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MASSIVE Voter Audit Underway Uncovers Evidence Of Fraud But CNN Says Trump's Claims Are Fake News


The Voter Integrity Fund has found thousands of potential instances of illegal ballots.On Laura Ingraham's show Nahshon Garrett says that a ballot was cast in his name in Arizona but that he had moved to Tennessee to train for the Olympics. Someone else, he says, must have voted in his name.The VIF also found thousands of people who changed their addresses but then voted absentee for previous residencies suggesting either an illegal ballot cast or someone fraudulently voting in their name.Democrats and media keep saying the race is over and Trump should accept the results of the election, that Joe Biden is president-electBut Trump and Republicans are entitled to full legal recourse as outlined in the constitutional process and his supporters demand he fight to the bitter end.

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A group called the voter integrity fund is cold. Calling people across the country to determine whether or not they actually requested absentee ballots and sent them back in and sure enough they have already found several irregularities and evidence of voter fraud. I didn't say proof of voter fraud. Just evidence will we do? We can play the whole semantic argument thing. There's no other way. To put it. There are people who have registered new ad says who voted absentee and other states some of these people who We have voted twice that is, evidence could be circumstantial, might not prove intentional vote or fraud, but There will now we have an action. We actually have a bigger story. There is a man named nation Garret who appeared in the Lord Ingram programme. And he said someone voted for him in Arizona he's not. There is in Tennessee training for the Olympics. This is a wrestler trade
in, for the alleged picks saying I did not vote you see. The voter integrity fund called him. The cold call them saying. Did you vote and he said, wait a minute he did not. This is evidence. What do we do We must investigate. Does it mean they're going to overturn the election results? No and Karl Rove says it's not gonna happen, but what's crazy to me is the left keep saying several things? The left and the mainstream media for one Joe Biden, one gay- we haven't even gone for the constitutional process of determining the winner. I understand traditional, you just whenever the media says, but its very strange. The media's put on a narrative or their like every day that Joe Biden doesn't get access is a national security risk What the constitution says assert that the electoral college votes in the twelfth of December, so we were to wait until then. I guess it's Riddick There are also saying no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Okay. Well, whatever
there evidence of voter fraud, I'm in a show it to you. We ve already sworn affidavits, it doesn't mean its proof or doesn't mean we ve. We ve proven beyond reasonable doubt. and we have a bunch of evidence. Now we say: ok, we got some witness statements. We ve got weird end since, where do clearly says he didn't vote, maybe he's lying awesome, let's investigate and figure out of a guy went on national television lying and never did took to boost president tromp right when the Democrats love to prove this guy went on tv and lied in order to make it look like tromp was right. That would be real bad for tromp. Was it wouldn't it great? That's why we To investigate the other, the other picture, the other big issue I take with the left, who sang in the media and the Democrats is how we should investigate these things because They wouldn't change the results anyway, Tell me we ve got tens of thousands of instances of potential fraud and yours
yeah. What's not systemic, as I can change the result so ignore it now with people committed crimes than investigated. So all these people who tried to vote twice or whatever. Well there you go now we're gonna dig in because even if this ends up with the press, Joe Biden, wouldn't we all be happier knowing that our elections have more security and integrity. How can we go for years with the dead? a correct screaming about interference and election security and now be like no, no stop looking because about power. Look, I think the Republicans and the right are going after the these instances in seeking these things out, where their normally ignored and probably happen, often because it's a path to power to winning, and I can respect the Democrats are rejecting it. I get it, they want power. I do want to download the wind- and I understand whether Democrats want to win, but you know what I care about, what is practical, logical, reasonable and fair and that means, even if it turns out this integrity project
find only minor instances and we get to the bottom of them, but doesn't change the result. It's still a good thing. This project is actually quite incredible. They are calling people across the country and found some stuff. They got this a few weird instances serious. I'll- do let me show you what's going on this project, what they're all about them show you see and ends response as they lie to people claiming there's no ep, there's no evidence of fraud and it's all just a fictional reality, but first I'll show you the actual reality and then show you why, in fact, CNN is the fake news reality before we get started had over the TIM Cast outcome. Slashed if you'd like to support my work, there are many ways can give. The best thing you can do is share this video for all of the reasons I just said: let's look at the bottom of this once and for all right do this, especially for those on the left and the Democrats who, for some real
I guess you still watch my staff, but thank you. If you do don't you want to know about potential instances of fraud, so that should come to point where a republican uses these tactics, you know how to spot them shore and it might not be. Change the results it might just be like there will look. We gave you your audit Republicans, you should accept the results now. I'll, give you a strong argument. So, yes, people should know about this. Please be they its import, you think good job. We share this video and ever get to like subscribe. Had that notification? Well: here's the story from the Enquirer Pro Trump voter integrity group that calling Pennsylvania voters has ties to the White House and, to be honest, is actually one of the most comprehensive our because I could find on the voter integrity fund and they're, trying to poison the well basically saying its pro trump and its tied to the White House. Ok, and if the Democrats on of a fraud I would like them to be. You know talked about as well. There are billions in is where the Democrats have this video coming up where a woman on this
admit she voted twice for Trump and twenty sixteen got caught got caught, got arrested. Yeah voter fraud is bad, I'm glad she did by all means bringing all of the news in the world. The only issue was right now the Democrats for some brazen seem to be on the other side of this limit. Let me be fair. When the Russian, thing was going on. I was on. I said: ok, let's go for, let's see what we discover, I'm not a psychic, our what's gonna happen to know what Trump did, and I said if we got a threat to our security, will investigate here, we are with their publicans, I'm saying the exact same thing. So please this isn't about partisanship. It's about making sure the right person gets elected. The Enquirer says election officials across the: U S day, they have found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. That would affect the outcome of the presidential election and I think that's likely, because even the stuff we found that the potential voter fraud and the evidence of fraud does
not necessarily mean that systemic and going to actually overturned the results. I think it. I think it just these things happen, but let's check right. They say, but a new group supporting Donald Trump is cold, calling thousands of people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere and asking them if they voted in an apparent attempt to find into instances of misconduct. The effort has ties directly to the way house, including a controversial senior adviser there and its feeding in commissioner, the trumps Trump campaigns, legal team- that's correct the voter integrity. Bond is run by government employees and former Trump campaign staffers, who are analysed, voter data in six key states according to founder, Matt Brainerd, who worked for the Trump Campaigns Data team in twenty sixteen Brainerd started the new operation last week after a tweet about his access to the publicly available data, prompted people to offer donations to fund it.
Instigation into any irregularities. As of Thursday brain arts, at nine people, including five former trunk campaign, staffers and a few White House, their volunteers, are working on the initiative at the Washington area headquarters, one of the white staffers is Camillo Sandoval, a senior adviser to Trump who recently named federal chief Information Security officer mission in the Office of Management and budget and twenty fifteen? Sixteen. I assembled this data for then candidate Trump. I believe our work was pivotal to the eventual outcome and now we're together again for one more fight working to ensure the integrity of the election from at Brainerd. They say they got there. Are they going to explain that these people are because they're trying to let you know these people, don't like Joe Biden, the voter integrity, fondest just data on millions of voters from six states Pennsylvania. Georgia was in Michigan Arizona and about up and its cross financing names of people who voted absentee or by mail with the national
address change, registering and the social security death registry brain outside? They are focusing on identifying people. Who requested a male in ballot, but we're not marked as having returned it as well as first time, voters in areas of high turn out like Philadelphia. Renard said they are also trying to find people who move to adjacent states to see if they voted in both places. The group, as can't contracted three calls just look at it, and I wonder that and Virginia where more than one huh grid paid operators will call voters. He set his team hopes to conduct about one point: five million people they're asking three questions: did a person with your name vote? Did you really West a melon ballot. Did you return a melon ballot? We have not made any claims that vote or fraud, as happened. We are just gathering evidence. Brain out said in a phone interview. Thursday if we actually find there are no indicators of voter fraud. We'll put that out. The data speaks for itself.
They go to mention that Donald Trump is saying: fraud, fraud across the board- and you know trump- is trying to overturn the results. They are actually trumps on lawyers, that that they're going to overturn the results in several states and Sidney oh said on. I believe that a thousand him said on Fox this morning that it would be stupid of these states to certify while they have all of this evidence coming in my response to that is by all means I look or to seeing evidence. You have, please put it out and then I'll report on it when it's available are not going to assume its all true. That being said, the organization is, is claiming that they have. All of this evidence and we have an individual who has now appeared live on Lord Ingram Programme, saying he did not vote. This is evidence of voter fraud or
It could potentially be evidence of someone lying. I guess, but if we take it for what it is its evidence that there may be voter fraud, I dont know to what extent and we're gonna have to dig a lot deeper. But you need to understand about. The word. Evidence is that we keep here. bring the media say things like without evidence, without evidence tromp with no of inciting no Evans, no evidence. What is evidence mean this is the argument. Ok, fine! What's by semantics evidence is the available body of facts or information indicating there's a belief or proposition is true or valid signs or indications of something seriously. The word evidence This means signs or indications of something. If a dude says I didn't, in Arizona net, they sign or indication that there may have been fraud that simple, not I've gotten. You pass a semantic argument.
And other factors gonna go after. Let me show you the show that the clip from Lord Ingram Tennessee voter claims. His name was used to cast a ballot in Arizona in this life shot nation on Garret says outright. He did not vote by absentee, he could be lying. I have no, indication or sign that he is so I can't say: there's evidence he's lying I do have a sign or indication that this man didn't vote in Arizona and it's on olympic he's, training for the Olympics. Ok, he is a is not so random due to just said, oh by the way? Now this this is a guy who's. A pair Apparently, a well known wrestler, training for the Olympics, ok, Is it like? I also athlete saying not me please that, as that is advocates, it's not widespread, but it does need we looked into and if you ignore this and all the other claims, without going through the legal process,.
you're just gonna, so more division, this man, nation Garrett, he is sky. Like imagine, try, meaning for the Olympics. He has his own Wikipedia page he's an american American College. It and freestyle rest. Best known for winning the one hundred and thirty three pound and see a division, one national championship in twenty? Sixteen there you go. He completely competed at the twenty two team, freestyle, rustling olympic trials, losing account virtual matched. Tony re most in the match, get was leading three to when he was hit with a stalling penalty point just seconds before the end of the match, giving re most the victory by by decision there you go. That's who he is, he put out a thread talk. about voter fraud because he is a man claiming he did not vote anyone to explain what this was. His twitter thread by most accounts does not appear to be overly political, but it does appear,
like he takes voter fraud very seriously, which is not a democrat position. Nation said his vote. I am not concluding that there is widespread systematic voter fraud in this thread. That is, has the beginning. Wisdom according to ancient writers, is understanding or terms what is voter fraud. Voter fraud, The illegal behaviour of individual voters, clear cotton, simples simple: it takes many forms, duplicate voting. When someone, impersonate another voter to vote, vote, selling on Non citizen voting for a fellow voting an election before they have a right to do so and absurd restriction. That's actually left position voting in a district where the but our does not or no longer lives. Side. Note actually kind of agree about the felon thing I know, there's been a lot of controversy like Bloomberg, pang of fines, but if you paid at you pay your debt to society should be allowed to re, enter society and vote. This is as far as I can tell, but anyway,
Long story short what we are seeing now from I'd Matt Brainerd of the vote. Integrity project is that there are real instances where fraud may have occurred. So let me just put it very soon signs and indicators. That's what evidence is- and we have some met. Brainerd says we have discovered the following number of early absentee voters who filed out of state and c o a move notices suggesting they have they may have cast legal ballots due to no longer meeting residency requirements over seven thousand. Pennsylvania over seven, in thousand in Georgia, five thousand in Nevada, one thousand sixty. Hundred in Michigan. So over six thousand constant over five thousand in Arizona, because we are working to confirm correct residency for these voters, and sharing our data, the campaigns legal team in several states. We are confident we identified these early ballot? I'm sorry these early absentee double voters after analyze
just a few Jason States, six hundred thirty one in PH, not including New York and Nevada, nine hundred and eighty seven We are sharing this data with the campaigns legal team, in addition to spending this double voter search to fill all fifty states and to election day voting. This requires us to approach a national voter file H Q team as a new. favorite lunch spot, please help us with these growing expenses. He then links to their fund raising website. It may be that they ve uncovered a lot of evidence of people voting illegally. Many people may have moved because of covert or because of the riots, but then voted by absentee where they use to live. You can't do that. Now what a court really throw these out may be when you change your address, you no longer live there, and then you go and vote there, you're altering that states elections when you deliver, that's not cool, but I want.
If they might say look, many of these people didn't actually move we'll see what what it comes down to. I dont know if the courts are actually going to want to get involved and actually over turn, an election Carl Rove seems to think that will not happen, but looking at this information is kind of worrisome. The people who are said to have voted after changing their address, maybe didn't vote at all this nation Garrett fellow. He says he voted in Tennessee because he moved there is training for the Olympics, but somebody vote into his name- is there in Arizona, so he did not double vote Some one else voted for him. There are men a ways that their many scenarios that people the right to bring up as to how this could have been done, notably, There is a story of upper called a hashtag maiden gate where they're saying many people are discovering that it is our women, their votes, that votes working,
using their maiden names because the maiden names are stone. The registry, even though they now vote with their new name after they got married. There is also the possibility that votes were cast after people moved thinking Now there is another opportunity to get people who are registered about, but are no longer there to have voted these people who but by absentee very well made not even realize they voted, and thus Matt Brain ART and his organization are cold, calling people to figure it out and that's how they found this guy nation get we'll see, ultimately how all of this place out met says. The data for the final phone based programme has been shipped to our call centres. This is for the unreturned ABS programme which cover make Michigan was Continent Arizona. The unreturned programme for Jean Pierre is complete and is not applicable to two Nevada. The program, TAT,
it's those marked as receiving abs ballots, but not returning them. We ask whether or not their request to the ballot red flag. If no and if yes did they mail them back in red flag. If, yes, this programme is expected to please Tuesday night, our national voter file and specialised S extract based on that file. For you, and identifying double voters and potential residency requirements. Violators is being processed by the vendor overnight and will arrive for analysis this morning, Sunday in Wisconsin, We are expanding our analysis to be extremely anomalous. Explosion in indefinite confinement, absentee requests that bypass the need for notification. Core hd staff have committed to and The week of Volunteering H Q call center gearing up for final week to reconfirm red flags and collect additional declaration expecting final analysis, presentation late next week keep the faith short. Ok, absolutely This is one of the most significant efforts to uncover widespread voter fraud
and still the numbers being presented, dont necessary please give us enough information to suggest it exists, and I don't know, format or anyone is actually asserting that, because there being very, very careful- and rightly so, they listen. I want to make sure this is clear if we do find, for and it seems that there have been several instances sworn by witnesses, particularly pull watchers, who sign sworn affidavits? Or U S PS postal workers, it doesn't mean wives, at the people working on this- that listen, I'm gonna put it this way. I get a lot of people saying TIM won't go to bat for tromp and say it's fraud, and everyone knows it, and people are putting all these claims about. Trusting the plan and stuff like that, you are not helping. Ok. What what? What will I'll tell you? What helps the best thing being done right now? The law suits and what Matt Brainerd is doing. This helps in the end, no matter what ends up happening. The things that met rendered in his team
find will help make our elections more secure. If the left truly believes bite in one and it's over than they should just accept that there's gonna be an audit to make sure, wouldn't that be great for healing and uniting. I wonder why they don't want it. Well, I'll, tell you what Brien's Walter says this is not reality, CNN felt or sounds alarm over news MAX away and boost amid trumps, baseless election attacks. Baseless. You can't say that you really really can't you can say that Trump exaggerates or extreme or is advocating for Trump and we'll have to dig in baseless is too broad. You can say on unproven, even then I would try to avoid exit implies. What he saying is absolutely false when we're not at that point yet I understand it's really hard to prove a negative, but we are working through debunking claims. Verifying claims and investigating potential fraud, as we should be doing, while Brian Stelter doesn't like the fact that new
MAX is crazy. One of their hosts actually gets got over a million viewers in the ratings that is NUTS Fox NEWS taken huge dip deepen their ratings because people don't want to watch because Fox NEWS is acting like there's no evidence, keep saying it, and it's not true, that's crazy. To me now. Certainly, I've had people saying tube you're, just as bad as Fox NEWS, there's, realism and there's idealism and there's wishful thinking. I am quite a bit of a realist. I need to see the evidence now, I've seen these sworn affidavits, I've seen what met Brenner ISP has produced, but most importantly, I have seen nay, Sean Garrett come out and say I did not vote. Ok, we got. We got one let's look into this because that came from that break from Reynard Research and in which
ACE. It seems likely that he's actually diggings Nuno digging things up and its working its credible. Maybe it stops only a handful of people, wouldn't you be happy to find that out, but for Brien's other sites. reality. When we literally have a duty on the record on Fox saying, hey, I didn't vote in that funny. Brian. Did you even watch the segment? Are you calling nation a liar I'd be lying, but I'm going to call him a liar. I don't know I have no signs are indications that he's lying. In fact, why would he risk everything for this I got no evidence, so you would media reports in the latest. Reliable sources monologue. Siemens, Rhine, stouter, warned of a probable rise and misinformation gas coming from him. Maybe he said I dont want to come an alternative reality anymore, because not reality. There is nothing real about this, but in this fictional parallel universe, the election was rigged. It was stolen out from under Trump and troubles the rightful winner. This is the new birth tourism,
we are going to be reckoning with the consequences of these lies for years. The did you look in the mirror. Brian, I seem to remember talking about Russia Gate and entered. ending the possibility when- you said Trot had polluted with Russia, yeah pot, meek kettle. This is what CNN does, as only they would just be just about it, coming out right now and saying Joe Biden one now Joe Biden is the projected winner. The certification hasn't happened, yet I personally think it's gonna be it, Joe Biden presidency and forgive me for being a realist, but even if you do think there was a a rigging also happen is trump. Going to succeed against that, though the so called deep state I dont know, but I've it really does just seem probable. It will be a Joe Biden, residency. I don't know I'll say that may Maybe I'm wrong, but either way I want the stuff to be investigated and there is stuff to investigate
Brian South are over, doesn't want you don't know that she doesn't want you to watch the stuff or reduced reduced. That's why he's criticising other networks? That's why you saying don't go to news max or one american news. Its misinformation, in fact, he's also angry that people are going to parlor, saying it's a threat to our democracy. Oh no, you can't connect what people think any more and the other to think whatever they want. Your will to bad welcome to individual liberty, no one aid, you the arbiter of truth you're, just some guy on tv and I'm just some guy on the internet. I fully expect tunnel people tell me I'm wrong and stupid all they every day, and you know what good I see. People posting all the time Twitter, Adami, economic, wonderful, I'm not always right. I'm not perfect.
and you certainly need to watch other people and get their assessment on these things. In fact, I encourage you to watch brine Spelter, see what he has to say. Just don't fall for his tricks when he says: don't watch these other programs, that's the trick you want to. You want to watch it all you want. You want a fact check these things, investigate for yourself I'll, tell you what really is a threat to our democracy, a threat to our democracies, the likes of Ryan Spelter, acting like there's, no evidence which is not right, lie, there's no definitive proof just yet the mathematical anomalies that have come out so far it circumstantial and its light circumstantial. It suggests maybe there's something there. We see smoke a dude saying that he didn't vote. Tv in someone vote it is they that fire? That's literally the fire? That's like whoa. This dude is trapped, saying it! Ok, let's get him Iraq is, if he's lying, we'd better find out right, but is not the only come on said things like this? We ve had some woman claims
her dead son was on the voter roles in had voted. That's it it's all being disputed, because everyone trying to fight over reality, the law. just trying to convince you of what is true and, and so is the right. The only problem well reality, at least for now has a right wing bias remember that famous line from Colbert reality is a liberal bias that was a long time ago as of right now Oh, the mainstreamed it also just pumping out garbage and lying about everything, and you dont Fox, is too Fox news. Conflated a fourteenth amendment argument with a fraud argument. and the media keeps going this thing we're like in court crops team actually straight up said there was no. But it's a fraud in one lawsuit, referring specifically to improperly filled out ballots. That's the lie. The reality is trap has a bunch of loss, it's. I think it's out an extreme long shot. I dont know if he's going to win, I think he probably won't. That's just me get mad at me, first for thinking that, but men
is the media lying about all of this just all day, every day, at least Often it kind of common around Lord Ingram is putting out. You know the statement from Kate from nation well over the Wall Street Journal opinion from Coral of this election result won't be overturned accounts, occasionally change margins in the hundreds. Never in the tens of thousands. Alan Dershowitz things that Trump is gonna prevail in his Pennsylvania lawsuit, but it might not be enough severally you'll scholars have sad Trump would have to pull off three Hale Mary simultaneously to get a win in this regard. I want him to win. I do, and I want the republic, the rub, republican senators to win. I do because a left the Democrats have gone insane completely insane, but on that I'm a realist and some people now only now are they liked. Him says he will laugh if Joe Biden Winds, but people are dying. They said.
About me. When I laughed when Trump on the left was liked, him is laughing ass. People are dying when people thought Trump was really are, and what people thought that Trump really was on track to win. I said: look if Joe Biden ends of winning a monolith about it, I'm not because it's funny that what is gonna do I'm laughing, because you have to learn move on, and strategies and and figure out how to solve problems. Sometimes you dont when and if at first you don't succeed, try try again. succeed, Joe Biden waiting at the end of the world. For me, it's bad and a lot of ways and not a fan I think a crony warmonger whose already bringing on bunch of really awful people, but sure I think their strange anomalies, I think there are strange connection- I think there are sworn statements and claims of outright voter fraud that needs to be investigated in all of that is evidence. It's not proof. You see, there's a difference, but Can we get to light over and over again that's what really gets me so I'll. Tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to keep
doing exactly as I do. I, when I, when I want to cover these stories on assume Indeed, our trump supporters containing meat containing mad at me and the left will be mad at me as well. The good thing is that I got both left and right, calling me a drifter, so I must be doing something right or completely wrong. Sure I'll call like I see it in the end, I think again, it's gonna go to Joe Biden, but I want to see Trump fight to the bitter end. I want to see him take check, take these losses, as is legally entitled to do, and I want to know why going on with these weird claims. More importantly, what Brainerd? is doing, and his crew with the voter integrity fund is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. I'd love to see the data. After the fact their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcome. Slashed him cast news. My other channel thank sprang up, and I will see you all then. Last night, in DC, several hundred thousand tromp supporters marched throughout the day, Anti
far and black lives matter showed up and as soon as the sun had sat watching us, it was even before the sunset anti restarted attacking people. Now, if you go to like I did or if you watch mainstream media. Whenever they'll tell you that tromp supporters were attacking the innocent county protesters, the counter protesters showed up to a Trump rally. Not the other way around. Therein lies the serious problem who instigated the vial when the proud boy say they're going to Portland, I criticised that as well. While this was trumped supporters run of the mill people regular in like regular folks walking around doing their thing and the game beaten, there's one video of a guy's as I walk around a little bike and they just knock him to the ground and is confused like. Why are you attacking me? They don't get it. I mean it's kind of surprising to me in some capacity that these transports didn't realize what was gonna happen if they walked into anti fa
they went to DC. I mean no about your trump supporter saying you need to get out of town before nightfall, because anti far in this matter as if roving band was going around beating random people, and I mean it was a video, some middle aged women getting punched in the back of that sucker punch the walk up and punch had they through an explosive device at a restaurant there were people just eating food and they threw a mortar firework into the right? Look into that outside dining area. This it's crazy watching the stuff- and still the media, says Trop supporters, did it You know you go and social media, they say: oh the truck supporters, their attacking these counter protesters, yeah yeah, of course- and I tell you it's one of the hour understand this- is what I understand look went when people on the right or what you know regular
people liberal, whatever are sharing these videos and saying its anti fought, and I know what I mean by liberals like disaffected liberal types like me, its anti, for we know it is, but it's weird what I see: people tweeted journalists like your stories straight. Here's what really happened. The journalists know what happened but mean I asked Many of them are just really really dumb and will see a tweeting just share without looking for context but many of these people know they're lying and their covering up for Anti fought because they hate you. They hate regular people, There are many of these journalists. People at like is progressive news websites. I say progressive news website, but I'm Talkin, like venture of venture capital, funded large outlets with tens of millions of subscribers they're putting out this stuff and they know their lying. They think the ends justify the means and they believe in defeating Trump ISM by any means necessary.
The videos that I saw, I gotta say it. It's an escalation. I know every I'm something like this happens. Amazingly wow, it's worse than ever been which get owners. And is that there is not just one direction: it's not just like. You know we saw what happened in Portland with that guy. You know, ambushes, killing the Trump supporter. Obviously that's one of the worst things we ve seen but there's escalation and other areas, notably throwing an explosive at a restaurant where people are just eating food at tables, I don't think people realise what what what Antifa is gonna be doing. These are actual like this this is. U know, Weimar Germany level roving back. of paramilitary goons squads attacking regular people who wore minding their own business. If you look when you, when you talk about the proud boys and we see a huge If a prob boys coming in DC and their brawling with Anti while fighting back the media's light
proud boys are attacking us. What do we do? Trumps chums paramilitary groups, ignoring the fact that the problem is right there in March and Anti VA attacked all of these people. You see that the media goes nuts, but anti fuss attacking regular people it like. I mentioned that the woman that Sucker punked amount had there's one guy that ears. Here's a dispute happening right now, there's a video that I think Andy, no, published of an older guy, getting punched sucker punch like really fast wham. He goes down and at its heart kicking his head now the left is saying, of course, end. You know, wouldn't show you the full. Context, what a drifter and they show a little bit more of the video where the guy, like swing in people, and then someone hit some from behind and what the left isn't showing you. That is, is that the full video, the Trump supporters were leaving and they are constantly being hit
attacked when. Finally, the old guy turns around and starts telling the people to back off, then he starts fighting them off. When the attack him, then he gets sucker punch. You see, other games played out of context out of context. They accuse Andy, we'll Andy's video was a clip, but yes, the guy was sucker punched and know that I didn't start the fight. It's a propaganda war, I don't know. What's going to happen, you know apparently Trump tweeted this morning, Biden, one or the other night or whenever he said he won because the election was rigged, I guess and airlines going trouble admitted it. He admits it whatever. I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know that we cannot function if people believe there are if their. If there's two factions for two different president's, you know them in, and I can only amount that violence is going to get worse and what people don't realize too, is that a lot of the worst of the
in terms of the organizers, the violence, the cast its the behind the scenes? You know these people on the left and the right are geared up ready to go, but their hiding. You know I will talk about. I should say I have talked quite a bit about the potential for an escalation and alive people always tell me when I mentioned something like civil war. They get there. First of all they understand what civil war, as they ve, never actually seen one. They don't stand what who is because these people get there there there standing of the world from movies. They get their understand of a civil war from the American civil war, but a lot of ethanol people say: oh, you know that the Iccat happened because the proud, who is fighting anti fraud is not most people. The first thing I said is like. Listen, it's never most people, it's always factional violence and their fighting over control of a government now it looks like anti far, is winning the extreme on the left that people want to destroy the economy yeah their wedding
I know maybe not want to hear it, but it's true tromp had As for years, we will see how plays out in court, but Trump is now Biden, one because of a recollection. It's getting to that point where I think trouble is starting to recognise he's, not gonna, he's not gonna make it through this into As the presidency, we will see I'm hearing a lot of things were a lot of people about how trumps gotta secret plan, and Any of the FBI is going to come out and they arrested this guy and neck in its coming and I'm like ok dude. If it is fine, what happens all report on it and we'll talk about, but for now the far left extremists are roaming, the streets beating, regular PETE The media is defending them. As always, and Oh Biden, according to the media, is the President elect so yeah. The far left extremists seem to be doing fairly well now I am not calling Joe Biden Firelock extremist. I think that the Democrats in various states are just idiots. You know that the lock down
Is the strong economies but little care, because I don't take responsibility, it's just more like a lack of leadership the likes of Biden or Cuomo, or you know a wall for Murray amongst our Murphy. These governors that are put of our instruments lock on orders that are destroying the economy, ignore, the science and the World Health Organization there just playing dumb that because they want that responsible so they're, like whatever just do it I'll can be responsible for this, but then you see the far left extremists and their allies in media and they're they're they're they're gaining ground. I don't. no where this brings us. But what the point I want to make is the people behind this? since when people tell me like the programme is voting Ante, unlike did do you think that the actual extremists are the one you see on camera like I'm talking about there are there. Are there are groups of revolutionary communists? They have that that some photos have been released. They dont come out publicly with
rifles, but there is. I have seen information about these groups and and and notably in the Philadelphia area. There is a group of armed rebel. Generic communist. They dont go out, marching they're lying in wait. The same is true for right wing groups. I don't know how many there are. I dont know if its significant I'm just saying what you? What you see in the street is the surface level of of of the of the fighting I'm not saying, there's gonna be us. Otherwise. What think people out- and you know don't get- is that we in my opinion, the more we see stuff like this, the more things stabilize and we could come to whatever that kind of civil war could be. We ve seen states openly defy the federal government. That's crazy suing to defend the extremists and it seems like the pieces are being lined up in such that something had happened, but we don't know when how, if whatever what I can say is if you
I must say that we are in some kind of civil war. It's either cold or its fifth generational, meaning all about a battle over people's minds and that's by the media so desperate to defend anti fought black lives matter as they go round. Beating old people because, like regular people are gonna be into that and they need people I vote for Joe Biden, which I understand all these elections is it's not just about giving Joe Biden power. Its also like you know, deepen their towing to test the waters Do we have people who support us, accounting heads thing with all of these votes that come in their basically saying how many people are with us, how many people are with Trump. Beyond that is a question of how many people at her with TAT, are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in versus how many people who voted against trunk coffee rather than vote forbidden, are willing to stand up and fight for they Believin dont know what I can tell you is I don't. I
I certainly think this is going to end up with any kind of force, scale, street warfare and insurgency, necessarily, I think it's entirely possible. But when you look at the likes of Bill Bill BAR the d o J, the FBI they're not going after these p oh they're saying that's white supremacy, that's the problem and so anti I can go around bashing, skulls with impunity. I mean come on how many videos over have we seen them through explosives at people, and how many people have had their face plaster on tv and on a perk walk for throwing explosives at people in D C. They just did this. Where was the dizzy, police there out there, the s people sure, but still its wits wreaking havoc where's. The mayor. She likes these, People she's the one who change the name to of Lafayette. Two black lives applause, or whenever where's the net guard and, more importantly, where's Donald Trump. He still president
he could have called the National Guard and shut all this down, and I saw a lot of child supporters angry with trot that he wasn't doing it. That's right, tromp was just tweeting these deep deasey police. Do your job truck tells Deasey. Please do your job to deal with. Give us scum at the million Margo March, attended by a few thousand by few thousand. That's Mason Daily Mail is going all in aunt I tromp now. It also seems like there's a bunch of fair weather media outlets, our supporting trump and as soon as it look like tramples on the they're, like one of the other side, worn out with their brother, said because they're scared, these people are spineless. They don't want to They. They no longer want to admit that, while the daily males actually being Andy term for a long time, but not this bad. It wasn't a few thousand. Ok estimates. Even from trumps. Eaters range from a hundred to two hundred thousand people. I know case makin any sad over a million people and, like a bunch of people, said that it's like. I, don't I don't I don't. I don't think so. I mean I've. Seen crown,
but I will say I watch the video another wow. Yet two hundred thousand makes sense and apparently that's the sum here on. The right are saying: that's the artificial numbers from Deasey police. The left is saying a hundred thousand fine between a hundred to call it that you got a lot of people. Coming but what they're saying right now, the daily males, a few thousand as matters stand and twenty are, rested in brawls between supporters and counter protesters. President Trump blasted counter protesters is at it, so I tell you you know Trump says he encouraged. They say Trump encourage, cops, don't hold back, but but but what maybe everyone's hoping things calm down? Maybe the hope is that, if you just give left what they want and let these roving bans March and beating regular people they'll get their fill, and will avoid and even worse, catastrophe. Wow,
That's the case. The catastrophe already happened. The way I see it the way, I often say it. If we know that the previous administration committed, I'm if we know that Hillary Clinton dead by you having Emails laid off our servers are their excuses that oh well, she did instruct them. delete it. It was scheduled to delete and then after she got a subpoena fort they just when they did all this information. If we know that kind of stuff happens. If we know that anti virus go around for explosives at people and they will not arrest them, they will not shut them down. Then there's no country there. If there's no laws than what do we have power structures you get arrested because power that has come and we're almost there already like the story, the guy Wisconsin right shown in this house a Saturday night, probably out a few beers watching movies when several hundred black lives matter. Protesters we're outside this house, shining, flashlights and screaming
people at a shot, or, I think, with a shotgun, and he pointed to the window. The cops Amelia run an arrest him. That's right, a guide, his own home. They come in and arrest him and we saw this similar mob, some of the same peoples in the same activist leaders previously try to burn. down a house because they thought some girls are and kidnap, because our hang out their friends crosstown is about power to these people and right now there is that the rule of law in this country is, is shattered and it's just a few pieces. It's a husk of its former self because, as we ve as we ve known for quite time, policing is all about morality and what we're watching from the government, is what the left is getting, what they want Abiden is the projected winner, Donald Trump, now treating this, running. He won because of a recollection perhaps will see how the displays out in court pro
right wing individuals being beaten in the street trump supporters, restaurants being attacked, I mean, what's gonna happen honestly, I don't know but This is happening, and so long as the other DC police will comment because there is a limit. But why aren't the FBI rounding all these people are the people who are you know, explosives restaurants, we ve seen some arrests. We know bill bar and the d o J have put out. You know a list of like two hundred people in the past several months, so you note that its eye, it hasn't happened at all, But when you see a lot of these stories when you watch these very over and over and over again, you have to one there why? The FBI has been able to cut the head off the beast: they we know that anti virus, have leaders and organizers, they lie, saying they don't because they're trying to hide who their leaders actually are put it's really easy to find out recently. I guess fortune docks up and created this tree of connections, about anti thought and and
now, who is the biggest Hobbs. We know whose organizing this stuff and I'm sure the FBI does too they dont care. What do we get sting operation from fringe anarchist groups, now extremist groups that wanted to go after the governor of Michigan or whatever. But what about anti fa? There's no there's been no big boy. Of these people who are going out giving out what but like look, look what happened in Portland when that dopey guy, with the fake bought professed through the explosive with building got arrested. Someone gave him that, whereas the FBI And this is one of the reasons why, I dont want to live in any cities right now. I can't imagine this ends. and I know already the left is going back. It's really irresponsible for TIM to say these things. What am I spoke Saint not tell you that, literally top new story from last night. As me, of brawls in DC as thousands of people were,
beating each other in the streets and is in his conflict again instigated by anti via the overwhelming majority of which it was I'm not gonna. I can't tell you definitively who started every single fight. I can tell you that an Thought came to a right wing event and then started attacking regular people. You don't see the problem was walking up. elderly women and bashing them in the back of the head, antifraud black eyes are, is doing that, but the media, of course only frame it one way. So this happened. A massive smacks of ST fights breaking, DC tromp tweeting angrily, but where's the National Guard where's the police. This stuff is happening. Do we ignore it and hope it goes away? It's not going to its. Only guy worse in the past few years. I remember when I was talking about how escalation was coming. Peoples
I know tat, it was one event and now that they're saying Joe Biden is, is the projected winter. I thought it was all supposed to go away. I thought voting. Joe Biden, Anne and when he was announced the winter. That would be the end of it. It's not it's going to get worse under Joe Biden. It already is worse, they ve already vandalized Democrat headquarters, saying F Joe Biden. They ve already started March there signs that say down with fascism and liberalism that enables it they don't like Joe Biden and their emboldened now. You know why, because tromp was strong, that's right! Many of these left us. We're posting things like it's easier to overthrow a feeble old man than a fascist. That's why they wanted Biden and I've been saying it didn't want Biden for US policies. They want offers weakness. Because Trop as strong or stronger a lot of transport is a complainant trump stuff.
Seem to be doing anything you never really has, or at the very least, that Trump wanted to invoke the insurrection act at the peak of the of the riots and that he was told not to do it. Perhaps it was the right move. Deputizing, local police was a very soon. Thing to do resulted in the F b I built around the you know, arrest a lot of these people, but now too, seems to be on the outside and we have the massive brawls. I can only imagine under Joe Biden it's going to get worse and what they're gonna try and do as placate these people they really outcome of the hairs, be the one to go after she's. Not she she want. to make sure that can wield that power. It's convenient for them to have street enforcers and I can say it's their criminals. We denounce the violence, can you didn't? Can you say you say Antigua and black eyes matter
why I said I denounce all violence but say anti fa, say black lives matter. I already told you I denounce: all violence is what they do. They won't do it now to be fair trump could absolutely call many groups, and they got him to when he said. You know one who says what the proud boys and his had stand back and stand by or whatever the fact is. The Democrats like the fact they have a street level enforcers beating people and it makes them scared to come out, and this is a sad truth. You know what men, It is true that you know on John, the twentieth, Joe Biden will be inaugurated, as I've said, the entire time. That seems to be the most likely case, I'm not stupid, two out to ignore the fact that Trump is fighting this tooth and nail and in court right now and even Dershowitz as trumped up can win some of these suit, so we'll see, but I think it's gonna be Joe Biden with it. Without being said, I dont know where we know I dont know where
this ends up in terms of people going around beating people, but I will say so long as they have been doing this, the Trump supporters Hu the secret Trump supporters who refuse to speak up, have contributed to his defeat and- and I warned about this because I know a lot of celebrities who never spoke up. They kept saying how they support the president. Are they voted form, but they were too scared to say anything. Now, Other rubbing, bands of extreme assembled and they're gonna keep doing what they do. The president, we, coming in Joe Biden, presumably is pathetic and weak and is phoning it in, commentators are gonna, do anything she likes the roving bands and now is it worked for everybody, you see by beating people in the street and threatening their jobs. It worked, it means that you wouldn't go out and tell your neighbors. You have to fight this instead, I dont, like a bureau, can be the right. I don't like him either and that was it either
So many conversations- and I have no problem saying who I voted for. I voted for trumpeter Publicans and I took a so many of my friends through both before and during, and I kept telling them and a few friends be like a man. You know, I think, I'm to vote for Trump and then after the election now I have a bunch of friends being like. I can't believe I voted for Joe Biden, none laughing, unlike what you think I was telling you. You think us making things out one. cover the stuff. My talk about it, imagine power of some of these celebrities. If actually Kay out and said no pushed back on council culture, which is the far left tactic to scare people into submission. We will tat, we will and person you if you dare speak up about how you really feel it's too late, now votes. Arend will see of trumped, can pull it off, but when you need your support more than ever these secret trump voters. in the shadows and said you do the fighting for me. Well, don't it's I wanted to the fighting for you when you live under the boot of these of these lunatic
marching around beating random people is a matter of time before you are one of these diners with an explosive thrown at them, maybe maybe Maybe it won't be soon maybe maybe I'll, never happened. I mean scientifically have literally every person, but we see then go to people's homes and attack them. It's already happened there emboldened now, there's if feeble old, sad, tired man, who is what were told going to be entering the presidency and I can only say that, based on working with the lock down in the riots, we have pathetic and weak leadership right now. Why? Well, the american people voted for it and I know a lot of people going to say fraud. There are still american people vote for it and outside of that there are secret truck voters. What do we have like ten million who refused to speak up to defend what they believed in and if you don't stop before anything: you'll fall for anything and now all of these people refused to stand up. Well, you ve, given up you refuse to speak up
given up and now we're gonna see more and more media blame the right as they're the ones being beaten. They're gonna blame. you know the proud boys were the only ones who are out there. Fighting back and I'll. Tell you this. I'm not a fan of the violence and not a fan of Prague boys going out to these places, like I said it beginning they go to Portland. You can't do that. What I'm talking about right now, is a bunch of people peacefully marching through the streets. and the only videos we have where there's actual like mutual combat is when the Prob boys get attacked and fight back, not that I'm a fan of it, I'm not at all. I think you know, I don't know that. There's no solution here, there's literally none, because the trunk supporters have a right to go out and waved their flags and anti fuss going to beat them and get away with it. So what I have no idea pressure. If you go on Facebook and say that you know anything positive about the problems, you will be banned, you can't do it,
you see it's all being lined up and its working. They don't want Trump to win, and now they are emboldened therein power and I can only imagine it's gonna get substantially worse. As time goes on. I guess I'll, be there Time is coming up at one p: DOT M on this channel. Thanks for hanging out I'll, see you all, then, just after election night When the Democrat sad that there's going be more absentee votes coming in for Joe Biden, we have to start counting because we couldn't before I tweeted. The Democrats would now find the votes they needed for Joe Biden to overtake Donald Trump and when This wasn't a controversial opinionated. I wasn't supposed to be because we all knew about red mirage they'd been telling us for weeks. Donald Trump will appear to win on election night and that's how it looked.
and then once they start calling counting the mail and an absentee ballots. It will switch to Joe Biden and it did, and all of these life is like. What do you mean by find votes, dim and then Twitter flagged? My. We put one of these disputed things on it immediately. You couldn't comment or retweeted, I literally just meant they were going to count the votes and I would find it. I wasn't insinuating any kind of like digging in the ground SK cover ballots. You know at the bottom of a rainbow I met they're gonna cuts are like the report. The votes are going to find what they need, it's a simple and I was the only one who said it. I think it's hilarious how selective enforcement is is applied on twitter. How dare you say the Democrats will find the votes they need, but
Democrats, I would argue to start counting the absentee balance and certainly will find the votes that Joe Biden needs to overtake Donald Trump, that one's fine right sure. Well, I must admit, fine twitter. I was wrong. They weren't going to find votes for Joe Biden. That's correct in fact their finding votes for Republicans. Oh, what happened from State House don't mean later not come state house. Recount far, aimed votes, not fraud, but who are the votes for Republicans? Of course, the story for me later says there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire. It is also true that new Lee every election, recount fines votes o does it many of these votes what sort of both sides agree on the content of a voter. That means they agree to count the vote of a person who didn't exactly follow proper instructions which kept a machine from counting it. Another common error is data.
entry, which involves an election worker entering a number on the vote. Total summary that does it took summary sheet that doesn't match the number that should have been reported. That's what appears to have happened in Merrimac, an executive council district five after the election, local officials reported totals for Milford Republican, David Wheeler and National Democratic counselor De Boer UP picnic, we would like to restate bill, gardener staff posts it online, the Wheeler campaign, then let garters office, no those weren't, the numbers they had from the town state elected officials than issued corrected totals for Merrimac gave Wheeler an additional one thousand six hundred votes and payment. Tell you another three hundred and eighty in Wyndham after the recount of a house race last week, all for winning Republicans receive at least two hundred ninety seven additional votes in the reach out. One of the Ford
the Democrats lost nine nine votes. But three other Democrats made small pick ups of eighteen to twenty eight voters. This means my friends. It is extremely likely if we do a hand recount in while to be honest, ever anywhere, you're gonna find way a more votes for Republicans. It would seem, don't tell me why, but at least in this jurisdiction, as we are seeing in Michigan and Georgia, we had these glitch Now, dominion that the controversial. I guess voting system, which is being called out by trumps lawyers say it wasn't our fault Vote Scott switch. I do think it's kind of all areas are a bunch of stories coming out saying: there's no evidence that any votes were flip from trumped abiden, but we literally have the story in Michigan where it happened in, and I think it was on an from county made under the name wrong where they found six thousand vote that went to bind that should have been four trunk, in fact, one local politician Republican, who they
said had lost, turns out. He actually one while the truck campaigners sang- and rightly so, if you have real, concerns about these voting machines and we ve seen a glitch in one instance where we probably should audit the count, and I think it's a fair point. I do whether or not we have enough time to actually get it done we'll see, but in the context of this story, well, there's an and it is an inherent problem for Trump now. Look. If we, if we look at this and see that upon recounting ballots, Republicans did way better, something seems off. Shouldn t be kind of equal between both voter, like both candidates, just like what's the difference in the Democratic Republic, and if the voting machines were not properly cat calculating these things, that's what what some of them were then shouldn't be like a general bump of a certain percentage for both candidates. No, as it turns out the Republicans for some reason got a huge boost, and the Democrats didn't
strange. Isn't it ya see just enter guessed? It nerve says just wow a recounted New Hampshire for a county legislative seat gave the Dammit additional threat and eighty votes and the GNP. Ah, you appear added one thousand six hundred in Wyndham New Hampshire, Recount added a few hundred votes proceed where only eight to nine thousand people voted. That's a huge percentage. It is, I think it's like what was the end of saying on. The average is around five percent will actually read it. He says: look at New Hampshire State Assembly, disparate covering four seats voters and a district choose for, if understood. If I understand correctly, the most competitive seat at first had eight thousand nine hundred thirty six votes. A hundred ninety eight were added eight thousand twenty votes were given at least competitive. See three hundred Sixteen were added, he says
insane numbers out of a new Hampshire State Rat District. A GEO p first had five thousand tonnes of eighty six recount added a five point: six percent jump on other. At six point: three percent rise, the next five point, six, another six point: six for the Democrats. Point six five point: eight one point: seven, five, a loss of two point: percent? Now? What does this mean? I don't know, maybe it means impropriety or fraud shore Maybe it also means that some of the many of Voters that are voting for tromp were first time. Voters and many of them maybe didn't know how to properly fill out mail, or absentee ballots, or even in person bouts, and thus once they actually audited the vote. They found hey, wait a minute. These
actually leaning Republican, which kind of presents an interesting conundrum for tromp. Now, if Trump actually does a recount and scores a five percent net gain on average trump will win in a landslide. I mean five percent isn't enough before Donald Trump. I think. Actually, you know what it's not enough for trunk to beat provided in the popular count. Obviously, but it may be enough for him to win in these swing districts and changed the landscape of electoral college. What we're so, being in New Hampshire. Is micro cause it does not necessarily mean it's gonna be the same across the board in every single state. But this, I think it presents a very serious problem. Democrats are not getting the same. Both Republicans are so Republicans. You need to call for a hand recount an audit across the board. If trump gains
I've per cent in Georgia. He wins in Pennsylvania, he wins period. I mean that that though the margins there are less than two percent in Georgia in Pennsylvania. I think it's around eight percent trump gains five out of the boat that'll dental shift, the split easily that's gonna be a ridiculous amount of oats I don't think I look. I don't know exactly what can happen, but I tell you that's that that's very serious, but let me limit limit. Let me say this: I know a lot of trouble, who sang saying widespread voter fraud, there's evidence it's gonna come out by all means saying there isn't I've seen evidence of I've, seen the evidence of fraud in the sworn affidavits and now also bring it on Sidney. Powell trumps lawyer has said they ve got so much evidence. at them. It's like coming out of fire hose and I'm like also what how crazy I look forward you releasing it, so I can go through it costs for now. I don't know
You want me to say you told me of evidence. I'm interested, I'm definitely zalm excited absolutely I'm hopeful, but until that, what am I supposed to do? I can't do it, so I hope that will I hope the evidence comes out for sure. But anyway, here's the point. You get all these. The galleries trump supporter saying voter fraud and a lot of them that the die hard Trump supporters are not happy with me, for, I guess, having the attic but I'm having? I guess I'm supposed to say Trop one, no matter what we must resist fraud of Alsace. Well, listen! I don't know. What's gonna happen, I see the evidence I have all always ever insisted on having the evidence, but we'll tell you this. I think what tromp has on his side for two things outside of outside of the fraud stuff for one There's always gonna be some failure, impropriety and fraud when they see there's no widespread vodafone the real question. Is there systemic voter fraud like are their intentional efforts in various counties to use fraud to flip the election? Is the software
code tampered with- and I guess I tell you this considering what talking about the present United States, maybe dominion. Voting software should have that their their source code should be audited by some who knows, and it won't be released to the public as proprietary fine, but I kind of don't like the idea. Proprietary voting systems, you now being used in public elections, will see at that place out, but ultimately, when you have brought when you have a massive country like this. Like United States, you're gonna have problems, you gonna failure, typical The margins are close enough for anyone really care. Now it does matter. You got brains you're goin on TV, saying in news MAC, is, is, is you know, spewing disinformation, blah blah blah Yoke, Abraham listen. There are certainly people, those like a clip challenges, Maxwell guy, says Trump did when and how for years, it's possible, I'm not here to predict the future of the Mai
on what might happen. I always do Joe Biden becomes. The president is that satisfactory Brian, but there is a possibility news. Max's ratings are skyrocket to animate the point I'm trying to make us. We typically dont care about. All of these bits of Miss counts like us. I'm a call from Miss count that there was a miscarriage five per cent serious. Maybe it won't be that high, but maybe it matters and Trump is right to go through it. To make sure the will of the people is met by the men. Make sense. Tromp right now is scrutinising yellow and in a way it hasn't been in a long time since Bush vigour, it should be, it absolutely should be, and if an adheres might my position is. I think the Democrats are awful. I think they ve gone ins,
Dane. I disagree with many republicans on their on their political positions, but you know what they haven't gone insane. I just disagree. I can. I can live with people. I disagree with. I can't live with insane people, so I want the Republicans to succeed. I voted for them and I'm an independent left. Meaning individual when it comes to policy positions. Watch while the progressive on my Arel, showing you gonna, be they gonna ears, Eurystheus agreeing on so much just none of the direction of the democratic parties had gone and saying so. I won't talk to scrutinise this and I want him to to dot every eye and and cross every tee and go through and figure out is this what's happening in New Hampshire, going to be replicated across the board. Not Trump is concerned right now, they're doing the full and recount, Georgia. His concern is that there are not verifying the signatures.
and that's apparently some bill that got put in for some reason. I guess that's two means is insane: they shouldn't just go through another canvas like counting ballots. We went into full audit, we a full audit of all of these votes, to figure out what you know really happen. I dont like Jeanne vote counting. I think it's a lazy. You know it's really bothering me is out of his media outlets, saying Trump what Europe is doing is dangerous. He's he's jamming up the transition process and its dangerous shot up, though it is that the constitution says the fourteenth is when certification happens until then, what transition process at so ridiculous that you demand Trump just concede. Well, he's not gonna and good. I'm glad he's not, but I'll tell you this. I said I don't like the Democrats. I think they're, not if it comes to the point where we have exhausted all leave, or methods and trot loses what you want me to do what it? What would you things can happen? I'm no, I'm gonna shrug and be like. Sometimes you lose what's what what
once. I sometimes on the lib- sometimes lives on you. You don't liberals, though it's not fair, I'm a liberal, I'm a social liberal. I've been most of my life. What the Democratic Party is some kind of amalgamation, like a bizarre o frankenstein monster of nonsensical ideas, all mash together, you can't have religion zealotry ideological zealotry progressive. As mashed into one pot. Is its people don't agree with each other? It's weird and because of what credit is weird legs, system of intersection. Ellie not offend dont want to happen. But what am I supposed to do? the exhaust, all legal paths and then we're out, and you know then Trump loses well then trumps that there you go. You don't I can't stand. I can't stand the retrograde stuff for years. They screened Russia nonstop over again Nancy policies that the election was stolen, yeah, yeah, yeah,
and now, when I see child support sign the same thing. I say: okay, hey tit for tat huh. How am I supposed to get mad at Trump supporter at a Trump supporter for saying that they feel cheated? The selection when I went through should get, and I entertain Democrat saying the election was stolen. I said ok and that insane to suggest that a new that the duly elected president was secretly working for the Russians going back to nineteen eightys, as if the Soviet Union never collapsed, says Jonathan Chidden MSNBC. And all of that- and I am more than happy to entertain any and all accusations allegations evidence affidavits from Trump supporters. Has it pertains to what's going on this election force, because I want to be fair and you know, but if Joe Biden and getting inaugurated, I insist, we get a special counsel, us a special prosecutor to investigate him and Ukraine and his sons dealings. All of it go for it, and I want the same level of scrutiny shore
Ferris, fair right there in written in put dialing things back in going back in time to where we are now. Things are not resolved. We dont, yet know who the president will be and as because I've sad for the fifty billionth time. I do think it's going to be Joe Biden. I think it's, you know astronomical lots. We are seeing something sums they there's some kind of funny. There's there's some funny stuff gonna, like Nate Silver he's all mad, because the betting odds are that ninety nine percent church and struck, could actually wind still like through the Electoral College and he's like no, it's overtopped can't win. If I do is suing to negate votes and terrorism did your weapons. I can't I can't bring some of these things up yet, but there are some legal speculation afoot about a pathway that trunk could nullify votes all long shots, but Trump didn't lose yet they want him to they wanted a bow give up. But what are you thinking?
I voted for the sky because he won't now. That being said, let me let me let me just clarify this last point: another new Hampshire thing before him over the next forty bet, if we're seeing a five percent flip gain for many, the Republicans and for Democrats stands to reason. This may be replicated in other places. What this means is the machines didn't count some votes by doing an audit there like hey, wait a minute. This one didn't get counted, then the democratic public, and look at and say: oh yeah, that's our publican vote and then five percent bump. Imagine if Trump gained that. So that's why I think recount at has to happen and audit has to happen and I'm actually scared of what the left will do, it turns out Trump really did. When and we learn this in a recant Vesna. We get this made these major bombs and I'll be safer than trump ones. It be crazy, but truck tweeted, something this morning.
And now the media is going. Nuts trump finally admits that Biden, one the rigged and stolen election, but does it was rigged and stolen. You said that already illegal by gems in furious Sunday morning, tweet storm and then, as I can see, nothing so Trump twitted. He one because the action was rigged, no vote waters or observers allowed vote tabulate by a radical left, privately owned company dominion with a bad reputation and bomb equipment that couldn't even qualify for Texas, which I won by a lot. The facon, silent media, more interesting or reportedly Texas, rejected dominion. Vote machines, because they couldn't be certified as also reports that the dominion machines in Georgia gonna last minute update just before the election, which I believe violate certification rules. Maybe these are all paths for trunk to actually challenge the results. I don't know the supreme let's go to decide, but it could get bad good spicy. What
Why everyone's focusing the first two words he one hears. What I tweeted, because I love twenty all you're, also special onto our everybody onto your special, I said trot said the people are bring up trumps. Has he one and that may be but Twitter says the claim about the election is disputed. The election fraud. So I said Checkmate Twitter and then all these people are like this is a large and fraud turn your thumb and some people like he was saying he one because of the rigging, which means he didn't when like you're, also special yeah. I know it wasn't serious,
that's just it was just me, posting Anne S, pulse against, whereas we elsewhere- and you too so then Trot followed up with he only one in the eyes of the fake news media. I can see nothing with a long way to go. This was a rigged elections are, maybe I expect trumped to fight to the two to the bitter end until the very last breath, I'm glad he is at the die. Hard trunk base are absolutely adamant that he doesn't good even like moderate jumps. What are like, you know, it's a good thing and I have even heard from some like disaffected liberal type saying we need to go through all this. Of course the Democrats dont want it they're like just give up submit. Why won't you submit their even crying, even though their there there on the winnings like if there be the projected winners, you're still seeing people Van Jones Cry and there pouting, an angry slamming their fists and their rioting and deasey. Why calm down we're going
process. Why are you so adamant that we don't do a manual recount or hand Rico? Maybe it's because Trump really did when some five percent can be significant, but they're they're freaking out. There's a lot losses that are to come. I have this story from the gateway pundit and I always had his everytime. I put up not a Finn. I didn't get, whereupon it publishes way too much like bad informational. Put it that way like these, where to put as much they jump the gun and oak verification. Things like that, we use em. But, however, this story is literally just Sidney. Powell trumps lawyer on Maria about a show Sunday morning, futures where they say that there is a new trump lawsuit targeting the voting machine. Firm I've been able to confirm yet because this is just not this morning that trumps legal team is suing dominion itself, but Sidney power.
We'll trumps lawyer says we have so much evidence. I feel like it's coming in through a fire hose. We have evidence from twenty. Sixteen in California, alright, good shit, we're fixin to overturn the results of the election in multiple states and President Trump one by just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions about that were shifted by the software that was designed expressly for that purpose. We have sworn witnessed. The money of why the softer was designed. It was his eye, the recollections. He was fully briefed on it. He saw it happen in other countries. It was exported internationally for profit by the people that are behind the smart, matic and dominion. Ok, I'm excited. cited. Ah, I donno to expect and like I said, I think in the end, were it's gonna, be Joe Biden. Call me crazy. You call me wrong SAM giving up I'm just telling you what I think, because the machine,
churns, I dont think would troubles go in the first place, but who cares about my opinion? If you, like my opinion, fine, ignore it tell me I'm wrong, we'll see what evidence Sidney, power, leases and Rudy Giuliani, and when I talk to people, and I say like: doesn't it seem like their cottages firing wildly and trying to get whatever can land land there like it's a trick? It's the art of war, Trump Trump wrote the book the art of the deal right. Yes, he understands the art of war, ok nor I am not one of those people who thinks Trop is always playing forty chest, but I've seen tromp manipulate the media and I will say this: it would be smart of trunk to act like he's failing when he secret the winning and to lose a bunch of minor lawsuits that are meaningless, that for some reason I put it this way, tromp sue, over some things. That would let him like ten votes and people. Why is he doing as it's pathetic, because maybe they I want to make sure that no one knows exactly what their actual path to victory is
where's the real lawsuit that needs to be challenged. Well, when I'm cup Right always, I look for the helicopters you follow. You find where the helicopter is. That's. Why you're right is right. Look for where the last is going now It's the icy you targeting the Pennsylvania lawsuit on Fourteenth amendment grounds I was at a loss. It seemed to be a distraction, but I don't know maybe try got us a secret plan. Maybe you gotta trust the plan will see what happens when you have it comes out. I look forward to seeing it and I'm I'm I'm eager eager to we'll see In the end, the most important thing, however, outside of the fraud and the evidence, claims you gotta, take a look at this five percent. This is where the fight, I think, needs to be happening. Right now hand recounts audited because Republicans may get a major bump. By doing so. I'll leave their necks segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcome. Slash TIM cast: it is my main channel different from this one check it up and I'll see you old Ladys,
Gentlemen. I have major breaking news. I can't believe what I am reading according to the daily mail, the new, your posts and several other outlets. My friends, Joe Biden, might be corrupt I know. I know many of you have probably just gasped and maybe even fallen out of your chairs, unable to process what I have just said, our beloved uncle Joe Vice president to Bronco bomber. Look it as they come. I can't believe it well. I think it might be true Joe by cancer. Charity spent more than three point: seven million dollars on staff salaries, but distributed zero towards research grants over two years. Tax filings reveal documents show the charity received four point: eight million and spent three million on staff salaries in twenty seventeen and eighteen awe and the yacht charities President received orange and twenty thousand dollars and twenty eighteen, the Biden,
Answer initiative spent nearly one million dollars on travel and conference expenses in those two fiscal years, Joe Joe Biden founded the charity and one seventeen after both Biden died of a brain cancer diagnosis, zero towards research. While my friends. I actually used to be a director at a non thousand director in training in a couple of fund raising outfits, I did events in marketing working directly with the cash flow for these. innovations, and I will give you my personal opinion, based on what I am reading Joe Biden, crooked, I know I know I did a bit in the beginning, but the reality is yeah. I know Biden and we know he was crooked. You see this is, in my opinion, a very clever way to launder money. Now launder, not us early in the sense, like Biden, went and robbed some ill, someone's piggy bank and then shovel that money into his charity, but that, if you want to clean
money from a source say a bribe about accusing anybody of anything above us. What say this you got Joe Schmo over here and he works for government that say he's a local law on our food and drug administration. Rap of some sort. Well, drug company says we got this drug that we want legal in this country to make millions upon means of dollars. The only problem is we got this little teeny, weeny side effect that makes people go blind. Kenya pass it for us. Most people will be. Ok, tell you what we'll sweeten the pot. we can't bribe you. That would be illegal, but I couldn't help but notice you gotta cancer research charity. Well, you know we are actually king, for some write offs and will put it in the portfolio then FDA guy goes wow yeah
yeah. I do I do you know on the board of this charity is so great that you'd want to help poor children with cancer, so the dude approves the drug. That's not all that safe and tells everybody it is a small handful of people go blind, buddy the dragons up helping, I guess not everybody will. How does he get that bride money? It's actually kind, a simple: the donation went to the nonprofit, its dispersed through salaries. Will that's legal work. I work for non profit, we're gonna conference and talk and fund. Where does all this money come from? What is Joe Biden, New Nonprofit, bring in millions of dollars and then only pay out salaries now get on not accusing Joe Biden of anything, but until you that's exactly how it works. When I worked for one non profit, I was surprised to find that while they were claiming
of the money donated, which is really bad by the way, goes to the actual cause. It should be something like and you can go to the cop, goes to the cause and ten percent has been a strain of well. I was surprised to find it would appear clever accounting. There was euro like most of these non profit to adjourn or stand a non profit can say, donate to us. We do Research and then they give eight per cent or some microscopic amount to actual research and just pay there competent salaries and say, but were building awareness. That's named again. In reality, a nonprofit, notably a five or one c, three is a good way to launder money because of tax exemptions. Let us not necessarily need to be tax exempt. You could do the same thing through an owl elsie. By donating tuna Elsie doesn't quite make sense and it gives someone else attacks right off, there's a couple different nonprofits, not we have finally, five one,
three four and five or one c, three, five or one C4 doesn't have to disclose their money, but I believe by twenty four can't be political. A five hundred and one c three has to publicly disclose in what's called a nine hundred and ninety. When I see that Joe Biden his first almost all of them, a good portion and salaries and zero in research. My purse opinion is at biting is likely taking money from somewhere and then you know, cleaning it by running through non profit, I have no evidence is actually doing that. But having worked personally and on profits, it seems kind of dirty. Doesn't it a lot of the world's biggest nonprofit you'd? Be surprised? Do this now I'll tell you what isn't it? like, in my opinion, they're paying the sky. They mention that one guy and getting a salary of five four hundred and whatever thousand dollars today say where's it it. They say Gregory, Simon, charities present received foreign during twenty nine thousand
in fiscal year. Twenty eighteen, that's actually not a red flag at all. Now the fact that they are not giving to any cherries, Tik Tok reach just some is but high salaries totally normal and hear me up. So I worked for. I work for the non profits and often you'll hear tricks they did. That sum is bearing on private save a trick. I'll say something like. I only received compensation of forty thousand dollars a year because you know we care about the cause, but what they actually who is they'll, run two different nonprofits, a five or one C4, and a five or one c. Three and they'll do something we'll call it like. I not see them, call it mountain mountain. Charity environments, trees whatever then, the great mountain environment, charity, trees fund and the fund pays out massive exorbitant salaries. That's a way to get around. They do these pr tricks,
but the reality is when it comes to see those of nonprofits they'll probably get paid well, because they have to be competitive, and if you really want the non, But to succeed you want the best talent, and that means you have to pay a lot of money. So I have no problem with me getting high salaries at nonprofits. Otherwise, those people would just be like I'm gonna go make money at a for profit, or we want people to work for for charities that raise money for cancer right. We gotta pay. Well, and this dude getting foreign something thousand as the present actually not that much considering its its non profit. Making you know millions of dollars, but should expect some of that money to go to something right. They say Gregory, Simon, that's the guy, imagine a salary Simon, spearheaded the Obama administration, cancer taskforce was paid nearly double his twenty. Seventeen earnings, Daniele Carnival the form, Chief of staff of Obama's cancer, moonshine task force was paid. Twenty eight thousand, the director of communications signs and policy while apply, was receiving six figure salaries. The Tec.
Filing showed the Biden Cancer Initiative spent fifty six thousand dollars on conference and fidgeted thousand on travel in the twenty nineteen point, seventeen tax violent- you see, I'm sorry man, my opinion is, I dont see good intentions here. I don't it's so easy for someone in government to be like, I have a non profit noted to my non profit. Thanks you're pipelines approved you see our works, they say the Biden Cancer Initiative was created after bowed, I'd, be bite. let Obama's taskforce after leaving office in twenty seventeen. The binding cancer initiative continued in its quest to find cancer treatments. The bite in Cannes Cancer initiative will develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care, and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes, set a press release from that year picture of what he said. It will
That the initiative will develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress. What is a solution to accelerate progress, a meeting of course and well in these meaning to talk, but anything you want you know like you're pipeline, you see how it works, are not making any accusations that directors included. Nfl sideline reporter Erin Andrews and Jimmy Taboo Gomes, a cancer ivory musicians and black eyed peace, the body Cancer Initiative suspended operations in July. Twenty nineteen is Joe Biden, became further entrenched in the can I just twenty much in battle today, we suspending activities. Given our unique circumstances. We were personally committed to the cause, but at this time we'll have to pause efforts. Simon told the Associated Press. Now, look, that's good. I didn't carryin you're the Clinton Foundation operated while she was still secretary state, but I guess it's different. If you're going to be the president and you ve got a disclose assets, there was a story.
a while ago about, I think it was Mark Zuckerberg. They said he don't it most of his money and then was well, he donated most of us might well I'll see that he owns and all these or like he's doing the right thing, you actually looked at what he was a bunch of other rich people who join this initiative to donate their money to actually just protecting its. I tell him in it so easy and these loopholes. Unfortunately, you can't close them. You really are can't, because the only way to close them would be to be like full on communist? If someone has a right to own a business or a non profit, they can raise money for it and intent. Is it excuse me invisible? We don't know why these she came in and unless there's only on paper saying I hereby except a bribe, then you're never gonna, know I will say. Maybe we should have something where it's like. When you're in public office, you should remove yourselves from any and all charities. Only problem is family members, you can't close the loopholes. You know you could
a brother or a mother or father or a cousin start the non profit, and then they could even have a different last name, and then you could say we'd like you to donate to this charity, for your right. Ass, you did. Your pipelines approved is works. There's always gonna be corruption, the goal- I guess it's to mitigate it, I'm not outright, accusing the Biden Nonprofit would around saying. Having worked in these nonprofits, I dont like how that looks. They accomplish nothing operate for two years then shut down. You know I gave you my opinion on it. Whatever I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. They tried to ban the book and I got good news- everybody. It was initially reported target bans book after complaints from random accounts on Twitter, the book irreversible damage
by Abigail Schreyer. It says the transgender craze seducing. Actually let me so. I can't read our daughters. Okay, there you go. That's Abigail Abigail shrine she's extremely controversial, and I think it's really dumb to say controversial, just because people like someone, they instantly become controversial man, I'm controversial in Euro controversial, let's all kind of dumb, but ethical appeared Joe Rogan experience talking about something called, I believe its rapid onset gender just for you. This idea that peer pressure and social pressures friends are causing young young girls to become transgender. I am not us putting that s truth, I'm just telling you what this book is about. I believe that's what it about. I could be wrong, but I it's it's. In line with that idea. Well, on twitter, someone complained so Twitter said we're pulling the
and then someone complained and then Twitter said we are bringing the book back score, one for the good guys. All I know the life is probably freaking out saying. Knowledge must be, for then we can let the rabble, learn things they might agree with them. Heaven help us if common for could get access to information. Remember how things used to be well. You don't remember, because we didn't lived those times for the most part, but we know from history that yeah the authority didn't like it. When people learns us because then they learn stuff. They realized hey, wait a minute. You can't do that. Ideas are like viruses right, dear viruses. I guess I called means mean that its idea genes ideas can spread. You know a lot of people, don't realize this liberalism classical liberalism had to be thought up. There was a period where people thought there was authority from divine power.
evidence that simply because the king said God wills it so that they were in charge and then started the realise and the area we back and forth. I know that you know we had democracy in ancient Rome in Greece in whatever and then eventually got divine Monarchy divine right but eventually people were like YO. I kind of think we're all granted these rights and for all of their faults, the founding fathers recognising this still for people. the core reasons allowed slavery in many instances actually own slaves, because I don't think they quite understood. You know I think it was a by product product of society at the time. While there have been some money, the funding founding fathers, But against it, that's just the way things work. I tell you this for all their faults. They planted those seeds that brought us fourth knowledge, it's the key. It will set you free. While here was the first story from postcolonial. They said
target has removed. Abigail schreyer is timely and well researched book irreversible damage from there selection after what what appears to be a few complaints from transgender activists on Twitter, a twitter account with roughly one third rendered followers that uses an aunt if a slogan, a cab and their handle twitter to target. I think the trans coming deserves a response from target as too Either selling this book about the transgender epidemic swimming the country, trigger warning Transphobia target responded, saying. Thank you so much for bring this to our attention. We have removed this book from our assortment. She replied: target dot com just made my book disappear bother anyone. Net, woke activist and spineless corporation now determine what Americans are allowed to read and other cat with around six that as a swede, sundered followers tweeted in twenty sixteen target, you released a statement:
affirming your support for transgender customers, why you're asked target why you're selling a book notorious forts, harmful rhetoric against us? Historically harmful products have been pulled from the shelf, and This should be to encouraged by their success in the immediate reaction by target dozens of fellow activist celebrating the tweet threads, while the HIV account protected their tweets. airs book. Irreversible damage has a nearly five star. Writing an Amazon with eighty two percent positive reviews and is number one in El Bt. Demographics, bodies as well as a best seller in several other categories. I read this book and walked away, feeling informed, frustrated and deeply moved schreyer interviewed people from all across the spectrum from parents of Trans teenagers, including a progressive lesbian couple to transgender adults and influencers to experts. Send medical professionals in the field is remarkably honest and well researched book that does nothing
then tell the story of young women who jumped into transition to quickly encouraged by the movement. This book is necessary because it provides a different point of view on what has become a monolithic public narrative that challenges what algae BT activist demand as the only acceptable position to hold. It tells a story from the point of view of both transgender people and the families of transgender people. It is compelling moving and cut credibly, informative opposition, This point has relied exclusively unlabelled, transphobia and dangerous, based on his intolerance to different differing views regarding transgender issues, see exactly type of book that should be included in it of our spectrum of arguments. Hence the Good NEWS you see over on twitter, the ache have account says. I think the transmitted deserves a response as to why there selling this book targets
Thank you so much for bring this to our attention. We have removed it followed by animal. I e g sang, promote diversity of thought. Target, do not submit to Stalinist thought, policing the marketplace of ideas will either lift up or destroy the book on its own and target responded. Yesterday we removed a book from TAT dot com based on feedback we received. We want to offer a broad assortment for our guests and are adding this book back to target not come. We apologise for any confusion, amazing, very amazing, and there it is targeted outcome, irreversible damage by Abigail Schreyer, Hardcover sold out man. I couldn't by a copy what a bummer well. Hopefully, Abigail makes a good amount of money for the hard work she put into this and because of the woke insanity that caused damage. Initially, congratulations to target on doing the right thing and I see a lot of posts,
this, and I have to wonder what these lunatic authoritarian are thinking. First of all, the book exists. You can't stop knowledge, you would even at what you gonna do nothing, even if you get the book band, people can just download you're not making it and do not make information information on attainable Europe we stress and affecting it, but that's their plan. I guess they don't like the idea that some, people can actually learn things. They don't like the idea that ideas can spread your star gate in STAR gate. Most of your party familiar, they find this target hits it's a portal that brings them to another planet where there are bunch of humans and if I kind of egyptian or whatever you see on their planet, unlike our planet in the movie- and this has been just cameo started.
who on earth the people that we're doing the labour for these aliens learned. They learn to read, saunas other planet, written language was forbidden, and these people remained good, mindless little slaves. They got scared when people would draw thanks. Now you can't do it's forbidden you'll get in trouble, it's obvious. the truth. Shall set you free and we all know it, and thus they do everything in their power to make sure we don't get access to information. Now, it's true There's misinformation and disinformation and it can cause very serious. problems in a very serious real world consequences, but the best the best way to deal with that information is good information. The response should be how about this target show a different book, similar items? How about that let people buy and learn what they want to learn. To be fair, and to be honest, I do think that we should be
turned about misinformation and disinformation, but I dont think banning it is gonna solve anything. The left lies all. the time in the media lies all the time and that's the one thing that all of these leftist have in common. They are despotic authorities. And and they'll say things like dont like sealant dont, go watch, Fox NEWS, don't learn what they have to say. Only come to me because they lie behind southern saying: there's no alternative rally because not reality. The trump supporters believe all of this fraud, blah blah blah till the railways, learn as much as you can I know some people who have learned too much and a lot of its bunk and people who think El Obama, a man, and I tell you man, that's just you you're gone off the off reservation on that one. You got it. You gotta figure it out you ve got to navigate and you gotta understand. You know you ve got to find that that middle ground
The challenge is instead of the people on the left, the big tech companies. Instead of actually helping people get good information, they just agree with the last then the moral outrage and that's gonna make everything worse. I certain a video censored. When I tell people like here's information, I fact check this. I bring this stuff up and then I get demonetized or de ranked it happens. It does, and that means bad information prevails because the left is violent and authoritarian and big tech companies either agree with them or are terrified of them. No surprise. We saw what happened indeed. T just the other day where all the anti fond black lives matter. People went around bashing and beating people, and thus you're gonna end up with people who just bend the knee and then real information that you need won't be there. You are
now. The truth. You won't be allowed to share the truth eventually and that's already starting to happen. Even now, CNN is targeting parlor, saying it's dangerous for our democracy. Why let people share and from now. I understand echo chambers are bad, but that's twitters fault, it's better that these people can beacon, share ideas, and you should be it, you should be in courage and more people to join parlor. Instead they mock they belittle and they say. Don't don't go to these places. Don't read is information? Don't learn for yourself now my friends please do not leave their. I got one more segment coming up in just a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly, I hope, you're all prepared for the National locked down this coming, it's a long shot that Donald Trump actually ends up winning the electoral college or somehow retaining the presidency. But at this point I seriously think we desperately need trumped somehow Paul Paul this one off, because Joe Biden has gone completely.
Jane, his is, is advisors are knots and the media is absolutely insane. We voted Ben through lockdown we ve already seen South Dakota and Sweden the World health organization, it says notice, they said no to lockdown, but here we are the Atlantic. It's time to hunger, down a devastating surges here. Unless Americans act aggressively, it will get much larger, very quickly. I want to look at this article and I want to look at the url up top issue that says lock yourself down now. That's what the title was. Originally it would appear, or maybe it wasn't- that's the url lock yourself down to it locked yourself down. We should have to order it. You should be hiding terrifying, their destroying the economy, the ritual get richer, the poor will get poorer and then, when I don't know, but here it is binding code
the expert warns, healthcare systems will collapse and patients will die in waiting rooms at the trend continues, as new model suggests. One hundred and fifty thousand more people could die before its inauguration. It's scary, we want anybody to die so you know I'm down to where a mask and whenever I went to the store the other day more mask didn't have any issues. I don't it's not a big deal Some people just don't want to do it. I guess look. I've seen crate, Do people like in the middle I'm in course preserve. You know right in their back in the bypass and the like, wearing a mask, and unlike that's kind of weird, do your? U knowns around you're right, it's fun, whatever, though they can do that they want. I don't care what they do, but
following a mask of Amelia can prevent stuff like this, but it seems like they want the economy destroyed and then actually accusing them of trying to strike purposely doing this. There are just either so crazed or hysterical or paranoid they're going to cause mass death. We have already heard from the EU and in the third world, people are going to starve to death around the world too and fifty million, and we can expect to get worse. Why would they be pushing this hysteria over and over again. Why would the media be saying we have the locked down when it clearly didn't work? The first time you don't really funny somebody tweeted. They said if masks work then like why dont Hooker, Herc, meaning we, all been wearing masks for months and now another spike is hitting New York Times. That makes sense,
things are getting worse, New Yorkers, locking down. Why didn't what you did your lockdown work didn't wearing masks work if it didn't work than why do the same thing again, because they don't care, they don't take responsibility for it. I'm about to happen now. There is some good news not that it really letters but found she says we're not going to get a national lockdown. Ok, that's a bit reassuring, but I gotta admit it's not like. I trust doktor Fouche YE. I mean, let's be real found she's been wrong about so much. The craziest thing is how the left is torn this guy shreds of what I mean. You know they attacked Trump for repeating what found she told him to say, but you know you get it for you would say things like. Don't wear masks, he did. He really said it and then Trump said don't wear masks, and then they were like drops crazy, then found she said, trot, did a great job and trumpet I've done a great job as I'd drop. How dare you say that you're not doing a good job?
they simultaneously say found she is the expert. But then act like thought is crazy. You know it is its trumped arrangement syndrome found she said. Don't wear masks. And then everyone's, I don't wear, masks metropolis like you're gonna, where mass, no, you do have to wear masks, and now they flip flopped. Whenever Trump says they do the opposite, but are there as this is the narrative coming down now found she says you won't. A lockdown nationwide, but the media. I you to do it anyway: the Atlantic, the and may be near for the pestilence has haunted the world this year. Good news is arriving in the GonNA mentioned Pfizer and the vaccine, our testing capacity. Expanded blah blah blah. The CDC has finally acknowledged that aerosol transmission happens and that ventilation is important. The initial bungled, messaging and science. Around mask is unfortunate, but things have turned around the CDC as even publicize how masks and help protect the where from infection as well as lower
chances of onward transmission, the importance of clusters and super spreading is more widely appreciated, maybe partly because the highly publicized White House cluster, we have reason to sell it. But- and you knew there was about a devastating surge, is now under way and worse. We are entering this dreadful p what are the kind of leadership or preparation? We need, baseline numbers, that will make it difficult to avoid a dramatic rise in hospitalizations deaths and potential long term effects on survivors almost every day, America's breaking new records and confirmed cases. My friends, you must give up your rights, quick where's, the constitution burn it because a pandemic is here. We all remember the famous quote from Patrick Henry give me, I think it's Patrick and give re liberty or give me death unless of course,
there's a pandemic and we all agreed that we don't need liberty, that's right or maybe a national security threat. That's a good point. Maybe we ve got terrorists, give up your freedom. I love. We ve come a long way haven't we from give me liberty to give to give or give me death about New Hampshire Motto, live free or die. How are they doing? I always I've been saints robber. There was always gonna be a reason. You know that the despatch the authoritarian wants you to just laid down your rights and give up? Listen, I think, for the most part, America will be fine, but I think this would be a lot of this would be untold suffering on the planet and it's a really The really are difficult position to be in two. No, I think for most people, it's true it
France's bless. You might say it's gonna be bad for the economy of a lot of people in New York in California and these blue areas along these democrats and media people. There are like for the good everyone must just bunker down and give up, and that is probably going to end up with poor people suffering the most, which they probably don't care, because these people are probably well off to a certain degree, but it's the poor people around the world that will suffer them. just because the United States, our economy, we actually help people all over the world and we provide goods in resources and an aid, and things like that, and maybe these democrats in positions of leadership are also really dumb or you don't care, I'm sure they're a lot of America first types that are like we shouldn't be doing this in the first place. You know we shouldn't be giving away our resources in a time of need. My concern understand that in the end, I think the United itself,
well still face very serious problems in the working class in the poor will be the most impacted by this. Small businesses are being destroyed. We talked about it quite a bit, but a bears repeating big box stores, making tons of money, Amazon, profit. through the roof. I tell you that we know the locked on his coming, so it always. It stands to reason by up Amazon Stock right, I'm not gonna, go by Amazon Stock but it does seem like it's gonna skyrocket. The left was angry, that Jeff Basis making all this money, but it wasn't so much that they can all this money. You know personal but that Amazon was succeeding because people couldn't go to the store and it's easier, adjusted order. It online seem had a pointless ripe. People can still work in warehouses. The people can sell come to her. deliver it, but you can't go to the store by sure I guess stores have big crowds and trying to mitigate this, but ultimately everyone.
seen over the past year. Just really feels like they want to destroy the economy. That's all I can really say I'm not I'm not accusing I want to do. I think that just dumb, that's, it doesn't need to be some grand conspiracy, anything it's just stupid people doing stupid things, Democrats who don't take responsibility for any potential death down there their economies and is it and it destroys everything and it creates a downward spiral. Now New York's going to enter the potentially under this period was that an hour not describe it, but what happens is the more people who leave New York, the less tax revenue they have, the more things fall upon the more businesses collapse and the New York will fall into a state of total collapse, forcing people to flee, making it very difficult for New York to ever recover there is a baseline amount of work that has to be done to maintain a city like New York, and maybe they don't care maybe that's the intention or ultimately there just dumb, I'm really not big into conspiracy theories. I don't think there's mass coordination,
an arm like nefarious illuminati plots, but I do think Democrats get together do democrat stuff. I do then they talk about. You know their plans. I do think Cuomo probably talks. Murphy and and Governor Wolf about the Tri State area, Connecticut about what they're gonna do and then they act in concert, encoded conspiracy, sure I guess, but that's and a normal. They call. They say what are you doing this it we're locking down and regular people just go along with it. So the word has come down. New Mexico is locking down New Mexico orders to weak lockdown we're gonna start seeing more and more states. Do this there the warning signs are here Joe Biden advisor. Screaming the end is nine: the sky is falling. Maybe as I do not think so. what's happening in Europe, but apparently not than these lockdown didn't work there. Just calling for more and more and more. There's gonna be a new normal or I should say this is the new normal I dont think
there's going to be a return to normal the way things used to be We have a little bit of a comeback, then gone. I can't him what it must be like to be in New York or Chicago aura. You know fellow sanch policies and as bad that lot actually not affect just by the way worse New Yorkers, probably the worst actually tiny, little cubicle apartment stacked on top of each there you can't go outside. You can go to the store. You sit there ordering you have no money, you're gonna get evicted the end, maybe It may be the end really is nigh, but not in the way they say. Poor people won't have money, we'll get evicted. They're gonna go nuts The rights we saw earlier this year were just about George Floyd. It was pent up rage from being trapped inside a box. You could finally go outside and you were so angry and these people were smashed everything and I mean an excuse for it. So I tell you this. I think the lock down are coming. That should be obvious. National, probably
I don't trust fancy. I got no problem with him. Ask I think we should try to something you have sought the virus. But at what point do we say enough already enough several states are defiance and we're not going to like them, but you know it's coming probably more riots there Mexicans coming up at ten a dot m tomorrow on this channel thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all then.
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