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Most American Don't Want Trump Impeached, Think Media Outlets Trying To Stop Trump

2019-08-23 | 🔗

Most American Don't Want Trump Impeached, Think Media Outlets Trying To Stop Trump. Several polls have already showed something similar, that most Americans don't want Trump to be impeached. Though most Democrats do, especially far left democrats, moderates sit at only around 39% in favor of impeachment.Interestingly the poll also found Trump had an approval rating of 40% but 59% did not want him impeached meaning that there are many people who do not approve of Trump but don't think he should be impeached.In another poll from Rasmussen we can see that 54% of voters think the media is just trying to stop Trump and they don't trust the news they hear.Which leads us to the big question. Outside of the people who don't trust media, do people think Trump's approval matters more than policy?The question we need to ask is is Trump's disapproval enough to stop his 2020 reelection or is the approval rating for Democrats worse? Will people be more likely to support an unpopular president if the Democratic parties policies are too far left?

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From USA. Today, Majority of Americans don't want tromp to be impeached and removed from office. When I saw this, or a little confused but hold on. I thought the overwhelming what Georgie of Americans disapprove of the job trumps, doing one that kind of correlate with those who want him impeached or is it possible there people who just think he's doing a bad job, but Wanna let em just finish- is his term around seemed kind of weird or there's another hour. Perhaps the media is wrong. Perhaps the poles are wrong. This Paul is wrong. I honestly have no idea, but I look at all these poles and and it seems like nothing makes sense anymore. You know there's a pull right now for Zog. The analytics shown that trumpets is approval is higher than has ever been yet at the same time, Often AP saying that trumps disapproval is higher than has ever been and they say trouble.
Never surpassed fifty percent, but zombies as he did. You kiss you just can't know for sure, and that's that that's the big challenge. So I can give you my thoughts and opinions and so here's what let's take a look at why Americans don't want tromp to be impeached work at this data. I want to show you a couple poles, but the most important one is this: for Mass Museum voters, don't trust political news say most reporters want to stop Trump happened to agree, and I want you to me. I want you to know that I agree and I soon most of you do before we get into this. Am I show you why my perspective is where it is, but I want to stress the challenge. An understanding our world right now, when there are journalists who just want to own trump, so they will put out negative stories, slant them and frame them, and a lot of people think so at the same time, they'll tell you rest music is not a credible pulling
you can see. So who do you believe every it's an information war, its cultural civil war, call it what you will, but boy? Does it make things tough? I will say this before we start record economy in terms of like the echo, the economy, the DOW, the stocks everything's up, unemployment record low, you know in the in the lack of any in the spanish community, Trump hasn't incumbent advantage. The economy is everything what it would. Someone said recently that economy stupid? That's a people are worried about their worried about. Are they going? survive and its great, why would trumps approval be low if things are going so well record labour force? You know that there's there's issues there are, but I think when you look at how the economy is doing I'd lean towards trusting the source of that's a trump is doing well balanced. What's that daily day, let's get to the news, however, before we get started, go to TIM Cast, Dotcom, slash, donate. If you'd like to support my work as a pay, PAL Optional, crypto option of physical,
just but of course sharing this video is the best thing you can do you tube de ranks in the independent political commentary, so there popping up CNN Msnbc, Fox NEWS, if you, if you, then this continent is good share it because you have to be honest at all This is supposed to work right. I do I run a business here and when you like it, you tell your friends. Then I get more you yours and it helps things grow going to rely on Youtube recommendation album if they didn't like it will then so be it, but it's up to us and if you don't share it I'll, just assume your big fan of Don Lemon, I'm getting a joke. I used earlier, but let's let us read the new, so sheriff you like from wash ten USA today, a majority of Americans oppose impeaching President Donald Trump, according to a new pole by Monmouth University released Thursday. The data point with fifty nine
percent of those surveyed. Responding that Trump should not be impeached and compelled to leave office comes as trumps. Approval rating remains at forty percent in the same porno. That's that's so strange to me, but in this same pole is the important point in this is great data force, good chose the same methodology and many of the same people. You can see their nineteen percent of people don't like the job is doing, but not unknown to say he should be removed from office and I think that's, principled, they're. Probably a lot of people saying: listen, I don't like the guy's a bad job, but didn't do anything wrong to get impeached like you know. Impeachment typically is from a criminal act of some sort. Our greatest violation of the oath of office or something like that right, but I'm curious, because if somebody is doing a bad job of it, wouldn't you want them to be fired, but perhaps, if their perspective that impeachment a strong it is making a statement about criminality or some violation and Trump may be bad. It is job but not enough to warrant. Something like
this is an important point for one reason, while shows that there may be a more moderate view on the president, it shows that there are a lot of people who don't like the President, who also don't believe any of the hype about the crimes committed. Nineteen percent of people who don't like him still think he didn't commit crimes didn't obstruct justice or something like that That's rather fascinating, because it shows that they might, they might still vote for the guy they might when their approval rating is at forty percent. You need a break down we haven't. I think ok, so I don't have it in here, but that there was a pole. Here, I might have it pulled up where we can see. I do support from API where, even though a lot of people disagree with trumps position on a lot of a lot of things like immigration, for instance, and healthcare. The economy has some pretty strong support. Which means some of the people might say overall having a bad job.
The economy is doing really well, so they might still what form. This is an important bit of data again because coming from the same, the Saint Paul s redone, they say the pool. There is clear in the pool. There is clear, partisan divide on whether the House, Judiciary Committee should pursue and impeachment increase. While seventy two percent of Democrats believe such an inquiry is a good idea only thirty nine percent of independence and eight percent of Republicans share that belief. Let me stress- There is a minority of the independence who want to see impeachment or we think of the incorrect self is a good yeah, I'm tellin you men, when I'm looking at this day. Like the Harris Ex Paul. I showed the other day that or organ couple hours ago, whenever I got a couple times that moderates thank the Democrats have gone too far too far left more than they think you're publicans have gone too. Far right. We see it again. It is a minority of independence who want who think it a good idea to impeach it's like if I was gonna bet if you're gonna put chips down, but you, but on the third
nine percent, I'm not saying that that opposition to it is greater than fifty. We don't know for sure it's probably run forty or something so it's rather even but within uncertainty. I'm not going to place a bet on authority percent chance to win right. So what we're army is, if you're, a Democrat and you're looking at your percentage of what who's gonna approve of thirty percent of independent What you did to win them over and not only that? Seventy two percent of Democrats you're not getting a strong Europe, a strong majority democrat side, but cannot get everybody. So it's tough, it's tough because it wouldn't. When you're, looking at the Democrats trying to pander to the Democrats they're going full steam ahead when it comes to winning over the middle ground, the people who need to convince they aren't- and if the Republicans don't want to see impeachment and there I think independence will be more likely to get behind their publicans moving on. They say that house you to share our committee chairman, wrapped Jerry, never confirmed the launch of an impeachment inquiry by the House panel here this month in an interview on CNN, they go into deeds
EL about what they're doing dimensionality policy has resisted. The growing calls for improvement in all that stuff. So I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna move on too much from here, because I want to get into that to the real issue. This is the most important thing. I think to lead with right, where my story, a story of how we live in Trump world. It's true trump as the President and the news start, but it is what it is. But here's the interesting raised here is here's the interesting video formats, museum voters drop, don't trust political news say most reporters want to stop Trump and that may explain why Is it that when I go to political, when I go to the hill, when I go to sea and on your times its tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp because they want to stop him, not everybody? I think it's fair to point out the political sites like you know like political power or the hill art they're gonna talk about politics. The present is right, therefore, center, but I think a lot of these journals and my personal opinion. I agree with with the people in this pole. I think they're trying to find negative. Lorries to smear the president lesson
they have to win. What's their plan for winning no strong candidates no major endorsements Obama's Niven, endorsing bite income on slots reed they say The latest Rasmussen reports, national telephone and online service, finds that just thirty two percent of likely, yes, voters, trust the political news they are getting most fifty four percent do not. Fourteen percent are not sure they say the survey of one thousand likely voters was conducted on August, twenty of the twenty first twenty nineteen by Recent reports, the margin, the margin of sampling, air, is plus or minus three percentage points, the ninety five percent level of confidence. So I know this resolution is It has been accused over and over again of being biased, and so when you, when you look at the real, clear politics, average Rasmussen has Trump O around fifty percent approval right.
Plus to spread and everybody else, leaders of minus thirteen minus thirteen minus eight minus twelve, with a minus ten average, but Rasmussen has impositive and must be done, has been, has been criticised for being conservative or being by and things like that, but what I did was concerning tromp, I decided to look to rest, nuisance, writing and twenty sixteen the best. I can, it was trying break these things down, so you can trust so it's like and convey to you truth to the cliff close as I can get it because I acknowledge I dont know you know honestly. If one poor says Trump is doing great one plus he's doing bad. How do we figure out whose right the poles are all over them? well, you might find with the averages they mostly show. Tromp is doing bad reorganise and if, in the in the low forties When you see this worries me is that in your life is resolution right or wrong, while they're gonna be people who will tell you that media. Just wants to smear tromp address. Music is one of those companies saying polls show it, but then you see
Where's musin is one of the only the pulsars showing Trump with a higher approval ready than disapproval. It's all very confusing, but I will say this in twenty sixteen recipe. Reports. Final Whitehouse Watch survey showed Democrat. Hillary Clinton with a two percent popular vote lead over Donald Trump. After all, one hundred and thirty six million. U S, votes were counted. Hillary Clinton led the popular vote by two point: one percent twenty twelve a Forum University study by Doktor Costas partner Galapagos, I hope I hope, across her right compared pre election Paulie with the election result from Today. The study ranked fourteen organizations but, unlike twelve, chose to omit the results of recipes reports is lighter praised by come on Twitter, calling them the most accurate election pulls the reason I'm
only highlighting twenty sixteen right now, as you know, there were variations. They were ranked very low in twenty twelve. They were right very high and what to an eight, I want to focus on the Trump phenomenon and Hillary Clinton and it looks like they nailed it in terms of tracking the popular vote led by Hillary Clinton. They were right. Rest Musin was right in what they would expect in the popular vote. So the reason why I find that statistically significant is that, when we're looking at poles, they were that that their taught their tracking, not electoral college results, but what people thought who are they going to vote for it as music is doing the pull today only a few years later and their methodology is still similar. I would actually trust them as being likely correct, recognising the bias.
When you have always other organizations, it's possible, they art, but I will say that's a really good thing in their favour. Even twenty. Sixteen they knew Hillary Clinton was gonna. Get this two percent two percent led in the popular vote and they were right and an imagined when went one gauging the the popular approval of the president or the presence popularity among the general population. I think they're probably close as well. So a lot of these poles were wrong and large spreads the Actions were way off and was musing at least got that bit of math correct. Now there is another bit of math is not included in the hour cp average some people criticise, Oghee Zog, be talks about the poor performance of Democrats, boosting trumps approval running to fifty one percent, especially in the black, and spend a community now I highlight that soggy analytics. My understanding is I'm trying to break down. Why do we see this by its right? So why do we see this biased? Why is odd, be saying trumpets, doing really really well well, John Zaga Corner Wikipedia? As a Democrat,
My understanding of what happened I could be wrong. Is that Zog, the analytics is the weak recreation of a new company, formerly Zog, the international which was sold and Zog is a well known pulling agency. The reason I'm telling you all this is because I'm trying to really figure out a really really want to figure out. Do people want Trump in office? Do they support him or not? So I won't tell you whether or not these poles showing up here is also whether interests these posts. Untilat. You I'll point out why I think so I will point out: Rasmussen has been heavily criticised. I will point out. Zog visa has been heavily criticized. And I'll give you that you know some of the background. Take it take it for what you will read. Music is kind of involving this information war. Saying people don't trust political reporting, so may That's why all these poles are bad. Maybe these people are right. Fifty four percent saying they don't trust it. It's a tough world, I gotta admit
and I try to try to draw my assessment, but I will say this a bit I tried to trial. I try to draw an assessment based on all of the things I've read. I lean towards Trump is probably doing better than these polls show AB. Thirdly, absolutely do it doesn't mean I over each will overtly trust, transmission or zombie, but highlighting this twenty sixteen, I think, is really important. We're talking about one for one voters, if you asked a voter today, do you support the president? You approve of his job and they got the popular vote. Corrected lean towards resolutions, probably doing something right, but I don't know it's it's, maybe maybe not it's an absolute bias, because how could all of these other outlets be wrong? Maybe that's the optimism bias the assumption that all these different Could be wrong and MIKE couldn't possibly be the outlier. I know tromp supporters are an essay Rasmussen is right and then I now look similarly to between sixteen. You know poles and say it was it was it was spot on We, on the other hand, is a guy who's, a Democrat or at least listed as one, for whatever reason saying that
approval rating is really high, but you know what the people who got like tromp are going to say: it's just not legitimate, but let's, let's, let's move on now to two than the latest pole. On a p and Paul has trumpet sixty two percent of disapproval. Now the ape is extremely trust. We're and this was rather shocking to me, because I do trust me AP, but I gotta say: might my personal understanding of a political sphere right now, I really can't believe it and that's that's so put look. I can recognise that by a spell say this, the mentioned earlier in a record economy with record low unemployment really of this massive labour force. I dont see trumps approval could be as high as they claim. It is- and I say this to you know what, when you look, it's tough, I gotta admit it's really tough. With all this negative press about tromp right, I made this veto the other day called we're trapped in Trump World, where the news is just not on,
breaking I dropped. That could be why you know the other day over two guys say that trunk claimed he was the second coming and that he was the king of Israel and that's that's not true. It's it's. It's a challenges and it's not true trump. And do that's Trump quoted someone else praising him as saying that jewish people saw him as the king they treated him like the king of Israel are viewed as such and such as a second coming and tromp quoted it. So this is a great distinction of trump tweeting up praise from somebody in stating he is. There is also the thing we're claimed trumps. Eddie was the chosen one. They shall picture trembled like this. When a reality it seemed like tromp was telling a joke. He was like listen. No, some but it is not listen, listen! Look! I am the chosen one I had to do this. It seemed like a tongue in cheek comment about how none of the other presidents would go against China, not that he lit early things and then later on, he goes on to say the people chose me and now
while blind. So you see all this negative news, it's no surprise. You would see this disapproval, so it is entirely possible as well is really tough, though, but my personal opinion, my bias is that the economy is the prevailing factor and everything's all show you right here see economy he's on the economy. His approval is forty six percent, and now we can see immigration, healthcare, foreign policy and gun policy. It's really low. Maybe, but if the economy is the driving force, I really don't see, I was disappears. Disapproval could be so high. How could fifty one percent disagree with how the economy is doing? to me. It seems odd, because the news I see all the time is doing well. In fact, there was that there was a story, may become couple months ago or CNN was even praising the economy so saying it record low unemployment. Wage growth is up. How could these people really disapprove of an economy that doing so? Well, it's baffling to me, I just don't believe it.
But I will stress this so thereby murmurs about a recession. I personally again my bias. I feel A lot of these stories about a recession are just an attempt to paint the the president a negative light, probably because some people have a political agenda, as rest Musin says most do or because they want the negative story So we can see this in your post. Has an opinion from John Cordell. Recession is at the top of trump haters. Wish Lest we ve seen Bill MAR say it bring on the research and to get rid of trump, and I find that rather disconcerting really really do come on. Do you really? It was great to see I'm forgetting the guy's name? Who are the lady? I think it was the lady who said come on. Do you no more moderate Democrats and we don't? We don't want to research and are you nuts, but there are Democrats who do Bill MAR is. Is a Democrats, border and he's straight up calling for ease an elite saying we gotta have it. So you know you have people who absolutely want this to happen.
When I see all these stories popping up saying a recession could come. Oh no. Why will the my opinion? I think they're hoping for a self a filling prophecy, You say negative news over and over and over again get people scared as our partner money out of the market, to hurt it s, scary. To me they say: oh Trump knows no trumpets fighting it at every step of the way. For sure he knows. A recession is bad news form This says to me, like all all the stories about the bill MAR the best example come on, then they know they got nothing bill more said. The Democrats just need to be less crazier than trumpet screwing that up yup, which means when no more says bringing the recession. It's because he knows the Democrats have nothing take that into consideration than when you look at these poles. How could try disapproval be so high when the economy is doing. So well and there's nothing. Democrats, have to offer that bill morphine.
We need a recession to be tromp, now admit a lot of people like Trump, namely, namely me, but but but admittedly it's not like. I absolutely hate the guy. You just put me off, you know and I have trouble arrangements and draw unjustly I am not a fan of the guy come on you know, and so there are a lot of people war like me, who would actually should say like because I would I am going to ask for the guy just never gonna happen. I will stress that point. Four, four, for a lot of reasons, I vote striven for tribe. I dont vote to one up anybody. I will likely right intimacy but if I had to, however, I am well aware that there are people who probably disapprove of the job is doing, but guess what it still better than what the Democrats are offering, and that is the most important take away for all of the disapproval. Trump has for all the poles. We can argue the bias and in the end,
the people who disapprove of tromp approve of Democrats more and I think the answer is gonna be no last I check Nancy Polices approval ready with what works than trumps and that's a thin you'll find people sitting at the election. Also, that's right. I am actually really good example of one of the biggest, promise Democrats have my unwillingness to get behind party. I dont care for your party. Ok, I don't care for trump right. I can recognize Fuck you, too, the student loans thing with the veterans other day. One hundred set praise. I will. I will clap for that, offer those unfamiliar he's. He exact he issued an executive order to forgive student loans for disabled veterans. I am a huge proponent of student loan forgiveness, but I do believe it has to come in the form of something tempered like freezing interest its people, gotta pee ought to be responsible right, but we do have manipulations. I'm I'm not gonna rational thing, but point out, like Trump has done things I'm actually like. Yes, absolutely right move how
I'm one of these moderate voters who will not get behind the Democrats in their wacky, you know wacky open borders nonsense and they can say it all day, night right wing talking point, I don't care what you call it. I literally dont care, I'm a moderate and I leave. You are entering us towards open borders. You can stand upon staging posture all day. So don't worry. That's all right wing talking point we're not convincing me! So get what guess what, when you find moderates who will be like? Never tramper, moderates I'll, tell you this. They will have over trap and economic freedom, cried either, and that means you like. That's it, that's still a win for the Republicans. That is still a when, because you lose the vote and there are moderates who will support from not met. There's no moderates will support. The Democrats do, but I think the issue is, as I stated, no matter what the policy you can disapprove of the president, but I saw a store amid a video by this couple days ago, a guy who thought all of the worst things about Trump, all of the worst things all
Orangemen, bed narratives and said, but he still better than open. In the green new deal- and I was like oh wow, but you know what let's move on the Democrats know it so we have this sort on the Wall Street Journal Democrats tweak Medicare for all pitches amid resistance from you unions there it is concerns that workers could lose generous. Generous benefits, spurs new messaging by some twenty twenty candidates union that the unions are right, but that that the health care bake is, is prison unions? I said this when the green new deal came out and the effort see. I am one of the largest organizations of labour against did like pushed back, saying no weights and causes jobs. Are you nuts and I was like when the Democrats character the union's behind em? You know what man who you are presenting who and so all the stuff they the debates, stages freaked, everybody out, they say we're gonna. If government healthcare to non citizens. Will, I assure you, you just lost that you know the fifty five plus one
there, because I know older people who get government benefits, healthcare benefits and their worried about losing them. And then what happens when I wanted to raise their hand, we're gonna, give more benefits to non citizens. Are benefits are already strain and want to give more people who live here. Are you nuts, the Democrats? No it that means for all of trumps disapproval. I think it doesn't matter one bit does not matter because, like I send the beginning, you got nineteen percent of people who who ought to dont want to be impeached. What status
or are they don't got? Well, maybe my math is wrong and that, but basically there fifty nine percent of people, I don't wanna, be impeached and forty percent ah approve of him, which means there is a decent, honest people. My math is fairly well from the beginning and probably confusing myself with the point is that means there are people who disapprove of the president. I think I envy the numbers somebody somebody cracked, my math and then make fun of me for it, but I will let us move on. The point is they're gonna be people who don't like President Trump, but will still vote form because a Democrats or nuts and you know what everybody knows it. The Atlantic tromp could win again he's unpopular scandals in a big it and we may be sliding into recession, but that might not matter they say there mate. There are many reasons president tromp might lose reelection his deeply unpopular. They imaginary. These are put all this together. It's easy to imagine. Democrats writing. A big blue wave to the trip to the White House next year,
I fear that is somewhat more likely that tramples able to declare victory November. Third, they think that they want as approval writing and all its staff is that's out of bed. They say trumps. Persistent unpopularity is not nearly as a bar to re election as many assume its striking, for example, trumps approval ratings. Are this point very similar to those of two presidents who went on to win reelection by resounding margins, while forty two percent approve of trumps drop job performance, just forty three percent approved of both Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan? At the same time, in their first terms, what's more trump actually appears to be more power, popular to day than he was on the day he beat Hillary Clinton. So I like this to make to stress the point as a matter. Don't like him, it doesn't not at all, and then I had this. A bunch of Democrats have dropped out. That's the last point all makes us all wrapped things up and just state. They are a group of people who don't want the present.
Impeached, but there are only forty percent to approve of them. So so around you know whenever nineteen percent or so are saying that you know they don't like the guy, but they want to be impeached, which means look a bomb is approval. Writing with similar tromp is looking at reelection because the Democrats are weak. They have no message there, hoping for a recession. Now the pull the pull argument got to figure that out right, as I can tell you, which Paul is right, it's always very confusing, but that, but I want to stress these two points that people don't trust the media. They don't they really really don't and I can pull the million poles. You know three or four Paul, though be up about that, show that, but more importantly, whatever we, determine the poles irrelevant. Absolutely relevant of the Democrats can't ball things together, so leave their thanks rang and on the ground. Next, I'm segment will be coming up: Youtube COM, slashed him gas news at six p M different channel from this one, and I will see you all next time, if there could ever be proof that Gillette no
whose getting woke drove them to go broke. It is them ending their social justice, nonsense campaign. I have to stress this every time I do these videos because there is out there there's the name of get what go broke and I know you guys hear me say a lot: it's not a law right, it's not absolute! You can get woke and make money if you don't you know, I always throw back like static shock and I think Spiderman into the spider verse you can make. You know a diverse cast you can make games. You can make adds that. Do it right, You can talk about toxic masculinity, just not the way they do it, embracing this weird, negative view of men. So now the story from the daily wire Gillette shifting the spotlight after losing eight billion amid toxic masculinity backlash- and I want to stress- it- was a right down. So it's not it's not like eight billion dollars evaporated was the value of the brand. What they're up that were there going to be doing that
Italy is switching back to masculinity who would have thought if you wanted to sell men raises. You may notice that actually shaved, you to appeal to them as men. What in settling a man's brand? You know it's it's really amazing cause I'm in the daily story, they reference is other thing you to let dead right about this odd fat acceptance at an end- and you know I want to talk about this negative kind of campaigning. They do but think about this. They do and add. For fat women and they show you know of his fat woman being really really happy and their their highlighting a positive about something. Really really awful right there being being completely overweight is bad. I try to avoid being mean about it, and I just encourage people to eat healthy and get some exercise and might my advice to everybody wants to lose weight. The cool thing you do is go for a walk, and I really mean it's a it's, a simple things you can do, and it's really good for your health is really good for
Depression is literally just going outside and walking around for a little bit: Minos, muzzle flowers of allergies or whatever, but what the up? This is a negative things. Bad. This is toxic humanity, right, humans are our are, are beating themselves over their head with their vices and they champion it for this. When it comes to normal male behaviour, they say a you better. Do right, like I should say well behavior, but there is actually coming to men. I've, done nothing wrong and sang you're. You know you you you know you got up, improve herself men and it's like, while a hold on you're talking to the average guy and saying your bad, and then your finding these overweight women in saying you just be you with my what what what way way way way way if someone is like, could you imagine if they made a cancer acceptance? Add where Gillette was like dope? they're getting treated for something. That's causing you physical out, like physical harm that things crazy to meet their their highly
a negative thing. We know obesity, you know, can lead to cancer. We know that it lowers your life expectancy. It you feel like a lot of really net, if things associated with being obese, and so you know my things always like look. If you can live, however, you wanna live right. If you wanna just eat ice cream in jail and I'll, do anything like a mats. America is great right. We have the freedom to do so. I just recommend not like encouraging negative behaviors, so it so a thing: Gillette will slam men for toxicity, but then encourage things like this. You got, you know what you got it you priory stray will apparently Gillette did and their shifting. So let me say this: this is the best will get well Gillette ever come out and say: oh getting worse. It was a huge mistake and we lost a lot of money and, of course not, but the progress that we have decided to focus on what men do best. Yes, you realize that when you want to sell something to a guy in so I him is not the right way to do it well
you know, you're gonna see a lot of you want to laugh and not a feminist, and all that saying, like we'll men should correct their behaviour. Babo. Ok, ok, ok, hold on I'm not saying there, you know the general concept like legitimate concept of toxic masculine eat, doesn't war at some folks and focus. You know that the problem with how they focus on toxic masculinity is that the kind of blanket over all men as if all men are toxic, no right there's, there's toxic behaviour period. Anyone can engage in and there are certain things more likely to be mail that are toxic. But it's like a rare thing. It's like it's like a few people who are bad mode. Guys, I know, tend to be- you know, like I would say, on average out I talk about the likelihood of a guy being a dick or anything, but guys tend to be more like this. Darwin reserved one, take risks and protect people around them and that's what they should be highlighting because they're trying to sell to all men so think about this. You take an aspect that, like a small potential
else. Why do we need to be worked over that with your nonsense? Okay, we should read this goes. I comment on this. Second, before it, I've been out overnight, I will, if I can, order from dollar shave lubber from anybody else. Why don't need to be worked over that with your nonsense? Ok, we should read. This goes around on this. Second, before it. I've been Halliburton, cast outcome, slash donate if you'd like to support my work as a pay, pal option, crypto option and physical address, but, of course, share this video. If you think it's good now seriously, Is the best you can do because, as of recent, I can unite I've meanness sincerely that de ranking is having an impact. You know wanted, We assume that unites you. A lot of people say like all you Cuba's hurting my channel in areas like that, but now you can look certain metrics and see that yet de ranking is a serious issue. So in order to get past that d ranking, then I require word of mouth like any normal business, so I'm not gonna cedar and complain about Youtube. Telling much up saying,
going to show my vs anybody. If my videos are worth sharing than you guys, your mother was Sweden. Is this Why are rights while the bread is emitting that its reversing course and the social issues messaging it isn't? Meeting really Gillette is presenting its new, really Gillette is presenting its new focus as simply ok isn't admitting. I think Type under its new focus is simply a return to its always done. We walk in you to represent a man at their best Gillette said misstatements reported by Newscorp Australia. Instead of the social issues focus, the brand will be highlighting positive portrayal of heroic masculinity, as in its new ad starring Ben Zircon Heiner, an australian firefighter and personal trainer Wait, so there are literally admitting it. I don't think I didn't think I was there. I read through this and I thought that the issue was literally so, let's let's see what they have to say over at the news that combat a year will continue to represent, monitor best back flip after toxic masculinity backlash. Woe
They say they are shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes, peoples. Times, asking the wrong about the the firefighters and I guess they admitted. I guess they stirrup admitted it, while all right, we'll there we go, I guess miss that, because you know I admit I had an assumption like when I first came through. It it was they're not going to admit it, but while the brand admitting reversing What's in the social issues messaging their presenting focus as simply a return to its always done, Gillette's toxic masculinity must begin. Ok, we'll worry, I don't think they're admitting that it hurt them. Are there not admitting that it hurt them this admitting They're gonna, your verse, also at least there's that so it's a little bit more than I thought, we'd get, which is which is really interesting.
Waste they say, Gillette's toxic masculinity, must begin in January when the brand release and add accusing men of of excusing bad behaviour and portraying traditional masculinity in an entirely negative and stay typical light. I want to point a few things out: the people who talk about toxic masculinity go overboard with it. Let's talk about things like bullying, bullying has been its very bad, but there are certain like It's a fine line between boys just being assertive and trying to find their their place and and and and strengthen themselves and bullying. Like You will see a video on red. It were like a bigger kid will come and satellite beating up a little can't write. Your bullying is bad, but then will also see it as a like two kids fighting or like you know in this commercial is water. When I rehash the commercial, what you'll see like regular kids play fighting or you know getting into a fight, and there like. Oh, no supper. The kids like well come on man hold on right right right. I agree
What we trying to highlight as well, there certainly negative aspects of kids and boys getting in trouble kids in general need to be strengthened and hardened for the real world, so I never condone sense something bullying, I'm trying delineate between negative force will be avers that cost. Roma and weaken somebody and things that will just typically make kids stronger that parents might be scared of unanimity, so not not bowling. I'm trying to it, because it's a fine line got navigators carefully. What I mean is kids gotta go on in and stop their toe. They're gonna fall down a scrape. Their new kids have to go on and adventure they're gonna get nephites, you know and they're gonna wanna deal these things themselves to kids, go outside their with their friends and that their crew, and then they get to a fight a good thing in all necessarily what kids have to learn, how to take care of themselves to a certainty. Free and sometimes kids will we'll get into some kind of fight? Or you know things will happen, and
If you're around you can stop it and you can try and explain to them, but it's hard to know to what degree kids need to experience hardship right. So I think we of an instinct to be like the fighting is bad, no, no kids to stop, but then the kids learn to resolve conflict on their own and that's the challenge, the moat. You don't like what went on drawing on my parents always be like when we met my siblings agenda, will finally bug you deal with that. There was a most frustrating thing ever, but eventually, and they was important because you learn how to choose your battles. Psych am I gonna it's my time fighting something or mechanical focus on myself. I think what we see now with a lot of these millennial kids, particularly with the anti for stuff, our kids, who have had every problems of by their parents. So when they go to a fight, the parent would come in and solve it so now there older thinking, why want the government solve my problem? Swarming and there's some? like me who my parents frustratingly wooden first step in and intervene and all these things and our older, unlike I, do not want to waste time. Fighting was somewhat over nonsense.
You know someone comes up. Demands are saying, stupid, bs or on twitter. Whatever do I got so much more important? Something more important things to deal with, so much I'm not allowed to rehash the whole video, because you got you guys know what to do. What am I a mechanism? You don't, but this very quickly is just an ad about toxic masculine leads like talking about men and badly So they go on to say you know yadda yadda yadda. We are that we know that just the stories. I think I think we're good here, but it looks like their admit. They're gonna get away from social justice, which is odd. I ain't it's interesting. I didn't think they would actually admit that they're gonna, admit necessarily that they lost money because of it, but they lost money because of it so. I want to stress this mess this next point writer, the problem. With these adds is that what these companies are doing is recognising. We have no discipline and this is very scary for our culture discipline is when you recognize eating a tub of banning Jerry's at night is not good for you in the long run.
While certainly beneficiaries, Jerry's is Delicious ice cream. We all now really enjoy that you your flavour, maybe Jerry, Garcia, half baked american dream. Yet you don't sit a pint of every night, because it's a treat, you need discipline, it tastes great, but you can't eat it all the time as adults. We recognize you might not like the food, but it's good for you. I don't it's kind of weird thing like when I was a kid and didn't like certain vegetables right. We set the other kids like Onawandah, my vegetables, I'm gonna. Do I love vegetables? It's kind of a weird you know I grew up. Admittedly, might my mom was was was very good at making vegetables taste great steaming steaming broccoli, but of butter and cheese auditors on like that, but as an adult I love asparagus in. I love vegetables, but I think one of you do as I do often eat foods. I know I should be eating what tastes better look look out of Albion, it's not gonna restaurant and I'll, see that double bacon,
she's burger. Why? I don't I don't I don't beef frozen note, nobody to a Turkey Berger. I was there, the turkey option and I'll do that cool bacon, avocado chattered dripping, which support lay sauce with big old thing, fries and and oh yeah, absolutely, and sometimes I'm like butter, goat, the Cesar, sell a better go to Caesar. So I'd love to get the Berger, but you know I understand as a disciplined and mature adult. Sometimes you tone things down your Strang yourself from just going nuts. What these kind of commercial do is acknowledged that adult humans just have no discipline and We should pander to their vices and that's kind of its kind of scared immigrants. It shows that were giving up. I think one thing we lose in society with all with, without with his adds with things like this is a loss of honour and integrity and maturity, discipline, etc. Things that are supposed to define adulthood
ability to protect those around you, the ability to raise a strong generation to survive and we're losing it. You know all of this is possible all This social justice stuff is possible simply because the United States to a great degree as conquered the world, I'm being a bit hyperbolic. You get it, but what I mean is our borders are like. We are not threatened with war there. There there is violence is down and because hardship is going away, because you know people dont have responsibility much anymore, because we're so wealthy so think about this. It was no longer there was disease. Kids like your baby would die and you had to work, but now worked so advanced and wealthy and food is so cheap. Don't after work and kids aren't working anymore, You know where I can get into the immigration of I want to. I don't we have too much of this may not talk about it later but like, they say nobody wants to work these jobs and like no teenagers, are supposed to work. These jobs like Mullen lawns and flipping burgers,
we are supposed to, but he's a low level jobs for kids too. Home their skills now what's happening, dont work just go to school, got it. Be institutionalized. I should amen, a nation of twenty two year old in to finalize the adults who have never worked is not a good thing for our for culture country and that's what we ve created. So that's why we see things like this. No responsibility, no response. I am utterly. Maybe this woman, ok, look. I just completely disagree with the idea that someone like her who, in my opinion, has been irresponsible and lacking discipline and again, as I might be, disrespectful I'm just saying this as a matter of fact, if you are overweight to this degree, I believe it if it comes with a lack of discipline, absolute
I work every single day with no days off. I've had one day off in the past three years and it was one iota shift and how how I produce content. I knows, admittedly, because its technically not a day off, I was actually route helping we're we're plodding the formation of sovereign it was the one day I just had to do that instead, so technically, no days off from from from work, those deference in content, and it's because of I don't know, focus discipline I know that every day there are things I have to do that I don't want to do, but I have to do them. I asked you to make me: things right and then, when I see things like this, it says to me that these brands know they can exploit. Our irresponsibility are immaturity. In our laziness, so what man I'm trying to not be me. You know I mean I won't. I won't insult people, I'm not gonna, got somebody's overweight and and and do there's been a lot of pundits conservatives. You know Milo,
for instance, will make fun of somebody with overweight like absolutely not absolutely not I will be, I will. I will tell you, I think you know go for a walk. You can butter and there are a lot of high profile people? Why won't name who have done a tremendous job of recognising they can do better and they ve done it, and I was like that. But when I see here is not so much about the woman, it's about the brand, the brand acknowledging a lack of maturity and the embracing a vice. So here's here's the final point I ll make about Gillette pure Corporatism,. Activism. You cannot simultaneously claim men, have problems any defects and then ignore the problems. People need to fix a feel for women because shows us they don't care about doing right by society. They care about. Pandering to a faction of lazy, what like those social justice activists, you know the lazy and
angry and outraged people who are going to celebrate the fact that some people do nothing and sit around and eat ice cream all day and don't take responsibility for their health and their lives and then simultaneously demand universal health care, and there are also going to blame men for rough housing and other things like that. One of the things in this commercial is like a guy sing, a pretty girl and he goes out goes. Walk over and sobs him? It's like wait. Wait! Wait, wait, wait! What if I see a pretty girl in the street, what what I'm not supposed to introduce myself and say: hey has gone. Who did the area I wanted to know? If you wanted to be friends, hang out may be trying to meet people. You know what we were disposed to do is mine blowing to me that we ve come no point society where, in this commercial they actually say a guy seeing a pretty girl, he shouldn't doktor, Malleson, dont, Holler Rebecca. Things. You know, like you like, a baby, you want to go, you know an right, don't do that, but
what's wrong with seeing a pretty girl and being likes using this couldn't help but notice you walking by them I'm new to the area I want to know. If you'd do you want to grab coffee sometime? Maybe it to know each other. Try me people since it normal thing humans do we make we mean we meet our neighbours to my blog Amy, So about your mind, Lucan Cask, you guys you guys made me want to channel we all right. We are changing produced a video years ago. It's really great check it out its. I forgot what it's called while put the Lincoln the description. And he basically when on the train in New York and talks about we realized nobody talks to each other anymore. He's like you, ve got all these millions of people in New York and none of them talk. To each other anymore. So so anyway, I will, I will go to launch an attack, soundings Veo super along, but they said it's toxic. They say you're just because the guys I oh yeah, like ok and what you know so he's he uv clearly think someone's attractive. Should he not introduce? What do you think we should be, I'm gonna tender, no man, you see somebody in the street for a man or woman, you say: hey Isaac on climate,
Friends, you wanna be one of our November coffee. Maybe we'll be friends! We don't do that anymore. We don't meet people, I you know, when to fund raising. I would just talk to randomly on the street all day. That's all we do street canvassing and sobs, Rebecca, come come, come over and talk to me, they'd be like what's up and I believe as again I'm just I'm conversations about you know issues and want to know if you wanted to talk and just be friendly. It's mine belong to me that that is a problem that is a problem to Gillette, but then they dont care that people are our morbidly obese. This book up. I am not saying this to be mean or disrespectful to this woman, but it is a health issue and we need to encourage people to be responsible to be healthy and to do right, and it's inverted right now. It's completely forget it. It's mine blogs around I'm rum ranting on this issue are admittedly, but look at this voice. Call me boys did they will because of testosterone. It's a fact. Now we should
Make sure our young men are honorable, mature, responsible and respectable, and that means we should. We should give him chores. We should give them jobs at a young age, now that the funny thing is right when it, when I say things like kids, should have jobs, you see the left get all angry. No they're trying to put kids in factories, I'm Talkin about MILAN, dude kids could be moving along for money. When I was a kid we go door to door and say we'll shovel your snow for ten bucks and then Negotiating I'd be along now. Give you five in all black guy can't do it ten bucks and about Iphone and then we'd shovel the driveway into it. We would MILAN we door to door and say: can we mow your long I'll, tell you we don't have that anymore, nobody's ever come to my house and asked to mow my long now. We have a service that does it and that's when it comes out, kids need to learn. Responsibility and Gillette is focusing on the wrong things. Their focus
and our vices and their blaming boys for being boys. What listen the issue is sure the parents should teach a kid what it means to be responsible to grow up, to be responsible, but what's happening now is like it seems like a complete breakdown, because major corporations, no the end of the day, people don't care about if their responsible or not they care about we're gonna dopamine. So when you see this, this has several things to me. She, doesn't take her health very seriously. I'm going say it, I'm gonna call it like. I see it, you does not. Absolutely not. Ok I do various you know kinds of excited skate. I've got a balanced board that kind just UNESCO around with a very frequently I've got via our stuff, the art of great acts. I so much fun, and there are some People, who don't just lie around in this it s going by all means, are free to do so, but you'll. Let knows they want to sell a product they gotta go for. That dopamine So for the women they said. Hey, don't worry about this. It's not your fault, just be happy who you are to an extent. I can understand that, but we also
you can't simultaneously then Satan boys will be boys know they shouldn't be. You should tell them their bad. Ok, I'm sorry man I don't know you're trying to sell me brother, but I'm not gonna buy it. I dont care for your products, you? U at look. I'll leave it. There is already a twenty minutes, but anyway it's it shows the hypocrisy so annual only, but rant over stick around next time becoming up at one p m on this channel I'll see you all them. They didn't post is being sued for fake news, and one of their reporters apparently Mississippi Professor, who went to Georgetown prep with bright Cavanaugh is suing the Huffington posts because believe or not the having imposed does right, fake news and I've got a good example for you after this, So, let's what let's take it? And this has to do with the report- cabin a story- apparently you know all this- Accusations or swirling around Julie, sweat, Nick coming there were alike Gang Bang,
parties and women were being drugged and that's just not that's just insane, but hey man, yell of the media, pumping out crazy, fake news. The sake of our fighting, the orange man. I guess, but lets us is diverted to the story before we get started but it's him guest outcomes life. Don't it if you'd like to support my work as a pay. Pal optional crypto option a physical address when of course sharing this videos. The best thing you can do because Youtube DE ranks independent political commentary. They much prefer dear in the light of dawn lemon, So if you really really like down lemon than don't share this video and an actual put aside, if you don't This video I'll just assume you really I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I know about you, but I don't like diamond. I was why, because I think he's pretty bad at what he does put our jokes aside. Lets us read the news. This series of Mississippi Man, so we have imposed on defamation allegations because of an article. The news website published last year
accusing the man of helping to supply drugs to fellow students at Georgetown Preparatory School, where you, while you S Supreme Court. Just right cabinet was a student, their Derek Evans, a professor and community advocate, filed the lawsuit Wednesday in: U S: district court, engulf Port, Mississippi against Huffington, Post and the author of the article Ashley, fine Borg. The Mississippi Clarion Ledger reported the loss of claims, fine Borg and haven't imposed repeatedly defamed Evans and Douglas Kennedy, a classmate of Evans and Cavanaugh. Stating that they helped purchase and supply cocaine at the elite private school. Now I do wonder I don't think they go into this. I wonder if farm with this guy, I was them. Evans gave a warning to us. Post right and sent them a letter. Saying hey, you need to take this down in practice us because I've done that a lot and they ignore you and you know We are in we're in trying times say the least. I have two fact check. Basically, every
the single story. I read it's insane, that's why I'm really good full fora for news guard which again is not perfect, but at least give me. You know when I see a story from an outlet and it's not certified, because me pause and I dig deeper a double check. So so I do like that, but I gotta say men, I my personal opinion, and I want to do a segment on this. For my main gentle, I do believe the media just wants to run stories to get trump there. Don't care about telling you the truth? They don't care about then you decide for yourself they just want to when they want to do. They want to feel that victory at all costs or by any means necessary. They say Europe also stated that drugs may have resulted in the nineteen eighty four death of David Kennedy, who was Douglas Kennedys bra. And the son of the late Senator Robert F Kennedy. According to the clearing ledger,
ECHO, has since removed any reference to the Kennedy, brothers or Evans, since it was published in September twenty eighteen in the midst of of Cavanaugh Senate hearing, to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. These here's a quote. These statements were not we false and defamatory, but outrageously so and were published by defendants with knowledge of the actual falsity or in reckless disregard of the truth. For apparent purpose of creating a salacious story designed to drive internet traffic to half posts website the loss. It said I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's just the confirmation by us in my brain. It's like all the dough and we ve got released hearing that, and if I talk about this all the time their driving traffic,
just want a salacious story: they just want traffic, so they will lie. Cheat steal, listen, here's what they do. Did you know that reportedly Hillary Clinton was running a child trafficking ring reportedly, that is confirmed reportedly by Alex jobs. Right is to issue the point, is you can say? Reportedly it's how they drive traffic. What they do, they will say reportedly white supremacist reported by the homeless guy in the alley behind my building yeah and then, when your suit look like, while it was reported to us by a homeless guy in the alley behind my building, I'm going to be like obviously that won't pass laughed ass to judge will be like nice, try get out of here, but think about it. You can have someone like you know if I said something you could claim reportedly access, true and thence.
Well, Temple was gonna large channel and he reported this, I'm very careful with how I phrase it and and and source things. Whenever I make a claim, I will back it up with a source that a certified by Third party agency. You know whenever we see, these stories about Trump and Charlottesville. It's like ok! Well, did you a simple Google search to see what Trump actually set they. Don't they don't they write these up ads. They say this horrible horrible thing, but the present that it is not true why I think you ve got two problems a lazy and an Apt news, media and people who know they're lying they know So when I see this sunlight, yet Ding internet traffic makes perfect sense of Sweden. Defend had no sources to support their outrageously, false and defamatory statements about Derek Evans and Douglas Kennedy. Nor did defendants make any effort whatsoever to contact Mr Evans for comment before accusing him of not only committing a crime but of being responsible for the death of David Kennedy, the loss it continued. Indeed,
If Miss fine Burg or half post editors had done even the most basic research of publicly available sources, She, and they would have known if they did not already know that Mr Evans actively assist in law enforcement and identifying and prosecuting the individuals who actually sold the illegal narcotics The suit is seeking damages against fine burg and half post, but it does not state a specific amount. It obliges. Evans has suffered emotional, distressed and harm to his reputation. Teenagers They'll call was a focus of Cavenaugh, sent a confirmation hearing to become a justice on the Supreme Court. It also included test any from Christine, lousy Ford who accuse governor of attempting to assault her at a party during their time in high school of what she didn't know where it happened. When it happen, you're, not you go to the party should not. She left the party, there was no evidence and she claimed to be scared of flying, but then admit it's a flying frequently. You know what man it's fake news,
its fake news all the way, and we are trying times I will stress you know, for those that are familiar this has been a thing going on. I am a sponsor of an event has taken place in the Philadelphia area, because I live here- and I was right by my house and they pump out lie after lie after life. If I can't hosting event for people to have a conversation about how we and racism, violence and authoritarianism, because they accuse us of being racist, you ve got some. Problems. You ve got some problems, you gotta them. You say we want to put an event called ending racism. We gotta couple controversial speakers what we got people on the left. We are on the right and they say no because activists said so well then we got a serious serious problem. They pump out lies, that's what they do. I do not believe will also this Christine. Easy for came out with an accusation. I believe that she should remember something, but all that really matters the end as you can't you there's no proof. I don't even believe those probable cause for Christine Blasi. Forty, like you know, can the police
actually launched an investigation? Beauchamp, someone saying hey this happened thirty years ago. Do you know that sounds kind of crazy, as they have postponed spokesperson declined to comment on pending litigation? So you know what man I will dress for all of us who are smeared and slander and lied about which we have to fight back, and so I will stress, we'll see what happens with with his event in the Philly area. Then try to shut us down because it's already been announced by one of the organizers and fill inquire. We are we're going. There's gonna be the legal battle I will not back down and I will not. I will not back down you want to come. You wanna come at me with lies, slander and fake news. It will sink every ounce of my resources, of my being to going after the people who publish fake news to destroy the lives of others for ridiculous political agendas takes up in this
story proud boys leader, admits their rallies, our for fighting and wasting money. Yeah, that's technically true single, withdrew so I'll, just jump straight down and say that make a tar yo said it's like a hidden cameras, something it's a pure optics operation. If you're, looking for your fourth degree, which is when they fight Anti far somebody- is it not the event to do it with this is not new is not a new information right, we ve known their goal and they said it publicly before them was to go to Portland, to draw everybody out and leave a year or two ago MIKE Sir but she said to me in an interview we're just coming down a Barclays or that Anti becomes acts of one and we leave and it's for the for the press without a secret. But mentioned something about like that. The problem is really up a press statement. I think a press release the gathering was ever about bringing carnage or violence as that of Portland. It was about financially crippled, put crippling the progressive hotbed until they take action against anti for
the gang said in a press release. So this is what I want to stress what the Covenant post they are They are there on. Well, ok like where they say they said he told his gun members sort of that word of this aid. Let me let me find it they admitted was fighting the problem for years about Organise street fights in Portland Oregon. Yet well, when someone comes and fights you don't be surprised now I'll admit, I think, probably know full well. They're gonna go in March, antifraud going to come and fight them, but that's not the like that. Still it's on the fault of those who initiated the fight. Granted. The problems did get in trouble for in New York City for initiating a fight will there you go, but they say I want. I want to find the he well. You know what you ve seen it right. That's the point I want to make like this. This story from the having imposed does not tell you the truth about anything, it rehash something everybody already knew it makes it sound more Ferris, and it was, he admits their rallies, our fight, what we mean in a press statement in a press release,
Rob Boy said that their intention was to draw resources. Ok, you see how they frame these things. They say that you know you to eat teased. Call it a gang over and over again. Here we go as the rugged. Try was gone. Video ordering his gang members to forego fighting his gang members on this day Nobody would be earning their fourth degree is a pure optics operation. Yea. Aren't we get the main story as having imposed is being sued by the sky for fake news, and you can see how they play this game. The proud boys are not a gang. I you know, I guess you can technically get away with saying something like that. But framing is the game they play. There are not telling you the truth. They are not, then, on helping you to understand the complexity of the situation. The proud boys want to drop the resources from from Portland, because Portland won't deal with Anti VA. We know that they have set a million times. It's not some secret. Exposing the proud boys aren't necessarily
a gang. Certainly you could make the argument, but its disingenuous when trying to explain what's happening because then you'd say Anti thought is a gang and then people say good and evil decentralized. Listen. There are branded cells of anti fought. Be feel I'm I'm not gonna name actual gangs, ok, um Associated Chicago. I know my gangs. What they operate like anti far. They do when you meet. I'm gonna avoid saying gangs, because I do not want to draw the IRA of any of these gangs. There are a lot of them. So there's there's, there's there's. How can I say it is about getting myself in trouble in Chicago on the south side. There's a group and we'll call it acts as an x is the back and of their name. They go by gang ex. However, there are different cells that will add an adjective like the fury acts or the rage x or the or the lightning acts they put. It describes in front of it, but the excess their overarching gang and they do coat. They may do work together when they
bigger operations but control small territory, just like anti fa? Does you see the game they play? I wouldn't call and if a gang that silly, they are a decentralized militant movement of violent individuals who tend to be communists. There are branded cells. I will describe branded sell as a militant group of far left extremists, not a gang, a gang typical, your first something different, but you see other This gave a mechanism to dwell on this. You get the point so anyway, there is having imposed, is being sued because there are trash blog rights, fake news and I stress their certified by news guard and that's why I use news guard because I disagree with them so to check on my own bias, noting that news guard says they do not handle the difference between news and opinion responsibly. Yes, like this article right here so these I can appreciate that anyway, sit around next segments coming up at four p m: Youtube: Dotcom slashed him. Yes, it is a different channel and we're
a dive in order to be diving into some of the poles showing that Americans do not trust the media. They believe the media just wants to get trump, and I agree to stick around. The democratic establishment, a machine that is rigged in favour of what they want for when they wanted, and we know what we know. Rigged for Bernie Sanders. We know it's rigged now. So take a look at the story. These twenty twenty campaign urges Dnc to adjust debate criteria as she sets just shy of qualifying what you may not know Ok, so actual that force. It tolls he needs for qualifying poles of at least two percent, and at least two hundred and thirty thousand donors she has a hundred and sixty thousand donors and two poles at two percent Many people have responded with it's just too bad tall see you're not pulling high enough sorry, actually she s twenty six poles showing.
Above that threshold, but for whatever reason the DMZ doesn't certify them sort. Really mean to me. Well, I don't thanks to you To me it sounds like the DMZ rigs the game, so they can control the candidates are and who will actually be allowed to be in front of the american people. The system is rigged. It was right from the start now look. It is no secret that I am a big fan of policy and I am supporting her and I'll. Give you my few reasons, because it is not an issue of tribe for one no regime change war and very opposed to foreign intervention in general. That is a very big issue for me. Second, private prison reform. I do not like the idea. Private presents? You can disagree with me. Let's have a conversation about it, a lot of people it is it that their there there are good arguments for and against by lean towards. We need prison reform in general, so trumps, criminal justice reform was a great thing.
But I do believe that we need a better system for for our presence and we should have a profit motive behind what should be rehabilitation tools he has for that, as well as cover the things she soon google for for free speech, violations for violent her campaign Lovett such she's actually challenging the damages each problem. She has defended free speech on numerous occasions. And in an interview with journalist, Michael Tracy, said that identity politics is divisive and bad for us, so those are just a few, who is at the top of my head? Why I do like and am supporting tools he gathered so course. I'm going to be angry because the DMZ in my view, cheating- and you know it's funny- you You wanna know why. I just don't care anymore about, like didn't men. Look in twenty sixteen! I was all forbearing, I'm really upset and I feel let down today, because putting because insane ridiculous tweets like it waited like fuel fossil fuel, exactly something should be imprisoned and, unlike do come on. We don't just take business leaders
from the guru, I'm just joking on board, but like this idea that we have based on this legal and burns. Like prosecutor anyways, I got do there, it's like Wall Street Bankers, we're different right, you does it does, There's a question as to whether or not they knew their lending practices would result in a financial collapse. It's another thing when you have people running the whole business which we need because everybody this is them and we have a political issue to deal with ripe, so Bernie to me has gone up to deepen, but tolls he's very principled. You know I recently watched Johnny Crunch, Anja Rogan and it was a man thing- and you know I was thinking about Dan Crenshaw- is like. I really disagree with him on the wall. Stuff, but I do know, he's been over their right. He has way more experience and I do so. I think about character and trust, and although I just
we with them. He is somebody I would trust what, if what? What do you know? What I listen already saying, I believe, has been completely honest in good faith and any sport and he's doing the best he can, but there are few times on line. I disagree with my disagree and that's really it. I think my two favorite politicians right now, probably tossing and and crenshaw- and I disagree with the Crenshaw, but it was really Colosseum on Rogan work was like tells you school, you know we disagree and, unlike air, that's that different violently. That's what politics was So, what's the story from daily Wire and I wanna go to balls and show you like that that its total bs, the Dnc could not their fingers and bail. I guess twenty six, national and early state. Poles are certainly good enough, like the economist in the Bosman glow, but notes fake, it's all fake man. The Bernie Sanders thing was feckless from Nova. Twenty seventeen Elizabeth Warning, China, Brazil both now agree that twenty six, in democratic primary was wrecked, all yeah great
but why should I care about your system today? Underwrite intimacies, nay, most likely? You live on principle. And I will also admit I want to make this clear- like the degree to which I'm willing support policy is like a tiny bit over a line right, we not get. Me too back. Ok, ok, I'll! Do it I'll do this are also I like this candidate because for the most part I just disagree too much with almost everybody in that include saucy gabert, unlike in Yang, less and less because you just called trumpet buffoon and unlike dude, no, that's not what that's what it's one of the principal reasons are not a fan of Trump, the bombastic boorishness. So look if I have a choice between You know a guy who's, gonna see no yell and swear and whatever and another guy who's gonna postmen too. It's like do what was but I admit it. Look, I'm not gonna get triggered by mean language, like I'm, I'm a more concerned with policy and that's why it's like Trump can sallies nasty things, and I get it. I don't like him. It is a factor
but you know I really liked it into the student forgiveness thing that was both absolutely spot on any of the funny thing is Tik Tok. Ok, how long until the left comes out and says: stewed loan forgiveness is wrong because Trump did it right, they use? It was right to opt for a lot of reasons brought. It was. The right thing to do is are disabled veterans for one. I believe we should go further in, but I think Trump is you nostrils. Quickly taking on an issue that is very favourable with young people and it was smart. So, what's up, let's get us thus read about saucy, they say well. Gabarus already met the fundraising, threshold, she still needs to more qualifying Paul's before she will receive an invitation under the debate stage. Gaubert's campaign, however, took issue with which was the Dnc seem sort of viable and call them organization to revise the list of which calls it be considered check this out, but he is You said a threshold that candidates must meet at two percent in four,
Dnc certified poles in order to qualify for the third and fourth democratic primary debates. However, but agency has not released their criteria for selecting the sixteen pulling organisations they deem sort of viable. So we don't Why they think these are the good ones you get up. Rep gabert accede, two percent support in twenty six national and early state poles, but only two of them are on the Dnc Certified list. The campaign continue many of the unsatisfied poles, including those conducted by highly reputable organizations such as the economist and the Boston Globe, are ranked by real, clear politics and five thirty, eight as more accurate than some Dnc Certified, pull So what is the criteria for certifying Nepal? I don't know it's that they fall in line with the Dnc in what they want. Is that it? A market Elijah conspiracy, theory, the Poles and other certify, but I have to stress this point:
when we know that the game was rigged and twenty sixteen because Donna Brazil admitted it in the Washington Post cover this. Why am I going to ever believe anything put out by the Dnc? Why am what went wrong policy Gabert has won T six national and early staples. We know she's pulling high enough. We know she is a formidable candidate. We know she's got the experience, she is but he was bound the stage for a long time. I mean like that that the public stage she absolutely should be up there. She has she was the most searched for Canada after the first of AIDS and go the locks our account down, so we know Tulsa is saying something important that people are listening to and she should be on the debate stage. Admittedly, I dont think she's gonna win I'm just not out of one of the unrealistic, ok abroad, but I do believe she is someone who is of great principle: she's a real person and,
you should get a stage talking about issues. America needs to hear too powerful position, but the Dnc direct game. Now our however, however, I I kind of do lean towards. Maybe the Dnc might open this up. Maybe Gabbert sang listen, they might actually listen because after two thousand and sixteen they've lost a ton of face of the democratic base- I mean went went down. A Brazil is accused of like feeding questions from seeing enter to Hilary to help her out now Elizabeth worn, they say, Update Elizabeth Warren ah, who comes from the Sanders wing of the party, just we'll see another responds to Brazil's up at that. She believes that twenty sixteen democratic primary was rigged, the that the elderly, the issue by warning possible. Twenty conductor will certainly turn heads couple years ago, but here's the thing: what do you think young people
saying right now, millennials people like me, I'm saying it to you right now. I don't trust the Dnc. Another wanna play any their games, so either they let tells him the debate stage or I mean or operators we. I already have no faith in them. What However- and I will tell you this- I have absolutely more faith in the orange see. You know why I'm not saying I agree with them, but Trump one tromp was the upstart crazy candidate who didn't fit in. And he won, and it says to me the Republicans did not rigged the game. They did not like that man and he won, and you know what, when he won it's hard to balance these things. But I assure you I m not a crate like there. There are crazy people who think trucks not to hurt people. It's insane. I really do think Trop is trying to match We look out a lot of people say like it so self
this term. All of the people who are gonna be negatively impacted by trumpets, like listen men every president does something that negatively impact somebody every action as an equal opposite reaction. Everybody has a different world view and it's hard to balance these things. But I assure you I am not a great like there. There are crazy people who think trucks wants to hurt people it's insane. I really do think Trop is trying to maximize good. I think you just gotta make me he's just that. I really want to. I don't want to go into that. It, like you, know its foreign policy stuff, all presidents duets. I blame the office for the most part, but I think trunk could do a better job in its communications. If he's trying to uplift in- and you know, do a better job but element the media comes after him, and I do think
you know I dont believe people, I don't. I don't think trumps evil I'd. I don't I just. I think I think he does. What you think is right. Like most people do, I dont think Anti far for the most part is evil. I think they're just dumb. You know so anyway. The point is on election night. Hillary Clinton got what he deserved Trump one. The Democrats got what they deserved Trump one. They could play it straight. They could have. Let Bernie take the piano, the popular position, I don't want it, the establishment said no and then that's what happens so I'll. Tell us the Dnc right now. Dulcy Gabert is very popular. A hundred and sixty thousand donors way better than out of other candidates, that so actually dimension. Michael tragic. Let's read this ok there's a campaign further pointed to a real, clear politics: article tiled Gabert victimized, by Dnc dubious debate criteria in its author, Michael Tracy contents. The Hawaii congresswoman is on the verge of being excluded from the next democratic presidential debate on the basis of criteria that appear in
singly absurd. I agree if she's, not all those pole, saying she's she's, cheek she's she's, going to go the NATO more importantly, hunt and sixty thousand donors. I'll tell you this man. If there's no like tolls. He tells his interesting report with conservatives for like two reasons, standing up too big to big tack and calling out war, and so forty one like. I see the responses till it. Videos like this and on Twitter, where they're like it's too bad she's like left us.
Because she's, principled and it's like right, my right, you don't man you want. I look for in a commander in chief experience, service, poise strength and outside of the things I mentioned. The beginning, you not out of my private presence, I personally do think it would be better off with universal health care. I just think you have to be pragmatic about how we approach it and we can't just snap our fingers and abolish private health care. Now it's it's a process at an I admit, to Universal Healthcare, isn't going to be, at least in my opinion like there is, like I view as there's gotta, be a base level coverage as well as private insurance. So for those that work hard, you get the private stuff that covers. You know a lot more but base level covering you know like a kid with a fever, needs to go, get a fever checked and got a parent who is trying to figure out they go to work or not, is better economy. So it's hard to find the balance many way. I do like a lot of what tools he stands war, but one of the one of the best things is that she's, a major and the National Guard that says a lot
and again at one of the reasons. Why tolls? The indian Crenshaw are some of my most problematic favorite politicians right now, because I looked at them both as confident charismatic, rational, saying, smart and although they disagree there, they both served and I do hope that in great esteem you know- I I I I will stress the point. I dont think that the actions taken by the- U S and the armed forces are always correct, but I do want a lot of respect for people Who have you no served overseas and have experienced, do no real? They have real grit and that's that that's the thing right grit right when I uh I gotta keep segments shortfall, a wrap it up. But for me you know tossing Dan are people who are who are tough, and that means you gotta. You gonna tough, stoic, smart, rational person and that's who we want to be leading the charge so a perfect, neither of them, but I make about new policy- is my is my preferred candidate before one also for one simple reason: right now that the big reason she's she's aunt, I wore the regime regime, chainsaws, stuff intervention stocks,
That is a lot to me because she is a major and when she stands up there was also a democratic candidates. I see somebody who's gonna, be the commander. In chief, I mean I mean if you were hypothetical x. I really don't think I don't think you'll be Trump, but that I find that highly respectable and I believe it's it's damn near a prerequisite. For me, at least, I understand this. What makes us country grace fact that anybody can be President's alongshore warrior. It has other rules but but I really do like the idea of having a president with experience. So are all rapid up their stick around. I got a couple more segments coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Oh no oh no! No! No! No! No! He did it. He did it. Ok, if, if you click, bank than you, nobody did Democrat Congress. And says you s me it's illegal immigrants to mow our beautiful lawns and do job Americans are not willing to take a lie, often repeated by weird,
creepy urban ivory tower elites and it is disgusting. Now, look there's greater context in the conversation but he said he actually set. It remember one that Osborne Lady on TV said, like who's gonna clean your toilet, woe dude do not ok It's it's almost like. They really do want a permanent underclass. Think about the trajectory these people put kids on, go to college, get a degree work a great and don't worry, the migrants will clean the toilet for you. You know posts to be doing these jobs during the jobs that noble he wants to do young people about this earlier like when I was a kid we'd go door, or be like hey, I will know your lawn for ten bucks and then you mother long get you ten box and we're like yes and we gotta blockbuster video and we re The latest instalment of whatever game.
There was one day merited where I was like your raccoon wearing armor or none other your possum Possum way. Armor like throwing something like a boomerang. I have no idea what is when I was a kid. If I want candy our not just some seven eleven we'd go around and we try to find money one thing we do is we would go to. I don't think I know all the, but when you get a shopping cart you put a quarter and now, when you put the shopping, cart back the quarter pops back up, so we would go to people that cable bring your car back for him, but go for it, and then we keep the core. And then we'd make stacks of quarters. And then we go by Pokemon cards. Guess what we were doing trash menial work, because we were young with little skills and we're trying to make money to buy toys and candy today, there they're saying it's a good thing: we're outsourcing entry like like base level basic jobs that people actually do I am not even talking about moving lawns, I'm talking about that chicken feckless chicken factories right to do so. After Mississippi ICE raids, job fair draws hopeful workers
and this is the law. It is a lie. Ok, look. I think immigration is a great thing. Legal immigration and as a reason, why a legal, because we're trying to monitor and maintain a functioning system? Could you imagine if your car had open fuel borders with like nothing monitoring what was coming in and you get like different obtains you get different type kinds of fuel and eventually car breaks down upon trying to say is when we regulate for who comes in and when and how many it's too tat everyone, including the emigrants, For some reason they say things like who's, gonna move more alone. I don't know my fifty you're old neighbour, whose just run aren't a couple bucks to go via the game from gain stop or something what happened. To having young people do work. I remember those video that that would now, when our while ago, where politicians had kids need jobs and all
we want to laughter like dad and, unlike what kids do need jobs, I'm not talking about a factory where the covered in Greece I'm talking about selling lemonade. And bowing wants the jobs you Americans aren't willing to take. Well guess what people showed up, so these factories in Mississippi had a ton of illegal immigrants working there. I think it was like nearly seven hundred and this and the ice Ice comes in and arrest these people you, hear the same lie from that from these peoples, but who will do the job water? Now, showed up. There were interviewed people, one die said. I could really use the job I've been out of our work. One dies like it pays better than fast food, when I'm like there were people who needed work and when they were told they had come, they came so why do they hire illegal immigrants? let's read the story and say and see what he said. He said a democratic, I'm sorry they re right. A Democrat.
Hello maker, told constituents that undocumented undocumented migrants were needed to mow our beautiful lawns care for the elderly and do other tasks. American citizens work were to lead us to do what, like, like you, come on man, Democratic Representative Tom Melon, asking. Was speaking an event in the wealthy New Jersey suburb of Hillsboro. When he made comments use where it comes from rich elites in urban centres. Will guess what you know why my views Frank, as I'm from the south side of Chicago What I saw was people who needed work who are willing to take it, but not just that. We are taking away opportunity for young people to learn, responsibility and face you know you know, grow and become mature. When you go out and you work, you earn your keep. What do we have now think about? It could go to school free the paper, nothing, nothing, maybe that maybe their lunch. They go to high school free
Then they go to college, not free, but somebody else signs that loan check has to him and they got money all of a sudden other standard of living. They ve never earned in twenty two years. They have never earned anything and they graduate and their thinking. Now I should get a job. Where I'm gonna get paid ex celery and then they don't and they get all angry. But it's not fair. Everything's been provided for me by the state, my whole life and what happens there? Weak there's weakness, they don't know how to earn a living. They dont know how to be responsible and they complain and vote com. Just now you go. They say the politician is running for a second term in New Jersey swing, seventh district, which has a long history of sending mainly republican lawmakers to Congress. Ok, this guy. I can't imagine him waiting for saying that Mr Mann and ask you to seem twenty eighteens, mid term elections told those gathered cafe: burial on Tuesday that there were. There were a lot of joy.
Illegal migrants were doing that. Americans would not do I beg to differ. We have this. Are you there are days after immigration agents arrested, six hundred and eighty latino workers in a massive workplace sting at seven chicken processing plants in Mississippi. Job seekers flocked to unemployment, fair Monday in hopes of filling some of those now empty positions. Coke foods based near Chicago held the job there to recruit new workers. At one of its Morton plants. After ice agents and Wednesday arrested two hundred forty three workers suspected of working without authorization by ten a m, a crowd of dozens, was on hand and steady stream of people came and went most were black and spoke with accents from the american Self A few appeared white or spanish, while the re that seven plants were unprecedented, chicken processing facilities are normally plagued by Henry heavy Turnover and ravenously seek employees, Coke spokesman, Jim Jeweller land.
Said Monday that job there's our frequent occurrence. They are part of a normal of normal efforts to employ and its environment of relative full employment. Most buses are looking for qualified applicants. Coke is no different, I'll tell you what too many too many. I liked not not enough workers. Razor prices welcome to our economy supposed to work. Instead, they hire people who are not authorized to work here, and it weakens the account it's good. It is good. When there are more jobs than workers is a good thing. It means everybody is doing. Some kind of task and it also means wages- have to go to attract to compete in the market. That's how we just go up to increase the value of an hour. Instead, we get. These companies hiring illegal immigrants and we get people like this guy being like well, someone's gotta MO my lawns, like dude, I'm amusing advice, brother. Even if you are wealthy and can afford to hire someone to come and more. Your long, Why don't you have on your kid? Do it, like you know, make your kid chores
Bore you go out and go? We now play the poky man's make sure you know that long teaching responsibility that they are not. There putting when school saying my child will be an engineer and then they become entitled there is utilise their whole lives. Everything is pro by someone else when the graduate they dont understand why it's not just being handed to them. Why can't you just tell me to list the rock and then give me what I need, because in the real world you have to solve problems to survive, they say I sat there a lot of jobs our communities that, like it or not, for better or for worse Americans, are not willing to take that as a lie in a leading lie by the Ober privilege. Look at this guy's got a family, aren't always wounds he wasn't. Nets was his family, something they taught me and ask you during a ceremony, swearing in capital held washed, and earlier this week this week, intolerance, students. So I don't know. These are other people are, but I soon the guy's got a kid and
I'm not gonna. Have my son mowing lawns. This is the latest mentality where they want their kids do not have to lift a finger and they have soft hands like nodded. Hand in hand and that that what we caught what's a thing, only modest called not a whole, both the thing where it's got the little wielders pocket, we all in your head, trimmer. It's been a long time. I've done lawn maintenance costs. Admittedly, now I don't do my online right, but don't have kids either. So I think it's interesting, though, As you know, in my neighborhood, for instance, there is a service that basically just does everyone's lawns like it's like an automatic thing almost and then you get a lot, in the mail as it's really cheap. The boy I'm trying to say is. I dont believe we should be sitting you're acting like we need a migrant underclass to take care of cleaning the toilets. I think anybody willing to do it should do it. I guess what, if we don't have people like illegal immigrants coming cleaning toilets, we'll have to find someone to do it as one of the big things I pointed out, like let's say I have to leave
can't mow the lawn go to the neighbor and say: hey: do you know anybody to mow the lawn and I'll be like nah? Sorry I'll be like nobody? I have no choice. I got to get somebody to do it. Do you want if you came out yeah yeah yeah time now? I don't have time I'll give you a hundred bucks, low hundred bucks. Now move along. You see a competition works. You see how you said that that's it! That's how it supposed to be, or, like eight move, your kid what hundred bucks up, you know more than one that's really expensive from going along the boys. I'm trying to use a ridiculous number to make a point about how, when you have no choice, the market drives wages up. Instead, instead of paying more, they say just reach into the pool of poor people from either side and bring them illegally and that's what's causing problems for our economy at least one factor. So I do- I do. I do want to people who have been short all end their stick around and I will get one more time in coming up in a few moments, and I will see you shortly. You may remember, the story went viral a transgender woman went into
a store, I'm about to seven eleven or something what what will go through to make a convenience store in Sydney with an axe and viciously attacked people trying to kill them this person oh, ok, I was seven eleven was sentenced. Leave something like nine years or seven years, but they recently up the prosecutors, appealed and this person is now getting more jail. Time. I think, like double almost fourteen years was interesting about. This is the claim from prosecutors that the reason for the attack- or at least one The reason was that this transition was upset. Nobody was attracted to to her doesn't count. The confusing right, especially when it comes to the issue of Trans rights and all that there are people who will tell you that you know she her user, pronoun say woman and Buzzfeed certainly takes approach sang a woman who had strangers. I think this is a really really unfair thing to do. I understand you
the argument saying a transmitters woman, but in this instance it is important to point out is a biological male swinging, an ax at peoples Mrs shattering. The skull of a woman is important because men have more muscle mass on average, I can't speak with individual being out as well as a person as on there. I can say on average a transgender woman biological mail will have muscle, mass or more fast which muscles complicate its competent, but that's it that's a factor when p are stories of women abusing people. They often downplaying theirs videos where you see a man hitting a woman and then people rush up and grab him Another the same thing with open its the manner on points and laughs. The assumption is, a woman is too weak. You can call it patriarch you wherever you won't find. The point. Is this the biological mail and that they should be treated but when one report on a storm of them swinging, acts into the face skull of other people. So at the very least its
a Trans woman but Buzzfeed, of course, is very woke. So, let's reed a trans woman who had strangers with an ax in a city convened store, will spend at least eight years in prison after sentence was drastically increased on appeal. Easy Almaty was twenty four once you launched an ax attack on unsuspecting customers at seven eleven in the suburbs of any more the early hours of January seventh, twenty seventeen- I will. I will stress this thing: ok, cutting out of using the video they. They saw this person walking with an ex. If I have somebody carrying an ax around for no reason, I'm gonna gdp of. Oh I'm sorry, I feel I find someone carrying a gun on probably gonna, be fine with it. You know why, because a lot of people carry firearms fur self defence and its were its normal thing in this country, not myself, somewhat walking in a store. You know, with their bare hands, the trigger and there you don't hold my gun, downtown and wearing body armor on a different story. I see somebody like you know what sure what I've run healthcare as a conflict at all the time, but an access, not normal. If
someone like that: Walker overreacts, I'm gonna be like getting away from that person. So about three the blows she doubts to Ben Rimmer and sharing hacker with a four point. Five. Acts calls the pair serious injuries and were captured in Graphic Cctv footage released by the court during the trial. A third men Shane Redwood, narrowly avoided getting hit on the street outside using his backpacker. The sheep all three victims were strangers to embody prosecutors, argued a trial that Almaty had launched its easy there doing too, as they say Ahmadi over and over again over the not saying she but it's a woman's interesting Prosecutors argued the trial that Almaty had launched the attack out of rage ever coming. To believe that, that a woman she had met on tender had rejected her ok, so they do problems on the basis of her being transgender is a weird thing there. This is what's called, might buy things a transgender lesbian, so biological male attracted to females, but wanting to be female. Another note don't ask me about this particular and
but I think it's fair point out this individual, according to the story, is mentally ill Now in overcoming alot of people, saying like ha ha Tom, it well says, knew you know none but like actually having like some other like diagnose about mental illnesses. Hence they walked around with an axe and bashed people in the face with it. A jury deliberate for two days before Finding a mighty guilty in August, one eighteen of wounding Rimmer and causing grievous bodily harm to hacker within. To murder them and of attempting to wound redwood also intending to murder him. In January, Ahmadi was sentenced to nine years in prison with a non parole period of four years, and six months by district Court judge. Mark Williams, who presided over the trial prosecutors appeal the sentence argue it was manifestly inadequate. On Monday, the Court of criminal appeal agreed an added five years,
recently a single body to fourteen so was nine years to fourteen years with a non parole period of eight court of this aim, repeal justice. Peter Johnson wrote in the decision that the case was unusual and described the seas tv forage of the attack as chilling and confronting he wrote that there was a powerful set up. Some of subjective circumstances, take into account and described Ahmadi as an intelligent person with a troubled history which has given rise to mental health issues and presented her with clear difficulties in her life. So let me stress: this person is mentally ill going to the story and I think its apparent. To anybody, watching an ax wielding individual trying to crush the skull of a woman, and that's it you see This photo this guy get back in the face man it is, it is brutal like after all, our yea. Let us let us read: barely had a nice too, they said Johnson found Williams
been diverted by these circumstances and, as a result, handed down a sentence that did not properly reflect the seriousness of the modest crimes she armed herself with an axe and a knife Johnson wrote This is not a case of violence by way of assault or even more serious non homicidal attacks. She came upon to complete strangers in the convenience store, made concerted efforts to kill each of them with that being her intention in reality, the aggregate sentence did not recognise in any real way the harm done to Missus hacker and Mr Redwood, who were victims of these serious crimes. Can you imagine you go to seven eleven and you just standing there and then all the southern axing, if you see, is just coming straight. Your face an ax had crashed. Just cracking your jaw shattering your teeth. Splitting your face open! Sorry, if I'm being biographical no one, but I feel better look like look getting hit. The faces bed bitch. This. This Ahmadi was bashing open on the ground with an ax. So I
look. I don't know how much time is enough to rehabilitate someone. I honestly think a few years would be, but is the issue just to keep a dangerous person off the street while freedom they say, The decision also outlined the substantial impact of the attack on river and hacker who suffer ongoing physical and psychological difficulties. The blow to rivers had cut open his face and free sure his eyes socket a nasal and cheek bones. The base of hackers all was shattered into multiple fragments we This was an Australia but we'd better. Take me, Oh, how seriously you know the three we trial and twenty team first, several issues generous for your mental illness and psychosis and the IMF and the effect had on a body by a complex combination of seven different substances in her blood. At the time of the attack, alcohol, cannabis, amphetamines, anti depressants and
hormone medication Crown prosecutor Daniel MC man, told the jury that a had acted out of a deep seated anger with the world connected to her feet, of rejection and discrimination of being transgender. So here's the thing we see the attacks by insults and they blame they blame in seldom. They say these young men are massage nests. Ok, well, the court sad. This person was upset over rejection at being transgender. Are we gonna blame transgender? Is of no that's ridiculous? It's ridiculous malleson did it play a role of well according to the crown it it does being an insult a playwright, yes, obviously, but the core issue that needs we talked about is people who are yes mentally ill. There is something else going on. You can't just be like. Oh the personality, it happens. We transgender that there is no obviously not the person was hopped up on about drugs like amphetamines and drunk. So yes, there, with a lot of stuff go on there, I think, being transit. It was incidental, it was just an attack. It was intact by a crazy person.
Say the same thing for a lot of these mass attacks, but they always defer to identity. They say a white male. Did this an insult at this? Ok great we're not contain transport into the oh well, in this case they contracts. Yes, yes, a lot of these kids are on anti depressants and other drugs. We should be focusing at the pattern and what's causing this so that there are many people pushed back and say well, they're all white men most at times like no, no, like listen, I don't care, I think it silly toy to ascribe this kind of thing to someone based on. Instead of looking for causal factors like drug use, anti depressants or even ideology. Final ideology they want to stay here. Molly had lied, understand about experiencing psychotic symptoms that night, including hearing voices and feeling her vision narrow, was experiencing any of those things at all, or was it plain? all the anger?
he also said or intend to kill, was clear and messages about killing people she sent to her tender date and in a facebook status posts it just twenty five minutes before the attack. He read the post after the court, noting perfect grammar humans are only able to destroy too to hate. So that's what I shall do. Defence barrister, Charles Water Street argued embody, was not guilty by reason of mental illness. Ok! Well, you know I'm willing to entertain that, but come on This, the basically Almaty argue that you blacked out she told the court her last member of the night was sitting on a balcony, smoking, cannabis and crying before voice in her I'd started telling you kill people and a sinister smile was placid across her face. She couldn't control a module fort, be first eligible for early on parole January six, twenty five, I don't care There are no people going to jump on identity issues on this one lesson about mental health issues. I believe the issue here is whatever made this person take drugs and to present- and
that means an hormone medication. Is it's not being transgendered? Something else, I think is important, rollers distinctions, why it? Why did someone commit and action went to look at all the things in their lives and try unfair, because not all the same thing, Maybe sometimes it is someone's a massage innocently government. Maybe some- they are. They hate the world because neither trans and people don't like them or maybe there's something beneath Meath Baldos Issues, maybe the reason a guy. The answer is because something's wrong with him a social anxiety problem. Maybe this person was depressed and cut looking for solutions and can find it and then snapped I'll leave it there, you know so. I ll stick around next year will be tomorrow at ten, a M podcast at six. Thirty thanks ran up, and I will see you next time.
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