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Migrant Caravan Plans "Human Stampede," Confirms DHS Report

2018-11-23 | 🔗

Migrant Caravan Plans "Human Stampede," Confirms DHS Report.We are also hearing that now a SIXTH migrant caravan has been apprehended in Mexico as more economic migrants seek to come to the US for work.While many claim that people are seeking asylum we have more interviews suggesting that many may just be migrants looking for work. The group in Tijuana has swelled to 6,219 according to some reports and may soon exceed over 10,000 creating what Tijuana's mayor calls a humanitarian crisis.

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Tensions continue to escalate at the southern border with Mexico we heard a few days ago from homeland security at the Migrant Caravan was planning to. The border, but now it seems there is some confirmation and aid worker into you. Wanna has said the migrants are planning what he called a human stampede to storm through the border. Now this aid workers there to help the migrants. So again, this seems to be confirmation that what Homeland Security report. It is true in response to this. We are here and Donald Trump, sad if, SK. I can't get a hold on the border. He will shut the entire thing that, with some sources, Engi already did or that he's threatening to close the entire border. I think it's fair to say at this point that, with all of the news about what's going out, the Migrant caravan with a political division with many people saying allow them in and grant them asylum and many other saying do not. It is encouraging people. It is encouraging people in Central America to make the trip up here to try and get in on what
ever is happening. We are also learning now from El Universal, a mexican newspaper. A sixth caravan has been stopped. Yes, six caravans. Now I think, with all this press many people are. Realism has a chance to come to United States, but with Mexico, offering job theirs and offering a sound money. These people, I think it's fair to say these- are economic migrants. In fact, in response to being stopped by Mexico, members of the sixth caravan said they can't go back because of poverty which stands to reason. Many of these people are not actually seeking asylum but they're. Looking for better jobs, Let's take a look, the latest news and figure out what what actual? going on on the southern border and whether or not this human stamp, news is legitimate before we get started. Please have a patriarch not come forward slashed him cast. If you wanna support my work, trends are the backbone of the content I create. So if you like these videos, you want to see more had over a patriotic dotcom, forts lashed him guest and become a patron from Fox NEWS. Migrant caravan members may be planning human stampede.
U S, border age group, some members of the migrant caravan we have spent the past month, travelling from Central America through Mexico to reach the cross border are talking about cross. Border and mass as a way to provoke a Trump administration and aid group has claimed they have that intention Sergio to my a founder of angels without Borders, a group helping the migrants told tell em Udo twenty in San Diego. I believe that thanks could make that jump. At least three thousand migrants have already arrived in two you wanna a border city across from sending the California the past two weeks, the federal government estimates the number of migrants could grow to ten thousand in the coming or months those already in the city of camped out, intense, sat under fields or under bleachers, or staying in overcrowded shelters throughout the city as they waste to figure out there next steps, but some are growing impatient and believe their best option is to plan a mass crossing most of us. Yes, we want to be. On the other side, Jorge MA a hundred migrants told telephoned up some want to jump over the wall. Others
to go another way and others want to wait and see what kind of response they get Fox news highlights that border agents have already arrested dozens of migrants trying to illegal cross the border to you, Wanna Councilman, Manuel Menorah, said a mass border would further strain economic relations with the Eu S. Perhaps they mean mass border crossing. A human stampede would be an immediate provocation to the U S and justify Donald Trump to impact the by now. Not an annex of the economy, and this news has come shortly after we heard from the San Diego Union Tribune, a small group of breaks away from caravan to press within five hundred feet of the? U S border into you, wanna, according to the internet the group is actually much larger and we did see reporting from Fox NEWS as well at the group, is actually in the six thousands, not three thousand. They say a small fraction of a larger group, six thousand two hundred nineteen central american migrants into you, wanna, slowly and peacefully pushed within five hundred feet of the? U S: Border Thursday, while armed mexican federal police held a barrier near the pedestrian crossing
asking for more humane conditions in the overflowing Benito wore a shelter and trying to present themselves too. You know states, immigration authorities for asylum. The group carried white flags as they marched from the migrant camp to the foot of the. U S, pedestrian bridge, a distance of about five city blocks Meanwhile, you s customs and border picture, made it clear they warrant, taking a day off by briefly shutting down vehicle traffic at San Pedro port of entry, for large scale operational readiness exercise. They are increasing enforcement presence with helicopters, additional border patrol agents and U S military troops, reference to a man Joseph waving, a large white flag as a reminder for them grants to remain calm and peaceful. When asked why he was carrying the flagging answered, because my heart is at Peace Angel Mega, twenty seven said he left behind his wife and son in Honduras to seek a better life and earn money for his family. We don't have a life in Honduras. If we work we can eat, and I dont need much more than that. Just my friends and my family and a job so
in each this man admitted he is among those. U S and mexican authorities are highlighting as having a criminal passed, but he and he was involved decades ago in petty crimes like shoplifting, that shouldn't amount to a death sentence in Honduras, where had gangs won't leave him alone? I don't know the exact number of asylum seekers. I don't know the exact number of people who actually deserve asylum, but it's fair to say that the allay times report I value as well as the San Diego Union Tribune. There are many people who are simply economic migrants. This man reading about actually left his family behind to go, find work in the? U S, even at a time when we know that you want to offering a job affair for those who are entity want and need work. But I think the other thing we can see here is that when homer Security is saying that the migrants are planning to rush the border when Anne aid worker has given a similar statement and now our hearing that a small group is actually pressing a closer within the border and its possible, we might see a russian border at some.
Which would be extremely dangerous. One were hearing, a Trump has signed, orders authorizing the use of lethal force, this story from Bloomberg Trump says he closed mexican border and authorized lethal force. Presidents, as nobody will enter the U S illegally, and says he signed order on border crossing. Two days ago, President Donald Trump Set there is another sign in order to close the? U S, border of Moscow, adding that he's authorize troops to use lethal force against migrants who attempt to enter the Eu S if they have to I'm told reporters and its moral legal resort in Palm Beach flora, claiming without evidence that at least five hundred Criminals are among migrants trying to enter the Eu S, so I'm not going to. Let the military be take advantage of. I have no choice. Do I want that to happen? Absolutely not what you're dealing with rough people? Often we hear news like to say without evidence, and while I think it's fair hey that there's no direct evidence outside of De Age s statement that there are five hundred plus criminals. We you know from Associated Press reporting, that there are people being arrested according to this report,
Also, the actions of a few are tarnishing. The image of the roughly four thousand migrants were camped into you wanna. In the past week, city officials have arrested three dozen caravan members for drug possession, public intoxication disturbing the peace and resisting police and said they would be dead. Ordered to their home countries. We know that several dozen people in the caravan have been arrested. We know that, accordingly tribute one of these men actually admitted to being a petty criminal. Now again, a petty criminal, how we want to interpret that the fact remains that, when the yeah just says there are about five hundred criminals. They're not classifying the severity of the crimes. So we do have at least one individual acknowledging. Yes, we ve also from residents of Mexico, that there are criminals here, so do you choose to trust the government? Well, dear just also said there was going to be a human stampede and now we're here from aid workers who are working with the migrants and actually talked about doing this. Do you want to trust? The government are now it's up to you, but I do find it interesting. Other media picks and chooses what they trust from the government. Often there'll be a statement
is by government officials and they'll just say: yes, that's true, or it's not yet in this circumstance, whatever their say clearly is without evidence. According to the c b c, they said they ve come here to create disorder. Migrant caravan faces hostility on both sides of U S, Mexico border. Some do you wanna locals, are no happier than Donald Trump with presence of migrants and there's the store we ve heard time and time again over the past several weeks. This, Many of the migrants in Tijuana were aware of Donald Trump hostility towards the caravan which he called an invasion, but we're dismayed to hear that trumps views. Shared by some locals, so just Pablo Romero records. The Marinucci musician has been playing guitar for pesos unto you wanna beaches Migrants from the south are part of life. He says, but he believes these massive caravans are bad news. There are lots of pickpockets who are robbing taking advantage of being here so they're doing more bad. Then good Romero says his sentiments were echoed by tee one as mayor who called the
grants rowdy and unclean undesirables and was seen wearing a redhead, bearing the phrase make to you wanna great again. There are residents in two you wanna who support the migrants, and there are also many people who live in T wanted war protesting. I concern here is, if you're going to claim their no evidence that there's criminals, but were hearing from residents of two you wanna working from the mayor were hearing from Trump Andy. I just at what point do you have to say? Ok, all of these people directly involved. What's going on our saying there criminals and we should probably lean in that direction- they often the simple solution tends to be the correct one, and I believe it would be ridiculous to assume their some kind of conspiracy within the Trump Administration, with TEAL wanna too, label the migrants as criminals for some reason just to stop them from coming in the? U S, maybe they thought the two you wanna secretly, working with Trump because trumpets paying them off, but that just sounds like a crazy conspiracy. When you re
is there something much simpler. That's probably the right solution is a really strange situation. If you were to ask me because it seems extremely political for whatever reason, but what really interesting. On top of all of it is more care events keep trying to come from El Universal and forgive the poor Google translation. They it between friends, you slow down step of sixth caravan in Chiapas. Migrants are too by federal and migration agents, we cannot return to our country. There is poverty They say in the midst of pushing jerking, crying and sadness. The sixth caravan of central american migrants was stopped by agents of the national. Of migration and right police of the federal police who detained them after entering irregular to mexican territory by the
He had a river. The story is very poorly translated, but what they're saying is that a sixth caravan now six, that's a large number of caravans who keep trying to enter into Mexico. To come to the? U S. This group was about three hundred people. They illegally entered Mexico and were detained with all of the press and the idea that if they come now, there will be people supporting them politically. Many more well are being encouraged to form caravans and make their way to the US exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. I dont know if there will be a real solution here. I dont know how this will. Solve itself, but I can say a few things. The press primarily wrong about the timeframe for when the migrants, reached you wanna, because it happened. Much donor than everyone predicted, they said the migrants are thousands of miles away a thousand miles away. They'll. Never get here and now six thousand plus people are already there. Only been about a month or so since this became a major press issue so long as people keep talking about this and so long as people and the US are supporting the migrants eyebrows
We will see more caravans, form and many more people try to make their way to the. U S, and this can be dangerous, because if the migrants do plan their human stampeded and tromp has authorized lethal force I can only imagine the kind of devastation we will see, and I hope it doesn't come to that. But I dont know if there will be a political solution, because seems to be another battle in the cold civil war, with neither side willing to give up ground. Many people on the left are criticising Tromp saying it's all nonsense, but the humanity in crisis is escalating into you, wanna and something needs to be done about it. Let me don't you think of that payments below and get the conversation going. How do you feel about what's going on? What do you think would happen if they really do try that human stampede and how do you feel that the media, once again, there is no evidence of criminals being covered by the caravan comical locate. The conversation going you can follow me on Twitter. Tim cast, stay tuned, new videos, everyday at four p m, and I have more videos up on my second general Youtube. Dotcom slashed him cast news, saying at six p m
thanks rang out, and I will see you next time.
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