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MeToo Activist SLAMS Democrats And Biden As 'Darkness' And 'Monsters,' Proving People Are Waking Up


Rose McGowan pulled no punches for anyone not even Trump as she railed against Democrats as liars and monsters.The spat ended with a national trend about fellow MeToo Activist Alyssa Milano calling her a liar.People are waking up to the lies and pandering of the Democratic Party and Rose is no exception. Many people don't care for Republicans or Trump but are finally calling out the Democrats for lying, pandering, and ultimately running our cities into the ground.Many people are now leaving the left or walking away and while they may not be Republicans in the end the Democrats are being shown for what they really are.

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A prominent activist from me to movement, rose Mcgowan recently called the Democrats, the darkness, monsters and liars, and for this she's now being questioned, is rose. Mc Gowan Republican will answer is no. She just may be one of the few people with principles whose challenging the status quo. It seems to me the Democrats just Pandora. All they ve ever really done. Many of us who used to vote Democrat and no longer well, at least in this election cycle, probably thought there was a period where Democrats had principles, upon looking back, it seems to me that's not the case. They were just and whatever they had to say to get elected, and it would seem like rose Mcgowan, is noticing something similar as well asking what of the Democrats ever actually done for anybody for this she's getting roast and slammed by many in the left, including her former co star on the show charmed Alyssum Olano knots.
Here. I think Alyssum Olano is a hypocrite. There's a few things, she's done that I've given credit for, but for the most part she just rushes to the defence of Democrats. Even though they are guilty of many of the things that me too has complained about What we are seeing here, at least in my opinion, is more of the walk away, style campaign or movement. It's not necessarily about vote. Four tromp, especially in the case of rosemary, going it's about people final, he waking up in realising the Democrats have been lying, the whole time I mean going Far back. As I can remember several years ago, I was very in favour of Bernie Sanders and then the Democrats, cod, She did Emily literally cheated him out of it and it made me mad. I felt like the Democrats used to have principles, but in reality it was just easier for the Democrats to pander now that the far left is taking over the Democratic Party, their desperate to pander to the far left and to the more centrist. You know moderate types and it doesnt work. It results in them
being shattered because they're trying too hard to just panorama all they have to offer. So, let's do this. I want to take a look at what's going on with rose Mcgowan and this kind of wake up call that many are seeing because, what's really fascinating about what we're seeing with a me to act The first is that we are actually seeing it in the black community as well. Kimberly classic is a black woman Roy. For Congress, with one of the most viral add campaigns ever slamming the Democrats for their failed leadership and many cities like hers, Baltimore. I think what we see. Is that years of pandering with no, actual plan or policy has resulted in total failure, and it can go on no longer now this necessarily mean all of these people, like rose, will come out and vote for Trump, but it certainly means they're, not going to vote for the Democrats, so let's get started and what what was with. What's going on with rose and a viral hashtag, that was and being basically the top trend.
Listen Olano is a lie, but before we do had over two TIM cast outcome, Slash done it. If you'd like to support my work. There are many ways you can give there's a p o box, but the best thing you can do subscribe to my channel, if you haven't subscribed already just below the video player, is a little subscribe give it a tap. And now you are more likely to get my videos every day when they got at four p m. If you really want to help hit, the like button occasion bell and share this video, because I don't have a big marketing budget. I just have all of you who want to support my work and that really will help both read the first story. I find this fascinating is rose, Mc Gowan, republican actor, calls Biden and Democrats monsters and frauds right off the bat. It's important to note. She has a prominent prominent me to activist one of the original people to come out and challenge those disgusting creeps in Hollywood? But just because she's going after Joe Biden doesn't mean she's a Republican. Certainly many people are accusing her of helping Trump,
even though she still critical of tromp. I want to say right off the bat she just might have Prince Has anyone considered that There is a similar things about me that I'm a conservative and it just not true I'm just sick and tired of the hypocrisy and the lies from Democrats. I dont I've never like, Republicans, I don't know what you want me to say about that. But anyway I digress. Let's read the story. Newsweek says: rose, Mcgowan's lashed out against Joe Biden and the Democrats just as bite and accepted the democratic parties presidential nomination this week taking to Twitter the act. Send me to advocate referred to the former. Vice president as the season of darkness. She tweeted, you are the season of dark. This Joe Biden, Dnc. You are monsters, you are frauds, you are the lie. Bravo rose, I completely agree with you and I've never been a big fan of tromp. As a politician, I say that
does look as it as an entertainer as a rich guy. I think he's hilarious, but I think were allowed to be critical of the Democrats without being accused of being Republicans or conservative, mind you I have pretty much sad, I'm gonna. I'm will in all likelihood voting for Donald Trump. This November for the simple reason that I do not want to see the Obama administration brought back and I do not like Joe Biden. I do not like the Democrats, I think they're liars, and for that I think Donald Trump has done some good things, but with that later, let's keep reading Mcgowan was referring to bite and accepting speech during the final knight of the Democratic National convention when he promised to be an ally of the light and not the darkness and told Americans united. We can overcome but rose She said you are the season of darkness. Perhaps she was right and she didn't even realise just how but she was what I want to say that I think she is right and she was writer. She was more correct then she actually realized take a look at this story from the National Post, Joe Biden,
queues of, played arising from Jack lightens final letter in nomination speech, I shall media was quick to point out at the words work, you're really similar to one. Found in a letter, Layton wrote before he died in twenty eleven. They even note democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, a man not accustomed to allegations of plagiarism is now being accused. Copying the words of former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton. Yeah, go figure he's a liar. He steals his each he's done it before he's lied about his credentials before he is a liar. When I see Donald Trump speak, more more puts slowly back and twenty sixteen, I saw a guy that I thought wasn't fit in terms of his demeanor. I understand why a lot of people liked the way he acted. What who sang because it felt like you had some one fighting for you, someone in your corner, but I can tell you this. I believed that Donald Trump really believed in what he was saying when tromp comes out and says this
What I want to do and why I truly believe he means it. I really do. Does it mean he's perfect, of course not does it mean, is always going to be successful and and and he's gonna win every five no absolutely not, but at least I can trust that he thinks what he sang is what he wants. You gotta mean back and twenty sixteen. I thought Bernie was that candidate and boy did he sell out quick, Donald Trump for all his faults? At least I know that when he says it, he means it and that's better than I can in other. That's that's more than save for the Democrats now mind. Do Mcgowan isn't saying that about Trop she's, still critical of em, they say later addressing democratic, general Mcgowan, railed against apparent shortcomings and fail failures of the Democrats. To stop a number of social issues like systemic racism and police brutality. When an office, she wrote what have the Democrats done to solve anything help? The poor know how black and brown people now stop police brutality, no help single mothers
help children. No, you have achieved nothing, nothing. Why do people? Why did people vote for Trump because of you, mother efforts? While I dont disagree, I think, for the most part, what you get with Democrats are these people who don't have necessarily most of them, what it takes to actually be successful and make their mom in history, so they found a cheap path. All they got to do is just say whatever they think you want to hear your vote for them. They'll do nothing and then nothing will change, except Their name will be added to the list of significant individuals. I think that's what they want. They want the keys to the castle because they're not good enough to actually achieve anything, and this is true for many republicans do in fact I think most of the Republicans. To be completely honest, I don't like the Republicans. I really don't when Donald Trump try to pull the troops out of Afghanistan. It was Republicans and Democrats united in stopping him, and it was eight Republicans and three Democrats who agree with trumped up
Our troops are out of out of Afghanistan, so I think the whole system is broken, but what I'm really getting at here, especially with what, with what Rosa saying is shattering this this this this mirage, this facade that has long sat in front of people. Like me, people like rose where we thought the Democratic Party was at least trying. Now I think I can see you know like I was mentioning. I often felt that they change the Democrats chain, Now. I no longer think that, based on what I'm seeing now and the problems we see and these cities, I dont think they were ever actually for anything. I think they were just saying what ever they thought we wanted to you're so going on. They say. Mc Gowan is one of the few high profile sup celebrities, to call out Biden over assault allegations brought by his former staffer Tahrir red allegations. By into eyes. The fresh tirade against Joe Biden is not the first time the act has blasted Democrats, but the fort
six year old, has a long history of attacking Trump as well. Here's a round of overview of her views on both the Democratic Party and the gene, they say, is Rosemont go in a Democrat in April, the charmed star, demanded by an end his presidential bid and also deem the Democratic Party, a cult posting, a tearful selfie Mcgowan said she was once a proud Democrat. I would have died for four for this country and its ideals. I was raised to be a proud Democrat. When my youngest brother graduate it as a fighter pilot at the AIR Force Academy, I wore a vote. John Kerry pen gone to voebel verbal altercations with men who were mad. I was a Democrat she wrote. This is back from April when there was a very you know, prominent moment where rose came out and said the democratic parties, not what I thought it was for me
I realise it more and more and more absolutely and a lot of people say TIM Pool slowest red pill whatever, but sure fine, a lot of people are starting to realise this. I had an excellent conversation with Brandon struck the founder of the walk away campaign where he straight up says the Democrats have been lying and he walked away and as more and more people realise this, I think we should be optimistic about this. I know that rose posted, a tier deteriorate selfie, but I think for the most part, this is a good thing. People are gonna, pick up, they're gonna, to take the reins back and start voting for people who actually care. She said I thought democracy meant. I had a right to choose who lined up with my value system, but what? If there's? No one? Now I know too much and I feel really quite a sense of loss tonight,
She wanted to say this is deeper than a cover up and I'm sad because there's death around all corners and shadows in the daytime. It hurts now. I know too much and I feel really quite a sense of loss. They say is Rosemont gona republican they're gonna mentioned that she penned an open letter and sheep blasting, the Murdoch's she Black ought to them or not. She blasted Trump and I believe you are an open letter against Trump and twenty fourteen here is the important point. Donald Trump is not the Republicans he's absolutely not. As a lot wrong with the man in terms of his professional demeanor and terms. Whether or not he is fit for the job. But I'll tell you this. At least I trust Donald Trump means what he sang. I do and I think the fake news has skewed people's perception of who he is and what he wants to do, but, most importantly, he has improved greatly. Its I have to be absolutely fair. I know a lot of people, they they get tired of hearing me say things words like here's the reasons I have been critical of truck, but there are legitimate reasons I am not.
Of these. You have trumped arrangement syndrome. Individuals trump brought on people like John Bolton, He was engaging in a lot of this really bad foreign policy early on, but he's been improving and that to me is good enough if he is going to do the right thing by the economy, I'm happy if he's gonna help the working class. I'm happy if he is going to sharp our defences and if he is going to work to bring it peace in the Middle EAST, which has recently done and he's going to work to at least try to bring peace on the I ain't peninsula, I'm also really happy. All of those things say to me: hey trumps, not that bad in fact he's pretty. Ok, I used to say he was bad, but not that bad, but he's improved he's improved enough to where I have no problem saying is actually kind of. Ok is a funny guy. You know what I am absolutely willing to vote for, Donald Trump when it comes to this general election, if it means awful people like Joe Biden and the failed dump. Democrats are not given the keys to the castle again most important to say is that the republican esteem?
bushmeat right now. In this virus, tweet take a look at this seeing in print in the Wall Street Journal, this list of republican national security for officials, endorsing Biden is really something. This is basically ever Fiji, opium luminary of the last thirty years sang enough to tromp stunning, really stunning. Really now I'll tell you what what that letter is is proof that Trump wasn't insurgent, who pushed his way into the Republican Party knocked out the crony establishment who, running tail between their legs to the democratic establishment, saying save us, don't save them, they're all cronies, they're, all corrupt. They ve been running this country to the ground, David selling, us out to multinational corporations against the interests of the american people, and I've had enough and Donald Trump is far from perfect, but I will take the ball, rampaging through the establishment over the establishment any day you vote for Joe Biden, these dishonest deceitful, deceptive Democrats,
What you are doing is, you are ensuring they get back in and they make sure the actual you know the people of this country do not have a chance to restore our country. Donald Trump is, is not my first choice for many he is and that's fine. I got no problem. I'm gonna defer to reply Looking at the local level. Even take a look at this story: Baltimore Republican House candidate, Kimberly Classic viral campaign. Add Democrats have failed Baltimore and black people. This add is explosive. One of the most powerful campaign. As we seen in a really long time. Ten million views a hundred and fifty four thousand retreats in five days and what she does Kimberly walks through Baltimore and shows just how awful the city is under the constant fifty three year, democratic leadership. I should say Democrat leadership. I know Republicans did it didn't say: democratic, buys a Democrat Party and I think the reason for that is democratic means something to me
we're all in this. We all that we put forward our I'd aright He has in our constitutional republic. It means that we're you know having our voice heard. The Democrats are a political party with a brand name. So I understand whether do that many more to the point. When I see this, when I see adds like this, I tell you they work, they absolutely do. I'm looking at Chicago failed policy, corrupt mayor, New York, failed policy, crept mayor, allay same thing, Portland same thing, and you know what I've had enough. I dont know I I believe that the Republican Party, as it was four years ago, was the right choice, either especially fifteen years ago, when they are more or less dick and religious. Today, what I'm looking or are saying rational, moderate Americans who believe making this country better helping people push. Out the insane call to some of the left like Rosemont go inside the,
Democrats are a cop and stopping cronies. Like Joe Biden, I am fearful of the absurd policies being put forward by the Democrats, so it won't. Let me show it's not a couple things in this store for the daily beast. We see hashtag Alyssum Olano is a lie. Trends on twitter, as rose, go and goes nuclear on Charmed Gostar, why Well, Alyssum Olano created this really long threat. But what the Democrats have done for America see although Olano sad you But what has you know? What are the Democrats done to solve anything in response? So, let's M Olano did this big threat of what she said. Nineteen sixty four l b J, Democrats signs a civil rights ACT of nineteen. Sixty four ending legal Croatia and racial discrimination, while there still a long way to go. Democrats led the way that is a lie.
It was a lie then, and it's a lie now. In fact, it was the Democrats who ratified a record filibuster to try and stop the nineteen sixty four civil rights act. Now I will give credit where credit is due l b J. He did sign it, I get it, but the Democrats were not a unified party on this one end today ice. I said this, but Alyssa Democrats view to repeal their civil rights legislation in California and it's going to referendum soon. This is true. They called the affirmative action amendment. They would strike three. The language that says will only limited supporting prop. Sixteen will repeal provision to oh nine, which stated that the government and public institutions cannot discriminate against or grant preferential treatment to persons on the basis of race, ah their gender, color, ethnicity or
national origin and public employment, public education and public contracting. It was modeled off of the nineteen sixty four civil rights ACT. The Democrats opposed it back then, and they are trying to repeal it in California right now So don't give me that bs I've had enough, and no I M not saying the Publicans would do better, but I will absolutely defer to them if it means, stopping this insanity. Anyway, I see tweets like this limit. Let me show you this Jonathan Meech responded arose Mc Gowan when she said one of the Democrats he said that he's algae BT rose and literally voted left many times, but he's having to vote for Trump now, because he saw the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and every time he pointed out to them. It would be shunned and he just couldn't deal with anymore. He set his lot, he lost friends, you know, that's exactly it when you say: hey, wait a minute. Joe Biden is a creeper, he groups, women, they say
your mouth you're. Helping Donald Trump Rosemont go untreated about it: She says I wrote an anti tromp open letter to the media, twenty fourteen, your mouth extreme media belt him I was, I was made fun of by both sides for writing us. So all of you saying I'm helping Trump get elected can suck hit. Bravo rose. I love it. I love rose coming out in saying no to both. I absolutely I do. I'm not someone who is running the Democratic Party, gleefully saying that you know I would would now be called a conservative. No, no! Quite the contrary. I am saying this. You know what I have in the past, given supported Democrats this year. I've donated to many Democrats, hoping I could try and salvage.
The party in some way and then I realized it was all lies why, while some money, the people I supported immediately just gave in to the establishment and I've had enough, there is no saving, there's no saving the Democrats. As far as I'm concerned, there's gotta be a different party, so you're not gonna. Do I may disagree with his republicans. I may not be the biggest fan of Donald Trump as a politician, but I got no problem saying I'm gonna, let you guys give it a shot. You know why, because others, I'm not, I'm not seen any success on the side and other people are saying the same thing over I'll. Try, and tell you in all these adds that tromp supporters are regretting Trump great. They say, bs take a look at this from axioms. They say the voter registration gap between Democrats and Republicans has narrowed in some of these key states according to Trump victory and acts of according to trot victory and accesses reviews of those records, but a lot of it has to do with voters swim. King parties or dropping out of the electorate, not necessarily a surge of new voters registering as Republicans
or indicating neutron voters according to Dave, was chairman of the cook political report. Let me break that down for you in this story. They are saying- that the Trump campaign, an Orange Sea have registered a hundred thou the new voters closing the gap with Democrats, but they're, not new voters Democrats are losing. Voters and Democrats are switching to the Republican Party. That's what's closing the gap. Walk away is quite real. I assure you it's not people walk. From our publicans Democrats. No Republicans are closing the gap. The gap is not widening. That means people like rose, are saying. F. The Democrats and walking away from both from from the Democrats, not joining Republicans and you have many other people that are either saying they're going to become republican or they will support the Republicans. That's what's happening. Why? Because Joe Biden is a monster, he is the dark, as he is a liar you for Joe Biden, you are voting for an establishment that further or wars in the Middle EAST Brok Obama,
it was many new war. She give us drone strikes he bolstered our troops them at least it was a lie. Fool me once shame on you not to vote for Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen hundred specially did not vote for Hilary Summit stupid enough to put that that the Obama administration back into office because they ve done a ton of really awful things. Then I want to vote for Trump either, because I felt fool me once shame on you. No shame on you often for me twice, etc, but Donald Trump did something that really spoke to me when he made moves to bring our the plot of Syria and Afghanistan tromp far from perfect, but hey, I will take what I can get and right now I am I am with with with the utmost respect. I am proud to see I M excited to see. People, like rose a prominent me to act of standing up and saying no way
We need more loud voices that are willing to stand up and be defined, even if it means a risk to their to their careers, their livelihoods, their safety their lives. This is the kind of bravery way to see. I do not expect anybody to come out and sing trumps praises just because they had the Democrats, absolutely not rose is absolutely entitled in it. To all of our opinions on Trump or any other Republican, but I am glad to see many people standing up speaking up and calling out the complete bs and now all of this may translate into the crushing defeat of Joe item, Biden gets no immediate convention bounce, but still leads trump. No convention bounce, I mean Shouldn T have they say former vice presidents
Joe Biden on no immediate measurable increase to a substantial lead over tromp following this week's largely virtual Dnc, but he is being viewed more favourably by others. Now, that's fine! I get it. I dont know. If he's poles are right or what it means, but typically there's a post convention bump and support. That's at least what I thought. Maybe not, but it does seem like many people are now just coming out and sang straight up now that interested here's, a story from CNN young voters prefer I didn't, but they may not vote. They didn't even come out for Bernie Sanders. The story from March Eleventh Young voters, love Bernie, just not enough Sanders, counted on young voters to care and effectively they didn't show up in large enough numbers. So I tell you what that means. When you see this newspaper where all of these swamp monsters come out and say, Trump is bad, who expected anything otherwise, nice trump perfect again for the fifty billion?
time he hired John Bolton come on. Ok, he got rid of John Bolton, so that's good jumbled into warmonger. By the way, I'm glad I'm glad trumps, improving is figuring things up trumps. I was gonna drain the swamp. He did not do the best of jobs, but he did in job and now the swamp monsters are striking back. That's right in the eye all street journal they're all coming on saying no more trump. You think I care about that. All this, the either you note this is it's an accidental endorsement of why Trump should be you re elected. I want to see all the cronies. Although the establishment of the war mongers Dnc, Having these, you know, these individuals speak, I mean to say their names, just the warmonger. Speaking at their convention, talking about the need for war or supporting I just get out. I want they all. Run to the democratic establishment and now are on the run. Tromp has routed the establishment, the war,
Congress, the war hawks from the right to the left. He is rooted them and we are looking at their crushing defeat this November. It is a chance to say enough to the crony establishment would send our men and women overseas to die for for what? For what? No honestly, you tell me, I've covered a lot of stuff in the Middle EAST and I just don't see, and I can respect some people have come on said they think there's a good reason, but they have been given the american people a good enough reason. In fact, they ve lied to us. They lied to us and because, although those lies, we have seen a hundred thousand plus dad, I believe in the past year alone, in Afghanistan, not all the fault of America, but partly, I would say it is fair to say the fault of us going in there. In the first place, we have a chance to envious.
Finally, we have a chance to shut down the establishment, crony politicians who care about nothing other than not nothing, but getting themselves into office for power Trump might not be what you want policy wise, but he is still someone charging and now I'm not a big fan of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I dont view Trump or the Trump supporters, as my enemy many progressive may, and they might not. Actually, you know, I guess, join in on the trumps I'd vote for Trump, because they want to support him totally respectable as it as a pretends to rose absolutely respectable, I'll tell you what for me as these sent, the independent leaning left, I view Trump as closer to where I am than worth than than the Democrats. They seem to be just liars or trying to cheat their way into power if trumpet
It may be the final nail in the coffin to crush out the establishment, their weakened. They are rooted. The only thing they could muster was was was sleepy Joe, it's their last best effort and it may be the end of crony establishment made. The democratic party will still exist in some fashion, but I'm telling on arms in this to all the progressives, your best opportunity for getting some unlike sanders into office, whether whether any of you like it or not. I am not a fan of him, you know anymore, but if you want a man, you gotta get past the establishment they cheated to keep Bernie out, and I dare I say, kind of twice so Trump wins there done and then you can form a new coalition and common. That's your best bet, Trump winning we'll see others plays out, but if more people like rose, stand up and call them.
That, I think, is a good chance. We can actually get the will of the people were stored in this country in more ways than one we can bring back real conversations now I gotta say for me personally. One of the reasons I think trumped needs to be elected, and many Republicans, particularly than the new faces that are pushing at the establishment, is because we ve got a creepy dogmatic called on the left. That must be stopped. It's just that's just what it is so leave it there. So I again my respect to all too rose. You can see right here on this tweet Alyssum allow. It is a lie to those who actually have principles and will call out the bad where it where it stands. Regardless of party you have my respect. Neck segments come up at six p m over at Youtube COM, slashed him CAS news thanks for hang it up, and I will see you all them. I suppose it just took time, but it seems like were at the pointless story where these far left extreme.
Ass these black lives matter, writers are starting to get charged, and some of these charges are getting serious. Saint PETE protest or caught with Molotov cocktails loaded gun Polly, said, Abraham Karate career, she has been charged with terrorist activity and inciting a raw, following a June protest, the hammer is drop in there jurisdiction that that playing plain stupid games that Seattle in Portland Chicago New York, Fort Worth or plan their coming for these people, this guideline even throw that ball. They found it in his are apparently for some reason. He threw a bullet at at somebody like as a warning or something fun. I get it, but I think that, We're gonna start, seeing a lot more charges coming in now is Maybe you know this is your morning riot update and here's what actually scary local news outlets didn't cover the riot last night. It was a riot. They marched through residential neighborhoods chanting, wake up pointing lights people's windows. Again there was a large
group with shields. They started a fire in the street and I got it Ok! I was like a normally dukes. I wrote my eyes like air they're going to say another protest volume cover it welcome. To your new normal? That's what I said yesterday. We can't allow them to normalize it. They aren't even covering the riots anymore because they happen so much. That is when things get freaky, but I tell you this: I'm starting with this story to make a positive point at least in many jurisdictions. There done playing games but there is a serious concern that crime is skyrocketing across this country, as tax bases erode and riots continue crime. Is going up lethal crime, we may see a tipping point we ve got an aging Louisiana, saying we're getting closer, but let's get started and read about what's going on with this Saint Peters, Saint Saint Petersburg Pro? faster. They say over at ABC action. News is a Saint Peter Petersburg, protester, Wink wink
has been charged with terrorist activity after police discovered in Malta cocktail in his car that was parked outside of police headquarters to be fair, innocent until proven guilty. But you get that you this guy, please get pleads guilty to discharge. Weren't starts! be a lamb terrorists. I am adamant american, their charging. These people with terrorism so are ugh, Give this what a shout out to Stephen crowd. Who did the changed my mind, Likewise matters. A terrorist organisation I hear is points well at least here some evidenced it to suggest. While it lends itself to his two to his argument what he said, but LISA rested twenty six years. Abraham Karachi for inciting a riot and resisting arrest of violence during June. Third protest outside our police headquarters Code of protest, but these people are bringing weapons and Malta has come on call amongst the arrest was reported on the following day as chief Anthony Holloway described, how cry through through a kind of ammunition at the direction of officers during the protests,
officer, soon realized cry. She was carrying a loaded firearm without a permit days later, investing there's discovered Karachi parked his car as close to police headquarters class closed due to the barricades on the night of the arrest report states. Cry called his uncle from jail and directed him to tow his locked vehicle to connect up announced park these later discovered molotov cocktails inside the vehicle swab test, a swab tested positive for flammable liquid. If the defendant was not arrested. There is reason to believe that a final going to discharge the device and arrest report States Accord the police. There were approximately thirty to forty people at the protests that night and numerous officers in and outside the police building also, concerning police say are several videos: investigators uncovered of crises on crises phone one video according to court documents just career. She outside the Saint PETE Police Department, with his rifle caption, stay home. This is terrorism there being charged with
terrorism. It is getting to that point. Please pay attention and that's why so scary, their normalizing, the stuff in Portland at least another. Allegedly shows Karachi holding a firearm passing by the old Saint Peace PETE Police Building, with captain thinking about A third video shows cry driving by the new Saint PETE Peer with the captain. Pigs guarding the here. I ran a few nights ago. The video alleged we then shows cry she pending the camera to a molotov of cocktail, and a rifle report also stated that these videos depict apparent reconnaissance from high vantage points of us, ass, p, p d and other critical in structure, a b c action news, reporter Ryan Psmith, reached out to local Saint PETE Police protestors. Who said the one person who met him that night claims that he travelled from Port County to protest and has not been back consistently sense. Just this week: police say they arrested crises, room mate for setting
of a molotov cocktails in a Saint PETE Parking Lot, so Sean Francis zag in Vain, twenty three discharge of making or discharging a destructive device. The Tampa attorney. Who was now representing bolt defendants, told ABC action, news reporter Ryan Psmith. He had no comment, would called Friday. Saint PETE Pity, issued the following statement. Following the to men's arrests, Our objectives are still working diligently on active ongoing. Investigations on co, defendants, Abraham, Karachi and Sean Francis Bacon being Bain. For this reason we can, provide any additional details. So all our make sure we highlight this charged with terrorist activity and the stories from from just the other night Saint Petersburg Florida. I, how big Saint Petersburg is what you can Jim, that if the feds are starting to do this here, I believe It's only a matter of time before they start moving forward and going into other areas. There is some good news. While I can say that on the front page
or a ghonim of the organ. We're not really seeing any reporting on on the ongoing riots, for which there are many Brendan Gluten Schwaiger. Tweeted. The protesters have a right of the North precinct. We get another one stolen land stolen people chance as protesters, can t to shine light into residences. Here in Portland along March RAP. I Yet show many of us other tweets, because it's a device journalism. Fire destruction, chaos riding- and you too may prevent you from seeing this. If I do- and I say this regrettably- that you know we're at this point- where I can't show you the videos, otherwise you might not. Even here it's happening, look. Look! Here's Reagan live, but that the front stories, opening Oregon schools it's their normalizing. It were now king at eighty, six knights of riots and I'm not talking about dwindling groups. These these groups are as big as they ve been for the past eighty six nights with shields forming a failings or whatever
and now they're not reporting on it. Even the front page of Khartoum to However, there is some interesting news. Let me see if I can try and find here, while for one the FBI's investigating a bomb threat that was bigness I covered yesterday, but the Oregon FBI is seeking information on people who incite violence during Portland protests. I love article protest even other than they ve been declaring them rights while the front page of these local outlets, are not covering the ongoing unrest. At least we're seeing vest from Khartoum to the feds will be the ones to step in and deal with this, Is it the Oregon FBI's asking for information on people who are inciting violence during protests? In Portland official, said the FBI research x, the rights of individuals who peacefully exercise their first a moment rights. However FBI, official said: the continued violence, potential threat to life and destruction of property across the? U S interferes the rights and safety of first amendment protected peaceful demonstrators as well,
Citizens, if you witness or of witnessed unlawful, violent actions, the FBI urges, the summit, any information, photos or videos that could be relevant to the case. You can also call the FBI Tipp Line and and and give them an information. So we know that that the dude even see right here, trending suspect in violent Portland assault caught on video turns himself in, but we ve got a b c news here. Five thirty I am today smoke fills air as Portland police. Clear riot at precinct right has been declared early Saturday outside of a police printing in Portland, as demonstrators continue to clash with law enforcement and organs largest city. Ok, why didn't you? local outlets run this story like they normally do. I looked may be there some blurb or something maybe they're, gonna write. I dont know usual they have a story saying boom. Eighty fifth, my eighty four thirty third it that they ve been normalizing it yesterday. I said I am, I am getting bored talking about the ongoing riding. It's the same story. Every night hundred plus
people all wearing black. We shields March, the residential neighborhoods yelling. Wake up throwing things smashing things threatening people and then going to up play station to a county building the ice facility. The feds are back out in the street we're starting to see an escalation, and a normal! This! That's what I said yesterday. I you know look get bored with this anomaly, totally totally honest when all this stuff first started more people were interested. I'd get more views on videos and I dont get as many views covering the stuff, as I did. You know I'm a month or two ago, and I dont care. This needs to be talked about We cannot let the extremists claim. This is normal and that's what friends. When the news says riots, newsworthy because they ve been happening for eighty six nights in a row, so regular p, we'll just live with the reality that this will have but in their neighbourhood and is a normal part of their life. I don't, except that I dont.
Abc news actually has the story. It's the it's. The associated press at the very least smoke filled. The air outside a police precinct in Portland Oregon, as authorities work to clear a crowd accused of damaging patrol vehicles stored, projectiles in pointing lasers officers police declared a riot early Saturday outside the departments. North precinct smoke was deployed and officers physically force, predecessor, protestors away from the area. They called it a riot call them. Rioters. Windows were broken up patrol vehicles, police said and items, just glass bottles were thrown and laser ended officers now, look, I'm not gonna get to integrity. Details on this, because I tell you what you know exactly what's happening, the reason I am highlighting this is because I will not allow this to become the new normal so I will. I will provide the opposite. I can and like I said, We are seeing now Saint Petersburg in many other areas, not the only place they ve started coming after those who are darting these rights, most notably, is a Democrat in Virginia it with
two felonies for tearing down a statue months after having done it, so let this be word of warning to all these people who keep engaging in this behaviour. Those are the latest lag ears. I works. You go out. Do this. They start building, a case and that about him. Or two later they come and they arrest you and the feds now are asking, information and they will find you you don't really bugs me, though, is that We keep seeing these videos of Portland Rioters, marching through residential neighborhoods shining lights and windows and screaming wake up, stolen landlord stuff, and it's exactly what I said was gonna happen. You know I made this job, they they announced white white actor actors or whatever announced they weren't gonna, be voicing cart characters of color. Whenever I laughed and said, okay now do family guy, because the guy who voiced Cleveland Brown value as a white dude in Cleveland brought us a and sure enough. He stepped down in Peace
more, like TIM Tim, stop making predictions that many religions. Ok, I'm gonna give you a good prediction right now. This is the point. Their marching. Through these neighborhoods. I said that would have but sooner or later they will be marching down the residential neighbourhood and my my fear, Is that sooner or later, they'll actually go up to someone's. How will that actually already happened? Several times they went some Ladys house. They vandalized they physically attacked or no mind you. The lady was wearing some still a very dumb armband, our no she's aloud, fine whenever an uncle people's houses. So there is no justification for gold. Someone's house, vandalism and physically attacking or for sure I'm is pointing out. I don't agree with what you want. You know that she was wearing this but then residents came out challenged these writers and they ve gone since than to other regions, he's in one video? They were both in the neighborhood and actually witten, some on addressing some deeds property and he was screaming. Get off my property get off my property, the next step. If we,
see that escalation is they will deliberate you go on to your property. Call someone out specifically smashing at the window, eventually they'll be in the homes, and that is a horrifying thing to believe will happen. But as long as we keep seeing unchecked extremism, I believe it's extremely likely. Now. Here's the Good NEWS, though, as I as are, as I said, my predictions- have relatively vague on things announcing unhampered inoperative lottery numbers here. I'm just saying: oh, look, there's a residential neighbourhood, I'm I'm worried gotta go on someone's property than they did you I mean that makes sense. Not hardly knows it's like one plus one impulse to write, wears a good protection, the F the eyes. Looking for you, so here's the obvious prediction, the FBI As currently seeking information on these people here, some optimism they are Gunnar snatch you up. Oh, you are scared about the fake news about them. Coming an unmarked vehicles and and snatching people off the streets. It was to people
and they were identified as police very easily, and they worrying unmarked vehicle bats normal for policing they were wearing things. Had police stop he's gonna happen, a blue. Unmarked Suv is gonna. Pull up to your home. Moronic far left us Adam and a bunch of guys in suits, welcome a knock on your door and you ll say I don't know who they are and they will arrest you and your wrist a federal charges- and you lose and you will go to prison. At least That's what we cannot hope is going to happen, but I think the fair prediction, governor I'm threatens travel restrictions and restaurant closures you highlighting the story from the other day you you have here we have the organ governor, saying we can't reopen these businesses and we must have travel restrictions. You know Calvin covered. There are people every night marching to the street with impunity to US
and a great many other being arrested, some of them than their being? Let go so maybe this isn't your biggest priority origin, don't be your biggest priority, but apparently that's what they do. Lots they want here we go Baby Louisiana Agee warns violent crime, I'm in the. U S will reach epidemic levels, there's a tipping point. That's coming in this country, a g Jeff Landry warns that crime and you will get worse before it gets better. Ok, well tell you what the night is always darkest before the done. It doesn't mean that we are going to be a diving head first into the depths of her but it does mean that we are going to see it there. There's going to be, it's gonna, be a lot of crime we're already seeing it in many different cities. Lethal crime is way up and the ages sang it will get worse. But I wanted to at least to give you some positive information. I'm I opened this. What this guy's being charged good, the FBI's seeking these people out
we may see more violent crime, the extremists may shoved people's homes, black lives matter, people, individuals, we're gonna, call em, now overtly charged just a straight up terror there. You go away, go cracker a black lives matter activist marching you know, engaging in a riot for black lives matter is being charged with terrorist activity. That's enough for me, They are terrorists that every single one, but when you have terrorists in your group and you defend what they do and say this reparations looting, reparations or whatever then no yeah, yeah, absolutely. But what is ages sang in Louisiana? Is it he's gonna get worse? It is. It is, but do not fear because it will get better than it is always darkest for the dawn. He said Attorney general Jeff Landry believes that that it was, it was inevitable that violent crime in the- U S will get worse and warns that, given the current state of affairs in cities across the country, the worst is yet to come.
In a phone interview with Fox NEWS. Landry has rightly said that, while he has tried to to be tough on crime and estate, he realized years ago, and other parts of the country there were signs that crime would reach epidemic levels. When I became a turn, general back and twenty sixteen one of the first things that we tackled was. We took a very proactive fight against crime. I predicted four and five years ago, This country was headed towards an extreme violent crime outbreak that it was going to become an epidemic homicide and gun violence on the rise in cities across the country, Landry He has not surprised. I called that, and this thing is something that's been building and has only been and by this particular lawlessness. I do believe it there's a tipping point. That's coming in this country, I believe that every violent crime creates an exponential number of victims put up which to overhaul law enforcement across the country by stripping police department of funds will not help matters either according Landry, who is our republican
I can tell you that the funding the police is certainly not an answer kind crazy. They're. Not. I had Brandon struck of walk away on the IRA podcast and he said three months ago you into someone inside my political platform is to defend the police and strip them of resources. People would laugh a pair of risks. I actually laughed at him. Exactly people have that reaction he's right, equities its absurd now crime is skyrocketing terrorists are r r r romping through the streets, normalizing extremist behaviour, violence, vandalism, fights with police every night for eighty six nights, Crime is skyrocketing, and I kid you not you. Actually have a large portion of the very least of the Democratic Party advocating for not just the funding the police but outright abolishing them with the New York Times are bad, which reads: yes, we mean abolish the police they ve done it's in Minneapolis. They outright disbanded their police department. And crime is on the rise and that
For these stories come together. When you have extra it s going out for eighty six nights. When you have, m attacking the police and the law. Google news just thanks! It's not worth covering anymore or or they don't get to it. The way they use. Does look like ominously again. Maybe they will cover this they may be. It used to be that I'd. Wake up check the local outlet to see what they were saying. They don't have it there, like all the talking about Colvin when the normalization happens. That means you can expect in your neighborhood. I don't I don't care where you are. I said this: I don't care where you are, they will eventually show up not to be fair it These are very very big thing portals like a hundred forty five square miles. So I'm necessarily saying they will make it to your house guaranteed? But it's like it's like buying a lottery ticket for destruction. If there is a one percent chance that you know it. You buy a lottery ticket and you gotta one per that chance of you know, I don't know I haven't losing a hundred dollars. Would you buy it you'd be like I'm about it
for dollar lose money, has a good chance. The point of making, as you need to start taking care of yourself and and and preparing for the worse you ve got this agee saying he thinks things are going a lot worse before they get butter this doesn't necessarily be bad news because, on the other side of this hill is going to be. You know staring down at the fire and we can see just how bad it is. But on the other side you ve got the FBI. You ve got law enforcement and their running towards us with the fire hose. That's the point: that's why I highlighted the fact that they are starting to look for these people and their actually going to start arresting them that many of these people are being charged with with various crimes, some even with terror. Because we are not just trapped in a building and the end is not coming, the fire will get worse, but we can see people rushing end to try and stop it. However, I'm really worried about what happens if Biden wins
because you will not have the FBI anymore, seeking to stop these people. You won't look he's right, sir, under Biden as part of the Obama administration black lives. Better riots, Ferguson, Baltimore milwaukee- all of it was under Joe Biden if he wins, and that's that Well, I've become a very single issue about the riots, the extremism, the violence. Trump has tweet without today. I think that here last night we can do that. We can send in love with a just ask. We will help, I think, if trump winds, he will be untied there, and you will say now it's time to end this. I dont know if he, if he should I'm not saying you should. I think it's up to the governors to accept you need federal help. Lorry Lightfoot won't do it mayor ally, stymie effort to call in National Guard, while Mayor Lorelei Lightfoot, as had called, Effort by forty aldermen grandstanding, Chicago heck of a place. You can have mass looting. They can raise the bridges up for
they raise the bridges around downtown cutting off, North side, that their their work, their bare blacklist activists outraged about this thing. It's it's really difficult now to even get through because they barricade off certain exits and she's like their protecting the white neighborhoods Chicago man? It's gettin, bad she's, gonna think will happen. I think the feds are working right now, but that's under Donald Trump, Joe, abiden when he was with Obama. They didn't do anything to stop this. I think of Joe Biden, wins he's gonna start doing. Exact What these other Democrats are already doing and black lives matter they are telling us that is true. In fact, there was a facebook post Someone said it's easier to overthrow a pathetic old man and is someone like Donald Trump there's their lives, really saying that Joe Biden is so weak, they will do whatever they want if he wins and binding do exactly what they're doing in Chicago exactly what they're doing an organ. I do say it man, but that's it. That's a fact
and its ends this it's so annoying you gotta ready or these websites in their alike. By the heresies, the safe choice there there star fires and their showing up to people's homes. They say they are bringing that weapons guns molotov there being charged with terrorism, because they're trying to do their shaking down local businesses we need. We need stronger leaders who can just say the good innocent working people of this country must be protected from violent extremists and they are not doing it and Joe Biden certainly won't right. Now we have an opportunity to ask Donald Trump to deploy fads to actually stopped. Extremism, he won't do it not. Unless he's given the ok by these local leaders, they won't do it either. If Joe Biden elected that options off the table, and now it is chaos, so as law it is these Democrats run their cities like their despotic lunatics than I am,
I'm I'm terrified about what happens if someone like Joe Biden, who clearly does not have the cognitive capabilities, we President gets elected a livid. Their necks segment is coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks for hang it up and I will see well then, to funding the police was an obvious mistake, and most of us know this for those of you that watch my content. You probably know this I'm only hoping that stories like this will help. People realize why D Fund, the police is wrong. If, the thing we need more funding for proper training New York. Is and turned into a shooting gallery as three are killed and twice. Are injured and shootings in just one night as cops release, horrifying footage of broad daylight drive by that killed an eighteen year old and the weekend is just about
To start building blocks, YO was using taxpayers money to paint messages. Political slogans he's using the police to protect a painting. Let me just stress that point for those who may have missed it. If you don't watch all my videos, they used: twenty seven Nypd to guard the blog posts, painting, which he illegally took taxpayers money to paint on the street. And I want to show you something personal, a more personal store, I should say husband is left paralyzed after being hit by stress a bullet when he insisted on walking to the store with his new wife hold her umbrella in gentrified Brooklyn, as gun vote, it's an unwise spiral out of control. If your warning on this story- men, this one's, nightmarish and I actually have. I saw this story. I started looking into That's our doing general research and I found actually mutual friends with the individual walk into the store to buy toothpaste,
a normal day in Brooklyn, where one of the whole the umbrella for his wife and thence. One pulled up was trying to. EL someone else and he got hit with a stray bullet and all of a sudden he couldn't feel his legs Ivan. I think, about these stories. You know where there is that one moment where you could have made a different decision. Apparently wife said you don't need to come with me, you don't need I'm just going to buy two toothpaste- and he said no, all comma hold the umbrella for you. If he just said: okay, he would still be walking. He would have been lying on the ground and is in a pool of his own blood. It's a whole a fine story, but this is a perfect example of why you need to either get out of these cities and or vote out people like build a blog you a man who is giving his wife. A two million dollars: staff from the from the New York City coffers and threatening to fire,
emergency medical service, think about it. What when he lays off ten percent of the empties they wouldn't be here for a person like this, but worse still, New York got rid of their six hundred officer anti crime unit. Maybe they could have stopped this from happening. The story- and I talk about- what's going out to blossom in New York and Trump you see- Trump- is for dissent in the National Guard and fats over and over again, he's now offer Portland assistance. If they only ask, but these Democrats they won't so I'll. Tell you what, if these people will not be putting out the likes of the blog, YO qualities of the Democrats. Then you need to leave these cities and let this story be a warning now to be fair. I want to make sure I highlight stories like this probably happen all time and while shootings are up significantly and so is crime, and this is our crumbling. I dont want to over hype. This you'll look, it's
possible that with their stories like this in every major city, we just don't pay attention to and were only focused on it now because of the crisis, but suffice it to say there is a crisis in New York City, and perhaps this could have been prevented. The increasing shootings absolutely could be prevented and so say the activists to actually live in the black communities of New York or saying give us back our police, but the White progressive racists. These white fragility. Racists are saying: no, we don't want you to have police, and this is what happens. The daily mail says, and is it an an innocent bystanders who was shot in broad daylight in Brooklyn on Wednesday, will likely never walk again after a bullet struck his spine, while he walked with his wife to buy toothpaste from a nearby store such an innocuous thing to do relevant. He wasn't going some grand journey, he wasn't running through a battlefield to save a child. He wasn't storming into a bird
in building. Now he was going out for toothpaste, and this is the Blog Yos New York, The tragic shooting is one of several incident incidents of gun violence in New York City warehouse side, surged by twenty nine percent to two hundred and forty, or from January first two August. Second, from the same period last year, the five Bert, We have also seen and eighty four point, six percent rise in shooting victims to one thousand set teen during those dates compared with the same period, twenty nineteen. According the Wall Street Journal SAM met calve. Thirty three survived the shooting on eighteen year, old man, Malcolm immediate, died near the intersection of ocean and Woodruff avenues in Flatbush just south of Prospect park, a media I suspected gang member, was believed to be the shooters intended target a gulf on account started to help help met his wife, Sabrina, Sabrina describe the tragic events unfolded. Let me tell you metabolism. I've got to go fun. Pulled up, and there was one comment in there that I the read, and I thought to myself this person
That's it and then all of a sudden they do a one eighty they were again on the mayor and saying he's here. Terrible This city has been gentrified and wait, wait, wait. What are you kidding me the jagged. Are you nuts, the gentrification? and is not what's causing the shootings? That's insane these people, just don't get it. Do they let this story be a warning. Man- I am I mean at my heart- goes out to the two this newly married upon this dude. I would not wish something like that on my worst enemies. This guy may very well be parallel. Paralyze fought for the rest of his life, but there are still people stupid enough to think that the problem is this dumb, far left northern and oh it. It was the defending of the police which led to this. Here's a ATO and why pity, release the shocking footage from the shooting on Wednesday they say
Wednesday August nineteen, twenty twenty Sabrina and her husband, SAM left their Brooklyn apartment to go to the store and get some toothpaste, the organizer, the crowd, funding, effort, crystals are go ski wrote. She told him he didn't need to come, but he wanted to but the umbrella for, because it was raining in the umbrella, was broken while crossing and enter section less than five minutes from their building shots rang out and SAM was hit intended victim was not SAM. The victim, not SAM, was also shot multiple times and died as a result, the Gorsky continued almost immediately SAM, couldn't feel his legs We now know at the bullet, hit his kid me and stop when it hit his spine. They removed his kidney, but his condition is too fragile to attempt to remove the bullet just yet doctors are still trying to stop the bleeding and SAM will likely never walk again. This is just a guy walking down the street. No, it's extremely rare, but it could be you. This is,
why we have police patrolling neighborhoods, it's why we have police arrest criminals, it's why we put them in jail to stop them from doing it again. I for one, am more of a fan of rehabilitative justice, not punitive meaning weak, but we ve got to take these people off the street for one to stop the crimes and to to make short, doesn't happen again by rehabilitating Sometimes it doesn't work, that's true, but releasing people from prisons defending the police, amazing, it's the exact opposite of what meaning. What we need here is a photo. The actual victim, and I feel for this guy too, I don't want to see anybody lose their livelihood care for suspected gang member. This guy died, and this is build a blog Yos New York he's stripped a billion dollars from the police, he took away the Anti crime unit active, in these communities are begging for them. Back five people live in got near the intersection in the last week. According to the gorse three of those who have been shot were killed.
Salmon, the brain of a long road ahead of them. She writes, medical expenses will come later, but right now, I need help supporting them in any way possible. Neither are working as SAM fights for his life and she keeps vigil over The good news is there. Gulf on me has raised a ton of money about tell you not. Everybody has the means to actually escape New York some people. Don't like it. When I say New York has got a divorce when the chaos and it's gonna be like escape from New York. They don't like it. It's it's not meant to be. A literal statement is meant to be an exaggerated statement to make a point this is the point. Now you have a dude who died in eighteen year, old, died, shot in broad daylight another man is now paralyzed and I got more stories. Man but the only one New York's He is seeing a surge in shootings because they took the cops away and and and and its obvious it should be obvious anybody. They say neither
are working SAM fights for life. I know about that, but the point is yes bill. The Plaza shut this city down and now they don't have the money they need to actually pay for this. They need help, I'm glad there getting the help they need His journey to recovery will be long, and during that time I dont want either of them to have to worry about anything else, and I agree one hundred percent the co funding can faint campaign is exceeded. School of forty thousand dollars as of early Saturday, raising forty two thousand one hundred and fifty. I believe the lament more that thank you, Sir Gorsky wrote. I cannot tell you how much your support means is a testament to how loved salmon Sabrina are and how truly incredible people can be. A MIDI was fatally shot in the chest. An arms according to the new post law enforcement sources believe he is a member of the creeps and at the shooting, with related Gang warfare surveillance footage The least from the scene on Friday shows an unidentified gunman Amy a gun from the driver's seat of the above you as you ve, just before three thirty p m. Now I know
framing of this is about the man who was shut out. The innocent bystander was paralysed because of this as a reason why folk on the framing, but I will absolutely say this story: is also about this eighteen year old, who has gone down in broad daylight, one hundred percent that that could be any one of us as well, but to be fair, I suspected gang member and the target of a hit is very different from an innocent bystanders both of both of these It is our extreme tragedies. Both of them should be the focus of this, and I will not impugn the honor of his men who lost his life under the under the suspicion. He was in a gang, but I highlight the innocent bystanders purposefully to say it could be you. Doing nothing minding your own business, walking down the street and someone just starts firing a weapon now you're paralysed for the rest of your life or worse dad. It could be your loved ones They pose a bunch of photos of them together, they say, video from the scene shows the aftermath of the shooting bystanders are seen tending to
health and assuring him he was going to be. Okay cops found a gun at the scene. It may have been dropped by one of the victims. This Neighbourhood is becoming a shooting gallery. Why won't stop one resident? Ask em New York It comes as a city endorse a summer of soaring violent crime, heatwaves high unemployment. Grinding misery of social distancing. Restrictions have all contributed to an atmosphere in which temper spin out of control and verbal disputes between strangers often turn vital. This guy was just walking down the street, but I want to show you something that offended me over the go. Fuck me. They ve raised forty five thousand one hundred and sixty six dollars of a forty thousand dollars. That's awesome. I'm glad to hear it. I really do wish these people the best, and I am really really upset at even the eighteen year old. You know, especially the eighteen year old, losing his life men. I oppose the death penalty, I wanna see anybody getting hurt. I wanna see is fine
the solution to these problems, but the problem isn't this ridiculous bail reform? They started before all this Culbertson baleful. We're gonna release people they go on that commit crimes over and over and over again. I look. I say it all the time, I'm pro freedom, freedom over security, which means if somebody is around and they have a right to be free unless you can prove it and so what they get. That was the idea, but I dont just ending it overnight was a solution. I believe a trial period was warranted and they found many, and I found it were arrested of many. These people were just getting out and they were going I'm another committing crimes again from an Y see, but now shocking to me that they would then go and DE fund the police. It's all just one big game to them. They want power and they will sacrifice you to get it well. I want to show you some of these comments. Here's one vote Just read this, I'm another SAM thirty, three from an Y see, but now in Tokyo and browsing facebook- and I see
another SAM still in my city, getting randomly shot just for wanting to walk summer with his wife, the city, this change. So much is the last time I was there. The mayor is an effing idiot. And the whole city has been gentrified to no return. What? What is that? Why are you complaining about that? They insist on pushing many of these people will still not let go of the narrative, it's not a big, they should. But I want you to know that Don't know you never met you by love. You dude, remember it's like this. Insert Famer Romano once said what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You still have your whole life to lead and at least you still have your senses, a beautiful, loving wife and eleven support from people all over the world wording for you. This is not the end only getting state, I feel you got this. I appreciate the positive message one hundred percent much. DR at individual, is trying to be helpful, giving us donation but you're right. The mayor isn't effing idiot, but what is the city being gentrified have to do with this? This is part of the problem. In my opinion, bill
the blows has no plan for a return to indoor dining. He has defended the pole she has locking the city down, he will not let people lead normal lives and people are suffering under the Oh yes, the mayor isn't effing idiot, but gentrification is not a bad thing. It is not necessary and it is not all good. It does dr many people out of their communities. I get it, but businesses coming in and bringing in new jobs and revitalizing a neighborhood is not a bad thing. What's the alternative decaying streets collapsing buildings and violent crime. I guess so. I guess so. Look man Trump, Israel! ITALY offer descend in fads to end all of this, and they won't accept it think about this. You want to defend the police. Maybe you can't afford the police. Take the federal officers trumpets off up Chicago says. No New York's has now Portland, says no. Eighty, six consecutive knights of unrest and now the feds are back out on the streets of of Portland. The store about this individual being paralyzed is not the only one that they actually
another article here in the daily mail. It talks about essentially the same story, but it gives us a play by play of some other shootings. This is crazy. Look at this. They say I'm actually give you some context. The irony is not the first story there she met my while there's just too many of these three people are dead and toys loaded after a night of shooting may I'm across New York City, where crime surges out of control overnight Thursday, Friday morning there were at least eleven separate shootings in shooting incident spanning Brooklyn in the Bronx, where terrified residents have have seen soaring violence. It follows the release of violence footage is this we know about. I just mentioned they say to other fatal shootings took place at ease treatment, avenue neighbourhood of the Bronx of yours the part at around two: a m: a gunman open fire up in an apparent drive by striking three victims, victims killing one of them that it sees fit
a sixty year old man, was shot in the torso on pronounced dead at Saint Barnabas Hospital to others, three thousand six hundred and fifty four hospitalized in stable condition then just two hours later at four twenty: a dot m a forty four year old man, speedily shot in the back of the head while as as well shortly before noon on Friday and innocent by centre was shot and wounded in the ankle. While she was sitting inside of Brooklyn NAIL Salon incredible, I'm not a good way its interest and sign the sixty eight years when I was in a salon it on pet, can avenue. When shots rang out showing TAT she was taken to the hospital suspects describe, these two men wearing all black and face masks, fled the scene and are still at large
the other non fatal shootings across the city Brooklyn, one thousand and forty nine, a dot m confirm shots, Brooklyn Brooklyn one shot female victim Brooklyn, one hundred and fifteen a dot m to shot thirty two year old man in the arm. Twenty three year old woman, one hundred and fifty five a dot m in the Bronx to shot Bronx to 28th and confirm shots, fired Brooklyn, three hundred and fifteen one shot, Brooklyn three hundred and thirty one shot it goes on and on and on I wonder man, you look a little looked. So look at this chart in twenty nineteen, there were seven hundred and seventy six shootings in twenty fifteen there one thousand one hundred and thirty eight for the total year. Twenty twenty so far surpasses the past three years and is on track to be the worst we have seen in a very a long time who, in their right mind, would decide. Now is the time to get rid of your anti crime unit. Somebody doesn't care or is lying. You see New York,
did he is facing a major budget shortfall and that's why I highlighted build a blog you having no plan for indoor dining. I know it may seem their unrelated, but the fact is they have no money. There are no tourists, the tax base is being eroded and it's because of people like build a blog who get elected dont know how to run the city and dont care about what happens to it. I understand is potentially a rock and a hard place with covered, but I think if he paid attention and actually track the numbers, he could do a good job. And I think the fact that his wife has a two million dollar staff, one person filming her beg cookies. I think that proves he has no good intentions. He is just milking the system and watching people take the brunt of the chaos. There's a lot of articles. There was one article that sad New York City is dead. I read of a couple days ago talking, but other city will not come back from this. A bunch of leftist starts Asha. Sharing this mean it was a tweet from some guy.
Laughter suicide. New York city is not dead. It's only dead to the rich people who can't have underpaid labour, serve their everyone and the rock laughing and sang whoop yeah. You tell him, you know. What's up that's right now, it's dead for these people to you know why? Because now a man likely will never walk again. So is it? Is it any any reason? I'm sorry that any surprise that the rich people or the people of means fled when they did look, you don't have to be rich to get out of this In my opinion, I would rather be sleeping on a park bench than living in New York. Especial afterwards All this now I get a look. Eight hundred and twenty seven shootings to the millions of people who
still there. I mean it's the millions millions upon millions for sure it's it's not like. It's great audio happened to you, but it's a lottery ticket that you can buy instead of being rich. You can't walk anymore, I get it. You always have their potential in a place like New York City, but it's getting worse. It's it's! A thirty percent increase in the likely have happening at a certain point. I think it's just time to get out not just because of the shootings, but because businesses are being shut down because no jobs, because they that they have this mandatory quarantine because they have you, know tat. Ten thousand dollar finds because there's checkpoints the borders, because the cities evolving into chaos, and your leader is a moron. The guy running the city is an absolute moron. If it were me, I just get up and leave and I lived in check. Ago. This was maybe a like eleven years ago and I had no plan. I just that. I'm getting out of this and in others was more about just boredom. I guess I found an add on Craigslist,
they said I need someone. I need some help driving a car to San Diego from Chicago. When I said I'll drive it, I had very little money, I up, in LOS Angeles, with no plan very little cash and just a backpack. I had no idea arouse gonna go and I was lucky enough to not actual spend a single night outside met some crazy hippies. They helped me out, and I was lucky I was lucky for sure, but I was willing to pack up and leave. If I was facing an actual threat like this, if I, what if I was still in New York, I just pack up and go I'd stay in my eyes, my car, I would do whatever I know. That's just me some people of families- the story of the guy's paralyzed and he's just he's he's a younger guy with his wife and he chose to stay and I wonder you know it's. One of these stores are where it's it's, this more a philosophical. Thank you no issue. Where there's that one moment that fork in the road
and you don't know what lies ahead, and you don't realize that one moment I've been skateboarding and it's. Why think about this and I'll go for a trick and I'll sprained. My uncle it rarely ever happens where you gotta sprained angle. You know what most airports not fall, but sometimes it does, and then I sit there thinking. If I just waited literally two seconds before trying this. Would that have changed everything before me. Imagine this man in his apartment and his wife said you don't have to come by the toothpaste with mainly as a whole, the umbrella for you if he just took one extra second to reconsider the bullet. May of not hit his fine in that crazy. I'm just bringing us up because you could go back way further to when the city was having an affair gas, and now you in New York, city or anywhere else or anyone audio anew any one of these cities allay or myself, and you have a choice right now. You can leave and if you don't
I believe there is a higher likelihood of risk, especially going into the election. I dont think that the next few months are going to be pleasant for people in cities and that's why a lot of my friends are getting up and that's why we're seeing stories like this mind, you I will. I will stress that trust the point there are millions in New York. There are doing just fine, I mean relatively fine relatively fine still, Extreme social, distant saying, masks: people are not happy with what's going on and it's a pressure cooker on the verge of exploding. You have the choice, to go somewhere else, it may not be easy or comparable, but man. If it were me, I would totally do it. I saw the story about this. Guy got getting paralysed and I was like that is you know just a nightmare scenario he could have. He could have just got on a bus and laughed with his wife to go somewhere safe, it sad men. I wish them the best. I really really do. I really really do. I wish everyone save saved,
The dude who died, especially him, I'm sad to hear that he lost his like. I don't care. If he's in a gang, I don't care. This is backing up crime. You prove it to me and we'll have some consideration you know like. Like listen if you're in a gang in your engaging in violence- and someone comes after you, you have some responsibility here, but I'm not gonna play that game. That dude should not have been killed. All the same, I just I I I you know. I understand is probably a bias here, but I highlight the guy getting paralyzed because he's gonna live with us for the rest of his life, and you know, like the other guy, he's he's gone. No as families gonna suffer. You know endlessly through this, but I try to. I guess the biased comes from the fact that the duties paralyzed is deemed an innocent bystanders and that's kind of the shocking idea here that you could be minding your own business one day in New York and then you'll never walk again. Maybe the earth is fine, maybe it's all exaggerated Autonoe, but for me, I'd leave I'll leave it there. Next islands coming up at four p m over at Youtube: dot com slashed him ass. It is a different channel. Thanks rang out, and I will see you all them the fake.
Whose fact checkers are added again claiming tromp lied or gave false information or misleading information when in fact, he just made a simple statement and its true what the fact checkers do who is they add external contacts that no one presented and then claim its false, so the go out and gave his like Donald Trump has seen. Ice cream, gown and they'll say did Donald Trump real. Eat an ice cream count with sprinkles false at the very bottom Jose. While Donald Trump did eat an ice cream count, it didn't have springs. Well. Nobody said it had sprinkles and that's it Actually we are seeing now the Dnc did not remove phrase under God, from the pledge of allegiance slopes and political act can farm any human being. Who has twitter can actually look it up and see that yes
There were some instances where individuals at the DMZ removed, under God from the pledge of allegiance Tromp, said that their claiming its mostly false or strategy, they didn't. This is a lie. It straight up. And this was a v a what's happening moment. It's right here. Look at us, Twitter is point. In my feed. The Dnc did not remove the phrase fake news. First, let's take a look at what Donald Trump did say: dropped tweeted the Democrats they pass. The Democrats took the word God out of the pledge of allegiance at the Democratic National convention at first. I thought they made a mistake, but it wasn't. It was then on purpose. Remember: evangelical Christians, and all this is where they are coming from its done vote November. Third did Donald Trump say that every instance in what
They said the pledge that the word God was removed. No, he said the Democrats. He didn't even see the DMZ to this. He said the Democrats at the Dnc the Democrats took the word got out of the pledge. What The Democrats mean it's hard to know for sure we're doing analysis right. He said the Democrats took the word got out of the pledge he did it did he say they did it fifty times seventeen? No, he said they did it once the actual it twice as their funding. Let me show you what this twitter moment says: what you need to know. The phrase under God was used during the recitation of the pledge of allegiance at the start each night of indian people that affect confirms the phrase was omitted during at least to individual caucus meetings, though the Dnc not issue any guidelines, forbidding the use of the phrase slopes confirm who cares did tribe say the Democrats actually instructed people, not the sand or God he didn't say that he'd insanity,
you, like that. He said that they were moved it. They did from some instances. This is the game. Is the game over this? You ve got slopes. You ve got cow Griffin tribe is lying when he says that he and see, remove under God, when the pledge of allegiance slopes on the national stage that is, under God was used during the recitation, blah blah blah trumps. Tweet is alive; no, it isn't, and this has twenty two thousand retreats. This is the sky. Sting dirty game they play Trump, not say the Dnc issued guidelines forbidding it. He said the Democrats did they did. They literally did twice Zack sent said, does not true here's. But you haven't applied to the convention on night one eye to night three night, for we then have pullet effect. They say a form Are you a central candidate said the Democratic National Convention omitted one nation under God from a pledge of allegiance. That's mostly false. Ok, this one, maybe because They said one nation indivisible with limiting access for all I've.
I'll keep saying about me. Let me show you the game here, Snobs I love it. I love it, I'm being sarcastic. By the way did Democrats omit under God from the pledge of allegiance the phrase under God is still regularly recited by members of the Democratic Party. So what did they remove it? Yes, here's they say mostly false the democratic. Now I'm a convention omitted the phrase under God from the pledge of allegiance in twenty twenty, its one hundred percent. True one hundred per cent. True, here's what True, the phrase under God was omitted from at least two recitations of the pledge of allegiance at individual caucus meetings during the Dnc and twenty twenty. When it trump say, Democrats took the word, got out of the pledge of allegiance to that at the democratic
The convention- all ok, ok, hold! I'm sorry as our job is wrong, is technically wrong. Okays run they did it twice. Yes, I see trumps had they did it, but technically, I would say I'm gonna write this mostly false does, in fact they did it twice and Trump only say they did it, which could imply that at once you see a stupid. This game is what's false: the deeds. He did not issue any guidelines forbidding used the phrase who said that did Donald Trump amounts. I can you believe the Democrats forbade people from saying this never happened. They made up fake context. They then added that's exact, hear what I said about the ice cream going to see. Other you see how they do this. The incident, issue guidelines for needs of the phrase. National stage, the phrase under God, was used during the recitation of the pledge of allegiance at the start of each night of twenty twenty Dnc Trump didn't say the start of the Dnc. They omitted this trumped in, say the Dnc had rules in place. They are lying. A rumour circle
I did on social media during the democratic nation convention in August, alleging that Dnc had omitted the phrase under God from the pledge of allegiance. The following text. So shown in the above displayed mean, for instance, was copied and pasted to multiple accounts on Facebook. The fact of the dna, committed under God for the pledge of Allegiance international platform should worry every believer. They did that that they did. I it's so crazy. Isn't it. They say the statement as it is misleading at best, the Dnc did not omit under God from the pledge nor the day for, but its use, no one's. No one said that in fact, during every recitation of the pledge before each events. They said we now here's a video, yes, here's a video where they start the Dnc and they said the pledge with under God, here are links to videos of, under God being sad during the pledge political Regions are sprawling events, blah blah blah on August seventeen, for instance, the first eighty and see the hispanic caucus. The labour code Oh blah blah. They say in the women's council in at least two of these, sittings of a smaller individual.
Offices, the algae beating you call this meeting and the Muslim delegate's assembly in August Eighteenth the phrase dear God, was omitted from the pledge confirmed true one hundred percent. Another, as some people are saying. Well, what Joe Biden then said about the very fine people hoax is also true. It's a dirty game. They play Joe Biden got smart. He used a semantic game to manipulate the very fine people into hoax. You may be familiar where Donald Trump said. There were very fine people on both sides, and I am not talking about the NEO Nazis because they should be condemned totally Joe Biden, sad. I want you to remember what those people looked like and what they were saying: I want you to remember what Donald Trump set about that night, that there were very fine people on both sides. The he's an that's a lie. You is because he is tricking you by meeting information into making. You believe Trump said. That group was very fine people. He did not. He condemned them, but Joe Biden is a piece of human garbage and is a coward.
Why did his basement and he's got the media doing everything in their power to prop him up yet will polyte effect is trash. They play the same game. To be fair, They didn't remove one nation under God, they removed under God because they said one nation, indivisible so sure fine, but take a look at this. The amount of propping up what we are seeing with weaken that violence is is just it's hilarious, Joe Biden, mysteriously disappearing dislikes on you The number of Dnc Convention dislikes on video streams dropped Friday below. Where they stood Thursday causing suspicion, you too might be suppressing negative engagement forbidden. What they might be doing is banning accounts, accusing them of being bought them without its band alike disappears with it. I'm not entirely sure
but I'm just pointing out Joe Biden can do whatever he wants. He's not answering questions of the press and the journalist gleefully run out like little at its justice disgusting. You see the video from yesterday Joe Biden was giving a speech, and afterwards they told all the morons these these pathetic. Disgusting, fake news, journalists, you're gonna, miss the fireworks unless you run inside another all run like little morons. Meanwhile, a maid political candidate does not have to answer any questions because the coward hides and the journalists are in honor. They love it got it. Run out, make sure we get to see the fireworks. The fireworks outside. Oh there was,
nobody. Even there was a stupid thing ever, but it was a perfect trick. These fake news, reporters at put fact and snobs are, are lying to protect the Democratic Party and its what they do, not every single journalist but too many of them. The rest of our dumb, dumb as a boxer rocks, you gave a virtual convention and they are now. They fireworks show for which there is no audience, and the journalists are so dumb. They run out and go watch the fireworks talk about pathetic. Now I can't tell you what's happening with Youtube or Google, but I'm just pointing out. They are propping this guy up now, it's it's. You know he's being accused of of plagiarism which what we're gonna do a hot another segment on this, because it just I've. I've had enough of of Joe Biden of the Democrats of the constant lies. Look at this one. New Democrats leave
under God from the pledge of allegiance and the Muslim caucus meeting this week, and that's what trump sees any tweets about it and it's true the phrase under God was omitted from at least two recitations. We know it so why are they journalists coming out in adding fact context? It's it's it's the manipulation. I need to set up a fact: hacking site to fast track, the fact hackers- and I would just simply put point to me where in Donald Trump tweet He says that they remove the word God from every pledge and they ordered people to remove the word. The phrase under God. It's just not real life. But many people are going to see this. There is a high trumps, a liar. Therein this, though the list of all the things that claimed Trump lied about- and it's just not true, it is a trick to manipulate people into try there to protect protected the Democrats or to support Joe Biden or to hate Donald Trump, whatever man, I'm just understand. I've gotta
more seconds coming up in a few minutes? Yet it's gonna be all about the Democrats because now Joe Biden being accused of plagiarism- and it looks legit of himself and others Oliver their there Mexicans coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. I am absolutely convinced, Democrats don't expect to win and they are just phoning it in Joe Biden is now being accused of plagiarism of others and himself. I wanna start. Play showing you this real, quick clip of Joe Biden. This is tweeted out by power. Tie and they say this is unbelievable. The exact same speech check it out three hundred dollars. A powerful motion of her story is the Americans, for that work is one of the major its dignity, a jobs, about a lot more than a picture. I can dig it respect its about whether or not you can look at China the eye. I think we're going to be all right. It's about respecting its legislation that Slovenia, we could kill you
It's gonna be ok. I mean that I got it for a long time. You know my dad was inaudible disappear. You got knocked out. You touch me hard, always torpedo jam. We did not doubt get up get up. We all got back up your target, unable to great more closely for family and public order and we're cost, but to prevent no people going to college and don't let them crushing. You get the point. The point is Joe Biden doesn't actually have anything to say is nothing new to say there not hiring speechwriters they're, not writing. In his speech, they quite literally just took Joe Biden old speech from like twelve years ago or eight years ago. Whenever and just regurgitate it that's what Joe Biden is. He is a pleasure, and the says to me more than anything. The Democrats absolutely have oh intention of winning Tiggle over the story. From the National Post, Joe Biden, accused of plague arising from Jack, lightens final letter in nomination speech. Social media was quick,
the point out that the words were eerily similar to what is found in a letter, Layton Route before he died and twenty eleven, they say: democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, a man unaccustomed to allegations of plagiarism is now be accused of copying the words of former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton at a speech of the Democrats, national convention on Thursday bite final address included lines for love. Is more Our full than hate hope is more powerful than fear and light is more powerful than dark social media was quick to point out that the words were- you're really similar to one's found in a letter, Layton wrote, books, when he died in twenty eleven? My friends of his better than anger, said late in his letter. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. Buttons marks were made two days before the ninetyth anniversary of lightens death, Sophia Banks, a plant based chef tweeted that she was disappointed. Biden copied lightens comments, Jack lateness, trending tuna banks, one of Canada's most below.
Politicians and Biden butchers. His dying words left to us. Do you remember when Joe by was accused of stealing. I think it was on irish politician. He was accused of MRS decades ago of played arising. Other politicians, right now the Democrats are talking about an existential crisis. Ok zero Cortez in a video said that this is quite literally about stopping fat Chisholm and then she laughs, I dont think they care think eo see cares. I think Joe Biden Cares commonly Harris cares. I dont think any of them care about what's happening in twenty twenty. I We are witnessing some kind of creepy game where they know they ve lost and so their path It has nothing to do with Joe Biden it acid. With hating Donald Trump and jamming up the game. You take a look at what's going on Male and voting and all the problems. You take a look at pattern. New Jersey, where judges ordered a brand new election, because the whole thing was broken. You take a look now, and this is amazing and
he found, as many of you know said we can vote in person, Doktor, Deborah, Bert has now said voting in part and should be just like going to Starbucks. So why the creepy games, why the dirty games and why the plagiarism? I think it's as one of two things, Joe Biden and the Democrats and commonly are literally doing the least amount of effort possible because they don't want to win their expect to win and instead of hiring a speech rider to actually put them together. They just recycle Joe Biden old speech. Maybe it's because Joe Biden has now the cognitive ability to occur I'll be Pharaoh at another? One? Maybe we're we're. Seeing is that Joe Biden they tried Maybe maybe they try to buy them a speech, and I couldn't do it so he said, listen just do the speech. I remember the one from way back. When will just redo that one? I don't believe it because I'd be surprised in a lot of people are saying that I'd be surprised if Joe Biden could remember a speech from that long ago
No. I think they just said you know right back up grab some from some other guy in Canada. Slob together, it'll cost us five bucks and were phoning it in the other alternative. I ask that the only alternative to that is that the planning of cheating that the mail and vote thing is all busted, they're, gonna, try and jam at the elections so that Donald Trump can't win by by the deadline. The Supreme Court may intervene the Accra College on December fourteenth and, if by January twentieth, there's no results, Nancy Policy, assuming her election goes through will become the president that the national parliaments, on a say, Sandy Hudson, an activist with black lives matter, tweeted Biden, speech, reminder of lighten so very, very Jack, Layton tweeted, Hudson However, the sentiments lighten made also channel lines from a speech of former private Prime Minister Wilfred Laureate in nineteen. Sixteen, let me to tell you that for the solution of these problems, you have a safe guide and unfailing light. If Europe
number, that faith is better than doubt and love is better than hates. Had lorry a year is a bit different, but listen we all get inspired by other people. But I think what we are seeing with with Joe Biden has a history of plagiarism, history of failure and now he's plagiarize and even himself. So what's the endgame for Democrats here: do they know they are going to lose, and so there choosing politicians that they don't they they don't care about. Jobs, and on the way out so they're, like instead of wasting of Buddha, JAG, Giora or or a Warren will throw in Joe Biden. By I'm sorry, I guess warrens out to our global char. We do want to wear a club which our speech here lorries speech was meant to promote unity among Canadians during World war. One and build connections between English and French Canadians Biden has been, use of plagiarism in the past most famously he plagiarize a speech in, Indeed, eighty seven from former British Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock- that's the guy is talking about, cannot speak said. Why am I, the fur,
it cannot get a thousand generations to be able to get to university? Why is bluntness his wife, the first woman inner Emily and a thousand generations to be able to get to university? Was it because all predecessors were thick Biden. Speech said I started thinking, as I was coming over here. Why is it that that Joe Biden is first in his family ever to go to a university wise that my wife, who was sitting out there in the audience, is the first and her family to ever go to college. Is it because our Father, the mothers we're not bright. The incident is believed to have harmed by any chance of big epic the democratic nominee for president and eighty eight in the past, but it is called himself a gas machine. He said in two dozen seven then Illinois, Senator Brok, Obama was the first mainstream african American who is ticket and bright and clean a nice looking guy that wasn't a gaff, that's Joe Biden being racist. They are for owning this end: they don't care about Joe Biden. He is the worst candidate he came in fourth and fifth and in what New Hampshire and I think it was he all,
who had to revise a comedy made into doesn't seven when he said he was shot at, green zone donor tripped IRAN, Iraq is twenty. Twenty presidential campaign has already been filled with Miss depths. He confused New Hampshire with Vermont, nor a campaign stop and twenty nineteen. He said we worry that it was a democratic candidate for the? U S Senate when he was running for president. Worse than that during the speech he said, Then he was running for the, U S Senate and if you don't like him, then vote for the other Biden he seriously vote for the other Biden? What what do you mean? The other Biden is your son running know. Maybe, maybe it's that he's demented. Ok, I mean in the literal sense, maybe that his brain isn't working or perhaps he's not right. Lee running for office? Has anyone considered that. I said it a while ago, during the primary I didn't think Joe Biden was actually running when you combine his gaffes with his play the rising many
I'd say it's because he's not all there anymore and considering his age. Ok, maybe or maybe the gaps are because he doesn't want to be there and their liking. Gotta give a twentieth you can you imagine that his speech was twentyman long? Ok, maybe it's because he's not all with it or maybe it's because he doesn't want to be there. Maybe he won't answer questions from the press because he doesn't want to be. There may be there at forcing him to do this may be the reason people people say One of the great whether and when are they going to call out the elder abuse? Maybe it's not about elder abuse its Biden being like they got em and say: listen, we need placeholder candid because we know we're gonna lose an and when we do want a waste anybody so by Ngos all right, all right I'll, do it. I guess. Do I gotta give us She asked about an hour off. I want to do in our other twenty minutes. Ok- and I'm just just just- go
We, the speech I gave back in o eight or whatever the fact that they gave him his speech from back and await me is really read it. It says, too, it's not about him having brain problems, it's about him not wanting to actually be there. That's why of the primary? I said: why is biting hiding he's in MID may be job. But an isn't hiding, maybe he's just lazy. There's no reason to actually come and speak to people when you dont want to be president and you're just a place holder for the Democrats, because they know they would lose no matter what they have? No strong candidates so he plagiarize is all that he can. He speaks very little, he hides in the basement and it could be because the gaff machine- but I don't think so- he has no policies that the and see had no policies and he's hiding why none of them want to do it. Why is he not going to Milwaukee because he doesn't want to do the job there, his man, I'm sorry. This is my my new conspiracy theory, I'm I'm, I'm I'm half kidding Joe Biden doesn't want to elected
he doesn't want to run. He has one to be president, but they needed, somebody that made sense and when Barack Obama Joe. You don't need to do this. He wasn't saying run for president. He meant you dont need to be our placeholder candidate, because we know trumpets gonna win. How bout that The UN, Joe Biden, will probably lose evermore cheer trample. When the Democrats will cry folic use trump of cheating and bite, it will go back to sleep sitting in his rocking chair in the sun. It's that simple. At the very least, we can say this he's a plagiarists and is a bad guy, but leave it there. I got one more silent. Coming up in a few minutes, stick around and I will see while shortly we ve seen the prank four, but this time it's a bit more serious. Why Comma Harris is running for president knows a lot to break down here's the gist of it calmly, press is prank by russian hoaxes who pose as climate activist Rattoon Borg and her father and offer Biden Svp pick dirt on Trump. This is that that's the gist of the story. Ok, it's very simple, however,
in the end the transcript you actually here, these pranks their say they have dirt on Donald Trump, He was yelling at at Gothenburg and ever recording of it and calm, and they ask humble enough. If you would want it because it could help her and she says yes, she does. And then she says my my people will work with you. Here is the first thing to consider. They have done this prank too many. Their people we are assuming the audio is not manipulated. Maybe it is, I don't know it's a funny. Prank ha ha ha, nor am I mean it This is more serious, however, because common law is running against Trop as the BP, but This may actually be something that was recorded way before she was. She was actually the Vp Peck and it may not be that. Let me look if you weren't argue that right now, as the VP, she was trying to get done on President Trump it makes her look really really bad. If you want to argue that she was running and she didn't he was gonna, be the nominee and she still wanted you no doubt on Trump. It's still looks
add, but not nearly as bad. They they likely held this audio, because this prank as identical to a prank they did on other politician since your support several months ago or or more of a three the story and then I'll say the transcript. They say to Russia, Pranks are reportedly posed as swedish environmentalist Gratitude, Burke and Hare dad during a phone call, with vice presidential candidate, Senator Comma Harris and offered her damaging information about Trump. It may be a funny pray but you have a vice presidential candidate. Accepting saying she would accept dirt from foreigners against an American running for office, and it's not a government. I understand the difference different between you know these other accusations against Trump Audio, of the January phone call which was obtained by the sun indicates that Harris had no idea that she was being duped by the two jokers Vladimir Kuznets of and Alexey
stole your of UK, so it so it does that make it came from January during the three and a half minute call Harris the California senator who is just weeks earlier, dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination for President is heard, except in the call from Gretta. Congratulations on your leadership peristyles the printers eight years, the transcript, ok, so I am going to read you the most important parts. First staffer says: body. I have you here with Senator commonly Harris Kamel says high. Congratulations brought says, as it would be greater support your campaign. What can I do she just talk about my climate plan you know what you know what I can do is I could ask my policy team to follow up with you with more detail on what exactly would be helpful and what is something you would like to do. Then we can talk in more detail about how that can work and that would be very helpful, Gretta fake grow. Says we wrote to many politicians, but not many respond. How sad commonness as delicate discouraged but are
She then says that you know Donald Trump was shouting at you know. She says I saw tromp and shouted at him to sign the Paris Climate Agreement came over and said softly. You will never achieve the goal and he continued. He continued common says: don't be discouraged Gratis, as He is very sick to behave like that Communist says. Yes, then, seventy the fake Gretta Father as Gretta has a recorder always with her and when it happened, it was on Gratis reporter. If you would like to get it, we can provide it. Gretta says, maybe this recording can help. You are fake gretta by the way commonly Harris has yes, definitely thank you. Thank you. So much the fakes bodies as thank you, Communists, as I'm sorry, I have to hang up now, but Josh will follow up with you and we will stay in touch and work together. I look forward to working with you the gist of the story They have just been that Kamel ERA, Scott Prank and it was silly, but now we have something serious.
Maybe Kamel and knew the whole time that she was gonna, be VP. That's why she dropped out earlier could be because an awful Canada for sure, but so speculated that she knew she would be the VP the whole time either. Whether she was there wasn't she was willing to accept dirt on an american presidential candidate as a Democrat from foreign, Now, it's not the same as the accusations. They met against tromp that he was trying to get dirt from other governments, but does it matter think back to the store from political in twenty seventeen they said ukrainian efforts to sabotage tromp backfired boost Clinton Backfire and they said that they were select individuals in Ukraine that were trying to provide dirt to hurt tromp. In fact they did. They provided information on manner which ultimately lead to two trumps. I believe campaign manager but Paul metaphor who work in the trunk campaign getting I stood and charged and convicted that was dirt from foreigners.
Not necessarily not necessarily the government, but I believe that this time, the government anyway, in this instance, you have potentially a fake gretta offering dirt on tromp. That could hurt him politically to a Democrat who is willing to accept it now? Ultimately, it was a prey so I dont think anything happened, but I think this is serious. I do Another is the most serious thing in the world. I do think it's a prank and it's silly, but it strikes at the integrity of Camelot es. We knew she was crooked. You wanna criticized, up by all means. No criticism we're talking about a video about Commonly Harris right now they go to explore in exactly what was said, and you know, blah blah blah Trump has been quoted: essay climate change is a hoax one of his first acts as president. To remove the: U S from the Paris Climate agreement during a prank call a terrorist group. Recalled the negative experience, and then they gonna mention what we already read. So They do mention that Maxine Waters and others were present as well. They say the senator than tells guidance mandate that you needed a hang up and one of our age would follow up.
This is at least the second time this year that to russian pranks. Yours have pulled a fast one. On a Democrat from California in January at around the same time as their prank call it Harris Valvano Lexus. All the same stunt on Maxine waters, they Also. I believe they got Adam chef, claiming their lack of a fart tape or a paper, something they they in January around the same time, their prank. They think they are waters. How's financial Services Committee chairman, is heard responding in shock as supported Sweden. Teenager accounts, the fictional story. You'll never achieve your goals like those congressional fools who accuse me I'll, tell you the truth. I really wanted to put to you the Ukraine President to my competitor on trial, and he will go to trial with you a bunch of Democrats. I would have a separate cage for all of you. It prompts waters to probe I got he mentioned the ukrainian President. A pranks are claiming to be the teenagers father even claims they have audio recording and they could
there were the congresswoman. The hoax call includes waters responding if the public knew he talked a gretta like that and that she will never achieve that will go against him to its unclear, when the phone call took place, the Russian do Osanna Caption for the animated video posted Thursday that it's part of a project dedicated to globe to global problems of modern society. Venom Lexus, discuss, discuss them with priests and politicians in order to find a solution together and save our planet. The description reads adding that in his in this episode, I discussed the topic of her ass and I'll. Tell you what. Let's start counting down to them, saying russian Foreign as are our smearing Comma Harris, trying to discredit her to boost Donald Trump. It's a its accounts, At this point, they have already said that Russia, gaiters back they claim a new report, came out proving collusion. They didn't it didn't,
the actual investigation found no collusion, and nothing happened well now, they're trying to resurrect all the stuff because their desperate this may be something that its common Harris, but at the same time, Del use it against Donald Trump by pointing the finger at the Russians. In the end, all that really happens is division. In this country and no one knows exactly what the real game being played is, but I can tell you this may be. The Russians want to help tromp. I dont care fine. Commonly Harris was more than willing to accept dirt on the President Eve, even before she was VP She was still in the democratic party. She was chief. She basically refuses to work across the island in the Senate and what was she of? What? What would you have done with that dirt linked to the press? Oh you betcha. That's the most obvious thing in my opinion, there's a waters played down the wind up, which included a suggestion of a climate strike in support of Chon, go what angle, island and began with a joke about waters, nickname anti Maxine. The call was
dubbed likely to undermine. U S! Security. I'd argue this one does as well. They say in February twenty eighteen was revealed that Adam Schiff was the victim of a prank phone call by the russian comedians, who offered to give him compromising. Dirt on tromp, including nude photos of the president and a russian reality shows star, and apparently Adam shift walked right into it. These people, men do you have no security bathing, mention more in May. Twenty teen foreign secure foreign Secretary Bob Bourse Johnson spent eighteen minutes and a call with a prank Sars pretending to be the armenian prime minister. Conservative Johnson sounded part, regularly startled when the price there's claimed Vladimir Putin had revealed was influencing the leader of the Labour Party chairman me, carbon I'll, tell you what man, I think the pranks are funny sure, but probably do undermine U S security. So why are these democrats falling for it shouldn't they do a better job of confirming who it is their speaking to imagine. If these price there's got Camilla to give up
something compromising more importantly, they kind of did by show commonly Harris would have accepted dirt from foreigners to go after the president, essential achieving in the election, so if she is willing To do this, how far do you think they're willing to go? I think they're willing to go a bit further than you would think. Many people seem to think that you know politics is clean. No way do, politics is dirty, you wanna accuse Donald Trump and Republicans averting, election without a suppression. Do it with my blessing fine, I dont care, show me the proof but if you ignore at the same time, Democrats would do the exact same thing. Well then, what are you talking about? They complain all day night about gerrymandering and its own Republican, are surprising, shut up? Every bolster it's our gerrymandering, their drawing up their own congressional districts, we think this is you think one party is perfect, neither isn't neither they all they're all garbage and Donald Trump isn't a republican. He something else. That's why Republicans use the image of a lion instead of, I believe, the elephant. Now, I'm sorry, what's that which one I don't know what I think I think it's elephant idle care. This point
I'm tired! It's Saturday, it's nice out we're gonna go grill these stories. They get you sometimes bottom. It is kind of funny that she got prank. I guess whatever will see our plays out. I don't ultimately on think anybody. I care about. Sure, whatever they re, not everybody I'll see you tomorrow at ten a m on this channel and values.
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