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Mail In Voting BACKFIRES On Democrats, Thousands Of Ballots From Young And Minority Voters REJECTED


Democrats have been demanding mail in voting and now the results are in.Across the US ballots are being rejected and uncounted. Many of the ballots are rejected for being filled out incorrectly leaving first time voters, young voters, and minority voters left out.Republicans have warned of impending chaos and Trump has been very vocal. But the media has kept on screaming that Trump was wrong and it would be fine.Now Minority voters are outraged and filing lawsuits to get their ballots.#Trump#Democrats#Republicans

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Male in voting across this country is collapsing. Several different states we ve, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, theirs in serious problems. We ve got voter fraud in New Jersey and West Virginia now times have we heard journalists complain that Donald rob, was either wrong crazy or lying when he said that mail in voting was going to be chaos. They ve all kit that they live. They're, still saying it right now to be fair. Now, Donald Trump has gone a bit over the top saying that for Countries are going to counterfeit the ballots and it will be the big scan scandal of our lifetime. So perhaps he is worthy of some criticism, but I'm sorry, man I've got way too many stories now we're story about a dead cat, getting voter registration ip, personally received a ballot at my house or someone who didn't even live here. So, yes, I think now weakens
ie that mail in voting is well. It's not gonna work, an eleventh hour change to how we handle arm our most serious of elections may literally no sense an organ. Repels rewards dual Democrats wanted it and I'm sorry, Republicans were right to be concerned because something happened today. Don't ask me what maybe it's, because you ve seen all these primaries but now we're getting a wave of news about broken male invoked, we ve got the story from CBS Sacramento when Hunt a thousand mail in votes when uncounted in California we ve got this story Montclair Newt New Jersey, signed, sealed and delivered thousands of doubts about this Milwaukee. They say thousands absentee ballots didn't get counted because of late delivery. Mr Mr late, delivery, livery delivery, we ve got, New Orleans or the Orleans registrar, four thousand Ellen Bout requests lost It's a New York loss, it's in Massachusetts? Meanwhile,
The news just says: trumps: false attacks on voting by male welcome to the circus world of twenty twenty nine or what happens. I'm afraid that come election time no one's going to agree on who won or why they won theirs. He claims of our interference, it's gonna be drawn out counting bouts, finding bouts losing ballots there today. Action in a week later, they're gonna say we found a box about in the post office. A male carrier and West Virginia was altering ballots. Welcome to election twenty twenty insecurity. I don't what's gonna happen. Then it's gonna get bad though, but there is some well up Steve Bannon. You know I used to work with Trump. He sang give it up. Republicans you're gonna have to roll with one. My stance has always been. You should not change the rules, the very last minute, but they did, and then this is what we get so
well. Let's start with reading this first story, see what's going on in California before we get started had over its him cast outcomes lashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways we can give, but the best thing you can do is just share this view. You know why well in this video, I'm going to show you the New York Times, saying out right that tromp is falsely attacking you know. Mail in voting I show you another story where they say: New York is being were welcomed by mail in voting. The issue is not so much mail in voting itself. The issue is the fact that we change the rules. The last minute and just launched out. All of these melon ballots, without updating our security for a massive nation, wide melon mail in election, it's fine, if we do absentee Here and there, but it just male out all these bout across the board were not prepared for this,
industry. Media will tell you these individual stories, but the opt outs from the biggest political pundits will all say. The same thing trump is wrong, because everything Trump does is wrong. We disagree with me: stick around a watch, the video. Now, if you like what I do Please consider subscribing alot of people watch, they don't actually subscribed, but it really does out because it tells you tube that my channel and content are good is good. Whatever. Let's read the first story from CBS Sacramento, one hundred thousand mail in votes when uncounted in California primary they say with the with the crew what a virus pandemic raging. California is part of a growing number of states increasing mail in balloting to avoid crowds of pulling places. President Trump is among those questioning the integrity of vote by male elections. While supporters say they are just as reliable as pulling places and offer greater flexibility voters, but while calling
ices include workers who can assist people who have questions about filling out. Bouts of voter doesn't have support at home, and so problems can arise. I don't know what the Democrats were expecting to happen. I think that every person understood exactly what they would need to do and how they would need to do. It I received a melon ballot applicants application and I didn't know what I did fell out, or why- and I dont know why other, people in my house, while people who don't live here anymore did get ballots and until the time frame was- and I also didn't know- they're gonna have open pulling places, so I didn't feel it up. I don't think it's a big deal because I assume that would be in person voting, but on the day of the system was down. They couldn't tell me where I needed to go to vote, and I was told by some people they weren't actually gonna do any in person voting anyway, so I just said find whatever. I call that to a certain degree being disenfranchised. Look if I read
we wanted to vote in the primary then I could have done a little bit more, but to my defence, I worked nonstop all the time and so I didn't really- I do want to sit around and say what do I have to do to make this work, so I didn't make it work. It didn't work, unfortunately, for other people, though they are trying. They just don't know how. So we get stories like this The California secretary of State Election data obtained by the AP, showed one thousand one hundred and two thousand four hundred and twenty million belts were disqualified in the states. Fifty eight counties about one point five in the nearly seven million mail in belts returned that percentage is the highest. In a primary race since twenty fourteen, and the overall number is the highest in a statement election since twenty ten two years ago the national average of rejected on balance in the general election was about one point, four percent and in the twenty sixteen
Presidential election year was one percent. According to a? U S. Election assistance Commission study the most common problem by far and care California was missing. The deadline for the ballot be mailed and arrive to count in the election. Balance must be postmarked on or before election day and received within three days, afterward statewide. Seventy thousand three hundred and thirty ballots missed those marks. Another twenty, seven thousand five hundred and twenty five either didn't have a signal. Or the signature didn't match. The one on record for the voter, who is going to be most negatively impacted by this. When it comes to voting, it's going to be a poor man nor elderly voters, people who assistance. It's going to be. First, time. Voters young, our voters, we are going to see a level of disenfranchisement, not
Seen in a very very long time out, it was somewhat so Youtube. You go it's happening in California, let's step up, let's go to this one that these are all from today, mine. This is what really crazy, signed, sealed and delivered bows, of mail in belts, rejected for tardiness and pr says and mind do these is Phoebe Asses NPR. This is this: is the USA today, mainstream newspaper all of a sudden. Now writing all stories about how messed up everything is, but who are the people in Maine? free media telling us that tromp was wrong, that mail in voting was gonna, be fine, I'd like to see them answer for this. They say. Npr analysis has found that in the press free elections held so far this year at least sixty five thousand absentee or melon belts have been rejected because they arrived pass the deadline or through no fault of the voter, while the nuts There's a relatively small around one percent in most states they could prove crucial in a close election.
Especially one in which many more voters are expected to cast absentee and mail, in balance to avoid going to the poles during a pandemic, though who's who use mail in voting for the first time, especially young black, and let you know voters are more likely to have their bouts rejected because of errors. Said Charles Stuart, a political scientist at the Massachusetts institution, knowledge is who studies election administration? That's the sort of thing that makes me wary about. What's on cabin and over when we get an even larger influx of people who haven't, voted or haven't voted by mail in the past boom and there it is do the Democrats want Trump to win I have to ask this- and I mean this with all sincerity, because I've been talking about it kind of a lot. It seems like every thing that that they do benefits Trump How many times have to make a video saying Democrats do this? It back fires male enveloped ballots, our backfiring Democrats, because its younger black and latino
Earth, who are more likely to be negatively impacted by this, and they are also more likely to vote, regret. I'm not saying that they are guaranteed about Democrat, they showed I'm saying that's just a tendency. We do the poles, that's who votes Democrat more so than republican. I tell you what men Yaller for a wild ride, absentee bows didn't get counted because of late delivery, post office as in Madison it's everywhere dude. Do I even need to read this story for you, you get it. U S. Pulse service has identified hundreds of absentee bouts for this for the April election that ever made it to voters or couldn't be counted because of postmark problems. The stories from three days ago I did a Google search.
And I found I saw store out, I do not. I do the news. I prowl the news. I saw this story about a hundred thousand ballots being rejected and that to me is absolutely insane and unacceptable. I mean this is disenfranchisement at a massive scale. Worse than anything, Democrats could ever you know ever complain about. These are people who Didn't do anything wrong for the most part like we saw the and Pierre story through no fault of their own and the boughs didn't get there in time why there were lying on the post office. So what are we supposed to? Do? I have to say man, I don't sell you consume. Was content? Checklist went out four thousand melon bout requests sat at Post office as the work. It's really bad, because these are people who didn't even get to vote. They got their application, they felt that they send it in, and the Post office did not deliver This story says New Orleans and Orleans per Perish elections. Official is bringing problems with male in absentee voting to light and definite Jefferson perish. Voters.
Have similar concerns out of Saturday's election. Both issues appear to involve the: U S, postal service Orleans. I just draw Sondra Wilson tells W D ass you that some four thousand applications for male in boats were discovered July. First, at a New Orleans Post office she didn't know how long they ve been sitting there. But Wilson says postal workers. Labored them to her office at City Hall. That date, the registrar staff worked over time to put ballots in the mail to voters whose requests were delayed. Albert Ruiz original. U S, Pierre, spokesman, said in an email Saturday that ballot applications in New Orleans were held at the Post office because of short paid postage. The employees involved were brought up to speed on the agency's policies, which Ruiz explained in a subsequent email call for male in an absentee belts to be delivered, even if they don't have the correct postage all men. So you mean to tell me that people who didn't know we're gonna stamps they needed didn't get their applications and in time that's really
kill us men. Look at US legal women, voters sues and why State Board of elections alleging serious flaws in absentee ballots? Who are these people in media whore claiming everything was gonna, be fine. I don't know why were they doing it? I have no idea. Did they want Donald Trump to win. I can only imagine that's the case. It's it's. It's absolutely unsurprising! I guess look. I've got a bunch of videos on male envy. Or fraud, but now that we're getting new information on what's going on and now and were learning that a lot of these rejected ballots come from black latino and youth voters.
There's gotta be some egg on the face for Democrats for this one. This is a complete and total backfire on all the Democrats, who demanded this in c, a twenty five. They did melon melon boats and mice. My speculated, I thought that we would see an increase in younger voters, because one of the problems that the Democrats have they can't get the youth vote to actually turn out. While I speculated, if you put the ballot in their face, maybe they'll just role with it right. Unfortunately, no that was the case either. I can't tell you why the Democrats want to use this system other than the surface level very concerned about covert. I can respect that. Maybe they thought people wouldn't turn out to vote because of covert fears and Moody's analytics told us and their views
a very accurate that Donald Trump was going to win unless they had historic voter turn up that in a very low turnout situation, tromp was gonna, win, so they're, probably thinking the only way we can maintain voter turnout is to make sure people feel safe and secure uncovered might scare them. If that's it. Well, there you go totally fine right shore, in my opinion, I think changing the rules. The eleventh hour was a huge mistake. If we are not perfect prepared for a pandemic is not the fault of Trump or the Democrats or anyone else, and we shouldn't change the rules because of it. The best thing we could do is changed the rules, the polling stations, but the fear was the lines will be backed up and nobody would get to vote. Will I dont know what to tell you a man? What are we supposed to? Do? It's an emergency. It's a crisis. We can't postpone the election. Ok will then we gotta have the election, and if that means people the weight in line for a long time, it's the best we can do. I dont think melons. Mailing ballots are going to solve the problem.
Not only are people being rejected, but we're gonna see across the board. Accusations of fraud outright. Now look at this minority voter Sue Massachusetts over failure to send mail in ballot applications based on what the Democrats claim they want to fight, for you know marginalized peoples. This agony of agony face men beyond backfiring against the Democrats. Now, in others there seeing lawsuits from women, voters, minority voters now look I get it! I'm not saying that any of these groups owe their vote to anybody, but if this is who the Democrats are trying to help their not helping their making it worse? Now here we go the New York Times trumps, false tax on voting by male stir broad concern. The president's assertions about widespread fraud have little or no basis, in fact, but our
resonating with his supporters and given the option of raising doubts about the legitimacy of the outcome. Ok, let's stop here. Trump has brought up fraud. Trop has brought up, I guess China Counterfeit pulse. Ok, let's criticise all that may be. Trump went a little bit too far with it. I don't know, I don't care. What I can tell you is that trying to implement last minute rule changes is, of course, going to result in chaos. You see earlier today, as I'm filming this I am preparing to fund this video. I made the mistake of downloading zoom and it broke the audio drivers from my computer and I d duct tape, everything together and guess what it made me rushed and palm unrecorded. This literally like right before you probably watched it. The reason I bring this up as
One is extremely frustrating you could probably here in my voice but too, when you try to implement a programme at the very last minute. It is nothing but duct tape and chaos, and now I'm certainly reaping the benefits of this. It's just simple reality. As the Democrats, as these local governments tried to implement mail in voting at the last minute, we don't know what the bugs are gonna, be we don't know what will or won't work. We cannot just change this at the last minute and the media just runs its it's in a what this article is sophistry they are trying to use, are curious, nonsensical arguments to convince you. Everything will be able of course it's Maggie Haber men. Let me let me show some June twenty. Fourth, twenty twenty and their ragging on tromp sang trumps, false claims of fraud. How about your own news outlets vote by mail,
requests overwhelmed New York City election agency for the biggest setting the country. A dramatic and fast expansion of the male in voting system has come with challenges June nineteenth. Can you believe this? They wrote this story five days before the other one open What Nick Khorasan eighty and Stephanie saw and who wrote this one? Why it's of course, any Linda Q and Maggie Haven Nick when you are putting the story together. Could you now, I've said maybe Trump was right about this male in ballots were being over in New York being overwhelmed by this and then you the story, but trumpet still wrong about fraud. Yet we get it. But how about you inform the people of the real problems instead of just trying to run the orange man, bad narrative, all the time. Here's the story! Donald Trump says: potential mail and voter fraud. Here is the fact check there. Some voter fraud. One story is enough to to shake people's confidence in the system, but, more importantly,
there are concerns about whether or not the system can handle the mail and bouts. While, I would say, Trot maybe goes over. The top by claims is be massive amount of counterfeit votes. The system overwhelmed as it is five days before they wrote that they had the story he could have said. The system is overwhelmed, there will be problems. Tromp may be right about that, but the fraud may be over the top. Even I think I'd still be wrong. Look. We had fraud and West Virginia, we had fraud in New Jersey and that alone is enough, and if you go back in time, there's fraud. Every couple of
you see these big stories acorn, for instance, that that they don't exist anymore, but they were they were. They were implicated in several voter for a voter registration fraud scandals. It happens and it happens on large scales, knowledge, Steve Bannon. He says the joking, it's a drop! It democrats on it. You got you out, you got a drop it or face the Blueskin army. We may not agree with it, but we're going to have to fight that another day said Balin. Well, it's gonna be chaos. Men as ballots pile up in the mail, a potential night, mare, looms on election night, so Bravo mainstream media to all the people who said that everything was gonna be fine. Tromp was wrong and mail and bouts there are just like absently, do it all the time, and now all of these islands are writing. Today we see it's gonna, be chaos,
What is ABC new, safe? The potential chaos could make Florida in two thousand. Look like a garden party. Well, we get the elections we deserve. Personally, I think it's fair to blame. The Democrats. I know it sounds cliche. U turn on temples Channel Mary Essay, the Democrats, all its backfiring, but come on man. Is this not the case in my wrong about this feel free to comment below and tell me I'm wrong? I get it, but the Democrats, the ones who are demanding this the GNP, wasn't they actually reduce their resisting and Steve Vantages told the stop. So when you went when first time, voters marginalized communities and youth voters are the ones being disenfranchised. Who is there to blame
but the Democrats who have demanded this in the meantime, what we get the Orange Sea has registered more voters already than we did in the two in the entire twenty sixteen cycle g. That sounds like really good news for Trump. Here we got a story from Bloomberg. If I can get open Trump Outpace Biden in zero wing in on voters with Facebook tools, yeah Trump is using the digital space way better than Biden is here. We go zombie bite and dismal support from blacks. Threatens his his election. Maybe that's why they want mail in voting because they know they're losing minority votes to tromp. I don't I don't to make sense. I think the black but will overwhelmingly go towards Joe Biden, pointing out that you know many of these people have their complaints with Donald Trump, but many of them actually have warmed up when these individuals have, while they're they're pulling in a certain direction. That's I'm sorry, man, that's gonna! Backfiring Democrats has no other way to put it.
There is, there are some weird things going on. You know. Texas is a swing state in twenty twenty. I don't know how much that matters, but polling is all over the place if you are going to have first time. Voters disenfranchised, dare I say, a major major benefit of Donald Trump Donald Trump on his base. They voted for men, two thousand and sixteen. The Democrats are trying to get new voters who hate Donald Trump to vote and if they don't know how to do it and the people at first time, but as the ones being disenfranchised. Congratulations Democrats, you just owned yourself. I don't know what else to tell you, but I'm going to leave it there next time it's coming, six p m at Youtube. You tube outcomes, lashed him CAS news. They sprang out and I will see you all them. Well, I gotta admit it took a little longer than the Democrats were hoping you see with all this unrest sweeping the nation. It had been bed several times by job supporters, that the Democrats were trying to bait. Try into sending in the army to they could scream Trump is a dictator locally
he's doing with the army. Help us well jumped in take the bait. And so is mostly stood back, but at a certain point: there was just not much the Armenia had to make a move right. You see in Portland when going on day our man. What is this forty five or six of honour, going civil unrest there, Ben literal death in the Pacific Northwest at the Chaz. I mean they these the video going around now we can see the Chaz Stani. People has long since gone, but they shut up. As you ve they, russian and and strip all the evidence out? Cops are that's what happened over in Portland, the far left has been besieging federal court House now for over a month, just the other day, someone tried breaking through the barricades the hammer when a federal officer came out to defend the building, they smacked him Now, with the hammer, we then saw the other day, some do say across the street some apparently like kicked back a tear gas can or something that the
Are, I believe the marshals fired and hit the sky in the head? He goes down. What do we get for mayor, TED, Wheeler them controls must be investigated for why this happen, not at a certain point when you ve got over a month of far left destroy explosives at buildings and stuff. Now I mean, I guess, yet we should have investigation, but I think we're going understand exactly what happened: you're, gonna, love, explosives and and and you know molotov or whatever, at a building and strike feds. Mad with a hammer and someone else there's a bean bag or something or an unimpaired round it hit something that maybe like. I know why, guy fired Armada. Where did you get it led by less a man? You know you ve lived by the sword, Why it they're saying now Oregon governor and Sun senators condemn trumps use of occupy, in army, on Portland protesters. Most of Portland City Council has not responded to the present. Here's. The funny thing Willimot week is like a far less
publication do like Portland itself is super far left when I went to Portland and covering the protests, they called me all right and then at had to issue a correction. An apology cause neuroleptic, ok is definitely not, but still yet a trial smear me, because their far left insane people. What a pathetic publication I'll tell you, what but his ears. Here's what I saw my sobs headline, because they put occupying army in quotes in the headline. I thought It was the governor saying I thought Trump called the protesters and occupying army. I thought the governor condemning Trump for having said that about the protesters and the reason I thought that was because I'm looking at these photos- and unlike the federal officers, guarding a federal building are not occupying anything. It's warming in the literal sense of the definition, but in the end the warfare type description that they ve come in and taken over the city and eyes a federal court house, feds federal court us makes sense so
I didn't get the contacts and I read this and unlike women, they said the Federal Officers were trumps occupying army. Are you kidding me? What we hold on when you Listen. Let me break this down for you. If I'm in my house, and you show up for over over a month with people at night, throwing bricks in Malta to try to smash through my windows. You can call me the occupying army for trying to defend my property or, if I call my friends and say, hey, please help I'm being attacked by the far left and then people come my house you. Call those people an occupying army is literally my house one of key. Or, as we knew, they were gonna do it and they did let's read. This sum: will call it shoddy journalism. Most of Portland City Council has not responded to the president's. They say organs governor and to your senators today, decried Present Donald Trump Use federal officers to counter demonstrators important but mayor
had wheeler and most members of the Port City Council remained silent. You senators on widen and Jeff murkily. Both issued statements, falling trumps, dropped July, tenth boast that homeland security officers to I D Portland were handling it very nicely on July, eleventh he said he was troubled by the deployment of officers, are typically guard the nations border We demand respect for Americans who have taken to the streets to raise their voices in peaceful supports that, are you can't you can't, with these p, Are you kidding me Willimot, wait literally a photo of firework exploding in front of the building. The peaceful support The black lives matter movement. No one should intended or salted when they peaceful. They exercise their first amendment rights. Ah ROV, oh, what is as murkily murkily you duplicitous disgusting individual. I swear man, these people have no shame this
This is beyond reprehensible. You have forty plus days of of them. China, burn a building down. They there just peace. Expressing themselves yeah, ok, man, later on July, Leavin the federal officer shot a protest or, in that of the projectile, reportedly that person to the hospital for facial reconstructive surgery not fund, not cool. I don't like hearing these. Mad like everybody go home, maybe play Logan Backgammon order. Pizza, maybe have a beer, if that's what therein. Do I don't what they do? Maybe they watch Darrow what? What? What? What? What is the left watch on tv like anarchists, Joseph soaps, or something in the wake of that shooting widen strength. It has come to condemnation the consequences of Donald, unilaterally dispatching federal law enforcement into U S. Cities played out in Portland with a piece full protesters shot in the head widen rope from and home. And security must now answer why federal officers are acting like an occupying army
there? It is the moment we have all been waiting for. The peaceful protesters was struck, my Donald Trump occupying Army We knew there were to do it, they did it. Peaceful protesters are I'll. Tell you what listen I don't like this guy got hidden ahead, like the videos graphic. Gruesome seriously ma am I, I'm strive it and it's a bummer. I mean I'm, not I'm not that no one should be. Happy about the extreme violence, the escalation it's happening. I got some bad news for you, though, if you oh up wearing all black and a bunch of people are wearing all black and a bunch of those people are throwing bricks, back to your gas, throwing explode. Lives and molotov cocktails and using hammers to break into a building and you're standing next to them waving a sign and they fire and you get hit Colleagues, I mean these things happen. Ok, you know. For those it,
many of you probably familiar. I did my share of conflict reporting, so I'm recovered civil unrest revolution I was never chile and any direct civil war zone on actual war zone, but I was in the budding civil war, civil unrest and revenue, like ours in Egypt during the revolution that was crazy and an I've gone through hostile environment, training? Ok, what you gotta get caught it it's! He is called the HEAT Programme, its hostile environment action. Trainers like that he goes to forget a bunch of security agencies. Do this it's kind of expensive, it's hot! get into because they thought anyone to do it and we're there They tell you is that as a purity personnel as a reporter. Worse contractor somebody's gotta be down there, never ever stand in line with these two groups, because one side We throw projectiles of some sort, the other side's. Be firing. Projectiles of some sort and depend and the severity of the conflict of core
standing in the middle of the dumbest place you can be if you are with the protesters standing beside them standing in front of them. The likelihood that this will happen was one hundred percent. It's been going on for forty plus days. It's not going to stop I could tell you more people are gonna get you want to see more videos like this and then and then Invariably like clockwork widen the Democrats. The peaceful protesters are being attacked in a white man. Spare me- Oh, the governor, stepped in Governor Kate Browed, also lamented violence committed by homeland security officers, the events of last night at the federal Court House, where the tragic and avoidable result of President Donald Trump for weeks continuing to push for four and violence. In response to protests. You know what man
tromp. Let him have Portland, do just just draw a line around and be like it's yours, the ears, the problem there trying to destroy a federal court house. I don't. Or stand why tromp is even bothered. I oh ok, look I gotta get it I'm sending the marshals, and I think you ve got something that may be sepia, not sure to defend the federal court house. Ok, because the feds need a courthouse body what men, no tactical, retreat, what happens? Ok, what happens if port of Anti Russian and burn down the courthouse like they ve been, eyeing Donald Trump can then blame Portland see others works. It's a really stupid game. Reminds me this episode of Frazier even if you guys are used to watch that, but something happened where Frazier s it's like it was. It was I what's that guy's name. I can't member that camera the actors, I'm Kelsey Grammar, he throws a guy. You know you like of a chair and throws I'm the guy threatens to swim
So then, in order to defeat the suit the guy freighters brother and an with them, and when the guy pokes Frazier rather goes in falls down and then says now, I'm in a sue. You like the point, is what we ve become as a nation, is two sides. Whenever they get hit, they go help help. I'm a victim help. Help will Donald Trump play. That game found trouble like now, we'll just protect the courthouse, but I tell you what in the game of PR Maybe the best thing would be trumped just to walk away from the court. Us pull all the jobs and say you know what you're right, we're sorry was an occupying force. We're gonna leave the courthouse. We just ass a portal. Protected, doesn't burned down and then, when it burns down because of anti Tromp can say you see their destroy federal court houses, they complained we backed our troops are true solve our police officers or federal law enforcement marshals, and then they destroyed the building? They will destroy this building. If the marshals are not there, so Trump becomes the occupying force.
Employing federal officers to attack peaceful protests that the narrative they were always going to play peaceful protesters, TED Wheeler and its three com. It's in the Portland City Council, commissioner. The mechanism have remained silent since he says it. Press reported July. Ninth that trumpet deployed federal officers to Portland Willimot Weak sought comment from all for offices in July tenth, the three commissioners did not respond on July. Twelve committed commissioner Utilise relates, release a statement, its unfortunate that tromp cares more about protecting monuments and buildings when he does peoples. Eyes and constitutional rights. We didn't invite or ask this over, intervention by the federal government. The young man who was shot in the head by federal officer last night pose no threat to anyone. Safety is reckless and an excuse double behaviour, that's what they were waiting for Trump. Let him have the courthouse. Just let them take it and then you can be like if we're gonna
arrest. Anybody in Portland learning to be shipped off somewhere else, because Portland allowed the federal court has to be overrun and destroyed. Or may the whole buildings boarded up covering graffiti. I dunno men, mobile, called a rock and a hard place, because to be real I mean you can't just give up a federal court house. But what do you do? This is exactly what they were waiting for: theirs, videos of violet, rioting, physical assault and now as soon as these marshals start fought United, running themselves or or trying to quell the civil unrest admittedly, this is it that I don't like the guy got hadn't had, but that's exactly what they were waiting for, that that might Should we find that round gave him exactly what they wanted, they were probably laughing and cheering and jumped up on their tables started doing the Lindy hop like Oogaboo, crack and champagne ITALY, Trump. It happened, not Trump didn't do it, but that fat, federal officer. They were so Neither there do you know that their their square dance and up in there all yolland, ensuring and then there are laughing is
I'm going to save you guys, guys years. We were quite right. It was a peaceful protest outside laughing and they're getting drunk and eating pizza. It was a peaceful protest, as they are doing the Democrats they're sitting there laughing about how they were- aren't you falsely framed this to blame Trump for what theirs he is unable to handle the quiet. From the city Council is remarkable, given how much because Energy Wheeler and his colleagues have spent since twelve seventeen opposing the trap, administration and pledging Portland would resist the widest policies and I are in particular, is in a difficult position for the past two weeks in the police, below, overseas have warned that protesters bent on property damage our threat to civic peace, an officer safety. President, sending in federal agents to deal with those troublemakers more harshly leaves little wheeler with little room to complain: the Portland Police Bureaux de I want to comment not the worst article you know from from. Will it meet what willimot weeks, ah I'll give him that I'll tell you what men come up ends
attribution justice. Well, It's a little income form. It will judge, approve whose petition to recall Seattle, mayor and there. It is the Mayor of Seattle. Allow The Chaz to carry on about its business, and because of this people are dead. The chance, there's gonna be a sovereign summer of love. She said and then some Chaz Stani National Guard Open fire according to one witness for ten plus minutes, an ass, you ve riddling the whole thing with bullets walked up. You can then hear them say something like oh you're still alive ha and then a bang. Some people think it was an execution. I don't know, I don't know what happened men, but I do know that this and other videos that emerge showing people picking clean the crime scene at the cops can't do anything about it in the police showed up. They said, there's no evidence well mayor, Jenny, dark and fight only decided not after that mind you. I mean it was after that, but not because of that that she was going to end
gas, there was enough was another of these people we can but have them down there. You know engaging in such ridiculous and destructive behaviour. Now, of course, I am not talking about the murdering of this, this young, unarmed, black lack childhood with teenager and vehicle. I'm proud of the fact that, a couple days after that they went to her house to protest. That was a slight beyond slights, I mean, let's be honest: How dare you? How dare you protesters go to the mayor's house after I allowed you to engage in violent insurrection. She gave you everything, that you wanted. You want to control the sick. Block radius, you and that they, they apparently the right to walk round of guns, killing people and she said, do it with my blessing. I am exaggerating by the way finally LEO because in the end, ultimate betrayal after the mayor. Just let them run amok that this
He destroying lives and business has literally killing people. They had the nerve to turn on her up. How dare they shocking to say the least and that's when she decided. I will rush you send in the police when I was but there's a provision to recall her, and the petition has then approved by a judge. What this means now is that, the people of Seattle have to collect. I believe it's fifty that your limit as they once any recall petition is approved, so It shares are needed to qualify for a special election ballot. The petitioners me asked within. One hundred eighty days collect valid signatures from a number Our voters equal to twenty five percent of the votes cast in the last election in this case, signatures from more than Fifty thousand Seattle voters would be needed, the dirt competition. Recall effort accuses the mayor of endangering the peace and safety of the community by allowing least to leak, false information about fact, fabricated crimes and threats to the media, issuing a city wide curfew without sufficient notice to the public,
The petitioners also accused jerkin of restricting certain property rights in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill. The name but where many of the protests took place in a response Saturday, darkens chief of staff, Stephanie form us said Americans are consistently, has acted to protect the city's public health and safety and to respect the constitutional rights to peaceful protesters, her the inner rolling? Friday Judge Mary Roberts dismissed, seven charges put forward is insufficient, but allowed one which accuses does. Of allowing tear gas and other crowd control events to be used during the kind of ours pandemic to pursue need more narrowly than alleged the judge. Not rule on whether the allegation withdrew. The court's role in this case is limited. The mayor could appeal the ruling, so I gotta go. I gotta be honest. It sounds like she's gonna be recalled because of the left, not because of the people, not big people met at the jazz, but because of people like the gentlemen said, the judge out the one accused,
Darken of allowing tear gas and other crowd control weapons to be used, so it sounds like white literally they're, not even recalling our for allowing chest to happen. I could you not. This is this is what you get if trunks captain, imagine what they would be saying. Look What they're saying now in Portland, I tell ya man, we live in crazy, crazy times. The mayor can do all of the stupidest things in the world and she gets recall because the cops did use tear gas while losses. I've been recalled. Yet let us try to recall, but I'll tell you what maybe the kind of development Maybe they won't be able to get the signatures. We gotta think me. Most people of Seattle, have, I believe, I think it's fair to say a lot of them had no tolerance. For, as I do,
because we ve seen the business owners we ve seen the lawsuit. We ve seen the response from locals. They sad that there was crime. There was theft, intimidation. We know there was murder several martyrs. Now the left claims it was white supremacists who did it? That's that's how insane things are getting so this is this week we come to a serious problem. You have fanatics, ok on the left, that don't care about the news and they live on and thrive on. Conspiracy theories and I'm not exaggerating therein whereas there is that exist on the right there, some of them are weird and creepy and they definitely jump the gun. I recently heard about this crazy way: fair conspiracy, theory and there's a lot of people saying Hobbs is proven. Unlike you know, a man I'm all about the evidence. If you find something strange, followed the evidence
not the conjecture and it's funny to me how on the right, the conspiracy there is always just jump straight to a conclusion, and I'm like there's. You know what man you can't you can do it. At the very least, these people just sitting online line believing crazy things on the left. These people, but eve that there are white supremacist hiding around every corner going and so their terror fighting shaking looking around and their armed, so what happened in the Chaz was when this date, these young kids, were driving. This suv in trying to come into the Chaz because apparently they just stolen it VP the people who leave their alike. Tiptoeing
two premises hiding round the corner saw the vehicle and answered screaming just firing randomly at the vehicle like lunatics. Then it turns out they killed some sixteen year old and critically injured a fourteen year old and that's because their conspiracies are much more dangerous. They believe in saying things for insane reasons and they take violent action and commit crimes because of it. Well, it's finally happened. Well If the mayors of getting recalled the mayor of Portland has announced, there's gonna be an investigation of the marshals for firing The impact rather hit the guy had just fine oh hilarious, like have you invested, it had any of these people. Now I'll tell you what yesterday cover this in Portland, they actually dropped. Felony writing chart. They dropped the valley right, felony riding charges on many of these people. They would like fifty nine people had their charge has dropped, nine of which were felonies, including arson
those I'll get dropped, but their Marshall Heaven forbid an accidental. You know someone gets hit that I don't think the guy was aiming for the guy said I it's possible, you know, but you have to prove to me: that's the issue, its possible. You was just trying to fire at the crowd and given to back off and I got hit NED than its bed. And apparently that's trumps fall. Well. Maybe if you had police actually protecting your city, this wouldn't be an issue you know what now cut count down the days until the actually abolish the police departments? Bali, with their next item This coming up at one p m in this general thanks, sprang up and I'll see you all next time a couple of weeks. Go lack lives matter. Activists Sean King called for the destruction of statues of Jesus Christ because he claims, the depiction of Jesus as a white man was white supremacy. Many people were scared that people would actually start to do it.
And this could lead to widespread violence. I'm not sure if we have seen any widespread destruction of statues of Jesus, but we are now seeing this store out of Boston, a statue The virgin Mary has been desecrated. It was set on fire on other. Imagine, a different city was tagged with graffiti vandalized, and now three churches have burned down. One of them was a deliberate act of terror. Man drove a vehicle end building and then set it on fire. Yes, since been arrested. The first thing I want to point out is that when it comes to the fires at these churches, I believe a couple of them We don't know exactly how or why they were burned down. One of em we do in someone's been arrested as always boy from May. There was a church was defying certain social distancing rules. That was also burn down. Again, I don't know the up on these stories, but only very careful. Some people may have desecrated a statue of married two of them actually. Does this indicate
I'd spread religious or spiritual based violence. I don't necessarily think so, but am highlighting. Stories because they're starting degenerate, shock and concern that these statues edges of the virgin Mary France would be targeted. I think, has extreme potential to ignite to ignite real civil conflict, Let me explain why not go to the news right now in United States, forcing statues torn down of people, that we love and respect heroes of this nation, notably Thomas Jefferson, George Washington. Ulysses S, Grant HANS Christian. Had these HANS Christian had was someone who died in the civil war to end slavery. Nasa people have argued that the founding fathers were slaveowners, but it doesn't explain why a statue of Frederick Doug ass was destroyed. We don't know who did that Frederick Douglass was a very famous abolitionist.
And he my understanding that he had worked with Harriet Tubman to free slaves, afraid saw for escape slave himself. The dude was was amazing. His dad was destroyed. Now these are an attack on freedom. Liberty, but not necessarily a hard core and devout ideology attacking the church, DES. Creating the statue of the Virgin Mary, in my opinion, has the real potential to ignite the devout is: are people who love absolutely with all their hearts these these? These figures, these variable, certain religious figures look when you tear down Thomas Jefferson, people get mad when you tear down or desecrate a religious icon, people feel that in their heart I think this is substantially more likely to result in retaliation or escalation. And that's why I want to be very careful some of these charges. Burn down again. We need to know exactly what happened first, but of course,
the reason I am highlighting this is because people believe was deliberate, at least instance of the Virgin Mary. It seems that it is. I got a bunch of stories to read for use. What's a check out the fur. Story from W C d, be five ABC Virgin Mary Stature set on fire at Boston church. They say the Austin, police and fire departments are investigating and arson at a bars to Boston Church after a virgin, Mary Statue was set on fire Saturday Night Believe responded about. And p M to report of a fire near Saint Peter, perish in the city of Dorchester Neighbourhood and the cities Dork Dorchester Neighbour, upon arrival, Officer saw that a statue of the blessed virgin Mary had been set on fire police spoke with the Boston, firefighters,
who said that an unknown suspected set fire to plastic flowers which were in the hands of the statue causing the face and upper body the budget to be burned. I was shocked, there's disappointment, sadness said Friar John current of our father is at Father, friar outermost with a point of order in the past of Saint Peter, perish. The image of our lady is so important for us and our faith. It's such a contradiction to her love Mary would never ass, a great anyone, never hurt, anyone only offer them the peace and love of Jesus. I think that's where it really hit us in our hearts, Austin Fire Fighter, who said he was among those who responded to the fire shared a photo of the burned statue with New Centre five.
The blessed virgin. Mary statue was placed outside Saint Peter, perish just after the end of world war, two to welcome back soldiers who, returning to Dorchester on Sunday neighbours, replaced the flowers and at the statue that were burned in the fire, the Archdiocese of Boston said it will clean the burn marks off the statue. Current hopes, whoever started the fire, will come forward and said the church would be there for them if they were looking for help. There's tomb division too much hatred too much beating each other up. Hopefully, from this, we can have a sign from our God that we need to keep pressing, pressing, pressing issue of reconciliation, unity and peace, the boss and police departments at its investigating the oxen. Anyone with information is strongly urged to contact detectives. Well, fully. The statue wasn't completely destroyed and it can be cleaned and salvaged. And this is, I gotta say it's can worrisome men look there's thought there they're going to escalate these attacks theirs.
Already been concerned that a bunch of churches being burned down in Europe was the result of religious violence. The last thing we need to add to our political rose is religious woes, but it wasn't just one statue, statues of Mary vandalized in weekend of catholic church attacks, a statue of Mary outside the Cathedral prep school, Seminary Queens New York, they say: Boston, police are investigating and arson, and our I wanna go through because we do know about that. We did read ass. I say this on July tenth, the diocese of Brooklyn announced that near city police were investigating the validation of a statue of virgin Mary. I cathedral prep, school and seminary in Queens. I dont know what the says as idle prayer, I oh much, not your father. Missus, Crawley, rector and president of CAP Cathedral prep called the incident and act of hatred Obviously, this tragedy saddens us deeply. But also it is our hope and faith in the Lord, as he has shown his good
in many people who have already reached out to us where sincerely grateful for the help we have received, as well as the prayers. Please continue praying for those who committed this DE vandalism, hatred towards our lady and the church, I want how many of the far left tests are going to point out that the response of the churches has been sympathy in an offer for help. I told this story before It's it's odd butler limitless. I want to show you this story. First, the arrest of the man who actually tried to burn down this church, but I want to point something out to all of you for one I should be ashamed of myself, I'm kidding about getting that. You know the father thing. Wherever that you know I grow Catholic, I did Now, when I left the church, I'm not overly religious, what's I think there is a lot of hatred between between people that is easily inflamed for tribal reasons, too often tell people is that I was very punk rock anxiety, edgy and
that somebody who I thought you know was a good state border and I was escape our time. So when I saw that a picture of Jesus in their house, I scoffed at it and NEO, basically Poohpooh debt and the dew told me that he wasn't religious. He just thought the idea of someone travelling round helping people was a cool story in that's why I decided to put up the image and that was kind of vague formative moment. For me, where I realized that you know my view of what this was, what are presented was was wrong because it could mean something also sought to somebody else. I had grown up hearing stories and thinking the church was, you know, was lie.
To me without their bad things about it. I still believe for a lot of reasons. The church does that things are really do, but I also think that it's really easy to folks in the negative and you miss what the symbols and where the church means to other people, in fact, probably most people so to meet somebody who was not religious. Who was like all that, it means to me, is this and unlike, but that is a good thing. If that's what that image can inspire, then that's the message that needs to be spread and a kind of felt like me having this anger and putting that that image, like you know, associating with negativity or politics or bureaucracy was was it was, it was a bad move, it should be itchy, you know you can you can assign to that image, your your understanding of it. It basically show me that other people have different perspectives, but listen I'll get us get more to the point here in the politics of the issue.
With people on the left calling to the desecration of these statues and this arrest made in Florida catholic church burning, I think we get dangerously close to seeing to seeing real. You know real devout individuals standing up because it's no longer about politics. It's about, I don't know eternal salvation. I guess one thing: if you have somebody who believes that, by eating and burning buildings down. They can create a utopia here on earth thing when you have large groups of people, the majority of the country who are religious war, christian feeling, like their faith there, an entire existence is under attack. Who might be upset that you live in. Poverty might Blaine Capitalism, but this is something, as is beyond that. It's a whole new level, your attacking people, well, beyond any physical manifestation. Your attacking the court
there being. My concern is that these attacks really are political in nature, took the story of Florida. Man has been arrested after reportedly minute to crashing minivan into a catholic church and setting and on fire Stephen Anthony Shields before of Dublin. Flora has been charged with attempted murder, arson, burglary and evading arrest, was apprehended by police and July. Eleventh as yet According to a Saturday evening, statement from the sheriff's office shields poured gas The charges for your ignited it after crashing as many ran through the parishes front door. Then drove away and the many van leading officers on a short chase before he was stopped. According to local media shields, told police, he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but is not currently taking proscribed immigration, so this could just be someone losing their minds again. I want to make that very clear because I've seen several people post churches are attacked. You know and I want to make sure that we get to the bottom of the citizen-
I'm I'm reading you from the Catholic NEWS Agency. If they're saying the sky, the police reported accorded local media the he gets a frantic, it could just be somebody who's sick, They pointed out, however, many of these far left us target people who are unwell their easy to exploit. He said that he was woke on Saturday morning with a mission and then he purchased the gas it in your by gas station shields also quoted script, especially the book of revelation two officers telling them is objections of the catholic Church of Colonies reported he reported told officers that he understood the consequences of his action. Nevertheless, The arson was awesome and referring to himself as king into nineteen. He was arrested for Senor Crowbar at a woman and saying you wanted to kill her shield said he wanted to kill the woman with his crowbar. So he wouldn't wouldn't dirty his blades. It's weird Marion County sheriff, Billy Woods, as our freedom of worship granted in the constitution is a freedom that we all hold dear. My deputies,
sworn to protect that right and will always ensure our citizens can worship and peace. I'm proud of my deputies for capturing this man so quickly and we appreciate the assistance from all of the state and federal urgencies that worked alongside us during investigation of this story is from just July onto a couple days ago and I believe the fight. Air if the fire was also on the eleventh okay, so that citizens can catch the guy. Now we have other stories which gives out Alchemy Church Alabama. They say a fire destroyed, faith, Tabernacle, Pentecostal, church and on Friday night, thankfully none was inside our hurt. It took the help of five different fire department to get the fire out. The church is off sandal and rode out about firefighters. Susan plant says they gotta call enforce it
Brian Pliant said she believes the middle section where, where the most damage is was the sanctuary, the building is a total loss. When we arrived this under section there, if it already fell and are they were flames coming up, the faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church has around fifty members on average for their services the cause of the fire is unknown. Plans of the limestone Limestone County Sheriff's office is investigating. It is unclear what church leaders will do for services. You know what I remember there was a mosque that got burned down and I'd. When the story went viral, several farmers organisations, ran the heads find something like mosque burned to the ground. Shortly after Trump announces travel ban I said those stores have nothing to do with each other so I made a call to someone. I know intrusted firefighter and ask them what they thought and they said somewhat coffee, but on that
really it. You know what. Why did a building it burned out? Somebody left a coffee pot on look right now we have political conflict in turmoil across the country, and I think people are looking for signs that they are under attack. But we have to be very, very careful that this does not lend itself to escalation. Church fires happen, they do Some people are saying yeah, but this many width of the merry vandalized good point. I respect your point when you make your way to make sure we have evidence last, we see large mobs of people going out and retelling against people and they make it wrong. This is why we have the court of law that we do just because you accuse someone think they really did. It doesn't mean you can go out with with torches and pitchforks.
We need to be absolutely sure. We know who did this, and that may mean that we could be slow to respond yeah, but that the alternatives is is worse. Man I'd, I do not believe falsely using somebody is worth it and we need to make sure we hold those who are truly accountable, accountable. The problem I have with guilt, you know guilty until proven innocent. Is that if you go out, you see these churches and you make an assumption. I know who is doing this. It's it's this group, then what happens? If it's not what happens if you find a fine somebody say: that's the perpetrator! You have your, have the evidence but she's believe it. So you lock him up. The real perpetrator gets away If we truly want justice, we need the evidence. Unfortunately, it wasn't just the floor to charge the off my church salsa this church in sand, Gabriel and California early morning, fight destroys much of two hundred forty nine year old San Gabriel Mess church I'll. Tell you this what an on the eleventh
These are all happy around the same time here. What I would say actually look at the date on the ultimate when the utmost one, as is the tenth. So within two days, three churches burn down one deliberately. The first thing I will say: is that if you are a member of a church, be diligent and making sure flammable electronics, things are turned off and is probably the best thing you can do just generals. General fire safety, make sure. There's. No, you know extension cords. All tangled up major smoked actors are working as our normal thing to do to press for a fire. As for thee, vandalism of the statue of Mary and the vandalism split the other vandalism of a couple of them that lend itself more to the idea that there may actually be religious or political motivations, in which case you want to hire security. You do, but I dont think, but the smart thing to do is make assumptions about who did it. That could be bad, but you can be defensive and it would be important
they say from Ktla five, a fire broke out at the San Gabriel Mission Church early Saturday and burn the roof of much of the church's interior authorities have not determined what caused the blaze have. A two hundred and forty nine year old church on four hundred and twenty eight South mission drive, the San Gabriel Fire Department received a call that the fire on four hundred and thirty a dot m and arrived at the scene to find flames through the roof. The cruise called for additional units. After about five Some fifty firefighters responded location as an they struggled as part of the roof began to come down the fire traversed. The would rapidly the interior is pretty much destroyed up into the altar area made of yet accorded API worker
tat just read done the walls and refinished one hundred seven year old, pews as part of renovation projects, ahead of the churches to innovate and over three next year. Sand. Gabriel mission spokesperson, Terry, who wear tat, said the roof last under what repair ever sustaining damage from the nineteen. Eighty four knowledge earthquake to see it being burned down is just heartbreaking. There's a lot to be grateful for that. Didn't burn in the fire. Video recorded before daylight Saturday shows dark smoke rising from the flames the firefighters could eat battle, the blaze after the initial call. In a twenty five, a M tweet, the police Department announced shutting down it. Juniperus Sarah Drive and mission drive in both directions, so Oh look, we don't know what's causing the fire, they say that we have a way of a quarter of the statue in previous week, statues of the priest who work to convert the Americans to Catholicism in the eighteenth century and force, Damn too soon to say, stay and missions have been removed across southern California. Here's here's what needs to be said, I'm not telling you
to ignore. What's happening note by no means I'm just trying to make sure that people don't jump the gun, and I want to make sure that we don't see violence. You know we don't want to escalation. It is true, however, that it's not just edges Mary that have been vandalized There was another statuette believers in sound San Francisco of I've. I've figure was Saint John Apparel, I'm not entirely sharks. I'm not! Yes, we're knowledge born on the religious stuff. It was pulled down desecrated, so there are some attacks we have seen on religious statues. Like I mentioned, I opened this withdrawn king for a reason he said, tear them down. What do we see now they have torn down some religious statues, they vandalized the virgin Mary. I'm no believe it's the first time back in May. We saw the story. This church fought Social
sensing orders. A month later it was vandalized and burn down. They wrote you hypocrites, but I dont believe I women up did I did a quick cursory search. I could really funny thing as too you know. If anyone was arrested, I'm not sure but many people said they were gonna back off, because hypocrites was spelled wrong. It seems weird, and it was actually many people on the right who thought this may be a hoax as well. People are reticent of NATO. People don't want to. All four hoaxes like the left did with Covington adjusted Mallette many people, including myself, believe the Nypd when they claim that they'd ingested cleaner from milk Jackson's, apparently not true. So again, it looks like there is some sort of financial evidence, lending lending lending that giving people reason to believe that these recent attacks, which happened all and the span of like I think it was less than a day to be honest, around twenty four hours may be motivated by political or religious reasons, public political and
tackling the virgin Mary, I would say one hundred percent are especially after which on king said this freaks me out cousin you go after religion, you're gonna see people rise up, you know, I wonder if the desecration of the virgin Mary just secured every single evangelical vote for Donald Trump, and I wonder if it does the same for the jewish community. I understand you're just a minute. Not going to look at its edge of the Virgin Mary Ann thank attack on them, but it is tat an attack on organised, you know abrahamic religion and that may scare them, because many people understand first, they come for one group and then they come for you and if you don't stop them before it gets bad. We know how this this place out. If they're gonna go after symbols of Christianity, now it's only a matter of I'm before they go. After all, other religious symbols. At the same time we are seeing, is a crime dramatically skyrocket? So, while your
having these churches being burned, one of which was a deliberate attack, though it seems like a person was just on. Well, we are seeing Van delegation and desecration of religious images. Police wrestle with surge and crime. In? U S, cities. Amid de funding, efforts on the Wall Street Journal of violent summer hits a major you cities as police, face budget cuts due to the pandemic and efforts to combat police brutality. I think crime is skyrocketing due to demoralization they ve slashed budgets in some places, but I will immediately effect. You know certain cities However, I believe in New York. They re assigns the entire crime prevention unit. I think this was the unit that did stoppin Frisk Van shootings went up. That's unsurprising, I dont, I'm not gonna claimed to have all the answers. I don't know what they should or should do, but will tell you this. The police police are under attack, they're, not
I believe in reform, I believe, and accountability, but I believe that if you demoralized them, they're not gonna, be able to patrol and and protect you they're gonna be less efficient because of low morale, and now you get the targeting of churches and I'm talking about the statues. That's a fact. Ass for the fires, we don't know, but I size I'll, say men, Heaven help us if it turns out these were deliberate attacks from the far left on religious, institutions because they have called for repeatedly and if it is, you will probably see a rage, unlike any other, but about it, but I gotta add you know what men I think too. There too there are favour Christians. The response to these this vandalism was, if you did this, we will help you
Yeah, it is the right thing to do right turn. The other cheek offer up support, but my fear is, if you turn the other cheek too much people walk all over you and they stop you down if defend yourself, but it's hard, it was Jesus who said turn the other cheek ripe. I don't, I don't know exactly, but I think it is at a certain point. You must defend and try to protect your churches, hopefully the southern escalate, but I highlighted because we shall probably keep it like. Look man I'll put it this way. I don't know it cause those fires, but did you get that when you get three fires in a day? Maybe that's not normal? The lad singled out as it could just be. The media is focused on this, which is how I end of seeing it and its possible. These fires happen all the time, their churches all across the country. This probably hundreds of thousands, so couple burn down. It could just be coincidence now the desecration the virgin Mary, that I understand that's deliberate, but we
Who were why? So, let's make sure we have the facts in the evidence before you know we're doing doing that taking some kind of action seeking justice when it we need to know the facts. First, Oliver, their necks segments coming up at four p m over at TIM, cast dot net analyses. Well, then, perhaps the most important voting block in this country right now is the black community, for a lot of reasons were seen to who kind of big moments there's the rise of people, can can't sullens the outspoken, of Congo. West were also seeing, though black lives matter. It really does feel like Paul? Petitions are starting to wake up to how important it is to actually represent and speak to different communities. I think the longest time Democrats took it for granted that they were going to just get these votes will now the activists we're out in full force. But the bad news is for the Democrats because dare I say, as I know, we dare Donald Trump is seen really good support,
While I can do better than that, better English Donald a passing is support from the black community go up and- documentaries come out called Uncle Tom in which they can och about their its money too, current conservative black people talking about how their retreated how people what the names they call them, their experiences, how they feel they could better help the black community, They very very interesting documentary I'll talk about its. I did watch it and it was incredible. Of course, there's they familiar faces in this documentary. We notably Candice islands. I will talk about after this, but the first and most important thing check this out in the world. An examiner by this dismal support from blacks threatens his election Democrats. Just take it for granted. And con yea West he dropped. He dropped word bombs on the democratic, already that they just assume that he owes them. He was threatened. That is new.
The career was threatened, told him. If you didn't do this, they would shut you down, and can you told them off? I have tremendous respect for that. You can criticise con you for the way. He talks for the things he says for his behaviour, all those things, but this the thing I will always respect, even among Antiphon, the far left. When you stand up or yourself right, I mean disagree with met with many. Many things economy says, or especially the far left, does but outside of the violence which, as we don't respect when is when these black eyes better activists. They got the street name demand and they yell and they stay. They protest. It works, and I respect- because they are willing to stand up for they believe in and take those risks. Now the violent writes that I condemn outright to see people, like Kenya, Candice Sissy, this document are alike, are like Uncle Tom. I think it's. I have tremendous boxes, well standing up what you believe in magic what'll. I want to know what you think. I know what you feel now requires you being loud Chica store for the Washington examiner they say bye.
Its dismal support from blacks threatens election former vice President Joe Biden. More support from black voters now confirmed in two poles is likely to force campaign to choose a black woman running made to shore up the key group according to a democratic pollster in the latest, Johns I'd be strategies and ear. My research solutions, Pole Biden, has port of seventy seven percent of black voters, while fourteen percent back President Trump GNP officials have have told secrets that if Trump maintains that will have support from black people. He will win reelection South Carolina, Senator TIM Scott it Black Republican, said in February. Game over if we get fourteen, while That's twenty years, only George W Bush running for reelection, o four against John Kerry, came close with eleven percent of the black vote
in twenty. Sixteen. Against till I, Hillary Clinton tromp one eight percent of the black vote. You know what I'm gonna do that This'Ll hours out to talk about this right. This there's so much talk right now about black lives matter, for instance, Didn't I think you're gonna really really do think. I think there are publicans took it for granted that couldn't win it and of the democratic approach to the black community for granted that they were guaranteed the vote from from these people. Donald Trump, I think I think now tromp, I I think Donald Trump one did to help the black community. I'm not gonna pretend like trumpets perfectly like that, but you look the events you put on you look at the things he talked about. The record low unemployment- I think Donald Trump isn't approaching any of this? Like a traditional Republican, I think tromp was approaching. This like I am going to talk to as many people as possible and try, and in over everybody and fortune
before him he's going up against the media. The Democrats taking it for granted are now at a disadvantage. Even if it's just fourteen percent universe, just a handful of high profile personalities, Donald Trump, I think, is trying as hard as possible and the Democrats took notice. We ve talked about this before I want to show you this tweet year from Rasmussen. This is from June Fifth, it's out of date by a month, okay, but look that says was shocking to a lot of people heat. They say black, likely voter strong approval. Twenty five percent overall black likely voter approval of Trump is full thirty one percent. Now what that means is at some somewhat approve some strongly approve and among black voters, they support trump. This could be noise But we ve now got my things. It was a six. There were three poles before Us Musin showing our support for top in the black community was going up, and this, I think, is really really ample
I'm not gonna pretend to know exactly what a black really needs. Not me not me at all. So I will absolutely defer to any of the activists. Be it black lives matter be it's. You know a black set, Oreo Kansas, Kenneth Collins's is programme and people yeah, Terence Williams, the Hodge twins they know better than I do I can tell you about my committee. I can tell you Where was like for me, grown up in this house, I don't wanna talk about that all day and night, but I think what we are seeing now is a reckoning in politics where pie petitions. I think its trump I think tromp was like. I'm gonna go and talk these people and I'm a try and see if I can help him out and the Democrats needed then think you could do it Another unaware that lesson Hardway Biden, but what is it Scots a game over. If we get fourteen. They say overall in the survey Biden leads tromp forty nine percent of forty two percent down from violence. Thirteen point leading May fifty four percent to forty one and its
This White House watch recipes reports about a twenty one percent of black people support trumps reelection the pulling out. As found unusually high black support for tromp in several months yeah, but sorted Emerson. Dude is not. This is not a one off tromp has actually he's actually gained a decent man of support, Does anybody who wants to vote for tromp, I may disagree yeah some grounds by this point I gotta say I'm there, I'm in a very different place from where I was seven months ago with his crazy, Things have gotten in the culture war. In the conflict and street battles. I'm really worried about abiding presidency man. This do his ineffective. He scary to many people our voting against Trump, and that is dangerous down Tromp was a man with a vision. You might not like some things here, I was but at least he knows how to fly plain. He might fly the plane horribly trumps colony shaken around, like he leaned back once a barrel role in everyone's like now, and then he does a barrel role and everyone screaming but an sleeping
literally sleeping ok. At least trumped can land the plane. My thing is like, if you don't, Trot, listen, he's gonna, fly for former years. I needed them for somebody else. I made Trouble listen November will see. Check this out. I want to show you this is a documentary called Uncle Tom, it's from which you can find Uncle Tom, that common oral history of the American conservative. I watch this the other day. And I learned a lot of things I did not know and I will always say I defer to those- and their experiences of course loud have an opinion, and so are you doesn't matter what you're races? You can have an opinion, but I think I'm one to typically defer to the experts if we're talking about met. Cole advice on the front of exports- when it comes to certain medical experts, I'm not gonna, say their name right now. They ve been wrong. A whole lot inflict flop. So at a certain point you can walk away, but this incident written documentary- and I think you should watch- and I think you should share with your friends for one reason,
the narrative we often get and they point this out is of the democratic black voter and these I profile individuals who constantly save out Democrat. I grew up in Chicago most of you know, and I dont think Chica I was doing right by armed aren't they I was doing right by anybody. To be honest, I think Chicago's been just mismanaged for a long time for the reasons I left, but you gotten crazy levels of crime in Chicago and that's a lot of things that could be done, but we can. Hearing the same thing over and over again Trump came out and said: what have you got to lose and I think personally, I thought that was silly, I thought. Well, what do you mean? We all lose? You could crash will play we talk about, but there was a point made and many people hurt him that the Democrats dont even fry to help certain communities because they feel like it's a guarantee so bombs at amen, I'm gonna work for you. Give it a shot, and some people said you know what I'm gonna go for. It Congo West, are really offended, and he talked about this is, I don't think, he's an
he's not in this documentary, but in this documentary they talk people like Thomas Soul and Larry Elder and these people who are in my opinion, I mean they're gone Yes, as man I may he just some dude in his in his house. Complaint on the internet atomic Solomon across the board. This guy, I think, is a genius he is up. Is it as an economist, and I think has race is irrelevant? but its relevant in so far as his experience when it comes to documentaries like this are the things that have happened in this country. So man rate, Larry was listening to Larry, elder and Thomas all very, very important. Can a summons to it and many these other blacken service. For one reason it's like a man I mean for out of reasons, but the main reason for me is how many of your friends have actually listened to what these people have to say. I am, so. Let me one hundred percent and in August dishes to racism. I want, I want to say, anti racist. I think that it is fair to say, but that they,
It is. I deal article thing that look I'd. I hate racism I actually do get triggered at at what, with with you know, being racist. I told the story before on the on the IRA podcast I was in a canoe the driver started getting increasingly more races. I get angry man. I am an emotional reaction of the stuff. I want to hear it. These are these do you know this document is full of good people who are just trying to tell you their experience, how they feel and what they expect and what their look for that same for literally anybody else, but for too long everyone has made assumptions and we ve only listen to certain voices. These are ok, I'll, tell you what you ve heard. The voices of some high profile, leftwing wing activists in the black lives matter. Community. Have you, given his other black voices? A chance? If you try we believe and being anti racist Unita. It sure you're listening to what everybody has to say, regardless of their race. In this instance, you ve got some people that I got some words for the man I listen. I watches documentary and I was just like I was ass. I was
Please surprised by a lot of these things I didn't know. I completely agree with everything, and you also be careful- comes a lot of documentary because no frame things right. It will that's what document areas do but this one check it out go to the website. You gotta pay for the documentary, I would recommend suggest, but having your friends watch it too Many of you who watch are probably familiar with these individuals, notably tomahawk, is like I said that do the genius but I would recommend sharing this with mate. Maybe people who are prominent blacklist matter activists and just ask them to hear the voices of marginalized communities right- and this is what that does. So. I bring us up in context of Joe Biden and is dwindling support, because I think this is the message that sort of change in the game I live. There I got a couple more segments in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. Crime is on the rise. You all knew this. I dont know why you click this video because you already knew this, but while to be fair. Now, look it's worse than you think, it's worse than I thought I did highlight
the story earlier. I'm a check this out police wrestle with surge in crime. In U S, cities! Amid de funding efforts, Boccaccio Cortez, Sir an interview, perhaps the rising crime in New York City is due to people being hungry Yes, I'm sure the man who was walking with a six year old daughter crossing the street was shot in the back, because the guy driving the car, who pulled up and shot him in and drove off, was hungry and makes no sense. Men crime is on the rise because in jurisdictions like New York City. They ve completely remove they ve reassigned a six hundred person, a crime prevention unit to be fair guy, was, I believe, aided stoppin frisk, it, thus a serious serious struggle between freedom, insecure, and this to me is a real ethical conundrum I gotta same am. I do not like stoppin frisk. Stoppin first was overtly targeting minority communities, and Bloomberg said it was because they profile
people, I don't like it, but I can recognise there. There are problems in these communities with with with crime and violence and now without softened frisk with with and when they did the bail reform. We saw crime go up. How do you solve these problems? Men? The problems are deep. There there, there rooted deep man, it's not just UK Look up, somebody just arrest them things all gonna go west. I going to solve the problem the problem is community. The problem is family. The problem is, culture is a lot of problems and it's not about race. That's why I absolutely detested stuff Ben Frisk because Bloomberg made it that either that it was not smart enough to understand the problems of his own city. So you know what good rents now does it mean we should get rid of the crime prevention unit? No, no it doesn't, it means you need to just figure out just just just like abolishing police is the stupidest they have ever heard guy. You know I maybe stop and frescoes bad.
They get rid of this that they re sign. All these cops will that's not going to solve anything dude. What you need to do is stop say: ok, let's start putting together a plan lent limits. I sum when it comes the conversation about reparations where they propose an exploratory. Many to two to view what the best way as that's what you do you want polish a place where to find the place you'll get rid of this unit. Would you say, as hey we're gonna Go review and we're gonna start working on new procedures, new techniques, new new methodologies to keep crime subdued and protect the civil rights of our citizens. That would you do and that's why reform is the right way to do it. One. Let me let me just show you the story. Man from the Wall Street Journal check this out law. Force when officials in several large. U S, cities are wrestling with a sharp rise in violent crime and international, the take over the role of police, calls to reduce police departments, budgets and growing fiscal most some cities are on track to have their most violent summers in years in Milwaukee Homicides are up thirty, seven percent so far this year on pace to break the law
heard of one hundred and sixty seven and ninety ninety one which included sixteen murders by Geoffrey Dominant Dude wow. Yet a year the record break. Year because of the serial killer. Guy, everybody knows homicide so far this year in Chicago ahead, ahead of the pace of twenty sixteen, which marks the city's highest tally. Since ninety six in New York and allay which have seen falling Joseph homicides for years killer. Is this year are up twenty three percent and eleven point: six percent respected Kansas City. Missouri has recorded Ninety nine killing since January far outpace, in any record for the first six months of the year police departments. Already, to budget cuts around the. U S: the result of fate of falling tax revenues from pandemic lockdown. Calvin. Nineteen is also made it difficult for officers to safely conduct community outreach, say experts worsening. Police community relations add on top.
That man defined the police? Talk about you not in, police this year they got smack down from from budget cuts over Covin people weren't. Hopping they weren't spending things, people weren't working taxes dropped dramatically. Then the riots happened and they demand to funding. That was, like you know, kick in the cops when they were down men, everybody's on edge. You look at this heating up year to date. Change from last year, Milwaukee, look at Philadelphia, Dude, Philadelphia. Fifty three point: eight percent from nineteen point: eight percent was an odd is a data as of Milwaukee July, seventh Zeus: these are the right. I guess this is the footprint not percentage increase. I suppose Atlantis thing an increase, but Philadelphia man alive the phone- If we do not want to hear the stuff community groups acknowledged the crew,
I'm increase but say more aggressive policing to combat it. Shouldn't come at the expense of an acting brought. A reform is not a quick fix, said V, J Smith, national President of Minneapolis based mad dad's, a group that acts as a buffer between the community and police by trying to de escalate violence gyrations. I like that, The only way to United Community is to build it first amid revenue shortfalls and call city fund policies, art ass, a veto used in police. Even had of the major Cities Chief Association Association. Said: cities are now slashing police budget without plans in place to reallocate funds or a place functions typically were performed by police. You dont tears on the building you're living and until you have a new building to move into. That's exactly what I'm saying. Bravo good, sir. You need to take the cops you got It you need to look over all the complaints. You need to figure out what the activists are saying and say: what's the plan
too slowly start reducing this prompts hey guess what may be the plan is to who get rid of stop in frisk? Ok, all right! How about it? let us just snapping your fingers and reassigning six hundred cops. You reassign ten of those cops and then every month you reassign ten more and if the crimes Arts going up you stop and then start talking with the activists again and say: what should we do now? I know that this might not accept it, but you can't just no mark ups, we'll get rid of the pro cry. Look man! We got it! It's a tough, tough, question between freedom and security. I always I side on the side of securing this means. If you want to hear of your civil rights. That means- you're gonna see an increase in crime. It's true! That's not a bad thing about freedom. It is better that ten guilty persons escaped than one innocent person suffer Ben Franklin took that up to a hundred think about that since you got a hundred innocent people in New York City being stopped and for Us- and I am saying arbitrarily.
And you say these. People you know are more likely becoming crimes. That's a Bloomberg was saying so you violate their fourth amendment rights. Now, I'm not ok. With that so you stop. Then you see that a decent amount of them are actually you know intending to commit a crime or some like that, but it isn't about, does not mean all majority or even many in a lot. Circumstances and in New York, with stoppin frisk, it was a slim percentage that ever did anything the reality, as I think you can take these etc cops and he could promote patrol or something So do not I mean they were dont. Have him stop and frisk just have them active or maybe you need more cops. Therein lies the big challenge when you slash the budget and call for abolishing the police because of the police brutality, you make it worse, stick it out. You want cops to do better, maybe that you get a good bonus.
If you get no complaints, you get abolishing end of year. How does that sound? It's really really really hard, because some people complain for no reason. But if you have a oh amount of complaints, then you're doing a better job. Ok right maybe maybe not on August of us up my head, maybe I say this instead of slashing the budget, increase its way of more cops. So you don't We need to use a level of force or there's just less crime in general. Maybe the solutions are counter intuitive, but if you ve got an increase in crime and you call for a ban I wish the cops and you beat the cops when they're down they'll be demoralized. Crime will get worse, slash their budget crime just gets worse, not an answer. Men not an answer at all City leaders in law enforcement officials say the months of lockdown, rising unemployment, more guns on the street in the fall out from mass protests helped create conditions for more violence. This was a perfect storm said Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Marseilles
we had a series of events that many of us probably never experienced in our time. Meantime law enforcement officials say they are weighing the risks of aggressively enforcing the law. Concern that a ban classroom activists, protesters and residents could trigger attacks on police or array. Play of the riots and looting that marked some of the earlier protests. In some cases, official say police are backing away from some kinds of petty crime, arrests that give them a higher profile on the street, hoping to quell tensions itself. More dangerous to become an officer said: re Kelly, new cities former longstanding commissioner, now not a big fan of that guy. Many people were what you see is a backing away: New York's he disbanded its anti crime unit of plain clothes off on June, fifteenth part of a one billion dollar reduction in the cities: police budget, the city logs tool, five shootings in June the highest for the months since ninety six least cited the release of some prisoners from rikers amid credit,
our concerns and bail reforms that went into place earlier in the year so might not even be the end of stop and frisk. It could be corona virus. Yet the problem is, if that's true, we don't know young man, we need to slow down. Take our time track the data and make improvements to snap. Your fingers cut the budget release. The prisoners was not a smart. Nor do I was told us to people. You know when I'm working when I still more conflict on the ground. When you see a group of people running and screaming, the last thing you should be doing is running screaming. You have seconds what you need to assess your surroundings at all times to understand everything happening around you in here is an example, when I was in Venezuela, where a group of protesters to my left down the street, a group of Venezuelan National Guard at one point where I sat here to do we're gonna go away from them so that we are
standing or we could see both groups. You can really see bulk of their that so that we were not you know, sort of in between them, and will hang out here to see if anything happens, Well, all of a sudden the protests or start running, I believe, they're running north screaming, and so that's that's why I told people don't run with them. You dont know what they're running from raw the other way. Ok, the recent tell you the story. Is that instinctively many p? I'll just saw one person run north, so they all ran north. You You know what they're running from you need to stop. You have a split. Second is not easy, but you gotta think about what you're doing now at all What with all the problems with it with the rice and everything, you've got to stop for a second assess, not just snap, your fingers cuz. It clearly did not work. I'm going to wrap it up here that you try to keep this short, but you get the point. Man, the whole thing is backfired and it's just going to get worse. Now is not the time now is not the time. Now is the time to actually make sure we're maintaining these budgets. I know things are both tax.
Bessie Routing and with the unemployment, but we gotta keep stable man. Now more than ever. I got one more silent for a few minutes around. I will see you all shortly: everybody I'm over at the store, DOT, nba dot com? I just wanted to order myself a custom Bulls Jersey, I'm gonna type in let's do are: let's do number twenty six there and for the name, let's type in TIM Pool. Why did it ate TIM or he must base area? poor Temple, that's my name, everybody, my name's temple! I'll! Look! It's loading up his! render it properly is this thing even work. It's working Ok, let's see, let's, let's try a different name and see what happens. Let's try the name free, Hong. Khan. Wait: wait, wait what we unable to customize this item with the text you have entered, please try a different entry g, that's weird! Could it be?
that my name is fine. Look at this. It says free h, let's get rid of the g and see what happens free Hong Kong, but they had the g back and why? I can't do it. Wait, let's put a space gee. Now you can't do it space gee. I wait. Let's do dash d, his ally me do it. You cannot. You free Hong Kong. Let's do ok, let's try free Hong Kong and I think that now and worked. Ok, you get the point. This is a story about the NBA and China and I want to start by showing you explicitly by going store and trying to type it, and it didn't work. Let it be fair. I've seen a lot of effort but died today on trying to be fairer. That could be a lot of phrases that don't work I dont know necessarily which ones do were don't seem. Like my name, was fine, seem like free Hong Kong was fine, but at that geek not good enough, it could be a lot of banned
praises, but regardless of how many are banned, free Hong Kong seems to be banned. That's my stop. Why Can I have that message? That's messed up together from the national review. Guess which phrase you can't place: a jersey on the and be a custom store for Hong Kong, but try to enter. That construction. The site says we are unable customize this item with a text you have entered. Please try a different entry or you can put in other phrases of the same length or just change the spelling to free huh, king- and this it will allow the biter proceed. One can also enter free Tibet. China sucks any other phrase works anything but free Hong Kong. That's the story! A lot of people have tried. This disgusts me when we went when we have the censorship issue with China. If we want to come, about China. If we as Americans want free Hong Kong on our jerseys, why not? Let me try something else Let me see if I can do this: let's try blue lives
and are ok, fine matter. It's not like as is our care to limit. Why can it? I've been blue eyes matter it s too many letters yeah. Well, there you go get the point Lebron James, however tweets free Waage in support of suspended and Pierre, and be reporter silent about effort to free Hong Kong from chinese oppression. Let me tell you the story, real quick, I'll tell you, I M, showing you this this NBA stuff You may remember that there was a big controversy, the NBA and you know a lot of beat. You went out of personalities in the NBA coaches players. Saying all we shouldn't criticise China. Why? Because China, but as their bread, they good money from China, but China engaging in the repression. Suppression of the Hong Kong people see Hong Kong for the longest time, Myra standing as it was, that was a brave british colony, so they enjoy many freedoms. Well, now that it's
going back to China, China doesn't want them to have freedoms, and China wants to crush them, and they are many. People are for in Hong Kong. It's kind of scary what's happening there. While I don't care where you live. Free speech is a right be it a chinese citizens or a citizen of, on com or any other country. You have a right to free speech, tests the government can try and take get away from you. Some government seek to protect it now with out without work corporations. Human and institutions, defending China. We have a real threat to our culture and the right to free speech with this story. Free watch. You may have heard it was Josh Holly who send an email saying I remember it. Wouldn't let me read you. The story may trigger the context right you're. So they said on site. They NBA Star, Lebron James tweeted, free watch in response to it's beyond suspension of NBA, order. Adrian watchin are asking who replied: f you to a critical email from a public.
Public and Senator Josh Holly about the enemy our relationship with communist China. Holly said. If the NBA is gonna, be doing you know, black lives matter, why don't they do blue light? This matter, support our troops or free Hong Kong. His response F, you he had spent for it. What did the bronzed between free watch? Amazing man, the brain you gotta tweet, on support of the people who, having their rights crushed, not your twitter and support. The guy who essentially defended China Ahmad happy with where things are going man. I don't think we, can allow our culture our industry our sports are movies, are video games to keep bending over back words to placate the authorities, we in chinese dictatorship, the Communist chinese party. They say. Free watch campaign started after ESPN suspended. You know, I'd Arab. I told ya that, however, the problem
order, suspension the NBA players immediately immediately launched a campaign to force yes paean to return, was generosity to duty at the end of others, of the suspension, bill. While James is all hot and bothered about that. Yes, p and reporters freedom, he seems utterly Unconcerned, the chinese government, suppressing the citizens of Hong Kong with repeated and vicious crackdowns on their freedom of speech? Their freedom of assembly and their freedom to resisted, beatings, imprisonment and even death because they believe in a political ideal. Last week, Hong Kong Freedom, Thomas Joshua Long slammed Watchin or ask you a few reply to Holly's request to the NBA that China's oppression is recognised for those of us fight. For our very lives against chinese repression on a daily basis. This is a really a big slap in the face, the mould a billion are the more de billion american sports industry, including NBA, yes, piano King James ought to stop just talking lot at home than tat
but having to Beijing Long said of woe. Jos reply to Holly. Meanwhile, China continues to oppress citizens of Hong Kong last week, Hong Kong chinese minders. Began deleting movies cancelling tv shows and taking books off shells that China feels threatens. Threatened China's ideology The same day, secretary for Education, Kevin Young, told students not to sing songs that go against China's policies. Chinese security, forces even recently began forcibly collecting dna from accused freedom fighters. They can be more easily arrested, tortured and perhaps even disappeared by police, because I support them. A policy for Hong Kong Lebron James has steadfastly refused to comment on China's oppression. I'm not its. We look man. China's got a serious advantage. They really do men authority. There is no way to live. It is it is. It is a nightmare, but its very, very hard to win. Your liberty is
very, very easy to drift into authority. And China has the ability to defeat us. They do don't think we're invincible where we are not invincible, we're very strong and freedom gives us an advantage to. China has its advantages. They can manipulate. They couldn't coordinate attacks against us and, at the same time, Our own people in our country would burn our own flag. Condemn our own country, support chinese oppression because they are free speech and I'm glad they do in China. It's easy for them to control, because the people there they don't have free speech. No one will speak got, they will be crushed, arrested, silenced in the. U S. There are certain things you can't talk about because of the court of public opinion people getting cancelled. Many of these people support this would support China as well. I dont believe that we can stand for that.
We need to make sure that we as a culture, come together around free speech in I'll. Tell you what men there's been a big push recently from actual leftists high profile ones, because their at risk of being cancelled. Now, to perhaps too little too late, unfortunately supported this. Now you report you what you have some There are people in Hollywood, complaining the Cancun jobs anymore, their high proof academics and writers were scared that council culture has gone too far, but you should have spoken up a long time ago, but I will take what I can get a few I insist on speaking up and speaking out against the supply. I shall speak in our rights than do it and do so with my blessing, and I will give you my respect, but that me free speech. For everybody, if we go down this path, if we do not call out people Lebrun organizations like the NBA and these big Histories they're gonna give China wherever they want. Then we, We are marching slowly off a cliff. There will come a time
when you will no longer recognize the country we live in and all these far left the engine types won't be able to burn their flag. The flag will look different, the police will act differently and we will enter an authoritarian world. You wish you would never you you will wish you had fought again but that's the big challenge: men. China may not be the most powerful, but they do have advantage. You see when it comes to covet. They can weld people into their homes. They can offer up fat cash to american capitalists who will eat it up and say whatever you want them to say in China, people dont speak I fear that they will be crushed physically in the? U S, we would not speak up because I didn't want to lose at sweets of grain, and I am saying Lebron James as I want to talk about about Chinese gonna, FAT Bay, Jack man. We talking about that's the benefit of freedom. You can sell out your own country, people and culture if it means you get a bigger mansion, but what a future you're leaving for your kids, not a good one, soulless and men
it's not just the NBA, it was your hearthstone, its blizzard. It's the movie industry. Changing symbols, changing words because they don't want to offend the chinese sensors. If we just keep giving- and it will not be pretty what happens in the future, China, they can do what they want. But within reason and were entering really dangerous territory, while China's running concentration camps at what point do we stand up and say enough? at what point do our do our support, our cultural leaders? I can't stand up and say: no, apparently they won't do it. That leaves me worried, but I ll leave it there. Next, I mean come on up tomorrow at ten, a m. That's right, then I'll see you all them.
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