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Masculinity Report Shows Why Gillette Ad FAILED

2019-02-04 | 🔗

A report from Harry's, A Gillette competitor, showed us in 2018 what makes men happy. Gainful employment was the major criteria for whether a man would be happy or not.But the report also showed that men are moral and good and that they strive to be heroes, fathers, and father figures. They strive to be the best and to protect. But Gillette's ad depicted men as bad, evil, as "toxic."This is likely why the social justice ad was so controversial.Instead of highlight positive masculinity, it showed men as bad and as aggressors.

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Recently Gillette published an extremely controversial abit pissed off tons of people. Many people viewed it as a negative stereotypical depiction of men. The ad which targeted toxic masculinity, told men to do better and people were wondering? Why couldn't you just make a positive depiction of men doing great things that people who, like the ad or just didn't care, said so what who cares, if you tell men they should you better, but as it turns out, a new story from Bloomberg shows that Procter and gamble the company which owns Gillette likely knew this would be controversial that they were actually trying. Build a new customer base at the expense of their old one, The reason they knew this is probably controversial. One of their competitors published a report in twenty eighteen about what makes men Happy the general status of the modern man. Read report was really interesting. As you can see, there's a lot of traditional mask things that would make a guy happy providing for a family, in fact, being in a family, makes men happy so.
Reading this? I start looking at other data, and it turns out women are actually becoming less happy since the 70s female happiness has been going down, so I want to that causing this and it's extremely extremely complicated, and there are parties political agendas across the board, which makes it extremely hard. I understand, but today we're gonna take a look at the his story about the Gillette ad Harris Research and look into the happiness of the modern man and woman before get started, make sure you're following me on minds at minds: dot com, Slash TIM cast, we're going to be launching a new show on sub verse, which is another Youtube Channel, and we're going to build digital newsroom, on mine. So if you want to support the work- and you want to follow us, there make sure you go 2minds, dot, com, Slash Comcast, and if you What my work now, you can simply share this video and help spread the message. The Harris poll published this Bloomberg story: Gillette SAD angered, old customers in pursuit of new uh Procter and Gamble's Gillette ad asked men to consider doing better as a result,
Some are willing to consider Gillette, though the early Reaction seemed to be dominated by mail. Umbridge, rich early data suggest the ad split two important groups for the brand more than half of younger men, a group, the one hundred seventy seventeen year old brand struggled with reacted. Positively, according to survey data from Harris Poll, their dad's we're more likely to be offended among millennials, Gensys fifty seven percent said they'd be more likely to consider purchasing Gillette products, nearly two slash three of GEN X men said the same roughly. The same proportion of baby boomers, though, felt the opposite. We knew this film might be polarizing. A png spokeswoman told Bloomberg. Conversations on these profound social issues can be difficult for all sides, but we believe they are important and that by sparking the discussion we can play a part in creating meaningful and positive change. However, they point out in comparison to Nike, only six percent of the responses to Gillette more positive fewer than the eleven percent positive responses generated by the night.
The way to be modern is to take on a social issue, said John Grisham up chief executive officer of the Harris poll. They were successful in getting the brand back into the culture, but, in my opinion, is a very risky strategy in two thousand eighteen herries publish this masculine a report at the spoke us study for Harry's in partnership with Doctor John Berry of University College London explore positive masculinity in the twenty first century. The aim of this academic survey was identified, the values and priorities of american men and the factors which contribute to their emotional, physical and mental health and well being in a comprehensive into. Survey of five thousand male Spahn's age. Eighteen. Ninety five spread across United States subjects were asked to first gauge their positive mindset index p online, which was determined by asking men about their happiness, confidence sense of being in control. Emotional stability
motivation and optimism. Respondents were then ask about how satisfied they were with key areas of their lives. Just careers, work, life, balance, relationships, money, physicality and mental health. Finally, to ask and what kind of men they aspired to be. We ask them which core values they truly help. Dear the I'll use american man most aspired to are those of everyday heroes, Father's father figures respectful coworkers mentors. These are hard working, loving friendly men with a social conscience, which is great news for the men, women and children of America. The report mirrored the heris masculine report, two thousand and seventeen conducted in the UK on two thousand british men, but the american report went into even greater depth asking questions on military service, gender identity, sexual organ asian political affiliation, employment status, educational level and population density. What's interesting is that it would seem that this data kind of plays into why Gillette would make an ad like that in the first place, because they wanted to target hard working open friendly man with a social conscience. So I
Gillette, probably thought if we tell men to be like the way they want to be, then maybe they will like us, but in fact I kind of feel like they did the opposite: insulted and show them as none of these things, which is probably why they faced such a huge backlash. The finding of the report actually Let's add what is depicting an extra cream minority of men. Most men don't behave the way that video depicted them. So why would they claim that men need to do better when in fact, most men actually do pretty well in their key findings. They say the Modern american man is a moral man when asked what characteristics he aspires to. He chooses values that put heat of others over his own at the top or honesty, reliability, dependability being respectful of others and loyalty at the bottom was athleticism. Having a perfect body in part two. They say what gives american men? The greatest sense of well being- and they say men at work- the dignity of labour men at work- are meant at peace.
Everything else. Flows down from satisfying employment. Man who have high job satisfaction are more likely to feel optimistic, happy motivated, emotionally stable in control and confident job. Satisfaction is by far the strongest predictor of positivity being around three times higher. The next strongest predictor in every region and across the USA Overall, and this isn't primarily about money rather making it on a company's success was the main predictor of job satisfaction. Ninety six point: four of those, the top job satisfaction rating had normal or better levels of mental positivity, compared to only forty nine percent, who gave the lowest rating for their job satisfaction. It therefore stands to reason that getting man into gainful employment is the best route to improving their positive mindset. This is not. Greed is good. It is difficult to conceive of these findings as pathological expressions of greed. Work hall is a shallow ambition and we can see on their chart jobs
this faction overwhelmingly plays a role in male happiness. Health, income, age being married, sports and leisure military service are all way down on the list. The report basically says that a married man in his 50s is the happiest man. What I found really interest This report is that it's kind of traditionally stereotypical that give a man a good job and he will be happy, but I start to wonder when writing this with the rise of feminism throughout the United States. Are women becoming happier and I was surprised to find they're? Not it used to be inverted, women used to be happier than men, but something changed, and now men are becoming here than women, and it's actually kind of we. In a study published in two thousand and nine. So this is old. Keep that in mind. They said the paradox of declining female happiness by many. Objective measures. The lives of women in the USA have improved over the past thirty five years. Yet we that measures of subjective well being indicate that women's happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men. The paradox of women
climbing relative well being is found across various datasets measures of subjective well being and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries, Relative declines and female happiness have eroded a gender gap in happiness in which women in the teen 70s typically reported higher subjective well being bended men. These declines have continued. And a new gender gap is emerging, one with higher subjective well being for men, One of the first claims I want to look at is that at home- moms are happier maybe it's that more women are working and thus their becoming unhappy. This story from psycho today says the grass. It appears to be greener? On the other side of the white picket fence, feminists that stay at home. Moms are more likely to be depressed. Well, traditionalists say: working moms aren't happy the feminists assert being home alone with the kids, leads to social isolation, an important factor in depression. Their opponents counter and employment is stressful. How is it not depressing to be at work worrying all the time about
Hence the reason I highlighted that story is that it's damn near impossible to understand why women are becoming unhappy. In this story from the guardian. As in women's rights, haven't made women happier. Why is that they take a kind, strange and feminist approach, where they actually claim that, because men are incarcerated at a higher Then women. Maybe this makes women I'm happy, they say, although increase Incarceration is affected African Americans more than others even All Americans are considered the rise in male incarceration between one thousand nine hundred and seventy two thousand has been held responsible for a thirteen percent drop in US marriage rates that reduced. Full of Freeman has also encouraged many women to accept marriage proposals from men. They would have otherwise rejected and a that has been shown should be sufficient to shift the economic advantage of marriage away from an end toward men. However, this is insane premise. If you ask me, first of all, if we're talking about men, coming happier than women in
horse rating, more men would probably make them unhappier than women. Also, they say, there's a reduced pool of free men and also George many women to accept marriage proposals from men. They would have otherwise projected, but I'm not sure women would prefer men who would quickly go to prison for committing crimes, so you could actually argue it's the inverse with more men going to prison quality men are available, but later story. They say this inside out result probably arises from different cognitive comparisons. Women liberal communities are less happy and notice discrimination because they automatically compare their opportunities in salary to everyone? around them and that included traditionally minded women. Perhaps based identity is more firmly on their gender roles and think only of other women when they evaluate their privilege and opportunities. This kind of difference might laying the lessening happiness of american women as women's rights and opportunities have increased. It seem
so reasonable that women in industrialized countries have internalised ever more complex and optimistic expectations and judged reality against these asked how satisfied she is with her lot in life, the housewife of the early one thousand nine hundred and seventy probably just reflected on whether things were going well at home. The same question today looks evaluations across many areas of life declining happy. Among women may seem depressing, but whoever claimed an expanded consciousness bring satisfaction. The issue is women in the home in the 70s. They got what they wanted. They won A woman who wanted to be a mother and Mary, a good man and support a family. They did it. Congratulations. I know I have a lot of women who want to become c E. O s want to reach the top and they're comparing them elves, where they are now to where they need to be and they're less likely to be happy if it is to be assumed that feminism is the cause for the unhappiness that women would be happier in the home and the increasing strides the increasing amount of feminists. The increasing wages would probably only make things worse, but if it's true,
women have now begun, comparing themselves to their male Cali counterparts and find themselves to be unhappy than the one is, and the increase in wages is probably going to do good things to bring about more happiness in women. But for some reason, we're still seeing women become unhappy. So I guess I can only throw it to you. Another going to lot of people were going to sumption they're going to say it's going to be one thing or the other, and that's only thing. You really do because data is rather conflicting. Admittedly, I'm an academic, I'm not a scientist, and I'm sure there are many people who study this for a living will probably do a way better job of breaking this down. But let me know in the comments below keep the conversation going. Why do I think it is that women have become unhappy and Do you think it is that Gillette was willing to make this ad? Was it because they thought it would make men They were becoming heroes, or is it because They wanted to just burn their old customer base and they didn't care or a bunch of other reasons I don't know common for level, keep conversation going. You can follow me on mines at TIM, cast, stay tuned, new videos every day on this channel at four hundred pm and more videos.
On my second channel youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast new song at six hundred pm thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all know done.
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