to do well in China, where, unlike the U S, it will actually be shown in theatres, theatrically move honest generated six million dollars in limited markets, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and its first weekend. The film is likely to be released in China on September. Eleven, verge adds Robbie Swathed says I'm really not a big fan of boycotts, but there's probably a good case to be made for review.
Sing to see MILAN yeah, I completely agree, are not a big fan of boycotts. But I'm willing to engage in them in certain circumstances in this regard. Look, I don't even have this. Applause so who might getting not like they're gonna, lose a customer off me anyway, but cheese. I would not be promoting anything having to do with Disney. I mean you also have the that the FAO. That they ve just been kind of mutilating alot of the intellectual property they have anyway, it's already bad enough. Why would you want that? But I tell you this: maybe what we want, watch the man Delorean or something and you're like you know it Disney plus now think about what is it until you, whenever you hang it, I was somebody to talking about like the new season of man, Delorean are or star wars. You wanna watch movies, just just I can also you want to support the concentration camps in China right. No, no. I don't think anybody wants to do that unless you live in China and you work for the Communist Party or something, but maybe people will now stop and think about what it means when you allow
of these companies. To do things like this, when you allow the NBA to say the things they ve sad when when what was was leubronn, I think it was when there are I know I shouldn't be intervening in what China's doing their suppressing civil rights and harvesting organs and that's not even the worst net? It's isn't that great a year. I can't. I can't tell you that set the dude seriously. That's how bad it is you don't you want to know mandated to become an honest. You, Google, that you're gonna be upset, no joke, but it, let's just say it's like on par with the Nazis. Man, no joke Disney, decided to forego a: U S, theatrical, release and sell the movie directly to Disney plus Disney plus users for thirty dollars, plus the price of a Disney sufficiency. Whether or not pressure from protesters to boycott MILAN worked may remain unclear for awhile, since quote Disney doesn't have to disclose how many digital copies of MILAN it sold via Disney plus MILAN.
Release has already been tied to a huge spike in Disney plus APP downloads. Suggesting political pressure made. Do may do little to dampen the films. U s popularity. Well, I guess we'll see, but I think that it is fine to be completely honest. No, I I don't think anybody for the most part really cares about what China is doing and it worries me. How is it that there will that their releasing movies in this foreign country? They expect to make more money, so they don't care about the? U S, no theatrical release. He had Disney, plus you by anyone or Ayman forward to promote it. That way, it is scary to me when businesses support China, because it suggests that in a global capitalist system, China's more valuable we'd rather sell our products over there than over. Here the NBA would
Other sell out their values in Amerika if it means making money in China and China's got a billion people. So are you not the thinking? What's our market cap in the? U S, thirty: fifty million people. What's our market cap in China, three hundred to five hundred million people ten times So you know what I think I see where there were their favour lies in the sweet we green. Maybe they want to make money, and I don't care where comes from and I'm not surprised as way, I'm not a laissez faire capitalist is why don't think she let the system run wrought Mina run, as is, I think you need some kind of regulation. I dont like the idea of massive multinational corporations selling us out to foreign countries that have concentration camps, so much we in favour of some kind of law in that regard, will see this place up I'll leave their. I got one more segment coming up for you in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. From Jonathan Turley, Ac L, you official attacks University for admitting, next Sandman, while professor prom?
says, to monitor his conduct. What conduct I tell you, man, there, no rest for the wicked, but apparently there ain't no rest for people who literally did nothing either mixed salmon. You know he is he's KEDO was wont to Margaret and he was standing still, that's it and lo and behold they will not. Let him rest, I don't care now, look I get it. Unexamined did go and speak at the orange. But come on. The kid literally did nothing and they want to monetarist conduct now they're going to chase him around and try and destroy his life because they were wrong. It does not occur. There is not a country I would want to live in. I don't. I don't know or care about Lou. This kid is or what is known as a can't. Ok, even if this is the story, the native American. I walked up to abandon the drum and then you know he was
Banning there lie out I've gone on, and then everybody dragged him and I was running a bunch of lawsuits or settling a bunch of lawsuits. I guess is winning I'm looking to come after him and there are trying destroys life just because his existence slighted them think about this. Did he do anything to the left. No did he say anything mean to this meant? No, what did you do? Nothing they put, Cameron him and they said you bend your knee and you be our scapegoat. You be the pariah and he still didn't do anything. It was people. Me and people like Robbie, swapping who called out the media's lies on the Covington scandal and their mad about it and they're gonna. Take it out on him. Here's what Jonathan Turley rights he's as I have previously written. As a long supporter of the ACL you about my concern over how the venerable group has changed under its recent leadership, including a departure from its long, robust defence of free speech. I I literally agree with that. Europe would completely agree.
Recently the ACL. You has abandoned its famed neutrality and is not so and has not support read some on the right, while supporting those on the left. Now the Asian you Samuel, crank shop in Kentucky has targeted Transylvania University for admitting Nick Sandman, who was falsely accused of abusing a native american activist in front of a Lincoln Memorial in front of valid Lincoln, the moral o in front of Lincoln Memorial, despite various media organisations, correcting the story and some settling with salmon. Some in media have continued to attack him. Yet it is far more alarming to see an acl. You official rallying people against a young man whose chief offence appears to be that he is conservative and unapologetic crank shall went to Facebook to alert people that Sandman would be attending the college and expressing veiled outrage at the school would admit someone with his opposing views. It warns that this kid is more dangerous than figures like Milo Ye Annapolis. The danger is that a young freshmen hole.
Conservative views that are shared by roughly half the country. How is that more danger? This then Milo Ye Annapolis Molly. I was literally he calls himself dangerous, but this kid who was just standing still these people are not here's the court apparently No one else think it's a bit of a stain on the transfer of any university for accepting Nick salmon. I'm sure it's a both sides, defence, but it's pretty counter to their mission and another and another instance of their not actually being equal side an issue. I think Transylvania University should accept anyone willing to Heaven in mind and engage in debate regardless of their views. That's how we all learn. That's Trans trances mission, having experienced the incredible high standards trans, he requires what's transit for at me,
and then holds its students to this seems like a slap in the face. I hope some time in a real clad in a real classroom changes in, but is twitter and public persona suggest otherwise what persona the kids not particularly active. He wasn't Jonathan Turley, says the bowl sides. Defence used to be the position of the ACL you in fighting, for, All sides to be given equal opportunities and protections, moreover, crank shall label salmon provocateur in framing with no intention of learning put aside the proper putting aside the provocateur label, How would cranks ya know that salmon has no intention of learning one person responding was Doktor Avery Tomkins, an assistant professor and diversity, scholar at Transylvania University acknowledged that the university support diverse viewpoints but promise to closely monitor salmon while he's on campus, if you were to cause problems by being disruptive, trolling or engaging and unethical behaviour of any kind, I would immediately document it just like. I would for any student doing the same thing.
And he would just be putting himself in a position for me to file a conduct report. Doing the same thing? What thing free speech is not even that we're talking about. Some kind of in saying far left morality or more moral system, they ve already talked about punishing you for the sins of the Father member that guy's a now Car driver, his dad said the Edward in the eighties, so we lost sponsor like a few was like a year or two ago. He actually lost response because his dad said something in the eighties. Oh come on for real yeah. Well, they won't just hold you to a standard based on what your parents did. They will make up slights. You did and hope You too, that standard to. How would you like to live in a world where you're sitting there mind your own business? Somebody gets your fate and screams and you go and they scream at you, hey, hey, hey! How dare you and you're, like it or not? I didn't know I lock em up they want to come,
so next Sandman, because he literally did nothing now for real he's boss again on his knees and bag and apologise. But I didn't do anything. So what is also apologise for, and that's where this gets particularly dangerous, not on my real danger. First, we ve seen many people blindly exe, overt racist ideology like spineless morons. You may have seen the videos been going viral where you have this morbidly obese woman, saying that white people are inhuman and are born demons and I'm watching this video like how we're all these. Why people sitting there going like more really? Yes, that's right eye, a human being grow a spine did speak up. Well then, you actually have these people go asked you for actual past slights. They say things like here's. What you did you must apologise for. Well, I get it if you want or potter something actually did wrong, although at a point in our policy, don't do anything, it might be pointless, but now
other bring us to a new tier of absurdity. Now they are going to demand an apology for you doing literally nothing. They will just accuse you they'll make it up and then they'll tryin ruin your life. That's Where we're headed, I mean we ve already seen false accusations of many people, the past or in a variety of issues, namely like assault on college campuses, but their bring us to a new you're our enemy, because we said so Ben many or else to actually gonna say rather than say that there is no reason why this caught the conservative student should be singled out. This way, Tomkins declares publicly quote I get where you are coming from. Where would that be cranks? Outs crank saw is a crank, so I bought a crank Shaw. It is crank showcase, typo crank. I was coming from a place where a wrongly accused conservative teenager we'll be harassed or targeted for daring to take his views to a college.
I appreciate appreciate Tomkins, noting that students cannot be denied admission, basing their political views, though that was once assumed yet Tomkins labels, this incoming freshmen as part of an anti intellectual movement and publicly assume, salmon will reject core principles of learning. Is a freshman being pub please shredded by professor at a school tomkins that expresses same uncertainty why the student would pick a universe. They dedicated to higher education and the quote antithesis of what he believes and promote no. What no? I actually agree with that. Why are you sending your kids to these schools seriously? Why stop? giving these universities money and stop putting your kids and its institutions Eyes Loring facilities, where we know that they have fringe curriculums, then have credit that that that give kids, crazy ideas about life now don't
That's why I'm assuming, based on the settlements that he's one he's, probably got some cash or maybe you can easily afford this, but why waste your money on this stuff? What are you going to college for Dude Nix admin? You should not be doing to start a business go go, do hard work, go work at some job, become an apprentice and learn a skill. Unless I guess, if you want to be like a scientist or academic, I do not understand the reasoning behind all of these people wanting to colleges, particularly conservatives want to go to wanting to go to these colleges where the joke right now is that we are setting in calculus are complaining about white privilege, If that's the case, stop going you're, giving them money why it empowers them and the money goes into his professors, pockets, which they use then push these fringe ideologies. Now I think there are good professors at many universities, and you can probably find them. You got it. You gotta bees have specific in what you're looking for, but I just don't get why so many people are gonna complain about schools. I think schools are broken and terrible and then send their kids there anyway or actively choose to go. This is
to pervert example: how could you possibly function when you're going to university where they make you the issue where they criticise you, then even Oh you and you don't even do anything wrong. I tell you what man, maybe unbiased, I'd, never finished high school. My school dropout yeah, I'm doing all right for myself. I think the smarter play for all conservatives and for everybody to be completely honest. Liberals especially, is to find something and start building. When you are young, you stay with your parents. How about instead of building up massive debt, you start exploring the world and figuring out what you can do to better the lives of other people take an internship or apprenticeship even work at a fast food. Restaurant work work at a regular restaurant, learn how to manage a business, go to the manager and say I would like to spend time here. Learning from you free of charge. I will help you out I'll, be a gopher, it's called being an intern, then you'll actually learn how a business
how tax are calculated and you will be a million times more successful in these kids, go to college and come up with massive debt, and they have no idea what you're gonna do. I mean think about real world skills for one So I am reminded of the story of an mba player. I think, is what the balls in the nineties and he went to a Wendy's and ask the manager to teach him everything you knew and the manager was stuck, it was again other duties wealthy and owns a bunch of Wendy's franchise locations. Think about practical application. I get it. Everybody wants to do something, you know really really great, but the do something great. You have to figure it out and build it yourself. So I'm not saying you should work at a restaurant. You can. Anywhere, you can ask anybody, you got to I'm sure, there's somebody in your neighborhood who knows a guy who does like. I don't know, Mason work,
or like cemented and landscaping, and these this guy can teach you a lot but filing taxes getting loans working with banks doing work, hiring employees, that's the kind of thing you actually need to to know and you're not gonna, get that at school when you're spending your time engender studies, class or in history class, which now is apparently become gender studies. I get it. I'm sure this kid in examining found something he wants to study at Transylvania University and, at the end of the day, the universities should Not be this ridiculous, but my advice don't go to college unless you're absolutely sure you know what you want to do and colleges required for it to be a lawyer. Ok, I gotta get back there yet, but a college. You wanna be a teacher that I get go to college. You want work and academia like in the universities. That's where you go, you wanna do literally anything else. You want a family and just succeed. Learn a skill go to trade school, learn how to do something practical. Nobody me
it's like do it. Do we really need more on an old geologists, no offense, geologists. I think you do a great job, but I have I have friends to our and the scientists who have no idea what to do and they have no real real world skills. If you want to just be successful, then you isn't it. I'd recommend pick up these these studies as a hobby and find a practical application fight, find pedal application for real skill, because right now I'll tell you what I was trying to get a many rent built last year and it was impossible because contractors were booked up for months. I ended up ordering a prefab ramp witches
more expensive and then it's just you know uses drilling is released to do, but man, if I could have found someone who could have done it now, would have been more money in that person's pocket, but they were booked up. There's jobs, you can do it don't need to go to college. You ve got to figure it out. You can start your own carpentry business, expand, hire people and eventually you own, a major construction company. Just start with you deciding to be the pioneer to be: the person wants a land on empty shores and build that first house and go find food on your own. Don't expect someone gave it to you and I might might neither recommendation is don't take debt to try and figure out either. I leave it there. Next islands coming up tomorrow at ten, a m thank sprang up, and I will see you all next time.
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