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Media Lies About Trump And Portland Just Proved Trump Right, That They Are The "Enemy Of The People"


Trump has long called the fake news media the "enemy of the people."Based on the reporting coming out of Portland I would have to say that he is right. Now clearly not every journalist or media company is bad but there are many fake news companies masquerading as journalists but instead are just trying to burn it all down.The fake news is creating a divergent reality, one where Democrats gleefully embrace insane and toxic lies about the president and police in order to reach their goals, and another where violent far leftists are attacking a federal courthouse and instigating conflict.There is of course one truth and most of us know itBut how can we solve our problems if the media is feeding us a constant stream of lies?

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I am sure most of you have heard about the civil unrest sweeping across the country and at its peak in early June, but now it's ongoing for nearly fifty eight days in Portland and is expected to get worse tonight. There's protest planned in view various places and we're seeing militias March in Louisville Kentucky. But about how which source you get your news from you either her that these are violent, I it's or their peaceful protests I'm assuming that, if you're someone is a regular viewer of mind, you probably heard me refer to them as violent riots. I have evidence to back this up at the bigger point I want to make today is going through the news, the planes put out by very powerful, large mainstream institutions fact checking them, showing you really going on to the best of my abilities and breaking down belies, but it got me thinking. Donald Trump. As long said that the media, the fake news is the enemy of the people.
What is it really mean to be the media? Martin, it depends hands on your colloquial Understanding of the word I mean to be honest, I am Member of the media- and I have a massive audience- much larger than some of these news organisations, but with their combined viewers ship there are people media who operate simply to push a political narrative, maybe to make money, maybe two alps, one when an election- I honestly don't know, but the fake news was is seriously bad right now, and it may be the way, as I have ever seen, dare I say it seems that certain portions, of our media institutions. I am being very careful. Language here are proving tromp is right. They absolutely are the enemy of the people are given for example. How many news stories of emerge saying that unmarked on idea defied police are snatching up people off the streets, I mean dozens hundreds, the articles are running rampant from from
fake news. Article emerges a fake up ed, which gets us more fake up ads The reality is, there were two instances and the police are clearly identified with badges and with police. Despatches on their chests and a federal court has even ruled as such. Now you can disagree. Are with the morality of this tactic of policing, but it is a fact, that police use unmarked vehicles across the country- that's not an that's, not new, and it's a fact that there are plain clothes police officers, not new either. And it's a fact that this news is so insanely fake, I believe, causing massive and serious damage to our country, and it really does feel like. If someone doesn't get a handle on this, if something is done, we're going to implode, but hey people are allowed to speak so the best. I can do is make a video like this going through. The latest news pertaining to the ongoing unrest, notably in the Pacific, northwest. To tell you, what's really
happening and show you the proof again. You can disagree absolutely with the morality of the policing. I'm not going to tell you whether it's right or wrong, I'm going to show you that the media is lying. Why I don't know maybe they're just inapt, but this is a very serious problem, which is resulting in damage to our two institutions, police, in Seattle, not telling residents. They cannot protect them as the rights sweet through the city should we have police won't depends on your perspective, but if you believe the mainstream media has been telling you, you probably have a warped view of. What's going on, if you don't believe me, give me about fish you're, twenty minutes to break down exactly how they lied and show you where the lies are again, morality isn't the question. The question is: are you being told the truth now before we get started? over the TIM Cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, this money, which can give the best thing you can do subscribe and care. This video- I am, I am
doing this video intending to reach people who might not be familiar with what's going on the fake news and why Donald Trump refers to the fake news as the enemy of the people. I'll give you a really some example the Washington Post, Eric Wimple who's, not that bad says Trump called the meat, the enemy of the people, he means it, but Trump has repeatedly clarified and stated he sang the fake news. The people at these media companies who write fake stories for reasons we dont. Yet we can't say we can't read mines. We can assume it's for politics for money, but trumpet talking about the fake news. Any specifically refers to certain organisations, say CNN, which absolutely has put out vagueness. I would approve it get me a second We're gonna walk through some of these stories. First, let me show you this story from the Washington Post. Can I think it's appropriate considering what we just saw from the up and not other wash interpol story. They say it was like being
eight upon Portland protesters, say federal officers in unmarked vans are detaining them. Well. Unmarked. Scary sounds crazy, unmarked, vans. Let me read it federal customs officials had Friday there customs officials had Friday. Their agents had detained a demonstrator in Portland in a widely in video circulating online that showed to men in apparent apparent military taking a young man wearing all black into custody, defending the apparition? by describing them as being suspected of attack I federal agents and property. The defence Miss federal authorities were under criticism for their tactics from elected officials. In a statement Friday, C B, peace at its agents, had taken the action the video net and that their formation, indicating the person in the video was suspected of assaults against federal agents or destruction of federal property. Now
That is how the story that first emerged just said: unmarked vans! That's true! The vans are not marked. How then, did the story start to evolve from unmarked vehicles secret police force and pr sang grabbing unmarked people Then we see CNN, mysterious, arrest, video of unidentified police whoa whoa whoa wait a minute at first we knew they were police now they're on identified police and evolve on identified, federal officers are scooping up. Protesters in Portland or other cities next week with. What do you mean our other cities? Next, this is just happening in Portland and they're. Not unidentified federal officers, they were just An unmarked van there clearly marked as police. Does the evolution happened. The first or he says on marked vehicles. They then say on defied police admitting
We know that they are police but but which agency, which badges now. This is actually a lie. We know what agency there, where the patches on their arms. We can see it in the videos. It then becomes on identified federal officers, so in the realm of police than its homelands Kennedy was destined to become secret police, then bear really worth the discussion that the age s official, dismisses uproar over use of, and art vehicles. Importantly share. The story just keeps moving on and evolving, and then we come to the latest pieces by vocs the crisis of the Republican Party. How did we go from two viral videos of cops? using a long standing tactic of unmarked vehicles, it happens everywhere across this country with clear, identifiable patches on their arms and police on their chests. Yes, they have badge numbers to all of a sudden. It's the Republican Party,
this is why Donald Trump and many others say the press is the enemy of the people. I do not know. Eve that many of the journalists who are doing this realize, they are doing. I think that many of them are completely inapt. They see The story and the language changes one, story going back. Two weeks persists. To this day new stories. Written over and over again, where now, a week later, having only to video clips of identifiable digest, police officers becomes a crisis of the republican pop. On July, twenty. Fourth, where they literally say in the peace, they say in both cases, referring to reconstruction. It was uniform soldiers, not unidentified state security forces from an alphabet soup of obscure. De I just agencies, they were being used to protect moves towards Rachel Progress. They say
outside of Northern Ireland. There is no example of state security forces being deployed under circumstances like this in any democratic state. This is it. This is an up at peace that is just taking. All of the fake news has been written by a ton of people. They ve pushed the story to its extremes, information laundering. What style as someone wearing a helmet and all black was suspected of aging and riding being question for, but an hour and a half turns into trumps secret, police, beholden, adjudged and I'd the organ attorney general's motion to restrict federal police actions. Why? Because, as it turns the judge says they were clearly Dan as police, he says in boy, instances of a federal seizure. It is either admitted or clearly visible at the agents, uniform, say, police beyond the two examples: the state
held to show at the federal officers were involved in any widespread, unlawful practice or that others would be harmed in the future it has presented. No, evidence of any official orders or policies and its budget No evidence these allegedly illegal seizures, are a widespread practice. Despite the broad language in the complaint organ is shown at most that this type of sea yours happened twice and what the people were detained. That's it so I, as the media, pushing the lie I'll tell you most of these people are playing a game of telephone. Someone writes a story, that, though, the Washington Post, literally just as its unmarked vans, detaining people. So what have you ever been? any major city have ever thought critically about it's like when you're in New York and you see a taxicab full of cops. Because in New York there are many different unmarked vehicles you ever get pulled over,
by a state trooper an unmarked vehicles, totally normal. So why the framing? Why the false framed about? What's really going on and from there? The guy? of telephone turns unmarked vans into unidentified fell Well, officers into a secret police force there, not that's just absolutely not true and from there it becomes political trump is determined to split the country in to us. It they say is trying to portray blue cities as a threat. We then get this story Philadelphia top process. Uterus, prepared to arrest federal agents, as trot after trot said. He would say or agents in more cities. The media's telling us your city will be just like. Portland are more cities next, they say over at double, Maybe you are our other cities next, Why would seem so and the end the Philly different attorney, says I'll arrest. These federal officers in the first Sentence- Bloomberg saying numerous
ports and lawsuits regarding unbalanced and on uniform federal officers arresting beating in detaining people an unmarked vehicles. Where did that come from? I showed you, the original article maidens anything about that. They set was an unmarked van and people got detained, that's it and for their Bloomberg. Publishers story nearly a week later saying there being beaten and arrested, they weren't arrested. They were detained for questioning that was it and they have badges and there in uniform. Where did this come from? They made it up front, that which they made up Trump and many others will say the media it. The fake news media to clarify is the enemy of the people when wash post a story and says unmarked. You know vehicles are our detaining people well
fine, it literally happened. There were two instances. I think it's important to note the contacts just two instances of this and again you can complain about the morality of doing that. That's not the point. The point is: how did we get from there to here, because the meat, Lydia, doesn't do the reporting they play a game of telephone and everybody then gets confused. There views about. What's really happening. You see from here We now have a district attorney unfairly saying he will arrest these agents under the presumption that Trump will be sending camel wearing federal officers and unmarked vehicles. A narrative, that they are essentially making up we're tromp has really done is deployed the F B, I in operation legend, that's what does that they're? Talking about an Phyllis, let me clarify for those I don't understand. Trot said he would send agents to more cities, Philly, I'm sorry that he was unable to more cities. Homework then uses the reports. The Numa
scheme of telephone about things that are happening in Portland and conflates operation, legend, which is FBI, investigations into camel wearing riot control cops, not the same thing. The media is just complete. Clean adopt and many of them are actually lying on purpose. So, whether not. You want to agree with president that there that there, the enemy of the people or not, I hope I've show you enough so far about how wrong all of these stories are. But I can show you more now, notably up I'll, be fair. I showed you, the judges ruling sang the police are clearly identifiable in these two circumstances. Then why are you all of these reports coming up claiming people were being beaten at an but take a look at this FBI media alert a reward as part of opera racial legend operation, Legend is not operation, diligent, valor, diligent
dollar is what we are seeing in Portland. If you dont like that, it's fine just make sure you know the truth. That Trump wants deploy, FBI agents across the country de agents for investigations, not all a merger riot control personnel, their guarding federal buildings in Portland any recently announced a technical team would be deployed to up you'll be deployed to Seattle. Take a look at this Here is another way the media play games now, Oh Obama did not sign the law authorizing arrests of Portland protesters by unidentified federal agents. My how far we have come the honor notified federal agents now becomes a fact. I don't mean literally, I mean people are just right getting it over and over and over, and it's just not true I'll, tell you what is it? What what is true Obama did sign the envy: a indefinite detention provision now they're, not referring to that specifically. But the criticism is that
Europe has an I'm sorry, Obama in twenty eleven empowered future president's sweeping authorities for lasting individuals with the aid c, you saying present Obama's action today December thirty first, twenty eleven is a blight on his legacy because will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law. The executive director of the ACL, you stead, said the staff It is particularly dangerous because it has no. Temporal or geographical limitations and can be used by this and and future presidents, militarily, detain people captured far from any battlefield, the ACL. You will fight worldwide attention authority wherever we can beat in court in Congress or internationally. That's the end indefinite detention provision
not tromp is using that what's happening in Portland is actually really simple. Balin cat lays it out. Ok. On July Fourth, Portland thirty, ninth consecutive night of protests, more than a thousand people assembled, the justice center. They began launching dozens of commercial, great fireworks into the concrete facades of both buildings, prompting response from the police, and federal agents inside both buildings. The whole situation prompted the first mate your fellow response to Portland nightly protests- I know many of you may have already heard a lot of stuff to cover it and many of my segments, but I'm doing this because there are many people who don't understand just how fake all the news is. That's coming out that they want to say how fake it is and I was having a conversation with a friend trying to go through all of the layers of fake news and it is becoming impossible. So I thought maybe I just dedicate a horse I meant to going through all of us to show you what's really happening, the edge of all out war billing.
Cats reporter on the ground seems fairly sympathetic to the left wing groups that are throwing commercial great fireworks at the building starting fires trying to cut through the barricades but as Beilin CAT says, it was the thirty ninth night now and in the end, from opera Sean, diligent valor. They say on the moor of July. Fourth, the De Hs Rapid Deployment force implemented tactics intended to positively identify and arrest serious offenders for crimes just assault while protecting the rights of individuals engaged in protected free speech activity, you can hey they're wrong, that's fine, but the argument is that these people have tried to they. They broke into the courthouse gay. They say except ups or its response to increasingly violent attacks in the organ city on July. Fourth, the day after a group of people broke into the courthouse, according to the evidence of it by the F p s. Thus, the federal court service their regional director, Gabriel Russell, you can argue them there,
are morally wrong. That's fine! Just as long as you know on your life, a third I would seem they broke into the court house a few days a few days ago, but few about a week or so ago it was reported I beilin cat that people tore down the doors of the courthouse and attack the federal agents inside we are not dealing with unidentified unmarked police. This, to me, is a pervert. Couple of what trumpet saying when he says the enemy of the people. When you see video from July, seventeenth where a man was raising a hammer to a federal agent. The video says: Portland Protest protest man caught on video, attacking a? U S, Marshall, with a hammer. Why won't the media various outlets dig into the sources on this one. I think I know why I re. I really do what we are seeing is news organization,
Hence, reporting on the reporting on the reporting on somebody who film the video and then posted Twitter. So. It is when I cover the news. I try to find the sources of the claims and verify the claims that are made by many these news organisations just regurgitate through a game of telephony, perverse game of telephone, some thing they read from somebody else and that's the point. I wanted to show you the she'll story from the Washington Post, Portland protest. First say federal officers and unmarked vans entertaining them, They know their federal officers. This evolves into on ident defied federal officers, are others
but he's next and the secret police, and that ultimately becomes the most egregious on badge on uniformed beating arresting in unmarked vehicles. That's were at now with the game of telephone, clearly something that has never happened and was never initially reported, but with each article that gets written, they exaggerate they push further and they make it more and more extreme And that is what the true enemy of the people is not the individuals but based on their intentions, but perhaps the banality of evil, the individuals who just carry with writing more and more sensational nonsense based on nonsense, and they make everything worse to the point where the Seattle Police Department pulls back defined the police pulse forward. And we end up with a letter like this, that the post, the Seattle listen- forms business owners that they are on their own against rioters, the city Council has
hide their hands. The police do not have the tools to combat mob violence This is why the media has become the enemy of the people and ongoing once that beyond tromp, not because their evil. Some of them, I think, are not because they're trying to hurt you necessarily, but because they are doing their job anymore, and this is more so. The banality of evil journalists to dont fact check who don't source their information, pundits and activists who have political goals. Who, like the fact that everyone is confused, and then, in that confusion, that that the people, the City Council, the politicians bend over to these fake stories, this fake paranoid, delusional conspiracy reality and they strip the police of their ability to do their job and who gets hurt the people? That's right, people are being driven driven mad on social media journalists are writing fake news and whipping up a frenzy, regular,
people who are seeing this believe the worst as is happening. They believe that you know out, like all hell, is breaking loose. And then they demand the police be stopped. I mention this earlier. This. A video from Prager you wear their house will wet asked, some young black men, how many a comedy unarmed black men do think were killed last year, maybe maybe said black people, and then someone says fourteen hundred the answer, is actually closer to the single or low double budgets? Nine or thirteen according to your source? U S, today, says in fact check the Washington Post lists thirteen individuals shot by police, unarmed, black men or black people. I'm sorry, thirteen and that's a problem. I completely believe it's a problem, but these people increase it a factor of you know what a hundred they believe it was substantially worse than it really was, and when you do me the USA, the police must be stopped, but then we heard,
we heard what happened? Next people came out smashed up the windows of the businesses in an inn in Seattle and it and it was the innocents. It was the innocent bystanders, civilians who ended up getting their window smashed out now, full disclosure to be to be completely fair and honest and transparent, federal. A judge has now rule the police can use their crowd control measures. So it's good news for the police and its good news for the citizens. The federal government is intervening to protect the people who are being victimized by mob. Balance, but the fake news is causing it and the fake news also exacerbates things like this. In response to these- worries about violent militias. We now of two militias marching in Louisville and somebody accidentally discharge to happen. It would seem that's how insane and crazy things
we're getting the more the media whips up this game of telephone in a desperate attempt to get clicks and traffic and produce news, the worse things things are going to become. I bring you back to the story from vocs where they say Portland Polarization and the crisis of the Republican Party they. Actually say that's, what is it a significant point? The population is ok with what's happening as long as it hurts their enemies, their creating the other the villains, thereby man. You are blamed the media, ok, the media is a very tiny fraction of of industries of corporations with tons of our that are manipulating people through laziness, ineptitude and sometimes wilful manipulation that includes vocs but vocs wants you to be angry at the Republican Party saying that they want you to be attacked. You know what I will. So let me take some criticism because I slammed the Democrats all the time.
But I slammed the political interests the democratic already and the media very much like I'm doing now. I dont note the solution is what I do know is your being law I too, and these lies are making everything get worse. The people in Portland or attacking the federal government could stop at any moment realise this. The far left that comes with commercial, great fireworks, like I showed you from Balin CAT could just The peaceful protestors who want to who demand justice from the feds could also demand at the far left. Stop throwing these these weapons they did in that one famous viral video, where the man is breaking up the ground. They pick him up in they bring under the police, but they dont do it they Don't the polarization will just keep getting worse? So you know what VOX is correct. There are. Both who are ok with this so long hurts their enemies and soul
as we follow down this track of media playing a game of telephone inside of sourcing the route of their information. Things are going to get worse and worse. So I'll tell you what I try to do. I try to make sure that, when I report on something I'm looking at this course information. I dont settle for some up ad from a conservative website. I use a third party facts. Working age are agency, It was gone and all of my sources and they even give vocs in a green light. I try to make sure that, if so makes a claim, I watch the video. And there you can. You can see that these people don't do it July twenty fourth, this is just yesterday. They took a week old story and re wrote it again to its extreme and so did Bloomberg. So maybe this is why there the enemy of the people, maybe there's why Trump is right. The fake news is damaging this country. Beyond recognition, you can criticise Trump, you can save the worst president in the world and you can vote for Joe
I had an if you want, or the Green Party or the libertarian part anybody one, I'm not here to tell you what you what you should believe morally, but I am, to tell you that your being lied to deliver their share them. Don't you think it's important people see how bad the Sufis? Otherwise I don't know what else to do. But I will see you all in the next second coming up at six p dot m over at Youtube: dot com, Timcast news thanks for hanging out I'll, see you then last night in Portland there is purportedly to diff stabbings now not entirely sure it could be the same stabbing, but there is a you're, going around showing an anti for guy, appear to stab someone but it was really grainy it's hard to know exactly what happened. But what will get inside this. Suffice it to say last night in port It was one of the craziest nights we have seen yet the vote France is only escalating the deed, O J has announced eighteen people have power, are being charged federally with crimes, arson assault, officer and here's what
can get from the media, all with Chris Haze, many Hassan. It's time we use the F word fascism, oh now's, the time we use the word fascism. I just happened to think you ve been I understand that you ve been using the word endlessly for the past five years. Fascism, vat, They use it every single election cycle whenever Looking as running the Republicans, a fascist, blah, blah blah look, I gotta be honest. What's going to Portland is getting, I want is a boring, but yeah and this is how the new cycle works. So I want I want to talk to you about what happened with stabbings and go to the evidence, but I want to point out some very important things the reason the media has been covering say them, ass right that just happen in Seattle. Did you know about em? If you ve been follow,
my videos, you probably do a hundred and fifty people should have a cow Anderson Park where the Chaz used to be and then went around smashing up windows and buildings. There was an explosion at the Seattle Police, recently just told all of the people of Sierra, because their expecting riots tonight you're on your own. You know why? Because a judge, you said you can't use- right control munitions. So the cops are like we're, not gonna go out. If we Don't you think so? It's on you, a federal judge, is now blocking this apparently sang Now you guys can do this, tell them to shut up, we'll see how things play out, but it's gettin spicy. It is theirs right now in Louisville, Kentucky three per centres and you ve got the an f. We see coalition to opposing militias there. There countermarching or what everyone cholera for protesting within we're getting really really spicy it stories like these from MSNBC that have made this happen. If you want to know why
it is someone or potentially to people, got stabbed in Portland last night, and I am hearing it's too. It is hard to know because gotta dig through everything. The news has just breaking blame the media blame media, there's videos. Let me let me let me let me jump over and see we got here. Gary Wife says here is a dead. Installation of how to break into a federal building acetylene torches are always brought to protest as we all know why and how Vince Name, are the feds. Targeting such peaceful rioters p s not a pr guy for the protesters, but in your times reporter MIKE Baker tweeted some Protesters are working to cut the fence. The feds are targeting them This is not a protest anymore and it's not even a right. It's something else. When an armed group of far left got knives their stabbing people and their pulling out torches to cut through the bed, for decades that about a court house they ve already. Each to building several times, it's a battle its
some kind of conflict call it whatever you want domestic insurrection, fine, but it's not a riot. Now listen, A lot of people I see comments were there like play the videos. If I play the videos you will hear me say anything because you too well take them down. If you go on twitter and look up at Gary Weiss at MIKE Baker at Andy, no as possible. Your best source gets Andy Angie. Oh, you can go to twitter. You can watch he's. So I'm going to show you the news. Amis show you what I found. What I'm saying. So I apologise if I can't play all of these videos in their entirety. Otherwise this video wouldn't exist at all. We have: is twitter, from Elijah's Schaefer. He said the alleged perpetrator of the Portland Right stabbing as anti for this week anti, but also through laid at federal officers. According to evidence provided by the d o j we can see during a video this one I can play for you wear Someone explains basically what happened, I believe this is this is I This is the victim, but there's some.
But he who was with the victim and here's what they had to say, sitting in the car right now. There I've never seen so many federal agents and police in life life by When is hidden behind these cars? There is so many people here he got saved by anti- and I tried to tell them that this date is fine. As soon as my friend turned around this dude stabbed him tried to run I'm hearing things he got beat it out, there's something in that you got arrested as livestock going around in shock mode right now and just pray for me and pray for my friends, please so here's that that's what he had to say now. Apparently there is a video of what happened. I dont know of it. The right video, the video that's going around people are asking is, video showing what happened with Attica. Yes, and again, I can't really play the whole thing. Is tired you, but I can show you some stills. You can see here This is the man who purported was that they say you. This is the guy they say was stamped right. This is
I'm overalls who apparently walked up was was following them for some time. So this guy fell back. Now, when this do was walking up to the camera man he came around, put his arm around, and I wonder if we can advance a little that you can see right here. You put his foot all around the guy and then other guy makes a gesture where this do in black falls over and they start yelling. He just stare, them. He just stabbed him, get him get em well, they did get em Here's a tweet. Why show the image again the videos it's hard to see? I hope I have this right when yes, so here and you know as tweeted a mob it's a man in the middle of downtown Portland, they say he's ab someone They said arrest him now who do they I want to address them. Citizen other thing that people have been pointing out in This instance there's a in the very other. Yelling call the cops this guy stab somebody, but I believe the
are not anti Vaudois. Like yelling, hey, my friend stab the people work that that one acts as one of our reporters gets attacked while confronting antifraud following them is from the common sense conservative. So you can see that right here on you too and you can see in the comments man, local people are saying. That's why you keep your hands off people evading survive, dude. He now ever should have went and put his arm around. I'm like a tough guy, not saying that was his fault, but I'm saying you guys need to maintain distance. Never let yourselves be that vulnerable. It's a really really good point. My I position is don't violate, know that the non agree in principle as someone someone else said that, but I agree with the right, if so following you look man in America: you can walk down the street, it might be annoying, but if you go up and you grab some one, they could snap and donuts and we know antivirus not so so. Keep your distance stay safe but, more importantly, don't put your hands on people. That's that's it. Man don't put your hands on people. A lot of people are saying
don't get close to anti for their violent. They don't care about you. That's another, really good point a lot. People are saying there was another stabbing and we I do believe I have. I have a clip of that as well. This is from a black rebel. He says I got stabbed in Portland by Anti FA on my way to hospital. I dont know this is the same guy. I don't think it is because I looked at some of the Swedes, but again this man, I'm just try, To give you a base level of understand, what's going on, there are benefits people who are like oh you're, just pulling up videos. Yes, not everybody knows who the sources are. Not everybody knows who to follow. Not everybody knows. What's going on, we'll get a clearer picture as things develop for the time being, it would seem at the dude got stamp out the anti forgotten the overalls whatever he got stamped out. This is all following. As most of you know, what are we on fifty
they fifty eight hour. You aren't, even though, because I'll tell you that our government and articles like fifty five and later the data like fifty six- and I do mean tonight- you Didn'T- do meet tomorrow, like what data the start, I I think it's not fifty eight I think it might be a fifty seven or whatever, but whatever man it started. I think on May twenty fifth, but it's like gotten a lot worse now, they're photos popping up thousands of people showing up important thousands, and it is the fault of the media. This story right here, the fur Out of the media. You see Anti far far left us. It was. A small group breached the courthouse on July for even left wing sources confirm that they broke in they cut and, as I mentioned, the tweet from very wise they're, using a torch to try and cut through the barricades police, have set up a torch to cut metal not a riot. This is tactical. Some kind of tactics-
when sergeants, he call whatever you want, but they did get in the building on the thirty ninth night, that's according to Balin Gatt, which, which seems to be very sympathetic to these extremists. After that the facts came out and started putting a barricades, protecting the building protecting the building includes going around and clearing the streets of people. More throwing explosives. You know come on. A great fireworks and bringing torches and weapons. We recently got a ruling from a federal judge, the state of of Oregon sued, the feds try to get a restraining order, stopping the fad for enforcing the law and they arguing that the secret unmet police had had jumped out of an unmarked vehicle and snatch some people up. The judge straight up ruled nope,
only the only evidence. They have our two moments where the police claim they detained people and move them up to the court house so that they saw a large crowd, wouldn't form that There also easily identifiable the judge, even said in the only two instances you can show of these unmarked. Secret police, there clearly marked they have your badges is on have their patches on on their chests on their arms apparently the judge said you It was like, even if it's not there's no probable cause showing two instances is not widespread, so demanding restraining order, it makes no sense yeah. The law, as it stands, is operating as the law is supposed to The officers are allowed to detaining question the officers asserted problem what causes at this person match description of someone who commit violence and the media has run rampant with a fake narrative about secret police the media has drawn up all these people. So let me tell you, while their blaming Trump saying
prompt sending in the feds is causing all of this there lying to you the whole thing. The entire time has been lies, so your when we talk about whose at fault for the stabbing I get it look you ve seen people saying he shouldn T got up and grabbed the guy. That's the initial act of aggression. The dude. You know overreacted, I personally think don't stop. People got puts Tom around your neck. You push him off, but you don't put your armor on Sundays and I'll. Tell you what I don't care about that squabble boats them party and the data they get arrested. I believe so is a committee on it. More importantly, it's the fault of the media. The media is propping these extremists lying about what's going on to emboldened them, and so why them with reinforcements? Why? I dont know I'll tell you this: it's gonna backfire on Democrats I think the media was sensational, shot content, so they're like just claim that the Trump people that the feds the law enforcement are evil because it plays into ever.
You know preexisting narrative and, don't make more. That's that's! That's the game right, the media says, listen, we got ten. People are breaching the court house in the feds repelled them. What we do make up the most insane nonsense possible to get more protesters, so we can get more knights of this I'll. Tell you what helps Donald trump it same thing: they didn't twenty fifteen and sixteen. They wouldn't stop airing. All of Trump, no matter what he did. He they gave him all of this. Our time, five billion dollars and free press coverage, and all of this, right now, Trump couldn't ask for more compliant media there, so desperate and stupid and deceit deceitful that trumpet sending in law enforcement people see these very I was in he's like I'm, gonna enforce the law, and now they are check this out. Eighteen arrested facing fair Charges related to violence in downtown Portland charges include arson,
solving the federal officer and damaging government property attorney you S attorney, built Billy, J Williams on Friday announced eighty People have been arrested on federal charges for their alive, roles in the violence of the federal Court House in downtown Portland, those non violent protests, blah blah blah abortion, I once U S: Marshall, service, deputies and officers from the F, P S, home, unsecured investigations and see BP work are working to protect. The courthouse have been subjected to nightly threats and assault from demonstrators while performing their duties. Members of the media were allowed to tour the courthouse on Friday Williams. Anyone who defends the destruction is only enabling it blame Federal agents for protecting federal property is an easy out for people who want to politicize this. You have to ask the community how long they are willing to tolerate this mindless violence. Meanwhile, The Justice Department of Homeland Security officers of inspector General Open, instigations into the conduct of fat,
Well officers during the protests following complaints from the public in Congress gassing I'll think botanic on the streets of our city, not here not allowed, and we will put an end to it. Yes, not allowed they say, except they literally this all the time and talking about crowd, control its not knew it and it's totally normal. You can talk about how you don't like it, but listen in Seattle, you wanna know what recently happened: the city I'm so said the cops have no right. No, they are not allowed to use riot control munitions, so the police said at a newsletter, local businesses saying we will not put our officers in harm's way. If the city council doesn't want us to use crowd control, we will not be there, but now here's the uptake federal judge blocks Seattle Councils law, banning police Anti riot gear. The judge called restraining order very temporary and called for constructive talks in the city and the Justice Department. Fox reports,
in a ruling Friday night, a federal judge, blocked and New Seattle law, prohibiting police from using pepper, spry and other anti riot weapons. The new law was set to take effect Sunday, but U S District Judge James Robot, granted a request by the federal government to block the measure. The Seattle Times reported the Seattle City Council, passed the new law unanimously last month, hoping to reduce violent clashes between police and protestors. This is the stupidity of these left wing. Politicians, I'm sorry, I gotta say it when the fourth left shows up and they say burned and that bring that statue down Burnett building down and the government goes in. Order to prevent any violence, we're going to do everything. They say you know what you're telling them you were telling the far left that it worked. You are telling them their violence worked and you will give them what they want. A hundred and fifty people marched around
downtown Seattle, smashing up windows, stealing merchandise, from businesses and burning it in the street. Why? Because the police were told, let them up. Let him do their thing. And the end, and the politicians are like, but it will stop there. I want clashes, oh you're right. It will stop the violent clashes between the place. Let me tell you what Trump is doing the sit Setup City Council, one hundred, sent correct, or nano hear me out. They did successful. Stop some violent clashes between the police and the rioters. They just replaced it with violent clashes between the pop up. Queen local businesses and the rioters now the riders. Are still getting violent, but there is nothing protecting the people and that's what tromp is doing with operation, diligent valor and operation legit. I am no fan of police, militarization covered it. I've talked. I've spoke out against it. In my opinion, I don't like the idea. I believe we need our constraints, on what police use, what are wearing a gear, they have. I get it in all these things, but what we are seeing
important is not police militarization. Just because there were bring came out, doesn't mean they are the military just because the officers have that this looks like they. Just putting a buildings round. It says Seattle, police, off. His hold weapons as they stand, guard outside the EAST precinct, building that's them guarding their police department. The exists sense of law enforcement is not a suppression of your rights. Now, if three hundred federal agents in full tact I'll give you know DEC gear and there they ve got no badges. Ok, then, I'm concerned, except the only issue for the left they all identifiable if they Chopin Apes, cease with live ammo and they litter the straight a tear gas and not one protester did anything to warrant it. We call out the police brutality. I have it had happened. I've seen police instigate, I've seen the famous tony Bologna video from occupied where he walked up to it was. I think I will Form and stand on the sidewalk doing nothing and it just sprays him in the face Jack I got in trouble,
He got reassign Staten Island in everybody made fun of him, but what happening now. In fact, important is not overt militarism. Of the police, they're using pepper ball guns there, like pink balls, though using tyranny, this has been going on for ever you can argue, no tear gas fine. It doesn't seem to effect that the writers anyway, but I don't know what tactics you want to talk about. Authorization you gotta have badges badge numbers. My big issue is: let's talk about. Let's talk about when they can use certain tactics and tools? That's it oversight control. Now, yours, it's happening with Trump and the deployment of A joint operation legend, as have you heard, is just like FBI going field offices. We had the gun, investigate diligent valor is what's going on Portland. This is typically see BP, yours marshals and ice and F p s protecting a court house if the far left doesn't go to the court house in fact allow one of it if the far left- and these
groups of people went to the courthouse and the protesters the real ones held the extremists accountable. None of this would happen period, not about what happened. The police come out because there's a guy with a torch, cutting through a barricade, there's people starting fires and that's when they come out I'll. Tell you what you see these videos and I've been following me: many journalists trend and they all show very similar things. The federal police do do not react for the most part. I say for the most: what, because, from the because I've seen and I've seen probably like fifty two hundred you'll, see like an video of Mayor TED, Wheeler, standing on the fence and the feds are doing now, Things are going, you must disperse, you must, and then you see, mortar shells flying over boom boom banks and fires being started, and then the feds time to move time to get out you're throwing weapons in explosives. Now, member that video I showed several times may be sought where I think it was in DC, I'm not sure an annual guy is hammering the sidewalk and the protesters grab.
And bring him to the police. Amazing, they said stop this guy. Then you get your protest, but if the protesters won't stop the far left from throwing explosives cutting through the baton to knock the barricades down, well then you're gonna get you're gonna get right, controlled the same as anybody else. What we are seeing in seattle- not now important Seattle, but Portland as well, that the people of that that the police are being told not to intervene, and so the police are like. We're, not gonna, be there for you. So this is what most people are afraid of, and this is what feeds right into trumps hands you see. Trop has now been a point out the very very obvious and real fact. In Seattle they told the police, you can't use. At year end so the police said, then we don't go out. Then the riders went out destroyed businesses. The violent clashes still happened, except the only difference. It wasn't just the police fighting protest riders,
it was riders, destroying the lives of innocent people, and that's it. You can expect probably today, because it's supposed to get a lot crazier tonight and if the police can't do their jobs, what than they well I don't know the Sierra please employment coming out. We do have this rule, which is what is variation, is thus the? U S. Justice department argued that the inability to use pepper spray- black balls and other devices, but actually lead to more police use of force, not less, and that that's listen. If you take away less lethal toxic and strategies, then one of the police have to do in a normal circumstance where I irregular, albeit cup, just walk in industries as taser he's got. His nose is, is it This is handgun and somebody is smashing up windows and swinging the weapon. These things and very badly for the personnel they'll get teased, maybe even shot in a riot control situation what's happening. They use less lethal, if you take away less lethal, the only option for police is going to be there taser or there
an end. Even in this, maybe the kind of user teachers. Autonoe note note you can't use it well, the car, we're not gonna put ourselves endanger nope, because the cops they want to grant shoot people with live amicable and if they can't do anything upright themselves with less lethal munitions. Why would they come out? That's? U Seattle! You keep vote. Before it's. What you get is ruling robot, determined that the situation requires further discussion between the city and justice Department. Two years ago under the settlement agreement regarding a police department overall, because of past complaints about excessive force and biased policing, robot, callers, restraining order blocking the law, very temporary advice city and the Justice Department, to engage in constructive discussions. This I understand, prior to the judges, fry I ruling Seattle police chief common best in anticipation of the new law, Taking effect Sunday announced plans for adjusted deployment method. Said she said were designed to protect police officers, who would lack act, access to the Anti riot weapons
but the judges, Friday ruling move move the Chiefs plan moot at least for now. Meanwhile, on Thursday federal government plan arrived, arrive in Seattle, carrying federal law enforcement officers who are expected to be deployed this weekend to protect federal buildings from any possible writing. They would augment the deployment of local police. Here we go baby, ready for tonight, because you sought in Portland now it's gonna be everywhere. This is the big weakened. The Portland riots are gonna, be, are close to putting their two month mark, if not they ve already done and the media is going to lie every step of the way they ve been doing it. Let me just read this up with this, because it really does strike at the core of my being too videos went viral, showing police with Their badges see, BP, I believe, was on their arms. You can see the patches on their arms, there badge number and police on their chests,
and the narrative emerged that on identified secret police were marching around snatching up people complete and total lie and from that. The narrative has become this weird vision, I'm talking activists than they think that there's, like hundreds of people being disappeared, it's just literally to people who are question for an hour and a half and let go now and the judge said what you mean: the venues videos. I can see their wearing police and sad buzz off you're wrong, while the state is going up against the FED we'll see how this plays out tonight. There is some more one. Quick update, theirs to be too militias marching against each other, their counter, each airport that way in Louisville. So today, He's gonna get spicy I'll, see you on the next video on this channel coming up at one p m thanks for hanging peace, loving black trump Super supporter, shot dead hours after giving pro trump,
interview. A man named burnout. Trammel was gunned down in a walkie. What Milwaukee, shortly after an alleged dispute over its trump signs? Why doesn't his black life matter to black lives matter agitators, I'm not afraid of that question. I don't know, I really doubt people going to speak up for this guy. I fairly obvious to a lot of people but I would say his life does matter. The real question is: why Doesn't his life matter to the media is? Why am I of the media all the time, the port, the protests, the right That's the escalation. It's always because the media props up these stories, not this one but the other stories and they falsely frame them. So George flow lost his life. Everybody in the media agreed. This was an atrocity is horrifying. Let's Last of all over the news, I'd like to see something similar for this man. He was a black super chump supporter. He has signs twenty twenty Trump twenty twenty Reelect Trump, twenty twenty. He knows it. Twenty twenty is all about
holding a sign that says, vote Donald Trump, twenty, twenty, apparently someone to talk to about support for the president. And then, shortly later, when the guy came back, somebody had gone to this man down and they believe it may have been related to his signs. I believe this man's life matters very much, so I believe black lives matter now: the Movement the fund raising the waiter nations. The far left that are co, opting that name are turning into something entirely different. If you want to talk about fighting for Justice- it includes this man, I'd love, to see the media actually bring it up and say black lives matter. I don't think they. Well, though, I've got a lot of comments because of what's been going on important and I'm talking about the police are being attacked and sure enough like clockwork. You get a bunch of people Monday on Facebook, saying things like you, never speak up about police brutality, blah blah the fake narrative, the fake narrative, how many moderate
Liberal independent conservatives, not progressives did speak up about George Floyd, basically, every single one, all I mean you- you sought Sean Hannity Glenn back talking about George Floyd. I I dedicated countless ours too, what had happened to George Flood even read the coroner's report and this is never enough for these people and then, when I put out a video like this talking about the horrifying tragedy, is the loss of this man's life. They pretend like its biased, like I don't know, we care about the cause because it supports a trump supporter. Man should not have died, he should not have died. We dont know why now trumps Borders are already saying, he's a hero and he's a martyr at very least there are two ways to view it. If it's true This man got to an argument over his support for the present and was killed because of it. You better believe they will hold him.
They will view him as a martyr someone who died defending what he believed in, but it either either right It's a sign of the escalation of crime, the crime it's been gulf. Around across his country, escalating specifically murders and gun deaths, either way he's a victim of everything that happened in the past two months. I mean for all we know you owe somebody money, but I really doubt that was the case. What we have gotten a ten- and you don't regard- was of that. What have we learned? Truly earn from from all of these riots? It has brought about police demoralization, defending of the police an escalation in the lethal crime. That's all we really gotten, and today riots are still expected their expected to get worse in they ve ever been. Escalating and the real problem that I see is the media, because they're not gonna, put em on CNN. Prime time they're not gonna, put em on MSNBC primetime there,
say his life mattered? They're gonna say he was internalizing racism on some other stupid nonsense and they will completely ignore it, and when I post this on Twitter Facebook running they'll say: I'm biased and only bringing it up to support trump they'll ignore ever the video I did about George Floyd they'll ignore every time we ve talked about Brianna Taylor because to them it's all about power, that's why they won't talk about this man who who should still be alive today. Let's read the story, the others from big pack review. They say marxist black lives matter at the rest, are curiously silent after black Trump supporter Bernal Trammel was murdered in Milwaukee or is happy reportedly gave an interview explaining why he supports President Trump police. Aren't as to getting the possibility of a political motive for trembles, tragic killing news talk, eleven thirty reported according to the daily call up trammel. Sixty
Was gunned down on July, twenty third near the very spot where he gave a video interview a few hours before explaining why he supported Trump, the motives, clear, including by the slang, was tied to travels political beliefs or tromp support the tribes of Israel and things like that. Maybe he believes things. I really disagree with that's entirely possible. In fact, I bet it's abbots likely in all likelihood this man probably believed a bunch of I'd probably think was crazy. It doesn't matter this man is allowed to see None whatsoever he's got that their there's, formal blog he's got a bunch. I don't understand about the tribes of Israel and things like that. Maybe he believes things are we disagree with that's entirely possible. In fact, I bet it's about likely. In all likelihood, this man probably believed the budgets of I'd probably think was crazy. Matter this man is allowed to stand out with his signs and preach what he believed. That is the first amendment and we want to protect life
This is the most fascinating thing to me is how blatantly obvious it is right now with all of the fake news about Poland, how political everything is the lies about every single action taken in Portland, the Portland put the federal police standing on their property being polluted with bottles and water and milkshakes and commercial grade fireworks people are cutting through these fences, with circular saws and starting fires, and the feds are being I just are standing there for the most part, but when they have whenever they finally come out, trying to disperse the crowd now there the evil villains and that's why we're not gonna get this from MSNBC from the New York Times I mean maybe look up but be fair. But the reality is what we learn from stories like this is that the new cycle is currently controlled by political operatives. That's it. I find. I find it really funny because we often hear people say like the media won't cover it well. Local me yeah tends to
National Media- is absolutely dominated by left wing voices, and this is the fault in some ways of conservatives. Conservatives right Yeah act to the left wing narrative instead of presenting narrative and rolling with it. I dont know why they shouldn't do that. Many people have talked about it also true, The conservatives tend to comment on news reports. But by the left, instead of reporting it on their own, which is why it's great to see big back review, bringing these stories not absolutely do challenge the marxist black lives matter, individual, and I will- and I will absolutely say that it's unfortunate that the phrase black lives matter has. It has become a slogan for a far left group of individuals now at its core, the true meaning of what it is, what it is, does the life of a black person mad at you better believe it and no one doubts that, except for a few friend, group of awful racist people. Most people would see this story, no matter what their political affiliation and they shake their had made me sad. It's just that it's just
old man with some signs brow, calm down, why you got kill somebody over this stuff. It's horrifying, The same is true for people who are victims of police brutality. We gotta have. We got have accountability here. Instead, what we're getting political operatives in the media and on the ground, taking advantage of sentiment and that's why you will not get this sea fox six news, they covered it. Local news will cover it: the people of the walkie will mourn for a man that they knew that they saw preaching all the time and maybe a lot of people think is crazy. I'll tell you what I know some pretty crazy people and I would not wish this on them now, I'm not even in fact, I am opposed to the death penalty, man. I am very much opposed to this. Let's wait. A little bit more police say: trammel was shot death around twelve thirty p m in front of his business expression, publications, travel storefront, plastered with Trump twenty twenty signs. Reggie more. The director of the Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention told him a Walkie journal, Sentinel that he had intervened and is in a dispute
Green travel and a young man that was well It had to a trump sign that trammel was carrying. I may well there you go, the police haven't confirmed, but we got a witness right. It's the director of the no walk you out, so vile prevention, not even some random witness, what was well known in this neighborhood forest, pro tromp advocacy and its religious preaching neighbours fondly remembered Brunel as a friendly piece love man, the guy, was just full of love local residents, Dick Nelson told Fox NEWS Item B C, a Goro said whether agree with trembles political views. Are not people respected him because he had conviction. Unlike countless political families who Chet Hollow monstrous but don't understand what their advocating he was, a community fig, For said, I respected him because he had a position. He got his opinion why? He feels that way, and I'm not going to knock him. Senator RON, Johnson, tweeted, Bernard
Trammel was known to many in the walking my condolences to his family and friends. I'm glad to see that there are people speaking up for this guy, and I am sad to see that this has happened, and I know most of you know he's not going to be given the proper. Respects that he actually deserves. What we're gonna see is a far left machine. They I believe that right now, a lot of what we are seeing from the political establishment in support of black lives matters specifically because Donald Trump support in a black community is going way way up according to several different poles, not all of them, not all of them, but there is at least three or four people. Showing Donald Trump has massive support from the black community Donald Trump today retreated a man who is talking about how the Democrats don't care about you. They rejected this Mueller spill all the same and that it's never been about, you know Is there they care about your race? It's about trumpets just about power. Trumpery tweeted that you're saying you know we ve all seen Kenya West we
seeing the rise of prominent black conservatives, and this is what the message that get sent to people now some people have pointed out. We don't know what one hundred percent, what actually happen to the Skype. However, they doom make note that black conservatives are all are frequently attacked with you know, accusations of though there called racial slurs. I've personally witnessed these things What I just can't stand about the modern left. This is that this is the nightmare. The nightmare scenario. When I talk to me friends and their saying all of this propaganda and guess what they're all white Sorry to see how truly horrifying it is, especially for me coming from Chicago a large group of protesters in Chicago apparently want to the mayor's house demanding the police be defended, do nor the crime happens in Chicago like the violent crime that them the murder. It happens in the poor areas. It's not exclusively the boy
community, it's the south side and it is in it and ranges. You know, there's different minority groups across the south side. We need the police. I've had my problems with cops one or two percent, but these are the areas that need the police, the most to be held accountable for one but to actually make sure the crime does it happen. Now, of course, when a crime is happening. The police can't get there in time. They're not perfect, but the police patrolling can help prevent this stuff. They can help get criminals off the street to make sure that people don't lose their lives and what ends up happening mostly white protesters from a flu areas that don't experienced this crime go to the mayor and say DE fund the police. It is, ah kingly racist It is shockingly white supremacist. Now maybe I don't mean it proper way. They use it. They claimed proper. What I mean, as we have a bunch of white people who live in. You know affluence
and these are not- the prerogatives- are mostly college educated- make an hundred k here. That's the that's! That's the average progressive activist according to the hidden tribes report, when it don't experience any of this crime or violence then go to the mayor and say take away their police this exactly the problem with a defined the police movement, In the end, what you got just like with the mcclosky were able to hire private security You will see rich people when the place already funded, hiring private security guards buying weapons and defending themselves adequately. We'll be the poor communities that will have nowhere prided themselves. Only the pork These that are overrun with violent crime. Taking away a resources, it's that is truly a fascinating thing to behold. That instead of saying police, accountability and police reform there saying De Fund in some instances, disband and others abolish- did get just get rid of it?
imagine if they went around saying that Medicare was was wasn't from functioning properly, that it was corrupt. Therefore, we must abolish Medicare you'd, be like wait a minute that does it. Makes sense abolish Medicare? Why would you do that? we'll need access to medicine. Even if it isn't perfect, young people need access, you'd, say: reformat fix it. Fixed the price that's not what their advocating for, though they say DE fond means. We find it means take their money away, they say, yes, ass. We mean abolish the police and in the end it is the poor who will suffer and the rich will have their fancy private communities, their gated communities and they'll, put armed guards in front of them. Many of these suburbs will put up fences and gates and they'll, protect them. And they don't experiences level of crime anyway, because I live in these big cities, but they want to take away from you the people
horse who swore enough to uphold the constitution and protect you, that's what they want to take away from you. Imagine. If the fire department, came out till I try and put a fire out and then they Bumbled around fell down and actually made the fire worse, and so they came out said: abolish the fire department you'd be like wait, a minute they're still fires here. Ok, we just gotta. We have got it. We got to get a better fire department now to be fair. Many of them advocate for new kinds of policing, but if that were the case, you dont abolish the police, because a small percentage in a very small percentage of police encounters go wrong. They have ulterior motives, they're, lying and that's why they won't tell you the story of this man of this man banal trammel. They won't tell you a story there, knocking Problem up, Anakin opponent website, they're, not gonna, prop up much from supporter. Of course they won't. I sat stuff, then we have
or they naturally, the marxist black lives matter. Movement said nothing about this black life that was lost in ST months. Why? Presumably, because because trammel was murdered by a White CUP, wasn't presumably because he wasn't murdered by White CUP likewise matter, they shouted tweet, seven years of fighting growing, loving and winning every day we have shut up, black lives matter and will continue deep gratitude to all chapters and black led groups. Young black life, yet for sure, I'm down with that. As already from Prager, you and will wit their housed asks. A group of young black men, I believe, is like asking parliament up how many people, how many on armed black men had been killed or Bobby by been killed by the police and one guy says fourteen hundred in the past years in the past year, and we think it had been Kelly's at fourteen hundred hundred staff. Maybe the answer is, depending on your source: nine or thirteen have been shot and killed the amount of of individuals who have been choked or killed as it is a bit higher, but still
strangely low relative to the hundreds of millions of employees. Please encounters that occur across his country every year, but the narrative is that the cops are bad. The cops are evil. The cops are doing wrong and its its propaganda. For those that are familiar besides, I mentioned something called the scaling problem very often, but I do want to make sure I can mention in this in this scenario, took to explain how they manipulate the media. If a hundred cell phones A brand new cool cellphones were released, two hundred celebrities and one percent was broken. That's a lot. You get one guy, don't hate my phone broke and people be like how you make it light it break. That's weird. Most people wouldn't care either one star by the broken phone. So what but that's still one percent. Now what I'm so the issue, a hundred million of these new phones- and it goes on to everybody. But a million of them are broken that still one percent the same. Margin of error.
But now a million people are screaming and everyone here since as wall what's happening, all of the phones or broken as our social media works. One person in Portland gets gets grabbed a viral video. A second person gets grabbed important. A viral video, Two videos, that's it to videos and the officers are wearing police patches and they have the patches on their Ahmad Undefined who they are their badge numbers and now there is a widespread narrative that secret police These are roaming, the streets of Portland, snatching, up peaceful protestors, who did nothing wrong, which is absolutely not true. This is the scaling problem, because now with social media. You will have a hundred thousand people all saying the same thing playing him of telephone where they were Gerda, take fake news and then spewing out and every time someone tweets, the fake news? Some one else picks. It opts called information laundering.
And then eventually you end up with people who believe just absolutely psychotic information. Now I've experiences my this myself. There was opposed on a far left forum about bringing guns out in, I believe, Portland and took a year ago, and so I treated it out like a far loved him bringing guns. Someone else then screen grabbed. It read an article in another article emergence as the far left, his arming up for a riot and that's information laundering to its not unique to any one faction, the different, Conservatives and moderates will be banned from social media. Like that the left allowed to engage in overt and insane conspiracy theories. I mean take a look at what Twitter did with Cuban on. I don't know much out it. Nor do I care. I hear it's just a lot of bunk nonsense. So twitter band, seven thousand accounts, shut down a bunch of links and said no more. This ok, fine sure. Whatever your platform,
but when it comes to leftwing conspiracy theories and fake news and lies like the police, they just let it go. You literally we have two conspiracy theories, one that alleges trumpets, fighting the deep state to clarify but I mean about not known a holler about it. That's the gist of what I know about it, like trumpets fighting with the deep state or something that there is establishment government that is out of control and fighting against the president must be stopped on the left. You have an insane conspiracy that Trump is a veto dictator, fascist who has deployed secret police around the country, he hasn't two secret. We rendition and detain people its basic Glee, the same thing: what's the difference, and now thousands people are showing up and attacking federal law enforcement officers were I just Twitter allow one and not the other. All that matters in the end is that their skewing people's perspective. What's going on leading to a lot of dumb people to just believing the
fake news, ignoring stories like this and banning those who dare call it out in the end regular Americans, who aren't politically active, probably sitting there right in the middle as the whole narrative shifts to the far left. In the end. I imagine regular people aren't gonna be happy with this. There was an add that was produced about the riots in Portland. I twitter about this and it shows the mom block linking arms. It show. The federal law enforcement officers beating that guy who is standing in open for the fire, the guy who claimed to be it a navy that and they say that tromp is a fascist, he's a dictator, and this is trumped secret police and all that, and I thought to myself. They really underestimate american selfishness and mean that addition, spectral white, I mean Americans, like any other person, are focused on improving their lives, taking care of their friends in their family. It's what we do. Not all of us are thinking globally.
Though many of us do want to make sure we are we're respectful to our communities and the larger global community within reason. Most people right now are probably just thinking about what I've gotta do. What work I'm doing, what I'm gonna eat for lunch and guess what they are not rioting, least of all protesting, So when this add was purchased and it shows the police pushing on a group and there's tear gas everywhere, what do you think a mare kids will be thinking when they see that out the idiots who produced the outer wolf, but because there I have no idea what's really happening in this country thereof. The perspective as soon as the american people see these police officers YO tier, gassing people that they ll say. With us. Do what people really see? I see a riot. That's that's all they see as a riot and they get scared, and then you see
Tromp is gonna, send in the police the shut down, learn about good make. It stop period threat there they're, not protesters than riders. And they're not going to sympathize with those who are riding and protesting and that's where we are today, men what kind of a kind of kind of broke away off subject at hand, but let me it makes I wrap it up with you. No talk about this man, Brunel trammel- I don't I don't know what these mean about profit Jonah. I don't anything about that. I know nothing about. Safari is a more or whatever that whatever he represents. I do not know who he was. I don't love you go got a bad guy. I don't love if you save a kittens moments before this before, if if he, if he hurt a bag of kittens, hurt, know anything of kittens
is to have a story told he should be alive right now. His life mattered the same as broad a tailor, the same as as George Floyd and these people who have lost their lives his life matter. Of course, it's not gonna be mainstream high level new cycle news. Unless we decided is like David Doorn as well. Fine CNN Msnbc Adele ignore it will. Then we won't. We will be the ones who say. Brianna. Taylor should be alive. George flaw, I should be alive, and this man Bernal Trammel, should be alive to about we the ones to make sure we say that that these lives the lives of people it met, they matter and I'll tell you. This is, as I said before. If someone comes to me and says black lives matter I'll, say here here: you're right, you're right they do I think the lives of everybody matters and if you want to use this to represent the loss of life in this community that should not have happened. I will stand with.
It. Wouldn't civil rights are violated and if you want to talk about the police off there's one being in journey being blinded three officers maybe may have really lost eyesight, do lasers in their faces their life, their lives matter as well. You can talk about the cops of law, their lives in the line of duty, their lives matter, all the same. You have no right to take someone's life. I one hundred percent oppose the death penalty as a large lot lot a much larger conversation around this, because just to clarify as we as we wrap up. When we defend ourselves, sometimes tragedy happens, and we should we should never celebrate having to end someone's life. Big, you know in the name of defence of ourselves. Are our org
unity? That's that that's the main point I want to say when I say I oppose the death penalty. Would sometimes you know things are bad in this instance, this dude should be standing on the street corner today, holding up his son and he's not, but he mattered. So it's up to you guys to make sure that people hear this and learn about it and ask the question: why won't the media bring this guy up I'll, see you all four p m over at TIM cast dot NET thanks rang out the game is rigged and we all know it right now: black lives matter. Protests are ongoing in the Pacific, northwest the media's lying about what's really happening there, blaming the federal government for the extra Message to our lobbying fireworks and trying to cut through fences and tear them down and we're seeing image. End videos of things like this cow cache of trees. A video many people to let this video from a protest, Chicago where large groups of people dancing around and having a good time now. You know what I'm watching
his people dance around in Chicago, and I dig it- you want to go what you're friends and have a peaceful public gather? Why you're allowed to do that under the first amendment? problem is, as Kyle puts it. You are not allowed to go to church. You are not allowed to see your dying relative. You are not allowed to attend funerals, but black lives matter. Absolutely allowed to do what they do. The bigger news from other day, as the Supreme Court rejected on appeal for four large church congregations. Indonesia, so apparent you're allowed to gamble at resorts. What you can't go to church- and this is a widespread problem, that is shredding up the first amendment. The constitution is becoming swiss cheese and what happens when you try and point this out well Kyle learns. The hard way, the first response it pops up that is dog whistling to racists. By pointing out you can't go to church, that's the go to that
only thing they have for this. Here's the story Supreme Court rejects Nevada. Church plea to allow larger congregation. The court voted five to four against the request that government shall make no law. If you want to go to church you go to church and want to gather together. Why is one ok and not the other? You know it's it's. It's part of the fifty billions time I've talked about it, It's got the point where I dont know. To tell you any more. We know the system is broken. We know black lives at our protest across the country. You merely two months after George Floyd's death. We know Mere Build applause, YO says no public gatherings, but what about black this matter. Oh now that one that's ok, he actually said that in an interview with CNN. So what you do on row Your constitution is swiss. Cheese Supreme Court is turned against you. What can you do? I have no idea honestly. None.
Does black lives matter. Protests are allowed, the media will lie to protect them when they get violent and you can't even go to church. You can go to funerals I'll. Tell you one thing you can do for one you can see. Pick up share videos like mine and others. You can certainly go and vote. Hopefully, liberty wins out at the end the end, but I don't know so I, showed you that video forest, but I do want to talk about the Supreme Court ruling, perhaps a boring to some people, but this is a serious strike at our fundamental rights. I personally am not religious, but the first amount. The first amendment encompasses more than just the right to to freedom of religion. It's the right two peaceably assemble there. No more peaceably assembly peaceable assembly that about gathered around and praising religion are worshipping or do whatever they want to call it. But when you have large protests, groups will there's a real potential for growth. I once what was the last time you had a story about widespread church, goers violence where people show?
not for Sunday Mass and then all of a sudden, the city was left on fire yeah not really happening. So why one and not the other. Honestly, I can't tell you in my opinion, only going to make religious folk angry, and want to vote for. Someone will defend their rights, can't tell you, then I really catches out, and this is crazy, apparently, Roberts sided with the liberals must be a conservative supreme court on Friday rejected in Nevada churches request to block the states cap, but attendees for religious services. Amid the covered pandemic, the court voted five to four against the request filed by Calvary, Chapel Dayton Valley Chief justice, John Robert siding with the liberal leaning justices decision, keeps him. Place a limit of fifty people and houses of worship due to the pandemic, the church. Argued. The cap is an unfair attack on its farce of rights to free exercise of religion. It is it pointed out
the state, allowed higher caps for restaurants and casinos, fifty percent capacity, but would not let its Ninety per cent congregation of some assemble, even with Social, does sing protocols, a federal court upheld the state's policy and the church sought an appeal last month at the nights. Forget the conservative justices wrote in their dissent that the decision revealed preferential treatment for for profit enterprises over houses of worship the world we inhabit today with a pandemic upon I s pose, is unusual challenges, wrote me Al Gore sick, but there is no world in which the constitution permits, Had I to favour Caesar's palace over Calvary Chapel. Supreme Court's decision was issued without comment, but in its is June decision against the church. U S: District Judge, Richard Bowel, a bowl aware wrote that other secular institutes that partaken activities, activity similar to ours of worship are also restricted. Other values with, congregated audiences,
museums, movie, theatres and concert venues are subject to similar stricter restrictions. It is not enough for kelp Calvary Calvary to demonstrate that, The directive is intermittently not being enforced against secular activities. Bull where rudeness decision Calvary must also demonstrate defendants are only enforce the directive against places of worship is really interesting. Does wondered still be a violation of the right to peaceably? Assemble it shouldn't matter. What the circumstances are the right shall not be infringed over, but we want to show up candidate. He also rejected the comparison between houses of worship and casinos, pointing out they operate differently. And that casinos also remain constricted by substantial covered nineteen related regulations issued by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The supreme Orton may struck down a plea from a San Diego church that Californian LAW, down order was inhibiting its right to free religion. That decision also found narrowly along ideological lines with
Albert siding with the liberal faction Roberts, argued against the court's intervening in states responses to a public health crisis. The precise question of one risk Genes on particular social activities should be lifted during the pandemic. Is a dynamic and fast intensive matter, subjects to reasonable disagreement, I've a theory maybe justice Roberts is secretly trying to guarantee a Trump victory come November. You see, he keeps sigh. With the liberals and if Ruth bade organs, Org is nearing retirement. I think it's fair to say she is tromp could appoint a conservative, but Trump will lie. We need to win another term for that to happen. If Justice John, airports comes out and again I'm just I'm being silly here. My do if he came out and said: I'm gonna die with the conservatives and all these things, while they would winning across the board tons of rulings, and then a bunch of religious folk would become complacent and peace.
The one gotten vote, but now I am sure many people are mad justice. John Roberts has betrayed them. They must fight to them to guarantee Trump Windsor, that trunk can appoint another Supreme Court justice who will side with them because their losing, if they were when they sit back and they were winning. What is the matter, and then by What when and he'd replaced Ruth better Ginsburg with Liberal? Maybe that's the real plan, I don't I think all I can really say is that Justice John Roberts is done with. Liberals is all that really matters? Meanwhile, black lives matter. Protests haven't stopped and I'm I'm glad, sit and wrote the story to beat. To be honest, I'm unlimited, I talked about a lot I've heard a lot about how most people don't know that it never ended the Our left- has still been going out in various aids across the country and protesting little often very peacefully, and that's great large groups
but has also been ongoing riots and violence, especially in Seattle and, of course, Portland. You know, so how Are we even still having this discussion zero seriously? I care so little about the pandemic right now. I don't I admit it, it doesn't look. The honest, I'm a bit of a home bodies. I work sixteen our days, but for me I'm going to the movies in a long time, went out to eat last week or something whatever you know, I'm sick of the nonsense. I can't tell you what you showed or shouldn't do. I can only tell you that the contradict Hence the fake news and the lives have become too much for me to bear how you gonna have two months of non stop protests, and then these videos, people dancing in the street the
does that the thousands of people in Portland every day but then claim that our businesses should be shut down. It makes no sense how you can argue. You can't go to church, but you gotTa Caesar's palace. Now I get the argument. The judge was making they each have their own specific restrictions yet. Well, you can't stop someone from peaceably assembling that within whatever but we go. They say CNN says the blacklist of protest where rekindled ever George Floyd, Portland Oregon ever made a flashpoint in other parts of the country the protests. Important were mostly as in other parts the country, ok, CNN, the protein important or mostly peaceful, though they have asked at times devolved intervene, once vandalism and arson literate the every night. They do ok, but at least there telling people it's actually happening. So we got Chicago. Look at us. Did you know this? They gathered at low lorry life, We got allay New York City Boise, Denver LOS got those Moscow
California, their protest and a hundred people how many people live in those how that big city I've never heard of it. It means the cats, by the way I like it. Louis rose, Veal, Minnesota Sagen on Michigan Strike for black lives in one hundred cities across this country. The protests haven't stopped. So so I'm look with all that that the the poor parting scene and does I'm glad there at least still when people know what's happening that way. People like me can see it and say I don't care about your stupid church rules I just ate. It means nothing to me. Talk to your doctor for your advice on what to do at the Penndot. I can ignore the politics of it because of politics of it is completely broken everybody's lying, and why should I be bothered to listen to what what these arguments on the political space I'll talk to my doctor will do our best but I'll tell you what men the system's broken. When I see my leftwing friends complaining, unlike you realize this is why people don't believe you right,
Their couple more segments coming up in just a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly Joe again is out. He is leaving LOS Angeles moving to Texas because LOS Angeles Sex- and we all know it- ok, I'm getting, but Sandra less his overcrowded catatonic problems, especially with the rise of covert and people are starting to leave big cities. It's not just Joe Rogan Joe Rogan is more like a canary Nicole mine. You see Joe has the means the capability, but actually Disincentive, what's really fascinated by the story, is that a lot of people are leaving New York Alain big cities, for obvious reasons: the rise in violence. You know the overcrowding homelessness like he mentions cove. It is really scared people and they got a big cities due to proximity to other people. Density was a problem, Joe Rogan, as the ability to basically snap his fingers and real Ok now I know he's got a company's gotta studios, gotta move. I wonder if, as new studio will look different oral keep the same, but is all
I've got some disincentives he's a comedian he's in allay is the place to be right. Well, even with that he's out and we're seeing something truly in listing. I suppose this story from a couple weeks ago, shark tank investor her Jamak, we're about to see the biggest exodus from cities in fifty years, guess what you know. I want to read the story about Joe and why he's moving I'm leaving to right now, I'm in the Philadelphia Metro, I'm very, very close cities like a fifteen. Twenty minute drive, I'm just in the suburbs. Oh, it's I'm I'm in I'm in South Jersey, but I'm just on the other side of the river very easy to go to the city. I want to be here first of all, New Jersey trash, and I want to be in Jersey and Otto,
Maybe this close to a city for all the obvious reasons: population density you ve got: it won't covert riots all that stuff, I'm not gonna, stick around moving into November. No thank you, I don't think November's when everything's gonna break down, but I feel, like things, are gonna break down, so it's not just Joe. It's not just meets potentially the biggest exodus from cities like that shocked investor, said think about what that means. For you, your investments, your homes, your property, your assets, retirement think about what that means. Us read the story from the place they say Joe Rogan host of one of the most popular podcast on the planet, I'm going to go and say to the most popular podcast in the planet so that he decided to move from the LOS Angeles from LOS Angeles California to Texas, because he wanted a little bit more freedom there. It is. I agree. I also want more freedom. I don't like this place. I want to go somewhere way more free than be a lot of fun.
Robot explained further. The decision behind his move during his podcast with guest Joe at Desena, the ceo and founder of spartan and death race. I'm out of here said that Rogan I'm going, I'm gonna go to Texas. I want to go somewhere in the centre of the country somewhere, it's easier to travel to both places and somewhere where you have a little bit more freedom? Also, I think that where we live, right here in LOS Angeles is overcrowded, and I think most time is not a problem by thing is exposing the fact that it's a real issue when you look at this number of people that are catching covered, because it's over population issue we'll do the traffic. When you look at the economic cost bear when you look at the homeless. This problem, that's accelerated radically the last six years, seven ten years. I think, there's too many people here. I think it's not tenable so easy
I don't think, that's mandate, manageable, Amis. Now you can you get the point Josie. Even he said in his own show, maybe a harder, but here's the bigger issue and here's widely with Joe Rogan. I lead because you'd think that, with you know, he does the stand up stuff, but because of poverty can't anymore and that's the big picture. Joe has every reason to stay in LOS Angeles. You got tons of celebrity That's that's good! That's that's easy! Easy sourcing of guests Forest Joe Joe, can do comedy and allay easy sourcing for venues, but he can't now it's hard to do sit down guest podcast. I know we do one here and we haven't had. We have had a guest in months because of covert. You can't do stand up for the most part in a state like California, because of covert
so they have removed all of the reasons why anybody would why anyone would stay in these places and with it some one as wealthy and and determine and powerful is Joe will be leaving and taking that tax base. With him CNBC reports, shorting investor Robert, her Jeff, her javert, said Thursday. He believes the crown of our spending. Has shifted attitudes about city leaving living altering the dynamics of the real estate market for years ahead is one of the greatest moves the sub from urban areas. Since the fifty or sixty she said in a recent moved out of valet into a suburban area, and I can tell on a very personal level level. My area is on fire in the suburbs, while quote, Everybody wants to leave large urban communities and move out into the suburbs. At her, her javert heard her Jeff em up on Publishing Zimri,
who also own stakes in many small, medium sized businesses, and I think urban real estate is going to hurt for a little bit. I can, I believe, as well. Yeah on Wednesday, new data showed New York City Apartment vacancy in June, a record high of three point: six: seven percent more than ten thousand apartments listed on the market that month and eighty five percent increase with June of last year. According to a report from Miller, Samuel and Douglas Element, the report largely attributed the spike to brokers being unable to show apartments due to business restrictions, yikes men- you may have seen. I talked about this in New York city- that in the past thirty days there have been about
think it seven thousand listings in the past ninety days there were twelve thousand, which means do the math. The past thirty days have seen a major spike enlisting. The same is true right now, for LOS Angeles in the last thirty days in L, a proper it's like the county, I suppose there's two thousand three hundred and sixty seven listings in the past. Ninety days there is four thousand three hundred and eighty nine. What that means is thirty. Two, the last month has done all what the previous months had in terms of less lifts listings now, obviously, some less things go away. That's the important factor! Some people buy things within this timeframe, so it's not perfect. Math I've I've tried to make that clear.
If they did a good job of it, but we are seeing more listings and that's a point brought up specifically there's more listings and it's for a variety of reasons not just because people are leaving also because many people can actually go and see property, so they end up stagnating, but that doesn't necessarily explain why the spike as is occurring. So let us try and break the math them. Some people said TIM you're missing the point it night. You know that the listing from ninety days ago many of those actually get bought up. I say no you're missing the point. They can't show the properties get it. They can't show the properties, nobody can run them. The riots break out in June and listings spike. That's the point. I know I know the mass not pervert would get the point. Cities are in freefall, people are leaving, nobody wants to live here for a variety of reasons and you're, seeing it now Joe Rogan and your seeing with with me personally when covered Brett broke out, the governor of New Jersey did such a
where a fine job, I'm not talking about like wow, what a bad politics and I'm talking about killing elderly people in nursing homes, level, bad job. That's scary, I'm fog, about sending in police to a local Jim because they were doing social distancing work out, and that was too much for them to bear Meanwhile, the dollar general literally attach the same building had normal traffic. Why it made no sense. The whole thing was ridiculous, so I'm done with US Ok, I want to be in an urban area. I don't want to be a new jersey and I'm gonna get out same as most other people. Real idjit holding seat, Yell Ryan, Schneider, told CNBC on Thursday. That company is all that the com, but he's also observing the kind of ours impact and where people are looking to live, thus
urbanization friend has been the strongest in the New York City area. He said, but is not limited to it. The real estate company, which own such brands as Caldwell banker and Sentry twenty one also is seeing the trend in California and other areas in every urban geography, the web traffic of people and what their searching for has changed versus six twelve months ago. To be much more suburban, even in the urban geographies, where the rotation has not happened in the actual housing purchase and sales, yet the consumers, king is going in that direction and we continue to see that through the whole covered crisis in the last three months, the krona virus pandemic has brought about questions for the real estate into both in the commercial and residential sectors. On the commercial side, uncertainty persists about the long term shift to remote work, which many companies adopted in March in a bid to slow the spread of covert nineteen and how it will impact demand for office space. You know what a wrap it up with the with a totally none total.
While relative, not sequitur war with China and immediately everybody went wait, wait, wait! What TIM White we're talking about cities in now hold on. I want I want to go there. A lot of people are fleeing cities. We are decentralizing our economy in many ways. Are moving out, and this is going to help urbanize certain areas in the birds and also suburban. I certain rural areas, not all good, not all bad. Some of it is good. We are facing a potential war with China, a dramatic as malaysian the exodus from cities into more rural and suburban areas can help make sure that if we do get attacked, we will be decentralized a bit more.
If everybody lives in New York and allay then in a war they just target those cities and then we're in serious trouble. So for all of the bad it's come with covered and all the bad it's come with the riots. It's gonna help us tackle. Tactically, I suppose if we do end up seeing a hot war with China, though I do think it's more likely going to be cyber warfare, I think it's gonna be information. War will see how things play up, but there is a net benefit everything we ve seen. I think the second amendment is now stronger than ever. I went out and bought a bunch of guns the first time a lot of other people bought Lama, bunch of guns and a lot of people move that a big cities so we're seeing it for a lot of reasons. I dont know what we can expect coming going forward, but I'll tell you this. I do not want to be where I am by November. That's just me and enough. You guys want to stay.
Around in your cities. If you live in a city but I'm gonna choose to not to be in the city when the election time comes around. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I'll tell you this remember what I said a year ago, the Rogan podcast things are gonna, get spicy, it's gonna, get crazy and on belgian abandoned gdp. F O, while the spiciness here two months of rioting right, don't know, take my word for it may be it all comes down. I don't know, but I will take care of myself. I hope you do the same. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly because there is no end, there's no point at which are not is enough, no matter what you give them. The far left will demand more, and this is why we are seeing as the net Colonel anthem was played and why Liberty and Seattle storm walked off the floor as part of the Social Justice initiative. Oh just me, billing right. It was just kneeling during the anthem now
are literally leaving the room during the anthem vis. This pisses me off you wanna, Neil fine, you wanna, leave the room. Fine, the kneeling, ok, you're, making a statement. I dont like that either. That makes me angry because I feel like at this point your bowing down to some fringe ideology that flies in the face of all of the progress of this country and our civil liberties, civil liberties and civil rights law that my family counts on. You are spitting in their face in California, I'll say for the fifty billionth time. It's this initiative, its these people that are trying to get this
full rights law repealed and they voted for it in the assembly and the Senate, and it's gonna go to a referendum and they're going to approve it. That's my prediction and they walk out on our national anthem. If you dont want to pledge allegiance, if you dont want to hold your hand over your heart, you don't have to do it and if you want to leave at every right as well, but I'm sick and tired of them calling social justice, I'm sick and tired of them, pushing farther and farther every day, and they will soon they'll demand. We not even play it and they'll say no, ones even in the room anyway, so just stop playing it then they'll say dealt despite the flat, no one's in the room anyway, there already trying to take back all of the progress we earned. The civil rights are, I'm not joking. Look it up! Well, now it's gone a bit beyond just leaving. You know. The rooms were seen. Calls for a boycott ok, you know what I'm game I watch anyway. Doesn't it
They really watch the W Nba. I was gonna pull the family guy job, but for copyright issues. I can't spell check this out. All behalf says in response to the Red Sox, putting up a black lives matter. Billboard, hey red Sox maize, a paint on the green paint on the green monster. In bold lettering we disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family. That statement is literally on the black lives matter website. I'm not I'm not I'm not happy with where things are going. You know never been a big sports fan, but, unlike the Superbowl, I like the World Series like most regular people and I mean Regularly- Well, not sports fans. I go to a sports bow with my friends I to order some nice bone list swings with some garlic. Parmesan stops the best and you'd watch the game in the background or the fight, not a big deal. It's, but when the big Emma may fight is happening, we go, we go, get wings have a drink and we hang out with our friends and that's our entertainment. The same is true for baseball this. What I've been saying for quite some time?
you know when it came to Gamer Gamer Gate, stuff, it'll Games card games. My first reaction was I dont care. If somebody wants to make a video game at super woke as I just won't buy, it now play the games that I do like now like that they sort encroaching into others of other spaces like card games like magic gathering at first, I said: look man stop trying to change the game. I just want to make the vampire dude fight the goblin dude. It's a fun strategy game, don't make it political, then they started banning cards for being racist, now, they're kneeling and putting up protest signs at baseball games and I'm getting angrier and angrier, and I am getting really angry about it. I am not even a fan of baseball, I just want to see in a bar halves boundless wings and have the game play in the back row on me and my friends talk about what's been going on in our lives, because sometimes we just don't want to talk about politics. I talk about for four hours per day. They ve shot the bars
Cuomo says no ordering wings that one's doesn't doesn't count have enabled about. I went to a one restaurant, the past couple of weeks. Now it's getting annoying everything's political everything's, a protest. The protests are allowed, the people are meeting at the ball game and now there actually walking out on the national anthem, I'm not offend, not offend. I wasn't a big fan to begin with, but I'm I'm the opposite of whatever fan is at this point. Calls to boycott major league baseball trends after players, Neil during national anthem. I am holding myself back from swearing, ok, not necessarily at these people, but at the concept of politicizing everything, the things that should not be politicized. You wanna see riots and outrage. Keep doing this. I warned about this. I warned about as I did last year when I said how long until you think the social justice initiatives, com for major league sports, you wanna see outrage, wait till they do that its work,
one thing when they say this. Video game needs to have a strong, positive message for social justice. Gaza's and people got men to another thing. When your baseball, Errors are all kneeling, and wearing the and putting up the banners? That's right banned the knee to our ideology, your entertainment be damned. We want you to talk about politics and revolution. Well, guess what going to lose your fans now that you can have him in the stands anyway, because of covered, but you're gonna lose your fans, are already seeing a ton of people, the best thing they could have done, literally nothing. You know why. If major league baseball did nothing, then people wouldn't care that, like nobody would say anything, but they decided to enter the fray. And now you will reap what you have sown. People like me, who barely were fans to begin with, but
go to a ball game for fun. I don't have anything to do with. It may have been a one ball game in the past four years. It's a fun thing to do. Every so often some people have season passes. Some people want to go to every single game. It is a fine thing to do. Men looks it understands you get a nice ballpark dagoes, some of the best right. It's not show some drinks, maybe some wings. Hang out your friends, you know I saw this really cool thing. I guess it's like a common thing where it's a cup and the lid of the cup is actually a dish that huh hold your french fries and you can drink and then dip the price. How awesome is that now? That is ingenuity? Has american invention right there. Now what's this now and I'm going to think about it, cuz! Listen! If you want to protest, that's fine! I don't care it's America for me personally, there's very few places of refuge now to get away and sort of detox everyday. I
nothing but news. The last thing I want to see is when I, when I, when I want to sit down with somebody, be like oh yeah there in those baseballs on I got to go with the guys, got it that's a homerun and then everyone's doing this by his manner kneeling thing and arms. Like I'm sorry, Madame report on cartoons or something on the programme, cartoons from twenty ten before all the stuff started happening, your anger, News for you, I have good news for you. If you are part of the industry you may have all your fans, because they can't come out to Yoke, has covered, and you may have lost many fans because you try to get. It but the Good NEWS is they decided to go full on black mere and one of the creepy. As things I have ever seen, virtual fans will be digitally placed when they play these games. Good you'll need fake, Robo fans, because you won't have any real ones laughed at. Rather stupid things you're doing, but I got a bag, can be harnessed this. This fake fans thing, let us know, fans on Fox Sports Thoust,
a virtual fans will attend the game. They are putting fake, see G people in the stands. This is one of the three biggest most nightmarish latest opium things I have ever seen. You know what fine major league baseball can go down in flames. You reap what you have sown period like this. The verge Rights Fox sports will use virtual fans, created an unreal engine to fill empty stadiums and M L B broadcasts. This is horrifying, an awful it's just the worst thing you can do the politics man, but this may be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I cannot get over how grotesque this is now, not exaggerating. If you got no fans while, then you put no fans in the stands, he can't have fans cause a covert while too bad you don't get fans in the stands as a covert are we are we really donors, black, this black mirror thing
here. We see that episode where the people live in these tiny cubicles in and then their their walls are screams and their avatar is in the stands during the shows is what we're doing it's even worse. In some other places, take a look at this one they're putting card board caught out of people that I'm sorry man. I think we ve fallen apart. I guess twenty twenty was the year, the United States finally he could not bear it any longer. The media is ripping people apart, its creating insane divisions, its lies, stacked on lies, stacked on lies, the politics politics than in fact, things like baseball, which aren't supposed to be overtly political. That can be to some degree. Sometimes politics seeps,
but this is just way over the top and then and now. Here's where we are the american people have been replaced by cardboard. Cutouts, not an exaggeration and digital, see gee. I people because there's nothing left. Men are cultures been stagnating for awhile cove. It is an unprecedented disaster and maybe we'll get through this like we have many other hard times now be a dramatic change in open, hopefully, will be for the better. I worry that it will actually be for the worse, because you got a bunch of very prominent insane people in high levels of of media cultural institutions and now they're in baseball. Now, something that was literally just did with the bat got piece of wood. Some of their throw a ball is gonna hit. It has now become a protest for black lives matter. I'm not gonna watch it and not because it's about the politics as essentially, but because I want to get away from the politics where meanest I'm not here to say. I am angry about this budget.
Pick. You know protest slogan, it's more, so don't get political! You gonna have the national anthem alike that I'm an american you want. I pledge allegiance to the flag whenever I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm an American! You wanna have a bunch of different religious ideology, cult stuff! Ah my man, I'm not gonna, go, do something else I want to be involved in. This will see how this place out. This could be possibly the worst get won't go broke. We ve ever seen and we just had you know any cancel Life pdf.
A million dollar programme may be. This will be worse. Let's see how the numbers do when you play these games of politics. Why? Because opposition to black lives matter is on the rise now at thirty six percent, among all demographics. According to save I q, you have just lopped off a third of your potential viewer base. Why? So, you can say some words I'll see you guys tomorrow at ten a m thanks, rang it out.
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