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Michael Moore Is SHOCKED That The Left CENSORED His Documentary Challenging Climate Change Activism


Leftists Just Got Michael Moore CENSORED Because He Dared Challenge The Climate Change Agenda. Moore's latest film 'Planet Of The Humans' was removed by leftists outraged that he dared challenge their narrative.The film Planet of the humans argues that many of these environmentalists are running a scam to manipulate people to make money.The film triggered many far leftists so much so that Moore was called a hero of the far right by the Guardian and slammed by many famous activists.Moore has made his own bed, once a hero to the white working class he seems to have broken once Democrats ditched them in favor of social justice politics.As Obama said its a circular firing squad and its only a matter of time before the causes supported by Moore and the Democrats comes back to haunt them.#Democrats#FarLeft#Censorship

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You either die hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain Michael Myers, or learning a lesson that many of us have learned over the past year or couple years because he has now been cancelled, his latest Documentary plan of the humans has been censored on Youtube. Over eight million views on this video and it's gone, why somebody didn't like the context in which their footage was being used, so they filed a copyright. Take down notice now copyright is new, wants to say the least. This might not actually be a legitimate, take down notice, Michael more, might have a fair use claim as to why he used this vote. Regardless leftwing activists didn't like the fact that it film described climate activism as basically self serving scam, so they found a way to remove it? I can do not the guard. It is actually now are saying straight up within this up. Add that Michael more became a hero to
climate deniers and the far right. Ah, what a fall from grace you see, Michael more for a long time, was supposed to be some here out of the working class. He was supposed to be presenting the issues that affected factory workers, but what does he become? Well, you see when this weird shift happened, maybe like ten years ago or was probably bubbling up before them, the white Working class. They voted for Donald Trump. I mean a lot I'm dead and Michael more now how to make a choice. Was he for Trump Nor was he going to reject the people who had won support it, I'm not everybody, but a lot of them and going jump on the progressive bandwagon, while, of course he decided to jump on the progressive bandwagon instead of staying true to fighting for the factories that he wants, may documentaries about he's at me. Orangemen bad see a lot of people in Michigan really like Donald Trump, because he brought the factories back Michael, more got it right in point sixteen when he said people we're gonna, go out and vote for Trop as the biggest f you to the establishment, Michael,
more got it right when he said Trot went through those auto manufacturers and cinema slept thirty per cent terrifying, your cars, no lover by him again. He was right about it, but he was wrong later on in his speech when he said they would regret it. They didn't. Maybe it Michael more is just like the parties are to realise see bet on the wrong horse either way he reduce this documentary called planet of the humans that has now been censored and he's any kind of outraged about it. Take a look at what's going on with this, but we do have some other censorship issues emerging right now, when the bit, when a top trends on Twitter is basic, about removing trump because he pulled did some means in some offensive conspiracy theory about your Scarborough, so well They good all censorship showdown today, but the first door. I won about is the news and Michael Moors response: Michael more our film planet of the humans, moved from Youtube. Now your mind. You eight million views on his letters that country I went softly
in Height eleven nine it was garbage it was trash. I was surprised to say the least, but hey you got the wrong horse now before we get started, I know, but it's him cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work there many ways you can give the best thing you can do share this video. I am competing against the main street media as it were. I am but a humble, independent political commentary, kind of guy and a low. Journalism in there, but another big mouth budget like CNN, does to put it billboards. And to make it worse, Youtube actually gives them preferential access and props up CNN Msnbc and Fox NEWS. The best way, to get around. This is by if you sharing the video, if you do like it. Otherwise it is what if you just want to watch then hit subscribe button like button notification about- hopefully that's enough- and you too will start recommend. My conduct too But let's read from the guardian British environmental photographers copyright claim prompts website to remove film that has been condemned by climate scientists now huh. How is this
that Michael more is is making clue climate denial stuff wherever they call it. Youtube is taken down the controversial Michael, more produce documentary planet of the humans and responds to a copyright infringement claimed by a british environmental photographer. The movie, which is condemned as inaccurate and misleading by climate. Scientists and activists allegedly includes a clip used without the permission of the owner, Toby Smith, who does not approve of the. Context in which has material is being used on. They give you a quick lesson, unfair use. I don't care if you care about the context that that's being used, if they're, using footage that as a legitimate, fair use claim that you can't take it down now it does get more murky when you deal with a photographer whose business is to produce its content, in which case actually the legitimate take down and Michael, more Mavis screw this one up their response.
The filmmakers denied violating fair usage rules and accuse their critics of politically motivated censorship. Psmith filed a complaint to Youtube on the twenty. Sort of may after discovering planet of humans. You several seconds of footage from his rare earthenware project. Detail the journey of rare earth, minerals from Inner Mongolia Smith? Who has previously? work on energy and environmental issues said he did not want work associated with something's e disagreed with, I wonder, Rightly did you two rather than approaching the filmmakers, because I wasn't interested in negotiation. I dont support the documentary. I dont agreements message: I don't like the misleading use of facts in the narrative, so this clearly was a political take down just so happens that well Michael, more made a mistake and created this exploitation vector plant?
the humans director, Jeff GIB said he was working with with Youtube to resolve the issue and have the film back up as soon as possible. He sent a statement this attempt to take down our film and prevent the public from seeing it is a blatant, active censorship by political critics of planet of the humans, it is a misuse of copyright law to shut down a film that is open. They serious conversation about how parts of the environmental movement have gone into bed with Wall Street. And so called green capitalists. There is, So we know copyright violation in my film this is just Other attempt by the films opponents to subvert the right to free speech, plenty of the who men's, which has been seen by more than eight million people, since it was launched online last month, described itself as a full frontal assault on a sacred cow. The environmental Movement veteran climate campaign. Some thinkers just bill. Mckibben and George Mombi. It Mondeo have pointed out factual errors, outdated foot,
and promotion of myths about renewable energy propagated by the fossil fuel industry. Many are dismayed that more who built Reputation as a left wing, filmmaker and supporter of civil rights should produce a work endorsed by climate sceptics and right wing. Think too Ex several, have signed a letter urging the removal of what they called a shockingly misleading an absurd documentary climate signed it Michael man said. The film makers have done brave disservice to us and the planet with distortions, half truths and lies on more official. You, too, general The usual link to the film has been replaced by a page, noting video unavailable There is no longer available due to a copyright claimed by third Party on the planet of the humans website. The the full movies, also dead, though the trailers Other very material are functioning as normal. I kid you not Michael, more or is now a hero of the far right. That's what you get when you challenge the machine, whether it's right or wrong, no Michael Moors
film plenty to humans? Did not do us a disservice like any idea, or concept it is doing us a real service, and if you don't like it, it needs to be challenged. I did not like this. Height eleven nine. I certainly think Michael more has every right to produce it to read. Donald Trump and I wrote my eyes and said it was a bad documentary. I'm gone had he made it. I like the idea that people produce things that challenge us and when we see something we don't like, you know we do. We write about and say hears what's wrong and that's exactly what they did. But this is how they take things too far. They use loopholes, copyright to, try and take down ideas. They can't defeat, but it makes you wonder why was it believe that bad, if it really was that bag should have been, you should have easily been able to debunk right now. I guess they had no choice but to force it to be removed. Now, that's where things can say But take a look at the story from a couple weeks ago. How did Michael
or become a hero to climate deniers in the far right. I love it. I absolutely love it You know it's only a matter of time before the circular firing squad of the left comes for you to care who you are, I don't care what you do. These are common and Michael, more wow. I almost didn't think it was going to happen, but here we go and see what you get. To be honest, I'm surprised he made the film in the first place. We can respect that. He did Threed. Why Michael Morrissey here to the far right and they will carry on with that, in response to this and we'll talk about more censorship. It's happening on Youtube as well as twitter. Denial never dies, it just goes quiets and waits today after years of irrelevance, the climate science knives our are triumphant long through their last desperate claims, had collapsed when they had traction. Only on all. Right conspiracy, sites white! What's what does that have to do with climate denial? Those groups are not connected a hero,
of the left turns up and gives them more than they could have dreamed of planet of the humans whose decorative producer and chief promoters, Michael more now has more than six million views on Youtube, the film does not nine climate science, but it promotes the discredited myths that deniers I've used for years to justify their position. It claim that environmentalism is a self serving self seeking, scam doing immense. Armed to the living world, while enriching a group of Con artists it has long been the most effective means by war denial, most of which has been funded by the fossil fuel industry has been spread. Everyone it's a scammer. How does that make Michael more a hero of the far right, yeah silly? Isn't it and yes, there are scammers. There are The issues are real conflict to be explored in seeking to prevent the collapse of our life support systems, but they are handled so please, Alonzo incoherently by this film that why
it is like seeing someone started drunken brawl over a spilled pint. Then lamping lamping, his friends when they try to restrain him it stumble so blindly into toxic issues that more former Chin You know the underdog unwittingly aligns himself with white supremacist and the extreme right, and there it is we ve made at that our congratulations. Michael more for beekeeping, like they ve called me far right adjacent or whatever. That means ah wow Heaven for bed, someone wants to actually entertaining I'd, entertain an idea, but you know what I'm gonna stop right here and say interesting Lee. I wonder what the reviews are for this film, because we ve seen Dave Chapelle, for instance, his com special was slammed by critics and typically when the critics are slamming your film, it's actually pretty good. Actually is
pretty good. Now not always sometimes there just bad movies, everybody hates like you know, star wars, Oaten, I'm sorry they gave star wars the last at a good review. I know I've just triggered a lot of people would actually like film. I guess I didn't like it. The point is. When they come at this film like this, when they saw be right. It actually makes me want to watch it more. So have to wonder what their goals really are. Maybe they're just that stupid that they prop this, that they take actions. They have the stress and effect you just taken now, Michael more film. I had no interest in watching what kind of want to watch it to see why you wanted it taken down? Because I mean, let's be honest, if the ideas really that bad and easily debunked You would have just debunked them, but you want to get rid of them. Ok, here's what they say. Occasionally the film lands, a punch on the nose are on the right knows. It is right to attack the bird of trees to make electricity, but when the films, presenter and Director Jeff Lip Jeff gives claims, I feel
only one environmental leader willing to reject biomass and biofuels. He can't have been looking very far. Some people have been speaking out again them ever since they became a serious proposition. Almost every the environmental leader, I know opposes the burning of fresh materials to generate power. There also Some genuine and difficult problems with renewable energy particular, the mining of innocence, the necessary materials, but the films, tax on solar and wind power reliant a series of blatant falsehoods. It claims that in producing trinity from renewables. You use more fossil fuels. To do this, then you're getting benefit from it. You would have been better off just burning fossil fuels in the first place. This is flat wrong on average, a solar panels it's twenty six units of solar energy. For ever fossil energy required to build and install it for winter mines, the ratio is forty four to one. I'm going, stop you right there and ask you what is it? What is a unit of solar energy? How does that compared to fossil energy
is the energy released by one unit of fossil energy. More or less than a unit of solar energy is the problem of how to make their arguments. I can only surmise that they don't actually have one other than while they met a few points and their fair points will help us let me actually see this to see if you're, right or wrong all that's right. They got rid of it well play of the EU men's EPA, Michael more, an director, Jeff Gibbs blast, blatant censorship, after controversy documentary yanked from you to Michael, more reaping the benefits of the circular firing squad is only a matter. Of time men they really was. They say, EPA more and writer, producer Gibbs told deadline. They discovered today that their film, which had up more than eight point, three million views in a month plus was taken down from Youtube after a copyright claim was lodged against a documentary over force kinds of footage contains ominous stop and I think that might easily fall into fair use, but keep in mind one of so you exemption for fair use for the public's right to know something educational newsworthy, perhaps, but if some
The job is to source footage and you take it music, you ve, taken a wet you'll, give basically stolen from them. So in that case, yeah you it. It might be. A logic quote this attempt to take on our film and prevent the public from seeing it is a blatant act of censorship, by political critics of planet of the humans GIB set in the statement provided exclusively, the deadline It is a misuse of copyright law to shut down a film that is opened a serious conversation about how parts of the our mental movement, have gotten into bed with Wall Street and so called green. Unless there is absolutely no copyright violation of my phone, so what we did read that the force second clip. Subject: copyrights, copyright Glenn comes thirty seven minutes into the documentary innocent its tiled- how solar panels and wind turbines are made the footage, I was a mining operation for rare earth metals which are using, Ben turbine manufacture. Gib says he incorporated the footage under fair use and accept,
can do copyright law that allows news. Reporters producers and documentary filmmakers, limited access to copyrighted material to illustrate points, and not just that it was four seconds, sounds like the very strong, fair use. Defence its unclear, who asserted the copyright violation false up, we read that whose already so Michael more I'm sorry man but look you get which you, What you saw you're, the one who was propping these people up you're the one was making his documentaries you aligned yourself with these activists? They don't care for the facts. They don't care for the law. They just don't want to lose. They want to be in charge. They want to be in control, and I don't like you because you said something outside the orthodoxy you shouldn't helped empower them knots, Michael Moors, the biggest chief cheerleader of the progressive left, but he still was eight year later and now he's right to step outside those bounds and make a thought provoking film plenty of humans. What here's to get they call it garbage Michael Moors, garbage
under the human has been removed from you to back the response from these people. These people, who want nothing but censorship. They don't want to actually have to argue against They just this one, a bash you over the head, figuratively to prevent you from working, Michael, more at every opportunity to stand with the working class task, serious questions, his speech from twenty. Sixteen about evolution point sixteen about Trump went viral. I trump was sharing it and now he's just flip flapper, with no idea what I'm saying what he's doing: you're full disclosure. One point Michael more, actually gave me some money when our lives should we not unoccupied, but almost show you now Michael, more in my opinion, has just become a griff, I'm sorry not saying, I certainly want biggest foam should be taken down, but Let me show you. Let me say this story for then your post trump tweets, more story, bashing bite and lack of enthusiasm. Michael more gave an interview He said that Biden doesn't generate the enthusiasm needed to win. Basically, he
and later came out and said the only way trump wins if he cheats it seems to me that what Michael more is really doing is dipping his toes in both the left and the right to try and figure out where he can make where you can find his best opportunity while trumped without the story. Let me stop. Let me say this that to me says that Michael more is just a he's just trying to figure it out. If you want to make money, he has no principles said the least, but Donald Trump tweeted out that story here posts as president a comments from leftist filmmaker Michael, more to take a shot at former vice, Joe Biden is likely: twenty twenty democratic presidential rival, Michael more torches Biden He lacks quote necessary enthusiasm to be tromp, propagated, highlighting a story and bright Bart NEWS, He was right in twenty sixteen and we do have a great and we do have great enthusiasm. Many say done a fantastic job dj tee. In an interview with Vanity Fair last week, more, who predicted trumps twenty sixteen victory was asked about bite and adopting the democratic socialist agenda, Senator Bernie,
and there's touted during the primary race. He said Biden who tromp routinely moxa Sleepy Joe, must embrace Anders principles to attract would be democratic. Voters in November, quote Biden does generate the necessary enthusiasm, but it's going to take to get people out more said the damage It's our cynically counting on everyone's desire to remove Trump and that won't work. Even five. Thirty eight says that that won't work, but that's not the point. The point is What Michael more then goes on to say ah apparently last week he said this, it didn't resonate well, why? Are you attacking Joe Biden, Nano, I'm assuming people criticising for saying it, because we saw what happened next. He went on the bill Marice YO inside. Well, the only way trump wins. If he cheats. Excuse me, I thought your position was at Biden. Wasn't good enough now. You think Biden so good that tromp ass to cheat yeah Michael Moors, worthless, I'm sorry, I'm a you know, and I mean that, with with all I'll do respect which, to be honest, is very little, but a guy with a career like is to become
This is nothing to be desperate confused. You know it. Man he. He almost deserve the censorship. Almost I dont like the ideas views taken down, but, let's be honest men. He almost deserves it. Well, I'll leave that story where it has been, I got a couple little tidbits. I want to add to this, because if we Had someone like Michael more, if we add the actual, principled liberals from yesterday- and I mean like the past ten years- actually speaking up and defending free speech, more would not have been banned, so Your report you have sown, and now we see some atop stories on twitter trunk shares disturbing meme of Biden's campaign in a coffin. Yes, so what it's a mean, but this risk What's in people, basically not not just this, we also have you no tromp tweeting about Yo Scarborough, and that this this woman who died it discovers office, and people are not demanding that Trump be removed from twitter. Or as the New York Times opinion writer Karen switch carelessly.
Do. I do that. So much said a council aboard should be created to Look over trumps contact determine like what should be removed in what shouldn't be absolutely not Now I will say it funny that Michael more probably agree with me, especially at this point when the political left has weapon nice copyright- and Youtube's rules to take down your content. What's the word for when you revel in someone else's pay? Ok, whatever I'm not going to do that, but seriously I just wish Many of these people realise that when they are advocating for these rules it would come back to haunt then, and now it does at any rate, Twitter is apparently remove. Refusing to remove move Donald Trump. Now this story is more of an aside right. I'd want to briefly meant because it's in the vein of of the censorship stuff we're seeing today in its happening today. But let me show the bigger story- and maybe I'll, do a longer segment for second on us later later. For for my six pm segments, you too
is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China's Communist Party chinese language phrases are removed within seconds and Youtube's. As it was an accident. So I have to wonder why it is that certain things get censored on Youtube. I did a couple videos about China and I'll. Tell you what the backlash was hilarious. I ignore it. I don't care what a bunch of pro China, count, started making videos and attacking me making fake footage and point out of contacts and accusing me of saying things I never said. Oh, they were angry. I don't care zero I really really down, but you tube admits it. Take it look. The first was that China that China was was deleting these things. We saw a bunch of high profile people say I've tried to make these comments you to delete these comments, because the insult China's Communist Party, so Ben Psmith over it then your time said. I asked you about this per spoke. Then far shod afar shouted Shad Lou. This appears to
in error and our enforcement systems, and we are investigating users, can report suspected issues these removals were not a result of a policy change. What do you supposed to report? You post a comment seconds later. The comment is gone. What do you click on? What do you do? find a chat representative trying call one of these companies, no phone numbers, not Youtube, was ass, terribly censoring things that were critical of the Chinese Communist Party. Now this should explain to you why, so nefarious that we are seeing the waves of censorship that we are today. I am not a fan of Michael more, I think, he's become a rift or just desperately trying to figure out where he can make money. So I'm not interested sorry, you play the impressive left, you push these weirdo authoritarian practices and they come for you you know what we're going to do about it. Should I defend your right for your phone? You don't I will. I will I'll defend his film. Should not be removed. Fair use, put it back up. And maybe he'll when that fine, but maybe next time someone
threatens to take away your rights. You say is something about it. Otherwise, your next film will be gone too. So I guess we can leave it there. I never thought I'd see the day were Michael, more be a hero of the far right and be far right, adjacent and all his other nonsensical things. But I did believe we would come to a point where censorship would get so awful It would absolutely start eating these people alive. We know the poem first they came for then they came for. You now goes well here. We are. The left has a hour our utter auditing joy in it, but they target those who are susceptible to their beliefs, which tends to be themselves. You see how this works. A conservative an independent moderates, a politically homeless, individual and intellectual dark web wherever they don't agree with
her thought terrorism, so they ignore it. I certainly do now you can force companies to ban people that stuff. You know you my built them. I built to work. But when you get someone like Michael more who is a part of their tribe, they can easily target you and take you down force you to apologise, and we can do about it. You are the most susceptible, so the rest of us can be outside out at fire. Haven't party while you're scared to cross over or it may have been drained. When we talk and were to be arguing, it's gonna be a good time and you, stay where you are being beaten down at people who won't let you get a word and edgewise. You can sit down shut up, and here we have to say that's the way they play willow here with us. We argue with each other all the time, and afterwards we crack our crack open some beers and say well, you know, I guess we talk as much as we could for them. They will only get more censorship and it will only affect them. Else, that's what I'm not out in only but like. Inevitably it's going to affect themselves. Like Obama said it's a circular firing Squad
going after each other more than anybody else. At this point, Bolivar their necks segments coming up at six p Youtube com slashed him cast news thanks for hang it up, then I'll see you almost on a bank Everybody is familiar with what a Karen is by now, because the phrase Karen has taken the internet by storm if you are a middle aged woman who demand to see the manager because you're upset about the way of businesses operating? You are a Karen. If you pull out, cell phone attacked screeching at someone doing something kind of you know against the rules, but not really a big deal. Yorick Erin! If you start filming people inside it may at them for not wearing masks. You are, in fact a Karen, and now we have the we need a whole currents ogre or not really, but we Karen switching, I did it again, I'm so sorry, it's era, Swiss for the New York Times, but aim is just so Klaus demanding that Twitter cleanse the Trump stain the present running a vile conspiracy theory on the platform. Maybe twitter Should
finally hold him to its rules. Twitter does we have rules against being stupid. Our lesson is that this, fundamental bait like the fundamental principle behind Karen Culture aren't you not your I'm, I'm not gonna say, cancel culture anymore because think about it. For two seconds I mean it's Karen Culture right. The only difference between a Karen I what happens on lower social justice warriors. Is there we can see the Karen's. But doing the same thing to think think about right. You got it. You get a bit of like, somebody is you know, walking down the street not wearing a mask and then Karen comes out and starts yelling and blocking you or saying like now, you can't you can't you have to wear mask and it's like. Why do you care, let me alone or the info as viral video, where some b MAX writers are trying to jump down. Stairs may be seen as Alex. Sixty thousand retreats furs it up as a big stare set in the water you call it skateboarding biking, its location called out thorough
well, it's a massive stare set and they do that is by. Can you want to do this really crazy trick right and a Karen pulls up in a cart and blocks it for no reason I mean that's like you. I don't want you jumping off stairs like do why there's nobody here. Buildings closed. That's Karenina like for no reason you just want to assert your authority over someone else. Weak well, somebody please get our aren't condone this to actually don't like you. You know that people do this kind of stuff. It's like, if someone gives you gives you know, is giving you the business. You just leave come back later, but I gotta do really want to get his track. Their prows their filming as part of its job, but there is no orange when you're. You know, let's be honest, trespassing but Anyway, this do get in the car you put backs. The golf course backs it up. She screeching, like Comanche, do nails a tale whip down this massive stare. We all know. That means trust me so a jet trick. So this is of this. The really cool they, everybody loves it.
Because it's showing the Karen's up. We as Americans, are very much for freedom online. You have Karen culture, we ve called the cancer culture, I'm gonna call it caricature. Why think about Karen Switcher? Ok now that was on purpose. The other one a purpose. To be honest, with a she's like, I dont, like the fact that Trump is a bad person that he says mean things actually advocating this article that Twitter should set up a council or content Board to review the a few things that Donald Trump says and purge them. Ok, that's ridiculous! Ok, you can't a millennium, its limited socialism. If I went outside right now and said something diamond offensive, what could you do about it not thing and we engage in political discourse on social media. So just chill. Ok, that's it! Aren't you shit! Yet you get you gotta kill. Would you
but all these people who are online seeing mean words and they go. Then that's hate speech. That's against the rules. I am reporting you. It's like this desperate attempt to feel powerful. What does what we get Twitter must cleanse the staying says Karen Switcher are also read it. Please delete those tweets. The widower, backed in a letter last week to twitters chief executive Jack Jack Dorsey. My wife deserves better yes, twitter. Lorry clause. A casus certainly does deserve better, nearly two decades after she died in a tragic accident that has morphed into the cab and continuing nightmare for her husband. Timothy closeness stop right there, and you say this: please delete those tweets. First and foremost I think drop it. Really really over the line is cross. The line with these constant tweet about Scarborough and this woman. I do just stop man now. One cares about Joe Scarborough enough for four likened. Listen! I seed. I saw the first tweet when
brought brought it up and I was like ah Jizo here we go again but the first time he's gonna like I'd struck by get it right, he's going out this dude and he's disease hidden blog about together, but like the fourth tweet online dude. I don't care about morning, Joe Brow. I don't want it. On guy, on a stupid opinion, show with his wife for whatever that's over the top. I must be real men at a certain point. It's like Doo, doo dude. We get it feels like beat the dead, our states, like your minds, me of that mean from the Simpsons, where homers beat up the clock that, but that will crusty burglar and the kids likes to have stopped he's already dead. Okay, we gotta dig urine. So now you have the husband of this woman coming out. You wanted to hear this letter to Dorothy, I think, actually have it here. You are allergic Dorsey asking him to delete the tweets naw, that's not! Ok, I'm sorry, man. Look I,
I do not like Trump doing about this by gotta be honest, you can't go and- and- and I mean you can ask for sure- but Jackson absolutely not take down these tweets. And guess what a bunch of other journalists surprisingly agree. They say Jackdaw He should not intervene, should not delete these tweets. Crop should like ok, right here, respect that, if you think traction I've done it trot, should take it back, find some people think you shouldn't. I actually think trumped should not take the tweet tweets back. I don't think you should delete them and not the visually banned. You know why. Let everyone see what tromp has to say now. Tromp wants to get rid of them. Ok, fine! You can delete whenever tweets you want. I recently perched my entire twitter account of Erin, I hate Twitter so urgent, awful place, but it should read lessen the point of free speech is what we want. We want to get to know you, man. We want to see what you have to say: and when you say something that people dont like we want to have
that available to other people convention. Now, if you choose to limit fine if Trump likes the tweets, any stands by them then he should be allowed to say them think about political discourse before twitter. Now I get it Twitter as Raw Thirdly, accelerated political discourse used after go the water cooler right. I mean that figuratively. You could go out died, and you can say whatever stupid nonsense you want, and no one could do anything about it. I mean there is a line right threatening people stuff. What what's Karen going to do you gotta, be alike. I demand the city, appoint a council to prevent people from having protests where they say things I dont like that, and about go home. It's called the constitution, the first amendment, but now that we ve put our political discourse on social media. You now end up with billion airs, who can slap their fingers and erase your political ideology overnight now right now these? people are just their content with it. You know why because they're, the ones in power. These look man, I don't think
Jack Dorsey's all that bad to be honest, but I do think he is very ignorant. When it comes to a lot of key news issues- and I I do believe that he wants. Sometimes you know freedom or whatever, but it doesn't understand that he's being heavily and once by this. This. You wave new age religion. This cult dogma. You really is check out the job podcast from last year that we did he either. He truly does I understand that over the line and catering to a bunch of wackos, and so when you get these p, enforcing this insanity. It's just not good for anybody. She says the bogeyman plunging him in the family of his late wife into the very worst of memory holds a conspiracy theory, loving, twitchy, fingering blah blah blah down from President Trump on Tuesday. Tweeted nearly eighty million followers, alluding to the repeatedly debunked falsehood and my wife was murdered by boss. Former. U S wrapped Joe Scarborough, the Son of the President, followed and more directly attacked my wife
by turning to his followers as the means of spreading this vicious lie. That's my husband yeah I think it was wrong. I ve got a drop it man. You know that so many stories, conspiracy theories and people talk about, like I knows happen and at a certain point it's like Brown. I know I get it. I hear you spend twenty years. What more can you do right now, because people get fervent on the stuff. I'll tell you what right now you are not winning Annie won over. By doing this, how many people do thanks sitting in their at home goddess. Who should I vote for them? They see Donald Trump What about Joe Scarborough there like wow? I just saw this. That means, although for the president, nobody, nobody! I'm sorry dude, ok, the first tweet I get it. It's M you now throwing yet beloved about punch getting his audience. Do you notice just like that is base? Will- I gotta go for it, but come on. Let's be honest man, it's not convincing anybody to do anything. So here's what occurrence
which are says. Mister clauses deserves an answer from Mr Dorsey, who has the on on on envy the task of sorting up what is perhaps unsuitable, which is to say the ugly heart of twitter is most famous character, while source, of course of the company. That executives had been trying to figure out what to do over the weekend? The company has at at this writing been silent about the latest controversy involving Mr Trumps, appalling and rule breaking twitter habit. I got an answer for your twitter. It's called for a real speech. How about you get rid of these fake rules that crop up one ideology and let people speak their minds is a funny posts. When viral there's, like account from Fourchan, someone said any sufficiently unmodulated platform will become right wing leftist, wire moderation for their ideology. To persist. That's unfortunate! Isn't it your ideas? Aren't good enough to debate you weren't gonna, have to make your ideas I can debate.
Left wing policy positions that I hold all day and night have a good discussion about it. We don't have that anymore. These people have become weird dried husks with what, with principal YO shells of whatever was left of the actual liberal principles, and now the lip The actual liberals are joining the right wing culture war. Why am I look? I like Dave Chapelle being offensive and they gave him a bad rating on rotten tomatoes. Vat is insane. I don't know, what's that right now I, like Ricky Jervis, I like edgy calmly, I like family guy, Seth Macfarlane. I love how he d, you know a man. I I up that's going to get off his high horse. You have the worst. You know in terms of the signals, outsmart ruffle or something but come on man, you gotta common rag on the president. Do you invented half of the jokes that that trumps base, like saying so calm, download it Let's get to the point where she talks about whatever the stupid council thing. Is you there's this Matt Mass is
Oh, she actually brings about Jones. Unlike any internet. This message, perhaps the high tide of that endless view of toxic bile, because it is being relentlessly act by the leader of the free world. Twinning information is not new, for Mr Tromp will use the service as it his political cudgel to govern campaign, waged petty digital wars and recently peddled peddled dangerous medical advice about covert nineteen says who says you come on, then I If I find all areas that to non scientist, argue over what is or is it safe, sorry pass there When some study saying it's not safe, there have been some some study saying it is safe. There I mean look, let us be honest. I got a clerk when, just as, as an aside has been around for decades. Ok, we note the risks and the problems are Ask one at least Mr Trump is consistent and all, and in his lowering of the bar ere. She Gaza, that's. What's, let's get to the US, get to the real issue here, The real issue is the very serious collateral damage of this fight, which is the
I was level of Miss Clarke suit Us swimming suffering of her husband family. They are the victims of Mr Trump and of twitters inability to manage its troubled relationship with him. The company tends to be hands off when a trump controversy erupts relying on a tenant He is a public figure and also that it cannot sort out what is truth and a lie and is therefore better off lending. Its community argue it out, while that, while that might work when it comes to some issues. It has broken down. You know it hasn't you're. Just Karen, who wants Trop bad because you're like there was a mean trump, you gotta get whatever sorry guess what people say. Things every day. Ok, how about this? You tweet mean things CARE switcher? I would like you bad, because in my perspective you ve crossed the line and guess what I got Tom people who agree with me, social band. You know you don't like the president. That's too bad
I kissed tweets either too bad. What am I gonna do about welcome to being an adult there's no authority figures had come down and take care of all your problems for you grow up and learn how to solve your own issues, and that means sometimes people say mean things, and you can't do anything about it. I present to you ok hold on. I gotta read you this gordian knot thing she brings up and then I want to give you a real scenario to help you put this into perspective on these stupid, caring culture, people how to fix it. She said I had thought of throwing MR chop off. Twitter was not the worst idea had thought throwing off, but it was the worst idea. After all, what would the president do without is raging addiction, a twitter? he'd go on gab he'd go on mines and then all of a sudden twitter would lose substantial power. And you know what Trop show he should have been a long time ago. Donging it took a long time ago, evocative done a long time ago. Any one of these people and trot family could go to any other platform and make a post, and it would be, there would force the media to cover it. They don't do it. Instead, what we
yet send us a message through this forum they put up a website like have you been censored? Let us know, that's it and then what and the now Trump We get a store that considering putting together a council to review cases of social media censorship, yet called the first member dilemma: Thyssen. The first amendment actually stops the gun. From creating a rule that would infringe on the speech. That means Twitter as a company. Yes, there are private company cannot be compelled to host speech. It is a serious problem. We can change things, but it actually is a first and I'm an argument. Stopping us. This is the challenge. Now. I've personally think we need to have these plans function in some way were everyone's allowed to speak, because we can't have political discourse happening under the constraints of of Jack Dorsey or Careless Karen Switcher says she says that are huge. What what? What are you actually bring up a councillor, something she said you can't ban because it the fires on that again so that you can also label trot trumps tweets as me
information or whatever shirt, and are not doing that to Joe Biden again topic. Executives, while the block ass. She says she actually brings up a content board. Mister Darcy could set up an independent content borders. Facebook has recently done which could take us. Forty questions like this and remove them from his purview. This might seem like a cop out, but putting these questions up for a more measured debate might be. The exit of the company needs to focus on the rest of its business. Perhaps at a board could include MR uclaf suit us, who might know more than most people by the price of all this it? What's? Yes, that's right, we want to bring on somebody who's, gonna review content have banned, and it's going to be someone who is a conflict of interest there. You know y know just now in the real world there is no content. Review bore to stop someone from speaking you people are authoritarian, lunatics. Let me now present to you a scenario I would like for you to come
Imagine there are no citys. They have all been wiped out by a mysterious blasted, Georgiana, came from, etc the earth, and we shall all the cities are gone, and I got a bunch of people. And you know most of my dad is postponed closer. So now it's everywhere devolved into hunter. Gatherer is again and here you are with your sharpen pointy- stick walking through the woods and all of a sudden somebody walks up in front of you and they start laughing, and they say you look dumb you're dumb and they start insulting the way you look, they sought the color of your skin. They call you of a of awful names who we gotta. Do you gonna be like place somebody if there are any afore? pretty above us who can tell him to stop saying this. Sorry, you can wear your pointy stick at him, but if he's got a point, you stick to guess what ain't nothing you can do about it. Welcome to reality, now? What's your solution, you have a council appointed where people,
in July. I deem that what you said is offensive off with his head. Not we don't like that. We, like freedom, get it you don't like what other people say, You know what happens these people just never learn right. I love it. It's I think Glenn Green wilds said something like this. Where it's like, I forget, the exact corporate. One. He basically said if there was if there was one thing that prove that the left us had the complete inability, an inability to learn its, that they can advocating for censorship, and then they get censored and go. Oh, no, what's happened, you don't look, they shoot. She wants, took it to get a council appointed to take down trumps tweets. You know what ok, yes, you're, a whining Karen. Get it but think about what that means. She only really wants this, because she thinks will be a weapon for her to point at other people, why we would put Mr Clegg on the panel. But what, if followed, the panel was set up by tromp what What if that was the issue? What if it was set up
I got to know a think tank that included liberty, libertarians and then all of a sudden. Anyone about anybody and now you're going with the council's not working year, because what makes you think the people in this council will have your opinion but she doesn't get. Is the eighty million people who follow tromp followed prompt to see what he has to say it's that simple, not a moan about a large portion of them hate Trump, but there's a lot of them who like Trump and they like what tromp ass to say. You have a lot of followers. To be honest, Karen Switcher has a lot of fun. Fine, that's fine, but Dutch. It shouldn't have as many as Trump. So if you want to go up against a battle of public opinion, here's what I say we do. Let's have a vote. Who should be outlawed purged from the platform, Karen Switcher or Donald Trump. How, but we do this everybody. Lays out their arguments in the court of public opinion and then we'll see who gets, removed and I'll tell you who would be. It would be her because Trump has more followers than you now
course, if you got every one else to up against Trump at the pointer of to make right if she'll went to all resistance and was like everybody come out here, for it would be a weird out of wood when trot products, though, when because they're probably would still be about a lot of left us and journalists would say now leave trumped up and then she gets banned. But if it came down to you saying, I think Trot must be. You know His tricks to be removed and Trump saying, I think, heard which we removed, who has more public support so that we put to a vote? Who should be honest, council trumps, get more followers than you. So now don't go advocating for things you think you're, gonna, win and I'll. Tell you what happens you're you your point, these people to positions of of Supreme Executive Authority and then they just get rid of you next lesson, I think trumpets is, is definitely crossing the line with tweets, I don't like the trump tweets these things. Let us be honest man I haven't only, but it does have its best answer. I know a lot of people do. That's. That's that's completely wrong. As an exaggeration, most
people, I know roll their eyes at trumps tweets, but they at least recognised trip, has a right to do it, and and and saying these things isn't against the rules so now you want to change the rules, because you don't like that Trump is playing by the rules. Now this will, they keep doing it's their ammo look male voting, a male voting and all the other stuff so Alida there. Around next segments coming up at one p m on this gentle and I'll, see you all them proving once again that everything and everyone is stupid. We have a stupid story that doesn't matter being propped up by the New York Times of all papers, going viral with over two hundred thousand tweets about central park. Why? because some do got into an argument with some lady overheard dog and she deserves ever life destroyed over. This is the truth. Of two Karen's. Ok, let me tell you one: Karen is substantially worse than the other Karen, which may have The story going viral- everyone is talking about it, but of course, as if all things it's,
so bit more nuanced argue give you them. Read the New York Times ass. The saying is, of course, the time says: white woman calls police on black bird watcher in central park. Video of the incident touched off intense discussions about the history of black people being falsely reported to the police. Ok Yeah that I get but like. Why is this news? And why do I have to talk about it? I'll tell you why it is based slow Newsday see raw recovering from that three day weaken memorial day, but at the beach and so come This morning, everybody's hung over nobody wants to work. So this is the is that we get. Unfortunately, it means that some people have their lives destroyed. Let me give you just this and then will read how the news rights it these dudes. Why, through the park, he happens to be a bird watcher. He happens to be black. I think is like an Ivy league graduate here, Is a woman with a dog not on, and this is why He goes into fallen on Karen mode, but he's only like care and level. One he's like why your dog on a leash and she's like because
He needs exercise and then he's all like. Take the dog somewhere else. It's like, I can't it's dangerous. Then he tries to dog away from a retreat and she freaks out. Then he starts she's, like it for my dog, he starts filmmaker, and then she call the police on camera and says that she said that she, Gonna call the poison tat, tell them an african American and is threatening her Adeline, definite airline, s kind of creepy, the waste said it took a really does seem like she was trying to scare him over alike, actual racism I'll tell you what so we got two Karen's men. Somebody wants a common you're, the best about your dog, don't call the police what's wrong with you. But seriously brow. I get it you're, a bird watcher and she supposed ever dog on a leash but come on man. If she gives you the business Just be lie alma, go tell him you're, not when you're, not only that's all you gotta do right and for some reason this is now come on national trend. Legates really must stop the it has been put on a leave and it's like come on. Dude, listen man! I get it you can.
You see these incidents and you're alive. These people are bad. This woman's badge we fight. Whatever not on hold on men, you'll destroy someone's life over twenty second argument in a park. Now I get it, she said some damn stuff, it's kind of gross. If you ask me, but are we really gonna destroy her life? She had done his dog two years ago. The shelter took it back here to surrender the dog back. That is messed up. Do. Could you met them a dog for two years, but you rescue. This. Video comes out now tell you what she's Robin the dog up a little bit, because I should ve known, argue the guy not acceptable medication, your dog but thought you was beating the dog or anything I left. Let us read this and see how they put their nice little social justice spin on this, the New York Times reports the encounter appears to have begun as one of those battle and brusque dust opt in to New York is Eichmann an avid birder said he had asked a white woman to unleash your dog in central park. She refused, then the encounter which is a quarter
Video took an ugly turn as the men Christian Cooper film that is found the woman watching her thrashing dog calls the police her voice, rising hysteria. She says I'm going to tell me there's an african american men threatening my life, she says taught to him, while dialing then repeats of the operator that he's african American and then, let's be honest, this lady is like in a what man you deserve to be dragged insulted. Don't they wish to destroy our life? she's like hysteric on the phone going. I hope this its threatening my life. Let me just tell you both of the people in this. Laurie, are kerins the dude who Yuther out the dog leash is a low tier Karen, and this Ladys, like a high to your Karen calling. The cops hysterically like, What do I do? I shut up the video posted Twitter, I'm memorial day has been viewed more than twenty people, proving that we, They are truly a lost cause. Touching often these discussions are. The history of the police being falsely call them black people, something
putting their lives in danger. Let me too your story. Man, it's a mess up story, because I can, I can sympathise and can have a thousand stuff. There was a young black men, he was in a car accident and then this If you look at what I look up the story and then you might, the fact remains that have an hour, the pulled up again a car accident he's injured and is bleeding he's hurt. He needs help. He runs to a house knock on the door because he needs help the people inside get scared as a strange black men in their ports. So they call the police when the police show up he's on the port injured and seeking aid, and he turns and starts running to the cops they freak out. Some cop draws gun kills the guy yeah, that's stuff happens, man, that's messed up. The challenge with this is this: this discussion is knowing the statistics. For you know, disproportionate, like of the police, are differ. Fortunately affecting people of certain rice and you ve got activists or adamant. They know all the answers and you ve got people people who doubt on either side but I'll tell you what
I approach all these stories from an individual perspective, because if you do it that way, you would actually all the problem of upper? This way I saw what is covered a ton of his black eyes matter, protests and rallies. If you have you no ten instances where the cops killed, somebody- and that was wrong- wrongful death, treat them all the same, and if it is true that they disproportionately target young Lackman, then you will disproportionately help you notice but grew stop these these cases right just make it an issue of the copse knocking at the door period, but when you make it all about one race, you drum up controversy in conflict that I don't think needs to be their bob. What but I guess to be fair I think you are absolutely can point out in a race in certain circumstances for sure he's gotta make sure you do attacked fully and I think a lot of people. Don't you end up with this rage from a lot of people when it comes to issues of protest and racial and an aunt Rachel Justice where they start screaming and insulting
white people and then, instead of actually solving the problem, you generate more animosity, which we lt in more scared, cops hurting innocent people offered some more the story. Twenty million times can be melody Cooper pounds of related. The guy says. Oh, when care let's take a walk with their dogs off leash in the famous bramble in New York Central Park. Where is clearly put on signs that dogs must be released at all times. I'm sorry melody, you're being a care in right. Now, and someone like my brother, an avid burner, politely asks or to put her dog unleash. Don't get me wrong I think this lady was way out of line, but he seriously. Report, your Cameron, film, some lady, because she's walk into doglike dude, I get the science has no dogs, dog gonna, be on a leash all right. What's that, for man choose your battle I have no respect for this guy either shortly.
After the videos posted by the man sister. On Monday, someone who said they had been the white woman's dogwalkers into fighter Bowman's name. Any Cooper soon began trending on twitter by evening Miss Coop. Was placed on leave. Buyer employer Franklin Templeton, while the incident investigated according to our linked in page miscalled, who is not related to Mr Cooper, Miss Coop, a while both their names are Cooper is for real, what a weird still what's she's not related. I ok heads insured. Portfolio management, Franklin, Templeton, so Franklin Temple and our jobs, as in response to an incident volume employ on May twenty Fifth Franklin Templeton issued the following statement: you take these matters very seriously and we do not care racism of any kind. While we are in process of investing in this situation. The employee involved, as input has been put on administrative leaf. Internet sleuths digging into Miss Coopers Life thousand Instagram profile of her Cocker Spaniel mix,
and began sharing old photos documenting injuries the dog had suffered while so maybe she wasn't reason Dada by Nightfall shed surrendered the dog Henry to the groups yet adopted him from two years prior, according to official posed by the group, abandoned angels, cockers your rescue, the police. They responded to our port of an assault at about eight ten m. Upon arrival, policed to individuals have engaged in a verbal dispute, a spokesman spokesmen for their time on your place. Barman said no summons were issued and there was no arrest made all right. You know what men I draw the line at actual physical violence. You not, I mean like if she was beating that dog or whatever you can see in the video she's pulling dog by the collar of the dogs resisting she should not
that dog of that's the case, but I think that's fair to call out if the dude was calling route for that, and that was what initiated the conflict. I I'd be a different circumstance. It's not, but I do think it's absolutely good to call her out help this dog out for sure on Facebook, Mr Cooper, who works in communications. According was linked in profile. Posted is virtually the exchange which is it began when he asked her to leave the dog in the bramble, the semi wild section of central park. She refused and now, Now I want to start by doing dimension. He basically tells us out of the story and the New York Times is very favourable, but I think when you look at the story, it's just that visit this up. Ok, let's let us do this. Was it Miss Cooper, apologize, corn and bees saw Mister Cooper. I would accept the apology only if it if it was genuine and she plans on keeping her, dog on a leash moving forward. That brings me to sit on a white woman has apologised.
Falling police on a black man and saying there's an afghan man threading. My life. Take a look at this: here's, the Facebook post that went viral now, here's the exchange by the man's own admission central This morning, this woman's dog is tearing through the plantings in the branch in the ramble meat M dogs in the ramble have to be on a leash at all times. The sign is right there, her, the dog runs, are closed. He needs is exercised me All you have to do is take him to the other side of the drive outside the bramble, and you can let her monopoly on all you want she's her. It's too dangerous me. Look if you're going to do what you want I'll do what I want, but you're, not gonna like it. What's that me to the dog, come you're puppy, her. He won't come to. You me we'll see about that. I pull out the dog treats. I carry for just such an trends since I didn't even get a chance to toss any traits, tat approach or care and scrambled to grab the dog dont. You touch my dog, that's when I started video recording with my Iphone and when her inner
Erin fully emerged and took a dark turn. Brow you're, pretty Karen is one why You carry in dog, treats and trying to coax other people's dogs away. So in the video you can see a wrestling with the dog, but I'll tell you what man I gotta say if somebody's dangling, treats trying to trick like get your dog to run away from you, and there is things they want the treats I mean you gotta hold the dog down. Now she definite process along the cops, that's stupid, but now what kind of like I'm, no man. Let me ask: what are you supposed to do I'd say you're in the park yeah. I get her dog supposed to ban Liegemen for real Well, let's say someone tries pulling out, treats the lawyer dog away. I mean what do you do now? She definitely should not I've been hysterically were screaming that you don't african. American America was threatening her life, but I mean All I can really say about the story. Is it shouldn't be news? I should be talking about it, but know what it's it's you know come enough Morowitch Memorial Day weekend, and this is what you get. I can't imagine what
it will be like after the twenty twenty election. I you know what, if Trump wins, it'll be nothing but man bad again further for years and maybe that'll Maybe I'll quit just done I'm over it right. I'd like to actually talk about things that matter and we don't actual, we certainly will get there There's another store that I do want to talk about, though, in this point of people just desperately needing drama, and that could explain the orange man bad narrative. It's never really about tromp. It's about the need to just have conflict. Both of these people are Karen's ones, obviously worse, why is this a viral trend people gotta be mad about something I guess. Can people just learn to be happy like yet you got side and read a book and hammock, and look at the birds are some mean that sounds like it. Be nice, calm down, relax not be born men as a viral. Viral video just last week its similar, where
is fed Ex drivers are yelling at some duties, filming them an apparent Lee this ends. Up like it goes, viral people are claims. Racist or something- and unlike dude whenever see. Videos like this, I don't know, what's happening man, we heard this guy side of the story, what if they did really threatening woman, you know arrow cause. You don't know what happened. I think based on what we see from this is probably not the case, as do the bird watch Ernie's. You know he's that you can't do this with your dog. I can actually respect little bit why the dew was mad about it as your bird watcher. So you you you're coming there to watch the birds, there's a dog off a leash. Actually impact what you are trying to do so I can get it a little bit. Aviv's I'll, be fair, but you this video, the FED Ex guys, apparently FED Ex drivers. It was to black men pulling up to a white guys house. And the White Guy says they drove on his long in all this It becomes an issue of racial justice and stuff and slag. Why do what a people get in
what's all the time, I really gonna turn every single flight in some stupid online viral video that is Insanely desperate people are for anything to be angry about rope. I dont care, so these Buttocks guys Poland's guys one. He apparently it's time I wanna, keep doing it. He comes out at odds Yellin Adam and then I think the police eternal he actually instigated you can. They did by driving on his long. I mean, let's make a lot of people anger. I may I be pretty angle. We drove on my long for the guy comes out swords, yellin, Adam and then it's to deeds. That that the driver gets out these young at home and then he's like. I thought you said you know what my a you know, then that the out the path other guy was film is like I'm filming. You is an unfair menu and then the suddenness, goes online becomes in it racial justice. These two guys strive with getting fired advocate far. They post the video and then logical let me raise eighty four thousand dollars you Norman. Rethink, has broken out
read about some kind of resilience to this and in the future, stop caring about people gain a fights and could I can only imagine the things been involved. It with, like. I had a cheeseburger made wrong once and some one said naughty words to me. If only I had a cell phone camera, I could make eighty thousand dollars I it has to be about. I guess race, and this says to me man. You know when you The stories like this and ensure that the facts one row- I don't think we actually solve the problem of racism, and this is the case. You know why, because even when a story that the facts, one clearly has nothing to do with race. It's just too people fighting each other. Every one online wants it be race, so then, what how are we supposed to actually solve? The problem? Learn learn, learn to live together peacefully if people are litter they trying to latch on to anything, make it a racial justice issue like this story. To I get it. The lady sad she called the police. Are that stupid thing. That's stupid
so you get in this instance. I think it's fair to argue. There is irrational component that, like us, be real likes telling someone is black. I'm gonna tell the cops at an african american men psych what? Why would you? Would you tell him that, like I understand you can call the cops described the person you're, an argument with that stupid? Regardless stop calling the cops grow up and let me deal with your problems, its New York, what you expect central park, these people just another deal, don't problems, but when you get the story, the Fedex people. There's a bunch of other videos like this like Covington, is the perfect example of Everyone was adamantly just demanding this confrontation be about race, think about what that means, moving forward, We have the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen. Sixty four, it is a lie. The discriminate on the basis of race. Now we have just people being mean do each other, and even when there's no Rachel opponent to it, people make sure it is so what no matter what
We do to actually and racism. Everyone will always bring up race tends to be the social justice types. One way that I described in the Tyrol, podcast would neither night is the pendulum swinging the other way and I'm, like maybe your ears, the viewers, like the pendulum, swings too. You know to one side and you ve, racist, saying they don't like certain groups, then it so the middle, where it's like be free and don't you want and then swings, social justice side words. Now it's like. We help all these poor minorities, because you know we're privileged in their poor wonder now, if actually just depend on pendulum on both sides is not racist and racist, and we swing back and forth. It isn't what kind of racism it is. It's just racism so now we're in a world where I actually want. Let them. Let me phrase it this way: when I was younger and growing up, my family experienced racism because
as most of you now for a while. I was a mean that I come from a mixed race, family, my mama's is korean, and we now know by japanese and my dad is white, and we we're a bunch of little, kids, who clearly you know I got one were younger in Algeria, look at us here like hey, wait a minute men that families and just a wife, family, so Vandalism on our house, we had like white supremacist littered on our porch. People had broken into our our garage and staff, and you know you know these things happen somewhat: throw brick through our window. People don't like people are racist and for a period when I was growing up it sort of feel that things were improving. You know my my friends were all like a bunch of different races and, unlike it, it felt great that I could say that the racists lost and I was like now- I can just gonna- be myself. It's voting cuz. I was watching that movie. That thing you do Are you familiar with it? It's about. You know a one at wonder band. Ninety ninety six came up then, when it takes place in nineteen sixty four and I'm watching it, I think it's I think it's identical.
I it's funny, because when we look back at all these movies, it's like everything was grey. Everyone smiling at all happy and unlike man, you can leave I'm pretty sure you couldn't even have interracial that there is no link like interracial. Marriage is illegal and other places back then, unlike that was the year ACT of the Civil Rights ACT, and so, like you, I just we'll be in everyone's dancing, singing the song and, unlike meant as a lot of stuff, you just don't know about it. So for me now growing up in this world, I feel we finally done well and, unlike were finally coming to this Cosmo politics new reality where We can all hold hands under the rainbows and sang and then guess what happens. First of all, I understand along these proms never run away. I fully understand as always, has experienced the ito issues and endowed with countless gotta stop at. There are real issues of racism from from racists. I don't think this is one of them. I don't think there's only one will fight with a guy because of the race or anything like that. I don't think that if I was a white guy, we other she would done anything different other than say.
The words African American, which I admit she crossed the line doing, but I it's for while it felt like everything was improving, and you still have the old racists, but at least we would have like you don't opportunity to just be people and respect one another I nonetheless J W emerged and I remember, going occupy Wall Street and seeing everything just become about race. So I find it funny when they think when that when people say things to me, like you, ve changed termites eyebrow during Occupy Wall Street, I was constantly ragging on the phone, that. They were giving voting privileges over money to people based on their race instead of the work they are doing, to help now as our way to solve anything, but they think so we live in a world where we stood at eight weeks, posted assignment but go to Youtube com slashed him cast. I around for the new podcast show this segment, I'm talking about a friend of mine who, just she's become an overt racist like
a racist, big success that, unlike openly breaking the law to like violating employment laws and stuff, and unlike what what's happened to these people where they now all of a sudden, are like they they used to be in favour of not discriminating. Discrimination is wrong, and now they have gone so far off the other side, there openly breaking the law by discriminating against you, know, people and in terms of who they hire and how they are so here's. My final point on the stuff first and foremost I will. I will never stop rang on the fact that this is just it's so down that this becomes news. You know I mean, but considering the racial justice component of it. My main thought seeing this was like: are we condemned to always have racism? Is there not-
because nothing though there will never be a moment where two people of devices can interact where someone won't accused. Someone or racism seems like that's the casement. I guess I'll leave their necks argument will become an up at him. Cast doubt net check it out. It is a is my main Youtube channel again TIM cast out net. Maybe you haven't seen it and I'll see you all their at four p m it's an accident did what it was all a big mistake. You too was the leading comments. They probably still are that make fun of me the Chinese Communist Party, and who is just a big mistake, calm down you tube was in protecting the Chinese Communist Party ha pretty weird right. You tube is the leading comments with two phrases that insult China's Communist par these chinese language phrases are removed within seconds and Youtube confirmed that you get the joke. They were trying to argue that it was a big mistake. Let's read this
Let's talk about China now there's a sort of an addendum to the segment I did earlier today. They did mention this, but now what will die then you tube is automatically deleting comments. Contains certain chinese language phrases related to criticism of the country's ruling Communist Party c c p: the company confirm to the verge this was happening in error and that it was looking into the issue. I am not going to advocate for people taking these symbols and posting them anywhere. That is not the point of view. What is appears to be an error and our enforcement systems and we are investigating Ceta Youtube spokesperson. The company deny elaborate and how or why this error came to be but said it was not the result of any change and in its moderation policy, but at the deletions, are the result of a simple mistake that its one that's gone unnoticed six months the verge found evidence that the comments, being deleted as early as October, twenty nineteen. When the issue, was raised on Youtube's official help pages and more,
the boy users can that experienced same problem comments left under videos or in lives, dreams that contain the words communist bandit or fifty cent party are automatically deleted and about fifteen seconds though their english language, translations and romanized pinion equipped. Are not the term. Ok. First of all, I don't can't read this. Is this just shows me the two symbols, the term? Whatever is an insult that dates back to China's nationalist government, while this phrase in Chinese or womb? Now, I guess, is a derogatory slang term for internet users paid to direct online discussion away from criticism of the c c p than ain't comes that the name comes from claims that such commentators are paid. Fifty chinese sense proposed these phrases: seem to have been accidentally. Additives comment filters: why do they keep saying it's an accident? And why am I supposed to believe as an accident? We all remember that
Google was working on a project with China, maybe that's when it got added in maybe somebody working for Google is loyal to the Chinese Communist Party. That wouldn't surprise me. Maybe they added it in. I see this, as these phrases seemed evidently added yeah, yeah yeah, which, into its filters automatically remove spam inoffensive text. The comments are removed, took it for human moderation and are deleted Even if the ban phrases are used positively e g, the blank are doing a fantastic job. Youtube says. It's been relying more on its automated filters in recent months due to changes to its workforce brought about by the pandemic. The accidental censorship is even more puzzling. Consider that Youtube is currently blocked in China. Why, as is off giving its parent company Google even less reason to censor comments. Critical of the c c p, or
fly moderation systems in accordance with chinese censorship laws. Look man still might palm PEO sad that China, the Chinese, have infiltrated the United States. We ve seen it, of people who are associated with various universities giving away in patient being in on the take getting paid by China, would not be surprising to me, especially considering you know, Youtube's past work that they ve done like big jobs and have tried to please China would be surprised me at all If there are people within Google who are sympathetic to China, I would absolutely put these it on purpose. How do you accidentally add two specific phrases Criticising the Communist Party in your felt or programme, sorry doesn't sound like an accident, is heavy automatic deletion of these phrases was highlighted on Tuesday by U S, technologist and former Oculist Founder, Palmer, lucky on twitter
but early reports of the issue date back to the middle of May, when they were spotted by human rights activists, is Jennifer Zhang, as mentioned above though, the verge also found complaints on Youtube. The official help page has dated when a nineteen, I'm pretty sure Jennifer's, I too had her Youtube channel like remove the partner programme. I could be wrong about that. She treated Youtube automatically, deletes a comment in chinese gong faith, which means communist bandit in fifteen seconds. This person tested three time same results and that it looks like you posted thing in Chinese. Google has frequently been criticized for accommodating the wishes of the c c p by censoring content, most notably it create a prototype search engine known as project dragonfly that complied with chinese state censorship. The project which was never deployed is part of the company's long running struggles to enter the chinese market. Listen if Google is going to be working on projects publicly or privately to help China in their censorship efforts, of course, they're going to do
things negative to us in their pursuit of expanded profits and as China becomes a larger and larger market gains more power internationally. Many of these companies are bad over backwards to defend the Chinese Communist Party. So please spare us and stop insulting our intelligence when you click, it was just a big mistake. It was an accident. We really mean it the Chinese Communist Party, much like the NBA and other video game companies of already done. We get it man, you want that sweet, sweet money, that's sweet, sweet, Skrilla coming from this other country. Well, in this country, we have right now, fortunately, for us, we're not at that point where Youtube like shut up and take it, but how long until we are with this these progressive activists, many of whom are communists, let's be real arguing for censorship, only a matter of time before Youtube. Just as yet a new rule, you can't make fun of governments or they'll argue although this phrase is targeting a national origins that specifically refers to the government came in total amount of time. They say.
News of Dragonfly leaked into an eighteen and a report from the intercept Google was criticised by politicians and its own employees for selling out its principles. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in June nineteen, the company said it had terminated the project and that it had no plans to launch search in China. Here's an upset, as they say it was updated with a response from from Youtube. Originally, this story didn't mention that Youtube confirmed. They said people had noticed these things, but then we that the verge apparently gotta statement and Ben Psmith than their times it as well. He said that a far shod should should Lou spokesperson for a spokesman for Youtube. It appears to be an error and our enforcement systems and we are investigating
you just can report suspected issues? Ok, ok, you know what to be fair. I guess technically, you can call it an error because it can be user input error, because someone sympathetic to the Chinese Communist Party shouldn't have put those words and the filtered have them removed. But then questions come up of, listen, you're, never gonna convince me. Someone accidentally was like oaks. I accidently added these anti chinese communist parties. Phrases into Youtube not goes on purpose. That's my assumption. Somebody did in a purpose: ok, assume, That's the case. Maybe it isn't. Is Google Gonna do anything to try and weed out those that are doing this? I doubt it and it's only gonna get worse, but maybe it will get worse in a different way. Check out the story from Newsweek, China is stepping up its preparedness for armed combat will spend two hundred and seventy billion on its military this year, news that we are actually waiting for because has been an ongoing crisis. Well, I should say crisis, but yes, when you ve had many people arrested at very soon
our cities for working for China and lying about it? Taking? U S, grant money, doing research than giving that information or giving away any information to China with a serious problem, but then you can see what's happening in the South China Sea with Taiwan. With you know, the China now wants to send aircraft carriers. They are a very powerful ones, but they're doing these, these companies strike grew missions. A lot of people think that their either sabre rattling by doing these, like beach incursion training missions, dump more money into their armed forces and then sending these boats
either Sabre rattling like look. We can do this. You know we can take what we want or there actually preparing to take Taiwan. We see what they're doing in Hong Kong, ok they're sweeping in taking what they want. Verona crush Hong Kong, they're gonna sees it and put it under direct chinese rule, and maybe after that, that its Taiwan, China, wants to claim this territory there pressing in the south, China Sea. They claim they own it. They don't and their building military bases. On the atolls in this area there creating artificial islands and putting up military bases the? U S responded with military ships. I think men, I think. Not only are there chinese interests infiltrating the? U S, and it's very obvious- I mean their buying property like crazy. I think they're in Google. I think therein, Facebook and many other countries- it's called spies- is what they do. They been on for a long time. It's funny to me, I'll America, that thought
I think, we're also getting close to a physical confrontation is what we're saying one thing that I find really funny as these people who believe in these conspiracy theories about like the globalists or whatever and unlike yeah. Maybe I guess you know, there's a lot of people who have global interests and want to make money so they'll, you know bend over for China, but let's be real man its China, like? Why is the? U s gauging in these deals that are really bad for it? It's not because of the Global S it's because people are selling out to China. I don't think it's like it's. I think it's silly to act like There is this big cabal love, you know, demon, lizard people or eleven should be real. Ok, I don't wanna be too are overly hyperbolic, but like a like the build up, our group or whatever it's like, I'm sure many of these people have global financial interests. Oh yes, they advocate for these things, but if you want to figure out, while these bad things are happening, it's because you ve got an adversary. It's called China. They infiltrate our companies
They infiltrate or universities there there pressing in the South China Sea in their destabilizing the region there causing problems. They think they're all these things and it creates a crisis, I'm sure they have their own point of view, but come on man. Chinese communism, verses american or what I want to call it constitutional Republic with liberal democratic institutions will call it that I'm not inclined to believe that China's being forthright about what's really going on, no, I think they're aggressively pushing expanding and that's the reason why we're seeing what we're seeing so dropped the conspiracies just right, funnier face bro, there's no secret underhanded plot from various factions and family.
It just literally were, but we're on the brink of war through assiduities trap is real brow. China is a rising power there challenging us. Why do you think Google censoring these things because their infiltrating various institutions? It's as simple? Are it s not simple? Maybe it's complicated. I leave their stick around next segments coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly now this was obviously coming at some point. Many people have tried to cancel certain individuals, Maggie. Kelly loses her job for asking a question about black face, and then everyone brings up Jimmy Fallon in Jimmy came all in Our downy junior at Robert down a junior, gets a pass because when he did black face technically in Tropic Thunder, it was intended to poke fun at the idea of black face, so is actually making fun of it. So it's you know it's a I guess they gave him a pass. I guess people like Robert Annie Junior could his iron man or whatever, but Jimmy Fallon is over party trend.
A nation wide. It was only a matter of time. Everybody knew he is ridiculously offensive, jokes and it would come for him, and you know what man I don't care about. Your jokes. I think they were done in poor taste. I dont think they were really that funny to begin with, but I don't care it's whatever Magda differences. I laugh at certain things I think trumpets funny. I think this over the top, whatever now he's going to get well. Actually I don't know if anything's going to happen is probably going to come out and do some stupid thing. Words like I'm, really sorry about what I did in the past. They were different times. I was insensitive and then we'll move on right. Let's see what's happening, I Jimmy Phelan, is over Party- is trending. Jimmy founded black face in two thousand they found is catching heat, social media. Overall resurfaced, two thousand year year, two thousand Saturday night, I've sketch featuring the former cast member and black face the forty five year old House tonight show
went viral on twitter overnight, following a tweet with the hashtag Jimmy Fallon is over party and a twenty year old ass, an outlet featuring Darrell, Hammond and Phelan face painted Brown doing an impersonation of Chris Rock the vintage skit posted by a chef is, it is sheriff boy, oh dear Is gaps with a sentence NBC fired Megan Kelly for mentioning black face, Jimmy Phelan, performed on NBC in blackmail. Now that I gotta admit, is a really really good point, but I dont think Jimmy Fallon should be fired over this Megan collation have been fired off in the first place. But this is really what we're doing. I guess. Can I just point out: the sheer absurdity of how a new cycle of started by chef Boy- oh dear wow, who could have predicted this when the great institution of the printing Pat press was credit, I'm sure the r r r I ancestor going back hundreds of years we're thinking of the glorious chef boy, oh dear, calling out a major major:
news corporation for double standards, chef boy ordeal which you know man, I who knows they would have predicted I've idea. The ensuing lament over the beloved broadcasters. Now tarnished reputation with swift quote, I know I did not just open twitter and see that Jimmy founded black face two thousand. Nobody is safe from twitter when we got this time on our hands, first laid up than dodge a cat, and now Jimmy found. Please let me catch my breath. Jimmy Fallon is over party said I bewildered rat gang. Forty eight visit a kind of conversations we should be having today in the news. Chef boy, oh dear, posted, an image in which at risk, King forty eight not upset really and have a video of a rat running around a train in New York. I don't care. Ok, Otto care about the stupidity of twitter users who pop up things and become newsworthy forever reason. I love, though, ok, listen, listen were entering a reality where else,
hurry one's opinion, matters wow. What will that, due to our brains, it used to be that way, the opinions that mattered were those of wealthy individuals, influential people. Now it's like Brown, on Twitter, make rat gang forty, eight tweet about Jimmy Fallon and both here in the news. Congratulations representatives for failure, did not immediately responded. The posts requests for combat. Look at this picture of em. It's such a stupid thing, a sister s worth humans are DOM man, alas, that ending twitter topic provided a moment to red rag, three other celeb, who has worn black face or engage in racial epithets, so Jimmy Vamp Jimmy found is cancelled for this, but just in Trudeau does it dozens of times that his youth and is still reelected is p m. I dont understand this planet because its fake, not if it is real, no one really. Cares their board so light up Jimmy found in ignoring outcome on an onus came from purity. Hugs loss
hello, our dj. Anyone Jimmy founders we're Party wrote November error beside a chief of Robert Downy Junior in Tropic, thunder where he played a white actor who had been cast to play a black Vietnam soldier in an ill fated period, flick yeah, but that was specifically to mock actors doing this right. That was the joke. Unfortunately quote. Unfortunately, this gets met mentioned tweeted about once a year without a peep of an apology from Jimmy Fallon tweeted, the Chelsea girl, along with a link to a twenty nineteen, decibel article calling out Fallon Jimmy Camel and Sarah Silverman over their own long past, transgressions camel and sell them and for their parts responded the controversies the time of their resurfacing not only that dude zero Silverman, I'm pretty sure she lost a like movie gig over this, and she was freaking out I'll. Tell you what men you want to see
back and screech Orangemen bad and prop up, cancel I'm sorry, Karen Culture then sure you know this is what's going to happen to maybe should have been paying attention all along. One of the reasons that people supported tromp is because he resisted political correctness when he was challenged by men Kelly herself over the things you said about women, he said only rosy, o Donnell or whatever was calling eat somewhat cognomen fat pigs or whatever it is. Only Rosebud, I'll everybody laughed? It was him straight and then he goes. This country is to politically correct excuse make its is country, has a problem with political correctness and people said you all right. They liked George Carlin. They liked John Stewart Dave Chapelle Joe Rogan Ricky Jervis. Look at these people Megan. I was mad cash jargon, especially any calls the stuff out. We understand what jokes our men calm down you know and and and now we end up with like I'm I'm sorry, I have to apologise to all of you that I'm actually ratings
we're about to launch a random twitter users. Opinions now, look I get everybody. As their opinions, and I can respect everybody's opinions, but why do we just grab a handful of random people off Twitter and act like this? Is news is Jimmy fellows? Is he gonna quit is going to cry out? I doubt it. I do think its relevant, that it's become call. You know that that it is culturally relevant people talking about it's worth pointing out, but I think it's even more were worth talking about that these things happen. It's like twitter is this worldwide. You ve got hundreds of millions of people and if you find a large enough gathering of any group all of us on its relevant now, I'm sorry. I shouldn't work that way. If you ever, if you have a hundred thousand people in fifty votes, are screeching Jimmy Fallon and that's the biggest faction screech when any one topic it does it meet its newsworthy is ignore it now. If a hundred thousand people- and you know it and two thousand three thousand-
we're talking it's like, ok, wisest group angry. They say they want to say that some initial reactions were exacerbation over so called cancel culture, definitely call it Karen culture, and I call it Ya'Ll. Whack, how long ago, this was this. As I know, no one can be famous anymore because we ve all done something this aside, the society of twenty years from now doesn't like. Can we stop trying to cancel people or on their past and focus on the present and that's from Nancy Loves, M J? Ok, great new great twitter account while Fallon shouldn't, He did what he did, but hey guys. Why not cancel Lauren Michael's? He approved the sketch to r L M as a problem.
Giving pvc and w aussi a seat at the second ET cetera S. Nl table for has a problem, giving them as you to table the last fifty years. Yeah welcome welcome to the reality and, of course you can always expect Buzzfeed doing, instead of actually writing anything. They do they do best. They pull the twitter counts and they just line everything up. First of all, I do think it's fair to say that a double standard. So yes, I would like to talk about the story in that regard. Jimmy Phelan did this. Nobody cared Megan Kelly asked why it was offensive and they fired her. So that's a really good point to bring up and now here we are people our ragging on Jimmy fallen over this Sarah Silverman lost jobs lost in a movie job over this. So you know what you wanna be offensive.
You want to make jokes. I honestly don't care, but if you wanna be offensive and make jokes while simultaneously defending what this culture is, then why should I defend you and feel sorry for you? Jimmy Kimmel just put out a fake cliff where he dragged my pants and gave like a week half apology. You put a fake news, dragging the vice president, because you want to get stupid jokes. You are this. This is you me Phelan Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, you are looking into a mirror, so go Crimea, river cause. You saw what it really looks like your own face. These are the people who have done this from from the get go, dragging people to get them back to get the internet outrage mob to chase them down like like Kimmel just did too to MIKE pants Now I'm going to drag Fallon Silverman over the fake news thing because, to be honest, I don't know a lot about if they have run and they probably have Sarah
Silverman has done such shockingly offensive thinks it's her whole shtick. You would have thought when they started happening. Shoe Demille come out against it now, so only after she loses a job. Does she realized? You know what spare me if you're only now realising why all of Karen Culture stuff has been a big problem for everybody. Would you what did you think was going to happen when these people were calling for justice? Did you think that you are clean? They these people, think that so long as I remember the tribe their safe- and I guess it makes
It's right, the cancer culture mob comes for you. You say I'm so sorry. I agree with you when you hope they avoid you. It seems like for the most part they go after people they deem white supremacists, but eventually there's no targets left and the promise get hungry the process going to eat some that eventually they're gonna find somebody. It's gonna, be you when there's no one left to go after when they got four trump, fifty million times known cares anymore. They gotta find a new target. Today, its Jimmy found, the sketch I thought was dumb. I do actually like. I think it is very, very offensive,
aren't you ve seen it he's like dragging he's straight up, dragging black people, it's like wow dude, making a lot of really offensive jokes and that I don't care. If ass an owl wants around the stuff. I don't care, I'm sure at the time it was offensive. It's meant to be offensive. Its shock comedy Howard, Stern, that it now how it's got a problem with tromp, just your shop, all the virtues signalling man, it's like they want that they go back in time and ignore the cultural context around why the joke was being made for all we know. The context of this segment, which can be found was literally to mock the idea of black face. I have no idea like like, like Robert on a junior, so spare me these stupid stories and my advice to you Buzzfeed and Near post and everybody else. Don't bring look the next time you're on twitter and someone tweet something how but you don't bring me every little piece of
crash happen to come across how about that figure? I got one more assignment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. One of the biggest stories of the day of viral video showing a police officer kneeling on the neck of a black man who sang I can't breathe and then dies the story is taking, the APS Fbi's got investigate and you all It's gotta be really really careful with these stories, because I No, what happened? I'm very careful. What any of these things Papa, Ahmed Armoury, Covington, kids, but now we got a major of course, I ll tell you straight up this man should not have lost his life. I don't care what the reason is. I am one hundred percent opposed that about two to the death penalty. You're you're allowed to disagree with me, I'm. Actually enjoy the conversation in the debates about this, and people get really heated about it, that's cool! I respect that
I've, never real conversation where we explore the morality of ending someone's life, but I think most of us can agree. This is this video is horrifying. You got a man subdued. This is why I'll tell you why I oppose it. I found you gotta man subdued you, dont need to kill them to prevent them from coal. Harm if you ve already stopped them from causing harm. What shock Me is how many people like ignore this, like I want you to imagine snuffing out someone's soul, their spirit their consciousness. Now I can't I can't imagine that I can't and I recognise there are a lot of ethical conundrums in other areas pretended set things like pro choice in life and yes, I ve been talk about moral conundrums. I've been that's why it's important that were important. We talk about this stuff to figure out what the best course of action is instead of being angry, accusing people of being evil. If people really have you no trouble, you know coming to a moral understanding. We can sit down and talk. It's the best thing we can do. Let's read the story,
and I'll. Tell you straight up man this this this on its surface, wash this video shocking, disturbing disgusting are right. I don't know what happened before this. But the sea, a dude pen in the ground, saying please, please, I can't breathe, not dissimilar. Eric Garner story in New York. It's disgusting! One hundred per cent beyond disgusting and busy new says a man appearing to yell. I can't breathe as many people as a Minneapolis police officer, pinned him to the ground and put his knee on the man's neck for about eight minutes died. Monday night prompting the FBI and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal apprehension to step in and investigate video, the it shows that a white police officer had Black man pinned to the ground next to the back tireless patrol car with beyond the man's neck. I must stop you right there I understood, and why they're bringing race into this I get it. I want to point out we're not at that point yet. Kay. I understand their arguments we made about racism in this country in things like that, but for now let's talk about the issue of liberty, justice, civil rights. What
all Americans deserve. Ok, you break the law, yeah you're gonna get arrested but these cops shouldn't be doing this. They should understand the risks video. Incidents. Are we rather please, please, please. I can't breathe the men bags. My stomach hurts my neck hurts. Please, please. I can't breathe onlookers outside the Minneapolis Minneapolis Delhi urge the officer to get off the man you're stopping Breathing right now, you think that's cool one man says his nose bleeding look at his nose. Zoning Yasser doesn't budge and then the man go silent, more people begin to intervene and call for the officer oars partner to check for a pulse. Officer remains on the man's neck even ass. He lay apparently unresponsive for total of about eight minutes before pyramid, arrive and the man is placed on a stretcher quote the man and looked already dead before the ambulance even got there. He was clearly too tell them he couldn't breathe and they ignored him. Darnel of Frazier, one of the people who filmy incident told the NBC News,
and we news did not know what happened before the video recording began very, very A very important point: I don't either Apparently the man was resisting, and so they subdued him, but at so it's tough. It really really is. If this guy was resisting and fighting back and the cops we're like, we have to stop him from fighting, it makes why they would meal on the way they did and theirs probably a reasonable fear among these officers that if they get up the dude might start fighting again are resisting, but I'll tell you what man gotta have better protocols for this, because what what's was supposed to be Apparently, the sky was that it was a report of forgery. The cops pull him out. He resists that in no way should end someone's life. Look when it comes to death penalty stuff. There are some stuff where I'm like. I am I like the closed. I come very, very close to agree without of people in support that the death penalty, but its issues of liberty and freedom that stop me from crossing that long. I'll, tell you what man you tell me a story about some dude there there
there's a story going viral where a guy said he her east now that I know of a child offender was. It was in his area. An area was moving too took Madison ozone, hands and a red the store, and, unlike bro I hear you man. I really really do off man some of this stuff. You want justice in you want it now, when you fast, and you want to feel that you want to see it, but you can do what you got to be careful. First and foremost, it's always about the risk of hurting an innocent person. The zoo right here who died, he wasn't well, we presume his innocence. We do we have to. There was a report of forgery. I don't know anyting. This was approved in the court. The dude I before even got to say what happened that should horrify. Everybody is one of the most egregious fifth amendment violations cheek. I mean it's a violation of basically every single possible amendment. I get it, I get it so that nothing to do it.
Quartering soldiers and his house, the third amendment, but yet a right due process had a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone does what what things that bugs me the most about when these arguments come to issues of race. Is that its deeper than that? I understand the concerns you haven't you and then the calls for justice, but this is a fundamental violation of very Americans rights, no matter what you look like, where you come from your race, national origin, life, liberty should have happiness first, second, third forthwith, six so and so forth, notably the writer. Due process that we can assume is guided anything wrong. I don't know what I did. I did see a video fraulein. Other things got off the ground, an innocent man who killed him. I don't know a market like that assumption, either a Mckenna condemned the officers because I don't know what happened I do know that a man lost his life, though same thing, with Amr Aubrey. I want to see the evidence beyond our reach, It was not you know what they they claimed. It was and you can solve its. I do chill out. You know. People get me
when I bring that up. But the evidence doesn't support this idea of just racist being racist. This story doesn't necessarily either, but it does show the recklessness- and I guess the carelessness of some of these officers and about that might be a bold assumption for me to say I don't know it was going through authors, mind, but I'll tell you what man you can't If someone can't breathe, listen, and they should have known this, because we ve already been to this with Aragon and others that by the time you're watching this protests have just erupted in Minneapolis will see what actually happens. They say a statement from the Minneapolis police, farm it released. Early Tuesday said the officers had responded to report of a forgery and progress and found the suspect in his car. He set out of the car when he was ordered to police said, but then physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get this aspect in handcuffs and noted here. Here to be suffering medical distress. Officers called an ambulance he was transported to Hennepin, county Medical, so
by ambulance where he died a short time later, so I mean I don't buy it. I I'm sorry, I don't I just They say that he started to resist how many video Have we seen and it's not for me, look I get. It was essential component, but I've seen too many videos, regardless of race, of cops, just grabbing someone slamming on the ground and I'm leaving on her by the way. That's what I personally experienced it. I've been I've been wrongly arrested couple times. I'll put it. This way I was wrongly arrested once for sure, and then I got a recipe. Gave warning which to me is a wrongful arrest. But they try to have some justification because he said you know legally landscape when it was stupid, and when I was arrested in now that the skateboarding instance I get my money. Diplomats while I am I am. I am on my knees when they're coming up you out to sit me down or whatever my husband about the coffee, nope no issue, but one was wrongly arrested straight up wrongly arrested. I was thrown to the ground and the guy
need? On my head, I didn't resist. I wasn't fighting. It was a completely false arrest. I've personally experienced, and it was in Chicago suburb. Guy comes up to me. Throws me down, I did nothing said. Nothing has my back many lives when the ground and put his knee on my neck. That's what he did. I, what resisting everybody did nothing, and you know it is long and complicated northern ITALY really angry. But when I see this, I question I. This is what they do and whose can responsible, when you don't know what happened and through and that the general enforcement of a per perceived crime or concern of a crime. You answer me life, there's a big problem. We have in this country, ok, people, the many police. Sars, notably like New York City, they use whose arrest as punishment. They know you won't be convicted. They know you won't be prosecuted and they know They can lock you up for days weeks or even months and there's nothing you can do about it
So we saw New York, try to institute bail reform and it became a disaster I actually understand the idea behind it. I think they did it poorly. The idea is, if you are presumed innocent, how is it that we can force you to a money before you get your freedom back now the state s to prove your guilt. So I do respect the idea. I like the idea, but it didn't work because they had actual criminals. They knew where criminals that kept getting released than going intermitting more crimes. So it's like I don't know where the line is or how we solve this problem. I recognise there's a serious challenge here between freedom and security. But I will never be that person to damn someone to death or imprisonments, exile, pain, suffering or anything or deprivation of their life liberty, I'm sort of happiness. Yes, you can prove to me beyond reasonable doubt they actually did something to warrant it. That's the challenge with me and the death penalty is up this, you tell me a story about some dude. You, no matter what kids. Now, maybe alike, get the guillotine.
With his head right I'll, be the first to call for the problem is proof. Get beyond reasonable doubt, even in a court We sometimes have innocent people who end up in jail on death row and that to me is really really is horrifying. I want you to imagine being that person being walked to your death knowing you never did anything wrong. The founding fathers said it. And they and they inherited it from its black stones formulation things. Then it is better that ten guilty persons escaped than one innocent person suffer and I believe it, the founding fathers believed in protecting liberty above security, give me liberty or give me death. That means means these bad people, these guilty people that escape to say that one person might actually infringe upon the rights of other people and that's why, think we also have the second amendment, partly I think it's also why we had an understanding that you have some responsible. For yourself with freedom. Comes that responsibility to yourself and to others.
I want to make sure that our some doesn't become the machine that kills innocent people that terrifies me. You see a story like this and the first, I see what this man is begging for his life. I'm sad angry that these People could do nothing but stand around and say that's not cool. They were killing this guy dude. Or any one could do, is sit around and do nothing, but the problem with that anger and that sadness is at when its unchecked, you end up with Anti fuck, This is just pure nonsensical rage going around demanding justice for perceives like that. I don't understand and that's why we must reach and calm and collected, and unfortunately you can argue. Maybe it was the right thing not to intervene, we're going to do to tackle a copper something he can't, but
Are you going to sit there and let someone die now we got serious problems. We really really do so. I don't all the answers. I really dont, but I'll tell you this. If you ask for my vote to end someone's life, I will tell you know absolutely not that's why I oppose the death penalty to. I am absolutely opposed and shocked by like this. You want to pull that lever for that. For the electric chair, you want to pull that lever further for the gallows. You want to press the button for the lethal injection you're, not see me, don't you know why? Because you would need and overwhelming amount of evidence to prove it show me of the very show me a video, the guy doing at an end, and we might consider the problem is when we're talking about the support of the death penalty. It's not like I on a case by case basis, we get to vote as a sigh If that we approve of it and then the machine starts churning an eventual, an innocent person will lose their life. I will not be party to that. I'm sorry! I won't be. I hope this man gets justice as family does
and if it turns out that new video services showing something else happened than that, I'm I'll be glad to see it. But if it does in the ground saying please please, please. I can't breathe you at your dns that get your knee off his neck. Bro ask someone for help restrain the guy fees being physical with you, but if someone can breathe, you are responsible for that safety. If it was an accident, you are responsible, that's called manslaughter, we'll see how this thing plays out next time. It's coming up tomorrow at ten, a dot m thanks for hanging out, then I will see you all. Then.
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