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Major Antitrust Probe Announced Into Google And Facebook, Insider Says Google Is Biased

2019-07-24 | 🔗

Google Employee EXPOSES Political Bias Amid Anti-Trust Announcement. Project Veritas' latest interview brings a senior google engineer on the record about the political bias at the company. This provides an interesting window into the real problems we are facing in regard to the big tech monopolies.This comes at the same time as the DOJ announces a major anti trust probe into four big tech companies relating to how to they operate and any anti-competitive practices.The issues with political bias in these companies is that it leads to conservative censorship and market interference. FOr instance the recent banning of the Gab app for content violations even though the app contained no content at all.Big tech and social media bias is obvious to those that are outside the bubble. While far left, leftist, and social justice activists routinely try to deny that the evidence is real it was actually the left wing Gizmodo that first broke the story in 2016.

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We've got a couple big breaking stories today, related to big tech, political bias, censorship and market manipulation. The first Justice department to open broad, new antitrust review of. Big tech companies. Inquiry signals. Bill bars, deep interest in tech sector poses threats to companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, the next big story, have a Google engineer with a Phd has gone on record with project Vera tos explaining how he sees the political bias he believes that the Google staff are wrong when they say they're not biased, they are, but he paints. A rather interesting picture shows it's kind of nuanced, and this is sort of ignorance in how Google acts in a very biased way in a way. That could be very, very images. I want to follow this up with some examples, but I do want to end bike by showing you this story from just last week, a Google expert to Senator Cruz fifteen
million twenty twenty votes are at risk. This man, Doctor Robert Epstein, who is not a conservative, explains that Google is swinging votes and this ties together. With what project vera tos has shown us in this interview. There's a sort of ignorant action taking place because these systems are being run by biased individuals who think they're, not so. First, let's get started with probably the biggest breaking story there. Going to be an antitrust review of big tech. Now this is not necessarily an investigation, but it could lead to one so hold your horses, everybody we're not quite there yet, but this. In my opinion, will absolutely do some action and the reason I think so is they talk about their doing the review to determine whether or not these big tech companies are stifling competition, and I can show you that, yes, they are, and I have a lot of exam
I'll show you how the kind of work together to it's. It's all, it's strange right, because almost ideological and market based these companies want to protect their business, but in the end they kind of act together in ideological ways. That's rather creepy, so Anti Trust is, is greatly welcomed, at least as far as I'm concerned. Now I don't know what the right thing to do is I want to advocate, for they should or shouldn't do, but I do think we need to do something now before we get started head some cast dot com? Slash on it. If you like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option a physical address, but you know the drill you do best. You rank in dependent political commentary- and I gotta stress I am in a video right now explaining that Google is facing antitrust, I can't imagine they will appreciate this. That means, if you like this video, I think it's more share it on social media top spread the message, but first, let's start with the Wall Street Journal and go through what's happening, big breaking story, they say the Justice Department is opening a broad, Anti trust review
into whether dominant technology firms are unlawfully stifling competition, adding a new Washington threat for companies such as Facebook, Google and apple. Their view is geared towards examining the practices of online platforms that dominate internet search, social media and retail services, The department said confirming the review shortly after the Wall Street Journal reported it now, sure we stress social media is any of that made may wrap up twitter. The new anti inquiry under attorney general, William Barr could ratchet up the already considerable regulatory pressures facing the top US the review is designed to go above and beyond recent plans for scrutinizing the tech sector that were crafted by the department and the Federal Trade Commission. I say that you,
and she agencies which share Anti trust enforcement authority in recent months, worked out which one of them would take the lead in exploring different issues involving the big four tech giants. Those turf agreements caused a stir in the tech industry and rattled investors. Now the new Justice Department Review could amplify the risk because some of those companies could face antitrust claims from both the Justice Department and the F t c, the FTC in February credits on task for or to monitor competition in the tech sector at the team's work is ongoing. The Justice Department will examine issues, including how the most dominant tech firms have grown in size an might and expanded their reach into additional businesses. The Justice Department also is interested in how big tech as leverage that the powers that come with having very large networks of users, the department said, so I think that's the gist of it. They to go into greater detail, but I don't think we need to read too much into that. I will make a few points as it pertains to
market bias, but here's the thing whether or not these big tech firms are stifling market competition. There is an absolute tie to politics right now and their ideology, so the first thing I want to reference is Patris on and what we saw following the exodus back in December for those that aren't familiar with the story. Patrion headband awhile ago, maybe a year and a half ago, now Lauren Southern, when they snap their fingers and wiped out, income that sent ripples through the community. Mostly in the political sphere, we saw people like SAM Harris, say it's not a safe place and I'm going to be leaving. I don't think he left right away. He might have it's been a while, but essentially this scared people know my response was patron, should not outright just ban people without warning and they should give people a chance to migrate because we're talking about income, but then, in December, Sargon of the cod real name, Carl Benjamin, who is a Youtuber political political commentator, was banned from
round again without warning, but this was a you know for me once shame on you. Shame on you fool me twice. Shame on me moment many people said I will not be fooled again and fled the platform and this time I also left, but here's what's interesting. Many of these craters then went to subscribe STAR, which I currently use. Now when everyone did
There was a lot of press and then we saw something interesting, Paypal, stripe and others, a payment processors removed access that they canceled their partnership with Subscribe star. This was disconcerting because it looked like Silicon Valley was acting to protect its own interest, either to stifle market competition or for ideology. Now, of course, many people say it's about the ideology. They'll say these companies were biased and we're trying to stop conservative voices from being able to find themselves. Although many of the people who fled weren't even conservative, there were some journalists and some you know comedy channels and there's might my channel as well, which is right. You know centrist, but I get it they don't like me. They don't like Saddam. However, it was presented by a lawyer
and Lee or lesser who wasn't whose you to rely on you to that. There is potentially at all I'm a monopoly, a monopolistic issue here and that why you would pay pal suspend services to a rival company to Patria. It may be that they're try to stop another company from competing with sports service used by paper. Also, Patrie on allows Paypal, too, you know, send money, and that means Paypal probably gets a percentage of by pay pal than suspending services to a rival company that may have been. I I a the trust violation of some sort, so I wanna make sure that's clear that you can see there's an overlap between ideology and potential market violations. So now, before we get into an example, I will show you both. I do want to go over what project very toss has now in this latest interview. Now I believe there framing it. I don't believe there framing it as a whistleblower. Necessarily I believe they're just saying that he's taking great rest going on the record and explaining what he sees
our top story rates. Current senior current mind you, current senior Google engineer goes public on camera. Tech is dangerous, taking sides. He says it's time to decide. Do we run the technology or does the technology run us? I really don't buy the idea that big tech is politically neutral. Are we going to just let the biggest tech companies I do who wins every election from now on, he says I look at search and I look at Google NEWS and I see what it's doing and I see Google executives go to Congress and say it's not manipulated. It's not play and I'm just so sure, that's not true adding I have a phd. I have five years experience at Google and I just know how algorithms are they don't write themselves, we write them to do what we want them to do. Here's what's interesting, Google has addressed algorithmic bias. Example is when you search for inventors. What do you see well right now, they're people believe that Google is manipulating the search for, and
countries with the point is: if someone writes an algorithm saying you know, when you search for this, you get when you search for x. You will see why the persons bias is in that algorithm. It exists, so Google is trying to being, but what they end up doing is rather ideological, and then you can see that basically, because Google can't fact every single search they target their ideological bias and try to manipulate those. It doesn't mean that Google is trying to shut down conservatives of some tough finitely. Are we seeing the emails? It means what we hear in my opinion, and and definitely check out the very top support after this video,
What what it means to me and what this man, I believe, let me check his name in here. His last name is Copola, so I don't. I don't do that was first name Greg Capullo, he's presenting the actual kind of nuanced stance that, but I think it's true for the most part, what we have our people in Silicon Valley who are biased, because most people are creating massive systems which manipulate our behavior and they don't realize how, by I guess their system really as an example, he gets when you search for Donald Trump. Twenty percent of those stories come from CNN, an outlet that absolutely hates the president. Well, you can say they don't hate the president, but come on it's an orange. They they just it's jokingly, referred to as the orange men bad network. So yes, almost all negative press from CNN. What that means is whether Google is trying to
a biased or not. They are Google has recently d ranked my channel and that's why? I really do sincerely me at share this video. If you think it's important not just my channel, they do ranked a ton of people across the board, notably David Pakman, who's, a progressive and He did a big big video. Exposing this is showing the data what they did was they deranked independent commentary? Here's what happens all of the big corporate channels get propped up, including Fox NEWS, but uh of all of the big media channels how many are centrist or conservative fifteen snooze caters to a more centrist and conservative audience, mostly conservative audience. Where do centrists go? Where do moderates go all of other channels that are being propped up, CNN, MSNBC, etc. In the local news, outlets are left, leaning, which means, though their intention is to pop up with
it was authoritative sources, they end up propping up traditionally left leaning outlets and only a few conservatives. Independent commentary tends to be centrist and right because of this because moderates and conservatives- and sometimes a lot in visuals- are looking for a new wants to position. They don't get from corporate media, but corporate media gets propped up that is by us now. I do have some examples, but I want to stress a very important point recently. You may not be aware I was just in Dallas and the reason is because Glenn back in my invited me out for an interview was actually I guess it was really really interesting. We did not agree on to our pro choice. We did not agree on the colour bigger stuff, but we had a very cordial amicable, an interesting conversation.
I think one of the most important things that came up was how I was describing the danger of algorithmic bias. When you explain to someone that, since the early twenty times, we've seen a massive spike in the media reporting on the social justice, identity area and stories that will influence people, but it's hard to truly grasp especially if you're in that bubble. Imagine you're talking to someone who is a progressive and, let's say they're, acting in good faith, you explain to them. The media is biased an they say. I don't see it well, the reason they don't see. It is because there in that, but- try and ask him about some story story about, say the ice facility in Tacoma or Andy know, and they probably won't know about it, because their bubble doesn't talk about it. They can't tell that they're being shifted ridiculously far to the left. Here's a real
sample. A couple years ago there was a serious algorithmic nightmare scenario occurring on Youtube, of which I reported on and many other people reported on. It was a finger family, algorithmic disaster. What was happening was that someone discovered at some point nursery rhymes got hundreds of millions of views because mothers and fathers, would hand an Ipad to their baby and they would turn on a song called finger family. The babies would
the screen the parents thought I'm just I'm occupying my kids time there there it's educational fun family, you know, songs, the algorithm realized finger family does well and start showing it more and more. Now here's where it gets scary, the babies watch touching the screen. It's just babies, indicate and and and they're in the crib. I'm gonna take h babies in their crab. Just looking at the screen. After that video ended. You too would automatically play a similar video that fit the algorithm. This led to a wave of children's content. That was mostly okay, However, eventually some people, notably in India, found they could exploit the algorithm. They started, making extremely low quality creepy videos- you could probably still fine, Eventually it got really weird and you could see certain disreputable historical figures that no one should be.
Jane dancing along to crudely recorded nightmare songs that it sounded horrifying, but the video would be titled finger family. You would see Elsa Spider man, the incredible hulk you would see disturbing imagery things that are so offensive. I can't say it in this video and babies. Watching this, because the algorithm was feeding it to them. This was real. Now here's the thing about the media. They like to claim that Youtube is a rabbit hole. It really isn't in this regard. The reason this problem happened with the babies is because babies couldn't choose, they couldn't say I don't want this. They were forced to stare at the screen, now think about people being inundated by a manipulated, far left media that keeps going crazy, trying to find something that will outrage the audience to get them to watch. That's why most news about Trump is bad. They can't tell there watching the freak
nightmare content. So do this Google search, you know incredible. Hulk finger family, algorithm, weird, try and find some of these videos, and you will see just how nightmarish they are because we're not in that bubble. We can truly see how freaky it is. Now imagine the same kind of system is feeding regular people who watch who read Buzzfeed, read verge, who read even now the New York Times and they're getting this nonsense. Their world is being shaped by it. Is it the intent of the people running VOX dot com to drive their audience into a delusional state? Of course not, but they keep chasing after this narrative to try and get the clicks, because these companies are doing well. They have to get that feed that addiction. It gets crazier and crazier. Until I kid you not, they say, Donald Trump is worse than a racist work what does it even mean they run out of space, so they have to keep escalating what he is orange man bed every single day and this
the danger all of these big tech companies and why we do need to step in and and and it's kind of it's it's. You know not us but we do see this in what this I got. Coppola is saying that the algorithms are created by people that are feeding everything in this one direction it becomes address, but I want to show you some real examples of why we do need something to happen. Now there have been polls showing most people do think we need some kind of regulation and other conservatives disagree, but look I'm not saying shut the companies down, I'm not saying break them up, I'm not saying restricted. The counter can do I'm saying something something one of these will figure it out. Let's talk about it, let's figure out what we can do to make the situation better check this out. This is a story from twenty seventeen. Ok, Google Expl Zquiet band, the app for gab, a right right wing, twitter, rival, gaps, free speech stance makes it popular with white right wing, trolls and racists are saying this as now, I'm not
super concerned with why Google did it they, but will explain it said in to be on the play, store social networking apps need to demonstrate a sufficient level of moderation, including for content that encourages violence and advocates hate against groups or people. Because gab is a free speech network at Google or remove them okay. Well, that's not necessarily a violation of some of Anti trust, but there is an argument that there's no real contender to a for an app store that if out of the Google play, store you're off Android for the most part. So that's an argument be made about market competition. Why should their rules supersede the option of the public to purchas? well. You can argue that Walmart refuses to sell a product. Fine, but there's not just Walmart. There's competition on Android it's the play, store on Iphone. It's the app store. You get what you get now. You can argue against that, but let's check this out, here's where it gets actually scary. This is a story from
Just last week Google Bands gab out, a decentralized social network and impossible list of demands recently gab federated. What this means is they've overhauled their coach pickup tipped to become part of an open source, social environment. Anyone can create their own server federate and then using an app that grants you access to what's called the FED, a verse you and type in a domain and go to it long story short, it's essentially a browser for social media. You download the browser app the feta verse app, whichever one you.
This type in the domain you want to go to, and you will see that social network. This allows you to follow people across different social networks. It's quite brilliant, open source. Here's the thing there are up, there's a multitude of apps that act like a browser and grant you access to these networks. One of them was gab. The gab out in this instance contains no content, none you can go on to it and you can type in whatever serve you want just like any browser will let you do. Google bandit google removed- or I should say from this story at least they told that they had to remove it, and my under because now it has been banned, even though his number one trending, they said seven days, but here's the thing the gab app didn't have content on it. It's quite literally impossible for them to moderate this content. Why, then,
would the place to remove only this app, which I I assure you, basically identical to many other feta, verse apps, just a browser. In fact, I believe the open source code was identical to other apps that were not removed this is removing someone from the market for no real reason, and Google has the power to do that here. We can see it's something what, whatever the reason is, they're saying it's, the app wasn't violated if you generated content with the app had no content on it, interest and then what we can see here is an album soul, loot by yes, it has to be personal or political. It was a professional, the app didn't break any rules, they still threaten the anyway, and then we have the last. I want to go over where I really stress the importance of some kind of action I'm not going to.
This, but I do recommend you, you follow up and actually watch with this guy with guy has to say- and I got I got us say you Know- TED Cruz is a really great job addressing this arm. I also wanna give respect to Elizabeth Warren. Get a bipartisan thing here. She's presented proposals for dealing with big tack. It needs to be done. Anybody who's who's on board. With this, you have my respect. I don't care for tribe, okay, as with one is where the president, so it's TED Cruz. But if they're going to tackle this issue correctly, then you have my respect. Elizabeth Warren is talk about breaking up big Tak. What we're looking at Anti trust right now, much respect for her for bringing up the issue, I don't know if it's the right thing to do, but it needs to be addressed. Based on this story alone, I can show you all the other examples, but this story alone, Anne Doctor, Robert Epstein, an expert testified that fifteen million votes can be swung due to the bias of Google, and he believes at minimum two point: four million votes were swung because of Google in twenty. Sixteen,
whether or not you think there's a mysterious man up top that Google laughing and trying to take over the world is besides the point, I don't think that's true you can. If you want fine, I do think there are biased employees that act. You know to be. You know politically it to to gain advantage for the political side, but in the end, what I think is happening is more like what Greg says these albums are being built by people with a bias. It's a bias than against conservatives, because they think in service are outside their bubble. They can't see it and they don't realize how bad it is. When you're outside the bubble, you can watch it happen, but these people are to their stock in their own world. And they don't see it, I have a pool, I'm working on a story, a big one that shows liberal, primarily liberals primarily get their news from liberal sources. That means Liberal sources, don't see this because there all getting news from themselves. They have no idea, they are trapped in a bubble. Those
outside. The public can see it is day the rules are biased against conservatives, specifically the miss gender in policy. I'm not saying I agree or disagree, I'm saying it straight up. If conservatives don't agree with that world view your biased against them nothing about happens. Twitter says you can't misgender someone. That's a line in the sand. That means, from this point forward policy and public discourse developed Twitter will never oppose the idea of misgendering, but there are certainly sixty to seventy million people in this country. Who think that's wrong. I think the most general policy is strange. Why should twitter dictate that the employees a twitter, a biased, I think, they're doing the right thing, and thus there shaping the future of discourse in this country in a negative way? They shouldn't have that right. It should be up to the people to to talk to each other and figure out what makes the most sense, not one big tech giant. I don't talk about Google in this regard. Twitter isn't as big a player as Google as but then think about how good
all employees, determine what is or isn't fake news. In fact, the story on censorship, in my mind, is an came from Gizmodo left wing outlook where they said Facebook employees were biased against conservative sources and removed them it's here, and because these people on the left aren't in outside their own bubble there in it, they can't see it. Fortunately, this man Doctor Robert I've seen is not a conservative any any set out to eat the. I believe it was asked. If you support the press, he he he. He opposed the president. He says that's an understatement, but the fact is it's real and to those of us who are outside the bubble, we can see it finalize this video, the NT probe, invested the antitrust, probe. Anti Trust pro is in coming on. It's here it's been announced and I believe it will likely lead to an investigation of full investigation. We'll see what happens. I mean they're, essentially in an investigation now, but I think with the review as they're gonna. Look at sir
level stories, they're going to try and see if there's grounds, for a full investigation. The investigation will probably look into the company's internal practices practices. We may even see communications to determine if they're, if they're, acting in anticompetitive ways or if they have a political bias, and that's going to be really important. I want to stress on a final final thought as well. The interview from Vera TOS is very straightforward. This is not a grand expos, in my opinion, we're not seeing someone leaked documents that prove the world ending, but it's it's it's substantial and pop, probably in my opinion, the most important thing very houses on the issue now they've shown us internal documents, James O'Keefe, mistress. This is an interview with a current on the record employee of five years, the Phd saying: here's, how the system works and here's why it's biased this should be the biggest bit of evidence anyone can use. It's an anecdote right. Well are, you could argue with essentially but here's the thing, it's not one small out of context but evidence. It's not some woman in a cafe. Speaking of
stuff, a Google senior engineer with a phd in the company for five years and saying I'm see. This happened. I work here. This is my expert opinion, so counter is what we're hearing from his act executives, which means something is happening. This is the main that that what that's what we see here is is unquestionable. Hey you want. They argue that James O'Keefe and it's things out of context and all the other stuff to trying to find that's it, but you can't defend against someone going on the record who currently works for Google and has a phd in the issue. So this is extremely important. Watch the full interview a obviously project right outside com. I think they did a great job great interview. So whether or not things get resolved is is is beside the point. I don't know I don't, but Tom Week we can see that there are certain strange anti competitive behavior is ideologically driven behaviors and most of us have been watching it happen for years I'll. Leave it there. It's a great
Next segments will be coming up: Youtube, dot, com, Slash TIM cast new starting at six hundred pm, and I will see you all then, a few days ago I made a video where I ask you to imagine a fire truck and then imagine that fire truck bursting into flames. Now I'd like you to imagine that my truck just blowing straight up Bernie Sanders. His white House campaign has been hit with a federal labor complaint. This is crazy of all of the people to be to be hit with this of all the people to screw up labor relations, I can't I'm surprised to see that it's Bernie Sanders for those not familiar his staff was upset that they weren't- adding fifteen dollars an hour equivalent in their salaries. Now that his campaign issue I did want to offer more money, but that would have based on the negotiation. The deal they had the more money you make, the less they cover in health care costs, so the steps that you'll pass more. But then we paper on our own health care. Not a good deal. Bernie
initial response and why he's likely in trouble right now was one to say to the media. I am disappointed that they would, This is not how you negotiate balled up your post at Tora boards and that that could be a federal, labor violation, intimidation. But apparently I think interrogation is one of them too. So so here here's the digits and this shocked me. Okay, I'm not here right on Bernie the cigarette on Bernie. I was a fan of Bernie and I'm gonna give you some defense in a second I've. I've got I've got a probe or any section real at the end, this. Just so you know, TIM is is has principled concerns about what Sanders did in his campaign. His staff said I struggle to feed myself. People are quitting, pay is too low. The issue wasn't: are they making fifteen dollars an hour? The issue was it's not enough.
Period. Now they made the mistake, apparently in the negotiations they made the mistake of thinking. They could appeal to Bernie's sense of decency by saying you're not paying us the equivalent to fifteen dollars an hour we are working sixty hours a week, well Bernie contests, and he does and in a CNN interview which I have I'm not going to play it, but I want to talk about what he does say. He contends we're getting seventeen dollars an hour is what he says right there, I think seventeen dollars an hour based on a forty hour work week, but they're working sixty the issue isn't that they're not getting paid the equivalent of an wages that they can't feed themselves on the on when you're giving them period. So I do say, they they negotiate improperly. I would have pushed back and said: Bernie I don't care how much you pay us per hour for your for your pr stunt or whatever for the for the press. We need more money for food, Bernice response work less hours. I kid you
do not listen if somebody's working sixty hours in the job done- and you say- stop at forty you're telling them to increase their work, their work speed by fifty percent. You're saying I don't care that you can't feed yourself the problem. So so you know and that's the point I made before. If somebody is saying I'm not, enough money to feed myself- and you say, here's an extra day work faster. What it! What are you telling them basically go? Work Mcdonald's or Starbucks, to make up the money you're not getting from me so Bernie, you, you let me down, but let's read the complaint and trust me when I I I I there's a lot to the Bernie story and I definitely want to give him some defense from because the media attacks are are always very crooked. This is from Bloomberg law Sanders. White House campaign hit with federal labor complaint. They say Sanders, two thousand and twenty presidential campaign with unfair labor practice, complaint, alleging
the legal, employee, interrogation and retaliation against staffers. The July nineteen complaint to the National Labor Relations Board, filed by an unnamed individual Indiana Indiana, was supposed to the agencies website late July. 22Nd It comes as tense negotiations between the Sanders campaign and the union representing staffers, recently boiled over publicly the Washington Post reported July. Twenty three that union organizers for the campaign had one a pay, raise and reached a compromise to reduce the hours of some workers. So that's good news for his staff and it's essentially what I want to highlight in this burning on CNN says they reached an agreement, so long as it includes a pay increase find good, but I will cutting hours means sure they're getting paid more. But there we doing the same work, but they've got to do it faster, which could be more stress. Well, let's see why they were complaining. They say a copy of the charges now
not been made public, but the agencies July 22Nd Docket lists five potential violations of the national, Relations ACT, the charge oh alleges that the campaign unlawfully discharged an employee, modified, a labor contract and engaged in illegal discipline charges to the Nlrb can be filed by any person and don't have to come from a campaign staffer or someone directly affected by the light of the alleged labor law violations. According to the boys website, the n l r B has yet to make a determination about whether there is any merit to these allegations I want to. I want to mention something. I've worked for several nonprofits and I want to stress. I've actually filed two Nlrb complaints and I won both of them. Technically I won, but it's complicated. I can't get into the full details, but, let me just say political campaigning, dirty business dirty dirty business I I ii, I I I want to say it. I can't say it. I signed paperwork, but let let let me just say I have- and this is this is thirteen years ago. This is a long time
I understand the process a bit and I just think campaigns can be dirty. Let's read on news: actual labor unrest within Sanders campaign has emboldened critics of the union aligned. Lawmaker. Sanders is made worker right to keep part of this platform in the race for the Democratic White House nomination a represent representative for the United Food and commercial workers. The union representing staffers, declined to comment campaign. Officials did not offer a comment, and was monster Bloomberg laws increase the charge filing will initiate a preliminary investigation by the Labor Board Indianapolis office to determine if there is merit to the allegations. The board's lawyers will then decide whether the move, what whether to move the case forward or does not in my experience they move forward quickly. They they and and they tend to because they do site with with Labor Sanders campaign. Staff in March became the first to to unionize in a presidential race when workers voted to join the. U F, C W the union into contract with campaign officials two months later Sanders an independent
this is with Democrats in the Senate is scheduled to appear this evening, a union rally. Well, that was the other day. So basically our that's that that's the gist of the dispute. I want to stress the the complaint filed against him seems to be outside of the union dispute over pay. It Bernie already dropped the ball, but but you know credit where it's due he's getting a more money. Fine, if there had, if they're, happy fine Bernie put himself in a situation where he needs to represent the workers, so I I recognize as a sane. Individual burning might not be wrong. The union may be in the wrong right. But Bernie is a man of the union. Bernie says he's going to do this, then this and he put himself in a position where, if he doesn't get the labor, you know what they want. He looks like a hypocrite. Welcome to business. Sanders, perhaps as someone who hasn't run a business and his life. My understanding he realize things can be this way if he has some staffers who are just taking advantage. Look at wrist you to
the other day she says we need twenty dollars, minimum wage, that's how the game is played, because people always want more. Ok in a meritocracy. You have to do something to earn more. Now I am not a big lasee faire, capitalist guy because I think a system that relies strictly on the free market will invariably result in a masturbatory system, meaning if we don't have some kind of like Even small central guiding force, you will end up with people buying nothing but virtual reality. You know dopamine receptor stimulation were there was, was called dopamine stimulation. What humans want can often be contrary to what they need. You look at. I mean all you have to do is look at the emotional reaction to many people on the left. One one good exam
are people arguing that the DSM five for mental illness shouldn't have gender dysphoria as a mental illness? That's not that that's what they want, but not what they need. In fact by having that in the some five and and considering gender dysphoria as part of mental illness as it grants them access to medical care which they want. That's a really good example of how there does need to be some kind of. I don't I don't. I don't describe it, but I deferred to how the United States was built. They didn't want mob rule, they don't want people just voting and everything there has to be some like guiding force where the people say. I trust you to make the right choice and then I representatives not perfectly perhaps humans aren't good enough, but they try to make sure it is a balance between the rights of the individual to go in and pursue happiness, but also make sure they're not injecting themselves full of, like you know that drinking bleach, okay, so that there there is a limit. Now people arguing the limit is, but that's the
the point is I don't know how I got this tangent Bernie Sanders in a free market system needs, it will work in mixed word, Mexicana mean, let's just let's just jump back. I don't want it on capitalism,. Bernie Sanders as much on the other side of that debate. So he puts himself in a position where he doesn't just give in to what these people want. He looks bad, which is what I said I said before, but this is the point try to make, as sometimes you will have staff members who say I want more money. I know say: you're absolutely right and then a week For, like hey, wait a minute, I should have asked for more. It happens all the time. Where do you draw the line while Bernie eventually has to, and that's why labour will we're negotiations can be complicated, the goal of the union, yeah what they want to go all the employers to make sure things are running properly and Bernie's line isn't lesson the hard way but, as I said, I do have some defense of Bernie, but actually before I do that, I want to point out.
The hilarity of Bernie Sanders, making a last minute appearance at a union rally with Elizabeth Warren. Sorry, buddy, bad timing, bad bad timing, not right now, not while you're embroiled in federal labor lane San labor dispute- you know, I will stress, to people- want to take this guy down. They cheated in two thousand and sixteen Bernie. Let me down I showing way too much weakness and then pulling at the Unitarians card. I was shocked to see it. Bernie Bernie, on understood. At least I thought he did the white Working class. They are american citizens and then, when he went off saying what people don't always like to be poor when those people took the stage from them, I'm just like this guy- no strength? But I do want to make sure I take some time to point out the media hates this guy and consider that when you look at these news stories about his labor disputes, in this sort of the daily beast. They say tensions between Bernie Sanders and MSNBC boil over there, specifically referring to the section that is a segment where, at this woman I oh, she is, she said: Bernie makes his skin crawl. This was Emma
B C analyst many Rocca, a former assistant US attorney from the south southern district of New York, I can trigger the daily beast, launched a personal critic of Sanders. It's not a critique Sanders sang Bernie Sanders- makes my skin crawl. She when I say I can't identify for you exactly what it is, but I see in this sort of this not pro women candidates So having the two of them, they're, like I, don't understand young women who support him and hoping having him next to her will help like that. That is not a critique that is an outright attack on Bernie Sanders. That literally means nothing and I'll. Tell you one thing, I get extremely angered by appeals to emotion if you want to make me angry, try pulling something like this say Bernie makes your skin crawl. Does nothing nothing to sway me? Okay, in fact it insults and offends me. Bernie Sanders has his fault, and I can point those out critically, but to act but put to did it took to do. Is tv second
where you're like. Oh I'm, just oh, he hates women. Oh shut up, Bernie's, not a pro woman candidate Bernie is as such a social justice guys this whole life. This is absolutely ridiculous and, and- and I you know it's the same thing- they do Trump Trump for me actually does give me like. I don't I describe it, but probably that's a similar feeling, but I'm an adult. I don't base my policy decisions off of Donald Trump and I'm not shocked that people like what he does. I totally get it. I don't like his attitude, I do a waltz, I don't like some of Bernie's attitude by I do like Bernie that do a bit more than tropics at these will too weak the the the point, as these appeals to emotion, are dirty underhanded tactics to make to trigger emotions in people with out an argument, and that's what she's doing in my opinion, when
I was really annoyed. When I saw this segment and you got to understand, look, I have my criticisms of Bernie, but I will absolutely defend him when the media, when the fake news smears him and tries playing these bs games, I don't care who you are okay for Bernie, I don't care for trump. The fake news makes disgusts me it disgusts me. Okay, I know- and now I'm not trying to appeal to emotion, I'm saying quite literally there's no morals. These people don't have morals. Ok, it is unethical by any means necessary and they want to destroy Bernie Sanders. I didn't get it and that's why I'm not going be supporting him? Okay, anymore. That's why more for TLC, I get it. I don't think told he's perfect, but she's a better option from its roots. It's a title to such a weird character, because I think she's great, but for some reason, like the
Mainstream hate, Sir Fine, whatever Bernie Sanders and tells the are pretty similar, but but but Paul he's maintained our principles and she's defended speech and she has a play. These stupid games that Bernie has but but I, but I will stress man, that what what what I like talking about, what I like calling a this media bias. Bernie Sanders deserves to be criticized for his labor dispute. Bernie, Sanders deserves to be criticized for what he says to go on tv and go. He just hates. We've got a pro woman candidate because it makes my skin crawl, our man, I I detest the media. I absolutely do, but you know it's: it's not just MSNBC. It's just
people. Do this it's eight there's gonna be a bunch of people watch as in there and be like he's, she's right. Elizabeth Warren is better on and they date they did. They do they do not like this guy anyway, I mean I'll leave it there yeah. It is what it is: Bernie you're going to get bigger and you're gonna get lit on fire by the media. Don't expect me to pull my punches. You know when you've got a labor dispute and you're like the king of labor and championing labor. Okay, it's gonna, it's gonna, get highlighted, I'm gonna try and present the new ones in the situation, and I and I will push back against emotional appeals from the mainstream media to smear you, but in the end, man, you know let let let let me stress the final point to as it pertains to the the labor complaints. They won't take him out. They the end in the sense that I want to get him out of the presidential race. They don't like this guy. Twenty sixteen- and I like him now and we don't know, filed this complaint but his own staff. In slack my
images are complaining? It's not a conspiracy. Bernie drop the ball on this one and he deserves to be criticized for stick around next time. It will be coming up at one hundred pm on this channel and I will see you all then, from the daily mail, Ilhan Omar hit with ethics complaint over report, questioning whether she committed tax fraud and married her brother to skirt immigration law, but the biggest most important bit of information here, is that there is at least circumstantial evidence. Ilhan Omar, committed perjury. We can throw all the marriage stuff aside. The bigger issue here is whether or not social media posts are real, Ilhan Omar. According to the story, signed paperwork, I believe. Saying that she hadn't seen her husband on the tell me, since two thousand and eleven had no contact with him. However, they purport a photo on Instagram from only fifteen, shows them together. Another reason I say purport is because the
It has all been deleted, but I believe that it's likely real. I don't think anyone made a fake photo of Ilhan Omar. It's just not. There anymore, I believe, like I'm, not an investigator, not law enforcement, but it sounds like there should be enough here for some kind of investigation. I want to add. All of the conversation about Ilhan Omar marrying her brother has made this hard to actually investigate, and I always warn people don't like you've got to hold things back and take things once by the time. You know and I'll give you like an analogy. I was very funny when there's like some tv show right and let's say, like a monster, appears and they're all it like. A horror movie and the call the police and be like there's a vampire in my house, yeah like that, would never work. What you need to say is someone broke into my house, then they'll come and investigate and we'll find out. It's actually really crazy right. The problem makers. While there may be evidence to suggest Jeep, she married her brother to skirt immigration laws. Sure we don't. We don't need to go there yet
What we have here is actual circumstantial evidence. You have committed perjury start from there and if that's all, you get well, that's at least that as palatable to any sane, rational person, rational person. What ends up happening is you get a lot of people who dig conspiracies. They may find something real, but it sounds not So no one listens both for the exactly what's going on from judicial watch. I believe Tom Fitness is name, I'm gonna get it wrong before we get started head over to TIM, cast dot com slash. But if you'd like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option a physical address, but of course you get. The drill share this video. If you think it's important, because you two D ranks independent commentary, I mean, if you think, what I'm talking about Matt person you like what I do share it to help spread the word daily mail reports, judicial watch, a conservative activist group, filed an ethics complaint against representative Omar for accusations that she married her brother to commit immigration fraud among other crimes. I do want to
I believe the report actually calls aren't they call themselves a non partisan group butts that you can serve it. If, I think, may make sense, I just you know. I always try to be worried about how people trying to frame other people as a means to try and said credit division. It says. A new report following a three year, investigation alleged that Omar married her biological brother on that nurse said: L mean in two thousand and nine to benefit in some fraudulent way from the marriage now further, not familiar the general theory. Is that it's like ten years for a sibling to get a visa. It's like three for a husband, so this was a way for him to get to the. U S, quickly and, and and some of that now pointing to an update investigation. Forgive me for the people who are doing the investigation, I'm forgetting your names, and I don't need to do that but what they're now saying is that they they are biological, siblings and when they fled awesome all yet they went to her brother went to the U K and she went to the US and she adopted the name of the of the family. She was with well,
Let's read on as a follow up. Omar is a somali american immigrants who fled to Africa for the? U S with her family. When she was a young girl, she became a naturalized. U S then, when she was seventeen, the report alleges that her second husband tell me who she supposedly married when she was still married to her first husband is actually her brother. Now, there's really considerations here, you're the the last say she married her brother is a ridiculous smear and it does sound ridiculous. It absolutely does and that's why war don't start there. We do have a few things that have to be that have to be. Brought up 'cause. This is this is true. This is from the STAR Tribune, a liberal paper. They said I I'm going to try this paraphrase and then we'll go through the report. She was living with her cultural husband. They were, I believe, they weren't legally married when she married actually,
Let me try just just paraphrase- is much more simply at some point, all three, her old her axe and hurt her now current husband and her ex husband. They all share the same address. So maybe it's just a paperwork thing. Fine. The interesting thing, though, is that She was culturally married to one guy and legally married to another. The whole thing sounds suspect: why not legally marry the guy who actually had kids with, but more importantly, they are the social media post. So, let's, let's jump down, they say the This is overwhelming. Rep Omar may have violated the law and houserules judicial watch. President Tom Fitton wrote in a letter to office to the Office of Congressional Ethics Chairman David Skaggs, the House of Representative, most most urgently investigate and resolve the serious allegations of wrongdoing by Rabb all mark. We encourage Americans to share their views on rap on Mars, apparent misconduct with their congressman. Now, let's, let's jump down and I'm like I want, I want you to the most important
which is the perjury part, they say Omar. Merry tell me into this nine before she had divorced her first husband. The report reveals that He is actually her biological brother. I don't know if it doesn't actually reveal that the two divorced in twenty seventeen but Omar claimed she had not seen him since June two thousand and eleven. However, Take a look at this photo photo. Evidence, however, suggests Omar may have perjured herself by signing a document claiming she had not seen. L mean Instagram evidence shows them at in an image together in two thousand and fifteen. Apparently they deleted the social media and the hard thing for STAR Tribune which is actually investigating it is that they can't publish they can't publish this post, someone I've taken an old photo and put it next to a new post. It's hard to know now, with these claims in this complaint, perhaps they
could subpoena Instagram and see if any of that data still exist, which I would I would believe likely does. Okay, it's really at it's actually quite hard to delete things, but if they migrate servers, if they changed it is you know, data providers or datacenters than than perhaps Let's, let's read on in the document the now Minnesota Representative claims she had not had contact with Elmi after June two thousand and eleven and did not know where to find him by. New document Omar was swearing to the state that under penalty of perjury that everything I've stated in this document is true and correct. However, Steinberg that's one of the investigators Samsung. Deron Johnson's investigation revealed with Instagram photo evidence that RL and I'll me had met up in London in twenty fifteen. The facts described perhaps the most extensive spree of illegal misconduct committed by a house member in american history. Judicial watch claims it's a non party
educational foundation. I also want to stress it's not just that she met with him even if they didn't meet, even if that photo is was fake. There's also contentions it's also been contended that Ilhan Omar Sister works with her ex husband. So when she says I have no way to contact him, it's possible she's, lying in that her sister does now. It's also, similar sisters lying to her and saying I don't know where he is when she does, but it it that's, really the long shot. Okay, the simple solution here is: we've got phone: I was sister works, who are working them in some capacity, because apparently he used his instagram account to create her account for her business, something that, if I could get around, but there is circumstantial evidence to suggest she did perjure herself for
but the marriage forget the brother thing we can look into that later. The perjury is a serious issue. They say, while speaking with reporters last week, Trump briefly talked about the report on Omar, which brought more attention to the alleged crimes in the fact that the fact that progressive representative likely married or brother- but this was in response to a question- trump- didn't bring it up, and he even said I know nothing about it. Someone ask: will there be an investigation into whether or not Omar married her brother and Trump said? There's a lot of talk about the fact she was married to a brother. I know nothing about it trump, I'm sure that somebody will be looking into that. He was just a passive comment but sure enough that question to the president, followed by his response. It's going to trigger a wave, more investigation, more reports, more scrutiny, and now it's mainstream now everyone's talking about it. So they go on, got a bunch of photos. Sure Trump has been at odds with Omar. We know the stuff we know about that. We don't
that they are called the squad and that that's basically at the end, by saying of the four in the squad. Only Omar was born outside of the. U S, because the court has is of Porter rican descent delights: parents are palestinian immigrants and Presley is African American. But you know, Ilhan Omar is did come here at a young age, and so the question is, it's it's. It would be really interesting to find out now there's some there's some allegations that Dylan on Mars real name is L hand nurse at Alameda. Look. I know that these these there's a lot of investigations going into this, but we were and, and there it there are, some documents are published, but getting documents from Somali will be very difficult if they exist at all and importantly, I guess in a sense to the defense of Ilhan Omar, it's when it comes to right, status when it comes to people fleeing war, getting accurate documents, it's damn near impossible, and so here's what I can say perhaps they're not related
right, as as was pointed out by, I believe, a journalist by this. As I'm I don't. I don't see the name, it's possible. They were right by the same man. It doesn't mean they're, biologically related, but if that were true, it still sounds like immigration. Because she was culturally married to this other guy. She claims they divorced in their faith, tradition and she married him, but there's a there's just too much here. There's too much here, I I I think for us to act like it's nothing. It may be overblown. It may be one of a portion on the on the right wing side, but it does seem like perjury is feasible and warrant. How do you? How do you investigate perjury? Look at what point do say there's enough here to me. I think there is, but I'm curious, because we see this all the time with politicians- corrupt behavior, always wondering why nothing ever gets done. Okay, listen! I don't care for the partisanship. Hillary Clinton deleted public record period, Why is there no charge? Why is the to find her fifty box, please, okay, what
that when these people break the law, there's never an investigation or if there is nothing happens, I don't know, but I'll leave it there stick around next, going to coming up at four hundred pm Youtube dot. Com. Tim cast, it is a different channel. I will see you all, then. I gotta say I'm sick and tired of this story, but we absolutely have to talk about it because a witness has come forward in the Erica Thomas Race, hoax scenario, alleged race oaks, where it could. Apparently she is the what is the person who told a Cuban to go back where he can from the narrative has been inverted quickly to rehash. For those that are a democratic lawmaker, Georgia named Erica Thomas did alive where she said at a grocery store, a man came up to her and start yelling at her and told her to go back where she came from. She then decided to hold a press conference because the video went viral. She can always tension this guy on the right. Eric sparks shows up to dispute. Her claims and say she's she's lying: it's not sure it's not what happened and their security footage to prove it.
She then recants and says I don't want to say he did tell me to go back the story then breaks down. Then she recounts and saying I never. I never backtrack. I never backtrack and calls for charges against this man for what I asked for, This guy then says he's is planning a lawsuit, but now the latest up, so we don't bury the lead apparently, according to a witness. She was the one who told the cuban guy to go back where you came from all. I love it's like political TMZ, isn't it we're going to bring you all the hottest gossip here? I hate this story so much when it first happened we kind of just like stayed away from it for the most part, but I got I to say it's such ridiculous, be yes that this is the current state of politics. In this he said she said it shouldn't have been news in the first place, but Liberty are propping up and that's what they do when Justice Smollett come out with his phony story, allegedly phony story. All these
liberties do these PSA that take photos. It's so bad, you know you get Ellen Page, saying so that we can have this and I'm like dude call me self children. You need facts and data before you start pushing this. Could you imagine if these people had principles and actually came out and admitted they were and then condemn this woman for telling this guy to go back where he came from never going to happen. So, let's dig in before we get started head over time, cast dot com, slash, donate. If you'd like to support my work, it's a Paypal option, a crypto options, physical address, but of course you know the drill. If you want to support my work just share this video on social media, because Youtube is deranking and and commentary especially stuff like this? Where I'm calling out these people who publish fake news and hoaxes, you know, I wouldn't be surprised. If people try to flag these videos and get it taken down, because I'm challenging their their narrative. So So, if you like, the video share it to help spread the word: let's see what they say: Witness State Rep Erica Thomas Thomas told Eric sparks to go back where you came from,
a witness to a heated grocery store encounter between Rep, Erica Thomas and a man she accused of uttering racist comments, told authorities she didn't hear him make those remarks. According to a Cobb County police report, a Publix employee told the Cobb County officer that she witnessed part of the conversation. Let me zoom, never quit. She went as part of the conversation and heard Thomas continuously tell Eric sparks to quote. Go back where you came from, but did not hear sparks utter those words to Thomas. So there you go. Here's your third party interjection. It was Erica Thomas who did this and actually, I think in her recanted statement, the first she said, I think she did allude to actually saying this. So what's the recourse what's going to happen is Patricia Arquette and these celebrities now going to publish the are are a retraction saying how dare Erica Thomas Tele Cuban out judge out he's he's he's grand child of cuban immigrants. She told him to go back I came from she's the racist here is anyone gonna come out,
you know why we know how the game is played. And this is one of the reasons I just call these people out all day and night. It is a double standard, they will, they will jump up and, just smile at all day and night, but where Were they when it came out, it was nonsense. Now some people did come out and they have my respect. I'm not saying everybody there's a lot of people in the more like this guy screwed us bad? That's not how dare he making the problem worse, props to those people, but there was like a a photo from the set of the Big Bang theory like where were they? Okay? Let's read let's they say that your full video Thomas accused sparks of using that phrase which echoes a tweet by Donald Trump that sparked a national uproar and quickly went viral and triggered a wave of support. Backlash sparks admitted to call it credit expletive during the run and saying he was upset. She was at an express what we we would all the stuff Tom's attorney Gerald Greg's said. The officer's report shows the case needs additional investigation because the a Khloe and another witness who also said she didn't hear sparks you use the phrase.
Interior. The initial argument will hold on. We now have two witnesses, according to police statement, did not hear sparks, say it well, you can't prove a negative, but hey. This is good, as you can get two witnesses saying never heard him say it, but one going. I heard her say it really, then, We really really. I wonder what really happened as a funny tweet going around whether to make a Thomas. From my two thousand and fifteen says she was She was going to someplace. I was hoping to run into just a small lot because she's a fan and everyone's laughing like like what a coincidence right, she's she's, a big fan of just a small. What small light pull something off. She does this birds of a feather flock together right, Cobb Authority. Meanwhile said Tuesday. They don't intend to file criminal charges in the case after what the police Department said, as a thorough investigation into the confrontation. Meanwhile right over Thomas's account has echoed the political divide, some liberals to their run in a
heartbreaking side effect of Trump's rhetoric yeah, but they don't do any damn. They don't do any research I've, got a video coming up, it's going to breakdown the problem with the left, why I call them out why I still believe in lifting policy, but these people are a problem there, exploiting the system they're exploiting. Well, they manipulate us, they lie and the people who are buying into it don't read the news they don't. Ok. Certainly there are people on the left. The news, but these people are going this nonsense and propping up people like Thomas, do not read the news, they don't follow up and they don't know the truth today. Them at the mall or a hearing, Muller's tall TED Ted Liu asks did you know is the only like. You said something like you didn't indict Trump because of the olca policy and more says yes, all of Democrats are going like like screaming like there. It is there's your proof and then Like an hour later Miller says I withdraw. That statement was incorrect. It was phrased improperly. We didn't make a determination,
I promise I don't want to derail, but it's because the left is going to take that sound, like they're, going to run to kingdom come with it and I'm really annoyed at mother for constantly doing this, creating two perfect sound bites of nonsense for people. Here's the thing the conservatives now know the update and they're going to say it and so to moderates people like me, but the left is going to be, like TED Lieu said it and they're going to run around at the end of story and they'll never hear otherwise, because they don't read the news, let's redone, They say: are conservatives caster, as a version of this is my what Chicago after accused of concocting a racist attack to avenge his career. They say the report offers new details. But dispute that started Friday evening with Thomas Vice chairman, chairman of the House, democratic Caucus posted a facebook, video accusing sparks of berating her for flouting a tenner. Problems and look. I can be critical this guy to who cares man? She had five or ten items extra in the line. It's not a big deal. Let's move on, choose your battles, man, There are only making themselves look worse. The white man comes up
me and says you lazy, son of a b. You need to go back where you came from Sir you don't even No me, I'm not lazy, I'm not months pregnant, like the such an obviously biased statement now sparks says it's interesting. Smart statement comes off as more reasonable. He comes off like a deck. He can. Front that are for no reason. He then said. Excuse me not to be rude but all blocked. He then says she gets a his face and start yelling at him. That sounds more reasonable. The way she phrases it is like all of a sudden she was like. Oh I never oh, no How dare you, sir? You hurt my feelings. Now I don't buy it. Someone gets in your face. You push back, people get mad at each other. This doesn't sound legit. Now we have now we have. This is, however, basically saying she was the one who was racist. The video soon caught the attention of liberal activists who amplified it her message that racism and hate is getting out of control from you from you.
Soon. The telly millions of views and sparked a media frenzy of competing headlines, an aspect, and why does it keep happening? You know why, because journalists who tend to be liberal, don't read the news either. I I I I I hate to say it look. There are a lot of journalists to do real news, you don't hear from them. They write the very boring and bland stories that most people don't talk about but the new media, the new digital sphere, the new hires, are in their twitter id. Sphere, spinning in circles, reading, nonsense and not fact checking it and that's how you get Covington, that's how you get wall to wall coverage of some fifteen year old kids smiling! Really that's what we're focused on and that's why this exploit works and well will work again because, even though we know where stories likely be us, then matter people are to be pushing. Even though we've got witnesses now done matter. These people are not going to read the news. I'll never know the truth. They say you know later. Came under scrutiny. Here's
accounting. I guess he called herself a well, whatever he was quoted. I did say that that's all I said after I walked out of Publix her words stating on Twitter, Videos thing I told her. She needs to go back where you came from. Are untrue, Thomas and sparks of call in public to real These are video of the incident, which is not yet been made public, but the officer who are the tape which did not include audio described it in the report. He wrote that sparks did not appear to be. I right, during the confrontation, and he quickly retreated from Thomas as she moved his way, pointing her finger at him sounds like Eric. Sparks his story was real when she stored second time, a public staffer wave for him to leave and let's turn to her daughter, an paid for items. He wrote. The dispute lasted about forty five seconds, the public simply a customer service manager, told police that, after sparks accosted, Thomas, he began to leave, but Miss Thomas kept running her mouth as she approached him sparks said, responding by repeatedly calling Thomas ignorant. We get to the point, let's
I want to watch the entirely build story and the same on Tuesdays spark said he wasn't surprised at Cobb. Authorities decided file charges and he blasted media coverage of the incident everyone that knows me knows that I'm anti hate, anti, bigot and anti racism said sadly, too much of the media is in fact checking items. So they are just taking the word of a politician when they do a live facebook or twitter post exactly so, you get it Eric you get, and it's funny, because Fox is an anti trump did, but hey man. This is the media does, and we- and we see it, stick around. I got a couple more segments coming up and I will see you shortly. The left can't name they can't I don't know why I have some theories. I think it may have to do with the fact that If you're someone who's on line and engaging and reading you will be, you will be well informed and there are a lot of people in the last two- are reading the same fake NEWS like Covington. For instance, and believing all of this, if you're not informed, you don't
we understand the nuances of the culture or how to participate? Take a look at this the daily dot it says in the MID because me more. The left and right are fighting different battles, the daily dot. Is a left wing source and what's really funny about this? Is there there? There's no left wing means, there's a few. It's actually really funny. Once it's called toilet paper USA, they make fun of turning point USA actually really funny. Not all of them, but a lot of them, and I'm not I much respect they. They. I had people like messaging me on Reddit, like smart, delete, and I had to contend. I'm like I gotta give it to you guys credit where it's due. These are funny memes, but typically the left can't do it. The right has done such a great job of naming. I kid you not go on to it. Gram and look at the daily wire. They post articles and memes and it's hilarious fun an funny, and that brings people in So here's what happens? There's a mean culture on the internet is not right wing, but because the right knows how to play the game. Able to then shift the narrative towards the right and the
you will see some on Reddit, there are memes advertently political. What's funny about this, as they try to make. It seem like there's a war going on. I'm sorry dude that that would be like a war between a bunch of twelve year olds with with pebbles verses, the. U S air force. Or the Us Marines like GAD, I wouldn't call it a war. I'd call it funny memes from the right, even if you're, not right wing and the left posting ridiculous, weird stuff- that makes no sense. Let's read a little bit of this, and I want to show you some examples of how the left cannot meme and I've got this. This page they site, so the abolition mean my god. When you see this, it's actually a meme in itself. How funny like it's? It's man, it's like com, cemetery, it's like attempts at jokes that are just just awful like they don't get it. They think they can take like a picture of like Homer Simpson. Socialism and it's a meme and it's like I don't get it what are you trying to say with this? It's just a picture of Bart and homer, and it says so
it's not even a mean, let's write it before we get started head over to timcast dot com, slash donate! If you want to support my work as a Paypal option to crypto option a physical address, but of course you know the drill share this video, if you like, it, Youtube the ranks, my content, so I rely on word of mouth, but let's read it. They say if you're an instant I'm before HBO's, let's as America for H, B O's game of thrones ended, you surely saw hundreds of images starring starting to Navistar Garion contractions, but one resident a particular. Well with the american right. It features two separate the nearest the picture she surrounded by her happily worshipful people with a caption reading promising socialism in the bottom image. It shows one of her dragons breathing fire is down landing screaming residents flee from the flames. The caption reads: implementing socialism on Instagram company description includes hash tags like socialism, socks, big government, socks, capitalism, cures and, as thirty two thousand likes here's the image, I don't either the podcast. You can't see it, but it's funny it's
funny weather, like no matter what your political leanings are. It's funny because in socialism. You have all of the brown people worshipping the white woman and then of a dragon burning, their city town. Well, if there is a different part from the shows, a different people, but it's funny because the nearest promise all these great things and then executed a ton of people, that's the joke and that's what we see historically. What's talk about lifting means, though I said the meme was created by turning point USA, an organization aimed at getting young people to promote trumpian conservatism One of the organization's best performing means the thing went everywhere, says a TP, USA spokesman. Let's move on, though, some of this cut Commentary appears in the comment section: they talk about yeah. Ok, they talk about the right, they say Papa Crapo CUP, Papa Kropotkin is a leftist. Instagram account run by two late high school age, students in north UK. The dual follows right when it counts and post their opposing views in the comments they've come to. Believe
intention of right wing mean pages, is to rile people up. That is what the way they increase the levels of hatred. Test. What a mind numbingly ignorant to view of the world they're trying to make everyone hate. Everyone you're a child, not quite literally, that the children their high school, what talking point USA is trying to do is for one. I tried to give the laugh like that's the core of why someone makes a meme it's why people would have not like art it's why the right is winning, because young people want to make a joke and be in on the fun. We'll post the joke, as it really is, that's it it's just it's funny, but then you get people who, like playing so they try more ways to do this in mock socialism, because it is funny, that's the intention and then you for conservative groups it's to either promote content to make money for their business like they want to share a story or it's for the ideological advantage of recruiting people They say salmon Patty are members of the Instagram Meme Union. An organization
earlier this year by meme makers of the goal of gaining leverage in talks with Instagram and supporting fellow, mostly left, leaning in craters full stop. No, there. You can call them memes. I guess, but like a five year old, making a turkey with uh in their hand, is not a meme. Okay. There spreading an idea there. Just I mean look: it's like it's like watching somebody with a bow and arrow trying to fight someone the scud missile. Ok, there's people, I understand the system in our works and can make memes and then there's the left, who can't but are trying at least they're trying, okay, so that they they they they basically gonna talk about stuff that I don't know nonsense. They try to prop up look at this. These two groups, Tp Usa, which is massively in. Which Trump spoke at recently and the Instagram Nemean was no followers and no relevance whatsoever. Are bold font Avatars of the US political landscape, they're, not the their divergent missions and tactics, reflect the larger attitudes of the countries, divide, divided, right and left, take abolition means
a white non binary member of the Instagram Meme Union in their mid 20s who lives in Portland. They getting serious about making left making leftist political images ever noticing memes about abolishing immigrations and customs enforcement last summer. Their outrage over the atrocities committed by at the USA, Mexico Border h them to learn how to do graphic design. They say no, no. We didn't look at this image. Tell me what this is. Okay, tell me what that, what what? What is it for those in the podcast? It is a picture of an Easter bunny with a basket full of checks and there's butterflies and rainbows, and then someone just pay did I really crudely paintbrush text of abolish ice over it? Quite literally so a Google search Easter and then type abolish ice and clicked like export if they, even if they even did, but it, I think, probably, is paint brush and put save as this is not a meme
I mean I guess you could technically call it mean, but what's the message there's a rabbit with a Rainbow pat, it's Easter and you want to abolish ice. I do not see cohesive message. Let's compare up here, we have promising socialism it's a bunch of people, raising their hands to Dinara, STAR, Garian and they're. All worshipping her and below is a dragon destroying a town saying implementing socialism. That means something when, when you prom it's great when you implement it's bad that I understand what is this that is Easter have to do with anything. Oh you thought that was bad check this out. Let's put their page, it's glorious! Here's one! it's a picture says America was a bad idea and it's a wagon on fire. Oh, I don't know what ok, that's what I would call that a meme. I guess it does have one thousand likes check out this one. This one is funny F ACE, slash their tires. Bottom text see this one is important in. Understanding why the left can't mean
What we're seeing here is all of the things. It is a meme where there's a crudely drawn got guy, holding it looks like a broom or something and yelling, and the point of this meme is too I'll explain. We should go to the extreme and do everything the appropriate way to do this meme. What would say what would be to say something like slash all of the tires, what they they just bottom text here. It's and these mean generator. It's like they didn't even know they were supposed to change. This had no idea what they're doing here's one it's just a picture of what a two people in a dog and they they it's a stock photo where they pay the taxes. As dear rich people, you, don't deserve your wealth. You don't even deserve your dog and is almost one thousand likes, not bad, but How is this a meme? It conveys nothing, it's a picture of people with a dog. It's here's one
it's not it's snake from the Simpsons. Hey Bob want to join a criminal conspiracy to meet our basic needs. What's what does that mean? None of these meme's actually mean anything and they're, not they're, not means it. What what is this one? Okay, That's another here's Mary Poppins and says just a spoonful of sugar in a cop's gas tank. What I don't know what you're trying to say, dude I I I understand, you're gonna guessing is bad for a car, but what? What is after with Mary Poppins? Okay, no, I I guess one, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. They couldn't they they okay. Can I can. I can I fix this, for you guys they could have put a spoonful of sugar, helps the the car break down all my god there. It is just a spoonful of sugar. Helps the medicine go down. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the the police vehicle break down and give each they don't they don't they can't mean. I find this funny animals videos,
is worth doing, but it's because the daily dot here they're trying to do for one there means, are trash, but their their. Their allies in media are trying to make it seem like they can mean it's so sad. It's like you do you're, not fooling anybody. We know you can't meet. You know I I don't know what to tell you, man you're, not doing it these. These are so awful man. It's? Actually, it's actually cringe like like really funny. Actually, here's one Gwyneth Paltrow walked, so Jordan Peterson could run. I don't get it? Someone said I love people like this really wakes up the brain. Are you joking, maybe for something specifically, I guess, but there's no there's no caption. Ok, it's important to recognize those who paved the way for you to be white and wrong in front of millions. I got it the comment. The comment makes it ok sure here what is this one? Hey white people, time to start us in the family.
Chat these aren't whatever man I'm done stick around. I got one more segment coming up here, a few minutes where I break down what's wrong with my view of what the left is becoming, and I will see you shortly, Yesterday, David Packman made a video where he admits to self censorship. I think it's actually a really good video, and I want to start this video by saying it will be a response partly to this, where I Abba right on my views about where the left is that what it means to me to be on the left. I don't think I'm like some super leftist. I just like cleaning a little bit more towards the Democrats and always have but I want to address some of what David said I want to, and I want to show you a series of graphics and its data showing how, in my view of the world, the left has gone completely off the rails. Or else I got tide charts. I want to start by saying for one I think I think David's a good dude. I like it. I like it stuff. I actually watch his videos, Klay. There's very few people actually watch on Youtube he's one of them.
To give a shot. The Lynskey and Jimmy Dore, I think, are really good people. Look. I think you know we all disagree and it's all under we can have a conversation we're in we're in good company, so David and I did a lot of things, probably agree on almost most things, even even policy wise turn extent. But, but we can disagree and in the end, like you know, I periodically talked to him. I think it's cool dude so. I want to start by saying this. He highlights this tweet as the opener to his segment talking about how he does answer himself out of a fear of what he calls a slice of the left that overreacts on certain issues and he's right. We do believe it is a slice of the left. It does this because I believe you know when you look at like the hidden tribes reports, which I say it all the time I actually don't have pulled up. Eight percent of this country is progressive activists. An every other liberal group is called the
exhausted majority based on the data I see, based on my experiences, how I talk to people I believe most of the left is inactive or exhausted, not participating one of the reasons, Trump, one, a lot of Hillary's voters didn't go out either from hubris. They thought they could come loose or they just over it. They want to burn Bernie, what's with actually vote for years, he was he was out so David in the beginning says that he called me in about a journalist, says that I claim to be center left, but he views me primarily as as a print Anti honest of the left? I think it's actually really really good point, not that I agree with David. I don't think I'm primarily an antagonist of the left. My my main channel here today was about Anti trust and political bias and when you look at my content, sure by all means like the nails the titles. You can get a certain view and that view should be very simple as I I was playing this before for one I mean physically attacked multiple times by far leftists I've had my life threatened, I've been forced to flee various countries because of them
doesn't change my political views on what I think is right. It says to me that there's a growing faction of sign individuals on the left that must be called out and they're gaining traction. An no one is calling them out. That's probably the most important thing the second issue is I worked for vice news and and I have seen the media bias. Yes, I constantly call out the media as someone who is outside of that journalistic spear and seeing this I have been antagonized mice myself by the far left, and they are very powerful to the point where NBC News in the today show published overt fake news about me smearing me just because I got invited to the White House, so I don't view myself, as primarily an antagonist of the left, I've. Actually I tried to and I'm not perfect, I tried to differentiate between what is dominating the left and what the left actually is. But this is a really good point brought up by David inadvertently. I would say in that the fact that David is a progressive and on the left.
And the fact that I still view myself as falling left in positions means the leftist is fractured. I read on the Glenn Beck Show, and we had a good discussion about whether Baker in Colorado should bake the cake about pro choice forces pro life. I defended the pro choice position: I've defended the bankers, the the the not baking a cake position, although we we respected the new once the difficulty in. In ethics. We had a real conversation where we tried to understand how we could compromise and make and bring these things together. That does not make me conservative my position is mostly on the left. More importantly, I believe in a progressive tax, I'm currently supporting a couple Democrats, the issue is the left- is absolutely fractured. I have data to back So I want to highlight this tweet first, that David mentions I said on Twitter. My lefty friends message me every so often that
are scared of speaking out against the far left because they will get attacked because they won't push back on the far left downs. Don't see, opposition an embrace, woke twitter. This will lead to Trump's two thousand and twenty landslide, admittedly a bit hyperbolic, but I will point out to there supposed to be a comma there, and so it's like David saw. It is because they won't push back on the far left Dems. Don't see opposition embrace work twitter? What I'm trying to say here is my friends from Chicago, and I tried to avoid exposing who they are. It's. It's really funny people like TIM. If you have left wing friends, why don't? Why? Don't you ever post videos, because they're terrified now
exaggerating. I have no problem speaking at all, then what like what happens? I called antagonised. I get called right when I get smeared all day and night. I get death threats at one point: someone posted pictures of my mom simply for calling out bad actors on the left, and I see the problem getting worse. I call it out, but Tom. What's with this one, the point of this sweet is that I talk to my friends at immigration and they say I'm concerned about healthcare. I think we should have universal care, I'm like yeah. I don't disagree. I just on how we get there and they're like yeah. That's a good point, but what about giving health care to illegal immigrants, undocumented immigrants or even a call- and they say that's not to me they. They say that to me, and I said why don't you speak up because I will be destroyed. That's what I was told I will be destroyed. I'm not gonna tell you who these people are, but you can look like man I've. I've got pictures with people on the internet and I'm going to avoid naming anybody, because they
careers will be ended if they say this any one of these they come out and say I don't think we should be giving health care to undocumented immigrants. They will be attacked for it. Look at what did your base being called Trans Folk now, fortunately, he's he's famous enough doesn't affect him, but what about people who work you know as a p. On a production set in Hollywood. They can't say this: they will lose their jobs and and people say like. Oh, it's an edge like well David said to me is an edge case. He doesn't think it's a slice of the left, listen man! I don't think everyone on the left is engaging in this behavior. But there are people on the left are saying nothing about it or ignore and the next biggest faction the resistance doesn't seem to care either. Why don't we get any news? rich about what happened in ice. I'm I'm sorry what happened at the ice facility in Tacoma, the guy with that with the are shows up with fire bombs. Where was the widespread coverage, but the Covington kid a kid standing on steps
just market, a guy, that's wall to wall coverage. You gotta tell me, that's look man that is affecting national discourse for extreme degree. What this says to me is the Democrats in the debate stage are pushing this rhetoric okay, because they see it online and they don't see it moderate, left wing individuals challenging it and because the moderate left or out of the game for every, not fear or just being exhausted. There's very few people that that are now in the Middle EAST, about a life that are defending this. I can. I can look to people who look at the walk away campaign? People have just said screw them out and they go Trump. I won't do that. I won't I'll still stick up for what I think is the right thing to do, regardless of, if I'm being attacked by these people. Why do I look like Tulsi Gabbert? primary issue antiwar totally supported, ok, she's called she's called for the defense of free speech, she's called she called it. The big tech companies, she's she's, talked about things that men
to me and she is a manager in the National guard. She seems presidential and she seems like the right choice as a good lot of heard about what some of our domestic policy, but not to an extreme degree. Just a little bit, I think, in the end she is a great choice, is always enter yet. But that makes me not on the left. They call Tulsi and Yang the alt right. All that matters is that the left are willing to throw us out. The left is fractured period. Because I'm certainly not a conservative. I am pro choice pro progressive tax, odd, I can say it a million times. Okay, I I don't fit with you know, whatever the conservative it's except for defending. You know free speech, that's ridiculous, so this is why I think I Hyperbolic Trump will win because the Democrats don't see us they don't they see, woke insanity on Twitter. I kid you not look at this story. Why did Trump make the okay sign we'll? Can you see this? The rolling stone Heaven help me okay, this is not fringe random blog. This is mainstream papers.
Things that literally mean nothing Donald Trump. Does that all the time? Why is the story. It is happening every day and I've got I've got. I've got the data to back up exactly what's going on, and I will put the link to this in a description below so you can read it a series of graphs, laughter, gonna, Tarian, ISM and the biased media, and how to get to this point, but I do want to like make one point to push back on David, a little bit when he says I'm going to agonist of the of the left the reason I don't call people grifters for the most part, although they exist, is because you can take a look at David's channel and they do the same thing to me that you could do to him. You can see all of his thumb nails that are segments with tons of views Trump's, epic meltdown it's framed in a way, that's int agonizing to the right and he's saying it for a progressive audience me I'm targeting a moderate. I mean I actually I'll say this. I don't think David is intentionally trying to target anybody. I think he's expressing his opinion on
issues- as am I, and so I see stories I think, are interesting. I talk about them and very similarly David got thumbnails at target trump. I have thumbnails that target woke miss the media out the far left things that I think are bad as a change of policy positions and if David things that that makes an antagonist of the left. Well, then, it's an interesting statement about how powerful the woke I did. The terrain and authoritarian left really is but Tom, but look by all means criticize me. I don't think I'm I'm I'm right. I just disagree. Take a look at these charts. Let me explain to you how I see things and why- and I also stress. This is not an exhaustive list, it's just what I literally pulled up from my twitter account and I actually have someone right now researching and we're going to do a report on this first, The first year we have on the left- and I understand it's small and hard to see it. You can zoom in it's much bigger in the in the image or link. We can see here
New York Times has done something interesting and they've actually created a peripheral bit of evidence to my point. First, here's the red line, the Republicans I've shown many of these things before going gonna go through it. The Republicans have actually shifted a little to the left since two thousand and twelve a little to the left. The left, however, the Democrats, but since he doesn't eat, shot so far to the left of the to the left of centrist in Europe, which are like many democratic socialist countries. Now what the New York time has done. That's actually more evidence to my point is that they put the median to the far left, comparing to the US to foreign countries, of which we have nothing to do with. I got gotta wear Alex. I'm talking about our country, our code and what we're doing all that matters. As we see this blue line jolting so far to the left or to the left of european parties. So where are the centrists still rather close?
the Republicans are because the left has just skyrocketed just far as love doesn't top bottom left as possible. Take a look at this chart the next one from a pew pew research. Look what what? What were Democrats Republicans were ninety four, where they are twenty: seventy, the Republicans have moved ever so slightly to the right granted. This other chart goes two thousand and sixteen and the Democrats have shot dramatically to the left. Ok. How many sources do you need for me to say the left is pushing too far, and so, when I call that out, it doesn't mean I'm not on the left anymore about this one from the economist that I show over and over again. We can see that the right has coalesced around a common bell curve, the meaning most people agree on on their issues and the left is flattening out. The left is not only fractured but pushing to the far far last, so I'm calling out to these people now, if you want to say that's the all left the book of the left find
it all means it doesn't mean I'm not still over here closer to the center. That's where I'm at how about this one from quartz, we can see in two thousand and eighteen, where the arrow is pointing a massive spike to the left in the Democrats. How much data do you need twelve thousand three hundred and forty four charts, and this is not an exhaustive list. I have several others. Because they're still galloping pew research. I didn't pull up showing the same thing, the same thing but tell you this as part of the of the fracture evidence of the fracture you still see that there are a lot of Democrats that lean over to the conservative side, and you can see here too, that Democrats still move towards the center. We can see here it's split very very far to the left into the center, and here we have Gallup. Fifty four percent- and this is a report from twenty eighteen from november- want more moderate policy. That's what I want. I'm critical of polo see because she's a super elite corporate millionaire, not because,
our stance for the most part, I'm critical, because I think she's only opposing trump for the sake of opposing him and not actually getting anything done, but I still defended her when I came her conversations with with a see because I still think she's in a better political position on policy issues as his there. I say it, Joe Biden, although I'm to the left, I just don't like these a leech corporate phone. You a Democrats, I don't think a OCS good intentions. The green who deal a smack in the face face to environmentalism, and I am an environmentalist who worked force for three, maybe even for three, environmental, non profits in my life in my life to campaign. For my environmental issues, that's not going to change and I think it was he is doing the doing damage also. The next issue I see is that you can talk about the far left, identitarianism, okay
Where the left is now embracing politics based identity in in in beyond? Just okay? It's it's hard to it's hard to parse. The thing is, I think the politics can be a good thing. Gay civil rights movement, for instance, did great things for my family and I it was great, but there's a certain point where, instead of bringing a stick together and breaking barriers, they build them and that's what's happening in this chart in this graph. You can see it as a an easy. S. Twenty in pilot survey mean the in group bias by race and ethnicity. White liberals haven't outgroup bias there, the only group they don't like themselves. It tends to be progressive act park. Progressive activists tend to be odd, you know college educated, making over one hundred thousand dollars a year and they don't like white people. That is part of the problem. It's not the root of the core. Of the great example of
the problem, but this should show you that something weird is happening. When there's only one group, the White left the bike swap that are hating themselves. It's weird I've. Never it in this is this is the craziest thing. Never in my life have identified as white in I grew up in a mixed race, neighborhood with a bunch of different ethnicities to interest. And we didn't really have that outside of being Americans. That's why it's also alien to me, I want to see, what's going on with Elizabeth Warren, putting pronouns in her profile like I get it, Dude Gila, embracing over at Arianism. It is left wing ideology. Dogma and it is associated with this regressive authoritarian, it punishes people for asking questions we're now seeing the rise of anti science on the left. I will call that out. I don't care the Republicans, don't believe in global warming. Did I do? Why is my side abandoning science, so, yes I'll call them out now. The question is why
and this chart shows us these three are at and there's a there's, an a note. It's three three graphs I have a dozen or so or more pulled up by a guy named Zach Goldberg on Twitter diversity, inclusion, whiteness, unconscious bias, skyrocket according to Lexus Lexus Nexus in media, and this is just the first three ok and there's a huge list of all of these other things that even check for bias. The word the the word, if the word boat, they use regular neutral words to see if there were spikes. Similarly, the issue being is this due to increase in articles or is it due to the increase in frequency of words, and it is due to the increase in frequency of words, not to the increase in news period and finally, this last one, which I guess it's really hard to see, because the way this is shaped, but it's really tiny I'll do my best From is, if I can zoom in manually, see the blue line on the left. I can't really do anything to get a better
view because of the way, the media that the cat you can see. Your white conservatives get their media from a mix of liberal and conservative sources. Liberals overwhelmingly only get their news over I'm going to get their news from liberal sources very, very little of their media. Less than ten percent around five percent comes from conservative sources combined that with this, and you can see left wing sources are increasingly talking about wokeness in this ideology. What this says to me is that the media diet of the left is worse than conservatives. And it results in a biased world view now now you can see moderate here read a little bit conservative news and a lot of liberal news, and that explains me quite perfectly. I predominately try to use the Wall Street Journal the New York Times
yes, I said impression: Reuters, mainstream an NPR, PBS left, leaning sources, but I do use a lot of conservative sources too. So what happens? Is liberals don't know about a lot of these stories? They don't know these things are happening because they're in a bubble, but they are inundated with this and that results in what we see a dramatic shift to the far left there only reading their own news, they're getting themselves angry them writing more as a circular bubble, that's resulting in left wing and a terrain. The problem is way more complicated and I presented I hope this is a good explanation for, what's going on with the left, why I think the left is being lossed, because it's not about a cohesive left, it's not about about socialist right if it was just socialism coming into coming into the Democrats, there's an argument to had but it's a combination of regressive tactics, authoritarianism, socialist
ideology. That's that's met with you by any means necessary calls to violence, championing of of terror and other horrifying practices that is not being called out ever and freaks me out and the Republicans are wearing their suits and doing their republican thing like normal? That can be criticized and then there you have it, I don't make videos to cater to the crazy people, I'm trying to call them out and trying to you know it's like. I don't make kind of for anybody. I make contact way, I see it and that's it, maybe as a moderate, because I the news. Similarly to how conservative see it that's what we get but better example or better explanation could simply be how VOX sees it
Randy Neal was attacked. Vox said the left has one view and the center and the right have another. The left has gone so far left that the right and the center are closer to each other, and I said this over and over again me as someone center left absolutely center left. I have more in common with conservatives than I do with where the left is today even though I'm probably to the left of Barack Obama. So what do I do when I say we need someone who was like a bomb of a little bit better that foreign policy, we don't get it. There's a look at look at the gap between the Democrats and Republicans I'll tell you this most Americans. While we are seeing a big shift to the left here. This may be a lot of Americans confused and that's who I talk to, and that was the point of that. Tweet Trump will win because,
I'm being told by my friends who are life long Democrats. They are not going to vote this time or they're going to vote independent. It's not an exaggeration, it's anecdotal they're, just my friends like who you voting for in there like these people, freaked me out what you think's going- I don't know, but anyway, that's running out um. Next time will be tomorrow, so at one thousand, am podcast everyday. Six hundred and thirty pm- and I will see you all tomorrow-.
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