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MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER


MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER. A new poll from Gallup has Trump at +1 approval and Emerson has him at +4 giving him the highest aggregate polling numbers of his presidency.One of the reasons for the massive jump in approval is that Democrats are no longer identifying as Democrats and many are quitting the party.After Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump's speech we heard many angry callers into C-Span complaining of the Democrats and her behavior. They all said they would quit the party.Of course then we see pundits claiming Trump won last night's Democratic Debate in Nevada. The candidates are just too far left for the average American.This is in line with other trends we have seen and campaigns like the Walk Away campaign. Media is trying to claim its just Russians and that its fake news but the data doesn't lie. Not only are Democrats losing party members over far left policy but many are showing up to Trump rallies in huge numbers.If you don't believe it's happening just remember Jeff Van Drew, a Democratic congressman who switched parties and is now a republican.

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Last night we saw another democratic presidential debate and just all the other debates. Afterwards, political commentators and pundits to the airwaves and social media to declare that Donald Trump was the real winner and they often do this does on the debates age. You can see that Democrats embracing fringe positions, far left positions that most Americans do not agree with. They are trapped in an echo chain the ramifications of this are pretty shocking. Many people are quitting the Democratic Party and its reflected in trumps. Approval writing. Gallop has tromp at peace, one for it is one of the first times a pull that isn't. Rasmussen has trumpet a positive approval writing, but in the aggregate, Donald Trump approval, heading has reached an all time. High tying with the highest ever at forty six percent, and that was just after he was inaugurated, we're now so years into his presidency, and it is the highest it has ever been
more shocking to me was Emerson having trumpet plus four there's one The reason why this shift is happening. People are quitting the Democratic party identifying. Republicans and so more independent voters. The echo chamber of the left is falling apart, and people are starting to embrace Donald Trump, because look, the economy is just too good. Many people believe it is better than ever, but the other reality as there are no centrist democrats have explained many times, given the opportunity given the only choice between far left free ideology and Donald Trump. The average voter this country is closer to some. On their right, like dropped the Republican Party than they are to the far left. Now it's all falling apart for them.
Rats. We already saw the videos you may have seen the story when Nancy Pelosi tore up Donald Trump State median speech. Democrats were calling it a c span outrage saying they were quitting the party the data is in gallop has Trump plus one, partly because four percent over the past four service has swept have switched to them. Public in party to me. That is insane. Let's take a look at what's going on and try and figure out why people are quitting a lifelong democratic, twenty years wrote at explaining why she was leaving and explained how she feels a democratic Party is so out of touch they are in were a major massive failure come November before store, we have from gallop tromp job approval steady at four thirty, nine percent before we read this, had over its him cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, their several ways can give the best thing you can do share this video. You know I like
to crack some echo chambers, and I'm gonna show you an article from a former Democrat who says the Democrats are trapped in an echo chamber. Hopeful by sharing this video, some people who might not normally see these ideas will get access to them and it may help them break out of that echo chamber, But I also noticed many of you don't subscribes. If you do like these videos, you want to see more. Please consider subscribe this channel hit the notification. Well, let's diving gallop says president trumps. Approval remains elevated at forty nine percent in the latest Gallup Poll, the same as in the previous pole, and up five points from an early January, pull conducted before tromp was acquitted by the Senate is impatient trial, as in the prior pull conducted January. Sixteen twenty nine the approval writing from the February. Third, sixteen pull reflects record polarization for a single Gallup poll with These seven percentage point separating ratings of Republicans and Democrats. Forty three percent of independence approve of Trump the highest rating for him among the group to date,
now that's interesting. You may see that among Democrats, approval writing is actually down. However, many, People are no longer I as Democrats, they ve quit the party, so this is one of them Lessons were seen polarization not because there are Democrats, it don't like trumpet, but because the people that used to be Democrats who do like trop have completely quit and no longer call themselves. Democrats gallop points this out these days. They say one of the reasons why this is happening, possible explanations, trumps approve writing may be higher because of the Senate, Senate's acquitting him in the impeachment trial Bill Clinton, job approval ratings also were higher spending the time between his impeachment and late. Ninety eight Quit and early ninety nine America, is generally positive and improved perceptions of the state of the nation also a likely contributing factor. These factors may be driving reply looking and independence ratings of trope higher, but not Democrats. However, they say gallop has observed an increase,
in the percentage of Americans identifying as Republicans thirty two percent in the past, to surveys up from twenty eight percent in the prior to surveys, along with a decline in the percentage identifying as independence. Forty one percent down from forty three and Democrats, twenty seven percent down from twenty eight people are quitting the Democratic Party or there no longer identifying as Democrats, they are now identifying. As Republicans that's the walk away campaign thinking by this phenomenon. You may be familiar with bread and struck and his walk away campaign was a new Yorker stylist, who pointed out that you sing all of this insanity on the left, and you want to be involved anymore and now he's a big trump supporter. What he's got hundreds of thousands of followers? They ve been accused of all the worse things in the book and will go over that, but before we move on, I want to point this out: can you think of high profile personalities of cultural merit who have quit their
Publican Party there's a few. There are some Republicans war, never Trumpery, who now go on CNN Alla time, a rag on the orange man, but Is there a mass movement like walk away from the right there? Isn't? Why is it that we see high profile personalities like Dave, Reuben, SAM leaving, the left or a campaign called walk away We believe the left, and if you want to argue that it's actually trump, whose knots, why is that people are no longer identifying as independent or democrat and more people identifies Republican, it's because the movement is away from the left were explained. It politics only flows in one direction. At least today. If you take a photograph, someone on the left but say let's say, you're a regular person you take a picture was and who leftist no one will say anything. If you take a picture someone. Was conservative veil accuse you of being a conservative too there's no circumstance where conservative takes a photo with some on the left and they accuse the conservative of being on the left, their active leap,
seeing all of us away. Many people have openly embraced it. Jack Murphy, for instance, wrote a book called democratic deplorable nine point: four million Obama voters switch to Trump and the phenomena continues to this day. I want to show you the aggregate of Donald Trump approval writing before we jump into the op. Add from a woman who used to be a Democrat to explain why it's happening. We can see that, as I mentioned, gallop has Trump plus one Emerson hasn't plus for an is the highest for trumpets ever been, but notably was a massive drop in trumps. Disapproval. Writing which I found really interesting There is not a one for one correlation between disapproval and approval. Often people might disapprove of trump more than people actually approved, because a decent people say, I just don't know both its disapproval. Dropping. That means you have a decent amount of people who have moved from hating Trump, to either being ambivalent, not knowing or actually supporting him. That's massive! Now this story,
went viral. It's a medium posed by a woman named Carlin, Boris Sancho. I have no idea what it is, but he's got a ton of traction tons of people of With this and it's a really good example. I'm not gonna be the whole thing, but she does make some interesting points. She writes after attending a trump rattle I realize Democrats are not ready for twenty twenty I've been a Democrat for twenty years, but this experience made me realize how out of touch my party is with the country at large. I have been to dozens of Donald bump rallies in the twenty sixteen campaign cycle I was covering. The of these rallies, generally hanging out, I did not see for the most part, any hatred. It or vile behaviour. Now there was bowing and people didn't like the media. That's normal. I'm not super concerned about that, but the important thing that many people who are out of touch don't realize is that Donald Trump rallies are fun. That's a sad reality. If you dont, like the guy, I'm sorry
tell you this, but it's the truth. People wait in long lines to see this man because he's funny he's offensive. He makes jokes, he softer creating and when you're standing there watching him it's a good time. People love going there I remember seeing one line at spend, my presumably a mile or two. It was a ridiculous line. And I'm like, there's no way we're we're gonna wait in this line to get in the rally. So you into the front we're like we're power can we cover this and yeah Prescott, special Access care, Carlin Rights and I'm going to jump to two key points. First, she says this: the biggest question of all I hate tromp so much that it wanted to see. My country fail just to spite him and everyone who voted for him. Of course, not This woman says that she basically had trunk derangement syndrome. She hated the guy. Now I say
there's a fair middle ground where you can accept not liking, Donald Trump. But you know I gotta be crazy and that's an important point and I have said it from the get go you gotta pilot flying line you dont, like him he's got a bad attitude. Why would you sabotage the flight, let em land the plain and then figure out after you know, after that, the fact but, of course the economy is doing really really well and for the firm up for the most part, people are absolutely gonna choose the crass boorish old man who makes the country work for them as opposed to these weird far left ideology. I think in the end, one of that one of the most difficult positions for most for for many American is that, while many do not like the attitude of trump you're not being presented a fair alternative, you're, looking kind of our traditional, moderate republican type. Percinet person in Trump who's got a bad attitude you dont like and then, when you look you left your even see the Democratic Party anymore there so far left you can't you
see where the rat at the end of this medium post, cart, Carlin, says. I think the Democrats have an aching coming to in November, and I think most of them will be utterly shocked when it happens, because their existing and ECHO Chamber, that is not reflective of the broader reality. I was a wake up. Call that cause them to take a long look in the mirror and really themselves how they got here? Maybe then they'll start listening. I tend to doubt it, but I can hope Man I ve been right there for a long time. I don't wanna, be super political in terms of why think is the best. You guys know that I was a big fan of Yang until see. Trump is not that bad he's, not my choice, but I'm not crazy and she's right. The democratic gonna get trounced because their stuck in the trunk derangement syndrome, ECHO Chamber, the walk away campaign has been set mirrored left and right. Of course, the only thing they can do when you have massive amounts of people quitting the Democratic Party. As I have already shown you, the Gallup Poll shows it, and we all know about this
or from the c span callers. I propose Europe at the speech. It is happening that this is a viral medium post, explaining why the someone quit. However, if you go to the walk away, pain. Wikipedia page they say. New sources have debated the extent to which walk away is an example of Astro Turpin rather than a jet when grasp grass roots movement David, a love of seed and condemned the campaign as pure propaganda. A psychological operation and connected Two Kremlin linked Russian Botz, the Washington Post claimed, there's little actual evidence to suggest that Walker, it represents a mask inversion of millions or even thousands of Democrats, a contrast and contrary to the broad appeal True viral videos, with the conservative into viral nature of the walk away. Video think progress characterize the campaigners existing operation noting efforts by the organizers to sell dinner package's price in the Hunt of dollars to March attendees slight accused the founder of presenting
royalty, free stock images from Sutter Stock and claiming they were people who had left the Democratic Party struck, deny that any such material originated from the walk away campaign. You know why. I think this this controversy section is funny, Look I mentioned earlier, we are hearing the stories from people who quit were listening to the c span. Callers I mean you really gotta hear those collars it is it is. It is crazy. One guys, like I've, been a democrat for seventy years. No more policy has embarrassed ass. This is shocking behavior. But how are you going to deny gallop? They say It wasn't even thousands one percent if we, if we, if we try to look at what gallop is claiming in his pulse, and say the sample size and the pole is representative of this country, where Talking about millions of people who have quit the Democratic Party, one percent- I know it's one percent, not a big deal, but we have three thirty million people in this country we have around. I think, a hundred and eighty two hundred are utterly the eggs-
number, how many are voting age, but one per cent of people who are, likely voters that could be in. Millions at least hundreds of thousands, so yeah, I'm gonna go ahead the data from gallop and not the silly appeal and from a media that didn't see this guy in twenty sixteen there trapped in an echo chamber. They can't break out of and you're gonna love this next part, because of course, I always come up with data? Don't I now before I read MR bread our scales tweets- I want you to know he's the campaign manager for Donald Trump take his data with the grain of salt, but the fact remains. You can deny everything there. You know that walk away, saying you can reject what see right in front of your eyes and you could even say I don't trust bread PAR scales data. Ok, let me remind you of Jeff Andrew member him yeah. He was a democratic congressmen, he's
public can now that, like they literally lost a congressmen, that's how crazy the shift has become now, of course, just mash. You know he Quaid an independent. I'm not I want to be fair. There are people who defect from the right absolutely, but major movements seem to be from left to right, not right to left or right to centre, and the reason is most independence feel the left has gone too far. Left more independence feel that way than independence, who feel the right has gone too far right, But again you can take Mr Par scales data with a grain of salt simply because will, of course, he's biased is working for the president. He wants these numbers to look like their winning and I think it's fair, but I also don't think he's making this up, especially when gallop shows us something similar. Take a look at Us Arizona. The reality just happened, Wow Arizona, Big Phoenix Rally, sixty seven thousand five hundred and sixteen tickets, twenty nine
thousand nine hundred ninety voters identified eighty seven percent from Asia. Twenty six percent didn't vote in twenty. Sixteen eighteen percent. Word Democrats just like what Carolyn about a Carlin about my browser name wrong: the medium post from Carlin Bora Sancho. That's what she said that she was a Democrat you into a Trump rally and realized how rely How out of touch the Democrats are but come on? I got more tweets from Mr Par scale in this one. He said as New Hampshire. Twenty five point: four percent democrats I mean that makes sense, New Hampshire is a blue state, so yeah you ve got a big portion of Democrats Workshop for Trump Rally and, of course there are still new Jersey. This was Jeff Van drew's district a hundred and fifty eight thousand six hundred and thirty two requested tickets. Ninety two
eight hundred and forty one distinct sign ups. Seventy three thousand foreign aid to voters. Ten point four didn't vote and twenty six point three were Democrat This is in a blue state, New Jersey, heavy blue. Now therein Jeff Andrews District, which is supposed to be a Democrat district and the dude flipped and twenty six point. Three percent of the people who came out were actually Democrats as well. To me, it's absolutely mind. Boggling at the Democrats haven't course corrected after losing so much support and I'll? Tell you why the hill rights it as of today? There is no centrist Democrat running for president in twenty twenty there, just isn't even PETE Buddha we're supposed to be the moderate is still further left than Obama was there is no what centrist, candidate they're all leftist. Now Some are absolutely far left, but they're all left us. They are an
where their campaigning, it's like their worry about twitter and not actual Americans, and that's why actual Americans are confused and leaving a mermaid while an annual must, even though this labor in the UK, which is basically there Democrats faced when the worst defeats in nearly a hundred years. I know it bears repeating, but we're heading in that direction and Carlin said the same thing. Democrats have No idea, what's it what's ahead of him, I want to be careful in our. I want to say: hey hubris would be the downfall, so be I'm wrong, but this data from gallop backs all of it up U S, remained centre right, ideologically and twenty nineteen. So how is it the case that all of these Democrats are try to embrace far left politics when the country Lean centre right now think it's fair to criticise. The Democrats have as not, typically being a leftist party, but today, according to the New York Times, the Democratic Party is further left than the average European political party,
european political parties are pretty far left, so the? U S is centre right. What do you think is going to happen? Well, you'll see stories like this tromp winds debate as Democrats. Explain why not one of them can beat him. You see all of these credit candidates not only to the embrace leftist and far left ideology, but they needed convince everyone. They were the right choice by saying here is why Biden can't win here's, why Bernie can't win and then says well, here's my booted judge can't win here's why warring can't win? It was basically a None of us can win fast now, but Burg himself. I find this so we hilarious. Considering what actually? Let me, let me show you this one first read bear on Damn Vegas debate the biggest winner tonight, Donald Trump I am so just I just can't. I can't anymore man, I'm just so confused as to why the Democrats haven't course corrected. They know
that what they're saying is unpopular, they absolutely have to know. Are they that inept? And fortunately the answer might be yes, they're just insane? They have no idea what's happening in this country. There saying crazy things and in response, I could you not we're seeing the data from gout people are quitting the Democratic Party, but I'll tell you hey for all his faults. At least Michael Bloomberg was able to recognise this quote the real winner of the debate. Last night, was Donald Trump MIKE Bloomberg told the crowd in SALT Lake City. I gotta say I am impressed Bloomer spent over four hundred million dollars to try and stop Donald Trump to run, to buy, a seat on the debate staged by his way into this into this campaign is one of the only the crackers admitting the debate last night was a dumpster fire and true
is walking away the winner without batting an eye without countering neither positions he doesn't need to. You know I love using ice cream analogies but I'll. Listen if, if Donald Trump offer Chocolate ice cream you'd be like like chocolate, ice cream, ok, so my favorite, maybe rum, raisin rent then: the Democrats walk up with some weird spanish broccoli. Nonsense in your like I'm, not eating. That's choices, clear. If you're watching a bunch of people debate about which ice cream you get to eat nuts, all weird nasty flavors like asparagus chocolate curative like no. Thank you trumpet say anything. He simply say we got vanilla and you're gonna be like you up, and that is happening on the debate stage. You hear nonsense. You hear people Terry each other apart ideas that make no sense and trump doesn't a single word and pay. How does a saying go? It's to remain silent and appear stupid. It's better to
remained silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt simply by saying nothing to these people. He ends up the winner because there nuts, but, as I mentioned before now mention again hubris will be your downfall. On the squawk box, famous pollster Franklin's said it's gonna be a real battle between Bernie Trump quote: it's gonna be a brawl. It's gonna, be Ugly as election ever, I don't know Frank lances right, but I think it's fair to say: Hillary Clinton had hubris in spades and boy did she fail and fail hard and she will never get over it Donald Trump everyone thought he was going to make any did so. It may turn that, even though the Democrats are spiralling out of control and people quitting the party that Bernie sent does light up new voters. He does
spire, older voters and people who maybe have given up on the party to come out for progressive values and present trap trump with a real challenge. I think that's fair. You know why, because Bernie is a populist for all his faults and ever they can criticise them, for, I think, a populous as the best chance of beating of beating Donald Trump, because Trump himself is a populist. It's basically just left or right. What's your pick, the elites are unable to inspire the masses, but Bernie Sanders has bats wise when, in the popular in the end, however, I want you to consider the most important point that data I showed you is wrong absolutely wrong. I should you gallop saying people quitting the Democratic Party and all that stuff as the New York I'm writer, Brett Stephen says, quote trumps whisper network? What have on the left seeds the free speech high ground. This is the New York Times. Finally, acknowledging that bye, bye,
fishing and smearing and ragging on tromp supporters and tromp all day and night, you have pushed many of his supporters into hiding. So when you look at this data, how many people have put the Democratic Party, one percent how many people have left? The you know are no longer identifying, as independent now identifies Republicans two to three percent, but how many of those Democrats were or Democrat their whole lives and are now secretly tromp supporters and will never say because they lose their jobs. You know, I know some high profile individual So, whatever Donald Trump, who are hard, lefties famous, you know, individuals, activists and, if I were to tell you you'd, be shocked, but no, I have to respect their privacy because of this, because their careers will be destroyed if any one finds out. These are people who looked at the option and twenty sixteen and said the choice between trumpet Hilary is a no brainer, and today there saying the same thing: the left has gone insane
Stick around for tonight, I've got more videos coming up at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news. Those will be fun, as always, but tonight I'll be doing a podcast, presumably with another huge story that, I think is is really really fascinating. There are left wing activists, long standing die hard leftists, who are finally fed up with the Democrats are doing with what the left represents and no longer to be involved, it's gonna get crazy. This is going to be one of the ugliest elections we have ever seen. Franklin's is certainly right about that, but I'll leave with just a couple more things. First, I really do mean it. When I say I hope we can break them. Echo chambers- I don't think I know everything- there's probably some data that I missed, that might offer counterpoint and that's why it's always important few guys to watch people other than me, especially left wing.
Individuals you can find that they are wrong or right or I'm wrong or I'm right, whatever the point as expand your perspective, but also really veto share this. If you do like it, because I think this one equally important. I know there are a lot of people who, still to this day, are probably on twitter at work claiming to be on the left and they secretly are not perhaps as trumps approval. Writing conduce to cook continues to climb and break records. You're gonna see more trump support, completely willing to say that they support the president and then the floodgates open and the whispered network becomes public but until then the Whisper network is real. Who knows how many people seem really support the president and just won't say that's one of the reasons he wanted. Twenty. Sixteen and now people are predicting a Mcgovern type incident. We're Trump could even when five hundred, maybe four hundred electoral votes, maybe forty states, I guess we'll see, I'll see you at six p m, the next channel Youtube outcomes liked him get last night was one of the most important democratic debates took place in Nevada just before the upcoming
the Caucasus, which is considered very important. But once again the Democrats debate was a massive dumpster fire, but for all the flu miss trash. We did get little morsels of sweet, sweet goodness, notably when billionaire might Bloomberg called out Bernie Sanders for being a millionaire with three homes and I got to say Bernie Sanders response was kind of weak, but this highly something I find truly interesting. You see, Bernie Sanders used to say the millionaires in billion is, and now he just says the billion is why because Bernie Anders is a millionaire and I gotta be honest. I got no problem with that burning, have as many homes as you'd like make as much money as you like, and he's barely a millionaire, but Bernie you reap what you have sown. You'll see a different between the ultra wealthy and someone who just barely has a million dollars because maybe surprising to a lot of people, but what would be the one percent in net worth. You need ten million dollars. I know it's a lot, it's crazy and there are a lot
retirees about six percent who over a million dollars and net worth because they own homes have accumulated in value over their lifetimes over over the lifetime. Thirty forty years or whatever So I know a million dollars is still a lot of money, but when you want to talk influence in politics should be talking about someone who collect nine hundred million dollars or billion while Bernie didn't differentiate, see back in the campaign to sixteen, he used a regular millionaires and billionaires, and now, lo and behold here say millionaires anymore, don't take my word for NBC, has the Anti Bernie smear which we all love to see. Bernie Sanders it saying millionaires. Less often one way is twenty. Twenty message has changed. Well, might Bloomberg called him for it and I gotta say it was actually it was it was. I was good to finally here so call not because as much as I have no problem with Bernie having exe arms are being a millionaire. He is a debt, Credit socialist, who used to I millionaires all day and night and then dropped the millionaire smear as soon as he became one. So many things gonna have
when Bernie makes money. I don't trust him, I don't think you actually cares about. What's going on, I think he was just a naive guy who didn't understand anything about having wealth sold, made a million box and went oh. I paid how much taxes, I'm gonna, die dragging on the millionaires. Now I do find even more sweetened juicy about this as the Democratic party. Is it dumpster fire it just flaming trash everywhere. The purse who called out Bernie Sanders, is billion there MIKE Bloomberg, who basically bought his when the debate stage you all I deserve. Each other are right. At he's Bernie Sanders was the only one who said super delegates should design or the democratic nominees I'll, give him that, but they're all hypocrites k, Bloomberg is when the debate stages, as are the nerve, to call up Bernie Sanders for being a millionaire with three houses. It's a fair criticism, but you, all swimming in a pool of flaming trash. So you know what let's
read the story and I want a critique Bernie response to this daily mail rights. Billionaire. Might Bloomberg mocks best known socialist in the country Bernie Sanders forever three houses and being a millionaire after he called for an end to capitalism. The bickering there going over Bloomberg billions in Sanders. Millions descended into a fight over who owned more homes are contentious debate. Where entire stage of Kennedy. Ganged up on the former New York City mayor and the vote senator found himself a target after becoming the front runner for the democratic nomination. Bloomberg was defending his network, estimated to be around sixty four billion that keeps going up pointing out. Through hard work and that it giving his money away when centres argued, the workers helped make that money quote MR bloom It wasn't you who made all that money. Maybe your workers, play some role, and that is well. There are Monseigneur setup and as import, those workers, are able to share the benefits. Also, when we have so people who go to work every day and they feel not good about their jobs.
You, like cogs in machine. I won't work. To be able to sit on a court on corporate board as well they can have some say over what happens to their lives. How about this? How about you take spots ability for your life and if you are on happy being a cog in a machine, go do something else you like. Stand about. Bernie Sanders argument is basically saying we're addicted to wealth and we won't give it up outside this. Go live in a form. Tell me how much you enjoy being a comment. A machine arm waken up at six a m and go to bed at midnight. I'm sorry I'll tell you funny story. After Occupy Wall Street someone gifted land to a bunch of activists and many of those activists went to go work on the farm and some of them. I knew quit within two weeks
general idea once you get off the ground, you stop contributing to climate change in all that stuff. You go. Do hard work on a farm and deliver more humble life, and many of them just outright skipped within two weeks. You know why they said it was too much work. You wake up Crack of dawn. You got a better round midnight. Its non stop work all day every day to build, to have food to survive now as a Haug in the machine working an office in a job you hate you get a tv, smartphone. Yet a laptop you live in luxury. As it's crazy to me, you might have a crappy job. I get it. Have you ever been to any other country on this planet? You have so much wealth in America, working these crappy jobs. But I'll tell you what life is about more than whether or not you have a flat screen tv in an Ipad or something. So, if you're unhappy with your work, you need to pay that that road in front of you, you can't you can't just be put on the
or by government mandate, because Bernie Sanders doesn't like the system. You have a choice not to work for these companies notes forcing you to do it. Let's get to the millionaire thing with Bernie Sanders before New York, city mayor. Acute sanders: a self decried democratic, socialist of being a communist. I can't of a ways that would make it easy four Donald Trump get reelected then listening to this conversation is ridiculous: we're not going to throw out capitalism, it was called com. You made it just doesn't work Bloomberg said Credit socialists believe the means of production should be collected we owned alongside a democratic political system of government communism? advocates the common ownership of the means of production and the Abbe. Of social classes, money and state Dammit socialism doesn't make sense because someone has to enforce whatever that is so in the and democratic socialism is literally just the same thing as socialism. They just want you to vote for it before. The common sees everything you own Sandra
who is worth two point: five million according to Forbes, accused Bloomberg of taking a cheap, shot I agree with me on this. One. Communism is more of an authoritarian dictatorship, social. Tends to turn into those boys. Communism is more of a call back to the Red Square and stuff like that call Pirnie a socialist there's, no reason to hide from their basically the same thing, and when you do this, you you, given the opportunity back away, talk about democratic socialism, not communism, Mr Bloomberg, the tomb represent the opposing ends. The democratic party Bloomberg for them the rights and Sanders the liberals? Are you kidding me? Is this the best the Democrats have to offer a car up the billionaire who bought his way to the debates and a socialist. Rob was gonna landslide in November dude, it's gonna be Mcgovern all over again. It's gonna be like the Labour party crushing defeat. These people have lost the plot. Ok, ok, where's that
and about the millionaires. The millionaires millionaires Bloomberg. Here we go this. Where got good Bloomberg, didn't let up against Santer Pointing out the senator owns three homes, that's amazing! What a one if a country we have the best known socialist in the country, have to be a millionaire with three houses. What did I miss you? I gotta give its Bloomberg. I gotta do it I dont like Bloomberg. I really don't, I think, he's a corrupt, crony. You, no bad per but she had, but hey, find someone finally set it now. I wish we have come from someone with a bit more integrity, but fine shore people been Connaught, Bernie fizzle for a long time now I'll be the first to say. Bernie GO had been built by a millionaire he started a movement, he saw the bunch of books. He met a million bucks. Congratulations good, sir you're living the american dream. You boy an extra house, you bought a summer house. Bravo good, sir! America's great! Isn't it problem is at Bernie rags on the millionaires and the billion as all the time
soon as he made, that sweet sweet grain. What do we do? We stop saying millionaires. Whatever his response was, I work in Washington House, one Livin Burlington House two, like thousands of other vermonter, I have a summer camp which Tax Haven Is your home, not a answer, not an answer, not a good response, Bloomberg that responded with New York City. Thank you very much and I pay all my tax them happy dukes and get something for it. The first debate feature Bloomberg found the former mayor defending his record on race and gender emitted. A fat. His defence of the billions made as a business man in New York. You know I never thought I'm a crass would elect a billionaire because they view this. You know that their typically people or like the billionaire shouldn't exist. I mean that's where the right right now, especially with the far left Bernie response, was bad arms I'm sorry, I'm sorry Bernie like me, eat your your answers has nothing to me. Oh, what's that work in Washington, so you bought a house. There you live in Burlington, so you bought out there and
bought a summer house to yeah bloom criticism was apt. Bro, you three houses. There are people who work in Congress and the Senate, while probably not the Senate. Other people are all millionaires anyway, but their people in Congress who can't afford rent in Washington DC amid at least ale, he running an apartment but buying, How will I work in Washington? I should buy us. Oh come on. Do you own three houses? How many houses do you need? You can get one bedroom for when you're working in Washington DC going to buy a house down their houses, this year, ridiculously expensive. Congratulations! Dude, your rich! burn does want to embrace it, but he drew millionaires from his message. Nbc news talks about this. They say that he used a knock on the millionaires and billionaires he's not saying that anymore hypocrisy. Man did. If you of nine hundred million dollars, you're still a millionaire, and you can. Who's, that money too heavily influenced politics. This is what
crazy enemy. The moment Bernie entered the bottom rung of the millionaire class. He stop saying millionaires, so you burn you can compare yourself to you. You know you with a network of two point: five to do this got nine hundred and ninety nine million. Wasn't there won't, like didn't, Judge didn't Jake. Rolling like loose billionaire status. Can she gave way too much money? She still worked like hundreds of millions of dollars. There's there's no comparison. Between some with nine hundred million and you Bernie, but you still drop the millionaire thing. Why? Because you are one, Imagine what would happen if Bernie earned one. Billion dollars is one simple billion. Almost always gonna be like Blue was not so bad. We we got we gotta go after the ultra wealthy. Not the billion is yet we get it man. The moment you a millionaire. You no longer wanted to criticise the group. You became a part of, and we see all the time what people become rich, all of a sudden there's their viewed, there's view their views. Change on how taxes should be done. People
who make a certain amount of money, become more fiscally conservative in for a lot of reasons, I turned, and I noticed something interesting without like global protests and revolution. The people who protest wealth inequality are the people who typically make less than the media and the people make more than the median reject all of these things. There are liars. There are super wealthy Hollywood celebrities. You know who go around protesting with the Occupy Wall Street types, but its very. Easy to predict whether not someone's politics will be socialist or capitalist. It depends on how much money they make here's. The thing Americans are all extremely wealthy. Every single one every single one homeless sleep on the streets. He's got a lot of problems, but he is wealthy and I mean it because America, don't realize how spoiled they are now. Of course, I dont want someone be homeless. Of course, I think that's below the standards of living for our country and, of course, I want to make sure we can solve these problems and get people a better standard of living. Just
because America's better than everywhere in the world doesn't mean you now. Of course, I recognise that we should raise the standard of living for everybody and get some base level of health care and you have a place to live. But let me tell you: Man launch, go visit, Egypt, Morocco, why don't you go visit, Eritrea? Why don't you go visit? Libya and the Euro about wealth in poverty. Homeless. Guy in this country can stand on a street corner me ring gibberish and every tenth towards a cheeseburger and guess what will happen and in no time at all, maybe an hour to some one will walk by hand. She's burger too that man, I'm not I'm not even exaggerating. I've worked with with, with almost on profits. I've ordered that profits. I live in big cities. I have seen people sleep on the street with us, That says, need money, that's it sleeping and in a few hours they have a coffee can full of money. I knew a dude was making huh birds of dollars per day, sleeping on the street, a marketing they would they would go till they would go downtown Chicago, sit up against a light post with
coffee can assign, saying I need help and they would wake up flowers later with a coffee can full of money and dump all the change in, into one of counting machines, that's called being a wealthy American. Now I don't want these people sleeping on the street. I want them have a better life. I want people to to be taught how to fish, so they can support themselves just getting cash from people's no way to live. But the point is a chickens are extremely wealthy. We are we all we all are Bernie Sanders has showed something very important with the way he describes the problem in this country. The moment he entered their class, he no longer had criticisms for them and that to me shows that he probably for one, didn't understand how wealth actually works and still does when he calls for the wealth tax, does it make sense. They say we're renews. The wealth tax on the billion is to pay for healthcare. Okay. So after you ve tact, Jeff Basis, in two or three years, and now he's worth less where's
money coming from it doesn't make sense. Sorry, your plan doesn't work and how are you gonna unit? You know you're in attacks stocks it you can do it because his network, as high as that pay money doesn't have its people are just not they're not mentally, sounded or understand how this stuff works. But, of course, like I said Bernie, rags the millionaires forthwith read the story from ABC News, they say is as a Bernie Sanders as Bernie Sanders best and a new Hampshire primary when he real off the familiar tenets of his political revolution? The speech of granite helped make sanders. The early favorite between twenty democratic race sounded family, to those who have tracked the senator since you stormed the national stage during the twenty sixteen election there months under declared health care is a human right, not a privilege. Sanders called to cancel student that he promised take on Wall Street drug makers and fossil fuel companies. But it lacked one of the signature phrases. Voters have associate it with Sanders and his Brooklyn accent,
knock on the millionaires and billion is corrupting the? U S political system ITALY, rhetoric has focused more on the wealthier end, though of the: U S, populous. We taking on billionaires and were taken on Kennedy funded billionaires asset himself as Sanders. Himself. A recently minted millionaire brings his campaign to pivotal, pivotal nominating and Nevada South Carolina beyond he could do drill into what he calls the corrosive influence of the wealthy and cooperation. On: U S politics, even so. He has tweaked parts of his message since is twenty. Sixteen campaign so they got they gonna pointed out. Basically we get, it quote, We are going to unite together and defeat the most dangerous precedent in modern history. This country Santer said, after his victory in Tuesday New Hampshire and follow up. The democratic debate show how messaging on millionaires has changed while assent. Campaigners, thrived and grassroots organizing the events for Kennedy, some of the best chances to reach a national audience in at least two the debates against Hillary Clinton Burnett one. Sixteen primary sanders, ten
we did millionaires and billionaires transcripts million billion, as are pouring unbelievable sums of money into the political process in order to fund superpower and to elect candidates who represent their interests, not the interests of working people. Sanders has targeted billionaires, as often as ever in the height of twenty twenty democratic debates that began in June but he has not said millionaires during events according to transcript searches. Now, all of a I'll say this, I dont think its necessarily because Bernie Sanders is himself Emily I think it's because Bernie Sanders problems, target and donations from millionaires and also need to contend with the fact that people in his wealth bracket we're supporting him. What's he gonna do kick back and say I don't want any of this money from millionaires while he can't really
I don't know if Bernie Sanders is still accepting money from millionaires and millionaires, but he himself as a millionaire. So, maybe that's why can't he has to drop it, of course, is going accept its own money right now. You can see the problem with Bernie Sanders rhetoric, in my opinion, Bernie Sanders can still rag on millionaires while pointing out he is one. His response to Michael Bloomberg should have been some. Like this one Bloomberg says what a great country we live and where the but the best known, Socialists in the country's a millionaire with three houses, Bernie of sad. I made that many in the past couple of years after living decades, making only just above a hundred thousand working in the? U S, Congress and Senate in the past couple of years Bernie started a movement which allowed him to sell a book and make that money. He's only been a millionaire since two twenty sixteen in his seventies. So I personally have no problem with that. And if Bernie was honest about this, he might get some respect from me, but he's not
Instead, he says why why work in these places so like our own house and of course, like thousands of others thousands of others dude. How many people live in Vermont Couple million. I one thousand have summer homes great, because we are can relate to the millionaire senator who are the summer home? That's your response. I think we can see what we can see what's going on here, think of Bernie Sanders ever made a billion dollars she would drop. All of this has become a capitalist overnight, of course, Michael Bloomberg like I give my money away, I'm helping people, I made all its through hard work. You know we get it. Rich people give money through philanthropy and all that stuff, Bernie Sanders, didn't I don't I'm. Ok, maybe mounted the data pulled up and Bernie just barely cracked, a million dollars in income beckoned like twenty seventeen or something what all of these people claim to be The right thing: all these people earn their money through some legal means for the most part and then try to give back a little bit. Bernie is no special case.
He's just on the outside. Looking in the funny thing about him, and all these socialist types all these far lefties their typically privileged young people who support Bernie Sanders so they're making decent salaries. They live in luxury. I mean at global luxury. Maybe that's the best in America, but they got fancy apartments. They ve got access to top quality healthcare. They do you know people want to complain about whether or not they can get access to quality healthcare. But let me remind you: you today have better health care. Then Rockefeller did back in his time when the biggest of that the most wealth ever amassed in history, the planet dude, could get out there you get today. That's all you what else poor people in this country have air conditioning and refrigerators, I'm not saying we should all we should. We should be ok with extreme poverty, because poverty is relative. We want to lift people to assert standard of living totally respect that, but I want to make sure you all remain humble and recognise the great things you have Bernie apparently doesn't he's
always going to be on the outside. Looking in always complaining about those who have more than he does up until they let him in the room. You see he was looking through that window of the club of millionaires and billionaires. Complaining and yet and everyone outside it wrong, me of the episode of family guy. You may have seen it where their p. All who are striking at its some store for low wages and Peter go. So the story offered a job and then immediately comes out and there are like, what's he gonna say, and that is, as you are trespassing in your being started. Believe that's that's. How I see Bernie he's outside this big and looking at other millionaires billionaires and he's rally everywhere, where everyone outside saying these people a corrupt, these people of Europe and then they let him on the first floor and they say burnt, You can come in the first floor and then what does he do? Is? Oh, oh, the, but as upstairs. I get him in a leave it there around Mexicans coming up at one p m in this channel, and I will see you all then will last
knights democratic debate like most other democratic debates was pretty much dumpster fire. Bernie Sanders did do decently. Well, his supporters. Thank you basically one its ambit answers. However, he did say some of this one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, trying to pass the buck on his voice, supporters and the harassment coming from Bernie brows. He actually suggesting that the online attack from his supporters are in fact, you're paranoid here, but maybe Russia, yes right there. The great enemy of America. Russia, is here too stop Bernie Sanders. What but the story is the criticism. Is it just coming from conservatives the daily caller, which Tucker Carlson's outlet certainly cover the story but, Sir, did the establishment left daily beast look lot of but for a lot of reasons, don't like Bernie Sanders. Let me talk about the any browser smear and why this is really really stupid for the longest time bomb at twenty fifteen
they have tried to smear Bernie Sanders having an army of brows. These are People on Hoover Ass, any one who dare say anything negative about these: seventy old socialist, who recently had a heart attack, it's true but here's the thing at first the push back on these journalists. These cry babies, who are upset that someone said mean words to them on the internet years. That tweet, I think, goes from Tyler. The creator it was like? How does cyber bowling exists? Just like move your head, close your eyes? Don't look at it, I just don't read my mentions. You have any idea the amount of psychotic vitriol that ports the amount that ports. Into my mentions everyday. I just don't click the button I ignore, and you know what life is so much better because of it his journal that want to complain. That actually is whitey. Babies are, for the most part as an excuse. His thing, though the Bernie Brows, yeah they're, real people it is a matter of whether not you can tolerate mean words on the internet, and I think you should go for the most part,
was very dismissive of this whole Bernie Brows smear. There are. Bull, war, nasty and Sanders campaign and we ve seen it from project Verity Now here's what I love about what Bernie Sanders is suggesting. First, I will give him credit where credit is due. He does denounce the awful people and at the start you know you basically says they have no place in my movement. I guess all those people much respect a marketplace. The games. The media does what alike. Donald Trump didn't denounced these awful people he did and Bernie just called it. However, various campaign, never call out his own staffers when project Berytus exposed those videos or the talk about putting conservatism gulags. Now, here's, where gets really funny if Bernie wants to suggest that some of these online attacks are Russians. How do you how do you explain? Oslo, antifraud Bernie? Suppose you got run around bashing people skulls and are they russian agents, Nepal it in United States, sleeper agents creating in joining the Communist revolution going around
Bernie Sanders a bad name, and why would they go after Bernie when Russia was actually trying to help Bernie? Well, I should put it that way, but if Russia was going after you know Clinton. Why would they go after burn you're trying to suggest that the Russians are trying to prop up Donald Trump. They're, trying to so discord. Let's read this from the daily wire and we'll talk a little bit about the result? Bernie Rostov, Bernie Sanders just omelette tax from Bernie supporters, my, Be the Russians loved independent, not centre, suggested Wednesday that attacks but had to his supporters, known as Bernie Brows might be. The Russians trying divide America centres The argument during the democratic primary debate in LAS Vegas ever taken criticism, not doing more to prevent his supporters of attacking others. Online, stop drop the online stuff dude, come no one's calling out Bernie supporters for literally attacking people physically, I'm serious, San Jose in ethics was twenty. Fifteen are sick,
Deanna Caermarthen was twenty fifteen because it was before the nomination. Bernie Sanders supporters were gone round beaten the crap out a Trump supporters. I washed an old couple had to be in their sixty late sixties, get pushed to the ground. Someone took the Muggah had there had set on fire yeah that suffers go on. Those are burning supporters and people we support commencing? You don't know that if there were Wang, Bernie Shirts, some of them are holding a Bernie signs and Bernie ACT. We did call them out back then. Why won't he do it now will? Certainly he will answer for the on line harassment, but is it that this is what you not does? Not? The focus is itself fascinated me that you, these establishment, Democrat journalists, types who are like Bernie brows online, are mean to me. So what grow up press the mute button press the block button you infantile, whatever But it's crazy to me that you, you actually have anti far far left Bernie Sanders types in his campaign, saying like once Barneys enough and the crazy stuff starts. We gotta keep the secret of the public
did no one thing to actually question him on that issue the mean words on the internet. I find these people pathetic and insufferable Austria. This quote: if over ten point, six million people on twitter. Ninety nine percent of them are decent human beings. That's true our working people and people. Leaving justice, compassion and love Sanders began, adding the Van number of attacks and uglier marks could really be, into a very small percentage of people and that's absolutely fair. But I have to the question of where the Buddha Browser the Buddha Judge, Bro scorn around saying the same. They don't exist. You ve got creepy weirdos port, the establishment, Democrats, it's weird- they go after burning The sum of all these like nasty things but they're, just annoying but the Bernie Browser actually like saying things I'd someone sent a message me saying: don't forget TIM, your first against the wall, like ok, dude, like kind of stuff Bernie Sanders should tell him the knock off, but maybe Many agrees, I don't know like he's kind of condemning him now, but what about when the
let us you know, videos came out and we saw them saying basically that. I do so those people they are not part of our movement centres. Continued. Let me also say what I hope. My friends up here will agree with is that if you look at the wild west of the internet, talk to somebody, african american women of my campaign and find the just racist sexes attacks that are coming their way as well, so I would that all of us understand that we should do We think we possibly can to end the viciousness, an ugliness on the internet. Our campaign, about issues. It's about fighting for the families in the middle class. It is not about vicious. Tax on people. You know why the Bernie Bros thing is really a stupid smear against Sanders. Most people don't use twitter. Seventy percent of Americans are not on twitter of the twenty That are only ten percent actually made a ten percent make eighty percent of tweets, which means about one point two. Under those with a little bit. More of the majority are liberal and then of the liberals are smaller per cent are the ultra woke far left us. It is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction
average American doesn't know or care about, and if you want to arrive a person on the street where Barney Shirt and said you know too Bernie Brow is they would we're saying like a friend of Bernie they'd like ours like someone Savannah Bernie, this is stupid, internet world bleeding out into the real world- and nobody cares so, to that extent I'll I'll, give Bernie Sanders that when, if way says I wanna be paranoid but mule. Maybe it's Russia? Ok, ok! Yet nobody cares shrimp. Former self, but are you former self Bend Indiana Mayor people to judge Interrupted then saying that way, he believes entered, did not direct any. The taxi also felt the campaign should probably doing some soul searching in light of the number of attacks coming from people who claim to be Sandra supporters, but a certain when you got ask yourself: why did this pattern arise? That's a good question! Why is it specially the case. Among your supporters, footage asked, I dont think is especially the case. By the way centres. Replied. That's just not true. Bullshit, Buddha, J is right there,
Biden Brows, where it where the Biden brows coming out in being like stop complaining about our candidates, teeth or somethin will come for. You exist where's the clover charge sister has served whenever there there's none, no Bloomberg brows either. It's just Bernie supporters, as I stated the last time I talked about this Bernie is weapons, rising the gutter scraps of the left. He knows who is supporting him and is willing to accept it because it helps his campaign. He does it want to call it out for what it is for sport. I gotta give him credit for saying the you know the people online part of my movement. But what about the physical violence Sanders turn a topic to Russia, adding we say something else not being too paranoid. All of us remember twenty sixteen and what we and what we were member is efforts by Russians and others to try and interfere in our election and divide us up. I'm not saying it's happening, but it would not shock me. Ok, ok, dude
I could sell that Bernie didn't want to go down that route by the way is saying it, but, like he tried note if you're going to commit commit, if you want to see Russia just say right don't say what well meal, maybe they sound weak when you're doin it at least have some conviction behind your conspiracy, theory we are just push back again, arguing that acts of the followers could potentially be traced, inspiration in the campaign. Leadership isn't just about policy. I think, at least about broad terms were largely pulling in the same direction on policy concluded. But leadership is so about how you motivate people to treat other people? I think you have to accept some responsive and ask yourself what it is about. Your campaign in particular that seem to be motivating this behaviour more than others, and I gotta tell ya it's now, Russians, sorry, you can knock it off. That was it now is a pathetic attack the reality is Bernie Sanders supporters are the Looney far and he knows it so good condemn that people on the internet, but even the daily beast It's it's. I always find it hilarious. When the Daily Cholera
Lee, you gotta establishment, laughed and conservative being like hey. Look at this thing. These this is stupid right Bloomberg has weapon eyes the Bernie brows you phenomena gas guess with us watching video. They say Fox news says the former: York City, mayor tweeted, a video Monday Monday morning, featuring grow and sometimes threatening tweets text and means, supposedly from Santa supporters, vote Bernie or bad things. Happen. We know where you live, where you work where you eat. That's like a fight club reference so our flirting with Bloomberg Blue Bloomberg. Now be aware that they are going on lists said one tweet, several targeted other Democrats in the race calling Senator Elizabeth Warren Massachusetts, a snake informers I've been any and a mayor, Peabody Judge, demonic, rat you guys, member Covington. I think I think a bunch of Covington students actually launched another a loss in another anything pulled up, but remember all
of the lefty woke journalists who probably support Bernie Sanders. Some of them probably do we're talking about maiming and harming children. The Bernie Brows thing. It's real. We ve seen the violent rhetoric on Twitter go ignored. Twitter won't ban these people, they let it happen. Now. It's true that only Tiny fraction of Americans are on twitter, but Bernice Base is particularly young and active online. There are tons of people that take the digital world to the real world, and you can see these videos. I tell you this right now. If you went to ever, I guarantee you. I would make this bet. Ninety nine point: nine percent of Anti fascists walkin around black clay with crowbar is best skulls. Are I tell you there voting for Bernie Sanders recently epidemic primary that other primary New Hampshire, a guy, walk having just voted in the primary and smack the fifteen year old kid across the face and then went to adults. Try to stop. You know to intervene, he attacked them as well. We got arrested. Who do you think that guy voted for you
You really don't it's obvious you'd be insane not to place the chips on the Bernie Sanders Tile. The roulette table, of course, its Bernie Sanders I dont think Bernie himself like this. I think he doesn't even Are the video the other day where the woman went upon stage and took the MIKE from him, but this is the perfect example of why this problem is is bad and will only get worse and women Emanation is taken from Bernie, eventually the Dnc. Presumably, these people are gonna, come out in droves and they're gonna go nuts, Bernie Sanders, I dont think he likes this. I think, that's fair to say, he's a democratic socialist. He says not that it makes bigger much of a difference, because once you get democratic socialism, eventually them credit falls off and you get socialism. But I think Bernice face when that woman saw the micro explained everything he said. No, he tried, but he couldn't stop that little twenty year old woman from taken up microphone from him- and therein lies the big problem.
Man. I do not understand why people think Bernie is gonna, be the winner. A lot of the people on the other, right now are not paying attention and I'll tell you this. I know a bunch of high profile, lefties moderately high profile, but not Superbowl, type people and their Ptolemy behind closed doors there either voting for Tromp becoming republic or their shocked by what's happening or they're, leaving the left stay tuned for tonight, the TIM cast our pockets, you're gonna love this one. This phenomenon is real and people are shocked by this, and they don't have anything to do with it. Yet there are so many people, think. Bernie Sanders is the front runners when, in the popular vote Bernie Sanders is winning the urban vote and that's why booted judge rivalling I'm right now with these to the Caucasus primary so far, because Buddha Judge Here's to a more rural Democrat and Bernie is getting urban youth, while these young people are
raucous ran bumptious, violent and angry and Bernie knows it. I think Bernie doesn't like that they're doing this, but I think Bernie is desperate and he needs everything he can get he wants. As revenue as its interesting by the way described it as a revolution, and I truly wonder if he really is upset. These people are doing these things. When that woman try to snatch the microphone away. He looked said so. Do you think when the average American gets wind? Bernie Sanders is in terms of strength, they are going to say and behind him over tromp. I just can't see it when it comes to the president is strength, is so important and that's one of the reasons trumpet I think it's really funny when you look at the that the arguments on the stage before Bernie Sanders Bloomberg Bloomberg S pertains to wealth, Bloomberg it's the Bernie answer. You know any says what you know what it, what a great thing in his three that the most well known you know or whatever so most well known Socialists is a millionaire owns. Three houses and Bernie turns up a bargaining or you
billion, and where is your house, you know tax haven and their fighting. They all who, after Bloomberg for being a billionaire now tell you I'll, be the first to say that bloom. Is buying the process and the Dnc. Let a man and that's nasty think about what Trump said, though, when tromp was challenged on being rich, he didn't deny it. He strayed upset, you back, I bought all these politicians. I know how it works its gross and I used to do it all the time he straight up told the people when, when Trump Trump is just equal literally comes on stage an imitates body slamming a journalist not offend not not, I don't think I don't like if a billionaire president bodies But you know what he's honest about embraces, who he is think about Elizabeth and getting off that private jet and then like ducking you'd. You see this video. She gets the private jack than she like ducks behind one of her. You know our employees or AIDS or campaign staffers, unlike their filming and she's like oh no vacant slammed for flying first class.
They eat themselves alive. You know trumpeted literally. Has his jumbo jet pull up behind him and stands in front of it that strength? Ok, I'm gonna get volunteered like you know that dumb reverence Trump on this, but I, it will say Bernie Sanders, can't even accept that his supporters do the stuff He has to say the Russians or suggest a little bit. He couldn't even commit to calling on the Russians come on. Man shows a backbone say it's Russia and I know it and what are they July. Hillary Clinton said the same thing. There are all their eyes in Bulgaria. Ok, he could and stop a young woman from taken as MIKE, and you want him to go up against North Korea. I'm sorry, man, Trump is, is unashamed GDP laughs and boasts about everything he does. He loves it, but whether or not you think he's a good person, because
that people see that and they say, hey man, if I depict between the guy, who could look what I got to say it again? If I have to pick the average person, I can only imagine if that depict between in on a seventy eight year old caught us socialists who could we just had a heart attack who couldn't stop a young woman from taken it might from him and Donald Trump who laughed said a journalist getting body slammed and has jumbo jet pull behind a while. He raises and laughs. Who do you think they're gonna pick? The economy is better than ever Americans feel like their better off now than ever before, and you got a boat full braggart of bad character, but he's got a backbone, so big it pompously pop out the back of his head. He doesn't care he'll say what he wants to say. He tweets. We want a tweet people quit on him that who is about a big fin and a lot of ways? Absolutely not. I can absolutely respect that he won't back down our right. One thing I really can't stand is weakened and that's where Bernie loses me in August,
talking about this. In the light of the progress we are doing the other day. I hate me, anything watching tv shows where the war that but protagonist is just a loser, always fails. It's boring. I can't stand it. I dont like seeing these people just become whiny baby losers, who can't do anything or get the job done? So when I watched you know all of, the times Bernie has been pushed around when he endorsed Hillary Clinton. Man that was that was a punch in the got grow us buying, dude call out the violence. Tell these people to G T F, o he did it before our no. I can't do it now. Otherwise, you're gonna be confront with a quivering short hunched over man who just had a heart attack on a debate stage with trumped smirk smug face laughing with a jumbo jet behind em. Look Brok Obama. I think he said this item in the nineties. The american dream was to be Donald Trump. You, as I say, on the left, you might not like this man, you might think
crop is banned, waterways. What Americans are in our staunch individualists, who have this dream of being used? rising up of crossing the class barrier and being like Trump being able to do whatever you want say whatever you want fly around in a massive jet and then become the president. People look at that. Nor, like that's America and unfortunately, to an extent that is Trop represents the worst of our culture at least my opinion. That was the big sang and twenty. Sixteen Hilary was the worst of the government. Tromp was the work of our culture, but at least Trump did represent american culture. The desire to be better in the best to tell you know, to call no man. Mr offensive frightfully trauma said you can say what every anybody. Unknown can stop him, and now, after these failed attempts of Democrats trying to bring him down, he just left all the way to the White House. It's billboard duty wants to do or whatever and you gotta contend with Sanders, who can't even call out the violence.
His own campaign. I leave it. There stick around next segments coming up at four p m youtube com slashed him cast thanks, rang out now will see you all their rod. Stone has been sentenced to three years and for months, but we're not ghosts the present, while he asks for a retrial, its federal judge, rejects price the demand for nine years, but Savages Donald Trump interfering and says covered up for the president's right. Now many tromp supporters. Conservatives are calling for the immediate pardoning Roger Stone and the reason for it is that the lead juror as many are claiming may have lied on. The initial questionnaire turns out the A was sending out tweets, she knew, Roger stone was she did like Trump very, very partisan, and this is the Jura form that the jury form and I believe now I don't have it pulled up so we'll just say allegedly for now. I know it's probably true or whatever, but fine, but maybe are now demanding that Trop just go and right away and Pardon Roger Stone because he deserves a new trial.
And based on what I've seen it. It seems fair to say our off trumpeted pardon him or whatever, but what's really really funny about this story? First of all, riders not getting seventy nine years? What we had those for profit Peters, resigned. Remember what what what happened? Apparently tromp tweeted saying it's unfair than the d o J. Stepped in and said: that's not the recommendation we want, but then here's the funny part the new power secures who came in after four resigned demand. Did nothing here and the judge agreed with bill bar. So I'm confused as to what really going on in my anyone's mad, because nothing seems to make sense. The laughed and everybody's our screaming that bill bar should be, should resign or be impeached because he was interfere. In the criminal justice process, when Trump could literally pardon whoever he was He could pardon him right now. You can commit the sentence bone, Rogers donors, but seventy time isn't it asked billboard do anything and it's the judges, discretion
but the judge apparently agreed with bars. I get you know a man, I don't know they wanted bill bar to resign for because the new power The Kyoto wanted, nine years, but sure fine, whatever let's ride, the story. The daily reports, Roger Stone, swerved, a federal per. Sell Thursday. Despite a judge slapping the long time, Trump ally with forty month sentence for longer, Congress and said which is not just him, but the President Stone was convicted. Last fall of lying lawmakers over his efforts to procure stolen democratic party emails from Wikileaks and twenty sixteen to boost Donald Trump chances of becoming president self declared at political, dirty, trickster. Was spared immediate incarceration, Thursday, while you S District judge, Amy Berman Jackson, decides whether or not to grant his request for a retrial was far below the nine years demanded by the prosecution before that was overruled and a political tumult and furious tweets by Trump Trump will be able to paint that as a weapon but Berman Jackson and Obama Pointy went out of a way to save it.
Was not affected by the president. Stone himself had ass a robust. Ok, I guess it wasn't. The new prosecutor. That's right, heard that the new products there were also you know, basically that taking a hard line, but regardless the judge still agreed with bar anyway Instead, she turned a sentencing in hearing into a stunning rebuke, not just of stone but of the President himself saying the prosecution was not brought by political enemies. Was no anti trump Cabal at the here of the case. Yet, but who was the leader and we can talk about that? He was not prosecuted, as some have complained for standing up for the president, he was prosecuted for covering up for the present covering up what? What did you cover up? Russia gate was nonsense. There was no definitive proof of any thing. Nothing happened. So what did de cover up that's kind
we are in it. There was nothing unfair, phony or disgraceful about the investigation or the prosecution. So it's crazy here is, let's say: there's a political prosecution of your friends and you're not trying to cover things you're, trying to legitimately protect yourselves from false incriminating information, is why we have a fifth amendment. So why we say don't talk to the police, because even if you're innocent, you can get in trouble for saying some dumb, so Roger Stone apparently crossed the line thing about you're, really dumb things, I think that's fair to say, but not covering anything up like if I told someone plead the fifth dont tell them any. Is that a cover up, or is that me saying user constitutional right? Well, you can probably get in trouble for that. I guess it's a trump treated in red. Age are. I watch lives through this. Your ears, Woodston, was was found guilty of obstruction of Justice LAW congress that you do not have emails or tax about Assange lying when it
his references or being in touch actually about a go between Randy critical line that he did ask is go between to communicate lying, that he didn't text or email the go between lying but he had never discussed a conversation with his go between. So basically he message, Randy Credit go saying, do bunch of things. You know don't say this: don't do that or I'll take your dog or something stupid, and the reason it wasn't a cover up, but he was interfering. There seem that there was some obstruction. They say, your stone lied to Congress O ice. What is his truck? Tweeted? Oh I see, but so did call me also linked classified information, for which almost everyone other than crooked. Hillary Clinton goes to jail for a long time and so did a cave who also lied to the FBI. Fairness, the present tweeted, yet halo, I'll tell you what knock em all, but I don't care. If they lied to Congress, there should be a double standard. There should be something done about this, but typically
don't see it met gates was recently on the view in this videos going viral things got a funny because you know he definitely said Roger Stone should be pardoned. And I'll. Give it our second because the view he mentions that that there are some things that the american colonists liked about the monarchy and basically the pardon power and it was on a reference that I believe the federalists papers were. The general idea of the pardon power is to prevent and unchecked judicial system which and start making crazy laws and locking people for crazy reasons. The president And go in, and you know pardon people, but you ve basically said double standard and he went off to list a ton of people who lied or obstructed and have no punishment. Come on man. You can expect others. Americans have faith in the system or reasonably expect Roger Stone to serve present time. When so many people did much much worse won't go to prison Hillary Clinton. You know she had her AIDS, actually smashed phones with hammers shook her. She did have staff delay
emails after a subpoena was received. Nobody gone trouble for that. Look I get it. If you want to say, like the argument put forward by the establishment, is that Hillary Clinton didn't actually delete the emails she had instructed emails to be charged a long time before the Supreme ever came in, but added a subpoena came in someone who work for the company where this needle that had the server. When purge the emails. Given that guy go to prison or something or get in trouble indicted, I don't know, maybe not present, but something right, because all. Why should happen and there was zero accountability. So what are we supposed to expect Roger Stone if the book thrown out and because these are stupid things- and maybe he should but the other people. Don't it's a clear double standard, and you know lot of people seem to think Bill bar. Is this lackey for Tromp o spare me dude how many people, as Bill bar rested? How many there's been some arrest, some campaign, weird stuff, but ass he gone after any these people for some more things. Now we let them off three more.
Was unknown, whether Berman Jackson was aware of his latest into mentioned, but it came a murder case roiled by politics and mounting Population stone will be pardoned even before she spoke prosecutor, stage, their own revolt against the president calling the case. Righteous and demanding a lengthy prison sentence sentence despite there is call for nine years being overruled by Bill BAR and where the main acts of an unfolding constitutional crisis, Stones, seven stood in silence as until they federal Court room in Washington DC that he should spend forty, It's three years in four months behind bars. She had said judged him and sentencing remarks and reboot. The president himself, possibly his tweet this morning, which was during the first part of her hearing. The cat did not arise because I just I was being prosecuted by political enemies, do. I actually think. That's not true. I think that is actually what happened I'm not saying Redstone's innocent. I'm saying a lot of people commit crimes and nothing ever happens to them. So yeah does seem like it was politically motivated what they were doing.
You just don't hold flat out, lies and theirs. Invention and nothing to do with with whether Russia interfered in point sixteen lottchen right. But why was there? It crossfire hurricane in the first place, why did the Brok administration have an invite negation into up the political rival of the Democratic Party and his cabinet member. Hillary Clinton. Isn't that an abuse of power or I'll tell you what you are completely right. Judge saved stone go to prison. Then will launch and impeachment inquiry into Brok, Obama and Joe Biden and all his other people from. The thing they did and then we'll get some accountability. Oh that's not gonna happen right. I didn't think it, We will see what happens with the durum report because much as Horwitz came out and said, there was no I'm going in Crossfire Hurricane Durham in BAR disagreed. Maybe, but I ll make this prediction Donald Trump, as a re election coming up, I can't believe he pardonable Nagoya, which that to me was shocking. Who knows it was gonna minus into that when he should have done it. I don't like that butts.
For what, for one, I think prison sentences are too long anyway, man, I'm I'm, I'm not kidding. You know three year a really really long time. I don't think it takes three, teach someone a lesson. In fact, I dont have been certain amount of I don't think anyone's gonna benefit from extended incarceration. It depends. You know if someone's gonna committed I'm an you, don't want to do it again and your concern, but recidivism sets of violent crime that they're they're, like that camera, which country does as Norway on the report on an island and in that regard, prison is because you don't want them doing it again. To be put somewhere else. Roger stone lied is going each lesson three years. I really don't think so: ass rival, problem with it becomes more justice system, its retribution, not rehabilitation, is going to change anything. It's it's a stupid waste of time,
this protection. I think that as soon as Donald Trump Winds, reelection bill bar is going to start, dropping hammers, he's gonna, be Chuck and out hammers left and right boom boom boom slamming flop on the ground. People is concerned shockwaves. If trot loses. The same thing will happen as Bill BAR will have a couple months to drop those hammers, but we'll see I think the main reason you're not seeing direct action from all right now is he's taken it easy. If trumpets re elected, bars, gotta, say four years, then Gonna see some heavy handed prosecution cause, there's a thing right now. If billboard does arrest a bunch of people You know the meeting a laugh will go after him, though climates Trump Trot might lose reelection. Those people get off if Trump winds and bar starts prosecution. Just the beginning of the next term hills of a year or two for investigations indictments criminal trials and then those people can be arrested then, a couple years later, maybe the next democratic get symbol. Part in them will see doing it now would be a bad move. So I think-
soon as problems reelection, you're, gonna, see Bill bar basically go super sand is gonna spike up and it is our throne. Subpoenas like crazy, we'll see, will see anyway with their stick around excitements coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly it a story from NBC News. They claim Twitter is testing new ways to fight misinformation, including a community bore a community based points system. A leaked demo feature bright, red and orange badges for tweets that have been deemed harmful, eat, misleading always interesting, and a lot of people are tweeting about especially people on the left, some Bernie Sanders supporters are concerned. This will be weapon ized by the establishment to describe Anyone who dare challenges system. We can see here this image, there's only. Let me, museum in on this, because it's really really small as a tweet from Barney Anderson says forty percent of in this country, are sold without any background checks. We have to end the absurdity of gun, of the gunshot loophole
There is, then, this Orange Bach. This has harmful e misleading twitter. Community reports have identified this tweet, as violating the community policy and harmful misleading information. Pseudonym, this tweets viability. Visibility will be reduced. Well, a lot of people are concerned, but what I find absolutely delightful about this whole article is that it's actually by the same journalists, to claim the two. A rally in Virginia was a white nationalist rally. The same journey, to us published tons of false information and failed disclosed his connection to some subjects of stories when he tried claiming fortune was threatening journalists turns out. It was his and then, a day later, he went oh, no, not coming for me. So talk about misinformation. I think it's kind of funny that I can't trust story, causes guy lies all the time. So how can I watch? How can I that twitters actually gonna be implementing this when the guy
it's a story about twitter fighting this information from a guy who literally posts misinformation on twitter. I know its roadmap for peace, but I'm not going to believe it I'm I'm going away for some legit confirmation below worded anyway. What a fine think about it. First and foremost, is that the first Person getting smeared is none other than Bernie Sanders. He's in the demo coming from a guy whose publicly you know posted misinformation and lies before from NBC, which, as you know, mainstream establishment news, we know they're, not big fan of Bernie, we know bessie was keeping Yang. You know out of the out that out of the network coverage of the presidential debates and then Yang dropped out, I'm not gonna trust them. So when I you like calculate ski right, Progressive Bernie, Sanders supporters, and this is an abuse of power. This is gonna, be abused like crazy and the story being pushed by somebody who does lie. The reason it's not trust worthy to say the least, but will read it anyway. I'm letting you know? For that reason, I will talk about twitter. Nbc news report
Twitter confirmed the leak demo, which was asked Well, on a publicly available site is one who is one possible integration of a new policy to target misinformation. It plans to roll on March Fifth, and this version descent nation or misleading information posted by public figures will be corrected directly beneath the tweet by fact, trackers and journalists who are verified on the platform and possibly other users who will participate in new community reports, feature which the demo claims is like what media were exploring a number of ways to address misinformation and provide more context for tweets on twitter. A twitter spokesperson said misinformed. It is a critical issue and we will be testing different ways to address it. This really means threat. It means that Twitter is going to start labeling conservative posts or any one was not a left us your policies, it labelled as misinformation
We saw this happen with Prager. You, you probably know who they are. They took an article, a fact based article. They took the data out of it and they made a post. It was about Bernie Sanders voting for border, order fencing and they said something like did. Bernie Sanders support border funding. The Democrats support it. Yes, pray Prager, you posted this image on Facebook and Facebook, blocked it with an sang its fake news and then linked literal to the story that Prager had quoted in the tweet and that's what you can expect with this twitter roll out. They are going to be giving fringe. Leftist weirdos Betty to block your information, even if its factually correct, I will stress Prager. You found a story from like the AP and sad look at this data facebook below
their posting. It was a lie and at the bottom said here is the truth, and it was the exact same story sooner. I did. I screen grabbed Prager Use post and I posted it. Mice else with the link to the actual story saying here the source of what what is being claimed, a beggar you and Facebook blocked my posters, well so assuming this guy, who worked for NBC News, Eliza Time is actually telling the truth in this instance. Maybe he is this me that we are going to see left wing activists, Workin media have disproportionate power once again to silence critics or people who could pose legitimate information you ever wonder why people left don't debate well. This is why They are a good example of the same thing: reason. Why is that they will be proven wrong. So when you count there lies with legitimate information like you can prove,
What Barney saying is bathed. You know what Bernie saying I think you're actually is misleading button with. The point is, if you say something truthful or at least cited to a legitimate new source, they can block your content instead of having to actually debate the idea. That's the power that Twitter Twitter will wield and if you don't believe me, let me show you the store, if nobody from reclaim that twitter accused of helping locks media, take over a twitter account. You want how I got verified on Twitter. Do you think it's because winter finds high profile people and says you deserve that blue check mark because you're famous, that's not how it happens, at least for the most part. There are of people who have been verified for being high profile and twitter will conduct you and say we're gonna verify you. I got verified because vice media
a phone call or an email or whatever and sad verifying that you gotta buddy and they did twitter- will absolutely do what these major mainstream leftist digital platforms want them to do. In this instance, vocs wandered access to a private twitter account that had met that posts, its clips, it was created by somebody they later got a job at vocs. They promoted sport in the universe, content through their account and then left due to that California law vocs in it up letting him go, but vocs wanted to get access to that twitter account because, you know, is prominent, so they reached out to Twitter and Twitter said you got it and how over someone's private account to a major leftist corporation. So when it to these policy positions on misinformation. You think they're gonna Gulf hot cut down some concern. And be like we want to make sure you have this ability as well know. What's gonna happen. Is fringe lefty. Weirdo activists are gonna, start brigades in flagging things, and it's gonna be an all out flame war.
Twitter will likely empower journalists, some doing airports, concern and of being vocs personalities, and they're gonna be like you, go and decide what is or is fake news and then which worth what we really funny about how this works is on Facebook. You actually have a website called check your fact outcome, which is part of the Daily Collar NEWS Foundation, so the left routinely attacks Facebook, even though it was the pointer. Instead, this journalistic universe, journalism university, that approved daily collars, check your fact outcome, as an approved doktor factor. There are not the same company daily collar. Is it's the another similarities? There's the agency cemeteries as an overlap in the corporate structure, but check your fact is its own. You know branch if we are going to criticise, especially with the left, does it instead of saying check your fact they just say daily collar too, it seemed like it is literally the daily collar. That's do in fact working which it isn't that's the point, so the left will smear and they will provide
misinformation themselves, misrepresenting whose doing the fact checking is at an end Take me to the main point of this video, the interesting paradox of fake news unless presenting missin. Who were make fake news now now asking for the power or to label other people fake news. Congratulations, the world we live in its it's. The left often accuses Donald Trump of doing what they do. They plain that investigating a political rival is abuse of power and the abandonment I should like to really did just that before tromp was even in office, so there you go, you can vary. You can very much expect the left to produce misinformation, especially about this, be given that the reins to control that power and then they're going to use it to smear and shut down there, their political opponents so our already limited as over the conclusion here, because I want to read that the whole bit about how Twitter is basically catering to vocs, but the the end should be
efficient, they say after receiving an email from Twitter submitted account his account too I'd rather, indication was disabled and he could no longer access the account hands. Straw We believe that twitter might have lent a helping hand to vocs in the vicious take none of his account Considering the whole narrative is hard not to question whether actually helped vocs media in wrongfully claiming an account that doesn't originally belong to them. Twitter, quickly, apologized and acknowledged for acknowledging it was ass, all campsite that recently too, shockingly gave Sunni, Genesee our college access to a parity account, so here's outworks you're a certified digital media organization? You make a phone call. The twitter, you say: Gimme escapade at and they're gonna say you gotta buddy cause is not the first time they ve, given access to a private account to one of these companies. If they wanted, they got it. You too does the same thing. Preferential access to large mainstream corporation
It's how the game is being played. Why, well, I think, there's some political bias in there, but for the most part, the political by comes from the users of the site. We're on the left are gonna manipulate that power, but it's also corporate interests. Certain big companies to twitter generate revenue and persons of content and twitter and Facebook want that, so they'll give them what for they want when Facebook finally relents and allows check your fat not come in, which is part of daily coroners foundation. The leftist start producing fake news to try and get him removed and go after Facebook for it. So there's no winning. They want you to bend the knee and they want the power and guess what their gaining a wrap it up. I dont believe the story is true because this dude, the liar so take it for what it is, but it might end up happening. You know this may be one of them. You know instances of work actually publish some real information, I leave it there stick around. I got one more segment coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Earlier today I did a segment on Roger Stone getting three years and
for months in prison, and one of the big concerns in the rushed on sentencing is that there seems to be a double standard, so many people on the right are calling for Trump to pardon Rogers down because of the tainted jury pool or because these other People who are involved in this false investigation. Crossfire hurricane have never been held. A cow but for all the lies, deception and failures that occurred in that investigation, one or another example from the daily Exclusive Ill Omar did marry her brother, feels somali community leader whose, as both the under husband, told him I'm at o me was her sibling and she would do what she had to do to get him papers to keep him in the? U S. When the story first dropped, a bunch of people started investigating they were quickly smeared as conspiracy, theorists and you know, purveyors of fake news and far right. Augurs and whatever other smear the media could think of
but eventually some mainstream papers were forced to acknowledge that there was much. There was a lot of certain Daniel evidence showing ill at all very did vacuum. You know very well very well, may have married her brother, in fact the star Tribune in Minnesota, said this man may who may be her brother them? It everything was immediately smeared and dismissed. I was accused of being a conspiracy theories for life. Normally reading a star Tribune article and having the source on the screen like I do. Media matters tried smear me for it. I'm not saying it's true but why bring up the double standard issue? Because why is there no astrogation into this level. To these types of accusations I mean preliminary investigation. It may be right now we ve got the FBI and ice are looking into this, but we don't know- and apparently this is no criminal inquiry. They may be falling upon tip. I have no idea where, for now it appears the daily mail has procured a witness who is claiming to
o them and know that, yes, this guy was her brother and there's actually some other document document documents they provided as evidence. Much Rita, daily Mail says squad com. Someone Ellen Omar, told friends years ago. The man who went on to become our second husband was in fact her brother and now, for the first time one of those friends has come forward to reveal exactly how Omar and I'm at EL me scandalised. Somali community in Minneapolis, Abdul Hakim Osman, is first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers, so we can stay in the United States at a time, when she was married to her first husband, I met her seat but hard. Anyone realised that met marrying. Him No one knew there had been a wedding until the media turn turned up. The marriage certificate years later, Osman, forty exclusively told the daily mail, Osmond revelations are sure to win
calls for an investigation into the Minnesota freshman rough Raw freshly representative, who has repeatedly refused answer, questions on her marriage. Tell me she originally The idea that the spouses were also siblings were baseless, absurd rumours accusing Joe of his but assent stayed quiet, one of the rare She stayed quiet is that social media posts emerge showing that heard a ban should intifada her father had the same name as the guy she later married, which sounds like their barthorpe sister? So one of the big issues is that Eleanor Mars's, Molly Refugee, and so there's no real paperwork. Here, it's hard to know what sort of proof and one of the ideas in this theory is that when she dear and found a new family, they changed her name to be with her new family and thus this guy, I'm mad at you know that other guy shaded meringue tell me.
Actually her brother and their names are different because she ended up moving, but she did on social media, identify some guy with the same name as your dad, and I think maybe, father in law. I don't know, that's not what you tried claiming though she tried. It's really weird the naming system, as it works, is like son, Oh, I guess so that's why it was something as like it could have been her father in law. Will all I'll just read because I got it. I don't know a lot about naming convention's work and fervour Muslims. Hers, Man told the daily mail, that's you. Comment and personal life. Omar Married, her first husband, her seemed to have two and a muslim ceremony that many, immigrant communities, that that, like money, that immigrant community was not reached her with a state the first child Israel was born the following year and a second followed, but in the late to thank, and tell me appeared in Minneapolis, said Ozma, who referred to see by his nickname self side. Throughout the interview people began note ill hand and self side, Hersey we're off
with a very a young guy who's, in Somali through interpreter. He was very feminine in the way. He dressed. He would, where light, lipstick and pink clothes and very very short, shorts and the summer people's hard whispering about him Hersey and Ellen both told me. It was ill hounds brother, and he had been living in London, but he was mixing with what were seen as bad influences. The family do not like so they sent him to Minneapolis as rehab. Ozma, who runs a popular facebook, Blog called certain check which on Somalia issues so that all kept her marriage to EL me quiet with no one from the somali community invited to the wedding explained when her see an ill at an ill Hon got married. A lot of people were invited. It was a big islamic wedding uniting to lie urge clans in Minneapolis community. I would there were a hundred two hundred and fifty people there buddy, when she married L me no one even knew about it. Instead of the time. Hersey was better known that
Omar among Somalis. He was a footballer heap a lot of somali shows. He was very popular scandal was about her seas. Brother in law, more than ill hands brother. It has, long, been rumoured that Lauren me our brother and sister, but because of a lack of power, for work in war torn Somalia. They where they were born positive proof of their relationship, has never been uncovered. To a certain degree, though there are photos that chick she purged from the internet. The first report came from a blog right my country, that they say as soon as Ellen Omar married him. He started universe, data Alma Mater North Dakota State University, where he graduated in twenty twelve shortly thereafter. He moved Minneapolis where he was living in a public housing complex and was later evicted. He then returned the United Kingdom and the proposed report last mother, the FBI was investigating the marriage and had met with us
Orson Minneapolis, who handed over a trove of documents related to the marriage. Any findings were to be shared with the immigration than customs enforcement and the Us Department of Education. The paper reported anyone found guilty of committing merit, broad face up to five years in jail and a fine opportunity thousand dollars they say me and Omar married on February. Twenty nine at Hennepin County Office in Prairie Minnesota Southwest of Minneapolis, their marriage license shows Omar said she and her she had separated and oh eight, and because their faith based union was recognised by law, neither is their separation Allow me an almost. They lived together in an address in Colombia Heights, a suburb on the north side of the city. Now it's what's interesting is that all three of them shared and address the merit was conducted by Christian Minister, while we Harris when daily mail dot com approached her last year. She would not discuss the ceremony or why a Muslim. Couple would have asked her to marry them. She, has been Marcus, run. The great and mighty works ministries,
Richfield Minnesota, which you describe in its facebook pay. As a non denominational Bible, believing Bible teaching and Bible Living Ministry that believes and being a living example of Jesus, the anointed one. We can then see see these photos of all Mars husband, acting affectionately. Here's the marriage application. They in face of inefficient message? Marcus here hold the daily mail. My wife doesn't want be involved or interviewed about Congresswoman Omar. It's not going to happen not now and not. Ever after the marriage, after their marriage or more and I moved to Fargo, where they both attended north go to state university. She said she needed to get paper for her brother to go to school. We all thought she was just get papers together to allow me stay in this country. Once you have the papers they could apply for student loans. They both movie North Dakota to go to school, but she still married to her see in the somali way. Only marries that mattered was the one in the mosque. Ilan came back to many apple, at the time to see your family, but her brother didn't come with her eyes.
Believes Albion Omar sought out some outside the somali community to conduct the ceremony because in a mom would have known they were related and would have refused to marry them. Then, who is confined to a wheelchair after contracting polio before we move to the? U S into us. For said he got no her see well in his first few years in Minneapolis, the same age both having been born in January nineteen eighty they originally when her she was working at a barber shop and when they both regularly eight now defunct Indian Ocean restaurant when her see opened his own business urban hookah, which also now closed Osmond, occasionally, tell so. Ok, ok, I do we get the point, basically have a guy in the community saying they they knew that Omar and the sky were brother and sister, and they did realized. She was actually gonna marry the dude. So one of the theories, that's that that that has been brought is that she married him, so he could go to school. People laughed have to dismissing this sang ass, a brother and sister you can petition
to have your brother come to the country, however, petitioning for assembling can take much much longer than for a spouse. So the argument, as the reason she married him, was so that he could get quick access to school to get loans essentially exploit the system yes, she could have done it as brother and sister, but out of that could take up to ten years. So this was expediting the process, basically immigration, I'm not saying any of this is true. I have now, idea why this guy up day came men would be saying these things why the news reporting it. But it's to reason, based on much of the social media evidence and a lot of what she had Eleanor had purged and delete and tried to cover up that does at least something fishy going on whatever it might be. I don't know, but I'll, throw back to the double standard idea, think all of us, especially the statement, would be enough for there to be a public. You know requires an inquiry at least a problem,
Mary investigation, maybe that's happening now, the F b I caught you. Some documents are okay, so that's fair, but I kind of feel like nothing will happen with this. Even if it is or isn't true, no one will hear anything. It's gonna slowly fizzle away, there's not going any grand investigations, they're, not gonna, try and figure Whether or not she actually did these things. Maybe they are, but I really really doubt it because, as often see with Hillary Clinton, with Roger Stone, with Mackay, with all of these people in the federal government FBI and intelligence agencies never gonna happen. There's no real justice, its justice for for me, but not for thee, the lowly people in you know the peasants yeah you'll get locked up and threw away the key, but if you're nobility, then you can buy your way out. Nothing bad can happen to you now declared that they say the same thing about trot. Making these pardons and, to an extent, all agree with it rob language version I've been pardoned but come on man we'd all the double standard works and we ve all seen it. You gets Dude, who steals belgian
of dollars through big schemes and get a slap on the rest and probation Some dude walked into a grocery store and snatching up on a box of register, and he was a prison for years. Neither of those are good things by certainly don't believe. Anything will come from this anyway, I'll, see you all and the next segment tomorrow, and I am but I think, I'm a great pot gas real tonight you to dot com slashed.
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